Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 12, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 12, 1844 Page 1
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rp TT JL SI Vol. X* Wo. T 4?Whole Wo. 3844 To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pub luhud every day of the year except New Year'a dey and Fourth of July. Price -J cent* per copy?or $7 J<1 per annum?portage* paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6^ cent* per copy, or $3 19 per annum ? pontage* paid, cash i*i ahrance. ,, ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation oi the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing la?t. It hoe the larfeet circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and ii, therefore, the belt channel for business men in the city or country. Price* moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kiral* executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraicToa or the Herald Establishment, | Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. BOSTON BUSINESS EXPRESS AND FOREIGN LETTER OFFICE. THE subscribers hire mad* smiiieounU lo run an Espies, vis Stouiotton, to Bostou, lot the transection ol business, ana the transportation of Packages, Bank Notes, Orders,Sic., at one half the run ml* mates On* of the In will receive such orders as may be entrusted to him, delLer rhem in Boston in person, and return ths antwars as soon u the boats a'rive in New York. Foreign Letters 'orwarded by the Cnuard Htearaers from Bos ton Letters can be pre-paid at this olBca, for any part of Grant Britain or the Continent. PAUROi'T k CO. M Wall street, New York. 0 lm*rre Boston, 10 Cong,ess street DAILY EXPRESS. THE subscribers run their Express regularly, . every day via Roiisatunic Railroad. (Sunuays esceptsd.) lo and from New York, Albany and Bufat>> and the intermediate places, for the trsus|>or? h?tathin of specie, nank notes, bundles and parkutea of goods, fcr collecting bills, notes, drafts and accounts, with despatch. Froin this city ig ( o'clock, A. M. arriving in Albany the same evening, in advance of the United Htatea Mail. fi Imrrc rO.MEKOY ACQ 2 Wall street. On and alter Tnesdiy, Febroary 27th, the Boata will leave as follow*, until furtl er notice :? Leave Stolen Island. Leave New York. al o,^ a. m. al ? a. wl. 10 is " 2 P. M. 3M P. M. 5 11 5M " N. B. Oa Sunday the boat will leave at 11 instead of 13. feOOrc "u!. WINTER ARRANGE(viKNT-FUIl ALBANY. Via BR1DOEPORT and iWH A HottSATOItlC & WESTERN ^U JMdi^3oHaiLDaoKos, Laity, Sundaye^^^H^ffi a rKwKdE. Excepted. J9BISL Passengers Tor Albany by this Route will take the new and Want steamboat EUREKA. Capt. J. Brooks, which leaves Now York from foot Liberty street, Tuesday morning at halfpast (I o'clock, for Bridgeport, thence by tli" Hoosatome nud Western llaiiroals, wighont chance ot cars or baggage crates, W Albany, arriving same oveniug at o'clock. Fan through Forpassage ox Freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot f Liberty street. U. M. PERRY, Agent. f88ec paterson railroad gftfiffi cgm From Peterson to Jersey City. On and after Monday, Oct. 2d, 1043, the cars will leave PaTCHson DcreT. Leave New Yoag. H A. M. A.M. 'ivm. "v The Sunday Trains will be discontinued until further noice. Transportation cars leave daily (Sundays escepted.) Pass est sera are advised to be at the Ferry, foot of Courtlandt street, n tew minutes before the stated hoars of departure. Jy 19 6m* JNEIV YOR/TfHARLEM'RAIL ROAD CO. spring arrangements. -fijmlmt ahh . !h*ww<p In order to accommodate the public generally, and the ?esidents ofVorkville, H> rlcm ana Westchester County particularly, the Comi any will run their Cars, on and after March 1st, 1644, in the following order :? Leave City Hall for Leave Harlem for Leave Williamsbridge IlnrlamktW'bridge. City Hall. for City Hall. 6 to A. M. 7 40 A. M. 7 20 A. M. 7 00 0 40 8 20 9 00 10 60 10 30 11 30 1 20 P. M. 1 00 P. M. 2 00 P. M. 3 40 3 20 3 CO 4 40 4 20 4 00 3 40 5 20 5 30 7 20 7 00 On Sunday, if the weather is line.the train cars will run every hour. The C<tv Hall and 27th street lioe will ran as follows:?From 7 A. M every ten minutes throughout the day nntil 7 30 P. M. f The Extra Night Lira will run as follows :? j wji i vii aivil klirtl , o. k J9, 'J,9 JU, ill, iO TJ| 11,11 90 mill 13. Leave 97ill ktrcet for City Hell, 7 30, 8,1 30,0,9 30.10, 10 30, 11 arid 11 30 rrrcune wishing to commute, will find it their intern! to do so, u the fere in inch caira will be reduced Pleaae apply at their office, No. 4 Tryoo Knw, comer of Oarr* atreet oppoaite tlie Perk. WM. 8. CARMAN, f 27 3w ?rc Secretary. i NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS- i PORTATION COMPANY. JfEW Aft RANGKMKNT, COMMENCING OCT. 16TH ,1M3. JteSjdBl QjEtiflB vStf A.NiJ^WA^^" FAKE REDUCED TO TWENTY-KIVE CENTS. From the foot of Conrtlandt atreet. New York. , (Every day?Sunday a excepted.) Leaves New York. Leevea Newark. i A/JO A.M. At 3 P.M. At7X A.M. At IX P. M. < 8 do. 3 do. I do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do. 9 do. 6 do. 3 do. IO* do. 9* do. 7 do. . ON SUNDAYS. K3J Leaves New' jrk. Leaves Newark. } *l?A. M.andlVaP. M. At IK P. M. and ?X P. M. J The caraof the Murria and Eeaex Railroad for Orange, Mill- 1 rille. Summit, Cliatham, Madi'on, and Morriatown, run through from Jersey City without change, and connect with 9 A. M. and 3 P. M trains from New York. NBW YORK AND ELIZABETH TOWN. '' Leevea New York. Leevea Elixabeth Town y At A. M. At 2 P. M, At 7 A. M. 3K P. M. 1 9 do. 3 do. 7K do. 5 do. 11 do. S do. SK do. 9X do. 7 do. 10 do. I 1 P.M. * The traina for Weatfteld, Plainfteld, Iloundbrook, Somer * villa, kc., connect with the A. M., and 4K P- M. ; trains " from New York daily, Snndaya excepted. ? Fare between New York and K.lieabeth Town 2*> cents. 7 Fare between do. and Somerrillt, 75 cents. NEW YORK AND llAHWAI Letrf* New York. Lmtm Rthwif. \ At i A M A. ? p M AO A *? " ,V .? ? ? ...... J.*. >i AS 3 r. m. *> da 3 da. 7 d?. ?4f do. 81 VI do 5 do. t do. I do. *' 7 do. 9K do. < 12* P. M. NEW rOHK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. From foot of Courtlsudt street, Now York, daily I.Min New York. Lenvoi New Brunswick. At A. M. At 3 P. M. At A. M. At U M. " i do. 7? do. P. M. ? ON SUNDAYS? }' L'trn Niw York Ueirei New Brnnswjck. L At ? A. M. and 4* P. M. At 12 A M., and P. M. bare, except in the Philadelphia trains, between New York * and New Brunswiek. 10 ceuti. Between New York and Kahway, 2i centa ? Newark, Klizahetlttown, Railway, and New Brunswick 1 passengers who procnre their tickets at the ticket office, re ceive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con ductcr ot'ly on the day when purchased J The t-immntotioiLlare between New York and Kahway and "J uitennediate places^iaa been reduced (including ferry) to $10 rar year ; between rfew Brunswick aud New York 175 per year. nit 3m JtlCW kORX AND PHILADELPHIA KA .AUAUupE at DIRECT, m Sfoa Nivrs**, Newbkunswicr, PaiifCBTon, Taiirroii, Oorokntowi* Asia Burliisotois. CdSflRi-Hibc THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. J. saving New York daily from the foot of Coartlandt at. doming Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4jd P.M. ,.J The Mornini Lice proceeds to Borden town, from thence by '' Iteamboat to Philadelphia. . The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camdea (opposite to 1 Philadelphia) without change of cars. ,, Passengers wll procnre their tickets at the office ftiot of . Courtlartt street, where a eomoiodions steamboat, will be in . readiness, with baittage crates on board. ju, Philadelphia baggage crn"n nrj cnvoyed from eitjr to city, , . wihot't being otvn'd by the rray Each train it provided with s ear in which anapOTtMrmi and dressing rooms es;T*galy for . the ladi"*' nee. 1 Re turning, the lines l***e fhiladelphia from the foot of Wsl- 3 at street, by steamboat ro Borilrtiiowa St 7 o clock, A. M. " led he milre./l Irni. I... t -'..i--i- t> ** t. The lines for Baltimore i-V' Kiii?'iielphin atV>< A. M., 'Jid ,, ' 4 J*. M. being continuation of th* line* froui New York |nj jdJm*m ? "-HRANOKIVIKNTH KOR IM4 J OLD ^STARLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, S| Pine street, corner of Sooth. w-_ to ?wJiL j Mid the public in piitiI, to the fidlowitig arrangements lor ? ll?l, for the pnr|>oar of bringing oat cabin, 2d cabin, and steer- ?| age lausengers, by the Regular Liue of Liverpool Packets, anil ||n ing the tat,6th, llth, 16th 21sland J6th of every month liy ?,g lot-London Parkels, to sail rtm New Vork, the lat, 10th and p>rl gflth??nd from London on theTth, 17th and 27th of each month. In connection with th* abova and for the purpose of afford- p ing "till greater facilitiea to passengers. the aubicriberhaaea- |rgi tabliahed a regular line of Am claaa New York built, coppered s and copper taateuod ihipi, to tail punctually every week rrrl throughout the year. yl For the accommodation of persona wishing to rcmitmoney to ?ru their I unilies or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on *J the following Banks, yi* j?, Provincial Bank of Ireland, parable at ? tiprk, Limerick, Clenmel, Londonderry, * Hligo, Weiforo, Belfast, Waterford, OalwaT, AHUukh, Athlone, Colerain. mm Ballina, Tralee, Youghal, Knniskilleu, whi Monnghan, Bin bridge, Ballymena, Parsonstown, ban Down Patrick, ?,avan, Lurgan, Oinagh, , e?i Dungannan, Bandon, r.nnis, Ballyahanno ihe Strabane. Bkibeieen, Mal ow, Moneymore, |,y I Oootchill. RUnuh. Dublin. iJrt Scotland?The City Bunk of OlMfow. onaioini?Jieaara. opooner, Atwood K Co. Bankera, London; ?" K Morplvf. Waterloo Koad, Liverpool; parable in eyery town A "Vor further information (if by letter. r>oat paid.) apply to ? JOSEPH MeMURRAY, loo Pinralrnat, ?Tb? corner of South.N. Y. t.n 11 Or Meaara. P. W. BYRNES ft CO, 36 Waterloo Road. Ijh j9?m*re Ltrarpool. ?U| LA?D-I? bbl. No. 1 Lard, '^tf^L^Viii CO^ m(M H South ilraat. m E NE NE NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKET P. To uit irom New Fork oa tli? Ifith imd Lirerpool on ih? Ulh ill ?*t:N mouth. m JK 3B. j?k. I1 hom Nrw Ship KOBCIU8, Captain John Colliua, Nth Marrh. dhip S1DDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, 26th April. ' *hip 8HKRIDAN, Captnin E. A. IVpeystrr, '-ifiih Muy. iiiip (JA11K1CK, Capt. B. I. li. i'raaV, 2bUi Jane. Khom Livkkmoi.. 4hip SHERIDAN, Captain A Depeyster, 11th March. Ihip (HAMHICK, Captain B. I. H. Traak. 11th April. 4hip K.OBCIU8, Captain John Colliua, llth May. Ship SIDDON8, Captam E. B. Cobb, 11th June. These ships art all of the first elaia, upwards of 1000 tona, built iu tue city (Of New Yotk, with such impiovemeuta aa '.outbiue great aieeil with unuaual aoinfort for passengers. Every care his been taltcu iu the arraugtnneut of their aceomuod.uions. The prioe. of passage heuce n 8100, lor which iinple alorea will be proriilu* Tneee ship* are commanded by eeperieucod masters, who will make every raartion to give general aatiafaction. ... Neither the caplaiui or owners of the ships will lie responsible for any letters, parcels or packages tent by thein, unlris rc<ula' ladlug are aigued therefor Vol Height or passage app'y to ,t. K. COLLIN8 at CO.,16 South at.. New York, or to B>' .< WN. SHIPLEY It 1;0? Liverpool. Letters by the pad ,'ts will be charged 12>8 cents per single sheet ; 50 cents per a nice, and uewspaiwrt 1 cent each. ml rre THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m M m To sail from Nrw York 21st, and from Liverpool (th of each month. Prom New York. V r )o/. New Ship LI VERPOOL, 1140 ton., j \\ ? J. r.ldndge t. ? 0(., s N.ahip QUEEN OK TUE WEST.H?'1/ " * 1350 tons P. Woodnonae. IM.yfl Julys New ship ROCHESTER,? tons. || April 6 John Britton SOct'r 21 Dvc\ ? Ship IIOTTINOUKR. 1050 tons.|^ych*{ May 6 Ira Burstly. $Nov'r21 JaiiyS These substantial, fast sailing, first claas ships, all built in the city of New York, are commanded by men ol eaperience and ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the 31st ol each mouth. iiTheir cabins are elegant and commodious, and ara furnished with whatever can conduce to lite ease and comfort of posseugers. p,i? ?r ?.?? Neither the captains or owners of then shir* will be responsible lor any parcels or packages seut by them, uuless regulir hills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply lo WOODHULLk MINTUHNB, 87 South street, New York, or to F1ELDEN, BROTHERS 81 CO.. | jl< ee Liverpool MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. ^ ^ m. m. The undermentioned ships will be regularly dispatched from hence en the 1st, and from Marseilles ou the ith of each month during the year as follows From New York. Marseilles* i MINERVA, Capt. Brown, Dec. 1 Feb. 5 1 TKESCOTT, Capt. Myrick, Jan. 1 March i ' H'RY THOMPSON,Capt.Sylvester, Feb. I. April 5 ' HKLLKSTONT, Capt. Adams, March I. May 5 ' COKIOLANUS, Capt. Haile, April 1. June & < They are all oopi>ered and copper fastened, and have excellent 1 accommodations lor passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $100, exclusive of wines 1 and liquors. tioous addreased to the agents, BOYD It HINCKEN. will be forwarued free of other charges ttiau those actually paid. For freignt or passage apply to LAWRENCE Ik PHELPS. 103 Front street or to BOYD k HINCKEN. Agents, mJSr No 9: Tontine Buildings. FOR LOIS DON?Regular packet of the 10:h of ? wJWfy March ? I'he splendid packet snip QUEBEC, Capt , jBaUICnliebard. will sail as above, her regular day. < The accommodations for cabin, sec ind cabiu and steerage < passengers, are unsurpassed by any vessel iu port Parsons I wishiog to emberk should mike rarlv application on hoard, * foot of Muilen lane, or lo JOSEPH McMURRAY, * ml rc 'nn corner of South. FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE.-Regular J JWkPacket of 28th Mar. h.?The splendid packet ship IHBCbROSCIUS. Cant. John Collins, of 1000 tons, will tail as above,her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations uueuualled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS at CO. ti Price of passage, $100. 'Ji Sonth street. a The packet ship Hiddons Capt. E. B. Cobb, of 1000 tons. t~ will succeed the Rose ins, and sail the H>th April, her regulat day. Passengers may rely upon the ships of this line sailing pune < ually as advertised. Pi7 g*8P FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line Regular t i?Jl>Packet 21st March.?The superior New Yoik built 1 JltkMNfiwPacket ship UOTTINOUER. Capt Ira Bnrsley,1050 b tons burilien, will sail as above, her regular day. >1 For freight or passage,having very superior accommodations, '* apply lo tne Captain on board, at west side Burliug slip, or to h W06DHULL & MINTUHNB, h 87 Hontli st. n The superior pneket ship Liverpool. Cant J..In. " lion ton> burtoeu, will tuccned the lloUingnrr, and anil on ? n.'r rmnlar day.Slit April rnTtoJlrrr ir NEW LINK. OK PAGK.KT8 kOU LI VhK- f MEI9V PlR)L?Packet of 2tit March?The apleudid and fn- J. JMNRbvorite racket ihi|> HO 1"T1NOUEK, 1009 tout bur- then. Lapt. Ira Burtlay, will tail on Thurti'ay, March 2WLhrr ' regular day % Thethiptof this line being all lOOOtint and npwardt, Ier- * ?ont about tn embark for the old country will not fail to aee tha 11 advantages to be derived from irlectug ih't lire in preference 11 lo any other, at their gaeat capacity lendera thein erery war *' mare comfortable and couveuieut than thipl ol a smaller data, uid their nccotnmeditioua it it well known art tuperior to an) ?c rthert I hote wishing to tecure horllit tlirnld not fail to J' make etrly application n board, or to '' W it J. T. TAPSCOrT, General Pttaaie Office, inl2 to21 43 IVk al p, corner South ttmej. KOR LIVERPOOL-Kegnltr-Packet of "the llth JJ WWkMarch?'The tuperior packet ahip VIROiNIA.n, _ apt. Allen, will tail at above, her regular day. n Her accotnmodationt are W)ual to any vetael in |>orl: uersons |? iviilung to embrrlt by thit conveyance, in the cabin, 2d cabin, w ir steerage, thould make early application to ? JOSKFH McMUHHAV. ? m4 rc KM) Pine it corner South yg tJdt OLD BLACK BAI.l. LlMC~OK I'A I :K K~l 8- P] sfjWVThis packet thip MON I'kZUV \,l'a|it lUthbone, Mfllfawill be ile?.*tched f ir Liverpool no the 16th M nli, ler secular day. Tnote withing to engage psnsage will rc?|ui.r ?, o make early application to S* JOHN HEHDM AN,61 Sou'li ?t ki N. B?ratiage from Urevf.B'itain aii l Ireland emi i e teenr- a| I hv the lirit rLts thi|u of lie* line M the one t ctr .vd iraPt can at ntual befuruithed lor any amount, parable in all I lie principal lownt, without an* clnrge, throughout (rreat ? liitain and Irelsnd.on application at nliove. in'i r BI.\CK BALL. OK OLD LINK OK LIVMt ' ' rtBWVPOOL PA' Kfc'l 8?KOH LI VKRPOOL ?Kegu- _ ittfifttJae Ptehef ef ?.- I?.k M c. fl. - ~ ,?v? nrw illl|tnmrCQt -X iid c*.flint *d Inst sfiilin* packet ship MONTK/IJMA. ^ urthen h.W t>oa, Oapton A. B. Lowber, will positively *?il j"J n Saturday, Ibth March, her tegular d.iv. t j It is wcil known that the accommodations of the MONTK- ' ',UM A for passengers, ar- fitted out in a moit iu, eth manner, " ith every modern improvement and convenience, that c>u ailil ' i tk* 'omfort of those eanlurl1 nm. who should call aud see lissplend.d specimen of naval arcli l-rture before engagr (in J ly other vessel. For passage in cahin, second cahin and ' c-raae, apply un boa.d, font iii Berkman stree', ar toilvavb- ! tribers, ROCHE, ( O , nM, X") Fii'i in Meet. ii-st jowHlMrllM Bank. P. 8-The MONTeZUMA, .ails from Liverpool in 'he J" it Msv. Persons sendinK f"r their friends ran have them . rought out in tier, or in anv of the |?sck?-U ot this magnificent ... ne, s'iling fioin thit poit puuctutllv on the 1st and 16th of ' ich looiuli Drafts at all twins for sale on the Knvul Bank ot eland, aud oi M-ssr* Prescotr, (irote, Ames k Co , Banks a, (ondou. i-or passage, kc spply as above , The parke' snip EUROPE. will succeed the above packs', , id sail for Lircrpool on the 1st of Apr.I, her mguiar day m7tlfifC y.( A88AOE FROM EN(JLAN'), IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALK*, VIA LIVERPOOL. "{ tMg THE tnhscriber liu made unrijualled arrai g-rnents ,i,v TjnaVfor hringng not emigrants this y.-ar. '841. Those fasrntliog lor tli-ir friends would do ssell to appl y at ie old established packet office of JOHN HERDMAN, fil South st N. B ?Ths shies rI this liueaow leave Liverpool every five . its,and dr Its can as usual he famished loraay am >uul pay- ... de ut all the principal hanking institutions throughout ' mod kingdom, apply as above. relec a |B PA^HAUE^FROM DUBLIN, CORK. WATER- ' oi IMWFOHD. DERRV, f OLKRMNr, BELFAST, th. ^HbiNewr.. Drogheda, fcc ?Persons wishing to vend fur U eir Iriend-can nave them brought oat train any of the above on I 'tis ia first class Ante ican Packet Ships, on the most reason- r letermi and without theireiperienciug any unneresss'y d?- grey si ion. Mr W. Ta'scott, one of the firm, will be on tlie B ot to give his personsl sttention to the passengers engaged Flo the subscribers or llisir a*euts here, aud persOus may rely plan at the wislisi and comforts of those win se passage may lie Fl gased by them will hive all dne and proper attention. For of n rticnlars apply, if by letter, nost-raid, to . A W. k J. f. TAP8COTT, Azr their (Jeneral Passage Office, ?S Peck Slip, cor. Honih street, , 1 sere also, I)rails may be obtained, fur large or small sums, havl yable on demand, without discount or any other chaige, at T National or Provincial Banka of Ireland, or any ol their ind inches throuehout the Kingdom fe22 rc ngg- FOR (JLASliOW?KF.ftC LA II TRADER? MKVVto sail Tneiday, March 12?The fine, fast tailing N MbBiitish Barque ADAM CAKH, Scott, master, will 'I as above . L "or passage only, having her freight all engaged? apply on ird, pier 24, E. H er to p. Ire WOODHIJI.I, It MIN'TCRNH, ?7 Booth street. rA*N PAChET full HAVRE? -?econd Line?'1 h? sws MWWthip BALTIMORE. Edward Fumk, master, will fXi HKa*ail on the 1st i.f April For fieigl I or r image apply B0V1) k III.Ni KEN. v,d< No. 9 'I online Building, rlyr n9 rc corner Wall and Water afreet*. Pare FOR NEW ORLEANS? Louisiana and New o," S^^York Line?Meznlar Park t of tb? 2 ik W-?-i.?i's? fal ut idling racket ili p l.< MJ1H VI M.'A <'ipiain M. , r K nt wll rail aSoya, her regular day. k'nr Treight or M* > hoi' e, having handiome iccoaniiodatioua,apily on board, at d rang whirl, foot ot Wall it, ar t.> Vaie K.. K (;(>LLINS it CO , V, South at. ?i| ? nitively no freight received after earning, ilir pi in i init. s.'rd hi men hv thia linr may rely upon having their gandt cor- -,rr, '.ly riieaiured (> >m iirrnli in New Orleant, Ilnllin k Woodruff, who will ill of inplly forward el< goodato theiraddren. di>tr he paoart aliip Hunuvillt, Capt. ( oiuelll, will encceed the rail i liiville, anil iail 10th .Vlaieh her tegular diy. inline ?11 JBZ*- KOR HA LK?roai'ieelv to cloae ( oi'ceru?The '''''' very feat tailing packet ahip LOiJIHVILLk. 517 tout hhnilt in thit city in the niniwier of 1031, of live t ik, s ite pine ind I'.coat; thor. ughly inlted on the atitka; l.aa d??iee fn niihe I ncommnd itiona for thirty cabin pitaeni, and it well found. If not told on or before Tliumlay, I'll I I4th mat, the will on that day, at I P. M. beaold at anct'on Miatra. Hoffman k Co , at the Merchauta' k.tchange. Kor her part,cnla.ap^y to fc CQ 56Soolh,t ^ "TOR SALK ?Ti e .loop THOMAS ? OI? V K R~ JST Wof Sing Sing, now laying at the foot of Spring atftwC, ru .ig HhNett Vnrk. She wet lmilt by Thoma. ? id?er, at logue ( Hmg, and ia five yea't old, and one of the faateit anil hrat_ l>- nh t tloopa on the Hndaon river. Sh' it ceutre-boud, anil ot will I t draught of water, and carriea about 120 lone, and ia we.I ml wed for the freighting or Ininber buaineaa. eor fnrtlier par lata apply to JOHKPH AUA1K, rp() 1ST Broadway, New \ ork, A h< A.lm...... ?" " I li*fi Of r rininn Afiu, atoned j R^|( W Y ( ,W YORK, TUESDAY M< STEAM POWER TO LET. I a-? ROOMS TO LKT Will KTKAM POWKR-Pos*-am< ii to be given l?t May, Apply U thr "Hoe"' P. T. and Saw Manufactory, I 2v I litre 29 mi J 31 Quid street. Api TO LKT?A liou-e minted ?t Bin miupdalc, ab. ul nT?? six miUs Irorn the ricv. It is delightfully situated on Jyifcllie ol ill* Hudson, and is remarkably h-althy. 'J be bout* contains seven roon t, wi ll plrditir* garden,tte. attached, llent (3 0 |>er annum. Ai ply at the Abby Hotel Bloeunugdale. _____ mig lin?rc M TO LKT. aid immediate possess'on given?Tie Store iu the Herald Buiidiugi, No 97, on Naswastrel wi'h (ix'urei, rouuter, rlove. Sic., ue vly put n,i sua handsomely pain id. aud pvpered , furuished alsi wiib a ire'er and two g*s cuudiioors. Applic.1 iuu to be made at the Counter id'the He-Oil < irtice ui7 tf re a?Jk TO L^T?'I lie beautiful < Vtage and Country It's fftjW ?'e-ce, situated on I lis lunks ol llie Hudson, on lbs fa?m XaULand summer residence of Dr. Mutt, six miles from the ( itv 11411 'I urns moderate. Also ibe two story buck Dwelling Hons*, No. IS!) Head* street, which lias la.rly bieu put in i rrl'ect r-1 air. Teims tnodera'e Alio, the brick Dwelling Hciis", No. 181 Harond strnei; this house is situatrd between two xr at thoroughfares, and is in good order. Kor terms ?u I further d-scflplion, spply either at l?r Mott's, No 152 Bleeckrr stnet, or of 11. A. MOT 1', No. 5 Nassau, third story, front room, between 10 A M. and 3 P. M. mil 3t*ec jjrtT TOLbfT?The T MALI AN HALL, No. SHU (Yrand p|l ibe intersection of Vast Broadway, is to let or Jul^lease It was originvlly lilted up for a ball room, and has every convenience for such a purpirr, but has been occupied for the last tnree years as a church, and is uow titled up with seats for that purpose. Tint Temperance Societws have also met there once a week. It is located iu tha I hirteeulh ward; andtnira is uo other so couveuieot place for polifi al meet nits, or any room so Isrge, iu the easturn leciioo of the city. The third story would make most excellent accommod.vtinns for a Lodge >T ,?y ktad. It will be rented low to a grod truant, who cculd make, it is bel.evrd, a living out of it by relenting it Kmtuire iu the store b'losv the Ihill, of f 16 lin*ru T 8t J. W. COLLINS. MTO LKT OH LK. ASK?A desirable residence iu the ceu it'V.suiMlile foi a nei.tlemvn doing business in the city of New York. The honse is in the Kngligh collage stv.e. mpoivfi i?>i i tiadki good miii{ toiitbr with ttn acr*? i.lUnit, iticliMiutr 4 K^r?l(*n, and a pood?Uble amicouli h u?e It is e it lifted at Morii.iaiiirt crar thell?rlen River, iu Writr.h'ster <-ouuty, within tea niiuutes wnlk of the Harlem llul- 1 road. li'nr lurmg ?I1/1 ? i ' _. - ........ l"u uir.-f, inil u rr ill H. M. M0HHI8, KSQ. f?>Jw*rc No. 11 Pine street, second story. COUNTRY HEAT AND KARM TO LEASE. A rare opportunity u now offered to any gentleman wishing to retire from tb? city. The Kami contains UO acre* <>( laud, aituated 011 I'limggs' Nerlt, Westchester, and lie* dirwell , on the Hound having a mile inn a halfofshote and ueu'ly the whole und*r a liood atite of culfi- ' ration. A large double house and large barn aie on the preini- 1 mi. Kor tiahinr and spotting th* pane cannot b? surpesm I. I Kourteen mile* from New York, and four from the Kail'Otd I Depot, at W illumi' Bridge, the communication is ao easy that i a man say to busmen in tne city and reside w ith his family at the Neclt, as several gentlemen in th? vicinity d>. Apply to THUS. T. KEKKI8, 28 La Kayttte Place, or THOS. HAH- 1 HI SON, 91 Madison at. m3lw*ec 1 KOtt SALE oil TO LET-Two l ew Three-ator- ' Brick rt?uses, with marble mantels, sliding doors, and ! convenient closets in all the rooms. The houses are 26 1 >ut and iear, by 36 feet deep Each house has an itudrr | :>llar. well ada'tel for ihe purpoies required The Lots are i uchlS by 100 'eet. In the yard is cistern. 1' ice for t nch House and Lot $5,DO1), of wli ch two-thirds can remain, if , ltsired, on houd sii'l inort.age atOpcr emit per annum. The . ant fo' e*ch house is $390 ' The Hous s are situsted in Bridge sT-rt, between Tillary 1 ind Johnson streets, Brooklyn i Apply to JOHN A. WILLINK. j At his residence at pialhuah, or his office No. 73 t Nassau streer. N *w York or to STEPHEN PlAlNES, ? mil lm*m In Lawrence street, Brooklyn. 1 abOll HALE OK LEASE ?A large Double House, sitoated upon the Thud Avenue. opp;iii'e the live mile s' one, containing ten rooms, a good kitchen and | ant ies, [ vita atshle, carriage and ether houses Attached are six acres if land on lease, |iart iu a high state of cultivation. Also, a s lool well of suit water. The situation is desirable for either a g irivtte family or lor a public houre, luring jilnit'l midway ? letween lhe city and Harlrin One half tha building has been recte I within three years. Possession can lie giveu iminedi- . lely if requisite. ' Kor further parti'ulars inquire of K. BL^NCARD, 66 Iroadway, or Mr. NOVVLAN, Proap?et Hall, Yorkville. inH 2w*ec 1ML KOK BALE?A neat and rerv convenient Cottage on (vTTw the MillHoad, North Shore. Statrn Island, within fifI^ULteen minutes walk of either the C.istlet"n or Port ttichuoud steamboat landing. Attached to the Cotbigr is half \n ere of excellent land, with a variety of young aud thrifty fiuit rees Knonire on the men..... f 12 Im'iii ' JF.RF.MIAH SMITH ? >jri FOR 9ALF?TiiK LEASE, FURNITURE AND ? FIX l'UBKrt OF A FIRST CL ASS HOTEL,which iiiSL'ia* b'en estihlishrd four years as a l^odtciiisc House ami " Bar room. The bed room furniture i? of lor best quality. 11 'no IS \r reum a-d Palo u are li'ted np in a style unsurpassed li y any Ilotrflh the Ouinn. All the fast fit lures must go with |< le Iraae, but a large portion of the other nature* and Turn ifiie j, nil he removed if required. Th? above home i* doing a greet mini'**?but it is uot ripeetrd that anv one will hrlieve this ate statement, but it will be proved to the satufacti >n of tl.e ;l nit sceptical, who may with to purchase. Possession to he li iveo on the first of Mav ut it; or a partner with n > as/i nnpital r.i f SCUM, mid load qualiftalion* to conduct the establish ft; lent wool J i e taken, if preferred. The lat'er condition is tie'asary. as the preirut proprietor will be rtitaRrd in olliir huii' ' ess. which w.M require the major pait of his time. Addiras " J. R ai his office m'? lsi*i l' HO KOIl HALF..? A piece of laud containing I'roiu 20 to '' KWSO acres, b-autirully located on the I'utervm Turnpilie .drsa-Koa'l, rniiim iiid'iig a i ertrnsivv v i"W iu all directions. rl ii near tire Hackeusack River, and in lull view of Newars, c rrrlooking *11 the surrounding country. It is an admirable fr te for a gentleman's residence, heicit live iniles from Hoiken, at Si caurus, N. J., in 'he i rishhorhood of good r( h iolsand rminrnt preaihcri. Inquire tfWM. 1 HAU<><' K, No. 9J Prrry street, or of the ow ner J. Q. UNDERILL, at Recaucus, or Dr. tiLOVKR, 2 Ann it. iii8lm'rc y FOR SALE tl A F ARM in the Towesh p of Orange. N. J., aii miles ,{, W?|rroin Newark and two from .\otth Oraocr?KWacrrt two ? dhs.'lnrds meadow Hirl arable, balance thrifty wood?home a rooms, garni and cellar lately repaired?lia-n and outbuild- ^ g* goods? apple and |?-?ch orchard?plenty small f uit well ? atered by springs?good well at door?very healthy situation T pure warer. To he sold a barf tin, with stock i> drsired?|his- si ssion when required. Apply at 10 berry st. Ill Division at, ? Dry st, or OEO. 1ILACKUURNK, Te'iy Lane, on the . ace. ! 1 m* re pt egin FOR SALE?Ou Mtateii Island, within one mile of tlie ai ffidtQu'ireiitine, a small Farm of fi'le -n acres; ah iui our hail , #SK.m corrred Willi voting wood, the In lance is suitable lor . iriieu pnrposes. 'I here is a modern two story house with a l" tchen adjoining, and a never failing well by the door. Also, A tarn and a Urge vanity of fruit trees, For further p iticul irs or quire of THOMAS S CARY, w III lm'm Quarantine, Slatcn Island. Nil! MI'S ' AKh'IVAleS OF FKFSll WKKUS. A' a 'IMF, St'RSKKI BKR, in acknowledging th? libera' wtronage rece|v?d by him tint season, for which he is ill ever gr.ilrful, r.ow b g to inform his patrons and the pub- tip tint the istensive arrarupni Ms fur the sp out hnsir.e s hich were msile by himself when hi Kuioiie last winter, with ?i ra-e, omrmrted ntteul'oo, and without any regard ton- j. i?e, have jutt been completed by the recent arnvalt ot the tr ?I imrhrt ihii>i Irnm Condon mid Havre. Hie ttock will be f >und K) conUia tuperb varirtiet of new ei| iual, biennial and wrenm il Flower 8erd?, many of wliieh ra very rata and will be funnd well worthy the attention of (|? lover-of Flora. fegetablaand b'ield Seedt hare al?n been imported, of thoae ids only which are <1 tirahle fto lie obtained at a foreign niai; oih-raorta, lor which the American irodmtinna are more > ebmted.have lieen grown by men of etoerience and in trie r 11 y cot this rttnhli$hment nnly?all of which ran he tlricth relied an< in a> being genuine, and, in fact, are warranted p0 The Proprietor wonlil alao bef local' publ.c at'entiou to the I that in or'erell the Heent from (hit eat.a>-lt?hmeiit tlionld ' r n genuina charncler h-canted all the old ineda I procured '/ hit hue partner, Mr. Dmilan) to be told at pablic section, c.Ui 'hout nny rceerue, by Mr W. il. Franklin, at lot roomt in am >ad ttrrel. on the ZTt'i I)rc latf, and lit can with conlidnire mj| ert .here is not a worthiest aeed in the whole ttock now on id , ? I )onble Pvhliat?All eatenaive collection of t".ea? leantifnl i"'1 wering llnon have alto been imported (roin the moat enuitgrowert, and are hnIha of the inott choice Pr it h'lowert tht ibil?d in Fngland during the laat two yrara. Tliey are now p.. er propagation. and goed eaublithed plaint warranted true tp, larnc will be ready f .r tale in due leuon. Catalogue!, coaling a full deicriptinn of ?*CH varietv. together with in " i-tiona for their Culture, will be publith-d at an early ' <'l lod. mc . large collection of fiue bealdiy pUnti in f'loiver.are in thr ..r iKirlinrim, which will be found deairable oriininrnti for y. Parlor, Sic. ouju-u, Baaketa. and Vaaea of Flowera. can be rrocnred _ ' he ahort'at nonce, put no in n nrat but rlr|int Itrla run and Ornanreutil Treaa, Shruba, narily lluin St", in till it varietv. no nlbona Flowering lloota. air : ODdioliu, Mmican Tiifar ii1(> war, Tiger Lily, Jacobean Lily, Tuberoae, kc. kc., lor rg iting early in Sluing U lower Standi, Fancy Tarru Cott* Flower Vaaea and Pota. ew nnd handaome deaigna. Oo'.il Fi'h, Kiali (llobei, kc. ",f large amortmenl of Hardening Tool*, Horticultural and iior cultural Hooka, Ike on hand. ly 1 he aboee are now offered for tale at LOW PRICKS, her or ie en nnrchaaed for r uh, on adymtngroua Wma r,nT be Third AnnaalCatalnguo it now in conrteof implication, , will be ready for delivery (gratia) early m tbe natiiin, 11 k. ' you rd rt e'.fenil-d to with promptn?aa, and thankfully rcreivd of r WILLIAM NIBLO, Hole Proprietor 57# Broadway. bait] n conne Hon with any othar eatobliabinenL fJOIirirc , v j j | EDS OF EVERY KIND JUST RECEIVED BV TlfF. "" \CKF.TS QUEBEC AND 11 END RICK HUDSON. 1'UNEAP A: CARMAN ? STAKE tlua o|i|?>rtunity of retnrmog their thanka to their frienda and the |nihlir, for the liberal patronage |>e- en" a. atowed upon them aince opening their new Heed Stoie trim IToUaerratory. Th?y hava juat received an additional aup- look >f all the heal known rariefi a of Annual, Biennial, and mint anial Flower Heeda, Veg fable Heeda of all kinna, ii,c , a I coda of the lieet kinda. Hering Wheat, Potato f , Aah Leaved and other early Putaloea. all iu prune , r. Eiolica of 'every dearription, auitanle for parlor ' reen houae cultnre; Bonnueia, aom|>oaed of the moat re aud delicate llowera, for Uridal or other featire partie.; man and Bird Cagea, (fold Fiah and Olohea, fancy F lower a and Standa, of variola intterna, wi toother fancy articlea, ' f wtiieh will be aold on the |. we t terma They beg I?m r " form th'-ir fne nla and the public, that they hive r.ot an old r*"<" of any kind in the atore, and It ive apared ur:ther paint nor 'eCli ia? to procure the boat aeeda of the lait aena n'a growth, ho ri the moat reapectable honaea in thia country and Europe, ,.om "which will ba warranl?<l. ' atelrgn'a wiM be readv lor nlv , ihu innearly theeuaiii.ig week. All tho?? in wart will plenae _? >vi uwinriTr* neiors ptuitti i>'r.k elsewhere. 'V 1 ylish Split Peas, Oatmeal mil Kmbden Oioata fir it'uel, 'lon and om*m"ntai Trees of all kinds. Ortpu vines aril flow- yotll shrubs. herbaceous plnnfs, Ike. fcr , alwava on band at the tion ContiTTatory and fs-cd Htore, 6.15 Broadway, New York, misfi raral |>raclical Hardeners waatuu iitnationa, apply a> |,,00 ' ? .....J*7.'" v. Injui ?OE'!S MNN.'KAN HOTANIO GARDEN -mpi AND NURSERIES, not . FI.U8HINO, NKAK NK.W YORK. conn i WM It. PKINCK lit O. offer to tl e public tlinr wrnr i lew Descriptive Oatilo*ue of Tie-s and I'lanta. with tc- wirll .due-d Prices. which are much lower than are usually- i,aan eil Their Trees ar-very sui?-ru>r in every respect I Va- ' . a will be sent to etery pint paid applicant, and may a'?o ' -aiiwd at. 21 Pinest; and orders left theic, or sent per now la laecnred with despitch, nnd in a -uperi r mmo-r. .in i(( 2wenditiVV rc WM. R PKINCtt St CO. imita M ACHINI8T9?For sale, a Double Oenred Slide l.arl e, .Unar ends II inches from aliens, doable slide rest?w ll torn ,.,| ? sit fast long. Apply to H. HOE It Co, *1 lwea Corner Drooms ana Sheriff stt. v,,ru )RK ] 3RNING, MARCH 12, 184 I Clrrnll Before Judge Kent. Monntv, Match 4 II I'an Ci'tt rs H'illinm II SUary 'I'llis ruse w h* 0|m>iu d by Hkm'.v Aiain,Ksq.,in the manner following: \\ itli due respect to the Court - (Jentlemen ofthe Jury?The causinou .ire called upon to try was once before presented to u jury for consideration, who, alter a long ami tedious investigation, were unable to agree. I feel confident, notwithstanding, the arduous duty you aro culled upon to pciform. you will impartially investigate the evidence which will he adduced h?*br? you, with that prompt energy and sound judgment which characterizes .111 American jury. This is an action brought by Albert li. Van ' ott against William H Sharp,for the seduction of Ann, his wife. I urn requested by the plaintiff to lay his case before \ou, and relate the facts and circumstance.) in which it has originated, and tor the wrongs of which, at your hands, he solicits reparation.? Satisfied that you will dispose of this ease without regard to any prejudices, and with an impartial view to justice, I will proceed to relate the lacta.?Albert B. Van Colt, the pluintiti, was married to Miss Ann Kli/.a Smith,Ins preset,t wife, in the month of June, in the year 1HU*J. lie was at that time a young and enterprising mechanic, just commencing business on his own account. She was an honest girl -humble in her sphere of life, it is true, but uncorrupted. He married against the wishes of his friends, whose family pride were shocked at the contemplated union, for he consulted his feelings alone, and because he thought, and truely too, "The rank is but the guinea stamp, The man's the gou'd lor a' that." Afterj their marriage, I10, caused her to he instructed, nay to be accomplished, entertaining towards her the noblest of all sentiments?a desire that she should be inferior to none in their path through llfu. He sought, in the gratification of his own wishes, in this respoot, her elevation, and a pride in conquering the prejudices of bis friends, and, until their separation, w hich occurred in the fall of 184:2, they lived in u continued state of matrimonial happiness, which would huvu blessed their union to this day, hut for thu insidious devices, the ensnaring, and nnforiu- ' nutely successful designs of thu defendant, perpetrated, ' too, under such circumstances that vice Itself, if it pos sussed but the lite to express the action, would blush at its raimenti*,, TSu ' - , . W?ju?lll.aiivv U1 lilt: ueiKUUIUll commeucedinthe spring of ISM, at ]ila.intifl~s residence in I Williamsburg. Il? wu? introduced by a friend, named Strong, and shortly thereafter became a boarder in plaintifPs family, where he remained there until the fall of thut year. At that time it became necessary, on account of plaintitTs business, for him to leave for the South, and about one week before his departure, he informed the defendant, that as he was about to leave, he cnuld no longer [ be accommodated, winch defendant understanding, in a lew days thereafter, left, and removed to this city The 1 ;dainl ill had been in the habit of taking his wife with him, md intended to do so on that occasion, tint she, lor some reason to him unknou 11, and, in fact, to his great astonish- 1 npnt, preferred not to accompany him. No doubt, gentle- J nan, that rrfusal was made liecause the defendant had already succeeded in alienating the affection and good feel- ! ug she had always entertained for her hushund. The 1 daintitf departed to the South, leaving Mrs. Van Cott E mil two young ladies in possession of his house, f ogether with one of his journeymen, lie left his vife, not only without the remotest suspicion of infi leli- e y, but with u belied which he then entertained, that she r vas pure and incorruptible. He continued atisent until " \pril following in the transaction of business, and with i fond heart looked forward to the meeting on his return? }' lie wile of his hosom.with infinite delight His cares were ' ilten soothed by the reflection thut whatever might befal l1 dm during his absence, there was a home, and a partner, ' iwaiting him in all the henuty of domestic peace. Where vns William H. Sharp during that time/ Why, gentlenen, yon find him, three days after plaintifl's departure, iack to the house from which he ought to have been dri- c :en as a |ioisoniiig reptile, carrying on his machinations, mil exercising all the seductive devices which a corrupt md wicked mind could conceive. We shall show you. " [entlemen, by indisputable testimony, that the defendant md frequent illicit intercourse with plaintifl 's wife in Villiainslmig, where his designs were consummated ? *['hat he followed her to this city (after she broke up a lousekceping in the commencement of February, lB4*i) rom place to place, until the arrival of the plaintiff. In ? he month of May following, plaintilf hired the house No. ^ 8 Orchard street, In this city, and there you find the de ' imdaut continuing his visits, again violating the con- * enco of the plaintiff, which lie had always entertained, " nd sacrificing the first of nil duties to si... i? lination of hi* mind, the craven impulse of hii heart.? '' Ve will show you that he was there day after day, Iced- ? l| hi? amorous propensities liy excessive anil disgusting " idulgencc*--and frequently shut up in pantries and '' ed rooms whilst Van ( ott was at his meals, in order ) avoid him. And it will appear that the whole itimacy was sought by him, and obtained by de- " rending to tlie meanest stratagems?the most low " nd abominable degradation*. We shall show conduct on j"1 is part which the records of nges may not parallel?li- '* niiousness in youth painful to contemplate, and thereire loudly calling for the iron mandate of the law to iinish. Many of the facts will he established by witncs- 111 ? thut were not examined on the lonner trial.' I sin sa '> stiod that we w ill make out our case as strong as its rlin- 1' icter will allow, and in manner which ran leave no doubt i to the guilt of the parties. The plaintiff appeals for ulresa in the only legal mode, that is to you, his fellow n it)/.ens; and if courts and juries do not sustain him,if tln-y " own down prosecutions of this nature, the crime of the h efendant remains unntoned for, and the most disastrous c esults must inevitably ensue. Von will have similar renus enacted as in the case of Amelia Norman and oung Mercer, persons driven to desperation bv the indif- " renceof their fellow men, indicting upon the seducer I' le punishment he deserves. Yes, if you frown them w awn. plaintiff must leave the sanctuary of justice unre- j> nted.und exasperated still further, probably take the >' eapoti ol vengeance in his own hand* to punish what ' id guardians of the law have passed with impunity.? T ho .lit.nil , I anticipate, will, a% on the l'oimer trial, eon- -I si oi inrec matures, viz : lit, ill-treatment of Mr*. Van 111 ott by the plaintilt'. 2d, a conspiracy by the plaintiff.? tl. n 1 tliirilly, improper (mil indecent exposure of hi* wife's :rson in the presence ef Mr. Smith and wife (her brother ' id sister),aud one John I'ulhemous.on two or throe orcn- ' ons; and strange to say. that on each tiinc it occnried in I' ,c presence ol ene another some six or stiren years ago* si s to the first and second points, I deem it unnecessary to * ' ropy any of your time, because I feel confident that we )< ill he able to show that Van ('ott cherished and respected >< < wife too much to abuse her. and could never lor one I' meiit have the idea of abandoning the wife for whom he Tl tertained n love which was consecrated and inviolable V i to the third point, 1 deem it necessary to make a few d?' marks; because if it should bo clearly made out, unless in is property viewed, it might mitigate the infliction of gi e punishment the defendant deserves. Supposing, then, ntlemen, the defendant establishes that Van Cott, in tlie w sence of the witnesses named, kissed his wife, (as to as at |>oint we admit, for they seldom parted without that th ten ol affection,) partly exposed her bosom, and show nt them her pretty leet and ankles?an hypothesis which w >inot bo entertained without magnificent credulity?in cc t tiamo ol common sense, why should it Justify or esse the crime of defendant f Would it justify the oh ver in doing the same thing / Undoubtedly not. Hut by any strange train of thought, such a conclusion aid he drawn, would it authorise any |mrson present on ~h an occasion, to violate the sanctity of a man's house- a | 11, and by alluring acts induce the partner of his bosom prostitute herself 7 Will it he supposed for a moment 1 any intelligent man tli-it such an exhibition would ex in| le a spectator to abuse the confidence placed in him, 1 roh a husband of Ins wife and his happiness I You hii ght witli the Kiime propriety say that a person passing th' eweller's store, for instance, where there were a numr of watches exposed at the window, and stealing them, in mid be excusable, because the thief pleads and proves he< it the owner exjnsed them, and he. accidentally passing a I , saw them-their beauty or value tem|itedhim lie 'hi re I'd re thought he had the right to commit the crime, uld you tinder your oaths as jurors acquit that man I Uo rtuiuly not. You would think, as I do, that ne h a defenre was rank nonsence. Oentlemen 1 the Jury, if they prove those charges against lat n t'ott to your satisfaction ?which I deny they by r can, though they have all their interested relatives lov r and remote it ought not to militate against the plain- of I here. We have yet to learn that one crime justifies S ither; and the moment that it is known as the law of thr land, emanating from the jury box, then adieu to the |ier ce, liberty and life of the citizen. Only let it be spread npjp nad that one seduction justifies another, or that a little T ord between husband and wife authorises the per ver- sha i of the wife, then adieu to sacred marital right. On- tiiket it lie known that the liberties taken with a wife by V husband in the presence of her friends, will justify or r i in seducing her, nnd you will have such young men I le io defendant here,if unfortunately such can he found ? moi will have them working with all the keen eagerness the nssion to destroy first,the wife,and then, ol course, the witi pines*ol the husband Hut I trust that no such edict ?.t\ overgo ferth. That crime will be punished accord lie1 to the penal law, and that no body of men sitting as ne?? protector* of civil rights will ever establish the dan- M jus principle that crimes are made venal by the occa- laki , but I hit they are eternally venal and must bo pu- Iron ed ; and further, that the primitory code in order la A itrn the conduct of men, ami regulate society on ita saw basis, an unqualified morality will never tin over- men :ed in the consideration of olfences against it. Yon Ci t support it as well for your own protection as that ol I w( community. You must apply it to show its moral com e and energy. With you, In this case, it will lie left, intei counsel for the defence will no donht use their might il K1 ?]jt< your sympathy toward* that unfortunate wo- ".a* bet them not nccead in that attempt, unle** yon M with that *nr?e impnlie of heart, render jiiRtlco unto Will client. If we prove her guilty, no mnttnr what the with It of thl? trial may he, *he I* forever Inxt- a wreck in hour ?ty ; her peace of mind i* forever none, and can never Van I'vived. The fal?e ?tep tho defendant cauaed her to aep i mil, haa forever hlaatod her reputation. I know that Mi ittempt to convey to you the feeling* and injurlea of fnnl client ha* bee n very feeble ; but a* truth delie* refute- him or *nipicion, it doe* not require eloquence to excite J r rc*?on or the integrity of your heart*. Vour atten- Smlt will naturally be enlifted when you hear the *ay t urtunea of the plaintiff They need no drapery or (inn i ration to make you aemihle ol their wrong and Cr ry. Vou will bear in mind that you am him innclled to try an i**ue of vital imjiortmire, A only to (he partie* directly concerned, but to the <( nunity-to noriety. Von are nominally to repair n A ig, the mn?t ileadly which human depravity and tj wine** could conceive or commit, and one whirh Annihilated and deatroyed the hope and fondeit anti ion of a continued llle of peace and happine*n. It A real* with you to *av "vhether an example of auch (( nomtniou* natural*to he held up to the public lor A tion, or punliheil by example, Whether the deareat n of man- the obligation ol the altar- the holieat or tlier ice of liod, are no more to he regarded or reipected Ather the marriage row I* (till tone honored or con- Qd Into an mitrument of parfldy and prottltution A HER^ 14. I Whether virtue, friendship and innocence are to be sacrificed to iniumy. Whether your firesides, your sacred hum**, in which your endearing confidence rut!, are to be invudud with impunity, aud turned into a theatre of hellish abomination, of lu.t ami piolligucy. These, tlie.e uie the questions, which, umlei the solemnity ot your oaths, you are to ]ianii upon this day. Vea, gentlemen of the jury, the eyes of a moral people are upon y ou to-day, watching, with all solicitude, to see whether the base adulterer la to abroad again, unscathed, or branded with indignant punishment. Sixth Day, Makcii tlth.?Criui. Con.?Can Cult vs. Sharp.?Vhe court was crowded at an early hour. Mrs. Van c'ott took her usuul place by her counsel. Mrs. Hik.yih Kohmks examined by Mr. Jouutx.?I liecame acquainted with Van and lua wile before their marriage) 1 waa at their house after their marriage; 1 w itnessed Ins conduct, which waa generally indelicate towards females in the family; he wus in the habit of kissing them. (Jioss-examined by Mr. lis. Witt.?Mrs. Van Colt has made my house ber residence since she came to the city, andduuug this tual,l visited Mrs. VauCottat Williamsburgh; I did not visit thorn in Orchard street aince 1 heard oi tins business, I sun him kiss Mary Waldron and other females; he also kissed my sell; 1 felt oft'ended at his rudeness. To Mr. JojtDAfi.? I was very intimate with Mrs. Van Cott before her marriage. 4?Wus she not a lady of a pure and ijiotleis reputation 1 Mr. Di: Witt.?I object to the qnestion. Mr. Jokoa v?1 have a right to put the question. Court.?This is surely unnecessary. Mrs. Ki.iy.a Tour kiss examined hy Mr. Kuwahos.?i have seen Van Cott belorc; I resided at Hd Mulberry street in November uud December last; 1 was living in the rear; I had u room aud u bedroom; tlie apartments lay on the third lloor from the liusemeiit; I had a girl named Anno I'lnpps living witii me at the time; she slept with me; there was only one bed in the bed room; I remember u gentleman having knocked at my door uhout b o'clock on u Kriiay morning; we were both undressed; 1 asked who wus uicin, i w?? iiiiuri'HMiu; i >;iw a gentleman nine, ami lie asked if there vs as a girl there ol the name of Brown; that (pointing to Mr. Van ( ott) u not the gentleman as I think; lie hu/t a resemblance to the man that called;! saw that gentleman belore; I met hun at a jeweller's^ more with a ring; that gentleman (pointing to Mr. Van I ott) gave ine the ring; a gitl named Anne Phipps accompanied me to the store; the gentleman returned lo my house with Anne I'hippa; I believe that is the gentleman. [ I lie couit here ordered Mr. Van Colt to confront the Witness, to en utile her to ascertain hia identity, upon ivInch, he went forward toward the stand and asked her, 'Am I the man''' The witness replied, "You very much resemble the man; hut I cun't swear positively ) To Mr Howards.?I then returned with Anne Phipps o our house ami the man came with us, I think (his in the nan ; Anno I'hippa and the gentleman remained togetiier u Die room lor about three hours; when he entered, Anne 'lappa Mid, "this is the gentleman thut gnve me the ing ; I accompanied them to his store, near Bayard street n the Bowery ; I got the ring from him ; I said on our foing out, ' i sup|>ose j on are going to get the spoons lie romised you ; there is a sign hanging out over tile door ; ' Van Cott''is on the sign; Anne I'nipps said, when he ntered the room, "this is Mr. Van;" 1 gave the ing to have it mended and 1 got it buck troin the same nun. Cross-examined by Mr. Dr. Witt. ?The house 1 kept beunged to a man ot the name of Jack ; I don't know w here ibis now; 1 am not aware that he lias been put in the lenitentiary some two weeks ago; 1 boaidrd Ann Phipps or nothing. <1? How do you get your living 1 A?1 do not wish to tell. H?Then yon object to the question, because it would riminate yourself I A?I do not wish to answer it. Court.? You are not hound to say anything that would nplicate yourself, if you have an objection to answer. Wit.tkss ?1 do not wish to answer the question. Tlio witness on leaving the stand was directed by the :ourt, on application from plaintiffs counsel, to remain , sine ana not leave the court. i Mr. Johm Blakf. exaininei! by Mr. K-dwaro*?i was onnecteil with the I'ark Theatre in Ibid ; I remembei anny Klssler's iluncing there, about the :ld of January, b-l'J ; the danced in two pieces ; it would have been u title luter than 11 o'clock w hen the nerlorinunce wn* over . le performance usually concluded a little ufler 11 o'clock Cross raamintil by Dc Witt.?When Fanny F.lssler unced in two pieces she usually opened ubout 7 o'clock er last piece usuully terminated her evening performnee ; on the evening ol her benellt she might have anced three timer; 1 could tell by referring to the books. Mr. Or.nnur. J. Smart sworn.?I am brother to Sharp lie defendant ; he wai very young when his futher died ; iy brother lived with his mother and atep-fathor beluie v went to reside at Van Cott's ; when my mother marled again, my brother was only 7 year* ol age; he was JI ist September ; he was in a lawyer'* ullice. , Cross-r inminnl ?My brother is not a student at law I Mns. buz* Tosirsins recalled.?A man was produced ( ad confronted with witness, when she was asked it lie , ml been the person who gave her the ring I Witness re- t lied in the negative and withdrew. The Defence here rested. I'laintiff's counsel here applied for leave to introduce a ( ew witness, lor the direct, whose absence was uuavoid hie at the early stage of the trial in consequence of ill , ealth. The Court reipurod an allldavit lie lore the motion ouhl be cnleitained. The retiutting evidence was here introduced. Mahy VVai.dhon sworn. ?On taking the stand she hurst ito tears, and wept bitterly during most of her examinalon. There seemed to be a good deal of anxiety to see this itnoss, for, on making her appearance, there was a loud a/zing noise raised through the Court. Hhe was dressed i a black velvet bat and veil, and a dark green silk dress irnod up with black velvet and fringes ; anil appeared uite fashionably dressed. On entering the Court room, le looked in'piiringly around, and her eyes rested for a oment on Mrs. Van Cott, when she quickly walked to ir stnml. i Examined by Mr. lb. Witt.?1 um 19 years at age ; am aconnexion of Mrs. Van Colt's; Mr*. Van ott and my mother were cousin* ; my father is viug ; my mother is also living ; my parent* < e in low circumstances; my father is not able to ipport me he Is an intemperate man; I was alsnit ill 1 wis of age when I went to Mr. Van ( ott'n to live ; I had i larded at Mrs. Van Cott's mother's a short time before ; went to reside with Mrs. Van Colt as a companion.? here never was an illicit intercourse between my sell and an I ott ; there never has hern any combination or tin .r.l....,11.. i. hut ......... v... i ,.<? ...i ?.....ii ............. s ... a wo. -.... .l,;-'". . U, i plied, thut 1 was tu become Van I ott'* wife in cane he ] it a divorce. Crou-nnminti />;/ Mr. Joan** ? I know n Mr. Jones ; I ' an present during the whole of the Wat trial; I was aworu ' a wllliw ; I do not NMOiNt)M band-writing in which , eac two lettera (produced) are written ; the writing does it appear like Mary Kiddle's hand writing. There never ax any engagement between myself and a Mr. Jones to j intrnct marriage Q?I)ld not Mr. Jonea pay hia addresses to you ? A?I do not wish to answer that question. < H?Has he not paid you visit* ? < A? Me called to see me. ' U? What has he written to you in the letter*, w as it not iroposal for marriage I r A ?I decline answering the question. Loi at?I do not see why you should object to answer- 'i g the questions. lie has written to me, and I hare written to ' in; I saw hint for the lust time in October Wat; he left ' ucity then, and lias not since returned. T'oJMs. JnRiian- I became acquainted with Mr. Jones u the winter of Mr. Van t 'ott's; there w ere three * ils in use in the house at Williamsburg; there was also *' ied there belonging to Mrs. Plain; I do not think it " re after Van Cott felt for the south. A motion was here made by affidavit, railing on the urt on the part of the plaintiff, lor leave tu introdncr a -I w Witness for the direct, as noticed aliove. Vlr. Joanvis resisted, on the ground that it was calcic ed to let in new matter, contrary to the rule laid down thn Court; and contended that if the motion was a|. red, the defendant was entitled to a similar extension JTavor from the ( ourt. ,, dr. r.Dwtsns having put in on alfidavit stating tliat ee of his witnesses were unable to attend at the pro. time during the trial, an I resided at Island; lie In lied lor leave to introduce their testimony. 'nr. toe*T- If I allow the nile to be infringed upon, I ri II throw it open to l>oth parties, so now, Mr lie Witt, '' j a your ow n course. I,e Ir. I)? Wiii here hesitated a good deal as to whether I 10 he would accept the. terms proposed by the ( ourt. h*j contended that, provided he did not introduce trati- ' ly that was not corroborative of former evidence, on direct, for the plaintiff, a question on thiv point to the |J lies* did not rome w ithin tlie sro|<e of his llonor'i oh- , ration. Tiie t ourt, alter some explsiritinn from Mr. V iVitt as to the nature of the question allowed tl:-; wit- , 'r i to answer i r. BniMiMsm sworn I never sa-v Von ' ott ? s improper liberties with his wife, I lived with them I 1 June Idfb* to the hitter part of November ( t stmou Vex f on sworn I know Kli/a Tomkini; I ?f her at H.'t Mulberry street; she gave me a ring to Be d; I took it linenrnat-ri'imined I kept ,i u:w .dlei ? store in llemptead: '1,1 is there nearly a year; I had no property before I f?( menced hutiness ui llempstcnd; my lirother had no ,,,, rest in the stock; I am a watchmaker; 1 e an not swear i li/.a Tomkina lamght u ring Irom me; I believe there f something euiJ about S|iootis in Mulberry street. r. Kaaa. hPisim sworn?I boarded at Van Colt's in P liamshnrgh, from 1st May till July, 1B4I; I hoard*d hoi Van Cott in Orchard street, until they broke up ?il< e;l never ?aw any indecent familiarities exercised by A I utt tow arils his wife; | went to Van Cott's after the **Jjj i at ion ? rs. I.vTr.Tiv Tsvi.ok aworn?I never saw any indecent [Jliaritiei between Van Cott and his w ife; I never saw . ^ treat her diirespectfnlly. ?;,l nr.xx?TT (colored) I am a barber. I know A.J. A h; became to my simp to get shaved. I heard him pah hut his sister was s bitch, anil that Van Cott was a i? man; this was summer before last. UV IWl*s I II U-I..n .11,1 .-nil .. . r in j our Mu.p I ll#d -I ?*w him thn mimmcr tHifore l??t. How often Jiil you s?? lilm in your itore ' ,r* -One* or twice. ' -Hud you erereeen him before-I did not. lT1 -How Jiil you know he we? Mr. Smith ' "V lie told me wo r How iljj you know he win Mr?. Van Cott'w brother 1 ? He ?ald he w9i; lome one told me wo. Why did he tell von he wm Mr*. Van t'ott'w hro- 'p -I don't know; he appeared to he ?n*ry "!"! -Why did he way tkiw In your itor? ' ^ -t don't know. f iLD. PrWo Two Cento. I Q?You heard him call hit titter a hitch? I A?lie said was nmn. ! Thin witness excited mucli laughter, from the manner in which he gave his testimony. Mr. Bi.*xc, of the I'mrk Theatre, here produ-ed ? ot the proceedings at the i'ark Theatre on the night ot the :t.l of January, 1S4'J, hy which it appeared Konnv KLslrr , had danced three time* on that night, and that the entertainment* were over not until tun minute* putt eicviai o'clock. Mr. Strom; sworn -1 hoarded with Mr. an.l Mr*. Van ( ott in Williamsburg; 1 went thera three month* belote Mr. Sharp went to board; I never saw Van < ott take liberties w ith his wife By Mr. Joroan?1 believe 1 was the mean* of .Sharp's going there to board. Mrs. I*s vik I houtded with Mr. and Mr*. Van < ott at Williamsburg; I never saw him take an\ impro|>er lil>? ities with his wife. Ssit,vii Stori (colored)- I saw Mr. Van Colt put hi* hands in his wife's bosom, this was in their own room. Mr. Dr.Wiri sworn?I never saw any improper lihritiis taken hy Van Cott with his wile. The case here closed on t>oth sides, and will be *ummi*l lip on Moudav, to which day tin* court adjourned to bull past 10 o'clock. March II.? t'aik Colt vs. Sharp.- The Court assembled at half past ten o'clorW, when tfie jury were called over and answered. Mr*. Van Cott did not ap]>ear in Court.? Counsel for the defence briefly consulted, when Juui.r Tai.i maim;? rule and remarked to the Court that it had been hi* intention to sum up, as lie was counsel foi Mrs. Van Cott, in the other courts ; but bis health did not admit of his undertaking the task .; Mr. JoRtJAAi, hereii|N>u, proceeded to turn up tor the defence, in the rourse of his remarks he commented with caustic Siverity on the conduct id \ an < ott, ut all times, towards hi* wife, and in his general demeanor towards other females iu his own house and in the presence of Mrs. Van Cott. lie further remarked, that the whole was a foul and . dlclou* conspiracy on the part of her "little monkey of a husband," to get lid of an injured, maligned and r:i min e ut woman, tor whom he lias laid snares to entr. p her into some connexion w ith Sharp. lie had he tan1, receive 1 nnoi.j moitv letters from some scoundrel to deter dm r oni discharging his duty towurds hit client, hut it would not deter liiui from putting the case to this Jury. Mr. Joruam went through the entire testimony with extreme minuteness, and commented in the sharpest tone of rebuke on the testimony oi Van t'ott's brothers, and of Murv Waldron. He then dwelt with markad emphasis on the astounding I-set of the otter i,l > 1 u jier wi t k . made by Van Cott to his wife, provided she went to live with Sharp. lie concluded his address to the Jury pri cisely at a ouarter past lour o'clock, thus having' cor.??n,?.l nuDplii ?lv lm>, rm in (I... .Inll. Mr De Witt here applied for an adjournment, lieing unable to proceed with nia address lor the plaintiff Irom ill health. The Court complied, and adjourned over to half patt ton o'clock this day. To the Kditor oe the IIebam> Sir ? As it was denied in open ( unit that even n majority ol the Jurors in the case of Albert B. Van Cott against William H. Sharp, on a foimer trial, were ready to find a veidict which would have confirmed my own innorenre, I claim of you to publish the follow ing letter which was handed to me immediately alter the first trial, and which will show that ten out of the twelve Jurors at least felt for mv unhappy situation. Respectfully yours, ANN ELIZA VAN COTT Niw dons, Uth March, IBM. To Mm. VauCott :? Madam? We, the undersigned Jnrorsin the case of Albert 11. Van Cott against William 11. Sharp, beg to tender to yeu our sympathy on account of your domestic sufferings, and, at the same time, our deep regret that we, from the dis|osition of two Jurors, could not give our own verdict Inr the defendant and thereby have sliown, by public expression, wbnt we thus individually and in our private capacity tender you. Obediently, K. MONROE, K KM I' GODFREY, VV.M K1TZ PATRICK. ARCHIBALD TAPPKN, WILLIAM (JONHOY, OKO. M. Gl NISON, MA lilt THOMPSON ASAPH STONE, OKO. HAMMOND New Yoke, Nov. 1W3. J. BLANCARD. Reason at the Sot rit West.?No rai j yet ; the weather warm and spring-like ; peach and plum tioee in lull bloom; vegetation pulling forth; people gaideuiiiK with a rtifih; planters ploiiffhinj; ami preparing lor n u? -rop; every tnin(f hail a hrl?lc airl lovely appearance, making the heart* of ull rejoice; some of the old bachelor* ireTiccoming quite *|>ry, and would fall in love with a ihadotv if it had on a lm?tle ?F.utmu- idi ertUrr. rtttia ittD THK kUBSCRIBKK h*rebv inform* hi* friend* and the public, lliat he ha* comm-ueed to hale Peatn-er Bread for die eniniiil holiday*, and aie cow ready for delivery. Notwithstanding that h? ha* contracted w ith the enngrega11011 . /ni'ii ('kind Shtri Shnmaim, and JltlU Itratl, he *nlt shall Irrl h*|M>y 10 *it|iply penon* hi longing earn to other coogngatinu*. The majority of the member* of ihe Kim *t>eet congregation haying already rent in their order*, the tuDicnber lei I* foutident ih?l thi* noble aod indeiienilrui rt imple w ill h* followed by other*, who ?honld be *iiml*rly *iliiaied in re*ml to tne'rrwn cou*regatiou, who con let a* they p|ea*e witiioul living under any restraint. >1. S C01IKN'. TKR>I??of a inperior quality, an to the pound at in cent*: uiral aight cent* per pound. P. S ? Order* raven for *H kind* of (lake* for the apprnaehir K holiday*, at hi* ilakery, <] Dry (treet, or lit Daoc* al.rvt. f JO fm*re TIIK hl'Brtl KlUhK intend* keeping (iroceriv* for the ru **irg ra**o*er, nDaJ t 90 Catherine itnet, where Jio*e of li'i friend*, that willhnmr him with a call, ran he 'irniahed with the lieat quality, at lie Inwiat marker pi ice*. 'I'he f'oftee and K|nee* gr uud, il rriiuir-d, and ?-ct to any *rf of the city tree of r ijieuae The above (jroeerie* wi'l lie ready for ?ale on Tnetday, darnh 12, i8l4. Order* received at 72 ?ed 00 atherine ?treet. in7 2w?rr.: L. M. It ITTK H B A N u AORIR'fl leUCINA COKUIAL, OR, ELIXIR OF LOVE. DOK the tiieedv and certain cure of Irinalr irregcLnlie* im I latency, harrenneaa, fluor alhui, incipient cnii*uuit*P,r , treatutional d-lnlily, whether the retail of impradtnrlh ill >e*e or accident '1 he ?en**iion produced by thi* wonderfnl medical diaeover'f in Pari*. Iiu berp nearly equal'rd by it* introduction into \merira, Numerou* teiiimomal* here lieen rereifeil from l.oae whoae conalltnrioa w** a inert wreck, bm who hare . .1 < * |.nln<ri| I k lull in* uui|*tra Mie .urulHl lililfM 1*1 III ad tu'neiifheir health hy ihnrown lolly or niraranance,! ai e a jml in tin* cordial the mean* of reatoiaiion. altc all oilier i-dieal aid had boon uard in rain. Tl r hitherto rhildle** lireulr liaa often been rendered happv, and the mtirin, tie imimi'i t ml the debili'alrd hare again raitltrd in the * laaticity una rigor I by-Rone daTt. Tl e agent of one of the interior nllafe* r f New York ?t.'Iea rare, in which by tl e ute of two bottler of Lurma < ordial, a Ouple alter lour year* of bnier diaappoii ment. were end led .^v juice over the reatiziliou of the louden hope* of a in.irrtrd The agent for th? city tf A., Ne ? V'ork, aold a bottle In a etiiletfiatt who hint been einicteil w ill a diaenre of the nrrtiira ir eleren year*. In n few dan he rctnrerj aud Mini he bid d t red fir moie benefit from ilia nue hotUe thai fri in n> ! i >? I raiment f..r eleren yeerr. lie io>n. .ii le.'y biuylil atibmt'e., I ne. Our apace f irbid* ua . nam be inan? i:air? to whiah re are at liberty to letrr. 'J he n vital *<tiaf *.'. on which ins ineti unable Kliair haa uiren, not r ainile rninpljint fat ye leen made, ir nut cue of the lea*' p'oofii of it* uuiif alh d i.-elleoca. Prire $1 jer holile. Sold ai #2 N.ianaii *t, New V.irk;M N rth Biilh atree', Phila* Iphir ; Sin11h k kowle, I'll W'nrh.i. , n alieet, button f'27 lii**er UNION IIOTKL, ( ORNk.R Ok OIU'.KNWI' M AND RF.rTOR STM. > Dh LL AMOTTK b-*a l# inform li e Public that h? h? newly li'lel up till Hot I, and haa taken the I nine No it reeu ico ilicet, adjoining th it now orennird threw, ne the hole into one, en.bncinf no eh tut I ad lea' * ailor, **loon. for ira'e pirner il*o a fine rend I K loom, beaidea (off r ami bil id roi ina. The location it u'anrpieird for aalubuly a d nvenieu' r I" I'* (malum r rerorn of ,he city, bein* in the 11 utyol the Battery, *nn within lire minniea walk of the Cnr m llouae .tnd h.telianf'. 'V D. wi I apaie no endeavor* to deaerrr a Rood ai are n| pi,. pateonan* Vranua Jeairoua of ae<,nirir r the krench LaagntRe will lute re tuprrior advantaRe* m rhe proaeeui ion of t*--ir atndir*. * r invent hrardeir cm he irrommima'?d wth fine room* on i ntinci and i oli > .< r\xo nrrrc* -rici i i AYM All, h*v>uf cnimencwd hit ol? 1'Uiu.m ol nttrf, Collfft n|of H^bIv fe' r?*?p*ctPnllr solicit* ' I'nUoiiag* #t th* f nKlir, a! !,? o'lf . ? '*- ' Na?MB ?f t< 11.1 floor Mow n I m r. A V M \K. ?l'm* t 'HUM CAKKIKK ri(lKt??---hor tale. ? lot of froth im I ortrd ritteonv ronaiatintt of Mark, bloe, dnnand wlutr rri-rn: white ana pt"d Poo tor. a ar-it varterv of Tomblen, n I colon; Mo- l! Ill llridt ; '.lack <lo, ?il?-r do. hi o k ntdt hl?r do v<l >il?'f do; Aluiovl Tumbler*; bitch, blue, low and whitr do; M '(Ptri and TnrbuiU, of all the known hUo, a iptnti'T"f th? far fam-d Antwerp fifrni, m jntily ehinted lor floor ct'nofdmtry in??<*T of "yum loot, end r? ni'if booie from a I float incredible diatancea. -11 and are t!i-tn, *tHr.ide itrrct. h lin*?c II UHOOM (IMKIf'N I.KITMt OKI1 It K, at llic f otnaicrcial( irm itr Office, Uf Wall ?ltc-f l.-tt-ra will be forwrded t. ad.m, l.ircrimoi, llvvre, Hoe'h Am-rica, Weal Indira, aud Sti?r f 1. man |Kirta, hjr the rarliert Convey an (1-, .ho, Lcltoa will h- forwarded to Boatou daily, btbMtct.ii h. K. L. KNOW, a It' at IfiKET *11 IP LlVERtOOL. f ont LltmoJT t ..... ?i*!te?a per tint ?raarl wt'l pirate trad thrir permit on nil lit of ll.iver atreet, or to the office of the vihaCilber. ti nit delay 11*0 di not permitted iu five ilayt err liable to he .ml to lie tlorr WOOOHl LI. Si MINTURV*. 19 Itrc^ H7 Wonh atre t. iAI'H Oltl.HAllH f(IAL-l) per ton lor broken -** and l-nt* I'ontnmcta onv rely on (cttinf the heat Aih ( oal at lh-above prire, w-lf arreraed iv-ianed by a weiwher, and dehtaml from the *|. rd enni'r i| King tad eowiehaia prrrn clintun * tin cK K.N V\ 'h iuu( HIMi MALT# -IM < ill Ih. l i'.iil'il; mid ? r'KiiUr ?ui>|lv of (inli'v to >i fh? to irU t, IuIwm * o* huMl ??d for ?!? on firornblai n< by OKOKHK McHKIDL Jr.. ?l |ni*rr HlbK?, FAT ANI> CALF SKINS*" I IK HKIHKST PKH KH ffnn for H.d?, K*t ?nd C?lf Skim, c<i#h onrrvtic n#v,o? d?li??iy, tt ll* Mute tad Horn* ofth ' inb#criN*r, whrr* cdnfmtfta will h# made for Ukina ky ih* #eitnn.or the hfelitM lH?"a It !? / M Cllttbtlh^t. betWff* Ki??f an I rtomronl

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