Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1843 Page 1
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HP IPT X O.". WV1| aVIVHVI WW ' Tlic Great Bunker Hill Herald, PnblUhed on superfine paper, containing a full account of the celebration of Bunker Hill, consisting of the descriptions, and Mr. Webster* oratio* , accompanied with five splendid engraviDfta, comprising l*t. A rare and original view ot the Buttle of Bunker Hill, which took ylaca on Ike 17th June, 1774; exhibitiag the array of the American army, engaged in deadly conflict with the British troops, their ships and th?r forces. and. A view of the procession forming on Boston Common. 3.1. A view of the proccssion crossing Warren Bridge. 4th. A view of Bunker Hill Monument from tbenerth, os it looked on the day of tue celebration, with the flag* Above and crowds below. > 4th- A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the southern buy, as it looked outho quiet Nabbuth morning alter the celebration. Agents will plcaae transmit their orders before the edition will be sold, as the demand is unprecedented. The price, wholesale,to agents, $3 per hundred, or eight cents per copy. Retail, liicenta. To be had at this office. cassaEsaaHHaaHMaaaMaaaMapaaaMBaB BHjTlBll AM) "OBTHgmUCAM liOVAL MA; L Of IMA tons and US hoise power each. Appointed by the Adinirtlty to sail between Liverpool and Jio^uufc calling at Hali'ns to laud and rreeive f'axsenseugers and Her Mije?t?'i Mail*. HlBKRNlA. Certain CHaiUsH. K. Judkins CALKHONIA. <S?ptasu Ifdward l3. Lott. AC APIA, Captvu Aitx.mdw ttyrie. COLUMBIA, ''"pi Jn N. Suinnon. UKlTANNlA Ciip:ain Jcbn Hewitt. Will tail for -eston, via Halifax. Livtnroot.. raoia aoarow Aer.<na,_ Kyrie. 19 h M<y lfith June f.olnml it, Shannon <tti June l?l July Htberiii*, Judkius, 19 h Ju e lC'h July C?l?donjs, L^tt, <ih July 1st Aug These ?hi;scairy evptneucs kturecons, an I Kiaiiccs'P.tcni 1 ifo t'oats. No benhs seemed uutil pai I fo'. Apply to 1). BlUttHAM. JR.. Aireut, K',r No. < W<|1 street. New York, l'8? ON KNOLAMX lKa> LAN 0, !ic ? Peisons abi.ui remitting inoUieir friends mihe ' old country," c'n >? '?op|ied with Drafts, ia sums of I, 2 J, 5, 10,20 & JtM, ' r anv snout. payable on demand. W'tnoat disceout or any ether cha ne, at the Nationsi iiiU U r( 1,-fNuil, Pr Tinnul Bmk, do, M*asrs. J Ames Bulr, H >a St tfo . Ciuk-ii, Lon ori, 1 Birnedk Co., ?xchauve ami Ot uqi B nk, LurrpoM, Kv loin U-iLk nf Scotland, (jieenock B mkmu Cutnpmy, Sir Wm. Forbes Hunter Si Co., *?otUurt, and tue br-icb?* in ev< :y i>oh town throughout Ki r1<ui1, Irel?n<l, Scot;?nd & V/alea, which c!rafi? will be foiw*idedl>T the "Steamer Caledonia," that leaves B -non ihe U(Jriv,by W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, A: their General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, cor. South at. N. B.?All letters from the couutry must come post paid. JeMr NEW LINK OK LlVhiU'OOL PACKKTB. To lilfrom New York on the 26th and Liverpool on the llth of each mmith. & M. ?&t FhOM NFW YOR*. Ship ROSCIIJB, Captain John Collins, 25th Jaly. Chip K'DDONS. C&jitaiu K. B. Cobb, 26ih August. , Bhip SHKKIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeysier, toth Sept. 8hip UA11H1CK, Captain'Wm. Skiddy, 25th October. Fiiom Livkrpool. B?!p SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, 13th Julf. Ship OARltlCK, Captain Wm. skiddy, 13th Au|u<(. Ship KOSCluS, Ciptain John Collins, 13lh 8?pt-mber. s>nip SIUUONS. Captain K. B. Cobb, 13th Octi b.*r. Theses hips are all of the first class, upwards of 1GM ions, bnill iothp city of New York, with sach improvements a scombine rreat pj'eeJ with unusual comfort for jussencrrt. Bvery care h: a been takm in tho arrangement of their accommodations. The piico of passage hence is $7>, for which ample stores wiil be provided. These shipa are commanded by eiprricuceJ musters, who will make every exertion to gite general a'.isfaction INnther the captains or owncn or 1% M .Mwill be rriDoniible f ir *1 7 letters, parcils or packaa* (tea By mem, unless regular bi Us ot" la Jinn arc signed therefor. i'cr Irvight or b?u'u^4, apply to &. K. COLLINS k CO., 5? South st., New York, or to BROWN. 8H1PL&Y ft CO.. Liverpool LrTfr* by the packet! will br chtninl UHeenu per tingle ?biv . :?0 cciita per onnce, ami nrwmai-rrs 1 cm esch. iy7 ec & " tfk fA&sAG>TFROM ORKa i1 llHITABV AND milaND BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE Of LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [?iilinc from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month.] Persons wuhing to lend to tbe Old Country for thtir friends cm nuke the lewmry arrangements with the subscribers, and hire (hr-m come oat ia tltis superior L.ine of Packet*. sailing from Liverpool t unctually on the 7 th and 19th of every month. Ttev will also have a fint rale class of American trading ships, sailing every si* days, thereby affording weekly commnmcaI ticn from that port. One of the firm (.Mr. Jauwt D. Rocbe) n there, I* see thai they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. ... Should the parties agreed for not come cut, the moner will be returned to those who paid it here, without any re due lion. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Pa:>ett, comprise the followingmafcuificaut Ships, viz:? The OXKOnI), fbe NEW YORK, i'A vtRRimiir r r>i.n \i rti ,s EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA With inch superior and unequalled at must meat*, the ?ubicribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that sopport which Ins been extended to them so many years, Iwr which they are giatefnl. . Those proceeding, or remtltinr money to their relatives, can at all times obtain Drafts at siti.t for any amonut, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dnb lm,?lso on Messrs. PllESCOTT, GRO^E, AMES k CO. Baukers, Loudon, which will be paid on demand at ar.y of the Banks, or their Biifches, in all the princiial Unvtis throughout Euglabd.lMlaud, Scotland and WsWs.^.B?^)HKKg fc ^ *5 Kulion street, New York, next door to the Kultoti Bank. N B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail front this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 10th of.each month. Pariiti returning to tl)e old country will find it to thi-ir comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line fot their conveyance, in prffen-nce to auv other. d?7 r TAPaOOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. #Ut is* iiiMt snhaeribers b"g to call-the attcatinn of their friends and the public generally, to their superior arrangements fur bringing out passvueer* from, and remittitur money to, any r?w' ol i.ugUud, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in tne magnificent l'''NEW'Ll\\E'VVK ?fV EHPOOL RACKETS," VIZ.:? Ship ROSClUS, Capt Cojlilis. Ship SID DONS, Captain Cobb. Ship SHERIDAN, C^puiii Drpeystcr. Ship OARKlt K,Cantnu SkidJy. New ship HOTT1NQUK.R. Captain Bartley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain tVoodhouie. Ship ROCHESTER,Captain Palmer. New ship LIVEUPOOL.Captaip Kldredfr. Sailing twice overy month; uid witn the" UNITED LINE," composed of superior tint class American ships, sailing every ten dars, will make five ships in each mouth l&i'oughout the Yvar, (oroue c.ery six days) thereby preventing the possi W!-'.v ol ttunc-esoary detcminn. I'.HKIIdirrct from London, Bristol and Greenock to New r Ala of root Liverpool to New Orleans, .Mobile, Sav.?n U n..ih-stoc. Philadelphia, iionton and Baltimore, and the vano' 1 c/sirFrit i .h North America, can at all time* be engaged to I iXienil terms. Persons witiunc to -icud for their friends, will not fail to see ?hv advantages to be derived from 'electing this line iu pttfereuro to ar.v other, ?u<l ih?y may rest a??ured that unusual care will be tiken to n>i? lie i assage asrecable, the ships being fitted op wiih an eyj solely to the comfort of passengers. In all csoi whe < tha p rties sent for decline coming, the mousy will be tv jodt.d without any deduction, as u? A ret: passage from the v v irus seaports of Ireland and Scotland, cat also be S'-eured. Tho regular packet* (or which the snbseribers are nsent*, sail as follows, vix To aud from Loudon on the 1st, 10th, mid 2C;h of each motith. To and from Liverpool oo'.he 1st, 7th, 11th, 19'h, and t'jth of each month. New Oilcans, Mobile, oavanliali, anil Charleston. weekly throughout the seai. u. REMITTANCES. . Persons in the conutrv wishing to send .rmney to then friends by enclosing ihesum tnev wish sent, with the name and addiess of the parties to receive it, in. y rely on a draft for the amount bciiift forwarded per lim p icket, after the raceipt theieof, aud p.a acknowledgement f?r tha same returned per mail. Dr ifts at s-ght, for any amonnt, are payable on dunsnd. without discount or any oth? r charge, at the National and 1 roviueial B'lnlta of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank of BcW'.nod, Gr.-vnock, and their branches, Messra. James Bnlt, Son It Co., hankers, London, Exchange and Diaeount Bank, Liveiiool, ami iu every priiici|*il tnwu of Great Britain nmd Ire land. Knrdier particulars made known on application, if by letter, W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT, ti.Vy_* 43 P ck Slip, corner Soot' st. LlNl,l^^^fACKV/l ft. The undermfnhoLed ?knpt will he fejpilArly dispatched from nt'uce nnu iiwu luwnwn v? ?? m 01 earn irmmn tim ing ibe year?" From N?w Yo?k. M uvillw. C0UH1KR. C?P?Da??fl. Juu? 1. Ao? l TRMCOTT, Cap*. Mynck, Juy l. B*,> i m?XLK8t'ONT,l/*r? A?Um?, Ana I- Oe?l COUfOLANUS.llapHnile, 1. No* 1 H'llYTHOMPBON.Op 8vlT*?t?. Oct I. Dec 1 They are nil rxpi>? r*i .w! copper laaleued.and hart eiccilenl arco:amo<lRHoii? I'oi p.iiifj.ara. . 'llit im'uorcibinpuiKtfrwilt b< $10#, eiclunre o. wine* ^Or^iU addrf **ed to th:a rcdU, BOYD 8t MINCKKN, will bf f?.t warded free ot'ottar -liarget IMI thote actually paid. For.mgUlwp^Mgl^ H(NCKKN Affn^ No. 9 Toutiuc jJuildmni, or 8. bllOOM S CO., m>0 r 103 From THL ML?V LINK Ji~UVfcKl"OOL FACKftXS. m m. m. M. To sail from New York iGth, and from Liverpool Sth of cnch month. Ship H01^uV,V,^Kl ,M*t#M- { lets July. NeW "!'P VihJfeldrVjg^ "" ,0n,, | 1#th A0K0,t New "> ? j iSihScptcmbw. Shin RO< MK. <TK.K,llJJton., J.h Button. I ?nb*t initial, iAsi*Kiliiu<, first ch-i thins,ill built in the eitvol N?w Vorh, are c imiivideil by ul etcerieuLe luid a uluy, an.. will be deapatched iiiuctually ou the lstn ol each m nen. Their cabini are elf tint and 'lotimootona, "ml arc ftimi?!i*d with whatever can condone to tlie me and comfort of patten" Neithert1 e captains or owner* of these ahire will be respon tittle for any rarcelt or package! ?ent by them, unless regrjai bills lading arc ugned therefor. ' "~k>"WS5ViKiLCi. ? ? ?t? rilLDL.N, liiio'l'iiliis V'to'.' jell I Liverpool. % E NE N. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS* HPHK OLD LINE of Packets for Liverpool will hereafter he A despatched in the following order, excepting that when the Jay of sailing falls on Sunday, tue ships will sail On the succeedin* ilav. For New York. For Liverpool. The SCW/TH AMERICA, (June 1 July 19 616 toiu. < Oct 1 No* 19 D.O. Bailer, (Keb I Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug 7 759 tons, < Oct 19 Brc 7 B. L. Waite. (Krb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, iJMy 1 V"K " HOOtoiu. {No/ 1 pec 19 J.ttathboM, (March 1 ?p"1 19 The EUROPE, (July 19 ' 610 touj, \ Not 19 J*? E.G. Marthall f Mm 19 M*T ' The NORTH AMERICA, \ Aug I 8eP? J; C18 tona. Dee 1 J?n '? A. D. Lowber.l April 1 M?T 1' The NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 *00 torn, Ijeo 19 *eo 7 T. B. Cropper.I April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, i.Kep. I ?? 850 tuni, . Jan J i . }I W.I':,mow.I May 1 June 19 The COLUMBliS, i,?ept 19 Not 9 700 tout, ' i Jaa 19 Alar 9 O.A.Cole. I May U July 7 Punctuality, aa regard* the day of tailing, will bepb?erveda? heretofore. The price of [manage outward i? now fued f t On* Hundred Dollar*, for which ample itorea of everv description will te provided, with the e*cnptk>n of wine? and liquora, which will be the steward*. GOODHUE & CO., 64 South it., C. H. MAU8HAM...SS Burlirur-slip, N. Y. je24 lyh BARING ^OTHERS k CO.. iJWlm. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. No. 61 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. PASSAGE to and from Great Britain anil Ireland, via Liver pool ><nd London, by the regular )>sck?.<, ?a'li! it Weekly to and from Liverpool, and to and from Loirdou on llie i*i, lUlh, nnu 20th of eich month. The tubsr.riber lias unde ex'euaive ainuiKemoiit* to fcriuj outcmitruut*, and can, with gr^at confidence, assure those person* seudiaj tor tlicr lr'tnd?,iliat every .i.... ?ill h . .i, ,. ,. ,?/i ?n w) n embark with them. can a.'jio be elicited from Liverpool ri-cct to New Orleans, Mobile, Saiannati, Ba!tiniere, Philadelphia, B < ton, and to tite different porta of t.'ie British Provinces. with p.rran?emruw, together with the ;:dvantag?i which his t,iverp ol correspondents point",, being la ge shjpowners.nnd extonsivel? engag'd in the freighting usines*?having 1-at year despat'.hed upwards of lull firtt class ships to the various ports of ill# United Stales, with freight uud pa>s:ugers. The facility offered by thin esubliihme' t is bush rpissed, ami from the large Dumber of tirst class thip* employed in the line tliere can be no deten'ion whatever, which will be gu?rauti?ed The price of passage will be at the lowest rates, ail t should any of those sent (or feclme oni if, the pas sace money will m returned cs cuitnmary. The sie?n?l>oat faib from the diffVre"t port* to Liverpooli an, a* usual, be secured. Those remitting uuntv to their friends can l.ave dralt* to auy amount payable in all the principal towns, witi.outdiscouLt, throughout Great Britain and Ireland, an arrangement wh'ch bas given the greatest satisfaction. The subscriber tunes to receive a continual'on of the public pationage, which h is been so libeially bestowed for many years past. For further particulars apply, (if by letter post paid) to JOHN IIKKDMAN, 61 South ?t, N Y, 01 J. & W. KOBINSON, No. 16 Coree Piaiias, George's Dock, and 1 Neptune st, Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. AGENTS. The*. J. Timmins, Es > , No. 166 South Front st, Philada. Patrick Milton, Esq.. Buffalo, N. Y. Josei h Kirbpalrict, Pittsburgh, Pa. Mir.hl McQ iade, Utica, N. Y. J. A Nooniau, Milwaukie, Wisconsin, Ty. Chs. McCorkey, Dub-jqtie, lows Ty. J. H. Elliott, Detroit, Alienism. OorcHiiis Cihill, Peru, Illinois. John ll'SH?y, Kochea er, N. Y. N. B.?The subscriber is also a: cat fo* first class packet shipt satiir.g every few d?y divs ft im New York to New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, and bavannah, by which passage can be secur* 4 at the lowest rata. ml'r fOK NE\ KLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW ?UK LINE OF PACKETS iHt g|y? For the better accommodation of shippers, it is intended to despatch a ship from this norl on the 1st, Sth, 10th, 15th. HUth, and Zith ol each month, com i encinjt tlie 10th October ami continuing . ant11 It&y, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will be f reW-nted daring the summer months. The following ships will commence this arrangement: Hmp YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONlt-k, Captain Jackson. Ship MlSSISiMPPl/Cart?in NMiard. Ship LOUISVlLLfcl Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEAKE, Csptain Miner. Ship GA,ST ON. Captain Latham. ?K,n MirN'ravii iv I ..,,-,.., m Ship OCMUJ. GEE, Captain Ltvitt. Ship NASH VII.LE, Caj>l mi. Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS. Captaui Kuinht. fel 'P LOUISA, Captain Mulfcrd. These ships were all built in the city of New York, ei press for packets, are of light drafi of water, have receutly been (v>\y coppered and pot in splendid urdcr.witS accommooations lor passengeri unequalled for ccmfort. They are roui.uuded by e*(ierieuced maulers, who will make every e?erti#n to give Senera! Mtisfuction. They will at all times be lowed up f&id own the Mississippi by sleamnocta. Neither the own.-rs <M captains of these ship* will be resporsitile for jewelry, bullion. piecioits Mm, siUer or |>Jatcd ware, or for any Utters, parcel or package, sent by o rput on board ol Ihem, unless regular bill* of lading are taken for the una ,ard the value theieon expressed. tor Ire mill or passage, apply E7k7cOLLINS & CO.. M Sooth St.. or HULLIN fc WOODRUFF, Ag.-nt in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The snips of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the good* correctly Measured. m? NORTHERN AND WESTERN EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. The Sabiciibera havin completed their arrangement*, are now prepared to forw.aid passe k.ts'o all thi ,N orihern and Western States end Canada, bv daily lines of towboats, railroads and s'eamboa's, via the Noith iiver and Ene Canal, upper Lakes, Pml.idclphia and ritubu'gh, Ohio river ami Canal routes. The following are a few cf the most important points Via Utka, Buffalo, Pottsville, Galena, Svracusa, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Oiwego, Detroit, Cmciuuatti, Kingston, Rochester, Milwaukie, St. Loui?, St. Johns, Lsckporr, Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Also to any port of Ohio, Illinois, Misronri, Indiaua, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentactv, Wisconsin, Iowa, Upper and Low?r Canada. H iving given such universal satiskciion <n their Loudon and Liverpool liuts ol Pickets, the subscriber* will eudt.ivnr to in ke the i resent undertaking equally deserving of public fa vo". The fttection of emigrants and others is invired to the follow low rates of piss?^e to a fow of .hi most inipausnt points, any oilier places no the irule beicg q ially low, vii:? Utica, gl 50 ' olum'uj, $'i id til Louis, (It CO fcl acisj, 17a > '? iliis!.y, J 75 Galena. It 00 Rocknster, 2 no Detroit, t> 0t> ' anada. B'ltfiilo, 2 JJ Viilwsnkie, in tlD Toronto, 4 '0 Osvego, 2 50 CS.InakO, '0 01 Kt:g lou, 4 5(1 K i?, 4 50 rittst<urg, 0 15 H uulton, 4 50 Cleveland, 5 50 Ciaciunaii, U 0J Moat cal, 5 00 For further partiru! ?r? ai'rlv Ui W. U J. T. TAP8COTT, at their U.neral Pnasace Otfi'e, Peck ?lip cor !?onrh it. T?'? Notice?Thi? office it noi con i. ecu-d with any other in this rify. j!6f REMITTA>Ctt8 TO IHKLAXD, fcc.-T!>a yj^fay snbtcuhcr cni.tiiinet to transmit money iuru>i<< large istdnb>u< ' small. to twrsnns residing id ai>y port of Ireland iu the same i?,atner a* ha, vn4 hi* i>r?dr?"?aor id business have don* let the las-. thirty jcmj and mote ;ilso.U> ?uy fart of j&dgland, or ScoilHod. Money remitted hy letter (rost paid) ta the suVctiber, or p?'rs-?uallT deputised with hiin. witn the aa-ne ?>r(lie person or p.Maom in Ireland. K.inland or Broilind. to whom it is to be KOt, and nearest at town, will bo immedntelv tran*mittod and i iid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect Mivea, or lotwarned to tbc ren l?r. In liae in tuner miner, or claim* on (tenons id apy put of Ireland, Kniland or ?cut'and. can be collected l>y tlio subscribe lor perrt's rjsidlnr m any pa-t of the United St'tea or Canada, aisd will be paid t" the in accordingly. ji7 1m*r QtOIOK McBttlOJC, Jr , W Cedar st. ?'-LD BLACK BALL LlffK OK PACRRTS WraVKOK LIVtHPOOL? PaeBet of the 19 li Jnty-The 'vjfc'fltsclfudid fiut tailiuE new packet aluo MO.N'fKZUVIa, Captain Lostbtr, will be deipa:cho4 at above, her rccalar day. . . . , . , .. mis ihirar.t ?hip h.sutMrpaistd accommodations for cabin, Sd cabin and steei iRe. paaii Dgrrs. ') hose wishinii t? secure berths will iMnire to wake eiuly application fo JOHNHEHDMAM. 61 Bcntli atiert. B-ar Wall si. N. B.?Pa?i?Ke frf mOicat B itntuaud Irrl. nd.tia Liyerpool, can as u ua- 6c kcukiI'iI tliel.iwrtt lates by iLe rattolar pecke t ?np? a.r.'.iuj w. ckly. The ?u'ir:c liter hr? jn?t c leiadeM na<*iju>tied or ngerm nts lor the pavmant ofhw dr*ft?at?he ft)'lowing Innkt,?1 he National and Provincial B'uIm. I l rS41.1l. . ml at a<l ihe'r k'luthas. A'ao ihs i>i<l r-uviicial BioU of Jl nitl.w d and all it* branchea ihrtiu-hoal i"-.igland and VV*l.-?. Alto the Kasuin Dak of Sc luad, the Oiecuock KmBI-iiw Co,.ted all thclf branchei, UuruJiuDt Scotland, * or fuither p. rtnular* 1 pply ns above. j',6r rom LIVKliroOL?NKV/ LINK?tJUgniar Packet o( JtStf- July.?'The Sptrnriid Packet Ahip JOKalmliOsCllJS, Capu.n Joim Collins, of 1103 coiu, wi 1 , '.mively aail aa above, her regular dar. for freiuht cr ptitau'a, "..ring atcommoJaUous aiifqna.Jcd for erleudor 07 tomfurt, apply on board, at Orleans wharf. foM of Wall ftr?et, r to K. k. COLLINS ?t ( 'O. M Hottth itroat. Price of pataaffa |7i. In* Packet 8l?|i 8i<!A>oi, Captain K. B Cobb, of 1(00 tone, will aaceeed the Roacina, and sail the ivtli of Aug, bei Mnlar dty. rtmeuKcra ma? rely on the ahip* olthia L'ac aiding ptn*t??1 Ij^aaa d ?< r ti ?e H j,.J8r MSt ?OU NliW OIILKANB?I*0U1HIANA AND MKVkNKV/ fOJUX LlNK-Ue^ftUr Packet-fo meth? Vicrabur*?The l.itt aniling packet ihip UMi.NKK, C?pt J.Kkton, will bsre immediate d>ip?tcli. *or neiftftt or puaage, mm.* tiandiom* minism d ai-vonmodatioot, apply ua hoard, at Orleaoa whirl, foot ol Wall ak' m. ?. . * . K. COI.LIN8 J? CO. 46 sonthai ?hip,>era may rely upon I: .viim then xooda correi H7 meant m'.a id .1,i.ttric ilupauf tht?|llje will ?aiI pnnetua'ly nlverT, ^?? '""'I? tn ':'*l?fltct will be k>v?u aud lu.Mled iriftt ma? oe rcquift a. AS" * in N. Of lean*, Hnllin A Woodmff, who will prempf lyjorward^atl j,'jod? U'their addiesa. vnj'i. ?,?i. 1111 III, ^ 111 lUrCf <f l.f Qfonrw. jjj JUUt LINK LIVKliruOL. PACK ITS -F.ehil Hiay.!?A..iZ,*'i!!l^lf!,>!l'i' ?** "mugracket hmp iHlllii >l>' 1 INUUiRiUpi will mi| |i,>mtiv?iy aiion , her rfmur day. The alupe ol ih*a line tie nil 1(00 t m? tuirllv u mjiI uiiw.irtli. mid their ciommndrtiion* (ut cnMu te ond cabi., artii atrewe piaaeBfeia, n ? wr 11 known are mptiior to unf other line ol pacltea 1 hot? wishing to irean beith??l.onld not f?illo maheearlv application on board orn W. * J. TAPsCOTT, . , <3 Utk < Sonth it. Pruoui w:?hiru to MM <" J??i? friend* cau hire ttein l>inii|ht ont iu her, or uuy ol t!>? regular line, on favorable teimi. D i al t* for tars r or ?mall ?tim? piysMei on demvid, without diaronnt or any other charge, in ail Hie po?t town* of fciigUnd. Ireland, Bcotlaad or Wale?,canal*o be obtained ou applicant uiltii. )Jh ? 11 wmmmmmam . m11 1 W YO EW YORK, SATURDAY DAILY EXI'lO'.bH FUll ALDAN TKOY. BUFFALO, (JHICAUO AND THK CANADAS. The ?ubicrilier? completed their xrrauReuiauti with the Penple'a Line ol' Stuambo.iti, ou the Ninth iliver and the Kaii uoaa i/ompanie* wen 01 Aininy tor running meir f,xpr?i lor the *ea*on of 1843, au Exiirew Hill le i? c their office. No. 1 Will street,New York, every eveninir, at auarter to 7 o'clock, for the above named at.d intei media'(. iiluu. IMPORT YN r. For the greater *?fety <>nd lecunty of ;il valuable and money pack.i.'ci entiuited to the'r care,_ thoy Ittve Salfmind-r I:ou rtnft* oa board of )>< ?tevnboat?, in * *:?.te oom occupied exeluively by thi'iiMclvci, and the metacuu-T to <hain niee;? la the ?.iiiie ro iai with the iron >afe>, into which all sucH jncka&et are placed POMEROY te COMPA ,N Y, rulec No. 2 W ill ?tr?? t. NKW JKKSEY RAILiKOAD AND TUANSPOUTATION _ r'a.'c rtiluced to 45 cent*. From the Torft of C*nrtUndt meet, New York. (Every day? Su>iday*.e*<ri>tcd.) Leave* New York Leave* Newark Al 8 A. M. At 2 P M. At 7 A. M. At IX P.M. 9 do. 3 do. I do. 4 do. 11 do, 4 do ? do. &S< do. SX do. lOtf 7K -le. Jfc >'o. 9M do. f do. ON SUNDAYS. From t!ir foot oi Cooillandt meet. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 M. and 4X P M. At 12K I'. M. aud 95< P. M. NEW YORK, ELUABKTH TOWN, Leave New York Leave Klimceib Tows At A.M. At 3 P.M. At 7? A. M. 3* P M. 9 do. 4 do. HM do. 7 do. 11 ds. 4'? ro. 10 lo. (io. 514 do. L2 do. The train* for Wemii-td, I'l.iiufiela, Boni.<l Brook, SomerviUe, <tc.,connect with the,9 A M.aad.tMFM train* lrorn New Y"rk, dail?, ftuivHya eicepted. Fare between New York aud Elizabeth Towu 25 cent*. Fare belweep do and Sonierville, 76 cenii. mif"' YORK. AND HAH vVAY. Leave New York. Leave llahway. At 8A.ftl. Ati I'M. At 7 A M, At 3 P.M. 9 do 4 '? 8 do bii do il do do 9 * da 9 do !|2 do 11\ d > NEW YOHK AND NEW rtKUNSWlOK'. From loot of Coiutland itreet, New York, dxily. Leave New York. Le-ive New 15n\u?vi?? A19A.M. Al 4 P.M. At6 AM. Al II* A M iX do V-: do 8>k P. M. ON SUNDAYS Leive New Yo'lt. Leave New Brnniwirk. At 9 A M aud 4J? P M. At 1I}? A.M., and 8X P M. Fare, exchpi ij tWe Philadelphia tiaiL*. bccwcuu \*tv Yo'k and New Bnvnwiet. 10 cent* Between New York au4 Bahway Si c<nti. PaueriKer* who procure their ticket* at the. ticket omee, re eeive a ferry ticket Kratii. Ticket* aro received hy the ol doctor only on the when rnTelis?ed. mil 3in*r SUMMER. JiHH.lNOEMENT NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAILROAD LINK D'ftKOT, ViaINkwar*, Npiw Bfunswick, Priucktos, Thknton' B0RI)K!?T0W!< AND BUIU.INOTOrt. Leaving New Yoili d-liv from ilte'fo 101 ('onrtlandt it Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Linn at \\ P. M. TiTe AlorumK Line proceed* to Boidenlowu, lrom thence by iteamb ill to Philadel|.hia. The Eveuinu Line proceed* direct to CamJen (oppo*ite to Ph<lidulphi^) without chutute of cart. Pa*sen?er* will procure their ticket! at the oflTi-e I >ot of WVUU.UUUI...ISBI, niicio n i.UlimiU(ll"l!| HUMUKHJtU. W 111 V C 111 readiness, with b itK -co crates ou ho-tnl. Priiiadeli hia bafc^iue cratci are conveyed from city to city, without beioi opened by the way. Kach tf.iiu is provi 'ed wi h a car in which are a, aruneurs aud c'rcs-in# rosins expressly lor the l?dies' use Returning, the lines have Philadelphia from the foot of Waldoi meet. by steamboat tJ Boidcntuwn at ^ o'clock, A.m. and by riilroid from Camden, at 5 o'clcck, P. M. The liae? for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7>i A. M., and 4 P. M. beire < continuation < f the lines trtun Ni-w York jt-l flgjflfa NEW YOHK. SCHOOLKY'B JflGS^yLMOUNTALN & JCA8TON. Lmie the foot of Coartlsnd street, diilv (Sundays ci t i i. u) at 8 o ciock, A-M., by railioa-i Jersey <ity to Murristowu, tt>ence by Post coachea lim uxh Mendh.iin.Cluaur, teuhooley's Mountain, An<Jrr?ou Town, Port Coldeu, Wmniiucoti, to Kasion. At WaatnuKton, a d\ily liue intersects to and from Beh'idi rr - For scjts ai ;?iy to J. Ilill, at J. Pat ton's, Commercial Hotel, "jCenrtlauo street. N.B.?fcxtr?s furunlnl nt the ahortest n-uice by ipplvinu to N". B. Luse. Utiireil States Hotel. MonistnwTi. nwllSinec NEWyoRK, BCHOUIJCV'S yiu mountain and k\sJSiEilSLvia K.ard Somen ille B li.n.l > or SciiuoI.m's Mountiin, leave pier No. 1 * m r, at Wo'?!ociAM. duly ((Sunday* excepted) by s'fnmbo?t ro Elixilx-thrort; or leavi/ the loot tif Courtlaud ilreet c oc'i A M, by IN J lUiIrotd to KUrbt tlitown, thence couDrct with the can fji ?im-rvi!it Wrhes, thtcce 20 milea to the Mountain?imviox caily in the afternoon Kor I" ;utoa lea?e as nbo*e. proceed be mlroad to Sntner rule, coaches ircm thence (only 31 miles,) arriving tn fcast n at 6 o'clock. This ion c, on account of the short distacce by coaches, mt king it by far the m ist pleasant and expeditious, comineuds it II to jiublidpationaKe. Mr Sanderson, the proprietor at Bo mcrtil.'e. haa prov-ded himself wiih carriages and horses tJ accommodate privitc duties with extras at the shortest notice, and on reasonab'e terms For seats apply toll D.Hope, Merchants'Hcttl, 11 CourtUnfit st. Passengers fr?m Philadelphia to Schaoley's Mmntain will leave Philadelphia at 7 o'clcck, A. >.l., by New Yoik railroad I liae to New Brunswick. Bp'emlid coi-hes Ircm thence, nrri>im it tnit mountain early same afternoon. 32m*r | KOCKAWAY PAVILLION-LONU ISLAND KAILllO \D. ?* * "! Trains moil this roid leave Brooklyn, Forth I J JL Ferry, for J 'traici, where coaches ar? ia rearii -SS^SSsSm lor that delightful resort, tbe M .trine Pavil2S83bE^L lh>". "t the following hours, >iz i? Half past 9 A. Tvi., 4 o'click anil half paste r. VI. Returning, le?ve Jamaica at 8 A. ivl., 12 M. ami 5 P. M. for New Yoik. Kare to J.nuaica, through from Bunklvn to the Pavilion. 73 centi. jfi'4 6?'^r KOK BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OK THE WEST ASSOCIATION PA??Aue. OF* ICE To ALBANY. Utici, $2 00 Rochester, (< 00 Syracuse, 2 23 Buffalo, J JO Oiwego, 2 26 Up. ft Lower CanadaS iO For passage apply to M. I.. KAY. tn3> Sni 93 Barclay street. New York. new ARRANGEMENT. J'AKK AND ?KK10UT REDUCED. .rtWTi OA REGULAR MAIL LINK?KOK PROyiQkMCK AND BOSTON, via f*TOV 2-y.T t/f.yZ.lNUTON AND NKWFOA'i'-Conipoaed oi tin- iollowiuit superior itenmon, rnnning in.connection wuh the Blouifittton Boetnn a'ld Providence KailrnvJ*:? M ASSACHUiSETTH, Capt Cotnttcck. It HOOK ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. N AKBAO* NSETT. MOHEWAN One of which v<t!l leave Now YorU diily (Scud lyt eiccpled) from Pier No 1, Battery Place, V fiivr, at i P. M ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE I8LAN l),JL>apuiin 'linycr, on Monody, find Wetluesday for 8iou;n, ten and Newport, and Fnd'.y for fltonmirtoii. The MASSACHUSETTS,Captain C<im?tocl?, on Tuesday and Tnuretay for fctouimjun, and batarday for Hluuiuglon, Newport and Providence. Passengers, on the arrival of the (teamen at Stonintiton, vi^JI be immediately forwarded ia the splendid and eommorfcous Car? of the Raiiiotd to Providei.ce nud Boston, aud i( fo* Newport will praeee,I in the cter.mers on Monday, Wednesday and 8 uarday, and on th? intcrveniuK d ?y?, proceed via Stout* tou Railio.vt to Providence, ni.d lioin thence in the temti'-r lolat, wilhont aay additional c'nai/e. Ticket* for the route and steamer*' berth* con be setiircd on board, or *t the utRc? of HARNDEN ft CO., Vo 9 Wall street. ttT^On ami after the lOiliimt, freight will not be received and lom.yiM ?n?r ralf-pgtt 4 t' .M nil fim* m NEW YORK AND KINO ?TON RTKAM FREIGHT AISD PASSAGE r. ^(Mtn jfft Kcr Kinuaiun, and |ifi.a?w ami Kuclioo ?a'.eiuiibcau anil Nl)tt 5J?,3E*.wR:h. The KMEi'ALO, Captaib John Kettham, will leave New York foot of Murray itreet, every Monday and i'ucndiv at 5 o'clock P. M. Will leave K miction (Rondcot landing) every Weduesday and BMuraav S o'clock, I'. M. The NORWICH, Captain John R,mnela, will leive New Fork, loot ofWarren itrect, every WedaoMay and Saturday at ? o'clock, P. M. W.'llave Kingiton (Roadont lending)every Tue. ay *i:d Friday at I o'clock, P. M. CXTUA TRIPB The EMERALD will leave the fo.?t of Murray ?treet every Suudy mormntf at 7 o'clock, ltetarnin^ Icavea K.uksiou at 4 o'clock For freight or pamre arpl7 on fcoird, ov to WILLIAMSON, BAKLOW % CO., a^l 1m*r if,) WV?^ AW*!, *Ol STATKN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT WHITEHALL iT.-The ateemboaU *H ' ""'.i MLAND&R and SAMSON will ruaa? tollowa until further uoiio- ? Leave New Yo;kl, 9, la, II. I, t. 3^.5. ?. 7. j,-a?e Staten lalnud 8, 9, 10. II, I, 2, 4,5,6.7. Leave New York ai d Suteu lalviul averv hour on HundVP. 8.? Kxcuraion to Fort Hamilton, Snudaya evcepted. Leave Fort Hamilton 7X A. M., reluming tram New Yoik 3% P N1. ill r 4JOt NEWARK. AND NEW YORK?Fare O.. only UX Centa!?The i| lendid itearnrr T'l" ftrWr I'A^SAH', Captain Julia Gutty. On and atrci Monday. Jnae 5lh, will rnx ai follow* Leavrttliv roolol Buclay atreut, New York, at it A.M., "Vaveithefoetof Centre?t.eet, Newark,at"H A.M., and I P. M. freight earned ?t very lowmtee. at* <m f_ Zmir+t at* HAMPTON ilt FORT HAM ILfuN ?-'fiir iitr.imboata RTAPEN A vl"'lt '""1 SANSON wl!i ;unevery da? (StiuU.'Vi etceplfdj d' rum the aea?nij,aa foimw?:-? ' lv .> fi,?t t: A \t <mi i . I'. M. N?.? York, Whilclirtlt Dork, at P. M. Thii ami ,em -ut uny i?? ft Iwd on < i -?inj.-'.'it, it itr C in tiunnnce will aoc dervtwl on at. t Mnliairwnor. l 4 ' ',r_ ,fe?,n nlM.UKK AKttASUl!,Mfc.vI VjK tL SHHEWSBURY-Umh Dm.h, <*. o JrnmmmmJmLJZm lioiue, Bl.tck I\iint, Kuinaon, aim Katvlit) w* Laoahntf, ihr< u?li tfte iniur pm-ue J lie ue? StinintKMt >*H KlLVVM jL' It Y, Capuiu Jot.u *. Cotliea, w,li lr*v? Ka(on> town Land' u on tfuml iy, tlic 4in of June u>?t., and ran ,tt lo ! lows, to wit: lea?i?|f .> ? Vork, tVom the foot i f Kobininw rrctt, ??fry Mondr;, Tne.tliV, Wediuadjy, Thuriday and Friday, at 7 o'cl ock, A. M. Htinrninj, will learc Ka'oi.lown Landin* oo each of the ab?T* day*. at I o'cli'ck, I', M. On Saturday will leave New Yoikai 2>? o'clock, I*. M., and K> tontown Landing on ttui.dayn ni 3 o'clock, I'. M .and Ocem Homa at 4 o'clock. The SUttKWSUUKY will atop at t on Hauiil ton each way?Kare only I2X cent*. N. fttagea will be in attendance to convey pa?a?n){er? Iiom tfce tfortMid lindiuu pJaca* to *ay cut country reqnirad. MORNING, JULY 8, 184 LUCINA CORDIAL, Oil TllK E 1,1 X 111 OF love: lu nliit'it time, amoaii the Jevn. i nil in tu ? fec:>?id wile might choose? Whot* firet, by F?ite'? aukindty doom, No chi!drf u bore to bUit hit lioine. Afflicitd thai, li.c Horn>.?i matron Prayed to Luring the taidwif patron ; iCtyptiao wiTen, iu tnch a ciiaii. to their aid the I'rie'ti oflrtii ; Warm as her clinic,and lender too? Ilchi dims twelve mouth i from her bridal Kl'es weeping to her iraiilen idol, And with u ?e<i bauds, m accents wild, lYtkiom t'i tin ih tor ? child : K?r v> ell sh! Uni ws, Lore shuns to bleu The Hindoo bad < f barieuness. So much fir lot* in d^y'i by Kin?, Airi ?4?age cost >mi in nwn ; But nv, eten now, it tn L >ve's communion Ulrss in nur I r il, a sterile uuiou I N<? olttiiiieu conjuijal felicity, l.i thus t', *Vu in tills citT. Vet may 'he barren, ifti ey try The menus, "lucre ue na<l multiply." Wifh 'Love's JCIixir" (or h r The cliilill n wile's reiiiiiintts end. Bat not tli* j'-or:eAtire power Aioue, is this Elixir'*dower. Consumpiio'i's ills it will prevent, W ith rue clothe the irri,-w*ent; Bupunss r gleet, whate'er its dite, A.i.} i>.Il lite s tauctious reaovr.e. Eruption* from t o s!tin it rhas-J, Ana brings back beauty and the arace* 'Tii woman's tra l?and ne'er deceive* her l<rom Kltior Al'iu* it relieve* her; And eich tli?t.?sp, (with proper cue, too,) Her ftur aud fr.ucilo form is h?ir to. Tlte?e ?ra but trutlis, who call] them lictton Shrill hare?ternrroofiu contradiction. Lcti-trs?all foruis ol attestation? Kr?ro the sivan-; of ever/ nation ; vvitr> fc/.itef n} pauii ves i mm all quarter*, IVancti bv j>in;t?e ind Qu ie,\eTt's martyrs, Thou.-' tudj vi ho liy, with ilnttering breath, Almost wit'iiu thejuws of Death; IS'ow in their nightly Thanks tn Life's fii' tld, m Miss.; I street, An snmotirans name t':? very .umber? "Ninety-two Nassau,''?earii in their slumbjr ; Or, drtnmioK of Disravj's ordeal. Civ out for Ih* ''Lnciua Cordial." 1'erious orucrinst this medicine from the eouorrr, by *?n*1iPt: a remittance,cm have it boxed tip and rent to any pat ol the Unio? Trice St per bottle, or til perdnreu. It is also forikle in Philadelphia,ut 90 Norlii Hi till street. uiJI lm*ee HAKNL)iiN ^ CO. T?NULI8H, KoKNCH, UKWHAN Si A MK 111 CAN T.X E* 1-MKM8, KOKKKIN LETTER OFFIC1/,, U uE.NJV HAL *OKWAKUINU Si COMMISSION HOUSE. Pii-icipal offices an ' ng< nts Meisrs. Witliner aud Si.nin, U Church street, Liverpool England Messri. Vaclean, M.iirj and Co., 3 Ahchurcll lane, Londou Messrs. Kuiersou aud Co., Paris and Havre 8?muel 11 light, E.q., American Co-nut, Antwerp, Btlgiuin Messrs. Haaden nu.i Co., No. :t Wall street, iNew Yoik Ditto ditto. IMo. 8 Court Creet, Boston M?,r> I ft ml I tl St I.,I\i It A. VV. (iidirey, Halifax, N. 8. ' B. W. Wheeler, Providence, K. I. J. Wootward. New Orleans, I.a. Harndeuand <\>. will receive aud forwvd by the Royal Mail Steamer* from Bo.tin. or by the Steamer Ue*t Western, ?ud the bailing Packet* from New VorU, specie, nnill paicvts, bundlci, bote* and cases of goods, to any pi: l of Knit laud, Ireland, Scoiland. Belgium or K>ance. They run a daily line ol Kistraa Cm between Boston and New t ork; mid their New Xo.k se.d boston olficea are depoti fc>r ;l lily uprtsscs to all the principal citiei aud towns .iu the United Hta es. Letter U*gs for all pacu of the world are kept at theii Boston aud New York offices, where lettcr.i c n b* prepaid il ilciired. Merclianu and oilitrs who hive corr'?,v>niltnt* oa tli- continent aud ludia, hy retni ling ttiirls to Huuden aud Co., at Bos'ou and New York, nan have llieir loiters prepaid. Tli-y also pay p.\r leular attention t.? the execution of Custom H-iute orders in Boston, N>w Yoilt, and Liverpool. M ;r ch-iu's iiid others residing at a dista ci from .my of the above cit es, who are desirous of obtaining their good* earlier than by auy source, would do well to forwaid their e..tries, tuvoices, at d Oilier* to them. Bills of Kxch;.u;e in sums to suit, on Eiiglmil, Ireland, Scot laud, Belgium, aud, may be obtained at iluir odices in New Yoik and Boston. All goods must be marked "Harr.den aud Co." N.B.?Hirudin aud Co. are alone teipous.ble for th? loss or injury olany articles, or proprty of any description committed to iheir car*; nor is auy iisk assumed 1)7 nor can any be attached to the New Jeuey Steamboat Navigation C^mptuf, bv which 'heir crates ar-, or tnuv bn transported: uortheNew Yorti, Providence, ana Bo-ton ita, or the liostoi i?nd 1'rovnJence H.nlroad Coi;oratiotii, m r'-pec. to th-ir on tents at anytime. it CO . jeilr No, 3 Wall street. Nsw York. EXPiUibaToR"OL.fcVEL.ANlJ AN1) DETROIT? TUt sotwrthers will scud e.n exiucs* through from tais city, t> the a iovs uiuuednud intermediate (daces, on the morning of the 9th mat., Inrthe transportation of specie, bank notes, bnir'les and package* ol goods, collection of dralu, bills, U' tts and accounts,aud all such other business as may lie entrusted to thorn. FOMKltOY it CO.. 2 Will it-, N.Y N. B. Immrdi'.telr on the opening of lalte navigation, the hove express Imc wul be ci:. nn d to Chicago, Cincinnati, lie., -uid coiiiiuutd throughout tiie entire s"isnn, in connexion wit:i their New YoiU, Albany, Troy, aud iiuliaio daii7 express. 'pig I A DAMM ? CtJ.'S ,\KW rUKK ANO i'IKWAUK tC \ a*. [>t:jSS.? i'lie public are test.-ci/ally informed tiut t * ?u't<si*ibers has- essamisi?<l au i iprers between New Yo.k and Newark, N. J., for t'<c transmission and speedy deliver y of packages, bundles, money, Sic. vie.; tha collection of not ja an J b'lls, and all other basmessappcrtaining to an Ki;t-is * urinn lor araciea hi ue rciarnea 07 uie biprgn nui n delivered fret of charge. Office in New York at No. 7 Wall (Creet, and in Newark, at SMITH'S Newspaper Depot, No. 120 Uroad it. Leave New York at 11* A. M. sail <V P. M. Leave Newark at A. M. au l IK V. \I. <??.e AB4V1H ? ro BN rUBM^.N AND LAUlfcS' LKKT OTK WAtiDitOBa. ? U?nil; or famill** drairO'H of couvertuu th r Iclt oH v, i-aringii;>pircl lulu ci-h. c iu ubtnii for the aaiue Hie lushest ra?li price. J o Idtm i"! (no gentlemen n littin* the city, or changing rriidence, haviii, any rupeilltoj* etf-cti to dispose ol, will tin I it n>u:h to thei Advoause to iieud fir the tubiciidir, who will attcui them n: th'ir rcalc'eucc by app'i.traerr. H. Lk.VtTT No 6 J jhn tt, and 141 Varicli si, [New Yoik. Aline ihrugh tlm p^.it, or othetwiie, will receive piomf t itti'il ou. ClothmQ r'entied, aTtered and repaired. jv7 lmr ~~ ATAYOH'S OK?K;I-.. i Chaiili.itk.i, S. C . Jji>e <0. 1343.1 TO KENT 90U \ XKU.%1 Oif YhAUS, O KOft BALK, Th-.t hrse r.nd c;u?modiotu 1 iiablialnnjat known ?i ttn Cii3>M*t4B Hotel, litoate in r OMWl pa't of the city, JLjfl^fron:;uK ou .Veeuug ?tii?i, touih ou Hayue street, art|oiuMj the eitenaivs r.xufic of wholesale stores; east on Hot'I (tree*.; norih ou Pinclicer s.rcet The hotel is about 140 feet by nbout 173 fert deep, iourstiries high, cojtaiaiaz about III pirlors MDd cli'mber*, bei<de> the dining fjoms fo: ladies and cputlciaen; a'?c, bar rjoin, readiug room, ollicis, ?to;u room* aud kitchen; alio, five sroret ana a barber's room, in baieiueut,and training on Huvir- strict?a liik'o ciltern, coataiuiui; a. iit 8j 0 0 aail a fjres pump, iu cue ef fire, attached thereo; alio two wells nn the premises- 'i'he whole front of the iiolel is cmbellulied with a spicioi* two atjry collonade. Tn mi of sale v..'I b~, a crid:t eitemling over a period of at least t ft In. in c< ubrmabty to tha imrUfM n the lata "Stme t'i:e Coll, Act, '*.cured I.jr tnirth'l^c of prcuiiics; ap proved iecu > y will by 'eqiired oa lo. ?e or a.ilo. Proposal* addressed to the Mayor of Charleatuu, will be ieC?i>ed uuul the litli Juiy next. J. SCUMKULK, Mayor N. B.?Th? f.llowi'wr ucwsi*.i*rt: t e New York H'.ratd ntvl Conrid It Kor(u rtr; ihe . n'o,i Courier; the 1 tnlad-lphia Unued State* liaxctte . the L.iltimori American; lbs New ( rleu.i lie-; the Mobile Hc?.sU.r and Jojria' v. .il it> a rt the above in a c.-mp.caous place onoc a week until tlie lith p'oiimo. and forward than account lot p.ij rncu? lo Courier ol.'ice. jtl to jyltt HOTEL AT CLLf TON, STATE J* L&LAND? TO LET. Jnl TiIAT elcsaui and c; inmoJlous ho'ije, uo.v just pjijfunl kd. bui't ncder (I ff direction of 'he tubi riber, -t"v].?itu tied on the (.iilT *t Cli'Iiou, Staton I?l <ud, near the Tan-graph, h,?viuir.i view of the bat <f New Yot!t and Uie ? a t'.iOiikh tn? Narrowsuncq-ia led. There is no pUco wi' iu one hundred mile* of the city that pouesres the ndv^n ig? of air and prospect which thia point command*. The house ha* been builr expressly (or a li.l.ionaDle Hotel aud is ie; icta with every convenience. The toonu are any. will veutiliaed ana open upou a piaiza ten fret in width, which xurrounrii th? whole notue. Af ? distance cf e'ghty feet from the new I icg i? an ohl-f>?t inued stoue house, with a utrmberof r?oni, which w 11 b?j let in coc-ei lion * i.h the h tel. il desired, aud *h:ch will nip.'lv a uu<i bt r offamilf ro )tn? Krions occupyinv linhomt eonld be furalahed their breakfaat aud tea iu the Ii uie and eiue in the new hotel. There is an ice house of six t?*eu eibie feet on the premise*. The distance fnra the sea ' i ie ? alxmt a QMIWI of a mile, where there is a ?p'ei ilid s.u.d beach, equal to lt< ckaway or any bathing ground* in t..e vicinity of New fork. There is also tine bathing immediately in Trout of tho pren.iies on the B ly side. To a good tenant who is cvruUted to keep a fashion tble hotel, oua or both houses will be rented < n a<ronimcdatitig terms. The Chilton >V h-rf, (at lie loot of the Cliffs) is now nearly enmp'ete I, and the stea'i.boai* betweeu th? city and StJteu lilaud will land rupU'.ailr. or term* ?nd further pr.r'ic--.!?rs apply at the ofiiee of tlie N. Y. Ktjiifs*. or the ntdsrsigucd, near the p enme*. j}6 lw*re _ I.KWIM LYM \.V. TMr. IfOUK l H l)? M t-lfl UOOTiANUbHUtS. ^iaST'3? \ Ci.cap Boot snd Shoe Market, No .VTJ lireenwieh street. ? Lulirs and geotlemcn a'e advised to call at the abovu * aud pi ovide ilitinseives with sea*otiablo animncr loots, slipi ers, Kilters, &e, in.'Oe up in ihe neatest and itio?t fishiouable style, aud sold as chaap il net ft little c.Vsprr tlr.n elsewhere. H< ulsol families will save money by calling her*, at the cheao depot. Pcn't forget the number, Clinton Cheap Bm and nlioe Market, Kj. WJ (iieeuwich street, corner spring st. je8 Im^f _ _ _ j*.~rj UOyT AN l? OllOa. Mi'CIKJL. JOHN ilJCAUY re*;>?ctfiTly hisfrijnds aud the public, that he has commenced business in th* iiNve liue.atNo. 'U Nassau street, whe<* he will thanklully receive and faitlifblly eierute, all orders he tn?y be favored with he nn ?t r?jm i?Llr terms (or c?ish. tf PA II I't RllllTS A\lt I.AAl'M VIADK Til (11(111.-11 By E. isUSblL 17i? Droailwag, (Baeetntnt,) One Uortr from Couvlandt meet. fP m > K. BllHKH, Bootmaker, *nd mnker n( Luu.iid Clerce of I'arti, bry? le. i*e in I una hi? friends and nil tbc mnateuri o( n g<autemHiily "thautmre," Until# cin now mike, in New Yor , with the b??t Ji reuch ravei >>!?, nil (hat u ?o pci f'cctl>' mrV, m I aria, by hi* miuter ilia celebrated bowni ikef Clerce, wiioje nu.iercuii customers en tnmn ! . of the AtliutUj. in re?,>rctfnlly invite J ti try SU8KK'8 booU m l U?t? brlorv they deipair ol being "chAu*?*?" in Mew Ifork, titer the ulceat, lut.-u fain Tuition. Alao.the genuine T<ih* Jet BUek Varjiih Sold. inlO 7w?r A CAKO?To thi 7t?,0uu uuiiiai led ami iu,u0 murir I I adiM ' f New York. Th?i unf-ic i ier te lalrr. Iil? coiiiiilimrjU to tlw* Ladiia, mi.t wouiil infor a tli m that lit! u Iniiiuinii: c ity m du ho? ? at the be?t kind at such prtci* ? c 'Hit u fail to tni' the tr.oat economical. Ben S*i>k Outers, made to oidei Ji 2i .? >t r.eit Tinned " " ' J (iO a HI,, Putin IS I L xln "h|i in 6tx a I on iVlnae*' O liter* 74. * 1.00 Tliou! at ?tore iuvariably call rtiaiB?tl ? b?*t elder ce of the i<ti?r*rti"ii of hie e*?tcrnnr? with hi* |<iic?a i atdthe unrability of bi**ho?a. ... ? B -City mi l country dealer! can have their on'eri < located on the moit f*?ai?bl#ttim?, anl ?ith il.ots m nle by the best workmen in the country U. U. CHOH3l'8 Ladie * Sho? Star*, >o. 5J Cntli*iiu? it, two do on below M?lu nrt. | Jy3 !? ? mmmmrnqmmammmmmH im?mu m#' i w ?i, i I.ii fERA 3. Buffalo'. [Correspondence oi'the Herd Id.) 1'vrvAr.o, July 5,18-13. Hit sine id?Slei i inn*? A'ttl i rr ? /?/ iry.i / tta#* /**?? Pi)' I lUici?Repeal? Pmidential? Morality and Religion ? Temperance? Health of lite City? Martia?tsand other AmmnntPtt?Fushionable Nsaion, &c. &c. Jamks Gordon Bennbtt, Esq.:? Dbar SiKt?Aarunny things, worthy of a pausing notice, are daily transpiring nmon<? us, and i;s your liuti'tlo correspondents have been exceedingly negligent of late, one of your old "letter writers" is again induced to Rive yourself und numerous readers, an " inkling" of doings and chit-chat of qur great and flourishing city of the lakes. Daring the season,.thus far, business of all kinds had assumed a more lively aspect than for several years past, nud I am inclined to conclude, from present indications, that u brighter and more auspicious state of thing?, in reference to trade and commerce, i?i unnn tn rlnu'n mmn n j Tn Krinrr nlmnf n rp??nlf so desirable, noiliing id necesjary but lor the people to practice industry and economy, which, if strictly adhered to, will surely produce it more healthy state of ufldira than we have known for many years. Possessing as we do, all the elements rf refinement, civilization and prosperity, we should seek to retain the proud position we have hitherto held as a nation. We should study no sellish or narrow-minded principles in our carter through lite, but ns lovers or our common country, and as friends to its laws and public institutions, we should go in for i<3 further advancement, and for a moio lolty elevation ol ahuppy and indeoendent people. .'The lake steamers, up to the present time, I am informed, have been doing a good business in the way of transporting freight and passengers. You may boast of vour Hudson river boats for speed, and we of the "Queen City," will pride ourselves upon our magnificent "floating palaces" of the lakes, which tor safety in a gale, can hardly be equalled even upon the Mississippi. We have many beautiful boats, but my favorites are the " Illinois" and "Great Western.'' Many others, however, equally beautiful, walk upon the bosom of our inland 8"as, with whose masters I have not the pleasure ol an acquaintance. There has been more emigration this season, than for several years, and the fertile west is destined to be the heart of our proud and happy country. promising aspect, and those who manage business prudently will hardly fail of success. Western traders, generally speaking, appear to meet with prosperity in the pursuitsot money-getting. Jn addition to the transportation of merchandize, an immense quantity of (lour and other produce has been received here, and forwarded to your city and the east. The political horizon, in this vicinity, appears as "calm as a summer's morning," and politicians aie dying for excitement. A low weeks since we hud a Repeal meeting, in the park, and a little speech making by ex-Muyor Clinton and others, it was announced that Attorney General Barker would address the meeting, but for some reason, best known to Inmselli and to the disappointment of many, he did not take the stand. It happened that aoue, of the presiding officers were whigs, in consequence of which, the Commercial pretends that the meeting was only called for political ellect. Whether i was fio < r not, considerable money was contributed by the benevolent tor the benefit of sullering and oin>ressed Ireland, und much feeling and patriotism exhibited by those who addressed the meeting. Little is said here ia retereuce to the ai>proaching presidential campaign. Mr. Ci ty will undoubtedly be the candidate ot th: whigs, but with a popular man from the democratic ranks, and the strength of that powerful party arrayed against him.Jhe can hardly hope lor agreat political victory. Tins country has produced few statesmen whose history impresses us with a more protouud and melancholy interest than that ol Mr. C. He came iuto notice at an early age, possessed of a striking person, a brilliant rhttoric, end dashing and generous qualities of deportment. Faine and tiie highest honors were within ins grasp. Hut he has made many political mistakes, and fits course has been a splendid failure. The great de (cat of Mr. C.'s policy has been the want of thorough integrity of mind. I believe he began his political life ad an ardent democrat, but as a defeated and disappointed whig he will end it. Morality and religion appear to be on the wane, and christians are becoming luke-warm, or rather have lo?t in some measure, that devotion and zeal which wan so abundantly manifested last winter.? I am in hopes that some minister of talent and ability will visit us in the course of the summer and stir up the people? professed christians, as well as sinners. The cause of tempernnee, I am glad to say, is still progressing, and our people are beginning to realize the importance of sobriety in the community. Let | temperance men labor with zeal and many may yet receive the benefits of total abstinence. i The influenza has been prevailing here for a few , weeks past with much severity, though with few, if any, lata! re&uito. It has, however, somewhat aba- i ted within the past week?probably half of our population during us prevalence have been on the sick list. A great many marriages have taken place during the summer, and many more, 1 am informed, are on the tnyia. This is right. Nothing can be more natural. As the fashionable season approaches, our city is Honored Wtin visits ironi many uiennguisnea Birangers, on their way to the Falls; und, as it inay be of service toeomewho have never visited this delightful summer retreat, it may be well to point out the best conveyances from this city. To those who admire a romantic excursion, and magnificent scenery, ihe steamboat "Waterloo," Captain J. Lewis, oilers pecular advantages. This boat leaves the foot ol iMam street for the Falls, evejy morning, at e:$bt o'clock, passing Grand and Navy Islands, and much of (he loveliest scenery on the Niagara. The car* al. o leave Buffilo every morning at nine ] o'clock, a:?J those who like logo through the world i with "railroad s|>eeu" can hardly tail of being pleased willi this mode ot conveyance. Tne bnsinfKB of the l'uffilo post otlice hasbf en fo i much affected by expresses and the new order of i dis ribution issued by the Postmaster General,some time t.ince, that our l'ost master has been obliged to , dismiss his first assistant, and s-ome two months at?o? one of his clerks, the revenue, 1 am informed having fallen off about $ti,UUU, and the distribution about $40,000. This is quite un item in the business ot one office, and if correct, the Postmaster's economical arrangemt ntH, so Jar ao his oflicc is concerned, are highly commendable. Since th" termination of the Buffalo and Attica Kail road, down strert, the tendency tor heavy commercial business appears to concentrate itself in that part of the city. Several exteneue dealers are located in that vicinity. From the life and activity manifested by occupants and owners of properly h<'re, I have no doubt but this street will be the centre of our commercial operations. Our national auniversury passed off yesterday in an unusually quiet manner. No particular public i arrangements having been made by our citizens, i every one was left to celebrate the day on his own i hook. There were, however, several steamboat excursions, a number of temperance lectures, an 1 or uicn by Pr. Lord (thinly nttended) before the I Apprentices fc'ocwty, a ball by Messrs. Thomas and i Goodwin at the Washington Hotel, and u display ot fire works in th^ ev^ninp. I have heard of no ac- ' cidents, and saw but tew drunken men in our streets during the day. ? WV have had a cold season, thus far, and I nm told the crops in the country are rather nacKwara. Fn fomf of the Western States, I am informed the j wheat crop promises an abundant harvest. I The Eagle Street Theatre has been do in? a lair business during the season, but closed last evening, with a tremeuaous house, until the first of August. The other amusements of the summer have been j, quite limited. Mous. Adrien, and a fellow by the g name of Flagler, have had a low Punch and Judy c exhibition for some time past in the lower part of the city, but left lor " parts unknown" Jast Sunday. I have nothing farther to communicate at this time; but if any thing important should occur, and I nave irunre iu mi? > .v. ionaJly, inn Youn> oEa. y. I,*rea kiom Sr. Th >m\i?A letter recoiredpernchr. fttnah Ann,.<? Ph'lad, from St. Thorno*', d'tel Jl?t uit., _ ?t iloa a ?l ;<h'. nh-jck of nn ?tittiii|nike had been fell ihero early on Ute n.oriiing, at.d dunug the mght, but no JamJge done, except a little Icar Hnd jumping out of bed! ' It ia aiao atated tlu.t tlie Yellow FcTir hnJ m?d? its ?p-' ' pearanre, and a uumlxr of auddi n dvathi occurred. The u was well aupplied with An.tiicmi produce. Lathh raoM Nmmv.N. P.?By the arhoom r Jgmea Power, at Baltimore, wn have receitnl file* of the Na?- ti an Observer, and lloyal Oi/.ttte, to the 36 h tilt, but find < , little of interest In them No mention l? made of the re- ' ported action betwi eii a British ol w ar brig and a 1 pirate. About threo hundred colored soldier* ot the 3d Df Wwt India regiment, had arrived from Africa, to relieve _ the 3d Wert India regiment, ordered to J.ioiaiCJ. >0 I I wrtcki hud Utety occur tad among the Baham.*. I ,i , I J" JUL 1 J l " 4 LD. mm two chiu. Later kkom Hatama?Mexican account op tub n? , 1'MOI mm i nc. ir.XA.i-> ?I>y an airiVtl tt New Orleans, we have two days later intelligence from Havana. There wan no local news of importance. We Hail in our paper* thn Mexican account of the light between Com. Moore and the Mexican fleet, a* reported br the Marine, the Admiral commanding, under date of May 17th ; he says " On th?* morning of the 18'h, about sunrise, the Texan vcs-els, with five smaller out* armed by Yucatan, moved out ef port, 1 immediately prepared for actio.), bearing down on them to within range of my gun*, and abont 1(1 o'clock opi ned b Urn on them liom the ateamera Quadaloupe and Mentrzuma, and schooner Eagle. The enemy answered promptly, mid a lively fire was kept up by both partina till half past 3 in the evening, when ho retired to the harbor o( (am peachy. The enemy succeeded in strifc iug the Montezuma lour time* and the Ouadaloupa six times, lining but trilling damage to either vessel, and not wounding even any person on board. I have not been able to learn the amount of damago sustained by the enemy, but it i? interred that it ii conaiderable from tha fact thnt ho retreated to precipitately into ihoal water under the protection of the guna ol the fort." The Admiral reporta thnt the greatest eagerness was shown l>y theotlicera ntul crown to engage in the fight, Hud that even the tick begged permission to join their comrades in tho noble struggle. Later from Campkaciiy.?There were two Spanish brigs nt Lerma on the 17th ult., taking on board troops bound to Laguira. The Mexican steamers Montezuma and Guadaloupc were lying oifLerma. The Texas fleet were in the harbor of Campeachy. I.a i kk mom Tsmpioo.?'The ichaoner Virginia Antol neiie, i apt. ueivaiue, arrived in port yesterday, iu eigut <!ayn from Tutnpico. About flOO of the troop* from Yucatan arrived at that port lato in May, and the vessels were chartered to return in tho same service. Wo were Informed 011 good authority soma time since,that anew revolution wa:< on the eve of breaking out in Mexico, and Home translations fiom papers brought by tho Virginia Antoinette, go to confirm tho information. The Courier states that an oificinl communication of Oeneral Nicholas Bravo, addressed to tho Minister of War, dated 17th May, that the Indians have assembled, to the number of about 3000, in the evirons of C'hiapa, in the South, and that a reinforcement of 1000 men are expected from Tinpn. Tin so Indians, ho states, havo been Incited to revolt bv per'ons from I'uebla ami Mexico. They hare declared in favor of the federation, cud they threaten to cap* ture Cliiapa Oeneral Bravo ui get thai it is impossible for hi in to rnnder any assistance incase ol an attack upon that city, as lie could not raise mora than two hundred recruits among the population, lie add*, that if a re inforcement be not dispatched to his assistance, it will be im possible lor him even to niaintnin the post committed to hia charge, fiom the assaults of the insurgents. If. O ButUtiu. Departure ok tuk Falmouth and Somkrs ? The U. S. ship Falmouth, and brig bomere, of tho home squadron, left our hurbor on Saturday mor I- I I XT V I. ,L.. ... mug; uir luniirr uuuuu iu iirw iuiiv, uir muri iu Pensacoln. The Falmouth went out with "all sail set," while the Somers had only her lore and maintopsail and jib set. Notwithstanding this disparity in canvas, the Homers walked ahead ol her su;?erior. This would seem to substantiate the assertion that the Somera ia eqnal to her reputation as a sailer.? Sav. Hi/). 2it inst. Navv Oeniins.?Commanding F. Forrest, leave two months; Acting sailing muster John Jones, detached from Marion, waiting orders; acting carpenter John Ovorman, detached Iron) Marion, waiting orilers-, acting Boatswain Ueorsje Wilmuth, detnrhrd from Marion, waiting order*; lcuhr Ounner Robert s. Kins^, detached from Marion,waiting orders-, Passed Midshipman Uwrge Colvocort sses, detached trom receiving ship Ohio, and to U. S. sloop Marion us master; rumor W. A. Christian, detached from Marion, woitihg orders; I'tissed M irishman Inane O. Strain, leave two years; Ph^si J Midshipman Itotiert A. Knapp, to Waircn; Lt. O. Hurst, leave three months. ' Ai poiwtments.?William Brady, master, S. C. Reed master. Western ICallroatl Hecclpt*< Ono week, 1st July, 1843,] $U,4M ; " " 18-1 J, 10,A4iS April shows a small gum. May a gain of 'JO per cent. Total in June, $4M,0('0. (Jain in Jnne, 30 per cent. Therectipis of the last h?lf of '4/, were $310,000 A Id one third gain fur this y Mir, 103,0fle $41 >.000 Total receipts for the first six months, 1343, 2ifl,000 Total receipts for the year, AM CMiO Expenses in 1813, reduced $30,000, 336,000 Nett earnings for this year, $403,000 Equal io 5 per cent upon the 8 million* cost. June was tke average monthof last year's receipts. June, 43.000 September, 68 000 July, 4^,000 October, lf> 000 August, 65,000 November, M,000 f Huston Daily Jtdverliitr. 13Y THE*PKESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. TN pnisnanr* of law, I, J"HN TTLER, President of the 1 I nitcit t-'tat?? of Ainnrtca, do ii?reby declare sod make known, that > uli ic sa'?? will hrld at the undermrnnrocd Lai d OOicei in the State ol ftlicliigaii, at tiie periods hen insft? r designated, to wit: At lor l and Oflica at fVnesee, commrneiag on Monday, h* liin'h d-v of October iioit. for the <1 i*no?al of the nablic ImiJ.i wuhiu t he limits of the undermentioned Vwnahipa anil frsctionil towrsbips, to wit : North of the bue line, ami ?n' of the meridian. Townships thirty-one, thirty-two, tlu'ty-three, and thirtyfour, ttLil friciijn il township tlutty-liv!, birt-cnag on La Ire U, of r\Due ?ix Towaihkr* tnirty-one, thirty-two anil thirty-three, and free tiour.l township thirty-fjur, bordcri;iK on Lake Huron, of range i Vfu. Fractional towcihip* thifr-one, thirty two, thirty-three, and thirty-four, bordering cm Lake Hurou ami Thugder Bay,of tango eight. fractional townships tlnrt?. thirty-one, thirty-two, and thirty three, bordering on Lick Huron, of range nine. Frecti tial township U irty, of range ten. North of ihc hdjo line, ami W> ?t of the meridian. Township thirty-five, and fractional township* thirty six , thirtv-stvrii, ard thirty-eight, bordering on Lake Huron and IVln let's llay, of ranire one. Townships thirty-fit*, thirty-ahr,land thirty-seven, and fractional townships ihirlyeifht and ihwty-uiue, bordering OB Lake Huron, oi r*nge two. At the Land ufrn at Detroit, commencing on Monday, lha twenty lit ill day < f September rest, for the dupossl of the public Irnda within the limita of the following detached tracts, to wit Tin- lot Bttmker one in sretion eight, lot number nine in action nine, lots three, four end lire, ?n seclion seventeen, aud lot Dtitnher one in section eighteen, ?liich nave recently bean surrryed iu township ?t?, sonth of rings tan, east of the mendiaa. Lamia appropriated hy la ?, for the use of schools, military, )r oilier twrpotea, will r.e excluded from aale. The sales will each be kspt opeu for two wesks, (unless the mils if sooner disposed u ,) aud no longer: and no private en Uies cfla-d in Ihe townships so offered w ill be admitted, unti I liter tne exiiiration of the wo weeks. Uivrfl u;,drr my haud, at the city of Washington, this eighth day ot June, Anno Uommi :81?. JOHN TYLER, By the President ; TM9 rt. Ul.iKK, (!rn.inttiiiihi>rii( thm I.>ml Olfiri*. NOTICE TO rilK-SMPTION CLAIMANTS. Krery perton entitled tu the r trht of r>re emptiou to any lands within ihe limits of the townships abore enumerated 11 required to esub'ith the time, to th? satisfaction of the Hegisur and Kr (i??i nt ihf pr per l?nd oflic?, si d nuk? payment Uisrefor, ?? rooti as praeurfble afier seem* thu notice, and belore the dty *i<p< icted lor the commencement of the public ule ef me towuthip, embracm* the tract claimcd, abase designated ; oilicrwue men claim will be forfeited 1HO. H. BLAKE, i ?'! It ?w to?5sept r Coromiss'oner of the General Land Office. CHANGEABLE LOCKS FOR SALE. JAM ES KYLE'S INVENTION. OU1TABLE for Barks, Offices, and Store iloora. whrrr 1 talety is required. Persons m waut of a first raUkrtiele lor t"iat purpose, nmy obtain the ume by tpplyiuv at wMammoBd it, cor of Huilvn irtl Im'r TO THE LOVERS Or SUrEKIOK BLACK TEAllowqiaS Mixture?This extremely delieions ae? anparw Icd Ten, to highly celebrated in Chin? and Earope, last its ported, is row for tale at tic Canton 1 e? Company stseners I re* K.staW shmeat. 111 Chetlumsr Veer, aad IM "Till (on itrect, Brooklyu?ia laekage'. Frree U> cants and Si each j'jii i">*r aSZ^RAli F&ZNTZNO ESTABLISHMENT, 1. W. CORNER Of FULTON AND NASSAU STB. ? supplied with every material necesaary for the prosnpt, neat, and economical execution of every description ol 2&3S&H sm ffflwisOTasia. uMie r.ttention is requested to this establishment, in the a?irance that ample satisfaction will he giTuu?as regards typer.xphv, press work, and charges?to those wno require fancy or onunou, Urea or imaJI work 'iliccply atxl exi*)diuoaair Meuted. labels. ciikcks, waybills. cikculafts. snow bills. ball tickets, STEAMBOAT BILLS, BILL* OJP LADINtf. KAIL BO AD BILLS, BU8IVV83 CAKDS. tfTAOE BILLS, CATALOOUKi. PAMPHLKTfJ, BILL UK ADS, HA.NOBIL'S. NOTES. amm mt mmms*.m.- mm tf i- iW^ rnk.atpks, cihcuse/concerts. museums, LECTURES, I'I'BtrC meetings, >r *nv othrr pl.icr* w hf r? ?h* l?*e?t description of printing ia njuirrd. The |>? ilitir* fo? UiW work \rt not equalled b? aitf ffice in thi* city, tor, the law ms utmeut of J&KKs> TYiTi, Thu e?t<blislin?f at haa th? unilBST PMKM8K9 IIV TIIK CITY. Ireat p.?io? hive been taken to provide every material thai n po??iMy ba ofaemce.aud therefore periona havin? <>ce?on for Showbill*, will mid it greatly to their adv&atage to ilronue thit eit.ibluhment. .... t . (??" Any aise 01 foim ol Dill can ba furniah?<l at veiy *5?" " e? JL-j- ' |li1tawtm*r?

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