Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 30, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 30, 1843 Page 1
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TII Vol. IX. No. 30. Whole No. 3M3. to thTamerican people. I beg leave to give uolice to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, of all claaaea and conditiona, that I am -making prepare tions to republish, in the cheapest style, and in the weekly quarto form of newspapers, a diversified and valuable selection from the RELIGIOUS LITERATURE of Chris tisuity, produced by the men of genius belonging to every sect during the last two hundred years. The reason for sttempting such a project is plain. Materislism, Infidelity and immorality, of all kinds, have ol late been industriouuly circulated throughout the country under such imposing names, and to so great an extent, that something must be done to revive the ancient spi rit of Religion an-1 Morals. Lecturers of all kinds sophists on every subject the worst and wickedest literatureuf France and England, re-produced in the cheapest forms, have demoralized the age and upset all the established land marks oi morality and religion throughout the land. It is therefore necessary that something should be done But who is to do it 1 If none other will, I shall. 1 propose to republish in the cheapest form, in quick successions selection from the works of the best and purest RELIGIOUS AU THORS, be they Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, or any other denomination. These se> lections will not be on religious controversy but such aa treat on practical piety on good works and on the ge neral principles of Christianity, without tho bad spirit ol sectarianism. To carry out this project well, I possess a large printing establishment, and the IIsasLo, a daily newspaper, oi thirty thousand circulation, now considered the principal advertising organ in the country, capable of giving throughout the Union intelligence of these works at they appear. This Printing Establishment comprises 1( presses, AO printers, 10,000 pounds of type, and a consump tion of about 800 reami of paper, of all kinds, per week. * We have every mean* in our power to carry thia pro ject into operation and we believe that the America! public ia ready to aid and aseiat any man, who will throw himself into the breach, and endeavor to revive the an cient piety, virtue, and principle* of our forefather*, ii opposition to modern *ceptici*m and immorality, whicl ere dealing stealthily over the present generation, unde; the mask* of geology, mesmerism, fourierism, finance neurology, transcendentalism, human perfectability, an. the whole train of modern philosophy and light literature JAMES GORDON BENNETT. To Btuln*** Advertiser*. Advertisers and men of business, who want to mak. the selection of a vehicle for their notices in the ap proaching spring business, are particularly called to th following authentic documents, relative to the c<rculatioi of the two leading papers in the city . New Yore Herald I Bun Office, N. Y., ) OrricE, Nov.l. 1840. $ Aug. 39, 1843. J Messrs. Persse 4t Drooes : Mr. H. V. Butler 5 Gentlemen : Sir . P!ft**** In flnlirsir at tKa Ploocu >lulswer at ftia flits Herald Othcr^Ne* York " O^Tn"'f.yirt hundrt, Seven hundred and fifty roam* of paper per ieeek, fo rtains per week of tba (mail (is monthi Irom the Ifttii o lixtxl paper 23 i<32 for the October, 184-i, to he of thl Daily Herald. quality, size and weight, th Also 60 ream* per week of aame to be paid for in caal the large aired 3i \*MS (or the every two weeka. Weekly Herald,for one year M. Y. BEACH, from this date, to beot quf'i- I accept the above ordet ty equal to thia pec i met. - and agree to furniah the pi Payment! to be made each per accordingly. ipeek in caah, in full for that H. v. dUTLER. Week. Aug. 31, 1642. QIAMES O. BENNETT. Wltneea, M. S. Bbacn We accept the above order and will deliver it aa directed. PER8PE k BROOKS, No. 61 Liberty (treat. By theae document! it will be aeen that the Herald ha much larger circulation than the Bun, and ia therefor decidedly the beet for advertising. Yet we would no ask toy pereon to eelect either peper, contrary to thei own views and feelings. The paper maker for the 8ui is a very respectable and very honorable man and a capi tal paper manufacturer. So also are our paper maker* Messrs. Persae and Brooks, with whom we have dealt t the extent of nearly $960,000 in paper. Advertisers wil remember thee - facts. To tlae Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD-daily newspaper put lished every day of the year except New Year's day am Fourth of July. Price 3 cents per copy or $7 30 per an nurn postages paid cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD -published every Saturda] morning price cents per copy, or $S 13 per annumposwgee paid cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation o the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasiaf fast. It hat (As largest circulation of any paper in (Ait city or (As world, and is (Aere/iert, the belt channel for bueinet mm in the city or country. Prices moderate cash in ad vance. NEW YORK LANCET, published weekly, price 19, cents per single copy 8 cents by the quantity. The price of this valuable periodical has hitherto been to< cheap, in comparison to its utility, intelligence, am workmanship. It has, therefore, been advanced to $6 pel annum for one year $3 lor a half year or 13} cents pel single copy cash in advance, and postages paid. REVOLUTIONARY RELICS, or Lettebs addressee by distinguished men to Qeorge Clinton, formerly Oo vernor of New York, during the revelation, and first pub lished by permission of his grandson, Col. Beekman. A miauuiui ucirto eaiuon in nutnoert price l'j| centi ttrh. THE ATHENEUM, a New Monthly Jouenal 01 American and Torsion Literati-Re, Science, and thi Fine Art* Each number adorned with a beautiftil an (mring price only 11J cents each. PR INT I NO of all kinds, executed at the moat moderati pncei, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Paoraixroa or the Herald Establishment, Northwest cornet of Pulton and Nassau atro t*. AOS NTS. The following is s list of the agauta for the Herald where subscriptions will be received, and tingle number are found (or sale regularly i st what TLaCE. aobnts. Boston W. Hedding. Philadelphia G. B. Zieber. Baltimore W.Tylor, Washington, D. C O. B Zieber It Co. Buffalo, N. Y T 8. Hawke. New Haven, Conn T. H Pease. Hertford, Conn.. J. W Jndd, Albany, N. Y G. Jones. Troy, N. Y H. Green. Lanungli'rg A Watenord.N Y. Thomas P. Richards. Newark, N. J.. D Smith. I'atskill. N. Y H Rowe. New Orleans 1 C. Morgan. Cincinnati, O Robert Comahan. I'alerson, N. J Matthew Dougherty. WOK", .vtorgau Snttorit. ILwhratrr, N. T L- Moora. Kim .twlitou n, x. J Sam l Crana. New Biunawich, N. J William Solomon, St. Louia, Mo Woodward k Mathaws. Charleston Ainoa Hi nd. Hud ton, 1M. Y Oiorjrr Clara. Auk um.i, On. . . , , 8. A .Holmra Miduf, Ala Milton Bollrmet. r.uKl ka. |Wi i Lttl Smith. Tt anion I. Kannalay, Pittahnrg, Pa Jn P, larni'l. l/iniavillt, h v W. A. HilitWian. Wha ling, Va. J. H. Thomson k Co. Naw London, Con .L L Sp.-rry. N w| ort William A. Try. tltica J B Loak. Savntinali, Ua Arooa Haad. , N hvilla, Turn A. Billing*. tmmmmm .... . E NE" NE1 FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS. M. Koi the hetter acrommodali. n of shinier*, n i^mruded < lesps ch a <lii|i from this *>ort on the 1st, 5tl,, lOih, IJili 2<lth, an< "Kit ui each month, com encitig <hr IIMli ((ctolvrr ami coutinoug no tl May, when reguiat day will Ik ippotuted lor tin- u:1Vi >ear> "thereby grrat delays and .li 4pi>oiiitaieu > dill bs I rt-vented duriuy the summer mouths The folio wii.f hips win commence this arrangeinsui Ship YAZOO, Cantaiu Coruell. Ship OCONEE. Captaiu Jackson. Slop MISSISSIPPI Captaiu Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLfc, Captain Hunt. (hip SHAKSPEAIlla, Captain Miner. (hip GASTON. Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVlLLE, Captain Mumford. r Ship OCMULGEE. Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captaiu Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Kuighi. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all built in the city of New York, express for packets, sre of light drafl of water, hare receiitlv been wly coi>|>ered and put in splendid order,with accommodation.* lor passengers unequalled lor comfort. They are commanded tiy experienced masters, who will inako every exertieu to gift teneral satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and lowu the Mississippi by, sieamDoata. Neither tin* owners or captains of these ships will be response #le for jewelry, bullion, precious stoues, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcel or package, tent ty ipstt to board oI laem, unless regular bills 31 .adiug are taken for the tame .an*1 the value theieou expressed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS ill CO., 56 South U, or HULLIN fc WOODRUFF, Agenl in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually at advertised, and great care will be taken to have trie goods correct y measured. uvl NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Po ailfmrn New York on the 25th aud| Liverpool on the ljll> 1 iif each aumtk. dfe MbNew Yokk. Ship GARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th October. . Ship HOSCIU8, Captain Johu Collins, 25th November. Ship 8IDDON8. Cantain E. B. Cobb, 25lli December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Dipeystei, 25th January. From Liverpool. Ship SIDDON8, Captain E. B. Colib, 13tli October, r Ship 8HERIDAN, Captain F. A. Deiieyster, 13th Novem'r. Ship GARIIICK, Captain Win. skiddy, 13th December. Ship UOSCIU8, Captain John Collins, 13(h January. Theseahine are all ol the first class, upwards ol IMI tsus, buiit lOthe city of New York, with inch improvements Mcombme rreat s|>ee i with unusual comfort for pnssengers. Every care r iaj bet-ii taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The twice of passage hence is $100, for which ample stores will i oe provided. These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make ever; exertion to give genera) acisfac' ion Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be response I ble for at y letters, parcels or packages sent by tlieni, unless re gular b: 'Is of lading are signed therefor. * For Irvightoi past.vav. apply to E. K. COLLINS Ik. CO., 36 South St., New York, ot to WM. Ik J AS. BROWN Ik CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12X eenta per single theet; 50 cenu per oance. and uewsiiipers I cent each. ol OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m m m ""PHE OlI^MNE of PackemiT Liven'OolwinTereaftsr be i- despatched in the following order, excepliug that when the Liy of sailing fall* on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeedug day. Cor New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July 19 616 tons. < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. (J. Bailey, (Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENliLAND, tJuDe 19 Aug 7 750 torn, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. .. Waite. ( Feb 10 April 7 The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug 19 800 tons, Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Ralhbone, I March 1 April 19 The EUROPE. bJnly 19 Sept 7 610 tons, ', Nos IS Jan 7 E. < . Marshall I Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, i, Aug 1 Sept 19 619 tons. < D " 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.I April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, iAu* 19 Oct 7 e 900 ton*. Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.I Apnl 19 June 7 Th. CAMBRIDOE, Sept 1 Oct 17 >50 tons, \Jau 1 keb 17 W.C Baratow.l' May 1 Jane 19 The COLUMBUS, Sept 19 Nov 9 1 TOO tons, 'Jan 19 Mar 9 O. A Cole. May 19 , Ju|y 7 Punctuality, aa icgards the day of tailing, will be observed as leretofore. The price of passage oul ward ia now fixed at Om u,>a itnlUm for which amide stores ofeverv description will be provided, with the exception ol wines end liquors, which will be tarnished hy the stewards. GOODHUE * CO . 61 South it., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burlnw-slip, N. Y. )eii Ivh BAKING BROTHERS V CO.. L'pooi. r TAPSCOTT'S Ot-NEftAL PASSAGE OFFICE, ( 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. : m. Am. Mfv d?iv The subscribers beg u> call the attention of their frtruds and the imblic generally, to their su|ierior atrangemruU for bringing out i*sseuseis trom, aud remitting tnoory to, any ' par' of England, Iirlaud, Scotland or Wales, iu bie maguificeul >" packet ships, comprising the ~NEW LINE ftF LIVERPOOL PACKETS,'' VIZ.! Ship ROSC1U8, Ca|it. Collins. Ship SIDDONS.Caplain Cobb. Ship SHbKIOAN, Captain Depayster. Ship GARRH K, Captain SLidly. New shin HOTTI^OUER, Captaiu Bnrsley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Wood house. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. New ship LIVEKPOt >L. Captain Ehlredfe. Sailing twice erery month; tud with the" UNITED LINE," eoaiposed of superior first class Ainerican ships, sailing every ten days, will make fire ships m ea- h month throughout the year, (or one erery an days) (hereby pi even ting lite posai bility of unnecessary detent ton. Passages direct from Loudon, Bristol and Greenock to New Yotk Also Tom Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, Sara" e Dih, Charleston. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the . varto a para in British Nortli Americi, canst all times ne en1 gutted on liberal terms. r Persons wishing to send for their friends, will not fail to see ihe advantages to be derived <iom selecting this line iu preference to any other, and they may rest assured that unusual canwill be taken to make .he passage agrrrsb'r, the ships being I fitted up with an eye solelv to the com-ort of paasengrra. Iu all esses where the parties sent for deeline Coming, the money will be refund-d without auy deducliou, as usual. A ' free passage from the t arsons sraporu of Irelaod and Scotland _ can tlsei be secured. The regular pm kets for which the subscribers are agents sail as follows, rit - To and Iro.-n Loudon on the 1st, tOlh, and 70th of each mnurt. To and from Liverpool o,i the 1st, 7th. '3th, 19-lt, and 15th of each mouth New Oileans. Mobile, Savan n& Charle ton, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. Pf riont in the country wishing to tend money to their friends by enclosing the sum they wish sent, with the name and adu dress of tlie parties m receive it, m. y rely on a draft foi the i amount being forwarded per first picket, after the receipt tnereof, and an acknowledgement for the same returned per mad. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, without discount or any o-h. r charge, at the National and rrovin cial B inks of Irela'd and branches, Eastern Hank ef Seetlaud, ' Greenock, aud their branches, Messrs. Junes Bn't, S"D It Co., Bankers, Londyu, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and in tsery principal town of Great Bri ain aud Ireland. Further p irticulars made known on application, if by letter. t post paid, to dSy r W, t J. T. TAPSCQTT, Q Peek Blip, N. York. underuieutioued hit* will be tegnlarly dispatched from hence aud from Mar allies on the 1st of each month during tha year, thus From Nee# York. Marseilles > MINERVA,('apt Brown. N-r I. Jan 1 ' H'RY THOMPSON, Cap Bylraster, Dec I. Feb 1 t COURIER, Capt Dugan, Jan 1. Marl TRESCOTT, Capt Lawrence, Feb I. Apl I * HELLESPONT. Capt Adams, Marl. May 1 1 COKIOLANUS, Cap Haile, Apl I. Jutr 1 '1'liey are all conperea aud copper fastened,and have excellent r aecommodatiens for passengers. P The price of cabin pnsaage will be $100, excluaire 0 wmes inri liquors. Goods addressed to BOYD 81 HINCKEN, the a gents, will be forwarded free of other harges than those actually paid. I For freight or pnasage apply to O. BROOM k CO., or to oOr BOYD fc HINCKEN. Agents SPRING ARRANGEMENT FOR 1843. : OLf^STABLlSHho EMIGRANT PASOAGE r OFFl" K. No. M SOUTH STREET, N. Y. PASSAGE to and'r .in Oreo B nam and Irel nd hy the re t .ular line of incUt ta, aat lug on t ie lit, 7lb, llth, lOtliand ttth O' r ich mnnlh The old Black Hall line of packets are as follows: 9 Ship NEW YORK, Capiaiu Cropper, " CAMRRIuGE, Captain B.tistow, ! " COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, " KL HOPE, Captain Kurber, 1 " SOUTH AveKIC\, Captain Bailey,. " NORTH AMERICA. Captain Low bet, i " . ENGLAND, Captain Waite, OYk'ORn lta-lihana The Commercial Line it compotrd of lorty superior, fast ssiltag ships, all commanded by mrn of great experience. Kirsf cl iss will al-o he de p icfced Irom Liverpool to Boston, New Orleans anil Mobile, three times |>er month; to Baliii more, Charleston and Havannah, twice a insuth, to the differl ent porta in Bntish North America weekly, t he subscriber, i n making known his arrange me m s fsr the year IS41, begs lo can the attention of thrwe persons residing iu the United .States and Canada, wno wish te send lor their friends to come Iro Knelsnd, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, that they cau al wars he see.imm> dated by tnr line ol packet ships sailing as abase; and in order to give more fac lity and quick despatch ro 'he emigrant, nrsl class wrl'-known American shu t, coinpri iug the tonumrcid Line will, ill eddinou to ll.e p icbets. In despatched h> l is L vt rp'Ol ascitis, every thire or four Jays durum the season, thereby avoiding any detention Those ending for their friends may rest a.-iun d hit every thing conuectrd with lu business will be executsd wit1, hit iisiral promptness With these aimngemenis the subscribe! hopes to command a preference for tins line, aryl I contiuu rro of tin public paironase which h's Ucen so liberally kestoweu lor many years past; and iu all casta when parties decline coun. % the money isrefondiil, at custcmsry; a free pas isge ran also he secured by icambosis Iroin th- ditfrreat ports in Irs laud wd S io Liverpool. Kemjtr.uic< aik) |jrnf , With ricirri to hi* arrmigrmruU for the | Ayineui of hi* drift*, thry an-. nrh a* t- warrant r?rn ahihI ii l inn, aod *r * jMiii it t|| tim' ! - utaii g hoiiM * on dt maun (lirofieiMMir f lit-a' Biitain aii'' In*fan I 'I Tmtt* i ih r " Ton' rh'ouicitout 'hr Unir -ri >uti\ who withfovu il money u h. ir uirnd. ratidoiK in any pert of th United K tin liom, will pit* *< oof'C** on tl i- rrc i| t ol the amount herr. with u<m'- au uidrrir ol t' ** p*rty to ircrive it, * di vlt fot ih * mnomu at h nt ol $$ i*r i-oUuri iicilint, will br forwi'ih"! yrr t \<n .hip or by ri. t p cUrt *lm and a ric'tp* or Jnplimrc ol umr it rurnad thn.oah iht* |wi t ofTme K f imrtu ul r npiriy (if by Inter po l paid) to * {io 'H|trrfi, or J Si W IU Bh (),\ Oo. P.aiuus and Nrijtum iU 0 .ch, LUrrpool In dcotla'd Messrs I'nniel " Unlit A Co., Ul isgow. In Ireland Dinnis Del UV, ta<|., Dublin; M-ssrs Joaepl Ailt ii fe t o , B.ltrsi; Mr. Wsi Csirns, Loudonsk try; A M.e ray. K-q . Cm a d ue Nt WbbltirtiKi Bank Notes wanted lor a short time Drsfu ss Philadrli.his and Button, lar sole at 8. J SYLVICSTKR'8, djlr Wail at and IN Broadway. aa . 1 i W YO IV YORK, MONDAY M( tfOfc iffy PA88A(JK. KROM CRF.^ffiiTrAIN AND utfTlND BV THE BL\ "K HALL oil ul.D LINK OK LIV' 11 OOL PA(,KK.T8. [Hailing from Livtrpool mi (In 7'li .ml I9(h of .*frr> mouth ] P r nua wi,hi. u to riul lothe Old Country fo thaii ftieml* can iinlif lh - HUCCMary arrdliKK'llpliU with ttir auhacrihrra, duil lure ilwin come out |.i tliia lum rini liuc of Packet*. railing from L iyrriwml uuctudly on (hi- 7th out) l"Uh ofeverv mouth l'| rv will al o hivt a tint rate chiaa of A merican trailing hi|W, railing t-Triy til days, thereby alforilunt wet-klv coin muu tea linn from that port. Our uf the linn ( lr. Jaint-s Ik. Rochel there, la ht that they shall be lor warded with cere aud oespatch. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the money will be returned to those who paid it heie, wi.hout auy reduc tiou. Tne Black Ball, or Old Line ofLWerpool Picket*, comprise the followiinr magnilicvni Ship*, vit: The UXEOMU, The NEW VOHK. CAMBkIDuE, COLUM bll rv EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, KMJLAND, NORTH AMERICA. Willi inch superior and uneipialled aiiaugrmeats, the subscribers coufuh oily look forward lor a coulinuiucr of lliatsupport w hu h tuts beou ealemlrd to them so many years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remilliug money to their relalif es, can at all times oht tin Oralis at sight for any amount, diawu direct on the lloyal Bank of Ireland. Lkuhliu, also oa Messrs. PRESCOTT, UROTE, AMES it CO. Baukers, London.. which will be paid on demand at auy of ilie Banks, or theii Blanches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland aud Wales Apply,or add.ess, (if by letter post paid.) ROCHE BROTHERS it TO ai potion street, New York, nest door to the Eulton Bank. N. B. The Old Liue of Liter pool Packets sail irom this port for Liverpool ou the 1st aud rjtli of each mouth. Partiei returninir to the old cnuutrv will i> ol n t it " advantage to (elect tint lavorile Line lor their conveyance, it preference ro any oilier. il >7 r i LL) ttsTAbLIHnKD ivviTtJuXlvi' p\a ftjPXjfV 8AOK 0(H .'K, 61 South dreet. New York Keg JflnMMular Line of Packets The auhscnber continue* tc one,. "ut iiersons fiotn any |>art of Britain ami lielami who may be engaged oy their friends her.-, hy the ivif'iI rr Inn of packet ships, sailing every six days 'root Liverpool. IVr sons sending lor their fiieu is, mav rely that Jurl cure will hi taken ro liaiethein desp.tlnhed without delay in will always eudeavor to merit a coutinua re of the puhlii patronage which has been so liberally bes lowed for inauy years pant; and those remitting money ctu have drafts payable at al the Bauks and branches throughout the United Kiugdom. For further particulars, ap.Ty [if by leiter, po.t paid] to j#r JOHN Hi-.KQ vl AN. 61 Souih t. iArks FOR LIVERPOOL NKW LINK .Heguni Packet ol 25tl February. The Splendid Packet Hhii JllMHCiUAKRICK.Capi.iiu William Skiddy, of 1000 tone will positively sail as above, her regular dav. For freight o, passage, having avcoiiiinoilulioiis UwmlM for spleudnr o comfort, apply on hoar I. at Orleans wharl, loot of Wall street or to K. K. COLLINS & CO. 56 South street. Price 01 passage, $1011. 1 *ie Packet Slop Koscius, Captain Johu Collins, ol lib tons, will succeed the O.irnca, and sail the 2jtn of .Ylaich, he regular day. L iters for the ships of this w ill only be received at (jhlpin'i indH ile'. News ltoom. Passr ugeis ma; rely on the s'. ips ol this hue sailing punctual Iv its advertised. j?6 c JtdKf- BlACK BALL OK OLD LINK OF LlVtK WWMfyPOOL PAI K".T8. Buls on Wednesday, u.e la Milfiiii February The magnificent packet shipCOLUM tts. Oiyt Oeorge A Cole, will sail positively oil Wtdueed.y 1 i Febiu.aiy, her rrgulai day. F..r passage iu cabin, second cabin, aud strera c, nnd thos wishing to secure the best berths, will pleait make early appli calrou on boaid, loot ol Betkinaii si, or to ihe subicribers. KOCHK, BKO 1'liKKS h CO , 35 Fulion st. nrat door to Ful on Bank. N B Persons sending to the Old Country for iheir nieudi can have thrin brought out iu too above luvonte packet, or I any oi (he packets comprising this old established ma&uihcei line, which sail from Liverpool on the 7th aud iSth of evil inunlh t> or i ssa. e apply as above. J27r "*Arr PAaSAUK FROMLI V KKPO lL 'f e ^7 iHbjrVsuperior packet sh.p ME.viPma, (Japt Kui.hi, vvi MBMifatail from Liverpool early iu March wishing lo smd for their friends can have ihei brought out in her or a-y of the legUi&r packets by applyiu personally, or if by letter, port paid t JooKPH McMURRAY, IU Pine street, corner oi Buuth. P S Drafts for any amount (.ay able al sight in any . auh braucn,or agency of a hank, iu Lug I and, Ireland and Scotland | given by apply ing as above. jyZJr s* - OLD BLACK BALL LINK OF PACKKft IdHkVy.FOR L,VKltl'OtIL Packet ol the 1st FebiuaryMMbThe superior well kuuwu packet shipCOLUM o ^ o, capt. Cole, will positively sail as above, her regu lar day. H.viug unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, secou Cabin aud steerage passengers. IV.our annul to rmboai shot. Id make early application ou boaid the . hip fool ol Beef uau st, or to JOHN HKRDMAN, 61 Aoulh street. N. B. Persons sending for their friends residing in Urn Britain aud Ireland can have ihcut brought out, as usual. by aii of the shiiw composing tins Hue; aud oralis furnished tor an au.ouul, payable w lltioul discount throughout the UuileU klu| dorn. eppl. a. above. )2I ec ..aa^ PACKKi' FOtt I1AV ivfc., (Second Line) Tie KJrafW Ship S 1'. NICOLAo, Johu B. Pell, master, wil AaBMBas sari ou the 1st of February. BOYD It UINCKE.V, jyllr bo !) I online building, jtJRgh PACKKT FOR "MAKBfclLLEa F. bi .ry is J he ship XKKsCOTl', Co'. Lawn net. Appl J| l o BKOO.V1 It CO, or to BOYD & HINCKKN, A rms, jytir 9 Toutiin* Building. AAA' DRAFTS ON IKK LA iB, >tc. Tile subscribe! MjvjtV conimue to give drain payable ou demand, withou jUlMfa ,li.couul, oi auy charge whatsoever. IN Itlr.LAND Tin National B ink nl lreland, the Provil ci&l Bank Ol Ireland, aud their nrauchn^a iu every County. _ ir* e. ^ula.iu riair wana-.vies r . Junes Bull, So k Co. banger*. Lauiloa, the Etc >ange ami Discount Bud Liverpool, and thru br nchea throughout England and Walei I a SCOT) AND The Kai'eru Bank 01 Scotland, th O-eenotk Banking Company, ami brauche* iu the priucipt (owns ; Sir Win. Forbes, Hunter k Co. Persou* in he country i*hinc to remit money to the friends id any part of England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, b enclosing the auinuur th< y wish to rcuiit to ih" subscriber with the name aud address of the putiei to whotn it uto h eut. A draft for the amount will be forwarded the fr t paekt after the reeeipt thereof, and acknowledgement of the nn, n turned per tint post. d2 W h I T TAfSrOTT. 1 Perk lip. New York. ifiEr REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fcc ke.igfsyjfV The aulncr ber coutmues to trauainit mouey, in snir JESMHvlarxe or km.ill to persoas residing in auy p ,n of In laud, in the aame manuer u lie, and hia preaiecesser iu bus neat have done for lhe I lit hirty years, and more; aiao, to an part o( England or Scotland. Money remitted bv letter (pout paid) to the subscriber, o eraonally deposited witn him, with Lhe uame of the person o persons m Irelaud, KngUud or Scotland, to whmn it i< to bi sen', and tieareat post town, will be immediately transit! ittn and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or lot warded to the lender. In like manner money with or claimi on persons in any part o Ireland, Kngland or Scotland, cau be collected by the suhscri jer, for persons rending in any part of the United States, o Canada, and will be pain to thein accordingly, ita ia'i li'oHiih m RHinf: ir. >t REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, IRELANI rntfWSCOTLAND AND VV Al.ES. Person* pioceai JWuBka nx or reuniting money to any part o lhe old cauto eau ai all timet obtain roin the ubtcnberi drafts at sight, fo <nv amount on the Hoyal Bank of Ire'and and on jlrssri Pre scull, Grole, Amea k OO, Bankeia, Londou which are pal free of ducoont or any charge whilaoevci, iu all the princi| i towns of ilie United Kingdom. For terine, apply or address, I by letter, host h.nid, to KOCHF. BROTHERS St CO.. 33 Futtou neat door to the Fulto, B ink P. S The subscribers wil, at h retofore have a regular sue cea mn o* first chass Amen nil ship-, .ailoig weekly Iron) Li wo,I nndne rh.. ,r Ilia L' . .....I, - thove din r FOR LIVERPOOL FROM BOSTON. The Royal Mail Steamer CALEDONIA, will leare Boatot far Liverpool ia Halifax,on W. dnetdiy, heb. lat Her ac commod.alinna fur paaiengrr% are superior anil fitted with ever' comfort. She alio curiea an experir need surgeon. For pstiage or any oihtr information, apply to D BHIOHAM, Jr Agent, J23 6ir At Harndei & Co.'i olfi e. No 3 sVall at. STATKN ISLAND FERRY. E'ont of Whifelial'street On and all*' Dee. 3d, the steamer BTATEN ISLANDER ;|l run n lollowa. un'il further tiorice : LEAVE STATKN ISLAND NEW VOHK. l\ A M. 9 A.M. > Hit IP. M. \M P M Oj JV jta RF.OULAR OPPOSITION TO CATS F J-"jr KILL, .anil intermediate lauding*, ariihont row L>_SRUK.bari-ea R. iinlar daya Cattakill, Mnn Uva, Wedneailaya and Fridaya. Fiom New York, Tneeilaye, Thurailaya and Satnrdaya. Fare to or from Cattakill, 30 centa. Bertha 25 centa Snpper 23 centa. The new and faat ateinier WAVE, Captain Vanderhilt, will le Te Robinaon at. pier Thnraday Nov. lTtli, at lire o'clock. For farther |nutieulan itnioire of the cai tain on board. By mntiing on the ilaya'above named, there will bt a daily com mtiuiraCion between Cataklll and New York (aud in ternrediate places) for freight and passage at redqcod pricea. iiSf Jevik.^'-I RAIL ROAD LINE OF STAOE8 NgHfc-ifc jjfrovi nf:w youk to bf:dfohdMf'tPy 'M On and afti rTucaday, J.inaaty 3d, ItII, the aubacribera will ran a line of atagea (rom Bedford to New York three timca a week, aa follows: Lrarer Seelv'a Mansion Hon*,-, Bedford, every Monday, Wedn aday and Fridiv morniag at IH o'clockLeaves the Rail Road Hotel, corner of Bowery and Broome ala. New York, every Tuesday, Wedoe flay and Saturday moiuiug, by the 9 o'clock ca a, pausing Vlarlile Hall, K nt Cheater, and through Wlnta Plains, liobbins'Mills and Mile a ... .1 MIR a M OKKOREHT. ti C. LtWlS Proprietora. The Red Bird Lire of* agi will eontinne to rti during the .riiiitr from .Vlntc ' rv tv day at > o'clock, roid New Yrnk at3 o'clock, . S ., donday < race; ted MIR AM DEr ORKST", jt ?1*r rropHomr, x, NKW LIN I LIVERPOOL PACKETS. P-el fa' v rt Ifirh Kebnary Th" plfnHnl w, II Known f <i MihV -jm tailing packet ship KOI HKhTKR, I opt. rnilip Woo it>e, will mil positively a. above, her regular day, ha in com mtticrd h< r rtgiila tripe in Mi tara. Woodhnll N. .Vliniu ,'iNr" l.iiif of Li*! rpool IV kefa. Tlir acciiiiimudatuiua 01 thia aliip 'or cabin, second cabin and '< r.iat p *c.inert,canui I bi inp.i having all ti e improvtHof Sr ni a o odelled i.erke 1 hi, IVra.iiit drairoua ot . n. t, enh boulil not far io man eailv npplir.tin od a 1 at of Burling Slip, "i to W. 8t 7 T TAT3COTT. 13 Tec i h ip, or. hourii a? Per i.. a fair >n of tending for ih- ir I me til, in two olil Ooantrv, can have th- m br nK' I ont on favorable lenna, by thr .nave tavo, ft rhlp, hi. Ii lea' e. Lief rp or on ihf J h of A. til. her r-tulai day, and thoi n a* to remit minify rm be tupp ird with dratla for nv m payable nilin ml, wl-hoai iliciiuut, III 'l ihf principal low lit of O eat Bri'ain and IreAlril, i h' picker ahin Hollingii r will a"C fed the Hr.aheatt r and ail on the '4h Maren, her -eanUr dav. jfg r I If MBEKMEMH' E MK, Warren, Pa , Noithanun B<"k' Alicutown, Pa.. 23 Wall at, and 134 Broadway. IRK H JRNING, JANUARY 30, 18 SEW JERSEY RAILROAD ANI) TRANS POKTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. Kni r I o 4"i cciil si. Erorn in. lo .l ol Ouurtl rndt rtreet, N( Yorx (Every d.ty Sunday so>< epted.) Lean s New York Leaves Newark At 9 A.M. At I H. hi At 7>4 A. M. Al 1)4 P. M 11)4 .to 4 do. 8 do. 3)4 di' <51 do 9 do. 6 do. 7 do. 11 ! do O.N SUNDAY A From the loor of Cnurrlandt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark At 9 A.M. and Ik P At 1)4 P. M. and 10 P. M NklW VOKK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Le.vr New York. Leave Elisabeth Town 9 A.M. 7 A.M. 2 P. M 8)4 A.M. 254 " 10)4 A. M. IX P. M. 04 M. S P.M. 1 9-V . Tire trains for VVestficid, Pluiulield. Bound brook, SlWtrtiat ke., coi.oect w ith the 9 A M, 2 - nu <54 '* M trains Irom New York, daily, StiuiUy* excepted. Kare between New York ud h'.lirabolb Towu25 eeun Pare be:w eii do and Soiuerville, 71 cents. SK^- YOUK HAM WAY AND NEW BKUN8WICK Krue reduced, t mm rhr loot ot l iberty street, dully. Leave New York. Leave Nov. At o A " i. At 5)4 A. M. 25k IV M. 7H " 1)4 ** J2bv 41 9 P. M. 1 Uu Mondays in- ik and 7)4 V.M. ripa froi.. Nov llrunswic [ vud 254 P. M.Uaiu fri/ui New ' irk,are witted ' Kare between Nev Yo-1 no New Brunswick. 75 ceU' 1 Rahwaf, it) cam I tie lar* in the J,-, aud 7/, A M. iruafruin Now Bruus ick and 154 and 'V M train iVoir New York, has I'een < dnced. i Vert York and New Brunswick, to 90 ceins , " auti Railway to 37)4 " i I'nsaeus'rra who procure their tickets at the ticket oflicc, ie eive n ferry ticket gratis Tickets are received by the cou i luci'ir oulv on the Jay when purchased. nllim* 1 "NEW Y11KK AM> BOSTON KAIL ROAD LINE. Via Nonwti n arvp Wohcestkr I!ailki>sdi>. : Comiioaed f the tollowiotf superior steamers runiun.: in cou' section with the Norwickk VVorccstei aud Woirestei k Boston Rail R..a"s WORCESTER. Cajit. J H. Vandcrbill. NEW HAVEN, Capt. J. K. Duitnu. t CLEOI'ATKA, Capt . v On and alter Monday, Nov.2)st,tbis line will be ran tri-week, iy.leannir New York, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays I JHtiy, at 4 P. M. r The new and splendid steamboat NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Dustan, will Lave every Tuesday, Thursday mud Saturi day afternoon, at < o'clock. Patienvjeri t'vr Boston will be forwarded immediately on the r arrival ol the above Koala at Norwich, and will proceed without change of cars or baggage. ' Eur further information, enquire at the office of '! D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peca slip, np slam _ All persons are forbid trnstinit auv one on account of the , above boats or owners. n25r MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, fifflB ffi? HTin liUi I New Arrtug emeu I This RuaU having ken it-iaid at great ,* eipense wi It the mo t approved and heav ie t H ra I, to secure a faf nnd evptdiiious conveyance between N w York and y Morriuovv , will commence running two tri|>s daily, Sundays excepted, #>u and after M ud y, J u ~ KirstTiain from Moiri town w II leave at 7% A M. y Second Train fiom Moirittowu will leave at 1% P M. *1 First Tiaiu from iSew Yoik w ill leave at 9 A M Newsrk at 9\ A M. ti Second Train from New Yoik will leave at 2K P M NewM aik at fn I'M, i assriitt* r by the Morning Train from M"rrittown will arrive di N warU in tune foe the 9 A M Train lo i\ w Vo-k, < r the niDruinr Train to Phi'npelptii ; by t ie A'teruoou Tr*iu ti ihey will a<rive at^ Newark in lime for the 3S P M J'miu to It Sew Yoik or il*c* ve un; 'I'min to ^hi'aJelp la. Pas-eiigers by the M 'riiiu^ Tiai f oin <New York will airivc \ at iVlorriatowu in t me to dine and take any of Uie dta^es runniii< wesf ) DOTt11 from thai place. j26 Pn^^c WINTILH AKKA N(J MKN t. I CTggjfclfcffli NEW turh tur.LnilA iiaii.ivci.ali l.INE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Treatou, Borden town and DuifiiiKloli. y THROUGH IN MIX HOURS, v Leave New York, Irom the tool of Liberty atreet. daily, at 9 J. A M and P M. Trie oioniiuk i.Mie proceed* to Horueutown, Irom theuce by steamnoat to rhilaueiphia. 8 The h'.veinn; Lin* proceeds direct to Catndcu, (opposite 1 Philadelphia) without chance of ears I'asscugers will procure their tickets at the office fool of Liberty street, where a 1 oimnodious steamboat will be id reaai MM. with baitt's^-e crates ou board, t. Philadelphia baggage crates arc conveyed from city to citr, y eithout being opened by the way. E rh tram is provided with a Ladies t ar, 111 winch are apartment* and dies-ting rooms expressly for thp Ladies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot ol Chestnut street by railroad f rom Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and * i o'clock, P M. I The Lures for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia it 7 A M, sud 4 I' VI, being a coniiiraaliou of the lines from New York. f sM im*r u DAILY PACKAGE EXPRKS* AH COR ALBANY. 1, TROY, AND BUEKALO. II By thcTloii.aaloiii<-"^^^^^^"ru.,i 111; through fn m mis Cits y to Albany in II .nrs. Leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning. * T'ne subscribers have made arriiuvemeuU with ihe Hoosi't ioni Rail Road Company, to tun an Express Car (exclusively e- for ou- own iwiriiose) daily, over their road with tne iwasi-nger train, ruuuiuK through > Albany in twelve hours, ana are uow _ prepared to receive and toward at low rates. Specie. Batik ~ Notes, Packages, Bales and C lies of Goods, lie., lor auy of ~ the above named or intermediate places. '* Will attend pro.nptly to the collection and payment of bills, P notes. diarU and arcoui-is, and such other business as may be rut raited to innr cue. * _d2r POMEROY It CO 7. Will .Ten. New York ; PULLEN & COPP'S . NiW Y KTilL5TC7" TR7TYJAND^^T <EAL I EXPRESS. Meura. Harndcn & Co, having difpoacd of their route irom New York to Albany and Tioy, the anbeerihera, the old conductor! of Haru.lro It Co'a Northern Klnreaa, from New York, will continue to ran M j heretofore leaving New York, Alhan<- Mid Trov, 0 lily , and I I connect at Trov with lieoha' Montreal Kt|>r~aa, and will forward Specie, Bank N'otea,Pack Bundlci,C e of Good*. r Str, to any place b- teeiu N.w York and Montreal, and ] , hrotiuhont the Cannda'a. Alio Evat, from Troy and Albany to j Button, and Weal from Albany to Buffalo. ( I All bnaineaa ntruated to their charge will be promptly atf tended to. Particular itteutiou wiilbep-id to the collection of ti- tea, drafta. acceptaucca, kr.. and prompt retnrna made for ( he tame, PULLEN * COPP. Office* Pollen It < ot p, 2)< Wall atreet. New York. Tnoa. Gough, IS Exchange, Albany. 1 , A O. k'ltkuia. 228 Itrver itrect. Trey. 8. Jacob'a Eichatiie Conn, St Paul at, Montreal. R EKE't KNCE8. Vrw Yon* Ai.Baav. Tnor. fnmr, Ward It King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, I lacob Little, k Co., Thoa. (tough P. Weila, * , loin. T. Smith, k t/O., 8. K. Stow. ' Pepoon 4t Hefftn m, C. 8. Oootflaaa, , Uartienter St Vi ruitlyc. Y. Leake I Horn, htou k Co. I Die w^Robinaon A Go. ii2t | ' (JOUR AUD'S . POUDRE SUBTILE, YOU COMPLETELY AND PERMANENTLY I ERADICATING | SUPERFLUOUS HAIR. THfc nmversJ pomila ity of this jus'ly celebrated Chemical ' Preparation f r trie destruction of the strongest au6 ton. best H ir, from rhe fi ilowu on lem ilea app r lip lud aruit to the vtuhboru h' r ! f m i4. neeiC not rLwoul of comment in its f praise. Ilu (i in f.a * y : .at it n 'o be found ill h city >uly at the d * i wiuai-ffic 67 Wa ker st^ one door from f Br< a l**y f | per bo")*. Bew.ire of deleterious imi'aii<-h* v*her* also ma be i <1 GOL'RAUD'o I t BAU DE BEADTE. f aarivallad for est* rutin ring Tan, Pimple*. Blotches, Wallow q^m, Som ami all cur mi ntu mi tions, ami elicit i g a health\ f. . ... in v Moont liprMi (loarand's Vegctsole Liquid Rouge, a superb aWicIs, and (j t) only one i uss bis pit bottM< Oounud's Blanc Dlliprii'. an eiceltent jirejuration foi H mi'-arting a pure, life like white lira* to the pHBpUsiofl, free j fr-'in the ii juuoiis pvowrtici |tncnlly lattnii oto c#mhii atiop t r thii ptrpoM. Pot in in el g mt boxes at ?' csots i i Aorrrrs. New York Albany, Guthrie, 4 Maiden La*e; PoughkeaiMie, J..fed Gray; Utica, W.ide, druggist; HamiI toil U M. Co. Greta At Grants; Louisville. Louis Co.; W. A. Chase, Oosheo, Klliott. C uri., Myers, Cha| el t. New Haven; W K ^u'kiier, Norwich; Wells ft Humphrey*, Hartford; Crmrbs v Dyer, J .. Providence; Thomas. Newport; C| w s, hairdrrtser. npriug'teld; Greens Ik Co., Worcater; Burt, Little Kalis; Coggstnall, South Second si, New Bedford; Jordan, 2 i Milk street, B > ron; Lowell. Cirleton It Co.; Salem, IVrs; Newbury|K rf, Hodgr; Portsinouth, Prest n; Portland, Parker, ft'vchaugr .it; Bangor, Guild; llaliowrII. Hcaminon. New Jer*e\ Newark, Prippc; Piinceton, Dr. SeAbrook. P.t.,Phila It 76 i hesnnt tr u., Laucaster, Heiuit* f h, dmcgist; HarrishurghH fhinson i-erimtital agent; Pittsburgh. Tu tle; C'OCMiniti, Thoints It Co, Msiuur ef; Va., Rtcnmond, Mrs K'<vier; f. D. C. vl ashiugton, 8e bv P,trke,: Aleiau iri* C. C. Bt rr> ; y'd , Ba timoie S. S linnet1, Ik. kr Aspiration* forage r y c ea must be |iost p*tJ (none othe - are taken from the i o*t-o nrrj * i fir - p(i wiim n .CIty re trei ce, ir r*crp tiooabU. wiihnii w)flanthii rvmanuibU nod i fol domical luvi-n iou lor completely rradir ti..g un rlltioii* hair, ) h Utiio'd t n hi hust pitch of celebrity. and eorroijueutl) . vitiM the cupidity ol a neat of b>u>e counterfeit*-r i, wh < at .mpt to n ifch froin thr inventor the juac rec mp< for hi* if tabor Porchaien therefore on (hen gatrd ami irt that every ho tie of the Pottdrr Subtin i aquare, and h* Kelii 0 moid, floodre Subtile, W. \ mot iu e ch bottle, mid the ,j OiXjJoi'n f*< untile enamel on the outside wrapper. Directiobi. Kretn ! and Engli h, accompany nch bottle. v'i H i l -i the only otTn e m N. Y for ihi- bore crb-bratrd (/ on r i*# 7 VV..lker stnet, tic door from Bro dw iy W g i2 yi ( i lilr, H Vfc.> uf s I. I 111 (> It UL \< K TKA I H > >|" t" Mlitnr* Till* III- iuwi> tirlT "I mi nii|>af l leh I I * -'iv;ol, It rafi <l in i h u i ml Europe, pit* iin |j( . oited, * < w fot snl il 'V ('anion feaCorn \ y'*<^euenl Ft* h>f<ili|i hiii nt, I2i 1 'hi'Ii .mat New Yoilr in Chnje ti pach.tge* I rirc So e *iiU and f I it* n*r ^ FOONOMV'TN DRESS it# BHO VOWA V OIO J IK Hit fOUVTAIN. 1 i mi m, i t.. ina nitiia.h th*i I m fa uiih> , #tv yi * liri 01 c " tw l I I < ' R,>IV ii<' " " P'iwi, ful n'-fh Mli Siri ,ir< nt', hlir tH<u IT r .l d. nl d W< u d so ic I ' ih u> |*bi "I ivrci IHJJ fi t - il<* wwh t>H i y iii t lodge of h indue m ir "ITf.ed 10 thu.e ptyitg ro-dy from,. ,l Htr*iig i IU IS* oil>' requiring gnrmenu, w.ll ilriue Itnru " "" WM. T. JENNIN03. F jS# lm*e Draper and Tailor. m [ERA 43. PORTRAIT OF PETER REIERSEN. Pktkr Rkieksen, the Dame. The above is un excellent engraving of this notorious "Jinanrier and is presented to tho public in order that they may know his person when necessity calls/or such knowledge. He stands about five feet nine or ten : i a i i_: i i _ _ 1._ incnes,ps Renteri in msuress ana person, una speaas French andtiernian fluently, and very good English, although the German accent is perceptible in the latter. At the meeting of gentlemen at the Ca/6 Tortoni, 130 Broadway, last week, nearly one hundred were present, and utter the usual preliminary ceremonies, a chair was placed in the centre of the room tor the occupation ot those who had been sufferers by his talents, when Captain Joseph Ellis, of Brooklyn, related the following ojieration in which this Reiersen was the principal: In the year 1842 Capt. Ellis met with Capt Jord, the commander of a Danish vessel, at Brooklyn, wtio was acquainted with the vicinity of his birth and parentage, and having a sister still living, as he supposed, somewhere in the kingdom of Denmark, he incidentally spoke ot it, when Capt. Jord slated that he knew her well and the part of the country in which she lived. He informed Capt. Ellis, who is a Dane by birth, that one of his brothers nnd sisters were deceased,and also that the husband of his sister (whom Capt. E. had not seen for many years,) was dead, and she was in extremely moderate circumstances. He also slated that he was about to return to Antwerp and would take any communication that he desired, nnd bring an answer when he came back to this country. Letters were written, and on his return Captain Ellis received a reply from his sieter, stating her circumstances, fee. Through the advice of his wife, he then concluded to send his sister the sum of #50, which in that country would render her much aid. He accordingly 4* okcd about to obtain a draft on Copenhagen foi that amount, and was accidentally brought into the ac. quaintance of Peter Reiersen,who informed Captain Ellis that he could draw on his father in that city for any ordinary sum, he having recently forwarded i cargo of tobacco to his care for disposal. Captain Ellis having previously applied to the Danish consel af this city for a draft, and not being able to obtain ii, piaceu rentnce on tveiersen s statement, and obtained a draft for the amount, paying $35 in cash, and giving his note for $15, madp payable as soon is he ascertained that th - draft had been accepted and paid. But a few days transpired, when K'-iersen sent for the amount of the note, but Captain IJllis reFused to pay it, except in accordance with his agreement. As time rolled round, he received an tnswer from his sister, stating that she had received lis letter containing the draft, with feelings of graification and gratitude ; hut on presenting it for jayment, she was astonished and disappointed, on icing informed that the drawer, Peter Reiersen, lad no funds in the hands of the person in whom the draft was made payable, and hat in addition, she was subjected to the expense of k>stnge, (fee., which Captain Ellis in his letter had j Irttfd he Ii lid to Rrierseri nf file time tin nhhinpfi I he draft. Thus w s this poor woman deprived of hp kind ofF-ririg of a long absent and nonent heart(i btother, thrciitffi the act ofRpierwn In a few lays after, Cai'tain Ellis met him in the street, and sked if he int'-nded to pay the money hack, when lie following colloquy ensued i Capt. Ellis. Do you intend to return me the noney you robbed me of 1 Pxtk Keikrskm I have had no return letter yet; en I does, I vill tell you. Ellis Do you know this handwriting that I hold ere 1 Pktk. Y eee-I have seen it peforp; but the stter is not to me. Ellis No, you scoundrel, but it is from your ather, on whom you drew the draft, and who says mi have no tnonev with liirn, arid that he sent you 20 soon after you came to this country to help otj. Pktk. Vel, I don't know; but I thinks such t.ilk ! i very insulting ton geinmau of my standing Ellis. Ifou cheating scoundrel, you, it you do ' ot pay the amount of the dralt I will take it out of our hide, and thus make an example of you, in or?r to warn other honest hard-working seamen of our practises. The captain did not put his threat in execution, owevet, but had Reirreon airrsted and taken be>re the, but owing to the lack of the atlidait ot the person on which the draft was made, it 'as considered doubtful whether he could be con ictedof fraud, and the .ase was dismissed. No. 2 The next gentleman who presented himself on ^ te " chair of explanation," tv^s Mr. Molineux, rench printer, oi i Spruce street, late ofUSNaa- I m street. Ho stated that in September, 1841, LD. ntle Two ConCo. - ' j 1 1 _r* Reieraon came to hia office,and ordered a quantity of circulars of the following character, but never ,>aiil the amount of the bill. We give thocircular, to show the bent of this iiiau'e genius: N*w Yo k, Oct. I, tMt. Bn, Wh Iteg leave to inform ton that we have taken Mr. Jamea O )frey NichoU ami Mr. William Henry Wiiliama into partnership trom thin day Tho firm remain* " Peter Reiemen It Co." All dependencies ol the old firm will be settled by the old Arm, and wo crave your reference te our respective signatures M foot. We are, Sir, Your moat obedtaat aerranta. Signatured P. Ruses**. Signature ol James O- Nichols. signature of Wm. Hcnnv Williams. No. 3. Then came Mr. Todd, hatter,KM Broadway, tobv s'ated thatKeierben came to hiaatore about two ypfera since and represented himself a a a surgeon in tho U. S. Army who had been but recently appointed. That he desired a military hat made according to h'aorder, and presented a drawing for that purpose. The hat wus nianutariured at an expense of $21, and sent by a hoy to hi* lodging* lie told the boy to coll the next day, as he hud not received hia money from the government, but expected it every moment, when he would cancel the bill. All attempts to obtain the money or the hat | roved fruitless, and Mr. T. contemplate!) obtaining lie worth of his loct goons ny some otner means wiucli will tic soon made manifest. No. 4. Next came a gentleman representing the estflfv of Henry C Hart, 173 Broadway, who informed the meeting that on the 13tli of January, 18#), I'ete Reierson came into the store called the Bazaar, ar ihe above named number, and ordered a bill ql fancy goods valued at y33,50, to be sent to his lodgings, and the cash would be paid. The articles were sent, but the boy was humbugged, and v hen an attempt was made to either obtain the goods or the money, Reierenn threatened to kick the applicant out oi doors if he did not leave the premises. No. 5. Mr. John A. Denniston, cabinet makejr, of 8^ Broadway, stated that in 18-11, Reierson called at his war -house and purchased the upper part of a writing desk, which lie ordered to be sent to au Wall street, and the hill, which was to he paid om delivery, to 29 New street. The desk waa sent, hut when the amount of the bill was called lor, Reiernen was not to be found. Mr. Denniston finding that lie could get no money endeavored to, get the desk, but Reiersen slated that he hadaold it. A warrant was obtained from the Police Reiersen was arrested, but the transaction was micJj that no criminal process could be available, and he was discharged. ,5 No. 6. i- During last summer,Reiersen obtained admittance to the hoarding-house of Mrs. Waldron, 181 Broadway, by representing that he w is acquainted with some of the occupants of the hou-e. An article^ published in the Courier and Enquirer, cautioni n cr lint rtuKlis* . < i - _ Um attention, altrr he had h< en boarding in the house two weeks, when his bill whs presented to hirn lorpayment after breakfast. He stated ihnt he would pay the nmounf when he cnrne in to dinntr; but heiias n ver been back since to eat the dinutr or pay the bill. No 7. In May last, he engaged hoard at Mrs Wright's private hotel, corner ol Broadway and Cedar streets, but before be had been in the house three days, some of the boarders informed her of his character, and she presented him his bill for thai short period, r< questing him to leave the house. The same day sha received the following note, bnt never obtained the money: "New Yoaa, June nth, 1S4-J. "Met. WmuiiT, Preient. " Madame "Your tatda being well laid out, but not lutticientle supplied, and the deiert being very poor, I have concluded not any longer to take my dinner at yourplace. Your money, three dollars S7-100, are ready for yon at any timo. Wishing you succors, I am, madame, in hurry, " Your obdt. seryt. " REIERSEN." No. 8. He took board at the Globe Hot !, with awomsa whom he represented to be his w ife, nnd when his first week's bill was presented, vacated the premises, and has not been seen there since. No. 9. In September last^ George Leoni, of 114 John street, received n visit from this speculator oh tune, and after representing himself as a West India merchant, entered into a purchase of portable desks, at four months credit, amounting to $280. He gave Henry A Harrott (who wassentto State prison on Wednesday for like practices) as a reference, and then ordered the goods to be sent to a vessel loading for the West Indies, at the (not f Burling clip. Before sending the desks, he applied to Mr. Frederick. Leisi, of 102 John street, who represented Rriersen in such a light that Mr Leoni was prevented from losing the value ol his property. No. 10 In 1840, Reierwn was enabled by some unknotvrt means to charter the achoon-T September, for Wen Indies and isirt or imrts and home for $1600, tha first payment to be made at Havana. She wart to be loaded at this port for St Thomas, and aided from thence to Havana in ballast. On ar. ival there, the captain applied to Hrake, Brothers ,fc Oo. for the hrst payment of the charter, when he was informed that no lund* had been placed in their possession for payment The conf qnence was that th" vest-el was detained at Havana for twenty days, at aft expense, including |>ort charges, ol $163, and on her return to this port not a dollar could he obtained from Fete Reiersen, the L>ane,who chartered vessel. No 11. Capt Sunburnt, a foreigner, bad $202 80 ia tha hands of Peter Harmony dc t'o. ami Keiersen advised him to draw it, as there was no faith in American bankers. The money drawn hy his nersuasion, and tha most ol the funds expended befora Sunburnt obtained a eecond sight of him. No 12 Bill of Peter Riemen, 14th of November, 138 . 1000 hlueond red tickets for a lecture, SB 00 100 large show bills, j pa A subscription to a French newspaper and an advertisement, ' <00 17 00 When Peter R ierspn came in my office to order this work, he spoke French as well as a Frenchman, hnt when I asked h'm for my money he lorgot that lanyrtMe, and took the opportunity to answer in English, which I did not know at that time. Mince then my affoits to he paid for my work have be. 11 without success. S. A. LE9UEUR, Late Printer, S Barclay st. now 78 Duanu at. In addition to the above, there were some twenty persons in attendance who represented vurionsdebts due litem by this in lividtial, in the contracting of which he had used *7 ceptive arts, but th above are su.T.cient tor thepreeen' nuruose. No 13. "he particulars for- dog the basis of the following suit in the Common Pleas, h ve been prepared 'or the action ot Mr. District Ati rney Whiting, who will bring about n different res i t from that obtained in the civil court. New Yona Oowwnv Pi : Theodora CorJiia v Pr.'f flr'.er m .1ction on Ihi cave (tracer ) Received, Ne w Y irk, June J4th, IS4I, t om Mr. Theodora Cordua, the aiim of tweDty tlve dollars,as coonset fee in tha above entitled suit JOHN A. STEMMLCR, Attorney for tha above plaintiff. No. 7 Watt street, Now York City. No. 14. The trick he played Berdotti of the C'oft Tnrtoni, Broadway, has been iirevioualy published. The roHt and overcoat taken by htm from Heiersen's bed room, in p ynvnt for the supper tor hi'twlf/wb women and one of his associates, will be 'Md at auction in a few days, to the highest bidder PITBLIi S\I.K : i K i' Ht IUim.vI lm -Will K < | Ffi l tv.'! 17'htlty F h u%ry n f\ af rh H>rri burs? depot, at Hirntharic runn.i.. *b n 251 fotw flit n lr ""I ir< n S%l<* ro c,iatm. # if in < \ I >/ A \f Term* kno ioud y th OUEE.N. MOORE k ROCKAfELLOW. rile U S < i- re v.! Pnt)'if 1 'li- , VhiN.lruni: ("our #r Jk V,i-,n"r mid New V r < Her |i Ni V rk: A li \ " l. Hxtoni AMern Ati in.I Rein til ic ii , B"ltim >r- : ht :tr . I .il inifitclnrer. f*i . ir/, w ill im.-r' n eSre f "ten, until trie da- of ole, n i.i <>ii-| their i'l to the itror- firm. Mirri<h-te){, Jm 2i. ISO. if9t'ii7Fi i'M*' M I; TKH milM: I' riTXp. .3 pwtwTrd'br Lai, oil toox of Pn-i n f r: ' fW Y rk, 4'J i.fdnkliti tr hf Ni - . -of $1 M. art n/*knowhv !i ihv i *. a. a': who hav* t' i I thtrn, to H* . J , 'i i' . mo.i' cmCYCi m for Qgfjig latum IK inlff, tho '"on*, tic > a'ciurtfiif, m*fr n panlysii in rh" h srir* injr, i <>ip| of win*f , | 'r #* , 'ipprttMioua, V'|H) , o m , kc ; v c m i utauto .< otttl- aerr< ? *J * *1 It Ijkliri, Vfh r R nr. n k ^ r u ; Burt , M . 1'. > . >! ... ; m i 'H rl* iont i Si i >.#f J| Vii'I^'O PAR \i thr K Tin How, H>v* *rd *tr*tt0 * u x !) t)Ad>v I he i*".rnr . * t !i. u*v brg * . i iiiiaim lift) |i n li a m t<ic i*uh . . m- t h y twuMni , I thr ir Sir ifi.ur u, n ,hcip ! SHid -i i vul in! i >rin'h*n rt rv I u* ihv <*> ru o* durum cKr winter ^ I o lho wh i r fond o' H i no.iv .ni I a a*, by call . * the a ove, w l> m f i wrh * defuMfm Ir at 'h *nair nil rut t k a *19 P. M. jt'r O RVAV>- k CO. JANK OK ENOLANU NOTES b uaht mid aold *: * S. J. SrFLVESTER'S, ifit lwt u Will at, a>d 1 JO Broadway,

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