Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1843 Page 1
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1?BIB^"IBH!^SS!HHS 0 m tt JL XX . 1. IX.?Ho. 1UI wnolf No, 3400. To tn? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?dailynnwapajxir?pub Untied every day of the year except New Yew's >!ay an:4 fourth of July. Prioe 3 cents per copy?or #7 36 per *n Bum?pontages paid?canh in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday moruiag?price 6J cents per copy, or $3 13 por annum? nAotnoiM) r>aiA rtaah in oHvanCfl. r'?* v-? ? ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol lite Herald U over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ait. It hat the largtit circulation of any paper in thie city, or the world, and it therefore, the belt channel for burinett men in the eity or country. Price* moderate?caah in ad yance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the moat moderate yricea, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiKToa or the Hebald Eitabliihmekt, Nortliwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets The Ureat Bunker Hill Herald, Published on superfine paper, containing a full account of the celebration of Bunker Hill, consisting of the descriptions, and Mr. Webster's oratioi ; accompanied with five splendid engravings, comprising 1st. A rare and original view of the Rattle of Bunker Hill, which took place on the 17th June, 177S; exhibiting the array of the American army, engaged in deadly conflict with the British troops, their ships and thsr forces. 2nd. A view of the proccssion forming on Boston Common. 3d. A view of the procession crossing Warren Bridge. 4th. A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the north, as it looked on the day of tno celebration, with the flags above and crowds below. 6th. A vie w of Bunker Hill Monument from the southern buy, as it looked on the quiet Sabbath morning alter thecelebratinn. Agents will please transmit their orders before the edi* tion will be aold, as tho demand is unprecedented. The price, agents, $9 per hundred, or eight cents per copy. Retail, la j cents. To be had at this office. jMsbb anSneMSSEOT FOR HALIFAX ANX> LIVKRPOOL The K?yal Mail Steam Ship IllBEUNIA, C. H. E.Jildkios, Esq. Commander,will leave Boston for the above porta, uu Sunday. July 15th. Passage to l?iverpool $120, Passage to Halifax, 20, Apply to D BlUOHAM, Jr . Agent. jll r No. 3 "Vali street. r , UKAFTS ON ENGLAND, 1HKLAND, Sic?Persons about remitting inoney to their frie;.ds in the ' old country eiu be oi>plii'<l with Drafts, in sums of 1, 2 3, 5, 10,20 St jC5;i, t any amonnt. payable ou demand, without diicouut or any other cha-ge, at the National of Lelxnd, Provincial Dink, do., Messrs James Bult, Son & Co.. Baukrri, London, 1. Burned ft Co., Exch nice sad Discount Buik, Liierpool, CMm Bank of Scotland, Greenorlt Bulking Computy. Sir Wm. Forbes Hunter St Co., Scotland anil the branches in every poit town throughout England, Ireland, 8cotund St Wales, which drafts will be for warded by the itc?.in:n Great VV. Ueru or Hibernia. by W. ft J. T. TAP8COTT, At their General Passage (VTice, 43 Peck Slip, cor. South at. N. B.?All lettcra from the country must come post paid. ly llr REMITTANCES TO IRELAND. Sic.-The subscriber continuea to transmit money in sums large flkBSbur amall. to persona residing in any jiart of Ireland in the same manner aa he, i:nd his predecessor in business have done for the last thirty years and more ; any part of England. or Scotland. Money remitted bv letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or personally deposited with hiin. wita the name uf the person or persons in Ireland, Eur land or Scotland, to whom it is to be ar.nt, ard nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordtng'y, and a receipt to that effect give^ or lorwarded to theseulrr. iu iiir manner money, or claims on persons in any pari 01 Ireland, Em land or Scotland, cjn be collected by the subscriber for {y:ra?n? residing in aoy part of the Uuited States or Canada, and will be paid to them aroordiugly. i 17 lm*r GK.OHGK McDttlOK. Jr . 82 Cedar St. JOHN HERDMAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. ilft KEGULA.R LINE OK.PACKfc 1' SHIPS,61 Siuth street, New York. PASSAGE to and from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool and London, by (he regular packet ships, failing on the lit, 7ih, 13th, 19th, and 2JiH of each month to and from Liverpool, and to and frcm Loudon lit, 10th and 23th of etch month. The subscriber hat made unequalled arrangemenu to bring out emigrant*, and can, with great continence, as ore those person* tending for their friends, that cveiy dot and diligent attention will be ihown thein, and allwto embnrk with them, rasiage can alio be engaged I'rom Liverpool oi'ect to New Orieani, Mobile, Saiannali. Ba'tim*re, rhil.tdelpm*, B.vton, and to tiie different port* or ttie British Provinces, at the lowrst rates. With .thvse arrangements, together with the advantage ' which his Livero ol ccrresnoiiriem* hein? In urn ship owners,and citessively engaged io ilie freighting ' mines* despatching yearly at lea?t 100 firtt class ships from Liverpool to [he various ports of the United Sntes, with freight and passengers. The facility offered by thia establishment it unsurpassed, and from the large nnmber of first class ihips rmployrd in the line there can be do drtrn'ion whatever, which will be guaranteed. 'J he price of passage will be at the lowest rates, an 1 should any of those sent lor decline Cluing, the r>as sage money will b? as customary rrfuudid. The steamboat faie from the differeit porta to Liverpool tau,as nsual, be.securtu. JOHN HKRDMAN.U South st, N Y, or J. U W. iioBINHON, near Wall street. Merchants' aid K'miiTtaWt' Ae'Dtt, No. 16 Coree Piazzas, Liverpool. DRIFTS AND EXCHANGE. The subscriber requests the attention of those remitting money io their fiiends to Ilia uue <|iialled erraLguments for the pay? inentof his dr'fU on demand, without d iconnt or any charge wha'aver, at the fnllewug Banking Institution', viz IN KNOLAND?Mcssis James bult, Sou Ht Co., Bankers. L'ndon. Messrs J. Ba. Lard k Co,, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool. National Provincial Bank of Kncland, and Branches throughout Kuglaud anu Wales. Yorkahire District Bank and Brandies. Birmiughim Banking Co. Lan-nster Banking Co. IN SCOTLAND?utteuotk Banking Co. in Ulasgow and Greenock. Eastern Bank of Scotland and Branches. IKK LAN D?Provincial Bank of Ireland. Ara>gh Cork Etmis Mallow Athlone Cstlow Enuiskillen Monevmora Bilina Cavan "alway Omugh B.'lfast . Coleraine K ikeuny Parsoostown Banbiidge Cootehill Kilimh Mig.i talltmcna Dublin Londonderry btiabane B tDdon Oownpttrick L ug>n Tralee i^aliysl.aunon Pungaomin l.'uicnk WaterlorJ Clonmel Dungarron Nionanhiu Yuunh'll National Bsuk of IrelandBillinasloe Castlcusr Moate 'I ipperaiy Bauiglier Kuiirc .rihy Nenagh Tuam Boyle Ferinoy Newlloss 'I hmastoan Cosher Onlway K'screa Tralee Csrnck on Sair Kau nrk Kctconiinon Westport Ostlerea Longford Hugo W?irord hariesville Lr.ughrea Tallow Wicklow Cloninel Mitchelstown Thurlts N. 11 ? lnai'dit.on to the Liverpool anJ Lot don packets, the subscriber is alto agent lor the regular paikrts sailing weekly Ir im New.York to New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, and Savannah, by which inisage can be secured at the lowest rates. jyHtf JOHN ME HUMAN. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. K "I rp<Kn^^l^r'nRiT he | l detpatchrd m the follow ink order, excepting that w lien the miliDR jayfalla on Sunday, the ahipe will nil on the tucceeding daf, viz For New York. Tot Liverpool. Th? CAMBRIDGE, (June 1 July 19 DM tons, <Oct 1 Not 19 W. C B.iritow.f Keb 1 Mar 19 The ENOI.AND, lJune 19 Aug 7 710 ton*, <Oet 19 Dec 7 8 Qutlelt (Keb )9 April 7 The OXFORD. I July 1 Aug 19 j#Oton?. < No* 1 l)ec 19 J Kxihhona, ( March 1 April 19 The MONTEZUMA, I July 19 s Sept 7 . UOU ton*. < Nov 19 Jan 7 A. B. Lowber. (Mar 19 May 7 The EUROPE, I Aug 1 Sepl II *18 tone, < Dec 1 Jan 19 E, O. Furfcer. ( April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, (new) t Aug 19 Oct 7 ?59 toni, I Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.c April 19 Juna 7 Th? SOUTH AMERICA, I Sep. 1 Oct j9 ?53tpna. J Jan 1 Feb :9 D. U. Bailey, (May 1 June 19 The COLUMBIA, (Sept 19 No* 7 709 tona, < Jan 1? Mar 7 O.A.Cole. (May 19 Jnly 7 Theae ihipa are not aurprtac d in poiut ofelegance or comfort in their cabin aectmniodationa, or In th* ir faat tailing ijn&liiiea b* nny veaae'a in the trade. The com mat d-ita are well known aa men af char-cter and eaperietiC, and the atncteat attention will alwaya ba paid to inomote I tic coal Jit and convenience of paaaangeia. ruuctonlity, aa legarda the day ol aatling, win b? obaer*cd aa heretofoie. _ , , ? The price of paaaage ontwara now nied at Seventy-Five Dollara, for which ample atorea or ever* deacription will he provided, with the exception ol winea and liqaora, which will bn Tarnished, by the aiewarda. if rcqa red. Neither theci|.tnu? orowneraof llieie ihipa will be reapon' aible for any lettera, parcela, or j-ackagea ?ent by thein unleta regular bi la ol lading are aigned there lor. For fruight or paa age, apply to GOODHUE fc CO., 61 Sooth at.* C. H. Burling-alip, N. Y. jy 12 and to BARING *m>THK-RH h CO.. L^pool. ~~ i'HE MiW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. jtb m. Mb m To sail trom New York ]6ih, and from JLivcrpool [>th of each month. ship HOJjyaUEH, toni, ?W|h JnIy NeW #hiP j'hVn'h!ldr?iL: "" ,OM* \' * l0DM'\ Ship ROCHESTER, ?0 ton., J _ , . . Jehi, Button. | l?h October. J'hene ?ob?tAntial, tut tailing, Jim clam thipa.tll built in the eityof New York, are eoMiMM by man of eiperience And ability, ana will b? despatched i>nuetoally ea th? 16th of each bod in. Their cabins are elegant and commodious, and are famished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of paaten?er?. Neither t' eaptitina or owner* of thete shirs will be reipon Bible for any i?rccli or packages teat by them, unlet* regriai bill* lading are signed therefor. for freight or ^^to fc TURNg 17 South street, New York, or to riKLDKN, BROTHERS It CO., jell r Liverpool. E NE' NJ PASSAGE OFFICE. The Subscribers liuvinc completed thr-ir arrangements, are uow prepared to forward posseugi-rs 'o all the Northern aud .. Western 8tates anil Canada, hv daily lines of towboats, railroads and s'eamhoats, via the Notlh liveraud Erie Canal, upper Lake?, Philadelphia aud Pittsburgh, Ohio river and Canal routes. The following art a few of the most impoiuuit poiuti Via Utica, Buffalo, PottsviHe, 0>lena, Hvracuu, Cleveland, 1'ittsbu rtch, Toronto, Oiwego, Detroit, Ciucinuatti, Kiugstou, Rochester, Milwaukie, Ht. Loui*, St. Johns, Leckporr, Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Alio to soy port of Ohio, Illinoi*, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Iowa, L pper and Lower Canada. Haviug given inch universal satisfaction >n their London and Liverpool linet of packets, the subscribers will endeavor to make the preseut undertaking equally deterring of public fa vor. The attention of emigrant! and others is invited t? the follow low rntei of p usage to a fewof the most important points, any other places on the route being equally low, vii:? Utica, $150 Columhus, $9 CO Ht Louis, SHOO Syracuse, 1 75 Sandusky, 5 75 Galena, It 00 Kochester, 2 00 Detroit, b 0(> Canada. llutfalo, 2 50 Milwaukie, in 00 Toronto, 4 ?0 Oswego, 2 50 Chicago, 10 00 Kingston, 4 50 Erie, 4 50 Pittsburg, 1175 Hamilton, 4 50 Cleveland, 5 50 Cincinnati, 12 00 Monfeal, 5 00 Vor further particulars apnl v to , W.&J. T. TAP8COTT, at their Oeueral Passage Olfi'C, Peck slip cor South st. Tate Notice?This oilice is not connected w ith any other in ?m ?nv. i u,r I DAILY KXPRKS8 rOR ALUAN TROV, BUFFALO, i CH1CAUO AND TI1JC CANADAS, The subscribers having completed their arrangements with t the People 'a Line of Steamboat!, on the Noit't River anil the a Rail Road Companies went of Albany for rurnnug their Express * lor the season 0( 1843, an Express will leave their office. No. 2 , Wall street,New York, every evening, at quarter to 7 o clock, ? for the above named ai d intermediate places. ? IMPORTANT. 1 For the greater sifety and sciurity of afl valuable and money ( Kcbages entmited to their care, they have t*alamindrr Iron ; ,fes oa board of the steamboat*, in a state rooin occupied ex- f cluiivily by themselves, and the messenger in charge sleeps iu the same room with the iron safes, into which all suc\ p '.chares n replaced. POMEROV fc COMPANY. 1 mltc No. 2 Wall street. f FOR BUFKAt.O ANITALTL"PARTS OF THK WEST f llSk \ ASSOCIATION PA .Kin, OKHICK Tu ALBANY. ] lUica, $2 09 Ro'-hejter, S' no Syracuse, 2 25 Buffalo, 3 10 Oswego, 2 2) Up. h Lower Canadai iO i For passage apply to i M. L. RAY, t m23 Iin 93 Barclay street. New York. , BRITIHII AND NORTH AMERICAN ROVAL MAIL ' STEAM *1UI>S, Of 1290 tons and MO horse power each. Aunnintrd hv rli* Admiriiltv to nil ht tM een Livemool and Uoslou, calling at Halifax to laud and receive Pai'seu- I setters aud Her MajestT's Mail*. IIIBEKMA, Cartain CharUi H. K. Judkin*. CALKftONIA, fcUptaiu Edward O. LoU. ACADIA, Cai>taiu Alexander Hyrie. COLUMBIA, Captain N. Shannon. BRITANNIA. Captain Hewitt. Will >ail Tor JoJton, via Halifax. i FROM LIVERPOOL.. FttOM BGITOH. Acadia, Hyrie. 19'.h May lfitli June Columbia, *Fannon 4th June 1st July Hibe.mia, Judkina, 19ih Juue 16th July Ciledm.ii, 1. nt, 4ih July 1st Auk These shii scarry exptriruced surseoDi, aud Frances' P.'teut 1 lie Boats. No berth* secuicd unt'1 paid Co-. Apply to 1). BUKJHAM. JR.. Aarent. je6r No. 1 Wall street. New Yoik. m m. ml ' AIISKHLLES LIN-l-rn^TACXETSf The undermentioned *hi|u will he legularly dispatched from hence aud trom Maisei'les on the 1st of each month duriux ' the year? 1 From New Yorlr. Marseilles. COURIKR, Capt Dueiran, June 1. [Aug I TRESCOTT, Capt Myrick, July 1. Sep 1 HKLLK8PONT, Capt Adam*, Auk 1. Oct 1 COK1DLANU8, Cap Haile, Sep 1. Not I i H'KY THOMPSON, Cap Sylvester, Oct I. Dec 1 They are all ccrpered and copper fasteued.and have excellent kccnmuioditious for passenger*. The price of cabin passage will be $!0?, exclusive o. wine* and liquors. Goods addressed to the a rents, BOYD It HINCKKN, will be forwarded free of other Tnarges man those actually paid. For freight or passage atmlv to BOYD U HINCKKN, Aeents. No. 9 Tontine Buildings, or S. BROOM U tO., m20 t 103 Froct street. MiW LINK LI V Kit POOL PACK fcT 3.?Packet ' kJtjKjjfWThii Dav. ?1The splendid, fast sailing Packet Ship MtDafiaH jTI'INGUKH, Capt.Bursley, will sail positively as atiinr, tier regular day. The shi|<s ol this line aic all 1000 i turn burthen and upwarns.aud their accommodations (or cabin, serotd cabii, and stceraee passengers, it is well known are ? sup* no. (o uny! unc 01 pacueti. J lint* witlung to secur* beithsshould not fail to make earlv application ou botrd or to ? W. it J. TAPsCOTT, ' 43 Peck slip, coraer Sun th st. Persons wishing to send for their Irtendt can hjve brought cat iu her, or any of the regular line, on favorable term*. Drafti Tor large or small lumi parable on demwd, without disco,int or any other charge, in all the |>oit towns of Kiiglaud, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can also be obtained onapplicitinn ai above. jytr W***- FOH NKW OKLK4NH-LOUISIANA A>ND . kJWKNtW YOHK LINK?First Hesular Packet-The ' Wi?very fait tilling coppered ship OCONK&, Optain i Jackson, now loading and havirg a very large proportion of her c irgo engaged, wiil be promptly despatched. / For Ireishi or passage, having handsome tuinitlud aceom . modations, apply on hoard, at Orleans wharl, foot of Wall st. or to K. K COLLINS Ik CO. 56 Month st . Shippers mayrely upon harm* their goods correctly me asm d.and that the (hips of this line will till punctually u adver- . tised. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfilled that may be required . Agents in N. Orleans, Hnllin k Woodruff, wao will prompt , ly forward all goods to their address. The oaeket shin Louisville;.Capt. M. Hunt, wiil succeed the . Oeon^e > y 14 * iff- LONDON LINK OF PACKKTH-Packet of the roth Ju'v?The ?olendid, tew, fast sailing p*cket thip 5fiJtU.UKNDU|(. K HUDSON. Capt Moore, wiil sail poutively at above, her regular day. I H>> int tuporior areommn/'at'/iiia for cabin, second ctbin und a steerage iMtstnge-s, those wiihiog 10 stenre births should not l fail to mike early auplintioii on hoard, ?r to > W. h J. T. TAPSr.OTT, ? 41 Pecs Si ip cor Smith st. E Persons dcsir ui of s'nt'ing far their Irimdtc.n hive them c brought out in ilrs splendid ship which sai's from London on the 7ih S pt'iuhrr, or any of the regular line on reaton.ible T te-nit, Those wuhiu.: to remit money can have drafts for any am mnt payao'e on aeinaDd ill all the principal towns of Ore at , Britain ar.ii Irelai.d. j!2ec ' Itfg- IILD BLACK BALL linf7of packets ; mSSWFOK LIVKRPOOL? Packet of the 19 li July?The MSUNwiplendid fast siihuc new packet shin MONTKZl'.MA, Captain Lowber, will be despatched as above, her regular day. This elegant tliip hasursurpassrd accommodations for cabin, td cabin and steerage pastengurs. Those wishing to secure berths will require to make early application to JOHN HERDMAN. 61 South street, near Wall st. N. B.?Passage fromGrett Britain and Ireland,via Liverpool, esn as ntual be sr cured at the lowest rates by the regular packet k smpi sailing weekly. The subscriber h*s jntt cneluded un- s equalled amngementt for the pavuimt of hit drafts at the fitl- n lowing banks?The National snd Provincial Banks r I Ireland. c and at nil Ihetr b'anches. Alio the National and Provincial a Rank of Kngl.ind and nil its branches ihroiuhout Kiig'atid and Wale*. Alio the K.asrern Batik of Art timid, the Greenock I Banlnug Co, and all thf ir branchei, throughout Scotland, for fuittier p*fti< ul?i? >pply M aliove. j>6r I, SllS- KOK LIVKKI'OOl.?NKW LINK?.Heraiir l' JqHPV I'aeket of 85tl" July.?The Splendid Packet J9hip 3kJ?.*?K<>S(IUS, Captain John Col!ins, or lion toot, ' will pmtirely sail as nbuve, her regular day. for freight or having ascommodations ui>e<|oaWed for splendor or aomfcrt, apply on bosrd, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street. > rto K. n. COL LI IS S 4t CO. Mi Sooth street. J Price of passage 175. Tne I'aeket Ship Siudms, Captain E. B. Cobb, ol l'CO ^ ions, will sticcsed the Roicius, and s.tit the 24th of Ann. Iiet r?i?nlarday. Faueugers may rely on the ships o( this lint sailing tj y_.s advertiser!. _ _ jr28r Kill LI VKRI'OOL.?Hegular panaei ol the H'h Jnly ?Tli? very superior, fast sailing packet ship *i3fllLMUNTKZU.MA, Capiaiu Luwb'i, will postively / tail' a? ?^>?re. " Having very superior accommodation* for cabin,second cabin 0 and steerage pasiengers, persons wishing to euibark should tl auks early application to JOSEPH MeMUKHAV, 100 Tine St., eor. Month. The above will be succesd'd by the ipleudil picket ship Roscins, Captu Collius, aud tail on the Dth July. Persons wir.htng to send for their Iriends in the old onntry, can have them brought ont by the above ship, or e sny ol the regular packcts, by applying as aboT* ; if by letter post paid. |v15ec jgM BtATKN ISLAND re.KKV, Y UOT \ WHITKHAUL, >JT?The steamboat* * 2EZLSC3E.STATIN ISLANDER and 8AM8ON L v.~N.wVo7k"?'Y7a~.'u. i"?. ?* * ?TLfH"( Rt?ten lalnnd (, 9, 10, II. I, 3, 4,5, 6.1. , Leave New York aid State u Uland every hour on Hnuday. , P. 8.?Kicntaion to Fort Hamilton, Sundava ??< ????, r jfcare Fort Hamilton TJ< A. M., rainrnina tram New York!)* ( Fare to State n laland.tM cent*. Dj to Fuitll milton IIX t centa. I" ' jWlj/BI HAMILTON HUUtth. KOMT MAM b &asJ>d*ILTUN ?The aieainboita 8TA1K.N 3C2MQE.I>tLANDKn*nd SAMSON will nm every Jay (Sunday* eicrnted) durina Die uuod.u follow; J? , Leave Fort Hamilton at TH A. M. and (t P. M, ISa v York, Whitehall Dock, at IMP- M. t Thia arrangement may ba reliad on u permanent, aa it? continuance will not depend on any eontingrncv i IS Imr X^KJuHouat, Black Point, Kumann, and fcatontown , Landing, ihr. inrh the ion*r paiaaee. The new Steamboat ' SHREWSBURY, Captain Jonn Pi Cmliaa, will leave Katoo town Landitg on Sanday, the 4th of June In-u, and ran aa fbl Iowa,to wit: leafijf New York, froin the foot of Hobinaoa * ?tre?t every Monday. Tneedir, Wedneaday, Thnrtday and . Friday at 7 o'clock, A. M. Returning, will leave Kaumtown Lai din's on *ich of Ina above daya, at I o'cloek. P. Mi n? * turi'ay will leare New V?nkat o'clock, P. M a?,l Ktton (own Landing on But '.(1" V?-3 '??k T-.M . and Oc?*n Horn* 14 o'clock. The 8HBKW9BLUY will stop it Fort Hamil. '* Fa" 37)4*cent?, and itopjioj at Sandy Hook, toinK and * eon ina- . . N. It.?Sukci will b? >n attendance to couvey pA'sengrri Ircm t)>t aforciaid laodiuf placw to any tan country r*qnii*4. i?U W YO 2W YOKE. MON DAY M "HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS?" I> It. t O O IC K RETURNED FHOM ENtiLAND. RESPECTFULLY iufoima li IririkIi and patmnv ili'onghrut the Uii't *d Statra, ('aindn, North and South Atn*iica. he British Coloui ?, Sic , thu limine nil the Intrit ;m|>oruut uforuutinn (rom Enrope, lie-in uuivcrially perforoii-iK cure* if th? wont claw ol V.nweil Di*r*ae iu iti moat rtur^vatrd 01 rai. with UD|ir?cedented ? xiiediiion and ditiMtrh. and may gain h- c intuited at mm I. pera-mlly and'coulidt uiiiily, at Ins fiice No S Norton aire-1, AlDany, N. y. Dr. COOKE a'tenda rertonailv to In* t ato'Uta. COLORED KNOKA.VINOS, leieiiotive ol Uurnr iu both aeiea illuatratim; all iti moat inv igoant forma wilh a complete I r idic jl Treatise on Venereal . VmplaiDts and tlirir immediate and remote con?<NNM ia . :lud n; oli?f rratiom 0(1 cer'aiii nlftCliona of the Uierna?may . le examined at auy tune if de>ired by the uiif'rtuuate at the , iotpiui, wlieit-patieuta ?ill liud it both oouveii'eut and ad- . autmeoua to board and lodge with DCooke, who will comortaoly accommodate them.while under medical ueatmeut.unil recovered. Whatever celebrity Dr Cook may have attained in the treat- , nentof Dia*nae, he btlievea to belon* ta no ether by 'hat name n lltia country; tliia well known l'nyaiciaj and Suij-on, ?h) laa no Amenta, and it not conuec'ed wilh any aimiiar estab i >li neni iu in* united State*. cau be fuuud el 'he Alb-iuy l oci ioipital, Na. 3 Norton urett, Allnuy, N. Y.# A&d no where ; :!?? , , The unfortunate will pleaie air end to this part of their dtt y, take due acd timely notice and govern themselves accord- ] "H- HKMEMBEH NO. 3 NOIITON (STREET, A I. OA SY. N. Y. jjM3 imr ' Qfe*-,. HARNDEN Iv (J ENGLISH, KKENCH, BKLGIAN Si AMEH- ' ^hSF-ICAN EXrttESS, uE>KKAL KOKWAUD V TP -INO Sc COMMISSION HOUSE. i HAHNDKN tk CO will receivo and forwn-d by thfir daily Cxpicss > ;ai3, Wpticir.B uk Note*.Package* a*i<i I'arce's, to any ivrtoflhe Unred States or Can>>d i. aid by (lie stoners attl ' iicktu to auy purt oi Eiiglaud, Ireland, Scotland, or ' France. Particular attention if paid to the purchase or tale of alt dr- I ertp'ion of im-rchnnd s*, collecting aud paying DmI'd, Notes, 1 nd Bills, (o trie entry o? merchandise at the Custom Hou>-, nd to tlx general transaction of any and all kinds of forwasd- 1 ns mid commission business. P'llsof Kxchmge, in turns to uit, furnished on St. John, N. B., Halifax, N.S.,or on auy iart of Eu'ope. All goods mast be nnrkeil " Harnd'ti 8c Co." Foreign Pest i Jrtice Letter Bifcs are tnads up for all the Koyal Mail teamers from Bostan and the steamer aud sailing packets rom New VorU. Piincipal offices and agents ulessrs Willmer and Smith, 32 Church street, Liverpool England wle&srs. Maclean, Maris and Co., 3 Abchurch lane, London Messrs. Kuiersouaud Co., Paris and Havre 4?muel H tight. Esq.. American Consul, Antwerp, Belgium Vles?rs. J. aud J G. Woodward, St. Joint's,IN. U. W. Godfrey, Halifax, N 8. I O. Woodward, New Oilt-aus, La. Vienna*. J ' B Sozeiac ti <'o Havana. tiarnden St Co. 8 Court street, Boston. All goods mint be marked "Haniden aud Co." N.B.?H?ind?D and Co. are alone responsible for tin lom or Ujnry olany articles, or property of any description com.nitted o their car*; nor is auy risk ussutnrd by. nor can any lis at ached to the New Jeisey Steamboat Navigation Company, by irhich (heir crates are, or inav be transported : nor the New Ir'ork, Providenc-, and Bnton Ka.lroad, or the Bostou aiiJ Proridence Kailroad Corporations, iu respect to ih-ir ennteuu at iny time. HA KNDKN 8t CO., jyl2r No. 3 Wall street. N?w York. NEW JEKSKy KA1LROAD "TNIPTKANS POUT ATI ON COMPANY. Far* reduced to 30 centa. JTr^m the foet of Cenrtlandt street, New Toik. (Every day?Sunday s.eKepted.) Leaves New York Leaves Newark II I A. M. At 2 P. M. At 7 A. M. At I* P. M. 9 do. 1 do. I do. 4 do. II do. 4 do. > do. 5K do. 5K do. 10X 7K do. (X dc. do. do. ON SUNDAYS. y.ori the Tool oi Courtl <nd: street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. aud 4*< P. M. At 12STp. M. cud 9K P. M. NEW YOKX, ELIZABETH TOWN, Le?ve New Yr-rk. l.e?v? Elizabeth Towm It 8 A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7* A. M. 3* P M. 9 do. 4 do. do. 7 do. 11 ds. 45tf ro. 10 lo. 9>? do. do. 12 oo. Tht trains for Westfield, Plxinfictil, BoumlW' 'ok.Somertillo, ic., counect with lhe,9 A M, aud. 4X P M l UnshomNew fork, daily, Sundays excepted. Karc between New York and Elizabeth To* u 25 ceuU. Fare between do and Somerville. Tj cents. Nltv YOUK, AND RAHWAY. Leave New York. Leave ilahvtay. It ? A.M. At J P M. At 7 A.M. At S P.M. 9 do 4 do 8 no 6% do II do 4K do 9^ da 9 do j3< <lo 11\ d? >r.w yukiv ainu inkw hrun?<*ii;? Krom foot of CouHlaud itrect, New York, daily. Lea?e New York. Leave New Bru:i*wi?* At 9 A.M. A( 4 P.M. Atfi AM. At II* A M. 5X do 7'a do tH P. M. ON SUNDAYS Leave New Yorlt. Leave New Bruniwick. (HAM and 4% P M. At 11^ A.M., and 8^ P M. fare, exchfi id the Philadelphia train*, between New Yo?k md Vew Bramwiek, 50 cent*. Between New York and Rahway 55 cent*. Paneugen vrhi> procure tneir ticket* at the ticket oftice, re eive a ferry ticket until. Ticket* are received by the con Inctor only nu the duv when nnrchfued. ml I 3m*r summkx .in;i.i\<.!.hest. 1 *EW YORK AND PlllLADKLI'IilARAILROAD LINK D RKCT, fia Newark. Nrw BarntwicK, Phiucetok, Trkntoh' Bordkntown anu uum.innTort. THKOUOH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New York duly from the fovtof Conrtlandt it Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at iX P. M. Ti??- Morning Line proceed* to Bordentown, from thence by teamboatto Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceed* direct to CamJen (opposite to *hiUdelpbi?) without chance of car*. Pauenger* will procare their ticket* at the ofTi-c loot of ^ourtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat,will be in eadineu, with baggige crate* on board. Philadelphia baggage crate* are conveyed from city to city, vuhout beiug opened by the way. Each train iiproviled with tear in which art a, artment* and drcaaing room* eiprtuly lor he ladiea' use. Returning, the line* leaye Philadelphia from the foot of Walmt street, ny iteamboat to Bo.-dentown at t o'clock, A.M. nd by railroid from Camden, at 5 o'clock.vP^M. The line* for Baltimore leave Phlladelph ia at TX A. M., and P. M. beiaga continuation of the line* Irom New York. jc4 NEW YORK. BCHOOLEY'S m$gfy.MOUNTAIN fc EASTON. jtave li e loot of Courtlaiid Mtrrrt, daily (Sundays eircrlfd) 18 o eiock, A.M., by railroad Jeiley city to Morristuwn, ncnee by Post coaches ihr. ugh Mendhan.,<'hrster. Schonley's lonnuiu, Anderson l'owu, I'ort Golden, Washington, to Gaston. At Washington. a d.iily line intersects to and from lelvidere For seal* apply to J. Hill, at J. ration's, Constnerial lintel, 73Comtlandstr?et. N.U.?Kxtrxa furnuhrd ht the shortest notice by applying to V. B. Line. United flute* Hotel. Mornstown. hit 11 3m ec NMV YDUKTSCWX)ITKV'S ^ I I 1- MOUNTAIN AND KAH- I? MHSLvia K. and Somenille R Road.^M^^S^ k>or Schooler's Mountain. leaTe pier No. 1 (?orth river, at ( H o'clock AM, daily (Sundays excepted) by steamboat to Elizabeth port, or leave the foot of Conriland atreet at 9 ?A i lock A M, by (N J Kailroid to Klizibelhtown, thence conlect with the cara for 8<.memlle cr.ichei, thence 20 milca to he Monntaio?arrivingeaily in the afternoon. Kor Kaaton leave as above, proceed by railroad to Somer 'ille, coaches from thence (only 31 miles,) arriving in Kaaton .t 6 o'clock. This ion'C, on account of the short diatarce by coachea. n<a ling it by far the mist pleasant and expeditious, commends it elf to piibliclpatronage. Mr Sandcraon, the proprietor at Ho RerviCe. haa p<ov?ded himself wi'li carriages acd horaes tj ac oinmodate private partiea with extras at the shortest notice, jid on reasonable terms. Kor seats apply to H D. Hope, Merchants' Hotel, 41,Courtaudi at. Passengers from Pliilad-lphia to Schooley's Mountain will save riiii>iiel|>hi i at 7 o'clock, A. M.f by New Vork railroad ne tn New Sruuawick. Splendid coaches frcm thence, arrii tk. .it i ne in on ma m early ?;inie afternoon. I im?r t()CKA WAV I'A VilLION?L?WT1?LANU ~RAItROAD. ? Trains upon this road leave Brooklyn, SontU Kerry, for Jtmaica, where conches are in readi neas lor that delightful resort, the M trine P.ivil.lion, at the following hours, vix Half past 9 ock and halfpa?t6 I*. M. Returning, leave Jamaica at 8 A.M., 12 M. and 5 P. M. for ewiorK. rare to Jamaica, if.; iniouun ir?m nroumyc u> ic Pavilion.Ticeuti. jeS4 6?"r ( IMKW ARRANUKMENT. I If ARK AND C RltlUHT REDUCED. jgm REGULAR MAIL LINK?If OR I'IKV L_iwL?3?VIDKNCIC AND B'lHTON. via 8TOMK Ja?-JE_IN<i I ON AND NKWPORT-Composed , fthe following superior steamen, running in connection with I le Htouiugtnn Mid Boeion and Providence Railroads:? MASSACHUSETTS. Cape Comstock. HHODK, ISLAND, Cap? Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARRA<?AN8ETT. MOHEUAN. One of which will leave New York daily (Snmlays eieeptd)from Pier No. 1, Battery Tlaee, N. Hiver, at S P. M. ARRANUK.VlKNT.S. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and feduesday for Stonington and Newport, and Knday Tor Itomiurtou The MABSACHUSETTS.Captain Comstock, on Tu.-sday Dtl Tlinrieay for Htoniugtan, and Saturday for Btouiugton, Newport aud Providence. I Pansenctcn, on the >rri?al of the itcamen at Btonington, i rill be immediately forwarded in the splendid aud coinmo- t ions Can of the Railrovl to Providence aud Boston, and il i ir Newport will pra-eed in the ttatneri on Monday, Wedesd.iyand Suurday, and on the intervening days, proceed via ! konmgton Railroad to Providence, and fiom thence in the < turner lnla?, without any additional charge. i Tickets for the route and teamen' bertlu can be secured on < oard, or it the office of _ HARNDEN It CO., No I Wall street. |T7"On and after the 10th hist, freight will not benceived i nd forwarded after half-past 4 P M ?n9 6m* m ,EW YORK AND^^N MJAM HEIGHT .ngsM Kor Kingston, and Delaware and Hudson . Cann I-ileum boats EMERALD and NOH; C5H-5E. vv ic h. The KMKRALD, Cartalw John Reteham, will Itave New fork foot of Murray street, every Monday and l'nu.-iday at 9 'clock P.M. , . . Wnl leave Kingston (Rondcot landing) every Wednesday i n.l . 1 ..Vl,Wk. P. M. I, Tli* NORWICH, CspUiu John Ramneli, will I?rtc New fork, fool ofWirwn ilrcet. erery Wedne?aay ?nd 8murJ?y *1 o'clock, P. M. - .. . _ Will lr*v? Kingston (Rondont landtnx) ??ery Taei ?y tad j rnd.y Ml o'clock. P. M^tka TUIp!j The EMERALD will lc**e the font of Mnmr ttreet ffti? j Inndt mortiiiiK ftl 7 o'clock. KetuiDiiig I?a??s KitiKiton at 4 ( 'clock ?ain*<fer. ro, frc.h, or OW k CO , , Ul Jm*r 1M WMtiimt |? L ? RK f ORNING, JULY 17, 1845 rAPSUOTT'S GENER AL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 TKCfC SLIP, NEW YORK. fit Ml ifl&t The subscribers bef to call 'the attention of their friends mil the public geuei'iy, to their superior arrangement* For bringing out pas hirers from, anil remitlMig money to. any :ar* of Knxland, hel.iyd, Scotland or Wale*, iu tne uiaguiliceul Docket ships, comprising the ' NKW 1,1 NK <V LIVKUrOOL PACKETS," V\Z :? Ship HOSCIII8, Capt. Collins. Ship SIDUONS.Captaiu Cobb. fehip SHKK1DAN, Captaiu Deptyiter. Ship CAKItll'K.)'aptsiu SkidJy. New shin HOTTI N'OUKIt, Captain Bnrilty. Ship SOUTHKRNKR, Captain WoodliouM. Ship KOCHESTKR.Captain Palmer. New shipLIVKRPOOL.Captam Kldredee. Sailing twice eiery month; and with the" UNITED LINK," composed of superior Ant elms American ships, sailing every ten days, will make live ships in each month throughout the rear, (or one every lit day*) thereby preventing the po*si ulilv or unnecessary deteutiou. direct from Loudon, Briitol and Oreeunck to New r Also from Liverpool to New Orients, Mobile, Sava" C n.,f iettiin, Philadelphia, Boston aud Baltimore, and the rarioi i.ism British North America, can at all time* be enlaced ou literal terms. Tenons wishing to tend Tor their friend*, will not fail to see [he advantages to be derived Iroin selecting this line in prefereure to any oilier, aud they may rest assured that unusual c ue will be taken to make the | a-isage aj.vee.ible, the ship* being fitted up with an eye solely to the comfort of passengers. In all cases whe ithep rties sent for decline coming, the uouey will be re nuued without any deduction, as usual. A fee possKue Irom the v u ious seaports of Ireland and Scolland, cap also be secured. The regular packet* I or Vihicii the subscribers are agent*, sail u follows, viz :?To and irom London on the 1st, 10th, and XOth of eac'.i month. To and Irom Liverpool on the 1st, 7lh, luth, 19th, aud SSlli of each month. New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, an J Charleston, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. Tersoui in the ccumry wishiug to send money to their fiirnds by enclosing the sum tliey wish sent, with the name and address of the parties to receive it, in.y rely on a draft lor the smonnt beiug forwarded per first packet, alter the receipt thereof, aud &u acknowledgement for the same returned per mail. Dr ift* at sight, for any amount, are payable ou demand, without discount or any oilur charge, at the National aud Provincial B ulk* of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Ureeuock, aud their branches, Messrs. J.imes Huh , Sou Ik Co., Bankers, Londen, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and in every principal town of Great Britain and Ireland. Further particulars made known on application, if by letter, postpaid,to W. Si J. T. TAPBCOTT, d5y r 43 P ck Slip, curnn Soutn st. jiiEh JBt Jfc 1ASSAGK KROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND BY THE BLVCK BALI. OR OLD LINE OK LIVERPOOL. PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and l!Hh of every month.] Person* wishing loseud to the Old Country for their friends can make ihe o?cen.sary arrangements with the subscribers, and Inve them come out in this superior Linn of Packcts, sailing irom Liverpool i mirtually on the 7lli and 19th of every month. 'II. ev will also have a lir*l rate class of American ship*, sailing every ?i*idays, thereby affording weekly commuuicn tiou from that iio'rt. One of the tirin (Air. James P. Roche) i* tlieie, t? see lliai they shall be lorwarded with care aud despatch. Should the parties agreed for not come <.ut, the Honey will be returued to those who paid it here, w ilhoul auv reduc lion. Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Pallets, comprise the following maguificvut Ships, vir. The OXFORD. 'flie NEW YORK. CAMBRIDGE. COLUMBUS. EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND,. NORTH AMERICA. Willi such superior aud unequalled airaiigcmeats,_ih? subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which Ims been extended to them so mauy years, lor which iney arc ginieiui. Those proceeding, or remitting moliey to their relatives, can atall times obtain Drain at sight Tor any ainouiit, drawn dircct ou the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. PUE8COTT, GROTE, AMES & CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Blanches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Irslaud, Scotland and Wales. App.y,or.ddre?.(ifbkl6tter^o.t^HKR8 & ^ Si Fulton street, New Vork, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B-?The Old Line of Liverpool Packt.ts sail from this port f(ir Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties returning to the "Id country will fiud it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Liue for their conveyance, in preferance to ?nv other. d27 r NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKKTB. 1*? a frotn New York on the 2Sth aud Liverpool on the Iltb of each month. Jpt.. iSSi iitifc F rom NEW YOK*. Shir ROSC1U8, Captain J0U1 Collins, 25th July. Ship SIDDON8. Captain K. B. Cobb, 2ith Angtist. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Depeyster, 2Jth Sept. Ship UAUH1CE, Captain Win. Skiddy, 2jlh October. KnoM Liverpool. Ship SnE151DAN.Capt.iiii F. A. Depeyster, 13th Jnljr. Ship uARRICK, Captain \Vm. nkidJy, I3lh Auguit Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collin*, IStli September. Bhip 8IDUUNS. Captain E. B. Cobb, ilth October. These l hips are all of the firs' class, apwaids of 10*3 lous, on ill mthe city of New York, with such improvement* a scombine great r.,>eerf with minimal qwifort for passengers. Every care hu been uktfn in the ^KQlEsnt'Ut of their accommodations. The price of I-u. '"e.lnmife H'j These ships sre com manded by eipet yJ|W?Sprr', who will make every exertion to give geueiayWP?fHo Neither tlie c-pUSMMMMertf tV sL ./swill be responsible for ai y lrttt-is maiMaip* imckaassen by uiem, unless re I'.iUr bi lis of^fi^Spq therefor. For Imight or paar.<Mfi*nT>iy to E. K. COLl.lNtvSi CO., W Son'h st., New York, or to BROWN. SHIPLEY St CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged li>4 cuius per single ihe> t: 50 cents per onuce, and ncwsr*r"TS I cent each. iy7 ee ^ NRW YOKK AND HAVttE PACKETS?Be con J Line ?The snipsof this liar will hereafter leare New YorK on ihe 1st, and ll'vie on the 16th ?f each mon'h. as follows, vir:? Ft oni Nrw York From Havre. New ship ONEIDA, list Marcn. Captain < 1st July. < 16th August. James Fanck.f 1st November. ( I6t.i Dcc. Ship BALTIMORE, 11st April. ( 16th May. CajWaiu j st August < 16th Sept. Edwcrd Fjnck.Q 1st December ( ICtli Januaiy. Ship UTICA, t 1st Msy. C "6th Jane. Captain < lit September* 16tli.October. Frederick Hewitt ( 1st Jannary. ( >6th FeDrnarr, New (hip ST. NICHOLAS, C M Jane. I 16th Jul v. Captain \ tat Octiber. < 16th Nor. J. B. Pell. C 1st February. ( iCtli March. The accommodations of these ahipa ar? not surpassed, combining all that mav be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage la S'CO. Passeug^rs will b-supplied with every re<iisita with the exception of wines and liquors. Ujmm intended for tnese vesses will be lorwaid*d dv ihe subscribes, tree fro a ?ny other, thin lh? expemea actually in curre i on them. For freiirhr or rmtnge, apply to UOVI? Si HINCkEN, Asenn, je2Jec No. 9 Tontine H'liMing. cor Wall and Water ata. > UK .\K\ RLEANS. LOUISIANA AM) NfcW 1' IKK LINK OF PACKETS UMlii For the better accommodation of shipper*, it is intended to le<pa:ch a ship from this i>ort oil the 1st, 6th, 10th, IJth. 20th, mid btli ol each niouth, com.i CUCi:iu the 10th October and contiuniUK until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of tne year, whereby {treat delays and dir. appointment* will be j revested during the summer mouths. The following hips will commence this arrangement: htup YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captaiu Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE. Captain Hmit. Ship SHAKSPEAHE, Captain Miner. Ship UA8TON. Captain Latham Ship HU N'J'SVlLLE. Captaiu Mnmford. Hliip OCMLLOEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship MH'.Ml HIS, Captain Knight. LOUISA, Captain Muiford. These shi|? were all built in the city of New Yprh, express for packets, me of light draft of water, have recently been J/wly copi>ered and put in splendid order,with accommodations lor passengers nne<|!ialle<i for comfort. They are commanded ieneral satisfaction. They will fit all times be towed up ami own the Mlasiaaippi hy steamboats. Neither the or captains of these ships will he responsible lor jewelry, bullion, precious stout'*, silver or plated ware, jr fut any ItUcra, purer! or |>actiage, coat by 0 Ipul ou board of lh*m, tiuit'M ri-gol~r bills of ladin* are takej for the nine aoc1 [he value theieon eipressed. (for freusht or passage, apply B. K. (JOLI.INS ft CO., 56 South St., or HULL1N StWOOOKUKK, Agent in New Orleans. who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The ahipa of thia line are warranted to tail nanctually as adreriited, and great care will be taken to have the goodi correet? measured. ml 111.ACK BAhl> Oil OL.I) LINK OK LIVKHJM?yrOOL, rA* -KfcTS?Oulv Hrgnlar I'aiket.and .ails mUmou Wedncsjay, the 19th of July ?The n?? and cefeira. d ast sailing. favorite pieket ship MO NTK.ZU^ A, barren I '50 'ons, Gap*. Alfred B. bowber, will sail poiiiively as ibove, her regular day, i he aromiiiodationt of this magnificent packet (or cabin, econJ cabin and steerege paismgers, are well ktown to be tustirpasted lor sp'cn lor, convenieuee end comfort, by aay >ther vessel a'ljat. Those visiting ihe old eonntry wnl find t to their interest to select this desirable conveyance in prefet nes to any other. Kot teimi of passase, whicli will be low, tnrly application should be made to rhome the bet b*nhi, ipply on boarJ, foot of Beekman ?t?eet, ?r to the snb cribers UOCttK BROTHKK* fc (JO , 33 Knlt'-n street, next door to the Knlton Bank. Note?It i? conaolered by mmy that the Montezmna is ihe astest saiiinx shipafloat, having left Liverpcol on her lait voy ige to this iH>rt in company, wrh the ships Mottingiier, Harirave and Hibertia, and in advance of her opponents if rural il \a. T. S The Monteznma will aril from Liverpool on the 7th Sej't. I'ciioiu irndiuk lur ih'.ir fr.enda cai have them brought jut in her, or any of pack* i comprising this mnmitlVrri' ml uiirqiMllt'Q ln-e, iniluu fr< in that port on .lie )th nutl 19th >1 each month. Kor pux.ige, &c., apply ra above. The l*c?rt ahip Kmope will luccetd tie above ptckrtaod lail for Li'erpoof on .he l?t Aogoat. hrt regnUr day. jyHee rt,K MVKHPOOL?The New Line-Regnlar kJ^nfW I'arkrt 16th July?The new, srleadid New fork yKMb'?<'lt packet ahip HOTTINUUKK, Ira Daraley. n <?in. I0W ton?, will nil on Momlny next, 17tn mil. for p*??*ge only, havit'g l?rge and commndiom atate room*, ipply to the Captain on board, west aide burling Slip, WOODHULL It MINTUH\S, 17 street. The inprrior newpaeket akip Liverpool, Captain John Cldridge, ll.'iO looi, will succeed the Hotunguer, and Mil ol ? !...Un AtumL iv 15 r iaj^- |i'UH lOfDON.-Kfn!? Pitkft nl Iht Wh JwWJn1'' The plein'id picket ?hip llKNDXICK IUllbHl'UHUN. < ?pt. Moore, will nil a? noorr, her re '"flavin* very unperior aceonynoilMiona for cabin, Jnd rabin. m,I airrr^Rr paurogrra, lersnna wishing ro rmbark should M ke early applicationto JOSC.PH MrMUHIlAV. 1(0 Pine Hrret, c>rner of South. P?rion? with cs to i?n<! lor their frieuda, can h**ethm iroun'ii ??( by the iln?t tlnp, or any of the regular packetf, bl ippljim ai above, (il by letter, port paid ) ju TTS U A 1 JDili A Tlif r.omlitn Pollen System. Mr. Kditor For the hem-til ol our " City Fathers," I have taken the liberty to make the t olio wing abstract of th" London police Hyatem, from prop* r authority. Its simplicity and corapietenehsin detail, commends its introduction here ; and a? your independent juper has eviuced a proper inten-rt in thh- remodeling of our rotten police system, 1 have no doubt you will give this communication publicity, and thereby draw the attention of the proper authorities to the subject. It was not till the year 182!) that Ltfndon was provided with an organized system of police. Pre vious to that, each pariah managed its own con^tabiliary, consisting principally of night-watchers ; the little protection given to the public in the day time was Irom a lew officers attached to the police, or more properly known as " How street runners." The rapid increase of London from 1S12 to IS2M,and of crime in the same ratio, drew the serious attention of the public to the nutter, and their legislature took the matter in hand ; a bill was framed by Sir Robert Peel ; a plan ot centrali'/.atio.i was established ; its management withdrawn from the several parishes and vested in two commissioners at a central office, its expenses are defrayed by m fax, and the fines obtained by magistrates from different offenders, are appropriated to the same purpose.? '[ lie total cost of the establishment in 1H211 amounted :o JLI22I,!):;$. This great reform (and where has there been one that has not ?) at first n et with considerable opposition, and was looked upon with much suspicion. It had truly somewhat the appearance of an oigani/.ed military force, and might jeopardize personal liberty, an immunity of which Englishmen are, ns well as Jonathan, very watchful of. Loud complaints arose from every parish of forcing theni to collect the rates Without having the pleasure ot disbursing them. Then again their nncient privileges of appointing small officers,such as watchmen, t.Vc.,like our own, so well known for their inottV-nsiveness that they would hardly molest a burglar, or interrupt a midnight frolic, was taken from them. A very short experience ol its workings, however, proved how groundless was nil this opposition and tear ; and it was not in existence n year helore its advantages were acknowledged even by those who had opposed its introduction. Considering it as an untried experiment, it worked well from the first? and so it will herein this city, if the experiment be fairly tried. Opposition it must encounter, but it will always be open to improvement es its detects are discovered. In 1*11), ihe body consisted of 2 commissioners, I inspecting superintendent, I general sui>criniendent, 17 I ocal superintendents, 73 inspectors, sergeants, 250 constables of the first class, 2527 of the second, and 269 of the third?total number ol the force, 3,486. The metropolis is apportioned off in divisions, und a company ot policemen attached n> each, eipial in numbers to the wants ?f the locality. Each member ot the police is dressed in an uniform to distinguish them troin the private citizen; he is armed with a short staff. The whole city Mid its environs are paraded night and day. Independent of the men thus employed, a certain number are attached to each station as messengers and vr.irrant officers. There is likewise a body of mounted officers to keep guard of the remote boundary of the metropolitan jurisdiction, and likewise there is an Acquatic Police in hoatp, to look alter the vast amount of valuable property floating on the Thames. A certain number of very respectable and intelligent men have been recently selected lo form a body |c died the "detective police." This latter arrangement was found to be much wanted; for at the outset, they not being acquainted with all the resources ot the thorough thief-catcher, and the bribery and corruption incidental to ihe old system, the result was, that many crimes ot the deepest dye'remain to this diy undetected. Its members do not a'ways appear in the i uniform. There are cases wher<* the ends of justice would be prostrated wrie the officers to betray their presence by their uniform if an offince be committed in his presencc, he captures the delinquent on the spot, and takes him to the station house, makes his charge to the inspector, who confines the offenders to be taken before a magistrate at the next sitting ? Should they perceive any dai.ger impending i < tlie public peace in any particular spot, the force in the neighborhood is increased. Now what if to prevent our city fathers taking the details of the Lonpolicelora guide to give us a system as complete, though not so extensive, which is by no means required, considering the difierence of the population ot the twocitiesl ft must ultimately come, orsumething akin to it?the safety of our lives and property already rtquire it. H. G. G. New Yokk, July 13, <From tiik Western Mountains.?The Western Missourian of the 1st inslant says:?" Per John Richard, ( llurgeois,') who left Fort I'latte, on Larimy's Fork, on the 7i^i of May, and arrived here last Thursday evening,we have been furnished with the following items of news, which may be regard ed as authentic: "A party of Sioux, consisting of about thref hundred warriors, under the two chiefs Hull-Tail and Iron-Shell, had already left to fight the Pawnees; and nnoHier war party, to the number of one thousand five hundred to two thousand Sioux,were soon to rroceed against the Crows and Snakes. "A war party of Kanz&s Indians had attacked a party of Pawnees, and killed three of their number. Three Pawnees had escaped to Sir William Drum mund Stewart's party, and were protected by them from their pursuers. Mr. llichard met the latter party on tVe Big Sandy. iiu. i>;?i i ..i?. a... 1UI. JMUIIUIU ainu iiici uic v/ic^wu \/uiii|'au; They were near the waters of the Bin Blue, (about 250 miles distant from this place,) were all well, and getting alon^ smoothly?having experienced uo difficulty except in crossing the Kansas river, where they sunk their b> at, and came near drowning several women and children. The partv consists of fHM):?erjons, having 121 wagons, and 1,)M?7 head of cattle." From tiik Arkansas?The Western Missouri#n states that tliey have intelligence hy Mr. (Jarnett, who left the Little Arkansas on the 221 uIt. The St. Louis Republican gives the following detail* Colonel Warlield, who still remainsupon the Mexican side of the < iieat Arkansas, had attacked a hunting party ol Mexicans?killed five or six ol them, and taken fifteen ot their horses. The hunters soon rallied, however, retook their horses, and carried oil all the animals belonging to their hsshiIants. Warlield's company was then disbanded, and the men were loitering in small squads in the vicinity ot Bent's Fort. This information was obtained by Mr. (tarnett Irom Charles Bent. The traders who left here some weeks ago, were encamped on Cow Creek, which stream was so much swolleu as to prevent their crossing. (Governor Armijo, accompanied with a large detachment oi troops, wiu fxpecteu 10 receive me iraaers ns soon as they should have crossed the Great Arkansas, to escort them to Santa Fe. It was supposed no information had been received (here relative to the,intended Texan expedition. The convoy of United States dragoons that accompanied the traders to Cow Creek, were still in the vicinity. A small detachment under Captain Hoon, were encam|>eu on the Little Arkansas, observing the movements of the Indians, and was robbed one night of twelve horses, by a predatory band of Osngrs. A lew days after, Captain Moon's company cime up with a small party of O^agcs, having in pos session one of his horses?the dragoons recovered the horse and took the guns, See., belonging to the Indians, which they intended to retain until the remaining eleven horses should have been restored ? The Indians had not returned them when ivlr. Garnett left. Capt. Hent is now on his way to this place, with some twenty wagons, and will be here witliiu a week or ten days.?St. Imm\* Republican. Fvr??nnniv?iiY Mipai-ip?Horn W? AslX. (Ml July, 1S4:l, 8 15 P. M.?lleing at anchor oil the Pilgrim*, River Lawrence, t? wait the tide?fine wea'her and light wind, I was called to by our pilot, Win, Rus?ell, saying there was a fillip sailing in the nir. When looking in the air, in th? direction pointed out, I distinctly saw the appearance of a lull rigged ship, under full mil, passing very swiftly over the land, in .? 9. S. W direction. 1 watched it wih the spy glass, until, to my view, it vanished into -moke ft was witnessed also by the Pilot's apprentice, Dennis Glen. Wm. Morribh, Master. Michigan Raii.roat>s.?The Detroit and Pontiac Railroad was completed early in the present month, and i* now in active operation. The road is twentyfive miles in length, and passes through a fine country. _ "The eye," says the Detroit Free Press, "is continually delighted with flourishing and wellstocked farms. The road will carry visitors towards the Grand River country, and ojx-n an avenue to farniets, by which the State will be benefitted. On the 4th, Gov. Kurry, accompnnied by several of the State officers and by his staff, took a ride to Poniiac, by invitation of the proprietors, and was hand- i flnmplv I hrniio hmit th#? Thp fOlitf* ' across the Peninsula, from Detroit to St. josephor Michigan City, is performed by this route now with great ease and expedition, and the journey to Cm- \ cago made in little more than forty nine hours. 1 , * LD. P?lc? Two Ctntii Th* Prtnck n* Joinviut.?The Brazilian announce the marriage of the Prince dp Joinville to the Princess Fram-eiica, sister of the Kmperor of lirazil, and their fatlinj? front Rio de Inneiro for France on the 13th May, in the Belle Poule frigate. As it may interest our fair readers to see how royal wooings arc carried on now-a-days,we publish the following nccount of the Prince de Joinville'a mode of paying his addresses. The fair Princess Frances01 Carolina's laconic confirmation of her auguit brother's answer to the Baron Langsdoifr, shows that she belongs to that school in love which teaches that? "Happy '* the wooing, That'? not long a doing.' On the 19th of April the Baron Langi-dorfl, Ambatsador from the King of the French, had his formal reception by the Emperor, to ask the hand of the Princess Krancesca Carolina lor the Prince de Joinville. The lhiron said:? Sihk I present my cell', in the name of the King, my ungiut sovereign, to ask the hand of her imperial highnen<i, the princess Dunua Krance?ica, your majesty's sister, for Monsoigncur ttA Prince de Joinville. Nothing could be more gratelui to the heart of thr King than u union winch will draw more close the ties of family that alrea (I v link together the two dynasties, and the ties of friendship that unite the two nat.uiis. I venture to hope that your majesty's lreliugs are the same. Having been permitted to enter that family sanctuary within which monurchslay aside the pomp now surrotimls your majesty, 1 have found there, aire, those private virtues, those tender and sweet uilVtions which France admin s also in the august House that governs her*elf. In parting from a brother whose love has watched over her youth with so much solicitude, and from a beloved sister whom virtue* secure to her universal aflectiou nnd respect, the Princess Krancesca will take her place in the midst ol that royal family so closely united and so devoted to each other. Her happiness will only be transferred to another scene, and will receive, in its reliance on a husband whose name has already become known throughout the world, guarantees of that permanence to which the charming virtues of her imperial highness so eminently entitle her. The Kmperor replied :? I consent with nil my heart to that alliance which ia so pleasing to me, anil in which the Brazilians will ?? cordially rejoicn. My sister, to whom you will now address fourseif, will assuredly confirm i his my answer: for we are persuaded that she will find in thn wttrrtion of the royal family of France, n swwt solace for the regret* the must needs feel In leaving tliu country that gave her birth. The Baron then addressed the Princess in these words;? Maoism :?The happiness ol Monseigneur the Prince dnjoinvilld would not be complete, without your gracious confirmation otthe reply which the Em)eror, your august brother, has just given me. It isfrum yourself alao that his royal highness desires to obtain your hand. Morn fortunate than most prince*, he has been permitted to sen and appreciate for himself those eminent (jualitic* which distinguish yout imperial highness. Your h-art, madam, will thank him for having desired that it should be so. You will not come as a stranger, Madam, into thn bosom of that new family which impatiently awaits you. You will find there that fraternal affection which you know so well. You will find there the tenderness of n mother, who already love* you as a daughter, and who will allow you, by the most touching example*, what holiness and lustra private virtue can add to the most exalted station. 1*1 ii .1 i: i __ r?ii I lie I rincrws inrn rrjMiru ns ioiiiiws : ? Momifiih Ministmi?I am happy in confirming tha annwer ol my august brother. I am pernuaded that the affection of the royal family of France will notion the regret* that [ must feel in leaving my country anil a beloved brother and niter. Tub Amebioan Oot,oNY in Africa?A late dispatch from Gov. Roberta, ol T. h i i, has the tot lowing gratifying i assage "That the infl c" ol the <>ny is i . idly extending, the foil I ii is Wid -how. The kings and chtefsof th> 0< y country, ;u. mbled in convention at Ki romiey's town, on t. Paul's river, just ubon time of the session of the Council, to sett! difficulties, disputes. <tec. &c. in that cottntry to make laws for their future government. Fr< in this boay the Governor and Council received an invitation to meet with them, and assist their deliberations, declaring themselves entirely under the control of the laws of the colony. About the same time I received a communication from Balasada, a Golah chief, requesting permission to engage in a war with Gogomma, ofBoporo. Both these chiefs, sometime in 1HI0, entered into a treaty with ihis government, agreeing to give up the slave trade, to cea^e their native wars, and to refer all questions of dispute to the Governor of the colony tor his decision. Balasada is at the head of a very powerful tribe, and resides about eighty mi lea trom me colony in in?* interior, uc complains that Gogomina has killed six ot his boya, captured on their way to tlie beach, and beg9 earnestly to be permitted to commence war. In the minutes of he Council yau will find what disposition was nude ot this matter by that body. Alter the adjournment of the Council, I immediately dispatched messengers to Huliasad.i, informing him that 1 would ?i.-it his town in the course of two or three weeks, and would have the "palavar talk and that under no considxration would he bei>ermitted to make war until an eflort had been made by me to settle (he difficulty ; intimating at the same time, that we would see that justice be done to the parties, and that Gogomina should sufler the penally, if he had killed his Uoys. This was also communicated to Gogomina; when, yesterday, I received information that the boys were still alive, and had been released by Gogormna, solely through the influence ol the colony, and had returned to their families and friends. But for the colony, those six boys would certainly have been killed, and the whole district ot country involved in a bloody war. A RARE CHANCE. FOlt SALE?\ I'orter House, in one of the best sanations in ihe city, known as tin K. nt River Coffee Home, 111 8i.mli tirtct, with ill ihttlimures attached thereto, vis. Bar auil ornament*, shufflcboardp (under co*ei) signs, tiansparencies, lie , There in alio attached to the trnnse eigheen handsomely fnr iiistiral lodirinq room* ; the whole will be duposej of at a re? sonnble vain won. The home is at present doing aBea^elleut business,tint the health of its present |i oprtrlor and uigeut business at the Mi nth, i* the reaiou for hi* wauling a customer. The Kastern II Ms ariive opposite tre dour ; the various lines of Louden, Liverpool, New Orleans and other packets are iu its immsdittc vicinity. and tbe Fulton Manet, one blcck below. To any one wish ng to engage iitli" business an opportunity is offered worth looli mii alter. Ror fur.her particulars, inquiie of A. H HtfllNH 1*1 Bonthstreet. jyll tm"r GKNTLKMKN ANU LADIK8' LKFT Orfr WAhU HOB*. ? Or.itleincn or ftinilus desirous of convert ug their left oil wearing apiarel into ca>h. can obtain for the same the hitheitwh p'ice. To fami'hs nid gentlemen q iittie* the city, or chinning residence, having auy supritlious effects to dispose of, will fiad it much to their adv*ut<w<' to send fir the snbsciiber, who ' will attend thetn at their residence by eppoiiitmeet. H. LfcVETT. No C John at >nd HI Varick st, New York. Aline through the post office, or othetwiie, will receive pmairt fittentoD. Clot hint cleaned, site red ?nd repaired. jy7 lmr RETRENCHMENT THE ORDER OF THE DAY. NOTICK to ' ititens of New Yorlt and Stranger* sojourning the City OtOHLINtnS SI'LKNDID DIN1.NC KOOMS, Nrs. 61 and M> Nassau street?The immi-nse pa tronage which haa been cstetided to the subscriber b? a hb<rai and enlightened eo'einnnity. lias enabled linn to enlarxe and improve his Dini >g Rooms s > as now to accommodate two hnndrcd persons atone time. Whilst miking theae additions to nil favorite and well known establishment, lie has not been nninindlnl of n>r (till greater cumfoita noil citoretuenees of liiscustamt rt?'iaviii.; thoroushly ven itaied the lulit aiiy sa loon, and detached the ki'chena, ? as completely to esclmle the efiluvii and heat wlucli MMiMtilyuiKi Irom c okm: for two or three housand persons per day. The wallsof the Saloon ha?e been embelliihed by some of the moat elrgtut and costly Oil r^ of the anneut an! modern achools; marble nil In rs and atatuary, aud Imats of W? nog ton, Napoleon, kc. Ike The Bill of Kire tnnwati ' If others in any part of the Uu?ted Stntea?including salmon of Ml aid40 b. Weight, at l*X rent* pertilite, with snchosy aauce, batter, bread, ke ; all knds cl' ro.iat ind boiled meals of the beat ijiislities, with bread aud Ublea, alH cents i*r plate; gr?eu peas, new potatoes, asparaaus, strawberries. Pastry of all kinra; turtle and other aonps.steaks, chops, 3tc and dm'r.-d other different article* ol ihe choicest description, at prieea equally low. B' at Jasa Coffee. green aud black Teas, at J cents per cap; Chocolate ( cei t?, he. Jte. Attenii?e and eml waiters are employed, who speak the French, Mpauiah, Oi lman, and Dn'ch langu'grs. Ksery article it aerfi-d tip in ihe neateat t-oaa ble stale?and ia every department of the establishment competent and eaperienced over seers are pi <ead. H iring visited and being conversant with the mode of basinets of many of the liest conducted Dining Saloons in Europe, America, nu<i me v*e?l meiei, tne aanacriber feeli no he?i ration in atturin* hi? fellow citixem th it hit ettabliahment n infeiiorto oouc that he Im aten m any portion of hn sriAniffm*nta? b?aid'a which. Ili? anpe'ior .julitiea and low price? of every article included ia ihe D.iilr Bill oT Kare inn?t. in that retpecl aloue?rtr-tntive ol alloiher cou?ideratioii?? reuder it the very p? plm ultl.t of Ktlinff Hnawon tlii? Continent. Tl<-establish oem haa been ttipplied throughout with Croton Water, which paiapi through improved lilterwt; and the Siloon i? oren evary dn? fr im 8 o'elpck A. M nntil 9 r M., and on 8aoday'a froin 7 o'clock A. Al. "gfijJ?., ?a/iat ixi, i j9 3m*t HkbHY UOSLIflU TO THE PITHLIC. A i rvA T() tVKio ? Vr HIAyen R- '"RUMP, Watch hSlUU M ik< r HI (iraiH tree', bega to informhia frlrnda and the nnbl'io, that iuiepwden' of th? watch bun iim, he ia i rr Hired to nuke adran- ea in - uh, on gold and u?ver watchrt, diun .iiilj ?fi??r tea ?*tt*, apooot, Torta. and evury de? ription of nold or Iilrar in any shape intended tor imaediaM aale. i 'a<n t > ?oy amount paid fur old xold aud ailver. Watehea of trrrr ileicn.tiou repaired and warranted. Ut <)r?nd?lreet |ej? lm>r WJOIP-K# belta prime dew lotted Hemp, fur ??le by K. K. COLLI'** k CO. j H liar M S "l'h ?treet. I AMD ()1|?? 73 barri li n h > il. v. , iI woitliy the atteutlon o f ^ iiMiiuMfitirtr* :in<l inneri, for i*i- Dy V.. K. CtLL'Nfl k CO. )yn f % S iBth ?tr??t XT HEAT?IJ ii t mhflt ptime lliij i? Wheal. for??l? by '? E K. COLMNS (k CO. jfl.Wr ? Souih itrMt.

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