Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 24, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 24, 1844 Page 3
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I Th H 0K ART-i? invention 1 he present day, so farff . An to cominan/?,r?Jv'd* attention, Would seem to 1 wh?ch Science had reached*""1 g'"Ut pHch,t. h>id not each d?v Wri*nce "erve ,0 ,how . That boundary fine"r*Dtlon "e'er cau kll0W' Thus (>oulaud oriof cU?mls,li. daT hy day, Adda to hia wotid*4" *lt''1 ,on,,' fre*h > And by the po^vf', hi* aleml)ic'? might < a daih to u white; Kamovea aii ,?.huessfrointhe hardeat akin, And mokes it, 14,1 infant's, smooth and thin; hemla to thee**''. which pale ia an the snows, I That much: *' which ia coleur dt ruit: Kemuves color from the head, And gives '>('? richer ruby red. All thirhdoea?yet never came to light A pubftvfo-l, hut worm- sly, envioua wight, Haa wanc'd upon it with a rogue'a intention Of ^haatiug me ril out oi hia invention. The cebbrity ot Dr. Helix Oouraud'a preparationa are too well known to require eulogy at the present day Curtice it to nay that hia Italian Medicated Soap will re, - move ail cutaneeui diaeaaea, freckle*, tan. aallowneaa and sunburn from the akin, anl render it heautitully transpatent. Hia Grecian Hair Dye will, in a few houra, change white or red hair to a beautiful brown or black, at the option ol the titer ; <vhile hia I'oudres Subtle are potent in he removal ol liujr Irom any part of the human frame. One touch of hia Liquid Rouge, to cheek or lip, will impart a .-plendid color, immovable by rubbing To ovoid t imposition, be sure and purchaae only of Dr. Oouraud, 07 Walker atreet, one door from Broadway ; an all preparationa bearing tho same name, sold elsewhere, are base uunterfeits, and certainly do more harm thau good. PiUV'ATK MelDlc-At, AID.?The iiemfen f New V'ork College ol Medicine and I'harmaCj . n w i(turning the public, thaiiog lor the liberal support the) i.avi. received in their o/terts to " suppress iiuackery, ?, ? vnai man particular attention 00111111110 tc b?i directed to all diseases of a private nature, &i?l Iron the great improvements lately made in the principal hos pitals of Europe in the treutmentof those diseases, the v can confidently offer to persons requiring medical aid ?<l vantages not to be met with in any institution hi tint country, either public or private. The treatment oi the college is such a* to insure success in every case, and is atally dirtereut fiom that ncru nous practice of ruining the constitution with mercury, and in most cases leaving a disease much worse than the original. One of the mem Iters of the College .for many years connected with the principal hospitals of Kurope, attends daily for a consult a tiou (rom 0 A.M. to 8 P.M. "'errns?Advice and medicine, >6 A cure guarantee*1 l-irostaitt to Copntkv Invalids.?Persons living ir the country and not finding it convenient to attend per t. Bonolly, con have forwarded to them a cheat containing nil medicines requisite to perform a perfect cure ny stating their case explicitly, together wjth all symptoms, time 01 contraction and treatment received elsewhere, if ant 1 I enclosing $5, post paid, addressed to ".v. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agein Itfieo r,n?l Consulting rooms of the College OS Nassai a ret 1 Cl> THE EXPERIENCE OF FIVE YEARS HAS been attended with unprecedented success, proving beyond the possibility of a doubt that Sherman's Worm Lozenges are decidedly the best worm destroyer that has ever been brought before the public. And they are so pleasant to the taste, so perfect in their operation, and so convenient, that mothers who now have suffering children, do not think of using any thing else. They administer a dose or two, and the work is done. The spoon is banished, with all its nauseous accompaniments, and the children, instead of turning mi their noses, flock around I* their mothers, and continue to cry as hard as ever for the dose that frees them irom so many ills in so short a time. Ur. Sherman's warehouse is 10(1 Nassau street. Agents, 227 Hudson Street; 188 Bowery; 77 East Broadway; 131J and 333 Fulton street, Boooklyn, and 8 State street, Boston. I)Q- VELPEAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS FOR THE CURE of Gonorrhoea, Gleet, and all mocupuruleut discharges trom the urethra. These pills, prepared by the Now Vork College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery, may be relied on as the most speedy and effectual remedy lor the above complaints.? They are guaranteed to cure recent cases in from three toftveda^i, and possess a greater power over obstinate discharges and chronic gleut, than any other preparation at present known, removing the disease without confinement from business, tainting the breath or disagreeing wltn the stomach. Price $1 per bo*. Sold at the Office of the College ot Pharmacy and Medicine, i?i? Nassau street. W. S. RICHARDSON, M. D. Agent QtJ- ANOTHER CURE OF DEAFNESS.?Mr. Wm. Hay den, Connecticut, called at our store on the lftth ot June, and stated that for several years past he hHd been almost entirely deaf, and continually troubled with buzzing noises, which at times were most distressing For a few months past he pas been using Dr. McNair's Acoustic Oil?in all two bottles?which he purchased of Messrs. t 'omstock 8c Co. No. 31 Courtlandt street, and his hearing is now restored almost perfectly, and the humming and sounds in his ears have entirely ceased. He took another bottle for his wife to use, who is afflicted very much in the same way. Let the afflicted, in view of these extraordinary lacts, procure the article. The East India Hair Dye will color red or grey hair brown or black. This article has obtained a reputation iar surpassing all others in use, and may be applied without the least inconvenience or injury to the skin. Although it may seem incrediblu that the hair may be colored, and yet look perfectly natural, any person wbo will use this celebrated dye will find such to be the fact. At 31 Courtlandt street. iHCOUL'K ~ i'UKE- For the cure of primary ur secondary Syphilis, and nil affections produced by an injudicious use of mer otiry. 1 b? great advantages possessed by this powerful ?lti" ative over all other preparations for the cure ot Syphilis, is, that while curing the disease it improves the COiinlitUtion. whilst merr.iirv irunarallv leave a much w or hi' disease than the one it is administered lor. The best recommendation wo can give of it is, that it is now extensively prescribed by the medical laculty, who for metly coi.sidewd mercury the only cure lor those complaints. Sold, in single bottles, $1 each ; in cases of hall dozen, $6, carefully packed, and sent to all parts of the Union. Okice of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy , 9-t Nassau street W. fl. RICHARDSON, M D., Apv>r 1 hate them all with faces thus, Dear woman, uye, and man, I Whose yellow cheeks are covered o'er . With pimples and with tan. We cannot love a being well 1 With beauty thus delucsd, i When, by using Jones' Chemical Soap, . All, all might be erased. Go. all of you, (a numerous crew,) With dark discolored skin, 1 With pimnies or eruptions t On your face, your neck, and chin, ( And buy, for fifty cents a cake, Of the homely 'a only hope, 1 * Of Jones' truly wonderful I Italian Chemical Soap. I OtJ- TAKE CAKE HOW YOU ARE SWINDLED with adishonest anddnngerous, poisonous and destructive counterfeit ol Jones' wonderful, heavenly, surprising and 1 beautifying Italian Chemical Soap. The rascally swin- I dlers even copy our advertisements?our ideas-every j word ol which conveys poetry, knowledge aud beauty to the mind, as the Soap does to the face, rendering it clear, ? spotless, beautiful and delicious. Reader, il you an: af- t flicted with any disease of the skin?if your face is sun- ( burnt or discolored, try it once ?oh, the effect is supernatural, bright arid dazzling : but mind, now observe?it is ' sold nowhere genuine in this city but at the sign of the American Eagle, H'J Chatham street, or 323 Broadway, or 13!) Fulton street, Brooklyn ; and Pease, Broadway, Albany. Get Jonea' Soap?remember. W- THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF SAK SAPARILL A, GENTIAN AND 8ARSAFRAB, prepared by the Nety York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery. This refined and highly concentrated extract, possessing all the puritying qualities and curative powcra of the above herb*, is confidently recommended by the College, aa infinitely superior to nny extract oi Sarsaparilla at present before the public, and may be relied on as a certain remedy lor all diseases arising from an impure state of the blood, such as scrolula. Salt-rheum, rimrworm. blotches or uim. plat, stent, nam in the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneous I , eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arising irointho secondary effects ol syphilis or an injudicious use 01 meicury. Hold in single Dottles, at 76 cents each " in Cases of hall-a-dozen Bottles, $3 60 " " one dozen " 6 00 '1 Cases forwardeil to all parts of the Union. V B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchussrs Othce of the College, 96 Nassau street W fl RM HAH13HON. M D-. Age*'*. MONEY MARKET. Sunday, June !i,'l?0 P. M. The stock market during the past week has been in a very unsettled state. Quotations have been gradually sinking, notwithstanding the abundance of money and the rllorts of speculators. Ail confidence in the ability of ope- 1 rators to pay up differences on time contracts, is destroyed, 1 and the operations are principally lor cash, and consequently very limited. The time is rapidly approaching for the banks to draw in their loans, which, with the unsettled ( state ol the market, and the difficulties many operators | labor under, form the late immense declines. The fortunes that hate been nominally made during the past lew months have vanished, and those who were calculating j upon their thousands, find themselves greatly mistaken, on footing up thrir accounts. We annex the daily quotations lor the past week. Quotations ron Stocks in the Nrw Yoaa Market. Sat. M*n. TVs. JUt'u Th'y Kr'y hit's. L. Island, 12 86 83 I4)4 8) 81 82)4 1 .Mohawk, 69 68 65 62 63 63)4 66 I Hurls in, T?>4 77)4 77K ? 75K 76 75 I futerson 88 l)ti)4 80 80)4 8n ? | "lnu,; ? 43)4 37 37X 39 42K 39 J ."iters' Loan 41? 4U 39)4 3 39 40)5 39 Norwich hull Wot..-.. iS)J js 33)4 jj 55 MX Ohio 6'?, 9S1-* Mk 98 98 98 97 97 1 Illinois, 61)4 ? 45U 45 45)4 45Q 45 I Indians,' 46 46 45* 45)4 45 45 44 Ken lucky '?, 105 ? _ |0i |0|)4 104)4 ?0?>4 | Pent.svlvsoiii 5 s, ? 7? ? 72 ? 76)t 1 SinninRtiin 45 44)4 44 44 44)4 4* 45 Krielt < 35 25)4 34* 22 32$ - 2S)? 1 U fiai.k, 9 10 ?- 9 qu 9 I Vieksbnru , 8j4 8)4 8q 7j4 h 8)4 7$ These quotations show a much greater regularity than those for many previous weeks, the heaviest falling oA for the week just closed, only reaches about six per cent, This is a very moderate decline in a time ol great specu lat.on. Several of the stocks that have for sometime pas' been considered fancies, are rapidly becoming good secu ritias. We particularly allude to the Norwich mm Worcester Rail Road. This stock must very soon tuki a very prominent place among dividend paying securlties. The resources of the campany are daily imprav ing, while the outlays and current expenses have been a ? greatly reduced. The Mint rate of increaae iu receipt> for another year, that the road ha? realized for the put must enable the company to declare a very fair dividend. The director! could huve made a amall dividend on th< 1st iuat, but their good judgment* induced them to forego so doing until another report was presented to the stock holder*. The Long Island Hail Hoad is rapidly progress' ing to completion, a very large force is constantly em ployed ou all the unfinished portions, and it is stated that attain oi cars will run lroni Brooklyn to Green port on ihe 4th of July. The principal point of connection on this side of the Bound, will be at Norwtch, which will tend to increase the revenue of the road running east from that place very much. Thie will undoubtedly be the most direct und expeditious route between Boston and New York, as it is intended to accomplish the distance between the two cities iu about nine hours, making a morning line, dining on hoard the ferry bout while crossing the Bound, and arriving at each city at eurly tea time. It cannot he long alter these two rail road lines go into active operation, with these connections, before they will be able to make good dividends, and tuke their stauil among other productive works. Great exertions are being made to farce the breath of life into several companies, whose affairs have been for a long time wrapt in the most profound oblivion. The Cuntou company iius experienced a very severe galvanic tiiivvR, nuu my uiptwmv hi mu luvu a|dui rtrcuuit: \ mii'ia. The late report of this company, however, does not ihow a very lavorabie view of it* attairs. It seems that the aggregate receipts of this company lor the year ending the lit imt., amounted to $60,988,26, one half of which was appropriated to the payment of the dividend of one dollar per share, declared on the 16th of May, and paid on the 6th of June?and the payment of debts The balance ol the receipts were appropriated to making improvements on the property, viz: to the payment of the taxes, salaries, Sec. Receipts of specie at New Orleans, for the three uays ending June 16th. Brig Kirkwood, from Vera Cruz $11,000 Brig Lady of the Lake, from Kingston, Ja 3,600 Ship Augusta, from Gibraltar 6,229 Schooner Emblem, from Matamoras 9,100 Schooner Atlantic, from Tampico 10,479 Per steamboats U,000 $4 0,308 Total amount received this season $7,009,994 Total amount received last season 9,810,767 Decrease this season $3,100,703 The importation of specie into New Orleans has nearly ceused for the season, and it is probable that the total imports lor the year ending Sept. 1st, this year, will tail as far short those of last, as they are at the present time. The immense quantity of spurious coin in circulation, represented to be both gold and silver, has induced the directors of the different mints throughout the country to give publicity to the descriptions of the spurious coin aAout. '1 he annexed letter is from the coiner of the mint, at Dahlonega, N. C. To the Kditor of the Dahlonena Timti:? Sir?Permit me, through the columns of your paper, to caution the public against counterfeit quarter eagles. a counierien quarter eagle wai Drought to the mint today, in order to compare it with the genuine coin, and test its weight and the quality of the metal. This piece purported to be struck at the mint in this place in 1843 ; the date was evidently made twice on the die ; the first, being too much to the right, was delaced, and the second punched in on the erasure,which gave un indistinctness to the figures?the impression on both sides had the appearance ol being rounded, as though the dies had been made by casting or by aome other process from a correct coin ; the beaded and blank borders were equal to the coin struck at the mint; the milling on the edge was defective and appeared as though the lines were nearly filled up Kach quarter eagle issued from the mint contains sixtyfour and a hall' grains, hut this piece was found to weigh only iortv and a half grains?on cutting the edge with a knile and applying acid, it was shown to be composed of brass, (composition ol zinc and copper,) and gilt either by tho electro-galvanic process, or by the ordinary modes of guilding, as the acid would not effect any part but where thesurlace was removed. The appearance as to color was tolerably good, sufficiently so to pass readily along with genuine coin that aie a little worn. rarsons dealing in goiu com would do well to pay attention to the weight, an there is but little danger of receiving counterfeits where this point is attended to. Respectfully, 1). H. MASON, Coiner. Dahlonega, June 10, 1844. Receipts and Expenditures of the Canton Company of Baltimore, for the year endino June 1st, 1844. Receipts? Cash in hands, June 1st, 1843 $ 96 11 Instalments collected from Stockholders, 2,875 Oil Keceived from sales of stock 31,546 00 Nett amount received for rents, 7,932 42 Keceived for merchandise 1,400 62 Nett proceeds from sales oi wood 400 72 Debts collected of individuals 3,495 49 Bills receivable collected.. 2,523 76 $50,988 66 Expenditures? Bills payable, issued previous to June 1, 1843, $ 6,502 70 Debts paid to sundry persons 682 91 Improvements and repairs 4,982 03 Expenses, Miscellaneous $ 937 46 Taxes 2,145 26 Salaries 2,600 00 5,682 70 $18,150 34 On Hand?Cash, 209 65 Individual accounts,... 2,914 87 Mechanics' B'k act,... 25,950 62 Bills receivable, 3,763 17 32,838 31 $60,988 65 The $25 950,62, represented as being on hand, was in Tact so at the date of the report, but it was appropriated to the dividend, which was puid Ave days after, and the payment of a claim on the company on account of the origi nal purchase. The sales of the forfeited stock amounted to $31,545,00, which enabled the company to make the lividend above alluded to. This resource has now failed> the forfeited stock has all been forced into the market, and the receipts of the company hereafter must be exclusively :oniined to the productiveness of the property. Much [irogress has been made during the past year in adjusting :laims long outstanding and unsettled, and in reducing the expenses ot the company to a very low level. The lividend of one dollar per share declared and paid, is gene' rally considered very poor policy on the part of the direction The ettairs of the company cannot permit a repetition of this move, and a failure will act greatly to tho lisadvantage of the concern. Since this dividend was nade and paid, the stock has fallen in this market nearly >nn hundred per cent, and we doubt the ability of operaors to create an advance from present quotations. State of Trade. Ashes?Pots continue very dull, and we cannot yet juote otherwise than $4 18] a 4 25 Pearls we quote tlrm it $4 50. BRKADsTurrs?We give a table of quotations current to day. It appears that prices are pretty well down Flour, per bbl. Grain, per busbrl. Dene ee, $4 38 a 4 44 Wheat, 94) a 97 Ohio, 4 32 a 4 44 Uye, 66 a 67 Michigan, 4 32 a 4 44 Corn, 43 a 47] Baltimore, 4 50 a .. Oats, 30 a 31 The receipts lately have not been very large. We have, However, rather a large stock for the season. In connexion with this traje, we annex a statement of ;he flour and grain and tolls received at Troy and Albany from the commencement of canal riavigatiorpto the close )f the second week of June, in 1843 and 1844 1843?Canai. opened Mat 1. 4ML?a Tolls $7:1,103 70 $74,004 61 Flour, bbls 84,034 197,060 Wheat, bushels,. . 41,186 11,331 torn, do 11,949 13,761 Barley, do 3,710 3,611 1844?Canal ore Aran. 18. Troy. Jllhany. Tolls $94,683 07 $111,707 44 Flour, bbl 181,861 373,608 Wheat, bushels 149,463 66,111 Corn, do 796 3,611 Barley, do 3,494 6,636 Cotton?Sales ?o day 1,600 hales, at a decline of j cent from prices previous to the arrival of the steamer. The shippers will not operate at that rate. The whole of tolay 's business was for account oi spinners. lUr?North Itiver bale is very inactive, and common imilitie* sell at 30 a 31c. Mousses?We notice sales ol Porto Hico at 30 n 31 Jc; Cuba Muscovadoes at 38 Jc. The market is fully supplied. St'osa?1This article is very dull, ami it is with ditticul :y prices are sustained Kmall sales have been made ol irown Havana at 6| a 7 jc; Cuba, at 6 a 6jc, and of Porto Kico at 6| a 7Jc. Whiskkv?Drudge casks are firm at 13c. Western and State prison barrels command 13 a !3|c. Baltimore Cattle Market. Junk 11.?Beef cattle have come in freely this week, and the sales have been comparatively small, at a slight reduction in prices On Monday there were 187 head of Fered, anil 138 sold to the city hutcheis, at prices ranging Irom $1 60 to $1 60 per 100 Ins. on the hoof, as in quality, which ii equal to $3 a $4 76 net Of the balance, 91 were Iriven to another market, and 57 left over. The offerings an Thursday embraced 100 head, of which only 46 were sold, at $1 t<> $1 37J per 100 lbs. on the hoot?equal to $4 a $4 60ne*. There are now upwards of 160 head in market unsold. The market has been well supnlied with live liogs this week; ai d in the absence of any large demand, the sales have been small at $4 a $4 16 per 100 lbs. which is a decline. Died, On Sunday, 131 inst. of consumption, William Townibnd, aged 11 years. Ills friends and acquaintances, and the members of Enirine Company 39, are requested to attend the funeral,this .iflemoan at 4 o'clock, from 60 Anthony street. Psssciigsrs Arrived. HHambusis?Bsrqes W? hi |toi>?Mollis iiirsliA hi, Lou it Baron', I on is Levysou, and |]> in s eera?e. Havana?ship .Norms?An diss ?Jr Is Peas, J Milhnrn, i Bradley, B Marline*, E Pea ton. _ Post au Pbinck?Brig wm Neilson? W W Low back, H b Parcel I. Flu'thkiia?8chr Mornim Htrr?J W Albunr. Momii t?Brig Metamora-Mr* Mary A 4 'asfd*a, ami 4 iu the ?n*ruf. 9l Mahmi- Brig Hutira?Mrs QmB. Mm Browuing, Mm LtivtyUi Mr Alkfi Mr Willut, Mr Post?4in ihaHMvyii 4 NiaLitToN-lliip Auoa^O H lifrahM and Udy g H (farm air, Miai lacrthaa 4 onatsss B41 and *<i\ ?nt, Miss N Bind*, Mm M Bit d Mf Bowes. v ** Boweo. Mes Prior fid in id, Mix Mirki, Mn Oonih Mrs Finney and child Mrs Well*. RM rrii. ?' oberts. J Urudr, B Nelson, 15 Rl b? arils VV J? Itii* u, 11 ai d J Wells 4 HiBuiToR-Hr 1 PsIliviB?Mr ( r.iL*- Udy sad font tbil* 4m so Oafs, Mrs Oyss. Mitt Oa'ss, Mrs fl L Porter, r * ?i ? ids Mrs K ii; inn sad d'fighter IfrsKocfl Miss Bi?h Messrs T rulitisou, Lucas. Hon v. 4 ?ins**? lioiluwuv. Ia**ssii iohoaoA, Wood* Knscsd List, O' sill dldialPQ steer ms. Foreign Importations. Hambcthc;?BaritueWashiust >0?(He. orte?l yet'erd-iy)?i c? ll< buifcor?I Kre}u>b*rgl< 1 He Keire?t It co?* ffeiinerlt ^'ecke?16 K H * eye'?tti John Shinidt? 1 H Moero g?7 Werkme.sUr?12 Ch M oiler?2 4 H'-iunckt?I M??rt* It P? II tx ? 2 4 h Ahrenf Idl?5 Htn%fc*u he Ui.ktn?I Peshoddy K'g?:? It Co?1 C Howe It co?8 W A k A M White?6 Krusi Fiedler? 2 11 hackinao?3 H Hi.ker?8 J Grimeuiha It co?I 8 Laisur?I D Vl Peyser It go ? 4 Nauniig It Kost*r?3 F Tersdorpl? 1 0 Kiuglt?o ? .'0 F 8 TMesimrr?13 ShmnU It Vog^l?1 L^nilreih It Vluns?1 Meyer. Le -u Itco?5 1 h Lusner?55 J M Op. 1 poiiheim It co?13 A Warbury It co?H Jos Dam e? i K A Jchlesiiiger?1 Noltenms It P**renstedt?8 M Hei sh?ldt?7 Schmidt It llalchen? 4 S?roui Itco?2 Urti:?llrin Hoop It co? 4 Se'Vg It .-evening; 145 Mm Von 8ehd a c ?1 Winterhott It Pil^r?1 ibs le-ches Bolker It Vollma..?* .f H Fahe-?903 pits shelter Phe'pa. Uod| et & co?6i7 NaiiiugltK osier?10(2 ?o order ?94.0 Himidt It V ogel?36 bals indz to order? Barilla K b Coddi stoa. Havana?Ship Norma?1000 bx< sugar Moses Taylor?179 K D Morg-tn It co?115 c?se* s? gar* Andres IVua?I John Wadis jr?3 41 It \ Wetmore?2 B M I'icabia?20 b xes do A A Sa maims?200 Benauid It Franc is?11 J Cornjd? 0 bdls uo Lillie It Hasiues? I ba r do fratt It Burr?1 Go ? hu- It co?85.000 srgar* J Mnllicws It c'i?28 hairs tobacco Thompson It Adains?724 dt/.eu pine apples Acke It Ackeriv?I b a segnrs to order. port tu par ncr? Bng Win. n ilaon?Hi,000 lbs L gwood 9b7 bags Coffee Skeldiog It Kerr s?150 T Millm?18 K Orusheiin?21 do 1 case indse \1 Dru?y?33 bias Coffee Perry It Mat tin ws?18 R Anrtfinan?60 do '1 < nl.ant It Htibhins?64 \VI?it coinbr?1 pck Turtle Slut' Gillaiidrt?3 bins Gaiter G Hogaith Cardenas, Cuba?Brig Betsey?86 sinks inalingauy. 70 do < tr.ut ttiiilo, 72 do Lam rffiuj, 4 do maliarwer, I <io S*b*gue, to HaulC re Loveland ?1 bag suxar. I ilu cuflrr, 1 bbl Molasses, I do ttrup, to Jose, It Clark?lo*> hhtU molasses, U liertes do, 3 do honey, De I eysler 8t Whilindrih Uomevtlc Importation*. New Orleans?Baruuc Bin (lord?6*85 asks corn Goodhue St co?692 bit hemp 'I ooker Mrail kt co. Mobile?Brig Meiamora?>7 b's cotton K D Hurlburton? 1P4 J Whiitiker?4' G Collins?14 Bu ritt St Ji.h sun?J J Lee?3 bz nu'z Perkins St Hepkius ?I N Daniels?2 Uauiels St Brady?24 McCoon St Sheimau?128 bis cipou 28 bis mdz to order 8t ^'arks?Brig Statira?7 hales cotton Musics and \1ulfoid?27 G I,oilier?1!) S|ear St VandauhufT? 60 Holbro* k St Nc'son?4 Petkws St Hopkins?II Makemau St Arnold?II Smith It Wright?16 Melcoe St Anderson?2 J Morton?2 A Crosley Charleston?Shin Anson?125 biles cotton Post St Philips?40 bis T C Wiuthrop?10 bis Wells St Spring?41 com L Tar-pan?U box L M Wily?74 coin Sprague Ik liobinaou. Charleston?B'lg Sullivan?38 bales cotton and sundries Abrnm Belt a co?50 fa rice Mmtiud Hyat?1 pkg Josiah Adania?I Rr Robert Wa ta- 1 B okord Ik Hutton?1 Gold Wood St Hughes?I Manning St Jou'nety. MARrmiE" HERALl). Sailing Days of tike Steam Ships. steamers. from liverpool. from america. Acadia, Judkins July 1 Britannia. Hewitt June H July 16 O Western, Matthews June 22 July 20 Hiberuia, Ityrie July'4 Aug. 1 U. Britain, Hosken inlv 13 Aug 8 Caledonia, Lou July 19 Ang. 16 Acadia, Judkins Aug. 4 Sept. 1 G Weslern, Ma thews Aug. 17 Sept. 14 Britannia, Hewitt Aug. 19 Sept 16 O B'ilain, Hosken Aug.31 Sent. 28 Hib'ruia, Kyrie Sept. 4 i)ct. 1 G. Western, Mai thews Oct 12 Nov. 9 G. Britain, Hosken >. Out. 19 Nov 14 Ship Masters it ml Agents, We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will gire to Commodore Robert Silvky, of our News Kleet. a Report of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, ihe Veasels Spoken on their passage, a List of their Canto, and any Foreign Newspapers orihews thev may have. He will board them immediately ou their arrival Agents and 4Correspondents, at h"nit or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind willne tlianklullv received. POUT OK HKW KOKK, June 14 1. iu??iila 31 | mooii risks 18 0 111* IKT?--> .7 33 1 HIOH WiTH 8 7 Arrived* Ship Tritou, Smith, 47 days Liverpool, with rathe, to Wihon fc Brown?278 pia?engeis. ShipNorma, Barton, f.ora tl&.aua. June 14, with (agar and segars, to lay lor. Snip Ausoo, Barkin.ui, 3 day a from Charleaton. with cottou, to Geo Sutton Barque Strafford. Hobatui, 81 daya from New Orleaua, with corn and hemp, to B K itobaon, Jr. Brig Win Neilton, Kobinaon, 11 daya from Port au Prince, w'th coffee and hgwond, to Skidding Brig Sarah Brown, Norton, 8 daya froui Turka laland, wi.h alt, to Stnrges &t Clearman. Brig beuey. Uuruhum, (of Boatnn) from Jucaro, via, Cutis, 0 daya, with mot oats, Ike. to matter. Lift at C. 13th mat. brig Miawoith, liom-r, of aud 'or Boatou, to aail next day, and 3 other Americana, Idg. Molaaara quite plenty alio e ti e rains. Brig I'owhattan. Saund.ra, 9 days frem Mataniaa, with 1064 hx? lUgar 30 hods mo aas-a to J S i ay lor. Le t barque Cuba, Bia'.ciiurd, lor Cowea, I2lh n,at; brig Curiaiiua, from Warr-n, jnat a'r. S-w goiug in 13th, haique Ontario, of Porll-nd. Brirish urig Black Piiuce. Jamra. 16 days from Harbor Britton, iu b til at, to HowUutl St Aspinwall. Brig Mrtaui"ra, Axhby, l'Jd.,y a from Mobile, with cottou, to E 0 lliirlbut it Co Brig Su ira. babbidge 83 daya from St Marks, with cotton, Br.g ill ivan, White, 4 uays i om C/iiariraiuu, mm cuuuu, to Geo I'ulklry Briti h achr Morning S ar, Piudi'eu, 7 daya 'rom Kleuthera, with 4000 Plue amies 60 bunches bananas 4 bbla limes iOoO* salt lot anrll lot old cooper to Acker Ik Ackerly. Left ac'ir W T Buth, Howe, for N Voik, soon. B.'itiabai'hr Loyal, It' berts, 7 daya from Nassau NP. with 54 lug mahogany 860o piua apples to Lawrauca Ik Phelps Lrlt achr P'liza, Lawton, for N York, soon British schr William, Joi es, 15 days from Cuinterland, NS with griudalouea, to Soule, Whitney Ik Co. schr Madison, Keller, 10 daya from Calais, with lumbar, to Smith Ik Boyutou. Schr Arcot, Kmeraon, 6 daya trom Georgetown, SC. with mds-. to Badger tt Heck Schr Alaric, Puraell, 3 diya fmm Wilmington, NC. with naval atom, to N L vie t< ,.d at C > Schr ( arcia. Smith, 3 d ys f . v'aihiuglou, NC. with naval al'irei, to Woodhull St ,i u Scnr Kli'gebetn Htrkue.i.. W.. kg, 4 daya from Ocracoke, NC. with natal roots, to ti liloaaoui. -chr Napoleon, Swrelxer, 4 da. a from Ocracoke, NC. with naval at- rta, to l)a Peyaler at Whiiumish. Schr Juiia Nancy, Selling, 4 days from Newbern, NC. w'th n-val stoiea, t'> it M Blucavvrll Schr Krauces, Gilford, 4 daya from N'ewberu, NC. with uaval stoiea, to Plati Ik Co. Schr I* mnn. Cole, 5 days from Baltimore, with inds", to Jiihi.sou Ik Luwdrn. Schr J B t rquhari, Wamble, 3 days lroin Smillifleld, with indie, in uiaateiSchr Dove, Williams, 8 days from Berlin, with ahiuglea to BNKu Schr Ann, Crorper, 3 days from Snowliill, with corn, to H P Havens. Below* Brem-n ha'qne ' onatitntiuu, 35 days from Bremtn. Swedish.brig Halcyon. Sailed. Ships Quebec, Hebaril, London; Kocheater, Bruton, Liverpool; unique Abaguu. 'Penny, City Point; brigs Ab.-rd, (Sw) Mini, Antwerp; Ue.demons Moms, and Paragou, Biaytou, Pictou; Lucilla, Prrkina, Salem, and o hers. Schr And'omeda, Willi-ma, for Philadelphia, eld 33d Correspondence of the Herald. If ho ii i. IsnanukH Orricg. ) NkwpuRT, June 31 1844.) Arr I9ih. Calcutta, Casto, Kail Itiver for Poiladelphia; Oregon, House, and Maria, do do; Sally Hope, Providence lor 14 rk; Black Hawk, Marvel. N York for I'auuton; G Washington. Hexd, Charleston lor Providence; 30lh, Kcho, Aualiu, Im Wilmington; hirnzi, Lurfvr, l'ro< nleiice; Yankee, Hatch, Kali Hiver for N York. Sid 3.ut, all in port lor a liarbo,, wind NK, very lignt. Whalemen* A letter from Capt Seabnry, of the Coral, NB, reports her at Payta Apiil 25, with 850 tp. Ilep its at Juiu Keruaodez in March, Rambler, McCleave, Naul, 7H mo? eut, 250 bb'a ap; D Webaler, Sttibuck, do. UK inns, .50; Navigitor Kiiher, do, 3l>a moa. 14. 0; I leorge. Swift, KH, 38 moa. 1S5II; K.liza Adaina, t|.,llry, do, 2IK moa, 1150; h rancea, G trdnvr, NB, 4 moa clean; 2 l/ll; V i'ginia, Ctiaae. do, 4 mix, Id#; Coriuthian, Mnukt y. 4 moa, 10U; hquator, Matlliewa, do,4 moa, 40; J. liu Coggeshnll, Md' y, New put, 4 mix, clean; M'rcurv, Haakell, Ml, 34 'uo?, 1630; .Vlarr, Aikiui. k.dgarown, 30 12 mo?, 1300 wli 600 a|un; Alnnra, A'ley, do, 9 l-l moa, 80 apm; Margaret, Wnnpenuy, Newport, 31 inoi, 1600 wn aud sp; Heury. 'auclicatcr, Saa>n, 30 in,is l id ap At I'.iyi.i, April 4, hoot Kdoaida, Bug, at, N B 20l>0. Heard from it I'ltcairna Dlaud in J in. Meuicoui, iteynolda, do 24 mua 10( 0 ap. Loat (rum (lie Curat, April 3, lirurga Hixbv, ol'Urif'tlp-ld, IN k. ag d 21, Cell overboad ami waa drowned A letter rec'd ill Kairhaven, from K L P. Jenney, of lhat port, ,rporia her ?t I'aila Man h i?, with 400 bbla ?p oil. Had apokrn Jag 3, no let lie. Win Hutch, Tobey, N B i'( an; Keb 4, Win Wir,, Morae, K H 000; 10th, Statira, Adama. N B 80 ap; kcb 3, Spleuuid, Smith, Kdgartowu. Ill data out.clean Leitera reeived at N Loud u, reports at Ban Uie.o, Jan IS, Robt Muma. hitch, IN I. 3000 bkla #u?had a hipped li-r boric (26 000 tba) 111ma by the Taiao at Boat in; Mozart, Bremen, oil not r, ported \ letter from Cart Norton, of Callau, of N B. rcporti her at Payta, Maich 17, 18181 wli 200a|> bd (o N W Coaal. At K.u Janeiro, May 21, Caasende,-, Union, of nnd for Providence, tit at day. Spoken. Sa-nh Hand, 8 dava from I'll Udeli.hia for NOrleana, June 16' lat 26 40, Ion 74 3d?by the VVrn Neilaon, at thia p rt J-hn A Kobb, Walker, from Kichrnni'd, Juce to. lat 36 30, Ion 74?by the name. Certa. of Loudon, from Cardiff for Flnl idelphin, June 14, lat 42 21, Inn 61 Hnodwin, Phili delphia for Liverpool, Juae 13, lat 38 17, Ion 72 38 Foreign Porte. Havana, June 14?B'd Caahier, A Men, New York. In port. Canton, Packard, lor Tri'it", aoon; llroue-a Corlia.for natiibarg, 3 daya; Oapray, Kip Icy, Irt or clitr; l'aa o, Alloy, from N V ork, line; L U'Dnuueil.Spi iney, do, arr I2(h; Marian (Jage, oil ins. from Mobile, one; Hogan, Calm. for U> aloe. u? it dty. Sid 1Jtl), Win ? uga, Cr e, halmoutn, Kng; 14th, B Aymar, Carver, Matanzia to load Pour I mni June 12?In port, J If htevega, Hall, fir Naw Vork.aoon; N.ncy Jane, Smith, do do; Lucinda Suiw. Kendall, and .Nonpareil Po|e Bi aton. do, Signal, do; hrnch hrigaof war Mercide, Admiral iln vluyer, atd O.ioi, Papillon ? St-aim-r StM lelt for Jamaica 12th CikbilNaa, Jut# 9? lu pert, tiallio, Tho.npaoii, for I'll ladelnhu, 2 dnyi Cukacoa, June 4?In port. A'VaiJe, Sidnck, for Cimfuegoa,2da>a; Hival. Jewett, for Havana, 3; M inimi Coleman, fir Boaton, 4. Sid May 27, Abeona, Uoaue, Annie,<; 22th. h. ita < u ?tii, Bovrvia I faegoa. Point Petht.. uue I?In P' n, Harr-a*eaei, Hrik ca; Tallmadge, Ki'monda, and Cordelia, Crocket, all fin Portland, du; K rail tea Kl'en. Berrv, for W lininatmi, 6 days I St John. NB. June in? Arr Wate, Wbreler, NYork; ,7th, Coipietii', (r-ptd an Am brig.) Cld l.'uh, k'lorida, Lnnlair, IN York, wit>i 308 I'rali aalmoii Montlitai., Jure 2(1-(. Id Marv, Kelao. Ulaago-T. ({rrui.i:, June 19?Arr ervvent. Hreggo. 11,If at; Keonomm. Smitn, Barcelona; BriUiaut, Barr, fllitgnw; Itokeby, and Williama, Hohiuaon, Newcastle; 19th, Peraeveraiiee.Hhind, Hull; Heliance, Wi aou, Llieipuol; h.anne, McMillan, aud Durham, Bat y, Loudou; Jane, Wood, Ma'vport; '1'r.vellor, Tilley, Kin neforti Sun, Polta, Bordeaui Cld 19th, llolph'ii. Sullivtn, Newrv; Hair, k.ynon, Llauelly: Acadia, Hokit, Kal mouth; Robert Si (Jenrge, Diiou, rt-weiatle; Leo, Holdloith, Whitby; Aluandir, Liddrll, <_'? illtf; I'lmgaanon, Lainaden, Sti.derlaud, (Jflnttlll, Kichsrdi. Kowey; Manner, Caf|H-ll, Southampton; Fair Acadian, Hed'ey, Loudon Lake Ports. ('Lr.vri.4."ii>, Join* 19?Cld Cuuimodoie, A <3 Mitt lie 11 Ohio, and ttureu Charlotte, Buffalo;, ( Indigo. f uK'ne.tSanduiky; Mlauuri, Oananouue; Ltdy Baggot, King 101'. llom? Ports. Sla>TroRT,.Juce 16?Art Mouhegao, CnJ y. NYork. Hi 17ih, t.hilde Harold, Wi.l.ird, Alexandria. i Lurix, June 17?Sid Helen. NYork. JVIatHiaa Port, June H?Sid Hegulator, Cloaaon, I Sawyer, and Hy ( lay, Kc.ter, M York; 16th, Snltaua, IvtftR.' I do; Suaau Taylor, Linudell, Philadelphia. 1 Thomaston. Jur- 15? Arr Georgians, McLetiau. ( elM Below, Monroe, and St (h?rye. do Arr IfCh, Coral.Wellsby, Alsiaudria. Sld Mth. Olive Branch Lour. La bet*; Wilder, Beatly, H.?v*uaah: I5tn, Thos Ik Mwtrd. Wot ou Kichmnud. Peru. Alwood, Wiltuiugtou- Cld i7lh. Korieel. kelleriui. etfltwari H allow ml, June 16?Arr Kloresc* Walker, N York; 17th, feltn* Nolce^a. u d f3ax le ^priuyer, do. Dangok, Juua 19?Arr Vhlr-i o Pace ^Yo k. Path. June 2'? rr nuenca. Hnu.h Pt, Uuad Cld 19tv? Cornelia S'inton, Go daloupe VV islam kt June '9?Sid Or it mm. Smith, Troidad. Pobtlanu Jui e vl??a'r C Ihiik [Br] Dart. Piotuu, believed for Trofid n?e A tie t ?*f 10 so 15 coasters are co'midk m at mgllt Id 111 b *r?j it, fclillott, Kastport and Calais Sid < elena. aiid a sin*ll rteer of c.?asu?rs llbrri.i* sld out returned. Poa rsM uth Ju e 20?? Id Roscoe, Kicke , :?York, haviuy beeu thorouuh'y repaired NawauavroMT. Jui ? 21?Arr Mechanic, Sawyer, and Mai(I i Wiikiflitoo, PMBn n, Philadelphia Salkm. June 21?Air C<>lum is, berry, Philadelphia Cld Nsuinkeag, Patten, AfrtCat', b<a* I. Boston Juoe 22? * rr Knort, Hussey, Messina; Gu'ielrea, May hew, Phikdehhis: Rosco**, K-t?>n, Havre ?'e Grace, .Vld; Jas??er, SreA-r'. and Heroiue, B tk-r NYork Cld Miqualou, Smith 8t Peters, Mm; Cec?'ia Brown, K si ludi s; Sar\h Williams f'hninpaon, I ieuftiegos; Aud Hill dud rerd?nnef, Upshur, NOrle us; Mentor. Bane , Calais; St I'a'r ck, Larsil, Bang >r: Monaco, Bray, Cherrytield; Detroit Cammett Alb uy aud Troy; Jan*. Rogers NY"rk. Arr 2'et. Mariner, [Br] H*ineou, Liv r,? ol: t^ueeu t tv<e Vyqe, [drl^c u. Newcastle Na deon. Jordan, ? .inborn; Aline-a, Dill Baltimore; Oak, Ryder; lone. Ho wee: Tec am* , O'cutt; Be*ry, Sftti, Mud Pelou.^ Hatch, Philadrl l?ia, Huron, Uarao*. Cnracoa; Kndm y, Kvi;ts, 11.\; Vesper, Smth. sad IU hmoinl, horudike, lit liiiioud; iVllus, Mnitu, Georgetown, DC; r x c betel I, NYerk Nil'w "i.Droiiu, June 21?Arr P< moi-a, B-ltimore; Pacific, Swilt, Norfolk Sld Indusfy. Biowu, NY??rk Puovidknc i. Jaue 2l Arr L uismui, kiddy. New Orhaus; Meg enger Sa> ds. Kre'encsspurg; Tune, Girris'in, Suffolk, Va; J- hu 'ay. M ill; K L) Decker, Henderson; Penne'i , Cales, aud hJi*s B Cab'well. L ?ke. Chi bid Iphia; Mows h ddv, Biiven, >?Yok Sld Noble bciiiiug. Lubec; J.ttneg Barb ?ur. ao?t Carrr II, Cortou, Phi'adelphix; republican. Mh-rti. and Palbs Hmfi Pttlwi,dtj 1'olut, fT>oat, NBndford, with her ,Mobi a NkwHavvn June 22?Arr Mary KlizHk'th, and L)r KnnkIin, Tutile. Philadel bu; Couiiieii. Mobilr; Kiiwm, Smith, Uruidtwine will Alki , Jobbing, St Andrews Richmond, Jim* 21?aid, Henry C'a'\ Martin, Norwich; Parian. Ingram. Bria'ol, Rhode Island; Montexuma, Huow, N Yrrb; Aid, i roabv. Boston; Me n, Smith, New fltnorl. Wilmington, June 19?Arr, Commerce, Tewle. Hav ina; Pauatna, Alleu. St Til miaa. CM, laardiier H Wright, Rowton, Jamaica', J H Cherry, Eaton, IJein rare < habuciton, June 20?Arr, Merchant. Keaa. Havana, 4 dr? Siileii in en with (Jeueva. for Kuroiie; ami Cashi'r, Pike, for, N York Cld. ('athuiine, Tufte, Boston; Diuion, Kobiuaon, N ' erkj Br Hagueuay, Murray, Liverpool. Sid, Warrior, (Jntfi'.hs, Havana; Valhalla, Thatcher, Boaton. Savannah, June 18?CM, Krauklin, Ureen, Wiley, Providanta. Nlw Ohi.vans, June 14 1 Id, Pliaraalia, WaJswnrth, Liveipo <1; Salon, "eaii, Aisalrrdam. Arr, Oregon, (iliddeu, Li eruool; I 'noa?, Ranch-. Havana; Atrevido. ( Met) Sanchez. Vera ' ruz; A'lautic, Will lain ion, Tnnpico; h'nucrs Thumaa. Slater, Onlvraiou. WANTKD-A Wet Nnrae to t'.ke care of a amall child; one who real''ea out ol the city, within a ahort diat nice, would be preferred, and mual coine well recommended. Inquire at 3J7 Broadway, up stairs je20 lw*rc A KKSPed TABLE YOHNU MAN wishes for a filtration in a ^lerchanta' Office,or a DtyOnoda Store. A line addieeied T, S., olfice of this paper, will ?e punctually attended to je22 lt*rc PACKET SIHP OCUNKK, KROV1 i\KW ORLEANS, ia discharging nt pier 14 E. K. ' nniigneeg will pleaae attend to the recei t of their goods immeiliatrl V. jr22 lltr'I^O PRINTERS.?One aecond liaoil A iema i'reaa (double A medium size) in complete order, for an'e low?apply to jelQBt rc K HOfc It CO 29 and 21 (>old at PIANO KOKTEB?The subscriber informs the public that he hat ou hand maw ati|ierior Pivot, of the beat quality ami good workmanship, at the loweat ininulacturera'pricea, warranted, and kept in tone for one yea". N B. Pianos tuued, repaired and exrliiiiged at the meat reaa(.cable terms iV.M. Ll N I)KM AN, 139 '.entre at, jr2(llw'ec between Walker and White ata OH1P ARABIAN"KROM LI VERPOOL?This ahiu will O commence discharging und r geueral order thie ''ay,^Monday. Consigners are requeued to attend to receipt of their good. W. A J. T. TAP8COTT. j2lee MINERALS AND SHELLS AT AUCTION. LEVY Si SPOON Ell will tell oil Tuesday moriiinx at II o'clock, nt 151 B oadway. au extensive collection of M nerala and Sheila Alan, ni.e Large Show Caac a'd Conntee, Collector! may tiud thia tale worthy their attention. At Private Safe?A beautiful full length likeness ol Wathiug- | TO WVIVHMAKKH8 AND JE WKLLEH3 ? Wanletl' a situation. by an eiperieneed watchmaker, who woulit have no nbjertionr to go to the south tinder au eugsgein'ut A line addressed X V. X . ere of Mr. Chalmers, <0 ' "urtlaudt treet. will m?twithItWKHW j?I2 2teod* in DO'-TOIl K.VANS, No 288 Pearl, near Be-kinau streetMember of the Koval College of Kurgeous, Loudon; Col lege of Poyitciana, BlltullO'e; Medic il Society < I New York. Sic continnea to practice physic and surgery (confidentially) as eiuil It ia well known thai Dr Kvaus mskrs many ettraorliaary enrea of the inoat complicated caaea. particularly those iirnnounced incurable by eti.eri. The Doctor naa paid particular attention to all dise J21 lt?rc EXTKM T OK < OPAIW. I UBEBS AND HARSA PAtllLLA, OR DR. OLOVKu'S ELIXIll-In this Co"1 P' und ere concentrated all the medicinal t roprrtiea of audi remrdiea aa lure been lound ooiat speedily I Hi anotia in curiae lleeta, gonorrhoea, wnilet, and al. diaeaaea of these organs. It baa acquired itreat reputation S. uth r.nd i? the ?Veat Indies, nud in South America. It ia wholly a veitetable compound, and operalea like a charm in producing an immedi ite effect uton (he Pirt affecte'. full di'rctious accompany the medicire, which inay be had at No. 2 Ann atreet. Med'Cil advice will b? given if required. j24 ll"ec rPHE AM KMC AN LETTER MAIL ' O continue to X carr** leit-ra to Philadelphit, Bo'ton, an' the Kastrru citiea. Th-y have likewise lately established offices in AI ha ny and Trov, and will carry letters to -ny ?l the aoovc named places for 8X cuts?twenty stamps for one dollar. Particular attention paid to foreign lettrri. The reeeiit dec ai ms of ludges Story and Sprague estsbliihed th' right o individuals to transport letters, tic., and tlx Co. r-ly upon the public to support the enterprise. Office 5?i Wall street hiseinent .19 mere KJ ACKLEY, Agentfor the Proprietors rPHUHSDAY, Junu 27th, at 4 P. M? Purse 9400, three mile J- heats m harness. 11 Woodruff euters b. g. Columbus D Bryant " g. m. Ladv Suffolk. O, " b. g Ameiiiua je226tia*ec BPhMMi OK THri LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD TO MEDFOHU S1ATION, (PATCHOOUE,) FIREPLACE. AND CARMAN'S ItlVrll On auo alter Weunrsday, Uio 2uln lutunt, Hie 1 raise will run as follow*, viz Leave Brooklyn Depot, Sr u'.h Ferry, 9H A. VI. through. 4 P. M to Hickaville. 6 P lauaica Keturuiug?Leave Hickaville 7,X A. v| and ?X P. M. " ll -mpstoad 7ta " and "lja ' " Jamaica 8 " 1 and 4* " " Caruiana River l?i " " Meilhird Station,!Patchogue) " " Suffolk " Jjg " SUNDAY TRAIN Leave Brookl) u A. M through. " " b P ?t to J onaica. Upturning?Leave Jamaict 8 A M and 4\P.M. " Carman' Hirer, I J* " " Medford Station, 2.1? " Buff Ik 1% " " hickville and llempatead 3% " Far*, for Ticteta purchaaed at the office, at ti n following r?tr< Rrdfo d and K. N. York--|2*? Hickaville Union Court* ilJi Farminvdale 48)4 Jamaica 27 I rer't Park 87>k buahr lie 31)4 Th-mptm $1.80 H-mprtend. Carle Place Miffolk Station $1,12)4 a.d Bianch 37)4 M-dlord tl.'O Weinberg It Fire riace $162)4 Fere, when paid in the Cara, an cenu additional on each of the above intes, Magea will lie in re-dintaa at the aeveral ti'acea tocouvey ptaaei.g.-ra to the north r.ud aonth aidea ol the laland, end at arinno'a Hirer to go to 0,e?n|>?rt aud int rmadi ite placea en the north aide; and to Unog, Sagharbor a--d .vloutaak Point aud intermediate placet ou ti r aouth aide H ckaw i? Nt^g-a l*iv? J unaica on the arrival of t ie 9)4 A. >1 aiidtoMockr M. Traiui. Ilrook'vn, June 22, l8tl je24 lw*ec K W V OHK ~ ALBANY A Nil I'lUlY STF.AMBOAT link L KOK ALBANY AND IKOY-Morning t<tTwgi**MnMd^Liue from the foot of Barclay atreet, landing -kJULtt inlemiediare placea 1 he atcauier KMI'IKK, Oapuun S. K iioe, thia in .ria in* at 7 o'clock. The ateaioer TIIOY, Captain A. Uorhain, to-morrow morning at 7 o'clock. Evening i.iue from the Ion of Couul>ndt atreet. direct The al'ainer SWALLOW, Captain A McLean, thia cv?una, At 7 'i itock The ?:?iiiier ALBANY, Captain 11. B. Macy, to-morrow fT'nmu M 7 o'clock, The Boat* ol this Line, owing to their li|(ht drnngnt n( watei, are able At nil tune* to pa** the ban, ami reach Albany and I'roy in ample time to take the mommy train if car? for tli- eaat or tvr?t. Kor paMnw or frrinnt < >t>> y on tovd, or m th office* the wliarve* ie34 re PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS KOR ALBANY lAfiffll UAILV, Sunday* ejeepted?Tnronah L>|reel, nl 7 1' M., from the Steamboat Pier bejKiJKiLt?''i'ii Conrtlandt and LiliortV *treet* The .teainbnal KNICK KIIBOCKKR, Captain A P St John. Monday, Wertnea ay aud Kriday evening*. at 7. The Steamboat KOCIIKSTKK, Captain \ Houghton, on rueidav, Thuradav and Saturday Kyeniuga, ht 7. At Kirao'elock, P. M.-l audio* at Inteiinediate Place*:? The -tteamixiat NsRTH AMKIiiPA, Captain II. (1. Crutleodeu, Monday, Wcdm-iday, Friday and Sunday, at 1 P. M. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wu IS. Peck, PnaidaT. Thuriday aud Saturday, at i P M I'lin-nyer* taking th'* line of boat* will arrive in Albany m amnle tune to tike the Morning Train of Car* for theea?t or want [frTlw above Boat* are nevr *?d iiibit-inlial, are fnrui*hed with n -w and elegant State Kyoto*, ami for ?i?>ed and aceom nodati'ix are unnvalleil on the Hilda h For p*?*agc orfieight, apply on board, or to P. C I ie office on the wharf j24 re *:? PACSAUK r ROM DUBLIN, ' tilth. W A If. H jtSgk-KUPD, DKKIIY, COLKKAINK, BKLKAST HNKiNewrr. Drogh-da, Ac ?I'crion* wiiliing to aend lor their lriend< can have them hrnnglit out Irom any of the above porta in firat cloak Amci icon Packet Hbipa, on the inoat re*.?onableterma, and without tlicir ei|>eri#*eiiii( auy nnunceataty de trillion Mr. W. Taoacott, one of the firm, will be on the pot to irive hia |ieraoual attention to the piaaenger* engaged by tlw aiiDacribcra or their agent* here, and peraoua may rely that the wiaht* and comfort* of thna* wiu>?c paaaagr may lx nuayed liylhem will have all due and proper attention Kor ,-ai t iculara ipply, if by h'tti r, MM-Pud 10 W I* J. T. TAI'HCOTT, it their (lenernl l'a?*nge Office, 7a? South at. cor. Maiden Lane, wh e. alio, Draft* may be obtained, for large orimalltum* la,, i he on demand, without diaconnt or any other eliaiye, at th rational or Provincial Bank* of Ireland, er any ol theii bri lie* throughout the Kingdom rnl5 re AsAAtJK KKOM KNULANO. IKK LAND, SCOT LAND AND WALKS, VlA LIVK.HPO(JL. kjbki TDK inhacriher ha* made une jualled arrai Kemenu tHfVl"r hringi, K out emigrant* thi* year. 1144 Tho*. HBjBhwending for their friend* would do well to apply ai he old eatabhahed packet office of JOHN HKllD.M AN, II Houihn N. B.~The ihio* of thi* line now leaye Liverpool every tire Jay*, and draft* win a* uanal be furniahed for y 11 ths nrinrinpl AMUSEMENTS PABK THKATHJC. Botes 1? cents I Pit 2S eent> I 'Sallerf I J)? cants. MONDAY EVENIN'*, June Jlth will be performs^ THE , KAIK ONE Willi THt. UOLDEN LO.,KS-Ofaceful, M.? H Hunt After w liicn L \ HAVAUk'Ki?. To?. uc ude with K"RI UNIO ! * NIBLU'H OAHOKN. OPEN KOHTHi' SUM.WTK SKA SON The euUrUiuinenls will Ik under the direction of J M K M ITfiHiLL MONDAY KVfc^lNti, June IMlh, mil. w II be produced 1 H the ki|U"*triitii mi Submarine iJur'et.a of u PHt. AMERICAN SKA BfcKPE^T t Neptune.... Mr Keuno K Andromeda Mm Mai wood An luteruiissoii ofthirtv uiuulrs During liie eveutug the Ovrrtnrin to Zau'lta by Auber 1 <j La ColiKirt ur by Ontlow ? To conclude wuh the Coined.etta entiiled ^ ALI INK MAID Swig Mr Holltdd | ^ (TT'Tir. K KTS KIKTY VKNTS^J !* NO POSTPONEMKN 1' nt this Establishment on acconnt of weather, at the (Jrami Entrance from briia'iwuy p, the S? . lonu is protected, and Hi- Ne* S.ii.ou which i< Veutilatrd i from the top and tides, ei i be eneloaed at a mumeul't notice )( VAUXHALL. J b Acting Mauaier Vr< 1 mini | Slag- Manager--Mr. Walcut. J MONDAY KVKS I NO, Jmie 24th. e The larf rinruce will cotiimeiim witli 1 , A KOLA SD MJH AN OLIVKK. i I All"' which a claac- by | MaD'LLE CELESTE f, liilrriinatiuu ol liitiI au h >ur, L To e^ni Rule wuh ih? laughuM- Farce called ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA. \ il^~ No f ai pone went no account i f the weather ( AfflKltlCAN MISKl'ill. J aikial garden. ! i . N M P tRT ET IJ A L KAih, I t nrner of Broadway dull Aon atreei. > P. T. BAKNUM PROPRIETOR. F HITCHCOCK MANAGE" a MONDAY AND TUESDAY, 'UNK 24 AND 25. It UkANU i Every afterooon, at half-pant 1 o'clock, and t in the (Tram*. THE GIANT AND GIANTESS! Ara to b? arm every day limn 10 o'clock A. M. till 1 P M , : from 2 till Of, and from 7 till lu o'clock. P M I ORPHEAN FAMILY OK VOCALISTS! Oi e of whom if a LITTLE M188 OK ONLY SIX YEAH8 ! I , are re eovaaed by uuiveraal draire. Ma Weaiern, Great Weateru, La Petite Cerito, and othrra , are euK**i*d. THE INFANT SISTERS. | ' Celebrated all oyer Europe a* the moat accorapliahcd Juvenile 7 Dniicrra and Siugera, will apiiear iu a few daya. IL7"Adunaalon to the whole 25 ceuta?cnildrea under tea ' yeara, half price. J O-On WEDNESDAY. June 26th. LA PETITE CER1- J TO will uke her KAilE >V ELL BENEFIT je2J rc PKALK'S NEW YOIIK MCSKIHI. f> AND PICTURE GALLERY Broadway. opin.aite the City llall. ViK. H. BENNETT. MANAGER Tremendoua aucceaa of the cGrbraled POKER MANIA, by * the OiiriiAN Family, r the direction ol the Manager, who I 0 auaiaiua the principal character Thia ia the pal POKER DANCE; each performer being aupplied with a red hot one. DWARF < THREE INCHES shorter THAN TOM THUMB ! ! AND A GIANTESS SIX EEET SIX ; T W E L V E !' E It F O R M E K S ! ALu FOR ONE SHILLING. Engagement of MONS. AND M AOEMoiSr.LLE CHECKINI, Who, with the aaaiatancc of a Ballet Coroe, will lulroduce a COM C PANTOMIME Cnnaialiug ol a variety of Dam ea, aenoua aud groteaijue. The performance to couclude with a . Miu ROksALIK CLINR, the accomplished Songstress and l)aurav, LA PKTITK A KMr.K, pupil at Mous Checkiui, and La Petite KLOISk) CHibGKINI. j WONDRKKUL OllPHAN h'A.MlL Y; Or, Fenuy-beg Minstrels ! Who sing higher and lower thai any other melodists iu Ann- ' ricn, iu one of them stauds saven t'eet high, and another twentytwo illlw, I [ry Afternoon Performance* Wednesday'* and Saturday's at Jfo'clocg, for the convenience of the day vuiteri; no eitra ' charge to the performance* To coimneuce in the evening at 4X ! o'clock Admi'iiou one ahilling. j 16 ' OLYMPIC THBATBB. 1 COLD WATRR'-'CULD WA,TKH'-'COLD WATKK.' Come one, come all, and be deceived. Seeing is believing?it 11 the greatest fe t in Meianhysical t asuistrs ever attempted. Huudreda are nigntly pnzz'eJ. Attend the Necroinancrr'a Temple of hnch utineul. Hit ?'ay it hurt?01 e rek mm> Ttlla KVKiVlMIJ, Monday, June 24th, and every evening dniug the week. Hpleudul A; tractions in MlgC and Veninlu guum, (kc Tint uuniue and iiuriva:led enter,aii.ment will conclude each evenicg with " Culd Water." Door* o|a-u at hal -p.ui 7; Curtain ria a at 8 o'clock precisely. Lower Boies 5(1 cent* ; Upper do r.5 cents; Pit IJXl Children half-price to lower botes. Private Bote* $3 aud 84 each, Bo* office open * uaual. eeit* secured. je23 Iw'rc CASTLE" UAUUUN! THIS K VKNiNO June 21. GREAT FESTIVAL AND GALA ! LO DOMKNICO QUKKKAU '. '. a* the hire Kiand, for the ii rat time. 8IGNOR HKNIIICO as tha Spanish Peter Wilkina. or Air Cleaver Togtlher with a inig.ficeul di>|ilay of KIRK WORKS I A Splendid Piece called the Star of Tela*. Pyrotechnic Artist* to Uie liar do, Isaac r.dge, Jr. aud Wm. Stanton. Kxhibitioii will commence at 9 o'clock precisely. (New 5 oik b... Baud will giveau lustrumeutil Concert. 11 ibNRICO, aurunnied Kl Jaleo, on (h- curde lloro, will actually render himselt visible and invisibMl Succeeded hyLo Domauico Quietsu, termed in Spain.i.rl Italy. 11 Diavolo del Kii'go, iu which lie will appear attired as the b ire b iend w.iv ing at the and ot his Charmed Pole two Globes ol U jrgeous and'continuVd0tiiftVS^,lwr.'.,5>'u."red at sundown with brillunt Affchaniatdu Liuhia, Marine Higuul Rocket?, with (iohi Kaio, . tnr. of I' olMdu, aigual two pound Ro< kets, with Snventa aud Silver tomet, *tkr oi I PIU. two (inuilll Korbpr? Willi Sernenli una i ir i ii ii 11 riinkufa with he >n. Admittance 26 cent??Children half piice. grand american republican jubilee and complimentary benefit, to P. IJE LE 11 EE, Ur the Ameiic&n Republican* ul the City of New York, will be hi veil on Thurnlny Evening, June 47th, 1814, AT THE BROADWAY TABERSACLE, ON WHloH occaiion the lollowiu? Mu.ical iulent have kindly tendered their nervicn Mil* COLBERT, Miu hKAUH. Mr. POTTER, Mr?. UAKKIt. (it k r.uu? Lady, a pupil of Mr li'i, her hr.t appearance.) Mr. NA?H, ?ir. a KUKS, Jilr. LATIIaM, Mr. KitA/r.K, a lull and ellicieut Ctiom.or Kilty Ladie* and GeuUeiniu ti Hi ther with a full Orcheilra. Hi* Houor the Mayor and comuiou Council will be preaent c n tliii ocraviou. Meun. Sanimou* nil J havnye w ill deliver a dn **e* the eveuu?. "rule.ior OLDKIELD will |ire*ideat the Tiaco Korte. PROOH AM ME. I'aht i. Orand American Ile|iublican Uve.tiire Oreheitra I Addret* 8. -"ainmoui, E?g. | 1 opemntr Ohoru*?Come Nam e*, come By Couip ny ; Hoi.??Oh, have you lieard tie- dolelul new* Mr. h r-ier | Grand overture?Piano korte Mr. A. Kur* Hon??A home that I lorn Mr*. Puller i Hon? I Mr. Nuh So:.??Ye*. 1 ahoulu lite to marrr Ml** fBi Sou? and t horua?Americaua tha i n 'er be * avec -by Com|.'y I pinT II Orand National Air* O'che.tra i oddiea* Oeo. VV. Hava??, K,<) 1 Hon* and < 'horm?A life on the oceau wave l.ornpaoy Hon??Old hunker* lament Mr Fradar Hon??Thne i? no hou e like mine owu A Youn? Lady 8uu*?The Heart b >wed down, from llalle't new oner* Hot., m in. < l.rl n..f VI. n. I . U... 8mg?Sol^iai'a Tear Mr? Biker i tiio?Our v alive Land Miaa Colbert, Mra Baker, Mri. holler I Duet?Come brave with me the aea, love Young Led v and Mr Ur Lt K ? Song and Chorua? Our way acroea the moutain, bo,-Company I (fraud hiuale-Oo"d night,amce we mnat part (Lcheatra ! Doura open at 7? to couimeuceat o'cloek. Tl<! KJtTtf Hi Ogata each, to lie I liton-il at | ha .It:.--- of the' American ttepublicau, Ml Naaaau atrret, and at the irimipil , uuaic Slorra. ie2t U*ec j MIL DEMI'STLRS LAST ENTERTAINMENT. j NY. hOCIKTY LIBRARY, Broadway aud Leonard ktreeta ? Mr Uemptl-r liaa Ih-hoa r to announce tnat Ini Lai vocal euf rtaiuin-nt will be given at the Society Libraiy on MONDAY EVENING, JuuelMlh. when lie will aiug the following Magi and I nll-da. vr/.:?Ihe spot where l waaboru; When the night wind bewaileth; J' hn An ihnoa my Jot '1 he loi ely auhl wife; 1 h- loved one waa not ' there; The bliud toy; Laxeut of the Ir ah emigrant, Jeuiiuie Morriaou; Let na love one another; My Nannie, U; A hoine in 1 I In- heart, I'in with yeu MM again, and T DM death of Warian Bilia giving further imrticulara may Le had at the muiic aturea ; end at the s. Library. 'i icketa M ceuta?to ha had at the door. Doora open at h If |ait 7, in commence at 8 o'cock. j8 Hat&.M I GRAND CONCERT AT THE HKOADWAY TAHKRNACLE. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, June Zltli, ?ith aud iitiih, THE OIlltilNAL ; ETHIOPIAN si- KENADKRH, MESSRS. UERMOS, STJiNWOOD, J Li UR I SO- , TON ,y HKUMM. |! Iltvu.K been paTROnism hv th* Klitk of the different cities j in which they hevr had the h .nor ol H|'|mrii|, ais. : Bostou, i Pniladel| liia, and Washington respectfully an- , ioui.oo t. the I.AUiKB and tiK i I LKMK> Of NKW VOHK, that they wiH gnre three of their I INIMITABLE ENTERTAINMENTS I AT THB BKOADWAY TABBIINA* LK, < oinmeucing ng MO.M> A V i.VKMNll, In r lull. nod con* i " turning three consecutive Kveuuigs I tie B#leruiomeut con- ' staling of Hongs. Olees, thin n tare, Comic Lectures, etc. etc. 1 tne 111u?ir from toe lno?l pu|. ill ir (>, ris*, ncr. uipauied w ilh ttie Aicordeou. Banjo. (Hiiro I umbo and lionet aslisftls, in all ol which they stand UNKlVALLKl) IN TUB WORLD ! ' Kor particulars aee Hinsll Bills. Tickets 26 cents. ' tuldreii uuder 10 \?ai? sccompanied with tli or pireuuor guardians half price. Doors oiien at 7>{, Concert at H oMnck. ji-21 bl*ec I HE IOWAS ARE STILL AT HOBOKEN t !' OWING to the great cariosity in inifrsied by tl e-'W V.nh public to sie these nonle specimens of the uncivilized Indi- a mi from th> Kar West, and to the unfavorable w? they >. liare h d f .r a display ol their iwiforinuieea. the( ha?e been e isdured to prolong their visit at Hob >k?n for one mors writ s They wrifl reinun there encam|ied until nes' Turi 'ii', June 26th, sod while there will piesent a piled If snnile of Indian lite in the Inrest by a neifarinance -.| ih n r irions i lusu lerntic n D inces, Hi'es,' eremot lea, (kc , ii -. beiwie i th-hours of lout A aid sn in the afteruoou; varying their iierfuiniameseyerv day n " While Cloud" la the most celebrated Indian ' hirf who has been in New 6 oik since the time of lliack Haw* aid it among the number of thine whose portraits ire immortalised by t at- 1 I u. who also makes worthy mention ol this ( hiel in Ins work n Mm Ah .nguies, New-mon-ya, (Walk in the l(ain,)the third I hief ol the Nation, ai.d S--mou-ty yah, (lir .it Medicine Msn.j also U'loiig to the delegation and have every w tiere ailracted much attention Thss" warnors are on tonr way to Kurope, Iroin their hunt lug grounds 600 miles west of ilie Missus ppi. The perryh aU Ir m Barclay, < snal and Christopher streets .. land within l?0 yards of lli?ir eucainpuieut . '1 he Bit is fre. j?'?i*Jr. g | !; \ W (.?(><11 )S - IK AW (lOODS . t-t 1,6 lit if. oi assoiligenl of Htraw (foods is ran to I f, mill iii the nly, very rlo-ap at Young's hirst Pre5^; niioio IdPsw Hat Mann facto.?. (it B .wery , ( omini* i g a I r*e variety of tine and estri line split Hrsws do d Tuscans, do. do. Neapolitan l,ace, from tie comma nest ! ihe veiy Irett iinporteil articles, at wholi tale soil rets I a je l? 6l* ire - r h?i ' ,? ? fein imd XJtw*rc ' " ' " - au AUCTION SALES HV H K WILLAHO. rtiorr km Ur-adway. tor Uu??*e at. H K. W will give hi? v-raounl ul<*uIiou to oat aiMir anles of -ousrltold Karuiturr, Ury (i<x>d?. liroc<*ri*a, fttc.. lor p?riou rh. '|ui?tiii>K iiou??ke?*piag or busiitras Aair-a *rttttd iu all cases as soon am i)k goods sh*l? linv?* umu oil! ami drli vtovd Lib**' .1 Advances ut ide, if required, oo tiirrcha'dtiiA of wen Usorripnoo r. uaig ru3l hn* id jv D. I) Nam/-, mi?K,"^YVuur'iiX 1144 *t li'jKui J ton atfoot. by Mr u ol a uior gag-, n lug* aud intensive aa >rtm"ut of hn- w ,k , omutl ,ug 2 n d< i I ? . * and X tocaata; I 'groaa Hoiim auu ?a i2 .0 ?, b m d 4 MIL, a log* 'aiitit /ol H ?aooa, of diBeieul . ii*?; ??,^ , f o ff reuta ???i Vitual VVlireli; fl oe Litti??( *??ri*ftais Ueublo lia*dera; 'ire Crjcke't, with other* licm utnr.,,, f H b N HV, j44 l'*ee A"1I-n-y fo- Mirtiftr OKA.NU KlrtHING AND OTHfcK KXi UlUlO.Ntt. ,M?ri TH . niraDibo.C i HOMAS SAI.MONU, L.,W I ?hjll?, wil. rou to th. Kielii^^L_2K3K m.c ii La ihiriiiif rhe wiinn >1 nya, WeilotMiiayi. Ti.ursdnya. ?t4 d Krid -v? Place* u! ?tup? in* ?Amo? ?iraet, 8S S C?? I at'aet. B% ; < Alhnrine K?rryt rook I v ii. *J , Pike atreet, 9)%; Pier No 1, N. R . ?>, tud ort Hamilton u h way, kIIowh K tiioc to vint tha v .ttiAeamnv muriiiiig ;iud U d tt the placet Lh?tmbrr?' -da iu Urnd-twce. A *aud of rn air wil xcompanv the b"?t <Uily i periou provides lines at .1 sin ill charge?hai* funm* e.i * alia. 'Iiosa who briuic b?><u must br-u* fh-10 to P?er No I, North Livei. No duw f r tuwi u Diniier and lefrrshmeuta on oard. F-ri* I or the r xcursiou M)e?u't f?lTll|{!)AV A ? I KHNo' iN KXCURHION9 for < hil r*-?i, K tiniliea and School*, to Fort ILtuiiltoti aud Lower Bay, V 'ry Saturday deriif the season ?Th?* boat wiM leav- -?rnoa trret, at ' I' M ; tydiial street lhj[ : Ca haniin Kerry, B <?okyn. IS ; Pike %tre*t. 1 \ , aud Pier No 1 N. R 8. iietar ta ud tit the siine maOR ham be ruin ids 111 Httendauc* He. r? ah menu 011 hoard hare for the exi uraioa, only UNl sllIL,IMi SI NDAY V X'UKSIONS TO TURTLE BAY. VA II D'S ISLAND. 1 HKOU'S NKi'K AND NEW flOHELLE?every Su^dav dum f the aeasou Leavn g A inoa tr?el aid A. M.; Canal street fi)? ; Pier No I North River S ; Catharine Kerrf% Brooklyn . 9R , Pike street, .0 and Da tucev street, I0>4. Will 1 eH?e New RochaDt at 4 P M-?and aud at tiie same plate*. Refreahtneuta ou board. Kara each sny 23 c?uU Notics.?The subscriber who haa eharterad thia boat w dour responsible for nil bilia sud dabta centra-ted od bar u :ouct from the present lima to the sixth day of Paptembar ?? xt, ui. less by wririeu arder from Ct|?i. W 'I Sahnltt HENRY E KIELL. Junk 18. 1844. jell7tia*m pleasure excursion to the upper lakes. .MM jjgi 'i'lie .'lirambdat W1SKON8AN. H. lOiuiiill. will !?..?< fct.ff.loonMool.Tlh. day of July ueit, 4 o'clock, P. M , ou au !.tCUisioo ill i'lraaurr to the Upper Leket, vuiting all le important placaa ou I eke* Erie, Huron and Miuhi in including Urrru Bay. Ample time will b* afforded In* p.iuengen for viaitiuK Maciuae, Green Hay, Maaitou alamla, .Mitwaukie. Racinis Southport and Clncegot leaving or lot mentioned place on her return on Tueaday morning July th. The Wiikouauu ia the Urgent boat ou the Weatera Lukaa?and propellfd oy a powerful low preaaure engine?iauew,andia unlird in the modern alyle, witn an opperaubin compoiaad ani re I y of atalr romna, and ia litted up and furuiahed equal to any oat in the world. A good Band of Muaie will accompany the boat and eeery ae.tiou will be made to make the piiaaage plraaaot to thoae ou murd Kur paeiage apply to S. CARD. 123 Broad ?t. New Vork. E is PROSPER, M Pier. Albany MIKTHKOI' k HAVWABU. KocheaU*. GELHT<?N kKVANS. Buffalo. Ill BUY k HIJIjHi'H. Cleveland. GRAY (It Lb,WIS. Detroit. Buffalo, May M. 1844 jullbt'm FOJR BATH, GARDINER AND HALLOWELL. , mgaewa otf, The new ale.imer PENllBSCtJT, Captain Jurnjtd* N. Kiinh.ill, leave, the cud of T wha'TBoatou, 9wwKJE>rriiry Tuetday and Kndiy evening,. et T I'd cU. Stage, will be in read oraa ou her arrival at tne above il.ic, to convey paaaeugrra to the neighboring towna. jtli jni* re REGULAR OPPOSITION. jjsx KVKMNG I.INK AT 8KVFN O'CLK **ALBANY, without LnuUiuf.?<Jabm 26; I)?ck60 enta; Bertha free The steamboat PORTSMOUTH. Captain O. Houae, will eave the Pie'- At tta f ?oi of Cedar 9 rett. liegular days from New York, Monday, Wedne?dav and Friday. From Aibauy Tu"ad?y, Thursday aud Huaoay.? 1 hi boat has bren leugtleut'ri end titled up ia a 1 aat aud cum* bitable ?tyl?, with uew beddii k a d furniture throughout.? Hhe has a uuinbrr of ??l*gaiit ^tate Rooms, aud cau accomno late froia I 0 to 310 pi*s"UK*M. Ilavin* a light draught of waff, aha will not te tetanias on any of the hara O. HOUSK, General Agent. Paaarugei* taking thia boat will arrive 111 A'uany in ample ime t ? t 'fce 1 he morning train of can eaat or west. For freight or pasaage at piy on board js!9 lm*rc SUM Mr II ARKaAeMENT _ SEW ARK AND NEW YORK FARE ONLY CENTS PIIE NEW AND SW1KT STEAMER RAINBOW, APTA1N JOHN GAFFY, jtfM (in ami alter .vioutlay, nay u, will run u follow ?:?Leive N'fivli foot at I autre it, it \ M. and IX PM. Leave New Vork. Ii?ut ill Barclay III A. M and Ir, M. On Hundnya?Leave Newark at 8 A. M auil J P. M.aad d?w Yora at 10 A. M. aad 4 I'. ,V| Flaunt carried at very reatoual l - 'atei Mi y Kit.', 1044 apdre FARE ItKDUl '.l- u !-K()H BOSTON, VI A N . tv PORT INII PRO v|D E N 4' E .^you-r. ?< KA I!E To BOSTON ?2 10 ; Deck Far* Ar?*1 10. !' Ne?port ana I'-ovidence (I. The ii-w and anlemlid iteanibua' NF.W JERSEY, Uapt R II Furey, will leave the | lar fuel of Ba clay atreet, north aula, Tini Afleruoou, at 4 o' lock, Friday, June aiet. . _ H or paaiauf or freight, apply to S BENNETT, at the office >u the wha I. nil'lin*re - ?? - Hilt II > Lie AX AND LIVERPOOL. /d6?HB Ti > It'i ?l Mail St-am?hipa ACADIA and yV/j|EJ^^rZrM B RI I A N N IA w .1 leave B, aton for the ?* ??? i ma. at Mlowa : vtruday, Jnly I, 1044. BRITANNIA Tuned iy. " 10, " I'aaaage for Liverpool >i7t " " lialilai 10 Apply to D BKIOHAM. Jr. Agrnt. J Wall at. Je2l ec HTATKN IttLANI' jH ****&** FKKRY. ? FOOT OF WHITEHALL. The Uuata will run ? inilnvi further notice:? Lk'AVK NEW YORK : ?. 8, 9, 10. II, A M.. I, 2, JK 1 ? 2, P. M. LI AVE STA1 K.N ISLAND : 7 8. 9 Id II, A M., t, 2. 4. 1, 6, 7* P M On Sundaya, everv hour, from I A M to 7 I. >1.?II M aa cepted FORT HAMILTON AND NEW YORK : Leave New V o.ll 6 A M JU P VI " Kurt H imiltnn 7t^ A M , P M. t -unu ye racc|.i-d I < LIKtON AN - NKW YORK: Lrnvn N,w Vo'k 6 A M , 2 and 3% P. M. ( I.lion 7>% A M l.Si and ?S I' M. j?0 r - (-update et-epted ) - **+ NKW YOKK. taigaE.. k AsioN. IBBESkS US. Ayr. ihe loot oft ourtlimt atreet, dai.y [ tiumlaya eicept d.l at A o'clock, A >1 . by Railroad Ir on Jerery City to MorriU 'w n direct, w ithout change ul Or?from thence by Poat L oan In a "hrou-h Meudliaiii heater, Mchiilry'e Mountain, Port Coldeu, Waehincton to k ulon At Waahmgton a daily line interaecta to nnd Iinin llelvidrre. Kor aeata apply to J. IIILL, >tt John P?tt?u'? I oinmercial Motel, 71 Coartlaad* I tree l. N. U ? .Vmaa lurinahrd at the the Heat notice, by applying t- v H LU~aK. Moi- atown ap26 2m*rc , r-,, . . " iltt A kTtTtlN KNuTTaNI> IKkl.ANI) ?uapP9 Ike,?IViaona about remitting money to their frienda iii thr Old Country can be (applied with dnfte in auina of ?1, ?2, ?], ?5. ill, ? 20, AM,? MM ? 1000 or any amonnt, payable n demand, ? ithout diaconnt, or any other charge, at the National Bank ot Ireland.Provincial Bk. do, Meaara Ja'a Bait,Bon 3i Co., Bai kera, London; J. Barni-d Ik Co., Ktrhange and DiaCount Bank. Liverpool; r.aeleru Bank of Scotland; (rieenocn Banking t otnpany; Sir Win. Korbee, llnnter St Co., Scotland; and the nrancliea in every lHiat town throughout Kugland, Ireland, Scotland and Walea, which drnfta will be forwarded by thr packeta of the 11th, Itlh, 2lat, and 26th, or the Royal Mall learner aailiiiK from Boaton on thr 16th ol June Apply to W. It J T.TAhscOTT, At their general paaaaite office, 76 South atreet, corner of Maiden Lane N.B.?All letiera from the country mnat come poat paid. JSrr NK V LINK OK PAI'KKTH KOK LIVKRorVSW l'< >1)1,?I'ack-t of 2ln Jnue.?The aplendid new. iKHMfeuii.l I .v irile packet (hip UO<' H KHTr. R, ISO* tons, l apt. J. Uritton. will Mil nn Friday, 31*t Jane, her regular day. Thr ih i>a of elm line bring all l"00 ton* end upward*, persua*nbont to embark for the old ceulrv, will not fail to tee the advantage* to ' derived frmn (electing this line in profere nee to auy other, .is their great ra|>erity rmdei* them every way more comfortable mid roiivement then thi|ie of t *mal'*r nlett, and their accommodation* for rahiu, ??coud cabin, and te'rill |m*?enger*. are well known to he superior to any Mhn, Pvrtont wiihing to ae.-iire bertha thonld not fail to DUlbo arI ' application on hoard, foot of Burling slip, or to W k J. 'I . TAPHi OTT, At their Oenernl I'aMage Office, 76 Heath tlreet, je7io3l rir ror Mud-n Lane, np ataira. ^' ,'A l ?I' cket lat July.?The packet MHn^ihipVI) rOKlA.f apt. Morgan, will tail for LonWeiimead'"i ** above, her regular day. Kor passage, bavin* 0 Poo pi accommodations. apply ,n JOH V HKKDM AN. 61 Month at. N. U raaaane fr. m Liver, ool and London, cm at all timen r>e engaged at the lowed rate**by the rrgmar packet*, on application aa above. jit tfre TAPHLOTT'H OKNK.KAL TAHHAOK OK *jgl*y KICK?Removed from <3 Peck alip to 7# Houthsf Mflb eornar of Maiden Une f'eraona deairoua to send for heir f inula in the old country, can by calling on the anbaci vera in ilie the nereaaary arrangements on the moat advantn*eoaa arina. Mr Wm Ta|ncoti liein* in Liverpool, render* trana icting ?uch bnaineaa with them highly benefitial to all portion .viahing to have their friend* i omfortably and qnichly den jatcherf. Draft* for any ainonnt, payable on demand without any discount or any charge whatever, in all the principal town* throughout lireat llritnin uid Ireland can at all rime* be obtained On i, plication to Vv la J. T. TAPHL'OTT. ii tncir (rrnrrai l UMir (/men, nil '* Month at. comer Mm tries tan* x*^ N KVV LINlf OK I,IVKKPOOL PACKEl ? ' "I M'h June?The eleunut well known and 2m?b?'<it'>!tarket >hip UAhliM K, ( tptan B. J. H. |'i -tk, ill >111 rouciually a?nh we I er regular day 'Phr ihu i of 'lua Ina <* all loon tona burthen and npwarda; id ire. it la well kan?n, it?n?l np in a atyle an pari nr to any iherliiienf pnekrta fur eeroud cahin and .t'eraae aa wall aa bin pa aengeia Knr pan -ye ?J ply U> I nartl foot of Wall tia?t, or to \V k J T TAI'Sf OTT. 7h S ii halraai earner Maidan I aaa. nira > ( tap-Lug frr tnair Irianda can faaa them broaglii oat n thta an ennr i at k-t, whit h aaila from Liverpool iha 1 |th mint lira I a lor *uy amauui can alan be farhiahad b? apply* k ,? ''??*- jjat. Mre III. I.IVKIUOOI.-The New I.inr-K*e7?i > bfi. Packet 21 at July?'The aplenmd New York built WjMKaPirkrt ahip IIOTTINOUKR. Ira Bnraluy. mauler, )0 ooa bntthen. will nail aa above bar regular dap. Kor freight or paaaaitr baring aery aqnetlor accommodation* nanr|iataa<l by any ahip in rort, appfT " board, WW aidn "irliag alip. '.'vooOHOIrL h MIN*'UKN8,r Booth M. frier I imaaage tlOb. . . . I fine I aw ,acgatahir I rwaapool, John Eldndge, maatar. I Ml I II , will rucreed ,ba ttiugnar, and aail on her regular 17, KUt Augntt. ... _ jtf iJiii it t I* A | ? 1 HO.H HAVKX Hecoad Lia#?Th? gffS?W,Hhni J?m*t Kronen, Mmw. will Mil on ABU fJ'" 10 j ^ rjo 0 Tontine Building cor Wall and Water ata. boa LOMm.n ark at i the >. ?i'.L'l'-'fiaVVcr;' fiua arc mmlnij. rrr.. rh,.'a, oarage ri, who w.II n hoada. ???bla tateo, 'f aa-ly apol"ati a niado Jebbtiat,,. W h J T TAX" ?'T*? 7k Mouth at. eornar Ma.Oau Lane.

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