Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1844 Page 3
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again brought up for debater action. The existing rules of the Hoiweforbid such au event; tbev require a two-third vote authorirmg th-ir alteration It is gratifying, at all t events, that tbia subject it Anally at rest It cannot he agiti'c-1 until another session This will have a very la vorahle inllu -nee on the movementeol trade and eommerci, i. a per'n itiency i? ensured lor a twelve month at l*ast in the mean time, tlio defects in the present bill wilt ? hotter ih-tined, ami proposed modifications and alterations batter mature*). Hasty legislation is a bane to all interest*. Our legislators are too apt to send into the world laws regulating commerce half made up. They are too olten o impel feet that immediate alteration! are required. The existing Tarili'of dutiea hai not been in force quite two ears, during which time complaints against it have been 'iccumulatiug, until those oppose*] to ruany of its features have become formidable. If a defective law becomes engrafted on our institutions, a premature repeal of that law does not always cure the evil or provide a remedy.? The greatest drawbacks this country has experienced in her commercial affairs, is the mpid making and unmaking of 1* ws. State of Trade. Ashes?Pots we quote very Inactive at $4 37J; pearls in very inodurste request at $4 sales of prime northern yellow at 30} a 30} Boutherii is held at 30 a 30}. BiiKAoiTUrrs?In consequence of the inactive state of the market, holders of Hour have been compelled to settle upon $4 74 for Genesee; the same lor prime Michigan, *4 fij} lor mixed brands of the same, and $4 74 lor round k hooped Ohio. We do not look upon these price* as being ' flrin Cottoji- The maiket to day has been qui.-t, the sales not exceeding 740 bales Sales ate made at } a |j reduction since the arrival of the Hihernia, the extremes being on the lowest grades The qualities middling and good middling have not declined, being more in request for ...,,.,.,^1,1 i-irikini> mih ratner mtter?engagement* have been ma le to Jay ll-32d (or square to Liverpool. Livkkpool Classification. Uplandt. S O 4- Mobile. Inferior, 5 a 8 ... 6j a 61 Ordinary, 6j a flj ... 8} a 6; Middling 7 a 7| ... 7| a 7 Middling fair, 7J n 7 ... 7} a 7| Fair. 7j a7 ... 8 aS Good fair 8 a 9J ... 9 a 0\ Kino h| H ? ... 10 a ? Fun-Dry cod isheldat $-2 93} a >3 Nothing doing in mackerel Provisions? There in very little doiog in pork We quote Hilling inlet of prime Ohio at >7 a 7 12}. met.* do at *9 Beel hat declined in price and demand lately We now quote city mens at 6 76 n > ; do prime at >4 Lard it improving in demand Good qualities are held at 6] a tic; prime 0 a 6}c. There it very little enquiry for cheese Holder* demand 4 a 6}c. New butter it coming in very moderately We quote ordinary qualitiet at 16a 18c Hay?The receipt* continue to a very moderate extent We quote common qualities at 33 a 36c Prime commands 37 }c Whiskky?Drudge casks are held at 220; prison barrels at -23 a 23}c lit ai. Kstatk -Assignees' Sain? Seventh street?Three lots on the north side between 1st and 2d avenues, each 26 by 97 fret 6 inches, at $1 6(1(1 each Eighth street?Three lots on the south side, between 1st ' and 2d avenues, each >16 by 97 feet 6 inches, at $2 000 N nth street?One lot northwest corner of avenue A, 26 | feet 4 inches by 113 feet, at $2 840 An irregular lot corner of 8inj vesant street, 73 leet on 8 street, 6 feet 6 in. on Bib street, 24 feet on the end and 65 feet in the rear, at >3,060 The lot adjoining the f.hove, 25 feet 8 street and 9th street, bv 79 feet 10 inches on one side and 65 feet on the other. >2 400 Twelfth street- One lot on the north side, west ot avenue A 24 feet 3 inches hy 104 feet 3 im-hes, at >800 Two lots on the north side, between avenues A and B, each 23 feet hy 103 feet 3 inches, at >650 each Thirteenth s'reet?Two 'ots on the south side, between avenues A end B, enrh 25 feet hv 103 feet 3 inches, at >626 each. One lot on same side, west of avenue A, 21 lee! 3 by 103 feet 3 inches, at >735 Fourteenth sti eet? Two lots on the south side, between avenues A snd B each 26 hy 103 feet 3 inches?one at >690 the other at >800. Cotton Mnrketa. Chaklfston. May 8?The transactions have been at such fluctuating prices that wo mu*t wait the n suit of more ext. nded operations before we give quotations The sales comprise 8 at 6}; 132 at 6}; 2* at 6J; 127 at 6j; 19 at fl 9 ti. 112 at 7; 19} at 7}; 293 at 7}; 364 at 7}; 27 Ut 7j; 26 at 7jj; 2-'0 at 8; and, 37 hah s at 8} cents Moim.r., May 4 ?There has been a pretty fair enquiry in the cotton maikct to-day, and sales amounting to at'out 2.000 naies have been effected ut a decline in the quo.atiens curieut eariy in the week, of } u }c. New OitLKiM*. May 4.?On Thursday a few buyers ven tureci into me market, ami made oilers J to below for mer prices, which were accepted, and the sales amounted to about 3 300 bales This concession on the part of holders was followed by a more active demand yesterday, and the sales reached fl .100 bales at rattier irregular prices, al though the decline above alludtd to was generally es- , tablished, excepting on the better grades which ate only a ahada lower. O'lr quotations are revised accordingly The sales of the pas' three days comprise 10 000, and those of the week 18 000 bales Liverpool classifica'ion? Louisiana and Mississippi, inferior ft; ordinary, a 6; f middling, 1.1 n 6J; middling fair, "J a7J; fair, 8 ? 8^; good . fair, 9^ aflj; good end tinu, 9} 1 Hull I more Cattle Market. Them were 440 hcr-d of beef cattle ottered, of which 190 vvi re sold to the city butchers and 100 driven north The extremes of pric. s were $2 25 a 2 871 per 100 lbs. on ' the hoof, according to quality, which is equal to $4 60 a ft 50 net. This offerings on Thursday amounted to 180 head, nearly nil of which were left over from the com- 1 mencement of the week The sales on Thursday embraced 110 head, at prices ranging from $2 25 to $3 |>er 100 , lbs. on the hoof. There are now 50 head untold. There 1 is n lair supply of iivo hogs in market, and sales are malt- . ing at $4 2.> a 4 00 per 100 lbs according to quality. Foreign markets. Havana, May 2 ?Our market is hbre of rice, and the t Inst sales at 13 rials Molasses scarce at 2 a 2J Coffee, ft; a 81 Lxcharige on London, 9 a !H; on New Voik and Iln-t'in, 3 per cent. Freights have improved within the last low days, as the number of vessels available for Eu- ' rope are reduced. We quote jt'2 17s. 6d per ton for Cowes I and .. market; A'3 to the Uultic. Since writing the above theLidy Wan ing on has arrived with 220 casks of rice j Married, I On Saturday evening, 11th inst. by the Rev. Oeorge H' Fisher, Mr. John Woiiam to Miss Mart Amv Bromley ROSX, nil of the citv of New Vork I ' I L.Ricat Ailvlt-ea *S' K I VXD AT THE NKW TORS HtRAI.D OrriCC Anjirr Jan. 1 Manilla Jan 20 ' Mar. 30 Malaga Feb It Antigua Feb 19 Madeira Feb 7 ' Arvcibo Mar. 22 Mauritius Nov. 16 iu?< f. April 6 Montevideo Mar I Ausu-tii e Bay May 16 Maracaibo April 26 ftttavia Dec. 30 Marsanilla April 5 1 i!ay of Islands, N. Z-Sent 21 .Ylat.uizas M?v 1 Bermuda Aprd 10 Mayaguez Mar. 31 , Buenos Ayres M-r 5 Matamoras Dec 26 Belixe, iiou. April 6 Hosonvy Oct 16 1 n.-l.?l * . -: I sr. ?. ? /%?'in lassau, i*. |?r?I i" . Bogo'~*** Jan 71 Veuvitas April 27 Bon.ire April 26 Oahu, 8.!. Dec 2R . Boinbav Mar. 1 Para ' April 20 ( Cai>e Town, C. O. H Feb 22 Paris A ill >7 Calcutta Feb 21 Port an Prince April 2ft . lard*na* A;ril 2H Porto Cabello *p?il 16 | (hagret Jan I Point Petre, Guad. Feb I < Cieufuegoa Apr 1 17 Pernamhuco Mar 24 , Cape Haytien A;r! 15 Panama Dec. 26 | l 'arthageu* April 7 Piyta Not. fo Cam peachy J.iu 3 Rio Janeiro Mar 27 < oritnmbo Inly Ifl It io Hran Mr II , Callao peS 25 Han J?i n Feb 2'# Deinerara Mar 21 St. Helena* Mr. 15 failsinoie Dec I St. Thomas Apr-1 2'? i Fhv. I Feb 20 St. J ago de Cubit* April 22 , "inrnlta* April i2 St.. Johns, P. H. April 6 i Uu.iy.iina, P. R April 27 St. Croii April 2:1 i , r;tlv-ston April 30 St. Domingo A pril 2 I Gouaives*** Mar !.fl St. I'bes Sept 2'.r ! i Gu yrvpnl Due 5 Surinam M-r II ! G.?'In ?? >? Islands May 4 Smgiporw Jin. 51] Ha\r* April 16 Sydney, N. 8. W. O t. " i i TTavai.a I rnnidaddr Cuba Ap il 23 j ( May 'I TalcihuHnb* Jail 24 . Mr ..I France i t 27 Tab ri IVc ; iVrern *- Aj ri' ') Tomb N v 'J I ; iiur ion, Ja. April 22 Tampico Feb I L, London Ap il lo Pobascr Feb B Liverpool Ai ril l!l Turk* Island Ap l' 3ft I < La Giiayra Airil 17 Trieste April 6 : Lag una -Oct 31 Valparaiso K*b ft I j Luna Fab 21 VeraCrui* April 22 j Macao Jan. 2J /a nut tar Fel> 4 j Pipntcii^rrs Arrived* ! Paitow?SI e 7,e ot ia?-D H ?ll, Ityaii Livr rpooi.?Shin 11 cheater li I) Harmon J B Me'drsi. i . II Set ii n T Lyman, J DougaM, W Me aim, J R Hall, J | , Km it1 P Holland ?m1 277 in rhe eerafe j Lan; en as?Brig Wrm/an'Eg?Theodore Perry and N F PierNon Morn lit?Mop Kdwin ?fudge Kee'er. Opt F IVfit. J (! I . F.'Uno'ie 2 chibsei and servant; Mrs S mp*on. child and er? | ;; Mrs It ? v cbildr n an s iv ot; Mi** Ho?ev. PAi.aCMii OLa?Brig Maiy?OpUm 11 y -n u-dC Tlbn- . niiig 1 - _ I ( ? " -!*. ??iix>r - it 4'tftTO!* Sop Zfti.r.o a? 1'/?I ' h-" * fnUfthoi'C 526 I f dn 710 | 10 lb n i-.lcrj 'f. It), u lo k 2'0 if ill. 101.f dn 6 J h .|f (I < Jul. ?l\ mi I II 13 II. Iim Hi hi I y?..u <2* tin hy.on >U 6! I. oh? 61. I'o.irti r 2i0 12 III l i JOS J oin Cftiiiilft't .'.J imp* in 2(1. 7 II. lit <li. 2 ii r? it . il (10 . inift'i-r, il. 9 li.ti h* cI i w .r 'ii 0 hn . r; m?< "01 I ?t m ma 7582 m it? do 21.8 in'.; m Hi-g'0 'do On In I I 7 5 pbm rh .ir. 120 d" n.d?- r '1' Ihi r, <) >|.I?| a' 1?227 Ik ? iiftli nu W K Talo t?4n0 ft l.f r . y .line . . nrd' i. 'I alb 'I- 100 13 lb bkft Jf II . h ? i. (J 75 l.f II 0'?l! r v?'n ?k IJ lilt in*. Ii i.* 10 Oil .ourh ? R <' j 11 ' in til?71ch? ... w. hnr g I S 4 llili touch'.P. 151 lift .1 ' I'Ji'.y uiit II V 47 l.| h gut p 0?r >td' ni|.?ri I 21 cln 0. n ?ki.i S rl.t in ?r ?' in, i n I di. 4 4. rdo k T 'lb . ? II rt - ill* ft I bill md c I dn w r" 2 1 *t e tni'hi.r W llu, bl y B I ' i m - - - 7 ' t. d - II. It ,)| || |J ? if, nbt |p b A h I ?? " ZVJ hlihti ? 8 I' I hi 12 In- nil ft '4 1 Ori?w il'l?179 h . f b rht v nark kr??? Itch* do M r ,i B eKi hn?o *kin > " M-.r I.I, U I nil f?:iell, |l p ?| |'|,,|,d 5 p1 k< m .ft H s A III w. ll-3 111 c'-iini Tiift. |3pktt P. i, Hvnil, Pln'ftd- I pi.*' ? <'o Ik u? & ' fiv:in cl ?5 cfm 3 c? hi U f ?I hi* | .In i d'ft Ik VVft-r?1 ft. c ,n|>hnr II I) Will in ?I ' hit r? I (In ch'im wiir I In. ? ,t. I. II Hull? 30 i'kg? ' (if 1,11 k I'l'lbol ? * I k,/< m.ittr?I08i, hi cli. y. n .s h|?.i ? f,5 r' ft d.. 14" d.? 17 l.f .I'. l.v?..i. 1' I d I-v in, t |,, ;,n bf 0 '.2 |. n -Vr .5 do imiftoiftl #r.n rn'lt m.t'.i.ic 4 l.i? >ndt? 2"l hf d" I' |,.<|. ft;ftl 712\Ini'k I. inn 2 >0 on K?lftC..7o l.f,I,. ..neb , n 37 In y un hymii 5 ?OiU muting 13 c?.n do 3 bit r I' I.v r.npnni.-s p II rbn.lftr?I ck S MjPnt??17 44 Mrrr r 1 rfr ? I 55 P ' I. u ftim k c 1 K W ?rfnn?17' ' ht, I n | |.i.? I r t? r.iftr 7 bftirm A I |,? , I i i.i ii - *? I(10 ? il ft >?lt 1.3 mm f ilUi.nOli I t. ' All lIIr ? I Ii "4 M llftft-l ?I I V ,11 V 1?1 K II .1 ft|,|,_7 | :] ,. I V II < *u ? I .1 v i." 5V .rt -1 H K ihbnt.nn?11 J i i .. - i I'n it tft ,|, St rft St * - ftrfc ?7 , llrt'.' k Br ..?3 Hft o Tft 5l Old /?in I! ftt.ard-- .. k lA'ati ,?2 limit St n ? | i .i, n? I I 44 Mu i ?211 bftift i on 50 inl It dn 4 lnrkf,4i.lift u , : > II ii ? I a> ? 11 Pn'o.i Ik Sift*, rt?1 s br chfr > ; 1 \t T. r - I 1,1 I - i-p?I VV lift jim n ? I -I Vi'Ofsnn? T Hunt- ^ II. 11,iir> St fti)? I 4. II ||i|i bird-0 p'hi/> A It Nfn? ;( i M ?l| Ik ft"?11 4 J P trf k i n?I A 44 A K-ni'tll St c i? i - Prttr ken?1 M?y k tr /bftrt? I T M MiHftr k fn? l a 11 Moftii ? I .t k M !i n unit*?4 4 4ftrnfr It rn?2 Wnnd k K? I * , r -I B tft11',?5 .A1- ,tt I- I- k co-t J Hotkiftii?I I. J '??li' n krr k - J k I 4 I. .m ftr'nin?I J C M*44m ( , i Bond Uillriftii ken? II J tiilinn?J Unroll k 1 OtitjoiJi?6 Buti.bdiu h Bud win?I ft fttdny?S ktnut It M? di I 2 Soa#n?22 caff 13 H*1 ? Sand# FuTW Si ca?-3 T Jon* ? It >u ? i Bftie f'uld?11 M (i x?7 A ntfttfWOO Jk. co?I B K 9? r * on ? I M4iiuitiif at Fm?ru?'i-| B^ru U. AMflfM 'li-t-2 J ?< **# sc > ?! vi wcu (? ? ? 111 1* 7 .1 J (Sii?a| 11 irwf % Htyi" 1 I '?! k Ti lif? I A \ H% * i J D D I". k > i - 1 F l?o A M?A of 1 ' l W ! i. - < \ .in St Smith i ? B klllrmao~ 1 H ' T > ; - I W Wh t*n i*h ? IS I h >Mt ?< ?I r nko ? * I in . A oil i I6'7i.. I- fn P 1 i. Dndir* kei?I'D *. ti&rbrr Rioth*r*-4 C Vy#-~'S Jatitft-4 Srniih Thti?* ? IS|M Ha ?1-1 Ki: Tavlir-l C KB-'U Cl rkl J Vl'arr n?I Vail tVfg?.|i?ii It 1 mlf ?? J Hlwi dc ? l> II dd.. St -Ion l?N??iii? St co 45?Haa'inga St eo I t h ? ii> pluici?H i ard St ko.i IMltiawi iron 600 buudlcado?Bl c rr St Chii t 27 l.-rt iru" Dwinlil it SoMcr?4 ft l-n K L I J (fill in? 4 \V I'nlt?3 ^ I lira- a St X aw- 2 UnltiL St Hull, man?8 J Bryu' 1 Js ? 11 Hawl'it St <v>-5 H Bwyl -2 \V i I a y?141 ln.xri li.' pUt"? 702 bar? ir iu 57 ca ei uierchaudiz to "Va'hdiciwaw?*r? Wa-ryo aw?721 hlida J1 ticrcet ranlan-i 11 Piffv. Ma'bwww St (. ti'* do do K (J 'I horiiou St' o i akiisnah?Sclir Mogul-2211 lib la morui'i 20 tea lluol.n I'ohto H> PUBLIC?Brig Arcb'l.*?Ill) b*g? rnff.f 13-lor. mill tiny 109 *? roioi 17,170 'bi logwood $10,914 8?. liie frcDMpiMM ?0 sovereign. \ C hoj-iro?II c Us ptiia order. "oiae.tlr I iiiiH.rtatloii*. SJ"I' Kdwiiia,?153 bales -ot? a liainiltou h Oriy? 250 Oo dbuekco?15 U >rdvn k B nner?222 Begirt k Ko-rlsn -15 Hnlb'ook k N.I.O.-140 C D Hu bank co-l W 8 U 9t.j>l-s?I ' Dincy?5 VV Bi ne Ahi iciik oi.4-Brig Vlarv?$79 biles I'.irmele k l>'oir?rs? 13 Sll i? Broiison?I3> Miller, liiptey' k Co??3 Roger! k Kne I'ud?61 Center li CO?235it<ck? <?Jsr fc Kmuiu.I?J bin Chas Kelson Hi co. "MARITIME HKEALh ~ .Sailing Days of the Steam Ships. FROM 1 IVKRPOOL FROM AMF.RICA. Htbtraia, Jadkiu Mil is Britannia, Hewitt May 4 Juue I 1 ale?lonia, Lett******** May 19 Junv 16 <4. Britain, Ho?V#.rj Julv II Aug ? 44 B i'aiu, Aur.SI Sent ? <J Britain. H<>?k*n ^ct 14 Nov ? Packets to Arrlva Packets to Sail FROM LIVERPOOL. FOR LIVERPOOL Oirrirk, Trok, April II Yorkshire. Uiiley, May 16 Oif*rd, Rithb lie, April 16 Qut*u of the -*e%t, May HI KRoM roRTSUlir fH. FOR PORTSMOUTH Wel'inFton, Chadwick. a pr 2 Gladiator, B-itton, May 20 Switze'Uiio. Kuicht, At ril lo Mecia'or, t ktdwick. Jul# 1 fcROM HAVRE. # FOR H A V H ? . rtullv, Birrows, April 1 Silvia d? Grasie May 16 B?iir ndy Walton, April 8 Lasts lnl?p s^iRlsflf.Msy W Slilp .Maulera and Agents. W' aha' 1 'tt em it a la " r, if ' aptaiua f Ve??ela will give to < nmin dure Poo. ht . of on Newa Fleer, a U. p rt nf ihe Shipping 1-ft at t>>e Por, w' e ee thev .ailed, I e Vr? .1. -Sp ken mi l' err paiaage. a Liat ol' ihrir Cargo, n> d any Fn. eg. Nrwapapera or Newa thev may have He will board th?m tOMi.arntelyoutio ngrtiu at d Corteapnn tl.U. at m? or broad, will alio roofer a faeor by tiding f. t it dice .1 1 the v.a'i"e liiie'l genre they rail obtain Naut cal hit runt on of air k nd will be ihaukiull. r-c-ived. ('OUT OK WKW 1UKK, MAY 13. I?N mill 1 47 I MOOft HI.I? J 14 lit *tTt 7 6 I HIHII 6 29 Arrived Ship Zer.nbia. Kenay .from whmpa. 22d Ian. and M can 'Rth with indie to Tob"t Oli, bau' Sc cn Vet-els ief at W'atrpoa before r.-poned Pat.ed m Boi a Tigris, thin Hoht Full ti Drnhrr of Hnlad. b u d up keb II, taw in tlie Strnita or tfu-da, brig Gambia. Walli?, of Sal-m fr m Vanilia. Marsh II. Cl.' of G n d H'?' e beating W by N. VOO film. ?' oke ba qn- Hnlton. Nath, of Htnninv'i n. fin I'reirtte ltl.i; da. ne.rly full of oil, bad lit a a hlown ' ff vtilh lota ol cn b'et and ant-h.-rt, bound to St r .|enn f r water. P-cket thip Koch tt?r. It -it'ou, from Li' erpnol April T ? it'i mdie to Wnohull & Mia' ?rn pnl 2k, ail p m. iat 45 J N, l -n 47 16 '-V on teverai I rge teen res to 'he o tv war I alee d a eat unfill 1 a in F id-y the 26 h. wind hauling t > the N VV, wore i hip t lb inuth wert Atfidiato.ere t e ice aolid to the weato a'd, ate. 'etl aln g a aolid hn>r er of i -e a n'h weat until Saturday * pr 1 27 At noon wind hauling to the no thward, d trorered an opming. a' ap d our cotirre weat bv noit and patretl through several hund'ed ice) ergs, tome of iininruae IMP! Ship Edwina. M'ett, 16 diytfrom Mobile with loan ba'ea 'otto i to D Hurlbnf Si ro Saw brig laitr Mead, iu Mob.l B>v, b?ali g t ut for M York Barque Tonjon. irh. 12d iv from Yletinzaa, with sugar nr.d mtlaa.e. in H- co A 'etera Brig W mi a.,0 g, ''o aon, from *nerife n-d Ca'd'naa, Iatre'port in 8 dnyt w lb mil a-ei to Perm. Math wa Si co. Sid in m with ntig I W lluuti gtou, lor this pnrt, and tchr Tarn -rU'"- 'or Bo.ton ' rig Arehelua. New" mV '1 rtava from Potto Republic with i|iec e and logwo 'd to A Roatiere eft brig fat'-M Wil Boatnn. ?< '? Brie M?r?- Rirh"dton, 20 daya from Apal cliicola.with cottor m P i' Ik Phillip?. Siril'ia *chr T> leg ?ph, Lanaao, 62 day* from Leghorn,with mdae t? P Harmon v Wiriil -'ahburv. 10 daya from Card nai, with triolnasea to i umi'i'h (k Bum Scbr Virginia. Peck. 2 daya from Ociac <ke, with naval iter t" li e mat er Schr fitnwa Jol'a. Howell, 4 d \ya from Newbern, NC, with naval at or an to .1 Taylor Sit r Knir, ith. 5 daya fr -m Newbern NC, with naval itorra t" th mattrr. ?rhr C-ro-tie, Hawkint, 3 daya from Sa'em, with indie to th? hi in Schr Homer, Kent, 4 diye from Boatou, with mdae to E St J Heirink. Schi Oia-a, Small, 5 daya from Salem, with milre to 11 M Rop-a. t-eh? Angerefra, Crouch, 5 daya from Boaton, with mdie to E P& V W.todr-ff > ckr Pennayivauit, Cronch. i oaya f/om Boatou; with md e to the reenter. Schr Orcei n, Crate 4 d .ye frcm Boat n, with mdae to J Atkiu. Schr Victor, Allm, 5 daya from Beaton, with mdte to 8 W Lewia Sn r vlizi A im, Tyl -r. 2 days from Provi lence, in b*lla*t to the inaatrr. r r Mahire. rhadwirk, 5 daya from Newbern, NC, with naval at te to the n.aeter S, hr Th toea Ji hnaoii, r?r M mot L'eaert. H daya fratn Porto Kirn, with inolaaaea to the traate k'tramer Sachem, Demoting 16 houra from Hortford, to J k N Privea Sin I> Corinthian, Shepherd 2 daya from New Bedford, wi h nil au J caudltu to C H L ouard Below One al ip and two briga unknown Wind N "4 Weet, blowing a Rale Sailed. Ships Monteuk, Mr Michael. Ihnmn; Newark, hVrwin, Saraueaib; Ch*tleat a, Brown, Chtrlet n; barque Choaan, vntanzaa; br ga UiralTee. Lee, .Vlontego Bay; Da.iihe, Betry, St lohn. Herald Marine Correspondence BoaTotv, Mar U, 1*44 Of all the veaaela now in port only rne belong! to Ne\jr York, tan e.'y : brig Udeaea, Coffin, for fie rht or charter Miscellaneous Fobeiow Letter Bags?The Montreal, Tinker, for Lon Ion, and Stephen Wliituef, Thompton, for Liverpool, will tell .his morninc Their letter hag* are at thii office DiibbTeb.?A b >at w*a caraized yesterday, with thrre men. n the Lower Bay, one of the men, a aoldier belonging to <>o rernor's Lland, waa drowned?the other two were taved bv a >oat from a achooncr. Whaleman. Sagh? anon. May 5?A'r St Lawrence, Oreen. NVorlt?to It fjr MV Coast She it to be commanded by Lai t E M Bater, late of the Daul Webaier. Spoken Natchrz, from Matani ii for Trieste, April 13, lat 3141, lon 16 "I?by the T eleenph, at thii part Isadme, Springer, fin Portland fir Havana May 10, lat 41 33, u 63 30. Porelgn Porta. Chi;s4N, Jan 3?Sld'Oicer Fry. Ningoo. I'aston. (Whampoa) Jan 21?In ,ort, Panama, Oriiwold.for VYork, unc Macao, Ian 23?In port. Argyle, Cookaey, for Whampoa. 6 >> 8 d?; and nlhera a* re ore. iiiHRAi.TAR. April )2?In po-t, Angua'a, of -nd from NOr ana. d>ag; Larul ue, i homaa.for Uoaton, 28th; Alf >1 Maion, do do Bcknos Ar?n March 3?Arr Fim' Baker, Sa?la I'alatila, >ia Mm te ii'eo; S h Moslem, Fr nch Nkork, via do; th n i'i' cki.ey, S? m?f trd. H <It. via do 11 a va v a, April 28?Hd Thamea, Pii- c". NV< rk, via Matan la?; A r el Herman. Phil d; lland Hope Kelly. "Wwp rt; hidea. Sjlietier vewVurvroit Arr 23th, Koii"haaaett. Lin5 III, l.'pool; ^'n-elle. K Uatme IViln.imtJIi Sill, Apoll , Ln:aa La it; Mary Frames, Oiom a, do Arr 3U h. Ann A l'*rlie. 11 i?htn<?. , Savannah Sid. Altotf "nell, l o?ra; Vernon, "iahee. Triette Mil >'ay |, Gen Ilr rum "tirnth \ Vo k. Arr 2d A e ho a. '"iilrr, I. n. an; B?z n K K-e>e Tuc 1 Brrv ee; Vatnu I, T< llord. Port an '; ^apnl Ward, NV ik II. Apo'io, Ho. t, Boston; Vict ria, Lil'ia Lowai LaHDCSaa, M ty 4?In p >rt A lei i nler Sib e ; It up rt R n- I kin; Nap 'eon, I nfd> n; Eliza. B ak* ; Monaco, Wh rtOu;H|l; , ! , Wright; Genoa Uanf-er; onlidenc , U iley: od Iph, ' Pendleton, Tasso ilowr; Peru, Cra>e;Jaua, Diii.kwUe , all wtg c ir o Honai a Ap il In port, Alabami lUnlett, ( m Cadiz) Tor >1 ana nzr div. Mata"iia?, May I?In port. I!ii-*vh Ford fi'Lowes. ldK; Han.Our, h Law ee. fin fl vans for Taieu , j<iat c iinm' i Idg; ll.lhert (.1 'en for Lronaiand . 'd, ; 4 nllao, Haya do do; [>-nrw a < ?tia, d ?g ha'la.t; Flor?n<e Le ch, and Rnaaeli Lanhir he o |i r o ships in p< r'unengaged. * lao in p >rt vio ;o Wit iims.diag; Ai ev riant, fo tloa'on |>t y loaded; VI ry. B y .1 t f do, 8 d?; M?n A gut a, Fa'ubnin. foi Pli Iid iron; Alei ipiT, Hubmaoo *iig c-og i VIabih. aprd 28?In po r, Vel tro, Choate, for Boston,leg; Oot lie. Churchill. Irtr Pool in ' 3 da e*.ai;cai> laLAtvn la , Ai r I 25?In rum Pilgrim l. t Noi'ii n 4 <l? Slil 21, M zi t, VleKarlai d. a m L ara, St. ta n, VUt eana * assav, NP Marl ? I por' Dl) WiHoo. B rjimin,'rom rob j jj arr. bound t It vged la'aud MaVaguiz, I'll . May 2-In port. Win Sc'roed r Main's '? And for Nei'biryu ot disg, io i,ji m If) d?. Natelli for N fork, w g; '4am Mill, f?r NVork. nit da . ; Vley K1 o "or f r VII vet., in7da; Bu kerllill I'orNYor , in 3 d?; Southerner, or ,N Ycrk. in 4 da; I .nac H r .tklin. Harding, d i. Iloiua I'nrta Laativk Aprik 30?Arr Arkansas. Tyler. Phi'id; Mav 1, ?re i en', P' rs us, NY?'?k;7th, Pearl. Abbot, B?!t; We-abrook V tfiin N \ ntU Lunrr, Mav 6?A?r (i ani'*, Hodgdon Sd'"ick; ' U"y, I ^eis. t fS John NH 4 d l it, Alt Vlori ih Rogers, Ph.Lo; )tr it , Tew r*y, N York; Tiber in. Tibb*t do Pri i A?T, viay5?1*ld *i*ru. t rltor . Sr P tera. Miq. Wiic>miT M?v 1?*ld IVf'i Win *, Ihvi <, t'outi.ahd. May 10 ? A r D VV Kniir it, Sofford, Carder na I ', * rh *.ue Dyir, Patina, s av B-8'd Am^j n, Day. Surinam Piirmmih th M y 0? \rr * I rk Hawk ve*tou, Norfo'k Saii.M Nia\ 10?I Id Hrj er, Dall ii|?, Africa 'loiiorv May II? Arr \rl>**l'a Ionian, O-uoi. 4th ? !??Oib* It r 12 h fair through the Wraitt in to ? ith T'escut , of rid f rNi"* Vnk; wl ri s1atait ?, 1st io?t al 29 u. IlvnI on, Ke-d o stvP?es, W t era'I ' nv?w; I ?.% p^ig,, 'aylor. Bnltnn rr) Prornrt. Onia Bilnin re; Snbiom , U aert Ph; aoelpht . Kninbn.g CroekT. Manel. 28th |r ?n 'o mr?'i oV ; R In more, Idnd?<\ P ilalc'ihta; Kl'a Vhe dan. Pn 1 \del,.hia; Pil*t Po and, Ma aula*, si i-or: .1 a Uii * I "a, W.ialuaw n N' *, (ira-i lala* d. L"n u .t, Il'fhio d, Caviui, hi lidge. K ed- ri k?* uig ; O c-i,la Itich, * *'Mlrr ?1 *l> t * ; \i'e I'h tc. ejr In I mI- ph a; ichtnuid, * * vey. Phi a ?lj hi*; CUri^n, C. lennn, hi d Let t?a, a ilb\i.v; K -liown Intel I. NVork;Mril an , (J I#.on, and I or 1 I t Haltrtl NVoik; V-l^oitT. Nam. Hfe.ilifii Sitialfora J rig. Hch Mary 117. beth lef atJtcii'l '6'h ulr, Port Leoo, o|in?on from NVork. di; ^'a'deo ^ild-n, Pence, via * t lorn n. oci:?,d . <ldh .m Pu laf .id, Sobe. II i> hu?; He- [ ?r VVInre Si J tiro; Cordelia, C'app, Trinid id; I Georgian i i \. H v im , Cyprus B kar. do v i Rigicd li iod| v i.11 titia",' o' k ~t Johns, PH; ' barn t At?a. od. ^Mas^u; u 1 b ' a a. Bn lin. N r'ean; On c ?, ^mith M b le ; Dote Writ I li Dmorr: VV^te, K ger? Norfolk, Citv Poii t am t'Ch ond: Vl?r|Oi , k 11 v, Ntork; ' ainhriilg- Hi I, o ( irr Iffb m Dftr < ' ?hv N n a ; tior-.i, (Jill, N r ? r. >?.ble, Brovn N blea ?; H in1 nr. Pen el (> , Je| nen l.i uoa \ m: Lydn liahv, (' mLn a; olumbiv Coirel iladel|dn , ID rad a-i, Kor'af M J .nil*, >K, 2;? h nit. le >h i ?, t r. a I.. I'.nn ? Y?? k. jnat ar only r te? el. H ? aii , U ? 4 tiMin d ? ar? 'Ji Rr Mittbnh, Hi-vtart, foi id.) . d Vofk aaiLd hf 5ih >r.w Hrnroan d y I ft? \rr I ?hu Allyoc, Burge?a Ha't lore; i oj Minmor*, Kub. Albany SIM I'r xy (inn. Vo?-i. |> .,r?; Xltamaht, Lu' Plrladalphi?; 11th, arr Po.oow.t , Inrmaii. Baltimore. f oiiANt w.t, vlnv 8?Bid Phamiio*', I) ew NVork. J*HoviDimcr, M?y Irt- \ r fTnion, P f. ?r, B.ltiinoie ( Bristol, May 9?Hid Tany <?r .vicl .t; if, f si ( roi* a VIufdletown, Conn. ^ N on Km k Miy | |?\fr Uch" o. Hirfn, fin NCr ins for f eh in iii ; belle Mc Math > York; i ai>Wing, fin Kre It ricks urg I??r Bo; ton; 10th eld Briogsiuu Adiisi dt kitU, >\m- j roawl*. WiiiUaa, Bosioa b Hichmowd. May 10? \rr Nw?n. Che?Vr, aad Abraham Brown Diru, N\Vrk; 8 Hock hill, UuloW, Jeraey Cit> . Wm Adam*. Nofctrta Wilmiioto.i, NC May 4-Arr Sevanoah. Mmimaa. flt rtia a; M . Men f AiOM Amwii, m? ey * u ?a; l'iT?no? t, I eed?. Ki iitnn a; Lcho. M aaer, BoaC n; John H 8te?ei a Hall Poit n Pn ire I a a iilki 1 k May 9?Below Le'nud. Kendrtelc. Boa on ^r?|i nor > H-uth*1!-. im1 I ornptou hapxian. iverpx I; M??l - ' Well*; ?|.J <>-** Hull NVnrk; Kmlv Koifhr. ve|..t%re, c II Ml?u; Hf'. Ill V t.M r. s,ilr T, Liv r, o I; SiKl >U O.i! OWa> . 'I NV.rU;arrH I.swfii'f. llaiona 8avinnam M .y tt?Arr 0?v*via, wan h. Ho?ta< ? < Id Hunt i v* iilud. NVork; < ?iro, Meeua. P rtlaud; luii^iul.llrid, 1 Provide ce 8 ^'ouii I'. May 1?I'ld Canroll of Carro'tin. B id; Gov D? a. N ft' Sir hade* Napier [ >'] Griffin, and J?Me, [Br] Biker L.v? poel; L?dy (>u|ehrook [Hr] McHi'n, Cr ?udw v w l Ihi.Li.ti, May 3?Old Bom ditch, Crowell, Havre; I Kaitoekv, hotfrra, do; O 'f?n?fS*an, NYoik; Mil* Thorn- < ton, Su i.e. Hamburg; Pi inert Zabreg.u, and Alabama (a * VVo-dl- , |lav hi ? A rr Jure < oeaA 4'r*lifrce, I -ive |?c?..I; M *? - |t * i m |ry , 1-uiOIH, XiUUHIII, li.tiilfil IHIJilTt*; ?ttllU-' ? K , l-?. T.i' mutton ' kJVMB WANTED? W. ut?<l immediately. ?n HMiMij 1 IN rinii nap-cty 1 - Nltrie to attend * yoarg chili ( with v?'d rtcomun'niiaiiona a.r.\ a| |i|y to K C a' thedeik of ( thit flj iH :u*jfh i |)HY OOODS CLERK. ' 5 YI7ANTED?A umirt active young man (hat it well ac" <|uainted will) hia bueiuiei, nouv other need apply m '/!i Bawery. mil It'ee 1 XITANTEU?A tidy, reeie-ct.ible gill to dotlieworkof a i nn ill family Apply at IM Mulb rrv ureet u>12 tfje t \\TANTED? By atingle gentleman,a tingle room, w th full V b 'ard. within five iiiinuiet walk of thi* < ITiee A.'drni H., at 'li't office n 9 Strc rPl) WATCHM A K E R *? Wt u tedTiTl r?t~uTt* Watthmaku ? a. d Stlemna.i Apply to O. S. JEVNINOB. ?4X Fulton >tw. Twmfc nd hand Show uaeifor ?tle I n?_ ml3 P^ * c ' rfO SOUTHERN AND WrSfiRN 'i>',"i HAill'a I Druggiitt and Country Dealtr..? V eu w ill find It to vour advantage to obtain a lupolv of Dr. Holl't mediciuet?"wad- < vertietiient 8i h column 'tit pill. iiJ1w"ee I NOTICE TO SEAMEN. \ Ml' ETINU of h- S-nmen ot toe rt ot New York wi'l S\ he l aid at < r to i Hall, on Tu->d.iy 4 h iru aut, at II j o'cl i It P. VI P'nctual atle- d*nc* .a a'ne.tlv inpie. #<j, at hutii ria ot the u'tip it itnpor a. or to in in n w ll U" o eut'u i eihe meeting, at d alto t"tna airaiigeiiieiitt will ).? pro- i poied whereby tAilo't Iighta IK ' be Iiroierted, and a ju ' compeutmion 'or thaw lutvir itc oed to them v B.?Be.iti wi'l he tiaervrd lor the la 'iet that wi'l onor th? ine ilug w itli their poie ire. m'3 2t*ec A] OTIC' ?' >e'ch'inli eperahip in n a. i h' t a, t Chil a Iron I, rerpool will , I eta rend the. p r mitt on hoard til"ihipat f >ot ot arltileit N It , or to ll e III e of tn auiicibar with uti'rlav. AII goo-'a not p relittain five day ?, muil un ivoidauly b-? nt to the public a'ore. m Ht'c JOHN HERDM a N, 81 Bou hit. J BOAKD INT MIND XTP ERT. !; I>- i eiwums wi.u i?n? - rnn he obtained at No T J- a Bqi ' ?t ?*et ILL I"1*" BOARDING i Ar 27COURILAnDI 8TKEKT?Th'? rtublishmmt 1 h*?iEK i*c?..ily hp u tahpn ?'u * ia i*nw rpi'lv to it- t rn-ivp aiullr KPirli-mtu o- f mi I if wh may wiiH r?r?n>nint t B ml, wnb rominnable *1 intuitu tt Enquire of Mia <}pre. No 2* (''ourtlan'lt ?tn?t *30 lm*rr? REMOVAL ' JAMES UTILE, DRAPER A ND TAILOR, \ H-tt r mnvcil Irom 243 Imdtuu ?tiv*t. to 4w4 Broadway r ml3 ituec i REMOVAL. , DR J HEINE liaa removed to 20 <>uaue ,'rvwt, Wetweer t t'hathnin-<nd ' Hotrp .trrrta, wh-r hr c?. rinur-a to bp rou- a tutted n th- variou? hr\uc..e? of Ilia profpaaion, to lea oativa (the (l.rintn) f >'<g*iah laowra mJ m*rc ( REMOVAL. ' WA 'MKTS Importer ?r French E mbro'deriet and Kancy Woods, hna sinovrd I tin No 4R to 37 Be.ver at. op oaitp aide tn8 Rt*rc | H E M OVAIT i rHOMAS WARNKK, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, ? has removed his office to No lfl Cit? Hall Place corner 8 I' JtMti tlNK | .11 la tc rkmovalT \ T B ^"OUYENKL, Importer and Dor It ?u Wine* ?nd J ?* ^rai'diai, wholesale a*'d vet il. inf irroi hi# f'r p> ds and the J puMic. th#t he has removed hit *?ubli?hmeut from 21 Ann ?t J to 24 John street. H invites lover* of ' ><>. cl Wine# to vi#it hi* . cetla , wh-re ihey will always hud a c ? slant supply of B?>rd-ativ W nes, Burgngne Cham ? igin\ Madeira oT' and other tiood Wiies. He also imp^'U Ab Ktrsch' n waster. Sic J of the fi si h :us s in Bwitzerl nd. All rde ddivert d free of J ch irge to bouses bv the gallon or dozen bot le#. Mr l B b will attend to botciug wine for any nn-1 who y ma\ desire Li* servi as m7 Im in ] REMOVAL Eb S 8. ROCKWKLl hare amoved their Watch and i J*welry L*tnblishir>eut. frem No 9 Asior Hon ? *o \ 413 B o.tdvvay m'l St*re t REMOVAL MI?.S C All ROLL'S MKDf'ATKD VAPOH AND JULPHini B A THS, will be removed, the fi?st of M?*. . from Co?*rtlaudt street, to 3.'5 Broadway, two dwnrs ahove rhc i ( itv Hospital, wliurs ah* will be happy to see her friends *4,(1 . p&tmv apfSif rr THB MYSTKKIKB OF V LKl S .8 ? ere th^^t miown ed of all the mc ent iny?terie?, and are i tiinatelv connected w itS ti e in titu'i us of rmBKMflff MO O Id ^ll | and whos* seer ts w?re eagerly sought a't^r by the most fa rn a* of th- ph*lo?oph'C w? rl I, a* cons'.tut'ng the hei.hth of h ma^ wisdom Bu the greatest myit-ry of ihe . resent oar is how O B ' larke. Tsih r. 132 William street, en afford io inabe su'-h ha dsn me Fieich Hoth D/rss Coats for $ 6. and other girme t> at e.jual y lw\v prices. The f rrner mystery the s'bsrrih r w;'l h a short time fully unrevel t.. an enquiring public. B it the latt r iny?tefy cm he so'vt-d at once. b> stati u thai to* subscriber is lathD'd wi'h ve v fcin 11 p ofus, an 1 b uu at moderate eipeu, en. Th' s<\ e a d ?e t? g un ? f f e work wi I he ?h* same \% that ofBrmdAse,Try?n be lr?m wh???e '*ell known cstaolis'iinents the suosc ib r has bu' i# < eutly ie ired. (i. B. (* L i T'K K. 132 Wdliam street. N B ? OfTiceand Summer Co.its, an a few Vfe. ts, be. will, for th- c-nveuien e of siraog* r#, be be a) w*> a on baud. A spec .men id a$l6e at? au le seeu at the store. my 13 lwisb3e g JAMES LACY, * 7 DRAPER A S I) TAILOR, Oil JOHN STREET, NEAR WILLIAM, 4 CON^ |>UK8 to m ke up Gentlemen's <*a' men ta of superior 1 workmanship, and in '.he most ft*hi n ible t ie at unusut1 low pru es. Hi# s*ock of goods comprises a general #.orimr nt of r nglmh aid FrUKCh ClOtMi, CftlliMim 1BI> YlMCIIMph 111 which lie would solicit tl.e attei.tio.j of gentlemeu before lilirchasiuor Imt ?? " SPRING AND SUMMKR*GOODs' constating of all Ui? u'W and fuhiouabl* style of goods to be foaoil iu the market. Alao, OfficeCoats, r ady made and mail* to order. (CTTKHMS CASH ON DELI V KKY. mi I in "re SCOTT'S BAZAAR, P\KY STREET, Number 17, between Broadway and ?-e Greenwich SANDS H(;OTT returns his moat siucerr thauks to his fripndi and the public at large for the libe ai support received tinea he opened tlie abn'e house, and hopes by the aarne strict attention to merit a continuance tnereof The iiualiliej of Ins Ales, Wiuox, Liguori and Cigars, are too well ktowu to need comment. e A Isnre assortment of Refreshments to be had at all hours until IS at night, such as? Beef Steaks, Poached Eggs, Sardines Mutton Chops Cold Ham, Buckwheat Cakes Fried Kidneys, Cold Corn d Beef, Coffee and Tra, Ham and Eggs, Pickled Tongues, Welch Ka-ebits.Ac I Dublin Brown-slout always cn dr.jniiht. a A good Dinner of Knast 01 Boiled Aleatsfor one (hilling eye e ry day I'roin one to three o'cloca. Kamiliea anpplied with tiie beit Scotch and Irish Whiaka No h'.uic better supplied with English. Irish, Scotch, Welsh f and city Pii|>-!t Always the latest possible news by th- ti Su .Uriels Good llr oms for Private Parties, Clubs. Mer'.wgs and lie km ? r>1rn*er LADIES' STRAIV HATS. I Ahl, KING, the well *nawu ai d celeb'ated First Qy)'reinmm uscui and 8 law Ha. Manufc urer, retp-clully infora th 'adie, of New Yink anditsTtri i y, ilia lie > as o litub a Isrg and a hnuiahle 1 t of Si aw Ha s, via Tuscan, Birds Eye H ney Comb. Alb 't, Pateu' Diinsta-les. Hutlauds, Pedals Rice Straws, Ne.,po|iuns mn Ne p' lit n L ce of various patterns, i ot t > 1 e <gmlisd A c ill at' srl K ig't. No. 17 Divistou S'leet, will e< uviuce the public of the la t N U ? A sp eudid and fiahionable ajsoum iit of rich Puis liib Bus. m I) im' m PHENIX HOKSE BAZAAR, I SO. 189 ,lvj/ 191 MERCER street, sext to BLMKCXKR street <1 _ Then It i (I'll PUBI.I' MICTION AALjliiN will rake usee si fh's ssr.iVichmeut. TI'EHDaY f. \ ? >_ Apnl 30. eommewefog ai eleysu o'etpek. witli Car riages. liar ess Sa'd'ety lie., new sob ,"eond luiud , At I i o'clock, will: e offered a caUl-'l'ie o f very snperior ll-rss JVnt'emen ii ths Couutry '"rrj property to dispose ol soh?r t public or i rivet, ssie will hairs their orders faithfull it e d d io. At P iva e Sale?Jfl due yn"nij enntry horses, kind and j < u >d jus' ie fro " th? western ?nrf ef?hs State; two superio J in t i e<| | sirs oi Uav Hones, a fine pair of Hrowu Horses, splendid of B.IV Hoce-? a of Bright Surrei , Mors", young sound, k hd aud "cry fast trot'tr A so s-vrral ven fine sisoi Hue" Also, ?t pruile sale, t ?o very nend.n-we MocHav/ay Wagon, a"d anuinierof new ,ad trsoitd Ins J Haroueli"? and i.igbi s Wsgonr. taken at Lieery see gee, arptrn r style. Arc m nod tim? lor d ialers' bore? ;:1 mabfi? uiisurpaaae bv an 1 est dip hme it ot me son.) jn the UniUd States hT 'II AGE? Yshicl'-s of a" ri.wc- : ja ink. n ou siorags the laig- nd r nvc.i eu' ruais 'ory or the i suhlubrneni W < <>W AN will attend sesesnuel'y to a!l orup:e for huvius All |i?"i *?s s? I t<( pr. \v>? ?t this -?t-*h|uhi;ient may rei upon h.y^i i: * TKt K .iccouitT < rcc'ereai and the rt.i.i amount or vkoclkdi m .II ease,, be Paul promptly in c ,r.e i in iney. I I' iRl-NAof tnis e-tehinhmeni t-n ill on an entire!) new ind mo*t leut plan b*ii? detach* il from the man h ildn K a**o ?thh r, * *ehv not ie?i'enag in the least will livery or a In hor?*> k *ing nor or rainier in on the Hit of auetin i a le At all ther times the Arena her entirely clear. lln<) re. e-veH f r the ae* omm , ?nn? "f r"f .tr horses anil those on vale affording svery laciluy lores rcis^, "ainine an*! ahowine lorm CllWAN ANI1 IMLI.h, > all im*ec Imprivtors i.MI'OKTANT To TU< >SK WITHOUT CHILDIIUN 'I'll Sc. Interested, will i e ce * e h?> a? agenry is establish t ?d for t-e sole o' M. M. ilKHOMr.AhX'S Wouderlul Procreative * lisir rdia*. advert seme,.ton last enlnnin of fonrthpag** an'O lin is m I'ilOHN'l i.OMP lUMU EXTRACT OK COB AIUA * I AN|) SAHHAI'AHILlA |M' <! a lew ad vauth? % not njoyd by any ? Ibi r mirtic if f ? the cur if 1 linu Id,. and whicn must, with an ri I kIh- u?d jmiblic hhp ii ^ La. iir? illy highly, ? ?) a rl ti i? ra ii i h?n< fought fo? ii up medical w rlil I' iihpiU iio cotitiiiwmeiiL or cbanftp ol lift lu i ipprov* d form tha of a paste, t 'senfirplf uuiectt, tod t ?09t? no Biipl'ftMU't MiMtioa to th*; ittabl _ Ithi* acijuirnd t* e utm ?st I\m?r in ?rv car of K.ii 1 ore; it Ins ppn h ?m iimI, app o*pd f and sr ctinup'' b t'p ' C'll y o> m^dic iip, and P'toiiiinruilpd by thw .,i??t pininput ol bp profusion Pr? arpd by J II. I hornp, chprnitt, Louden, jid lor ialrt wholmulP and rp; it by JAMCaS TAKKANT. 266 Grprrwithat, r corner ol VV.nrtn st>pr Also, at 2 Park Row and 581 Broadway, 183 Broadway, Wi Jm.'.'wi cornfT ii wiUff itfpfi ml Iwiiia > '' ^ M'-K M:n\1 l'l;nl IN ' ??HK, WATKN miKii I), ok It K V < OLMlMNk , BKLKawT <9Mftfcwi cwi I) o?b il?, Ate ? PeTsOvia willi ng to tend foi ... linr IriPiid c in b.n p in in hr-Mivht m I rom tuy of thp abor- ^ 'Out i,. find i 1*1 ss Vhip ir in Packet tth*pn, on thp most reasonnip tor.nt in il w ifhtint tliPir fippria citig any nnn-eesaa yd* pinion Mr VV. Ta aCott, on" o the firm will bp on th pot to ffiv* bis personal itt'-nfion to th * pasfepngerset K*t<ed >v th" niioncrbers or their a.p. t> here, and persons may reii _ hat the wishe* and comforts of those wii sr passage may bt a uiMrfpd by thptn wilt h?ve ill due an I prnprr attention For articnlara apply, if by letter. i>o?t-iaid. to W A J. l' TAMCOTT. Ls t th ir Oeneml Passage Office, ,1 Peek Slip, c?r. Sonih iireet e.) rli .also, Dn t? nnv be blame I, for large i.r ?m? I snVna, tyaole on demand, without discount or *ny other chii ge, at L, he s stionsl or Provineie' Baohs ,of Irslsnd. ei esy o? Uien aosAas ih?egbaet Use hong Asm tsM is , AUCTION SALES. THOMAS 15Kt L %arl?>*?" Store Yu. II S/truce tirtU THIS IJW^MOVUAY. Admiaistrftfrt *4'* of ?h-f-ir:: t . ?H-r rr?r^ti*? ol h?L't Jcse.'ti Perkins, ?t II Orem str?ef, 41 d e'sewh* re. atah giies ano Notice io th?* i Miu *uii < omrier end Kb lulier WfcDN'KSl) * Y Splendid Haldol Kurmtur- l' Kortes. and H mse'v ling ,'tides g??uer4*Jy, at ll)? o'clock, tu the ucw aahs r < in*. II 5piute at mil *t*?c SECOND OUAND HALE OK CHOI' f. DOUBU L)vHLIAH?J U.OMIVHt RW|will b r tuctioii, on TuftU t . 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The pi nt* will be ?? tie* on the porting of tale, at winch tin e ctulogn* will bf m 'y f 1 lisir.button A collection of u'low.r?iig flat u, <1: K se?, Jeru Mim* Ac will bu otferru the * |e ?>l "ihliss ,..l I :i -is rc v 1 01 /* ir~U wuK l'i.i \TTf N I IO> ? i If i-tu( A|Mfiu*rt?U, W t'urmahed or ui funiah d. w ith or without boaid. c?u b# obtained o i reasonable t-ni'g u -ti ? aff rt Per oua de*iri0 live in peac c mlort nnd <iui*-t, a e turned t * call, uill 3t* re M O Nh Y~ T O LEND. ABRAHAM J. JACKSON. Pawn Broker, No M R?nd? 6irert, Deir *iroadway, loans raonei 10 1 ir?e -r ainal' mn>i i* may be required no Hatchet, Diamonds Jewelry, W*?e, Hry (J-?ods, W-Hriuu Apparel and iM-riou^l property I l?fiv H"?rnr|ti n, n? rr VAt'Hi' ZKx(JttlA.?'1 his beautiful plena"re V ? hi "I about fifty fnni bulb n, ia for sale She ita n# w ifiioo .er rioted yacht, "upper* fastened, we I | >0110 mj.i a remark <b . Hat tiler Sheen be a* 11 at *l*.,hattv Island Dry Dork 1* aiiv h ur 10 the dav Apply t -Mr JnllNliYKR at a ver? Jkl*?v*a loo Wafer afr,.,* ?t*? O ?%? KAKm FOR BALK, or To l>.T llr Ar-Ai tcfqi'h* v|||,e 0f !\rw or. belle, Q U? ter p itu > 'rum -if1 r v ? ?ith ceiiaidenaMe (1 u>t, p <a(ore mec w.Ae ? 1 >lu atone house, Darut, Ike. Pu?ars*i n in ined.s e y A.ili to JN?? II PK 1 MS or Lto N I It fy TRIIM. mo ltvod*rtt ttd ttrvai I *tt. w> B Ai?OH1 II 1*1 Kcilt 8ALK?A second ha don-, >?' Inch ia**d and-ia good as uew. suitable fur o*ie or two h rui sill he sold ehft Apply At if# N?l mi tittc, or At Ml 9 til ire"ue. where it can MkNl nit I Post Officii. Niw Von a ) Mar I), u 4 S EVOLIffH MAIL?I ffe- B?gs pe- Ho al Mai Stea e iiibrrnta, * ill be closed a' lh" Up er and Lower P??*i Jffi'.'ea in ?l?i? city n Wedn-ad y the ii h mutnt, iar H iiiih it ? p?at 4 o'clock, P M Ih overland 1 o? age ol ik|g c tta 1 each hai lc Ik tier moat he ra'd in 12 dire JOflN LORIMKK GRAHAM. P M VA AuTi-LLR A II iLUKRM vN 37 Maiden L ?. e. ma .u*1 acturera and imp* r'era f orn mearnl hair work W'g?, otipe a, < oris, aeama, B udesu hair, and all kiuu ol ha 1 .n,L. .h.U.Lamlr..,.! N B ?i he UBcUaupplied on reasonable l#rmi ml* ln?*ec notice! rhk carth tailohlng KPAbL'shmknt, 121 Fulton u re-t.?m h * n dfor ?linv i*m old hiitnt ic loch to wm. m \tthiw*sbom will ciut nui to adei.ii in h?- rutting (If. a tin nt, and ?ol?ci h t^e pairou?ge of his t rm?*i u*t m *r? and ihe puM c to Ins well kuowu establishment ue?t loor to the HetalJ olfi e. ?-f tlt-meu wishing ?o purchase garment*. ( f good mattnnls. veil made a d la* Hully cor,at reaao? able rates, *oul?? oo well oral I atd x minor e cunice and *e!| ?elrr ted a??wrtn.eut ol ring go- d?. suitable f ?r their ? ear A |?o, Outfitting*, consisting of Shirts. Drawers, Sca'fa, it- ves, Cmvm, Maqdkrrchielf, Huspe eeis UrrbrslUs. Itc 'Kase remember to rail ar .md r?*c"lle< t .h-* numb r, 127 I4 ullOD ?ir?et next to Her Id Offi e. ?n|2 I m *ec Wv1. M ATTHIK -HON EtOA.NI' URA ? h APHONY AND DRAPERY?A l \ ge * ? or me t of Grate \\ ro s, new and beautiful patg and w tii .II the vuntv of col AUo, l>rater\ f ?r ook ing glares and pictu a fiaum* of differ-ut PHt'ru*, for le hf H. & S. K\ NnRN, in l likl'l 2t* ro b nfcs'Ore, 76 B *e y. stew york SI rgeon8' bandage institute, \TO. 1 A N S'l'KH l', [mi 'ei ihr A- cmcai Mu t urn ] 2d LSI door from P?ro*lwa\. s?nr*e i s, Phy*'Cian*. and t'* *f* lu ted ere hereb i irorin*d 'ha the> 'a-, -ibfaiii i? this I list iu e all the 1st st unpit-Ted B n ge? for 'he coo- of <-l"bfoot, ttenl t arvuniir of ?h- Spine. Cout'ac id Li nib?, Ik oi h rue of ens-s ' I defoimttv will be i* en by ihe 1 rinciral ??l l.e Institute. who hi* devoted rnueh tune uid at e t>on to t? e :ure if < luhf?-et, < utvh ure f t e Spue, onra ted Limb*, lie H alio hi <i in vi-i.te'laTrois for tie r ure of Huptuie, v i h In* ui? e i e ii a* it i? worn wit'i ? <>m? aruive comfort, a d lia- wuv cases of long star di u n *word it can be worn vnuuge*t infiut with perfect afetv I'at ents from abroad are r rovidrd vrith board at moderate a's* ; also a tertiou is gien to t^e e'uci'i>n of child'en srl ilst under treatment f??r tl e < a e of Ciubfo< t Curvature I .1 e epinr, h w- frgs, or>, d> sense* w hich are readily u ej in children without detaining H-un inm ichool J KM HT. M D . in11 4l*eodc Princ pal . f he institute. HOLD AND SILVER HKKIN EK A N D AS >A V k H Ok ^ MKTA'H.?B r l?old Old Gold and Silver, Jewller'i ind Silversmith's Sweeping* '-ought be A BARNARD, Office 1 Well street. Work* 241 Mercer st. Fine G Id, RoHad Silver Plating, Brass and riated Metal, on>r ntlv hnnd. *914rn*m rF-:.\THKVILLK (^Vh'Si: TIxOTTINi;. MONDAY, V^av I3th, at 3 o'chck P M?Mac h for 1260 r dc, mile heats h?at i iu 6, in htrne?s, he wen Plain Bon an?l private h ?rse Tho?e wuhuig to witness the spo.t cau go I e? .1 charg it the ( oU I ve Sanson ticket* wi'l be laady for those that wtsh to tuharrilx mi Tuaadai Uth f>r tha Gictt Tfottias Puise UsM^Pria aiV at usnal, $5. all 11*11 otntr eville course?tr (htdk i TUESDAY, May Ml'-, at 3 o'clock P. M ? Purse S600, twe pile heats in h\ruets. '1 he foil iwing celibated horses a>? u tared:? H Jones g Vvashington II Har bg lOpton II Woodruff brm uutcheis b Priiot gr in La y Huff-?lk Admission to the enclosed spucA nd Mr?nb-ri lataud, $1? 'ubnc h?a d 60 cents Members tickets will be giv-n * n ih h v d.iv t?thote that piefer them, iu prefe euce to pa;, ing foi ash tret, dum g the se son An fit a ir nu f car* is provided for the conveyance c,f pa*e g-rs io and Horn 'be C utse ? n the above dav, leaving th* Inut-h Feivv ft 9 ?iVh?rk and lh* llnurM imimiluulf ?f-?r ih r t. Fareeacn wa 25ren*? rnll4r |i ' T^KSTi >N KS. THK SP'iiMi MKKThG*^ c mmc?wnv? the L gle Jotira-*, t iei.r n, New Iff , on Tum>1. v. Yiay 14'h Kirat Day?w w *|? r.%l???? f >r three ?er < Id', idiIh heat a. 8 in Da??A Pti'ae n| $ ?'#0, two in11 htata. S.unel)ay-* Purae of $7V ila haul's Hecoi d lJ*y?A Ptirae m $1)0 tw.? mile haata. w.i CDI) V Pi $ of $75. nil'- heat* EutriM ^ ill clou*- tli? E gia Hot' I, on the evening preyiooa oifih iace a So'cock IT7^ No . It*ffe *f tr.a fata?>5 cant* to tha Public BtandYlttnbara Ticket* S.J. piocon "shooting. On Thnrtdtr Ma', 16th, the da* following the Pacea. * 4weap take for Pig-ou Shooting will c in" "IT aob $25 each > D., till k*|l IVMlll t rl With ftfl Nib cm hern. On he day f How in a a Puraa o 150 wi I b?* fit n f r Pigaoi *hoorii?./, rhe n ne- ?hota, distance fr rn the t>ap fvrn,t\ atda eirir>e-f5 to cloaa at ihe h e Hoiel.oii tlie* eretimi irevt< u to the ?hoof k ?t 8 n'clo'k # ' ** A<fmil?i'?n *o the f 'ourae and Sun da ou Hi# d iva of th? ihooti' k l?*e For further pari iculara ??e N?w Wrk Spirit of the Time*. I AMES BROWN, Proprietor. Trru on. N.J , May Ith. 044 , ui9 6t#rc ' i^vv -"?'^u - ifiv;" 10NDA V. M ?' 13th, at 4 P. M.?8weep*take for $100; mile he ts hi h\r? ea?. A f/onck| n -mines rhg Rod->h?h II W i d off do u Stockton l#Y1erv??vr do rh g V??un* Nept ne 'hors 'av. May I6'h?Pant $100. Two Mile lleata under the aa'dl J Wh#lpl#v #nt*ri '? g P;ff* G-n Kd w ?rd? d? ch g Rorr*l B i * * v W S Hrfd dn gr g. fln.ifll# G#n H|h?* r d<? ch. U lam Bf t n l#m# Df ? Ma eh for $'? n mi # h**'*under th# saddle A Co klio bhm mare; II W"odroff, gr in Alio nntchf r $iiin r ? o mil# h""U und r th# atiM e, H lo. #? u vin*s bf g (lie Kv#d I ib- , \ l^ncklin rvos bg Ku'fon loud?v. M?y20?h? raw SiOU Two Mil# Moa?? in If-trn#M. H lonM ?nr#ri** Kr. g. Geo W-ahiDgton J W*elpl#y b k Hill# H Woodruff d Hr. in ii'iffhn im'' l)n?N mrh I' r tif00, three mi'# li-ntu under h?ivMl# II \v toiiiofl nmn fr g Aja*; J VVhelp ev nam#? br g huftler Al o. rraich f ?r $lo0. mi'# h#.ti, b#?t 3 in 5 m h*r<?*? ; S VlrLmghlio names be in Lady Touukma; H Woodruff nam a b rn Ari 1. ti# du \l ?v 21 i. t I oVlork T. M ?*'nr?# $y0?, $100 to rn tn th# aerond b tf ho r- Two Mr# He-m in flarnesa, for wbirh r#?n?#r#n th'foll'iwi u r. I# rat d h rs# I) 'hi nt k> in. Lady Suffolk <; n K I wards do b u f> ttrj II J ne< do gr g. Washing too This \1n ? # do h ? Hi t n G i *'|i f r do H k An erirui Vr'n dv. Mi; lid. at ? P. M.? Pur # $100 Two Mil# h?ir? t?r d#r th# ddlr. (} Ski enter. ?:li g Tom He ton M VV'Mid* iff do br g I if a W. *h i Kt'in (i . 1 ?l ? d? do eh. a h? rrrl Hilly V*?w V rla M v fl'h, 'JM4. mil $t#i# MI K>VK AND HI'CK ANUFACYURKRl$Labels prin'ed at ft in 2'? m 60 onU per KtSO TO SO A '* AM) 1 ANDLk. .MANUKA n'RKRS? ,r?# Kanev Lab#l? for hot-*, sf V mi?y Snip pnnivd in two lo s. for % 0 p#r 000, Handsome PUf#s engr\#rd f r $0. ro hi, \r K ING AM) INK M A NI K A < I t'H It Sib#!s p.mtod ti from 40 k> T, cantsr>#r loro. *t kC MkMMiliU'l Xflographic Pro.., I l?*r* b*u+ t _ A': ' .MRNTS 1 PALWIM NA I IKHIIPIKA IIOl'BIC. ITr* V H'? O til faf*i ol th? hraa* W J Ooora .|? K -Cm rr < ? m e- nmc al Ulf pul ' } ! UtADPH OP THK ' ?< n * I K A *!* HAPfTTI Luiab.aad ?rk ill |i - liiam ''mu aaitl ?J Profaaa??? TMiv KVaNiNU. *la? 1M. * Will |. if..fu>?4 <h* r l?V! rl .s<t tirillianl Opaao of ? I LA MIWAVIILA <otlrHo4olo ?i? A V?lt?*l|aa <1 * "'? Hioo'- ? ? ?!?? ? ; ' r-'.iai u 1afaaMulia .ro M AiUir Lift**** H||'? ' II |' 4 , AUtiu* H'VJL! I N. H ?1 h* B -t 'Ihfp ii i ? <i|pn *? ft 4 %y u?riur iH- 1 from i" i/rlttcfc 4 %\ . ?nil 4 . k f ?)? ? mtv fop fhp r Hug MM A? *%. tftau tn lf%i sf#r*bl* Pr?r | %? I # H* r*** i < %mb*r rihata a<>( arrari a wa ha in.rr f t> ?u .? pla>-4 a< | " 14 fur iha itaaia-aw ( *?*!' Itaf* Mtax t W* >'illi | (T^l ? P?Mia ara rtir. tfalli ial wt-a a# B.t . i,... , ^ baa-, nawlt afancd aatf A'i?l ai' M a a.a-U > a fW't "par-tiaa . la'.t 11 I ~I'aKH lilklll Buiat $'! I' ' .i TIIIH rV>V'MI, V. Ml. >1 . 4 II4V IA T?lltwilat, A? M f r?? Iv . I ?t ?'i? >i Hm, lah t ud-. Vf? a|, a i > To roue ?.'# * tfca trtlUT <> Mil K Ml MM?.. toarW. \|r i.. a?M 1 < i i i ii r ? I n r 4|m*< II'vSTlSi ~ini I %ti I ' | HI* * "W>V.1 Mar ' ? ? "* ' * IIII Ha LIM' IN i I<V -? .r4 . .1 M?k? wn, Mr . I p [ ncr; (Jwi \t ? ll'JlM'wt , M ai K i < a J L ol n a?4 a I .,?? ?) a ISr ' c i it To r? r\'*- ? t?? * HI. I H HAKUI - ' I at. >' >.??. ? I Miaa H tn Ut I r il ' ?\ I | ? It*' la , Trti* i vi M\.. i . ?i- ..m * Ml* I k \ - .IHV M I '. I ? Atv? a* i ti KH A I" A V >i. Itr i Mt n a /. . l In,a Mill. In , Ti.c n ?,|- a iK i? >U'? L IM) IH, V V I S Mr' -ama at Hi M'i> Hi I a tl M l< * A mail* ANU PfclHPKTI'AI M I f.#r ./ Br *4a t? %?4 mm ? <?, i . - * ' < Hump , THK MOiriRilXMfHI *M' IKll MUMNT % (< i |r> k J ORANU f* HM'HNUM B % h*!f i ?' 1 i\ ! ^MI f. y J-ri of i11# 'i?a v br mmi (" ?? 'ft ?i <4 A M nil I. mtai t r11 h <*!..* ? 4. from f V IB |< TH' m i ft it N|>t y in ? i -npf# ? *rg*g*m+nt f *v ?*? *.?rb O. | ?* h lh? A> t 4 M f 1.1 f B** '' ftll mu M il % of t?r rtt eU ' %ir W|N? IIHL ?li* Mun >.r W.V < < I, .I . Mr I|\| II . * I ? ' I * . i |j i ; \ A Bf aiii.lui < olWtion <?| Wtt > tgu't t' Th^OlP^I V Ml ^ r N U?f Pofiw imv ?# |,r,??i# ly ?tut lu-i! \t ft'i h??or? * # ih# >Ut ?u.> * ?:??! Tickttii'i rfftU- Mllirn ultrirt v*&ft t . *?u T * t< t* li?rr?"iU Ml^ "VtU? ' n*l!f\i'iim ? tbftf).|*r? " I PK?tK a afcH VOMM ai Miai a. I ANI> Pit I U.IK IIALl> N A Br'*>1*nv, >>i>|>.,aitr i!,? I it) llall MK H. BK.NNK rrT MA VOO H, ( a ?, iar jut', THttKK I^CHE* shohi> h *NU All OLD AH HIM HI 1 4 A GIANTK** NF KLY OV>N FFKT HI Oil . AND KIOHT Pf.K-ORMLHi! ' A" of I' N ' - II The fellow o ,*rf ,iinert wiH appeal :? Mra PHIL1 IP-"* the anugatr*? ; nr AHIIWD K t' -tlut' rt Tie WKHl'Kh VMit Wr^iKMS LKHO ' *t grncrfa D nit- N' < II ro\oV KM in# I . r fnnii'r, and Mr W tO.NOVRll, th- ct!i brti#?i i >titic J Bit Ml Tl?t Melo'onu, that I'layt a van fy of brilliant Overfrea <> Half .t Mi; ion of < nnotilea Or.?ud<o inorarna *n I did 'iC'urn (i ||* ry, ContiiuiiiK all the ?eltbmted cl??rnt:t< r J unng ' the RITOItttinil ,, Afternoon Kntertaitimenr on ^' dn^dtT a*d H turdai ? 1 -'clock Perform lire iu the L<rtuie liom to commence -t *! 8 o'clock in ti e (Wttil u |||| R 1YMOND v WEEKS' S /< a N n M r. v j (; / ; ft J Jfg l OKNkU OF KIOIITH HTKKlr.T AND BOWKKY i K?>K ON10 WKKK (INLV MKw8K3 RAYMOND it W KKS ifullv in-nrm the Clt X?i>? >>l >t? York, wlio ail I ' "illy ix'Mi'il'd heir ipl#n<t (land iv r ifie exhibition ??f Wild i.iinalt l"t ten no", i* a'. I -y ?!?? d*r o|w? t'eir (band Metng- r e ?t the k\ cuner of Kuril h tt.e* t ami bow-ry -cr -ixh'e k o uie< e? and tug*** and hut a tew ininn et wa'k fr m lh- moat rent *1 par** Of he city Tin 1 Ifll "i h a* h?d MR) ' BM "i I* out .ui'm'iIh add d to their pre. loot coSI'cuon -c d cm -tool c inpet ?? n wi ll no Hindar en'abliihin-nt 1 F.u oi e lioiin | f exhibition 'torn 10 to H, 2t 1 <ti d 7 o 10 m th* ev am a. Herr l^lietbach will, at u Unl exhibit thote mi'iUl<ei of C"ui- t ageoiH dncii?litie '?vcr the ? ilde t at.ig-'a #f r .e fnr*at, th t have re? der^n hit rei ut?fi*n iif*p?!/ithibte mU Iwrc 1 OAITLM OARDBN. pilAND INB1 HUM-NTAL I ONCKHT. o# Menday |, evening May II. 180 ? The proprie ora having n ade arrangereenft with the eel br te?1 N K W VOHK IIKAMh UANO I uuaer fhe dirtcti 'ii of Mr Lothian they take me t* t leature in prrtei tuiA (lie following p-nyramine of the eulertaiutr.e :ta : FlftiBT PART. u 1 Grand Ma-'h Do? nit tti 2 An* ante with a PoHrgire OrafulU II 3 Qui k !*tep, Negro M-d I into el ? 4 fo net Solo Or folia r 'j Song?'* f hg Rote of A1 end lie," P pnlar Hong f fi Oalfop Lahuzky 7 rt e M <crrd Anth m?uyirg Christian 8 Quick St p Grafulla SECOND PART National Guvd Quick Sup Grtf.i'U 10 Po'oiiaite, German . Car! 11 Med let Brown 12 ' rowbont Solo Gr*f rla II " Wf can 'ove no more,*' H ' h??ru 14 Naliriiil Gourd Troop G?a nil* 15 An'hein?Minorca, (S??cred Mu<ic) G?al la | l?i Qlickitep?La filledo Regiment Drmi.ii/tti 1 To Btiaiiferi tad isitms to the city THii d*)tglitfWI ? f treat oren lor oromenad* from ?u ri?*to i0 acock I M In addition to the altr <ci.*o**a w hi h erne from lair new o! r the splendid Bar o New Yo?U?the henl'htul hre i- wh cu * sweeps acr as ihe sea, and the sparkling streams o a' hv g n Fountain, there is always to be found such RefothmruU a* MS b? r? rju N I Ticke s r?t Admi?sion 12^ can's mlS !* *? GHK GaL EKY O" PA IVI l.>U8 AT (FT io n f Hall, ini or'ed with the intention of c rrnwoemg a 1 ' tioaal Gillery for the artists and Km r-? nf i . rk, ta now offered for sale to all ama'euts and "onnoiss-ii* r( pan tlugs. It i* considered useless to rrmntion auythinw ii. ? ir ?l in# different paintings which co ipose th i*r public sad the press hi in too frtq' N ia teims of fhe ' i? he-t muieodat on P.. v ill he opemd fo* public iospe fion ev iv da. and ' p ?ug? wil he sold at public cctiou on Wedn?*d??, ihe r'?!d of v av 'i? II i 'clock. A M Hp-cial seats u tin saloon r~*erv??l t fhr Udies. Admission Iree. in?i . 'I HE FINE ARTS | MOW KXHIBI i iNGat ih- UteaPOl LO GALL* KV. i-N r.iner of Broadway and f'hamle a street (eiifrane in h mh ' a street, aeollce ion of Origi alOil fainting*, ia p r fert order Th s- woo have seen the first gal'e pi r f Kar (v* pron u- ce this <: lie t en to be o|ihI ro it y the have seen Admittance 25 cent , dialogues inc'uded. n il lw#er MNKMG.NO 1 k* TINY ? Pro'essor BRANCH* previous to his departnr?? for tt?e We t. will. at the r? qnest of 'rp ud? leliver a Free Lecture on Murium c* at ttie - fuyv-smt f.i till te Oil v,onda uvit. at h ilf-p iat 7 P . preciadv Ths fui> (iameutal ba#i? of A?m-, Pa is witl be imp-r ed to th ui'tenc, a-itt compared with the copyrighted fund* men la I na it of Pr lessor Gou a d Th detail oi the 'wn sy pmi will nla he corn pa led T e friem's f truth, jus ire and acie* ee are respect nlly invited to attend mlOIISiit's m jmL TO Lf.l-i eMton No 61 Libvrty tinei. no* oc tTJ? cupied r>y the sub crihers. A very desirable location for ^JflLth" Dry Goons J >bbing Business- Possession can be hid on or hele ? 1 t ? f Anyuai jn 2 I lire PKRS*K It BKO"KB JhB KOUM TO LET?Ko* cue or two g>nt Irene ., a ^?? h iu''i"me fient room, furnished ar.d on th?? stc??nd floor, JlatfLin a pnvate lam |y wit i or wi hout bi?akfast and tea. Terms mode**ta Apolv at #4 Wh't s'r?er mi Idtrs NEW VOHK, ALbANV AND THOY HTKAMBO \ 1 LINE. ^in MM FOR ALBANY AM) TKOV^Momng ^is'.ii I ine fr m tkr foot ol Barclay street, laudiua SLwffffL2iE.4( i- p mediate placet t he b eamei EMPIRE. Captain 8. R Roe, this morning It 7 o'clio U. The ate me? Tl4OY, L'npUin A. Gorham, to-morrow moruiiig. t 7 o'clock Evening Line fnim the foot of Ccortlandt atre*t. direct The steaiR'r SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, this evening, at 7 o'clock. The aieamer ALBANY, Cai Uin R. B. Maey, to-morrow s?e inc. at 1 ci?-ck. The B ats of this Line, owing to their light draugnt of wa e. ible . ? all run % to pass the bars, and ItSth Alhu , 1 Uld I ray in ample Rstt t'? Uilte th- mpflllf tr tin of HIS lor Ih- case ?r w-?.r For i>Mssaue or freight, apply on board, or at the offices on 'I e wharves m'Hre PEOPLE'S USE OF STEAMROA TS FOK ALBANY D A IL V Sn.jd iy, r*ce|.ml?Thrntifh DiJTrrct. sr 7 I* VI., from the Steimb- at Pier btSsMHJBLaJKLr v. f n Lo'irtNndl and Liberty stret# l?- sie.mb.nji K\D K KRBOf/K EM, f'apfain^A. P Ht v The Siexm oat IlirC H r STKH. Captain A Vlouirhtrn, on ? Tuesday Thursday md Saturday r.v-un gs. at 7. At PiveoVlot k P. M ?I andtng at Inteniied ate PI a ret:? 'I The Steamboat C* >LU MBI A, (Japtan. - rursd*}, o Thursdt> and Saturday ning*. at! IV M .. I" lie H ti?* m bo at I UH IIS PM K Captain W H.Pesk * >1? nday, Wedresday. Friday and Huuday evenings, at J p m ? Passengers taking thia hue of boats will arrive id Albany id < am le iline to take the Moruiug Traiu of Cart for thee*ut or W ,f 11 [* *"The above Boats are new nod substantial, are furnished o with new and eiegant State lUoni. anu for speed and accornnodaliot a are ourivalled on the Hndaon For 'passage or freight. apply ou hoard, or to P. C. Hchiiltv. hi " he old I h wharf in H h |. PO SCIENTIPM PRACTITIt !f FR8, CheatHnT Bftd 1 * noti's and all others? I with >r.n all to follow O my footsteps Vr.u only who have confidence m your own p ic I i If r t ? yon a d the ),ub|ic the baorfl'. of mv new ditto * v. i I 'd, ou the most lib al terms Advi e ard met icn e furnished without . h uge upil the p tie it ittari-fie' a cure will le Hi mad-. Physic ana li-frg obsficste omf t i f tc ofula, lit. m?v. by introducing m* to h-ir panentt h?y?- th* m u ed on i e sain* terms Vou * ho have tough' ill vain lor ?el?ef fr rn P other physicians, he not discounted, t ot call ami sea or, and p you thai I i-e cared. SOLOMON HKINE, M D., 17 K adett mil Imeod ec a 'rw doors north A* K ad* .y 11 STK A NO Eh 8 HEW AM E IN THIA A.iK OH UUA? KH KV A lUJMB'MI. it , . I moat important fo chose an e*i?. rienr ed nhvsi. inn?I) It. J EV \N - hm n oirnd hi (Md Gtlro'i N id 1 i , i 286 Pearl ton er of LWkmm ttreet whrre ,?e continue* hit most ev trior 11 nary cute? of up dihc?te disease*, uo mi iter now n.mplicat d lie npprisei the citizens and Grangers fhef VI there is no l)r I*.v ut in rut old ttan <. and hat lie hat no con \ n erf ion whatever with any other office. His charges are inu- j,' derate, hit consn'tnltons 'trimly private. N II ? Obseive the number?ini?takei are often dangerous? itSPearl tt. ID 0"">1edieinaa and directions sent to ?nv part of the I nion by a ticularly slating (he ? a*e, and enclosing live dollars. ml) li*ra ______ DOCK 'i; BELL nH BKLL continues to devote hi* attention (dailv 'till 0 I ) to the .emoial ? I Pr vate - Hi ever", A stiffen. g under protracted ea?ea. asgrat f?d or nnaureetsful y elated by n eaj* rienced or preluded practitioners. fin ?e I ?bor inc iud#r the deutmct tt oark nostrums oid ill - ha saspeo' the r irisim of disease lurking m th'- ? \ ? lein may coninlt Ur H with honorable confidence and K larai lee ol cure Persons w nt. mnlstiDg marriage * ho hav- been it e tr hjec| d.seme, may alsooomli htm Hith trngmmMhand ?<tit m. . I Post p id le ten have his pr? mpt at eatinn l?r. Bi ll's tr ath eoi net espoers to susplci n, and is well ko"Wo to \ e ? uud i tfiii a Private olKws. 17 C edaistrem, third does bom Broadway , ul)U#il l#l BYJTHE SOUTHERN MAIL. Important from WuliU|tM. Washington, 11th May, 1844I liil a mind- fnr uionI I??>? ou a few line* by way ol correcting the man f rruiiruiK rtjtrmrnti, surmises, and ideas, put (lost by the numerous silly letter-writers that hang ,>011 this Capitol, like spring worms upon beach res, to be shaken ott by the first tresh west wind, do not s iy any thing against your correspondents, "hey may he the "wisest, the diecreeteat, ths est"?but again they may not? but I do say, that ie nilk "I the other corret|Miudenis, who are busy -taibng -tones from the Capitol about dropping 111 H iren, and divisions in the democracy,canuot eneir lie tievond the surface o| things. me ,fi the curtain, without letting in too re?t a flood of light H dial little Nlaitiii Van Buren is still ri'' > i-< .ndiiUta of the democratic party, and i 1 e >? lie icniinstion of ihe Baltllliors i' i. it in*e tien, piat aa -ure as the sun ,-r. n it. r,.,t Xh< iju.irte a in (he deiiiocralis >a r' v . Ife ' v ... a" nt not e?| The triends of dr a and ..'I., rs hsv. i ut themselves in no f Mds "t i -i.lry Mr ' in Buren, merely ts io I tie be.t arranj. m.n for th* auceeasion in ill Ma'lrts ata n< w coining to a srisis, IB tbs ' t t rie duat and dissensions which have so atie J and dered the ;*>or whigS, i. f-w it .. re hut .iu(?d fnandt of Cass, ' ?ar si. ! ' ..'.iiO Tylsr Mr Van Huren will .e 'o rm t .ir of the original Haltlinors Contention .. I ri ?7t'i and in. other I do not allude o i ? Tv Irr shadow tin Prtsr Schlemel of John 'oars t oi fin k Johnaon will t>s Vice. Mr. in will i..unnus aa Secretary of State under 4' Van Bom, and will carry out those great tnrrasto i al m? wares that he has so auspiciously fan--I me hi the recovery of ths territory of Vi he whole <>f the Oregon?and the new rand national system of arranging ths tariff by !Mi.' r. .al o.i.viations with foreign countries, of vtfiiiun wiin tne Uf-rnian union m " tir?in'|i In '? <>r ihrrt yfin dirr Mr Vaa tnr?n'a K- . I*n ,n ihii i* t<> ?ay in 1*46 or '47? II?ti I.<-nt ii, the " old Bullion" ol demoracy, will ulo the -Mate (apartment, and Mr. n'houn will retire to Kort Hill, and be com* tha andelate for tbe Presidency in l*4H?to be aucfrilril in IHS'i by Mr Brnton Tl?r?p are th> leading arrangements which are ?w grow irig out ) tbe apparent troublea, atormn lid (bundrr go?ix, among the democracy tu Waabaffton The minor matter* n to the disposition of amea Itnchanaii, Silaa Wright, Woodbury and Iher-, will alio lie auucably eettled. Aa to Gens*1 Cae* and Commodore Stewart, they will nublit to late and deetmv and be perfectly content nth their present lot The only diacontented or i'-ileM portion ol the democracy will be John Tytr, Hubert Tyler, and John lonea?eonipriaing lie ihr< e degree* ol |Hiluical simplicity and humn*?the imeittve, comparative and superlative This View ot the |iolitlc*l affairs ol tllta Capitol, ou may rely upon it, rotnea much nearer the faet ,nd truth, than any thing that enianatra from the riter writer* or newarper*of Washington Vou will perceive, therefore, that the wruga are ayin* the "flattering unction to their route** rather luck, when they *ti|ipu*e that already Henry Clay * elected through the ijoarreU of the democracy. I'hey will have to light for the Presidency pretty iard if they eipect to elert him l<y the first of nne the democracy, under the flag ol Van Buran, rill enter the field an united hunt, and will then ive them hatile to their heart's content Mark no?if 1 am not a true prophet you may take thia lead from this shoulder,and I aliall not aay, "What lout thoul" W??hinotii*, 11th May, IHM Thr Armitli't lirtirrrn Mrjriro and Trra* no At mill' ' at ail? ran Hmrn to bt Ihopjmd? Tnt Annexation tfmttion Hodmen?Important from AJextca 1 hm jw>t * en an official letter from I'reaidcat lourtmi Irom which I am permitted to m?k* the allowing rittart:? "In the imtiurtintiii to anr (T?* nn) < umiriHmii>n Ikn iff" ifiurnl 'hat no rat.etn. m anulit hair a lii'tirg JKt until ii wax to ihr I'' an<t t.?.t b? ?piroval Thnl a;.;.' ?i at hm <o i ?. trm |iin lr if nor baa iny artmi, U m tahrn in rontwrwM) web Ha el initiative Ini- rriaoii wa? all iiiftinaiit la ra iar na rejection . rotor* rit'K i? Irnai aa a lie| uf Mi airo " |>rrr.uilaj alt XM.itnllt) of ail) ottu lal lianaat liona utxlar it " So it turor out that that " Armmitt" which poor 8l?ir knew noihimt about till < < ) Beaton dierov red it, was after all no armiatire at all The arHlrtiee never received the raiieiiofi nl Pr. relent Burton, which waa n< ceaamry. to aiv* it vitality, nd it war, therefore, null and void?a mere nog. nttty. Waa ever a |*tper j laced in aiuh a ndiuloua altitude aa the Globe f I?ul ever a paper cut i|i Much anneal Blair and Kivea honestly and leartily come out in favor i t annexation Jfewrow r ab$rni llenlon returna Tin fiiobe cornea out igaintt anneiation en :he gfouioi that Blair ?*aa ick when he wioie th> art id., and did not know of he arinirtsce between Mexico an'* Tela* What ie*t t Wtiy therr ear no arimalice at all, and oO he pillar oil which tic Globe'a peroral anti-annei> ition argument* all real le knof ked out Now, Col [fenton, what romeraet do you intend poor Hlair ilcill make next ? It haa been raid that Mriiro and Tela* hava icetl at *nr for rollie year* pant What are the acta ? I can ?tat>- them Irom official inlormatioa Since Khi, eiiflit year*, there have been bat lirec outbreak* tieiween the two countrien- and ill of them in 1*414 Thev were three different Marauding parties < n (trrdalor* im urtmiu from Mexico The hi*t consisted of 7utl inea, the ee. end of HOtt, and the Uei ol IHtXI. in whirb thn Mexican lom war about 5x*i I'lna < mnprioea all he war between there two eounlrie* amor |H8h Rntratelle Youiik Mr. Murphy, the *on of our mimoter to Texan, who went out be ?r inn a npv ol 'be I rmty iitiil Documents to hi* lather, returned laat night having made n rapid ounirv I iinderrtand that Mr Thoni|eon, who bore thu lame to Mexico, i* expected to return here about he Ithh ol June Should Congretw adjourn without acting upon he Treaty, you rnav expect the I'm..dent Will rail lyni together again at an early day Ar Iar a* I can uncertain pohh arntimeat hern his morning, it is that Van Huren must i.( n.urtf if dropped, anil (hat the riiMling Pr? dential ran HM IhUst ami W ill be made upon the i?yr <1 an lexatinn All our acrouiia frtirn a very j art of in* Imilli concur in stating thai Mo annrui on rant* u nt is vary great, anil rapidly Mrtraamg Many I tin* account* state that the "whole *>outti ia a (Is me " Tin* newly arrived member from Maine, I iu'erlanil, states that there ia but one o| in >n u thai tate, which t , that no modulate f. r >irt'r<si. if t?i y ran succeed in that r*ut. mi,..,. n..i i, ta??r I immediate annexation I have seen letters from dietinf ' ! gent nan l Boston,which state that M ieai tuisrita ia certain ? go for annexation It w , I tor the,r mere*, ml they are too goodYana"* to vote agataal their W'n interests News have juef arrived a great meet ig n fnryland, rele.i ing tli' Delegate* fr<>m Uieir aIreetioM. The Kirhmnnd Kmpurrr o| yesterday >a a great a per, anil it is generally believed here that .1 will roduee n powerful efV t. N'ewi has |ii?t arrived alao of meeting* a t otw ecticiit, also releasing Delegates from their ibmi ?mna. Mr Soiithall haa just retnrneil trom Mnira, but have not y? t ascertained w hat newa be brings |? s. ?News has arrived trom Mexico that the hole country ? "> a state id revolution?the Pr? net "< r'voiuiin 'in 'i 1111*1 in* ........ ..... Imi, that Mexico i? on ihe eve of a war wall r.llll e The following m n liet ol the article* contained Wnxlungtoa x camp cheat, lately prracntm t* [ingTege: One pound tea caddy (tin Three do. i oflee (tin). One candlentick ami linder boa united Three tin nlattwl iheet iron aide iliahra. *iurh warn Mi do plati Three anrepana with moeeatile handle#, two gml it?, and the otlo n amalltr. One*Hiir?pan < Otter pot One email andiron, with mneeahle handle aad feel One earthen three hell pnta lea pot One amall glaaa tiiml.ier ... . One aqoaie xlaei cbeit hoflla. qaart ei?e. wit* |M 0* iTt Wine |n it. I h I li't.i a ltd I httlr Madeni Wiee la It Oue glean eh. it sugar Jar. two quart ana. kail lull at V*?f whit# a uf?*

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