Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1843 Page 3
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MONK Y iHAKKKT. Monday, Dec. 95-0 P. M. This lining Christmas Day, the banks were closed and the brokers relieved from their usual exciting routine of peculation, the movements in Wall street were rather quiet. The condition of the stock market at the close on Saturday, was a crisis, attendant upon too great an extension of prices, und the result of a lengthened period of "peculation. The cause that cheated the high rates that all securities have reached still exists, and a reaction must lie experienced so long as the banks pursue the course adopted by them at the commcncemcnt of the season.? They are still deeply involved with thei brokers, and {so long a? the coalition continues stocks must maintain prices much above their value. The fluctuations that have characterised this species of speculation for some time past, are incidental to the business and occur every week or two, when quotations have reached a very inflated point. Money is as abundant as ever, and the banks loan as freely to the brokers as at any time; consequently there is no foundation for the panic that so generally pervaded Wall j street at the close of the week. Present prices for all de- ] scriptions are a great per cent higher thanf they were nix week* since. Long Island, for instance, is twenty per cent higher than when the corncr commenced ; Paterson about twenty, and all the fancy stocks nearly as much. Bank and insurance stocks have sustained very uniform quotations, as the operations in these have been principally for investment. The late advance in State stocks has benefited very much the banks established under the free banking law, as their securities have in several instances reached a price nearly double the first cost. The Bank of Commerce, and Mechanics' Banking Association of this city, have been particularly benefitted by the late movements in the stock market. The old Safety Fund Banks have not been so fortunate, but on the contrary have endangered their very existence, by their connection with the speculations in every stock that had a name. Josiah B. Plumb has been elected cashier of the State llank in place of A. D. Patchin, resigned. Mr. P. has removed to Buffalo, to establish a banking institution. The sale of the real estate belonging to the Branch Bank of Mobile, Alabama, has been again postponed to the second Monday of February next. The great value of the property belonging to this institution, and the importance of obtaining as large an amount as possible from this source, has induced the Governor to postpone the sale j from time to time, so as to receive every advantage that may arise from the improvement in the times that the dis posalof the great staple of the State will create. We learn that otticial intelligence has been received by the Treasury Department, that the second instalment of the Mexican indemnity was paid at Mexico, but was not orwarded immediately, in consequence of an insurrection in the south. An escort;was expectedHo proceed with the money to Vera Cruz, atwut the latter part of November. It will bo shipped on,board'the Auuhuuc at Vera Cruz, for New Vork. The A. was to sail early in December. By recent advices from Illinois, we learn that Governor Davis and the engineer employed by him, are satisfied with the work, thus far on the canal, and that $1,600,000 will complete it. It is also stated that Gov. Davishas so k favorable an opinion of the work that he advises our bond holders to advance the money to finish it, more especially as he believes tho securities for the proposed advancement are ample, and that the bond holders will be protected in their acquired rights by the courts of the United States. Not a single individual can for a moment entertain a doubt but that the canal running through a State like Illinois, will prove productive enough to repay the additional outlay required to complete it. The amounnt expended in the work thus far is as useless as though thrown into the sea. The amount necessary to bring the whole line into operation, will create a dividend on the whole outlay, besides adding to the internal wealth of the State, by making her soil more valuable, and if possible more productive. The tax that the bondholders require to be raised simultaneous with the advancement from them, will be willingly submitted to if judiciously created, (tor. Kord is urged to convene the Legislature of the State for the purpose of laying before them the subject, and for the purpose of levying the necessary tax to fulfil the terms negotiated by the commissioners. There exists quite a difference in the opinions of those friendly to the successful termination of this great work, as to the policy of railing the assembly together for this purpose. The regular session of the Legislature comes round next winter, on/1 trnnlil )>n Viu nmnor iimn tn i r? rml 1 flin anK. ject to the representative* of the people. It would also" 1)0 good policy to commence the work; bring on the hun* drcds of laborers; settle them on the line; create a market for the produce of the farmers on the spot; give the people the best praofs that there is some earnestness about the business; give them time to think over the business, and receive the first fruits of the enterprise even in the sale of u bushel of wheat or a j?eck of potatoes, and there will not be much doubt of the ultimato success of the whole undertaking. Obtain all the money the bondholders are willing to advance; goon the ground and go to work, commence in the middle and work both ways, as Clinton lid on our own Krie canal, make your money go as far as possible, and the people of Illinois will see the work finished. There is not sufficient cause to induce the Governor to call a special session of the Legislature, and we trust he will not do so. The second sober thought of the people is invariably the wisest. The people have no evi* dence at present that the bond holders of Europe will actually carry out the conditions required. Before they are saddled with an additional tax, with their present hcavy cxpenses, they demand occular demonstration that they will not be taxed without a consideration. The amount of taxable property in the State reaches nearly thirty milions of dollars. A very trifling tax on this will produce the amount necessary to finish the canal, with what the landholders advance. The citizens of Illinois know their own interest sutliciently well to do all in their power to protect it. They only require sufficient time to inform themselves of the why and wherelore. Governor Ford Lnoustlia resources of his State, and if left to his own good judgment, and not harrassed and! run down by a I host of laud speculators, whose advice it governed by the want* of their jacket*, will in good time act as the eraer. gencies of the case require. There has been circulated (piite extensively in this city a circular for the signatures of those owning land in Illinois, to Governor Kord, calling on him to convcnc the Legislature as speedily as possible, so as to settle the question at the earliest moment.? This document will pass for what it is worth in theopi. nion of the executive of the State, and we feel confident he will not be swayed by its tenor. A premature, hasty step at this moment may destroy the whole business, and annul the efforts of the commissioners, who have spent months in bringing to perfection their instructions. Col Oakley is at present in this city, devoting his whole time to this subject, and in furthering the best interest of the State in every possible manner. The arguments used in favor of an immediate session of the Legislature are, that the present members are more intimately acquainted with the history of the question, and that the plan to complete the canal, and pay off the public debt, which was introduced by the* members that would compose any assembly called before next winter. This view of the subject is sound, but the population of Illinois are alone the judges of whatsis expedient and what is not; if they err the consequences fall on their heads. They have laid before ihrm the most feasible and economical plan, to enablu them to pay off the bulk of their public debt, and to re. reive the full benefit of their internal improvement*. By xuhmitting to n trifling tax to do this, they are throwing from their shoulder* a heavy debt, and the stain of repudiation. By adopting the proposed plan they place them, selves in the fiont rank of solvent States, and have a great work completed, that will benefit every individual within their boundary. With all these advantage* placed plainly before the people, with a length of time grantod sufficient for the ma*s to digest the subject, with the necessary ef. fort* made to have every one thoroughly informed, so as each individual can act knowing the result of hi* movement ; if, after all these things are carried out, the representative* direetly from the jieople, elected expressly to acton this question, refuse to levy a tax for the purpose required, the blamo and disgrace be on their own heads. Foreign Markets. IIav**a, Dcc. 14.?Thecargo of rice per Havana, sold at 10 m., and that by the Daniel Webster at f?3 r*. The following is a copy of an order which it is supposed will be urmniilirnt?><l on th#? I.<t .lanunrv :?kxnnrt ilutv on Aitimr t) rs per l>ox; on cofl'ee .1 ra. per <|ql. il exported in a Spanish vessel lor a Spanish |>ort; 4 ri. per qql. in a Spanish vessel Tor a foreign (tort; and 4) in. per <p|l. in a foreign vessel for a foreign port. Molasses and Aguadiente free. One hall the amount ol tonnage duty will he returned on vessels, in which may hi* exported more than 1(HK> boxen sugar, or morn than 'iO(H) hags ol cofl'ee, or more than 300 pipes ol Aguadiente. Vesisels loading a full cargo of molassea are I'reo of tonnage duty. In our produce market there is no change. A few casks of new molasses have been sold at J rs. Exchange on Hoston, J a 1 per cent; New York, 1 n l? percent; London, 10J a llij per cent pre. < ott'ee is brought in rather more plentifully. VVe quote at n a t?. Ol new molasses, onlv a trilling quantity has appeared so far, for which .1 rials is asked; but we do not huar that any one has naid that price yet, and quote at 'X a Lard of good quality lias been selling at 10 a 10}. l'h? stock is about HtNMl kegs. DM, <>n inst., suddenly, KRr.PKRim Wallacic, aged 21 years. The friends and relatives of the family, and alio the memben ol the Metropolitan Lodgl, No. -t.t, 1. () of O. K., mid the order in general, are respectfully invited to attend hu Inderal, l'rom lild street, Harlem, Tursday afternoon, at il o'clock. MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Uajra of tta? Steam Mhlpa from LivtsrooL. riton imkiucj. Hi hernia, Jndkini Jan. 1 Britannia, Hewitt I?" 4 Feb. 1 Caledonia, Lott J ?b. S March I Acadia, Shannon Mar. 4 April I Hhlp Maatera and Agent* W? ?ha!l eateem it a I'aror, if Captain of V?n??li will g\vr to Commodore Kobkbt Sil?kv, of onr New* Fleet, a lie port of the Shippiuf left at the Port whence they tailed, the VMiels Spoken on their I\uiaie, a l.iit of their Carco, an J any Kornia. Newa|iaper? or New* they may hare. He will board them immediately on their arrival. Agent! and Corn-apoudenU, at home er abroad, will al*o confer a laror by mndinic to this Office all the Matin* Intelligence they can obtain. Nnttcal Isf'irmatioa of *ny kind will be tlutnkfnlly reenvra. FOllT OK NEW VOKK. DBCUMBKH 96. HI*?.? 7 2.'| I MOOK sicn 10 48 ii'ii HI 36 I HK.H 12 0 Arrived. British ichr Manilla. O'Brien, 17 day* from Halifax, N3. with lish. 10C. S. lloland. Schr Corvo, Crockett, 10 days from Thomaston, with lime, to maitrr. Sclir Richmond, Ames, 12 day* from Thomaston, with lime, to master. Below. Oue barque and a brig. Wind NR. (?/" Ship Hindoo, Proctor, from Boston. and Britiili brig Kvrv. Knowlton, of Parsboro', both for NYork, were passed off Norwalk Islands, no date. General Record. Packet SHir SlUDons, for Liverpool, and Ville de Lyon, for Havre, will sail to-day. Their letter bags are at Gilpin's, in the KxcImiik*. Bri<; Nkw K.niii.anh, of Provideace, had lieen ashore on the Panta. She was assisted off by the sloop of war Vandalia.? No other particulars. Bhio Ki.i/.a, from Calais, Me. with a ca'Ko of lumber consigned to 8. I*. Muston k Co. struck on Bow B?ll reef, above Oistins, on Thursday nii<ht, during a squall.?[Barbadoes Accounts, Nov. 29. Foreign Ports. Barbados, Nov 29? In port, Lilius, Smalley, from Alexandria for NOrleans; Tremont.Woodside, from Georgetown, SC. to sail in a werk; i ertivian, Wstson, from NYork for Kagged Island, next day; Black Hawk, Krisbie, from New Haven, <Tisg; ('arlton, Jamiesou, Norfolk, do; Tom Paine, Anderson, do do; Klin, Kenny, from (>alais, reptj; Mary, Po|ie, from Kennebuuk for St Lucia; Vandalia. Wall, from Alexandria. disg; Commodore Kearney, Payne, Baltimore. Ho; Admiral Colpoys, Smith, in i or*, uo. ma America, ami waicnman.i.iarK, ??; r.iectrn, Packard, from Wilmington, NC. for leeward islands and a mkt; Ann Pop*. Weill, Kennebunk. k Havana, Dec 15?In port, D?nl Webster, from Cb&rleiton. Hume Porta Pmi.Anr. i.phia. Dec 24?Arr Win Thatcher, Decker, Barhadoe?; Chirf, Smith, Providence; R 0 (ilover, CallaRhau, and Iodine, Blew, Work; 11 Westcott, Vance, Wilmington, NC; James Barbour, Bangs. Providence. (.'Id Motougahela, Turlev, Liverpool; Gallio, Thompson, i'eruambuco. Richmond. Dec 2l?Arr Abstract, McKeiinon, Boston. 8ld Nassau, Dearborn; Chai Pitman, 'Townsend, and Juliette, Woglam, NVork; Intrepid, Lewis Jersey Citv. Norfolk. Dec 22?Arr Bel'e, McMath; Henry Clay, Martin; Stare Rights, Jones, and Sarah, Staple*, N York; Nahant, Pierce, Plymouth; Kort Hill, Marks, Boston. In Hamptou Roads. Peru, Alleu, from Newburyport, for orders; also, Napier. Sid Parihian. Allen, Richmond; J W Kimpton, Oshorn, NVork. Cutter Taney. Kvans. from a cruise, spoke on the 19th, Carth'K", Knnpp, Newburyport for Baltimore. Washington. NC. Dec 13?Arr Pamlico, Kulford. AVe?t Indies; ICth, Isaac Townsend, Worth; Danl Baker. Baker, and Comet, Ireland, New York; ?0th. Anaconda, Kulford, do Cld nth, Hope W Gaudy, (iandy, New York; A B Cooley, Camp, Philadelphia; 21st, Paraxon, Green, do; Comet, Ireland, West ' 11u ' s, iskim uaiiri, un*r[, ^ i nr*. luikikju, vy .isnill gion, Dizon, and Pamlico, Kulford, West Indi*s; Liou, Lemiug, aud Isaac Townsend, Worth. N York. Georgetown, SC. Dec 18?Cld Detroit, Anderson, NYork; 2rth. Juno, Norrij, do. Charleston Dec 21?Arr Ernst, [Krl Mercadi?r, Pt Petre; Hayue, Tre?cott, Havana; Excelsior, Woodbury. I>ew York; Hopewell, Lawrence Boston. Cld H Allen. Wilson, NYork; Athens, Chase, Mobil-; Warsaw, Herbe>t, New Orleans; Randolph, Goldsmith, Philadelphia S'd Swanton, Davenport, and Higgiuson. [Br] Hogg, Liverpool; Catharine, Berry, and Sabattis, Cox, NYork; Gotlia, [Sweu] Sundbery, Rotterdam; Arabian, Foster, Nantz. Savannah, Dec 19?Arr John Mnnn, [Br] Watt. Greenock; Savannah. Hawley, rx York. Cld J Dunlap, Cou.rier, Liverpool; Peggy, [Br] Smith, Montego Bay. Kev West, Dec 16?In port. Merchant, for Malanzas, !6th. Mobile, Dec 16?Arr Halcyon, Littlefield, Bath; Sarah.Cutter. Poitland; North Star, Skellingtou, Philadelphia; Alabamian, Lane, NYork; Hannah Snrague. Cook, ; George llallett, Howes, and Teazer, Gliddon, Boston. New Orleans, Dec H?Arr Lady Arabella, Simpson, Rotterdam; James t'dworU, Webster, and Clarissa. Melchor. New VorH; Medora, Lnnt, Newburyport; Texidor,"Clark, Rio de Jineiro: Delta, Hinckley, and Chase. Hopkins, Turks Island; Alfred, Mason, Savanna la Mar; Helta, Somes, Demerara Below, coming up. Russell, Lamphar, and Louisiana. Patten, Boston; Wm Ik Elizabeth, Pllcher, Liverpool; Hope. Kingston, Ja; Louisiana, Thomaston; Sheffield, 2 barques. I brig, 2 schs, names unknown. At the Knglish Turn.Velasco, and Alabama, and a brig uukno* n Cld Titi, Sabate, and Juanita, [Sp] Pina, Havara; Leven Lass, [Br] Wright, Kings'on, Ja. XXTANTED IMMEDIATELY.?Several honest, intelligent aud enterprising young men to solicit subscribers aud col lect money tar a new and popu'ar magazine. None need apply without a wri'teu recommendation of po? scsmg uie aoove qnaiincauons. i o men gooa en< onragement will be given. (126 2tis* rc ISRAEL POST, S Aitor Honse AUCTION NO'l ICE.?Rich and Klwut Fancy Goods adijited rothe Season ?VAN ANTWERP It HYDE'S sale of rich Fancv goods, postponed ftom Saturday on account of the storm, will positively take place this day, Dee. 26. at 10 o'clock, at 147 Broadway, corner of Lib-rty street. The goods ar* mostly of receut itrpoitations, and high grade, and the sale is in every resre-t worthy of attention. Catalogues irf reuly and the articles can be examined till the hnnrof s\le. d26 lt*rc SPLENDID SOLAR LAMPS AND GIRANDOLES ? The subseriii r has just finished for the holydays a large and b'autiful assortment of Solar and Ascral Lanr>s, with Kill, b'onzed, and cut gins columns; also Girandoles of various patterns ana suiwionty of finish, in gilt, bronze, and silver, varyin* from o> e to flv.- liglns each: alio a srleudid anil entire i ew article of Candleabru, trit?med with lustres The above goods are arranged in the show rooms ready for public insp-ctiou. .JOHN W. MORGAN, d '6 Jfra 154 Fulton, lir.t doorejst of Broadway. DACKET SHIP SIDDONS, FOR LIVF.RPOOL.?SJ C seugers by this ship will pleise te on board the steamboat Hercules, at Whitehal', this day, 26th inst., at 12 o'clock, M.. at whi. h time the ship will sail. Let'er bags clese at the usual places at half-past 1', A. M. d26 ec CHRISTMAS A WD "NEW YEAR'S" PRESENTS. RP. BIXLY St CO havejust received a new and handsome aa?or irent of ENGLISH AND AMERICAN ANNUALS, amon? which are :? The Keepsake for 1014, London, 15 plates, super, damask silk. The ^Friendship's Offering, for 181), Loudon,]} plates, rich cloth gilt. Heath's Book of Beauty, for '814, London, Ij plates, rich silk gilt. Ackermau's Forget Me Not, (18i?o) for 1814, London, Turky morocco, 12 plates, fine. Ths Magnolio for 1844, New York, 9 steel engravings, super French tnororeo, gilt ex. The Iris Tor 1844, New York, 8 steal engravings, rich damask ilk. The Opal, apnre gift, for 1814. New York, 10 steal engravings, rich Turky morocco. The Gift for '844, Philadelphia, royal 8ro, tuperb white calf (tilf, I) finished plates. The Gift for 1811, Phi'adelphia, 8vo, French morocco, gilt, II finished plales. The Literary souvenir, 1844, Philadelphia, white calf, gilt ext., 12 beautifal plates. The American Friendships' OffVricg for 1811, Boston,12 plates, embof s*d morocco, gilt edges. The Win?ergre?ii, a Perennial Gift, 1844, New Yoik, 16 fine steel plates, morocco, emhoased and gilt. TheChriitiai tionvecir t.r 1844, Boston. 12 steel plates, soperior Saxony cloth and gilt nnd morocro, embossed. The Ho<e, or Affections Gif\ 1811, New York, morocco, emb >ssed and gilt, >0 s'lperline steel engravings. The Rose oi Shtron for 1811, B iston, 12 hue stetl ambelli>hitents, rich embossed French morocco. The Jewel, fine Juvenile Annual, 1844, 6 steel pla'.es. embossed morocco, gilt. TheLilv for 1814, Juvenile Annual, 10 steel phtes, embossed morocco. The Boys' and UiiU'Annual for 1814, numrrons plate*, Ito, Haxrnv cloth e ,'w sitxr Tr e Youth's Histi ricitl 4Jift, cloth extra, numerous plates. An endleis variety of Javeuile llojks Splendid tditions of valuable works in bindings suitable Onr the holidays. Allium., Por feuilles, Fancy Stationary, Ike. tic. The ibove, together with (heir usual aiaoit^ent of Standard, Miscellaneous, School and Blank B"ok?,offered at exirem'lv low pricet, by R P. BIXLY & CO., No. 3 Park Row, opposite ths Astor House. (T?"Auclion sales every rveoiug, commencing at half-pas'. 6 d25 3tis*ec SOIHKK AVI) P-VHTY DIM-'.SSKS IU8T tvECEIVKD?The greatest viriety of Pw.i Diessei, J some of theui very *|)!ei.did. Alto, ioiw of the richest Silk* ever importeJ, likewise One case ofColnied Silk Illusions. " White ?nd Black do " White and Colored Crane*. " Tarlatanes. " " Bartigei " Plated and Striped Orgoidiuea. " Bari'g'a. " Balr.orines. " Figured Crapes. " Wnite Kmbroidered Satins Fancy Scarfa and Cravats for Soiroes. " The KichrKt Bags nud Reticnlea. " New style Long Oloiet with Trimmings. " Kmbroidtred Mitt>, Long and Short. " Sleeves and Bfrthes. Five cues of Parisian iNovelties. One c&s of New St> le K.mbrr,i<lered Collars" Mancheltr* nil'I Handkerchiefs" Cheminrttes and Capes " Mourning t ollirs and Mancliettes. " style Kivieie Handktrchiefs. " Kine Laces, of every kind. Lace Veils, Scarfs and Barbes. " B*rth?i Collars and Manchette*. " Cauexons, Ike., See. Three case* of Dark, Light and White Kid (Jlovea. " Mer.a " " " , " On^ctseof Itich Vons'dine De Laines. All the aVove g.ioils have b-en received by the Ville de Lyon and are a?lected by the subscribers' agent in Piris, with great care and Mite. They w ill be sold eitlv r wh< les -le or retail, at very moderate prices. JAMK.S BrCK *i CO. i. B ?J. B It Co. i ave a Urge *<?o'tnvnt of India Shawls, some of a eery splendid description. Also, a few Scarfi. j d?> 3t?'c I \7'KRY OL!) WINKS?'I'll* siih c iner offe.s for sale at <S v Pine street, corner of William, the fnllowint Wines, Bian . .lies, Jtc. Wines, the vintage of 1706, from the l)iike of ^asI !?ai o'1' Madeiras anil Slier ies in lutlles anil on draft; interior l I <>it in wool and gists. The finest nullities of Champagne in 1 ipiarta and l>i>ta; aupniicr Hicks, C l?r-ts. Burgi ndie?, Sail1 tenia, Itc. Itc., in case* of one dozen eicn, wamncd to te I Iroin the first estates. Apply to . . OILBKHT DAVIS. I Old Brandv ami II ll??..l rim .10> P' ACKKT 8HIP nIDDONM ?Oll LIVMiPOOL-Phmpiig?ra by ship will plump bp oil board tliP steam b ??t ll'r| cules. at Whitehall, ou t'usday Itih iLstaot, atUoMock, i it w liich timp the ship will sa'l. Lpttrr ham will close at lb* usual placet at II o'clock, A.M. d2tec __ PUBLIC SALK OK MUSIC AND MUSICAL INSTKOMKNT8 ?Will bp told at No. 30 Ninth Kourtli ilr?n, PHILADKLPH I A, for cjsh, Jan. 10th, I8H, ihe pntirp stock iml futures of thp Mutical Kstablishmpiit of thp latp linn ?f L Meignen k('o. and their successor, Win. K. Ilavlpy. Consisting hi part of the moat rare and popular tnntic. music platPs, musical instruments of nil varieties, lithographic plate*, ike. lie ? Uv ordpr of thp A??ignee. il2t<kj3 rc V/ANILI.A HKANH, He- ~ ? 2 m??* Superior Vanilla Beans. MO lbs, Clean Caraway Sppd, Kor talp at reduced price* by J AS. S. ASPINWALL, ?I2I 3t"p<! M William strre'.. T'OTHK LOVBRS OF I- Nr. MUX TON?Thopp who A aiP to d of good living, and feel dispo<ed to pvlroniM thp breeding ??d fattening of our mtite stoptr, pin ha?? their pro. ppnaitv indulged by callu p t .1 wll's Meif Pcihia Miy, No, i2'i Uowery, where* fine lot < f I it t'le-'p, among ? ?|.:h .> > two ,'f ill 1 irgeit and linealpver raia-<1 in ill a c null y. "tlier good (illu sion* of till' season will h< eshitii'cd 'o aa'p during tli-| holidays l' rlicolarlv, and every d iy therewith. Thp public at * ' ipepi'cil'uily invited to call ami judge for tliPtn*i lv h . .12-. It*pp JKWKLL. CHEAP CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. 304 PEARL-STREET?LATE 108 BEEKMAN STREET ' PHE Subscriber, well known for the cheaimea* and durabil1 itr of hi* work, deaire* (o inform hi* patron* and tlie public, that be ia now, to aoit the economic*! teudeucy of the 1 im**. making garment* of ihe very beat quality at a reduction of tweuty |ier cent from former price*,ana le*?, it is believed, by twenty \m cent tlian tf irmeiiu of the *sue quality are made by the cheap house* in thi* city. In order that gentlemeu uny atderatmd what i* meant by chenpneaa, the following bill of price* i* aubuiitted to their con ideration, with a guarantee that the good* (hall be of the Crat rate quality, and the fit uueiceptiouable. Sujierior Weat of Flngland <!loth ('oat* $11 to 16 l'.uita, of black or lancy double milled caaa- 5 to 7 Vest*, of ailk, aatin, &c 2% to 4 Makiug and trimming in the best *tyle, at the follow in* price*:? CoaU S6? to ( Pautaand Veet* 1>4 to IX Huiierior Beaver Overcoats from $11 to $20 d? lin'r JOHN MOFFAT. ASA 1?. PERKINS, L. . . CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, No. 85 Cedar street, N?.W VORK. rjENTLEMEN who iwtronia* thi* ca^h eatabliahment will derive a dec id. d advantage of from 20 to 30 per ceut over I rlioae who purchase at other (tore* ou i!>e credit system, for of ihoK who never pay Those who are preparing for the holidays would do well to < >I anil examine the stock of laahinuable g'Otls at the abovs i?ubli*hin?iit, all. the prices, before the\ purchase elsewhere. 5, B.?There an uiortHitiit on hind of l.loalu aud OverCoats. teady made. d9 Im'r G~ KNTLK.MKVS KUKNISHINU S'lOHK. Tne subseiiber has constantly ou baud a general assortment of Sac a and Over Coats, Vei ts, rantalnons, 4tc which lie will sell at the following low prices for cash, vi* Over Coats, Irom $8 to 12 Sack do 3 to fi Pantaloons and Vests, 3 to fi Gentlemen furnishing their own maleiials can have them made and tr.mtneu at the following low prices, viz :? Over Coats, from $4 to 10 00 Dress do 7 to 9 00 l'antaloous aud Vests, $1 SO to 1 75 Just received, the latest and most approvud French l>attern Shirts. Shirts made to order, at short noticv. dl3 lm*r WM. COLLINS. 69 Maiden lane, N. Y. GENTLEMEN'S OUTFITTING (JOODS. JOHN M. DAV1E3 & JONES, 1()6 William, corner of John, HAVK received per late arrivals, and now have in store.a full assortment of goods in their line. They feci confident that their stock is not equalled iu this city, and their g*ods will be sold low for cash. Qwitlemen will tiuJ a variety oi'new style ol Scarfs, Cravats, /ii?.? Dressing Kobea, Pocket Handkerchiefs. fcc. Under Uarmenu of every variety, ol KnulidOind Americas manufacture, viz:? Merino Shirts and Dtl^wi Lambs Wool do do Shaker Knit do do Shaker Flannel do do Bucksltin do do Plain Si Kibhad Silk do do Ladies MerincifcSilk do do W ith a great variety of other style*. arik Stilus and Drawer*, Ribbed and Plain, made to ordei tt the shorteal notice. Hosiery, Gloves, Suspender*, Stocks, and ?very otlier article of outfitting good*. CAPS, Our assortment compmes every style now in use for gen'le mm. yomh <>nd children at grratlv reduced prices .o26 2in*ni TIFFANY, YoUNG & ELLIS, 289 and 2<i0 Broadway, corner IVarren strut, IMPORTERS OK THE VARIOUS FANCY MANUFACTURES OF FRANCE,KNOLANP smurr, china, ftr. ARK. NOW R?i:?IVIN4i A ORKAT VARIKTY OF -fa- UOwDS, the selection of one of their lirm, tendering thi'ir present stock the most varied, Nicest and richest to be found on this or the other side of the Atlantic. Thay beg leave to say that their Goods aie made ta order, by the Wat fabricin's of Kurop?, nnd> r the direction of one of tl>e Partnen, or an acrnt of competent ta-te; and the; ftel entirely confident tlmt they will always lie found lower, contiden'ne the style, quality and finish, than can b? bough. elsewhere. Determined to ke*p tii-ir stock always desirable and attractive. they have re-maiked all goods thai have lemainedon hand for 12 months or more aud lost their original freshness and novelty. at mch low piice? as will ensure their sale?lower, it is belieied, thau ihis de<ciiption of goods usually commands in the competition a- d incitement of an suction room. I'URCHASKHS OF AhTICLBS FOR HoLlllAV fRF.SKNTS a-e res|>ecifully reminded thar the* will fiud a better variety ;^.e better *erved and better suited by mt-king an early applicaticn. <121 toJlic NEW GUOuS PER STEAMER HIBh.R^IA?Will be opened this morning, including new a >W Ctssimerrs and Vesting*. witn the most splendid aa ortmei. t of Scarfs, Cravela Sic., we have ever had to offer. WM.T JENNINGS k CO., Drain ri ami Tailors, 23! Broadway, opposite the Kountain. OVERCOATS?OVERCOATS, kc.-Ready marie Or?rcoats, Cloaka, &c? at piicea from $10 to $30. Kor sale at 231 Broadwav, American Hotel d 17 lin*ec WM. T JENNINGS k CO. 8CABKS AND CRAVATS. C. B. HATCH, OT WILLIAM STREET, Has just received a fresh assortment of OKnTL* MKN'S SCARFS AND CI{ AVATS, Of the latest atylea. Alto on hand, a full assortment of STOCKS, LINENS. GLOVES, SUSFENDERS, kc. d2l St is*m rPH E Subscribers, WILLIAM STEEL Si SON, having A returned to their old stand, Nos. Ill and 113 Cheiry itrett, are prepared to axecuteall orJera fur Cake. They have constantly on hand a large assonmeot, vil Plnm, found, Nancy, Sponge, Washington. Citron, Almond and l>afiyette CakeNew Year and Scotch Cake ofa superior quality. Also, Mackroom. Kisses, Lady tingers, kc. N. B. Cakes assorted and packed for country stores. d3l lw*ec " MEN'S .BOY'S AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHING. GEORGE T. GREEN, Noa. 110 Chatham street anj 4 Bowery, wijl keep constantly on hand a full and complete as tormentor wen ?, tfovs, iuii] Uhildira'i Ul< thing, of alt descriptions,made iu the mom fa?hi. a ?l>le style,to ?liich he would r?s|iectfully invite the attention of thoie in waut. A? he has nude arrangement* to receive CLOTHS, CA88IMKRK8, V ttSTlNGS. kc., by evt'y Packet, and ha? secured the services of experienced Cotters, he pledgts himself to give |*rfect satisfaction to all who miy purchase. N. B.?Garments made to order at the shortest notice and with strict punctn?lity. dl lm*m TO TAILOlis! OTINEMETT 8 new and complete wnk on the subject of ^ Ca't'ng Garment* of every description, in a style ol elegmce rot to be su'patied, is,with the utmost confUeuce, effer *.1 to the t ade, es being a work wholly N tartar to anything of h kind her? tofoie introduced; by toe aid of which a perron nf mo irrate sap citv ma" obtiin a better practical kao ?ledge of cutting in ons we*k, thin could, V-y the old method, b* obtainel in jears ; and he who wishes to k?ep pace witH the rapid inprovements of his ait, cacnot do better thau ava'l hiins* 11 o< the possession of the work. It has already received the appr > ' alio i of the fl~st of the profession, and cannot fvl tu gite >.ui?kciiou to a!l who uie it. Ihe above ran te obtainet of >h?au.hor, No. H3 Cedar street, Nrw York. Also, complete ? ts of pattems, of all >he various styles of girmens. as now worn, embracing all tlia different sites, from 3J inches b-east to 44, or upwards. d21 Im'ec PJ.ENTLKMEN'8 LKKT OKK WARDHOBK (tentieW men or fnmiiin drsirons of convening their left off Wearing Apparel into cash, can obtaiu for the same the hiRliest cash pr.ce To families and gentlemen quitting theeity, or changing resi deuce, having ailv superfluous effects t'> disinise of, will find it much to their advautage to tend lor the subscriber, who will itreud them at their residence by appointment. H. LF.VETT, 6 John street. N. Y. A. lino through the Fust Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. Clothing cleaned, altered and repaired Notick.?Mr Levrtt wishes to inform the rublic, that he is not comiected in basinets with any perion purchasing catt off ?lothing, therefore those who make inch representations are i in posters, da lm* GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OK>' WAHDROBE?Oentlemen or families desirous of converting their left off Wearing Apparel into cash, cau obtai.i for the saw e the highest cash price To families and gentleman quitting the city,or changing residue; having auv snperfluous effects to disni s? of, will find it much to their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will a'tend them at their residence by appointment. T. LKVKISSTYN, 4M Broadway, up smini A. line through the Post OiTice, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention d22 lm*re DICII DRESS SCARFS. CRAVATS, GLOVES, kC.? The subscribers oiler to the fashionable commnuity, ail egassortment of new and fashionable articles, cons'sting ! ' """ts. Oloves, Stocks, ready made linen and mu?lin Shirts, linen Collars, Dress Fronts, Suspenders. Dres*ing Robes and Under Irarments of all descriptions. Their assort tnent of scarfs and Cravats con?ists nl* silk, sattin, euhmere Ml mohair, of plain black, figured black, gold and 'silver s|>ot ind figures, fancy colors, p'aid and stripes in great variety, among which may lie found some of the richest patters ever imputed in this citjf. (ientlemen who will favor them with a vim win nnu one <>l Hie moat extensive assortment* of articles ippertaining to a gentleman's wardiobe, to bp found in any otli t establishment in this city, and at prices to suit the tiroes. PAR8ELLS 8c AGATK, oid established Linen Drapers, Stock Manufacturers, dcc.,217 Broadway, dl# lm*r tW. Park Place. DETRENCHMENT~THK ullDKU OK THE DAY The undersigned resprctfully inform their fri ndt tuid the public Eenemllv, that they keep constantly on hand a large and nltiidiJ assuitmeut ol French and KiikIisIi (Mo'In, Casuineres tnd Vestings including a great var ety of Overcrat stuffs, ffhich they pledge ihemselres to makeup ill a style not surpass d by any establishment in llio c ty. All gaim-nts furnished lull fifteen per cent less tlian any other h?u?e who make and trim in the ?auie rranner. Those wh j wish ClothiiiK made to their ]>erfect sa'isfiction will do well to call nud give us a trial N. B.?A spl 'I!did assorupont of Osercoa's and Cloaks kept constaully on hand, ard will be so'd very low (or cash dl i in r H. WH IT E HO RNIC k CO. 33 Nassau st TO ECONOMISTS ? (Jeut's Apparel ( leaned and Dressed I in a superior style?repairs and alterations to the present 'uhion A lot of Winter Clothing on hand, lorsale wholesale nd n tail. Cash paid for Clothing, and exchanges made. n2# im*r LkV'IK'H, I til Nm street. T^HE SUBSCRIBER has removed from the store No 6i7 Uroadwav, to 174 Canal. for the purpose of carrying on the CASH TAILORING BUSINESS iii all Its brancW mil in aatyle of rlrffance which cnnunt I* auriwaard by an) thn hotiar. It i? thr intention of thr undrrnKiird to uli turh rice* for hia good* M miinot fail to mret thr approbation ol thr public, nod an nrrllrul aaiortmrot will be k-pt ou h.uid t? ju't thr ta?te of all. Oatmrui* can also br altrrrd and repaired at this nubliihment at reduced prior* A call la reipectfully aolicited by your obedient aerrant, M. KICK. N. B. Ucntlemra fnniiahinff their own cloth can have thrm made up on the moit rrMouable urmi, aud good fit* warranted i 22 1 u?* r BALL llRfSES ?Thr lalncribrr ha* just 'rceired by thr moat recent npiraU? M cain lailira'embmidrrrd Rohr>, from $7 upwarda >A do UrKandi, embroider d in rolora, Irnm $i upwarda Tulr Illuaion, in blur, pink, and other colora 10-4 plain white Organm Minim, for hall drraara I no cartons infant'a emhroiilrred llnbra, very cheap. PKTKK KOBKKTH. 373 Broadway, dtl lm*<! h*tvr*m Whitenn<| Franklin ?trr*t*. | FANCY BALL DREHSES TO LET, J N . PINTEUX, CAKE DK8 MILl.K COLONNES, d21 lm*rc :w7 BR IADWAY. REMOVAL. I 'PIIK t'lUNOK AND WOHHTtU STORK OK I). M I PKV8KH k CO. hu br? 'i iTm'Ufl ro No. 60 John itlwt, >pp<i?ii? ili? former itmil of 110 Willitm ilffrt n2t> lm?e MUFFS ! MUFFS ?? MUFFS !!! AT COST PRICES. AOOOO nnortmentfor ??l? At J. H. AHCIIKK'H Hat ?nd <'n|i Si?r?i, 204 ntnl 260 Ownwich ilrffl, N. II.?Nrw ?tyl* (ieuti Tr?Tcllink' C?r?? a ?Tmt??rirty, ??ry cheap. ?I|9 StMd'f Oil \I?T, I. Mm v HAIH-L?KK?8KH, No. S Muirra) v' itr?'t, m|WirtllTiU?ioi*eiii 'hm he i? prrpwH to '* i- on Ujir< fit tii'l to ilr*?? limit* nrrortiiug to Jkj hirituii iMhioni. Tmm* rrry mrwtrMtf. 1 n'Jd 2ot*irc BROADWAY TEA STORE, M('K'l HKAkT coraw of Pri >ce and Broadway, adjoining Niblo's Howtr Heposnory. The subscriber* inform their friends and tin* public, f at lh? y have o| rotrd the above Store, with a new and ejtensur assortment ol Groceries- tha stock ruiui-iijn principally of Teas of ihe Anrit (ja.ilit.ea, selected wilh tl.e giaaurst car* lVom the last Caiiun. TEAS. < ouiik Ilraoo from to * Ol I 11,1 on it Id li Imperial la to la Guuiowder " is to ?* i'ouchoiiif " i? to (i? Soucnong " Is to ts Oranji' Pccco S< As rra|VLta ihe above Tta?, we defy competition,in freshness, quality ur price, and state that tbey are se'ections nude by o:e of the moat comietent judges iu the city COKKKK. Old Java, burnt and ground, 1a 4d per ixmnd. Amo, a general assortment of Coffee, Kruits lor the holidays, all kiiids of tugars ?ery low?and in fact every thinji arpertainiiiW to a grocery, all of which is warranted to be ofhrst quality. _ .121 I in * c? G. HARBISON &. CO UEITIT8. GROCERIES, TEAM. WINES, kc-GASS T NKKk YOUNG, Ii2 Uiatham street, otter at wholesale incl retail^ to dealers anil funilie*? Kresh fcoreitn fc'ruits, a geueral assortment. Sugars aud Coffee of a'l kinds a>'d qualities. Teas, (tiecn and Black, of every d*?criptioi?. Superio. olil Wines .mil i.hiuom, of various grades. Superior ILspberry and Cherry Brandy French auil American Cordmls, ondmll and in glass. London, Scotch and American Porter, Brown Stout and I ile A'e. La Norma, Ilegalia, Nortaga and other brand* Pegars. Ka<t and w? it Imln and American Preaerves iiwl Jellies. Honey, io small hoxes, from Ohio, Jnjube Paste, in 12Si and 'ii lb !>o*n?. Rl.d iipirrs, i aeoa and Chocolate. i"l<-rin Oil and ('undies. Soap, iic. Sarutnga Pavilion Witer, in quirt and pint bottles. Goods delivered lo any part of th<- city free ol e?|>eiis?. u21 lm*?c S" UPK1HOH TEAS, COKKEEaud SUOAU-aTso,Wines in every variety, Otard, Chainp giw and Cognac Brandy; Irish aud Sco'ch VVhiske\ ; old Jamaica Hum, Holland Gin, Iresh Fruits. lie for cash only, at J. S. SCOTT k CO.'s Wholesale aud lletail Store, 76 N <siau street. Wiueg and Lienors put up in lottles or demijohrs Goods sent to ail" part nl* the city fre-' of e?|iense d7 lin'oc ATINTH W/WRI) CHEAP GROCERV ANU PROVI Aa SION STORE?Families i nthe neighborhood of Sixth avenue and Greenwich lane, ahont laying in th ir winter stack of aud Pro> isions will do better by a large |>er cent age in buying in i.t the cheap Provision Store No. 9 Greenwich lane, where all article* in tiie Grocery and Provision line can be purchased as cheap, if not cheaiwr, than any other es'ablishineut in that vicinity. Ooods wnrrant'd to suit; if not, the money will be returned. Goods sent to any part of tne city, freeof expense. MICHAEL KIELLEY, dl3 Im'ec ,9 Greenwich lane. CLARK. HININGER & COZZENS. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS, 56 Vcsey street, HAVI NO completed the enlargement of their Store. reipcctfully solicit the attention of their old patrons and the publie to their increa.ted stock of SUPERIOR BRANDIES, WINKS, SEOARS, LIQUORS, TEAS. GROCERIES, ?cc. Their goods are particularly suitable for Hoteli, bring select ed with yieat care, for that purpose, and embracing every article tequisite?Segnr* and Brandies in particular, of choice brands and vintage; Chunpagncs, London Porter,Brown Stout, old Scotch and Irish Whiskies, Oils, Cheese, Maccaroui aud Vermicelli. FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Choice Liqueurs, Preserves. 8 randy Kruits, Orarei, Raiiini, Spiced Chocolate Currant*. Gelatine lor making Jelly in a few minutes, Extract Vanilla Wal Candles, Almonds, and every thing neceesary for the use of ftinilies. [IT/ Sole rgeut* in New York for Drmuth't Suufls. d20 2w ?rc __ GENUINE TEAS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, Principal Store 121 i- Chatham street, New York; Branch Store 318 Bleeckerst. Now V'ora; Agency at llti Kulton street, Brooklyn; also, at the corner ol Maiu and Van Houtou streets, Pateisou, N. J., invite the attention of city and country families and purchase:s for the approaching holidays in general, to their several establishments, \t here they think will b* found by fa' the best selection of pure and unadulterated Teas in the Uuited States. The universal popularity and renown ol their hnuse, with reference to high (iu>liti?s, low prices and upright dealing, is too wf It underntood to render further comment necessary. Original and only warehouse lor ' lie ;>ale of Hon qua'a Black Ti-a Ohserve--Strangerswill >e particular to remember the num htr"of the principal stor? in Chatham street.viz: "121," between Pearl and Roosevelt streets, as in reeking fur it t^ey are liable t? be led astray by a little store just surted at Chatham stree'(next door to Lorillard's snuff and tobacco store) under th>. name of Canton "Tea" Store. The public wiMalsobe pleased to take noti< e, tha' the Canton Tea Company have nothing to ilo w ith that or any ether stores whatever, escept those described at the top of this advertisement. dl< Imec A A SAMANOS NO. 6 WALL STREET AND 289^ROADWAY, Cornkh nr Rp.auk Street, LIAS JUST RECEIVED, per ship Cristoval Colon, an in* voice of the celebrated Woodville brand of Segars, con listing of Regalias and Medium size, and the Lord Byron paprr Began. IN STORE, All the various and choice qualities of the most celebrated brands of Sagars, consisting of Lord Byron, of different sizes. Port of liavana Regalias and medium lite. Heguridad, medium size. Jnsto Sawz Principe. Large and small Vara of St. Ja*o. Genuine Turkey Tobacco of different qualities. Scafarlatti Smoking Tobacco of Uallimore. German Smoking Tobacco of different ijualitiea. The celebrated Natchitoches Suuff of New Orleans, together with all the fancy Snuffs of the cay. Paper Sesta s of Garcia, Perez, Lara, Lord Byron, *c. Oerinm Pipes; (Cherry Turkey Pit* Steirs. Pointed, Spunk and Taper Matches, with a general aaiortment ol Se?ar Ca*ej, Snuff Boxes, kc. Bass for tving Hegars, and Tobacco in bales, which are of feredat wbolesaleand retail n?3 lm*r OROTON BAKERY NOTICE. OIX POUNDS OK BREAD KOR ONE SHILLING. ^ The 1 irgejt breid in th* city to be had at the (.niton Da. ner>, lames street, sis pounu* 01 superior mini i mn lor one shilling, or three pounds for six cents. Wheat, Indian, Rye and l>r<li.nn Bread, al*\ lti<' KinHl Rye Bread of a suorrior kind ; lartteiamily ries of all lends at lit cent* each, ''ml a general assortment of Tea < 'ate*, ltunks, Buns, Crullers, But* iit l rae.W i,, fresh every day. (irrman and New Year Cakes lor the holiday*. Flour wholesale and retail. Kre It V east for saleevery day. N. B.?The above articles canlhe had at the branches No. 368 Pearl between K'auklin square and Oak stree'. and No. 202 Wil liain neer Frankfort, also at 22H Cherry I'elUam st. (122 lm*ric JOHN H. WIEOAND, 92 James ?t. TOMPSON'S CAKE. A 8 the season his arrived for families to supply thems Ives f*- with Cake for the holidays, the subscriber would respectfully luform tliem that the place still supports irs former reputation for the best rake?and he assures those who may favor him with a call, that they shall be supplied with the best article that cui be made fr m tue materials, and u the most cleanly uiaauer. Itoat Cak", Plum Cane, Pound Cake, New Year Cake, and a general assortment of small Cake constantly on hand, and orders for any <)uautity sent to any p?rt of the city. JAMKS TOMPSON, d2I lw*ec 40 Lispeuard street, near Church. CRACKERS!CRACKERS!CRACKERS! DAllR'H CRACKER RAK KUV.73 Mott street, near Walk t er street. SODA BISCUIT MII.K do BOSTONCRACKERS BUTTER do 8UUAR do Pilot and Navy Bread, and every other description r.f Crackers. N. B.?Country merchants, hotel keepers and shipping orders supplied at the shortest notice and at the lowest prices. <113 Im'er BLANCHAKD'W DATENT STATUE WOOD AND COAL STOVES, f?r ^ halls, parlors.offices. stor*s, steamboats, tic.?These Stoves are a Statue of WashinKtm, the father of his country .surmounting two kinds of |>edewtals, one for wood ard the other for roal ? hp fir^ rlimnh?r in thu tM?sl*>stf^1 hxinir ark arnnirpil that I hp lire, br mem? of a re?eru(>le p!?t? or partition in the 8tove? cause* ti e heat to circulate through the entire height of the flame, tsivi-g a large and b'autilul ndiating surface. The.* Stoves have also K?t n hot air chamber attached,ami every thing b?ing coBitrurteJon the most icieutific principle*, ^ev give to all who have them in u?e the ureal, at satisfaction. The subscriber iHvites the attention of ihu?e wanting a beautiful, econimical an I durah'e Stove, to call anil satisfy themaelvej of ih* above fvU, They-can he leeu in 0|>erati0n daily, and reference* given to tho?e who have th?m in ute Tim public will tlcn have a fair opportunity of judging thit the above are plain facts. Kor sale only ia thii city *C 114 (irand nrret, ou? door east of Broadway. d2 Im'm JAMKS HIND3 FRENCH CHINA No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Staire. A DALK8MK, Importer and Agent for Manufacturers, lint (V. always on hand * large assortment for dinner and ten sett <n plain whit* and (ilt Flench Porcelain, a* well a? dinner and lessertplates.of nil sizes, assorted dishes, soup tureens, covered lishes, salad bowls, fruit baskets, costards and stands. Also, Tea nnd< hoco'ate Ware, Orcek, French and Amori:an shape. All th? articles *re warranted of the W*t rjoalitr, and to b? Id on liberal terms, aort in lotsti suit pnreViaaen s27 fim?ee cheapest oil store in ni:w youk. TO np-town Hmwr. and Families? 1 Sperm Oil?Winter and Fa'l Strained. Bleached Whit* and Natural. Sea Klerhant Oil? " " ' Lard Oil? " " ' Limaed Oil?raw and boiled, (Mire Oil?in bottles and bettiea. NeUsfootOil. Alcohol and Camph?ne. ratent. S[ierm and blearic Candles. The ahove are warranted to stai d tlie weather, and to l)e of fin* qualitv for parlor and astral lamps. For sale by the cask, barrel, gallon, qua'tanil pint, cheap. JOHN C. MORRISON. No. 189 Orennwich street, between Fulton and Vetey. Dealer in drugs, medicines, paints, dye-woods, teas au<l grocers' articles?dyers', nr>anulncturert',|ap>r makers', distillers', confectiouers', brewers', beer makers', bakers', and paper stain era ariules. d20 lin'rc OFHt K OF JKFFKRSON INSURANCF. COMPANY ?Office 'M Wall sireet. This company continue their bo* liness of insurance against Inst or damage by lire, an goods, warrs and merchandise, and also on vessels and their cargoes' ILainst loss by iuland navigation dirkctors. Thomas W. Thome, Klisha Higgs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Beujainin R. Hobsoa, lohn R. Davison, Francis P. Sage, Thomson Price Joseph Allen, John H. Lee, John P. Moore, Mines Tucker, James F. Holmes, Caleb C. Tunis, James 11. Whiting, Anson Baker, Wm. K. Thom, Joseph Drake. Irad Ilawley, John C. Mrrntt, Thomas Slorrcll. THOMAS W. THORNK, Preiideut. OKO. T. HOPK. Hwnnr. nilliwb hkdijctiiin of l/khmiums. urmi'kur i nr. n. v.kiii itable in*. co. CAIMTAL 300,(K>0 DOLL A K*. , December 19, 1*41. 'PHIS ( ompaiiy Insure* against Lo?? and D un ige hy Eire. * on as i'worabie terms a* any other resoonsihl* office-ami from this dste will d?d?ct 10 per cent on new and renewal! on risks in (his city. LAMUKRT SUVDAM, Piwident, 16 Wall slreet. JOSEPH BTRONO. Secretary. dll 3t ** OFFICE OK JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY No. 36 Wall Stsk.?.t. New York, Dec. 16th. 1S43. 'PHIS t ompanv insure at rates as low at anv responsible office, and will return ten iwrcmt of the iireinium iu cash to insurers ,?t the time of eFeitim the itianrauce frjm aud after this date T. W THOKNE, Pteaiuent. t>EO. T. HOPE. Secretary. dl7r \TACANCIES in the Instrumental Man-. Association for ? one Violin and one Klute. Amateurs can ascertain terms by applying to Mr. E. Baack. Secretary, SS Ooltl street Private instructions on all instruinems Riven by an efficient Professor. dj> 3tis*rc TO THE PUBLIC i 1 (10 TO ?MW.-Mr. Erancis H Crump. Watch Maker, ^r?AV?V7 24S Onmdstrert. hejrs to inlorm his friend* and the -ihlie, that independent of the Watch Easiness, he is prepared m.'ke advances in c.uh on gold and silver wuclie*.diamonds, silver tsa ?tfi, spoons, forks, and every description of gold or !!' I r i'l any shape, intcni'ei* for immediate sal* ( ash to any i >. i pair fc old gf Id and -r. Wstc'ies ?f evttf ietci <tai ft aired and warranted. 3U Omcd ttreei. di'? lm*r;c AUCTION fHOMAfc lir.LI., Auctioumi (State Sa 3 > Jinn urttl.) TUKSDAY, At 1(1 o'clock, at the sales loom, Kitra Pale ofe|eg-?i,t dry goods, clothing. faucr and p'elge.i inwlfl,prfMll, jewelry, pdfumery, guns, i uperb wMnKei, wigri, I Minors, groceries, Sic. Alto, a Ur.r additional lot of miioiiiblr fancy and ttaple dry ( >'> <?, cloths, riuunirn. and vestiilgs. Alio, rich jfwt-lry, plated w .ire, cutlery, hum, watchea, die, t'jt. *.lso, preients, cold rings, eirrings, ornament*. itc Alao, grocenta, liquors, Sip WKDNK.HDAY, At 10}i o'clock, at the tales room, Lilt' "lie of valuable second hand and naw fumitur* of all description!, comprising a g-u'ral assortment of housekeeping article*. Alao, kitchen nteniils. carpets, ftovea, (kc. Alio. > splendid piano for tea, a number of choice paintings, See. Alao, 21) splendid tufted hearth ruga. Alao, 3i beautiful Pans made work tibles, caudl* and light stauds, manufactured in the moat elegant and portable style. Also, a I t of leather I is, mattreaa's, bedding, blankets, quilt*, comforter*, Sic. Alao, splendid ifirondolet, mauM lamp', &c. Also, an entire invoice of splendid pi ited and ght* ware,rich girandales, lustres and imrhle limps. 4c. TIIUitSDAY, At I OX o'clock, in the stiles room. Large Hale ot choice wi'n, honor* segari, gro-eriea, kc. Piano Kort's?Also, I ?pl;ndnl piano fort's, including one ol D l'more * icipwtmu jirtmil insiriwnrmii, hi our iirun All", an invoice of fine f&iutiui{*. N. B.?K.very facility will be afford, d lor the dispxal of merchandise of all desenptions. B"aiue?? will be carried on in a businesa like manner. S <! > will be regular. "lid returns prompt, iu tliia establishment, now u der (hi* chime solely of THOVl* 8 Br UL. 35 Ann street. \ I ('Tlliv NOTH K-KINl" TOVS.rl ri.MIV \NI> A BIRDS, fc<- ?LKVY 9POONF.ll will se'l at N.?. Ill Bioadway, onfcWcdUMdfty WOTBIIMfi 37th, ?t II o'clock, a h iiulioinr assortment of line Toys, ( utlrry, Birds handsomely s?t up, Shc'l?, tiI ms W?re, with a variety of fancy foods, splendid Shell Work. Marble Tallies, Vc. 025 3t*ec IGTION NOTICK.-KNWLISII PLANTH.-LKVY Si SPOONKR will ifll on Tuesday nio'iiinic. 261 It, at *1 o'clock, at 151 Broadway, tlie remainder of the green house plants just landed from hnglaid, enuiistiuK in part of Khodeudrons, Moss Rose I, Krencli and Standard do. Arabia Double Carnation, Sweet Scented Honey Suckle, with a variety of Oruameutal Shrubbery. Also, a few lots of Dutch I'ullms Roots, Tuby Itoies, Ike. d25 2f ec Jri AN OFFICE in the lint loft of a store wantedon the TVVjW lirat of J^nuaiy, either iu Peat I street between Maiden J^iU'mie and Old slip, or lomewliere n that uviitliborhood.? The advertisers will have goods oci'.uionally, which thry ?*pect to sto'e iu the Mine bmldiii(, at the usual rates of storage. Apply at 78 William ?t., up stairs. di9 3t* r MTO LKT?The store No 97 Nassau stree', in the Herald Uiuldiugs, from the first of February. Apply at thi? office d!8r VABjd W\NTK1>?A^ geuilemau waits to pure hat* KM' food Itrm < I Hurry t? ittiy or eignty acres, suuateu in jdkinini' I'li'.ts.uu, healthy place, within ten or twenty miles of New Vork. Address A. B , to be li lt at the Herald Office d'ti 3t* ?i BOUQl/KTB, KLOWKR8. rLAN'l 8 ANLt KANmmCY VASES rOH THK HOLIDAYS?DunlM' k "nrin 11 take this opportunity of rernrniuK their thanks to tli?ir fr ends and th- piblic, for the liberal patronage they have received since opeuiutf their M conservatory. 1 hey are now fully prepared to execute all orderi they may be favored wit t for boc|itet?- they will be compose i of tlie nnst clio M ind <l' tl .wers of the season. imtable for b'id'l or other poties; th-y have also made a HMWII to furnish flowers to MT ' * tent for new year piesentation, which will quite t\jual iu beauty th"sa furnished our numerous custoners the past seaseu* StranKers who may favor us with their orderi (which should l)j Riven previous '0 Saturday) may rely upon I* iik served, in point of style, equal to that of *ny similar establishment and it prices mo e moderate than b-retofote. Choice flowers ar ringed in lancy baske s, which l-iive lieen more admi:ed than the richest boquets - vaies filled with flowers from two to ten dollars eich?I. amelia plants of every shade and tint just ex' andinv their lovely blossoms, amonust which are Alba I'lena, Kitnbricata and Candidisiima with their snow w^ite flowers: Iticarnata, which stands unrivalled for its delirate flesh colored tint ; Imbricala, unsurpassed in form, with many beiutiful mottled and shaded vaiielirs, such cs Doncklearii. Sieboldii, tratti, Tri-color Landrerhii, Rosea I'uuctita, Kclipse linperialis, varieuated Americana and a host of others. A ?reat variety of plants suitable for parlor culture bulbs and bulb classes, bl'ds and bird cages, Kold fish and globes. Vegetable and flower seeds of every description warranted fresh at the new feed 'tore and Conservatory. Those iu want will p'ease call and judtjefor themselves. All orders thankfully received and executed with promptness. DUNIAP & CARMAN. drr, 5t*rc 615 Broidwny near Bleecker. NIBLO'S CONSKRVAToiIV. UUEKN-HOUSKS a?d Serd Kstablishment, 57t< Broadway, adjoiouiK the Gardens. 1 lit* I'UUIIC IS rr?l> L IUIiy IUIUUI ?U l'!tt HI %, c ttiruir -Binu lishinent will lie foui d now Cli haml oil* of tk? most extensiv#, choice and v <ried collections of Onm'iipnt"l I'.ants in Flower, suitxblf for Holiday l'r?seils, fnrlors, Conservatories, &*., consisting of Cainelias, llom, and'Uersniutiis, of th* fined kncwn varietirs, Rhododendron's, Cringe and Lemon Tiers in Waring, DaMMM, dte. fct. A su|>erl> l?QIIHl of Dutch Bulhi, vii: Hyacinths, Tulii m, &c , in pots and glassa, wlncli aie already in a tlowerug s'ate Bouquets can l?e procured at nay time, made ol the moat elegant ami Irigrint llowtrs, grown in the Conservatories, mid are arraugtd i>- U"ii|U? and varied styles to auit aM tastrs, by an experienced artist. Choice Flower Seeds wi'l be received Kurr|>e early in Janua-y, manv varieties of w ich will be entirely new on litis side of the Atlantic?nUo, a coiaplete assortment of Vegetable, Herb, Ora?s and oth?r 8e d?. All the above S*ed? will b: tested as to their Krowinx qualities, liefcie offered for sa'e, to eusuri' not the least disappointment to the patrons of th's cstaMuhin- nt Ornsmenial Flower Stands. Gold Fish and Glass Globes, Hyacinth Glajsts, Uc. Iw. , always oil hauil All the above articlvs ? ill be disposed of on tV? most re?. sonable tarms, for cash only. All orders tliankfully received and rxreuted with promptness. WILLIAM NlBLO, Proprietor. N. II. The entire S'ock of Seeds belonging to tl.e late lirm of Niblo ill Duulap, will tie sold at anction, hv W'm. ll.fmnKliti, at his Rooms, 1 i Broad itn-et, at 11 o'clock, ou Weduesdiy nest, the27tli December, wilhcut any reserve, d14 <c JM| . FOR HALF?A Valuable Farm called Springfield jKmt'itn in d in the county of Isle-of Wight, a mile and a half from the mouth of Nanseinond River, containing about live nuntireu acres, nounaeu oil two aiU"? uv creens jnavigaoie foi small vnirli) iiiuiiiiik into the, mouth of NansenioiidH iver. There is 011 the faim a larg* anil well finished brick dwelling house, with every other neccssary out hous?, in good r?t air. INearly one half of the land is well tiiibeied with large tall pine and oaks; tie pine of the lint <nul ty, for steamboat wood '1 he cleared land u of a good quality and well adopted to the estivation of wheat, corn, sweet potatoes and water nelons It has attached to it a line oyiter lauding for planting oysters, and i> one of the best stick farms of its size in lower Virginia, Persons wishing (o purchase, by applying early, will meet with a great bargain. If unt sold privately before, it will be offered at public auction ou the nreiniseaon the 26th day of January, 1844. Terms will lie made known and farther information given by Mr Jos. B. Whitehead of Bmithlield, Isle of Wight comity, or the subscriber. WILLIAM HINES." d20 3taw tnjy25 re TWO MAIL LINES DAILY MET WEEN PHILADELPHIA A ND BALTIMORE. eaaga Bsjasaafe^il Via:?t'lllL/vDKLI'HiA, WILMIMJ i ON ANu JJALTIMOHK HAIL HOAD. krom phm.aiu.i.piii v *!?!) haltimork Paily (except Sunday) at 8 o'clock A. M And do " " o'clock P.M. Krom the Drp-t comer llth and Market streets. from iia i.timokk to pll iladk1 phi a. Daily (eice|it Sunday) it o'clock A. M " 7 o'clock P M. The Lines connect with the different Train's between New York and Philadelphia. d^6 Iw re W. L. ASHMKAD, Agent. KOR LIVERPOOL?With Detjiatch?Thespleafcljpjy.ilid well known fast sailing and flvorite packet ihip JBUNHfaKUTA VV, Captain Tlionipsoj, will sail lor the above port with quick iVspatch. fhe has escellent accommodations for a few cabin passengers, who will be taken at moderate rates. Application to be rnide on board, foot of Peck slip or to d26 ic W. Si J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peck slip_ KOR LI VEH POOL?Regular Packet of the 6th KFjrxV''4n''ary. W4?The i.ew mil splendid packet ahip jfifiilhASHBURTON, 11. Hatlleaton, m iter, will sail as above, her r.ifular day. Thu thip it 1000 loin burthen, built eipreisly for this line of packets, and tioiiheil Ml superior style. The accommodation! for cahiu, second cabin and steerige passengers, arc unsurpassed by any vessel in port. A rumkt of passengers are already engaged. Persons intending t"> embark hi uld make immediate application on boaid, foot of Maiden lai.eort) JOSEPH McMUKRAY, 100 Pin* ?lreet, corner of South. Persons wishing to read for their friend* reaidiug hi the old country, can hate them brought oat by (he ab>ve ship, or any of the pgular packets sailing ou the 7tn, 17th and 27111 oftach month, by applyiug ?i above. Drafii at sight for Uige or ?mall sums are drawn by the tubicriber o.i the Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable in every town throughout the country; alio on Messrs. Spooner, Atwood 8l4 o , bankeri, Loudon, payable in every towu in Gr?at I Brit <u.. d26 rc *Q | J111 j ItKWAIll).-Three Thousand Dollar! will be VPt'J^-'*"'^-'j'aidfur tlie recovery and deliver*/ of the content!, to the underai. ned of a black leather btnk trims, about thirty inchea loon and eight-en niches ?ide. with the edge* iharp. It Was ir in bound, with wood, strapa iiiuiiiiik alouK lb top >nd bottom, alio, !trip|ied with iron. It ia believed to harebell intrked Pom toy k Co.." or " P. A Co.," on the end* The aid trunk ia supposed to have been atoleu from an h.iard the steamb 'at on the Htli mat It coi.t.ined a large amount of checks, hank notea, and diafia. encloifd in packages in carpe liana a d directed to different brokeri and banka-n the city of N? w Vork. 'I he above reward will be paid in addition to all other rewards offered by other iwrior a interested. POME HOY k CO . 2 Wall it. N. Y. New York, Dec. 16, 1813. dl8 tfini rrc A CARD. MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND OTHERS YTISITINW I'HII-ADtl.PHI A. will find every comlort and v cunveuien'e that ia deaT-ble in a Hotel. at ihe WASHINGTON HOUSE, 22:1 Cheat unt ntrret, above Seventh, PHILADELPHIA. t>25 ina eod lm*r 11 J IIAltTWELL. Proprieto*. COAL BELOW SUMMER PRICKS?Crammer* of Coal can h< iupi lied with the liest <|uality of Peach orchard Red Ann Oral, at the reduced price ol #S,2? for Broken and; $\ for Stove and for Nut?delivrred Iree of cartige, from the yard OB Washington aire t, formerly h ilzaiinraon'a yard. Term* culi on d-li very iu all caaea .HI tm'm J DAVENPORT BIRDS! BIRDS! BIRDS! IL'ST ARRIVED, the Urgeat aaaortment of Singing Birda " ever imported f? this country, fiom "ermany. Ainougat them are 'jOO I unary Birda, the (meat aingera; Nightiiigalea, learned Dullliueliea and Blackhirda, and a Urge number ol' the very lineal Karo|<caji Siugiug Birda?all of winch will be aold low at HENRY BIOK'S, tHlm'ec til and 153 Cedar afreet. 1QU 18 ArPROAI'IIINO?When averv body la in pur J.O*?t ,uit of aonit-thing pretty and auitable to present to a friend or relative. Nothii.g e?n be more appropriate than good BOOKS, or thoae thing* which come under the head of K.incy Article*, or the Kine Ait*. WM. A ( OLMAN, No 203 Broadway, i* prrpared aa uauil with an immnne atock of the clioieeat and moat diversified collection probably in the city. A liat of a aelection of the moat popular aad beat adap'rd for HOLIDAY I'li KSKN i s, he diatribute* or will aupply to tho*? peraona who will either call or aend for one. It will aave them much labor by calling at once and examining for themaelvr*. \ H ?NO i H AIUiK to VlI Hook Si,>r. Prinf Itoom. wltirh Atr up alairs?entrance by tlic lower jour. .123-J# M*m . HOUSK PROTECTING PISTOLS*. ,\?LfcN'S 8KLK-COCKINO AND KK VOL VINO SIX A BORK CAST H1KEL BAHKKL* PISTOL -Thu Piatol corki and revolves m rely by pullinC the iri*d?r, mid m thou may b? delivered w'lthfci the tnort pare of three seconds. It is more timule and more durable than any ?<"* ?' "J*, ai'd warrant ?nrw*ior to any other maker. ror ?ale ill T'antitir* to mit pnrchaaer*. by _ . .... A. \V. SPIKS k < 0. 911 Pearl street. Importers ol Rirdwareand <'n*>ery -Vs \ Ohimj Putols; Qua m.m riaU for mimfaetuntg, .diorinitor repairing Onus. , , ?. ? I Alto, every variety of Sportm* article*. n23'n?* A MI'S KM K NTS PAItH I IIKATH* ity" During tli? Iioir'a}a, >|xi I neiaof ailmiaaion will b? r?m-.wl to-Bum, U i urn -lit 8 Out*?liillinr, 1|J| MM. Dm ;? -will b* imforoMa JANK HHOItK. . .... Lord Hutmgi, Mr B*iry | Jai.r Mtior*, Mri H Hnl A(!> r which Grand Billet Darcr by Mi?a Julia Turubull To cone itdr with xr . ? VAl.VONDi. > Uinondi, Bin; | Krliiur, Lot#II Mviaa, Mr? H. Hunt. CHATHAM THJCATMJC. TII!B KVVNIMl lVe M?'J'n wnunc with thr mrv ok nr. marcs Rodolpho, Mr. Hi?U Cathariua, Mrt llrrriug Aft-r *l?ich, Sword Horiipn*? Mad'llr Rallia 'J'o c?m i?ui? witn THE 8TA11 Demon Maaler. Blimi I Star, Mri Hrary wmUKUi'S OLVMPK HIKATKK. THIS UVKNINO, IJecetnbei 26?The mhmiaeftilill comm'ncr vrith LAMKNTATIOVSO*' BILLY LACKADAT. Billy Lackaday, llollaud | Humi, MiiTimm After which ROBINSON < KUHOK. Friday, _Mitchell | Nipchrea*, Holland To conclude with UIANA'* RF.VKNOE. Diana, Mini Taylor | Daphue, Mra Watt* tf lBMVH UAHUKN. Mrmagei Wusrn H Rockwell and O. R. 8ton*. O-* A aplendid Day Parlormance eeery Satnrdiy at 1 o'clock Knnutrian Conductor Mr. H. Kockwril. >iaater of lh? Circic Mr. H. Ntadhan. Premier Buff.) and Olowu Mr Alex. Rockwell. Urulnqup rt Pyiia K?travinvit Mr. It. Williaroa. Pierrot and Mime Mr B. Huntington. i'UKHDAY, DEC. Wi, IHij. IVrfoimance will cnunneuce at 7 o'clock with the Oriental FtK?-anr of the WARRIORS ok hindostan Klcyaot Kiuciim by the J u Ten lie Hlephena. Areua (iymnaatira by Mr McH'arland. Mra (iulleu hi the acena of Maaaetto'a Bride. The 1'oliah lirothera will appear. An Operttic Act callm! 8HBPHK.n DKSS ANU HKH HWAIN. By I.a*i North and Mra < ole I Poaturiuc by Mr Co'a. Bailout,- Vaultiac by ilie'l roupe of 2t> aad Me Karl and A two and four horae act, bv Mr Turner. Mr Lee, the American llerculec, will appear. Alter which FLORA AM) POMONA. , . Loat Sprite of the Silver Shower Lari North ? ,? . , > ttr . J Itr I I I a? - i upius ry vr iwo. r n wu ?im - r dim An African Concert O H Ston* will appear aa the Wild Iitainu. Cordr Vnliiitf by II.ram W Franklin. To conclude with A HEROIC CAVALCADE. The donn will be ojiened nt ?overture at 7?performs** will commence at 7.^4 o'clock. TKIUN'S 1NUEFKN1IKNT AMKlllOAfl emeus. BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE Boim 26 cents; Pit 13% emits. TUESDAY EVENING, Dec. 2??'The performance* will commence with a k*rati<1 pantomime eatltlwl DON QUIXOTTE. ? After which, Keifs ol Hors*niauship. Posturing and lutnbling Still Vaulting. Leaping Bomerieting, He. Alter which Negro Songs, Choruses, See. by " Ole VVhitloek. To conclude with ST. OEOHOE AND THE DKAOON. " AMHH.1CAN AlVSKlin, AND PERPETUAL FAIR. HOLIDAY WEEK. FHOM DEC. 24th 10 3?th. |XTr TWO PERFORMANCES EVERY DAY. -LA At 3 o'clock ajternoou and 7 o'clock evening. The Mtiaenm i? i rvmed apt ropriately Tor the seasoa, and ?u each evening it wi'l tie ^ BRILLIANTLY ILLUMINATED in the Grecian style, with colored glass, trans paiescies, Ilc.?^reseating a scene of Gorgeous Maguiftc "r<" uerrr njualled in imwVili i<inrun rnn ivvi v t niva niMiitn ? In accordance with almost universal desire, and to grstifr the vaitaud incretsing Crowds which are daily thronging icr wr this wonderful little Man. he Leing the imallrst person thai ever walked alone, and weighing only IS Pounds! he will defer ailing to Europe for live days longer. He can be seen at all hour* during the day and evening, and will amuse the audience with song*, dances, (kc, and at each performance be will represent the ANCIENT MARBLE STATUES! which are the mos'. delightful performances he ever offered.? Amon|r the statues are Ajag defying the Lightning?The African afraid of Thunder?Ciurinnatus lying his Sandal?The Fighting Gladi.-itor. in three positions?Hercules Struggling with the Lion, die. be At nch entertainment will be produced the crw Helidsy Pantomime, entitled HARLEQUIN SANTA CLAUS. Tnis splendid production has been sever-il weeks in prrpara tion under the direction of Mons and Mad Checkeni, from Niblo's Uarden. Its numerous asnusng tricks, changes, , mysteries, transformations, kc. will proven delightful treat to all bianchu of families. Harlequin Feasant, Mad Checkeni? Columbus, Mus .Jecelyn?French Clown, Mon Checkeoi? Fdntaloou, Mr T G Booth?Santa Clans. Mr Fr?*eat, Blackleg, Beggar, School Boy, Dandy, Housemaid, Painter, Chimcey Sweep, Miller, itc , by talented performed. Miss ADA I It. tin ai complislied Vocalist. Mr. H. G. 8HEKMAN. the popular Bal ad Singer. GIIKAT WKSTEKN, the YankieStory Teller and Ethiopian Orator. THE WHOLE GIPSY FAMILY. 0T7~ The Family of Wandering Gipsies, sii in number. I We first that ever visited America, can he seen during the whole day anil eveuiug, without txtra charge. The (JIPSV QITKKN can be privately consulted regarding /'astjPrvsent and Future. K?" Admission to the n hole 23 cents?children under tea yens, half price. 23 cents eitra for private consultations with tha Gipsy Unot-n. dMre UK W VUHK OUBHIIJi AND PICTURE GALL KAY. ( Droajiway, npponit.t the Citv HaU.> CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY NOVELTIES! ?111 for One Shilling ! TUESDAY, DEC. Jt>, I?i3 TKN 8PLKNDID PKRKORMANCE8 ! COMICAL PUNCH ANU JUDY. Pntch ii real fighter?he brata the negro?hick* the doctor out of door*?knock* dowu the comtable? whi|>* hi* own dear Judy?hangs the hanguuii?and i> finally earned off by Ola Nick. Mont ADHIKN, the worder'ul Marician and PROFESSOR OK TIIK BLACK ART, Hi* wonderful Feats of Magic, with iny*ie?io"M di*ap|?ara? cr*. changes. kc... hare irnen him the title of ? . *, THE WIZARD OK THE WORLD ! Mil* ADAIK. the accompliihed Yocaliit. Mis* Cecelia Bhnchard, the celebrated Female Juggler and Playar on the MusictI Ulns?e?. SNOW WHITE NEGROES. (T7" Ju?t arrived from Brazil, two Negro Boy* (*evenand ume year* old) perfectly white, with |>ink eye*, woolly hair a* white a* snow. with the flat ooaeand thick lips of the African They can be leen during the whole day and evening. MADAME A DO LP HE, The Crlfbra.ed Sybil, can be privately consulted at all hour*, regarding the Pa*t, Pre sent and Futaie. Admission to the whole 12X ceat*?one shilling eitra for coniultieg Madame Adoh<he. tH6 rc KRIDAV. 2flih DEC., 1S43. CONCERT BY S1GNOR CASELLA, 1^1 UST Violoncellist to the K'ng of Sardinia and Honorary " Member of ihe I'm Hi ir.nonic Socittio of Turm,. Genoa, C at THE WASHINGTON HOTEL, Assisted by MADAME SUTTON aid MR. W V. WALLACE. Conductor Mr. Timm (T^TirUeta One Dollar each, to be had at the Music Store* ano Hotels, and at the doors. H~7~Coucert to commence at R o'clock. dJ'toMrc LVst coscertI SIGNORA CASTKLLAN'S grand vocal and ins'l rumental concert. 1'i;?SDAV Erening, December 26tli. at thr Washington Hut?l, aisiited by tt.e (liai.d Orchestra of the Philharmonic Sonny Signor Oismpetri, Mr. Timm acd Mil Rappetti. Tickets ( which are limited) One Dollar each, tub* had at thr Music Stores, Hotels, aud at th? door. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock dl7toMm* ~ PAR K THEATRIJ. ttlRHT APPEARANCE of Mons ear VIEUXTEMP8 . " the celebmted Violinist?The |>nblic is reapectfally iaformed rlint Moiisianr Vieuitemps will gifea grand Instruments! Concert at this Theatre ?n Wednesday eeening neit. Dee. 27th?being lu? first and only apiwarance. The uttiomeotal performance will consist of? I. An Advlioand llon''o for the Viol,a, from the lecond Conce tof De flenot?Vienjtempt. 2 The Arpeggio's, a Capriccio for the Violin, with oblicato V lolincello?V lenxtemiw. 1 Variations Brilliant**, a theme of the Potnnnmbnla, for Pi.ino and Violin?Bertot and Benedict?Vieuitempa. 'I he whole accompanied by full Orchettra. N. B. The l>oi book i? now oreu. <12* lt#m A CAHI). H ARK.-We call wi'li (Iruurr the attention of musical ama* tenntollie first Concert of the celebrated Visuitempa at ihit house. announced for Wednesday night It will doubtless b? a most brilliant afftir The greu Violinist will be heard to murr advantage than in tha ConceM room, and the remembrance of tne Utetuumphs of hia rival Ole Bull, on the same board#, will inipir* hisg'inus. d#> It're FRENCH BENEVOLENT SOCIETY. THE Mrmhari of th? Kreurh Benevolent Society are invited Jr to attend the Auiiuvl Meeting which will take place on 1 hursd.iv.2tth instant, at 7 o'clock. P.M , precisely, at Meisra. Uelmonico't, corner of Beaver and Boat.". Vvilham ata. Uv order of the Trraidrut, d22 I wee K. KORT, Secretary. MILITARY ISALL. rlK NEW YORK 11M. HI-AM) (Jl'ARD will give tlwir second Aunual Hall at the A|k>1<o Saloon, Brjauway, on Wednesday eveu'iig, 27th inst. Tickets to be obtained at the \1uiic Store of Hewitt It Co., Broadway; Kirth k. Hall, Kraukliu square; Constitution Hall, rmdway: of Dr. IJ Morrton, coiner of Oraud and KIm tinet; or I apt ( rug, ill I'e.trl street. d21 4t*rC C'OLK'S l'lt Tl Ilf.s of Mount Ktna, Vnyigeof I.ife, Cast ' and I'rewnt, 8?c. ke. now eihibiting at the rooms of th? National Academy, corner o* Leonaid st e? t and Broadway. .\d mitt nice 23 cents?Seiaon Tickets iO cents Catalogues cents dl6 2w*r ill'IIANS' FAIR AT NIBLO'S-ln con.e<i?-?ee of ihe inclene iry ef the weather during I he lat er part ef the pa? t wrek, the above lair will con'iMie op*n on tie evenings only of Tuesday, and Wednesday next (?6.h and 27th in.t), com msncing at live o'clock P.M. should the wra her permit, the bind of th? North Carolina will be in attenda ce. <125 2t*?c DISBllOWS HIT)!NO SCHOOL, 408 BO\VE;:Y. DOR LADIES from 9 A. M. to J P >1 daily. ! " Kor Uootlemcn " J to 5 and 7 to P. M. daily. Lkctumc Lkisoni. | J??MCI?? HiDinn. ( Kvt'iiing (livsi.) I .... 12 I^unna $9 00 21) RIJM $11 W *m?ledo I 00 I "inglatto 75 '1 h? Uroaiing and PrawiDK Koon* aro well wanned, and evely attention drroted to the omlort of thine who may honor u? with their patronage. ?lentlenn-n krrrinu their horeea on lirery at thia eatabluh Dent, will have tii* privilege of riding thorn ia thn School. nisiin'r ~ M 411BLE BVTHIMi TUBS. N(ft KTKKN Italian Marble Uathiug 'I up*, with valvea. See , ci mplete for use. Well adapted fur a public bathing I Mtabliohtnrut or for d writing*. Ki r fur, her particulars apply ti OK t>HU<: MILN, <117 (tood*r 91 B rkmui itrwr. TOYS! TOYS! TOYS! WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. cheaper than ever, at th? * ' well known Toy Btnrr. 211 ( rntrr atrret, two doora .\bove tiimd atrwt, opposite th? Market. Kamiliea aud strangers \\ tailing 1'oyt for the holida>?. will do well to call b?foM purcli ising e'acwhere. Don't I'orgt t the number, 2?3 CENTRE STREET. Vlso. a fnll aaanrtinent of China, CJIaaa ind Karthan vVare. dl lawUI'jo PORTUOUKSK FEMALE PILLS, 'i ilKSK fur-fanwd aud celebiaud Pilla, froin Portugal. ar I v.? jorceive, to bo obtained ki Una country. Ma* adrorxiig, ni'iit on tne lajt column, hmrth page.

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