Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 21, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 21, 1843 Page 3
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BY THE SOUTHERN M ML. Latkr From Tkxas.?The New Orleans papers of the 12th inst. contain the following from Texas. It will be seen that Col. Warfield's expedition was*, as stated by the New Orleans Picayune, undertaken with the Banction of the Texas government. The steamboat Neptune, Capt. Rollins, arrived yesterday from Galveston, bringing dates to the 9th instant. Among the passengers were Mr. Burnlev, and Capt Elliott, H. B. M. Charge d'Affatres to Texas The latter gentleman, we learn, proceeds from this to Havana, but returns shortly to Texas. The Rritish frigate Spartan, the Hon. Charles Elliott, commander, touched at Galveston on the 5ih instant. She was from Vera Cruz, but her dates nre not so late as those we have received direct. There was great rejoicing at the city of Mexico about the last ol April, caused by news of the success of the Mexican arms in Yacatan and the taking of Merida. They will probably rejoice the other way when the recent intelligence from Yucatan reaehes the capital of Mexico. The Telegraph, in a cool and well written article, advises the invasion of Mexico, and says that the inhabitants, almost to a man, are in favor of it. Gen BurlfHtnn wan out on an exoedition after a party of thieving Indians'. The additional duty of five per cent, levied bylaw on goods introduced into Texas from countries with which she has no treaties, began to be levied on the 5th instant on articles from the United States Messrs. Durst & Kuhn were the first "victims," paying the additional sum of $143 09on an invoice to the amount of #2866 89, per brig North Bend, front this city. The Indians in the West are giving serious annoyance to the settlers in that region. Major James H. Crooks has been appointed by the President Collector of the port of Galveston, in the place of Gail Borden, Esq. resigned. The grand jurors of Red River county, at the last term of the District Court, nominated Gen. T. J. Rusk asacandidote for the next presidency, nnd a resolution was adopted to request him to permit his name to be used lor that purpose. The Yucatan News.?The news published by us yesterday of the surrender of the Mexican army at Merida is confirmed by the following from the New Orleans Picayune of the 12th : We learned verbally last evening that a passenger had arrived from Campeachy with later dates. It is said that he confirms the report of the engagement between the Texan men of war and the Mexican steamers, and also that the brig Wharton had four men killed and seven wounded. The loss of the Mexicans, in killer! ?nr! omnnJeJ !<, = > -^ - thirty. Salea of Stocks at Philadelphia Yesterday. 41600 Schuylkill Navigation 6'b, 1866, 75; <.600 do '68, 75; $900 do '54.75; $1836 6} County 5*. I860, old. 90: $1000 Reading RRcor.vt. 6'?, I860, 67); 46 shares Oirard Trust, 20: 26 do Union Bank, Tonn , 40; 2 do Weatern Bank, 40); $4000 Tenn. Annual Bonda, 5 per cent, 76; $1000 State 6'a. 1846. 48 ; 30 abarea Wilmington RR, 10); $100 County 6'a. 1854. 101; $700 State 6'a, 1870,46); 12 ahares Oirard Bank, 4); $1000 Reading RR convt. 6's, 1860, 57); 1 share Commercial BaDk, 42). After Board.- $265 66 County 6'a, 1S60, new. 90: 50 aharea Oirard Bank, 1J; 6 do Mechanics' Bank, 13); $400 State 6'a, 1870,46); $H00 do 1864, 46). TaATEST southern ship news. Norfolk, May 18 ? Arr Mary Jane, M'Ma'h; Oeu. Seott, Donghly; Huisn k Pheb-, Godfrey, New Yer? Bavamivaii, May 16.?Cld Melon, Doane, N York. Arr Nrvemb<-r. Kills, Boston N. (Irlears. 51-v 12?At. Korea'er, Bornrll,Havre ^Talma, Coy?l. Bordeanx. Beilin, Crocker, Liverpool; Adrian, Robin aon, H?vr?; Gro, Hallatt, Howes, Liverpool; Duke ?f Clerencr, Wilaon, Deal; P ince of Orange, [)ea, Liverpool. Steamboats and Expresses.?The arrival of the swift and beautiful steamboat Massachusetts, Capt. Oomstock, at an early hour yesterday morning, enabled us to get the substance of the foreign news in our morning edition, which went east, west, north and south, in advance of our contemporaries. The Massachusetts arrived at 4 o'clock in the morning, in seven hours and forty-five minutes from Stonington. She is decidedly the bast boat on the Sound?and as for Capt. Oomstock, he is already too well known ta require any endorsement by us. HarnHen Ar Hn r ? ?.. i von men ui creuu for their exclusive benefit. Cozzens' American Hotel.?Mr. Cozzens is making a great overturning and overhauling with his hotel. He is adding to it the contiguous house on Broadway?re-constructing the interior?superadding, or rather underadding the first story, heretofore occupied as a store? re-carpeting, re-furnishing, and kicking up altogether a most infernal dust. City Intelligence. City Matters ?Notwithstanding the extent of our city, its population and consequent resort for rogues of all sorts, sizes and descriptions, yet at the police offices yesterday, nothing was recorded worthy of note. This three days calm in roguery must produce a change that will, as usual, flood the offices next week. NIBLO S FRENCH OPERA.-How truly gratided must every true lover of good music be, thatthi* celebrated troupe has commenced operation*. New York, with lier fountain*, omnibuuei, steamers, hotel*, wanted but the Opera, to make it* aatiafied without atrip to London, Pari*, or Vienna. The whole company is excellent. Were we to individualize, M. and Madame La Cour it would be, because the audience have anticipated u* by chowing tbeir approval in to vehemently calling them out at the elose ol the Polichenilli. The New [Orleans paper* ?pe*k highly af " Lea Memoir* du Diable," which i? played to morrow. The acenery, machinery, dre**ea, malic, appointmeat*, all, all new. Mademoiaelle Lagiere will mako her appearance in the Opera of La Perrucbe early next week. JC7-THE MENACE THE, CORNER OF BROADWAY nan i nineemn ai ? a ne Menagerie appears to occupy, ml deservedly, more of the public attention then if generally devoted to fuch placet or amusement, and it will scarcely be credited, thtt the Pavilion, already,capable ot holding 10,000 persons, has to be enlarged tor the crowds that have expressed their intention of visiting the scene of amusement on Monday and Tuesday, the two last days of exhibition. The extraordinary And miraculous powers of Herr Driesbach, have accomplished much to at. tract universal attention, while the circus exhibitions of the docile and patient elephant, and well trained monkey upon bis charger, exhibit a scene that all should witness, before the arrangements of the managers deprive us of such a beautiful and unequally grand spectacle. (K/-BKLL It HOWARD WILL SELL ON TUESDAY at 11 o'clock, at No. 303 Broadway, a fine collection of original paintings, part of which are consignments, and the remainder a beautiful variety of very fine unframed pictures, which have been selected for 13 years by Mr. W A. Colman. As catalogues are ready and the paintings can be now examined, it is deemed unnecessary to say more. TH. BELL, Auct. (Kf- IMPORTANT NOTICE?Those who have oc. casion to use any of Dr. Sherman's Lozenges or Piasters, should be very particular to purchase the genuine article, as an imitation has lately been introduced, which to the indiscriminate might have an injurious effect upon his genuine preparations. Dr. Sherman is the proprietor of the Poor Man's Tlaster, and as such the article has obtained grpat reputation on account ot the astonishing efficacy attending dts application. There are those in the community who are envious of the Doetor's reputation, and palm off upon the unwary, a spurious article under the same name. The public should be cautious when they wish to buy the genuine cough, worm, head ache, and ' other Medicated Lozenges, and the Poor Man's riaster. Dr. Sherman's Warehouse is No. 106 Nassau street. Aaents?110 Broa Iwajr ; 10 Astor House ; 4.M> Broadway; ioo???n,i > cvi ?io?awaji ' iJ7 Hudson street, and SO William street. Of/- TO THE READERS.?30,000 persons already cured. Is your hair falling off ! la it growing grey 1 Does it engender a* powdery sediment, called dandruff 7 Are you troubled with acald head, ringworm, lie.7 With X>rotrisie hldrnflsse? Would you nave a fine, liberal head of hair, th?. skin clear and healthy? Bp careful and follow the advice gratultoualy offered to you in Grandjean'a New Treatiae on thn hair, which you can obtain at No. 1 Barclay atreet, tree ol charge. QQ- AMERICAN MUSEUM?There ia no place of public amusement in oureity whoso varioua attractions are more deservingof the notice and commendations of the preaa than this establishment under its present man- , agement. Among the attractions of the coming week, are Oen. Tom Thumb, the incomparable dwarf, who has Just returned from his southern tour; tho model of Ptris, ( showing all the magnificence of that gicat city; the re- . markableGipaey girl; thu living Sea Dog,or strange ma. ' rine monster, and the saloon performances of the humor- ' ons Dr. Valentine, Mr. Sherman, Miss Thilline, etc. This ( combination of attractions is only paralleled by the crowds of visitors which throng the Museum daily and nightly. ( Of/-THE PERFORMANCES IN PEALE'8 NEW i VORK MUSEUM appear to increase in attraction every i week. Th e manager has engaged three now performers, I who, though unknown to fame in Gotham, rank desei vod- t ly high in reputation. Miss Adair, a young lady whose beauty is not her only recommendation, makes her drhnl -, i she possesses a voice of the utmost sweetness, and is an excellent musician; Mr. Weeks,a celebrated Irish singer, and Master Henry, a most ext-aordinary child, possessing wonderful talent, appear?also. Miss Cecilia ulanchsro, whsae Grecian exercises and beautiful execution on the 1 Musical Glasses, excite universal admira'ion. La I'etiir Cento still remains. Auch an Infinite variety of amusement for one (hilling is aeldom seen (W-THE "TONIC MIXTURE" FOR THE CURE ' of Debility,loss of appetite, weakness in the back and liml-i, palpitations, giddiness in the head,nervousness,and all din- | or- eri arising from an impaired stste of the vital energies, | whether produced by vicious indulgences, or any othe/ cause, is sold by the aatliority of the College of Medicine ( A and Pharmacy, at thp laboratory and principal office, ?7 Naasan atrest. Price $1 per bottle ; half dov.en, (in case,) | W. 8. R1CHARDHON, Agent. . Principal office of the College, 97 Neeaau struct. , MONKV HIAHKKT. baturday, May !4U-0 P. M. The Caledonia, at Boaton, give* u? Ave day i later news from England. The reaael again brought a large amount of specie, of which $949,591 wai entered at the Gustem Houao yesterday. No material change had taken place in commercial affair* generally. In the London diiconnt market the number of provincial bill* lent up for discount had evidently increaaed, but not to affect the rate of money. The buiineaa of the manufacturing district* wa* good, but the large import* of cotton had kept down the price. The circular of a large house remarks :? "The low price* have enabled our manufacturers to dispose of their produce readily. The continental markets are taking the usual quantities, with the exception Of thfl hfttpr tlMArinlinno of voma tuKisih nrn .liA'tmiH nf sale at former prices. America, the Braziis, Portugal and Spain, are in pretty murk the same position towards us as they were in January, little progress having been made towards an improvement. The home trade was better in March and the beginning of April than it is now, but there is no denying that a gradual and stes.dy improvement is going on. We regret that the accounts from the iron districts, the potteries, and the agricultural counties, are not vetol a satisfactory nature. " Nothing shows so much the great changes the cotton trade has undergone, and the immense strides which have been made in it, by new inventions in every department, than the difference of price in some articles of trade, viz. , ?}th Grey cloth, 28 yds., called then Bradford supers, were Rold in the beginning of 1814, at 42s. per piece ; in 1343,'at As. to As. 3d. per piece No 40, muie yarn, was sold in 1816,at 3s. 2d. per lb.; in 1843, at 3d. per lb. Velveteens were sold in 1818, at 4s. 4d. per lb.; in 1843, at Is. 4J. par lb. "It is evident that a fall of prices, of so many pennies per piece or lb. as the above articles declined shillings annually, for a similar period, would bring them down to almost nothing. Our present position is, to sav the least of it, a safer one. Most things seemed to havo arrived in 1843 (we ventured to express this opinion before) st something like a foundation. Fluctuations will no doubt arise from time to time, but they cannot possibly be of the disastrous nature they have proved to be for years past." The weather had been good and everyway encouraging for a largo and prolific crop of grain. In relation to American stocks, there docs not seem to he any improvement. The London Times, in remarking upon the late law of Michigan, making provision for such of its bonds as it has received consideration for, states as follows ' They declared they would pay all for which they had received full consideration, and this we considered to be a covort form of repudiation. By a Detroit paper which has been put into our hands we find that our suspicions were but too well founded, and that the ambiguity being removed, repudiation is manifestly professed. After M>e cilying certain bonds for which provision is made, the Legislature come to certain other bonds of which the United States Bank became possessed, and some of those taken by the Morris Canal and Banking Company, for which they declare they will give new bonds for the amount actually received by the State, besides bonds for interest. This is the declaration of the bill ,as contained in a local paper, and the reason we do not sooner obtain complete accounts of the various acts of the States' Legislatures is, fiat few papers, except from the principal ports and Irom Washington, find their way into this country.? It is now clear that Michigan does not consider itself hound to the amount of its bonds, but only to such amount as it has received, and that it does not recognize the sound principle which rules the whole commerc si world, viz: that the buna fide purchaser has nothing whatever to do with the original consideration. It will scarcely be believed, when we add that the newsps writers of Michigan apeak of this act as a noble ; if the in. tegrity of the people. Our correspondent, who does not s?i tu understand what was lately said about the Pennsyl nian deb', is informed that the dividends due last K ruary and next August are provided lor by the act whicu was described, and that the dividends due last August are already represented by debentures." This view of the case of course is adverse to any suppositions of renewed credit. The following are quotations:?Louisiana 6's, 1843, 60; Maryland ? 6's, 1899, 62} a 63; Massachusetts ? 6's, 1868, 92; Ohio 6's, 1860, 67; United States Bank shares, 16s. The sales at the Board to-dav were to a fair extent and price* about the ?ame?Ohio 6'* ro?e Kentucky ]; Mohawk 1 per cent. Taterion fell i; Harlem ro?e J; 8tonington J. At the New Board there were sales of Illinois at 29]; Delafield bonds 23; Long Island rose ]. There is a reported deficit of $4000 in the specie of the Mechanics Banking Association, stipposed to have occurred; by a miscount, at tho last settlement oi balances. New Orleans funds lal] discount; Mobile is better, say 12 per cent. On the thirteenth day of June next, Messrs M. Thomas tc Son will offer at public sahy all the stocks owned by the State of Pennsylvania. Bilk op State op Mauve Scrip bt Little & Co. op Portland, Mat 10, 1843. Siroo 6 per cen; int ami. 1332, at Auicista, I ner c-nt nrcm 6000 do do 1831. at Bo- tan, k do 3000 do semi-annual, 1B33, do 17**2 }f do 60C0 do do 18 6, do 2tt*'X do 8000 dj do 1831, do 2 1-Um2J4 do 3000 do do I860, at Augusta,?){e3 do 6t00 do do 1832. do 2>?a2X do The tolls on the New York State canals have betn as follows 1943, first 14 days of navigation, $139,376 1842, do do $137,189 In 1842, navigation commenced on the 20th April, and in 1S43 on the 1st May. Statement op the Principal imroats into Canada, by 8eaJ|in 18f2, Compared with those op 1837-38-39-10 and 41 : ? Shipping. Value of Jlriiclm Value From 1 chenct. No.* Tonnage. 'Men. Pay'g *ld of Free Val l>uty. Goods. Great Britain. 491 187,993 7231 ? 1,7u3,660 ?41,841 Ireland, 187 61,331 2417 9,373 23 Guernsey, I 249 9 ? ? Gibraltar, 4 1,24 1 42 ? ? IJ,3/o Ml 3,6 H ? Spain and Portugal, II 3,341 120 410 ? BIPIIt, 1 SOI 31 ? _ Himbl'lh, 2 746 28 2,880 21 AllWflp, 1 427 15 ? _ R'W?! n y 1 45 4 20', _ 159 24'8'9 1126 16,484 15,138 JJr'tiih Weat lidief, 6 2,138 87 850 ? Jo 20 3,467 183 341 ? United State., 53 25.093 903 4,502 5 462 South America. 2 531 21 5,480 ? ImporiiM Owtc, 42 3,283 248 6,515 2 874 Imp ti at.NewCarlulc 51 5.784 316 7 042 5 266 Import!, 1812, 1081 335,3il 13, 68 ?1,761,733 ?70,639 Import'in 1237 lWj 339 253 14 559 1 177 8 6 258,163 ? 18'8 1148 354.651 14 714 1,161,063 178 9<4 ? 1839 1218 388,639 15 806 1,794.716 138 112 ,, 1840 1439 4 6 ,734 18,453 1,876,360 120,642 ,, 1841 1453 472,187 18,580 1,964,090 110,625 Sales at the Stock Exchange. $ 1000 NT.S't 96 25 Btoningtiu RH bl5 29% 6 1000 Citjr5'a, 1858 , 95 V 25 Ka-meta' T>u?t 2.2 5000 Ohio 6 a, 860 86% 85 Mohawk BR 31% 3080 do do 86% 25 do do >3 3'% 3000 do d,? alO R625 do do b30 34% ??2!! i.i- n bI? 25 Ho J? *3 31% J Illinois Bol d* 79% 25 do do blO 34% 19 000 Kentucky Bonda 95 50 do do >30 34% 20jo do do htO 9* ]00 do do *20 34 ^ f!;00, L ,do ",0 W 26 do do bJO 34X o't* ?Uch Bk As,) MX <0 N Jrney Hll 78% Pitof,C?mi!Sr-p 99 1?3 Harlem 11R 21 22 Ohio Life AT.utt 70 25 do do 2 % 50 I ef.iTeite Bk, Ciun. 53 50 do do b30 24% ,'< J,9U,?- I"*. 89 100 Paleraon MR 46% '00 Canton Co 23% 25 do do 1.30 46% ^ d<> ... 21 7S do do 1,30 46% i.) oioumiioD itn mows AO (J) ra. Si Utict ll!t 101 Second Board. 23 thai Bk Com. erirt 91 IOOO Ohio 6's, b 1 B6>? 125 do Harlem KR 2?'4' 2000 d-> do *3 85Ji 3000 Hi te 5'?, I858, hjfl 96 300 tha< L. Is'a-id KR 30 II ihai Pareiaou !IK bJO 46W ,300 d> do 30S MOO Ohio C a, b30 St\ New York Public Stock Kichanft. 2800 N Y 3V'i IEBI ba< MIS IOOO lllin< i?6l, 1870, f'.'S 20n<l Chil 6'., IE60 1.00 d > di do do blO 8SS 25 abas Caulon Co cpl2<'i WHO do do R6>? 50 do do ope !l 000 do do ?li 86 S 30 do Mohawk l(R b>5 35 20 iu do do itw 8h,S 30 do do buw 3> 3000 do do dw 8(1 V 23 do do 3lJ? 1000 do do 86ft 30 do do blO 35ft 1000 HI. f,V7 . lKlafirl.l B 23 23 do i'o nw 33 1000 do do h30 25? 50 do do 3000 t'o do b30 2,'.x 25 do do 31 *4 HOO oo do bill li'6 30 do Look Island I'R l'(\ If(0 K?MockT 6'? OSV 100 do do buw 1000 do do ?nwr 95ft 30 do do uw lit 200'' do do '13 ft 35 Aub & Koch. KK opg 03'* 51.00 d> do alO '.lift 20 AmeuriDti Bank 76 2000 lllii oil 6'?, 1870 , 29.* Second Board. 1000 Illiuoi* 6'(, *70, buw 36'? I .'0 L. bland K It l'ij< 1 on an do rath 30 50 do do b20 30 20(0 do do 3 100 do dt 50ft 330 thai L. bland Kll 53 State of Trade. The new? from abroad did not produce any risible effeel upon the aeveral markets to-day. The pro?pect from a larjjn hat vest is that American produce will not increase Tobacco?Kentucky and Virginia are dull?former at laAccnts. The demand for manufactured haa ceased. 9t. Domingo sold at 10 cts; new crop lor export, 11, ahort [ rice, both 4 mo* ; Virginia stems at Ucta. Wboltbont?Haa advanced. The South Sea noticed, told at M; Northwest Coast, 3S, all cash. Frovitiono?Bales Mass Pork at $10 AO; new Ohio, $9 60; >ld, $S 874 Prime, $7 60; old Prime, $tf f>7); Mew York State Mesa, $8 60; Ohio hard sold torti cants id), rash, Beef Hams, $n ja per 210 lbs; Shoulders, in Iry salt, 3 cents; Smakert Hams, $4 MiJ a $6 lb per 100 bs, Pickled do, 4J a AJ jets; Grease Butter, A); Cheeae lull. Rico? Sales at $0 874 a t'* #94 for fair good. (Y isrrled. On Thursday evening, the 18th instant, by the Rev Mr. Chase, Mr. James K. (iurattsr att, o( Fayetteville, N. Caroline, to Miss F.lit.a N. Humi.k, of this city. Died, Suddenly, on Fliday evening, theTIPth instant, at II a'clock, Mr. Joins Johnsow, a native of F.ngland, aged 41 years. His friends and relatives are respectfully invited to stend his funeral to-morrow afternoon at 2 o cloak, from his late residence, 71 Duane street. On Friday evening, Ifth instant. Rachrl, wife ol faptain Robert hew is, aged 46 years. i he relatives and friends eftlie family arc respectfully nvited to attend the funeral, from h*r '*t*> "' 'deuce. N?. 114 Madison street, u ilhotit further invitation, this (Sun lay) afternoon, at 6 o'clock. Latent Advices -<cujvei< at the yokk W-UiLlt Olflr icjl Antwerp April 25 Macao Feb. 1 Africa March 5 Madras Dec. 24 AnxCayes Feb II Manilla Jan. 22 Aritnrna Maich 16 Mal"Qa lMnrchli Bombay Feb. 3 Mom. video March 19 Batavia Nov. 30 Mara... am April Bermuda May 2 Malar.; May 6 B.uiaire April 9 Mayas tea May I Buenoa Ayrea March 2' Maracaibo March 9 Baliia March 31 Ma tamo'as March 13 Brli/.Cj Hond. April 2 Mexico Mareh28 Bogota Dec. 24 Nassau, N. P. April IS Berbice Feb. 20 Ooorto April 14 Cape Town, C.O.H-Feb. 20 Oahu,S. I. Dee. 25 Canton Jan 30 Pari* May 2 Cienfuegos Arril 15 Portau 1'riuee April 28 Caithagvua Sept. 15 >~once, P. R. April I Chain** Jnly 1 Para April I Callao Set t. 7 Pt-rnamhaco April 2 Calcutta Feb. 27 Hi) de Jaueiro \larch2C Cadiz April II Singapore Dec. 9 Demrrara April 1 Syifciev, N. 8. W.-? Jan * Faval iMarch27 8t. Helena M irch 19 Gibraltar April 24 St. Thomas May 6 Guayaquil Oct. 10 8t. Bart* Jan. 3 Buayama, P. R.- Ma? 4 8t. Jago de Cuba** April 2 ntiaives A|iril I 8t. John*, T. H April 21 (ialveston April 20 St. Croiv May 2 Havre May 2 St. Martha Dec. 2 Hamburg Apiil 20 St. Domingo April 4 Havana May 8 St. John, N. B. May 18 Hayti March 12 Surinam March 18 Halilaz May IT Tampico April 13 Jeremie-* March 3 Tnbaaco Jan. 2# Jacinel April 25 Trinidad de Cuba April 21 Kiugstou, Ja. April 13 Talrahnana Feb. 15 Loudon M.y 3 Valparaiso Jan. i Liverpool Mav 4 VeraCruz April 25 La Guayra April 14 Yucatan April 21 Lima Feb. 10 Zanzibar Jan. 21 Pauengeri Arrived. At Boston?Iu the Steamship Ciledonia, from LiverpoolMr Sutler and sere <nt, M<a Butler, 2 children aid governors, Mr an I Mi>s Lo"rly, Mr and Mis de St Martin, child and s?ivaut, lady Wilson and servtar, Mrs Davidson. Mi>s Jane Hutchrsou, Mrs Hteveuson. Professor and M s rotter, Mr and Mrs Drake, Cidonel and Mrs Farlona and seivant. Miss Bonlion, Mraud Mrs Pembrrtoa, 4-apt Granville, L)r Halph, Jr, Mr D S Robertson and servant Mr H"?ev, 38'h tteg't and servaul, and Messrs Slim son. Francis V Woodhcnsc, Hawaii dc Vahe, Lonmis, Pounde-, K-irzen, Jcha Kingan Joan Rya", (leo Nash, aud ILnry Foi. For H ilifsi?Major Winsate, M-s Wi gste. 3 chii.Meu aid seivant; Lieut and Mrs B?ier. Mr and M s Sharpies, Mr Hoteils"*., Messrs H Wruht, K Wigati L VV'gau, Cuv? ier, T He my, Kdwaid', T C Wi.r, Jordan, H I HuraUlc. T Tout nranis, K L"vi'<*. H Jidina^n. and W |'? t'ifges. From Hal fas to Boston?Mrs C .Idwell, 2 Misses T Inn, Mr and Mrs Bla-'H, Mr and Mis Norris, Mr and Mrs ii* ye , Messrs J Ires, H C Moore, J fllrs, J Charman. Heche, Hodtkimou, Butters, Henry Bnggr, Miss Tobius, seivant. Passsngert Sailed. For A mstkrdam?Ship Minhattan?Wm W Gonell, Iowa Territory; J B Newall, do. Foreign Importations. Livs-rpool,?Shin Floridisn?!0 pipes gin Joel WoT?15 do pet F ll<naid?10 Booner Graves? 30 eki madd-r Meyer A Slicker?30 do A Meyer?108 ten m?rs N Francis?2 do T 8m'th?1 case T He nary Wilkins?1 do Master .Marker? I csoe Herrliver & Meraihirt?iOCO gold piers 20 case mdz 8 Wil. sha?9 mdz T C Zimmerman?I do Meiida It Beuard? 1 cue C H Sand. MAR I T I M E H ERALD. Sailing Days of the Steam Shlpa. una Livr.Rrooi. from amkrios. G. Western, Hosken May 25 Caledonia, Lott Joue 1 Ac.dii, Hyrie May 19 June It Britannia, Tl-witt June 4 July 1 Paslzeta to Arrive. Packets to Hall. FROM LIVERPOOL. FOR LIVERPOOL. Shi li Allep May 1 Sheridan, Cornish, May 25 Hottiugu r, May 5 Columbus,Cole, Juue i Montezuma, Lowbei. May 7 G. Washinton. , June 7 FROM PORTSMOUTH. FOR roRTSMOUTH. 8uebec, Helard, April 10 Gladiator, Britlon, May 20 . Hudson, Moore, May 1 Mesia'or, Champlin, June 1 FHOM HAVRE. FOR HAVRE Argo, A hony. Ap'il24 LouisPhilippe,Cutoff, May 14 Franc ^t, Aim worth, Mayl St. Nicolas, Pell, Juue 1 Ship raster* and Agent*. teem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give .. . n. . , ... UWI 1VHI r irci, n neft At I he Port whence (hey tailed, the Vc?! Passage, a Lilt of their Cargo, and auv b .1 or Newt they may hare, lie will board ii- alely on their arrival. Agents and CorIWMkdr M or abroad, will alio coufer a favor by er.diUR to Um Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. NanUcal Information of any hind will be thankfully received. I'OKT OP NRW YORK, MAY 91 irw 4 40 i moos rises 12 38 It'!* SET! 7 13 i HlflH WATER 2 20 Cl?ar?d. Ship* Minerva, Brown, Baltimore. L Brown k Co.; Glaaialor, Brittou, London, Orin?eIt, Min'u.u It Co: Manhattau.'Arthonde, Amiterdam, Pfieffen k Wi atnan; Howard, (Hamb) Panlion, Ham burg, 8c nnidt h Balchcu; M ry Allen. Dearborn, Boiton, Carv b Co; Barque Princeton, Houehton, Jamn Hi?er, Jno Klwell kCo.?Brie* Alford, Mainn. Havana; Ariel, Biahn. B emrn, Oelrich, b Krug r; FianUm, Burger. Plym< u'h, N8. H H -riland: Sullivan, Brown, Charlettou, SC. O Bu aley: K W Brown, Kelly. Port Leon aud Key Weil, John Norton Jr; Cnmber'ai.d, Loch, NLouHon Neemith, Leedi k ( o; Jtffeiton, Dyer, Harbor; Grace, N F Nrimith.'Lecde kCo Schr* Tioga Trier, Savannah. John Oird^n: Van Buren, Story. N Bedford, Neanuth, Lreda hCo; Mary Walker. Thermo, Mobi'e; C C Zabrirki-. Peteraoo, M -tamn ir, J O/Heu; Centuriou, Carter, Bangor, Me, Buck b Benaor-; Mary Walker, Thome, Mobile. Arrived, Snip Mississippi, Milliard, from Liverpool, April 27, witli 2600 aacka salt to K K Collina b Co. Ship Kloridian, Wrn Pratt, Iro n Rotrerdim, wiih gin, madI Her, he. to Joel Wolf. Left brig Atkine, repairing; barq it MUM,.K| lui L<> ? !? >. ileum) Airrrrm nil'fi. lucon|i.uV witn ship Catherine Jackson, for Baltimore?80 rleerage pasa me tbrig Union, Mitrhiil, f om Lacuna, Arril 23. with iOOAqtls lozwo-d. to Howlatid It Aspinwall. Left h-rm brig Com Hall, Small, of Boston, disc; ?chr William. B iker, l-ft on the 18l)i to- Tobascn, 13 load for llavaua; Brachr Mary Russell, Turnboll, bnnuil to Cork fo' ortlen, would aail about the Jith; Br hiiga Hebe, Shetland, d> do iu all the mouth; lilting ban? [Capt Howell died April 15.1 Dutch briic St Petersburg, Whitman, from St Petersburg, aud 36 days from Coik, with hemp to E Kirdler. Brig Charlotte. McClellan1, 15 davs from Matanzss. with 350 hhds auirar to F O Thnrater and 80,000 oraugea to matter. Schr John Coolev, Kldridge, Button, mdse. Schr Cornelia, Davis, Boston, md;e. Sailed. From the Quarantine yes erday morning?barqo > Ann l.nuisa, VeraCruz; brig Overman, Poure, PR. The packet ship Columbus it at anchor iu the North River General Record, Commrrcc or Qukbi.c.?The total number of arrivals up to the !6rh lust, si cr the opening ef navigation, is 154. Last year r.t the tame period it wss oulv 31. Short Passaoc?The ?h't> Thkmis, Captain (".has Brown, left the Mississippi Bar on llis 4th March, (or Liverpool, discharged 3144 bal-s of cotton, and took in 460 tr us of coal, and 100 i, us ol gords cud iron, aud srrivrd in St. Je hu on the 13th itist ?I till* the whole srvage in s? verity three dsys ! This it ctita'nlv unprecedented dispatch and creditable both to the ma iit and the ship Wricks?Svdi*f.v, M v 5?A slop from England for Quebec. wss castaway at St. Pan,'a, C. B. about 2,1 mat, cargo vaImdjat a boo t ?40 000, to'al loss?crew tared?4l?o a ili n from tJreat Bnraiu, with e< *1 Tor Quebec, autik iu the ice off lit P^ul'e, C B?oew aaaed. 1 lie kmilt, from Bariington, brought up aome of theeiew of the oriK pn vioualy reported a.hore at Bacceio, Adeline, out 28 daya. Ea?t Michui. May 13?Launched from the ahip yard of M a-ra llarmona.a fine copper faat-u-d brig of 225 tona, called the 'Lowell,'owued by Hon. J A Lowell. Whalemen. Nr.* Lomicn, may 15?Arr Palladium, Preutia, Croztttea I6lh Krh. bt Hel'ai 27th March?'St'O bblaoil, 10.580 Ibe hone. Spoke Ian I9'h, Fh<u i>t, Hlatr, NL 9 0 wh400 at ; 20ih Canrt-ce. Reed, do 5 wlia; 2oth Helcyon., d > 5 win; Keb 8th, Nfptune, U'eene do II wha: hear I froin Nnv lat. Charlea Henry, Jeffre*, do 7 wha: ll'h, Johu & Ehr.sbeih, do>wha;2llh. Aruiuta, H.ill,' o 7)0 wh 158 ap:l7th, TenoJra, Cheater, do 3 wha. Uroke r'eb3d, Lamilua, Bag'r; 3 wha HearJ from Jan II. 'I i 'or, do 1 wh; i8,h, Oem, do 8 wha; 19th. Portland, do for NWC.8 wha; Feb 5 Nimrcd, do 10 wha. Hea'd fr^m J n lltb, Alci ope, S?K'r, I wb; 88th, Draper, Lawt< n, NB,750 wh; 3lat, benelon, Hathaway dnlwhi Heard Irom Jan 2lat Tuacatora. White, CS, 11,00 wn; Iau27th, CoL'Rreaa, Lea'er.Mratie, 10 wha. Hooke Keb I. Delta, G'oort, 11 wha; 5th, heard from Albion K'n. 9 wha; Nny lltli, Mercury, 8'n, 5 it w h, ? ap. Kiioahtowiv, May 17?Sid Daniel Webater, St rbudk, Pacific O ean. Maw Bbdvobd, Miy 18?Lid Brandt. Samnaon. Mnn>h He.. Arr lit rxiutucket 17tli 1 >?t, Penobic t, Carr, Atlantic Oc-an, 100 b ap-rm oil. Spoke, Jan. 17, lat 36 29 >S long 16. "0,W. Canton, Rip ey, Neat Bedford. 66 di out. elean; Feb 38. lat 6 36 A loiiit 16 w. Tyleston, Brown, Nantucket, 120 b *; March 2 lat 3> 30 !l, louv 16 10 W. Icnogene, Hiuiell. Boston, 500; Brunei e, I tice, F'lmmith, llth. lat 36 30. lone 72 30, Vv. La g suge, Lamb it, Msitapoisctl, 16 dayi out, clean. Notice to Mariners. Th (lovemment of the Duchy ol Oldenburg hive ' determined toe<-mm?noe, in the courar r.f next moicli, mirk- ' ing the channel <,f the Hirer Jahde with bu iv?, and to ar. id miit'kri, lure pro?t ionilly notified ' 1 That hacuteimoat buoy, on enuring tha lirrr on the j left, according to the B lien chart, n to be p'aced 8 8 ? of 1 ti e Wrier Schluiiel ( Kay ) Buov.aud Ihat ti e northern point ! i f the long h >al oe marked with a buoy, pviutcd black and w hi e, in leryentin- licea: aiiilt plate fii'd on an eminence, b? .line ih- iusciiption, "Jahde.'* ' 2 Tli ppo-ite point? f the Long Shoal at the H W. of ill? 1 Wrier light- hip. at the Middle Shoal, will be niarked with ' twoo duacy t uoya, p-iuted hi tck and whip , aliiped. ' 3. AH other bu >ya placed to the right on entering the river aie to he iiainteu b(aca,aud oiighl, ai much ai possible, to be ke( t on the it uhoard ii le hv ii.w ird bound vei'ei i. It ii alio to he olnerved that all the buoya will b.' lai I dowu introm 4 to t 6f-etwrter. I After a final revision, and the verification of the b raring*, | more Rpecific information of ihe course to be iteered, and the i depih of the chanuel, will be | uhliihed. t Dated Butterwiek, of Minirn, in the (irand Duchy of Olden- t tin it, Apill 19 1813, and ligned Berg D innenberg. i Ann'17? I he buoi a placed at ti?e eutranc* cf our | liarh if, which wer?. bj the heavy a'orm of ihe d?y be'ore yen- i terday, tor f m their rui cctive lituiiiom, have to-day been ; i eplaced a? before. Bpokatti Lender, 8 n am ah for Liverpool, 32 dayi ont, io the Chin- I net?by the Caledonia, at Bo.ton. Kntlamia Nightingale, Liveipiol. for Valparaiso, 66 dayi I out. M ?nh 26, lat 21 J, Irn 33 10, W?by the Penubtcott at Nan- t tueket ii Tiniuin, Moody, Havre for Mebile, May 6, 23 dayi out, lat i 26 13 N, Ion 61 W?by thname. t Clio, Marwich, Portland, for Writ Indie*, May It, lat 38, i loll 78 20?bv the brunlU at B rtlnn. c Albert, H'lnlci, Boston, lor St. Jago, 5 dayi oat, off NaL- I tm ket stieal?by the Chief, at Boitun r Louiii, Bremen, fur Baltimore, May 17?Sandy Hook, W r N W 60 inilea. c K.dwm.of Warren, for NOrlean, aa.l 8a i la, of Boiton, for Havana, off Double Headed Sh it Keyi. r Foreign Porta. 1 Apitwf.uv, Aor 27?ArT Manchester, Jarman, St Domingo. H Astwrrp. Apr 26?Sid Duneau, Putn .m, NOrleaui; 29th, M A'.uiiirod. Howard, Fluihmg. , Amrtr ansli, Apr 28?The F,meli? 9nphi? from Havana for Pelt raliurg, hu pnt into the New Die|i very It aky anu cooai- |, , e'ahlv da-caved, and nrust dtirha'ge to rep i'. n . vu VI. . s?a .. ii.;.u TV..-- w ? i .... .. tiv.-, i m>i iiiiiiic, (oiiod, lor 1 Qurbrc. linRPFAi i, Apt 2t?Arr Virginia, B tier, Charlratnn. Kid Cnha. Hlanchirn, Work. Br nr. April 30?A headboard, mirked " Kobt Watt," iu Kilt ^ let er?. hia been picked op ne'r here At Bordkaui. Apr 24?Willirm, Jenkins Charleiton. Clyde, A pr 29?Sid Snperb, Hamilton, N York; 3 th, Kmc i, lirrvr PNtOC . | CopK^HAotft, Apr 19?An Kortona, Neilann, Chaileiton. I t;*RDirr, M ir I?did Uianrnd, Viwland, Baltimore. At t?>e IIlvkk, May I?Calafoinia, A old, t ha Ictton. . Ai CorMHtuta, Apr 21?Creole, Mnler, Charleston. , Off linn A"r 30? Bolton, IVnlon, MOrleant; fib, tlj 8t i Oetirye, Hay. NY rk. At< pihavrit. Apr 26?Oak, Howea, NOrleam; S7lli, Kortan*. Atthrr, N York. At ConaTAitTiiforLt.lApr ! ? Delplim, Burcliard, Kin dr I Jac aim. I Deal, Apr >1?An Koiabella, Knbbini, London, (and aid for BoaaiB); Philera, Baiter. Philad: Edwin*, Weat, NYnrlt fnT Bremer; C< m re. do for AfoaVtrl i" At DbaL, Miy 1?M?U. Anderson, Chatlra'ou loi Copenhagen; Jacob, Copenhagen for Rio Jaoeiro; Norma, liambi re for Havana. Doraa, Apr ?t>?NYorW. for Amsterdam. Dvmokk, Apr 26?Sid Flora, Inglis, NYork. Ptrrrr Apr 22? S.uthpnrt, Herbert. NOrleana. At the KL?t, Apr 2*?Oak, Howe*, NOrleana. At Flushihg, Apr27?Creele, Brys?n. Bneuo-Ayrea. (iiniLiiK Apr 19?Arr Uardanrp Bclago'o, Genua, and * <1 for N Vork; 17th, aid Janet, Banner, NOrleana. OBtcnora, Apr 28?Hid Superb, Hamilton. NYork. , Havaa. Apr 27?Arr Emerald. Howe, NYork; Great Britain. Proal, Mobile; JOtli. Kubicon, Thompson, NOrleana Bid 30tb, Cotton Planter, NYork. At Hamburg, Ap' 5t,-Catherine, Wr*?e'?, Matsnias: 27th, Daniatcna, Chaae, NOrleana; 2?tli Wa?e, Wa'ea. NB.dford. HaMiujariH. Apr 21? Arr Huntrri*. Lovett, NYork. Helvoat, Apr 26?Arr Arerou, Jordan, NOileai a. At htltof.t, Apr 29? Kronpriussesseu, 8c hi or, Virgin;'. Halifai. May 10?I Id Maitlanrt. Brown. Kaitnooth. Jam. Arr 9'h, Helena. Kelly, NYoik; 13th, Wolija, Brown, I-adit; 15th, Fanny, Willi. Connote. May 3?Entered outward, H?ndrick Hndain, M"o e, NYork; Ontario, Hradiah, do; Hoaereten, kinch. do. LltKBrAOL, Apr 30?Arr Adrian n*via NtlrlMiio Rob Nov Varsh Charleston; v*y l-t. 8eve'rn, Dritcoll. Savannah; 30th, Mary Campbell, Bergei, Mobile; May 3 Harkaway, Nicholaon. NOrleana. Bid 29'h, Virginian, Eaton, NYork; Jat Edward, Webater, N'Orlean.; Marathon, Brown, Charlaatou; Cvbolle, Fiekett, Mrtsnzsa; St Andrew. Stover, and U Sratea. Dec-n, NVork; 30rh, Hebrew. Carr, 8: Marks; (Viiimbo, Walta, Vera Cruz; May 1st, Tuibo, Beauchamn, Boston; Deademona, Clarke, N Or|e-ne;ind, Tremont, Taylor, Cl.arleiton; Virgiuiau, Allen; Broth-rs, Darnel; filasvow, Limhcit, and Excel, ttherwood. NYork; 3rii Hy Pratt. Fmrfowl, do. CM 30'h Frai.rnnia, Crmbtree, Savannah; May 3, Hargiave. Barley, NYork: I.aac Allenon, NOrleana Loading4tb, Va Packet, Brazier; Pa!mvra, Bamnscii; J C>rver, Pendleton, nod Cyrua, Currier, for Bnaton; Dunbarlou.for City Point; St Petersburg, for NOrleana; Levant. Whittlesey; Htbernia. Burring; Montezuma; Horgrave; Bialnw; Shelf apeare; Hottingner; Vio'a; Maaaachuartta, aud Carroll of Carr >llron, lor NYork; Jno Dunlin, and Solon, for Pliilad; Clyde, Theobald, Richmond; 3rd, Alexander, Johnaton, Jamaica; Ctrieflou, Sumpton, Quebec; John Beutley, Drabrow, St John, NB. Advertised. Piiffolk, Hoc;,-ja, NOrlaens. Msy 6; Isa'c Allerton, Torey, do Stli; Tnrer, Cooke, do. wirb desp.tch; liegnlut, Thompson do do: Thomas B-' uett. Hi'aey. I ha-'eaton, do; George Skollield, Skolfield, B iltimore, do; John Dunlap. Clioate. Ph i rd-iphia, M-v B; Sh-naii'lonh, Weat, do. 20lh; J hu Carver, rendl-ron. Boston, 7th: C' rttr, Carver, do 12'h; P Itnyv, Simpson. do, 7th; Vanda'U. Wes'on, d >. to succeed tli? Pdinyia; Virginia racket, B-auchimp, do 6lh; a earner Acadi-, Pvie, do, Pith; Levant, Whittles-y. NYork, May J; Carroll of Carrollcm, Hi d, ilo. 16th; Viola, Jameson, do 13t>a( Libery, Norton do, 10th or 12th; Hiherui", Burning, iro.^th; Moutr xuma, l.owber, do, 7th; Roscius, Col'rna, do. 13th: Europe, Fn ber, do, 19th: Intl-pendeBCC, Nye, da, 2J'li; Hottinguer, Bnra l-y. do. .'.th; Shakareare. Miner, do. uac; Cornelia. H ranch, do; And ew Scott. Emery, do, with dispatck; Kentucky, il> gera, to take the place of the Lacocit! LixaaD, Apr 27?Off, Niagara, Scnddcr, from Boston for LoLdon. Liauotv, Apr???Arr Morrdi, Matthews, NYork. Sid 21st, Snn. Hyder, St Thomas. LoRDottntutT, Apr 26?P-ovmcialiat. Wilson. Pliilad. Lonponnp.Rar. Apr 26?Sid Homer, Drinkw.ater, NYork. Marseilles, Apr ?2? Sid Aplh< rp, Blake, NO 'e ui. Marseilles. Anr 26? SM WmTcll (loauer, NOileaut. Votherhaive, May 1?S d Quebec Hebard. NYoik Momtreai . Mry 16?Arr Montefie ?a, Diiffil, London; I7lli, Lady Season. Tcmperlv. ilo; Ellison, Hare Marseilles. NEwroBT. Apr 29?C'dChetl?h, Lock, NYork. Portsmouth, Api 31?Arr Quebec, Hebard, from Loudon for NYork, and aid >st. In Portlabd Roads, no date, Duncan, Putnam, NOrlcaus, for Antwerp; Kdwa d, Uulkley, N York for Hamburg. Querec, Slay H?Arr Coentess of Durham. Kellv; Truaty, Aylwin: Pua-y Hall. Ware; Pe rl. DfUglai; Oienlyon, Vuuhead; Mcnlefiort s. DulTitt; Lord Staide". Edey; Don, Thoinpson; Prince, I nmsdeu; Coun'ess rf Duihtin, Hogg; Centurtan, Hcprenstall; Jamea Hairis, Pasc; VJnd uuled Primrose; Cerrops, Dnrre*I; Lad Season, Temperley: Edmond, Terrv; Waterhen, Mevrrs; Dalia. Dodds; MarmioD. Harris.:n; Bririslr Tar. Ke > a-r; Stately Br wn, Iroin Loi don; Baron, Hall, H ittlepool; Scobi d L'all: Friendiliic. Nicnll; Susan, Mills; Biddell, Pa'tcraon; Loril Bronhsm, Peacock, from Newcastle; J.lie Black, G "nan; China. Jones, from Limriiek; Jumesdt Vary Simiott, Connor, Ncwpon^lowa, Yoiiinr, Hull; Robert Me William, McDonald Abe'deen; St-rindr p. W.lker: King William, Lode; Spring. Chambers; Itriiiah Quern, Wood, froin Sunderland; Tottenham, Brown, New Ross; Sovereign, BioomUt ad; G od In'ent, Wilhurn; Mir e'e; Auckland. William; Cauida, Adims, from Liverpeol; Ren'rewshi'g, Burnt; Jessie Oreiy, Oreig, lrmn Leith; Tiautir, Ferguston, Whitehaven; Niger, Wooduiff, B irdeaux; Glory. Armairong, Lvnn; Ellison Marseille1: Pomona. Bevendue. Alio>: <l?orue flnil. I fotd,0?oifi"lil, Portsmouth: Apollo, Walker, Dnnkte; Wolfa f.nve Pye, Bristol; Kldoa, Moon,G'.nucester. Dahlia, Hooper, Plymou.h; Ang'ican a, Chrk, Pool; Empress, Sttutt, Bordeaux. Haoued Island, May 1?Air, John Gilpin, Smith, NOrKtde. IW. Apr 20?Arr Quebre,'Heb?>d, NYork. St. John, N B, May 9.?Arr S?rih Ann, For une; Tliemii, Biown; Speculation. Ptarinn; Piiucesa, Vang lien; Triton, Waluin. Liverpool; Vanguard, CarJ: Paragon, *< 11 ?r? Lnndou, Ord. *-anlerion. P>rt G asgow; Hirnany, Muir, Troon: Koainua,, Dund'e; Peggv, Smth. Cnba: Am, Martin, Snudrrlaiid; Tsgus, Tin?inou'.h, I'hes'er; PI Vevius, Chute, Bait more; Eliza Jane, Rvaita, Boston; t.adw Car line, Leadb-a'er, Lo> dan; Harp, McManu, St Thoniis; Con.mercial, IlendersoB, Bordeaux; Ho cuius, Cirgill, Newrv; Globe, Philadelphia; u no'lauds, Johtsou, do; Specolator, Peaiaon, Liverpool. Cld, Charlotte, Andrwa, Loudon; Fair Acadian, Lo uiman. Liverpool; J2'h. Pekin, S'ewatt, London; KHerslie, Harvey. Liverpool; Mary Aun, Saundera, Cork; I3ih, Wilaon, I Jordan, Hull; Britiah Queen, Dudne, Cork: Thomaa R well, Robettaon, London; Marv J ne, Hrearing, Philadelphia; 1Mb, Forager, Slrighiholm, Hull; Palmtia'.-n, Coaler, Liverpool. St John, N. F. April 13? Zerhtr, Hickman, New York I9lh, cld for 8' dney. N8. At Shields. Apr 30? Philena, Baxter, Philadelphia; 29'h the L'lo'a. Hopkiua, arr here :u ballast, will load lor the United States STKoMvEaa, Apr 23?Ramaiaa Victoria, Woodbury, 8t Pe teraburg lor Boaton, repairing. 'I iukbtk, Apr 15?Sid Ark, Adama. Smyrna. At the Texel, Apr 75?Paragon. Curtil. R<tavia. Yarmouth, NB, Maa 1?Arr, Hannah, White, Boaton, llomr. forta, Bath, May 17th?SIJ, Samuel N Gott, Given, Goadaloupe. P.astport, May ii?Arr Amnraut, Thornton, New York; 12th, Mine. vi, (Hi) Donaldson, St. Andiewa for Jamaica; I7:h, Crato'. Mj-o, N York S'd, 12 h. Minerva, Jamaica: nth, Klizibeth, Porter, Barbadoea; Lathe,- Kli/. i, Rice, Wilmington, Del. Portland, Muy 17?Arr Governor Robbioa. Kren. New Orleans. Boston, May 19?Arr Caledonia. (>) Lott, L'pnnl; Leungton, UickDian; Sui ?ii, Pittee; Oraua. Jordan, N Orleans, Par vevor, Trowrrgv; Escort, Brvant; Knby, Carlton, and Ella, Wlielden, Philad; Jsne Si Barbara, Colteao, Bristol, Eur; Kubicon, Litrbfirl >, Washi_ gtnn. NC; Dtusiili, Jinks. Richmorn); Albion, Belcher,Fred:rick'bnrg; Amanda Ophelia,Bee be, Stonington; rChief, Creesy, Mobile: Levant, A'eiatnler, Al iaail. Grant, Fran fort; Rodney, [newl Whittrn, Kiuttsiou; Austin, Perkins, Am Cayrs: Pern, [of Waldobroj Oram, M.i'inzas; Jane Yates, Yates, Wilmington, NC. Old, Cambridge, Wrshluru, Msnsanilla; Casco, Wym's, Pictou.N S; Vio'a, Lene, 8' Thomas aud a market; Marblehead, Pitman do via Mublehtad: Peru, Boiler, >Orleans; Chem mus.Ctuch Newhurypnrt; 8ptcndid, Ciowell. NYork. Providence May 19.?Arr Ollio, Hardv, N Orleans; Geo Wailiiugtou. Charleston; Frednnia, Poller, Bangor: Gem, P'sbrow, Albany;Proof Glass, Blydenbu k. New York. Sid, G'zelle. Alleu, N Orleans; Orr?? Taft,'t, Charleston; Siroc, Osborn, aastport; Lewis 8pic-r, Mutt, Ui.pahaanock; Marv. Howland, Baltrti ore; Amy W Leeds, Kudinott, Philade||his; Amanda, Niekcrion, A'bauj; Providence, Brown, Moses Eddy, Bhven; Midas, Dennis, and Jos 1, Ling, Hawkins N York. Hartford, Mar llth??|d, Mary Elizabeth, S'rickland, Albany. (I Albsisy, May, 19?Wea'ern, Daily, NYork f Id Union. Dillitw, Nantu kel; Celesta, Wright, NHavcn; Tauti'y, Chipmen. do. I'HtLAiitLrHiA, May 20 ?Arr Stephen Writtht, Bell, Newcastle. Esprrtf nred very severe weather during tne lavage, witharonti u ?l i ttcces: ion of bead winds ai d gales Thos. P.( o>e, Mi-rcsen, Liverpool; Delii Files, Nt'r'eatu; Er> gar, Woos'er, N Yi rk: Horatio Ames, .-audlord, N York; Re i Rbl cm, Hvrvee, NYo-k; D, M. MeSS*-ole, Vonn", NYork; K. 'I'omli i. Tomliu, York: Lonisi, 11 rover, NYork; John Clark, Collins. NYork ; Hchnyl'ill, Syrnmes, Wtlniinalon, NC. : John M'Crea, Otifford G.-aad i'aiiloo, La ; Dims, Small, Hslem, Mci. t Calcutta, St elmm, Bo-tor, Weymouth. Crcu' I-, May's Lording; Holder Borleu, Bahir, Previdence, rra W i'miuctou, Delaware. From the Philadelphia ami Headicg Railroad wharves at Richmond May 7tn. Robert Wain. Scars, Bostoo ; I8di, Flouucer, Norris, Sandwich; Hornet, Padd'eford. Providence. ? Inn, Sleight. NYr rk SEVENTH WARD.?The in. mhos of the Seventh Ward Democritic litpnhlicau Tvler Committee, are requested lo ait lid a puidic meeting of the committee on Monday K veiling, itld insL at right o'clock, at TFLER HALL. Erst Broadwa< toro-op-rate with the other wardi in making atrang iri ii'? ftir fhn ruapiiuoanf Ppa?hI?h? Tul? ! ??.? g?i??v way to the rrlrbi-ttinu of the ramp'etion of *h B >uker Hill Mm ninrnt. I'ETER SMITH, Preeident. Pt.t?.h <J. Fhikpf. Jr. Secretary. m 21 2i*rn PHCENIX HOTEL, HOBOKEN. THE anhac ther, 'ormerly ef ihe WmhinEfnu HoU'r, Hoboben, iri|ifi' fully inform* h?* triendi and the public, rhat (he hts liken the (bare named lintel, and aewly formatted the NM throufonu'. ar.d ihat it it now open f >r umimtnoi*! permanent at d tranaieut board-ta It it pteaaautly aittiated, taithiu one triioutrt walk from the ferry, where the boat! tun erenr twenty minntes. It ii rarticnlarly deairable aa aautemer reudence, enabling gentlemen to attend to their hntineaa in the city with the aatne facility aa if ther rt-aided there The l.irder will be wall fnrniahed, and e?ary effort made for the comfort and! cmirr turner of th>-ae periom vt ho may f'vor her Witn their l>a tiimge. Terma moderate, in 21-J in niH8 M. SWEENY OHIO LAND FOR SALE. THE -ahte rifrr ' ff'tt f ?nr tracts ( I for siie. each I **oiit ioiiiK 2()<> ncr?*s, Jviua iti KraHin eonnty, and ~.r i- t .i - / ' if vl>iv,nui>ni i nr lime lltllll Mir IOWI1IM W u TO ' IT gltlll, AIl'l elereu from Columbna, thr capi-al of tor 8im Thry an- c< rered iiiih cu t t mb-r, lur utiimprored. Tint nut nf ihr Eomtryhaa ?? n luuc aetlled ami it u beliryeil the timber, n ht n i in. con'il br aold lo artvintake in Worth'uglon. The aim all lrv< I ami of a good foil, ami not more than a quarter .fa iri'c Irom ih ioeiI leading from W-irtliiDgton to Oiaujolr. Tlir'racia will ba tolil frparatoly or t rgelhrr, auil a n?t>iitnl Ilia Irom the Uuitrd Sutra giren, erauird more than <0 yrara : 1*0. In Older to laee ihe eipe'ae orpoata*e, thoae dean ua of , Mmii Mr lull line I lliat tb? prirr will b- ail dollara per acre, II Hi er payinrnta bearing interest, or seem do lata in atx piymm a wjihont ittcrtat. JA MKS HAMILTO-V ral'-Ji*re Carlisle. IViiutylvaoii. WOHD WITH YOU, KAIHILAD Y.?Yonr hair is comlutiut. Krery timr you coinn it von loar a hvillul In i for ni,ht's time yon will I e orarly?ray/don't I own, I only ipeak thr r utli?you will be nearly bald! What do >on use? 1 Bras Oil! I thnuthr ao! Y->u might as well nse so mnch but- 1 er. Try Jaynr a Hair Tonie, and yi n wtl'.acarerly looaa ano- ' her hair. Its r> oily atimulatiag priority will lenew these- 1 ion oft le now d imam aeuela or the icalp, the peiapiratii-o io urerf?aiy !o a haalthv atat? of the hair, will >gaine<ude rre'y Irom'he |Nina, ami within three in< ntha you will bare wo li UI? lor ei'rrv one i on hava imw lo-t m 21-ltia*r THE Hwoid anit ended by a bair over the head of the tyrant i I of Hvariiir, ia typical of the fate impending oyer thoni?nila mi thr abape of Count naption. Thr hard dry cone thr I tyeri d h lud, thr rye prrternnurally bnaht, the flushed cheek ? -th?ar are thr signs that mark ihe approach ol the dratrnyer ? II...I.. >1 '.iff I ,k... .... 1 i ?.? ivn ."mini jn paruy. II t nay ha 'hat hut a brif f nm? it !? ?t you to ckooae between life .nildeih. lira tite not a moment?fly tu that sure kg unit Conaumptioii?Javne'a fcipe toraot. If diaeaae hat 101 already perforated you' Innga, it ihoae dreadful ulcera, that j 10 human art rati he il, hive tot a I e d v loimel there, your t 11 r la certain That invaluable medicine hna uever bctn p mown to fail when la!.en in time. Procure it at ouce?to inor- a ow may be too late. If you doubt,tread the teatim.uiala of the ( una it haa varnnaht.and i' you are anil akent'cal aa to ita rffi:iry, ycu mutt b? more incredulnua than Thomaa. Dr Jarue'aHair Totic, Ki lermrant Vermifuge and Car- I indicative Balaam, are laid at wholeaale and retail by the p aeuta, A.B St D San la, Druggiata, No. 79 Fulton at. cortier if (told. 77 Katt Broad wav;77J ? oadway. in 21-1. i r r HELMONT HOUSE, NEW BRIGHTON. , PHK inbacriher heya leave to inform hit frienda aid the puh 1 lie, that he haa I tken the above well known hou.e, winch aa hern thoroughly repaired and painted in the beat maainr r, 1 ir wly Inrnuhed thionxhout, an I will be opened on the lirat of '"l\ie rlonae la delightfully allotted immediately oppoaite the l' teamboat landing, tad from ita niax^aa eoininandi a view ei- *' ending up the Kilts aud ovor the bay and harbour of New *' fork. To ihoae deairout of a plraaanl reaidauce during the iiinm-r innntht, poaaeaaing 'he a.lvantagea of An# aalt watn a'.hiiK, toitethei with bvautilul drives au<l walks, anil conve lieut access (r the city ewry two hours by steam, the Belmont donee offers inducements unsurpassed by any other on the Is- a slid, and the subscriber tinsts tlixt Ins former efforts 10 give J ntis'aetion as proprietor of the Pavilion, with his renewe<l deermiuatinn to spare do pams to reuiUr his honae nareeabl", nil ensure him the cna'innatiou of a portion of the pUrouaxc * e has heretol'oie been favored with. OEOHOB fIKKIS, Ni w BniiiHToa, April 12, !Ht *p'lutfi | A UD?6 bbls prime Leal i.ard. lor sale by . Lt r *. COLLINS h CO ???* M Month street. , ATTfTTON 8AT.r'^ ' TB?^LL iBUru IfoijU Jnn a rag lit fuUon rk . t MO.ndaV. At 10^ oVloeh, at the i?le* room Large Sale of P.auo Korlee. Minlc tttoola, Painting, ke"T Compnainr 9 aupa-rb maewood and mahogany lew and ?e'Ona hand i iano fortea, by the he?r miltera in ihe wor'd. Stoddard, Wor eater k Uu> ham, Nutmi, ohichering. Meacham, Barmore'a ntemiani, K?arnig, Brigga, ke., fnriniog the beat catalogue offrrtd for yeara. Alio, 10 uimic stoola, manufaeturet'e materiala and rariouf other articles in the line. ALo, 37 rpleudid original paiutingi, a 'lunnlity of elegant umit a re. 4 w TUtthDAT. ? . At 10* o'clock. in the idea room. Larire Sale of Drv II.I..... -,..i ,,i.,i?..i clrs cutlery,jewelry guns, hardware, Sic Also, in conlioualiou, the stock of * wholr sale and retail drr go d< store, iulois lo suit families and oilier*. Docks?Alto, 800 volumes novels, romances, talet, history, Itc forming a small circuiting l.hraiy WEDNESDAY, At I9)< o'cloch iu the silea room. Lirgt tale of elegaulfurm urc of a'l descri) 'lions. THURSDAY. At 10H o'clock in the salet inoin. Oentlemeu's seasonable Clothing?A large and elegant aaso-tineut of wearing apparel, tunable for the aeasoD, and made in beat and moat faaTiionable manner UTANTS a aituation at wet nuite by a healthy young * * American woman Can he well recommended. Alto, want* a place for a child to be nursed out. Anv cumin and* left at 81 Newatreet will be punctually atUndrd to in 19 3'.*ec WA^TIlD-Bf a youug lidy. a situation aa teacher in a ? seminary, or governess to a few pupils. A uote addreaaed to W. at this office, stating where uu iulervie w may he had, wi'l he a'tendeil te in 18I'm WAN l ED?CHEAP Jt ?1M Y, No. r>l (iiand at, wan'a to inform country merchants, city relailiera. pcdlera, and all peraona requiring 11jut- quantiti'sof thread and needle articlea, poola cotton, coiii'oeh >uttn;is, knitting cotton, ahoe and roraet Ucca, hosivy, glcvva, tdg iws, laces, ai It and cotton fancy netta, lie, with a great vaiictV of aatliiK, thai he ia selling by wholes It or retail,cheaps r Ihai. .ana othav atote in the city,and no advantage 'alien ot perrons eoinmeucing a retail busun as,or not acquainted with the value oiart!' ca. N. U?All articlea wanenled ?s reapre-enfed or the troney re turned. JAMhlt 8UYDAM. m!5 tit*r 2SI <fraud at. cor Forsyth. MCSIO WANTED?A tiu.Ur, prnmn rrand Fprr, for 'he Uni ed States ship Ssialoga, apply immediately at the Nival Rendezvous Weler _ MMt*T HANDSOME APaRTMENTS, in Houston street, near llroadwcy to Irf, to gentlemen, with hie iklast and tea, or ful* board, if reqnired. Hefrre ce- f( q -ircd. Ei quire at the bar t Niblo'a Garden, or ?.t the liuus--, 4II iloujlou atieel. mj|-lm*ec BOARD IN A I w1VATK KAV1lt,ir? A single ggDtleman can be vccoreuioilaled with hoard and a genteelly furnished K'otaant room, on rh second H >or. Apply at If Lispcuird at. efereccc* ?echauged. N. B ?A high y liniih-d, l.rilli nt toned piano fort?. for sale as above, at a p o-e tench >" ' c iia vain- m!9 8ti? *re Pl.AYlNti i Alt l/5?Au -s? iriui'nl ol 'he vanoiia kiuda of I laying Caids ol - differ-ni makers, a so line iaory suilaccd whist caids, with gilt gas and pnu ed in gold, constintlv for sile by the dozen or smaller qunt>tit> , at moderate prices, by J. C. BARNET It CO , 167 Bread ? ay, between Couitlandt and Libeity stree'e. ml8 Slit e, d*m NEW ELO EKi? Kusaell a American B asiling jginOeraniuina, viz.; - Hi ry of ti e West, Daniel Wcbaier, jl Kair Maul of Brooklyn, and a sup rl> collection of violas (cy heailacase), vrilieiiiis, a/..lias. icc., are now in aplcudiil V'UUUI DIMM ? c ?< u u< I* I tiu e 111, line (1111 1U ilir. 1 MITV'l ?rei-Dhouses and Gronods, Henry street, near 'he Houlli Kerry, Rrooklvn. where hp has alio fur sale a (elect collection of >o?c*. pteonier, louicc.ras, I leinali?es. poiuinlases, cactus s, polyanthuses, calceolarias nias. gladioluses.daphnes, inaxnoliar, bignonisa, wisterias. cycliinoo*, cir uioui, pinks, gorterin. canieliulihodod n,Irons. u'ah in, enconis's, inhrr roaM, aatl other ileairable Hants anil routs, a' reasonable prices Bouquets beautifully made up, at low prices. All orders deliver, d in the cities of New York and Brooklyn. Good practical gardener* recommended. O .rdetis made, and kept in o d-r N.B? The ladies are par icularly invited to see his new heartsease (Viola, or Paruey's) in21 ins 3 r HOK'K WMiON AM) HAKNKHS ?ce.-Lenj^Ku, sal- a bay horse, perfectly gentle and kind iu liai' ?,, J bihI c n tro h<s mile in itir'e minutes to a wa lion. The wagon with pole, is uew, pitent mail ax?lt and leather top, made t > uri'er; the harness is "Iso ti w. They will be j sold below thrir a s ue, the owner having no use fur them Can h-seen at the Club Sttble, No. 15J East Broadway. Apply et No 18 Ferry it m20It*r GENTLEMEN AND L, A DIBS' LEFT uFK WAllDBOBE?Gentlemen or families desirous ol converting their left ofT wealing spparrl into cash, can obtain for 'lie same Use highes cash price. To lamilies , d gentlemen quitting the citv or changing re-'dence, having nur superHnous effects to disposo of, will liud it much 'o their advantage to send fur the subscriber, who will attend them at their resi Irnce by Horoinimenr. H LEVETT. No. 1M Va ick street. New York. Aline fh-ourh the Tost OSc;, or otherwise, will leceive prompt alten'iou mill Im'r REMITTANCES to England, Ireland Scotland or Walea Bi l? of K.tchage payable at sight on all parts ol Eng'aud,, Irel nd, Scotland or Wales, in snus 01 ?0, ?10, ?15,?20 to any amount, without discount,for sale at H J. SYL.V F.BTKH'S, m30 Gt' *t W?ll street and 1)0 Broadway. 0\E~i ENT REWArtL)?Kaussay Irom the sub-c-ihet on the 18th instant, Cnrneliui Mvers, apprentice to the art of boot and shoe making. All persons are herehv forbid hsrbo-mg or employing (he said boy, or ili-v wi'l bs dra't witli according I l?,? MOUllI Ad IflUCB I. m!9 1t*rc 339 8lceckcr tfeet. dj<1 rtA HEWAKU?At.i prraon giong audi inroimMiioii a> NP. V" will lead to the apn'theiirionor detection iu any city within (he United H(at?a, of tne person 01 John Cordrll M tore Macrow, ill It rrccite the rum of Fifty Hollari, and upon conviction of said J C. M Marrow, aha'l teccire an additional Kifiy Uol art to the before mentioned >uin. The arid J.C. M. M?erow occupied atore No 3tS Pearl at, aa a perfumer, he , la an Ku?liahman by birth, and atandi about 5 fret 5 or 6 inchra high: hat blue eyaa and f tr compaction? wr?'a a ictlp wig, and haa a ararof a cut or found on the aide ofhia head. Wot laat aern in the c fy of New Vork on the 29lb April laat. The carttnen er.gtged in removing the gooda from No. 2R8 Pearl atrert, and nltn frem a c ell ir in Laight atreet, will pleaae ca'l npon THOMAS CHAKLTON, No. 15 Piatt at. and Kite .tnv iaformation thev may he poaaesaed of ml9 3t*r THE MOST DELIGHTFUL on ALL MUUSIIOM. ' ?Arai e.rroaath- Hudson Hirer to H iboken, and then ? walk :o the P'.ltnan Kiel a along tht eieedingly beautiful and picturesque rh i et of iht pl'ce. will prove the moat easily acroicnlirheu aud attractive of all lh* rural eiruraioua chat can be made from the city. The grounds now prrieut a charming aipect, the trera being mostly in leal and the anil covered with a ncli turf. The walka are in etrrllmt order, hiving been considerably embelliahad the prereut spring mH tw'ec LWRIOHT k CO. will opeu an office of diacuunl and de poaite at Oswego. N. Y., on the lat of May neat, and will make collection! end remittance! at reaaonahle rates. He} ferto D Kbbe'a, Jr. Ritq , caihier. New York. Buy ran, "age It Co., New Yoik. Diew, Robinson Jt Co., New York. A. I>. Patchin, Kaq., eaahier, Albany, Oawego, April 20JIB43. a2fl Rw" DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHTP. THF paitnerrhip heretofore eiiati' g hetwren JOHN BIIOQUA and LOUIS NK.UVILLK.73 Canal at, waa dia aohen the IRtb inatant, by mutual co?set<t. L. NKU V1LLK, from Piria, Ladies French G-iter Boot and Shoe manufacturer, btgi leave t > aolicit a ceutii nance of that dutingiiahad patronage with which the late firtn haa been fir >rtd | Brodequina et Soulier! poor damea dam le genre de Paria* 73 Canal a rect, up ataira, m2H3''m Between Mercer It Greene ata HARRY'S" WIGS AND SCALPS. AC. BARRY, Artiat in Hair, Irrm Lordnn.?The real a Heads of Hair etill atand pre-cmnicnt above all olherm Their peculiar light, goatamer and ventilating chaiaett r? their beiug ahared tiacll 1 ea the nviual hair growa- their elatlicity m.-ii u|>7[iu[ inncriii ana worainmanip, an well a? their at>le of fiwiah and mnngemecr, n'l comtine to form audi perl?ct heads of hair, that they mint be rem lo be fully appreciated. A new ftvitem of the -( of Wig Making taught in fire lessons. See a specimen ol Bairy'a Wigs and Seal a. which will satisfy the moat fastidiona ihai he la llie top t and cheapen maker in Ihe city?146 Eo/alw-.y, comer of Liberty street, up staira. ml2 2wina*ee aMQ ,23 A~VKK if_PLKASA> T EXt UKBlON? fcV- -WuH* A aail to Hvbokeo, cither from Canal or Bar-JB?SC?c'f: a '?fwill u< w p \H la plraient aa rlcuraioi. aa can be made from the city The wains and ground, of 'he p'nee have b n fteatlv < m'wlliahrd thia spring, the surpassing beauty rf who h II will at knowledge who have evrr followed the m.i kin oi ther'er 'o the Klyaian Fields The seaion hna now 10 Inr ail*auctd aa to render a wa'k in the be.u'ifnl and n-i n?i?e i ! >mr? palm ol thia faaliionable reaort a very atree b e on# to thoae who nim re fine aecnerv, and will he ? g rat lllilll lo II who, having hern confined to a crowded c ty do no. the winter, require freah air and healtnfnl eietciae. aM ?y714lt2l*r Volt LOMfON? Itegulrr Packet of the lat mS^^.lunr ?The very aoperior fiat sailing packet 'hip JBH?.MK,l)IATOH, Captain Chadwick, will aail at above har regular day Having very auper.or aeeomniodationa for cabin, arcond ca bin. and aierrnge iiaasenger*; persons wishing to embark should make early application. JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine atreet, corner of South street. Persona wishing to send lor their friends, can have them brought out by the above ship, or any of the regular packet*, by applying as above. >1 be letter, noat-naid. in2ir ??? FOR 1.1 Vf- BPOOL?1 h- packet ahipCoLUYKFJPxVBUS Cao'ain George A. Cole, will sail i<iai ivety JMMMfc hi dar, Hatnr sy, at 12o'clock. A few n ote cabin, ae d c bin atd at#erage pusseugtrs c?n yet be takau it ap plicatloo it r> de t > 'h subscribers by 10 u'clo' k. HO' Hfc BROTHERS k CO., 35 Follon street. m'O r I e?t i" - 'T ro e u'fon Ran1" ruh LlVKHPUUL.? lo ,ei' .3d maiant? Tbe tMtVWfirit clava an'i'g ?hip H f HK, Captain VViig't, will IHkilir aa atcheil aa above. Her aeri.mmodarioiia (or 2d ca nri i atsrngera a e moerior to any of the packet ihipa, a. d (hi- tai'age ill be at the lowest steerage rates; >i only a limited Lumber I pasiengers can be takru, those wuhiog to seeur bet ha will riqu re lo make early app'icatio i on board the r, hi lurr n I-ait ixitci, er IJ JOHN HKKDMAN. 61 Sooth street, N. B.?Passage from Oient Brit nn aud l-eiand, can at ?II limn be secured by the tcunUr line nf i mtrti, sai'ing weekly Irom Livrpool,and drafts furnished for any amjunt. payable It all the principal towns throughout the United Kingdom en ippli'afiou as atvore. a? NKW VCHK j?|j|y * BOSTON soii^DTMLOT. OWEN PRESCOTT. Pilot, or takea charge at masterand pilot of sestets honml to New Bedford, Nantucket Shoals, lloaion,Portsmouth, Portland, Kenneberk,and OTil Ell PORTS last of New Vorh. Office at Krye It Hhaw'a, JtJ Water street, corner Beekman. Kelerence to a i umber of Mrsehants, and he several Insurance Cesapauies in this city,, Boston, and 'ortland. _ pits 'imsr ?"OlT EIVKKPOOL NEW LI Nr.?. Ursula, JnMPW racket ol 25th Slay,?The Splendid Packet ship SHERIDAN, Captain S. Depeyster, of 1009 tona will |N>aitirrly sail as aboee, her regular day. for freight 01 asaage, having aecouimodutiona uIiei;u&.led for aplendor ot omfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, r to K. K. COLLINS It CO. M Sontb street. Price of passage, $104. '1 nc Packet Ship Oarriek, Capt. Wm Skiddy, of 1M ma. will anceeed the Sheridan, aud sail the ?4th of June, her BculardaT. Letters for the ships of this line will only bo rectived nt Oilip's anJ Hale's Newt Room. Passeugeit may rely on the shipe of this line anfling pnnetnal r as advertised m7r SMC ,l)ui I U. . a m...?r?I? ftll> |CTw5lfX-7jh* fait sailing Packet Ship Mfc HIIKK DAN, f?Pl- D?r?)l rr, will kkiI p.mtrrly I above,her regular day. The shipi of this hue air aft iwOO >t<t turth'B and aiiwards, and their accommodations for cabio, tcond ctbiv, an?4 st?erare pastengers, it is well known are lienor to any other line of packets. Those wishing to iecur? t erthsshould not fail to inake early application on hoard, or to * W. ItJ T. TAP1COTT, " '"SO f 43 Peek fllip ro?rjer flon'h ?f eet. e 4*6: rOK LIV ?.MPO()L?Kr(ul.?r Piukel leihJuy b ?3WV~Th^ eleven). Tut ?iiIi?k New Yotk packet ihip , IMtKOrilK TK.H. J?hn Button, muter, will aa>l cn ? ?r loular <iay, |6(|| Jnne. , I, *ni freight or puM?e, hating rrry poly to the Captain on hoirrl writ aide Borling Slip. or 11 WOOD HULL ClkflffTClLNf, 1 m<a?c >7 Hiwlh euwec ri POKTHIUfcSt. J-'bMALb PU.U5. rHKSIT far limed and Delegated Pilli, from Ptatanl, tee ll we parceiee, to he ?blai?e?Wn thig e*<llr<# .w?|iiWlif? I ml eaMke.Ia* Mil ? . t>" rib Ml* 4 \TT\St" tFNTS. KIBLO'l. THIRD NIOHT Of THE PRKNCH COMPANY, KROM TH? VKW OHLKANt THEATRE. MONDAY May?d, 'HJ. 1 li? t-u'eriaiuuiet ia w i|t rainrueiiee with the Oeertnre to /.atrpa, Herald ARcr whir', will be ,re.rnt.d (for the fir.ttim.- i . New Tork) Urand Maeieel Drama -u J net., wnh new Heeneiy, Muele ? d Dreeeee written by M. M Etiennc Arui ?t I sul Vrranoned. M..IC by M. A. Unche, celled LRH M* MOIHKM L>I' DIABMC' OU, LA HONNETTK vt YHTKHHIUflE aiiTnieuTi n. Robin, M. M. Leeaart Le Metigon tic Larmier, Bernard Le Chevalier e la Haianire, Pe*?tneille I e (.'unite de L'einy, Richer Valentine, Otereon _ (Hie fr t appearance.) Jean Oanthier, Ma'biee (Hie firet appearance ) Marin MatUm* I eanew Le Comtesse, Madame Richer La Bamuue, Madame Kobilleo (Her firil app?ar\ne? ) M'me Oiraud, Mad'me Malhiso Taeaday, fourth tight of the French Company. The entrance lo the Operatic Saloon will be on Broadway, nutil the npeniiiK of the (iardrn, which will lake place about th? flrat of Jon# i Performance ti commence at half paat 7. It *"Tichet? Fifty Ceufs. CHATHAM THBBATHH:. MONDAY BVKNINU, will he perfoimcd, ISAAC AHARUF.RUS; Or, The Wandering Jew. Isaac Ahasneme. Mr W Marshall be performed en the acme ermine, in cnuserjueuce of tune it will take in representation. I*""!..0' Adnuaeiou?Dreaa Circle 50 ewnla. Neeoad an' Third Iters 25; PU 25; Oallerv UH eenta. Doors open X nelore T?curtain riser at 7X o'clock precise)#. MITCH KLiI/!? OLVMPIC TIIBATItki M?. Corbyn's Benefit, MSuwo Y iX.l.fc'sj'An"1 t,e icrformed ORAND FATHER_ WHITEHEAD Ufndf.rh,., Whitehead. Mr. Mitchell 1 o be followed b# a MUSICAL OLIO Af'er whmh^MIDDY ASHORE. To be followed by RLNDEE'l f a n# Doora will berpened at 7, as a the t? oraiasM commence at half pea' T. rverv evomra, AMBHIUaN TIIKATllR, WALIlllT IV., PHILADELPHIA. UNDER TIIE DIRECTION OK MISS CUBHMAN. Barron's Benedt. MONDAY EVENING. May 22. will be performed.{COMKOKTABLE LODGINGS. To be followed hy YANKEE WOOL DEALER. T# conc'ud# with COUSIN LAMBKIN in'6 r E. A. MARSHALL. Laaaee. ANRHK A! HV8BOR. TENFOLD ATTRACTIONS?OVERFLOWING SUCCESS. THE Urge and increasing crowds which have thronrsd the IViusr um during the last week, induce the Manager t? announce a re-eng?gemeut for one week loogerof the same splend d attraction, with several additional Nov lues, including GENERAL TOM THUMB, Jr. The wonderful Dwarf, who is II yeara old, 26 inrhaa high, w II formed, livclv, and intelligent, and Of?-WEIGHS ONLY 1ft POUNDS!! -fiO Also, that Prince of Comic Drnllerists, Dr VALENTINE. TH" GREAT MODEL OF PARIS. Also, Mr. SHERMAN and Miss ADELAIDE PHILLIPS: The Living Sea Dog. ai d the Myateri?na Uipaer Oirl and 500.000 curiosities. I rrformancrs in the Lrctare Room every eveninit at 8 o'clock, and Wednesday and Suurdav afternoons at 4 o'clock. Day visiti rs admitted same evening FREE. Admission to the whole, 25 cents. Children undar tan, half price_ _ _ nj2lm_ FEALE'8 msw VflRK OIDSI'OH. REDUCED PRICE-ADMISSION ONE SHILLING. STRONGER ATTRACTIONS YET. NOTHING CAN EQUAL IT. Broadway, opposite the City Hall, Mr.?H. ftENNETT, Manager. QHas the pleasure to announce that he has engaged tha following eminent graceful artists:? jVlits H^A'tajr. thr^mo^h admi^rd Songstress. 1IIIH uii'iuiaiu, me uiccmu a uHKinvil* Mr J Weeke, the celebrated Irish Comic Singer. Matter Henry , only six year* of age, a most wonderful child, who tintat, dancet, potiurrs, h?. La Teti'e Ccreto, the Dauteute. * Knot moat Seipeat Large Sea Dog. Melodeon. Siaineae Twina, *c. Afternoon entertainments on Patnrday at J o'clock. Day visiters admitted the tame evening Iree of cliarge. Performaneet in the Lecture Hoom to commence at i o'clock. CAHTLR GARDE a 19 NOW OI'KN FOR THE SEASON. THE Proprietors of this well known retort beg leave to in! fnrm the public that in addition to its (oimer tttneiinns, they have creeled a splendid fountain, supp'ied by the Crotnn, with different variation* every week throughout the season?t igelhei with a l.irge taloou for promenade ana rcfrethmeuts. Also, eu extrusive Frflincnedr ou tide the wal't of the Cas| tie, rommaniling a view of the whole Bav, the Narrows, he. Price of admission IV)4 cuts, for which refreshment* will be fnrui'hed. mil 4mr ATLANTIC OAKOEN, >os.9taud 11 Broadway, near the H titer y an<l oppsstle Bowling Ureen, extending to and opetiicg on Greenwich street. The subscribers, on opening this pleasant retreat for the teason, beg leave to tender their sincere thanks to their ftiends and the public for the very libiral pal-ontge bestowed upon theus the last th'ee tears, aad would egtin present themselvat for a coti'inu Mice of rnblie favor. Il:E CREAMS. HOIJA WATER, and every vsrie'y ofra. frraha.sut. of superior quality, served by at'en ive waiters. Dodsworth's celebrated baud will perform every fair evening Sunday! excepted. THOB. F. PEERS. WM ALLISON. N. B.?Military Companies std nrher asioriariona can ba handsomely accommodated with collations at ihort notice. Admittance Iran. mM ttS*e? APOLLO CONCERT SALOON, BROADWA V. MR. H. RUSSELL, pus ng through New York rn hia ri.uta to the Sonth, rrs eelfully arnoaaeca hia intentioti of giving a vocal entertainment at th* Apollo Saloon, on Monday evening May, 22<l 1813, being hia only opportunity in thia city, nntil immediately preceding hia departure I r Europe in the fall?on which occasion he will! have the honor of present ng In the pnldic several of hia old favorite somnosi tiona, together with ?neli of hia utw productions which have elicited their approbation. (n7"The Pinno Korte na?d on this ocraiion, was manulaotnn d by Mr. Chicktriog, Botton, and from the store of J. L. Hewitt It Co. PROGRAMME. Part I. BONO?"Oar way acroas the Moontain Ho!" Words by Charles Macay, Eaa. When the tem|ieaU By o'er the cl ndy aky, And the piping blasts sing wearily, Oh, awaet is the mirth of the aoeial earth, When the Barnes are blaring cheerily. Our way across the Mountain, ho! SONG?"The Brave Old Oak." Words by Id. K. Choiley, Esq. A song of the oak?the braee old oak. Who hath rnl'd in the groer-wnod longHere's health and renown to hia broad green crown Aud hia fifty artr.a so strong. CANTATA?"Wind of ilia Winter Night, whenee cometl ihonr Words by Charlts Maekay, Esq. Wind ol the winter night, whence corneal thoof And w) i.her. ah! whither art thnu wand'ringnowf Sad, sad is thy voice en this desolste moor, Ar.i mournful, oh! mournful, thy howl st ray doer. May, wlieir hast tlioa been on thy cloud-lifted earl 8?v, what hut thon seen, on thy i. aming afar I Wlistaorrow im|iels thee, ihoa boisterous blast, Thui to isiuru and complain at tiou jarmeat past I BALLAD?"Roskawsy." Words by Henry John Shsrpe. On anld L?ng Island's sea-girt shore M an* an hoar I've whil'd away, In list'eing to the breakers roar Thu wash the beach at Hoekaway. OLD BALLAD?"The fine old Kuglish Gentlemen." "All of the olden time." "THENKWrOUNDLAND DOG." Words by K. W. N. Biiley. Life-aaver!? W ave-atemmer!? Deep diver !?away! Night's shadows are closing The portals of day; On the breast of tha billow We hear his low wail? We have pat op the redder, And fuil'd up the sail. No signal from 1 aann Will show where he be; And wherein he b? driven We men cannot see. Ho, Carlo! Hewfonndland! Go follow hia cry, As it grmapingly answers The aaa moanar*a sigh?Dec, fce. HANTSTA?11 Th? M-... * PART IT. SONG?"A Life on the Ocean Wave." Wordi by K. Sargent, Esq A life on the ecem wave, A home on the rolling deep ; Where the acatter'd water* rare, And the wind* their revela keep. (NEW SONG?"Land, Ho!" WonUbv O P M'irrii. Ka<]. Up, up with the *tgral?the land is to sight! Wr'il be happy, il never actio, boy*, to-uifht: The eold chearle*< oe??n in aa'etr we've paat. And the warm teniaJ > .rlli glad* our vision at latt. In the l?nd ol the ?trang- r true heart* we shall hod To aonthe 01 in *b*eni-e of tins* leIt behii d! I at d?l?nd, h<>!?All heart* bound with joy at the sight! We'll be hi tpy, if never agam, boya, t >-niffht! The foregoing *eag * intended to deteribe the feeling* and emotion* o' those on ihipboard. on firat beholding land, after a lone and d-eary voyage aero** the Atlantic. Their joy at reaching a strange c <aat, i* in pa" tnbdued by the uncertainty of their ever mreung the f-ienda, or neeiog the country they hire left beyond (lie wor!d of waters. There thoughts oeear while making *ignal f>r a pi'ot,after the firat glimpse of the hore ia eanghtat the elnae of day. BCENA?'"Th# Ship on Fire." Word* by Charley Mackay, Eao. * The atorm o'er the ocean flew fbrioa* and fa*t, Ai d the ware* to** in foam at the voice of the bUit; And heavily labonr'J the gale-beaten *hip, Lihe a rtunt-hearted awimmer, the apray athia lip, And dark waa the sky o'er the mariner's path. Kicrpt wh'i the lightning illum'd it in wrath. A young mother knelt in the cabin below, And piria'd h?r fond bebe to her boaoaa el enow; Mi* pray'd to her Gad. 'midst the hnrricane wild, "Oh, Father, have mercy, look down on my entld!" HONG- 'The Ivy Green." Written by C. Dickvna.tKsq. Oh' a dainty plant ia the ivy given. It creepeth o'er rains old?etc. ? SONG?"Mr Heart's in the Highlands." "T heart g in the highlands, my heatt ia not here, My heart's in the highlands a rhaaii g the deer? A chaaiug the wild deer and following the roe. Oh', my heart's in the highland*, wherever I go! NEW BONO?" Pobin Huff" If' had but a thousand a year, Oaffar Green, If I had hut a thonaand a year? What a man w?uld I be. and what sights would 1 see, FINALE?"LeC. He Oay"?(A Laughing Chora.) (From ?n ttnrnbh.hed Opera ) Ticket. 50 cent. each, to be had at Hewitt'* k Attwill's mnie .torea, and ?t the door. To commence ?t I o'clock. ink) 3tt SINOINO. VfAOAM Hl/TTON, having arranged lo i etarn to Italy tho "I beginning of Aagu?t, purpose*receiving popil. antil th?t nine,to *ire finuhtng leeann. in the Italian, > i-neh, *?d Engli.h Itfle of Ringing Her method that punned by Bordogm and iticcai, the nnt maater* in Kurope, iacreaiina the .treturth .nd ompiu with aatouiahing rapidity. Her pniilawiil hare the .Wantage of her aiDging with them, which can he noreeed v master* alone, who hare been eminent i.imrn Ladiee deirotKor aeaiiiDg themielve* of Madam Sntioah limited .tar, lay ascertain terma, ke., by application at TT Chamber* rtraet, rom 9 o'eloeh tillj tm#r ^oTTClt.?All p?"*on? hating any legal claimagainat Jaa.lj Oomiaick.lMe of tha city olN, York,bntrher,deoea?ed.are 'HiiMtrr to pteaent the ?amr with the roneher* thereof, to the notcriner, ?i the houte No 9! Merrer .treet AI?o, all tno*e .dehted to the earat of .aid d?i-?a?rd, to make paymetit before In 20th duv of NoTrmbfr out to 7 ANN M. DOM1NIUK, *? ?. mM to Nfll 0mltaw*8r

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