Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1844 Page 1
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T H *? ? Vol. X* No. TA-Whol* No. 3040 To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?publishnd every day oi the year except New Year's day and Fourth of Jo ly. Price !| centi per copy?or $7 9? pot" in* num?tMiatagna paid?cash in advance. THE WELkLy HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price tff cent* per copy, or >8 19 per annumpostages paid, cash in aiaranca. ADVERTISERS are inlormed that the circulation of Hie Herald i? over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing Rat It has thr largest circulation of any paper in thU city, or the world, and it, therefore, the he it channel for business men in the city or country. Price* moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the moat moderate price, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORIJON BENNETT, PaoraiKTon or thr. Herald Establishment, Northwest corner nf Fulton and Nassau streets. "OK HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. Thr Ro va| Mail Stenm Ship CALE>^aRJ]RRiapuDO>IA, E G Lott, E*q., Comiuandrr. will leave Bostou for the above portion Monday. April 1st, nut Passage for Liverpool Passage for Halifax" 20. Apply to D. BltlGH AM, Jr., Acent, uil'jto Ire No. 3 Wall street STATIKN ISLAND KERRY. Oo aud alter Tuesday, February 27th, the Boats * ill leave as follows, until furtler notice Leuct Stolen Island. Leave New York. At 8)4 A. M. At 9 A. M. 1(1 ' 12 2 P. M. 3^ P. M. v. II. On Sunday the boat will leave at 11 instead of 12. fe29n: MAIL LINE FOR ALBANY, ~~ .MM ygu AND PHF. IN 1 ERYIKDI ATE PLACES. P. . rvd;?', JO or nl far the ic- will . ermit.?The splendid " BLmML. Steam boat IJTI'A, Captain E Hyatt, will leave toe S'rumtxiat Pier at til* foot o Ch"m'-ers atieul, on Ends'' AlW'.oon, at 5 oVIock , March Itth, !* I. For passage or fr ight, apply on hoard, or to P. C. 8C 'HJLTZ, at f-e Ofli .* on the whvf. rn!6 *c NEW YORK, ALBANY, AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. Am A?IV \ f' 'N I I n I I? null ,* >^ -t*e?3BIN(r l,|Nfc_From the foot of Birclay ? eet, M11T n" " o'clock A. M.. (Sundays excepted.) The Steamboat TBO V. Cart A. (Jorhtni and The At-ambi at BVD IRK, Capt 8. R. Roe Kv iti it c<ne?Direct from the foot of Co 'rtlaudt atreet, at 7 o'cl. ck P. M [Hnn<uy< excepted ] The Steamboat H'V ALLOW. Cant. A McLeoa, and The Steamboat At ,B AN V, Cart R B. Mary. Th'1 proprietor* off the New Y.rk Alb my nd Troy Li. e woubl respectfully irf >rm the miulic tlit their boats have duri .g the recess of navigation the ptat winter, been reft'ted and repleniahed throughout and many improvatnenu added to the coa fort of the traveller. The Troy and Kmpue. aa heretofore, will tone th- Mormng L;ne, from the Siearnhmt Tier font ol Birclay atreet, tunning daily [Sunday* excerted] makiug the principal intermediate landiugs en the Hirer The Swallow and Albany will inrm tin 7 o'clo' k Evening Line {through direct) d, tily ( Sunday i (excepted.) Theabnve boata ate of the ttrat cla?? of Ste'Bibo.ta. and fir epu"tl and accommodations re unsu'paased, and what is of greater interest to the traveller, are under the eomma< d of officer, wtII ktewn to the public?their t amea alone isa sufficient guarantee of kind attention, civil deportment and safe management. New York. March 12 1844 mlW WINTER AKKANWKMKNT-KOR ALBANY. Via BRIDGEPORT aud ?* ?! ,tMf| j|| Houssionic (k Westkhn (a. ill v ally, Sutidays^H^^H jK tUL Excepted 3EHL. Paattengers for Albany hy this Coute will take the new and elegant steamboat EUREKA Cart. J. Brocks, which leaves New York from foot Liberty street, Tne.dav morning at halfpast 6 o'clock, for Bridgeport, thence by the Honsatomc and Western Railroads, without change ot cara or baggage crates, to Albany, arriving same waning at I o'clock. Pare through Kor passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot of Liberty street. G. M. PERRY, Agent. ranee MCW V OUK AND PHILADELPHIA KA -ROAD LINK DIRECT. 'Fez Ntwnat, Nkwbruaswicr, Prhvceton, Trkktob, Boroentows An* Burlinhton. 620B.flte^51 THROUOH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New York daily from the foot of Courtlandt st. Morning Line at # A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at<X P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by teamboat to Philadelphia. The Kvening Line proceeds direct to CamdeR (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cara. Paaaeugers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlandt atreet, where n commodious stenmboat. will be in readiness, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, wihout being opened by the way Each train is provided with a car in which are annrtments and dressing rooms ei"ressl V for the ladies' use. Returning, the hues leave Philadelphia from the foot of V/alaat street, ov steamboat to Bordentowa at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. \1. The line* far Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7>f A. M., and I P. M. being ? continuation of the linaa from New York j9 3in*m aKHAMUr.MKMH FOR '811 OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAtiK OFFICE, KM Pine street, corner of South. and the public in general, to the following arrangements for 1841, for the purpose of bringing out cabin, 2d eabiu, anil steerage pasreugers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the 1st,Oth, 11th, 16th. 21staud 2Ctli of every mouth. By the Louiloii Packets, to sail rrm New York, the 1st, 10th and 2uth?aud from London on the 7th, 17th and 27th of each mmth. In connection with the above and for the porpos?of alfo'ding etill greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has established a regular tiu< oi lirst class New Y"rk built, copp- red and c 'Opei laatened ships, to sail punctually every week throughout the year. hor the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their I unities or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on tiie following Banks, via Provincial Bauk of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Cloiiinel, Londonderry, olico, Wesford, Belfast, Waterford, Oilway, Armagh, Alhloue, Colernin. B'llina, Tralee, Youghal, Knuiskillen, Mouaghan, Ban bridge, Bally mens, Parsonstewn, Uownpatrick, Cavan, Lurgau, Omagh, Diiuganiieu, Bandon, Emm, Ballyshanno Strabane, Skibereen, Mallow, Moueyuiore, Cootcbill, Kilrush. Dublin. Scotland?.1Tlie P.ilv Rank of (lla.n.iw Knvclaiiil?Messrs. Spooiier, At wood St Co. Ban ken, Condon; K. Murphy. Waterloo Road. Liverpool; payable in every town in < Irent Britain. t or further information (if bv letter, poet paid,) apply to JOSEPH iMcMURRAY, lUO Huestreet. c< rner of South, V. Y. Or Messrs. P. W. BYRNES lit CO, 36 Waterloo Road. jS Gm*re Liver|>ool. NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail iruM New York on the 26th and Liverpool on the 11th oi tuvii month. M. M & tit ^FMJM NKW Ship ROSCHT8, Captain John Collins, 26th Msr-h. Ship SlUUONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 26th April Hlup SHERIDAN, Captain F A. Depeyster, 26th May Ship OARR1CK, Cant. B I. H. Trask, 26tli June From Livrrfool. Ship SHEIllDAN, Captain A De|>eyster, 11th March. Ship OAltRK K, Captain B. 1 II. rask, 11th April. Ship ROSOIUB, Captain John Collins, 11th May. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, nth Jane These thi|? are all of the first class, upwards of 1000 tons, built in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine speed with unusual comfort for passengers Every care has beeu taken in the arrangement of their accommodations The price of passage hence is tluO, tor which am le stores will be |irovidea These ships are commanded by esi-erienrea in as urs, wno will aakr every exertion 10 give general satisfaction Neither :he captains or owners of the ships will be responsible fur any letters, parcels or pncknga sent by them, miles* regal* ' "''if ledum are signed therefor For freight or passage app'y to k. l|. COL1-IN* It CO.. M South it.. New York, or to flU WN.sHlPLBVItlo., Liverpool. Lvt^rs by thr pad -U will be charged 12% r?nU per ?in??e ?li-et ; 50 ceuf? per jure, and new?pat?er? I cent eaeh. ml rrc PASSAGE HtQM OKEATBKITA1N AND IRELAND M M> ^7 thk Slack"ball otHjlTP lin/HJ!^* LIVERPOOL PACKETS. (Hailing frojn Liverpool on the 7th and I'Jth of every month. J Persons wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends Can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and bave them come out ill this r.U|>erior Line of Packets, Sailing from Liverpool punctually on the 7th and PHh of every month. Tney will also have a first rate class of American trading ships, sailing eyery sis days, thereby aft'ordiug weekly communication from that port. One of the firm (Mr. James 0. Roche) is there, to tee thai they shall be forwarded wish ca/e and despatch. tii.ould the parties agreed for not come out, the money will be roturued to those who paid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Sliti?s, viz :? The OXFORD . The NEW YORK, CAMBRltXvK, COLUMBUS, EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENOLANO NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and nueoualled arrangements, the subscribers Confidently look forward for a coutinuauce of that support which has been eiteuded to them to many years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can t ill times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct On th? Royal Bauk of I" hiiii, Dublin, also ou Messrs. PREHCOTT, WROTE, AMES It CO. Bankers, London, Shich will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their -anclies, in all the principal towns thronghonl Euglajid, Ire la id, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE. BROTHERS It CO. 3J 1" niton street New York, . . next door to the Kulton Bank N. B.?Tb' Old Line of Liverpool Packets tail froia this pnrt for Liverpool on the 1st ahd 1Mb of each mouth. Parties returning to the old country will And it to their somfort mi J wvanui'i' t<? infct this favor it* Lin* for their c^nv"v^uff, in to BpV nthft, viAK-C'blLLfca Ufafc OK PT<~TKEm JR. JR. JUL JUL. MHKi JflttK. JttAL ^Tn^mlcrtnentinncil uliipt will be reauTarTv dniwtchw^iTi hence VI. th? lit. and frciro Maraeill. > on the :,ih month during uw* v>h? a? f?1Uw? !? from New York Marseille*. MINKMVA. ?-?)? BWw?v | TNK.Nt OTT, < fll't. Mflitl,, Jut. I March} H'HV THO\lVdON,Capt.8yl?eataf, Mi. I. April } HKbLKMPONT, (apt. Adams, March I. May} COKmJLANI'H, C?|>t. Haile, April I. June} They arc all eniipeml anil copiwr fastened, and hare rscrll?i,t nccoiniiiml itioiia for passengers. The iiricc of cabin passage will be $100, eielutise of wine. uws addressed to the agents, BOYD fc HINCKEN will be (irwarueii free of other charges than thoae actually paid. LAvWlkN^fc*!?Vtft'iPB. 101 Front street or to BOYD * HINUKEN.Aianta, mj4r No b.ToMtina BwlUm??. E NE NE amusements. A?IU(ICAII MimKUfll. AND PERPETUAL FAIR EVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK. Last week, rvisitively, of S1GNOK KBANCI8CU, the Maxiri ta and Knudiurut ! One week more of the ORIGINAL KENTUCKY I MINsTHELS, th- be?t hend of Ethiopian Melodists ia America, in addition to whom the Manager h.ts engaged? Mil. WiilTLOCK, the renowned Banjo Player and Negro Melodiat .... ... Mil. B WILLI the Deliurator of Iruh Character, Singer of Comic Ir *) Songs. and favor.U H tupipe Dancer. Mr. T li.u.;DTH e mie singer. MR HOWAKD, toe Violinist I MR H <i SHERMAN, thv popular Ballad Singer. I.A PE'llTE ffwl I'O, thenemiied Dnnteuse GEN. TOM THUMB m W?. faithfully represented. tngeiher win the celebrated POLLY BOlilNE and DANIEL LAMBERT. ThetJIi'SY FAMILY, aix in numhrr, recently from Oer many, and fai'htul rnpiesentative* of the ancient people of Kgvpt may be teen in 'heir native costume TbeGlPSEY QUEe-N. the Fortune Teller, may be privately cnnanlted at all hourt of the day and evening. Performances every evening at 7R o'clock. and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at 3 o'clock Tickets 25 cents?children under ten yeara 12}^ cents. Twen tv-fivecenU extra for private consultation* with tbeOipaey Queen. mlO rc CONCERT. THE HUTCH IN SUN FAMILY WILL GIVE THEIIl FOURTH AND LA-tT VOCAL ENTERTAINMENT for the Season,a' the Tabernacle, on THURSDAY EVE ONG, Murch2l*t, 1844. Pellicular* iu future advertisements. ml5 3t*rc COMPLIMENTARY BALL ffO MR. JOHN PARKER, to be rive, by bit pupils nl s. Washington Hall, .Monday ev uing, Ma cli 18, I8M. Tickets $ I. to admit a gentleman and hit ladies. T Phoenis Smith, Pres dei.t ; A Bryant. '1 rensnrer ; Win. Seym air. Sec-et.iry Coininitte*? VV Lawrence Barki", J D. Marshall. W. Messi.-U, ?*. Garrets, J W. Bricher rl I'irnie, J. Tocker, T. Rots, J. J Drake, J E. Libley, Ch?t. Davidson, Chat (.lark. Tickets to be obtained of an v of :li* coin in i fee at Washington Hall, Lotfjuy'a Hotel, and at the door ou llieeventus of the Bill m 15 H " rrc qHIE FIFTH ANNUAL BALL in Aid of the F'uuds of 1 the HEBREW BENr.VOLI- NT SOCIETY olthiscity, will take pi ice ou Wednesday, 20tlt March, at ill? Apollo Saloon, Hroadway. Tickets can b procured of M. M. NOAH. Esq . President. M. MICHOLL, Esq . Vice I'lesid-nt 201 Broadway. L. GAKUITS Esq , Tieasur-r, 113 Chatham st. Or th; undersieuid I ominittee? Joseph A. Jackson. '00 Bowery. Philip Pike, 57 Broad stieet. Mark l evy, 40 Maid-a Lane. J. L Siminonds 158 Pearl street. M A. King 15* W ,t-r street. Lionel A. Mvers, 50 Reade street. ml2 Mi*b _____________ CHATHAM THEATRE. Tliuasoav. March 14th, 1811. cf^HE L 4 DIES AND GENTLEMEN engaged at this J- establishment f< r th- ensuing teas-n, are re-,u-sted to meet at rh-Manager's Office, on Wedu -sdav nest, the 20th, Arrangement* h>ving been made for the lheatrv to in rn no Mnndi , the 25th. J, M SCOTT, ml4ec Acting Manager CAUTION TO PERSONS who purchase those most destructive, poison uus.aud (1 ug rousait cles tor uprooting or destroying human hair, reuiember. that <1 tht>i< Kit a rerun quack and iinpotlemsy offer it umVr a Kr nch name a* P udres subtile. and oilier Cognomens, I.Th imas Jone?, 34 Chatham ?r, do declare tliat all such preparations are either too simple to lie 111 acinus, or loo IWWfiral of UawiMMUtiCi and Oilier Ipgklv daugeritii aad poisonous artictej. Wo not be tlece.ved by any arKuinent and by apparent lair pJoini ei. Tliev may use such as testing before yourewi, Ho- I can brunt fb ward the iiauiei ofseveral Uglily respectable persons who have been deceived o injured by tnse I have had three different chemists make this fir m'?drench, Kntlirh and American. They have all raa-'e it dili.'renl; but each so fir dangerous a* to warrant me ass mil, with a conscience, n<-t to sell another bottle of such dangerous stuff, mi'l to warn my fellow-citizens from purchasing or using this. If they do use it they w ill be disfigitied for life Hie publics' servant, ml52tis*ec THOMAS JflNES, 82 Chatham st PAT IiEEK KAT BEEK.?On Saturday, 16th March, wi'l " be offer- d f .r sale at 14 Centre market, a pair of beanlltul fat H?ifer?. onle J yeari old, and a pa rof Ste irs, fi years old? raised by Mr. Merritt, of Conreccicu , pron-uneed by jmlgas lo heth-beit and handsomest that ha >e been offered this season Als very superior fat Veal and Motion allot which will l>e sold at puces to suit the times The friends of the subscriber, and the public, ate respectfully invited to call and see, as the subscribers defies com etuion iu exhibiting tor sellit K as good meats ss shove mentioned B. LAWhK.NCK, No. 14 Cen'r.' Market N. B. Meats bought at this istsll sent to any par o' tli- city fr*? of expense inl4 3tis>th THE CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN BURNS AND CLARINDA. rPHE whole of the mytte.iou* uid secret Correspondence * which took place b'twven tne P.ivt Bunas and the eeleorated Clsrinda, Mrs McLkHosk, in 1787 to '93, and which li s been sought for in vaiu by Cu>iuiugh*m anil others, lor the purpose of publication, has at length by th- decease of CI iriuila, fallen into tne hands of her grandson, 4V 8. iMcL*hos?, E'q. and is now first giv-u t? the world. The. Americui edition is a neat Umo, volume of about 3U3 pages cloth, gilt?is issu*d and lor sale iy II. P. BIX IIV St t.O. *Cml3 lm*ec No. 3 Park How, opposite the Ast ir House. DAC1S?KHt bales 8PFK Kags, JA. 100 bales Sicily do. 50 bales wet Leghorn do., just ree-ivet! nud for tale by rERSSE St BHOOKH. mil 3trc 61 Liberty street COPPe.K ?200 c set English Sheathing Copper, from 14 to 32 ox. manufactured from the best ore ir them ?r careful manner Eur sal.- by E K. COLLINS St CO rail 3t rc M South street N I B L O ' a CONSERVATORY AND SEED ESTABLISHMENT AKRIVALS OF FRESH SEEDS. Jftdf '1 II K SUBliCHI BK R, in acknowledaiug lh"1ibrra 9v<% -atronage -ec?ivd bv hiin tliis sea*on, for which he in wJUt'ver graitful, i nw b- g to inf Ttn his patrons mill the public ill *t the extensive arrmjpm nti fur the spring hnjit.i~? (which were mide by himself when iu Furnpe last winter.with grant cat e, uuieinrted attention, and wi bout any regard tori |ien?e, hare just been completed by the receut arrivals ol lh" several packet ships (rem London and Havre. The stock will be f mad to co itam sn(>erb varieties of ii?? anDiial, biennial and "ereiinhl How-r Seeds, many of which are very rare, and will be found well worthy the attention of all lover- of Klorn. Vegeubl -ml Held Seeds have also been imported, of tliosr kinds only which are d^sii .hie t < be obtaiued at a foreign mm ket; oth-r sorts, for which the American rrodn- tions are more celebrated,hive been grown by men of experience ami integrity for thii establishment only?all of which ran be strictly relied upon as b-iug genuine, and. in fact, are warranted The Proprietor would also beg to call publ.c attention to tli fact thar in orCer ill the Seeds from this establishment should hear a genuine character h- caused all the old semis (pr -cured by his a e partner, Mr l)-iul-*n) to be sold at pnblic aur iou without any reserve, by Mr W. Id. Franklin, at his rooms in Broad strret. on the 27tb Dec last, and hs can with coufuhncassert there is not a worthless seed ill the whole stock uow on hand Doable L) ihtiss?An extensive collection of these beautiful flowering Horns have slso been imparte-l from the most emn uent growers, and are bulbs of the mast choice Prize "lower-, exhibited in hip gland during the lest two years. Th-y are uow iiliner rropsg ition. a-id goad established plants warranted trw to name will be ready f r sale in due reason. C -ulogues. con mining a full description o( tacn var-rt,, teeether with in stru ti-ms for their Culture, will be published at aueudpe'ind. A large collection of fine healthy plants in Flower,are in thConservatories, which will be found desirable ornaments fo the Parlor, Ike Bnu juru, Hnkets. and Vases of Flowers, can be procured Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, hardy Rosea k". ii imtwhir. Bulbous Flowaring Routs rix : (Jladiolua, Mexican Tiger Flower, Tiger Lily, Jacobean Lily, Tuberose. dec. kc., hi planting early in Hinicg Flower Standi, Fancy Tarra Cortn Mower Vaiea and Pors. of new and handsome designs. (in d Fih, Fish Globes, kc A large assortment of <hardening Tools, llorli ultoral anil Agricultural Books, lie on ban I. The above are no>? off rod for ?ale at L"W PRICKS, hai iog been purchased f ir c ah, onadr -ulageoua terms 1 he Third AnuualCatalogrir is now in cour e.,f puolicarino and will be ready for de uery (gratia) early in tlie eiiaiiiii. we-k. Ord rs atlr nde I to with promptness, and thanltfnlly received WILLIAM NlBLO, Sole Proprietor 574 Broadway No c.ione tiun with any other establishment. f20 'aire SEEDS OF EVERY KIND JUST RECEIVE! BV TUB PACKETS QUEBEC AND HKNDWCK HUDSON. DUNLAP & CARMAN eptgf TAKE thia o|>i*irtunity of returning their thanka to &y9k their f ienda and the public, fir the litieral patronage h .waKaa. slow d upon them since opening thei new Se. d Bin's and Co aerratory. They liar* J ut rec-i,eil an add tioml am ply of til the hear knowo varieti a of innurl, Bie-ima and Pe e nial Flower S.eds, Vegtable See la of a!l kinds, CHriss eeerla of the lie.t kr da. 9. ri g Wheit, Potato Otis Aah Leareil and other early P tal e*. a1' in primi order. F.xoiica of'erery description, an table for parlor green house culture; Bour|itera. composed of th* in <sr choice and elicatr fl.iwr rs, for nfnlgl tier festive osrtie-; lli da and Bird Caeca, Gold Fish -Mid f)|ohea. fa-ci r'l Wr r V?r? and Sunda. of various p uterus, w (bother fancy articles, all of which svill h aold on rne I ,we-.t ternri They beg let top f rin thrif frie ds indthe public, that they hare not an old ?ecd of any kind III the store, and h > ve spared neither pains nor expense to procure the heat seeds of lli? last s-as n'a growth, from the moat ies|ie--taMe h< uaea in this country end Europe, all of which will he warriuted. ' nnb gu-s wi I b-ready lor dutrihri louee'ly iheeuaui ? week All thoa"in wc,twill please call and c amine for theniaelsea befnrs pu rebus ng elaewr.ere. English Split P*aa, Oatrne-I and Embrleu Groats for gru?l, fruit and ornain nia' Trersofull kinda Oraiie acrl (lowering herha rout plan's, kc . kc , 11 was on hartd at the new Conservatory and Seed Store, UA5 Broadway. New Vork. Several practical Hardeners wa rtrr.g situations, apply as flnnvp. 'Z7 im'm PRINCE'S LINN/EAN BOTANIC GARDEN AND NURSERIE'S, ( 'LUSHING. NBAll Nf.W YORK 4u| W.VI. 11. PHINOk * I O. offer to t e public tbeir i*? Uracripiive< > t<lo(uo of Tie and I'lanta with reita 1 ' ''rift, which am much lower than .ire oaotllt c.iafaed Their Trera f ve'V aup* rlor in *v?ry reaped Catatonia* will ?e ?ent to every iioat p iid applicant, au<l may a'ao be oh aid d at 21 Pineal; aid orqera left there, or aeot I er mail. Will be ea'COU d with desp.tcli, arid in a <upe-j. r manner, ml 2nt .rlatltW'ic WVl. R PKIfrCK & C0. FOR Nf.Vy ORLKAN n'ana ard N>? I lllfty." , ifi -,".'.reiy lir?( regular Pack t to 'ail 'I lb aHMk)U f' - i ne fiat amll.iK racket all pL'?l ISVILLK, '" .ptain ?' Hunt, will ?ail ?i arove, her r-gnlar d?), For freu'it or paaa-K\ having Miidaom* accnnain idationa, ap, ly on b ard, at Orleaoa wh.irf, f uit ol Wall at ar to B. K MILUNa Sr. < O , M Snnihar. Positively no inigiu teceivm niter i neniay erriuug, the lOt'i ioat. ... S-iirper* I),- thia line may (Ply upon having their gooda eor I Molly u.eauiurfd Amur* in New Orleane, Hnllin St Woodruff. who wil pr inptly forward all goodalo their addruaa, The paciet ?'.i|? HuoUvtM ', f'apt. ( nrnolll, will au<cr>>d the Louiaville, and anil ?Vth M tre.h her regular iltv. mliac tjj>- KOH eALfc ?T- e aloop THIvlAS TToL i KH, Sua Si.ig, now laying at the foot of iprii j atreo, IMMbN'ra Vaik. She waa bnil bv I'hooiaa Corver, at SiugSiiTg. aid it live yea a old, ami one of the faateat and beat built aloopa on the Hndaou nrer 8h- ta centre-board, and of ' ht dradaht of ?at?r. and cairiea about 124 tone, and i? w I adapted fo? thafreighting or lumber limine.a. For futther particular* apply to J08KPH AtJAI'K, , IJ7 Broadway, New Vo-k. Admiuiitmor of the MtaU of Kruklia Ante, tlKMged, W Y ( W YORK, SATURDAY M City Intelligence. Coroner's Office?-Friday, Feb. IS.?'Tun Secret Murder ?The Coroner yestenlay comi leted tlio exaini- | nation relative to the discovery <ii tin; body of a young ! woman found in the cellar of a house formerly occupied ! by Michael Roach, at the corner ol Water and Walnut streets. It was supposed, from various circumstances I connected with the case, that the body which, from appuarances, has been lying theie about two years, was that of a daughter of Roach named Rosanna, who was very ill used by him and his wile, who was her step-mother. A ' son of Roach, named Thomas, however, testified tlrtt he' received a letter from her lrom Philadelphia last full, and > that she then resided there; (but tlio testimony given by the other witnesses would induce a different conclusion,! and should havesatitfied the jury that it was her body on ' which they had held the inquest. The singularity ol the case has induced us to give all the testimony tuken before the Coroner He should cuuse a thorough investigation of this matter, |ai we huvu not a doubt that the girl has been murdered, and that the body found was her remains The first witness called was? James Jkiioi.amon who resides at 33M Madison street,and who being sworn, said, that about a o'clock in the afternoon, on Monday last, I saw the skull of some person in a hole or breach where some workmen were digging for a foundation for a house on the southeast corner of Walnut and Wuter streets jbjr digging! farther ulong I discovered the body covered wth hay and straw, wliicli was covered with earth about a foot in depth; the body apjiearitd to have on the ordinary clothing of a female so far us the decayed state of the body and clothing cnuhlcd me to determine; a part of the clothing which appeared to he the outer dress was of dark colored silk; the hair was long and dark colored; there was no apncurauco of any cottiu or box in which the body was; 1 do not know that there was a cellar at that place. Maria Btrvchan, residing at <W.i Waker street, being sworn said?I am acquuintedwith persons who have Uveal at the south east corner of Walnut and Water streets for several years past ; I do not know of any one having disappeared suddenly except u daughter ol a Mr Roach, who lived there between two and three years ago ; on inquiry ol Mrs. Roach, her step-mother, she said that her lather whipped her nnd sh, had run away ; ill a lew days after that Mr. Roach and his lumily moved away ; I have seen him heat his daughter, whose name I think was Ellen ; I think she was between 1(1 and 17 years old aiul ubout my height; I have seen him beat her two or three times, and I have seen her step-motlier whip her at the same time with a stick ; once I saw the father beat her with a piece of board, at another time with a rope of tho size of a broomstick with a knot at the end of it; after she hail been beaten with the rope. I saw her at my residence with a bruise neartthe eve ivhinh \eou . -v... complained or the severityof her father'* treatment,'which she alleged was in consequence of her stcp-mother ; I never heard any threats made by the father or stepmother agaiast the daughter, who was of a mild disposition ; her clothing was very scanty ; I never saw her with a stocking on ; I never saw her wear a silk dress : her step-mother commonly wore black or brown silk ; she stated that she had money coming to her when she should become of age, and that her brother had wrote on to her father to semi her to school, and complained lthat she was kept at home for a pot-sluver ; her younger brother lived at home part of the time ; she had h half sister about three or four years old who was well clothed ; when Roach left the housej/ir nailed the doors and windows on the inside, and I saw him jfet out of a hack-window and break a pane of glass out ol it with a brick; he then put his hand through and nailed down the hook with which the window was secured; the daughter Kllen always hail her hair, which was very dark, done up in a knot on the back part of her head with half a comb ; Roach sold out his things at auction immediately previous to his removal; about a month afterwards I saw Mrs. Roach, who said they lived at the corner of Broome and fioerck streets, and that they were going to move to 1'eck Slip ; 1 did not inquire about the daughter Ellen. Thomas Roach, residing at No. 246 Water street, being swern says?My father, Michael Roach, lived at the cor nerot Walnut and Water streets, on the south east corner, at which place he resided about a year ; he removed from that place, as near as I can recollect, about the first of April, 1842 ; his family consisted of himself, his second wife, his daughter Rosanna and myself, and his daughter Catharine, by his second wife ; Rosanna was about 15 or 16 years of age at that time; I saw my father, my stepmother my sister Rosanna, and my half sister Cathnrine in Philadelphia on the lorepart of 'lay, 1843 ; I renired a letter from my sister Rosantui last fall; she then resided at Philadelphia ; my father and mother both beat her ; mj father sometimes beat her at the instigation of his wife ; I think she was tnller, when they removed, thun 1 am now . there is some property coming to my brother, myself and my sister Rosanna ; I do not know of any person hnving suddenly disappeared from that house. Okokuk W. Bustkkd, residing at'137 Twelfth street, being sworn, says?1 am the agent of Mrs. Emmett, the owner of the premises on the south east corner of Walnut and Water streets Mr. Stanwood was the tenant of tinhouse on those premises for about five years previous to Vtr. Roach's occupancy of a part of it. Michael Roach with his family occupied the store lloor and the cellar from about the llth day of Junuary. 1341, 'till about the last ol March or the first of April, 1342; his lease was not on' iiiii ii,? S1..1 -r n.u li. ?:.t i_ house, the upper part was occupied by several families ? viz : Mr*. Messinge, Peter Regan, Julia Weeks (ooloral), and other*, whosejnames lido not recollect. Since Ma) I8P2, the whole house was let to Nicholas Schalfcr, until it was torn down a few days ugo. 1 do not know who occupied any part of the house not occupied by his family I do not know of uny person occupying any part of that house having disappeared suddenly. Roach manifested extraordinary anxiety to renew his loose, and gave as a reason that a friend of his would give him one hundred and fifty dollurs for his stock in trade and his good w ill of the leasa. It wns represented to me thut the place was securely nailed up when Roach let! it, and I gave orders to force the. hack door open. Julia Thompson, residing at (19J Water street, being sworn, says ?I knew the family of Michael Roach uh<> resided on the south-east corner of Water and Walnu' streets, fot some time previous to his removal, about first of April, 18 W It was the common re|H>rt that his daughter, who was about 11 or 15 years ol age, was severely beaten by her parents. I saw her almost daily 'till about a wetk before no moved away ; it was reported at that time that she had run away. The night before Mr. Roach moved away, I saw him put his horse through the front duos into the stare and nail Ihr daor rp ; I never saw the. girl after; I heard that site had run away. I do not know that an) other person living in thut house disappeared suddenly. Ki.sixci Jm'kkhs, residing at Cherry, near Walnut st being sworn, said?I knew Michael Roach and his fatuil) when they resided at the corner of Walnut and South st I have seen him heat his daughter with something like a piece of lath or stave; Isa w bruise* on her person after wards, which appeared as if they had been produced byblows given her at that time I heard the heating for half or three quarters of nu hour, and then nryed the windowshutter open, and w as about to get in, when his wife threw i pail of water at me. 1 have heard her beaten several times before and afterward*. She told me that she was beaten because she. would nol give up papers cant erring pro nerty left her by her mother, which pa; er* she said she had hid in the cellar. 1 do not know of any person disappearing suddenly from that house. Dr. Midolbtoi* (ioi.nsMi i ii, residing at No 0 I'ark Place, being sworn, said ?I have made un examination ol the body of an unknown female, now lyingdeudia thPark deud house It is about the ordinary stature of uful grown female; the hair was long and dark colored; the < . ? vim ii'.ti wi'i iMircniiiiin were nnre; ilit; anterior ends of the ribs were projecting through the soft parti: the outer layer of the soft parts coveting tho hones was irnnslormed into ndipocre; the anterior wall of the abdomen was perfect in fo>m, ami on removing it,I discovered the intestines in their natuia! position,and could distinguish tho fat noon them, partially transformed into adi nocro: I could distinctly observe the cavity and form ol the bladder in its natural situation; on examining tin Imnea, I found the epiptijses completely ossified; the teeth ind hones have the appearance of those in a person between twenty and thirty years of age; there was no frac tore of the skull nor of snv other bone, as far as I was ahlt to examine them; 1 could not, from the examination ot the b>dy, a-o itain the cause of death; it is my opini-n that the body must have lain several years inthcgioumi for the formation of the adi|incre The jury, after a short absence, returned as a verdict "That the said unknown female came to her death by some cause unknown to the jurors." SnstTCtft'ia rkhovrd.?Some time since we stat il that a woman had died at Highalown, (N. J.) under circumstances to induce suspicions of violence. I'lie Trenton State Gazette says- She was Ann Ilohbins, wile of K/.ekirl hohhins, who was found dead in tier bed 011 Wednesday morning, the tl 1st tilt. A post mortem examination was had and tne stomach ami con cots were taken {to New Yoik and analyzed by Dr. fohn Torrey, who declared that he oauld not detect any portion either ol arsenic, corrosive sublimate, or opium, in the substance of the stomach itself, or Us contents. Carrot.!,ton (La.) Rac ks.?The spring meeting of the Louisiana Association commenced on the Kclipsi bourse, near Carrollton, yesterday. It was about as gloomy a day as could have been desired far anything V drr/ /ling rain, accompanied hy a cool wind, was show ered down at short intervals throughout the entire day. Thv first race was a sweepstake, for three year olds?subscription, $'J/i forfeit; d-.M) added to the jwrse by the iren-. I 11*7 ! I in It IV?ts, III COUTCH, in llll condition for running, being evrcedingiy wet mid slippery. The race wiii run, hovrevf-r, nml the nag* came out in the follow ins: order Dati Tucker, 1 ? 1; Kllnn Walker, 4?-i ; Reverie, 3?3j Laura, J?I. Time, 1m. :>71s? Im. Ma. Mystf-rioi'S.?Tlie I larrUburg Intelligencer ny8 that in removing an old tttalilu on Wednesday, on n lotjowaed hy Mr. liigler, en an alley, two perfect skelitoni wue discovered, partly buried, ami dug up Also mi ,ixe and a spado, which had been no long Imr.ed that the handle of each wns destroyed. There are suspicious that the skeletons are the remain* of some persons who died hy the hands of violence But it is reported that some vears ago the stable was used hy some medical students lor ili.isectliig dead bodies. If ro, this accounts fur the skeletons that vvrre dlcovejad The Bttkeye.?We unclerstmid that no further publications will he mailo in regard to the disastrous collision between the Buckeye and the lie Soto. ( splain I'aldwell, ol the former, has instituted a suit in the Lr H. District Court, against the owners of the De Soto, for damages to the amount of >10,0011 Oen. Fell* Houston is counsel for the plaintiff?AT O Tropic, March 7. Navigation in Ohio.?The Cleveland Herald mentions the arrival there, on the flth instant, of the first steamboat this spring from Dotiiot, Last year tha Aral arival was on tha 19th of April* )RK ] rATI *TT*Tn 1 r i T? ^-r-r + /"? its LUHH.LN17, IVLAKUIl 10, lo General Sewloni. Before Recorder Tallmadge and Aldermen and Scales. March 15.?Sentence Day ? Kdmund K llurke, convicted of obtaining cigar* bj taUe pretences, was first arraigned lor sentence. The Rkioaura stated that they had recoived no cotnmnnication from ju isoner calculated to change the original position of the Court, and had also learned from the prosecution that he had refused to explain the alleged ! cause of his losses which would have tended to ameliorate his sentence, if satixfactoiy to the minds ol the Court and the prosecutors But in consideration of his previous good character the Court sentenced him to the Penitentiary for tbiee mouths, and impost d a tine ot $JU<>. and ordeiud that lie should stand committed until the line w as paid. Krcordkr?Call John Jones. ChiitK?Joha Joints. Rccorokk?Order the bail to be forfeited and prosecuted fiythwith. Chikk Kino?John Jones?John Jones?John Jones? I'eter Roberts, bring forth John Jones, in pursuance to the condition of your recognizance or your recognizance shall be forfeited. The bail waa then ordered to be forfeited and prosecuted forthwith. Ti*d of Richmond ll'mnlhull?The trial of this young man, formerly book-keeper ior George \V Miller, on a charge of forging a note for $500, in the name of Miller, was resumed. We took occasion this morning to take the dimensions of the piece of puper on which the alleged iorgud note was written. It is three inches wide and eight uud a half in length The space between the top of the paper uudth signature to the note, which Miller testified was in his own handwriting, is one inch ami uu eighth, and the water murk ot thu paper Is ut the hollom ol the note. WtlNMblM thus particular, as Miller alleges that the signature is his, hut thut the piece ol paper on which it is written has been torn from u letter or something containing his signature, and the body of the note tilled up in WoodbiiU's handwriting Jacor S. Akcci.arii s, called by defence?I bought a wagon ot Oeorgu W. Miller, of Tattersull'H horse market, lor $75. Cross-examined hy Blurt?Mr Miller piirchuscd a bill of fjoods from us. amounting to |M 60, ninl gave his check or the balance over the amount of $100, which was given for the horse Ural P. W vnu, was called, but did not answer Bknj. Jrssor. called and sworn?I purchased a wagon of Miller on the 22d ot November. 1842, and gave $80 for it W. L Ormsbv, sworn?I left the wagon purchased by Col. Jessop. to be sold by Miller ; the lowest price to be $75, but he was to gel as much as lie could for it mid have his commission; Miller rendered me an uccmint of sule for $75 and when afterwards 1 discovered that lie hud rereived $80 lor it from f'ol Jesson. I called umn him and hi' gavu nit* the $6 th?t lie had unaccounted lor in the hill of sale ; Miller wan |ireaeut when Woodliull paid me lor the Bale of the wagon ; Miller directed Woodhull to make out the hill; the commissions, insurance, lie was deducted hy Miller from the sum of $76 Mr. .luHiiAN called Uzal I'. Ward, to show the transaction relative to the sale of the wagon to Arcularius, but he did not auswer He, therctoru, asked the t.'ourt to allow him to call this witness when he came into court. Mr. Bu st objected, as the rule of the Court was, that the defence were hound to finish their case before the prosecution ottered rebutting testimony Mr Jokdam said thut he presume-! the defence had offered enough, as two clear transactions had been shown before the delivery of the alleged $600 note, which in themselves were sutlicient to turn any man in public business such as has bueu conducted hy Miller. The Cot ht decided tliut they must adhere to the rule, and the defence must close their testimony before the prosecution present rebutting evidence One of the jurors replied that they thought they had heard enough on this point to satisfy them, without calling other witnesses. t s BARiir.i.n, sworn.?I hail a wagon sold a Miller's horse market in Broadway in 18-U; I am not certain whether it was before oralter.iuly; I told him not to sell it for less than $76. and to get as much as he could; he sold it, and told me that he got only $76 for it; I asked Miller who it was sold to; he said he did not know, but that it was going out of the citv; he deduated the commissions, lie , oral paid me some $(jH or $00 uud some cents. W. II. Dhaki.. sworn?I lelt a wagon and two horses for sale at Tattersall's in 1H4I; the wagon cost me $-460; 1 think I told Miller to sell the wagon for not less thun $175; one of the horses I sold lo Vandewater for $05. I ' hi tile Miller told me that he sold the wagon to a man in New Jersey for $100; I dont think I received more than $ 236 for the wagon and horses. [By referenco to the sale.s hook it was found that the wagon was solj liy Miller on ini- mil .nine, io-ii, tor >i;iu, ana tun entry in the cash hook was $130, and commissions received, making $136.] I received a note from Mr. Miller's counsel stilting that the ditfVrenre would lie paid me: this was alter I had round out that Miller had received $136 tor the wagon; I gave the letter to my counsel, Charles II Smith, to settle the iilt'aii, and collect the difference that Miller owed me, as be received more for the wagon than he accounted for; froin information that I got round town, I was induced to think that something wrong had been done in the tale ol the horses and wagon Dtrin A Hei.i. called and sworn ?I know Miller and Woodhull; in IH4-2, some time in November, Mr Woodhul e.a'lvd on mestt siy*-, lm u anted to borrow money; it was not convenient lor me nt that time to lend him; he snowed me a note signed by Miller for $600; he wanted me to advance him $60 on it, and take it as collateral security ; I told him that 1 would let him know in a day or two ; a day or two after I called at the office at Tattersall's, and saw Mr Miller and Woodhull, and toon after left ; the next day I called again and saw Mr Miller; I told him that I railed to see li m about a note of $600 that Woodhull had showed me, and wished me to advance money on it ; hu said that Woodhull had no right to pait with the note ; that he had given it to him under a private agreement, aud that he would not pay it if 1 bought it ; this whs in the latter part of November, 1 H4*2 ; this is the note that Woodhull tillered to mt.; Millet appeared to he angry when I spoke to liitn ntaiut the note. Crom-tinmintd bij Bu'sr ?Woodhull owed me aliout f HO borrowed money ; his father and mine were cousins ; Woodhull said that Miller had given him the note as part salary mid for something else; I have since been paid the $60 that Woodhull owed me ; this was the latter part of February, 18-J3 ; when I called upon Miller, 1 asked him when the note was to he paid, as it wss drawn on demand: lie Kind It was none ol my business ; this was tlie lust words I said. [This witness having so pointedly rontra dieted the testimony ol Miller relative to the note, (Miller having denied that he ever heard of the note until Woodhull was arrested) I le was most closely ami scinching!) cross-examined by Mr Ulnnt. but answered every ques ion with great clearness, and explained every tiling connected with his knowledge ol the matter in tlie most ex plicit manner ] The Court here took n recess until half past 4 o'clock. Evesixo Stssiox. Witmmis H. Ili'bl was re-called bv prosecution.?I saw Mr V'andewnter, the late foreman of Miller, last summer ; I told him that (thought Miller's course relative to this trial was very singular . I think I told him something about my Interview with Miller relative to the note, hut I cannot say that I told him exactly what I have said here on trial relative to that interview. Wm O. Abchxx called, and sworn hy prosecution.?I was employed by Millerfrom August, 1H3M, to duly, 1840 ; I left then for about four months, and returning remained until May, 1HII, when Mr Woodhull came ; Miller is en 'irely unacquainted with hook keeping i offered to prove tout the cash account on the hooks of Miller was short filfli 47, during the time that Woodhull was his honk-keeper Mr Johdsn object* d, and the Court refused to admit the testimony. nv Hi i si What if Mr. Miller's general character for untnjand veracity' Mr. Johoas objected, as the defence hail not attacked his gcnoigl character l.y any testimony offered on his part. Tnet oust admitte 1 the testimony, ami defence took * xrepiions. Hy 11 i si, What is Miller's general character for iruwi nun veracity r A. it is good ; I would believe him under o ith. Cmii rxuminrd liy Joiiims ?I w ith Millertwo year* and eight month* ; Mi^lur oan rend and write ; I think I e could run up a r.oiumn of figure*, mi I tell how much they mounted to ; if a wagon waa entered for *1.111, I think hi would know what it meant ; while i whs with him, i don't believe he ever looked over hi< accounts, or counted tie mollis on hand ; he ken' a Key ol the money drawer ; I never knew of anv deficiency in hi* bank accounts while i wa? with Miller lo is J lose* called and ?worn I know Mr. Miller; hi* cnaractcr for truth and veracity i* rtoed; I would be lievehim under oath; he keep* an account in the Chemical Hank of which I am Preiidont, Cfoif.fxowiiieif hy Joiibaiv? Atiotit five or fix month* since I think I heard Miller *ayr that Woodhull had a note Ion* Si r* * called ? I am a cabinet maker; Miller for merly worked for me a* a journey mim; hi* character for truth and veracity in good; I would believe him under oath HOvoa ok Davis called I am deputy collector; I have I known Miller lour or five year*; I would not heaitate to believe him under oath; his general character is good Byjoanss?Q What i* your business I A I am a deputy collector, tj How long have you been a deputy l \ Vive or *ix year*; I came In under Jeaae Hoyt Joaois?Oh, you wore one of Jotae1* deputies (Laughter ) r?Avi*?Ye* , and am one of Mr Ctirtia'* at nre*crit May it please ttie ( ourt, I should like to know if l am to answer direct qnention*, or *uch a* are put 1 If thi* course of examination i* to continued, 1 think l had bet ter withdraw (Laughter 1 Joan** -Well, wo will hit yen withdraw (Laughter ) HiglUl* Wii.k* anil Su. ii B Funaist* testified to good character. Sawpsos Dkmcv calleil? I carried a letter from Miller to Mr Woodhull, when the latter lived at the corner of l?leeckei|slreet and the Bowory , I gave it to hi* mother Crait-r.rani iicd I do not know who the letter was from. Masiis V. Bess called?Miller'* character i* gno.l ; I would believt him under oalli lit MBit V*T? ii, called I win foreman lor Miilot about three yeor* j Woodhnll wn* nb*' nt a couple of week* from the e*tabli?hroent; I weet to ace him at the corner of Bowerv and Itleecker afreet i I have aoon Mr Holi it Tatteraall'a ; I mot him altera iirda downtown; he did not bbv any thing about any note held by Wood hull, or that fie hod railed to aoe Miller relative to it; we nad some comer*,itinn about both the arreat* of tVoodhnll; he aai l he thought Woedhullwa* innocent ol the charge* agaiiint hirn. Cront rxammrdhy ,/o?n?i?I Kept n little memoranda in myprivate ile*k of mattera that I then conaideteil a* wrong in Miller, but I cannot tell what the particular* were ; the memoranda waa destroyed ahont a year ego ; I think it may hare heee alnceMiller commenced the unit* againat Woodhull; a good many thing*, ?uch ha* blanket* ?nd whip* that h?d accumulated there, were told bjr Miller, EIERA 44. at auction ; Mr. Miller haJ a private room where these I thing* were kent . I knew nolxclv clunnnv th>.m Samuel. Ball, called?I wan loriuerly a grocer , 1 would believe Miller under oath ; his character in generally good. Waterman Hull, recalled?I meant to-day that the small memoranda that I deatroyed, whs a common one that 1 used for various purposes , on the day that 1 called upon Miller I wua on the ship Ann hli/.a, or coasting , the regular discharging book we return to the cnstoin house annually The testimony here closed on both sides, and the case will he summed up this morning Mr. Jordan opening, and Mr Uluut closing for prosecution The I ourt then udjournod till 11 o'clock this morning United Mates Circuit Court. Before Judge Belts. March 16.? Cose of thr Oritimbo Rrvoltn ?.?After Judge Betts had taken his seat the morning, he proceeded to give judgment on Mr. Benedict's motion to quash the indictment. Hishonor, alter taking a very elaborate review of ourmarutime jurisprudence, said that the result of his judgment was, that theiimlictment ought to he sustained. The second count was had, and ought to be quashed. The seventh count should also be varied.? With those exceptions, he thought it sufficient. He wonld, however, reserve (lie right to the prisoner's counsel to make any motion hereafter he might see tit, in arrest of judgment, if his clients should he found guilty ? John liver, John Woodman, Thomat I'oters, Oliver 1 lull, Abraham Patterson, Matthew Daily, August IIopener, William Williams, and Abner Brook* were then put on their trial lor an endeavor to create a revolt on lajaitl the ship Orizimbe, lying opposite the battery, on the Hth day of March instant. David Koo i , the captain of the vessel, was the first witness called and sworn?'The substance ol his testimony was that, between the hours ol ,'i and 4 o'clock in the afternoon wf the 8th, he beurd a noise on deck, came up und touiul Deer and the lirst mate having hold of each other; he called upon Deer to let go lus hold; Deer refused; lie then went back to the culnn, brought out a cutlass, and called upon him a second lime to let go; he letusul; he then put the swoiil between thein, and told him if lie did not let go, he would cut his arm; he let go, rushed by, seized a club, anil said he would see it out; tho remainder of the crew were present, and were called upon to inter lero ami lake Ueer awuy irom Me nistonicer.ineyreiuseil; artel Deer und the mate were sepai ated, the whole ot the crew retired to the forecastle; the captain then went to the Ibrecsstle, and ordered Deer to go uloft, which lie refused, using at the same time the most gross and ojipro brious language; the captain next ordered them to come up and hoist the boat, which they, one and all, refused; they were, next niorniug (Saturday) ordered to man the windlass and weigh uuehor. but again peremptorily refused, uml Deer replied, " he'd he damned it he would, that he wanted law in the United Slates' Court lor it; and would see it out there." The M?rr wus next examined, and his testimony was the same as the captains. Captain Oii.sox, w ho shipped the crew, was examined for the defence, ami swore that the mate was drunk when he came en shore to his house to complain oi the men; and gave Deer a good character The District Attornf.y called a witness to contradict Captain (Jilson, and the case rested. The Court adjourned, and will ciiuige the Jury to-morrow. United States' Commissioner's Office. Before Commissioner Kapelje. March lb.?Uhariik or Mutiny.?William Daviei, John Scott, nnd Thomas Davis, tiirca seamen on hoard the ship Shakspeare, were this morning put on hoard u revenue cutter by the captain, charged with an attempt to create a mutiny on board suit! ship on her passage hum Liver|Ool to this |>ort They werr subsequently given, by I aptain Hunter, ol the revenue cutter, ill charge ol the United States' Marshal, and by him brought belore Mr Commissioner Kapelje, who had them committed for examination. They will be examined this day. Circuit Court. March 16? Judge Ki.nt took his seat on thebcnch'nt li o'clock, the ('leik read the list ol cases on the Calenuar for this day. Enilrr r? Vrrmilya.?An action ol assumpsit on n promissory note made in Kngland for A'tiO Ills fid The defence nut in was tiiat the note was endorsed liv tha defendant* Verdict tor plaintiff jiJOl and nix cents cost*. J and H. HVigteyJe* Frith.?An action of assumpsit 011 a promissory note lor $391. Verdict lor pluihtilf. Doughty vs. 1 In/ie.?An action of ejectment to recover premises located in Broadway. Verdict for plaintiff. Krlty vs Sattfvly was next called on. Air Major having appeared lor the plaintiff, a short discussion took place, when the case was postponed until May. A few undefended cases on notes were then disposed of, when the Court adjourned over till to-ruorrow at the usual hour. Common Plena. Before Judge Ingrahain. March 15.?John If. Morgan vs. Jnhn Shtpheri?This was nil action tiniutflit hy the pluintill, Mi. vVoodriitl' on a promissory note drawn t>y thu defendant, payable to tJeorget; 1 ompkins, for $1 JO, sixty days afterdate, am) endorsed bytleorgc (' Tompkins It ap|>earH that tiie note was an accommodation note, and given hy the defendant to Tompkins to take up another note oi $10(1. Tompkins took the note to a man of the name of llicks, a looker in Wail street, and deposited with him lor $100, and received the money, llicks subsequently parte.1 with it, and it passed through the hands of several individuals, until it eame to plaintilf without any endorsement. The defendant contended that the note lor $TJO being sold to llicks for $loo, was tainted w ith usury in the han Is of tinholder under the statute of IM37 ; that the note was h it w ith llicks on hy|>otheration lor tfiltK); and that, therefore, llicks ought to have given notice to the defendant to redeem the note hclo.e any suit was commenced, 01 lalorc prrting with it. His Honor charged the jury, it they believed the plaintiff's witnesses they should lind a verdict for him lor the lull amount, hut il they believed tiie defendant's witnesses, they should liml for plaintill only $100 ?Verdict for pluintill for the lull amountJohn lJurfee for idaintifl'. A Nasli fur defcmlnm Uomicipk in Wisconsin.?A t^a^u:;t 1 aiVuir came ofTat Snake Hollow, Grunt county, Wisconsin, on the J3d ultimo, which resulted in the death of Charles I,a timer, kis<| , counsellor at law. It seems that Col. White, a Kentuckian, and formerly a member of the Kentuck) Legislature, had on the previous evening been singing a Whig song at the Wisconsin House, and l.stimer, w ho was present, applied to linn some degrading epitliet whereupon f'ol. W. slapped him in the face. Latimer thereupon challenged White to tight a duel and the challenge was immediately accepted A Mr. Gloster, who also had a difficulty w ith Latimer, w as to act as the friend of Col W This all look place on the evening of the 22 I On the'23d, Latimer met (ilaster in passing through tiie hall of the Wisconsin House to breakfast, and without giving him any notice, drew a pistol and tired at him, the hall grazing Ins hreast, but without dorm uiqi uuy injn ry. Gloster then seized a ride to deteud himself, hut be lore tiring, Latiinr r snapped another pistol at him, which di I not go off Gioster then discharged his rille and killed I atiuier upon the spot Latimei w as an Lnglisinnan and a Canadian Patriot. Nkw Vokk I.kgisi.a M.rg ?The l^tate Prison lull, which hits occupied tlic House some ten days in committee of the whole, was yeferday reported to the house, alter a long sitting, substantially in the shape in whicli it came trom the standing committee on State Prisons The only mateiial amendments made to tin- I hill, were those propound by Mr Boswrorth They relate exclusively to trie government and poison of the prison, and it* financial management? and are well calculated at once to "ecu re a (mi111fi , 1 and iiccotin aide management ' ita rcnc rns, and 10 give the new system n fair trial I'ho ((Ut iilioii on ordering the hill to a third reading w i s pending when the hotiae adjourned yesterday- though it? fate can hardly be considered doubtful. if the vote in committee of the w hole on the motion to strike out the entiri hill, nave the enacting clause can he regarded ex a teat queation. The motion, it will be seen, was lost by a decided vote ?^llbamj .drgtia, Match 14. Piuce cf Ii.k ?Tito contract tor the supply o the Light Houses, in Massaehuseti* was closed ver? tirdiy at tho Hnaton Custom llonae, as we learn from Col Hatch, in lavor of Meant* Kranch it i otttn of Nan tucket, at the extremely low rates ol 7H cents per gallon 'or Speim Spring Oil, and Ha Cen's |x-t gallon lor Wintei pressed Sperm Oil Average an} cents per gallon, Present cash prices, Kali ix . cents, Winter87, an 1 rising The contract includes 4n H4tt gallon; ol Spring and ju 4'Jll gallons of Winter strained Oil to he delivered in Boston, ii stated quantities, in the months of Match, April, June, and July, IH-U? N lirHfoxl Mmitry Mirth 14. The Htrnaos ?The rain rluring the laat twenlvhmr hours has no doubt weakened the ice, and the watei ii high-over the pier and w harses -hut except a alight movement downward hi a sold muas, there is no indication ol a breaking up.-vf"'?rty Jtrgut, Mutch II, Cot.n Wmiwuii in ('anada.?The weather i* again c.olj ,uel frosty. This morning the thermometer stood at lour degrees below zero The few days thaw, how ever, made inaiked havoc with the anow The pond is now as smooth and as clear, after the rain, as when it first took , affording \ et another chance toakatirstn in dttlge in that healthful sport ?ip/itn Mercury. Mnrth .A f^t.AVE TrAbg.?A letter frnm Havana. "I 21 h nit , pnhliahed in the New Orleain Bee, aaya A ahii" ?> rive 1 on the roa?< lout wcrk with upward* of one tlion aand negroea, nnd it m i.n l Unit $13.0110 were paid to the < Hpt.iin Ounerul ao na to allow the lading of them. Lkad ant) Coppkr.?Tlie whole amount ol lend iliinped from Oalena and Duhuriiie during the l??t y ear. i? eatimated nt Kill tsr| a*n punnet" The whole amount of Copjier, Uo.lMK) |>oMn la. Total value, near f.l,000,00ft. Lark Erik.?Tin- stoamlmit f "nitrtl Slate*. niter proeecding five or six mile* on Saturday .wax compelled, owing to the floating ice, to return t.i Itullalo. I'knnsvi.vania i 'axai.s The Ilarriehiirgh I'tiion ?tate?, "||,at the water WM let into the < anal from I,ew. iatown to Columbia a few day * aince, and that the i anal will he navigable between thoae two |minti in a day or two?and the canal commiiaiorier* are aanguine In the expectation that the whole line, fiotn Philadelphia to Pittaburg, will he ready for tranaportatiun by the IMh i III tan t at fnrthe?t, pethapa earlier. LD. Prt?? Two CmU. The Late Affair of Honor.?In justice to all parties, we publish the two following versions of the late aHiiir of honor between Dr. Cowen of the North Carolinu, and Mr. Wheeler of this city. A me.lical student of Wilmington, N.C., accompanied a lach to a party in Fourth street. During the evening a Mi Wheeler (a rejected lover of this lady) asked the pleasure of tier hand lor the next set Her reply was, he must excuse her, us she was engaged, lie tartly replied, ha would excuse her for tver. During the set she received liom Mr W. uu insulting motto, w hich he followed up by relusing her hand in the turns of the dance On Mr. I being inlornicd ol these proceedings, he demanded u lull apology to the lady, or that Mr W. should render to luiu the only satisfaction (in his opinion of honor) a gentleman could demand Ou this challenge, Mr. W. w I ote w hat lie deemed a satisfactory note totkuladr, but which was not >u looked upon by Mr. C., who again repeated his demand lor satisfaction. A meeting having been arranged, and a promise extracted Irom Mr W that Ids friend Mr Birmingham should call next day on Dr tireeti (the friend of Mr C.) for the settlement oi time, itc. Allulavit wus then made by old Mr. Wheeler, the lather ol the person engaged, and the principals were arretted; and held to hail in 110,000 Mr. U . on hearing what Dr. Green had to say, made affidavit, and hud him arrested, swearing his object in waiting on Dr Green, was to lieur uud to disrlose to the police what the opposite party intended. On his afhdavit Dr. G. was arrested und held to hail. And so ended this aftuir. Delta. The following is another statement of the other side. At a party .given bythe Misses S , in the upper part of the city,some time in the early part of F ebruary, a Dr I owan waited upon a young lady to the above party, where she recognised an old ucijuamtunce, a Mr. Wheeler, a student of law, ol this city . u ho tendered the young lady his hand lor the next cotillon. She politely inloimed him that she was engaged, and hoped that he, wheeler, would excuse her, but would dance the next cotillon with him Mr. W. ls?Ailttia Iniiii/iiunt in lii'inf liiiiifri'iulffl In tin* HntithisrnKr infoimelthe young lady that he would exeunt' tier, ami that lorevcr. During the evening the young lady treated her old trieud with some coolness, he having retimed her hand in dancing The following day,the young Southerner having heard of the affair, Kent a note tO|Mr. Wheeler. demanding an apology or satisfaction, for having insulted the young lady u bile under hia |irotectiou. Mr. W sent a reply to Dr C., which immediately brought Dr. < owun'a friend, Mr Green, to inveitigate the difficulty, and make urrungement* for its amicuhle aett lament Mr. Wheeler having learned that the young lady had sanctioned the proceedings ol Dr C. for resentment of the insult, wrote hern reprimand lor her Whavioarat the party, the tenor of winch was insulting ill the extreme.? A Mr. 11., Ihu friend ot Mr Wheeler, called upon Mr.lireen at his room, at the Waverly House, on Saturday last, and their got sufficient information to file an affidavit tor the arrest ot Mr Gfreen?the substance of which emanated from hi* friendly visit to Green'* room. Mr 11. also called upon the young lady, ami informed her. to this effect, that if she did not writw a lettei exonerating Mr. Wheeler that she would tie the means of the death ol one of the partie* concerned, whereupon she addressed a letter, saying that she was satisfied, being anxious that the whole affair should be brought to an amicable settlement. Much we presume against her inclination. In the arrest and JinaU all accounts are alike. A. B. Pikacy in the CiitNA f?EAs.?Thelollowing facta appeared iit tlie tfnston j ranscnpt ot j nursuay atternoon;? Kxtract from aletturfrom Manilla'?"I have iu?t heard of the loss ol the schooner* Zephyr, anil Anglona, hoth lata ol Bo?ton. The Zephyr wa* hound to Bombay liom Canton, for a cargo of opium, and had 'ftRMUiflU in specie on hoard. Hhe wan taken in the China Sea h> Pit ate* and nil hand* murdered. I have not heard the particular* about the Anglona, hut tindertund that all lier crew were murdered." 1 he Z. u as void to an American in Canton, and the A. to a foreigner. These piracies in the Chinese waters are becoming frequent. We noticed accounts of one or two in the English papers, received by the Siddons.? Such vessels us the Angloiut and Zephyr carry enormous sums oi specie, and hence are rich hits to pirates. Such clippers, however, ought to have outrun nil pirates. They ure remarkably fast sailers. If the Zephyr or Anglona, iherefore, should be used for piratical purposes ihey will cause some losses m tliut quarter. Vessels bound to Cantot>,or Manilla, icc., should hereaftergo well armed. From Matanzas.?The brig Gardner H. Wright, Captain Ronton, arrived lust night in 10 days from Matnnzas. We learn from Captain 11. that considerable excitement pirvniled at Mntanzus in consequence of the arrest ?f a number of foreigners (French anil Spanish) who were suspected of being in league with inhabitants of Hayti and Jamaica to create an insurrection in Mitunzas. More arrests Were expected. A uoted brigand, who had for a long time been a terror to the inhabilants in spite of I he efforts of the government to rid the island of his existence, was caught up the country a .-hort time before ('apt. R. sailed, brought to town, and shot in the public square. Fire in Tintm: Rivers, Mass.?The reed manufactory of MeKiirland V Kendall was destroyed by tire on the otii mutant. Lo?s $J0U0. No iimurance. Fire in North Wit.ukaiiam, Mass.?The saw mill ol Mom* c. liullieit was burned on the ttlh mutant. Lot,* yi400, tuKiirunce $lb00. Havana.?We have icceived lluvana papers to the 29th nil lino, which are exceedingly barren ot interest. The joy of tin; ilahuneros on occasion ol (tie young (Jueen Isabella's assuming the reins of governinent seem hardly yet to have subsided, We hold in our hands a very charming number of the Corns de Trinidad, hi t uba, superbly embellished with gold letter and figured ingiavings ?a delicate ottering ol our Couti mpuiaiy 'a ley ally We perceive that u lira broke out at Santa-Ana, near Matanzas, on the night o< the -24th tilt , which ihreatcned todealroy the whole town ; hut it waa happily extinguiahed by the energetic ?libit* ol the autnoiitiea, without duing much harm. One or two houaea were burned to aa'iea - A' O Uip, Martk 7. Stkamhoat 1'inastkk.?'The, alenmhont Pent-'ope, i apt II Kinney, while on hi r downward trip Irom I iiarnloo a, w ith a raigo ol ?<K) hulea rotion, waa totally consumed by file on Tuesday morning, at or near -27 Mile ttliitt The fire is supposed to have originated Irom the ash-pan burning through and conimumcutiiig to the cotton ill her hold. About 100 b.di * woie sand. No lives lost the passengers and crew, how ever, lost most f their baggage The greater part ol the cargo is said to have been insured at the diltereut oflicea in this city. ytahitr Rrpilir, Will < A 7. iinaaimentl Chatham Cik rs.?When wc cant our eyes upon tiie lulls of this establishment, ,-t comparison in almost unconsciously instituted between it ami the other houses And certainly no other houae exhibits the continued rnterpme ol the < liatham SThii evening tee have lea's ol |tostiiruii: and athletic exercises tiy tlie whole (orcejol the romp.iny .besides various cavalrndi a, songs and j dance*, fcc. The "Unrifl Operatic Concert" ol Mnsri H.inlorl, Wlnt". I artI I ami hdwarda, it alto to he repeat. " I They at" getting up a new affair here, which will ctente a sensation On Tuesday evening, Mr P.O. I'aliniT, the w"ll known gentlemanly treasurer of this establishment, .will Ink" a h"i" lit Fioin the immvnrenumber i.l tickets engaged we should prophecy a lull house The ,<'tiaction* are to > " on a giand srale. Ampimthkatiik? linWEKY ?The grainiest eflerfa ( iiiici'iviibli* lit" prnduc-'d upon the new atnge and i ma ol tin- Bowery A mphithi an e every evening. Bait ex lirlwwn home and foot, grand procession*, mountains, precipica*, ravine*. Ike . art- rtprnrnlnl in a styleot magnitude and splendor mvri uitne-sed In Ion- at any melodramatic establishment in thia country Th" ting performsnce* art* also very exrnllint, and i nhrrr "d nightly hy tint pli asantriaa u{ thn great oiiginai clown, John Uossin. This is a flitain Family Hoi.iday at th" American Museum Th-- Kentucky Minstrels, Signnr Francisco, and other* "I th" highest reputa, git" splendid |i"itorm?ncm at Jo'rlo. k in the allcirooti, and hall toot 7 In 'he evening Tin- t ?w and beautiful eoHictinn of Wax Figures together w ith lli" f ortune Telling Gipsy (Juvss, and th" whole Family, may he aeeri at all houra of Hie day ami avitriug See lulls ami advertisement*. Firk i* MmDhKTciws.CosN ?The dwelling houae ol Orel. T'lrm i 4 mih ?out on the liaddam turnpike, wa* destroy od h> fire on Tuesday. Or/- PHIVATK Mk.Ult.AL AID.--The memhera j htl New Yotk i ollegeof Medicine and Pharmacy, ini doming the public thank* lor the liberal lupport th< f ave received in their eltart* to " suppiea* quackery," . <( leave to it ate that their pnrtirular attention eentinne* i be directed to ail dtacaiea of a private nature, and trom the at cat improvements lately made in the principal hoani.jTs ot K.urope in the treatment of those disease*, they an confidently otter to person* ri'iptiring medical aid sisvantage* not to he met with in any institution iu UA* ountry, either public or private The treatment ol the olleg" i*?nch aa to insure *uccs*a in evety case, and ia totally different from that iictii i cu? practice ol mining dieconatitution with mercury, an I nmostca*e* leaving i disease much worse than the original One of the memVrs ol the < ollege ,lor ninny years connected with the , rhicipal hoapitiils oi i urcpe, attend* daily for a coa*ulta iou from OA M to* P.M. Term* Advice and medicine, fr> A cure guaranteed. IwmaiANT to I offstmv lavsnns Person* living in lie couhtry and not finding it convenient to attaiio per tonally, can Uivn !#rw?ru?i ? ?? ? - % r'TTT* ! 1 mi'ilicincii n*nui?it? to |*?form .? jmm U < t cui* by Minting hmr cw . to?c.-th?-r ?nh all ivmptom., Urn. el "onlractiim ?i?l treatment rocwvcH liewhere, U any mil rnrloDlnC ?4, |x>?l I"1"1' to * 1 W S. Rlt HARDRON, Agmt. Office an<?? :?m??IUtiR rooma of the College, 9/i Naa*at| tiaet

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