Newspaper of The New York Herald, 16 Nisan 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 16 Nisan 1843 Page 3
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* Mi?s., and sleieh riding night and day was freely indulged in by both sexes. Surely, Bennett,the end in not far off, when all these things come to pass. and I trust that as sonn after the general conflagration as the smoke, ashes and confusion consequent ui>on urh an event, will i>ermit, we shall have the pleasure oi uniting again. Adieu, Q. Q Footjy.?The fog was so dense last evening, as to become almost a light rain. Halls of Legislation.?These are places to enact laws, not tra?pdies. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Hales of Xtorki at Philadelphia Yesterday, 8 shns Pennsylvania Bank,180; 20 do Merhanict' Bank, 18}; 23 do Farmer*'8c Mechanic*' Bank, 24}. Aktku Board ? $1000 Tennessee Bond*, 87j; 9 shares I'enn Township Bank, 18. LATEST SOUTHERN SHIP NEWS Philadelphia, April 15?Old Emily, Bernadon, 8t Jago de Co ha Baltimore. April It?An James W Paige. Taylor, Boston; Wm Ozmm. Murphy, Havana for NYotk; Triumph, Elliott, Bnatoa. Cld Poultaev, Mnuatf. Rio. Alexandria, April 13?Sid Mozut. Revnold*. Boston. Richmond, April 13?Arr Wilder, Shibbles. and Mary Maria Ulmer, NOrlean*. Apalachicola, March 2.3?Arr Nile, Johnson Havre: 27th, Manhattan, Doane, NYorli; 30th. Cumberland, Powers, Liverpool; Commerce. Jones, do; Heltn, Edwards, Charleston; Ellen, Radeliff, do; R.vsl, Hinckley. Point Petre. Cld 31st, Rli'ha Deuison. Doane, Liverpool; Msnh'ttnn, Doane Port Leon; Star. Williams, Matanzas; April 3, Tarnlinta. Smith, Liverpool: 3th. Detroit, Anderson, New York; Miry Chilton, Rogers, Fall River. General Record. SchrWm Ozman, Mnrphr, 13 days Prom Havana for New Yotk, arrived at Baltimore on rhe 14th inst. in distress, having sprung both masts in a heat y gale on the 10th?split sails, and sust oned other damage. Barque Lawrence ?Capt Kllior.of the Trinmph, at Baltimore from Boston, tenorti hsving passed en the 13th, off Sharp's Island, Chesapeake Bay, a barque aground, which he supposed the Lawrence, honntl o?t. 0i>- HIGHLY POPULAR WORK.?Will he published on Monday mortiine, at 9 o'clock, by J. IWinchester, 80 Ann street, BULWER'S FILGR1M8 OF THE RHINE, price 12} cent*. This enchanting Novel has been long out of print, and the publisher believe* a large edition is called for by the People. It is admitted hy the critics to be one of the most beautiful and imaginative of tha productions of Bnlwer's highly imaginative mind, and has, in addition, the marit so unusual in his works, of embodying no sentiment or moral hy which the purest mind could he offended. It ncninies n itnnhle sheet of the New World, at onlv 101 cent* iter copy, or $8 per hundred. Thousands will now have the opportunity of boing delighted with this novel, to whom it hai hitherto been inaccessible. Etrly orders are solicited. J. WINCHESTER, SO Ann street. 00^ BRISTOL'S 8ARSAPAR1LLA.?Eight years has this popular medicine been gaining a fast held on the confidence of the public, and it now stands approved by the medical faculty as a standard remedy for scrofula, and other diseases arising from impurity of the blood. very dav brings new proofs of its virtues, and those persons who desire a restoration to health are desired to call on Wm. Burger, Nos. 80 and 52 Courtlandt street. Thomas Hogan. 208 Stanton street, or at Milhau's Pharmacy. and examine a mass of testimony of such persons as are to be seen and enquired of. Sold wholesale and retail by Wm. Burger, 50 and 53 Courtlaadt street, and 198 Greenwich street. [Communicated.] Messrs. Comttock k Ross, 25 Magazine st. Of?- I AM A VERV SCEPTICAL FELLOW, AND never believe any thing till my own eyes have seen it; ac. cordingly I determined to try your "Balm of Columbia," and know for myself, whether there was any virtue in it ornot; I bought a bottle and began using it. prizing it more on account of its sweet perfume, than for any benefit. which 1 expected from its use; hut what was my surprise when after using half a bottle, I perceived a thick uodercrop (it I may so express myself) starting all over mv head; whether this came from the "balm," ornot I do not care, but there it is?following its use, I immediately advised a friend to buy a bottle, who did so; and I advise all to supply themselves immediately, and if they are not repaid by a rich growth of Hair, they will be fully compensated by the sweetness of its perfume. Respectfully, Oivn WHO ISOW9 FROM sFFRICISCR. N. B. If you think anv person might be profitted by the above and induced to buy a bottle, yvu are at libprty to give it an insertion in aey of the eity papers Rely upon it, its all truth; after using your "baPtn^my hair, which before could not ha touc.hed'by a brush or comb, without coming out bv handfuls, not only stopped falling mil but is restored and rooted, by the use of only half a hottl". Most respectfully yours, lie. The same may he had at 7l'Maid?n lane, this city. (If?- RAVED FROM THE JAWB^OF DEATH.?Under this head, how many thousand names might be recorded. who have received and attest to the virtues of Sherman's Lozenges. There is no better guard for those prevalent diseases of this season than this candy. Those pnlmonarr affections which, bjr neglect, are sure to terminate with the death of thpir victims: such as coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, and ulcerated throat, readily yield to the healing influenceof Sherman's Lozenges? It is composed of the purest vegetable ingredients, all of which are known tobe efficacious for this catalogue of complaints. The high character which the medicine has attained, renders it wholly unnecessary to have recourse to any of the means which other renders of modern nostrums ara using. Warehouse 106 Nassau st. OCT THE VERNAL EQUINOX, WITH ITS FOGS and ?al?s ana capricious change* ot wiwher, 11 a trying time Tor person* whose lung* are delicate. Cough* and cold*, thp avant courier* of consumption, are extremely prevalent, and the foiindatiou of many a fatal caae af inflammation of the lung*, bronchitis, rheumatic fever, pleurisy, 8tc? i? now being laid. Vet why abonld theae de. struc.tive diseases he allowpd to gather head, when they can be subdued in their incipiency, (or rnther when the affections of the respiratory organs which lead to them, can he atihdned hy the use of Jayne'a Expectorant? Wo panic tor a reply. Prepared hv Dr D- Jayne, at 2<l South Third it. Philadelphia, and SOS Broadway, New York. MONEY MARKET. Saturday, April 15?? P. M. The operation* at the Board were n^t large?price* did not materially alter; Ohio closed at yesterday's rate*; Kentucky improved J per oent; New York '* rose |. At the New Board the sale* were larger. Sale* of Government Loan were made at 109J. The Bank* lend freely on thi* stock- This is a dangerous and unhealty state of things, bnt the prices of the stock under the circumstance is not too high, when we reflect that exclusive of New York,It is almost the only means of investment, and for that is in demand in all sections. The following is a comparative statement of the affairs of the Commercial Bank, Kingston, Canada. Commercial Bank Kiar.sroN, Canada. LiabiliHti. 31 si Oct 18(2. 28lb Feb. t843. Circulation ?86,708 ?88,069 C rcnlation bearing interest, None None Notes in rireoluina bearing interest, " " Due banks, 57 001 10,724 Dsrosits, 27,269 49,591 Deposits bearing interest, 7,701 7,960 Total average Liabilities, ?178 580 ?155,948 J! nth Breeis. 51.265 41,105 Lauded estate, R 868 8,874 Government secants, 24.661 0 Nnl.i r?f R unit? in <,10 1 Dup from Banks, 8.784 i.598 Discounts, 304,180 3?3,9S5 Totil average Assets, ?4flR,306 403,151 The following in n statement of the Stocki and Loan* to he sold in Philadelphia during the neat week. Par value. 4 Moyam-nnnv 5 per cent b mils, 185(1-55-56 $1R Onfl 578 shares Mineri Bank Pottsville, $">0 30.000 1223 " Union Bank Tean, 100 133.300 210 " Rink Louisville, Kv , loo 31,000 840 " P?nn k Onin Canal Co. 100 84.000 Chesxp'e k Drl. ('anal 4 lo. 6 nr ct bdi 1850 337,003 Danville k Pottsvillr H 115 do 1801 l'O.HI Reiver Meadow Railroad * do 1844 51,316 150 W lmmipoTt k Iflmira R K 6 do 1850 lSO.OOo 10 Del. k Karitan Canal 5 per cent. 1863 ?5,000 25,000 Total, " $070,442 These aaaeta are a part of the assignment made May I, 1941, to secure the $5,000,0440 of post notes which theother hanks of Philadelphia were " green ? enough to take in exchange for the circulating notrs of the hank which they held when it Anally exploded. We yesterday alluded to the condition of theMerehants' Exchange Co.of the city of New Yerk. The remarkable state of att'airs'presented by that company .being such, we give its condition na follows At a meeting of th# Trustees of the Merchants' Exchange, held on the Iflth instant, at the office of the Company, it was Resolved, That a Committee lie appointed to lav before the Stockholders a statement of the condition or the Company, and to apprise them that a Receiver is about to he r ailed for on the part of somoot the Bond holders. In accordance with the a' ove resolution, the Committan hris Inane In nnnnnt tk.. tnllnmintr italnnmnf r?f ikn ?*f fairs of the Merchants' Exchange Company, as obtained from the Secretary and compared, as far as the Committee were enabled so to do, with the eridence furnished by the Books and Vouchers ot the Company. The total indebtedness ol the Company including all its outstanding engagements, but ssolusiveof the original capital of 0087,000 is 0P2>,'2I0 AO Less an niaount due for rent,(for part of which coupons are ten dared in payment,) 4.001 8* 0020,,V2? '20 Contnlmc of thr following itrmt Four Bond* anil Mortgage* for 010,000, 040,000, 051,000, and W,000 0104,000 00 First Mortgage or Deed of Trust to Jame* O King, dated 'Jflth May, 1MB, to secure the Company's Sterling Bonds, for ? 0,000 at 04 84 500,400 00 And the bonds described a* the (Irstissne, 100,000 00 Becond Mortgage or Deeil of Trusttmlilln AotmA IMS M?,|. 1 1840, to accnre ?h? Bnn<l? ilf fioriheil aatho apoon'IMm- for flOO,000,ami (hp third i??nr lor $-100,000 -toRathrr $800,000,(of which $8,000 ore not not I but tili-ilirtyl to thn Ornnii InMirV company,) 5#6,ooo at) w Bond* described a* the laat or extra iiaue, not being lecured by Deed of Tru*t, $08,700 00 Of theae there are pledged, but not aold, aa itated below, 13,000 00 81,200 00 It ? proper to add that $H,000 in Bond*, forming part of the above $31,200, having been pledged for a loan of $8,000, were aold bv the holdera for $1,800, and the balance of the loan being $4,800. haa aince beea paid under a judgment oh tainod against the Company. Due on the obtination t of the Company given fax borrow'd mon'yt To the Ocean Insurance Company. ($8 000 of the Bond* of the third iaaue secured bv the atcond Deed of Truat, pledged as aecuritv.) $8,000 00 To John Ward It Co. (secured by a pledge ol $6.nno Bond* of the last or extra issue,) 6,0n0 no To Jacob Little fc Co. secured by a pledge of $6,600 Bpnda of ame iiaue, 8,000 00 To Prime, Ward It King,without security, 4,700 00 ,Vo do, 800 00 To Manhattan Company, 600 00 ?? r ' - ? *4,700 00 For balance of tax unp'd with intt $l,60n 00 Formatpr'lsanulwagastowork'm 18,774 7# Notes issued to and for ditto, 2,981 67 Sundry small bills, 1,480 00 Currant expeniea, 700 00 F 23,406 46 $883,786 46 For arreara of Intereat on Boads to Slat inat , $89,063 14 Do do on Bond and Mortgage ?orl$40,000 1,300 00 Do do do do 40,000 1,200 00 41,463 14 Leaa amount for arreara of rent principally tend'd in coupona, 4,691 33 36,771 81 $920,628 27 There la a contingent claim of E. Mirandoli for marble capitala for the columns, which were returned for not having bean executed according to order. The expense of the Stucco Capitala, now making, and to be aubatituted in their stand, ia included in the item of $15,774 69 as due for materials, &c. , The Jlnnual Interest on the Company's Obligations is as 1 follows: 8(?rl\t Bds,?60,non or<296,ino nn at 5 p ct. <14,520 on Bonds nnd Mortgages, 80,nofl 00 at 6 do 4,800 00 . Bonds. 470 210 00 at 7 do 32,917 50 Debts 820,700,and <22,- 1 486 40 43,106 46 at 7 do 3,600 45 <882 756 46 55,254 95 To whieh ?dd the Annual Expenses. conI listing of Taxes, Sela-ies and Contingent Expenses, cstimitel at 9,745 05 <65 000 00 The present rental of the Company, with severs! offi-cs vaeant.and several let for I merely nominal sums, is 42 000 00 Subscriptions to the Exchange, 6.000 00 48.000 00 <17,000 CO Besides th-refore the sum of <36,771 81 as inr pciunHinii'iQoi nrrrars m interest, there will remain * deficiency of Incme or rather an annual increase of Debt of $17,000 00 In iusticeto the Trustees, it i* deemed proper to remark, that this building was commenced during the proiperoua and exciting year 18.16, and it u alio neceasary to state that in the beginning of 1839, when the first offices in the Exchange were leased, and while only a part of the edifice was completed, the total rental, estimating the rest of the offices at their proportionate value, would hare amounted to $120,000 00 In the beginning of 1841, when the second engagements for the rent of offices were entered into, the entire building being still unfi. Bi'hed, the total rental was then estimeted at 90,000 00 Deducting therefore the present amount of annual Interest and expenses as before stated of 66,009 00 from the first estimated rental,and there would hare remained a surplus of 66,000 00 r a dividend of abovp 6 percent for the Stockholders. Or considering the second engagements, made less than two vears since, as furnishing a fair and reasonable ground for estimating the probable average rental ol the Exchange, durine a period of moderate commermerrial prosperity, there would have remained a surplus of $26,000 00 <*a dividend on the Stock of about 2J percent. These rosn Its however can only be expected on a return of better ao I more prosperous times. In the meantime, as a Re ceiver is likely to be applied lor, the actual state of the the affairs of thn company, and of its existing difficulties and embarrassments, is thus laid before the Stockholders. If more particular details of this statement are required, those interested are referred to tho office oft-he Company. New York, 20th December, 1842.'' Respectfully submitted. JAS-D P. OGDEN. ) HENRY BREYOORT, > Committee. CH. AUO'ST DAVIS, ) Sales at the Stock Exchange. $7000 Ohio 6's, 1860 67V 26 Mohawk b30 79 7000 do >60 67S 10 do 28*4 2000 do hfiO 68 76 Harlem b30 17V 1000 do s60 67V 60 do h60 17V 1000 do 1)60 67v 75 S'onington b20 19 9000 Kentucky 6's,30 T" 857-, 5 Bank Commerce 91 9M0 Ho 86 15 do 93V 6000 N Y 6's. 1861 102V 10 Ohio L I k Trust 53V 2r,0fl do 5V 1861 101V 25 Utiea St Scheaec'y 115V 1100 do 5VV1860 boo 95V 25 do 115V 1000 Ken'ncky 6's,slit In 8fiV 10 Syracuse It Utica 98 10 shas New Jersey 66)4 Second Board. $3000 Ohio 67V 1000 Ohio >15 67V 3000 do u30 68 1000 do ISO 67 V New York Public Stssk Eiehangs. $2000 Illinois 6's, 1870 23 1000 Kentucky 6's 301 86 6000 do 22V 20dfl do so IftOO do >l2m* 19H 1000 do >30 85% 1000 do 2',V 1000 do Tuesday 86 1000 do 22?{ inon do 1 30 85V 2000 Ohio 6'?, 1860 6774 2000 do >3 86H 7000 do 67*4" 1000 do >15 8.0J2 2000 do 67V 1000 do 85V 2000 do S7K 1000 IT States 6's >00 109)4 4000 do 67V 10U0 do do 100 1000 Kentucky 6'S b3 86 4800 do do '09 1000 do 86 1000 do 109)4 1000 do 18th 80 26 >hns Del It Hud >60 91 Second Board. $1000 U 8 6k, 1862 )4m> 10114 1000 Ohio 6'), 1860 rw 67V 1 1000 do id* mov 1000 do inw 67V 1000 do b30 110 1000 do 68 100 shas Harlem R R >30 17 State of Trade. The hotel* are filling with strangers, and business generally movPi moderatiuy.but purchaser* are by no means large. The opening of the river hns stimulated the domestic markets slightly. Naval Stores?Spirits Turpentine is in request at 82 cents, 4 mos. Rosin, North County at 92c. 7000 hbls South Sea Whale for export at 80 cents, cash; Linseed, Ohio, sold at 37}c; and English in lots, 92} a 9.6, cash. Provinont?Ohio Tork, closed at $7 60 for Prime?new Mess at $9 a 9 26; and yesterday 1000 hbls deliverable on or before September I, at the option of the seller, $9 26; and 1000 barrels, deliverable on or before July 1,$9 60; new prime brought $7 26; old prime brought $6 50 a 7, old mess $8 62} a 8 76, all Ohio; New York State at $7 26 for old prime Pork, and $9 26 for old mess. Beef is firm. Ohio Lard has improved } of a cent. Hams, in dry salt at 4} cents; pickled Hams 4} cents. Beef,rounds, 5}c. Died. On Friday evening the 14th instant, after a lingering illness, Rosamra 0'Bri>!?, aged 65 years. Her friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to aitend her funeral this afternoon (Sunday,) at 4 o'clock from her late residence No 46 Prince street, without further invitation. MARITIME HERALD. ? Ship Maatera and Agents. J We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give ? to Commodore Robert Silvet, of our News Fleet, a He,>ort of the Shipping left at the Port whence they tailed, the Vessels Spoken on their P.iss ige, a List of their Cargo, and 1 auv Foreign News|>?pers or News they may have. He will J hoard tNern immediately on their arrival. Agents and Cor- c respondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by ending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they cat. obtain. Nautical Information of any hind will he thankfully received. PORT OK NICW YORK, APRIL lfl. u* risi s* 5 221 moon 9 46 SUN SETS 6 38 I HlfiH WATER 9 60 Cleared. Bhips Rh'nef Johnston, Havre, Bolton. Foi & U?inl?ton; c Cincinnati. Barstow, Havana, Barstow It Poi?s ? Brie* Isabella, o Lowell, Rio and a market, Mason fit Thompson; Eveline, Perkins, Trinidad de Cuba, Tobias Lord; T O Brown. Gooding, Porto Rico, K (I Thuraton; Julia It Helen, Bartlrtf, NOrleans, s IEl well It Co; Moses, Loveland, Charleston, Geo Bnlkley; Tangier. Park, Wilmington, NC. R P Buck; Franklin. Patten, do, J El well 8c Co; Sf Simon,; Genl Brooks. Pike, Salem, T F Youngs It Co; Ransom, Bacon, Boston J L Brigh*?".?Schrs Dity Chase, Downs. An Caves, S W Lewis; Collector. Chase. Mont ego Bay, J* Gen Miln; Oratoi, Divis, . Savannah. John Older; Zelpha Ann. Saherton, Beaufort. NC; Nipolenn., Swanaborn, NC. I>e Peyster 81 Whitm^rsh: J W Kimpton, Oshorn, Norfolk, Hturgt s fit Cleannan; Thos Dale, MrLamar, Baltimore, A B Cooley fit C, ' ?Jw0!rP? Johnson fc Lowden; John R Brick.West, Petersburg, A- ( 0<1V ^ Co; Eli*ahe?h, Beaston, Philadelphia, do do; Jos Nieols, Smith, do, W J MrK-e. Barbae Leda, Phillips, for Baltimore, and brig Flora, McNear, for 8t Jago de Cuba, cleared on the 12th. (J7~ No arrivals. Goner*: llccortl. t r*?:?RT *Hif Litrmrooi, for Liveipool, will anil on Mon- J i y. Hit letter bae? are at Oilpin'a New* Room, in the El- > change. Ship TAgOLlWTA.?The reponed I?** of Capt Smith, of the i' February. la incorrect. The T. cleared at Apalae nrol* nil the 3d inat. Inr I.irerpool Ship HpHoI'LI# ? Aantvey haa been held upon ihia re-ael, I eportedaahnra b'low Mobile) and the ha* been condemned ? i She ia deeply embedded in the aand, with 12 feet wafer in her '] Id Prraon* have been employed to alrio her of eeety thin* n can be bmnglit to Mobile, which, with the hull will be . < .Id for acminlof underwriter*.?[Mobile Kt mater, April 7. . Lachchi a ?A beantiftil ahip, about V10 loin, h> Iiwikiiik to f, laaara Farley, of Boston, railed the dngnanne Heard, waa , iinehril at Newbnryp. rt 1 ' " 'Hi' 1 *1 ln? a' in n i" 'del d woikmanahip. wiM eo. >*t. in cln d mi the Itlfh in-l . I for In ieh mat 1 lnineaa, I I 7in no .1 li u nl i.n del >d W'*rl- inaiitliip \<?t ti e to Mariner*. donai 1 .li*nr Houik, Jamaica.?The inaation of tlie MniAiit Light Houae on the euteru and of the island of Jamai 1^z 'Ji ?? 1*t 7 J# V tt sec mil N, an<l km ? dgg 40 *ec $ rnin S of T 'he fl^gitajfat Port Royal Nav?| Yard. Variation 3 deg 50aec K. The easternmost point of the island heart from the liirht . house H 31 <leg 55 n?in R, distant about 500 V rds; the MR end heart N 33 dff tW) W; and the elbow of the point to the sou'h- 1 M'yd hears H 4 ?(eg ^ min W, (true.) The light, which is verv 1 brilliant, revolves every minute, (with a continued dim I'ght 3 between the intervals of the Hashes) and ran he seen distinct' ? yr an elevation of 12 feet above the iinriT. n 19 inilea from the irfl?. dearnhed from the NK end of the island, to th~ direction t of SW and W. magnetic; consequently vessels working to the rastwaid, should never lose sight of thr light until ii bear* N W. a wliieh would avoid any rh-nee of their falling in with the dan- u uerous Morant Keys- and when bound to the westward, alter passing Por' Mornnt, by keeping the light in sight they will a ivoid any chance of coining near the shoals of the southern bore; ?s the light is lost sight of. when bearing to the eastward y of NK by K, magnatic. Spokens ' Franmnia, of Bos'on, steeling West, March 27th, lat 96 13, Ion 57 to * Korelgn Ports. St JoHtss, PR March 2t?In port Tower, Wilson, wtr frt; t Ta iiai". Sparka, for Police, 2 day s; Zenobia, Owen, for Balti- e more. Apr 12 t St Dmoo. California, Dec 29?Sid Alert, Phelps, Boston.? j 10 port J.<ii 21. Don Qnisntte. * 8t Penan, Jan 21?In port, California. Arrhur. St BaKnaRa. Jan 21?1 u port, Julia -Vie, Ln idesdorf. Monti rkt, Jan 22?In port, T"sso, Hastings Mar.aTLaa, Feb 15? In port. IT ,hii> United Rtstes. and 1 sloop of war Cvane. Sid nth, U S shiti Voiktown. Valnaraiao. ' 7th. Bolivar. Nye for Saudwich Islands. Sloop of war Dale t remained on the coaat. 1 Home Port*. J Bit.rait, April 7?Bid Juno, Toothaker, NYork; 10th, I,ndy Arhella, Havana. fRavsroat. April 10?C:d Spartan. Sfuhhs, Bermuda. BaTH, Me. April 10?Cld ("pylon, T.-ott, Cuba. Sid Planet, Rnhinann, Alexandria. PoRTi.atvn. April 12?Cld Cardauaa. Churchill, Cuba. Sid Tallniadge, Snrinam. Nrwaiiiivinir A is_ a ? as r-?i. w-i,i fiLF.ll, April It?Arr Kairfi*ld, Bnrr, N If oik Boston. April 14?Arr Harriet, Woodbury. Mobile; Baltimore Paiker. Portsmouth; (Chester, Brown, St Johni, PR? experienced severe weather on 'he coast, lout tony boat, galley, main boom, split foresail, kc. Signal for s brig. ('Id Adelaide, Baker, Cienfuegos; Citizen, Brown, do: Baltic Crosby, Albany. Arr 13tn. Nor'h Star. W'nslow, Richmond; Delaware, Talbo', do; Coneerr, Jacobs ltappah->nnork: Harvest, Bates, , Frederirkshnrc; Condor. Caboont Effort, Cheney, and Post Boy. Gray. Ballimoie; Albion. Haie. and Ti met. Snow, Phila- . delpbia; Cordova, Sbermnn, New York: 12th, Benj Bieelow, Bearse, do q Pltmopth, April II?Arr Lyceum. Fineey, NYork. Nkw Brnrono. April 13?Sid Barclay, Bonnie, Hamburg; q Tieer, Nv, Albtnv. J Fairhaten, April 13?Sid Georgians, NYork. , Falmouth, April II?Arr Harriet, Swift, Charleston for Boston. . Hoi.mvs Hole. Anril 12?Arr Atlas, Sears, Boston for Vew < York; Lagrange, Allen, do do: Harriet, Swift. Charleston for Boston; 13th, Planet, Cope, Petersburg for do, with loss of head , of mainmast. Providence. April 13? Arr Zepnbia. Remington, Mobile; Ricbd Rush Bray, Philadelphia. Sid Emerald. Snow.Georgetown. DC; Signal, Walton, Philadelphia; A Marshall, Johnson. do. Ni:w London, April II?Arr Splendid, Watts, St George, Me. for NYork Philadelphia, April 15?Cld Wm M Rogers, Harding. Roston; Oralloo, Lufkin, Cape Haytien; Caroline, Bowen, West Indies. I Norfolk. April 12?Arr M iry Jane, MeMafh, New York; Raritan, ('alhcart, do; Isaac Townsend, Oram, Georgetown for * Bos'on. Sid Majestic, (Br) Scott, West Indies; Denmark, N York. . . 1 Wii.iiinoton, NC. April 7?Arr Dirigo, Tucker, NYork; Apphia, Means, Boston: Olive Branch, Watts. Baltimore: 8th, ' Grand Turk, Nichols, New York. Old 6th. Packet. Clark, St Lucia: Brainard, Noonan, Matanxas; llth, Henry Chase, Steelman. Cienfnegos NOTICE, is hereby given, that the annual election tor Thirteen Directors of the New Y. rk and Hariaem Rail Koad Company, will be held at their ofce, No 4 Tryon Row.iu the city of New York, the 16, (being the third Tuesday in May next, between the hours oi twelve o'clock noon, and two o'clock. C. M Dated April 14. 1843. apt lm*r NOTICE. THE Crnten Aqueduct Board respectfully call the attention of thei'fellow citizens to the Ordinance of the Common Conncil, pub'ished below piohibiting, under penalties of fine or imprisonment, the unauthorised opening of the Hydrants erected for the extinguishment offiras. In the absence of such an Ordinance heretofore, all the efforts of the agents of the Aqueduct Department have failed to correct an alarming evil, which it is the doty of every good e'tizen in assist in suppressing. Many of the Hydrants have been broken and rendered unfit fr seivice, in consequence of the careleasuess or inexpe- I ienee of persons who have opened them : tbu? causing great < eiprnse to ihc city?and by destroying the usefulness or the } Hylrsnts in cate of fire, haxardiue the safety of the neighbor- f in? buddings. In consequence of the wanpsn wste from Hy dran's improperly opened, and kepi open, throughout the city, ' the head of wt-r at the dis'nbuting reservoir has been much diminished ; and should fites occur, an efficient action of ihe t Hydrants cannot he looked for unless strict obedience to the Ord-nauce now passed, shall he yielded or enforced. The Croloa Aqueduct Board therefore earn'ally ask the active co-opelation ef heir fellow citizens, in effecliug the important object which i he Ordinance of the Common Council is int nded to accomplish. JOHN L. LAWRENCE, M. YAN8CHA1CK, J. PHILLIPS PHOENIX. CRONELIHS W LAWRKNCE. SAMUEL B. RUGGl.ES. New York, April 15th, 1843 AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND AN OBDIv A V F- TO REGULATE TUP ur a tpu TirnDira tup citu OK NEW YORK Fdieil Septemb?r*ith, 18)2. 1 Sectwix 1. No person or persons 'x*?pt the Mayor, Alder- 1 m?n or Assistants of the resneetive words, ahall ?ihr,u' pre- f xions permisaion in writing from the Croton Aqueduct Board, ! unscrew or open any hydrant belonging or attached ta the Cro, 1 ton Water Wo'ha erected for the exiinxuishment of firea, eg- j cept in c??e of fi'e in the neighboihond, nor ahall leave auch fire hydrant open fora longer lime than ahall be limited in su' h 1 perm'ssion nor ahall use the water for other purposes than may j he mentioned in s?iil permission, under the penally ot t seuty five ilnlla s for each offence. ! Seo. 2. No person or persona, except aneh as may be Iicen- J sed hv the Ooton A'urdift Boaid to sell water to shipping. ' sha'l take the w 'ter from any hydrant ere ted or to he erected in ihe city of New York and attached to the Croton water pipes for the inrpnte of selling he said witer or offering ( for ?a'e, order the penalty o( twenty-five dollars tor each offence Skc 3. Any penalty hereiu prescribed shall he imposed on the offender in like manners* is provided in the first section of the seventh li'le of the Ordinance hereby amended, in respe -t to the penalty therein prescrib-d. And in default of the p >ymept. the offender shaM be subject to the like punishment by imprisonment, as is in the said section prescribed. Sec. 4. It?hall he the dipy of the 8tr?et Inspectors, Con stables, Marsha's, Police Officers, and Watchmen, to enforce the observance of this Ordinance to ihe utmost i f th*ir abilities, and to make coinplaiut of any violation thereof to the proper authority Adopted by the Board of Aldermru. March 27 h, 18'3. Adopted bv th? Bimda'Ai istanls, M art h 27th, 1813. Received bom h s Honor t'-e Mayor, April 13, 1843, without his approval or objections thereto. Therefore, und-i the provisions of the amended Chirter the same becrme a law. (Signed) JOH. K. TAYLOR, apl62wr Clerk.C O. HAVAN Vsr. oAWS 7 BM. PK'ABI A. No. 49 Liberty at ret, near Nassau offers forsa'e the fallowing inn,con La Norma Sevan, lat quality, very superior. 30,000 DiaBa da do do 26.000 Faverits do do do , 44,8 0 Buelta Basera, very old, and do t] 40,000 Esieranva do do n 68.000 Regalia, Dar.ia, and Conones, do do. The whole entitled to drbeuturv, and in lots to suit pur- ? chasers. ?pl6 lm*r (l THE WARM ? SALT WATER '< BATH is now open at the foot of Deshross's street. N. R. " For its advantages over frrsh water, see Medical Journals. F've Tickets one Dnllsr. ai>!6 lm*r VALUABLE BOOK.?Raymond's Copv- of Ouues's Domestic Mrdicine?This book wis written by Dr. J. C. Uttnn, agreeably to the most approved practice of ni'dieine for the use ol families. S nee its first i ublicatien. inure than 100, )01 copies have been sold in the Sou'h and West. It has under luiir ? ir.isitin, uren rningcu law nan rirmriliniira with costly plates, and elegantly botmd, ami sold ?t a much lower rrice than any other Family Medical work approved of the regular lacnlty. It n near, concise ami initructu ii on the trt of preserving health, ami pouui out in plu n language, free from metlical te>m?, the* of Men, Wc men and Chililreu, with the latest ami most approved means used in their cure?in itwil1 be foupd a useful catalogue o( Medicin*t. with their dost sand properties. Also a full description of the Medi- ^ ral Knots and Plan's of our Country, with the uecessary direr.lions for ntilig them The w rk is arranged on a very simple plan, bv which the practise of medicine is reduced to principles s >f common sense. V This work is now ready lor delivery and can he Inrnished at <, wholesale or retail, by RAYMOND k COMPAN > , a I '8 Maid' n lane, up stairs, and the bookstore ol Saltan St Miles Broadway, and A. V. Blake, 27 H iil'oit *t. a!6 6t*r y TO HF.TAlL MKKCtfANTS AND MKCHAN1CS.?A Meeuug of the general branches of trade, consisting of diy [oods, hard ware, crockery, tin ware, ctoihiug, groceries, tosiery,cedar ware, battels, boots and shoes, stationary, tnnsh nakert, watch makers confectionary, and all others interested n the supi Teasing of the present system of hawking ami ped lling'goods throngh the streets, on the stoops, and sidewalks It if the cKv, (to the manifest injnry of onr several trades,) by ler'ous who are not nnder vqnal responsibilities wltk the reolar deal'rs, the v paying no license, rents o- talcs Allperons feeling tnemselves thereby aggrieved, and who are de rnn-d to maintain their just rights, are hereby requested to ttend an adjourned meeting at National Hall Canal street, >n Tuesday nest, 18th instant, at half past Seven o'clock p.rn, o hear the report of the Committee appointed at t. e last netting to draft Articles of Association ; elso the report of 'ommittee appointed to obtain signatures to petitions, and ither business ofimportauce. By order of th C*ininiltfe. N, CORT, Chairman. JaMKt Wood, Sectary al6?t*rc (' [MI'ORTKD SKOAH9.?M0.r00 Regalia, Lt Norms, and P L P inctre Segsrs, for sale at reduced prices, for the purpose if closing a concern, and in lots to suit purch taers, by , A. ATKINS. 71 Wall .feet?basement. ' Also, a small lut ofChainpagne and Madeira Wine. p!6 3t?y 2 TO THE CITIZENS OF NEW YOR.V DlJSSIAN KK9AV SOAP ?The sobscriber hat jnst recei- IV ved br the bark Ronble from Cronstadl. nine cases of this eleh"ted soap, which for shaving and the toilette it unsurpass- . d. For, it is acknowledged by those who have nted t to be the most so:ariot article now in nse. It it n"W threr eari in*''* this nrticle WM introduced into the city of Bolton, ml it ha* been told to upward* of 8000 nerinui, in every cair , nth perfrct latiifaction, and 11 contidered the tureit and s' heapril f imily ioap that con he n?rd" F r ml- hv the dozen r cake very low, by SAMUEL W . CHEEGH, No. 9 Trrinont H nnr, Boiton, . Pncri TU<,'0 and 7J renti, and $2 per cake, according to it?. The (ina'itv of inch cakr n the aame. N. B ?A liberal ducount made to wholeiale ptirchaien. I eodiiSw*r __________ MKI,\10NT HOUSE, NEW BRIGHTON. "PHE itibacriher brgi Irave to inform hi* Iriendi and the ptih t1 lie, that he hu liken the above well known hnuar, which 3iaa been thoroughly repaired and painttd in the heat manner, tewly (nrniahed thionghout, an I will be open d on the fir it of il II lie* . 3. The 11 nae ii delightfully minted immediately opt oiite the tritnkoat landing and from it a niar.r.u c nnmaidi a riaw r?euding up ike Killt and ovor the bay and hirbon'of Mew Sfork. To thoide eairon" of a pleaaant rriidener during the timmer nviuthi, pollening 'he advantage! of fine lilt watei lathing, together with baantifnl drivei and walki.and conve 8..a.?f iwPi'fg if Hip riiv fv?rv two hnura hv thm Bolmnni louse offpra indnrempiits unsurpassed by anv othpr on the isami, mill the subscriber trusts that hit former efforts to gi?e itis'at-tion as proprietor of the Piailion, with his renewed de- " ermination to apare no pains to render hia house agreeable, 1" a ill pnaure him thp ronnnnatinit of a partiou of tho pstrrmage ip In a heretofo'o bppn favored with. w (iEORGF. PIK KI8, ; Naw BmoHTOia, April H, HM1 an 'Sialfr *a HEADS OF HAIR. ~ R BAKKV, Aniat in Hair, from London.?Thp rpal ' Heads of Hiir atill atand pre-eminent above all othpra riipir peculiar light, gossamer anil ventilating character?tin it rciay shaped ptictly aa thr natural hair grows?ihrir elast'pity t nd their ati|ierior material and workmanship, aa wpll aa thou f0 tvlp of fin<sh aud arrangement, all comhinp to form anch ppr ret Iteada of hair, that they must bp iPeti to be fully approI tied. A new ayatein of the art of Wig iMaking laught in five lee- ( us flee a specimen of Barry's Wigs and aralpa, whieh will tlafy the moat faalidmna that he ia thr heat ann cheapest m or in thp city?Mfi Broadway, corner of Liberty at. op atairs. a I a Iwia'tn iHK \ I'HINtt I M'KK H i . 1 p| , I I . I nil bl< for roof* of house? <u?l bottom*, (or ale b/ < 10 . JL COLLINS k at; , a IjfJLMNKR WANTV.n_i v.... .1. I .t<i? _{)? < rtiHf ikn. I i rou|U| lodtntaodfl (1m bwlMHt Qm of tkii <Wcrii>ion willruccir* gO"d nav and treaty employment. Address V. 8. B.. Herald nflSr#* nplfl lt*ec rjXS riNEH WAN PFft Tin wowiitif of 001 of in mitst I fs?liiot> ?ble ar?d noprl^r Motrin in the neighborhood of New >' willing to nVo..? partners r? spectsble young man.who vill devote hit time >n<' ^rtention to baiiirm. The establishment it mw m c< m; lete order in every rrgpect nd in mrcfMful oiwra'ou A cai*? capital off? K#i will be rwq'ur-d, without which lom nd utidoub e I refereiirts of rei|>ectabilityt application will be idlest. Let'ers addressed to Hotel," ft* tue Bookstore, 459 Broadvar, 8. W corner of Grand street, will meet attention. aU 3tis*r [IT ANTKD-A sitan?ton as Gardener by Jnlms W. P..u?i?-n >T a married man, witli a small family, who waa for four etrs gardener to J. A. Perrv, Ka<j., a,t Brooklyn. H*vn,a hese ten years past made the management and architecture of r?en and fprnng-Koutr his particular stndv, he recownends his services either r.i a gentleman desirous oferecfing iew green-houses.or where n choice collection of miotics is o be culfiv ited He 11 also a vegetable gardener For re fences app'y to J A. Perrv. Kan . No. 40 Broad way, er Samnul ileviis, * sq.. * o. 2 Wall street. A few lim s addressed to f, W. IM ULsKV^mrs '?f the Herman Bociety, 105 Fulton treft, will me.'t with stnet attention no30 2w*r NIBLCVS CONCERT SALOON, BROADWAY. l*R. HKNRY RURHKLL. beg. reapectfnlly to nn*1 Bounce. that In- \till give hi. lo t Vocal Knter. ni anient at Nihlo'. Haloon. on Taesdav F*einng. April Sth, 1843, on which occaiinn he will have the honor of preenting to the pahlic, levetal of hi. new compositions, which live elicited approbation abroad. TROORAMMK Pi*T I HON'}?I'm Alloa'. I'm Afloat. Wind, hv Coak. I'm afloat. I'm ailott. on the fierce rolling tide, The ocean', my ho ne, and my bark i, my bride, fcc. fcc. BONO?The Old Arm Chair. ? love if. I love it, and who.ha I dare To chide me lor loving that old ann chair. 8CJCNA?The nfthe Revellerjor'he Three Hnniei. Hung by Mr.Rni.eil at theflreat Temperance Meeting, held in the long rnnra .it Rider Hall, London, in the pre?enc of over JOOO penoai. Word* by Charles Machav, Ksq Lronnd the board the gue.1. were met. tne light, above them beaming. Lnd in their cap., repleni.h'd oft, the ruddy wine vu streaming. Thair cheek, were Iln.h'd, their eye. were bright,their heart. with pleasure bounded, The souk w.i? sniik '.he t.ot was given, and loud the revel founded. d'ain'd mv bumper with the re.t, and cried, "Away with .it u? bp happy Tor today, whit care we for to morrow7" tut u 1 spoke my sight grew dim, and dumber deep came o'er me, knd.midtht whirl of mingling tongues, this yisiou pass'd before me?Stc. NEW SONG?Robin Huff If I had but a thousand a year. Gaffer Green, If I had bot a thousand a ye*r ! What a man would I be, and what light* would I *ee. If I had uni a thousand a year !?etc. etc. NATIONAL ANTHEM?The Geniu* of Temperance. Wonli hy Henry John Hharoe n the strength of yo <r might, from ear h mountain and valley, Friend* of Temperance, ariie! the time i*at hand? Ground it* broad itandarri, we'll rally, we'll rally. While the star-spangled banner Hoar* over our landrhen let the proud sagle ipread hi* wing* wide aiunder. And break from the trammel* winch atftv* to enchain; f we ri*? in our atrength. it we ?i,e*k but in thunder The Geniu* oft Temperance will rtonrish' again. THE NEWFOUNDLAND DOG. Word, by F. W N. Bailee. Life-saver!?Wave-stcmmer!? Deep-diver!?away'. Ninht'i ihadow* are closing The portal* of day: . On the breatt of the billow We hear hi* 'ow wail? We have put up the rudder, And fnrl'd up tne aail. No ?ignal from heaven Will .how where he be; And wherein he be driven We men caunot**e Ho, Carlo, Newfoundland! Go follow hi* cry, A* it gtapiugly answer* The lea-moaner's *igh.?ice.. 8tc. CANTATA?"The Maniac." By Mr. Kuiiell. Some years smce a gentleman of fortune wa* conveyed to f unatic asylum, and there confined. The person* that accemranied hiin took au oath to those entrus'ed with the care of the istahlishineut, to the fact of hi* being a maniac. The morr lie unfortunate gentleman implored to be released, the more 'orciblv were the keeper* couviiiced of the fact of his being inane. The treatment he received soon affected his reason ; he iccame fr mtic ami died. The strangers that carried him to the avium were supposed to have breu hired by some relatives, o whom Iris property would revert after hi* decease. Pabt II. 8CENA?The Gambler"* Wife; Words by Dr Coat*. Dark is the nirht! How dark! No light, no fire! Cold on the hearth the last fain' sparks expire! Shivering she watchrs by the cradle** side, For him who pledud her love' Last year abrida. Hark! 'tis his footsteps! No, 'tia gone! List; List! bow wearily the tune rolls on! Wliv should he leave me ihna? He once was kind; And I believed 'twould last! How mad! how blind! Rest thee, my babe! Rest on. 'Tis hunger's cry! S rep: for there's no food! the fount is dry. Famine and cold iheir weaiying work have done! my nean mutt orraK: ami thon:?tne clock strikes one." This song I? intended to represent the feeling* of a young wife and mother, under circumstances sufficiently tt-oug to varraut the assertion thst it is founded on fact,jrithout riw reration. It represents the Gambler's wife and S. Jd, deserted >y their natnraf protector, in the extreme of pnviwv and star ration, for the pleaaure of play. The fire etpi;ef-*?fco eoergiei jf life sink from want of feod, and the mother ntlllf strives tc rope in the midat of deapair, appealing to the psst with thr memory of the bride, while vainly endeavoring 10 sooth hei hild with the energy of a mothrr'a lore, until the infant die* in ler artna, and her heart ia broken. The current of her feelinga a interrupted only by the peal of the clock, and at the third onrthe aerne eloaea: while time atridea onward in ita manoonous march, regardless, aa the world, of the issue. BALLAD?Roeka way. Words by Heury John Sliarpe. On auld Long-Island's sea-girt shore Mauv an hour I're whil'd away, In liit'uing to the breakers roar That that wash the beach at Rockaway. SON'O?M? Mother's Bible. Words by George P.Morris. This book it all that's left me now:? Tears will unhidden start:? With faltering lip and throbbing brow, 1 press it to my heart. Knrtnany generations pasted Here is our 'am'ly treat? Mv Mother's hands this Bible clasped, She dying gave it me. 8CENA?The Shin on Fire. Words by Charles Macky, Ks<|. The storm o'er the cean flew furious aud fast. And the wares rose in foam at the voice of the blastAud heavily labnr'd the gale-bea'en ship. Like a s'nnt hearted swimmer, the apray at his lip, And dark was the skv o'er tl.e mariner's path, Except whei the lightning illam'd it in wrath. A young mother kuelv in the cabin below, Aud nresa'd her fond habe to her bosom of suow; She pray'd to her God, 'midst the hurricane wild, "'Oh, Father, hare mercy, look down ou my child!" This dcena is intended to depict our feelings of passengers rho had to contend with the terrors of a tempest that hurst over lie ship in all its farce and fury, at the moment they were relruiug to their native land, buoyant with hope, and excited by le anticipated delight of being welcomed by friends, from -horn ihey had been long separated. After the ceasing of the nrin, thr shipis discovered to be in flames, and the cry of fire wakens the most agonizing fears in every bosom Tnev are >rt to hope, but at length, in the rei y midst of their despair a lil appears in sight, and they are saved. NEW VATIONAL AMERICAN SONO. "Our Nalive Song?Our Native Bong." Our native <ong, our native song, Oh. where is he who loves it n -t7 The spell it holds is deep and strong? Where'er we turn, where'er our lot. BONO?Woodman, Spare that Tree. Music bv George P. Morris. Woodman spare ihat tiee! I Tatseh not a tingle hough: In youth it sheltered me. And I'll protect it now. FINALE?"Let's be Gey"?A Laughing Choru*. From an unpublished Opera. Tickets 50 Cent* each, to be had at Hewitt'* anil Atwill'i 1n?ic "lore*, and at Niblo's Saloon. To commence at 8 o'clock. a!6 3t*r "a KAND CONCERT?VOCAL AND INHTRIIMKV T TAl. -MR. HENHV C. TIMM beg* to inform bi. rie"'ls ami the public, that his Annual Concert will take nltoe t ihe Ap illo Saloon, on Tuesday Keeping, April 18, 1843 VO^AL I'KHFORMKHS. Irs. EDWAltD LODEH. Mr*.C. E HORN, and Signora MARONCELLI. Mr. AUSTIN PHI I.Ll PS. Mr MAVNARD, Vlr. MA8SETT. INSTRUMENTAL. Ir. MARK3, Vioiin. ( By permission of W. Mitchell, E?q ) Mr. KYLE Klute. ( By |iermis*ion of W. Mitchell,Esq.) Mr. ORONKVELD, Mr. WOLTKRS, Clarionette. 1 rnmiiel. Mr. HEOKLAND, Mr. ROSIER, Violoncello. Contra Matso. Mr*. WEIDENHOVKH'K, Mr. KING. (Pui'il ol Mr Timm ) Mr. 8CHAHFENBEHG, Mr. ALPERS. Mr TIMM. Conductors Messrs Timm and Al|>era. Leader of the Band Mr. Maiks Mr. Henry C. Timir.'s newly Grand Pedal Piano, nade by Mr Henry Raichnyd,) combining with a perfect iano, an additional row of K- vs to be played by the feet. PROGRAMME. I'aaT I. Grand Du?tt?Piano Forts?Mesars Alpert and Timm, with accompammeuts f r tbr pedals?from Domino noir, H Bertiei Qnartetie?Ecco onel liero istsnte?Signora Mar. ni.celli. Mri Horn, Mi Phillip*, and Mr. Massett. Coata Grind Variationa for the Piano Forte, with Orchestral ac ninpamments?MrTimin. H C Timm 8eiie:t??" Sola, Sola in bujo loco*? fiom Don Giovanni?Mrs Loder. Mrs Horn, Signora Maroncrlli, Messrs Phillips, Mayuard and Massett. Motnri Grand Variations?Violin, Mr Marks. De Beriol Glee?Der Hhein?by the Gantlemru Amateurs ?iih Orchestral accompaniments, Panny Pa?T if Grand Septette Militaire, arranged (or four hands aaith P?dil ohligato? Messrs Timm and A'vtvs, I'iino Forte. Mr Markij Violin Mr Wnlrera aTrnmpet Mr H'geland, Violoncello. Mr Koaier, Centra Bmio, J N Hummel Dnett?Caatando nn ni?Mri Lodrr and Mri Horn. Oerman Glee?Der Herhatom Khein?by the gentlamen Amatenra, with Orchratral a<c?mpanimeutt. Panny Grand Duet'?ritno Forte?Mr? Weideihoeffer, ptipilolMr Timni, and Mr Tinam, from the Opera "L ie de Ken." H Bertini German O ee?Der W?li[?r?by the Gentlemen Ainilenri, with Orchtatral accoirpanimeuta by Mr Alport, Kiaeahoeffer Grand Quartette for Four Piano Fortea?Meairi Schuffenbeig. Alpera, Titnm and K'ng. Cr.erny To commence at * o'clock- Ticketa one Dollar each. To be had at the principal Mutie it-iret, at the reticence of r Tunm. IM Kim atreet, and at the door on the ereninitof rfor matice. ft 7" The Concert will take place under any circumnanee of e ither. ap!6 lt*r 'PLKNDID Chineac Aitleaa, Cactita. and other'tire Parlor ' Planta, fo' aale low forcaah, at the large Coniervatoiy, J7S roadway Tlmae wishing to putchaae, will pleaae call and t-mine lot themselves ipl i NIBLO It DUNLAP. CLLi Ot FX' HANOK, payable at aighf, on all parte of > Kngland, |r. I vpd and Heotlnud in auma ol ?5, ?11), ?|J, ?10 any amoant, for aale by 8. J. 8YLVF.STKR, Btr 77 W <11 ?treef an ' I to Broadway 'M UHKK VT M NKY-OI ill kinds hough! and gold ? ' Foreiitn gold .aud tilrer wanted at B. J. BYl.VP.HTi- H't, a'5 6'r 11 Wall afreet, and ISO B nadw iy, . o i ';i' ? ;'kkvj'ai.'k i? i.i ?, i ^ Ai t-nir . Icin? i, o ; rtiv \ ?. f p-ic*i??, to b:-oti. ued ini? 'utri | ui> u.U* U*IMU?U..IO?JUI wt, | I AUCTION 8 A LBS. th<>ma? bk.i. i,. Aocli"Urrby ru.r.L * Howard. Not. si l?il IH hlltf* "< I movday, aoril it. Ar in >iVln<<L ?? in Moff ?rr#>i?f Snip of crnteel furniture and tplrudid printing., the property of a-i amateur I p Parlor Knrnitnur ia handaome?there i? a auperb a'rfeen barr<*' orgnn,aome bed room fnmiturp, kitnhcn ntenaila, Ac Thf Paiutmga arp grma. and aach a. are rarplv mat with At 12 o'clock in the unlet room, immediately after the tale iu ? , __ . Moot itrrcf. _ ..r-o"?' "f'.* ?f Splendid tpeoml hand and new Piano Fortaa? Will op told he ciialotriip and without reterve, 13 aurerb new and teeond hand Piano F.rtea, by the bett makeri in the world. Some take with them the l"i irantee TuksdaY, lath. At 10 o'clock, at % |,iher'V tt. Larue 9a'p . I h wniture?Will hp ,o'd the entire fur'itiire of the ahore 'our atorv hnoae, no * open ied at a genteel boarding liotite compriting 25 rooma, |*rlor?, drawing room*, kitchen utenti't. Ike Compriaing Bniatelt, martin tu 1 other cat|i?t?, F.ogliah oil j eloth, pianoforte, a fine tprtphina ?ofa, 'ofabed, Di.kcate. pier and centre 'ablet, all kind. of parlor and dr?wiug room furniture, looking glaaaea, and curtain.. The hnl loom ftirtnturr it of the beat quality. The bedding and tahlp linen will h? ( sold in the bati iuent, and all will be haudaomelv arranged in time. Ala?at every a" tale in tlir'.hoiiaekrrping line will here be found. WEDNESDAY. April 10 At inK o'clock, corner of Oliver and Madiaon ate kitrnaive Sale of Furniture?Th? entire atork of a furniture dealer, compriaiug a general and valuable variety. THURSDAY, At ril 20 At l?X o'clock, at M Cliff ?t. Knanitare Sale?Th entire furniture of the thovc hotiae. Al'CTION NfiTH'E?knie Marine Sheila, Dahtia Root. Ac.?A LEVY will veil on Monday morning at II o'clock, at 151 Broadway, about fid to 100 lota lino Marine Sh'll.a, aeleered by a competent judge. Alio, large whole roots of Tube roues, OUdioIustes. missell's premium arid London varieties of Dahli i roots. Amount them sre tho Maid of BaMi. Jones' Francis, Conqueror of the World, 8tri ita. Charles 12th, bic. , nil warranted aniline. Also, imported O ipe Vines, Curriuf Bushes, Honeysuckles, Sugar Best Heed, Slc. Slc And on Tuesday morning, a large lot of Krait Trees, just received from Skirviug's Nursery, Liverpool. Particulars hereafter. ap!5 2t*rc pl7ttACHfNO POWDrTR?9(1 "Bovd'a" B'e jehitiij ? rownrr. lauiing mm snip minions irom lovvihioi, sua for sale by ntir PEWSSK h BROOK*. SI Li he rtv ?' _ STATEN ISLAND FERRY Foot of Whitehall etree'. On and after Monday, April 10th, the steamer 9TATEN ISLANDER will leave as follows, until further notice :? LKAVF. BTATKN ISLAND. NEW YORIC. At I A. M, At 9 A. M. 10 * II r?P. M IK P. M. 3k 3 Mi 5 . 6 , All itoodi shipped are required to he particularly marked,and are at the risk of the owners thereof. a9ec jjap ggtI KVENINO LINK FOH ALBANY, JS wiihont landng.? From the Omit of Barclay XwKJL street aoithsiile 'lie splendid commodious Steamer DIAMOND. Captain A Flower, will leave as above every Tuesday, Thu-sdav, and Saturday, at R o'clock, P.M. For Paisvge or'Freisht.apply to the Captain onboard, or at the office of said Boat, foot of Barclay st The above boat will leave Alhauy the alternate daTS, foot of Hamilion street. h i, r NEWARK AND NEW YORK?Fare "fly I3S ' """I*The SI lendid steamer -K?PASSAIC, Captain John Gaffy, has been put iu complete order, and will commence her trips l"r the season, on Monday the 10th instant, as follows, until further notice :? Leave New York at t o'clock, P. M. " Newark at 7k o'clock, A-M. Freiitht carried at reasonable ra'es. hI8 Rmcc my SOUND PILOT. OWEN PRKSCOTT, Pilot, takes charge as master of vesA/ sels bound to New Bedtord, Nantucket Shoals. Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Kennebeck, and OTHER PORTS east ol New York. Office et Frye Ik Shaw's, 21? Water street, corner Beekmau. Reference to a number of Merchants anil the several lusur.uce Ceinpaui's in this city, But on, and Portland. alt 'inis"r ! tfg- OLD ESTABLISHKD EMIORANT PA*I SAGE OFFICE, 61 South street, New York?Reg MnHbular Line of Packets?The subscriber eontinues to bring out persons from any part of Ureal Britain and Ireland, who may he eDgaged ny tlieir friends here, hy Ihe regular'in* of packet ships, sailing every six days 'rom Liverpool. Persons sending for their friends, mav rely that just care will be taken to haidthern despatnhed without delay ill Liverpool,aud will always endeavor to merit a OOOtUHM IN Of the public patsonagr which h is been so liberallv bestowed for manv years past; anil those remitting money can have drafts payable at all the Banks and branches throughout tiir United Kingdom. For further particulars, apply f if by letter, |iost paid] to ilir JOHV HERDMAN. 81 South st. g*ar- FOR LONDON?KcgHlar Packet of the 20th of April?The very superior last sailing packet ship JBHaBfaWKSTMINSTKH, Captain Atwood, will sail as above her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second ca bin,'and steerage passengers; pets ins wishing to embark should make early application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South street. Persons wishing to send for their friends, can have them brought out by the above ship, or auy of the regul ir packets, by apply iug as above, if by letter, post-paid. s!2 r ! "adHF Tor LIVE It POOL?NEW LINE?.Regular I |H^ Packet ol 25th April.?The Spleudid Packet Ship ' JtliSfeSIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, of 100,1 tons, i will positively tail as above, h?r regular day. For freighter , passage, hiving NMUMWMH unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at OrUans wharf, fool of Wall street, . or to K. K.COLLINS ft CO. 5$ South street. ] Price of passage, $160. j 1 ne Packet Ship Sheridan, Capt. A. Depeyster, of 1000 , ions, will succeed the Siddons, aud sail the U of May. far , regular day. Letters for the ships of this line will only be received at .Oil- j pin's and Hale's News Room. rail finger* may rely on ttir ship* o; this line sailing punctual- , y a* advertised aTc , iK (ILD BLACK BALL LINE OK PACKET , iJHWWHHII'H?Parget of the I9'b A"'il ?The well known dSMuifirst class pack< t shio NEW YORK, Capt Cropper, wji l>i- despatched a* above, her regular day. She ha* eicelleiit accommodation* for cabin anil steerage passengers?thote wishing to secure berth* will require to make early application to JOHN HEKDMAN, 61 South street. , N. B.?Thoie ten line for their friend* refilling in ftreat Britain or Ireland, ran arrange for their pnasige by the regular packet *hip* tailing weekly from Liverpool, at the lowest rate*. Draft* fnrniahed ai n*na I lor any amount, payable in all (he ] principal town* throughout the United Kingdom. Apply a* j ako"*. a7ec i FOB-LIVERPOOL.?Regular packet of th? 36th j JMkAl ril ?The very *U|>erior, f'?i (ailing packet jihj 1 JHQlKnSlDDONS, Captain Cobb, will poaitively sail a* 1 above. Having verymperior accommodation* for cabin,iccond cabin I and steerage paaienger*. persons wiahiug to embark should ' make early application, on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMll KKA V , 1 106 Pine *t., cor. South. P*r*<mi wiihiug te lend for their Irieml* residing in the oldcountry, can have them brought out by the above HH, or any ofThe regular packets, by applying u above ; if by letter, postpaid. alUp XfT FOR LIVEKPOOL?Regular Packet I6tl. April. |H^-The (nlendid new packet ?hip LIVERPOOL, JHHfc'ohii Eldrnlge, maater, 1150 touj, will *nl <* above, her regul ir d*v. For passage only, having elegant and unequalled acromraodatious, apply (o the captain on board, |We*t side Burling Slip or to a!3r WWOPHULL Ik MINTURN 8. g7 South sr. BLACK BALL, or Old Line ol LIVKHPOOL WMV Packet*.?Regular Packet of IfKh of April.?The JMUfafi'"- (sat (filing packet ship NEW YOHK, burthen 1 1050 tout, Cspt Thoma* B. Crop|>er, will aail pnsiti"ely as < above, her regular day. The accommodation* of thii magnificent packet, in calnn, 3d I cabin and tecrage, will mi in*|iectiou be found unequalled hv auy veuel alloat. Thoao returning to rlie Old Country will I lind it to their eomlorl and adrnntage toarlect (hi* conveyance, * and a* a number of her berth* are already engaged, persos* wishing pasaage, should make early application on board, foot ol Beesmau street, or to 'he subscribers. ROCHE BROTHERS A CO., Si Knlton st, next door, to the Fulton Bank. P. 8. The Cambridge sails from Lirer|iool ou the 1st of May, I ?those sending lor their friend*, ran have them brought < out in her. or in any of the Packets of this magnificent r Line, whicn sail from there punctu illy on the Tth and 19th of each month. Drafts on the Royal B*uk of Ireland, and on Messrs. Prescott Orote, Ames k Co.. Imukess, London, which will be paid free ol discount or auy charge, in every town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. For pissage, fce , apply as ahove. nllr ggaa FOR LONDON?racket of 20th An-il-The *uWJgVprrinr and well known packet ship WESTMINklBBbSTER, Atwoou, Moore, master, will sail as above, her regular (lav. g Cau handsomely accommodate a few more cabin.second cabin anu siecragc passenger*, 11 mny apincuiiori is ipaiic on o?aru the ship or to JOHN H?KDMAN,61 Houth ft. N. B ?Pissage from London or Liverpool, can at all times be engiyd by the rtgnUi pickett, ud artfts ftirnishsd W iny ti amount, payable tnrouglmut the United Kingdom, by applying ftfl lboV( al4r NKW LINK PAOKKT8 FOB LIVtHPOOLifll^ Packet I6 n Aoril?The splendid, new imcket ship fjSSmm LIVERPOOL, 12'o tons burthen, Captain John Kloridge, will be d?*i itched 011 16th April, h?*r regular day This mognihcent shin is the largest ever built in this ci'v? ^ her cabin is e i ganf'y furnished?ner between d*cks ire lofty, wall ifhts4 thruiibMi mm! with sever*] odmt ibpraiimtt p makes ner '.he most desirable conveyance for second cabin and ' HillII? passengers of aov other ship. Persons about to visit the old country, are particn'arlv invited ta eiammc the accommodations of this superb ship, and thom wiikiai to nchi btvtki dkosM not fall to make eirlf apidicati n to prevent disappointments, as a limited number r Otll will he taken |ror (massage, arply ou board foot Burling *lip, (west side.) OHO W. h J. T TAP8COTT, ' 03 Peck Slip cor South it. Liverpool will tail from Liverpool ou the 5th June ? Persons wishing to end for their friend! rati li tvr them broUKlit \ out iu her, or other tint claaa ahipa tailing weekly, on favorable i. terms. Drain for any amount, payable nn demand without diaeouut, in all the prineit al towns of England, Ireland, Scotland or Walra. ronataiiily tor a ilr as above. i The Packet ship Siddoua will succeed the Liverpool, 1 and sail mi the 25tn April. al6 2tr j KllK TKIESTE?The auneriorihin SCOTLAND ? jgJ^V-Capmn ?, to be premptly despatched K"r freight jHlbor for luiaaage, havimt hand.oine aeeommodatioua, ' appt^Ii^ O T. THIMBLE, or to a 1 al ter BOYD It HIM KK N, Brokers. Il SBE KOK NEW OKLEANS? i < >l f?TANA AND 01 NEw YOHK LINK?Poiitivelf Kirat Kenular tf CSawSfaParket?To aail the Zflth April. r The fast tailing packet ?hip HU NTSVILLK.Cap O K Mum v ford, will positively sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight ( or passage, having haudaome furnished accommodations, apply x oa board, at Orleaua wharf, foot ol Wall it. or to K. K COLLINS k CO. 56 South M. Shippera niayrely upon hiving their go. .us correctly me.sored. aud that the ahipi of this fine will lail . inetr.illy ai aiiver- \ tiaed. Any irnatamee to that effect will be give i and fti if lied ' that may be required. Aenta in IV. Orleaua, Hullin It Woodruff, >v:: > . ,! :,ou>ptly I"rward nil goods to their addrraa ,, Thf packet ship, ( aptaiu Peel, will succeed the p Honfvville, and ??it rh* Tfph Ami! We- resole* da* al'ir * B \HUK WANTKU ?One or two Barges WUHdj I m9^ that will rnrrv from I to 250 tool, lor which country JwftNa"i iaptoftd city property will be mhutic P The lei its mutt be sound aud in perfect order. Address ? hoe " Barge," to this office, stating age IM fnlI pirticul ?rs, which will We regularly altrmleii to inJO 2w*in rtf UKMfTTAfiT<: K8 TTi-TRlcLX5n};trriefffy The ..ihtr r.bcr continues to trsnarffit money. in """ te sqH|^(plnrge or small, to penrms residing in aur part " 1 " land, in the aame manner ts ha, and hi? predecessor in nrtsi- r t as. have done for liie laal thirty yeara, <nd more; also. 1 part n( Kngland or Scotland . ?, Money remitted bv letter (poatpaid) to lie -nhsi rsoaa ly deposited witn him, wr' , -none u Ireland, Kngland or See' n?. <nd neareat poat town, will I -I accordingly, and a receii r l i| to the aendar 111 ir oner money with or elai.i- ,,2 1 ' 'tig land or Scotland, can be roller u persons residing in any part >d tb< I UliX w,n ? oad* at. . A M T 'SEMFMTS. OHATHADI THItAT'?K. , _Tm t Altered? In r?itttre thedon*-* wiM open at a tpt r "pi ,0 P'!""* 'he rnr a in will nae at hall Mat 7. I'kl'i'r" A.lmiaaior.t'jrr|? VI ?! nta; Heeood and IhirdTiertTTH, Pit IV, OilV-. 1??renU. urtvh , '"'/'t "f Mr format. MONDAY a 'v \|\<t. will he performed M nrrlanut pATKIUAN'R 0 A I'OHTK R. I ?ii Mt I , K K"rr"' I Ha.twell. Clira Lady Mattel Lyittrttie, Mita JnaepWae Cliftan T o ronrliid- with THt OLADIATOH. ?PW". M r Format 'tiTC'IKM/s t?i mpti tiiv ,? ?4? Hr. nilwr, N.? MONDAY KVENINt.. . CATS IN THE LARDER. After wh el AW LEE. T'. Mnr'n4? vrir*. HOW TO PAY 'HE KENT 7"y Tbf Doe? wtil W ?<i 7. ? - - .. . mmmence at I >?>,?rv?rr":. A.flKKICAN Tlfiafli K _\V A f.S i't-st PHIE4DKM"? TA. NfiEB the nrtEr. rioN of mtsh r cushman MONDAY KVKNIVO. April '7 will h- perCe-rces BRIDE OH ABYP??. Belim, Mr Booth. To conclude with THE rOKEST OF BONDT. E. A. MARSHALL, Lent.* AMERliM* TfrSETlMi. M'fSU UniMinr, comer ol Rrnadway onrl Aunatreet, V T BAKNITM. He engagement of J T. Head, known u DANIEL LAM BERT, Junr, the wonderful Ol A NT BOY. He is but 11 yanri old. fart ?n4 J inches high, and weighs m nonnd. Engagement of MISS ADELAIDE PHILLIPS, the Child ol" Aeon ?gal only nin- leara. Mr. T. J. WIN''H eLI. tha inimitable ''nmie Drollenet. MISS MAHY T) AH LINO. Tha celeb atrd Engliah Enrh*ntieaa. CHANO-kON<?, The celebrated ('hinerp Initeler ENORMOUS SNAKE'', BOA CONSTRICTORS. kc. Which hare i"at arrived in thie con' try. together wltn Mr T. NATHANS, th- (K?t Sa twniTamcr. ELECTRrt OALVANIRV. Jnet added to the Mneetim two powerful Electro (JiNaaic Batteries. Fancy Olase Blowing. ORAND COSMORAMA?ALBINO LADY. Day Performances every Wednesday and Sattgday afternoon tt l o'clock. Admiseion to all 15eente?Children half nrt'-e al6 PKAT.K'k NKW VOHK 7|I'SKPfll Broadway, onpoeita th? City Rail. Mr. H. Bennett. Manager, Ragpactfully announces that ha ha? raaumed the direction of rhe ahoe-c.tahliahmani which will open u Monday, April Ibh. Ha ia hannv to inform tha public that he has effee ted an engagement w>ih the celehm'?d DR. VALENTINE, who w ill introduce tan much admired sketches of Comic Charicfers. The manager ha* much p'easnre in sta ieg that ha haa entered into ?n "rrangemen* with BIONOR BL T7. The greatest Magician and Ventriloquist that ever vieited this country LA PK.i 1TF. CEHITO. the much admired Dauituie, will appear in two of hat moat popalar dattiaa signnr Blitz will perform the w?ndeiful feat of Dancing Si* Dinner Plates on a Common Ts'-le. Fancy (flan Blowing by Mr. Owrnt, " Admission M cenra; Children hall price. fTT*" The OIP9Y GIRL can be privately conanlted day and evening. Performances in the Lecture Room to commence at l^tol ?Alfernoon entertnitimenli on Wednesday end S*?urd?v at 1 o'clock. Day visiters admitted the same evening free of charge. A splendid Sell Playing Melodeon to be seen altee STNGINIi. MADAM BUTTON, having arranged to t eturn to Italy the tvl beginning of August, puriiosea reerivi ng pupils until that time,to give finishing leaaone in the Italian, Ft neb. and English atyle'of Singing Hei method is that pursued t y Bordogni and Vaccai. the first masters in Europe, incrwisinu the strength and compass with astonishing rapidity. Her puiilswill have the advantage of her singing with them, which can he nursued by masters alone, who have been eminent sun. ers. Ladies desirous of avai'tng themselves of Madam Butt' n's 'muted slay,_ may ascertain terms, Ac., hy application at 77 I hambers street," from 9 o'clock till 2 mistm'r J. P. CARROLL'S OLD ESTABLISHED MEDICATED VAPOUR BATHS. ARE well known to lie essentially necesseiy at this season nf the year, when the syst* m requires an auviliarv *o throw off the cuticle accumulated during wio'er, and which, , by remaining on the surface of the skin, pro lasers cutaneous -A diseases, colds, rheumatism, scarlet fever, Ae Ac. They are in operation, at 25 Cnuitlandt street, from G o'clock in tha morning till 9 o'clock st uicht. Sulphur Baths require one hour's notice. Portable Vnpanr Baths sents to any part of the city, or Brooklyn. Bathing Tubs and Hin Baths for hire. alt 6tisr "VTOUNO MEN out of employment would do well to *- 'tualify themselves ss Book-Keepers at Van NordruHt Writing and Book-Keeping Academy, 281 Broadway, second floor, as Mr. V.'s pupils generally obtain good situations as accountants, through the influence nfhis patron*. Mr. V's course in book-k*eping is strirtly practical, as no author's work is coined in his school, and he endeavors to impress upon the minds of his pupils bv familiar illustrations, that the icience of aceonnts is founded in common sense, f'ourse of instruction. Wholesale, Retail, Commission, Eichangi .and Compound Co. Specula'ion Accounts. Van Nordrn's system nf splendid business penmanship imparted to all in an inrredible short spare of time Terms eitremelv moderate. Day and evening classes, 281 Broadway, a5 2wis"m WATCHES AND JEWELLERY lowerthan ever.?An ' v the snhscriher is coertantly receiving all descriptions of gold and silver watches, of the newest styles, direct from the inanufacrurers, in England. France, and Switzerland, he ia enabled to offer a larger assortment, and at much less prices, at letail. th in any other house in the city. (Jold watches as low is $13 each. Watches and jewellery eichanged or bought. All watches warranted to keep good time, or the money re* mimed. Watches, clocks and jewellery repaired in the oest manner, and warranted lower than at any nther place in the city. O. C. Allen, importer of watches snd jewellery, whole sale and retail. 9b Wall street, on stairs. a'2-lm ins'm BELLING OFF CARPETING* FOR CASH AND STORE TO LET. BRUSSELS, THREE PLY AND INORAIN CARPETING FOR CASH. '"PHE PUBLIC bwve bceu 10 often milled oy ad rertiae meats, A that it ia scarcely possible to discriminate those whieh de lerve their notice In thia matinee all the carpeta, fcc., adverhaed, will be foond in nor Ware Rooma, at 440 Pearl afreet. English three thread Broaatla, of the choiceat patterns, 12a. Imperial three [>lv rarpetinga, 8a to 10a Sco'cha' d Knitliah Brussels, aeeood quality, 9? to 10a Dnnhle Superfine Ingram Carjietings, 70 to He Superfine Ingrains,good quality, Ja to 8a Choicest patterns, egrr* pricea, good article, 4a to Sa lletvy, all wool, Ingrain", 3a 6d to 4a Large assortment OH Cloths, choice patterna, (la to 9a t)d t 'lothi, from 3 ro (i feet wide, 4a to 5a Alao.a large aaaortinent atair cirpeiinga, mattings, table and ;>iano coyera atair tods, tufted,Brussels and Wilto* raga^plenfid assortment of transparent "hades, fr?m 11 to ftS a pair TO LET?The large and apaeioaa aiore No. 440 Pearl atreet, now occnpied aa a carpet atore, poaaetsion given lit Jnly neat. B. T. YOUNG k CO., alt St ia*tn No. 440 Pearl atreet. TO DRUGGISTS AND OTHERS from the South and Weat?T. ROBERTSk CO. of London, proprietors of the celebrated and popular medicine, "Parr's Life Pills 'lie* inn eatahliahed a depot lor the aale of the same in New York, and being now prepared to aupply the market to en* eiunt would reapectfully call the attention of druggiita and athrraof the trade to their popular medicine, of wnich there 1 a now sold in Europe more than JO.linn hoars weekly, and although it has been scarcely an months in the United Sautes, the rales hare rapidly eatended through the States of New York, I'enn sylrauia. New England States, and Canada. Aa a family medi cine, it ia unequalled, beinc perfectly free front any i tueral preparations: it ia also eiceedinglv rflectitre in the cure of oiliona complaints, dyaiwiwia, consumptions, and all diaeasas triaing from impurities of tne blood; being very mild in ita iperations oa the system, it may be taken by the mast delieaM emalr and arnall children. The aboye may he hid wholesale at the office of T. Roberta k Co., No. 304 Clarendon Honae. comer sf Dnane k Bvendear, first floor. ml? Iuiis#iti THE NEW YORB MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No 75 Chambers street, ESTABLISHED TO RENDER TO THE AFFLICT: Cs ED sound and Scientific Medical Aid. All kind of dis'ases will he treated, and surgical derations of every descrip ion performed in the moat careful and scientific manner. One if the first oconliata in the city will attrnd to the treatment of II diseases of the eye and ear Tart'cula'attention ia paid to he treatment ol all female complaints. Vera- great auceess as attended the treatment of diseases of the akin. Patients rha desire it will be visited at their houses. Those whose orans are limited will only he required to pay for their mediines. Three or four rooms are provided for private consults ion. The diug department ia attended by an apothecary of Teat experience, and a I our medicines may he relied on is aire and genuine. Capping and leeching will be done at the hottest notice. Open day and High! DR. HOMER BOSTWlCK. At'cuiliiig Physician aud Surgeon, 75 ( 'harjiho.s at. 2<l honae weal of Broadway This ins'itutiftn is under the patronage and commendation of he following Heullemen ? REV. DR. ED. Y. HIUBEE, REV. UK. W. C. BROWNLK-E. REV. DH GEO POTTS. REV DK O 8PRINO. alglmia -r REV DR. MHOKDER ALL NATIONS HOTEL. No. Ill Broadway. below City Hotel ?Table d'H >te from 12 till 5 P VI.. in the *nerb Saloon* Charge for I'miu r 25 ce t*. The hill of Fare hill not be aiirpiaaed hy any r* "bluhinern in ihe city Handomety fnrniahrd hedrenm* can be procured from f to $3 per reek, or 5b cent* irr day, N. B ? Private Dining fironi* for Partiea, kc On the (round floor aa you enter on B'.adwav ->r Thamei treet there are lour bennifnl BOWLING ALLEYS in perectordir and neatly oroamenied, for which amuaemen r th? hargrt >tr reduced from 25 eenfa rn 12^. You ascend ihe el gaut marble alaira, there you find D lung and Lodging Ronnie ueij'ialled in thie country for neatiieee There i alio a Billurd Pain >n, num.tiled for beauty, well ventilated nd lighted, with four elegant tablet, under the direction ol dichael I'h dan and Joseph White, who are well known u po te and gentlemanly persons in their vocation, kc. a 15 3tia*r BROADWAY BATHS. )RI''EH REDUCED?Single Baths '5 centa; twenty-five ticket* for $5.?Hot, cold, vapor, anlphur, ibower, mediped and arom itic bitha, ready from snnri<e until II o'clock, M. H. DliRELL, al5 6tn*r tjflo Broadway. I fEW UEtLEMEN of steady hibita can be accemmns. dated with good board and pleasant moms in a private famit, at 204 Enltr n street Also, a few day boadera can be aceomlodnted ou the most reasonable term. A jwrlor and bedroom i let, with or without hoard ?5 ec IOLD FOIL St GOLD LEAF?Dantisrs Foil MS po i?r * or, warranted equal to any in ihe city Alio gold leal S.'.Oper pk full lile, inches, for cash, at the inanufactory, i Reade atreet. J- L. VVililill. alj Iwis'ec PAPER HANGINGS. i\T A o. CURTf?. y<\ '* Mainrn Lane, have received W -their new pattern. of Taper Hii>?iDff?of every quality and t lower prirea than ever before offered. The attention . f the trade and of coy try merchants is re Heated to our saaortment. Landlord* and other* wanting rooma rinered ran h?re the ir work doue by the beat worknen and r?'mnrud on the most rs-*?f?nihle fermt rants a, on inr v|r|ND()W SHADES. We have alao received a lame *a<nrtment of traniparent unfed window fh-ide*. of every variety and price. Alio, chintre* and Iiiicdb for thndea. ?had? trimmings, iic A HAIR MATTRESSES. We have eonatantly on hand pure curled hair tnattreaaei, of Al?>. moM rtnllrrMft, fcnth-r b?d?, and errry artielr iu th? il.lllll IIDf k'amilita about going to hanirkrrpn g, c?u pr*?cnr?? a fi at * article at thr mmi rmaonabl* inert, Iteamboa'a and a atria fur >ahe.t ar tb? hnrtrat nn'irr. ? , I HOLSTKRV AHTII'LK*. v. i, '(uonlii'd r*? r\ rti 1 i the t i> latety buai *, fon.j,'ing ,, , rf , I , , I * >ra*e.J it im >?*?. '?f 11 rn ten. I furniture 'i-ntr - i'? ' ' *! ?. '? >? . ,d* f inttvn i ftli g . 'ntgi en *l?. ' <1 3i a W il ci in l? w r i I. i ml. f p i , n .i "ail', iia ",v - 1 ' ti ? l.i tuima. b> b J \ I i l 1> ia> M Wall auael, auu i? Bioadwa- ,

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