Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 7, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 7, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX., No. 32<V?Whole No. 3547. PASSAGE TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL, AND REMITTANCES TO GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. >&i$v >Hlv Pack^^iuffiuK ou ilia ^^^^Tlth. tttli of each moulh. , . The subscriber coutinum !? ei.gaite | aurail"' to aoa ir?tn <}. ! Britain ami Ireland at ihe !ow?t rates, by the regular ... . ...? ..w a ..a rn t?mir mnnrv to their uitudj can have drifts payable on demand without any ch>r,f. L >i In Kng land - Mnii. Bult. Snn 8c to bankers, l.onu u; Messrs J. Darned & Co. Eschange and Dncount Bank, Liverpool, which ire payable it .ill the principal banks and branches thr "ughout Fngl nd and Waif*. In Scolaud?The Kastern Dank of Scotland and branc 01; 0?*hocw Bauking Co. in Glasgow and Greeiio k. Ireland?National and 1'rovn.c al Hank of Ireland ai d hrauchand iu all the principal towns throughout the kingdom. JOHN HKRD.MAN, 61 South strent, dT near Wall street. PASSAGE"/ROM ENGL AN D* I ? KLAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES. m. m m m. about leiming for theirIrietidTlu the OldCouiiiry cau make nrrangemems with th" subscribe' to hav? thein freu ght out on the most vtvantag-o'u terms, in fir it class American packet >hips, sailing froai Liverpool every fue days Mr. Win. Tappsci tt, one of thr firm.having gone to Liverpool to superintend the re. di g out of paisengers engaged by them, 'hey cau confidently assure th ir friends and oheis about tna'uiig such Erring-inerti, that everv proper attention w ill be paid by him to th- comfort and qu ck despatch of those wlioie passa.e i?ay be engaged at their office. d Arraugi meniscaii be made with the subscribers to have passengers urouyht from Cork, Waterford, Dublin, Droghfda, Dundalk. Itedast, Londonderry, <<la<gow, 8?c. by way of Liverpool, and with a certainty of their esperienciog no delay at the Utter port. H'hru those sent for decliae comir.g, the passage money is promptly refunded, as usual. For further particulars, apply (iflby Ittier, po?t paid,) to W St J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck slip. New York?or 16 WM. TAPSCOTT, Liverpool. PUBLISHERS' EXPRESS. [lii/ the authority of the Post Office lkixirtmcnt.] KOH THE THAN"PtlRTATION OK NEWSPAPERS. MAGAZINES AVD PAMPHLETS, Belw en New York and Wa&hii g'.ou City, (D.C.) via I hi I idrlphi , Wiliniiigtr.n auil Baltimore?The subscriber rf* _ISK3E_Ji*vii)g made arranaemeuts, he isXmICE. no* piei>.ind to forward Newspapers, Magazines ?ud Pamphlets from New York to Philadelphia, W ilmiugto.% Baitmore ami Washington,and back, frcm either city, bv the Mail Train in th Nlail Car, and under the charge of the Agi o's of ihi" P"st Office Department, on their respective routes from eacn city. Tli,*>nt will l.? nf . r? t ..Iv,m Ir. , ?hl..h>n tliei' alien's, ami the readme c mmunity. ai their pack*g?s will be delivered at th e rliest moment alt-r the arrival of the mail train at racli citv, and in advauce of any other soca'led ex| rp??, and before it is powib e to get them through the regular mail. For furllier P'.r'KuUrs, terms. Sic. enquire of JM'KGE-8, NTRINGKll & CO. New York. G. B ZIKBf H, Phi'idel hii. HER\ TAYLOrt. B>l'imoce, and W. l'AYL )RSiCO. Washington, D. C. W. TAYLOR, No. C North street, Baltimore, Maryland. N. B.?Under tV?i? arr ncement the franking privilege is entirely abMish'd, and no Paper or Magazine "ill be f>r?arded ar.d daiivrr d unless ( aid for, and it uiust be understood that no let er or private correspondence will b? lorwardtd through the Publish-r?'Kxprtss. and should any rne conceal the-ame iu tr?ir newspapers and maudzinei they will be dealt wi'h according to the laws of the Prst Office D<p>rtmeut. d6 3ir x'ACKAGES FOR NEW ORLEANS. THBOUOH IN FROM 10 TO 15 DAYS.? ADAM ? & CO. lnviug had their arraugements -WcyBHft in succeesful operation for several mouths ir< .Jj^K-HSL-Pfepaivd to receive and forward tri-wrekly package* twr New Orleans, hy the central route iu 'he above unpre ceden ted time. For further information please apply at the office, 7 Wall street. N B.?Packages for nil the intermediate cities will be deliver ed iu much less time than by any other line. d5r ~V|ILL PEOPLE'S LINK. OK STEAMttOAT* fl2l5?jL?3sFOR ALBANY AND INTERMEDIATE LACKS-The steamer NORTH AMERICA. Capt. M. H Truesdell, will leave as above at 5 P. M. on Thursday and Satnrday. Tli-COLUMBIA. Capt. A. Houghton, will leave as above at 5 P. M. on Wednesday, Fiidayanu Sunday. For p?isige or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. SrbuUr, at the office on the whatf. d6r jtjfT- FUR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 11th ?fSV!Vc.-1 lie splenoid fast sailing packet ship 8AMJnttflfiiUEL IliCKS, Capt. Bunting, burthen 1000 tons,will sail a? aooie her tegular day. Her accommodations for cao n, second cabin and steerage passengers, are splendidly fitted upfor the comfort and convenience of passengers. Persons wisinue to embark should make early application on homd. foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, d7e? corner rf South. FOR NEW ORLEANS?'I he superior fast sailW*.TJPVing ship SHARON, Capt. Thompson, will be des jWboli?a!>*<che4 on til* 'O'h inst She haa excellent accommoUuiio a lur cabin second calm a>id steerage passeng* rs. Tlio e wishing to secure berths will r noire t<> mike early application on board the ship, at pier II E. It. O'd slip, or to JOH.N 11ERDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall street. N. B ?The splendid picket ship Ohio, Capt. Lyons, will be despatched ?n Jhr 15th inst by which passage can be engaged at th> lowest ratei, ou application as ab'jve. d7ec KOR-NKW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New fclvl^SV York Line?Positively Kirst Regular Packet of Dec. Jiaiilfainth?The fast sailing picket barque <?KNl SKE, t.H.'t. Minitt, will positively sail as above, her regular day. li or ("reinhr or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, crto E. K. COLLINS St CO. 56 South street. Shippers by this line may rely upon having their goods correct iy measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hullin & Woodruff, who will [ r mptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship Hontsville, Capt. Cornell, will succeed the Oei.iuef, and sail the 2btl> Dec., her regular day. d7r ' rtfi; ~ VoR~ LIVLrPOoL?NKW ~LINK.?Regola": klWPV Packet of 2Sth December.?The splendid packet it' SI UDONS, C?pt. E. B Cobb,of liiw tons, will tail as Jiove.lier regular day. tor freight or passage, harm* accomiiodaiious unequalled fjr splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, footofWaJI street, or to E. K. COLLINS St CO. Price of passage, $100. 56 South strew. The packet snip Sheridan. Capt. Deneyster, of 1000 tona, will succeed the siddons and sail the J" th January her regular day. Passenger* may rely upon the ship* of this line sailing punc tually as advertised. d4ec H OR LOv DON?Hegular Packet of the 10th DeWHfVcember The splendid packet ship TORONTO, JHw ! Jap-. Cirlswold, burthen 1000 tons, will sail as above, Iiei i>gut?roay llrr accommodations f r cabin, second cabin and pas.en.ers are u< turp.nH by any vessel in port. Persons wishing to embark shnnld make ear'r application to the subacribcr. JOSEPH McMUHRaY. '00 Pine, d6r CO-ii'T of South street. OM.Y TIKOULAR LINK KOK NKW OKwHf?y.LKANS?1'he following first class packets will sail rMMTiwI Tin-linlly ni iHt nisril weather permitting or pu sage fre?, vii The LOUISA, Cai*. Leavitt.on the 5th Dec. The GKNKSK'K, <'a,t. Minott, on th- Kith Dec. ' The accommodations of these ships for cabin, s?cond cabin and steeriute passengers. are mch a* cannot fail to euiure every comfort to pajneusen during the voy&fe The ships o! this liiie have now commenced their regular trip*, and will nil punctual every five days throat hout the season. Pa-sengers raav tlwrefore rel> on not being detained. The price of iwsssg" being very low , those wish in* to sacuie bertha iu either of .he sbove packets, can do to by applying to W. k J. T. TArSCOTT. *' their Ueneral Passage Office, 43 Peck alip, ,16 corner ol Sou'h str-et. koll LI VKKPOOL?llegnlar Packet of the 7th tTlwV December?The well kuown fns? sailing packet (hip JiyEi2MlNDr.PKNUfc.NCK, Caotam Nye, burthen 100U tona. will sail aa above, her regular day. ll?r accommodations (or cabin, second cabin, and steerage pa??enu<-r? are uusurprsed by any vessel in port, persous wish iiik to embark should mike early application on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSKPH McMUKHAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South. Persons wishing te send for their friends, cm have thein hroiiaht out by the above ship, or any of the res ulai packet" Kalinin on the 1st, 7th, IJth. 19th and 25ih of each month, by applying a? atiove, if by letter, post paid. P S.?Drafts at sight, ^or large or small sums, are drawn by the Iiihseriher ' n the Provincial B'lik of Ireland, payable at I>c ir rr?l*Ctive bruichea throiivho'it the country; alao, on Vriirv Spooner. Atwnod Ik * o. Banker*. London, payable in everv towii in iirmt Britain nW ~Z+lr, A Vl'l-HUMBliO STOKtl?LiVK ANu Lfc'I . LIV>.!?At the old eicutire Boot St<?e, No. N4 Chatham meet (w1 ere theodiout practice of rilling upon (Crtorn iwming the itorc ia not tolerated), can b? obt lined Water i'roorBoot* manufactured in this C'ty of th? beat mate ial, and warrant'd at tiricea ranging from three to five d llan, being *ome two dollars lower in price than i> generally obtained (quality cona deredjjp tf.ia city. n26 5w?r PAKI* BOOTS ANu LASTS MADE TO ORDER, By t. 8U8ER, H5 Broadway, (Biii memt.) One door from Court.andt ttre-t K. 8U8KR, Bootmaiier and Makerof Laats, an of t'lerci of Paria, beg? leaye to inform hit Irienda and all the amateura of a gentlemanly "cbammre ' that lie can now inake, in Mew York, with the Iwat Kreuch ma teriali, all that ia to perrectly made ia I'aru by kia inaator, thi celebrated Bo<jtm*>er Clerce, wnnte niinnrout cuatomen on thia aide of the Atlantic, are reapeetfully invited to try Smer'? lloirfH and Laata, befora they despair of being "chanaiea" New Vork, after the nicei lateat Parii fashion. Alto th- genuine Paria Jet Black Varntah ?old. I n2l lm*m Abmut BOOTS Wt'er proof, double and cork to lea <raP*Wf !< rvnch and oa: i?e calf and patent acrew tape: war tinted good line calf boots for men, boya, and children'a coarse water Imo'j. and ahoea orall aiyia afd ailea. N. B ? l,ailii-a, mmei and children a gaiter boota, shoe* and hnnttlns, double and tingle soles, aud of every color and shade Ladiaa, Oents, v.issea, and Children's water proof India Ru her over ?hoe?, of the lateat atyle, all of which will be aold cheaper than at any other atore in thia city. J. 3 WALK Ml, 4IQ Broadway, nM hn^m rornrr of Canal at. iffijga BOOT AND SHOE STORE. CliiOHN READY respectfully informs hia friendi and the public. Uiat he hna commenced business ia the abor> line, ?t No. W Nassau street where hi will thankfully receir. aud faithfully execntc, all ordera he.msy be ((romd with on tnr m..?i rentoagh " terms tnr ? )> Ir'llr ? . .... il. .ir . ? r P I V fi uuLUAi\n nr. u aivu,? ?otrajru uum Iv mt, t (|?niil, tti) TMra old, anawemo the nam* Ji Ji of Jiuon Ilia innztle ia brown ami while apotted, lit'id hiown, with lon? hanKing eara, bmal whit*, lonr hair, round the nerk while hair, hack brown, ahort h*ir, leg? brown aim while apotted nil lirat half flrom the back ia Drown, with abort hair, til'' other half towarda the point, ia whit*, with long hairs ai.d by thia particular failure the *okU eaaieat recocniaiiiscd. Whoever wi'l return the nme to the Ttemout Home, corner of Broadway and Tine atrert, will receive the above 'eward, with the thanka of 'be owner. di 3t?r rn~jsMV !?TVOK CHILDREN'S VELVET CAPS 1The aiibucriber ha?_ * large anu beautiful aaaortment of fentl'itm n'a and Boya Cspa, of th? late?t fashion, which he w ill ?*ll aa cheap aa any other ratabliahraeat in thia city? nuionii which may be fouud c'litlemrn'a clotl^, relvrt, a new atvle of ilan-d, Mill line otter ca|?. Alio on hand a large atippl', fifmole ikin, nilk and fnr h&U, of a beauiiful fimah, for sale low Fancy Kun?Alao, constantly on hand, a large aaaortment ol Mnff< and Fnr Trimming! for aaleat very low pric?a . ' !1?^,h*< ;*pa ofthe anbacriber took the preminm at the laie rair oftha American Institute. . , . WM. BROWN, 1 ? ,rn 1 l!6 Chatham at, opposite Rooaeylt. E NE NEV THE ELlXEIt OF LOVE. The household tie*! the household ties! Ilow beautiful they are? ".ilh rosy lim and Iduuhiuif eyes, lied cl.eeks .lud golden hair. How sail i? childless married life? ^Wwl'h ran no joy afford; Cold look* the husband 011 the wife? Th? wile ii|hiii h<r lord. Bur Love's Ei.iif.r?that sweet beon : Will Nature's curse ren ove, And cruwu with ii iuk blossoms soon, f?*l_ ? ? _< f K.S i, 1 nr i??-j ui iKinuhH iu?r. Lufiiia Cordial!?barren wivea ltt J? to tnothera (air, And Cue fond name of Father sivea To husband* iu despair1 lu lenehorrea and iu K'eett. It proves a sovereign balui, Consumption too a conqueror ir.<fct? In its unfailing ch<rm. k'ruptioi a, Uasitude and |iniaa, lu back, or loiua, or ch-al; Disease brought ou by audden strains, Discha-gea long suppressed, An' by this woua'roua Cordiil cured. No more their v:diira vex. That by its aid ii health insured At once, toei?h?-r jex. Let all whoauflfrr from diaaaae Or fault in Nature't Law, Seek from thia Brand specific e.ise. At ninety-two N tsau. And No 13 Court atresft, Boaton; No. 90 North 6:h atreet, Philadelphia. Persona ordering thia medicine from the country, by tending a remittance, can have it boxed up a'id twit to any pait of the Union 1'rice S3 per bottle, or $2t |*r dozen. n2' lin*m n^O THK AF^LICTKU-DR. A.J. VANDKRSLICK, J from Holland, respectfully inforina hia friends an I the public generally, ilia* he cur-s the Hilea Fistulaa. Kite, Rheumatism, (iout. Swelling of the Breaat, Sickness of the k'tomach Dyapepti , Deafness. frosted Feet, Scurvynf thfiOnotl, and also, cures Corn* in five minutes, without drawinK blood or causing All diseases cured without Mercury. Ur. V. will m:ike no chage for the above diaeasea or demand any pay without effecting a cure .of the nam*, the cut of the Medicine* excepted. The poor attended Uriti?. Office hour* from 7 A. M. to 6 P. M. The Dr. having Jierformeil many difficult cure?. refer* the public f.<r the ceriihcatea, to the Public Ledger, and the original Certilicalet and Letters can b! aeen with hundredt more by calling on the Doctor at hi office. Mo. 210 S. Third atreet, wett aide, below Uatkill atreet, Philadelphia Medicinea furnished for all complaints if communicated by letter, pottage paid. The Dr will remain in thia city only fourdars. Office 64 Mad aon corner of Catharine ttreet. d5 U* 1'KAllL GRAIN, deuts?hes7jriesmkhl, \in ine irrrinan; t FARINE DE ORUAU (GRUAU D'ErAUTRE ) (in the French Language.) AN eitire new article ill thin market. It r>sembles Sago, but is more nutritious, and on- pound of it g^es in uadK<^ as far as 3 pounds of ordinary wheat flour. Emigrants from hurope, haviug 1'ioked for it in ?iiu many yews, consider it a very delicate, wh >lesotne and mouev sav ins food, to use for soups. puddings, dumplings, &c. tki. A s1" ill haudful is sufficient to be boiled into two quarts of milk or bou lion (li't-f soup) in the very s mplest way of cooking. Tlie best American plivsiciaus iprescribe it to their recovering patients, and order it to be given t< childreu in the sbape if pap, as a light and very healthy diet To imnnfactnrers of.Vermicelli and Macaroni, Peat 1 Grain is * v? ry desirable requisite, if tliey ell get the right kind The sale increase* daily in a wonderful ma'iner, showing that whatever fnmi'y tries it, c?n hardly do without it. The only (Jenenl Depot for this article in the United States is at 37 Burling slip, foot of John street, near the K?st H:ver, New Vork C'ty, where it can be hal for the wholesale trade, packed in liegs of ?5 lbs.ea'h, in any q amity, not Itss, however, thin a packige. It has found its wav fr ni the wholesale stores in the lower pail of this city Jo the r-tail grocers and consuming families, so as to farilitate its acquiiitiou to every body. GEO PEUSCHh-H, Sole Airent. New York, November 28th, 1813 d6 lm*r THtfl-'ALL ' ND WIN I KK FASMUMS, AT THE MAGAZ1N DE MODES, No. 60 Canal Strkkt. A CARD?TO THE LADIES OF FASHION?MADAME BEIIR.MAN begs most resjx-ctfullv to inform her friends and customer* that she hat received, by th'tast arrivals from Paris, her fall snd winter fashions, ami sne flatters herself that the same will stand unrivalled in the city The fashions consist of the followiug full and entire new styles cut, nncut, plain, watered, and changeable velvet bonnets; do silk, satin mode and quilted hats, o( ail entire novel description, in ladies', misses1, and children's sizes. Also, a complete assortment of caps and head dresses, Paris ribbous, artificial flow ers, feathers, and hair ornaments of the best artists in Paris. Madame B. solicits the ladies to favor her with &u early call and examine for themselves. de Modes. 60 Canal struct. n7 Im'ac BUA'l |AND OAK B AZAAK?At tint establishment canbc found every description of Boats that the ingenuity ol Hian can suggest. Look at what he has done and then judge ol what he can do. At his establishment was built the following unrivalled boats, rii The Swiftsure. of Newfoundland; the sixteen foot sailing Dinky Tro-ibler; the l'.omp of Hurlgate, and the Paul Pry. The row row boats Henry Stark, which won 29 races in 18 mouths; the noble Cimbria; the (}. W. Chapman: the forty foot racer for the United States ship Ohio; the barge Empress for Klorida the brass mounted gig Neprune for Tmnplto Bay, and a tiuai o others --qually great OAKS, SWEEP3AND SCULLS?150.000 feet ou hand; also 2,000 feet of Lenard's celebrated Sculls for sale. This new branch of his business is truly worthy of attention.?Look at the prices, only three an 1 four i<ence a foot. All the sculls for racing dressed by the proprietors own hauds. Those that won the last race can now be seen at his office. Sixty Boats always on hand. Visit his Bazaars if you desirea treat AM work delivered free of chnrge C. L. INOERSOLL, I9(i.406 and ill Water and Ml Cherry streets?solr proprietor nc34 Jro'r BLANCAKD'S P\TK^T WOOD AND COAL STOVES, for Halls, ParIon, Olfices, Sto 105, Steamboats, &.C?These Stoves arc a Statue of Washington, the Father of his Country, tHrtrouoting two kinds of p d-*stals, one 'or w ood md the other for coal? the fiie chamber in the wood r>et!e?t?l >eiug so airaujed that the fi e, Wy mt-aus of a reveitable plate or pirtitoji iu tl e Stove, c.utsej the he.u to circulate through the entire hvi jht of t'>?- stv tue giriug a large and be.iiiMul radiating surface These Stovfs Hate also got a hot air chamber attached and every thing U'liii: constructed on the most sciciililic principles, tliey give to all who have them ill us- the greatest satisfaction. The sub scriber invites the attention of those wlilting a beautiful, economical and durab'e Stove, to call and satisfy themselves of il.e abiM^e facts, 1 hey can be ?eeu in o|<er<tiou d-Uy, and references given to those who have them in use. The public will then hava a fair opii rtuuity of judging that the above are plain f'ef. Kor sale only iu this city at IU Grand street, one door east of Bioadway. (12 Im'm JAMES HINDS. HOUSE PROTECTING PISTOLS. A LLEN'S SELF-COCK I NO AND REVOLVING SIX A BORE CASl' Sl'EEL BARRELS PISTOL ?This Pistol cocks and revolves m rely by pulling the trigger, and six shou may be delivered within the snort space of three seconds. f? mm vnneu iliBiilu and mAM Jiirohla f Kftn inV i'lalitl nnUf in !! *> and warranted superior to uiy othe. maker. For tale iu quantities to suit purchaser*, by A. SPIES it CO. 218 Pearl street. Impoitera of Hardware and Cutlery. Also, Guns; Pistols; Gun materials for manufacturing, altering ur repuriug Guns. Alao, every variety of Sporting articles. n23 1m* HPHE BUB8CRIBKR8 have just received from Germanv I and offer for sale, a variety of W/VTER PROOF and AIR TIGHT articles, called ANHVDHINK, forwhich. r?| tenti have been taken out in England and Germany, The> are vastly iui*rior to THOSE iu use manufactured by the aid of Indiarablier.from which they are distinguished by beiug perfectly INODOROUS, 1NKLASTIC. but supple, and under going no alteration whatever by change of temperature. These articles are manufactured with wool, cotton, linen, silk, Ike., of winch mav b? made CLOAKS, I IU NTlNO J At' KEra. GAITERS, APRONS. M1LITARV TENTS, H.WKRS/WJKS. AWNINGS, MARUL'fcES. ENGINE HO*E Also, HAT AND tiONNET LININGS, with HOSE AND GLOVES for those afflicted with gotjt nud rheumatism; AIR CUSHIONS, PILLOWS, MATTRESSES, Ihr. Among tha rest they have an article prepared for WA&ON COVERS, for the USE OK RAILROADS, and to cover all kinds of vehicles and boats. Also for BALLOONS and for BAOS, which may contain wateiy. gaseous or oily fluids, without any chance ol leakage. They have also of this manufacture an eiceileut article or SAIL CLOTH, winch will arrest the passage of air, will la?t longer, be lighter than ordinary sail cloth, and require a less number of hands to manage them. In the muiulacture of UMBRELLAS this article must su)<ercede every other material. Indeed, the usual application of tlie ANH VDR1NE must be almos* unlimited. It must not be omitted to state tha' this article is admirably a rnvpr for (?v?i|.*r L>ilf ih* rH>rinintiitn Inim diuased or even henlthy persons so injurious and destructive to feathers, will nnder IU me be prevented from |>en*tratiu( and ouinot extend beyond the exterior of the tick. PFE1FER St WISSMAFN, nlS lm*ee 23 Sooth William ?treet._ DAY'S SHEET OYER SHOES?IS Maiden Lane. Kxiierieuce has proven that a leather ?ole can be attached to India Rubber tipper*, 10 that it ii impossible to seKarate them in the course of wearing. These Over Shoos,which ave already tnrown iuto disuse leather overshoe* and mocaaiiiu. and to which the water liroof boot it fast tending, are lurniihed by the Roxbury India llubber eatablnhment, 25 Maideu Lane, of a quality surprisingly perfect, and altogether bettei than are being made bv any other eatabliahment in the trade. The patent qailted slipper Over Shoes and Boots are furnished only at lias establishment. Kvery article appertaininu to tlie rubber business for sale or made to order. HORACE H. DAY. Successor to the Roxburv I R C., oS lm*r 26 Maiden Lane. FRENCH (5HINA No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Stairs ADALESME, Importer and Agem for Manufacturers, ha? always on hand a large assortment for dinnsr and tea sets in plain white and (ill Krench I'oreelain, as well as dinner And dessert plates.of all sixes, assorted dishes, soap tureens, covered dishes, salnd bowls, fruit baskets, custards and stauds. Also, Tea and Chocolate Ware, Greek, French and American s ha tie. All the article* are warranted of the best reality, and to be old on liberal terms, and in lots to suit purchasers ?37 Hm*ee J7 SCHMIDT, pORNF.R of Broadway and Chamben street, begs leave to vy recommend his Wine Depot, fii Nassau street, where h* sells the following Wines iu casks, c.?i<* and bottles, tilt?Med and White Bordeaux and < ette Winea, Khtwish Wines, >Udei ra, Sherry, I'ort, Burgundy, Muscat and Champagne Also?Rum, Gin, Whiskey, Brandy, Extract d'Absyuthe W. _____ nig Im'r C'l I ART, LADIES', No. i Murray VJ street, respectfully announces that he it prepared to wait on ladies at their residences, and to drnu heads accordiug to the lacst Parisian fashions. Terms very modente. nS# Sm*rre TACEB?LACES fc. RIBBONS?Yery cheagat ? _ uaf.rtK!!, eli 1m*rr _____ 43 ''?th?rin? u COAL ! COAL.!?A? cheap as the cheapest, and at good a* the best, of Peach Orchard rrd uh at the Workingman's Coal Yard, comer of Christopher and Uieeuwich streets, wexhed by a ci ty weigher, And deliterrd to any j*rt of the ci ty free of carnge. n2? 2w *r F.DWARD LKWKI.YN COPPKR?10" casei e?tra oual ty Knglish Sheathing I. opper from 14 to t3 ox. received per ri-ceot crriv?U, for sale by dl K. K r< M.LI NO fc CO Vi Smith at.eet LKADKN P1PK PRF.8S.? hor sale, an Hydrottatic Leadeii I'lr- Press, of superior make, with all lha necessary tures, warranted to make a perfect article Apply to ALKX'H B1RKBKCK, Jr., Ill Adams street, d5fit*r Brooklyn. REMOVAL. r|1HK FRINGE AND WORSTED BTORK OF D. M. * PEY1KR fc CO. haa been remove^ to No. 60 John ?treat, opposite the former stand of llu Willum Mint. uM IumO W YC J YORK, THURSDAY M( | MUSIC. MK9SR8. 8CIINKIDKH It RKDHUN, Proftuura of Music, lateof Saratoga Spring!, re*|>?utt'ully anuounco, 1 that they are uow (MHIN to jive their attendance at private , parties. aMNM, sereu idea, U< during the tnsuiug ir.isou, pertoriiiiug tlie most ir.odun and popular music. All oideri for their attendance will be received and nnswerrd at their present residence, 59 Crosby street. n2l lin*r MAUAMC. SUTTUN, ! PROFESSOR OK SINGING, 56 Varick afreet. St. Johns' Park. sl5 Sm*r | DISBROW'S HID N(.J fcCHOOL, ! D/fcll)l.'?JV i If OR L A DIE 8 fro m 9' A ' M, to VI' M daily. For Gentlemen " 3 to Saud 7 to 9^ 1'. M. daily. Lkctuhf LtiaoNi. 1 Eikruisk Rioinu. (Eteuing I'.Uu.) 12 Lessons $9 00 20 I> id*y (10 0# ' Siu^ledo 1 00 | *iugle do 75 The Ureamng and Drawing Rooim hit well warmed, and fvaiy attention devoted to the omt'ort of those who may houor us with their patrouage. Geutlrmeu keeping their horse* oh livery at this establii oiMit, will have the piiviUge of riding them iu lh< School, uli 3m*r f l; nci'n (Tag a demyT MESSRS. ROSAT <k ECKERT have the honor to inform the citizens of New York, that they Inve opened im Academy of Arms at 333 Broadway, corner of Anthony street where they intend teaching Small sword. Broadsword, Cane tic. as well as Sparring. Having had long experience in teachicg the above branches, th y hope to secur* the patrouage of those who wish to become first rate 1 wordsmen These graceful and useful exercises expand the chest slid correct natural defects of formation Tliev render the body more vigorous, supple aud active, and give that easy carriage that is always observed iu well educated men. A. F. ROS\T, n9 1 m r CHARL K8 ECKERT FULLER'S <1Y MX A SI UM, No. 39 ANN STREET. NEAR NASSAU. WM 1,1,1 R respec'fully luforins his friends and pupils, that the Gymnatium is now oiieu daily, and will be lighted up every eveuiug during the winter. W. F would particularly rail the attention of Gentlemen residing in Brooklyn, aud those engaged in buiine*s down town, to the favorable location of his establishment for the purpose of exercising. Under proper instruction, a short time daily is only uecennrj f,r developing the frame, aud invigorating the constitution. Fencing and Sparring taught upon the principles of the London School, as adopted by its most eminent professors Terms moderate. n22 2w*r PLUMBE DAOUEKKEAN UALLKKIKB U? rA TENT r.OLOKED PHOTOGllAPlIS251 B-oailway, New York 136 Chestnut nrwt, Philadelphia 75 Canrt street, Boston Corner of No-th and Baltimore streets, Baltimore And Dnuw's Buildings, Albany ?constituting the oldest and most eitensive establishment of the kind in the world, and contaiuiag upwards of a thousaud pictnres. Admittance free. These Portraits having been awarded the First Premium and highest honor by the American and Kranklln Institutes, res pectirrly, at their 1a<t exhibitions, are thus officially sustained id the position of su|>eriority heretofore universally assigned them by the pa'jlic, a* the most beautiful Daguerreotypes ever produced. Lmeness.'s tak>n every day, without regard to weather PIumile's Premium Apparatus and Patent Rights, Platas.Caies, Ike. Vc. wholesale anil tetail. u7 lui*in NITEI) STATKS 1JA.GUKitKlAN UALLKHV, 05 Brondway, upstoi's?E. WHITE would respectfully Cs'l the attention of citizens and stritiic-rs, visiting the city to his splendid collect inn < f DaguerreotypcPortraits sing lor in groups from two to fourteen pe sons 011 the sauie pl\te, whuli lor beauty and accuracy of delineation cauuot bit surpassed rottraits taken in all itiuiU of wc*llier, either with or without colois. The American Institut* at its late evhihi.ion awarded Mr White the first premium for the liest Daguerreotype likeness for groupingand tteieral effect, which is but mother proof of the superiority of nil portraits. Mr. White is so e agent in New York for the veir superior imported Herman Cunrai . and at no other establishment in this city or State < an th*y be obtain d. N. B.?In-ported 1 ieiman Camaras; also, Krench and Ameri can Instrumei ts of the v<ry liest quality, with Date Cases, Chemieas, Polishing Materials, Sic., &.c., always on hsnd, for ale at he vei-v lowest nrices. n7 3fn*in PHILADELPHIA DAOltER REOTYPE ESTABLISHMENT, . EXCH AGE BUILDINO, ROOMS 26 A.ND 27. T^HK Subscriber has received a large supply ol Voigtlauders' J- celebrated Daguerreotype Appartus, .awe and small ?ize?, with achromatic Irusus made accordirg to Professor Petzval's calculation. Also a new supplr of bes* plates and chemicals, which he warrants Eood and sells at reduced prices. The follAwiiig geot.emeu have agreed to act as agents, Tit? K. White, Esq . 17S Broadway New York P. Haas, Esq, Waihingtor, D. C. Dr. A. Caspari, Richmond, Va. o. Broadbe,.t, Esq, for the Southern States. Win. West, Esq, Cincinnati, Ohio. All communications (post paid) and orders, accompanied with remittances, will be promptly attended to, and shonld be directed to WILLIAM LAUOENHEIM. ol7Jm*r Exchange Buildings, Philadelphia A A SAMANOS NO. 6 WALL STREET AND 289 BROADWAY, (Jobnkr or limn: Street, HAB JU?T wi,i kMVh'n imt iltm (!ri?U)v&l Colon, au in' voice of the celebrated Woodnlle brand ol SegHrt, cuo silting ef Regalias aud Medium site, and the Lord Byron paper Segars, IN STORE. All the vaiions sizes and choice qmlitie? of the most crlebra ted brands of Segars, consisting of Lord Byron, of different sizes. Port of Havana Regalias and medium size. Seguridad. medium size. Justo Sawz Principe. Large and small Yara of St. Jago. Genuine Turkey Tobacco of different qualities. Scafarlatti Smoking Tobacco of l'>nllimore German 'moiling Tobacco of different qualities. The celebrated ' architoches Sunff of New Orleans, together will, all fh? f.nrv S.' rho , nr. Pai**r Sew* ? of liarcia. Perei, l.ara, Lord Byron, *c. Uerm-.n Pipes; Chtrry TurMy Pip* Ste-i.s. Pointed, Spunk and Taper Matches, with a general assortment 01 Segar ''! ?, Snuff Boxes, Sic Has* for t \ in? Begsrs, and Tobacco in bales, which are of fried at wholesale and retail. n?3 lm*r :-EGA RS ! SEGAK.S! SEGARS! DM. HENB1((UK9, No, M William street, respectfully informs friends and the public generally, that he has constantly on hand the following choice brands of Segars, for sale wholesale aud retail:? King and Quien Uefalu, La Norma, Rionda, Cabanas, Es parteros, Nouegas, Yngenindad, Li Vlorinda, (a new brand.) De M o y a, Panetelas, in 1-8 and l-10th boxes Principes, ofvanous <]?alitiej. EspeMlisu, Lent) ail es, Caballeros. and Numerous other brands, well worthy the attention of the public. Any segars purchased at this tstabluhment. if not liked, will be taken back at any lime and the money returned. Strangers would do well to call previous to purchasing elsewhere. N. B.?Orders from the country carefully and promptly attended to. n!8 1m URUI'l'S, GROCERIES. TEAS, WINES, kc.-OA^S P NER Sc VOUNO, I <2 < hatham street, offer at wholesale and retail, to de ilers and families? Kresh foreign Kruits, a general assortment Sugars and Coffee, of all kinds and qualities Teas, (Jreon and Black, of every description Superior old Wines ana Liquors, of various grades Superior Raspberr* and Cherry Brandy French and American Cordials, on draft and in glass London, Scutch aud American Porter, Browu Stout and Pale Ale La Norma, Regalia. Noriasa and other brands Secirs East ai.d West~lndia anil American Pmim and lelliea Honey, in small bojes, from Ohio Jujube Cute, in U >> and J5 lb. bom Bird Swd, Spires, Cocoa and Chocolate Speiin Oil and Candles, Soa|>, tic. Saratoga Pavilion" Warer, in quirt and pint bottles Ooodi del'verrd to auv P?rt of the city free of sipense. nil lm*m SALT AND FISH STORE. A 00 "BL8 SALMON; 300 do of Herring.snd 400 boxes ^ivv 400 bb!s of Mackerel; 200h.ilf lo 100 bbli. of *liad 2( 0 tin of Codfish 600 sacks of Ashdon's Sal'; ISO Sal in a do 200 hits of Sensed Silinon and Mackerel 100 do of Hounds and Tongue* 2000 bushels of Turk* Island Silt IS00 quintals dried < od. d6im*ec NELSON. WELLS fc CO. 81 Uey stre t. COFFEE WEST INDIA COFFEE AND SPICE FACTORY, No . 64 Barclay at r t ft, Neir (ireenwich, New York. pONSTANTLY ON HAND, and for sale, Ofm, Roasted V and (iround Coffvi; Oround Pepper, ('luuamou, Alspice, (inner. (.'lores. Mustard. Mace. Nmnuiii. tLc Coffee Koasted and Oronnd for Urocers, at the ahorteat notice. J C. KINNEK. Woods lent to any [nrt of the citr fr*" of eipenae all lm'm UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121 late 129 Chatham itrret, Netc York And 118 Fulton utreet, Brooklyn. 'AOFffCT. 118 Bl.trcKFA St una, IW H O L R 8 A L K A N 0 RETAIL, HPHE CANTOJS' TEA COMPANY continue to offer foi A nale now and fragrant Tmi of every Tariety and atyle? Their wirlment apecially include the inoat delicious and powerful grades of Oreen and Black. E'eiy package bears the ttamp of neatness and elegance, and the Teas therein an ?o tnoronghlv aecured from Iifiht and air, that their quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their ayaaein of prosecuting business n, perhaps, scarcely to be excelled. It is founded upon ftip utmost regard to the rights of the customer, especially with respect to weight ana quality, and unrirailed cheapness. All purchasers are called upon to retnru any articles which lail to gire them the utmoat aatufaction. which the money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country, merchant*, public establiahineuts, heads of families, and ahipmasters will find it a decided advantage to aupr'y themselves from thia establishment. Ornum* Corrr.t. roasted every day. Order* from all part* of the L'uited Htatet etecated with promptitude ard despatch. !r> The only warehouse ia America for the sate of Hon qua a celebrated Tllaek Ten. o?0 lm*m . _____________ CORDIAL <ilN. 'PHIS ?i|vrior article can alwnya be obtained at the Wine 1 Vaulta, No 114 Fulton iltfft. one door from Dutch street. HO DUE 'S CELEBRATED LONDON BITTF.KS. These bitters are highly recomtrended l>y the Medical Facul ty of E i.op?*? * restor- ?iv? for th? nju?tite, *nd can t>? usr<I in iu pure lUIlorm led with water, winei or liqaori. mid c-n Inobtained nl all the f rincipal hotels in the United States Hold wholesale only at No 1U Fallon ?t, one door from Datch >t Aicenta for Boston, Mass -M'uri. Blake (k Trumbull, comer Milk and Federal itwU For Providence, R. I., Mr. Thomas Spencer, No. 15 Weit Water street. P. S.?The above articles may be hid Id bottlea for family use. Alan?8TOUUHTON " BITTERS, ESSENCE PF.P TKHMINT, fHILADKLPHIA PORTER, ALE AND CHAMPA,INF. ulS lm*ec One door from Dutch strew. CANVASS?20 bales Leith Canvass r.-ceired bylatrarrir ; alt, and for ?ale by d 1 K. k. COLLINS k CO. S? South atw.t. 1 IRE I )RNING, DECEMBER 7, GREAT REDUCTION. TROUBLE ENTHV BOOK-KEEPINO only Kive Dollar... J-J ?nd I'.iMst >U.v IVnin.nnlilp only Two Dollira. THE KIHST IKK Ml U M awarded three conwciiti'e year* for the I wit ipecimeni ol Olf-h.-nd I't-nmanaliip e*lub iu*d at Uie ureat K i'? of the American OOLDSMITH S OHIHOUilAPHIG INSTITUTE, for lie iuatruclion of PENMANSHIP BJid Book Keeping, 18!) Bnadw^y, eopoaite John ii now open duriiiR thedav and evening, for the reception ol pupilt and visitm, The uentlemeu acquire a bold, free and expeditious ityle ol Mercantile IViimatmnip in Irom u>u Co tweuty le???n? of one ho"r eich. The I ml if* are t.tight a neat Kpiitol.iry hand, a bfantiful arcompluhmtnt to the *< ?. KKPIMfl The sy?tem of ioi'ruc'i*n purs' ed at hi* Ac'demy in tlui important stndy it not deriinl fmm any printed work, but is th? result of a lliorntiKh practical knowledge o* the subject. The ei"rc scs being o arranged an t<> r?ir'er (airiliai <> the studeutsverv department of mercantile bmin-ss, WHICH OtR TAINLY (J/iNNOT BK ACQUIRED liY SIMPLY BALAN* INOONK fKT OK BOOKS Ladies1 W'riti. g CUu meets daily at II o'clock. Geutlrni'ii d'lriug the diy and evening, at such hours as way best >uit thfir convenience. r?f parate parlors for ptivate instruction. For sale at the Academy?A superior article of Metallic | Pens. n29 1m*ec GENTLfcfMENVi OUTFITTING GOODS j JOHN M DA.VIES & JONES, 1(X5 Wit.i iam Strket, coknku of John, HAVE received per late arrivals, and now have in store.a full assortment ol'good< in their line. They feel confident that I their stock is uot euualled in this city, and their goods will bo I sold low lor cash, Gentlemen will liud a variety of new style of Scarfs, Cravats, Winter Gloves, Dressing Robes. Pocket Handkerchiefs, he. Uuder Garments of every variety, ol English and American manufacture, vii:? Merino Shirts and Dra^e.s Lambs Wool d> do Shaker Knit do do Shaker Klannel do do Buckskin do do ('lain ii Nibbed Silk do do 1.(ulicn MenuokSilk do do With a ureal variety of other styles. S1H1 Sliiits and Drawers, Ribbed cad riaiu, .made to order at the shortest notice. Hosiery, Oloveo, Suspenderi, Stocks, and erery other article of outfitting goods. CAPS, Our assortment comprises every style now ill use Cor gentle men, youth and children at cveatlv reduced prices .o2V 2m *Bi ON EXCHANGE AUAIN-itETliRN TO THKOLU STAND. 'T'HE undersigned, after n seven years'experience of the evil 1 effects resultiuK from laixe stores and larger rents, is happy to iufurm his numerous customers and the community generally, that he ha? elffcied (thanks to a conscientious landlord) a teas* of of his oldsttuid. No. 4, (formerly 5) Wall street, Mortimer Buildiuiot, comer of New street, and for many years calibrated by his well known SIGN OK THE tJOLDEN KLEECE?a btacoo to all who are in quest of good cheap and fashionable garments. To snch of his old patrons who may have lost sight of him daring his wanderings, he invites their return to the Old Spot, with the assurance of a strict adherance to hit well established fame for skill and punctuality. Of the public geuerally he soicitsa call, being prepared with an assortment of fine and seasonable clothi, cassimers, vesting, Sic. Sic., which he will be happy to make up iu the most, faithful manner, and ou reasonable charges, for Cash Only. The same care and attention hallowed Ou making and trimming, as when the cloth is purcnas edofluoi. C. li. Bahcock coutinues in the cutting depart ment. C HARLEH COX, r.20 lmr Pign of the (JoldeuKle?ee, No. 4 Wall st. D ETUENt HMENT T1IE ORDEll OK THE DAY ? rt The underiirfneU respt ctf 'lly inform thtir fri udi and the public general I v, that they keep constantly on hand a large and Kiilendiil assortment ol I1'ranch and Knglmi Cloths. Cisaimeres and Vesting* including * (treat var ety of Overcoat stuffs, winch tiw y pledue themselves to make up in a style not ?urpa>ied by auv ia!rtl>li>lim<Mit in Hie c ty. All garments fum'shed full fifteen |nr ce: t less thiui any other h'>use who make and trim in the same f anner. Those whj with Clothing mad* to their iK-rfect sa'iif etiou will do well to call and giv us a trial N. B.?spl 'udid assortment of Overcoa's ami Cloaks kept constantly on hand, and will be ao'd very low lor ca?h dllrn'r 11. WHlTEHORMIt it CO. 33 Nassau st T1HK SUBSCRIBER has removed frum the store No 657 broad way, to 171 Canal, lor the purpose of carrying ou the CASH TAILORING BUSINESS in all its branches, and in a style of elegance which cannot be surpassed by any other house. It is the intention of the undersigned to ask such prices for his goods as cannot fail to meet tins approbation of the public, and .in excellent assortment will be kept on hand t? sn>t the taste of all. Garments can also be altered and repaired at this establishment at reduced prices. A call is respectfully solicited by your obedient servant, M. KICK. N B. Oentleineu furnishing their own cloth enn have them made up on the most reasonable terms, and good tits warranted. i22 lin*r " MKN"*. BOY'S AND CHILDREN'S OLOTIUNO GKORGr. T. GREEN, Nos. 1KI Chatham streH iuiH 4 Bowery. will keen constantly o ' hand a full and comple'e assor' of Men s. Bovs, and Childien's Cl"thinf, of *1 deftcription?,m<td in the mo?t style,to "nicli be would r ftpfctiully invite t-e attention ' f thoe in want A* n- has ... \?. va ri.OTili. CASSIMKitKd. VKS1 iNCtS Hir. , by eve y P*ckrt% and fiat necnrrd (Tip fvice* ' f exiterienc-d Cutters he pledges himself :o kivp perfect Mafisfc* tioii ro all who irnv purchase N. B?<i rm-uis made to order at the shortest notire au<l with strict pu.ict" lity. ' lin*m rPO ECONOMIST8 ? Cient'a Apparel ''leaned nnd Dressed in a superior style?enairs and alterations t?? the rrrsent fashion A lot of Winter Clothinir on hand, for sale wholesale ?nd ret/til. Cash paid lor Clothing, an?l ncha< fces made. ..nn _ ? _ I L' \r|L"s> I'in Vja.ii.1 afriKlt GKNTl.l-.MKN S KKKT OKK VVAROHOBK ?ie;itlem?i or f iniiin dsirous of converting iheir left off Wearing Apparel into ciu>h, can obtain for the sauie tl.e Inn heat caali price. To families mid gertlemen quitting the city, or changing residence, having am- superfluous effects t ? dispose of, will find it mnch to their adran'age to send lor the nibscribtr, who will attend them at then result-nee by appointment. H. LKVKTT, 6 John street. N. Y. A line through tin P?st Office, or otherwise, will eceive prompt atteuiion. Clothing rleaued, altered and repaired. <12 Im" SHIRTS' 8HI11TS!?The subscriber baa an hand a complete assortment of Shirt?, made in the beat manner and of Inemverials, of ihe following kinds, vi* Kine Muslin Shiru, with linen bosoms and wristbands Do do do do and collar* Kancr Colored Shir'a, of various kinds. Also, Bilk and Satin Scarfs, plain and figured; Kunliah French and Itilian Silk and Satin Cravats, black and colored Under Shirts and Oiawers, of .nerino, silk and cotton; Shaker flannel and Shaker knit; tner-iio lambs wool, cotton, silk country kr it and shaker knit Half Hose ; t. loves, Suspenders, Cravat Stiffeners. Collars, Bosoms Silk I'urses, Sic. lie.?all of which will be sold at reasonable terms at CHAKFIN'S Furnishing Store. n7 tm*m 179 Broadway TVJOTICK-NEYV YORK BANKING COMFANY a- The subscriber having been appointed Receiver of the property, claims, funds an J effects of th" N. w York Barking Company, an associatirn formed under and in pu'suauce of an act of the Lfgisl.-unre of the Stat? of New Vork, entitled 'an a>tto authorise tne busineis of banking," passed April ltth, U38, all persous indebted to the said Asuociatien are required to render an account of all deals aud sums of money owing *<y them respectively to me.and to pay the ?\me by the filtvrnih day of .lanuarv next, ar my offi'e in tne Me chints' bichauge, in the city of New York. All persons kaving in their posse* anv property or effects of tne said Association are rec|iiir ed to deliver rhe same to me by that dtv. All the creditors of the Associati n are required to deliver iheii re>|iective acconuts and demauus to me by tint day; and all persors holding any open or subsisting contract of the s\id Association, are reqnired to present the same in writing, and iu detail, to m?, en or before that day, at ny said office. Dated New York, 24th November, 1B43. CHARLES SAfJURY, Receiver, n26 3w*r 32 Merchants' Kirhange pif.Y? ivjrvn SURGEONS' BANDAGE INST1TUTK, W"0.1 ANN 8TRKET, 2d door from B.oadway, in the ^ American Museum Buildings?I'nder the direction of JAMK.S KNIGHT, M. D.. Member of the Medical ami Chirurgical Faculty of Mary liuid, Member of the District Medical Society of Ohio, Member of the State. Medical Society of the State of New Vofk, and Principal of the above Institute. For the information of tho?e who have not huen informed** ntiSv?'1?e*tahlishment, wr will briefly state it it a T h of all the latest improved Bandages used in Ortniredic Practice, or where Baodare. are ke?i for the cure of Club Feet, contracted and distorted Limbs, Wry Nock, Hump Back and latent curvature of the Spine. The very celebrated wi(? Spring Bandage*, for the cure of varicosed or enlarged Veins, invmted by Shoolbred and Wreuwick, of London, is kept here, also, all the lateat improved Tnu*e* and abdominal ttui? porters; also Bmdagea are made to suit special casts, and to order for Surwons, Physicians, tic. Doct. Knight also devotes special attention to the treatment of the above named deformities, and has m.ide imple arrangements to receive patients from abroad for that pnrixise, or will forward bandage* to any distant part* of the country. Kor further information we res|*etfnllv submit the name* of few ol the most noted Surgeons and Physician*, who are |witrons of this Institute, and some of whom have presented moot valu.ible improvemenl* u Bondage* Valentine Mott, M. ? , Professor of Surgery in the Cniversityof New York; Alea. W. Stevens, M. I)., V.meritns Professor in the College of Phy. and Surg. New York nty; J. C. ('heeseman, M. D.; R. K. Hoffman, M. D.; J. K. Roger*, ,VJ. L?., Surgeon* to the New York City Hospital; W. Parker, Professor or Surgery in the College of Phy. and Surg. New York city; AJban Guldaraith, M. D.. late Profestor of Surgery in the College of Phy. and Surg. New York city; T. <1. Slower Esq. Surgeon 1*. S. Army; Doct. Dubarry, Surg. U. S. Navy In Philadelphia we rc*|<ectfully refer to|Profe*sors Mc< lellens. Miter, Meigs, Jackton.lHewton, Gillinghain, Horner k Monk. In Baltimore to Professors Jennings, Jamison. Handy, Monk -r. Millar. Annan. Hall, Smith anil Bailey s!6 Jm eod?ec DR. HOUSEMAN'S GERMAN COUGH DROPS, 1JRF.PARED and sold whol?sal? by JOHN J. DAVIS, city A or Hndaon, Columbia County, N. Y , anil for Hale in this city a: wholesale auil wail, by JAMKI S AiriNWAix, 116 William street, (leneral Agent for this city: and by most of the principal reuul druggists in New York and Brooklyn. IVrlnp* ? more important aud valuable m?.licine than this was nerer prsrided for lh? ifliclnl. No resort has hitherto been Ind to tb'? press to make ita vxtraordin try virtues known, hut it itai been lone tried and its great efficacy moit thoroughly proved by the infallible teat of actual experience. Bv its own merits ind intrinsic excellence it has become highly celebrated in eveiy tectum of th* country where it lias been in use. It mty without enggeratiou be pronounced en infallible remedy lor colds, eoiuhs. asthmi, intluenxa, whooping cough, croup worms. Ii:eini>rrbaiie orraisinc blood and all the complaints iffectnm I In- lir?wat tnd lunga, aud tending M conaunption or general detill tv. Numerous testimonials m ?y hi* m in the li iiul< of the igeutii f >'the ?a e of tliia Imalinq ^.il*im. illuming that n:h Itia been iti I'ffrcti in an iiiuiimetanle tn'iltitud 1 of c um The pro 'ffof lu wouir fol efficacy are incimtromtiblt If us?d III th? first itatfea of any of iSe eompl lints above nan ed, it afi'l ii i complete previntive and their further pru*re<a is arrtated I* this cliuk?km inch ' mpi tints ar? so comm m, owing to sudden rh iniina uf weather, no mnn who |ilim a lit lit valor upon health ali'iuld be wi.limit this medicine; a tirnnly na of it will nve 'mm'iuc bills for n dical ittenduice, ?ud whati. more will t>tev?ot the li'eanhinc i i<T?ringi of pr .traded illiici and often preserve l>fr itself. Kfncaeio'it aa it n, it ta mild, pleasant, and always harmless; it is purely a vef?raM? compound, and nuv be t?i n with entire safety in all kmdt of weither and under al! circumstance*. It acta as a mild hraliiif eipecnrant, and at thesam>,ti'neas j very gen'le tonic Ita ?w has lint only restored thnu? tnds who were laboring nnder temporary illness, hnt it haa produced great improvement in t^e health i f persnm constitutionally feehle, ai ita effect i? to im part tone and vitor to lb# ayitem, while it n?ver came, we.ilt neas* fifty rents for a bott e of four on.ieii n24 Im rod* m IERA 1843. Puerto Principe. rCorr??|x>ndence of the lleruld.J PfKRTO I'kincife, Oct 29, IMS "The Hairn o'er the lime." jamks gordon bennett, esq.? Puerto Principe, no I have hinted before, contain* about 42,000 inhabitant*, the greater part of whom are blacks. It isthe residence of a Governor and lntendenty, and the high court of the central section of the island in held here. Among the most inlluential of the citizens, tin y number two Marquisses and two or three Count*, whose dwelling*, I must say, do not hardly correspond with the high-sounding; titles they bear 1 have seen the interior ot one of their houses, with such furniture as a poor mechanic of the north would not be contented with, ltudely made cowhide chairs were the most frequently used 111 th<parlor?on the walls were pasted some badlv colored engravings of undressed males aud females, mid on the unpainted doors, large sheets of an almanack. I have seen the family, consisting of a husband, wife, and blooming young maryuttita, seated | in the court-yard, where fowls, piss, and naked negro children, mingled promiscuously with it. There are no manufactories here except of cigars, and there is but very little money. Most ot the wealth of the inhabitants consists in cattle and lands. The people are proverbial I'orparsinionioiisness, and in all negociations resort to every species of bantering to save or make a real, twelve and a half cents. They never pay out money if they can help it, unless it be in law suits, for which they have, and have had from time immemorial, a most | marvellous and uncontrolable passion. Persons j living in town usually have a yard attached to the | house, in which they keep a few hens, and when | these lay, the eggs are sent out, one by one, to pur- | chase tin* necessities of life. Should tliey be wealthy enough to have a place in the country, where tliey raise cattle, then they retail the meat out at the front door. A marquis' house has a meat shop in one enikof it. Education is at an exceedingly low standard?in fact one may wy that ignorance reigns supreme.? A young man of good standing, in tashionuble society. who took a voyage with me two years ago to the United States, did not know whether our course should be North or South to arrive there? neither could h find out on a large map of the world, the position of his mother country, Spain, and though the port of Neuvitas, from which we sailed, does not enter more than forty vessels annually, yet this same youth thought that every vessel he Raw at sea must necessarily be hound for that nort. All mercantile bu.-iness is in the hands of people , from Did Spain, mostly Caslilian. The Creoles are too jprouj to work, believing that labor ? ilC* lU'M^ii" II l?'| r>iii i n \iiuy , nini liiviunu J n?^ ? ujc commendable?in fact, beneath the dignity of the descendants of Castili in nobility. Indeed "tliev appearto fee! that they arc the most elegant,sagacious and intelligent people in the whole round of the universe. They take very little interest in foreigners, believing that they come from barbarous countries, and can have no iiiforuirtiion to impart to them, and they consequently manifest the most perfect indifference t<> the manners and customs of other nations. < 'a showing one of them an engraving of the Astor House, he supposed it to be a mud wall about as high as one of their one story buildings, and from old age had lots of holes knocked in it. Another, on seeing an engraving of Thames Tunnel, usked me if the carriages went up so, pointing with a gold cigar holder, up through where the key stone usually is placed, which would take the carriages, foot passengers and all into the bed of the river. The morality of the place is such as usually accompanies ignorance and priestcraft and non-intercourse with the world The marriage vow is but little regarded, and lias little force or influence any way. It is said that out of the eighty or ninety clergymen of this place, who are sworn to celibacy, there are but vry few who are not fathers, and that too, not in the spiritual sense. But, notwithstanding this, they have great influence, and ( atholicism is tolerated, and Catholicism only. The p.ople hp; eosuperilitiou* tliat when n priest rilled along the street, tiearniK what in railed ilir host, or for aught that any one knows, nothing hut a little hell, which he tinkles as he goes, they all dismount from their carriages, that is if they are tiding and happen to meet the dignitary, and kneel down in the dirt, as do those also, who are walking. The same humiliation is submitted to when n wooden virgin, dressed up in gaudy attire, wiili jewels, ifec. is carried along on the shoulders of men. accompanied hy priests and niggers bearing candles. One day, as I was riding with a friend, we met witli an old rattling vehicle in which sat a vulgar looking priest. On each side were walking numerous ragged urchins and men, both black and white, carrying lanterns, though it was broad day. One of the number tinkled the bed. The Calesero, who rode myjiorse. being accustomed to see such sights, immediately stopped, dismounted and kneeled down, as lor myseit, i sat quietly contemplating I lie scene, though on wring the others with their huts off, had involuntarily taken off mine, out of respect to, 1 knew not what. Well, the priest seeing me so quiet, began, before he came even near me, to cry out in a great furv for me and my lair companion to dismount; and the nearer he came, the greater tury he appeared to be in, till he seemed likely to burst with rage. Finally, his gogv stopped, but not his mouth..nor (he overflowing of his anger, which remained unabated?while j, in my coolness, was inwardly laughing to think that tlic old fool was spending his breath on one who had inherited something of the t-pirit of his ancestors, who had shaken off a yoke the sons were not likrlv again soon to acknowledge. Presently one of the "toot passengers" came to his relief, by saying we were linglisn, and did not understand; with which explanation, though he knew the man lied, his wrath was a little uppeased, and he ordered his carriage to proceed. Is it not strange, that when nearly all of the civilized nations are walking in the light and brightness i.nd beauty of the glorious reformation, and in the enlightening spirit of free and liberal institutions. that this people, without being allowed to search out for themselves the right ways laid down in the holy volume, submit to the dictates of a licentious priesthood, spend their clays in ignorance and in the performance of humiliating and degrading ceremonies, and die, haying complied perhaps with all the outward forms of the church, but with hearts untouched, unchanged?corrupt, defiled t l)io% gnarde v'm rntichn? tthoz Saudis. Illinois* [Correspondence of the Herald.] " Hoosikr Land,'' Decatur Co., Nov. 24th, 18-13. Ijaw and Jutlice?Negror*? Prirtx of Pork? Politic* and Fun?Van Hutm and Clay. james gordon bknnktt, ksq. My Dear Sir Anions the many brilliant nnd truly interesting epistles which appear weekly in your invaluable lournul, Irani correspondents all over the Union, ] have looked in vain for one from among lis " I loosiers." Although incompetent to write in that racy, rich, and humorous style, such as tlowsfrom your own pen, still an item or two from these parts nuiv not be uninteresting to your readers. This is a "great country" and "no mistake."? This you would have to say very often if you could only happen in our county town, when the circuit court meets. It is now in session, and it would surprise you to see how many of our amiable citizens tire lawing it. fram Berry to *ay, that "brotherly love" does not "continue" in this part of the country as much as it should, when we consider how very sectarian the people are ; for almest all belong to some religions estiiblishment or another. Abolitionists, teetotallers. Millerites, Arc., and the different persuasioiiiats, all carry their points to an extreme, which, of course, in not healthy in any l>oint of view. The Grand Jury of this county has been too much used as an engine by which one i arson hurl* Inn wintc against Ins enemy. Although two duvs would be time sufficient for the grand jury to do all the business for this county, yet they generally sit from one to two weeks, trying the most trivial cases imaginable. However, the jurors this term have happened to be the right sort of men, throwing out nil the pcttv cases, which I hope will establish somewhat of a precedent. They sat eight days, but would probably have finished all their business in three, but for a certain "Barber," who wished to indict all his fellow-citizens that have had any dealings with negroes. It is the law of this Slate, that all persons hiring, having At alines with, or harboring negroes, shall he liable to a tine of one hundred dollars for each offence f A nice statute that for a free State. The District Attorney told the jurors they could find a bill, but th:it it would be carried up to the Supreme Court, d l?e declared imrontitntipT' '1. > ;f h ! 1 em i * 1. Stitc of Ohio. Itoucvr, u .ii v -i L D. Price Two tent*. the "Barber" muni wait until spring term, when he will again try to "haul over the coals" all who have hml any deuliugdwith the "African negro." As to the weather, this country is the most "thunder and lightning," rainy, muddy one, thin autumn, that could powsibly exi^t. Krust came so early an to injure all the late planted com, consequently the hoe* fattening tor market do not thrive as well anil fust an common Fat hog* ire worth on the plantation.", &i 50 u Ip'l <>2 1-2 grot*, anil neat at Cincinnati, ?'2 371-2 to #2 75, which price* Hte lull one-third over tho.-r of lust year, and will nimost bring the farmers out of debt. The nierchantd do business altogether on the cash principle, and money is getting more are more abundant. Van Buren is "no go" here, even among Iiih own party, but the way our Western "Harry" will run, will be a caution to the locos. Politics and th<* ladies, 1 must leave until another time, for I am afraid 1 am already too lengthy So ait revoir. City Intelligence. Police.?Wednesday, l)er. d.?Yr.w CouNTkarciTs.? On Tuesday afternoon a woman entered tliu grocery atom of Henry Klaacke, 11> Cedar street, and made a purchase ol a small quantity ol groceries, au<l uttered in pa> ment a live dollar bill, purporting to In; of the Kast lladdam Bank,'" Connecticut. She received thti change from John K. Klaacke,brother of the owner of the store,and departed. In a few moments altei wards n mini came into tin- store, and alter purchasing n small amount of groceries tendered a similar lull, which was received and the cliange given. In less than live minutes afterward* another wi man came into the (.tore and ottered ii similar note, which excited suspicion and was reluscd. She then left, and upon inquiry it was ascertained that the two notes were counterfeits. Vesterday ollicer Krack, one ot the most elticient of the Police, arrested a man and woman answering the description of the counterfeiters, who were immediately recognized l>y Mr. Klaacke. On being taken to thu 1'olicc the man was immediately recognized as Michael McUrath, and the woman as Mary Stone, well known as old dealers in counterfeit money. On searching McU. a S'i bill marked on the back with the initials "J. H, r. .......... vi. I.I0...L . ... . i,_ g.n e Id tin* woman 8tonc in change I'or th? $.'? counterfeit note that she bad prevented. 'I lux Tact shows the connection between the two, and wjll make the aeientrr no com plete as to ensure their conviction. Mock Auction Hohbkrv.?Yesterday a countryman named Frederick Kebecca, entered tlie mock auction s'ore No. lit Chatham street, opposite the I'ark, and wan swindled and robbed of f.7H iu the usual manner practised by the i'eter Funks who infest that public nuisance. Countrymen should beware of No. l.< Chatham street. Common Council. liooiD nr Ai.Di.HMCN.?Wednesday, Dec. t>.?Alderman Buady In tin* chair. Mintage from I hi- Mat/or?A communication was received from the Mayor in which he alludes to the course of the Board of Assistant Aldermen in laying a communication on the table sent by him on the Itli iust., relative to the action of the Croton Auueduct Committee. He allege* no intention to trout thai Board with disrespect in making such communication, but avow s it to be his duty to make communications relative to all improper proceeding' of public officers or public agenti. He point* out what lie alleges to be improvidence on the part of the Crotou Aqueduct Committee in employing men and legulating stop cocks, Sic. Aid. Lkk, Chairman of the Croton Water Committee, stated that the Major wa* mistaken in several points of his communication, us the Committee had immediately proceeded to remedy all existing evils an soon as disco vered. That portion of the communication relative to the Crotou Aqueduct Committee was refeired to that Committee, and the remainder placed on file. Paying Watchmen.?Aid. Batons said he had given notice that this eveniug he should call up the veto of the Mayor on the resolution to pay the watchmen the extra twenty-five cents per night, hut owing to the absence ot several members he should postpone it until next Monday evening. Board or Aouror minute* of the Inst meeting were read and approved. Petitions ReJtireU.?Ot owners of property, to make a drain in Liberty street, from Lumber street to the North river; of L. Height. to he relieved from tax. Hi purls?Against granting the prayer of George Palmer and George Lyon, to be relieved from tax, in favor of relieving Augustus Ho vdlroni tax; in lavorol' paying back to '1 homas J. Hull the sum of $10, paid by him tor a groggery license Adopted. Impmtant to thr fVatrh Department?The Committee on Police, Watch, and Prison, on the petition of the watchmen of the Third District, to allow Captain Voorhie* the ( " or to rwniovvanil appoint bis own roundsmen, reported in favor ol the pra) er of the petitioners, and extending the same powers to the Captains of thu other Waich Districts?Adopted. Paying a Day Polirr Ofliar.?A resolution from the other board, in favor of paving Andrew Thompson the sum of $61 for services rendered as a day police officer of the 7th Ward?Concurred in. ? Invitation.?An invitation to attend a ball gixn to the Kmerald Brass Band, at the Tivoli, on the 20th, v. a* accepted. Cleaning Street*.?A communication was received from the Superintendent of Streets, on the ordinance lately passed regulating the number of carts, tkc. He advised certain alterations and amendment*. Referred to the Street Committee. Thanksgiving Day?A resolution sent from the other Board, appointing the 14th inst. as Thfnksgiviag Day, won concurred iu. JV>ii' Watch Pints - -The report and ordinance establishing thirty new watch posts, compelling the watchmen to continue on duty until thirty minutes helore sun use, and creating one hundred and twentv udditional watchman, wan taken up, and niter considerable discussion was laid on the table for the present The Hoard then adjourned. Joi."?t Mketijmi. Both Boards of Aldermen assembled in joint meeting The Kire and Water Committee presented reports to th? following effect:? In favor ofdi?banding Engine Companies N'os.3 and 40, nnd striking the members from the roll, for rioting and fighting?Adopted. Kor expelling John I'. Teaks foreman of Hose Company .'IS, for disobedience of orders of Assistant Engineer Brennan?Adopted. Kor disbanding Hose Company No. 13, and transferring Hose Company So. 36 to their location? Adopted. Kor expelling William Duffy and William H. Hill for outrageous abuse of Alderman Vandervoort, and refusing to allow him to enter tbe Engine House of No. 36Adopted. Rt iignrd?John D. Van Btiren, as Alms House Commissioner. Kredarick A. Riderbock, F'eter K. Aurand, Cornelius Munday, George W. Bride, Patrick Kelly, and Adolphus W. (Joodwin, were appointed weighers of anthracita coal. \l'm fnv who ftvirxiinted mcnsnrpr of rbrtrrnnl James B. Vanderpool ?a< appointed city w ejgh er. Matthew Sayre was appointed mtuurer of bituminous coal in place of Thomas Beekman, resigned. Kngine Co"tpuny Wo. 34?Assistant Alderman Wiai> moved a reconsideration of the vote disbanding this Company in order to follow it np with a resolution to expel thn Company?Referred to Kire and Water Committee A resolution to aunoint (Jeorge Niven City Ouager, was introduced by Alderman Num. Unite a debate ensiled on this question, as it appeared thut his appointment had not passed the caucus, and after several motions to lay on the table, adjourn, Stc., Alderman Hatfih h nominated John < hichester as ( ity Onager, which, with the previous motion, was laid on the table. Rfmoral <>f Hiram .'J. Sorrit.- Assistant Aldennan i iiahi.k k ottered a resolution removing Hiram A. Norm from the office of Supei intendantof the Anueduct Works for alleged neglect of duty and insubordination in the Aqueduct department. Alderman Tilloc stated that the charges alleged against Mr. .Vorric, were before the committee and would be acted upon as soon a* time will permit. He thought that until such action no decisive measure should be adopted by the joint meeting. Alderman Watmi.vm* responded to Assistant Alderman i harlick, and defended Mr. N orris from the charge* alleged against him, by showing that they had no real foundation and were not engendered in a spirit productive of public good or benefit. He charged the opposition to Mr. S'orris as a personal matter between him ana certain member* oftheCroton Aqueduct Committee, and therefore the subject wan one that ought not to bo entertained by the Joint Meeting in its present shape. 17, and the Joint Meeting adjourned. Uencrnl Mrnloni. Before Recorder Tallmadge. and Aldermen Waterman and HiVlon. Jomi B. Pmi i.iri, Km. .Acting District Attorney. I > re 8.? Trial of William Hiirhmillrr concluded?The trial or thin man on an alledged charge of obtaining money iromtierman cmigruntsby false pretences,\v iu continued. The testimony for the pro^ucntion having cloacd. the defence was opened by Chari.h P. Daly, K*q., who called a few witnesses to sustain the facta alleged in his owning, when the Acting District Attorney became so satisfied of the utter lack of foundation for the charge against tbeac. cu?ed that he abandoned th? case, and the jury returned an immediate verdict of not guiltr This cause has occnpied three day* of the ? oiirt, w hicn might have been otherwise engaged had the facts been fully presented to the proixir authorities previous to finding the indictment. T lie Court then adjourned till this morning, at eleven o'clock. . Scjt AW Ki v;.?Captain Lewfy; One of the Quoddy tribe of Indians, w ho has a great dislike as well a* fear of r le Blue Noses, was some tune since over in the Queen's dominions, when he got " essentially " and said sundry evil things about her majeaty ; for which offence, out of joke, <nmc of the " ba?er ?ort" held mock court, and sentenced him to he *hut np in an old hovel for the night, which he miitook for a jail. lu the morning following; one of the citiscn* happening to hear of the joke, went over an. I let him out, and took him hack to the American Hide. After they had got fairly over on the Yankee aoil, Lewly turned to hia liberator?" Me safe now, brother 7" "All ?afe now." " Sartin t den damn um *<)uaw Kinfc"?Franfirr JournalfrKKD.?Tht* Louisville Journal say* that fhr steamboat \fw Siiltnna, recently built at thtt phi run mIM'ihv of thli'<-five i"ilea In one hour and . thmc iiiIiiuImW li?r ui?i trial.

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