Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1843 Page 1
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r jp |_| Vol. it.?in aoa wa?i? *? 3415 o?aM8HHBM KOB HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Koyal Mul Steam bhip CALEDONIA E. O. Lott, CoomiiDiler.wilt leave Boston for the above ports, on Tue?day, Au?u?t 1, 1843 I',usage to Liverpool 120. Pajiage to Halifax. 20, Apnlv (o O BKIUHAM, Jr. Agent. J 226t r No. 3 "Va|. afreet. - DKAFT8 ON JCNOL*>D, IRKy/T^WV** LAND, lie? Person) about remitting mo/A)(LJr^TwH i?ry to theif friend* in the ' old country," ~^^2aBaCi?f c-n br >upplied with Drafts, iu sums of I, 2 3,5, 10 ,20 It ?J0. ir anv anion tit, payable mi deuiaud, without discount or nny other cha re, at the National D ink of 1,rI >nd, Provincial Bn.k, do., Messrs Jimri Bull. 8 >u it Co., Bankers, Lou'ou, I. Barnetl It Co., Eichinge anil Ditcnum B uk, Lherpool, Ea tern Bank of Scotland, lireenock Binding Company, Sir Win. Ko'bet Hunter U Co., Hcotland, and the br?nrhi? lu every post. town throughout kngland, Ireland, Scot'?nd Hi Wales, wfurh <lrafts will be fowarded by the steamers Great Western or Hibrrnia, by W. & J. T. TAP8COTT, At their 'ieneral Passage (Ufice, 43 Peck Slip, cor. South ?t. N. B.--A1I letters ft jm the country must come post paid. IT IIt REMITTANCES TO IkKLAND, lu:.-The ^J(ffV?ub??-iibef continues to transmit money in sums large Jmmmrn"' small. to persons residing iu any part of Ireland in the aaiue manner as he, rnd hii preaecatsor iu business have done for the la*t thirty yens and mote ;al?o,to any part of England. or Hcoilard. mouey reiniueu i?y icuer iron |i:iiuf io ine suoicnoer, or personally deposited with liim witu the uarae ?fine penon or persons in IrclMid. Eugknd or Scotland. to whom it n to be rut, m <] uewst pMt town, will be immediately transmitted mill paid i ecordmgly, and a receipt to that effect fcivew, or lorwarded to thescnier. In lixr intnner oi uiev, or claima on person* in any part of Ireland, Rutland or ^cot'aod, on be collected by the subscriber for pmrn rrmdnn in any P*'t of the United Slates or Canada and will Ijc paid to the in ttcordingly 117 im?r UKOHOK McBttlOE. Jr, ?2 Odar it. john he roman's olu est a b lis h ed emigrant passage office. M. Mt. Mt M. RpOULAR LlTTCToT P A<STsHIP8,e^otnTItrec t, New Yorlt. PASSAGE to and from Oreat Britain end Ireland, via Liverpool and Loudon, by 'he regular pack* ihipi, tailing on the lit, 7ch, 13th, '9lii, and 25ih of each month to and from Liverpool. and to and from London lit, 10th nud 20th of e?ch month. The vnbirliber hai made unequalled arrangement* to bring out emigrants, and can, with great continence, aiaure tlioie |>erioni tending 'or tlie-r friendi, that every due mid -illigent attention will be ihown them and all w> o embark with them. l'aa>a?e cau alio be eugaged from Liverpool 11 ect to New Orleans, Mobile, Saiannah, Baltimore, Philadelphia, B > ton, and to the different port* of the Brilish l'ruvinrr*. at the loweit ratei W'iih these arrangements, together with the advantage which his Liverp ol correspondents possess, b?ing la ge ship owners,and extensively < bu lged in the freighting mines* despatching yearly at least 100 lint clai? ships from Liverpool to the various ports of the United States, with freight and passengers. The facility offered by this eitahliihmett is iinsarpnsied, and from the large number of first class fhips employed in the line there cau be no d*tennon whatever, which will be guaranteed The price of passage will be at the loweit rates, an I ihoald any of those seut for decline coming, the pai sagr money will Di rs customary rtfunded. The I'emnboat fate from the different pom to Liverpool can, as uiual, be iecureu. JOHN HERDMAN.61 South st, N Y,or J. (k W. ROBINSON, near Wall itreet, Merchants' ai d Emigraoti' Agents, No 16 Goree Piazzai, Livetpool. DRAFTS AND KXOHANGE. The aubscriber reques's the attention ol those remitting money to their friendt to his uuequalled frrmgements for the payinontof his dr fls ou demand, without d tcount or any charge wha'e*er, at the foliowii g tl-nkmg Insti-.utions, viz IN ENGLAND?Messrs Jamet Bull, Hon Ik Go., Bankers London. Messn J. Barnard h Co,, Exchange and DiiconntBank, Liverpool. .National Provincial Bauk of Knqland,and Br&nchei thronghout England ami Walea. Yorkshire Dii'ncr Bank and Branches. Birmioxh>m Banking Co. Lancaster Banking Co. IN SCOTLAND?Ureenock Banging Co. in Glasgow and Qp-?iiock. Eastern Bank of Scotland and Branches. IKK LAND?Provincial Bank of Ireland. Aui-kIi Cork Enai* Mallow Atblone Csrlo * Enniskillen Mouevniore Bi I ma Cavan "alway Omagh Belfast ( oleraine K Ikenuy Panoustown Banbiidge Cootehill Kiliuih bligo rtallTmnun Dublin Londonderry Strabane Bind on Downpatrick Larg'ti Tralee Ballysl.anuon Ihingimion L'meri'k Wateriord Clonmel D.mgarrou Monaghan Y?u<{htll National Bank of IrelaudBillinailoe Castle^ar Moate Tipperary Banagher Knniscorthy Neuagh Taam Bovle Fermoy New Hon Thnmastown Cosher (talway R'screi Tralee Carrick on Sair Kau nrk Koscommou Wrstport Castlerea Longford Sngo Wexford i'l :M~ v I - ?i?Ii ? Clonmel Mitchelatown Thurles N. B ? Iu addition to the Liverpool ?nd Loudon ra kets. the subscriber is atlao agent for the regular packet* sailiog weekly fr >111 New Yoik to Ntw Orleaua, Mobile, Charleston, and Savannah, by which passage caa be secured at the lowest rate*. jyH tf JOHN He'HDMAN. NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKET*. Tt tail from New York ou the 26th and Liverpool on the 11th if each month. m m,.M * Rhir ROSC1US, Captain Johu Collins, 25th Jnly. Hhip SIPDONS. Captain E. B. Cobb, 15th August. HHip HHERIDAN. Captaiu F. A. Depeyaler, 25th Sept. Ship UAKRICK, Captain Win. Skiddy, 25th October. From Liverpool.. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Deneyster, 13th July. Ship UARHH'K, Captain Wra. Skiddy, 13th Angust Ship ROSClUS, C^plaio John Collins, 13th September. Ship hlDUONU, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Theses hips .ire all of the first class, upwards of lOMlont, onill uiihe cfly of New York, with such improvements ascombiue great with nnnsnal comfort for niissengers. Kvery care tin heeu taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $75. These ships are commanded by eiperimcsd nasters, who will make every eiertioii to rive uruera arisfacnon NeiUier the captains ur owners of lV il .nwill be responiiVie for ai y letters, parcels or packagt ssen by tnem, unless re tularbills of ladinjc ?re signed therefor. Jforlr?ight or paf-iee, apply to K. K. COLLINH i CO., 56 Month St., New York, or to BROWN. SHIPLEY Ik CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged cents per singla She?t: 50 cents per ounce, and newspaper; 1 cent each, jy? ec BI.ACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVER fcHlVy POOL I Al.Kh'f 8 -Hegular I'm ket. a?d tails TurtjUlfa ay.thelstof ?ngint?The well known 'ast tailing favorite picket shin EUROPE. Cap'. Kdward O. Fnrber, will tail noiiiively as above, lier regular day. ; he accM.i.mod.ittons of this magnificent packet for cabin, second ctbin and steer gn pniseugers, are w?il kio?D to be unsurpassed tor ?p',eu or, convenience nnd comfort, by any other vessel art in Those visiting ihe old country will find li to ui'ir iDirrrii 10 si'ii ci in'i ursiranie codtjh hut iii |>rneieca? to anv oth-' Fot tcrmi of passai e, which will tw low. e*ilv applicuion shonjd be mid* to choose the be t b nhi, apply on hoar Toot of Beekmao at'eet, ?r to the sub crihers KOCHE, BRClXHKHft ll CO . 33 Fult aft/eel, oeit door to tne h'nlton Bn.<k. P. 8. The Europe will tail from Liverpool on the I9;h ol Pept. Persons sending fur tli'ir fr'ecds ea'; have 'hem brought out id her, or any i f t>te packe a comprising ttiis macti:!ic?o' and tweouslJeo line, taihni; frrm that port on ihe vth yd idih Of each inonlli Dnf sat sign f>r wy Hmonnt.drawn d rcct on the Keyal 1;..nk of Irtlaud anil on Messis. I'rescotl lirole, Auiea Si Co., b nk' ra, l.uUilon, which are paii! f e? of di?c nut or any. Ii irge ?ha'?<? . >D etcrv to *n thiongliont Eigland lul.ijd 8 o land ai.d W.-It? For nuing'-, itc . Mipiy nahive Th-??w imd ni giificcnt p?ck?t <hip ^'ev? York, wi'l succeed ihe ah>ve i . c*et, . nd aail for Liverpool oil Jie 19th An gust, htt regular day. cjex r Oil LIVERPOOL? NKVr LlNE-.Hegiiyr huS$lf^ f*'ri;?i ol fcitl- An*?The Splendid Parke- B!^ip ,aGXAd^(1lDDO>8, CapiaiB E B. < obb, of .033 tons, will positively aail ai above, ber regular day. Kor freight or passage, havipg accommodations utieiiua./ed for splendor o: apply on uosi.l, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atreet r to K. K.( OLLIWS fc t'O. 66 South ?tr??l Price of pasang' $7S. 1 ne Packer *hn Mheiidan, Captain F. A. Depevtter, will ?u<-r?eH the Sitldjns, and a/ill tbr K*k of Sept Passengers may rely on the ship* ol (hit lin? ? IQfl panetaa! 1 ?s?dvertised jy26r I LD BLACK BALL LINE OK PACKETS rRfafy M'K LIVKHPOOL-Packet of the lit Aug-The jPMWbaplcndid last sailing Unw packet ship >?UHOPE, Captain l?uiber, will be despatched aa above, her regular day. This elegant ship baa m auiinssed aacommodatioas lor cahm, 9d cabin and neeruire passengers. Those wishing to secure berths will icqnire to make early application to JOHN HRHDMAN, fl South atreet, B"?r Wall it. \ The splendid packtt ship BOSclUS, iiaptaiu Collins, sails en ihe 2ith irist. h-r regain day. A lew more passei gers can yt be accom utodaled at ihe lowest rates N. B ? haisaga fromliieat Britain and Ireland .via Liverpool, can as u^ual be secured ai the lowest tates by the regular packet snips sailing weekly. The suhtciber has just c neluded une.)u illeil -mngem u:s for the pa> m?.ut of his drafts at the fallowing harks?The Natioual and Provincial Banks < I 1. eland, mil at all rhe-r b-anches. Also ihe National and Provincial Rink of Kngland and all its brandies throughout Kngland and Wales. Also the Kastern Bank of Scitland, the Greenock Ranking Co, and all their Branches, thioughout HcotUni. por futther partn ulara -pply aa above jy20 r ,THKL' *1)11 LIVERPOOL.?Regular racket of the 7th HwS/i I I * 1' "T * " t"*L "-I Nye. will poiiti'm *>! aaahove. Having very ?ui ??rior accomiiiodalioua for cabin,aeeond cubm m l uniriiff pn?npi)f-r?, peiaout wuhing to embark thou Id inik* tarly application to JOBK.PH MeMURRAV, lot) Pine atv cor. Sooth. T>? above will be ancceadrd by the aplendil p?eketahip Smflicld, Capita ? Pot ham, mid aail on the I3ih Angui' Pei.nona wi*.>11141 to aeud lor their Irieuda >u the old conuiry. can b?ve them brought out by the above ?hip, 01 any of tl.eregnlrr p?ek?ta, by applying aa above ; if l<*Mer >o?t i ?ni )< S6 6'r ?;.f, M)K NKW OKLKANH-LOUISIANA A "? U W;^?;>NI'.W VOHK LINK?Firat Regular Packrt-The lait amling coppered ahip OCONKfc, Captain Jarkion liavirg ? very l?rge proportion of her cargo on hoard, rearly all engageo can yet take lome 11 ore fieight if imike diate application ia made. for irtitfhl or p,ia.vtgc, haying haodtome fornuht d acrommtfdauoua, appVj u"> p_rIejua whail, foot of Wall al. <>rto K OOliLlNI St CO. 15 Snath it rtlui pera mayrcly Upi/D having their trooda correctly meniaieri, wd that Uie alupa of tliia line will lail pnnctaally na ndver liar.I. Ai.y Koarauiea to that oh eel will be given and fulfilled that may be required Airenta m N. Orients!,Hnlliu Jt Woodruff, wno will Iv forward all good* t<> their adilreae1 !> car.tart thin Loonville. 1 apt. M. Hnnt, nil) aareeo.' the O coiv e iy 84 *'OR HA V RK ?The roprer?d a d corptr tut ?n kjFlV'd trench Ship CAROL. IMC, Captain I t grain Kor jjMUifclreikht or paaaage, for wltrh iiie h->a very comloit ? hbu JinioUatiom, apply to BOYD It HINCKEN, No. l) Toatiiie Bin (I ng Wall it A,aj? M?H H ItHdll i OH CHAKTI.II.?The kiJMfV""' "rCO' tKT, llnnrr Wr'ttht, in*?ter jiilMHl'1 >"" bnnhen, i> ojw rturli-uKiiu tier cftig ,nnd will i ii i ji i )i ?e? in ? ttw d<v?. Aiip v lo WOODHULL k M1NTURN, jyii ec *7 Sooth ?u?et. E N .E NE SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. NEW YOHK AND PHILADELPHIA RAILROAD LINK DRKCT, VIA NKWABE. NIW BKUNSWICI. PHINCKTOK, TanNTon* CORDKNTOWN AND BuhLINUTOtf. THROUGH IN six HOURS. Leaving New York d-.ily Irorn thr fo t of Courtlandt St Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line ai4X P M. TIV Morrniiu Liu* proceedi to Bordemowu, from thence by steamboat to l'tiilidel,hia. The Evening Liur proceeds direct te CamJeu (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cart. _ Puss* u?ers will procure their ticke's at the office l?ot of CourtUudt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be in readiness, with tvigg ne crates od board. Philadeli hia baggage crates are conveyd from city to city, without be iok opeu?u by the way. Each train is provi led with a car in which are o, uments aud dressing rooms eipxesjlylor the I'dim' use. Returning, the lines l<are Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut. tree t. by stent: boat to Bordentowo at 7 o'clock, A.M. aud by railroad from Camden, at 4 o'clock,M. The lines for Baltimore leave Phlladelph la at7H A. M., and 4 P. M. beings continuation of the lines from Nrw York jH joRmERp^iP^^^KKN E^UGKA^f PASSAGE OFFICE. a..!*.*.i, ,?k.;? ????.?. linw prepared to forward pissr grrs'o all the Northern and Western States and Canada, hv daily lines of towhoat*, railroads and steamboat!, via the Noitli rite rand Etie Canal, up|n'i L .i. . Philadelphia aiid Pittsburgh, Ohio river and Canal routes The following are a few of tho moil important point* :? Via Utica, Buffalo, Pott*vi1le, Galena, SvrncuM, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Oswego, Detroit, _ Ciucinnatti, Kingston, Kneheiter, iYlilwaukie. St. Louis, St. Johns, Lisrkport, Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Alto to any port of Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky. VFiscuusin, Iowa, Upper and LowerCanada. Having given such universal satisfaction >u their London and Liverpool lines ol p/ick< ts, the subscribers will endeavor to mak<the present undertaking equally deserving of public fa vor. The attention of emigrants and others is invited to the follow low rates of p issitge to a fn w of ihe most important points, any other places on the route being equally low, viz:? Utica, $1 so Columbus, $<t on St Louis, $14 00 Syracuse, 1 75 Sandusky, 5 75 Galena. 18 OC Rochester, 2 00 Detroit, 0 00 anada. Buffalo, 2 50 Milwaukie, 10 00 Toronto, 4 *0 Oswego, 2 50 Chicago, 10 00 Kingston, 4 51 Erie, 4 50 Pittsburg, 8 75 Hiinilton, 4 50 Cleveland, 5 50 Cincinnati, 12 00 Montreal, 5 01 For further particulars apply to W. ?t J. T.TAPBCOTT.attheirGeneral f'assape Offii e, Peck slip cor Sooth st. Tate Notice?This office is not connected with any other it this city. j!6r NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANi> rORTATlON COMPANY. Fart reduced to 145 cents. from the font of Canrtlandt street, New York (Every day?Sunday* e*t rpied.) Leave* New York Leaves Newark A' 8 A. M. At 2 F. M. At 7 A. M. At l*> P. M 9 do. 3 do. 3 do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do 5 do. 5!< do. 5*tf do. do. 6X do. & do. do. ON SUNDAYS. from ihe foot of Courtlandt street. Leave New York, Leave N?wark. At 9 A. M. and 4 V P. M. At 12K T; M. end 9% P- M. NEW YORK. ELli-ABETH TOWN, Leave New York. I.e*?? Elizabeth Towm At I A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7* A. M. 3K P M 9 do. 4 do. 8}< do. 7 do. 11 da. 4X so. 10 dlo. ?)< do. 52* do. 12 do. The trainsfor WestrtelU, Plaiufield, Bound)*' "ok.Soraerviile fee., connect with the',9 A M, and,4)?PMl lituIrotn N411 York, daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Towu25 eeota. Fare between do sad Somerville, 75 cents. Wfi' YORK, AND KAH^AY. Leave New York. Leave Rahway. At I A. M. At 3 P.M. At 7 A. M, At 3 P.M. 9 do 4 do 8 do GX do 11 do 4j< do 9M! da 9 do 13? do IIX do NEW YORK AND NKW BKUNSW1C* Krom foot of Courtland street, New York, daily. Learne New York. Leave New Brunswiat At 9 A.M. At 4 P.M. A'6 A.M. At 11* A. M. iX do 7 W do 8* I". M. ON SUNDAYS Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At* A M and4J$ P M. At 11* A.M., and8>< P M Kare, eichpi iu the Philadelphia train*, between New Yo* anil Bmnswet. 50 ceuti Between New York and Kahway 25 centa Faiwetiger* wlio procure their ticket* at the ticket oilier. 1 eeite a ferry ticket grati*. Ticket* are received by three 4 jctor only on the dr.y when pnrehmed in 11 3m?i *Oh HUFKALO AND ALL PARTS OK THE WES1 -SOCIATlON PA?SAiiis, OFMCK To ALBANY. Utiea, $2 00 Rorheiter, (3 00 Syracuie, 2 25 Itnffalo, 3 50 Oiwego, 2 25 Up. & Lower C&nada5 50 For pasiage apply to M. L. RAY. m23 3m 93 Barclay s'.ieet Nrw York. PATERSON RAIL ROAD. jgfa Qxiaga coEEato^QZH IgWMiR V*Kh. ONLY CENTS. Ftom Paterinn to Jersey City. On and ifter Monday, 17th July, the car* will leave FaTF.RSon Depot l.tirr Nrw Von*. 8 A.M. 9 A.M. liM " 12* P. M 4 P. M. 4 ' ON SUNDAYS. Leave Patrmoiv iJf.pot. Lkavk New Yobs. 7* A M. ?X A. M 5 P M. h P M. Transporta'ion Car* plj daily (Sandiv's '?crptc! ) Pai sengsrs are sdvited to be at the Ferry, too Courtlandt street a few minntri before the stated hours ol depa ture. j y 19 6m NEW YORK SCHOOLEY'S ^ ' t 1 MOUNTAIN AND EASmm v? k . Mid i?:?( * l?or Schooler'* Mountain, leave pier No I >orth river, a (K o'clock A M. daily (Sundays eiceptt-.d) by steamboat ti Elizabeth port; or leave the foot of Court land itreet at 9 u1 cloc'j A M, by N J Railroad to Eljz>tbclhtown, thence cot Meet with the can for Somrrvtlle coaches, thruce 20 milei t the Mountain?arriving eaily in the afternoon Kor Kaslon lea*e as above proceed by railroad to Some: viile. conches from thence (only 34 miles,) arriviug in Easto ai 6 ran. This >on<e, on aeconnt of the short distance by conches, mi kin* it by far the must pleasant aud expeditious, commends ii self to i'iinhcipationase Mr Sanderson, the proprietor at S< niertil'e, has piovrdtd himself wi'h r vrriaites aud horses t.> a< commodate private parties with extras at the shortest notic< so'* on teasonalite terms For scuts apply to H D. Hope, Merchants' Hotel, 41 Cour UnHt st. Twsen^ers Irom Philadelphia to Sehonley's Monntain wi leave rhi!nl'_l|'lii? at 7 o'clock, A. M., by New York railroa line to New Brunswick. Splendid coaches from thence, arr vi"if ?ttne mountain e^rly same afternoon. 3 2rn?r AU.L9A1 NEW YOHK. SCHOOLEY'S Mflpp.MOUNTAIM ft KA8TON. WIT J Lf Te i" Toot ol Conrtland Hmt, diiIt (Hundaya eiceptrd at 80 ciock. A. M., by railroad f ora Jer?ey city to Morriatown thence by urn co.ichea ihr>.ugh Mendhan,,Cheater. Schooley Mountain, Anderaon Town, Port Coldeo, Waahiugtou, t EaitoM. At WmhinRtiin, a daily line mteraecta to aud Iron Belt idere For aeata anply to J. Hill, at J. Patton'a, Cornmei Cial Hotel,7J Conrtland atreet. , , N.B.?Eitnt furniahed at the ?horte?t notice by applying t< N. B. La??. United Htatei Hotel. Morriatown. myll Imtt HOIKAWAY PA"VTELI'TN-LONO ISLAND KAIL RO\D. Traim upon thi? road leaye Brooklyn, 8011U \* 1 l I Ferry, for Jamaica, where coachea are 111 readi trcSfflOH neii lor that delighifnl retort, the MirioePdVil lion, *t the following hoora, yix :?Half paat ! A. M.. 4 o'clock and half j>a?tfi P M. Returning, leaye Jamaica at 1 A. M? 12 M- and 5 P. M. fo New York. Fire to Junaioa. la.; through from Brooklyn ti the Parilion.73 ceot<. _ JaS4<w r " .> .*- AKl.AMiK.tiKNT. FAKK. AND H il&KJHT REDUCED. jtj. REOUl.AR MAIL. LINK?FOB I RO VIDKN' . AND H'?HTON, ria SVION iviitiim AND NEWPORT?Compoaei olthe following auiierior ateamera, runningin connection will the StocinKtnn pud Boat?n and Providence Kailroaut:? MASSACHUSETTS. Capt Comatock. HtlODK ISLAND, Capt ihaytr. PROVIDENCE. _ NARBAOVNBETT. MOHEUAN . . ? . One of which will leare New York daily (Sundaya cicept ed) from Pier No 1, Battery Place, N. Kiver, at 5 P. M ARRANGE vifcNTS. The RHODF. ISLAND,.Captain Thayer, on Maiwtay, an. Wedueaday for fltouington and Newport, aud Fndny 10 Stoniogtou. ... The MAS8ACHU''ETTS,Captain Comatock.on Tueada<nd Tlmraeay for Htonincton, and Saturday for Stoniuston Newport and Proyidence. Paueugera, on the arrital of the ateamera at Stouington will he immediately forwarded in the aplendii* and ccinmo dioua Can of the Kailroad to Providence and Boaton, and 1 for Newport will praeeed in the ateamera on Mondny, Wed neaday and Saturday, aud on ihe intervening daya, proceed VI Stoniuglon Railraan to Proyidence. and fiom thence in th. (earner lolaa, without any additional charge. Ticketa lor the route and ateamera' bertha can be ?acur?d 01 board, or at the office ol HAHNDV'.N If ril v., ? w.11 (T7*0n and after the 10th iutt, freight Will Dot berceivec anil forwarded liter half-put 4 P M m9fiia*m ?m!25SI KP.K.,^ Wr"?T AND PKO \*a-rDj*yiUKN?,r.?AltHIVl.NG IN TIMK KOI 3BL?H"B-PAShhNUICKH TO TAKIC THE CAKi 'I O Ul>? 1 UN?Hare $1 SO?Deck Fare ti?The new, com modiouaand faat tailing ateatahoat CURTIS PKOK, Cat)tan Wm H. Peck, Wi'l leave the pier eMtiidt Calhenue Maikr Slip. Ita?t Ki?er, every Monday, Wedne?day and Kridty, a J o'clock, P. M, Kor puaage and freight inquire at I 5 South it. tip itain. j*7r i KAKK KKDUCKI) VOH BHlDuCPORI ^SmL?3?AND NOIIWAl,K?Landing at Beidtu^ 3K3HC3L>eck. Fare to Bridgeport. ?5 eente. Pare to Norwalk, l?H cu. Kare to New Haven. 74cent*. The (teamiioai MUTUAL SAFETY leave* Liberty etrrei Pl-reeer- mortiint, U*nd?y e?r#pted. at o'chik, lot Bridge, port and Norwalk, touclrng at Betdeii? Neck, rUiining in conuexion wiili the Honaaiouic Kailroad. Krturinng, lrav? Bridget ort at half-piat I P. M., or on the arrival of the ear*. New Have" Lino?Stage* I'?v - Bridgeport immediately on the arrival ol ihe heit The diiunce la iu niiira, with liur io?d< and a heautifnl coantiy. Kate le New Haven 75 cenia. ?URee foot at Liberty itreet. jyl?lm*tc URIAH OHtCJOHY. Agent W YO :w YORK, WEDNESDAY BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. IN Pnrauanc- of law, I, Johu Ttler Pr??iHent <f th? United * States of Amer ca, rto heitby d? clar* and rn ik* knowu, that P?b!ic will be held ?he uudertnru ioued Uud offices iu the IVrritory of Wisfcontnn, at the periods hertiuafic deaijcuaud, to w??:? Af. iha land office at Miner*! Point,cornmeuciBB on Monday the twenty-third lay f October neit, for the disposal of the public l>?uds wi'hin the undf rmcnti ?ued tcwnihipa and fractional t"WU#hipa, v x . North the base line, and Went nf the fourth principal meri~ _ . . tiian. 1 ()?vnihil*e ki'.it. uf MiiL'i' North of the hate line, unit Eatt of the fourth pr nripal meridian, and North of the IFufcoman river. Fraction tl townshiis eiuhi aul Bill)*, of m> ur our. Frac i ml lowuslnneuht, including pirn of la'andi in ?ecliont eleven, twelve, thirtesn.aud lourleru, and township uiue, ol rat'ue two fcrac i township right, including paitsof islands iu icction euhteeti. of > ugr three. Fractional totvml i(i eight.of range four. Fraction tl town hip eight, intludiug the island iu fcetion nine, ao<l township line, of range five. Fractional townships nine and ten, of rau?e ii* Fractional Mwuthips nins, ten, an eleren.ol range seven. Fractional towi.shipeleven, of lauge eight. At tl*e L?nd Office at Ureen Bay, commencing on Monday, ti e second nay of October itev. I ir the disposal of ihe public laiidi within the uuderineiitioued townrlups, lo wi North of the base line antl Eaet of the fourth principal meridian Fractional towusliip'lrveti,including the island, on the north sWeoi Wiskonsan river.ol raugs nine. Seitioui inur, five, sn, leven, eight, scvrnie'U, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, tw< ntveight,iweny-iine, liiirty,thiit*-?ue, thirl? two and inirty-thr'e. lying west ol the v? uinrbtgo lake and F a river, m township twenty, of range seventeen At ilir I and Office at Milw?nliie, comm< ncing on Monday, t!ie s iteentli d?v of 'ctober in at, f' r the ditpostl of the riV lie lat-ilt hereinafter dejiguat'd, viz ? North of the bane line, and rast of the fourth principa meridian. Township ten,of ?ange ten. Tne west half of the south-west quarter of section three, in township two, of rautfe uiueteeu. The east hall of icctiou tweaty-lil, in township ten, of range twebiy one. '1 lie lot uu-tber Ave of Ihe icuth-west fractional quarter of suction nine, in township three, of range twenty three 1 The south-ear.1 fractional quarter of sec'ion nineteen, and the lots one and two, or nortn-eatt fractional quarter of section thir y, in township two, tf range twetiry-ihiee. L oids appropiiited bylaw, f> the use of ichools, military, 1 Ar ii hi>r nurn/iicn will K# vi'imUil frnm nU , The in as will each be kept oi>ru Tor two weeks (unless the i lands nre sooner disposed of), ? no longer: and no |>'irate enIr e? of land, in I hotowuships ?? offered, will be admitted, un>11 l after'hr expiration of the two werks. I (jiven nuuer my hand, at ih?City of Washington, this 8th day of June, Anno Domini 1843. , _ . JOHN TYLER. By the President. THUS. H. BLAKE, Commissioner of the General Land Office. ' , NOTICE TO PRE EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the runt ol pre-emption t? any lands within the limits of th: townships iDove enumerated. is re quired to establish the same to the sa'isfacion <>' the Kegist>r and Receiver of the proper L ind Office, and m ike payment tl.eiefo , as soon .is practicable after sent K this notice at d before the day appointed for ih? commencement of the public sale tf th- tow. shin^ the tnct claimed, above denunat?d; otherwise such claim will he forteit-d. TUPS. H. Bl.AKE, CommiiiKuer of the General Laud Office. jS5 It aw # >? r MA ^ ' ALBANY, TROV and in'ei mediate ?~<^FvPl|Cn' The ?te?mbo t SWALLIIW, Capt A McLean, will leave tlje fool of Courtland street c .s ( Wednesdiy) aftemooon, 26th inst, at 5 o'clock jv"6 Itr M PEOPLE'* LI.NIL OH STKAMflUAiS a ,1 * i {Jr -'Mi ALBAN Y?Daily at 7 o'clock, P. M 3CajH^K?Throub:n Direct (;<UHilays exrepted) from ti s Steamboat Pier .>et ren ConrtianA mil Liberty streets Steamboat ROCHIf'.S i'KR, Capt A HoughtoD, will leave Tuesday, Thars<l?"? <nd ?i>?:urdnvevenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMEBIC\, Cantaiu L W Brainard, will leave Monday, Wednesday ind Friday evenings, at 7 ' o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain M H Tmeidell, landice at intermediate landings, will Icare Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, ut 5 o'clock. J For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnltx at the office on the wharf. jy 17 <t .M?n Jgm aKVK.N O'CLOCK MORNING LINK fiLZjgSyS* Foil ALB* NY TROY, and Intermediate SCi3K^LL<'UilinK> ? Fioin tho Hteamboat pier, at the foot ol Barclay street. Breakfast and Diuuer on board L'aves New York?The Kmpire on Monday Wednesday and Kndav. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 A. M. L ndiug at?Oldwells, Westpoiit. Newburgh, Hasnpton, Pouihkeewi.r, Hyde Park, Rhiueheck, tf. lted Hook, Bristol, Catskill, H?d??u. Coxsackie and K <Urhook The new low prer ute steambou TltoY, Capt A.Oorham, this Tuesday. July 2i, ?t7 o'clock iu the inornii g. The st amboai EMPIRE. Wefne<day rooming at sevon o'clock. C i pissige, tr ply at the nfi:t, foot of Barclay street, ?r ?n [ bosrd if Notice.?All Goods, Freight, Baggage. Bank Bills, Specie. , or any otner kind of Property, taken, ininped, or put on board th- Boats ol this Line must be at the risk nt the owners of , such goods >c. j i as it r -1 ISO MONOPOLY?FARK HKDUCED' fl. New fndepeudent Opposition Lioe lor Alba S(iial(MUalE.ny directi he new r.nd cominodiom iteambuat NKW JK"SEY, Cajt. R.H Kur?y, will leave the loo'of Barclay meet, New (York, e?ery Monday, Wednesday and Friday even'lg, at 7 o'clock. For freight or passage apply on borrd. Freight taken lest than tow boat prices. The New Jersey is famished with elegant it te rooms, and forsptcdand accommodation is Dot surpassed by *tiy steam boat on the Hndson river 117 ? 'ftpmry sec* 8TATEN ISLAND IfERRY, FOOT l^ *rS^rr'"' WHITEHALL dT.-The it?*mbonts 3C-JBC3E.STATE.N ISLA ^ DKR and SAMSON will run as luliowi until further notict*? Leave New Yoik (, 9, 10, II, 1. 2, 3%,5. 6 7. Lea?e Staten Island 8, 9, 10. 11,1, 2, 4,5, 6 7. Leave New York and Stateu Island every hour on SunJar. F. 8.?Eicnmun to Fort Hamilton, Suhdnyi eseepled Leave Fort Hamilton7K A. M., returning frum New Y'ork JK I' M ill r MSWAHK ANI) MlW YORK? l"aie .[Li,-. only 12H Cents '.?The si lendid ste.imer tBL wr ?f PASSAIC, after June 1th, will ru? as follow! :? Leave the foot ol Barclay street. New York, at 10 A M , and i P.M. Lenvei the foot of Centre street, Newark, at 7X A. M . and P. M. The accommodations both for passengers and ireiRht have i- beeu :reatly I proved. , fr'reitrhi nurrieil nt very low rates alfi <5m r U.MM Kit AltHANUJtMKNT KO~R ^- ^*wgj,8HHKW8BlJRY?Long Branch, Ocean 3CaJKjE.IIuutc. Black Point, Kumton, mil fcarontown Landing, through the inner passage The new Steamboat , SHHKWllfilJKY, (Jai't in Jonn P Corlies, willleave Katontowu L&ndi g on Sunday, llie 4th of Jiibe in L, iud rim a> fol low?, to wtt: leafing New York, from the foot of Kobinsoa ' stTeet, every Mouday, Tue?d<y, Wednesday, Thnrtday and I. Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Returning, will leave Katontowu Lauding on each of the above dava. at I o'clock, P. M. On 8a" turday will leaTe New Yurk at 2% o'clock, P. M., and baton town Landing on Snndavtai 1 o'clock, P. M.. and Ocean Home an o'clock. The SHREWSBURY will slopatFort Haroil ' ton each way. Fare 37)6 cents, and stoppin: at Sandy Hook, going and coming? N. H ?Stages will be in attendauee to convey passengers from the aforesaid landing placet to any part country required ] iell HAMILTON HOIJHE KO KT HA VI LJ7Jr 1' The steamboats 9TATKN t- X^JCCLhLAND'H nnil SA V180N wl" rail erery day (Suudays eiccptnd) d"rin< the 'niiowti? || Leave Fort Hamilton at 7>4 A M ???! 4 + P. M. d Ne York. Whitehall Dock, at 3S< P M. i Thi? arraugemeut may b? relied on at permanent, aa its continuance will not depend on in? contingency j 16 Imr \ } "HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS 1" I DR.COOKB o H KTUHMCD FHOW BNtiLAND n RESPECTFULLY Iiifo-mi h a Iriendt and patriot ih'onghr out the United Slates, Canada, North -nd South America, the British Colonial, fcc , that having all the latest important 0 i?fnrm*tit>n from Europe, hr is universally perform g cure* of the worst dais of Yensre?l Di-ease iu it* most aggravated form*, with unprecedented t*|ieditioii Mid disjuteh. and may aeain bt consulted ?? muil. personally and coubdt ntiiily, mhn office No 3 Vorton stre-t, Altany, N Y. Dr. COOKE vtcn<*i r-er*onailv to hi* nation. COLORED K.NOH\Vr>OS, desciintiveof Uii'uf in both sexrs illustrating all it* most malignnnt forms with .1 con pine I mctinl Treatise on Venereal C< mplan t* and their imm< di-te M I 'einote cnuonu'neea. m clndm observations on certain aff??!tioin of the Uterus?may br CI-I,lined at anytime if de?ired by the unfortunate at the Hotpital, where patient* will find it both rouveii'eiit and advantageous to ;>oard and lodge with Ur Cooke, who will comfortably accommodate them while under medic il irr*tment,until recovered j Wh iteyer celebrity Dr Cook may hare attained in the treatmeat of Di*? ne, lie b? lieves K/^el.itm to no ether by that nnine 1 in this con try; ihn well known Physician and Hnigeon, * hi hi* no Agents, and i? not connec'ed with ?ny similar estab i>h ment 111 tne United Statea, can he fom.d *t ?h? Albany Lock Hospital, No. 3 Morton street, Albany, N. Y., and no where elae. The unfortunate will please " attend to this part of their dn ty, take due and timely notice and govern themielve. accordingly." If r RSMEMBER NO. J NORTON STREET, ALBA 1 NY- N Y M3 Imr r rt*o MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IV 1 WOllLLEiiM ? Heu'V Migeon, Finisher of Cloths, Casr aimrrei, H*tinetts, fcc corner of Laivht and Waahii gton it,, 1 N. Y , rerpectfolly informs the manufacturer* and deile-a in woollens, thai his establishment is now in successful opera > tion, and that he is prepared to eircute with promptness all * orders in his Mne Int may be cotifl led to him. Hpecimem of I h'S wo'kmanship may be *een on application to th? gemlmm I* whet- names are annei d and ta whom he ha* liberty to refer. * He also relets to the following rem.vks upon his workinau1 shin at the Kairatthe America I i?titnte. ' THfc OOLD MEDAL ? has been awarded to H. Migeon, for the most beautifully finished Cloths. C 'SSimert* and Hitiuelts disp'aved at the late etbibilion, the Institnte have tbns borne their testimony to ^ the pet faction of the art, by which Mr Migeon has , icinented one of the most important source* of the nniiul%ctatiug wealih of the Um'ed flutes, by addiug, at a very (lifting coat, from ( ten lo tilteen per cent-o ihe value ol the c'orh* submitted to ? his piocess of finishing and preparatiM The brilliant finish and 1 ilky *mo tlniess of the cloths thus prepared, mu it satiny 1 every one who will enmiuc them, o( the great saperio ity of t the process purse-d by M * Migeon Manufacturers anil un t porters will do well to arijuaiut themselves by personal examination v ith the merit of l? s invention. Order* may be lefJ *1 N'>* *1 and 64 "west. ? K.KK KKNUKH ? Halsted, Ha'ne* St Co , 31 Nass iu st. , Lambert tk Wmcott, #3 Pine at. W 1, Laotley It Co., M Finest. Wilson, Butler fit jo.,27 William St. D. Diet him, 60 Pine st. 1m*r ! siihit manufactory, AN'l) (IKivTLKMKVrt FURMHHIMI "TORE, I 1,(1 MAIUKN LANK?Jmt rffi'nl the latest end nmc *-??/ approved French pattern l?iirt*. A general aiiortmei.t of hirlt, un<l?r garment , hosiery, cravnta, San HererurU, ?. i Mhirta ana under garnir nta made up to i rder end repaired at hortno.ic* Knmala IM.000 akaina blv.k aud uhtiliri iew ni^ilk. WM. OO1XIVH I i j 30 ?dyi i RK H MORNING, JULY 26, It STATE OF NEW YORK?IN CHANCERY BEFORE THE ASSISTANT VICE CHANCELLOR OF THE KiRST CIRCUIT. A.N1N lAIKS, AR' HiBALD WATT, igd olhrn. I\ i'uisnai ce of ?u nrder nf thin' oar', made in the above caus-, wilt oe I 1.1 *t punl c Miction, tinder the direct i ou of the Mibicntwr at lh" Rotund i in the Merchants fctchin{e.?" th- cry of Nrw > oik, no ^atu diy, the twelfth da* of Auuuit natt, v. half-'?st tw I e '>'cl"ck. at noon ail that cer'A'u Piece or |iaccl of land siuii'ed, lying and heintr Pt Ha lem, in the tw.lft'i waul of th. cite of New Y?rk. bound'd e storl* bv |l e Km,"all d.? rn?', w .cily b land bel< living to Peter Myeis hi: it ir of J n-,ih Mvrs. v.d J IJ '..iwiiur-e, aud norlheily ry land nl 1 Mod, r?n'?|i.iuB twelve ac e? and au half act', he i i>e > atne ni"re or I si Also all that oilier iveci as p* eel or land, situated, lying and b*i''n at H ir'etn, pi the ward <nd city,hound" on ihe wen bv K" tolir mill, on the north outei laud i<f the aid Archim'd W itt ou ill-ram l>y tile Kmh h Avenue, and on the south by the tlirr 'and of the said I'etr-r Myers,cniaiuiug tit aero mid seveuty four hnudied hi of au the same morn or let*. Also, a|! th't other piece or'psrcelof land, sitasfed, lying and he i.g at Holem, in the wnid nd city af nesnid, bounded on the weil by the i1 ight A vent", on the north by other land ol th- taid Aichilnld ' va't, on the east by land ol ihe s id I'e Hr Myers, aid < hirles II Hall aud on the s^uth by laud of John Myen, contaii g twenty-m;,? acres aud muety-sit hnu dred hs of an ecre h? the same more or lest. Also, all that cettaio mher tract, piece or parcel of menlow aai miUud. s'tu te i iu the ward an ct'y aforesaid, 'enig the nor hero part of the island in Harlem river, hinudt d ou the no-th anil east hv said river und on the south and west hy lauds of Peter Myers. Charh-a H. Ha I, and Peter M) ers Jtid, contsiouu ti feres aud thirteenhunere.lths, be the same tno e or less Also, all that certain o her tsct, piece or parcel of meadow aud upland, <itu trd in ' e w t I and city aforesaid, fa* s g the ouiheru rud of the island aloes ud. h-'imd-d on the a<l and s-ut ' hy sax! river, ?nd en the west and 11 >r'h by land of the sai't P i?r Alyert and John Myers, containing two acres and Iweuiy two huud'ed'.ha i>f in .icie, be the sarrn; mora or less. Da ? J aOih ol July, 843 8TKPHKN A DAUOKTT, M 11 > r iu Chaucery. HKNKV KULLKR. Solicitor j>a. 2law >w*r A RAKE CHANCE. FOR H* l.\ Porter House, in on" ol the best situations in ihe city, liuowti as the Kast Kivcr Coffee Home, 111 Month street, with all the I'mtures attached thereto, vix. >ar and ornaments shuffle-board (undercover) stgus, t.nuspu: .'nctes, be There is alsn attached to the house eiglveen hawlsoir ,>ly furnished lodging rooms . the whole will be disposed of .taiea so"able valuition. The house is at present doing au eteellent business, but the Lu; 'Ith of its present p oprietoi and urgent husiuets at the miuth, s the re nou for his wauling a customer. The kjastein B.iats ariive opposite the door ; the various lines of London, Liverpool, New Orleans a id other p?ckets are iu its immediate vicinity, and the Fulton Market, one bloc* below. To any one wishing to engage iathe busin?ss an opportunity is offered worth look inn aft-r. For further pirticulars, i nquire of A H BURNS I'I South street jvlt Im't CON SECTIO N ERY. flUFAMS IP,K-? IK MRS V.n V.rv ,Vi WHW.ICHALK AM) MKT AIL. at Kcdueed Piices lit 73 Canal street?JOHN BKAOrtN, the well known proprietor or the ab'ive old c?nbli.hineiit for the lai tell yen*. KMtefol for the pafonnRi* h'lherto r-c?iv?-J I otnhis mends, stii desirous to merit a cominu nice of it, resiwctfally informs ihnn mill the public generally that lie is unw reedy to supply families rud dialers iu th? city- and country, wi h Confectiouery, in all its branches, .n such quantities as they b? pleased to o'drr, always pmvded they *e?p within the bound* vl posnbility. '! lie client md elegance ?f ni Saloons for the reception of company, to wtiich's ttacheda private ?alooa (up at?ir?l rxpiessl i foi the use of famili- s. 'oi'etliefitti the acknowledged superiority of his Cienins, Jellies, ices Confettitneiy, and refreshments generally, are loo well kuowti and t o generally appreciated to require commendation by advertisement. Hy intmiaiuiLiK lor his establish ent the sup- lor rcnufitioii which he his at great pains ?nd espense built un f' r it, he l-opes to secure a cou inuauc nl the extensite patron'iie l>e ha- hereto ore been favoured with, aud give the saine untvcrial sa'nf ction to all who f vor mm with their custom. Creams Jellies, and Iccs ia forms, at 6s per quart. Orders sent ;o any part of the city free of expense. jy i9 lm'ec D. M. PEYSER <te CO.. Nfc). lit William stree', corner ot Jo nil street, and 43/ llroarf way, hate received, by rec ut nrr vals, a.i csteiisire upply of the following KANCY OOODrt, which wen> carefully selected by a competent person at Pans, Bernu, 4cc , aid which they offer lor sale, iu wholesale and retail, t u liberal terms, vix Berlin Zepltyr and (ierman Worsted? the most complete assortment Berlin Kmbroidery Patterns?a choice sel'ctiou. Canvas* for fcinboiderv, of cotton, worst'd, linen, gold and silver, of all widtns and qualities. Bilk Chenille, for embroidery, liiiiuniuK and flower makm^. run* I wist, ucman, p reucn anu JMigimn, pitiin ami slmd d, in skeins stick*, ?ud on spoo's. Klom Silk lor bmbroidtry and Fringe mikers, iu skeins mid on spools Sospe-iders, superbly embroidered, and Huspeuder Trimmr gs. (l.ild. Silver an! Steel Beads, in a'l No?. Mother nl Pearl, tlold, Silver aud Steel Pnr?e Ornaments. 0->ld and Stiver fringe, Braid, Curd, Twist, Thread and T K.i" el>. Kmoroidery fr\-'raes, and a variety of different Fancy Articles Artificial Flowers?a choice selec'ioo Kriugis, 01 cotton. wonted aud silk, imported and domeitic. (litnpj, 'IVsse's, Button* and all othei kind of trimming. jv 17 3rn en WM. T. JENNINGS Jc CO., DRAFKHS AND TAIL*>K8, 231 Bnaitwy, Ameiean Ho/el, opposite the Foun aio, solicit att nion toau ??sor'ment of a-afouil'le goods, iu lnding |oth?, Ossiineres, Vrif ni.n.SiC., in all toe new nnd r?iioti? styles. amler the a? uraoet that the system ot "em <11 rr '.fi a aud .ju'ck retuns," which h ss elicited so a pat'onage, w:li b' wmnnrd, while oar >r auifemeuts are mch a> wiil enable ui to fill all order? iu ("ture with promptness A feature in the rsUiblishm-nt, whith must commend it to those requiring articles for immediate ti? , if the ad litioo to our stock <1 Mi assortment of first quality ready made Uirments, couiistiDC of f"urti U's. Froeki, Dress Coa'.i, Pantaloons, Ve?'?, Office Coats, Travelling FrocVs, Dressing ii >wus, Ike A choice sel> ction of Bilk ind "sliu Scitfi, Cravats, 11 n>Ik' icl.iefs, (iloves. Suspenders, Hosiery, Und'r )"h rt?, Diawers. Mus'in 8 iirt?, < ullais Stc At prices whith mast offer indnccmen s to pu rimers. jv3? 3m*ec TO TAILOHS. WH STINEMKTS tas's t.i announce to the Traile that I i? new and c imph- e stslem f>>'< ut'inu Osrmrn's ol eve y de?c ipti it, is now published aid ready for d< liver# It would he imposiihle. iu the fo m of an sdvertneineot. to con w?r an dmsiu idea I tne eiten' , nil merits of the work: 'mr for Hie itiformalioii ' f thi?ae who ha?e i.ot hern spprned <> lis piblieation, it nny hi* prnper in ate, that n u the risult of tnauy years,-idcd hy an ettensire and faj"ioiial>le practice Tie fav rablp otiiuion to'rr aiucil hy thr Tiail- iu geurral of the anthoi'i'i ies nrrc'u'es the Dicciity or saying mire than tliM it h it aire'd/ ecc'Ttd thr ai ino itinn ?>r the in"it'in netit id t"? pro estiot'. ft is entirely Itee frr.m <11 iotriccies, eiihi r in the admeasurement* or in thed afring. The bo"k ro tmna Seventeen elernut P ate*. embracing >i? many d ffireut km^i of 0.tim?n'?, ani"ng win. h are Frock and Dress Coat* o' varum* sty'e* aLd (ilea; ?lso, thr B rton',"* ck l ost, rerch Pa'itor, Oriental Iou, Uuifnriin} all the vaii ma style* of Waistcoat*. Ladie?' Killing H>hm; Breerhes ?nd ratitaloom i?f rv-rv lescrii'tion; tugeiher with Uencral Krma'ln an1' Ina'ruct'on' ie'ali?e f> th? various form* or ilitpri p mioua, bv which lhn*r of r?en moderate capacity will be ei >bled to apply the *>*'ein *iicr.ess, vinl a' the tame tmie a?, iJ tho?e ilifiicyliiet which i.ecrssanli accompany *il mystification ! ? an A't. The whole formiug a neat li uud v< Inmr i f boat llfteen in, he* square; *nd the style in rthi h it is gut ap. Ha a ? -cnnrn of Ar , if peihapa U'equalled. The worn can he ohmintdon apt lie ton at SI fed r sireei; md to those living it a ilislaice the -Ktne on be forwarueil to any part o the United States jySS Jt*r CKOTON WATK.K?DAY'S ~l"UH I I'lt^T ilt .VI IN DIA RUBBKIl MOv,C i? eiinfulently recommended for any purposes for which leather is used, and 11 warranted to poisess the foll'-'wiug properties 1st. It i> perfectly tight under pressure of the Crotou. 2d It is made of the strongest fabrics, and will not mildew to iiljnre in the lenat. and requires no attention. Jrd It is not destroyed by coming in contact with oil or grease, nor stiffened by cold weather, uor can the rubber decompose, a* inferior articles are ia no case used. Should the least complaint bo made of the Hose, not possessing the above properties, it will he takeu back, at any time in side of s i months from it*, ,i'id otner given in ei change without charge 4ih. Coupling? and jet pipes will be attached witnout charge. Buyet wift note that we are clearly satisfied that this hose (the process of making which is unknown to any other in the trade) njast the article long wanted for leadiQg water and many other liquid*. HORACE H. DAY, ilTli.ier ^'icriiitiT in ITiivHory I II C H Ma'npnf.sne. GtiEAT I MP K () V KM KNTTjT FRlC ri UN MATCHES. ANKW ARTICLE OK MA FCHK3, without brimstone or any other offrusive q lality, ami actually waterproof, lias lately been patented Wv l"'ters pi entol the United rttatcs in f.i?or >>f the inventor W K a shard,and are 11 iw manufactured and offered to ihr publ ic by he prorrie'ort said patent a'. No. 161 Bleecker street, Ne>? York, where all who wuh to purchase good matches a>e io?ied to call au I prove them And a'l pern us whateae' ere kierr',\ notified of the said patent and warned not to violat or iufrmge upon the same in an manner, lest ihey in?-ur the penalties o' th? law in such cases '1 he.e matches u.ite with e-\se and ce' aintv in all wnthers and climates, and burn with i brilliant flaine; au>l if placed in a veitict'posittnu, will coutuine to turn niig eni ugh l<i seal ter* i tl letters with was The* inty lay immersed in water lor h >urs and itavs, and it is believed e?*n for weeks ami when tanen out and diied, will ignite and nuru as before. Three qu ilitirs of t'ies? mitch?s are untie atrl fold ?? abore, minely?No, I, fcs-ra iind IVifumed. The latter are agreeah'y icei ted aud St or ladies' toilets Kiportera se<ar tmnkers, honsckeener*, and all who us- tnitches, will readi>y perceive h w oecided tile adv ntage p ssessed by lhes? orer all o,hers. Order* aud o. mnauications t > be mldress-d t > G BOWK,N, No >61 Uleeckerst, miH \t .mil.rillver. UA?H TAILORING KSTAKL1SHMENT. >3 PH'LLIPfl, Merchant Tailor, (lute of 7 Aitor Hons*. W? Broadway,! impreaard with tb? neceaaify ol meeting the eii^enry ol the timet by i h* ol hi* piice*, hd<I tiudmu u irapouihle todo ao while auhjeet to the enormona otitlari lironlway loc fti'it: nereaaarily mean, hut determined on the onlvwv to effect tllia?without iliaparage mem t? the lualitT or mi garment* 1 he hiu, therefor*, removed hi* citablisnment to; t M> xAHSAU stkr KT, corner of Beekmau, where I *e iiieinrn can now he ttipphed M a deduction of ten per cctn from hit former low pricea. The following i* aubrailted in-rely 11 a ipecinieti of tbe CnreitoiaB Mtertion Snperfiue Coata, mil'le 10 the beit atyle, from f IB to $11 ii.urn Ho, of the fiU"*t quality, 18 to 22 Challie Vei.t, 2 75 S. P. begi lea?e,in concluaiou, to obaerre, the above artic'ea may be relinl on, in *11 rrapecta, to be of the moat geunme leacripti n,-ud lower than hpt oilier hoaae formatting the aarnr ml iy of nmclo*. 'I ! OKKICK Or JKKKKKHON IN8UUANMC COAllA NV?Office H Wall atrect Thia Company cotuiuae :heir bnameaa of inaurance againat lo?i or damage h? tire, -<ii aooda, warea itvl merchandize and alio, ou Teaaela and theii t.'roea iaamrt loaa bT ;ttl*nd navin?tior dihictobs. Thome* W Thorne Kli.haHimrt I immaaT Woodrxi* Btnjatnu R l!nha?? Join K Daeifo franeta P Sag* Xhomaon I'rieo. Jnaeph Allen ,<nkn H l/?e >hn P Moore 1?er? TtiC ?r . uv.ea K Holme*' '.??lek (* Tt ' ii Jamca H VVhijmg Antmi Bate V'm X Tli?n> ' Urnie | ? i Huwlry M?rj li.omiu Moni" YtUMA* f, TllOHNtt, I UWU. A. ttOfM. MtMVWy- mllYufc I I E R A S43. (. hmrlriton. [CorrMpondunce ol th? H?ral<l.j Charleston, July 20th, 1843 Election of Sheriff ? Various Candul*tc? ? Thi HeiuU, <J"'' James Gordon Bknnktt, Esq.,? L'kak 8ir? As if the heat of a v< riical cun. with the thermometer considerably above ninety, was not enouuh to cause the blood to course swiltly through the veins, we have just ?of through a hot and animated contest (or the Sheriffalty of Charleston District, with some of the particulars,and the result ot which I have taken u|> my pen to inform you There were no fewer than five Richmond* in the field, ail ol whom, in the opinions of their respective friends, " were good men and true," all well armed and accoutred for the conflict, with the most indisputa ble claims upon the suffrages ol the people, and the best possible qualifications for the office. r'irst upon the list, as being the successful candidate, and therefore entitled to precedence, was Dr John B Irving, ,i gentleman of considerable literary attainments, which he has displayed in a variety ot forms, such as essiying, lecturing, and iiirnisliing f?r certain periodicals interesting and graphic descriptions of horse laces, deer hunts, snd gentlemen's country seats Brsid's the Doctor, Col Shingler, Thomas J Gantt, E>q , K. H. Sevmour, F;-q., and Major Kan napaux, were aspirants for the high distinction Col. *-hingler being the only candidate Irom the country, (the others all residing in the ciiy) had the advantage ul an a I most undivided country support, and would no doubt have succeeded but lor the skilful maucBuveriiig of the diplomatic doctor, who, discovering on the morning ot the election that the result would likely go against him, found means lo gain over to his interest the present sheriff and the influence remaining to him, ffcgeiher with the candidate for whom his, the sheriff s sup port had forsotne time previously been pledged It is said that some ol Col S's confidential and intimate friend* were unable to resist the soil and bewitching blandishments of the capiiva'ing Doctor, and fell almost unresistingly into his longing and outsireiched arms. It is to be hoped that the terms ol the compact are well understood by the parties, and that there will he no squabbling nerealter about the various stipulations which make part and parcel ol the agreement. The Sheriff of Charleston District has, fortunately for .-ome ol histriends, a little patronage and a lew offices such as clerkships, deputy, jailor, ice Jce. in his bestowal, and there are many eager expectants watching wiih anxious eyes every movement of ihe fortunate Doctor. It is supposed, however, that a certain Haron T., a broken wine merchant, and a Mr C-, a superannuated exquisite, who for many years has held an office in the State Bank, and is remarkable for an external politeness and amiability to be exceeded by no beau alive, will come in for the largest share of official lavors Want ol room compel* me lo stop. The Doctor'ij majority wan aooui iuo. inure, iruiy, a. l>. Haratoga Springs, (Cormpouitmceol the Herald.] Saratoga Springs, July 25, 1W3 Crowded Hot tit?Love, Politic?, and Religion?The Herald, fr. James Gordon Bennett, Esq :? My Dear Sir? We are full, crowded to overflowing, jammed. There are more human souls, more fallible mortals here now, than were ever congregated in the same space before. The " United States" tends folks into the Inurih story, and if the house hud a filth, or even sixth, I believe people would go us high up without grumbling. Martin has now lour hundred boarders in the hotel, and seventy five lodging out; and his dozen cottages are also filled. The Union is not far in the rear. Putnam told ine yesterday that every room was lull, and he had putin requisition all the spare rooms of his neighbors. The Pavilion, under Barnum's management, is on the | high road to prosi>erity Imu* Deo. Your able representative mist take a trip up here, and take notes. There are * thousand things transpiring every day, that ought to be duly chroniulrd in the Herald We are full of love and matrimony, polnics and finance, singing and dancing Yankee Hill has had the whole town in an uproar with his comicalities, and filled his |>ockets by ihe operation Russell has given two concerts, and completely enchanted our resident and transient population John Hawkins, the reformed drunkard, held torth the other night. Dr. Macauley, a distinguished and I learned divine, preached in ?.he PresbyteriHn church yesterday to an attentive and crowded auditory Again, 1 say, com- up here. Ihe Herald continues, of course, let be the paper sought alter, and its agent Lewis, and his boys. have Become n?nsoi me luwu. it in no uncommon I 1 thing for one number of the Herald to serve a dozen persons I advice everyone who comes here to visit that charminir retreat, the Lake House, four miles east of us. The fishing, and gam-- and rich dinners, ure peculiarly fine, and liquors fit lor a king. Cole's Grove, in the south part of the village, s also a delightful resort, where all can go and find a quiet, orderly, genteel place, and a very prince tor a keeper. hvery body takes an interest in the Puseyite controversy. Your articles on the subjec' ure read eagerly, and much admired for their correct tone and boldness, as are also your articles on Irish affairs and political matteis in general. Go head! The coming inouth will be a glorious one, and th^ man who fails to visit rtara'o?a during the August, loses ten years ot his life 1 hear Irom all quarters that the town will be invsded. Adieu, Rover. New modk op Navigation bitwkf.n Canada and the United Staiks?Most st our renders will recollect ihat the British steam packet Adventure, ('apt. W Taylor, ot St. Catharines, was noticed in the Journal pome week* since, as havm passed this place, ?n her way to Chicago, on an experimental trip?heme destined, it the ?nU rprize should meet with sufficient enco iragement, to become one in n new line of steam tchooners, with Ericsson propellors, between that porl and iMontre| al. We have now the gritification ot stating, that the Adventure lias returned, with a f ull cargo ?having had a good run, and very fluttering en couragement in the way of business On her atrivsl at Chicago, she was hailed by the citizens, with much joy, as forniii g a new era in the com merce of the lakes?being the first vessel that ever hoisted ihe British flag in ihat port?and the recej>tion Capt Taylor met with was very cordial and satisfactory. Her catgn consisted of 3 5<)0 bushels of wheat, 128 huriels ot pork and lard, consigned to George Burnett, lvq., ot >t Chatarines j She was only about nine days coming down, al- j though head winds prevailed most ot the time, and | consequently had to steam nearly the whole distance?thereby demonstrating most clearly the importance and utility of the Kricmoo propellers.? Another fact, greatly in their lavor, which ought not be omitted, a, that no extra expense for towing through the canal, is required : 90 we are informed by Capt. Taylor; that be steamed the whole length of the canal both ways, with much ttreafer safety and facility than to be towed by horse power. The Adventure next proceeds to Toronoto, as soon as the lock gates are repaired, be .low this, and thence to Montreal ? St. Chalhar*nt'i Journal. Lard On. Manufacture ?The Pittsburgh Gazette ot a late day says ?? This new branch ot business bids fair to become one ol vast importance to the west, and it is thought by some, will soon be second only to the manufacture of flour. Lard Oil factories are springing up in most western towns, and the oil of " prairie whales, rapidly superseding the production* ot the t itty monsters ot the deep. Mr. M. C. Eddy, on 31 street, who first commenced the business in this city, now produces a beautiful oil, almost as ;iriii n.-i nniri, which uurns wmi urrHi urimnrry, and in drvnirt of noxious smell and smoke. InHirad of manufacturing uterine for candles, Mr Eddy only extracts a portion of oil from ilie lard and converts the remainder into Refined L^rd for family use. This article is of the consistency of well ' ( made bulter, beautifully white ; and tree from all , impurities. It must he a tin" article tor pasiry in < 'he summer season, fl 1a sold at the price of common ?lard. We see it predicted in some of the papers that our annual crop of nearly five hiiudreri million Mishels of corn, which can easily be increased to ( one thousand millions, will soon, in the shap* o? oil < refined lard, lard butter and stenne, be sicoi d ouly ' to cotton in value, on the list of American exports , i L B ^ri?* Vwxj ?j?nu, Minbral of Maiaqa.?The following ii an extract of a letter Irom 1 f-*org>' Head. ? q , U. $. Consul at Malaga, to * gentiemau in W^aIv ington:? Cowsn.ATK USA.) Malaga, May 5 1KJ3 J This kingdom wf Andaliina is divider! into the province* of'rranada, S?ville, Corrtov? m'I J en. On the Mediterranean? that is, Irom Cape P? s io the Straits of r>ihralt ar and oui lo Cape I r<> I<j 'par? there is a chain ol mouu'ai ns patting by u. > i. woi ol llae-jn, Granada, Ant?quira, and Rondo lo Medina Sidonia, Irom which spurs or rir'ges civerge towards iht* ooaat Tnese mountains are loaded with every mineral, ami known to have been produelivr, from the earliest history w e have of th? country Mining, like evrry thing else, basils epoeha, and the public mind ia occupied t?y it, in turn, with every other subject which forma its fond and entertainment Vvithinthe last tew y arn a ruge and tury has-pread abroad over 'he land, and every one is xcite.l with the thirst ol mineral w#alth Foundries have been established, turn act* erected, and smell ing works built in all direction s ; and Irom the highest to the lowest, the wealthy and the poor, man and woman, h<ve invested their much or thejr little in some establishment or company connected with mining works The mines longest worked in this direction have been ol lead, in which the Granada range ol the Alpuxarras down towards the coast, from Adra to Almeria, are extremely rich. Some lew yearn since some old Roman excavations were discover ed at the eastern end ol this rang*-, close to the seaboard. near the town of Vera, about half way be tweeu Almeria and Carthagena A very rich vein cf silver and lead was met witli in that neighbor hood, which excited ihe cii|>idi(y of every one, and now th< re in not n spot that is not bored and examined) and (he consequence has been, that the rich mineral character ot this province haa been once more brought to light. Almost the only metala not met with, or at leant, it met with, only tu the minutest quantities, is gold ; but it will be seen by Hie specimens sent of lead and silver, copper and iron, that these are tound throughout the range ? Antimony, and zinc, and plumbago, are ex remely abundant, and various marbles ot the Alpuxarras, not to mention those of the mountains Hear Malaga, ar? extremely ornamental. Other parts of the peninsula are also rich in minerals There is coal near Seville ot strong quality, but containing much sulphur; the quicksilver rumen of Almaden supply the world; and once the Biscay iron met alone tlie consumption ot Spanish America; there are excellent and productive tin mine* near to Poote Vedra in Uullicia, while ihere are mountain masses ot coal near Gijnn in Asturias Such is the general mineral teaiure ot this country. The rich ? - ... . I... ........ ,.| I,,!!- ..h..... milt's long, on the borders ot Andalusia and IMurcia, beyond Cape de Gatte, near the towns ot Vent and Aguilas, and tunning inwards from the seaHire are the richest ore# in silver yet discovered, the mineral sometime* yielding three to Jour hundred ouucea ol silver 10 the ton, wiih 60 per cent ot lead Such are ihe mines of the Uarmere EsperanZ'\ and Vereen Delmar. Some idea may be lormed of the rabid search after the precious metals, when 1 say that in this short range of lulls there are over two thousand pita or mines now open? d, all wnb more or less depth The silver is extracted alter smelting the lead, but no quicksilver is used for amalgamation, as in Mexico. The pure silver ia generally sent to Marseilles, the export of the argentiferous ore being prohibited. The government returns give the wliole amount ol silver extracted in the month ot March, at the different smelting works, (in which ib received a tax of 5 per cent ) 21 marks; but, aa these re turns are never to be relied upon, we may salely add twenty-five p?r cent, more ; so that, Ht eight ounces per murk, and one dollar per ounce, we may say the value in silver extruded in the month of March, was approximately two hundred thousand dollars. In smelting copper not much has yet been done, but attention will be turned to this metal also, us no doubt there are rich veins ot it, as you will see trom the specimens forwarded. The iron of Mdibella is very fine; it istakcn Irom the side ot a mountain There are iwn rolling mills in the suburbs ot this citv, < tie ol which is equal in extent to any works in England Nulls and horse shoes oaa be hammered ot this iron cold. Cape Palos is a massot iron; there are large remains ot Roman works, and as the sea washes the earth away, some ot these are discovered. Enclosed is a list of specimens, all marked with corresponding numbers, showing iheir origin In the hex WI I he lolinH a rumnhlel r i tmnr i-i ni? ihe mi. ning laws, instructions 10 inspectors, and royal decrees relating to mining; ?Im>, h plan oi part of the silver and lead district above alluded to, (that i>, whTf the argentiferous ores are found,) with the detnarkaiK'ti and specifications of various mine*, from which ii will be wen how the country is laid out and ocupied by mines I shall continue to collect other specimens, and will continue to send them forward from time to tune In about a week 1 shall receive another set trointhe Sierra de Almagrera. ,?rxi am to have otheis Irotr various d rectionH We are about putting up some works at this place for ^melting ores, and a> I ?m named on the direction, shall have a good opportunity of selecting specimens from the ore received lam, with regard, your friend and obd't serv't. Gf.orok Head Cinctptvati Observatory ? The people ofCincinnati are resolved on erecting an observatory. Tha Agronomical Society have lately held a meeting, at which Mr 0 M Mitchell read the title bond of Mr. Loncworth to the Society for four acres of ground on the hill east of the city, provided it shall, wiihtn two vears, erect thereupon a ru table abaervatorv The ri?ht of way to the grounds waa granted by Messrs. Clark Williama and A. H. Ewiig. Alter this, Mr. Mitchell reported detigna of tb? pinns tor mi onservntory, Muting tnat he had already obtained &2IXX) < ! ?rt?fi?iotihI subscription toward* erecting it Another $1(XX) he supposed would t>?enough. The society resolved that the building hIh uld be erected, and a liberal sub criplion was at once commenced, leaving uo doubt us to the praotiCttbiluy of securing the amount required Mr. Miichell whs authorised to visit Mr J Q. Adams, and invite him, in the name ot the Society, to deliver the address on the ceremony ol laying ih* corner stone of the Cincinnati Observatory. For China-?A beantifnl new brig, built at Boaton lor the China market, and armed and equipped in all respects as a man ot" war, with a battery of eight or ten guns, arrived here on Saturday morning, and billed sgain yesterday, on her return, via New York She is called the Antelope commanded by Capt. Forbes, and we learn that ine object of her p-e#*nt trip is to get her in trim ami try her powers of nailing Passengers, Col T H Peikms, J P Curbing, Esq , and J M. Forbes.?Aor/otk Htrald, 24M mil. Thursday arrkrnoom, July 20th?The steamship Unicorn, with 4ih July English mail, arrived here yesterday evening at half past eight o'clock, and atier Isnding the mail and passengers, proceeded down the river to tow up to |?rt H M. 8. Illustrious, having on board Vice Admiral SirChas. Adams and family, who are on a visit to His Excellency the Governor General. This morning, st nineo'clock, the telegraph on the citadel announced a line of battle ship, and about one hour and a hall after she was anchored abreast of the Queeu's wharf, and immediately fired a salute ot eleven guns, which was returned from the citadcl with fitteen gtins ?Qucbf Car fthmt Herald. IlflatisuAJtnyp) anwnv at. vktwttwo ESTABLISHMENT, N. W CORNKK OK RULTON AND NASSAU UTS. ! aupphed with twtry material oecraaarf for the pit>?pf, ami Mid ecouomtcal eiecafioD of every description of 333 ipawnffllta. Pohlir attention it requeued to thi? eetabliahwpt. ^ tha a? nrance that ample aauilacnon will begirro?? "<< ? typography, preta work, nod ohartee?to ihoae who rrqiMrqBancy Of common, large or amall work cheaply and eip^BnoaalT located. LABKLS. CHKl'KH ? W\VBI L1S, CIRCULA mV HH(l\V BILLS, BALI. TM K F.T9, ?T>.A.VI BOAT RILLS, IV'i* "? LADING. RAILROAD BILLS, BUSIN" S> r AHUh, STAUK BILLS, CAlAtOUUES, rAMrHLKTS, iILL rtRA0?. HANDBIL 8. NOT Its mm* m m mm mmr rot I-HKATRES, CIRCUSES. CONCERTS, MUSEUMS LK< TURKS, PUBLIC MEETINGS, ?r auy nthri plum where the laruaal doacriptiob of .rinnug M ejaired The facilmea for tint work are not equalled be an* tnce to thi* city. lor, bmidea (he lint taaortmootaf ALAM AMB ?l*?vJ-AXdilflV#\A WTA, Thia eetabluhmeut hu the !?Arormt PK^ MMKN IW THE ? ITT. lireat pama hare beeu taken to proeide eeeiy material thai :an po.eibly be ul eervice.?ud therefore penoca haeiu? ?* non fot Showbille will nn.l il eraatly to et'*dTa*ta?a to vitrnuiM thu eetabliehmeot. Anr aim or form of Bill cau oe formal". at eoty n ort iOUca K

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