Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 4, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 4, 1843 Page 1
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x T F I ??t. IT,?JHl.__W.v>-? ?? 3303 To (lis Public. THiS NKW '.'Ot'K [iKRALD?dailyn^WBpBjter?put. U''hi'i ' Tt i y <ltty oi ttiu y ear exeepi New V.-ai'? lay an<1 Fonit.'iof July Prioe 8 cmw per cop}?or <7 Mi p> . ai. uu-'po^tagec paid?c a*h in u-fvaucH TUB WKKKLY HER\L0-|.at>lishrd every 8?tUT"laj prior <i* <"*uta pier i.-opy, or *3 19 per annum poi puiil?cawb u adr*nc?. ADVERTISERS ore informed that the circuluUoa o: thoHerald ?? ?v..r THIRTY THOUSAND,and incioosik^ a.!t It hai the larf.zi circulation of any paper in this city r Ike writ, wl it thneh>re, thr he.H clmniitl fin butir.ct. ntn tutkt city jt < jut.try Prices moderate?cash in ad TBI1CD. PRINTING, .socuteJ tt the most -nodeiat' ftand ia the most eloguct styl<!. JAMES (.10HD0N BJENN1TT, PnorRIKTOK or THK IlCHAl.P ElTAuLtSHHRUT, Northwerl cornet of Fulton and Nass-in ftreeti The Urcut llunkcr XI111 Herald, Published ou superfine paper, containing a full account of the celebration of Bunker Hill, consisting of the dole riptioni, and Mr. Webster's oratio: ; accompanied with five splendid engravings,comprising 1st. A rare and original view of the Battle of Bunker Hill, which took place ou the 17th June, 1776; exhibiting thr array ol the Amendan army, engaged in deadly conflict with the British troops, their ships and thar forces. 2nd. A view of the proc'sion forming on Boston Common. 3d. A view of the procession crossing Warren ' Bridgo. 4th. A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the nfrth, as it looked on the ay of tun celebration, with the flags above and crowds below. .ttli A vieiv of Bunker Hill Monument from the southern bay, as it looked on the quiet Sabbath morning alter thecekbratien. Agents will please transmit their orders before the edi tion will be sold, as tho demand is unprecedented. The price, agents, $9 per hundred, or eight cents per copy. Retail, 1-Jj cents To l>e had at this office. r r-in ? OHAFI'S ON KNGL**D, lit". /'XWllV' LAND, k'-? Pcsodi abnui remitti"s ino-/^l|riW3K10 tii* ir frieuil* ill the ' old eoontnr," e ii be -ni)|>tif?l with Drafts, in turn* of 1, 2 3, 10 ,20 k i- W iiv nmoiit, pjyabV i u deaisn^w'thout di*couut oimt ulhrr chi jte. at the National nam <>1 1 '"mi, ifiiuiim a "i?, u'j . hjbi. j "iir> uuii. Son Si Co.. Buik ri L'm on, 1 Birre'lk Co., K irli-nnc anil Diic.iun' I! nk, Li>i'rpo?l, K. :smi ttmk of Scotland, tiJrer.ock Birkisic Compiny, Sir Wm. Ko b-sHtir'er Si Co , Tit'l?nd, and tt.e br?tch? in every post tow -i through* u' tu gland, Ireland, ScotfLtl Si Wales, which (Wn will be f?iw *nltd by the "Sunmer Cnledoi la," thai lrR*c? B ?tnn he UiJ' W. & I. T. TAP8COTT, At (heir 'Jeneia1 Passrijr Office. 43 Peek Slip, cor. South it. . N. B.?All letteri frjm the coir.try uiuit coinc pust raid jr 22r .tlfiy fA8?A(JK FROM OKKAT BK1TAHV AND JRKLAND BV THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool outheTih and 19th of every month.] Persous wishing toseud lolhe Old Country for their friends ein make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, .<ad have them come out iu Thin superior L.ine of Packets, sailing from Liverpool unctually on the 7th and 19th of every month. Ti? will also have a first rate class of American trading si ips. sailing every ?ii days. thereby afordins Weekly commum.-atloD from that port. One of the firm ( Mr. Jauics D. Roche) it there, > tee that they sh.-ll be lorwwued wiiii care and <!ss '"should the parties agreed for not come " ut. the money will be returned to tho?e who paid it here, iiiiout any reduc Tne Black Bill, or Old Line of Liverpool pa :ieu, comprise the following inagmfic?nt Ship*. viz:? The OXFORD, 'Ihe NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE. COLUMBUS. EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and uaequsilled auntiKomeats, thu tub cribcrs coufidrutly look forward for a continuauce of thatanpport which lias been extended to them so many years, tur which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to t!>e;r relatives, can stall tinier obtain Drafts at sight lor any arnouut, d.-.iwu direct on the Koyal Banl< of Ireland, Dublin, also ox Messrs. PRE SCOTT, GROTE. AMK9 k CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Blanches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Apply,oraddiess, (ifby letter. postp:.i!.) iwOt HE, BKO t'HKttS & CO. J5 pulion street. New York, nest doortti '.he Kultnu Sank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverp. . >' l.ets sail from this port ft?r Liienmol on the t?t an' .5if> ?l h e,. Parties returning to the old country *.ill find it ci tii.'ir coin Tort and advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to any other. d27 r OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m m m rPHI? OLD I INK of r.iclets "Liverpool wilVtiertafter be J- despatched iu the following order, exOL-pting thai when the day of sailing falls on Snnday, tne ships wilt sail on the succeeding day. , KorNewYoik. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (Jane 1 July ! 616 tons, < Oct I Nov 19 D. O. Bailey, f Feb 1 Mar !!> The ENGLAND, (June !9 Ans 7 750 tons, < Oct II l)e<: 7 B.L. Waite. C Feb 11 April 7 The OXFORD, t July I lug 19 too tons, < Nor 1 Dee It J. Rathbcna, (March I Ipril 11 The EUROPE, i July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, < Nov 11 J iu 7 K. G. Marshall f Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, {Aug 1 Sept It 618 tons. < Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.f April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, tAng 13 Oct 7 J0<! tons. <D?c 19 Feb T. rt.Cropper./April 19 Jone 7 The CAMBRIDGE, tBep. 1 Oct 17 ?50 tons, J Jan 1 Fe% 17 W. C larstow.r May 1 Jiin^ 19 The COLUMBUS, i Sept 1? Nov 9 700 tor-s, < .1 .ill li Mar 9 O.A.Cole. (May 19 Jn|y 7 Punctuality, as regards the day ol sailing, wiil be observed as heretofore. The price of triage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dolhrs. for which ample stores of ever* description wi^l be provided, with the exception of wiur> and liquors, which will be furnished, by the steward!. GOODHUE It CO., lit youth st., C. H. MARSHALL. 31 llurling-slip, N. Y. je?< lyh BARING ??"THF US Ik CO.. L'pooI. ? HE NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS m ml m. m To *ail (mm New York 16ih, and from Liverpool 5th or each mouth. Bhip HOW||iUUEK, 1050 ton*, | ,sth Jn]yNew ..up LIV^POO'L. 1130 con,. S AllRU,t New .h'P Great ^.U-rn.J^O ton*, j ^ 8rp?etnber. Ship ROCHESTER. ?53 ton.. S uth 0ctobir. J II tftlltOQ ( These substantial, last sailing, first class shins,ill built in the eity of N?w York, are c mnmnded by men of esperieuce and ?. ability,au-i will be despatched lunctually on trie lath of each ai' nth. . Their cnbin* are cleuant and < ominodiom, and are furnished with whatever cau cuui.uee to tlie tuc and comfort of (m?krisen. Neithcrt' e captains or owners of these shirs will be reitioii ible fo> any i arcel* or package* sent by thtro, un'?ss legrJat bills lading are signed thonlor. Kor frei<:!uur puuai;? pi'ly to YVOODHULL St MINTURNS, . B7 fconth street. New Yoik, or to riELDKN, BROTHERS ft ' O., jet I r Liverpool. >KW LINK OK LIVLKrOOL PACKETS. To tilfrora New York on the 25th r.nd Liverpool ou 'he lltii .1/ each mmuH. Ml 'ML Mk ML V ruaM Nv:w VubuT Ship (iAUfUCJL C ipu-in VV'ni. 8 kiddy, Sath Kebrtuiy. Vihip RO8CIU8, Cap into John Collin*, 251I1 March. Wihip 8IDDONS. Captni.i E. 11. Cobb, 25lh April. M 'hip SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. D<peytu>, 2iui May. 0*** faoM Livtcnrooi.. t ilSnip SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cotib, 13th Ffbinary. Ship SHERIDAN. Captnin K. A. Uepeyster, 13th iVlaich. B^hip UAK11 It K, Captain Wm. okuidy, liiU A(.ril. ihip RO8CIU8. Ciptaiu John Collin*, !3i!i M.iy. Thi ses lti|? are all ot the lirst class, upwards of 1 rjti ton*, ooill ? tothe city ot New York, with sach improrrmrnu a scoml ?eat !-,.? e?! with unusual couifoit for juusenttcrs. Every carr ha* hem taken in .he arrangement 01 their MCominod.-i'iui.*. " The puce of iwus.ige hvnee is $100, lor which .unple stores will II be provided. These ship* are commanded by eti.crieuced s masters, who will make every exertion 10 Kite general,V tion Neither the captain* or owners ol" tv ??> ./swill bo loaiKUii. ble for ai y letters, panel* or packafiv rsen ny tnera, unlets r?g ilar b> II* ol lading are signed Uietefur. W.,r Irvight 01 i>as?s4lc, npplv to k*-v tH. K. COLLINS I* CO.. 56 South ?., New York, or to r WM. St JAS. ilKOWN at CO., Liverpool. Letters bT the packet* will be charged I2H cents per*tngl? she't 50 cents per ounce, and uewspatK ** I cent each. fj r . m. M M M^YOIIK AND HAV. *- I'.-iCKKTS?8ee.ui. ?Thi kliipsof this line will tierraite' Intro How Yor* on the l*i and ll vie on the 16th of 1: c*i mor-h. cs lolt_w-, via ? Fi om Srw York Fiom Ilavrt. Now *h p ONEIDA, 1 i.t M-.iii. k lom r,i. t^aptiiin J l?t J iil>. J ""t'1 Au*n*t. James Knnck ' l?t NoveciUer. { I6i,i Utc. 8bip n YLTIMoilE, ( Ut April. t 16 h May. Captain < it August < 6ih8tpt. Kdward Kinck.f ut i/tcembar ( ifctn Ju.uaiy. 8hip UriCA. CisiMtv. \ 6,h Juue. (.ap'ain . < 1st "r|>trmbei \ 6tt? ucti.rer. Frederick Hewitt ( 1st lauunry. ( #tti fianulti New ship i?T. N1CHOL A8,l Ut J ne. Mt.thJulv. i.aptaiD 1 1st Uct.lsr. <'6 h N?.v J. B. Pell.C lu Kebruaiy. ( iCth March. The. ccomnioditioni of these ship* aro not mrpassed, all th*t mav 60''united f >. e 1 The price ol cabin pi aigr >s St" Pa**4i't'-rs *ili 0 tupi led With tvoiy rt'iuisite wall the > ic ptionol wine* and liiiuon. () 1,1 ' 1.,Muled for lue?eves?es arm be nml-d <1 v tl e sir scii ' i'?. Ir^e iro a any o lie:, than the eipt nie* actually incone .. u int w. Korfrei?ht o? l'?i*ug?, a|pi? 1,1 111) VM it HIiNUKhi^, Agents. Jtajtc N.> 9 Toni'ii* Biiiloma. cor Wall a?d \vrter sts. t'A' K H.T KIJH HAV KK?Second Line?The itnp !C*lV PAl/m'OHir.. Kd*,,d Jul*. m??t. wni ?,l on XmEUi lu litnfAiutut, BOYD klliN'JKItM, j?l.w B J'uufine BuiiJiui cor Wnl and Water at*. I "* ?l I I' ' -U -1 * J1 - - - f? ]\J F 1 H .Ijj jj resaft A3J1 C V1LV EXPRESS rnnY.*BU KKAL.O, :HH;AUO AN0 THE OANADAS. I*he subscriber. luviu< com: let il rtieir ..rrAuse'oeuts with the People's Liue 11 Hteamboa's, outli Noith Uiver aud the lv 111 Coiii:;<uirs Wfif (if Alt' "V ,'nr lUuni'in their Ksoress to the srason uf IC43 ati Ejtprrta w I Itave their office. No. J V/ntt ?sre't,\ew V"Tit, every e?i, i| quarter to 7 o'clock. f< r the abovu named a1 d iutenoeditie places. I.MPOKTAN I. ( or the irreiter safely ind security of all valuable ;nd money r ekages cut: ttited to tlieir c :re, they hare ;al*nnud?r Iron f" r?.s o i board of (lie ilea uboati, in a state room oscupied ni n ivrly by 'heinselves, ai d the meweucfr ia eli aleros in tl e nnie ro. ia with the iron iafts, into winch f ll ?uc'. tichafes ?j placed. POMKHOY U COM PAN V, nilec N:'. 2 Wall IttWl. > i'mmer .itin.isaement. NEW YOKK AND PHILADELPHIA HAILUOAD LINK D'RfcCT. Via Nkwaiik. Ni.w Bhunswic*. Princeton, TntriTON' 0ORDKNTOYVR ANU fcUULINOTON. mjafu iff* f? Lieavieif New Yoik d-tily Iroio :h*i(ovtol Courtlandt st vto-niii# Line at 9 A M.?Mail Pilot Ltue at 4;^ P. M. t'lTe .Muriiiuu Li it proceedi to Uordeutowu, Irum thence by st- amhoatto Phihidct.hia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Piilndelphin) withoutchange of car*. Pautnzeri will proeut* their ticke's at the otfi-f ( ot of C nrtlandt street, where v coin ondions sleum'joat will bs ia re ilituM, with ho UK me cratea on board. Philadelphia baggage cratcs are co:ivey?d from city to city, w licut 1>? ing opened by tl'.e w ty Each triiu is provi led wi; n a ear in which are a. arunea's end dressing rooms eipressly tor ih ' l?iite?' use Returning, ihc lines lfavs Phi'nde'phia from the foot ofWulmi -treei, by ?'e in,boat t? Bo.dentowu at 7 o'clock, A.M. ai '1 by r^il.oid from Camden, at 5 o'clock, 1* M The lines f . Baltimore leave Pli;indetphia at 7)f A. M., and 4 1' M l.eiinr t coDtipoaiiou < f tho litei from New York jel v*^k \f.\V~Y >HK SUHOOLEK'a it 1 JlJL .mountain a ND ? ASVia K. ai'J Somen site H Road.^^^^^^ Korschooiei's Mauotiln, leave per No I ioiiIs river, at 8.1 j 0'elcc.t A M. daiU (Smdi>s ticrnted) by steamboat tn fc,l zai)"thport, rr luive the foot of ( ourlland street nt I) c:< c':< A M, by N J Bailroid to Elinbethtown. thine;- conni <:t with III- cars fir Si in. rulle thence 20 miles to tb>* Monnain? rrviniteaily in toe afternoon Kir " aston leuas above p.eceed bv railroa I to Somer v le ro-r.hes licni thence (ouli 34 miles,) nrrivu k m KcuUu a( G "'cl clr. -oil e, on ?i'Coual of the shoit dis'a-ce hy mi k aitb. !ar ih in >st pieasan* and r ineiiitions, coramebd* it a.. I lo put-lie poti "Ki-. Mr Saurlenon the proprietor at S? IT. I villi . t .?? I n\ ll 11 ll III nlf vi i ll criiim , ! hni..-, , i , * coiiunodikte i'r'y*>e nanus with extras it the ?horte?t notice, aii i on 'easonah'e 'enps For seat* apply tu H U. Hope, Merchants' Hotel, 41 Courtlr.ndt ?t. Pasat uRtra fr"tn PliiUd -Iphia to Schooley's Maintain wilt leive Phi'td?'phis at 7 o'cl ck,A M., by New Yoik raihoad ! ; ?: t > ' ew SiMiMwirk tSp endid coaches Iri m thenee, arrivi 'g attnr '.nountain eirty same afternoon. j23 2m* r MfiA) VKW YORK, SCHOOLEY'S-a*. b kaston Leave t' e foot of Courdauil stref, daily (Su .uavs e?'cit>u) a; t> o -iock, A M., by >ail:oad f om J-itey city to .vlorrijtOH u. trecce by Post coaches ihr^uj;!i Mtiidhaiti.Clieater, Schooler's Mountain, AnUersou Town, Port ('.olden, Washington, to Kiston. At Washington, a daily line intersects to and Irom Brlvidere Forse^>ts ?|)|ilv to J. Hill, at J. Patton'*, Commercial Hotel, 73 Court laud street. Is'.B ?Extras furnished ..t the shortest uotice by applying to V. B. I <ase. United Slate* Hotel. Mo'ristown. li.vUJmcc | ROCKAWAY PAVILLI<?v_LON? ISLAND KAILRO \l). Tra'ns upon this road leave Brooklyn, Houth v* |,1. -.L Ferry, for J mains, w).er_- coach" are in r*adi lift's lor that d-liith ful roiott, the M trine Pavil. Ihm, ?t tli? following liouis, viz Half put 9 A. :M.,4 o'clock and half p?st6 P. \i. Re'urtiiiig, IciiVe Ja'Maica at 8 A. M.. 12 M. and 5 P M. for NewYoik. Fare to Jamaica,?].; through from U.o'iklvuto the Pavilion.75cents. jeCl 6 v*r .NE* AURAMGEMfc; 1VT\ FA UK ANl) hUMUHT REDUCED. -,<5#^} jUr\ REGULAR MAIL LINK? (TOR PROferrftb^rVlDKNCK AND BOSTON, via fcTO atCSjBCtiLlNOTON AM) NEWI'OKf-Composed ol ihe loll.'wiiiu superior stei>ner?, rmiuini/ in connection with the StObinctOh abil Boston and Providence Railroads:? MASSACHUSETTS, Capt Comatork. RHODE ISLAND, Capt J layer. PROVIDENCE. NARRAOAN8ETT. MOHEOAN One of which will 'ea^e New Vork d lily (Sand ys ciciptedjiroiu Pier No 1, Battery Place, N. Ki\cr, atS V. M ARRANGE VIENTS. The KUODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, end Wednesday tor Stoniugton and Newport, and Fnday for 8tonink"oii The MASSACHU " ETTS.Cnplari Comstock.on Tuesday acd Tnurs-ay for StouinRt' u, and Saturday lor Stcniuutou, Newport ana Providence. Patseuners, on the rrrival of the steamers st Stoninetor, will be lomiediUely forw-.rdid in the spl'ndi I and commodious Cars of the Railtoid to Priv.deuce auo Boston, and if for Newport will pra-etd in the steamers on Moud.ty, Wednesday and Snrrdav, and on 'he iutcrvcnniK dajs, p>?c?ed via Stoum toil K' ilr?an to I'rovideoc*, st.d tjom thrnce in the it earner lolaa, without any additional chance. Tickcts tor the route and sieitneri' berths can be secured ou board, o- st the office of J1ARNDEN U CO., N*o S Wall attest TT^On and after the lOih nut, freight will not be r Ceived anolbrwatdedafter half-past4 P M mssin' m HIMTEN 1 -LAND FEHRY, FOCT WHITEHALL oT?The ?t-<mbo.fs - W T? si-ii . M ISLA-.DltR aud SAMSON Will run as follows until further notici-? Leave New Yo.k 8, 9, 10, '1. 1 3 3)< 5 6 7. Lra-e !?taten Island 8, 9, lfl. II. 1, 2, 4,5, 6 7. Le?ve New Y rk at.d Xtstru Island every hour on PutidaTP. S ?ICv.urs.on to Fort Hamilton, Sjudays e'ceinn' Lease Fori Hamilton7X .V M., re'.urnine !r?m f??w Yotk 3M P M ill r NJtW AitIV 'AiND Nt<W Vtilth?liare only 13k t r.tits !?The S| lemlid steamer ytV -d PASSAIC, Ciptain John Unify. On and af'er Monday, Jane 5:h, will run aa follows :? Lesvn the foot ol B..'clay stteet, Hew York, at 10 A M, and 4 P. M. Leaves tho foot of Centre stuet, Newark, M7X A.M., and I>4 P. M. ereii'lif carried at very low rates. .i|i?(tm r tat HAMILTON HOUSE. FORT HAM , ^ I iTrh ' 'r'"" The ceambosts STATEN1 iIt Iwl * " t 1 " *iwIM ruu ev-rty day (Sundayn eicept*d> duriuii the season, as 'onowt:? L?av<- Fort llaini' on ?t 7>4 A M anil 4 ? P. M. Ne . York Whitehall Dock, at i}? P. M. Thii arra-iuemeot may bt relied on ai permanent, as its con tu.umcc will not drpt nd on any c intii ae 'cr j'5 3rar .Wtmi jgn SUMMER ARRANGEMENT EOR SHKE WSBUR Y-Lou? Brauch, Ocean it bind Poidi, Kntni' n, and I*.alone wu Lan4iui;, ihr< t)Rh the inner pun-ice The i:f* Steamboat SHRKWSltUllV, Capt.'.n Jonn P. Corlics, will lav- E-Jtmtown Landr b on Sundiy, tl.e (A of June in t., and roa a? fol lows,to wit: learitg New York, from the foot of Kobinicvt 'reel, every Monday, Tueid-y, Wednesdiy, Thursday and Krirf.iT, at 7 o'clocfc, A. M. R^nr-nina:, will leave EacontOwn Larding on each of the ?bov; dav*. at I o'clock, P. M. On 8a .u:da\s will leave New Ycik tit 2^ o'clock, P. M , and Eat'-u te wn Landing ?n Sond v? a! 3 o'clock, P. M . and (icesii Hoose at 4 o'clock. The SHREWSBURY will slop at Fort Hamil ion e. ch way?Fare only I2>? emu. N. H.? Stages wilt he in attendance to convey patteugen from the aforesaid laniliuic places to any t art of the country required. it 13 REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, tu -The uMfcgVtibJciiher continues lo triusmit money in?u mn la-ne kmMKrn * Mill, t J Bulimy residing in a:.y part of Ireland tu the aauie mauoer at lie, i.'ii4 hi? predeceuor in business have done tor fie tan tbiity jcfri aud mote ; any part of kingland, or Scoil.'*?l Monty remitted by letter (post paid) to the mhicriber, cr personal!; 'tep Mite I with him wit.i the uaine of loe peraou or p-rjoii* ri Irei nil. Eugtaad or S. otUnd. to whom it n to be sttit, and nearest p si town, will be immediately transmitted and p.ii.) -ccordiDRiy, and a receipt to that effect Lire*, or lorw*rd?d to the ten ler. In iiie ninner miuey. or cliiini en persons to any part of Irel Oil Uiulami or fciiacd c in bo collected hy the subscriber tor ,"-i?nii? retid n .' in auv pv t of the United StUst or Canada, at 'I will oc pii.l t.) th-in accordingly. i i7 lm*r UKOIICr. McBhIDE. Ji , A3 Cedar at. I tftC UVI fEI) INf. OK UVEHPUOL PA? KE'l S ?S??V ?P ic1 ?lol 5 h o Ju'v.?The wetl-Wn.-'Wn. falaail jfcmmKm iic and lavoriv Picket Snip OHIO, Captain il . l.ym, will mil i Uiicta ill' naebqv". I IV- >< romi..oii tioti' of .his ahip f ir cabin, n cond cibin and ' s'eeiPSe pwiEg'is c nunt li*'U pvs?d. tier between (fecks ?h eh are very ?,iacr>ui, are titled ap with a d tfree ol comfort onequilied tu ri.' other picket in i?>rt i i n e ib n' viiitin- the ' Old Country" cannot fail to be I 'en*e ' wi'li <!"' *r-ars:ementi mule tor their eomfrrt The i) ice of p s? J t> ii X i m? kitbly li w thote wiU intt to secure li ittia <h. Il l II t l<ii in m".e e.i Iv npplleuion on boird, fool ( f Uuv i sicect,'jr to J. St i. TAP^'JOT f, 41 Peck Nip. corner Si nth it ict. Perjon? to tend iur their file d?. can h vetlein i brornht i.ii; in i'r*.-e .i'.. ^in tic n Packet Ships, sail iu? fxnm ! I.iverp ol Wf*k v r-v>irih'?-1 nn? li ec i mTr LI VEItlUOL.?lteeulai isckciol t!ie 7,h ufyiJV.Iiily.?I'l- r?r' ?'ij*;rior, last i'.ilinit packet ?h p I A.';&tJ'i ri!l li Hi\hv. Lan.Ain Delano, will noitive fT^rn: above. * Muring very i? otnni'Vlntions (or cabin,sec-md etbia ii<l steerage ?. wiahinq to embark should oalis ?nriy c .1 on board, loot of .Maiden Tatie. vr to JU iKlMt Me(VIli K HA *, \'jj I'iur at., cor. Sooth. The c vVf be succetd'd br the splet'dii pcketship VirginU til t Allen, uud mil on the 13 th July. frraoni tti?nintf 10 sentl l?r l.'tei; Iriemh ia thr old country, cu Have them :>nin:M ont by the ubjve ?hip, 01 ! .? ol tut reiinUr paeketa, by Apply of, ft? above 5 if b? letiar ?<>st oaid j e m7>\ WVWiTuOI.?? l.i.NK? ueKu.. r ttfT-IVPellet ol ?>il July.?The Splendid Packet ((hit >S< Ills, Caputs John ColliiM, of 11)3 tout, ?ill iio?itivi*!y tail as above, her regular d:ty K?r Ireijtht cr p .?? *?, having atcoMmo'lafioni une.iui.lcd tot si.leudor 01 >mfort, a:>ply ou board, al Orleans wharf, foot of Wall itreet til 1C. K. COXjMWB Ji CO. SI Sooth street Price of pais.iif flco, Ann IVcket Snip Si<M >n?, Cap;ain E. B Ctbb, of 1(00 Ions, will succeed tne Hoscius, auJ tan tne ttth ol Aug, hsi re . iilar day. t'asjeugeis mny re!y on the ships of kins 1 J# W...111* Phtx.M' IWriHttiml. j.26r . - 'J'11 MVILllPO()L? The H?w Eiiie?Regntoi V?jP!nV Pa> ket ISth July?The new, srlrn-lid Nr?r y.jik aHHbi'ii'li rack, t ship HOTIINOUKH, Ira Uursley, iOjOious, will sail as above, her regular day. or Irei* it or pa'sage, havm* loge and cumni..oiou? slat* r onis. et^ly to the t Hptai 1 on iMjard, weil side UuiIiuk Slip, WUOUHUi.1, & M1NTUMN8, ,r, , 81 Sooth strert. *"rr,?0* Wpaeket ship l.iverprol, Cat.taut John t (indue, 11 ? tons, will succeed the Hotttuuuer, aud sail on hwr reunlarday. lath August. jv 1 r . t&SL isiiriittvou5' V.NK-LOUlUlANA AaN?. 'MjE?. 1 ?u . Hernia! racllrt?'lo iucIr.JI? last *4i11 uk imrkct ihip l>t O.^fclt., C?pt J.tckson, will have immediate drspitch. foi I'C' 01 passage, n.iviog i,<,itoioin> luinum u ac< ntn(.... AtiODs, *|.? !> Mtil, ' tirie'ins, luot < f Wall >'tto , * ?-01.LlN? !s t.t_>. 4? i>o?in ?v >uil pet* 'nayrely upon liaVinu their?,n..j 1 correcti? oirmnr i .and th.u tt?a ibipe o t this I me will s.*il punctual1* a> a,,vei* ~U. A.iDfUf'4Hir?tOH.i tfl!rrc.| w.llU. niiM Shil lulflUd tl at r. *7 he reqtvrril N.Orle'us,Hu' in ? Woo?t.n4, nrv*ri I # o?M ly l.irward all gootls lo ihen audit ? fb* racket Ililo Lonisi illu, Wapt. .V. ||,,ni ,u, , *. d lis l>?on<*. iU I tv v o > :*,W YORK, TUESDAY P FOURTH J Iff, ~ k'.*cn'?i'n Tii ? wi'l be run on t?>? Klinhethtown *tid Snmr?ville H<iIro.iJ, f?.r three d*vi. vii: ? vlou'lay, Tne?day nod to d"rf from New >ork attd rome.ville, R un<l Bro. k, New Market, Plat'field, 9tolen:laiui, auii Wialfif <1. winch IS the tn011 plitumt route anil villi. e?, for a r ')< tr) firurtinn. in the Bute of N-vt Je??v?Ttiokim lour t it tenth way. Some vi lie ii fort* miles from the ite, coun f n -.t of Lottie.settr. nod but two hour* ami a hill tide from th? city. LKWK NEW VOKK KOK THE ABOVK PLACE3 Bv NVw J ?ey ltuilr.>aiJ. By Stcumboft Kioin font < f t'o jitlaudt afreet. Kro * Tier No. I Nrrth Hi?er At t and II o'clock. A M At f'J at:d 10 ? c'clock, A.M. 3 6>S I'. >1. 2 C?, .P. M. The 9otn<-rville Trtinn l?a*? El t bethtown on arrival cf N'.-W Ji*r?eyc.'>? I'd I'eumboat*. at 10 .:nd )2o'clitk,A. M., and at 4 an I 8 o'clock, |> \l. tt*.TUMNI(J FOR NEW YOBK f tave S imitville. L*mv* B >'>n:l B ook. At 5>4 atd 8 o'clock, A M. At 5J([ t.d tt^ o'clock, A VI. iy, 5 P. M l?? ' & r- M' Lca\? Pinicfield. l?ra?? vVes'field 1 A? 6*4 and ? o'cl itk, A. M. At ?ud 9Hi o'clock, A M 2** ? 1*. M i% fil2 ?' M. Vnto f.otn New York t> Somervilu ;5 ctuu?B mnil Broe't aii'l New M<r<rt cc iti?n ii-ilield and ! cotchp'?iua Jll ?t?. ?wtitwltl VH eenig. < Woivi *r -iwen >ffll fottxth of jul* kxi.uhsimnBoMatfTO PKK1H AMBOY A%l> JNKW 3kkB^BJK.tlKUN?W CK, limn Birclty (trtet^hmf, m 9 o'clock?1'ha la?t a-d ule<uant iieainboat RAKITAN, CaptUaar f'i?tn.;r, will in ike au eacar-ion to P'lih Ambuy ?u 1 New It iuk, ou Taei\la?. Julv 4ii, leaving :he toot of B ticl ?y ?t, ut !l o'clock, tJnnB ihe ouoide ih?, ?ff mlmn iileajnoi viewa ol (lie bay ami h ibor th? Nano??. ihe Publie VVtil.i Ihe QaaiMniine, Honk Light Ike?1 aiding at IVuh Ainbov, and proceed direct to Now Biuntwick. flelUiDiiiK. leave* \e-.v tSiU'ikswii-k pt befo.-?2 1'. M. aud Terih . nib iy at 3 o'clock, nrrivin; in New York at 4H P* M. for tie vli ' i icoj on, 50 cj'ui Kmii ie? nud pa rits will find thi? the moit plfMar.t ??i'l hial'hfnl ucu. <>ioi. on ihe 4th The Karitan hat ample acciinm.dariou tulfiti-uc lo^affind neutral a.iti 1 cti >n 'I ho linn ?ill d p-l.urf will be piJ c ua>, ) 28 w'm "" KOUK ' H OK JUL V H X URSION |MW1 f*-A KL'Z H-Pv>K P A:* 0 M iW YORK ?j_?KKItR V COMPAN V ? Miinnier Ar aim*:SC^JlUlXLinoi t F<rel!kfrnu. i I r ?lrdInboit5 VVATKK VWTcH aid riNDKHKLLA plv d<ily Imwi HMir.,b; liport 10 New Y- rk, touch)' c at iNevv B ialiton and Port .Orhmord. e.->ch ipp ? follow : On aid a'ter the Is- day cfJn .e, 811?L-avc Klinbethport, 6? 8, II o'clock A. M.: 1,4,6^, I', 1*1. Lu.ive I\cw Vork,5>?, 8.>t, lOji o'clock, A. M ; 2, 4, 6>i?, P. M. On >>nniiav?Le^y K'l/.ibelhport,8, 10, aid 12o'c'ock A M, and l, 4% acd6 o'clock P vJ. Leave ?w York 8 lo and 1IX o'clock A M, aad 2 3.H? aid 6 o'cl?ck, P M. iN 0.? l'disrus om I ir Wc?tfi?|d, Scotch Piaim, Plawfield, n-iiiiil Brook, Stmerville, K ?tnn and School- y'j Mou lain "T llie B'i?.abt.lht"wh a (1 9<mtrville i.ail Road Cara, will I a to N. w York iutli?-aX < 'clock boat in I he morning, a'ld iu .hs4 o' lock boat mi ihi n te noon l'.is*oni;( r? I" om .he r? a 11"- ait 8 o'c'ock boat will leave Soinerville iis'auenfor K >tion hint 'or actio.iley'a Aljuauin ou the Arrival nf 1 h. en n* Mnwi-r? illn Pawn ;rts lor II liway wi'l leave N*w York inthe half r*?? '<) o'clcclt bo it in ilm ni >rnio<.', and i j the i o clock bott mthe af fr - on. Fare to Cahwuy 5 routs. 1 li horic c>* ? i'l lev- (he Iron: of ill* Uni. n Hotel qmrter of j?hn?r rr-i i ios to thf i); parnire t f e-<oh bmi. j 3 2 *r OH GRA'?D KX( UKfclONAttOUND.8TA . wj* t KN l^LArsU ?KObRTH OF JULV-at?-My nlr The c>rnmo<liom swamioat HOtthlti' L. H 1 tiV h^.NSi, i_ap:aiu K. I.. Alahev, W'll leave the foot of ifotinson street quarter nelure 9 o'c'ock. Htmmoud s reft at 9. ' au?l street a- quarter pas'. 9, Liafrty s rcct at qu tier past 9, Market t a half put 9. A'ifl Pier I" o. I, NoriU Hi?er, Battrrv Place, ?t 10 A M.. on an Excursion around Btatcn I .!ar.d, stepping at Pert- Ainliof Ion,; riibu.h (o-passe tuns to v.sic the beautiful i>nd'tis, and the Ladies Fair at'he Seminary A lii.e Btijd of Mii'ic will a company the boat, which will b" 'urni bed with Usfrc-.tiuunti of a. 1 kinds. F*rc 2't cents each way. jylllr J&t KOUKTH OF JUI.* KXCUK9IMN I O &. !**, J73? N K w n U H (i H I he steamboat JAM*;# ?EC*flEie56LMAUl ON, C*pt-i" f'nlsr-nd, will leave lb i of .? rn u street, ?uly 4th, ai 7o'clock, A M . Hi " m'iid tr-et wliar at li t > 8, laudiag each w v at Caldwell's aud Westpoint, and arriving at.Newoutgh iu time to ioiu the procession < f odd lel:ows, citizen* t tdiciy, & . find to h<or the oration in MW rot the 4'h, re'u.nim tu tiiue for the then tre ?Uu o.h<'r cventrir nn-tisementi (f ihe i iiy. Fare for the ticu'sioi 75 tenia. Music i? "njagei!. Will ilsoleive fooi of t'orreu st.eeton W.dneidar mr.ming Jn:y 5'h, 7o'cl'ck. iy!4t*r MM VuffZVH OF JULV KX?;LTnH<? fi^J*iSc3?Tite new .steimboAi SH11E Ws-BU RY, 3B *,"qjTy r..;;.. -.n leave th> loot o< llofcin oii on'l'o.siav uiorti'DK, 'e 4h mst<nt, at 7 o'clock, jj"r Slirewibuiy, lamin* . f Fort Hitnutou, Occan Hons-, at d Bl !Ck P.i'.ut, each w.^v Keiuroue, will leuva Snrcwsbary liotn Katontown Latding, at i o'clock P M. StRg?? will lie in rca iu?s to coufey p-?t-*rR?*ri to Lotg Branch. Deal,aud at.y rartof ihc coant-y 'tquir d j y I 3t' r -r .fj UtvAi' l) bicamou to tlie > i?hi?i( Bkuks, every Tuesday. Thursday and Kri' ?7 nvirunfc iJ91 V- t '?rr ' lauHiiii; at Fort Haniilt.jn each ? y. Kare c?n'? lor the exenr ion. The sl^amboat &UPK.W10K, Capt I.Omlil, will crmmencs her rruulur trips on 'l'tiuijJiv moruiux, Jnn* ISrh, Ir m the*ier fo t of Chambrrnrt, it 8 ??'c ock; Ain s ?t, qa^rter i>ast 8; Canal st, naii p'il D; Pi"r No. 1, Ka;tcry, quarter o 9; Catbe'ite Ftrrr, BiooH*n at 9; fo t ol'Pikest quarter ia<19; ui> i'.er o, i, B .ttc.y,'' halt past '< o'clock lor ;hi Fishioi' (I nks i.ffSiui'y Ho !(. A bi'td of tn ic is cneatied. Heiieshments on & .>rd ! xt. but f>iru'shs?lgratis. Vo" d l^cmxii, Capt P ar.ocl.. within In iiQ'-'tis i? ei'itaacil ill 1 ia*tc NSW VUKK AMU K1NU Hi'ON rt < 1.AM KtltlUlli' AISD l'A9SAOK f.^S'K. -tSW't /it P'or Kijgrion, and l>el2W?r?. and Hitdsou g-, irHL^SaC'inal? sieumboals EAi?UAl>L) nod NOit I'be tiMKc Ai^D, Caj tata John Kctcham, will leave New Work foot o( .Wurray street, ev-ry >Jondcy and i'mirtdnratS o'clock P. RI. Wtil leave Kiugsion (Kondcut landing) e>e;y Wednesday and at 3 o'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New Yirk, foot of Warren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at. i o'clock,-f. M. VVJU-ave Kinctton (Rondont Iraidms) every Tne ay aad Ifi:day at S o'clock, P M EXTRA TRIPS. The EMKRALD will leave the lo*t of Murray Creet every | Fundy muruiUK at 7 o'cl-ck. Kctuiuiujj leaves Kiu,,?Uu at i o'clock tame. tiny. Kor freight or p*u.48*6 apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BAULOW St CO , *?lSm*'r 164 W?t atrnet. MAYOR'S OfKICIC, > Oharlksto*. S C . Jane <0. 1113 J TO RENT KOto A TKHM OK \ EARS, O KOR 8A L1C, ml That large and c?tnmodiou? establishment known a? the Charleston Hotel,situate in a cer.trM i * tof the cily, XjltfroiitiLK uu Mcctnik' ?tre-c, south oa Hnyue street, ,i d aiijoniioK the eiteusive ranse of wliolrsa'e stores; e'st oh Hotel 1'ien; tiouhOD rinckncy street The hotel u abent 150 feet by about 175 tert dorp lourjtorics Intrh cjutnuiujt bout 112 r>irl?es audt h imfcers, besides lite r,>ouis for ladies mid R-nt'emen; a no, b?r room, rcacuia roum, ofTicrk, atcie rooms and kilcneli; also, fie s'orcs aud a barbel's rorni, hi bisenient, and frotitirn cn Huuc irtot?a luire cittern, coti laioii k an lit 85.000 galltns, and a fotca pump. iu Ci<c of lire, ntracned the ret. ; also twowellson the preroisrs. 'J'he wnole fr nt of ihc Hotel n embellished with a spacious two story collonaue. Tc im i of sale will b?, a credit eUendini; over a period of*at Itast 8 yrars, aod coufoimabiy to the provisions of the lite "State Kire Loan Act," secured by mortgage of premises; ap proved tecuiity will be eqiired oa le-se or site Proposals acldrmted to the Mavor of CnarlestLii. will hi* treeiveJ until the 15th July next. J. SCHMKRLE, M?yor N. B ?The frllnwipa newspapers: the New York Herald aid Conriar fc fct gniier; the B^sto* Coo-ier; tHe Hhiladelphh United States Gazette : the Baltimore Amencin; ihf N?w Orleans Bet ; the 'Inbile Kegistir and Journal will ir t ti the above in a eoMpimoW place ouce a week uatil the i' th BMIU* nut. <wd r>r.v ir?t their accounts for payment to Coui ier office. ;21 .<> jyl'ir COUNTRY SEAT FORT SrtLh?Tvj BE LEI' OR LEADED. MIT is situated on the Km -iver aif-.ut tlx milti from New Yo k, accessible at ah lioun of il a (lay by te*mhoftt. stages cr nnd f ir heal.h ar.d beamy <if |iroapo. t cannot bo iurp??sed. Th- house is cf *Kiu? (uearl i Lew) large aud roiiveuieLt, with green-house. s'atlcc . na every r1- sirb'e nut biiiMn g , the Ktoatids, b^u' tonracr ?. arc Ailed with fruit trees and shr. b? of e?eiy dt scrip'ma. It is ill he l*t lor the maimer or furoae or wore yexr- Mur piricul in ?irly to JOHN HUNT * ( O, |30 lw*cc 1H> Wafer >tre?t ROOM8 TO LKT a IN THKBKLMUN 1'H'JUsK, N K W BKIUHT'lN ?Th) subscriber ha> iik* fitted ui> Una e?*an i-bmekt at a (treat expense tor ihi- con f?t uf ms I riant*? ?ud 'h? public, ai-'l lor the very liuera. patitiuc?e already be stowe.l on him, iiuits iv hit c i itious to p.'c.ite for .t con incmice < I it He begs to inform lhe?t that he has s ill two double and t!i ee single room* n >crnpied, which He wililrtou terms lo>v' immiMlUe ar>|iiiea'ion be made, nud will he happy to arc immo te ptisoos wttiuug to enj >y the Beauty ai d Mivauta; e* i.f ihn place. Tli* iitua i.m i? one ol the most d'siratoe on the Terraev. Having r. ve y hue laige b-.thiug huote directly is f out, the boat Jers ca:i cisjoy that lunry with the g.ea.est t D'l piCMlltC Ti.e itc.mibonts ply constantly throughout the diytoand from New York. UfcOrvtii PIKUld, BrlmoLt House, New Bighlon. June *>th 1813. j3J r THit kolhTii i 11* JXTCYi vMOOT* AND MIOKii tddP%f M>eap itootaud Hhoe .Market, No 503 Greenwich reet.? Lttliea and gentlemen a-e ad ised to call at rhe above store aud piot ide themselves with teasouable summer loots, slippers, gai'ers. tic, made up iu the ne*'est and moit fashionable style, and sold as t liesp if c?tn little cheaper than elsewhere. Heads ol will save money by colling Here, *t the cheap lepot. U< n't for^jt the nomi-er, Clintuu I beap B ?t aud Hoots Market, N*. Wi Uieeuwich street, corner 8| nun si. jet lmfr LOOK AT THIS! Boots,of hest quality, t< to ti ?, do do 3 to 3 5tl tiue sewed Boats, a 50 to 3 uu I'cused do 2 5# Moro ro do 3 i>5 Seal Skin and Grain do I 75 to 2 00 tloih button Uaittra, S 25 Prunella do 2 OJ FineCalf Shoe*, ititehed, loo Calf "hoet, I ,31 to 1 7J Boy't Sue" tewed boon. 2 24 " peRijed oo?t?, ctll, 1 Ml " Sealtkin aim drain, 1 1214 " Fine Calf Shoet, 121 " ' Ki|> Shoet,*"* I t# Yontir* Bewre'? JUo 'M, I M to 150 L.AUIKS' UUOTS 4 8HOF8.?Ladici, in tiieie t crei yen wiM liixl the t,reatett *?i, r.i.icnt of liaiur Boon, SItrpert, D. itkii't, Tiet, P'iiue!W BiukiDt, li<ht and Oar* colored hall Omen, Itousc Nipp rt.whi e and b'aek Mtin tlipperi, latin Iticeri, Mine* and Chitdreut' iraiterj, bn?*sLt, ihpprrt, net, tr.d rll other kind* of bonu and tliort. of our own OMuafictari nir wtlli the hmt of French jmodt.aiul waiuuied to he the hut a ij oi cnenp ,n the cheapen, it 367 B -,v dwuy ai.d 92 ( atwl it. ji imr- OKKOOtit It <;aHH.LI'Alila BOUTS AND LABI'S MAUK TO OUUe.Ii" By E. SUSKU, 17/5 BrotuUraif, (Ihitenimt,) One Uiiorfiom Cnurtlandtatreet. Jrk_ | K. SIUoutm iUer, aiid m iker ol Ltnla.nn . <8WHg?',IC!ve" o? Clerce of Parti, bem U?v? to lulorm hit I nil the vnaieuriol a neiitlcinanly "ehannuie," fiat he can n)W u.,ite, in New Vrrfc, with the be?t Kreith r itciialt, all i iat ino perfectly made, iu I am, by hit matter I tV celebrated oootni'ker Clerce, whote uubiciooi cuuotmrt i t t*i<t tide of the AlUntic, are reip. rtfully invited to tir 1 * USKK'8 boon and laatabrlora they d?ap*irol being "ehatia m" in N?w Vorfc, alter tli? ulceat, latex P?na faahion.* geiiunit PariiJet BUck Varjuh told. RK I HORNIJNG, JULY 4, 184 LUCINA CORDIAL, OR THE ELIXI It OK LOVE. In nlden time, runout; flie Jews, That mm i secmd wile iD'Rht choose? H'hrte fi'?t, hy fVt e's unkindly doom, Nn chiMrru bore lu bleu Ilia come. MHicled th'i>, (he Human m ltron Prayedfo LuiUie, themidwil'-.'siatron ; ?.yptia i wire* m such a c. is?s. t" -lit"!to their aid the Prie?ts oflrsis ; And even now. the meek IImd?o? Warm as her clime, and tender too? |i flu dleu twelve inn nhi I' om her bridal Plies weep:uir In her senseless idol. And with rvse.-t haods, in accents wild, Petitions Brim ih lor a cliiM: Knr we'l nht liaiffi, Love shunt to bless The Hindoo bed .>( iitrmweu. So rmii'h for love iu d iv' hy giue. And savage ea?t?>m* in your own; But mv, even now, d es Love's ciininuuiou Blrss in oar Istid, ? stcri'u 1 Nn ofitimes conjugal filieiry, It thai dis*urbed?iy, < >? in this cityVet may the barrel*, if they trv The qieans "inert ue nud lAulliply," Wiih 'Love's Klixir" for h.rlrie id, The child Irs; wile's repmiiiKS eud. But uot the procreative power Alone, is this fc'ImrVdower. Consumption':: ills it will prevent. With viiio' clothe (iie impotent; Suppress a gl'et, whate'er its date, An>< nil life ? fnnctiout rtuovate. K. runtions from t e skin it cluuaa, Aiitlhnogs b*i U beauty and the grace* : 'Ti? woman's iru I?and ne'er deceives her l< rom Klnor Albui it relieves her ; And e <cli disease v (with proper care, too,) Her fur ?ud h uile form's heir to Ttie?e aro hut truths, who calls them lictiou Slnll have stern i>rnof iu contradiction. I etten?;ll forms ol atier.ti>'.ion? J* rom the c.svsus ofeveiy ua,iou; Witn re'itl (Missives'rom all quvtert, Penned hy Disuse and Quark ers's unary t, Tjietitauds ?h > 11>;, with tlutteriiiK brc.ith, Almost within 'hej.iv;t ol" >eath; No.s in their niuhuy i rivers repeat '} h'liks to Li'e't Irieud, in Nasse.a tt'eet, An sciu.ei'in'U uauie (lie very uuinbar? ' Ninctv-t>. o Ni*?au ea-n in their slumber ; Or, diea.imuii ol Disr.asr 'a orloal, Cry out for inn "Lucina Coi Ji#l." Persins ordering lliii medicine f.oni the country, hy sending a reumiiiuc, c m udVR 11 mix? a u,j aim .urn to 1117 p 11 01 uie Uiii"? Price iSpe buttle,or 321 per dozen. It is also for sale iu l'!ii!*iie!pliii,at 90 North Miith street. ;ii?l l'u cc OKKI-H-. (IK JfeKKtKrJON INSUUANCK COMPA N V?Olnce fti W?ll Tim Coujoidt t"Uti'jut their busiest ol 'iiiutujce against loss or damage l>y lire, Roods, war>? ami >nerch*ndi? and also, ou vcjtcis : 00 their ?*>jcoeii li>s?W inl .i.''ORViiStiOO DUISCCTOUH. Tucras* VV Thence >1!Uh? a?u,y? Thomas T Woodrutt kicnjiium H ltobsoa JoUn It l>A7i*au UrsnctjP Sr\?? Thotr joii Prico- Joseph Allen John H fitn John I' Moor* Mmh Tick*! Jnmes K Holmes' Caleb C Tuoil J">met H Whitin* ftnsoii liicer Wn K Tl.rtrn Jirake ? Ita>i Hawley Jciia 0 Alcrriit Thomas Morrell TO OS AS W lioasfc, President. a?n T KOPjr H?.f. .?f? mil r iirb AfP.HNT.wltr.Ttf BY "1'UJC CilAMBKU OK COMAiKKCfc AND CO/VKD OK L'N'jfc.KWIUrKH*.? These nre to r.ertiiy tiut R. Brumley, Jo?:ph T'nkham, T il Merry, (Jurtwii^hf, S 'nil Candler, linsscll tftnnus, were api>oin)ed by cur respective bourns, a? u ruble pers.r.s to act as Marine Kurrn,or< for the Port or New Yo H, ami 1! Y. ^orris a? C.e'k, ami wo recommend iliein accordingly, in all cues where then service! are, re^u'rel. The Chamber oi Commerce ol New York, (J. .las. D. P. Orden, President. John L II McCracfceu, hrc'y. The Board of Uadsrwriters <?f New Yerk, Abr. On leu. President. Walter U. Jones. Si ':'y of the Board 01 Under writers. New Yoik, June 9. 1843. 11' r_ CROTON WA l'LR. THK Tinned Lead Pi;>es iuvet>:ed by M-. Kwbank. are, iu the opinion of a very,large wnbsr oftbebest cliemn'., physicians and most scientiGc men ol' the aye, the only leau IllVI s that can be turd i h a if'i-ty in conducting this water. 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VOKKK'l , Itl Prince street, New York, inaim'actnrc* an pjrto* articlaol Sheet Bra**, auilable for stairs, which I a olter* for a\le cheap. He alio linithes and pita them an in iiiDirior ttyle, at the sborteit notice, *nd oa th* mo*t r<? ouahla una*. nil lanO* . ' jf E R A 3 C liarlcuton. [ Corroipomleiice of | the Hrrald.] Charijuton, S. C., June 27, 1H13 The IVtalktr awl the Climate?Po?tma?ttr ami Politicians? The late Attorney General fjtgare. We are as comfortable here, an the thermometer above 90 in the shade, anil the hot vapors of repeal, and the tempcrance rage will admit. Rut there is no such thing aa genuine,perfect ease in these mosquito regions after the beginning of June. !t is a winter climate entirely?so formed by nature, and it cannot otherwise be ordered by man. Hia ingenuity and the genius which seems attached to our being, It ib contributed no little to making life endurable, even under the scorching r.iys of this southern sun In the first place, by the enterprise of a few citizens, with the uid of the City Council, we have been able to establish, what Ion.? needed by the community, a salt water bathing house. Then again we have Sullivan'* island, with all its glorious revolutionary historv and all its refreshing delich's of Atlantic air ar.o recuperating freshness. We have,too,our fishing parties in which both sexes unite?probably the be?t recreation of all So, Master Bennett, we nre not quite fo bud off air^r ail, and it you will only drop nown our wav.we will initiate you into alllhe mysteries of Cobblers, Juleps, While Lions, <tec., the temperance mania to tlie contrary notwithstanding. Our worihv Postmaster, Mr. linger, has sailed for England, in the last stage of decline. Jf he hud remained, his recovery wa hopeles', and even now ili<j most sanguine des-piir of meeting him again.? lie is beloved by nil?an excellent,honorable man, such as ihe South isprolific til. We were all agog to-day, on account of intelligence said lo have come trom Washington by the la?t mail. Ft is understood trom very good authority here, that Mr. Collector Grayson has been ordered to pack up hi* traps, and take the quick march out ol our custom house The administration party, which is not inconsiderable here, have not been pleased at the course adopted by this officer in regard to them or their friends, and being from the country, with scarcely any acquaintance in the community, old tnd without energy, he has rendered himself exceedingly unpopular with the iner chants and every other class of the community Besides which, he is an open and rank Clay man, was appointed through the urgent applicati >n of the Clay ptrty, and is bound to do whatever they say, which is to carry on the custom house to the benefit of their interests. Not knowing any thing of the public business, he slipped into tiie hands of a few of the old incumbents, who have manseed him just as they please. To give ui idea ot the men, he is known about town a* "old Mr. (iranny Grayson " It is not known who will succeed him, but there are impressions that lome prominent friend of the President has already bee.i selected, in which event there will be a clean sweepofthe office holders, and certninlv such a reformation was never more anxiously wished or deserved than in Charleston. The public offices are filled with old, broken down politicians, whose knowledge consists in sucking brandy and wa'er, anJ feasting with foreign captains. Every body rejoices that this change is to be made, and it will be mute delightful to see Paddv C.intwell, and Jewry, and Whit**, and some others, who have lived on the public pap tor years, to the exclusion of worthy men, tilting up their line of march. The rumor say?, tlmt full accounts of all the doings of these custom house gentry Imve gone on to Washington, and some of them will feel the efi'ect of such an exposure. The intelligence of ihe death <?f our statesman, Mr. Legare, has thrown the whole community into sorrow. The Bar, Council, the Federal Court, ihe people, have all joined in the universal expression of sympathy and regret. A Lcokkr On. Baltimore. (Correspondence of the Herald.) Baltimore, July 1,18-13. Thi Attorney Generalship? Official* in General. My Dear Bennett The die is at length cast, and the hopes, expectations and anxieties of n numerous host of expectantp, both here and elsewhere, are for the present silenced, if not put to rest for ever. John Neilson, Esq., has received, and accepted the appointment of Attorney General ol the United ^latPQ rrn/itt vnnnnf liu fli*? ripatli nl ilw> Legare. The appointment has not as yet been made public, but it is, nevertheless, n fact that may be depended on, (or I speak from the book ! He left here for Washington this morning, and is about (his time entering upon the duties of his office. John Nei'sod has confined himself entirely to (he duties of his profession since his return fromNaplee, whither he was sent as American Charge by Gen. Jackson, and in that profession has Rained nn honorable fame, and stunds to-dav with Johnson, McMahon, Schley, &c , at the head of the Maryland bur. It is, therefore, needles* to say (hat his appointment has given a very general satisfaction Intact, there is no one save the di-wappointed that murmur, although it is the candid opinion of all that either Z Collins Lee, D. l)elosier Gill, Wni. J. Cole, F. Pope Lovegrove.or J. Strabo Hoyd, lifqrs., either of whom would have doubtlessly consented to serve, if appointed, might have better been spared from Halum'>re at this time than Neilson. But who shall gainsay the Doctor I?who dispute the Captain's willl It is said that Henry A. Wise worked hard for Lee; but t'was no go. He might have succeeded better, had there been no Bunker Hill celebration; for (hen, in all human piobability, John Tyler would not have known what a great man Collins' was; but Lee accompanied him to Boston, und that fixed things. He will now learn that it is not well to be too well known. Your friend. Captain Stockton of New Jersey, has been offered the head of the Navy departmert, bu' declines. His champagne was, to say the least of it,disinterestedly uncorked. He is a noble fellow ? few decline thesidavi Mr. Upshur, it is said, declines the Secretary of State's chair, and aives as a reason, that lie is well acquainted with the wants, anu take;? a ereat inte rest in the well being of the navy, (in which he ia deservedly popular,) and thinks, upon the whole, pfier trying the chair of Statt-, that it suits him not as well as the office that lie will now retain. Spencer will make a bold da*h lor the chair of State, and?will not get it. Can't you recommend pome good hones-t Calhoun-man of the empire State for the watt A man ol undoubted influ nee ?none other will suit. Yours, Benedict. Neilson is, of course, a democrat, and a finu friend of John C. Calhoun. fling Ring, Westchester to. (Corre?jK>uil?iice of the JlernJd.] WratnimrKR, July 1. 1S43. Enthutia$tic Rrrrption of Governor Bow k. Our highest anticipations ol the enthusiasm of the people of Westchester, in the reception of the Governor of this State, have been fully realized. Thus f.irthe people have done themselves honor, in tlieir manifestations of respect and :jood will to the Chief Magistrate of the State?no' with the obsequious parade, or adulatory enromiums, but with ageneroils and spontaneous welcome to the county, and it-* interesting associations, which has been demonstrated in every instance in n manner worihy of an intellisrent and independent people On Friday morni.iu, the Governor, in hiscarrmge, and in company with some gentleuvn of Putnam county, entered the couniy of WeMchester, and was received with all due hospitality bv the county Committee, and the people of Peekskifl, at the Hotel of Col. Williams; where he was received with a very pertinent and a|?f>rnpriate Address, in behalf of the citizen*, Irom Ward B Howard, Esq. to which Ins Kxcellency responded in a very Vippy manner. The whole puny were then sump tuonsly entertained, and the congratulations of the citizens on the visit of the Governor succeeded. ? After pasain* n lew hours in this agreeable intercourse between ruler and people, the governor, eacorted by the county commute?, a number i f citizens ot Peekskill, Yorktown, Bedford, See. proceeded through the town ot Courtlandt, to the town of Mount Pleasant, where he was received by a deputation ot citizens on behalf of the town?anil on approaching the village, at the north line, he w<is met by the President and Trustees of the village, and welcomed thereto in a polite and courteous manner by the President. An escort and procession, composed ot (he wing Sing Hand, Guard, Fire Companies, public ollicers and citizens, embracing as guests the Governor and suite, and the distinguished gentlemen trom the towns referred to above, were tormed and moved in due order t<? the village, and having passed through the principal greets, repaired to the " Mountain ll<>?se," where pre par a * f >. , L D " Prlc? Two C?nt#. linns were extensively niide tor the reception ? Here there was a lui^l ri i>-w ?.f tha* Guard*, who never looked tiner, aid arnid a vast concourse of cmzenf, I.icIh h and youth, who frequently greeted iiim with the Inchest demonstration* ?>j gratiHca?i.>n The governor was addressed, in hehalf of tli citizens of the town and village, by Mr Aleiander Watson, in appropriate terms The governor thus replied i? Mot having anticipated afoinw! reception. I :im no prepared ith a formal reply Thii il.-inon?tratloii of rrspect Irom the Citizens of the village ot Hiiir Sing, entirely exCt?d? my expectation*?di) remark*, t?,eretoie, in reply to you,air, will be brief and desultory. I rut not refrain fioni expressing my ncUnowl-'dgemi nt? for thia demonstration ol respect from the citisent ?t funding You have been pic i?ed to allude ta my meaaage. In t ntering tipon the duties of my oflice, I knew that 1 aniumed weighty renponsiliilitics, but I hid h< !?>r?-1 orne respondbiliti.-* of a high order, and I was will aware that with aii honettt purpose to fulfill the diiti' ? of my > Itice aecoru ing to the convictions of my confcleace ardmy sense of duty to the people, I might repo?e with conlidence upon the Judgment of my fellow Cliuen* Those acquainted with tins circumstances, know the di(tibulti?s which hare hnnn nmnnhwa^ I iritut - il.u* I ? ??? not hitherto disttppoinU d the nuhlin expectation.? You have alluded to Tompkins I knew him well; ho n ai a patriot of the first order. Thirty two ) com ago I had the honor ?f sharing bis confidence. Iliad then no expectation that I should be at this tim<-in the coun'y of Westchester, ond holding the office w htch h? then filled. I intend to visit the rative plan, of that it i tin mushed patriot. I have miid I iluired bis confiilerice? I knew tha sacrifices hu made, and sometimes he felt us it ju?tire had not been done him I have beard him speak ot |i|> sen with tears. At that time the state ef wttaiis srua critical ; tha influence ot the Stote of New York was important in that contest, and every one li lt that it de| en^?d on Tompkins whether the btnte should hold he.r |>oi>ition The olhca oi Secretary of Stuiu wus offered to him hy President MadMon? ? hit h Ofte* was thi n consnferi d as a pus?rort to the Presidency, and it became a serious<|ne?tion wnith?r he should accept or reluse it. lie refused it, and he tometime* felt that subsequent events did not justify hiaiaasonaMu expectations. I thank you sir, tor the manner in which you have conveyed to me thin gratifying mark of r< Hpect from the citizens of the village of Ring Sing, and I trust my future administration will bo surn as to meet their approbation. The addresses were followed vviih several rounds of applause, and the infroduct on to the hand, the the lire companies, the citizen*, (he Udiee, and youth in attendnnce, then took place ; alter which a large party s-at down to a sumptuously prepared supper, embracing all the delicacies of the sea?on, furnished by Mr. Peck, Bt the order of the committee ot arrangements?at which the happiest feeling unil cordiality prevail* d. A display of rockets in Iront rf the hotel, followed ; and at a (seasonable hour, the graiitird citizens took leave oi their distinguished pufsts and retired to their homes. The next d?y, Saturday, his Excellency devoted to visiting the prison, tuid the discharge ol his ?(ficial dulies in that quarttr. Returning at evening, the day was doped in social convf rte with such oi the inhabitants as waited u|>on him at his quarters. Altt r spending the Sabbath at this place, at about 9 o'clock, on Monday morning, he resumed his journey,next to visit the village of Tarrytown, bearing with him the kindest regards and good wishes "t all who hud formed acquaintance with luni. The Governor appears in remarkably fine health and spirits, and sustained the fatigues and bustle of these exciting exercises without apparent inconvenience. Yours, tec. S> Horrid Tragedy?We learn from the F'edmcksburg, Va , Democrat of Friday, the follogvii,* particular* ol a most atrocious aff;ir which jicurr? d in Madron. It seems that a young man tamed Ford, wus teverdy cowhided for some ofli ,c, by a man, named Beck. The brothers ot For ,two or three in number, were highly iucensed on jccount of the occurrence, and threatened reven e. On dtiy last week, the parties met by ngreemt it, sorr ? miles Irom home?near Jameacity?armr J and r ? compamed by Irienils. Efforts were made to p vent a meeting; but to no avail. Beck coolly orde ,'d a coffin, and went to the place appointed, art ed with pistols and a scythe. One of the Fords apI.; l.!.1 _. . *.i ^ |?i mil nrii iiiiii wnii u utmiiiur; Willi it |>ISl(H III 1118 oiher liand, to be u*ed, if Heck resitted. Reemtnnce being made, the pistol was discharged, and Beck fell, the bull having entered his head. The partita, we understand, have heretofore sustained a good character, which makes thin transaction doubly barbarous. G73OT.RAL PRINTIItfO ESTABLISHMENT, N. W. CORNER OK FULTON AND NASSAU ST8. If supplied with eyery ina'erial necessary Tor the prompt, ural, mil ecouoaucal eiecatiou of evety description ot Pi'blir retention is reqnested to thu establishment, in the a?NIUNlHtUlpIl nUHU inn will he ghen?M regards typography, prers woik, and charges?(<> those who rtginre fancy or ci.mirion, Urge or small work cheaply and eipcditionsly e vacated. LABKL8, CHECKS, WA If BILLS, CIRCULARS, hhow bills, ball tickets, SVfcAMBOATBltLS, BILLS OF LADING. iiAILHOAD riLI-S, BUSINKSii CARDS, nlAOE BILLS. CATALOGUES. PAMI'HI.KTS. BILL HKAD8, HANUBIL'S, NO'i'ES. NHcnv ro* THEATRIC,*, CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS, LECTURES, IUBLIC MKETINUS, Or rdv other placet where the tautest de*eriptiou of printing i? :cjuiied. The facilities tor this wo.k are uo? equalled by anv oliice in thin city, fur, besnks the large assortment of P'LAUW &W& 17V1n$ % Tins establishment has the L.A11UKST PRI CKS lit TUB CITY. Crest rains hare lieen i !:cn to provide every material thai ran po.sibly he of service,.uid therefore persons having uecfts hi for Showbill*, will hud it greatly to heir advantage ta pntrcaite (Ins estHDiisnrm: I?"> -Ariy sue ?r form ol Bill can he ftumshed at ?ery ihuri n'tiw If TYPE AT REDUCED PRICES. TVPE8, AND ALL OTHKit PRINTING MATERIALS MANUFACTURED AT CON N E R'8 UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY. ( t ?r*r.? or Nimau a*o aw Strkkts. NEW VoliK, CAN EE HAD AT KU'HTutS PER CENT DEDUCTION PROM OLD PRICE1*. 'f'ilE undeiJicneil rest*ctlullv inlorms tl.e Old Patrons of ths ' Tyv.' and Stereotype Fosndrt, foimerlv known u James Corona's,ami bom lecestly a* u. Coobe'i, asd the public iu central, th it tnev are prepared to eieente oitlera for PRINTING TYPES, PUESSPS. CHASES, CASES. IMPOSING STONES, INK, FRAMES, au-J every oiher article neceasary to form Complete Pimtian KstsMishnients, on a* favorable terms, and o; ?s uond a quality ds any other establishment id tha United. Stat"-'. i?k? rmcBi, rtcn old raicss.'rsB rocno. Auntc, 8*> cents. Agate, lot cents. Nonpareil, 6G ? Nonpareil, 84 ? Minion, 54 ? Miu.on, M> ,, Brfiicr, 4ti i. Brevier, M ? Bourgeois, 40 ,, Bourgeois, 46 ,, Lotor Primer, 16 ? L<<iiu P'iroer, 42 ? Small l"ica, J4 ? Small Pica, 40 ? Pic*. 33 ,, Tiea, M ,. Borders,Cuts, Bnn Ilale, nod nil other trticles msanrar:are<l tins e?t ibllshment, at the nine reduced ratei. New Articles not up to older, on Wilis farnirhed with pattern". The Tyi>e castat this establishment, it, bo'h id the style i f ( ' ire Rnd he materi i. ol'whicii it is made, parlicalrrly ads pud for service in Newspaper. Piintm?i. All kitHs "I Ste cotypiug furnished to order. \ U ?ttuch N wsjaoers as will copy 11>? hbo ve three times. Will be entitled to pay iu lVjw.oo makinc a bill of Innr timea 'th " >l HUNTERS' AND .BINDERS' WAREROOMS Nob. 19 end ai Gold street, N Vork, April, IH48. PRICKS GREATLY REDUCED. THE HOE PRINTING PRESS MACHINE AND SAW ft MA .f'LAf P/llJV ,n r^rw* ol lhi> Ailil nan uf it T Mid improved tr.vhimry to rVeir w irha. aad the redaction iu thr cost of material* sud labor, are euatlcd greatly to mince fhe'pnre* o( their Prt wes, lad ol P.-i i ter?' ana Binder*' miteri*'* ieoe"!llyi as will be aeen by the r uevrly prm'.ed ?irmlar, io wlucn they bejt leave to teter. 'I'hia establishment ii sit'I node' the per*oasl superintendence of Ki?.Ha>'i> M. lies and Mobkit Mor, and they asaur* their friend< ihat, iiotWihstxudii** the great ledaction is price*, ali articles tu<iuiifictured by thi? establishing ut shall re' mi the high reputation which th y have hitherto sustained. It wi/l ? so lie their eons'int endeavor to improve the quality them id every particular. They flatter themselves also th? their O'J In-'ids will uot only coutmue th?ir fivo i, but that i nutera generally will appreciate their eudeavor* to tarnish the I ?ery best articles at kaiehr reinauerating prices. Ordets I'rom any pMt or the rouutty tor all irticles n?ed by r Mit-ra or Binders, including 1' vpea. luk, Taper, kc-. will be executed with the grecteat cure tud promptitude, and on the best term*. Jobbing work and repairing will be done at the lowest 101 s 'j1*; prices, with ev-ry att?ufi?n mil eipeditiim. N. B.?All artie'ea ru.iiiul cturrd by this establishment will be stamped K. HOK St l-O ,so that persons from abroad aiay no', be imposed upon with ipufoiu articles, made la imitation ol theita. Printers of newspapers who publish this advertisement. with this note, three times kelore tin* lirst ol July nes', aud send one i their papers to us, will i>c n. tit I'd to payment of then bill on b IVI112 four times lb* m o it <1? ft sp'OM r WA'CHf 8?1 he largest a~ ?|> <udid ?> ut of Watches in the cur. is to be loona at Um sub.crn.r a.? As he is oust Ltly retvivieg vl dtscr rtians if (i Id and <er W,.!cHes, of the n 'west styles, di.eel from tna iniuni... tuer*. in Kuffland. Kianee, and ?.w.twliami, he is eulii rd tou Tft a firuer 'U. i'ii.ert, and at mnch less pnees, st t' ail. than any erner h"tta? iu its*- ' ity Uold w?:ch?s a* Uw ta 120 to *',l Watches aft levrs'lfrr eschauited or tMudil All wntchee warranted to keep food tuue, or the iu.oist relumed. Wa.chea, clocks ami jewellery tepaired in the best misn?r, iuJ warranted lowu than ai auy uther place in the city. O. C. Al L v. V. importer of watch*' auil e eellerf. 1 lin*f W*vkl *? W ?!' tp if 1*1 i'i I'l AN0~SrtOlt B 1 OKfc. .tCfJQi JOHN t?S\DY rc?p?ctfn!lj uf rm?h.ifn?n<:? ,'lnieMlWie.lhsl h# tut commauce U /h? too?# .., a No. <? Sfntt'u wh*rt? !?e will * *!* j4 uiUiiul. j iecut?, all ordeni hi a?.?r N favareJ with i . ?o ?OM r?Mouibl? tarmt (or

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