Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 18, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 18, 1843 Page 4
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w * K?r? ( <? rarcjFi ^RO* M?TAVZ??-IMPRISONMENT OF AN AMERICAN \\ ? The schooner Tyro, arrived at this |>ori in ru:.i iJrt> Ir m ^lrtianzaa, it'->rig thai an Amcricau a-iman tiached to the bark Rochelle, war a|>I.r. x t <W h? the authorities ot Cuba. and condemned ( \ \ rars iin,fisoiino*nt, tor weiring in liia be'r - i . .r. ?j a lou, ?,t a r KKT > K in M " "",v" ui wjs ignorant,vis: inhibition ol the carryingol deadly ? rapont The seaman iu question is reported 10 be * . >t>er and orderly individual, and guilty ol no of- , (nice other than that above named If this be the i r i- , we trust nod believe that no time will be lost j by the authorities of the United States in making a | proper representation so tba' the (>oor fellow may be inimediatcly released.? Bait Put. Navy Obdkks.?Lieut. W. S. Maury, to the Bainbridge Midshipman J. D. Read, to the receiving s lip at Pbtladclpia. Lieuis. L G. Sartori, to the steni.ier Missouri. A S Baldwin, tothe Bainbridge C.'ias Thomas, do do Midshipman J. J. Prmgle, to Ihr Missouri. Engineer C H Hasswe.l, detached from the Missouri, and awaiting orders. Engineer John Karon, tothe Missouri. A Dkskutkd Wm-jS Rewakd?Left my bed and board, wi'hout am just cause or provocation, nn hit-baud, Alexander Thoni|?nn, 'o whom I was lawfully married by'.-quire McKrndree. The said Thompson left tht> city a few days since, tor parts aiiknwn to his loving and devoted wife. My hus hand t-about twenty four or twenty-five years old, but has not y? t arrived at years of discretion, lie - <b <ut five b'et six inches in height,dark complexion, blue, jealous looking eye, and is usually suspicious bud disirustful of those he takes an interest in Any one who will give intormation of the Above I* rs innsr to me, at Columbus, will receive the above lewurd, and the thanks 01 the most chaste, virtuous aud disconsolate wife. Elizabeth G. Thompson. Columbus May 2-1 1 itors who feel dist?o.-e(l to aid the cause of inju-ed tanocetice, will please publish the above. Rail Road Fare on the 17th.?It has been stated in some of the papers, that the Directors of the Boston and Providence Rail Road have passed a vote io reduce the fare on that road, to om'-third of the usual raie, on the71th inst. We understand tins isa mistake. The rail roads will have no occasion, we presume, to reduce their rates of fare on that day, to obtai i as many passengers as iheir cars will contain. On most, it uoi all the railroads runnitig lrorn R sti-n, tr.e companies will be obliged to run extra trams on thai day, consisting of freight care l> mpo rtrily fi led for passengers; and passengeis in these, we presume, will, as usual on such occasions, be c .-irg'd ..t the rate ol second class fare, on the ground that the accommodation is inferior.?Eostmi Advertiser. A democratic caucus was to be held on the 9ih inst., for the selection of a candidate for Governor* at the next election; and the Con- ord Courier liiti mates that Hon. John H Steel, ot Peterborough,. 'voni i jipiiLuiy of b?irciei< the prevailing com? laint. 'PHE b* *i M. die nr fo it ? Dr h>* h'a Pi la; uae them ' o. It until the comn ia tired, fhich u.duanlr will be itiafewdtya 1 l-tg- 111 II el if tirnha and c?lerpil!art mi ii > Wr y tri e V. d ir e h ih lib tell ltthnrdcr tones ot thi 1-'; ority Hi e iii I have Iw*y?, t at whet, the m r it b' in d au'Jiaal q'latnitii a ' i iLiecu tVut at rrch tune: i dt I nt acni i "aiiuit to pievail. At the yrtti D aeaann it 'lio.n'u ii wo ?i ue l eai ,i to tie on their gua'd and by nmt y , rlicaOo to Breiolre'h'j P Ii p cv nt t e ermuitil ci laol'lhote onpurpiea, win ?r na tt t.1 ../finny for i feit.n n i r, ji io i oiio'i ill r y k d, rrude. ihr p va r e?ceedi eli Ii due t.inl .ok n( a y pre - .1 in untidy Wntn ti e bl .o i l-i utiiiMi Do <-o.diii.ip ii i -ireid) lor icfn.-t on, iii lirid t'loegb d iih r ow . il to h. n'ln tod < ra>n lh a tvi.<i .iie vv tc, til.. :h n ore, e m nonce ihe pa. ideaton ot i hi no i 11 Ii ut t lay. atu'hoao u t.o are 'ready attache rh a luoa ahnuid do tli.- itmr Thutwioari ip're suffer i nn the pii.i D to.ii ?r ? f.ti it c nifol bo ?: l ed coin ci. v i ir other aim ?x-li-ieat mpt > a?r.' d'j'lnera, ?i>reiira> uo'iraviu.a of n>e eye<, a:nl a. nn w' at bipod,hot; i o , in uth aua ' c rw iled, aorneti nei ertc ding to he ami oe ti t 11 o bid,: indent head i. lie end sWePior m b r? ing a'QO frn a ilio Dank of t..e l.ead Lc utoae h .vinti thta.-, .1- vny nm.'tr at uipioaia, t*ke fioia two o four ttr?.id>?ti. I 1.. etery it n , livci' ibey produie p.?t e ful ope.anon, anu . it.* i lop i i I Indian uir I ucl or vegri&ol tvaa Alt i p i. it.n phyao mug ukt ho P lit e<?re u.g it in arch >ui i , i . inp'om is.,nie,and lie v.?.h the Pit'a ?n.:ir uo a vi rv lew d y * II ?ur ly le tor.- jonr It till. It tv,i|0 . w II ton,a llir fe-1 and U go a few riiiuiti. every .. Ill m v. .no w.ver far the mar Ii glu or two of the attack. Man will oe born to Oyv .f htm, .o.rparid t.whal^na I. oit' ' e* u Ilia I.) . vncVd d wn i? 1 . If a icon Ly On' no, nil in'iirt amleiff. i.i a, vthmn ro eatth y j,.,wi r k .e ?r iiiwt-allrt mr, uni.l thia d acutciv w,.* proaetlted to tbvvoild I lie wi it, .he Ii tie i n ial r i, ti.e nervous, lh do cue. -r> in f *w aay a strength-net b.t eir o.e,attou,r >d tn? it til ciC'.li ii are reri ivec by |.e,.evtr>tce witiicuttlw i a k n*e ol a plij an i Aliptedfiall citcuentat'ea apd'i ii r.ijur. ihry are tut boa mtdiniu?a iv.r invented lor lam . ortoua* rosea .r-ttuijy acciry i.nd costreijess. ie ,u r ag o t'lai .e of d el, part cular regimen, oi care ageansl ' t' A D tfKTH'9 I IL'.fc are *old ?r i cer'a p: r bor, ??ith lull ,1 ,'(t ? ? at 'h j Pr nc ,pai Office, 241 Bro dwai, 274 Bow oiy, il9>i id" *t'u s? T .1 loo g are du'v appointed agen'a ior the isle of the 1} cad e h PilL in New York sud vici >iy, v.i < l . Lowu ah iry, M-uhal a ville. 1) D w gbt c .r i-i Lewia and HoaaUinite. a ri 'I ri| p 167 . irioou at <?- B tia gue, 9< ' laiherme at. J O K wle.' co ?>reei wich and Mnrny au. n <4 ordiey.5!) Whitehall at. W m r Pow?ll.6 Cn?riy at. B. N T-> || r. 8(1 V* BtV B'. H. W ilBiiiMn 412 berry st. . D B-1 i.-.n, C"i let ? mi !>lAv<iiue. .1 i hi Hn.. e, cor Hi. nipt m and Lndlow all. I h *o M rime tin ?t. 1 .. A.. . .... B , j H i i ib.hi 4 Jil s . eo 8:t) Avenue. Pi 111*! fci Kl (l?,ft Vvn le P'aiwS. A pl.p., tlJUt, ?tSl (die ICT B H C iTiir.M i, Hothdlr. Bism ru ci K w, Y'i'.kera. j t*. Ken you, nalem Thomas t Ly n, Mairmroneck. ^ *r ii "u.ith, WritKa uis. W \ J O ion, Pott hosier Vib Hm th. .Vj i M. rtct tt. Brooklyn. r?. T-tnei, M> I'liarasburn, JL. 1. 'm K. Parser, Newaik, N. J. i>. IV t> "iif, Jcrser i iiy. j li Utr LONGLEVS GREAT WESTERN INDIAN PANACEA. YJ'HKNfcVBR thou art tick, hy stomach .md n,*pres ' t?d (hi bow. Is ensure., or exmbiti..g other symptoms of rill coudilma, id it occurs to thre that n mighi be wi ll tc tall upon the doctor, or buy a bos of pills-then is the time. * i ithtway, l->r thet to procure a botue of this Pan cea Ami h li< up v.-r tn ,0 thickest. a a prudcot man/dial it might be well t" hive some p od farniiy physic in thy hoc c, for the benefit f thy wife and ,'itt'? ones, in ca?e ot nted ; tiien a'ao thou ?li ni '-at lore ru tune by delay, hat w >ilc the liberal and care mi feeling i* on tln.e, aitein, t? its dictates, supply thyself with turn m?d i ;.ii I .a' < thyse'l cost The Piu riH is t i ire reget ble cathartic : it is pleasant ta l;u-t .s e, <tud is ireely laS' D by children; it operates agrees bly and v. ithoui pain; ic gives tone to tl'.e stomach and bowels, and !* tm them lu a good condition; It acta es ail alterativs >ic o the liver, the stomach, and the olood, thereby pnn ying the springs of life, and ru the ireatm nt of dyspepsia, and all the > trie tiesol bilious disease, whicnao nuirh abound, its sue* cess is unrivalled. In AslIiicp, iIip relief isalmost instantaneous. and nearly as certain at that the medicine is administered. The Panacea is, moreover, considering the nuniucr ol doses in a bottle, the cot apes' cathartic in market. The Hou Ko.ier viouell, judge of the sixth circnit in the stale of New York, says oi this medirnie? 1 hare found it the lot remedy lor bilious attacks, to wWch I a a, subject, that 1 best used A li H'nsom. Pso . I'vy r. 64 John street. New York.ssvs ?1 ha. been mi luvuud for lil years much ol the lime iuc ptnl'li <t loi doing business, from dyt|iei>sM; constantly c istiTe. u-? u leu vsuh adry hm cough, true thro t, ktc My health i romr ra'ively res on d uudc the use of I his remedy. 1 tvould doi ne wih'Ul II ou 'Q, coulld ration ylar in Heelij. fcsij. of if. gt.nuip on, N. Y.s that af lh* <| bill' us i tecs ol i?i) nmnlhs dura ion, mid it.e lei u(- of i >11 lours j o( sahv ti ii, and nil the ordiu ry in ties ol ire in., l o restore vitiile inhering from nausea, lorn iligfev n uddyaeuu r> . 1 was induced to tiy y our'-e-i, i-uu Iroui ii.u urn u?e ol it, my po ful symptoms Perai, to give vs?y mid lu oU> week I wasasle losotriloi fSew York ou bu siue ss My appetite leturm d, and lain uow lu oetler health than i h <?e . moved (or two yetts post. Dr West uf Huts hanptot, tayv?l have used your Panrcea in my fsinily, and have repeatedly piesr.r bed it tor patients tin <ii my cure, and am safiaueu ihnt i it al way s a safe, aud iu ve i) Bsiiy cues an invaluable medicine. It acts as a laeative e lihout unnsoaor p.uu, and wluh it i tie dually obviates coslu rues , ecu spoil tua stole at h aud liver niui alterative, cor lecli I* ascidity, and restoring the healthy condition ol tl oat Of, ana I)r Klindge.of Biutlrunprou. recommends Mi is medicine ai tin beslrem<dy wnlnu hit k?<,wi.-d?e for As hui?, for cleans my th s' in ici. aid bo a i It, xLii urifyiuu ih, blood. I have fen. d it^ ; <eii s s ys he, i oi> pre- lice, and I do not h?S'l?te ;,< viv .oat n i? h; o?r ealaub r, aod at >h ?ani.- tune the o t t rt (in ca<ii Me I ha.e em used Id, e.iruesilv t r i .in- u ihi . a ct* public |n i ua.e, uud especis!Ii h, , itrn i ? ? mr proration (i . eoi fb? w - l.csi of tbe Pbenn Hv ti l, 1'i-nh in, vr,o n-'at'T ritl led ivn'i uy?p*pai? aud lm ols aii ,s n s e.r I " ? ?i r.eifily relievi d i u n?|i g i our raua'es ,'n no mi.'! I'tytir it it the moit effective and ti cein-nr i. "hi'tic niediei m i ow in use. Mi I A 'Pnayi r, invcli-lit ol Hriighsin iton, says?I viai iiiuoii rorr?(|. d with ci vti*eheaa, and was emirt ly restored by e of i.e tlrea' Vhestrru Indian I'aiiaeea i have used Uve inn i ill. in"1 i" my or'uh n Ted P;aa"?a it a complete tubsti tun tor calomel many form. v1r. ' Ki'?. p. me charl of Btaehsintitoil, ihi-! Fisifflic f ) ver conpla'ot. and a g. Here1 de'augtment of the atoin vlir' how ' List January ] procured a hptglc ol your y . re Yrom 'hat rime to tine I have us. d id all betw-eu ( '.e asd ter bon -s. great'y to ha be-n>li ol my health and v, ii'ta ! d "ei tab- ii mere than hill a hoillr, befu.e I (ell t' v nar. A cathartic and cteauser of the svsmmp, it h II . the most elertosl and y? t agreeahle iimi d> thai uy ku'iwii gr ol. I wi I um, il I can avoid it, be witlirmi Oi ? no in - iu ,n? (traily at a iamtls mrdiriur; aud ? a prer i > to disease it u luVaiub.e *'t ' ..en In. oi |, tie, re orlrd to the Cauacta nf er au ie? ii namiMi an t w inuix*. with mcit NMBI <li?v '! u4 to i n y< nrral health i, J fur* bigl* ' I r^i wuui|i, crruli?itl al hii wife wu if* J? I fflI'-ir, v* , !: ,r.ilni'r, r ihfi'?hr could li t ?li*ep ai K !.?*) . belli* * ??-tf * ! U|' Ifl h lltllUK p Stlllt.? *ji fci. i ''?? '.:m dint tin* | .??rr?, ihi feViffd I itit, .ml ?lrj> .joi .i> tiuo**h tb* A |i?*r' of a bottle entirely i?>fc'n d he w hi illli VIr ii v% ? tfjicn, of fcTm ?u, ?an nor th*u b'j yran m| #i, mild l au t* ?*ij foi ?et? ) * r? .u<l better b olt, n d>>*u with , wp k jlicii ? It til n U, imo- y tii ui?mi ?fUi<uu? ? ,mii vf ||, Jifn Jit ' oinuiciicrtl ukm* H e i ? ii iCr o I ii .< < ia? r , IgiO. and id It * w. 1-11. t j mi a cal a pn?r, Wai - nit . uly .? ?toi?d to heatlh lu J^ur, IPH, he ?>?? 1 f - n* .But l?- r .. #) OB got*' lit A llil fU I efef Jld Ii in 1 youthful diyi till -' ' I UK IK, .dVAUCcd dllt, ludaO) iblt to rtttt'Ld iO ill oj nn I'luiuc? a ?r I <? I efrr coaid at any period ol my hie n ' I-.* u i>f . oil ?11 |r, nyi-l had b en afflicted vsu iiiin tiom mf.v io the .igr of /U year*, and much ol tiiiir | rou a ?i.' ilr.1 , ?At, or iruW'.cl busmen,eicei* iu ?> AluiUy. i-.v thing eiae, ??ud coram* ro in con u ^ii'Uhii diiM'i * a* ??v arable, Mr. Ju.fiu diy resorted 1 * . ud ii iino ii?uiin, iminrdidUf relief. Bwiif five lo .(lu alibi b< c mm u< rd t llil* lt, ?,e w?\ have coi touuu* i* ? naif. Modorati ?y, u,tn j hate ufe*u u. !l two Hi- on <> lie*. I * u now toiniiaiuiveiy well, ?iimJ do u??t . nUUlony, I belie?e u.? Pitecta i? .u rflrc B#ll cure lor a? VI, J H,.,uy,r,.h?d bem a??.~, wllh i . I "n"tr* " l??-v??l, i,.||C yai! > mj h'll boliU, few **> ha could ?irep .juuu# ||w rnl i tililil A ?o <>( Mi. Wm S Androe, ? 4b Broadway, rs*w Vorw . .gill yra.a, Willi ? il.arra lha Mad . ,1,. . . il.ilou. winch .In..*, h- ruin* i? , ,.| ki. )| I II I. Ii.iiii llw u?l?r* ?l y..?ii t,?} Cr. ( Mr An1.1.1. ..Mil Uw iutllw 1>M? I B .1 ll?l tlrrtr.l, I lu.lurrd lo I 111 .11. . I. kite. ?..j I'*',B IU !??? 1.V BOB .? euu.r y ical.?<.? I in* i ..I w rtniBiu, ib a aliiaiiig p lu* ol ?>. w, >,,< pn ifi i rtr.i* ?l lit. P?n?<i*a BiaH. tii. bio, d The can.l.cai<a IU I - I :? wtort. I..a ?b?Tr ala r?f?l It condrnani n-j br m<vi. ?hti if ?t "la t i 'l.r ? 'uj Iio aal? ? ina r'niripx' iliter 161 t t.av l ".a immiM ii mi rinr atu't.i and b) Ui. imlMw.i H .. U 4 ill..-.... ia.ce.ilv aod Um IJuiob mil4 lu*r / _ | BRITISH A>*> ITALIAN STRAW GOODS. AyO!NQ8T M-H. to which the attention of Strew Hu Mei?litou au.i ta r-aiectAillv iDTited, will b? lonad riaio 1'um-4u Plait, of aapcnoi lal nc luc do do fhru 00 do Albert (or llrilliaat) Knilaao Patent Split Straw Pevwn.ltc. lie. Ale\ Imported Boone la of" all the above kiudi of Plait maiintarmred into the late.! anil tnoat (aihion-blr alianra ofLondon and fans, to which ?lit be always added by continuous im lM>natiou<: every ue w style of Plaukig t. soon as in*eiiled,auo all fiaah shapes id booarU iniuit diaely th i they ue known to meet the approb?tion ol the fashionable word. EDMUND WALLER, ,THOMAS REYNOLDS, LONDON It LUTON. us Pearl atreri. New York. ell lm*r R?. N. *CHELTEViA, SMETH 261 Broadway, opnoaile the Park, reapec'fullr in'or r?? her euslon era and the Indies generally, that she has juat received by ihe late arrivals from Paiia, arw-al onaes. comprising large and S| !rud>d assortment ol Villmtry, Embroidenea, Silki, and other New Goods for Dreaaea, Laces and Kaucy Qooda. of al' dcacrip Moos. N. B ?In the Dreaa Making Department all ord-ra promptly etertiled in the ueweat and moat approved French style, bring ae penuteuded by a lady whnhasiuat arriveu. auil who hat l,ad | eieen'Die it tie ino*lfnvhinii*ble French hontes. iWill oi>en several caaea ol Kirnch Miliuery Monday Mav INth ?Co< matin? of C-pnltea, Tarlatan Dreaaea, ?n|r_. did emh oidered Cap* for Udiea, of a very new style, enurely different fro any before offered; rich B->ege Dreaaea. Childretia' Hata, and a general assortment of fancy articlea. which will be pu' at a very low price ai itaual, m 14 lm'et TO THE LADIES. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS.?The proprie" treaa Miaa 8. KINO, daughter of the celebrated t-ul King, offers foraale a moat aeleet and choice aaaoitmeut of Mill aery G< ods for the apring trade, never aa yet preaented to the pub| lie, both aa regards ihe quality and cheapness of the articlea. The aaaortment connate ol thr following The celebrated Silk Hat, called CAPO PTE A LA RACHEL, , whirh it indeed emblematical of Parisian taate. 8HERRED < ?ILK. entirely nrw and original atyle, and Lawn Hata, do do. i \n entire new atyie of Hara, railed | " MODINK CAPOTTE8, CHINESE COTTAGES." Porta and English i FANCY STRAWS, 1 of the finest texture, n great variety. 1 The proprietreas reai<eetfnlly solicits the ladies U> favor her 1 with a call, atul ?SUHM her elegant and varied stock of Milli Mjy for theinaelves, before they purchaac elsewhere, as it will be a great to thein in price, and a great advantage as regards the ruiety and quality of the gn?da. MISS 8 KING, >iagazi- de Modes, an lmr 393K Broadway. STRAW GOODS. T BENNETT, 2t John stmt. Importer and Manufacturer ol Italian, English, a: d French Straw Goads, reaoactful!v informs his customers thai he c~ntiuues to receive a' eralinna to Viih nilpntiiii ttnrSi 01 LiHipt' fufnmiahlff Sluw Ron* i ' net?, made of the moil ?U| rrinr quality of br? ds, atu offend now to the public at rednc> d pores; viz.?English -nd Frrtich Dim=t bbs Italian Rutland.. Prince A b rt Br ids, Fancy 9'i?ll auo Imp*r'ali Victoii B aids (a low and splt-udid ^rti ole,) Tusc I?, Erilliants, French Wha'eb"!ie (a P rttv article Tor summer ?t'i,pussts iug ll e Inth'nrss, col. r aud beauty of the chip and ihe streigfo and durability of the Tmcui) F each Lace, F rench Chin, Modeua fcc. fcc The above-mentioli'u articles ate manufactured iu the most superior stv le and hi the late>s shapes. pirpcn'arly in the Orl. aus Gipry, tlie moat fashionable aud most hcrcm.HK rhape intro.'uced this sraann. in3 lm*r FASHiOMABLE SUMMER GOODS. THK Subscribers offer to strangers and citizens tne larirest I and bet* selection of new and fashionable goods to he louud in any est Llishinmt in tins city, having been established if this city since Cie yr _r 1828, and bo'diug constant c.>rrespondence both In Paris and Loudon. Their asacrlon nt of the lol lowiug goods will at all times be fonnd extensive, rich and feihionaolr *? Scirfs of rich Satin, Mohair and Si'k. plain black, figured hlsck gold aud silver figured, feucy colored, Ac fcc. Cirav ts of Itilian, Luges!., Gsrtnan a d French Si'ks and Sd'ins, plain and figured, black rich frncy figured, Ike Ike Ike Giovra >f kid goat akin, silk, linen, Lile thread and cotmn of all qualities noil dercrip-io". Siuikiiikis, Engtiih, German, French and American, in great variety, - f silk, guru elastic, Luckskin, plain and with springs, embroidc-ed.KC fcc. Under Garments tile, tn-rno, lambswool, coifon, linen, thrr ?d and buckskin shirts ana drawers. Shirts?Linea and muslin shiYts made in the mo-t faithijl cud fashionah e manner Linen Co'l'ts ; nd Drers Fronts in great variety and forms, retind and square co< Jen. bytou fcc. fcc. T ck?t K rc.icfs of all descriptions, ready hemmed for use, 'pitalfield, India Linen, fcc. Dressing G..wu>, Hosiery, Purses, money end ridins Belts, ('u.brellos, Walking ! an-s,and in fact all articles appertaining to ? gentleman's wardrobe. The subscribers would par icnlarlv -ecommend their supeiior a tie'e the improved Mioerra Shoulder Bract Thisartide is in'ep.ied to brace i.he shou'drs and expand the chest, and w:li br found of immense boa. fit to eti persons of stnd<ons habits, >! pe.roi sol either sex who have acquired the habit of stooje ug To chi'dren who ha. e acquired that litbit, tbey will be found invaluable. Tbey still coutiuue the mauu'actuie of thei: Celebrated e'aslrc Stocks, Start and Lravat Stocks. PAKSELL9 fc AGATE, Old eituMtthe I Linen Drapers and Stock M i uf clurers, inH-lior* >37 ttr.oedw.yy. comer of F.trk Place. 7i>, SHIRTS. 79, WILLIAM 8TBKET, I "THIRD BA8EMEN1 BELOW M AIDEN LANE. N. Y. 1 ?1* undoubtedly the cheapest Hhirt Manufactory iu the city Wl.o'eralc dealris will find'his asierlio". to he notning [lis than a positive fact. It is not die intention of the rubv-ri net i" ii'uKt u.i? aOv< rliaet-'.e ut apiiear as a rntl, bat he memy wish. * to announce to fiis friends and curt-me's. ihrn he has opened the a-Hive esu-bluhment to tu.ply them with Shirt*, tollnri. ondEnnnui at a much lower into than they have hitherto be:u in the habit ol paymg else-* here. H. AHONSON, Senior na-tnei of the late firm of AKON?ON til WILSON. IT/-B' particular in the numDer, 79 William street, third hateii eut below Maiden Lane, N. Y. P ? P.i tirttUr a tenrion to private order*. jl lm*r NAPitLtiON COLBTiN, No. 168* Fulton sirett, opi>o lit St. Paul's ( liurch Yard, aval1* Finn tell of rhe rnlttmu* of the Mini ins Herald, to iulortn hi* Irieudt and en tomrra who may con iou> to honor bun wit!) their patronage, that he continue* the Winr aui! Liquor tiade at hir old store a above, ami 'I a' he ha* uow on hand an . JBpilei't ?nd 'all aatonmeot ,.1 French BrnniJ^ud Liquor*, of b reuch and Foreign Wines, of ihr hnt quanty, viuugt-i and brand*, which he Will aell by '? b i>rel or ga'lou, bv tlu case or duxen. lie ha* also lor aale fine French Viuegaj. Olives, Capers, the He beg* alio to recommend to the favor of the public, hi* coaiiiiodi ' >- k--o? ouu.ojaflv on ii-i q the tr.i at a ni?chu'e tt B?y Ov*t-r*, ilri-ah or pickled.) Hobtr i- ur i?h? d w ,th capital Chabli*, Saun ur i auten.e, Barsac, Cbeti-bertiu, rnd C/iamptxUe wiue*. A cold collation. a la Frau?line, eve y evening F-nnilie* sapi li d to order with oysters.wines, ftc in30 lm*r PI A b U-FOK I E8 ?The subscribers res: ect'ully inform their Iriend* and the public m geoeral, thSt tlie? have removed from their late place of bnaiuea*. 143 Broadway, to lli Krankliu ?t'eel, betweeu Church and We t Brotdwa;-, where they will continue to manufacture their Transposing Pi uio Foitrs. Tnta io*truinenl fo in* a beau'ilul, lien and newertrrnr. bo h >n *ha|>e and neatne**, beside* * tone full, brilliant and melodious. 1 he great advantage derived Horn thii new inveution is, that music may he trai.ip and into any key Jeaired toauitihe vcali.t, or fo an -cc impin ment of any other instrument, and therefore worthy ihr atteotinu of the amateur, as well as ilie artist. A large assortmr ut of tablet Piano Knifes, rosewood aud mahogany, 6 aud 6H octaves, with French grand action, are also constantly kept on hand, and will be sold at a redn ed price. Old Piano hones taken in exchange, also Piano Fortes kept for hire LINDKLL. WKNNEKSTROM It CO. m12Iin*ee 116 b rsnklm street JJOK S * LE-A i rw pleasure sill ho-.t, about seventeen leet Inns, (built y a ft *t rate workman, wt h centre bnatd sails ard -iigtug a'l complete, blie is cot"* de ed to be a fine mode', and a hut sailer- Vv ill be s Id a h- gain as the owuer has no further use for it. For further particulars ap;J? to Mr Yates, at the Jerst-y City Glass Manufactory, where th - boa: can beseem jli G ?r TWINKS, air?Brtdport Seirj 1 wine. Bale and Ba-I do Cotten Wrapping it S?in do Coti?n Yarn and Wick. Co'ten Warp. fce. American and Knglish Show Thread, of various numbers and qualities, for sale in lou U> suit purchaser*, bv S. K1NU8LKY. m23 lm r 117 vtaiden Lane. To I unoiM AM) WOOLKN MANUKAC 1 UKKH8 A AND CALICO f RENTERS ? Fo- ??l. ... ..?li..,. ston** building, with water ?k?l, and a good stream of water, with a good n use and out buildings, four or fire acres of land, all iu good order, situated ai 0**dwiu*yi|ie, four miles north of Palersou. N. J., recently oec.i|>ird as a cuttou factory. Any [ierso.1 wishing to nart lb- above business, would do well to call, for further particulars, en JOHN A. VAN niPKR, Corner of Tallrnau and IIiid. e <treets, lull lm*ee or 95 Hold it, B-o*>slvn N. V. PHILADELPHIA DVUUEKKEuTYPE ESTABLISHMENT. EXCHANGE BUILDING ROOMS 26 fc 17. rT,HK Sobscribcit, having or scurrd 'be Agree to- ti e sale of A VO GTANIlfcH S LIAUUERKEOT *FE APPARATUS, eonstiueted ac ording to Professor Peilvsl'a calculation, have on baud a l -rge essorlmetit of these App-tatus, and rt.?ts as well a? am items of their crt, wuhiug to procure a good apparatus, will fiud it to their advantage to i locme lie atruments of this construction. Thev also have lately import* ?d a large quantity of German and K'cn<:l> plates, auJ al> the chemicals u.ed in tb? ir a t, which the| wtirrst in every they ate ti.ade to their otd-rr. Polishing substances, ' en'1 morocco eases, and all uecrassry m iteriala, are sold on the Host reasonable terms 1 he following gentlemen have agreed 1 io act as thnregrul*. viz [ >. vVh *.e, Esq , 175 Broadway, N.7. ' T Heat. Esq., w ash ogti n.L.C. JJr. A ' a*i an, MiComund, Va. P. Lauren* Esq., tyavaiiDah, w, AI1 ctainonteauoDs (pi if p ud) ard ordrn.accomnari'd with I leunliances, will be pr ii.t ilv attend* d io, ,,d i,oul*i be dire* led to V k r. LANGENHI* IM, _Ji"ph"r_ Kichvovi Euihling, Phil^. UNITED slAlurTLA EMPORIUM, )'?1, latt 12i? Chaituim nUrrt, Xetr York. Sir set, Brooklyn. Aok*< ;r Jis linav.i ikh strkkt. | WHL EKSALE AND RETAIL. put CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offeror o talc new and (regraui Im* of crerv variety and s* vis. Thair vasoliment apec*ali? includes the most delicious and r powerful grants o I Green Biaek K'ery package bears the , si? m p n . ucvioeiian'. elegance, enJ the Teas therein are so I t'.orout hly seen ted from light and air that quality and i pvwer will tern in aniiupai .J in any ehinate. Their system , of p'u?'< oting oBsioesi is perhaps scarcely to be eieelled. It is founded upon the n'.nost regaid to the rights of he customer, especially .ri'h respeel tc weight and quality,and on..- I yaiien rr*i' Deas. Ail Dorr'.users are celled anon ?n return an* I arti'iea which fail to fi?a tntr the fullest aatiafaotioo whief I the -noney wi'l be chee.-fWI? and promptly re'ittided. Cosn 1 ! try ru*iv.'riaD:t. public outiblnhmc jtf, haadi of finilill, *ur. i th.puiaaleri will find its decided advantage aapply IUl* elvra from thu eitabliahrotnt (Jgnt'inr. Java CorrtK ruaatad ertry day. Ordeii from ol porta of lbs United ''Hi-, ei'tate' with prirar mode and ;r?prtch. Tr" I he only* in* t #n-? for lbs ?air of Po*Oil I cl-*tira t*r W?l Pea ItW i GAbh.l.l. a HIJUHLH, Tiuin e? it u.? cornet ul Jj u nuil .N inn itirrU, N e W Yoili ? i fitt d u|> ou I ? isott app-or d plan w nil Or too Vi air, Cloae a an Hydrauta of all t'.erer'ii >ooa. Bar-a fr eii np with Boileia for''ot and Cold water, Lead aid Iron Pipci of tiie heat qoali.y t bhet Lead Ko'ean i Li i PoB't?, 40J nil u.ticlea :u iheir Woe of tuaisaia. to be hid on rrai-inahl* t t-i.a. Order* rece ved for hire and 'Oiden Hoae. Tn tub en. bera flniter t"r waeleea the long ripe'ien etnay have had in the abo.e liuaiiioaa iu Pi. ladelphia, to gif uuireraai aa1 t.afaciioii to all who favor tht'T ? ih their patiouaja. imancia. Samuel Hnah, K>q , Ragiater ol Wateriiiit Comaittee, Philadelphia Hancock, Ra ider, ditto Wen ite Kr man Aaaiatatit of the Harrisbort Water Worha, dllu J. O. Kwinr, Plumber, di to A. L. Kiaehhnt, No. V?8 (Jr*enwich areet,;New Ifork A. T. C ih in, dnto, Ciito, oiUo J Pabiueao, 4i Charlton rtree.r, ditto J'htl L. Walk n,a, ll h ul o i a .pe*. ilito )r5 Iff* I i MIIXK OK il)l IthKI.Vl'.H, BtHIKK ll'IH TOO LATK. PHOMAS WILLIAM HAKPKR'4 COUOH MICDI1 1 ! ?? Thin medenne b<-et> befor (he |>uliho for fi V*"*. *''~h it priMif of lit lx*iu( ? %(M>if medicine. It h it cored reset10 AfiVrv,a 30 yetis standing, liu never bren known to IVhiVLTT fta#ei*f th* Whooping rovgh It can be given i thill*Hh pe Art anfc>t? F> coughs end cold* ? U,\ >X UiW t\fr *?* ! !' ? ?p im bottles at !f H, 2.'? W -t? t,f wholesale and retail at the efltee ** It 7 1-9 11^ t. tpiwwf loorefteoatH of Berksnan street. Kemo?e?l mri \m ? * ^ d *1 Walker su Xv removed from 163 t? in Broadway, few doors below the Krankliu Huse, and opposite John street. Having lined up a nt* noe in the moat taahiocable style, he will conciuae the sane business, ami will be pleased to see bis old fiieuds and petrous, and other* who n ay lavOi him with a call. He has also private rooms for Lad. V nair dressing and jamp?oing T*<is powerful kiitr**. 01 Jampoouy ii consult red by thonsaous of New Yoraen and arrtnsera as one o< healthiest articles for the cure ol d> udrulf slid strengthening ihe hair, it approved by the Faculty 01 Medicine in Psiu, and patented at Washington. Nothing ? more pleasant and del.ghtful than to to through tbia operation in the haudaof P. VIALN. tnl <m*i A. A. KAMANOB, KTO 6 WALL AND 289 BHOaDWAV offers for sale IN t- following arti. lea. fix II Bale* of superior GoUa Tobacco. 11 Bile* of carinas qu?liu?s of Havtna Leaf. 40 Ur' nu o' superior 'I'd key Smnk ng 1'obuCCO. 12 Ban* of cheice Coffee, >or family ate As-all lol ol Arrow Ko >t and Coos v ut. 10 Cases of 10 iud 0 dot >8011 Heafarlatti Bmoking Tobacco, 6 Doi bat.lei oue pound each Nstehuoches Buuff, ol New Orleaoa. 190.000 Lord Byron Regalia Trabacoa, Canones and Pana tella*. La Norma do and mrdmm niut. vei o* Regalia in b un ol 100 ?nd in 10. Plantation "rum and Mannl Cherorti. Anrora< axidorea, iVowil'e. Prgnridad, Port Haranox, La Empns*a,Gm a, "-mill Yarannd Pnrrtpees. German Tobacco, in different qualities and Bpauiih. Au aaxoi'n-.ent or cl owing tobacc >. pipes. bo'la, tubex, airbrrr., innff box- x, xei ar caxex, matches ol different qu?litir?, Ioul''1 nrki h > herry temx, and a general aaxorlnu ut ol p*l-er aegarx, ?-t; Girtia, Meudoxa, Peru, Bur ana Lo>d ilyron and nany other article* two numeroux to Eiention?all are offered at wholesale and retail. Alao. ( cash* of i'ill or Wafe' Boxes, of different aixea. m28 lm*r CURLED HAIR, ariD HAIR SKATING. Of| nnn POUNDS South American Curled Hair, of 5* 'vJKJ various qualities. Alao, a general aaiornn-nt of of Hair and figured,from 12 to 30 inches inclusive, suitaole lor upholsLerers and c-binet makeis?extensively manufactured aud always o- ha- d lor sale by u>, JOHNSON Hi GREEN, No 122 William street. Orderslrnm all |>arts of the United States executed promptly and with fidelity, lor rash. approved city acceptances or other Sitiif-ctory pa -er. at four iiontln. m 3 lin'm CHEAP CA-H TAILORING KbTABLlSU.vlKN 1', 62 John str.vt, William. P" ENTI.EMEN in w.-nt of new and fashionable Clotl-iDg VT shou d call lid examine the aubsciiber'a select itocbot goods be lore purchasiig risrwhere. A trial will be sntffcient t-i convince the mint rcouomtcil. tha- for brauty of fit, style ol worltmamhip.and si snc.h low pr crs, this eslah i.hmem can; not be surpassed by any other in the city. Super-ue w. ol black Kreuch or English ilreu and fiock com as low as SIS, warranted a good til, aud m idr and trimur d of the best maLe r-als; English and French lancy elastic cassimere pants 2 to Ss, gitnbroous, di'lltugs, tweeds, summer aamneres, 3 20 to $2; veslinxs, till., sat-n, M ,ts it lea, Vnentia, fcc. If 2 20 to S2 Making nd m-iuning uresa cotts 7 to ?9, frocks S to giO, vests aud inula 1 2u to 12 All orders ukuibI'uIIt received and punctually attended to. lip Imei J.\VtP> t.A' > ,62 John it. GK?Ti.?Me.N AND LADILS' LaKT OFF WAHDltuBr.?(Jnt'cmru or lamilies oriirum ol convening their li lt oil ?tiiiiuf apparel into earn can obtain for the same the highest c ish i nee. To turn.' es ?ud gentlemen quittinir the city cr changing residence, having ?- V supeiflu'.'lts tflcci to dispose of, v. ill liud it much to their aJvauMge to send loi the subscriber, who will attend Me in at their residence by api> tin ineut H LfcVKTT Mo. 6 John it, ard 144 V&rii k it, New Vo.k. A line through tlie Post Office, or otherwise, will teceive prompt attention. CloiI'.ng e'eanrd. altered and repaired. iny20 lrr.*r TREASURY NOTES LOST. rOST. hy tne subscrioer. bei weeu the citiei of New York an Philadelphia, a rocket menioraodum hook, containing the IuIIi.wiub Treasury Notes:? A No 18555 10 Jnue. 1842,6 per cent, to Syl. Brown.') j j. en'ursd 36 Jone, 8i2l?S 100 B 1S556 tO ? 6 ? 26 ? 1*421 o e. 100 A 'fc.58 10 ? 6 ? 20 ? 842 f j-S 100 A 341 Uu 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? 18?: J " _ 50 B 3nOI 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? 1842j 10 C 3.'02 >0 ? 6 ? It ? 18,2 toB. Rung in *ud K L. Myers, 50 B 11255 E Mar , 1842, 6 per cent, f* Syl.Brown, ecdorsej It ar-h. 1812, to H Kinvar and it- L. Myers, 50 C 20865 25 An.II, 1842, G. Lojall. endorsed April, <842, to ft. L. Myers, 50 (550 All perrons are forewarned against the payment of the above notes. A liberal re wsrd will be paid for the return of the book and contents, to ilie suhtciiber, m 75 boath Front street or Oiessrs. AJnbine k ??, 8 South Wnirver, Ptitiadelpaia, or to Vles?rs. Bryan 4k MaiPund, 17k Kkm street, New i ork. Philadelphia. 27lh May, IM3. miO lin'r tBinned) w. L. MYK.R3. OFVl .E OK JLKKL.HMON UsSUKaMJK I..JMPA NY?Office 36 Will street. This Company contr.ue their hnssaeu of insnraoce against loss or damans by lire, on goods, wares and inerel audue and also, on Teasels and their cargoes nranist lossbv inland uavi/ .tion. DIRECTOR*. Thomas W Thome Llisha Kicks Thomas T Woodrsff Benjamin R llobsoa .1 olia R Darnel) Francis P Sage Thotr. ion Price. dose ih Allen John H Lee John P Moore Muses Tucker Jaines E Holmes' C'leb C Tunis James K Whitim Anson Baker Wm K Them Joseph Drake Irad liawley John C Merit* Thomas Moire!) THOMAS W. THORNE, President. OCO. r ItOPPt. Aerrersrv irlTv igh BTLLIARDSALOO'N: NO. 5 BARCLAY STREET,TH11 EE DOORS Bh l_ 1 ul, ADlCiUllyA 1 nUlLL. I r PKK & REDUCED to One 9h 'or per Hundred, fro A M. lo i T M.?The aubacrn.?r tnforr-a hia fnreiida the public in general, that he haa Fire New I* ilium Tablet, separate apa:rments?two in theui per ,'ront tloon?two in v < rear taloon, to ** ? in the front room?all in lirtt rate order. Each ge> t -ling the eitaHishrtenc will be lamitlied withapnv. t.isesp' the tablet being in tiillerentapa m-nj uie proprietor hdas :t will render it morr selertaud a .'eeable to gentlemen t istting hit home. ALSO. TWO KINK BOWLINO ALLEYS IN THE BASEMENT. Hit Bar will always be stocced with the ehoiceit Wioet end Ltqnors and the beat Srgart to be had?also Sherry Cobblers, Mint juleps, Punches: mait.- >" ? unn ^ oi,a?*eu. m d.?The apartments linve uniergona a thorough refitttnr ?were paper, paini'ua. Ac. l_"r"<Jeniletncn will peace to eosnmnuicete any neglect of dute of the attendants, nt the bar. FRANCIS MONTFVKRDE. mchIO tm*r 5 Bamla/atreet. French i akckl lamps, ISSSRii ensues, ate ?T e mbkCi ibera law jml opened a >pirudid auorim ut of-hose g' oca r with . variety ol other a ticlea in ,lie line, of ciilue'v new stiles. An i' apection < 1 ben, it invited. Depot of Slechanical Lamps, '0 John street, A. DIAcON & E. D. SAXroN, IP23 l:n*re Agents. bliiAW BONNETS AND EMBROIDERIES, BELOW COST. Vl 13* FY OODKHtOY will sell, for tome days only, a iYi. large ass. rtineut of goods in tt.e millinery line. Ladies are invited to call at 349 Bioadway, opposite the Carlton H< use. )H 2?*r WATCH MAKERS ANb WaTCH JEWELr LERS. T S WALLIS & CO, No. 156 Brondwv.y, 2d floor, beWe twee . Mmden L.ine and Liber.y street, would taiectfal ly acquaint their trends and the public, who wish to ha e chronometers, clocks, tmnic Etmg. or any ilesertptiou of W itches, however fine or i.itncate, repaired orjewelled. A'so, e?cry description of 'sc?ptinents repaired or made new, ruhy rollers for duplet, p .lina 'or chronometers, ruhy cyleadcra lor r, in. s. ruby rms Or Ir.-ert, di ;ai>ud e,,ps, lac., and watches jewelled in a style not aurpastel hyan* in Europe Fuaees and wheels cut, and teeth rounded; public clicks and bank time pieces kept in order by the year, as nana.. From their long eiperience in the trade, they pnaaeaa the ctDDctty and every facility required to make entire, or any parta of watches, equal to any imported, aur. will give the best ol reflVreucea if required. Charges moderate. mil lm*r TO THE LOVKUtT OF HUTEKIOK BLACK T(.AT Huwqua'a Miitnre?Tina extremely delicious and unpanllaled Tea, so highly celebrated in China and Europe, jut imported. ia now for sale at the Canton Tea Company's Orneral Tit EstaVisbmei t, 131 Chathamst New V ? r, and 116 Fo I ton atreet, Brooklyn?it aaekacet. Price ai eent. am si esch m'5 tmbm i f* ut/wil a i 1 J. \J. OlVlllDALli Respeetrully infoum liii frtrutls tha' he hu reinia*d hii former business at 111 Kultoti itreer, between Broadway aud S vss*u street, where he it preim ed to arc minudrre di. net Mil tapper pertirt, rlubt Sir. in hit former well known it le. Bpsc on* u,d a ry inomi fur Helcienet Committees, Courts Martul. kc k: iuc pttsut readiness at in furrat r timet. jc*l'i. r HIGHLY IMPORTANT. TM) OWNKBS OK HOR8KS.--S BUSHEL. practcsl 1 Veterinary feuraeon, would ialrrm the public that he has had teven >rma pta? lice in the Biitish Army. 8 B will pay every attention to horses at ihe iwner't tUhle. Chirgcs moderate to ttiit the timet. He would inform carmen whote hoitet require physic, thit the most anpropriaie time to rail won d be oo 8atu>day, as tliey will he ab'O to use them on MoLilay. A'l kindi of horse medi ine k?i t constantly on hand Vis Bails of Terr descr.pfinn, pree 25 cents; couah and condiciou powders, 25 cents; blisteiing ointment, 15 cents; noof mut'iieni, 1?H rents A superior article of hone linameut, fur upraiua, b'unei, kn . price 75 cents. Advice yrthv, at his residence, No 41 Robinsonsireef, corner of Greenwich street. )e I I in* IB DeAh o 8 CUltEu?Witliou'wiahma to inte:fe e with the ptivtlears id nut of our wonhy neighbors who prcler to u e ,n ear itiiOipel. and thus tatl. r wi h gi< at dlfflcu'te a little of what is said ?o theui, or or restored tr '.h* use of their u* u alloxans, ein' he r all list is s id, we cann >c heluie >r siia tha; a meilitinv r ?|1? d ' 8c ti|.a a Oil Or Deafness," ha Is Hy teen introduced, which bids fair U> pravu an r.Jec til s, turr f, r the insist, obt'iu-tc c*?c. We will au'yadd to this sjk 'Stion.tha. it is'? be had i A. B fc 0 S5MIJ, 79 t tilion srreet, Z73 Biu.u!as.ay, and 77 Ea?r hro idwoy, j II 2W* A YACHT FOR MALL, OK seven tons hnrheu, nine mon'liv Id. and in perfect sail* ' ioa order, sir I lound hi every respect, s.irh as annum lor cockpit aneior, k'rapling, cables, paunt sheave blocks, sails an > riaiM'ff ol the very best materials, a o>mpn te set ol dags, cleats and rudder head of br?as, has a heantifoi rahin, finely fitted nu with In hers, enshtous a-.d looking glasses, spy gl?ss, aud otnei fir'ures arpei mining to the sa-n ; nas a larvu reltitrerator nnder the coolip r, that will hold 100 lbs ICE sIojo riKHsd, rsriies squa'c topsails, length 24 lei" on deck, 9 leet I.. ... .on L..I oc 1 ?j.i .-1. i ? k< Wton weighing !0t") k, iml iIium thtt know $Tr adyanla?e of leTer?jre powe', will ulnare aer I bar ahc < inno' ho knocked down in > htuII, and in caae in-r i>ort< m la nore the c mow sink, o? ahe baa the buoyancy ?f 200h weight of cork between her aides and ??tlinK, iu"l 11 a eery feat anilrr. bor (ur'her partirnia?t mqnire "f J.JKNN1NU8, m:lO Im'rn 112 Broadway cor John a', ni nt'irr, fic<>t room MUR. I'OhTT'S hKADICATOR." DH POBiT'fl Kradic-tor (ealabliah'd for 10 yearainthia city) i? dunned 10 atirimsa ererv other remedy, for Che ra dical c re of potior hie, gleet, and all de'iili i?s ol the urinary organs, (rom iu Crtvtin'y o action, 1 'et> tni ui'r, ai d in tieint the reenit ol 10 yt arr eip'rie uce of a reitiiiftily educated plys. cian Wherrer re.ies on lint mediciue nren net -r be a pre ncnaite of falling into th ln-idiuf uneducated, puffing per?oua. as houdp da here bee effcclnally cured afwr n 1 inn paid large uma to ihiae persona Hold who'evtlc and retnl a( the lot owing res..?rtable drugstores?rorner ol k'ultou and Wcter. corner ol rmtno aod Hold; comer of t'hnich and < -hxmbers: earner of Walk* r rnd Bowery; % Bayard street, and 136 Col ton *t Prre SI mil in'r a OeaTh blow to quackery. IUHT PI BLl-HBD, ai d for tale, wholesale and retail, J lit < Nuun ef reel ?'TI.? VI-.1. - .1 11.. .A " VI Hi? Own fiifliciu,1' 10 wht h coutaiurd a limio ai d li trough eitmimtion of i certain diimr, in all i'? with tunplr and rffrctoal modes of treatment, which all may inrlfrrstaiid and practice, wi thou , (he aid of a physician,br John Vsoghen, M I)., fur twenty years priucipal physician ol the Dublin Loea H spitil. ''This is'he only really (food hook rilant on the subject," lays rhe London naierl; ' and oinat.ny ensuring " cure n the worst cases, for one or two shillings, effectually break up the unions of tnc ipiack doctors " A post-paid order, ?t<rlo*>iig one ilollar. directed to HOLLAND A ULOVKH, New Votk Cily, will pri cote acopy nt ie w ok in- lis scot, iree of |u*tafit, to aur part of the United States, or the i anadaa; or three copies will be sent for two d .1'tis. j-lmdiAwy'r pOI.MA Vft LONDON MUHTAKD. i - shin I'hiladrl phia 2ftn kegs second and line Mn pigs Lead W ohls Alum Also on baud? IViuiiny Pai rrs-JSXtl JSXJ7 2tXM MA14 21X11 2?HXI2 Together Willi a geneial aeeortinent of wiiung,.iud wrapping papeia, (ot ?a.e by 8. Kl.NtsMLIC Y, rati lm*r J IT Maiden Lane ft 111 I "1" I WASHINGTON OAHD NB, HOBOKENTOHN IHKLAND.lV well known proprietor i f the Fi?t J Ward H. use, No. 2a Metr sirert, Isomer of EichaD(e Place.) gratelul for the pstronage hlthcrw received from Ins friends, and drs rous It merit a C nliuualioo ol it, respectfully info m them and the rublic geuer-ly, that he has Ively puiehsaed the large aud oinino'lious Hun<e and Gardens, known at the Wa.hiugton House, situat- iu Hudson street, H bobeti. withiuafew uii ates waik from the Kerry, formerly occupied by the late James Sweeny, wn?re he will be hippy to receive calls from the friends of the late proprelor, also the public generally. The Gardens being newly and tastefully laid oot will be supplied duiina the srasoa with an ricllent assortmem of the rarest and choicest of flowers. The b-r, being gr-atly enlarged sud newly fitted up, will contain a good assortment of W iurs ami Liquors of the most approved quality, and rig ra of the moat sop.ri. r brands?also Sherry Cobblers, Miut Juleps and Punch** made in the be*'srvle ; Refresh-, m en la. i iclading Ice Creams, sud other delicicirsel the seasou He hasalto lirtrd up senaiate and agreeablr sitiing parlors for ladies, whirh front upnu tin, B .y, tod furnish a new of the most delighPul scenery. The suoscribei^lle'ermineu that nothing ahtll be wanting to seenre the c./mf -rt ol his tatn ns, has also refitted the Bowling Saloons, wuh two entire new AHeys^bmlt ou the icon at pr Vrd plau, lor en rcite and the recreation of vision* Of the attention of the is unnecessary to say more than that they will iu all cases be found attentive to the wants of the Visitors. The sub?ciiber, from his inun experience in the business, respectful! v solicits a e ere 01 the public patronage, and pledges himself that nothing shall be w ioimr ou his pan, or those iu his employ, to con tribute to the comfort and enjoyment of those who may visit Uie Washington Gardens n tO lm?re JOHN IRK.I AND Proprietor a VON aPrt|NUr>, LIVINGSTON COUNTY, NEW YORK. THE Proprietors Wjnald noli'y ths public that the season for the annual visitation of these fountains of health has arrived, and that there are five hotels and mur bat.itng establishments ready for the reception of company. For advice iu regard to the probable effect of three waters in their individnal cases, aud for analysis of the differ- nt sptiugs, they are permitted 10 refer to Dr. J W. KranCia, No. I Boud street; t > Dr H. D. Bulkley, Lecturer on diseases of the skin. No 43 Blercher atreet. or to Dt. *alishnry. at the Hprip^s. 11.37 im' r SpHKsD EAGLE HfiTEL. 4b Whitehall street,op|>ositr the Battery Garden '"PHIS house having undergone many alter?t.on? and repairs? A having 'een newly finrrshed? the present proprietor ic tpect<ully announces in his friends of the old c uniry ano tiavclling public generally, that it is now opeu for the reception oi perinaureiauH traii-cirut noa aer* The position of ihis hotel require bar litt e derail of it* ad vantages, being situated facing the Battery Garden, and ei oiminding a I' ll view of the Bay; with.n one minntes' walk of the i hi'aJelphia, Boston and Albanv steamboats The proprietor intends that tare and mduairy,and moderation io charges, shall not be wanting to merit the patruimge of the pnblie. H< mr-brewed ale, wines. spirits, lie, of the beit quality, three cents a glass, HENRY B GRIFFITHS, rati lm'r Late of Bath. England FAVi LION?FOR r LEE tpHK above establishment having been refitted in the most X fashiomib'e and mod-ra stye, w-s opened on the first of May lor th? reception ol viiifis auti permanent bonders. No Ircaii m can snrpiss this for salubrity and convenience being situated within nine miles ol the city at <h>- commencement ol the Pnliaadoea, on the west hank of the Huds u. F'or invalids, or those wishing retirement and recteatiou, this rsUiblishmrDt present- many advantages, having rsteusive grounds for promenade, where visi eis are sheltered froui the summer son; with conveniences foi bathing, such as to please the most fastidious. The evteiuive pros|?ct frmn he Pavilion and adjoining heights, are nnsurpasseJ for i.s bean y. Military companies on eucan pm*nt or tarketexca -tons, will find eveiy convenieoce. ns the grounds have been laid out expressly for those purposes. (T^The steamboat Boston, Captain Babr.nck, wili ply regnlady, givibg facilities to those having business iu the city, to visit daily. Kor terms or particulars enquire at Jol'ie s Music Store. 385 B-oadway. JOHN A. WHITFIELD, ml81m*r Proprietor. CORBYJSI'S COTTAGE, STRYKER'S BAY. IS NOW OPEN, and in lull operation, for the Spring and Surr.m r seasons. Dunns the winter many alterations and improvements have been madr which will,it it believed,and materially to llie comfort of visitors A 8 ALOON forry-Sve feet in length has been erected lor the accommodation of larje parlies at dinucrs, suppers, concert, or cotillons. A separat- entrance lias been opened for the bar, rendering the la iier'parlors quiet and selected. Ol the Winks, Liquors, CoNFKCTioNARtcs. CnitAigs, fcc., fcc , it is only aece.sary to say they will he. as heretolure, OF THE VERY FIHST QUALU Y Civil and obligirg attendants are cngjgrd, and every effort will be "ted to tustaiu the reputation this horse has already acquired, nrl to render a visit to CO KB YN'S COTTAGE desirable and satisfactory. An Ordinary every Hpn-.lay at 5 o'clock. Ti-kets 5c ce?!s. dTr^S'O Iter's Bay i- s'tnated on the banks of the Hudson, six miles from the City the Blooraiugdale io?d. kit iges start every hour from the comer ol Tryon l'lace and Chatham street. Fare l'"<cents. ... ral31mr L^TJHANCE rLACE?BULL'S FERHV?Ttaisd light ful summer resort, iprmerly kept by Mr Jobu Pons' n, hts since his decease been dhnunutd by Mrs Pon-on and Mr Stepnen M. Annett, who are now ready for the recaption ol hoardes and visitors. A splendid steamboat rues regularly (sea advertisement) to the ferry, inaki: g it as aa ceab e a piece for recreetion u can be louuJ. The bar is stocked with the best ol wines and liquors. A splendid ta vet r*oand at the place, and companies on targel cretinous emtio: be betcei accommodated elsewhete. ELIZABETH POISON. nWlm'r STEPHEN vi ANNETTPLANTERS' HuUc*r. rt. Lorn, Mo. REDUCTION OF THFi FARE!?In consideration of the pressure of the lime*, 'he undrr>iguei I. a educed the price*of "Coupling nnd Lodging to 81.50 pet day, dud the rate ol ^Vjijeafrom 3J5J to 100 r Caul. Hi* tublcs will continue aa h 'rti-tore t" be supplied T7ith erery lururyth? market afford*. ?i> ha.l-hng i-the laigest, most airy, aud combiues more comfn . than any in the cuy, aud i* not surpassed by any Hotel in the Weat. ?rerv attention will be given by the undersigned, hi* agenu, and servants, to accommodate those who may iavo, hm with a call. BENJ. STICKNEV May 5. IMS. mldSwr LONG BRANCH. NEW JERSEY, "BATH BUILDINGS," (Fnraerly Kershaw's 1 rPHlB well-Vtiown and dtliglit'ul sea bathing es'ebti-hmenl a will he opentd for ih , re. ?? ' .? '>r o-. >,. oaJ ?fi r the c tii June lust, rue building* nave n jdeigi'n- a c mplete and thorough repair, a d lo i (lbna wi!> be spired to mat itaiu the drvrrrd'y lugli rcput-Uiou which this cstub.i hmrnthas he e t fore acq rirea. 'lhe pr cc fur boar 'tig will be $7 per we?k, in-tead or the former price of S'O, rlii dreu aid eivuts halftri e You. g people, not requiring much ioom will tiad accuminod.uttg tr run The ste'm-r Orus, Oat tain Allaire, from the Fa!ton market >.u > the strarot r Bhrewsbu y. C a stain (o.ioa fr m the fuotif Robinso*. st, w>ll each make a daily l'if-between New York mid L> n* Br uih. feiages will be in reaLiiessupon the arnval of either of the abuve boats at the Ocean H<u>e, to conpassengersimnirdtt ely to Long Branch, flttfr m New York to Lone Branch?I. JAMES Or<E '.N Long Branch, June 17,1813. ill lm*r PALMO'S ARCAT E B/?TH, 39 ( HAMBtR STREET. THIt GENTLEMEN'S 8ALOON NOW OPEN?Great A Reduction. Baths ?5 cents. B .ths with robes or sheets .37X " 25 ttcke s for 85. The subscriber hiring leased the above establishment, for a term of yars, has commenced improvements on a scale Which when completed, will, he flatters himself, vie in taste, tu eos'ly elegance anfl mdgui licence, with any similar establishment in the world; having visited the best rr.nducted ba hs in Europe, he feels no hesitation in assuring him teli-jw cttix n* that the spirit which has for the past thirty tear* actuated tm in cruviding (no matter at what cost.) tne most splendid mm-tout lor their social comlort and couveui- nee, hall not, on the present occasion be lost sight of, au.i that to the i in prove m>. n s and eleg incies ol the Euroi ean Baths, he will tskr lhe libeity ol adding fiom f~ e inventi-.e rison.ces of his own cultivated and well known taste,all that he has observed wanting to render the enjoyment of a bach (he "ne pins n tra" oi p .fee ion. The Laotes Sal on will be in readiness in a few days. A ail description of the varied improvements wil. be given when completed, aud the whole thrown open fur public tna eciion. a 15 3mec bERPNANU PALMO. I'O K< 1'e.L KEcal EttS, ST?A.vlBO\T PMOPKIE A TORdand P.aces ol Public Amaaetnen he-?JAHJtd G. Ml>FFET, 12 Priuce street. New Votk, m an actnres asupeiior article el Sheet Brass, satiable for It- tug stair , which I,* nrt.Nr...,.i. ,i... u- -i... r.....g.- ~...t a superior stile, at the shortest n tica. sna on the most ressoinbte terms. mM isn i CROTQN WATEH?DAY'8 a IH9T PRE rtlUM IN DIA RUBBER HU8E is confidently recommended lor any porposes fjr which leather is used, and is warranted to possess the foil wing properties !? 1st. It is perlec ly tislit under piessure of the Crotou. 2d. It is made of the strongest fabrics, and will not mildew to injure in the least, and requires no attention. 3rd. It is not destroyed by cumin* in contact with oil ?r incase, nor Itilfrncu by cold weather, unr can the rubber decompose, as infen.r articles are U mi caie used. Hhonld 'lie least complaint be made of the Hose, not possessing the above properties, it will be taken hack, at any tune inside Oi i t months from its purchase, and outer given in e*chatige without charge. 4th. Coupling and jet pipes will be attached without charge. Buyers will uotethat we are clearly satislied that this hose (the process ol malting which is unknown 10 any other i - the trade) isjnit the article long wanted for leading water ?nd many other liamda. HORACE H. DAY, j 17 lm*r Ruccessor to Roibury I. R C.4J MainenLanc. C KO'l\)N WATER KOR rtHIPPl sO-Tnc nu.-tmgi.rd respect ally inform the owners aud masters ol vessls in the Port of New York, that (the Hydrants being now laid/it etch pier for the esclusise use of snppl'ing then withCrotoo Water) 'hey are .?? prepared to give snpplits in any quantity, at the shorterl notice Wi would si. e fir general information,that uo olh r(ersons arc anthurixrd (under p< ually) to furuisli slipping with Croioi, Waierercspltin undersigued BROWN k ORMOND. 4Jenrral Depot, B.,u h itide Fallon Kerry, rsl* m're lon.i sir-el 'slew V .eh EXIMf BUSS F? >KGLB V BLAjNO AXkb Ubl ilOtl. 'f'HK ?nb?.:ribe?? will send an eipiess uirough from this city. A tn the above named andinteimediate places, un:he inoining of the 9lh inst., lor the inmspouatiou of specie, bank notss, bundles and packages ol goods, collection of (halts, bills m l< s aud eeroonts.snd all stigh other business as may he entreated to them rO.VEHOY k CO.. aWaltst., N.V N. 7>. Iinmeoiately on the op.ei ig of lake navigation, tl.i ab-iT- express line will be ewnnrd to Chicago, Ciueinnaii, kc., end continued throtiehnnt th? entire season, in coiinesion with their New York, Albany, Tiuy, and IJoKalo daily cs presa me i A S&'8 ?!*w ANO NIC w AUK "it ?* I itl!.rN.?The public ere r-tr-otfullv info.meil thai t r lunaeri'.rrv have eafhlialmd ,r Ktrrete between New Vo a tutl Newvrh.N. J., for the tr'nacr ifsioti and vpeedy delive < 0Lf*' m B' tmiwll**, money, *tc.|/e.; the collection of not % toil billa, *nii all other hum-eve appertaining to en Kit res* Jruera Pit articles to be retimed pt the Ksprpea will eriivpiri. free ol charge. a ?fSSf,'? fl?** Y""> "? *<> ' Will straet, and in Newark. at Mi I II * Newtpapet tiepot, No. MC Broed at. Leave hr-t Vo-k at 11H A. M end 4* P. M. heave Newark at t A M. a?-t <H p M *1*? IHAMHfcrO. Ll< ?HT ! LIGHT!! A BRILLIANT \NL) UC.AU I Ikl!I. I.IUHT KOK ntinbi ? MA,'K A ,;?'T AN HOUR W UZIKLY, imi . ne ueeJ walk in Ja kucaa, *1 cu the clearest I'Khl u ay he had at a morel y no-ninal ripenae. Teriy'a new I ateot L?nipe, for bur <io| any ktud of laid, ullow, or oil, without previous preparaii-.u mo oteuienie or liabih vtogei "i"1' j order, la d-atioei! to ahed a moat bmeAceut li?ht ovei line dark planet. Cuierpriae and competition have brought the "k!,J?c,eue? and I e It era into liu rat contact with the mn.dv ol all oili population Yet, how ahali thty perceive it, and i hleaainga, uulraa tin.jug ihe only hoars of leeur* whieh moit <ii ?ur fTiuitna j) kii-u, ine aoeence ol ih? tun be a?p|ii|Mrt b) ome other umiuaiy, w im nri .lull lie free to ail I A nen a lironmiiiiin to ihu great dranlerarnin has jn.t b'en edecte< iu lie invrmiou of I'e ry'a Lard L mp, ? angle one of wholi may be Mad' to lialil a pailor, without ainoke or smell, a Hiliiantlr aa the beat astral lamp, at an expauae ol but half a cent, n iioar. A'l lo eta of Ight 01 economy, or I olb, are innied to call and witness their operation, at K HAM HI oON'ta, til I earl alia t, N. Y. N.U. I ibrial lerma * il be olfered 10 deiib- i j. 4 iin*nr P?> TIIK I.AUlfc-T?Hl K KK.K'S SOLUTION-Then I ia no urraaioii to wear la ae h<ir on account of the color ol the hair. Ladlaa am often troubled wt.ha |<ain or diaeaaein thi ncad, orraan nea by the presaure of the false hair. Lad in aai hare gray hair changed to look aa rrrll ita ever it did, wthoai kjdry. Mr. 8. baa a room atpreaaly to ha tended by a lady, a* l.ia Aim Mr. 8 will rliaage gentlemen'* hair to any aha>le or color Urnggiata wonlddo well to kaep it lor a ale in other rito a. a? lui nbng dyea are going out ol data Whole 'tie and retaifdat No. f. Chatham aU, oivaaita the rag lata r'a Bat,a,> stairs. |in tt?lm'r I MgMCAL. ACAHD-i HO tAS ROBKHT8 k CO, D uggi.n ?uil Mrd?ci..e Vender*, of 1'iauf G? urt, Loud'in, Maiket Place. Marches er, ai d 304 Broud Aa>, Ntw York, re*tfully *nnou celo the public, that ti<vi'ir -ucte?di*d iucilliug attcDti ?t to the ir in? iloHit? Meiiciuc, "Poi'i Life Pills, 'aud i s tffi:acy beint no a fu!ly tested, ard i "a ta ccii *i a curative ena^ iuned, be* to tute thitno mcd cine eYer offered to mankind hu ao ran tly obtained a*ich distinguished ccleb?ity, atid :t i? o'lai-tion^b-r if ther * ts auy pm of ihe civilised arand where Us rxtrniruiiary healing v nu-ih>v? not b*e< tx tibited 'J he proprietor* are thereloie dt ubly anxi >us to irComm*Iid the Pill? to those Wl ose lose o( health by disprpiiao iheu.uatic flectioua require a speedy and renovation. The opinions of it* valur by aome of th- b at midical men f he d iy ,1 a tnre fruLdit on th it i a success il ea n ?i detent) upnu any aystcin of adveitisiig or menirci na puffing, bul np nitaown virtuesamnngilth -aewh ae'-ex euaive uirdicat acquitments and hi, h rhai. cin for ioteaii y, pi, fe,. .h-m out ol llie pouihility of aiding quackery. Thomas Kuber.s It o have the peiinlisioU of Ur hitler, of P il?del| hu, fir auti g his strong recommend .iion of the me of th ae P,ll* iu deranged biliary cnmpl iuta, and flying heuru tie at mptoin* By such u d .ubtcil testimony r.a Ilia ills i ubtic are btgioni< B to uuderat-ud aud apreciate iheauotiior i fficacv of thia i.ilo mi (lici.e to the poweiful t ti galives hit have been hiih-ro a.itp them ip the ill toe I Pi l?. which ma give reli I'f -r a abort spsceof tune, but always at the eiprnae id thesyatein, by entrebling it anil rendering it more liable to receive again othri ein..l*|ot*. The aaine high mrdical authority, in describing th* simple virtue* of this medicine, ?a\s: "A.? it iliff. ta tit m uy reapei la very ate lialty Iroin tVi pill* th t have hi h rto been brought b inre the pebltc, it i* ailvnable to make the public acquainted With the gcueial propertiea they poaieas Par 'a Life fill*, a* ? pOrgatiVr, aie louud to ?et very giutly?iud ed wheu they do purge frrely It i* owinu lea* ti thair purgative quaMteiban the very bad condition of the ayatem they are acting upo% The vigetable ing.eoienta of whidnilteyare strictly composed, will it all instance* chetn callt decompoae the dcleleriou* matter that is geur-aird by various cauaea, and impede* < I e vital and organic op latioua ol nature in the hit man frame. Their action it principally by decom|n?iliou?invigorati g hy iucreusing the tune and quality of the blood?atr- ngiheniug all the orgau, ef f<. lu Uy v? phout any of that stimulating effect so injurious in purgatives generally." hey aie sold retail at most of the re.pectable druggists in Now VoiIt, and by duty ajvo nteu agent in every city and inwu mm Ma ue to l.tmisiana. Canail i, the British pmviucei, lla. a a he w?st Iudi Islands, qu BoU.h America, in boxes, 3U.ind 3 crura earl.. I c?:im?nuls of ure from person whose diseases were of trie rrosl .uve'erate kind cud ol long standi! g, may bt-seeuallhe nfRc ol T Ho.'t-m & Co., CliJeuaon House, 304 Broadway, offi.e lit floor. Couutry Agent* will please address box M7. post uffiea. m3>im PHK IKIVATE TREATISE.?This is a luue veiume oa 1 certain diseases, its which the most convenient and private aeons of core are stated in the plainest possible manner. And not only sre directions given for the more simple and recent eases, bet those which nave fallen into Improper hands, and outiuus on from month to mcqth, are particularly dwelt on.? Snch persona will see immediately the difficulties wtuch impede their care, whatever they may be, as Well as the plan te as pursued in each particular case. It is obtained only ol the author, Ur. Re Ip.h, fJ Greenwich st. Price tl. I)i, Ralph also takes this onportnuy of ssying thit hs My be eonsalcsd on the peculiar diseases strove reierreri to, n|his private residence, at sny boar. Aware, hotvever. ef the deep and jaat solicitude which rrany feel to consult & person of integrity as well as eaperieure in these peculiar complaints, the intfcor deems it prep er io give th* i'oIIov.idk shon sketch ol" the opportunities he has ' ad to fit himself for tins trust. And litis he is die more iuclinen to as into* have anured him that, for want of information ol this kind , they h-re selected from a list of advertising people the ons who !tad bnsjieJ most of wonderful cares? bat not withomt the bitterest reper.unce. Ha therefore bogs to statu that, beside his rsnk as graduate of Edinburgh, See. ke. Ike. he has been watching thrse diseases, both in hospital and city practice, for nrcre than thirty years, and has published two editions of work oxpr'ialy on tham. Also'Hat he has testimoniul letters rom the roost eminent physician* ol Europe, to the most eminectin Sir Aatley Cooper to Or. Mon. cf N. Ysnd Dr. Physick ol 1'hilsdefphis, a?d ethers; and farther, that he has the privilcgs cf referring to almost ever* of eminence in tins city. Nothing can be s'atcd, he conceives, v belter ground of confidence to <hos? who are stran.' jerslohim Consnltations may bemads by post, and for tnch lie has tittle private ch?st. eoat.ainiuc every thing n?ec?ary for speedy ar.'private cots. Itis forwtHhd u may l>? aireeled. Fri n?5 lm*r UK JDK TO SOUND TEETH. A DKSiDJERA Tb>l IN DKNTI8TK*. INIt A C. CASTLE, REMOVED TO Ml BROADLr WAY, cernei ol WHITE .STREET, has a Paste for fili :? Oecavud hollos, teeth It can be put into the most 'eud^t reethwittioutauy painoi iiicnvs.i.rn.a.-"h which it becomes imparted mie ONE hard so'id body, 'iu? ict'oring nun prcsr<vin* (hitherto paihiisl and useless teetti) artificially sound, and perlect iu all their respccli. a uses toi life?preventing IN ALL ('ABES, the necessity of extraction. Lnuics tl.e most distinguished in soeiety ,oOer eheir icsiimomala in ths moat vivid -.r.rms, as to its eff-caey. The Editor ol the Evening Post, says r?"It is admirably adapted fcr tender teeth and nerIOUS persons, anu Ur.C ntle operates on the teeth with great care and ability." *lhe New York Aurora, say* " it makes the teeth ,u all respects pcrfec* lor life.'' The Ban, says;? " Dr. Caslk ht.s obtained muck celebrity lor hiaexeelientmode of dlling the teeth." The taoel eminent gentlemen ef the Medirai Kat.aliy, hare pemiually tried and recommend Dr. Castle's rut* fot filling tl > teeth. ToolLnche nils, one ol which put to the aching tooth, will effect * permanent eve. IFrcm the Junrnai of Commerce.) DELICATE. AND SUCCESSFUL OFKRATlON.-Dr A. 0. Castle nu r .-placed by a inott infamous piece ol dental mechanism, lh' lost po"iou* of t.,e upper and lover jaw bone*, snot away in the ease of Lient. it . of the U. 8. N.. who fie' witli this terrible and severe :un&!tr, while in cttrmmt ci thi Indians in Florida. We liave eecn lette.s from L.eot. B. coibirmu ry of ihi* eitiocrdiuary care and ita entire snccoss, rhai the loss of llies- important uraaus so skill nllr replaced by D< C ut'et* i.ow J'I more a uur :<-of regr.t to th- Lieuteuaut. L>r. C. inserts ?ftifii-i*l teuli on the principle ol idlu-iiriu by ?lmon heiic ..restore Dr A C C uile refers to the Si.auiih, Fre nch ana Eoglish Aiuh.ntado *, Ml Sioughtuu, >he Bpauirh Consul, Iteir Adniiial Waltcn, Lord Murprlu, lien McCarty, Gov Muon, Dr F U J hw u. President ol hv Meuieal So ciety , S N Y; Mr- (lea Uaines, J B Brclc, M 11; Dr J A South, Dr E DeLfield Dr Beadle, Dr Boyd, Vr Bnuer, Dr J C CheeemenJDr A H Steers, Dr J Tortey, Dr Bayliei, Dr Win Grayson, Dr Deriing, lie, Ac. Office 181 Broadway, n it I in - ee ON STRICTURE ANU IT? CUKE PHE FOLLOWING REMARKS WILL PLACE BE * FORE thepuhlic a fere mot. deeply intr> Hint fetch.? First, That thr disease called B?nrctU?a, is ?' eerie ft tonen #i .m titer en J often exit'* in oersons who are no. in lh* teeu etc ore of U; next thai j ttry erroneous notion pre each re pecf.nt Stricture, <-nd that i freer ant advertising prof la ah' e had odrantafe of this erroneous notion; then, to/it Ihej I art I l.ret particular err cumstancet ^y which a Stricture nay eiuaye kriouno?and in 'he icit p.ace, that the curt of Stric fure it certain, fret from yvin, er.o truer ally accotnvhihtt in a very Itrtle time. With regard to the fir*: of tneee remark* ? it i* well known that Bine tare i* the tesull if * bn Jly ir.suGonorrhea If, for instance, tear d.seste muffed to cor. linoe on from month to month, n alide* into a gleet. Now there i* no pain ot mcorver-enee in gleet, and therefore it u often *affered to remain indefinitely. Bnt it ihould be know i that gleet irnpiie* e chronic itltmnuiaou oftne passage, whicl catarally terminate* iu thickening, and tlii* thickening at on# part or other of the passage it stricture ; and, Aimer, that a! though atrictar* may thus re nain unnoticed fbr a length of tins* it i* far from laying dormant, bnt is the hidden came ol many eriona maladie*. not only or ae?nel, hat thole *1** of a aer rou and dyspepliek'nd. Bat wnat etpecially lead* theat ennon off from Ihi* disordff i* the idea tint stricture e annot exist so loo* as no impediment to the flow of vine is observed, which i* ynite a tnistnke. A ttnecnra often exists for year* without rrodnc.nir any very striking change in this respect; indeed a mminuned or inter -npted stream of vine belong* ouly to the wont of eaie*, and i is to prevent this very state thai these remarks are publiahtd. The advantage, however, which ignorant advertising peoplt take of this enoneons notion is very cruet. Every body knows now men of th's disr.riplion swarm about this city, and that they wiil tell their nostrums as long as any one will bay them Now, it is a fact, anu one which every real physician will icv mediately acknowledge, that ail the medicine in the world, alone, can never cure a stricture. In proof of this, nothing is wore common thai for the writer to be consulted by reraon* _l I .-k II e . *ih? ua<? vrcu mi?iuh ?ii uiauucr ui uiiaKlMBI C?I9r0Q urOf>8 and pills, and ccidiala, and the like, fnr many montri* togethet, bat whom, oa aeeing the real nature of the eaae, he ha* cored n a* many day*. With a view of preventing thaae irapoeSiom. therefore, it teem* deniable to lay before the nahlie a few plain eireen tancea by which a Stricture may be known, which can be easily done : for although the aymttomaofthie dieeaae are nametoaa, there are three ol especial import, and tneee tnrce may e? tated very briefly?they are the following: The Oral relate* It 7V warmer gf wrmeting.?It ha* been (dready eaid the*, rear, aeed not be moci. dimimahed or impeded. Bat obaerve atte.. ively, after it i? tmaheo and the clothea are readjjited, wheth r a drop or two will ever ateaj as to wet a liltla lthinir 1a more indicative of itnctnre The near 1* tiutimra tiinorrhnra an* rewotneh txneured.? it i* di.T, mlt'toMT how long* iietiorrhosa or Oleet may run and net eroducea tnttnre, for ope i* natnrelly mora iitpoted to atrictmethau another : tin, aaa qraeml .nle, if it ihould beiotTerrd to go ou beyond ait wealta, tnia alone wnnld afford itifficierf tronn.l, at lean, for the ao*picion of a tine are. The l-.j; it? Tl.r tjfftt a africfure Km upon Int wind ?The effe< t ol Stnctarr i* to deprert the apiriti, and c oieaat n both bodily ncuuu activity. Thia alto i* on# of it* moat common effect* Sol, however, that it is *een alike iuevery individual, but it u o common that the writer rarely *eea a cut of (tric'are (and be ice* many every day) in which the patient doe* not cnmplair oore or leae, that he i* notaecapable ofbuaiueti'a* formetlT, It i* gratifying al?<. to withe** the uniform re tarn of tpintt, and he diaappeanuH of other maiadie* a* the enre proareaae*. With retard to the core of Stricture, on g.ia anbject it mat hrient to obaerve (and it la.itated with confidence and pleaHire) that thia ia certain, free from pain, and gene;ally aecom eliahed'in a very little time. So much u thin could not bay* been advanced aomc yaan age j bat inch ha* b?eu the im rovemeDt in thi* art, md inch the pr.-ctiea'i of th? writer, that no tan n rw accomplnh the enr* of tincture to many day* a* 'otmcrly it demanded month*. Trie wi.ter alio beg* to mate, that for Uioie who wiih to aaifnrtakc the cart thernsetvei, he ha* imbliihed a Imie vo'.ama. railed " 7T.c Prita/' TrejUit," io whieh not only Hrictnre, ant the care of all thoee diaea*c? which leqntre eiyetial care and privacy, i-. directed in the rlai. iert reune,-. It it dti'ible, bowcvei '.bat note who mapcct a stricture, if t.o*?i <l?, ibonld coneali the author ertoiia'ly, and nothing '.villMririaa tham mere ih. a the rata ?no certainty of hi* m?an* of err*. Separata rooret, alio, ara crmgad fc I io?# who roar ere to wair a 'iltic. | itoniynow reoitimlo mt a word or two en the groand "i mi'h tpe pntdK, xi I aap-i iaiij atrauyer* coraing to tlli* city, mayrtiy with eimlMsaea on what h?a been advtue?-l. ^fflth riavia* Dr. Hali.-I. ncira t.? *!*?? the. . - ?~u .. --I tela of y,<!inhurfih, fce. Ac.--he h-t been rii|i(rii in the core if these dt??aa?i, hmii in Sciential and eitv practice, fr? ,e?ra San thi/rr years, md hat published tvrn edition! cf a work ataiottlr en ?A'u that Hr> hot tetlimouial lettfra from lha nttemi.i'.oi phytiri*2i m Kanpe to tha moat ttti it &jneticr~M r>r filler '.Poorer to Dr. Molt, at Nfa Vo?l, Or. Khyeiek, of niihdelphia. tod ethers, and that he it permit >ed to refer to alnojt attrr t'hy(ia?an of aaaroeoea in th a 3t Ralph ittnqaoltad at hn private residence. Ne. M Uraen ' oh Liter I, tnwardtthe n-t?ery. at any hoor.?He tuny iltobt ouittit kr r ?? 'l'ja iitJa rolarne eoova telenet 10 it on 4 t. (17 Jt*r MEDICAL AM) SURGICAL CARD. SCIfcNTla t.'REDE rtl VALbRE VIS." NOR I II it IV e.H 1)1 -i'r.N -A m Y, 20ik Kuiton t'l*?t,fie?r 'I -r. w rh itreei ? D .e'or MOH h ISO V, Member of me ttoi al C'olfene ill Hn g* nt. Loiiaou, ami o mrrly ttnrseoo m hr itri'iah , *y, eomiiinae to ee c tm't il cmfl JiDtnlly r m t I'eloek. A. j t?? 10 P. M ilailj , no all d trie- a of a prime nature, arrf I'll a* dit'r. sting a, mp'oint emit qn lit ok i luilienoii ?' aii'l lha imprudent ot? ol quack mei ion A r-Rular mrd r. il e- ir .finn, wiih au -Iteii ivr pneiea of ore' " V**"i en?hle-. D-. V| t? ad ml in- proji-r rimediet to tht ? i i 'Ut-Ci'Dt ilu'iolit at well at to the v. ri m turn t of th03? luti'liout mal-dnt. Dr. M it daiv cnmn'ted hy pa ic in a wh?r? the fe mug evmptoma rate been o. ly charted till Inn' a th? iHiitiiu to link iu the tyttria an il oltunatrly I it dpvol iit?a if hlf ill fit H' nltirahlp aha it aI "?* " ,n*". Dr. M' wiaVr a 'pMf.'ct "cure w'ithi.ii lerruty or delet'nous dro*, or cm fluement from hnaine?s ? in some l.irnis of the disease cores me perloimed lu Irom J to l oys, sud in (iinpornun wi h m-.innant c tses. Birietuies of Die Urethra?Obit notions in the urethra,ro'h *s strictnres and enleruement of ihe prostrate K and, accompanied wih mnch imraiion and ilti'l pai in in se parts sir m? of ihe co'st tjaencss of mal-treatment Dr M. care> tnr n-es in s irieumie minner, pronoun their sbs "rpimi mth nt any piin. In son e advertisements on the sobject nl t irtmrs, ti.e srmlumi aie d< fined? li s is drlni n b. e un nlarertnrnt of the p ostrate ginnd, he. wonld pindnCe sum1 oni arnipioins It is nmel lo to.tire patients with bonnie Itc. when in e i'irv lii re is no stridors Dr. (s Irsej'*viitf\ i unrolled ? here paiirn bare been ii jorsd by sneh se..n te. Consiito'i nal Debility?I'hon.snds ol yonne m*n me s" 'eritiK th eon <j ene s of ii dulgeoea in s seri?t <l> troeiltr habit, ai d islnwe in rees lire nir her ii.Jnrndfr m th n e of Nosiro and on tended Specifies, wm. n aMn.lati n ly to induce ireater d?peas-ion. Di. M. t'eais such Oi pore It parholoKiesI principles and never fills in rstibliihinf a enre strictly confidential. Letle s i oit paid, and ood'eislni a fee of If, will enm e prescription* and ndeicr. or lor 0 medicines mil lie fni * srdei sod s en s oarranled by hit f iTnif a hisi iry of his rase in de tai'?Office 20m Knlion st. near tireenwirh N B ? With two or three eteep ions, Dr. M is ihs only guilded ndeertisiM Bn?eon in the eity. jslt i??r 80 oo^^^i!lteKSuMJS- L..,b, _jn?t received rc, Fmuklni u?<! He .raid from Hamburg and daily rapeetcn JO.OOO Sweediah and Herman Laoehoa. pen Sit l?a*c N?W toil from Hamburg, for a?le at the lowrat market price by a. A. k H WITTB. tn't lm*r Importeri of Lrechem. m Paarl It r\ V MTl^T Tnthnaa akft hifa *t*J?mvaari i..ik -a L.a.1 L' neglected to have them attended to, either from fear of iti not re'ugpropeily door, or the huh price usually charged en now have ruy operation per ormed rerta'ajng t? the t?. ih iha careiul and prcper manner by on W. E. PAKHQN8. >< Veaey at . where he ie in attendance at all timet and pteitared to hit teeth aud ineert, from one to a foil set, an the beat principles now kunwu by any dentiat ip the rity, for pruea that will correapoud with the timea, and within the meant qf every one Mr P. tnvitea all in need of hia seryicey to call on him and they thall not be diaaprointed by any oremilok not beinir propel ly performed, and in lact perfect aatuiaetton in all ca ea will be jiiven. N. B tpeciiuena of hit work can be aeen in hia office, avd referenrea given if required. m 8t-lm*r BRISTOL S SAKSAPAKII.LA-?Tine p>epar> U n o| hartaparilla surpasses auv rhinit heretofore off. red to the inib'ic aa a r< novator < f the human system. It* recommend ttion by tee medical lirullv is tuch, thoa? afflic'ed with diseases i.f'.he blood or iinveacauuiit fail to be fully convinced that it will prrf rm all that, it c aimed lor it. Forsyte by rcpotnble DiMgg'?U and Agents tHiOttghoUt tilt coo wry. CITV AI.K1ST5 FOR THK SALK OP BSISTOL'S 9ARSAPARILLA. William Burger, wholesale aceui. 50 Comtlaudt atre t, and 188 Gre nwic'i 1I; and at retail at the following placet Milhan't I ha tin,, /, 183 Broadway; Huthton It Aatiowall, 110 Broaulway, M William >t, aud 10 Aat?r House; James Byrne, M. D , 63 Bowery, and John 9\me 30 Fulton, cor. Ware* al; Robert Leagett, M D., 17 Avenue D; B Quinkenhush, 709 Greenwich it; AH 11,207 Greenwich at; J audJ Coldingtou. corner of Spring -ud Hcoatnn atreet; D H Bnrtnett, Third A venue, corner of Eighth at; Philip Merkle, 333 G aed street! Daniel B Tucker, 30-t Grand at; E H Tripp, 160 Dtvii'on at; and a' 200 BoWery (John B Hart, 348 Grand, cor (Norfolk at; Wood and Morrison, 209 Greenwich at: K Cromwell's. 884 Uiand it: Smith's Mudieiue atore. No. 337 Broadway; J. L'C* Rett, 177 Hou ton at; A McClauryV cor. < iviaion and Eldmine ?t; Drug Store, cor. Broome and Bnlfolk at. Maynaid 8t Noyes, Boston Grovrnor R Chale, Providence R j. W 8_ B atbrQTidge fit Co . Noiwicti, Conn. Dickiuaou U Goodwin, Hartrord, Conn. D. Smith, jiuir StCo., New Hivcn, Conn. Henry Buel, 51 York at, Jcaev l-itVi J'. M. Cohen r. Co.. Clsailesion, f>. TJ. I. Q. Reed, 113 Fulton at, Brookhn, L. I. mV7 1m *r TO THE LADIES DR. HULL'S UTKRO ABDOMINAL 8UPPORTEH. 'T'HIS new Inatrnmeut for the radical cure of Prolaptna Uieri A or Falling of the Womb, by external application, an permed* ingtheuse or the ohjectional Peaaary, ia coutideutly recommended to the afflicted as the means of perfect restoration to health, it never having failed of performing a oore. even onder the moat aggravated circumstances. The Supporter has attained a very high character in Europe as well as in this country It ia adopted te the entire disuse of pessaries,aotl all other painffc) sart'ical aiperiientajn the Lyingin-Hospitals of London and Paris, and ia universally recommended m Eurone by medical men of the highest rank In thi* eountry i tis sustained bv the leading member* of the faculties of College* and Hospital*, and by all the eminent private practitioner*. Hooma have been furuiahsd eselasiveiy for ladiea, at No. 4 Veaey street. having a >e pa rate entrance from the bmineaa dopertinent, wnere a lady it in Constant attendance, to apply fusses and Supporter* in female nstieuts mSlmr NO CURE NO PAY. 'PtK. COOPKK, of It Dttnno street. between William and C Chatham atrreta, take* thi* method of inlorminc the citizen* end s.rangers,thr.t he Kill aflodr* relief to the afflicted of b ith *exe*, and may be al way* couto'ted with the utmost cqnlidence in the worm cose* of delicate diseases Dr. Cooper, from a rrrideuee of many year* in hospi;-lt in Europe ,de?otea to the treatment of delicate diseases, and Roman etteusiro rraatiee in this city, for the la*t tan year*, in thi* particular branch ?f the profe**ion,guarantee* a ?*fe,?peedy *nn effeetna care to *ach iwrsoni a* pnt themselves oncer hi* treatment Recent case* cured in two or three dey*. Dr. Cooper u*e?l no mercury or any other dangerou* medicine _ Dr. Coo pert mild and j udiciou* mode of treatment will require no interruption fro.n business or alteration in diet. Tenons amiettd with protracted and deplorable cases, need not despair of complete Keovery. Dr. Cooper informs the public that ne is the only regularly qn*|ified surgeon who advertises in Dnane street, and exhmitsuo di|iloma fiom the Htuyvesautlustituta of this city, procured by false certificates aud false pretenc* s. The mo t in violiible secrrsy observed in all con.ultatious. Separate office* so as t-'t eucr c.iinot come in cju-act Lr'.ten, pott paid, attended to. Charges moderate. Office open from T in the morning until 10 o'clock at nip'H. Office liDuiuc strict ml? tri*r QUAUKKRY USED UP'!! fPHE days ol the monster Quackery are numbered; his reign -a will soon be over, and the thousands and ti ps of thousands who are suffering under secr-t ciseates. and the equally intolerable imposition* of unprincipled mercenary quacks, may now rejoice at their approaching deliverance. The dark veil of mystery which has hitherto enshrouded the treatment of these diseases, is removed, and the-means for obtaining rr'ief is placed within the reach ol a I. Let those who are wise avail themselves of the oppo^tunitx without delay, aid procure at once a copy of the Medical Guide f>r the rrea'ment of secret diseases, by the justly celebrated Dr. VAUfJHKN. for many y**'s the principal physician of the Dublin Lock Hetyjial * contains a clear and thorough examination of Venereal diseases, in *11 their various form*, with use til and effectual modes cf treatment, which all may understand and prac ice without the aid of a physician, or risk of discovery ? This work ranuot tall to prove inva<uable to travelie *, seafaring men and others, who are often placed in a I nation* wher- they cannot obtain medical auvice. T. ?... I? a, fna R.inb atnn.l US VmuH tl eOVTief nf Fulton st. Price's cts. Any person lending $1, V' poa?, will have our copy faithfully ipewaid-d to turin. ii J>im t T OVK, C OURTSHIP AND MARRIAGE- iu.r i u.liahL* eii Phy Mysteries and K-velaiioa? i.ils ve. ourtihip ud Mania r?au infallible ruidr bonk lor mar* >uand lugle, 1U matter* of tliratmos' impoitancr toih. hum.>n race. By EjKetir BcckUrd M D. Traoalated frem the Jo Paria edition, by Philip M Howard. Amongst the matters duly considered ia 'hit work, are "Mat t-r* ol serious importance tosisg'e aud young marri-d persons." ' The causes ol.and ceitaia cu e for barrenness." Hie arts of beatlty -nd ci drlship." "Th- d *oger of solitary practice#, end how the habit may be removed, and ita effects cured "The cuuiraof love aud jealouay, wi.h infallible reroeaira for eradicating from th* mm < the ac* da of ? hopeleai' r an unhappy pasaioa " "Off*i ring, with n-wly diacovered modes, cased on acieutifie principle*, for the pieviuion.o* propit.atioo thereof." "luiermarrin(e.'' "Ureaa, with inc f umi and co'ms most brooming to he v?ri Ui ahapea and complexions. The most antpioou. (season for wedlock" "A .d most other matters of internet iu single in J married life, initiates the trinciual auhjecta above uoin d " kor s le wlioleaale and retail at 102 Nassau itreet, N- Yoik A pott paid o d-r e. closing one dolar direc'ed to HOLLAND k Ol.OV Ell, New York Citv, wiM procure a copy o( work beiug ami 10 any part ol the Uni'rd States, or the Canada*, or three copies will be sent fur two dollars. je 3 dlmfcwy* UAUT'lOH To thiUAnLtj. Af-ADAME &E8TKLL. ITEMALK PHYSICIAN, would m ladies who with t proper deiiracy, havs t tepee tnee ti ihe treat tnent of their comp lainta esccpt by ons ?f (boa own sex, -hat in aU eases ihe attenus to :ham personally>sr ex erienee, and knowledge enables her to do so. She aseras it neceaanry to state that, as the does not wish to ho lasaod with the pretenders continually appearing sad disappear lag, id*arusing as "female Physicians, who too ignorant sad iaeompotent tharaseWes are obliged to get tome scarcely lea* ignorant quack to experiment instead. Consulting parlors and residence 141 Hreenwaeh street, between Courtlsnat sad Li horty streets Honrs of attondaas* from A. M.tolP. M. all 2ra*r KLMALL MONTHLY flLL&i f |WIN4J to the celebrity, efficaey, and luvanshle saeaaat ol " Madams Result's female Monthly Pills in all easas ol itrsgalajity, sajipreaaiou, or steppage of those functions of na tars aron which the he&lrh of asery fenaie aspenda, sinoe their introduction into Ihe United States, outs shout four years tositier'sits and imitations aie constantly attempted to hs aimed off for the genuine. Cho*p common pilia are purchased at twelve eents a box, pat ap in different boxes. and called-* "Vema.'e Monthly I stls." with theobieexof selh ng tnern, if possible, at one or tvy dollars a box. femates ar e therefore cauooned against ineu attempts to impose upon them. Ilia lafBeienl liars to state that all female >1 ouinly Pills are souterfeits, except these sold at Mad*ms BsstslPa Principal J Ass 14# Orosnwich street. New York and 7 Essex street, bostoa. rriee gl. Madams KestslTs sigaatars ia wittua oa the SOTM f 8MB bOZ. H. B ?They ut bo used by ouniri or single, by follow ag Ik* directions enclosed inside of each boo. Wold also by ay poiottasnt at W Orend street, corner o'"Allan. Now Vorb. altla'i TO MAiiHifcO LAUilib. lUAPAUI 1UE8TRLL,'3 PREVENTIVE PUWUCRI These invaluable Powders bare been universe fly adopted in Europe, bat France id particular, lor upwards of Unity yean as well is by thourandam this country, as beiiw the only mild, wft, ard efficacious remedy for married Isdioa. venose baaltb forbids a too rapid increase of family. Madame Restell, fa is well kuowu.wai lor thirty years Fot stale Physician in the two priucioal Denials Hospitals in Ea ripe?those of Vienna and Tuie?where Caeorea by her rreai ?xp?,icucs and opportunities, ate attained that celebrity in ttaasa K'ti discoveries in medical science so apeci&Hy adapted to the fern*le trr-ne, for which bar medicines now stand uuri rallstl. m. well :n this eonntry aa in Europe. H? r acquaintance with the physiology ud anatomy of the female fmme. enabled her? by (racing the decline and ill hesutn of married I sir. s lee, ssarec tn the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid and oftan apparently inexplicable causes which consign many a fond mother to a Prematura crave?to their one source?to ay rire at a knowledge of the primary can set ol female indispoaf lions?especially of married females?which, in JIM, led M the discovery o her celebrated " Preventive Powders.1 Their adoption has bean the means of preserving not omy the health, bet svaa tbo life of many aa afTeetiouata wfe ear fond mother. The adrersisar feeling ths mportaasa of this aabreet, ard aa tiratliny ths vast bene'its resulting to thousand* by their adoy lion, would moat raaiTbcUully arouse sue attention of the mar red, by all that thsy hold near and dear, to their consideration Is it not true and virtuous to prevent evils to which we are saboct, by,simple and lealthy means within car control. Every tupaasiooate, vino oat, and enlightened mind will unhesitatingly answer id the ainrmatire (ire dollars a tacbage, i,.oompe.nied with fall and particular directions The/ 'in be forwarded by mail te any part of the United Htaies All letters must be post pud, and addressed to MADAME HEW TEUL, He male Physician. Principal office, I4t Greenwich (tract, Naw Fork Office hivrs f-eta HA V. tot o clock P. 11. P0ItTU(rUE8E FEMALE PILLS. M J* JOUDsfcwiu"*"? ETffliUR. r HTDHAfc THK Scientific combination of iti*rr<hetiu of which thee# A Pill, .re composed, have mado IbeCi (he wonder cad admi Mite of the world. They ere known all over Knrope to bo Iho only preparation ever Ji.covered thai hoi proved invariably oeiW'o in rrodncirw the monthly torn* Their certainty, tn all *aoo?, be ion toeh that ;hev moat not ho noed donnn pmcnartey, lor though alway. mild, safe, and healthy, they are eertain to prodere mi.carnajte if n*ed during that period. The dir-etion* are translated into English And are enveloped roend with the eral of the importer, (tamped Bach he. aowj tuna the liana tare of M. da Boadetonne. L tjf. Knalirl. dl taction. hare the .ifnatnr. of Dr. If MBliVBd", anlfaf r urd attain forth* continent of Ameriea. They ean be 'ranamittro by mail to any pert of hel/.i ?d State.. Sold by Dr K M.lrean, ngeot and irapor' r for the Unite I Hteres, office IM Liberty atmet. near Ore-.. . irh et.eel Price US?dial I bore. tl. No hall bo.* ^mut by man. Sold i!?o by appointment of f * Af iftwny ttr? cl9 jarni Catherine.t Le?er? directed to Dr. r .in me. tx* Ne? orb will maet with nntnemato UMnim Vil 'rU:ia me- b? i out n-iid. hi'J lw.d?w t4 A O A M K tttS ib.,u, .'bMAtK fHTBICIAN. .ad mp lene* HI dreii r wieh .tree., between Couruandt ml Lib* rt> . -eta. who.. t. _ a%11 >,? oo nnm*" wiintr.e atueieat conu..r?e* 01 <? ,,'iru incident to ?h? female frame. \tadame Oaatal I aetpenenca and knowledge in lha treatment .1 ebetinate eooeo of female irregularity, atnppnjr*. mppr * ?"?. %? ia aach u to require bat a Tew day* to effect a perfect ... Ladira uaatrina proper medical attendance donna eoo nement 01 otter indiepoaition, will be accommodated danac tab lima, With aritata and reepeeuble board. Preventive Powderi," rot man ted laaiaa, wf >ta d> rate orpreeariooa health forbid* ?to<. rapid increaaao femtiy, mII be aeat by mail to any part of the united State*. Pri-i* 1 a paekeRo. All Letter* (putt paid) addrbaaad to ' bee Mf, ?w Verb. 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