Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 23, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 23, 1844 Page 1
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TJ1 VoL jl, Mo, IM.WImU No. W8(. To the Public. THK NEW VOKK HERALD?daily ncw?paper-publitliol every day ol'the year except New Year'* day aud Vearth ol July. Price -J cent* per copy?or *7 36 pef *** Bom?portage* paid?ca*h in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price cent* per copy, or $3 13 per annum? portage* paid, caah iu a lvance. ADVERTISERS are iniormod that the circulation ol the Herald i* overTHIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing 4aaL It hat the large ft circulation of any paper in thit ct'ly, or the tcorld, and it, therefore, the he it channel for limine it men in the city ?r country. Price* moderate? in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PxOFBIETOK or THE HkR.IIS> EjTABLISHXRNT, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. I OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. ?1 SOUTH S1REET, NEW YORK. M M pTassaiiecan be engaged irornLiverpooni^he following splendid packet ships comprising the Old Black Ball Line of Packets tailing as nuder Eton! Liverpool. The ship COLUMBUS, I spbtiu Cole, oo the 16th Ft bru.iry. The ship YORKSHIRE (new) Bailer, on the 1st March. j The ship C A ABRIDGE, Capt. 15arstow,16th March. Hie ship ENGLAND. < aptain Bartlett, ist April. The ship OXFORD, Cat lain llathbone, 16th April. The ship MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowlier, 1st May. ! The ship EUKOPe. Captain Ember, 16ld> May. The ship NEW FORK, Captain Cropper, 1st June. In addition to theabovesuperior ships, the subscriber's agents 1 will hart a succession of first class Atn- ricau ships dm putt lied, as customary, from Liverpool, e^ery four or live days throughout the year, to the dill rent potts in the UnitedStatet, by which pasoaxe can he s-cure<l at reduced rates. Tliose sendiuft lor their friends residi g iu Great Britain and Ireland, may rely that every eare tvill b taken to make Passengers as comfortable *s they can leasnnably e?;e,.t and should ihe oassengi rs not come out, the passage money ? ill be promptly refunded. Drafts can as usual be furuiahrd piyable at ihe Natiocal and Provincial Bunts of Ireland and branches; KasUru Bulk of Scotland and b aiich"s; and ou Messrs J. Bait, Sou Ik f o., Bankers, London. M-ssrs J. B itned Ik Co., Bankers, Liverpool, which ar? payable throughout England and Wales, ror further paruealars apply (ifby letter 6' Sooth street, near Wa'I sireet. N. B Pa'sage to Liverpool and London can at all litnes be eaigngrd b> lha retular packet ships. sailing for Liverpool every five Jays, and to London en the 1st, 10th and 20th of each mouth on application as snove. j 12 ee TAPBOOTT'is GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE m. M.M. ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1*44. ' The anbscsibers beg to call the-tteutiou of their friends sod the public generally to their superior arrangements for bringing at passengers from, and ren it'ing money to all parts of Eaglv d, Ireland, Scotfiud and Wales. THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE Q"EEN OF THE WEST. 1260 Mas THE SHERIDAN, 1000 tons. THE ROCHESTER, 1000 tons. THE DAK KICK. 1000 tons. THE HOTTINOUER, 1000 tons. THE KO*CllJH, L"(IQ tons THE LIVERPOOL, 1150 tons. THE HID' ONH, lotio tins Sailing from Liverpool twice ever* month, and fHE UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, composed ol snperior, hist class American packets, sailiuj from Liverpool fjnr times in month, are the ships in which those whole pas Iggg nnv haeuga?rd With the subscribers wiil come . nt in, and it is a writ known fact the above named packets aie the most m ginfiee t ships afloat, and the frequency oi th'iir tailing, jhemgevery five u tvs). prevents the possibility f passengers hsing uune ess.arily detained at Liverpool. Regardless ofespeuse, in order to meet the wauti of the public and the wishes of the.r liiends, Mr. Wm. Tappscott. one of the firm, bar gone In Liverpool to sups rintend the departure lor toil country of such persons whose lassage may be eugaged wilh the subscriber*, fact, which to those acquainted w ith Mr, VV. T., is a sufficient guarantee thit they will receive ererv attention from him and be quickly and comfortably despatched. Should tnose sent lor decline coming the passage money Will be promptly refunded, without any deduction?as usual. Remittances?Those remitting money can he supplied with droits at Signs, tor any amount, payable fre of discount or any Other cmsrye, in every principal towu in England, Ireland, bcotisnd and Wales Appiy in ?T utter, post paid,) to w * J. T. TaPSCOTT, ? Peck slip, new i or.*?or to ltu WM TAPSCOTT. Liverpool. NKW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS To aail trosn New Vork on the 26th and Liverpool on thellth oi rtcn month. ^ m mm. TiSr New York. Ship ROSCIUH, Captain John Collius, 24th March. Bhip SlUDUN'N. Captain K. B. Cobb, 2<itn April. Bbip SHEK1DAN, Capt ilu F. A. Deueyster, 36lh May. r Ship OAKJUCK, Capt. II I. II. Traak,26lh Juua. Khom Liverpool. Bhip SHERIDAN, Captain A. Depeyster, 11th March. Ship OAHHICK, Captaiu U. I II. I'raak, 11th April. Hhip ROgCIUS. Captain John Collins, Uth May. Ship SlUBUNH, Captain E. B. Cobb, 11th June. These ships are all of the first class, upwards of 1000 tons, built iu the city of New York, with such improvements as combine great s|>eed with unusual somfbrt for passeugera. Every care has been takci iu the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passa-rv hence is $100, lor which tuple stores will be provide^ flics' ships are commanded by asperienced masters, who Will '.take every exertiou to give g?ueral satisfaction. Neith-r the captains or ownnrs of the ships will be rcsponsi ble for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless re gular i-'" lading are signed therefor For freight or passage app'y to |E. K. COLLINS (i ( O., % Sonth st., New York, or to BE jWN, SHIPLEY Si CO., Liverpool. Letters by the pan) -ts will be charged 13^ cents per single heet ; iO cents per oancs, and newspapers I cent each. ml ire aKKANUKVIKNTH FOR IH? OLD ESTABLISHED PASSA1JE OFFICE. 100 l'iu?street, comer of South. JUSl S& ML MS. EUUmm Bmimm SMmtm Smmlm ^TTTCTsnbaeribor begs leave to call the attention of hismeuds and tha public ui general, to the following arrangements for W4t, for the purpose of bringing out cabin, id cabiu, and steerage pumtm, by the Regul tr Line of Liverpool Packers, anil lag the 1st,6th, llth, Kith, 31st and 2t>th of every mouth, liy the Loudon Pistols, to anil r ;n New York, the lat, 10'.h and Wth?and from London on the 7tn, 17tli and 17th ofeach mouth. lu connection with the above ami for the purpose of affording till greater facilitiea to, the subscriber has rs tafcliahed a regular line ol tirat class New York built, copie red and copper rattened ahipa, to anil punctually every week throughout the ynu. For the accommodation of perrons wishing to remit mon?y to their f unilies or fneuds, drafts are given, payable at light, on the following lino ha, viz Proviiu-ial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, Slice, Wezferd, Belfast, Walerl'ord, Galway, Armagh, Athloue, Coleraiu. Balk, a, Tralee,, Euiiiskillen, Moiughaa, Bau bridge, Ballymena, Parsonstown, Uowupatnek, Cavan, Lurgau, Omagh, J)nnginn*n, Bandon, Kiiuii, Billyshinno fkraliane, Bkibereen, Mallow, Mou*ymore. Cootchill, Kilruah, Dublin. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England?Messrs. Hpooner, Atwooo It Co. Bankers, London; R. Mur> <hy Waterloo Ho&d, Liverpool: payable iu every town I I in tiieat Britain. For further information (if by loiter, post paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMCKRAY, IM Pinestreet, crrner of Soutli N. Y. Or P. W. BYRNES St CO, 36 Waterloo Road. jO fmi * re Liverpool TO THlk TRAVELLING PUBLIC. " aaft -Ufa fltegBI W1SSENOER MH.HNUEMF.NT FOR 1844 Th? Subscr.b r hiviug completed their arransementa, are now prepared to bring out paa?e,.ger? from Orrat Britsio ind f reignd by thefollowiug first clut packet ships, one of which will leave l.iveij ool oil tne lit, Gth, Uth, 10th, 31st and 21th ol oarh month:? Patrick Heary, New Y'ork, Hheridin, Virgiuia, Liverpool, Cambridge, Montezuma, S'dilons, Oeo. Washing too, Holtingear, Cnlum us. United Stales, Il.icius, As'burti'ii, England, Europe, oteph'n Whitney, Ruches rev, lnd"iieidenee, Ynikihire, (Jirrvk, Haronel Hick, Queen ofth" Weat, Oaford. I. eitificalen of peat age can be obtained, and every information will be givu to thoae sending for their friends, on appliualiou at either of oar offices. Tle-y will also lie pre-nmd. on the opening of navigation, to forward puis- ngers and heir Inggige to Albany and Troy, and via Erie Canal to UnfTalo, and all intermediate places. Te ali pons of ih Upper Lakes Via Oswego m Toronto, Port Hope, Cobnrg, Kingston, and all pairs of be eda West prom Troy via Whitehall to Mnntraal ?nnj Quebec, ' ?sv r.a?I VIS < mi" ""ii '[? ' ' i? IWIIIUUIU^VIII oinu ati, nr.d i terrm-duir placea Son'.h W?'?> an Philadelphia to Fittebur*,Cincinnati, Lomafill*. and all part* 01. the Ohio River to St. Louie. M ? ; and to nil parti ol Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Iliinou aud Wiacuu J ta Territory. REMITTANCES. ' Forth* accommodatim ot |?raou? wishing to rend mon-y to th-ir fiirudi 111 the Old ''ountiy, HAH^UhN A CO will I fire Draft* on any partof Etig ltd, Scotland or Ireland, p* ait lit, for mini of ?l, tS, LM, to & or in any amount M anil lite parchaaer. tit. KICKS AM) AGENTS. Ch?rlra f'r*ft. HO Sta e?tr er, Boston B. tv, Wh-eler Union Batlliug, I'TuTideate, R 1 J. W. Mil'*, 1 Will urn t, . i IH Front*tr?et >r* York N. <). Mow r.l 41 S 11 I. Third atr-et, Philadelphia Handford A Shoemaker, 7 Lig, I alreet. Balumore, Ml. Pitlabuigh, Pa. L. 8,, II Ka-ha **, Albany N. Y 8 tl.irk.ll4 tx4ver ureet, Troy, N. V . . ? . Utica.N. Y. W. A. Cook. Syraruae, N. Y. HtKhetter, N Y. W. II Conk N. Y. H. ! i r.kugli A l o., Otwcgo, N. Y. mldec fflt igfc M. ^^^|'KW YOlO^^iT) HAvffl^RcKETS. Second Li u''?'J he Ship* of thi* line will hereafter leave New , York on the Ut, ad M*rre on the [6th of each month, aa filliowi.rili * now Ni? Yogg. Fbum i|iv>r N.w Ship ONEIDA. (1st .Much. tilth April 1 Captain flat July. < 16th Auguat. i Jairva r iiuck. f lat November. ( |6ih Her,anber. Ship BALTIMORE. f Ut April \ ,G,h May Captain < at Aug,tat. ' isth September, . Ed ward P nnek. ( lat December f 16th January ! Ship UTICA, i lat May. f l?th Jon-. 1 Captain < lit September < I6th October. Krederiek Hewitt, f lat Juiuary. ( pith February. NewahipSt. NICHOLAHt lat Jnne 116th July. Captain < lat October. < 16th November. 1 J- B Pell.f lat February. ( 16th March. The arcommod.itiona of these alnpa are not surpassed, combining *11 that may he required for comfort. The price of enj bin passage is J100 Passengers will be supplied with erery re gnisitc with the eaception of wines anil liuuora. Goods intended for these ri'aaela will lie forwarded by the anh , ncribera, free from any other than the eawniea aetuaily incurred on them For freight or passage. apply to BOYD AiflNCKEN, Agents. jel5 e? No. % Tontine fl,riding, cor. Wall an J Wstar at ' : en i n: 1844. great western kail roai) route, t'HOM ALBANV TO B( KKALO (314 M1LK?) . BV KAIL BOAD. i? y t'lficy in N?w Vork by the several Hail Hoad (. ouipanirs between Albany ami Botfaln is at No. 4? COl.'HTLANDT bTR?.T, JOHN T. CLAK, UeuvrtJ Ageut. NOTICB TOTMMIORANTH. Thy Subjeribers having been appointed eger,'* for forwurdnit Immigrants by Hail Huad from Albany to BuRnln and ioterinyilidfe i later are enabled to send them during rh? Summer front New Vork to Utica for 82,00: to Xyracure 82,92, to Auhuru 81.30; to Hoclister $4.61 to Buffalo 89 40. Children froiii 2 to 11 yrar? o!d at half price; uud.r 2 years fryy; nod all Baggage from Albany on the Hail Koad is entirely fryy. It is et ideot that it come* murh che?per to the immivnot to tray-1 by Hail Hoad than by C&nsl. hy reaching Buffalo pyr Ktseinboac from Nyw Votk and llai' Hoad fr. nr Albany in 12 hours; wh'rrat, it takM per Canal from 9 to 10 days. Tliy following c ileal a tint shows the result, viz raaaage to nuntioi?er sunt i'un;e to UullUo l*r uaHoad $5 10 nal.say $2,00 Luxa'site from N. York to Luggace to Boffilo, 10tti> Albany, lOOltn free, bal- fiee, balance for tUOlbs- 34 nnce for loOlbt 10 Losa of time at least 'J days Luggage from Albany to worth to the labo'er, uy Buffalo frae 50 rents per day 4,50 Living for 42 hours, say- 75 Living for III day a, 10 cents par day 5,00 Total par il. Road $6.43 $13,05 Deduct fore per il. Road - 6 (3 Thp traveller per II. Hoad - S5,ti2 They also forward passeug-rs'to Cleivelaud, Portsmouth and other placet in Ohio; Dtpoil, &c , Michigan; Green Bay, Milwaukj!. Ur Wicousia Teirt>ry; Chicago, It!moia; ard to ditferdi pl.ic s hi i inula, at llieloweir rates All iuftrmation as to the different nun given gra/i'i, and Tickets to be had only at the Albany and Buffalo tvoil Road tllfireH> ( ouitlaudt ttreet. WOLF fit KICKERS. np2 Im'ra WO * A.-b PJTT8BURG, BY THE PENNSYLVANIA CANAL It HAIL HOAD. Tina tuperior Line of Packet* it now ill co plele order. New Boatt have be,-u placed on the Line, and every arrsngr mint made that can be desired to tecure the comfort ol traveller*. The interesting country whi h the route pv**c?,renders it the moat agreeable (hat can be taken for the West. For lamilies travelling wettward, it is preferr.ble to all other route*. No effort has been spared to in are the accommodations onboard the boa's ample aid cample. 1 hey aie in charge ol experienced, attentive, and obliging captains, so that the trip fruin PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURG, Is rendered one of ple.mur- rather than roil. FAKE ONLY $1D. OFFICE N. E. CORN EH FOURTH AND CHESTNUT STREETS, Where every ic'onnnt on may be obtained. Hy~8eai? may also be secured at 1.1 south Third st.aud at the DEPOT, Z7l MARKET STREET, where the Cars stilt from every morning at 8 o'clock. m2?; lin* rc A. CLIMMINOS, Agent. *EW i Unit AND PHILADELPHIA HA *flOAL> nl.VIti DIRECT, Fug nfwhi, NgwBBvrnwica, PsitvcgTosr, Tgnricu, Bobbkivtow* aid BuaLirvoTo.v. , THROUGH IN SIX IkOURS. Leaving Mew York daily from the foot of Courtlartdt st. N'orniug Line at ? A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at IX P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordentowa, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. IT.e Krcoing I.tue proceed* direct to C&nidoa (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of can. Passenger* will procure tlieir tickets at the otfic* foot of Courtlandt street, where ,a commodious steamboat, will b" m readiue**, with baggaRocrates on board. Philadelphia baggage crate* are conveyed from city to city, wihont b-mu opened by the way fc ieh train i* provided with a car in w hich are apartment* end dressing room* rx;vtts!y lor BM I idiej' u?e. Keturninir. the line* leave Philadelphia from'thefoot of V/*!tot stieet, br steamboat to Bordentown at 7 0 clock, A. M. and by railroad l/oin Camden, at 5 o'clock, P. M. The line* for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at Thi A. M., and (P. M. bwng a continuation of the line* from New York j9 3tn*m TI1K NfcW LINK OK LIVtHPOOL PACKfcTft M m m m 1 o a.til from New York 31st, and (ron^r^er|>ool Ctli ui each mouth. From New Vork. L'pooL New ShipLIVKHPOOL, llSOtou*,?^"-.. 'I *! Vendue jArnl tl (ir, J N ? g I * "Br'"- (H !i Hi Jhip HUTTINOUYR, 1040 ton*. ) !? S Ira Bunely, ? jl'a'y. These substantial, fast sailing, first clast ships, all built in the city of New York, are commanded by men ol e*t>erieuce lad ability, and will be dispatched punctually ou the 21st ol jcli rnoutli. ,j i'beir cabin* ate elegant and commodious, and are fnrniihed with whatever cau couduce to tlie ease and comfort of passenger*. Price of passage, $100. Neither trie captain* or owners of the?e ship* will be responsible for any parcels or park tge* *eut by th-m, unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. Kor freight or passage apply to WOGDIJL'LLfc MINTURNS, 87 Booth street, New York, otto KlfcLDklN, BKOTHfcRS k CO., ill ec Liverpoo M/altStlLLKS LIN hi Ob' PACKETS' JhMP- XdF2P- XAft ,t*>' i*ffv TT^indermentiouTc^hips will bo regularly dispatched from neuce mu tho lit, and from Marseilles ou the 5th ol rich insiuth during the vewr a* follow* : ? Erom New Vork. MirseillesJ MINKKVA. Ctpt. Brown, Doc. 1 bob. 5 THKSt'OTT, C'apt. Myriek, Jan. 1 March 5 H'llY THOMPSON,Capt.ByWeatW, Kob. 1. April i HKLLK8PUNT, Ci|>t. Aduu, March 1. May 5 CORIOLANU8, Capt. Haile, April 1. JuneS Thoy aro all coppered ami copl>or fastened, and hare eicollont accommodations for |?i*sengers. Tho price of cabin pa*?a*o will bo $100, exclusive of wiuo* and li<|nors. Goous addressed to tho agent*, BOYD it HINCKKN. will bo forw.ariird froo of othor charge* than those actually paid for frontnt or rwssage apply to LAWRENCE it PHELPS. 101 Krnat itroot or to BOYD it HINCKEN, Agents, m?flr No 9 Tontino Buildings FaMSAOK KROM (HIEAlilRITA in and ireland m m M. THE nTA^"BALL (MW)LD LINI^TE" LIVERPOOL PACKETS. {Sailing from Livrr|>ool on the 7th and I'Jth of every month ] Person* wislvng to send to the Old Country for their frituda C.iu mike the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and tiavc them come out in this superior Line of Pickets, Hailing Irom Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every month. 1'hey will alio have a first rate class of A merirau trading ships, tailing every si* days, thereby affording weeltly communication from that Port. One of the firm ( Mr. J ime* D. Roche 1 is there, to see that they shall be forwardrd with care and de?patch. Should the part!"* agreed for not come out, the money w ill be returned to those who paid it here, without any reduction. The Ilbick Ball, or Old Litis of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following maguiliccut Ships, vii The OXKUflD, 'The NEW YORK. CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA With such superior and unequalled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which has beeu esteuded to them so many years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relative*, can it all times obtain Draft* at sight for any amouut, dnwu direct >u the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, alto on Messrt. PRESCOTT. GJtOTE, AMES St CO. Bankers, London, which will be unid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towus throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wale*. ROCHE, BROTHERS (k CO. 16 r ulton slr>-t New York, nett door to the h ulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and Iltli of each month. Parties returning to theold country will find it to their comfort and idvsnt ige to select this favorite Line fcr their cnnvvanc*, in preference to auv other. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. 4?^ rlH? LI.M^^^Rcketa ft i,in i1..ol will herc.ilier be dr?p,atchrd in the follnwingoraer, eTcepuug that when the tailing ilay ftl!? ou Sunday, the ship* will lail on the succeed ng day, s trKroui N-w Vork From Liverpool IV C AMBRIDOK, (Juno 1 July 16 SiO tout. < Oct. 1 Nor. 16 W. C. Barttow, ( Feb. 1 Mar. 16 IV ENGLAND, iJuue 16 Aug. I TjQ tou.a, < Oct. 16 Dec. 1 s Bu-tlett, f Feb. 16 April 1 IV OXFORD, (July 1 Aug. 16 Mil torn, { Nor. 1 Dee. It J Rath bone, f March 1 April 16 IV MON'I KZIJMA, l Jnly It H-pt. 1 lone tnni, { Nut. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, (March It May 1 IV EUROPE, C Aug. 1 Sept. 16 611 tone, < Dec. 1 Jan. 16 E. C>. Fnrber, r April 1 May 16 IV NEW YORK, (new) (Aug. 16 Oct. 1 9S? tona, < Dec. It Feb. I T. B. Cropper,! April 16 Jaue 1 IV COLUMBUS, 6 Hppi. ? Oct. 16 700 toua. {Jan. 1 Feb. 16 <#. A. Cole, r May 1 June 16 Die YORKSlliRK.(uew) ( Sept. 16 Nor. 1 1(150 tout, {Jan. 16 Mar. I D. O. Bailey, f May 16 July I Tbete thipi are not eurpaaaej in point of elegance or comfort n their cabin accommodation*, or in their fait tailing qualitin >y any retaela in the trade. The commander* are well known aa men of character ind "gperu nee, and the ttrict??t attention Kill alwayt be i?id to promote the comfort and convenience of iMxenger* Punctuality, m regard* the day of tailing, will be obierved at aereliifore. The price of putaage ontward ituow fired at One Hundred Dollar*, for which ample atonw of every deaoription will be arovided. >* ill* the exception of wine* ind liquor*, which will >e fnniulied ha* the steward*, if required. Neither th captain or owner* of there ?hip* will be reaponlible for any letter*, pnretlt, or pnekagej tent by them unlett lull* of lading are aigucd tberelor. For freight or paaapply to OOODIIUK ?t CO, 61 Sonth it. r, II. MARSHALL. I? Hurling tlip, N. Y. _l?tf and i-r It MUM. BROTHERS I CO.. L'pool. PACKET FOR MARSEILLES?To g|il on the I?fyiat May?The ahip COURIER. < v, am UuggauMMMaiFor freight i r p ***? . apply to LA WREN if. fu PHELPS, No. '01 Krnnt a'rei t or to BOVD Si IIINCKEN, a l orolre No. 9 Toutiue Bmldirg. IW Yl EW YORK, TUESDAY M SIMM N< > Ml K ANGEMENTS. BLOOMIN' f'JAL'r',, \1 \ .MI \TTAN VILI.F. AND KOi?T VVARHIN.i J ON LINE OK STAtH < Kate to M luh'tunjrill'*, IC J Cent*. ' Far* to Kort Wiahinglou 2) Ctiu. I gTT**e Ti i? Line dI Stavewill Coraineuce iuuuiuk ! 1,1 ^ Apiil 1, I8H, a? r,.11.1*1 : ?L'.ivi.j Ma lia'Ui vil'e it 7 o'clock, A. M , .mil ' coui...ce ii every hour imp) 6 1' M. Leavini; New York, corner ol Tryon How and Chilli unit, ' two dim i eait of the Unrein Railroad Office. ?t t o'clock, A. M , and continue rulain,'erery l our until t> i'. M. 1 ht? Line ul StiKe? pisieatne trtiliiu aud Lunatic Aivlomi, ] Burnhatu'l A'luiiou ilotue, the Ahbey uud Bucket'. Hotel, Trinity ( liurcli Cctnetry, the Jin,li lL. w ?ud k'nrt VVashiUKton. 1) >11)0HE, mV lm* re Proprietor. ^ - KOK Tl \L1K \X AM) LIVERPOOL .^[ ^fqSSfS9 The lioyil Mail Steam Ship ACADIA V. Kyrie Km., Commander will leave Boitou for the above i?rt l on W. Uneiday, The Steauur H1BEKNIA, will leave Boitou ou Thtmday, May Itui. Pastaije for Liverpool $120. PtunKe for Hnlitax 20. Apply to I). BRlOHAM.Jr , Ayeut, 8<)C No. 3 Wall ureer. ^ DRAKTSON ENGLAND, IRELAND, tke.?I'enjiii about re,nilt.utt money to th.-ir Mid Country rut lie iiiipi lied -<kja!i?j3ui21 with draft! in autna of XI, ?2, X3, XJ, XII). t20,XS0,XI0?.XI0?0 or any amount, payable on demand, without ducouut, or any other charge, at the NationalB uilt of Ireland.Provincial Bk. do, Meiars Ja'a Bait, Sou tk Co., Bankers, London; J. Birued & Co., Kichanye and [)iicount Baiilt, Liverpool; Euterii Bank of Scotland; (>i*enoca Bankiint 'Company; Sir Win. Sorl>ea, Hunter St Co., Sen land; and the Drancliei hi every poattowu throughout Ktittlaud. Ireland, Scotland anil vValea, which drafts will he forwarded bv the packets of the 11th. Itith. 21st. and 26th. or the lloyal Mail learner sdi.iuf from Boitou on ti e 1st oi M r\ Appiv to IV. St J. T. T.tnsiai'fT I At their K'ueral paaaiite office, (3 Peck slip, felirc corner of South street. N It ? \ll l-tters fr on 'lie country must come post Paid' ALBANY DAY JANE. >01 f'OK ALBANY ami Intermediate LtndCo ?J* jilts I he new anil splcud d steamboat ulT. * t1 I'd' H aMKItiCA, Ovtiiu M.H 1 ruesdell, will leaie the loot of Barclay street, uortli side, on Monday. Wednesday >n I Frid y mornings. at 7 o'clock. I lie Booth A'lenca will M *? Albany for New York M Tuesday, Tnurtd.iy .? d Saturday mornings, at 7 o'clock for paM*ce, apply on b"aid. tftri PEOPLE S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. >SZI DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through Direct. it 7 I" M., from the Stetmboal Pier be*vm per Df ,i ,...i. -...i l.iberty streets. Toe steamboat KNK KKRBOCK KR, Captain A. P. St John, Moud y, W'cdni ? 'ay and Friday eveuinfis, at 7. The steam >oat RoCHKSTF.h. Captain a Houghton, on Tnesda", Thursday an J Saturday Kvuius'v it 7. At Five o'clock?Lsndn u ?t " tenned'aie Placet:? Tlio Kt-.mboat CURTIS PMIK Capuut VV H. Peek Tuesday Thursday and Saturday at a P. M The Steamboat NO till AMK'iiCA, Captain II. <? Cuiiteudeu, Monday, VvVdu sday, Friday and Sunday, at i P. M. Pnsaengrri taking this line of boats will arrive iu Albany in ain de time to lake the Moruiuit Train of Cats for the cast or Wesjr. H"/"" The above Boats a"e new and substantial, are fnruished Willi ucw and eieg int Mute Kooitis, ami for spe d and accommodation are unrivalled on the Hudson. For passage or freight, apply ou butnd, or to P. C. Schnltzat the office ou the wharf. a72rc FOOT OF WHITKHALl. STRK.KT. The Steamboat STAT KN ML A N UK It,will run oa follows on .nud alter Monday, rdd April, until fs lh?r n< t c:Lmr .Yrto York. i-eusc Stolen hUnJ. At 9 At 8 1! 19 2 I 3? Oi ap20tf rc S 6 NEWARK AND NEW YORK. t FA UK ONLY 1'ij UK NTS mr, *sr,vr u n w I f I S i Ml ttAl?loU?V, CAPTAIN JOHN UAFFY, fiOfk Will commence her trips for the season on O^-gJ^^^jj^ThursCifty, April 4th.and rua until further no3Tii h wjn\,mMr .lC" ** follow* Leaving Newark at 7Y* o'clock, A M , New York 1 o'clock, P. M. The K.iubow t-as b"?n ?*iilirged, com,!e.??|y r fitt-d. and adapted fo (Sis rout \ and hsvtng a lug* deck saloon, he c<ui comfortably *r commodate a large number ohpasaeogeri. Kreiirnt carried at verv reatouable rites. Neve Yeik, April 3, 1814 a4 tfrc /Of NO 1'ICK Tlie S'eimb.nt PO'. l'r* flpgg&arwjJpMCLTH is now being thoroughly repair <1 3EB* i TM> 1rfrr n> 1 will be rev \v at Hie opening ?f navigation to tow boats intefii.ediate to Troy, Albany and Near York This boat will hire capacities for towing ^ja il to any ou the river, and ii it hoped that it will obtain a fair support snr2i lin*rc P COM8TOCK KOR UVB IPOOL-New Line?Regular Packet WRMPk-of 26th April?T hesp'eudid packet ship SI1JDON8, K. B.Cobb, of 1060 ions, will aail asaoovc, her P w sill day. For freight or passage, hiring acc nnmodarions un-oval led fnrsnleudor or couif >rt, appl, on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to F. K. COLLINS ?t CO. % South st. Price of psairge $100 The l?ack**t shipSheridan, Ctpt J F. Dej>ev?ter. of 1000 ton*, wiL succeed the S.udous, and ?ail the 20th of May, her regular dsv. P 'jwfcprerj may rely on the ships of this line sailng puncntlly HCWvertii* i. nlr to alOrc FOR LI YFRf'OOL?Briti ;o VesselTne r ,y kf3fejrk,fiie A 1, copper-fastened Ilntish fhip Hr.Lt'.N P9mj?m I IIOMSON. Captain John Peine, will lw resdy to receive ?argo in a few dais, aad will hue a-apitch for the above port. Shipper* of colonial or domestic produce will find her a m ist desirable conveyance. For Ir igM, apply to the 'aptiin on b ar J, at Tier No. G Vor'h Hirer, or to the subscribers, ROC He., BROTHKnS fci.O, a14cc 1$ Fulton at aw door to the Mtoi Beak ,, ^ FOR LIYKKPOOL-TIm New List ftmiv *H?VPHC!?et 21*1 M iv.?The new and very sniierior N'ew . i | ?i,o. -K,?. mit* * v ml' Ti v w w a r C*Tf Philip Woodhousc, 12ij :oas burthen, will sail as above. Iter regular day. For Crright or passage, havinf elegant and roomy accommo dati<>nt uusurp* sed by any ship io tort, tpply to tit* Captain on board, at west side Barlmr slip. o> to WOODHULL fit MINTURNS. 87 South st. Price of passage $100. The packet *nRochester, Capt John ^rittou, fOJ tout hurtneu, will suececd the l^ueen of the West, and mil on her mnhu diy, Slat Juu 111 FOB LiVKKPooL-The splendid, fast idUag wSyxVship BRUNSWICK, ('sprain MfMtum, is now oi'iiiJtt and will he doipaiched in a ?ew days tthe ti a inferior accomm tdatiuiis for c?biu and *t -erase passengers, who will be tikeu at a moderate rate. Apply to JOHN IIFKDMAN. 61 Boutl* s.reet N. B ?Psasig* from Great Britain and Irrtand can at all times he s< cur** 1 by th* regular packets sailii.jj every live dais fiom Liverpool, at the lowest ratfs; and drafts ciu, as u?m!, he furw ?vded (or any amount, \ ay able at the National end Provincial Bank, Irel?nd,aud "rmcne?; and *'?<> Ht all the prncitrtl Hauking Institutions through >ur Kim land, HcotUndaid Wales, on application as abtsve. liLJLlL? JAjp- FOR OL \Sti*' VV?Ui eot? i? i . ? a o * a?MPW first r| us Packet Ship SALKM, (Japt tin Heron, will ^nSki ill is . >?i>> Phis wcil known ship has very inferior acc?'ninoduiori? for ca* in. second cabin and *teerav<* piss.'ijirers Persons luMidni* . to emi) irk nhonid make iinin^dule apldic\tiou on board, toot of Maiden Lane, or to J \S \Ic M v RR A Y, 100 Pine street, corner South I P S. This very superior vessel will return direct to New . York, and air >rds a h ility f< r (*ersous desirous to ? nhark fro.n the i eighborhood o! Glasgow, or the North of Ireland, seldom ( Bft vv i T V? ' Steamers from Be'f st, Londonderry. Port Rush, Colera'nf, { fixe , |dy weekly to Glssg w, and at very moder te rates Persons Wishing t ? seod for heir fneuds or relatives Can secure a ; ... by applying n above. a 0 ire I 4*5- ' " I rtD LI^B OK l.lVKRrOOL PACKETS. I ?Packet ofthe 13 h April?The n| 1 *i??l??l we'l known JaMwaS*!'*' l**1 Ship HI A UKM, Captain Bar tow, will sail po*1111eiy as above, i er regal ?r day. She has splendid accommoda'io s for cihin, second cab n and steer,.ge passengers. Those wishing to tecar* lertbi sh. uld make inuiedi i(e application ou board f <?t "f Dover street, or to W fit J T. I* A I'd OTT, |1ld n I' ck Slip. < . r S nth sf * *tv4 r\>s\t,r. MiUM ltlUM.IN, ? < M< h . < V \ I . i. flfkKOHU, UKIIKV, COLK.H AIN>, BKLFAST, ^^MACs^ewr.. Dro|ifi-(l;\ ficc ?Persons wishing to ,"ud for i their Iriend* can nave tn?-m hrouuht? at Iron* any o( the above poits in first * lass Ame?ic -u Packet Ships, on the most reasonable terns, and without their ftperieacintf any unnecessa yd.- . trillion. Mr W. T* ?scott, one of the firm, will be on thspot to givp his prrional Attention to th ? passengers engaged 1 i?yr ur tuincriDTM nr vnrir w iirrr, iiiiu nifty rriy thit the wi?hai iud comforta <if th'iaa wh *< tniy I* , engaued by them wil' li .?e all due an I proper attention K >r particulars apply, if by letter, post-tad. t> tv St I. T. TAPSCOTT, it their (Jeneral Passage Office, 13 Peek Slip, for. South [, wh* p. alio, Drati nay be obtained, for large nrimtl' mmi, payable <m (Winmd, without discount or auy other charge, ,,t tht National or Provi cia Banks |of Ireland, r any of their branches throughout the Kingdom. fet.t rc rtt- N h. W LINK OK I'AOiy.TS Hilt LlVr.liMllVh POOl,? Park-t of IWh ApH?Tilt splendid and JMBMKbI Thrill- packet ship SI' i DO.NH. 10(10 tons harden, ( a t r..B. Cobb, Will sail uj Kridar, 26th April, heiegular d nr. The shipt of this line bepig a'l POO tout and upwards persona uoont to etnbstk for the old conntrv, will not I -i 1 t i tee iha idimtWi t< he drrivrd froin selecting ihn lino in preference to any other, at their gre?t capacity r-nde t them *very way in ir/ C' infortable .and conranient than thi|>? of a tinal rr rlua, their accommodations it u wall know* am su.i-rior to any others. I'ertons witting to secure brthi thonld not fail to make airly application on board, wot aid* of Burling Slip, or to W it J. T. TAP* iiTT, At the Oittrd Patewte Otfic*. 11 P*< It Slip. C truer of South street. Ag*Ms in Liverpool?W Tapjcott, or lino. Kippard m Son, lfi Oor?* Pi air ?' e PAS HA 11K K It 11M KN'?LA > ?. I ui, - > it, o.,ar i I,AND AND WALKS, VIA LIVKKPOlil. Tit t. tubseriber h>? mad* unequalled am ipm-ntt Mjk^Wfor brinyi.g out emigrautt (hit year Hut. Thotr afMwim- '! ,1,1,1; t.jr th-ir frn-udt would do wrlI to apply at the old eatibllthcd packet office of JOHN Hv.!!DMAN,6l Sooth tt N. B ?The thin ol thia lin*now leave Liverpool every live dayt, and ?ir fit eau as usual be furnished for any ni niut. payable at all the prinejpal banking inititutinaa til rough out ti.e init*d kiutldom. apply at shove m2l re iftfi: HKMU'TANUKS TO III KL A N If, Sir?The ^y*W?nb?C'ib'r rontiiiuet tn trtns i,it money in saint large qtlLir tin all. to r?n mi resi ling in any part of Ireland in the s line in aimer as he and hit p-eden ?aor in business hive done for th* last thirty inn and more; alto, to any part of England or Scotland < Money remitter! by letter(pott pan!) to the snbsrriher,or p rton ally deposited with hitn, with ihe name of the p-rsou or pertout ni Ireland, KtiyUnd or Mcotland, to whom it Is to he, and the neareat pott town, will be immediately transmittyd and pi d accordingly, anda receipt to that effect given, or forwarded t'- tl e sender. In like manner money, or claims on persons in any p*rt of Ireland, England or Scotland can In- collected hy the so >. criber for person* residing in any part of the United States or Canada, iud w ill b* paid to them scmrdi glv. ro'Ha'Jineoi OKOHliK Me rl tt 11?K.. Jr Its fltsdgv at. tdg PACKET KOft HAVIlr -Se?ond Lina Th? trMMeWShtt, UTICA, K. li e itt Matter will mil ou ll e lit Ji Mauilfin 11 ay. Kor freight or p tag*, apply to ? "" "* BUY,> St hINUKKN. " e? No.9T ' Bnildmg, cor Wall utd Water al? " OR K ] ORNING. APRIL 23, 1S44 EX I It AO RDIXA R Y O VER LA XI) EXPRESS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD AHEAD OP ALL OTHERS. Five Hours from New Haven. HALF A MONTH LATER FROM EUROPE. I ARRIVAL OF THIS STEAMER ACADIA. Important Commercial Treaty with Prussia. CHEAT DECLINE IN COTTON. AIIRIVAL OF THE OVERLAND INDIA MAIL. Abundance or .Honey?Presentation of Tom ! Tliumit to Victoria? I).:ntli of tbe ICIngr i of Sweden?Activity In Trude. The steamer Acadia arrived at Boston on Sun- , day noon, with advices from Liverpool to the 4th 1 inst. inclusive. Our special express started at one o'clock with 1 ' . | the news for the New Vork Herald Ollice. It came through all the way by land, in twenty-two 1 hours Our me nee tiger from New Haucn was only five hows and ten minutes from that city to this! | There, has been a threat re-action in the cotton ; market. Prices are down enough to throw all in | the dumps. t In the grain markets but little appears to have j been done. The duty had declined. Our minister at Prussia has made an important commercial treaty with that country. See another l column. Bernadotte, King of Sweden, is dead. 1 Nothing doing in Parliament. s Queen Victoria and Prince Albert will visit I5er1 iit about the 15th of May next. , it really seems that Spain, in its present distract- t ed state at home, contemplates carrying on an of- N fensive war against Mexico. Meetings in aid of the Free Church of Scotland r continue to be lield in Kngland, and considera- | ble sums are being collected. i An entertainment isto In-given to Mr. O'Connell 1 in i "inun, miiiiLMiiiin.-iy uurr iim iirnvai iro:nv,oiK. t Wednesday, the 10th of April, has been named. t Great distress prevails in Galway, and the other > western parts of Ireland. The Fishermen on those coasts have appealed to the Government to aid j them with means to pursue their avocations. ] ilebecca seems to have commenced tier outrages I again in South Wales, tor, on the 27th ult., a gate ' was destroyed at Cardigan, which was within six \ yards of the county goal. ( The Court.?The l?uecn left Windsor on the ' 9th instant (or London, and on the 25th she will hold a drawing-room in St. James's Palace. Her l Majesty is in excellent health. < The latest advices from Paris contain no news of ^ importance. The business before the Chamber , of Deputies was cf no public interest. On the TJourse only very little business was done, and no i change of consequence occurcd in the price of * Blocks. The American dwarf. Gen. Tom Thumb, nc companied by his guardian, Mr. P. T. Barnum, ofn New York, had the honor of attending at Backing- < ham Pnhice on Saturday evening, when the Gene- ' rid exhibited hi s clever iimta'inna ot Napoleion, tec. i which elicited the approbation of her Majesty and 1 the royal circle. Under the head ol their respective countries will lie found a Summary of the European news 1 of the last fortnight. The most striking event, I since tin- last packet lelt, is the death of Berna- J dotle, King of Sweden. With the jexception of Sou It, he was tin- last survivor of Napoleon's mar- I shals?that distinguished hody of men, who, with ' the ambition, inherited the military genius of their ' leader. The defunct monarch, although not the , most bright,was the most fortunate of the Genera! t ' and it is creditable to his talents, that from a com- J mon soldier, lie became a sovereign?one ol the , right sort, too,who left his subjects more numerous, >, happy, and prosperous than lie found them. There is a " screw loose," it is said, a between the British cabinet and the great v powers of Russia, Prussia, and Austria. The I Queen cannot, in consequence, go to Prussia this t year, as she intended. The misunderstanding has i its origin, it is said, in what is believed to he the e too friendly footing on which England and France i stand towards each other?a friendship which was o cemented by Queen Victoria's visit to Louis Phi- 1 lippe last summer, and which his Majesty proposes n to return this summer. At this cordiality, even the lt veteran diplomatist, Metternich, professes to he of- b fended. So runs the gossip. This docs not at el all accord with the rumor that the Emperor p of the Kussiatis will visit England next month. A Uum>t, it will be seen, from a recent vote of the ti eh unber, enjoys the prospect of another year's i. enure of olfice; but the policy ol French Icgisla- c ore, like a house of cards, is very insecure es a o Foundation on which to rest?a breath may blow t| it to pieces. 9 The la'ast accounts from Madrid, which are to tl the 26th ult , sinte that the levee held on that day ' l.u ll... (1........ \1/,ll,,.r u/ja iijo.I lirtlliunt A rr...... 'I nil amnesty was talked of, and the butcheries of r Honcali were discountenanced. The recent ac *' counts from Italy, as will be seen by referring to the news under that head, indicate it formidable ( breeze in that unfortunate but lovely land. ;i sjr Robert Peel h us given no uuthoii/ed contra- "i lo tion to the rumor, th it her Majesty intends to ' risit Rerlin, in the month of May. 0 Tow Tut-mii at tiik Sroca KxciM.NfjB.?fieneral " Fom Thumb has made his appearance at the .Stock Fxclimige, arid was universally allowed to he the im illest American stock ever known there ; Penn- ! lyivunian dividends, of course, excepted.?Punch. |[ Wooi.wictt, March I ?A detachment of fouryen intelligent non-commissioned officers and privates of the Royal Sappers and Miners, are under irders to embark in the next royal mail steamer or Halifax, N. S , to join and assist aparly already imployed in determining the boundary line be- 1,1 ween New Brunswick and the United States. Infill-OSWKNT OK Mr. O'CoNMBLt. ?It is stated hat in the event of the imprisonment of Mr O'- o lonnell, Whit Monday, the 27th May, will be fixed ,n ipon as a day of general prayer and humiliation hroughout Ireland, and it is suggested tJiat the ( iberals and catholics, throughout Christendom, ||, iliottld Le invited to participate in this object. f0 The Rankers' Circular stales that some Scotch ci junks have given their adhesion to the project en- h< ertnined by Sir R< Pbtl, tf establisbing a rait II tank of usue. The report of the conclusion of a treaty of corn- i; nerce between the Zollvcrein aud the United m Jtates is again revived. ,j, The Ojihbeway Indians, now in London, paid a to risit on Wednesday to the members ol the 8t. re Jeorge's Archery Club, near Regent's Park, when m hey carried off both the gold and silver inedul for m heir -kill wiili the how. ui The Cnurrier Fninmit states that it was ns-erted t the Chamber of lleputies, that M tluizot had !' espatche, from the Cabinet of ,St. Tsmes's, anouneing the dismissal ((f the missionary, Mr. 1,1 ritch '.rd, from his office as consul at Olaheite. w I'M! The French army amounts to JUI.'XA) men, in- ,,, ludmg officers, and Kl, llfi horses. 'I this total H|,000 men and ?f?,.*?2t) hows form the division in || 'ranee, and lit),000 men and Id,110 horses those in ilgcria. The only cotton mannlactory ever established In y Unglish capitalists in India, is again on sale, the lint stock company who bought it from the origi- d: al proprietors having hud no better success than In hose who built it. 4 ht IIE RA Marshal .Snilt attained his Moth >rji u:? the 29th u!t , having been borniti 1765. Uotton spinning is rapidly progressing in S'. Petersburg mid the neighborhood, and tlie quantity of mill machinery sent over there, iroin Manchester, is very considerable. A cuiiitrl'mounted regiment has just been iormed by the French Goveinmenl of Algiers The animals seem as capable of beiug taught military e.v ; ercises as burst's are. Advices from Ifobart Town, to the middle ot j October, state that many families were leaving i Nelson 111 consequence of the alarm created by the 1 late massacre of the natives. IIlitt'ctt'iv of Tiiree-amd-a-hai.k per Cents.? [ l.'p to the 2-ith ult. not a singlr dis-Titient had en- , lered his name at the Funk of England, although most of the large holders are registered in town. ; Tk.v, Toiiacco, and Si-oak?The notoriety ot the fact that by means of the income ta.\ the public I revenue exceeds the expenditures, and that the j surplus will be increased by the reduction of the j Three*and-u-half per cents., lias given rise to an active agitation on the part of the importers ot tea i and tobacco for a reduction of the present exorbitant crown duties on these important articles ot consumption.-? ll'iltner't 'ISme*, Apr. I. There are no less than twenty vessels loading in [he port of Liverpool tor Montreal.the total tonnage ' af which amounts to 6,s:{:t tons. We have also fit- , een vessels loading tor New York, their total ton-, ige is 7,059 tons. | JI i'm, and Nkw York.?The first of a new line nickels between these ports sailed Iroin Hull, 1 mcl is likely to prove a good speculation. The high j lues levied in Liverpool oil vessels and goods from he United States will induce many persons to 1 i?Jopt the cheaper conveyance by way oi Hull. j Pennsylvania.?Ukpudiation.?At a meeting of I he Drab coloured men of Pennsylvania, the follow- | tig resolution was moved by Governor Porter, and I seconded by General Pull'Green. Rttolved, That I ve,the united band of Pennsylvania repudiates,do ! lerehy iift?-rly discard, abolish, deny, und renounce he signs and symbols heretofore used as the 'Arms' it this State, and that in future tlm same be, in ieu thereof, a statue of Mercury, with tiie legend? -1!ask is riik si.avk wiio pays'"?Carried unanimously!?J.ondoii Purl (A. Presentation ok Plate to Ma. Pakenham.? r. Pakenham, now ministerto the United States, las a valuable service ol plate presented to um hy the I5riti-li merchants of Mexico, in recoglition ot Ins valuable services. The service is cerainly of the most splendid description. It weighs ibout 4000 ounces, and the cost is between jCdtHtO ind JLIKKM). The patterns of the dishes, covers, tulveis, \'c. are ol extremely elegant torm ; the indt'Ubra are richly wrought, and of very grace- [ ill shape ; and the wine coolers profusely covered , vith grapes and vine leaves, which climb to the s trim, are boldly sculptured. ^ Thr Corn Laws?Declaration of Ministers.? g riie ot VVellington, from his place in the .1 louse ot Lords, as a member of the government, t tsed these expressions on Monday last, w ith respei t e o the corn laws: "As to the com laws, I have ne'er changed the opinions that I held on that ques- L ion. I recommended to your lordships to adopt < lit* prfM'Ill curil i.ivy.s, aim I uu>v i n wiimini'i II IU I outo :itJli?te lo them.? ll'ilmti-'s 7\intt, April -I. | Onrrt arv.?The gallant Lieutenant (Colonel ' teilly died lately, at Louth, while visiting his n'other. 'hi the 25th instant, Colonel John I". Jrowne, C. 1$ , aged 77. Lately, Sir Francis trummond, Hurt. He i.s succeeded in his title and states by his son, Captain James Walker l>rumnond, o( the Creradier (itnirds. Major ' L iteral W. II. IJeektvith, died at Chester on Sunday last, reneml Ueckwith had sold out of the army lor natty years past. The Karl of Lonsdale ex. ired it his residence, Parkliouse, Twiekeiihain, on l'uesday evening. His lordship had been on the lalf-nny of the Htth Foot since November, 1794. >n Monday, a fatal accident occurred to Lord William Hill. The horse which lie was ruling VII and rolled overliiut, and before he could be relieved to the barracks, he was dead. DbaTHOI' TllCJRWALnSKX, IIIK ScTtLrroit.?-Co KMiAOKM, March 2t> ?The celebrated Thorwuld.h Ji.til .iii(t/11'nlv ttii' due before vesteril.iv lie '' vas 71 years old. i Bank of Lnoeand? Quarterly average of the f veekly liabilities and assets of trie Bauk of Kng- t and. Iront the 30th of December, ls.13, to ibe 23d ( >t March, 1814, both inclusive, published pursuant , ;o the act 3d and 4th Win. IV. ca|> DC. , QtMi'tlri. .huh i ircnlitiou. . ..4,'JI l -.'-J 000 Securities. , ,/T** 479.000 , Deposits 13.07J.000 Bullion 15 7si ouo ' JHJ.OIM 000 ?38-MS3,000 New York Packet Suits.?The following New fork vessels have arrived in Liverpool r-inee our i ast, having, all, with a fe w or no exceptions, made < apul and successful puKsages:?March 1-7, flic < ! ochester. Button: same day, the l? irrick, Trusk ; 1 tlarch 22. the Sea, Ldwards: March 23, the t fibernia, Bunting; same day, the Oxford, IJatli- j Mine; March 24, the Southerner, ; March 25, f he Patrick Henry,Delano; March 26, the Lllershe, , ; March 2D, the Hcnrv Bliss. On the 1st 1 nst., no less than lour vessels arrived here from n N'ew Vork, the Virginian, Allen ; the Cohota, k lephuri); the Atlantic, Mallet ; and the Peter d lattriek, Post Thirteen vessels have, therefore, [, cached in with valuable cargoes on hoard.? If-'*/- t: a tr <V Smit i Timet, Ap il I. s < Western Steam Suit Comtany.?The <' nnual meeting of the ineinhere ot this company ' vas held at Bristol, on the 1-lth instant, Henry [' lush, K?*t , m the chair The report of the direc- ' ors was read hy Captain Plaxton, and stated that ' iie receipts 1?v the Great Western tor 184.!, amount- h d to ?33,406 Oh II, and the expenditures to .27,573 4? 31. ; the receipts for 1842 having t?een a nly ?30,830 8s. 21, while the expenditure was <' ^28,617, 7s Id. To the improved state of things i the I 'titled Mates much of tin-' is to he attributed : ' good deal to a close attention to expenditure ; <1 ut the directors believe still more to the circuin- '' ance of Liverpool having been altogether the ' ndezvous for their business on tins fide of the 11 .tluntie. After reserving the sum of ?440 I3(. for ?e reduction of the prehimnary expenses, and '( I7<)7 in reduction ol stock, a dividend was ile- * lared of ?2 IDs per share, or 7^ per cent, on the rigirml cost, or D , per cent, on the rednci d cost of * ic tlreat Western?leaving a balance of ?1711- I1 s. id , to be carried to the reserved tund, making I lat amount, with interest, ?13,139 3s. 14 , in re r notion of tin* original cost of the tlreat Western, 'he report was adopted, and the two retiring di- <J ectors (Mc.->rs. Kington and Hod win,) were re- ' lected. * J' FiNANctAt. News ?The last iineket took out the (' dianceiloi's project for the reduction of the tlirec ' nd a half per eenf. stocks; the time for tlie cxpp'sion of dissent on the part of holders living on the 1 ontinent and els-where, expired on Saturday, inly twenty-one holders have dissented, represent- ' J ig '?61,000 of stock. The amount of the two ' ocks. which are to be reduced, is two hundred id ten millions; so tin- dissentients only Mount to about a quarter per cent o| the whole. he Fnglish funds are very firm, and, owing to th* -S| gll rates, all Speculation ll.ivr disappeared ?It'lln untl Smith'a 'lima, April 4. Oommkucim. ? A reference to our cotton market *j port will show, th at since Monday, when the Vir- , ' man arrived, the price of the staple has receded? ,j ie result ol the news brought by that packet re*. cting the failure, in large amount-', of one or two ^ emulators ill the article at New York, coiilbineij i tli the state of the market in that rily ?nd in New rleans. The new customs bill which has been trodueed into the t'hainher ?d Deputies raises the jty on Fngliih machinery and on hogs' lard from ''' nited S'ates As other countries are loosening ' icir restrictive laws relative to the admission ol , reign produce, France, one ol the most civilized xintriesin the world, seems disponed to tighten f' rs?already siillieiently stringent and foolish.? iN i'i'mtr fy Smith'*Tima, April -I. , ? A meeting o| the principal supporters ol Sir M ohert feel's government, in the I louse o| (Yin- tti on>, look place on Tuesday, at the official resi nee ol the Premier. The meeting had re/eren< e the late defeats on Lord Ashley's amendment ,n specting the Factory Hill. As a considerable ai unlier o| the ordinary supporter.- ol the govern- t,.| i nt hive on this ticklish suhiect become -ome. .,u hat restive, Sir Robert threatened them, if is said, ,s| ith a dissolution rd Parliarnenf, unless they he- itn ived better for the future*. Schoolboys never; m, ended the application ol the lurch more than ttt erubers ol Parliament do lacing iheir constituents uh all its uncertainty, and what i- wor-e, lis ex- i<( nse. It is only necessary tor the minister to |jr ter such a threat, in order t" command impli it ,,n tedieuce. Nevertheless, it is singular that in a he onse of Comrnnn? where he has a working ma- .*> nry of nearly 100, the Conservative Prime Minis- {,, r is compelled to keep the untraetable sp.rits of tli s party in check hy tear, not love. (jf Parliament has adjourned for the Faster holy. iys, and will meet again on the lath. The session ih therto, hall ol which is usunlly considered to | rr ive e*j ired at Faster, has been Mtigulurly barren ' L~r>. ' 1a ; '?>'? Two C?IIto. ol interest. Tliere has been abundance of tartt, Itlittle woik?ao practical results unfortunately. 1 'a K L.M >1 KN TAB V SUMMARY ?The proceeding* of Parliament are of no moment as regards aciaaf JoitiL's There has been the usual amount of saying, and the average diversity of subjects : w ' rannot say that "the same spirit guidetli all" We have had the Corn question squeezed in wherever it ha- h'-en possible, and Mr. Cobden has been preaching aw ay on a specific proposition for a lib -a! commission ol inquiry into the effect of iinport duties on tenant farmers and farm laborers, A -ad picture was endeavored to he drawn of tho state >t thing* ,,| t|le agricultural districts, the farmer being p.unted iis carrying on a trade, of winch the first and largest profits were said to be reaped by speculator*. Agricultural laborers weie represented as being in a Mate of penury, ignorance, and cvtieme wretchedness; in fact, the whole case was set lortli in the vt ry worst colors of the League, and w ith the ino.-t nuTefacad tlippancy of manner. Mr. Gladstone, {'resident of the Honed of Tmils opposed iIh* inquiry, an I the leaguer* wrir defeated !?y u large majority. 'l'ln* subject ol Duelling linn at lust forced itself on tlm consideration of tin* British legislature, ami it is very evident the day is not far distant, when the wretched brings who involve themselves in such ei i ile, will meet a punishment suited to the enormily o! their ori'ence. The government have decided on w ithholding the pension from the w idow of Col. Puwcetf, the individual who fell in a duel with hutbrother-in-law, Lieut. Munroe. There can be u? doubt but that this refusal w as just and proper, not silly on the ground of an example, but more externally when the circumstances attending the duel ire remembered. It is this refusal ol Mrs Fuw'etl's |>? nsion that has ojtened the question ol dueling. and caused ?> much attention to be called to r. A resolution against dnellieg, as being immoral, mil opposed to the Divine command*, was moved n the 1 louse of Commons, and it is a remarkable art connected with this subject, that the mover . hose to tend to the House the leading article of lie /.oni/oti StundaiU against duelling, and rvhich lie adopted us the very ablest remarks *ver yet made on the question. The resoulion failed in itself, but did great good >y raising a debate, us also ot bringing out he new articles of w ar, directed to the prevention >t duelling among officers in the army. These uric le.- -et lortli the whole course to be pursued by hi officer w ho may become implicated as principal a an alfair ol honor, lie inu.-t be willing to accept u to render suitable concessions, or he must refer he dispute to tl.e arbitration ot his commanding lin er This new code of honor is invested with he highest authority, is promulgated by the f**ecroaiy of War, and has been deeply considered and ipproved by tin* Duke ot Wellington, and the jueen is understood to have been very active in fumiue unil wi,i,*.lit??oi?i? if If l..r.,l . -? -? l itliceis on active duty; l>ut ilie ^ecretury of War ays, tlial in cases of duelling strongly reprobated iv public opinion, the crown will exercise its preroaiive against bull pay ollicers. This in a just step, nd goes far to the attaining a similar exercise iver nil sorts of duellists; and, alter the late disuaHioii such a result furum inevitable. The grand subject of debate m Parlianfcnt has >een the factory question and shortening ihe hours if labor Lord Ashley, on all occasions, has stood brth the friend of the oppressed, and although le has not succeeded in carrying out his aniehotaive measures, yet lie has done much by bis expotires of the barbarity of a systeni at oncedisgreceul t<? any civilized country. We regret to say that* rom motives of expediency, Sir Robert I'eel s govrnuient have ?>pja?cd the in ble Lord's efforts, and t is quite clear llieir course is one that cannot he itlier then greatly injurious tothem. It is gene rally bought Sir James ('iiiilmin is the individual t ho has led the government into this awkward Mistake ; however, they have committed it and oust make the best of it. Lord Ashley has been oiled in any measure of his own, and his present fl'orts have been directed to a modification of lie Factory Dill lately introduced by ministers, ind which proposed to limit to twelve hours ihe luily labor of persons more ilian thirteen hut under ighteen years of nge, anil females of any age vhutever. Lord. Ashley moved an amendment. ontracting the pioposed twelve to Ion houi>, and liter ;t long and animated debate, that amendment vas carried, on the 1 St h 11 It , by a Mil all majority, rhif wii:? virtually a government detent, and was ollowed by several other divisions, which showed he government the tolly of perseverance, and, ac ordiugly, they shuffled the whole question aside, ltul no liuiibt were mightily glad to get rid ol such i troublesome ami harassing affair It has been ruly said by the spectator, that " Lord Ashley's statements presented such a case of ceaseless toil, mis ly, degradation, .iad despair, that sensitive members were panic stricken '* " Something must he Hone! they cried. The argument* of ministers of the whole manufacturing interest were, to the effect, of denying the state if the factory people as represented It is not worse, they said, than that of all populations c?dectcd together in large towns, and ifiey declared hat, as compared wuh agriculturists, ihe factory icople have fuglier wages, better food, more ( onions and a better chance of rising in life. In the liseussion of this subject, the House of Commons iad show ii ilrelf divided into a multitude of opiums and feelings on the subject, each section taing to itself the uuestion of right and justice, and ifli ring from all uie others as widi ly as can well e jKlBSible. Such division and crossing of parties as shewn itself, that the house fias been in the absurd |>oeitioii of neither affirming tv welve or a ten hours bill. t>n the 2fith, Sir lumen Iridium announced that ministers would abandon lie bill altogether, and introduce a new measure ? 'his has been submitted to by I,ord Ashley, and so e affair at present stands. No doubt the noble ird has be?n prompted to this, by his anxiety not i damage the government, or give their opponents n oppoitunity <>1 riding into otiice by leason ot ieir committing such a faux put An uttcmpt has been made to extend the ptivt ge now enpiyed bv Canada, of sending corn into i ports of i ireat ilritain at a fixed Is. duty, to tin* olonics of ^outh Atrieu and Australia, us also to nJia. The attempt was unsuccessful, the chief ruum?*nt? against it being that the hem lit to the nlmues in question would be insignificant, whilst > entertain it would cmw great panic uiul distress moncst Knglish agriculturists. < >11 lite 2hih ultimo a | reposal by Mr Halt, to reolve in committee tliat corn imported from British ??? ,. -mis in Eolith Africa, ludi i, and Aiotrialia ie subject lo I fie same duly as from Canada, was ejected by 117 lo (7 tin the 1-t of April, Mr Hume, having understood liut it would he inconvenient that he should brine; irwurd the moiion of which he had given notice, >r .i i opv of. or extracts Irom, the correspondence etween th" Ainericau Amh.i-sador and the British overrun* nt, respecting the admission of paddy and re, the produc of die United State#, into (?reat ritam, at the same rates of duly as paddy and ee were admitted into Croat Britain from the west ii ist of Africa, would postpone hut motion until Iter Baster Mr \\ m.mrit V is t to Canada andtiik I'nited i viks ?It I-our pleasing duty to announce ilut Ii. Kdw ird Wiliner, of the firm of vVilmrr and mith,is about toperlorm what he has long desired, it from the press of business engagements and her circumstances requiring hispeinnnl -uj?ervion, has been uniihlc sooner to ai cornplnii?visit ie United States and Canada. Connecird nearly quarter of .icentury with the literary instituiions, id the periodical pies.-- of thai vast coiitinenl, lie known by report to the reading publico! America; id it will afford linn sincere pleasure lo come in Tsonal contact with those with whom lie is now Ulllg busil)e-s, net li s. than with those who open - counts with his establishment. His stay in the 'ineipal cities must necessarily be brief, from the reneing nature of hi* engagements at home. As ie object 11 hi- journey is purely of a businesK Ii meter, he w ill h. glad to afford any information lullve to the newspaper, l>ook, stationary, and |s- trade- of (Jreat Britain, mid the continent of urope tl? will undertake to execute with promprtail, any urders with which be mav be favoured. Ir Wihiier i ii re nds lo sail on the IDtli insiant, in i ?tcfirii--hiplltbernin, and lie hopes to be in Bosn and New York early in Mav. Tirr Steam Sum < innai Western.?Our readers th'* United State- and Canada will learn with arid regret that the Steam Ship (Ireat We.v rn will not again visit New York. She has been refused by the l'? niusular ami Oriental Sieatn up Company for Jjii'J.UOO ; and wd1 immediately tie:go a complete r'pair and refitting at an esfiitial cxj.ens of eight thousand pounds She W ill, lirsi, b> | laced on the Alexandria station, in order give tirin-for repairs to the Oriental and < ireat verpool, whicli have now been running h long lie; but, ultimately, it is intendid to place her the Bombay station. The < treat Western, and r able commander, Lieut, lloskrn, leaves this rt and New York with i character which will do nor to both in every part of the world \Vcgive e following which will interest our distant rears:? . Although we believe it to be a judicious step m e present state of the affairs of the (*reul estn Stewtnahip Company to s?ll the celebrated ves1 from which they take their nau??, it is not

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