Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1844 Page 1
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TH] Vol. X., No. sa?Wbolo No. 3659. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ML ML j from Nev^^^PSlst, and ^Sn^erpool e^^^mcn p, mouth. . i 01 From fBL n kX <; " New Ship LIVERPOOL, 11S0 tow. I |V!?il 11 June* 0i J. Eldridge Au^. ai Oct. N.ship QUEEN OF TyjE WEST,g' jjft ' " 12J0 tone P. WoouHouse. Sitept. 21 Nov. 6 ? New ship ROCHE8TER.150 tons, 'IjJo/ gl Auk.'* to John Britton SOet'r 21 Dech ( T Ship IIOTTINOUKH. 1060 touaJJ^b IraBureely, j.Nov'r 21 Jan y 6 ~ These substantial, fast tailing, first class ships, all built in J th* city of New York, are commanded by ineu oi ecperieuce B auil ubtlity, and will be dispatched punctually on liie 21tt ol a>T liter cabins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished ii" with whatever can oouuuce to the ease and comfort of pattengert. Priee of passage, $100. Neither tlte captains or owners of these ships will be respon- _ eible for any parcels or packages sent by thein, unless regular T bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to ?, u'liriTiirni I ?, uivTiTtiva al 87 South street, New York, or to F1ELDEN, BROTHERS St CO., m HA ac Liverpool J OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. .t m. rn 0k TUD-^jLI) LI^w>n?cketi f?' Liverpool will heratlten>e A- despatched iu the followingorder, excepting that when the sailing day falls ou Sunday, the ehipe will toil on the succeed E ugdav, vir.:? fc rum New York. From Liverpool Tire CAMBRIDGE, (Juno 1 July 1C 850 tons, < Oct. 1 Nov. 16 W. C. Barslow,(Feb. 1 Mar. 16 Ua The ENGLAND, (June 16 Aug. 1 750 tons, ( Oct. 16 Dec. 1 ' 8. fiartlett, f Feb. 16 April 1 , The OXFORD, (July I Aug. 16 } ' COO tons, t Nov. 1 Dec. 16 ' J. Rathbone, ( March 1 April 16 "f The MON'l EZUMA, (July 16 Sept. 1 "J 1060 tous. < Nov. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, (March 16 May I _ The EUROPE, (Aug. 1 Sept. 16 618 tons, (Dec. 1 Jan. 16 * E. O. Furber, ( April 1 May 16 j The NEW YORK, (new) (Aug. 16 Oct. 1 950 tons, \ Dee. 16 Keh. I si T. A. Cropper, (April 16 June 1 The COLUMBUS, (Sept. I Oct. 16 700 tons, < Jan. 1 Feb. 16 cr O. A. Cole,(May 1 June 16 ar The YORKSHIRE,(new) (Sept. 16 Nov. 1 ?| 1050 tons, (Jan. 16 Mar. 1 B D. G. Bailey,(May 16 July 1 ? These ships are not surpassed in point of elegance or comfort j in their cabin accommodations, or in their fast sailing qualities 1 by any vessels in the trade. R The commanders are well known as men of character and C experience, and the strictest attention will always be paid to re promote the comfort and convenience of pneseugers. Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed ae ,f heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at Seventy-Five Ic Dollars, for which ample stores of every desoription will be ra provided, with the exception of wines and liquers, which will M be furnished by the stewards, if required. 01 Neither th captain or owners of these ships will be respon- m eible for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by them unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or pas- _ saje, apply to P GOODHUE It CO. 64 South et. C, IJ. MARSHALL. 38 Burling slip. N. Y. jTOtf and of BARING. BROTHERS It CO.. LVonl. . PASSAGE FROM GREATBR1TA1N AND IRELAND J t f , BY THE BLACKBALL OR OLD LINE OF ?l LIVERPOOL PACKETS. , u [Sailing from Liverpool ou the 7tb and 1'Jth of every month.] Persous wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends eon make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and J have thein come out in this superior Liue of Packets, Sailing m from Liverpool punctually ou the 7th and 19th of every month. They will also nave a first rats class of American trading ships, sailing every sis days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. Oue of tne firm (Mr. James D. Roche) is there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. , Should the parties agreed for uot come out. the money w ill J be returned to those who paid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise thft following inagmiiceut onipa. tix t The OXFORD?" ^The NEW YORK, J CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS, C EUROPE BOUTH AMERICA. f, ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. ti With such superior and unequalled arrangements, the subecrihers confidently look forward for a coutinuaace of that support which has been extended to tliem so many years, for which ? they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can p at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland. Dublin, also on t Messrs. PRESCOT'f, GKOTK, AMES k CO. Bankers, London, which will be naid on demand at any of the Banks, or their 8ranches, in all the principal towns throughout England, 1 rend, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE,. BROTHERS k CO. 36 k niton street New Vork, next door to the Kulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Lirerpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties returning to the old country will find it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to anv other. , ifk $? ml ^^NEW YOKKaRd HAVRfn'ACKETS. p Second Line?The Ships of this line will hereafter leave New q York ou the 1st, and Havre on the 16th of each month, as fol- q lows, viz:? f From New York. From Havrk. p New Ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March. ( 16th April. q Captain < 1st July. 16th August. q James Funek. r 1st November. 16th Decmnber. i Ship BALTIMORE, C 1st April 16th May. q Captain < 1st August. < 16th September^ \ Edward Funck. ( 1st December. I 16th January. i Ship UTICA, 11st May. 1.16th June. -j Captain < 1st September 16th October. p Frederick Hewitt. r 1st January. 1,16th February, NewahipSt. NICHOLAS11st June. C 16th July. < Captain < 1st October. 16th November. ] J- B. Pell, 11st February, f 16th March. y The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, com- | billing all tliat may be required lor comlort. 1 he price ol ca; f bin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every re [ quisite with the exception of wines and liquors. '| Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the sab -] scriliers, free from any other than the expenses actually in- '| eurred on them. For freight nr passage, apply to -i BOY1) k hINCKEN, Agents, ] _je25 ec No 9 Tontine Building, eor. Wall and Water at | OLD ESTAHLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE 3 OFFICE. ( 61 SOUTH STREET, NEW TURK. I m m. M 5 ^raasaueean be eiigage^romLiverpool by the following spieu- 1 did packet shi|is comprising the Old Black Ball Line of Packets 1 sailing as under 1 From Liverpool. The ship COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, on the 16th February. , The slop YORKSHIRE, (new) Bailey, on the 1st March. , The sligi C AM BUI l)(JE, Capt. barstow, 16th March. , 7 lie ship K XGL AN L), Captain Bartlett, 1st April. The ship OXFORD. Captain Halhboue, 16th April. The ship MONTEZUMA. Captain Lowbtr, 1st May. The ship EUROPr, Captain Furber, 16lh May. TheshipNKW YORK, CaptaiuCropper, 1st June. , In addnion to the above superior ships, the subscriber's agents will hare a succession of first class Alu< rican ships daspati bed, as customary, from Liverpool, every four or five days through- ' out the year, to the diff. rent ports in the United States, by 7 which passage can be s-cured at reduced rates. Tnose"sending for I heir friends re, idiig it, Oreat Britain and Ireland, may re- " ly that every care will In taken to make p?ssrng?n as Cumfortable us they can reasonably expect, and should lie passengers not come out, the passage money will be promptly refunded. Draft* can as usual be furnished, payable at ihe National and i Provincial Banks of Ireland auu branch's; EasUru Rsuk of J Fcot an < anil li anch'e; and on Messrs. J. Bait, Honk Co., Bankers, Loudon; M-ssrs. J. Barned k Co., Bankers, Liverpool, which are payable throughout Euglaud and Wales. For further particulars apply (if by letter post paid) to JOHN HtRDMAN, 61 South street, near Wa'l street. N. B Passage to Liverpool and Loudon can stall times be engaged by the regular packet ships, sailing for Liverpool every tire days, and to London an the 1st, lUth and Mlhof each mouth on application as a'iove. jlil ec TAPSCOTT'H GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE > ARM^^MENTS^U^^?*4. The snhscribers beg to call the attention of their friends snd the public generally to their superior arrangements for bringing ut pasaenge-s from, and reo.itting money to all parts of Enrla'd, Ireland, Scotland and Wyes, n ri"!; NEW I.INF. OF LIVERPOOL TACKETB, M;mriviniinF THE QWBN OK THE WEPT, 155D tmm n THE SHERIDAN, !l">0 ?M. Tilr, ROOMESTER, I Ml tons. I, THE OAHHIOK, 10M tona. THE HOTTINUUfcK, 1<W t""?. THE KQHClOs. MM ton. | THE J.IVKMrOOl., liflO ton*. i THE BIDDQNS, 10fl* ton.. o Sailing fiom Liverpool twice .rerr month, and r THE UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, j eimpoird ol .npmior, first el... Amt'ifsn packets, .ruling from Liverpool four titnei in itch month, are the iliip. in (. which thove whose ptanage mav he-niraoed with the .ubacribers will come out in, and it I. a vrtrll kimwn fact the above named f picket, ate the moat magnificent ?hir? afloat and the frequency ol chair tailing, (being every live (Java) prevent, the p>,..ibility of p.amugera being uniiecrt.arily detained at Liverpool. HeK?r1|eti ofevpenav, in order to meet the wanta of thepiblie 1 and the withra of their Irieud., Mr. Win. Tappacott, one of the firm hat gone to Liverpool to auperinteud the departure for thu country of aoch perxn,. whose raaaage may be engaged with f the .uuscrihera, a fact, which to those acquainted with Mr, W. T., it a sufficient guarantee that they will rvceive everv attention from him, and be quickly and comfortably deapatched. j hdou'd those sent tor (Incline coming, the puuage money will be promptly rvfgnded, without any deduction?as una!. remitting money ran be .applied with (j drain at .ign., tor any ainonnt, pav.ible five of di.eoiuu or any ouier con v?, in evary pnnci|ial town in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wale. Apply (K ?y latter, post paid, )to , vy. * J. T. TaPSCOTT, 41 Peck .lip, rm WW TAPHfOTT, Llvrr?>oT ruMt~<" t0 j PARAGE FROM DUBLIN, CORK WATER- t WtWyEUHI), DEHRV COLERAINH . BELFAST, I J9BIS6|Newr i, D'ogheda, he ?Person, wi.hing to .end for i till ir I r lend I can have them brought ont irom any or the .bore putt, iu lir?t ( law Ame-ican I acket Ship., on the moat rea.ou- r nbleterin.. and without theire.|ierijociiig any unnacea.a-v de- 1 teoiion. Mr. W. Ta-ncott, on* of the firm, will he on th> t .pot to give hi. per.onal attention tn th* pu.enger. engaged by the .ub.cribers or their agents here, and persons |Mr rviv that the wi. he. nud comfort, of tho.a wluse pa..age maybe enga -ed by them will hive all due and proper attention. For I in apply, if by letter, iio.t-raid. to r W. Ik J. T. TAPSUOTT, at their General Passage Office, 41 Peck Slip, cor. Smith .treet, 1 where, ul.a, Dralt. nviy be obtained, for large or.mail.nmi, i I eyable ou demand, without diiconnt or iny other charge, at a th-* National or Provincia' Banks of Ireland, or any ol their ti branches Uiroughout the Kingdom. 1*22 rc G NE NEW ~ FOR ALBANY. J .MM ML ,Ttn 8'vainboat KUREKA, Captaiu J. L. TH L_^A*pa3p Fitch, will leave New York from foot Liber- " ^ wdKdK. ty street, at half put 6 o'clock, for Bridgeirt, thence by the Hughsluuic and Western Railroads, with- a it change et cars crates, is Albany, arriving same IK -mug at I o'cloM^^^re through Si- XJ For passage or Freight, apply on boar a. or at the office, foot n, Liberty street 4 J U. M. PKRRY, Agent. I in2lrc __ i Mk NMTIC JLe?The S aimboat PORTS ~~ UMC*AdPMOUTH in now being thoroughly repa ired a Kw9CZ>auil will berakitkffitibe sreuiog of navigation < t.w boats intermediate to Tr^r Albany and New York h his boa- will hive capacities for towing equal to any on the , Eium.Vc 1,01 ^ lh" U Wi" ?bUi" * CTSTOCR 1 g?Sr FOR L1VKRPOOL-NKW LINK.? Regular f (JSWI'ackst of Jdth Mar h.?The splendid packet shin *? HUbROSCIUS, Capt. John Collins, of 1000 tons, will ,J] il as above,her regular day. For freight or passage, having acinmodations aneuualled for spleudor or coinlort, apply on ,ard. at Orleans w\arf, ^ J Price of passage, $100. Mi South street. X The packet ship Siddoos Capt. K. B. Cobb, of 1U00 tons, to ill succeed tha Roseius, and sail the Villi April, her regular arl sr. au Passengers may rely upon the ships of this line sailing punc on illy as advertised. islt rc or s?- FOR LIVERPOOL?Uegu'ar Packet of the 26lh ~J March?The spletdld packet shi|* KOSCIUS, Capt. b Ittttfai .oil ins, will positivel r sail u above, tier regular day. Ji Having superior accommodations lor cabin, 2d cab'U, and i<r eeiaice passengers, i>eraoua wishing to embark ahould make rly application on board, loot of Wall strre', or to J JOSEPH McMURRAY, J m20tot( re 104 Pine at. corner Snath. JC4RP- BLACK BALL, OK OLD LINK OK c' MWVrOOL PACKETS-KOK LIVERPOOL?Rtgu- ** gMHEwl*r Packet of the lat ol' April.?The new magnificent 'a id celebrated iaat nailing packet nhip KUKOI'K, burt'ieu dr 60 tons, Captain E. G. Kurber, will poaitively sail on Mou- >?j iy, Is'. April, her tegular day. it is WPilkuown that the accommodations of the EUROPE, an r passengers, are fittro out i i a moit smrrb manner, with ery modern improvement and convenience, that can i dd lk' 'oinfort nf those embarkiug, who should call and see a s.'lend.d specimen ol naval arch l-cture before engaer gin iy other teasel. Kor passage in cibin, second cabin and errage, apply oil board, foot ol Beekman street, er to the anb- "~ rihers, ROCHE, BROTHERS Si CO , n rill Aire J6 Fulton itreet. nest door to the Knltou Bank, # OLD BLACK B.*LL LINE OK PACKETS.- ^ The packet ship EUROPE, Captain Kurber. to sail E, the 1st April, ner irgular d iy, lor Liverpool. hi I hose wishing to engage passase will lequire to make early P. iplicatton to JOHN JiKRDMAN, jj, 61 South street. tl N. B ? P usage from Great Britain and Ireland can be aeired bv the Prat spring M of the line, at thr lowett rstea; |,, id drafts c in as usual, be fu nisbed for eny amuiint, payable in w I tbe principal towns, without euy charge, throughout Greet ritain end Ireland, oil application aa above m2l toalrc g; LINK OK PACKETS M>R LIVER." MW POOL?Packet of 2' Ih March?The aplendid and fa favorite packet ship ROSCIUS, 100n tons burthen apt. J. hu Colliui, will aail on Tuesday, March 26th, her gular day The sbiptof this line being all 1000 tana and upwards, r*r- al ins about to embark for the old country will not fail to see the Ivsntages to be derived from (electing this line in piefereuce " any other, aa their gaeat rapacity lenders them every *?< *a ore comfortable and convenient than ships ol a smaller class, " id their accommodations it is well known are sU|ierior to any _ ihera. those wishing to secure borths shiuld uot fail to ~ lake early application - n board, or to W St J. T. TAPSCOTT, General Passage Office, jn21_t26rc 4S Peck slip, corner South street. i AS SAGE FROM ENGLAND, IRELAND, SCOT- t LAND AND WALES, VIA LIVERPOOL. Ji AJft- THE subscriber has made unequalled arrai grmeuts an raak. r?. i,a mis Thou in Nilia?tr tiding Tor their frietsdi would do well lo apply at tH it old talabluhed racket office of ? JOHN HERDMAN, SI South it cl N. B.?The shim ct this line now leave Liverpool every fire bl ivs. sad drfis cnu as usual be furnished for any amount, paylie at all the piincipal banking institutions throughout lue 8 nitad kingdom, apply as above. tn21 rc FOR MARSKILLEB?I'aekrtof Is' April?The n, H^ihip cORJOLANUs, J as liaile, Master. ,Kor hi aWMfafreight or passage, apply to Cl LAWRENCE A PHELPS, Si No. 103 Front atieet, or to BOH) A HINCKEN, ,, mUltoatrc No. 9 Tontine Ba lding r, X*3P- PACKET FOR HAVRE.?The ship BALTI- " dHMrvMOME, Edward punk, Master, will sail ou the 1st , fiKfaof April. ilOxD it HINCKEN, '< inilitoalrc 9 Tontine Building, cor. Wall aud Water i s. ftgg- FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana aud New SVWVork Line?Positively first regnlar Packet to sail 31st fiEBErMarch?' he fast sailing packet slup HUNTSVILLE Captain O. Cornell, will sail as above, her regular day. For 2 -eight or passage, having handsome furnished accommoda ? ions, apply ou beard, foot of Wnll it, at Orleans wharf,er to * E. K. COLLINS A CO., 56>,uth st. * SHiopers by this line may rely upon having their goods cor " sctly measnred. rt Agents in New Orleans, Hullin A Weodruff. who will mmplly forward all goods to their address. * The packet ship Oconve, Capt. 0. Jackson, will aueceed the {' iuntsville, and tail 10th April, her regnlar day. m2l rc " -THE BARD OF POOR JACK." u THE MIRROR LIBRARY, No. XIII., I WILL BE PUBLISHED THIS DAY, ? (PRICE lij CENTS.) u THE SONWS AND BALLADS or CHARLES DIB DEN, (THe. BARD OK POOR JACK.") < WITH * lONGS IN DIB DIN'S STYLE, t BY OTHER AUTHORS. ii CONTENTS. 'oor Jack Love Me Evermore, ?< 'he (load "hip,the Kitty, Honesty in Tatters, 1 'he Jolly Young Waterman, Constancy, P 'atewell and Hetiun, Jack cnme Home, , 'oor Tom, Nancy, t [*r.e Bnsy Crew, Nature and Nancy, j The Signal to Engage, Anns, Anne, Nan, Nance, or | ack Ratlin, _ Nancy, ? tn H-ave, Ho! Brother Jack, , Vhen last from the Htrsits, Th? Manes of the Brave, n vfe'i Troubled Sea, Sailor's Journal, ,. i he Heart of a Tar, The Naucy, Cach Bullet has its Commis- Beu Block, sion, The Canary-Bird, I wet t hearts and Wives, Th? LaJvT Diary, The Soldiei'a 'irave, Rational Vanity, Istnrdsv Night, Each his owu Pilot, ' )ounyKat*,s tMooriugi. I Jen Backstay, The Last Shllirg, . tittle Ben, The Stsniliag Toast, a I he Sailot'a Maxim, The tirigin of Naval Artillery c Die Anchor Apeak, A'l'aWell. Phe oldier's Acieu, The Cabin Boy, Phe Soldier, Pick, Navel Promotion, Phe Tar for all VVeatheis, Who'll Serve? ? lappy Jerry, The Bay of Biscay OI b Pack and'1 ack. Black-Eyed Susan, * Prue Hearted Sailor, Stand to yonr linos. Irieving'sa Foliy. Our Couulry Is our Ship, '< Deak was the Mora Loose every Sail to theBitf ze, " 'oor Shipwrecked Tar, Wapping Old Stairs, ?l Pom Tackle, Hurrah (or ehe Sea, .nvely Nan, The Storm, w Pom Bowling, On Charles Dibd n's Monu- " I'rue Courage, mentat Greenwich. Merging the Auchcr, All the numbers of this beautiful "Library" may be hid on pp ication to the publishers. To iiersons resid'ng at a distuiee hey w.II lie sent by mail Hingl-numbers 12,4 sriits double nuibers 2i cents, or tea conies for SI. Agents supplied ou iberal trrmt. Kor sale, Wholesale and retail, of i MORRIS k WILLI1#, & m2l 2tic New Miiror Oibce, 4 Anu ttraet * rHK 81IB8CR1BKK i? now prepared to ?ell WATCHK.4 t and JKWKI.KY of all kinds at the lowest postiole prieea, ii:-Uolil and Silver Lerera and l.epioei, Anchura. kc , kr , i?id alto a very (lie assortment of Jewelry, couiiiting of Onld ' haisa, Pencils, Bracelrta, i'iua, kc., kc , which he la (interallied to aril lower than any olher limine in tha city. JOHN MYKH8, no Chatnain etreet. N. B.?Don't forgnt the number?8# Chatham street, mrll lra*m M"OTlCL 18 HKItKBY OIVKN that the partnerahip herein tofore eaiatiiiK betw-en the iiiiders'gced and John Crawry, in >he Argus printing and jnhoing atabliahmrnt, and baween the undi raigned and John Craailev and Henry John Coraay, in the prentinv and publishing of ttie Aagua newipiiwr, irri.d ou at No. 7 Catharine atreat, have been diaaolved by nui| ual eouaent. Dated New York, January 2, 1841. in?13t? NORMAN COOK. TERRAPIN LUNCII, Comer of Ann wtreet and Broadway, a! LTA8 recently been completely refitted anil refuraiahed accor- . 'I ding to modern improvements, and is now under the anc- 1 irvafal management of Messrs STKcLK k KOllMAN ? I'heproprirtoiaaak the old patront of thia well kuown eitsblahrcent, wltn tin' e not recently Tinted it, t drop in, and ihey , Till lind all that the marks' affords, and eyery Iniu'ycf the M eaaou The liquors in the bar are aeleet-d from the b*at brands ? mported into this city, and they challenge any r.l o New York to eicl them in ihia part of their ?rrargeme-.t?. Phe prima are alio suited to tha times and season. Private par- t, or* fur dinner or sapper parties always tin readineas, and enter- v ainmant for any number will he prepared at abort notic.a. A fresh lot or the fineit and fstfst te'tipioa ever aeen in tliia narkrt, have been n ceived. and can he served nn at n'l hoars to 5 nose loud of this delicious diet at this season of th* ynar. they h. ring now in their prime. m'l Iwn n TO COUNTRY MKRCHANTfT h r\ M. PEYSER k CO. (lately removed Irom the comer ol h Le? William and John, to No. 60 John street,) offer for aale fr n liberal terms, wholesale and retail, the following articles. eceiv.-d by recent arrivals ? lerliu heat Zephyr Wonted?the not! complete assortment ia this country. lanvass, for Embroidery, of cotton, silk and wonted, in all | widths. " lerliu Embroidery Patterns?of the choicest and newest des- v cuiiiion; Embroideries, nmsnea ana commenced on velvet, V ailli, wonted and cotton, worked in the meat tasteful Pari- la si an style al Vessels (or Hair Dreaaea, of sold, ailrer.and ailk and tinselled; Bracelets, Comha, Hair Pins, aud a large rariety of other beautiful Paria Kancy Articlea. 'une Ornaments?Steel, silt and silver Beads, Bugle's Pnrie Twist, plain and ahadecT in sticks and spools; Embroidery and (lower Chenille, ol silk and me'al and s>lk. Mao. Fringes, Gimps and Cord and Tasaals, imported and of their own manufacture, of gold, silver, silk, Itc. all colors and widths "JT Branch Store atlM Broadway,(formerly 437 Broadway.) ' f 7 Imec e TEA! TEA! TEA! fOUR OWN FAULT IF YOU DRINK RAD TEA. [F YOU CAN ATPHECIATK end want to oht-in good L Tea, von can do to by fnrwarding'your orders to 81 CatSaine itrert A three dollar hi.I will eutitle yon to receive five lounita of Hyson, Young Hyson, Imperial, Gunpowder or lonchongTee .... Mark, thine Teas are of the first qoal ity? hould they prove itherwire than we represent them, ?eud the T-s ha-k and get rour m iner, wh eh will be chrrrfu ly paid. This isourays- tl ND CHINA TF.A COMPJ1NY, e, No. 8i CATHAHINK ST., N Y E. T. CUIUS HANSON, Manager, To whom all orders are to he addressed, post paid, with re- ? ni'tance or orders for payment in this city. n,28 Im rc V>fcKENaNY'H BLEACHING HALTS-HW Citki frtnh, j v* UtHr landed; And a rffnltr iap|>lyof quality equal to ny in the market, always on hand and for sale on favorable ' ertoa, bv OKOHOE McBKIDK, Jr.. " fJ9 lm*co U C-darstreet. W Y ( r YORK, FRIDAY MOR] 1 HOUSC WANTED?H. K. i* in wuil of iHoui itutled uear an umuibua lout*. between the Buttery and Prince atrmt. Addreaa a note, luting Ut.'ma, to ad rer ti, and leave the ntrn at thia efliee inl? Iwrc mA tO UET?Krone the tiret of May ueit, that well f!w known Hotel and immigrant Board in* Honte Noe. lit liquid 153 Cedar atreet, oxcupied for the laat lira yeira by nr? Brick. trnqmra of the tnbacriber, 73 Comllandt atraet. n'?lw*ec JOHN PATTEN. STEAM POWER TO LET. A ROOMS TO LET with STtAM POWKR-PoamW aeasibu to be given lit May, Apply to tha "Hoe" P. T. ASL M. and Saw .Manufactory, iJMltnrc 29 and 31 Oold etreet. Wtt . TO LET?A houie eituated at Bio* iniugdala, about iTw ?i? milre Irotn the city. It la delightfully ai tinted on J^lhe bank ol the Hudeon, and ia remarkably healthy. The nt $3'0 per annum. Apply at the Abby Hotel Blooming le. inrj lm*re A TO LET?The wholuor ptrtof ill' urat aud pleasautfjB ly iniMi two Itoff attic brick dwi lliog House, No. 17 Ji^Kidge street, lep.ele with every convenience. The I ro>i ?ater Ir.iut and rear, grape vines lu tin yuiil.witii a large Lior. There is slso a coneivatoiy iu the rear, anl Ikewiae ice house ou the premises The licuja will be I't either to ie family, or a part to a small family. Apply at 17 llidge si, No. SI Burling blip. rail Jt-ic ML KOO.V1S TO LET?lu tha thiiil aud fourth alory of tTB building No. 247 Broadway corner of Murray alreet ? ^tla'uuuire of Edwards, Autliouy Ik Clinton, on the ein ?e?, oi Ma'co in (k Uaui, l'i Pearl at. in!2 lm'rc |d KHh SALE OH TO LET?I'wo new Tbree-aloiv njW Brick riuuaes, with marble uinutela, slidiug oouia, and nULcuHvrinenl cloaeta iu all the rooma. The houaea aia 21 t It Hit and tear, by 3b feet deep r.ach home haa an under liar. Will ada le I for the pawom miu.ied The Cots are ch 25 by 100 leel. In the yard la a apacK Uj listeru. Puce lor ch House and L? t Il.oOJ, of wli ch two-thuds cau remain^ il aired, on boudand raoitjage at6 per cent par annum. The at for cell bona# is siiu. The Hous a are situated in Bridge strset, between Tillary d Joliuaou streets, Uiuoktyii. Apply to JOHN A. WILLINK. At his residence at Kiatbnah, or his office No. 73 Nassau atuei. New York, o. to STEPnEN hAiNES, mil lm*m lu Lawrence atieet, br.rokljn. ruif KOK SALE?A Karin iu Kail (theater will be ae'd at fjfllpublic auctpin [if set previously dupoaed ol ?t private Jbw.iKleJ .lie weil kuowu Farm of Cnarlea Vale.itiae. On the to uy of Apr.I nut, on the premises, at 1 o'c oik, P. M., a irm, containing 130 acres of the first qua ity of Caud, >u a gnstate of cutlivatiou.and well Iducsii, situate in the town of aat CTietler, county uf W est ( heatrr, and about half a mile oin the N. Y. and Har'ein Hailmad. baid Kaim is suitably Luated to be divided lulu tea- farina. No. 1 contains fifty acres of Land, principally meadow, new luse, cost last year $40(10, barn, carriage luuse. mill house, ith all other out liuiflingt, also two youog orchards. No. 2 contains 20 aCies of the b.-at ol Land, an old building to tfuiMMi with inauy fruit trees. No. 3 contains 31 acres i f'good land, and in a good stale of iltivalion, wuh a good buiiuiug site No. 4 coitaius 30 acres of the brat of Land, a good barn, six ires of orchard, of the beat graft- d fruit, ami the balance of the ud principally maiuuw, which also has agood building site, id also two salt meadows. The Kaim will be sold together or separate, to suit pure bars. A further diacrii turn of the property is dsenied uulieccs,ry. Kor particulars, inquire of the subscriber ueir the preinis JOflN A. HAYvVAHU. Tit'e indisputable. inl9t\l6'rc VALUABLE MILL PROPER! Y, FOR &ALF. a THE L VIIQE EXTENSl V A FLOURINU MILL and Water i rivileges, situat"d at Kort Montgomery, Orange County, State of ' ew Yoik, adjoining the Hudiu surer. The Mill la in complete order and reauy to com once ol eratious immediately. It it a x stories in height, and by 4S Mtl ma two lari,e over slut wat r wheels n-erly nrw lour run ol excellent burr stone* and all oilier necessary uiatiuery, with an ?xteu*,ve and du able stienm of water, c a pa le of driving oilier large woik* if required On the premise* are th ee giod dwelling Ilousei, oua Cooper hop, one MM, and o,h?rnut buildings. Aim, about forty acres of Land. 1 here are also about two hundred acres of Meadow Land, irchaaed same yeats since f ir the purpose ol a reservoir, wlie-e as been newly erected a durable aud substantial dain, so as to ontaiu wa'er enough to supply the null twelve weeks, in ca e I a long drougnt. Tins situation is very convenient for the manufacturing of on-wire orauy heavy articles, as there is no land carriage,and easels carrying oue hundred toss or mora can coma to the till at any tide. 1'ossessiou given on the Istof May next. 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J., in the neighborhood ol good ch-ols and eminent prtache.rt. Inquire of WM. J. ICAL)IOCK, No. 93 IVrry street, orof the owner J. Q. uNHKRIILL, at Secaucui, or Dr. GL.OVFK, t Ann ?t. mM lin'rc GIANT ASPARAGUS ROOTS. f*ngft 70 000 two years old, of the true Giant Asparagus Ilooti, KMraited on l-oug Island hv one of the most eiptri-nced asJt^par.agns growers that furnishes Kulloii Markit. TIlS] r very st'OUg mots, and will bear cutting neat year, i'ricd ' J ruts per Wit, or $6 a 1000 KAIICY SoVKRFION POTATOK*?The earliest and est quality of early pxato known, very productive, snd ready ir the table in June. The original seed w>*s imported frotn ingl md live years since, at It Is. per busk-l. Trice Si per usriel and should be planted text week. They will be found very swiierinr varietv. M YATT'8 VICTORIA 11HUBARB-Tlie best llsvor1. hard est, largest and hueit scarlet rolorrdofall esculent .huharhs. Were iinpoitrd at 3/ per dozen. 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The mason o( selling ont ie on account fsickneea. None lived apply who cannot command one thooind dollare. Addreis A. B. at the office of this pa|i*r. man 4t*ro )RK ] VLNG, MARCH 1844. The Great American Republican M?u Meeting at Washington Hall L aat Kvtnlug to receive the Report of the Mayoralty Convention. The " natives" brought their horse iuto the field last evening, at Washington liall, the German Braes Band, playing the fine National air?" Yankee Doodle." At half-pant 7 o'clock the Hall was about half tilled by the bone and sinew of the "native" democracy, and in halt an hour afterwards the various wards in procession arrived, and the Hall was at once crammed to the door. The following wur? the inscription* on the principal banner* lit ward " American Ann* 3d ward, two banner*, portraits of Wavhington, over which American Hepublican Association" was inscribed; " American Republican*, we look to you to protect u* and our public school*. 4tli ward, " Devoted to our country's cause, Constitution and amendment of our laws"?out motto, " Our country and our countrymen"?" Beware of Foreign Inlluence?Union Ainerioaa Republicans, your grundsire*' shade* with jealous eye, frown down to see their offspring lie ; careless and let their country die." 6th ward, "His Holiness the I'ope can't rule over us;" " No Union ol Church and Statu " Americans must he ruled by Americans " City Reform and Reduction of Taxes." 9th ward, a 1'ortrait of Washington. Several other banners were displayed, upon which ware inscribed the American ticket; and separate banners from the wards, on whicli were inscribed the niuues.of the resjiective candidates lor Aldermen. The meeting was organized by the appointment of the following officers:? PRESIDENT?JOHN LEVER1DUE. Vick Presidents. 1st ward, Lora Nash, 10th ward, Job. Huskell, Jiul " Win Uale, llth " John Culver, 3rd ' Win. B. Co/.iens, 12th " And. McGowin, 4th " Jos. C. Skaden, 13th " Jonas Randall, 5th " Joseph Meeks, 14th " T. Timpson, Jr. tlth " E. P. Weodrulf, 16th " Cor's. Bogart, 7th " John C. Bayles, loth " J. W. Savage, sth " Dr. J. Coville, Pth " O. Bakewell, 0th " VVm. Cox, " Adam W. Spies, SECRETARIES. James French, Wm. B. Folger, A. (J. Thomson, jr., Pardon Lapham, Wm. H. Humbert, Robert Curtis, A. 8. Livingston, (leorge Newcombe, Joel Kelly, Edward Cone. The call of the meeting was then read and accented. The Chairman then called for the report of the Committee. He had no doubt the candidate was one whowould receive their undivided support ul the ensuing election. (Cheers.) Here, however, several additional arrivals from the upper wards came into the Hall with their banners and music, und were received with tremendous'cheering, which debtyed for some minutes the reading of the report. On comparative silence being restored, Mr.,VV. H. Oaki.kv proceeded to read the report. He was interrupted, however, very shortly after commencing, by the arrival ol more of the 44 natives" with music. The Hull being now densely filled, and hundreds being unable to obtain udmission, the cries ol ."adiourn to the Park"?44 to the Park"?44 to the Park," became loud and general. The Chairman.?If you have the goodness to hear the report read, we shall then consider the propriety of adjourning t? the Park. (Cheers.) Mr Oakley then proceeded, but in a tew minutes he was again interrupted by shouts of 44 to the Park"?44 to the Park." The Chairman in vain tried to be heard. Mr. Sammons mounted the table, and shouted C..ntLn,?n u/uil till u?ii hour flw. Ito.w.rt ?n,I then we will organize another meeting in front of the Hall. If you go to the l'ark you cannot hear tiie speakers.?(Cheers.) Mr. Oakley again proceeded?The Report was full of denunciation ot the corruptions of both the old parties?promises of all sorts ot retorm?and ardent appeals to ihe patriotism ot the "natives," for the purpose of culling fortli nil their energies, and electing Jarnes Harper tor Mayor, at the ensuing election. The Report was received with tremendous applause, and was earned by acclamation; and then I a lull, wild, brigand-looking fellow, railed out frcm the little gallery containing the orchestra, "Nine cheers!" which were given with deafening effect. Mr. .T. W. Green then rose to address the meeting. He apologized for his inability to speak to such an intelligent assemblage with sufficient power. But he would do the best he could. He rejoiced, as every patriot must, in the creation of a party to redeem the country l'rom corruptions. It attempted, for the first time, to devise some means to check the destructive progress of party-spirit. That party had seen the neceasity ' of meeting on a common platform, lor < the purpose. They ?aw it was necessary to come out from the parties of the day, and defend the institutions of the country.? now tilled with the favor of the American people. The ship of state was moving an triumphantly. He lelt his jmsition. He was occupying a prouder position than ever occupied by any monarch of the old world?(cheers.) Kor lie was addressing a free people?(cheers.) More than that, he was one ol that people?one who wore the crown, and set on the throne of |>opular right?(cheers.) That was one ol the grandest movements in the history of politics in this country. It would astonish the whole world. 1 It would show to Europe that we could at once give up party feeling at the cull of the country?(cheers.) It would show that patriotism here was something more than a name. They had come out like the Spartan baud, free and but a corporal's guard ; but then they had swelled into a goodly regiment, and now they numbered myriads in their ranks, [.'i mire in the cmu'rf?"We can't hear you spouting, I move we go to the Park"?(Cheers?"order"?hisses?and some confusion ) Order was however restored, and th e spenker went on.] The people were resolved they would he no louger treated like nerds of cattle. In the language of the olu patriot, they had called out "Vox pnpuli ? V tix l)ri," and indeed it was the patriotism of the people thut had uttered its voice. Their principles were such uswould lind a response in the bosom of all American citizens' ? I'hey must triumph, and it was near st hsnd. In few days it would g'? abroad that they had ejected a most signal victory. What did they think of their vote of !l(KK) lust lalll This time they would cast 23,000. Like the fahled Minerva, who sprang armed from the brain of Jove, they hail started at onu hound with the full vigor ol manhood (Cheers ) ff they could succeed in effecting a perfeet reform -if they could redeem the city -it would not rest there. Their principles would parade the whole country?they would soon be able. " We are free and redeemed? this country is disenthralled from all foreign influences." (Cheers.) They would then see the institutions of the land on their proper hsiia. And millions of generations yet tinhorn would he able to walk on the unbroken bulwarks of their country's greatness. These were the only true principles. I'hey united all. They saw the two parties of the. day 1 burned up before them by " Young America," and she is ready to start Phoenix-like from their ashes. Let them i go on, and with James Harper they must conquer. Cheers ) With such a harper they would be able to cheer the hearts of all patriots, Bnd annoy their enemies When Mr. Green resumed his seat, and it was announced that a meeting had been organized in the Park, and that Mr. Summons was addressing it, a considerable number of the most noisy of the crowd accordingly left the Hall with a great flourish of trumpets, basoons, trombones, and a long array ef banners and torches. Order being restored in the Hall, A Mr. Kiki.ii, quite a young lad, then rose and said, Fellow, we are not here to enter into a disritaeinn tn la/lmt area rmltnal or wisest era wtii* nrlimi. ? " ? VIples to |>a*s an eulogitim on our own party or to condemn our opponent*, nut wo are here to advocate those principle* ot national feel lug, which everv American houl I cherish in his heart. And n1tlioti((h they have lioon lor a time stifled hy the chicanery ol pnrtv, they are now kindled liy a spnrk of the old Hre of Lexington and Bunker's Hill, and with the like brightness they will liurn and Illuminate our city. Wo are now arrayed no. def the banner whoae shining atari and stripes have nailed through more than one dark ordeal. When we look bark at the day* of onr revolution, when It grasped tyranny hy the throat and wraited tho right* ol the people of their Statu from It, who ii he who jioiieaiei one particle of patriotic bleed in hii Trim, hut kindles at the thought I In casting our glances at that period let ui not forget the day itar which win lent hy an all-wiie Providence that champion of freedom, General Waihington. To heavan he ha? long aince returned with tho tidingi of hi* million ?he ii in the |>oiieiiion of n triumphant immortality. Were you to visit the tarred place where hii aihea re. |ioie, perhaps you would behold some age 1 patriot paying hi* respects to the illustrious dead. Would you not do the same 1 It is the principles of (teorgn Waihington I advocate. Within the last few weeks the blast of |>*rty liai been blown in thii city, and I think this meeting snows that we do not lack the material for a demonstration on our part. We arc now engaged in the nohleit of exertions for tho recovery of our political rights. Some exclaim of tho annexation of Texas?we demand tho annexation of the Bible in our schools. The ladies,whose smiles we court, 1 beg to mention, and although I will not alluda to them as sylphs of some eastern tale, we solicit their approbation,and appreciate their countenance, support ami presence The modern Cicero who figured at a late meeting, made a remark to which I shall for a moment advert AttheTa hernacle he said?" Turn we now to the new fangled and short lived native American party. Their name and style should ho the Anti-American party; because their principles arc charaoterised hy an ingratitude, a narrowness of view, a want of true patriotism, a bigotted, intolerant and persecuting spirit, which are any thing else but American. They lack vitality?they can he likened to an inverted pyramid?aure to topple over. Their whole scheme of action is comprised in an attempt to procure the essential modification or repeal ol the present naturalization laws, combined with a war upon the foreign vote. The foreign vote ! There is no foreign vote, we will never recognise any difference between the native and adopted Citizen. We are one and the aama?American* alL" And was this addressed to American people I Yes, and in this SERA great city of New York, and that in a house dedicated to religion and our country'* tiod. Look to your govern- I meul ? to your city altair* -regard well our position. Look t to the placard* publicly [touted in our itreeu, and say it there bo no loreign party heie.^/Who kept oil thu native' li American citizen* ti oin the exercise ot their legul rights I t Aloieign puily, whoso conduct was most uugiaceful. t hut it lam ullotved to calculate from the piocecduig* of 1 this evening, 1 trust in Ood tins will shortly lie stopped 1 ; think you are all lanuliar with tho History ot the i religion ol tnat loreign [tarty who ate now at war with the Amencuu citizens ot this city for ascendency. If there be any ignorant of it, I would recommend him to study the history ol tho Huguenots ot f iance and learn the treatment they received nom the hands ol papists. The tlcme that was kindled at hunker's 1 till can never be stilled in the American breast. 1 speak to you as an American citizen. I speak to you with no animosity against any man, but 1 speak us one determined to use kis lutlueuce against foreigu invasion. Our lues will tell us lliut this paity is but an experiment. I tell tliein thaty it was a Like experiment that made our country wbut it is I ? which enabled Krankliu to iliaw the lightning lium heaven?and it is by this experiment w w ill end the reign of tsreigu inltuence in this country?tha' inlluen e ol i'opvry winch would extinguish the bible, crush every liberal n-dnttinii htwt that <?llt tho Inrht. h liecr*.) Will American* WttN this 1 ((lies Ol 1 uu.") I iMtmjIIII ? tree American citizen*. 1 appeal to you a* one wno value* the right* handed down to u* Irom our anceitor*. Let no usurper wrest them Irom you?whether he bu decoruted in military array, or the 1'ope's pontifical*. Never let it he said that Americans ho wed at the kliiiue ut Popery, or stooped to its dictation. Let us stifle it in it* birth. W e may easily recall a period when a royal mandate attempted to control our ancestor*, hut they chose rather to spill their hlood than to submit to morul, religious or political tliruldroin. In the tar west?in the great valley ol ihu Mississippi a cloud unses. Kvery day it gather* strength. Thut cloud is Catholicity. We aru hereto nominate the ollicera lor this city, and the hest compliment I cau puy those whose names have been submitted toyau, is that they are American citizen* and honest men. Jumes Harper combine* all the qualification* lequiaite lor lliu high oltice ol'Mayor ol N. V. lie has arisen by his own menu Irom being a poor lioy to be at the head ol one ol the leading establishment* ot this city, lie is the rich mans equal, and the |>oor man's friend, uud if he is uot numbered among the great statesmen of the age, or the greut philosopheis, hi* career has been thut ol 11. Krauklni in incident aud in success, itally, then, under the hunner nut of the man, hut ol the principles he professes. Do this and you have done your country a service. My young triendt, unskilled as I ain iu polities, allow me to address you a lew word*.? You, too, may be fathers and your Gil-spring may hold you responsible tor your actions. Chase torcign influence until it is banished Irom your soil?(loud cheem.) Catholocity is an evil,and dangerous to our institutions, (cheers.) It Is not necessary for me to allude to instances in the history of Kurope, to show you the danger arising Irom its domination. 1 would ten times rather uddicss you on the huttle Held than see the stars and strqies sullied by its influence. One word mid I have done. 11 we go to the contest, let us go together, uud we are sure ul a victory greater than we nav? ever yet won in the course of our exist, ence. (Loud cheers.) Mr. Oaki.ev was next called upon. Uu observed that he was extremely glad to meet his ielluw-citi/.eus, who had congregatud to respond to the nomination tor Mayor. He was right glad to present to them James Harper, as fit and well qualified for the ellice. 1 am deeply sensible ol the stute to which we are reduced in |x>liticul excitement. I am fully sensible too, thut these men would be triumphantly elected on the .Ah day ol April next, (( beers.) '1 his, geutlemvu, is no common question. It is second only to thut day and hour when our forefathers mude their declaration ot Independence. This is no less than a declaration of independence against loreign oppression, votes and tyranny. I feel perfectly satisfied that we have a deep interest in adopting the principles we advocate. The seed has been sown hut seven short mouths and it is already springing up and bearing fruit in the teeth of out political l'oe?, ol men who hold our rights in such small esteem that they would sell them to the stranger, but, 1 ask jou,uie Americans prepared to admit Catholicity?the meuus ol robbing us of our rights, our votes, and our iniluencc. (No, no ) No, never let it be said that thu descendants ot Washington and Jetferson tamely bowed down to a pupal power, and give pupists up thu ballot box (Cues ot never.) We usk you to remember thu principles we contend lor. They are few andximplu. We demand that the stranger who comes ou our soil shall not vote till lie be a resident 31 years?until he bus proved himself a good citi/.eu. (Great cheering ) Let us show them that thai unholy power that would dare to contest with us on our own soil, is not equal to the task. (Cheers ) Let us proclaim that What God has separated, never can be united (Cheers.) What would he the statu of ourcountr^ .f we ullowed this damnable influence to proceed unchecked. The spirit of Washington looks down and weeps for his degenerate successors. Our proud bird has flow n across cur extended teriitory, screaming lor a resting place. But, thank God, the duy is at hand when the spuit ot our sires shall be invoked. (Cheers ) Its power is come, and with J. Harper, it is sure of a triumph over the whig party of the day. (Applause) We ask you to go lorw aril, and act as men, mid victory will be ours. (Great cheering.) Mr. Whitney would dsiaiu the assembly but a few moments, while lie ulluilud to the principles of the Native American party, lie was an advocate lor a repeal or modification of the naturalization law, and that foreigners should reside twenty-one yeaia on our soil betore voting. Another principle is llriit the Bible without note or comment is a proper book to be read in our schools. (Loud cheers.) Another glonous principle of the Native American Party, is, that none but uatives born are eligible to the presidential chair. (Loud cheers ) Again a complete ousting out of oflice of all that are foreigners. (Cheers.) A complete regeneration of our police system, and a complete revision of our system of taxes, /cheers.) James Harper shall be placed in the chair Of our city, and when 1 behold such a mighty gathering of the yeotnunry of this soil, 1 am ceitaiu we are sale from the vandal hand of foreign influence. Freemen !?descendants of the soil?descendants of our honored patriots!?1 am certain that you have at heart the resolution to persevere in the great principles of the American Republican Party. A lew more risings and settings of the sun and thu American people will be summoned to battle lor their rights ! Are you ready I? (Yes?> es.) Are your muskets in order?? (Ves.) The same spirit thst before . : _S?V_ r will 1?. rull.-.l loltll Mlllllltfcldi HIO WV/n^ Ml 'I llillimr.ll "... --- , (Loud chair*.) Follow out, then, tliumi principles?lay nut ou your couch?repose not ilit be. aecesiary ? till they tie carried out triumphant. May heaven smile 011 our exertion*, and may our party succeed till corruption aud putrefaction be annihilated by the American It. publican l'urty.?(Great and prolonged cheering.) The meeting then adjourned to wulk in procession, intending to give three Cheeri at the residence of Mr. llarper. . 'tlie Adjourned meeting of the " Native American" Party?Tremendous Kxcltcuient?Fair Reporting?The Herald?Attack upon Horace Oreeley?O'Coitricll? Bishop Hughes?The Irish?The Catholics ?The Plebeian, the bocofocos and Whigs ?And the Press. The uproar and confusion that prevailed at the regular meeting at Washington Hull, and the impossibility of hearing the speakers, induced the greater purt of the crowd to adjourn to the Park. The banners were all ranged in procession and headed by & band, when a vast crowd marched to the Park by torchlight. On arriving at the City Hall, the banners and torches were nil ranged in front on the steps, and Gknekai. Lloyd was nominated chairman. Vice rREIIDKSTI. Kdwin F. Corey, Chmlei Houghton, Jotvph Hufty, Stephen Summons, Alfred 11. Davit, Archibald Mercer, Jumet A. Morton, Jams* Wehb, ( Inn let Sutton, William Humbert, Jahsz William*, ' bur la* 11. Hall, Kli l.eavitt, Benjamin Theall, David Van Kleeck, Nathaniel Hopper, William Taylor. m.< RKTAflll James Wood, Thou. 11. Beeclier, James Bums. Thoa. II. Oakley, John Rinith. Mr. Sahimo-ss addressed the crowd who had collected, amid (the utmost contusion and nolle : My friends, our country hai lnreu libelled by thoin who have been placed in olhce. There are newspaper* in thla city that have attacked our party, ami we have been disgraced by tliein ((Jroani'and louil.cne* of "damn them ") Wo have been disgraced by the Tribune and by the Plebeian. These wretched papers have dared to inrult its. (cries of "down with them.") I am glad wu are in the presence of them now, and that they will hear what I snail say. These papers have told us that we will not take the election. (Crieiful "we will' down with < Irrelevant! Hlamm.") Both these fellows have been playing the blackleg in the political game of catching the Irish vote. (Cries of "down with the Irish papists damn the papists. ') They hare been trying to get the Irish Catholic vote in this city, and we will never again give tliern nny aupport. (Cries ol "ntver, never.") There is hut one way to teach these fellows who are placed on the wutch tower of American liberty. (Con aiderable interruption waa here caused by the accession of another crowd, who, beaded by a band and bearing a large number of banners, joined|tne meeting. After much uproar and cries of "order," "order," the speaker pro ceeded ) I was speaking of the Tribune and Plebeian I have said these men, at the head of the American press, when they heap scorn and contempt U|ion their own nation?it is time they should be driven from their place. (Loud cries of "we will do it," "turn them out.") I'll tell you, rnr friends, how we'll do it just as they did at Philadelphia a few days ago. Wo met at Philadelphia, and ha/1 a glorious meeting there, where a resolution was unanimously passed, that every press that was silent about our cause, or that did not sup|>ort and publish our proceedings, should not receive any support Irom es. (Coud cheering and waving of hats.) Yes, my friends, every press that relusesto publish our meetings shall receive none of otir sup|>orf. (l-oud cheering.) This is iust the way to teach the Tribune and the Plebeian how to insult and attack us upon our own soil. (I rics of "go it," "bravo, bravo ") It is time to tell (lies.- people that while we are moving this rrlorm, that every press must he taught to attend to their duties (1,011 <1 cheering.) Yes we will teach them [Much uproar an1' confusion was here caused by the accession of another crowd, who came forward headed by a hand, and bearing a banner. Alter considerable snouting ami hustling, and continued cries of "order, order," "go on, go on," "silenc?," "order," the speaker proceeded J . L D . Prlee Two C*BtSs Our success i( certain this spring. (Cheer* ) Thu it setled here thu night -, This vast vut assemblage here hie night kettle* the ijuculiuu (Tieuieuduus suomn.g, unlcriee of" Bravo, bravo," " (Jo il ") Ana nun: 1 do t lruin my inmuet heart, that any man mat would go igaiutl u?, claiming tu be an Amieaicun, does out deteive u lie lecognued by any trieud ol uur cauee. (Cheeuug.) leu, my Irieudi, we ahail have our own candidate iur viayor and uur own ticket, and the time 11 nut lai distant, when thu revolution will take place. (Loud > A levoluhoii that will lie hailed by the country wilho* much > ilitlaclioii a* that ol our ance?tor*iii the early day* ul uur country. (t healing and khouting, and .ill Wind* ut noise and bustle) We hava been grossly Insulted and attacked by a base pre**; and we bare buen told that our party waa made up ol u papist tail with an American lieuioc raise bead?(Cuud shouting, upioar and contusion, amid criea Ol "go on, go on.") i hi* wa* an insult that was ollered to the Ameiican Hepublican party, and by whom/ ily the men who, when we had to delend our c anudian bolder*, wen- atraid to gu to I aaada, lest thu British government would impress them \ es, uiy friends, and tnis boy ol the Tribune, tbia Repeal boy , who is playing the game into the bunds ol (J'l ouuell, to w hum he ha* swoiu allegiance, in onler that he may catch the lush votes lor the wings?this boy Repealer attacks ut?(Loud groaning uud khouting) ?but it will not do my friends, you have only to know to whom thu Hall bcl. ngs, and we are determined to purify those Courts and sweep thrm out of eveiy whig and democrat, and get people in our halls ol justice who will administer the law lor the benefit ol the Hanoi)?(l.?uu >uu iuvui;iuui).imiii>g,/ j twcutia, and neither bishop llughei and tin- loieigu I run uor ttiu Iruh Catholics?nor tin* hungry officials, ahull have anything to ray or do with them. (Loud clieeriug and considerable uproar, couluiion, and tails lor Quackeutxiss, and various othernaints, ulier which? Mr. Oazz.v, of the oth ward, was loudly called for. He suid the native Aniericun party had made a giouous rally lor the cuuse. 1 suppose you have heard ot a Captain ol the Watch, who went 111 secret a lew day* ago, and only thou got out hra naturalization papers. (Loud ciies ol shame, shame?braro, " go it.") 'i ins givea the lie to any one that would say that t/us glorious demonstration was nothing but a bubble. (Clieeis) V'ea?we have done this good, and will make these lads look sharp. It this l>n a bubble, it is the best bubble that ever was gut up. Will any man tell me we do not want rt form, w hen a Captain ol the Wutch had not taken out his naturalization papers I (Cries ol " \ es, yes"?" Turn him out") 1 will just read tor you a bit ol u verse lor your edification :? It was not so slow lu Mister Crastu To pud and to blow Kor Tammany liall ; For though subject ol Vic, The Pope and old Nick, He manuged to stick In his offices all. Americans, see how unjustly you're treated? Trampled on, spit upon, lied to, and cheated : Awake, while you can, to your dangerous toe, And kick out such lelluws us Mister Crusto '. (Hoars of laughter and renewed shouting.) That is just whut 1 will say to this worthy. W illi a tuiceol thunder, we will tell them that we are to succeed, and their cubbuge? (roars of laughter) wu will send to the place to wbrolt they belong. Tne American people will rise upon thenruin, and we shall w ake up the truo American spirit and pride.?(Loud cheering.) Wu are now, I tell them all, showing ourselves ugainit these iorergu toes, and in u manner thut will loreverdo us credit, und the Americans will bring back their rights again. Here there were considerable groans, und shouting for "Uequare," "Curry," "Hufltyj" ulter which u call was madu, " Nine gruuns for Crusto," which were given amid.shoutuig una yelling, una un kiiiusoi noise ana tuiifusion. Mr. RkuI'siii: then came forward and addressed the meeting?lie said the low lriih should be kept out of the ultairs ol' the couutry.? (Cheers.) The American party should remain true to themselves and their glorious principle*.?(Loud cheering.) 1 tell you, my lricuds, the city i* our.?(Immense shouting ) With Harper at our head, our principle* are good.?(Cheers.) We are going, my lneuds, to aet fire to this old house, ({minting to the City Hall) and all the rottenness and lilth that lies within it must be smoked out.?(This wa* received with a tremendous round ol applause and considerable shouting.) The Irish bog trotters must be kicked out ol their places.? (Cheers.) We want, my irieuds, to see every thing right. UnleaN we put down this uugon of loreign imolence and impudence, we may bid larewell to hope, and if we consent to yield to tins loreign yoke that has been fixed upon our m cks, we may bid adieu to our country's prosperity lor ever. If we do not do this, we may bid adieu to our existence, and our independence in all its majesty ceases for ever. (Cheers) 'These vile Catholics in America mutt be bound down; these Irish bog-trotters must tie sent back to their native obscurity. (Tremendous cheers.) We must rally round the Bible which Washington wive in the holy cuuse ol our country, and by which he made us free, and elevated us to be a nation. At the conclusion of this addicts, a scene of much up. loar and confusion prevuifed, when flit whole party filed off, and returned in procession to Washington llail, tha bands playing liefbre them. The Native Americans, on passing the Hxasi-o Office, halted, and gave a round ot three hearty cheers lor " James < ronton Bennett, ksip" ("arroli.ton Racks.?The races over the Eclipse Course commenced uguin lust Saturday, under more favorable circumstances than attended the first day's sport. It is not our purpose to tell how the race was run on that day, hut simply to chronicle the result, which was as follows:?Capt. W J. Minor'sch. f. Norma; by Longwaist, out of imp. Novelty, by Blacklock, 4 years old [French], 1,3, 1; Fergus Lmplantier's ch. f. Narine, by imp. Jordan, out ol I.ouisianaiie, 3 years old, 6, 1,6; Hewell T. Taylor's b. f. Sally Shannon, by Woodpecker, out of Darniey's dam, 4 years old, 4, 'J, 3; Col. A. M. Bingamau's ch. c. lied Oak, by Birmingham, dam by Ksttler, 3 years old, 3, 4, 3; Jas. kirkman's (Thos. Kirkmau's) ch. in. Susan Hill, by imp. Olencoe, out ot Susan Hull, by Timoleon, 6 years old,'J, 4,4. Time 4m. 2s.?3m. 64s.? 3m. 60s.: course rather heavy. For yesterday's raca, there were three entries; 1'ey tuna won two heats without nny gri'ai aimcuiiy. we giro me luuuwing summary;? Third day?Jockey Club Purse, $000, three mile heat*? J. Kirkuiaii's ch. in. I'eytona, by imn. (tlencoe, out of (Jiente**, by imp Leviathan,4 yean* old, 1, I, A L. Buigaman'* b. e. Kiittin, by imp. Hrdgford, out of Duchess of Marlboto, by hir Arcliy, 3 yearn old, 5,3; D. K. Rentier'* gr. f. Blue Bonnet, by imp. Hedgford, oat of (trey Canny, by Bertram!, 3 year* old, 3, 3-- time, 4m. ftO* ? Am. Mis.? ,V. U. Tropic, Match 11. Business in Imwki.i..?From present indicationa our city bids fair to present a very busy, bust linn aspect during the spring and summer. Two large null* are about to he erected, one by a new corporation, (the ITescott) and the other by the Lawrence corporation. Connected with these will be several block* of boarding house*. We alio learn that on unusual large numlier of building* will be erected tho present year by private individuals Altogether, the prospect is bright and cheering. ?ImwcII Courier, March 19. in New Orleans.?Rumors were afloat all day yesterday, of an intended duel between two distinguished officer* in the Mexican service, and indeed we understand that it is arranged, they shall meet this morning with " Sword* out, and tilting one at other'* breast, In opposition bloody."? Tropic, March II. Ct'TK.?We have heard of a shoemaker in Connecticut who bought some shoe pags made of rotten wood. Not being able to use them, he took his knife and sharpened the other end of them, and then sold them for oat*.? I-owtil Courier. Court for tiie Correction or Krrora?March Its, 1S44. Ordered, that a term of this court tie held at the i ity Hall, in the city of New Vork, on Saturday the first day of June next, at 13 o'clock at noon, lor tha purpose ol hearing writs of error. Apfointmentb my tiie Governor and Senate, March IS.- Helsh 11. Strong, Superior Court Commission er for Suffolk County, in place of Charles A. Kloyd, resigned, __________ Ohio River.? At Wheeling, on Saturday, the Ohio Itiver bad twenty.four feet of water In the channel, and was rising. I irk in Louisville?Three large four etory brick warehouse* on I'earl street, In I.oui(ville, owned by Samuel K Page, Lsq ,were destroyed by fire on Thursday lost - loss $13,000. IJKNTINO AND COLLECTING orHCL.-rr.TtR '? AYMAR. hsviog nemo eommeiirad hi* nl<l business of Krntiof, Colleetine of Hents, Bills. 4**, respeetfelly solicits lb# imtrunut'- of lh? pnhlie, at hit "free, No. 1' J'JVI I'll*1, second door below Derkmin "I. r.AIMSIt. m8lm*.r t;,M, , or Jarraasns Im r I uxn*T,l .N'l JC. Wall it. opposite the KtchaaRe. _ ^ rpnia I nuip.nv rontini". <> Imni' mudii mm uo w I tnagr* by P ire, on good., nud tn.rchnndna. and al.o agmu.tin.. by inland hiii'UmM and llreir (-.more. Din IC'/J OKH. Thorn.. W Thnrrr KlidM Rim. Ttininai T WnWrtl, An.on Haknr, H.nj K Itohion, M. I> . JoWfli Unkr, Thomson Prion, Joanph A Urn , Miwi ! k*r, J.urea E. Holm-., lohn R. i'.trd.nn, John I'. Moore, John II I.*". J.mre II Whiting, i .Irb C. Tuni., Wm. K. 1 born, Knurl, r Hagr, Thomu Morrell, John < Mrrritt, Eug -u? Bogart. THOMAS W. f IIORNK, Prenid-ot. OKO. T HOPE. iWretary. ml m DEAFNESS. DRS. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AURISTS. JU1 BIUIAUWAY-Katraot:? JCJ1 I , hrerfnlly romply with lh? rnquret of Lieut., in b.tily (lint hn wa. invalided horen u unfit (or doty, iu ron??<|uanr? o( total dnafnrea nod diaehargre Iron hi. or: tii.t a* hi re in New York, on hi. way to England, ho pl.o'il him.cli on dor thn rrrofrearonal rare af Dm taitl. and k dtrard., Ann.r. Under their trv'nient he recovered hi. hearing, ana liaj returned to hi. railn-i , duty. Signed. 1! MeNEVKN. M. D. Surgeon toll. B. M. Konea, Jim.nva. ACOUSTIC DROPS. A ?nre rure for incipient deafnrei, earrche, pnia., burring, or ringing .ound. in tnn ear., collertmna of hard w?i or minted accretion. of the organ. The r icnui ir oil h.? been a popular renn-dy aa a curative in all diaenare of the re.ra for upward, of twenty yenra. Office. re mo rod to HI Broadway, Corner I White . treat. fli la're pOTATOk.B?700 hamper. .nd 700 bnahela Krenrh Pot .tore . ' of veir pore quality, jn.t arrivnd ?> * .hip VillOda Lyon -for .air uii board, in lot. lo mil mrckaaera, at riev No. 9 North Htvrr. m? l**re

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