Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1844 Page 1
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TH Vol. X., Ho. 53?Wbole No. 3093. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pub lished every day of the year except New Year'? day and Fourth of July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or $7 38 per an num?postage* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturdaj morning?price 8} cent* per copy, or $3 13 per annumpontage* paid, cash in a trance. , . ADVERTISER* are informed that the circulation oi the Herald ii over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing fust. It A,u the lurgeet circulation of any paper in this rity or the world, and it, therefore, the beet channel for bueinet, men in the city or eeuniry. Price* moderate?caih in ad ranee. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the moat moderate priae. and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaopaisToa ok thi Hcralo Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau street*. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPOKTATION COMPANY. wxw arrinhimlnt, coMMh.iciNo oct. 16th -11*3. ? aV]1 FAKE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVEt:ENT?. Kroia the foot of CourtUudt ?treet, New York. (Every day?Suudayt excepted.) Leave* N?w York. Leaves Now:irk. At ? A.M. At 2 P.M. AtTHA.M. At IX P.M 9 do. I do. 8 do. 4 do. il do. 4 do. 9 do. # do. 5 do. 10X do. 0% do. T ON* SUNDAYS. ? ^ Leave* New1 rrk. Leave* Newart Kt 9 A.M. and 4bt V. M. At IX P. M. and 9X P- M. The can of the Morris aud Eaaea Railroad for Orange, Millville. Summit, Chatham, Madi'on, aud Morri?lown, run through from Jeraey City without change, and connect with 9 A. M. and J P. M iraina from New York. NEW YORK AND ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave* New York. Leave* Elizabeth Town At f A.M. At 9 P.M, At T A.M. JX P.M. 9 do. 9 do. TX do. 4 do. 11 do. 5 do. 8X do. 9X do. T do. 10 do. 1 P.M. The traini for Weatfleld, Plainfteld, Roundhrook, Sorner ville, See., connect with the 9 A. M., and 4X P. M. ; train* from New York daily, Sunday* ezcepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 26 cent*. Fare between do. and Sgmeryilie, 75 cent*. NEW YORK AND RAllwAl Leave* New York. _ Leave# Rahway. At A. M, At 2 P.M. At 6* A.M. At S P.M 9 do. 3 do. 7 da. 4X do. 11 do. 6 do. 9 do. 9 do. 7 do. 9X do. 12X P. M. NEW YORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. From foot of Conrtlandt ttreet, New York, daily Leave* New York. Leave* New Brnnawiok. At ? A. M. At 3 P. M. At ? A. M. At 12 M 5 do. 7X do. 8X P. M. ON SUNDAYS? _ ? Leave# New York Leave* New Brnnawick. At 9 A. M. and <X P. M. At 12 A M., and IX P M. Fare, except in the Philadelphia train*, between New York and New Brunawick. 4? ceDt'. BetweeH New York and Rahway, 26 cent* Newark, Elizabelhtowu, Rahway, and New Brunawick paaaeuger* who procure their tickeu at the ticket office, re ceive a ferry ticket gratia. Ticket* are received by the con doctor orly on the day when purchaaed The commutation fare between New York and Rahway and intermediate places, haa been reduced (including ferry) to $50 . twr year ; between New Brunawick and New York $75 per year. n!9 3in fATEKSON HAILIIOAD. From Patenon to Jeraey City. On and alter Monday. Oct. Id, in*?, me can win leave Fat anion DnroT. Lmti New You. < A. M. t A.M. IVm IF ' ? The Sunday Train* will be diieontinnnd until farther noice. Transportation ear* leave daily (Bandar* eneepted.) Puaea (ere are advised to be at the Ferry, foot of Conrtlandt street, I few minutes before the stated hoar- of deoartare Jy 19 Sm* WINTER ARKANGEMENT-FOR ALBANTM Via BRIDOEPOUT and uMMI | Hovutoeio It Wterr.RN ideltaiLDHOHpe. j-aily, Nundays^^^^^H yB, iBTy Excepted. J5HE3CE. Passengers for Albany by thie floats will take the uew and elegant steamboat EUREKA, Capt. J. L. Fitch, which learn New York from foot Liberty strict, Fiiday moraine at half past 6 o'clock, for Bridgeport, thence by th? Housatonic and Western Railroa is. without c ha nee el cars or baggage crates, t* Albany,arriving saiue evening at S o'clock, rare through Si. For passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot ofLibertystreet. G. id. PERRY, Agent. fltiir. , NEW FORK AND PHILADELPHIA RA -ROAD LINE DIRECT. eFax Nkuuju, Nnwnnuniwicn.FaitscETOB, Trustor, uouorntown Ado BvaLiriuTo*. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Learlng New York daily from the foot of Conrtlandt at. Morning Line at A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 43d F- Mi The Morning Line proceed* to Borden town, from thence by twmboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceedn direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change'of ears. Passengers will procure their ticket! at the office foot ol Court laud t street, where a commodious steamboat, will be in readiuess, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, wihont being opened by the way Each train it provided with n car in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for the ladies' nee. Returning, the I met leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad (rum Camden, at i o'olock, P. M. ThsliiiMtir Rnlriiunre leave Pliilsdelnhia at 7W A. M.. and 4 P. M. being * eontHuatiou of the linns from New York.' jf) 3m#m OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. (1 SOUTH H1REET, NEW YORK. did packet ships comprising the Old Black Ball Line of Packets ailuiK aa under From Liverpool. The ship COLUMBUS,Captain Cole, on the Itch February. The ship YOKKHHI RE. (new) Bailey, on the let March. The thip C AMBRIDUL, Capt Barstow, 16th March. The ship KNOLANIV ( apuni Bartlett, irt April. The (hip OXFORD, t aptaiu Ka.hboue, 16th Apnl. Theihip MONTEELMA,Captain L"wber, lit May. The thip &CKOI'r. Captain Father, 16th May. The ?hij> NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, lit June. In addition to theabove superior ahipi, the subscriber's agenti will hare a succession of fir,t class Ami rican ihipi deipati hed. aa cu?toinary, from Liverpool, eery foar or five days throughont the year, to the dift.-1eut porta in the United btites, b> which pa?sage can he a- cared at re-lured latea. Thnae sending for their frauds re- idi z in Great Britain and Ireland, may rely thit every care will be taken to make a< cum<orttblaaa they can reaaouably expect, and should .he paaaeng ra not come out, the passage mooey will he promptly refunded. , Drain can as usual be furnished payable at lie National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and branch's; Laatrrn Biuk of Hcotlanr" and tranches; and on Mrssrs. J. Bait, Hon Ik Co., Bankers, London; Messrs. J. Barued k Co., Bankers, Liverpool, which am payable throuihoat Knglsnd and Wales. For further particulars apply (if by letter ^ost^iud^ 61 Houthatrret, near Wa'l street. N. B. Pasiace to Liverbool and London can at all times be by th? malar packet ships, sailing lor Liverpool every five days, and to London on the 1st, 10th and SOihof each month on abdication asaoove. j!3ec |NKW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail irow Mew York on the 25th and Liverpool on the 11th 01 eacn month & Fno* Nrw Yoax. Ship S1DDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, 2Sth December Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F.Deiwyater, *th January. Ship OA MUCK, Capt. Wm. Hkiddy, 2ttli February. Ship ROBCIUS, Captain John Colliaa, 26th March. From Liverpool. Ship 8IDDON8. Captain A. B. Cobb, llth Febrturr. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyater, 11th March. Ship UARR1CK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 11th April. Ship ROHCIUS, Captain John Colhna, 11th May. These ahipa are all of the firet claaa, upwards of 10M torn, built in the city New York, with auch improvement# aa combine great apeed with nnneual aomfort for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement of their accommodation#. The price of passage heuce ie $100, lor which ample score* will be provided Tnes* ehipe are commanded by envrifnce.1 maateri, wh# will make every exertion to give general aatiefaction. . , . Neither the captain* or owners of the ahipa will be reaponeible for any letter*, parcel or packages aent by them, unlets regular bill* of lading are signed therefar. For freight or passage ami1/to ? ? fc. K. COLLINS A CO.. 5? Month at., New York, or to BP y WN. BkirLEY fc CO., Liverpool. ' Letters by the pact ->ta will be charged 12X cunts per tingle heet ; JO eenta per o snee, and newapa|?rs 1 cent each. d2 PABBAOR FROM ORKAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND HE J^C^BALL LIVERPOOL PACKE*. I Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and pfh of every month. J ranoaa wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends Ca make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and v* them come out in this eu|>erii>r Line of Pickets, Bailing irotn Liverpool puuctnally on the 7th and 10th of every month. They will also have a firet rate claas of American trading ship*, tailing every sis daye, thereby affording weekly communication from that nort. One of the firm (Mr. James D. Roche) it there, to ace twit they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. Should the partita, agreed for not come out, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without any reduction. ' B'*ck ?'Old Line of Liverpool Packeta, comprise the following magnificeut Bhlpe, vix The OXFORD >rh. NEW V0RK kJ- vhmmpV * COLUMBUrf, ' ^fuANti SOUTH AMERICA. enhlainu North a merit a f With snch superior and u?enn.Ued subscriber* confidently look forward for a continuance ol^ that ?u|>|K>rt which has been extended to them so many you* for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at .ill times obtaiu Draft# at sight Tor any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. PRESCOTf. OKOTK, AMES It CO. which will be Mid on demand at any of the' Bwi'ka "or^hiir Branches, in all the principal towns thronghont England Ireland, Scotland anil Walca. ' ROCHE. BROTHERS It CO. 35 Fnlton street New York, next door to the Fnlton Bank. ' N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets tail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and I9tli of each month. Parties rstuming to the old country will find it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line fur their ooaverance. in preference to ggy otherl idfl r i " 111 i M-^iiwaeegt E NE NEW BOSTON BUSINESS EXPRESS AN D FOREIGN LETTER OFFICE. THE subscribers hsve made arraagsmrats to r run an Express. ria Stoaiogtou, to Bortou, la. the transaction of busiuess, ana the transportation of a SE.small Package*, Bank Notes,, at o?ik HALF THE FORMKK KATES. I Oueof the fi in will receive aach order* aa may baentnuted u ohim, deli-er ihera in Boston in person, aud return the an- 1 .wer* as *onu as the boat* a-nve in New York. Koi> ran Letters forwarded by the Canard Steamers from Bos s ou Letters ran be pre-paid at this office, for an y part of Great c I nun or the Couliuent. I PARROTT h CO. M Wall street. New York. (I lm'rrc Boston. 10 Cong.ess street. i DAILY EXPRESS. \ THE subscribers run their ViPress regularly, seery day.eia Housstouic Kail road. (Sundays ei- t espied.) to and from New York, Albany ana Bnf* ^ R alo, and the intermediate places, for the transpor- i -?lanou of specie, bank notes, bundles and |>ackigss of goods, lor .collecting bills, notes, drafts and accounts, rich despatch. From this city at 6 o'clock, A. M. arriving in Albany the same evening, in advaacs of the United Stares Mail. ft Imrrc POMEROY fc CO 1 Wall street. 1 r r r DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRELAND, f ?f ?rernont about remitting money to their friends in the Old Country can he *upidied r fj?OT with drafts iu iiiim o<" ?1, ?2, ?3, ?5, ?10, ?r0,?4fl,?I00 A1000 or any einoant, payable >n demand, without dpx ouut, or any other charge, at the Naiioual Bank of Ireland Proviucial Bk do, Messrs Ji'i Bait, Sou i xCo., Bankers, Lnndou; J. Barord A Co , Kxchange and Dis mint Dank, Liverpool; Eastern Lank Ol' Scotland; (rieenoca , dankiug Company; Sir Wm. Horbes, ilauter It Co., Sco land; jj lid the br niches in every post town throughout Kuirland, re- ( and, Scotland and Wales, which dralt* will be forwarded by ither of the j>acket< of the 18th, 21st, a id 26th, or the nmner t Caledonia tailing from Botlen on the 1st ol March Apply to ? W. A J.T. TAPSCOTT. At their general pauige office. 43 Peek tltp, t felSrc corner of South atrret. ( ? a-w KOH HALIFAX AND LIVKKPODI.. . The Royal Mail Steem Ship HIBKK X?IEflf*dh*kNIA, C. H. C Jndkint, Esq., Commander, . will leave Boston for the above porta on Fri ^^ ^^ fcuday, March lot, next. Passage to Halifax to. Passage to Liverpool $120. Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr.. 19 to Jlee No. 3 wall street. FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW L1NE.-Regular 49BWPackst of 26th February.?The splendid packet ship SHKbOAKRICK, Capt B 5. H. Trask, of 1000 tons, win ail as above,her regolar day. Forfreightor passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on >oard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS A CO. Price of passage, $100. to Sooth street. The packet ship Roseins, Copt. J. Collins, of 1100 tons, sill succeed the Warrick, and sail theV-th March, bar regular day. Passengers may rely upon the shipe of this line sailing puneoally as advertised. flT ysp PACKET FOR HAVRE?(Second Line). The JA. Ship ON F.IDA, James Funck, matter, will sail on jUMllMhs 'he 1st of March. For freight or passage, apply to BOYD St H1NCKEN, No. 9 Tontine Building, ft re Comer Wall and Water streets. gdKP* FOtt MARSEILLES?Packet of 1st of March? I fMfk.Th? ship HENRY THOMPSON, Capt. Sylvester, fa For freight or passage, apply to LAWRENCE A PnELPS, r 103 Front street, or to BOYD A HINCKEN, Ageute, f 15 toMlee 9 Tontine Building, cor Wall aud Water sts. j| BOOTS AND SHOES. M LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.*^^? \ ALL WHU WEAR the abort articles,andwiah to save money, had better loseno time in calling at the fashionable Boot and ! Shoe Stores of S. R. SECOR, Nos. 160>i and 161 Urtaawich ' street, where all may suit th mselvee with an artiele that, for style or make, fashion aud finish, eannot bo surpassed or per- ' haps equalled in this city. I a. P. S. begs to apprise iu particular those ladies and gentlemen who consider a wall fitting boot or gaiter an indispensable ' article to the (out tnttmblt of all within the beau asonde, that I60>{ or (61 Greenwich street, are tha only placrt in New York ' they can d pend on being suited. N. B.?Ladies and Misses Uaitars. Shoes. Ac., alwavs on hand in endlnii variety. rf7*" Remember, 160X and 181 Greenwich street. T IS 3m*ec | LOOK AT THIS GENTLEMEN'S CORK SOLE ROOTS, the best of 1 quality $S 00 I Do Water Proof Boot* do 4 SO I Do Light French Calfskin Boot* -do*-IS to 4 00 1 Do India KuboerOver-ihees, with leater soles 164 Do Plain Rubber. SO Do Dancing Pomp* 100 ' Do Dancing Gaiters 1 25 lai ' Do Worked Stoppers 100 And (all other kinds or Roots and Shoes in fashion; Ladies' < Gaiter Boots, Buskins, Slippers, Ties, Quilted Shoes, Prunella Shoes, white and black Satin Slippers. Button Shoes, India Robber Strap-furred plain, and all oiner kinds of Over Shoes; ' Clogs, Moccasins, and the greatest assortment of Bov's Boots tad shoes; Misses' and Children's, of all kinds to lie found in ' the world, all of our own man uficture, and the best of Krencli goods, and warranted to be the best, and as cheap as the cheapest, at 287 Broad wy. corner of Kranltlin street. j26 lm'rc GREGORY Ot CAHILL, 387 Broadway. ' JOC CATHERINE BTREET-That's the place yon i can save money. Ladies who wish to be economical, can find at the above place Gaiter Boots, Shoes, Buskins and Slippers, of various colors, of elegant shapes a d 1 most beautiful kinds, at the lowest prices ever offered in this 1 city, es follows ' Ladies'Gaiter Boots, 10s to 12s Do No do 7s to It Do " Buskins, Ss to <* Do " Hlipiers, Ss to 's I Strong Lesther Boots and Shoes,.......... 5s to 7 s 1 Misses'and Children's in proportion. Also, all sorts of la- 1 dies', misses' aud children'! India Rubber Shoes and Over Shoes you can think of, cheaper than the cheapest; men's, boys' 1 and youth's Boots snd Shoes, extraordinary cheap. Now,then, 1 I aay, come and look?yon will surely try, and be satisfieu that ' ft lm*m E. DO WN8\ M Catharine street. 1 _ ECONOMY IN BOOTS AND SHOES. ~^jj| , [M Economy being the order of the day, the tab 40V I llseriber invite* the attention of the public to his i?r*e *?sortment of Bool* from $2 upward*. He will aell at the low price of $1 30 a gooo pair of aewe i Boots, made in the i latest style, and of good calfskin, warranted to wear wa.l, of i bis own make. No Vankee about them, as a single trial will convioee the purchaser. He also makes Boots of all descriptions to order, on the shortest notice?a good lit being guaranteed in all cases, or no sale, which he is enabled to do by taking a drawing of the fee', sad filling up and keeping eipressly a pair of lasts tor each customer. Constantly ou handCork sr le Boots, from $4 06 to 7 00 Double sole Boots, 4 00 lo 6 06 Dress Boots, 2 00 to 6 00 Hair Boots. 23 to 3 JO Dress Shoes, 1 60 to 2 JO Oiershoes, 73 to 2 30 Slippers, tcc fce. at eqnally low prices. JOHN L. WATKINB 114 Fulton stieet, f7 )A*ec between Nassau and Dutch streets. ANTI-HUMBUO STORE!?LIVE AND LET 40VLIVf!-At the old exclusive Boot Store, No. 144 Chatham street (where the odious practice of calling upon per10ns pasting the store is nbt tolerated), can be obtained Water "roof Boots i il\ no fartu red in this city of the best material, and warrant*d at prices ranging from three to fire d .liars, being tome two dollars lower iu price than is generally obuiued (quality t<jn?'dered ) in tliis city. n26 3w*r on 11 EM CAIUUERPIOEONB?For sale, a lot orfreshTina i orled 1'igeous cor,sitting of black, blue, dun and white "arriers; white ani pied Pouters; a great variety of Tumbln* of a 1 coins; blue U Id Heads ; brack do, silver do. bitch Beards bine do and silver do; Almond Tumblers; blsclr, blue, orllow and white do; M igpn s and TurbutU, of all the known colors Also, a quantity of the far-famed Antwerp Pigeons, so justly eel brated tor their extraordinary (tower of flying loug, and returning home from almost lucreJible dislauces. A* all and see them, at 98 Resile street, ft lm*ec H. OROOM EDD1NO AND VISITING CARDS -Engraved and Printed m the first style of the Art, at "dnced prices, at VALENTINE'S.I^e. 1 Beekmanst. Corner ol Park Row, Lovujov's Hotel. H r~ Pleas* call and evamin* specimens jin Im rrc bVli THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF THE AFFLICTED. 'THE FOLLOWING REFERENCES are dedica.ed to h their notice as they are well acquainted with the virtues of the CARVIIN ANTIA Mr. Brush, Clerk in the Recorder's Office. Mr. vlariin and Sou, Sparmak-rs. Dr. Benjamin F. Latimer, Office 211 Broadway. Mr. John Brown, 192 Chathtm street. Mr. George Mrrrit. 144 Kth street. Oliver Hull, 176 Maiden Lane, home63 Union Place. Fev. J. W Redfield, 196 llth street, A Iso, the Librarian of the Odd Fellows Library, National all. .wr. J. Coffin, comer of Anthony atreet and Broadway. Mr. A Hull. Barke.per of the Fifth Ward Hotel, i Mr. Julius C. Smith, 119 Charlton strart. I 1 Mr A Mvpra. Stuv# MsiiurarfArv II Rnmmrv Mr. P. Donaldson, Author of the Odd Fellows Offering. r or the sake of sutlering humanity we would a leise all those ?f!\ict*d with coughs, consumption If rercomplaint or dyspep* ?ia, 10 call < n the awoye uamed witnesses, upon whose s*ateinents the strictest reliance may be placed. Numerous certificates may be seen at tne ? CARMINANTIA DEPOT. f 17 lm*ec Corner ofUreenwich Lane and Hth st. MONEY TO LEND. A BRAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawnbroker, No. 51 Reade /a. street, near Broad wit'J onus money in large or small some, is may be required on w arches, Jewelry, ?il?er Ware, Dry (Joods, Wearing Apparel, and perionaJ property of ertrt de grlwlmi >as Iswhs ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS!!! 3000 COPIES FOR SJLE. WV. BROUOH, No 304 Broadway, hiu received tin. morning per Hibernia. a large anortmrot of ihi. aplendid periodical, confuting of all the Dtmbrn op to 97, vol 4, Feb. Id. W. F. Broogh, bring tole agent for tlie proprietor, in the Uni'ed State,, hrga to itnte it would be .n adrantage to retail dealer, to order them direct from him. lie can al.o aupply all order, lor back numbo'i; al?o. portfolio, and corera, gilt let terad and ornamented, for holding the Newaaingly or in parta. To be had, alan, retail of Maaon It Tuttle, No 131 ^aa.aa atreet; Oeorge DexPr, No. 321 Broadway, and W.dleigh, Broadway, corner of Grand. Wholeaale of W. K. B, J'4 Broadway, up atrira, 121 lw*m FRENCH CHESTNUTS. JUST Heceired par brig UNION, in a nhort paawge from Bordeaut, a lot of the finett Iheatnnt. been In the city for yeara, for tala at B ATF.SON'8 Fruit and Peer r Store, f II lw*ec No. I Park Row eomer of Ann atreet. DACKIlT SHIP OASTON WHOM NI'.W ORLKAN8, * ducharging at Orleani wharf, foot of Wall atreet Conaignean ov rhia ,hip will pleaaa attend to the receipt of ihdir good, immediately. fJIre PA? K KT SHIP ROCHKSPIK FOR LIVKRfOjLCabin paaaengertby thn thip will pleaae be on board, weat tide Burling Slip thia morning, at 12 o'clock precuely. Leper Baga will cloan at th nail.I plact at half pait eleven o'clock, WOOUHLLL It MINTURNS, f2lee Month atreet. DAHQUF. KAMMOHUN HOY, Colt,, Meter, from New O Orleana, ia Oiacharking at Pier No. 12 Kait Hirer, oon igteea are miaealed to attend to the receipt of their good. riiltBHK &. BROOKS, f 31 3tec No 61 Liberty .treat. UTHITK HORSK. HAIR?The Snbaciiban haring preTT Pared a largn and choice aaaortmenl of thia articla. now of' r'he aame to the crude in any atat* reanired at low price. Fata try jg, 1944. if. LANODON k CO , i M Maod-m 12 Naaaaa W Y ( YORK, THURSDAY M( AMERICAN HOTEL, PHILADELPHIA. piIlS new house ii >imated on Chestnut strsst, opposite Che I Sute Home, (Independence Square,) and in the immediate icinity of ill the fashionable places of amnieueut and resort. It hat been built in the most thorough manner, hyJtihaJ. tidgway, Esq .and contains upwards of one hundred rooms, nany of which are pirlor* with bedrooms adjoining, suitable or families, and parties of ladies and gentlemen. It will be famished throughout, (without regard to espease) rith new and elegant luruiture oftne most approved style, and ipeued for the leception of tlw travelling public,on the first day if March neat. The proprietors flatter themselves, that their long etperience n the business, will mnb.'e them to conduct the American Host, in all its departments, in such a manner as will please lbs nost (is! idiom, and guarantee to their guests every comfort .ud Insury, that can be found in any Hotel in the United llates. N. ??Bathing Rooms are attached to the Hotel, when ram and cold water baths will at all times be iu readiness. HENRY A CHARTER. ? pr?nrie?? C. JAMES MAC LELLAlf, i I Pn?o?January lith. lMf. jli Imre EXCHANGE HOTEL?BALTIMf)RE. PRVSTUS COLEMAN has this day taken HENRY F Lj JACKSON into partnership, and in future the house will >e 'oud'icted in the asms of COLEMAN 4t JACKSON. The patrousge of the travelling public, and influence ef oui riends, is respectfully solicited, Baltimore, February 1, 1844. fl lm ee HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. rIK undersigned take# occasion to inform hi? friends ui tha public, that the Mansion House is now located in In luisidor street, No. 67. iu the vicinity of th* steamboat landiu, wd vegetable market, having comtnodious family apartments irranged in the uentrst order. A person is employed to procure permits to land passengers laggage, (he. who will board vessels immediate] rafter the risi if the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this Island should procure a passport fron he Spanish Consul, altne port of embarkation, to obviate dit lenities and inconvenience. _ s21 ?mec? WILLIAM FULTON. ENGLISH ADVERTISEMENT, r ONDON-ST. KATHARINE'S HOTEL, opposite thi Li St. Katharine's Dork Oafs, uud near the Rovaf Mint. riiOMAS LENNEY, late Coiel Steward of the British Jneen Steamship, respectfully inlorms his friends in the United states, that he lias the management of the above new and eie rant establish cent, which is built und furnished regardless ol spouse, and is in every respect adapted for the reception of fa ailies and gentlemen visiting England, as the hotel fronts tha 'art of the dock In whick the Itnets anq most of the other Ame icin vessels lay, and is within hve inmates walk of the Ban I md Koyal Exchange. The house Will be conducted on libera nd economical principles. The Co*ee Room is euppliel will he London, American, Kast Indian and Colonial papers. Thi f lands, Wines, he. are ol the first quality. A good Billiarr loom and Warm Baths will fie (ound in the house Gentle nen may contract by the week or month far board, lie. on thi ame terms as in America. T LENNEY begs to assure those who may honor him will heir patronage that nothing shall be wanting to render then mmfortable, and by attention to the wishes of his guests, hope o merit that confidence and good will so liberallybestowrd 01 lim when steward of the British Queen. dltr MERCANTILE LIBRARY, CLINTON HALL. 20,000 VOLUMES: SEVENTY BRI1 1311 and AMEHICAN PERIODICALS PERSONS not engaged in mercantile pursuits m.?v becom subscribers, on pavment of fire dollar* a year?being th uime terms oa which Merchants are admitted. By ordsr. CHA8. M. WHEATLEY, (llm*m Recording Secretary. FOR LITERARY INSTITUTIONS AND PUBLIC AND PRIVATE LIBRARIES. LTOMER'B ILIAD, in Seven Languages, a highly finishc ' i edition, published at Klorence, (Italy,) GREEK TEXT :ontaining a literal Latin translation by Hayne, a Metrics Version iu the Latin language, by Cunieh, in the Italian b: Monti, iu the German by Voss, in the English by Pope, in th French by Aignan, and in the Spanish by Garcia Mafo. This work comprises tweutv-four numbers, forming tw landsome quarto volumes. Each uumbe.r contains a super1 Engraving, designed by Profrssor Nencini, from Klorence. The price of each number is $1 50?two numbers to be pub ished monthly. (T7- Subscriptions received at Mr. RICHARDS' Office, 7 Lispenard street, corner of Broadway, over the New York Ly :eum ft lm*cc THE CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN BURNS AND CLARINDA. T^HE whole of the mysterious and secret Correspondenc A which took place between the Poet Braes and the celt irated Clsrinda, Mrs. McLkhosk, in 17(7 W 13. and which ha been sought for in vain by Cunningham and others, fur th imrpese of pnblieation, has at length, by the decedse of Cn riuua, fallen into the hands of her grandson, W. C. McLehose Esq. and is now first given to the world. I'o th* curious i Burns and Platonics this work wilt be narticnlarly relished ind cannot to strongly interest readers iu grneral. It i published in this city and Edinburgh simultaneously. Th American edition is s neat 12mo. volume of about 700 Paget sloth, gilt?is issued and for eale by R. P. BIXBY St Co. No 3 Park Row, eppoeite the Astor House. Notices of tha Correspondenc# between Burns and Clarindr [rem the British Jonruus :? "The Letters to Claiidun have long been lelt by the admirei if Burns to ua an important chapter in the Poet's Biography. Atlas. "Seldom have we welcomed a work with warmer fee >h. nn. ... TV. ?,.M,.... Jmm , :he lady of Burns' devoted attachment, and the letters throv much tight on many trait* in the wildly devious character a the Bard"?Kelso Chronicle Wherevsr the name of Robert Born* i* known, thia boa! * i| in received both with avidity and aaiiety. a* being probe trly W* t*?l of wkUk will b* nivan tn Hw wnrlil and u otingiug folly to light a passage in the Poet'* Life hith nrto wrapped in a mystery, fruitful of painful suspicions. Fift Herald. A mveterion* chapter, perhap* the lait that remain* to b unfolded in the precent hiiuvy of onr great National Bard ha just been opened by a descendant el one who ha* been mad immortal by her connexion with genius.?Kilmarnock Jout noi "This volume is invested with an accumulation of attrai lions, we have not been disappointed, high a* our anticipation were. The character of Burn* is here mora fully developed t< js than formerly, and the itiunge myatery which hungaroun Lite intereoureeof Clarinda and Burns, is, we think, satisfsctc ri>y cleared up."?Scotsman. "Some of our most delightful epistolary literature has bee produced by jrneu?and to Ton-s'and (.'owner's letters may nor &e added that of Barns."?Bftghton Herald. "This iv indeed one of the curiosities of literature, sod ma well be said to snpply a new chapter in the Life of Scotland immortal font. 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Dear SirTo redeem my promise, I give you No. 1 of observations at the political capitol. in thefwayoflegis lation, not much is going on, unless in the same line i as at Washington, but on a smaller scale; there ; the manufacturing of a President, here of a Go| ternor; and the scheming, intriguing and [maneuvering are really amusing to a mere looker on, having the same feeling wtth a woman who, on see. ing her drunken husband in a desperate fight with a beur, protested against any interference, being the i first fight she ever witnessed in which she cared i not which whipped. According to the most authentic accounts, the contest in the democratic * ranks commenced in the election of Speaker, Governor Bouck and the conservative portion of the | old Regency entering Mr. Litchfield,while the rudii cals, with Mr. of your city, doing tin* principal part of the electioneering, supported the Old Admiral; but the chance of the Admii ral proved a hopeless one. I am told the office of Surrogate was a legal tender to members of the | different counties, for any particular friend, in exchange for their support of the present Speaker. The conservatives, with the Governor at their head distributing othce, supposed they had secured , a powerful ally, one they could use ; but in making the appointment of Surrogate for the county of j Albany, the old White Horse, who can well re. member family links among his own kith and kin, r when offices are to be distributed, entirely forgot ; that the really popular candidate far that office . here, Mr.Litchfield, was a son of the Speaker, and i "horrible dictu"!! appointed another. It is said ' the Congress Hall buckwheat cakes have not sat \ well on the Speaker's stomach since?that he is l obliged to confine himself to dry toast; and though * naturally most amiable and would not harm a fly, ' yet there are occasionally indications that a feeling i of injured pride and disappointed hope, are busy 1 within, which must, and will in due time burst [ forth; he has been misused by the conservatives who elected him, and wished to make a tool of * him, a thing for which he never was designed, and will not be used. But what shall I 9ay of "(lie lion" of the House i. ?the defeated candidate?"the old Adniiral"1 r Imagine an old man, sav 50 to 55, who, did lie not e appear home down by ill health, would stand about Sleet 10 or 11 inches, grey hair, long, thin and venerable, dressed in a suit of grey, careless in his 5 apparel, with a head which a phrenologist would worship, and a countenance that not only would i rivet the attention oi a physiognomist, but must I make an impression upon the casual observer.? r A man to whom, more than all others, the Empire State is indebted for her present sound financial a policy; hut this is all too well known, and 1 am reb peating " a thrice tojd tale." He it is on whom ^ the radicals are centering as their candidate for Gok veinor, and there is but one obstacle to success, 4 their man is too honest, and his heart and soul de' voted to the welfare of his State. Sherwood, of Madison, who was thought by many the most able man here last winter, is now editing the Dempcratic Reflector in Madison e county, and has hoisted the Admiral at the head as j" the candidate of the supporters of that paper, and I J have authentic infonnation of two papers, not i- many counties distant from your city, that only ' wait the time which the radicals may think judi? cious: forty other papsrs in the interior are anxious i to follow suit. What with the Presidential election, 8 and that of (iovernor, we shall see fun. By the by '' 1 am also told that a portion of the really valuable working men of the party in your city, who opposed ' the nomination of Mr. Van Buren, have been coms paring notes, and come to the conclusion, since - Mr. Calhoun's letter has been received, to give Mr. Van B. their cordial support, but they cannot, and will not, go Governor Bouck; that he is too heavy a rider for the Kinderhook noney. and with him >r to carry, the defeat of Mr. Van B. in the city is k certain, and in the State far from improbable ; that principles have been talked of, and coquetted witli ' too lontr; and if. u l?ro*ob mum come, let the blame H fall on that portion of the party who have provoked it. But of a breach there is little or no danger. The ? conservatives will recall to mind the election of J 0e Witt Clinton, and ere next fall endeavor to be % wiser if not better men. Their policy and mode of action is well known, a part of the "Regency" ? going for the "Admiral" have "hlowed" their old a associates. It appears articles are manufactured II all declaring, in effect, one thing, and tending to K one point?for instance, that Governor Bouck is n the only man who can "harmonise," (that's the ? word) the party; that his popularity is daily increasing, dec. i'hese are sent "tree of postage" to dif? ferent papers in the interior, which are in the re gency interest, and alter appearing In those papers, ~ are by "scissors," gathered tip and transferred, - in a batch, to the tcolumns of the State 8 paper, inducing its readers to suppose them genuine, spontaneous expressions of public senti , meats; the batch is then again transplanted in the a columns of each of the papers from which the in * dividual paragraphs were taken, and thus a large ? hall is mads if kept rolling. It is what a well known New York city politician has aptly termed, - "nianiifncliirin* r>nlilicnl tliiinrler*" lint I flunk if has had its day, and like the automaton cheaa player, is useless, now that the hand which moved the whole is seen. But I had not intended thus running on politics ; the atmosphere seems to have impregnated me. There are few members of the third House here from your city ; indeed, lew from any where: h though several Gothamitesare here not "unknown r to fame"?Gen. Sandford, Abijah Mann, Esq., P. fe- T. Rugeles, C. P. Daly, and E. II. White, itc.Szc10 What shall I tell you in the way of gossip 1? :k Judge Daly is popular with the ladies, ana " Ned" n- says, D. thinks seriously of |>erpetruting matrimony * before donning the ermine. Major D&vezac yet retains his sway with the fair sex. n Albany has been very gay this winter, and the ' " young folks" are looking forward to the 22d. _ when the Burgesses' Corps Ball is to " come oil'," and will be "the ball" of the season. The only amusements we have now are the Amphitheatre and Museum. At the latter there is a trump in the ? shape of " Mike Hennessy ;" there in material in >? him which wants but cultivation and opportunity b- to place him among the first of our comedians. lie is really worthy of the notice of our metropolitan n- managers. c? The weather here is to-day very mild ; the waft ter running in the streets?snow melting fast?laid dies promenading and riding ; and every thing ha_ ving the apj>earance of spring. Yours, truly, Damon. m ________ ?t Mr. Editor ? I have taken your paper at the hands of a carrier ?r leaving it at my door for three years?in fact I think it is five years?regularly, and have never re_ ceived an extra. Is it not right that I should re? ceive one when issued 1 If it would make any $ diHercnce to be a subscriber, I would most cheer?r fully, inasmuch as your news, especially foreign, is * tint nut? at least it has been of late. I have heard many complaints of the like kind, -.i i... ;n? ... ?i .~u *u.. niiu ujr init'iiiiuik ub uhu uiiicib, uir mc~ ditim of your valuable journal, it would set uh right lU on the one hand, and aid you on the other, f Answer.?No subscriber is served gratit with extras. If they want them, they must pay for them * extra.?Ed. Her. ld N. A. Tru?t Co. ' Mr. Editor I observe in your paper of this morning that Mr. J. L. Graham will in a few days m make an exhibit of his connexion with the North w American Banking and Trust Co. Will you ask r1 him to include the affairs of the Farmer's Loan ?V Trust Co., of which he was also counsel, and which has been so severely bled and sadly reduced in its connexion with the North American Trust Col An exhibit of the Farmer-.' Loan and Trust is necesu sary to its interest, and due to the character of its U Directors. Will you be so good as to give to the public the = names of the Directors who have so successfully y destroyed the North American Trust I v A Stockholder <>r thk Farmers' Loan. >r ____________ rf ? "See Here" Mr Bennett? Arc the people of ? the city and county of New York represented in Congress 1 Have we any delegation in the House i? of Representatives! If so, why do we not occa? sionally "hear from" them! We would not have o any member make long speeches "for Buncombe" l ? but an occasional resolution, report or motion, '* would serve to remind our citizens that we ought to have two wings and two democrats in the 3. House. Yours, St/iPKa. ? ? More Crime in Boston.?The Grand Jury last - evening returned sixty one additional indictments, making m in ill 117 for the present month. Fifty-five of thoM pre. " ianted lait evening wera for violation! of the licenae lawi ?Put, F'f 90. HERA 1844. Superior Court. Before Chief Juitice Jonei 1 KB. SI?Johnji. Moore Vi. Lrtuigc i. Meachaw.?About the 16th of April, IMS, the defendant, who was extensively engaged an the agent for several vessels, applied to the pluinti/f to purchase a quantity of sheathing copper The I price wan .igreed on, and the quantity determined upon, and, in making out the bill, the plaintiff enquired tor what alup the copper wan for, to which the delendant replied, the Thorn an William*. The cop|>er w a* delivered, and the note of the agent, the present delendant, taken lor it. The defendant naving lulled about the time the note came due, the plaintiff sued the owner* ol the ve**el in thi* Court, but lulled ill the ?uit, a* the delendant, who waa the principal witne**, swore distinctly that the copper wu lurnished on hi* own individual responsibility; and not in hi* capacity u* agent lor the *hip owner*. Thi* action ia now brought agaiuat the delendant for fraud, in representing or allowing the plaintiff to make the *ale ...let. an nnnmuii helinl The liiailltitt read ill evidence the testimony of the delendant, as sworn to on the previous trial. The defence contended that on the form of action the pluiutilf could not recover; that the notes of defendant could only be sued for. The Court charged the Jury that the chief question for them to decide was whether the sale by Moore, and the purchase by Meacham, was on the credit of the ship and owners, or on the personal credit ol the defendant, without reference to any third party. The defendant bad, it appeared, been accustomed to do a large business in this way, giving hisowu note tor the purchase uud dealing directly with the parties, as well the merchant as the ship owner. The highest Court had decided recently that where goods were void lor the use and pux poseol a third party, yet, although the notes of llie agt-nl or second party, may be held by the first party, still, il the agent or second party becume insolvent, the tirst party can recover the deht from the third party. If the ugent at the time of purchase was in good credit, as in the present case, it would be carryiug the law of lien very far indeed, it, alter having accepted the individual notes ol that agent, vou could tlu-n come u|K>n the third party. It would be still more so, if, as in the present case, the owuers resided in a loreign country and the ship was a loreign liottom. However, the jury had the evidence, and it was for them to say whether they believed the defendant had |ierpetrated a traud on the plainlilt'. If they were, ol opinion that there was nothing fraudulent in the transaction, then the plaintiff could not recover in this form ol action. If, on the other hand, they believed that the goods were sold upon the credit of the ship andowners, then the verdict would bo for the full amount of the bill ol purchase with interest, and also the expenses of the suit brought by the plaintiff against the owners. The junr alter a vary short absence returned a verdict for the defendant. For plaintiff, H. S. Dodge; for defence, W. B latch ford. Suydam, Heed 4' Co. vs. Houston 4" Dedtrer.?This was an action to recover back rent. The plaintiff* rented from Mr. Beam, two stores fronting on West iticet on the corner of Cedar street, at u yearly rent of $J.-ll>0 per annum. The plaintiffs occupied the store adjacent the corner, from February 1st to the 1st April, when they sub-lat the premises to the defendants at a yearly rent of $1000 per annum to be paid quarterly. During the year the street was in a very bad state, and about August the plaintiffs sought a deduction from the rent, giving as a reason that their tenants expected it, and they would have to give it, as the state of the street was very injurious to their business. Mr. Beam, tbe landlord of the prcmisei, deducted $300 from the rent of the two stores, but the plaintiffs did not allow the quota of reduction in the rent of their tenants, who claim that they have a right to such a reduction, The question for the jury to determine was, whether, from the teatimony, they believed that in cuo a reuucuon wai maac ny me principal iiuiuimu, iuc plaintiff* were to give the defendants the benefit of inch reduction. Ifthsy believed such wai the understanding between the partlee, then a verdict for the quota would bi in favor of the defendants. The jury will return a lealed verdict in the morning. For plaintiff'*, Messrs. Sherwood and Benton ; for de fendant, Meaira. Lawton and Henry. Before J udge Oakley. Weoniidav, Feb. 31.?Nathaniel Pierce vs. Bilbtrt *1. Wilkint, George B. Rollins and James B. Glen/worth.? Thii was an action to recover the face of a draft of $433 given by the plaintiff to the defendant Olentworth, whc was in partnership with the other defendants, as auc tioneers. The plaintiff claims that the draft was given tc sustain the firm, while the defendants deny this, and say that it was given for the individual benefit of Glentwortu The case is not yet decided. For plaintiff, Messrs. Kdmonds and Buckham. For de fendants, Messrs. Dunscomh and Crist. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. Feb. 31.?Houghton .{ Day vs. David Gardner.?Thi was an action for goods sold and delivered, and for mone; lent. The amount claimed was $147 00. The d'ifenc set up to the action is, that the plaintiffs had made an ai signment of their goods and debts to the father of th plaintiff, Houghton, for the benefit of their creditors . an that after the assignment, the defendant having a cluin under the said assignment, received from the assignee hi individual note for $036, in November, 1340, in full for al demands ; that note was protested for non-payment a maturity. It was put in suit, and the assignee again de dared that every cent due should be paid lie sd? confessed judgment, and which judgment was satisfied unotherfnote given by the assignee, and endorsed by Fills I'otter, and this note was retained in lull During all this no offset such as that now claimed was set up, and the dc fence seek to shelter themselves under this plea. Th jury found a verdict for the plaintiff for $188 79 cent damages and 0 cents costs. For plaintiffs, Mr. Sayres ; for defendant, Messn Shannon k. Farley. V. H. District Court; Before Commissioner Rapelje. Feb. 31.?The complaint against -Captain Andrews c the ship Henry Kneelanil, for causing the death of llenr; I Iroon i? umman hit rrtiul onrl itnttaiia] iiiinishmanl uihi) the (aid Green was ill with the imall |>ox, wai dismissed there not I wing evidence to ihow any thing like the cot: duct imputed to Captain Andrew*. Also the boy Carperi ter was discharged from custody. He was arrested on chaige of stealing a watch from ft Chinese, on lioard tin St. Petersburg. Common PleM. Before Judge I'lshoelter. Wsnvr.susv, Feb. 31.?Hrrmon Bullhauttr vi. Ilenn Von Staden and Henry Fraui.?This was au action foi goods sold and delivered. The parties an- all Germans and keen groceries. The plointiH sold the defendant sc veral bills of sugar, amounting to over $100. The defenc set up was, that the defendants were not in partnership a the time of the sale. The verdict was in favor of the d< fendant*. General Seaalona. | Before Recorder Tallmadgn, and Aldermen Briggs an Waterman. Jonas B., F.sq. Acting District Attorney. Fm 31.?Jl$$aull and Battery ? Patrick Douglass wt j tried for assault and battery on Joseph Herman, a Jew He was callod upon tlie stand, and after occupying th ' time of the court lor nearlv half an hour, concluded b saying that he went into the grocery store of Douglass t' purchase some little necessaries, and ottered half a dolla inpayment. Douglass said the money was not good, an finally took hold of him, shook mul kicked him out of th store. The defence proved that the half dollar was bw and no more force wai used than luiticient to remov Herman from the premises. The jury returned a verdit of not guiltr. Caie of John Jonri.?'The trial of John Jones, buttn i maker, ot 36 Piatt street, indicted on a charge of procu ing atiortion from Catherine I'ostello, a very pretty gir i who was formerly in his employ, was set down for Thur ! day, (this day) tha complainant being called and not ai swering. She came into court before the hour of adjoun merit and stated that threat* had been made if she appea ed against JoDes, that she would be sent to State prisoi and also that inducements had been held out to her toia-i made her to go away and not appear against him. Thi the threats had alarmed her, and she therefore did not ai pear in thi' morning at tin* hour she was subpoenaed. Th Acting District Attorney placed her in the hands of an o fleer of the court, so a* to secure her presence this morr ing, when the case will ho tried. It will be one of th must interesting cases ever tried in the Court of Sessions. Chart'of fiiot.?Thirteen hoys, named Aaron llowei William Nlurdock, Isaac Jarvis, William Doyle, k'.dwsr Lantry, James Cohen, George Sembler, John, Get Seaman, Kdward I sher alias Jones, William Self, Isaa Primrose and William Gallagher, were tried for a rio committed at a porterhouse kept by Law in Grand street near SheriA', on New Veer's morning. The jury wen unable to agree and were theralbre'discharged The Act ing District Attorney then entered a nollr proirynf in tin cases of Howes and Murdock, and they wern discharged. t'orfnlrd Hail (J. (i. Hhufeldt. indicted for obtainin| 100 from Bartholomew Hart, by false pretences, not ar swering, his recognizance signed by Kliphnlet Spencer li the sum of $500, was declared forfeited and ordered to b prosecuted. The Court then adjourned till this morning at elev? o'clock. Conrt Calender. Scrsaioa.? Not. 33 31, 6.7, 43, 48, 49, A|, 69, 63, 61 66, 67, (ai, Ml, 1(0, Hi, 90, 76, 18, 71, 30, HS, 43, fli, % 36, 36, 37, 30, .71, .76, 37, .78. CiacuiT.?Nos. 10.7, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 113, Hi 114, 116, 116. Commo* Pi.asS.? Nos. 87, 16, 16, 18^21. 71, 34, 6, 7, I Fkom Nova Scotia.?By the Hibemia we hav Halifax paprrH to the 17th. They are filled wit Erovinrisl politics, consequent upon the meeting of tl. egislatuie. in which Lord Kulkland ap|?ars to have In a t>are majority. The following is from our corresponder at Halifax: ? Our Kxecutive Government is in a very difficult i>os tion. Since the opening of the Legislature on the at lost., scarcely any business (indeed none of s public ns ture) has been carried through the Assembly, the tini having lieen consumed in a battle between the < onservs tives and Reformers at>out tho answer to the Governor' speech. We have had a very severe winter, hut the weather i broken, and to day is quite genial Yesterday was rainy and a southerly wind drove a great quantity of floating le into the harbor, which has fortunately kept open tlnsngl the season, the high winds preventing its freezing over. The Cape Breton paper has suspended publication fo awhile, because the proprietors have run out of pa|>er.Bat ton jhsOy Jidv. I Forkigin Mails ?Nearly thirty thousand letter and ninety bushels of newspapers were despatched to th South by yesterday afternoon's mail from this city?to as nothing of the Boston letters and papers received hy th Hibernia and the mails, and distributed In this cit j - Br Ian Ceurfsi, Fth- #V. - ?I 9 LD. Wm Two c*na. * A Painful Rumor.?The following paragraph, Ironri a Cheraw, S C. paper, notices a rumor of a chocking character, in relation to Gov. Hammond " There ii in circulation a rumor, w hich w e firmly believe to be a (lander, so far affecting the per?oiiat character ol our present Governor, as, it true, to render the resignation oi hia ollice truly desirable. We feel it our duty to say, and we could easily advance arguments which would go far to prove, that the reports in circulation have no foundation in fact. We do not allude to any paruniary transactions, but to one affecting the moral character and rectitude of the parties implicated. We respectfully call upon our contemporaries in Columbia to dissipate the dark insinuations winch are so industriously promulgated." Father Matuew's Visit to America.?We learn that a correspondence ha? recently taken place between father Malhew anJ Urinnell, Minturn k Go. of this city, owners ot a Loudon as well as a Liverpool line of packet ships, in relatiou to his contemplated visit to this city. They olfered him a tiee passage in any one of their ships to America, which lie has accepted, and has signified his intontiou to make the voyage in June. \ This is gratifying intelligence The visit of this eminently good man will have the most salutary influence.? He scatters blessings around him wherever he goes. His ' preaencr opcnsiuH j muiiii okuiuhi iui?-nt|>crunce. nil i visit will be hailed with joy anil i eriicmhered with grati tude. I On our return from Europe we muutiom-d Father Ma thew's contemplated viiitto America, to Messrs OrinneU, t Minium 4i Co, who imme<laitely wrote to their ngt nts it I Liverpool, tendering him a free passngo in either of their packet ships. lie r? to seems, in Junu. The noble shin Aihhurton, < uplain Huttleitou, will therefore have the nonor of bringing this greut Temjierance He ormer to our shorea.? Mb. Kv- Journal. Freight Steamers.?Ruins K. Page, Esq., of Hallowell, :iml his associates in the steamboat husineu, are building two freight boats, entirely new, expreiily for the business? one in New York and one in bath?to he placed on (he Kennebec route oa aoon as the river ia clear of ice. The boats are constructed fur the purpose of carrying heavy freights, using Ericsson's propellers. So wo learn from the Hallowcll Cultivator. Theatres.?Mr. Macready plays Macbeth at the ' st. Charles, and Mr. Vandenhotf plays llamlct, at the American.?S. O. paper. SANUS'S SARSA PAR ILEA FOR THF, REMOVAL ANI) PERMANENT CURE OF ALL DISEASES ARISINd FROM AN IMPURE STATE OK THE BLOOD, , OR HABIT OK THE SYSTEM ; NAMELY: SCROFULA, or sifto'l EVIL, RHF.l'MAT ism, obstIR ATE CUT a" waoui'FTio.vs.'piMri.Ls, os rt'STULSs on i he face, BLOTCHEA, BILES, chronic SOBr. eves, RINO wohm oh TETTER, SCALD HEAD, EKLAIUEMEKT of TIIL bonI.SfASD joints, stubhorn ULCERS, SYPHILITIC STMPTOMS,SCIATICA OR LUMbago, and disease* arising from an injudicious use of Mercury, Ateitict, or Dropsy .tspOAure or imprudence, in life. Also,Chronic CouslituI, Cional Disorders will be removed by this preparation. ' The attention of the reader is respectfully called to the fol1 lowing certificates. However great achievements have hereto; fore been made by the use of this invalual le medicine, yet daily i experience shows results still more remarsable. The proprietors h-re sell themselves of the opportunity of saving it is a source of constant satisfaction that they are made the inrani of relieving each an amount of suffrring. Euzahkthtowiv, Dec. 2, 1143. Mmsr*. Hands?Oentt:?It ia with heanfalt gratitude for your kindneaa to me that I make a public sckoowltdgr inert ol the benefit I have received from your Hartrpnrilla. I liava been for many yeara afflicted with a cancer in the breaat,, and fur four " yeara it waa, aa 1 thought, incurable; it a oread very (art. ao that it had nearly covered trie whole breaat, and for man v wecka I > waa an reduced with the Iota of blood and the paiu of the wound that I waa unable to turn myself in bed, and my in IT rings rfur, ing >l>e whole winter were more than I can tell. With the advice of my friends I called two of the most emineut physician* of the place who recommended your preparation of narsaparil* la. knowing of nolhinit that would be as likely to help me; which advice I readily received, and before I had taken one bot * tie 1 found a Change in my frelinga which induced toe to take more, and when 1 had taken the third bottle I wae like another person both in lira th and strength. I Have taken your preparation since last March, and although the woun^ is not entirely healed it is in a very favorable state, aud I believe it will be the means, uilin itely . of my entire cure; and that the afflicted * may all find the reliel which it alone can give is tl e wish cf y then aud your friend. KIINICK WOOUKUff. ' I sm the niece of Eunice Woodruff, have been brought up by her, and know what she states to be true, lor 1 have bad all the r care of her through her sickness. d theresa denton. I em well acq u mi ted with Mise Woodruff, and knew her i situation/revioua to the use of Bands' Harsapnulli, and have . witnessed the surprising eff-ct proeucrd hy it, and can therefore 1 eudorse fully the above statemrLt. MOSES M. CRANE. , Daltimoui, Feb. 4th, 1141. ? A. B. 8a*t>4 kCo -Gentlemen:?I have used vonr Extract { of Haruparilla since its introduction into tins city. It lives ' me pleasure to slate I have found it to answei mymost sanguine s rzpvctations I believe it to be the beat preparation af that Valii untile article now iu use. e With much respect, yours JOHN WH1TBRIDGE,M.D? 46 (Jay stieet. Prepared aud sold, wholesale and retail, end for exportation, by A. B. Hands It Co., druggists and chemi U, Orauite buildings, No. 271 Broadway, corner of Chambers at. New Vork. Sold also by A. B. fc D. Hands, druggists. No 71 Kullon st; ,f David Hands k Co., No 77 KattjBrosdway. cor. of Market st; and by druggists generally throughout the United Suites. " Price tl per bottle?in bottles for g\ fit Ire*ee German female. monthly"pills-t^is me.itcioe is the result of the great professional skill and rajierience of the celebrated Dr. Vandeuhurgb, a German Pliisirian, and they are guaranteed to cure in all ca.e* where ths operation* of natnre are imiwdrd, or languidly iwrformed. Hold hy Mrs. UIRU, Kemale Physician, 18 Oliver strerr, near Chattiam square, where shecau becouaultnd with the strictest coutideuc* in all c.ise* of female irregularity, suppre.?,ou ol st ijqnge, etc. Advice gratis to all those who use thir pill*. Price f J per box j26 3m*cc , bau)nf:?s and~loss of hair r rs CAUHKD by want of a healthy action of the vessels which a throw off (wrspiration from the liead when lire vessels are ' weak or diseased, the perspiration is thick and clammy, and adlore* to the mouths of the pores, aud <-|ogs them up. and dries B and forms scurf or CsudrulT Lest hlood it then carried to the I roots of th? Imir, auu lor want of winch the lour lias not iiil fiicnt nourishment. and cont?|oenlIy becomes harali and dry, rnd begins insensibly to fail, wliirli, continuing to increase, nlnally produces baldueas. Keatora ihr capillary Teasels ol the head to their former healthy circulation. and a fine, silky Iirw hair will make Ha appearance, which will increase in i|iian<1 tit y and rolurne until ihj I .hi r bernWs thick au<l healthy. JAV'NK'S If A IK TONIC ia tlie only preparation that liaa ever barn known lo produce new hair on bald heada, which it hat done in iiiu'iimralde jnatanrea, and will aeldom fail it pro1 |ierly a'd |*ra veringly uted. Mold hv A. P ItD. MAN UH, (I rug tun, 7# and HO kul tin < ?traet, 273 Broadway, corner of Chamber alreat, granite hmld y nig. and 77 Kast Broadway. I'rice, SI. fll lm*ac ?r FRENCH CHINA. Vo 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Slaira. ., A DALK8MK, Importer and Agent for Maonfactnrera, haa . a always on hand a large assortment tor dinner and tea sets ' a plain white and gilt French Porcelain, at well aa dinner ana teaaert plates.ol all eizet, assorted dishes, soap tureens, entered :t lishes, salad bowls, Irmt baskeu, custards and stsods. Also, Ten and Chocolate Win, (Jrrek, Rrrnck sad Ameri" *All tH* article* ars warranted of ths bent gnalitr, and to be I Id oa liberal terra, aad ia ln?a W anil if ?rn?ee ,! iT/AtIThICH AND JICWKLHY.?'l'he largest and tnost , * ? splendid essortmeat ol Watchea m the city, is to te round st the subscriber's.?As he is constantly recetring all ' leacriptions of liold and Bilyer Watrhta, of the newest r- itylea, from ths roanufae.tnrers, in f.ngland, kranee, aad l, Switzerland, lie in enahlerl to offer a larger assortment, and r. u much lets pncrw, at retail, than any other house in the city. ,< 'fold watches as low as $>0 to each. Watches and jewelry nehansed or bought All walchea warranud to lump y good time, or the money returned. e Watches and jewelry repaired ia the beat amaaer, by the f- best workmen, and mnch lower than at any other place l- (fold and Sil?er Pencils, Hold Chains, Keys aad Hterling P Silyrr 8|>ooas, for sale very low. U. C. ALLKN, importer of watches aad jewellery |r in ?re Wholesale sod retail. te W tlletreet. ni itsir, j DOCTOR MORRISON i ptOCTOK MOKHIBON eonlinoei to be consolted conflr IJ dentiaily in all prirate diseases, which he rores without . mercury, or rentraiat m diet or pursuits. L?r. M's improved method of carina Htrictures of the Urethra by absorption, is highly succeeelul. The train of evils reeslling from a secret I! lealrorure habit in yonth, inducing aoctnrnal emission!. iiriTimi UTDiiiiy tua lumnir unpiiracj^ir inuir.aiii i.......... a liy Dr. M. on pathological pr.nciplea, hy rntniiai the avatem to a healthy tone, una rrmihtinr iu original rigor. A perfect . cure guaranteed or no charge With wne etcrption. Dr. M. ia ? 'he onl? qualified adeertiaing aurgaon in the city. Nee hut diploma. in hia oAee, Hi 7% Pulton at reel, near Greenwich. 1 JIT Im'ta * LEECHES! n LEECHES !! LEECHES!!! OK nnniHWKKDIHH ""d "'"n*" Leeehea, jnat received CJjY/UvJ per ahip Howard. Ir.nn Hamburgh. Alao jnat received from Maraeillea.aamall lot ?raJraa Leechea ?foraale at the lowaat market price*. by V, O. A. It H. WITTE. I, f 20 lm*ra Importer* of Leech*a, 041 Pearl HIDES, FAT AND CALF SKINS. I| ?7*HK HIGHEST I KK EH given for llidea. Fat and Calf 1 (kin*. Caah cnrrent money, oa dtlirery, at the Hid* and H. F?t Home of the ?nbacnl>er, whrre contracte will be made for Calfakina by tlw *e**nn,ot th* biglmnl pjjw^ve* h^the pound r f 15 2m* re 22i F.litaheth at. between Prince and Houatop. h WILLIAM VVNIT, DRAPER AND tailor, [I Of) FULTON STREET, NEW YORK I it now prepared to fnrniah all who n-ay faeor Inn, with their ordera. For the chaapne** and durability of hia work, and [ airing Ihirty |wr cent, he offcra for their Conalderation the fi,|. " lowinc Hat of pncea:Hnperior Uteaa Coata, from ... ... $|0 to I* a I aaaimera Panta 4 to S r b anc* Veau 2 to 1.7J , Hack Coata 2,10 to .1,(0 Peraona formatting their own material*?makiog and trimming in the nenteit manner at the following price* : ? ' Coat* from $* to I , I'anU aud Veata 1 to 1.71 p Naval and Military Uniform* made in th* beat atvl* I N. H Clothing mad* f * the aoaihrrn and wea ero market* with n -at net a and dea patch r A ahare of the public patroiir*-ia inlicitrd. f,n lm,rc NEW YOKK BUSINESS DIRECTORY, FOR 1*44 .isn AS, . [8 THIS DAY PUBLISHED ^ TT Jf n Naaaan atreet. ' Paid Dt-ectory la a Clamiheation of the Profeaaiona and * Trade* punnad below Teentv-Fourth rent; contain* (0,2(1 ? name*, which are ar'a??ed nn.'ar 1,101 different head* tfy-Pri"? 1 aa ShtlTiaf* nnlr f 20 4tta*r*

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