Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 18, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 18, 1843 Page 1
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th: Vol. IX.?IHo. 77.?Wtkuli Ho. 94UJ. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published ovory day of tha year eaaop' New Year'i day and Fourth of July. Price 'J cents por copy?or >7 3d per annum?postages paid?rash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALb?published every Saturday morning?price 6J cents i>er copy, or $3 13 per annum? postages paid?earh in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing HSt. II hat the largett circulation of any paper in city, ,tr Shu world, and it tfiarefore, trie neai rnunr?r? jut oxtnnrs* men in Mc ?>ty *r country. Pricoa moderate?oa*h iu advance. PRINTING of all kind#, exoctitad at tha moat moderate prices, and in the mo?t elejant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PiieraiKTaa or rm Hfrsld Estadmshmkit, VnrthwoitroPO'T of Enlbnn and N'scan stroma. aT'> LET?The s'ore No 97K Niii.hi s'reei. in the Herald Huildinc. Applr at the Herald office,cur Nil a and Pulton roof*. mllr ~jg? HOU8" 8 Ttl LET AT YORKV1LLE.-2 hrife TfV? houses oil the corner o( tub atreoi end 3d svenne; either ...JIS.of lh-?i is calculated for a public hous-, grocery or private resid-1 ce. On the premises ii a line >table, owlivx nl'ey, aud a tine gsrdrn c .smsiiiik of 8 of., with (rap* vines aud fiuit treea IhereuU 1'or terms, inquire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., mRIwr No. II Chamb.ra at. a TO LET?The upper iwrt ot the store No. 7 New street, a f w doors from Wall street; the second story hea two offices, and it is adapted for a merchant or lawyer. A Iso, the three story honse 31 Walker st between Brondway and t :i tirch st, ?n eicetlent situation for a united family, oceir ied by Mr. Verpl'ncU The b<jek suns comer of Pike and C' erry streets, occupied by Messrs. Valentine It Co., as a teed store, a desirable litMtisa, Toe aonven'ent two ?to-yhonso with attic rooms, basement led counter c-.llvr, No. 289 Nineteenth street, occupied by Mr. We. ki Thr two story br'ck house. No 73 Onld rtrrr-r, one door from Spruce st , formerly owned hv Mr. Milts Hitchcock. The rents will be moderate. App*y to MR. L?ELArLA1NE, 64 Wall street, mfi lm*r in > lfioe No. SiCnrefWarrrst. jnri TO LET?in Dean streat, near Smith stree , IJrookpvw lyn, the so'endut three stora'l.on.?, finished in the best manner, wiLh twa lots ol krund sttarhrd. Also, roach, stables. Ike. A variety of the most choice ism re vines Also, several frnit treets, with s wall and of escel'ent spriny water on the premises Tins proi>ertv i t well calculated f or the accommodation of a resreetablc family, t? whom it will be let for one year or more cn accommodating terms, by apply' Be"J JOSEPH MeMlTRRAY. me r mo fin' a tree*. tTO LE'l?From l?t May nrii, twacdiw twoitorv Honaes. in Grand atreet, naar Wiwt-r. Alio, the Store No. 80 L'nnal sr., now occupied as achnr store, d be raido into two eery convenient ?to e? App'y to JOHN THOMPSON fl<n*lmrc 6" Oranil or 27 Wooiiter sr?. Jpwt I () LTrf?The two three store Prick Owehiuir Ij?h Housei, \m. S3 *ud 34 Front stre"t Brooklyn, l ot three ?; *?L inm e- walk from the lerry, ?vr'l fi.u.h d in every part icular. Inquire of JOH* UKnPON, 37 Fro I at. Biookh n, or rM7 7t*r a'i vV.n?r srrecl, N V. tTO LET?From lit of &5?v neat, Lhe modem built two liory briaa home, No. tl Third it, with attic, basement and cellar, aul m irble inunclea throughout For r p>tiralir? luquire at 471K Pearl ?t 14f tin* MOhT'lCCS TO LKT?In a tore No go 3'?nili atrael. Apply to JOSEPH Mc.MUKRAY, MM) Pine street. f llec a i O LKT OR LEASf.? I h- S story briek <lw limit, wnio ore ait*' hed,?oru?rnl Broome ami Wooafer via ; the above u a eyod aitualion or a grocer, and vcuhl ba eased, at a low r? nt. Inquire of J. J. AUS i N 16 Srirh at., u r afiirs, r ml' 6i*r J SH'< AI7Y, 157 Khlr.lge st W TO PAKEBS AVti OI'mERS?TO LP T-Ti at convenient Bakery, aitu >tcd corner of C ioton ai d V J^jfcdison arerta, now doing i good business?.t wiu'd ba suii.'.ir 'or * baker or cnnlecuom-r. If .i suitable peraou ahculd apply a lease wcu'd h giyen. Apph to in 17 7i*r WM BTFHL, eor'ilin'on aad Ma-'i?on. JfA T'T VolV TK KAMIi 1E? AND BOAhDrNO pT7? HOLlSr, KEH PEhS ?House to let, with immediate aViaLp'H c.sicn, "id lurtriture fir sale at Auction Prices ? A n ciceUent opi oriuuily pr. senti itself to any person d- sirous of rrmrnenr"i< househr eying either a.-, a boarding hnose or o her wise The house is niod? in built, handsomel filiirhrd, anil 3 a'ori-s with ha.emen', conrattiitig '3 io mi ? lie furniture IV - I a "U-rriorqn 'it ami in good order, and will re told a hire oa. Aprilv at 16 <"'ty Hall I'l ?e. N R.?The whole or part i f ihe foroilu e may be h'.d. m R6tia r JseT" O WA tliFAl I L'HKRS ANO I'lHKKb?To leave or for atl- on firmaMc term?,or for richcDge f ir -c:_ . I,e? f,r,. tlnrtf hili cil Cl 201 Cll. ry arrett. liaar IMse. The btii'dui^ii vre very strong,MO hate deepdry cellar*. Apply n. UO N'c*?*u. ltd it 'M. uii6i*r_ JgA THK bNDtniOMCD rg*in off#r for aa'e a large fflVS poet ? of their Real Eilai- in the city of Brooklyn J^Jj^Cirrutnvfaiicra over whii h they could evcrciie no contr. 1, prevented tlir sale advertised tn he had on the iitli DecernTh? Eatite ha' been fina'lv divided and each party in interest wi'l tell >eiuiftalv. The nndeitiirnfa intend to build a number of buildings on the remaining put of iheir pieperty okrii'K the earning tuminer erd will eng-ge with puichiteta lor unfoimily, against put* ine* t, fcc. ...._, ., AH 'h- Lort in the vicinity ef tie East river, and on the Me glit", ?ie of great value. Tn- ' l'un>etie?d" computet u-ward* of 80? lata in the Seventh Warn, Hi the centre of and now becoming the m at import an' in the City. .. This v ile Will t-e pitti t-ve, oh the daya ro be advertised ihortly, a d w II commence on or ahont ths 25th <-'ay 01 Apiil neiti h ud ah?ir-eta of the Titlea, with aecevi to orig-nil ararchrt, wll (umia.ieii 'o ; nrch??er fo- a a ??ll ein 'unt. Mapv -re now ei nbited at the Merchaui'a Exchange and at I e office of t :e aucliuie-m, Wilkiuv ht Kollina, auo William Dnni-nt. r rtlea wishing to pnn haae, are inttled to vi'i: .he nirmise-; and lor farther uifoiin|tii?n are refeireu to the ??b>crhciaat iheir res denee. I *i Columbia at. Brook yn, n to \laiwel! be viagher, Esom., No. 9 Nassau at; C hnr'es A. Griffin. a.ay , M Merchant.' Eitliaage, or to Clarmcu Ll. Beckett, Esq., {ho. 12 Pike itrrit. Bbockltiv, March Uth, 1843. M A 111 A JACKPOV I OKNKLIA A JACKSON: HAMILTON H. JACKSON, WILLIAM I'KTEHS, mlt 3teod?ec CHHISTIANA A PESTERS. col FOK BALK?A deafrable country reaideure at > Heifi|>?i*ad Village. Lone Island; a large well built /.eJi. House, ine tti_e aty'n, w.tli -laruv, Sheds, Iceland tea aeres of lirat rate land, in hiding a Garden well stocked with ahrubb-r,, fruit tree-, Ste.. in a nigh state of rultivatiou; it ia local, d on Kulron atreet, leas lhau a half a mile of the New York and Long 'aland Railroad, whi~h lias a eommunic-tion w ith tin cuv several timet ad ?y, and at a rate of tare v ry much rrduc- d Irom foim.r |>iicea, making it a moat deniable residence lora rraon retiring from the city, or one who may w iah to do business in the citv. A portion of the ni uey cau remain on moitssge, ?nd the balance can le pud in dry goods or groceries at market prieea. For fnrrher r-vticnUrs, apply to JOHN B. VOOI4HIE3. B nk Store, | I No 24 Nn un >t. N. Y., or JOHN J . MARSHALL, Pottmaa'er, )w Mamaroneck, West* hi iter o., N, Y. FOR SALE OH KXCHANOR FOR CITY TROrK.ltTV?A Farm of our hundred acre a, situated in Rockland County, ten inilei by th? New York and lAtlroad or tit utiles lr m Nye- k Landing. Handsomely ?d, fit nty of fruit, well watered nid woo.ird, end easy of i at env day in the week, by the abort road,in three hour*, irtb-r particulars enquire at i7 trourenour arret t. where a toe view ran be seeu. 171 lm*r ~M)K 8 ALiTOHTX< MAN?R*FoS FKOPCRTY IN THE CITY OK NEW YORK? Ara noble Farm of about 10 aerew in Strand tie, Weat Chester Counlv, lire In-lrw White Plane and twenty-five rom New York e mam road le-diug to and from aaui placea. On the ?* m .1 sractou* doubla two ntvrv dwfiiiur houif, Willi va attucned , a Oai?, enriige and nnt lioaara, all in fine i 2 bearing ai>i>te orih.trda, moatly gr-fled fruit, iwaoh, and iiear treee, a good well cf water and riatern holding ihrads of water; at>.,ut twelve acrea of wood land. The i farm well feiired and moatly with atone wall and in epnir. The B.oai R,ver ernaaea tht r. ar, along which ilro td rnna, now nearly completed, to White Plants, mne desirous o( seeing the pre . is-i ifil! find it one of oat dea,rable plaeea in Weet Cheater County. Enquire I. TRAVIS, on lite prcrnieet, ur D. BRUSH, ESQ. No <W Fn I ion at. FOR SALE OR KIOHAMOK, for pr.-ductive real pr. p-ity iu New York or iiri- klvu, a Valuable faun of i4fl atrva, on the head of Linle .\?ck Hat. Town of iug, !# ng lal.iud. It miles from New Yore. On said i iu at iwo atoiy hooae wiih foidinu d-mrs, krebeu, aud oom a" trhri . eoa. h. milk, any krhnuir, ks ; also, a ib'ublt f rtnhouae, bam, aheda, cribs. ke., in good order, anee of fl n. wild fowl, aud o.hcr gauit ; said f irm la in lirarr, well triiced. easy to work, and near a Mud ns: atai?? daily to me liom New Yoik;few fauna offer to many , nieu-a iog-ml? men < i leisure. ly to Jamt a T. T in Zindt, turner of Myrtle avrnne and rvet, Brooklyn, or to JC. K. YanBeuran, on the pre mo m!6 Iw'rc FARM AT AUCTION?Will Or offered at pubhc rendu-, ill- larui late of William Coi k, dec a?ed, iu Hanover, Morria County, N. J. coi.taining 129 arret ply divided in meadow, | aatnre aud plnngi land, wiih a mpply ol wood and timlier, a c nvenieot house, aroa, and other out h ours. Will he offernu together or ti, at lh? house of Win. MeFailan in Win pany, on Fiihr 24th of March, imtant, al 2 u cloi k P. M. Conditions * liberal, and attendance at the time of ? I- hy the sub(i. 811, A A TUTTLE, CALVIN HOWELL, |';1 >r Eteinton of said Deceased. lTt,D STAThS H' )TEL OF PHILADELPHIA L, triveilera who have paaae t lha diva *"d nigbta of their ijon nin Philadelphia at (hia fine eitabliahmvnt, ajieak in of an jnalilied praise of iia actomtn (Meant, its lahle a ugrni-u'. I he arrangeinrn ? ol the In use are adiniratrnutic, aild there ara substantial c ralnru to he I unil i |lo -I ton' wilt h- appreciated ny Most ioraona, mch i? D,quiet,and w-ll*litriil?hod bouae, n well-anpplied rrad . to, and a host whose comunt t fT,irla are ill ecte I t > rvnla nail ion a highly ag r-ahle re,or, lor ruap-ctable Ir.i.. \.r Ilea, b, hia i>otiteaud i.ff.hia depi rinient, >nd hi> li t d iwri i al aiti-niion to tli-lablea . n 1 the til ol hia gnrata, wma ftrnr I rom ?ll w h,, fr- ju-iit hia , a- who in the ma-tiins prrfar to indulge in the "awrrl rr l>a rut aletp," instead of at.aiding io the ti-eakf-ai ona. find 11. e hour wi icli una thvir own coiircme-c-, ai I lur Unir vapeci'l nae, wi'h reve>al aeivanu ill a:ure to consult llieir wiahes, ai d hare auy ilrlieacv ii e It rda, pirpa eil with celeiiu fur heir untificanon. r laaciveti in - light,airy, anil apacinua <1 mug r om iui> eg * i arden. and la a irpaal that ttouid d.i oradii in i?l iu tl a i onu'rva : aiiuaiou uf till, lionae it decidedly tha Ixat in Tli Itdil b iltg on Cb' iiiiH al, op oaile l he Bank of C luted * utea? rv ci<,.ire i f fii,l\ on and t uiiueta of the city. im*r lUD WANTED?Is a r-ap.ct.ble private iMHIy, h re ihne are not ami will no be any other noardc.a, by g (.eoll man, two abil< it and bmlher tWouudirf ui ri..i age, lor one year or loiigei?the griitletnan will >n Hiiuilaya ouly, and will faraiah the i.p rinirni?deatn in h i lam and rconnmioal manner. Address hug 713 np#ai Uthce, stating taima. Refaiaoca eichauged. R?ac E NE' NE THE NEW MIRROR, EVEr Y Number Kmhtillished with an Original and exf|urit?' Design <?u Sum 1. IC?liied by Geortfe r. Morris. J1 lustratcd by J. Q. Chapiaau.who is engaged exclusiyclv for the work. Terms?$3 per mucin?Slug I e numbers, 6m cen's. In the course of a few weeks, the u unsigned wilt cow* mil-nee, on h?s own account, the publ>catiou of a new series of the ^ew York Mirror, iu the octavo funn, on an entirely novel and or trinal plan, with a ?teel engraving in every cumber, and at the redticrd price of three dollars per auuum, or ix an.d a qu Tier cm is per ropy. The New Mirror wiM app??&r with many srrik'nfr a* d atTactive features, distinguishing it from every o her periodical. If will be puhliuhnl with new type, on fine p*|*ef, and ra-h number wi'i unit.*?u .1 bta 'tifol nngiuil engraving oil steel,designed a d e'cht d by i hspukdtt. illosf ..ting uie b tt* r-po'ss which it arc>mpanivs( and which it w'll invt si with peculi nut rest. Ue-id-s the * ntrjbutions of a.1 oui extensive corps of correspondents?which embraces most of the talent of this country? we hate made arrange incut* Tor freali and early tratiMatioij* from some of the heat writers of Krance. ami for proof sheets from several of the papular author* of Knglaiid. With such raa'criiit, and with such able fellow labourers In the literary v neyard, we hoiw to present to the American raider a weekly journal of great value ami unusual excellence. The parade of mere r anies, will be sedulously a* oided. The Mirror will be remarkable, we hope, rather for good articles without names, than for poor article* with di*tiu(inahed nam'*. It will embrace in itr scope every department of elegant literature, comprising ul.-sot romance, sketches of society and manners, sent meul, and everyxtav ll'e, piquant e*atys, d ineatic and foreign correspnud-uc-, literary intelligence, wit and humoi, fashinu and gos>ip, poetry, the due mis, ami litdav,musical and drama tie criticism-. If* reviews of new work* will b- careful, discrimi rating, ard iinmrtial It will aim to foster a literature suited to the taste and d sires ot the age and conulry. It* tendency will be cheeriul and enlivening a? well a* improving. Il will seek lo gratily eierv reliued taste,but never to oflVud the most futididus; and it will ever ?el iui duly to be, to "turn the sunny sideof thing* to l uuian ryes " 'I lie work will die pOhlished curry Sutnriav, in numbers of sisteeu large octavo siifer-'oyal panes, Willi double columns, and enclosed in a treat ornaiui utal cover. It will form, at the and oftha y ear. two sup' rh volumes, each of four hundred and sixteen pages, filled a ;th the ,-enis of liteiature and the fine arts. The v?ry low price at which it will be issued, renders it the cheapest periodical in this or are other country, considering the cost and beauty of its kitty-Two Kugravincs, and the tu inline value of its lilrtary content-. Thor deiirous of receiving 'lie p-qer from 'lie Com,c nceiiieiit, will have it punctually sent 'o their ltd bess upon rhcii forwarding to the undersigned, at No. 1 Aud strcc;, three dollars,free of exp-uar Letters, el clo iug the aincuLt of subteriplion, may be franked h; all piutm ik rs. Agents, car.icrs, and newsmen, will be supplied on the urual terms. (L7""The Cash Sistim will be rigidly adhered to, without any deviation whatever?r"fl Much Editors as c?pv the i bove will oblige ma by forwarding a market i operand by irsutniua tlie exchange, which , was interrupted, much miny n, cirenmrranrrs over which 1 had u.i coulrol. UKOHUK P. MORHlS, Loiloiaud Proprietor, ml 3v.i?"r No. t Ami street, near broad way. a MriKtUAN LAND AND LOAN Ok i-iCe. ?WuUam a l. Siaiers having above tinity years experience in the management of Ueaj Kslate, aud possessing a large landed property himself, al.o feeling great confidence from the Mitral pairoiiage he baa heretofore enjoyed, respectfully solicits the attention of the ptablic to the special advantages #f the Atnnncsn Lin I and Loan Office, at No. It W ilt street, tn the city of New York, for the purchase, sale or exchange of Houses and Lots, Farms and uncultivated Leads. cither at privuts or public s tie, and lor the hiring lud letting of Houses, Site res, Varms, i.r.; lor collecting the rents, and tor taking the general agency aud supervision of Heal Kstate, also for lira supcrin tendance of erecting and repairing Buildings lVisous having property to self, exchange or let, will find il to tli'eir advamage to ajiply at this office rather than to any other lu the city, both in point of economy and deipatcu. All piqperty registered m this office, will, if required, tar ad vcrtised iu two or inore of the inns: Widely circulated lotiruals. nu?l every honorable eaeitiou made to dispose of the same. Should the property not b* aold at private aale, it will, if dcaired, be offered at public auction, thus giving to ownnra of the. property double advantage. He will also attend to effecting luaorance cu property, obtaining and loaning ol money on bond aud mortgage, or other MVIMa, taltiug apecial rare to receive ample aecurity lb money loaned: ami to have Ullei to property examined by gentlemen of th? legal profession of established character to oc uracvand reputation. Holdera of vacant ground that requires improving, will fi.,.1 i greatly to their advantage to apply to him. as hia knowledge ol the kind of buildings which are moat productive for tke different localities, is of the greatest imiiortauce: and his long acquaintance witn tlie building of houses will enable him to get tnein erected on the most reasonable terms at a far less expense than is usual. He will also take charge r.f real estate intended for public sales, na his .knowledge from etpcririiet in getting up sales, will be ol graat value to those intending to dispose of their property, be will prepare the advertisements, see that tney are properly distributed and superintended, .and direct the sale;aud it will he found to be .a great aaviug I'rnin the fact tlmt property (or the last three or four years has been freqneuilv sacrificed from the waut of proper attention and skillful in in ageiuciit. Individuals or companies that require ap agent to lake charge of their real estate, may depend on having it faithfully and economically m inigcd?and all moneys received, prom ptly p?idover. Persons wishing P> hire or purchase pre,pertv, or invest money, can ino?t geu< rally lie laled free of expense?and persons residing at a distance, desirous to sell 01 purchase realtsnue byseudin. a description of the pro|a*rty, will icceive immediate airnitioii P?r?i>ns having country teals, farms, or houses for ?ale, and wah to haw them surveyed ami drawings taken, cm have it done iu the most elegant manner by applvins at this office. Also, I>ii'-arts and other papers prepared. All letters for the purchase, sale or exchange of real estate. or fnrihe loaning or putting ont of money, mn.t b? directed i( WILLIAM L. SflMfcRR, Amrruxli Laud and Lmo offSc. No. 14 Wall street, New York;aud the lamp-ate invariably paid Those havi s money to loan can have it invntad, tree ol si pease. by calTir g at I nisofhre. Itf Ioh'j DR. GREGORY. HE hu Innir been accustomed to preirribe for a o.taiu clnai of patient", who,'or p rtieolar reasons, may require the belt of treatment p ivati ly?the Doctor haiet joyed eitended opportuuiti of r.ii'ically invstigatiug aud stud ng the varioui morbid conditions of the living Honrs constituting the class of milalirs alluded to, and bv this means ho nhtaiurd the " praetic il" as well as the " m -{nodical" knowledge of this branch of his rofession. The true palholocicnl sytn toms of these disorders presents the same infinite IMlttf it detail, as ?r fiuil variet". of form aid lenture iu tcgard to the hnmau counleiMuee ; lhi - being the c lse how in-on-ist'-iil then are the assertions at those who proclsiin one remedy rap .ble of curing all diseases. This theory is false if applied to diseases in generel, and it is still more so, it is wicked when applied to a certain p'Mi nlardisorder To rure disease snecessfully the symptoms most he inquired iuto and carefully investigated so as to distinguish bitwern cause and effect?di esse is a cause s al symp onis me .Is IV 'CIS ?we often m rt pot'cnts who camp-am ol soni? r insming aimptoms alter (as they uppo'i"t)the d-seasc was cured. O.i in ourlng into the hisor, and i rogressof these cases it frequently turns nut that they have ell the while been doctoring fur symptoms and totally disregarding the cause whi h ought to hive bean th? Brst to attadk. ... Where a cure has n >i b.-cn ohtlined within a re wouahletime be assured tln re is a reason or cause that requires special attention. This cause m iy e aist prooaiilv or by continuity?the vims may ' e subdued and not eatingnished?'t may he owing to some defect in the treatment or peihsps a peculiarity of c-mstiruti-'n, or it may be some hidden morbid consecutive condition that has heretofore be-n overlooked or nn-undcrstood Perhaps if the truth were to he ascerisined m> dicine a'oue would naver effect a cure. This latter remark will especially apply incastso' sticiue On th s subject tlte reader is referred to ih-treatise on private maladie , written by Dr <J eg?-y ; the price it JO cents?for stir at he drug st ret, Nos.7# and Ion Fult in street,-161 B'Wery, co ncr ^dk r street, and IfS B >wery, corner Springstreet ; a' Dr White's corner ol SiifT Ik and DeUucey streets, and by the au hor, at his private res dence, 11 Barclay street, near Broalwav. M-is at home, and may be consulted privately at any hour of the day orevening. B7" H Barclay si. near Broadway. I'rrtnna at a diitanee, hv sen ii c SI. post-paid, will receive the h ok by the n-at mail, which ih ill also be postage paid r^7=* Dr. (Jregory is the proprietor of the " Arnericau Meilicimo turn " a very celebrated and s|iccdy cure for the pil s? Pri.e $1. Me irated Vapor Baths administered at all hours. m i Itn'ec LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDiA ilUb1JER GOODS. rjmfOLK3ALE AND RETAIL, No. ? Wall sneet. Th ?? subscriber has received nnd ofTers for sale n large aii- rt meul of iintssried India Rabbet Water Troof t roods, via: (bintsand Capes, ofsnper'or Lams, Cashmere Luna,Persian Merino and Cotton, of all colors aud sires. Cloth?ludis Itobber, Water Proof, tuper Lama, Laa.a Pec situ and Cotton, pre paged lor tailors India Kuhbar Webbings for susiumdnrt, corsets, ke. tlZ tiu'r CH A9. ABRAHAMSON MRS. CARROLL'S Medicated Vapour U illin, ?5 Ci urt lendt street.?'"olds, rore threat, lumbago, rheumatism f. ... ....I ..... ........I., .e.rl.f fs.s- kr k- .'ttf.'li.sll. cured m .1 lew Jeys. 'ike prevalent fear of < stilling mid deteu many from using the vatmur bath, whereas if proprily admmis teren, it gives a stimulus to tlir akin Whichruables if t,> resial cold, and peiaona who take tham become inured to he change fr..m heat to cold, and bid d? timer to our ramble climate Open from 6 o'clock in the morning till It o'clock at uight. ''or table B.ifia lit to any oart ol tint city or Brooklyo. Bulling Tube and Hio Baths for hir-. mint r RK.AU HAVANA StOAKb.?The hirers ol a geuniue Havana Kegsr would do well to cill at l:<0 Broadway, uos'er t? a Cafa Tortoni, between Liberty and Cedar meet* at which idace thev eta bnd the latgeat asa.-riment la the city of the above named luxury. Call nod be satisfied. mlJ>loi"' f A N()U I'KMEYER. CfciRTAlN GUKK k'OR ALL L>E \KNKSS. MONS. MAI.LAN?SOUNU M At I.N IKIERS?IN VIBI BLK VOICK CONDUCTORS.?To enable persons inatantly, at an advanced age, and of forty and fifty ye.ira standlog. of extreme deafness, and of thoae who arc only slightly dull of hearing. tojoiu in general coureraaliou and to catch th< sound ol a distant low s|ieaker at a public assembly. Tliey are the aixe of a *rry small gold wiui shilling piece, Mid win n m toe cavity ol the ears they are not in the It- aat perceptible, utn more unc.onifoitable than having a amall piece of film wool it ita place. Ami although thev are to extremely small, yet they i uable thoaa afflicted with oxtreac deafness to hear, in ever; to those of inoataccuiate hearing. To be had of Mom. Mai I an it Won, Bnrgeoa Dentists, tola agents for the patentee, No. 37J Broadway, next to the Uuioi Club. 1 he above invention haa been in use hi r.nrope for sotrv years and la strongly recommended, being our of the greatrsi discoveries ol the age. f'ersoua, noii-rvsiueiita in New York city, on the reniittancr of $10, can have a pair forwarded hv post to any part, mil !? *? YOTJ CAN UK CURKI). V'K.-t, oy the decpes: reiearch, long study, and untiring pur MVeiauce 1 lima been diacsvered ? apectfic?a tneiiica coml i at on never before attempted by any one, comp.seu ol new materials and possessing powers fir surpassing any.lung hitherto smi loved, or that the imagination hit ever rcnceivet it possible in employ, in the I r-a tine or of O.inoi rhrcr, (fleets weakness. and diseases generally of the uieilna, ill male or le male, pfo n,alter how long standing, complicated or danger* out ihe "aie may he, it will yield ipei ilili and naturally to ilia pleasant and Certain curative powers of this new r. medy. Ma ny prisons with g-atiluia lure acknowledged tlvat no'hini withia their experience tan <qual Una new arcanum, " Tlio mas s Specific I lis.'1 These 'I horn it's Specific Pills are not unpleasant to the ta?ti or naureatiug to ihe a oinach, aud neither dl t, nginien or all siiiiencc Ironi busmen It ri to aid th> m in es|>rllmg drs en mi Horn Hie ays em. So coiitideut is the proprietor of ihe surpassing efficacy o '.his r. in si y I hat he rhall.iigea the whole ineiliril lalrul ill tin w lit to produce lliy thing equal to it, aim confidently assur i all vutlen rs that if tiiey will in ike but ou? trial ol I'homaa'i Specific I'llls, till y will find speedy aud talc r? liel 1st their case he i s i r o compile itcd aim screru Ths I'llls hi. i u ely vrgi table, abd .v t as s diuretic andaatrin gent, also as powurlnl ptirilti is of the si stein, and hy lm itut In* h-all hv lor diseased acion in ihe the parts affected, sooi restore ihe patient to ilia full and happy rnioymrntn all ho health and vigor ? in ihe pristine days of oriblcunshed \null and innoci nee. Price $ I per In I. Agents? Sard 100 Pulton a'teet,77 hast dromlway, cnrnsi Market; *7J Bro.idway,corner Chamber street (Uriuut B nld ings.) mli in-. I. A'I'r.N SHc A I 111.1 ti I'AihM?do lualee ot a r? y au C pastor aruele, macli approved of aud well adapted ton* ,.f ships, rwu'a of housi a, Ac., t?' sale by ic. k. colliSH it co., Ut M South suaei. ?Hf?1111^ W YO :w YORK. SATURDAY IV American and foreign newspaper and PERIODICAL AGENCY, No. 4 Ann street, N. Y. The siibscriner having completed his atrsuitemeutsps t uablrd to furnish 10 order. c.i aye its or ludividoa.s, :iuy paper priuled ia the Suites or England. Illustrated London Niwi, Punch Bell's Li'e; Weekly Dispatch Sunday Times; Batir'st Williner >i ft in 11 li*? Kurn|.eaii Tines. c liu. Wilmt r's Ainrrir iu !n?ws L?*ter And a v?riety of olbrra ,aru received by eipmsjon the arrival of each steamer. Auv piper or work denied may be had by the rvat return te <niei. The Boston Nor on, S3 per year, 0** cents single Also, all the public* in is of the Say. K. b. TUTTLE. N. B?The subscribers w,il pack bit'idlcs ami parcel* f't newsmen of all the publications an I >i< wst<st>eri of Philadelphia, lli sloo, and New Vor*, at publishers'prices, for a small chaige for servicer rendered. Any other Aarucy business will be attended to vsitii the same promptness as >f the prison were here Ionise f REFERENCES. Mesir?. Greeley Si McElrath, New York Tribune Messrs. Wilson fc Co.. Brother Jonathan Messrs. Surges* St/eih-r, Philadelphia (Jaorge Rob rt?, Esq , Boston Times Mcssis Bridlev k Co. U.xtou Mail A dams It Co. Bos.011 Mr. (feonra Jones. Albany Mr. C^irlei Wilm-r, Liverpool. C. 9. Wen, Esq. H ivai a. J. A TUTTLR, 2nfeod'm K. B TUTTLR. BRAN"DKEtH#S PILLS, Secured bv I At ten Patent of the United Stat eg. THE METHOD OK PREPARING THE BRANDRETHIAN VCOKTABLB EXTRACTS. Caveat entered 9th June, 184*2?Patent granted to Penjamin Prandrrth, 29th January, I84i. HPHR extracts of whic* Kniido'h's n)l? ar* composed are $ I ebtaiued by thi? now piteutMl process, wi'hotit boiliim or | any api li- ation of iw r. The active principle of the herbs is g thus secured, (he same am it i? in the LIVING VEGETABLE. The pnhlic should be cautious of medicines recommence ! in H'lrertiieineotiirolen fro n me, in which (hsContemptih.k Rosbi real n t lao bi|< m rtly iltcing! tnatifi Tim will show thee wholesale de ?*i era m their true light TrtK viKHIClNKOK THE PEOPLE. r"7- BRAXDRETVHM PI' LS ire the People's Medicine, proved by rhnus>t"d? who d-i'lv recommend them to the afllicted. The BRANDRETH PIL'^S are growing ?v? ry day more l>opiilnr; their virtues are cirend't:g (heir u efuliiess. The sick of both sexes are daily deriving hem fit from the in. No case of disease hut t.hev can be used wl h a Ivan age. BU'chcs or hard lump* of ih* akin th*i mmntily com* to with aryaip# Us, so with salt rheum, so with 'i.dige 'ion, ?o with coughs and colds, so with costiveness, so with caucr, so with hct parched Hjpa aad eankorf? the mouth. LetthaanHctadvs# ti is medicine, and they wll find they requi e no other. bold >t 25 cents ? cr box. with full direc ions. at. 211 Broadway. 274 Bowery, 18914 Hudson street, and at E. H Tripp's, 167 Division street. New York. m?TO INVALIDS.^O HO* How important it i* thst von commence with out loss of time with BKANDUETH PI LS. They mild.y but surely remove all impurities from the blood, and no care of sickness c?n affect the human frame, that ?hea c lebrst?*d Pi'ls do not relieve us much a* medicine coi ??. (.olds and Cnuons are mo-e benefi ted by the BRaNDRETH PILL* thau by Loc^mres and (Undies. Verv well. nerhn*. as i?alli 'lives. hut worth nothing a* kradicatiirs of diseases from the human system The BKANDKEl'H Pit LS cure, they do uot merely relieve?they cute. Lliiciei, whether chrouic or recent, infectious or otherwise, will certainly be cured by tlie use of these all-sufficient Pi ll. CUKE OE A CANCEROUS SORE. sino Sinn, January 21, ISO. Doc ion bkn i vmin brandreth : Honored Sir ? Owing to yon a debt of grat'tude that money can rot iwy, I am ind ced to make a public acknowledgemrut of the benefit my wife nu derived froxn your myalu-ble Pills. About thr?e yearath:? winter she was taken with pain ill her ankle, which soon became very murh inilimcd. and iwollcn, so much so that we b?came mnch alarmed, and sent <?' the doctor Doing hit attendance ike pi in ami s veiling iocieased to nn al irmmg degree, aud in three weeks fiom its first commencing i' became a running sore. She could get uo rest at night the pain was so urea'. Our first Doctor attended her for sn mon hi, and fha received no beuefit whatever, the pain growing worse and the ore larger all the lime He raid if it was lieded up it would be her death, hnt he nppc <>ed to be at a loss how to proceed, and my poor wi'e still continued to rnffer thu moat terrible tortures. We It erefore soug'.t othrr a d, ill a Botanic*! doctor, who raid wlteu he first saw i' that he could s on cure ilie sore and give hei ease a" orce Tr our ha give her no relief. an J acknowledged th"t it quite baffle I all h's skill. Thus we felt after having tried dunug 01m whole year the ex|>ericnre of two crlebratid physician* in ?ain. in absolute despair. Mv poor wife's constitaiion rapidly filling iu the prime of her years froin her continued suffering. Uuder these cirruinaunces we condndi d t'>at we would try your Universal Vtg' table Pitlf. determined to fairlylest their curanvc cflects. To mv wifi 'a great comfort the first few dotes afforded great relief of the pain. Within oue week to the astouithmrnt ol ourselves and everv oue who knew ol the case, the swelling and th? jnil .nvrution beg m to cease so fhst she fel' quite easy, and would sleep comfortable, and sir, after sis weeks' use she was .able to go thriugh (he house and again a'tend to the inanagt m-nt of her family, which she hail not done lor nearly ' fourteen months. Iu a little over two mouths from th? time ihe tint commenced the use of your invaluable Pills her aukle win qnke sound mm her health better itm it hn<i been in quite a number of year* before I semi ym this statement after two , years tear of the rure, constderiuit it only an act of justice to i you and the public at large. , We are, with niueh gratitude, V-rv* respectfully, I . TIMOTHY k * LIZA A. LITTLE. P.R?The Botanical IV. nr>m>mic-d the sine concert.ns, aud fiuallv a'id no go?d conltl be t'one. u. less all the flesh was rut off and'h? bone icrsn-d Th nt a ki ,d Providence, this i to'tie us resort to voir Pel*, which saved us from all further miserv, and for wh!ch sve lioite to he thankful. T St K. S. fT^" Dr. BR ANDHKTH'S Principal Office. Ill Broadway, N Y.; Retail Offices 27lBowtry, and 189H Hudson strre*. Boston, 10 Hanover stre-t. Providence, K 1., Jtihn Shaw. H'.rtford,Conn., flentv Benton. M'W Haven, Conn.. C, W. Crosh.. Norwich, Conn., Wo. Kaulkuer. Philadelphia, 8 Nnr'h-eiehth st "altimore, c<>r. Laiithts and Mcrc?r streets. Hit hmond, Va., 195 Main at. Cbarlestou. S. C. 95 Bay. Albany, N. ?,. at 9. Van Schaik's store, 14 M irket it. Utica, S't Orn are ?t, Kochea'er, H. Serantora, oinitisite Eagle Tavern. Buffalo, W. W, \Vilgna New Biunsw tck, N. J., Hoi y Vrooma. Pittsburgh. 196 Wnol street, ami by over 3o.(h'0 agents in the Lluited States Obse-ve.tne Pills, to be genuine, must be houeht of a regular Agent?proved by his hsvinga Ceriilirate o eg ncy. Ami fn.tlier olrse've, that the b res are con rrd vs ith labels print' tl ill both red and black ink, anil that there are sis Signature, of ()r. ttv jainin Brandreth on each hoi, two on each label, one being signed h Brand.rth, and the othei B. nj ainin ilrandreih. ileciteful ami g< t the i'HUK Pills. mS imeodSMtwv*cc PARK'S LIFfc. PilsLS. 'PUIS Vine Hetbal .Medtciut lias scarcely been introduced t into 'hi United Statessn months, yet in this short space of time, without nr.y extraordinary exertions on Lie part of the IJoprielOM, ita, sale in the States of New Vom, Peunsy Ivauia, New England States nod Canada, ha* increased with such rapidity aa to exceed their most sanguine expectations The imblic are uow beginning to auder?taud aud appreciate the suitrnor efSeaey of this mild u edrcine tn the |iowerfnl pur.ativrl that have b-eu hitherto sold them i? ttie shape of pills which may give leltef fur a short time lull al ways nt the nor m e o( the system, by rufeebltuc it and rendering il more liable to reeriv, again oiliei eornplimts. On tn* contrary, Parr's Lile Oil* gently eradicate dtsras- hy remoriua all obstructions in the intestinal canal, pnrifi ing the blood, strengthening thr system, aud UMlU a n itnral and healthy action ot ihe h ,dy?they also act powF'lully as a tonic, and restore to the natien a long lost appetite and a hralth. craving for food. \s a family metlicine tt is unequalled, and may be Likru by every member of a lamily l oin the vonngest to the oldest, being perfectly free from all mineral preparations, giving un pain, aud , cling mildly as a pure itive. Many females v. no li lve taken this in-dicine speak iu the highest terras of thegrrai benefittheyhtyehad from the o?e ol it, Ami to nil females of* delicate habit of body w? *OlU IHliMMT recommend this MHtlM; iliey will linH it agreeable to (eke, soothing to the system, ami certain iu ilk rnctl^dM mi ind h id bnei ma ike body?in the Spring the torpid ami acrimonious lluidi that have I ud dormant iu he body during fli- wiuter, hut arc .i^tiu broaicht into activity, v* |l be speedily removed by taking Pan's Life Pills every Might, before going to bed, P.r two or three weeks. The proprietors hare aire dy many excellent testimonials of tin efficacy of Parr's Life PilH >o bilious and scorbutic complaints, Chronic eases of colds, constipation olthe bowels. dysi>e|*ia, lifer cmnoldivts, debility and Co-nplsiuti im iOi iilal to females. Tin-following ate the aiclusive agents lor ths sale of Purr's Lite Pills, wheie may b? hid - ratis the Life and Times of Thomas Parr, with two tine engamics, aud much other inter estiu* matter James Asi-mwill. Druggist and Chemist, 86 William street; Kushton fc Co. 110 Broadway and 10 Astor Home ; Abraham I dsndt ft Co. druggists and chemists, g- :uit? buildimrs. No. 273 Bro-dway, corner Chainner street ; Darid Hands k Co. No. 77 Kast Broadway ; P. Dickie, 413 Broadway, corner Lispannrd street ; John B Dood, .Irurg-st, Brnailway, corner Blcecker street: N. W. Bidcau, Bowery M.dirme store, 260 Bowery ; John C. Hart, diuggirt, 348 tJrand, corner Norfolk street; Syme'e Medicine store, Ii3 Bowery, coiner Wal'ier street ; J-ihu Syine, corner Fulton and Wau-r streets ; Horace Kn-rett, drnggist, 367 Grsenwich street, neat the corner of Franklin; J. ? J. (. oddiugton, apotheeiries, 227 Hudson, corner ol Spring street; K. L. Coiton, chemist and e|?>lnecsry. 273 Bleecker, corner Janes street; J. Wcudorer, druggist and apothecary, No. 141 Kighth eyenne. Brouklyn?C, Wi lls 9im?ns, seed, drag, and patent medi cine house, 10?X pulton se.eet, and wholesale at the proprietor's aficc. T. KOBKKT'S Ss CO, Clarendon House, cor. Daan- it. and Broadway. Small boxes 27 cents. Largo or family boxes M cents. Pars -n* desirous f ohwn iui tit agency for their sale in the ' country, will please direct thrir letters, pest paid, to T. Koberts fc Co.letter Inn 907. New Vork. roll lm?r > 1 iP. i M *A I inr.MI P..? 1 mis is a ..u.e s tiioiac e, a eertAin discuses, tn which the iao?i convenient and pityate i cieeee of cure ore slated in the plainest possible m-.untr. And r not onir are dire,tliorj siren lor tit* more simple io-l reeoot i roes, btlt those which hayn fallen into improper hands, aiui cuntinne en from a-unlh in mornii, are partieulaily dwelt on.? k;ieh nersi.irs soil ?? itamerhaiely the dilficultirs which :m e-le uisir cure, vrhatrver they may be, as well as the plan It i be punned in each pirtienhu ease. It is obtained osjly ol the i ajtlior. Dr. italph, at tbeeuwir.h iL Price tt. Dr. Uaiph also takes tins opperlnitr of saying that in may > be consulted on ' * peculiar dueaaes abort reie,r< d io, r i|his I private residence, rt any hear. Aware, however, of the deep and jnst aolie,i;ade which mac; I feci to cousell a |ierson of integrity as well as exj errentc it these peculiar complaints, die author deems it prsi er lo girt the foilowiii,, short ak-tch of the otu-orltiuitiei he I ss ,nt to li. himself for tnis tr-st. Aud this he is the moie inclined toss may harp asst.' ed him that, for want of information of thu kind , thej ha?e seleo'cd from a list -if sdrcrtising people the I sne whs hid boane J most of wonderful cures?but not without he bitterest rspenuncr II* therefore begs to state that, be ud- Ins rank u gra-luale of Kd-nburgh, ke ke. ke. he hs> | ireti wstrhir* these J-senecj, b.'h in hospital snd city practice for more than thntr ysu, and hie published two editions of s work espi-se'y on thriu. Also that he has (eetimonml letters ftorn the mos: enimeiit physician* of Europe,to (he ciriieot in America?as Svr Antler Cooper to Dr. Mott, of N. V ml Dr. Phfsirk of I'hiladefphia, and ethers; and farther, bat he the privilege of reterriug to alinoit every phyrp ' >i\a of eminence in th-e city. Nothing can be state ), he cot eiree. ..s better giouad of confidence to thoee who are urar<ore to him. Consultationi may be made by post, r.n i fcr inch be his s ittltr nvntn e met, eonUiairg every thing ueees- -y for * cut > ud private ante list former--! as may b? -iirrc!- . , i ' ' i; _ l?f 'm?ee "it) D P. v V. h. n n i>li ONNDU-SM lis ' A Is MAUI-HtA WINX.S-WK..1.INH I ON A. I All1 I'KH. Commission and Wine Meichant, No. S New stre.t, Ness Y"ik, Sole Ah.rlit ill lb. Uliltnl Ma <s lor the eelehiatrd Hoinelino sladrara Wiu-s, offers far sale, rt modi rate pri rt -ud in nit sin it es to ple?sr buyers,hm - ntue stock o- that brand. , 0 tialfpn-ei and su.aller ea-h?, furder urtnni Hon.e loek ) I he Soioeliiio won s air I *?lil the Hon'h Side; Tlieyb??ea | ovu and pienharly rich tla*"i, the vintevrs +<r Irom IRll n 834.nnd be n? justly ce etnatcd III Muropc, the If st I .dier,a?-d Uuited Citato. Auuth r oppoiluuny ray uotoccurin niny vean lo ohtam Id wiues at sorv IjW |r tea. W. A. riAllTEit sol ei iro? tho ie and his friend- < "ntiumii'ui..I naor.p Hfa-aa-SUI-WOA, sa hit wines and Injaors n wo. an,| nUsi.reVxxtJ ft I "fo-u ihv hesi io market. rr? 14 'mr C ! ' i?A I 111 ft i.HI , v - fy tap .-?r ijiUU y k BTiiuble fji roofs ol bonnet mii?I *hi,t? b iii uua, lor a. It* hv "10 K K. t. ULLINB lt.CU.J?alkmU s?< J RK E [ORNING, MARCH 18, 1! New Orleans. [Corr?i|Niuileac? of tlie Herald.) New Orleans, March 7th, 1843. Monty Articles of the Herald?New Orleans Banks? Hie Canal Bank gains* into lii/uidation?Hie Legislature?The New Governor?The Point u PeIre Earthquake?B sinew, Markets?Gaieties and Ladies. Jamks Gordon Bennett, Esq My Dear Sir? In my lust, I 9'a'ed I would address you again soon, and I now attempt to fulfil that promise. But before I proceed any further, I wish to say, a few words in regard to those money articles of yours. You cannot imagine "with what eagerness they are sought after here, on the arrival ot each mail; it is, " Have you seen the llerald 1 Well, how is stocks 1 Who has failed in Wall street 1 Are th-re any fl ire-ups! What does he say about the future!" and a dozen other questions^ Things wag along here rather quietly this winter, not much excitement among the banks, which are nothing more than big chests with presidents, directors, &c , to o;>en and shut the lids to receive depositee and pay checks; they are in fact, not the least bit of use to the community?they do not discount any, and private bankers drive them out of the exchange business; if is mv opinion, that they pay their clerks out of the depositors' money. Yesterday the ChhhI Bank come to a wise conclusion, ami will liquidate immediately. 1 predict that by the firstof next. September, four banks will be all that is left of the sixteen, once flourishing institutions. Our Legislature is, and has been in session for a longtime. So fur'Ivy have done nothing, and I do not believe thev will do much more than to try and raise money enough to pay themselves. Our new governor, A. Mouton, is very |>opulur in the citv, and is visited by both parties. You will no doubt, have heard ere this reaches you, of the destruction of the city of Point a Petre, on the 8th Feb by an earthquake, killing it is supposed, some 8,000 of its inhabitants. Business in general is only so-so, and the cotton market h is been very quiet since the receint of the news pvr Acadia A decline of full one-half cent per pound, has been established since then: still hovers come forward verv slow. Return bills of exchange are expected by the next steamer, also the bonds of this State protested in London. Sugar is in very fair request for the north Hnd west, and it ranges front 2| a cents for extremes. Molasses, 12a 12J cents on the levee, and 8 a 8J cents on plantations Flour, $3,121; Wheat, 55 a 58 cents; Corn, 27 a23 cents ; Oats, 16 cents; Lard, 44 a 5 cents, and rather dull Fxchange on England, 14 discount; France, 5,65 a 70; Mew York, 60 days, 5J per cent discount; Boston do, 5 per cent; do sight, 3 a34 per cent discount. Specie will begin to flow in here freely again soon. Our city has been extremely gay this winter, there has been no end to the balls and parlies, and all have been well attended, and gone oft with great eclat. The ladies, bless my soul, 1 like to have forgotton them altogether, after promising that dear lair one in Circus st. that I would mention them in my next communication to you ; but as 1 am at the bottom of the page now, I shall be compelled to reserve that subject for my next. It is enough to say, that the Creole ladies of Louisiana, are as near tinsels as any under the sun. My respects to James Cordon Bennett, Jr. Yours, Le B. IV ?w Orlfniifl. [Correspondence of the Herald.] New Orleans, March 3, 1843. T7ie Commercial and Canal think* gone into liquidation?State of Society?Banking Capital reducedSlate Finance*?Legislature doing nothing?I)ignition* St ale 0/ Business Affair*?Dr. iMrdncr ami lady in New Orleans. Dear Bennett? This and the past year will long be remembered by th<* people of Louisiana as years prolific of financial distress and bank frauds. The Commercial and Cuiial Banks have gone into liquidation, the former under the most disgraceful and dishonest circumstances. An indignation meeting has been held, and her officers are considered no better than Yorke, Breedlove, Harrod, Penault, Hodge and others, by whose management thousands have been reduced to poverty and distress. Thus you see our morals are not improving. I have often wished myself back to New York, as it is impossible for a merchant to do more business here than will pay his current excuses. There is no credit, no honesty, no currency left, and every one is looked upon with suspicion. It is a horrid slate of society, when n people will countenance and take by the hands those who have been guilty of legalized robbery? and yet this is done every any. The banking capital ol tins city is now reduced from fifty-six millions to fifteen millions, and perhaps before the year is out it will not be more than five. The State ia indebt thirty tnillionsof dollars, without the visible means of being able to pay one cent of it. It has neither railroads, canals, nor any other improvements from which to derive a revenue even to pay interest. Nothing further can be deriveif from taxes, as the people are now laboring under more than they can bear or pay. I should not be surprised, then, to see before ^the end of another year the State repit'iiaie. j. ne i.i'gisiuiure lias oten in session since I)ereml>er, hut they have done nothing towards providing for the payment of even the interest on the State bonds now due It is impossible to imagine a worse state of things than that which exists here at present. Retrenchment and reform are loudly called for, and so lar as the democrats can effect it, they will be carried out. The whigs, however, hold the reins in the city at present. They must do something shortly, however, as their municipal nhinplasters are at an awful discount, and every body '? becoming dissatisfied with their management. The Legislature will probably repeal the wharfage tax. The late news from Europe has had n most disastrous ellect upon our cotton market. It is difficult to make sales of cotton at any price. Sugar is exceedingly dull Hnd hut little shipping Western produce of every description is accumulating and but littlesale for it From all appearances, I am afraid there will nol be much business d< ne here this spring. Dr. Lardnerand his chere amir, now Madame Lardner, arrived here the other day from Havana, and I believe he intends to deliver a course of lectures. O. P. Q. Philadelphia.' [Corr??r*"iil?ner of the Herald. J Pmr-Aoiti.riirA, March 16, 1843. Coirertion?Custom House Officers?Snout storm in Phi/adrlph 1a?Business? Grand Jury? Court. Jamks G. IIk.nnrtt, Esq? DkaR Sir:? In your valuable paper of this morning, ur.Ierthe head of " Tyler Movements in Philadelphia," you have fallen into an errwr, (which being an unusual occurrence) I have thought pro|ier to correct it. You intimnte that about fifty custom house officers have been removed, which is not the case ; and we are yet in the dark what course our new Collector will pursue, in reference to changes in the customhouse. It is rumored that he has accepted the office without making any pledge as to the cour.-e he will pursue, and being a high minded, honorable man, it is fair to presume such is the fact. There is nothing of general interest stirring today. Business is inactive from the fact that we are in the midst of a very heavy fall of snow, which operates unfavorably for all out-doors transactions. The Grand Jury, of our new quarter sea-ions, are nearly or quite ready to adjousu, after the unprecedented session of only nine days, (one of the shortest sessions on record,) and have done qnite as inueh business as many Grand Juries who have preceded them in the old sessions, after a sittting ol thirty to forty days. They (the Grand Jurors) visited the Moyamcnsing prison and the debtors' apartment yesterday, and this morning the eastern penitentiary and the house of refuge. To-mortow or Saturday, it is thought, they will submit a presentment to the Court ; and ol cours", having completed tlinr business, they w ill be discharged. Tne jury in the Nisi I'rius Court, im ttin rase of Sailor vs. Uert/og, involving the fHiseesaion of valu able property in tins city, were this morning discharged by the Court, being unable to agree. Tliey toad eleven tor plaintiff and one for defendant. The weather last evening prevented a sight of the comet, disappointing the anxious anticipation of the tearless, and adding much to the despair of the timid. Yours, tec. T. B. K. Tug DitsTurcriov or tub Ursulinr Convivt? In the Mouse of Representatives of MHsaachusetfs, any action upon this matter has been refused by a very decisive vote of 73 to 204 They would not even adopt an order inquiring into the subject. 1 ERA 343. Vera Crux. [Corrri|>omJriite of the HithIiI.] Vp.ra Cruz, Feb. l?l, IRIS. A Severe Norther? Damage Dime tothe Ship/ting,fyc. Sir :? I wish you to report the late norther that we had at Vera Cruz. It happened on the 15th inet. The beautiful brig Liberty, which arrived a t-hort time since fr-un your city, under the command of W F. Martin, was bilged on the rooka at the Castle, three hours alter she was given up The American schr. Minerva parted her chains, and went ashore high and dry, all hands saved. Two Mexican schooners went ashore, and one bottom upwards. The steam... ,k? ..I,.?? ?? *ri inmo, iuiiucm, ,nt 7??. i? ? der thecommnnd of James A. Longhead, of Philadelphia, was lying at her moorings, under the Castle of St Jum d'Ullna.when the Mexican steam frigate Montezuma draged her anchor with steam up, and came in contact with her, and ripped every thing to pieces, guards, wheel house and wheels.? The steamer Guadaloupe, has arrived from Cainpeachy for money and men. They are as tar off as ever from taking that place. The bur?iue Ann Louisa, has arrived from y >ur port. Baltimore, (Corre?iiouUrnce of llie Ilrnlil.] Baltimore, March 15, 1843 (tun lor John C. Calhoun?Excitement among the O/fiic Holders ? Dismiss d of the Collector ana Surveyor?Calhoun's Friends Appointed "Oh how wrutch:*il in that poor man Who liangN on prince*' favor* !" So groaned aloud your old friend Col. Willliam Pinckney, on the arrival of the train front Washington this morning, they having brought the rumor of his removal. Like a pestilence, it spread itself every where, and no where could the poor unfor tuiiRte turn, but the detested tidings had preceded him. He, however, soon found solace in his misery, from the campanton alike o his feelings and his fame, on visiting the Collector, whom he found in a pensive mood of musing melancholy, rehearsing to himself the countless little acts to which, to retain his now lost station, he had, for the last 'wo years, unceasingly devoted himself; and ns scene after ??,t ,i.-..?o-i.,?? i,;?i.? ,? tongue to 1 tie mighty chorus that is now being rai"ed I by men, who, until now, had deemed themselves I secure behind the mighty entrenchments reared around them?he. too. gave voice to a great despair, and with the fallen Woolaey exclaimed, "Had I but served my God, with half the fervor that I served the king, he would not now have lelt me." There is this day, I assure you, the very devil to pay at our Custom House. All is anxiety?all is curiosity?all is doubt?all is dread. "Great God!" says poor Pinckney, "What could man do for tlieim more than 1 have already done? Did I not, at their suggestion, recommend a gang of the veriest saints that the blessed sun e'er shone u(>on, for offices that should have been filled by knaves! Have I not for them been to myselfa dead fish? Did (not minister to his vanity, and feed his palate with that choice old wine mellowed by the Irosts i-f lour hundred winter-! All this to please him have I done, and with ail this I too mu?t fall!" "This is all true," replies his partner in affliction; "we both have done much to stay this dreadful hour?yet it has come, oh ' oh I oh!" So it is with Nathanial F. Williams, Collector, and William Pinckney, Surveyor of the Port oi Baltimore. Tliev have indeed worked hard to sits tain themselves?but they have worked in vain. Lwt them go and in private indulge their sorrow, und r*|>ent the past. Mr. William's successor is a gentleman of undoubted abilitv, and one of great personal meii) and popularity. He brings to the office much valuable i Xjierience, having been at the head of the Treasury Department for many years. In polities McClintock Young is a firm democrat, and a |>ersoual friend of John C. Calhoun, whose cause lie openly advocates nr enjoy* me uonuueiiuc ui inn uwu }mriy, uini m? talents and manners will command the esteem and regard ot all with whom his office will bring him in contact. Mr Ptnchney's successor is Dennis A. Smith, Esq , known throughout the country as one of our ablest men, and very celebrated financiers, lie has long lived in retirement, hut even there his name has not been unknown. He, too, is the friend of the champion of South Carolina Thus you see the President, if lie cannot help himself, is beginning to make a demonstration in favor of his Southern friend. And this is but the beginning. Mr. Weoster will shortly retire, and become a candidate, in the hoiies of drawing off some of the Lastern States from Mr- Clay and weakening liiin in others. And the government influence thrown into the scale of Mr. Calhoun may give such an interest to the next presidential campaign as the friends ot neither Me-srs. (.'lay or VanBuren will n lish. This last act of the President's is very popular; the removals and the appointments are good, and jieriectly salislactory to both wlogs and demo crats, for the whigs would prefer tin honorable o|>ponent, being responsible for the office, than that it should be enjoyed by a milk and water friend, who deemed himself called upon at every whipstitch to lend his aid to the enemy. And the democratic party of Maryland much prefer the statesman ot Mouth Carolina to the defeated sage of Lindenwold. Howard. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent March 17-?Charlti -4- M"Ian v?. Henry Blaektnan. The verdict in this case was lor planitift?$|AOO. Jonah Howe ri. Sam!. Pinrknay.? Thi? was nn action for arrest anil false imprisonment of the plaintiff by the defendant, who is a watchman. The plaintiff alleges that on the night of the 9th of Oc'ohor. 1341, a man by the namu of Hart was in altercation with aoire one at the corner of Broadway and Heuiton street, on the oast SHIP 01 Oroauwey. .nr. iinvin nmi nmnui^ U(> uiuru' way on the writ ?itle, and hearing thii altercation, passed over to the ea?t aide of Broadway. Hart ran down Broadwny. andthe man who was quarrelling with him run after bitn, and took away hit cane. Hart met a watchman, and complained that men were pursuing him. Pickaey ran up Broad way, and seized hold of one of * . veral perrons who were standing at the corner of Broadw ay ami Houatan street, listening to the statement of the man who returned with the cane. The man seized wss standing quietly, and Pir.chney seized held of him. and Howe remonatrated with Pinckney, and told him the man he was arresting was doing nothing, and it was not proper for the watchman to arrest him Pinckney let g# the man he had arrested, and seized Howe and took him to the watch honse, where he was imprisoned in a cell for lome three or four houra, when he waa diacharg. rd by the Alderman of the ward. This action was brought for this arrest and Imprisonment. J H. Mayher and Jaa. T. Brady for plaintiff? Cowdrey and Graham for defendant. Court Of Common Plena, Before Judge lngrahara. March 17.? MarrifUn r? Jnhn Clark.?The verdict in this case was for plaintiff?ft 18 AO (iirard W. Morrit rs. Cnnrad Jl. TrnKyrk ? Mr. Morris was employt d by defendant te argue a case in Chaneery. He charged a certain fee, which the defendant re1 fusel to pay. This suit is to recover it by law. Verdict for plaintiff $180. General Seeelone. Before Recorder Tallmadge, Judge Lynch, and Alder men Smith and Ordney. James W 3 ratio, Acting District Attorney. Fridat, March 17th. ? SaRTracan?John Becroft and Samuel C. Ackermsn,convicted ol burglary in the third degree, were arraigned tor sentence. Becroft was sent to the S ate Prison for three years and two months, and Ac k'-rman for three years and sis months. These men were indicted on si* or seven different charges for grand larceny and burglary, hut owing to important disclosure* made by Ackerman, the other indictments were not tried, and they were let np under the above mild sentence. VVu FAlRORiava, convicted, without doubt, wrongfully, of a cnarge of petit larceny alleged by a man whom he had allowed to sleep on his premises. TheCouitimposid a fine of one dollar, which being paid, he was discharged. JoacrH Fa**, who had entered a plea of guilty to an assault and battery on Walter J. Youngs, was fined $0 Trial ro* Pktit Larcsht?A woman named Ann MrOirry, was tried on a charge of petit larceny, for stealing a pair ol ladles' gaiter laiots an ! one odd slipper, worth about $4, from Charles Mlddleton, -JPA Broadway. It was proved lhat the articles were taken from a show ea?e at th.-door and returned to Mr. Mlddleton by officer Sweet. This officer not being present as a witness" to state when-he obtained the hoots, the defence, conducted by Counsellor Tr*Ht'NR, contended that there wasnoevi dunce to bring the larceny to the accused, and she was acquitted forthwith. Black BvanLARt?Old "Ned Tucker," a mulatto, and old John Smith, as black as a crow, were tried mi an inlictment fur burglary in the first degree, in attemptiuglo break into the store and dwelling rf John Harris, ol i>sj B iwery. It waa proved hy Constable Frame that b* saw , he accused walking up the Bowery together at a let. , hour, end while passing a number o( doors, attempted to force them open by pushing against them When arriving opposite the honse ot Mr Harris they there attempt- j ed the ?nme thing, and were arrested. The evidence not { being sufficient, they were acquitted. lirand Lfltrsny?A young man named George pry, a carpenter by trade, was tried on a charge ef grand larcc- t Li D. Pr,? vm uatt, ny ia stealing about f'JOO 111 tiank note* and specie from JumRl Slomsn, of 407 Seventeenth street, on the lith of November lust. It wai proved t>y Mrs Rlemaa, the mo ther of James, that the accuaed eame to her houae on or about the tirst of August laat, and asked for a night's lodging. That he continued to remain there until about the IKh of November, without paying any lioard, when Mr*.Sleman requested him to obtain aome other boarding houae. On the morning of the 14th of November, Mr* sleman lelt the room iu which Fry waa anting for a few mom. nta, hii<1 returning the found that one oi the drawera of tlie bureau ha I been opened with a falae key, and $400 tiik.ui from it, und that Kry had I? ft the house. He wa* afterwaid* arrested, but no money was found in his poaaeaaiou. The defence, conduotod by Counsellor Pack, called the tat her, mother and brother of th* accuaed to show certain conversations held between the Slvman's and the Fry's. Severs! other witnesses wers called to prove bia previous good character, and the jury, after a short absence, returned a verdict of not guilty. Tri?u or Kmilv Tooskr ?This woman, rendered notorious by previous indictments and trials, was again tried lor keeping a disorderly homo at No 3 Benson street, I In- prosecution c.illol Mr. J. M*Oloif< mi l Mkhail Cfo'irs, who r. si le in the street. They gtrvn the hoUM a nioit notorious character lor prostitution, and annoyance to th.i whole neighborhood. One of tha witacsses swore that Emily Tooker waa the keeper of tho bouse, because he had seen ber tend tha door and pay a hid Tor coal?that the door waa lour inchea thick, and on Sir tirday and Sunday night it went slam, hang, clang on the entrance and eait ol tha numerous male and female visiters that resorted to it?that prostitution w .is seen in the yard by McOloin Quin swore that ha knew the house was a house of prostitution as wall as ha knew there wur a God?that the conduct of the people w ho went thereon Sunday was such that not only tha Deieat but the Atheist would revolt against it?he went to see her, and she called McOloin an old rascal, and offered to send him $100 if he would let her alane. Kuw\hd Oassin, who resides at the corner of Leonard and Benson streets, stated that he had been compelled to send to the watchhouse at several times to quell disturbances in Benson street during f he night Captain James Biisson, of tho Cail on House, the rear of which is on Benson street, testified that tiie house was not only disorderly, but a nuisance to his premises. The defence, conducted by M. J. Bacok, E?q.. called Thomas Kcvton, on? ol the captains ol the Cixth Diatriot watch, who testified that the house was in his district, but that he bad never heard any noise or disturbance in tho vicinity eTthe house; that he had sent watchmen there but they had not heard any neisc. Colkman Jacobs, a Jew pedlar, with a wig and ashock ing hig hat,then came upon the stand, and testified as follows ;?I went to the house good many timet; Emily Tooker buys my goods several times; she always pays ma well; she told me that the Irishman next door give her great deal of trouble; 1 vent to see him, and asked him vat reason ho give so much trouble ; 1 ask him if he will take $60 to let her alone- he said no, hut he will take $.100, I told her, anil she suitl ?he wouldn't give %t0. In his cross-oxainination he said he had known her lor two years; the house was now kept by Emma Place; 1 was bail lor Mrs. Emily Tooker, 1 was warned out, and gars up my bail : I don't know her business ; I don't wish to know her business; I never asked her business; I was never in a dark room in the house in the daytime; I did not cry when I went to sec him; McOloin was told that I would be ruined| I never went to the honse in the night time that I know of. Mi?s Emma Place, a fine looking woman, with a velvet cloak, and othi r hahilamants. that attracted attention, wns called and sworn, and drooled as follows :?I leased th?' house and furniture No. 3 Benson street, on the ISth ilny of October lost from Mri. Tucker, for one year, and was |>ut in iHiisession of the leaic and property toon after. The purchases (or the house are all mode in mv name, Hiid paid for by me. On her cross examination she testified as follows I have resided in the house since it was built, o?er two years Mrs. Tooker is doorkeeper in the house, and 1 give her her hoard for h?r sersices in staying there and seeing to it. I have two or three ladies hoarding with me, nut there are no others that come there. I pay her $730 a year fer the house and furniture, ami give her her board. I receive all the money that comes into the house so far as I know. Mrs. Tucker takes none that 1 know of. The jury, after a short ab. sence, returned u verdict of guilty, and the Court ordered her to appear on Friday next to receive her rentence. The court then adjourned to Monday morning st 11 o'clock. Llfrrnry Notices. Brande's Encyclopedia.?This popular work has renched its fourth number, which lit this day published by Harper tte Brothers, and for sale at this* office. This is on- of (fie moat valuable works ever published, giving explanations of the more important scientific principles, and of those terms which so constantly occur in the course of one's reading. It is at the same time one of the cheai>eat of cheap publications?the present number containing 1*20 pages of closely printed matter, is still sold at twentyfive cents. Lineam Drawing Book?Designed for schools and practical purposes. By Samuel Smith, Professor of Drawing in Saint Mary's College, Baltimore. ?This volunie of practical drawings, it ia obvious from fir>t inspection, is admirably adapted to the purposes and necessities of the new beginner iu this delightful and often exceedingly important and even indispensable art. No teacher or pupil should be without it. For sale by Mr. Apflleton, 201) Broad* way. Transactions ok the Apollo Association, for the promotion of the Fine Arts in the United States, tor the year 1842. Mtmtc.?From Mr. Atwill, Broadway, we have received the following beautiful pieces of music t? Evklekn, song, written and composed by Samuel Lover, Esq. Mr Lover's style of composition is peculiar to himself, soft, gentle, pathetic; something which always comes trom the heart, and reaches the heart. Such is "Eveleen." Vienna Parade Walt/.?Composed and arranged for the Piano Forte hy Charles Czerny. Accekt this Gift?A Ballad, as sung by Mrs. Sutton, composed by Carlo Minasi : with a very beautiful vignette Irom the lithograph of G. w. Lewis. BOOKS~FOU THE PEOPLE rPHK following Publication* arc for *tle at the HERALD * OFFICE. North Writ comer of Fulton and Najaau ate? whfre -*11 the Chrap Publications of thr day can be had * soon as issued, lit the PUBLISHING PRICES. THR HOOK OK THR NAVY, to be completed in 4 nasiben. No. Jnow r-A'ly. ALLISON'S SPLENDID BI9TO HV OK KllRDI'K, in'6 mimb*r*?A namhert Are now rt?dy. < (>oi.KY'fl AMK.HIC.AN IN EUYI'T, to be completed in t number.?3 ininib*-. now ready. ItHANDE'K ENCY CLOr.fclHA, No. v sod t. i IUK.RS'9 HISTORY OK THR KKKNCH RKVOlI TION, No 13now resdy THE FARMER'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA. ?ud Dictionary of Rnrsl AtfAir.-By r w J ihs.on. SPARKS' LIKK OK WASHIMITII.N. g nnmbrn rrady?to he completed in 14 uambeti. AM I' the above i") Cent. a ti amber. D'AUB MINE'S HISTORY of ihr (lint Rrformition of ill.- I6(li Ceutnrv, in Oi rmsny, Switzerland, kr. 3 vol*. for siUKh'S DICTIONARY of lbs Ar'?, fce, to be coimdeted in "> m..nlhly Diimncr*?Price si each?No.m now resdy. JACK HI N TON, M c? nr. sod si. HANDY ANDY. M cents, st aid si ? HI.V1PHKKY CLINK* H. by Kmoll.n?Lnmplrtr in one numbei?2"i cra'a PEREORINE pickle?By Soiollit!?M cent*. TO VI JONKS, OI the Historyot .i kjoiind ItDtr? complete, by Fielding,?0 cent.. JOSEPH ANDREWi, mil AMELIA?By Kieldiug, each complete 10 one aambsr, each 2> enta. NOVELIST'?) LIBRARY. Thi? Library will b* completed in ten weekly I amber., each work to be completed in one .olnme at J*, cent. each. V I y IA If l\p. v . y r. .if. i m, i n r. I vu.iu i/u n r., HENRIETTA TEMPLE, and CONTARINI KI.EMINO ?hv IVI.rarli. ROMANCE AND HEALITY and KHAN CfcSCA CAHKAKA? by L K Landon, f'ETEH SIMPLE ?by Marryat. MONTHLY~MA<MZ!NES. THE ARTIST, tor March. poblithed at Ihe Herald Offlrr IJrenti. OOUEY'9 LADY'S BOOK, for Mareh. I? OKAMA MS MAMA/I NK. do. >5 LADY'S COMPANION saHOENT'S M.AOAZINK, April, to. THE JLADt'S WORLD OK KA9HION, do. It. wavkkly novels. Under thia head will b<< pa lii ted all the Work* of Sir Walter Scot'?and will be com?dried 10 1 ami-monthly iinmbera each n rel will be complete ia oue number, caeh number M null- ij nan .ben now ready. LIBRARY OF SELECT NOVELS. Thn will roinpriae all of Balwrr'a, and Jamra'Novcla toaether with the Novcla of the b..t authori. Each Novel will he complete in one number, to eenta each. COOPER'S NOVELS. All of t'aoper'e Novell will b? pabliihed ia two rolomee, et M eenta each novel. CHARLES DICKERS' (BOZ) WORKS. All the WOllia of the above writer will he puMtabed in ret"1*' 'Otation. NOTES ON AMERICA, (or general orrulirton, l?H. Sketehea of Kvarv D?y Life, J7JS cent. PICKWIflf PAPER1*, I he CURIOSITY SHOP BARN ABT RCDOE, and NICHOLAS NICKLEBY, eaek comr'"* m cue number, JO cents each, PTTBLISHKD IN QCARTO FORM. EUGENIA ORANDET, or the Miier'. Diuahter, by Edw S Vile Hl'lSCK *IN spAfV?By On. Rn row price, to eti II' "its AND shadows ok FACTORY LIKE IN N'KW ENGLAND?Bv a Krcfry curl. lilt. ERA.NI 19 >K VALOIs, hi H?ta I'"I IE K AND EXPLOITS OK THE OCKKOK ELLINGTON. BIANCACAPI'ELLO?br L?nv Lyrtov Bui win, ||V. BLACKWOOD'S MAUAZIn*?(a rt-pnblicaiim ) No. I, life ? ''ACLI.NE. OS CHEMISTRY,npplied r() Ann uiiurevd PhiainUwiy, aim ANIMAL ( HEMISTRY. a sUreo'ype ..Ilium, by t ich.a, 'J. I'HE WESTERN CAPTIVE, UN LETTERS OK MARY QUEEN ??K SCOTS. *v|n V 11,RSOK THb. QUEENS OK KKANCK, to. THE VAC TlLUS?a collection af 9ca Talct? Alto an accoaut of i.r soMEKs MUTINY. II- reun. HUZZLEWIT, by Dicktm (3d No. juat peb- 1 lialicdj row UUKKE OK OURS. 4 9. 1) or Acroanta of Iruh Heire / All for iVI a DSOR CASTLE I >?K \DVENTURES OK ARTHUR O'LEARY, I A diaenant on all the above woki to iaeuta Hnbecriptiona tor all the above Maciiioea w ill be reeeived el hit office, aad pouctaaiiy attended vo. ,'Jkre

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