Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 21, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 21, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. do. U3-WhtU Ho. 368*. To tbo Public. THE NEW YOKK HERALD?daily new*paper?published every day of the year except New Year'# day and H ourtli of July. Price J cent* nor copy ?or $7 06 per annum? itoitage* paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD -published every Saturday morning?price #1 cent* per copy, or $3 13 per annum? VOiU, l ull AU IB lTIUH/?< ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Uerakl ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing faat. h has the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and is, therefore, the test channel for business Men in the city or country. Price* moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the most moderate price, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoPBIKTOn OP THS HkB4M> EiTABLrSHMKNT, Northweat corner of Fulton and Nassau street*. r rikiwa HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL The Mail Strain Ship ACADIA ?. "Frie ' ?<! , Commander will leave *5%SBA1hHI} Boston tor the above purl a on Wednesday, Msv 1st, uaxt. The Meaner HIRER MA, will leave Boston on Thursday, May l<(h Passage for Liverpool $120 Passage for Halifax 20 Apply to D. HRIOHAM, Jr., Acwit, #e< No. 1 Wall utrrot. SPRING ARRANGEMENTS. BLOOMINUDALE MA NHATTANVibLK AND FO??T WASHINGTON LINE OF STAURs Fa>? <) M,.uh-ttauv lie, 12)4 Cents. Fa-* 'n Rti W ihi gton 25 Cent'. T'is Lineof Nmgea will omtneuce tonning gPrBgNfc dM n M nday, April I, 1*44, a* follows LravVr'W'W'* tig Ma hattauvd'e at 7 o'elocn, A. M , and Co., i, ,, sveir hour nui l 6 1* M. L. a uia N w York, corner of Tryou Row and Chatham at two doo a rait of the Harlem Railroad Office at 9 o'clock, A. M , am) continue ru ining every horn until 8 P. M i his Line ol St ites p sset the -rphsn aud Lunatic Asvlumi, Ruriih m'a Mansion House, the abbey and Backer'i Hotel, Trimt, Church Cemetry, the High Bri gr aud hurt Washington. B MOORE. in27 lm*re Proprietnr. *ICW KOKK AND PHILADELPHIA UA ..AOAU ulot DIRECT Fox Nxwaxx, N*wnnut?twic?,'Pai!4cxvot?, Txxktou Boxbuivtowr Ai?d BnaLitvoToie. ?ttW wTgEL THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New Vork daily from the foot of Courtlandt iv Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at P. M. The Morning Liue proceeds to Bordentowa, from thence t>r train boat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camdra (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. Pascugers will procure their ticket* at the office foot of Courllaudt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be is readiuvss.with baggage crates so board. Philadelphia baggaur crate* are conveyed from city to city, irihout being opeued by the way Each train is provided with acarm winch arc apartments and dressing rooms er.yeesly for the ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia fromthe foot of Walnut street, bv steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o dock, A- M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at IX A. M., and I P. M. being a eontibaatioa of thalines from New York j? 1m* m riONr.Ll-, .1 ' HITKG," 011 BY THE PENNSYLVANIA CANAL fc RAIL ROAD. This superior Line of Pickets is now iu eo-plete order. New Boats have bom placed on ths Line, and every arrange m?ut made that can be desired to secure the comfort ol" travellers. '1'he interesting conntry which the route passes,renders It the most agreeable can be taken for the West. For families travelling westward, it is preferable to ell other roures. No effuit has been spared to mate the acccmmodatiens onboard the boats ample and coir pie. 1 hey ate iu charge ol experienced, attentive, and obliging captains, so that the trip from PHILADELPHIA TO PITT83URO, is rendered one of plenui> rather than toil. FARE ONLV tig. OFFICE N. F.. CORNER FOURTH AND CHESTNUT BTRKET8, Where every informal on may be obtained. OT"-aea s may also be secnr d st 13 south Third at,and at the DEPOT. *74 MARKET STREET, i where the Cars start from every moraine st I o'clock. m% im* re A. CUMMINGS, Agent. GREAT WESTERN RAIL ROAD ROUTE, FROM ALBANY TO BUFFALO (m MILES) BY RAIL ROAD. The only Office in New York established by the several Rail Road Companies between Albany and Buffalo is at No, M COURTLANDT STREs.T, JOHN T. CLAK, General Agent. NOTICE TO IMMIGRANTS. The Sobieribera having been appointed agents for forwarding Immigrants by Rail tlnad from Albany to BuRnln aud intermeiliaie 11 >ces. are enabled to send them during the Rammer from N?w York to Utica lor (i,06; to rtyrac.i>et*,a2. to Anhum (3,36; to J'orhtter (1,61. to Buffilo (3.53. Childrtn frit,,, > r? IS vMr? n'A L .11 I_. 1 ...... r .?s .11 1 Bag.-.!*- from Albany on the Kail I toed isenti'ely fieIt la evident that it cornea much cheaper to the imuiienut to trav I by Kail Road then by Canal, he reaching Buffalo per Ste?mb iat from New York and Kail head from Albany in 42 houra; wh r?r*, it tall** per Canal from 9 to Hi day*. The follow i.c e.ileohti n show* the result, an Passage t- Buffalo per Kail Faaaage to Buffalo per Calload $6,50 ual.aay $2,00 Luggage from N. Yoik to Luggage to Buffalo. 501ba Aloana, lOOlbi f.--e, bal- fire, balance lorlOOIb*-- 35 ant.'e. for lOOIba II Loaa of time at leaat 9 day a Lnny* from Albany to worth to the lahoter, tay Buffalo Ire* ... 50erata per day 4,30 Li ring for 42 houra, aay--- 75 Living for 10 daya, 50 centa per day 3,00 Total per R. Road$6.43 $13.05 Deduct fare per R. Road 6.43 The traveller per R. Road rave* $5,62 Thry alio forward raaae. g-ra io Cleave'and, PeiUinouth and other pi ceain Ohio; D-toit, lie , Michigan; Cireeo Bay Milwailue lie. Wieoiaiu Terr fry; Chicago, lllinoia; a~d to diti>rP>t plrc a in ' an.,da. at theloweat rate*. All information a* to the different route* gi"eu gratia, and Ticket* to Be had only at the Albany and Buffalo Call rtoad Office,59 Courtlandt street. WOLF A KiCKKKS. ap2 Im * m TO THfc* TRAVELLING PUBLIC. ML Tji&ttEtTOKR JlRRJlNGEMEST To!tl?4?k The Snb-cr.b r, haring completed their arranvemeata, are now prrpared ro bring out paaa-rgei* from Oreat Hrit"in rod 1 rrlaud oy the following firat cliaa packet ahipa. one of which will leave i.ivr.pool on toe (at, 6th, 11th, 16tn, 2lit and 28th ol each month:? IVric? Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virgiuiu. Liverpool, Cumornlge, Moutecuma, Biddoaa, (>vo Washington, i HotUuguer. Colum >ua, Uuitad States, R stius, A?> huit.'U, Envland, Yu-ope, Steph'u Whitney, Koches-ee., York-hire U-r i k, Smnu-t ilick (d'treu ofthe West, Oxford Cmtilicaifs 1" paeaage can b-obtaii ed, and very information I wit' he gi?. u to those eiia'u.g for th-ir I'rirudi, ou application at either of our tfici a Tliry will also ne piwurerl cm the opening of navi/ation, to forwn'd |?a#s-,.ger* .uid heir luggage to Albany and Tioy. and via fcoie Canal to 'iiilTalo, and all interm-di ltr place*. To alt porta of Ih Upper I.akr* Vi- Oawego to Toronto, Port Hope, Coburg, Kingitou, and an jniu 01 < anaoa vvesi ! rom Troy via VVuiteliall to Mou'wal aid Quel)#-, ''anada ! a<t via Ohti ('anal from 'leivrliuid to Portsmouth,', aj'1 i termadiaic pf ces South W -st via I' '.i-ll Ina to P'ltsburv.Cinciuna'i, Louisville *0'l all puna o i the Chin llimr to S' L-iuis Mo; aid tn *11 parts ol Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois aud Wiscou sin Territory. REMITTAVCE*. For the ne-'oinmodatim of leianut wishing to tend money to tli ir f iend-in the lII'-''omiitiy, HAH.NDEN Ik C will rive l)r fh ?.. aiy partof Eog v d, Scot'a id or Irelmd, (arable it si hi, forsumi ol ?1. ? > ?20 to ? 0"?or in any amount to suit the (>an hi U-'IOH AND AOENTS I harlrs ra t. 20 Mi e str et, Boston It ?. Wh rl.-r L'ui i. Bud iiiv r vid.'nca.R 1 J. W. Mil s, 3 W 1' stra t t" 16 Front stree' New York. N <i. H w id, 4] H. u h Third sir el, P..iU'rlphia PmJIo.d St Sh e.ietkar, 7 Light street, Hal iu ore, Vld Pi'Miurgh, Pa. L. 8, Liti'ej lin, II e * ha re, Albany N. Y. ? Clark, 16* Hner straet, Troy, N. V. I,'in a, S. Y. W. A. Cook Syr?rnae, N. V. Ho' tifste , > Y. W. H. Cook, U 11 .io. N. Y. H. vi ihurhfc' o.. i'?wn?, N. Y. mUlee _ __ __ ^^N'F.'.V YOi. AND HAVltCTXcKETS Becond !.ire?The Ships ol tins line will hereafter laive New k ?rh on the 1st, and Ilavrr on the 16th of each mouth, as follows, via From N*v, Yon?. Frsm lltvar. New Bhip ONK.IDA, 1st March. < 16th April. Captain lit July. Ifitli August. _. . _ lames Fnnrk. I 1st Noi ember. fPHli Deersnber. Bhtp BAI.TI VIOKE, I 1st April 16th May. Captain 1st August. 16th Beptrmbefi ?, . Edward Knock. 1st December. I 16th Jauurary. flbrp UT1CA, i 1st May. 16th June. Captain ' 1st September 16th October. I Et"if'iik llewitt.f 1st January. I 16th February. New ship St. NICHOLAS! 1st June. i 16th July. Captain < 1st October. 16th November. _. . Pell, t 1st February. I 16th March. ..The accommodations or tKme ships are not sitrpas ied, eombnniiK all that may be'required Tor comfort. The price of ea? bin passage is SUM. r.n,e, i_ i ..i ,...i ...... qniaife with lb' inception ?.? wine. ??d liquor.. ,';^4fri('''}h"r V-rtf wll b?forwarded by the tub r?'is "r "1,7- <-" *n? *-?T C-frrma -rv^?!?y amtiretand, y^rP^HSfhMd.^h! ito-"mitte,? mon'V to their ^ aa?M,lVi. C100 ilOOO or a'iT ^ui. on duqiAud, without dl?coon\or any other c far ire at'ST# N* tional B ink of Ireland Troth,ci ,1 Bk. do, Mr",ITjf.ft1'nil? fcCo., Banker., London; J. U.irned It Co , k""hnn ud n? count Bonk, Literpnol; fca?trrn Rank of Sc' l3* ,V~.? 'l". Baakiu* r.oinpany; Sir Wtn. Korbea, HnnSTlTro Rc^l.nrh and tli- brinckra in every po.t town throughout Knil>7..l land, Scotland and *V.,|ei, which dralla will be forwarded !TJ the packet, of the IIrh. isth, 2l?t, a d ;'6th. or the n<iya| ,v|JX .teamer .ailing fiom Bo.lou o.i ti e ut ot Mae, Annie to W. U J. T. TAHCOTT At th-.-ir g'ocral paw ipr ollire. 43 Peck .lip fe'i.rc .... , , corner of Booth street. H " ? All letter, from 'he country man come post i aid. ??SL o, KbH H AVKf -S cTnd Line?The KBUVWbl" UTloA, Hewitt Master will Mil on the lit JMMMa >>ay. k or freight or pr-sage, apply to a. .w. . . By.Yuk MNCKEN. ec No.t Tonun. Dnildiug, cor Wall m4 E N E NE ***& >*L STATEN ISLAND Si la W PERKY. m m D FOOT OK WHirKHALI. STREET. The Si.-amhoat STATE,N ISLANDER,will ran as fellows 00 aiin alter Monday, 22<i April, nul l f sillier n> lice:? Ltavi \fto York. Ltavi Slatrn Inland. At 9 At < It 10 2 I , , ?K Vi arfOtfre C i NEWARK AND NEW YORK FA at ONLY 131 CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAFKY. ag Will commence her trips for'he aeaaon on , Qp j|*'rh-H-'si 11?iI 4th. and rno uuiil fjrtiier no nNMBMbi c r> ioiiowi :-i^n?iL|[ rvcwdiH at 7>4 o'cl >tk, A M , N?w York 4 o'clock, I*. M. The R-iobow hu b-?n rulsrgi'd, com leuly r-CtteJ, and ada"u d in this rout', and having a luce deck i*l.>ou, the can comfor'ably eecninm-'date a lance uumber oltpasseugsrs. Krtigm cirridal verv reasonable rsUs. New Vmk, April 1. Hit a4 tf re PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMIWATS " FUK. ALBANY. aMn afl DAILY, Sundays excepred?Throngh Direct. it 1 P M? (Vom the Pier b?3E_3ECZ.twe.-u Courtlandt aud Liberty sir. et< Tie atrnnb. at KNK K KHJHOCK KK. Captain A. P. St John, Mnud y, Wednesday and Kridav, at 7. Che ?te-m -oat KOCHe-STER, Cnptaiu A Houghton, oa Taec'ar, Thursday ..nil Satorday K*. aiegs, a' 7. At Kiveo'clock P. M L?ndi it ?t itu-un-l at- Plates: ? The Steamboat ' UHT18 PECK. ( Wm. 11 l'eck. Mi nday. Wrdu sday, Friday and Sunday. at i M. 1 he Steamboat NOC'lrl AMK'I.CA, Captain R. O. Cruitendeu, Tneadiv Thorsdiy and Samrday at) P. M | lyiapum taking th-l H? Of beats Will arrive iu Albany in i ain-le time tu lake die Morning Tiaiu of Cars for the east or west [Ly~The above Boats are uew and substantial ar- furnished with new and eiegtut State /looms, .anu for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson bor passage or freight apply on hoard, or to TV C. Sehnltz at the omcecu the wharf. ali ALBANY DA Y LINE. fiOI Pull ALBANY aud li termed late Land- , tL . "fr*siskinrs a he new and clesant steamboat SLaJBdSL^HUTH AMERICA, Cactaiii M.H Trues* deil will the foot o<'Bari lay street Borib side, on Wednesday,April Pih. at 7 o elnrk alire .MMrt sw Nsll'lCE The Steimb .at PU'sl'S MOUTH is now being thoroughly repaired 9C3UL>a1 will be reaJv at the oiening of navigation to tow boats iuter.i ediat- to Trov, A' bsuy aud Na i York This boa'will hive capacities for towiug ^ to auy on the river; and it it hoped that it will obtaiu a fair support mrt II in * rt f COVISTOCK arrangements eok iu? OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OKHCK, 1M Pine street, corner of South. m m THE subscriber begs leave to call the attention of his Iriends sud the public iu general, to the follow ing arrangements for IQdl Fnr *l.-a I? ah* ?I 0-? ? hi.. -1 age passengers, by the Regular Liue el Liver|K>nl Packets, tail iua tlx- 1st,6th, llih, letJt. kltlaud 26th of every month. By the London Packets, to tail itm New York, the 1st, 10th anil toili?nod from Loudon uu the 7tit, 17th and 27th nleach month. In counvction with the above and for the purpoae of affording ttill greatrr farilitiea to passengers, the subscriber has established a regular liar of tirsl elatt New York built, coppered and copper listened thipt, to tail punctually erery week throughout the year. Kor the aecomtnudation of penout withing to remitraoney to their fuuilies or frusads, draft* are giren, payable at tight, on the following Banks, viz Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, Sligo, Weiferd, Belfast, Waterford, Oalway, Armagh, Athloue, Colerain. Balkna, Tralee, Youghal, Knuitkillen, Mouaghan, Banbridge, Ballymeua, Parsouslown, Downpalrick, Cavan, Lnrgan, Omagh, Dunganuan, Bmdon, Kuuis, Ballythaqno Strabane, Skibereen, Mallow, MonrymoreCootcliill, Kilruth, Dublin. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. Knglaiul?Meatrt. Mpooner, Atwood St Co. Bankers, London; R. Murphy. Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in avery town in Great Britain. Kor further information (if by letter, post paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY. 100 Pine street, ec ruer of South N. Y. Or Meatrt. P. W. BYRNES fc CO, 36 Waterloo Road. J9 6m?rc Liverpool LKjP LONDON LINE OK PACKETS? laeaet of MM^.20th April ?The splendid, well known.and last tailJUUfeb iig packet tlup WES I'M IN sTr-R.Captain Hovey, will tan ooaitivaly as auove. her regular day. She hat splendid accommodations for cabin, aer.nnd cabin and steerage patt'ugart. Those about proci etling to the old country will lind the Weittnimter a desirable conveyance, i ertout wishing to secure berths should make varlvapplicalion to W.kJ. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck sl:p. P. 8? Persons wishing to tend for their friends in the old coun.ry. can have tnein brought out in ihit packet, or any of the regular line, ou the mojt advantageous terms, by apply iug as above. al3to2ltc AdRP- KOR LONDON?Regular Packetof thelO'h AptiI. ??The well-known fast sailing packet ship WESTakjBMwMIXS I KR, burthen 1000 tons, Capt Hovey. This superior vessel is now loading for Loudon, and will pot'lively sail or the 20th April. ; he accommodations lor cabin, 2d eib<o. and steerage pisirngers are nusurp-aird by any other vessel in port; and at a number of her rauengert are already engaged, thoae dettious el securing berths should make early application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, a11tn20 rc 106 Pine at. corner South, N. V. Aff*- KOR LI V KHPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet WMMfVof 2Cth April?'1 hesn'endid packet ship SIDDONS, JinHKa1 apt E. B, Cobb, of 1060 tout, will sail aa above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having accommodations nn-oualled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleana wharf, loot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS It CO. 36 South at Price < f passage tlOO. The packet slut. Sheridan, Capt. J F. Depeyster, of 1000 tons, will succeed ths Siudous.aud sail the 2Clh of May, her regular day. ramBgert may rely on the thipsof this line tailor pnnetually aWnv*rti*?-l. m27 to a26rc KOR I IVERPOOL?Cabia Pastrga Only?To InSwWaail psaitively on H rid?y, tlia !9th instant ?The fust JpfiBbilaat packet slop ST. MARK, Captain Butman, will tail as aoove A few cabin pa*teng*r< can b* handsomely accommodated bv leaking immediate appicauou 'u tlie ?ub ciiner? JOSEPH McMUHRAV, a!8 Urc 100 I'we street, cirne, of South it? FOR LIVERPOOL?Britiih Vetsel ?The vy (BjwWfi e A I, oopprr-fastcnrd lliit'sh >hip ll.-LEN JSifittfa THOMSON Captain John Fetr.e will be icndy to P-ceite argo ia a few data, ai.d will hue u-apatch for the above port. Shippers of colonial or domestic prodrce will find-Hera most desirable conveyance Kor <rigLt, am i, to the < aptaiu ou board, at i ier Mo. 6 North River, or to tr.e tabseribeta, ROCHe., BROTHERS St O , aGee Si Fulton at neti door to the Fnltou Bank, XjKP- FOR LIVERPOOL?The spier-did, faat sailing j#J?JVaHip BRUNSWICK Cap'ain McMinas, ia now Hfa oaduig aid will be detp.i'chrd in a 'ew daya hu? n ? superior acc mmodatiui a for cabin and scn-iage pas engera, who will be taken at a mo .'crate ra'? Apply to JOHN II Kb DM n N #1 .eolith a leet N. B?Passag* from Ureal Brit'in and Ireland can at all times he a eureo bv th* regular packets sailing rtery live data f i in LtWMfl, at the lewcal 'afa; and drabs run, at an ll, be f nw ided lor any amount payable at the National snit Provincial O.i-lt, Ireltud.auo rtncne ; and also at all the jir nciral banking I sti.utiona th ough u: Eng'a-d, Bcotland ar.d Waive, on api licitiou a. above. a la 3 rc KOll OLIUll'tW ? th eel? WithOlspalch? 1 lie vJvyW first cla ? Picket Ship SALt.M, Capt .iu Heron, will jfiiiaLaiil as above. i his wv I k iowo ship has very superior aco.-nm idatinna for cghin. avcoinl cabin and steerage passengers I'ertuus inten Him to einbt'k rhouid mske iininediste . |iplic ,'.[0U ou Hoard, loot of .viaide.ii Lane, or to JA3 McVlUKRAY, 100 Pine atovr, corner South. P 3. Tim very superior vessel will latum direct to Mew York and alf oda a la- ility fir penons deiiroua to etnbt'k from the neighborhood ol Glasgow, or the North of Ireland, seldom to ne met with Steamera 1mm Relfiat, Londonderry Port Rush, Cole/aine, Sic , ply weekly to Gin g W, end at very m-d.-r le ares Perswus Wiahiua t ae o f-.r heir friends or relatives can secure a peas applying saabov. ;i 0 ire kAE: PAClth'l F. -U V ARSKILLRS-To .ail onTiT. MjfSV's' May?The ship C'lURlErl, Captain Du.gui. AsMHSbF. r height or p assy-, ap. ? to LAVvttKM K ?t THr Lrs, J>o. 'OJ Fr nt ? not or to BU> D Si HI.NI KEN, a 3'omlrc No n I .Mm- H'liMlar P \*3AGE KK'M EN d.AN'l. IRELAND, SCOTLAND and walk* via Liverpool. jkg Pi i K subscriber H>a mad-- uo-<|ualled iri g irt'nta Vjfiery l> r bruigi It out emigrants, til ia year 1841 Those MmKaa-e mIiuk lor tb-ir friends would do wall to apply at the ?lu -.slALslied pack.A < ITiee of Jullh H1" RDM AN, 6! South at N. B.?Tha ghi> art this line no v leave L'verp >c| t- ?'y fire iava, au I/ir.f.t eau aan?inl he fnruishrd for any on unt payable at all ttw priucipil Ha king institutions tbroi.gho it toe nuio-d koivdoin. appl. as iliove. iutl re b lilt NEW UKi.KANSe-L UIBIANA AND i^R^VNEW YORK LI N k .? Poai'iveiy First Itiyulir eilHMBai,'aeke?Toa?i'?l?t n-atsi t? The leal sailing picket l> ip UoNCAN,Capl P. Daggett, will tail at above, l,er rrgul-.r day. Fo- freight O' pa-sage,having hoidmme furnith-.l aeeommo. dutioua, apply on board, at Orleans Wharf, t,,ot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO M Soatli stieet. J Positively no freight received .ifier this tviwiiip. > hippeis will ideese so d in their lulls > I thisdiTS iip.wis by this line may deiend upon having tlieir goods correctly meaeuied. Agents iu New Orleans?Messrs. Hellin and Woodruff, whj will promt?lv lorw ird all gin da to their addieas. The packetship <)<' MULOc.K Capt. F. IHet, will succeed he Duncan and sail JOI, ins t, h-r regular day. a2U lire M REMITTANCE* TO IRELAND, lie The rub?e'ib*r couiiiinea to transmit money in mmi large or small, to persons resi ling in any lasri of Ireland in the a tine manner aa he and hia predecsaaor in bnainnaa have dose fur th' last tmrty years and more-, also, to any part of England or Scotland Money remitted hy lrtter(post raid) to the ?nhscr.her,or p laonally deposited with Hitn, with itie name of the person rr persona in Ireland, I nglaud or Hcotland, to whom it is to lie sent, and the neatest post town, Will be immediately transmitted and pa il accordingly, and a receipt to that effect gtien, or lorwarded tc t- e sender. In like manner money, or claims on persona in any pert of Ireland, England or Bcotland can lie collected by the laueriber lor persons residing in any part of tHn United Sta'es or Canada, and will be rain to 'hem aecordi-gly. i m26 Jn*m GEORGE Med HIDE. Jr. 18 Ceda* St. * BOUTS AND SHOES. M LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.*^^^* ALL Willi WEARiheabovearticl'a.aiidwiahloaave mini, nr. had better Iota no time in "al'ing at the fashionable Bo ,t a, <| I .Shoe Stores of ,S. 1' SfcCOll, Noa. and 161 Grreisvirii ' atrv t, where all miy tuit th mselvea with nn article t mt 'or aty le or make, fasi ion and finish, cannot be aar.nis -u or perhaps eijuuded in lluacity 8. I" 8. Iiegs to apprise in pirlicu'arthoieJ i i ( ardeent'emen who consider a well lilting boot or '? ' aiticle to the tov,l en tcntolc of all ivitlnn the i i ,.n atunde that 1'"X or 161 Greenwich Strtet, ire tue nuly pUca n New York 'hey ctn <> pend on being aui rd. N. K ? In,dies and Miaaea Gaiters, 'Hoes, kc., always on liand in endleaa variety. HiK m* *** 1,1 0i*?nwieh?U?t.-O LW Yi W YORK, SUNDAY MO: MHOV4K OR DOA 111) WANTED.?Tlie adrrriiarr, wh 11 family conaiati ouly of a wife and one chi'd, agtd about firryeira, wiahrato reee: with a mimII n-a leei nouvr iu iinif rreppetah'r part ( f I!> citr. or nart of a houae. with an ait rrjb'e family, would nut be objec ra to, laplraaaut, and tin- rant mod-ratr ; or hr wanlil br willing to riiKige Hcaid for thr rotum* year. oo rmj.mablr term*, iu a priyair family, er where ih-rr are but frw hoardrra. lie would require a Parlor auJ Bed Room, which ha would furuiah limn elf. A loraliou ou thr rat aide of lire city, ard in thr lower part of tha Pereuth. or upper |wit of the boorih Ward, would br prrVrrrd. AdJreta*W , l'Jl Wairr airret a 1} it?i c JHk I u L.' 1?hrotn the fir<r ?f May ueat, ill? two atory Ir'jM oiietr bonar and premise* No. 10 Twrutv-'irat street, a XaMLfew do.n cut of the Third Avrnu*. Apply to UEO<OK BOWM IN, No. 2 1 ichanga Place, enr. er of Haanver, aplt-c in Dan's building Jgwd TO LKTmA'he new l'oor itory Ituuie i:i "oortte th ?tre?t, ie?r nih Avenue withOrotou ??!?', and a'l JTULnther conveniences. To a pond tenant it will be let luw. Apply to H. J. 8ANM)lil>, alii lw?rc 150 MM'Vn Lane. alt I'd LET?A l.ouau situated at bio uungdale, nbuut ["<1 *'x ln'''* from tin city. It ii diliahtfully aitnated on !""" ? b nk ot the Hudson, and ia remarkably healthy. Thq home contains seven roomi. with pleoaure garden, ke. attached Kent 1310 per annum. Al ply at the Abby Hotel Ciovtnicg dale. ap3 lto'ec TC 1<I?T-Tw? Hue nvdern built there ?t?ry houae?, pTjW Nt?. 10* aed 168 Tw?"ty-Fir?t afreet, a few doors 'natel J&&. I4 iahtli Atpiiuc. 1- i)i]ii,re ICI let a net. m"1? lm rc M'l'll L.r T OK LEASE?Kor a term of ;ears, the modeTU built two awry and attic houae. i etrlr new, N's. 70 t >rien atre-1 neir Spring The |, n?r hia t n under cellar, the rooina msrLI* in mil a and gra ra in ea h story, li.ia been rec-ntly paioied, and it in good onl.r. Te in i mo' to a gi nd tenant AI?o. aeye al small tenements ir Bvrtow ard < ireen streets Apply to 1) L. IlEN.NET, a9 2 a ? rc 10b Spring at. jjpt TO LE I' OK Lb'ASK?The Home No 41 Cansatre t. riuicini ili'tumli to L s|e, ard at e-t with a reon'"'ma '* ' e.tii.,,. >.. i ..| 1 atr^t, now occupied by Mr. Win. Wallace ?s tl.e Dolpi ia Tavern. AI?o, a Bn all i.oraa ou t anal slreet, aJjoiuiuc th" above Al?>, th - Lot of < ir uud w itli ilie Buildings 'here..n, on the eisl-rl> aide ,.f Bro idw ty. imnaidiat -ly adioiuing ilie uoril ?> ly aide of Nib'o'a tiariie i Tne Lot la 27 feet 6 inches front and r ar, by la} fast d.eo, iunniug through ' Crosby street. Apply to W. MACRKA, a 11 Iw'na }l Liberty atreet. Kiln HALE liRTu LET?I'worew Threc-itoiv Brick .douses, with marble mantels, sliding ooora, anil oiaiQbconvi meet cloarts in all the rooms The house* are 25 le?t 1'iont and .enr, by 36 feet ilivp Each home hi? m uuilrr c liar willndatel Ibr the p*rents* requited The Lota ar* tacli 25 l>> IOU 'tel. In the y&rd in a spacious rnstrrn. P ice for each House * nil Lot 85 50'l of wli cli two-thirds can remain, il draiivil, on boml ml innrt.uge alt (ar ceul per annum. '1 lie rent foi a*ch house ia 8150 The Hons' a are aitna'.ed n Bridge atrert, between Tiilary and Johnson streets, Brooklyn. Apply to JOHN A. WILLINK. At hia rrtidence at Klatbosh, or his office No 71 Nassau strew New York or fo STEPHEN MA". NEB. rnlt lro*m In Lawrenceatreri, Ornnklvn LI. HULL, KLOK1ST, yf\M CORNERof V il'iierh alr-ei and Uloomingdale road VSeH 'flera for s?le a aplendiu selection of Standard llos'i and |, in pois. Comprising the choicest and uewrat varieiira of Moss, ferieiual, Bengal, Tea, Noa-tte, acd B >ur- | bona, the finest collection in the country. Alio, a splendid selection of Camellias, comprising no wards ol 400 varielii-s; Ace ia. Khndoriendron, and other grren huua* uud hardy plauta. Moof's Uloomiugdale stage* piss every hour bv the door, staring from >o>ner of Chatham and Try on How. Bourjir-ta | u_up last-'uily. n2 m?rn ?KRe.SH OAKlrEN HEh.lX?< ansis'ing f 2000 lira ol Radish; 1000 Iba of lies,; 1000 lha of Turnip; 8 0 lbs of Cam t; 584 lbs of Onion; 500 loa oT Spinach; 210 loa ol Cabling?, and about 50it0 Iba of other Sred. in all the choicest specie* and varieties. Kor sale on n o 'erare terms, and in ijuactitiea to suit urcharers, hy T. BRIDGE vl AN, At hu Permanent Family Kstablislijarut, fcr <aiway, ror Eightr-emli alrcet. HT7*" A'ao, by hia son, Allied on thesime prnnise?, a g"neral niso'tmmt of i ivk?:mioi;s?: Pi.ama. embracing about 80 of tire varieties of Uerauiuina; all the be t kinds of Moutlny Kos *; logt ther with Cam-Hi**, Cirn> liani, Cactns'a, Verbenas, and r. titer flowering and ornamental Plants, incholing Double I'nh'ias, Uc , tic. [CT AMERICAN STANDARD HORTICULTURAL BO.)Ks, containing the result* o 24 years' pr eti e in the vicinity of New York "The Young Gardeners Assis'ai.t " the tenth edition improved. 5 4 pays octavo: " I he Kirrhen (Jard"ner'a Instructor;" 'The hlo>i<''a Guide " aud the "Emit Cultivator's Manual " foraale, wholesale rurd te ail, by the Author,* Broadway, corner of 1-th a'tvet al Im'ec !" JUST FIN'BHED?Elegant Nutria Cur Mai a (urdntariJpkly termed Beaver I at the low price of 84 ; superior short nan ol Prussian Mohakin at $1. These hats are e<|uil in dnrabilitv and lu tre to tboae sold et $t. Also, an article at $2 50, a very newi drrsa hit BROWN Prtct'cal Halter mM lm-?i 146 4 anal street. hat and cap establishment, 114 BKDAUdiAY, (OPPOSITE 8AINT PAULS.) EPHE IMPROVEMENT in the manufacture or HATS, in A trr.duced ny the subscriber early this spring, (obviating the ptetnature and disproporlirnate werricg ont ot the edge of the crown,) hwitg met with the signal approbriion of the public, he respectfully aumunr-ei that 11? st ck it full and complete, and 'hat in addition to their peculiar advantanee, his Hataare in all other rvtDrctaghite ritual to all oth-is now in the market. Gentlemen deairiuga Hat combining the (pit'itm of Tastk, Durability, and Economy, wll eousnlt their interest by givuiRhim a call. JNO N. GE.aIN, 214 Broadway, opp lite Swim Paul's Chnrch. N. B ?The usual large and aaaoited stock of Xlatr, Caps, See A elwava ou hand al6 lin'ec PHENIX HORSE BAZAAR, AO. 180 AND 101 MF.HCER STREET, NEXT TO Bl.BECKER STREET. n Th-neit regular PUBLIC AUCTION BALK f ra^ will rake |tUce at til a estiblisliment. TUESDAY, ( t s >_ IS. commencing at eleven o'clock, with Carriages rtaruess. baddlery, he., new and second hand. At 12 o'clock, will be offered a catalogue of rery superior hones. Gentlemen in the country having property to dispose of, richer at public or private sale, will have their orders faithfully attended to. At Private Sale?50 fine young eonnfy homes, kind aud sound, lust in from the western part of the Stale; two superior matched pairs of Buy liories, a fine pair of Brown Hi,lies, a splendid pair of Bay Carriage Honrs, a pair of Bright Barrel Horne, young, sound, kind ?nd very fast trotters. Also, several very fiue radde Horses. Also, at private sale, two very nandsome Nockaway Wagons, and a number of new and second hand Baiouches aud Light WagonsHone* taken at Livery, and kept in superior style. Accommodations for dealers' horses, in s'ahfi s unsurpassed by any eatablishmeot of the kind in the Uuit/d States. ST? >K VGE?Vehicles of nil desc-ippun taken on sloragr in the large md convenient ltepoanory ol tlte establishment W. CO 'VAN will attend personally to all orders for buyinr and selling Itorsvs. All persons selling property at this eifablishmrnt rr.ay rely up,id having a rat i, actor* r or sack rendered, and the rm.L amou*t or will, in all c.mea, be paid proinpily in canrrut money. 'l he A rt-EN A of this establishment is built on an "ntir-ly new and most convenient plan, b. u g detaclnd fmin the main b'vding aid Hable, I hi rely not interfering in the least with i!|*y oi tale h.rsra going ont ar coming in on the dry of auction sal.*. At *11 oilwr rim-a ths Arena itkipt entirely clear, and re served f ,r the ac-oinmadaiion of private horses and those onta'r,affording every (acuity for ri rcisr,tunning and shown.? horses. COWAN AND DILKS, alj Im'ec Pmpr;"tnn. NKW YORK 1K1RME HAZAAIi, NO. ?I, 3.1 AND 3? CROSBY STREET. THE PROPRIETOR would info,ui his friends .l^ii^^and ilie public that lie has nmh at his large snd C i ? s_(i.aciim? ei.t ibliahrneut, upwi ol seventy Hoiset an ?cd Irons ih country yonug, sonrd nod kind conpelting several veiy fine pei's of Mali h l.'.irrrag- Horses, Iroic Oct*,io Cnuiitv, sniuib1,' for family uie, a mrg- number u flue single lioad and EaJdle Horses, of good sty !r sod uctiou last tr. it-n and o great sndnnnce Nlso, a set, laige uudiher -/go' IloraSM, rt table (, . hi s y draught, kiud. gentle and wsli broke in ba.c.'ss ihe tsbjVr ttu"i? ?ie all vrr I wo thy llsr ul'.euti n ol; urcheaen L)rov*rs and llornme i visiri.g thi- muket, with H">ne? fni i,V?, *'IIHad tli" aetoonnodat'ona of una i-i'aMithmt'i,t uaroru?<I It; wv o !?' of the kind in th? United *i?t ?. The Si lilt? if" wrpify andcoueeunut, and ci| ablr of lUblr K 100 Hor>r? Comfortably. Oentlerrv-n lit TI nil iiowa to k"p|> pn Iiyrry, by tendj c R em to th.a ratabliihment inty rnl ninn'il tlitilh?y?jilric< in tli" utm'hl c. r, and dtt*utton, Willi lih-rnl cli. ryea. T a proprietor at- o'd nlao inform hit ln-n ? tin- p hlio. ttia" lie AnetLn Snloa buainraa ii discontinued -I tl.i? fii'.lnh inent WIULlAil WILM UlTII, inrlS lm*ic Protrietor eft KOR HALe,?At Wi'lintn < If b .urn'a l.ite y Vaal ?Mi' Jrnti < i V,UMr.'t Hnnii, rtinoen Dim ' ^ ? ? ' paira 01 **r/ tine, irom Cayiua, Sate nf New V. 'K. dJCft'rc TCJ KLSTOKK, HKAU'I IFY ANb DIIEStT THE HUM A V HA lit. TO ACTUALLY FORCR ITrs GROWTH, AMI) CURE DAM!MUFF, $c TRIAL IK) r T I. E 8 -T H R K E ft II I L L I N n 8. ' t'O I'mUhE who bare awil Jou-a'a f.0' ?l lljir Kealo atire * know it? "i< "lien; qnalriea: to thn-e who ha?? not. we aiy that li e f"Ct <i| mir nelliBK ) ihil.lliK b. I Ira uiuil prose the 'tti ll nl oil n.ti tn-nt.? ink lb it near" not alrtiJ of peranna t yit K a imill <|u<tu ityn it nrat. We warrant i. to p naeaa iti" ft llowimt "ualilnV?I wili fon e the h ir to nrow on any |> ir?. tsli ren Hire u.teni'e hair to nrow, atop it filing >? core Mt-utf or DamhufT, acil n aVe liyh:. rednr prey hair crow Kor drettMMi; I.a f aaft end itlky, I o'hn K 'I' Ml 1* is It Ii, ind-?i1, the ii oat tcnooiii al, yet auie-rio , artiele mida fm the ha r. So'd?price J, J or 8 ihilliigi a > I I"? .it the 8i|cn of iU? Amenem Eagle. *2 t ha haui Ircet. Ne.v Yii'lt; It'll" niton it. Brooklyn; A State meet l)oat"u; 3 L"d|(er Buildings, Pni'a oHpbia; 207 Kii.??tre?t Chatbiton, 8 11 npj liu'ee Nt >R f 11 AMERICAN EIRE INSURANCE CONmaTbouinud Uollara atoclt of tbia c unpiny, i f w neb I'obtrt Aii,ill" ia Pro ami John Mr U air ia He-tetnry? alao. 140 ih-rea North American Tiu< and flat.k nil < ' 'ini'iny. ofwhich 1 homaa 4). T-lm"ir waa I reaideut. Dan'l (i Tyke Vi.e I'r-aident, ami William R. Conlt- CaaLier?for mlr at modelata pricea, and on credit. Apply to JOHN b. HKLAPLAINK, No 7, N. Y., ?who wiihe* to pnrcltaie for caah, WO afa'ea at. ck of l'a Jelferaon 'nanrat ee < o . t.f which Thornna W. Thome ia Preaid nr. atid (feerffe T llnp" ia Herniary. I'O I." T?biore No i N?w a're-t, near VVall atreet ; three atr.ry brick hoaae St Walker itreet; two itoiy brick houie 32) Kmngton atrial, auble in lear ; and three awry hnnse 3d Hudion itreet, Jcriey < itv mh28 I in* rc BRASH BARS WSON^ AUCTION AN D CO A! AH VA ION MwiKCIIAN T? CINCINNATI OHIO, HAVKESTABulsHEUft-mielTeaat No. I Merclia"U' Row. C. lamb r a'rret. Any conai;nrnenta midem litem tif tiroee.ra. Dry (food", Hardware, or ^1? r. ti-ndue oliny ihkcrip iou. Wilt their undivtd-e alt "uliou, aud inert wilh prompt retorni. Xhev reler to? Mtitrt. Spring'r <( IThilrm/tn 1 ' ,Strailer < Gorman, " 11 II llnwltr iIr Co., " llurrnw tr Co., Cincinnati. Jotiah Ijiwrtuct Eaj., Ii /InrAnnrm, Etj., A Inyin, Eaj . J. H. oh' cn'eriter, Eai)., _K lienry Maura'", littilm.nh. iv K Wiili.ira*. E?|. it.I. Na.c Mnnroe, J M?ura. K. W. Clark St Co., . C. Mieale.tnr, Eao , Philadelphia Herman Cone, Ei<1 , ,1 >1eaira. Dykeri Ik. Alatrne. . ' Wniilow k Peikina, >NewYoik " J. S. k M. Bate*, Jr., ) apt twre wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammammmmammmm DRE ] RNING, APRIL 21, 1844. | CANTON CHINA DINING SETT*! " ' "T^AyiJI CpLLAMOBK, yj7 Brcid*ny, neirly opposite , U Nibloa. lulcirma lua friru '^ and dm pu'?lieih*t h'lnar** ceived i?r la'r from Ctuitou, a few Diiiiuf Seta, wliich can be nold at very low priers. | ^Also, a full aaaortuiHit of ('rockery War*, of all kicila, of | in-mnai B imi ? iua ni' ?t approved shap; 1. Cut fid prersed Glass ol'all It'iiOb?iOim uew patterns D mikes no hutnb?K nr r ret?r.,iona to " almost give ' away Crockery," toot p'.eog-s Ionise f to aril ilm tame quality o* good* as cheip, if not from J to 10 (wr cent cheaper lhau any other store; 197 Broadway, oppoiite Niblj's nearly, all lm'ic FRENCH CHINA" 1 Na. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, 1 . , ? <L'P Bi'AlHN.) i AUlLKAME, Imtof rter and A?eut for V? ufactt'rets, has al ?i;i on I. mil a larg-assortment of dinner and tea f ts 1 io plain wl itaand gilt to'ranch Porcelain, as well aa sinner ai d i De-a rt Pl.tu-a, of a l sizes. assorted Dish's. Soup Tun-en I ' ! Covered Dishes, H-lad Bowls, Fruit Baskets, t uatards aid ' , ! Stands. ? 1 Also. Tea and Chocolate Ware, Greek, French and Amen | eau shard I AII the articles are w.irrinted of lh? best quality, and to lis sold on liberal lernn, and in luis in suit purchasers. ra!9 Ski*re BEEF! BEEF! IIEEF! ON HAND AND FOR HALF,, itt'lnu to suit purchasers, at VAL.KNTINK'8, 4s l-'u ton Market, 110 barrels hztra Mess lleef a choice aiticle, all selected |ieee?; 211 '-urn-Is 'iry Inipe. led Men Ur- f. warranted; ami till half liarrels ol Family , Be r I', vrry line i tended fbr the gtmthera market | 'I li- ah -vi* B et'is packed in i C'l eful and judirions in-inner, and kill keen good iqeny elinute withoutgetting 'p salt. Ke I ineml er VALKNTIML'h OLD K8TA HU8HMKNT. | m!4 Jin'te No. u; Fulton Market I WEDDING PARTIES, J B A L L8 ROUTS, iSc c . OrPTLlKD with all i he different varieties of l'.astry, Iced ) Ct Fru t Pound and Sf-euge Case, Oruament'd Pyramids, I Rout Caseol ill the dillerent mimes,and the greatest assort- [ meut of Tea Cake mat can be obtained at any eaiai.lis'.ni-ut u the ci.y. Also, all kinds of Biscuit, fro-n Pilot Bread to the < sma'lvst Pie?nic f'r ihe tible, Freih Piee of seasonable variety, I Puff I'nate furuts for Doioer Parties. . Orders thankfully received aud s-nt to any rartof the city or ! country JAME8 TOMPHON. ) At (he Premium ' ak'ry, 40 Liapeuard, near Church. m!4 lm*m I ^.FRING FASHIONS, I /VI 1 nr. UL.W KSTAHL.INI1MKNT, I MifMM ile Moil ft, f? Canal ttreet. , AT AD A H Bf.HKMAN, iu returning thanks for the liut eight . a'A y.ars patronage. hugs ? "at 1l*u11y tv lulurm her , friends, cuMon- rs, *ud the public, that ?li<* has receiyed her 1 S, ring fashions from fans,am. beg. to be favored with an early I C all to exrnniue her v tried *rid elegant slock of eulire new styles ] of Silk, as well as Straw lhu? Madeira B flat era her-tif i bat tin >re nnrivallrd iu liie 1 city, both a* to style, quality, thai* ami prIte. A call will I convince tbeui if the fact MAUAZIN UK MODES, m2l tin* in CO ( anul street. ' REMOVAL.?FRANCIS It. CRUMP. ( CHRrtNOMKTKR. WA'l'CIl ('LOCK MAKKR ANU , JKWELKil, (formerly 8. I. Tobias, for neatly aii yean ami lec-utly witli Slari|uard'a la Co. Broadway, upwards ol 1 three tears,) begs to acquaint his (rieodr nod tli? |>ubfic that lie ( htts REMOVED Iron 213 GRAND HI' to ?3 Bl.KKCK , K.K, t ? o doors writ of Broadway, wdiete he iule.ids toHNtice the abeve business, and trusts, from hi* long experience and known ability, to meet with tba' abar- of patronage to < wiiich bi? abilities entitle aim. Iu refuruiug th.iaka for all pest ( faeora. he would remind Ilia friends lliat be repa ra every deacription of w, ich*a, Kept at' ta musical nod duplex, tlie must 1 coieicliciiled lilt ran be procured Alan, je velry and diamond f work act. Pearla rratrung GI vises ;uid Keys couatautly on , hand N. B?Cash Iwid oh! gold ami silver. u?7 lm*m 1 RGrUERMAN LINENS.-iJf ] T'HE 8UBSCMIIKK bega leave to inform his friends tad i A the publ c iu general, that he h is received frem Germtnr. a lorice assortment oi the celeoiated Budefeid Liin u. in all qoaiiMjWMUliniof I O.vtoask fable Clotlis, brown, half bruwn\ad whits. I do Napkius, do do do i do To eels, do do do do ,'J'ea ana Dessert Napkict, do I Handkerchiefs of the burnt quality, Ike., which he offers for ( sole at the lowest puce. L. NEUHTADT, tnll lm*rc ji7H Broadway. ' scott's bazaar, \ DV.Y STREET, Number d, t?U'?n Broadway and . Greunwich 8ANDK 8COTT return* his moat sincere thanks to his friends and the public at larae I'or the lihe ' al support received aioei lie opened the nbo' e bouse, and hopes ] by the same strict attention to merit a continuance thereof. The qualities of his Ales, Wines, Liquora and Cigars, are j toe well k< own to need common. I A larzr assortment of Refreshments to be had at all hours until 12 at night, snrh as? Btef Steaks, Poachel Eggs, Pauline* I Mutton Chops Cold Ham, Buckwhmt Cakes 1 Fried Kidneys, Cold Coru d Besf, 'Coffee and Tea, Ham and Kim, Pickled Tongues. Welch Rarebits,tie. Dublin Browu-slnut always on draught. A food Dinner ol Roast or Boiled Meats for one shilling eve. I ry day from one to three o'cloca. Families supplied with th? best Scotch and Irish \Y)iisk?'. No house better supplied with Knglish. Irish, Scotch, Webh i snd city Papers. Always the latest possible news by toe Slmiuiera. Good Hsoms for Private Parties, Clubs, Met tings ami Re femwes I23in*er bruauway against tpTCTwokld. rTMi I* no-ed thoroughfare is n"W admitted to be the no,test A mart for the silr of gentlemen's wearing apoarel m the i' nileu niatea, and the impression that his heietof re existed hi tlie minds of many l?at 'l urthaMi in Urnidw iy ar* obliged to pav an eaoroiUut price lor an article ? f dress," it fnlly rebutted, from the known rrputslion na tn tlir clprg s established by KUWAltll KOX.P'oprietor of the City Cash Tailoring E*t iblislun ut. No. 2u2 uma I way. Here is an advantage to merchant* and otheri visiting tl'ia city to avail themaelvea ol an outfit from a >?; extensive asaortin nt "f ready uiade clothing, in nuftctureJ from the brat ma'eri il* and m the moat fashionable ?rylr The attention ol ine i ublic ia particularly railed to vint thu eaunliahment and examine the late style of twilled and I'ruey Caasimeie Office Frock*, designed lor tM approaching i iitiii AI*o, an assortment of rich Chene Velvet er.'l Brocade Vesting*, Fancy Flench Cloth*and Caasimeret, liv the fioinllie celebrated manuf.ielory of K Bio ley Fila, anil selected eapreaaly for thesp-iug f.iahmna * Garments tn|>erbly made up to order, and if rruuired at a few lioun eotic*. to WARD FOX. City Cash Tailoring tauhliahment, 202 Broadway, bo'ow Fulton at. niljm'ic NOTICE T<) 'I IIK I'l'llLIC. BF. IT KNOWN, that I.fJUIIN U the ye.r ol oor lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty four, then a e tir.en f th State of New York, did in<ke and p ,t"nt ed an im. rored spral propelling wheel, r* by let era patent in my possession w>ll mom tully aptaar. I therefore give public, notice that the propelling wheel, rouimonly olle.l e rricsaou'a I r pellet, ia luclud-d ia my ai'd lette.a patent, and I also notify all persona not to make or u e the raid prop. Ilmg wli.el e.i-.hout anthon'v f on me. I r.aide at pmaent at 3TI Pearl . twe'.wh re shall be plei.ed to receive ?|| iwraona int. rested, cither in the title or for the use ef ?-id propel1' r af. m*m JOHN B. b MRRSON. FIR/: MUCK. rPHE SITBS'^R'BER, liviiic in Washington, South River, A Miildleset Comity, E'ate of .sew Jersey, is manu actnriny a superior artir ^ ut |< ir" brick that surpasses any ihing ol the kin.iesei yet nib-red ta ill' pishliC, e hid. he will se|| at reduced prirwi GEO. W Itf.YNuLDS. W.wiriugton, South River, March 2}, Hilt. N. C ?App'yto'". Kaneose,Agent,Jeraey City Iron Works, New Irrxey, who will alwaya li .veau assortment ol the above article on hand, at all t'mrj, or to the mbs riber. G W. REY.N"L'>?, Manufacturer, m28 Im*ra Waahiugtria. South It, re* WILLIAM PETTET, i) ii a i' /; ii a v n r a i L 0 ii, 90 FULTON STREET, NEW YORK. I i now pien '.red to f'iruish all who n ay favor hisu with their I oritc a. Kor the cheapness ao t durability of his work, and savin* thirty perceut, h- 'lifers for thru eootidemion the following Rat " " iee?t? hni cii sr l>rc*B I'.i, ta, m ide to order. 8'9 Wool d. 'd bl-.cki, from It to 16 ('uiaiuicre Pants I w S Kucr Oeata 2 to 3.75 M.vik Costa 2,50 to 5,00 persons Imai falling ..bri-n n m iteriala-m ik it-it and ti imruing m the neatest at the fiilowiug price* I 'oat* from ? to ? I' i.'e and Veat* I to 1.75 Naval and Military Uniforms made in tliv bc.*t atvle. N. B.?Clothing nindef-r the aouthrru and we*'ero market* a ph ii-aliie.s icd despatch A share ol the public patronage la aolicited. ? 12 lm^rc Orricr. Caorors AHNWal Boseu f l .th At nl. I?l >. j \[OTICF. TO WATER TAKERS - Water ia ercrer ee s i;ii p?d I" l/eta n Iroin ihe nao of the *r r. et w ashera Mtach ed t" i h ir ssrvi e pile for ihe f rlu gh' rn dig 29;h A ril. an I f rhr sm1 per. did tin e to be ve, y caraul lu using n? m i? W it.'' tiian in ?v*ol?'f|| nere ? ?> vid citiie..s generally <i? r-quisle to aid i r- ilep ri en', ij pr, v.-uting t'>s unnrrrssary ?uv of "ate.- f'"tn the liyd'iuiti no* i . me, a* 11?* supp!y both ordinary aril estr .< r m ry lo* the rity lor die n-it four- ' lee hoy* will b-- fr- m the water now in t: > r si-reous, the water hein J shut i ff "o the wit le Iiu<* of the . quednct, to aubb th* engineers, M ssrs J art is n- d llestie, to make their inni-innnii miniua'ion of toe n Prior, - lib so h r-psirs as may be found lecsimre. Mubjoinnl it ?u est ant from .in ortli* n mee pysaei the Common Ciune I, wlucb will l> rigidly . nforcej: i I .No p*r?n or i moot, cieepi the Mayor,Aldermen or As I aisMnl f the re |N-rt ve wards, snail will* ut t'ie*iotis permit i sioi in writisB froin t' e (If.ton Aqueduct d-iird nmcpw or o.mi oil v hydrante belwi it i lit or attached to the Croton A-pie dirt t W-.tka, ereriing f .r th* rit.iigiiiB'.m-Lt of fires, escei t in clie of fl < in the neiybbo h mil, nor ih?l! leave ?*id In hydrant open lor a h ngcr hot than >h .i' b? limited in and per- | iii*ii-iii n-r ill .11 u?e the wate, for other | u-poses than insy lie menli*cfil in * i i I'ru.ission und-r the penalty of twentyfive dotUrr f r each olfence, lly older ol the Cro'on Aqnednrf Hoard. I a!k Iwrc JAM.i.H A. fllKKlN, President. I PA L? Y KLLOW SOAP FOR IVAMILYUJHL ! A LMONDO, MM, CINNAMON and all kinds of Ksucy a* ttoaps E?ae icei, r?tehot?l, Boss, M "iU Vnhena, Ac., Aa . Kyi d? Cologne. an-l l.aeen l?r Water. Peach, t'oseanc Florida Wsp-r. Perfume Begs and Toilet Powder , Willi er?r> article comprising an entire Perfumery, at lower . price# than at auy other home SOAP WORKS. T? Trinity Place, I no 17 lm*re l-lfe l.-iiober ilreet I L'.oT IT.'B 1,1 111 K I),(ThlaDsy,) price $1, tent by post to any . ' a dress, ' The Medical Confidant," a pry tic-I and popular w rh on Nerv-osand Srktial Debility, local and ronsinuiicn- ' al Weakness. Imp it * ice, Ht'nitty, a .d I onsumptlou. ill* lieaiiIt of F.icessss Solitary Indulgence, N'oclurn.l i Kmiiiious, Itr., lie , embracing r- ina-hs on the deitrneiieeel | frets ne-.t nent ar.d care of Ilonorrho-1, H phi i?, rtrclnre, and all ditenea of the generative organs, ? ith a? a-lable adru o to these who ae nica-iru unl Imml'oimi g matrimonial at- ' liances ihre-i. h a reitd dread ol nicapa ilv f r I < d.srhaige of the iii-nil obljcHioot ol marriage, by II i \W< -KT I", M, 1 D, .Mi mirr of t^e lloy-1 olleyc of "nra--oiis of I,union and l-dubugb, - nd ,>t' the Jcrfa-ao-i Medical Collage of I'liladMphis. Ilia Diplomas l orn tli-ie" ' oil g?a. can leten.ispsndi -I i i lyig- Ir -inee, in h-s II < ? I'Hi Fulton a- reel, m which strew he hai coop U-d l is priis'e c insnltato n t for the last thitfen yea a. All letfc* iimat i* sitl rely lepis-.panl liny let'-rs handed in tiffic 198 FullOh st'eet, Idoo-qfTa'nlJS strictly prirn'e and confi Im-nal, aplt nn're TIIK. Bl OdrKIDK.II is now pr lured to sell WATCHr.t and .1KWRI.Is V ol *11 ki-ols at llie lowest |aissinle prices, rit: -llohl an - "tlier l,cs.-rs ac-l i.etiini-., A chors. A' , A.,tad ilao a ?ery fine aa-ortinent of Jewelry, eonsi ting ol Pro 111 Chains, Pencils, ttraci-Uts, Puis, Ac , kr , which he is deterrnnnfi to s II lower than a ly 01 h r hoose m tin city. JOHN MYKR!), 8h < hatnam street N H ?Don't forge, ihe gamber?M Chatham strret. Ill ! * HERvi Albany. [Corretqandence of tlie Herald.] f Albany, Ai?ril ID, 1S-1-I. ^ Prodigious Incirasc in 'Prude?Movements in the . Legislature?Utica Railroad Freight Bill?Poll- t tics and Small Potatoes, fyc. <$ (. t Our spring business has opened with a briskness ; ind a vigor that gives flattering evidence of a most irosperous season. The umount of tolls collected it the Albany office during yesterday and to-day, .8 almost double in amount (SvS.flHj) to what was received during the two first days of navigation last year. Immense quantities of goods are daily passing through the city for the West, from New York und Boston. Wo had quite uu exciting and interesting session in the Assembly to-day. The bill cliuuging the map of the city of New York, and closing Eleventh st , between Broadway and the Bowery, was called up ' by Mr. IJosworth, and supported by him with I much earnestness and effect. It was opposed with | quite as much earnestness and warmth by Messrs. TomCurr, Ross,and Mann However,Mr.Bosworth incceeded in getting the bill ordered to a third reading. Front present upiH-aranees, 1 am inclined to believe that it will not become a law, as it is a wo-third bill, and easily defeated by some 25 or K) votes Mr. Maun made an effort also to get at . rour police bill, but without effect. Mr. K San- j ord, of your delegation, reixirted the bill in relu- J ion to the Marine Hospital, amended so as to ac- | :ord with the views of Mr. Burke, as expressed by , 11111 with much warmth yesterday. The bill now j trovides, that steerage passengers shall pay a tax of . titty cents each, and cabin passengers two dollars. ' The officers are to account under oath to the Comptroller for their receipts, and the surplus, if , iny there be, is to he paid over for the support of , tbe foreign poor. The bill being unanimously igreed to by the committee, will undoubtedly become a law. The vote by which the ITtica und Schenectady Railroad bill, (allowing it to carry reiullt iii><iii imviliL' I'unul lulls In the Slolc t u':is lost, was reconsidered lo-duy, uiul tlie bill recommitted, Willi instructions so to amend as to prohibit he road front carrying freight, except during the I suspension of canal navigation. Thus amended, j here is but little doubt of its success. The constitutional questions in both Houses still i irag their weary lengtns along, la the llousc to- i lay, niter a hard fought struggle, the Convention- ? sts succeeded in getting tiirir resolution (intro- 1 laced by Mr. Lee) instructing the Select Commit- j ;ee on Constitutional iteiorm to report a bill submitting to the people the question whether they will or will not call a convention to revise the Constitution under consideration. Mr. Allen, one of ' he prominent old Hunker leaders, to carry out the | tame ol staving oil its consideration, moved the ( postponement ol the subject until Tuesday next at | :welve o'clock, but the House, by a vote of 54 to 11, refused to do it. Thisvote terribly alarmed tin* Hunkers?scouts were sent out to drum up their ub- 1 sentees. Asa dernier resort they resolved to stave j iff the subject by talking until the hour ol adjourn- i meat, and Messrs. Alvord and Hurt succeeded in his endeavor most admirably. The subject, therefore. goes over until Tuesday. The Hunkers dure not let the resolution conic to u vote, as there isu | Jecided mujority in its favor, when once brought to i i direct vote, flieir game, therefore, is to stave ' >11 the question. There is no concealing the fact J hat this measure is rapidly growing into popularity ' tad favor among the people, and the more it is agitated, the more popular will it become. Of the . New York delegation, Messrs. Bosworth, Hasier, . Davesac, Burke, Jansen, Suydam, Mann, and Wil- ] lams, arc understood to he Conventionuts, and Messrs. Torn Carr, Suntord, Jeremiah, lloss and Fleet, Anti-Conventionists The lion. Tom Carr has covered himself with a glorious immortality this session. He catne here a strong radical and barnburner, but he is now one of the most thorough going Conservatives and old Hunkers in tie House. But more on this subject hereafter. This Convention project is now getting to be the dividing line between the two loeofoco (actions, the barnburners, and the old Hunkers. Let the Legislature adjourn without disposing of the question, and disunion and det.truc.ion will bring the loeofoco party to a disastrous defei.t next fall. The feeling against Bouck is growing deeper and more intense p.nd the organization that is going on will most etfectually deteat his nomination next September. Nothing daunted, the old Hunkers are making a desperate rally, and seem determined to die in the last ditch. Some strange transactions are going on tub r sti, and if von choose, I will endeavor to keep you tufoimed of them. Yours, Tan oikr. Literary Notices. Tub History, Natckai. and Exjt.iuiientai., ok i Life and Death.?This is a translation from the I r.nfin Th. I.,..rnu.l ..f ..II I countries are familiar with tlie writings of tin great man, hut certainly his works have not been read by the hulk of the reading public to the extent they should, perhaps chiefly because the editions o' his works have all been too bulky and cumbrous?their very comprehensiveness, which would recommend them to the learned, being positively a fault with others. The great versatility of Bacon': mind produced treatises on so many subjects that a selection is very desirable, and this is accorn pilshed by the present laudable undertaking id Wilson ?V Co., wlio do a great service in affording general access to the best, most useful and attractive portions of the works ol the father of sound philosophy. Comic N'crskbv Tales.?When one looks at these most pleasant, laughable and smiling little hooks, lie feels that the ingenuity pi mail is great It is only iii tile nursery that their worth can be known, and we verily believe that so far will they go iu alleviating the onerous and important duties of those in charge of the juvenile part of families, that there will be little trouble attending them by the use ol these tales. There "will be no more sorrow nor crying" whenever they come into vogue, and parents and nurnes who like to see the little ones laughing, had better procure the "nursen tales," and put tin end at once to all noise, ill humor and waywardness in their children. Troubles in Oregon.?The St Louis Republican says that letters have been received from Oregon ax late as the JOth ol October. One letter my* licit the settlement bad been fluent.-uud with nil " Indian war," by a combination of threeofthe mo?t powerful Indian trili* we,I ol the Kooky Mountain*, and Hltliough, when um'eii ami acting in concert, they are said to tie abundantly abb to destroy nil the Indian* in the Territory, "till, without union, they may lie cut oil in detail The letter continues: " We have alio hail trouble about lend claim*, and have the prospect, of course, of much more, a, the country Income* more thick !y ?ettled Toiler these circumstance, we have bein obliged to form a government of our own. ninl have accordingly adopted the constitution and lira , of the territory of Iowa with various alterations ate! a Iditions; havejrhosen nn Krccutive committee of three, vix: A Beers, IV Hill mil I Utile, :i supreme judge. Rossi II, n secretary of the Territory, <1 W I-elln-ton ju rtices ol the peace,* high sbrril!',* Ii gislative CiiUimitte kc. Uc. We have also a local and-i general temperance society, of which the Kev Janson i* president, and I have the honor of bring secretary I urn also recorder and clerk of the court, and these offices, witli my other avocations, w ill keep me very much confined '' illEAI TiiNlt.Ai.llA I IHN 11 N Af AI.AClItCOLA. ? LnSl night, u IreniendniiH and deatcning explosion, f?>l lowed immediately hy the cry ol lire, wax heaid in every direction. Wo were among tho number wlio hastened to Ihe snot, lint we had scarcely emerged into the street he fore the flames,hurst forth irom the window* and roof* ol lire buildings with frightful rapidity We could not, cerI linly, ascertain how the (ire originated, hut the current belief obtains that it broke out in tho drug store owned by 11 H Il.iwley, in the row of laige brick store* on Water street, between I'anton and Centre streets Tin urug norr, w mi n? enure runicnn (eveepi ,Mr II 's liook iafe), wero destroye I All tha Cock, accounts, clothing, ke. ?l Whitmarlh it lliehnrdson, dealer* in groceries, in the same building, ant nearly the entire Cock of tverr . lines, In the adjoining building, were also rannimril l'he content* of the law nllicnof (? H Haw knn, t.*<| , uvci , lhe Core, were saved The linokir io oft M. Tumlinson, w ho liwl an nifire in the building, as also the bedding and wardrobe, with >om? money, belonging to Jitase, n *lerk employed in the Core of I). H Wood it < o. w on likewise destroyed. 'l'hiec or four other individual* an ?l*o snrt'erer* to aomn l atent. We hear it stated that ' the lost to the Ouorgin 111*11 r mre I o w ill !all little lioit o| 1.1 or 1114,000 Mr Ifaw Jey. we nnderCand, who, with 1 the Truce, a of the I.tie and TrtiC Bauk, owned the build ing he occupied, w.i* insured to tin amount ol Ion tho honae, and fA.000 on the Content*. rhf other litlllil ing belonged to J I,alien* .V Co of New York, which was insured to the amount ol $4,000 1 he amount of in-" ranee on the stock <>t d?ery k lone* i* fi> imhi. which w ill not cover their 1ms U'hitmsrah .< Iliehar Hon |o*t every, thing stork ol good*, clothing, lied ling and furniture, and some money Indicted '<? h? about fS.OtXI and no it.. suranee The lo?? In the ciCom-hotiae will lie trifling The l>o<tk? and roenr ham sated, hut tha ( Hector. Mr. Noiirse, will I"' ? loser, hy the deatractloii ot the furnilure, desk* and stationery, to the amount of <.I.?0. The w hole amount of in** is probably about *,70,000, about two thirds id which w ill he covert I hy iiciirancolachicola fdt' 1 ?dyo il 9. ,LD. Prisa Two Conta. Latest from Port Natal.?\W have advices rom Port Natal to the 22d of last Jauuury. We Tlit* Nutai territory is one of the most ferile parts in Africa ; lor, shout 50 miles from the wa, the growth of vegetation is almost beyond deictiption ; little or no Irost is ever teen orlelt there. All the open country around the port may be cultivated ; ntai/e grows [terhaps betterthan in any other part of the globe, mid two or three crops may be reaped each setson. Tobacco grows also exceedingly well, and largo iiuantitie id it are cultivated there. Cotton has been tried in different parts, and experienced men tind it to answer beyond their expectations. The soil is spoken of in being similar to that of the plantations in the I'nited States, and labor being very cheap, expectations are confidently entertained that un extensive cultivation of tlus article will soon take place. All sorts of grain, such as wheat, barley, und oats, grow remarkably well; some thousands of tnuids ot wheat h ive been grown this season, and a great quantity < ! oats. Wheat is selling at i'etermauritzlierg. at present, at 15s. per muid, and we get it ground there info meal lor Is thl , so that bread is becoming cheap amongst us. In short, the new colony ot Natal when it becomes quiet und the country netlled, will far surpass the Cape Colony, both us regards pasturage ana agriculture. This is a rich grassy country, and well supplied with water. On the arrival of the tirst immigrants in 1X58. a great many o( their sheep and cattle Jied ; tile country was at that time laying waste, nit now that the proper seasons lor burning the ;ras3 arc known, (which urc January and August) lie cattle are thriving well, for several years treat numbers of calves died?but we have had few deaths among them tins veur. and no horseMcknees as yet. When the natives are under good treatment, they make good servants; hut the loose way in which the Natal Callers ure at present living. scattered all over the country, is a great drawback to the farmers getting servants, ur.d to their keeping them any length ol time. Wheat Crop.?We are induced to believe that the wheat is looking as well, at this period, as it lias lor some yean l ack; indeed, in mr.ny particulars, the prospect lor an abundant harvest is much better than most persons suppose. We have heard ol some *x|>erinients in sowing the Mediterranean w heat, which promise to ho most successful, und many of our farmers will he stronelv Induced to now a large proportion "1 their next y ear n Top in this kind of wheat. '1 ho emly period at which :hi<< wheat mature* and it ready lor the tickle, give* it jreat advantage over the wheat usually ^rown in this :ouiitry.? H'inrheilrr (l'u ) Jtn/i. Jipril 19. buiian Kickapoos lmve murlnred tome person* union# the Choctaw* and{( hiekaiaw?, mid a party of the latter have tturted in puriuit, and au Indian light in expected Our government should prevent Iheae distuibaucei among the Indiau tribe* under their protection. Sickness.?A correspondent of Kllicottsville, Cattaraugus County, *ayi?"Our little village i* teverely ItHicted with sickness; out ol a population of four hunilred and forty, two hundred ami nineteen are now and have been eick, and mat.v ileath*. My whole lumily, nine in ntimher, have been sick." New York I.eoisi.atttre?The bill nllowing appeal* from division* of the . anal hoard to the Supremo Court was debuted in committee in the house y oiterduy diet noun The Senate has rejected, by a vote of 17 to 1'J, '.ho resolutions relating to the Court of Ki rors, ti porti d 3y the committee ot conference.?. ll>>an<j *ipril 19. Pardoned?A letter, published in the Augusta Chronicle of the 13th itist. states thut (?ov. Crawlord pardoned Thurston, thu great forger, about a fortnight ago. on account of the inpid decline ot hi* health. Uc hail tieen contined in the Penitentiary about seven year*. He lelt Milledgeville on the ll'th mat. in the custody ol the agent* of South Caioliua. < irerson Tkrbitorv.?Another company of emigrant* to Oregon, ol whom lien Uilliam is the chief, ia now encamped oa the south side ol the Missouri, opposite Caple's Lauding, our hardy pioueera will soon settle the Oregon question.?Si Luiiii Hijioilrr. More of tiik Wheat Crop.?The llugerstown Herald of f reedom say s that the wheat plant* in Washington county look remaikably well. New Miixs.?An extensive cotton factory is about to l>e erected at Cincinnati. A fl'ITlCMT P.UI.Iuln Tl. .1 schooner Brookhaven, from New York for (hit port, accidentally h-ll ovi-ilnuid olf Uri-nt Egg liuihor, imd w as drowned.? I'kilad. Uaz. April 'iO. South Down Sheet* ?Elijah Chefchro, of Guil* derland, has thin spiing twenty-one lan.lm fiom ten ewes, nine olthecwcH having twins an 1 one tnphu All the lambs are tiring and healtliy, and ol very laige size.? Albany Ari(iu. The Times ani> Seasons?A vniueii correspondent, who takes a note of tune, and inukee interest in it lor others, sent lis the follow it,g, which is worthy of preservation : Paiudisi:, Lancaster Co , April IS, 1844. Comparative I'rgrtaliuri aj h'ru ( 7'ifri inJull Mumim. Is I'd?Apricot, March 1U ) I'each, April 4; Apple, April 20 li-l.t ?Apricot, April'-'0 ; Peach. May I ; Apple, May 17. 1S44.?Apricot, April 7; Poach, Apnl 14; Apple, April 17 The ndvancroi vegetation, from an unusual continuance of warm weather at tins season, lias been iapid, and the grain is much too forwur 1 Corn is mostly planted in tins n< ightioi hood. BA8H10NABLE BONNETS.?Tlw establishment 4:h C it road win , two doers ah >v? I. m ' stie. t, is no ? men, aod l in? eseiy variety ef Kaih'orable Boauets. stli Im're DltUC STORK FOR SALE. OITt'ATE!) iu s gend neighborhood, is hsndeoinelr fitted n ' ' suil Joiag a Rood busiaoM. Will tie sold low. Enquires Sflk llnsil slreef. enS Im m mumThli Hk.roiti u? tmL NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 7J < li.unbers street. CASES SUCCESSFULLY TREATED. 1 En'ameineut of the heart, 3 I oetivrness, 2 Hrarlei Kreer, 2 Eee.iiiil.iiv Syphilis, I iunit, a P-iin-ry ChauereJ 7 Midwifery, 1 Pleti'isv, 1 *?emin*l Weakness, 4 U'rsl Debility, 3 Onanism, I Rheumatisin, I Dysentery, 3 Disease Liver, I Di rrhoea, I Morons Discharge, I Intl nnmstinn ol theEjei, 6 Examinations ofihe elicit ta 9 tronurilioie, iletoct disease, I Olert, 1 Biwding from the Lungs, f Whites, 2 1'ouglllug, I Ulcers wu the Womb, 1 Piles. SURGICAL OPERATIONS, i E r.ieture of the Humerus, 2 e nUrgrAzorsils removed, 3 0|?r*tmns for Squinting, I ItiyWiN, I Amputation, I Oiirrilion for club foot, t Ot i-i Anns nrllydrO' |e, I O, nation lor I'rnimy, or wsirr in i' i si rotitin, 2 Operations la r?li>-r* deform I Abu ess in llie E ?r, ti's, 9 Strirtur-s rur I in Ibe 3 < urretrvet of the spiue uuder nreilir i without tutting ireatment, or biirtninr, I Uprialinn for aUmtnei iug, I lutlammsti'. n of the Pes- 4 llubors in red. tides. DR. H. BOgTWICK, Attending Surgeon and I'hysicisu. THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND ?UK<;iCAL INSTITUTE, No. 73 Chamber* *trert9 (t / 'Tliit !n*t'tutioo. rj to r^t drr (o tli* afflicted (Mind Bt.U sri -i.tili inoiitol tti.l h?jn(i-il aid. hatftlrradf b?o sti. c*>m?IiiI |*mlioo for kfsirly Uirrr yam. All forms of dit"i?e ar?tr*tt#4 herr. a U'uic at OpcrntiouB < f ertry ?*cncnpti)ii nrr aIbo MrformNl by h ijii and i*nc*<l tw u ti * ' c .!** ? rhunte'iir* mw-riiir H11U miw *11 ae OO ol are It'llri. o are r- <|U >nu lo pay fo- their medicine* only. 'I be ? < w III' aitmd-d lo crery day Ulwtvn Jm.d | o'clock wi'h ot charge. Lill II BOM UH K, Atte. diurf Hnrge n and Pray* ician Thia Intention i. andor l r iwironage and r.muaendalioa of the following grntlemer Her. Dr. ED V HIGHER. Ii., I?r HEOiiWE POTTS, It.r. Dr. <i HPRINO, *11 2w*re Ii. v. Dr. Mf.HllOKDER. Al.Ol'ECY, OR THE KAI.MMI OEK OK THE HAIR. nILI/1* lN VA M.IBLK ' N??ITENT. or nergr drying pommade. ha* Ii"ti lariaf.ctorily tmted iliarin* the lajt four .eara In ihno**nd? "? being tnnireodentally inferior to *11 .then olhy'l t' the pahlic, ameliorating the hair The fol re Its predominant prnpertie. :?removing Dandruff, ifrcrn illy *t*v not the hair fiom I lling out, earning light or . .I hair I" *a?ume a dvk hoe, * erruio pter-otire of (tray hair, nakea i ll tilde <iud|iied to mil. poten' mout'orr, imiiuoH >. rlnaiy Mid lutiriaiil nature I' hi pliea all deficiency .f il toral nutriment, aod n a ample P..MWAr?* IX i.a TOII.? i ri il iiiipaaae. all < tliera r-ttaut In a word it i* tlx- atnr. ? i not of ,a g. ml of hair '1 li? moat indubitable pr vol n be given at to the ci.rrertneai ol ti.e above imprtie* to *11 * ho I'eel ii'lereated III a food h-ad of hair Hold var|iol'e*le anil . rail by IIILl. th" inventor and illimitable hair cotter. No. Bd . ail aire :, adjourn * th- Prarl atreet llonae. N?.vr You*, March 29, IWI. M*. \\ HI jam 11 it.i. 'ir:?I lake plea-ate in acknowledging ih* benefit I live re lived Irion the nie of vour Infallible f r the II or Ii deed . I value it an highly, from my ova n eijuricrire ol ita viriue, that I cona.der it my d try to r rnmmaiil it to rthera who may anfC r aa I I eve done ir in the loan of lair. At.nat two ye.vri ago my hair had li-r ma ?o i'rightfi Ii. I 'iri. from it* inlinonl fellma nil, that I had a rio nil t1."Unlit of reporting 'o the eip'dient of r.havnig which I h*d on*e before adopted, 'tut foriU.I .tela I w* diveited I. irn th a parp-we by a trim .1 (to whom I bail e jau all v a pot en of the atvte ..I n-> h*ir.) a?ho .trm.gly urgrcl me to era yoar preparation, whirli w*? the (Irat intonation I Ind . f r nr eren a. iir own eti fence I am hatip." togay that Ih a itifmmi t mriia lieu ol ineal'ulyHe benefit to r e. for I hail not n-.l .put' (?" !_.>?'. of y.nir Oigoent he' re my entir*' .e-od to I II "ll an* begin to ff*iav>s moil aiaiun ng a reah ia l via irona a[ p irance?wIth routing, ol application* n gradually beaame tucker and fnll'r until I had a lieu, i head ofh.ur fail Jererli-d bell,re. I .till Hi llaa Mrgiient ia a toilette pommade, aud lure no iiraititlon in aay ii.g lh>t for p ear .tlrg the hair from fili ng out anil preaerv i,,'g ,t mo at. or limply a? a toilette pommade, your preiwr.i.on .a the vei V lieit that I have ever ae. n * HENRY PAI.MER, !? Pe*rl at The abort u * trot copy of the origin*!. *2 lm*ie

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