Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1843 Page 3
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.k |BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Akbival at Rio m Janbikoof thiU. 8. Fbkutb Brani>*wi>b and Corvette St. Louis ?The brig Montezum?, at ibis |<on yesterday trom Rio de Janeiro, whence she Bailed on ihe 23d July, reports thr arrival there ot the U. S. F'igate Brandywinr and Corvette St. Louis, irom Noriolk, to aail in a few <Jav? (or the East Indies. 1 heae vessels are bound ti> Bombay to meet Mr. Cushinf, the American Commissioner to China. The Frigate Columbia and Corvette John Adams, oi the Brazil station were lying at Ri* on the 23d July.?Bait. Amer. Stpt. 4. Dsath of J(tdqk Summers ?The Alexandria Gazette announces the death ot Judge Lewis Summers tit Virginia, who died on the morning ot the 27ttiof Augast last, at the White Snlphur Springs. He was one of the moat eminent citizens of the State, and universally respected. Sales of Stock* at Philadelphia, yesterday. $400ConQty #'?, 1840,104}; $3000 Penaylvania ?'*, 1806, Cll.nn A~ lOSLA aa. ??iwm A*% /In lflTA 4 ihort.1 Vurroert and Mechanic* Bank. 31}; 70 do Wilmington Rtilroad, I4|; 38do Farmera' and Mwchaaic* Bank, 3a; 08 do Manufacture and Mechanic* Bank, 16; t do Loui* Tille Bank, 81; 40 do Trenton Railread, 83. An i k Boahd?71 share* Manufactarer* and Mechan ic* Bank, 16; $J39 93 ICO State ft'*, S8{; $1100 do da 1864, 64; $200 do do lb?6, 64; $3600 do do Ada A 64; 10 *hare* Com'i Bank, 44J; $3000 T<nne*aee A'a, 1811, 81|L, AT EST HOITHEHNSHIP NEWS. Philadelphia, Sept 4?Arr Albert, Staple*. Trinidad da Cuba; Lodi, Baiter, and Cinderella, Burgeu, Bo<tou; Challenge, Park, Kail River. Below, Lucy Jane, aud Betaey. Cld Delaware, Benedict, Trinidad. Baltimore, Sept 4?Arr Pucahontaa, lliggins, and Tameliend, Lovett, Liverpool; Colchis, Kuiuht, Havre; America, ( Brem) Carstena, Bremen; Gazelle, (Br) Hunt. Antigua; Moutexuma. Kelly, Rio Janeiro; Ann Denman, Howe, Bermuda; Mary Wilks, Oalt, St Thomaa; Michigan,1 erry, and Margaret Ann, Hammond, NYork. Cld Tippecanoe, Gray, NOrleans; Millicent, Cole, N York. Bid Klise, Koch, Bremen; Coquette, I llemerara; Ocean, Boston; Mary, IVmambuco; Zenobia. New Bedford; Direct, NYork. Richmond, Sept J?Arr Elizabeth & Rebecca, Albany Sid Leontiue, NYork; Olivia Brickell, Jamaica. General Record. A*iiork.?A black brig wai teen ashore on Cape Antonio 11th uU. with both masts gone, by Capt Staples, of the Albert, at Philadelphia. She had shears up, discharging cargo. (K7- "CAN WOMAN KEEP A feECRE T V?" Why wcui 'stltbou so iad and dejected a look this morning, dear Julia 1" observed Ellen, aa the entered the room where Julia wa* awaiting in readiuesa to accompany her in a walk. " Oh, Ellen, I am >ad, indeed, but aa you are my friend, I will tell you the fecret. You anow that Maria L?; who was so much admired the other evening for her beautiful intellectual forehead, and flue ayebrowa,had a abort time ainceicarcely any forrheaeat all, but ahe has obtained something to remove the hair, and it ia, aa you obaerved it?beautiful indeed. She ia ao angry with ma that she will not tell what will do it and 1 nave inquired of all the Hair Dresaera, but without any aueceaa. Ob, dear, I shall loose my dear Fred, if 1 cannot find a remedy aoon." "Calm your agitated leellngs, Julia, and I will tell you the whole secret- A short time since my forehead was aa much covered with hair as youra ia new; my eyebrows nearly met, and my lace and neck was very badly Ireckltd ; a Iriend of mine told me, on condition of keeping it a aecret to myself, that Dr Uouraud'n Poudre Subtile, and Eau de Beaute, would remove ail auch obstacles to temule beauty, and, sure enough, they have done to; I obtained them at 07 Walker street, one door trom Broadway." " Ten thouaand thanka, dear Ellen; and we will not lose time in talKing about it, but go direotly to the btore." They did so, and, suffice it to aay, Julia returned from her walk a happy girl, and shortly after had the extreane felicity of pressing her dear r red to her heart, her own devoted husband. Directions in French and Engliah accompanying each bottle?$1. A PREVENTIVE FOR CONTAGION MAY be lound in Bherman's Campbor Lozenges.?They are convenient tocarrv in the Docket ami miv tw> taban >? nil timea with great benefit. They relieve headache, palpitation, and thoie dis mm which are incident to a long continued warm season in a very ihort apace of time, and invigorate the system in a wonderlul manner when aultaring under great exhauation or fatigue. They are aold only inb ixes at 26 cents each, at Dr. Sherman^ Lozenge Warehouse, 106 Naasau at. Aneala?110 Broadwoy, 10 Aator House, 927 Hudson at, 188 Bowery, 77 East Broadway, 130 Fulton si, Brooklyn, and 69 Ckesnut at, Philadelphia. $/-OLDRlDO?'d BALM OF COLUMBIA.?This is the only article that haa stood tlieteatof experience, and the demand ia constantly increasing, by a constant uaeot over 90 yeais. It keeps the head entirely free of dandruff, atopa the hair from falling out,and has restored it on persona' heads who had been bald 40 yeara, and over SO yeara old at the time it waa tised. It also is indispensable for a ladies' toilet, as ihe kair curls more beauuftUf ?' J stays lonxer in curl when dresaed over nighttmh it. It cau be had genuine only at 31 Courtlandt streetfit/ CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY, whether pro diiced (rem secret indulgence or the tff eta of protracted illness, is a^edily removed by the Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. Also, all firms oi dyspepsia, lassitude, nervous headacbe, and loss ol appetite. Sold in largo bottles, (3 each, tmall do 91, cs?t?of u?ir dozen $8, carel ully packed and sent to all parti of the Union. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office and consulting rooms of the College, 97 Nassau street. {&- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'S SPECIFIC PILL, for the cure of ^onorrkoon and gleet, are only to be had genuine at the office of the College oi Medicine and Phar rnacy. Fiom the fact of their being the only remedy now uiwd by the tegular medical practitioner, a more lengthened notice is unnecessary. Sold in boxes, containing one hundred pills?price $1. W.S. RICHARDSON, Afrent. Ollicc and consulting rooms of the College, 97 Naauu street. 0(7- TO THE PROFESSION AND THE PUBLIC. ??A teply to some attacks on Dr. Comatock lor an alleged breach of medical tthics seems to be oalled for or ex pected by his friend*. It i* asserted by the Dectort enemies, that, while he is a physician regularly educated in the Old State College ot PhysiciansTn this city, and a member of the Medical Society incorporated and governed by a law ot the Mtate, it i? con'rary to the established rules of Medical Ethica that he ahouId be at the head of a drug house that sella large quantities of what are callid Patent Medicine*? particular compounds, unknown in all their ingredients to the profession?the recipes b?ing a secret, Dr. C. admits the fact, and has to aay in justificationFirst?Physicians ol the most exalted learning, talents, and reputation, both here and in Europe, hare put up celebrated remedies,and kept the recipes a secret. For example?Dr. AberuUkyto remedies. Sir James Murray's Fluid Magnesia, for which he|waa knighted. In tbia country there are numerous cases of member* of the faculty in high standing who have secret remedies of their own, aDd whose names appear to the recommenda tionof others' Patent Medicinta. S-condly? All the remedies prepared at the Laboratory of Messrs Comslock k Co., 31 Courtlandt street of which ur. u. i* the j rincipal partner, are made under the inme diate inspection of a well educated and acientiAc physician?and observe there is no general "cure all," but separate and dlitinct remedy for each different and distinct complaint, with fall a ascriptions of symptoms and directions for me. And Thirdly? Besides their general uie in all town* and Tillage*, tbsy are aest to nearly every place in the wildrrueeses of our country where "the face of man ii seen or hia footstep* heard,"and are of incalculable value when there i* no physician at hand, or an ignorant, illiterate) and dangeroui one only to be found. La?tly?All physicians who have any intereat in the aloof medicine, mnit and do aell *ome article* that come under the head of Patent Medicine*. It ia impossible to exclude all such articles Iron* any good drug or apothecary store. Many other forcible reasons might be given, but the above w ould be fully satisfactory to the prolasaion. were th?re not mer> ot small mind', who envy the succes* of all whom they cannot overtake. Dr. C. advises his enemies to keep cool and Attend to tbeirown business, if they have any; and if not, he regrets it, but must pursue hia own course, regardless of their i-nvy and joaJonsy ,and in perlectgood nature with? himself at least, and well recomprn*ed by the patronage o( a generous and liberal community, will give to the poor any remedies or medicines their necessities may require, at the store 31 Cortlandt street ?N. Y. Exprtu. (XJ- PRIVATE" DHEASES.?A cure guaranteed. ?The College cl Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New Yotk, established for the suppression ot quockery, is now (repared to treat all diseases of a private nature, and offer to all thoae afflicted with these distressing maladies advantages not to be met with at any other institution in this country, either public or private. From the constant correspondence, and from private arrangements between the members of ihe College aim ton moat ? ineni proieaaora at the Medical Institution* of Europe, all the improvement* In the treatment of thete diaeaaea are forwarded to them long before they reaoh the majority of the medical pro'oa?iona of thia country. With iuch advantage*, together with the combined kill ol the flrit medical men of thla country, the College fed aati*fi?d that the good work which they have undertaken, "the auppreaaion of quackery," will receive the f atronage it dem-rvea from that portion of the public reHinting thir service*. Terms for advice, and all medicine*, $A. N. B ratient* living at a diatanca, by itatlng their di*. ca*e explicitly in writing, giving all ay mptomi, together with the treatment thev received elaewhrre, if any, can obtain a ehe?t containing all medicine*, with fall direction* for ti*e. with a guarantee of cure, by addreaaing the agent of the College, po*t paid, encloMr* $6By order. W 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. omce and Consulting Roomi of the College, 97 Naaaau . atraet. 017- THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, for the radical cure ol primary or secondary ayphilia.? Thia powerful alterative ii the only remedy now in u*o in the honpitala nl Paria, and haa entirely superceded the old unddeamictive practice o( raining the conatitutloo whilat curingthe disease. Sold in large botilea, ta rachj ?mall ditto, $1; in caaes containing half a dozen, $4, carefully packed and aent to all part* of the Union. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office and consulting rooms of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, Of Na?mu street. COM9TOCK St CO S EXTRACT OF SARSAPA RILL A.?This article warranted aa good aa any in the whole world, li p1tt at the low price of AO cent* per hottiei $4 per don n, that all clasaea can afford to us* {hi* celebrated medicine tor all complaint* ariaing from impurities of ?h? blood. Will the public now pay one dollor fer medicine no better than thia, when It can be had i t juat halt the coat 1 We will ana war for the public, No< To bo had only at 91 Courtlandt atreet. no- DR. l.AKE'8 STRABISMUS OOOOLE?lltudentJ and hmmti ol the Medical Faculty can examine the instrument from 8 A M. until f. M. during thi* week. Ofbce M White ?t, cast aide ef groa 1 way honey market. Monday, Sept. 4?0 P. M. An extraordinary ceriea of forgeries wu thia morning brought to light, cautiog a great sensation in the itreet. It appears that Messrs. Austin and Wilmerdiog, auctioneers here, have been in the habit of drawing checks on the different banks where they kept their accounts, in favor of their own cashier, W. H. Priest, Esq , by whem they were endorsed. The bank business was usually done by the assistant book keeper, whose name is reported aa Saunders, and about lSyearsof age. This young gentleman on Thursday last, being the day on which the Great Western sailed, forged and presented checks on all the banks where (he firm kept accounts, and as far as we learn, obtained the following sums Men'hanti' Bank 5,000 1'henix Bunk 5,000 City Bank 5,000 Seventh Ward Baud -3,000 Union Bank 3,000 Bank of America 2,500 Manhattan Bank 1,000 Bank of Commerce 2,500 Bank of State 500 Bauk of New York* '5,000 Total $32,500 Hiving obtained this, he proceeded to buy sovereigns at $4.85, and Bank of England notes at %t. He get 1000 sovereigns fiom Beebe k Parshall, and probaoiy as mucn more from other quarters. It it stated that about an hour before the departure of the boat, he appeared at the office, saying that he was from Ohio, and |paid $100 for a passag*. Fire dollars more was then demanded for steward furs: and in payiag it, it waa observed that he had.a large amount of bank paper, which he probably toon with him, having no time to buy sufficient specie. The reports in relation to the Mechanics' and National Banka were untrue?the firm kept no accounts with these banks. There waa very brisk demand on Thursday for sovereigns and Bank ot England notes, and the high rates quoted above excited suspicion. The young gentleman will probably be takes in England. The now* received by the steamer is of a very satisfactory character. Monty continues plenty, and cotton has again advanced. Mr. Horsley Falmer has again arrived here, probably in connection with businesa with the Maine Trust and Banking Company. I tne Board business waa very dull. Ohio's fell J and Long Island Hart'm 1}. At the new Board but little was done. A subordinate officer of the Phenix Bank lost his poeket book, which, however, did not contain much. The organ oi the "Fourierites" charges ns with an in. tentional misstatement, in relation to the period wlien the late national bank entered the political arena, and sought, by its moneyed power, to control the election*. We stated it to be 1829. The organ, however, states that it was in 1829. It is of very little impoitance in which year the work wai commenced, since it is admitted that it ?a* commenced. However, when we have time and inclii a tion we will inform the Fourierite, notwithstanding his querulous impertinence, ol the "little arrangement" which went on between certain pariki here and in Albany with|Mr. Biddle, which resulted in a publication, is "Noah's Enquirer," in 18i3, showing the aitute prot?clioniat that there may be something true, and yet w,t. out the aphere of hia information. He asks why the Bank of England doe* not mix in politic*7 A queition su(Hci> nt to rain forever hi* opinion a* an authority on the aubjeot f which he treat*. We have new entered upon anew year, aa divided by the cropi, or rather "the crop" of cotton. That which haa paised has been a yearol prodigious production. The aales have been steady, regular and large, at low prices, white the people hare exercised an extraordinary degree of economy hi purchases. Large payments have b?en made on account of debts, while but a small demand for money for new employments has been experienced. Money haa therefore accumulated at the great centres of trade until ita value in the market has fallen exceedingly low."This latter fact has caused the accumulation in some manner to cease within the last few weeks, by a natural operation of the exchanges. As the season progressed, the supply of bills, at all points, on New York, diminished and the price rose. The consequence is, that as money cannot be employed to advantage heie, persona having money to remit let it remain, in the expectation that the aupply of new bills will soon cause a fall in rates, which will enable them to remit at leu rates tha. now, concrquently do better than they could do with themoufy here. At the south the confi-Jence in a fall of bill* is so great that speculators are drawing at 60 day*, in the ex pectationof lower rates before maturity. With the new bill* Mid a fail in rates, a great deal of money will come to New York, and the more so, d* far lei* capital will this J , .U ... "If, ? 'nr inn pHTTPate OI C jUon than last year. As New Orleans is the great mar ket Tor domestic pro.luco, an J the business has there been mostly for cash, we may take the movements at that port monthly, for the past year, aa indicative of the progress of events over the whole Union. Rates or Stkhlimo Bills?Skiht on New York?Kitports or Cotton and Tobacco, and Receipts or Specie at New Ohi.eand Sept. 1842 to Sept. 1813. Exports fm Srpt. 1. Cotton Tobacco Sterling Sight Receipts of 1842. baiti. Kbit. Bills. N. York. Specie. August.734,101 62,046 2 *3 pin 3 a4 dis Sept. 1,749,267 68,().'.8 4><a5 " X*1 Pm Oct'r 1, 20.111 2,337 paraZ " 3 a3Kdis 1843. Jan'y. 374,331 6,882 3>{a< " X*lV" 4,699,021 Feb V. 480,6110 8,250 2Wa3 " Sal*" 3.237,736 Match 390,927 10,111 dii.fK* Ja " ?al " 3,772,727 April 731,421 12,708 3 a3SJ " 1 al^ " 7,264,322 M.iy 866,417 20,316 3.^aS " >^al pm 9,013,211 June 976,264 31,659 7ka8 " ?apar 9,382,215 July 1,039,354 .36,12a 7?a8 " ?a Hpm 10,100,858 Auk. 1,006,982 70,102 8&9 " 1 al>S" 10,368,621 " 27,1,085,605 88,986 8 a8* " Xal " 10,44)7,371 This nivts a pritty accurate view ef the progress of ihe trade. And it appears March was the lowest point for bills, although in the four weeka which elspied sut se quent to September 1, the rate* fell enormously. Since that time, New Orleans has drawn from the North and from Europe, near 110,000,000 of hard dollars ; and now at the time ol Ihe year when bills are again about to fall, not a dollar his been whipped. About (6,000,000 of the amount received has passed Into circ alation, affording a sufficiency lor currency purpose*. On this basis prices are now riaing as the new crop comes forward. The probability fa, instead of New York sending this year two to three millions of dollars South, that amount will go in goods, affording a profitable business to all parties?more se than carting h?rJ dollars from one end of the Continent to the other. The symptoms of this have already been felt in our market, in the preaence and activity of southern dealer*. Alabama is, however, now rat about to commence the specie plan, and her share of specie will probably flow towads her during the coming season -in the same maaner, but not to th* same extent, that the valley ot the Mlasiisippi drew its share last year into the bosom of New Orleans. The great West mast also have its share, und is slowly obtaining it. The whole country, like a reformed drunkard, is acquiring a sound constitn tion a ter the over excitement of a long cofctinued debauch has passed away. The exports of cotton from New Orleans, will probably not much cxceed those of th? year 1843, or J?o,noo bales, worth $7,780 004 less than las1 year. This difference, however, exists : Although last year's crop was very large, It sold for no profit, and its proceeds coming back into the country In the shape ol pecie, only reimbursed the capital expended in its pro duction. This year the amount of proceeds will be less but the resulting profit will tie greater, aa follows , 1,000,04t0 bales cost $30, sell* for the mm*. $10,000,000 750,000 " " $25 or $18, 760,000 #36 or 26,350,000 In tho former case, the planters have nothing to expend in gooila and supplies ; In the latter case, they apprrpiiata $7,600,000 to that purpose. The cost of cotton is this year enhanced by the duty on bagging and hale rope, or in other words an indirect duty upon exports. Yet the gene. ral cost of production has diminished with the fall ot all prices, and the reduced supply, with returning activity in the trade of England promises better prices. Sales at the Stock Exchange. $1065 N York 7'?, 1849 10ft 50 Manhattan Oas f? Ifiooo Ohio 6's, 1860 9?X ? Anb U Kochrater RR? 3000 do >20 02 25 Mohawk R R 36 V 8000 do 92V KM) Harlem R R tOO T>\ 2000 do 92 :i00 do ?I0 35 V 2000 Kentuckv 6's, 30 ys 97 V 200 do *30 36V WOO Illinois Bond. 34 V 150 do 1.60 35V '>000 da 3tK 200 do 35S 4000 do si 34 V 50 do 35), 3000 do at5 34 V 200 do slO 35V 1000 do 31V 50 Lon? Island R R 51 40 ?has Del It Hudson 101 250 do 51 ;i 150 Hioenix Bank 87 50 Stoningtou R R b60 32 50 Mutual Insurance 107V Secontl Board. Ot"0 6'? *3 92 50 Harlem RR bW 3SV If* Illinois 34 V 25 do hi 35'? .6000 Citv 5'?, I two 99 100 do srrt ;4iV 2<0 shu Harlem R R 35V 50 do 36V 35V 50 do 3iV M do blO 35V 200 do s3 35V New York Public Stock Exchange $1000 Ohio1860 92V 50 l?ong laid R R *30 52 loofl do 92)4 50 do U>0 6J'i IrtOil Illinois Canal 6's.'60 34 60 <|o b3 i2 8000 Illinois 6'a, 1870 34V ?5 Hatlem Railroad 30 1000 do blO 34 100 do btw 36 11000 do btbw 34 V 150 do b20 36 4000 do *30 33$ 50 do hi ?V 1000 do *3 34 75 do b*> 36 11)00 Ho b20 34 V 150 do ?10 35V 6000 do 34 V 75 do 35V 2000 do 31V 100 4o b3 34V MM do *15 34 V 26 do. 35'-, 1000 Kentucky 6's 97 V 25 do ? JJ W 26 *has Farmer*' I,n s20 21V 25 do 1,50 rtS, 2.6 do ?tw 2I?< 15k do b30 200 N A Trust ? ? do 36)J 26 Canton Co l?0 do ,10 30 too Long Islil R R s60 52 15 do hnv? 16 V 126 do 52V M0 do a 15 31't 92.6 ill* 52 50 do a 10 J* M do >30 HX SO do >30 n\ I and smcs now rule at 36 J o 37c. Sperm u scarce and held at 70c. The receipts of both are very small. New York Cattle Market. Sept. 4, 1843. At market 1300 beef cattle, (frtsb,) 200 (Southern,) 40 cows bud calves, and 3301 (keep and lambs. Pricks?Beef Cattle?The offerings this week large, and no material change in prices ; we continue to quote retailing qualities $4 80 a 6 16 a A 76, with a tew extra at $6. Cows and Cai.tfs?All sold at $10 a 36. Sh tr and Lambs?Sales of 2,100 at $1 to $S for Sheep and $t 60 a 3 60 lor Lambs. Freight*. WAfHiNOTOn. N. C., Aug. 31 To New York, per bbl, 30c; do Philadelphia, do, 80c; do Betton, do, 36c; Cotton, Jc; Lumber per M, $6a7. To the West ludies?Lumbar per M. $13 a 14. New Ori.kans, Aug. 36?There is very little doing in foreign Freights, but a lair amount tor the season, is oflering coastwise, at our quoted rates?Cot'on to Liverpool, per pound, Jd; do Havre, 1 ccnt; do New York $1 76 a $3 per bale; do Boston, $1 60 do. Tobacco, to Cowes, lie , per hhd 37s Gd; do Loudon, 37s 61; do Hamburg and Bremen. 84 a 36s; <lo Liverpool, 37s 6<l; do Havre. 33a 6d; do New Tork, $4 76 a 6; do Boston, $4 50; do Philadel phia, $6 a 6 60. Sugar and Molasses, to northern Ports From the coast, per hhd, none shipping; from the city, $3 60 a 3. Bacon, to northern ports, none shipping. Pork, to northern port*, per bbl,63jo. Flour, do do 60c. Lead, do, per ton, $4 a 4 60. Married. On the 3d inst., bv the Rev. Henry Chase, Mr. J. D. RPutmah, ?f New Yoik, to Miss Mabv A. Roberts, of Ohio. On the Sd instant, by the Rev. T. I. Sawyer, Mr. Charlks Hills, ot Staten Island, to Miss Mart Bisskt, of this city. On Sunday evening Sept. 3, by the Uev T. J Sawyer, Mr. Of.oroe R Bond, Esq., to Miss Josr.rHiNc, youngest daughter of the late John Carpenter, all of this city. Died. On Sunday night Sept. 3, Mr. JoaerH L. Hoyt, aged 67 years. lii* friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to ntUnd his luner?l this day (Tuesday) 6th Sept.,at lour o'clock, from his late residence 333 Spring strett. Yesterday morning, Frank Dawks, infant son of Ro bert H. and Hannah E Elton. Weekly Report of Interments In the City and County of New York, from the 26th day of AuKuit to the 2nd day of Sept, 1843. 41 Men ; 30 Women ; 75 Boys ; M Girls. Total 107. uiskaski. Apoplexy, 2; Asphyxy 1: Caucer, 1; Casaultiei, 2; Cholera Infantum, 30; Cholera Morbus, 3; Consumption, 36; Convulsions, I'J; Croup or Hires, I; Death from Poison, I: Diarrhoea, C; DrOMT in tne head, J; Dropsy ill the chest. 2: Drowned. 2; Dysentery, 10; Enilejisy, 1; Erysiiielas, I; ftver billion*, 2; do puerperal, I; uo irmillpjil, 2; do scarlet, 4; do typhoid, 1; Hooping Cough, 3; Indigestion, I; Intlamatlon, 1; do of brain, 11; oo of bowels, 14; do ol' chest, 1; do of lungs,I 2; Inutility I; Intemperance, 2; Jaundice, I; Lues Veueria, 1; Malformation. 1 ; Marasmus. 1G; Organic disease of heart, 1; Talay, 1; Small Pox, 1; Teething, 2; Ulcers, 2; Unknown ,1. age. Under 1 year, 72; 1 to 2, 37; 2 to J, 10; S to 10, 3; 10 to 20, 10; 20 to 30, 20 ; 30 to 40, 23; 40 to 50, 11; 50 to GO 4; 60 to 70, 4;70 to 10, 3. flacks ok nativitv. United State*, 136; Ireland. 28; England, 1; Scotland, 3; Germany, 6; France, 1; Denmark, I: Africa, 1. Of the above, were from the Hospiul, Bellevue, 14; Lunatic Asylum, Blackwell's Island, 3; City Hospital, 1; Long Island, 5. Colored persons 8. WM. A. WALTERS, City Inspector. City Inspector's Office. Sept. 2, 1843. PAUcnseri Arrived. At Boston?Steam ship uritanuia?Mr Strong, Mr Simpson, Charles Irzminger, New York; Kev E Neville, Mrs Neville, Philadelphia; Mr Watson, Mr* Watson, James Maslerson, Mr* Mastersou. Mrs Peters, Mr and Mrs Welch, Mrs Whittingham, Miss F. Whittingham. Mr llosenbaum, Master Joseph and Miss Itoseubium. Win F Schollield, Mrs Scholtield, Mr? E (Pollingwood, Mr Hammersley, W 8 Tool% J W WalUck, Capt W A Silencer USN, L Spencer, Miss La Hi lard, (j L) Post, J A Post, MrRobbius, F Henry, Sam I M'Llelland, Fdw Bossange*, Juo Ferguson, John Smith, Mr Rogers, John Cieagh, Mons Boursaud. Mr McAlistcr, Mr Coldwell, Horsley Calmer, L D Tetus, Mr Gaines, Mr Marshall, O W Farnham, Mr Lubrow, C h Hamel, A Emanuel, Commander A Bigelow USN, Sherman Convers, John Kenrick, Mr Mellisi, H Casper,.! Bouniliice, Mr Cockshutt, John Bryant, P Locut, Mast Fdw Masterson, Hannah McUraw. From Liverpool to Halifax?Miss Lock, Miss Ellen Sandifer, Mrs and Miss Johnson, P M Smith and lady, Mr Calhoun, W C Clayton, Mr Powell, Mr Blackburn and lady, J C Mair, Mr Stevenson, Mr Lother, Rev J W Gray.? From Halifax to Boston? Win I oung, Simmonds, Perkins Fanning, Byers, Bunting, Jackso'i, (irimu. fin tmkn?Barque Johan (leorg?F W Schmidt, H Folk, A H Orlott, larly and 3 children?79 in the steerage. Havana?Barque Rapid?Jacob Bonnet, New York; Robert Sawyer, Jamaica; Alfonso Bazire, Spanish Main. Puungen Sailed. Havana?Ship Norma?Messrs McMillan, Bradley, Sparrow, Rumple, and Miss Biart, of New York; Mr Uurguis and lady, France; Francisco Loyuas. Messrs Howard, Valdivia, Lagerez, Williams, Ritardo, Hendou, Heckeverria and tw<j servants, Havana. Foreign Importation* Br?:.min?Barque Johan Oeorg?6 bxs C O (lumber?GOO do Henschen It Ukkart?6 do Brustlein, Koop Si Co?10 Meyer St Stucken?14 Noltenius St Pavenstedt?29 pkgs Bechtel Si Dreyer ?18 C N Vorwick?11 ltolker St c<>?8 lteimer It Meeke?2 C D W Lilliendahl?16 C Ahrenfeldt?460 E St T Popiie?4 Rodwald St Didier?33 Henschen St Unkart?22 S St H Kohnslamm ?5 W Radde?1 csk 1 piano C H Schneider?1 box W llolbertson?8 J V Ernenputsch. ijiTKnruoi.?oaniue u??na??wu tons coal 200 tacks salt 69 tons dale S l'homiaon?10 crta mdse VV Wheelwright. Rio Janeiro?Brig Montevideo?311 hags coffer K Dp? Arts 17 A Riddell?1 bo* Goodhue St Co?2789 bags coffee 3 boxes to order. Sr Jaoo?Brig Topaz?80 lihdi sugar 492 bales tobacco 6 lid* Thompson It Adams?10 hhds IS hags sugir A A Samatios. Havana?Banjul' Rapid?683 bis sugar M Taylor?8 ckt linseed oil J P Beauville?50,000 segart B M Picabia?95,000 Lillie Si Ratines?32 balea tobacco H de Zaldo?93.000 tegars L Brainson? 10,000 J K Rodriguez?120.000 PAH Renauld?10.000 M de Puga?25.000 PA Horn?130.000 J Manzanedo?9.000 J Hunt ^co?12,000 F Ranrk?60,000 Urosbeim h Schriber?100,000 J atthews St co?2 balea deerskins Boncliaud St Thebaud ?12 do nNlse K Burckle?201 do tobacco Logan k. Tuguet?6 Iwles J P Beauville. Pa a A?Brig Washington's Barge?821 bgs cocoa 174 bis India rubber shoes 1 do sheets 7 bbls tapioca 42 bktt anuatto Allen It Pa*ton. Domettlc Importation*. Nr.w Orleans?Ship Milo?8 bales cotton Holbrook It Nel son?42 De Peyster It Whitmarah?107 8 Little? 52 hds tobacco Spofford It Tileston?29 Aymar k. co?4 J J Moore?14 Havens St co?179 Boorman, Johnston It co?61 R L Maitland-3 L Adams?9 Storms, Dubois It co?11 A G Corhrah?5 do 107 his hemp 20 pkgs Crocker, Hill It Warren?7 hlids 1 boi 11 St. J It Murray?16 hhds 14 bbls Howes, Godfrey It Robinson?24 hales moss ttoberts It Williams?7 boxes J K Hyde?2 K Foitaae?6 iika Bebee Brothers?II bales cotton M Lack?20 bones 4 bales Matters It Markoo?60 tcs castor oil Lee, Dater It Miller?491 sacks wheat Hubbard It Chenery?26 hhds 3 pkgs 4 tcs 2 bales Brutllein, Koop It co?178 bales cotton to order. Moiiilk?Ship Olive Si Kliza?80 bales cotton H Ballon?8 H D Mabee?101 S Judd St son?10)', Bogart It Kneeland?100 S Anderson?39 Holbrook It Nelson?84 Andrews Brothers?153 to order?860 sks salt to matter. "maritime herald. Sailing D?jri of the Steam Ships. rHOM LIVERPOOL. noN AMERICA Britannia, Hewitt Sept. 16 Ship Masters and Agents We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Rorert Silvkt. of our News Fleet, a Report of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and any Foreign Newspapers or News they may ha?e. He will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Cor respondents, at nom? or uroaa. wi n also cooler a favor by ending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will b? thankfully i*c*ivfd. PORT OF IfKW YORK, NBPTMNBER It ivn * SI I mooi* ?,T? 2 16 Ul? * B|HI?H??ti? J Cleared. flhipa Lou'M, Leatilt, Nfw Orlwuia. Wm. Nelaon: Jamra Kdward, YValxtfr, do, Hunlon k Kro?t.?Banju* IduaiiA, (8w) Motx-ru, Juhucd. Wm. Wfia??r,?IIriKj Wamimuoaa, < olaon, NrtiviUn, HailK'T Perk; laaac Mc?d, Thorp, Mohilr, Dunham h Dimon. Hortftlia*, Jom-i. Norfolk. Neamitli, Lr.?l? Ik Co.? Schra (tlidr, Mwan, Porto Riro, A. B.Cooley It Co; B. Pmni. atm, Bowen, Pctmburg, do do; Tjrro, Arty, Warwick Ri??r e Va. Bruit k Vow; J. W Kemptou, Otbarn. Norfolk, Storge* j k Clearman i Arrived. I Hamburg ahip Howard. Paulaen, It >la>a from Hamburg, i with md*r. to Schmidt k Balcheu?132 |>a*a?iigera. Ship Milo, Chick, (of Portamouth) 31 daya from NOrleam*. IS diya '>11 the Bar, with indar. to order. The ateward died on th IMUMMC. Snip Olive k Eliza, Marahall, M day* from Mobil*, with cotton, to master. Barque Ovando, Nichola, 59 day* from Liverpool, with coal, kc. to Neamith, Leeda k Co?112 paaaengera. Bremen barque Johau <?eorg, Oeerkru, 49 day* from Bremen, with mdae, to Oelricha k Kruger. Barque Rapid, Ward, from llavana, Aug. 23, with augar and aegara. to M. Taylor. Brig Montevideo Itiddell. from Kio Janeiro, July 21. witli coffee, to maater. Barque It. H. Douilaaa, and brig Leader, >kid juat arrived from Baltimore. Brig Waahint [ton's Bargi, Appleton, 23 days froin Para, with I cocoa, kc. to Alien k I'aiaon. Brig Toimz, Val|iey, 21 day? from St. Jago de Cuba, with *ugar, to Thompaon k Adama. Brig Orlnaua, Mayo, II day* from Havana, with molaaae*. to order. Schr Anaconda, Kull'ord, 8 day? from Oeracoke. NC. wi " uaval tores, to Bryant k Miitlantl . Sohr Judge Hitchcock, Lewia, 8 dayi from Newbern, M< with naval atorea, to maater. Schr Bounty, Hunter, 7 daya from Newbern, NC. with naval itorra. to De Peyater k Whitniarah. Schr Kegulua, Cole, 8 daya from Newbern, NC. with naval atorea, to E. I) We?t. Schr Sterling, Taylor, 9 daya from Newberu, NC. with naval atorea, to maatei. Schr Weymouth, Couch, l daya from Richmond, with mdae, to Allen k Paiaon. 8chr Win. Oray, Jarvia, from Waahington, NC. and 7 daya from Ocracokci Bar, with ahinglea and atavej?bound to New Haven. Schr Ann, Latourette, from Baltimore,with tlour, to Johnaon k Lowden. Schr Mary Jane, Law rence, from Suffolk, with shingle*, to maater. ncnr i neron, .Micltcl, Irom I'hilitUelphin, with cotl, to i'ladale i Schaack. Sclir Bergen, Cole, t days from Petersburg, with flour, to J. Hunter. Nrlir Sainl Klwrll, Fluhart, from Suffolk, with ahinglea, to mauler. Sclir Jame* B. Ur>|uhart, Wamble, from Smithfield, with staves, to master. Sclir Win. McOlaauey, Bates, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, lo mastt r. Schr John M. Clayton, Horn, fiom Virginia, with wood, to mailer. Schr Clotilda, Valentine, 3 diy? from Virginia, with wood, to master. Srlir Augustus Lord, Pitta, from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Sclir Sophronia, Fountain, C day? from Lubec with plasWr, to muter. Sclir Sagadahock, Simpson, from Machias, with lumber, to maater. Srlir Wm. Pann, Foster, C days from Machiai, with lumber, to master. Sclir William Wallace, G days from Thomaston, with lime, to master. Sloop Brazilian, from Virginia. Below. One ahip, unknown. Herald Marine Correspondence. Office or thk Rhode Islander, I Newport, Sept. 2. 1843. J Arr Auk 31. Rienzi, Durfee, Providence for NYork; Sept 1, Siroc, Field, NYork for Kastport; Mary Ann, Mayo, Macliiaa for NYork; Wave Holbrook, New York for Portland; Wave, Hopkins, do for Bath; Brutus. Kobbiua, do for Cape Cod; Abbathula, Kelly, Philadelphia for Boston; Maasaaoit, Brown. Fall River for Albany; Beuj H Field, Vangitler, Providence for Philadelphia; Henry, (.Jibbs, Sippican for <lo; Lark in, Churbuck, Wareliam for do; Constitution, Richardson, Calais for NYork; Charity, Kelly, NYork for Dennis; Juno, Stums, do for Providence; Amity, Ash, Bristol for NYork. Sid Maaaaaoit, Albany. SchrCandace. incorrectly reported aailed 31st for Albany, ia hound to Baltimore. Sid 2d. Siroc, F.astport; Franklin Green, Draper, Kingston, Ja; Wave, Portland; Wave, Bath; Abbathula, Boston; Brutua, Cape Cod; Constitution, NYork. Ueneral Record. Cuiiiavem, Aue. 7.?The F.mpiro, Swaaey, from New York, got ill contact with the brig Ornen, yesterday, near Blankeneae, and damaged her aaila; both veasels afterwards ran aground, but have come off, and are at anchor. Kliineur, July 30.?The McLellan, Hartshorue, from New York to Stettin, sot on shore on Falsterbo, 27th silt., but waa assisted off without apparent damage, and proceeded. Liverpool, Aim. 14.?The Rieuzi arrived here from New Orleans, paased the wreck of a ship, waterlogged, aiip|>osed the Ohio (Am) on the 13th ult, 130 miles S by W,of Cape Antpaio. Plymouth, Auk 2?The Adam, Traub, from Stockholm to New York, which put in here 31at ult leaky, ia di'chargitiK to repair. Wr.KFORD, Aug. 7.?The Sheltnalier, Murphy^from Quebec, which got on tiic L>ong uaiiK, mii-nuy, cameon mis morning, after discharging her deck load, and put to sea, and ha* not yet returned to the Bay. Public Sale ok Vessels at Philadelphia.?Terms? Half cash and the balance in 4 months.?Brig J Cohen , jr.? burthen 149 22-95 tons, built of best salt water white oak, at Bridgeton, N. J. in 1817, copper fastened and locust free nailed, carries 1400 barn-Is?$3500. Brie Cohansev?burthen 193 tons, carries 1630 brls ; limit at Bridgeton, N. J. in 1839, of Jerseywhite oak, copper fastened and locust lree nailed?$5800. Spoken. Osceola, Child*. NOrleans for Rotterdam, Aug 12, lat 29 19, Ion 87 12?by the Olive & Kliza, at this |>ort. Win H Talinan, 4 days from Norfolk for Barbadoe*, Aug 30, lat 35 57, Ion 74 52?by the same. Margaret Hugg, 43 days from Amsterdam for Baltimore, Sept 1, lat 38, Ion 73 10?by the Topaz, at this port. Catharine, Berry, hence for Charleston, 1st inst. lat 39 9, lou 74?by the Milo, at lhis port. Sea Eagle, of and for Boston, from St Petersburg, July 7, lat 39, Ion 45?by the Johan (ieorg, at this port. Foreign Porta. Antwerp, Aug 3?Arr Neva, Bowne, NOrleans; 6th, Frances Ann, Jackson, do; 12th, Laurens. Smith, do. Bremen, July 28?Arr (leu Veazie, Couillard, New Orleans; Aug 0, Sun, Miner, N York. Brv.wershaven, Aug 3?Arr Ann ti Mary, Jackson, New York. Beachy Head, Aug 10?Off, Inez, Long, from Virginia for Bremen. Bordeaux, Aug U?Arr Talma, Cayol, NOrleans. Clyde, Aug 3?Arr Lady Mary Fox, (talbrailh,; Ouiana, Smith, do; 9th, Warsaw, NYork. Cowes, Aug 14?Arr Alabama, Merrill, Virginia; 12th, Jas H Shepherd, Kedman, NOrleans; Alice, Colby, NYork; 5th, Geo llallet, Howes, NOrleans. Chhistiania, July 27?Arr F.nigheden, Paust, Charleston. Doikr, Aug 10?Off, Columbus, NOrleans for Bremen; I4tli, Oiann, Freeman, and Diana, Baetjeu, do do; Ida, Barlman, N I nrK iui ui.vk.Mj.. Deal, Aug 15?Arr B Bulilen, Mencke, NOrleans lor Crimen; Leontine, Wieting, New York fordo. Sid 8th, Velasi-", Choate, Boston: 10th, ltoscius, Millet, do; Stag, Pearson, do: 14th, Spring, NYork; 15th, Siberia, Bartlett, Boston. Elsinore, Aug 2?Arr Aiigustiue Heard, Farley, Boston for St Petersburg; Hindoo. Grauberg, NYork ibr Stockholm. Fai.MOUTH, Aug 7?Off, Lady Colebrooke, McLean, froi ' Mobile; 10th, Caroline. Volckman, for lireinen Ghavesend, Aug 16?Arr Heudrik Hudson, Moore, NYork; Hill, Tyrone. Spear, and Martha Washington, Steveus, NOrlenns; 13th, Brooklyn, Jtichardson, Virginia; 8th, Quebec, H<bard, NYork. Sid 8th. Switzerland. Chadwick, do. Girondk, Aug 12?Arr Edouard, David, NOrleans. Oihr alt a n, July 20?Arr Ten Brothers, Crawford, New Orleans. Sid Aug 1, Juanita, Vela, Nlork. Genoa, July 30?Arr Hhode Island, Church, Mobile. IIavke, Aug 12?Arr Iowa, Lilies, N York; Mary Kingsland, Weare. NOrleans; Jupiter. Carter, Charleston; 9th, Archelaus, Kandell, NOrleans; 8th. Kmerald. Howe, NYork; 7th, Robert Isaac, Apalachicola; 5th, Norfolk, Boston; 4th, Chainpiou, Variu, Charleston. Sid 7th, Ontario, Barstow, U States. Hamrumo, July 29?Arr Industry. Atzer, NYork; 31st, Ottilie, Lange do. Helvoet, Aug 5?Arr Urania, De Jonge, NYork. Havana, Aug 23?In port, Binney, Thomas, of Boston, for i,own, hoi hi ; vronsa, jewni. mac; r.iiiworin, L.011K ,01 dosioii, do; Adeline, Linscott, from Bath, do; Mary Clare, Weeint, I'm Mobile, do; Thos Bell, Miller, from and for NOrleans, soon? others n-|iorted later. Livkkpool, Aug 18?Arr Wm St Elizabeth, and Clinton, N Orleans; 12th, Rienzi, Smith, and Tropic, Robinson, do; Ayr hire, Mobile; Iltli, Superior, Apalachioola; Hoscius, Collins, N \ ork; 10th, Franconia, Jones, and Lord Sandon, Welsh, N Orleans. Off |?ort 19th, Shenandoah, from Philadelphia. Sailed 18th, Nile, Johnson, NYork; Howard. Callan, Savannah; 17th. Sharon, Purrington, New York; 16th, Birmingham, Kohinson, Charleston; lith, 1 allahassee, Neale, NYork; Hth, (l.irrick, Skiddy, do; 12th, Sobieski, Oay, New Orleans; Htk Oosaypinm, Brown, do; 10th, Neator, Mosea, Boston; Thos P C'oi*. Miercken, Philadelphia; 7th, Pontiac, Parker, do; Oruziinbo, Marcy, NOrleans. Loading 19th. Leila, lligcins, and Alexander, Leeds, Baltimore; til Whitney, Hording, and Alabama, Wood, Boston; Catharine Fiazer, Fish, Bristol, Kl; Fortitude, Libhey, anil (;on<|ueror, M'Auley, Charleaton; Kcho, Sill; Atlantic, Mailett; Amazon, Bachelder; Metoka, M'Larn; Oeonriaua. Toole; Hampden, Cowan; Fanny, Bisson, and I '-atou, Fitzsimmons, NOrleans; Hudson, Page; Liver lialley; Mersey, Tucker; itapiiahaiiiiock, Drummnnd; I lleury, Delano; Montezuma, Lowlier; Ohio. Putmaii, anil Virginian, Allen, New Vork; Hockingham. Penhallow, Philadelphia; Robert Parker, Dwixht, Portsmouth, NH. Cleared and ready for sea, Oxford, Rathboue, NYork; Heury, Siller, ( harleaton; Venice, Bright, Boston. Lizard, Aug 13?Off, Virginia, from NOrleans; Caroline, NYork for Bremen; 9ih, Blixlen, Soderstrom, NVork. SIarskili.ks, July JO? Arr Adua, Sherman. New Orleans: Commerce. Allaiu, Virginia. Sid 8th, Abby Baker, Pratt, N Orleans; 9tn, Megunticook, Mayo, do. Maraniiam, Aug 3?In port, Malta, and Deposite. Napi.cs, July 12?Arr Auomino, Boston; 30th, Palladio, N Orleans. Plymouth. Aug 17?Off, F.liza Thornton, Paterson, New Orleans for Amsterdam. Palermo, July 12?Arr Francesca, Villa, Boston. Para, Aug 9?No American tessel in port. Port Spain, Trin. Aug 17?In port, Clinton, Kilburn, from NHaven, for Bonaire in 2 days. kochkllk, Aug 3?Arr Billow, Berry, NYork. Shields, Aug 9?Arr Xenophon, Rochester, Boston. Sid 16th, Henry, Noyes, NYork. Swi.tkmu.iiik. July 26?Arr Sirius, Schmidt, NYork; Z7th, Mc Lei Ian, Hartshorne. do. StLroMnt., Aug 9?Off, Lag range. NOrleans for Bremen. St Petersburg, Aug 1?ait St Petersburg, Wittman, New York St Thomas, Aug 2ft? In port, Caroline k Mary, Hinins, fui I Boston, for 1 urks Island, in t days; Viola, Lane, from Boston, disg; Mary Augusta, Kirwan, fm Baltimore, do; 4'oamopolite. Morgan, do do; Maria, Somen, from Ouadal<>u|ie, disc, to sail in 2 nays; Harriet Weivel, Beman, from Bottou, via Demerara and Martinique; Mary Willu, Gall, from Baltimore, to sail same day. Sr Jaiio dc Cuba. Aug 13?In port, Sarah Jane, for Boston, 4 days, Adelaide, and Monsoon, just arr. Truest i1., July 19?Arc Hercules, Dmrborn, Mobile; An* 4, Jacob S W.ilu, Howlaud, NYork. TiHKtiioMt, Jnly 31?An Kmily Wilder, Brown, Nrw York. T?.tr.i., Aug 8?Arc Herald, Waits, Baltimore. Titiclivmii Aug I?Arc Forth, Howieson, Charleston. Lake Porta. Bt'rrato. Bart 9?An Lniaftoa. Anderson; lndapemteace, Stive; Hidi.l'v Perkins; Kagle, Montgomery; Kit* Trader, Karl; A Window, Nickeraon; Owananfah. Montgomery; Kuggles, Woodarsoi.; Teias, liawkina, and Ocean, Chase, Cleveland; W Trader, O'Connor, L Sandusky: Kentucky, IVrry, Maumm and Toledo; C Walker, Harding, Chicago; Reindeer, Davison, Huron. Home Porta. Hartford, Sent ??Ait Speaker, Tucker, New York. Bid F.agle, Francis, do: Mary Elizabeth, Strickland, Albany. PHii.anr.i.rHiA, Sept 4?Arc Cluce-n Victoria, (Br) Tucker, Tort Spain, Triik Baltimore. Kldridge, Win M Hogers. Harding; \Vm Pitt. Baker,^ and Wave, Crowell, Boaton: Charleston Packet, Crowell, Providence; Win Brown, Bumpus.NBedford; Vulcan, Smith, Albany. Below, a brig supposed the Kdward Blikc, Cole, from Havana. ( Id vandalier, Berry, and Vesper, Hopkins, Boston; Martin Van Buren, Leighton, do: H (i King, Dc VVolle. Barbadoes; Kllen, Tyler, Middletown, Cl; Meaico, Tomlin, and John Clark, Collins. NYork. Ai.r**m>RI*. Sept 2?Arc Maryland, Smith, Liverpool; Pliebe k Klita, Oaborn, and K.dgar, Wools ton, NYork. NnaroLR, Sept I?Arc Mary Jane, McMath, and Vermillion, Waldo, NYork. Cld Odessi, Coffin, Montevideo. Arc pilot boat Tally Ho. Sprague, from a cruise. reporta Schiller, bound to Bremen, and Com Warrington, for La Ouayra, went to tea yesterday. America, from Bremen, and Pocahontas, Higgins, from Liverpool, went no the bay yesterday. YVashikito*, NC. Aug 24? Arr Waldo, Bowden, Naton; I aitli, Marcia, Durau. do via NYork: 27th, Kalrigh, St Pin- i lidelpbia. Pamlico, Fullbrd, Boston; Martha M Fowl dal < w.irk; 29th. Smith, Wheeler, Boaton; 30th, Time, Maakias, I NYork. Cld 25th, Superb^ Crockett, NYork; 26th. Washing ion, I'iK'H, ?ui. aiuo, DQwani, ao; win, oomer, Ireland. NYork; JUt, l'amlico, Kiilford, and lUkik'h, Stn.irt, N York. ! ()< naroitr Ban, N( . Am 17? Rid Julia It Nanry, Anaron- ] d*. Thomaa Wynn?, Bounty, Mary Jane Silaa Crane. Jntlice Hitchcock, Penererance, Kimberly, and Wm Wy, N York; J. * Otn, and (Meaner, Boaton; Atlanta, NBedford. Arr Brilliant, NYork. Oi.oaor.TOWJf, 8C. Aug X? Arr John Hill, Bnrm, New S*va*n an, Aug SI?Sid O B Lamar. Hanneinan, NYork. t Nr.w Om.*an?, An* W? In iK>rt. Alia*. Prince. Livenxn,,; ,, Brown, do: Colombo. Conn, Bnaton; Mope. Soole, , unc; Jane K?m, Merrill, Philadelphia; Momoon, Snow, Bo*- i ton; Ni?!irille, Peml>erton. Ilarre: Palmyra, Scobie, Boaton; , t'hariali*. Bradford. Antwerp; 8t Leon, Whitin*. New Yorkj V i. k?l>?r?. Berry, ao; Klwrvier, Orant, Richmond; Helen Mar, , Thorn**, New York; Kilby, Mai<, freight or charter; Nahaut. | Oray, ditfi Tarquin, Irwin, do; Theodore Korner, (Breniou) ? Bnugwnu. uuc. Coainugaiii, Felt. Boaioa, DumW, ( lark iiig; Delta, Hinckley, do; Oani.i. tioule. Baltimore; (iuadette [Span) Maten. mie; Lancet, Hofftei. Charlettoa; Lime Rock Auld. uuc; Pilgrim, Philbrook, do; T Street M'Conuell. do; William. Johnaon, Boa ton. RKWA RD?Lo?t or atolen, on Saturday, 2d Meptemi}P?JW her, in going from Park Row to Front ilwt, or in or about the Park, two |I00 nfttra on the Western Hoik of Philailel|>hia. A note addrea ed to M. N , at thia office, will rrceive immediate .intuition, and tlie reward paid on recovery i,l the money. *J_3t r , lO/tO J OH I AH I. ITCH will kctu re ?m" the " Fal I of ? lU'it) Babylon,'1 or the Downfall of Rome, thia evening, 1 at the apacioua llali lately known at the Frank I in Theatre, 1 (' Square. liervicea to rommeiicr ft half-paat 7 o'clock. lt*y_ ' ' Mil I III l!i IIU' .4 IJ IIL' V (<U>\11V .. HI .. L... ??. 1 near Hamburgh, having died, his ion Francis Nicholas C.opman. who sailed for New \ ork ten yean alio, ii herewith ? r-o , ! to call .hi Messrs. BURLAOK Ik HURTKR t ' 't*" 30 New atreet. " -I'mi. Ii ij.t? *..r Patent Mangle*.usrd for smooth- * *" 1 'I hey entirely ?ui>er?ede the uh of iron.ui, xuii |'ut a Oe.iulil'ul {loss on clothes. kc. They are a laborsaving machine, a* one lemale with the Mangle will in on* day *J do as much work as ten lemale* will do with the smoothing irons, and without the aid of fuel. They mav be seen in oiieration at the principal hotels in the city. They will Ix sold at 1 greatly reduced prices by .. DUNCAN U WK9T, 4 Litile Oreen street. V au3l lin*m near Liberty street, N. Y. j, flTANTKD?By a young mail ol' Prepossession personal ap- C1 ? * iwnrance, a Partner for Life. 1 he advertiser, although a native, haa resided but a few mouths ill this city, having s|>ent most of his life in mercautile pursuits in th? Kast Indies and South America; having no near cnnneiions and but few acquaintances, haa therefore taken this channel fortheaccnmplish- n ment of his wishes. He is desirous of uuiting himself to an & American lady, not older than himself? 27; one who onssesseaa good Knglish education, correct principles, and amiable dispo- " sition. The advertiser has a sufficient com|>etency to render any reasonable woman satiated. All communications addressed to T. A. H., Upper Poat Office, will be considered entirely con- i lidential. au2B lw*m J A YOUNG LADY, who has received a good Knglish edu- a cation, who understands embroidery in all its branches, and has been accustomed to teach, wishua to obtain' a situation in a country hoarding achool for young ladies. Address, post 1 paid, M. L. T., office of the Herald, New York. au2fi lm*r " NKW HOI'V DKLAWARK BR1DOK <*0 NOIKS | wanted at o'? t*r cent discount. au30 lw?ec JOHN DF-ANK. 02 Wall st Handsome apartments, with board may behad on application at 411 Hoiiiton str.el?the Miitire second c floor, which i? spacious and ill good order A few double and r single rooms may alio be obtained by applying u above. si 'm*r PLEASANT AND AIRY ROOMS, with pantries attach- ' ed. large enough forsleepiing rooms, to be let at 369 Broad- . *vay, between Franklin and White street*. Breakfast and tea ! furnished in the rooms, if required. an 29 2w*r 1 day boaroin0. GENTLEMEN taking their meals down town, desirous of 8 securing day board in a private family, where the table is supplied in the best style, will find it to their advantage, (and far preferable both as regards comfort and risspcctibility, to a j public eating house,) by applying at 204 Fulton street. Two 1 or three gentlemen can be accommodated with full board. I Terms moderate. st luir p NITED ANCIENT ORDER OF DRIMDS.-The Olfi- ? cers and Brothers of Washington Lodge No. I. United Brothers Lodge No :t, and Old German Covenant Lodge No. 5, are re<iuesteil to inect on board the steamboat Passaic, foot of BarClay street, on Tuesday, 5th inst. at before I o'clock, P. M. to accompany the Grand Board of Directois to Newark and assist -t them in opening the Jefferson Lodge No. 6 $ By order of the M. N. G. A. 1 I 2fr JAMES ANYON, G. Sec'y. o INDEPENDENT ORDER OF GOOD FELLOWS?The J A following Lodges meet at II o'clock, P. M.:? Constitution Lodge, No. 1, Tuesday, at 300 East Broadway. Washington Lodge, No. 2, Monday, at 300 do do j Jefferson Lodge, No. 3, Thursday, at Brooklyn. New York Lodge, No. 4, Wednesday, at the Shakspeare Hotel, comer William and Duane streets. aul4 lm?ec THE MEMBERS of the New York Vocal Society are respectfully informed ih't 'he first meeting for practice after the rece-s, will tak- place on Wednesday, Sept. 6th, at half-past j 4 o'clock, at 117 Houston st. 5 lt?r F W. ROSIER. Secretary. MR HEN llY RUSSELL res|>ertfully announces his iuleu- , tion to give a vocal entertainment oil Thursday Evening , uevt, Sept. 7th, at the Apollo Ssloon On which occasion he will have the honor of presenting to the public a variety of his favorite compositions, romi'lsnig? "Tne Dream of 'he Hevellcr," "Our way acioss tl-e Moutani, ho, ' "The Newfoundland 1) g," " Our native song," '"I lie lvv Green," 'The Gambler's Wife," "The Ship on Fire," "I'm Afloat," "Ifl had but a housand a x-ea ,"&c Mr. Russell will also introduce the newly invented Fonda Horizontal Piano, containing the Iterant Itochroiul action, manufactured by Joseph Kirkmnn -V Son, ol London, and used by Mr. Russell with so much success at his concerts at the Hanover Square rooms. Cards of admission 60 cents. To be had at Hewitt's,Atwill's, and Dubois & Bacon's Music Stores. The entertainment to commence at 8 o'clock. s5 lt'r rpHE NEW YORK LEGAL OBSEKVER-Just publishA ed, No. 14, Vol. 2, containing?Sketches of American Law- ' vers; the late William Wirt,Attorney (ieueral of the U.Stales. The History and Practice of Injunctions, art. Vl. Practical Points; particulars of demand; account stated; wages; repor's. C hancellor Walworth's l.onrt?Henwick et al v. Cooper, administrator and revivor uiioii api eal; Bodine et al, v. Edwards et al;application for re-sale ol mortgaged premises; jurisdiction; I release of sureties. '1 he People ex telit. Backus v. Spalding, discharge under the bankrupt act, no release ol imprisonment 1 for contempt. Vice Chancellor Snndford's Court?Kusaell v. Kinrey et al, parol defeasance of mortgage. Court of Common rie.ii? Lambert Hyatt et al. ilt-miirr-r; plea puis darrien continuance, miscellaneous, ice. Published semi-monthly at the office 42 Ann ilreet, N. Y. Terms? $1 [*t Annum in advance. SAMUEL OWEN, *5 3tis*r Kiln or anil Proprietor. "CITY HO I EL ON and after the lit of September the charge* for board and lodging at thi? hotel, will he $2 rer day or $1'? (K-r week. The subscriber ii prepared to make arrangements with fa^ili"* and single gentlemen for the wint'r moii'hs, uiion re.isonsble terms. CHESTER JENNINGS. j5 Stjrc _ ___ QTOCKB BOUGHT AND SOLD ON COMMISSION. ^ and Collections made on all parls of the United Stale*, by VVM. h. JNO. O'BIUEN, 16 Wall street, under the Mechanist' Bank. Southern and Western uul B?nk Not?? bought and sold. s2 lm*ec PACKET MillP OCMULGEE fronTNew Orlean. is disctiar.'ing at the (Quarantine, Staten Island. I iic -vs will please attend to the receipt of their goods. PA' Kt ! Slfll* UTICA, for Havre. Passengers are reijuesie.l lo Ix on board, nier No. 3 N. R., this uay. Saturday, 2d inst. at 12 o'clock M. when a stmuier will tow the ship to sea. The letter bag* will be taken from the usual places at 11? o'clock. BOYD k H INC KEN. ?2r 9 Tontine Building. BEEF?By the side or quarter, for sale at all time*, at the Slaughter House of John II. Preston, three doors from Third Avenue, (east side,) iu 2filh street, ol a mi, -hit quality, and delivered at as low rate as can be bought in the city, for 1 cash. JOHN R. PRESTON. au2i Im'm ' HAVANA SEOARS?The undersigned are receiving per Cristoval Colon anil K.ipid, 80,IMH) Havana Segars of su- j perior quality, such as La Norms, Asturiana, I.a Kama. Caaia- t lores, and Coustsutia, being the most celebrated brands known, and oirer them for sale at low prices. * OROSHEIM & SCREIBER, s5 3tec 78 W illiam street. HOMMONY ?The subscriber having received a lot of (lint ' Corn from the South, will lie able lo supply what customers vi ill apply, at the New York Hire Mill %?ith fti-iW ground i Unmmony and CJritti. Also, Hard Rice anil Rice Flour. TilOMAS BAILEY. Agent, f New York Rice Mill, coruer of Jefferson s4 3t* r and South its. a CJUOAR?100 hhds prime New Orleans Sugir, in store and ' & landing. For sale by E. K. COLLIN;) tk. CO., i sir X South street. ( \TANILLA BEANS?1st, 2d and 3d qualities?3 cases, just ? received and for sale, wholesale and letail, by ' ti llr JA8. S. ASPINWaLL, 86 William st. PwRTUliUSr, FbMALK PILLrS rPHESB far-famed and celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are we ' A l^rn'ive, to be ob?"'""*' ?* ? ennutry See advertise; m"?r on the l,?f cnlne* ***** i :UIK 'ViOi r WONHK* FoL K." VirUY i TN the world is Winn's Irish Vegetable RELIEF CANDY. for immediately removing the following diseases?bowel , complaint, cholera morbus, rheumatism, |ir.iii in the head, side ] and h<east, scurvey, dyspepsia, spitting of blood, astnma, ' whooping cough, intlueuza, coughs, colds and consumption. ( Fot sale at 44 Carmine st, 2?7fe and 4)6 Broadway, and 14 Divi- . sionst. ABNER HITCHCOCK. s5 Imeod*m Wholesale Agent, 101 West St. , IHOitft'S COMPOUND bXlHAtTuTUAPAlBA AND MaHSAPAKII LA. i A Certain, safe and most effectual remedy ever discovered for the cure of Oonorrhoa, Gleets. Strictnres, Whites, Pains in the Back and Loins, Seini al VS eakness, Affections of the i Kidnie*. Oravel, Scorbutic Eruptions, kc. 'l'he high estima- ; tiou and enormous sale this mcdicine has obtained for the last > four vears. is a certain criterion of its immense utility ; it has | acquired lite utmost fame iu every part of v uro|>e ; it has been , eiaininrd, approved of and sanctioued by the faculty of medicine, and recommended by the most eminent of the profession. Prepared by J. B. Thome, chemist. London, and fur sale wholesale and retail, by JAMES TARRANT, 266 Greenwich street corner of Warren street. Also, at 2 Park Row and 618 Broadway, 163 Broadway, 414 Broaaway comer Lispenard street, 3A9 Broadway coiner of Walker street. aul9 2wis*m QHOWER BATHS?Portahls Shower Baths 10 cents apiece for sale by the manufacturer. ? J? . EST, iitj riuuaon ?irm. Shower Bitlu of mr/ description Tor tale by ilia mauufac toier, W. W?l, 109 Hudson it. *19 Imw'K I U PIANO KOK ' ? *1A N U FAl/TU H^MS VOU II* reapect/ully twjueeted to rail at IM Nautu street, * and examine a specimen of nam* plates, tr*de by a nf? proem, which excel all others in beauty of Mi(nriii| a'id imlimi i of fimah. Besides, they ran be iftnulrd much cheaper than hereto*! #, if a large number ia required. I Carriage Maker's name plate* alio executed in a atyla that can't be surpassed. t W. L. ORMSBV, IM Naaaau .Cieet | N. B.?Manufacturer'* I.aMs, and Engraving and Printim generally promptly executed cheap?very enaap. al lm*r , KOR NEW OK LEAN 8. Louisiana and New York Line? Positively Firxt Regular Paekrt? JUHbTlw faat tailing packet ship ill NTSVILI.t'., ( ain. K. Cornell, will Mil aa above. Kor freight or paaaage, i having handsome funnahed accommodationa, apply on board, e at Otmai wharf, foot of Wall street, or to > E K.COLLINS kCO., M South at a Agent* in New Orleans, Hulin It Woodruff, wha will promptly forward all gooda to their addreaa. ti The packat ahip MISSISSIPPI, Captain C Hillard, will IMMWIW HwMwlll>. BN roll LIVERPOOL?fogalar packet of the Tth nf J WT*VV Sejiiember.?1The splendid>iew |?cket ship ASHBURTON. buitlien MOO tons, Captain Henry Huttleaon. will aail aa above, her regular day. Having very au|ierior accommodationa for cabin, aecond cabin ami steerage passengers, ]?rsons intending to embark should mike immediate J application on board font of Maiden lane, or to the sulweriber. J JOS. Mc.Vll'RRAY, 100 Pine ativet, a comer of South. The above ahip will be succeeiled by the very splendid packet i< ship Stephen Whitney, Capt. Thomson, burthen 110" lona, 10 r sail on tne 13th Sepfniber. Persona sending for their friends can hare them brought oat by the above ahip, or any of the regular imcketssailing from Liverpool on the lat, 13th and 26th i>l every mouth. .... . . I Draft* will also be given (in aums to suit the convenience of p those wishing to remit money to their friends) on the Provin* || rial Bank of Ireland and all lU branches throughout the king- o lorn, payable at sight. Also, drafts p?yal>le in any part uf Eng and, Scotland and Wales, by applying aa abore. s<r |? KOR MA I ANZAS?tint Vessel?The fait Mil- J KTUV'ff I**ul?r hng FRANCES ASHBEY, Ran ? MMMKa-lall. matter. having tlie greater part of her cargo enja?:'"?r and going on board, can vet take the bulk of MO bbls , p or which or pataags. having handaome accommodations, apply u m lioard, at iner 12 E R. or to b si I wee JOHN J. TAYLOR, 41 South st. l/ri 'OH SALE, or City Property *.11 be taken in K?- I ] -2 C ge?h ive new two story House*, with modem im- I : "ments, eligibly situated on tlie corner of Waahing- J n am1 N. w In tlie city of S-wark, N.J. The are M IOW occupied l?> good tenants, id producing at the present Jo<v .1* ate of rents aeveti per cent. $3ihH) oftli. purchase money can ?| emain on bond aud mortgage for a 'erin I years at t>M. " r" *" luirt'd. Vor particular*, apply to f 1?- ubicriber. lo< Also. toReut, and poaamaion ? diately, lb.' two ?e itory brick House 144 Kvtnkliit alnsti. ? r order, iniI a t imAll family will b? r^??tr?l low. ? - 0,^1^ lk c 4 au3l iwurc UEUKW t. PAlPE, m ?r?PW?r- ( AUCTION SALES. THOMAs BELL, Auction.* BY BKLL fc. HOWAHD~ ( Sttrr*I So U *inn itrett and 113 Fulton Hrtsi.) WEDNEHDAY. Large *ale of splendid furniture, of all descriptions, at l#Si i cluck, in tin utf room*. THURSDAY, iil l? ?t fuluw, '?w? Thursday, at I ha mum boar, ?ill take place tlie already anuounced sales of housa*. land*, itocka, Ut Inil MU1?, III" ?ny description. On Thursday, aa iDoer, Will Iw nffrird several valuable farms iu various placaa, ome splendid property > > Slug Sing, lu-. Particular description at th* sale rnunu. Titian alway* n&rintna. k'RIDAY, I r111"^ o'clock at the auction room. Lyxe sale of eUgaut wasoiiable dry goods, comprising staple uid fancy English and domestic dry good*, hosiery lie.. in lou 0 *uit families and purchasers. Alao, the stock of a me, chant Uilor, remnauta of elotha caaimeras, vesting?, trimming*, Ike. Also, a variety of fancy and pledged articles. Also, 2 trunks ladiear and gruilemeu*' wearing apparel a uantity of jewelry, kc. ' BENJAMIN MOONEY, Anctione.7 AUCTION NOTICE?Watches, Jewelry, Mathematical a. Insrruinrnta, ?c.?B Mooney ft Co. will sell this day. at 1 o'clock, at 1)1 Maiden Lane, a fine assortment of Watch*, I'welry, Ik.c., viz?gold anchor esca|iement, duplet lepme and 'ver watches. Also, silre/ lepina and l?T?r watche*. Also, riftocal do. Also, eagle clock*, from 31 hours to eight days ruu. Also, Mathematical and Surveyor'* Insirumanta, Spy (ilaaa I, ?r. ... Also, gold and silver jewelry, consisting iu |>?rt of hog* nga, watch keys, broaches, breast pins, mil, ear drop*; studs. Alan. a line assotttnent of ?toffed bird*, in glaaa cim aud injly. ' atalogue* arc now ready. li lt*m II. II. TIMP8UN, Auctioneer. JAKDWAHK AUCTION AND CUTLERV SAI.E.? 1 Jacob 8. Plan'. Ninth Regular Kail Trade Hale of 4M cask* n<l tola Hardware, Cutlery, American, Ifrrmin and other ooda, will take place tliia day, at IU o'clock, at the Marchant'a 'lichange Auction Hooin, No. tl Piatt atraet, conaisling of aad rjiia. wrought uaila, coil chain, aledgsa and liammen, anvils, aid ?helf goods generally. Alio, every deacriplion of lablr knives and forki, pocket and enkiiires, aciaaora, raior*. *lie?-p ihearj. shoe knives, lie. Alao, Orrrnan ailver table and tea s|>oona, kr. Alao, at 12 o'clock, l.'iti pair American manufactured ahovli ud tonga and |>okera. Alao. 1IHI Berlin inanllna and fendeo. ag 'leaant descnptiou if good*, to which tlie attention of builder* *ud dealer* i* dlected. Alio, 51 Yankee Clock*. Alao, 5(10 card* pocket and penknives and atiaaor*, razor*, ke. uitable lor pedlar* and retailer*. N. B ?All good* advertised undar auction head will be found n the catalogue, and will be peremptorily aold to the highea* udder, and no limited good* will lie received. Catalogues and aamplea are now ready. For the information of country purchaser* the tales will he rafter tie regular on Tuetdayaanil K ridays throughout the *easo?i. ) It*in A UCTION NOTICE?Tiowbridge V Co. will sell this fa- mo'iiing, Tue?day. at 10 o'clock, at their tales room 3M I roadway, wiues, liquor* and segara, consisting of Madeira, 'ale and Brown Sherry, Port, Claret,Muscat, Hock aud Chamaigu Wines, Coguac, Uupuy and Seigoett Brandy, PiixvaopU iiu" wan Giu, Jamaica aud atCroix Kutn.Moiiougahela Whi*ey, 8cc. Alao, a choice lot of Regalias, Priucipe, Lanorinas and othar mar*. *5 lt*m A UCTION IS OTIC K?Catalogue Sale of New and Second V Hand Furniture?Charlea J. Smith will tell thi* moruiug, lept 5th, at hi* ?uction room, 292 Broadway, at 10 o'clock, a urge and desirable assortment of city made furuiture.couaiating d 7i> 3a and full French chairs. Windsor, (lag ana uie seat do, mahoqtny Boston and cane rockera, mahogany nil cmrry luiarosei, writing desks, plain mid tufted sofas, ola-bedsteads. marble top centre tables, plain and dressing lureaus, rich cut glass hall lamp*, astral do, oil punting*, fcc., lie. Catalogues now ready. i3 lt*ae BERLIN <'AHT I HON KRAMK.S, VENDERS AND SUMMER PIECES?-At the auction house of Jacob!. Piatt. 21 Piatt street, Kill be sold on Tuesday, ith mat, a fin* usortinent of frames, fenders and lummn pieces of superior manufacture. s4 2fr SLOOP AT AUCTION.?The sloop IRIS, burthen 49 tons, with her boa', tackle and apparel, will be sold at public suction on Tuesday, the ith of September next, at 2 o'clock, afternoon, at West port. ?2 4fr henry flatt. FOK S A fjK AT PUHLIO AUCTION. The rahway manufacturing co. win ?n at public Auction, on 17th August, at their Print Works, iu llahway, N. J., all the machinery, and movable pra|ierty of the company, consisting of printing and engraving machines, ml lenders, cop|ier cylinders, dye 3op|iers, dying and bleaching apparatus, steam boilers, steam engine, 21 horse power, with 4 boilers, 2 fire engines, 2 (latent balances, iron safe, hydraulic and common press, large and small slide lathe, with complete let of turning and boring, and blacksmith's tools, an assortment ?f imported steel, and new and old iron, a quantity of drnps initable for calido printers and dyers, tuba, casks, and large cia'.erns, stoves, tables, benches, kc. Catalogues of which may be had on application to Mr. Philip Ttussler, at the Print Works, or of FERGUSON k. WALKER, ivlS lm*r 31 William street. - OA STAT EN ISLAND FERRY, foot Bg-^*r^rr OF WHITEHALL BT.-The steamboats W? V ^ aT a Ti'm ISLANDERand samson will run as follows until further notice Leave New York ?, 9, 10, 12, 2, 3*. 5, S. Leave Stateu Island 8, 9, 10, 12, 2, 4. 5, 6. All goods shipped an' lequiied to lie particularly marked and are at the risk of the owners thereof. si r .Mfl GRAND FISHING EXCURSION TO THE SKA BASS BANKS-OFF SANDY ^ HOOK.?The steamboat SUPERIOR. Capt. John Gould, will leave for the Fishing Banks on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week, landing at Fort Hamilton each way. ('ant. Peacock, with his harpoons will be on hanil. A splendid Band of Music is engaged. Co tillion and other lUnces on board. Bait furnished on board, gratis. Places of calling?foot ofChambers street, at I o'clock: Amos street At inst "i ' anal street ^ past 8; Catharine Ferry, Brooklyn. 9; foot of Pike street V past 9, and pier No. I Battery. % past V. On returning at half past 6 oclock, the boat will call ai the above places and laud passengers, and on these occasions will be accominuiied with chambermaids. Refreshments on board. Fare for the Kirursinn SO cents. Children half price. The Sii|<erior will make her excursion to Harlem every Sonday as usual. s4 6t*r \PEOPLE'S LINE OF STICAM BOATS flr^Qf"3*EPR ALBAN Y?Daily at T o'clock P. M.? Ji?Jl Jr Through direct? From the steamboat pier Wtwei'u Courtlandt and Liberty streets. Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNICKERBOCICER.Capt. A. P. St. John, will leave Mouday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at seven o'clock. Stmnbost ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will Intta Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. At J o'clock P. M.?L Hiding at Intermediate Pisces. Steamboat AOltTH AMfcHICA. i apt. M. H. Iruesdell, i ill leave Monday, Wednesday, triday, and Sunday sfUiloon, at S o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard "ill leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at Are t'clock. Passengers taking thu Line of Boats will inrariablr am re IB Ubany id ample time to take the Morning Train of Can for ha nut or waat. T!ia above boata arc new and substantial, art famished with laat and elegant State Kooma, and Cor speed and iccomaoda" ions are unrivalled on tha Hadaon. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schaltx t the office on the w harf. < V t:.N O'CLOCK "mornino link a^5^3?KOR ALBANY, THOY, and intermediate X>>>^KaK-Lajiili>igs? From the ateamboat pier, at ttte 'not of Barclay atreet. Breakfast and Dinner on board. Leave* New York?The Empire on Monday, Wednesday ind Friday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, it 7 A. M. Landing at?Caldwell'*, West Point, Newbnrgh, Hampton, Poughkeepsie. Hyde Park, Rhineback, U. Had Hook, Bnatol, Catakill, Hudson, Coisackie and Kinderhook. The new low preaaure steamrr EMPIRE, Captain 8. K. Roe, on Wednesday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, An* IS. The new low preaaure ateamex TROY, Captata A. Oorham . an Thursday, at 7 o'clock in the morning. Aug 13. Kor passage, apply at tha office, foot of Barclay streat, or oa board. Notice.?All Goods, Freight, Baggage, Bank Bills, Specie ?r any other kind of Property, taken, shipped, or pat on board the Boats or this Liuejnust be at the risk of the owners of aueh toods. aalCr Jweri i?a* INDEPENDENT RKOULAR OPPOSIfl_^TWLg3?TION NIUHT LINK FOR ALBANY It dalCLTROY?Through Direct, without Landing ? [ he commodious and substantial i team boat PORTSMOUTH, Japt. O. House, will leave New York from tha foot of Barclay met, on Mondays, Wednesday* and Fridays; and will leave Mliany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesdays aud Thursdays, sad v 111 continue these trips lor the season. Freight taken at reduced rates. Apply on board. P. H.?The a bo re boat has undeigone a thorough repair, and ia n first rate order. >1 lmBr .Mfl MM SEVEN O'CLOCK EVENING LINE g^g-Sjafor ALBANY AND TROY direct, without Ian ding?the splendid low preaaure steamboat SWALLOW, Ca|>tain A. McLeau, will leave the foot of ^onrtlandt street every Tueaday, Tnursday, and Saturday ivenini^s, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. ... unnnwiT ><u m im?r UUDIIJCI Ul lUW IlWIIU.UlU IU( l|mU uid aecommodationa i? not aurpaaaed on the Hndaon. *ni rr ji regular oppo5itutrttok BRjiTON. via Newport and provj. mL DENCE?Fare to Bo*toil >2 M; Deck $1 Ml no charge lot Berth*. Newport uiil Providence $1; Deck M cts. The fait tilling .tea.nboat CURTIS PECK, Ceptaia Win. H. Peek. leavee Catharine Market slip, tul River, ?v*ry Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at J o'clock, P. M. For paaeage or freight apply on board, or to A. d. peck, MA Hi null at; anA Iw'w .MM ~JI NEWARK AND NEW YORK?Fare oil I v 1214 Cenu !?The splendid ateamer PASZ^JBLSAIC, after Juna 5th, will run aa followa >^i^retheloot of Barclay icraet. New York, at M A. M., and Le? ve* the foot of Centre ?tr*et, Newark, at 7X A. M , and mdlH P M. The accomaodationa both for pasaengera and freight hare een graaily improved. Freight carried at rery low rate*. Jylt ln>*ec .MQ NKW "ARRANGEMENT FOR 1 SHREWSBURY?Long Branch. Saudr Zaw^iK^E-Uonk, Ocenn Houae and Eatontown Landing. The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Captain John r. .'orlif*. will now run aa followa, on and after Thursday, J7lh list leaving New York, from the loot af Robinaon maac venr Tueaday. Thumday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock. A. kC ind Eatontown Landing on Monday, Wednaaday and Friday, t 10 o'clock, A. M. The Shrewabary will ran aa above, weather permitting, aail further netice. All baggage at the riak of UM ownara. Fare J7W. centa. N. B.?Stagea will be in attendance to convey paaaiagati mm the aforeaaid landing placea to any part of tie county earn led. Tlie Shrewsbury will go the inner pasaage, whaa practicable. ielir tig- FOR LONDON-Packet of 10th SepWber Tbe jWV'Plendid faat sailing packet ahin MONTREAL. Bfilfa*'apt E. O. Tinker, will tail on her regular day. aa oove. 1 hit thtp hat eery commodioai accommodation! for cabin, n-ond cabin and tlrerafe paitengart, who will be taken at raaonable ratea, if early triplication be made on hoard or to W k J. T TAPS* OTT. 43 Peck Slip, comer of South ilrwt. Whfff alto patianret can bf **ngaf ed from Lund on ami <ire pool in any of the packet thipt, <u>o dr?ltt for any amoaac ayahV on demand without durount or any other charge, in all lie pott townt of England, Ireltnd, Scotland or Walaa, can b* btained on favorable trrmt. W OISPAT" H LINK H'K NKW OHLK.ANH? WSfWRegnlar P^Ker ol t|-e 10th Sept - he Ant cUatuack BfiAb t ?nip Vf:??'ASAIw, biirth-n MO tuna,Capt Harlow. Hit puaitirely tail at alj>?e, her regular day. Her accummnil I'lom for rabm, aecond cabin and <tear^a MMngera. are not turpatted b> any neaaal in port. Peitoua in iidmg going tonth thould mike immediate application on Iiaril at Pine ttreet whorl, or to JOSEPH McMURRAV, t5r !<*> Pio? ttreet. comer of Mouth. IIP FOR SALK>?The well known copi<ered and cop. Wfypftl iittneil thip SYLVANUS JKNSlNS. Sej m. ur, tiMKa outer, burthen and remitter 517 tout, earn * loo,WW . ol cotton from Mobile, wat hnilt in thia city by .Him organ for Samuel Hickt k Co. uuder the iutprcuoa of Joei. Macy?her apron transom and top timtxri of lire oak and L int?hat if,Hiding and running rigging in good ot4cr?baj w m wta four yeart ago?it well adapted for a whaler, Ua\ iuc Ine roomy deck. Liea at Dover ttreet wharf Her inventory n be wn nt 51 William ttreet Kor terms, apply to a !? ( jy.Natuajn oui?t> x eg. u Willi** ?u Second Board. E&uUmobCo bli 15 24 Harlem KK JiK a iUrlein R R 35ft 50 do 35* M <lu blO 35# S tote of Trade. Wtmrnatoit, N. C , Aug. J|,? Hijr, northern, for 100 pounds, 7<t a 80c. Lumber, p?r M, pitch pine scantling, $10 a 1J; do heading, 14 a 16; do ship plank, 1-2; W O do, JO; do flooring board*, 16 IT; do weather do, 10 a 14; Shingles, cypress, *ai?, 1 60; do do building, 3 60 a 8, R O hhd Htavea, ? a 7; \V O hbd do, 10; do bbl?, 0 a7; Naval Stores?Turpentine, near, fcl ho a I 95 ; do eld, iw i fui av Kri|ir, wo iw , ajiirim 01 1 urpenune, Sal, 96*37c; Rosin, bbl, 30a 36; Tar, do, 96 a 06; Pilch, o, 80 a $1; Bright Varnish, H a J Sc. A?hks.?The <)em?ud Tor Pots is improving. The tale* rule at |4 37J. PearU are rather quiet. The talea are trifling, price* continue at $6 31 J. Cotton ?The market continue* very active, and sale* to lone extent are daily made Price* are very firm and peculator* purcbaie, very sanguine o( advice* from Eu repe of a very favorable nature. fri,oua?This article is in a very fluctuating stale The late new* was a damper to speculators, ana the uncertainty of the tenor of the expected advices, has compleU ly unsettled their calculations. Many dealers are giving refusals of large lots, lor a certain bonus, which, under the existing state of things, is the salest and surest mode of speculation. The new* bv the Britannia will settle the question decidedly, and although the last accounts reported very fa vorable weather, still the crop was fast being l>enetited to a great extent. Fine weather a lew days belore h*i vest, cannot effect the result. It is in the earlier stages of the growth of the plant that the ertect is seen, felt, or required. It is our imprestion that flour in Great Britain will I each a price high tnougb, before the close of the season, to permit profitable shipments from this country at the present quotation* here. The sale* of Genesee, yesterday, in this market ruled at $4 81}. Ohio and Michigan 94 76. Otiio, round hoop, $4 The Southern brand* are withaut alteration. We do not vive quotation*; for the market is so very dull,that they are contidered merely nominal. The demand forwlieat remain*! without alteration ? Salt s ef the new and old varieties, are made at 96c. a $1, according to q'tality. The receipts ol corn are large and the stock is tar greater than the prnient demand. We quote Northern 67$ a 80 CU. Southern 67 a 68 cts. Rye is gradually declining, prices have reached fli^ a 63 cts. Provisions? Beef and pork have not improved either in pness or demand. Our former quotations are still cur rent. No chtuige in any of the otner articles included under this head Hat ?This article continues in good demand and prices are well sustained The wants for shipment are very limited. We quote prime 46 a 47c, for city consumption Inferior sells at 40 a 43 cents Whiiikt?We quete for drudge 33 cents, with trifling sale*. The demand (or barrels is very limited, sales at 93}a 24c Oil.?A lair demand exists for Crude Whale without a sufficient supply to satisfy it. Prices are still advancing

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