Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 3, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 3, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. U,?*?, !4ll,_Wh?l* M43. To tn? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pubUihed every day of th? year except New Year's tlay anil Fourth ol July. Pnce 'i cents per copy??r $1 W p?r <">aum?poHtugi'" paid?cash in advance. THK WEfcKLY HERALD?published every Saturday nmrnin#?nrira Hi pantu nrir f*.or>V. OT S3 12 POf ftUDU#? poatage* paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS aro informed that the circulation ol thn Herald i? over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing Alt. It hai the largrit circulation of any paper in thit city, >r the. wrU, and it therefor?, the. beti channel for lurintu men tn the city or country Price* moderate?cash in ad vance. PRINTING of all kind*, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the niont elegant Htyln. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PsOPaiETO* ?r the Hkbald Eitabliihmkht, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau street*. AUKNTB, 1 n? following i? a list of agents for the Herald, where subscription* will be received, and single numbers are found for sale:? Boston, Mass Messrs. Redding k Co. Philadelphia, Pa Messrs. Zieber k Co. Baltimore, Md Wm. Taylor. Washington, D. C Do. Buffalo, N. T T. 8. Hawks. New Haven, Conn T. H. Pease. Hart lord, Cotm. J. W. Judd, Albany, N. Y Geo. Jones. Troy.N.Y Levi Willard. Lansingburgh, N. Y A.Lewis. Newark,N.J I) Smith. Cutskill. N. Y . .. . .H Howe. Prekskill, N Y ,T. Monk house. Sing Sing, N. Y S. Bard. New Orleans, La J. C. Morgan. Cincinnati, U Robert Carnaha i Paterson. N. J Matthew Dougheity. Rochester, N. Y .A- Jones. Klizabethtoiv n, N. J Samuel Crane. New Biun?wick, N. J William Solomoh, St LoolS, MO Woodward k Mathews. Chitrlestoii, S.C Amos Head. Hudson, N. Y George Clare. Augusta, Ga 8. A. Holmes. Mobile, Ala ........M Boullemet Poughkeepsie, N. Y Levi Smith. Trenton, N.J J. Raunsley. Louisville, Ky W. A. Haldeman. ?tt, 1: tT.. tf f P TV iicritiig, ? v w>v??.MUU. New London, Con 8. & O. Rogers. Utica, N Y J. B.Loat. Nashville, Term A. Billings. Syracuse, N. Y James Robertson. Bridgeport, Ct S. \V. Hatch. Jackson, Miss.. ............J. W. Clark. Vickshurg, Miss Mrs. E. A. Parker. New Bedlord. Mass A. Robinson. Providence,R. I.. . John Green. Worcester, Mass L. Thompson. Nantucket, Mas* J. P. Hnasey. (W- Yearly subscription to the Daily Herald, $7 16, nniTTor a shorter period at the same rate. The Weekly Herald, 26. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL 81 It AM JlHll'S, Of 1200 tons and 448 horse power each. Appointed by (lie Admiralty to sail between Liverpool and Boston calling at Halifax to land and receive Passen seugers and Her Majesty's Mails. HiBKRNIA. Cajtain Charles H. e. Judkins. CALEDONIA, ?tptttn Edward G. Lott. ACADIA. Captaiu Alexander Ryrie. BRITANNIA Captain John Hewitt. Will?ail for <oston, via Halifax. From Boston From Livcrfool. Acaifla, Hyne, 16 August i9.h July. Hibrrnia, Judkins, 1st Sept. 4ih August. Bnttania, Lott, 16tli do I9t)i do. These ships carry experienced surgeons, and are supplied with Frances' r?i*n< i(e Boars. I'.issage to Liverpool $128? To Halifax t20. No bertha secured until paii lo- For passage apply to 0. BRIOHAM. JR.. Agent, au>r V? 3 Wall ?treet. New Vork. REMITTANCES TO IKELANU, Stc.-The VCjfkV suhsrnbrr continues to trausmit money in sums large ?man, 10 persons resiuing id any pari 01 ireianu iu the tame manner n he, end his predecessor id business have done for the last thirty ye?rs aud morc; any part of England. or Scotland. Money remitted by letter (po?t paid) to the lubtcriber, or personally deposited with him with the name of the person or persons in lrel<ud, England or Scotland, to whom it n to be sent, and nearest po?t town, will be immediately transmitted aud (lid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or forwarded to the seu'ier. In like Diauner biodct, or claims on persons in any part of Ireland, Eur land or Scotland, can be collected hy the subscriber Tor peri?n* residing in any pait of the United State* or Canada, aud will be'pai d to the m accordingly. 117 lm*r UKOKliK McBKIOE, Jr . K Cedar it. Agg- LONDON LINK OF PACKETS?Packet l?th MroKrV August. The splendid, well knowu f\?t aailinc JAMlfa'Ocket >hip TORONTO. Captain O iswold. will s-il ponuvely a* above, her regular day.. Havirtg splendid accommodations for cabin, aecond cabin and average pasiengeri Those wishing to secure berths, or passage, si oti'd make early application ou board or to W. It J T. TAPSCoTT, 23 Peck Slip cor Sooth street. Persons wishing to send for friends can hare them brought ont in the above favorite ship or any of the tegular I ne, on reasonable t'rms, nnd those wishing t? remit money can have drslts for auy ainouut, payable on demand, in all the principal towns throughout England >2 r lAf- KOH LONDON?Kegnlar Packet ol the loth of kfjWWAugus' The splendid packet ship TOKON TO, JMBakfaCapt. Oriswold, will positively sail as above, her reguUr day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, 2nd cabin, and steerage passenger*, persons wishing to embark should nake early application on board or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South. Parsons wishing to send for their friends, can have th era bronghtout hy the above ship, or any of the regalar packets, by applying as above, (if by letter, post paid ) air FOR LIVEKPOOL?The New Line?Hetular JJJWP-'chet 16ih August?The new splendid New York SlMBbbuilt packet ship LIVEK'OOL, John Eldridge, waster. I ii0 tons, will sail on the 16th August, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having very elegant and roomy accommodations, apply to the captain on board, west sida Burling *lip, or to WOODHULL fc MlNTURNS. 87 South it. The new packet *hip Great Western, Philip Woodhou**, master, will succeed the Liverpool, and sail on het regular day, Kith September. iy? THE NEW LINE UVEHPOOL PACKETS Packet Ifith Angnst?The splendid we|l known fast JHmB?* ?ailing new packet *hip LIVERPOOL, Capt. John Kldridte, UiO ton* burthen, now on liersecotid voyage, aiiil will sail positively as above, her regular day. It i* well known and eou<llv admitted by all. that tne Liverpool i* the fastest packrt ?hip tha' oils ont of New York, having beaten the packet ships New York and Sheffield,on her last passage hence tfv#nl dsvs, and aim errry packet on her return passage that ailed in company with her, as well as those which tailed several Ufl bfl re ner. Her accommodations ti>r catin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, are to verv aauerlor, that it h is KStneU for her the tiaine of the " Floating Palace.'' Tho?r wishing to (retire bertha ii thii magnificent ihip, ihoald not IjiI to make early application ou board, toot BmliuK Slip, or to YT. fc J. T. TAPSCOTtf, 43 Peck Slip, corner South itreet. The Liverpool will sail from Liverpool on the Oth October, Affording a favorab'e opportunity to those wishing to tend for their frit ui!s to coine ont in her, ?r anv ol the regular line, on reason t>t>: terms, anil these wishing to remit money, can nave drifts for any aniooi t, payable on demand iu all the principal towua of Oreat Britain and liviaud. The rtidtlous wiil ineceed the Liverpool, and aail 25th August. iv2?c ^2 COH LI V KHPOOL.?Hegnlar packet of the 7th August.?The lety superior, fnai tailing packet JKAfaship INl)Kl'K>DENCK, Oartain Nye. will positively tail aa above. Having very superior accommodations for cabin,second cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark should aaka early application to JOSEPH McMUKKAY, 100 Pine St., cor. Sonth. T?>? above will be sncceedsd by the splendid picket ship Sheffield, Capita t Pophana, and sail on the lSth August. Persons witluag to send for their Inends in the old country, can have them brought out hy the above ship, oi any o< the rexular packets, by applying as above ; if by letter postpaid. h56 6fr i'ASBAOE KOK LIVERPOOL-To sail 5th Auk list?The superior ship BHOTHKHS, Cap'ain jB?|lKaUanicl, having a large part ot her cargo on hoard will i e iie?c* cnedas above. Having superior accommedations for a few cabin, secoud cabin, and steerage passengers, who will be taken at low rates, early app lication should be wade on boaid, foot ol Dover street, or to W. St J. T. TAP8COTT, a? ec 43 Pecki"lip, corner South street. *mt- COB NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND ufflKNICW YOHK LINK?First He.nlar Packet-The /AMMLvrrv fast tailing coppered thin (H'.oxk'.k. Jackson, having # ??T large proportion of her cargo on board, nearly ail engaged, can yet take some u ore freight if imne ihate application u made. fc'ei freight or passage, having handiome furnished accommodations, apply o? board, at Orleans wharl, foot of Wall >t. or to K- K COI.L1NS St l-ll, 5b Ptoatb at Shippers will please aend in llieir bills of lading early this morning. . 4iui p?ra mayrely upon haying their goods correctly mtinid. Agents in N. Orleans, Hollin k Woodruff, who will rross?t ly forward !<ll goods to their address The Backet shin Louisville. Capt. M. Hunt, will s*?ee?d ih? UwiU'S. iyW Jt?g- KOR NKW OK LEANS?Louisiana a..d New Mf]P3|V Y?'rk Lin?,KrguUr Packet?To succeed the Orleans tUtKtm?Th? last sailing packet th>p> LOU 19VILLK. Capt. >1. tiunt, will sail an above. F ir freight or passage, having handsome furniihed accommodations.apply on board alOrleaus Wharf, foot of Wall st, or to K, K. COLLINS Si CO.. 56 South streei. Shippers may rely upon having their goods correctly marked. Agents iu New Orleans Hulliu It Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their adrfrrss '1 he packet ship Huutsville. Capt O R Mumford, will mc e. d the I oatsville. air ffiL ?KPP .rRJ?lyHT??Jl,cl!ARTBR-Th? New built ship *H AK.-PK A RK,7n? tons JAMKb< 'inplete order for long voyage. Apply to tt.\ COLLINS k CO. tr 56 Month street. 'm? KOK KKKIOHT <?l? l'A8*AtjK ?The TTew fV^WVork built snip SHARHrBARki. Capt. A. Miner, aftA(a7M.tons burthen, in perfect order lor a lang voyage'. *IV ? to * UUUIiNB Si CO. iyw f __ _ _ _ _ S* South ?tr?tt ^AIL BOA!' M>K SALfc Tf-rv chMp, with her mWV"'!' ?nd tackle, 12 Ifrt Inna, BH (>rt bruin, rei-t JpBMfcdarp. Ti e boat m new, mm*, anil a faat taller Mar be teen by calling at IH Writ nfrret, between Diiane ami Jay atMets. jTW it*r E NE' NEW i'HIC NKW LINK Or LIVKHPOOL PACKKTB mt ah ^ at. TV^jiHrorn New r?rlM6lli, auil fron^Liverpool mouth. 1 NrwiliinLIVKItPOm. I I'.o ( 18th A usual JolnHtCldridge, J . New (hipQUKKN 0?" THE WEB'i'S jjj'f ?ipt1230 Kins. J S'S JAU" f 16 h May , Ship ROCHESTER, 850 ton.. S Ijjij Johft Brit ton. Ship H?TTINOUKK, ,050 ton., ourself, ^ 1#th Ju|y Thr se substantial, (flit nilintr. fint elms stuns,til built in the eilv of New York, are commanded by men of esperience aud ability, sua will be despatched i unctually on the Kith ol each month. Their cabin* are elegaut and commodious, aud are furnished Willi whatever can conduce to the ease aud comfort of passen*"? Neither t''e eaptiiius or owners of the*? shipa will be responsible for auy parcels or packages soul by them, unless reuriar bills lading are siKUt-d therefor. For freight or nassaue aiiply to __ i WOODHI/LL k M1NTURNS, 87 South street. New York, or to fcTELDKN. BROTHERS h CO., ie2l r Liverpool. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. NEW YOKK AND PHILADELPHIA RAILROAD LINK. D'RfcCT, VlA NkWARB, N*W BKUNIWII'I, PRIIfCKTOW, TRCHTOI*' Bokpbntown and Bubliwotow. *8iQ0 fflfr ibLjil THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New York daily from the fovtof Courtlandt stMorning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4>{ P. M. Tlfe Morninu Line proceedi lo bordentown, from iheuce by steamboat to I'luladeli hia. The Kveuint; Line proceeds direct te Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of eitr?. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office loot of Conrtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat.will be in readiness, with baggaga crates on board. Philadelphia bajttfaKe crates are conveyed from city to city, without beiuR opened by the way. Each train is provided with a car iu which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly lor the ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordentowu at i o'clock, A.M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'clock,<P M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7X A. M., and 4 P. M being a continuation ol the lines from New York. je4 NKW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. P*r? reduced to SIS ccnta. from the foot of C?nrtlandt street, New York. (Every day?8usdays.e*cepted.) Leaves New York Leaves Newark At t A.M. At 2 P.M. At 7 A.M. At IX t. M. 9 do. I do. I ilo. 4 do. 1) do. 4 do i do. i% do. KiZ Ai? ml/ "I \Z .\m ?}? do' 93? ilo. do. ON 8UINDAY8. Fiora the foot ol Uovrtlandt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At f A. M. and 4\ P. M. At 12* P. M. au.l 9% P. M. NKVV YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN, Leave New York- Lesv? Elizabeth Town At* A.M. At 3 P.M. At 7X A. M. IX P M. 9 do. 4 do. 8.X do. 7 do. 11 d?. 4\ <o. 10 do. ?X do. OX do. 12 do. The traicsfor Westfield, Plainfield, Boandkr vjk.SomerVilU, he., connect with the;9 A M, andMXPM I \insfromN?w York, daily. Sundays excepted. Fare between New York and Elisabeth Towu to cent>. Fare between do aad Somerville. 75 cents. WW YORK. AND RAHWAY. Leave New York. Leave Rahway. At I A. M. At S P.M. At 7 A.M.AtS P.M. 9 do 4 do 8 do 6X <1? 11 do 4X do 9X da 9 do ' X do llji do NEW YOHK AND NJCW BRUN8WJCX. From foot of Courtlaud street, New York, daily. Leaf; New York. Leave New Brtmswuv AI9A.M At 4 P.M. At 6 A.M. At 11X A. M. 5X do 7X do BX P. M. , ON SUNDAYS Leave New York. Leave New Brnnswick. At? A M and 4* P M. At 11X A.M., and 8X P M. Fare, eichpt iu tke Philadelphia trains, between New Yo-k and New Brunswick, 50 cents. Between New York and Rahway >5 cents. Passengers who procure their ticket* at the ticket office, r? eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con itac'or only on the day when purchased. mil 3in*r rOK BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OF THE WEST iTtt ?Sl aaa ASSOCIATION PAS8AIJA OFbICE To ALBANY. Utica, $2 00 Kooheiter, S< 00 gyiacuse, 2 25 Buffalo, S 50 Oswego, 2 25 Up. 8c Lower Ciaada5 50 For passage apply to M. L. RAY, mr Jm 9i Barclay street. New York. ~ PATERSON RAIL ROAD. jMfak ***** *r**4d0n slTI wlwi FAKK ONLY ? GKMTS. From Paterson to Jersey City. " On and ifter Monday, 17th Jnly, the car* will leave 1 Patkrson Dkpot. Lkavk Nrw Yobb. 8 A.M. 9 A.M. " 12K P. M 4 P. M. 5 " ON SUNDAYS. Lr.*vK Patebio* Dkpot. Lkavk Nkw Yobb. 7X A. M 8* A. M 5 P. M. 6 P. M. Transportation Cart plj daily (Sunday's excepted.) Passrngers are advised to be at the Kerry,foo Conrtlandt street, ' a few minntes befoie the slated hours of depauure. jy 19 6m 1 NEW YORK, 8CHOOLEVS MOUNTAIN AND EASE.and Somen ille H Road.fiySfcP^lfciS Kor Schoolev's Mountain, leave pier No. 1 North river, at , 8^4 o'clock A M, daily (Sundays excepted) bv steamboat to , Eli7.abethport; or leave the foot of Conrtland street at 9 o'- , clock A M, by N J Railroad to Eljtabelhtowu, thence con- , utct with the cars for Sum?rvilie cnxches, thence 20 miles to t the Mountain?arriving early in the afteiuoon. Kor fcaston lea'e as above, proceed by railroad to Somer . vilie. coaches from thence (only 34 miles,) arriviug in Easton . at 6 o'cldck. ' This tome, on acconnt of the short distance by coaches, ma king it by far the most pleasant and expeditious, commeuds it . self to public!patronage. Mr Sanderson, the proprietor at So merviKe, has piovtded himself Willi carriages and horses to ac i commodate private parties with extras at the shortest notice, and on reasonable terms. For seats apply to H D. Hope, Merchants' Hotel, 41 Courtlandt st Paaseu^er* from Philadelphia to Schooley's Mountain will leave Philadelphia at 7 o'clock, A. M., b? New York railroad line to New Brunswick. Splendid coaches from thence, arri- ] viug at toe mountain early same afternoon. JSm*r j ABEH^SI NEW YOUK, SCHOOLEY'S a .HMBBt.MOUN'J'AIN St EASTON. Leave the foot of CourtUnd street, daily (Sumiavs eieepted) at to eiock, A. M., by railroad from Jersey city to >1 orris town, tnence by Post coaches through Mendhan.,Chester. Schooley's Mountain, Anderson Town, t'ort Coldeu, WasliiuKton, to Easton. At Washington, a daily line intersects to and from Belvidere. For seats apply to J. Hill, at J. Pattou's, Commercial Hotel, 7S Conrtland street. N.B.?Extras furnished at the shortest notice by applying to N. B. Line. United States Hotel. Morristown. invll Jm ec ROCKAWAY PAVILLION?LONO ISLAND KAiLHOAD. a Trains upon this road leave Brooklyn, Routb Ferry, for Jsmaica, where coaches are in readi ness for that delightful resort, the Marine PavilZSBELlion, at the followmg hours, viz Half past 9 A. "."o'clock and half past 6 P. M. Returning, leave Jamaica at ( A. M., 12 M. and '5 P. M. for New York. Fare to; through from Brooklyn to the Pavilion.75cents. je>4 6w*r iXJCW ARRANGEMENT. FARE AND h RH.IOHT REDUCED. _ _) l am RKOULAR MAIL LINK?FOR PRO- , M "V-I'll]* VinkM'If. ANI) BOSTON rl> STI1M. i 3E3^*_lNOTON AND NEWPORT?Composed t of the following superior steamers, rnuuiug id counectiou with the Stoningtop and Boaton and Providence Railroads:? . MASSACHUSETTS, Capt Comstoek. HHOOK. ISLAND, Cart i'hayer. PROVIDENCE. ? NARRAOAN8ETT. MOHEUAN. One of which will leave New York daily (Sundays except- , ed) fro in Pier No. 1, Battery Place, N. River, at 6 P. M ARRANUICVIENTS. 0 Ttie KHODK ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stonington and Newport, aud Friday for r Th'e^lASSACHU SETTS,Cawain Comstoek, on Tuesday and Tiinraeay for Stonington, and Saturday for Stomngt.m, Newport ana Providence. Pauengen, on the arrifal of the Humeri at Stonington, will be immediately forwarded iu the splendid and commo- c dmns Car* of the Railroad to Providence and Boston, and it for Newport will praceed in the (teamen 011 Monday, Weduesday and Saturday, aud on the ictervening dayt, proceed via Stonington Railroad to Proyidence, and fiom thence in the Meaner Mat, without any additional charge. Tickets Cor the rout* aud teamen' bertha can be secnrad on board, or (t the office of HARNDEN It CO., No I Wall street. <, iry-On and after the 10th mst, freight will not be received t and forwarded after hnlf-pMi 4 P M i 0m NEW A II H A N U JC M E N T KOI: J ilt~| ' > Branch, Sandy S^KK.IIii >li, Oce.tu Home and Eatontowu Uuiding I he uew Steamboat SHREWSBURY, CaptilTI JonnP. t Corl'es, will now run as follows, on and after Thursday, 27th i init :?leaving New York, from the foot of Robiusoa street, ' *T,'T 1 ue?diy, Thunday and Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. And Eatontown Landing onMouday, Wednesday and Friday, ai in o'clock, AM The Shrewsbury rnn ** above, weather peimitling, un- 1 til further notice. All baggage at the risk of the owners. k are I7X cents. , , N. B.?Stages will be in attendance to conyey passengers i from thy aloresaid landing places to any part of the county a required. , 1 he Shrewabnry will (o the inner p*sssge, Iwhen practioa- i 5L* Ml' <1 -i fMIL p?,\,,P?.RT AND MIDDl.h - t TOWN I OINl. du r (Mtiodavt ei acted) 4, SmUmm touching at cteguiua's Dock. Statea lilaud On and after Monday. July list, the steamer HOiKlA'ND Captain Crawford, will leave Middletowu Point on Mondays, Tueidiys, Wednesdays, Ihursdaysand Fridays, at half-mat ?-ne o'clock, (tide net mi t ting) and Key Port at two o'clock V. M. Relnrning ie?ye New York, foot of Robinson street, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays ?nd Kri ays at eigli o'clock. A: M. and Samrdaya tt two, P. M. Stages will he in readiness on tlie arrival of the Bou fo eon ye* passengers to Freehold, or any part of the country. Uniform conveyances on Targe! Egcnmons. Parties of pieasnre will be taken to and from Port Hamilton or Key Port, I reasonable Ates. jy? ln?*m W YO T YORK, THURSDAY M togto Qgfi a (j DAILY KXl'KKHS fOK M.B A N T HOY. BUFFALO. , CHICAGO AND THK CANAIMS, / The (ubacriberi havm*' completed their .irraiineuieou with . :he People'? Line of Hleainhoau, ou the North Kiver and llie J Kail Hmil Come mir? west of Albany for iuiiiiiiik their Kxnrru lor the seaion of 1843, an ICiprrx will leave their office. No. 1 Wall itrert.New York, every evrniug, at <)u trter to 7 o'clock, f for the above uained and iiitermeiliair nlace?. IM PORT a MT m For the greater aafety and ?< urity of id valuable and money n packages entrusted to their care, they Irnve Halam rnder Iron Sales uu board of the ateanihoats, iu h atate room occupied elclmively by Ihemarlvea, and the niraaeugrr iu charge aleepa iu C theianic rn im with the irnu aafea, into wh'icfi all ?uc\ packagea (1 ire placed. POMKHOY f* COMI'ANV, r mlec No. 2 Wall atreet. ' .Mfl 0m HAMILTON HOUSK. HOHT HAM fl^A^S?ILTON The aieainbuata 8TATEN jE^JKjLihLANUI' K iimI SAMSON will ruu every t day (Suudayaexcriited) durniK tlie ?ea-on, aa lonowa:? g Leave Fort Hamilton at 7>4 A M aud 4 * 1'. M. Nesv York , Whitehall Dock, at 3*4 P. M. Thia arrangement may ha relied on as permanent, aa lU con- I tinuance will uot depend on any coiuiimency. ilS linr j fare HEOUCEI) for bkiuoeport 11|] |T?ANP NOHWALR?Liiidmif at BeldenH 31 LNccli. Fare to Bridgeport. J5 centa. Pare to Norwalk, 12% cu. Fare ta New Haven. 74centa. The iteamnoar MUTUAL SAFETY leavea Liberty itrret Pi-r ever, mnrnin*. Suiidsy e.eepted, at 6 o'clock, lor Bridge- , port dnd Norwalk, touch ng at Belden'a Neck, running in contieiion with the Houaatouic Kailroad. Returning, leave Bridgeport at half-past 1 P. M., or on the arrival of the cart. New Haven Line?Stages l?av- Bridgeport iinineUiaiely on the arrival of the bott The distance is 18 miles with Hue * roada and a beautiful country Fare tu New Haven 7) centa. t Olfio.e foolaf Liberty meet. , jy 18 Im'ic URIAH OK^'ddRY. Agent. ' DIKECT FOR NKWPOKT AND PKO t ??m2*VIDENrie?ARRIVING IN TIME KOR . 5L-^JeLjE-I ASSKNUKltS TO TAKf. THE CARS 1 iv/ ui/n j ? r are ?1 jv?l/bck rarc ?i ? i nc ucw, com- * uiodious ami fast sailing steamboat CUKTlS PE? K, Captain Win. H. Peck, wiM leave the pier east side Cathriine Market 8lii), Eait lif er, every Monday, Wednesday aud Kriday, at 5 o'clock, P. M. For passage and freight inquire at 2 5 South it. up (tain. jy7r NEWAKK AINU NKW YOUR?Kate '*M? ' only I'."-, I enti '.?The ir Uudid steamer S_ICE. PASSAIC, after Juue 'jth, will ran as follow! :? Leave the foot of Barclay street, New York, at 10 A.M., and 4 P. M. Leave* the foot of Centre street, Newark, at 7X A.M., and iX P. M. The accommodations bom for passenger* aud freight hare beeut;reatly uproved. Freight carried at very low rata*. ?1? am r 8TATEN ISLAND f> ICRRY ? GLIFTON, Nx'AK I HK NAKROWS-Until mIh aWJC- further notice, the 2 o'clock triplrom Whitehall <ihe STATED ISLANDKR) will, after making her usual landing!ac the Qu-rautine and Stapletou, proceed to the new wliaif al Clifton, near the I'elegraph. 'Ik- SAMSON will leave <;lifmu wharf for the city,at 'cltck. On Sundcv*, the 'i '"'clock trip from \V ijtehall will proceed direct to Clifton, with ut touching at tne Quarantine and Stap'eton, and the return boat will leave Clifton wharf at 6 o'clock rare cent*. Th:> arrannement will afford a delightful eicurtiou to the Narrows, and an opportunity of cnioying the *ea breeze, *cenery and prospect, for wh'ch that part of -tta'.eu lalantl n 10 celebrated, with ample time lor a ramble, and bulling on the tea aide. j :;9 2w r ANDREWS' COMBINATION LO^K. THK American Bank Lock Compauy ha>e had important A improvement! made in this valuable leenritv, keej tug it at the front of protection igaiuit burglars, lockimitm <kc, and two different improved lock* have been lubiuitted to a tot, with a reward of inouey from SliS to S5u0 to the ingenious nue who ihould succeed in opening the *ame,aad certificate* of the failure of the attempt* to openiaid lock* are in the haud* of the Agent*. Tins lock is presented with confidence ag'iust picks, falie keyi, fcc,aud bank ollicers, (tore krepers anil other! (Inning ecurity are invited to examiue the improved lock*. Bank* having the old locks can exchange then for improved one*, or have the improvement! mails ut a sinal 1 e (peine, thereby *av iug the exoeine of lock* which have been opened iu several in tance*. Lock* with 186 to 16.1J2 chuige*. mitable for store doors, iron c, eats, hank vault*, tic, at SVJ to $100. For sale at the office of the Company, No. 4 Joue*' Lane. WM. It. WAD8WORTH. Oeneral A gent of the A. B. Lwck Company. For the information of the office/* of the ha' k*. the following certificate i* presented as giving *ome information of a certain lock iff red by persor* who have been unwearied in their endeavors to destroy Andrew's Patent Combination uock New York, Juue !Uh, 1843. Thii is tocertify? That a Pateut Permuta'iln Lock, manufactured by Mesir* Day, Newell Ik Day, of thi* city, which luck wu in u*e upon in irundoorofour store, wa* this <liy successfully picked and Dpeik-il by MrD vid Smith, a young .'entleman in Inttemploy i>f the''American Hank Lock (Company," and Mr Wm Dun liam, a practical locksmith, and a inanufac urerof Andrews' Coinbina'io'i Locks This Lock ha* recently been improved by Mr John Day. successor to U N. & D , who ha* repeatidly Miureil u* that it wa* a *afe lock and could not be picked or [>pencil with !al*e keys, and we have also received tne same asitirance from Mr Heury C Joue ?, of Newark, N J., an Agent For ihe sale of the I'erinutauotr'Lnck Neither M'Smituor Mi Dunham ever saw the ttue k" . to this lock, or its duplicate, and opened the one demonstrated upon>t our store, with their own ins.roments, although we changed t*e key several times [)*r,ng tjteir A|wr?lians. end uye rue iterfeetlv sa'isfred pi ihclr ibility to open any of the sain Permutation Locks. Aud we ihall ui longer rely upot, said Lock as proof against ho<glsr?, I id have o dered one of "Andrews'Combination Locks." We ne satisfied that Mr. Smi'.h could open any Permutation Lock iu a few minutes were a duplicate key to the lock put into his lands Hotwiilulaudiug the declaration of the manufacturer to :he contrary. Signed, BENEDICT (k HAMMOND, Watch Makers, No. 44 ftierchants' Eichange, N. Y. We also certify to the aunexed statement,having bet a present nid witnessed the whole process of opening the said Permnta- , ion Lock. Signed, JOHN COTTIEK, jy31 ifec DAVtD BEACH. v< UNITED STATES n TEA EMPORIUM, w tl, latt 129 Chathum strut, Ntw fork. c Anil 116 Fulton Street, Brooklyn. rt Ab*!? ;v JU Blkeceeb itrkkt. ,, WHl RESALE AND RETAIL.' f PIE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue tc offer fot < sale new and 'ragrant Tea* of every variety and styl u | rhair asiortmrnt ipecially include* the mint delicious a* i lowerful gradeu i Ureeu (Mid Black E?erjr package bear* t * (amp of uaatue'sand elegance, and th* 'lea* therein ar* jo '< horoughly *ecn ?U from light and air that tlu-ir quality and a lower .villtera in unimpaired in any climate. Their*v*tera . if prosecuting nnsiuess isperhai?* icarcely to be excelled, ll fonndrd upou the utmost regard to the rights of :h? custom 11 ir, (specially with respect to weight and quality,and un.. (J railed cheapness. All pnrciiasers ar? called upon to return any .. irticles which Isil to give them the fnllesi satisfaction, whicti lie inouey will he cheerfully and promptly refunded. Coun 3> jy merchants, public establishments, hcrihi of families, and n ir.spn.**trrs will find it i decided rdvautsge to soop'y tbaas- ? lelves from this establishment. Ggmrinit Jav* Cov vkk roasted avary day. 81 Orders from ail parts of tbe Wt?te? ?;ccats4 wilfc In iiomptitude and despatch. s| irT** Tht ool" ml >. ? ! lis lor |ih? ulr of hoi- . '? s ealebrareu Blwt !'?? iN* !ro.? REMOVAL TO NEW YORK. h rPHE LOSS ol Kaet mid Legs no hindrance to the act of tt 1 walking?JOHN K. THOMAS C rk Leg Maker, 4c ,i respectfully inforinii the public that he lm remove Irom I'biladelnhia tn No. 472 Water street, corner of I'ike ?t, New " Vork City, where lie continues to mauutneture Artificial d l.imbi, oil a plan tlir moit correct and least comi>lic>te<l. liarnil. throiwh m cxity, inveuted, mad-, and worn an artificial , leg for forty ye*r?. aud been a manufacturer lor thirty five " rears, feelaconfident of giving satisfaction to all who call on si fiinn for Letts. Hands, Arms, ot the couiinen Wooden Leu. at lm n t| NIAGARA FALLS. Ii PERSONS visitiutt ihe Nails, are inf.rmed that the whole p inense of st.ues and steamhont larei, for returning by the v war of the St. Lawrence, Monirc I, Ticenderoga. through Lake George to Caldwells, is $13 75. This is preferable to " the same way again by Utica, kc. ll Lake 0 eo'ge is bnt 27 iniles from Siratoga?good stages. I jy?7 Jtaw 2w*r ! BUTTONS. r PATENT AGATE BUTTON v OK COT, ,i Patkrsoiy, IMKW Jkrjkv. THOa. f'KCMSfch, ' jy2i lm*t Patentee. fi D. M. PEYSER <k CO.. NO. 11# Wiliiam street, corner of John street, and 417 Hroarf way, have received, by rec nt arrivals, au extensive C apply of the following ("A.NCY GOODS, which were j| :arefuHy selected by a competent person at Paris, Bertiu, ? lie, and which they offer lor sale, in wholesale and retail. . n liberal terms, vii Beilin Zephyr and German Worstad?the most'complata 1 ssortment .. Berlin Kmbroidery Pattemi?a choice sel'Ction. Canvass for Kmh oiderv, of cotton, worstad, linen, e:!h, 'I ;old and silver, of all widths am! qualities. O Silk Chenille, for embroidery, trimming and flower making, u Purs* Twist, German, Krench and English, plain and , baded, inskeins sticks, and on spools. ' floss Silk for Embroidery and Frimre makers, in skeins and >n tpooli. v Snapc:;dera, auperbly embroidered, Rod Snapender Trim UM| c. Gold, Silver and Steel Beada, in nil Noa. li Mother of Pearl, UMd, Silver aud Steel Porae Ornament*. Gold and Silver Prinice, Braid, Cord, Twin, Thread and rasieli. Embroidery Frainea,anda variety of different Fancy Artile?. (1 Artificial Flowera?a choice (election w Krin?ee,ot cotton, wonted and ailk, Imported and domeatic i Oimpa, Taaaeli, Button* and all other kind of trimming. jv IT Un * er Ifl DALE to MAXWELL, 'f No. 2 CEDA t STREET, NEW YORK, 0 JOI.K Agent* in the United Mt<uea, Tor the Freu h lie port 3 of PathioD, tra lalated uto Knvliah, with P.Item Sheen. A ^oaminea. it", for tailnn dreaa make,a anil millin?ri received i rom Pain mi the arrival of etery Packet. Those who wuli . he only original Krench Fathion now a-nt to America in the > Cnglnh language, can have them by calling an above. k lerma oftheTClenant, or Tailora Fashion, Kive Dollaripei .> rear, iavued monthly. Le Follet, or L.ndiei Faahioti, Ten }ollar? par fear, laaued weekly, with eighty four fine colored J'' teel eugravinga per year, or ?even each month. jjr2? lm*r In W\T T. JENNINGS & CO., DKAl'EKS AND TAILOK8. Ul Broadway, American Hotel, opponte the Fouutain, aoficit alt- ntion to an aaaort- Hl nent of aeaaouable gooda, including % lotha, Caaaimerea, Veat- F nua.fcc, in all trie new nnd virioaa atylea, under the asaur- s( ince that the ayatem of " amall protita and quick rettirna," , vhich haa elicited ao liberal a pat'onnge, wilt b* contmned, vliile our ar aogeiiienta are ??ch aa will enable ua to fill all or- a I I.e. in fnrnr* wrifh urniniKllFlf .w "a fMtnre in the ii?bfi?hm*nl. wlmli mo.t commend it to }7 hna* r^iuiriiiK articles for iniRif tinle ? ?. is the Addition to "J !nr ?t'ei" nl ??u?or (m? nt of fir.1 ready mn.le <J*r- at m-uti, coulMtini of L. . fturtout*. fcr . tU OreniCoiti. Pintaloone, yrlu Office ('oittti nil Tr'ivellinn Krrckn. Dre*?in? down*,he. <r A choice eeleetion of Q, Silk and Satiu *c#tf?, Cm??U, llnDdkrrehiefi, Uloeee, StiM'eudrrn, Hoeieiy, , Under, DMWfi de Mvalin 9hirt?? < olhiv mr. Q At price whirh mo?t off" inducements to pa>ehaier? j1(, jy ii )m*ec RR I ORNING, AUGUST 3, Intcrksting IjKi tkk kkdm Audubon.?An old nd valuabled Hubticrtbrr lias kindly placed al our i?|iosal a very interestiiur letter Irom the uretit American naturalist We add our friend's m?le:? ames <t. BKNrrerr, Esq : Ukak Sir? Having long been a subscriber to your paper, 1 nke pleasure in presenting for insertion a copy of a ortion ot a letter written to my friend Dr. Bachnan ol Charleston, by our indefatigable and worhy naturalist,(Audubon.) ia which you will perleive that a valuable and useful animal has been liscovered in those wild regions, hitherto so renote; and I urn induced to believe from the tenoi if our friend Audubon's letter, that H may become, n some measure, equally as valuable *s any ot oui lomestic animals, and probably mav, 111 some inea urc, eventually sujiersede the uae of some. Ijow ver, on perusal of the following letter, you will bf letter enabled to form a proper conception ot its iroperties. 1 am, respectfully, your obedient, Jamks Brown. copt of litter. Latitude 4ft, 10 N., Junk 20th, 1S43,) 110 a hove Fort Union. > To Dr. J. Bachman:? My Dear Friend: It is with a transport of pWasure that 1 avail my lelf of this opportunity ot sending a letter (hy t lunter going down to Fort Union) to impart the gratification I have experienced since the date o ny last, (at the Fort, 13th inst.) I cannot tay bn hat I consider all my toils, troubles and travels it he wilderness are tully and amply repaid by the dis :overy of an animal which bids fair to become no inly a valuable, but a domestic one?although lave been successful in this my last journey in col ecting a number more of beautiful specimens o ?irds, attended to with great hardship in somt ;ases; but still they are nothing in comparisoi with that which I have so lately discovered existed n these regions; and from my own observations ogether with the inquiries 1 have made ol th< Indians in this neighbourhood relative thereto I am satisfied that these animals can be procured ii ?reat plenty in certain portions of this territory. Bu [ must proceed, as you always expect, with m; fmngs since the date of my lust. We left the For [Union)|on the morning of the 14th instant?a mor jeautiful day I never beheld. Just picture to your self a clear sky, and not too warm a sun, with th< mo?t beautiful scenery in the world before you lflording wide plains tor your researches, filled will ihe melody of innumerable wild songsters, scentei with the delightful perfume of a thousand variega :ed and useful unknown plants and herbs, which no jnly delight the eye by their various hues, but a incc show the vast fields that nature lias providei for the use of man and the improvement of science it was indeed a beautiful subject for reflection, the [ cannot say I paid it just tribute, being so intent o my pursuits. We travelled that day a distance o forty miles, and 1 procured two more additional an Deautilul specimens to my collection, but natur jeemed afterwards toibe not quite so munificen1 zontiuual heavy showers have molested usdaily, an it is in a great measure owing to this that I accider tally came upon the animal 1 am going to describt Yesterday about 10 A. M., we saw dark heav clouds coming from the Swuth East, attended wi' heavy peals of thunder and vivid lightning, when l the distance, about a mile to the westward, we pel ceived a large wood or forest, on the borders of lake, some ten miles in circumference, toward which a number of flocks of birds were directin heir course. This led us there, not for the mere put jose of shelter, (for that to a man of my pursuit would be feminine), hut that we might be enablei imong so great a variety of the feathered tribe, ti ,,,i,I,w, lad no sooner arrived at the place described, thai t rained in torrents?my companions placed them lelves un ler shelternf a large tree, while myself, to< veil aware of the, abundance before me of that vhich I have so long made my study, sallied lort vith my fowling piece, (with the lock well protectei rnin the rain.) I had proceeded the distance ot abou 100 paces, when to my horror, Ijheard not far Iron ne, a very singular cry, in some measure resembling hat of a human being in distress, but much loudei ''or a moment I did not know what to do, iia ring nothing with me but small shot; however wa-< dblet.tiined to proceed towards the spot Iron vhence the cry arose, and asnertuin, if pwasible vhat was the cause, knowing from its continuance nd loudness, that my companions would be at racied thither. I had not advanced many paces t< he lei t, verging on the margin of the lake, bef ore erceived some animals moving among the trees approached very cautiously, and to my surpris* aw two beasts, engaged in playing, or fighting ley appeared there to be of enormous heights, ^hen they stood on their hind le-js, which 1 have nice ascertained they continually sit on. I relained watching them a short time, uncertain .-hat to do, when to my great joy my friende ame up being attracted by the noise, nd having some fears for my safety. Inactive specitors we could not remain?so determined there, >re to attack them, and as they then lay exhausted thought if they were not too vicious, I might pro ure one alive, rilled wiin tnis intent,we advanced ward* them, and when near, they both sprang up nd sat on their hind parts, with their fore paws up lised, seeming to threaten descent upon us. One t my companions being afraid, immeiately shot one, and the other bounded oil wiih itie lost tearful leaps. Another such an animal I nevei iw?your Huflaio's or mountain Elks, are nothing 1 comparison, in the scale of worth To give yot proper description wili be to liken it somewhat ir tape to a Kangaroo, but varying in many particuirs. Itsitsoniu hind legs the same way, but noi laped in the abdomnal regions the same; its front gs or arms are short, but armed with sharp claws, nd they bound or jump with their hind legs. They ave a tail somewhat like that of a sheep, aboul n inches long, and round the nriddle of the body ley have a ring of flesh aboul 12 inches wide and f iches thick in the middle or cenier, which prouces a great quantity of oil. On their heads they ave two horns very similar to the horns of the eer, but not more than 18 inches long?the head is Taped also very like that of the deer, and has the line kind of teeth, but what is more remarkable lan all the rest, their coat is of the most beauti il iur I ever beheld, of a dark brown color. The roportions of the one we killed were very great, it weighed, to the best of our calculations, upwards of (XI pounds, and it measured from the top of the ic&djto the end of the tail 9 feet 4 inches, which n|>earato be their full grown size. We had no soonei .illed this one, than some Indians, attracted by tht e|>ort of the rifle, joined us. Our interpreter conersed with them?they said that in these woodland? i ?' ? i ? ? -i 1 Tt... ,...11.., nrst- 8111111(119 wrrr uiKir>iauuuuaui;r. j iicy miiri t in their tongse the (Ke-ko-ka-ki,) or jumper; the\ eed on ijraBs herbs and foliage. Upon observing ui ike oH' the skin, the Indians expressed a desire ti ave some of the flesh, which we gave them Wt ooked some of the same, and found it delicious ; ; was very white and tender, tasted very similar to eal, hut the ring on the body was nearly all oil, and le whole upper part will produce a threat quantity 'he Indians took us to their huts or village, which onsisted but ot six families; there we saw no lean ian six of these animals domesticated, two young nes, male and female, which I bartered some eads for, and intend to send down to the fort by le first opportunity. I think, without doubt, in point of usefulness and alue, I may pride myself in surpassing moat of my ompeers, in thu.-f bringing so great a discovery to ght. Every information resecting them, I fhall ndeavor to attain before leaving here. Tmtkk from Kingstont Jamaica.?Rv the arrival l this port of the schooner Currenoy, Capt. Sharp, 'e have received advices from Ca|>e llaytien lour ays later, and from Kingston, Jamaica, ten days iter, but l#arn nothing ot interest except the tol>wuik, which we clip from the Jamaica Despatch f the 11 th ult:? My an arrival from Uayti, we learn that a French .dmiral, with five ships, comprising two fifties, a oopof war, brig, and a schooner, had arrived there 'he preciae object of this visit is not generally nown; but coupling u witn me ime iransaciions iere, hut little doubt can be entertained on the subct. We are aware ol the fact ot France having pen solicited to take iiayti under her protection, r, in other .vords, the Haytians are wishful to re irn to their allegiance ; and we know thai de 'atches were sent to France some tune ago by tne rench commander-in-chief in theae seas tor inructiona. By the treaty with France, Hayti is luad to pay a heavy sum lor her independence ; id, if we mistake not, she in about to pay the snnlty of the bond. One of the fifties will be mn to-day, when probably we shall hear more MM it. The drought, accounts of which we have from e Windward Islands, appears to have extended ?o lo the Leeward Islands, and in consequence, ound provisions have mi tiered very much.? U. >. atettt. inruienxa ? Id consequence of the prevailing epiimic, the Directors of the Seminary College at uebec have determined not to hold the usual pub: examinations of their scholar* IERA 1843. Auburn. I < <>rrr>|Hiiitlriict> of tli? Hnntld. I AimiiKN, N. v., July 2H, 1848 Ejc-i*rttiiimt Ailutn*' 'IViumjiha/ I'rogritt?Arrttx nt Auburn ? Hi* Nterptum?Hi* Aililmt?Huh partwrt. Jamks G. Bennktt, Ksq.j Dear Sib: For some days hack our village Ims been th acene of unusual excitement. It having be?-n hi certained that the Hon. John Q Adams would pai ' through Auburn on his return from tin- Falls, a put lie meeting was held yesterd iy morning, at nil o'clock, without dmtinction ol party, to make aui able arrangements tor giving the venerable ? i President a befitting reception. Accordingly, i delegation. consisting of w. H. Seward, <-*.<; vernor, Juuge Conkling, and several other leadii politicians, of both parties, was appointed to pr ceed forthwith to Oanaadaigua, for the double pu pose ot lorming an escort to the distinguish) statesman, and also to request him, it consiste with his other appointments, to remain in Anbu siillicieHtly long to give the inhabitants an opf.ori riity ot tendering their acknowledgments and he pitalides to one 01 me woimers 01 moiir-m nmco an uncorrupted patriot. Meantime, ihe fire cot i panies commenced miking arrnngementsto have i torch light procession, ind throughout the day t f were on the tip-toe of expectation, speculating < t the chances ol Ins pursuing his journey string i through, without sojourning tor a time in the love village of the plain. A slight thunder storm, a t companied with rain, came on at dusk, and doul I less that, although only of brief duration, ke many within doors?but as it was, great nnmhe f flocked to the rail road depot, awaiting the arriv s ot the Western tram. At a quarter pastDo'cloc 1 the cars got in, and the venerable ex-President, I bowing hi* way through the crowd to a coach pr , pared tor his reception, proceeded to the residei>< e of ex-Governor Seward, preceded by an excelle , band ot music and the fire companies, who, wi 1 their torches, presented a splendid appearance t Arrived at the residence ol the ex-Governor, whii / is some distance from the depot, that genilema t advancing on the steps in front of the building, i e troduced the ex President to the assembled crow The good old man appeared to be jailed and cc e siderribly fatigued, and oriefly remarked, lhat , was somewhat too late to address them by t ti li*htof their torches, however brilliant that mi* d be?but he would be extremely happy to meet tht all by the glorious light of to-morrow's sun. I it then withdrew, amid tbree deafening cheers. IV t M. S. Myers then announced that Mr. A. would ? d liver an address to-morrow morning, in the Ft ; Presbyterian Church, at 9 o'clock. The croi >' then dispersed. n Early this morning Mr. A. visited the prison, a f expressed himselfeighly delighted with the manaf d men and present condition of that estHblishment e Long belore the appointed hour, the church was f t: ed to overflowing;ami precisely at nine the ex-P d sident drove up to the door, accompanied by t i- ex-Governor, VV. H. Seward; P. Bronson, Lawy< s. U. T Doubleday, Agent of State Prison; S y Goodwin, Lawyer, one of the State Prison Insp? h tors, and Lumau Snerwood, Lawyer, who proce* n ed, in a body, to a platform, created in front of t r- nulnit. a I^he ex-Governor addressed Mr. A. in an eloque s and appropriate strum, tendering him the hospitali g and cordial welcome of th? inhabitants of Aubur whose high privilege it was that day to grasp tl h same hand which had been grasped, in warm afle J tion, by the immortal Washington. It was, st? i Mr. S., sometimes a difficult task for public men u distinguish how much of the homage accorded 1 l them by their fellow citizens,was a tribute of resp? to the office which they held, and how much to tl i> individuals themselves. In the present case, ho1 , ever, there could be nosuch difficulty, no misappi h hension. Tlie Chief Magistrate, invested with i powerful patronage, which, however, had been ui it formly exerted in the public good, had now merg u into the private citizen; and, therelore, those t i? butes ol respect which were now accorded to hn in the decline ol lite, were the spontaneous oHeri ol an admiring people, grateful for the inestimul , and imperishable services of a true and faithful sf n vant And not only were those sentiments of estee , and profound res|*>ct entertained tor him, by I ? own Country men, but in other lunds his name w respected and revered for his unflinching defence > the rights of man. 1 Mis was the singular good fortune to have a for taste of'that fame and renown with which his nar j would be invested by posterity, and which, whi ; the free institutions of our country should la: , would be perpetuated from generation togeneratic second only to the memory of the "father of f country." The ex-President then advanced to the front i the platform, habited in a plain euit of black, f observed, last evening, when he arrived in the midst, he saw, bv the light of their torches, a gre r.nmber of friendly faces; to-day, however, he sa by the glorious light of the sun, a great many inori and amongst these a vast proportion of the tend< sex, whose presence ought, if any thing could, to ii spire any speaker, with 'thoughts words that burn " For the extraordinary kindnei which they had seen lit to bestow upon him, 1 thanked them all; and he now labored under or more obligation to the people of Western N. Yor Andfnow what should he talk to them about ] ?1?- '?i ? J'. - : SOI11I places lir IIHII urru nr-n. vj w uiovuuin < )? I politics; but that was a subject the discussion i which was apt to engender feelings, which in lh? presence he was anxious to pluck from his brea I if it were possible, alter the reception lie had i ceived, that they should for a moment e fleet a lor , ment there. He had also been asked to talk wi ' the peoule on the subject of agriculture. He i t membered to have reail of a certain rhetorician w had the tool-hardiness to otter his instructions I Hannibal on the art of war! It had been one <>| li (Mr. A.V) rnistortunes, thai he never could mai luniselt' a tarmer. From his youth up his time hi been actively employed 111 the service of his cou try, either on the ocean, in foreign countries, or the councils of the nation;'consequeiitly, lie had In no opportunity to study agriculture When lie can acrossto Lewistown, and look?d upon the ,>aradi which the farmers of New York had made, I thought his teaching them agriculture, wnn be something of a piece with the rhetorician testing Hanntlml the art ot war. lie had been request' lo deliver lectures on instruction. Well, howevr lidicrous it might appear, fie had once in his y#>u been a teacher of elocution, and lor his part I knew of no niftre laudable profession than that i instructing the rising generation. Hut at his tin I ot life, he was afraid that should he make the t r tempt, he could only, as the religious people sa ' " give his e.\|>erience." He had nlso been requei > ed to give lectures on temi?erance. While in C nadahe saw in a particular parish a column erecti to the Virgin Mary, lor her sup|*?sed influence in tl ' I tem erance cause. He was no believer in the R I man Catholic religion, but if any thing could ft suadehim to worship the Virgin, it wasa knowledf of the lact that a worshipper of her's had given i i impetus to the temi>erance cause, which now almc encircles the globe. He had not been called on sneak on the management of prisons, but m visit tneir prison to-day had shown hinisome ol the worl ings of a system fraught with instruction to muc wi?er men than he. He had been asked to spe? about internal improvements; and here he telt ti was touching upon politics. He knew there wei great diversities ol opinions upon this all engrossm subject, in the consideration ot which?the eipenf to tue present generation, and the benefit to the fi ture?every man must strike a balance lot himsel In conclusion, this assemblage had placed him i the unenviable predicament of s|>eaking about hin self. This was a delicate subject, and one on whir he should be very briet. In the course of his pub ti career, it had been his good fortune to secure man valuable friends; and possibly in the unavoidabl conflicts of party feelings, he might unintentional! have mnde some enemies; but this mucfi he woiil say, that he had served his country to the best t his ability, and with tin honest heart. At the conclusion of hisaddress,which was listen ed'to with breathless attention, fie drscended to th body of th? church, and there received the (lersonn congratulations of the audience At hall past II A M , he was escorted to the depot by the Aubur (tuards, who, with numerous otherjcitizens, accon pauied him to Syracuse in an extra train. Yours, Acc. Tot* Jonks. Orrioior Hkr Majkitv's Caiar Aur^t ko* ICmi. ( iltlXTI. (lufiis.'ittli Juljr 1843. { Ntiml>?H'ol Emigrant^ arrived'hiring the week ?n>tin '.Un date ; ? Cabin. Sltrrag From England 1 tao " Irvlaml, 0 0 " Scotland,. 7 131 " Lower Ports,. 0 0 8 MU Previously reported ftfll M9 To the mbip perio.l la?t year. S?8 AC. BUCHANAN, Chief Agent. r' ... LD. "I* two C?nU. Kajrnnrlown. | CorrcRponileuce ol the H | Kavnort?wm, July 18-13. il A Pic N\c Party?Stent <m thr htarh. 7?i# Httum t. kotiw, iff J. t*. Bknnkit, Est*. i? DKAK Sir? On Saturday, the 29th inst , there came off nn?- of e th*f most delightful pic nic parties that haw taken n- place in thin vicinity for some time. Ah early as ?i <n o'clock, A M., the invited guests began to arrive j- from Glen Cove, WVsthury, Jericho, Hempstead, i? anil the surrounding country, in vehicles of ? very t- description, each bringing their quoto of provisions x- to add to the general stock. Alter all had assembled, a we proceeded to embark on board of three small <? aloops, engaged l?>r the occasion, and with ft fair "K wmil set sail with our valuable cargo, (for there wai n great proportion ol the fair sex,) across the bay, t' and arrived at the beach without any accident, or 11 flMgni to CH8f W snnloW lit 4<h?(?inii|K?[j f 11 Spirit* Of nl that happy party rhree long pine tables were erectr" ed under h rude shed, and the ladies, assisted by u" their attentive swains, busied themselves in garis mailing them with the contents ?t their well filled ? hampers After partaking of this excellent mid colil* laiion, all proceeded to the beach, where arraying a ourselves in bathing garments, we went into the seur *11 Here whs an indescribable scene ot contusion and "i noise. The splashing, the running to and fro, the ht screams of the timid lovely beings, clinging to iheir ly husbands and lovers for support, together with the <-' sullen roar of the waves, as they wildly dashed and >l- broke upon the shore, all combined, served to renpt der it a moment of excitement that will long: be rers membered by those present. We then re-embarkt'l ed for home, and after a rather tedious passage, k, which was considerably enlivened by the getting I" un of cotillions, bo tigs, tec , reached terra tirma <" about sun down, whera vehicles were in waiting to -'e convey each and every one to their separate destint nations. Amidst that galaxy of female loveliness, 'h present on this occasion, it would lie difficult to de? termine who was the bright particular star of the ch day. Soma gave the preference to Miss P., the n, belle of Hempstead, who was accompanied by her n- lover Others to Miss K. of Glen Cove, who whh d so assiduously waitt d upon by one of the officers ot "i* the gallant N. Y. City Guard, during their encam tilt ment there ; tiut in our humble opinion, Miss W. he ot Brooklyn, who i* now residing at M k, on a J ht visit to her friend, Mit-a V., bore oft the palm. W# 'tn heard of several ludicrous mistakes occurring ^ among the Glen Cove partv in returning that night, 1r. such as getting oft llie road and running into fences fe- ?p.ait was so dark, objects were indiscernible at a rst short distance, drivers goiug to sleep and upsetting A'd their vehicles. We also heard of several pairs of gloves being won from the sleepy ladies, who were nd perfectly unconscious of aught that was i assitig ?e- around them. This part of the proceeding we think ;? unfair, but shall reserve our comments for some ill- future time. Yours in haste, re- A Niw Yorker. he r; A Sham Naval Fiqht.?Our harbor was yestera'. <lay a scene of much attraction; a mimic fight hav c. itig been conducted by the officers and crew of H. d- M S. Illustrious. Two armed boats were afloat, and he an attack was made upon two peaceful merchantmen, apparently in good earnest, to the no smajl nt wonder of the crews. Guns were popping in alldily rections, boarding pikes flourishing oyer seemingly ? devoted tars, men tailing as it with a fatal thrust or sliot, good hearty British cheers rung a loud and c- clear the note of triumph, and the bristling guns of jd the ship sent forth their notes of thunder, and voto lumea of thick rolling smoke. On the whole, the [0 scene was a most animated one, pourtraying the exct citetneut and dangers of asea fight, but leaving none h,. of its horrors. Pleasure was the only leeling sitrw. vivitig this action.?Quebec Merrwy. ? OEIIISAZHID "d tlBNBJt; AL PRIWTTIIW O ri- ESTABLISHMENT, nt, r*. W. CORNBR OK MJLTON AND NASSAU * T8. ng |i tupplieiJ with frtery maieri*l Decenary for the prompt, ueii and economical eiecution ol every description nl >r- mS> Public Attention i? rtquritrd to lllii aMablifhmeDt, iu the aa118 aura lice that ample aatnUciion will b<- Kiveu?aa r?*|t?rd? typoas itrnphy, presa work, ami chargca?to Ihwc who require lancy or ftf common. I.irtte or amn 11 kworfc tAaaply and eipeditioualy e?ecnied. LABELS, CHfcCKS. e- WAYBILLS, CIRCULAR*. .... SHOW BILLS, BALI. TM KE I'S, , STEAMBOAT BILLB, BILLS Oh LADINO, I* RAILItOAD BILLS, BU8INwiJe CARD* St, ST AUK BILLS. CA'l Ai OliUES, ' PAMPHLETS. BILL IIEAD?. " HANUBIL'S, NOTES. 119 m m m mm' , ro* of THEATKXB, CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS le LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS, if Or nor iKhi-i places where the larxest <le?cri|>tiou of urlntibfc '? ... required, t tacilicies Tor rhia work are uoi equalled br >r office in n i >c'ty, for, beaides ilie Urge aMOrtmentof * iaaiie) ?MMAJAiifKiiirvrj, ,r Thii eituhliihmeut hu (he LAHMKMT l*l<o:MNKN IN THK CITV. id Great paina have beeu inken to provide every material tha I can po.aibly be of service,and tberelore persona having occasion for Showbills, will find il xrr.ulv to iheir advantage M patronize this esubliahiuent. (T7" Any ai?e or m of Bil' can ba farmahed at very shot k, Dot ice. If In GREAT IMPRUVKMfcNT IN FRICTION ~ ?" MATCHES. A NKW Alt I I' t.F. UP IV|,A i i,iir.i, wuriom nrimatone Mr or any otlier offeutivi* quality, aud actually waterproof, . hn* lately beeu patented by l?*tt?rm patent ?l the X'nited Slate* ' iu favor ol theinveutor W K A*hard,and are u iw inaoufacre tured aud offered to itie publ ic by 'he proprietor* of said patent |l?_ at No. I6i Blocker atreet, New York, where all who with to .1 purcliaie good inatchea aie lUM'ed to call aud prove them And all permit* whatever are hereby notified of the aaid patent re- and warned uot to violate or lufrmgr upou the tame iu any lilt manner, leit they iueur the penal'iea <>' the law iu auch <*a*e*. . Theae inatehe* ig ite with ea*e and cer aiut* in all weathen .mil climate*, and born wit'i a brilliant (t ime; ant il placed id II* a vertical poiitioo, will continue to tarn oug euough t r *ea I ki- aevcral Irttcl-a with Wa? They may lay irmneraed iu water I for hour* and day*, and I' n believed even for week* aud when taken onl arid dned, will ignite aud buru a* before. Three qtuhtira of theae uiatrhe* ire maoe ind ?cilil ? anove, nameIll ly?N". I, Ki'ra and Perfumed The latter are agreeably ,.i acci ted aud lit/or ladiea' toilet* Klporter* *enar amokera, housekeeper*. and all wh" u*r m irhea, will readiiy perceive h w decided the ady ut-<ge pnateaaed bv the** over all other*, sr- Order* am' c. iflmtlhiot'oua t ? he <ddre**ed t > G BOVVKN, No Kl Bleecker *t, I , iv2l lin"r Agent for the Pdemee* and Vtanufartnren. I< _ A HAKE CHANCE. I CM>lt BALI1 ? A I'o'ter Hon*<-, in on* of the he*t nutation* ' I in I he city, kuownatthe Ka*t Hiver Coffee Hou*e, 111 r, South *tr*et, wuh all the lutnre* attached thereto, via. !jar and ill ornament* *hufflr board (under cover) tigna, tiatupa; nuclei. There I* tlx* attached to the boaae eigti'een hauriaoir.jly farot ui*hed lodgiuif room* . the whole will be difpoied of .(area m* aonable valuation. . The hou*e i* at preaetit doing <n eirelleut bonne**, bat th* health of it* pr?aeut p oprietor and uigenl hu*lue*a at the y, South, a the re i*ou for bia wanting i cuatomer. ;t- The b-aateru Boat* arnve opnoaite the door ; the varioo* line* ol London, Liverpool, New Orlema and other packeta , ire lu II* immediate nciuity, au<i the Fulton Marset, eae block fCl below. it> To an? 0110 within* to engage in the haiiDeM an opportunity it worth loot, nut Afo-r. For further particulars, inquire ?- ,f A H BlfMNW I I Wonih street iyll lm?r r" A LL WWi Wa> I WOOD, KAnllKmBLB cheap /V i <A ITK.H *< are iiivi ed lu call at W ALUKH'h celebrated It' e{<*?|> >or^, 419 Bieadwir. north west crp?f of Canal street. , Qoml cuy iii inf nailers, l>u*kms, Mrs and slippers al prices w percent i-?s th hi ever before offered Also, gents' boys'and children's line K rueh am' native calf dress loots cheapest yon In ever n?| do dofrnts, boya' and children's quarter boot*, j. p?'?er? am) drrss shoes Also, the greatest variety of all the . different kiuds lor fnmily use, to., numerous to enumerate. '11 A II wi.o want any of the above article*, are invited to call at k WAI.KKH'M Cheap Uixit and 8 hoe 8 tore. 419 Br?adw?f, lt. north w*it corner < insist. jvl' lm*ee rc I ' K It A r HAKOAI NH?A HAH* (,H4 XCK ? lh* *i-?3 vT m i h (he lit lures and lease of a whales ile auu rsuu uwt * aud Ulioe Store, iu ime of the best situtuons for the bnsineM in the euv, lormerly occupied by tbe lite Mr. John Hutchina, j. deceased, will be sold cneap for cash > Persons setting nut in the business wonld find it much to thei' advantage to call at IW Chatham street, opposite Koosan velt and eiamme fur r? ems?lves Im^re 1- L)IVtl'L?>."MHO KLKS fcc?CHURCH'S VKOKTAh * t?l.h LOT I > I t removing pin?i le*. blotehe*, lr?ck.e?, c tan. sc irbn.ic and cut ineous rrniiimus of everv description. IfThe use lift his Lotion lor a short time will uaiialnrm the y most sallow completion into a radiant whitaneea. render* f hirsh and rongh skin beautifully soft, smooth, and ?T?n imy pa>ts to the lace a healthy arid juvenile bloom i i Sold in boit'i-s at Ti cenls each, at < hoich's Dispenearv, 1<S " Bowery, corner of Jprin* ?t. )?l i 1m erd'm " ( 10AI., I t IAL -I"s?eh Orchard Ned Ash Coal, lirst qoa'ltT, will be sold br the subscriber at the following low prices I- for cash Fresh broken and egg, from lump in the yard, scfern? ed and delivered to any pait or the city at tl l>?r ton ; stove $4 7S larire mil ft! Ml > f'" ta !*?? will be rharceCl I Uf 'I taken from Ihe bom? weight and .jomIny w*rr?ineJ. rr.TKK CLINTON. ? I r ! ! '( S'| ()r?"Wirh ' Ki'iu . T^lTrHi. L-OTEKS O> ?OI .wiajf BLAct rjuA? 1 I H iwumI MiitUff?Thi? rniwti? dtligoM ?"< ' led Vm, in hmblT celebrnttd in Chin; (4eorr,| MR?d, i? n?w for Mle ( the imton T??'to P* y T?, 'II ton ttrret, Brooklm-hi '* ?? rn~ M ? "1,[ * ?" '*! .^-'m . .i . y Ji pAflCH?A lali ?<m? POOli*lN * # ?.,,er* *i <h? in?iinfnctarer? p?K?* V* tneiitofthei* d??.r?hle p<irer?,K>(S|!. fc BK(,()HS, for i?le by rM? SI l?ih?rtr ?f r? v7- 2?t . rk. H v* finding in (ln? ord.r from .hip lilt* IS* Srnih itrtct. nT. * iff* PK K?J' #0 CrowiTTti , >or Ml* br C fBA" 1 " nvntav ?. ituiiMua I rW* No ?. " PHI.ORIOK OK UMK " 200 ? MA^7roR ^ ? I lrf NO. tl ?. 1 'rl ,n

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