Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol- X., Ko. 131?YVtiole Ito. 3T01. ^ ^ KOtt HALIKA X AND LIVKRPOO Thi? Iloyn.1 M?il 8t<*m Ship HI BKBN li r? i$s-: r; ? , The BK1 IViNNIA, John Hewitt, Esq.,Commander, on il lit ol Jure uest Passage for Lieerrool-*' Pennine for Halifax *" Apply to 1). BKIUHAM, Jr.-Agesit, mi ( No. J Wall street r r ri "" * L"'u ?:n'" *nu. /nMPV he.?Persons about remiltiuz mouey to 111. "VaflJWlAdlfcfriend* iu the Old Country eanbe sapplu with drafts iu sums o' ?I, ?2, ?3, ?i, ? i c***'?"^HBs? ?:?o.?io,?HJU,?iOflo or auy amount, pay ah oil demand, without discount, or auy other charg-p at the N tioaalBsnk of ln-loud Pronncial Bk. do, Mi tars Ja's Bult.Sc V Co.. Bankers, Londou; J. Barued Ik Co., Kichaiige and Di count Buk.Ureryool; Eastern P.auk of Scotland; tireeuoc Hank iuk Coui|iauy; Sir Win. K orbes, ilnuter In Co., Scotlam Mid the branches ill eeery poet town throughout England. ir laud, Scotland aud Wales, which drafts will lie forwarded L the packets of the 11th, 10th, 2 lit, and 26th, or the Royal Ma steamer sailing from Boston on the 16th ol May, Apply to W.k J. T.taHC OTT, At their ftAccrdl pa.*.? yeoffiee, 7U South street, mil corner of Maiden Lane. ?Ail Inters from the country must c?i*n?? pott rata. ^ ~~N"hW Y ORK, "" 8CHOOLfe:^H MoUNTAlN^g^^w LKA V lil the foot of tyO'irtla. r lUMt dai'y [oumut 1.1 at * o clock, A ,M , by Hail mad from JciserCity to Mo ri?t wu dncct, . itnout change of Or?from tnence liv Po Coach's 'hroueh Meudham luster, Pch oley's Monorail I'ort Colden, Washington to Kanton. At Wellington a dail line interiecti to and from llrlritlcre. V nr seats apply to . HILL, at Jolia l'alleu's Commercial Hotel, 73 CourlUiu street. N. B.?Extras furuishrd at the shortest notice, by applyir LllMi''.. Mortrslown a|'26 Sm'te m WMwJBLm W " WW W m ? JLOVTl GREAT WESTERN RAIL ROAI) ROUTI FROM ALBANY TO BUFFALO (324 MILE8) BY RAIL ROAD. The only Office in Nvw York estsbliihed hy tho several Ra He id Companies between Albiuiy ami Buffalo is at No. ? COURTLANDT 4TREET, JOHN T. CLAK, Ureteral Agmt. NOTICE TOIMMIOUANTB. The Hnbieribrrs having besu appointed agent* for forwsr lug Immigrant* by Rail Road from Albany to ?ti**lo and ii trrinsdiateplaees. ar? enabled to tend them during the Stiinm from Nsw York to Utiea lor (2,06; to *yrac'i?e$2 'J2. l" At burn (1.36; to llQcliilar $1.61 to Buffiln (5 30. Cliildri from 2 to 12 years o'd a*, half price; nuiler 2 years free; and a JJuggak" from Albany ou llir Rail I'oau issulbelv f;or. It is evident llut it corar* much cheajier to the immigrant I trav I by Kail Road tbaa by Cual, he reaching Buffalo p Steamboat from Yoik and Rail Road from Albany in ' hours; wh-reai, it tak?s per Canal from 9 to 10 days. 1 be fo I owing eatenl-ui- n shows the malt, tii :? 'usage to Buffalo per Kail I'assage fo Buffalo per (J,SO nal.say 82, Luggage from N. York to Lnggaae to Buffalo, JOIhs \lbaiiv, IQOlbs free, bnl- fiee, balance for lOOlbs* ; auce for loOllis 19 Loss of time at least 9 days L'-kgige from Albany to worth to the lanoiar, say BitB:\lo free SO'ent* per day 4, Living for 43 honra, say* 73 Living for 10 days. 39 cents per uay S, Total per R. Hood* (6.43 $12, Deduct (arc per II. Road 6, The traveller per II. Road saves S3, They a'so forward passeogrrs u> Cleave'aud, Portsmouth ai other pbeee in Ohio; D't'oit, Ilc , Michigaa; (Ireeu Bay M; wsukie. kc.. Wi-soi sin Terrt<ry; Chicago, Illinois; trd different pise s in anada. at the lowest rates. All informatii as to ths different mures given gratis, nud Tickets to be hi oulu at the Albany aiul Buffalo Kail Koad Office.39 Couillan street. WOLF It RlCKEttS. in) 8 lm*rs NEW fORKAND PHILADELPHIA RA -ROAD LIN DIRECT. Toe Ngwaaa, N'rwuaurrswici.PRiiscgToc, Tkt.wros, Eordkwtow* AISD BtiitLiiraTON. cigeato s*6b wm? HMRaK THROUOH IN SIX IkOURP. LaariagNew fork daily from the foot of Courtlandt ??. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4X P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordantown, Rom thence I Cmmlioat to Philadelphia. The Evening Liar proceeds direct to Camden (opposite Philadelphia) without change of cart. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot (,'onrtlandt street, wh*re a commodious steamboat, will be reedu:?is. with baggage crates on board. PiulaiUlphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to en m ihout befog opened by the way Each train is provided wi s car iu winch are apartments and dressing rooms ra;Tao>ly I ihr la lies' nse. Rutuming, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of W nut street, bv steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. 1 ?nd by railroad from Camden, at 3 o'olock, P. .VI. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at "X A. M., a 4 P. M. being s eontiunatios of thetinre from New York. J9 1m* in SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS. BLOO,V1|N4?DALE. M VinHATTANVILLF. AND FORT WASHINGTON LINKOK 8TA<iE3 F*r? to Muuhaitanville i2\ cents? Ft Wash ingion 24 c*nts. This Lone will to W Utt* "WWfc i->nf? ninwli.i# on .-iaturuay. May 4tli. 18' US t. I' .? Leaving si.uihsttauville, at 6 o'clock A. M., and conliti ruui.iii,; every h ur until 7o'clock P ?1 Gar ii( Nrw V01 corner ol Tryoa Row dud C but 7u>ra at, two dootsi&stoft Harlem Railroad Office at 7 o'clock, A. M , and continue rn nuig evera 1 our until 8 P. M Stages leaving Hurt Wash ngtm for City Hall, 7)4 AM n 9%. 11%, I P M., ?>i. 4 anu ?>?. Street leaving t uy Hall I k ort Waihi >gtou, 9 A. M., 11 and 1 P M., 3, 4 and 6 'I lieae at .ge* p as o.i the lonte lieeo'a Hotel, ttnrnh m'a Ma vioii House, rphin Asylum \uH Lunatic Asylum. 8 nckei Bay .a I bey Hotel, Trinity Church Ceraefry, Hich Bridge Kort Washing am. B .UOORK, m2 I in rc Proprietor. YORKVILLK, ASTORIA, HELL GATE FERRY ivAVENSWOOD ANU NEW YORK STAGES W ill co ..m*uce running on .Monday, M 1114, as follows vjyiv Leaving A?t Tin, at 7, 8,9, and II o'tlne j\ <i ii>i 7 P. M L? 'Viuu3I' iham street opposite City H,ll ct7, 9, 10, a 11 n'clock A. M 11. 8 4. 4. 6 aid 7 o'clock P M. This Stage will call lor i astenge-a at 211 Bowery, corrsr Pell aireet. and at Hazard's. Yorkriile. All bsgyageaii owner's naW On he arrival of the it\ge at Aatoria, it - ill i inediatel v be in readiness for conveying paiseugera to Ravel wo id and Long laltnd Farms. Fa e i2)4 ee, ta. Hors-aaud Wagons to let. LEWIS St CARTER, ml In" er Prepriernrs SIJ MM r R~7iTt RaNGEMENT. NEWARK AND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY 1?' CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBO\ CAPTAIN john CI a F FY, j|| Ob aid after Monday, May 11, will run lL .TITAb.:, jafolliiwa:?Le ve Newark, foot of Centre at. BsmJBUjEsIK A. M and I'a P. M. Leave N,v/ Yor fool ui Daiciay st. at 10 A. M. ami 4 P. M. Oo Sundays?Leava Newark at 8 A. M. aud 2 P. 1S*W York at 10 A. id. aud 4 P. M. Vrcignt carried at very reasonable ratei. Uty 10th, 1841 mllrs ~ PLEASANT AND ' HEAP " X' URSIUNH! SUMMER ARR~1NGEMEJfT. NEW BRIGHT. N. POR I' HI HMOND. (STATE I'LA D.) A NEW YORK KERRY, From 1'ier No. 1, North River, font of Bst'ery Place iga The stism'O t CINDERELLA,willr ?i*tcriwtdP'' fellows, duly:?Lnvai New * a jffi W Or II o'clock A .VI , et 3>g in do P. <V1. Leaves P ut tticlunoDd, st 20 miantes to 0, and lli minutes 10 A. M.; at I, and 4)4 P. 1V1 Lewes New br'ghl >n, st 0 and 10 A. M.; at IJ4 and 4 P M On unday?Leaves New Yoik, atWai'd II A. M ; at J am P. .1 1.sews ''oit Kichmoud, at 20 ininutei to 8,and 10 A V at 1 and 4 P. M. New Ye.k, May S, 1811 myll Cut ~ BBNEW YVKNINO LINE FOR ALBANYL u Fare $1?be ths 40 cents Deck Gs. rt4frgWkSs aa 'I ha New uud Splendid 9 teem boat NK' rvij?JFIAidiJHRSE'.Y. Cai t R H. Furey, will have i -3&^SKjE.pier foot of Barclay street (north tide) Wednesday evening, 14th iu-taut, at seven o'clock. Fagular days from New York, Mondays. Wednesdays a Fridays ; Irnm Albauy. Tuesdays, Thursdays ri d Saturday The New hr.ry bas been rrbui'land ramudelled, and till Ii|p III the b?st possible minuer. Miches a 'urgeuum' sr of e paui State Rooms, a large and ruiniuo Ji vus Promenade Deck Ladies' Sa'oou with alee.dug accommodations lor 100 rvrsoi and est' Mis e ami acy Calmis Alt ige'lier, she las tleepi Fcenmmods'ioiis for nearly 700 persons Her draught of vv? is ligf t, so tlivt she will alw ')'s be able to cross the bars w il rot detention or trail-liip'.'ent ml'' tlm'rr ALBANY I)A Y LINE . AT 7 O'CLOCK, A M fijt FOR ALBANY and Intermediate Lar ffiW?amPi?K' 'he usw and tpleiid.d scaiubi "* ** * -flu'ru aMERI'PK. 4Jartain M.H Trui dell, w ill leave the sleamboat pier foot of Robinson street, Satu'd y mornings, Alsy Uih, at 7 o'clock. For pvscge. apply on board, nil Ire ? W~> ALBANY DAY LINE-For Albany a Sm?'no rm-disie Landings, at half-past 6o?ctoc Ml I'd.on IlICA, Captain M II. J rnrarVII, willlmre t foot of Iliibioina attarl, on Monday, Wrdueaday anil I1 rid in-I rni Dim. Hi o'clock ... ? I ha HOU I'H AiMEKI' A will Imw Albany for N'w Yr nud intermediate landing*, ev?r/ Tu'aday, Ihiradty a Matn dav nmrmnra, at t?j o'clock. win A**- rOE LIVERPOOL?New Lin*? Kmaltr l'?cl >f!TjV',fKlh May?'I heap'eudid packet ehip911?.KJD 41 .aEBMK.< ip'a.n K A. Uepeyilcr, of ie?0 toua, will Mil thove. rr regular day. Kor freight or paeaagp, bavinf arr .mmoilatiom un-ouall for tolmdor or comf ,rt, "ppl, on board, m Orleana wharf, fo of Wall atreot, o> to E. It. COLLINS fc CO. M Sooth it Trice of paaaage f 180. The t achat vhin llarriafc, ("apt B J II. Tmrk, will aueee tin Sheridan, and anil tha Jlitli of June, liar regular day. a2V rvWii. JK LIVEKrUUL?I'ha Mra Line Itegui Rflf Pncketllat Mav.?The r*w aril vary a'pirior Nr nrfc built packet ahip QUEEN OK THE VVI 8 1 .:,i I nil 1 p Woorfho ua a, lJio u>n? burtheu, will ami u abot liar regular day. for Ireight or parasge, having elegant and roomy aooomit iLtiona nnnnrpa.a. d hv any ahip in port, vpply to aha Capu oa board, at wit ?i?|a Hnrlin* slip, or to WOODllULL k M1NTURN8, 87 South at Trice of oaaaage $|n?. I or pa an (up Roehejter, (.apt John Bruton, F08 tt burthen, 01P atircred the Qneeu ol the Wtat. ard rail on 1 tegular (ay. 21*t June ,n,rl ,.4^ IATOOTTOttKNERAL PASSAGE o riCE-Kamoaad from 41 IVak alip to 78 A, ,,,h jnSuMMs* comer ol viaidan lane I'araona n* to teu 1 I llnir f inula in tha old ountiy, can (>V calling on 1 ha anhar her* make the nereraary a rHiigementa on the mnet adv 1 u?tr?r! t#r,n?. Mr. Wm Ttpacot' b-n g 111 Livarpool ra .dcra ira ac n | uch buuneaa wnh ill in highly ba. rfiti.l 10 all (?, wi-hing to have tliair frli-ud* comfortably and quiakiy il I au had. a for any amount, payabl? on demand without ary d count ,ranv clia'gr whatever, in nil tha princil al lowna ihrnna out Kiaai Britain and Irtl.-uid. ran at all nmn ha el> unru application to IV.kJ T TAl'dCOTT. At their General Faaaaga Often, mil ' > 78 lentil at, en roar MaiHan la gggggaaL L jigaBBawgeagggg E NE fllliu . ? " ' - 1 *? L. VOYAOK TO V/VKIOU8 PORTS IN KUKOPK, ASIA. 1 K AN0 AFRICA. IN THK MfcDlTKKKANKAN. ( ill SSH A firit c|ji? ? > ?!. with tuprrior ncnouimoil tioni ' NMMtV' , r r*at?iRers,will be dUp ifrhfd ,i? aoovi* on ? r about * NtriKaKatha 10.h pros uiO, touching a? th* Azores or We. rem t La 1*Iaiiu?, tlisu p'ocewdiUR to (?ibr*ll>r( t!i< iiC4 to Maltt, where t Mrdit* rFiii'au pilots will be t^k^u theice to Athens and the n Grecian Islam's, lh*nce fo ('nnstajifiaopl*, wh^ri* tc.e ptiocipnl 1 part of ili*outW(leargowtll be dispoted of froru thence to j 1 turd"* ami ib?? Kuiusof ancient 1 rov, thtnc^ to Sinyrns. I >"cio, Samos, Mhoder, Cyniui, Tyre ^?don, a, noJ jj Joi?pa, where ihe v ??se| will mutiu n suft ie it time tofrimbie i passenger* to visit Jerestfetn, :h*u return down thaMeliU*r- J , raueau via \e gypt, Tiipoli and Syracuse,and if time will per- \ 0 mil, aid the ptsierg rs den re ir the cruise inny he eilended to | i* Messina, >U: I ?, Up ill Veecopi the seip. rt ol llom*, t?ieue* j to Corsica, hdon, Leghorn, Genoa, Nice. Mars* ilka and Ut'ce i ,l* lona, touching for supplies at Tangier and Made ri, and taking ' s.i"invril passnse acrui* llie wvuiiuc, milting 11 u-sicu a | "J b'i?i stop at Ch-w!eiion, S C. In laud pnssens'rs ami their ; ,* effects. and thence to this port 'J he yoyuge will prob-ibl* ocrupy shout 7 mpn hs, during which time roach valuible C'ln*" unreal and oilier informs'im miv he acijairrd; alto highly in- 1 "J tenting ra net of curiosities kr. may he collect u This " ! < ue r np.'ditioa, projec'.ed tot the [ urpose orcpvning new atenr.Pi I??? trade brtaeeii tlie old and hp,v woild will djubt'eta bp una of pri fi as well as of pleasiir* In the all of whom, besides k?i, g proud-d ' w ill ern 7 possible en r.furt a d ciiiiveiiieuca to ta 'oilad on ' _ board rf a s'ip. will b- allowed to tike witil.lliun j the cruise, a certain i] lantity of saleable goods to dispose 1 ol by b rtcrnr Cthtrwlie whuli Puvi'e.'e il impKred will w prubtblv yield a profit sufficient to newly or i|uue coyer the 1 k price of passage The charge to each passenger, provided a T. niffic'eur number olfe s in s"asoo, will uotrsc ed tins u?u tl ct ' p H hs of a gentleman passing thesnmroerat tsartogiicir Niagara. .1 J huso wlio miy wish to avsil rb ins' Ivei of his favorable ? opportunity for acquiring prai tical commercial kaowl dje and i ' visitiug the Huly Laud >U<1 tnanv other places of importance / to the student, the mail of pvasure and of busiu'ss, will please jj make eerly application, as thesizs of lbs* ves?. I to be emploi ed on I he voyage will depend in a measure uo'ii the number who c ine I'ortvird oorly will onfiign psss g.n The company will be select, at d will he furnished with every possible information ? r?spectii t the artibs most saleable at tin poiti iuteuded to lie vi-ired, au ' ihe most advisable investments to be made in rer turn. For freight or pissige, aoplv to [ in 12 2a vre HA.Vl'L W. DEWEY, 109 Front ?t. - " XNe.vy IslNE OK LIVEKl'OOL I'ACHETtT , To sail ttorn new York on the2Uth and Liverpool oa the 11th e> ui uacn month. j#.. Isum Nrw son it ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, Mth MarchShip rtlUUONS. Captain E. B. Cobb, 26tli April, ejiup SIIKRIDAN, Captain V. A. Deneyater, 26th May. ship (JAitKICK, Capt. B. I. H. TrasV, 26th June. J- Krom Livrerooi,. ii- Ship SHERIDAN, Captaia A. Digieyster, March, er Ship OAllKICk, Captain B. 1. H. I raak, 11th April, a- Ship R.I1SCIUS, Captain John Collins, llth May. ? ; Sinn SIDDUNH, Captain E. D. Cobb, llth June. .11 I tiese ships are all of the first class, npwards of 1000 tons, omit in tlw city OS New York, with jnch improvements at lo combiuc great speed with nnnsnal soinlort for passengers, er Every care has been taken ill the arrangement of their accutn13 uiodalious. The price ol" paseaa* lieuce is 6100, lor which I* ample sloree will be provided Tneav ships are commanded by srperieneed, who will make evor/ azartiOii lo give general satisfaction. M Neitli-r the captains or owners of the ships will be response Die for any letters, parcels or packages sunt by them, unless reIS u'"t">f lading are signed therefor For freight or passegn app'y to jh,. K. COLLINS i. CO., M Bouth St., New York, or to W B>* /WN. tlHlPLEY It CO.. Liwarj-o,.!. Lrtli-Tj by the pacl .is will be charged li)s c?uU per single 00 hei-r ; M r.eius per oance, and newsiiapers I cent each. ml m 8 Mr ** ^ NKW YTOOAR'D IIA.VKiWfcKETliT^^ id wwwuu ? a lie ui nun liar will nriroiiei i'nv? 4icn Vork op the bit, and Havr* on the 16lh of each mouth, as folt0 Iowa, til tela _ . From New Yore. From Havre. l(l New Ship ONEIDA, t Ut March. ( 16th April, dt Captain < lit July. < 16th August. James K unok. f lit Norambor. f 16th L)retail bar. Ship B A'tTI VIOKK, 11st April l 16th May. ? Captain < lit August. < 16th Sepu-uibar tt Kdward FanCCr lit December. ( 16th Jaiiaary Ship UTICA, ? lit May. 116th June. , Captaiu < Ut September < 16th Octobttr. Frederick H Witt, f lit January. f 16th February. New ahip St. N1C11 . LAS1 lit June. I ltith July. Captain < lit October. ( 16th November. J B. Fell, l Ut February. ( 16th March. Theaoeummod ions of thear ihipa are not aurpaaaed, combining all that ni y be required Tor comfort. The price of onbiu passage ia $100. Passengers will be aupplied with every re quisile with the eiceptiou of wiuea and liquor*. Oood* iutemleU fur three veaaela will be forwardad by theanb by ac iU-ra, free from joy other than the espouses actually in I enrred on them. For freight or passage. apply to to BOYl) StHINCKEN, Agents, tellie No. flTnnL.?* Rtiildinc. cor. Will ami Witrri o! ia FOR LIVERPOOL-Warranted Firat Britif . ftSTflV Ship, auU tails ou li e 2l?t of May?The veiy ft eA ;y. copper-faiteurd British ihip It, LeN TUONIith SON Captain John Petri*, has ue r.y tlie whole of her enrw ror euaaaed nud goi, g on l oir I, but cm jat lake a few tuna ol col >uml goods ana will tail as above al- For nm >ncj of Ir igiat or ca'-iu paasage, having very head Id. eome ?t?t.e-ro <in aceommodanuua for eight csbiu passe g?e, who wid be taken on m den-le termi, appl, to ' apuin Pt~ at tr.e.ou board, at pier'-'o h) North Itiver, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS It I o., inllre 13 Fnltoa at, near door to the Fnitaq Bini: djJj? FOR LONDON?Par lut of the 10th May?Th. afjMryiiacUet ahip MONTREAL, Captain Tinker, wilt JFadUi^uiil ki above, her n-gr.lardjy. >rt Too e Jetuous of seeuriuj berths Will require to make early m- application to 14 JOHN HER DM AN, 61 South . reel Paatage Crom London and Liverpool can at all timea he arc ne ured bv the legulur packed, at the laweal rat?a; and draft*, rk. at aaa*l, be fanrariad, payable at al1 the pr-net al banking he Institutions through jut Ureal Uritaiu and Ireland,on applies in- tion aa above. u.7 toll rc nd ~iPACKET FUR HAVRE?Hecond Line? 1 hr ' r ^T- CHOLA8, John B Pell, master, will f"lj tiTiiii ail Ou til*' Ut of J ime. ,n For icight or paaaage a: |ily t i BOYD St IIINCKEN, r'a m lac N" '' Tattigi Bllllini. l? FOR NEW ORLEANS.?LOUisTAT%A*ANT WfjM^NF.W YORK LINE. Positively F'irit I'rgiilai 1? JKafWlfc Packet, to **il 13m May?Tbe fast sailing packet ei i| fvASlUN, Captain Eldridge, will positively sail as above. 1 hrr regular day. F'o- freight or passage, having handaome fnruielied aeeornrro1 dationa, apply on board, al Orleans Wharf, foot nl' Wall airnrt n or to E. K. COLLINS k CO 36 Sonth street , Ag-uts in New Orleans?Meaara. Ilnllin and Woodrutf,wh will promptly forward all good* to their adrlieaa. m N it ?Shipper* by line line may rely upon hjvingth'ir good, , ' correctly meaaured. and that the ships ol thia line will >ai> punctually as iidvr,tiled. ml2 ?i " ?*? BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINE OF LIVER f&jFfVPOOL PACKETS?FOB LIVERPOOL -Rrg.lai J*U?igli>P.lckrt of the 16 h May ? The magnificent and 0- le bialcd mat failing, packet ahip YORKSHIRE, bur hen 1131 ? toua, L) 'i. Bapev cot: manib-r, will positively rail ou Thnrs day, ISth Mav, ht-r rrgnl ir d >y. It ,a well known th t the Yorkshire is fitted rut in a m ill tui erb and cos ly manic.-, with every m.iideru improvement y an-'convenience, cannot hut add to the co.nfo l of thus. 1 embarking. Prions visiting the old country, should call aud ??e tin splendid a|irc men of uaial architvclur*, befjni engaging pa-J *?\ge iii ?ny oti er vessel F'or termi ol passage apply on DOanl foot oI Bi L-kuian street, *t to'lie s-ihicriher*. . ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO., 33 F'nlton street. u*it door to the va!3 ec P"-fir,III Sunk TIIL PROPRIETORS cf the CLINTON BOOT AND BIIOU MAUKKI', r*treeifully inform thai. J mi mt nn i customers and Mi* pr.fclir generally, that thei 4hut rrm ifrd ti air sloe* ol B Shn*s, Gaiters, he ,:N te frotn th* old utand at ihe eorner ef Canal and liitdsoi etreel* to 135 CANAL st/eeet, between Hudson and V1 ricI ilmti, wheiathsy ar* selling **rty tbiuz in the Hoot and Shot line chiM' T than ever. Dont loryet tl* nam* and numnar. "J A KNOX a CO . ml Ira'rc 115 Canal aireet J BOOTS AND SIIOES. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. ALL WHO \V LA It ih# ahoy* articles and wish to sare ino?' ! hid better loss 110 time in calling at th* faahionabl* Bo it ar. Shn* Stores ol X. I'. XKCOH, No*. I'M iX and 161 (jTeeiwich * atr*?t, * here all mar suit th< injelvr* with an article Out, In ... style or u.alta. favoon and fmiah, cannot be surpus. dor pei , haps qioillsd in thurify. "c S. V. S. begs to apprise in particular those ladies and gentle"u uirn who consider a <?rii nttin" boot or sailer en indispenaabli , arli'l* to the i"?( rf'tnhlr of all within the i?nu ntondr, the u<* 'fitlVa r' Oreenwich street ar* the only plait* in New Vuik r": tbsy can depetiu on beiog anited. N. 0.?Lad et'and .Misses' Ciiitrn, Shces, Ac , alwayi or; "" hand in endless variety. ,a O Duneuiber 1G0X and 101 (Irecuwich atrc t.wLS f 15 3ni*cc _ _____ ?r HOOTS AND SHOES AT WHOIA1SAI.E m A Large Assor incut ol lha above named ? IW articles may be lied at the Manufacturers It D pot, No. MO Pearl street. Aim uz those on n..uu til,j At be found in particnlar the following Tit: , .Mmis'hUovs'Kip r*|'d Boots Mrcs'ard Boys'Thick Brngam , Ho do O and ^rai do l)n do Kip I'eggKi do D.? no I'nuip Hole do Ho do Sowsil do Do do Half Writ di Do do Calf do ?lo >c Do do do Calf do Do >'o IVgged do Do ( ill Sewed do D* do Pump (ill d* Do Stout Pegged do l)o do (toatand Seal do , And a treat variety of Womeu's Misses' and Children's Bos'l li iua. III oiaea, Slippers, k: kc. l'e*Ksd and hewed, 'ogrlhei * ?i h a ge eral anor in .nit of Palui Leaf and Leghorn lla i. , ' Country merchants and others sr.- iuvit>d tocdl acdasimin* All sold low for s ah or eitv aeerp'ancea OALK Ik CO., No. 210 Te-rl at., ^ 7 'n-*m I nit^d States Hotel Building. N. V. mi i INVISIBLE ? WIG a* cloaety rwmblM the real heed of hair thaiaeeptaei aar cnanoiraema hare prononneed it the ti.nat perfect in J ci ed l.-aorduaiT inrmtioi. of the <f\e. Til* rrcnt adrnntice "f fh, ct uo?rl and angae wig n iti bring man* veithom tewing < \7ear1ng. which r?m id appearance* 10 ctoaely to reeemb1. I i? nigral hair, both id llfbtttHg and natural ap|>e*r*nre, a* u d.'fy detection, ita tcrmre bains, to beautiful, an porona md at f-ee, that in nil c*aeg of perspiration evaporation ia nnttnpcdefl a id .ne great cvila of othnr wigaaatirrly aroided, Thaaceptii jd cmno!??eur arn alike invited to inspect thia norel and b?ii ? t.lul Wig, and the pecnliar method of fitting the head, at thi ikf riaanlnrPlrFf'a. A. (J. Hint Ml Broadway, coreer r.f Libert irv gz.eet. ?? alai'?; 'F? ..... , ' < GENUINE TEAS, WHOLKMALK AND K.KTAIL. no THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, PRINCIPAL STORK It) CHATHAM ST., N. Y Brnntk fUnrri, SI A Hlft.rktr itrrct. JVere Ymrk. Ml firand ttrrri.nrar Ruffnlk, "" IPI (}rrenwich,n*ar FhUlnn. 'CI I III FuUnn t(reel, Brooklyn. ? ./Ian, Corner* f Maine arid IhnUnn tin ft, PalUrttn, N. J K- ?frid 4.1 Strrth Fifth itr'ft, Flitladtlphiti a , 1NVITK 111* ATTKN II -N Of II IY AND COOV Toi 1 TRY FAMll.lKn AND PI) ID II ASK it A fo he r a-re-V i ra abliahinenta, where they fhinlt will he foiled by far the bra ma of pure and undultfMted Te.ia in the United Mlatea ' ?* I hr p pnlaii'y aud renown of their hona* wit' ne r fe fiiC t.. high qn .litiea, low pricea and uprightdeiling, i? '? ' o will to render farther eoinmente neee-aary J 'rigii al and only Warehonaei (or the ante ot How<|tia a Black i- l ea. "< Iharrre ! ! "?Rtrangera W'll he partirnlar to reinemhei ih- the number of the principal store 10 Chatham street, tii : 121, on b tween feorl and KoaeTelt atreeta, The pnhlie willalao b? 11-aaed to take notice, that the < anton Tea t, otnpany hare no t lug to do with any other atom eicept thoa* deicrilieal at the of i t<>p of thla advertisement gp'Jt? lin'ee W V < NEW YORK, MONDAY NEW MUSIC. Q KJNOK BEN EDI D has ju>t arranged mil publiilird fertile J Umtar limn thecelebraudOperaof Luciaoe Lainmcrinoor, ' Dottuisrit jaebria Emfieo iim ricolero " Thii piece is heauifully arrti sad, aud initd* eosy to lr* i >erforuied. having all the lugetieif *".r i uvtiot marked >o plainly for the instrument (hat uy one b?L slightly .i-qu'inlrd v iili the Unit ,r can rasily |n?i'.?rm if Kor ?<l* at ih? princip'l mane at urea intlw'm TILE NEW BRIGHTON COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, [S SITUATED oa Kti'su Island, ait miles from (dew York. I in the a levant cliatcan eroded by th? Joseph's at an eipeme ol tJt'jOUO T hi? is tiie beat aud cheapest Boarding School ill the UuitaJ Sutes. Kull ctmrara of icstru lion are imparted in English, Latin, Check h'rneh and Spa-nth Persons hivicg soya to educita are Invi'rd toe,II an J es tmiue the Sclioof die next term will eomui*nr> May |. Circular* aud full in"ormatiou may be obUiuod of Dr. E. A But-low,cast corner ol Sroadway nno Kultou a'.rest, entrance 166 C ulton at s*t. apio Im'ec HKD I.E KOW, A Si., I' incipal. UNITED STATES DAGUERRI AN GALLERY. 175 UUOJIDWJIY, UV STAIRS K WHITE wonld resteetfully call the attention of citizens ands'.rfi'iMra visiting the citv to his splendid Coliecti n jf DAOUKIllUlO J' VfE fOHTK \ ITS, tiugle. o* in grin's from two to fncnteen persona 111 the suae plate, wlu.-h, in betiu:y and accuracy ('dslineitiou, cannot bcsirpssed. Portraits lnh?n in all Itindi of'.'vslher, either with 01 without Colore; the lirieea of which lis has reduced to those charged by the blast maaperiencad in thabusiueas. Tlx America! Institute, at its late eihibition, awarded Mr. White the first premium lor the heat Daguerreotype lib.-tiers (for group. g and v .eral effect), which is but another prool ofthe superiority of hit portraits. Mr. tVliit<u the sole agent in New Vorlt (?r the yerv superior imported Herman Cameras; #"d at no other c.tibluliun-at in the City or State caa liiey be obtained. N II ?Imported Herman Cameras; also French and Aneri cna lostniments of the very best quality, Willi ('lutes, Cos- a Chemicals, Polishing Materials, etc , always on hand, for aide at live r-rv lowest priret (71 1n?m HODUK'S OELEDIIATED LONDON 111 PTE It 8 THESE III 1'TKHtt are highly reeoinmerdad by tlie medical I'aciiIty of Europe as a lestorative for the". And are alio a positive eure for lever an natte. and eau be obtained at all llie prii cipal Hotels in the Ijuited Stales. Sold, wbole,sir only, at the Ksate Wine Vaults, No. II Sprnce street, nnder Mr 1'homit Bell'* Auction Store. Philadelphia Porter. Extra Ale, and Ch.impn|pi* Cider, of rnprrior qualities, delivered to all parts of the city free off Ipence. Hotel Keepers, (irocers and Country Merchant*, are requested to call and lor themselves. apll lm*m gentlemen's furnishing store, 00 MA1DKN LANE. CONSTANTLY mi hand, a Oeneral Annrtinrnt ol HEADY M\DE I'LOTHINO, of all dicripliou*. Shirt* made to order f er the latest and inoil approved Kieucli pattern*, at short uoticai. (' nous furii*innie tlieir o??u oiaicrii'* can hat* rlotlnug of all due ipiiun* iu tde up in the beat ityl*, at the following low i E rices via 'rock and dre** Coals mad* and trimmed, from (8 to tin Pai.taln'-n* and Ve?ta " (1 5tl to SI 71 Honthern Older* executed a', ahort noli a. ml lm?ee V/M. COLLINS. hk.0a1avay against the worllt Til II noted thoroughfare i? n"*v mlmiiled to he the greatest A mart for III* sale of nem!?trieii'? wearing apparel in the United Htilea, and the impression that has heretofore enateal in the nutidn of many mat 'purchaser* in Brosdw iy am obliged to |wv au exorbitant price for an article of drras," is fully renutteil, from ih? known reputation as to the charg * established oy EDVyAltL) VOX, P'Oprietor of the City Lash Tailoring Establishment, No. 202 Broadway. Here is an advantage to merchants aud other* visiting tbi* city to theniselvsa ol in ontfit from <t very extensive aisortm-ut of ready made do long. m?uaf ctured from the best material* aud in the most fa loou able style The attention oftne public i* particularly called to visit this rstanlishmeul and eaamius th" late *tyleol twilled and fancy Cussuneru Olhce, designed lor the approaching saatson. Also, au assortment of nch Chen* Velvet and Brocade Vestiugs, Fancy Kreuch Cloihs and Casaimerea, by the Iste arrival* from the celebrated manufactory of ? Bio'ley Fil*, Utw 'eaped expressly for the spring fashions, (larmant* sniwrbly made up to order, and if required at a few hoar* rotic". EDWARD FOX. City Lash Tailoring Establishment, 202 Broadway, Da'ow 'ultonst. m81m*ae ^ illianTpettet. n HAP ER AiX I) T At LOR, DO KULTON STREET, NEW YORK. 18 now prepared to furnivh all who cay f*vcr hin. with tlteir orders. For the clieapuess and dnral ility of hi* work, and iaviu? thirty per cent, he oilers for their contideialion lb* fol 'owing list of prices:? Sutierior Dm* Coats, made to order, $10 Wool dyed bl cks, from 14 to 1$ Cassimere Pants 4 to I Fancv rati 2toJ,75 Sack Co- ts 2,50 to 5,00 Person*furnishing thei' o up materir.'a?matting and tiunming ir. the noateit manner at the follow ins orices Conta from t? to I r-uU Hid Veils to I.TJ Naval and Military Uniforms made in the beet style. *. N. B.?Clothing made f *r tb* sootoeru and viMi'ru markets vith U' utnesa vol despatch V star- of the pnblir patronise in solicited a 1? lm*rt wRW OOODS AN U kh.Ui Cr.l) I'KlCf S AT M A li T IN'.S CASH TAILORING EST A ULI8HMENT, lil Wll.l.lAM mT. COIINKK OK ANN SI . A SINtiLK I K1AI. will convince nny Kccth miu Mere tV Id' brut v.vlue it /1veil lor ill* prim clisgrd, V. r: i| le rdid l)r*?? Coats made to order, at from ft! to 8-0, Pants frvm 9 I u> >11; Vests Iroin 52..'.0 to 41.60; and every other arti lo iu the line nruportionably low. tot u,> in the beat atyle and a good lit war ran ltd. Lf-Jusl received a large assortment of Fancy Hvmnrr I'nail me rt> and Veerings newest atjle. Pleaae Call and eiam.ue oefore giving your orders. (.eiilferiien lurniihiug their own Cloths, fce . can hive tli*m nade arid trirarned .u usual, .n the beat in the following (wicea:?Dress Coat* $7 to 98.60; Frock Coats 98 t?$i,60; Pants nd V ents H.'.Oto 8 ' Terina c.-un ou delivery. apith line,., MIC HA K.t. K. MARTIN. t eiiOTillW U MAN U Fact U K tHa. T.IK subscribers would inlr.roi nierchnnra t iaitimt the city, 1 <vlw> with their own K?odt inannfactured, that tiiry are prepared to in .nufneture every description of Clothing. Krotn there lomv accustomed to manu'aewrc for *h? Sotithrni and Western niriknts lor tlie last twelve vvara, lliey feel coulideut, with lira lartre unrulier of hand* in their employ, to net up a ?toe it at ahort no tie ^ ->no with rutire satitfnctioii. MANN & McKlMM, 16 Carmine taeg. C7*Kiiickerboeker bir.yrt pata cloanui the store. fic :t.u?nc BJOMKI'U IS Maiden I.toe, (no stairs) importer of hint lish, French, and Herman donbleand aintle barrel Fowl' .gaud Docking I i U NM, froin r>e lowest to lioeat realities. Also, alwuva on hand, an eateusive atforlm*ut of FlrtTOLS soth double aui tinirle barre a, embracing 100 diHerein kinds : neliiduic lit' modern Sis barrel K revolvers, all ot which will ia so.d lovsr tli in any inhi-r house in lh* trade. Mercnauls and iu:i Horiilu aie pnrvcuiarly iftiuevred to call, previous to nakina th?ir pnrefmaea, as tliey certainly will hnd it in their iIran age. al<Mui*rrc. \N i Oi >K (11LBKK1", (from Puis.) HA I It DKF.KHFK 'i ANII Wlu MAaKM, would respectfully aomuure to ns friends and the public.that he but removed Irom 606 to Ui'i'i Irnadwap, epp site ;o* P.i k A (i would slate, that being a practical Hair Dresser, osd'ea (in tare their hair dressed (at his Siloonor at their n-sideucv-s punc'u ally.) af'enha latest Parisian fashions A. ti vrould also n tpeerfully iu?ii? attention to his new end s et.alvp as-nrlinei t ot Hair Work, and <i atnm?r W g aid l i npre, bof'.i ,oi i.adiea end (ientlnnen, made in a ityle and av.e on. t i h-* surpassed ?ni nhmtSM, Ironi the g.ev practice ,e till but ill hit pruii tvimi, feels confident to give ;;euerul laiislaclitn tien'leu.en's hair cut and rnrled In la uenillorrn t ia th* rmm -ataivle. Children's o?ir cur on the "?"tt arpfovnj ay ate to. end Ueutlem'n will end ef hi. ?tial>l'chmcnt a choice iuii"ini*nt of IVfaine y, i nmhi, Btdthet, Flowers inrt Fancy WuoJi lor the Toilet. i il ukm inn o pnrtuoity to rrtorn hit tinrrr-thanka lor he kin) and libi-r.l patron-ire heretofore mended to him, *u?J to Mlirit i ctuuMati ?f tlx MtM, Ml l?*w FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS" Se! I'll'-. subscribers kmiM received. perlete atrirala from Hiirw, and keep cniistmtly on hand, a couplet* nsaorunant I- tench Artificial Flowers Materials of all kiuda for Flowers Feather*. Hair Ornaments, aod Millinery articles?lor <ale by IIK.NIIY k KMlN, importer!, '8 1m* rre T# Liberty street. npataira, TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. DM. PKYBifiK la CO (lately moored l.oin the corcerol William and John, to No. HQ John street) offer for aale jo Itbrrsl terina, wholesale and rrta'l, ilia following article*, rromed bi recent arriraU:? Dviliu beat Z>phyr Worated?tha inosbtomplct* a?aortm*nt in thia country. Caneaaa, for iCinbroidory, of cotton, ailk and worated, in all wid-lia. Berlin k.mbrnidery 1'attcrui?of the chuiceat and newest description; Fuibroidenea, finished and ciiinmrneed on relrat, ailk, worsted and cotton, wor?.*d iu the innat lu.eful I'niiaian style. To arts for Hair Dresses, of gold, ailver, and ailk and tin,ellml; Uiarel t?, Combs, il air Fine, and a large rarirty or otner b;;otili?l Pans Fancy Articlea. Puree Un.amenta?B eel, got and ailrer Cede, Dugl -a. Puree 1 wi<t, 11 mi ami aliade', hi atieka aud apoola; kiubroider), and ll jwer Cheuile of ailk and uieul aod ai,k. A so. Fnagea, I limps 'en i.cnl .mil Tr.srnla, imported and ol th ir can manufacture, ot fold, a'lrar, ailk, nr.. all colora and widths [J-~ B.Mich Storaat 341 Broadway, (formerly 4J7 Brncdwiy ) I 7 Uierc. """ B E E F ! B E E F ! BEEF! ON HAND A SI) FOK BAL.Il , in leta to auit ptitrliaaera, at VALKNTINK'S, 44 fu.Um Market, llObarrala F'.ilra Muss llei f ? choice arliele, all acleepd piecr-; U'l lairelsCity napei led .\leia aeef, warienled; and it'-i half Lartilt of Family Je*J", ?ery line i- t-nded for the southern market. Tlie ahoye ll .f is packed in a carelul and judiciona manner ,nd will keep good in MIT climite wiliiuul redding ion It. lie nem-jet VA!.KNTINK'? DLL) k.fiTA IWjSriMKNT. n a in, "re Nn. 4? F'nllnn Market FI.C 'UMr.HH, UKlHiUfBTB. (f roc era, Sugar llrnaei!, Bot'lrra, Coffee and Hpiee Ueel-m, nlaeeitg and Ink dannCi'tureM, i,ud all other rnsiiners of FANCY COLOHa.ll i.abf.1,8 i e reatwctfully nform-d that e>er> knid <d' w.rkintle XYLOUKAPH C BTYXtt. a <*re.ritrd in the l-eat atyle of the art, end .Iz-nl the loweat p,ia?iti'c each |iiice.,<Q) at It IIF. i-MNO'B Xylographic "r?aa. No. 34 Maiden Cat,*, m* Itn're remoeed fr.,m tl Wall aireet. T " Winks and liquors SP.I.MMI A I KEIM.CF.U UHCLS-l lie Buhacritwrwiah log to rerne from baataes* onacconnt of ill health,offer* hia -a ire took of old HHANUIIC8 \VINEdsiirt Liquors, at a yarynn The rej ntntion which hia hnna- haa tnaint.<im-d lor na \v yea-a. offera a raie clianre to any |vrsoii wisning to em ark in ihe bnaiiuu* Curly application ahonlil lie made, a 12 I m * ee jr A It M A III). 11(4 Ann aireet rOBACCO, Ki bale* Saint /ago deCnba. Ill do Oaiaa Coffee? 30 bags Saint 'ago. new crop. Airow IL..oi ?ImIO iba.. in harrela and eauma. .Heg.ra?to.noo, jnat I inning Iroin the barqne Oleaaer, in as.nrtrd bruids, new crop. in .Mr, a iteueral assort-new' of Hegnra of celnbrnied brands, if lest year'i itock, offered wtiolcsale and rruii, by A. A BAM VNOB. ale lri*re No 1 'Vdll -ml 2a# llr-mdwee pOBAI < O?FINE CUT AND AMOKINUh?VMag A cliued fo close op M inter*at iu a Tohaaco Manofictory, 1 IOW off-r lor ailea qnaniitv of prime hue cnt and ainokiny I'obacco, iwpered n,i in tlw mnni war, at ??ry reasonable on ?a I beg to call the attention ol We?tem Ylrrchants and other mvert 11 thia, t. iei|imlity ol tlie tobnce i being of the rery beat od pricea by fir lower liiao m. Jm'rrr I'lHN If FAPKIl. No I New at KNOI.I8H 1'OTATuKB?Aquantity ol "l-anevhne -up*" ot atipeno <|ii ill;v. on bond packet ahip F.mland.lrotn Cirerpaol, foot of BeaMnnn atreet. anply to c If marsiiai.i,. mil Iter il Hurling Slip >RK E H MTHT/1 -? r a -*T i<1 r-\ a a lVlun^lJLiXlj, MAI JcS, 15544. Kotbuur. [(.'orrtipoialrccs of the Ht.mlil.} H lloi ubstkKi May 5th, ls-u. ot Cloy'* Birth Day? Orphan At ,turn?Annexation ^ Meeting*?City Charter?Tyler Delegate?Col- v, 1 lldor of the Port?School Convention?Abolition Convention. WJ I take the liberty.ufter an absence from this city df some four months, of ng un addressing you upon ef matters and thing* in general, us I learn binco my ,l?' return have transpired ; and such an will, in all w probability, tHke place, it time continues for u tlj| month or two to come. Clay's birth-day has been {)" celebrut.-d by the whigs, at Irving Hull, tin a song- oil s.tiging, hatd-cidcr, and coon-skin like manner, to the great annoyance of the locolocos, who hehev- g? ed it to bo a great ado about a small ulVuir. Some few of the whig ladies honoured the company with tti their presence at the Hall, cheered the speakers, sung songs, and drank toasts in honor ol the in 'millboy of the slashes," to the very great gratiti- in cation of all the young whigs, and particularly to at' tlie ex-member of the Assembly, who is now more than ever firtn in the belief, that all the legerdemain ,i, [ of the great magician of Lindenwa Id. or the sue- ju cessfttl management of Capt. Hob Tyler, the little su magician, in bestow ing all the ofliees of profit, uti trust and Itonot, upon such men as will never give l,a their support to his illustrious wire lor lite next l'res- J"1 ulency, cannot, in any way, prevent the election of Henry Clay, at the next Presidential election. ] J Somo years since. Mr. Grieg, ol Cannodaigua, in. made a donation to the (>rphan Asylum of tins city, m of a large-sized lot, situated on the high and airy he grounds in the south part of the city. Within the vt l>aBt year, the ladies who compose and are the T> managers and directors of this Institution, by the " aid and assistance ot many kind and benevolent "a persons, have erected for the accommodation of some thirty or forty little orphans, now under their co care and management, n large and commodious fr, brick edifice, ou the lot presented by Mr. Greig at The great expense necessary to the erection of such th a building, und to the lining up the grounds in a th suitable and becoming manner, exhausted all their r" funds, to replenish which, the ladies of the insti- of tutiou ingeniously got up, Ht Irving Ilall, a magnificent and sumptuous tea party?tickets filty cents. t'^ This plan took well, lor every body felt friendly towards litis worthy and benevolent institution ; ni so that now, the Indias are in funds again, and the p?i little orphans well supplied with all the comforts th and neaessarieB of life. Two or three meetings have recently been held at the Court House, for the purpose of giving an ** expression in relation to the propriety or impro- ^j priety ot annexing Texas to the lulled States. a. Nothing very definite has been the result as yet ?). The abolitionists, to a man, have taken the field ?<j against annexation, attended all the meetings, and pi have nearly succeeded, thus far, in preventing the '* adoption ol any thing decisive. The Clay whigs vl nre decidedly opposed to annexation: but the loco- ?' locos wtere m favour of the largest liberty, and the ^ greatest extent of territory, betore Mr. Van Ifuren j? expressed his views upou the subject; since then, in they begin to hack water. k V ou will perceive by a recent enactment of the to Legislature, that our city charter lias been inn- ki tonally altered. The amended charter divides our '[ city into nine, instead of five wards, und lncreuaes nearly ull the otlices in the sume proportion; so JJ1 that, nerenlter, we shall have a police nearly etpi 1 |u to that of your city, with a high constable at its fu head. ^ _ ci The Tyler office-holders in this city subscribed t* for a locofoco, and a firm and decided friend of lu Mr. Van llureu, twenty-live dollars, and his expenaes, to attend us a delegate, the i<iate Conven- " tion recently held in your city. This same loco- f toco delegate was appointed by the convention, u | delegate to represent Monroe county, in the Tyler ? Vationul Convention nt Htliimorc, to nominate u Joint Tyler as a candidate for the next Presidency h What consistency! This Tyler manicuvreing and o management, that has been carried on 111 tins city '' by the office-holders for some time past, to deceive w. the President, is certainly and decidedly as great a ?, humbug and game of deception, as ever was prac- J.J tiscd by any set of men, of the same capacity, ? since the Jays of Adam. 1 understand, from tin- p( doubted authority, that there have been frequent ai rejairts of the proceedings of large and enthusiastic Tyler meetings, made at Washington, purporting 11 to have been held in this city ; when, in point ot V fact, no such meetings were ever held. I think I may safely say, that not one of these mm, now u holding office under John Tyler, and practising r upon turn almost daily the must nrtlul deception h and false representations, will under any eircum- tl stances give their support to him if he should lie n a candidhte for the Presidency. It is conceded " universally, by nil parties here, that Capt. Tyler fj matte * most mine and miserable selection irom " among his friends, for the appointment of the col- 0| lector of the port of (!ene#e?\ There could not Ul have heen selected a rnnn more obnoxious to every- 1 body. y In the early part of this month we are to have held in this city a school convention, ronsinliug of the different county su[>erintendents. State super- ei intendent, nnd others friendly to the cause of common schools in this State. It is expected that Samuel Young, the State superintendent, and also ' several gentlemen of distinction from other States, (l will favor the convention with learned s|>eechet ti upon the subject of common school education. ji Some time in .1 une next there is to lie held in this u city n Stale Abolition Convention. < htr of the b. great objects, I understand, of this convention is, 0 to remove the remains of the lute Myron Holly fiom Lockport to Mount Hope (Cemetery, in this city, and erect a monument, with un appropriate V inscription, to his memory. This is as it should he, ,( for Mr. Holly was one of the first in Western New # York who came out boldly and took an open and w decided stand ngninsislavery, and for many years > lie exercised all the power and energy of fits great mind in trying to convince the tieople that slavery ought not longer to be tolerated in (his land o! free- Jj dom. lie was a man of superior talents, houest and upright in all his dealings and intercourse with j his fellow man, and died about two years ago in this city, much lamented by hut numerous friends tr and aC'tuaintuiices. More hereafter. Ji llgsrEctvs. ScuTtsu Cm rcii is Canada.?A public breakfast p was yesterday given to tlie l(ev. l>r. Bums, lfeputy d from thie Free Church of Scotland, prior to hia departure c the same evening lor Montreal. The Kov. Mr. clugston ' was called to the chair, and J amen (?ibb, k'.sq , requested ' to act m croupier. To the l ight of the chairman wan seat- I1 ml the honored and reverend guest. Amniij the company " were the Hev. .Mr Norland, Jtev. Mr. T Atkinson, Kev. h Mr. 8i|Uires, Uc. Inc. The company nuinhered about six- ' ty Alter partaking of lho repast, the Iter Mr Clugtton S lose ami prefaced in a few words a speech from tlia Hev. Hr. Burns. This latter gentleman spoke at some length, and with considerable effect, lie acknowledged with leel- ol ings of satisfaction his reception in Canada, ami spoke g warmly of the success of his mission. He entered intss a c brief history of his own career before and alter the diarup. la Hon of the Church of Scotland. Spoke of missionary en |( terprlse, and contraited the little spirit in its favor exut- i, ing with the residuary church compared with the (Torts hi made and making >y thesecadcri lleierred to the origin of the Olasgowl.'olonial Society and its iatiors and theirfruits, and drew a spirited sketch ol the aims and intentions ol j, those who associated themselves together as a Free Church, and pictured strongly the resistance offered to ,)( their undertakings and the riilHcultics they land to encounter. Several of the gentlemen we had belore named f<il lowed I)r Iliir.i*. hii.I pronounce! .liscotirses which urn listened to with much attention. We understand that h * large collection he* been made in support of Dr. Bums' lr mission Yesterday it amounted to upwards of X3VI.? 'r h'f Mtrcury, May 7. Hut Ciiam.f.h MtTCAhrs ?A lew days ago the f" Timm informed its readers that an operation had lien -5 performed on the Governor General's face by I)r bollock It statorl that the <li?section necessary for removing the cancer, eaten.led over a spore aliout the sl/.eot a .foliar, A and that His K.xcolleney Iwre the operation with groat w fortitude.? Montrral H*rml4. Mmj 10. is Hack bktwrkk Faimiio* ami Coi.ofiKt ?Tlie " race between tlteee two crank iiHga?4 imlea nnd (| repeat,, for a pnr.e of 57 0?ctmn off this nlternoon at ' one o'clock, over the Kendall course The first four vi miles were run in 7 minutes and hlj seconds, Fashion keeping the leu I from a length to a length end a half all (l' the time When the hour for the second heat came round I It was annonnce.l from the stand that ' oloncl had been withdrawn Fashion gal loped round the track, and of course took the purse without much trouhln.- ffalhmm s v CUjiprr, May IB. y tnnawawpa Indiana.? we learn and have men- " tinned that the Ogdcn Land Company, which pur chased the Seneca iteiervation, have paid the full instillinentul 573,000, at New York, and having thus fx Hilled V their part of the bargain, will niw e*acf of the authorities axtrlct compliance with theirs hy the enforcement of * the law which rompels the genera Nation to yield up " their lands to the atiove oor|nirstion. The "rhiel of the a ^eneesa, Blacksmith, sis In this village last week on " deavorinz to Imrrow money ut one of our banks, for the purpose of del tying or preventing tho consummation of the treaty lie did not succeed ftinford, their physi- ' clan, utid a well educated mau, for an Indian, says the d Henecsi csnnot hear the Idea of being driven out from ' their old hone, and that, In his opinion, great difficulty 1 \\ III lot experienced before their final evpulalon.? Fhirwin f 7Vm? 1 [ERA I'kRiLons IUi.loom AacK.vr.?Au extra from the ollidaytliurg Hegi-ler the following uacumii u perilous balloon a ncent, made by tLie intrepid ronuui, Wise:? Mr. Kdiios? Kor th? Information of ruy many friend* '""''"I1"" "7 """ ? - - im the town of llollida) sburg on Mututdsy last, I lull rnlsh you, lor pHhlicaliou. alllLu particular* connected th thu adventure. The process ol nidation wns cornmeed at II o'clock, under very discoiiiaglug circtiuiincet, ustbo elements writ combining tiom all point* tho uoinpass to u general and boistetous (torn. Song, in diort, but the most ir.delutiguble energy and purverancv oil the part of Mr. Downy and Mr. David oods, w ho had the moat Important chut go under fir control, could huvo enabled me to make an ascension der such a war of tho storm*. Dining the early part ot j inflation the re action of '.lie gut from the ballon Mew thu ga<ometer, which wus noon repaired und replaced by f energetic lriend Mr. lliiikln, und the iuttation mbi ain returned but auch was the violence i f the liuntic mholiug of thu " Veiporua," that it continued toeing ond lio my two frlcnUJ who held it by tho neck, that I gan to despair ol their atdlity to enduro the rough usage ey were laboring under ut the time. After getting the alliance of those gentlemen that they would nang on to :h? last ribbon," I retained my confidence in necon.plish g the a?renaion, until I received the henr. sickening formation tioin some friend* that tho net-work wu? last ving way about the top el' the balloon. I now gave up I hope* of getting olf, und even greatly bated that the V'etjierus" would break through Int trammels and espu ; hut Providence sent a gleam of sunshine, with a on abatement of the storm ol about twenty live minutes, ring which time wo worktd in a iresh supply id gi*, thcient tor a long voyage. At precisely three minf* pa*t two o'clock I mounted tne car, and having llaited tlie vessel it was restrained lot a lew nun: * by u tope But I felt that evi ry surge cf tlio llooii was increasing the rupture in the net wotk. licit, by this time, was so laige that a bulb as ge as a hogshead was protruding through it. Know% then that time wu* precious I cut the rope and gave Y host of friends below a parting salute, which was urtily responded to by the loud liurruhs of a thousand dees, i now began to congratulate my ?elf upon the ctory I hail gained over such formidable obsluclcs below id felt a composure that the net work would stand It lely while the balloon was free in the air. The balloon uk a northerly direction, aud was ascending rapidly iui I reached an altitude of about 41)00 lect, where it en n vtnlui.l ct'.Ia tkss u'Alit AWiltfHni? it lo anil i, ami cracking the net wink at every surge. My heuit once began to sicken at the idea of fulling away irum c lialloon at that height, with nothing to protect me hut e car und net work; ai.d the sensation* and scene were ndared still more gloomy hy the lowering appeuruuac tho heavens, as around and beneath, the clouds ipeared to he discharging torrents oi raiu and wind, i nld uUo see the valleys west of tho Alleghany inounins, whore the sun w as shedding down its buaius ol light id life. At this crisis an expedient Hashed across ni) ind. The valve rope would at least hear a hundred lunda, and the top of the lialloon being equally strung, I rew the greatest part of tho weight ol my body upon This necessui llv opened the valve to its full extent, id must soon bring the machine to the ground lint the docity of tho wind (being at tho lateol about titty iles per hour) carried me Id miles before I reached tens ma. 1 threw out my anchor, which grappled in aleuce id capruod it, and alter tiounding over the tieia it caught ;aiu in a fence and broke the rail. This concussion was violent, and 1 finding myself driving into a rugged eceof timber land, I made an attempt to jump over ard Into a ploughed field ; hut the balloon lose with a oli nt surge, and I wua caught in a hitch ol thu ropes by e log ; fortunately I grasped the drag rope in an intried position, thinking I would hang on to that if my g should be relased. Having lost considerable ballast the concussion, tho balloon in a few moments dashed e into the top of a high tree in a piece of woodland, my g still fust to the rigging of the car. Here I took a hitch > a limb of a tree, and even succeeded in tying n firm not. I now made a desperate tfi'ort to release my fjot am the car which wan tossing a*.ml in the tree top, anil squills against the bnllour a ould drew the tree ovei nking me lesrltil thut 'b- t p wouiu bebiokon on llv violent kirk I sticcsr.didill relu" -*g my loot, with tin as of my boot, from the car. a single rope still held it ?t to the tree, am* '..iter I gin u fum bold on me trie I se ired the valve curd in uiy hand; the squalls, hows-vet -came stronger, until it broke the iu|>e by which I had shed it to the tiee top, with n terrible crush, and jriked 10 valve rope through my lelt hand, burning the skit. !? crisp. The hulloon in lew moments dashed onto, ght, the car keeping it in tolerable trim ? discovered, in viewing the machinery, thu had taki-lr unnecessary alarm in the breaking of the net oik, as it plainly proved itself sufficiently s rong to ha-? r>rne its loud to any deslied distance. My rvgtet was i nSliced by the favorable op|K)ltunity that was before mi I reaching Philadelphia by early candlelight. Alter sotn/lilialr,,# in tin, Iran In,,, tli.l dat'l iidvelltUIe 1(11 u hilfl, I be-gdu to ciamber down its trunk, leaving the in J f the drag rope dangling in Its ton ready for a irt of entry to lunch at in rny contemplated trip Irom Ittahurgh across the inouutnina to the eastern citica, as ion aa f can rig upn new machine The car ol the "Ves rrus" bad in It six copies of the Hollidaysburg "Stand il," printed on the day of the ascension (4th Muy, |9Mt) lao a liaaket ot provisions. Should the balloon be foutut y any i-eraonthey ahall be handsomely rew arded ter leirning it,or giving me notice of Ita wheieabouta, by ml reaaing ine in Lancaster City,Pennsylvania The commit e of arrangement, whose untiring energy wax devotee > my assistance the whole day, an I who gave me auch a hecring and llattering reception oti my return, with theli cuits and hands,ham my sincere and warmest thanks ioi icir social kindness and noble generosity, in tendering ie mimli mors than the whole receipts of the dny, bofori icy even kne-.v of my loss Alro those gaatlenicn fri m iuhtington, Mr. Woods and Mr. Wallace, tor their dlain rested generosity in connection wl'h several gentlemen ho arb-d in a double capacity of relieving me in my lots r tiie Veapeius, which shall soon be replaced by theii id. My thanks are alsodneto Mr. Joseph Jones at Locks, I and 11%, getting iny hat troin a tree. Very respectfully our obedient servant. JOHN WISH. Hoi.i.ioarsBt'Rii, t<atnrdny night, May I. The following from the tlatskill (New Yoik) Ilecordrr sjiluitia tlio wlicreulieilts of llr. Wise's balloon: ? Who has Lost a IIai.loox?? On the evening of the 4th ist , a balloon alighted on the premises of the Iter. John . Van Lexington, in this county. The tr which was attached to the halioou contained n lady's a-ket, in w iiicli was n ipinntity of rake, n small bottle, n n cup, and several papers printed at lluhdayahiirg, l a . ?'ed May 4, Io44. Attached to the basket was a papei pun which was written "John Wise, Philadelphia. 1 hi alloon was ol a si/.e requiring about six hundred yarns f aiik. Thk Crops? are in most ndmirable condition.? i'e remember no se.iion, when every branch of hiiihun ry presented so promising a hupe of abundant harvests ) tin' farmer. Hhould the successions of warm sun and entlc rains continue, the gianuriea will groan with then 'eight of treasure, when harvesting cornea?Rirhmtnd tar, May 10 Skaijon ix New tinr.kane.?The weather is exvmely warm and dry. Kiom the interior we learn that ie crops aie tufleriiitr from drought. A w ant of cotton wit is also generally complained of. Thew ct weather ol inuarr, as we are told, destroyed much id the seed, and any planters, who put in their ciops early, were obliged i replant after the frost of the UUt ol Match.-- .V. O. IhU, Ilt'iincAXR.?A violent storm ?f wind and rain assetl over part of the town ot Liberty on Mon ay Init In iti progress It blew a tmrtoi me rooi on e ider mill belonging to General Bush, prostrated fences wing galea, apple trr.ea, kc. It move,I a large shed o' Jen. I) 'a several inches Irum it a foundation. The wind asaed from liia farm, through the wuoda, to what la carl d the llelliUen farm, aud Mew down a hnni It alao lew a part of the roof Iroin thu house rf Tenuis llanlen urgh, and prostrated an nntrnanled home of .Martin hoemskcr.? Sullivan H'alrhmntt. Look Sharp!?Counterfeit #'5 lull* of the Llank n.anainghurgh arc in circulation in this city. The en raving is in imitation of thu new plata, rathur faint ao<l sarae In comparison to the genuine lull, hut well calcu ited to deceive. The one we have auen ia letter A, date,I I Mar. IH48. Purports to he engraved by limner. Tappan Co., New Voik P. M r'ornin, Cnah , If W. H'alridge, Preat.?both engraved ?f'tira Uazrttt Mii.anoiioi.t Affair.?A girl employed in llnicksoh corporation at Nashua, wm found hanging in tl arret of her hoarding houiu on Hunday last. She ha, rither father nor mother nor home. <'f.ntknmai. Cki.kiiration ?We learn tliat the lOtli anniversary of the settlement ol Reading (cotnpija. ig North and South Reading) will take place on the '.Nth ist. in the west parish of that town An address and iher exuiclsca will take place at the meeting house ?a ilhlic dinner will he provided, and liberal arrangements me been made In anticipation of h groat gathoiing? aUrv Qhitn.'i. A Woman Bihisu Ar.tvg.?The Lewiston Fallr .dveitmer gives nu Recount of the situation of h omen in Aulnirn In this State, wh cb ia enough to iakc oiih shudder. It appuars tint about thirty vent men the wilo of Moacs Mevena became iuaai h, nit for the moat part ol that time "he has la-en cr nfined ml for inoie than twenty years, she ha- been ehi nr l r fllthy rage, ten or twelve feet r|ua-i>, the thre- .old i phicli, for the 1-ist hall of th i pennd she fins not cros, I She is now in her d, Aitlioti* u tingle window or i. top hole to let In a is.v ol stiii-i.inr, an 1 tin n bound w it I lanking chains i if, r heart a'iiribg and hi: mi/ ru rayer to (iod is tuai she r .} gut in'o the gre< r. m-Ida isini arm light A .,uil, innocent woman, in the -ta'e o' laine, in a civil It ed comrn'inlty, shnt up tor twenty ears in a cage ; and except when her keepers tony have pened the door leading to it, scarcely utile to distingui-l ay Irom night ; never catching a lull hiratli of lre?h iti without" fue through the whole winter to wm m her trdw It ia with difficulty one can restrain a full eaprei Ion cf indignation at ihii. rrnel tieatmeut ol a n trt-.u roman, wh< n v.e have a well regulated Asylum lor all ueh, and eapeeially when the husband of the woman l? htiiidantly ahln to maintain her in such an establishment, -/lengori mrrt'r. Tmr Koston Ii f. Crop ?It is stated on good nuhority that #5,000 tons of ice were shipped from Roaton luringthe last yeai lor the w armer climates; Hindustan hina, and tha F.a?t Indlea ( ost to the shippers f I d 4.W tverage rocet|it? foi sale *1 .175 000 Difference >1 M'J,5?0 torn which the freight l? to be deducted, leaving a princv y rem to go to the profit account JL I). * Prloe Two Cents. Mnperlor Court. lit'loru Jti.lgc Oakley. M*r 11? .iilrn ri. Wiail* ?Verdict lor |>lointltf. ?i cent* Jamaica an<l (i c<*nt* co?t* V. h. circuit Court. liefore Judge Rett*. M*t 11- Sirphen* it. ?/l 111 thia can- JuJge Halt* livm <1 an able uinl luniinotiR charge to the jury, in thu pragma of w lilch he oxplaintil the law of patent* both i.? this country an I in Knglaml; he then ivCupilula ted the evidence on both aide*, end coneludeJ by telling thujnry that the inulerial <|ue*liou lor them to decide wai, wbe.iher the invention w a. a utelt.l one, and tvua the ]>Iuintiff" the lillt .Uki'titi ifl <>l it The inr-v t i?t i ra-.l t.ta.i uftt-r ml intu consultation, brought in a verdict fur plaintiff Messrs. Staples, Cutting an#! (irffotd, Counsel for plaintill' .N esats. t nu-rton anil I'rttchanl, Counsel for dclend ants. Circuit Court. llulore Judge Kent. M*i 11?Elliott 11. Palmer?Verdict for pi iutilT ; full uniouut of note and interest, (.wi __ I'outmvn Pltai. Kull Cour. Mr* II.?Dkci?ic>*?? 7fo?# <t nil vs H'uvii uij.?In tin* rase an action o| trespass w . * brought t ) u tenant against Ink landlord for kn uilog. d illegal Jistiei. A \ndict w i.n rendered lor pl.diitirt ol 41.'CI, ar.d the pi iiiCll'cluinu 1 lull coat*, whirli aere laved to bun. Tire < ourt granted a relaxation of the bill, and tho Attomey's fee* to be taxtd at two-third#, excipt the interlocutory co*t? ordered to bo paid heretofore, the relaxation to he at plaintiffs expense, and no co#t? of thi# uppeal to either party. h'mdick .V- llrooks vs. Thorn rt al?The plaintiffs in tin# on*#- brought their action against defendant for good# con signed to them, and on which defendants had advanced money, upon tho ground that the contract was usurious and void, the defendants having charged two and a halt per cent commission on their advances. The Jury lound a verdict for dofendants, and plaintiff''? counsel took u ceptionsto the Judge's charge. '1 he case was subsequent1) brought liefote the I ourt on the hill of exceptions Tho following is tho substance of the opinion ol tho Court There does not appear to bo any poiut rarst d' that the Judge did not leave to the Jury the qmstion w hether in fact the agreenunt w an intended to be a cover for usury . From the charge vv? inler that the question was submitted to them, anil the- objections of the plaintil) appear In relate salely to the ,refusal ol thesJudge to instruct tho Jury that tho contract us proved was usurious All l:#> hud a light to ask wan that tbu Jury shr uld be Jelt to decide upon tho tacts whether the intention w as usurious or not, and, as they have decided it was nut, w<- tec i n reason why we should interfere with their vuidict. Verdict confirmed in the costs. Marshall r.i. Mtilltr 4' Wtu'en?In this case the CorjioraI inn litnao.4 tn flu inn f ho tt/h or fliers* of ri> rtlaiti ilnrlt l ut. <1 piers lying within cerium limit*, hilonging to them I' n r No. 2S Kant llivcr, i? within such limits and nlaintifl"* vessel Iny thcie. The d< lendsnt, by hi* officer, dial mined plaintiffs property lor wharfage, and plaintiff repltvined. The question was tipoii the legality of the distress tho plaint ill' contending that the pait oi tho pier ut u Inch the vessel lay did rot helot g to the Corporation. A vndict wus renuptoil lor plaintiff' Cot'UT?I pan the win lo, although the case i* not lice from doubt we tire ol opinion that the vol diet tie tatsnd for defencai,t, w t U liberty to tlie plnlntilf to except and to tenia lull of ex.options eocoidjng to the stipulation ou taking the verdu i. Ilnnyri al vt flench?In tins esse an action tu brought for levying under a landlords warrant, and a ten diet rendered l< r piaintiO'. The veidict w as act adds, tha damages being excwaive. ?<111. kit cv. MMman?Vardlct set aside and new trial granted, Court Cnlcndnr?11tls Iiny. Circuit ( oust?No* 27, 32, 33, 34, 30, 41, 42, 44, IE, 4, 2d, 7, bi, 1, 40, 47. Common I'I.eas?No*. 12, 22, 40 , 02, 67, 70 ??. LfstTN Nati it.t:.?There are now exhibit ng in he ci'y of Wheeling two brothers, ten and twelve j i ars of sg? oho have neither hand* nor leet, but claw* lihti the clavvs ot an regie, which they use w itli tin much dtx.i tity as most children uae their hands Ciit'Rcr of the Messiah.?A new Episcopal Ghurclt bearing the above title was oigitnued lit this city fciioul seven months since w hlch ha* vet y rapidly increusud in nTmbers. They have engsged tho rctvicts of r ". ijeo. IV Itdin'.iiII lata of P'all liiver, 'o heccma their diitister, w no enters upon ins duties on .Sunday next, May 12th, u clergyman of well known real *rnl ri. Hi nt Christian qualification*. They now worship in a now mid beautiful IIhII on Washington stieet near tho looi. of Common street; and wo douht nut thnt under tha efficient rniiiNliations of their new pastor they will ho abi? hi rinse up a strong und rtomuhing Chorch.?flea/mi Btt. SHAKON SPRINGN PAVILION. 8CHOHAHIK CUUNTV, N Y. " ^HIS spurious lb.use, which, mse* ilie improvements and i add.tioi Riadc to it dur i g llir I sit w libr, is Brlirved to be out uf tlie rarit commedicD* a-d cmfurab e of tl laigesf class nl llotrU id the 8 at* i* now ready for tb? rereplmn < f ompany. iiud * ill h? "I euert mi rtie J.'nh d iy of > a> n si To accommodate the la Re aad increasing number nf (ru le who spend ihe aeason at Hh r.iu kpriugv, the submitters I,a*., sincv last lull, greatly extended their i rrmiui, hy antes in* to the Pdviliou an entirely new building, wlurh mritu twenty-sis spaciousapar inenTs, tiesidra inslrug lnrye addili ns and iin emvrinenti to tlie interior and hiiiinias par* o' ihe house ? Blinds hove b. en add d to llm vvindows?the l.?nilul pi mena e greiiniia in fri lit of iha Pavilion have heen laid < ut slid Uuleiul y planted wuli alniibs and flower*?the hath r. >a have been overhaul*! and nrw farnittrr provided, for iihiig every em:truieuce In those who wish lorujnv wilier a < Id or warm hath. No ex| r?,e or effort h*v been sp-r d |o supply 1he deficiencies of |mat seasona, ai d everr eierlion will he n ad, to receive the vmtoM of the rowing season in a inn n?r nut to la turj meed a', any other place of fashionable revert iu the I 'nm il I Slice* To those who have not heretofore v isited the Rha'nn Hpriogi, it is sufficient lo say. that the qualii Irs uf the water (so oi sltiis of which ia given lielnw ) aie very n*ci ly id" tir.vl with those of the fir-lamed Whi r hulphur Splines t.l Vlrgl ia urrpt ill it hv llie rinii-errei.t testimony of all to tliral lien vvlm ait* ao jiiiiMrd with tdth. ci e Sharon in* e*:win d llif mi t potent.? * Hunted a au elevated Hgimi of country, the IVi?iou c? m? minds one nl the most extensive v ews, and ? plie d iu lha midst oh the mos' picturesque tc*a#ry iu the ntatenf f?ew Vori. Kr ni iu eKvated position itfh"* the adveiiffega of a continually dry, cool i.nd r-fr?ahinjc atmosphere Plea on tatcurtiovi l'? ihf liihccuf < harry V lleyond Coo per* town, the Otaffo Lake, and olm-r points ju/lly merest iug fn in their tcei-try nnd iheir hitory, offer themselves on every hat d~ whi'fet a Billiard ttoom and four tp-ci m Hall Alleys, ha*? oonivirifi impri vidrd within doom for e arose or amusement Of the Win.e fculphur Water of Sharon ttpiiiiga, it can la said It it not surpassed hy any thing of the hind in the lintwu worlo, for the cure of rheumatic, rutnji.ui, biliout. and dyspeptic romplrtinU, and for llie core - I er\ m pel 111. salt rheoui, icofulfi, liter complaint, brnuchitiK and g-nfrd dehlH y it tat teea certified by tome of the moat rmiuni u eJical professor* bv a recant analysts made for the proprietors of tike 8j rings, rnaca by one of ihe innst eminent f'l.ein iU iu this C* unay [Professor Keidof New Y?rk] ?he follown g result* hare b??u >b'4iued from ? ne gallon of water J? 13ir*rbi?nt- of Magnesia II griiina. Palpitate of Magnesia '44 M Sulphate of 1 line Hj 4 h vdroanlphete ol* Magnesia and Lime J Chloride of bodi 11 in and M<i*at?tum '4 7 Holid contents.* 14$ 1 grains. Hrdroiialphtuie Acid Um, or Hulphu-eited Hjdrokvi I" 5 cubic fn. The Spring* a?e within a few boors nt'e of Albany, Troy Saratoga, Hcnenscudy, U.icv. See. ; ere accessible erl.erlr m Ciinajonnrie, oo the /\|l?tny and I tic* mi loud. where post :oacli?* daily wait the arrival of the morning enra fiom 8rhiieeudy and Vtica, to convey em it* ra to 'lis hp'tngi n di inure fnbi ut eight ini.'ea, arriving in tim** for dinner ; or hy (hn (Jferry V.Tley turnpike, by daily sligss, Leirg about forty ii\e mile* w*wt of Albany, on n good r ni. Pencil# leaving New Voikiu tlia eveaiiig Loaia f n Albany , a.nve at lha &haj iu .Springs the next day in time for dinner in. i ttav* iiii ?T CLANK It GARPNE1I CAaNI ON G1UNA DINING 8ETTH. [~\AVI8 COLLAMOHK, 'jO7 Broadway, nearly opposite L-e Nibln'*, informa his friend* and the public thai In* ha* : c?i\e?i jer late arrival' from < anion, a few Dtuiug Seta, wbirh an lw sold at very low prices. AUo, a full assortment of Crockery Ware, of all Wind*, of .tr newest pattern* uid in' at approved shapes. Cut and press* d (llaaa of all kinds?-kom# new patterns 0 C. makes no hnmbug'rif pre trust or# to *' almost give wway f rockery," l>nt pledges himae-f to sell the same quality ?i goods at chenii, if uot from b in 10 i?er cent chewier than my ?lher s'ore; W Broadway, oppoaiie Niblo's nearly, all lm*re LEKCHEH! LEKCilES! LEKCHL'S 'r /4(y (inn KIM8T QllALlTV LKICCHIlm. ju.t ' by t||, Sw rriti.k bi n A Uill, AJiii for nlc ?I" I' .? e rrrt low vriCM, by C. J. hKi.lilNAM) It COTPA, rr.? Im'ro Itn iiTlrriof Lmhra, 14* ?' 8KHK.IN?i'd RLSTUJIATIVK COKUIAL 18 r : w uni vera 11y adu.iite l r . l?e a c rtun al?*'?"if?c forDy?j?e| ta.Ner ua Affection?. W? Hi e.? , b-as ol Ap;?v.ite, |) bii#iy. 5tr nyi|fiius| earn..,- r i.? Iviri i'i^nta.g'uilemen * lio ha** -ipeTie .re i!a r. ati\e ffect rri.rlal'> 'ecoinuiesd ?t. Ladp a ate detit e?* th?- realest ?mri* fit I'n ifi Its rlhiMlion in nets if* tnd oth r # oinpi mi ',e i.-nre? ar.' ie ?ei| to iheir api etfjea, tnd Ifw w ea in' h made mug m ifnroias * H-\llb, ihr INK r n-.i'a r i.llt - h* rlen rosii s ii ? lias iii'o m iia ii.(In-nr. rtH pii i,,I d fo *11 r i**,.s and *. tidiii,,ut Mcch?(r c* nii>1 n< iiufacini' * m*r*i anu aid laker*, lawyers *nd l.ti I':, ..osoiih ,, p iei? *nd pi trier* !..??* ah been onpsd li, h * mr.iir. * u ' .1 r> rt.flraltTi nd rer.. menualir.nt saliaUrfi: , ' ?e 1 n ih.iusiiic* upon ihuo <n.:s remain, wins u- dsiir iorf rinir ntnre, both . I nd tod) , W in He <We o.iim 1 una, w > n "? infalllhl e.i.edv is vif" ri -n hern (I - . .nee < whi.h in piepor. d by I . I . f brum, 11.1 no . si h 1 I'llir*. Nn (.Viinayitirrt rmeoTie dull .r 1 tr ? lienrnl'.i*? P* dorm. myilm*ec f \ V N 1 \H II AM< TONM'-I nt llir grow 1.1 prnrerv*tt?ii ' tod restoration I the Ii ,ir. The propiiet r hatiiik dee. tod 11,-j ,r? I . tin'.) In the t eatnn 111 of Hi-h*ir. hi* at l ,.*.h 1, r ,|.d 1,1 roini a\i t a pr pontioii, w huh h .? prorrd . in. .lly 111 -a-1? inli. ? -) r.i"h*rou* uisUiire*, iu promoting i0* prowili i",' heuiug Ihe roou ol Hie t?ir tad m r> ,?! u'S, ?. 1 r bJilie** tiu r*i?led lor year*, it ha* 1 m eeed * 11 e ? ik gmseth 0/ H. ' Iin.r, aa la testified lo b> aereret ,.,pl/ iMiyidoala, whine oertiAcalea h- j.n r 'niia. 'I . " In.ii.? the HairTonie ia partirnlarly retcmn.*nded. it - loiuriant ynlli noy u> Hw liair, ana pTevrre* the ran* .fpmiher" -ia''I*. Itmtl men who wish to imp'ere th?ir whither*, will find i. a moll drnu.'d istutitut. KIVIOI ihi m a thick, (lot*v. fl'? mlin ipt?'r,-4r?. Tr. i-u? 1 i.nd told hy l>r. D Jayne, riulaiMplua For a*> hi A I) Ml. HAN1 S, 79 r niton timet, J71 It mad war, ami tp2l ltu'rc 77 Kaat Cruadvttr Wr- II,W HIIADF.H ? THANHTA flF.NT WINDOW HHAOfcf.- *. M. BKItltl A.V 131 1 hatbam slrsei.?? ill >p n hit morn?n*, 2A en?r?. confittniitf all f He n? w and litni n% .hie Stylet and p.itteriit iiow 10 n?e, ? men he ? 1 I ie|l ai pur- . 11 per et 1.1. lower th-o ,hr? entires.Id at 1* any otaer ali.ia, ' fir: 7M) p?irs from >1 J', ro >1; ? " ' <> parrs from $7 to $J,i ? onniry Me.ohnnn, Carpet Merehanla, Aarunueera tad . Iher dealer* sn1 plied. . , . , ,N B in,., are n<. other foods bat Window Hh-d** *rd Hsnninct sold *1 HI tlhatbani ttlest. niH lois,?

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