Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1843 Page 3
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Btt Ttft 8GUTHKKN MaIL. Late kbom Rio Jankiko.?By an arrival at Baltimore, account* Irom Rio Janeiro have been revived.?The govcrnmrut h?*s taken .1 very irnpor; tut ftf|>. The Minister ol Finance hat* appointed live persona from ihe Custom House to examine the prt-fent TariH, and lo select therefrom the articles ?>f tirst necessity. lie recommends an increase ol duty on :ill articles ol luxury, to be put in force at the e*pir*iion of the Treaty with Euglang in November, 1844; also a duty of 60 per cent, oh all ?oi.r.-e cotton goods, and 40 or 50 per cent, on finer descriptions, with the view of protecting internal ildiwtrv and findin* u hnmo market for the rnw ma lerial prowmu this country. A Brin-li fcteamer arrived from Iluenos Ayros and ' lonte Video on tne *22d iust. but brought no letters. ' he officers report that there was a great probability i>l Governor Rosas seizing the property of the Engl'?li residents at Buenos Ayres on account ot the English Commodore having interfered with the blockade of Monte Video. LATEST {SOUTHERN SHIP NEWS Baltimore, July 6?Arr "arali Catharine, Ktazier, Port au Primer; *riit>uolr, Allm, NYolk; t'cilord, Gale, IS Br.lf .rd.? bid Hun,mini: Hud,[BrJ Godltry, BarbAdoei;Bridgtou.Chiektrii.K, Aiwnu vidro. HQ- THE MOUNTAIN AND MOLEHILL.?Never 'lid the world preaent a greatar contrast than Harrington bring* together to-day lor his boot fit at the American Museum The six y wars old gi-?ut irirl, weighing 440 pounds, visits the eleven yearn old Torn Thumb, who weighs only 16 poundi! Yt Gods, what u sight! Three perlormancei will take place during the day, aa will be men l>y the advertisement, consisting of ventriloquism, magical illusions, and other diversified entertainments Families and strangera will throng the Museum day and night. 0tj- WONDERS WILL NEVER CEASE?There set ins to be some foundation in the report that Torn Thumb is paying his addressee to the Giant Girl, for her belli tit takes place to-day, ami he lias volunteered to ap pear on the occasion. There will be t'-iree performances at II, A and half past 8 o'clock, at each of which Tom Thumb will appear on the stage, and'' ?ing a little soag." What a contrast between the two, a mountain and a mole hill This is positively the last day ol the Giant Girl. We expcctthe number of visitors will almost equal those of the Fourth ol July. RHEUMATISM.?Thousands suiter with this complaint under ihe mistaken idea that it cannct be cured. We say it can, and all should use the Indian Vegetable Elixir Mud llewes'Nerve and Bone Liniment, bs these two articles have and are wair.inted to cure. To be had only at 41 Courtlandt st; 131) Fulton st. Brooklyn 3J0 Bread st. Newailc. THE GENUINE EXTRACT OF 8AR8APARll.LA, GENTIAN AND *AR.SAFRA8, prepared aud oold by the College ot Medicine and Pharmacy ol theeity ol New York, lor the radical euro ot all diseases mising from mi impure state of the blood, viz: Scrotuln, Halt Rheum, Riagworin or Tetter, blotches or pimples on the face o,r body, Rheumatism, malignant Ulcers, midalldis. e lse** arising ironi an injudicious use of mercury. This purely vegetable extract is prepared under the superin tendance of the first medical men in the city, and now universally prescribed 1-y the medical faculty throughout the States bs possessing all the curative properties of the diiVrent vegetables it is composed of in the highest concentrated form. Hold in si.igle bottles, 76 cents each, in cases containing hull a dezen, (3 do, iu do containing one dozen, Jti, carelully packed, and sent to all parts ol the Union. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Oltice and consulting rooms of the College 97 Nassau street. ;"*?? SUPERFLUOUS HAIR.?Persons who hav?thiolc longhair on the back of the nock, or any part of the body, can rent assured that with live minutes, they can ' have it removed without the least eruption or injury to the&kin, by the Chinese Hair Eradicator. This it is warranted to do, and imy one can see it tested at the store 21 Courtlandt street, 320 Broad street, Newark; 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. $3- THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, j lor tho curaof primary orsecondaiy syphilis. This pow. erful alterative isconiitosrd of a combination of botanical remedial agents, which excrcist) a specific eftect on those terrible malodiej. Sold in large bottles $2 eucb; in small do $1 each; in cases containing half a dozen, cartj fully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. OMice and Consulting Rooms ofthe College of Medicine and Pharmacy, t7 Nassaw strep.'. IfiJ- EAST INDIA HAIR DYE WILL COLORHAIR any shade irom a light brown ton jet black, and will not st?;n the bkin. To t>e had only at 31 Courtlandt street. (K/-UI1L, LLLtaaAltLI iUrNIU M1A1UKE * UK the cure oi' deapepsia, loss of appetite, lassitude, debility, nredispo.-ition to consumption, und all those unpleasant feelings attending on a weakened constitution. Prepared and sold nt the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. Largo bottles, $1, small do $l; cases containing halt a dozen, ?5;carauily packcd aiid sent to ull purta of the Union. W. S. RICHARDSON, Ageut. Office and consulting rooms oi the College, 97 Nassau street. (K3- ONE MILLION OF SHERMAN'S POOR Man's Plasters per annum will not supply the demand, to wonderful are their e fleets, and so great has their reputation become. Beware of imposture. Sherman's genuine t'lm'.rs always have Dr. herman";: signature ou the hack, while the spurious article is merely called " Poor Man's Plaster," ami lias no signature or name to father it, und what is worse than all, it hss invariably produced bad effects wherever it has been u?f d. s<i 'rrquent have the complaints become, that Dr. in. . ' ' d to warn the public against the base inij <> , vieh immediate relief, get the genuine uiiicie at the ware house, No. 146 Nassau street, or of the regular agents 110 Broadway, 10 Astor House, 2'27 Hudson street, 188 Bowery, 77 East Broadway, 139 Kulton street, Brooklyn, and 89 Ghr.suut street, Philadelphia. ijQ- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'S CELEBRATED PILLS, lor the cure of Gonorrhea or Gleet. This invaluable specific for those diitie.ssing complaints, has been the fruits ol twenty-five years experience of Protessor V , iu the hospital of Le Chaiite, in l'aiis, and pronounced by the unanimous voice of the medical profession of all countries, hi the only remedy known to perform a cure in ull constitution*. Sold in hosts containing a uundred pills, *1 each. W. S RICHARDSON, Agent. OS ce and consulting rooms of the College, 97 Nassau street. N. B Country patients can ohtain a case containing a sufficient quantity ol Professor V.'s lemedy, with lull directions fur use, by addressing the agent ol the College (post paid) giving a full description ofthe complaint, and unci, sing $3. jj- BRIS rOL'3 SAR9APAR1LLA?Many of the best physicians in the country hove voluntarily borne witness to its euperior efficacy and value, as their writ, ten ccitificatis, now in the possession of the proprietor, will show. Testimonials almost innumerable, from persons who have been benefitted by its use, or have leeti its medical virtues used by their friend*, are also in the pos(c-lsion ol Mr. Bristol, which ptove how many, how valioui, unl how extreme have been the inttauces in which, by its operation, the sick and the almost despair* ing have been lestored to health and happiness. Bristol's Sarsaparilla is a rare ami nvaiuable combination of vegetable remedies of established medical value, and Irom its peculiar properties is almost infallible iu all complaints that arise from impurities ol the blood, Irom the morbid action of the absorbent and glandular nvst-nis. Irorn constitutional idiosyncracie*, hereditary predisposition, and in general all chronic and long standing inllrmiitei and irregularities ot the human frame. To enumerate all the diseases in which it lias been lound to be a sovereign remedy, woul I' <: to make this notice much too ]eng'hy;<>nd w<: C8n only hero suggest to the leader the value and importanceot preparation, and refer him to advertisement* in the public paper* for n more detailed intelligence respecting its clttcacy, in nearly all cases of complaint,e.xrpptthoseof the most ordinary, or endemic and epidemic, charact r. The propri. tor de?iics only to have attention generally directed to thin article, confident that its rare virtues only need be known to bo appreciati d, that it will stand the test ol any trial, and thai, increased usetulness, and a<ldi'd popularity, must l>e the direct result of its more extended acquaintance. See that the written signature ol C. C. Bristol is acios* the cork of the bottle. City Agents for the sale of Biistol's Sarsaparilla Win. Burger, ,80 Courtlandt street ; Milliau's Pharmacy, 183 nroadivay; Rushton Si Co. 110 Broadway, VVm. Aspinvail, 90 William street, and lOAstor House; James Syme, AI.D 63 Bowery, and John Syme, 30 H'ulton, corner Writer st; Smith's Medicine Store, 367 15ro ulway; Wood & Morrison, No. 209 Greenwich atreet; I.O. Reed, 143 Fulton street, Brooklyn. ft}- A CURE GUARANTEED?THE COLLEGE OK Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, eutahlislied for the suppression of quackery, i* now prepared to treat all disc of a private nature, and offer to all those allicted with these distressing maladies advantages not to be met with in any other institution in this country, either public or private. Krom the constant correspondence, and from private arrangements, between the memliers ot the College and the most eminent Prolessorn of the Medical Institutions ol Europe, all improvement* in the treatment of tliu*e disease* are lorwarded to them long belore they reach the majority of the medical profession ol this country. All person* who have uied the celebrated preparation ol Proie*?or Rieord, "The Parisian Alterative Mixture," can bear testimony to its being the most liowerful remedy over discovered lor primary or aecond ry syphilis, strengthening the constitution, whilst eradicating the disease. Professor Valpeau'* di*Covory, in bi* Specific Pill*, for the cure of gonorrliss and gleet, has raised him immeasurably above all hi* contemporaries in this particular branch of the profession. With such celebrated remedies, together with the combined skill ot the first medical men of thi* country, the College leel satisfied that the good work thev have undertaken, "the suppression ol quackery," will receive the patronage it deserves from that portion of the public requiring their *ervices. Terms, for advice, and all medicmn , $fh Office, and Consulting Room* ol the College, 97 Nassau street. W. S RICHARDSON, Agent. DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT, 375 BOWERY ?To those who have eougli* or eo!4s, asthma or ornumption, we would say try the Genuine Taylor's Balsam ol Liverwor;, made only at 37ft Bowery; it is the only remedy to be relied on lor the cuioof the ab'tve mentioned diseases. Beware ef all other medicines got up under difleruut name* by the mercenary, ou the leputation of thi* article. Tne b?re-laced counterfeit! r dare not imitate my new steel plate lable, " to prevent counterfeits," with the signature of Dr. Gurdon J Lied-, sole wholesale agent, attached ; therefore, be caretni lo see that that is on each bottle belore you inrchase. Ceitili> ate* have frequently been published in tho Commei?ijI Tribune Hxrutri. Sun. ami Chronicle neW(i>ui>eiK wr.h t^e name* of Dn, Clinton, Perkin?, and Hofiin.ui, i. ommrnding it to patient* who have voluntarily givt* tit their ran** to publuh. Examine, and It you are not w, 1,(11 inediclnecun cute jot',) it it your own fault. Buy a< aliove, or of Dr. Lcedn, druggiit, lid Maiden lane, I Mole wboli'iale agent, Mr?. Hay?, agent, Brooklyn; ISU K'llten ?tieet. m qq- ROACH AND BED BOO BANC.?A sure and uern.anent Mterminator of the*e noxious vermin can be round at 31 Couitlandt street?Price 16 cents per bottle, j'o hotel* or steamboats they can buy it by the gallon or quart. MONKY JMAUKKT. Friday, July 7?UP.3I. A Bote was mad at the new board of broke.ra thia morning from tha Secretary cf the Treasury, apologizing lor the late transaction in relation to the payment of the Government interest, on the ground that it was the mistake of a "subordinate." The heads ol departments are those on whom responsibility rests. The stock inarkitwa* very heavy to day. United States 6 percent stock fell 1 percent; Harlem Long Island I}; Stonington 1$; Ohio ); Kentucky I; Indiana 1 per cent; Illinois 1 percent. New York 7's, 1848, rose ? At the new board tko sales were small, with the same general results as at the other bourd. Of the Treasury notes advertised to bo redeemed by the government n< tl>n - - *?-- -? -? i? (600,000 wore held by bank* mid individual* in the city of Baltimore?nearly the whole of this capital in for re-in" vestment. At Boston, $38,000 Massachusetts 6 per cent Stock payably in 1867 und 1859, sold at 2$ per cent adr. At New Orleans on the J8th, $119,666 in spscie arrived from Tampico. Theie is very little variation now in domestic bills. Kates of Domestic Exchanqe in New York, June, 1841 and junf IB. 1843. June, 1841. June 16, 1843. Boston, par a % pir a % dis. Philadelphia, 4 4Hi ? a fi Q&lumore, 4)<a 4)2 >f a J* UiCliinntid, S>?" 6 la l>? N'ortli Carolina, 5a ? 1J?^ 2 Sivannali, 3 a 3 \a 1 A.OKUHU, 15 a ? $<a 1 Charleston, lJi* IK 1 Aiialachicola, 30 a ? ? a ? Mobile, 10 alO 17 al8 New Orleans, 7 a 7 1 a 1^ L.UUI1TIUC, 8 a 9 1 a IS I Nashville, 12X& ? IX* 2 ' Natchez, ? a ? 3 a 3X St. Luuia, 8 a 8 l%a 2 Cincinnati, ? a 8 lHa 2 In liana, 7 a 7 ? a ? Illinois, ? a ? ? a ? Detroit, 4*4t ? < ? a ? There is nothings detrimental to the welfare of a peo pie sh great and fluctuations in the mtiuner of cm ploying money and the changing of the channel* through which it is em ployed. TUiilatleris perhaps one of the greateit evil* of the credit system. A remarkable in stance of the tniochief which it engenders is seen in the convulsion and disaster which prevailed in England for many years after the war ceased in 1816. In 1803 the toUl expenditure of the kingdom was ?48,908,230, including ? .10,699,804 paid on account of the public debt. This ex penditure was yearly increased until in the year 1814, it reached ?106,38:2,300, or $650,000,000. This almost in' credible sum ol money was yearly drawn from the peo_ pie nt large, and expended in military and naval opera, tions. The continuance of the war destroyed many industrial employments, but the expenditure of so large a sum annually by the government built up immense interests on the "protective system," dependent upon the outlay of the guvernment; one half the kingdom was em ployed for the government. With the return of peace the expenditure ceased. The outlay of the government, from being ?106,832,000 in 1814, tell to ?66,000,000 in 1817 This involved the inevitable ruin of all those interests <rnplojrd by the war, and the kingdom was convulsed. The expenditure for three periods were as follows:? Teu yean endiui; January 1802, ?147,812 773 Foul tec n " 18 6, 1 f'69 681,370 Twelve " " 18.'H, 670,198 286 From 1802 to 1816 $3,000,000,000 was forced into the channel!) of government pationage, and $2,000,000,000 withdrawn in the subsequant 19 years. The terrible diasters that occurred from 1815 to 1831, notwithstanding the continuance of the bank restriction, is still rife in the public memory. It wan the stoppage of the war expenrti. ture belore new interenta had supplanted those ruined by that event., which inflicted far deeper misery than the ac. tual war. The present state of atfaiis in this country la very similar to that of the United Kingdom at the period to which wc refer. In order to understand this at a glance, we have compiled from official documents the progress of debt in this country, comprised in three items, viz..? Bank Stocks, State and City Debt, and the Debt of the Federal Government. All the items are from official re. ports.m d may be depended upon as strictly coirect. Tiiw table presents the following results:? Tabli; ok Public Stocks at Dipfkrbut Fkriods i* the L'nitkd Statics. Sla'e and Hank Slock, city tlock.t. U. S Stock. Thiol stock. 1820, 137,110,611 3,4)0,000 91.015,566 231,576,17 1 815, 112,031,000 12,790.728 8 1 788,432 248 610,160 130, 145,191,268 1-6,470,417 48.565,406 210,228 091 1813, 168,725,687 51,117 UOO 8 ?1*,U0 212.775,787 1831, 200 005,944 58, .'4 0 000 7,'100,000 266,145.941 11,35, 211 250.33' 66.483 166 lirtue 297,733.523 It. 36, 251 87;,292 85,310 000 " 317,215,292 1817 , 290,772,091 lUO.OOO.UOO 2,971,166 39 ,713,257 1838, 317,6.6 778 1*4,<82,868 10.0o2.266 501,10 ,902 1839, 3-7,132,5'? 200,900,000 2 821,555 520,854,(07 1810, 3)8 442.602 2.0,151,000 5.550,00(1 574,142.692 iiis! SSm'jm 259.ns.ii13 27,m'tei 6M 552,791 Dclioq't a"d iu liqtud'o, 95,000,000 115,746,000 ? 210,746.(00 Net, 283,000,00(1 14*3.432,533 27,394,261 453,806.794 The column of aggregates shows a yearly increase Of stock debts in tome shape. In 1820, the United States Bank, with $35,000,000 capital, had just gone into opera, tion. The amount of State stocks was very small. From that year, 1810, the Federal Government paid olf $178, 411,318, which extinguished iu debt, piincipal and interest, and left the total stock debt in 1935 at $66,483,184 only; in the same time the bank stock had been inereased near $100,000,000, consequently the amount ot money in those two employments had iucreased $66,000,000, which was perhaps the actual increase of capital in the couutry At that moment, Isowever, the mania commenced, and the aggregate stock debt increased $367,000,000 in eight years, although in the previous ftiteen years it had increased but -20 per cent of that amount- The inevitable result of this was the revulsion, which threw into liquidation $95,000,000 of bauk capital, and caused a delinquency in over $115,000,000 of State government debts. In :hia calculation wehuvs omitted the enormous suras employed in insurance andother company stocks, becausi- there are (0 means of approximating the true sums. Now, then, it appears, that during a period of fifteen years, ending in 1856, there was very li'tln change in the direct employ, ment of capital ; the surplus only, about $4,000,0JO per annum, waa put into new b ock. During the succeeding eight years, howeve;, U>o payments ot the Federal Oo. verumtnt, $10,000,008 per uanum, not only ceased, but the reverse took place,the Government became a borrow er, and near $400,000,000 or $40,000,000 per annum, was withdrawn Irom other employment* and put into ktor.KS. Bank capital neai ly doubled, and their loans increased in a greater ratio. Money was rapidly leaving its old direct application iu developing the resources of the country by stimulating industrial employments, aud was rushing into trade through the medium of banks. This had the same effoct in changing the employment of the people, atul building up immense interests dependent upon bank expenditure, which the war in Europe had in making the people of Kngland dependent upon the outlay of the government. In this case the peace changed the stat ? of affairs. In tho present case here the overstrained credits bror. down of themselves, and as above $110,740,. 000 became .YWntpient, and all the bank discounts greatly curtailed. Hence all that immense interest which had been built up dependent upon these credit movements was destroyed, and the country ha* been going through a collopso in consequence. But affairs arc now recovered, , end industry aad capital are now getting into a healthy j direction, and with the comtautly increasing volume 0| industrial wealth, trade and untrammelled commerce would noon grow roaitogivo healthy employment to the remaining sound banking capital. ftulwJ >tt lh? Stock Kzrnur*;*. tlftOO Kcomeky 6'?, ?li? lu 91 75 .'Iim I'oiou tf.cnk I08X Kind d) '.<2}{ 27 Del ik Hni'non 104>i 4IMM ana 8 7 Bdi i'l s SO Farmer*' Tinit 23H Iron) do (10 29H 100 do 23 '.oofl do 29* :iofl do J*l? 40IMI I-di inn Dili Dd? MIX 10 Mntnal litiur .r.Ci' WH 24 VW Ohio 6'*, 1860 90 20 Anbfc Rneh'l tt R 94S 41) 0 dl 90K 25C?UI0?U0 23H I 3000 do 90>< 6 Mohawk Kuilroad 34 1(100 K-ntnekv 6'?, JO yr? 96*J 300 Hailem 3IH ono do 9t> 75 do 31 \ 2000 do bJU 9? 25 do 3lfi 3?o? do 9-.X 2.10 L lilimd 11 R MS 8000 do 95* 50 do 5'N lOO'i do *10 95* TO do b30 52?| 5*5 .... do 95H 100 SccninRton R R 27 3000 Miuon b1! 32m in do 27% (1(100 do 3?H is do rH Second Hoard. 50 ?liu L .30 52* 25H?ilernllU .10 SlH J? I,0 lKmtucky .10 951* 5a do >30 52;i "?w Vork Hnblio ntock Biohange, $10(10 U S6'?, bl5 wr.H nooo lllinoia ?'?, 10 bnw 32? 1000 do M0 I 16m 41)00 do ,'i 1000 do 5 ? bi5 10.',H 200(1 do J2V loOO do l>?0 101)4 1000 do ?I5 32S 5O00 do P30 105 n.00 do SI5 32 mo I do i3>) 10<x 300.) do 32S ? 00 Oliio6'i, 1850 90 1000 d > 32*. 1000 do buw 90 50.1 a. Aub k Ro?h bSO '8 V 7'KIO do x m kV,* 'jOjl 1.1 <ud RaiUoad 5m. WW OJ " > "'<? ao ',2?m 1110(1 Iio ?I5 1 ? dt> )10 sjw J ion d ?I5 9.1 MO do ja? gnOn d. 90M 150 .o 3? 1)1 0 do 10M 75 A. 13 100" Keutuck} 6'? 96,t J50 d? bio 5? 'iion do 96 no ao bin 6} l>l n do li t t5X 100 do do >,,t% IiUTO do 9i?4 50 do ?1J 2i?n d> '>'j\ ion do ?15 ? 1*0 lllii ois f?'i, 1170 32H 59 Farmer* Loau a Second Uoari, ttO.) Kentucky 95k 350 ibaa L Uliud R R 5tfc IIIOII no bIJ 9I.H 50 do h20 53 MO lUlDOiafa, 1170 (3*V 50 do b!0 53 State ot Trade. Cotton.?This article itill continues dull, the aalea ye* terday reached nearly SOO bale* at former prices. Jithes.?The tales of pot* reach nearly JIM) barrel*,at | $4 <ij$a4 65. Pearl* wo quote at * > -J6a5 31 J, with aalea for amall parcels. //ay ? Sales of common for shipping we quote at $36*88; primo sells quick at 40a48. btttwax ?We notice ?ale* of western, fair quality, at i9jai9j, net: Oils ? Sale* of while at 3-.}}a3-)?. The supply of both whale and sperm is large, and prices firm. Whiikey?Wo quote tales of drudge at ct* to a mo- ! derate extent. Naomi Stores?Very little doing in any article undsr thiN head. Bpirit* ol Turpentine we quote at 80 cents, j with trifling sales. Provisions?sales ot Mess Tork at 11 43} a 11 AO, ard Prime at 9 37J a 9 50. Beef, citv mesa at 8 37}, and Country at (8; Lard, sale* at bj u a cts. Corn Trade. Our Flour market stands in nearly the *amu condition at before reported. Pricc* are on the decline, and operations are very limited, denoting a speedy falling off in our a notation*. The nricesof flour an,I uh.-at nmvnrv high in all the western market*, but the excitement for peculation has subsided, and prices are shaking and must soon Teel the dull and inactive utato of things here. We quote for Genesee in thin markrt, $5,60 a $5.6-24; Ohio and Michittnn $5 ' !."> a $5,37?; Ohio tound hoop $5,S?; Georgetown, $5,50 a $5,62J; Brandy wine, $5 75; Richmind County, $5,0-2} a 55,75; Nu\v Orleans, $5, a $5,25 Rye Flour, northern, $3,31^?Corn Meal, Jarsey, $2,87J a $3, Brandy wine, $3,1-2}, bbl?. Wheat still continues very dull) we quote $1,15 a 1,-20. uui u, uui liiciu, niiiub iv ?uiii>; i'lit'qi hi os a dbjc measure; southern 66c, weight. Rye?sales at 09 a 70 cunts. New Wheat has made its appearance in Baltimore, anil brought good price's. The harvest in this and most of the webtfiM stales has commenced, and so tar as we have received accounts, turn out very abundant, and exceed* all the anticipations formed by the most sanguine. Receipts at Cleveland for the month of June were? Barrels of Flour, 88,017 Bushels of Wheat, ... 10.2,366 Bushels of Corn, .... 36,092 Exports l?r the same period compared with last year : 1841. Fluur. Wheat. To Un'ted States perts 63,935 171,130 To Canada 7,933 41,018 71,868 316,144 1843. To Utiited States ports 96,359 95,306 To Canada 10,447 4,638 106,806 99,834 The exports of Hour to the British colonies are larger this year than last, while the exportsof wheat have fallen off a Urge per cent- The expor'.s eastward via Buffalo, up to Julv 1st, were :? 1843. 1843. 1841. Wheat bush. 401,093 294,500 231,727 Corn bbls. 16,563 130,386 4,608 Flour bbls. 307,286 238,664 283,683 The falling oti in Corn during t843, from 1342, is very large, and we uan only account for it from the fact that last season was very unlavorablo to that kind el grain, and the increased consumption among the producers, in the place of wheat, which was thrown into market from first hands,immediately after harvest, to an extent amounting to a large per cent of the total production. In seasons of low prices, n larger proportion of the cr*p of Wheat is invariably brought into market, thau when prices are high, and money plenty, which enables farmers to obtain facilities to meet their liabilities, with" out being compelled to dispose of their grain at the market price, whatever it may be at the tine. We anxiously look for reports from the extreme West ro as we can form a more derided opinion lis t > what the crop of wheat and other grains will be, in comparison with last year. At Cincinnati the 3d inst ? Soles on Saturday at $.4 06, $4 0!1 ;ind $4 I2J, there br ing quite a mixture of brands in maiket About 100 bull, were sold from wagons on Sycamore struct, at $4 06 and $4 10. At St. Louis tne 29th ult?Sales of Hour, good country brands, were made yeatetday at $4 26. City mills, best, we continue to quote at $6, chiefly at retail. There is but little flour arriving, and the stock is light. Wheat sold ytsterday at 70 a 76, at which rates the demand is good. At Philadelphia the 6th inst.?The market has been quiet, and the sales limited at $6 26 a 6 .??} for fresh m mm I Western and Pennsylvania flour ; to day holders ask $6 37$ for Pennsylvania. The receipts continue light. Rye flour has been sold at $2 37$ a 2 60 per bbrl. Sales of corn meal at $2 87J a 2 90 per bbrl. for Pennsylvania and Brandy wine. Sales of prime Pennsylvania red wheat early in the week at $1 19 a 1 19?subsequently at $1 17$, and to-day at $1 16per bushel. Asaleot rye at 66 cents. Corn comes iu slowly. Sales of Pennsylvania yellow at 66} a 66, and Southern ot 64 a 66 cts. Oats?Sales of Southern at 30and Pennsylvania at 32 cts. At Baltimore the 6th iustant.?There is scarcely any demand for Howard street Flour, and we arc not ailvised of any sales to day. The last transactions trom store were at (6 60 for good standard brands, at which price the article is now uniformly held. The sale of 1500 barrels City Mills Flour noticed in our last should have been at $6 30. Sulea have been made today of about 1300 barrels at $6 66. We hear of no transactions in Susquehanna Flour. Some parcels of choice brands arc held at $5 76. The receipts of Pennsylvania Wheat yesterday ami today, comprise about 4000 bushels, Noneof the parcels were of prime quality, and the sales were made at 113 a 116 cents for the best reds, and at 105 cents for parcels 1,,. i iilnnr M.I url.itn I'nr.. ot 6J cent*, and ?f yellow ot 64 cents. Sale* of P?nna, yellow at 54c. We quote Md. Oats at 26 a '26c. At Buffalo the 6th markets are decidedly heavy to day, and such salii* as have been made wer? at a decline from former rates. We notics sales of N. Ohio wheAt at $1 06, whic* would place Chicago at $1 bush. The operations in flour are solely on city account? Straight forward brands are held at $6?all other descriptions must be placed below that mark. Corn has declined l to 40 cent*. The receipts at Cleveland and Toledo?the new channel of tride to the Waba*h?are now heavy, 7 838 came into Cleveland on Monday, and the receipts atTolelo are now 1000 bushels a day. Dealers must govern themselves accordingly. The receipts here duting the past48 hours were '23,000 bushels wheat, 4000 corn, and 8100 brls flour. At Albany, July 6.?There has not been much flour in to-day or yesterday, and the transactions of to day are too limited to establish a scale of prices. The laige holders continue lirm ct $5 76 a $6 The sales in small lots are at a decline since our last quotations. 160 bbls (T Barnard, Iloch.) sold At $6 44, 200 do offered at fame price, 600 bbIs Mich. (Three Rivers) a prime article offered at $n|. We quote all kinds at (6 60 a 6 68, according to order. A sole of 9000 bushels shorts made at 10c. and 800'J bushels Oata at '28c. Two boatloads are held at , 28} a 20. A' Cleveland, the 1st inst?The canal receipts to-dry are3,100 bushels Wheat, and 6,699 barrels Klour. There is no raonuv to do business with?sight drafts on New York are taken ton limited extent in payments, but when the proceeds are to go south, nothing but the | currency will answer. We quote flour at $4 a $5^, and wheat 106 n IPS cexts, the transactions beinf so limited that our quotations may be considered as being merely | nominal. At Toledo the '28th ult?The amount of produce re- < cuived by canal and railroad since our last, is as follows: i wheut ."W06 bushels; corn 3160 bushels; oata 272 bushels; . flour 1033 barrels. Prices are tending unward?for flour $4 H7J a 6 .. re aske ', $4 76 was refused a day or two since for a lot of 500 bbls; wheat $1 ; corn 39c. We have not heard of any heavy transactions at these prices. 1 At Montiealthu 4th instant.?The flour market for , American lirands was dull. 8a es to a trifling extent of ( Ohio were a. $6 75, but holdars generally demand I $6. Canadian was luoted at $5 30 a 5 60. Nothing over a retail business doing. Provision Itlarket. We have very little to give that is new ot articles in the eatirg line this week.jThe markets are liberally supplied with all thegood things the country afford*. VVii notice Watermelons, Cucumber* and Raspberries in great abundance. Our gardens want rain very much to forward the growing vegetables. The sale of meats is seriously affected by the hot weather, and fish from the same cause i* in exteniive de IHHIKI, will! H IN UUUIlllHIIIX^ lUpilllFU, ny 111 C ui lull daily produced by the dealer*. The preient *e??on promi*e* to be rery favorable for fruit, particularly for i Peaches. Below will ho lound the retail pricei for tho principal arliclc* offered In our market. Prick* or Provision*. Apple*, bbl>? $150 a 2 74 Lobitrra, ?*6 a ? A?imrat{uj, nunrli- IJ a IJ Mutton all Brrf, |>?r lb . ? a y Omotn, perbn?h 40 a 50 i Beel, |>er cwt* $4.50 aji I'anrmx, per d?7. , 37>^?? Bret, corned 8 a 8 l'?rtrr Hmi?e Steak* I2>fca ? BUclctiih," ? a 10 Pork, per lb 5 a 0 Been, per bunch 6 a? Pi*?, rna.iter* ? a $1 Butter, fr*?h, per lb II a 14 Poutoe*, bush 311 ? Butter, firkin, per lb ft a 8 Potatoea, Swt,hf pk.? a 31 Urabu, dor Hadishea, bunch a 1 I ' l.'lncken* 75 al 00 Rhubarb, per buucli 5 a ? L'Uma, 100 ii ii Sirliim, lb 10 a 12 Dried Apple*, bbl* ? a $IH salmon, ? a I2X Eel* 8 a 10 Shxd, each ? a ? Kvk?, 12 for ? a 12,l? 8;ri| ed Rail, lb* 10 a ? Kresh Cod 4 a 5 SaiuaKr* ? a 8 Flounder* ? a 5 Turui|u, per bunch,- S a 4 Jnwis a 3 Tripe, lb a 4 Lettuce, dor. I!ci Turkiea l.OOaSI 5P Lamb, per lb 7 a 8 Veal* 5 a 6 Brighton Cattle Market. July 3?At markat 410 Beef Cattle, 13 .pair Working Oxen, 3160 Sheep, and 650 Swine. 80 Baet Cattle un old. Pricei?Boef Cattle?We ml?ce our quotation*; ? very f. w extra probably brought a trifle more thun our highpat quotation* Kirat quality, 4 76 ; aecond quality, 4 36 a 4 50; third quality 3 76 a 4 3ft. Working Oxen?Sale* at $80,73 and B6. Sheep?Lots from $1 131? 1 ; aud a few at 3 36. Swine?A l?t of small pig* lor roaiter* at 7c*, old Bar- * row*4$c, u lot to peddle 4Jc; a lot to c!o*e 3Jc. At r?- \ tail from 4 to A{c. F Philadelphia Cattle Market. Jul* (J.?Beef Cattle?1010cattlo in market; (ale* 4 to j. 6C; extra ?$; 310 went to New York; 90 left over. p Cow* and Calve*?180 at m.irket, tale* $12 to 18 ; extra J22 to -38. Springwrs >14 to 17. Dry bow* $6 to 0. Calve*?$1 60 to J 60 ; extra 3. 1 Hog* ?31<> at market i *ale?4to 4J ; extra 4^. I . Sheep?1470 at market ; ?ole* to 3J ; extra 3. Krtlf(hU. N*w OrlcafX, Jtine 39.?We are ndviied of the follow- . ing engagement* aince our la?t report, viz : one abip lor u London at 87* *d for Tobacco; one for Liverpool at Jd ; one for Cork and a market at 7101 for cottnn; and one lor I Havre at } cent lor cotton and 32? #4 for Tobacco. The I rate* to foreign port* are very Arm, and it i* difficult now ' to obtain freight for cotton to Liverpool at our quoted V rate. In C<ta?twi*e freight* there ia but a moderate buai* ' n?a? lining. The rate for lead ha* declined considerably, * but other wi*e there ia no material change. Kor further ' particular* lee table. 1 rr-s??r??? Married, On Monday evening the 3d July, by the Rev. Dr. (l Smith, of Cholx a, Mr. Ohiiiihi R. 'lowfiuno to * Mia* Eauunc V romaa*, both of thU city. ' J "** " ? - Died. I At Newark, on Thuraday the 8th inftant, Mr. Jamk* lonita, after a lingei ing illnei*. He waa admired and beloved by all who knew him. If costly pile* should mark where virtue lie*. And worth by number* to the grave be borne, O'er him the proudest pyramid ihould riae. And weeping thousand* at hii funeral mourn. PaMcngcri Arrived. Havbk?Ship (Sreat Bntaiu? Mr* 8<-.huei Icr Red 2 children? }l in the *teeriee. Ft Jago ok Cuba?Bug 'Pareunia? Mr Jordousy, lady and child; Mr Gorge. Mobili?.irhr Kiddh-John Uale, Meurt Marinoi-d, Phillips, McDonald, Smith, Bnya. PuieiiKtrt to Arrive. OHABLK.aTON?Ship Cathaiinr? Mr? K Lownde* and two children, Mr? Mrudcnhill, Mr* A E Millar, Mi?a Jchnaou. Miaa ^rcatnn, W C.Murray, 'ady, child Mid aeivant, iVit and Mra Kile, Mil* Ti'imom. 8 Hyde and lady, C M Arnold, J K Mcnde hall?2 in the at?erai;e. foreign Importations. Livmpooi.?Sliip 8? Mark?1500 ?ack* ?alt A Hiehird*. I aouna?Sclir Hob Hojr?1(h) ton* logwood Howluud Ik As- i pinwull. Galvkjton? barque Stir Hepublic? 500 bi ei cctton J 11 | u.9wti-<uu r n iriuouv K co. Ucm??tlc Jmpiirttllanii Nkw Oiilkan*?Ship Liverpool?11 bb s mi'se 26 do hatrs 8'iydum, N.'jjtt fit c<>? 1B0 do l.-rd 4 do poik W (J lie?-3 do i'il B H Fielil?24 iln haws 8 .u hmtyd & 'o?5 t.xi mdstt L -Ilett k co 101 hhds tobacco Boorin m. Johusiou k co? 0 bills oil 2 casks serd ' awrrnce R*nt?m bales hrtnn J I) McUiefot?3 c uk? hi-e?w?x Sting'** & co?150 pi** Iced <' H Bunrii - -'0 hh tob?c;o J Hauler?6 t>bi?oil I cask 1 tbl beeswax It bile* hemp MuU Hpenc '? J hbl* i hf do lallo-v D Hall?10 hhd? tobacco Bush k co??2' bile* hi'inn IS ck? 1 !>!>.a seed J D McGregor? 4 bales mil J B irri i?50 I h li tobtcco Bpotford, Til" toh k co ?10 d > Hubert 5c W ill Him? 1 b <lt? cotti n Munar Brulhc r?? 211 bb't 44Q *ks wlieai 10 hhd.i 20 to ? ed J M Mavbee?J8 bbls 14 tcs tlM-'.-d 9bb's castor ml j do boaus 1 bale skinn 1 5 hemp 17 skins 2 hhds barswax J Smith?9 ics shoulders (inswold k eo?4lit ch* ivhe it < hnri'innau k H -bens?13 hhdi hams K?erett a Bat tile?21 bbl* cantor oil 17 do tallow Woll k Bi'ho&? B2 bbl? lard it d:> Intni Lee. U i'er.-- Mill'r?10 bale* wood W Wald'?22 hhd? f'bacco K L Maitlnud?24 do 2 bxs do Havens k co?2 bbls ?rd B >Kirl k Kurt-land?21 bbls I lierce flaxseed 1 lib! ecjwai H Imu?31 boxes I! lluut?15 bales hemp I hhd tobacco 47 do tl ixseed 8 bbls seed 442 racks corn 403 bales buffalo robes 100 bale* cotton Young k co, MARITIME HERALD, ."h!ii Sluttro a?d Agentii We snali esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Kookht "Iilvhy, of cur News fleet, a i.?port of the Shippiuc left at 'he Fort whence they sailed, the Veasels Spoken on their l\iss*K?, a Lut of tlieir Carco, nud aov Foreign Newspapers or News thsy may have. lie villi bjiid them immediately ou their airival. Aaeula anil Coriespoudei.ta, at hoTue or abroad, wilt alsn cmler a favor by ending to this Oifice nil the Manue liui'llkf uce tlx.y can obtain. Niatical ?nforraation of ?cy kind -will be thaoklully teceived. <?OHT OV W.W fOKX, Jl'LY 8 sua 4 38 1 Mtico sets 1 23 7 31 I IIIKH 4 4 Cleared. Hhips Patrick Heuiy, D?ha>. Liverpool, Uriunt'll, Miuturn k 4'>; Ohio, Lyon. d >, Saml Thomp ou; Biryuaoy, Wnt'on, ll'.v r, C lio'ton, Fox k Livmgstoui Warsaw, llawkius, (Jla-K'iw, K 8 J inr* k I'o ? 3ri*? Suu, Wi>n?t. Bremen, Mot7. k 1'ollitz; Elira, L>ckwood, ht Croix, B i)e Forest ?Co. Arrive ik. Shin St. Mark, Butin m, 48 dars Livctpoo', with salt, to A. Hichatds. Whip iireat Britai , rroal, from Havre, May 20, in hillau, to H. I Walker. Shin Liverpool, Agry, 16 diys fiom New Orleans, wi h cot tOB, &c to Netim'h. Leeds & Co. Sweduh barque Am una, Stallnnrlake, 57 dayi from St. Ul? ?, n-rth 110(1 inoys suit to master, Bi)i|ii' Scat Republic, Hmilley, 27 dajs from Galveston, Texan. wuh cotton, to John H . Brewer. Brit; Tarquinn, L ml lain, lb <1 ays Irom tit. Jago dc Cnba, with colfee Sic. to Thompson Si Ailauil. Brig Ha ny Coit. lliyden,6 days from Georgetown, SC. with cotton, to H. Co t Si Co. Schr Rob He, Ivnuer, 42 days from Laguna, with logwood, to Howla id 8i Aspinwall. H.-lir Enimi, Webster, 26 dayi from Mobile, with itorei, hound to Boston?put in to laud passengers. 8cnr Mio, Griffiug, 6 d tyi fiom Newbcru, NC. with cottou and nav*l slorev, to K. H. Howell. ( chr Brio. H. r.isoy, Douglass, G d?yi from Washington, NC. with naval stores. 8chr Commerce, Biscom's, 2 dayi from Norfolk, with timber. to A.O.fc A. W. Betisou. 8cnr Weymouth, Couch,6 dayi from Ilici.moud, with floor, to Allen U I'aiion. Schr Frank, Briltoo, 7 dayi ftoin Aleiaudria, Willi mt'ie, t? Sturges Ik Cleatwau. Srhr Bergen, Latouiette, 3 dayi from Petersburg, with mdie, to J. Hunter. Hchi Esther Eliza, Mice, 0 days from Eaitport with plaater, to master. 8chr Koauoke, Carson, 8 dayi from Baltimore, with wood, to master. Schr Thomas, %'arlin, 2 d iy* from Virginia, with wood, to master. 9chr Samuel, K1 well, 2 days Irom Norfolk, with iHiugles, to matter. Smack Robert Bruce, from Havana, via Key Writ 12 diys, in ballast. Ocneral ltccord. Packet ship Patrick Hebht, Capt. Delano, sails for Liv' erpool thii morning. Her letter bagi close at Gilpin's, in the Exchange, nt I0)? o'clock. 1'acret ship Buroundt, Wottou, for iltvre.alo anils today. Her letter bi#s anal Gilpin's. Schr Ellen. or Salem.?Cspt. Bitiman, of the St. Maikt, at thi? rort Irom Liverpool, report*?June 23,1st 42 10, Ion 58, fell in wuh the wreck of jchr Ell.'u, of Salem, appi cuily new, U>tillydis< aitid, sails laying on deck. No penon on boatd? tli'- c;ew li >d probably been taken off. Commerce or Charleston.?Harbor Master's Report for Jane:? Atiin.s?;o siiiiis, J barques, 37 briss, 31 letrs. Clearances?21 ships, 7 barques, 27 brigi, 31 schri. Whalemen. Arr at Saghirbor 6lh imt Barbara, Howes, 910 bb's wh 400 spin, 8000 llis b ue. Mpoke, no date, lat 34 N, Ion 67 W, Bellei?l*. Provmciitowr, 201) bola 1'he nglith whaler Graishop pel, at 31 Helena May 17, from Timor, reported the following vessels?At Ja . u, June i7, 1812. Frances Hu??< y, NB, 22 tnos tn, 9(0 sp; Aug 14, lat 29 4R N, lou 177 4'i rj, 'G island, Mi,' 33 mm, IHtO in; Nov 28,at Hoik liland, Omn|i, FH, 35 tnos, 2100 sd; Dec 13. a' do, J*i an, liiJale, Naur. 15 mrs, 550 sp; 31s(, a: Ocean liUutl, E Cauy, Toby, Naot. 5 mnf, 45, sp; s<me dale, al I'ieuai.l Isllld. M ixiclmitltl, Nam, >8 nios, 700 bbls; lame plaie Mid dale, Yoiiul; I' tn. Mailt, 20 mos,!?U0. Cld at New Bedford 5.h in:t. Zoroaxer, ?<-&biity, Indian Ocean. The Brunswick, at l'r >videnc?, reports a A It i roe. Bsy, S/., Feb 12, John Ji Kdw .rd, Hudson, NB, MM) wli 300 tp; Lagorta, Maxfielil. do, tRUOvth 400 sp; .Mobtetuna, Tower, tl > 3J00 wli 100 sp; Gov Truu , Janney, do, loot) ?h; Sophia (k Elisa, of Duxbiry.bOO wh 100 sp. A'. Mio ile Janeiro May 2t>, Henry Tuke, Watson, fr?m New Zealand, I'isg oil; 'Fi aakl ud ' I:win Eastern Ocan, with oi'. Crius, Emmons, Nnnt, nt Kniieo Feb 15, with 110b bbls spm oil. Henry Anoi, Piukham, Nant, at Nooahtva Feb 1, with 1450 bbl< ii m. Mary, Coffin, Nant, at Tahiti Jan 15, with 1300 tp. dnxkaa. Burlington, signalized Ju le >7, Iat 23, Ion 7!) 30-by the Liverpool, at rftta port. Howlaud, standing to the westward, seen June 29, Iat 32 <0, Ion 77 20?by the ssme. America, Portlaud lor Trini.Ud dc Cuba, Jane 2C, Iat 32 53, Ion 14 56?by the Augusta, at this port. Lady Aditns, of BUiiiuore. Livemool for Valparaiso, < ot 46 lays, vlay 31, Int 23 IS 8, Ion 17 10 YV?by the Fabius, at Bultim re. B. soy k Jane, 8 dayi fm Philadelphia for Aniigm, no date, at 32 <0, Ion 65. Vor?l?n Porta. Galveston, June 9?In port, Galveston, for New York, to nil soon. bT Jaoo di Cunt, June 20?In port, Speedwell. (or Boston, toon; Monsoon, Philadelphia, 24th; Watch-nan, Boston, (It? iad two brigs Iqr North Carolina, dischg lumber, names nit known. llio uk Jankiro, May 26?In poit, Cuba. Babaon, from Bosion, oisk ice; si Helena, l itnber', ir: > Moi imbnine, wtr irt; G< o G iidntr, Hill, tor Baltimore, 6 days; PoTpMW, Libbey, fiomm W Cout Of Africa, u e, wig cargo; Cartis, Ai bott, do; Thames, Wiler.ol B .I'linorr.du; !<aftli,Ch se, from Buenos Awes. unr. U 8 ship Uolunili j, Cun Hhubric* . Win Price, | Roberts. ?>i UaHiinori, sailed I ir vVautevideo i7ih. Qoiltc, Julr i~Ait ixuioit PirMtr, No 18, Cailudors, wnli ihv light viiu of tlx 81.t irtfi; Mtry, Rrdpitti, and Wm h Ann, Matthews, l.indou Lid i?t, Ellison, Halt, Newcastle; Eagle, Martou. Li?<rpool| II. Broom, Grey; raiaellt, It it; III rhl' . Ki-ir, ?uJ * stti H.1I1. vVrshart, Liveipool; Sophia. Hall, Kalni'iaih;ilyivautw, viePhail, Newcastle; George Kamssy, Htcklil, Gtlway. t.akr Porta. ci.cvklano, Jutv 1- Arr H'liidrer, Davison; M Kreint, .MrKmty; Ulris and, Wilbur, and Kr>e Trader, Eirl, Huff Jo. I lu Hudson, BtlJwiu, Oswrgo;, D.-ruuck, Mturner; Jaue Louis". Porsyth, Otdausiiurg h; Owai uugah, Moutgomrry; Mnoi >. G lylrs, J >hn Gm r,; .M.irgiaua, Peuse; L Lrooks, Welsh, ami Stephen Gaard, McAuly, Buffalo. liom* 1'oria. utth, Jnus 28?Air Caspian, Patterson, NVorU; 29th, Plaint, ll'ibiiiso i, Alnrandris; 39ih, Eoreuce, Decker, iltvtna; Siuil N Goit, Oivtu, G.ndilou, e; July I, Couvert, Austin, B trim' re. Slu 3d, Llewell>a, Kandall, Point Petre; Adaliuc, Linscott, Mnrlmniue. Nr.wBt'avroBT, July 4?Air Columbia. Deuma, Philadelphia. Boston, July 6?Arr Emily Taylor, Boss, and Vau4alia, W'sto.i, Liverpool; M \ry 8t Sut in, G ate, Apelachic?la; Tim Picker g, Tihleu, NUrl aus; 8ttn. Rt iler, B ilti no*e; Lion, reteraon anil Pomfret, Hig;ius, N Vork; Ifalcou, Mooro, Alciu.drii; Varrtn, Tiicomb; J urns, Hall, aid 1'atmos, Clark, i'liilade phia; V'm <ge, Bearse, Albany; Deposit, Kendrirk, Kondout, Hnpi'l, Piper, St 'ohn, N II. Old Koieiusko, 8sunIrts, Surinam; Palestine. .Vln.wn, Bvh; Ceylou,, do; r ji. i, Goodrich, i oitlai.d; Oima -V Virginia, Kollins, Kiedetelisburg; Augusta, Nickeisou, Albany; A M Half, Chase, ind A Lawrence, ivisektr. NYork. N?.w iIavkiv, July 6?Arr Lady Kenwick, Ward, NYork ? hid K M Joiiusou, and Motto, Cannon, Albany. Hartford, July 5? Mid Mohawk, Clark, Albany; 6'h, E*h<n<e. VVilcoi, and Indiana, Slurp, Philadelphia; Token, I'yler, N Vork. Alhant, July 6? Arr Utiea, Bearse, Boston; Tantivy, Chapiiim, i\'? Itai n. Hhl Ai i, Dillinghtm; Gangfi, Allen, aud I'igris, Lovell, Boston I hilaoki.rHiA, July 7? Arr Edw Kent, Carlisle, Boston; due, Blew; Victory, Bru>h,ard Daniel Webs'er, Ggden, N fork; Leader, Homers, 8a vauuah; Mary Ann Caroline, I Airon, Nt w Vor!i B-'low. (jupen Virt-ria, [Br] Tucker, Port Ipain, Tr n. C d Wen Pitt, Baker; W ! e. Ciowell; Congress, Irown and SnUh Carolina, Corbeil, Bosion; J Brick, Hee*rs, ' s?\i M.ven; Black Hawk, Heavy, Plymouth, Mast; Vrsiwr, | I niih, New B dlord; Mary k Eliza, Bailay, Roibmy; Testa, I v iueu?, i roviqei.ce Baltimore, Jaly 6?An Elila, Moore, Portland; Ocean, lumhatn IN York. Hichmond, July 6?Arr Hob Hoy. Mjr?h, Liverpool; Jamei ray, tarter, Newburyport; l-ucy Ann, Hjo\- , NO.leant; A ' Myrick, and Leoulinr, New York. Old Alabumi, Memtt, nth. Chari.kitoiv, Jn'v 3?Arr Dimo.i, Robinson. NYcrh. Havantah, July (?Lid Augmti, Sherwood, NYorli; Jamrt, I awe, Boaion. St Acowitim, Jnne vw?The Chat L V??r, Omld, Irom N Meant for N Yor , anchored off thia bur 38(l<; alter bring ?npitd with fretli wate., the proceeded ou tier voynKe?captain ick. JArnowvit,!.*, Jane 34?Hid Gen '.afayette, N York. Kt.r Writ, Juue 28?Sid Planet, New London in port, Rn>ipt< Oroniag, f >r NY*>rk, ;0 ila?a; piloi boat An in, fordo, dt dtv. AIohilk, June 29? Air Ken?iiitrto\ Hhnmway, Htvre. Cld truer Sn ima?, Ntcholt, >ew York; Geo Canning, Mavnt, ,ivefK>?l; Ptqaot, Lew it, Havana, Mien, Morse. Motion; Lii|[U?t, Hoi met, provideuc*. The Mar. igo, Oray, fm Havre, nched at ihti port yesterday, and immediately wiled again lot sOrteant. ? _ Ntw Origans, June *8?Arr Duncan, Putnam. Havana; iraren, Hiler, Liverpool; k.t,'el, Crowell, Kalmoutli, Ma?a ? Id Tipnoeanoe. O ay, Biltim'te; ?t Clond, Emerson, New ork; Tropic, [ IfrJ Kobertaoo. Liverpool; Globe. Hilleit, nbrnltar. Arr Wih, Joi n fr ehroi in, Lot*. HlTtaa; Hiatto, Idamt, Liverpool; Tho? Bn't r?t>v? [B?J Letch, Peruambuco; Wakulla, Mof >r J. New York; Gilbert Hattield, Smith, Baiba n. I id normna, /vmwerp; ,?i iry Mugimn', I vnit, lh*r?: Aui'iito. U?t?y, M*t?eille?; Klenaor, Hiu?bu I v, H*T*na; V*lh?ll<?, Th?tch?t, Botlon; B Bohleu, [ Bremen I I ilmka, Bremen; Selim, I'urnU, NYoik. \ A fU^Tl/W < ^ ' i, ! ?V-A> Jl UliKW TU MA 1JIC1.' . ^ l?* BK.LI. ? ltOWAh?. $ ffat.V- Jinh a??s< U* PuttAr > i. atukd ay. A' IOW o'clock. ?t the aalea room. Itfitntar^ud t-iif piiti* t.ilr of ipitrdi'l accoud hand and new houtrkoulri and rnhiurl furniture of all deacriptiona A!? i, n iftrxr iMitimnil lotof choice furniture, from alamily giving up honjr keepiog. \l?'> r iiaMitity of Iudn matting, 2 piino lortra, 2 refrweTjtera, > lainpi, cat glau, plated wire, carpeting, oil cl- th, me. Alao, lU'tablr for buiMeriaml *aah makeia, 100 taah fraiuea and 100 ontaide blmda, in lota to (nit. Alas, n valuable fiiwlia' mauglr. Alao, a queer Kimliah gun. which t uat go off any how. w ,Tl!?.hUAY. At 10)i o clock iu the mtlei room. La'g aa'e ol aratunible dry gooda, clothing, pledged and fanry articles, millinery, cut.lety,%c. Alio, the continuation ol the itock of a wholraale and retail dry good atoie. compriaiug a variety of article, n the line. Alao, 4 excellent turning lathea and patai.i icalea. Alio, 4 turning lathra. on an inunoful principle. WKDNB9DAY, A' 10% o'clock in the tale room*. Large aale of elegant furniture nnd ref.igeratora, rompriaing the rn(ir> handaomn houaekeeplDg aitlclea of i ceutlrmm ac. iue '? Kurope. Aim), i anterior family lefriKeiatora, inch ail article iu u rarely met with. AUo. ft atock of ?plf ni'i i rewctym'd* cabinet lurni(ure^_ W. W. SHIHLKY, Aict'f. AUCTION yoiiut?Chin-, Olui and Knrthenwire? Tueadiy ueit, July lllh,' o'clock, will beaol'1 ill'' whole of the b?l*tice ol the Mult contained iu it ire 8 A'.'t'f H> u?r, eonMtiintc "f a lartje Tniietv of diniier. tra aurt toilet sett, tumble ra, winei, dec vit' r< *ud a larije ijumtity i f china ortiamuiita an 4 faiicv ifoodi, ia lota itxuit ietiiler?. immediately aflt-r ihe ?ale, tile whole of the filtoiri ill tl u store, if n?t litf ire di'i'Oted ol, vill We s. Id, Juclu'iuKihelf iiiit, ci'Onteri with drawers, ylasa c ite, ?h w c ??>i, ke. O tal.i|{u?3 rtaly hii* ifooi)* on ?i?w SUtirdn, mul VToodiy. jj83t*ni R. SIMP81 ?rv. BEACON COURSE?TROTTING. TUESDAY. Jill nth, u 4 P. M ? A psm|'t u, f < all trutiinz .in I [>aciiiK horat-a; nr.o mile he .ta. heat three in five; t nttcn to so uudrr the aadtll*. carrying ea'cli weignt; pacers m ko iu luraeia carrying '<5 i'iO to ki> to second best D It yant eutert k m. Lady Suffolk. H. J >ne? " ?. k. Independence. John f-'pirer " eh. R. Bopoo. J'lhu Bulbar " s. n. l'aecr Onci la Chief. jvMt ^ I HEAP AMI FKALTHV EXCUKIjfe?tOiN. on t'unday .afternoon. t> H.irlem ? I'.<r.> ona ahillitk r<r!i wa? ?The traiiibnt .Hi' HIUK,titpt.John OmU[|will ie?ye ttMnrtraw 1 <tc noon, from Chauiberi ?t i-i-r, at Imlf put I o'clock; Pier No. I B't fty,quartet to2; Kooneye'c.t at2; ['ike at cjuxrter r .i?t 2, anil D-laucy ?t at hilf pa it 2 o'clock, murnitig 10 ihr city at au?urlybour j\8ti*r aWn dl KOK THE KISHINM BANBH, OF? cj. S .v ** I)V HO'^K, every Tueidiy.Th'iriday w ' K nl?y?Kve f-r tue eicuni n Suets? Th< aieenu.'jit AUFKHIOB, Cnpt in jolir fluold, will Icaye iMMerfoot of Ob?m*i?r? it, every Tu*-day, Th*i?d?v anil H r day oiorbiue, leavioj; foot of Chamberi ?t a> ?o'il.;ck; H*mmoat*, it qonrterpao 8; aDalat ht'f past 8; Pike ?t | ;er at 9; Ca'li irint it Uriy. Br?okhn. at quarter p??t 9, and pi*r No. I Battery it ball p??t 9. l?n'<iif? at l< oit Himiltnn each way Bait furnished uratia A ' and ofmuiie tcroupatiiea th: boat and verythins will be done to make thcie ciciwaiom plea*n,t au.i healthy , ., . A t n raDennaia \vr l attend to uie ladies ami children. j jy7r?r M NO MONOPOLY?FAKIC UKDUCED. New Independent Opposition Line lor Alba jwJI lr n v direct. Tlir if* and commodious steamViat NKW JE'<i3EY, Cap.t. B. H. Furey. will leave the loo' of Birclay street, New V or'i, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, at 7 o'clock For freight or pissace a, ply on board. Freight taken less than to'v b.iat nrict*. The N>.w Je sey it furnUheil with elegant st le rooms, and for speed ami accommodation ii not surpassed by ar.y steiinboat on tf'e H"1son river j|7 ??#! *' Ul't.f.'i UftK <>b MTKAMBOA'i'M r OH ALUAN V?Daily at 7 o'clock, P. M. ^BL>ia>aM???'r'ri>>'Kii Direct (SuMd.iys I'irrpicd) In m tre Steambuit Pit Ntween Oonrcl.indt and ( iherty stieeti Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt A Houghton, will leave Tnesdnv, Thnr'H?7 yid fatordny everiiiiK", at 7 o'clock. Suiunbor.t fiOLTHAMKHlCA, Cat'tii'i L W Brainard, will leave Moo'Uy, Wednesday and Fii.'ay evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat NOBTH AMERICA, Captain M H Trnesdell, lauding at inn iui-d:att lai dings, will leave Monday, Wednesday ami Viiday afternoons, at i o'cleck. Forpas?a?e or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Hchol'Z at the office on the wharf. jy 3 8EVIT.N O'CLOCK MORNING LINK LL,-?t?iMv4' FUK ALU * NY, TROY, and Intermediate 2&w3BM>&L.L*u?iiiit.'>.?Friiin Steamboat |ier, .at the foot ol Barclay street. Break Cut and Dinner on board. 'I he new low pressure steimboat TROY, Capt. A. CJoiham, this (Saturday) morning, at 7 o'clock. For psss^ge, upply at the office, f<>-1 of Btrc'ay sr. or on board. The EM I IKE, on Monday morning, at 7 o'clock. Notice.?All (Jooi's, Freight, E.igga^e. Bank Bills, Specie, orruy oti erkind of Property, ukeu, im, p?J, or pnt i n board the Boa-j ol this Lius, must be at tl.r .uk (if the owners of IttCb goods he. jj38tl MOIIN'Nd LINE FOR ALBANY and :'*'<'ii i i if* i 'ermei'i ue i '.ices-fdre i.'> ci-nU. w Tiie tn'eudid ttea.Tibaat \Lt)ANY, C pt. Jenkiut, Will lci?i! Hit- Tit at the loot ol B ttreet, this morning, (Sa'urday,) at hall raittix o'clock. Krcinht taken at th'? lowriat ta'.et. "<> |ia?> >k<* apply ou !>t,atd,nr at the office on th* Tier. JjJL! J?##'! ult FOR ALBANY, TROY, and Intermediate elm HHiy .J* placet ?The ic. nih iat KWALLO *V, Caot. "J? ^ J y\. McLean, will leave the Co t <?( Courtlaud tirret, tins altera act), (Saturday) July-8'.h, at 5 o'clotk. J8 It r OA DIKKCTFOR NKWPOBT AND PKOfcur ^ZxraT VIDENCK?. AHRIV1NO IN Ti UK KOR 36^UJe3E.I,AH?KNUKK9 T<? TaKP. Tlik. CAH8 'JO UOS1 UN-Fare $( 40?Deck Fare tl?The new. commodi.mi nr<1 fait tailing tteanhoat I- UHTIS PE< K, ( 'artain Win. H. Ptck, wi'l leave the pier east aide Cathriine Ma'ket wliti, k.'itt Kiver, every Monday, Wtdueida7 an J frridty, at 5 o'clock, P. M, Kor pattage and freight icqivre at 206 South it. up alaiit. JV'7r NEW YORK Ik BOSTON dOUNDPH)T. OWEN PRE8COTT, Pilot, or ukea charge at n atter and pilot ot te? :!? bound ro New Itedtord, over Nantucket 8h i .1: Hotter., fortlincuili, Portland, Kenuebtck and OTHKH POK !'8 Offce at Frye St !*h:.w'* tiauncal it<>re, it.* Water ?tr*-t, corr.ei Selkmao Kel'rrenee to a vuwbcr ol Merc!;nnt?, ao;i tt.e lwanDei Ctmtiaiiiea i.< t>>? citr. Button, an 1 Portland. jll Imiir Jadi** VOR LIVERPOOL.?Hcfnlar pecae' of the llth J'lly ?The very tupericr. tatt tailing p??liel tli.p -fWri riwL v i a v captain Allen, will pottive'y tail at li.Vr. Having very tuperior aecomaiodatiom lor c/iSi.j,i?cct,<l cabu, and atesMge p*?tenK?f?, p;r*i n? withing to embark thoaM make early ip?l'cation on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOBKPH MeMUKKAt, 100 Pine at., cor. South. The above will he stiecefded b? the tplendi I p/cfcetthip Siddona, Caput Cobb, and tail on the 25th July. l'ertoi.<t wrtiiiir to lor meir frteiidi ia the oI J conatry, '.'?n bare them b?'ooght oat by the above ship, or U) ul the reirtiir packets, by applyiug is above : if b* letter SflStr i jyT eg AA v rOK HVtHFOOI?Tlw New l?me?Keautar KjRxV r\vke: isth Julv?The new, stlenlid N?w Ifrjk J&?d?.Hiilt paclrt ship HOTTINOUISK, la Bonier, mas'.ur, IU50 tons, will sai' u abort, her regular rtay., For Ireig l or |x??age, havirg l<rge and eomtnodiou ?tite rconu. apulv'to tnf Captain on board, wot side Hurling dlii', WOODI1ULL k MINTUHN8, 87 South strett The lurci.or new packet ship LirrtpMl, f'apMm John Klcl:ii ii<-, il/H tons, will succeed the Hottiugtier, and tail ou her regular d> v..IBtli August. j'. 9 r FIVK l)OLLAH? KF.WAltD ? Cost . n Thuisdty, ilir (,> iuit, a Ui?- bh?-li aud whi e N< wh.iuud I nil Uois >lad oa wi t"i |js> a bite1* lea .her colhr. M.tir nriy, ears hi .ek. blaek spot m the right side liVc a saddle, root ul the tail h'ack. Amwen to the name of Tip*. O. W. DUBOIS,747 Broadway. ir?8 4 r corner?' Kighih | dl?C| [f\n V'ANTKD?For a tern not less ti*nfire year*, <jpO' >\J\J to be s cured b> a lif? iu?, ">'id rr> rttt'ge ou a vessel. Apily, by leUer,to N W., I'ost Office, New York. 'fiL?!1**! ______________ BOARi> i In tut COUNT* y? A geutleaan and Ins wile can be .iccommndtied with boird in a small prvatu family at I'ort Michmoiid, near the waterand but a few steps from the lauding. Alio apartrni n's io |pr in the lower part of the ?ity, suitable f.T a small Munly. For further particulars squire at 1)8 U;< SllWar j\6 3t*r 'PO LICT.?Splendid I /ge mom*. w?ll furnished, for Single I Ueiit'ernen. wiih b, taafast and tea. Kn jnlre at *! Vta!kar?ti-e , near Broadway. jei lin*ic CA>1 K to ihe jrem-res of the subscriber, on the 5th o! July, a Hrmdlr Cow, with a white spot in lu*i forehead, wliic i the owner can hare by applying to J. Hinigan, No.7 Orcat Jon-s street, ai:d pa>ing charges und proving i ropertr. Iy7 1t*r NOTICE?T-kenon Warreu Budg, i.hdlestowo, Mass., on the I7ih June last, a bi'iii note ol' larger denomination iHau it was surpos'd to be when t?k?n. The own?r can have the same by applying to AL.BKK1' CUT'i'KK, li??m 191 Vl?wl?., la., NOI'lCfc?The luhtcribrr inteudi being nbtent fro n the cuv lor lome time, nail h?? fully empowered Mr. JOHN K. A. l?Al\fc'OflL) to net for him da inn hi?Mt?nc? Office 39 Ann ttrret. P. CHOATKAIJ, JH. June J1 '841. )22 ??*r TRIftH EMIGRANT SO 11?TY.?A <parterly meeti ng of J ihe meinl'era and friendi of Irnh Kinuant ?< eiety, will behrlilat Washington Hall, cori.rrnf Broadway -ml Heade t, ou Tneiday er?*, llth iu?t . at ha'f p??' 7 o'clock j>8 1ft OM>. L. K1E> FK. SecV. WHKAT?510 IiMi iu?i 119 >ach? p imc IIIiopu Wheat, lauding from ihipCauten, f >r *< ! nv K. K .COLLIN* II CO. j,H nth ?tr-et. / i () K > ?2i0ll. nkiC-iM, nJvTi i din?ljrnm <h |> (Ian ton, I ,r V' .ale by K. K. C?LLlx? fc CO., jjg 36 -"oath ?tr?et. A i AH!) ?We the nnderiignrd, raaarnten in the brig Mom, on her l?r# royair? from Charleaton to Ne n York, finl-r to 0?l ' -in J. K. Haye comroan'ler thereof, oar sincere 1 th-nHe fir hiM kind nnd on emitting attention to oar comfort, nil also 'or hi* aiiiioaa and skiilfol exertioiia to teerre a >afe nod sperdv ra???K?. R. B. Lawtoa. Wm. H Hlau, I).ml H Rilcos, A. M. Gtlpio, l.nb" Herd P. St xknmi, Svrniel Jeffords, O. Ooddard, 0 nl H I. ckw>?od, M Dmn, Zem? M Uphum, Pedro Ualef, Wm S Kiw, i hoa, <'osgrovc, Ja net Piat', Robt. M. Hindn'l Jatn?< B O'Kilay. j >- It * r the roi.mriAVS KKniSTKH?Ti br raMiahrd, on nr nt ihe I0(li of Anglic. Tlie Politi'IMlS !Tf|ilt?f ! ititJirinc a litl of the chief nrrguir mid judicial <i(Re? r? ? ( he Umird "tat**, Mtinhfrt of the tttn Con|n?, O"?mor? ?' lb* r tatei ripd T mom wuh ih'ir term? 01 office, ?aUne?. he (lie true of holding elecno.ia, ai.d the pl.ce *'dtiuie of h? meeting ofthe Hiair Lriculniurei, h? Centm of IIIA. * .? (hn i.umlwsr of rfennlential elector# and Conaieuoxu n1' the new at<l otiioum?ot; a digest of th." natnraiitv on ?w?. | &C ; together with the voir* polled for Preaidei t. Ooteruon I l'<iiji|rrMinru. lie., iu th? artnai 8f<u!?, by <" .untiei, in ti '41. Mi and '43. _ , . . . > Si?le cop e* 1JX eauta? $1 a do/.?n?ti a I tiailred??<"' * thorntod Orders rearecUiilly ioliciU<l. Ad^i HICKMAN. J j7 itiar Baltimore, Md. g AViUHKMjtiNTij." nihi.O'H i.akkK Director, Mr. JOH *f?TON. ?? ?AT'1|'0A*. Jnljr I iMJ. UKW.MT OK MONtt. JM CHICK. Oh which oecaaion MMIe. t AI.V-. I. t rohiDtaered h?r *?! vi'SICLLK LAHls- H, M'MJC, I.E' OilKT MOMS MATHIBU. MON* HKKN '.HD, MONS. OTKuNOT, Will appear The p*rfoimiiice to eommcnce at 7 nVi,? , mnMf with the original OTeriuta to Le I re Aai Cle-ct, neroia T i be followed by, tlitrd time hi New York, LE PHK AIJX CLERCS. DIITklMUTIOIf. Itauelle, Princeaa of Naratre, M'lle C*Wn Nicet'. Madam* Lecoart CeutarelH, M DeaaouvillaB Uirot, M Oternut Nighti ol the Haiel Family?Ta*?daT? end Thicker*. Nignts ol the Krencli Com|*n??^ond?T?. W?dneadaT Kndava an 1 8at?rd?y?. HTF" A a'riet Police will be in attendance > Bd great ?*? > taken to prevent the ndmiaaiou of improper peio n* It ?"Tickett Kilty Cent*. Mav be had at the Jardau dana ; the (!ny. VC7* A limited uomber of 8ea*on TifheU win be <Mj poaed ?i. PC^fto poitpo' ement at thia eatabliimenton aeconut of the w?? h;i, * * the Grand r.turince from Broadway to t?e Naloou le p otected, and the uetv 8alonu, which I* reMilated fr*m the ton .uul <i ! ?, r<? be riie'o ed at a m mi' Ut'i notr r Oil \ 1' IIA M TH BATKB lloiea 75 canta Pit l?)i ceu a ON TttH EVENING; Jul? 8oh, the uerforiiituca i.>eo?. m-iic?- v?iin iti? tliam\ of t?>f SJLITAKY K THIS HKATH?Oilhert, Mt Thorne; Walter Arlmg on, Mia *wnico, ihn mi nhintf p?rl< rmrtu ol MONhTHK PAUt. After, WHfcMK DID THK MOjN'.Y COM? FROM To r. incluue with the FRATRICIDE L?< ur? o, rn at hairpait7, and the tarlaiu r ie at 8>rel?ek, piecue'y. IIJHKH1VAN TH ttt ATHJCl" WAL.N V i ?T. PHIL AI>fCL< 1*111 A. UNDER THE DIRECTION OK MI8H CUHliMAN. MW. Ul'K ION'S HEN KFITi THlH EVENING, Jul/8. will l>? i^rioruii'rf BEO ,NE DULL CAKE, t o conclude wi li THE WAOER E. A. MAUSHALL, AlflMijiJUiA." Ti tirr.?,kv, AND ASHI \L GARDEN. BEST ATTHACTIONW IN AMERICA. KXTKA (iliAND GALA UA* BENEFIT OK MM H VHMlNQTiN AND HIS LAST AFPKRumE THE ?IAN'1E88 A ' 0 DWARF. Frtitntniflh'miiil reinarn-Me co.tut ever . itn????d. Thren splaudi'i :? furm i cel. a II o'clock, 4 o'cl >CH aoii 8W o'cli'Ck. OU rath I" whicliocPiii ma tli* Uiai.t fl.?l < ? I'eale's Muimiui, hi* l"iutly contented t> uipeir u,o? the statte a! 'he aiHe- nf Tom Thui* b, Jr. Mr. HADKINOTON, '.h? <J oat Msgui'in, will reiferm t t* wonderful Sli? lit of M.i kJ, Mnacn'oaa Oitappeiu iocm, Kit) bon H'actory, (kc.,al?o ijtnducb lauyh.ible tecum of VANTIULOQU19M ^ Mm. PHILLIPS, (lie noml lr Vocalist, and LA PETIT* CKIUTv, I he I, "in'.; L) in im.v iuaedguredALBINO LADY ! FANCY OL/VHS hLOWlNU' (iiuJ i.otmoi.ima, and Sin 000 Cariosities. o! admission A ceuLi. 'children on<ler teu p:it? J2.HiL aub'M sfcw vim* i*ti*. AND F1CTURK OA.Ll.EllY. Broaitway. oppotiln the City I!U 1. nK.Nf.KU OF THE UIA^'I' UIKL. ATTUA'. I'lOW* \EVEH EUUAL.LED. THK MO.iT WO DtltkUL CONTUAbT tVt.K WlTNKo?KD. The Giant Uirl rupee.fully announces that her benefit will take i place this diy, i.u whi-.h iteration TOM THUMB. Uas in the kindcit intniiar vjlunlet led tu visit Iter tl ree timet duri- K the day aid eveuin*. There will be ihne peri'irmauers, at ll,3au<) (o'clock, P. M., wlirn Tom 'I luimb will ?p|'ear, ami sin* a >om?. Mr Hol'iian, the uucqu\llcd IVnor Sini?r, will ictroilace a vaiie'y ?>f apiropriate I atiiotic Honijt; Matter llattlir, the un nvalU d Ethiopian Dancer; Mr. H. Dioawrr, the celebrated Co uiic Siu^er; .Vli?i Ad ir, tlin charming Vocalist; Mitt Mian chart, the Un ci m JngKlcress, Stc. Ike. >T~ Admution to tli? vfhu;e ONLY ONE SHILLING. j? 8 Str 'PHtC fcXtllBITlO.N Of I'HK N * TlONAL At ADEA1Y A will close ou 'l'uetilay the 4.h of July, at 10 o'clock, I'. M , No picture of rue present collection can e?er attain be teeuai the ro'imt of the Acidemy. Adoi'stinu 25 cents. Caiaioitues <2X ceutj. ie22 2w*re CHESNUT STREET THEATRE, PHILAUEL PlIIA. rl'0 LET?Krotn the Slit 'dav of July ni-.taut, to; n -I- term of on-or more years, lliit lone established and |iopular house, with its tpicioas inn elegant saloons, (scene ry, wurJrotw, library, mu?ic, muc^tu-ry, i> optrty nud ?as litlur'i lu well known leiutaiioe, both in Europe and t'<e United states. reudeta uunerr u?iy a de'ail of the numerou. ami !>< ! uli'r advaut .tie* ?- ! ludutein-nu w'.neh present themselves 10 ihe conmdentiou ? ?ti efficient iu ii.a*em?nt, to ircure ?hi?h will o* the chief object ol' the proprietors. Address pinprwals, which shall be consid'rc <1 eenfiilen.ial, t > "The Board d Agents of th< Chttnut Street Thcarr* " No. 31 South Delaware Avenue. Philadelphia. j)7toal*r ARCH STREET THEATRE. (I'HILADELP1IIA,) TO I.KT. '"PHK BOAKD OF AUK.NT* Oh THIC ARCH STREET A THEATRE, I'lil.drlpia, are prppared to lea?e Ihe ou.lding for the season of 1813 '41 or a louver Period, to an etilerpriiiuk n1.u1.12er, upon vrry liberal terms. Applications addressed " Biw?d ol A cents of the Area ?ireet Theatre. Philadelphia," left at 59 Market street, at tlie.B W coroer ol 4th ami Market, >>r w iui P.M. Lafmireade i??. 100 Crowj street, will be attended ti>. PHU.ADW.fHU, Jll^e la, 1813 _ jcIS IT'*< COMI'i I(ULL.UU'-) OEKICfc.l Al'ai.f, July I, 043. I T.IK seven per teut bouJa, ixue.l by the Comptroller ia I8t2. <uid payable oue year from dati', it ill he redeemed at the Tieitnry, iu Albany, or?t t^e Alan'-attuu Bank, in the city ofNiW York, and lutenst on ll ? saiil b-iid- will ccaae afier the ex^iralinn of the year lor winch ihey w? e i?i 'eu. )y4 ttr A. C ELAHO. Comptroller. lMKiKlANT lO TKAVKLLMlb AND HOUSE i KHElERS?l,i!e ami fr?peit> Preservers? Pi'ent Helf Cockiue Kevolvit,g Pistols. winch can he tli?ch?.'ged ?u times in as in 'ny seconds, merely by r ullinx the tnuit. The chamber an<' barrel are in oue i i- c, aiid ih- ref >ie cannot be blowu a;>art, like ji.m- repeating pistols. The constru'tion is very simple?ihey can be <>rawn liom the pocket and nseil with oue hand, without the loss of a moment. Kor travellers, home an>l store keepers, captains, planters, public officers, and others, 'hey aie an indispensable article, is they can protect their lives xna prcpersy if attached by many persons. If 1'lac.ters would arm thetcselves with this weipon, they wonld have in cauie to fear the intorrectionof their sltves. 'I lie public are invited to eximi'e the same, .u the r sunpli city, heme warranted not t? get out of order, aDd their perfect safety, will certainly recommend them overall others. Whole sale md retail J. (1. BOLEN, 104 Broiilifty, mH im eed i?*cc between Wall tie Hw ew, MORMON WOODS .MEETING? PROTE ALL THINGS. *"pHE La'ter Day Saints, vulgarly styled Mmin m, will I- h?'d meetiigi At the F >re?t U'r.len, Patenon. New Jer ?ey, I Falls,)o.i Thursday, Friday, Sa'urd<y ?nd Hat day, th? 8th,7ti., 8 ti nudO'h last n:, otnmeuciug at !0 o'clock, A M., ait'i hilfp?t * o'clock, P M. The people are in*iced to meet wifii o? and judge according to righieou?nes? ft the princip'e* we pioteaa. An* of our | ublica'inna 'nay be piocured at this ireeting The Ordinate* of Baptism will be aiuiinistrred ou Monday, the 9th inat. 1 he cars on tl:e Pateraun Railroad lte?e aa follows; ? Piursou. New 1'orJs. (o'clock A.M. 9 o'clock A.M. n* ' " U* " P.M. i " P. M. S " " ON 8UNDAY8. Patertou. New York. R o'clock A. M. 9X o'clock A. M. 4 ' I'. .V 12* ' P.M. I'naengeri are ad? ised to be at the office, 7i Cortlaadt atreet, a lew uiioat' i before tile lim.r of ?tirtirig. jyT2t*r DK. KfcUCHT vVA.N'Ui'.K'S li.nulled locraica' frepara lions, Pi>Im/U, ike.?The Compnaud Chemical Whale Oil Soip, a certain preventative against the attark of all descriptions o iliteru on roi? bathes, grape vine?, fruit trees, plants, tic. Th<' probably never wis no compound more effectual in its application than the L'hemictl Whale Oil Soap In no instance aill it fail, when pr | rly applied, of accomplishing the objee!, ddirig at th? nine u?ir to the cleaalinct* and fertility o the plai ts, Str. The ''ifficaltT miny have heretofore etperieticcd in cultivating fl >w>-r?, lie., in shielding them frout the ai'ack ol insect!, ha* dr terrril rnanv fioin railing them,hut tiii* ilitficultv can b- en irely obviated by the u?e ot the foap, which t* verv simple in ita tnan^erof application, and on aecoun' ol iiaclMiipueia i> acre iib'e to any ?ifrat. Also may t e mured the cel? rinteu Poisons lor the total e.xtermiaatiou of all description f verciitt infesting hoaaea, barf?, gardens, (k. The Kcd Ung Pfiisoi.'N inf'Hibl* and by a proper application will foat effectually deati y the vermin, and prevent n rrtu-u ofthvin, aa hundred* c?n ws'ily who 1st summer wenio foitunate as to m ike ns? of them. The Rat and Mou?e Poison, when adminiatered according to th* di'ectiour, a warranted to dnve from th? premises the (Itaami tnice, and pt aaeneaadvatitage* over all other pretax*tioi.a her? toforc br iigi.t in u?r, being !ree Irom all deadly mm eral porsou, such a* c irmivesublimate, fee.; digs andean may eat f the aame without >he lr iat iuju >*. Anta, motha, cockroachea, Sic., are all effectually exterminated Alto a general aaiortmeut ol' rare champ ala and ilren'articles anch aa extract of logwood, do .|uerciTou, do tanners' hark, acida prutiate of potash, white sugar ol lead, not galls, tronine. iodine of iron, do ttrrciry, do 'ead, do sulphur, hy drioil potash, iodine, sartife of irou, sulphate ?.f inor'iinc, ?cr atine, sulphate ol cariiaeone. oiide ofstlvr, do ol gold, hydriod peroiide of iron, ilatiua. cyanurrt of, otaisr nm luna* eausUC, copaivi, cai>snlei, bionifj, stCovracM clotide of so la, aqu ^ aiborna, sweet spirits nitre, tiranville't lotion, ace tc, chloric and stilpk-u i ' thert^ltc.; r*?redi?*i leechea, si-idlitz and sodt i>i>wi:er?, orf wrr u?d|c', peritimery, Dulll'a loot wwr. Bri?tol*? aaranparilla, togethrr with it general aaaorcmeut of drngi, kc., all i f which ire for ?ale cheap by UK. LEWIS FICWHTWAVOEK, )U ataw1mu?ia fWallatreet MEDICAL CAUTION-NO HUFF. rPO Htransjer* Had othr ra? ha n?-l deceived. Thii city A abonndi with advertising Doctor* (aril omnrd) with a loug trine <>l ti'lei? aanv of 'h*m aever ??w a collrge, rrnulv walked through it?the beat p a?i lit" m <ke them timdoee their diplomas. If yon require mediral aid from an old experi>t>cr (I phyvician aud aaigtou, call in l)r. Kvatia, formerly of Peek Slip. n?w No 10# Chatham ?treet. near Pearl at New York, where ih- mildeat and inoit eipediticut plau of treatmeut in all confidential :a?e? may he defended on. Th? Docor ha? had foitjr ytara experience in' exleutive hoapitala and in private practice. Hia family medicinea lor varioua rti?caeee,are highly extolled Attendance 'till 10 P. M. Officea i?ell arran: ed far privacy J J 3 ? lIUNTTPIUAN DIsPfcrHAftyTJ 0ivtaion ?t eatabliahed ? in IMS, for the aala of the tatnona Hontet'a Red Diop.i rw mown for ita onparal tied curea all over the United H'a ? Mid Europe, in d'aeaaea of a private uaturv that have bafll* .1 n? ikill of aome of the moat eminent phyaieiana, tay uolhii.. of the hnndreda of docten that arart up like maahrnoma all i>ver Ibe country. Price 91 per vial, warranted in all caeea N" ither place in thii eitv can the true article he lonnd. After laving read all the little booka printed on thia dme?ae. and aaed all the mrilicinei aoH olaewhere withoat being cured, try thia. and if it doea not > ure yon. we will not take your money ? 'I hia mrdiciue rai not be obtained in Albany. A counterfeit la -Id IU Maiden l ane d"1'! m , TO tlfV v> L? tOU.NTRlr Mr.iirlHNTi-We, of. 1- fer domrxic i<khIr id grrit friety. The attention ?l this mtibiifthuu nc }f ^nfrtinvs, D?o iirn, Pimcnru fV.?, (.'ambrici, and Printed Calicoes, wh?eh *rt told lor cash only, oil commission. 'or t. conn I of the naa^ofictiirert, by tht piece, or oaclisg*. io lou to suit 4??rer?. ... S. B.?Th?- jmtroniife ol judges uf go di it striate 1, and not of o?h<vs, m the small commissions will notaJlowthe 11 me to show those who cannot Day with promptness and on il,firowniu.l^nemTlNOTo CAWBKLL k CO. Ooiiimi??">? Merch .nti nud Wholesale Dry O <xl. D?ai?r>, jyl't'm in Lib rty -I, N?? fork. pi MO I'M* ED?9 bbli Tim< thy twd, now Isiidiot, 1 from iliip Canton, for Mle by K. K COLLINS k CO. iy8 S6 Sou'h ?'r?*l. [JKQTEC i ion of hi/.vmn LITIS BUILDING* it f SHIH8 FuO tt LIUHTNI>0.-Pdw?r?'imp^??H Li*f. im Conductor.. Apuly to O' iddrewj. A POWEK8, ?0 If rtfi?ot?' K?i;h4iM|r. New jy? lm*re FORTlkWESE FEMALE l Lf. nUVSr ? . I ..I.Kni.l [Ml. i (A r.nM. 1 lot* obUiiMMl ? ???? MMi M lb? |MI MilMt . f*W* > ?

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