Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. X., Ho. 107-WtaoU Ho. 3077. To ttie Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newajJapar?pab liihud every (lay oi the year eii'.ebt New Year'i (lay ant! fourth of till.. Prir? 1 ... ..... -?./ mt 'M nor an " ' ?/ >-?H -? ? ? #num?postage* paid?cash ic advance. . , THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Seturdej morning?price 6| can's per copy, or >3 11 per annum? pontage* paid, cash in alvnnce. , , ADVERTISERS are Miiorroed that the circulation o the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing laat. It hat the luryeet c-.: culuii?n of any paper in thii city or the world, and it, therefore, the hut channel for bunnen mm in the city or country 1'rices aioderr.te?cash in ad vance. PUiNTING of all kinds ececnted at the moat moderate price, and in the moat elegant style james gordon bennett. PnoraitToa or thi Hciialo Estabmshwkivt, Northwest corner of Kulton and Nassau ?treut?. >'ok h a1.ika/. a.Mi uvehpoolr0?*'. *fam ship acadia, a. itvris Eiq., Conn,, ajidtr will lr.,v< >1""n for the above poris i.j witli.t.dty, mb,)arwma m, yif,in?xt. The Mearntr ii ib ".r sla, will leive Boston on Thursday, May ism. Pasaage for Liverpool < (120. Paai ige for Halifax 30. Apply to d. brigham. Jr., Areot, No. 1 Wall streets>tjk1jn(t arranoements. bloom in n dale, man hat l'anvillr and koht washington line ok staottit Para 10 m iah*lUnvllr,- 12)? Cents. pure to Fo't Weihiegton 2i Cent*. slfra. . tl.ia Line of Siege* will commence luunuix ia m nd iy, Apiil 1, 1811, as follows Lcavua mi'.ha't-iuvil'e at t o'clock, a. m , and,. * .u every houruut'l 6 p. m. i.rat ios New York, corner ot'Tryon Row and Chatham it, two door* rast of the Herlein Railroad Otfice, at 9 o'clock, a. m . and roulinur ruoniuz every hour until b p. m. . '1 hit Line of st 'get p tueg the 'rplinii and Lunatic Aiylnms, Buruh in'i Mansion li aise, the abbey and Backer'i Hotel, Trinity Church Cemetiy, the high Brp ye and Kurt Washington. b moore.. mw lm*re Proprietor. NEW YORK, ALBANY, AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. zsa ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1M4?MORNCUyrJ^*,S-?3?lN(i LINK?From the foot (f Barclay ect, Ji WF^ "' 7 o'clock A. M., ISunday ? The Steamboat TllO V. Capt. A. Oorham, and The St?amboat EMPIRE, Capt. S. H. Koe. Evening Line? Direct from the foot of Co irtiandt street, at 7 o'cl ckT. M. [Sundays excepted 1 The Steamboat SwALLO\V, C*pt. A. McLeou, and The Steamboat ALBANY, Cart. H. B. Mary. Tin proprietors of the New York, Albrny and Troy Lire would respectfully inform the public that their boata have during the recesi of raviga'ion the past winter, been refitted sod replenished throughout, and many improvements afded to the contort of the traveller The Troy and Euiiiiie, as heretofore, will lurai the Morning Line, from the Steambo't Pier foot ol Barclay street, running daily [Sundays excepted] making the principal intermediate landings on the River. The Swallow and Albany will form the 7 o'clock Evening Line (through direct) d?i'y (Sundays (excepted.) The above boata am o! the :' ?< cl i-s ol Ste <rnboats, and for speed and accommodations rre unsurpassed, and what is ef greater interes to the traveller, are under the command of officer, well kuowr to the puilie?their Larue* alone is a sufficient guarantee of kini attention, civ.l .1 portoieut and sale managcraeur. New York. Mar-b li IBM tnlSec |?iW yOKK ANU PHlt Al'r.LfHIA RA aitUAli uiNi DIRECT. ffKog Ngwagg, NjcvriiRpisewica, PaiwciTon, Tticnxou, BoltugMtiws AND Epgi.ibOTC.'f. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New York daily (Vcm the foot of Conrtlandt ?C Morning LiuentU A. M.?Mail Pilot Lino at 45? P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Borden towa, from thence by ttainboatto 1'hihidclphia. The Evening Lisa proceeds direct to Camdca (opposite It Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their ticket* at the office foot o Conrtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be ir readiness, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to eitT wihout being opened by the way Each train is provided wit) gear in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly fo: the ladies' use. Returning, the lines Itave Philadelphia from" the foot of Wal at street, by st ramboat to Bordenrown at 7 o clock, A. M and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock. P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7>? A. M., am i P. M. being a continuation of tha lines from New York j9 3m*m rioNt.a,..JKjSSSo* BY THE PENNSYLVANIA CANAL St HAIL BOA!: 1 h's superior Line of Puck ts it now in co p'ele onei New Boats have be-n p'aced on the Line, and every arrlI'.< nr.-ut mad-' tliat can be de.ired to secure the comfort of travt' In The interesting country whi h the route passes,renders it th m'isi agre-mble that cat, be taken fnr the \V est. Fo' urt.ilie- t .-.veiling westward, it is pre'errble to all o'lu ronres. No effort bas be?nspared to ma .e the acccmmodaCfan i n ts-ard the fcnatr ami le ae?l oumple. '1 hey a.e in charge ? experienced, attentive, and obliging captains, so that the tri fro in PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURG, is rendered one of ple>sur*eatlu r (htn toil. FA RE ONLY $10. OFFICE N. E. CORNER FOURTH ANJ) CHESTNUT STREETS, v* r,-re r*ery n'onr at ou ?e obtained. [)_/ Boats ir.av also b- seeur d at 13 south Third it,and at th DEPOT, 274 MARKET STREET, where th* Cars .tart from every morning at B o'clock. ro2* lm* re A. CUMMIWWS. Agrnt. em GREAT WESTERN KAIL ROAD ROUTE FROM ALBANY TO BUFFALO (345 MILES) BY KAIL KO\D The oaly Office ia M?w York e-t.l>!i h-d vy the seveal lUi Road Oon-paniea between Albany a'"' Buffalo is at No. 59 COURTl-A.-. uT JTRf> T, JOHN t'. CL ">K, treueial Agent. NOTICE TO7MM!C?RANT8. Tl?e *rbic?iber? ha?iu?: teen appm ei agents for forward im liiimik.atin by Rail It.yd from Hi -my to Bu"*lo and in trroie4i<ie I licei cr? e, abled to send thorn during the Sutpii frmi New York to Ulica or $2,06: t? nriC'.tre $2,9! to ou hum *3 34; to hoih . ter *1.41 to UiiffY.o *3 5'). Childrri from 2 to 14 years oris' half prise; uuilri > years free; still al ilaggiure from Albany on tiie Kail Ke?r ii e ;i ely fiee It is evident, that it enine? much elm per in i he inimierwt h tnv 1 by Kail Hold than by Canal, lie reaching Huff.ilu |i S;e mboa' from Nam Yoik aud Rail head fr m Alb.n ii 4 hours; wh rea?, it Uk s per Causl from 9 to todays. 1 he fol lowing Calcnl-ti n stows the reaalt. Tlx 1'aasue i' Buffalo per Rail Pas<sgn ro Buffslo per Cg. Koad $5,50 nal.isy $7,0 Luggave from N. York to Lugsatc to Buffalo, iOlbs Albam, KOIba foe, bal- Lie, balance for 100lbs - J Slice for Iu4ib? II Loss of lime at least 9 days Leggsge from Albiny to Worth to the lahoier, say Buffalo free 40 rents per day 4,5 Lit lug for 42 hoars, say- 73 Living for 10 days, 50 cents ? per day 5,0 Total pet R. Read $4 43 ? $17,0 Deduct fare par R. Road 6,4 The traveller per R. Road raves $5,6 They alas forward passe, g rs to Olewe'and, roiUmnnth au other pl'cea io Ohio; Dstioit.bc, Michigan; Orren Bay Mil waukie. be. Wi-cossin Tsir t >ry; Chicago, Illinois; acd t different pise s in ''snails, at the I iwest rates. All informatio as to the different routes gi?#u gratis, and Tickets to be hs only at the Albauy and Buffalo lvail Hnad Office ,59 Cuuitlauil street. WOLF b RlCKEKS. ap2 Im'm TO TIIE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. y.msKyGEn JunjiyaEMEXT FOR 1*4* Th? Kuhtcribdri liAViuir cnmnlffffffl th?;ir arr*n*e?n#at?- *1 now prepared to bring oat passengers from (treat Ulitiiu in I rrUod by the followiug first elm packet ships. our of whir will leave Live.pool on the 1st, 6th, 11th, 10th, 21st and 28th c each nionth:? IVriclii Henry, New Vork, Sheridtn, Virginia, Liverpool, Cainondgr, Moutusina, Siddons, Geo. Wellington, Hottingutx, I'olnmbns, United States, Krscius, Ashburtin. England, Europe, Bteph'iiWhitoey, Hochearei, Independence, Yorkshire, Oarrirk, BimuelHick, Queen of the Weat, Oxford. Certifica'es of passage can be obtained, and every informatio will be giv n to 'boae aendirg for th*ir friends, on appliLatiu at eithr t of our cilices. They will also be prepared, on the opening of navivalion, t forward pass"iigers and their luggage to Albany aud Troy, an Via E ie Canal tu BnfTslo, and all intermediate places. To al> p,.r a of lh Uoiwr Lakes. Vi< Oswego to T"r"u'o, Port Hope, Cobu'g, Kingston, an. alt p?r!s ot ctsrada Wi st from l'im via Whitehall to Mon'rsal and Quebec, Cent da t-ast vii OV '".a, a I Iron I'letv-land to Portsmouth, Cit en nat', ai ,1 i term.' 'ia i pb e s Sou li W s' sit l'h latielnhia to Pittsburg,Cincinnati, Lonit elite, and al pwtso the Ohio It iter to S" Louis M<>:ai< . t' all rarts n| Ohio. Mtebigm, Indais, lllinou and Wuc.. r aia Territory. REMITTANCE*. Korthe aeenmito-l '.! ie of person, wishing to rend mnne to thir fiend m the < >1" ou.itiy, ilAKNDKN It CO. wil EiveDr..fUo a y ptrtol England. Scotland or Irelsnd, pnyi blr at sn-ht, for,, mi of XI, XJ, X20, to X;#f.-or in any atnoun to suit the puicli to-r . n . .. OK*KICKS AND AGENTS, l-hnrl^t r?fl, i?o Sta'f. slr-ei, Boston . sir Union Building, Providence, It I. J W. Mills, i W..1I ... IS VarL 4i. How .rd, 41 H. o:h Third ttret. rniiadrlphia Bind ford k Hhuemaker, 7 Light atreet, Baltimore. Md. t . Pittsburgh, 1'*. Albany N. Y. 8 I,lark. 1J9 Hirer ureet, Troy, N. Y. W. A. Cook. Syracuse, Nyy'."' W' Horhester, N. Y. W. H.Cook, Buffalo, N. Y. 14. Yi-T.Viuith kl'o.. 4>?wego, N. Y. mldee I f^? ORAhTH Off r.Nai.AND. IHELANI ' eraoua about f milling mou-y to ill >^g?WCJ^rrieiid? in tli.'Oio Coui,ir> em i.e ?up li? (t .-'fiAIn With dr.ilti In auo*? o'?1 12 t*l ?y ? t w^mKC~U?XSmma ? .0, Citi.X 100 tldOu or any amount, ru-,a'> on di .n.iiiJ, w.rhr.nt diacunnt\or my o-her charge. hi the N tinnsl B-uiU of Inland. I roriuci il 44k do, M ??r, J4', Bitt, h k Co., BinLrre, L ndgn,J. Kirnsd k Co., Kgchange nd Di court Bank, Liverpool; L stern Bank of Scotland: I r"mi' Banking Company; Sir Win. Hnrbes, Hunter Iw I Ac? lam and the l.r?nche? in eterv poet town throughout Kriglai.d, -r land, Scotland and W il?., which drift, will be h iho pacltete of the I Ith. I?th, 2let, a id Mth. or the Koyal M? steamer tailing from Biiitaa ou^e^it o^NUj^^Apyfa to At their general | ige olfire, 43 IVck slip, fefire eorner of South street, pj. ,1 ?AH lettrre fiom the country muni fine poat raid. tfTSr PA1'KKT K;>K II A VHK-Saemd Line-T4 Vcr^v^Shi" U1 I A, P llewitt Master will tail on the 1 CJakie-May. for freight or pa.sag*, epp'y t? BuYu k JilNCKKN, ec No. 9 Tontine Building, cor Wall and Water ate. E NE NE On nud ?lt<-r Tondw. Krbrumry 77ih, rh<-Bwiu wilileovr n u toll.n**, uutil lurtr ?r notice ? Uavt Stolen IfUnd. Ltav, Ne? York. 11 At W A.M. At 9 A. M. 10 12 i ' M. P. M. " | 5 " 5 " < N. D. On Sunday the boat will lears at 11 iuatead of U. I i. I NEWARK AND NEW YORK. ' FARE ONLY Mi I.KNTK. 1 THE NEW AND SWIFT STHA.MF.R UA1ND0W, J I CAPTAIN JOHN UlFFY. n 0H Will commence her tri,<a lor the aeiuon on ' f,. JoThuridav. A pi il 111. .mil ma tintil furihrr no- ? ^ t[7t ' *e follow* t?L?o*ij({ at 7K o'cl )i k, A VI , *?cw Ymk 4 o'clock. 1'. Al. ) Tlie llinbiw !.? b-cu nl*l|i4 coin, ly r fiitd, aud j ada't-d mi .'.it rout-, and h vu.^ \ i *rg .'ech aaloon, ilur ran eomfof ably *c 'ii'i ffl tda'e a |j.|? uunib- r olll atsec^cra. i Fn if.ii ctrn-d a' ran* rea-ou ibla titn. ' New V? k, April 3 1811 al if rc J peoi'le'e Tine of steamboats FOll ALBANY. * MM DAILY, Sui.diya racopred?Throujrh Di- I cV dOrect. at 7 P M., the Steiinb-al Pier be- J ZBwaaaJMLaSLtwcru ConrtMurir and Liberty itr-eU. i. The .te.inli .at KNI' KEHBOCKEH, Captain A. P. St ? John, Moud y, Wrduraeay and Friday, at 7. The Stem oat KuCHe.STElt. Captain A. Ilouichton, on i Tue.dav, and Saturday Kv-ni- g?. at 7. At Kieeo'eloik P M.. I.andi"* if luteimed ate Placet:? The Steamboat CURTIS PECK, CaptAn Wm. H Peck. Monday. Wedu.-tday. Kri.'ay arid Sunday, at 5 P. M. The Steamboat NO Till AM E ll.C A, Contain 11. (J. J Cruttendeu, Tuesday,Thuradiy and Saturday at 5 P. M \ Pa?arniter* taking thia line of boatt will arrire in Albany in am'le lime to take the Moruiuit Train of Ca:a for lheea_t or writ. e (T/'The aborr Boata are new and substantial. are fnrni.hed I with new and eiegaut State Heoini. ami for speed and accom- u modatio If*unrivalled on the Hudson. Forpassage orfreiyht, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultx at the office on the wharf. ali NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. 1 ^<WeQ| FOR ALBANY AND TROY-Morr ing J Bp-^ryL^-fcLinif from the fnot of Barclay stieft, landing I JT iB?rfg_st r teim-'iljsle placts. , I h? s earner i UU V, Captain A. Gotham, Tuesday morning , si 7 o'clock. h Tho ste-mer TROY, Captain A. Uorham, Thursday ra -m ieg, ei 7 o'clock. F.vening Lone tbe foot of Crurtl-ndf street, dir ct. The sleaniboa* SWALLOW, Captain A Mel. an, Monday J evening, at 7 o'clock u '1 lie atinmrr ALBANY, Cartaia R. B. Macy, Tomorrow evening, at 7 o'clock. The Boata of this Line, owing to their light draught ef wa- ^ ter. are able at all limn to pais the bars, and reach Albany * and Trey in ample time to take the morntog train tf ears for ' i the east or wast. For passage or freight, app'y on boa'd, or at the offices on the wharfs aliic ALBANY DAY LINK. ; aMQ KOR ALBANY, and Intermediate Land- j CL iflWI f doings the new and el-cant steamboat . 9E=KZ.bOUTH AMERICA, Cattaiu M.H Trjes- t t dell, w ill leave the foot ol Bar. lav street north side, on Wed- < I nee day morning, April Uth, at 7 o'clock alirc 1 1 4^jSiO jsm NOTICE The Ifeimbuat POhTT 1 Ow.wT*jl?ja?daMOI'TH is now being thoroughly repaired . ~*1 i iB*-*gr -_?it wji[ |)e I(M(jv at the ?i enuig of navigation to tow boats intermediate to Trov, Albany an d New Vork This boa. will hive capacities for totving equal to auy on the river; and it is ho) ed that it will obtain a fair support, mill :m?rc P COMKTOCK OLD LINE LlVEiU'UOL PACKETS. M m.M ThTkoLI) LI NKofPackets ftc TtvtTpool will hereafter be ! A despatched in the followiugorder, excepting that when the sailing uay falls on Sunday, the shipa will sail on the succeed log day. vix:? From NewYork. From Liverpool ' The CAM BRIDGE, (June 1 July hi ? 850 tons, < Oct. 1 Nov. IB W. C. Barstow, r Feb. 1 Mar. 16 , r The ENGLAND, (Juno 16 Aug. 1 a 750 tons, < Oct. 16 Dec. 1 _ 8. Bcrtlett, f Feb. 16 April 1 The OXFORD, \ July 1 Aug. 10 ! <00 tons, < Nov. 1 Dee. It r J. IUthboue, (March 1 April 16 The MONTEZUMA, (-July 16 Sept. 1 1000 tons. < Nov. 10 Jan. I A. 11. Lo-.vber, (iiorch 16 May 1 The EUROPE, {Aug 1 Sept. 16 i 618 tons, < Dec. 1 Jan. 16 E. O. Knrher, ( April 1 May 16 The NEW YORK, (uvw) ( Aug. 16 Oct. 1 350 tor.a, < Dec. 16 Feb. 1 T. B. Cropper, (April 16 Jnne I The COLUMBIjS, (Sept. I Oct. 16 700 tuna, (Jan. 1 Feb. 16 G. A. Cole,(May 1 Juue 16 The \ORKSHiRF,(new) (Sept. 16 Nov. 1 1050 tons, <Jiu. 16 Mar. 1 ' DTo. Bailey A May 10 July 1 ' These ships are not surpassed in point of elegance or eotrfori ' in their cabin accommodations, or tn their fast sailing <ju ditk* ' by any vessels in the trede. The commanders are we.ll known as men of rhmucrsr and e exiNtfience, aud the strictest attention will always be paid to promote the coinh'rt and convenience of passengers. t Punctuality, as regards the day of sail-ug, will be observed as is heretofore. if The pries of passage outward it now fixed at One HunJred p Dollars, for which ample stores of every description will be provided, with the exception of wines and linn on, which will be furnished by the stewards, if required. Neither th captain or owners o! those ships will be responsible for any leturs. parcels, or packages sent by them uuless P regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to GOODHUE k CO, 64 Month st. e C, U. MARSHALL. 38 Burling slip. N. Y. jHfttf and of BARING. BROTHERS tk CO.. L'ponl. Nf.w LINK Or LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To Millron New Vork on Die 23th and Liverpool oa the lltb oi enun month. & 0k A Futisr Nxw YoTT^ Ship llOSCIUB, Captain John Collins, 26th March. , Ahtgi Ml DUONh, Captain E. B. Cobb, 26th April. -h... wit s it m a v i'.n, l- a V.k m.. ihiji UAIUUCK, tapi. 1$ I. H. ftwk, ibth'Jnue. 1 'mium LivmrooL. Ihlp SHERIDAN. Captain A. Deiieyster, Uth March. Ilijii (KjtKlf'K, C?|tein B. I U. i ok llth April, ihjp HOBOHTS, Captain John Collins. lltii Vi.ay. Ahi ? MtLftrONS, Captaiu E. 11. i 'obb, Urn Jane TniM ships are all of Clip Ami clt.u, upwa'dt uf 1000 torn I- auilt in trie city ul N'w York, with ?> 'h improvementa as ! mmbine si*-, I with unusual -otnlort for passengers. I Every care has been taken in the ?mutgetr?ut >f their accom - .ootl itioiia. The price of passngt hence is bluO, (or which a imple morn will be providon Truss aliipa ire commanded by 1 txiarirnceil misters, who will rnakr every exertion to (rive go aeral satisfaction. rt Neitli*r the captains or owners of the ships will Ire reaponsi t Sle for any letters, parcels or pack igeji s?:it by them, unless re 2 {tela- '"" if lading are signed therefor Vor freight or passage siv'y to lib. K. COLLINS St CO., 56 South it., New York, or to 15>' /WN. SHIPLEY St CO., Lirerpool. 0 Lettera by the pacl .taw ill be chaigrd 12^ cunts per tiugte heet : SO cents tier oner, and uewipaperi I crut each. m7 rrt ^ KOR LI V Kit POOL?New Line?Regular Packet WfwJPVof 26th April?1 hesn'endid packet ship sJDDONS, 0 fMfittbCapt E. D.Cobb, of 10M tout, will tail as above, her regtil&i day. 0 For freight pr pitta?*, hiving acc-mmodariort uo'oualled . foriplendor or comfort, appl, on board, at Orleans wharf, foot ? of Wall street, or to j . K. K. COLLINS & CO. 56 South at. Prica of passage $100. 2 The paek't thin Sheridan, Capt. J F. Dareyster. of lOOOtons, a will auccaed lha Middons.aud tail the 26th of May, her regular |. day PdJ^pgert may rely on the thiptof this line ttilrg punctualr 'V "dTvertited. m27 to a?6rc d tiit- >Oft LIVERPOOL?The New Line llecuiai '' aSJvV Packet 21st April.?The tnperior New York built QMpKm packet ship LIVERPOOL, Capt John Eldridgr.l 15a tots burthen, will tail at above, feer regular day. For freight or pataoge, having very superior accommodations, apply to the Captain on board, at weat tide llnrling slip, ortr WOODHULL & MLNTUKN&, #7 Mouth at. rrnce of rsssige $100. 'The superior packet ship Queen of the West. Capt Phlip Woodhonse, i250 tons burtnen. will succeed the Liverpool, and tail on her regular day,21st May. aiOtuASl jj Dig- REMITTaIvcES TO "IRELAND, iac"?1^ < {fffCW'thrcrilKr confinnea to transmit money iu sums largi it jgNHfiK>r small, to persnus resiling in any part of lieland in the tsme manner as he and his predecessor in business have done for the last thirty years and more; alto, to.any perl of England or Mcotlaud Money remitted by letter (poit paid) to the tubtcriber, or personally deposited with him, with (he name if the person or person* in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is to he sent, and the nearest post town, will he immediately transmittal and pud accordingly, and* receipt to that effect given, or forwarded tc the sender. " In like manner money, or claims on persons in any part of 11 Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the subscriber for person* residing in any part of the United Sta'es or Coo nada. and will be paid to rbem accordingly, d m2S 2m*in IJKOROK Mrt?HIDE. Jr. 12 Ceda-st. "feMg: KOR NEW ORLEANS.?LOUf81 ANA AND d IfJwW NEW YORK LINE.?Packe ol 20 The JaAAL r <t ? Im .imian-aar n i, I- gr t. w II aailaa above, her regular day. Fo- freight or pa'aage, i* hevio. handaome furoinli *d accommodations, apply on board, at Or'CatiS Wharf( foot of Wall ttrert or t > i- K.. K. COLLINS Jt CO. 1 .'i0 Month street. , Positively no frriiilit received after the evening of the 211th int. Snip 'Pti by this line may depend upon having tliPir goodaer recti v itieaained. y Agenta ti New Orleans?Messr*. Hnllin and Woodruff, wh i il will promptly Inrw ird all goods to their addiese. i- 'i'ba packet iliii> OCMl'LOhK. Capt. F. IVrt, will siicced it the Bnncau. aed ?a<I flth April, her regu'ar dsy. al2;o2flrrr F O K L (> N I) O N -Key ul ar IV ket of the 20' h Ann I. iffMi-'l lie well-known fast railing packet rhip wi'.mlflpPfaMINSl BR. burtheu 1000 ion-, Capt Horry. Thia ruperior veaael ia now loading for London, and will poaitirely aail or the ffith April 1 ha accommodation* for cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage pnlengerr an* nninrpaart d by any nthrr vessel in port; and as a number of her ratieitirer, are already encaged, thoao deanoita of aecnring bertha shoulj make e.oly application to JOSBPH MeMURKAY, alltol) rc InO Pine?t. c iner Sontli, N. Y. black ijall, oh olp link or liywu aWWyrOOL PA1 KkVs--FOK LIVBRPOOL-Onlv _ j*dr"acir'aiil'r I'ack'i if (he 10tb of April?'lh* new > miCuiiM'eut, laat aailo g packet ship NI,W YORK, burthen ij li.Vit na,''apltiu 1 Cri'liper, will positive!/ rail on 1'uea ,,1 day, '6th April, h r if.gclar d.y. I rlie accommodati 1.1 of the V-w York, for cabin, aecoud cabin and ale leg' piaamgera. will, on ioai*c ion, he found to he title i ent in a ina In' r moot bat add to lh' Coure? aierceard cn tot tti?aeembarking. P r ona ropalingtO th-old eouorry, wi'l at all linej find a thia I n-nf raeke a a moat de irab'e onre.aiice For (emit nl |. inuaaa apply ou board, foot ul B?ekman alow'. ?>r toh-aub.! seribe a, Rt CUB, UKOI'lliCtta k' (> , S'i Fulton atieet. n-lt d or to rb? il aU'.lRc K'i'ton Bank t?- FOR LIVKRPOOI/?Briiiih Ve.-el -T ie ? v Jfij'IV'''' A I, ropp-r-f ntcned British rhip II' LBN <w6Cat IIOMMON, i-apu in John Pet- e w.ll >* ie,dy to receive < ario in a lew days, and wiil hive 'espalch for the ? above port. ? "It ppera of eolonial or domeatic prodnei w; I fiinMieramoat at derirakde conrryance. For frignt. apply to tin1' apt tin on b ard, at pier No. G North River, or ' > the anhaerib-'ri, r'lchk, nkothkrs t,() , i ??t*e 3J Fulton at, oral door to the kulion Bank. W ?( W YORK, TUESDAY I tPAUT Ok' A HOUSE WANTED-A part of a Dweiiiog Houae, compriaiug about too ptrloia <11 tot ti (floor and two ouhnf alepiog roo:> a, with b>tarie..i or ki'cl.en, m a good ho"t?\ eliyiblr located iua|'l-ak&t u? ighhorhoo 1, within fifteeu or tw-uty minutes ar.ilh of ?? ru.k. Po'scaM n qn or bi-ftina ill- 1 it of M-y. Addrtaa Velocity" at >o 2 Aator House, giriui; descripli unfpreiui a, r*ot *i d Incstiou. all 3t*ee aMUOMs TO L ET?In the 'hod and 'imih i tory of buiiding No. 217 Umdwny corner of Murray street? nouirv of Mwtrda, Anthony k Chilton, on the rom.a a. o- Ma'co'm A'iui. 1?A Petri sc. ml2 lin'rc I'O Lr.T? A in n-r aitu <t*d at iJlo miiiyd about a a Mil's trmn 'he ritv. It u d 1 m' tfiilly situated on iJ^the h nk n the Hudson, and ia reu.arlubly healthy. The are contains at v?u num.* wi h i tenure varilen fce ettar-hed lent 13 U jwr annum. A(|>l) at the Abby Hotel Bio.rung alPj ni>J lm*?c t'w [.".T-Tw fire tn--drr.t built there it?ry fcoutee, " 3 N<*. IM d 'f8Twe ty-Kir.t itrvet, a few dnorieaitof H 1 At-gu", ' i.ijuirr nit 'flit itreet. mil Ini rc MA III LET? KUll AP HITMEN 18, witi " tw niwkf?c a d Tea in the aiiirtinenu, and Dinner '4fci !'? -I'miui ol. A,HIalii Warren street, api* Iw'tc ML TO LET (111 I EASE?Kor a term of yeara, the { modrni built two atory and atuc home, nearly new, No. 'VW Or en a'.rw t ueir Spring. The Inute liu nu under ellar, the roomi tri '-Me mantlet and Kia'et in ra-h it'.ry, haa ecu recently paiu ed, and it iu good ore- r. Te mi moderate to gi.od tenant. A'to, tereial tmail tenement! in Btrrnw and Oreeu Ltreeti li ph to D. L. SENNET, n'J 2 *'re 119 Sprit git. TO LET OH LEASE?The Home No (3 Ctraitrret. runcing luoagli to L tpo .ard tt.eet with a tepar.'dj&ate dweliirg on Liip?nard ttrcet, now occupied by Mr. VmTWal'aceet (lie Dolphin Taeern. A'tn, a S.i all Store on Ciuitl tlrft, adjoining lb? aboee Alto, tin Lot of (irotiad with 'li* Building* therei n, on the ?t-rly aide ' f Bro.vl way, immediatdy adjoining the norfl e:y tide of Nib'o'a (hirtVi. Tm hot it 27 C inchei front ud r-er, by U4 fee', d ep, tuuniug through to Ootby itreet. Anply to W. M ACRE A, al3 lw*n? it Liberty itreet. iLlitrANTLY FlTllNlSHiiJ) HOUSK TO LIST. Jfttrt, A GENTLEMAN who i? goinig to retire inti the PvjJ* ennntry, wiii.en to let the wnole or part of nit itwf lli"g1'itilLh )uae, So. i) Walker itreet Th:t houae, titualed near itoiuway, it I e n:iu ly furm.hrd nrd crpe'-ed, and coutitti fa Irnnt and hn-.n Va-nne t, fuwins-m -m with fuldiuK deort -in all tluit eu good r joint. There it tl o a fretty garden hein I the h' nte. at I 3r* rc TO LET ?The arg? and well bu i t two suiry buck pjjw home No 21 U?se street, is in complete Ofdvr and i 1','jWL two story I a room studied to it. for particulars, '''' y l? OEROING &. KUNKF.I.MANN, IS Broad s*. TO LET, at Brooklyn, a modern built two story a id attic uicktuu e Mtn.t u at the junction of Kulton anil Nary tree's, fronting the latter. The lot, 100 f et deep, runs through 0 Fultou ?t eet, w i h a private entrance on the same Also, lh? h .uaeailjoiui % Nary street For terms, apple to 1 tw m GI''.RI)'N< I (it KIT ? KEL.MANN, 16 Broidrt. N. V. 7O MILKMEN AND GARDENERS. jphdk TO LET?.Several hundred aerrs ol laud at New pcnBrithton Statea blind, suitable for grazing slid garden dialing, r e offer,d to let on r tissiitbh* trim, and in quamiies to suit ap-dic rtilm. The near proximity of this p'aee to the sity of New York, cud the Use of residents at New jrighron during the rummer season. will futnish at all times to he milkman and gawV :tr a good nud rendy market For forth.r particulars apply U? )(. CURTIS3, 49 Wall street, 3d store, or at alD lw*m New Brigl ton. FOR ?AI.K OR TO LET A HOUSE IN PERTH AMBOV, N J-At the flTTW corner of Smith and Rector streets. The lot it 01 feet JUULhv 100 in depth?a grate a,bor and fruits trees in the garlen. The huu e it 40 by 30, two ilories, a cellar kitchen opening into the strict and yard; a well in the cellar kitcli ii; out large and three small rooms on the first finer; the second story four bed rooms; two rnoa.t finished in the garret. Attach*! to the home is an nfft-.e, 15 by 24 feet. The house will lx rent-d separate from tin office. Apply to JOHN VANDKHHII.T. No 59 Front street, New York, or to the subscriber al Penh Amboy. F. W. BRJNLEY. Ptrth Amboy, Arril t, J84I. Also?A FARM for sale, cortaiuing 116 acres, in a goo, itite of cnltieatiou: 300 Peach treei and a variety of other frui tfees on the firm. For rart'culars enquire a ?b?ve at 3 2w* JOHN VANDERBILTl 60 Front tt. tFOR SALE OR TO LET?Two new Tiirec-ston Brick Houses, with marble ruautels, Hiding doors, ant convenient closets in all the rooms. The homes ere 2: int and tear, by 16 feet deep Each house ii.ts an u ide c-11 far well ada' ted for the purposes requiied The l.o'S ar etch 25 by 100 'eel. In the yard it aspacious cistern. P ice 'in each House and Lot $5 500. of wh cli two-thirds can remain, desired, ou bond and mortgage at 6 per cent per annum. 'ill rent fat <"ch home is (350 Th" Hon?*s are situated in Bridge street, between TMlari and Johnson streets, Brooklyn Apply to JOHN A. WILLINK. At his residence at Flalbush, or his office No. 73 Nassau ? freer, New York, or to STEP-aEN kAVNES, ml* lm*rti Tn L*"'reti*e street., Brooklyn. ssuMr FOR H ALF..? A piece of laud containing from 20 t' acres, h auliVly Incited en the Psterion Tnrnpik iiw r~?t 1 r,-- . ?.-Tj?tn a|| dir, et,mis It is near the Ma keuaacL River, and in - u 11 vow of Newar. inetlooUiup ill tt.e snrrnundin.; c untry. It is ao admiMbl s.teiora ectifrrran's r sidcnce, beicg live mil-s from Hi token, at S-ciunu, N. J., in 'he i eigkhovhnod ot If.nx cli olsar I eminent pixtcfcos. Inqifre in V/\l. L HAP U( (UK, No. <14 P> rty sue. t, sir of lite owner J. Q. L^'DEIl HILL, a' Serine lie, or Dr (?M)V Eli, 2 Ann at. rr.r a v FOR. SALE 'jigg A F ARM in the Towrsh ji of Orauge, N. J? si* mile WStSfroin Newark and two from No'tli Otai. e?lOU acres, tw ita "'ir ' 1 ur<h'e, bi'aece thrifty wood?hots, sis rooms, garret and cellar, laltiv repaired?i.a-r .inn autbaiL tnga goods? apple and peach orchard?plenty sma'l f.uit wel watered by rprings?g joU welt at door- very li' dtny sitnatio ?p?re water To he s ild u birr in, with smutt i, desired? poi session w hen re'lU'rwl Apply at 10 b.-rrv st, 131 Division M 12 Ui y st, or liEO. BLACKBUllNE, Perry Lair. on tli tdase, in 9 1 til * rc tFOH "4ALF.?By order of the Court of Chancery, ? the Merchants' Exchange. on the 1*thday of April, b K. LUULfJW at 13 o'clock A. M. that valuable L< :use knosvn as N . 64 Broad ttifet, lately occupied b William Coi.klin, about cweuty-thive fo t uiueinches in One on Broad sit,et and ehnnt one hundred aud thirty feet in depth ? it!i s four s'. rv briek l>ni?d'rg,tu-d as a workshop, tn the rem For further iartic.nlart npply to THEODORa. SECOWIt K, SoVitor, 20 Wall street, or lo OF.'.)ROE V. SIEMOM, Receiver, a5toPi?rc 7B VI i 'en Lane. <M bitK SALE?\ ."arm in East Chester will lie so d (xSffl.T.h1 c d'o u oi [ir.;< t orevisusly di"p"?ed o! at rr'v-it --L?- le] ih " we/| ki own Farm of Charles Val?"'ine On tli lot I* day of April u si. on tli? premise*, al 1 o'c'ock, P M., F irm, containing 135 acres of tli' first qua ity ol' Land, in high t te of cu'tiva'i in.and well fenced, rituate in the town o East Cheiter Com tv of Cl' heater, and about half * mil from the " . Y a' till .i nn Rol/oad. Sstd Faun ia suilabl liii'sied n bediei.l il into f"? farms. .N1.1 cor t\ us li:':y acm of Lmrt, principally m?ad>w, rev hull < iI !.< WlIMM, Uirj, MRil|i li u?e. mill MM with all oilier 001 bail liuvs. nlaotw > vouii.' otthardi. No. 2 contains 2(J >c,i.. ..f i' b-?l of Land, an old builJiiw ifo lilrtHa, with Mil fruit tree* No 3 contain! 3S acres of good Und.tuid in a Rood state o cu'tivntion, with a Rood but'diug sit* No. 1 co Utni 3" ncoa of the htst of Land, a good barn. si acres of orchard, of tha beat praft d fruit, an i the balance of th laud principally mat Jow, which alao hat a Rood buildiiiR aitc and alio twoaalt meadows 1 ha bVm will be sold together or aeparate, to an it purehi era. A furthe* ditciition of the property it deemed uunecr: tary. Kor particulars, iuouira of the tub<criber near the premi tea JOHN R. IIAVWAHD Title indispntable. ml9tAlfi*rc ~~ D. BOLL, FLORIST, atO OORNKRof b'ifieih street and Bloomingdale road JfwflDIfort for s?le a tplaudid selection of Standard Roars an wJL^oth>rt, in po's. comprising th? choicest and newest?? rie'.ies of Most, t'erpetual, lhngal, Tea, No avtte, and Biui bout, the huest collsctiou in the country. Alto, a splendid ?< lectoi of Camellias, comprising upwardt of <00 varieti'i Axel it. Rhododendron, and < ther green Imusa nnd hatd pantr. Moorr't Bloomingdale stages past evoy hour bv ill door, staring from rouvr of Chatham ami Trynn Roy UouiiuMttu up Utttelully. nj im'm smju N"KW SV.KD STORK AND CONSERVATOR! jS<31s,!> B ;<OA D >VAY ? Ail 'h ite in wan'of iresh Vegan oMltawbla aud b lower Seeda, irreen House Plant*, bruit so Orn niirnta. i ruir, art iuviled to rail lielore purchasing el* w h re UUNLAP k CARMAN. _al3 3t*re itm f RK8H UAHOKN BKbiU^dToTTittiDR cf aooo I us < pCMfe Kadish; I00U ibt of Beat; 1000 Ibt of Turnip; 8"0 Hit < adHuw Carmt; SO] Ibt of Onion; Sl)t> lbs of Spinach; 2W Ins c Cabbage, aud about SOitO Ibt of other Seed, in all the choice: specie* and varieties, bor aale on iro-Jerafe leiins, and i quantities to suit orcliasers, by T. BKI1MJK Vl AN, At his l'eimaucut Kami I y b.stabluhxtrnt. Broadway, eor Kighteenth sure VTf Also, by liia too, Alfred on the tame premise*, a; assortment of iirs.knhovsk I' t a, embracing about DO c tbr choicest varieties o! Geraniums; all the be.t kinds r Monthly Rot s; together with Camtllns, < am >tiuns, Cri tus'a, Verbena*, and i toer flowering and ornamental I'lauts, it eluding Doiihlr Dahiias. ike , &c. ff7" AMERICAN STAN UAH D HORTICULTURA BOOKS, eontamieg the resalta o 21 yeara' practice in the ? ciuityofNew Yoik "The Young Gardener* Atsia'ant." lb truth edition improved. SL4 putts octavo; "The Kitchen (la d-ner'i Instructor;" 'The blorist'a Guide," aud the "bra Cultivator's Maneal," for sale, wholesale aud teiail, by tli Author, Broadway, corner ol lrlh street. al lM*M TEA! TEA! T BA 1 YOUR OWN FAULT IF YOU DRINK BA1 TEA. TK YOU CAN APPRKCIATK and want to ohGin goo ? Ta*. van nil ila ?o bv I rtv irilmw yourordrrt to M Catlit vine it reel A thro* dollar Iti I will mtitla you to raonivr ft? pouurit of llyion, . Young llyion, Imperial, Gunpowder t Hoachong T? vlnrk, thro* Trat (if* of :li* flrtt quality?t lion Id th?y proi othcrwit* than vtf rrprmrut thrin, ??nd tlie T*i ha-h and gi your m may. wb fh will t* cli'trl'u ly paid. Tim itourty fm of doinii tint tnroi NEW YOUK ANP CHINA TEA COMPANY, No. 88 CATHAIUNK ST.. N Y K. T. CHKI8 fl ANHOf', Manager. To whom nil ordrra am to ho vjtmaad, pott paid, with rt ini'tmro or ordrrt for rwn'nt in thit city. mlM 'm*r? ryKt.RI) IMMw.?!00 eoikt inponor Pickled Hams, tug enrad, and haodto.n?lr cat and tnmmad, now landing t vhipHuttia, Iroui New Orlnaui. for til* by K. K. COLLINS It CO. a'JItrrc if, South ?t*at f 1NSF.KD OIL.?5 ca?kt Lin??*1 Oil. a nuprrior*. f< Li air by K. K. COLLINS & CO nl2 3: rrn ifi South - t rot. optJNtiUKS ?100 dnian very utr.otior Mmohad Tonga* I- wnrrt itfd to k**p in any elimat*, Itudint ti thip iluatu from New Otlrini, for nl* by i.. K. COLLINH St CO. alJDtrre i# Hont'i ttiMt. HO WOULD UL WITHOUT TEKTH, when tl following iutpr?*H*iit*d r?dn'tion in dentistry ii mn' by tt i* or'* iratad Itrnluti W. THOHNK, D. U. H., 62 Kai Croadw* ? Cleaning Trath, uj $1 00 kitncting ~ 25 Stopping with hit jn tl> r l?hrntod Minora! 75 fin*'* footh on thiol, 75 r " ' wilvrr, no " " " Hold. 3 Oil ~"A ?omp'rt? trt ot Teeth, on th* .? proved principles, ( th" tamo prirr as ihe above N B ? W i.'rr i nt.r? tat inflation it not given, no charge wi ? mad*; 62 Hast Uroadwav. m7 Im'm. DRUG STORE FOR SALE. QITUAThjO in a gool i e gliborh aid it hmi notnelr fitlcI C and doing a good hunum Will uc ioid low Cnqni r H8X Orand morel ar> In*in )RK I < i ? IORNLNG, APRIL 16, 1844. KxtrMli from Foreign Journal*. If Dttei.i.ino.?The sad atlair in which Colonel r.,11 I... .v.- i j.. . t v? i.:.. .?.1? 4. rm V?. n IV II UJ hit liUIIMn Ul iUUItryC, 1113 UIUU1C1" in-law, near London, will be fresh in die recollec- g, lion oi our readers In the course of the debate tli in the British Parliament on the subject of grunting w a pension to Col. Faweett's widow, Mr. W. O. hi Stanley stated that it lud been generally reported lv that Monroe bad consulted with his brother olli- c( c ts of the Blues, previous to the meeting, and that *' tliose geollemen(!) had told him " he must tight!" From the commencement of the reign if George ,.( 3d to that of Victotia, upwards of 2tN) duels have h< been fought. In three, both combatants were kill- at ed. In ightv, one of the combatants was killed ar in each i and in all 120 were wounded. f'pwards ?> of twenty trials for duels huvc oecurred, in which four were found guilty of murder and two were J' hanged. In the li t* of duellists are found some of ( the most distinguished names in every department n, of public life. h An Ono Bkijukst.?In a will, bequeathing pro- ? perly to a large amount, lately in France, there is j* u clause to this efleet:?."My express desire being ^ that none of the domestic animals which shrill be- M long to me at my death shall be either sold or u abandoned, I apply to the person who ahull have ( charge of them the annual stun of 150 francs for each horse; 150 Irancs for each dog; and 73 francs ^ for each cat, as long as they shall live." ? Elastic Conscienc e.?At an inquest, nt Jsling- sl ton, one of the Jurors (Mr. Mills) refused to he j? sworn on the Testament. Jlr .Mills said he was tl: no quaker, but lie looked upon that book as lull of tli inconsistencies, and that it was customary to ap- c] peal through it now-a-duys to men's fear, instead of * their nature and honor. The coroner, on finding " tliut his conscience whs elastic enough to induce * hint to swear rather than be fined, disj ensed w ith his services altogether. h An Expensive Head ?The crown of that N personage, cblled Victoria the First, was made by lfundell and Bridge, and by an estimate which has * been published, its value amounts to the trifling ti sum of ?111,900. Hear that, ye oppressed London ? milliners and starving mechanics! Who would " not be for the crown und dignity of Victoria! m Tiie'The cultivation of Celtic literattire is making rapid strides in Great Britain. The ? Glasgow Constitutional says that two (>alhc gram- j mars and two dictionaries have appeared?that the j University Press is engaged on an edition of the a Scripture*, and that eminent publishers in Ediu- <1 burgh have their presses groaning under Gallic ll manuscripts. ^ Harry Lornequer has announced a new work, c i from his fertile ptn, entitled?"The wanderings I and ponderings of Arthur t >'Leary in many lands." E Miss E doe worth.?Miss Edgworth.the eminent 8 writer, has lately arrived in London to 8u|>enntend J, an edition of her own und fathet's works. She is ti 1 s.iid to look ns young us she did 20 years ago, al- 't, ; though now 7(1, and has another new novel ready ? ! for tiie press. t ' The "Age."?Hall, the proprietor of the "Age" [' I newspaper, has been found guilty of another "false, j scandalous undjnialicious libe1, onfLord William , [ Paget, in reft rence to the lute crini. con. case, Pu- \ get vs. Cardigan. f I Whiskers?Gf all things avoid a vulgar whisker. ( t This is of various kinds. A short, scrubby, indomitable, no whisker, is a vulgar whisker: a weak, . fuzzy, white, moth-eaten, mouldy whi>ker, is a ; vulgar whisker: a twisting, twining, serpentine, J sentimental, corkscrew of a whisker, is a vulgar r whisker; a big, Idack, bluff, brutal looking whisker, is vulgar; a mathematical, metliodistical, musterj of-artistical diagram of a whisker, is a vulgar whise ker; whatever is not any of these, will do. r State of Ireland.?la Manchester a great meeting has been held in the Free Trade Rooms on the .a lie of Ireland. The Mayor presided. The requisition for convening the meeting was signed by 21W merchants,including the names of the principal commercial men of that great community. Itu calour fated that 70(g) persons attended, and resolutions ol i most liberal nature adopted, condemnatory of government policy, sanctioning the efforts of the Irish people, and deprecating in strong terms the , armed occupation of that country. Three cheers were given tor Daniel O'Gonnell, and three groans . for the ManchesterGuardian, which has lately been I detected of certain symptoms of Toryism. Railway Legislation.?The Great Western a Railway Company have been authorised by act of ? Parliament, to open and examine packages and pari eels, for the purpose of ascertaining that two or It more are not under the same address for different ? persons. The penalty for such default, those wtset)" acres derree at ?20. It is not unlikely that those i! greedy sharks will, after u while, claim the right . to search people's pockets. We wonder would it a tie penal to carry two cigars of different brands in E one case, or a jienknife with two blades in one v handle 1 Answer, he hereditary blockheads. Foreign Intelligence.?Punch says:?"We r\ understand that the celebrated case of the two Kilkenny Cats, who, shut together in a garret, fought each other until nothing remained but their tails, has been und *r the serious consideration of the five powers, with a view to its application to the present state of Spain. It has consequently been resolved upon that no foreign intercourse whatever shall be permitted with that country for the next five years. That time elapsed, it will be curious to know how much will remain of all parties of the Spanish. Uetsrun that nothing will re1 main but their moustaches." * Sir E. Shodem.?Lord Lvndhurst, it is said, is ' n'oont to p'tire, and Sir E. Sngden is named as nis s successor on the Woolsack. The Irish bar will . hardly take it well if another "alien" be placed at their nead. J Mijsicat,.?Mr. Ilenry Phillips, the vocalist, we * believe intends to visit this country at the close ol the present eason. IIonrtERT.?In the Hank of England a gentleman i- while in the aet of paying money to one of the clerks, having previously placed his pocket book . on the counter, was robbed of it by some darjng thief. It contained 071. 17s. (id. with which the iliiel got clear oil. i- The Church and tjik University.?The Abbe ' Cambalot, a preacher of some note, was sentenced |j at the Pane Aanzee to impriaonnent for a fortnight, v and a fine of MKJt) francs for the publication of a " book against the irteligious tendency of the univer' sity's system ot instruction. 7 """ ' Otm Fleet.?We bad atl our wharves in this city yesterday, 12 steamboats?6 brigs?and 22 schooneri. in all forty bake crafts. This ii a pretty respectable lluet to ba at one time, in a single port, fur away ^ in the interior and almost a thousand miles from the ,1 Ocean. What a contrast with the shipping which sup>1 plied the wants ot the little trading and military post of >i bye gone days ! Those who fancied a few ycara ago that a IJetroit had then nearly reached her commercial acme t signs than uow of permanent an<l substantial growth in ,j every department of industry and enterpiizo. iiercoursu >f is onward with rapid strides. Let us all appreciate and >1 act up to the high destiny of our cherished city. ? Detroit "* . hir . 1 pri11>. ^ Prospectr id Manchrstrr, N. H.?W? cut the following from the Manchester (N. II.) Memorial : r- Wo announced last fall, the dotenniuation of the Land ami it Water Power Co., to build one large mill 410 feet in length " the foundation of which is now completed, and the brick _ work is fast being laid. We now have the intelligence thut two more mills, of the same size of the former, are to [) tie immediately erected, which will competent to contain 44,000spindles each. The lluutons & Sargent have con. traded to lay the Inundations, and are to have them com, pleted by the first August next. The mill already come menced, is to manufacture muslin de lainea-the other >r two, forcottons, to each of which a priutery is to he connected, for printing calicoes and muslin de laioe*. The .! ground, already laid out 1 or these mills, and the other 'I ouildings necessarily connected therewith, extends from theAmoakeag New Mills, to the Granite Bridge. The hoarding houses, Aa., will not probably he erected till next year The charter under whfc)h the company are building these mills, was granted in 1X37, but owing to J* the depression of business generally, and manufacturing L in particular, it has not been of any utility till the present v time. As a matter of couaei|tiencc, the active business 1 now doing, by employing a great number of hands in the erection ill buildings, digging the canal, building machinery, Jsc. Ac., will aid greatly to the population of the - place, which will still be increased when the mills are ,r dnished and tiileu with operatives. The demand for tenements is great, which induces the building of a large lumber of dwellings. Merrimack, Manchester, Hanoref, ' -Vmheist, i oncord, and Lowell streets, are fast tilling up ' Willi dwelling houses. Wo believe that every lot laid out and offered for sale by the Land It Water Power Co, - rtu been 'old. I'he Pattens, ol Bedford, are soon to crert J* i stat'dy bio-k of buildings for stores and offices, on the large lot on Kim street, immediately north of the Town House. These, and other improvements, constantly going on. w ,11 a 11 much to the beauty and wealth of our .1ouri hing village. The proliahle |<opulation of this vlllBgo, is now from six to seven thousand, which will, we Mtvn no doubt, be douhleil in three years from this time. u ?????? ^ Naval. ?The lt- S. xhip Constitution, C'aptnin John I'ercival, dropped down yesterday afternoon from the navv yard to the anchorage oft' the naval hospital. The ('(institution saluted the broad pennant ol Com. Boltoo, which was returned by the Pennsylvania. We learn h[ that she is ordered to New York for the purpose ol reei iving the balance of her crew.--Horfold Herald, .1pitl 14. IERA :t ? fork Correspondence of the Charleston Courier. I Nlw \ UIIK, Apiil 1, IS44. (J^I Let me improve this occasion to speak of the distin- ( lislied firm in which the native American candidate is 0_, >e principal. J. and J. Harper was the name tinder f*. hich the two elder brothers (Jauies and John) la van islness a* printers. They took the first step, more than u, venty years ago, in bringing down the price ol republi. itions to a reasonable standard. The consequence was aj 1 almost immediate success. IVrhups they owed much f0| the fortunate circumstance of thei.- having begun with osc immortal works, the Wavcrly novels. The two lunger brothers (Joseph anil Klctrhcr) cune into the t#I >use at a later period. They are all men of excellent it. anding and character?distinguished for their exactness tB id li to.ity in business. They have published many j,, iginal works, and paid large sums to authors. As a icent instance, I may mention that ol jiT siO to Mr. K( 'illiam 11. I'res'ott, foi his gieat work entitled, the ti>. onquest of Mexico. 1 learn, also, that the learned l)r. n.iura /ininun roceiTCH uum iiipui muic mdu f U1 ually ua copyright lor bis various classical mi l school ct aoks. Mr. John I.. Stephens, author of Incidents of Tra- 0| rl in < entral America, he , ha* received more than $'i0,X). Do not such iacts on these coutrovett the oi>inion lat American authors can get nothing for their works I (l 'he truth is. that successful authors are well paid every- a) rhere, and fifty International Copyright Laws will never 0, liable an indiil'ereut writer to procure even a bare Mil.istenre by his pell c, Thellaniers have a very large piloting establishment ,, 'hey employ eighty compositors, one hundred tad lilt) iris in folding l-ooks, besides iiumhcrs of |>ersons in the t| :her parts of ihe business. To how many families must () tch an establishment give support.' lieginniug w ith the >or people, who go aliout the streets picking tip rags fir < le pmier makers, perhaps it is not too much to say that v, iree hundred families, lull fifteen hundred persons ure olhed nnd led by the work of this single house. When (a e think that the basis on w hich all this rusts, Is made of le brains ot a few authora in the old world and the new, f,( e are certainly not disposed to follow the fashion of the (;j aliticul economists, and rank the literary tribute among tho unproductive laborers.'1 1 am very carious to know i,() ow many millions of books base beeu printed and pub- ,,j shed by this one house alone since its commencement. ej The agitation of the new uiid important iiaestions, St. ,-hich have lately arisen at Washington, hits put many ot ur daily newspapers here in a very flourishing condi- nl ion. In ray opinion, though I <lo not expect you to agree ^ fith me nreven to endorse, the boat ol lliem all are the ? Commercial Advertiser," and, strange as it would have }unded two yean aro, the New York "Herald." They say e, the devil is not so black as he is painted," and i believe ,,, aat Mr. Bennett is not only a much better man than he l0 'as, but much better than many people take him to be ? 0I [e has ascended the hill of fortune lrom its very base.? gt le has great skill and enterprise, bis industry is untiring, tli nd he makes a most various and entertaining sheet i o not believe in spite of the numerous statements, that p, e either falsifies or misrepresents news of any kind, and I tiink the rernuik of the correspondent of the Charleston ,,j lercury, that the accounts in the Herald ol'the price of otton wire not to lie relied upon, to be wholly unjust. (0 .et it be said, moreover, to the individual praise ot Mr. n lennett, that he is noted for his faithful attention to bu- rt iness, for his exact fullilment of his premises, lor the moal purity of his life, and tor those ip: -s which are va p, liable in domestic retirement. tie ucrusntions of r, liking black mail, Ike , whlol, ,i<le aguinst him, I y lave nothing to say. J like to find the good points in g very man's character, and let the had ones go. Let hose Judge their fellow creatures harshly w ho have less Cl ear than I have of being judged. The mighty dramatist tj ells us " Theevil that men do lives ufter them, the good ? s oft interred with their bones." It seems that the evil u vhich men have done while living is remembered too v nore than their present deeds. 1 low slow we are to forrive each other for sins of which we have repented, for ? aults we have reformed?and yet we hesitate not to pray r 0 tfod to forgive us even as we lorgive our debtors! To pass to lighter subjects?let me tell you that the first p >p?ra season is over, hut that we are to have a second, i vhich is to commence in a few days. Signor De Begnis, p he best hullo singer, except La Ulache, extant, is to he p he manager, and instead of Opera Seria, which to me is j( 1 most serious linre ; we are to have comic operas, which r fill ho delightful. The bewitching Borghese is to he trima donna, and all will go merry as a marriage hell. ? I hear that you have some admirable connoisseurs of n vine in Charleston. Let me impart to them a hint of raluahle information. The liest wines in New York, of c ill kinds?German, French, Portuguese, Spanish-nro to ? :>e laid o( Bloodgood St Hall, 4 l'ine street. Their Madcias, too, (though atiout them I am tender of giving advice) s ire said to he excellent. Let those who are sending on [heir orders or are about to come North, try this lion;'-. r ind if they are not satisfied, then i.i my judgment?a Judg- c ment hosed on no trilling experiment*?at ianlt. Belter s Sherry I never drank ?seldom better Claret. I drink | your health in a bumper of Hautbrion. Adieu. t SKMPKONIUS. f (Tor the New York Herald.] To Jfllolee. I Whether beneath the vernal bower, Or Id the full saloon you sit ; , Pleased with the perfume of a flower, ; Or fnll of sentiment anil wit; With equal dignity and ease, The various converse you sustain j . In either situation please, The gay or the sequestered scene. With every grace und virtue blessed, That wake to life the social hour, That soothe the anxious minu to rust, Or give soft beauty all its power; IIow could you then, accomplished fair, Be to your own perfections blind ? Or. think the conscious muse would dare To represent your faultless mind. C. M. D. H. hlternry Notices. Tup. Travei.ders' Hand Hook i or New York and Canada.?This is a neat and useful publication. and will count in very seasonably for the use of the travelling public during the summer months. The distances and routs are laid down with fidelity, and for the numerous )>ou.rsuirants of pleasure, who take the delightful roit/e north, a copy of II. S. TannerVTravellcrs' Hand Hook will he of lnliuitcjadvcntagf. Medicat. Oitidr t on Mothrfs.?Saxton & Miles have imped a reprint of this little work, from the second London edition. Mow very important its subject matter is to the class lor whom it was written, they will become convinced on its perusal. Its brevity is a merit; for vvoinen do not in general wish to read treatises which tire, rather than inform ; but while its brevity has wisely been an object with the author, there ii nothing sacrificed to it either in clearness or accuracy. The work will be found highly useful, und we hope, km j( has been written for the special benefit of the fair sex. it will be patronized by tlism, and we trttst read and acted upon also. Navai, and Havana News.?Tim United States Irigatc Potomac, flag ship of the Home Squadron, Com. Connor, arrived in thie harbor yesterday, from a crui/.n of nearly three months among the windward and other ol the West India Islands, and last troin Havana which |K>rt aha left on the 'Wth ult. The oilicers and crew ure generally in good health. William Trefts, ordi nary seaman, fell overboard the night after leaving Boston. The ship was hove to, but there being a heavy sen on at the time all efforts to save him failed, und he was lost Michael Mansfield, ordinary seaman, died on the IOth March, and was buried oil the Isle of fines. With these exceptions, 110 serious casualty has been experienced, nor has there been mucli sickness on board during the cruize. Havana was quite healthy ; the shipping interest, however, was much depressed, freights being so very low that several vessels had sailed thence in ballast. 1 lie whole Island has suffered seriously the past season fiom drought, as have likewise many others of the West India i,lands. The new Captain General, O'Donnell, appears to be proceeding with considerable energy in his administration of the government of the island. The police department ia vigilant, and tolerably successful in protect Ing persons and property. Several public works are ad vanciiig, and it is said the Captain General's private fortunes are not retrograding. His Excellency compliment rlCnm ( onniT ( nut N't-wcll riml ofh?r <tf)ici>iN u ifh u public dinner; but neither Imnorthr \dmiral of the Spanish "armada" itationed there, (consisting of one filiate two steamers, and a brig) visited the I'utumuc during her a toy in that jiort ? I'm taenia l.rllr i, tljn il From Mexico ?By the ^ have remivcd our regular lilea of jupei iters an late as tho JOtli ult. Although niori ren-nt intelligence ha* been received direct from Mexico, we give the following extract Iroin a letter in relation to tiie inqiortiiiit question ol the retail tradv law. Vs:r* Cmta, March 30, Hit ?The all absorbing lubject of the day is the question of the retail trade by foreigner*, the time at wliicli thix Inw i? to lie put in torre being the 23d init. Thui far the Mexican government baa manifested to foreign ministers a most positive determination to carry it through Ht all hazards. The French minister seems to have taken up the matter more warmly than tin others?the French neing more extensively engaged in this trade than any other foreigners. Very severe notes have passed upon the matter, so much so that the question seems to tie reduced to one or two things -a repeal of Unlaw or a war with France A few doya will probafdy teli tha story.?If. O. Foptr, . l/ml ft. A DEartRADO.?The Louisville Banner contains the details of a horrid attempt at murder in Mercer County, on the 3d inat. One Thomas Simpson, who had just been bailed out of jail, where lie had been confined on a peace warrant, attacked hi* wife with in axe, without any other provocation then tlmt which wss given l y her tender importunities "to come into supper." and inflicted three serious wounds. The almost tlleleas woman was carried into the house by ? Is-ly, who w as there, and a negro woman ; when Simpson endeavored to heat down one of the doors which ha t hern haired. The inmates fl.'d out of another door and he followed. He oveitook his brother-in-law, John ' ecil, and struck him wills his axe, fracturing his skull so seriously that no hopes are entertained ot his re-every Simpson was pursued an I with difficulty arrested. After examination he was com Kitted for triRl. Wheat Crop in I'kixn .?1The Lancaster Kxpreau snys:?"It if caitl l?y nil llt? l<irntern we luive eonverseil with on the subject, that whest on the ground, has escaped all the injurious?fleet* of winter, ant! that every | lield looks well and promising, the grain being even, with I a strong, healthy a; |io?rance ' I - I T.n. two Coath Common Council. or Alder mxis?Monday?AkL Hatfield, rrtsi it, in tbe Chair. Irolvn H ater Spilt-?A resolution conferring the mm. rment and control of the suits against the ( orpoiation damages to property in Westchester county, by the ;akiug of the Ciotou l)am, to the WaterC'omm:*?ioncis is adopted. Hunding /'ot?fn?ri ?.-~The committee on Laws reported vsrt-ely to the je-tition of Meaara. Ilerdmun tekcenan, r relief from a judgment for neglecting to lioud passings ; adopted. Manic,put i!,Jo, hi ?The majority of the committee on )?;<, consisting ol Vldermen Waterman and Tillou, pre. lit' -t a report in tuvor of adopting acme of the long Iked of measures ot municipul reform, w hich we pule -K lor tire tpi rial lienefit of the new Aldermen elect:? Ut. To aholiah the preaent mode of sweeping the rceta, and authorize it to be done by Ward contract to e Jowiat bidder. 'id. To establish executive department*, and prevent e members ol the Common t ounoil from exercising exeitive function* by committees, as at present, in violation The charter of the city. 3d. That the printing, stationary, ami all other supplies. id work, to lie furnished hereulter, lo In* done hy'conuct, onil to lie given to the lowest lerponsttde bidderiil police rtioitn to l>c immediately adopted unit put in pe ration. 4th. To abolish the tea table in the City Hull, and all cmtingent expenses ami appropriation* tor public purjKii* anil entertainment*. utb. Hefnsing to assent to purchase lor the meivhera of ic Common t oiinci) a copy of the (leologicul lteport* of id Htate, and 6th unit last. "That in all rmjierti the < Hurts of the amnion t otincil to reduce the expenses of the < ity (7o rninunt be continued." The report wus ordered to be printed and laid on the hie. Lighting trilh Gas?A resolution to light Centre street am Chatham to Broome, Carmine its whole extent, and h Avenue to 14th street, with gas?was adopted. Cattkill Barges? A resolution to appropriate tlio slip 'tween Cedar and Liberty streets, lor the exclusive use the steamers, treight huigee, fee. plying between this ty and Hudson, was adopted?provided the owner counts. Public School in Sislh Ward*? The application of comissioncrs and inspector of common schools of tho Sixth 'an!, for an appropriation of $7000 to purchase a site for school house in Kli/al eth street, was laid on the table. Catherine Fish ?The Maiket Committee repoitI in favor of authorising the superintendent of repairs to -epare a plan ol a new litii muiLet to lie erected at the ot of Catherine street on the outer side of the present le, to he erected by public contract for $1300?the piclit fi.h market to be used lor country produce?laid on i? table. Pier font of Sicth street? The committee on wharves rc. u ted in favor of extending the pier foot ot Sixth street, ul also to allow the Dry Dock Company to extend the rrs adjacent to their works?Adopted. Help to a lUind Fiieman?A resolution granting $ list Win. 1L hilpatrick, lor injuries received at a lire at ullctt's Cove, three years since, by which miuns he w us ndered blind?Adopted. IJghtitsg with Gas ? ID-solutions Irom the other Hoard, luvor ot lighting Amity street with gas, were concuriil in?Also, Itruadway from 10th to 14th street?also, lodison street, und 10th stiert liini Bioaduay to Ton>| ins ?i|iiare. Engine No. 10 ?A resolution from Fire and Water ommittee, in favor of leasing a lot of ground of the iu Messrs. Kingslund, on the south side of '37th street, ear !>th Avenue, tor 15 years, at u? annual rent of $70, lid to builil a frame engine house at an expense ol $360, ,'8S adopted. Street Commissioners'! Pay?An application from the treat Commissioner for extra puy for extra services, was cferreil to the committee on Finance. Trinity Church Properly?A petition from Tyler M. .afetra, charging the former vestrymen of the Trinity Jiurch Corporation, w ho were Aldci men during the [.evolutionary war, while the cily was in the hands el lie British, with appropriating to that ( hutch lands bringing to the city, in order to sustain their Church; w as eicrred to the committee en law s. Prain in John street.?A petition for a drain in John treet, between William and Pearl, was referred to Comlit tee ou Streets. Ceitar street Pier?The Committee on Wharvca reportdin favor ol leasing south side of pier loot of Cedar treet, to liubbcll, Claik he i o , fur the exclusive use of oats lielonging to tho Hudson Tow Bout Line, for the um of $1300 per annum, which w as laid on tho table Extending Catharine ctreit Pier? The Street ( ommi*iii.isinner and Counsel ofthr. Coloration reported in favor if extending tho wcsteily side ol pier foot of Catharine treet, 70 leet, at an expense ot $3,700, one hull of w hich is o he home by the lessees ol the Catharine street Ferry. Idoiited. J.i"tiling John sheil?A resolution to light John street rom 11 road way to I'eorl street, wilhgus, was adoptid. Hi paving ltleerker street..?A resolution to repai 0 lleacker street from curmine to Christopher, was conurred in. .Ijipropriation for Puhlte Stimuli.? A communication ram the Deputy Comptroller asking fot un appropriation if stfO.OtiO for support of Diitrict School*. was referred lo he Committee on Finance. Hepaving Eighth Strut?'The street committee reported in favor ot repaying Sth street, from Broad* uy to the titk Avenue, at an expense ot filHOt). The street was formerly paved with wooden Mocks l?y persons owning property un the street, and being worn out, thoov. ucrH now ink the I on. men Council to take up tiie lilocks and re pave ttie street, as they allege that the ' ommen Council agreed to keep the street in repair. Alderman Prist opposed the report en the ground that hi* constituents were compelled to repavu their streets ; because under the law they had not been rrpaved I y the twners of property siuec IHi4. Alderman Wooshiu advocated its passage, and said :hat the wooden pavements in this city had pioved an entire failure. The whole matter was then referrrd to the sticet commissioner Court of Error* ? Alderman TV m.v offered a resolution delet ing the use of the Hoard ol Aldermen's room lo the ourt of F.rrors at their ensuing session In this city. Also, to reorganize Ward Justices Courts, so us to dispense with two of the picsent justices aud clerks? referred to tli e Committee on hows. .Irrearn of WAnr/irgc?Aldciman Unions stated that as the public piers were to be sold at auction this morning, lie would call up the ratiort of the special committee of Ihe Hoard ol Assistants in relntion to the claims of the corporation against sundiy individuals for wharfage dues. The resolutions authorizing the prosecution ot some of the persons named, and reference lor settlement of claims against others, and release of several were concurred in, and the Hoard then adjourned to Monday nest Superior Court. U elore Justice Oakley. Aran. l.i.? Ceorge 1L Morrii vs. Wellington .7. Carter.? An action to recover the price of eight casks of varnish, rhis was a bargain or snla affected by truck. The plain till ninde a purchase Irom the defendant oi the atioveqtiBiility ol varnish, for which he was to give in return a supply of brandy equivalent iii cost to the amount. On leceiving the article the plaintiff considered it of infriioi quality to the r.umplc exhibited at the time of effecting the sale, and after a short time returned the article The defence put in was, that the sample was not changed, and thai the article was bona fiile deli vend according to agreement. The Court adjourned over of this morning. Before Chief Justice Jones. Can/Hi v* Ocean Inrurante Co.?This rate is still on in the second branch ol the 3u|>erior Court, and closed last evening. The Jury were not expected te agree. Texas Prisoners.?Two of the Texan prisoners, wlio liatl been confined in the rattle of I'erote, arrived at Mobile last Wednesday week. The Mobile Advertiser says:? "They were liberated some fifteen days or three weeks since, one of them, Israel Canfiehl, at the intercession of Hon. John t^iiincy A.lams, and the other, L>. C. Ogden, at the instance of the Mexican Censul in New Orleans. 1 he former was takcif prisoner nt Meir, and the latter nt Hsu Antonio de Bexar. They left Vera Cruz on the -J-Jd ulb, in the IT. H. brig Homers, lor IVnsacola. This vessel was Mow n oft'to sea on Friday night last, when almost within sight of her port of destination. The night before lu-t. Iiowavoi, she. hail cumu so far back on her route as to fail in witli a pilot boat from this port, about ih miles ofTthe liar. Three of the passengers in the Homers, the two persons mentioned above, anil it Williamson, of New V'ork, emtiaiked in the Pilot for Mobile. ' We learn lrom Mr. Canfield, that the rumor of the probable release of all the Texan prisoners in Mexico is en lirely without foundation that there ?.is some probability <>f the relense of the Ssn Antonio prisoners; but vi.rv little chance for anv ol tho rest. ? ' make tliH tati-nx nt especially, beca'use the Irlenda ol the other i n toners in thia rountry and nlsewherij, tinder the belief that tlievwill he speedily art nt liberty,may withhold Iron thorn stich aid as may ho of essential service to them in t>.eir wretched and cliei rles* captivity. "Mr Can Held furnished tin with the following account of the prisoners new in Mexico " To Krnton ol Moen Vim mt tl*i.R .? 8l? Herewith ion have 11 statement of the Texan |>risonrt* now In Mexico, up to the lid March, vi/: Korea under the command ol < ol. Wm. 8. Kishor, sur rendered nt Meir, Pec "1, I'l .. . .$83 In prison, Mexico city 3? ' I'Mihla 'j I'erote. 1]U VeraCrox 10?134 Now remaining | jo 8t. Antonia dc Itexar prisoner*, taken by (fen. A. Wool, at Ht. Antonia, litli Sept. 181 J. whole number ft-.? In rerotu Cattle, March 18,1814 an Sow remaining < aptain Pawson s Comnany, taken near Ht Antonia do Bexar, hy (ien. A. Woll, September 18, 1R43 whole nil iila-r In I'erote Castle, March 16, 1844 il N w remaining 17 aai'AriTui.sTiox. Whole ntimber of Texan prisoner# ,88 Kemaining 1*0 Deficiency IM Apr.l 3,1341. ISHAEL C A If FIELD. iN It MRU IN PltthAIiKM'lllA.?TIlO venllttT, tor several days paid, has been summer like, and vegetation ha* responded to the heat. The chctry trrea were in I lo.som on Thursday a few apple tree* showed blossom* yesterday, and thenndsof the horse chestnut are almost ready to put forth their gorgeout flowers ?I'hilndrl, i, dai'ltr, ?/;>! if i >.

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