Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1843 Page 1
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th: oi. ix.?a*. ioa whou s?io. , To tb? Public. THE .VKW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pub Uihed every day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price 'J cents par oopy?or f7 * per an Bum?postages paid?cash in adv ance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?prico flj cents per copy, or f* 13 por annum? poatague paid?oa?h in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ?l the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing a?t It hat the larg tit ciri ulation ef any paper in thi t city, ??i.< ii therefore, th* beti channel far (lunriet: men in the city *1 country Price* moderate?cash in ad- | ranca. PRINTING of all kinds, mecbtfet at the raoit moderat & , prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, J PmoraiEToa ?v thk Herald Establishment, North corner of Falton and Nassau itreets t nfc - OHAFT8 ON ENGLAND, IRK- , ^uhBVLASD, lie? Person* abom remiitiri monf* 10 their friends in the ' old cnantry," j^^bUkhSU_ e?n be tapi'lied with Drafts, in sums of 1, 3, 3. S, 10 ,20 k ?50. fr siit amount, payab'e on demao-t, w;tl>?ut disconnt or i ny other cha ie. at the National , Bank "f IreNud, Provincial Bank, do., Messrs J<meaBnlt. I | 8-iufcCo. Bank*rv, London, 1. Barned k Co., Richange and , Discount B uk, Liverpool, K intern Bank nf Hcollaud, Ursen- , ock Bunking Company, Sir Wm. Ko'bea Han'er k Co , Heot- , land, and the t>r?nche* in ev?ry|M>ir town tlirunglinai Knglaud, i Ireland, Soot _nd k Wales, which drafts will be fngwaraed by i the ateaaam Ureal Western or H'bernia, by i W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, Attheii General Plunge Office, 43 Pack Slip, cor. Bouih it. N. B ? All letters from the country must come post paid. ]> llr I HEVIITTANCEB TO IRELAND, lie.?The j TW?ob"."twr conliuneii to tranamit money iu iuma ta'ge JHIfao' small, ti> ucranui reaiding id any part of Ireland m the aame maimer a? he, ind hia predecnaaor tn boaineu hu*o done lor the last thirty yeara and mote ; auy part of tn*- , land, or Scotland. Money remitted hv letter (poat paid) to the subscriber, or , peraoually depoaited with him witu the name mf the peraon or peraoua in Ireland. England or gi otland. to whom it >a 10 be ent, a1 d nearest poat town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or lorwarded to the ?en ler. In like manner money, or claimi on persona iu any part of Ireland, Em land or Scotland, can be collected hy the subscriber for persens residing in any pa>t of the United Btatea or Canada, aad will be paid to them accordingly. j 17 lm?r qttOKOK McBKlOK. Jr , 83 Cedar at. JOHN HERDMAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. M M M & REGULAR LINE Of^PArKK/r 8HIP8.41 8o?ih street, New York. PASHAGE to and from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool and Lokduo, by the regular packet ahipa, laillbg on the 1st, Tth, >3th, 'Bin, and 25ih oT each month to and from Liverpool. and to and frcm Loudon lat, 10th and S9th of each month The tnbacriber ha* made nne^nalled arrangements to bring out emigrant*, and can, with great continence, assure Ihoae person* aendiug for their friends, that every hut biiu 'iii|cui niiruiiuu nui uc aiiunu iiicui, auu *i? u emlmrk wilh thetn. auage can ?J?o be engaged from Liverpool 1'i-ect to New One ins, Mol>ile, Saiannah, Ba'tim?re, Philadelphia, B>ton, and to the different porta of the Britiih Province*. ai th? lowed rate*. With these arrangement*, together with the advantage which hi* Liverp ol correspondents posse**, being la ge ship owner*,and t xtevcively engaged in the weighting mines* despatching yearly at Vast 100 firit clas? ships frrnn Liverpool to the v&riuiu port* of th* United 8tatei, with freight and pa?seuger*. The facility offered by thi* establishment it onsurpassed. aud frocn the large number of lint clan ?hip* employed in the line there can be no dnennon whatever, which will be gucranteed The price of paaaage will be at the loweit rata*, an i should any of thoie ?eut lor decline coming, the pa* ago mosey will bi a* customary rrfunded. The steamboat fa?a from the differed port* to Liverpool can,a* usual, be *?iitw. JOHN HKRDMAN.M 8011th st, N Y, or J. b W. ROBINSON.near Wall street. Merchants' aud Kmigrauta' Agent*, No 16 Ooree Piazzas, LiTeipool. DRIFTS AND t.XOHANOE. The subscriber rrqaest* the itteutiou of (hose remitting nosey .o th-ir friends to hi* unequalled FrriDgemrnli for the pjynwntof hi* dr fts on demand, with <ut djcounc or any charge IN KfiuLAND?Metttt James Bait, Sod It Co., Banker* London. Meiari J. Barnard k Co,, Exchange and Diicount Bank, LiWfMul. National Piotincial Bank of England, and Branches throughout Kni(>aud .-tin Wnlea. Yniluhi District Bank and Branches. BtrmiuRh .in Banking Co. Lan *ter Banking Co. I.N SCOTLAND?uretnoek Banting Co. in Qiaigow and Greenock. Casern Bank of Scotland and Branch**. lUlCLA^U?Provincial Bank of Ireland. Ani'ih Cork Mallow Atblone Culow Ennitkillen MineTmor# Bi'hba Ca?an 'Jalway Ooiagh Belfast Coleraine K ikenny Pd'soastown Banbridge Cootehill Kiliush tHigo iialltauna Dublin Londonderry Straban* Biudon Oownpatrick Largm Tralee Uali'yu.annon Pnngafcnen L'merirk Waterlord Cloiimrl D'i'igarrnn Monaghan Y?ughtU National Bank of lielandBil'inatlo* l/attleuar Moat* Tipperary Paa.ighei Kuuucortby Nr.nagh Tn*m Boole Fennoy New Hint Thomaatown Cosher Nalw^y K> tcrea Tralaa Carrick on Sair Kan-ark Koaeoinmou Weatport tmi>cea Loaglord s"8? Wexford Char-will* Looghrta Tallow Wicklow Clonmt-I \litcneUtown Thurlet snbsmlx r it also ageot lor the regular packrts sailing weekly ft <ni New York to Hew Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, and Savannah. by which paaaace can be secured at the lownt rates. Jy11 if JOHN MKBPMAN. rHE NEW LINE O* LIVERPOOL PACKET*. <i? gre Jfit jQgK mxy T? sail Irom New York 16th, and from (Liverpool Jth of each month. Slap HOTT^NttUEK, 10* tons, | ^ Ju,T. New ship LIVERPOOL, 11M tons, Ji?,h Joh.^ldndge, { l?th Angnit New ship Ortas Western, 1260 tons, > ltlll Philip 9, Woofihonie, J '*tb 8ept?mb*TShip HOi.HESTER, HO ton., J <-.l J?h Brutou | ISth October. Z"hoi* substantial, last sailing, first class ships,ill built in the city of New York, are e-'inmotidsd by men of exiienenee and ability, ana will b? despatched punctually eo the 16th of each Mi, Tlieir cabins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever can comlnce to the ease and comfort of paasen[era. Neither t'e captains or owners of these ship* will be respon ible for any warcela or packages seat by them, nisleis regvi&i bills lading are signed thvrelor. For freight or nuiwi apply to WOODHULL It MINTURN8, tp South street. New York, or to ritLUKN. BROTHERS k CO., uai r Liverpool. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS" I despatched in (he following order, eicepting that when the *' sailing . tjr falls on Sonday, the ships will sail on the succeed ..:g day, Til t? For New York. For Liveipool. Th? CAMBRIDGE, I June 1 Jnly 1} ?'? ? / n?i i V/i? in """ W*C Barstow.{ Keb i Mu if TIm 1.NULAND, iJtin* 1* Aug 7 tm tons, < Oct II Oce 7 3 Bartlett. f Keb II April 7 The OXFORD, iJoly 1 Aug II WW tons. < Nov 1 Deo II J H?thbone, r March 1 April II The MONTEZUMA, tjnly ? S??P? 1 . K00 tons. < Nor II J as 7 A. B. Lowber. (Mar II May 7 Tlie KUHOI'tt, i Aug 1 Bapt II 611 tona, < Dee 1 Jan It E.G. Fnrbor. (April I May II The NEW YORK, (new) l Aug !l Oct 7 #40 torn, I Dm II Feb 7 T. B. Cropper. ( April II Jnoe 7 The SOUTH AMERICA, I Sep. 1 Oct II 630 tona, <Jan 1 Feb II D. (J. Bailey, r May 1 Jnoe I* Tlta OOLUMBLS, (Sept II Not 7 700 tona, < Jao II Mu 7 O.A.Cole. (May II July 7 t These sli|s g?e not snrresat J in poiut of elegance or comfort in their r.tbiu *cc? minoi atioua, or in their faat tailing qnaluiea br any ?e?ir a in the trade The roii,m ii d".? arr wi ll known u mrn of character and r ipr peuc , slid tfca stiictest attention will alwaya be paid to promote n.e c*imfo't autl convenience of paaa?ugers. tui riuimy, aa irgaxda the day of sailing, will be obsarTcd at harelofure. The prire ofj>aa?age outward ia now fued at Berenty-Fire Dollars, for which ample storea ol ever* deacription will be provided. mith the eieepuon of wines and liqn?r?, whieh w'll he ftirnisnen. hythe siewarda, Ifrrqu red Neitnar theeapuiai or owners of iheseshi|i will be respon aible fur any letters, parcels, or packages aent by thorn unless rrgul ir bills of lading are aigned iherrTor. For freight or uas, tnge, apply to OOODHUF. k CO.. (4 South at.. jy IS _ and to PARI NO "'"mi itR^fc m*> & m .NKv* YORK AND HAV.tE PACKETS-Seco.d Line ?The snspaof this line will hereafter leare New York on the 1*1. and Hiyie on the 16th of each inon'h, aa foll-'wi, tit:? From Nev> V?rk From Havre. Now ahip ONEIDA, II" Marcn. I loth A^nl. Captain < I ? J ly. < Hlh Angaat. James Funck.f lit .No ember.( I6t.i Dee. Ship B ALTIMORK, I lat April. i 16th May. il^ain < it Augnat I 16th Sept. Kdward Fnnck.( 1st December ( 16th Januaiy. Ship UTICA, ( iat May. ( 6th Juno. ?>aijtain < lat Hcptember< 16th October. Frederick Hewitt ( lat January. ( 6th Febrnary, Now ahip HT. NICHOL AS, ? 1st Jnne I 16th July. Capuin I 1st October, J 16th Nor J. B. Pell.f 1st Kebrnary. f >6th March. The accommodations of theae ships are not aorpaased, com* b'in?g all that mm- be required fo comfo-t The pri?-e of cabin iM.snge is >16. rasaeugere will b- anp|>lied with eTen rtquisite with the eicrptionof wiuea and liquors wwi lutemled for these Tease s will be forw'aided dy the subscribes Ireo fro . any other, than the eiprnsea aetnally in eurreion them. For freurlit or ra'sajgc, apply to BOYll 3c HINfThfev, Agents je2)ee No. I Tonimr Building cor Wall and Water ats iH. OR-l?Of DON.?Regular racket el the la rfyrV A"gnat. The splendid p?eket ship PA'\THEA, JMflMUw' -apt. Drnuis, will aail aa aho??, lier regular day. RaSiUg very superior aec?'iona lor cabin, /ad cabin, snl aterr?g? pasaaiigert, rersmie wishing to emh<rk should a be early application on board, foot of Maiden lane or to Inftn.PM \1 ,< \i i it it * v I; ICO Pin* ??jf et, corner of South. I P*rioiu wiali mc to MBd for thvir friandi, MB K?t* thrm I br t <">t "7 ?bo?? ?hip, or ?iiy of th? regiUr twckrM. b* I E NE' M 11 NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. 1 fVom New York on the 25th sud Liverpool on the ifth <\f each m**nth. m. m. m ? Krom New Tore. ? ?? ; a!"p ?m9S!S?' Captain John Collins, ?5th July fl"p K- ?- Cobb, 2Sih August. Bhip HHERIDAN, Captaiu F. A. Depeyiter. 2.*>tb Sept. t Ship OAKRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, ttth Ootober. . KHOM LfvKurooL. ?Mp SH EMIDAN.Capiaiu K. A. Deneyster, 13th July. Ship GAKBK. K, Captain Wm. oLidoy, 13th Auuuu ( 8nip ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 13th S?pt>inber. Siup 8IIJDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. ' These i hiua are all of th? first class, upward* of IOW luns, onill J inthe city of New York, with such improvements a^scombine ireat epeerf with unusual comfort for passeugers. Every care i>aj beeu wkea ii< the Menatwai'-Dt of their accommodations. The price of pass?tre h.aec it $74 These ship* are commanded by eiperit nqsiors, who will make every exer- I riot" to *i?* nene-t) arikfaeaon Neither the ca) <m owner* of tV si. Mwill be ie*t>ons,- i t*lf for at y letter* .? or packatt ssen by mem, unless re- ' jular b' lit of ladi.i^ ?c nnuf d therefor. 7'or I rviuht or <ti>piy to K. K. COLLINS Ik CO., *6 Month at., New York, oi to j BROWN. SHIPLEY Ik CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packet* will be charged la^cunt* per <ingla , ihoet: 50 ceuta per oauce, and newstwpers 1 cent each. ;y7 ee 0 NEW LINE LIVERPOOL PACK-:TS.-Packet . J5th July ?The splendid, fast sailing Packet Ship .. Ufa RO*CIUS,Captain John Collins,willsail positively is aliuve. her regular day. The ahipa of'bis line aie all 1001 t ton. burtheu ana upwards, and their accommodations for cabin, lecond cabi aavl (terrace pasaeUKera, it u well known are . inperior to anv other line ol packets Person* ahoar to vi^it i [he old eiuiitry, shonld ?ot fail to ei iiniue the arconamod v ? nous of l>is magnificent ship brlore 'K->uiti r elsewhere, and Lho*e within* to secure berths should not fail to make early ipplicatiou to < W. k J. TAPSCOTT, 0 43 Peck slip, eorner South st. Th : Roscins will tai) from t'-e IS h of September, affording ' to i ' ? >n wuhiitg to send fortheir friends a far mrabltt oppor ( lunity of having ihem Drought out in her, or ouy ol tne regular ' line, on reasonable terms. " Oralis for large or siuhII sums parable on demwd, without discount or any other ohaige, in all the post towns of England, . Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can also be obtained on application is alxive T N.B.?The Liverpool will succeed the Roseias and tail on the 16th nf August iy.'Oic OLD BLACK BALL LINK OK PACKETS * SjaWWrOK LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 1st Aug?The . JHBK^plmdid 'fast sailing new packet ship i?UROPE, Captain Knrber, will be despatched as above, her regular day. This elegant ship has unsurpassed ascommodation* (or cabin, ? Id cabin and steerage passengers. These wishing to teeure ' berths will require to make early application to JOHNHERDMAN, . (1 8"uth street, ?-ar Vf<li st. " The splendid packet ship ROSUIUS. Oaptain Collins, sails eu the Utb inst. h r regular day. A 'ew more passeLgers can \ yt be accornxodxled ?t the lowest rates N. B.?Passage fromHreat Britain and Ireland.?la Liverpool, 1 can as u'ual be s< cured at the lowest rates by the regalai packet ships *ailing weekly. The sabsciber has jnst ci.eluded unequalled -mngemc-nts for the payment of his dralts at the fallewiog banks?The National and Provincial Banks <.f 1.eland. , and at all tlie'r branches. Also the Na'ional aad Provincial ' Bank of England and all its branches throughout England and Wales. Also the Eastern ?<u k of bcitland, the Oreeuock , Banking Co, and all their branches, throughout Scotland I" or fuither particulars pply as above > jvIO r JMT- HOK LIVKUPCOL?SI?W l-INK-.Kegu,?r Packet ol Jaly.?T.'ie Splendid racket ship jflMifaROSClUS, Captaie John Collins, of 1103 tout, rill positively sail as above, her regular day. Kor Ireiuht or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor ot < tomfbrt, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, trto E. k. COLLINS St CO. M South street. Price of passage $75. Toe Packet Ship Sidd >ns, Captain E. B Cobb, cf 1( 00 1 (ous. will succeed the Roscius, and sail the ?lh of Aug, hst regular day. ( Passengers may rely on the ship* ol tbia line sailing pan'tatl ' vassdteniced JeMr M?- rOR NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND < IfB^NEW YORK LINE?First Regular Packet?The I Wb'crv fast sailing coppered ship OCONEE, Captain i Jackson, now loading and having a very large proportion of I her cargo engaged, wul be preaptly despatched. ? (Tor IrAitrni or Diusure. huriu^ lintrtnonir- lurniilirH nrrnni modationa, apply on board. at OrleiM wlwl, Toot of Wall 1 t. or to K. K COl.LINl lit tl). M Suatbii dhippeif mayrely upon hnrinx their uotxlt correctly mtug. 4.and thittbe atmncf thitlin* will tail punctually a* adret- i tiled. Any euaramee to that effect will be given and t'olfiJIe-t , that may be reqm red I Ageutiiu N. Orleani.lriuliin k Woodruff, wfco will prottttly forward all rooiU to ibeir addreia. The Miket ?hir LouUrille.^Capt. M. Hnnt, will arcrej *i? i Ofo-* yW ' JEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS- ! PORTATION COMPANY. ^ Kar? Nrtuced to HJ*cent*. Kromtbe fo?t of Cenrfaadtitreet, New York. (?? ei-y day?Hnuday*. e?< r pit J.) Leaves Nev> fork Leave* Newaik At I A. M. At 2 P. M. At 7 A. M. At i>i F. M. ' 8 do. I do. I <!o. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do f do. 5V< iJe. 5X do. 10X 7X ric. tX do. W do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot ol Courtlandt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. *u J A. M. and <\V. M- At UXP- M. and 9* P. M. NJCtV YORK, KLJ^ABETH TOWM, Lesve New York Leave Klixabetb Tow* it I A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7X A. M. 3* P M. , do. 4 do. BX do. 7 de. | 11 da. 4If <0. 19 do. 9X do. 5X do. IS do. . The ttainsfor WeiilieJd, Plainfield, Boandk~ok, Somerville, ke.,connect with the,9 A M, and 4X P M i no* from New Vork, daily, Sunday* eicepted. Fare between New York and Elixabeth Tow a 26 cent*. Fare between do aad Somerville. 75 cent*. 1 YORK. AND HAHWAY. Leave New York. Leave Bahway. 1 At A.M. At I P.M. At 7 AM, At 3 P.M. I do 4 do t do 6X do 11 do 4K do 9H <l? 9 de " % do llji do NEW YORK AND NEW SHI'NPWiril From foot of Courtland itreet. New York, daily. Lefrtr New York. I.ejve New Brau**'*'At 9 A. M. At 4 P.M. At* AM. At 11* AM. 5H do V< do IX P.M. ! ON SUNDAYS Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A M and 4Jf P.M. At 11* A.M., aid I* P M. Fare, eichpt in tke Philadelphia tram*, between Ne* Yo*k %Ed New BrnnswieV, 60 cent* Between New York and Hahway 25 cent*, faaseuger* wno procure their tickets at the ticket office, ta eive a ferry ticket (nM Ticket* are received by the eou doctor only on the Jir when nnte h?*ed mil Iro'r SUMMEM ARRANGEMENT NEW YOHK AND PHILADELPHIA KAILBOAD LINF. D RECT, . Yia Newabb, Nrw Biwmwioi, Pbiucetoi*, Tb**toV 1 Bobpehtown and Bckx-wtoit. SrJKmL THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Lea via* New York doily from the fovtof Coartlandt it Moraine Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4k P. M. Tlfe Moming Line proceeds to Bordeutawn, from thaneaby steamboat to niilauelthia. The Eveaing.Line proceed* direct ta Camden (oppotita to Philadelphia) without change of can. Paaacnuer* will procure their ttckela at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a torn rood ion? iteamhoacwill be in ] readmei*. with baggage crate* on board. Philadelphia b4g<age crate* are conveyid from city to city, I wJthaat bringopeued by tne way Each train is provided with car in which ere i.arlineuts and dreiaioR roams eipreaalylor the ledie*' use. Returning, iha lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Wal- 1 qui treet.Dy "earnboat to Bordentown at 7 o'elock, A.M. 1 and by railroad from Camden, at 6 o'clock.du^M. Thr lines for Baltimore leave Philadelpli la at 7X A. M., and 4 P. M. bemgs continnaupa of the lines from New Yoifc. je4 1 VOh BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OF THE WEST I AP8OC1AT10N rA^SAOi Utica, $3 00 Heche iter, ?l oo 1 Syracuse, 1 >6 Buffalo, I 64 Oswego, 2 16 Up. k Lower Canad*6 69 For passage apply to M. L. RAY, mil Im 93 Barclay street New York. PATERSON RAIL ROAD. .??S@L-?itii?I. kuhk. o.xly r> CENTS. Fron Paters"ii 10 Jertov ity. On and after Monday, 17th July, the car* will leave Patbrson DsraT. Leave New Tobb. I A. M. 9 A.M. ' MX " >*X P- M I 4 P. M. 5 " ON SUNDAYS. Leave Patkbsob Depot. Leave Nbw Yobb. ' 7X A M. IX A. M 6 P. M. # P M. Transpnrta ion Cat* ply daily (StindavHer'eptel ) Pa*- ] seng*r* ire adviied to be at the Ferry ,foo Coartlandt itreet, a few minute* before the itated houraol depa.iure. _jyl9?m - j ?NEW YORK. SCHOOLErS MOUNTAIN It EASTON. frjC f , Leave ti e foot of Coortlaml itreet, daily (BuoJaT* ei rep u-d) atlo clock A. JJ., by railroad f om Jer*ey city Co Morristowo. , tnence by Post coaches through Mtndhim,Chester. Schooley'i Monntain. Anderson Town, Port Cotden, Wasliinstou, to Eaatou. At Wuhington, a daily line inursecta to and from . .'"'re For *eava apply to J. Hill, at J. Patton'a, CommerC|al Hotel, 73 CoartKnd street. -.NiB-~Eitra* furnished at the shorten notice by applying to IV. B. Lu?a. lluited Hiaicn Hotel. Morrntown. irvll 3m ec NKWYOHK SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN .AND EAS- ?^ SHPHLVw I, and Rnmenille II For Hchooley a Mquutain. leave pier No I TTTrTK rirer^ at SHoclocnAM. daily (Suiidtra eicfMed) by aieastboat to Mtzabethnort; or leave ||?e foot of (foartJand atreet at t * K clock A M. bf N J Railroad to Kjif <bethtowu, thence connect with the cara for H? mervihe dffWhet, fheoce 30 otiUa to the Mouniain?arriving early id the afternoon. Kof Kaaton lea?e aa above proceed by railroad to Homer yillc, roar he a trom thence (only 34 mile*,) arriving in Ejntoo At 6 o'clock. Thi? on ?eeoant or the ahort diatanc* ky eoachat. m* kmc it by far the m >?t p.eaaant and f tiwditiona, cuamiuda it all to publieifitronaf#. Mr Sandenoa, the proprietor at 80 aiertiK*. hai ondrd hinnelf wi'h earriacee and honea to a? commodate pnvata partiea with aitraa at tha ahorteat notice, and on reasonable termi For aeau apply to M D. Hop*, Merehaau'Hotel, 41.Courtlandt it. faaaenver* from Philadelphia to flchooley'a Maintain will leave Philadelphia at 7 o'elock, A >J.. by New York railroad lino to New Brunawiok. Splendid roaehea from thence, arri ei'ig at tne mountain early tame alt?rno"B. 3 2m*r _ HARLfcM~KAI l.ROAU?The brid.e at t*4th AlttriBIstreet ha<i-? been rrbnilt tl.e ear* will niai s2MK|.aeaal to Wnliama' Bnd|e withoat Interruption. UHEM?? j yi* iw**? ? mmmmmmmmmmmmesammmmmm W YO EW YORK. FRIDAY M 10CKAWAT PAVILLIOV-LONO "isLAND KA1LHO \D Tr?io? apon thii ro?d leave Brooklyn, footli Kerry, fur J<mai<*a, where coachta are io '"di d?ii lor thai d'lighiful retort, (he M iriue PitiI9EK!^liou, at the following tiouri, vix Half p<ut I. M.,4 o'clock and h*lfj>a*t? P vf. Ketorniux, feive Jamaica ai I A. M., U M. and 5 P M. for WewYork. Fare to Jamaica, la.; through from Brooklyn to he Pavilion.7}cent*. jeU6?*i 8UPPOtlT OPPOSITION AND 8A.VK A P<?' L\M &mc?g|ua^* ** IX FOR ALBANY-nil iot?ruieonte I nd ou Tun 'ay, Thur?dav ind uiJay. m.i?r ir ceutt The splendid Meamb?<i ALBANY O |* leokms. leavrs the n> w Pi ? foot of B.tre!av street. north idf, 8*lardav raorn'nu, at Imlf lust nix o clock. For pa.?ige, ?P ly to tlia Captain ou boa Freight 'aUen at the lowest rates. N B ? The diy boat that leaves ou the opposite days nharges 11 50 'or passage j. u P-.OPLK'H LINK OK HTEA^BuAiS m*?ALBANY?Duly at 7 o'clock, P. M jHfc**t?iE.Throuirn Direct(jVmJays ei'epted) from ti ? I'let iiel <feuCi>urtian4 dii Liberty streets Steamboat KOCHK0TKK. Capi A Honghtoii will lesve aondiT, Wed??s<lnv <?<! Friday eveninss, at 7 o'clock, tftoaniboat tOL'TH AMERICA, Captain L W Braiuarii, ?ill leave Tneiday, Tnar*il?j and Jtaturdev evsuiugs, a{ 7 ''clock. Htee.mboat NORTH AMKRICA. Captain M H Tniesdell, >udicK at intermediate leuditius, will learn Tuesday, rhnraday, aud SHtur.lay afternoons. At i o'clock. Kor passage or freight,apply on board, or to P. C. Seholt* at he office ou the wharf j y IT 6i ?**??? ?N?> MONOPOLT-FAKJC UAUUt'-tb' New Independent Opposition Line for AlbaW -* Ml.JML- ii v diiect. the new ml commodious stsamWeat SiW JIGISBY, J ift. K. II H'urer. will eave the loo of Barclay itreet. New i rk, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday eremLf, at 7 'clock For freight or pi?ini;? a;iply oa board. Freight taken lest hin tow boat prices. The New Jersey n furnished with elegant itate room*, and oritteJaud accommodation ia not surpassed by auy steainipat on the HUsou riy.-r. j |7 A--IaP&t am hKVKN O'CLOCK MORNING LINK HjM^>jiSliruK Al.ll'NV TROY, and J?Kh>>JK3E?L'udinn ? Frnrn tho .Steamboat piet, sttho Dot ol BatcMy street. Brea'afnt and Dinner ou Leaves New York?The Kmpire on Monday Wednesday ud Friday. The Troy on Tnetd-ij\ Thursday and baturday. t7 A. M. L nding at?Caldwells, Westpoint, Newburgh, Hi?pton, 'ouihkeepiie. Hyde Pa>k, Rhijeheck, If. ItedHook, Bristol, a'ukill, Hudten, Coxsackie unit Kii'dt rhook The uew low pres: are steamboat TROY, Capt A.Oorham, [Yorsdav, Ju'v 20, ?t 7 o'cloek iu the morni' g. > i ne l ine. o>i r r nay morning at7 o cioca. Err paiaage, apply at the office, foot of Barclay itreet, ?r ?u >o?rd Notice.?All Ooodi Freight, Baggage. Bank Bilia. Specie. >t nuj otlier kind of Property, taken, ihinped, or pat on board h' Boat* ot Uiia Line mnat be at the riik nf the owner* of aeb good* toe. j t20 it r NIC'V ARRANGEMENT. FARE AND f UK1UHT REDUCED. 0M KEOULAK MAIL LINK?FOR PROD^^rC3*VIDfcNCl? AND B'WTON. via 8TOV Se^jaBe-iNOTON AND NEWPOKT?Compoaed ifthc follow inn ini?rior atramert, rnnuinv in connection with .he Slonmjrtou -tid Boamn and Prorideuca Kailroad*:? M ASrtACHU SETTS, Capt Comitoek. RHODK ISLAND, Capt fhayer. PROVIDENCE. NARRAGAN8ETT. MOHEUAN One of which will 'eare New York daily (Samlaya eicepted> from Pier No 1, Buttery Place, >. (liver, at 5 P. MARRANUE.viENTU. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and WedueiJay for Stoninttou and Newport, and k'nday for Btonington. The MASSACHUSETTS,Captain Comitoek, on Tueaday md Tliaraeay for Stoninftan, ana Saturday for Sloningtoii, Newport ana Providence. Pctsecceri, on the arriral of the ateamera at Stotiington, will be immediately forwarded in the plendH and commojtoaa Cara of the Railroidto Providence and Boston, and if or Newport will praceed in the ateamera on Monday, Wedie*day and Saturday, and on 'lie intervening days, pioceed via ilonunton Railroad to Piovidence. and (Tom thane* in the iteamcr tola*, willioat any additional cSarge. Ticketa for the roate .aid uesmeri' berth.' can be lecured on ward, or at the office oi HAKNDEN k CO., No ] Wall itreet. IT^On and after the lOlli iuat, freight will not b*rceired J nd forwarded aftar half-paat 4 P M _ m9 6m"m HH.TT iunn M^U niupi B I &AJI rniiium AND PASSAGE I.tVE. mMV) For Kingiion, and Delaware and Httdion Can*l??te amhoata EMERALD and ,NOB; The KMEI'ALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New yorkfoot of MurT*? itreet, every Monday and 1 i I'clocb P. M. Wnt leave Kuigatnn (Koodout landing) eveiy Wedneiday ind 8a'.nrd-iv at 3 o'clock, P. M. The NORWICH,Captain John Hamueli, will leave New York, foot of W arren atreet, every Wedneiday and Saturday at i o'clock, P. M. W<ll leave Kingston (Koudout tuning) every Tneiiiay and I'riday at) o'clock, P. M. EXTHA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the (bet of Murray itreet every Bandy morning nt 7 o'clock. Hemming leavei Kingiton al 4 0>lock same day. for freight or pr.uaee apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON. HARLOW * CO., aal Sm*t 1(14 W?u street. ^^L*Ti >801 HTA TEN ISLAND FERRY. FOOT flCw?5eia?nK WHITEHALL iT-The .tmniboata 38C3K3K.8TAT&N ISLA VDER and SAMHON will run a? followa nntil further notice-? Leave New Yoik t, 9, In, 11, I 2 3W 5 f. 7. Lrare Staten lalanJ 8, 9, 10. 11,1, 2, 4,}, 6 7. Leave New York and fttatcu lalaud everr fton^ on Sunday P. 8 ? '.icnrnen to Korl Hamilton, Snadiyi eicepied Leave Fort Hamilton 7K A. M., returning Irem New York 1)4 Fare to Staten Island, cenu. Do to Fort H milton !3K senti i' l i mM NEWAMH ANU MB.W YOKK?fra.-r only 12K Leau '.?The [ leodid iteain? SCZalK3E. f'ASBAIC, Captain John Oaffy. On and after Monday , June ">th, will rn? a* followa Leave* the foot ol Barclay itreet, New York, at 10 A.M., ind 4 P. M. Lravn the foot of Centre itreet, Newark, at 7X A.M., and IW P. M. jt'reight mnia** nt vrrr low rater ?1? *m ? a? bihkct kor nkwpohtami phofit=^*m3*VlDENCIC-AKHIVINO IN TiMK KOK ^ ** *> ..*--i.-v. ?! ? t ? take the cars lO iJOS 1 OIN?Fire $! 40?Deck Fare SI ? The ne w, com m.wHons and fiat sniliux steamboat CURTIS PECK, ^at?t*i|j Wiu H Pi-ck. wi'l leave the pier e?t side Catheiine Market Hip. East River, every Monday, Wednesday an' Kridiy, at S o'clock, P. M, Par n**s*ge and freight inquire at J 5 South it. up stairs JyTr .MV) jgm FARK RKPUCETI FOR BRlDliEPORT gL .W?J>AND NOKWAiH?Landing at Be'den's 3EihiiIBK2Ch N?ca Kate to Bridgeport. 35 e?nta. P<re to N<T?alk, 1?* e'a. Fare t? New Haven, 75cents. TheiVimoor MUTUAL SAFETY leave* Livertv street Pi-re*er, nnrnine, ^undsy e?-ept?d. 11 lo'clo'H. "or Briilgeport and Norwalk,'"acti ng at Be'dno i Neck. lU'u'mx la Cou' rxinn with the Hoiuatouic Railroad H-turning, leave Bridaerort at half-past 1 P. IM., or ou the Arrival of the ears New Haven Line?Stages leav- Bridgeport iinrnediatelv un :he arrival of the bust The distance is l| nil ra. with rice :osd? and a beautiful connt'y Fare la New Haven 75 cents, (' dice foot of Liberty itreet jyHlrn'rc URIAH (W-OOKV. Agent. .MO OA SUMMER ARRANOEMENT KOK fl^^^a?HHREWHBURY-Lone Branch, Ocean jKmBLC. House, Blica Point, Rurawn. and Mtontowu Land'ng, thr. ugh the inner pus->ge The n?w Stoambnat SHREWSBURY, Lapt in Jddd p Corlies will leave Eatnntowu Landu g <u> Sund.iy, the 4th of Jiiae in t., and rrtn ;i> fol Iowa,to nit: leatrteg Vw Y.irk, fro*! the foot of Kohinsoa itreet, every \1??day, Tue>d y, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Ke'uruiag, will leire Eatontown Landing on each of the abuTt devs. it! o'clock, p. M. On Saturday ? will leave New Y. rk at oV:loe|r, P. M., and Eatontown Landiug ou Sui.dars ai 1 o'clock, T '0 . and Ocean House at < o'c'ock. The SHKEWdBL'IlY will (top at Fort Hamil. tc.n e 'ch way. Fare 37)t cenU, aod atoppin,' at Pandy Hook, going and comingN. it.?Stage* will be in atteudaaee to convey passengers from thaaforesaid landing places to any part country required. IKI? ^Mf) 0Hk HAMILTON HOUSE. FORT HAM ?3^5*ILTON. The steamboats STATIC N ZZfeCLliUNDKK nod SAMSON will ran erery lay (Sumlayi excepted) durimr the season, as fonowss? Leave Fort Hamilton st TH A M. Mid 4 ? P. M. Na\> York, Whitehall Dock, at 1% P. M. This arrahMenaeot mar >* relied on u permanent, as its contuinsnce will not depend on an* eoi'trnencT jlSJrnr "HAVE YOU HEAHD THE NEWS V Oil. COOKK HKTUHNED FHOM ENGLAND. RKBFKC1 rCLLY informs h s Iriends and patrons th-oughoni ihe Un ltd States, ?:?nada, North -nd S'nth America, the British Coloi.ins, lie , thut hariuv all the latest impoitaut [ formation fioin k-uro.-ve, lie is uoiversally perl'oimi k ernes af the wont clais ot T? n?re?l Di'eme iu its most efgrp?aud ro>ms, with ODprrcedenud f xpedition and disjpateh. and may <iiain b' consaited as os?*l. tiers ually and'coundtntially, at his iifline No S Norton street, Aloany, N. Y. Dr. CuOKE a tends rersona.le to hi? patients. COLORED KNOHAVIVOS. Jese-iotiseof Dii'aso in both sei-s illustrating all its most maliifuant forms with a complete Practical Treatise on VeueresI [> mplait ti ai d (heir immediate an I 'emote roll*' qu-ncs. ia rlodn* observations on certain affctions of th? Uterus?msv be eiituiued at auy time if detired by the unfortunate at the Hotpiln. where patients will Audit both ronT?nri.t and adrai.tsjeoat to bo>rd aud lodne with D'. Cooke, who will coinfortanly accommodate them,while under medical treatment,until reeoven d Wh i Ter celebrity Dr Cook may hara attained in the treatmeat of Dis-ase, ha believes to belong tano i therhy that name in this con tryi this well known Phystciau and Su g-on, who has no Ateuls, and is not connected with sny ss.-niiar esub i.h nunt iu tb? Un'ted Htate% can be fouiid at ihe Albany Lock Hospital, N i 1 Nortoastreet, Albany, N. Y., aid ao where The nnf<rtanste will please " attend to this pait of their do ty, tale line at.d timely notice and novetn themteivei accord WKMEMIKR NO. J NORTON STREET. ALBA NYj_N _*_. j?l3 lm' ~ ^ BOOT AND SHOE STORE. JOHN liKADY fMptctfwlj inform* hiafri*tid? ?nTihe public. th*l he hftt commenced bntmeaa in the Aho?e line, it No. 09 Naaeav itrret, where he will thank fa 111 rec?tvc <uu! Uitlifnlij etecnie, nil order? he rr?? f be fa to red with H* inNf for "??h altr A R AR,E CItANOK. For SALE? a I'orter Home. m him o' the bait itv?tion> iuiherity, kuowii n? ihe Km( Hirer Coffee Home, 111 M<.ulhilrael, wi'h til Ihr liitnret altachad hereto. Tit liar and omnmeiitt, ?hnffl<,W'i*ril (nader cotat) ligna, t atuparenetei, tie There ia >!? uttarhrd to the home eigh een h'n.Uomely fnrn ?h> d lodging rooms . the whole wilbe dUpoaed of at ? re* o' nhle v*lu itirni. The horn# ia nC preaent doing 10 eieellent hmineai. hot ' h? health of its proem p oprietor "ltd B'geiit bnaiaria it tin nth, the ra violi for hu waiting a roitomar. Th? k.aattrn Bonti ariiTe npnoaite t e door ; the T?riooi liue? of, Liverpool, Net* Orleans a d other p' rim we in ita immertme r mnity, and the Fulton Margn, one bloct below. To ?nr oae wishing to engage ialhe bonness nn opprtinit} IS offerril wnnh looking iffr. Foi farther i<artirnl?rs, -.inii. of A H. BlJHNH. ill Moaih atreel. lyll im*r ssamssmmemtKsammmasB?-? lbhh >RK H ORN1NG, JULY 21, 1843. Sfw Orleans. f (Corrc?p?U'i>-ui'e of tht H?rmld.l ?' Nfcvv Oklhanb, July 6, 1643. on E'ectx<n\? ? Defeat of the Clay men?Affray brt iteen gc the Candid ltd?F /flit in the St. Char let Hotel? #e| F>ur'fi of July?Health of tht City, 9fc. 9fC. tw PlMk Bu.NNETT? 8f< You wili most probably have lizard ot the total h(i and uncoinprom'uiiiR deleat of the whisa, ere thia tei reaches you. They are most unequivocally cock- ,IO hnUed The whole ^tate has gone democratic, aC( Mint doute White, the candidate of the whigs lor (><>| Oonareas, of whose election every one was certain, H? has been beaten, beyond a doubt. The fault in thin cap**, how ver, w?* the whiga'. The people were pri tired ot White, who has been in oflioe for the last twel or fourteen years a*d who Wit* never born ,tu " to net the river on fire." Randal was the tht favorite candidate in the city, and if he had been ;nc selected instead of White, would have "left the town with at learn 600 majority over any oth*-r candidate Hunt iii a young lawyer of great talents oni and learning, and it destined at some day to ahine fee in Oongrea*. 0jQmie an interesting affray took place on rlection day at <h? pollg, bet ween Jno Slidell, the drmocra- .] tic candidate for ('ongreas, and Felix Labatut. the wj( whig candidate for th'* State Legii-laure, in which jj, John's face was well slapped. A fight was 'xpec- tow ted. but friends intertrred, and Libalut "ax'd his Uei pardon," and John put up with his injury. ( ?h, nil chivalry!) On ih?* same evening, in ih<i St.Chadr-*, ""1 some do7.<'ii or two loafers (the captain of the 2<t 'l,e municipality guard and hia assistants among ihfin) '"r had a general " set to " The guardmen got glori- ^ ously beaten. Nothing further of interest lias oc- ot , curred. gon On the 4th the military turned out gloriously ? a ] Never was there a handsomer parade this side of the of Fotomac A good oration was delivered in their *nt nresrnce by our late talented Attorney General, Mr. as Roaelins. The health of our city continues good, v?' and everybody says there will be no epidemic ; but jjJ? ?..v uUII ?V.? ..HI. uiij u' uauajf, *?c QIC CIIIIIC* ly deserted (which accounts, perhaps,for the whigs, for awful defeat)?amusements we have none?fights hu very few?and now that the election is over, I can't pri ay what we will do for excitement. ?hc My respects to " le jeune editeur," and think me >" as ever yours, truly, Park. ??ini Saratoga Springs. S" [Correipoudeuct of the Herald.] ^ Saratoga Springs, July 16. 1843. am TJui Springi? Hit Visittrt?7 he Amutementi?The Music. ho Jame# G. Bennett, Esq.? Sm: - lb I promised, before I left home, that I would write ?? to you, and I now redeem that pledge, though I ? can say nothing that will be interesting either to hi you or your readers. Every day adds a number ol ^ new faces to the company at the Springe, and the jr, most fashionable hotels are fast filling up. The N number at the United States Hotel is now nearly tl)' 300. All the usual amusements of the place (or promoting exercise, whilst they serve as a pleasant past-time to the guests at the Springs, are now in Ti full operation. The balls and cotillon parties at the [?' United States Hotel are becoming quite cheerful le! and animated The ladies, of whom there are ,|0 many here, both beautiful and interesting, rain of down their radiance upon the company, and seem ah< to receive a full recomi>enee for the pleasure they am impart, in the consciousness of the admiration they bo excite in every hosnm. 5J? Among the distinguished personaees now here might be mentioned Gov Porter of Pennsylvania, *e( who, however, does not excite much attention, and whose glory seems to have been considerably di- I minished. Ex Governor Tomlinson, of ("onnecti- am cut, ia also here. If this gentleman ever was a Kiriii uitiu, prupir- bcciii iu utivr itirgourn li enure* **" ly. Senator Tallmadge and his lady have been f*c here, but lefi before I arrived. They made but a short stay Mr. Dickens, the Secretary of the Se- mg nate, is here or The proprietors of the United States Hotel have inn secured an excellent band of mimic from New th< York, and Prank Johnson is expected here this th< week, to assist in enlivening the company with his t>M inimitable strains. If i* almost useless to add, that hlJ visiters of the Sprinvtt c m obtain here every com- !?' fort and luxury of lite?by paying for them. You no1 may expect to hear from me again when anything i worthy of note fhall occur he Yours, &c. L. W. B. we Srrat Forgery c?ie of a Merchant In Boatort, Churl** Cole, Jr. pir The Boston Timed wned a third edition on jjj* Wednesday, at 2 o'clock P. M., containing the fol- ,..c lowing extraordinary eate of forgery, by a Boston b" merchant. It has created a tremendous sensa- ^ tion:? wv One ofihe most extraordinary cases of a series of ^ln( forgeries, committed by a merchant of this city, in mp large bnr-iiiet-6, and &aid to be weal'hy, was elicited v to-day in an examination before the police court of flm this* city. it f The party charged was Mr. Charles Cole, Jr , ">*' merchant, who does an extensive business on Arch ,ht wharf, and who resides in a splendid brick mansion in Summer strpet? No. 81 Mr Cole has been in successful business for some Co twenty years, and has been CKnudercd as a wealthy or^ tmd respectable merchant. He has a young wite, f about two years married, his second wile, a family Cat of children, and attends church at the Rev Mr. *01 Young's, in Summer street. It is said that he has the generally had a plenty of money at command, and it was no: l ing since that he put in, as silent part- r" ntr, the sum of $17 000 into the firm of Kettell ch, & Collins, 55 Commercial street. jnK He was formerly President ol the Mechanic's h*i Bank, South Boston, a Director of the Freeman's, the und occupied several other positions of a high mer- ?rn cantile character. He is about 45 yearn ol age, a ' man of plain appearance, and having the appear- PIH ance ol an industrious, driving and active merchant. ?n' He was arrested by officer I'allant last night, on a " charge ot attempting to cheat and defraud the Mas- tb( sachusetts Bank in State street, of several sums ol an, money by forging the names of respectable mer- let clnnts to several notes as signers or endorsers, Co which notes were offered by Cole and discounted at w? the Bauk. *l Previous to this, and on yesterday Sheriff Freeman was put into his house with a writ of attach- , iiiriu covrnng ine nun 01 (in 11 civn buii ui by the Bank, for the sair.e transactions?the amount of be the forged paper being about $3,000. W He appeared in Court this morning with his coun- w< sel, Richard Robbins, Esq , and seemed much cast hri down and dejected. Th?re was also one transac- ' tion of the same character with the Market Bank Some of the officers of the Massachusetts Bank *a' were present. Some of the individuals whose Ml names were forged, who testified to the false cha- hm racter of the paper, and that it was left for discount prt l?y Mr. Cole, Israel Lombard, Director, James M? Dodd, Cashier of the Massachusetts Hunk, and r?r Jona. Rrown. Jr, Cashier of the Market Bank, and I Samuel Mansur, merchant, 19 South Market street, J me whose signature was forged, were present and gave ( evidence. Samuel D. Parker, tsq , County Attor- , ney, appeared for the Commonwealth. The forged paper lying in the Mrtsichu?<ett8 Bank dr< was as lollows One note $-492 16, purporting to un be signed by Samuel Mansur. and endorsed by . Cole, dat^d llth February, 18X1, payable seven months after date On this charge he was bound over to appear in this Court on the 29ih in;-t. in the w? sum of $2000 cid One note purporting to be s'gned by Edward D th? Peters & Co , merchants. Central wharf, for $500, or dated July 17, 18411. payable in four months. Hound fro overio the Municipal Court on the 1st Monday of gr< August in $2 000. One note purporting to be signed by WinsorFay, the India wharf, for $1200, payable in four months, and ch. ,i.. 1...1 \i iv i; mm Monro ovfrto the sum-* Muni- nil< cipal Court in the sum of $3(100 One note in Mar- j In ket Bank, puri orting to br ''ndnreed bv said Fay, an* hnd signed by Cole, lor $504 31, dated March 3, 1 ma 18-13, payable in 6 month* from date. j iri J Hound over to some court in $2,000. The whole ! the amount of bonds u will be wen is $9,000 He is | da] said to hivt other pnperti out. I ( As to the origin ol the present investigation, oir- rep mmstances ol mis* irion occurred in the Masaehu- coi setts Rank in re'ation to the Peters note, and Mr. R. Lombard took " ye?t?rday afternoon to Mr Cole, Fai wlio.on a clt v q>i- tioniug acknowledged the note 1 to be for*t d? and thus.lttention was directed to the Gri other puprr. f for No cnus?* is niven for thisutrange conduct,and the fir? act seem* to b^ one ot sheer madness and folly. C Many of ( ur first merchants were present in Court, i got and much s? nsation is produced in our whole com- ! munitr, . *. . _ | i Thr rumiui'i'in in the Police wan only a preli- nn miniiry one fur a turilur trul of the whole merits", c.i ?m will be aouccd iu the tict&ik given by u?. 14 i ERA tioin in Oauat <i>i rit Urn tvir -L m <>r \*iri r?ig Troops calmd onr ?The rioting in Canada occasion of the celebration ?f the Battle of the >yne, on the 12ih -mutant, have turned out more "IOub than waa anticipated. The old feuda beeen the Orangemen and Catholica, have, it would ;m, Rained added virulence, in conoequence, probiy, of the irritation resulting from the recent atnpts at the introduction of the "Repeal" agnail. We cannot place implicit confidence in the curacy of all the statements in the Canadian pa ra relative to the origin of this riot; but we wul nex the version of the story as relaied by the ng*ton Sltiles nun and the Ki>\g*tiyn Chronicle ? om what we know, however, of the chaiacierot ; Orange party, we are inclined to believe that provocation came from them directly, as it did lirectly in their celebrating the day even in the iy of a grand public dinner. Better abolish at ce all public dinplaya of religious and political ling, which can by possibility lead to breaches the peace i? [From the K'nfcuton Statesman.] Pwri-rTH or Jul* in Ki^oston ? In deference to the ib of Hi* Excellency the Governor General, very littl. play ol party feeling was exhibited during the day, but . anla evening g tillering ot small parties at the cor '( ot the htreeta, unit their hrawlingH ami threats, iho wvery plainly that the night would not pass oil so quietly :he <luy had dene. Between right and nine o'clock s? crowds begun parading them reets,evidently anxious a fight,although neither party seemed willing tocomnceit. Shortly wlterwardi, gum and pistols were 11 by some persons concealed in or aroun<t the cellar the new Catholic Church, and fro in the windows ot neof Mr. Honey'? cottages. We regret to atate that lad, named Robert Mormon, wh? struck hy two these shots, one paining through the head, and another ering the heart? causing imnn diate death. The filing far a? we can ascertain, was entirely without pro :atiun. The boy was minding quietly in the road at i time, among a crowd of other*, who were attracted by i threatening aapect of the parties. Immediately after i unfortunate event, tha Mayor aad a strong police ce repaired to the spot; but His Worship considering force Insutticient to preserve the peace, thought it identto di mand the assistance o( the military. In a >rt time a strong body ot the J3d regiment arrived, aud de a general search through the premise in the vicinof the disturbance, and in the foundation of the church 1 seminary. Even after tha soldiers arrived on the >nnd, some shots were fired, and one or two persons re wounded. Ten men were arrested in the immediate ighborhood, and conveyed to the Station House for ex unation on the following morning. This melancholy eurrence ha* caused great excitement in the town, and s revived feeling* among irishmen that wo had loudly ped were buried in oblivion. Westoptha press to announce to our country render*, at the Loyal Orange Association in this city, yesterday andoned public processious, and rigidly confined themIves to their lodge rooms, where they dined together L night, the principal house, (National Hotel, Welling n street,) was surrounded by a repeal mob,of several mdro Is, and bat for the timely interference of the au. oritiea, in calling out the troops, the most dreadful re [Its might have occurred. The gallant U3d Royal Welch isileers soon cleared oil the ruffians. Beaten trom the ational, the repealer* (all armed with guns, swords, anes, Sic.) matched up to several other houses ? here e Orung> men were dining, and at the corner of Clergy id Brock street*, shot Robert klorrinon (standing alone id unarmed) through the head. He died inatautly, and e Coroner's Jury is now holding an inquest on hi* body, le troops being marched up Prince** and Clergy it*., the protection of that part of the sity, were fired on by 88*411**111*, by which three men were wounded; one irerely 1? the ahoulder, and the other*, one in the ahmen and the other in tha arm. Several boy* and men the loyal party are more or leu injured. We believe aut fourteen ?r fifteen ol the repealers are in Jail, and long their number their reputed leaders, Augustus Thi. do and Martin F >ley. A clerk in the Surveyor Genil'a office whs Sren in the party, armed with n mu-*et. le city authorities behaved well, hut the olH sum ol the vernnient have the blood ol the innocent lai.i on their ids. [From the Ki' gston Chronicle ] lithe mining a number of youths and small bo> * perbulated lo J4 (a suburb of the town,) and the ground* nit the new Catholic church, in course of erection, Ih an orange tt-tg Another party 01 boys of the other tion, kindling at th" suppo-ed di fiance, promenaded on i same ground. Thpy came into collision, of course, 1 while the two stoutest engaged in personal conflict, a n, actuated pethaps hy no bad motive, belabored one both with a big stick, with the apparent view of part t them Another threw the weight ot hit arm into ?stale, am) the first intruder wai wonted, and, when on ground beaten by the juvenile*. This occurred an i ground immediately adjoining the new Catholic ilding. The beitenman ran tor the police, who came, lowed hy gangs of workman, -aid to be Orangemen, le workmen on the new building continue J thvir work, t heeding the paltry provocation* ottered to them, rowa' da evening, men, singly and in partiea, were to encountered, armed with mortal weapons, and lew re to he leen without bludgeon*. Orange ribbon* re displayed in abundance )n the outiide of *ome of the home* where Orange tie* met to celebrate the anniversary of the battle of Boyne, *ome gathering* to?>k place, marked hy the ul hissings and hooting*) that characters popular ;itement?. A party of men, apparently expecting to attacked, or that the building would be attacked?a* material* used in it* erection hav? been frequently naged, so a* to be made utele**?gathered about the iv Catholic building, and placed themaelvrt within They were in due course visited, between eight I nine at night hy a party of boys, alturward* joined by n. (tone* were thrown on both side* for some time, and ally an attack on the building and all upon it or abeut ur it* defence seems to have been prepared. This wa* t by di*charge of firearm*, which unhappily deprived unfortunate lad Morrison of life, and wounded one or 0 others sligtly. After this the firing was kept upon ;h side* until the arrival of a detachment of the i3d yal Fusileer*, headed hy the worthy Mayor, John uater, E?q , by whom the ground waa cleared, and ler restored. teveral arrest* were then made by the Mayor. The Iholic bu lding and the seminary were entered hy the diers and police, and we believe all who were found re were apprehended These were ten in number, 1 we believe they were all Catholics McManu<, who ps the temperance inn, at the corner ot Horsey's build *, and who is a master workman on the Catholic irch, and Foley, living in the (ame buildings and holda similar otft eln the building, were taken irom their He* and lodged in Jail. These house*, or hut*, (lor y are little better,) were visited afterward by hand* of led men, to the great terror ol the wive* and children the two men in cu*tody. The house ol Foley wa* reed with a dozen musket balls, fired in one volley, I it i* providential that all the inmate* were not slaugli ^.coroner'* Jury have been sitting these three days on ) bodv of Morrison. The evidence I* contradictory l?ontu?ed,a* i* usual in all cases of tumult and vio ice. Mr. Thibodo wa* arretted while entering the un nuu*f un i mu ?<i?y , uir i<nu, aim nm rvuiuiacn thout hail since then. a prisoner. He hat been present the inquest, attended by Mr Benson ai hit counsel, Mr, eckenridge appearing lor the other priioneri, from the mmenceraent. The evidence against him appeara tinctured strongly prejudice in some initancea, and aome allowance la to made far mistakes as to identity on auch occaaiont e apprehend it will clearly appear that Mr. T*s efforti re tolely directed to allay eacitement, and prerent I each of the peace. Doaonca's ImutsT?Two o'clock?The lad Hurst, on whoae depoaition Mr. Thibodo waa arrested, and in declared that he heard him order two men to Ore, l been recalled by the jury. He now says that he knew T only by his whiskers, anJ aoeaks corifldi-ntly to having worn a black beaver hat?whereas n has been >ved by many witnesses that he wore a l>-ghorn hat. iny witnesses have sworn to having heard him at dilfeit times vxhort the men to go away from the Cathedral. 1 tii>on no account to engage iu a ft g lit with the Orangen. 3ask op Major Thomas Clifton.?The Corons Inquest in the cnee of Mr. Clifton, who was jwned in the Delaware a day or two ago,decided animously, that the iatat result was caused by the amboat Pioneer. rhe inquest aUo states that the boat was fully meil resecting the fishing boat, and that the aclent was caused only by the grossest neglect upon part of the officers having command of the boat, the most determined attempt to drive the bouts in what has been hitherto known as the fishing mnd. rhe friends of Major Olifrnn, on Tuesday, after ! rendition of the verdict, took out a wurrant, trgtng Ghnrlr-s Hilderback, Captain John Lloyd, jt, and Martin L Green, elerk, or second capn, ?>( the steamboat Pioneer, with murder. I.lovd 1 Green were arrested, and taken before Aldern Grisc>m The Magistrate held Lloyd to hail ?5,000, and Green in his own recogniz in amp amount, tor itifir appearance on Wediie*i morning, at 10 o'clock. >n Wednesday morning the accused appeared, resented by Henry M. Philips E?q. as their msel The prosecution whs represented by Uol M. Lee, General Hubbell, and Colonel J. P irlamb. fhe investigation resulted iu the discharge of ?en, and the lull committal of Lloyd to answer unlawful homocide, or murder?murder in the t degree Captain Rilderback is out of the State, having [?e to New Jersey. ^km.a*r> Gamal ?The enlargement <" I progresses rapidly ; there are about #000 men iployed on it. The new locks are of cut atone, J teet by 20. I LD. pti* Two 0?bm. We have received the following very interesting scientific communication Irom a quarter we need not say, entitled to the most respectful attention. The idea is a novel one, and must, we ihinK, attract much notice from the students of natural philosophy i? Electricity and b allrnads I have heen refl?ctinn foraome time paat upon the p??aihle effVcta which may come Irom the long linea of i> on { rail con?ticutin(f our railroads, in relation to electrical oiovewpnti n. -/ _1. .-V* A* -<r I a perfect conductor of tho elect tic fluid , ?o that hitherto it lias been beloved that one part of a country ni*y be either positively or negatively changed, while ethers are in ?n opposite ronditinu, and clouda are in like circnmatane-a Hence wn aay, that when a cloud, positively charged, cornea near a part o( the earth which i* neja. tively charged, a 'hun ter storm enauea?or tici vtrta, cloud in the negativo and earth in the positive, a like thunder atoi ra-ih- Hind palling in the first caae from Clond to earth, and in the stcond case Irom enrth 10 cloud. Kraukliu'* conductor ia tupi oaert tocarry the atiaam of fluid either way, a* the ca*e may tequirf. Now, il Franklin'* conductor ran disarm a cloud aa to the place it ia erecti d on what may be the < ft.-ct of our horizontal conductor*, the railroads, in so iq lelising the electric fluid throughout It* whole length,and lor a given distance on each aide ol them, that no thunder (tot m cm do miachiel w thin thove limit* 1 Hippos* tlifl I'orm about to strike Albany *.ould have It* elei trie fluid take to the railroad to Buflalo?would net ita diffusion ou *u long line render it perfectly har?. lean? Some good electrician* have gone into calculation of the t umber ol acre* of land and cloud which are used in a heavy thunder norm, and put it down a* about ten thousand. II this calculation is a good one, then a* ten thousand acre* are embraced ia a square of about four mile* oa each aida. we may say the railroud will dispo*? of all tho fluid for two mile* on each nduol it through it* whole length. If this should prove to be true, then the property ami perion* within tho*e limit* would beaaie Irom lightning. Let ui alto notice what effect* may be attributed to our iron water pipe*, extending through every ttreetof our city; for both the iron pipe* and the water within thetn are "xcellent conductor*. I have putthia iden forth that It may call the attention of obnerver* to the effect* ol tbander atornuln the vir ntty ol milroadi. The idea If ana w one ami I giveit for what it ii worth. HICNBI MEIQS. Jul* IS, 1843. Bar Room Scene ? Seme, Shelbyville, Ky.? Time, Tuesday week.?Drnmatn Ptrtcma, the Hon. J. C. Sprigg, and the Hon. Joseph Le Compte. Place, the barroom of Paris's Hotel. Enter both. The Hon- J C. Sprioo?Sir, what are your prospects fur Congress 1 The Hon. Joseph Le Comptk?I will answer your que^-tion by another?what are your prospects 1 The H<>n J. C. Sprioq?That ia rny business. The Hon. Joseph Lb Oompte?This discussion had better be adjourned to th>* stump. The Hon. J C. Sprioo?Sir, you are trying to defeat my election, and you ought to get out of the way, and you must get out ot it, and you shall get 1 out ot it. The Hon Joseph LkComptk?Perhaps, then, you will he kind enough to put me out of the way. (The Hon. J. C Sprig? here pulls the Hon Joseph Le Oomnte'snose ) The Hon Joseph LeCompte?(Astonished at the proceeding, at first supposing ihat it must have been done in jeai)?II you pull my nose again, I will knock you down. A'xun'both to breakfast. The Louisville Journal says that about half an hour afterwards, Mr. Sprigg renewed the dispute wiih Mr LeCompte in the bar room, and again nulled his nose, whereupon Mr. LeCetnpte knocked hira down. The interference of the bvstanders prevented the lurther prosecution of the fight We under S'anO llldl pUOIIC IllOliitiai IOII WltH Strung I IIS' 1*1 r. Sprtgg tor his unprovoked assault upon an old, moffensive, and most amiable gentleman Later fko.m Mkxico?The schr. Amnion, Cspt. Parkinson, itrrived here yesterday from Vera Cruz, bringing us our correspondence and late papers from the capital. Oapt P brought with him from Vera Cruz seventeeu of the English sailor* who lormed a valuable portion ol the crews of the Mexican steamers the Montezuna and the Uuadaloupe. They were all thst war and disense have epured from those steamers, save some two or three who had quandered all their money at Vera < ruz, and then re-enlisted and returned to Garriiieachy In Vera (/ruz on th>- 29 h ult .twenty -iwn day* had elapsed since they had received any intelligence trom Campeacby Tidirgs disastrous to the Government were anticipated. Th?i formaiion of the new Constitution of Meii- * co, and its approval on the 13 h Jvne by Sants Ana, was celebrated wi'h dinners, balls, bull fights, fireworks, tec., in great prolusion. At a dinner g'ven on the 14 h, in the palace, at which the principal men of the nation, the diplomatic corps, and other distinguished persons were present, our Mtni"er, Gen Waddy Thomson, esve as a sentiment i The New Constitution of Mexico?As it realizes the endeavors of the illustrious men who formed if, the hope* of the friends of Mexico, and ot the lovers of liberty every where i so shall the 13th of June be ever memorable Long details are given of the solemnities and rejoicing attendant upon t'ie proclamation of the conMlif iirifin utrrwri iinnn his f nufinnal ninti ?nr na it is called in the Vera Cruz papers, the organic bams of the republic. One consequence was the declaration ol an amnesty for all political ofl'iices, in pursuance ol which Setwrs Pedraia, Riva Palncion?, Otero and Lafragua were set at liberty ?n the 13 h We learn that the insurrection of the Indiana in the Southern provinces haabeen brought to a clow, an amicable arransemeHt hiving been made between them and General Bravo, in purauance of which th' y have given up their hmos and retired to their homes ?X O Hu'htin, 12ih OZSiniB.AZi PRINTING _ ESTABLISHMENT, vTcflHMCR Of Kt'LTON AND NASSAU STB. l> aupplied with ryery material ueeeaeary for the prompt, DM1 and economical execution of every deaenpnou of STABS* MtoMTOMS. PaMie attention n reqneeted to this ubliihment, id the mnnnrf that ample aatiafaciou will he given?<u refarda typography, preaa work, ao<lohar(a??to ihoat who require fancy oi common, Urge or ainall work Jcheaply and expedition!IV executed. LABF.L8, CHK?'K?, U WAYBILLS, CIRCDl.AHS, SHOW BILLS, BALI. Th KF.Tg, STEAMBOAT BILLS, BILLS Of LADING, RAILROAD RILLS, BUSIN* S? <AHO?, 8TAOK BILLS, CATAi OOUCS, i PAMI'HLKTS, BILL nEAOM. U A SI f 1 U I I IO Vtll'k' c i ro? ' THEATRES, CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS i LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS, l Or IDT other places where the largest description of printing la rftjuired The facilities for this work ara not equalled by gov office id this city, for, beaidea the large assortment of I [PLAdw amis @ajj3ian5dii?iVAi mm, , Tina establishment haa the LAROEMT PHKMK8 IN TUB CITY. Great pains hare been talien to proride eeery material that can pn.sibly be of service .and therefore persons harm* oeetr 100 for Showbills, will nod it greatly to heir adra?ta#e lo patronize this establishment. (f^Any sue or form of Bill ean be furnished at rery short not ire " " LAMPS!! HOKN'3 LAMPS." " UOIlN'o PATENT SOLID BOTTOM OLAHS 11 FOUNTAIN LAMP.**."?For chemical oil or cam phine?These Lamp* hare n?? become celebned, and etten ?n el* used,and are,ill 'act the ad'niration and wonder o| ill who aee thein ; the most aplendid n> appearanee, the i<io?' economics ?nd (ire a light unroaall'd in b.-illi -ncy and darahilit*; and none aie <> perfectly safe,simple and e?ar to manage and trim] one lamti will (ire m .re light than lit aperm candles, at an expense of I t? thtc lulf a ent per hoar. All w?jo siunine and see them in as*, adinire th-m fo> thcii be?utit?l neti aupearmce, s mplictl*, safety and ee tnomy, and abore all, firtne iaperiors .lend ir of their l<?ht And, i fact, it woul l seem 'hey are de lined to bee 'me ih- uriirer-al Ugh., sourest haa bee me their demand Sh old iher* be any who yet prefer the I git, lei them In >h aa 'hay pass vteurs Sands St Co'i D ug Vore, corner of broadway and Channel ?t , and < ntilre's of other place* where ihey hare the trae light for further parm-alars call at No. il> Kniton at , (new baild ng) t.e only place ia *?w Yark, where they are Inrsae wholesale ?nd retail br J O. Kay at < Jo. Beat chemeO oil ?l ? ten s and campriine 50 -en i per gillon A liberal deduction bf ihe bar-eil to sell afluu? all > on lamna to agents sell again If M im ?r IMGUhKKfcOTYPh. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, 72 NA-*AU HT , N?XT l<> J HV ?T THE an??ciib*' > foleJht? ?ttrdHoo'?arr??g Uff p-fV'Minio OifUfrf*'! (TlWefiti, liufr ih Q I thr grrat ilemmid for CAMffM wi f,f'? ',,m c*'B*Uof fmp nj ineni, and with an^h practice lie fee'a warranted m ut<u8 that ina'rueien * c >u*tra< ted bj him, the 1 iiproven)**uta th a ruab'e operator* to eb aiu aucceea. rnotafr* h?(>Mral|y mm b* held in a certain poaition to appear di?tinc, thoae it ken With mr ?praiatna are \tte (row ihit delect. Tftomaith ia traction* ?it?b if required. Urdan accompanied wi h c??h, orn >n.tlv *rte?rfed 'o j. ?J- rn?r TOIWTUmlIU: i dMDO TO?looo-Wr. KKANCl t K < RUMP, Waieh J I '/I/ Mak> r, 341 (iran<* *neet, beg* to inform hi* friend* I nid the nablic, that iuL.rpenden of the watch bun .*aa he >a I i r'P?fed to rtiake advance* id a*h, *u *old and aneer waichea, rfi<m uda, liltrt cet letca, (pooua, fork*, and d-a ripttoo of K?ld or (lifer ia ui *hape inteuoed lor imagdiare *al?. ' a?n (> any amount paid for old gold aud ail??r. Watc hea ol eeer* deacn.tion repaired m l warranted W <I?|ii.i| atfeet let* lm*t ~ "CHLOKIUfc OK IJ.vlK." 9HH ? A8K* ?ir BOVDf" " ALK 3V 4UU rKHS**1. k BKOOK*, | iftr Ntt ?l ialBlUiTl rfjUftkf

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