Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1844 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD %a?r Y?rk, Slomlkf, May 13 IMk. Important from Wkihlngton. We refer our readers to some very important coi raspondwue from Washington, developing th real state of things there, which will be loan under our Postscript Head. By these accounts i would seem that Van Buren will be the democrat! candidate after all?and that all the elements wil be reconciled in u new position in a few d?ys. This is a droll world?and politics is a droll thing PsBSIDKNTUL Ml.YSTRKI.SY A-.P PwtSIDKNTlAl Rr?ti-*Y.?Atwill has just published the classics song, " Clay and Frelinghuyseti," which was *un( with such transport by the temperute niohs assem bled at the Baltimore Convention. Thta is another indication that the present electioneering cam paign is to be characterised by the same disreputa ble scene* of riot and debauchery, which in 1841 disgraced the country in the eyes of this world, atu also the nest world, with the exception ot that por tion of K for which these drunken and vile orgie: prepared those who participated in them We had, indeed, hoped that this contest woult have been conducted with decency and dignity Hut the recent Whig Convention at Baltimore hai undeceived us. Look at the crowds who flockei there?the drunkenneas?l-the debauchery?th< ae useless appeals to the lowest passions of a mob? the vulgar emblems paraded?the loafers, nick named "minstrels"?the violence?tho ubuaeths oaths?the disgusting conduct of all lead ers, mob and all, from beginning to end Oh! it is really sickening to witness sucl scenes. They are disgraceful to human beings No wonder their recital in Europe eliciti the sarcastic inquiry, if we are civilized here in the United States. This abominable mummery ot "coons," aad "coonskins," is especially disgusting. It reminds us of the degraded Egyptians in their worship of rats and the vilest vermin A Coon ! And is this, indeed, an emblem of the whig party?this vile, miserable, dirty creature of the forest 1 Are the opponents of the whigs any better1? Not nne whit. Thev are nrermrins for a ereat Convt'n tion at Baltimore,and it will be equally disgraceful, no doubt, as that of the whigs. According to all appearances, the same revelry, the stune debauchery, the 3anie intemperance, will characterize it.? Instead of "coonism" it will be "hickorytsin,"and if we won't hear the cry of "hard cider," we will have something harder still?hard whiskey and hard brandy and hard swearing. The probability is, that Mr. Van Buren will be the antagonist ot Mr. Clay, notwithstanding all that has been said to the contrary. What is the reason that the contest between tlieni cannot be carried on with decency, and that elevation ot character which would give it dignity 7 Are there not measures of importance and great public interest to be debated between them 7 Can these not be temperately discussed 7 Can the country and its institutions not be saved from the disgrace which these scents of riot and debauchery, and these vulgar appeals to passion and prejudice, bring upon them 7 We have perceived with regret, thai even Mr. Webster appears to have lost sight ol the elevated principles which have heretofore enaracteriied his political efforts. His speeches, since the Baltimore Convention, are not at all worthy of him. They are too much in the prevailing style an l spirit of the vulgar political campaigners ? Th-y ate too much characterized by abuse, vituperation and appeals to the passions. Can we really not be saved a repetition of the scenes of the "Harrison Campaign?" Are we indeed to be ugnin covered with the disgrace of sue! conduct as that on which we have animadverted ' unlets Father Mathew saves us, we have no hope. American Rrritblican Caucus.?The member! of the Common Council elect are progressing lowly in caucus, in the selection of candidates to supply the places of those in office who are to he removed. Richard L. Schieffelin, Esq., of the 15th Ward hubeen selected as President of the Board of Aldermen, and William Everdell, of the 2d Ward, President of the Assistants. Charles A Whitney, of the 15ih Ward, has been chosen Clerk of the Board of Aldermen, in caucus, and Thomut R Whitney, of the same ward, C'erk of the Board of Assistants. Benjamin S Whitney, the popular speaker of this party, was defeated in hit application for the last named office, through some mistake in the naiVie, we believe. Harris Wilson, E?j , of the 9th Ward is selected as Public Administrator ; John Leveridge, E-q., of the Seventh Ward, is jelecied as counsel of the Board ; William Co*, grocer, of the 9th Ward, keeper of the City Prison ; and William Harrington, the popular nantliiLfp rtf fh?? ha rtv lu Inlin R Mm. rill, of the 12th Ward, keeper of Blackwell's Inland ; Dr. Eli Leavitt, botanic physician, of the 13th Ward,City Inspector; Dr. Archibald Mercer, of the 1st Ward, resident physician ; Horace Loofboro', superintendent of the Alma House. These appointments are reported as correct, but to-morrow will decide. The present Boards meet this afternoon at half past three o'clock, to adopt such measures as they may deem advisable, and at which time the lease of the Fulton ferry will be disposed of according to previous resolutions. Cabiskt Dissknsiovs.?There are rumors ol more cabinet dissensions already, in different parte of the country. The Washington correspondent o' the Albany Argui, who i? generally well-informed, states that the resignation of Mr Calhoun may be speedily expected, and that the retirement ol Mr Nelson, the attorney general, is to be also lookec for soon. The correspondent of the Bonton Cour ier, who is also careful in his statements, corro borates this, arid says that Mr. Calhoun's resignation is certain, and alludes to n number of changer raid to be contemplated in the diplomatic ranks. The probability is, that these reports are premature; but we do not think that Captain Tyler wil' keep his present cabinet long, for he never keeps any one long He appears to be as glad to get rid of a cabinet ns he is to Ret a new one. In this he very much resembles the baby? ' Pleaneil with ? rattle??ick 1?<1 with a MrnW? and who is in a paroxysm ot delight with a new toy, but never rests till he finds out what is inside, and then, heartily tired of it, smashes it into atoms. John Jones is the only man in the government that sticks. And we suppose John sticks because he is pretty inuchol the same calibre and tastes with live va ['in in. Pennsylvania Honor and Honesty.?In Harris burg, the Pennsylvania Legislature boast of thei wraith and resources, yet refuse to raise a tux ti [ity the interest of their jiublic deht. In Philadel 1'hin, tbey boast of their morals, peace and s? briety, yet they permit a mob for three days t hoot, murder, burn, and commit sacrilege, ti they be sated with the sport of destruction. What has caused this terrible demoralization t the once respectable and moral State of I'enr sylvanta 1 Answer?The double corruption and coalition o banking and politics. We do verily believe that the modern system o banking, which is only a system of fraud, die honesty and falsehood, has been one of the tw< principal corrupting elements of society during ihes? latter days. The other isthe coalition between th< politicians and the elergy, which was intended ti eontrol the people, in like manner with that he tween the financiers and the politicians. Who can give us a clear analysis of the cause which have led to the present state of public am private demoralisation in society 1 Thrse Dats Later prom China.?The Zenobis Curiam (Canney, arrived yesterday, with advice fro n Macao to the 26th January. They do not giv . i igb word of news. We cannot find in ou payers *uv uiteUigeaee ef Mr. CuehtAg THs Tariff Question Settled for tke Pre see * Our uccouuts from Washington are highly mt< esting. On Friday lasf, the proposed new Tat = Bill was laid on the table, there to remain for t present session?and, for all intents and put post r" any movement for u modification, in the li * -iliape, rnav he considered dead and buried, un d alier the Presidential ejection. In our paper 11 yesterday, we gave the vote for lay ing this bill 1 the table, with ayes and noes at length. Here 1 another analysis of the same vote, according party views, taken from the "Spectator-."? Upon 'he motion of Mr. Klmii to lay the hill to mod the tariff upon the table, the. vote was?ayes 105, noes , ai follows :? I f'"i Arav> Mtn Dem. II Tiigt. Devi Ifhtte. Dem Maine. 0 a . . 4 0 .. *1 Vew Humpalnrs... 0 0 . . 4 0 . , I) Massachusetts,. .. a S 0 0 .. 0 Vermont I S O II . . 0 Hhode Inland, ...0 3 . . 0 0..0 ''onneeticuf,. ... 3 0 .. 3 0 .. j Vew York, 10 10 .. 13 0 . . t"J Mew Jer?ey,. ? ,. 4 I .. 0 0 .. 0 ' Pennny Ivan it,. . . 8 18 . . 0 0 .. 3 llfl.iu are 0 U.,0 0..0 Maryland o 0 .. 0 0 ,, 0 b Virginia 0 3 . , 10 0 .. 0 Snrth Carolina... 0 4 ., 4 0 .. I , South Carolina,... 0 0 .. 7 0 0 itanrgia 0 3.. 4 1.. 1 Alabama 0 1 . . 5 0 .. {I 3iitii>ip|)i 0 0 .. 8 0 .. 1 Louiiiana 0 0 .. 3 o .. M 1 \rkamea, 0 0 .. 1 0 .. 0 , Miuourl, 0 0 .. 4 0 .. 1 llllnoia 0 1 .. 6 0 .. 0 * Indiana 0 3 .. 7 0 .. 1 . Ohio 0 10 .. 9 0 . . p Kentucky, 1 6 .. 4 0 .. 0 Tenneaaee,. , ,,.. 0 8 .. ft 0 .. 1 . Michigan 0 0..3 0..0 38 77 OS 1 lfl 1 I vacancy. 11 vacancy, t I vacancy. ) 1 raeancy. i! 2 caiic/ea. ( In order to clinch this vote, and prevent ai , recurrence of the discussion, without a change the rules, (which cannot be done,) a motion for reconsideration wns also taken, and decided ! the negative?ayes 98, noes 103 Thus is the tariffdiscussion finished for the pr sent session?and the causes may partly be foui in the fact that the Texas question has become tl paramount element in the feud between the d ferent sections of the "democracie"?between tl Calhoun and Van Buren sections. The following are very curious remarks, fro the "Globe," on the fina't:? Tub T.mirr Bu.i..?It will be seen that the great mf sure of the amnion ?the tariff Mil?ha* been laid on tl tame, Dy u majority ot gix We must say tnit result 11 not surprised us much. Before the recent excitement hi grown up here, preliminary to the meeting of the Bal more Convention, which has been suddenly turned in an outcry ahout the annexation of Texas, we have reast to believe, the hill would have passed without difficult It may, therefore, be truly said, the dissension atiout tl mediate and immediate annexation of Texas has had tl effect of defeating the great measure which has heretufo been all in all with the republican party. Wo have understood that members irom the Sout heretofore the most active opponents ol the existing ari and who took the greatest interest in the pending bi have suddenly become perfectly indifferent in regard it Several of them have been seen to remain quietly their seats, dsc.inlng to psss between the tellers to 1 counted on the vote in regard to amendments decisive 1 o the late of the bill. Such indifference on the part members (mm a section ot the Union most interested 'he reduction of the tarifT. was calculated to beget a sin i?r feeling among the democrats of the North who are j clincd to enter into the views of their brethren of tl South. Thus, it will he seen that the absorbing question of tl Presidency, which has been associated with that of Texi nai swallowed the tariff The Texas question, by itse could have had nc such effect; for the whole diSeren between the democrats in regard to that subject, resolv tsel into the question of mediate or immediate, which nothing more than the difference between tweedie-du and tweedle-der Every body now sees that Texas ra not come into the Union but by the vote of a future Co grass Both portions of the democratic party defer it 'he next election It is insisted that the candidate for f Presidency shall he chosen with an eyetn that objei and wr know of no democratic candidate who is not pi pared to go for the annexation of Texas, in case the peo| , and the Rt.des, through the representatives they m elect, declare in isvor of it. Possibly, however, the tarifi may come up in | newnn(loriginulshape,whentheprovi8tonsol thel rnotis Zoll Verein treaty comes before ihe Hou< Thai Convention will give a new direction entirely all tariff discussions, and il is likely that Mr. C: hoitn and the South prefer to kill off "an Bur i with the Texas question, and to arrange the tat in the shape of foreign treaties. We'll see. Th may he the reason why the Southern anti-tar members have so quietly submitted to the prese result. Things are taking a curious turn. I The Stoi-en Treat*.?The Washington corn ^ondcnt of the Albany Argus, gives the followi account of the mode hy which the stolen trea was published in the Evening Pott of this city I probably informed you in the last communication he Argus, that Mr.Dyer. the 9rrgeant at Arms tothe St ate, hail gone to New York with a requisition trom t select committee of Investigation on the publication oft reatyot annexation upon the publisher of the Evenit Post, to appearand give testimony in that matter befu tie committee. On Friday last Mr Boggs arrived here tompany with the honorable otticer Yesterday the whc natter cants out before the committee The copy fro which Mr Boggs printed was probably Mr Tappan hough that Senator's name was not upon it. It was tak to New York by a Mr [Thingimbob] of that city on W? 'tesday, the 24th of April. It was laid on the table of t! pinioi editor, Mr Bryant being absent, and when foui here by said junior editor, this Mr [Tbingimbob] w found in the room, and waa known to have juat arriv from Washington, tie respectfully declined giving ar reply to the curlru i questions of the junior editor, who surprise in finding himself in possession of the much c veted documents was great and unfeigned. A consul! tion was held and it was resolved, after debate, to puhli the utiair This natural conclusion was not come to.ho' ever, until it was thought to have been ascertained th there was another copy in town, and that it war to issued from the office of the Express on Saturd morning The Washington correspondent of that pap had given his employers information that they would t ceive a copy on Friday night. This turnjd out to sure to he moonshine, hut it turned the scale of delibei tion, and the treaty and correspondence appeared in tl P?it of the next day. The actual hearer of the trea was also discovered by the Sergeant-at-Arms and broug on His story agreed in all particulars with that of <V Boggs. Mr. Tappan had previously informed the co mittee by lettor of the oirnimstances under which tf particular copy left this city. The result of the who matter was that Mr. Boggs anil Mr. were illsm'n ed, and the former has returned home without even tieii reprimanded. He quietly pocketed his pay and miles as a witness, some $ol), and will probably reach home ' attend the last meeting of the old Common Coan i prior to the advent of Native Americanism. By this it would seem that both parties in t Senate, whigs and democrats, winked at the the .and pat their fingi rs on their nose in examini i into ttir tacts. wucre in in mural principle tl used to govern the U. S. Senate? Where is I moral feeling that formerly controlled both pnrti< What a fearful demoralization we see around u; in all diiections?bigotry, violence, intolerani fanaticism, theft, defalcation, dishonesty, murd arson, and sacrilege, disgracing all parties, a winked at by all parties. Verily, the end of things ought to he at hand. Important fkom Cuba.?We have received by t Wampanoag, Captain Colson, from Cardenas, soi very important intelligence?important to thiscoi i try. She sailed on the 3rd mat. It seems that the excitement produced by the I tempted insurrection in all parts ol Culm still p i vailed, and that arrests continued to be made. . j order ironi the Captain (Jeneral, had reached C h denas, direcnng all Iree foreign mulattos and i _ grnes to leave the Island within 15 days. The I lowing persons were in prison at that place, up o suspicion ol beiug concerned in the attempt II revolt. Daniel Downing, oi New Vork ; Samuel Moffat, of f ladelpliin . -? BWbey, ot Portland ; Henry Klkin, a n ? C liver, reaelence unknown. i- Henry Cavallier, anoilier suspected, person, w out upon hail of 815,000. Thurible?John Jones has ootne out with j. fierce decree against Commodore Stewart and C neral Cass, and has torhidden either of the Ct venttons at Baltimore to think of nominating the under pain ol his displeasure. They must Ih ' nouce, then, or go without their dinner. Settle 0 Catskili. Mountain House.?This heavenly s| is now under the care of Mr Sco ! , who is b\ preparing it lor the summer season. This is i r most delightful summer residence in the Uni 1 dtatea. The air is always cool and refre hini the scenery is magnificent?and the table is incc parable ? Musical ?Ole Bull gave his last concert in E e Timor* on Saturday evening He has creafec r great excitement throughr.ut the South. Viei Temps is tu fuUadslpUta, but will suun Wa bats '< The Philadelphia Riots axd the Press.?Tl fi- Irish journals hi tins city have coiue out with son ilT very violent and intemperate articles, in leferani lie to the Philadelphia iiots The Truth 'ltlltr hin P8, significantly, after u great deal < f furious declxm ke tiori, that "Iri.-h Catholics are not less powerful ittl defend themselves, less'courageous, or less i of doiuttable in defence of their rights than olhet on and that heaven must ble.-s and strengthen the is when their caui-t^ is just." The Volunteer is st to more violent. It says that the Irish Catholics at their friends "at e prepared " for the worst, at iiy that they "depend upon themselves alone." Now, all this ridiculous violence is very repr it. hcnsible and very inconsistent, coming, as it doe ^ IV..... nnuf(?fu tn lutiioh tmwh nf lhj* t,*rrilit>> nr o mosity that exists is to be traced. Itiswellnnou |J that these very papers were instrumental in pr 0 during the evils which we all now deplore. I JJ lite organization of the Irish as a class?by the i u traduction into this country of the lowest speci J of O'CunnehUni? this dreadful state ot things h 1 been chiefly brought about. 0 On the other side, many of the papers a o equally violent. Several of the professed " neutral papers in Philadelphia tulli of the "vi tints," of the "martyrs," and use varioi ti watchwords calculated to excite bitter ferlin [j all which, to say the least of if, was write 0 ed bad taste. The Daily Sun, of Phil 0 delphia, in a long article, rips open many of tl ,j wounds which humanity and patriotism had closei t> and indulges in many rcinaika which should ha1 jj been spared. The "American Republican" paper ? this city, also, was one day somewhat violent; b 8 the good sense find discretion, no doubt of tl >a members elect of the Common Council and tl ay Mayor, subdued that spirit. But we doubt vet of much, if the matter had been solely in the hands ( a the " Executive Committee," whether all wool in have been so peaceful here. It was that Cornmi te? which summoned a mass meeting immediate! e- on hearing the news from Philadelphia?a ver id questionable procedure indeed, le Thurlow Wkkd on ihe Philadelphia Kioi and their Catses?Thurlow Weed comes oi with an article on this subject, and very properl and lorctbly denounces any sectarian organizatic in this country, exposing in just and apptopriai |g. terms the intolerance and iniquity of proscribir unv class of citizens on account of religious opinio) "l All this sounds very well from Thurlow, but dot tj. he know who aided and assisted inudvising Bishc 10 Hughes to organize the Irish in relation to tl j" school law I Does Thurlow know who was tl man who advised Governor Seward to introdui Jy that irritating subject of the Bible in the Commc Schools into one of his messages'? Does Thurlo Jj- know who was the man who organized a fanatici ll| party in the western part of New York, against tl !? respectable society of matrons, because a worthlei i?. fellow of the name of Morgan was spirited away t s* a few of his passionate associates 1 Does Tiiurlo in know who was the man that then proscribed an " hunted down some of the best men in Western Ne York on that ground 1 Thurlow should look to the safely of his ow windows before he picks up round stones to cast i If! his neighbor's. Thurlow sheuld shave and trim h " own whiskers, before he attempts to shave ar in trim the whiskers of others m ______? in- .StKAMIIOAT R ACtNO ON THF. NoRTH UlVER Something must be done by the proper authoritii hi- to put a stop to the steamboat racing on the Nori 5,; River. Scarcely a day passes that the lives of hui ,le drcds are not placed in imminent danger by this r *} prehensable conduct. We have a case or two in point. Two boat M the Troy and South America, were advertised leave for Albany at 7 o'clock on Saturday morniu ie- t. ,i,i ?<l|, ?ih lo and the excitement of their Captains was eo i iense,that one started at half-past six and the otli y1\ immediately shot out after her, leaving mails, pa sengere, and every thing else behind them. Lucl ily one broke down and was compelled to retnr It should be borne in mind that these steamers ca 1,1 ry the Northern mail, which daily leaves this cit and which, of course, contains letters of impurtanc ;s yet, notwithstanding this, and their obligations ng the travelling public, theirowners and commandf ty pay no sort of attention to any tiling but their saf ty valves, and not olten even to them, and to si to which will first reach Albany, j"" Such conduct cannot be too loudly condemned be aud unless the proper authorities take cognizani 'it hi the matter,and forbid it altogether, we shall hei i,, of an explosion and dreadful loss of life before tl I' summer sweeps by. These steamers run so rapii ly thtough the water that they dash over every ol en stacle in their way. Last Thursday night the A jj'j bany, on her passage up the river, ran over and s&t. mi a sloop in Tappan hay. The crew saved their live and barely so, by getting on board the Alban; iv which boat afterwardsgrounded at Castleton on ai *" count of the lownees of the water. ? Again we say,let steamboat racing he strictly fo ?h bidden. W ' " at Ft. Patrick's Cathedral.?There was a larg ^ attendance at this beautiful Catholic edifice ysste er day, attracted, doubtless, by the additional motiv ^ of hearing, as was confidently expected, some a rii. lusion made to events of late occurrence, of grei be moment to the Catholic Church in Amcrici h* Bishop McClosky preached a sermon of muc ir. power and eloquence,from thel6th chapter of Johi 20th and following verses ; and although no direi ile mention was made to the serious and troubled a ?g l'pr' ?' l'le re''K'0U9 affairs ol their brethren i ge Philadelphia, the appositeness and applicability < o'!j the lessons inculcated in the sermon, to those o currences and afflictions, made it valuable at he deeply felt. The subject was prayer. The Bishi ft, reviewed the history of the human race, from i ng pristine simplicity and innocence?when the sou iat pure and holy, wuitfnn emanation of the divinity :he when prayer, praise and adoration, was the bea psd tude and supreme enjoyment of man, until the pt t? sent, when degeneracy, estrangement from Go and ilie turbulence of passion, make the use ' prayer of paramount necessity. The eujoymen er' of the man of faith and prayer, however obscur ud humble, and unlettered he was, were more inn a[| lectual, ethereal, more sublime and extatic tin all the researches o| human wisdom, the who n I L?l ll?l *" I Jill I M ?D?J|Mly Ct'MIU MIJ>|liy. II Wil* JMIWPn , and no less certain. God had not only inviti fie men to ask, seek, and knock to find, but he ei tie pliaticnlly enjoined it an a duty. It embraced all tl Jn. other virtues; it excited faith, because it enlarg die desires of the soul; it implies hope, because t promise from heaven had been granted to us in h tit- awer to it; it tilled the heart with charity, tor re- lis practice we begin to love and e<> on loving si . more. The soul was a seraphim banished fro iieavenand in exile; but prayer was the sure gui iir* buck to the celestial regions, and only comforti tie- stay and support in the tribulations, the trials, t Yd- thorns, the persecutions which wpre strewn nh> the way of mortality in the world below. T on duty ot firm reliance on God, on persevering prr ed er, on meek submission to die divine will, wr beautifully enforced, and will, it may be hopr ,hj have the most happy effects on the minds of l ,nil Catholic community i;i the present peculiar a exciting state of affairs. aK Castle Garden.?This cool and delightful pin for promenade, itec., opens this evening for the ?( n son, upon which occasion Lothian's celebrat tfl. Brass Band will give a concert, embracing some )n. their choice snd most favorite marches, anther m quick steps, tec., well worth the shilling adrr Ij,. tance. Trrntov Hacks comm. r.ce on Tuesday the 1, inst. The proprietor informs as that the stables lames K. Van Mater, Charles Loydtfiimuel l,ai ilifj Alf-ed Conover, Major Jones, and David Toinst tH(j now at the course, and that Mr Kendall's stable hourly expected. _ im- Hr.nnny Excursions.?Yesterday was a lovi day. The sky was clear blue?the sun bright?t ^ wind west?the air cool. Probably 20,000 pew left the city on various excursions in the vicini I a ______ (tC^ if i'ou arc a Christian pay v our debts?if n uet le Nipped ii the Bro.?a correspoiile dent writes to u? a* follows:?In pasaing the corre ner of die ol the Avenues, I whs greatly alarmed ts by the cries of "murder," proceeding from the a- house of h res|wctable oltl gentleman close by, and to on turning towards the pluee from whence the n- lann came, 1 saw two younz ladies running from s, the house, minus their hats, screaming at the top of their Voices for help. Some laborers at the corII ner ran to their assistance, and on arriving at the -eerie of action two young men were found grappling in tlie area hy the basement door. They were id soon separated, and on making some inquiries, I learned that there hud been an elopement planned and brought to maturity between one of the young v" gentlemen and one of the ladies; but the urrances, men's had leaked out through the treachery ol a ij. iealous sister of the hereine, a d the other gentleMl w as the brother at the ladles, who, anticipating the arrival of the hero of the romance about ?* hat time, lay in wait to meet him; and immedi '.y ately on his approach the enraged brother seized n. htm at the door and commenced beating him, but our hero defended himself with greul courage. f-s maintaining fits ground in front of the house and ap daring the brother out. The lady under engagement stationed herself by her lover's side, and in ifie open air they were permuted to hold a peacefC .LI- fjw tnin, timo rlnrirtif whirh. no ly d?ub\ n ?-\v arrangements were rnHde. The tathei I c:. (if the lady, an eccentric old gentleman, had forIs bidden the match, tor no other ri nson than that he was determined his daughter should never marry i a> while lie lived ; hut when in his [?riine, it is u no- j h- toriotis tact thut he eloped with the mother ot his I a. daughter, and she, doubtless, thought alio Inid a right to follow her niolhei's example. The blowing up of this affair lias crested *< me considerable excitement about the neighborhood, le and as the puttie* ate all very respectable, it is ih? jn general gossip among all classes What tile final result will be I cannot predict, hut a lawsuit wilt u' probably he brought tor the assault, in the ineaiile time the two loving hearts will doubtless come to,e getber at some " more convenient season." y Thk Thkatkks.? Im Nonnambit/a is to be per*' formed at Palnio's this night. There will be, ol com.- ,a brilliant ltouse. The excitement in fuvoi of Italian Opera is increasing to an astonishing ex y tent amongst fashionable society in this city Tin y opera house is crowded every night with the beaut) and fashion of this city, and many lovely heller from other cities. rs J( We regret that at the Park the Sequins were sc I indifferently attended. Mr. and Mrs. Sequin an |(1 artists of the highest character; hut the Park compuny was altogether inadequate to give them any support, and the orchestra is miserable. At PalinoV ^ the orchestra is exceedingly talented. Very seldom, indeed, have so many first-rate musicians been collected together in one orchestra. e Macready comes here at h ve*y interesting sea ,e gagements in this country, his admirers will be de sirous to see him. In a theatrical sense, he is tin vv "last of tlte cocked hats"?the legitimate drama I being on its last legs, und that gives additional inlt, t-res! to Macready with h11 the admirers of Shake v peare. He will be followed by Mr Forrest, und thus we shall have an opportunity of comparing the w two greatest tragedians of the time. lfj In the midst of this terrible opera excitement. w however, withOle Bull, Vieux Temps, Wallace, and other great artists in imrnediate prospect, the heroes ,f| of the sock und buskin are rather unfortunate as t< the season of their appearance. jg At the Chatham, the manager is discovering t () very great deul of enterpri/e and tact. The theatrt has now attained, a high reputation underhim. To night the celebrated prohibited play of "Richelieu ii ? Love" is to be performed?Mr Connor ns the hero. ?' and the pretty Mies Reynolds, who is fast attain h mg a very high rank in the profession, as Quteii " Antic d? Autricht. c- Nihlo?the indefatigable asd immortal Niblo? ii busy preparing for the summer campaign. Undei s, Vlitchell, it promises to be very brilliant indeed. l< Forrest and Macrkadv.?A writer in the Cin R. ^ tnnatt Gazette, tmyB E twin Forrest, the American Tragedian, is fulfilling :n -ngngenient at this house, to large anil delighted in pi lienors [{is ad rent as Richard the Tliirii" was liighli .iiccessfnl, and enthusiastically applauded, though it is i * haracter in which his fime is by no means us intimateli It- connected, us that of severnl otheFs we conld name, but i is one at least, in which he displays Ins unequallt. .towers witli overpowering effect His " Hamli.-t" ?' ir- raotnl a large and critical audience, w ho were anxious o institute a comparison between him mid the great acioi vlio so recently preceded him in the same ciiaracter. Thii e; cannot justly he done?their style, voice*, figures, and on. j0 ire manner aru so opposite. What is o beauty in om would seem a fault in the other Both have their ailmireit ft and both are esteemed ns at the verv head of their pru j.. ession. Macready conld not play " Othello " to compart with Forrest, nor do we think that Forrest would sustaii !P lago" equal to Macready We hare seen both it Lea#" and though vastly different in conception, botl . perform this difficult ciiaracter in a masterly manner Bu > who in any age, or in any country, could have mailt ;e characters like " Metamora " " Jack Cade," and " Tht ar (Jiadiator," such perfect gems of art, except Forrest ? if Memorable Eras?The " three days" of Jul) d- in Paris, anil the " three days" of May in Philadelb ,.hia, will be remembered a while. i- . k Ot3-H?w quietly John C. Spencer lias left the g cabinet. y? Appointments by tick Governor, May 1, 184-1.? C- tV'trrcMKiTH?Frederick J. Cofllu, Surrogate. vice A. II Wells. Samuel F Iteynolds, Supreme Court Commissioner, vien F. Yorks, removed from County. John r- W. Mills, Mast.-r in Chancery, vice F. J. Collin. Mav 6?Kinds?Benj.W. Mil well, notary, new appoint ment. rf, Wlstchkstkr?J. Henry Ferris, Master in Chancery, ' vice A Lockwood. Ward D. Howard, notary, vice J. r- 9-ymour. Mat 7.?Nv.w York?Charles F. Linebeck, Commis . sioner of Heeds, vice D R. CJurnisi, Jr., resigned AnI' drew Luke, Weigher, vice R. Towusend, Jr , resigned jjl Ulan Melville, examiner, vice O Melville, resigned Peter Van Antwerp, Win B. Aitkin and Wm G Wood 1 Notaries, new appointments Edward B Nelson, Kdgai ;h J Lnete, John A ftogart, Notaries, vice Irving, Patis, (i. W. McPherson and J H. Stewart, resigned Patrick Henry, Notary, new appointment Lewis Nilbe.rrad, T. I Ct Powers, and Edward W. Cone, Commissioners of Deeds, E_ vice Wm (J. Ki"g, Clinton llariug, and 9. Wallace Cone, resigned in Mn.iT?ar ?Dladorns 8 Holeomh, of F.ssex t'onnty, Brigade Major and Inspector 40th Brigade of lntantry. vice Wm. H ButricU. resigned. Jacob 8. Bump, ol CoP* lumbia eounty, Brigade Major and Inspector I'illi Brigade If) of Infantry, vice Joseph Lord, deceased Alton G N,le? of Ilunnsellaer County, Brigade Major and Inspector 00th Brigade of Infantry, vice C E. Mather, re igned. .S SotTTHKHN Railroads.?We understand that ? Charles F M. Garnett, Ksq , Chief Fbigineer of the State of G; orgia, has made a contract with a mercantib |- house in this city, for the im|rortation of a large quantity of iron, ft r their great State work, (the Western snd A' P- lantic Railroad,) on terms highly advantageous to the ,[ State The Georgia Itailroad Company are pushing forI ward their work with great vigor towards Covington ant' it is even expected that before all of the above iron will b> required on the State roads, the Georgia Company wil p< have entirely completed their great work, and be ready to *1- transport the iron for the Statu and deliver it at Decutur. in ?Chitrliiton Coulter 'n| Amusements. at! Chatham Theatre.?We need not repeat our oh Hi- expressed assurance that the present management of thi I,, house exhibits greater enterprise than any other In this e(j town, or that ever has for years wielded the sceptre oi u power The engagement of Hill, which has just closed, was a most triumphant one, and the house, on his heiirli. light, was a crowd of beauty and fashion rarely seen ,p Tonight the great prohibited comedy, wri'teu lor tin ''I nglish Hay Market theatre, called "Richelieu In Love Mi ir the Yont.i f Charles 1st," will be produced?the prindi -ipal i bar sustained by Conner, Miss Reynolds, Scott. Stevens, Miss Rivers and Miss Wood The famous ' Polka" will lie danced for the second litre by Miss Gam nun nnd Mr. Brooks, and the Congo Melodists will tor thi I last time amuse their legions o adinii -rs?that is. w. mean to say that the melodists take their benefit to mor 'V' row night. Ti N B ? Ladies wishing to secure good seats to witness d. he new coinedv to-night should h ive their places seenrhi ed at the tiox oftice during the day. n(l Raymond and Week's (Jranp Menaubrie.? This splendid collection ot gigantic Klephanta, nnd various other wild animels, under the maiiagenpnt o' CP '{err Driinbach, have hten located at the Corner of Hth at ,a. ind Bowery, nnd open this day at the hours stated in thi idvi rtiseinent The Menagerie has been much angmeni pp ed since last season, and as their stay is but for one week oi we would recommend the public to avail themselves ol the opportunity of witnessing the noblest specimen ol the _ ? wild creation in any part oi the world. Ilt" American MtsKt-.u?Splendid triumph of the Kennebec minstrels! the ' irplienn singers who drew ?uch threngs last week at the museum, have been re-er,. lib ?ago<! lor to day. They no rivals in the country . -ven the Hufchinsons must knock under. The manage, has also engaged the great comic delineator, Winohell rd. f irto-iLv , also Cole and his dog and f'erito Perform ire ,r'rf'* an'' k t1 M The Giants and Gipsy ran he seer ind roiiMilled at ail hours. Ilou't foigi t the rHre lull ! IS for to dajr ! A Fantastic Frkak ?DumplNature in tint have , been in one of her rrierrietsf moods when she made ' ') rhe Lapland Dwarf, nnd inlusrd into liitn an inherent lovi he ol mirth and misch el. To see him put hia thumb to his nose Mel wink nt the giantess, is exquisite. It is the htitkl of loir comedy. Nature lias at all events mainly. tained the character usually allotted to one oi her sex?we fickleness A Iwnrf nnd then a rri.inte.n shows a , > ant of on-islency only excusahle in one ol Ilia weaker ' .ex. In addition to the shove nunosities, eight periaruiars i are augaged, and all to ha seen far ana ah ill fug 1 " ' .? ..J. - - HgBBHH- .. Ma. Bihnrtt Sir, Vou will veiy much oblige nit ingitiuguu iuiuitiuti to tin, Hollowing i? f Having m covered my voirp, 1 htVf atkud Mr. I'rItto n 'he |.ei iiiiinoii to epjit-Hr 01 tli? 0| f ra. in the Luna I 4i Lamm* I in our, m itif |iwi t ot k dganio, which uu?fiiat < pi rliirnied by me in thin city Mr. Palmo kindly con- 'J ' 5* u"' n - - f-?i.?b not v want to huv?( his amour prnprt blessed. I wiah the piilil c t 'o know in wliut manner 1 am trained by Mr. 1'erczzi altar live mnnthi sickness. 1 ) .1111, resptcifully yourobd't servant. < CER1LL0 ANTOtiNIM- > New York, May 12th, ISM. I I (ky- NOW READY?Purt I to 4 oi "LUo in the New <i World," by tteatstielJ, the moat graphic and interesting c j aketch of Ameiicdii society ever written. Indeed, it is u wonderful hook. Three more number* will complete it. I Part 5 on Wednesday next. t Highlands of Ethiopia?Complete in 4 parts Price ft. t Wright's Captivity in Vun Dicmari'* I,nnd?Exposing ( the horrilde cruelties ol that pandemonium of crime, i Price Si eotrta. i Cruizeof the Somers ?12$ cent*. i The Ktlse Prince, or the Community of the Seven Deadly Sins- Price 121 cents. The Musical Album, Part III - The cheapest musical i woik over issued in this country. Price 2A cents each I part of 2i pages. Only one cent a pago ! 1 Citizens arid strangers Hre invited to call and examine our list J WINCHESTER, Publisher. i Vjh WIDE AWAKE ALL HANDS !?ThU morning 1 ? M bo ready at the Olfic#, 2(1 Ann street, part lutir?Pi ice ' cents- of-the ' Mysteries of London. The interest 1 ul this work increases with every number, uiul bids lair 1 to rival its prototy pe. the Mysteries of Paris. That issued this morni' g it ot the most exciting nature In it the vast plans ot the hero ol the story, the Marquis de Km 1 Santo begin to he developed ; the object of the gigantic nd wide-spreading association, which he had so mystetiously fornied, may also be guessed st, mid certainly it exceeded in power and number the (at tained Velumgerichtol Germany. The character ol Rio Santo is one of the most wonderful conceptions that w as-engendered in a human brain ffta <ccaatrtotHoa >1 Brian 4a Lancaster 1 ai? suigtilaily hnmorous The disguises be assumes to annoy his rich and unnatural brother?who by right ol 1 primogeniture, having posiession of all the family estates, while Brian is left almost penniless, refuted to afford Brian any assistance?are of the most amusing cliaiacter Then "here aie vivid and marvellous descriptions of the habits of the Inwi r classes of society ol London ?the wondeiful It xteritj and audacity of its thieves ami pick-pocket*. Back number* c in be had at the office, 30 Ann stie", I where aio to he found uil the cheap publications the day Call! J. WINCHESTER, Publisher. i Picture, Juggler C'lor*, Vnlei and Htilp I Clin k, belnuglng lo Jllailsme Sutton, leavlug fur Eurupe, ( The subscription book." will positively close on the 18tl. May, inst., and all parti, s who have expressed their intrn tion.or those who wish losubscrihe are requested to entei ' their names immediately on the hooks The. number of I I -uhscriber* being limited to 300, the hooks will close la- , lorn if complete. j N. B?Also for sale at half its original cost a superb horizontal gran ) Pianoforte, made expressly for Madame ' Sutton, find nearly new. To be seen at oO Oreeuwich | street. (SO- THREE SHILLINGS FOR A GOOD HEAD < of Hair?The proprietor of Jones'Octal Hair Restorative, ( knowing that people have been humbugged till 'hey arr ifraid to try any advertised article, have readied to sell I 3s bottles ot this that all may try it without a large cost It will actually foi ce hair to grow on any part where hair , will grow nuturally It hua now utreiigilieiiid the roots, bus staying the hair from failing off, cleaning the dandruff from tne scalp. It causes light, red or grey hair, to 1 asume a dark color, and by doing this, peiniRnently to make the hair grow dark from the roots - no hing is mote economical to Keep the hair soft, dmk, silky and beautiful in dressing it Sold, price 3 0 or 8 shillings a bottlat the sign ol the American Eagle 82 ' katkam it. or Broadway. N Y ; 139 Fulton sr. Brooklyn: 8 State street, Boston; 3 Ledger Buildings, Phils loiphia 1 0rj- HICOIIU'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIX PURE? For the cure ol primary or s- condarj Syphilis ( nd all infections produced by an injudicious use of met ury. Tlie great advantages |Hissessed by this powerful ilterative over all other pieparations lor the cure ot Sy- i hilia, is, that while curing the disease it improves th? onstitution, whilst mercury generally leave a much vorso disease than the one it is admimstared for. Tin best recommendation we can give of it is, that it is now xteinively prescribed by the medical faculty, who foi "erly considered mercury the only cure lor those com taints Sold, in single bottles, $1 each ; in cases of hul 'ozen, $5, carefully packed, and sent to all parts of th? 'nion Office of tno College of Medicine and Phartna y, 96 Nassau street. W. ? RICHARDSON, M D., Agant flra-READ WHAT SHERMAN'S LOZENOF.S HAVE DONE?A letter just received from Mr. Champlin, ol trient, L I states that Dr Sherman's Lozenge* are perterming wonders among tho people, and that the demand is increasing every day. in many cases where the Camphor Lozenges have Men used for hrad.iche and ncrv .mis affections they have produced immediate cures, and 'he Worm Lozenges have eradicated more worms than tny remedy that has ever been known. He writes for a large supply, and states that they have never tailed to ,sive satisfaction How many there are who are suffering, and who could find relief by trying these celet rated Loienges They are always to he had at Dr. Sherman's varehouse. 106 Nassau street, orof the Dr's agents, 237 Hudson. IBS Botvety ; 7* East Broadway ; 139 Fulton st Brooklyn; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia, and fl Stat' ?t Boston. Of?- DALLEY'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR Salve. 67 Walker street, first store FROM Broadway. QtJ- THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OK SAK SAPAK1LLA, GENTIAN AND SARSAKRAS,prepated by the New York College ot Medicine and Pharmacy . e? rablished for the suppression of quackery. This refilled ind highly concentrated extract, possessing all the puri tying qualities and curative powers of the above herbs s confidently recommended by the College, as infinitely nperior to any extract of Snrsnparilla at present befoit he public, and may be relied on us a certain remedy foi ill diseases arising Irom ar. impure state of the blood such as Hcrolulu. salt-rheuin, ringworm, blotches or pirn pies, ulcers pain in the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneous 'ruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arising rom the secondary etl'ecta of syphilis or an injudicious use oi mercury. Hold In single Bottles, nt 76 cent* each " in Cases of half a-dozen Bottles, $3 ft0 " " one dozen " 6 00 Cases forwarded to all parts of the Union. N. B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers. Office of the College, 9A Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent. ftT-POUDRF. SUBTILE, THE ONLY SAFE AND sure remedy (or eradicating superfluous hair, without fh lightest injury to the skin, and to put the fact of its efficacy beyond the possibility of a doubt, it is always tested before purchasing Buy only in this city, at the original ind only olhce, t>7 Wulkcr street, first store FROM Broadway. $1 per bottle. i'Jb- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CUllEE. -Th fonic Mixture, prepared by the t ollega ot Medicine on Pharmacy of the city of New York, is confidently n -ommenaed for nil cuses of debility produced by secret ii lulgcnce or excess of any kind. It is an invuluatile rcn>? ly tor impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depenr ng on mal-lormation.) Single Irottles $ I each ; cases ot halt a dose.i j>5; cm< billy packed and sent to all parts ofthe Union Olfice ol th? Collige of Medicine and Pharmacy.'a y i?mu street. W. a. RICHARDSON, M. D , Agent. J 0Q- THE ITALIAN HAIR DYE? lien nmr n noi uiu imuim wi ui? Nor yet is grey ; some, wig* will loulith huy. To hide the color that dame Nature gave Let them instead, use the Itali in Ihjr. It cannot he concealed hut that red hair iind whisker* do not come up to the exact ideal of beauty. The tact may he handsome, the form imposing, hut these t wi .Iimg* detract fium what would otherwise aeem magndi cent. Tne Inlus tins |)\r. will speedily, alter applic.o 'ion, give tlie Iniir and uhi-kers a heaullful Iitowii in Id ark, as may tie liked, and will notitmn the skin in sni way whatever (irey hair can he changed to a glossy Mack. Who would have red or gtey hair after thi< Prepared and sold by A II H.sxpaJit o., Chemists, 973 Broadway, corner Chambers street Soi l also at 79 Kul ton street, and 77 Last Broadway Price 60 cent*. Orj- SANDS' SARSAI'AKILLA.?" The fruit of that forbidden tree" brought disease into the world, and it seem* a beautiful and merciful dispensation of Providence, that as through the vegetable kingdom the .evil was entnile, upon us. its antido'e should ulso he lound there; among the myriads ol plants and roots, which " cullers ol simples" from Hipocrates to the lb rhalist of the present day . have introduced into the phaimncnjictia of mediine then is notone sn valuable as Hu: safari i.i.a But nature dues not finish all?it is left to science through investigation am experiment to develope the riches ot her beauty Much nt the restorative prop*rties of Saisaparilla remained unknown until rendeie I active hy the process ol pr< p iratioi invented hy Mrssis Saml-i It i* now acknowledged rfim dixus' Ssrsapsriila is not only an unfailing cure for nil sci'olulnu-i ami eruptive complaints, hut that it may Iv idministered with success in almost ail diseases that are not organic in their character. The SarsaparilU is furnished gratuitously to all who an unatile to purchase it, on snltirient proof l? ing given ol tU?Mv ht-iv\tr tif i\\-n-ctsj ni p.hflritr It'nr fnrthi?r tmm irrti (>irw unit conclusive evidenceol ill superior value end rlttcacy, if pnmphhti-, which may hi- obtained ol agents, gratis.? h re pared and ?<?lil, wholesale and retail, by A. D Si D. SA NT>H, wholesale druggists, 79 Pulton street, New York. Sold alio J73 Broadway ; 77 Kail Broadway, and Drugi<i-ta generally throughout the United States. rgy rniVATK MKDICAL AID.?The mombvrs ol he New York College of MwUolM an ) Pharmacy, ir. oturning the public thnnks foi the liberal support they yavn received in their elfarta to " suppress quackery,' hcv leave to tntc that their particular attention continue! tc. he directed to all diseases of a private nature, und <ron the greet improvement* lately mod- in the principal ii<>? pit tls of Y.urope in the treatment of those disea-rs, the} tan confidently oiler toper-ions requiring medical aid ml vantages not to be met with in any institution In Win toinlry, either public or private. The treatment ol thi College is such is to insure succoss in every case, end i otally ditterent from Hint -torn r us practice ol ruinin. 'he constitution with mercury, an 1 In most caves leavini i disease much worse than tin- original One of the men >ers of the t olli ire .for many years connected willi to principal hospital* ol - iirep--, "ttotiili I'ruJv f'-r H consul" ion from 9 \.M. tos P M, Terms Advice and medicine, A euro guarantee l.treosia.vt to UeoNTiiv Iisvai.ids.?I'eraon# living n '.he country and not finding it convenient to attend pti onally, can have lorwardod to them a c.hee.t containing ill medicines recti (site to perform ?|-erfect cure by stating 'hnir rasa explicitly, togrther v^tb all symptoms, tnneo ontrsctlon and treatment received elsewhere, d any i , ,, t 11-1 addressed to . Hb flA HDt?ON, M. I)., Agent. , j , nvjt jjf rootas of tho t oliei?, ?t? ftutaa sir act % Oh, woman, woman ! when to ill iaclined, No fiend in hell contain) aa Mack a mind. dCh A SWEET PRETTY OIHL TRUSTED A FALSE rieud, being afflicted with dreadful erupt b n?. disflgurereuta, freckle*, fce She told her to get a cmWi' of Jones' taloui i h.miCiil Soap; tl.e friend went and bought a 1 ounteileit because they aold it n shilling h as to her. ['hegul tried it, found it uai'lear. was in despair ; a friend i hiapered to her, strange it should fail; I know two or iireu who have used Jones' Soap, and it acted beautifully made their skin clear and white ?? mow The giil ought ? cake, tried it ; yon should see her now, tree from vety blemish or Ireckle. Reader, if you get the genuine iow heie else in this city hut at the sign ot the American 'unit ( hatlmm htrwt nr :io i n,r,t ,l.?oa, if will Hn nil w?r?* For curing salt rheum, ring Worm, scurvy, ir any other disease ol the skin, it is infallible. Try it >oce. Agent, 13K Fulton street, Brooklyn. tfij- OOL'RAUD'S VEGETABLE ROUGE imparts a lelicat* blushing tinge to the complexion, immoveable >y rubbing with a handkerchief or linen cloth Also? iouraud's Blanc d'Espague, or Spanish White. Hair Jyes, Pommades, black and brown for the hair, and other osmetics. 67 Walker street, first store FROH Broadway. Qrf- VELPKAIPS SPECIFIC PILLS FOR THE CURE >f Oonorrbcea, tjleet, and all mocupu: .lent discharges rom the urethra. These pills, prepared by the New York "ollegu of Medicine and Pharmacy, eitahllahed fortbu oppression of quackery, may be lelio! on as the most ipeedy and effectual remedy for the abeva complaints ? I'hey era guai anteed to curu recent cases in from three oflvedays, and possets a greater power ovar otistinate iischarges and chronic gleet, than any irther preparation st present known, removing the disease without confinement from business, tainting the breath or disagreeing with the stomach Price $1 per box. Sold at the Office of the College of rinmr.acy and Medicine. 06 Nassau afreet. W. P RICHARDSON, M. D Agent QQ- STRANOER'3 LOOK OUT, OR YOU ARE cheuted with a pernicious countei fait of the famous Italian Medicated Soup, prepared by Or Felix (join and. for the cure of freckles, pimples, blotches, tan sullowness, and haiah, rough, dry. chapped flesh and in fact, us ma be proved by certificates, all skin diseases Found only In this city, at 67 Walker street, first store FROM Broadway One cake, 6o cents, we warrant will < fleet a cure. MONK t JIAUKET. *Mn?ley, May 13?6 P. SI. Tho last week presents some very curious mo-amenta in the stock market. The great speculations going on in fancy docks, will, in a short time, bring about some still more lurious results A speculation similar to the one now goirgnn, confined entirely to stocks that aro utterly wnrthlrss. must, sooner ur later, reach a crisis and i-xplode There ia nothing connected with the adranee able to sustain it. it is the result of movements made between speculators, leaving no'hing lie. hind showing value. It is a fictitious value that exists merely on paper, or in the imaginations of a few credulous. deluded individuals. During the past weeks good *tate storks have fluctuated but very little Ohio and urnmiity o niivc nor uuvanceu mure man iwo per cent. The ..dvancc has been entirely confined to fancies. The incitement runs so high in Wall s'reet that every anil ?ny expedient is resorted te to raise funds to cnrry on the game. it has drawn into the whirlpool many merchants, who have heretofore never meddled with these dangerous things It has ind ced individuals engaged in a regular business to exchanga their notes for the purpose of obtaining capital and propose them for discount at tho hanks, as business paper. This must sooner or later lead these parties to bankruptcy. Any deviation from a rea gular course of trade, by those engaged in 8ny permanent business to take hold of speculations, must produce a neglect of one That holding out the best prospects will occupy time and capital, to the injury of the pthcr ? Speculation is opt to pro luce this result. The visions of sudden wealth, produced by stock operations have a very great influence on thn mind, and every thing is abandoned during a period of higli prices, to attend to this business. Stock speculations are the usual resort ot those who have tried every eiher occupation and failed. Wall street is the resort of those who have pas*ed through 'he bankrupt law Wh''n every other expedient has failed, as a dernier resort, speculation in fancy stocks is resorted to. Their operations are confined to fancies, ai it does not require much capital to carry on extensive movements in such things. Statu stocks, and nil those of any real vorth, takes capital to control. The profits arising from peculations are small compared with what it appears on paper. The success of these opera*ions depends upon tho number of those who are induced to enter the street and try their luck. Fortunes cannot be made out of each other, as the resources of the whole clique, in the aggiegate, would not amount to a competency. We annex our usual comparative weekly return of quotations : ? or Htocbi ix the ^r^l Yonx Mahklt. Stf. M?n. 7Vu fVr'y 7V* Fr'u t,. (Aland, 19 84 8-*V 8" R'V lli?? l'2V Mohawk, IS Ti\ *>1 78 Si 16 arlein, 12 V *J>j 8J . fi} i?'< ijtf is* 'itersmi nlS 8 sjSC nV a*;, ai ? ui'on, S'> 5<? 'IJi ', <% 'iV*4 J?X !.tyi Ftuners'Loao. 4t'i 43V 44V 41*. 49 <2 41 orwirh?nd Wor 65 CSg C'lJ, 6iv kj)? C:?? 69 Ohio 6's. !>!!>? 98V '19 V 98V 99 98V 99 Illinois, 48 48>i 46-4 41'H 4 )?4 liK 45 }i nduaa, 46 46 41 41 4Hi ? K?utncky6's, b>3ii i?4 104v: 1111T4 10544 109)4 put/ Pern svlvauiaS's. 77 !< % 75*4 7'14 75 751* 76 V With one or two exceptions, the closing quotations yes. tenia) were n little in advance of these ruling for the week previous. The prices current through the week show avurv feverish stnteofthp markat. and also that tha present price* stand on the weakest foiii. lation it is impossible to sti-taiu the tremendous a Ivan'o. AorAXcs. us the thincirsl Srtcci-ATiv. Stocks in this MiHKir. From .1p>il 27 .tiiip 4 to Total adto May t. Moi' II. ranee. Loi k IiUcd. i\ pr ct I'inret inn p. ct vlihawk, 6 " j',k " 1!^ <>rlem, I" " lit " li}J " Psterson, 3W " \ " 4 " Cmtw, ]l\ " Sfc, " 1.1 V " "seiners' Lena, " ? \\ " N.nwich and Wonest'r,- 13 " 1 " IS " This advance varies from ten to twenty-live per pent on the market prices of the stocks, and from one to three hundred on their actual value. The speculations of the week just closed, seemed to have lost a little or its force, as prices show a greater regularity than for the previous week Business in general has become very active All our staple productions are in good demand, and prices are very steady and remunerating. There is not the slightest symptom of speculation in any thiBg connected with tr.idn. Credits are extended on a very liberal scale, and purchasers pay up pretty well. The country merchant comes to the city with the intention of laying in a moderate supply of new goods, hut finds it impossible to resist 'he inducements hell out to purchase extensively. There is n system of business carried on by the jobbnrs of this ity that should he exposal. A country merchant, for instance, is in the habit of purchasing his dry goods of a ertain house. This house makes arrangements with lealerg in hardware, crockery, groceries, fic , to introduce customers at a stipulated per cent per dollar on what they purchase The country merchant ?particularly il he in a stranger?is voiy thankful for introductions, where it is represented he can purchase cheaper han in any other place iu Naw York, and becomes the victim of the individual in whom he places the greatest confidence The dealer to whom these customers are introduced. knowing the per cent their custom cost* tliein, puts it upon the goods they ptiruhase? that is, add it to heir regular profits in their charges?and they are made to pay tho per cent that goes into the pocket) of their friends, who have their interests so much at heart, lus ead ot there being that mutual exchange of customers, or Instead of leaving the country merchant to seek out these houses, whose economy, &c , enables them to sell at tho 4 i allest profits, they are induced by false representations, to confine their purchases to a rliqw who have combined for the purpose of enabling them to secure all the trada possible, and to establish their own prices. The capitals of several ot the hanks of Pennsylvania having recently been reduced, the |iercent dividends pub lip-lied a few dayr since do not indicate the amount 01 oividr.nds declared. Thn annexed statement shows tha amount paid on each share ef stock Sou'hwsrk llAtik $1 SO per share. Kensington Rank I 75 do Western Bank I "0 do Commercial Bank 1 to do Farmers'and Mechanics' I 30 do IVnn Township Bank. ..... . I IdJ do Bank ol N Liberties i do Mechanics'Bank 70 do The movements lately made in the lower House of Congress, in relation to the tariff, settles the fate ol the pro posed bill fer the session The vote to lay the hill on the table was reconsidered, anil the rcsnlt has rearhed the expectations of those most friendly to the modifications proposed. The bill had l"St all party prejudices A union of the two great parties created the present tariff, and a union of thn same parties prevented its repeal, or the sub. stitution of one possessing more moderate restrictions The protective features of the present act met with favor from both parties, and the time has har 'ly yet arrived for its (riends 'o abandon them At present this iniot the grtst question dividing the friends of the political leaders of the dry Another has sprung into existence absorbing the surplus of political cap-tal out of rvhicli both hope ton. cure the majority. On ths eve of n Presidential cam paign, the party opposed to the tariff net, as it now exis's, do not deem it sound policy to de'roy ii mea me that is popular with many States on which the party have placed great reliance. The question of annexation, will, undoubtedly, absorb all others This will divive pir ie' urno distinctly, as it is evidently 'die intention to make th >' the issue ITiril thisquedi i came Up, movements looked lavorable I )r someoUitigv '* the tariff laws I here ts sa possibility a( iw Uaiag

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