Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 23, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 23, 1844 Page 1
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T H I. X., No. 144?Whole No. 3714. To tht fu folic. THE NEW YOIIK HERALD?daily newepaper?putllthcd every day ol the year except New Year'i day and Fourth of July. Prioe 2 centi per copy?or >7 28 per annum?nostwee paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiihed every Saturday morning?price cenU per copy, or >3 12 per annum? poita^en paid, cuah in a Ivance. Altt/L'lt'KiLM.Mij : ? * tlia* lt?A i*.in*iilahnn a( m/vraviiobna are uuurwou ??v v. the Herald i* over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. It hat the largest circulation of any payer in this city, or the world, and it, therefore, the hett channel for bu-inem men m the city or country. Price* moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proi*itikton or the Hkrai.ii Est ablishmipvt, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. o?v?l NEW YORK. schools?'s mountainaspfo^i? I FA V K the foot of Conrtlaut street, daily [, - > ? <-, t ed.] at S o'clock, A M , bv Railroad from Jersey tiny to Morrisl wu direct, tvitnout change of Car?from tnjnce b-. Post (1 .aoh'-s (liroush Meudham luster, lich ol-y's Mountain, Port ('olden, Washington to Keston At Washington a daily line intersects to and from B?lvid->re. F'or seats api'ly to J. li LL, at John ratten'* Commercial Hotel, 73 Courtland* street. N. 0.?Tstras furnished at the shortest notice, by applying t" V u LUM-'.. Momstowo ap2fi 'Sin*re. mat gfcflEii. GREAT WESTERN RAIL ROAD ROUTE, FROM ALBANY TO BUFFALO (335 MILES) BY RAIL ROAD The only Office in Nvw York established by the sevci&l Rail Unsd Companies between Albany and Bnff-lo is at ' No. 59 COURT LAN DT TREk T, JOHN f. CLARK. General Agent NOTICE TOIMM(GRANTS. The ^nbrr.r.bers having been appointed .gem for forwardin* Immigrants by Rait Km I from \IUany to BuiMloand inter.-iediaie i-l ices, an- er ablt-U to seud them ,turi u the Summer firern .'"iw York to Utica (or fll.OO: to yracuie$'192 to ,\nbinn t-> Koch-iter $4.61 to Buffalo 15.50. Childre. ft.mi 2 to W years old a' h If price; under 2 years free- ..nd all Baggage from Albany on the Kail Rood is a- limlv fteIt is evi lent that it comes much che?|*r to tlx nniriieraot to tree | hy Kail Koad that, by (hail. h? reaching BlCuO per Siernb-at from ^'ew York and Rail itnad from vrmji. j.? 02 hours; wh rea>, it tab w per ('anal from 9 in 10 days The following caicnl-ti n shows the, vn :? Passes* t BuBnloper ltail Passage >o Buffalo per'ganoid $5.5fl uh! say S3.0H Lugga. e from N. York to Lngga.e to Buffalo. 5011,* Alnan-. IllOlba fr-e, bal-, balance lor luOlhs- 55 ance for loStbs II Loss nf time at least 9 day s Luggage from Albany to wurth to the lano-er, say Buffalo free 50 i rots per day 4.50 Living for 4* hnnrs. sev... 75 Lirinif ft.r 10 daia. 50 centa I per day 6,uo Toul pet K. Road SO 43 | ? $13,06 Deduct fare per R. Road 643 The traveller per R Road ravea $6,62 They alio forward laney-n to Cleavelaod, 1'orumouth aud other pbeeein Ohio; Datioit, ke , Michigan; < ireen Kay Aliiwaukie. tic Wi-coi ain Teir t ry; Chicago, Illinois; ai d to diff-rdoc phie a in auada at thelnweat ratc-a. Ali information ai to tho different rouuw gireu gralit, and Tickets to be had oiilu attlie Albany and Huttalo Mail Hoail Office.69 Couillandt treat. WULK <i KiCKKKS. oiyt lw*rc " ^ FOR HALIFAX VNb Ll V KM'Oo; . t'he Royal Mail ^bum tihii? BKITAN Nl A mm ' * t.EUONIA, will irav* Boa loo fir tie above poits ta lolloaa? tJr-t Satorda", June 1. 1844 Caledonia, Sunday, June 16, I84L r&Mag' lor Liverpool $uv I'nsaaga for Ilalifaa 30. Applvto D. BKIOHAM, Jr.. Ae?nl, m2l rc No. S Wall street. ;rNu g&aThe Boats ol thia Ferry will run aa follow a uniil luilhtr notice:? 8TATEN ISLAND. Clifton?At Ty? A M and 4>fi P M. Ktap!eton-At7X 9X. H* A. M . 4%, 6%, P. M. Quarantine?At b, 10. A >1 . I, 2>i, 6, 7, r. M, NEW YORK, A' 9,11, A. M. and 2, 3Ji 6. 7X, P. M. m!l rs * SI MM- R A RRAN4JEMENT. IiE\VARK AMU MEW YORK. FARE ONLY ltti CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAiN JOHN O vFFY, /S$l. On a id .iIVt Monday, Vay 13, will run aa fcr?-TAe-eaJbfoliowa:?Leave bewark, foot of Cenire at, at if ImLmJLlii A .VI and IX I* M. Leave New York, foot o, oaiclay at, at 10 A. M and 4 P. M. On Soiidaya?Leave Newark at I A. M. and 2 P. M. and N-w York at 10 A. i?i. and 4 P. M. E carried at rerv reeannahle ratea. May itch 1844 mllre SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS. J?LfV>MINODAC?. M^MIATTANVILuK. AND KORT WASHINGTON DINK OK bTAGE?. Fare to Manhaitieville ii'X cenu?Fort Washington 81 cuts 1'hia Line will com sag/' W .ncncg Turning uu Saturday, Alay 4th. 1644 as i ii ?? ;? Leavng Manliattanville, at 6 o'clock A . M., anil continue miming every hour until 7.i'clock P vt Leaving New York eorner ot Tryon Row anil Chatham St, two doois cast of the Hsrlem Railro->d Office, at 7 o'clock, A. M , and coutiuoe run niug every hour until 8 P. M. Stages leaving Port Washington for City Hall, 7)* A.M. and 9K. H*, 1 P. M., 3R, 4 aod 6>i. Stages leaving C ity Hajl for Kurt tV-.rhijgtoi', 9 A. M.. 11 and 1 P M., 3. I and6 'Ih'-se Stages |Msaon the rontc Ured's Hotel, Uurnhom's Man lion Home, irphau Asylum and Lunatic Asylum. Siricker'i Bay. Abbey Hotel, Trinity Church Cewtry, High Bnuge tu Kurt Washington. B. MOORE, m2 lm*rc Proprietor. XOKK V1LLK, ASTORIA, HELL GATE KKURV, HAVENS WOOD AND NEW YORK STACKS Will co nmence running on Monday, May MS. 1841, as lotlowa Leaving Astoria, at 7, 8,9. aud 11 o'clock. A. M , i. a, j. 4,'g, 5>k auu 7 P. M. Lniving ICn tharn strret opposite City H?ll at7,9, 18, and 11 o'clock A. M.. I. 3. 4, 6, 6 aud 7 o'clock P M. This Stage will call tor passengers at 20 Bowery, cortsrol Pell street, and it Hasird's. Yorkville. All luggage at the owner's risk On >he arrival of the stag' at Astoria, it - ill im mediately be in readiness for conveying pnueugers to Ravens wood and Cong Island Farms. Fa e ,2>? cents Horses and Wagons to let. LEWIS 8t CARTER, ink lm*ec Proprietors ^id| ALBANY DAY LIN p.?Kir Albany and Le.?T~I~V '* lnt rmedivte Lauding), at Ital'-past 6 o'clock, ii' mi mSr "l M?The new aoil ro ninodi?u- sieimbiMt f"G> 1'tt s ?i RIC A, Captain M. 11 1 'ties-'ell. will leave lie foot of Robin,ou street, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, at 6X o'clock The tiOll I'll AMERICA will levve Albany for N'W York and intermediate landings, every Tuesdsy, Tnnrsil.iy aud Tata day mornings, at t)? o'clock. mSrc NEW EVENING LINE FOR ALBANY. Fare $1?be ths 10 cents Dc k 6s. mm ' he NPW mid Splendid oteimboat NEW C, . '^rwif JI* RSKY, Cat t R H Kurey will I. ave the jKmJUL pier foot of Barclay street (tionh side) or Wednesday e euing, 11 h in taut, at s,veu o'clock ' days from New Y"rk. Mondays Wednesdays .md Fridms; Ir in Albany Treulaji, Tnursdays ard haturd ys The New ' r ey has been tebui t and ism. d iled, a, d fi ted ap in ilit* best po.siol, rn nuer * h * h.*s a nrgenooi e: ol ,I fuit State Ron. s In g? anil voinmo i u, Pr m-n-<le Deck a ad,r?' kS 'iOM wi'''s'ee i, g tecum mootiiora ( r 108 puia-nia and en usi ea I ai'v .bint Alt ?ge her, sh? is- lie, pi,t sc out modal ons f >r i.e.i ly 709peis<)n* Her ostoaht t w ' is lig't, so thi she wit' ai w ys be -h , to cross the bars ? nh ~ PEObi trs MiXb OF stljmbvats " FOR ALRANV DA1L\. Su?e!.j? ?;?? rnoui ! i/,t.;,v'.ty 'ji.ytf* v. c?. *i 7 f iV"., fjuto the Steimb at IVj* !>.* jfcw l^WiiHri twM-i: Cvntoiult a*4 Liberty nircii. Tue ste;imuw>it K N IC K KM B( _IC > V. K, Captain A. I'. St Jo u, Moiid y, Wi'duea ny and Friday evening*, at 7. he "?at JlOCIlr,STIOl4 Captain /V Houghton. oi T.i<*o a* , ') liurxdav md Saturday J vniogv at 7. \t I'i. eo'ch-ck P. M ? L.?tjdt g *t interna d ate Places: The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Count. ^ m n Peek, M ud^y. Wi'du??dnv. Friday and Sunday "teniug*. at P. * i'lie ?tmmb<iat U PICA, ('apt in 'J' Ku t Vir*sd?t T tuitdty aiiit Saturday er nirif?, at 'j P M r^a-trua?(t UKuiK tti'i Hue ol will an rt in Albany I t I* MM" to tAlie the Moroiug Train of Cart for tl.r * *,! w ?t jT^Th* .'Dove BuhUV i.ew aed lubtUnml are turn^t. w b and Kant Smtc tieora* aiiator tpued nod aer.o oiodatiot ar unriyaJ'ed ou the >n v - * <u t->'irht np|?lv on ^nard.or to P C Hrh the office on the wharf n.20 rc '1M > TllK I A lit KB? If \o? hav e hairy excise c a, colc a * idk a b o da deter-ted ft>rchr*.d , il y u hive the uniikl>t1 tpi e^'age ?f ^ear?? on you1 u|>|?er lip* ; <1 you Inviiii'' ttiKiUs ba.r i louring any part ol iour othci wi?e beautiful f * Ck the P. uii e bti.e i*vtiitrd by Or. I eltx <* uran.i, will quiikJy ,mu fir vcre t)i catch t *iuiout ihe sti^ho * t imurt rr ?isColora'ion to you? ?t<iu.%?this y? can besanti d o bv rise* i ig the | rtpa acior t?*it d at f e Doctor's office; nil douhti of t-?e irtu! in or. % ho > hug -> B: quickly va *ish r *r ?*}e only at 07 ilk i iPi et limt * . re rh?ii? flic ? f Bro idnv?$1 jm i bottle- m hi ra in iv t e h'd the fo lowing uftic ei a!) wu . rau'e : - 1 It c-lebrat d Italia i .cdict'ol "oup, lor faring all bl qr h ?, 11ni lee, lr-ck!e?. t m, iii'-ipl ew ?c rv v,it? h, r ?J.i > allowMat , f ni | , I 1) Hr.i>) ; i r.. il ||g|| r f r , tr mu>qti to H ita ell n l ; in the oh g ni el rdr ii. in a ?ty*i?jg - .! irr.ta' ??" v.d V ling ic.a |?r pe iie? ,r?redly a- t?>ni hi a,.o'ei t ?n heitii.Kt k> no roofer ihonld b'iv it oar u C One cake 60 ce:ir? u * dice t and war rant it rre'urnth* m-uev I H'Cce f'ul Ii ouyo<rKUard eg i?. * a bold imi atio'i, ?..d bay n?? w lit let I e 'Ut ** Rlio . .ur nil? ^ ^ He.jii (\ or 'I roe ter of ti?R' tv it a \vrn riniv u.i v v? c.t?li eilC lor CI1' wain , rirHiiu^, punfyn g and in *tt iivi g the ?v n>|? i o . nuil bv i'? 11 ?ini < woi^itica . rrtPtuiiiR th lutmVion of wtiukie-itdLd bimnliing them vr In n pronfllt. 11 | **f bot tlr. (Jourauo'a 11 di t l)>e will <h*n;p> rrd or gray hair to a bnvtti ful Oik blow n or black, a itiiout st-itiing tat skin. $l I *( but t)?*. Wh *k??r and t yetrow byr,' 5 cenu Mr bull If Onor.itid'a Ulan' d fc tp*tfnf, or hp uti*h whi e. giv?t% mTf lif -.ikf nlabaaiM whiuueai nod a'/mo hn< *s to tn<* akin?Irrf from II inj ingrfdifurj. and entirely .imnhilatii g common chalk and flnkf whi f rot np m alrgant b< if*, k ? f.?ut< mch. Thia. wit other of Ur. O | reparation*, it .mitnb-d Uuv i '? where el*f but a* C7 VV n k*?r a re-1 (Ha Uiat *t re l'?oin t;if roroer ? f droadif ?f, wh re w.ll Or I cud art amortm-nt of the ino*t de'icat^ and choce faftimcry, imporud from ah ' A * rnti? lort^nn, 2 Milk *treel, Boston; 70 I 'ho*mnr street, fh'In.Je'' hi-x, Hohinsou, Marnaburuh; H-rnt rh. I .-it.cns er; y,in U, I'riinrtoi.: I '! ? u-ry, Rochester; t ,* s w' I Lot . kI'oi % 1 ' ,r*',j' * ^ * if*' * tniillir.i c.ipii ) 1 i it, ' n?i f : M it?,N v, MT 11; D>'t, I iurnl> U'r; T.\lor, N'ewp r ; I. / e j'i !*> ?, H >u({", r; ( rtj I r t<n Purua <>'" V, I 'C n.I'url <i. , Winlil Unn|r J ulh'r VVi.i *1 ?, M..oc?, U'U rnorr; ?*|hy < mii.r \V -iiuy'on; Vl ' Kwi?rt Kn lirtviui ; .VI?(.,? ??ou, .x.ivticti, ( oi ii; 13u Hr it rhi. C. Ke.ic, Miililiriowu. ml* Im <ly frwy iu ' LKLCHEtt! Ll'.LGxlby! LhhOhLKS ! AC\ nnfi KIK8T QUALITY JLMXJIe.M, jUit rv^ivn) 4v/)Uv/V by (h* bw>a<mh b ig Alai't?(in 000 by ilir thip F.mcott, aud for ?alt whultn.f ana reuul, at Tory low ptieca, r C. J, rtnoirf and a coprA, m? i?*? wpomn of LaNhtt, 14* Numi a E N E NE TYLER AND TEXAS. ! I THK JIEMOCHAilC KKfUBLK.AN ELECTORS of , tli# City tud County of Nuwkotk, friendly to thr nomi..Mr.n .,f iritlv TVI I'D .. .1.. < J j . f.l.' I* - ? Republican lurry ut the approaching Presidential flection are . ] rtijntat'd to mtet at the folowicg pieres, to appoint Delegates to represent thetn at tba Tylar Biiumore Contention, ou tba . 5*7th Mm io>t, via : The Fourth CougtetfionaJ District of tbia State, comprising the Sixth, Hetentb. Troth and Thirteenth ward', at Dnuo't Hiath Ward Hotel, earner of Duaue and Centre atrrati, oo Modd'T the 2uth inatat half pail 7 o'clock, P. M The Filth Congressional Diar-ict, computing tha eighth Niu'h ond Fourteenth Werds, at the Forrusi Home, No 54 Spring >t on Tuetday. the 3let at haTpatt 7 n'. lock P\l, The Hixih Cnuirreftioual Dittriet, comprising the luh, 12th, IVh, I sib and 17th war^t. at Hermitage Hall, corner of Houttoa and Allen atr-aui, on Wednesday, 2:0 intt at7X, P- M? and The 1 hitd Congrtatf'tial D'ftriet of thit St la, r-inputirg the l>t Id. 3d, 4th aud 5th wards, at th Shtkipea-e Hotel, corner ol William and Daautst act>, ou Thuraday, tba 33d mat., at 1% P M New York, May If, 1M4. Wm Shaler. Peter Smith, D-nnia McMahon. L. K Campbell, Henry O Atwooa, J. P. <1 Marshall, John Ortrr, J-hrt Suuth Anton ner'ick, Wot L under Boyce, Jac b << yce, Tarh full. Karl, Abm Dal y, Jr, John Id McPhrr-un, Jan ei Dutenburv, Joseph Yrintnt, Lavs rece Van Wall. J If Pratt. Wm Jeuninga, Frederick J Tucker, Jamea Othorn, Wm B?rry, John W Hyatt, J Kiugilaod, John Barber, C K nit, John B> ga.t, Patrick Trnipany H. J Lee. J 11 va t Ch irlea itidelifT, George llubbell, Joseph T. Sweat, J D. sleeker, J, hn Stewart, John H Plume, I hom-a Bu ler, Fd. S Darrv, J teph H pkina, John G. Tibbati, JohnKt'hum, Beojtutin Brown, J.C Poit'T, (Jen k. Baldwin, Geo Montgomery, C. F Linebtck. tmo starry othum, ma't 5t?re . ' SHARON SPRINGS PAVILION. si.h makik county, n y. rPHIR ipaeiout Home, hicli ti ce the iropr vementa and t I dd tim.a uihde to it tlur i g the "ast w liter, it believed to be one of the m at eommodii usadc mfor ab e of the laiges* claai ol'H ela i.lthe Sat it now iead fir the ree ptiou "f company, and will b* lanedont e27tndiyof \'a, i tt To ai'C mi' oda e he In go aril ircnoiting uum.erof t?0, le who apeuil I he tea.;o i a' *h r in "pringt, the tub-erib*rt have, aince I int. all, gp otly extenile.l the r premiaet, by annexing to the I'.tvi ion au ' I'li'-ii new huih i-ig nl.ich em no. t tfd'unit npr.r uinit, bet idea tnoh i.g Urge addm nt and unrov-m-uu to ihe mierior aud 'u lneae par a o' ih? h Ota ? Aliutla ha*< b an add d to the wind'Wt?thr b an iful pi meii , e gr >ucda in fr ni of he Pavilion hare bem lai ' ut ?ud tavielul y p'm;ed ?i h ahrubt ana tlowora?ih faih r oint lure oeeu ovh-n'od and i.ew urni n . if vided. fur iehi g er. ry e n renim co to thi ae w ho ?i.h to anjo tiihfra' Id oi w?rm'ath No eapen-e or etfort h i*cento r o to supply rhe deficiencies of pat' teat n>, a d every etertioo will b u a t, Pi reo ive ihe tit tor < f he ,-t.ini 'K reaaou iu a nil ner not to he aurt ateed at any other place of fut.iouable retort in tl,e United Stu<? To (hot* who have not h-r to'ore visited th - Sharon Springs, it it a fficimtto asy. tha tl>a qui1 hits if the water (an o al sit Ol winch 11 gi.rq below)are very nearly id i t aal Willi ihoae ol the far-iaui?i Wni a "ulphur Springs of Vir?i it ltsept ihn bv thi a ncnrreiit t>ati rimy of all m di al men who are aoquii'ited with > oth. p e Sharon ei-r esteem d Pie mo t potent ? eituated it tu elevaled legi u of eonctry the Pa< i'lO" Coin nrui-a one ol ti c in > ( extensive Tews, and is p<acd lu the muUl cf the mm' picturesque scenery in the Mateuf New Vo. k Kr m 1U el Vnte.1 |>oailiou it li<a the adisulng-of * co nnu.-il y dry, cool md r-freshii g atniusi Iit*. Pleaantei:c irsio a t the viil gca if I heny V Hey ami Coiper-t hi the Oikcio Lnlie. a (1 oilier pi in:a 'qu l!> in cresting Ir. in their neivry and iher h it r> offer themselves on eery hud? whi ?t i Billiaid oom and fuur ipici dm Ui" Alley*, |.*-e u* unpr vided vvitht i CO' r? f r * e.ciaeorum moment ( f the Win e "u11 l>ur Water ol Sharon bo i w?, it c in l? ai l it i? i oi *ur paced oy any thing of the hind in th - known, em I , for the euro of rhenrrntic, nut i e us, bilious and dy?pepiic coi"p -! ta, s'.u I rthe'H'e of erya pe'asail rhenm, soofkU, ltv?rcompl int bronchitis ami gratnu dehiu y. ha*baen certified by tome oi the moat eminent loaluiJ pr fee o>s By a recent analysis made f;r the proprietors of ti e Si rings, ma>'a b> one of ih moal element Chein ts in Una c uu.ry [Prufiuaor Iteidof N e w Vcp ] he folio wing laaults have been ob'aiued from < neyallon ol wstoi Bicirhi-ate of Magnesia 84 grains. I Enlph-iteof Magnesia 34 " i Sti'pliste of 1 ime 864 llydrusalphsla of Magnesia and Lime 3 Chloride of Sodium and Maitueiium 37 Solid contents-" 149 1 grains. Hydroaulplinric Acid <?t?, or Suipliineited H,drn,si 20 5 cn'oic ip. The -priugs a>e within a few hours ride of Albany, Troy, ' Saratoga. Schenectady, Uiic i. lie ; are accessible ei'her from i Canajohare un the Albany ami Ltica roilioad, a here post j coai h-s daily wait the arriv I if the morning cirs from Sche i neciady a id utica, to convey visiter* t.i iha Borings, a dutauc.e f a'x ut eight mi'ea, aliiving m tune fur diuuir ; or by the ! Cherry Valley turnpike, by dailv stiges, bcrij nhout lorty 1 five in.l?s we?t of A iba.iy, oil a g tod r ,-d. Persons le viug i New l ork in the aiming Louts f r Albany, a'tive at tiie Shar ou Springs the neat day lu time for dinner myl 8t w4m#ec CLAHK 8t GARDNER. CAFE TOKTON1, TABLE D'HOTE, EVERY DAY AT FOUR O'CLOCK, Cold and Hot Punch, Mocha Coffee, Segart, Q-c. i No. T Park PIac?, ' ml3 2wtc J BARPOTTE. . seflt TO LE I?The Storo No. SI Lib rty street, now oci sB cul,,0-l by 'he subscribers. A very do i ruble location for i^MLthe Dry Goons J ihhing Business. Poaaeasiou can be had on or before 1st of Auguat. rr>2 Irnrc PERASjE fcJWO'W8 BOARDING. A T 27 COURTLANDT STREET -This eatabliahmcnt A havi.If recently ben taken on a lease, it now ready to receive single iteu'leinen or fimiliea who may wish oermment Board, with comfortable apartiutnt*. Enquire of Mrs. (Jere, No. 27 Courtlaudt stTcet. a30 lra*rrc DR. S. C. FOSTER, LIA3 REMOVED from his late residence, No.4M Houston, LA to No 17 Amity stieet. ml5 iwrc BOARD AT NEW BRIGHTON.?The establishment known as the " Brigh'on House," having been lately refiitted aid repaired, is now pen tor the reception of b ardrrs The many adtanttgea which New Brighton posieaars being well k liowa. it is ? upecisarir to DitrticulAriae them? I any infuimaiiuii coil be obtained by applyintf at No 2 Broadway. r.'H Iwjgb 1 PURNBUED ROOMS TO LET-With or wuhoot Board, , " lu lb? in. it ?-l'Cibl? pirt of Broadway, near Franklin atree'.. | For orriic iUr* ?u<|uiie at s06 Broodw?y, between the hoar* ol i I ami C P. M. Alio, itaeb .afinoct of taid house nit.rble for a riiyiicinn.viho 1 can, if ifii'iintp, ob'aio board as above mil Iwrr A VODER, INDUSTRIOUS MAN wnnlt a titnation at i Copi id or A aaiatai t lerk, in a Oomuuiaion, Flour, or I urh itorr. Hat had el-vcu ye.rt eiperieure at Cleik and . Maleirrmi :u three hour* in the eiry. Hefrreice ro tneowncrt oft id hootet. Apply, by note, to A C., llrrald office. 1 ml nee I REMOVAL. ' JAMES IATILE, DRAPER AND TAILOR,' j liar r. moved Irom 24i Ilndaon timet, to 409 Broadway , mlJ lm*ee. J REMOVAL. I rtlt J HEINE hat irmoved lo 29 Daans ttreet, betwaer I I' O.albaui end I Vo'.re .treett, wh-rr he continue* tn t* con cited . ii tli- ti riotu brauciica of bit profettioii, in hit nati>e , the t*-rmar.) t t'Bl'lth Uttfage? ml im'rc KEMOVAL. I'HOMA-'- WARNER. Attorney a -d i.ou ,viler at L"W ' at removed hit to V<> Ikldti Hall 1'lace, corn*. D WUie no 0 pit lm-ir REMOVAL. j R 4 Dl'VKNK't, Invert r ai?d Dp?i! t v WiooR uo " Mr*- die 't olesftlea d ret it. u?frnu his fr pidi stid t' ?* . i1,1 ic, thst lie hut reni /Vsfd Ins "tt.hli^hnteut fr tu 21 Aou *t . >< h nlM" M i vitpt h?yer* i f <io 0 Win** to visit hi* wh h will a ? ti id i m boii i tvp| I ?.f B iiux Wi **, Burg gue, < hain; igu*. MvJeiri * ort ?.i-dcth?'i VVi p* Ue4i.1i. imp 'U Ab yrifh- ICtrseh ukvanutT, {He .I iht ii st hi n* s in S\v?'7.-ri mi i. 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I 17 in if i NEPTUNE HoUSE^ NEW hoCUELLb. rPII I'/oirf i rofth rtb ?>? ?'aT*o<i? rr?* t f <<'.i iCiiiff <1 f' r I - th" v*-/} lib'Ml am! db'ii)|(iii?h?<J |)'tri>n\vf t?c? ** h?r? i?? ? f t* rrwii ?! ? <i with i*b#wpH ttrrt - h i i? a t ? irt i . c mtiutiAtiit ofil?rir u. p^rt. Hp nviif r??? * eifa|t\ inf.inn. hi* , ? >f!? in ! th?* i?ui lie ?n wrrtnil, ihi*. liu horn* * mm <>? ,1 f f i t'? r?r |?iir.n ><l r mpiny, ? dt * it Iip n pr<*i?r^d t<iir;ik?him * v it'? f. roiliM fo tmr.rfl f ?r tit r., t?i w 'fMuri.ii on ? i*. i ?tbl" I*1 m? Tb??r* ii nor w ({ r??| n lv? r u try * i m Ii fom'in * th* arir&n'Jiit a ol tliii f?r hu t!,, r Midpr.. iirp Si 'r ,vrntl tn'?. '?P k* niih fbnr inn' ir* w ?i t i ft up* i > iiTO'Mn ?itnlio"a f??* V\ in er, >? ?th * I ' ?'0 C-J V '! art lilit ktf $ i f \ hflQ<i?OMr 4' u rr I rd r 41Utuc* CdiH'Of fail to Ik* siiitr.i. (J. K. I<! b'. Mti II, ih 14 n ' , T11IUTY DOLLARS REWARD TAK k.\ f,i m tha i|iiFr'ib"i'ii a la, in 8r( II .rl?ni r nn Wrilan ay, M ^ y 7th, a 1' I a U II r a, with 'Vf 1- ill* hi id fort and and- ? h' a, ahr ul it V? h mil? b n i Mini >i a urt I'litet tnl and \ hlirk trillion * C ?. woh p'atrd hub la nli the da h covered wiih pitent V ther, and ah t II inch- ? h'di Willi Iif h.'nilln p'a'nl Bur !l nch ? on Ihat.ip; tb** him I II d ab wuh li?hi 'ar* iha f.H i niled on the at Th? wainn initv b^ known by mi? of th b *rd? in Ihr b ttnm nnd?r tha ?pnt hmu* of n,,li an I thool * t'nek main in il p Mt ( thii bo t-ra boarJ?, in oidrrtok.ya ?tr?' flh to f '.U'OI the hr iC? of tha nt?p Tin- partnn whoo-tainrd h^h rteand w.gon hnbiM intend from Mn?t lli.rbor to Brooklyn, wliara h lafi t bl uikai at Joo ?, .No 21 Kultmi ?'r.?t, Amarr... Moral, a hara ha poi n.i. i ml ' t ?yn on Thnr-div mi ht MaySih iml ornaaoi th? Karry to Niw V i k May 1 "tV?, A M Tb" part >ni??aid id ba.f a ?anl < uiiiplninn, ml fma and ana , woraaar ri > * a bl rk mat rai h -r I k tod loo a, blua pi1 I i'o h a. b iota, nnl a lai a Id u k hat.c m >i laia dy .var bit c, ? hid a men iinaai colond Vain . i* rather t -opi'iit r raar', ?or? a yi lio'-iah liandka i bi?f nrotnid hn ii ck .r-'r hit roc ci II r rovaronr hn cinii n'1 in nth I l a findar ?hatl I) ontitlad to t3U ia?.i d, f >r ill.- I.or a, w , von. and in n, or $i0 f renUaio: tliain ' LBKKT (i llt'DUKS. "ai Harh, r, I I . V y 18th. ICit. Korfnrtha i f-rmiti iu. ?ppl; - Ph' ? V, Ik I IIU HKS ' F,H,?8?:hp.rv?t. N. V, pKHibM.'.lia .rit .Kills'! n Or. nan, 3naar Imi,. am ,, llot'lcra, Colli a and Spiaa 1) . I u, ll iCaitK a.uil Ink \'anufiicturar?, andall nlhrrcinnumara >( KANCV COLOHhl) CABKL9 ?'* raapcctfully informad thatcrry k<n i nf w ,rk in rim XkLOORAril C BTYLK. " the haat ttyle of the art, i iid r^7",t the lowaat poaaiblo wuh ptioa^T] at K IIK r v IN(>'d Xylovm hie Pmai, No. U Maid m Cane, rruiotcd bom 9 Well atreet, W Yfl W YORK. THURSDAY I ilSHIP Hl'CnES' FASOlimSTOBAl LETTEK" OX TUB Philadelphia Riots and their Gauses. Uddmicd to the llonornble James Harper, Mayor of New-York. (CONTINUED FROM YESTERDAY.] Citirran IX. PU hi shop thinks of becoming a Political -.igilalor, and itsuites It sefoim tin Public Schoolt. Since my arrival in New York, my public und private ife hus been devoted sedulously to tliu duties ot my staiou. One ol the tirst things that stmck me, a? a deploradn circumstance in the condition ?f iny tlock. wus the gnorance and vice to which the children ol Catholic und migrant | arents were exposed 1 had the simplicity to lelicve, that in endeavoring to elevate them to virtue and isefulness, through the means of education, 1 should be it once reudering a service to them, und discharging a luty to my country, Iho latter of w hich, especially, would le appreciated by good men of all creeds 1 Intended to aku such measures us might be necessary for this purpose >n my return from Europe, In the year 1-40, without, lowever, having exchungrd as far as 1 recollect, opinions with any one on that subject Cut I found on my return that it had been sufficient to attract the attention of :ho public authorities, und hail become a public tunic in J he annual message of the Oovernor ol this State. I found, ilso, that liko other was instantly urned into a political question, even by the people who lad not -though most interested?the discernment to nilh rstand the patriotism und humanity by which <t hsd ?een dictated. Meetings had been held on the subject; inemperate language had been used, disorder, almost mounting to violence, had characterized those meetings; ind for these reasons 1 resolved to attend them in person? -Xiiressly lor the purpose of keeping out an unfortunate Mass of political underlings, who had b< en accustomed to ratlic in thoir simplicity. In these meetings, held trom ime to time the question was discussed?the imperfect . duration afforded by our own charity schools?the vast lumbers that could not be received a' them, und would tot be sent to the schools of the Public School Society, on icaount of the strong an i-Cailiolic tendencies which (hey nauilested, through the medium ol objectionable books, irejudiced teacheis, and sectarian influences. Cll.Sf 1 Kit X. TKt Bishop, like ft Paul, is p. rmitted to speak for himself; but the Common Council art net subdued?the Bishop grit into a pleasant humor, and jokes a little This was followed by a respectful |*tition to the Comnou Council ol the city fie ore thai council I was pertutted to state the gi i. v.ince Complained of A discussion ;uok place, growing out ol rco oMsliurices ilie petition, and it was linelly rejected by almost a unanimous vote This, the portion cl the people who consider* ail themselves aggrieved in the mutter, hud anticipated But this win nocessaiy ? befoie sunmiltiiig tho cave 10 the Legislature of the bUte In due time, however, petition! were forwarded, Sigurd by a large number ol ciuzeun, both Catholics and Protectants, natives us well u foreigners The pray i-r ol this petition was received luvoribly, because it seemed to be but reasonable and just. A fill to remedy the evil waudniwn up, 1 think, by the superintendent ot schools; end, il 1 am not inislukeu, passed be House of ltt'pie?eutativ,a It wus at the close ut the lessiou, and lost in the other House. Ol the tituess of its provisions to remedy the evil, i inn altogether unable to ipeak But it was belitv.d by ull, that the Legislature, is soon as it could tin.lei stand the nature ot the grievance, ttid the necessity lor a remedy, would not tail to remove the one, and provide lor the other Accordingly the jiiOstluu, notwilhuuiiJing the muny folds ol minivpre nutation and piejuiticu in which its numerous opponents endeavored to involve it, was making much progress in the public mind. Meetings continued to be held lioin lime to time, with open duois utid tree admission?Piotvst tants, as well as Catholics, attended, and sometimes took part 1 upended them all, expressly tor the purpose ol seeing that politics should not he lutroduced CHArTEK Al. The Bithop, much againtt hit wiil, bitonut a Pulitiial Agitator, and tcnnt ha1/ inclintd to cry " jirccavi I" Matter* thus progressed?the advocate* ul the measure being divided, accordiug to their predilections, between jiie party and another Cut the opponent* ol the measure in the mean time, numerous und zealous a* they were, had not been idlu, hut had presented the question to the public iu every false light tbut ingenuity could devise, as oiay he Keen by relereucu to whole page* of their calumnies, at that time, about an " Union of Church and State," ho., which hove been n luted and lorgotten Just previous to tho election ?when, us it appears, parties had mude their nomination* for the Legislature, the opponents ol education (except with intringeuient ol conscience,) called upon the voter* of both parties to send no one to Albany unless such us should given pledge tielorr election, to refuse the prayer oi the petitioner*. For this lact 1 refer to editorials of that date of the Commercial Advertiser and the Journal ot Coninieicn, among other papers ol tho City. This plan watt Sot?*l upon ititii I to an extent which leit the petitioners no alternative but to vote for men pledged in their lace to refuse what they regarded as simple justice Hence, in spite ot ail tny eliorts to prevent it, the question lorced itself in R political form on the attention ol the people, who claimed one thing?namely, education without another tiling?namely, the violation ol their conscience ; but which the Commercial Advertiser and its allies would not allow to he separated The vert last meeting of the friends of education, previous to the election, was the moment when this unworthy stratagem came under public attention A number of individu sis, who were versed in these matters, had, however, taken the precaution to ascertain that certain candidates had refused to sign the pledge-, and were ready to goto Albany Iree to voto lor the prayer ol the petitioners or ogainnt it, as their own sense ol justice towards their constituents might dictate. Others had already given their promise against it. Theso persons then suggested that names, without any hopes of election but simply to exercise the right of voting on, should be substituted to make up the deficiency. I claimed it as iny right?I regarded it as my duty on thnt occasion to urge those v/ho were friendly to n large portion of the neglected children ol New Vork, lo vote for no niau who had preju !g<vl their cause, iu the hope ot being elected; and who had hound himself to teruse them the protection of the laws, whatever might be the justice of their case My argument was this?urged with ail the limited powers of reasoning that I possessed that they deserved the injustice and <h gnuh.tion ot which they complained, if they voted forjudge* publicly pledged beforehand to pass sentence against tuem Of course, in u speech of some twenty minutes, I rnurt have developed this argument, and presented it in every vurlety of form capable of making it understood, and pointing out the more liberal attitude of those w ho, us not being pledged In favor of either side, were lelt free, to do impartial justice in the premises, if this wus a political speech, then have I made one political speech in my lile. There were high minded, well educated, and honorable i'rotestam gentlemen present, and to whom I appeal with confidence that?twisted or turned, by perveise ingenuity as it might be, my speech amounted to the principle, just laid lown? to the developmout of it and nothing more. CiiArrrn XII. Relates how one of ISennett's Reporters, who must needs thrust themselves everywhere, hupp, nut to hear the T!i shop s Speerh and report it ? The itishop g'ts jurajj*, at"! leys his hand at the "lor g-ieio " Dot there was a reporter of Dennett's there, who mads snch a speech a* ho thought proper?which was alto wards, as 1 have reason to believe fitted up lor the pur pose of producing one of Dennett's "tremendous exciti men Is," and making "the Herald el ways the first and mo t enterprising paper in New Vork " Having token this re port?having studded it with the gems of Ins own ribald ry.and made seme half a coltim i ol editorial comments, in all that mock gravity ol which Bennett is capable, the Herald of the next morning became the fasts and fountain of all the vituperation, calumny. and slander which liavr been heaped on Bishop Hugh' *'' through nit the United States, from that day until this. From the lit raid, the report was copied Into the Commercial Advertiser of that afternoon?the editor,' ol. Stone, taking special care to substitute the word a "morning print," instead of Bennett's Herald, lest hi* own views ot the question might he injuriously afiVcted by the character ol his authority it that authority were known. Then followed the coai men'.arie* and column* ot ah i*e which filled the other p i pt-r* ami ran throughout the country, eaeti editor a 'ding (par 1cti 1 srly wldle the delusion lasted) lui on n editorial lor the benefit of hi'real-is I must, however, do several of the city paper* the justice to say, that either more honest or belt-r informed th n their eollfigues of tin press, they understood the question, end decline I to tak" m\ put tu the li'ta and cry that was so malignantly rut* si about It. It is i tpially due 'otiutli to 'ay *l*n. that se reral othi rs. alter thsy discovered th.-ir mistake, retreaa .! from the position which thry had first aastimed CH.srrr.u .XIII " Diamond cut diamond*?the llishap toshes the Clergy, (lilt ths- hi1 'iliinrt ti ai t/i?? f*nm1 for (i... i.neuon,.. .,f **. > iiu partie* not to fie improve 1 I n their ultenor 1eig> *. Y'CorJingiy, a* llii* occnpu '* of many of the pulpit* ol hu city, had ootwtained tlieircongri-gxtinn* with lerniun* on the school question. for month* before,-?o tl?i) to- month* after, whatever might tie the text Irom the Jinia, the ahti'e of the Catholic religion tinder the nirktame of popery, together with all the slang tm t all'hi talumnie* furtiinhexl t>y this New York Herald, the Comhernial Adveiti*er, the Jonrnul of Commerce. and other taper- ol that stamp, was sure to moko up the body of the eitnon. By thla process the mind# of the peoplo werti ixcitixl, their pa?*ion* inflatnea, their credulity impoieJ ijion, ana their confidence perverted. CiurTLa .\IY. The liith'ip htu i> ?Iy poke ul Ike " A'n'ir>$" and then Inuchee a Utile on kimulf Then came the new partv. It n impossible thnt the raining of the pulpits should not have predisposed n large nimher of perron* to join in the movement, which the) in I heen taught to helievr a* a duty of their religion. ' iVIio c in ri e I without horror! ?e denote j it Ion* the shin let*, tlie infuriated appeal*, winch have been ?poki n anil vritten ; in which lit aven and earth have heen mingled ogethei in a conluiton of rhetoi ie and p onion, to promote he objects of thi* new comhlnetion. It h i* utenedtd in ?ur city, aril I fir one, am not so-ry at it. But at tie nine time, i: that portion of the citizen* who have been in a*roctou?ly abuied, had not the voo i^in.r, thopaMutism, the love of order, which enabled the u to re. it tain themselves, aven nndi r the greatest insults, that an be offered to the feeling* of men, it 1# Impossible to ell aliat might have been the consequence. Closing, hen, thi* sketch of thequestion in *o much a* it relates outlier*, I (hall now call your attention 10 something which U personal to my suli. iRI JB CORNING, MAY 23, 184^ Chef re* XV. TV Bithop Iff at i of tin Hetald, the Pulpit, of blaiuUm, and F.ternity?He consigns Jamet Gvrdon Bennett and ffitham I.. Stow to the l.aht that Bumeth?He rtlenfs idmewhat, and ditcnvert that Colonel Stone it a highly reopectalle man ; whether Bennett it to he tpartd alto, doth not yet appear. Hir, i pretend, and I tliink I (hull be able to prov* to you, that thoie slanders, originating in Bennett's Herald, the Commercial Advertiser, the Journal of Commerce, the New York Bun, and tor a moment, (hut lor a moment only,) thefcivining I'oat?that thrie tlandets?repented, embellished, enlarged, end evangelised from miuv of the pulpits of the cily - that theie slanders, iu echoed in the public lectures ol the Rev. Mr. Cheever, and other Clergymen of his spirit?that theao Blunders, terming the staple of political incitement, in the association w hich placed you iu the honorahle chair you occupy, nnd which I am happy to suy. as far as l know, you uie worthy to fill: I think I shall bo aide to prove that oil these slanders, I aay, were, and are, and will ha to eternity, slender*, and nothing more You, ol course, will be astonished a* reading this declaration. You will thir.k it impossible that so inony respectable Editors?so many eloquent orators--and, ubuve all, so many grave and Rev. Divines, should have united in deceiving liie people of New York, from the press, from the lustrum, ironi the pulpit, bv denouncing Bishop Hughes as an enemy of the Bible, as au intriguer with political parties, us u bloc leaner of the public school books?if Bishop Hughes had not given them causa to b'uld such uccusauous in the foundations of truth ; and yet, sir, there is no truth either iu the foundation or thy supurstructme. I now call upon these editors, orators, and clergymen, to stand forth and furnish the lacts, proving the truth of one 3ingle charge ngainst me. 1 um aware that tracing up these falsehoods to their foundation, the public, w ho have been so long deceived, will refer to the testimony and the denunciations of certain clergymen, who are zealous for the Bible, but unfoiiunatidy little acquainted with the charitable nnd mild spirit which the Bible inculcates. It I ask them why they misled?possibly without intending it ?their flocks to such un extent, they will rcler me to tinpublic newspapers. If I cull on the editors ol these public newspapers, it will he found thut they copied, one li oni another, until you reach the secondliuk, who is Colonel Stone ol the Commercial Advertiser, anil he w ill tell ire that he took it from a "mot lung pi hit," that print being no other than Bennett's lleisld. Ol cottn-e this doi s not touch the original articles in the Commercial Advertiser-, less scurrilous, biu more injurious than those of Bennett himself, inasmuch us Colonel btone is looked upon us ? highly respectable-man. Of the Journal ol Commerce I shall say mulling as its editor appeals 10 be labeling under a weskoe s or duplicity of moral vision, lor the rfhets and defects of which lie i*. perhaps, scurctly accountable But I have traced these calumnies now to their primary witnesses?James Ooidon Bennett and Win I,. Stone. C MiFT El XVI Hhy the lliihop hat not taken up the cudgel I for Bithop Hughei before?Jt very edifying chapter. It may be asked in the supposition here made?why 1 submitted in sib.ncc to these slander* for so long a time ? \ly answers are, in the first place, that my duties left mc but little time to attend to them. Secondly, that 11 1 rein ted one calumny to-day, I should have to refste another to morrow Thiruly, that one class of my editorial assailants was what men usually call'oo contemptible, and an other class too bigoted, to make it wortli while. But I eoiih-Sb that the prtucipal ren.ou, in my mind, was the ve ry honorahle philosophy ol uii observation which I heard nianv veins a/o of the late estimable Bishop White, in Philadelphia Ills p i/iark w as to this etlec., that such is thecharacter ol the American people, (hat 110 man who takes care to be alw ay s in the i ight can ever ultimate!) be put down by calumny?whati ver may be it* tempera ry effects. This was his answer and his plea lor the licentiousness ol' the press in its attack* upon individuals \n.l hence lie inferred. I ha' ow ing to the lot e of justict and fair play, which lie conccivtd to be a strut.g element of the Atreiican character, i eery honest men ran easily rtlfoid to "livedown ' a calumny, l his remark struck rtie very much nt the tima ; utnl wherever the question lie came merely personal to my self, 1 have invariably acted on tlie principle?wi.ilst my owuexperience,ol now neatly twenty years cf public lile, has only confnmtd lis -otindni ss and its truth. These are my reasons lor having allowed the Calumnies agonist llishop Hughe* to remain so long uiirontradieted whilst I never It I an opportuni ty pass of meeting, and exposing and refuting the inn representations which were directed against the civil and religious rights ol that portion nl our citizens to whom I wished to see extended the blessings of education. CllAFTKK XVII. The 1Vlhoji telh a story about Daniel O'Connoll, and as there ar- two stiles to fiery story, the reader is irfcrtttl to another column for I lit otherr nrlr of tlm oris. It lias hi en a matter of speculation among many in this city, to solve the motive tor the constant, the vary ing malignity of Mr Bennett against Bishop Hughes borne have supposed that he was kept in bribe tor the purpose? otheis have ascribed it to revenge?which, tliough strong, is saiil to be in slavish subjection to avarice in that man's breast, but ol all whose opinion has reached me upon the subject, there is not one u bo believes it to lie gratuitous. i express no opinion on the subject myself I shall cuter into uliucu ut this tiuluilun.?tw man \ l>ut as thoaa who are iisciinerl to believe that he is actuated by rcvongi have tohl roe that he ascrilies the recaption lie met with Irom Daniel O'Connell to my agency, and as 1 do not deem it nece.ssai y that even lie should lie under it mistake, on that subject, I wi 1 Hli|B tvliat I look ii|ion as the ki y ol explanation to the somewhat rriJe trvaliiiiint which lit received in a land celebrated for its hospitality, and where every decent man?from America esjx cially ? is received with a full heart of Irish welcome, it will niuke a little pisode in tliia communication ; but I have no doubt that this fact st least will he interesting to the public, not only in America, hut also in Great Britain and all Kurope hour years ago I was introduced to Ilun'l. O'f onnell in London This was at my own request, lor 1 wished, having then the opportunity, to see a man ol whom tliero was moie of good uud ol evil?said, than of any otlirr in the world A few minutes after I sat down, ami whilst the conversation was on mere commonplace topics, a silence ensued on his part, sufficiently long to make me think that I ought to retire. I observed Ins eyes swimming in tents This astonished me still more, and I whs about to w ith draw, wh?n lie addressed me, as nearly as I can remem her, in the following words?but in a voice which, though almost stilled with grief, yet sounded as the softest and tenderest that ever struck upon my aura : " Dr. Hughes. I have been forty yrurs a public inan?I have been en gaged in political strife u ilh men of every party ami ol very ereed?I am, by all odds, the best abused man In rbc world, but through all this time neither Tories, nor Whigs, nor even Orangemen themselves ever made an aitaclr on the mother ol n y chrl lien, hhe was mild and gentle ; she was meek and charitable She was loved and r. suected by friend ami foe. My bitterest enemies would inive spared me, if they could not reach me with out hurting the lamb that slept in mv bosom. The only attack that ever was made on Mrs O'Connell, came from your side of the water, and from your city, in s paper called the New York Morning Herald Home mistaken friend, I suppose, thought to do me a service by sending me the paper. It reached mc just after Mis O'Connell s death. Of couisc, the poisoned arrow inirsed the gentle heuit for which it was intended, but it reached and rested in mine." Mr Bennett was not mnrried when lie wrote this attack on the amiable wife and mother ; but those . ho am husbands and lathers can l est Judge, whether Mr O'l.onuell's reception of him. at the (bu s F.xchange vna merited or not Whether OVont,ell's is the only bi-iut that has been wounded, by Ibe ' poisoned arrow ' dined at the domestic peace ol mankind, fiom the sum piirter, it is unnecessary tor in? to say. But at all events. 1 think this will satisfy Bennett, that I, lit least, bad nothing to do with th? kind of rec- ptiou he with in Dublin. [Tu lit concluded lo monuu .] f?rkat Floods on Red Rivkj:, Minsisatm ami Ai:kan-as ?A correspondent <>l Hie Cincinnati At!ik vv i Jiiif frrtPi Of Ivuml tin* ?(? mnr OiLpn f.f thw wi t under date ol the IT.h inst say :?"W? h.vo ? pent mnu on haard our bout from lied Diver, that \v e took Irom the Keput lie, a* she came on' of the rivi r He *ay ? lliure ire lint two plantations. for three hundred mile* u|> tin river, but what ore overflown. Some of them a re ten feei in ter water, and the boat lie came down on went over a ntlmber of plantation*, and took the people "Ut of th? house* the b nt running alongside ol 'hern The higher land. are full of cattle and horse* up to their middle* in water, eating the hark fiom the tree* and hoc* were floating down on drllt* A great portion ol the stock must la destroyed He told me ol one plantation belonging to >!i L," < nmpte, w ho had eight handled bit. ? in cotton and lour hundred in corn, all of w hiclt is under w n'er and tie (troyed. Tin! A ikunna* river i* in nearly a* bad a conlition I noticed many plantation* on the .Y|i>si?-ippl, In low the mouth of tin- At k III su?, entirely ttn-'er u Hter? planta'ion*. too, that t scaped the lnat yiH''sflood The io<B will betremendolt* Alxive i he month oft he \rkans i , I think the plant shook are nut of danger from the ,'lood " Huston a\d Ltvitnru tt. Sikamxhii's?Tlie Ilritnnniu, ince >he p,ir=!n-c| through the ice canal in I ir.u it y ) ut, hit - been thoroughly ov i haub I from stem to *t- rn. i ti i y piece <d defective tlmlo t Ink' n out <d her and having p n ?e.l a *ti ict and thoroi gli government -.111 vev, i? now in evei y point n? good a* new. Her last voy 1 go wai a very fine One, eoriidering the ?e i?on. having f .lien 111 with Inrg fields ol ice, but by keeping m.uiIi avoided them nil ' ipt llewctt is still in command, niei w-' am happy !o announce i* as fre?h ami us strong as ever. I In \en lm was overhauled in December, nn I is strong and firm Tim Ilibernin wo'ks admiriihly, ami is the lost ship on the oCeiin The t ab-Ionia lef Diverp< ol on Hun day Inr this part, and is in firm trim The Cambria.which is the name of the new ship now on thn take the plnfi ol thn ill.starrnl f nliindiin, it is reiairlc l, will be hunched iri June, and ready to take her place in the line in December Hh? will take tank, and cias* ?ilh the III h-mia, wrth all the improvements e* > rience in these;, vice has suggested When this is effected, these ships will prevent 11 class of steam vess -Is. without their 1 -pi il in any s> rvire. We also b-arn that thecontraet, hetvv een the propr ietor* -ind the , liriti- li < lovernmerit lor the con veyance of thn mails semi monthly, between Halifax and lloston has lieen renewed for ten j eaia.? /Inilan Tmnrrriptt M??v '11. Kb nil- ,v II . roll' -// .I'll I.e. ?The \V,o,lien Fi lory in i v.-ii n l.y Ali'ie-rn Kioh>tri|iunit (hi" m. Hi f?irrn,r i'M nsil ilf, nrnl thf Int'ir nl lit town. w ? ilmlroye I '>y fno on Wertne* !.i\ inurniiij< !h?i Tlii fin1 took in tli? Ki'irict, li> a hi ip of ?t' rk I'.. ?t h (1 beinitnv In1 ill. i. It > ii|'|io?(nl to havi-Ih-i n r <M?ionwl by ipontaneom rombn-i j"ii The i 11 h? till mi t < i illicil Irom all part* ol the town in a (hurt time, lint the llimei k il in I '.I" * jir.'di" i that it w?* lm|mi <ili!e to atop them, or to lave any ooiimUi tahlii amount i f the machinery Mr. Richard*' loan in climated nt $17 000. lt> i* nn iii'ltntriom mm, .uel 1' < nil hi* pioperty bj II.i. <li*A*tf i Mr. < .iraon ha I offered hit Internet in the mill lor fft.khi, hut it probably co*t twice that itim. No imnr?nc? on the building or machinery -VimfitU JEuj/r. saeaessBsssssmsaBSSsmmsssasesssssasasss (ERA _*Y_2MFML m mi i " 'KS ' ' " i. sporting lot?lUgcnc?>. Beaco.i Cot; kmc, Hobokin?W'edmbsdat, Mat 22. The attendance to-day wa? but limited, and the sports in churacter with it; but there was no want of spitit on the part of those who were present lis respects the betting; in litis line, we believe that us much business waa done aa on the previous day, when tlie numbers were ten-fold. The weather wns remarkably fine, and the course in fir?t rate order. The only trot that came off was A Match for 500 do'luri- the t e?t threu o:.t of flva?one mile heuti, under the saddle- between Mr. Harrison's hr. g one ejed Itiley ?(H. Jones, blue jacket mid cap) Mr. liilbert'a b. b. PtacemhWi r?(J. Spacer, brown jacket and cap ) A good deal was done in the betting department on this match previous to the race?30 to 20 was offered on one-eyed Kiley, and also several bets of 100 to (it) waa taken, and, just b? tore the trot 3j to 5 was taken to some extent. Alter one or two false starts, they both got well off together. One-Eyed Riley leading by about a length to the bottom, which they both went round in good style, and kepi this distance upait up the backside, but at the turn at the upper end. Peacemaker went up and lapped his rival. They kept pretty well thus together round the top and down the straight course to the distance, where a pood struggle tor the lead took place, but Peacemaker was too much for the One-Eyed, and came home about half a length in advance, completing the mile in 2 minutes 18 seconds. In the second heat Peacemaker led, and they wertt well together round the bottom and up the backside, but when about half way up, broke, and lost considerable ground, which the One-Eyed availed himself ot, at d led to the top, but Peacemaker rallied, and overtook the other near the top, where an increase of speed was evident, and continued down the stretch home, but as tliey closed die distance, Peacemaker shot ahead, and cuine in some lour or five lengths in advance. Tins unit waa completed in 2 minutes !!) seconds. ^ hen One-Eyed Riley brought up he shook fearfully, ami it was thought by many that fee would not go again, but lie soon recovered, and took his place for lhe Third Heat, in which, after some two or three false starts, Peacemaker took the lead, anil they were well together round the bottom; but at the turn to the backside Peacemaker broke, and gave some little advantage toKdey ; but ere they reached the turn down the straight course, Peacemaker recovered all lost ground, and led down; and when half way to the distance broke again, but was soon recovered, anil came in some five or six lengths in advance, thus winning the three heats in succession. This mile was completed in 2 minutes 17^ seconds. The judges' teturn wai#? Mr. Gilbert's b h. Peacemaker?H. Jonca 1 1 1 Mr lianiaon'a br g One Eyed Kilry ...1 '1 'i Time 'T4b 2:49 17 j by way of variety, b> tw ecu the heats of the race, Mr. ilitatn Woodruff, for a wtiger of $20, under took to draw u sulky, with uu individual in u, round the course in ten minutes, 'I his afforded a great deal of amusement, und betting to Home extent wus made. The odds were in favor of hi1 performing the task of 20 to 15 He went oil'in an easy hull-trot style up tlie straight course, no doubt wishing to take the rise of the course at the onset, w uli a person of,some 150 pounds in the sulky behind hint. He kept a regular, gentle pace, to tlu- backside, where he walked for several yards, evidently to recover his w ind for the coming in, if it was needed ; but tie did not appear to hurry Inmselt I lixiioiil tli*x nonn llu ??? i.lif uiitk uml >??" f. iu 9 rninutea 13 aecoudn. He Hitpetced wry much fatigued when he cmne in, ami ll was gome time ere he recovered himself. On Tuesday, it was Boh Logic that run uRaitnu the sulky of Quaker, not Jack Cade, um mentioned in our paper of yesterday. A couple of good matches are announced to come off to-day over thiw course, and from the wellknown character of most of the horses eniered, some good sport is anticipated. Supreme Court. Mat 21?Tho Court w as crowded at un curly hour, and long before tlm opening ot the Court loom an imrnensi number of p< hum anxious to gain admittance, blocked up tlm passage trading tbe-rs-to Mr. Cowdrt continued Iub argument on the part of the oi point ion,nrul cilid authorities in support of hi* position I He contended tfiat if the settled Law in relation to the i barter of the City, were reversed, it would lead to cud le.a litigation. When he had concluded Mr. Emmet applied lor leave to postpone the en:.e until morning, with a view to enable him to prepare hunt elf. a. he did not exjiect he would have hud orration to ndilrrss the Comt until Monday. Mr. Webster nlso would take it aa an accommodation, ha lie labored unilei n alight attack of headacbo. The tpieatiou wni mainly confined to tin constitutionality of the Law and every |>oiiit turned on that. The Cortt replied they would wish to hear Mr f rnme on the ijuatiou of the couatitutionality to-day, while he could at the same time rest rve bin i ight to speak on thi general question*. Mr Kmmet hereupon addressed tin Court in an able and forcible line ol argutneiit which scented to have mttch weight, fie blew tip the present system under the < barter and pronounced it illegal, showing that the very ottiool Street < ommiasioner was hh bo pointineut under thu Charter not recognised by the law ol the State. The Court adjourned over. Okecon.?Tli'i Western (Mo.) Expositor of the lift instant snys-About live hundred Oregon emigrants have passed through our town this week, on their way to the place ol general rendetvotts. Anient; the number, we notice one gentleman vaiio has tin negroes, which he intends taking with him. We undet stand that they were unw illing that lie should sell i hern or leave them in this fftu'.e. staling to tluii mn-tet that they wished to go with kin to hi* now huano ikil i Oregon should turn out tube a slave holding country, tliey (till wonted to be hut servant*? anil it it ah uilrl yrov. to be otherwise, they Mill wished to live in hi* family uml servo him still. I n.ler these circumstances. In conl.l not hesitate to take hi* old and faithful seivunt* along with him, which lie intends doing. Onto Uivf.r.?At Wheeling, on Saturday, there were right and n half feet of water in the channel. At I'lttsbutgh, on Maliinljy afternoon, there wete nine feet >f wa'rr in the channel Tut: Riiston K x press.?Kro in Adams Oc Co. wv received New York paper* of lawt evening in advance <d the mail. When the Btonington line tmU to arrive with thu mail, we ure more than ever reminded of the great service our friend* lender lis by plating on our tulde the LaUai nevvj. Iliniun /'?/;< c, Mmj 91, Had Affair.?AWoll in Sheep's Clothing.?The Itev Mr. lluiiie, a Dnmiiive Methodist tniui-'rr, en Englishman by hit in, who has hern settled for o )i r or two ovi r n small congregation in thi* city, aid I..* feeii rot aider* d n veiy t <ciiip):.i y mail, has just he. n tiled hv u committee of hi* nrethron, and convicted I Krmi misconduct, which ho confeased. and immedi*'i I a lit r fled from the city. Ilia ciiine* involve cue, certainly in.I without doubt, two female*, in booing (login, e. I he girl* were domes ic* in hi* family, for hehntawifa e.d sevvral children ,ow In the city There are vhiioUs tu mora afloat in respect to the nflair. w Inch it if uoneei * -tiry to repeat 'I tie wretch hi* been preaching son t hot August the probable commencement of hi* euro r ol crime in this city. One report *ay? he has goni Wi t ward and another, thut he In,* r. tumid to Knglsi <1. II. has hreu rxpellad from tiir Ministry and the < hutch. Mr. Maine ha- al?o t.ei ii a believer in the doctrine of ierism.?An c I hu m Palutii?m. {jrf'Tliere has been un ombre,ik "ft the bound,try line, between Iowa ami .vlic-ouri, on account ?.( tiie inability of the putdic officer* to defii.r the boundary . A |Kirtiiin o| III"--.' 111 IiuTii'inc; II"* new Iriirt insnit tin-> hif ri*i/.run ol Y.wtotiri, mil iinollirr jkjrtinti that they owe oVdlt *C't ciilj to th<- Ihh ol Iowa. young mnrri'il nun ol |.r?>;?< riv nnd respect* ililf cmtirrtion in rittahnrgh, li neenm-d o( having brat n it poor i irl w horn hi' hut tinned nuai ly to <h ulh. on Honight ol tin- 17th ill it 'I'l: r cum will comii bef .re I lie pub lie in a low i! iyi? the detail* m f?r are revolting an.I inhuman. Poltttiri.E.- A clir 'Urtn g cnae in which n yon: g girl un'h-r thirteen vear* of ago, wa? i-r.1lci d an ay .m i.lnm-il hy 11 ) ouug mariie I nun, rami.I Mini-r, cr.niii k. light 011 Mornlny Hat Ant um The often.i? r 1m? 1- < n anrsted. Kirr tv the Wooiis?The pine wnoilt on tinCape May road, about .to milea Irmn ( amdeu, wi-r. lit- ' nine <la\ a ago by in in miliary, nnd tlni Inn on > vrr ii thnu-oind acrea id liiinl, belonging principally in Mr I oopt-r, mrrchnnt ol I'hilndel, hii, wr re d> atioy ml. SrvKN Persons IJrownh) ? The ililnmore Hitn of yes eriliiv ntytt: ? We wi-re informed yeso-nhiy nl a meat dwietjona lo-" ol lite in tin" < heaapi ik. H i) < tor informant any a. 'hut a newly built I on lo r w ? . .1J . ...n ..IMir |MTI "I !'" *taio, w hile oil the mouth of the Pmuxent cin Ti'.h<Ihj' I waa c.B|i? i7.t i] riurii i > 1;< > > Kjuxll "I wirwl, i>i> 1 Tim' t even jiftn-ii* \\< i' rlinvM <>' (Itc li m ilt ? nil two nmlm. Th? !im?V? below, In the kin ii Thi- boat wk b' t vn our ori" of tlmm m i TI f t f ih<- T'ii| l tin mi l tw o "l thorn hi* Ihu>j!i!i i- The < rf|it.iin nntlnnnof tun ha li * t"<ii?iiI nexirenn . 111- to learn lii< imjrn?of any of flu* m t->or.a, o* the |nr. iinilrir | dace lioni wlinrethi V) Mi I IimiIi <1 Wo havir :iII to belle i f. lnlW Vtti, tliut til): Til' Ulicliol) iltlol inn Hon given li titia. _ IfAVAt*.?Mr. Ti rtiiinll, 15riii-h Ilx-Cnii' il at II ii?na, now in Jamaica with 5'iTu/HK) at hi' dl'|to?:il, lias been rhaiyed by a mulatto named ( etiui, w ith tetnn ntlij the ron'pliacy recently di.tcctad, of auatrovli ft the white JiOoplO. I mmammmmmmmmmmrnmrn?????m 1 ~w~\ Li LT . frloc Two Cvnti. City Intelligence. I,nwi r Pollft Mir dd?AanrsT i r M>c<mi Ksitkli ox *? 01 n cHaao*.?The Uiaud Juiy having found an indictment lor misdemeanor against Madame KestelJ, on ilie evidence of tb* dying girl Munun taken li> tliu ( otoner at the home of Mrs tin'- a tench warrant wbi issued jcMiidny from the ( ourt ol tenioi.a, w Inch wu? served l>y otficrr Stephens, and hail intlie o ta ol *3000 taken hy ti e lit colder ioi her appearance to . nswer the thargu This i? the same offi nee lor which Mra 13ii<1 wu alto arretted and held to bail to ?n?wrr T'U CHimu lisvivati.?A luinl er merchant named Henry W. Hunt, el Outgo, was induced on Tuesday ev? i nig to outer the hou??- ol u wretch named Ann hoy, in An* thony street, one door below Chinch, w h> i e he w us io* lu Ttdot *.'14 in specie and bai k rout tilhcei Bowjar arrested the u oitiun and cnmmitti il her to prison,hut r.' no ol the wen recovered '1 lie teatimony of Mi. Hix^t ?ill be taken 1 efote i.l our Judge* under the new aw and the thieves thut iuliot this panel house n ay he compelled tu servo an apprentice ship iu the ron miu'8, vli3s Sing Sing, as a winning to otheii ol their cii tt East ( nr.eir.a Bt iuilab.?A lew nights since the house of Fredeiick D Itich, at Fnvt Chester, w as en'eitd t?y a burglar, end an elegant violin, valued nt $40, stolen from ihu prenntet. On Tuesday night, irnli Joseph, of the 4th Ward, invested a togne named llttlus Miller, oil suspicion of committing the odVnce mi lound a portion of the stolen good* in his possession. No sooNt ii out inn iv.?It has long been our opinion that the < ity l'riaon. and llie Penitentiary in particular, was u nursery lor thieves?as daily tiiuisactioii* at the police ollices clearly Indicate A > oung man iinmed John (tiuvct. vt ho, hut a day or two since was discharged ticm IilackwcU'* Island, was arrested on Tuesday evening in the art of stealing a puce ot alpucca, w orth $.10, Item Bradncr & t'o , of 46 IVarl street. Locked up, end will be sent hack for six mouths. Coroner'* Office.?Kit i in n* iv Omxibvs ? The coroner held an investigation yesterday into the manner ol the Ui nth o! the little gn l .May Mullen, ol 13 Kin nun street, wlio killed by an omnibus ja-sing over lnr body in Orient* ich avtuue, on Tuesday altrrnooa. The driver o( tin omnibus w as prest nt at tl.e inquest, and state! that at tbo time the child whs run over, his atUn'ion was diverted by some hoys near by, who had taken up some snnd to throw at the stage, in which wire sevetul pain tigers, and thin itati mi nt w as coi.fu mod by ntnul wit noses. Tie jury returned a verdict tint the deceased came te her death by en injury accidentally uceivid l y u stage (Hissing oim her. The coroner also held inquests on the body of n man named Kit dene It James lljei, formeily an inmate ol Btllovue, who died nt 36 Mott street Also un the hotly of an unknown rnnn, found at the foot of 21)th street, w ho \v>,s lust sevu u'nvo in a state ot into*icttt ion at the loot of IJih stree., w here he hod bueu at work. Mttperlor Court. Before a Kull Dench. Mat 23.?Jirgvmrnt Catri ?Common vs. iftHunntU ? This ease waxHigucd, Messrs Edmonds tor plaintiff, and J. L. White for defendant, before a lull bench. Circuit Court. Before Judgo Kent. 33?Ttri y ri. PtUibont.? This case, repoited in yestetday's Herald, is still on, and will bo taken up this morning. , l', S. Circuit Court. Before Judge Bi tie. Mar '.3. ? Unilnl Statu i s. Talent/.- His Honor chsrgid * the jury In this cuai yesterday V? idict $1133 S4 Cismmoii Pleas. Before Judge VJlslioelfVar. Ma* 33.? llarriion r? Hull ? The Jury in this case rendered u verdict fot plaint ill'ol $911 with costs. General Neawloita. Before Itoconkr Tallmalge mid Alihrioen Millar und (*6 1 r Jamrs II Whitiwo, Esq , District Attorney. Ma* 22? T)i:l Potijwnnt. ? The tiiulif ;i:r. William it. Prince, iuthcted for u ltSt 1 on Mr. Gabriel Wintt r published iu a handbill In December Inst, also in thv Evtning Tnllir, wus. an motion of his counsel, Messrs David Graham and H. M. Western, [ostjamtd till the; tint'1 ues(lav of tie- June term Pita of (iailty.?John McDonald, indicted for ahurglaiy in tlie mini degree in htinkit g into the 1 ook store ol Mr. Edmund Baldwin, on (he right of the 33th t.f March last, and stealing a number of grocc of steel pins, pleaded flinty to mc cnttrge. lie ? ii? < ut'-uceil to the St?t? 1'rl on lor two years. Trial for R'ltirin* S'lolrn Broils.? f'rt Jerk'k Krevi elf .mi) ( hrisfian Krewoil", el No. 230 i hurch street werr pnt on trial indicted for ren iving itolen goods knowing tin m urhttve been stolen, six ?iik cravats stolen fiom Mr. John Darling's store, No P Nassau street; alio 1! t mvtU ud scarfs, stolen Iront Mr So.itb Harriott, 34a Utoudtsay. Oltlcers Bowyer and M< Cr.ith fottnd tt part ol the property in the possession of the prisoners, at their stole in t hutch street A number ot witrtf res were called to prove gootl character ; they were highly tcr>pn Ulilr persons. The Jttry found the accused not guilty. They wero d< tended by Mr Uussi 11 IIail h'a-fritri '1 he recognirances of famtn ! It lboad, indictid lor illegally voting on the l?h c( April, in the I4'h word, nt the lust Chatter Kleelion ; of Bilus Castahrook, for obtaining money by false tokens, to wit, issuing a paper, termed the " I'm xpeeted Letter,"' and marking it as coming through the I ost Office ai d John II Vturray, Charles Olaen'rer, end Widiam Dski r f ir a petit larceny, in stealing #10 from Menus. Cornish (k t o., wort: nil forfeited, as none of the parties uppi art d w hm called to trial, as were also those ol I atheune Brrnnan and Ann Allison, indicted for a grand latceny, uiid Lentutiel II Horn, for (i lit laiceny Adjourned to Thursday, at II o'clock. Sandwich Island (.'tm.nissioMns.?Among the passengers in the Britannia are Mes-rs Utchnrr's ami llanlilio, the commissioneis ol the bamlwich Island f?o| vernment. They will probably sail immediately (rem th a port, in the .-nip lei t.. lor tin: isLi.ds, w hie it ship hna been detained sever ill diss for tliern.?llutik?r 11 ill Aurora 0O>- CONNTITUTIONAL DEBILITY ft KI T Tn? f mic Mixture prnjuiriilby tin* Collrgo ol Med. * and hartiu.'A ol llur r.itj ot Now \ . rl?, i? cotit'dt-iitl} ta commended lor nil rani t ot .U t ilifj product d hj oi'tH in t'llgencr or ? xrem of nti) hind It it nti inmluhlilr i t n>? l> lor mijx/t< , itirility,oi bamum-m (nn'i?? depend, nig on nud-lor motion.) Single fott!e? fl I'.irh ; o.' hull u doz. u ff, tare lull} par lit <1 uti'l sent to nil i urts of the Union. ( If < ? ol thv lot'.peof Medicine arid I bnrnery. PA Vt.?kHii iTW. "W. s RirllAKnPON V I? ?i""i rTPIItlL" ' KltY. PAPKIl HANOI.NOS, AND 'VIN L' |)t?W SiiAIH'S?7 In* .ntiiorit-rr* h?\f rrinovb l th> ir r? lblithnr ii> l<> No. 213 Binncwiy, opeoiite tl.r I'n'If whrra thrv intend k'rpinti, u n*u?l, th-' li.rtraiHock of l.'i'holilry tiuodi in the city. roniii'iliH ni < n tnin MntriiA ? n.,1 Trim:onigi. I' UMiitu r ( ii*ernin?, l'lobliet. We (k?. together with a ;iOirr:il mvirtin nt ot Pflrr Hoi(:ll|i Hud Border* of enure <\f* |inn rn?, a ml which they ?' erniiurd to tell ?t tiuprrc*>!>"1.?lli>W |iric?l Their ?to<k of Shades * ill e > niet, ?\ lif r .-u f. re < f rtic mo?c inn. iiitrenl b irueh i-hu^e* the i-Ih otii Id d, m Inwuti, irli, with g* end ubtirtn.ent if bull ji.d whit* Lioeug bud I Inutf I'ur Shndi? of i-ntirr i i * |'i' .-in SOLUM AN * If A in. 2<J Briidw nriv7 l?n*rr niT mifrllir Park MOW 1 V TO "EE N it ABU Ml AM I JACK.-ON. I'oru Br< ker, No ? Real* ? ? ?ir i. i eir 'Sro.-.d* - , I'um money in lime < r imrdl minu, ? iii.i v lie rninirr-rl on Watrhrs, Imm.iull. Jewelry. 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