Newspaper of The New York Herald, 30 Ocak 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 30 Ocak 1844 Page 1
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t h : Vol. X., No. Whole No. 3300. To ttee Public. I THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily u*w*paper? published every Jay of the year except New ^'ear'a Jxy and ! ourth ol July. Trice -J cent* per copy?er $7 JtJ per aiiiiuja? i>o*tagei paid?rauh in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Eaturday morning?price fl} cent* per copy, or $3 13 per annum? pontage* paid, cnah in a tvanca. . , ADVERTISERS are informed the circulation 01 the Herald 1* over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. It hat the lar'cet circulation of any paper in thit city, artha world, and is, therefore, the beet channel for btn/ineie mm in the city or country Pricua inodorata? cash in advance PRINTING of all kind* executed at the moat moderote price, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaoraixToa or the Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau strouts. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. Of 1290 tons luid 4*0 how power each. Under contrac' with tbeLwrds of ill* Admiralty. HIBEHNIA, Comm nnltd By C. H. E. Judkins. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt. CALEDONIA, K. O. Lott. ACADIA, Alexander Ryri*, Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax, ax follows . Ksom Liverpool. Kiom Boston. Caledonia, iDec. 1. Acadia, Nov. 19. Dec. 16. Hibernia, Dec. 5. Jan. 1. Britannia, Jan. 4. Keb. 1. Caledonia, Keb. 9. March 1. Acadia, March 4, April 1. These vessels carry experienced snrgsoua, and are supplied witn Frances' Patent Life Boats. Koi freight or passage apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr.. Agent, o!7r No. 3 Wall st? New York. NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail from New Y'ork on the 2Jih and Liverpool on the Ulh of each month M. M. Ml M. ^Kkom Nkw Yoax. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 26th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. De|>eysier, 3*th January. Ship GARRICK, Capt. Wm. Bkiddy, 26th February. Ship ROSC1US, Captain John Collins, 26th March. From LivgarooL. 'thip 81DDONB. Captain A. B. Cobb, 11th February, islmi SHERIDAN. Contain K. A. Denevster. 11th March. Biiip OAHR1CK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 11th April. Ship ROBCJUS, Captain John Collins, 11th May. These shipa are ail of the first clasa, upwards of 1000 tods, built in ttw city of New York, with such improvements aa combine great speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has been talon, in the arrangemeut of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $100, lor which ample stores will be provided These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exrrticm to give general satisfaction. Neithv the captains or owners of the ships will ha responsible for aoy letters, parcels or package* seat by then, unless regular bills of lading are signed thsrefar. For freight or passage apply to k. K. COU.IN8 it CO., 56 South at. New York, or to BROWN. SHIPLEY Sc CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged I2X cents per single beet M cents per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. d'i W.KRANOEMKNTH FOR 'M4. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. 100 Pine street, corner of South. and the public in general, to the foilowiug arrangements for 1811, for the purpose of bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passeugers, by the Regular Liua of Liverpool Packets, sail nig the 1st,6th, lull, 16th. 2lstand 26th of every month. By the London Packrfs, to sail rum New York, the L t, 10th aua 20th?and fruui i-nndou on the 7th, 17th and 27th oft nch month, In connection with the above, and for the purpose nf affording still greater facilities to passengers, the tubs triber has established a regular liueol I'rst class New Yrrk bujlt, coppered and copper tastaned ships, to sail punctually every week throughout the year. For the accommodation of persons wishing to Vemitmoney to their I unities or friends, drafts are giveu, payable at sight, on the following Banks, vix Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clomnel, Londonderry, Sligo, Wexford, Belfast, Water/'ord, Gal way, Armagh, Athloue, Coleram, Ballina, Tralee, Yonghal, Euuiskillen, Mouaghan, Baubriilge, Ballymena, Parsouslowu, Downpalrick, Caran, Lurgau, Omagh, Duugannen, Bandou, Enuis, Ballyshanno Stmbane. Hkibereen, Mallow, Moneymore, Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin. Scotland?Tha City Bank of Glasgovr. England?Messrs. Spooner, Atwood & Co. Bankers, London; R. Murpliy. Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable iu every towu in Great Britain. For further information (if by letter, po it paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMUKKAY, lOD Tine street, coruev of South. N. Y. Or Messrx. 1'. W. BYRNES & CO, 36 Waterloo Road. j9 6m',re Liverpool. ROCHE BROTHERS fc CO.'S PASSAGE I OFFICE, 34 FULTON STREET, NEW YORK. dffy dfR dfe PAS^TT^ROM LlV^KrcKJL. Iu thelollowing Packet Ships, via:? ?he NEW YORK, sailing from Lirer|>ool on the 1st Feb. he COLUMBUS, do ao 16th do k. The YORKS1IIRE, new, do do 1st March, ^'i'l e CAMBRIDGE, do do lfth do that port on the lit aud I6lh ofevery month. Thine sending lor their friends will rind it to their interests aud comfort to istirunise our Line, a* no possible retention ou embarking can be given. IVsiage Certificates a nit by the iteamship Hibeniia, sailing frum Boston ou the lit of January, will have plenty ol ume to | prepare to come by tlie firat named packet, or iu any olliie above imuinific. nt and uueuuallrd packets. Persons rrmptiug money to the old country ran at all timrs obtain from tin subscribers drafts at swlit tor anv amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, and on Means "rescott, tirute, Ames & Co., Bankers, Lniidou, which are paid free of discount in eTery town ihrougnout England, Ireland, Scollmd and Wales. For passage, apply to or address (if by leuer post paid ) I KOoHf; BROTHERS It CO., djlrc 33 Fulton it, ueat door to tile Fulton Bank. the new line ok liverpool packets. M. M. M. io sail from New turn at 1st. and trorn Lnerpooi 8th oi each month. From Sew York. I.'pool. New Shir liverpool. 1U8 tons. <?<; ., 5! ,i?b t J h"ltlridiTA > April 21 Jane 6 J. JLlunuir* JAux. *1 Oct. 6 n -hi,, queen ok rmc west, f ?.1 *'?' ? liiO ton. P. WoJKusn. ?? jfljr ? New ship ROCHESTER.MO torn. Aprils John Britton J Bh.r HOTTINOUER. 1030 toaa.fe^J % IraBursel), jNoyV 21 / Jan y 6 These substantial, fast sailing, first ctaaa ships, ail bmlt m the city of Naw V'ork, are commanded by men nl eiperieuce aud ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the 2lst oi each mouth. ssTheir cabins are decant and aommodioua, and am furnished with whatever can conduce to the rase and comfort of passes. Price of passage, $108. Neither the captains or owurri Of these ships will be responsible for any parcelf or rarkngm tent by lUem, unless rrgnlig bills of Isding are sigued tlwrefor. Kor fraighl or passage apply to WOOOi/OLL St MIWTURNB, 87 South siieet, New \ ork, or to KIELOEN, BROTHERS k CO., .11 Fee Liverpool tapscotts GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE okk1ce. 4f& 4SSv 4ffv 4ffv ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1B44. The subscribers brg to rail the attention of their friends and the public generally to their superior arraogemrnu fo' bringing out passengers from, and ren itting money to ail parti ol Engl*' d, Irel.ud, Scotland and Wa'ea. .the new line ok liverpool packets, comprising kthe queen ok the west, 1*30 tons i-#' the sheridan, 1000 tons. 1-; Is. THE ROCHESTER, 1009 tons. k . THE GARMICK, 1900 tons. THE HUTTINGUER, 1000 tons. THE rosciuh, 1000 tons 1^ THE LIVERPOOL, 1130 tons. L'Zi THE BIDDON8, 1900 tons Sailing from Liverpool twice vverv mon'h, and THE UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, eampored of anterior, tiiat clsst American packfls, tailing from Liverpool fonr linvs in eneh month, urs the ihips in which those white pmage "**' " WnCived w.lli the subscribers wnl coine .nt in, ind it is a well knsr n f'Ct lite above nam. d pickets aie the most msrmilicenl ahipj afloat and the frt'iueucy nl thair sailing, (being everv five divsf prevents the p- subility of passengers being nneecrssarily detained at Liverpool. Megardliws of fiprnse, in urdrr 'a met the the public i.ud tlie wi>b?s of ih"r Ine.ida, Mr. Wm. Tappscott, one of the firm.has gone to Liverpool to superintend the departure for this r.iniitry of such persons whose passage may lie engaged wnh tlie subscribers, a fart, which to those anpninted with .Mr, W. T , is a solficienl goaranfre that they will receire ererv attentuiu froiu bun.aud be'imrkly and rou.lotfahly des|iaichesl. Hhnuld those irat for tleelioe coining U* pawage nn.nev will be promptly refunded, without ?oy deduction?a? luoal. Remittance*?Those remitting money can be ?uprlifd with draft* at light, for any amount, payable fr e of diacoant or any oihet chi'ge, in eyery principal town in Eugland, Ireland. H Gotland and Walea Apply (if by latter, poat paid,llo . XV. Ik J. T. TaPSCOTT, <3 reck ?lip, New York?or to j3(1 WM. TAfSCOTT. Liverpool. iifc. Ok M. M NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. ? Second Line?The Ship* of thi* line will hereafter leave New York on the lit, and Havre on the IStli of each month, aa lolEnow Nr.w Ynaa. Eaaw lUvan. New Ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March. t 16th April. Captain (latjply. f Ifith Angnat. lame* E itnrh. i| lit November, f Pith December. Ship BALTIMORE, (l>t April lltithMay. Captain ? , ' JatAugii.r. f trtih Sept. mher Edward rtm.k. i, tat December. f 16th January. ShipUTICA, flat May. i Ifith June. Captain . lat September < 16th October. Frederick Hewitt. I, lat January. ( 16th Kebrnary. New ehipSt. NICHOLAS ( l?t June. ( I6ih Jnly. r Captain l.t October. J 16ih November. J- B. Pell.(! lat February. ( 16th March. ' The aeeommoilati'dia of theae ahiiw are not imrpaaaed, com billing all that may he required for comfort. The price of < a b u paaange ia *100. Paaaenger. will be anpplied wiUi every re. .... wiili tlie eyreption of win.a and lionoM. '' (food* intended f " (h'-ae veanela w ill tie forwarded by the ?nh |Yee fto?n ?"y "'her than ihe ft peine* aruiilly u, ' ' freight err paaaagn, apply to BOYD k HINCKE.N, Agent* tine fiuildiiig. cor. Wall and Water at E N_E n: OLD ESTABLISHED KMIGIiANT PAi*SAC.J OFFICE. 61 SOUTH HTRhlhT. NKW VORK. m ^ M ?raj?a?ecatl lm engaged Iroml.ivfrpTunjMli" following apiei lidjpackat ilit|* compelling tli* Old Mick Ball Luw ol Facte: ailing u under. . h*'nm Liverpool. The iliip COLUMBU Sj Captain Cnie, ou I ha ISlh Ftbraar] ... > -i\ nnm nr.. ( new ; o il lev, oil ion '?i viarcii. 'IV ?tup (.'AM UKlDUE, Capt Heretow, Itilh March. TV ship ENGLAND, Captain Bartlett, i?t April. The ship OXFORD, l.u'iui Kathboue, 16th Apnl. The ship MONTEZUMA, Captain May. The ship bC'KOI'p.. ('.ipiain harbor, Ib'h May. Theship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, la' June. In addition to the above superior ships, tin' aubecriber'i again , will bare a aucceaaiou ol'llni cWu Aiu ricnu ahipa deapatahei it cuatomary, fro in Liveroool, e't/y four or tiro ''aye througt out tin- year, to ilia di If. rent poita in ilia United htitea,b which passage can be a* cured at reduced 'ataa, 'i'noae a-uuiu for their fr.euds residing in Great Britain and Ireland, imy ri ly tint every care will b- taken to mall* p?a?eugeis aa Cuinloi table aa they can reasonably repeat, and should ihe iaa?eug I not come out, llie passagemoney will be promptly refunded. Drafts can aa uaual be fiiriiialied. jnyab'e at 'lie National an Prorincial Banks of Irrlaud and branch's; Eastern Bank i: Scotland and b'aurVs; and on Messrs. J. Bait, Son k Co Banker*, London; M'aara. J. Barned k Co., Bankera, Lirti pool, which are pay able throughout England and Wales. Kc further pariicuiara apply (if by letter poat p ud) ur JOHN HMIDMAN, til Houth street, near Wa'l street. N, B Piwaige to Liverpool and Londou can at all timet b engaged by lha regular packet alupa, tailing for Liverpool ever live days, and to London en the 1st, 10th and 20lli of encli inonl on application -in trove. _ j!2 ec OLD LINK LIVERPOOL PACKETc. lAket. for m will hereafter I A despatched in the following order, evcept'uig that when t) sailing dav falls on Sunday, lira ahipa will tail on the aucceei UCilay, via;? hrom New York. hrom Liverpoi The CAMBRIDGE, (June I July SdO toua, < Oct. I Nor. W. C. Burrow, r Feb. 1 Mar. I The ENGLAND, (June 16 Aug. 750 tons, Oct. 16 Dec. i 8. Keb. 16 April I flu OXFORD, I.July 1 Aug. 800 ton*, < Nov. I Dec. J. Rath bone, March 1 April Tire MONTEZUMA, IJuly 16 Sept. 1000 ton*. < Nov. 16 Jan. A. B. Lowber,(March 16 May The EUROPE, t Aug. 1 Sept. 618 ton*. < Dee. I Jan. E. O. Kurber, ( April 1 May The NEW YORK, (new) (Aug. 16 Oct. 950 tous, < Dec. 16 Keb. T. B. Cropper, ( April 16 Jone Tire COLUMBUS, \ Sept. I Oct. 700 tou*. < Jan. 1 Feb. O. A. Cole, (May I June New ?hip YORKSHIRE, vSept. 16 Nov. 1050 tou*. < Jan. 16 Mar. E. U. Bailey, ( May 16 July These ship* are uot surpassed in point of elegance or cotnfo in their cabin accommodations, or in their fast sailing qualitii by any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known as men of character an experience, and the strictest attention will always be paid I promote the comlort and convenience o! passengers. Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed i heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at SeventyEii Dollars, for which ample stores of every description will 1 Erovided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which wi e furnished by the stewards, if required. Neither th captain or owners of those ships will be respoi sible for any letters, parrels, or package* sent by them unle regular bill* ofLdtiiii are signed therefor. Forlreight or pa sage, apply to OOODHUE It CO, 64 South st. C, H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling slip, N. Y. j29tf and of BARING. BROTHERS 6c CO.. L'pool. KOR NEW ORLEANS. LOU18LANNA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKET m m. m m Kor the better accommodation of shippers, it is uBended despatch a ship from this port on the 1st, 5th. 10th, 15th, 201 and26th of each month, commencing the 10th October anu c? tinuing until May, when regular days will he appointed for tl remaiuder of the year, whereby great delays and disappoin menu will be prevented during the summer mouths Theft lowing ships will commeuce this arrangement: Ship YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain llilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship S11AK8PEARE, Captain Miner. Ship OASTON, Captain Latham. Ship MUNTSViLLE. Captain Mumford. Ship OL'MULOEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson, Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Kuiglit. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all built in the city of New York, expres ly for |>ackets, are of light draft of water, have recently bei 1 uewly coppered and put in splendid order, w ith accoinmod lions for passengers unequalled for comfort. They are cm inanded by experienced masters, who will make every exeitit to give general satisfaction. They will at all times he towi p and down the Mississippi by stesiuhoat*. Neither the owner* or captains of these ship* will be respo sible for jewelry, bullion, precious stone* silver or plated wai f or for any letter*, parcel or package, *eut by or put ou board them, unless regular bill* of lading are taken for live same ai the value thereon espre**ed. Kor freight or passage, apply to K. K7C0LLfNH It CO.. 56 Sonth St., or HULL1N it WOODRuFk. Agent iii N? Orleans, who will promptly forward all good* to their addre The snips of this line are warruiled to sail punctually aa I . vertised, and great care will be taken to have the itoods corre ly measured. ml MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. a m. m. m The undermentioned ships will lie regularly dispatched I'm hence tin thi lit, ami from Marseilles on the itli of rich mou during the year a* follows From New York. Marseilli MINERVA, Capt. Brown, Dee. 1 Feb. 5 TRKSCOTT, t apt. Myrick, Jan. 1 March! H'RY THOMPSON,Capt.Sylvester, Feb. 1. April J HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams, March I. May! CORIOLANU8, Cspt. Haile, April I. June! They arc all coppered and copper fastened, and hare exeelle accommodation* tor passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $109, exclusive of win and iKliior*. Goous addressed to the agents, BOYl) It HINCKEN. w be forwarued free of other charges than those actually paid. For freient or passage apply to LAWK?NC? *t PHELPS. lit Front afreet or to BOYD It HINCKEN, Agents. mJfir No 9 Tontine Buildinirs. >Lw YORK AND PHILADELPHIA KA -miAulLira DIRECT, Fob Newarb, Nkwbriinswicb. Priivcktoi*, Tbkwtob, 11 oaoKMTowrr Ann BUBLIMMTO*. CTWflfl THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New York daily from the foot of Conrtlaudt it Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at IX P. M. The Murium: Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence I steamboat to l'Viilaih-lphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite Philadelphia) without chaufte of cart. I'asaeugers will procure their tickets at ths office foot Conrtlaudt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be readiness, with bagBage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are eonreyrd from city to cit wilioul being opened ny the way Each train is provided wi t car in which arc apartments and dressing rooms ?.lastly I the ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Wi tut street, bv steamboat to Bordeutown at 7 o clock, A. 1 and by railroad from Camden, at ! o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7h( A. M., ai I P. M. being s continuation of the lines from New York, J9 :im "m FATERSON RAILROAD. From Paterson to Jersey City. _ On and after Monday, Oct. Id, 1113, the cars ft ill leave I'ATKBtOI* LKAfK NlW YoRg. ( a. m. 9 a. m. in< UH P. M. i t. m. r Tlic Sundvy Train* will be diaconunned until further n< In Transportation ear* leave daily (Hnndara excepted ) raise <er? ?re adviaed to be at the Kerry, foot or Courtl&udt atreet, few minute* before the mated hour* of departure jyl9 6ra* wintkr arranoement?for albany, Via bridgeport aid /nl lloi;i?toan: & wtara.pN lieiLDRoHiia, I ally, Sunday* .Ha - J rn Kacepted. 3SC I'aateuirera for Albany by thi* i.onte will take the now an elegant *ieamboat EUREKA, Capt I L. Kitrli, which leavi New York from foot Liberty at. S.itnrdiy morning at hal sat 6 v'cloek, for Bridgeport, thence by th* lions.ttnnic an VVearerO Ilailroa'la, with' lit rhviae ?I e ira or baggage erate C< Albany, arming aama evun g .I * o'clock. Fare throng Kor p*?*age or Freight, a* r' " pi bnerd, or at the nlTice, frr f Liberty atreac (I. St. TKRHY, jHec r r-t.- DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRKLANI int.?IWniii, about remitting money to the y^SKi^nCjfo^frienda in the (11,1 I Mi'niry ran he anpplir with draft* in *01111 ?l I I. CJ, LI, J.'i, Lit 1A0, I.JO, JC110, or anv amount payable c demand, without diacouut. or any otbrr charge at the Natioiu Bank of Ireland, rrovinrial Ba-ik d", Meaar* Jamea IJ.ilr, Ho It Co., Banker*, London, J. Barneil K Co , Eieliange and Di count Bank, Liverpool; Kaat ru Uanlt o| Scotland! OiecBOC Banking Company; Sir Win. Knrbe*. Ilnnter Ik Co., Sco'.lant and tli* nrinches in every pn*l town throughout Kiigltod, In land, Scot lam! and Wale, which dratt-* will he lorwardtJ h the ateamer Britannia, leaving Boaton on Ihe tat *ehruar". At idy to W.fcJ.T. TAPSCOTT, At thrir general (naaage office, <3 Peck a.ip, Jil corurr of South atreeL ~ for halifax and li VEKPOtM The Koval Mail steam Ship bkitap John Hewitt,, Commander, wi i'-aie Boaton for lie* above ports on 1 har day, February lit, lilt. I'?aage to Liverpool Passage to llalifa* 29. Apply to D. BRIUHAM, Jr., Agent, I y>c No. I Wall atreef ~ .i. i ajj btatkn island fk.uhy. kotr ;,J~TlwLilJanF WHITEHALL ST.?The ateambm l^.-j3-3LsrATKN ISL ANDER willleave New Yor urd Slaten laland, on and aft<r October 2d. a* follow*, unl 'urther notice ? Leave Htaten liland at 19, * 2, I.e. M. I ....... V?... V,..L ?i 1 iflt III mm lull IV N. B.?On Snndnv* the boat will leave at ll tnitead of 12k All (ivitlil lii|>ird ia required to ha pulicnlarlr markedla *1 (lie emit of tli? owner* thereof iNtn **$- PACKET KOK M AUSI ll.l.KM?Korlit rrbt*i I'll" barque MARCKLI-A. Onpt ll?**f. wi JibfiaNte'tbe (lie |,|jce of the ?lni Henry TMimprou, i.ot *i rivert, *ud eniI on lul rrudiao. Kor frei jjht or pu-taje nnph- to I.A\V1UCNCK k PIIKI-PH. No. 101 h rent *trtrt,or 10 BOYO h HIN? KKN, Ar-ut,, j?6 6>c '> Tenliae Building, eor Wall anil Watei id. iff Y< EW YORK. TUESDAY I E I t It v I it tell lirt nit. Police?Jan. 29?Tiik Hr-icnr or tin Twin. Wou -The citizens oi theT well!h Wwi hm u l(p| b ic<|uaiutcd with the tact of the existence of a lienor their precincts, known us " Old llenrj although in hu is a young muu not over thirty-four years of ugu ^ lias for the last three year* occupied a miserable cheer cell on the Third Avenue, near the five mile stone, and taiued his subsistence by begging victuals from citiz ' in that vicinity. The recent cold weather has forcod i miserable being from his cheerless alioile, and he was i terday taken to the Centre street police office, and i from thence to the 1'euitentiary for six mouths, lie been a very large athletic man, standing over six high, hut appeared much reduced by want and exposi and was covered with filth and vermin. 1. CmitiMi nil. Risen.?A young nian named P? - Dooner, w as arrested yesterday, charged with obtain y cakes, pies, and bread, ut different times, valued at $11 1 from John Ashweli, of I I'S Mulberry street, by repres ji ing that lie hail been sent toi them by Thomas Simple , It apjieared that hu had recently livod with Mr. 81 herd, but bad been discharged, and cilice tlien liad d lieun autliuriz.ed to obtain the articli's in (pieition. '* was locked up to answer. r'- Coroner s (XIIre_l,-< 90.?n. >r> line. >r The coroner hold all inquest yesterday, on the body o old (ierman woman, named Elizabeth < halabra, who occupied a loom in the upper part of 169 Kim street, M who wu> toilud dead in her yesterday afteriu v She had accidentally burned herself on Saturday, wl h injuries resulted In ner death. The Jury returned a diet accordingly. Cominon Council. fiuBii of Ai nr.ttwi.n?Jan, 29.?Alderman I'urdy in ? chair. '? fnhtir School in the Twelfth Want. A resolution to nropriate fliMst to erect a public school hoire in ,1 Twelfth Ward was udopted. is Engine Company 44.?A rejwirt in favor of lousing lo It Nassau street, for use of engine Company tor ten yi 16 ?Was adopted. ' .Harm Belts.?The committee on fire and water, ren { ed in favor o( allowing the ringers of Kire Alarm II ir, ?1 3"l rents per day. On motion of Alderman Nash ? n. on the table. 16 Ci'y Inspector's Report.?The annual report of the ( j Insiiector was presented and ordered to be printed :? [ The whole number of deaths during the year 181.1 p, eluding those from premature birth and stillborn iufa I,; w us 8698. Of these there w ere, white males, 4386 ; w II cmales, 3833 ; colored males, 433 ; colored females, 2 I Showing a decrease of mortality compared with ' preceding year, of 183. I,' The deaths from premature birth and stillborn infa 15 were more numerous than in any year, being 760?w 16 males, 415 ; white females, 301 ; colored males, 48 ; cc t ed females 18. I Of the whole number of deaths 1810 were males and < ' were females?showing an excess of males over fern "f '?} per cent. Diseases of the Respiratory Organs?Deaths from id class of disease are 4830, a number larger than in any to ceding year, adequate to one third of all the deaths. The deaths from consumption were 1303, equal to a 31 of all the deaths and lfit more than in the year pre. re ing. White males, 807 ; white females, 8!K); coli >r males 83 ; colored females 53. II The proportion of deaths by this disease to all other as follows :?White males, 1 in 3!j ; w hite females, I ii colored males, 1 in 3j ; colored females, 1 in IK ** Of the deaths by consumption, 173 were children tit 10 years, nearly all native born. Of the 1330 deaths by consumption, about ten years, were native born, the rest foreigners. - Males. Females. White. Mack. White. Bit 8 Wounded 69 9 II I tSuIfocttUon 13 3 41 1 Suicide 13 n 4(> to Poison 10 1 7 0 h, Killed 4 0 1 (I ?- Burned '14 1 96 3 ',e Casualty 02 3 in o Intemperance 18 1 40 9 Total 915 II 100 7 Fevers 162 6 161 8 Kruptnral 980 19 252 3 Cachexias 900 10 237 9,1 Nerious disease 839 48 667 41 Respiratory do 1,970 99 J,175 8(1 Circulatory do 81 1 61 f Digestive' do 791 49 733 4(1 (ienitulgorgms ? ? 38 3 Urinary do . . 15 2 2 ti a. Laconature do 7 2 7 2 n- Integuments 7 0 6 (I "J Uncertain seat of 81 1 48 :i "" Unknown casus 41 4 43 3 J" 3,971 905 3,532 221 ul Premature birth to 2 31 ( id Stillborn 376 46 270 13 Total 4,386 233 3,833 241 " Dry Dock.?A communication was received from "j P. 8. Sanger, engineer, appointed by the Secretary o ct Navy to mquire|into the best locations for a dry doc this island, tl(e elevating power of whieh is to lie Ct ? water, in relation to a communication held between and the Croton Aqueduct Commissioners as to the | L lor the nseof said water, which wus referred to the Ct t Aqueduct Committee. The sites referred to for the tiou of this i npoi t-i ut work, are Ilarlem, Kipp's Bay |{J Belles ue \lms Houso. Sah of City l'rnptrly.?The ordinance for the sale i ?. r- ..rnm rlu .,? IV.- ..,.1.11.1 */ l-'vrj-w.j .1.1 IVI i.uuu.a puipvroa, nni taken up for udontion This ordinance occupied the R tion oi the Hoard on Wednesday last,and a lull report provisions was given in this paper on Thursday mori Board ok Assistants?J ah. i7.?Charles J. Dodge, siduut, fiw tern. The minutes were read and approve N Caen ties Slip.?A petition from certain merchants others, to have t unities Slip filled up between. Watei ill Front streets?was relerred. IfiiitM up (he Minutes of the Hoard ?The hill of ward Williams amounting to FT.'iO, for filling and w r; up the deficiencies in the. minutes of t|p- Hoard of A tants, pursuant to rusolutjon of the hoard pissed in ? last?referred. The City Hospital ?The joint committee on fire water, reported tn favor of concurring with the Boa Aldermen, in the resolution to appropriate fioo lot purpose of building a hose carriage house, and rebuil the engine house in Anthony street, on the grounds o < ity Hospital, granted by the governor of that institu in return for the use of the Croton Water, free of expi in the several departments of the institution, upon ce: conditions?concurred in. Prirate Meat Market.?The committee on market W ported in favor of granting permission to Thaddcus leek, to sell meat, vegetables, kc., on the lot lease him at the foot of Duane street, from the Corporatior ot he term ol live years?the lease merely authorises hi in sell milk- laid on the table by a vote of P to 7. IVeightnastrrs, if-i.?The committee on petitions re V ed in favor of appointing Cyrus ltomaine and Willis J,, Moore, as city weighers. Matin Chichester ns a ganger, ami A. A. Glover an inspector of lumber?ado iJ. llowkers ovH Prdtnrs.?A report was received on il. subject of the petition against hawkers Hud pedtarsw as laid on the table and ordered to he printed, prei to being read. .hsit/ant Just ires' Courts.?A resolution was ofiTere Assistant Alderman Dougherty, requesting the Aasii Justices, and the cletks ol said courts, to cause pri lists of all fees, charges, kc. levied liy ail officers coui ed with said courts, to lie placed in conspicuous plac said courts for the benefit of all persons slicing and b sued in said courts.) Also, to deliver, when required, i of particulars of all such fees, charges, kc. Si hoot House in the Tenth Ward.?A resolution Iron other tioard in favor of appropriating (9060, for the pose of building a school house in the Tenth Ward, appropriation having been applied for by the comuiisi or* and inspectors of that ward?was concurred in vote of 13 to ?, ' Paying the Printer.?The Committee on Kinanci r ported in favor of auditing and authorising the C? _ troller, to pay Thomas Hnuwden, the late printer to j Corporation, the sum of filiiHJ MO, for printing ilom twaeu April lath and July of IH43. I ho, original den was f IW>0 31, hut the Comptroller having considered i I overcharge, and the matter was referred, and the submittedto the inspection of two practical pi inters, L, recommended the reduction named in the rcsolutio f. The fWUluUuil WMCOUCUXfBd in, ld Tin W*trr Purntynr.?K resolution from the o 'j Board, imposing upon the Water Purveyor the dutie Superintendant of Pipes, without any additional sala it was concurred in. Thf \ew Ihnst ? The Board next proccedo - tnke up the ordinance reported for the re-organi/.atio the Alms House, the chief head* of which havo Itcor ir ported prrviou'ly. Tito or linunce was passed.with a ?i unimportant amendments. ' County Conlingenciti?A rommuniration was recti ('j from the Deputy Comptroller, enclosing an ordin.i si providing for the county contingencies lor thoyearl It is the same its that passed in the Jlonrd of Alderr k Concurred in. reisnv Dr.rsaTMKxr. r" On the motion of Asst. Aid. Wsnn, the ordinance \ the ro-orgamizatfon ot the prison department, presents-* Mr. President Brown, was taken tip. The Board wen to committee of the Whole. Am. I?Provides that there shall lie appointed by ~ Common Council o Commissioner of the Prison Dej y. meiit, nt a salary ol fd ,400 per aiinutn, to hold oilier II three years, and until another shall he appointed iu ? place the County Court to havo the power to reir him on charges ol incompetency, iusiifliciency, orfor violation of duty. Me is to have the appointment jmwer to fix the salaries of such officers and agent may he employed in the department, unless for those j, cially provided for by the ordinance subject to thi proral ot the Committees on Police, Watch and Priaoi )i both Boards. Ho is authorised to appoint as many il door keepers as may from time to timo he necessar takechargeof prisoners wlien employed out of the I tentiary, at a salary of 51 M per day. Ant. 1. Provi.lea that a Chief clerk shall be appoi j by the Common < ouncil. for n term of three years, salary of 5?'iO per annum, lie shal I abide by the art regulating the removal ol the I ommissiotior. [J Ant.:). Provides for the appointment of a Keeper p. the same term, and subject to the ?nme regulations an I ommissioner and Clerk. II" shall he provided t suitable furnished apartments, nnd provisions for liiti and his own proper family, and shall receive a salat 5300 par annum, lie shnll give bonds in the pen all >|o,nuofor the doe performance ?f hi< duties, and shal It JKl vlORNIJVG, JANUARY 30, responsible fnr every article put in liiat jiossession. Hs rTM rhall have the pow cr to appoint u Deputy Keeper, with ltcu the approve! ol the Commissioner, sai l Deputy to reeeivt ti? a salary of "M'O a year. lie ahull, by and with the a ivies fact tjiJ consent ol tlie Commissioner, employ liio stout uinl II,. able-bodied men as (luards, ami eight persons as Assistant lev, Keepers, to receive a salary oi >300 per annum, said Assis 0h. 'ant Keepers tolai mechanics, ami each of them shall b? cus conversant with onn of the trades at which the prisoners this L,a)? employed, so us to instruct and superintend tlx i es- prisoners. No goods vhall bo manufactured iu the I'etti lent tentiary hut such as may he required lor the use of the es lias tablishment or the Alms House Deportment, or as shah feet "ot in'ctfere with the mechanics of the city. He shah Jr0j have the ]Kiwer to appoint two suitable women, who uu dei'stand the nuking ol clothing, dec., to stiperintend tlx ,t sew ing dcpaitineut They are to receive a salary of ifcJUt per annum. The prisoners shall bo put into classes, uc. cording to the nation of their offences. Prisoners con ' vie tod of vagrancy, shall, in all cases, he kept sejiaruti ' .' and apart lrom those convicted of a criminal act. ' Alu. 4. Provides for the appointment of a Steward by '" the Commissioner, in conjunction with the Committees o't ., Police, Watch ami Prisons, to be under the control of tht 1' Keeper. He shall receive his hoard and fiiOOper annum Am. o. Provides that a Matron shall he appointed sunn < ? as the Stew aid, she is to receive tMK>, and her board foi 1 an her services. bad Am. d. Keepers and officers of the Penitentiary, shal and have apartments and hoard in the establishment, but no ion. their families. The keeper cnu remove any olticer ap xeb pointed bv liioi. A man and bis wife shall not both In t er- eliisilili. t'n office All nllieeev 1.. ti,. iiinn, '! ??. l'??, missioner may order as many prisoners at may be re quired, to work on any of the Corporation property,li cleanse the public (ewers, 4tc. Any prisoner guilty c improper conduct or disobedience, Khali in the prescue "1,! of the physician, be punished by inilictiug a shower bath the force and length of the time to be ill accordance witl the nature of the ofl'uuco, and the condition of the pri the Holier. No iwihoii shall laud on Ulackwell's Islnud, o lay a boat alongside, except the men employed thereon t So without a written iicrmisKioti, under the penalty of Ja" for each oflence. The committee then rose and reported progress. Tlx ?u' 'eport was accepted, and the committee was discharged ?' * Adjeiinied until next Monday afternoon at five o'clock laid 1 ;ity At Chambers Before the Hon. F. A. Tallmadge, ltecorder of the (Jit; [j** ol New \ oik, kc. hite /a Ihr matter of Day, rt ill , vs. franklin?llahrat Cot tl. pus?This was a very im|>ortaut and exciting case, undo the (! *' Stilwell act. It appeurs the pluiutifl's claim over jo'*'1 of the defendant, for goods sold, kc., and thut they lm< nts, sued defendant in the Common Pleas, and thereupon pre hite cured from Judge luglis a St dwell warrant, and that th dor- lodge convicted the defendant, and committed him ti prison. 1071 Messrs. Reynolds and I'latt sued out a writ of habea ales corpus before Judge Kent, and u hearing was had, ii which Charles O'i onuor, Ksq., uppeared as pluintitfi this counsel. 'l*he only question there raised, was, whethe pre- Judge InglU liad jurisdiction of the matter. The lion Joseph L. White appeared as associate counsel for Montr* 1 in lteynobls uml Piatt, and Judge Kent, after argument, re eel- munded the defendant. His (ounsel thereupon sued on >rud another habeas corpus before the Recorder, not similar ti the lirst one. but containing certain specifications of tb Si in illegality of the commitment itself, pursuant to the Atl ii ) subdivision of 27th section,on pagu bi7. 3d U.S. N. ed. Tb petition was in the usual form, except that it alleged idcr specially, " That your petitiouor is advised, and charges the sal 660 process as illegal, inaullicient, informal and void, becaus it does not appear that your laititioucr hail ever been ai rusted on the warrant therein mentioned, or was eve brought before the ollicer issuing it, or was present at th ' alleged inquiry before said ollicer, or hud any opportunit to controvert the facts and circumstances on which sue! w ariant was issued ; and, also, that said process does nc specify of what particular oll'enca your petitioner wa convicted, so as to enuhle hiin to comply with the n quiremcnts of raid act, or that the oUlcer had any right t commit." Mr. George Wood was engaged as counsel for tho dt fendant, hut, owing to other pressing engagements, Si lent Duteher, Ksq., was retained. Mr. Duteher opened the case on the return of the hakes corpus, and stated that the defendant was illegally con mitted and restiained of his likertv on a commitment uttei ly void on its face ; and took the "follow iug paint* :? lit. That the commitment whs issued by u court or of! cer of Inferior jurisdiction, and therefore should thaw o iti luce Jurisdiction of the cr?o, ami where liberty ? i concerned, of the person of tho party, lie. cited 1 Saui dtm, Tl and 7.',; t; t'owan, 994) 19 John., 40; an I otln cue*. 2d. That the provisions of the Ntilwcll act, it being i special statute, required that the party should be sued i a court of record, complained of, win rant issued, arrea ed, and brought beforo the ollicer who issued the wa rant, have an opportunity to Controrctt, &c.; have a liea ing, and be judicially convicted before a commitmci could i??uw Vide the statute. 3d. Thai tlir essential requisites of this commitment, t wit?the ariest, appearance, und trial before tho magi trate, or judge, were not apparent on the taco ot it, an that it only showed a complaint made, and that judgnici tVm. followed, without a trial or even notice to tho uefondati ftlie Tlui learned counsel commented with great severity t k on the looseness and illegality of the w hole proceeding, ai oton the lnmgling am! inconsistent way the last was frarflod. bini .Mr. Heneiiict and Mr. OTonor, la isnlr,offhfod to I price trodncecertain utliduvits, and show that this was n case oton r" adjudicalu, as Judge Kent had refused to discharge tl ercc- defendant on another hahn* corpui in the same matter. , and Mr. Dutchcr objected, saying that the return of tl ollicer only coal 1 lie inquired into, and ullidavits hey or ,11 that could not he received, and he cited 2d It. H p. 17 tl n sec. 4>s an l .V), and the case of Cassels, p. IHH, 6th Hill's r .,!!!, pons. of ts Recorder admitted these affidavits conditional! ?j 15 not deciding the question raised by tbe counsel, and tht "" Mr. 1'latt introduced his own alliuavit, showing that tl Pee- only question before Judge Kent was, that of the jurisdi '! tion of tho case by Judge luglis, and not of the legality and tlie commitment. and The cause was then argued liy Messrs. Benedict ai O'Connor for the plaintiff's; and Messrs. 1'latt and Dutchi Ed for defendant--the latter gentlemen contending, ur 'ting clearly showing by numerous authorities, that the cor ."lis- niitment was void on its lace, and that the plaintiffs, .lud) May luglis, the sheriff, and all concerned in the imprisoiimeu were liable to tbe defendant in nn action for false impi and sonmcnt, which ho said should be brought at once, rd of On the next dny the Recorder delivered the followir the opinion ding | "The sheriffs return to the habeas corpus in this matt* I the ?lieWil that the defendant is he.d by him under a comm tion, ment granted by Judge lnglis. pursiiiint to the 'act to abr 'usc, jsj, iniprisonnienl for debt, and to punish fraudulei rtain debtors,' passed 26th April, 1881, a Copy of which cor mitinent is annexed to the |*:tition in this case. s ie The petition alleges that this commitment is illegal, ar 1 ^il- void on its face, and specifies according to the statute, tl 'I by particulars in which the illegality consists. It is a we h for settled rule of law, as laid down by Chief Justice Npenc 'm t? in lligclow vs. Stevens, 19 John. JO, 'that to justify an ii In lor magistrate in committing a MffM, he inu-.t bat )K?rt- jurisdiction, not only of the subject matter of the cor im S. |,( t also of the process ami the person ul'tlie defe city dant.' cannot be denied, that this is a summary co pted. viction, unknown to the common law. but a creatine i the t ho statute. In such case*, Chief Justice Savage says, i bllt li Coweu 'Jli 'the unices* 11 Ilk! shew atti rm?fivol v tie 'ions the officer had power to grant it, and the facta oil whit he acted, Rave him jurisdiction of the. subject matter, at !(i hy of the fiei-sou ofthe party. Tiic act unJer which the coi (taut mitment purpoit* to have lieeu made, requires before nted can tie granted, that not onlv a proper complaint shall I uect- niado, and a wan ant obtained, but that the party Khali l es of arrested, and brought lieforo the officer granting the wi e{tjff rant, and have on opportunity to controvert the fart* c l bill which the warrant was issued, and then the officer hi juriidiction nl the perion. These preliminarie* to 11 a the commitment are indiipemahle. It nece*?arily follov pur- under the rune* cited, and the art, that thi* commitment The bid on it* lace, because it does not shew that the defenda: lion- was ever arrested, brought '.eforc Judge Inglis, or had t by a opportunity to defend himself. All that appears is, tin complaint was made, a warrant Issued, and delenda , re. limb with convicted and ordered to bo committe<|. Th imp- '* clearly illegn), for want of jurisdiction of the perso (]?, But it Is said that this is rit at{fudi<nta, because Jtidi ? Kent had, under a previous liabean furjw, refused to di land tharge tlie defendant. Affidavits were ofl'ensl to pro' K ail the allegation These affidavits are s rirtly inadmissibl unless they go to disprove the truth of the sheriff's retur who which is not even Proposed- sec. '1 Itev. St. 471, s. ed. > fl n So it is expressly decided in Mh Hill, I admitted ti affidavits, and n certificate of Judge Kent, as well as an o , posing affidavit of Mr. Piatt. These paper* showed th 1 J the only question argued before fudge Kent was ns to tl " . jurisdiction of Judge tnglis, and not ns to the validity n the process. Hud the attention of ludge Kent lieen ralb to that point, he must at once have discharged the d d to fendant. For these reasons I am compelled to hold tl n of commitment void, and to discharge the defendant. i re f?w Circuit. Court. ivC)j Before Judge Kont. tnce J?s. JO.?Ro'.'nrrll (f Shin' vs. MilUr <J lVus;.-TI iivtt. Jury not being at le to agree in the case, reported in tl nrn, Herald of Friday, they were discharged at 'even o'cloc Inst night. r?r HtiRtAt. or Com. Portkr.?The funeral cerciw . . ? i? it,.!, I,,. ..I.i.. u ,i ( i,y air. ... . II.MIL, II tin- remain* ot the late Commodore Porter, wrre duly ? in Philadelphia On H.itm lay. 11 to ri'll?IOI tin: *ervlc?i wore performed at tlir h.piacopal church of r nirt- Stephen'*, by the Rev. Dr. Dncnchet, ami the proce*?|< i for then proceeded to tlir Naval \s)lum, where nndei tl Iiih volley* of tlir military r^cnrt, tlm lemiiin* were cotnm Hive tc<l " earth to earth.'' any - and Tin-: Soap anh< 'vviif. k Factor\ nlCoHin.V. I, n i t? a* dell in the upper part ol Kensington, on the bank* ol tl *|K. Delaware river,wo* entirrlydestruyeil hy fin- on Hutui'de rap- Loss front li flee n to twenty-live thousand dollar*, whir 11, of will fall upon the owner*, who had not concluded out- treaty main which thuy went engaged, with one of tl y to Philadelphia offices, lor n policy ol inatirancc. 'eni- ? l' ii:i mi n'* llnrr iv I'uiLAtiti.pifiA.?At the lire i ate I I'enn Mtrer l ye-ieii|av morning. ti diagnicHnt fit<i ' * look plaee between the Independence llo?e and Ker.sin I *rton kngine I omniums on ono aide and the Sorthei Liberty Iloae on trie other . ?ticl?*, ilnni'*, spanners, m lor even the crank for turning the cylnnder for how, we i the (-Plotted to, o? weapon d oflVnon A yotnc man nom vith ||yerly, received n blow on the head with the latter i well siritrnent, whiah did him to mil*!! injury that hi* life w y ol yctlerday iletpaired of. Se\ era I oilier* Were carried fre y "' ! the ground very seriously w ounded A number of I II he were made I'hiltii v .S. (bi:Hlr,Jan ."i JJ-I-JUL-I?- I' 1 ?Ut -?J?L- L-J L l||-' HERA 1844. ) Nenex'a Washington Uttir, No. 3. < Washington, Jan '*7, 1814. , ! Fa ?li nma bit?PiJuical. j The first Washington Assembly, for Hit, came ? . oil' on Tuesday night, w itli great credit to the good t 1 taste of the managers, among whom were the Sec- 1 ! retaty of State, the President of the Senate, the j Mayor of the city, Mr. Seaton, and that excellent i I physician and finished gentleman, Ur. Thomas,and I severul officers of high character, both in the army J and navy. > In this gathering of beauty, were fair women I front almost every State in the Union, arrayed for i the most part in a style ol chaste simplicity that has in a great measure (praise Heaven !) superseded ? the gaudy robes so much in fashion a few years ' since. j The supper was arranged in a manner that IVI. r monico might have been proud of. I On t'riday evening,Mrs. Richard S. Coxe gnvc a t splendid imrty. Mrs. Coxe is the wife of the clo* quent and learned lawyer whose name we so often L> see in the reports of the arguments before the Soil preme Court of the United States; and the associp aliens consequent upon his distinguished profes,f sional position und estimable private character, lillu ed his drawing rooms with the most select assenti, blagc tintt has graced any of the parties hitherto. |i To say that Mrs. Coxe was a daughter of that i- eminent merchant and worthy man, the lute John r G. Warren, of New York, is a sufficient assurance j that although most of her time issp'iitin ameliorating the sorrows of the children of the poor; yet she B posesses the power and the will to entertain in the I. most charming manner those guests whom, from .. her husband's position in society, it is proper they should invite to their hospitable mansion. There is u furious controversy going on in the papers here, between tin officer in the army and un * officer in the navy, to determin* to which of them belongs the discovery that the best way to defend ' our commerce in the Gulf of Mexico, is to build " and arm vessels on the Ohio attd Mississippi! A , wonderful discovery! Neither of the claimants II ?t ? I.... .. .,,...1".. Iki. ,liIMHMM I., IV17 ? or 183M; and they procure long certificates of memo hern of Congress and Senators, to prove even so far into antiquity! Now, if they will take the * trouble to examine the arguments, pro and con, that v took place more than forty years since, when the >' purchase of Louisiana from France was contemr plated, they will find this matter discussed at length ' with much ability. A long article upon this subjeel, from the pen of Col. Thirr, want the rounds ot t the newspapers of those days, written with a force a of argument tr ne can surpass, and with a foresight e that now seems prophetic. " By my faith, if these It learned Tin/bans meet with no check, they will c soon lay claim to have invented the quadrant, and ' first discovered the variation of the magnetic need die," and find members ot Congress to certify to ? their just claims to these honors. ,. A Mr. Crcenhow, or Greenhorn, the librarian of r the State Department, (in the receipt of a large salc ary,) has found time to write, or rather to compile, y a nook upon t iregon. It is now in course of publi' cation, and during the debate on the Oregon ques,l tion in the Senate, Mr. Archer had the bad taste " to propose that the Senate suejiond all action upon jj this subject until the book should be placed in the hands of Senutors. Mr. Benton replied?" I be.. lieve I can inform the Senator from Virginia, that i- 1 have seen and read, ami know more than cun be written on this subject by Mr. Greenhow, or more " tluin that gentleman ever beard of it." lie might l" added that Mr. Archer, as chairman of tlie commitr" tee on Foreign Affairs, having heard this question so often discussed, must really have been at bis n wits' end for ail argument, when lie udduced the IS forthcoming of this book of Greenhow, (Greenj. born,) as a reason for delaying, even for one hour, ir the twelve months' notice our government is bound to give Great Britain before we take possession ol il Oregon?in which, however, the Knglisli (the ino" dern Romans), have, in fact, anticipated us; for ) with the forts and strong garrisons of the Hudson rj Bay Company, tliejr have at this moment actual,t ly military possession of Oregon, and we arc about to have a protracted negotiation as to tile right of o possession. ?- The Baltimore American says of the nomination of Mr. Wise to Brazil:?"Tliis nomination will [j* probably be confirmed, as there are not the MM ijj objections to sending Mr. Wise to Brazil tliui there ?j were to sending him to France." Indeed, is then Mr. Wise's knowledge of the Poituguese language n- and Brazilian 'utfalrs so inuoh superior to his of French lore, or have these people not brains enough ie to know, or honesty enough to declare, that whigs and democrats would loin willi the utmost cordiality to reject Wise, aid not the dread of his inter'j ference in making every prominent |?oliticiHii in the House define his position in regard to abolition, bank, tariff, and every other stibiect on'which both y, parties are so tender, as the Presidential election a approaches. And they wish to get rid of him with i? hk little honor and pleasure to himself as they can c" in anv way manage. Still, however. Ins services in Brazil may he of i(l great service to liis country, and he maybe able, to confirm the Brazilian ministry in their rcpeated,'rt ly expressed determination, not to enter into a n. commercial treaty with Cnglaiid?based upon jc what that (aiwer is pleased, jocosely, to term "the t, principles of humanity"?which, being interpreted, means that Brazil shall put a slop to the slav< trade, '8 lions of slaves England has in the East Indies may ,r become more profitable, and that Brazil shall ucf. I it! init English manufactures at a nominal duty, while >|. the products of' are almost prohibited by the nt heavy duties they pay in England. There never n- was a time when our interest more loudly called ? for fearless, incorruptible men to represent us abroad. Oh! this English gold, that front the duys of Sir Hubert Walpule to those of Sir Hobert J.j Peel, has been her most formidable weapon. The name of Sir Hobert Walpole reminds me ot a H, story I heard related of him the other day by a n- clever mail:?"A lady, the proprietor of several n- boroughs, whose members in Parliament always n- voted with the ministry, was rallied about her ol venality; she resolutely affirmed she had never received money from the Ministry. This was re|ieateil to Sir Hobert. lie said that it was true; but, ?l added he, her desire lor diamonds is insatiable." n I see by your extracts from English papers, that it the degrees and liunors lavished upon Mr. Everett, 5e (the unfrocked priest, as Senator Benton enlls >e him,) have been deelared illegal. IT* i . >n Society In Ntw York. 11 Mr. Editor,? J? Vour extensively circulated journal 1 have aljs ways found the first to notice and to put down nt abuses hihI mal-practices. It is, therefore, to you m that I address this communication, hoping thert by nt to get it both read (for who in this great city does nt not rend your paper, whatever lliey may suy) and i" acted upon. And the subject I would treat is one " that needs reform as miirli as does our Common Council, or the Board of Brokers. I mean the state of our society, as found at balls and parties, some ,. of which you occasionally give a hit at. Although neither a "coon" nor a "hunker," I i0. ant a man of parts, and, therefore, belong to m 11 to parties?in other words, I am invited to both high p- and low, East Broadway and Washington square: but go where 1 will, T meet with the same insipid '?. conversation, the saine strain after petty effects, the same artificiality, it I may ?o exprc-e it, which characterizes New York society, arid renders it to l(, all persons of sense and education, empty, uninteresting and disagreeable. We have among unpeople ol talent and of cultivation, of both sexes, and among llu? twists ol' utrunirrrs a.lit fnreiiMirr* tlinl .an' on onr shore*, many (I ?i?? not any all) are din,r languished for their genius, acquirements, and ,r social qualities. Hut do they enjoy themselves It when admitted to our " best ?onety, ' or tire they appreciated l?v those whom they exacted to (ind capable of entertaining them, as peonjc are accusn" touted to he received and entertHineif in the "alone " of the other capitals of the earth 1 I can conseienJ* liotioly iMtttr-N*! And why 1 Bet tow out u bran, morrfr is composed, not of ladies and gentlemen, hut of boys and girls, literally and figurativeie ly! tlo to any of our elegant soiree* tvttil observe it- who it is that usurps the lir*t places; who it i* that strut* with the greatest importance; vim it ithat clan torn and pushes first for the nipper; who it r|- is that critiaises the fates de IWigord, the punch, ,0 the wines! The hoys, who pist edd enough to ^ wear dress coats, have hcen honored by some in^ jndicions mother with invitations, and, unused to the custom - of high breeding, ntakethcinsclvr - absortl and their neighbors disgusted And observe who it i- that dressed d In ilvrhmr, marches with in stately step and imperious front, h-aniug on the ami it of a poor youth, just out of school, pale and ill from g- one or two previous nights of dissipation and exr" citeinnnt, which his weak nature cannot hear,? 1,1 who it is that with studied neglect turns from her old arrpiaintani e, if their dress should Iwtoken the n' least departure from the Inst fashion which her eye a, experienced in criticising nothing else, fails not n ,m the fir-t glance to detect; who it is, that when Ilea ?r. ed and excited in the dance, places herself, poor inexperienced, thoughtles* thing' at the open dom L I). , Prlee Two Cent*. >r window to eat an ice; why, the girls! But \ Uy is lliif ? Are the young and* middle ?ged murieil lailie* anil Seiillciiien an laded. mi di?a"trc-.>l,li> io wanting in seiwc ami manners, that lor them to tujoy a ball, a (?tc, is out of the question ? E) no neans; but thev find, alter one or two seasons that liev are not in their sphere among audi very voung >eople; then ideas expanded by more reading, re lection, travelling ana intercourse with the world, revolt .it a eonstaiit communication vvrili those, whom but a year or two since they saw playing in the nursery <>r iti the street, and tliey silently withdraw io allow their hosts to r.\|ieiid their taste and money in entertaining youngsters incapable of ajtprecluting hospitality. _ Now, is there no remedy for this state of things ! Certainly. I,et those who' bo magnificently entertain their Iriends, give amaller toirir* more frequently, selecting for some, those |x rsons whose qualities are happily blended bv an admixture of good qualities ol both head and heel, and so arrange it that the married ladies set the tone of the* party both in the dance and in the supper room ; and for other ootrfct a greater number of the. younger branches, whose recommendation lies in being agreeable to each other, in showing their puny bate Hrins, hikI their unshsved < Inns, protrailing from a wide turned-over shirt collar, and in being so stupid that sensible people cannot conn* near them?then all would be well. It is now n slain on our society, that the churming and agreeable married young ladies and gentlemen, do not take the stand which in ull good society abroad is exclusively occupied by tbeni. We have adopted many sensible foreign customs, and some ridiculous ones; among those who would give the greatest eclat anil brtlliaucy to our society, would be the custom for the married ladiesto take the first place, and to retain it. All would lie gainers by it; for the hoys and the girls would learn Imili manners and conversation, which now they arc sadly in want of, and never can attain sooner than by attending to those whose experience and education have imparted to them spirit, quickness of conversation, and brilliancy and elegance of manners. Yours, A Man Anoirr Town. GENUINE TEAS, wholesale and retail. THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, Piimiiial Storr, 131 Chatham iliett, Nrw Yotk Branch Storr, 31S Hlrtckn it, S. Y. .4j?cn<-y at 116 Fulton ?/>??(, Brook yn. corner oj Alain anil Fan I Ionian it, i'altnon, .V. J tnvitk the attention ok city and i ounx TRY families and purchaser! to th?ir several establish menu, where they think will ba found by la- the list selection of puta aud unadulterated Trot in the United Hut The nn iversal popularity and renown ol thrir home, with reli reuce to high quditiea. low prices and u|iri|(ht dealiijk, ii too well understood to render farther coinuu-ut'. Original and only warehouse for the sale of liowqua'a Black Tea Observe-Htrangeriwill be particular to rernamber the uuinner of the principal store in Chatham stiwt.rir.: "Ill," batwe. n I'oarl ami Rnnarvett ttTMtx. The public will alio he pleased to taka notice, ihn' lb? I'union Tea Company have uolhing to do with anv ether itor-s whatever, eicept those described at the top of ill is >ul vert i?e ment. JH Im'ie Dll. HOUSEMAN'S G E It M A N COUG 11 D It OPS. PHKPABKD and sold wholesale by JOHN J. PAVIfl, eitr ? of Hudson, Colnintiii County, N. Y., end lor a,If in tlsis city, wholesale and retail by J*M>:i S. AsrtNvvai.i., 86 William street, General A mot lor this city : and by most of the principal retail druggists in New York and Brooklyn. Terlisps a more important and valuable mulleinthan this waa never provided for the afflicted. No resort hehitherto be-n made to the preaa to make its viWaordinir v rirtnea known, but It lias been loug tried and its grvat efficacv most thoroughly proved by the infallible teat of actual e?perience. By its own meriu and intrinsic evcellcnce it has become highly celebrated in every section of the country wlwre it has been in use. It may, without eisggeratiou, be pronounced au itiHAle remedy lor colds. Coughs, asthma, influenza, whooping Tough, croup worms, htamorrhageor raising blood, and all the complaints \lf"Ctui( the breast and longs, and trndiue to cousiimptiou and geueral debility. Numerous tesliinouials may be seen in the hands of the agents for the aa'e of tins healing balsam, showing thai such has been its effects ill an innumerable multitude of caiea. The proofs of its wouue Inl elticacy are incontrovertible; if usad in the tint stages of any of the complaints above named, it acts as a complete preventative, and their further prognose is arretted. In this climate where such complaints are so common. owing to sudden change*of man who places a right value upon health should he u i>flout tills medicine. A timely use of it will saw immense hitle for rm-dical attendance, and, what is mote, wilt pirvral the languishing sufferings of protmcud illness, aud often preservjifr itself. Efflcncio'iaas it is, it is mild, pleasant, and always harmless; it is purely a vegetable compound, and may be tak i, with en tire safety in all kinds of weather and under al! cirtuni stances. It acts as a mild healing expectorant, and ?t the satii" tiioeas a very gentle tonic. lu use has not only restored thousands who were laboring under temporary illness, but if lies produced great improvement in the health of persons consul" tionally feeble, as its effect it to impail a lone and rigor la th" sys'ein, while it never causes weakness. l*rii-e fifty cents a bottle of four ounce* i<-ev!tin rs PEACH ORCHARD COAL?ti ii per ion f?, ?i #?, eg, and latge stove, t'onsumers may rely on gelling the I ?t lied Ash Caial at the above price, well srrreued. w-ighed by a CUV weigher, mid ilfliveird from llicyard corner >1 Kng and Greenwich its. PETER CLINTON. jJ8>m'eC "HJt FOR. NLW~7)HLKAN8-Louisiana and N.w ?fSP*V Vork Line?Positively first regular Packet, to .nil thJBwBmIsI Feb.?The last sailing p-ck-t ship YA/OO, < apt. James WybrsV, will |K)iitivejy sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome Innnshed acee.mnin Jatious, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall siren, or to F-. K. < OLLINS k< O. 36 South atrert Positively no freight receiled after Wednesday erasing, Jl.r inst. Shipper* by thil line may rwly ni-on haviug liiei r goods correctly measured. Agents iu New Orleans, Hull in It Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their addrves. The packet ,hip MISSMIKSIITI. Captain C. Ilillard.will inroad the Vazoo. and sail the 10th Feb., her regular day. j3tl i re FOR "LIVERPOOL?NKWLIN K.-Kegnl-r [KjPfV I'si L.I of -frith hebrnaiy. The splendid packet slop jHHkufJo It KICK, C-pt Wm. Skuicy, of It-id) tons, will sail as above.her regular day. For freight or passage, having r.r commodatioua unniuallrd for spleudor or eouuort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to ?. K. COLLINS is CO. Price of pasaege, $101). Ml Sonth street. The {ticket shipl Hoscios, t'apt. .). l oll ns, of I lOO tons, will succeed the Garrick, and sail March, her regular day. Passengers may rely upon the ahipa of this line sailing punct tally as advertised. ;27re IffK- PACKET KOll LIVKhFouL^-WiIi sail on the (EJKVVjthh inst?The well known, fast sailing, favorite JHNlCsl-ark't ship SHEFFIELD, Captain Slie-iy, will lodes patched at above, h,-r 'egnlar day Hie has superior accommodations for eahni, second cabin end steorage passengers, who will be taken .it low rates, il euly application be on board, foot of Hese s'reer, or r? ? W. k J. T. TAPBCOI T, ?3 Perk slip N. B ?Persons wishiug to send lor their I'rieude lending in the old country, can have litem brought out ill 'heabove nan I favorite packet, or any of the ivguiar line sailing from I nn p -,l weekI\-, hv applvma as shot e. j2r,e Mftp' PASSAGE FROM UREAT IB I TAIN AND aMVyiKELANU, vis: Liverimcl by lie- regular packet dBMMmehip*, sailing every live davs, precluding any drirn lion -shall ver, c?n always he amused at the lo*est ratis. *rd drafts can as uaittl -e furnished payable al the National and Provincial B inks of Ireland aud tiisj braielirs in all lie peine, pal tnwni; also oil Messrs J. Bait, Hon ,V Co , Hankers, Lon Con; Messrs J. Btnnd h Co., Hankers, L|i er|K>, 1?payable throughout Kuglsnd and Walea; also, al the E.stern Bank nf Scotland and branches, and the Gieeriork Banking (. o. 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All"", will nil aa abute, lira innrn?y Mating coff anperior accommodatimin fur cabin. aeconil rebin and alar rage paatangr'a, thow intending 1" embark ahonld make immeoiA'e application on hoard, fool of M-idrn /.at.*, or to JOshPlI Me VIIf HUA V , IW I me alrcct, corner of Moiath Th" (Jeorge WaaI iog'on will be auccrded by tbo hot el i.a tacker aliip Unitcl Hint a. I ap'-na H.itton, pi an I on ih- 1 tela Kcbrnai y. Knr lb'accnmmo'l ?i itn of (icraona wpbioi: to remit mon?v to their farriliea or I'I'nda. drtfia will he in ami la anil their ton*, niinr. on ' h I'rotiocial lUuk of Ir-'and end all t(a braiirh"n thrmkt'iont the k'ngd in. elao in Mmara Spoonet, Atwood 'i o., Danlera, I."niton payab'' 'a raery fawn throothont IJi"a' Britain tad w Men,hi appl nig 'i ah"ke jfTm in- OLD BLACK BALL LINK Oh PACK K. l>? hHV Par I.i?erpool?Packet of the la' trhruary-Ttir JBHNarl leniliil pa' bet ihip I V 1IIIIX ' h >| Bifnt 'W . will aan aa aboae. her rey?l?r day. She I aa elcgio' aecaroinoilai or a fo- e.?) >, .?.r,l e >l"r and aterrcga p.v ugna. Air' 'o .HillN llflUill IN. r.| tti. it)> at, n-er IV ail at. N. B ?Pamage from Liewrool an he aeeneed nr the abote abipor nnv of the line, at the low eat tan n>ddr?fU, a? oanal, .a 1 ii? ti-.. and irelend, on itppiinnti >n < ?Si?- IJM lire III.AI K |. M.I., (Ml OI.I) I ' joTlCK dnwroiii, i*A<'KKTA?Kon LivsnVooL-nc?ui?/ jwkMfci'nrkrt nl the ml i . Iirnn'y. Th?t|>l'u,'i'l, well It ovii *?tv Urt ?niliu* ? up < AMIItlllMlK,' Darrtnw, will pwntivrly nil en r , I -' Lelmury, hrf rrqnlnr d*y. It in well known to lie t?WTrllin? r util e. lh?t the (ttomm i litinm if the RlnoK Bull Line of Patfcctn, ' or c thin, vci ml enhin end .terrace I'unerccrw, . rettnnurpr.ined hy nnv i 'h i line or ern.rl in imrt. 1 hone now or hereafter re'iinm,* to the "I'l country, will ?t all tim'? tlinl ittntheir inte" t --nt ri-mfort to relect thin rnnicyenee. For inwife. nri'ly in Iro.t'd, loot of BweUattn ?l ,< r to the nuhnerihrr*, IlOt JIB, BHOTIIKH* ft 00., IS Knl'onwtrtet. I "it dm or to the Knit" i B < !i P. P.?Tli" '' tmhriilyr ?n.1* frnuiLirfrpool on the 18th M'tt' Pernonn nendinit tor rl eir filindi en i hnre them brought our in )i"r, or in ,my of the pm Wet, eoinprniln< thin n.rsii ftc M " ' Iine<|tnl;< || line, nnilmu liom that port pin.etn.iliy on the I, mid ifilti nl etch month. Por fwiutue, apply ?n eSi r. The tmckrl thip Knelnnd w ill nuecirra t! nliore packet, and ??il for Lteernool on the Itl.h Kebf??">, m I ? < ' " "J." tin, port on rhe lit of April ______ - *(* "l? T<a". kTf~ lt)fl li SVIlK-fe. i.d I n The llMVnh.p H IV NICOLA A. John It will tl the Int of f'ehin"! For freight or iw.?n<e ?ppiv to m?i li :< HiNf'hK ?,? ""I'di u. jllm .nrner Will *n" W?rer . I FOH OtMlTALOUl'f <?K, MAR1 1 JUL Trie UfWTior I e, , t, |. .o|u.'A LkX A N uRf , < n t. f iflllwec n To itii:. Bni'dinf. C (Mill ml Will

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