Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1844 Page 3
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r. ~ _ ii These rates ere much higher then those charged on the Erie canal, notwithstanding which they will secure a largo portion ol the produce waiting transportation to market. On the opening of the Erie Canal, there will he great rivalry between the forwarders of produce through the Canal, commencing at Buffalo, and through the Welland Canal down Lake Ontario to Oswego. Immense quantities of produce will reach market through the latterchannel. The contest is between the forwarders at Oswego and liutl'ulo. The forwarders along the line of the canal are about adopting a tariff of fieights, which the western merchants say will drive them from the route. This will force merchandise through the northern route, via Oswo go, and seriously injure the revenue from the Erie Canal These movements are going on within the llmiti of our own State. Farther west, the lame competition prevail!. Along the whole line of the Wabaih Canal, even oi far down as Lafayette, contracts are making to take pork, beef, bacon, iard, ashea, and all that description of freight, through the northern route to New York, for $13 60 pcr ton. Old Stock Klehaligr, tinoo U k G's, '62. b90J? 113W 434 Farl'mit Co 38V tnoo do ll'V 100 >'o 36 >; 100410 du 112*1, 150 do ;ej 501,0 do 112 50 do b60iLs 39 I OHIO do 1'lV 200 do 30 V 410?0 Ohio G'a, 1860 95 20U|CaJit>n Co 33 5000 do nw 95 4"0 do 33V ' 2000 do b30d, 95 75 do aS^da 33 480" do 94 V 25 do b!5da 33,V iooo do 9 V 175 Mohawk KR in 5000 do linaw 95 25 do 56V lot00 Kentockj" 6'a 100V 10 Harlem RR 59V 3'00 do b30da 100V 159 do 59 18000 eo 109 50 d I f 303i 50 2008 do H0>i 250 do ?60iM 68 llill'O Peiin?ylvauia5'. 65 1O0 Pateraon RR b30d? 80 5000 do b30d- 65V 150 do 80 K0?0 do bOO da tii'i 190 do bCOda 89 5000 do 65U 50 do alOda 79V 70 o 111 Sj?c'l Bdt 39V 75 Nor it Wor RR 95V 2010 do 3?V 105 do 36 II00 do alCda 39 50 do blO a 36 4000 Iiid Pol Bd < 36 150 do b30i!a 36 21 ihi.AmVi (Ik 83 50 do i30d? 35V 35 > Am Trust Co 13 75 ou 3'V, 5 I) it I ru.t Co 95 75 Auh it Ri-ch RR 113 7 V it k burgli Bk 8 25 L Island Kft >60ds 72 75 Bk ,.t Com. full 97V 395 do 73V 40 N Y Oaa Co 116 Second Board. $1000 Oh'0 6'a, I860 93V 50 Norwich, 34 V 1000 do 94V 158 Mohawk. b3 55 3110 H-rlein. s3 56 5' do a3 54V 210 Norwich, 35 75 Farmer's Loan, 37V 0 do Sl5 35 200 do 37 15 do 31.V 50 do 37V New Stock Uxchange. $10110 U S C's,'62, M3V 1?5 Canton, raah 31 10414) In J 25 vr ca,h 36V 50 do 32V 1111)0 do Cdsll 350 do 33 1000 (Jo ca?h 30?| iO do 1)10 31^ lot 0 Ohio Us 'GO cu?h 05JJ 2.'0 Harlem, cjsh *>9 SfflO do 1)30 94 50 do 59 OHO do b'w 05^ 50 do si 59^ 1000 do cwh 0SJ? 100 do cash 59H 11100 do b30 95H 25 do >10 58& 1000 do cash 9i% 25 L Is'and, b20 72 5' 00 do nw 95>? 50 do cash 72 1000 do cash 95 25 do cash 7I>4 1000 Kv 6'-, 3# yns, b3 I0n>| 25 do 7lk * 21 ICO illiui.ii, '70, cash 39 25 do b20 Vl% 1000 do ca-h 39J, 50 do al 78 III sh res \ A Trust, ch 11J4 25 Pateraon, cash 77 125 Far Lo>n, caih 39 25 Stossiiiifton >3 "ii% 25 do 38 V 25 do b3 30 150 do cash oil# 25 do btw 76 7,10 do 79 50 Mechauici' Bk Asso 97 State of 'Trade. Ashkj?VVe notice sales oi Pots ut $4 50n$4 6(5}, Pearls at f.'i ilOafi 0t> j, but the demand is very limited. BucsDSTurpt ?Western flour is firm at $4 t?:i9a*5 00.? AU sorts are firm just now. tVe learn from Bulfalo that on the 16th inst. eight thousand bushels of wheat were offered at 90 cents and no buyers. Two cents below that price was then the rate. Throughout the west there was, at the last accounts, a downward tendency. Cotton ?The market to-day was rather tame; sales amounted to about 101)0 bales, ut previous rates. Several large holders are awaiting the arrival of the steamer; buyers are nothing loath, as they have the command of the market. Such is the indis|iOHition to ship that some en gagemeuts have been made at 7-ltld for square bales to Liverpool. Hiy? Holders of North river liale are anxious to sell at current prices, lint consumers only take enough for present necessity. The opening of the river will reduce quotations for this article. Iisnir.o. at auction?Terms?1 ceroon, 3 months; 3 or more ccroons, 4 months. _ Notes payable in the city oi New York, to be made satisfactory to the sellers Guatemala Indigo?2 ceroons at $1 20 cts per lb, 1 do (1 11, 1 do $1 OS. ti do $1 07, 12 do $1 on, S do $1 0.5, 18 do $1 04. 11 Ho *1 03, 18 do $1 02, 8 do $1 01, 1 do 87} cts, 2 do 574, 3 do 50. Bengal indigo?1 case at $1 II cts per lb, 1 do >l 01), 1 do $1 05,3 do $1 01, 2 do $1, 1 do 99 cts, 1 do 97, 1 do 93. 1 do 92, 1 do 91, 1 do 87}. Bui. Estatk?The lollowing sales were made at auction :? The two story frame house, with two buildings in the rear, situate in Williamsburg, near Union avenue, and the lot, 25 by 100 feet. . . tfil,400 Neck Farm, in the English Neighborhood, fl miles from Hoboken, containing 83 acres. , . 3,000 4 lots on the N W. corner of 9th avenue and 41st street, with house in front, and barn in the rear 6,100 4 lots on 41st st adjoining the rear of above. . . 1,800 Four story store No. 78 William at -20 feet front and rear, ami 38 feet 2 inches en Liberty at.. 14,330 Four story atom No. "6 William at. 38 feet front and rear by 38 leet deep 13,330 That portion of four atorv store 74 William, 10$ feet on William st, II] feet rear, by about 38 EMt deep 6.300 Two story attic and basement brick houae No. 64 Amity st. near Wooster 7,100 Lot on Tenth st. 163 feet W. of 3th avenue,36 ft. front and rear by half the block 3,300 Two story brick house on 117th st. Lot ISO feet front, 130 feet centre, by 100 feet deep, with frame stable on rear 1,400 Whiikkv?Drudge casks are still held at 33lr, but there is verv little doing at any price. Prison barrel* very inactive. We still quote 34>a33c. Died, On Tuesday morning, after a short illness, Catharine Lor-ma Conner. youngest danghthter of James and Eliza S*. Conner, aged 7 months and 8 day*. The relatives and friends of the family, are requested to attend the Itineral, this nfednesday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from 03 Grand street, near Green street. On the 16th March, after a long and painful illness, Lvcr. the wife of Richard Hawkins, of John street, agril 30 On the 19th inst. Mr. David HAor.a, in the 74th year of his age. His friends, and those of the family, are respectfully invite 1 to attend his funeral, on Thursday, at3 P M., from bin ln'o residence, 16 < hristie street. liBttlt Advisee RECEIVED AT THE ISKW TORE HERALD ovriCB. A?ji?r Oct. 16 Macao Use. 1 Alnca 10 Manilla Nov. 1 Alliums Feb. 10 Malaga Ian 19 Areeihn Dec, 26 Madeira Feb. 7 Alts' ares Feb. 20 Mauritius Oct. 3 Augii-tiie Bay May 16 Montevideo Jan. I Bill via Oct. 21 Maracaiho Feb. 17 ??V "I isianus. m. r.-*ent. Zl aiansamlla an. 2ti Bermuda Feb. 27 Matan7.a? Feb. 20 Buenos A vr*? One. 28 Mayaguez Feb. 22 Belize Hon. Feb. I Matamnraa Dec. 26 Barhndoes Feb. 7 Monterey Oct IS Bonirr Dec. 5 Naawo, N. P. F?h, in Bnrnbav Ian. 1 Ncuvitaa Feb 21 Cai* Towu.C.G. HJsn II Oahu.S.I. Dec! 22 j.alcotti Die. 21 Pari. J,?. 20 Cardenas Feb. 25 Pnria F'eb 8 Charres June 2b Port an Prince Feb. 28 Cirnfoego FVb 2? Porto (abello Feb. 3 Cape Haytien Feb. If Point Pctre, Ouad... .Jan. IB I arthagena Oct. 28 Pernambuco Feb. '2 l arn|ieailiy Jan. 3 T.iyta Nor. 2(1 Coouimbo July It Rio Janeiro Jan. 21 Callao Nor 28 St. Helena J n. 28 Dnnerara Feb. It St. Thornaa Feb 21 Klsiuura Dec. 3 St. Jago de Cuba-... Mar. I M*1 Feb. *? St. John., P. R. F.b. 16 Otbraltar Jan. 25 St. Croiz F'vb 7 tuayaina, P. II. Feb. Ill St. Domingo Feb 5 Oalre.ion Feb. 2J St. Ubea Kept Jo iJonmves Jan. 28 Surinam Feb. 8 <ru,ya,|nil Dec 5 Siiig*|H>rs D'c. 7 (J, lipagoa Islauds May 4 Sydney, N. S. W.... Kept. 4 H vre. Feb. 10 Trinidad de Cuba Feb." 27 Hivaoa Mir. '3 Talcahuana ........Oct 28 Halifa* V?r. 10 Tah ti Oct 2i Isle of' France Sept. 27 Tomb-r. r. 8 Jeieroie .Jan 3 Tampico Feb. | Kingston, Ja. Feb. I Tnhasco F'elj a London F>?. 10 Turks Island Feb. 2'l Liverpool*.. ...Keb II Trieste ."Nov. 2n LiOuayra Dec. 26 Valparaiso Nor. 13 Luuna Oct. 31 VeraCruz Feb. 26 Lima Sept. 26 Zanzibar Oct 12 Pafatngcri Arrived Gzlticston?Ship St,r ID pub ic-Certain L M llitchenek, ly> od 2chi dren; Mrs yn . F Mc anley, Dr Kiunicks >n, Mrs SO .Merrirea .and 5 in thesteerage Man acairo- Brig F'niina?Mrs. Harriet F'ligg. and servant; H H ,v. at, of Switzerland; and B T. liuti lin.soo, of B nr. n. Ns.w Oni.r.Avs? Hriz De ta?Captiin Emerson, Cad Chip* man. Mi Chubb, and Mr R*ad Savannah- brig ( linton?8 B Brown and lad) ; Mrs J A Brown and hild, 1 C, n*. will ' Mf "''aTaN? Bug F>il> ? C Iteugr, M F1. Molter, F?. Be.j,. mi", J 1) Jsc'i, P St in. M Ab bun, MS., in, J ttuiier, R M.iii, 1 II si| rd, and II in the steer ge. ' -Slop I rlia-Mr -tilmai, ? foreign Importation* * Star Item i -416 hid. a 6 bale, cr If on Hewiid ki nT .' n"j' "V * N' phewa? It do F I.I.. rn'ton n ? L B Re- lie d-62 crates eaip enwarn 93 m-487 bi?? 'Jr ?knB,' C *C'.'(1 " k < "-*> do R liar,.den Sc rr bale. <olt ? 3 0 hi,tea I II Br.wer Boucbaid St Thebaud 1 * h'J<? 1 bbla moluaes IPod I j d'o^Tom'fdVl'?'",2'mi?n^lT^lorm<lVM,hMf??r i| Agnes?1111 liases sugar J Taylor?6 bbla m lac s ii.oeO cianges flown pumpkin w Hunt. lm|rortnt lorn. N'iw Ont.rANS?Brig Delia?108 h' <l? iamr mjn molmtn II lot 'I? bin do Urav St Crosby?>1 b.tlet colto iUrll It, War,1 II St Abbott. M n 11.? Hrie <?tn?llo?187 hit's cotton Uogrrt St K-eel.vid ? M do Porrier Kretrs?33 Suul'er, Brothers St co? 1J do ColInmh St Pe.e t MoHiLr.-Ship Crlia?101 h.t'r* cotton (ioodlrie (It co? no li i I t iintil ?100 S ( I in t-|70 lloll.rooh Nelson St co?818 SpMitnCj tlnliiui'in St ro?7y f Vr It in ^ ft II olios?I J iN Lotto* rt?S S Wood?4 II VI Paddock?3 0 vV ilndd Pti tttttii ? Briul'^lintoii?12} bales cott ?u Boormnn. Jthn* ton at co?]' C Harstovs St Pope ?IVJ PtiBfln. Kilbom St Hn. j.-r* 17 ill -mi'li, Mills St co?15 do Brum hull AlxriietbyJi Collier?!W do .) St I. Btone-8I bbla ri' ? 3 bales pink root Srhielfielm St co?4 hnlct Ion North, Manning It Patrink?I ch sf VV Weed?JJ7 bales cost n, to order Cm viilhtob? 1) ig Kmly-67 beer bl?'? U Robinson-i do ! id?s 11 Ptrybarg?I bales tags A Nicholas?38 hides 3 balas cotton J Rich?110 <lo J k O Brooke?0# do S-iah. Mill** e<-? 8 do faro>elrf. Kilboru k Rott?r??J# ci* rico J b fclnpler?2?0 do to order "maritime herald. xelllOH Rkjri of tk? Iteam Whip*. raou LirrarooL mov tMtix:,. Calrdonia, Lott Mar. S April 1 Acadia. Hian on Apr. 4 May | tlioernia. Ryrie Aprl, 11 M*y n, ti Wrateru, \Uttli<*w? A|'r 27 is U Briton H??!". \liv!i iIln, oji PackcU to Arrive | Packets to bull from livenroot. ro> Liverpool. Columbus, Cole, f"*-l?. IB Hottiugeur, Bursley, Mar. 21 Ashburtou. Hu tlesion.Fab 21 Itcicius, Collins, March 26 from poht9mou1 h kor pohtimout h St. James, Meyer, Feb. 20 H. Hudson, Moore, Mar. 20, Mar. 1 P. Albert, Sab r, April I ,, . ""i" havre ko h h a v r r l.liea, ntvitt, Feb. 16 I Fanrois L Aiusworth, Mar. 24 Foreign Letter Bag*. H''f*aft*r. Letter nud Nrwa pal?r Dags lor all parts of the World, will be rnsde up at the iikrai.d office. Notice to Pllota and Captains of Veaaela. All Fliots and I aptaius of vessels are ft quested to note t'le fact that Hubert S. Martin, formally our ship uews collector, ? not now in our employ. He is cot, therefore, to receive auy new?|i pars or reports iophided for the >ear York Her-.ld. 8blp Nastera and Agents We snail esu-em it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will gi?e to Commodore Houkrt Silvkv. of our News Fleet, a Kr, port of the Shipping lelt at the Fort, whence they sailed, th Vessels Spoken on their Fiuiiage, a List of their Cargo, an,' any Foreign Newspapers or News they may have. He will board theiu immediately on their arrival Ayr nil and Cor respondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favot b> sending to this Office all tlie Marine Intelligence they en obta>n. Nanncal Informatics of asv bind wifl be iharkfallv r?e?tveil POUT OF NKW VOHK, S1AHCH DO, ii m risks 6 .6 1 moor risks 8 06 SI'n SCTS 6 III HtUH 10.-07 Cleared. Ship Anliorii, Durfev, New Orleans, Startrn St Frost? B .rques Seraae. do "'rich, Buen > Aire/. W \V I)e Fi r*st St Co; Cla*isst Melcner, New Orleans. Johnson St Low den; Iwanowna, Shun, Key We it. W. W Pra l?Brigs Joseph Atkins Fiityins. Ant Cares, Fot er St Nickeison; I)e na'e, Rubbins. Lavuayrs, Oeo Whitak.r; F.ll n, Hack'iff, Hari ii Oe", Kemp St Flace; Snsui Sp.ifford, "pefforJ, Beaufort, N. C , J K v eil fc I n?h'chrs Lenit , Smth. IliciuPiid; St Pierre, Hrvanr, Norfolk. Buck St Peters; Lnergy, D ummond, BaugOr, Me. master; Geoige Pulh" k, Carey, .\rwbere. H CammeiOou Stco; Dodge, Knarp. Alexandria, Sturye St' l?arm u; Ju nr o-, >? |||U'". ri rauu'K. ri jain-a until r: patriot P.ldridga, Philadelphi 1, JIA N. Briggs; Weyin juth,Hunt, Richmond, A Uu Si t'aiiou. Arrived. 8hi|iOlia, Thatcher, IS daya from Mobil*, with Cctton, to Dunh in A Uiinnii Ship Siar Hepu'lie, Heuty, IG days from Galveitnn with cor ton, hide , A t t J. H. Brown The U. S ackr Klirt. Davit, bound to IV atenia, win n 4 days out reiurned iu distress having encouiitc-e I a heavy gale, started lulwarks, knees, Ac Left (lalvMt'in, liurr. juit ar Unique licit roil, Woodbury, from Apnlachicola, with 1000 bales cnltnn to maatar. I)rig Wi'aon fuller, Cobb, G daya from Savaunali, with cotton, toti Buckley. llrilt Kromn.'before reported) Waite, from Maracaibo, 22' Fab, with coffee, Ac to A vicar A Co Brig Kmily,Sherwood, G data from Charl'aton, with crtton, to Dunham A Dimnii La.t ev uii g, off Sandy II -ok. ran foul of aclir Virginia, from Norfolk f r New Y< rk, atriki'g her amidships, and siukiiig her instantly. Succ d-d in anting the captain and crew. I hrce aeamau recentle discharged noin the U. S. ship Delaware, pass ngara, are misaiug, end it ia supposed that they were below at the time of the occurrence and were droened Brig Delia, Fair a from New Oileaua. and 1G daya from the Bali/a, with cotiou. to mnater. Brig Clinton, Lyon, 1 daya from Savaunah, with cotton, to Stnrg-a ACIearinan. Brig Oihello, Ryan, l.'i data from Mobile, with cotton, to Hmrgea A Cle rinan. Sid in Co Willi Philura fur N Yoik. Brig Agues. Hunt, II daya from Mala./.a*, with augaraiid np'lasaei, to master. B ig fame, (before tepo-ted) from Malaga, ,Feb 2?Pasted : Gibraltar Mh.lucowitn "enezuela. Scnr S liana, Smith. 14 diya from Mntanzaa, with mol.ittrs. I to Iteid A floppock?IG9 hliJa and 98 libls tool tatea to A W VYvckoff Sd'r Lexington, Wa?a, 15 diya from Unavama, PH. with ' sugrr, to J Klwall?109 lihda saga' 80 hli U molnaner 48 I Ids do | Muson A Thompson Sailed in c? w ith Vincennea Smith for . NYnrk. Lefi Josephine, for NYork, aoon; Ttxidor, d tchg; . h.i genia. S lyer, N Y- rk, 2 daya. Schr Miiietta. I he-ry, 24 daya from Guayama, Pit. with 109 j ct?lrs iiliihiaaea 75 do sugar to 'Dtp acouib A Beckwilh. Lefi Hebecca. McUune. for N York 5 days Sclir Hope, Miti hell, IGdaya from Mansnnillo, with 13rlaga I nnhog 'IIV 27 d i cedar It tea 19 bis hone.1 21 tides tobacco I2'2i I sterspalin baf 2J9 rn?'s Uaaii-1 F.ustis Left Magnolia for | Button, iu 4 days; Peruviau, Wilbur, for Antwerp, iu B day s ? No oilier vewel iu port. Schr Patriot, Crocker, 8 day* from Thomaston, with lime, to the mas'er Schr M ryla- d. Beach, 2 daye from Virginia,with Hour, &c. to K. P Buck H"hr Fair Piay, Rogers, 7 daye from Norlbllt, with com Itc. H Wolf. Schr Sagad lioek. Simpson, IB days from < 'ap? II ty t -en, with coffee, to B ck Ik Peters Iu a snow s<|Udlt. off Barnrgat, arrtrd away Wihsuy, started bowsprit, sprung foremast, blowed away aquiMui).M topsail and 11 v ng Jib?hive had a succes- | siou of heavy galea for the last f iur da's. Sthr Daniel Websier, Uemmerest. from Edenton, NC, with I uaval storea, Ike. to Blos-om Ik Wiflinins. Schr Sequel Ilaynor, fr.m Richmoud, with Hour, Btc, to N L. Md n ady 8t Co. Schr Amanda T. Myrick. Jones, from Alexandria, with flour, &c. Schr l>aac Itevel, Horsey, from Virginia. Sell' Protector, roar, from Virginia Hohr Example, Van Name, from Virginia. Schr h li/.iheih. Smith, from Virginia. Schr Christopher Pott, Johnson, from Virginia. Below. Brig Moon. Ilavt, 6 days from Charleston, with cotton, to Dunham Si Dimon One barque and 3 brigs unknow n. Salted. Ship Marv Francis. Hubbard, Mobile: brigs Excel, Smith, Havana; Peter Deinill, Lewis, Mubile. Miscellaneous. Bain Wii.i.iam, Johnson, which t..i ed from Churl-ston llth inst. tor Boston, ret rned on the llth in a leaky condition, having siuung aleak 30 hums after leaving port iii|hlJJ,20, lung 70 Phe W. leaks a the ra'e of 2(il;0 str kes |ier hour Slhii. Uai.i iMonx, at I'hil idelplna, Irom < ape Haytieu. report. that on the 2<l inst when pasting the island of Vlayrgua, III lat 2220 N, Ion 72 <0 W, taw a large ship on the NE laiuii, her fo e and " sin tooin.sts gone bv the caps, mixenmait g ni? by the deck, hul walks g lie fo.e and all the ship layp g ou her starboard btam ends Saw no lerton oil board. The wind blowing fre.-li from N NK, was unaulc to hoard "er. March 3. lat 23 13 N. Ion 74. taw ill- wrea k if a hrtg with her foie and main topmast gone below the tops. A haique. paiuled red, was standing towa'ds tor wr ck. Brio at Newport, repo'ts that on>he22dnlt. when in lat 28, Inn OB, boardtd the wreck of h ig Cleaner, ol Mount Desert, abandoned ?"d wa erb ggeal, had hren str-pped of sails, rumiing, a <1 Cabin fur.aitu e I he U slam Daily Aal v rtner says?The Cleaner tailed irom Rotterdam lor Huston, Eaton, 'caster, nhuut Nov. 13, arr at Kami gate 2ltli, with loss i ol two anchors. Btc: sailral agsin the 28 put bark, and sailed | aval Jail 9. Tllr fate a>f the crew |. llnkuaiwo. hul from I,, r i Ii.ivink Le'n Itrik>|x-d. 'here ii re.tson t? hope lliey wen; taken off Kk* Wear, M'rcli 9 ?There ar>* at |iment tvn? wttkril Tiiirli I i ii K in thia liarb * at inch ir, a i-' I wo aloniraide l he deck, a Isquue nKKcd. 111 : tic (rum a. Iiriit; tic Father M itthe*, barque; the Alha'ia. barque; a'd the M rv Averill, b-iit. The a ier Ivs bee., rep med and la i iknnt in her ca K for your II rt. to *il ? nil. 'J tie Uriliali biique Ruse came in te.tenlav, navin * tcieu -shore 1111 the i(iii< k sifida t > til - went* v d; was vol nIT hv a wrecker; will, upou aetl.iiiK salvme proceed mi I li?r vusaitn toil a sow. without ischarains. The .nary Ave- ' rill will tiuiah her Ionium and tail in a lew daya. Whalemen Stominoto*. March II?Arr Newark, I'endletnn, NWut ("oast, via *ai Jwich litanda, 2.'l'A hlila wh IflO an oil S.nkc, Dec 29. lit 35. 50 , 8 I'm* 79, 15. W, ?titira, NB. 10 ap > ; 30th. , I lat 54. 10, Inn 78. 45. Koicoe, Mcl'leve, do 110 sp; .same day, i ' K rank 11 ii, Barton, of Warren, cle..iu Spoken Freighter, r f Portland, from Bnatnn for Havana, 10th inat., lat 28. N. Ion 74, 30 W ?bv Kmma, at thia port. Nau'ilua, (U 9 achr) Walil.on, on a cruiae, 9th inat nlf Sand Key?by Delia at thin port. 'ekin. (no dale) lat 31, 3, N. !on 34, 33, W?by the H irlequiu i ai I'harlest'in. ( barlolle, '0 daya from New Orteana for Boston, March II, I lat 29, 70 toil 78, 40?by Hope at this port. Pheuia, 6 d<ya fiom Matinzis lor Boston, March IS, lat 32, 45, loo 76, 40?be aatne. Arctnrus,Im Boa'ou March 8, lat !9, 10. Ion 69?by Hope a thia port. L Baldwin, from Savanuali, March 8, lat 3T, 35, Ion 73, 55?by t i%me New Hsven. Down*, from Porto Rieo for New Haven, 50 I miles, fin Sandy Hook. foreign Ports. BordeaU* Jan 20?Sid Ducallei Latonr, Phil ol I Bristol, Feb 7?Km*' out' , Suffolk, Boyer*, Boston. I Falmouth, Feb 4?Mad it >D. has com* ? (F the slip, (put in I on ihe Tin Jnn leiky); 3d, pus.d by, Corinth,, London ' for Cuba Gibraltar, Jan 23?S'd Cam*o, Jarfis, Smyrna. Lisbon, Jan 23?1 i port Franslin, Snow, NYork ,V afsmllk*. J n 24?' Id Thrmis, 8 holiz. NYo k Nantz, Feb 2?Arr Marie 1 aroline. Duroha. NYork. NhWfoiiT, Fob 7?S' l II leu, Simpson, ha'lestou. Biinrow, Feb 6?Picked up ar this place a h< tt e containing thotollowi' c ? ote :?' IJaijne F nny, for New Orleans four day* from T.ivtri"?ol. Wind f.iir, all w !I. J tn 27 18M.? J line* Bo >i a n " At Rathmiti lis, Feb 5, Janes Bidden Buck, fin (ila?gow (or Boat on Mai tiszaa, March 8?In pori-Lydii II U'ey just ar from ( unroe, d<*v; Clio of Port and Id uuc; Pint ? ?t do to load, He-nrifita f ?io dog in Cardura., ana ab utiO sail < f Am vesta's. i afk Havtikn, March j-ln port. Kagl-, fm B ston une; '!nrLi?r II rilv fnr iln a . t ' I u 11 I . ?"i, iii o. ri*llll c I, Huttleaon. 'm W 11 in ir Kl NC. ' Hi 1*1.0 UK I I'*, March I?In pnr , H pbrnr.ii, fin Boiton nno. jut a"; Im.M, Whffln, im Poit Mpain. tinr; l|en-v i Mum, fm Boatou, for New Vork?the iuly m-ricau mini in 1" rt Mann *mo, Fe\ 22?In port Hflcn |{*inili n Nirhnla, of ?n- lor Liverpool.anon; I'm B *t, V?rha. of M?ryport. I r Liverpool. 'In; Bui.* c?. of Aberdeen, for il i it"; iy, Si* |y. Si-nor, of Nov* Hc .ih, fm do iln; llojel Bride Welch, of, nci fur Litetpool, do, all ImtdiuK. Zirvth, j it tliimr Porli FnanKKonT, March 14?Hid P< riot Greenlaw, N'rfolk; (r.i?lle Hnih ?. B Itunore; Brilliant, French, 1 'hi'adiIphia; lime 1 rey. N Vork Di.owi i.iti.h. March II?*'d. Hher'r, fm Thonailnn, fir Kiehin ml. and i eer I arha b unil H Nr.wron i, March IS?Arr lliaMai iler, Maylierry, Cardntar, fo? P oiiileneei Vamlal er. Pendleton, do, for B ut' n; Olinthin, Ma' w", Boutin-, for Bo ton?9 a in he'taeeo Heconiiat Poini and Oay Hi ad, w ling, fmm I'arilrnn for i ortI il, alnm iuK f r the Vimy .rd ho n il; Ilete rd, J nvnn.Nofolk f r Newbaryport; Mary, Cr nr. Fill Biter f r INVrnk; Lie light, 4 ok H.ipptha .0 >ck l-r Boi'on; P.lgrtm, Podge, and Marietta Noma, INV-rk for do; .fmt'i-*, H|e. per, Thomaatin f..r N Vork: Mo itor. Bridge; ort fr Fall Hirer. Hid, Mary, NY rk Wind NK fr ah. HoLMr.s' Hoi.r., M-reh 13?Arr Palm, Rider, Ph>l*il for Bn? tin; Alpine, Fr net', Mnnnlnt or do; Cut e Mary, Main, ''or laipl 'or .N Vork M h?Manor Fuller Bailey, Mirr I f, r B iton, left hriit ei eo, Corklin, N<>r|eana, aoon Hid ? I'alm and Citi(-.Viaiv. 15th. no arrival In prrr, t'aaket, Kmpire, 8u<an, Jnnephiite, II. fuller A I, i - e a"d Hnvini. Nyei ll.tvi.a, Mar'.h III?Arr F B (li'ell, Hmi h, Bra ilyn ine; Warren, 'ThomrMin, and Pnaiilent, F i?t i>, N k ink? "Id, Ch mpimi, Soul -, Put to Itico; I hen*, White; Planter, Lnwrenoe, ,ti d New York, Joan*, do PlIli.aniLr Ilia March II?Arr Oelawnre, Fi*her. and Af thorpe, Blake, SOrleaiin; John M lattni, Moore, Charlemtitt; Omwlcr, Kloi r, M'bile; B tun rn, Viyurea, Cape t i n. 2\ h. H-itvi fT port n sOhr Frn >>wYork, herditiK lo westward, posed th" M n Br?khr. for P^rt<! P ix; al o iff. # Willi m II rt, Umifty, itu Ann, 1 *avimoi , N Vr rk, Krlipse, 4'n w<ll, Newr nrt. C|d, K.llen, Wh'ldeu. and Huh. I< \ rl? r, R< iton; Betij II Kieltl, Vanuilder. ? hxricston; Krpuhiie it. Hoo ?e r; Ach*?l? I), I)otn ? ?, and Mary li*a, Buley, New York; | C Lhttin# Ainnidd. Teal, Richmond. t Alkiandria. DO, March ig-Arr lloaiioke Kni?ih\ Knitport. Off xndci's Kerry, Kaiorire, (B') .Via* eri, T I*land i?KW??n?, rsr March Arr Washington. Mum lard, I ^uriuim; 8 h, tttlert, Johnson, T rk UUnd < Id 5th, Kimberl y, A rrnanie, Wludm; Piaiu nd, Hallock, do. ? MARi.r.AToM, .VUrrh l ? 1 Id. Jopit r. I. ar'er, Boston; i < omo, h IdriKf^e, do; Hth, t rr Sullivan. VVnite NYork. Havanraii, Much 14?Arr Mary Caroline, (Br) Brewer, London. March 6?Arr ( hoc taw. Iftcher. New York; , Billow, Lawrence, do. Cld, Kmtline, Kith, York. 9 ,W7' ANTKO?By a respectable voung wrman with food city reiercDfci, s n'aition i c ok, wuiif r <nd iroatr. >oobJctii'n t > do gene ?1 homework iu * piivaie lainilv. Ha? g od efcrnucea fr< m her last place. Apply at No. 36 Hrorv arteet. iu the tear in 10 It*re VV^ANTKD? By two yeuiig women, one a litual on .n cook ** or to do gst,e>ul Miotewnrk in ? small f?in ly ; ti e other i uehanbrim i.l or to do liou?ewi>rk. 1 best ol te'e euc? given 'n m ti.e U?t rl'ce Prua apply iu'leuth A*enu'. 3d I door horn 17th ?t ret, I HI20 U*ac rP') r RENI'HM?N-Wut d to rurcho e, a von J '>onbl? 1 Ban-led Kren h "uo.wilh ewe I alock and ?iehrd lorin'd i cncl.s I'li-axe addr ?? U U. N., at ihtaotfice.iU'tug ibe p, icuiii d-icrib'UK the (iun. in I) 3t*ac LOST-On v;oud.iy night. a la y'a b eastpin, with go'd ' Chain, Pencil ud F-ie lil'ta alt ch'd?tup nae 1 in hate baeu dropped iu going ft on oI lege Pl .ce throui(n Chamber*' ttr el to the Bow rv. Eaneoial value i> placed on t1 e article. i nfy ?ri?' a k' l* "mtt' *? uucvrr mil 11-iurii uieui i .to. :iu bawmiti "lllkihiuuf mwmi m20 iter | general working men's meeting. i Aoknekal vkktinool th* working mm of new york hi il ir? viciuilv, will be belli at c rotiiu hall. th1"* evemno, wednesday, much 20th, it 7 o'clock p m., lo 1 < r the upok f "i im c? in hitler appointed by the mret- i mir at trn- lamr place on ihe ttli mtt. i lly liner of [lie cemtnittee. thomas a. devyk. chairman i (jko. ii. f.vanh, secretary. mlfl ifec i fourth ward! AMERICAN REPUBLICANS TO YOUR POSTS > let n.i m ? n uk A WAV M Till-. american republicans ot [lie eou'th ward will in * " t el their (|mrtere. shaker pear. pi tr| on thurtd iv evening. vlareli 21st, at 6 < 'clock, thee to be jo.iie.j ( bv lli" let, 2nd, and 3d ward* and proceed to woe1 ingtnn h ill, lo retpmid tn the n"niiii ition of jam es h alt pr r, u t anil dat-fir mayor t.f the city, at the enauiiik elec ion. t is all iiiiporlai t that every member iliuuld oe prefut nn th > rcea noil, aa it w ii be one nfderp luteieat llie american ltepulilican cauae. By order of the at oci ti in joseph hufty, president alfredo lawyer ) WM II WILS in. J secretaries mVO 2t*ee ro? n ry mr* tiv11 ok the american republican party. rpHK amkmcan he ubi ic\n klec oltsoftlie j- city and ( entity of new york, nre reipieal'd to meet at waahlneton hall, broad way, on '1 hn aday 7)4 o'clock, to hear the report of the .ma) omlty convention wm. uot.l, chairman. francis p kui NALD, > aLFUEO s. livings on ) "eere.anei. mtn2t?rc A CARD. _ NF.W YORK OPERA HOUSE. I Kufra8ia borghese'a benefit. k borghete ' would re<iectfully infirni the tintrmia of the o'era and the ' publicgenerally. tko monday the 2'itli uitant hit been art ' apart for her benefit.wlien the will bare llie honor or appenriuk before a new york audieure for ths lut time, tint trateii thebi'l will beuuiiiually atmctire.iucludiuk a ballet. pa' icolart h reaft"r. seals uiay b- tenure i at the opera houte, ou and after tlmraday uett, 2 ?t m tnit. sawn tiihti nbert will please give notice on wedueiday ereniug mil, 2uth irtuuit whether they v ill retaiu their teatr. in 20 olympic' theatre" Miss taylor mo-t letpectfullv inf.rini her frieui't toil i lie nil 1,1 .. lh.1 bn.ny.k'l i' mill f ,. 1. . ..i.... ....kill DAY'EVk NUN O.'Wd'instant. Bex Bo know op-ii. rn20:if?r PARIS MILLINERY. MRS. N. FUHLON 8ucce<srrto A J. Knurl, 461 Broadway and 126)* 11 rwer,. wil oiwn ''an. Spring Milltntrv, UW WnImIiM Thursday, Mcrch 2'?t. m20 lt*ec mTllTinery goods. A. H. COL LIS, NO. H4 JOHN STREET, IS NOW OPKNINO a fre h rssortment of Millinsry Oooda, I- ^usl received bv I tie .rivals Iroin Havre, comprising? '1 wo hot sp.endid Paris Artificial Flowers. New St les o Bomet Silks New Stile, of Rihb ins, virions strlcs; kicluding four caars laudid this fay from the Argn. The atteu'iou of M Miners is requested. New Voik, 2' 11 Man h, iSlt. m'O lwi<*ec ttfottm an^~c< if,chine watek agency. rPH K UNDk.RslONED havine received ill Alter cy for the I United Sines of this ce'ebrated Perfume, moinl'ar ured tit J an Marie Fariua at Colniri e, (i?.r oldest di.tiller of the genuine kind) h is uow a lot of the different dualities on hand, which he offers forsale; ?nd it prepared to ex-cute otd rs for the importation of th- aiticle at very low prices. Ue hrsare respectfully ri da# sled t? call. C F. OR09HKIM. mr2rt 3tawlm*rc 30 Piatt street. 44 a church without a iuhioi'." RKV. 8AMU-L H.COX, D D.. of Brooklyn, w II deliver the oiiel'idiuK Ln tuie of the Regular Cou se of the New Vork Lycrum ill tht Broadway Tabernacle, ou Friday Eveisi' u n xt. March 2'd, ath.rlf-.'ast 7 o'c ock Subjects? ' A Church wi hout a Bi lion." Ticke s 21 cents each, to be ha ' at the door'ic KKM Ltt.N HASKROUf K. Cor S<c._ BELL TAVERN, 'AO ,<UV,V STREET. AS USUAL, a Vocal Entertainment will take placeat th s ea'ablishineut 1 his Kieuing W dnesdav the 'inti lust, wi hout icgard to the wather Til- Chair taken st 2 o'clock precise y. JOHN H. wUODUA'lE. in2lt Iftc ACHANCF. 8~F. L DO vi M KT W I r H - For sale, a < iroreey at d Liquor Store, now doing a first cash business,iu a very central part of the ?itr. The re mon of selling out is on account of sir kn-ss. None need apply who cannot command one thousand dollars. Address A. B at t o office of this pn per. in20 4t*ec the peacock, new dining ro o ms . as wo. i ' juusri ?? II.1.1.I.IM .IN U ').) STUNK STS White Frouu, near DlmoniCi's Hanover squire and ( Unities'Slip. rPII F,SE New and elrynt Roomi are now open, with a Table a d'Hote, from 12 M till 4 P. M. Price lined. 22 cents. Til ' Dinner will c nslst daily, of Snap, Kuli, Boiled and Roast Joints, I'onl'rv, Game, Pastry, Puddings, Kniiu. he. .Merchants end others are insited to uiake trial nl this econo mical a id CO"yeniert inn 1e of dinii.g mio Iwisec ~ J A MITSMOWA T'I~8f CO., 174 BROADWAY, HWK RECENTLY PUULIsHKll- -KNOWLESM ELOCUT OsNllsT. a First Class llh-orictl Kea t-r sod <e' it ill ii Hook, by lames Sli?rid >n Kuowles, author of 1 irgrunts, William Tell ifr . adapted to the | urposes of lutltucli ii in ill" I ii ted Siat-s hy Epea Strip* int. 224 paid, bound, 20 cuts?iialf-lioaiid 37>s Cents TIIF. MODERN STANDARD DRAMA. No. I?ION, a Tisitrdr, by Thus Noon Ta I' urd. " 2? FAZIO T'ayedv, bv Rat Ii H Milnmn, " 3-THE 1-11>V OF LYONS, a I lay, by Sir Edwd Lytiou |i ilvser. " 4?\Vil| lu ready on Hatiudae, 2 Jd March .RICHELIEU, by Sir Edward Lyttou Buiwer. 12.'a tents each i amber. ANIMAL MAGNETISM, or Mesmerism; with Practical Instructions, a d tie I.'tea Discoveries, fr.'in a recent work by William Lang w Ii a Supplement con twi<iInK ne* snil important lie's new r lielnre pub islied in this Rru Chanmry I fare Townshend, author ot Facts in Mesiner sin, h>: pi ice 22 c its. THE DR. I WIN U-Jl 00 M LIBRARY. Each nun b r complete in ilsi ll.aupeih ro) 1.1 oc .no price, 12)g cats. .No I?The Light of the Light llouse and oilier Poems, b E|e*s Sarf iit?now lor the fir. iioi- collec ed, witti an lllus trative Ei graving on sleel, by J (I. Chapman N". 2 tsi'l be ready on Satuidav, 23d Match l'triodic il Atenn who wi?li ur woiks, sh"iild addiess JAMES rvtOWA V i h CO , 171 Broadway, New V* rk. Two New Interesting: Wores wi I also be published on Saturday,23dbit ntii it ec C (V 3T UMBIAN MAO A:ZTN" E~, OFFICE No A AST OR HOUSE. TVIE COL MIIIG l.tnV'S anh GENTLEMAN'S 1 MAGAZINE?Kr/i/erf by JOHN IN MAN. Content* of the April Number, 1S-U?Original. Idle llours, a Chapter on Fish ions, bv M rs lam's I i. B rooks. Genius and its ll-watdt, by Mrs. ErnmiC. Embury. liecollections o China, by Mrs Caroline d Birler To the Clouds, a Dream Cs F utai,, by J. t\ II. Tha Art! (' Lbl n,b> Mrs E F e Met. Th" Hour Before the Duel, by .vers. Frances S. Osgood. A Chapter on Wi m in, h' St lis. Stuns, bv Mrs. lam-s II II. Los' and Won; or, The Game of Chess, by Miss Emily C. Chnbhuck. The E 'p?r> r and the Kmc bv Uriel J. celyn. I ucy vlayna d, by Miss Mir'lia Rnssell. Summer Fro'icktng anil Wi ter Reckoning, by F E, f ?ut* or of the Price 8t riea, Ma rymg lor Money, llonor anil Merit, snd Other Days, Tl.e Old Cloak by .vMs D. Stimis to * *, D* Noma. Tne Colontl Abroad, by Anr.a Cora Mowatt. EMHEI.LISHMENTS The Emp*ror and the Kn k?Si K a?ed for the Columbian ivi?KJixin?\ oy m. a. saun, p-iiiied by N'euben The Honr B fore the Duel? Key raved lor tho Columbian M4 azine, by K oa'hiid-t:paiiPeu by Tleo. Lane. Fa*hioiia, colore ' ?F? 11 r FiK"r?* Mu ic?Ti e Willow by ihe Well?Poetry by (ieo. P. Mor fin? Mmic bv Mi** Ann nloman# Term*?Si pfr nin urn in adva ce; iw<? Cpiea for $6, *r oi.e copv two year* for $>. ftimrle nvi-v ber* 25 cent* *ach?deliver* <> in any lart'lthm city und in Brooklyn, and *ent by mail to all pirt*orthe U it?*d Slat-* and the Ca "add* > > the I iibluher A?'il( * i?o*r paid, IsMAKL POsTi hi 2# 2to 11 w c DOT AT Or H?TIM) hami^r* and'tOu bu.h-1* French Pot time*, A of ren pure qtiilit>, juaf air t *d p*' ihip Vi'lede L\on ?for *ale on b' aril, m loti to *uit l urcliuers, ut ''i *' No. 9 hortll Kiter. rn*0 lOr rfl TEA! T E A ! T E A ! YOl'H OWN EAULT IE YOU DRINK BAD TEA. r' YOU CAN APPRECIATE ?rd want to oht in go^l P m on oil ill to by f rnrnrdin* V'>"r order* m 81 Cnthnrinr ttrtfl A ihiee dollar bl I w II nut t c von to r>rni?r livf poiin t o1 11 vton Yi n ik llytou, Impeiai, <, imp <wdcr or Souchong Tw l"*rk, tli ie T?mi ?te ofthe Hit' quality?1 hotold they prore otreu\ieih? ?>e rrprrteiit ilirtn, end the I'* > b? k n I pt viiir m nnv. w h cli will be chirfuly paid. Thi? itourtvtten i I do>ne hnii'i* ,t new york.isrt ruts.) te.i covpjisv. .So HH ( A I H\ INK *T > Y E T. CIIIIIH i I\NSO , M?n?ter, To whom til crdet ere to he ad'retted, post paid, witti rrmi ttfi"e or ordert for payment in Mii? cilv ?e2H 'rn'm ROBERT HOPE HART, I v POUTER, .VO II N.4SSJIU STREET, CORNER OF PISE /~kFe KRt for ?ale, in Into to tint pnichntert, Scotch Ale. 1 ' London nnd I) .blin Bmwi. Hi ut. nci?i< h And Intli >k hi ke.', I)?rk And Pale Brandiet, Mnd irt. Sherry, Port, Chant panioe, "parkliog llor.k, Cltrrl, toe. All of thr inn quality. f '1 tons er TO THE PUBLIC, MRS. O U MILLKIt ?t CO., TOBACCO AND SNUFF MANUFACTURk R9. NO. 110 WATKH STREET NEAR WALL STREET Vrry respectfully id lor in their friendt .tr.d inttoinera thr ( t> err it a 1a jtr circulation ot counterfeit and tpurioni 'I o bacco And Snuff telling throaRt, the city ttnl country by red lart. reprev-ntinR it at liavng le-en mniinlnrtnied by ut. T he j tttinpt are nude far deception, the quality tmii.g inferior to the i geumuc aiticle Tlial no nor may be mitlcd by tneh imposition, or suppose tb d we I ck or fail in om exertiue* to manufacture or uiuaI ' ?ood trticl**, wo ha** b"cn induced Ui win Chit notice to our tUDiidt ?nd rnitomert, a* a caution itAiott m t'cpnt nt-iinn We pledRD onrtclviw n tporc no ctpcntu or icnion to mann | V I. .-i v ..-.i aril II no (,th?r. IN M ? I h- only fwnoi > arthoriinl l.y n? to ani>|dv our cat- ! tom?r* at tht ir ato-M. r- Samuel II. iloiter, and Smith Slow. All in 'iiu'acluri'd and nold hv UK nr warrm ?? and if not nmirnvrd of, ran 11 returned imkI the roone, refunded' Sol i 01, u mm amide term* aa any aitiche in the tuut line, 1 'T tn? lame mialify, m ninl ir.tnr d in the Unite I Siam. ? . Mm. O. II. .VllLI.KKfkCd. 110 Wat., .toot, filrr.u'm _ iie?r Wall street. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, fee. rPHK ?i.harrih?ra haeeJna received |erl?t? arrieale from Mavro, and keep r .mtanfl y ou hand, a Complete aaiortment French Artificial I* I swarf Material* of all kinoa lor Flowrri Hoir Ornament*. ar?i Millintrv articlts~for "fci* . HRNHV i K \?lN, lm|*nrler?, , I. lm rrc 71 Liberty (trwt, upatniri | AUCTION SALES. A'tlU>tAfe tfh LL. Auctioneer (Shtrt ATo. 3ft Jinn itreet.) AUCTION NOTICE? Regular !%il?s of Dry Goods, Cloth* ng and Fi' cy Artielea every Tuesday and Friday. -*ale of h uruiture of all descrip.ious every U ednfiday and lataniy. Ou-door Sales of all descrii tioua attended to a* usual mi8 lw*? TMio>v BH.L'i* U'l TION Noil ' of 1 V.httblr fun itore.e-'nta-i e I iml>f thue-unn nou^, 162 lludtou i r et, ">u WK.liNESI)\A , M irfh 20th. hi 1 lj t'llurk, ill ia I ''r 1 rat order, at il forming must Uoinhlr >11 lorfre t rol9 2l*fc " BY~iMKKKN" iiTTt AUCTION NOT CK?.\msicjnkK'H SALE OK EX- , C'VELENT NEW CABINET FURNITURE. of the b eit tyle.inil lat' lou, oi We lu> ?dav loih hit. at ID o'clock, j it 111 Ku'.teu nihI 22 Ann itieeu, l>y older '( tin* A??iitu'e?m' ithrra.o enfthel rant mid rami lumuub.e auortinrut of Kuruiture off' rnl tin* ?|to h Alto, 3 nfW ?nd 2 wood hand Piano Kortej. Aim. large Pier Ulaii'i and Painting*, together with a quantity of ?eLuu -hand k uruiturc, with wlucli the sale will Commence. Kuruitnrr. well worth'/ l'-e a'tention of the tr-d?, hou?e h'n?ekt*|>er?, ?hi|'peri aud otlieu, now ready for en nination by c oi?lo?ue. JOHN 8N1FFEN, ml') 2ti?*m Auctloreer. I A O A R UT I HAVE taken theSlnre No 61 Wall ttreet, fur 'lie purnoaf I of traiikartinK i Of NEHAL. AUC'l ION AND COM- I MISSION BUSINESS. Coniigninen'a anlicited. 8a in I guarantied nud catlnd, oradvance* made when required. JOHN 8. BKTT8. ' I beg leive tn refer follow* :? Mrun. L. ' Hntfman it Co. Maun, Thompson Si Adam*. \ Mr. Move* T t lor ' "eriniau, Naili II Co. Mrun. biailfard, Tilmtoo & " War-en in Brintuall. to Mr 8 T. Nicoll " P. Harmnny'i Ne- Mea.ra. Hater, Millar li ''o. rhem h Co " Htutge*. Ben net Hi Co " Talbot, Olvphact ii " (I. k L Deui?on fc. " Th-o.VietorltDuck- " Edward O Fails Ik wit*. Co " l)e !'ey?ter k Whit- " Babceck k '"o. mm li. mil) 2wi??m iWia A?l STEAMBOAT FOR BALE?vvill. b? *old at the Merchant*' Exchai ge in thii city, mi the ' nih day of M ir< li nutii.t. ?t -2-.'clock ; t? Iiiioiw fcy ANT unV I. HI.EECKE" k CO., Auction- . rem, ilw STEAMBOAT VIROI \|A, with Ml rh- tack eauo j Tumi ure now in or lieloi ging to it. The *aid ?-e inboat ia of | he bun lien of About 3 '0 tout; lit length about I'>8 1 et. with a 1 yle. dcr of to inches and a seven foA stroke. It is aa til 1 calculated f >r a tov? bout. Trims of Sale and any other information tliat may be desitsd, will ecommunicated oil npi'Sicati<hi io JOH ? t OI<(}AN, 11 Jnnes street. Thr steamboat is now lying at ilia fool of Clumbers street, N. K. mlOtoM'ec | NEW UKKJHTON PROPERTY FOR S ALE AT AUCTION. I THK MaNalON HOUSE AND OROUND8OK ffrl THOMAS K DAVIS, Kiq and the BELMONT and ||'ia HHIum nNl HOIISKS at New Brighton, Statrn I fluid, will b? perrtni tonly sold, a' |mblic auction. at the Merchant*' Exeha ge, b>- HALLIDAY St JENKINS, on \ I'uesday, tlie k6th day ef March licit, at 12 o'clock, if not prcvioutly ilitiioac.i of at private aalc The Mauiioii iloiiac it our of the inoit tplendid establish- I inenti it. tji?* United States The tiiuiu building standi in the I eeutr* or tour or five aciet, as now enclosed. It is very extensive and com oodinus; the main wills a e built of mi ble, the whole surrounded by.piaxxe ,audall finished in the best manner rhe site cannot be suipatsrd. It commands a view of thr whole of me B >y of New York, extruding up the North and I East Rivers New York, Brooklin, die Tons Island Share, 1 through the Nariows to the Ocean, and a I ante portion of tsew Jersey The Belmont and Brighton Houses an both extrusive buildings, v ry p enaauily situated nearly opposite the Steamboat I L mailiK, and well calculated lor large Hoarding houses or ho lets. Kor a diagram and further particulars, epply to 11 CUKTISS, fl3roMrtf.'ec tn Wall street MWAItlil'N STREET I Kill'-1ITY KOIs K\LE AT AUCTION?The teat a d eonrenient Two Story Dwelliliv Home and I. ,r ... I e M U/.?.. I In*III* a two ?lu-y l> ck building arichel. xvith vtvlts front mil rear, wi'l be ao'd by E. H I DHL jVV &''o . Auctioiu* ?, at li? Kgehaog' on Slturiliv M ircli Itlh.aT U or lock The Lot i? 'HI feet deep with a well huili Hume, having marble mantlet and a anterior rang" 111 tbe kitchen, and for conv-iiieuce oi situation u* well ai construction is not sarpanted Aa the money ji nut iei|uired, a l i'k'e propTtioa can remain on bondmd mortgage naM Cre SED HOT SE PLEASURE GROUNDS. A PURSr. KOK THIRTY DOLLARS-Mile HeatsBeat Three in Kive Kree for ell Hortet that liner won over $31. To c ine off on THURSDAY nixt at 3,SJ o'clock. Entree* are 10 be made the day | revi u?. ni2i It je \ COMMITTEE 11K I.ADIEm, fe ling a d en nit res? in iV. the , ro.perity of VIGILANT DIVISION No. II, MO n 8 OF T E MPV,KAN(',E. will present thein w ith an OMGANI/ iTlON BANNEtx, on Wedi.e-day Evening, March 20, at j nVT rk, in the Aabory Methodnt e, Chnrrn, [Norfolk, I near Stanton it r ft,] on w Inch oc< asiou the Grand Division will he I resent ill lull regaii i JOHN W. OLIVER. O. W P., will preside. ORDER OK EXERCISES. 1?Hym n By the Choir 2? Prayer By Rev E. Wiihey 3?od e By ihe Hivuiou 4?Addreaa on the Older of the "oiii of Tetniieranre By Rev Mr Martyn 5?Hym n By the I hoir C?I'reieot tiou of Banner By a Lady 7?Iteiei two Be C Rich, W r. 8?Od e By ih* Division !l? By P. \V P, S Ellis, of W ishing! Ill [Division, N I Boston 10?Hymn?Dtxolog y By the Choir 11?t enedictioo. rr-wTlccl'TJ HI/ cl'M'Cu s n- . ^ / i ivitx < >1 I?7| ' r.?! l o ? UUIIIUHK Olje *'TlOfli lO I'P had rt 121 Norfolk street, and at the doji on the above evening, iik 19 2ti?#rc 3TKANGKKS NEWARK. IN THIS AUK OK Oil a.' Kr Kk A.vD HLTMB *U, it if * molt import nt o < h ><e an'X.vnrnieu i?hv?i i in?DR. J. K V A N H ha* r<" oved hi * Old Galen's II *ad Ui spensary to No. 2M Pwrl. con e of Berkmm street, where i?? continu ? bin uimt extraordinary cure* of all d .lie te ilifme , no inciter iidw ci inplicat <! He apprise* the cuitens and trauaeri th t there is no !>r. Kv ns in fiis old ?tan , and hat he has no run* nection whatever with any other office. His charges aie in ? iIm . . . ; is cmumi till' lis 11 ici I y pnv tt N B ? Obseire (It# i.umb !?mi takes ar often daucerom? 189 Petri at IE?*Medicines and directions sent t> any p ot of the Lnion, by a-ticu'ars stating lie case, and cnclosn g live dollars. Ol'iO lfe: NIB L O9 8 CONSERVATORY AND SEED ESTABLISHMENT. Ah RIVALS OF FRESH SEEDS. 'I HE HUBaftCKMIt |l, inr.cknowl daing th-libera' ' tfCfii -ntrumge -ec-iv d by him. this sea?ou, for which he is i ins r i r if r I fill ?ow b-g to inf rm hi* patrons and the public th t for extensive ArraiK?m I'r 'he spting husoes I which were in ide hy himsnlf whe \ in F mope 'ast w inter, w ??h grest ca r, unieim ted atP nt on, aud wi hout ai y reg ird to eipeire, have just been completed by t e recent arrivals oi the sterol packet shins from ho. don and Havre. The stock will be f itiiid to contain su|>erb varieties of new annual, biennial and nerennial If lower Seeds, many of which are very 9 are, and will b* found well wot thy the atientiou of all lover* of Flora. Vegetable rid fc'ield Seeds have also been imported, of tliose kind* only which are d* sinhle t be ohtained it a foreign market; ofh? r?ortev for which the Am.tic m i rodu- tioos are more celebrated.have been grown by men of experience and integrity for this establishment only?all of whi? h ran h strictly relied upon as b in? genuine, and in fact, are warranted I he Proprietor would also beg tocal public af'entiou to th" factthit in or er *11 the Sesns from this establishment should bear a g.nuine character h caused all the old *e? d* (procured hy his'a e partner, Mr I) mhii) to he sold at public auction, without any reserve, hy Mr \V II. Franklin, at his rooms in Broad stru t on the 27t'? Dec last, and ha can with confidence assert there is not i worthless seed in the whole stock uow on hand Double 1) \hlhs?An extensive collection of tkese beautiful flowering K n a have also been imported from the most eminent growers, ail'1 are bulbs of the must chnie* Pr ?.? Vl<?u.u?. emihited in h nglnnd during I lie I ?r two van. 'i h-y are now uon?r propag tion and good esubhshf d plants warranted true to nam w ill be ready 1* r sale in due Reason. C titogues, containing a full description ot iacn vanrt , t*<?ether with iu sun ti >us lor their Culture, will be published at an early I eiiod. A large collection of fine healthy plants in Flower,are in the Conservatories, which will be found desirable ornaments for the Pari ?r, &c Bnujuets, Haskets, and Vases of Mo ?-ers. can ha procured on the sho. t-st no .ce, i?nt in. in a neat hilt r'eirirf Rtvle. Kruit and Oriia;i-eut*l 1 rees, Shiubs, i.ardy lt-sei It", in varietv. Bulbous Flowering Moots i'\t : Uladiolus, Metican Tiger Mower, 1 ig-r Lily, Juc<jb<ati Lily, l nberose. die. Ike., I< r pi intii g ear y Iu Sin ing. Mower Stand*, Fancy Tarra Cotta H >wer Vases and Pots, of ii w an . handsome designs. Go d Ki h, Ki?h Globes, fcc /V large a s.ifiiricntof Gardening Tools, lloriii ultural and Agricultural B M?ks, a?c on l<?i?. I h- above ?re no" . fT rod for s.tle at L?W PRICKS, having ??een nur:ba*ed f >r c th,on*dv n fan cons t-rms 'lie r??iru Xnnu^lCstal'gne is now in cour e of , unlieaf ion, and w ill be ready fo de i cry (gratis) early iu the ensuing are- k. Ord r? attended to wth promptness, and thankfully received. WILLIAM NIBLO, Sole Proprietor 676 Broad* ay No e nne f|. u w fh anV oth?r e.tahlishu.cnf. f 20 Mire Mw | ORK, aid Nl AND TRO\ LINE ^Miin oa KOK A LB AN \ \ N ') TKCIY, 1)1 MT ' h'' iiem.b ?a SW ^ hLitW, < pfiin A on, IS ill hav^ the toot of C u ll df ?t, Tills, Wednend v Evening, March 20th, 1811 m20m V KN i mT I,I sE AT HKVKN c'C OCK FOR AI-UANY, WITHOUT LANhi NO. j*'> KAWr. $ 60? ? K Ul H - Ml C E N ? H?Tli ^ *" mhoat. NtlllTM AMKtt'' A, i p a??? nflfci IVfiiiilr M It Tru*-sde|| will ha*e the I'ie be' een ( ourilandc and L'berty streets, Th s Eve i ng at 7 o'clock, W duesday, 20th. k'or nassag" or fr?*?ght, apply on h'a d, or to P t fchultt ?t the ^th e o ft e *harf iri20 iiiK |, | v t.ltri M )L? Meg ii si Pa e t ol thi 0th March?The spier did packet ship KOSClHH, Capt. JkmSl/m* o lius, will p"stivrlv sail as above, her regular day. Havi g sU|erior accommodations for isbin, 2d c?b<n. and stealage pat engers, persons wishing to einbirk sh tuld make eirlv application on board, loot of Wi<|lstr?e'f or to JOSEPH McMCIUiAV. D 20to?6 rc 100 Pine at. corner S nth ?** NEW LINE OT PACKETS FOR LI VLB slfK P. H>L?P.?c?*t of 2t?f March?The splendid and faSfc&jfcfcco'"^ "ack^t.ship IIOri'INGUKll, I00t tons burthen. Ca t. Irs BurtUy, will sail on Thursday, March 2lst.hcr regular dav Til* hum of thia lin* IwiitR *11 lfflfl t mi ?ml npw trda, [i r?on? a' out t > embark for th* old rnilIItry will not f?il to *** tli* air nt*ti*? to h> il'rivtl from avlact nii 'h i li * in |"rf*r?nr* to Miy ' tlier, aa th*.r itint rapacity i*ndrr* th*:n **rrv war rn ir* comfortable *' d ciinv*iii*n' tli*n >hi, a ol * ?mall*r r|*aa, *inl tbmr nrmmrood to n* it i? w*ll *110 * 11 ar i ?up*rior to any otli ra ' li * wi lling to a*rura bcrtba ?h uld nnt tail to null* * rl\ i''i|ic* ion n hoar I. or 10 VV V I. T. TAPHf'O I'T llrnrnl Paaaara Offim, ir2fi 21 IJ I'* k ?l I'. r Tio rtSiiiitli itrw. KTIK M.W <Hri.c \ N a?f.o. 11 * , "*"*, d >,.* alr?JfW t'ofW Lin*?P aitivl, fr?t rarnlai l'*< it tm.*il ? 1 t JwClahbMi r'i Th* fiat >ailf? r aohrt th p L' il t;*pt*ii, M. Hunt, will *1' ahoy*, t?*r f. null* day, b r ' freight or raat ?* lining handanm* furnuhd nop. nun nig tiona. *p. ly on n trd, foi t ol IV II at, *1 Orl**na whirl,?r to b.. K COL' INS Ik. CO , Ml H, uth at Pan*"** by thit ?' if wi 1 |.|*a*c b# 1,11 loir.l, *t Orlanna v luC li nt of VVill tr*? 1 t -rn now morning, ?t 10 o'clock, ?t ? Inch tiin? II * ?hi ? ill aatl Pnaitirtlr no Irciaht r*t*ir'd aft*r thu vfniog. S unpara b' I'm Iiu* tn.ty r*ly g|ion hiving ih*ir cor r*cf'y in***ur*il in N*w Orlaana, llnllin fc Wood rn IT who will pr mptly forward I gooda to tli*ir addraia Th* packet al if llu it>vilU, I *pt. t orn*l 11, will ?orr**d th* Loniavillr, and tail JOtli March, h?r r?gular day mill an * A AMUSEMENTS. PAI-SIO * IK. Y. tJPKKA HOUSiC. ? CHAMBiCtlS HTRKET. Adaiiuinn Ore MolUr, 10 ?!. |*rtt i>l' th' Hoowi. Dnon op** *}\ Hprformjincp t cnmtntic ?t half past 7 1 Day a of Ft rformanca? Monday. Wednesday, and Friday j FIllST NI'fHT ? F ~H*~nTF.HA OF BEATRICE 1)1 TEND+i. 1 WhONESDAY ?V?NiNQ March 2d. will k? rrwtcitd 1 BK-ITHM K DI T-NDA. r Beatrice 01 I ouo Siguon A Main?*eh Yi Iipiio Marit V'.acoati K A. Vil-eilina r OrombeMo [his i r?t m ini nee] n g C Artoguiui Agnes 'd-I Mamo Biguoia K Albenaxsi t Ari >11110 Big. a . AI ertexxi Nixxardo del Vamn 8g A llenrii 1 Tin* whole undrr l>i?- directi< u of Higuor V Al.Tr LI.'NA IT?" Kor lull particulars, aer hi 111 ol the day. Boi Olfice omq ftwgt to 4 Velici I N. U.?The 'llieatie on the off night* will be let lor Concern or Lecrnre*. i The UreRtril Invention of the Age. MH K.Artr.K, or VIENNA, reii>eerfully announces to the I American inbl'C, that he has xucreedeil, alter | TKKN mm of exiwriim iitatuu nud anatomical stU''i?s. in , i perfecting a SPEAKING AN J KIMJIM) AUTOMATON. 'I'h is wonderful t*iumt h 01 I mu st His. imd Mi i iiimimi ?iticula'ti <> >tiuctl>' eve-' lcii >r ol toe alphaon, couverses with Ina auditors, and wi'l siki and tu < its; i* THitr.t L*"<nu*(ii:?, Euolish (ir.nni), ami Lain* Mr., K'aher pro- ; poses, in accordance with the solicitations ol scirut In geu t'ein-u to exhibit his invention lor a short time, to Ilia' th? | public inav lase an npjeirtuu'ty of witnessing a uiscuve') . who h has I'XCitrii surprj.i eo.l ad mi rat ion t b raughon t the an 1 eutific world The EXHIBITION I! OV, ci rner of Broadway an" L.'s|i-nard stieel will lv open ?vity day (except bun I day) from 12 A M unul t I'M., and avery eveumg (except ; Snnd?y ) Iroin 7 nil 9 o'clock. K7" TlnKKl'S, 'i> CENTS; children under ton yeari of age !2Vs cnits. I The entrance is in Lispeonrd slteet, third door on the left side fro'" Bioadway lin'ec 1'A UK. THKATKlb. Boxes 'i0 ' ents- I'u 1 1 ems?Gallery 12H Canta. THIS EVEN I Nl>, March 20, inn The performance will eommeue" w ith a new dramaiu three ec s, entitled the PRIDE OK BIRTH. En est Jamison Jotibois Barry To coil I nil.' with THE KLklNO DUTC'HMAN. Vanderibclten Mr Barry ; Leaiclle Vanliulm Mra H Hunt CHATHAM THKATKK A\l) ClltCllS. CONDUCTED BY H ROCltWEL'L fc O. K STONE BENEFIT OK VIRGINIA SEHENADEH8. THIS EVENING. March 20, performance* luronumiN * nh Archai'a Kratival. After which runout acta <il Hon,-ui tnahip, Gymnnatica,Conic Volanta, Vau ting, African Drulleriea. lie. fcr. Af er wliieh OPERATIC CONCERT, BY THE VIRGINIA SKKENADER8. To coiiclnde with Negrta Atauiance. | MITCIlKlal/N OLYMPIC THKATKK BENEFIT OF M.iS TiMM. THIS EVENING March 20?The pcrlorraaaoca will C'lmnifn'' with SAM PARR. Kara Parr Mr. Mitchell Followed bv OLYMPIC HK V"- LS. After which CINDERELLA. Felix Mra. Timm Pedro-; Mr. Hollaed Cinderella. Miaa Taylor To conclude with THE HEi RET. UOYVURY AMPII1THKATKK. JOHN TRYON Manager and Leaaee. THIS EVENING, March 20, 1844. The i erforroance t cnuimeure wi'li a grand Tuikih Entree. Followed by R, Icndid hq> eat nana Aua of Agility aud 1 Stieugtli, bv a Company, uuiarpaaaed. To eoi elude v itli LODOISKA. Princfsi Lodoi>kn Mn Herring Krr* Khai Mr Wo?J ajukkican StiiioUil ! AND PERPETUAL FAIR EVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK. The Maingr r hai engaged fir one week more the OKIOI NAL KENTUCKY M i>HTH ELS. Oie beat band of Ethi". pian Metodiata in America, who give their Grand Coucert at each pcrfo'maace Miaa E. RlCIIAUDS, a elia mine and accimplirli-d Vocalirt lata from Boalou, li r first appearance belore a New York audience. Miai BL AN''HARD, the celrhrattil fern tie Juggler MR. WHIT LUCK, the renowned Banjo Player and Negro Melodiat MR. B WILLIAMS, the Delineator of lriah Character, Singer of Comic lnah Souga, aud favorite II irupipe Dancer. Mr. T. G. uoOTH, comic amger. MR HOWARD, the Vinliniat. MR II G SHERMAN, tli* popular Ballad Singer, i. \ i>h"i itv I'VHI rn .a,n:....i n,......... (JK.N. TOM THUMB m Wax. faithfully represented, together wn i the celebrated TOLLY IJODlNE and DANIEL LAMBERT. The HI'BY KAMILY.aix in uumber, recently fmm Ger inuf, nuU fni'h'ul representatives of the ancient people of Kgvpi in iv be seeu in 'le-ir native costume. fhrGIPHEY QUEEN,the fortune Teller, may be privately consulted at ah honr% of the day antt evening. Performance* every "veiling at 7M o'clock, and Wednesday and >MWlto afteinoona at 3 o'clock. Ticket* 2i ceuu?children under ten year* 12V? cent*. Twen te live cent* extra for frirale consultations with iheGiptey Queen. mlOrc PKALK'd ii W It III1H fiit/SKUM. ~ ANI) PICTURE OALLEHV. < Rroutlwiy, opvonte itu City Halt.) EVKKY 0 A Y AND EVENING THIS WEEK. HE-OPENINO OK THE MUSEUM, with splendid attrar tons. 1 he manager i* happy to announce au engagement with SIONOH bit AN' 'St O. the .Vlagiriau and Eiju libnst, late from tte Atneriran Muieiim. The PHILADELPHIA MINLsTKKLS, in Bong*. Ik.:. higtior MONTI V K.I I'), with nine n echaii r il figures. The Mighty UIANTE8B, of mormons proportion*, and a m at be suti'ul v calisl. Mr. D. W. WKIGHT, ?n unei|uallril sentimental sing.r. 1 M<*s .lESSi* LYN, an accomplished dau*eu*e. GYPSY CilRU,utter of th* (Joet'ii at til" American Museum j may b'consulted privately at all t.oura of the d y , Kndg Mermaid. Grand O, smarama, and S00,(ItOCarioaitiea Admission one shilling?I2>* urnla extra to thuae who c n?uh the Gip.v Uir|. im7ep /1 r< >.\/t /: il Ft l EXWBITH> .v. > I7GGS HA'I'l HE D HY AR'UKICIAL MEA S. Now ! Ha optu I i the public fr< hi Id A VI. to 7 I' M <ls Iv, at 160 I Nassau s reer, over 'he 'I nliurie t'llice. No exh hitioa can he mot* tnumuaf to the Acricoltam set, or to pw tniirlai md i de<ont ininil. It fends man's'li sglita "from Nature up to Va! Hire's G d *' Ladies in p rti' tllar will lie highly gialitied. 'To | be continued a few we, ks only. I /"Admittance'J Cents: f htldren iialf-ptice Kggs broken 1 on applic toil! 12rents M-c i""l *entl'm"u and other*, on I pay meiit ol S'', Wit* ret eive raids of admifl ion for 21 day*, and I hieak -n trx eith day. Pun bh is * Is' S'ory, and tre-ting ! tit'oa poultry . re ts. Tie editorial corps are invited to vi it he estihlislunent at I'l a n ? in 7 llt-rr iViu^iu rv?iv i 1114 ivu LLiUti. ('.RAND CONCERT. T<(> BKHIVKN by tin- Mnnbmof PAL <i()'8(Ut.) COM I PA.N Y, .it vauxhall. garden, tin WEDN KM) A y c VK\|M?, Mvch 20th, The c< miMiiy contuu of 'he following ladie* ami gentle* PHILLIPS, M? S. MlAlll'K. M'HM Bltt'CK, I MR. KAKALI', vim MK. KNKASS, MR. HOLMAN, MIL KAVANAH. PROGRAMME. Pa ?t I. J (.'horns?The American Fhg By th* Compsnv Soi.g?A brave bold crew Mr Kavitrab Song?Oh whisfie and I'll c< in* lo vou Mrs Hhari # 1 Bal I ad?N< rah M'Shane n r It Song?Not married yet Migg Bruce (yh(i<m?Our Hay icron flic mountain *By the Coim any Sing?1 Mi what a joyo a day* Mrs I'lnliR* Soi g?Who hi*s not hi rke<l Mr llolmau Song? (?ro?n? ? f Blr..ey, M< Kmamh Comic?Italian dnet Mrs Sharpe and Mr Kn?aaa Choiui?Dauce, ihe boaluiiii dance By toe Compiuy Va~ II Ohorns?Now it*jure, now mep. re* By th* Oompiuy Ba'lad?I'm mittime on the sti'e, Mary Mr Lynch Sons?I'm grveriteei come Sunday M s Sharps Sons ? My heiti'iftil unit! Mr Holmrn S'-ns?M rrl? g'* ruddy br im Miss Hroce Bedlam medley, bv desire, By the ornomiy Song?I'll I e no submissive wife Mrs Pf illirs Song?The *t'am A Mr K*vauah Song? l he. Newf ttindUnil dog, first time Mr Kuegsa Finale?I hare rich's, hou hr*t beamy Bv the < mi any TICKETS ON K SHILLIN >?lo be h*d at the door. Do )M often at quarter to 7?commence at l4 before 8 o'clock. mIO 2f#re TilK TRUSTEE* Of THR NKW York F / II E 1) E /' A II T M E N T F U .V D RhPr( rM'LLV beg leave !t? call ti e ntbniion of the i u<?.ic "i ti n ifr \m) misckllankousconfkrt, To bey ve.i i. *'dofih-W DOWs a ^ OHPH * NS of t* e Kilt* Df.PA ItT M F.N P, on Toe day Keen lug. April 2d. a1 rhe Br< a'leay'I/-bernacle, on which ? rcasion the follow ng , eiwin ni Vr r <ligta h?ve, m the kinl-ki manner, geneioiisly volunteered their ?erviee? via j SlUNORA Y. BMRUMKSSIGNDK \ A. M -AJOCClll, MADA M K O I "! O, M MS. KI'WA HI) I.ODKR, Ml H WVI ON. MIH* TAYLOR, (II | im? i <?? of Mr. Mitchell ] MA DA >IK lil'r.KMAIO T, Hi. *Oi; A I 1 If.!') \ \ CTKLLINA, alono1* c i hozzi sh?N*in< A Ma V I.H. AND MIC B <Ol till. (Whof tb tub having quoted fh* profevioti, hi dl rolume r? ??u (ton occa .inn ) Aim, in like manner ihe NK.U' YORK A AC Re,|) MCHC SO< IF.TV b re Willi great liberal tv, tendered their ?ervires ' ? | e?f rill Two (# tii'l h ' ores The Whole t b- uti'J'T | h?* drrctnin "I W I C II CC L'' ader, iSMsiel by a powerfn' L'id eflectne Orchestra?Mr. IC,' TIMM.who has kindly contented ' p?ei?idesf *h* I lano bor'e. It wi'l be setu f?om fl e shore ih it P is seldom, Of ever,] an oppnrttin ty ir givu ol hearing, in one r**iiing,?ticb an array "I i f*?ent The Tnirfeei 'ently hope tha' the l uhli^ a d the Cie .it of tl?" lb ptfim nr. gererally, will, bv tn?ir snppoit ol I tlii.'.bj r . mater ft' I v enable thein to f el ev* the wants of the in in Vbiii.iv*ft.iml()r)i.maMrliMrf>l\/iiii i it.- Ilnan.... .1 1. ??rrnr *1 ?BPI"'lt 7-TICKK. I S ON! '. DOLLAR? Adrn111 im on? Lvlv .t it Oamlr nan. Ki'/t LiiIm1 I ichpu fif'y Ontr To !>< had at to* prnf'P'l Mmir atom, of.lhr Oflirpra of thr Driariinrnt, or of >Itli' r of thai ninwitntM \it I IN \V. KMMONft, II Hrrnc at.) KOB8V I'H li IflAOH, 14 t fraud it. I 0IMliU''< JOHN I'HYMl, 146 Front at. S ,I r I Til FIFIIIANM M. It M.I. in A ..I . I 'If Fnnd* o thfHKBRr.W BfcNp.VOLI- NT HOI IE I T of thu nty, will tnlir pl-icn Tr,ii Ktninr, 20th March, at ih Apollo Siloon, "roadway, '1 icknla can !? prnrtirrd of M. M NOAH. Kin . rrp.i(l?nt M. M|f'fl"LL. h ?1 . Vim f.Piid'iit. 2*?l Broadway L. OAK l< I I H K.?| , Tin.ur r, II I Chatham ?t. Or tha Mini ai?nnl ' onimi't"? loppph A . Jac ki'ifi. no Bowery. I' il'P Pike, 'it Broad atteet Murk I fry, til Maid'" Lane. I L Hlinmoiidi ij* IVarl ilia I. M A. hour IV VV l-T afreet Lionel A Mi?ra JO Rend* tWBt. mil <tf?*m ] ,HAlHAM THFATRK Tinmint >1 irrh llth, IBM. qi|)R I tDlf'.H \NI> flKNTLKMk.N engaged ?t tinI e tthlnhirwit f r h-?nt,i|n|{, r, n-ite,l to ari'.' it ill* M tnager'a Oflh *. ? 1 "Villi 'tdav nnt, the tOt i. Air ing* in n'i h rwj boon nut* fot the Theatre to o| on on MnnJ.i i \t m 11 r t. miter Ariing Manager Ut M II TII'IVH'IIIIN, No 21 John ttrett, up ? "* it row rpcaiTing Rich Ptn* Millinery TJnoda win It n*wi , m"C TIN * BY THIS SOUTHERN MAIL. Important from Washington. Our private accounts last evening (mm Waldington are most exciting and important?particuarly on tlie Texas question. It is now believed bat the Treaty of Annexation will be presented to he Senate in a lew days after Mr. Calhoun's arival?and it is confidently predicted that it will iusa the Senate?the whigs not daring to vote igainst it, for feat of the effects ol such a course igainst Mr. Clay in the south and west. In the nean time, a debate will soon spring up in the louse, and many of the New England members ire f urious against such a project, threatening disuilution, separation, and insurrection of all kinds. Both parties, whigs and locofocos, are thunderstruck and paralyzed at the bold movements of Mr. Tyler on Texas and Oregon. There will be prodigious exciting times in Washington in a lew duys. The |>eace of the country ?the prosperity ut all?and the fate of Mr. Clay and Mr. Van Buren at the polls, both hang upon the course their respective lriends take in thsse questions. Washington. [Correspondence of the Hersld.l WAsiitNoToN, March 18, 1844. Acceptance of Calhoun?.Vurmiiri? Wonder* and other Matter* For the first time I can now touch bottom in the matter of Mr. Calhoun's acceptance 1 have my information from one of the South Carolina delegation. Mr. Calhoun ha* not been heard from *ince he received /<# official appointment?but letters were sent to linn prior to his appointment, informing him that he would receive it. Some of these letters have been answered, and from them it is understood that lie will accept. 1 hear various rumors in regard to certain conditions which it is said he will - ?? ?????? will maintain an independent position,and consider hm political course in no way as identified with that oi President Tyler. This implies that he will not hold himself bound to oppose Mr. Van Huren because President Tyler does. 1 presume some of your city papers will state?as they have done all the past week?that Mr. Calhoun has unipiahfiedly accepted the appointment. All such statements are only Rood guesses. 1 have stated the farti above. And another fact is, that last night at two o'clock (2 A. M. to-day) the Hon. Dixon II. Lewis and other Southern members knew nothing of his acceptance, beyond the probability that he would accept, llefore closing this letter, I hope to know something more definitely. Mr. Calhoun is exacted on here in the course of this week?say the last of this week or the first ot next. It is reportod that Messrs. llelser and Black,who have been absent fur some days, have gone to see Mr. Calhoun. They ure part i nda of Mr. Calhoun. 2 P. M ?It is now I l \ ie Southern gentlemen tl iere will he n id it i< n enherside, hut tl alhoun will accept. Tn say there is no d' t at all. S. 15. Washington, monday. NV.i it I to;d you the othei day ubout Calhoun accepting, was true. 11 * li then accepted, and the letter was in this ci' 1 i - now publicly staled to-day, and Mr. Call terted to arrive in Washington this weeu nt pressed on him that it was his dut\ u view of the two great <|uestions of Ti Oregon ; and Mr. l 'alhoun lias consented to accept for the purpose of endeavoring to settle these two questions? which leaves hirn permission to retire as soon as they are disposed of. Mr. Towle has not heen confirmed. TWKNTV KIUHTH CONURB98. K1K8T 8 K 881 ON. Menate. washinoton, March 18, 1844. Note.?While I was out mailing a letter on Friday lust, the Senate passed u bill repealing ths distribution law?which has for sometime past been inoperative from the conditions of the tariff. The repeal has no pructicid efleet. tab ikk ok '42. (' .tv Moiieiikad presented a |<etition from citizens of Pennsylvania, approving the tariff of 1842, ami asking that Congress will not interfere with it. {Note.?These continued petitions from Pennsylvania, against tlm new tarifl, look ominous as respects the vote of Mr. lluchanun. No petitions have yet been received in favor ol the new bill. 1 las it no friends d], reports. Arc Quite a number ol reports by committees were made?as also bills introduced, and resolutions offered?pertaining to minor matters, (tensions, land claims, holding of courts, post routes, iVrc., <Vc. revenue, exports, and imports. Mr Jarnaqin offered n resolution, asking of the PresidenUthe statistics of revenue received, and export* and imports made from September last up to the 1st March. committer on the territories. Mr. desired that n Committee on Territories might be formed in the Senate. [There is none now.] Mr. Kvans thought it was unnecessary. Mr said the District of Columbia has a Committee?and the Territory ought, a fortiori, to have one. Mr. IIuntinoton said it was now one o'clock, and it was time to attend to other business. He moved to lay the resolution on the table. Carried. tiik oregon notice. Mr. Archer thanked the Senate for their rourfrey in indulging him in hi* delay to speak on this <piestion. lie should now be brief. This i* a momentous cpiesiion. This resolution is advisory of the President in a matter left by the constitution to his discretion. The moat important matter pertaining to the resolution giving the " nolice," is the motive which prompts them to paaa the resolution. What is this motive ? 1 answer, ilintrvtt of the President They dare not trust the President in the discharge of his duties. And in | this matter the democratic side of tnr Senate were continually taunting them with the treaty of Wash; melon ol August, 1*12. | Mr. Arciikr proceeded to answer Mr.Buchanan's , arguments. Mr B spoke of its heing dishonors hie to tins country to allow this territory to be jointly occupied by (ireat Britain Was it dishonorable to lien. Jackson to allow this treaty to exist ever since 1S27 I I admit?and so does every ihkiv iliut mir ureseiif Executive ism weuli nna But it i* no mop- dishonorable in him to let this treaty exist than it ha* been for other administration*. It is not the British Government, but ycnr own Government, that lias invited thta negotiant n. And shall we now repel the very negotiation we have invited T There lots been a great deal of railing against Kngland. lie will not countenance it. The principle ot this Government is, enemies in war?in peace, Infinite lie sees that he is destined as lont: as he rita here, to hear Kngland reviled and abused. He would oppose his etilngmm of Kngland He honored her. He was proud to be defended front Kni(hitid It was a high honor to this rountry to he thus descended. And if would he the glory of our country in all future ages, that we wcr<- so descended. Here Mr. Abcher went over the same ground which has already been travelled over hy Messrs. I t'hoate, Miller, and Itayion. Oregon must be poasensed hy our own people. Agriculturalists must drive out hunters in the end. Mr. Huehunan had said that the < tregon w as fast filling up with demo rruts I hie, in ins opinion, wh* a certain reason whv the British government would never have any ; thing to do with til'- Trrritory?because it in filled with democrats (Laughter.) He verily believed that wan the reason why the British government ; gave up that stnp land on our northwestern fronI tier? because ii was filled with democrat!. (A { laugh ) hngiand is not likely to go to war at present it she ran hr|i> it. Hie has internal difficulties in Wales and Ireland She values our trade. But if j vou deeply wound her honor, she will go to war Should you give this notice, and then take possession of the Territory, you do give her just cause ot . war?the innre especially since yon have invited her to negociutc this question at your own doors. | Vou make n a point ot honor to go on and occupy die Oregon with an armed force. And will not I Kngland deem it a point of honor to resist with force of arms T Pau (hit resolution and you make it very doubtful it you ran at all jnretnvi the Territory?ami abrolutrly certain that you cannot jererrrre thr peart. He believes that we can contend (gainst any power in tile world if our cause he just, lint Kngland is the most powerful nation in the world?or that haa ever existed in the w orld. Ami .nil... .,il...r l. ...... I.r..,fn....,l rniir own navv ind .iriny, and you propose -nil further reductions. Vloreover, your fin me ? err dap rr--ed, and your iiiTiriicrci' (finiiriialiad And yet you propose to rovnkf 'i war w iili Kngland 2, I' M (ISdiiusi ) While mailing ray'letter VI r Archer fini?hrd fna speech, and I now find Mr. .'liven III ill.' nndu <d another lie is now speaking id tin- I rrnfy of Washington, of August, |K4i? How :PI to !f voted in f.ivor of the treaty-how tinw hole i wintry approved it?and how naughty it is lor I he minority now to object l.Virn The gulltrie* are about one fourth tiHed,

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