Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1844, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1844 Page 5
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communication from BMton to the largest city in the British Provinces. We hnve no donbt this will hu accomplished long before the Erie Railroad through this Slav ia finished. Thu facilities granted to the railroads ' running out of Boston, by the State of Massachusetts, hare not been abused, but have been economically used, in curryiiig.'out theohjects required. Nearly the whole debt of ihe S'ate has been created by making large loans to railroads, without which many now in active operation never would have existed. The total liabilities oi the State amount to *6,697,866, of which $6,369,620 were for loans made on account of railroads. Loans or thi. Statk to Railroads. Loan to the Western Railroad Corporation. . ..$4,319 420 Do Eastern do do 600,000 I fDo Norwich tutd Worcester do 400,000 Do Andover and Haverhill do 100,000 Do Boston and Tortland do 50,000 Total amount loaned to railroad companies. .$5 869.020 Other liabilities of the Statu 1,218,286 Total liabilities $6,587,906 In addition to this immense amount, the State is he'd responsible for the payment of one million of scrip, issued by'thecity of Albany, to aid in the completion of that part of tho western road, situated in this State, known as the Albany and West Stockbridge Railroad. The immense loans fiom the State of Massachusetts to the different companies, within andoutof her limits, ure amply secured, and the interest regularly and promptly paid. The government of the State bts widely extended its fostering han/1 ? Vi a? errant swa*1?? 1 * ? * * ? - nu.mui Hiu niiu improvement, ana'.ne prosperity of the whole people in consequently incressed There it n vast difference between the disposal of loans to railroad companies in Massachusetts and in New Yoik Here the loans have been squandered in extravagance, wtiile there they have been husbanded with the greatest economy. The result* are plainly to be ?e??n in the pro' ductivene's of the public works of each State Nearly th? whole debt of this State has been created by the completion of our work* of internal improvement, which hardly pay the interest on the capital invested and to *e* cure sufficient revenue, restrictions have to ba placed on other channels oi transportation, and the public subjected to inconveniences and detentions in the transaction of business For the purpose of ensuring large receipt" through the period of navigation, our interaal commerce labors ander an embargo for six months out of the twelve. These obstruction* and restriction* ha ve, in a measure, been removed, and the channels for transporting freight from East to We*t, are to be free throughout the year This will create a complete revolution in the system of credits, heretofore enforced in this city, and increase business by means ef an uninterrupted intercourse. With an lota of the sound judgment exercised by the capitalists of the east in the construction of their immense works, we might have had, at the present time, a line cf railroad connecting this city with Lake F.rie. throwing open to u* the yonr round, the rich resources of the West. The Bostonians will feel the advantages they possess over this city, in their Western Railroad the coming winter, more than ever before. The right granted to the railroads of this Ptute to enrry freight during the suspension of navigation on the canal, will throw in*o the Stoat,,.. ??.t ?a-1 it I... -' J .? nm *|un 11 iiLiifS ui I'lU'Jm'C II1UI WOIIKI otherwise reach this city. The numerous disadvantages we labor under, from the bad management of those who have been entrusted with power, should be an incentive to redoubled exertions for the future. There ia idle capital enough in this city to build a dozen railroads as long as the contemplated Erie. There exists a necessity that New York should make some movement to annul the eflbrts making by our neighboring cities to draw away her trade, 'i oo much confidence is placed by our merchants in the power of possessing, believing thnt it is impossible to lose what we have so long controled; but thoy may find out their mistake too late. The immense amount oi merchandise moving on the canals of Pennsylvania this seasen, compared with previous ones, must swell the receipts from thcaa works very much, and improve the financial afiaira of the State. Tain* er th?. Pfnnsylvania Canal for Mat, 1812, '43 and '14?Movkmcnts of Mfrchandiik Eastward. .Illicit*. 1812 1843 1844. in-ar, bblt, *5,521 32/35 25,118 Rsotn. lbs, 7,830,M8 7 915 715 4.481,8.14 Tohoceo, " 2,"12 207 3,295,273 3,701,972 4 'nttoi1, " 250,575 518 358 599 707 Hemp, " 111 ,08# 899,162 215,123 Went, " 30,480 39,088 67,518 B?er kail Pnik. bb's 259 881 12 LArd -nd Tsllow, lbs, 163.214 852 058 434,100 utter anil Ch*?e, " 2.982 101 592 35/37 Ee.thers, " 34.'12 32,468 51.503 LiO'inm, paIIi, 6,837 8 413 7.5#l Veri handise. H e, 66.840 111,790 31 718 Or..c re. " 182 518 367.014 149,169 Ir ii sutl Nails," 41 901 73,402 38 910 ' a?ti OS, " 31471' 73.118 812 951 En c.itnr', " 24,541 73.680 28.013 Oil jt it'll, I,2i2 5.162 831 -utuliis. lbs, ? 104 799 146 168 HiJw, " 56 160 60 9UI 91,31:1 Press, ' 10.110 8.063 11,300 I**'. " 11,059 20,215 40.632 '"his and Pe'tS, lbs, t',128 30 449 19 015 Ihais window, bn*??, 2.553 958 1?5 MovrMF.NTs eF Mfrciianuisf Wfitward. .Illicit*. IRi2. 1811. 1844 niconiA, 16s, n 1,167,378 2,829.111 2,995 901 Pie Ml .a', " 205 109 60 564 586 798 Merchandise, " 1,731.925 3 792 175 2.090,470 Or<rene?, " 397.051 6 7.640 710,108 IlArdvtAre. " 28# 755 724,191 1/23,621 tj. oeiM-are, " 176 593 409, 21 627 -75 bur. i nre, " ? 223 515 119,337 Huodrirs, " 63.474 67,221 17,740 Marble, " 39,891 12.683 50.529 Tohsrco, n??nnf, " 31 694 109,715 56,727 Pra?? iid i7T*?, " 38 431 232 8 2 197,-Bi Hem , " ? 99/84 8 191 Midea, " ? 8.970 910 CoP'wrend Tin. " 25 977 59,205 106.026 Loaiher, " 1,982 IR.967 35,354 i try a dOvPmim, lbs, 13.119 4 2,189 256,729 Stilt, btndi, 32 488 15 458 21 21.5 Liq'urs, galls, 8 2 3 10 638 29 192 J-'inh, bblt, 1 0-6 4 262 2.856 Oils, trait, 1 278 6 345 8.098 Most.a, lbs, ? 811500 7.59 7 30 Cijffe-. " ? 1,629.801 1 594 897 The groitest incrente is in the amount of merchandise turning me ieaooarn. me return* for May, 1844, ahow a very great increase in the movement* of produce, fcc over the same month, 1849; but, in many instance*, there is a falling oft from the amount tranHported in 1843. The total amount for May, 1844, exceed* that for the ?amo month in either 1849 or 1H43. Old Stock Kxchange. WO Ohio *V, 't!0 vi L Ulai.d R R 6'd 80 2*0" do Sf'S 150 do 79 ?Mhi do <>9*4 154 do b^O 79 5 f.O do hid ,',o Ho uw 79 50t>? Oh o 7's 104 190 do 7iU ' OW . do IMV 39 do 7g l'OOO Union 6', 47)4 50 do 77U 10"?? do 4fl 2c 0 ?o 77 5608 do ,34 47* 150 do 78U WieO y York 5 *. '41 Ifli 600 Ston'refon 41*4 tfiiifld Indium 5's 47 25 50O0 do 44 vi do i3is n??0 P*t.ii?rlrania5'? 76)4 25 Nor 4 Wor 59 "MW ?*o bJO 77 fin do 58 5 ?" do 76)4 825 do ?Tie 5 00 Chr 5'.,2% do 57 {JJ2 '? * 5 1M.X 150 ?. ?W 58 10608 Kentucky 6'* 104 100 dj b3 57V 1 ,,f" . ?w '"V JIHI Viek.b.rg 8 12.5 ?hv I 11.i is Bk 26 ^rn rto gm 35 Canto:: Co 48 285 farmer.' Loan 44 40 do 47k 400 do iio MO do 4?V 575 do 43 W 675 N A Truit 15 158 do b30 4l J00 ? . d* 14>j 50 do MO 4] 100 trie 11R 26 V) Bank Com lull 101 New Stock Kxchange. moo Ohm 8'* ,i 99)4 50 farmeis' Loan b3 4?k 3' do b3 97,'it 150 do 422 tOni Kenincky 8'* ?)0 10:1)4 75 do btw 42H 160.1 II *6'? ,6" 111)4 50 do btw 4'V 100 L H brink ,30 8 100 do 42V 10 Vi. U.hiigh cilillX 50 Harlem RR ,3 76? 50 Itirad Bk 23 50 do ,3 71 !. 50 Pafrton 145 81 50 do ,3 76 200 Lou* 1*1 ind 78 100 no 76 25 ''<> b3 78V 50 do bl 75 25 do ,3 78 75 Nor k Wor 59V 40 do ih w 78 50 do ,IW 40 7' do opr 76X 125 do 60 25 d * 03 78 25 * do 59 to t rle, k Sebc ,30 1 fiV ir?i do 58 1.5 M linwk op* 68!j 25 do bl018 2s I rn ( o Co oi>u 86 25 do to 10 58V tw do opt H!i Si Illinois Bk S'J StAte of 'IT arte. Ash*s?Pots ore in very fair demand, and we continue to qnote F4 i.?. Small sales of Pearl* at A t AO. ( tioki -'I here was an active enquiry to-day, and about IbuO bales were taken for orders. AflO bales were alfo sold for remittances, in consequenco of the high price oi Kxchange, and about 300 bales taken by spinners, melting the to'.il transactions about 1800 bales. Fieighl was also engaged to-day for about HUM) hales, shipped f.urn fust bends. '1 he ship karoo is lull. Fi ni h ?m Gasm?Still no change in price. Flour is ara lit le le tter demand, but we believe all'forta of grain is dull. Wheat ranges from flft to 100 cents; Corn 4ft a 47 cents; n> e Art n t!7; ttats 30 a 31; Genesee Flour $4 At;}. 'I h in i In wing is the statement of the produce received at Albany from the commencement of navigation to the close Ot the first week ol June in I has and l*4f : ? 1343 I Hi t Can a I open May 1st. April 18th. Flour 15# 910 hhls. 330 IA1 brls. Wheat 10 AM bush. 44,480 bush. Corn 8,00'J " 3,AM " B il ley 3 514 " fl 338 " IUt ?The receipts are quite large, and the slock on hand very fair Common qualities North liver bale sell as wanted at 31 a 33c. Prime 40 a 50c. Pnovisioxa?The market to day is very dull. We quote prime Pork at FA 44 n A 50; mess do $8 44n 8 AO; beef, country prime, Fi 73 a >3, do mess $5; city prime f4 76 o fij do mess FA iA; Lord 6} a Ac for bbls, aud A}c for kegs. Wmkkey-Prison bbla arc still held at 13jc, with vi ry moderate sale* lli;ai. Ksrsir.?The following sales of real estate wete mitde hy nn'tion :? Lot in toth street, between flth and Ath avenues, l.> tiy 111 .mil Lot adjoining, same size . .. . . l,14(> Cotton Market.!ton, June 8 ? Yastetday a disposition was e?mc?d on the];.art of several large holders to reduce their stocks, which brought purchasers into the market, ami about 1750 bales changed head* lit n } lo (c decline on tin r itei current pi ior to the receipt ol the recent sdvioua ? The rrdiic'iun la hy no mean) general, and in the present state of the market we have thought it advisable to con tinue former quotation*, remarking at the *ame time that they must tie considered nominal. The receipt* of the week are 3404 bales, and the ?ale* in the same time 0318 bales. Foreign Marietta. Maya<il-kk, Mav 21 ?Sugars?The crop for the past season is neurly all sold, and tint about one fourth remains on hand Ct>lf'*e?All sold, the h?lance now here waiting a vessel expected to take it olf. Married, At Philadelphia, on the 9th instant, by the Rev. O | Douglass, Mr. Kowaao II Johnsov, of this city, tsj Miss j Rac-hsl Babkk, ol SoUthwurk. tiled, On the 11th instant. Francis Kai.v, of East Chester, ; aged 58. The funeral will take place at his residence on Thurs j day. the 13th, at 10 o'clock. His fricads and acquaintances tre respectfully invited to attend. Passengers Arrived. BMt.MB8-Baei.ien barque Kspub ik?L, Althoff, a dill in j th- steerage I Nkuvi ras- Br:ir Brother ?Mr it (iibbj, t) Van Wie. )l Ma ] c ft-rtv. Mrs R Maeafrrl/ and child. Mrs B Macsfertv and child, Miss M Macal'rrty, all of NYork; Don Josa Bamii,.f Cubs; U Darling Foreign Importations. Nunvitas?Brig Broih'rs?31 lihds molasses 2 cases setters 533 bundles palm Ieif5 tierces liouey 3J I us mah"Kxi,y 21 er tch's Hi 3 hhds sugar 50011 gsrs 32 loss eoiqier ore Bre t & V" i! e?140 hint. s"R.r HI biuls nmloei Holt & Ovsens?S3 i sses legnrs Hpoff id Ti'.rrtoo A Co. Domestic Importations. New OaLtavs ?Sh i> M'run-et Forbes (bef re reported)?4 i, a. I..K., u \t ...i - n? l . .r \My.o?3i b le? err oo Maey. Hold i Ue fit -< n? 1 c m? wo- <1 15 bhda tobacco 6 ba'ea hemp Her r# L**? fit rn-2H bU .1 F Gnnk - 226 oo B nk? fit Pnuck?'500 puts Wd 5)0 hhdg 54 bblg A Avrr II?31 bbU R Bi el ? ?503 hhd? How'ad fit > |)inwnll-4 hi dr 4 t;Hre??i a?d 7 barrel* Don,hue k fit Perpu?80 bn H Howl d-71 btleg Bo k fit c?444 lte n SI c HimU, Willi. fit c?51 blidi V^an *ch i**k fit Ad m??454 bhl? Sayd^m S??e fit co?46 ? bblg 14 ea?k? 5 0 eg* Chan b?o it Kob?*t* fit e ?- 73 -b * F 14 tiibnon?274 bb'g 111 kegt J jr rattMi?lp p" J H T b r?15 hbla 28 bal?g 7') ck% order. MARITIME' H K k A L i Ship l>lutrri and Agvntl. W. shall <?t em it a fav it, if ' apta<ua >f Ve??els will in*, to Comniodnr-- Hobv rt Silvet, of ou Newt Kleef. a Itep ri of 'lie Sh ippiOK left at the Port w'encr they tailed, hr Vet,. In pokeo on their |w?aaRe, a List of their Ci:?n, and any Koeign New?p*pera or Newt tli.vmay have. He will hoard them inline'lately on their a'rival Aip-uta anil Correapon ?iiU, at in* or 'broad, will also roofer a favor by tending to II I. flici' t'l the vlarinr lutelhgeuce they (U obtain nulMM Information of an* kind will lie ihaokliillv received. PORTOk' AKW toilti, June 19. IIIK.IME* -4 JO I "onn HUM 2 6 it* ??:* 7 29 i hiom w.tkh 6 36 Cleared. Ship Crrronre, Mte'i. Balti-tm-e, J Wolf.?Barque. Thnm??. r i c*. Ma;a"r.?*. Neainitn St W.|?h; John Craig, ( on ii lly, London, T ? Wintlow; Klhdi, Molbaelt. H mliir,, Srlwn dt % Balchen; rerieviance, Scott, Q tehee Roche, U otwa k Cn^-Br g? Jud? n. Br.anu, D mcmra t'.?i fi-ld It Spen c-r; Jan xin, Hixxn. Palermo L lalmen: Svmetry, Je"*rd UuDiplin I.'and, UfcJ Laurie?Schra ftlary knucei Tor Ma'atxa*, O Laihioo; Oranvi1!', Pierce Augusta, Vie,, l)ol* k (Jo; e. liza.Vlr.erole, Lo an, Rirbno ud, Crook k Fouike. Arrived, Brem baron* Itepnblk, 'lige ow, 36 day* from Bremen with md-e to H.nrheo k Snkart Br brig Leon Liawell 12 dava from Wind.or, N o, with 200 ton* plotter. l?? 8 ulWhiirey k c>. H ilt Cavuga, Jackson, Wilmington, NC, naval ttor'i to the mtater. Brig Brother., Mayhe v, 11 dayi from Nuevitas, with molaa e*. kc. to Brett ItVoie. 8rh< Spy, Carter, i day* trom Richmond, with indie, to the muter. Schr Alfred K Thorn, Sandford, Wilmington, NC, naval atorea to K 8 Powell, fchr South r e.', '' ew Bedford bound to Philadelphia Schr J B Cooley. Eldriilge Boat in, indae, SclirJiip-r Hawra. Beaton, mdae Schr Cambridge. Hall, Boston, indae. Schr V x el, Bolton, tnd.e Schr h lia* H H? rrica, Wiikina, 8al m, R W Roi ea. Hi hrCeyion, Shepherd, Camdeu, lime Schr Waichmau. Smith. Thnmaator, time, Schr Patriot Thomaaton. lime. loop bival, Kn hie, 9 dav. from Naaiau, NP. with dye woo-'a. kc.. to inaarer Left at Namu Charriot, Atw od, or No follt, soon. At Ooveruors' Harbour, aolir Pearl, wtg for piuea. Below. Ship Hottingner, Burt'ey, from Liverpool, May 7th, with rnhte to Wooilnull k Miutuui Br brig Robert Ann, from Oreeimck. with coal. Brig t verman, Davit, from Porto Rico. Alao a Br barque uuknown. Sailed. Ships U. ited States, Brittmi, Liverpool; Cordova. Bath; ba'qnes Miry Jane, London; Josephine, St Thomas; brim Struiuah, Savanna, ; Juds.o, Winnies; -antam, do. Mlsccllaiicoua. Packet Shie Switzerland for London will sail to-day. fchr Providence at Providenre from Bath, was struck by lightniag in the >,f ernnon during th'thuml-r storm, and had maium-ast and main topmast shire <d. Notice to Mariners. Light at St. Anna, Brazils?Trinity Hons*. London, 17th M.iy, 1844 ?The Consul Genre! of the Brazils > aviug cimmunicit, tl to this Corporation that he hae rec ived the following iii'imatiou from Mis xcetlency th" President of he Prmince of Msraoham, the sain- is he < by uotifltd for the inf rrmation f all i ersuns interested th win, v z : " The L gi t H' use erect?d On the Island of St. Anna, Province f .Ma.Riham. in 1st. South 2 dig. 16 min. 18 sec . and lonir. 43 ilea. 31 m u 20 tec west of Greenwich, ssill not ihuw any list 1st daring the months of July and Aligns! of th- yiaseut year, owitg to fs undergoing ie;'aT? ', By order J. HE".: EUT, Secretary. Light House on Plymouth Bhkauwati.h?T.mitv Horue, Lnndnn, Vl*v 14 1814 - Notice is heiehy given. that the L ght House which h s been for some Cm- in c un< of erection o the wentend '.f ihe- Brea'. in Plymouth Hound, uud.rr ihs direction of tlie Right Honor>ble the Lords Commissioners < f the Admiralty, is nearly cum lereu ; and th t 'he Light therein w ill be first exhibited on tne erring ol Samrday, tne 1st June ur zi, when the Kl'rating Light Vessel will hi ta ken awiv. The Light will bum at an eleration of 63 feet above the lerel of high w?t*r ipring tides?aud will enp ar red in all directions seaward? and whic wiTin tne Hue of the Breekwater. Note.?A beII will be rung in foggy weather By order, J HERBERT. Secretary. Whaleman. Nrw BrnrORD-Arr, Livernnol, 'locum, Indian Ocean, with 1700 brls wli 1CII do spoil Left at Rt Barbara. Oct. 14, California, Arthur, of and I r Boston, in April. Leu at St Carlos, Fib 11 Nsvigut r hither, Naut, 19i0 tp hound una croise: Henry, Minch ster, Stilt m. 1460 tp bd en a cruise Sid llth, Rambler, McClasve, N -ct ;80 <pon a cruise?rep Jan 23. off Ma.safu?ro, 2 0 tp CId, Champion, SiualbrJ, NW Coast. Sid, Amethyst, Bailies, and Mary, Corey, .NW 1 oast Spoken. Barque Olof, Wvk, of Boston, 4 dsyi from Havana bound te St Petersburg, 4th inst, IstSI 14. loo 77 11 Cos y Gtkeit, Warner. 8 days from I'htlad for St Thomas, May 30, 1st 27 30 N, lou ?i 19 Mniv. Oram, I'm Wiim.ngton, NC fir Falmonth, Jam, 31st ulr. 1st 29. lou 69 20. Washington, of I'etrn burgh, fm Mobile for Liverpool, 27th lio> D?rii Neef fm Mobile (Point 12th nit.) fir Liverpool, 20lli n't let 28 4, Inn 79 42 K rt, VVeiah, fin NOrletna for Liverpool, 24fh nit, lat 21. Ion PI 3i> Alert ' h-a'in* down th- (Jn'f 26'.h n't. lat 21 Inn *2 20 K?m *, Mn una. I'm v rw BeJIo.d for ih* .North rf Europe, 12th ii I, Ul 4?, 1? 23 34 Br nawick of Brunswick, 16 di fin NVork for Liverpo I, M ty 8 n, at 42 42 In- 31 40 I ih rty, air. ri * Kwi, same da'e A ah 11- w 1*1 a !>' ck lal' 1- >h- f're t paail, ateerintr Eaat, sni'P-w<1 ui Ue.he I ..lumhtf, lOtlt ulr. la' 44 21. Inn 34 16 r 11.. ii'.nl, [Br] 14 <!.)? .rum Loiidmi lor N York, Uih, lat 44 8, Inn 41 I Athena, of Pnrlamonth, fm Liverpool for the U Sta'es, same i dair Nn ini-liaunah, fm Phi.adel|hia for Liverpool, 30th lat 39 30, Ion TO 30. El ttbeth Frith, fm Boston for Charleston, 4th instant, off Haiti ran. foreign Ports fiUEtvoa Antics, April 19?In port, Linnea, (8w.l Olaon, for NY . It .o n I'F.RMAMnrco. Arril9?In port, Sylrh, Pollard, Bneno* i Ayr-.. Md . h, Elisabeth nail, I'ol.h, nwe> nURlRaM Ap-il 14?In port Cumbrian, SCo*e, h-nc?, jn.t | arr. D'ltmo keheus, f,r le-ilem, 5 davs; *-> ave, Do'ver for | N ieaerie, 1 rat ilav to 'o ul for Oioncesl r; ' 1 ran pna Si > ward, 1 f >r do trig Plei .dea, Firz, Hug; Al|il e, Tars ma. hmce d .* Buktvoa Arnr.a, April II?'u port, Monr.t WelUsmn Km In for Hi -.ton litK; Hoba-t, Coll rr. uur; tiliuda Hoieh'tison, lor Salrm, ll; Tn mmm. Ptimmr, ui.c; Fremont, Eoger.y . do; C irolinian, Brndahaw for sile Venezuela, from Val.Ra, which wn pasted in ihe ri.erby the >r* World, had col alived; ft ay hire touched >1 Montev dec Mavaui.'i:z May 21?In port New Hayan. Downs, f r Nlla?en, 8 oat Isabella, McKe-v .or NYo 8,4; din d, dilpat ick. ili.g) Champion, Soule, for I'once, to load for NHaveo; A ir, ra Chare fur Bait, wla cargo; A gon, Chase, fm Noiloli just ' arr. | Port ?v Pnrncr. May C4?'n tort, Oen Marion, Shepherd j f.r N York, Id*; Wm Ne la n. III biuami, for do ouc; v|,.ria. !4teia 11 'or I'll Itdetph a d', Nnnpare.l, Pep-- line, Nancy J me, '"mith, do; Lnciud.i >.iOW. Kendal', du; W I'i tm, Uri ,I a, do St. Iohi*. NB Jnnr 2? 4r Creole, Clark, Philadelphia; ' Ib on, V r .in, do; Olive, Jeffrey, * Y.'r<. Cld 1.1, Wo< dlauds, Joh slcu d 1 Pic tor , April 27?I j port, Solon, Berry, fm 8t. Johna, NF. f r Ni e port, Id* Home Ports. Kairrnit, Mnv 3.1? A ir l.yg.iiiin, dm 'h, Philad; 'ole, Norwood, N York; Jan'4 Onlv Daughter. MnDuflia, N Yoik; aid a'. E E it,. Mice, AVvat. ria. I J1111 4?A'r Kran ea, I,or*, and Bin'nt, Cottiall, NY01U Sid Idth, O.k, Sh'?, NYork; 3lat. I'ruv, .), Pi ilad-li hia; F ie dahip, Feono, do; 1th Adamant, j 1'iirriiiKlon. W I -di a; Emerald Poland anil Abigail. U.-nut, ' N \ oik ; I ene, Hrvnt. Philad- l.ihia Dr.r:a lai.aiao, May 31-Arr Scioto, Thompu o, Wilmington | Jure fi?Arr Hanner, Stoyer, Philadelphia; Albert, It..Til We'emne, Porto Hico. Cld, Houltoo.M-r.lhe *r, ; Halcyon, l ?tie:?o-j, NVork. Wiar.AMKT Jui.e 6?Arr Or aka Smith, Roafon Kittibii** .lime ??Arr Stateymtn, tVaaa, (Jeorgetown, (anil nld 7th l .r Addito ) l.nrr nltB-Arr fi'h Dorinda, Kelly Harrington for Bui lim te 7'h; M?;?h Ann. Hcrrteb, Surinam, 14th "It; 1 mi e|, Kr'ley end Ma net. Baker, NY' rk. I'okrunu. i?'m> 9? Atr >g e. Hnnt, Mat*ctaa (I'b?Arr America < *.ll NY k. ? Id l.ttlir, I May u Mm i d. (Irt'lli for Harm ; Audroau*gain, f"t Baltimore.and a rmtlt tlert of cnaaP t? ortsmimtm. 'ut.e 4?Below fl<n. Warren, Philnd*1, hin; D It' anr M. uutoo, NYork ?<twm'irrolT, Jut.e8- Ar* Tiberiaa, Tibbrtta. Rondont.? Sid An. I Woo Iburr, N wpiirt and Ne>v York 9th?Arr Sitana find Ja. e, Heynea, HoridiutSai.r.M. May !)?An l.ot-c, ' ampbtll, St Cron; Zotoff, Perkins. Ilo ton j At n, Pe.rv, Plnlarf li his. BndTOT, June 10?Arr Shawmm, Mellaril, and Ware, IDger?, Richmond; Vedti. Hnnt, Philad; klorenee, Loyell, Albv y; kancy, < hate, and Vlarietti, Crnwell, NVork; Daunt, Vickeraon, Nrwcort. 9'h, ar Pico, Dyer, Bnenoi Ayreo, Solan Pittee, Moyaguez; M?a?lle, Kriatia, Haraua; (Jemgiana, VI'Lellan. Newt t trlea. i, Knprlmn, Sprrml, Molvle; Pint err. Pa her, and Karrnr, Handy, Norfolk; Boston, ferciyal.and t torn. HnyCr, Philadelphia; Ko( H op(DutchMD it It' teiI in; Ltrth. Allrn. P ut an Pro ce. 2/d u t Clara, NOrb tna; /..'t. Mrr rlind, do; Washington. O.ib'rre, VV??hiigon N'i ; J, a Dii' I'p. ' I Ht'l, Pot. mac Hite , for Medford; l lit, Niere i"ii, Alba'y; Drt'ikl aven, Saiterlv, Houndont; 'h, t'r.i ail.rrii k'r.z-r, Curry. LirnpMl; Mary nta ton, i-e, II to. mi . M Joy, J y. Hockap ri; Hardest, Kr II. y, , |? It; i re ii rubor a d, 1 rowell Pln'a l.-i. h It B u'r, fr tt, B'.ndout; Cbl, St.. Wm M ID g -rs, Tay I r I' il d .it.; A M |l*le. Br ante. .sYork Ni.w llr.orono, Ju rS ?Arr I lim Hodman, Shepbard and iDchmond. 1 ushmio, NV .k; M t et I ll,, do - d 3th Per e|e. e, [ Han.!.] Jepm Ante r yt Na* ri'r. art, Inert?A rf'li :o I 1 la, U n rd. Pi; I o1, 7th VI i i| .. I r, d ; ' oiri I' '' ill "itoviDr nt.'K, I' ie 8? rr, *'irl H Pun e- Itobi -on philv I*I|.|||. L . Waa inton J *< ?. Albnnd ; If sUtio , We la, Trl York . oilr I bo Dmlid Spooner, (? apt D Dail"> "l> rear*, it out of Alrrna; I ryail, tiibba, Baltimore; Am. W l.enda. KcOicott and lleury ti King. Warren, Philadelphia; Brilliant. M'lotyre, Bristol. Me, for Philadelphia. Jane 9? ArC\ Deming, Pictac; Foster, Lancaster, Bargor; Holder Borden. Bakar, Philadelphia; Vigilant, He th, New ? 7 nrk Bkistol, June 7?Arr Three Brothen, Pitman, A bany. Bid Neptu e, Bradford, N kwpokt, June 8?arr Kowena Williaina, Ocraroke. ] N?w L ilfDON, May 10?Arr Betsey, Novcs 47 da Irn Straits fi of Gibraltar with 14000 hair seal ?ktut, l'.O bbls oil. Heaid fin (no d tie) Ores N London. ben a 4 home. ^ Nt.w Havks, June 9? Arr Pacing, ? Albanv; Louisa i H.?o*er. Braudywiue; llayn ar, William*. rhilad; Artnatida, an Wells Kingston; 1 ii'pire. Krlsey, NY *k; Fraucr Auu.Howe \ do; T<pgalla .t, Healy, Phi I ad Sid, Bui.k. r Hill, Sheffield, St K tt, Philadelphia, June 11?Arr Gen Boltr**, Berry, Bauanr: He' iff, A lex a der, t herrvgrid; Maria I' u?ey. S u b? ball W River; W Thompson, S uvt, do; Nidi* ^tor-r Nll. v u; th Fringes Fowler, Albany; Survevor. linuclt. do; Parti ' > rker, o' < urtis, Truy, N Y; J W Smita, J ivis; Princ *s, Ila lutt.aud , L urel P-oret, 1 >ijy, N \ ork C'ld, Merchant, Be H, Port ? S -at", Trin ; ? ougress, Brown; Surplus, Niclmls; Larkn . t hurbuck, and Pelou, natch, Boston; V 1 Stew ird, lion Fall J\ River; Jos " Potu, C vert, Pttviuckd, 111:, Corson, . Brooklvu. NY. , h, June 9-Arr Gnu d Mmd, Leer unt, Boston; Fx 111 tn, Oteruik Jersey City; (.ten VVn; oe, Robinson, The ma Charleston, June 8?8t\l F A Brown, Wesibrnnk West *J_ lrdi a ah ?h AllHnc*, Tinker, Havrj?April 30th, tat 47 i 30 loo. 17 3. supplied Br br k Can .dun with pro* i?i?> s The T ('.median was out I lb d? in \.at VaUb*r, bound to Pi> mouth 0' May '6th tud 7th from lot. lb 15. to 48, continued to see ice- f bergs uutil it became fogtty?pr*?uin-d we must havr ia*n* d | th more a* the .herm m/tei st'od in the sei front 3? to (Ftr ) \ \ tip to h.u 49 Also a r, Anson, B NYorl*?40 iniles S i ut of Ci-p Henry. a i w th" achr D .? uwe, i f Kingsti'U. Mf si w-iter t ! pgt-il. all hid been fa'len tn wirh b f re it* aim w ?* M i t L < I it r saila, *i>chora, Ike Also arr, Julia & M r hn, ' ink ha n, A . NY ik-.n U? 46, Ion 76 30. 1 II in with t? e * of a acho n- ? I er, of about 10u t o.a with a Poop deck?she was ull of wi'vr i.nd tpiba'eU to have b*'?i *o 'ded p cvously uk all of her ( standing rigging, JtC had beeo I ke j frtim her. Mobile, June 1?4 d t; r w, Ahute, f.r Ronton. I New Orleans Jui? 2??rr ? cilia, Stewart, St Ann's ? | Bay. I-; cw Vorfc, Wright, Gaiveatou. wanted. " A SITUATION AM IllsVKLLINU CLKRK OR M AGKNT ' v t person ofg ?oH char?tct*r. who now is ?.n*. ' ,*eii ii m etecllen* More ml Light W 'gnu J \ I u* Itft 'or \ B I-.i at tin* office, will meet with att*t?- , i lion J|1 It rc . i INFORMATION WANTED. "? Wll. HOL I. *'?' l??l u niwi m ttave'iini: in tin W*sr ' Inr o ee lii ill ii 11 VIo. Hr W I li. i nl trui thing " I 'o hi* id? nl*. r OS ??i; lying tu h Ma'Jio'i ftiund, (J I P , 7<i U rcl y ?t *i. > - i org | A y iii'nr ti 'ii i 1 ni w II be Very th inkful|v rer ived " I through (J. M. I' . h, hi* a. tlier, Isabel1* toll J12 ln'tn I ' ~ " ! . 1 I pi . \^7A*J I Ki ?- on d i 'b?C"UOtrjr f r one young 'uly an1' i <" 1 *? two girls, -g d I . d 1 w r? wi : ia <10 or I triy miha ' fr I of-he city Mite, ri-igblp I'fi* t* f unlit in* ag odicliot r' J i *rio* uiiut ' p d*ia o A| ply p-laonnlly, or hy oote I l> ] th W T.. 147 Wm Bum w*y. ji il 3i*rrc w ; T'i'A 1,1 * % O' * M I?A ' in ' ?TH* ii ice-signed won d f! i * r*sn?cifu ly inform is afr m, 'hat th* Iptle interrupti Vi i i ilie Ki"uip "f ihe Klin-e, i n 5 ondny etenu g, wn can *d 1 hr ugh th> omissinu nl | r cu inu 'h' u-ic f >r 'h- Orrterlr* by lb* I IP ron linvirg charge, ?ud t1 a', in b ain* is to lie ar'aih'?l to cither Sig. or* Bog.e-e or SMcnnr K * I e ti / J'4 I 're K. PALMD v 19^ n0nOO,,|) HAKA" Hl'AKi tors lc lit N . ?60j\J\JyJ 25 -v ashing lou *n*e. Applv imra -'iutely, ami are ibc tarrp e? at ail' I ma j i2 3'.' r* I'OiT (1Kb H K; T~ \ Now York. June in. 1844 ) , DNOLIfH MAIL?Letter Bay* ner Rny.l Wad Manor ! L* t; a LKDt> \ I a, will b- cloied at th* Upper and l.ower Post Oilier* iu tb * city, on N-lurday tins 15th >n 45 ! 1' minn'es pait 4 o'clock. P. M. Th* tiverliud postage of I8j<i I c nt? on etch jingle I* tor, mu-t b panl. u ju 4tr JOHS LOnlSlKlt HIUHAM. P. M. ! n( TjV>R-.l<JN AM) AMKRICAV PMI^T STORK for-| " mn ly 7 Wall it, ha?r?-i.|iei ed at 36 Ctiath mat co'u*r of I Trynu Hii*, mlh ? Lrie assortment of all kind* r.f K gre- I L vine*, line aud tnerz to ts; old Kng-nvi its bi til* c leb' t d ~ mas-era; old lieaila D'awingi, In lie IJuibli gi, (irgo I U i>*aig: i, tkc for the .tu *nt Old 1'aiiitlngs bought and ' A ?od on cnmtnisiinii ; L rricatnr** of erery bind; Draw- < liiCi t*k*n and Li'hro(rapbic and 4'o|i|i*r I'a-e Print- " nig More than 5,0110 taiirty for Scrap lim Us, Krrneh anl ' gli*h Mrzxotiute*. alter Sh-rp, l a Iiru>< bartul'17.7. , Pieot, ~ 8l- Alan ?Miie rp einlid K. It tail large m idem K, glaring*, eproof; *err fine Pnrlr.iil ol Sir Robeit Peel, coft three guiiie i?, London ; Maitin'* Deln**, May 0*y, Royal Review, with Portrait*, tkc Dodge* eel-bra'ed portrait of Henry 'Hay, fine impression* ?whoTe*?le and rv tail. J N B. Per on* living upon the lines of eipreases particuOr * attmition will be paid in forwarding Print*, and when ilesi-?d, . qu uititie* wi I be sent in order lli it parries mav select such us tney like Order* received so pineho an ' sell Kngravi .?s P H. To thn*e wauling tlieie *pierd J i *w Kigr.vingseheup wi'l call *oon. MU NTr.K, 36 Chgltua ?t. jl i lt*rc Mil. DEMPSTER'S SECOND BALLAD SOIREE If. Y. SOCIETY LW1LIRY. t) n iiuau w a i u L t U IN A 111) 8 '1' 11 E E T H. A/1 U JJl* MPBTh R bss thf honor lo annou' oe 'hat his He- IS f'-l eond Bella < Bnnr will be given at 'lie Society Library, 00 Ftiday evening. Mill June, wbe.i he will fiiiir the billowing s-ongs and Hull idsDear La d o< v|? Birth; When the ? Night Wind Bewaile h: 1 Cnuna Lo'e Him Lets; Can 1 forg"t to t.nvB Thee, Mh'y ? Bird of the Wilderness; J auir Morrison; Lrt at Lot# one another: My Mantue (); Oh! show n e som?. j,: bluedisiai h i: A Mali's n Man f r a' that; 'i he Loved One w - not there. .in?i -**>"<th of Warren. n, Bills, givtug further pirti?.-'*rs, may be s?en at the Music Stores, and at tke Society L.tbrat,. Ticket* Fifty Cents, to be had at the door. Dcnrs opeu at f| half-p .at seven? to commence at eight o'clock, Mr. Dempster's Third and Last Entertainment will be g ven ei at th* sam" place, on Monday evening, 17th June, with a change of programme. jr8tfirc tr n CHEAP HUM'.lr.H IIA PS-178 BltO\1>\V A V .DAVIDS. MILLS, Ha'ter, (tate Mobbrfc Mills.) u 178 B'Oadwai, Howard's Hotel, has now on hand a i nnpl-tv ??.orimeut of Summer Hats. Gentleman are requested t j ea.j _ an smriMtbui je 2 Iw're UN'TED BK1MHEHS OF TEMPH H VNCt-The nex~ IleguUr VI.etii g will be held at Wasliii gto i Hull, corner of Broa iwav in I Keaile streets, I'his Evi nit R, at a quarter be (ore 8 o'clock A general and l uucma' s'teud < c- is particular ly r quest-d, as business of impnr'&nce will be present d Bv order A N. HH'.ltMA.N, Seer fary. N. B ?Member* can obtain rosette. at the offi eolth-Ke- } cording Secretary, W Nassau strc.r, oruer of l*u.ton. jia n?J? * PR I'SlvVTS. J QJTIlANGERS visiting the cuv will fiud at our eitabluhmsut, Noa 269 and 260 Broadway, bevnud comparison the most elegant and extensive whole ah ai d retail aaaorl'i eut of FAN Y ARTICLES FOR PHE8EN I S !* on this side the Atlantic, which we Like plenum in showing, mid to si II at prices <.s low (saying the least) as those of ' anv otl.e-house. Our present slock of Fancy Stationery, Umbrellas, Parasols, , ami Son Shades Gloves, Kidii g Whips, Fans, Card Cases and Table's, Desks, Dresstug I ases and Faery Boxrs I'urses. Pi : Inmeri, Fancy Porcelain aud, Glass, .Gift, So el aud Mountnig Jiwrlry, and imle-d of evry thing we are accustom d to im.iort is as enmp'ete aud p* if ct as can be desired. A lull ( a alogue has just been published n-d may be had ou n applicstnin. l'IKF Villi, YOUNG ix ELLIS, ,j jet2 <m eod isec ,j I HON SAKb S?It is no Inuier a question wh?i ?af>- is the best prulreuon agntrst fire, as all admit VVIL"EK'S Sale m ucerta he the only really (ire deft. .?d. inpins i the only objection everrsised against them, which hss now been entirrly overcome, and the subscriber eisa,|ri,ges ally one to pr veen ' instance when a y sale made by him, having Ills name upon a gilt plate (which a'l aow h ve) ih t h.s ever injurs') u u ?. paeers or jiweliy, by dampness. He pledges him-elf to the public t at ml safes made Ly him ihail m li proof, ho f end damp pr of, well knowing that should one fail in either retpeci that his loss in rrpntitinn w< did be gieat-1 | INI the OWDtt 11ST ? te that should so pro eg imp r ec,. All 1 tner Sal mauiler Safes are an imitation and sr. infringement , I up.iu IV i der's I'ai at. h? hsv ug purchased the exclusive tight | [ Is r the Sia'r of ,N. w V <o k ] t i m II u aetnn* ai il (Ornish lbs I genuine Salamander, and s e and otders recived nt his Iron Stfe oarehouse and factory No. I 9 W 'ter street. 1 SI l.a si i; in, ultimo N B ? Socond-haud 9alo? for ?al? at loa* iliu half-price. , j*l2 I n <lv*wy tc ' R')lA1-? Wli'H PANTRIES A I TaIJUKU TO LKT < ? With or without Board, in a hoalihy and wliirhtfuI jot it ' al iIm rity, near a *U4e tome. - ithm thiriy or f rty ru ? ! the W iiiiik:<>u I * ado Or ur.d Aim, ihrre or f mr ueotle- d ini'u i an ho a< coinin daied with B aril and B d Honim I or r.a J' iro r ate. Apply at 49 \|I0> kIPtt. jll Iw^rrr H IAKf. NOTI K?Tho illMnt'l (WUitt tu Mat MM tho name term" thai ho hai lor tho l ut t?n ) past i tho ? city I Now tork.nain l>?toaitmn to o*o-y I rani h of iic?ho.i fir t th Imiiii in na if i? snnj-et ' i. p r ieularlr in in h c i lino f loi>K "landing mil ipnear iinnrable Mo winhoi ? iiit i to c II on him, and they ih II r-ee,*. tho fin' moilicino ,, a a't?n'nice grain. Office No 57 Mo at er> nl * do'<ri , northImmBroadway. s HKINIb, M i). ,, joltlin'r: li inn Physician. STItANGEKS BEWARtT ^ IN this o(o of Qnamory a il Humbug i i? most important lo rh" *o nmta-n-nced phya ciai.? iJr. J Vvam l>a? lornniod i i? ii d Oaloii' Hoail D iporaarv to No SHll Pearl itioot, earner ill Bo a in in itroot. whore h? eontinm hi mm' eitiaiidioart j aim "f all doi.c ile duo .io?, on mittor how complicated lie ^ : ai pnioi tlie ciuaon aud 'tranter* thai th*ro n no Dr h earn in hi r'd land, ai d that h- hai ri connection wli iteeor with my ' I olhor i.(Boo Hi? chirnoi aro luiwleritc? u rn-iollali?a? | atrii tly riraf N B ? h*orro iho numboi?tniatakoi ai* i.ltiu I ' linirnrmla-iiHIl IV 11 ? o i _ I n /" Mod oipo* and dinc'iona rant to any i art of ilio t'niou, by particularly stating tl.o c ar, atd ru lnaiug live dollar*. j 2lf"c I :*A( ' 't I'i;1^'! TING OAtURIMV. Jti elih at 4 oclnck A mat h for *2 m k ' M. VV < odroffe name* li (1 Kii tou, t no i? a wnron. W. Whoo'an namoi li. O. ( now. to an to a in kv .Vtilo ! <Hts, b*? 3 ics p( I A |$?.. ran** day. match for $')00 two mil* hiwri, to go M ;li | the* ptaui'. American Ho? rod Qnakcr The i?' p i*tora also offer a Pn'i- of $100?f?v f >r al' fro?ti? iioriiM? ^ I thro* mil* ho&fs, ii harneaa. tor. me off th* Jant ** ? in !uie ,H Ki t i*a to b* mad* it K Smith'*, n Kii lay, Juur 14 h. by 0 f. M. ' hi** or mor* to maVr a rar*. j II OENTREVILLE TROTTING COURSE. B THK PKOPKIKiTOI'S of 'h* nbor* f-nora* w It gig* a I, Para* < ( t'>0, ft** for all i g h r?"? mat n**?r wo., a pnr>* > ?*r on* hnn?1r*d r,Il?r?, mil* h*a'? br.t m l v* it <l'r h? rad.ll*, three or mor* t > mak* * race, to com* nil Thottdiy J ii ? 2o Ii T . inme .lay, * Putt* of tJO fr** for >.|1 Paring Ho'tea. p< M I* Hra'i, h*,t in lit*, in harnraa, <hri* or moi* to mak- a ft rir* ?d M#o, a Por>* of $400, fr** for all Trot ing lloriri Thr** ?" Mil*, ?rd n.p*ar, in Haro't*. three or mor* to mall* a ri *, to Cum off .V nndiy, Jar* Km M 'I h* ah'i??*ntn*a to clone at Mr Jon*,' Hrmnd Ward Hut-I, ? o > Thnraday, the tlth ioitint, at '0 o'clock P M. j It* fin ^ ? y JUST arrived fn m th* Honth a iplerdid lot of tir<t hatch*.! , young Mocking Bi da foil grown and comment"I nuri g railed by hand. v*rr g utl*. and inal* hird. Any g,ntl-m*n n wanting to pmchaa* any pl*a?* to call at 1IW Clinton Mr it p?iw**ii Riv.rgton ai d Stanton will b* an d cheap, can h* **n at "Iiy tim* dining thil week ; alao an #*qiii?itely fin* gi* j.Mw'rr NO. 144 FULTON STREET. ,i TH ft ABtlVK CI NTH A L, and commndioo, premi***. ** cup *d by the lai* John * <* ny. mid nbvo.riitlv r*T.*t*J ind r*'>t *i;*d hv OA NTKL owr.! NY In connection with hi# V pr**?nt *?tab i?hm*at in Ann at reel, .. now far ,nl*, w ith r.ll h* fornitnr* of ih eitmg m m. kitchen, a ,d all c-ceuary o:i?*ni nee. for conducting a buaiueiv rapabl of prodncit.g from $H0 to * 10# a d*y?th* Pr*i*i t proprietor bring d " on< ai if ronfi' ing hi, time io hi, Ann at **t hni?o Th purcha *i n ran wallt iu at a moment', notice, For rood ii. > >. ? pply n p r.ou.ilylo DA tlbb sWICftNY, ' j*i iwrc II A no ,tw?t < FIREWORKS, CRACKERS, 4 ( FOURTH OF JULY, 1H44 pill S'TRV and City d*al?M ii Firework* will find if tn vv their adeantiii.e to call ,nd gamin* n *it oar* i?.rm r.l J fill brat on dity, a1 R AYLlFk' 'Hold >r.abliihm*< 1 " i' hat im itiwt A large qo>ntit of Fire Gracing >u<t * eiveil lUmemher, tn* aign of the Two Mammoth Sky Rocketa. I to Mind, w? bar* r*moy*d from M to U Ghatham. j*1 lm**c I ,ti AUCTION SALES. THUMAb BIf.LL. Auctioneer ^ Star' So. 11 Spruce street. Regular tale* of Dry (Jo d?, Clnthirg, end Varieties, every " .1' >1 K 111., . Pi Tlie u.ual ?ale* of Kuruiture. every Wednesday mil Hilar v, in til- a!, room. Iltu door buiimit, anil sales of every d-tcr litinn properly i d promptly attended to, by THOs IlKLL * eHlw*m Auctioneer. K KIDaY. <* At ball-pant 10 n'. lock, 'ill be sold, at Mo 28 art (tow, by virtu* of n mortgage, -j * eulire H r boom, and olii r Puruiture, tila.s W?re. Ac , t'ir eaiablnliin i.t, well known a? the Cornucopia. |ell 4t*m y BKM * Mln"M(77)NKV, Wo mne-r , U< "1 ION NOTICK? DRY lODB.If ?B. MOONBY . t A i n w II aell tbi> dm a< 10 o'clock at 91 M id n lau-. 1 balance of a took o! a .etyil dry-nods merchant, reinovrd co veniaoce of I It, ronimii, pail of a i I ecort* . en lit Htap e and h'a*ci L)iy (Lieu. Fi r p-ri'cul?i? ?ee *" tion liciil in llonri-r A Enu ir r ml Kip eet 't he ah, ve f well wnr'b, ti e aneatj. n rf 'he city reiai ere. jlilt'ec 1 I 170 (ION > OTIC in?By SMKKElV k Co-KUHNI- C k TUK ... U KuS, an I II t UlrWAKb.?Tint * >. at ten c ck t 32 Anr> timet, a quail1 it)' of furntu.r fro n aevetal t iiiili-? uprising ihe tuo-i vaii-'i-v Bird*. at 11 o'clock, rrn'ir* a mi ot'?n|vr.or lone rr e ' aniri ?. i.f i g?t etn-u -yi g the city, comp mail the ch iceet coll-clic* off-red in any yean; i I aire oill (a tn i r, very urn : .ho. in e "mill i .gea titp-ri'ir ngt'e'a Aim bnslUh 'lackbirde, arki. Linur'a, ti Idli ,cbr?. Tlitna' e?, .Mocker'* ait?e, A. . o an luvoic ' f H r w . A. |I2 li ec t * *a . t f It l ll, 1 nit.-el. BT H. KS WILLAKD, h :? ote 304 llr nlway. cor. L>uan- at. il. V tV. will gte tin p rt nal attenlliiu o out floor si.let o( out-hold boruiiure. Dry G? d*. Uroe rie*. Ac , for periont li quubi' g hoitrelieepi ig or bua.rrt*. Ha.. ? -r '-.1 i ,l| ci> . i a* the goods thai I have been o dd and delivered Lib rtl aih Advance* tn.-de, if required, ou inerehat.title ol tery deacri prion consigned I title mil I m in I IH'tk o o 'O'NAL ' I' PAiv V Nil* 1 1 .1 \ P A N PORi o LAIN tND EURN ITU R '.AT , ' f."Pin -l.i.Vi kHi"tii\yi. i .. ii . m,. mi fy - rift, at W.-d c<-d.iy and t hurt ay, at 1 o'clock, I2rh rt ' i h Jump au ?ntir?* iuvo?'eofeiunty highly finish Origin*! Otl I* j ting*: Origin 1 Jdpaa Lackered Pi.reelii?? !mi g??'d ..ijiiq ie ml r.i?? cot ?istiug of ligenndsu II tri rino Vasts; a Pun< h owl, Sru?d H id over, nfry inrh-a . I ct? umfem ca ruriotity; |*| t??.?; Cotf>. S-t.dic Ph* >a* Woodej W *re cousin's ?-f Tiblea. richly tulajd in 3old; d vn igntcd Srands, 4 eradotis; six a< tiqw Chairs,in! ?id *ery i 1 /n?l Ca iiik w ill dr.twiTsi Qiuhile U? X. &C This ' >11- ciuui w * b ought ro th?? c yji fry t? ch*shi? Nnceliio*. m \mtfrrdam, and 1 <* of the ri t eti. f uc> of thes *t*?* th uturv . and fo nr*; v kn f in th rolhc ion cf ?utiquitirs bv . ! c Prn'ew* r K'??yn nh rg of I evdeu. in Hull ?! I h?y 1 i 1 he .. ftdy for mi is. at inn, with CR'aiotut*, oq Wed t*??d.jy, J h at the above 11 ce where ibrsa who tnny !>? uesirous of nr chit k their co lection or oroa' ci.tirg ihrir p trio , arc in . t 0 to ei im ne and j tidge f reh"mi*dve? j'J 5 8 '0 11 St 2 m 1 FlREWC>KKS! FIREWORKS!! \W i v ry d-HCii.i'i'Mi and i/e. Mini* of rh?* b *' in?tcria't f ard by skilful ^o'kincn, will If sold hs cheap as any otn? r nnnPtctur r or vender iu the city Alt w >rks are warranted K -r?ilr, by W fc R. BAlLAUH j 1 jv 1 r o N*? IChambam,eor < hithamat. XTALKINO MATCH ? J tcph Vartiu wis^s to inform ? .Mr Hen hmoii, ihit he is oow prepare'! t hack hirntell, rfroin Ttnotyi F ivt* Hunditd Dollars to walk on tourtreu et platform, Fifty Hon s W'tnout resting, should Sir tieu?r onf?el desirous of b-eking his < pu i -u, that Manin cannot compluh th- eat a m tell will b? ma le, nt .10? 'ime } fn>rge W Farley's 166 < berry stieet, co?uerof Miraetstreet 'J'ne match to nine off iu five days fr >ru the time of tne noiy Ffisi de o?inn. je,i2t*rrc j Tt? LA VV YISRS, STATIONERS, feci k V H\ ?n;eior Into! 1 in p?.rt <1 Pa-rhinei t prepared for a writing c> i hinh .ules, A'au, O di 7.111 eoimtio . Pire intent, rye ?'I 1 U", h lew oogeu Vellum (overs, f T "hid dm nd S Oi xen 111 III H d? 8 in H i-chin d -meter For lie |..w, , to clor a comigiirneut) at 3G M ulri. Line, in the . ounet b ora. VVM. ADAMS. . jell 31.-HI 1 K~r~ KAK V. ItKlll CKU < OR BOSI ON", VIA NKWPORP ANDTKOVIDKNCE I FAKE l (> BOSTON %4 30 (l>r OK FAKE Si 30 ) ' NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE SI. . Jin* ? ? The new, rplecdid anil fut tteamerNEW f? ! ERS E X. 1 npuiii R H P nry will lema the j fr i'iWL~iir. pie font of SnrcUv itreet, (uortli >ide) I hit .(t rennu, ?t 5 o'clock. Turtdiiy, June llin. ' ' enulitr d.iyt (mm New VToru, Tuesday., ThurnUyi and aturdiys Hrnm Proyirtence via Newpo't, Mondays. Weueciiays and t'ridavt, immediately alter the arrival of the ,rR'i n"at train from Button The New Jersey m a new linat, haa larfeand eitenaivecthins, 1 I.r|(e 1 ti nCcr of ileitant slate roouis, and is fitted up in the \ nt pins nle manner. Kor p s.avs oi freight, apply to 8. Bennett, at the office on le w lia f m 13 3m* ic KW tOKK.* ALBANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT | LINK. I I 1- OH ALB AN \ AND TROV?Morning . L:> -'s^Lint Iroin the lout ul Barclay street, landing Mu^?J9b3K>at lalerinrdiaie places. ' he steamer EMPIRE, LapUm S. U Roe, this tnoro* i> at 3 u clock. The steamer TROY, Captain A. CJorham, to-morr,w i lAriuiiii .if. 7 o'rloek. Evening .Miur from the foot of Courtltndt street, direct I The steam? 8VV \LLUW, Captain A. McLean, thia I fmug at 7 o'clock, I Th? (trainer ALBANY, Captain K. B. Maer, to-morrow < (HimiK, at 7 "i < i?ck. The Boats of this Cine, owing to their light draught of wa- < T, nre able at all to pass the bar?, and reach Albany i id I roy in ample time to take thi morning traiu af cart for te east or west. Kor passage or freight apply or board, or r thcoffteet on the , 'harves. jeU r-. .aitKA NOe.viKN i 8 kok litis. OLD ESTABLISHED PA8HAOB OVEICK. IfO Pine street, comer of Sooth -fk & I'lIF, snhtcriher heat leave to call the intention of his friends ail the public in general, Ui the following arritngemanla for MS, for the purpose of hringiux out cabin, 2d cabin, and strerie passengers, by I'< Regular Liuc of Liverpool Packets, sail ig the 1st,6th, Illh, Inaii. 21?tand 2tith of every month. By re London Packets, to tail rum New Vork, the 1st, 10th anil Jtn?and from Loudon on the 7th, I7lh and 27th ofeach mouih, in connection with the above, and for the ptrrpos' of affordi* itill greater facilities lo passengers, the subscriber hits esXdisliena resular liue ol first class New York built, cop|vred 1 ud capper rattened ships, to sail punctually rvery week irongliout the year. Eor the accommodation of persons wishing to remitmoney to reir I unities or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, 01 ' following II,inks, viz Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at org. Limerick, Cloumnl Londonderry, ligo, Wexford, Belfast, Waterford, t,way Vrmagh, Atlilone, Colerain. allina, Cralee, Youghal, Knniskilleu, louaghan, 'lanbndge Ball/men- Pursonsisw a, owupalrick Cavan, Lurgan, Oningli, uugannnr Bandon, Kums, Bnllyshanno 1 trabane, Skibereen, Mallow Vtoneymore. ootchill, Kilrusli, Dublin Scotland?The City Bauk o) (ilmgr.w. '."to oul ?M. isrs Spoooer, At I !g Co. Bankets, L' Odoe; ' Murphy Waterloo Koad, Liverpool; payable in every town 1 ib- a Brit iin. v ..r t-nh. r information {if by letter, post pai.1,1 apply to JOSEPH MeMURRAY, Kin Pin- street, 1 Ci ruer of South S. V . 1 Or Messrs. P W BYRNES k CO. K Waterloo Road, 1 jtfn*ri Liverpool r.-- LINE Ok LI V ERI'OOL l'ALK C 1 p o ,so <ro I--* Vnrlt on the aath and Liverpool > ?|th- Jlth 01 eacr- month ft i A ft Fjxum Nr.r Vork. h?p KOHCIUHs Captain loliu ( ollius, 2$th March. i n.n SIIIII(t\S I -t tit .a 111 h* R finish A or. I in!' stlKRIDAN, Captain K A l>rih?y?tat, 4#th Ms? hip UAKHICK, ''xJ?l- H ' Trask, Mth June i prom Liverpool. hip oHKRIDAN, Captain A. Depeyster, llth Mnreh. hip (MHKH K, f.'n|>catn U I H. rask. 11 tli April hip III mi HUH, Captain John Collins, 11th May Imii SIIJIiiO.Nh, i nptniu K. B. Cobb. llth June Trii?o ships .ire ill of tli? lint class, upwards of IflOt toss, mil in the city of New York, with snrh improvements i\( rnihiu" yr-h speed with annul il snmfart for passengers. Krr'i cum tin b:*n taken in 'he imiipmoii of their accomodations The price of passage hence n (1110, for which n"le stores w it! be pp "iilei 1 nest shipi arc commanded by iperienced masters. who will make every -tertioo to giye ge U i salisl i dim, Neillcr the captains or owners of the ships will oe responsie for any letters, parcels or packages lent (> rhem. nnless rails.* u lading are signed ther?f?r Kir leeighl or rnusage app'y to K "i ' 'M.LI N "a ot l-O..'>?i liooth st., N?w York, or to B) WN. SiUrLKV Ik CO., Liverpool. i Lettrrs uy the peek ,'t* will be charted 12!^ (mil per single eet , 'id cents |vr o nice, and newspapers I cent each in'! rrc AS SAUK HKOM ORKAT BRIT A IN ANh IRK LAN i> i| J| m ^BV THK BLACKBALL OtHTLU" LIN^)^^ LI VKIIPOOL PACKKTS. ailing iroin Liverpool on the 7tli and llrli of every month.) Persons wishing to send to the Old Country for their frivudi ill make the necessary armuiteineiits with the subscribers, and ive them come out in tint superior Line of Packets, Sailing oin Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every month, hoy will ilao have S first rate MM of American trading ships, iilniK every in days, thereby affording weekly coniiiiiiiiicaou Irntn that port. One of the firm ( Mr. James I). Roche) is set that they shall be forwarded with care and uev itch. Should the jnsrtias agreed for uot come out, the money will returned to those who paid it here, without any redocl (re Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, cninnns* ie following magnificent Ships, vir.:? \MMUJ, The N K W YORK, < A.MBRIDOK COLUMBUS. Kl liOf'K SOUTH AMKKI' A. NOLAND NORTH AMKRICA. With such superior and uueouslled arrangements, the sulv riircrs confidently look forward for a continuance of that supnt which has beeu ?ilended to them so many years, for which ley ate gmtclul. 'II 11m>?*? oliinm Dnlii. ai aightTor any amount, drawn direct i the Knyal Hunk of lrelaud, Dublin. nli>'> nil tleiars. PKKHCOI T. UROTK, AMKH Si CO. Bankers, London, IiicIi will bp Mid on demand at >n y ol the Banks, or their nuMM, in nil the I'lliirilu towns tlirou K lion I ' i.i:l mil I r? nil, Sr itl .nil anil Willi*. ?(>< UK, BIIOTHKRB k CO. , X> h niton mr-?t Now Vork, i neat door lo the h niton Bank N. fl.?The Old Line of Lirerimol Packets Mil from ihii irt foi Liverpool on the 1st and I'Mh of -well month. Psrties turning in tin-old roonlry will lind it in their cnmlnn and , Irani lu select thlf favorite for tb'ir 'l? vane*. in pIpi-ph"'' to anv oihor iffijjv tittv J&$L jtt&L NKW YOfTTv^U HAfuCTACKKTH. pond Line?The Shipa of this linn will hereafter leave New >ik on the III, and Havre on the Kith of each month, aa fol* Ktiou ,Ni? Yon* Kh*n Harm. 1 ew Ship ON KID A, t lit March i 16th April. ( tptaiu < Int Jnly. < liith Augnat. lames Kunrk f lat November. r 18th December. ( ip IIAL'l IMOHK, L Int April ( lKth May. < < aptaiu {1st August. v liitli September Kdwnrd Knoc f lat December t Kith lannary. up i.'TI' A, t 1st May. i 16th June. C.ii'tain { lit Drptrmlnr < Kith October. I" rrderick H witt. f lat Iniuury. t Ifilh Kebrnarj. ship St NIf'II LAS ( 1st June. I li.iii July. Captain < lat OctobPi ! Ibih November. I ) B. Pell, { 1st February f 16th March. The accommod ions of thpsc ihipa arc not surpassed. enrolling all that in y be required for comfort The price of caf n passage is $100. Pass-tigers will be aiipplird with every m liaitc with the p*CP|i?ion of wine* awl Ii inor*. ooili niti'iidpd for these vpaarla will he forwarded by the snh ritwra, free from any other thnn the e*|ienses actually in rod on them For Ireighi or passage, apply to BOYD St HINCKKN, Ag-nta, "< No 6 Teniae* Ruildinr. eot Wall end Water a (ft kOK BALK?Tha heam.l-il Pleasure Varhi rlfV XKMIBIA, I'llot Bo t Hgged ol (ifty two tone UUfeaa nr ph. u; 1 i. g -t |>r g v ..t Hivet . i thr i of irorer a re i. !ih? ia w?ll fonnd in sails a d uugni* a id i> . other reiiect Kor forth r p-rt cnlara apply on b ard, or Captain JOHN HYKR, at JohnW.Arery k Co . .109 Watar f*t. ill Iw'rr .. AMUSEMENTS AJLJMO'S NEW VOIIK OPEHA HOUttK. 1"^" Admission One Dollar, to ail pari* of the ItooM oora opei< at half-imt 7~IVrfurruane? to comineaw at J8ITIVELY LAST NIGHT OF THE ITALIAN G? EM \. PALMO H BENEFIT. P".!?iio has the It tnor t<? auu u <e t hi? pa*ron? and friends id the public gen *rvt? t ai t' e f Mowing Ar sts will *pear 'f >re theiu, having kiii'-ly volume-eJ ih ir services ou this :ca?ioa FRIDAY EVEN.NO. Jane 14th. 'ha performances will com ' cue* w mi the 2d act of Donil*tti's tavontr g'aud ' ?i*-ra 'atitl'd HKLI8ARIO kltar which, on this o cuiou C? \ud Pa? de Deo *, F.I Pole ro, by the cel-br<urd crs Mao she DErtJ A RUIN 8 a- d MON ^ v, a..'1|n. 'o be followed by the Grand Duo of he itlol and r\e Poioard, (which was rcemd irh to much applause) from he Opera of Uhtarn d Rneuileruti ' vvniiua "Whi e in heart it* joy is re-ea'i g," fnm the Ope a of La onuarnbu a, by *'a t tro ir<uid 8ceoa and | >ueoo fr in the C Iperaof Oenva^* di Vcrgv, by Higuora Boigheneand Sign r Per- z.n hand Pas a- Drut, La (Easork*, bv Mail's lie Ue*j trdius and Mr Korp- ii .y. Jriud Sceua e Duetto, by (urltculir ?qn*s "Sr fiato ir corpo avet*\" which was received with s . am h a; pUim* on ire nig i 01 9iknnt if- Peuuia' tie, eiu bv suuur l)e Begii a a d S guor ha' <( in?o To cootlu e with the seeo. <1 art ( nmiietri'a Opera LUi lA HI LA.WMERMOOR. Stage Man an r Me. Wetia I7"'l he publif are espei.tfnlly informed that the Baths have oen oawlv imaged aril tW"d op tr a handa. ne ttvle, and are a lull typerntiwn, i igiit and d 'Y CHATHAM TIIKATUh.. ilon ? 2S (Vera I I' l !2Si Cecu llirt night of the old f>v rite I* ha -eftou'i ergrgeineot, in hi* fa'-ftmed eh i, c #r >1 Jem -v I " iieher in Kugland, being .lie tiiree bandied mi li y th,rd_time 1 rHH hWMMi Iuu dtth. i < uiu.rnee wih the OOLDEN KAKM K Uler winch a variety of S un." v*d Dances roeoaciode with J kOK H fF.PPAhD PARK I'IIKATRKI Botea SI. Ptt-*.$l. iPe-v V) cents. Mil. SIMPSO n'S 11 EKIT THIS EVKNIVI, Ju.o- u -III h- per fned Jl'LlU* t iEs.AK?Hrutua, r. (i. VAN UK. II ?* K ; Ca.wus, Mr B OTH Aft-r which, with full inehe tial acc'tinpauimoiits fon Poni. tenia cpeiaof UKTLV ' ' avutini?' In <|ii ?' 8 inpii'i e in Ide to nail'. ' i >| \L>'.* e i.i, E EL I'll it.vSIE B'JHtil I E K In Ci atniu. i I'olacc be vlad'a'e. K.SIABDIN8 [o ? | ic.i will h.. ad'?<J th ?J A K n I VALE D VKN'E ZIA ! w th V-riaiioP?,coni a"d' ? P .g ui. i, Performed by OLE BU' i.. I EH It O.aBu I EL KORI'OvAV wi ' malfe ht? ttrsr appeaivnutM 1' Mtr in j liIIA N It P HI> S(iItOl I" ! whi h, Omt dSce ? MU<| Hum?t, . a ill l? v i t Htlc plan Kat I la I by rtad ?|| EUPHRA81E BOIlliHEME oiid oil ON 11 it s \NQUIR1 O Jy >tpr"ia dune. OLE B LL wil' taccu'e > la Celebrated V rii i n. op t|i vtioal A r "f Y A NKEE IHiO iil.t' rucuncludr eithTHE LA 'V OK LYu '?f laudn Melnone, O VAN oKNHOKF. NIBLO'S tJAIlOKN. OPEN KOH Trio. BU MM e. H 8EA8QN The eiitertainraenia will be uiu>r the -olr> direction cf M R MITCHELL. WEDNESDAY EV'NO June Uth ign, w II be produced OP N 8kgA ME! Or n night with the Korty 1'hievea ! i'revions to which w.II be informed, the highly popular and laugh ible Kaice. called ti.e TUKNKu HEAD! Macbineiy-*Mr Huma. | Propertie?. ..Mr, Roberta. Coatun.ea Mn. a id A-aiatanla. The arraiiK'n rma a' ilie ! nri .mil in Hie -alot.oa will be initer ihediruction t.f Mr. COIItlY.N, 'l'reiaarer to the Corntuny Police officers v .11 be in conatant nttend tnce, and the inmi at tare will be tiken to mainiun rile-and decorum, mid all itniropcr persona will beg rictly excluded. [I Omuibutea will iiih to and f oin the Garden during the -vening. ir?-TI<:KET8 KIKTY CENTH^O NO POSTPO.N EM EN I" at lb in Eatablishm-nt on aceonni )f weather, aa hrOiaml En'ruicr fr-in Brnn 'way to the Sa bee ii protected, and ttia New It'aofl. which is vconletcd from 'he lop and aides, ca" be e ie!f?etl at a rnnmeiit'i notice OLYMPIC-1Til KATRE. pROPEHLY ^eeutilat. d, ad 0|>*n every ! Veiling, ei-ept mbuiutiy i r mi- ci piiy oi in* extraordinary lets m 'Natural Mogi "Munc nntl Ventriloquism," by Mr. Sot:on, the Necr unancer of the ? loettealli cri.tury. New Keats ?new Music?u w scerei <1 v?iitriloqnitin THIS KVKMNii. TUES..AY, tune 11th Particulars in baud bills l>o<>rs open at X past 7?Certain 'is*s at 8 precisely. Lower botes 50 cents; tipper VJ cuts; fit Oue Shi'liug, Dot otfi.r oppu ai usu,l. Pnvat* Botes lo j* h'd uiuh'ly. j 8lw*ric KMCKE IlUOCk K R HOVVKRY AM PHITHBATU. UNDER CHARLES P vRSLOE'S MANAGEMENT, Is convened into a Museum of Mirth. S-traiige hut tr>r, O./ld s i refuted nightly to the audi*, ce in Prizes of $' an'I iwtul; lulling p,eees New Ballet, ro w 'lulileaut, new Coin c Princes, new Comic Sonus, new feu sol' Stieugth, new f quiliiritm, new Wondsrson ih"Sack Hope?each ol which air posi'ively worn, the pri e of admission, ii dep-ndeul of ibr :lianc-of winning oue of the mauv | rizes of $) anil 20s Botes 25 cents; I'll I2X< Brgiti at nua'trr before 8. No >ne would believe such an evening's amusement without wit eising it jll p*rc "VAUXHALL. Actiug Manager,- Mrs Timm | Singe Manager--Mr, Walcot wednesday It thi'iisI7a\ T7v7uiii?s, Junel2 and 13, The performance wiil ctimm u's winn the Opera of JOHN Oh I'ARIS. t'edrigo Potts, Mr Walcot I Vincent, Mrs Timm C'.jc C? LE8 I E will dauce a icghlai u,g in cneractrr. To conclude with the I Earc called rV ttO'LL LEAP v E A ' P ilander Addlehraiu, Mr Walcot I M sO Stirs, I.J Timm hail Cars and Omoibussea lo cud fioin City Hall, |.. . nK Lianleu 'till (uiduight. J ick-u, 25 cenls. j'cc CA8TLEOARDER. The Proprietors o Cast.e <Card, u avmg been enconrrged by the ve y llatt*ringsucc si they have received tlw past seaion, lint llcy h vr 11. ctcil, t o ph a iuMt-j lugskeiiieiit, ? ill SIO -Oil 'i, m k ii*ii throughout Hi npaoisi tonus, this 1/k.nil ol Air Also, LO L). .MK.NI' O (TLKtir. KM J, tin mint in o ii iflcent II li.r Sal La i.orua, woic-i will U>r iiKcon i?MJNfc?DAY VhiSltNO. Jucr I , IH41, n >h? ni*ii Oaideu, t g- her itli a cupliy ul I- ire ?> oik* Pyrotechnic Aituts 10 the Garden, lame Mg , Jr and Wm, long auil well known to lie public Kihibltiua wil comm. uc.- at II o'ch ell , remedy In Leaning iMUni i .in tits will cinnrn-lice with Henrico, term d througnou. ?-paiu and iu the Spuiish l.,m [hi thiol ul Air. Iruoi tnr .-cnnl lieariuit, des.rruy am w. nilrriul skill oil La Unrdn ruyaiite, or K|.>i.liug hopr, in which lie will rilubil the ml uuiri, >trikiiik ai d e 010 eilnl -Itn aerrr tlrmpt. il uy any hum ui bnug. Uu, Lo U roue to Ci . 1 ai, PI mm MplMMj b. xnr - al La Lome, 01 l'lgh. Hope Usurer, e?rr !> eni 'i Ins much rsterinrd ar istr w.ll ap.a-ar a* 11 O nl ol the Mythology, ?nd tin Ida 11 9a|*rii..tu al Anstnhlige 01 many I al Lights, ciri IDS prrf' cl isyl.g t ar in il aud anlr.l b Martini Mua.c lie w.|l yrrlorm a ura di lassie Tloveueut Suty K t Iroiii thr ground, aosoluirly link. g the unheard of a., il al 11 ion I incr dibia Ascti'iiou ou I r Hope ol slU l?el, perf-ctly III ?iew of rri'ry sp?ci.ilo.-. lutTim spin of iwrnty nuiiuts I. r Promenade and Hrfmliu eut rirvious to co uch, log the l)i?|ilsy of I' . wuil liocaet. ni,| lc innl a .uu.lowu .iinl c .ulupcd nil S i'cick, when th- rtiub. iou ill c uimenci with tinlliai. 1 II ug <la Lights Ma lie9>a?il llock 11 Gold ILaiu, tnr l.c.iULituI una spirodi t i ii-.i ca.l U llie lta.iau Sau Kockeli a nil SaucnsiOi.?i II e i.rauufnl a. u uguii.itul niece, canr.i tie hill far t'loiia.u Tie The .New Horn U ass Unid, under ilc ill return of their Ira. er, Mr. Lmhi u, is r g ? - , an i wnl inl .nn mm) ot tin ii w and latin I a pieces, lor w icti ttu? Uauu is so cr.rbiat d. he.i.m. bu ic.o.rrs ere inju- l o lo I ie?mt tin ir tickets al thr it ner g ate. Aurhciivcl icr i e . ages to pirsarvt oforr null rem t all offensive hsiai irrs. Aa "ittHocerri crol ,clul.irm hal -price. JU It'rc AMKKICA.V HllhKIDl. .Lit IA L UAKUL.N aN U Piitlf h i bub KA tii , I nrner ol broad way and An. ?tr-ei. P. T. BARMJM fKUPKI TOK. h HITLtiLU K MAN lobii Every Day ami Evening 'Ihu Week, commencing Morulay, June uka.ili r dtp l? finch alternooii, .u nail , .0 1 .> uiock, a..u I in the rtoaioa 1 II a 111 1 . I' Ml 11,1 .TL.m Are to be s eneyery -Id, l>om in o'cl ik A M tul 1 P -VI Irow i iili i-a, ami Iru u 7 mi ill Ou. nfc.AiN CAMiLV OK VOCALISTS! Oi.e i Ahum IK a LITTLE vl|8s OK ?IX YK.AIIS. are reengaged ny mii'iita. deaire,. Aire W. ?u-ru, O rat VV.i cu, La Peine Lent), aud olhei are e.g igid 6aL.Li)O.N ASO KM SI ).N8 t y.-ry afternoon end ev'niuii Kaucy O ..aa Dlowiuu Ur.nd l uamurnua. beiuuful fcuu Inn a 11I1 Crohn ud Ii .11 4 ilnliou ol l-urioa liei from ey. r qutnyr ol .Ii AdiiiuiilUM la .III' Mhul- ."1 I. ntU'-.'hildr.ia under lei fwi.t huf'ihMi J?9rrc PKAjLK't) NUW IOKK JllSMUM. '..NO I'll, PUKE aAl.l.r.lU Broadway, oup..aitr ihe i.ity Hall Mil H IO N ,N ETfc MA-NAUK 11. positively Fhk last i \y o? ruE (HAST UlfiL, Who I airea ' r A haul' hv lhaloV'nik ine Ptrformanre 7his j'JUrnoon ut Three o'clock. At fcUK o.sfc. MM LuiisO EXT U AO 1(1)1 N - H V ! AS I O > I Mil NO ! ! W O N I) r. K K C L A > I) P E M h 1/ O U H A T THAI PION s Ol A N'T BOY ?id YKAHfc \Mi OVe II SP.VKN KKK.1 IIHill I k '.T O !(L, DIVA h rt.M) OIANTEHH. A Ol AN OIHL. Ko'iur 11 Yaara Old. '? iglia t .V Pouoda A UWAIlt- ' BKINO I'lo- E Hsnom Kill PHANTOM I Hi >B : A OlA.NTE.irt NK KL1 - V i-.N KEKT H.UH 1 KIOHT I'K HKOKMEHH ! SPLKND D PAlNTl.suH OK I He. 1 .. Kl.AOIlATIO? OK Tllfc. (JHl'H1 HEM IN PHILADELPHIA I Destroyed during tlie lata Hiula Tak, n upon ilie ipol, b' ?r emiueut mi till. '1 heae picture* eoye iome hundreda 0 iquara lee. ol Canvaia. eml.roen,g Ihe w hule ol ihe Hlnga. OH EAT MI.'OOESS OK THE WONDk.RFUL Ot.PHAM FAMILY, Or, Priiii r-l'** V oealiaia ! of a Kathi-r. Mother, urn M-?ro Htnall Children 1'hear) are the Ha-I Or li*o .Melnduta, ai tlrey tins OKTH..N mi OF'TKN, ami drink OF 1 ItN. The following prrfnrnirrt in- rimm-dMil Wlihl. II l'.LL, the Comic iJelinrator! Mlit >i All! i?\HTo ii,UAKTUN and Mm A HAll I'OiN. ihr mucli admir.d y oca! lata ! \lr. CO.i O V, tha I'to-ran Performer MAS I Ml HAT ll.rll drand I oamnraraa, Srlf riaymii MaKnlniu, .-Vlrtidm i ic'.iin ILUIery. and MOO < eriuatii-n (T7~Aliaiai>on Prifi>rmanc?? Wi-|inrnlay'?a d Sa!tird*y'? ai I ii', t<> r tha conremence ol the day viaitna; mi e*tn tlntkr to the peiforut. ii- m. To Cmnim i ci 1.1 ihe rinnnii at 1 >'clock. mlO POSlTIVKLY TiIK i.A.iT MOHT or tor HINDOO M III A C I. E S. UiMiueai ol (lie mm at nn'' nmrr h'imi r |!ed th- K'aku from >h- city, h" v ill i onr: II I Ilia So r- ea, THIS, ( VVP f^l'A i hYfe NiNd.l JV>t. Ilth, WASHINGTON II ALL. BROADWAY, )n which i ce.ui ? h- < ill intr -due nr il iieo ?, a ,d in k ?! rli - ol TVVF.L K WO- MlFUL FK ATS natural magic. Ujro at 1% ami i:o al HAi o'clock. Aiirni 'arci r! 11-1111 Pro* iBrri at .VluaiC t-ioira, Hole a and th- I * n I j 12 P"re <IIOUIeDM<M AND BUTTS?144 Inrrel- l-r.-lri, I, i ' limit iiurchnacia, by 1. K i.OI.LI'-b h O , j U Jt-c M no a th at ret. 1. by" the southern mail. TWKNTYOCIUHTH CONOREHH. KIHHT SESSION. Ben ate. Washington, June 10, 1344. annexation. Mr. Bbnton rose in his place at the opening of me ae?si n (tut. morning mid commenced some remarks about annexation, in ho low a voice that I could only catch here a> d th?re Jefferson?reaolutions?house?mystified?authorized to acquire foreign territory?watered by the Mi??issi|tpi? the President should have the approbation of the House?Treaty with Spain [ N'otk.?Berrien, Moreliead, Evans, and others, are talking ho loud that 1 can't hear ] I pr no e that negotiations ahalI tie opened both with Mexico and Texas. 11 the consent . f Mexico sha I lie sought for in a pr?|ier spirit, 1 doubt not it will be obtained / usfume that tht nmunt of Mtxiro it neresmry Mexico can fix her own | rice in granting sovereignly to Texas. We are m ? state of amity and comity with Mexico. Therighta of Mexico iiiii-t he respected. [Note?J Q Adams, and many otherM. C. are in the Senate listen) g ] Our trade with Mexico is valuable We exchange our goods with Mexico for solid bullion.? Iii 1835 our trade with Mexico amounted lo some $8,000,000 The wjr broke out with f>xaa mid tr.ide fell ott with Mexiro to a million and a hall' I, air, who am the old'-st supporter of the annexation of Texan? I, nir, the only consistent supporter?I, sir, the most able defender of the rights of these countries?I, sir, am in favor of the annexation of Texas-. Yei I would not make the consent of Mexico an absolute condition. I would leave the question to the deci.ion ol the constitutional authorities The time may come when the consent ol Mexico may be unnecessary. Mr. Bknto.n commented with very strong emphasis upon the pari enacted by the executive in rushing in wnh a firebrand between two countries .at peace, under the sum-lion ol an armistice, to disturb their harmony. It is an act of barbarism unknown even in the barbarians of modern times. This President Tyler has done. Tex isand Mexico arc not formed for union. Texas is geographically a pari of the valley of (lie Mississippi Here Mr. B went on to show the causes which have alienated Texas forever from Mexiso, alluding in ibis connexion to the horrors ol the battle of San Jacinto. lie spoke of the messenger who was sent to Mexico?as sent not to gain Mexico's consent, but to ask Mexico not to get angry at the Treaty. He now proposes to rub out?as it has rubbed out?all and begin again Here Mr B. laid down what he called the basis ?f a proper Treaty 1 As to the boundary. The same as indicated in the resolution of 1806. A natural boundary. The Rio (frande, tee. [The Whins keep up such a talking it is impossible to hear ] 2 The next basis is, ihnt the State of Texas shall he admitted into this Union by virtue of this act. I maKe of Texas about enough for four States, 200,000 square miles. Let one be admitted ttl IMItT. Il th?* whole be admitted as a Territory, we shall have (he Missouri question over again Let the remainder of that country be admitted as a Territory?one half t-lavt-liolding, the other free ? divided by a line equally I quarrel with no man who wishes to see slavery abolished.? In toy position, I am nhout as far removed from those who would run a muck in favor of slavery, us 1 am from those who would run a muck ag limit it. He spurned the idea that Texan must lie annexed " now or nrrrr " It is not now or never, hut it is now and thru and n/u?iyi Mr B. said ho was opposed to annexation by treaty. Houston had not the right to cede away Texas. I,ct the people of Texas do it by legislative act. Then it will have adequate authority. Mr. U said he wan not in the position of the new annexation converts ?the new Texan Neophytes (sneeringly.) I, sir, am an old man. Here Mr. R alluded to this question of annexation as an agent in the Presidential que*1 tion. He said that ho was opposed to it from the outset. He said so when he came here lust fall : It would mar the question. [>?/*.?I wisli 1 were u stenographer, and i would record Mr. Benton's egotism ; for it really goes beyond any thing I overheard or read in prose, poetry or romance.] I havo written on thn subject eveiy thing worth knowing?and years ago. Let the neophytes go to school to me Those havo been attempting to run me down as an nemy to annexation who never heard of Texas. [Here Mr. B produced run* memhera of La Salle, (or wtiutever the name be) from which he read extracts written by himself, in which he glorified numerously ] I wrote that long ago ?I have nothing naw to compose in this new Texas fever?I I ?1?1?I?I ?I?1?1?I I? with these remarks 1 beg leave to introduce a Bill. benton's bill. ' A Bill to provide for the annexation of Texas Be it enacted tkc tnnt the President of the United States he and he is hereby authorised and advised to open negotiations with Mexico and Texas for the adjustment of boundaries, and the annexation of the intter to the United States on the following basis, to wit :? 1. The Boundary ol the annexed Territory to be in the de ?* orsirie w< st ol the Nneces and along the highlands ami mou.. unions heights which divide the waters ol the Mississippi i, m the waters of the Itio del Norte, snd to latitude -1'i drgrt north. 2. The people ol i. >*. by a Legislative act. or by any authentic set which show the will of the majority, to express their assent to said am? xation 3 A State to he called the 0f Texas," with boundaries to be fixed by bet sell, and u? extent not exceedii g that of tin- lot gist State in the Union -lynitted into the Union by virtue of this act, on an equal li. ?ng with the original States 4. The lemninder of the annexed territory to be held and disposed of by the United 8'ates as one *! their terrii torius, and to he called the " South-Went Territory " i 6. The existence of slavery to be forever prohibited in I the northern and north western part of said terntory, so nexed country between (slave-holding and non-alave holdt ing State*. 6 Thi! nsaent of Mexico to be obtain. d by treaty to atich annexation and boundary or tube diapenaed with when the < ongre** of the United State* mil) deem auch anient to lie unneceitary. 7. Other detail! of the annexation to be ndjuated by treaty, t.o far a* the *ame may, come within the acope of the treaty making power DtATH Dr Srcaciroa hero announce'! the death of Mr Read of t th -House He moved lint the 3. natc wear crapa on ifa i arm for the tuna) time, and adjou-n. t arried. j to avr. O'oi.ocx? Mr Bxsto* ha? juat finiahed ono of the moat apeeche* aver uttered by mortal ' man. It wax a moit violent. convulsive, ridiculoua, con( icmptible effort to pat him*ell right before the people on the queaiionof annexation. 1 will not truat myaeli to comment upon it. Lxtkh I have had norne converaation with the detnocratic ->riiHtorx, and you may be ?ure that none of the IS will vote lor Benton'a bill. It w ill in la< t probably never be voted on at all; and Mr.Benton undoubtedly ao expected when lie introduced it, for it will be referred to the committer who vi ill either let it die or report agaiuat it Benton'* only object iri introducing the oill wan to put him , veil irrtu* in curie upon the Texas question?ctewl ont of hi* present dilemma h* an oiqionent ?t annexation?and humbug the people. A* to hi* speech which he made, every body hit* that they never heard the like of it from any other lip*. Some, of'hi* own friend* *ay it atinks of , egotixm and (lltli He. tried to *how that he i* the great t am, mid evnry body else are nmphytn. Hoiur of '{i-prrufnlBllvn. Washington, June 10, 1844 No business ol' importance was transacted in the I louse to-iiny At an early hour Mr. Bidlack announced the death ol his colleague, the Hon a. H. Read, one ol the representatives from the State of k Pennsylvania. After a neat and appropriate eulogy ? on the character and services ?.| the deceat-ed, Mr. Bidlack concluded by off- tiny the usual testtrnomala of respect tor his memory, which were unanimously adopted. The House then adjourued. Sales of Stork* nt Philadelphia. Vikit, Tue*day, June II lOOihri Wilmington It It ?A 26 ; Ml do do 26 ; AO do Siu-qiiehaiina Canal ?A 9 ; $AW) i It) V?, 1848, cath lUd; ->10 000 A'?, 68 ; 60 ?hnre* (i-rnr-l Hai-k. III. 200 da ilo rash, II, 000 do do 11. 60 do do b.'il 11; AO do do Ads II, $1000 Tennstlee A'?, 1 ?t Jan. 88f; 8200 State 5'i 77; 70 share* Com. Bk Natchez 22 Sk( 0"?o Ilo? rd, June 11 17 - fIihti" IVilm r H A d 20; I At) do -to b A 28 ; 108 do do r w : -f ; .W9 do do 28 ; 100 do lo 26J ; $10,000 State A'* h 9 77f ; $6000 dob 9 f 77^ : $6000 -lo ft d? f 77' ; $2 (Mi do 77] ; $200 Annual 1848,80; 100 iharea U. H. Bk, PI; AO do 0; 1A do Navigation, -WJ, 176dd Olrard Bank. t> A, 11|; 68 du do IIj; ' SHIP NlCWft. Bp ihli Morning Southern Nail. ,1 Ph 11 a 1 i.r m 1 a , Jun* II-Arr Henry, Nirkerann. NYork 1 /' . _ . If.. U/a.t MAS... VV.I - " III, M T.iJ nwnr ?, ??u'. KMU?. , OKNTLKMKN'S LKFT OFF WARDROBE. 'I'HK HIUnKST PHI- KM can ba nbtainad by OmtlMMa ' > or Kimi'i-t ? ho art dauroan of enararting thair l*fi off av iijk apimra int) f .?h , Knmilir* ?rnl * ?ntlainen qoittinit th* city or changing raaidnucy, baring any auparflnona alfaru to diapoaa <if, will fir (I it mnrh to tb?ir tdrnii'agc to aand for lb* anbntribar who will atimi at thnr ragiilanoa hy appointment. J LKVIN8TYN. 466 Broadway, npatairi. A lief through tha I oat Office, or ntherwiaa, wilt racaira , t allantion. jail Im aod*tra ; lirvc KOKF'S *ALOON-Orpogi>e the < oaf m Hoo^TTn r? ,ha baa-m-rt, a'- rra up iha aat'.blaa id a atyla not to ba ?or:a?a-d. Maui, nay, th' majority of oar hngmena man aie a on al|?-(l to gn il mr -a in a |*rfr|t horncu a haata, rhnr U)'| it-lay ava if t ay ahoAd ba iuclinrd to apeod an boor at lit table WyckoDa P.lcoq it prariaaly tbn plaa? for mrh 0 n'la ?n t? pair nil* Plata , I n.rat and forDe flv ronod ih ?b iiiall k la'ocity? ha; coitir ? >.' a litem * a Thia 1 War na Ilia a"" n I I'l o art ra What It a ipanra or a ,'i Ping lor h ail^ nVIt oi'-al T-aba'lu'a'y noihiaa I (to in'? Il mi W\rkolTi. Inline ba w uM rai ?c rn lj ata a ihit a it tlway at hia |a , nod tatigireo to a|l a ba.jr y ?nd ib ral inrrption. O WV KOkk ja 10 J *at ItKMCI'/H, | t; J. . OUVKNRI,. Importer ntd Dealer in Wmngaod . Pfa tia- art nleealeand " ' n f onia Ilia OreJa and the ublif, thill ha baa ran v..I tn* eaubluhineiii from 3) Ann at . A .Inhiiatr t II intaa li van f tinnd Winaa to Halt hi* ll* ah r l ay will ib-.u a find a Cm alaiH luppl? of P. e. ?'w I-a, ftnryoiT'a ' hami iigne Madeira nrr. apd ribrf i tv i1' hit t? Abavi the K iracb-nwaavrr, ?r.. ,|i? h a. Iifiir a in Mwil*arl Hid. All tide i d fraa of hmaa to O iiara by the galloo of dogan botllra. air J. H h will attmd to bottling wioa lo? any ona who n?T daaira kia aotne** mTlm*m

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