Newspaper of The New York Herald, 29 Nisan 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 29 Nisan 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. X., He. IiO~WlM?i? to. WOO. To the i'utillc. TUB NtW VOKK HKKAI.O?dally newapaper?pohliahivl over; day of the year except New Year's day end Fourth ol July Price i cents j>?r copy ?or %t P?r 1D" Mm-postages ptu.1 -cash iu advance. _ , . TUB WKfcKLY HBR AI.D?published every Saturday Morning?price B' cent* per copy, or li per annum postages paid, ca..h in a ivanc*. . .... . AOVKUTIHBHtt are inlorraed that the circulation ol the Herald u over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing teet. It hot Uu lor*. ?f circulation of ony paper in Mir rify, orlhr world, and it, therefore, tht hist channel Jar huHneii mm in the city ?r enmity. Priocs moderate-canh iu advance. PRINTING of oil hind* executed at the, moot modexoU price, oad in the moat olu^ant ctyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnoemtToa or THt. Hcrami K?T?,iBXT, Northwest corner of Fulton and Naanau strcnts. f r tn ii """ IfAUPAX AM) LIVERPOOL y^WBP^ .'lie- Royal Mai! Swam Ship ACADIA V "lit; Eaq., Commander, will lenve llostna for 'be nboee porta on Wednesday, The Steamer II115 - U vlA, will leave Boa too on Tharadiy, May 16m. Pn*aag? for Liverpool ....9120, Passage for Mali far . 31. Apply to D. BKIUHAM, Jr., Agent. Boc No. 3 Wall atrcet. QH \KT8 ON ENGLAND, IRELAND, y^rytllpe 8tc.?Persona about remitting money to <h ir y56*MllL<Mtl?*'r"'n'1*the Old Coumr, can he ??|>. lied Willi ilrnflu in auo't of ?1, .Ct, ?3, ?5. ?10, 0,?W,?l0<t ClbM or any amount, payable on demand. without ill 'nuii , or any oilier charge, at the National Btuh 01 Ireland Provincial 151; do, Mrsara Jit's Bait, Sua St Co., B.u hers, 1. 11 ion; J 15 i>urd it Co., Eichanwe uid Dwcount Diuik. Liverpool; EuiIitu Punk of Scotland; trfecuncll Banking t ouipiuy; Sir Win. h orhea, Hunter Stt'o. Sen laud; and the bri"chr? in every peal town throughout K.uklaod, reland, Scotland and iV tea, which drafta will he forwarded by the packets ol the Oil, |gi\ 2i,r. and t3lh. or the Royal Vlnil ale .mar aailing from ou tic l.l ot Ma , A pplv to W. Si J.T.TAPW OTT, At their general [auu.igo offi c, S3 I'ech a ip, felire corner of South at rent N. K ?All h-peta fr- in he countty must co~>e pint "aiu. atUW N .VV Vlllta, 1 1 I eCHfiULiu 1 hS MOUNTAIN carnage. E A S* i"o N . I EA V E the foot of' ril \ r atreer, daili [ ?? .. . ed.] at B n rlora A .VI , be lioilroid from Jersey City to .VI - rri-l wn direct, n iii.out?n? K* of C r?from thenceb Po.t C ach a too h fench-un brat r, 8<li ol y'a Mountain, Port Coldnn, Wa hii g o 1 tnFufn At W.nhinK'cn u daily line iuicrtrcla 1. and iroin Melrn'.rre. K ir seats am Iv to J. HILU, at Join I'att'u'a Cuniuurcal Hotel, 7J lourilandt atn?t. N. fl -'ahat fari.i-hrd nt the ihorteil nctict, by npp vii g t i iVB LU e. vinrr .tow align ?inTo EDO r OF tVHl I * HALL STREET. The STATf.v I aLA N HER v. ill run a* folic wa ou and after Moudny. - ad Ami, uut I l'j.ih-r u- to JL/.me iVcu iinil. Leave Stat.~n Island. At # At B It 10 3 I arPotfre 6 4 NEIVATIX ~~AND ~NEIV~~VOliK. K a 111'. ONLY 1*4 CENTS. THE NEW AND 8WIKT STEAMER RAINBOW, ( \PTAiN JOHN OAKKY. /*ra Wjl| ccmie-nv hrr tri.i* lor fh? wtini on CL . ^5jJ7i^?Thiif<i'at. P'il <lh md mo until finher co*\F, ... ill Zm , e- roll?w? !?leaving Newark at 7>? o'rl'itk.A M , v?w Yr.ik I o'ciuek. P. M. The R iuli.i? r a* b en >-nl irji d, cam lively r ClH. and ad*t ud ro iNit Tout- a d h-?.i.g a Urt? deck saloon. >he can eouifor ably e o in die a li nnurwrol patutua-1% Kreicnt e.nitdat iev n-atoiMbli-rib*., A toil J 18(4 of tf re SPRING All UANGKMENTS. bloomjn .dark mamiatta^ViLLR and KO??T W VM11\'(4I 0N LINE ok STAOES. Fare to M\nb ttunT lie, Its Cents. Fht to Kou Wnnhi ?>.'"? ; K Ccnt?. V^-^t.?. T u l.ine nf H attea will commence 'duuiuu u M n<l y, l, 1814, a* follows LravIPiiiKliaJlil ill Ml hn tn..v.l cat 7 o'clock, A. M , and Cobio.ui u . it"fiy liour uii.-l ti P M. Ltvtviinc N. 4? v rk, comet ol t yoc How and Chatham at. two doo ?.a-t. f the Iter em Railroad Office at 9 o'clock, A. M , nod foi.linu-ra ninitevery I nil' uulil 8 I' Si 1 his Li<i? ot St to. p asm tire rplren and I.nnntic Aayftiras, Bumli m's S"au?ion 11.mar lire <? Mrey and Backer'. II. 1.1, Trinity C Larch Ccmetry, lire t!i?h Bri up and k rt W:a.hiu/ton. iJ MOORE. m87 lm*re Propnct r. ALBANY HAY LINE jKn /Ml K ill ALBANY and I..remediate Lani'B.?,n. a Ire new and aidend d sUatubo.u i .i CLJBL i'UTH 1.ME1UCA, C?. taiu M.H Irrei* deil, will I.- or th. f ?<it ot B .relay atrcet, aide, on Monday. tA-dnead y ul Krid y moriiitri. at 7 o'cl >~k. tn? Sooth A rnci will lore Alivuyfor New Ycrh on Toesday d,y a d ot'ur U. mormcks ul7 o'clock For pnOT?e, ?, ||"\ on b aid a?2rc ~PEUlrLE^LIN A OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. DAILY, ill .JL.yi r*eept.-4?'Through Diffd. n 7 I' VI., III" !rf mil) a'. l'i?r b? 'ft! n -11 ami Liberty rtrett Ti.e ai KM KEHBOCuEK, (fa'tain A. P. 8t John, Mnud y, Wiiln-s ay air: Krio'av nri>riuK>, at 7. The St-b y.? K..CU ,*TEW, A lluuk'hton, on Tuesday, Thtirsla, oJo' Bntitd.'.y r ? ui t;s. a' 7. .At Fiveu'cl ck?I. n'li a -i I' tr.ined air flares:? Thr htK<nib'At ' U'tYIH PE' K Captain W H. Prtk. Tuesday Tlui sd y an..1 ^at'trday at f> P. M J lie Steamboat NO j H WlK'tCA, Ctr'nia R (I Cruilfuilau, Al. nJry. '.VmIii vday. K.iJay und huuday, at) P. W. Pa-srnspn'aktrR tlvu Ii-r of boats wtfl r-riivr in Albiay in a:nio time to .skr :hr Morning 1 rani of Ca'a for thr wot or Q /?The aharc Bo it* try tew and substantial nr" furu!sh?d with nam and < rent S'vt* Koo:n, in* fur spprd and aceouimodato. t err on ivil r Inu the lludsou bo; i- aaaao or ir i*Ht apply on hoard, or to P. C. Srliitlti at the otficooo the w Ii ir a?rc nTTu"kVem , il.Nr. "titi ALLAN V At 7 o'clock fi ont thr foot of BurcUiv ft. S'orth tiilt. .* ' .. I'Hr i \V u a, |p. rl (l t. ambo.t M, V ^ Jf.TISKY I apt. It. tl Fury, will r mire re ah. ifr- J' 1 f ' tin ,\t tnp* b t? ao N \ nrk aim Albany. lra> in< vi-w York <> Mood y thsBtli of May not Hir rrpular il .y? fi >in Nf? York vvi 1 bj M' uNtys, Wetli esduys. ana Fridays; fo*? Alb in, t' esdays, 'i'i u srtay* ni?l S?tnr* days The >r* Irrs*. Ii nbten nhinfil a <1 fmndd *<", bet btarihro is 700 In i;ih'ei u.iin'hr-li ?t pesibU manner, aud lias sl-e i i; oinmod ions lor VC3 permm - tie tiers a inw ' umher <1 I ia t n l -lorms, a I lye an con mo ious Jir nr. nile dp k , lie. e t i v air wi ir. p*t , * r?, ami ?ir?, and and h ' Lvii* a imu h i sire ii:;t acctnirinodi'iint lor 1(10 Tin- En. m* an : Hip* "e all irw Up tli.i t of watir t?i inc bnt tlirrp a i ?i c w II il? ys l.o a 1p I. r. ot? tlir h*t, wiUk.ui U tPiiixin <r it u'M inn. m.d can thtsalwavi. d-|ipud upon r? ichi. e A bsuy lu tiir.n f r lio' eour -vanpps ? obk at tad west a in turn 1 . c N "ICE??The 8'iwmb'?at P<r?T8 i?t'Pi"v^a M > ' Til i< inivi l.rii.K thoroughly rri airrd an ' a i I bp 'Pi lv utrtw n;?uing of uavia -tiOO ,1 tin* int< r i to 'l?oy, Aibmyaid Nri York i'hi* boa-will h rr c pantr i for to anna njn >1 t > any on thr tirnr; and ii is h i|.el lhai it wiil obtain a fait -upimri mill Im'rc P CUV18TOCK lAjf KOtt Ml-V OitwEA.NS.-L 'UTsi MSA A VI) kAlWWNEW VOIl Lit -iiriciilar I'.ic at at. May? nuilfai:ir fat aii nt piokptsl ip O MULOEE, C a, lain Pp. t, w ill runt ? mi ai?H.i?, her rr* alar day. Kofrii*Uto pi i.iiir, h vm h .odnjinp luniiilvl nceonv-c(latinos, appiy on ooird. ai Or!c n-s Wnarf, foot f AVall dr.rt, tr to E. K. CO-LIN8 & CO ,'a? S jnth st ft. Atm'i in Vcw O liP'ns?M sin. Urillin and VVooumit, wit i will orompil lorwrrt all no d> tn tin ir add'rss Hbip.wis by ibis Ii p mai drppnd irinu havii'!; 'hrir *ood? rnrri'ctlv onut* nl 'nil thr tliijis ol this 1-nr wil ml jiunrtuoiij ii ativ tir-'U ayfi no. ire "iTlTii K HA IL< i It m.:)l.lNK OK I IV !' HrfjtTVPOOL i\v ftp.I'U-KOM MVKKrooL ? o iy Wm " i " Puck't f tl.e l??. Mn ? I lie w-1 -known, in it miIiuC. c ji.rk't >,h'i> OL'lVinUM, C l't ill i>. A. Cole, will iHMiiifrl .Mil nti Weun -Isy, tut Mir, her r< xulrr MPiie aeroramotl iti m of the r<?!tnn';:ni, fur robin, rocond cabin an 1 < * m*- P?. nw-*r . will, r.n inptc ion. !> fo iml to lie litw out i mi ?i Int crimen bu*. add to ill ConvrniiT.rn nod ? .To t t t* ui i ni'iar ,ini{. P t ons ?d ng to tli old cou .iry. trl'l stall ii tv? fnd this I U" of inohf > n o. r r'f Irab'f o??ey> sen. For terms o' imwnits apply ue uoutd, loot rd Ik*1- mm *rr"e?. cr 10 liisi.b enters, H-'C-lK, 11MOi llKKo h i () , 'ii Ku.inu sum. nrit door <o dm *W tMI rs _ Fo>t'"i Oauk KW it It V.KI'UOL?tv uutiir IVk.-t 7] the ii h hCSwy Mit?Th | ltuuioiio.i p ck-1 hip ArSIIBUilTON, JMoMus' * twin Hnnlrion, bi'it 'cn ItOu t ot, will toil m atioir, i,or r. i u rdi , Th? ace nui.od t' ? in t disery snp-rior vend for e>bin. aeeouri r.ibin ansa u nit im on en, utiihi n i>.n >lbv inf vp fid in t on, am1 -o -i lunbrrof her bertha amain n r K c?l. |> in t ii ii-udim to ?m > .r- shiuM m ite n:*' Ptdi.atiua cm bow-d io-t it >1 lido i l.'U*, or to JOftKPM McMl/RTt.W Inn fii.c str ft. c 'fuel of non h The A'hbnrton ?i'l he siitCfed-d 0" the A ll el. M packet hip Steyhrn YVkil-ev. * opt tVin. C. Thomp* ?ad oi tlie lull?i a,. n''Tton.6 c ?4'' r>! i r u i i ' r. > t uir ",i.i u j".rii hr.m ? Pnikct of il>? l?t Mn>? Tho >l I I'lli.l. fi, t- \i| im, JstKoa i?l fetor t I*' h"! slop 11 < ><)K L If S, Captain Hji'".- n, will ?- I . u c u lly a-i MlT?rti?.-d fch? haar-ry m eP'tit uen.tii??ila :o fur cabin, aeron-1 rali.u Ki.ll imr. Ke S bote with i.* to ftsr lor lit sh aid niakeauily ?p,.lK*tion on boa <i, at pit It K. K , fi a! Pit we.t of n a.l at ret, vt in W H.J T. TAPS OTT, a27tom1*e tii'n It Nip. r r S im'i at F'lh '"*< JOM-Re|tti ar Ph It tot' t!ie l?c ola Tk? fir? -r P-, ta-taai I a rr<nl r picket ahip *T. tSaHMwl A ?i? 8 i art SWJ tori, mill roa.tirre If akil an abore ho.- 0)401.17(1 y. For pianve in nbiii, id cibia. and atocntr. h mir * ve.y anpermr aec iiniuod .Hour, npply on hoard, f Mi' of M li leu laiur, or ?? 'OSril H MrMt'HiaA.*, a27tomlre^ ! "? Pine at rir et Soith. N. Y "lit*- PACa K I "p 'h'm A'lrta,iirLKS-T? an'il o i the wFtTwin May-The al. p ((MJUiK.M, Captain Luagou.JjUditei-lieu it '.r p miff*, npyi* to LAWiik\t:K a ni".L?a, Wo 103 ! '>.->nt a'ff r opto KUiUlt IHN' KKV, htfrwtlt No ? T alia. D nlJiuit. I jiff : (,?# HAVdliHboNrf jU*-TI? 01?--A..V,leaiu Ma ter will mil on lha 1.1 SCsaVUy ? ur ln*.ohi or p. op, apply to Hi'Yi.k "INCKICN. ee NnOT AmldinC. nor Wall at.d t^nw ata. wwtjr Fllll C*l. IHiMJW?Diara-Withlli pveh?The ASffWfiotcU a I'-.eKet Hlup 8 ALk.M, Captiin jirrou, will MSKgtaf ill M above Thia we I km w . aMp ' na rrry anpenor aerorrmndatiro> for (wVia, awond twhin mi I :.U+ rine p.ia.enaria Prrnona lut udiu* to Mnba'k aljnmd i? ?a immediate application oni bonrd, loot of Maidro Lane, in to JA8 Me Mil Hit AY, IM I III* st ret, rorner S.mrh. P. S Thia trery anterior t?mcI will rotaru direct to New York, and all -rda a la ility f. r peisoaa deairoaa to .mhnrk f>o,n I the ir gtiSnrhnod ol llmaoa or the North of Ireland, aaidom to "e mrt with ghiairri (mm Relf<?t, lemdonderry. Port KtoJi, Ooleraioe, lac , ply weekly to Ulug W, aid at Tory ???der tr >atra Per. con< wahaiac a#' a ( t .hair friroda or reborn e?n aeearc a y?t|t bf appl?MMt u thora. aJt rra I : E NE N TmTT GREAT WESTERN RAIL ROAD ROUTE, KOM ALB \N'y TO RI'H'ALI) (J26 MILKS) ^-u . . IJY RAlL KOO) Tre oaly Otic* m v.w York wub'i'h'd h> the aercal Hail [toad Companion b*:w*?n Albun nn<i Biiff.?'o u at No. Ji COURTLASDT STRICT. JOHN r. CLAK. t.?ii./al A*ent. NOTICE TO~iM MIGRANT*. Tb* Wnb rrb-n iij?iin< been appointed nip-nta for forwartiloir Immigrants by Hail K?ad from Albany t > Bu?alo and intermodule 11 cos ar? enabled to e*ud them durv c 'h Hminnr fr im Niv? Yore to Ulica in' $2,04. to M>rtcj?eU 92. to Anbam 8130; t< Horli alec $1.01 to BulTJo $5i?. Chiltrrj from 2 to I J ;**ra o'd a b II price; under 2 v**rn fr**; i ud all Bui/ae from Albany on tli* Had Koao ianoliiely fi*e It i? *i in'ani that it cornea nincb oh"> per to the mmiurtat to tray I by Rail Road ihao by C-.nal. h- r*n- hiiw Butf.l i |cr I S * mboai from New York and Rail Rmd fr m Ylb.ujv la 42 h'liira; i?li rtn*. it tak-a per l rural from 9 to 10 days. 1 ha fnl lowing imicuI ti n a) owa the re-ull, viz :? , PoataEel Butltdij pe; Rail Pai^n^- >o B iff ilo pec '*Hnnd $5 5# lal.tay $1.0# L'miiu.'r fmm N Yocli to I ngna-p to B flalo. 5f.l'ea Apian* , lMlba fr e, t>il- fire, balance forlU'lbf" 45 anee for 'Ofllb* II Lois of tune ut leas' 9 day* Lnugipe front A lb toy to w .rib to the Uho er, say Bulfil . fine 40 . euta per day 4 JO Living foi 4i! hours, my< 75 Livms f?r ID dan, 50 cents per day 4,CO Total per 11. Road $4 43 ? $11.05 Dodue: fare per R_ Koad C 43 The tr.vrvller per R. Iliad ?av*s 14,02 TT?py alii forwr.rd :>asat. g r? o Cle veland, fa i.?Bionth ?i d O'herpl r.miuOhio; D't'Oat, tkc , Mic' icitired Bay Milwink <t So Wi em aio Tv.r t ry; Chinitro, Illinois; i d to difft-ie i id'C ?in au .dn at thol"wp?t rates Ml information u n the diir.rput Mnei en gratia, md Ticket! to he h d inlu ct the Albany and CullJo Rail Office,511 Cou tlaudt street. WOLK Ik liiCKiiu.1. >|id lm m honker and Exk?- packet Li ve, for PITTSBURG, BY THE PF.NVSYLV ANIA O VNAI. * "AIL ROAD. Hi superior Line of l'ai beta i.i now iu co plfte older. New Boats have been place.! on the Line ar.d eveiv m.'iit m.-al? can be desired to vneure llip c. lnfort olunvilI lera The interesting country wM It the route r\*ses,ieniliTS it the I moa. eg e-wble hat em be tyh?n for the Wen'. k'o-larr li-? t av.ll or w.-tonrd it ia prc'enble fo all o b<*r roii re No eff .rt has In en Himred to ma.- e the ace mwodation* nil b a.rt the boau a n,le a d co' pie. bey lie iu charge ol p* "p'ieuced, at'eutiva, and obliniiiK captain#, so U. ;t the trip from PIIILADRLPHIA TJ PlTT?3URii. u ren dered one of pie'tar- -atber ilian toll. KAUK ONLY 210 OKE1CE N. K. CORNER EtUll H AND CHESTNUT street a, Whjrre every informat on tnay Vie obiiiued. [t /"'sea's may alio he scc'ir d ?t IJ to i'h Third at.and at the Db.PiaI' 174 .MARKET STREET, where the Cart ntait from every uoruiuR at K oVIo- h. m.'ti 1m* rc A. l.uMMiNO^, Agent BW < OitH ANL) PHILa""uELPHJ X'UA~IiAUAuLi.SK DIKECT. 0'01 rilWERK, NBWfRU.EIWICH, Pk:"*0*TCI*. TUJIOIi Boabentown Ano Buanrmroit. TiiKouaii IN six UOUH*. Leaving blew York daily from the fool of Courtbndt at. Morulas Lin* at 8 A. M.?Mail Pilot Lino it ?X P. M. The Morning Line proceed! to Bordrctown, front thence by ateurnhnat to PTiil-idt-!j.hin. The Kreoirjt Line prnceeda direct to Oaai<i"n (eppoaice to Philadelphia) without chantro of can Paeaeuccra will proruie their ticket! at the officii foot of Conrtlomlt street, where a couunodione atsaniboat, will Uut m-idin.'aa, with baggage crate* on board. Hint uiclphin baggage arc conveyed from city to city, being opened bv the way i'.nch train ia proeided with tear in which are apartment* and tirraiing rooma ex;T.*elr for the litliaa' me. Ivoiuriing, the lines leave Phili.delpuin from taefoot of Valtnt street, bv atnemboat to Burd mown ut 7 o clock. A. M. tnd by railroad f; >rn Camden, ati o'clock, P. M. The line.i far Baltimore leave Pliili'lelphia at 7M A. M., and I ('. VI. being a continuation of thelinea from Sew York ji) 3m* in 1HENEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PAUKETfi & M. M M. i o soil from Now i orL 2lsl, and fron^ivorpool Ctnofrach month. From Few York. Vi-ooL N?w Ship LIVERPOOL. llMtoi*. J ? J.Eldridga \Am\ ? Octi 6 N. chip QUEEN OF TilR WEST. ( {?" 1> 2J ?Jf' ? 1240 tona P. Wood!,onto igfi ? g New chip ROCHESTER, 050 tone. f ft6 ? *} ' John Briuon ijg- ? && ? Ship nOTTINOUYR. 1060 tona. fji'}'eb 2} uu'I * tra ourseiy, ^NolV M JaL y 6 Those substantial, fast sailing, first fld?> shipo, all built m the e.ity of New York, ar" commanded by men of e*]>rri?n?e and .ability, and will be dupAlrhed puiieltutlly oa the 4til ol etch month. JyTheir cabins its elecant and commodious, and are. famished with whatever can conduce to tlus atua nad comfort of pditru<? ?. Price of $!J0. Neither the c?|>caiu* or owots of those ships will be responsible lor any parcels 01 pacliaier* tent by ihetn, unless O'tfuluT hill* Ol ladin;! are signed therefor. Kor freight orpassereapply ' > WOODII'jLL St MINTURNH, S7 South street, N?w yorlt, orto FIKIsDK.N. BKOTH&R8 & CO.. jll SC Livnpoo M .liol.lLLL^ 1*1.sir Of PA.CK.fcTS. jpSfe, "he undermentioned ships will he regularly dispatched Iroin in. the In, and from M&i?"i)l?t on the ith ol yen month inrine'll:" eeir u fallows hum fsrvskork. Mcrssilless .M INK.IiV A. i.apt Brown, I)cc. 1 beb.h Til KSCOTT, Capt. Sly rick, Jan 1 March 5 U'UV THOMPSON,Cain.Sylvester, Keb. 1. April i HKL1.K8PONT, Capt. A.I oris. March 1. May 5 COHIOLANDS, Capt. Haile, April 1. June J They an* all coppered uid copper fastened, and have eicellent accommodations lor passengers. The price of cohin passage will be tltiu. eicltuive uf wines and Ininors. I room addressed to the agents, BOYD h HINCKEN. will tr forwarueU free of other rharge* than those actually paid Eor rVeiffiU or Damage apply to LAV/llUNCt. t PMP.f.lS tot Vrnnl .trn.1 srM BOVDk H)N< ki.N, njjr N<> ) Tout.or linihliaga rASSAUE ?ltOM < HUiX'i'b i> IT AI IN AND IHkLaNU LI VKRrOOL PACKETS. (Roiling from Liverpool oil tl.e Ttbaod 11th of every month.] r*raoua wishing to aeud to the Old Country for their fnaida (ho ueeeaanry arrangements with tfi# anhacriberi. and 08.1? ttu iii come out in thu superior Line of Packet*, Sailing inm Liverpool puuotiiully on the 7th and I'Jtli of ovary month. I'h'. y will also nave a rtrst rate class of A merice.n trailing ihi|>e, sailing every lix days. thereby affording weekly conirnuniratiou from that noil. Ohio of Ine tirso (Mr. Jsmna I). Llochck ia lh-ve, to nor trial they ahall be forwarded with care at.d dot' parch. Should tha parties agreed lor aot come nnt*, the rnoo?y will be returned to llioae who paid it horn, without any redaction. The Black Ball, or Old Lino of Liverpool rcr.k?ts, comprise the following maauiticojt bhips, vn TheOXKOjlO, The NEW VOUK, (:: A M n II lY> O E, COLUMBUS. KUHOPK SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMKIUCA. With aur.h '.rtperior end umntihlled arrangement* the auhirrib ,-a confidently look forward for a continuance- of thatsnpcort which lies been'd to thein ao many yours, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relative*, c.m t all tiinea obtain Onu'ta at a.Jilforany amount, drawn duvet ?n the Iloval Bank of Ireland. Dublin, also on Metiri. f UX8COTT, OllOTE, WES St CO. Kaukera, London, rvhieh will he raid on demand e.t any of the Banks, cr th?ir Blanche*, in all the i"iiicipal towna threnghoat klnghuid. Irertnd, Scotland and "tViJra. prar"-ut- ntniTurnu .. no 15 Kulion ?tiwt New Vork. nit door to the Fnllou Bank N. B.?The (1H Line ol Liverpool harlot* ?til from th;* <>ort fur Litcriool ou the 1*1 an.MOih of each month Partim -PtnrniiiK to the old couitry will find it to their comfort and ideao!*? -to select lliii fiiTririte Liar w tlmir twT'vw, u orrf-renee ro tnv nrhrr ~~bLL) LlNprLIVERPOOL PACKETS? $Bk PHh UliD LINK ol hirkrtafi*. JLiicrpool will liemtftcrte 1 d-ipntrhed in th" followingcroer, . xrrptiug that when the mli'ii; day I'alL on BiuiiUy, the whip* will Mil on tli? aucraed II1K'lay. ?!*:?.. From V?*Kurk. From Liverpool Th?C AM BIU DUE, fJuuo 1 July |? SCO, < Oct. 1 Not. IS W. C. Ooralow, r Feb. 1 Mar. 16 tlie FNOL AND, ijnna IS Aug. i 740 torj, I Oct, IS Lac. 1 S. Uartlett, r F< b. IS Apnl I The OXFORD, ijuly J Aug. II COO tor.i, < Not. 1 Lac. II J. Bathbec?, rM'reh 1 April IS ITv> MON'I V.3VMA, CJnly 10 (^j*. | loco tnua, t Not. IS Jan. I A. B. Lowber, f March is May I TV EUKOrH, i Aug. 1 Sept. 16 618 ton*, < Drc. 1 Jna. IS K, U. Ftirbir, ( April 1 May 16 TV NEW YOKK, (u?w) (Aug. k Oct. 1 940 ton-. < DfC. IS Fab. 1 T. II. Cropper, r April II June 1 TV'COLUVBUH, \ Mapt I (Vt. 16 700 loan. < Jan. 1 Fob. 16 (v. .V rol?, (.May 1 June 16 The YORKSHIRE., (new) (Sept. IS Not. I 1040 tou t. <Jua. IS Mar. I 1?. U. Bailer.16 1 Th?;? ?hip? ire not rurpa.n?d in point of eleynr.C? or comfort iu their eibin accommodation.*, or in their fact auimg qailito a by toy Trio la PI tbi trade. '1'lw comra.uider* arc we'J known at man of rbnrartsr and experience, au,1 the strict?,,t attention will alwaya be paid to promote the eoinlort and convenience ol piMtenu r* hurctua.ity, at regard* the day ol nailing, will be oba-recd aa Ip r. tofore. The price of pv?jr ontw.rd Li now Card at One Han 1ml Dollar*, for which ample atom of every di'auripiioa will tie piovidod, with the exception of wince and liquor*, which will b? ftiiui ili d bp the newni#) if ttqiint. Neither tli cpuiin or owuera ol thexe ihipa will be reaponrible for any l"tter?, parerli, or iwckasea *om by th-m ualea* regular bill.i of Lading ore signed ; humor. For freight ?r paganise, apply to GOODHUE fc CO, SI South at. C, 11. M ARSII AI L. M Burling slip. N. T. IWtf and of BARING. HRI1THKRW > CO.. LWl. .S* F It Bt.l, 7,E. Ht) vUUHAn?The grig IOIIN nlthr GARDNER J.<m a Prdevaon n ?Tt, will h*Te JP^Mgdc*|wteli far in? ?h re i ort tot Ireight < rpiaaege irp\r #a Aff0f S|?l lw*ec J8 Bon'b eOeor. 1 W V < EW YORK, MONDAY Mi . H KOH It4? ; ! OLD ESTABLISHED PASHAOE OFFICK, IM 1*111' Stwtt. CO.utrot ^outh tffE> ifii& TTTr^obicrihM Uyi l??Yf to call th' attrntioa of hi* Iri'nda inJ the |>ol)lir in it'iirral, to thr following for U!t?, for tin- ri'lHu.- of bruigiug out cabin 2d cabin. unl iteer- . arc |u\?ouR?rk, by the Itcgular Luir of Lirrrvool I'.ykou, till iuil ihr lit, Sib, 11th, 'ilth Mat and 36th of every mouth By ; Ui' London I'm It'll. t?iail t ui New YorU. the Ut 10th ana \ 60'h--uid from Londou ou UM 7m. I7thnn<i 27th < f.?ch ai iuti , | lu enuiiMiioti vr'tli tl ? above aud for the yori-iw i f affo'd- , ' ini itill gr? .'or fnriUtl'* to pniarngeri, the inb-criher has ri- I tablitheoa rt-KtiUr lioi nl lirst ula? Nevr Yrlt built, copi> rod ' lod c .t'|ier luieiiad ihi(>?, to aad tanciaally every week throughout the year For tiie accommodation of penont wi thing to remit money to their ; uniliea or farad*, drifts are given, payable it eight, ou the following*. vis :? ; rrciiurixl Bulk of Ireland, livable at Cork. Limerick, Clontnrl. I.or.dond irry, Sliuo, Wevfard,, WaUTford. Urnlway, Armagh, Athloue, Coleraiu, : OalWua, Tralee, Youuhal, Enniakillee, | Mnnagltan, BauliriitgO, ll.illyiueua, Pusouatnwn, : Dowupatriek, Cavan, Lurxau, Omagh, Dnnganoun. Baudot., Enuis, Uillyahanrro 1 Stranana. Hkihereen, Mallow, Moneyinorr. , CoolchiU, Kilraih. Oubliu. I Scotland?Tlie City Bank of Olaigow. | England?Mr?ni. Spooner, Atwooa tt Co. Bunkers, Loudon; R. Murphy, Waterloo HnaJ, Liverpool; payable in every town in Great Britain For further lufonriation (if by letter, poat mid,) apply to JOSEPH Me MURRAY 190 Pineatrent, ei rner of South V. Y. Or M'lin P W BYRNES Ik CO, 38 Waterloo Road, js Uiii'rr LIwVm) OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE, 8! SOUTH Si RLLT, NEW YORK. i?S?t, . P,<,e can be eugag ej r,o m I. i verjTioibTTIw follow ing apimidid packet ilupi cotnprUtug the Old tSlaek linll Liueoi racket* ailing as under 8"mm Liverpool The ih'p (,'OLUMPUS, Captain ''ole,on the 18th February. 'J lie ?li p YORKSHIRE (new) B ?ilev, ou th? 'it March. The all,p O A M BIt I U< dF .C.ipt liar tow, 16th March. Th ahiii KNOLANO. ' aptnu Bartlett, lit April. Thv allip OXFORD, <'.U'tnm Ruhlio e. ISlh The.hi,, MONTEZUMA,I Lowber.lit May. Theihip '.UllOI'r Caprain luiber lGwi M.-.y. The ah p > k, W YORK,' apt<iu Cropper, I? Jnna. In a,Stolon to ,he bov. tup rior ahipv the iiibtcriber'a affeuti ' will have a ?uere<?ioa of llr.t ci.i? Am ricvi ?hi|1 ikspat ped, I m cuitomary, from Liverpool, e ery lour or live .'cyr tlirouut,out the year. 'O the <1 11 re.,t porta in the United .""titea, by which pa tag* e.<na eared at re<'u ed ate*. Trioie s tiding i ior un-u ir ruu. i.ann it iu ijrit nn am inn.uiu, m>y ro-i ly tl; ( every caie will ?> taken to mak? Pi?*> ni!?.? a- c< m or- > , ! ? 'hey c til reaairnahly ej|ie t and li.iuld hi'i?arnK r? not c one out, the pa.' ige money wtl be promptly irf.iudrj. | | limit. r.tu J J Html hi' 'uruiih?d pyab'cat he Vvt o .al and r Pm-jtei <1 U.-tuk* of Inland and hraurh a; kvit.rn U ink if. I Sc i aud tuJ b ajjch a; and on M a.ri J. II.dt, Son Kt I'o , I j Banl.r-r I, inilou Maara J. Darned Ot Co., Banker., Lifer- | ! pool, hi h are pay-ibh throughout England nd VV'.tlee For | further ;*a tinnier, apply (if by letter nmt pud) to JOHN H JIDMAN, 61 Souths reel. ue&r Wn 1 a reet. I N B PaMage to Liverpool and London can at ill rimea be ' Mi'iut-d by the regular packet shipa, tailing for Li?rn'"ol every five dttya and to Lo. dou an thr lit, 10th aud iO-hol each rnotitn on appli ttion oa a?ove. jllrc TAPSl'OTT'S GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE iff^ jf8& ARllA GKMF.NTS FOlt ISM. The aubrctiber* bee to call the -tte tiuu of their fneuila and the public g-uarvly to theirauperior arra s*u??"t? fo bringing out iiaaaetK'r. fr. in and rv it ing moiioy to ail porta of rLo'.'li it Ir I nd, Se al ind uml Wa ea. THE NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACh'F.TS, COMPRISING THE tit * If E N Or TDK Wk ST, 12M too* TIIK SHERIDAN, tow -out. THE MOCH . STEM. liHM toaa. TIIK GAUKM'K, 1000 tons TllE linVTI SG1IKK, I(.M toua. THE ttOSCII'H lOOu too. inr li' r r.hi t'l.Li, 11JV LOqa. Tut: hid ons, mon t"ni Bailing foui L. v-r|HKi| twice ?titt mnnth, and fHK UVITKU I INK l>1VtHp<)0'. PA< KKT8. cemtmsed ol claaa Ain'rcm picb'la from LivrP'KJl fmr timea in each mouth, are the ?hn>? in which thnae v. Iwre pa* .life nny beeu,{a?ed w th the au'ijei ibcra ?ill come ut in, and it i> a well lni> 'uf CI the above, nnmed pncketa ne the moat m enfier t afloat -lid the frr^ac. cy : ol lb .ir taihii8. J'^'iiK every live dav i |ir vrnta the p aaihiliry of paareuyer- neinu uuue.en.irily ile an.ed at Liverpool. Hey.r' fexpenw, ii' orJ?r la meet the waul o' th 'public and the wi hea ul'the r triroda, M . Wm. Tipiwc-it oucofthe Arm. liar Kone to L vorixxil to ttiperinP nd the departure for tint country ol ?neb peraont whnae I aruige m?y he ,'nnuvl with the aubaerihcra, I rt wli.rh io thooe mqn iuled witu Mr, W. T., ia a K-.irficiasut H'laniiilti" tint they will r crire every attruliun fro.o him and be otnek'y ami nnuiln, tably dfapatched. tan >uio mow ten I tor de-ch it' mini F. the (Martyr money will ue promptly refund, d. without any deduclj in?iu uaunl. iioiniuauoca?Thoae remittors money e ui lie nipple d w illi drain xi tixm. inr any amount pai able fr ? ofduconu, or auv outer cma-re, in every principal town in Krwlnid, Ireland, boviiami auu Wsvi Apply IU tif latter, port paid.) to v* * J. T. T.-iPUtJOTT, 41 Perk alip, it?? yore?or to ivo WM 7 aPinnTT. Liv>rp.'ol. NKW LINK Ok I.IV IkKI'Ol)1. PACKKT6. To tan iruiu ??? If ort on tl?e loth ind Liverpool oa the llth 01 racn inonih. m. m. m & b ??i Ntw Voxk Ship ROSCira, Captain John Colliiu;. Jfith Manh. Hop HIDiruNH, Captain K. B. Oohh. :!Crh April riluji 81IKKIDAN. Captain K A. Deirryatar, E/>?h May. liiip UAH1UCK, Coin B I li Tr,uik,2Gtii Ju?e f'r.PM Livrnroot. Ship 8HY.KII)\N, Oaptno A Depcyeter, llth March, ship OAHHICK, Captain 11. 1 H r.?k. Illii April. Ship nnHCIljS, Captain John Colliua. llth May. Ship SlDfc'UN b, Captain K. 11 Cobb, llth June. Three shiirs arc all of the tint cliaa. upvarJa of 1SHKI tora, on ill in trie city of New York, with mich improi emeata oa somhine rrrat apeed ? itJi uunauil >oo.f. H for p-imnigera. K. very car- hia be u tak"u in the arranucmeut of th or aecominodatioua. The price of pruaiirt hence in trho, tor which ample atyirea will br- provide* lmt ahipa are commanded hy iperieuced ri, who vrui malt.' evrry exertion to rfive yeaenl wtiaf&cticvn. Neitlwr the captaina or ownert of the thipa will ho reipomi ale for auy lettera, torcela or paekaitea aent by them, unlexi re xtU'i" 1 "( iadiuy are aiyned therefor ror treitlit or oaaraye tiiid / to |K. K. COLLINS h. CO., Sfi Month at.. New York, or to UP >WN. KHIPLKY h CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the pocl UwiIIIk* charged I2X auU per ainu'e lie*t ; it eiita Ixr nine*. mil twimrri I flent r.irli m* rrr. TO THfc. TRAVELLING PUBLIC. M m. ^ssk KlA.S/JSORR JniUlSOIiSlENT FOll 1*44 T' e b r. having rommetei their arriu eir.r.t*, are no .v pr. paicd > bring out mac get* from ttiit'tn mil I frUiid l>y the following firat d va packet a'.ipa. our ol wlnah wi!l Irive i.iveipOot mi trie Int. Glh, mil, IS.if, J tit H!id,23i.T ol r4'h month".? '"i ric - ll iiiy, N<w York, Sherid'.n, Viri;iuin, Liv?ip-iul, tunu-u'r, Montr* iin*, 8 'IdonB, (I xi Waihington, Hiftiiiuur/, Col'im -oa, tmini iuttra, II aciu?, A?i'tiu t ii. Lt Un-l, kmuiie Siepli'u Whitley, M'clnva ar, lml*|K> idoiicc, York.hire. (Jarnk, Humid riick, (| of the VY.iit, I1*'or.I (Vititira'M .O pirsay* cm b- obtaii oil, and very information wl Ik* given to I(loan vending for their I'rinidj, on orili alion at rilhcr of our oflm, They will alao ? pre and on the opening of oavi '-.lilo, to for. \ d pa;.! uR? a tud hrir lagg-gi to Al? my uul T.oy, ;:od in Kii 1 .'anal to ?iilf?l", n?i?i all intrrtn?dnib' pi ire*. Trial porncl'lli 0,i|i-r Lake* Vii Oiniiii hi Toronto, Port Hope, Coburg, Kiogaton, nr.d all parte of v uaadit V/nit bro'ii Proy vi* vViiiti hal'to Moo'real and Qiehrr, Canada k .ft vii (Ihin Canal Iroai i laiv.-b.nil to PorUtntalli Cincinnati, ,\i 'ii terin? ha i pl.-c.w " VV ji vii Hi.1 ii> Ip'.ii* to Pittbiiri.Ciucinun'i, Louiavil e, nud al1 part* or. the Ohio Mi.rrt J S L .uii VI t a id M All paru ut Ohio, Mi.big iti, Indiana, Illiuoi* and Wiacoaa.u ferrnoiy REMITTANCES. Eorthe aeeonniedition of |?r*ou wuhiog to r'n l rnojer to ih ir f.iend< in the *li<''otlntiy, IIAII VOK.N StO'? will aire U.-ft* n any pirtof Knit ai d, Smi'a' rt or Ireland, payable at ai'ht, for an ma ol ?1, Li, ?39, to ? 04?or in my auiou-.t to suit the parch O- F1CVH AND AOENTA Chnrlea '"raft, i20 Sit r ?rr et, Boatnri B kV. tvti elnr, Union Bulling, 'r vidtnee, R I. J. W Mil a, 3 Wall atraf *? I n From afreet *. w Y.-k. II w id 41 H o h Third air-et. P ihitrlphi* Satidlb.d b. Bin amakrr, 7 Ltgi.latrnt. Hil'imiir.*, Mr*. Pi t burah, I'a. L.S. Lirtlojohn, II t * ha ?, Albmy N. Y. it t iark, lib Ibid aaert, Tro , N V. 1/UC.-1.W. y. W. A. Cook. Hyracow, N. Y. Roatiaatei, N Y. W II Cook, N. Y. H. 'i ?lmi(lita.< o., t>?wi'*o, N Y. r. 16m jjT <m. Tlfrirlt a MW?3m lMRHaa JHiAL iNLW YUita A IN D HAVIlK rA< KKTH. Second Line?rhe Shipa of thia lino will (mall r leave New York ou tie lat, aud IIarr? on the Ktb of racli mnntii, na follow a, rii From Nr.w Yoaa. Faun Havits. Nsw 81u_p ONF.IDA, f lat M.ifh. I6lh April. CapMin t lat July. ICtli Auyoat. Jamea Fnnak. f lat No*'tnber. liitli U*-o.wnl4?r. Ship B A LTI VIOHki, I Inl April tlkiliMny. CnjtAiu I1th Hoptornbo't Kdward Fnnek.f tat Dmcmbar. I Ifith Jauuary. Shrpl.'TICA, 1 lat Vlxy. lllCthJuac. Contain < lit .Si pteinb r IClJi October. Frederick IT"witt.r lat hniimy. IClli February. Nrwabi^Ht. NICHOLAS. lat J tine. i! ISrh Jttly. Captain \ lit October. < Mtii November. J- B. Pell, ( lat February. I6(h March. TMiCMmeititoii <k iMMiMpi .irr pot mdh tuning all tint may bo r*|iiired for oomfort. The price of bin pniaaye m SIJO Piwn'ffl will be -applied .1lUi ryf/y ie Quijitc iviiii tii* ear -ption of't and liniura. (J-mda intended for tln-n.' will be fiirwTrdnd by th* mb ?, (r-* from any other tin* *1pruaoa arm illy meurred on tU* an. Kor freight or inasiua apply to UOV1) !k IiInTKKN, Agrnfa, Jci.S m* No. a Tontrr-? llnllding. Ml ti, 11 tnd^Vifrr.l i'JR LIVK.LU'OOL?Thr Mr* Lin* Hrgutar iflTlTk tlat Ma?.?Tho a*w a"il very a-pe-rior Nrw n^ifoYn'k bailt packet itiip tiUr'.KN Ol" TIIK. Wr.S , Capt Phi I if Wood.V-uf, 1!Jj tout bitrth-o, will tail na abore, Vr regular day. Kor Ir.-igiir or peaarge. Ivmng 'Irjul unl nrmy aerotnmn dati-mt tioaarp-a ?ed b7 any ahip i i port, apply to tie Haptruo on board, at weal aido Hnrlingalip <>? to WOObuLiX A MlNTl'llNB 8T boa lb ?t Pnee of tMMr . _ 1'tw imlin mil Koehorter, CM John "rllton, ID! toot bortji*r, willttiewd thr Mnrm ol' thr Wrot, tad mi) oo boy rncnlur day IW J itr _____ allrc YAOIIT ZK.NOBIA ?Thie broalifal tdcainre Yarht, ol about ft fly mat bn ih u, it for aale Mae it a orw tejioorrr naan.l yacht, ropprr-faatoond. wa 11 una and a remarkably fiat ailec Bhe eau be aem at Manhattan talaad, Dry Dork at any hiu in Ul- day. Apply to Mr. JOHN Ian ?a Arary It Do.1! , MWaM aire*. aid Ik OR K ORMNG. APRIL 29, 184^ NEW YORK HORSE BAZAAR. .VO. 31, 3.1 WJVn :!5 CIIOSBV STREET. f - THR rKOI'HIKTOIl world inform h'. fr>ndr thr pahlm that It.' Las on sal* at Uu Idiv-' ' ' s >-?it-ti.?n e>t.bluhnuu.t, upwards of savcntV Horvs iiivil ih rouutry youuK, aou-d and kind roir. pntiny savtml rciy lint mi of Mm. h Carna** Boreas, Iron Ootari i I', suiuVr for r.iuily uir, a la/i- numbered ti'in ii'Klo Hond and >a'die llorsas, of good tlvU> aad acunn. fuJI tr >tl*ra and o! gival rudtiriucc Al??,ayary large namhtr o>g o' liorees, iu'table for haary draught, kind. ?a. tin and well hroka in ht tai Tlir nbv?i' stoca are all we'l wo thy the attoiti n o' pgrrluserv Droversiaad Borwuneu * in g this market with Howes for sa'e, will huil thr ac ommodu on* of this ra'ablishment unsnrtn???d by any o U? <>l ti n aiud iu thr United -tats. Tht Ht bias are sery iry, and capable of stabling 1M I Bonn* e.niuf irt bljr. Oeutleuiau having Horses to k*ep on lirrry, br sradir g thasn to this estvblitSinrni may immured that th. y wiil rac< irt [ha n'm I era and att-ntioo, with liberal ch. rgaa. T e proprietor* old ..lao inform hit iri?u the p' blic tnat lift Aucu. u Sales Business 11 discontinued i t t'.ii establishment WILLIAM WILMAHTH, mrl* 1m#re Proprietor PHKNIX kTrnisfcl HAZAAR, NO 1WO AND 1U1 MERCER STREET, NEXT TO . BLEECKER STREET. Th-ust r>ijulit I'UBLIi AUCTION 8A1.K JjilN wilt take pUre v th s e*tat> ishment, TUKHDaY, \\ AI fit IS. roinni.uetng at eh-ren o'clock. with Curias: a i?.irn-a? "saddlery, tf . new and second baud. At IS o'clock, wi.l l?c ollered a calaiouue of Terr snpcrioT kortM 'feuticmea in the eoumry havin* P'operty to dispute of, rich-rat public or private sole, will hase their orders laithiully attended to. At Private Sole?40 6na ydnng country hones, kind aud sound, iuii iii from th? wet*-ru part of tfip Swe; two superior | mat -hej peiri of Bny llur-ra, a fine pair of Brown Horses, n I tiileudio poi< of Bay Cam cite llurs s, a p iir of Blight barrel ti'-rse, youuB a >und k?nd nd very list trotters. Also, serrral if I line add e Horses. Also, at private sals, two eery unisome Kockaway Wagjonr, 1 and a numoer of m w and sscouil baud Barouches and i-isehk > W mroiu Horses token at Hirer), aud kepi in sup?ri?r style. I Acconihiodttioui I it dealers' horses, iu s'abf's unsurpassed by suy eal kblishin'-nt of the kiud in the Uuil'd Sines. ST HI VOK?Ve ieles o! all dese'iVliou inken on s'or&sre in thelarirean cour?aieui Repository of thp cstahlislimrn VV CO VAN will stuiud .wrsonslly to all outers for burinic and selling horses. All nor*ms se'liiiK property st this establishment rnay rely upon havina a true sci.oitit or save ran IrreO,audt'hr rCLL amount or raocisai will, in all cases, bo paid promptly iu Cv-iimt nwu-y. I ( lie A kJi.N \ of this establishment is bnilr on an entirely rew and most eoorenieii plan, n i ? ectach d from tl> man b idiug and >i bl , ilnre y not i t-r on jr in (lis leas'w ith ii|sy oi sale U r?,s out o c miiu in on tho day of sue lion salts At ell o:h*r 'imes ihv A reus is kept entirely rlrnr, sad re served fir til ac omiaadaiion of private Ivorses anil those onsale, slfordinR ev.ry lacilit) for rs rrise.tiaiuina ami showiua h.irses. COWAN ANU 1)11,Kn, aid lm*ee 1'roprirtnn. p? .Cat eta Mir. u? legant Natita f or rial* lortfitiari-1 lflkilv trnnril Heaver I at (he 1 ,vv orieo wf 11 *. tu.i. rior short i ol Pn??i u Vlcl^kiM ur ? I. I'll**** liati aim equil in 'Itrubi- j litv and lu tre to Jul** ?old t $> \ *;>, uu drti If at Si a j very u<** dr ? hat. BltOWX Pr.vft caI I latter ! mtf l?n*m I4R < kimI I m BOUTS AND SHOES. M LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.* "^? ALL ffll 1 WE -\R th? afcov article. .unl?i.<h to utre mo.icy, hail Mtlfi lo?*no tiriu in il my i tii? Ouhlotmblc Ron. it Hhoo Htorea of S f HR(JOR% Noi IEj l \ uu' 61 lirer itvteu ;tr. t. where all inty >uu 'h m.?;?fi w tin .ui smelt* i at '.ci ityle or tnahw^faviioii *ud liuuli, eanuut be laami.'j or pcrhpt>ie<jniti|e.| in this city 8. P 8. b?<? to apprise in particular those) < e? nndyot!'? men who cornier it well htliint bo > or icvbrf <u miii.tpeuiiMe article to the tout of all within th' r n/tt rnund*. that Ii.OV, or 61 UissMiwichitB'Pt. iir tne ooly ploo'i u ->rw York they rud >3 pcml on b nnr >ui rd N. U -?Ladicami Mum limbers, he., always on Ivuid i' eu'lle.s Tvi'tv Kempirhar <6016 ?ri! 161 Hvpenwieh ?treet..n''Ti f 15 :!? ? HKKF! BKEF! BEVP! 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Pro.-rieior of the \bhey Ho te , wuiM .etnro ?li wilts o ?ni* <itire ?* of New kcr*vfor th lib* *1 |Mt ou n e i?e* nw#i- on hu i?l u-e 4ie put s asou. Hy .I-net iiiteu'ioii t* th** l?Utii r.i 'HiJ waaU of lu? guiic*. he hopes f if r eoiitmuauie ? f h .nine To rh o wb h Wr uot visit <1 *?** place, he * old lespertful* ly say. thnt a nrft", fi lOol i irunii n, n i|> died wit th" i.eccjiiiifi 1 d hi?uri.*?of life? 4T 1 ud? mi?nr,*ts*d n Icimou, U'lU ynuJ ov liiiftfi-o^rel h it'? green ur m. IWM !l uii'l u sMlndr, w th atteut ?? ;G*t~ w iii their ca 'iwg. i?c li* m-i w th th?-r fundi#*, will fm I a l?w 1.0ur3 well spent 1 *i in-' c ool nh d?* of th old f ?ees >! 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Cu John street,) offer for anle on liberal terms, wholt^nle and reiuil, lite following aj delta, rr*:eiv"d by recftnt arrttals ? 3tIiu tn at Zc.ihyr Worsted?moat complete &?aortme?it ?:i this eoanUT' ir-an for Kaibroidery, of and worsted, ia fJi widths Berlm k'wbroidory Patterns?of the eh^irmt ?r.d ufwest c!meii'.ifiiw; Kinbroidenes, finisnra am cnmnsericcil on velvet a?lli. wo/slnd hqiI cot'on, warktd in the most ijuite ful Pins/tu style Tassels lor Hair Dresses, of yold, silrer.end silk and tins Mril; HVrncsierji t.'ombs, Hair Pun, uad a lart;# snriety of other leant fill Paris Ksuc.- Articles. rum* OriiiuiPiiU?So* I, itilt md tiivrr Bonds; Sn^leX Pnw T wiit, pi .tin '.ml ?h.ided. iu atic* a and aj >001 a hnrjroittarf and Jlo .ver Clmillfi of silk a ?1 m**Hl Ml n Ik. Alto. 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New York A,?ril2S'h, IB44 ?i?5 if c HKJFLv 1 vIPijmTaNT. - A* the aeaaou u last aj?i roach' .it f r the bed bug* to iki>u f 'sincae t' i / dtji or j tiona it i% !? n y i rmar , iu i>ro*r 11 ti * ml th it a ma mice, tlw h rein.sly should a O'laarp'l d and more ait ru larlv mihr Am ol Mi ia so n* *r m li nd, w eti pe pi*. more or l*a*. are r'tn i?uu Loin one hou*? t ? another luljeetiug them, in mioy iaataueea to be omnia wit. th a spociea jf rerni ii. By the m* of tiiia rowd n?1 prepimtioe, wh? tin l>e rr.iw d wifv the | \i f or wrm w* U. . nd l>wi applied c?j tbs wa)|j, the e it a cc ta ntv ol |ir. n c 'ho.r appea a i. 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Th* pr.ipri'i r miring , *r ,t*d mity y u? f-mity lo the t M m hi of I i li i r h ? at ! nx h usi*'d tl in romp-?i> x a |-r paru'ion. *tn h hut prnvrtl rntiiiantly ?iic*i-? In I ? rnry i I'mamo* imn.nn, in irnmnti- ( ih* ifr-wlli s d s'TCotthcninX ih* mots < I ihsfatr mid in i'Mt it rabd'n st Mi ?.st*d mr vain i lni ,.ro urn* I a li avig r' xm gondii of 'h- liar, as it t- 'iti d to by trrrra' highly ritpro a Is iud nduats, wW earl bcalos necnroiisiiy iha inrtunttnii. T th" Mi*? th* !Iair Tnuie it y-vttenhirly rrromn * d it it Bivrt a Imu'iant I ri'l ?n y to th* ha r ai d yr-s-irat tfv* cu is trmi thf ffiftt of thmpt r Ocutl tn 11 who ? i?ii to imp or* th'if wJiis'afs. will fnd h nS iJinti il.-sirad M liU t X ri'HI th m a thick. xlrtt,. liua eori m appeari c*. I'lipiO i and sold fcy Pr- II Jaja*. rh;| ,d?li hi i For sale by A B &. D. StN.S, 7} Fulton str at 2)3 *r id wa' . and spti lmffe V Kitt Brn.vtwav FltENCH ANO ENOUSII Ot.F.OSTATIC I. A MPS, AT 15 MAIDEN I.ANK AND .119 BROADWAY J It I ( il\ b"d to nfnrin t'rtr Iri-i.tft and ttia pui'ie x*r* rally, thai they ha a ju i tor r d au al xt u ai? .rt nant ol Fravati aid Knflisli fVmrlslta l.amya: K ( i h and Aman. fnu Solar l a opal also. i;*?r pviaru Cha <k I a t, w ich for v.i'mty god snrraai r.ny thr x of th bind h*r* of rt nil r* i for Th*y hara alto n I ir?'* nmrt a tit ul HousefCcrjiiog .filiates earn id log of if dolus. C nd-lihrm, t' l>a I'utirv ?nto ug' no and Bh IR< 11 lin Wioi 11 all Cultural, Mautrl Cloaks -Cat nsrv, U ton k Anns B itinmt H'ara. Block Tin Uish Corart, Urns. Oa nun silrar War*. Kl*rl iutitli, (ilati-naja, aud uamarntti o har ar i> elrs. N. P ?Constantly O0 hand a I arc* ?t"rtm*iit of Silver ll'arr Tea nsta.Epottut, Forks, fcc kc ol Utauown maaufict r*. IWsoas r qairiM aay of th* abor* articlro. sar ratptwifnlly it ritnd to nail Tbtj will Bud th*i' floods as low as any ia tn? < i y aM i *rs l?w)-?. fen* mm aTm WIssB Must II E It 1 I. MR. CLAY'S LETTER OS 1!IK ( TEXAS QUESTION. To tiik Hmtorx ok the National Intku.iobmkk Ralhioh, April 17, ltMl. Genti kmen:?Subsequent to my departure from Ashland, in December Innt, I received various rommunieutions from popular assembugeB nod private individuals requesting an expression of iny opinion upon the question of itic Annexation ol Texas to the United States I have forborne to reply to them because it was not very convenient, during the progress of my journey, to do bo, and lor other reasons. I did not think it proper, unnecessarily, to introduce at present a new element among the other exciting subji els which ngitate and engross the public mind. The rejection of the overture <| Texas, some years ngo, to become annexed to the j United Statea, hud met with general acquiescence I Nothing had since occurred materially to vary the j question. I had seen no evidence of a d<- ire being ! entertained, on the part of any considerable portion I of the American people, that Texas should become I an integral part of the United States During my j sojurn in New Oi leans, 1 had. indeed, been greatly surprised, hy information which F received from Texas, that, in the course of last fall, u voluntary fivrriurc nitu prunrruru irum iiic i^-niu.c ui uic United States to the Authorities of Texas to conclude a treaty of Annexation; and that, in order to overcome the repugnance felt by any of thent to a negotiation upon the subject, strong, and, ns I believed, erroneous representations bad been made to them of a state of opinion in the Senate of the United States favorable to the ratification of such treaty. According to these representations, it had been aaaertairicd that a number of Senators, varying from tbirty-five to forty-two, were ready to sanction stu b u treaty. I was aware, too, that holders of Texas lands and Texas scrip, and speculators in them, were actively engaged in promoting the object of annexation Still, 1 did not believe that any Kxerutive ol the United States would venture upon so grave anil momentous u proceeding, not only without any general manifestation of public opinion in favor of it, but in direct opposition to strong anil decided expressions of public disnoprobation Hat it appears that I was mistaken. To the astonishment of the whole nation, we are now informed that a treaty of annexation has been actually concluded, and is to be submitted to the Senate for its consideration. The motives for my silence, therefore, 110 long-r remain, and J feel it to be my duty to present an exposition of my views and opinions upon the question, for what they nisy be worth, to the public consideration. I adopt thia method as being more convenient than seveial replies to the resi?eetivtj communications which I have received. 1 regret that I have not the advantage of a view of the treaty itself, so as to enable me to u<1mpt un expression of my opinion to the conditions and stipulations which it contains. Not po sue swing that opportunity, I am constrained to treat the qurstion according to whatl presume to he the terinsof the treaty. If, without the lossoj national character, without the hazard of foreign war, with the general concurrence of the nation, without any danger to the integrity of the Union, and without giving an unreasonable price for Texas, the question of annexation were presented, it would appear in quite a dill rent light from that in which, 1 apprehend, i' is now to he regarded The United States acquired a title to Texas, extending, as 1 believe, to the Rio del Norte, by the treaty ot Louisiana. They ceded and relinquished that title to Spain by the treaty of 1819, bv which the Sabine was substituted for the Rio del Norte as our western boundary. This treuty was negotiated under the Administration of Mr. Monroe, and with the concurrence of his Cabinet, of which Messrs Crawford, Calhoun, and Wirt, being a majority, nil Southern gentlemen, composed a part. When the treaty was laid before the House of lLrpresentHtives, being a member of that body, I expressed the opinion,which 1 then entertained, and still hold, 1 that Tex ts wan sacri'.' ed to the acquisition of Floj rida. We wanted Florida: hut I thought if must | from its position, inevitably tall into our possession; j that the point of a few years, sootier or later, was | of no sort of consequence, end that in giving five millions of dollars and Texas lor it, we gave more than a just equivalent. Hilt. if we mad" a gr>-:u sacrifice in tlis surrender of Texas, we ought to take care not to make two great a sacrifice in the attempt to re-acquire it. My opinions of the inexpediency of the treaty ol 1819 did not prevail. The country and CougreF*t were satisfied with it, and appropriations were made to carry it into eiled, the line ol the Sabine was recognized by us as our boundary, in negoti t-1 tions both with Spain and Mexico, nfier Mexico became independent, mid measures have been in actual progress to mailt the line, from th" Sabine to Red River, and thence to the Pacific ocean? We have thus fairly iliennted otir title to Texas, by solemn nation d compact*, to the lulfi'iueat of which we stand I> >urid by good faith and national honor It is, therefore, iterfecdy idle and ridiculous, if not dishonorable, to talk of resuming our title to Texas, as if we hid never parted with it. We cm no more do that than Spain can resume Florida, France Louisiana, or (Ireut Drif liu the thirteen colonies, now composing it part ?.f the United States. During toe administration ol Mr. Adam*, Mr Poinsett, Minister of the United States at Mexico, was instructed by nie, with the President's authority, to propose a re-purchase of Texas, but he forbore even to make an overture for that purpose.? Upon hf return to the United Stales, he informed me, at New Orleans, that his reason for not making i was that lie knew the purchase was wholly impracticable, and that hu was persuaded that, if he mule the overture, it would nave no other efleet tlun 10 aggravate irritations, already existing, upon matters ol iliff Trnce between the two cnumiies. Th" events winch have since transpired in Texas ore well known. Hhe revolted against the Government of Mexico, flew to arms, and finally luu^ht and won the memorable battle of San Jacinto, annihilating a Mexican armv and making u captive if the Mexican ('resident. The signal success ol that Revolution wusgrently aided, il not wholly nchtt ved, by citizens of the United .States who h.tJ migrated to Texas. These succors, if they could not always be prevented by the Government of the United States, were furnished in a manner and to ttu extent which brought upon us some national reproach in the eyes of an impartial world. And, in my opinion, they impose on us the obligation of scrupulously avoiding the imputation of having instigated and mded the Kevolution with the ultimate view of terrttori d aggrandizement. A fr??p thi- tut! t It* of H <ii J>ir 111 To thr. IT til ft* J ^tAtda rimer nitu l the independence of Irx-ix. in cotifoitnity W illi (hi principle and practice which have nhvnjn prevailed in their council* ol recognising the <iovvrnrnnit Jr faito without regai ding ih? qHeaiion d' juir. That recognition dnl not ulfi-et or impair the right* ol Mexico, or changtlin relations which existed between her and Texas She, oil the contrary, hm pn nerve I nil her rights, and has < ontinned to .mert, and ?o lur an 1 know yet -isxert*, her tight to reduce Texan lo obedience. a? a put of the Heplihlic of Mexico According to late intelilg-irKV, it in probable that ehe has agreed ujien a temporary mi pi naiou ol l.ontilitien ; but, it that bus been dune, I presume it is with the piirpo -e, upon the teiminutiou of the urauiticu, of icnewlug the war and enforcing her nghu, us ihw consul. is then. Thin narrative shows the present actual condition of Texan no far a* I have information about it If it in . or rent. Mexico ha* not abandoned, but pcrteven-s in the ax ertion of her rights by actual loree of nrtn*. which, if suspended, ore iitiemlnl to liu renewed I ider the?e rirrumiitaitco*. if the thiveminent of tin* I'uitid Htates were to Hi.ijuire Texan, it would acquire along with it all the nicuml ranc?i which Tuai i* uuJer, and among tin in the actual or impended w ar between Mexi.-n and lexas. Ol that roust <|uem e there cannot he-a J lUh: Annexation and war with Mexico are identical Now, fir one, 1 certainly am not willing to involve tbi* country in a foreign war lor the object ul acquiring Texas. I know there are thoio who ri gird ?uch a war with indilTeiencw and a* a trifling afl'ilr, on account ol the w? iikuvss of Mexico and her inability to influ.l serious injury upon thi* country Qui I do not look Upon it thus liqhily I regard nil wtira ax gd at calamities, to lie avoided, if possible, and honorable |>ca*e ax the wisest aiid truest piliey ofthix Country. What the II itatex Bind need are union, peace, an 1 putince Nor do I think thxi tho weakness of a powci ahotild form a native, in any case, for inducing ux to engage In or io depreciate the evili of war. Honor and good faith and jmtice arc . qnslly due Irrun thix country towards the wuek. x* towards the strong. And, if au act of injoxt re were to be perpetrated toward) any power, it woulJ lie morn rompltihlu u, ilk tho dignity ol (In ruttlra, ind 111 niv judgment, Iw rliMiouotnblc, to inflict it ujmn a i?iw. erful innlral of a weak fo i-lgn n ition But org we perfectly afire tlint wo ahoulfl 7>n frer from Injury in a atatr of war with Mewlrnt Ilive|wn any *cc:irity that countleaa numtwa of foreign ft inli, under the authority anil flag of Mi *ico, wonlJ not prey upon our Jffimealeai eom> mi renin tho Mexican guif, on thu Pacific o'carr, und on every other ar-a and ocean I What rommcrco, nn the other hand, flora Mexlio rIT. r, us su in lomniiy for our loaao*. to the ga'lontry and enteipmo of our coun trymenf TUia view of tho auh.oct ?jpp?n ? that the war would b? eonflnefl to the t niti J Hlatca au 1 Me*, loo aa the only belligerent* Hot have we aay certain guarantee that Mexico wjuld obtain no allla* among tho great r'uropeon Power 7 Hn|ipcan any auih rower*, Joaloua of our (nrn-aiing greatnaaa, an I drapoaed to check our growth and oripph' u?. wero to take part in behalf of Mexico in the war, how would lha different belligerenta prraent themaelre to CliriitraJom and the voUfhlant-l world 7 WT htee been aerioualy charged with On inurdl note opWt of territorial agg t aadiawnont j and, without lLD. f*4* *W? Untl. u.limiting the jnctioa of the oharge it mux be uwnnd that we have made vast acquisitions of territory within the lu*l forty yean. thip|*>s? Urvat fcri'sin unit, or tiuu of them, were 10 t?ke psit with NUxiro, mid, by ? manifesto. wen to urocluim that then objects wtre to aa mat u weak and helph-a ally to check the spirit ol ett cruuchment and ambition ol an already oveigrown Ita public neekmg atill further atuuisitjciia of tenitory to maintuin the independence of Texas, disconnect*! with the I niled Htatea, and to prevent the lurtbei propugaion ol alavery from the United Utaua, what would he ibe effort oi such allegations upon the judgment of an impartial and enlightened wot Id I Aaauiuiug that the annexation of Texas i* war with Mexico is tt com|>et?nt to the tieaty-makiug power to plu g? thia country in'o war not only without the concurrence ol. but w ithout iteignirg <o consult I'ongrtae, to which, hy tho ( ouatitutiou, belongs exclusively tho powerol dtduring war 1 I have hitherto considered the question upon tho rttp. position 111 ui itiis annexation attempted wi* lout the aiMiitol Mexico Ushoyieln her t onseut. that would materially Utei t Die foreign aspect ol tb? question, if it did not lemove all foreign dithcuiln a On Die assumption of Dili aiieut, thequeiti ,n Mould lie routined loth* domestic considerations which belong to it embracing this terms and conditions upon w hicb bud. xaiiou u proposed. I do not think tbat Tela* ought to be uc.e.vod into the Union, aa an integral |>art ol it. in dicidvd opposition to the wishes of a considerable and res|.?ciable |ioition of the tulilideracy I think it far mure wise m.d impoitanl to Coin poet: and liaimonue the preaent Ceidedrr.icy, ua it now exists, than to introduce a new elrnient ot uncord and detraction into it In my liumlde o|iiuion, it should be the constant and earnest endeavor ol American state-men to eradicate prejudicea to cultivate and (cater concord, and to produce general contentment an ni g aD put* of our cenfcderacy And true wisdom. it teems to mo, points to lint duty of renderiug its pi event member a hapI y, pioaperuua, arid aatiafied with each othei, rattier tliaja to attempt to introduce alien metnbera against the common consent and with tha certainty of de p diasatislaeiioii Mr Jeiforvon expressed the opinion and others hey limed, that it n* ver una in the contemplation of the fiwmera ol the i onstiiution to add foieign territory to Dm i onfedarscy, out of wnich new Htutes were to bo formed. The acquisitions of l.euisiana and Florida may tie defended upon the peculiar ground ol the telalion in which they rtood to the States ofthe Union Altei they were admitted. we might w ell pause uw liile people our vast was tea, develops* our resomees, pre no re the nieHus of deemling what we po>sess, and augment our strength, no ver. ana greatness. If hereafter iurthur territory should be w anted lor an increased |iopiilnliuu, we need en'ritain no appr> (tensions but that i will be acquin d by rieana, it ia to lie hoped, lair, honorable and constitutional It is useless to rii-guile thut tliei e Sle those u he M* se. and those who oppose the annexation of Tt xas it| on Die K . und ot the influence who h it W' n'd exert, in the ba lance ol political power, between two great sections of the Union. 1 conceive that no motive lor the acquisition of foreign torritorv would be more unfortuuatn. or Iin? uant with more tdtal conitquencei, than tlx t 01 obtaining it lor lho pnrpoie of ktrergthi nii-gonc part fctjaiml xxoth?r part ol the common Confederacy. Such a principle, put into practical operation, would menace the < xi? if it did not certainly row the let dN of u <li*?alutinn ol tha Union It would tie to proclaim to the ? ortd an tm>t.tiohl?i and unquenchable thirst for foreign conquest or ,<tqui;itiou ol terri ory. For it tn-dny IVx.ti be aequ J to ti'iengthon oii'i part ol the (.'oiilederacy. to-morrow t anadu rnuy be ri quired to odd strength to ano her And, after that m ghi have been obtained, > till other and further acqiiisit-oni would liecotne neceirary to equalize and adjOHt th<-balance of poll'ical power Finally, in the p>ogien of th-s spirit of ttnltrvnal donilnian. the part of tha t.'onlederacy which ii now weakr-t, would find it ell atlll weaki r. from the ini|K)tilhility of ircui ixir new theatrea for those peculiar initiiutiona which it iicharged with being demroui to extend. it .it would Team, ultimately, really add strength to that which la now considered the weakcs pal t of the confederacy ' If my information be correct, it w ould not ? According to tha , the teiritory of Tevai i MisCrntibleoi a into five State* of ronvcnteiit mie and hum Of tlieue, two only would he adapted to ttioie piculiar initiiutiona to which I have interred, and the oilier three, lying weit and uofh ol San Antonio, bcirg on!) adapted to (arming and gi purpose*, from the nature ol their soil, climate, nud production!, would not admit of ti oa institution* In the end. ibetefuro, then-would lie two lave aud thrie free Stale* | rotubly addeil to the Union. II this view ol'.he noil and geography of Ti-X*l bocoirect, it might lervn to diminiih the zeal both of thoae who oppose and thoae who are urging annexation Should Texaa be annexed to the Union, the United Siatea will iihUitit and become re?(>onvible for the deltt ot Texaa lie ita amount what it mny. What it la, do nut know certainly ; hut the lent I have aeen it eta >d at ia thirteen miMiona of dnllari And tlna ren|ionaihility wiU rxiat, whether there be a atlpuiotion in the tn aty or not expieaaly Hamming the payment of the debt oi Tea at. Kor I siippoao it to ho undeniable that, if one nation hoenmea iororj orited in another. oil the debt*, and oMigationa, and Incumbrance!. ami wara ol the Incorporated na'inn, become the delda, and ol ln?u'ion?, and inctimhrancea, and war* ot the common na ion created by the incorporation. It any fcurnpran nation enter*nina any unihltioua deaigna upon Texna, auch a> that of colonizing her or in nny way anhjugaiinR her 1 mould reaaid it b< the imperatlve duty of the Government of the United Stain to . p poae to auch devigna th'* moat fhra a id determined rcaiatniice, to the extent, if neceanary, of n| pealing to arm* to prevent the Accomtilivhment oi any auch deatgt.a Tiiii Executive of the United Statin ought to he iiiliiiir.i'd a? to the Hiaia and view a ol foreign (mWpii with legnid to Texaa. and I preaumn that, il tin re lie any of the exceptionable clnirurter whicli I have indicated, the Kv'cutive will disclo.e to the co ordinate dtpirtne n'? of the (iovinimi nt ii not tothe public, tho evidi net of hem From what ! Iihvo tern and h'nrd, I believe that Oieni Ilrdaiu haa recently lormally ard loletnnly dianvowed tiny Mich aitrit or nurpovea- liHa (iechnil that ahe ia de?liot|? only of lite independence of T? xsa, and that ?he lei> no in'en t.cii to intei f?ie in h~r domeatic inaiitutiotia If'lie haa mode auch disavowal und declaration, I preaunio they are in the po?B"a?ion of the K.xecutive, In the future progreaa o! evi uta, It la probable llint there * 111 III* H YOl'lUCtry tir IUICIIMC H'pMI u: lup VI Illl'UIIllftU r?orth American poaneakiom from tlie parent country 1 urn atrnngly Inclined to think that it wi'l In* heat for the b ppine** of all |>?irt?in. that, in that event, ih?y should tie erected inlo a separate and independent Itepublic? With the Canadian lirptthlic on one ride, that il Tum I on the other, and the I'nl'ed tttatra the friend ol both, between them, euch rould advance it* own happinc** by inch constitution*. Ia?l, and unaiuta, a* wire be?t adapted to it* p> euliai condition The* wou'' ' tnral allic*. r>ady hy co operation, to ri p I wry Kutopcan or fori igti attack upon either Each would atf trd a ?t cure refnge to the persecuted and cjiprmied drivrn into exile by cillier of the ottn.i* Th*y wottbl emulate each other in improvement*, In irce ineti ntiona, an I in the *cielice of *elf go seronu nt Wlnlat T< X*< haa adopted our ( onatitatiun n* the model oi iiera, alie l a*, in cveral i.nnortnnt pirticulam anaily in proved upon it Although I have leit compelled, from iLe im ureoi tlie inqnirie* ad Ire. ted to me. t? extend thit coinmtinlt ation to a miich irrcnur length than I could have wi?hed,( could not do jurtice to the tubjeot and fairly and in ly i x. po?e my own opinion* in a Ht.orter ipxce In conclusion, they may t>e Mated in a lew words to he, that I ri nnider the annexation ot TcXB?, at thi* time, without the u?*cnt ?l Mexico, ? a measure compiomlnln j the national character, involving 11 h certainly iti war with Mexico, prohahly with other fori ign Power*, dungeon* to the intrxrity of mi* uni'Jil, iii< in in uir pnvriii uiuuicmi ruunrjuu of th" eounttv , V11 no: r.illoJ lor by a?) % acts J aiun of public opinion I mi rr*pe.:tlnllT, your obe licnt *irvnnt. _ ____ _ _ H CLAY at Pit-taki? A terrific, yet riiblitne, lorna<Jo pui-wil ever the went end of ilie yrrterd*y, duvering the "i>ar? el mn"l? within in ruiign mid pruiTitin* tiro* and unflnl.iht I buildnifci iiinumn j,Uu ? ft In inR ihe day u? i ;ned l>) Villi r a* the advent. that portion of our citi/i?? erpeeially bi-eamu truck alarmed and looked upon it a* a ??rt of uppioxinuuion to their creed Timrpiuil on, ant It ha* proved io he i mero eliullition ol the el> merit* With tha itormrave in n lai iiuiii! ei of vrM' U liom ' hirapn nud | omia upon the tip. per Inker, f.lU .1 to tin ir u'nioit rapacity with produce, twen'j five in *11 I 'hear vd et.i htni^ht about slo.dI'O U'heUgf wheat, on I mtnn 10 f'fO barrel* of fl air, uh ch aildi il to 'he prevtou* ?t.ick auurninti It nttenns't ingly ? rtevrely any of the -chooner* nnva had or b re io dlirha>?n In ocntrrp' nee o| the want ol boatr nnd w ire hnuic* The ahippera and forwarder* merit aword* point, and nu ruurea have hero taken hy th? former to Jo) thrjr Krirvaneti hefom the canal cotroHdotx n nt Albany -tumid thi i fail, a lire ol I oot* uie to he ertiiblivinl imme dm'tly Nothing he* been done on Mm Ink* ir> regard to .learner. Ailhrj run now n p. iion mn> procird we?t. ward at hl? IrUttto nud at hit own price ''?n. /Vw?-toy + Ce. Jlpiil -it. Ship ITitit.nt> i.? There np cum to he <v nnirleraMe building of eh [? and FHtillrr vee?r!n going on in our town this aeston, according to what we ?ee ami learn. Whether 114 mm h a? f imerly we ant not now nti|?toaay. Man) other improvrnwiita are going on At l)amnii?eoMA. elr vcn <hip? and mull, r icim Ii .ire to Ire built tliia vennon. I ' antra about l.\ or 10 dwelling ho'i.ea. Mr Jo?eph Pa;, a that pi ?. ? on the Drtrtol aolo la now erecting a over 7i>n tona, for himvelf ami other* ? The new ateaai rehooner "Tigrrta," l uilun thiv town at thej irdel M Hideout, i* nnw nearly ready to vail for New Vork to receive her hoilrrv ann et gino Nlic ? of a henulilnl mode I, and rifl- eta mveh credit upon her mailer builder, Mr II Hh>- i? owii-J hy the pre pi n tors ot tho rvnntweot If. K. Pago, Copt Kin ball, and another, and w ill lie co'itmanaled hy ('apuin Willum II. Mj ram.- -Jla'A Miliar, Tiltfi a/ifi. f.tru 1 itov Smyrna.?The Sirnn June, from Hmvrnn, h is brought advices from lliAt place to March II. two lay In'rr than werabrought by the Acadia On the pre-...I,,, Thttrvlay, the Hon Dahney S ( arr. the \roerje,in MinU'er, uraa received, in n private audience by the Uulton. for the pnr|io?e of prennting hi* letters of crnieiico The Ormud Virler and tha M In later of Korelgu .Mlairv, with the flrat Interpteter of the Divan, were prevent, and tho Minlvter was rec?d?ej hy hi* Nightie*. with great civility ? Ne?(?n .&it<#rn.-?r, .1/riJ J7 h'.WA.t.t. I'?>\ ?The I'identon Sen'inel of the 20th inst brings na the Intelllgenre that the .rail po* i* raging to eonnidorab'.e extent in i'.lliebetb City, and that the < o.nmU??oner? of F.denton ?et on Won lay laat and mmCd an int'-rdiotian ordinance to thta effect: " That all interco>lr*? thali e.eave between the fowna of Kdenton and k.Utabeth City during the prevalence of Mid duoaoo." Out AT Fismwo ?It i? "tsffd that 50,000 alewiven worn token at ene haul In the My.tie ritor, it Medford, j or Wrdse kay ??w?o Jfr^ *1.

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