Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 18, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 18, 1843 Page 3
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Kans or UoutiTic Kh hwsi in Nf* Von?, Junk, 1841 iKD Juar 16, 181). k June, 1841. Jum 16, 184). Bilrimorr. IS ? a Si K.ohmond, i>4? 6 Xa 1 North Carolina, 6 a? IKt 2 Biran .ah, 8 a 3 >?a V A"*ua'a, 16 a ? X? V (yharle ton, l!^a JX ka % AIMUCIIICOM, Jfi i- I Ha 2 Mobile, 10 alO 14 al5 Nrw Orlaam, 7 a 7 I a 2 Louiiville, 8 a 9 lla? 2 Naahrille, lj^a ? 2 a 2K N.uclin, ? a ? 3 a )>J " ' - It/- 9 DI IcUIS^ 8 ft H Ciocmuati, ? a S lHft 2 Juliana, T a 7 ? a ? I*luiota, _ a ? ? a ? Detroit. 4Via ? ? ft ? The constitutional currency, gold and ailver, being now the " great regulator," ratea are uniform and steady to a degree never before known. Where all bills drawn are made payable in specie only .the value of all bills becomes immediately uniform; the only risk is the ability of Uje payer to meet it. The intrinsic value of the bill being thus permanently, indisputably, and uniformly established, the variation of the price at which t can be nego. tinted becomes greatly narrowed. Among a great number ol individual houses, competition biings down the rate far less thau tho cost of transportation of specie. That w hich throws a balance heavily against a section is the loans of banks to merchants, enabling tbem to buy more than the products of their section can pay for; consequent, ly specie must be shipped, and the cost of that movement makes the rate of exchange. On the other hand, where there are no banks, no more is purchased than is paid for, and the exchange of bills between merchant and pro" ducer, can be done by an Individual house at small espense. For instance-the banks at Louisville, by their credits enable the Kentuckians to buy too much (mm the F.ftst. The cron hills become exhausted, and specie goes to New Tork. This will cost lull 2 per cent' consequently exchange cannot be less than that. If now '" ore bank credits are not given, no mora will be pur' >sed from the Bast than there is produce to pay for. Th" supply of bills will always very nearly equal the demand' The shipper of produce at Louisville will then obtain par for his bill of an individual broker in Louisville. Proba. 1)1 y th* day, a merchant having funds to remit to New lies for the bill, and obtains it at J per ctA bank cannot afford to work so cheap; it must charge 1} a 'J per cent for the bill, because it has a host of clerks and enormous expenses to sustain. If the supply of bills is too great under a bank, she has only to increase her loans te the dealers; their purchases increase in proportion. Tbe demand for bills grows in the same ratio, and the price rises. The bank obtains a profit on the loans, and a better one on the rise of its bills. Let us listen to the B.inko' Kentucky, one of the best in the country, making its an. swers to the Bank Commissioners : ? The bank keeps no separate account of the interest and profit on the purchase and sale of exchange, nor of the expenses incurred on that account, it would rt quire the opening of separato accounts in the bank and branches, and charging to each account the charges appropriate to that brancti of the business, and a pro rata charge of the other expenses of the bank, and could not be made out and furnished for a considerable length of time, and would require great labor. The bank usually expects that portion of her means engaged in exchange to yield a greater profit than that employed in the discount of notes, but that expectation is not always realized, owing to the fluctuations in exchange, and the length of time the money lies unemployed, waitiug for investment or rale. The leading motive to the exchange business,is the accommodation of the customers of the Bank, the commerce of the State, and the obtaining of the meant of maintaining an enlarged circulation. The profits of a bank consist in the employment of its circulation anddeposits. It gives its bills, which cost nothing,and which for 4 years were never redeemed in Ken' tucky for bills drawn on the proceeds of the hard labor ol the farmers. Let us bear ogain: ? This bank deems the exchange business essential to their operations as a bank of (irculation. Commerce, which is the exchange of the commodities of one countty for the commodities of others, is facilitated by means of bills of exchange, whereby the balances arising in the in. terchsnge of commodities is settled between the various J'lSllito VI |i> UMU 1UU UUIiUtl JIIUUUCISUI each state and nation, constitute its available means to purchase and exchange for (he commodities of other countries. If Kentucky can export $10,000 of her products, thsse products enable Kentucky to import $10,000 of the products of other states and nations, less the amount of in. ter-st on the debt of the State, and on the stock owned out x of the Sate, ant the interestot the debt of individuals and corporations, paid to non-residents. If the banks purchase * the bills drawn by merchants, who export the products ot the State.on the points where tbe'products are sold,and invest the proceeds in hills on the points from whence the iini orts are made, they have the means of paying for the imt orts, and this they do by furnishing exchange tothe im;>oiting merchants, in exchange lor the circulation , which Is received from the consumers of the imports; but if tee banks do n?t purchase the hills of the exporting merrhmt, thei will ha v. no inear.sot furnishing exchange to the in porting merchant, and they must meet their circulation with specie, and consequently could not extend a circulation beyond every limited amount. It is usual to emitl.<v about two-third of the tundsofa hank of circulation in the discount of notes and about one-third in the sale a d purchase of hiHt of tmchange, and to extend the circulation o- the bank to the amount of specie on hand, and the lulls of exchange drawn on the exports of the country, and paynb.e without the State; and where a bank permits her circulation to go much beyond this point, she incurs great hazard in the event of any revulsion of bnsi. tieeg. We <ln not think this bank could, by curtailing her business in hills, increase her business in the discount of accommodation paper; and we think that anymateriul change, diminishing the amount of hills, would necessarily lead to a reduction in the amount of notes which the bahk could safely discount, and that such curtailing would materially interfere witn the commerce of Ine State, a? now befog accustomed to be carried on. The trade of the country muit constantly be stimu. lated by the discount of notes in order to keep up the price of the hills, and when, as in former years, this stimulation is overdone,Jthe demand for bills outruns the supply, and the bank stops payment. It then chargea any price it pleaaes for the bills, because there is no alternative. The merchant can get nothing else, consequently the rate s in March 1812 was 8 per cent on New York. When the nan* was compeiica to pay specie in June, me rate leu to 1 per cent. The operation of resumption the bank de. scribes as follows: ? The demRnd for specie was kept down by the bank's furnishing Kastern exchange at one percent, and whilst they were able to furnish exchange at that rate, little or no specie was drawn for the Eastern markets, but when the exchange rose to one and one-half percent, the demand lor the Kastern maiket manifested itself sensibly; end when exchange between New Orleans and the Eastern cities, exhibited a difference of from four to seven per cent in lavorof New Orleans, a demand for specie for the New Orleans market manifested itself, and pressed on the prin cipal bank at Louisville, in such a lorm hs to lead to great circumspection in tho discount and business ol the ll ( bsnk. "While they could get bills at rate," they did not : want specie When they could not get specie, owing to 1 the fraud of the bank, they weie obliged lo give 8 to 15 per cent for bills. The suspension was, however, for the " relief of the dear people." It will be observed that the basis of all this movement is the labor oi the fnrmeis. Their labor feeds and pampers hankers, furnishes capital to dealers and speculators. They .endHre nil losses in revulsion, and the bankers get ali the profits in prosperity. f ? ... I.... ... t..l ?... ntt.t I .it tlif..? kivi In I nlflns. ?'" ' ? "? ?/ ?*? ' When n bank ii located at a shipping and importing point, or at a manufacturing point, we find the exporting and importing merchants au.l manufacturers congregate ! at those points, and those are the persons who usually borrow money and sell bills?they form the usual and con staut customers of the banks. The merchants and manufacturers residing ipore distant, borrow from individuali, and make other arrangements, by parci.aungon credit, &c , in the transaction of their business, because of the trouble, delay and expense of bank accommodations made a t ndi-tancu. The farmers are not usual borrowers from the banks, and have only applied to the banlisin cases of emergency, except those persona who have combined mtr| chandize, manufacturing or trading, with tbeirbusineis of farming, fetid they hare generally beon governed in their to tho bank by tho contiguity of their locations; but as an exception to this genet al rule, per sons in the immediate vicinity of the banks have boen tempted to become borrower!,because of their vicinity, aud tin y < hare been drown in as endorsers, and been compelled to astume the debts " What a complicated machinery is here erected for no other purpose than to enable a large class of bankers to | accumulate wealth at the expense of the farmers! The wealth of Kentucky is earned by the latter. Their tobacco, bale rope, mules and corn, will always command money, hard coin. When they draw a bill for that moIney, if they refused to sell except to a person who had the money to give them for it, theie would he no difficulty, lino purchaser was found, they could order the guineas from England in exchange for their tobacco. Goods and | merchandize would then seek them in shoals to obtain I " part of their money. Tho sellers of these goods would buy their hills. An individual broker would immediately appear, who would form the focus for buyers and sailers of bills, and the rate would never vary irom par to \ per j! ' cent. On the other hand, it is tho business of banks to make difficulty. In a regular routine of steady business. 1 banks could msko no money. It is only by con*'ant vsa" dilations? contraction*, when they want to buy bills in the fill,and expansion, u hen they wont to sell tbom, that they keep the motkets In a torment, and succeed in filch' inn from tike farmer half the proceeds of his lshor. sates u." CM? * ??? U rt:srHnti|{s, SICtM NY7's, Hit I07X ?? citt Bk KI|U <0,0 <1. 6 ., 18 2 H-9 3 U '.ici h Kchen ItH m 22000 ?hi (,'t ,060 89K 13 do 117? ,7Utj?? C t? Js, lf.78 W* 47 Ohio Life U Tr Itgu i7tn ito 1870 t'S'a 21 Noiwich It Wore ajc 2'ino lit,n. i spci hds MO : 3H 72 Auburn li II n h 07 00" do k'JO 23 >4 73 <l > M? Iffl' 0 it j Ifs, 23 il'i h20 93% 2 tO do :ijJw 73 Peteron Ii3# 4 'J.UO I dnnsi'erlitg 3.i 3;l do MX ?t,(0 Keuin,'ky Im4i OR 21 N Jetsey |3.\, 8?0 do t>13 98H '30 I. Island ft II 3tX IIMil do 07X 1.30 do 5l>4 rhO Te re ?e-?'i mi <o do 3 X , fishas Life k Trust oo loo do s* il)f # 30 Katmert' Tru t * 36 55 Aubniu It Syr 9C 14 NOG I 04 M HiiIm' 13 100 Vi?k bur* Bk >M 3 51 Mohawk fc Hu 1 bow 37 50 do Hi 3ft . 25 do 37 270 U S Bank 3ft 23 do 37ft I MercVe Inaunrca 94* 15 do i34 37 51 Caul"ii Co 18ft 23 do fc3j 37)4 50 di b10 5034 25 do 160 37ft Second RonM, 41000 Stile 7'?. 1819 109ft 25 ?b.vs Long Uland 51ft li OiSae Long Ielaud 51% 70 O'lio True: 90 50 do 51 ft New York Public Stock Rxcharig*. *iaa. M V ?V_ !Kf?2 I.on 1 in ? nvt mci. ???> 3?00 do 5'?, 1858 oik 99 8000 do cas'i 33% 5T0 do 1859 0,u 98% 1000 do 13'3% 4500 Wir Log'j, 1058 99 1000 Kentucky C i 93 voo do 99% mno do 98% 1#<'0 . Modsy 99% 41 ?las Canton Co 26% 5000 Oh:o 6's, 1850 o|i(89>t 10 do 26 000 do I lOsfo 89 25 do 12126% 6?'0 do ilOi'o 1,9 2u0 LH'mdRR 51% 1000 do ?3ifo 89 i 50 do .-20 5 % 5000 111 uoii 6'i, 1878 3!% ?i d> Ii20 i:)d 17000 do 33 7(10 do 51% H<?0 do 32% Ml d) baw 51% 1000 d<> blO 32% Ml do 51% 1000 di n*r 33 50 do iCO.f 30 52% 1000 do it.w 31 59 do 52 10CO do M'Jay 33 State of Tritrte. There i? a fair business doing in the several markets. Flour?Genesee at $6 12$ a 6 1?J; Michigan and Ohio at $5 a 6 13$; New Orleans ut 4 37J; Georgetown ut $6 13$ a 5 25; Rye Flour $3 21; Meal $2 87$ for Jersey. Grain?Sales Illinois Wheat, at 110 a llScents; Corn, North River at 67 a 69; New Orleans, 68c; Rye at 70 cents; Oa's are 30 a 31 $c. Proviriont? In Pork sales large; Mess at $8 63$ n 8 76, and 10 02$ a 10 75; Beef, country Mess at $8 37$ a 8 60; Western, $8 a 826; I.ard, fairat6]; Hams at 4?, Smoked Hams at 6 a 6}. Provision Market. The state of the supply of meats nearly corresponds with last week's. Good lamb is plenty, and for warm weather is much in demand, compared with other grosser meats. The fish market Is abundantly supplied. Oysteia ore out o( season, but clams are yet good. Vegetables are very plenty, and prices have become very reasonable for most descriptions. Strawberries are very cheap and abundant. Cherries have made their ap. pearaoce, and are selling at 9 cents per lb. Peas are cheap, good and plenty ; they are selling for $1 per bushel, which is a fine price, but they must go somewhat lower before the season is over. New potatoes have got to be a good size, and at fair prices. t'ouiiry isonoreu in great quantities. epnng chickens Melt at 76cent* to $1 per pair. Provisions arc getting bad anil filthy. Turnips arc brought to market in great perfection. The white Eng lish, at raised in this vicinity, are a valuable vegetable; we quote them this week at 3 a 4 cents per bunch. Thepotatoe dealers in the Washington market occupy mora room in the passages, than the comfort of passers allow. Pricks op Provisions. Apples, bbl ftifl a 2 76 Lobsters, a ? Asparagus, ouneh* 18 a 26 Mutton 7 i S Beef, per lb 6 a t> Onions, perbush>?? SO a 60 Beer, per cwt".<4.50 ajf Parsnips, pcrdoz. ,"37 X?? Beef, corned 6 a 8 Porter House Steaks 9 h 10 BMckfish," ? a to Pork, per lb 3 a ? Beets, la? Pis?, roasters ? a $1 Butter, fresh, per lb 15 a 16 Potatoes, bush 3U ? Butter, firkin, per lb 9 a 10 Potatoes, Svrt.hf pk.? a 3) Crabs, dor ;!?<? - Radishes, bunch ? a IX I Chickens 75 al 00 Kliubaih per bunch, 5 a 6 Clains, 100 45 a 37X Sirloin.'lb* 10 a 12 Dried Apples, bbl- ? a SIX rS?lmon, ? a 21 Eels 8 a 10 Shad, each 31 a ? Eggs, 15 for ? a 12X 8trii>ed Bass, lb*" >10 a ? Fresh Cod 3 a 4 Sausages ? a 8 Flounders,. ? a 5 Turnips, per bunch,. 3 a 4 Jowls a 3 Tripe, lb ? a 4 Lettuce, d 8c a Tnrkies 1.00rji.il1 Lamb, perlb 7 a 8 Veal 5 a 6 Philadelphia Cattle Markets Junk 15.?Betrtt-S^O Beeves offered; 200 of which went to New York. Sales were made Rt 4} a 6 eta?extra 61?170 left over. Cows and Calves?325 in market- Sales from $30 to 23 ? extra $28. Springers $12 a 15. Dry cows $6 a 10. Calves?Sales at $1 a 1 50?extra $3 60; by live weight 1} CtF. Hogs?500 in market, including 300 western. Sales were made at 4 a 4J?extra 4j. 200 left over. Sheep?About 800 in market. Sales at $1 75 to 3 50. Foreign Markets Bio Jans:iro, May 6th.?The arrivals nre " Louisiana" and " Eunomus," New York ; "Amazon," Baltimore, via Pernambuco, bringing 4204 bbls flour, 482 packages domestics, 450 do tea, 621 boxes candles and sundries? 1164 bbls Baltimore flour per Amazon, was sold to arrive at 16||000, has been resold at an advance for export; 2000 do Hsxal, per Louisiana, litis also been sold lor export, at equai 10 in ?iw; iuou ddis per biinoiRUs, are unsold, and held for an advance. No other sales to report. Cotlee and exchange without alteration. May 6?There wai no flour in flrnt hands. and only 10,000 barrels in second hands ; Baltimore would comman4 17|1, and Richmond 17||500 lor River Plato. Coffee was scarce, and good 3IJ <3|j300a 3||500. Exchange 3 6 4d on time. Died, On Friday morning, 16th inst. at 0 o'clock, Mrs. Rosanisa McBatDK.of inflammation of the bowels, in the 75th year of her age. Her funeral will take place on Sunday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, Irom the residence of her son, John McBiide, cora?^of Walker and Ellridge streets. The friends an J acquaintances of th-family, as also the members of the Hibernian Universal Benevolent Society, are respec fully invitrd to attend. On Friday afternoon, Rorkrt, son of Charles Forrester, agad one month. Thp friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral this afternoon, at 5 o'clock, from 37 Columbia street. On Thursday, 16th inst, Mrs. Mary Attn Kino, in the 30th year of her age. QtJ- .Montreal papers will please copy the above. On Friday morning, 16th inst. Elixabf.thCoi.fmax, wife of Waters A. Clayton, in the 19th year of her age. Her relatives and Iriends, and those of her husband, are requested to attend her funeral, without further invitation, from 43 Rutgers strest, this afternoon at 5 o'clock. On the 13th inst. at New Rochelle, Mr. Daitifl Ssacoan, in the 95th year of his age. Passengers Arrived. tAT Baltimore?Bri; Riidgton. from Buenos Ayres?Csf>t The mm M:riy, of Je? Yoilt. Foreign Importations. L.iv?.Brooi.?"-hip ciIssbow?( ttep")r*rii ynlerlayl?1 bile Vawli vjort 8c H*yward?4 Cameron 8c Brand?42 do 41 ci 111 be Howes, Godfr-v ? Hobnooti?20 cs T B M^bre 8c co?I do J Walk'r?63 bl? Hick* 8c soc?39 c? 53 bis Keiss Bro h-rc?5# citt n't 162,0 0 slates S Ta imi s m 8t Thomas?Br c Mon'illa?20 Shd? tn nr 93 bis 154bxtJ O Whine ere?l '72 holes Aetna- 8c ro?2 bvs H H bigi cocoa F W Schmidi 8c ec?I bbl old cupper 5 do glass 1 do ariow root U hides 3 trunk* 5 krir< tamarinds I bbl sugar WC Aiwater?1<0!) five fra"c pieces $1989 nud 38? hf do T Moreen? 10955fpi cesABCon't-v 8c cc.?$4fla B B and-nth?$500 W Kidgrwn ?226 5 pes $100 B >dser 8c Peck?125 5r pieces PJ S Usiuri?$100 J VViiolf?$.00 H Tub e?I b^R spec;e toinaslei? 1 km muse to order. Biinuitlc tmpnrtallooti Nkw Ott.CANS?Ship (Jomlile?8 hhdt tobacco J 8c D Me OrcRor?212 hah s collod N ewbo'd Ik C lift?222 bbls por'c 105 do lar* 7 its 5 cks h .ms Ti (imp* >n 3c Ad im?173 b Ls c rftuii R I vi. ?14 hbds tub ceo Bosim <n, Join ston 3i co?99 bli's ' orlc !5 one 8c ro?83 8it, datn, Sam- 8c co?83 do her f E Fie iler 8c c ?30 bales a up: en tiugs R L Tar or?313 bbl? pork 15 kess lard l.'C, Da'er 8c Millet?24 l' ns lead 11 11 F.eld?41 bs hrmp 1' L Youngs 8c co?40 bbls pork N L 8c G U.iswo'd?21 lihbs bain* 63 do Mlgar to Older. CtiAii-icsTorf?flrp Cslhoun?I pker W Kutuerfpid?I G iffia 8c Pallmai- 251 biles coitoa Lawrtnce 8c < o?98 11 Coit 8c co?54 do 16 bis Peilous, II minis 8c co?1 pkg W 14 Draper?38 ckt 2 hf do ncc Gray 8c Ciosfcy?10 tcs to master?108 biles cotton to order, A vai.cchicola??chr Te slur?<000 feet cedsr 9000 do lumber Mr Ku-sell. AraLACHicoLA?Sclir David Rogers?200 biles cotton Boormm, iaiou 8c cc?35 J H T&lmau. M A RTT t M E H E R A M > Ship Masters anal Agents, l-'e sii.*!! ?.tetm it a fa Tor, if Captains of Vessels will pv: to Contmodoie tloor.nT Silvkk, oi our Ncvrt Fleet, a Be port of the SltipriU't felt r.t the Port whence the; sailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage. a List of their Ctruo, and snv Foreign Newi|mpert or News rlicy may bine. lie will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and CotfrsjMjndc -s, at bone or abroad, wil also confer a i ivor by tcadniir to this Olhce all the Marine intelligence lh:y can obtain. Nautical Information of ap.y kind will bo tkaokfo'lr (sesivnd. PilRT OB' "IttW YORK, JUNE 17 il'rt 4 30 I stouts Rises II 4 SdH SKT4 7 311 HtOM WaTKB 12 16 Cletredi Biniu* LiJnstrie. (Nor) Adls'cw, H.amborg, Mots 8c P.illiii. -tr iii Manhattan, Uoane. North of Fnrope, E D Iiii Ibir 8c Cc; Sicicnre, Kaulkocr, M?r??aibo, Ncimnh. Leeds 8c Co; Trio D >nue. Antigua, Foster 8c Nickeaon.?Scl r H trp, Cat r, P?ra, E Corning 8c Son. Arrlvert. Rhp Oo- dole., Bf n-e. f oui New Oiltaai, an I 1J day* from th Bilir.-. Willi < Hon ti ? ick. Sc Co. flhip' dlhMto, Mi era, tt dtya from Chatle?l-n, wu'i citton, *Br Baiilett. (ol riymoiT'.) 9 day* from St. Ttiam i, with iun: r Ike. to mantcr. __ . llfitiihbTK Jra-tli 11ak.iI, Carry, il diya from Wind or. NH. with i IdJttr, ?o raiurcr. , v, , Prns?Mr. krtrh O Aim* nil, W <? f? i>J from Nowciiili, with 2 kr*l?co*l 8 d j i d-?tnU. B Mpre*nmd. Hchr Ni<l?u, ht? r*f, (of Buefcspoit) 21 d\yi from * hf.grcs, wih 3600 I dri ic Z rhrisn .n & ( o. Hchr J Wniownuht, Wcc.nt, 17 dAT? from Attakpu, w ill) lire W. Deal. , Hchr Tutor, 8 nuh, 13 days from Aprtdchicola.with limber, ro K. H. OreeB. . Schr 04' id ll-wra, Hn .t, 13 d'.yi from Apmlichic n, with cotton, to Sturae# te Clenriitau. 8 -hr Iowa, Conaut, 4 diys trom Baltimore, with lomber, to BWtl r Hchr Dride, Lnnt, 4 day* from Ukltimnrr, with iron. k?:. to Hchr Anthrocophera, TarVer, fr.m J met with wood, o nitfltj r. e?ehr Select, Graut, 3 day? from York Rieer, with w<? d, to m^ter. Sci?r Hobicoa, Ktara, 3 dayi from Yoik Hirer, wi lt wo<-d, to ni * er. Hchr Merchant, llickmin, fr? in ho.Ii Landing, with c irn, to mr?cbr D :ctor, Krant, 2 d..v? from Chiicotaigne, with wood, ?HchV sVai Crane. Taylor, 6 diyi from Waihi r.on, NC.with nav *1 sf Tii, tu 8 L. Mite hell. Hchr G o tt11? Horn, 12 d?ya from Ciliii, with laih, to Smith H?clir Velocity, Hi m:*iy, 6 d\yt irom Calali, with lath, to 0 ett k Voir. . , Sohr Otrau o, Motrw, 6 on from Lame. with plaiter, to muter. _ . f*rhr \m'ro?"dt. Km'*, 6 tl.iy? Iri in I ulnr, with plaitf, to "'scfr T?lcut, BtteJ, 4 day* f""n U ton, w th nvlte?brand :o ?r!ii Nnnr:<-b, rt-'bv, t ?yi tr< in U ?tin, with iinl?r? b'tmd to Albany. 8cht Amicda, Crnwrll, 4 day? iroin B with inline, tp K H. Merrick. itolow. Two brim, noknowo. General H?<*nr<t. P.r?T ...... II e 1 I ..J far 1 H.vre, line been detained. They will tail thia morning.? Letters leeeivfd at the Merchants' Exchargo nn'il ten o'clock. Ship 'ohiv Halk ?The vnsel rep-rtid to be It at by Capf. 8*.|i,ol ilie 8i lingsgite.conld not be llm John Hale, as mp posed, as aha sail. ?1 (mm Cienfncgis "'ay i9, for Eur: pe. Whalemen, Arr at Boston lith its: * 'ambrian, Holm's, No th and 8< ulh Atlantic, lait from Poll Prsyn April 10 Spoke Not 27, la: 36 13, lou 15 15 W 8-i ie. ami'l',73d'y? fm Ml, clean, bound o llroxette ish.n !s; D?c I, lat 35 4 5.1 on 10 41, Bingham, M' atic, 3 whale'. Arr at Provincetonn 12th, Fairy, Genn, At!lclic Octal, 3(0 bhla ap 3 tiled from New Bediord II h, Win Hotch, Tobey, Pacific; Americi, Fiaher, Indian ?i d Pacific A letter from Cipt Ve bury of the Coral, NB, repcrta her Mch 2, lat 37 h, Ion 81 \V, all wtll.cleau. Spokan, Tvboe, Tlicmi son, li-rc-for 8'raamli, no da'e, Ut 33, lo j 74 30?by the Mo.-ililla, at thia port. DunUu. from itla aire a,on* 3 dtys, June 10, lat 195, leu 79 17?by the .1 Wainwnglu, at thia port. U o ahip M irion, nu a c u ae, a1! well, no date, Porto Cabello be "tint 8 15 rnilea?by ti e thia t ort. Hovarth, R< down, Mobile for Liverpool, June 6, lat 31 53 Ion 78?by the K P Beck, at Boston. William, Bacon, 8t Marys for New Bedford, pa sed June 10, off St Marys bar. M .ri i The es., 4'lara, Matanzia for Ctwea, 7 daya out, June 7. lat 32 50, lou 77 20. Fore Iff ri Fort a, 8t TnoMt', June 4?In port, Susan, of Baltimore, just arr; Vesper, Lclltnd, from P iladelphi* for 8t .'clio*. Pit. 3 dtps, ,li?g; hlir-a Jane, Chadwck, from Wilmington. NC, i ut in in distress, r-TS d images, w II he ready fir >ra in 3 days; \'luu ' h, Nickerson. from Autisua, unc, aeekiu; freight; U'/.tMe, J ilinon. fmm B wh'dora, do. o; Veuu' Price, do lor Ponce, PR, to >ail 6 h mat to lead fir the United States; Sultana, Irons,from Demerua'iir Majagatz,next day W Thcnuts, Br# stater, from Frankfort, unc ju t air ?ud tiyiug the market. Alwilda, 'i'ulinan, from \lariinii]iio for NOrleaii", a i'ed seme dav; Woleott, Owen, from NYuik.put in in d stress, repaired damages and s iled for St Domingo mi the 2d; Smith Tn tie, Buali, from 8t Kitta fir St Croix sa'ltd oil the 2d, to load for the States Baltimore, ?3u?rr, is at Antigua, and rxpec.ed every day h< re. Port au Priiscr, June 4?In pcit, Pandora, Paxton for Bostoil, in 5 days; Mary Argu'U, Kininnn, Biliunor-, 5; Ostrich, Ellis, N York. 5 CHatiUKS, about May 22?In port, America, Ward, for New Yoik, .5 Ja>', only American. Lake Ports. uu r jiuc is?rxrr on rut ginn. eiiuis; ;si ?r?niiil, SJf i'J? min; VV J ,y, Lucy; Lexington, Anderxou; N Diddle, Norman; J Grant, Mtllon, and Treuton, Diibrow, Cleveland; A'alanta, Green, Mcnroe;' aruline, Clark, .Vl'umee; Lyon, Drake, Huron; VV rek.s, Turner, anil Maducu Waitc, Sandusky, Kome Port*. Bath. June 7?Arr Rose, Limphear, Baltimore ; 10 h, Ceret, Taib >*, Sa^anti'li. Cld 7lli, Samuel, Fogg, Martinique; ]2tn, ort Leon, Johnson, J tutticv Portland, Jui e 10?Arr Magn?t, B;ker, New York; 12th, C?rdtsnaa, Churchill, Matanixs; Susan J me, Winslow, New S'd Alrert, Staples, St Jago; Ifilizi, Moote, Bil.imore. Arr ldth, Hngar, NYork. Nf.wburyport June 11?ArrOiDgei, A|len, Albany; Forest, Jat quel, G< orgetown. Salkm, Jit ie 13?Air Caroline, Phiuney, Georgetown, DC; Hth, Fort Hill, Gray, Wilmington, D. vis Boi'ou. Sid Halves', smal Georgetown, OC, Boston, June 15?Arr Delta, Hiuckl-v, and liokoui' k, Johnson, New Orleans; Frances P Bic*, Stsckpnle, do; h tcliolai Brown, llet d; St O-orge, Long, and Kmera'd, Po and, Philadelphia; Splendid. Watts, Hou(J,)ut. Cld Lncas, Miller, Onton; Henry Newell, Martin, Bottertlam; Chester, Kiigh'. Havana; Peru, Kvani, Anx Cayis; Mary Suntou, Be, Bslti more. Telegraphed, K,velioe, Perkins, fro n Trinidad. Signal far 2 brigs. Taunton, June 1C?Arr Craven, NOrleans via NYoik; 12th, Roscius, IvYo;k Providknck, June 11?Arr Briij Franklin, Whit ; Native, Smitn, and Sepuotoa B"h?e, Kondon'; Provid, nee, Brown, N York. Sid, winJ VV, Glide, Crease, Phitadrli his; Grin, Dishr w, All,any; Jat L Lour, Haw', ins; J imes, Oak ; Excite, 1) ,l?. Mono, llsckett; Jame-i, Clark, and Arrival, Jane, New York. VVarrkn, June 12?Arr Ch*t, Thompin-j. Charlest-n Alrant, Jnne 15?Arr Herald, Scuddrr, Boston ; trie, Brooks, New ISedfurd. Sid B,lance, Ni-kerson; Tr osport. Nick anon and B inner, Lewis, B"j on; Caletl ,nis, Spelm >ti; Hanhcrabble, Div s; Presideut, Nickcsou, aud Moivirch Tyler "toviden ;e; P.cific, S;.erry, and S It Smith, Bills, New Hav r. Philadfi.piiia, June 16?Arr M dud, Benedict, Trinidad df Cuba;Caroline,flowen. Purtn.n P ince; Virginia, Cull, New York; S a*. Baker. Atlakapas, La. Cld Betsey & Jams, Ti'o" as, Barbsdo' s; ltntsell, M t hews, II lif*x; Come . Ve y, | K'ngx'on Juo, Jeff.rsoti, Mills, Brat i.; Sherer, Keller, Newburypo r. Norfolk, June 11?"I zs Ann, Buekmin, R'chmond for Portland, c imo down J hm Riv r tnejiy, and went to ?ex. chart.f-ston, June 13?Cld Belri'tie, Wumbersie, Antwerp. S d Emily, Snertsrood. NYo k; Medera, lurnir, Borlleaui; Corserv tive, Carey, Cork Savannah. June 12?Arr Exact, J >hn?'n. NYor ; Margaret O b h ist, 11 .'li. Mr Cld Savannah, H'w!cy. New York. Sid Amy. Wh ie, Liverpool; Mary,Pope, NYork; Prince He grot, Mnrdy, Liseipsol. ArsLACHicoLA, May 10?Cld Maguet, Taylsr, Fall R ver; 3l?r, D vid Cotfn, Soiith, i!o; Warsaw, Burdi k, Ntw York; Sen i tole All* n, do; Juns 3, J G' lieu. Jr, Moore, Providence. i>i w uhi.kaks, j in" H? Arr r.amuuii iriHins, ingtirsoil, and Me* J ijo, liowrs, Havre; Pixriin, Ptnlbrook, S' Thomas; U S br'U ol war Dolphin, Knight, Vera C nr. via Tampico? Old Manchester, Beswrtli, NY rlt Kdw Everett, Simpson; Kluirnce. CnsUi jc, ard Victor, Oorlnm, 1) vunn: Geo H Met. Howes. C iwe? ind an.k'; Clia'.enubiist<1, [Fr] Lahorde, Boide ux; E hubuig Stone, and Emerald. F'rauceville, Provid icr; Mar a St Fanny, [rixu] Caanmenger,, Dai.; Musjchuleci. Browne l Chaileston Attakapas, Li. Jane 1?In port, Sterliuz, for Port-mouth, NH. few days. F.lK S ALE?A fust ra'e two w'ce1 c ib, in good order In* qu'ie at H! Bull van at. DAVID BllOEKNSHA j .a tt'rc _ Bll Ls OF EXCHANGE, parable at sight on ?ll pot's of Euilaud, lieland and Scotland, in sumiof ?i ?10,?15, ?10 to auy amonit, for aale at S J. SYLVESTER'S j 7 22 Wall a'rertand 12(1 Broadway# C7AV1PHOK, St ?15 bb's tt"lined Catrnhor. 5200 Iba White * Gmcer Ho at, Scales ViniMt Beans SOOrr. S I Into Quiuiu?. ForsUeby JA9. S. A CI VIVALL, j 17 3l*rc S6 Willi'in str-et <Jf? I Kflfl WANTED, on country security. The property, ?J]o J-j?JV/V7 whirl) *9 Iut one half motivated produc i more insu he mt.-rrat on the ebovc sum Tee whole ii worth at Ir i'i $10011, nui! entiirly nniu*L inhered. Srcuiiiy will rla > he gtien for the layrn'u: o'the n.teieat in this city. Addrraa ?? ?a. eel- -? in ii# CtAUTIO'Ntoa crrtvu tic nic party, who iq-tatted in tie ' tow ,ship ol Bergen, in th? a.tenioon eud evenimt i f (lie llthofJjH". This is pni in ihii paper 11 warn ihx sai 1 party not to trrspvs on the arid property asain, n< I hey hare done couiid"Tablr iiAimge. Many ol the ah r>- pi ty MM IMffl. It i< nu.ltrttoed that I lie aanip party ire going on ainehrripree, at the a iree p'ace. ni the ' ill of 'ul . THE OWNER OF THE ABOVE PHOPEKTY. j 17 ll'rC BANK OF EMILaM) NOTeS, 9overeki-?and Eng'lTTh nlvir, b ncli'. und sold. Lumbermen's Bank, Wurrcn. Pa., borg tat fi J SYLVESTER'S j I7ec 21 IV ?|! it, s nil 111 17 u id way. pACAET SHIP KUC HESTER, KOK t.lViCKPOUL^ ' This ship having be#u dei. i ied by the weotrier, will fail tl is nvuiiiga' # o'clock. 1'*- v users are riquesttd to be ou b" 'rd steamer Heicu'es, at Wiiilehali Dock, at thM t ine. Lttttrs bags will oe clcaed ?i half p on 8 WOODHULL & MINTUHN, j i7r ?7 Honth street. HANDiOMK APARTMENTS, in Houston street, near Broadway to let, to gentlemen, with breikfastand rra, or lul', board, if required, Reteencei rtqnired. Etqniro at the bar't Niblo'a Garden, or at the noiue, 411 Houston stieet, m21-1 in*i c FOR SALE, AT NIBCO'S OAKUEN?Brilliant Fireworks it every drsciption, r due's irixnnfacturr, Pt role, hnis-et Nibl-.'s G tden consisting uf rplen- id ict pieces, richly decorated w-th co'ored (int. wheels, rockets, ir.ines It -man candles, toihi!lon<, ("hit ese livers, triangular wheels, t*. Sic., Sic They will be furu'shed at the sted so re, Nihio'j ti ird n. in on intiues'o suit iu c'wnn. at the lowest m ttkrr prices, and i< liberal diacoont inide I t large orders. Mr. K >k~ i? so well known aa ope ol th" li-st ry-olechuiatt in this county ih t an\ c.:ni*nt Dt ii dr< m-d nn' ecessarr, Inrther than to *t*i? thai thtv hire beeu (tot up exprtsily by him for putie?wi hii.g t.. relrr,rate the coining ainivtriar;, auJ irar.ainrd. A1! o.d;ts thankfnlly received. bursal* low, Icr cixh, rj.bflO green hor?e pi ints. nf errry d'trnpbOu. wtlri ;oo donate dah'i u of the fni??'. kin Is. '1 In ie in w.vit w.ll pleate g ve uaa c II NIBLO St DUNLAP, J17 1 n * rc _ 576 Bund war. HODOKi' I ELEuFA I tO LO.aLHIN ulTlfcRsTheie bitt?nrre highly TreomwieDded by the medic; 1 faculty of fcuroPi', a> a icit' r oive.for the appetite, and are alio a t motive curt- ior lever and ague, and cm ye obtained at a:I the principal hole a in the United fitter. Sol.', who exa'e only, at No III Ku'tonit, cn? door f o.ei Dutch at. Price ft pet gallon. P. S. Coun ry m:rihanta are reqttestc 1 toc-ill and ex mine for tli:hue! ve1. Agents for boston, Mate., M-nrr. B'ake St TumbiiM enrBer Miik and Keieral sts; tor Pmv i leiiee, R. I , Mr T.Sprnecr, No. 15 West Water at; for 8?om. Man , Mr. G. tutuam, No 3't Kmea ?t. j 7 loi*ic EXTRACT ol tno.u'.ea cf a intei >iig of H se i. o. No 10 mill June 15, until ao.v. d. '1 hit,hit ha-tu o' this Company belendcrid to our late Foreman. Mr O Vale, Jr.. and ,i s? to r n' 'ate Ami O. NV. b.wiug fothe f ithful and ioip>rtitl m<t>ner iu which UH-y have filled their r> i| retire offices io th s Comi any. a d lat it ii eib feelingi of dr-p regie" htwe now j . with thaiat ut thoie fee ton p.-rune Is> ptoga i as by tha VuoWi dgethit they ?ill stillir in i:n in ai I m bv tbeir, counsel, and atnrit'ate us all on to th? port of honor thev n ire filler with situ lecti n to ss all and honor t , then ><lrra. Inbeiia.' ol the Compaiir, J. P. HOPKINS, Foreman A'ciii Le Gal, Secretary. j|7 it'r GHTlCUbTUKAL tX'.ilBITIUN.?AtplrtdiI aelecin it ol tli >ea, Stat dar u and others in full bloom, coin pris tin the finest mi l newest varieties ol (hat queen o1 (I >wiri, c i. b* teen duly at the ts i bVshmcnl of D. Bell, ll nst, totu r i f hifii-ih street ted Bloomi"rd*le nsd. Ai.-Mi-s are ri quested tactll and t'.tm. This collection is the fia?s'. in the country ; lid ej are piitictlsily iuvi:rd to call anlrcu the in. ? " Adtuiitatce fie# Moore's IJIoomiuKilsle stuei leav from trc coiner o* Chfh un anu Trrou row evi ry h or fioin 9 in the moruioit II in ill* iiTCDirn;. Til ' vest timet* ?ee them it inorLi"K and evening j.7 J *t I <> <; l-ol \ U liAII.Ko l> i.N V-\.HI' K - The Srockh Iders of t) is Ci mnany a'e hereby notified I'ea* n c ill of an instalment of on d illar i <1 a half p>r iharr. h\? beta made by the B i rd of Dirtc ^rs, payab'e on ihc 1st cf July ncet. i he irimfer books will be r lo?i d from the 2fl'h iua*. roths 1st nf Jaly, (bo h lieys inclusive ) By ord'rot ihc-Jtjard. i 17 2 *r DAVIU S. IVftg, Secretary C* AMPrtOR WOOD AND RED CEDAR TRUNK MANUFACTORY.?The subse ibrrhas rcc-ivnl fr m C'lji a ? quantity of Csm ' or Wood, whion he is m?hirg into the largest arte Tin "iks, similar to ihos i imports d I'run Cmtou ft r thu impose ol peseiviig w olen i l tii ou, tie. I* oni receiviitiiUry I iotn ninth or i tlier destnic'.ir tc miu. nid sivinr to 'he con tern of ine tru rk a delith fa I pr rrume. i '1 h y h ve k nid locks, and menntcd oil ci'tors wnen (not intencs d -ii unveil ing Lilteiv < , Ked o 'Pencil Ceuar Trunks, for the ahnvc par po?e, whic': ii r'obfily as itooit. if net tetter, iliau the camphor wi rd. and are too much t heartr. A s i, ?utv fir# | tool \Vruu;hl Iron Che ft end Sif's, i inhr mi! k a crep.t vaiieiy of d Iferr tit at.d quality, from the hi rhr?t to 'he lowest pliers. JKSSK UK.LANO, jt 17 lt*ee. f 97 Water cornsr of tiouTerneitr I me. n't L I). FLSMINO R Diar hora and Woun raudies? To i much cannot be avid in f?r r of these cirdies. II.? \V otm Canny is nrrtainly the aates: ami most certeia iued c'tie for worn s ih it o in bo obtainrd. It ii mild but (uurs tit?it i i so plrr sou it will ba i e r ss'rv to ;'i?n it to children by me' urs, or they #culd est too much Mothers who liny th'i nrtl110 will lie o r i of ^ert r : somMhis that will < , the vrsik i it uu|i t?lie on#. I.*! wen w r, moT'W, tM von procure the tight a-litlr, O. I.. I'. Klceniit' ? Mctl itwl Wwn Candy. Ur. Fleming'# 1'iatih 'f# Cirnlr In p'Oted itfe f #ti j ?dy 'lie n.o?:- ce.tonr yne.dy ( ' di rrha?a and nil bowel com plamti?it I* a ipi rife. To I'.lufy the pob'ic wt iu?ert tne follow nq certlli atra ? Having been laboring nmter a ?e?ero atfirlt of bow.l comp'aiul, n few ihve 'inc.*, I win i. <1 i*ed lo err tbe Q i ,Uf r B ilm I Comedy, i replied by Do L. D Fleming of ih .*cry, and * \ initl'trial htaeffic ad a tftitienl e i* I enn, ill To'cie, wi b 1 pi. ire re "mnn ml ihn invViMble medicine to all prrsina t iailarljr rffl.rted, nt oi.? t I Wilt aBaid ih#mini'aei i ic r*. ; I'd. IAMKS COX. ! Newark, N. .1 , Anguit, IOIJ. II iviuK ined Ui. I,. D. Fleming'# (fre'ier Htlm Hemidrin ? y < wu inmil j for ilir part ear, I eaieeio it > a rper lie lor all ' ho we: c imnlain a. A\HONOUBsT j Thete cat di tiara for a?le, wliolesal t ai d refnl.vt Dr. Onort'j I olBce, 115 Naaaan at. N. Y. jlT ?t*r J XTUHSk WAMTK1), TO (JO TO KUHO t woman, a* nnria to lend ? child, who il poo. with Mi oarenu. Any rMtwcUibl* Iri h, lith girl, with yoo'i traMnoui .li will pl?Mc j la St* ? herald office, lot the further p* T N FORMAT f ON (V A NTKn - ff N.U. Snm? ? tmiu 1 Injh * form , I . i m v . an i now sup posr J lo v e living in !tp>ifct j; , v? ill 't quire for A D f t ih " < , " ' * 111 I i, ' r? t 0 0 A 51 A II is Sa^le (leni'emen, or Gentlemen and iJ^u 'j ^ 'v,,? cati he *\<ir? inim dn- <1 with |ieasart rnom* rn<f not'd, by pi?I vim i '> i Veict itrid nSI I m* r Bi >A K!)f N ' ? A '? . :" or two t !? ', odsom mod trd will Vo?id it NiWi-k, N ). T* o iroa'ioo i oncofih mostrd*-.ii?htul n. the place, an hutafrw steps 'ron? the ?t? p im i |i 'r i'i" 'ie nil cir# Kor ur':-i ufor.:^ on apply "t N . 27 Maiden Laue. m2T 1 'ii r LIA slJSi) M|<; A PAUT VJfcN 1 8 iu Houston street, cI?sr tA to 8ro^lw?v ? To Irt, to k u lemeu, with bre ik att an'' tea It 'feri'\!(VB reqtir-.'d. Address, boi !0R Park Post otfiee. in'2 lin Mid ? co OPO CTET?5pT He1 i i r is. well lufuUhetf, for Hi''jrle 1 (J'DtV; en, wiili b.tV.fitt ?WJ l?*a. Enquire at SI Walii s<r#f n jet lm*? C KW ( i ; ICN o< - ly habita can I n io I *1 dated with good bo ?il and pleasant rooms in a private laiai* ly. at 204 Fulton street. Also, a lew djy bosders can be accoin| modeled on the mast reasonable term. A parior and bedroom to le'. * itJi or vi?hiMH ''OArd |(SS FIVE'DOLL vKi REWARD. I03T?Apnikct meninrundumbook?greeu morocco co'cr. with a tack?ennmiuing p*u*r* Sic , of no va lue to niiy hut tlieowuor. The .hi ve i'w irtl ?ill b'* imii! oti ilt delivery to J. C. O>no. ii ?irha< gr II <ce, New V-irk. It was f rnbsMy lost on lr*Yit.g (he t'.noj ll.c W.' t ra K ilr -d, at Albany, on t!.o Mth.or oogci.fc en board tlu ^.juth Asuio* th inn rvcnirg. j 16 'I'll BURV FoK HALIC.?A Mperiot London nude i'llou* rv. h is run l ut two vests, n. is i.ew niiuOd this sprjug, for'.V cheep, Aio ly t > MESlKNulCH'S Htibla. 111 id 2 * "it M Lumber street. nK. BOUbTON. Uimm. hit reiuruea in New Vnrli. Hnumsm Park riser, 2J dm from Broadway, south side, jlfl i IW|B*H PINK AfftllH-Aliii of superior qsality, arrtse ' alter a st ort p ssaee from 8t Birts. Knr sale in lots to suit purchasers. on brig Wil, pier ?o East live, or to jl5 3i*m h'. 3. M:HMt SIN<r H |la Pearl st kJTKAV'' WRa'PH ii ,'APKsl?2000 reams Crown Straw O Paper, forfait try PEKoSE & BHOOK8. j '.*> fit Libe'tv street. ACEHTAIM t'UKK f?r the presailing ii.Ilumzs, iVlrs. i.nrroll'a Medicated Vapour Uailis, 25 Cou tl.iudt sire. t j 15 B'r CO V R* fisLM OK LIKE.?This truly vnliisbte mod iciue has sit ed uotil It MO won the c inlidrueo uud gaiue'd the es'eem ol men in a I classes of society, Irom the m-dn al professor in c direr, and the c.lery) in iu in h's drsk, to th - nt"st humble citizen, for IlIIiicuzus, '.ought, Consumption Brou?li tis or sore ill oat. Dyspepsia, Asthini, Croop, Whooping Couth, Indigestion, he., this mrdiciue h's not its rqnu. Among there who hare KOri! Heir tes'inio' i\'s in itsUvor arc D. M. Iteese Al. D ofFiiifirld Medical CoM'ge; S. AleISauvhtoii, M. D. ofilieAlb iiv Medm I ''olleg.-; Msrb 8'cveuson. M L) , New York cits; l),-. McKnvht, New Yo'k citj ; J. Mitchel. M D., Philade'phia; Krr.nk H. Hamilton, .VI. I) , Geneva Mrdiril College; and ahos. ol others, winch may be seen hy calling at the oflice. Among cote who hue 'ecu cured ?ic ltrv 1. li.tlsev, D. L) , Auburn Semmiry; Kev. Timothy 8f?w, Jordan, N V.; Kev. CIds. Gilis, Hev. 8. Adrit, Hev. David Mo.ire, Kev. J. Hopkins, Hev. J Htonr, Fev It. B?nislr r nud a'umber of others, al'.of whose cettifi catos may be tern by calling on Dr. Covert nths office, 135 N-vs.u st, New Yolk, whe.e this mcdicioe is 'or sa'e wholesale aud retail. je!7 fir' r DOCTOR BELd.,. DOCTOK BELL devotes his rcrsonal attention (daily, until 10 P. M.) to the removal of private diseases iu every stage. All suffering tinder prot racted cases, aggravated or treated by inexperienced, or pretcuded iiactitiruers?ct.c < tahnring undrr the destructive elects of mere nry or quack uoitruins, aud all who suspect the remains of ui ease lurking in the system, may consult Pr B. always with a guarantee of a cure. Persons contemplating marriage, who have been the subjects of delicate diseases, may cousnlt Dr. Bell with houoratde confidence. Past-paid letters, describing the esse of prisons at a distance, have his prompt a* iccion Jr. B.'s treatment never expose-, to suspicion, and is v. ?!l lunvu to le sa/e end permanent. ?"/ Privste offices tt7 CP PA tt Sl'RKKT, two il?"rsfrom Broadway. j 17 lt.*r X4 UN 1 El< I 17 lis- r;v>>: n -to., h- d~n'l?:i5~r oue class < fdiieaits?N 3 Division tt the only pi ice m lite city where tho genuine lluu'ui'a It <1 Drop, n medicine inv-r IMWg to fullU *WN u ' I mo t desperate (tHIOt Ml* tain diseases, eat) b- obtahied Price S', wwfsBMd to en re any c se in a fiwibys, I'n - the ti ;h'. m-dicine in the first place, tin-i ihcie will lie ni h If cared rates Alter you hive ro^J all lite little butt it { trite! in is ihrccse, end uacd all tlietnedcii'ei sold chewliere, without ruin t tired, try this, nnd if it doet not ritr" you. wo wi I not t<k' v?"r money. Beware of a cnutiierl-i: so'd in Maiden Lane. Albany, also in Bm'on I'ne true article ennotne iibtiia-d in those cuies. Bnffilo true aittncy, No. 3 Sid way Block, on Com ncrcUl at. J17 tt*? MEDICAL?NO PUFF. DIl. J KVANS ha* renton d hi* Old Otlcu'a Hi ad Dispentuyto 1U0 Chatham, near Pean*', wnere lie cont'tiuea his lale.apeedy. end effectual feataieaf, ntd core of nil delieve diseases. and o loie tha real old D*. Evani will be found by hit niiut rous i. tpnr tig friend*. If cge, science, and Imty years'eicencnce, et title apia-litioser to preference, then Dr. K. would direct the alienrh.u of a d seeming public to an investiuat'on oi his cl .;nis. He with** tha public to know that he h is nothing to do with anv office in Peck Slip. Ills ihaiRrs ate miderate. II t cocinltctictis aie coiilid Dr. E. puts up pare-Is of medicine lot the cnte <".fope species of disease lot $1, and particularly attends to gleet and strictures. j 7 H*r EA'JLE COURSE, TRENTON, N. J. THOTTING MEKTING over the chare covrse, cent nt'itrinr; Mouvav, June 19 h, ?ud can iaue four, a s First t)a> . duue 19th, a purse of One Hundred Delicts, two nsilaheats.i l harm as, fr?c f tr hones trial hve never won a .in v d 1 n?. S.m i'iy? A purse of F.ftv Dollars, mi e hrats, best in hve, under The r.'.oae, tree mt n?i>,. >i? , hive ever trotted fir a purse. Hi c 'U'l day, a purse of Two Hit id red Dsllsrs, two luile hea's.lo hirLe's. tree for all. 8 me D'y?A r?r.'e ol Fifty Oollcri. mi!u hra's, bos* iu five, uedcr tha sadlie, f ee f>r horses that never trt.eo for tn ney. Third Day. r purse of One Hundred D dlari, two mi'e heals, n dt the ,a Idle, i'?e for oois-s ihatji ive never won* purte over 11100 Siinn L? iy ? A purie of i"if'y Hollar*, for paring h rs-s, mile lie'ts, best in five, in tier the sad-lie, tree fur horses ili.tii retwiiipit?,iMi,W Motiww OmHid ie Dollars. Fourth Day, a jtirae of Oi? lliurlrt-l Dollar*, two mile bee's, to harness, free for I > - i|< never won spuria over $110. Same DaT?A i n-tr ni r' f. v O-'I irs. mde he Us ben in five ntn'er thr isddle, free f.r ho owtie I aud tinned in Jer sty, that never Won over $>) B?e..pprt.oWe, frer | ,r ,t t nv i in lo I,-on, nn 'er Ihe sadJIe, m- htnidr-d doll"<-c t'?LCr, t *ea'y live d >lla>a haDdred dollar* ad I it b> f e p oprie'or. To u-mf and cl aeby the 15;h inst. For further particulars iiuVr v koik 7-pirit rf the Timet and handbills. Me-ul era'licke r firlhe r.( tin, $3, ? cue dollar p'r day. Tickets for the Pub ic St..u : 25 n>?. JoM"'.S BROWN, Proprietor. Trenton, New Jane v, Ju i- 1.1, 18 3 jl73t*r " BEACON E? rilUTTlNG. fpHE following Swrepstssrs are lo come tfTlcst weelt in J ue No. 1?Two mile hea'a, in harnna.lree for horses never wen a iurse over $30, tab $10), half forfeit. No. 2? SaineaaNo I, under the uddle. No. S? One iri ? h"**a, best 3 ill 5. lo Wagops, with drivr r to weigh 315 lb'; f"e lor horars nevi r won a purse ever $j0, tub t50. half i-ufeii; ihrve or more in all the aaove *t"l(et lo make . cv To cln-e Thtlrsdt*. J jpa 15, by # o'clock, P M , at R. k'miih'a.JI Paik Row. A'ao, Ja'v I'uh, the pro: r etcrs of the a iove course will cive a purse for $500, free f r all trot' K hours, three ir.ile heats, in h me s, $100 *o un to the second eeit hone; 'Ipee or rrore 'o inaltearace. Kntii's for this mine to be made at B. Smith'*, by 9 o'clrck P M.. Batmdiv, June 17t'- j |7 li r AL1, NATIONS' lioTVL, No III B oa.lwav, uest besV |>w the Oily Hot*l?This rs'.abiiihmenl hit been norned on the K.areposn P'an, bett r kr.own to the citizens of this city as tin sue eialully conduced by ' Loveloy," tu' v.i'h stanv imp,ovi meats. The rrop;i*tora l i e |f rami of ibis advertisement and a tiiil of the house. 'J lie following arrangemen* has been made, s?ith a view ofhe'reriuilirg ah BILL Os fAIIE .. , ? eovn. Fish. Mock Turtle 11 61 Salmon la 61 (?r-en do 2a 6J llailihiit, lobaler icea la Maecaroni la Hoc* Bar* la ViyeiaMe la Cod la Beef la Itiee Is kntbek* Mut?on cutlet* 2? Lamb chops 2s V .1 Un I. .1. rv,.. I. ilo <lo ill i" per 2s F ori 2s Swrelhreudt li 64 Pige-in and pros 2a I.stub's Kimey-i 'a d > cm pspilnfte 2a B fi Sluki ?t F'icvao of chick *a la?I ' alfs head and brains Isfil Chckrn croqus'te l?6l Lib'ter la Pitting chickens 3 Cardi tee Is Cntckea a .la I 2a 61 BoitrD Mosst. II tm la Beef Is Mutlmi M|?iiuce, la lamb la C"nKii beef a .Million la Virgin's curtal bacon Is Vaal U To:kM Is Pig la Lento la Tu key Is 1' rl.'y la 11 1 ks Is Chickens la L'-iickcm la Dssacgy A variety of pu ddiogt, t let, dec . at SJ per plate. Ktf?wb rics and other frnils tid per . late. A!! kindi of m- in seosou ai mo lerate ehama, Table, d'ffote fiom 12 t i i P M , i . in.; ture'b -.loons. O.irie for dinner J7)? cent a The bill of fare shell not be surpassed by anv is .Vili h-ei t in the ntp. II tndsonuly furiiishr i! b.'al rooms c -u be | roturcd at (rum (2 to S3 per week, or .'0 rents a dry. N B. fririo- diaiag rem; for partes, c'libs, Sc. j!6 *i *r DR. J. FRANCIS, OCULIST, <?Js BROADWAY. MIS ('.el-brate.1 prrp?r-nooa fo U-evs s of the E es, hive proved to be on* oi the g-ea est d iroyertes thit h*a ever been mail". Thev are pet feet ca es for all isri -mmatoty disease" of the e> e?, for wr tkr.cts of sight, aud o. htnalmia. and nerer fs-l to remove nehn'a* of the longest standing with ui any surgical operaiiontihcir efTt; cy in curing ems osis and r- moving .-itar iet has been trulv a/ton is1-ieg, -vliea hope h t II. d en ' tarries lelmved to be inc?tab!e by insnt of the fseu'tv. ? he nrme.-oni rerfificrfes *o he seen at the office, will vttest thetru-hof there she-- vat ous. W the n tie signed .hsvijg witumted astonishing cores perfirmed hy D- J. Krsecis o ll e blind, rn i in eases oelieeed ro bo inmrab'e when r 111.ope hid fled.ti. It.siln iug'y recommend him ass s f- and skilful o t list, ami be iree his preparations sr" o e p, the great-;t discoveries e-er inr .e (or Disetsetef li e Eyes:? Duncan Dnttbar, Pnstorof the M D itu-l s'. Ohurth. S. If. Cone, Pastornl the Kirs". B *iat Church. J th i Pec*. Agent oftne H n c M -solitary Society. J c h Uronrer. I'mter t I the vo tit B trtui Cl.urc t. A.Wheelcek. Pa-for cf the ? th Bi-tist Cbuich .'otri :t ahiuii, ttoin'.u t ethciic nml, ; t I.tcr 11 much, Barclay ?t. Milnor, H :rtor of tHnt Oeorge's Church, Beekman Street. (Jeurge (Menuy, M. D., Member of the Moral Coll'ge of SuTeona, Lttpdott, and of tl e Med'cal Society ot New York. I'rt CDtJ attended to at rhe nf(W an reason ib.e terms Honrs f attendance Iro n 9 A . i 1". M. I' n o t jjtnlerstiori for the poof. Thise prrpartt'ont can only be had at DM. J. k'HANCIS1, 6 "I tSr. etlwns. [T7"Artificial K.yes inserted, which rnnr>otb9 di titiguiihed loon n.uurtl, giving the slightest pirn. ij?T lmdyltwv"*r AU(J i iUftl CiA Li S. I THOMAS DKt.L. AcetiiOMf. BV BKLL * HOWAUD. '#'>??? Htii.i w>. tii'i l)? f-nilon ilt m I MATUKDAV. At o'clock,iu the i ile?room. Th? uina! en ! niv? m-or'roeut of nrw iol aecond hand r ib ne I and houii li >' ' 'u ri tire of all de>cri|Hioi * A'no i iim' ? di tonal lot of elei ant ?'e"iid hand furiiitnriiein>?e<t r m Bi < hlvn for r?ii??otiince of ?ale ^ inefinie a ?unerh lock of tit* inide warrant'd cibiwi arnnus. - , . A'so, by vir'ne of'n -."i.nmenf. 14 frsl re'e *< In, 8 uo po 'orr uir ch rs fl ilo F'cnrh be s ids K'rm Jt PiU'i' Hde Ac ?About |70ll ser-s or I no, rart o whi- h j* impeov-d, Hi*i. tr a siw mill, house,barn otchsttl. c ri no <1 about 15 mi'i'j fri in Albauv and afoul the saoie die mi ? fiom (' ? Upcs Kii'rn n ; price very low?title ;B<liipunible?terms rresombl . Kor torther lurucalsr. iBQii'6 et notion nam Kor Su'e or Eichnice?A farm of 100 aer*s of land bcautt1 u115' aitnati n on M rrhauar Lase, near the village al o, IJ4 acres of l?n I io the town of Wrll?, a out 61 milts from Albany. monday. At 10t< o'clock, iu tlie isles roo". L r e '.ale of au ei eusive storlt f n lerdiil second hiiml ar il nesfRold aid silver watch's, j ew Iry, gold anil silver chsios, diamond, peai I. ruby and garnet p'O*. liuys, and orat mtn's gold and silver pnoci cas-s, silver, sold a'<l plat d waiu. nrnn m-nti, gu?rd chum, keys -nd unmercnv other artielr* tn tnr line. by viitne ol a mort'cge, and under tlie direction of a r<; ceiver in < li MM f A uninber ni tin watches, * c , *re i ron'.oncf.d cun I to iu' - I ol the kind in the c it* i t' :bday AtlO^o'el , at the sales room. A large a?ao tin ut i I a ntbla dry go-ni1 valmble ehthing,h si ry, gloves, lance artic'es, cut'ery lianlwaie, four trunks :up.-ir cloth'ng. London and French oi.0Its, ca., uieiessnd aoirm-j clolhi, lim os, dill mgr. A . A'?o, at tin-same (line, a .uperb e'ock ol fresh seasonable l i Ic and fancy dry roo i, ciiumiiiing a very ?au ty Also st'kr, ?Kins, Icces, tibboLs, III!, us, ginghams. in as in', ealicoes, sheetings, shirtings, table tin, a, h stery, gloves, Ac. Ill 'ills to suit Also, mi invoice of sainmtr o'oths, drillinys, vts iogs Ac all of whico will bo to'd iu lots to suit pit chasms. ___ Auction notice-ou ckxho ud furniture, a.- ? THt i WBIllUOE A CO , wit| i?|| tlvs mo-ninj. J-nc 17, at thei- sales room, '01 Broadway, at 10 o'clock, nn ysor meat r.f peer ai d seen d lianJtu mtVe, i ll loll a, window shades. aIso, an assortment ol clnni, gl us and euithrnwve, among which are ?otne splen"idI dining seta, cut tiara, lull lainjs, d . tumulers, flu'ed and plain. A so, one B ussels taipet, very ap'rndiJ. A'so, ?00 i."lit vests, to be an| w,ihoist reserve, j 17 I *'C H. BOAMD, * >!>. A Will I'IN NOTICE?Furniture, House Fu'DivhioT Art! ncles, ^Bedding, Sic, by Catalogue? HAS. ti AMI I H - !> .n i mil in IMII'IK, ni. m;. u .: uc>, si mi s ,ies room, a^ 3i. Broail Any, our door shove Reade furniture, Ike, comi lisitig mihoiiany c' Air* of vniour styles and rjia'itias; Uucy and curled msple ciue se it do; bai seat ruck'ii; Bo; ion and Mqs? (Ii ; drill stools; plain and unib'e to[> dealing bnicvs; whist tibie.; nlaiti at d ra-.rble t<-p waahstands; srcr tarvaa* b ok cue: clfico and co 'uiiog I onse desks; Fiterk bnbt,?uii; so las, plain and atuffed; difiiaf, break!ait rod tea tiWwi >? * ? ood c, r tre do; ha:r i. I'IMMI, pt I inite ra, wi dow blind* ?t,d thadeg, looking glasse , Ike. Also, cliiva nn i glass wate; hall, aitr land tolnr lamps; silver and uilt uiraudol s, Stn. Alio, a milit ry suit of a field officer, consisting of a coat, epaulettes, chap *.u, plnaie, g'oses, 8tc , iu gi d order, and to be said witbnnt rem; ve Oau'iigae n >w ready. ) 17 1t*r A. MANN, Auctioneer by GEOBFE S. MAN ' St GO.?Thia, Sttnrdiy marring, at 1(1 o'clock, a large naeorlrneut of new atid tea ml hand furni.ure, sof.n, bureaus, curat', .looking glasses, oil cloths Ike. lite. Ais-t, new Kreuch % chairs, oitomons, Krerch cherry md mibotr nv b-oe'rads w?sh stands. cribs, r ?ckcrs, IStc Ik:. A' 12 o'clock in 'lie store, sale cf dahlias of every vnr'ely el' color and shade, fro:u the garden of a gentleman at Harlem, po.ti onesl from yts'eiday i n account, of the sveather. These i P ante arc fresh aed in cicllent. ordar. j 17 l'.*r roil A SUITE OF A I'ARTMCNTfl, richly furut lied with M1 or partial board, in the English sty le, may be j I B "" 1 by a g litre I fuiiilv, or a few single yen tier,tec, | lu a delightfully situated house, one trom R-o idway, near S ghth street. The location it truly d-airablc for a auramer ie?ide"ce. The house h .? been ewly and tn-.fetu'ly decuated To en agreeable r any ULU'Usl inducem-Ms wnl Ire offered \ i etc lor B D. E , l?fl at ilie H :rald office, before the 10 h list , will receive attention j 17 *1* M. SEVEN O'CLO K MORNING LINE. i)* Eer Albany, Tr. v and Intermedia's Lsndinga rt grTF from the attain boat pier at the of Barclay airo t. Th* EMf I't F, ''ap'. 8. H. R re, leaves New Votk en Mocdiy. W'due-day and Krid y. TheTuoV. < ,-pr. A. ( in, on Tnctdjy, Thurtdty and Sa u-u 'V e t 7 A M Breikfut . ud dinner r.n boa-d. j|7r ?^crr-? EVENINO LINE AT SEVEN <)'flra?Hta!3,nL0(:K-FOR ALBANY AND TBOY? Ltmlicg?I'aissga 50 enn-Berths M c, is- i equealed, paitrLgeta will be Uncled st 'lie Western T)c pot, AI ban v. Always 11 tints for the -oruiny Tr*iu. The Heartur DIAMOND, Cipiain A. Fir. war, wiil leave tinnew Steamboat I'trr ut the font t llaicluy street, Thia Evening. Saiuiday Jane 17, atVo clock. For 1'anegr cr Ktemht, applv io Titos. J. Ildl,'at th? Office on the Ste onhost I'm, n in the ('apiKiu on h laid. 117 |tr ja FOR ALBANY.TROY .nnd Inte-mediau faces ?The steamboat F WALLO'V, O^t. Jl? Bill Tr A M'Loan, will le?v the foot ol Courtlandr street, thi', Saturday afternoon, June 17,h, at 5 o'clock. j 17 I'.r ,MQ ,:** NO MONOPOLY?FARE REDUCED. CI. ?, yd' New liiderencjen Opp sitiou Liao ror All-j-w." .Iw .y direct. Fate M ecu.a No iliuge lor B rliu. D ck passage 25 eeM?. I hr r.ew an I cjmm .ihoui atesinbaat NEW JERSEY, Cs| t. K. H Kn'cy. will'er>e the loo'of B-relay street. New >o-k.tvery Moudty, Wednesday aud Friday tsrn'tg, at 7 o'c'oek For freight or passage apply on board. Fieight 'aiie i less lli *n tow boat rrici a. syThe New Jersey is fu'iislieil with eleg.att st ta rooms, and lo.s.tcdaid accoirmrd ith n is cot surpassed by any steamboat on the H ??lso'< r ycf jj7 aMfldfll "TUMlLTCbN HOUSE FORT IMMOZ_fldLC3*ll.'l l>.\ The . Mn.ll in, rpiwvl XI/ y j 1 * % " - ' HAVISON ?'HI rnneTcrT da>(8 II I <ys vxcejltrdl I riov thr If.ildD.M 'rp.w. l.'hv K-ir! II imil'on ?r 7H A M. Mid 4 P.M. Ne Vork Whitehall Do?*, #t 3li P. M. Tliij armneetn-nt iimv b? relied on i< icrin men', r? ita rotilii u men will not depend oil ?ny c antit gentry. j 5 tar i-ni ? v'} "Nft-Cjll NV. CLce--3Kiw.I HHV, a'<1 lutennedi.ite L'tidu:;, ?k ma .?"E^XF? th foot of Bve'av fee'. The Low Pressure Steamboat TROY, Laj.t. A Goth rn, en S . n da- mrrtiinn at 7 o'clrct. Noll e.?All Hoot ?. Freight, Baggage. Bank Bills, Specie, or uy ;! .? r kind t f Property, taUert, s 11 -pe or put n Bonr! th Prati of tlii? Line moat be at the lisk ot uic owners of web Qoodt Freight. Birgign. fce. j;6r M W*! " allMMKK" AKKANfiKMEN;f~~FfTTl ^_.-t>?'3*SHKKWSBURY? Long Branch, dr.- ? XmbLX. tlinur, B'act Point, K:iiiii'>n, and k.atotif. wn Landing, thr. ugh the in tier puiv the ci w Steamboat SHU K IVS itUK Y, Lapt in Jonu P. Covlirt. Will nv Kafoutow i L&n'lir B nu 3 today the 4tn of Jan* iut., and rnu .1-. lot lows, to wi : leavirg New York, from th" f"Ot < f Robinso* i re't, evy Monday. To* d y. Wdomlay, Theri.lav end Fri 7 o'clock, A. M We.'urrioR, wnl letve Ka'ontowe Landing no each of the abi, dai i t ' oVI< ck. I . M. Ori S .. tu days will leave New Y> at Jlf o'elomt, P. M., ??d K'l'iut?wn Larding on Soi divs' I nVI'Ck, P. M . and Ocesu finite at4o'clock. The SHREWSBURY will rati n.-birr (weather permit'ing) uutil further notice. Al: h st t.' el the risk of the owners N. d ?Slants will le in attends nee to rocvt * p'.s&r tigers fiom the aforesaid landing plac s to any tart of the countiy reguired._ j* 13 I'HAkl ON KOH SALfc-An rlcuanl ifirfPVlTJ fl* Pha t u. or Uarnuche, made by Lawrence tk wV<rite**Oit"Jwi:nll.?. in the best minner, for a g"ii'l?mau nr. ntd It is in prune o d r, lining bjen used only a short tiin<; hns extra uitli board, and reversing driver'* seat. May be setn at TatUrtill's u rt'i Monday p*xt, when it will be olTfedat nneiinn itulcss previous, y di poaad of. j!5 ?!sr NEW Yt'IiK k BOSTON S< )l WJTTLOT. OWEN PRKSGOTT. Pilot, or tekes charge as m-st-ratul pilot of rsssels bound to New 11 rtford, ftauttickrt Shoal*. Bos :on,Port?n?ou(h, Portland, Kenricbce li,and'Vfl1 EH POKTo east of Vew kork. Office at Krye a* Shaw's. '?49. Viator street, corner Bcekman, Reference to a number ol Merchants, and the several Insurance Cstnoauies .in this rity, Boston, nod Portland ml8 >i.o:*r NEW LINK. LIVETTI'OOL l'ACKVi'H^AckVt :'.1 h June?The *pl?udii!. fi?t sailing Packet Ship frrifris GARHIOK, Cap'. Wm Skiddr. will soil positively as ao ivr. her regular day. The ship* of thi* Hps .tie all l*no t >11* lorn n and upward*, and their accommodation* for cabin, seocd cthij, an I stesrace passenger*. it i* w -II known are superior to an r other line ol pack"'* Th.a*e wishing to icrnr* betihst'-oulil not fail to inakeearlv application on board, foot of Bar tr g Sl-r, or to W. & J. TAPiCOT I', <3 I'ecU alio, ccr >er South *?. The fit nick sai's fro1* l.ivcrpool on ilie 13t',t A r gnat ? Perron* wi*hit g t > *cr,d for their trienil* can hivc Inoiiglit cut in he*, or any of tne eguar line, on favorable term* Drain for Ian t or a-nalt amis payable on demaad. without discount or any other rh itge, in t I trie pest t >wnr of England, Ireland. Scotland or Wales, can a'to be obtained on application | a* ? br vc The Hottingtser will tuccccd the Gartiek, aid sail the 16th Jul /. J17 r EOH LIVEH'OOL?NEW MNE-.Kegnl: r I . 'Sn* Packet of fit! June.~'J'hs Hplondid Packet r ,u ' A I! ii It K. r.,; >.iin Win Mai.of 1001 t- n? artll rttiveiy suit* above. Iter regular d>tr- r or fre.;;h' ... '..e, having acommnJatious nne>|iiv/rd for fclrndor ot e. ir.-f r-'j on hoar J, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or.c K. K. COLLINS 4 GO V. <Sonth ?fte?-. 1'ie Packet flip Hoscius, (Apt. John Collins, ol 111 tons, w ill succeed the (Jariick, ar-l sail the Wth of July. n? ?e"r\rd,tT. I.ettet* the siiipsofthis liue w>!l only re? rt J at G.l pir'i a 1 Male's New* Itoopa Pair r.-r* miT coly oa the itiipc oiiola line *4 u,g .-r t t' I is advertised. jlT ec tSiir BEX) * BALL f>H OLI> LINE Of LIVll. wWKK.r!lOC PA' KE I'M? KOH LI VKRI'.IOL?ll"L"jlar JwiifcM refect of ih- "th June The eel li-atedla.t aai'inpt I HCkrt'hfp KMiL^ND, burthen 9J0 t'ti>, ;>*< > ? Satrut I Banleit, will poai ivrly rail on Mouthy, th. I9(li June, h?rtegular day The accommodation* oft is ?'i aerh packet, f,ir cabin, 21 rahinenditc race paraemrrrs * e uuvirpr.ara I hy any n'h'r I iii afl-7it T hoae rrtnrM ie to th t id country will And i to tli-it interest to select t* it in p-?Terence t> cnv oilier, h'or paasage, apply on bond, feat of Be.kmta street, of to .lie mbrcibe'i KOCHB , BRO rflERX St < O.. H- s door r ih K .I on II ink r H. The England will tail f'"tn Liverpool on the 7th ol A nr i-Thore ?rn'iny foriNor fri i-I can t.i*eth?m 'r uaht ont in her or any if the park't. of ihi? line, which nil that pmt on th- 1th and 19 h of ere y month. For pv??Ke 'P lv?? apove In- imctier shin OXfl )KO. will anceerd the above packet and will nail fi r Live.pool on the 1st July, he' rrgular diy. i 17 rc REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, If?The vJtvyVvolu". ih.-r continues Win amit mont y i<- iu nv large MuUMiBor tin ill to rcraona residing in any part of lr< I <nd iu r'u- lame n.acoer a? ha, end hit nedec sir i? huiioe?? h?v lone 'or th? las thiity v?rra nd mort ;alio,to any ptrtof CngIan I. or Scoilacd. Monty rrmitte i i*letter (noat paid) to fie >u xc.iber, rr P?.-aouaily '"ep are' with I im wi: i tne ra .ie ?f me peraoo or l>-raona ?" lr?i nd E glindorH mland, to whom it it to be trot, aT d ueareat p a' Io.vd, w i'l he immediately transmit!. < am! prid accordinn y, and a .e'ript to that effect give*, or lorwar.l'd to tne ten ' f. In .ire mmi.rr mmey, or r.laima on persons in at.y part of Lei nd, Eoalantl or f c it'ai.d ciube collectrd hy the vubicibt r or prt ei a raaid u,- in nnv pv t ol the Untied Statea or Lanada, and will be p .id t th. m rerordinirlv >.7 iro r UKOtfUfc McB ttlOIC, Jr , 82 Cedar it. '*? ' f'tt >i W o. liha'SK- .OlTlSIANA AN'" ' NEW VOIIX LI VE -p. ..lively v,?r (tegular rdh^l'aekef?T >e I'aat aail nu packet ?Vnp OCMULOKK, Captn i i'eet. ha.tnz ia?o thirds of her caigo ent.ged wi.l horn immediate despatch. >r.' i or iat??;e, having ha-Jtome'aruijliod jeeom"o-.i.t'Oia, apply . ? h. a-tl. at O-leins wharf, fool Ot a* a. at mi X. k flOLLINP * ' <v 53 Soath The Ocmu'gee will coninne to receive goods l#*/v tki;p r? wi I pleaie vend in their bi'li of lading thiiaay. Mm, , nr. ?.c I apui tinw ''7*1* ,? > a i.ami t'uet rr# .h'pa of th" line w'" "J : , 'far yard. Auy r.oarantee to that e(,eet will ?e given ^tiaKW%a jm-e "??e.w "SfA&lS&Sm-"?'S Ocmnl?e?. 1 1 , ' ? - I > K.'t i ? rat BiiUiielRoi i. OPENED FOR THE RE A HON. D 'Wnr, Mr JOHN SCFTON. BATUniMY. June ITih. , ben p. fit ok mapame lkcourt. 11'"<l anil Ml rj'K U "t , r hi<h'y er;c--??fol r> a (tea I piece en it <! I,iV ( .11 c).. Leu ricrei, rece>re<l with ineieei-d epoch n > i 1?. 11 uh I he pe innntiKe to kwim". ei h* Iff tit 7 o'elocb preciielr. v?i It the ovtitn-e o.^L* Vi.vimt Je I.etorleici. .. _!rR V *' ?>E LK rORIEREB, I V I?V AtT*tT??. L* Vie .mte ile L or M i im> Leeourt . Ornevie*' L?,l-?o I|f. v, , ] Mile Marie L'Pliiin-der . , M'm-Kieher Hormi t Ui-m,} Mile tu* nil | Ve M/qu*. [ I'leTto Deiirro-r O M ine Hohillon l.e M ,r?eltal Prince <1- Hon n?e, M. Bernard l<? BoronTibn'le Men* a< d'Hu'e u, Heuonville Le ''o ilfiller D Mpemeree, Vethi- u I'oinpeuue, [ I n or to ce Com! ile Ltlorierei,] Oteinot Jrevin, fit Trnl Jr.] ilutt iry Un Kiemp', Bmher Act I? ?t P^rii ! Overture to Zoubfrtite, Mourt Act II?At (Ihttou,?the -o roof Deep rrier?e Overturn to .mpa, Herold Act III?At M rlr,?it th<< m.t reiou of the rrincnie d? Bon' in-. I Nitrite i I the French Co', Wedaeedeyi, Krid t' < en ' lit rda . e Nikh ? of the i k '.?i j f :<>m, ft ? Ine 'en and i, 1 "> - I'll f ooc .n,i i . Mr W K BuiMu will ppevr | C'e* A t'ri t Po ic~ wil'be ii t'lnnlu e end great tare Mi n to prevent the mlmiieion of imt.roper p*rnrme. '"1 ickui. Kif.y C*iit?. M -y be had ti the (Jirden dmiiwt til" i' iy. I r; /? A 'iinifd r.umbcr of 8i ato.r ek<n will be in I roved o . _ t* e >tn IMIKiA (Khi I l'H '* EVKMNO June IT, will h- perl armed, ^IH OILER j OVKHKEA' H-1" Oilf Ov rreeeh M Hoorh. To wimi n> i >1 u.\.i r.\ ? * Ulll J-O?trai.eral Boathaitn, M\ I'lrc d-. ri'iirj, >o cm Pit, 23 eta; <Cillery, !3>4 eta. Door* opeoatT perfo'inain-f i eomineiv u I alt put 7. CHA I HAITI OIKA T r.. REDUCTION OF Pit ICES. Pint, u-. -I ' h""' Tiara XV. fit P>4 rents BENE4, IT OF THE dlN^THELs. THIS EVENING, wi I h- oeMermrd. THE BARRACK IIOOM. Af-er which TlVlOUIt THE TARTAR. A'ter wlich th-a Kmitnelry Vlnal.ela. To oouc udo with VALENTINE AND OH80N Dixtrt on-. h<lf p.?t 7?curtain rind at R o'clock prueiiely. AHElUtUN' THMATKB, WAIiIIU V St. PHIIiADEIiPHlA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS CUSHMAN. THIS EVK.M ".G, June I7ih, will be performed, LA Kl)BCK DK N KSLE?vianrvef of Ciirtnodv. MiisCnshman Tocunchi le with THE STARSPANOLEO BANNER. in'fir K. A. MARSHALL. Lea?.fr t-.-ALEA AttiYV RUtlA "roadway. oppoeite the City Halt A? D ADMISSION ONLY ONE SHILLING Mr. H BENNETT. Manager. THE GIANT GIRL. Having miieed ill- Button But yriternay. the can bateen at Petle't New Y<> Ir Mn?-om nl' 4 P M. tluidiy. MJNHTRE'.S of THE RHINE : J Ma. KATERINA HABERE CHI'. Mr JO.hE HAB" RNlCHT, and Mr. AN.-ON WARNER, Mr S BROUWER, the celebritrd comic linger. Mita BLANCH v KD, the Grecian Juggleruta, and iplendid perf'iri er on t^e niuvcu! glasa-a. Miae S ADAIR the mneh adroi rd Snngstreav. LA PETITE C RETO, ih Dnnagnae. A performance will take place every Wednesday and ISatar* dav afternoi.n r.i 3o'clock. E?r u-i it Performances in the Lecture Room to commence at I o'clock. MaEtliCAl iM?Jtac,?;:i , AND A3KIAL GARDEN. Opening of the Garden on th? root of the Moacnm, affording a fine view of the oay, rivera, adjacent town., au" the moat coo' and delightful promenade in the world'. Croton W iur la tunning f-eel? in each atorv of the Museum. ANEW AND BEAUTIFUL FOUNTAIN! With more than 100 iet?. ha? be-u erect ?d ta the Mui-om ? ft \L!?" N ASCENSION S t. roiigooiir 'he day, and FIREWORKS 11tlio?veiling Mr. HARRINGTON, the Urea'. Venir'l ciui't au I Magieiin, it engaged. A'ic, Mr. 11. G. clIKR >i AN, Le P-tite Cerito, Ac Ou th first of July will b: opuurd a new and irarjcna Hall, containing article! of trad*, m tunf ictu-e. the mta, commerce, r rdi of business. Ac , iinila; to tli- taiia u' the American ana Mechanic lustltotca. Contributor are rnt'ieated to call and ob'rin circulars au ' term immtdia'el Pr cs of admission 23 cents. Children nudcr ten half price jel3r ilotveiy Amphitheatre. A MAV'S AND RUFU9 WELCH. PROPRIETORS. MM Pr, tljf cenfa D ora open a: ha'f past 7 Prrfnr "H"ce to commence at S o'c'< ck, ANNIVERSARY OF THE BATTLE OF BUNKER'S HILL. TH'3 RVKNIVO, Jurte 17. ill- peifotmatve will commence w<lli n splendid p*Re?nt, entitled CHIEFS AND INCAS OF YUCATAN. Plite Spinning, Balurli u, be by Mr. Hahb*. Mr rwau will represent ihe Gatrnnche Warrior. Mr Ho'-bs will introduce h'( domestic horae Mexican. Migoor Tbrilt, will at pe" on the corde v.ilau'e. A urest muting ct, by the whole troupe Littl- Olenroy will ?H? a mi?ciiihcei.t thr*e liars* act. Vr Chamber* will d sp'ny hisftorpcreal Flexibi'ity. Orar.d cl?s>ic esercises, by It e Fou' Hang tiin Couiini. To couc'ude wit* a laughable farce called JEREMIAH F.i|U??tri*n Dirurt >r, Mr ' artw ill ul*r. Clown, J Owin. ARCH" STREET THEATRE, (PHILADELPHIA,) TO LET. THE BOARD OK AOKINTB OFTHEARCH STREET THKaTKK, Phil deluhia, arc prppared to lea>e (be bnitdir.g 1? r the .sermon of 1.113 '41 or a longer pe'iod, to an enterpri line timinger, npm err/ literal trrini. A| plication* adder u?d " Doa'd of Agents of the Arch etree t Theatre Pl-,ilrd-l| hi* " lolt at 54 Market street,-t the 8 W coitier o'd'.h and Market, or wi h P M. Lufo"tcade, No. 104 Crewe at*err. will he attended to fllUOUMtt, JiM 15 J' IS m*r Ml 31GA'. IVSTJH/Mc. le end Retail J. K WDLTKll, IB V . t>. . .y, offers for sale a newsnof Br ** I *1 omen's, as It c ea. Trumr-u, Tromboar*, Corona, K to h H tji, nod Oplnclides The?e iostrn meat* are w-.rrn.'ed c >-i r: in *rtry respect, a* Ihe subscriber i* a Professor of Music himstll Lerdc.ii and member* of Bands wi I find a good mticl*. Also, Vi ho*, Golan, a..d P '*i of every description.? bai'an u-.d C. rinnii Mtru ,:s, f.r Hat,is, Violin, Al'os, Cellos, mi ' I Quits s jel 3w*rc C3lNVjllhl.r. * Ail.'i '1 h'JTTO'i, basing errntiged >o letnrnto Italy the he;, innt.ii; . f Auijt'st, pnrpo."* rreeinng pupils until that tunc,to sue finishing tenets in the Italian, Fi neb, and Englieli ?t ,-l- <il i4ini; .g IIrr .k: od in that; uuurd by Botc'oimi end Vac i. t!'.* tirst "om'fi in EufO|>e, increasing the streigrrb sn* romp.i-t with aaloaislime lapihity. Her :-u| lie will hate il<? .0?.. ol he.r ignig vritli thftlli, wliicli can be pursues h" pjoncis nl e, wlitt b*?e been eminent inner*. Ladies *-> s'/oisoi as :!:. ? tbrinielves of Madam Pup n ? lunnru use s.c.-.t .m ; un: , ha -luJicaticiiet ' I < .'bomber* st-eet, (i' n 1 r.'? ark till t itr'H tra* r Collections mit i rtirf in vii <! states mede ? rettonau e i rim, by s I 8Y( VeH TKR. I I7.c CJ Wa'l it,and 130 Bros I way. FiltE WORK*. ISAAC EDGE, JR., PYROTECHNIST. rPHl'', most exie *tve vti'l br.lli'Ut rthibitioual Kire A Votlv enr xnunctxiad inii or ny ethr ee?uy, aw now ready lor dolitery on the lowest t-.-ms, in lets to sup. coin mitves and parties fur lb-: celebr ?tirn of Fourth of July, at the Cuited States Laboratory, Jersey City. O-drr l"rt with ' W Holbert u, 15 Maiden Lane, or el Niblo's ot t'estle tiardeti, will reeei*- immediate alteution. Goods delivered to any part o! the city !ree of ciiiense. my 2t tojo"0 is"ec " nihtiular: * A NEW, CHEAP AND EFFICIENT MODE OF ADVERTISING. AT the earnest solicitation olseveral merchants andmaoufnetnrerj, the Manager of the American Muaeern has coneluded to cevote a lerce .u<l splendid Haloon. which has been recently addxl to this immense estsbliebmeiit to tne reception nfi'urde of Bnsinrss of crery descripnon, and specimen* of goods wares .-nd iuvemiou*. which are to be depotiten in shew ca>ei, all to be arm g<d i.i their s*pati:e and protwr order. A competent pttsmi will ba t mptoyed :o eshibitthesc srficlrs, ui explain tneir i|? tl ties end ntrs, and, il desired, to obtain orders, .md make sa'es on rommitaton. The price of exhibiting n CtM ol Pus net*'will he nnly 53 pee year for a it/.? or IJby It icehei or nuler? larger liut in proportion. Show ciaee, lu'J epcim-m of anode, models, he., $3 per t.iu ue lo-it. mil) 11 < p'.tced e? 10 ?ho w ou two or mora sides, when in idran irom that inte will bt repaired. Where parion> mi to 01 enrv " large spice. n l.heral dneeuot will be made. Iliceipta will be giVcu for til articles deposited, and their v.fe'y iuiurail, f leapt *gairi?t lire. Each depoaitui'r u-me, location and butineee, will be pnbin 110,00 1 morcnin bill*, in the renr a of the year. The lUII will be opt'jul on the lint of July, tud all who with toderotit tpecimeui en - ctidi.-.r raids on'w, are rr.| tested to firo tlinr orders immediately, nod to prepsn and bong in tneir ?rt clet three or four dais prior to sa d time, .hat thay may be tuiiah y intigr(l ! ? that d?y X7"''rda;? wil b' innnbriad as they are taken, and depoeitort will usve their cho c? of location, according to the nnmber i f heir oideit. Tbi p i.icipl' of this pirn ol nit. rtiiinit it the tame ta in the i; eat Pair* ol the Amerietnnnd Mcchtuict' I ntitule, and no commentary i - nece ??iyto rhow ita great efficiency, eiecpt 11 a ty thetin* Amrrie:ti Mutemn la Tinted by oyer four hand-ad thoasaud pcrtoua iu the course of the year, iltttr P. T. BARVUM. '11HK IIABE VKROS TO T.flS PUBLIC-Volumes woald J- iot ruffi e to txprrjs our gr-titudc rowardt the Ntw York ciiirei-s for having re?|?oniled to oar cull iu a wanner ae irentlernrnly aod generone, prenhar ouJy to tlm enlightened ri.mmanicy; end the limit* d apace of an adrariitameiit prevent in piblicly uekuow'rdri'ig u at we would with, in axel tune, iiid apait from oui heat wiahcafjr III-- welfare of all, and f it I jppv land, we oledre tnr?elvea In teive onr patrons always at we have iota the ft cat tight dayt ol < ui inttalmeai, to at to c ntimio tr detnve the eot.ll Jence of a public ever ready to patiomv.e the industrious %ounn beginners in their ho uorab'e pliant. PlCM\ It RIVA8, 12 Beeehmao at, near Nttiau, N.Y. ?i .i.'alojn (, H tbana. Co't antljroii ?to-k. a selrct-d variety ol Imperial Normae, 4*<jnrif .* I'uinwiioni, r uncm, uoi woiei, negaiiA* uami* r*. fc: kc. j 16 2.*k hcheap light. IT ii confidently belirrnl (hit there exit a no othrr meant of fc. n .:n ?. 11/ ml khkeomparable t-> Terry'a Lard Limp. It v urm the pooira'. rein e Bieia", nl wha?exer aort, with perfect frredn n, r.riadnc nga moat beanrilnl flame, four mchee Ion?, wrhoo am 'kr. Thia i?mI p-aene-eenon may be a-endanng toe <1 y ei ;he atora of the tubmen' er, where each large lamp burnt one onrice. and lh ? an ell half an nainea par hoar, at au raieiiaenf a qairer end i n- eighth ol e rent. Add to thit, ilntiothoi- .letu'tcM- il o ih-m 'he difficulty of meuagtng teem it eren leat then 'he', of Lie oil I am pa. and it it aeen to be perfect In lit All pertoniae invitrii tocailand make fi i1 c f tlirm and mall cure where full aatiafecti?n ia inl gir < !> the iiurr.heie money will chetrfn'l r ba returned. )11 3ti *tn _ E. HARRISON, 233 Peerl at barry's w igs and scalps. AC BANRV, ARTIST IN HAIR FROM LONDON. ?Tire ml Head* of Heir a ill aland pte-a-tnment abort all olliera. 'l'lieir pernliar light, gnaaanter end rrntrle'in? character?th-ir bei 'g ahaped taecilr ea tli" naturel hairarowa their rlarncity end their rurerior metrrial and wo kmenahip, ei well aa theiralyle of dumb end a:r .ngrmci t, eN combine to lo'.n ? ch pealect heeda ol M'r, that they retn to ba A new ayiteni of the ert cf Wit Making taoirht a 'ill. See e ape-men of flerry". W,? end ^tolftwhmh will K-trafy the moat faaiidmnt the, he is the Her in the c.ty-M? Broadwry. eotuer -r Liberty trect. up a-.irt. ji leu'm hl/ll's theses. vnT| - .. TO ruptured persons. PKKHO.NS ilBicrrd with niplnrj* ony rely npon ih- but nacnineu'*) -in* ' ?? *#ird?, on application at the i>lie. So- * V*?ev ".r '? ol ih'in ibe ip/.ieial town* io!b?l-n",? Staiea. He canfu'to *itn?ine iii baal padot Hn><* tfnoe*. to ?er ir they *re endorsed by lir Hull, in wn"'11* Nojc ate gea.iiae, or tobe relied npon ? ord, witlioi" *?*tiktnre Many i-?'?"ua hare andertaten 'o rend imitation* of Hnil'* fi-1- niaaea. Mil ViommnIi ii* imposed *i?i in roni*,,ti.?re liir*? imi:;>ti ctnsot be relied npon ; they are om.1- by uuihiTuI mechanic*, and are no barter than (he oidiuarv tiniee* K nm* h< re been fitted np at No. 4 Verey *freet, r*el"*fe*ly r lai'laa harm* a *?ptrate entrance Iro n the bnrine** depart merit. where a f"m?fe t? in comtaut attendance to wait npon I' mrle .client* __ mW Im at f KMAJbh i'lX.US I'KBP'?'. fa -.i.iicl end eeiahrateJ Piiia. from I'oriaftl. rr? ? we t lrcri' , p tto "eJ m i * i? coe?ir?-, H**|? ir*rn?? >. trie *? *?*

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