Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1844 Page 3
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Murine Court. Before Judge Suiuh. Johnson vs. Miller and Barry,?An action of trespass for taking half a pipe of brandy under an execution against a party named Otis Avery The brandy, it appeared, *t> in A-very's store, and the latter swore he bought it from a party named Johnson, on a ceitain condition, v.z.?that he was to take th?a half pipe of brandy?draw out eight .gallons a time, and pay for them according as they weie drawn, and in default of paying as they were drawn out, Johusou was to bare the right to take back the balance. The Judge decided if this was not a bona fide by John sou to Avery, which however, he was inclined to believe, Johnson had no more than a mortgage interest on the brandy at least, and it was than mortgaged property in possession of tne mortgager, and no mortgage on record; or it may be received in another light, to wit: as an at tempt by Johusou to cover the pro|ieity as against Ave ry's creditors, who might be induced to trust h m from seeing this brandy in his possession, and concluding it was his. Verdict for defendants. For plaintiff, Messrs. Charming and Bucklin. For de fendants, Mr.Haskett Before Judge Sherman. Ann. 16.?Ferdinand Reimer VS. Melancthan Palmer, and Mary Dean.?This was an action to recover $60 amount of a note. It appeared that Palmer and Dean held two notes for the value of about $400, which they sold to Rei mer for $'J00, taking liis note for the amount; when the note became due, it was not taken up when a suit was brought, and Reimer hereiipon petd over the amount. Reimer now brings suit to recover one of the notes, which he purchased of the defendants lor $60, contending that the defendants are endorseij thereof. The notes, it was alleged, were endorsed by the defendants, payable to the order ot ithe plaintiff, so as to make the notes nego tiable; but not, as they alleged, intending to make them selves liable as security fortbe same. The Court granted a uonsuit on the ground that the plaintiff had not proved the demand accoraiug to law on the maker of the note Tannkhy Burnt?We understand that the tan nery of the Hon Xadock Pratt, at Windham, Greene co , N. y? occupied by Messrs. Watson and Dwight, was, with all its contents, totally destroyed by fire about noon on the 9ta instant; caused, it is supposed, by sparks from the heater. Loss covered by insurance. Amusements, Nmbo's.?Mr. Mitchell appears this evening in his celebrated character of Broomy Swash, in the farce called Aldgate Pump. The laughable burlesque of the Yellow Dwarf la also played. Ethiopian Serenaders?Palmo'b Opera House. ?Wo regret to learn that this evening concludes the en gagement of these premises by those giftid performers ? This is their last night of representing those negro cha racters, that tor purity of style and fidelity of imitation have attiaeted hundreds to ihe opera. Give us such ex hibitions as these, which have completely developed the ffberatic fec-ling ot the city, and we will discard all the pretensions of the foreign adventurers to our sympathies. Let tiiem be well and substantially acknowledged this their last evening. CO- COCKROACHES AND BED BUGS.?Saunholtz's Roach Bane has, during the past season, been used by numbers of families in this city, and uuiversally has been pronounced effectual in almost every instance in the per manent destruction of these vermin. Families who are troubled in this way will do well to procure this article Sold only at 21 Courtlandt St. 0Xf- WORMS CAUSE DEATH -If there ever was a time when parents should be watchful over the health of their little ones, or bear in mind the above wise saying, the present is such a time. Although worms are common in the young, and frequently in the old end middle aged, at ail times?at this ser?on of the year when fruit is so plenty, and so little regard js had to the quantity and quality eaten, the danger from worms is very greatly in creased, and too much caution cannot be used in detecting the symptoms which indicate their presence. Dr. Sher man has discovered a specific. His Worm Lozenges will eradicate them when sll other means fail. Thev have been effectually tried for the last four years, ana have never been known to fail; children take them without any difficulty, and none,who have evor used them are dis satisfied with their effect/". Be sure and get the genuine af No 10G Nassau she it, or of the regular agents, 227 Hudson, 19S Bowery, 77 East Broadway, and 86 William s rett. {fty- TO THE LADIES, and nil who wish fair com. plcxions.?A French lecturer on beanty, alter having given all the rules referring to the proportion which one leaturo should bear to another, concluded his discourse in the following manner: "Gentlemen, these are the symmetrical laws of the science, but to please, great care must be paid to the complexion; for as we admire tho beautiful texture of the stone of which a bust or statue is made, so we often overlook the irregularity of forms, if our attention it drawn from the deformity by a most charming|skin,which is a sign oiwholesomeness,neatness, and cheei fulness." New, the medical art has made such happy progress as to put it in the power of every one to possess this very valuable attraction. All eminent and celebrated doctors prescribe for that purpose, to keep the blood in a pure state, and recommend at the surest means the Extract of Sarsapsrilla, known in the whole ot Eu rope as the best and most successful purifieator of the sys tem. This article is very popular, as we can judge by the great number of counterfeits, but it can certainly not be had any where prepared with mere care, and more ef fective, than at Comstock & Co.'s, 21 Gout ilandt street, w here a number ot respectable certificates will prove the justness of his claims to public confidence. Remember it is Comstock's Saraaparilla which is becoming so ex tensively used and performing so many remirkable cures; and ull who use this Extract of Sarsaparilla aie reques ted to ask for Comitock's. Prico 60 cents per bottle er $4 perdozun. A GREAT CHEMICAL INVENTION OF FE LIX GOURAUD'S is that Poudrc Subtile for the safe and entire destruction of superfluous hair. So subtilized ami penetrating is thislpow Jar,that it pierces alike to the bulb or the soft c'oWnlike fuiz.u ou females' upper lips, or the bristling beard of man. Goto 67 Walker street, first door from Bioadway, and try a bottle. You can see the piepa ration ttsted. CT7- LADY HAVE YOU PIMTLES. FRECKLES, Bl'i .cbes, Roughness, Darkness, or any disfigurement of your skin 7 if so, use one cake of Gouraud's Italian Medi cated Soap ; it will render your complexion beautifully clear, white and transparent. If hair disfigures ycur up per lip, or conceals your intellectual forehead, a bottle of Gouraud's Powder Subtle will completely eradicate it. To be had only at 67 Walker street, first store from the corner of Broadway. The Chemical Soap 60 cents per cake ; the Hair Eradicating Powder $1 per bottle. Agents, 2 Milk street, Boston; 74 Chesnut street, Philadelphia; Pearcc, Albany; Tousey, Rochester; Storrs, Hudson; Gray, Poughkccpsie; Myers, New Haven; Ferre, Mid dletown; Green, kc., Worcester; Dyer, Providence; Car leton & Co., Lowell; Guild, Bangor; Jones k Co., Salem; Hodge, Nowburyport: Patten, Portland, ko. Have a care ask for Gouraud's Italian Soap, and take no other, it you do, you will be cheated with a poisonous counterfeit. fc?- R. 8- BERNARD'S DIARHfEA MEDICINE has been fully tested in all the various climates of this country; under the withering sun of the South, where disease hag slain its thousands, its virtues have been best known and more highly appreciated. It has gone to the battle field of disease girded with the armor of efficiency, met the feildestroyer, and won imperishable laurels At the North, at the Esst, and ot the West, it has warred against Diarrhrea. Summer Complaints in children, Chole ii Infantum, Ctielics, Cholera Moibus, and all the various diseases of the bowels, and received praises that will soon give it a place in every family. No. 97 Nassau street, New York, is the proprietor's office 0&- THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF SAll SAI'AKILLA, GENTI AN AND SAR8AFRAS,prepare.! by tho New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, es tablished for the suppression of quackery. This refined and highly concentrated extract, possessing all the pari, lying qmiliti-j* and curative powers of the above herbs, is confidently recommended by the College, ai infinitely superior to any extract ot Sai saporilla at present before tho public, und may be relied on as a certain remedy lot ail diseases arising from an impure state of the blood, such as scrolula, salt-rheum, ringworm, blotches or pirn pier, ilcors, pain in the bones or joints, nodes, cutaueou* eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arising irotn the secondary effects ol syphilis or an injudicious use oi mercury. Sold in single Bottles, at 7a cents each. " in Cases o! half-a-dozen Bottles, $3 60 " " one dozen " fl 00 Cases forwarded to all parts of tho Union N. B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers Office ol the College, 96 Nassau street VA S. RICHARDSON, M. D. Agent. OU- VELPEAU'B SPECIFIC PILLS FOlt THE CURJt of Gonorrhasa, Gleet, and all mocuptirnlent discharge! Irom the urethra pills, prepared by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, cstnhlished forth* suppression of quackery, may be rrlioJ on as the ,no*i speedy and effectual remedy for the above complaint* They are guaranteed to cure recent casus in from thrw t) five days, und possess a greater power over obstinat. discharges a*id chronic gleet, than any other preparatiet at present known, removing the disease without confine ment ftom business, tainting the bre-th or disagreeing Witn tho stomach. Price $1 per Los. Sold at the Office of the College ol PL arm..icy and Mr die.ino, '"6 Nassau street. W S RICHARDSON. M D Aaest IOOHD'8 FaTTibTan ALTERATIVE Ml J --For the cure of primary or sec indnry Syrhilii aid all affections produced by an injudicious use of met cury. The great advantages possessed I y this powcrio alterative over ull other preparation* for the cure oi Sy philis, is, that while curing the disease it improves tin constitution, whilst mercury generally leave a mucl worso disease then the one it is admhusteswd for. Tin tied recommendation we can give of It is, that it is now extensively proscribed by tho m<-dicai uculty, who for ineily conskteaed mercury the only cure for those com plaints Sold, in single bottles, $1 each ; in casus of hnl dozen, $6, carefully packed, und sent to all port* of thi Union. Office of the College of Medicine and Pbnrms cy, 99 Nassau street. - VI. fl. RICHARDSON. M P., Ages.. Hit- PRIVATE MEDICAL AID.?The menioers ol the New York College ot Medicine and Pharmacy, it returning the public thanks for tho flberul support thej havs received in their efforts to " suppress quackery,' beg Irsveto Main that thoir particular attention cnntinuci to be directed to ail discascr of a private natuic, and Iron t!<o great improvement* lately made in tho principal hos pita's ol Europe in the treatment of (hose disease*, Mtev can confidently offer to persona requiring medical aid so vantages not to be met with in any institution in tlm country, oith-r public or private. Tho' catmoutot thi College is such ?s to insure success in very case, and ii >tally different from that uernx.ous practice ol ruirun/ tho constitution with mercury, an.! in most cases leaving n disease much worsetlmn the original. One ol the men t-er* of the College,lot masty years connected with th principal hospitals ofK.tirope, attends doily for v consults ilte from ?) A.M ton P.M Terms?Advice and medicine, $/, A cure guarantee 'eroanm ro Cocntxv Invxi.iui -Persons living h tho courtry end not finding it conzimlent to attend per so-icli). can have forwarded to them u chest contain ;D< all medicines requisite to perform ? perfect cureoy statin/ lb ?iro*.? explicitly, together with all symptoms, time o cot Taction md treatment received elsewhere, ii en> ri 1 cr-.clouing *6, post naid, addressed to dV. H. HM'HAKDSGN.M. D., Agent t'thus and Ccesult'tig rooms :! the College, 96 Nassst ?treat. ? 4fi? HABINEAU'S nor, COLD AND SHOWER SALT WATER BATHS, foot of Deabrosaea street.? . f*Put,t'on ot thia healthy and elearantly fitted up establishment for all sexes and sizes, and all complaiuta whetner local hereditary or caaual, remain* undiminish ed. They are at thia season not only a remedy against all the incidental complaiuta ol a precarious climate, but an antidote againat all chronic affection*. Thia, the au tumn, i* the season for adopting every remedy lor the pu rification ot the body. (?- AG AIN THE WARNING VOICE 18 SOUNDED in the lust bill cf mot tality?look at the children taken off | by cholera infantum, ana aummer complaints?nrhat an awful number. All the case* reported are those that have neglected BERNARD'S DIARRHtKA MEDICINE In every case where thia medicine has been administered health has been restored. We could publish thousands of certificates of thia fact, all of which can be aeen by calling at the proprietor's office, 97 Nassau street, New York. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?Th' Tonic Miature, prepared by the College of Medicine ant fhormacy of the city of New York, is confidently rc commended for ail cases of debility produced by secret in iulgence or excess of any kind. It is an invaluable rente iy for impotence, sterility, 01 barrenness (unlets* depend mg on mal formation.) Single bottles $1 each , cases of half a dozen %t>\ care lllly packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Oitice ot th* College of Medicine and Pharmacy 9* Nassau street W 8 nii'HAKDSON. M D . Agent MONEY BIAKKKT. Friday, Aug. 10?? 4*. H. The 8tock Market to-day experienced a slight improve ment. Long Island advanced ) per cent; Reading Rail road, i; Yicksburg, j; Erie Railroad,, J; Harlem fell off' | 1}; Norwich and Worcester, 1; Farmers'Trust, J ? Canton Co., Stonington, Indiana and Ohio (S's,closed firm at yesterday's quotations. Receipts of the Western Railroad for the week ending August 10th. 1843. 1844. Passengers 8,378 14,185 Freight, ike 6,033 7,378 $18,311 $31,561 Total receipt* Rom Jan, 1 to Aug. 10th, 1843, $303,466 Total receipt* from Jan. 1 to Aug. 10th, 1844, 396,987 Increase for thirty-two weeks, 1844, 03,691 The extra receipts for the week ending Aug. 10th, this year, was on account of the connection at Springfield, which were $3961. The total income for the year at this rate, will be more han seven hundred thousand dollars. . The operations on the Long Island Railroad since the opening of tho line to Boston, by this rottte, have been of the most encouraging nature. The receipts have been much larger than the most sanguine anticipated, and the local travel comes up to a point necessary to ensure great productiveness. The receipts for'three days amounted to $4666, as follows ISthinst. $1500; 18th, $1636; 14th, $1640. This business is very heavy for the second week of the company's operations. It is necessary that the receipts from local travel on all railroads in this country should amonnt to full two-thirds of tha total income of | the road, to ensure good dividends. So iar the Long Isl and Road has produced this proportion. The total cost ot this road, terminating at Greenport, including all lots, houses, locomotives, cars, and every kind of property belonging to' the company, will only average about $19,000 per milo. The expenses of running and keeping in repair, will not go over $190,000 per annum. The through passengers average about ene hundred per day each way, making two hundred passengers at two dol lars each. This alone will give an income of $400 per day, equal to $130,000 per annum. This would be a large estimate for the year through, but we think that it would not be far out of the way to set the amount down at $100,000 The way travel, according to our estimates, will double this, and produce 300,000 per annum, mak ing the total revenue for the year $300,900 from passengers alone. An examination into the resources of Long Isl and, the movements of which are monopolized by this road, will confirm the statements here made. Tha great est commercial portion of Long Island is at the eastern extremity. We annex a table showing the population, &c. of the section beyond the half way station on the road Population, See. of thf. East End of Lone Island. Brookhaven, population, 7050 Merchants'stores 83 East Hampton, do. 3076 do. do. 11 South Hampton, <lo. 0405 do. do. 63 Sagharbor, do. 3600 do do. 36 Southhold, incln. ding Greenport, do. 3907 do. do. 38 Rivernead, do. 3449 do. do. 17 Population 35,187 Merchants' stores 177 These towns are largely engaged in the whale fisheries. Sag Harbor owns fiity-six sail, Greenport nine ditto, and annually imports from seventy to ninety thousand barrels of oil. We can safely estimate that tho income from freight over this road, from and to all parts of the Island, the freight that may be transpoited between Boston and New York by this route, and the receipts from Express Lines and the United States mail at $200,00*) per annum, which with the passage receipts will swell the tota1 income of the, Company to $500,000 per annum. Our estimate* are founded upon the existing condition of I trade This railroad, running through the interior of | Lorg Island, will develope the resources and increase the wealth of tho country through which it passes more in one year, than has heretofore been known in ten or twenty. When we take the estimates made years ego in relation to the roads now in active operation, we have reason to think that we may be as far below what will ultimately be realized, as shrewd individuals have been before. When the Worcester road was first built, about ten years ago, one of the Directors proposed to farm out the privilege of carrying ireight for $1600 per annum The receipta for freight on the road in 1943, amounted to $163,665 In 1831, a very intelligent committee estimated that the receipts for freight on the Lowell railroad, would not much exceed $30,000 per annum. In 1843, the receipts from freight on thia road amounted to $131,376, These instances shew the impossibility of correctly estimating the productiveness of th se modes of travel and transpor tation. If well managed, the receipt* invariably exceed the estimate. Tne estimates we have made of the,Long Island railroad, 11 realized, will enable the company to declare a very large dividend the first year. The ex penses of running this line will probably be much has than those of any other road in the country. The ex pense will not probably exceed forty cents per mile. The route is marly in an air line with lew curve* and gradi ents, and no bridges, and but very lew cats or embank ments; while wood can bo obtained on the line in any quantity at $3 per cord. The whole cost of running the road, interest on debt and rent of Jamaica road, will not exceed $140,000. We annex a summary of estimated re ceipta and expenditures. Lonq Island Railroad. Estimated receipta from the through tiavel $100,000 Estimated receipts from the local travel '400,000 Estimated receipts frem freight, expresses and mail 300,000 $600,090 Estimated expenditures for running, $100,000 Interest on debt, $377,000 16,630 Rent of Jamaica 18,000?$134,630 $366,380 This will give a dividend of more than fifteen percent on the capital of the company, or nine dollars per share on the stock issued. This statement refers to the road alone. The boats in which the company aro interested, are another source of profit, which we have not included in our calculation*. We have merely taken the lacts as we find them. We have estimated on the strength of | what has already transpired. At this rate thia must be one of the most productive road* in the country. We think the estimate* made in tbe above fable cannot be far out of the way. The travel between New York and tbo New Engiaud States, according to the records kept by the Steamboat Companies, it estimated to amount to $1,000,060 per annum. Allowing that tbo Sound boats obtained a half ol thia amount for their share, which would give them $500,000, it ia no more than fair to sup pose that the Long Island road will get a filth of that amount. We have no doubt but that, In a short time, the road will take more than two-thirds of the travel between this city and the New England Stairs. It will be seen from this, bow low we have placed our estimates, and bow large a margin we have left for an improvement. Even at our calculations the productiveness of the road will be very great, and from tbe start greater than ever before readied by any other road in the country. The stock ol the Company ia now selling in Wall street at 81 a 83 percent. A few days will suffice to settle the sub ject, and should the present large receipts continue, we soe no reason why the stock should not touch par. Olsl Stock Exchange. $3006 N Y Hun-?'?, '63 llfi'a 50 Harbin RaK c 7tU 9000 Ohio6't, W HI!',, 390 do do 77 5000 Illinois O's, 40 150 do do 77'? 5000 Indian,i 5't, ll'.f Si Lone Island R tt !'31, IfMHHI do do 45 300 do do UiO Rl WOO IVnosylvaijia |Ilt, 71 150 do do ?J 15 Bk Com, srftp, 07M lis* no do s60 R'J 251 niton t.o, ,i;(a 50 do do 820 R]W IIKI Farmers'Loen, r. Iflu in N Jersey It K HJ'i 50 do do 1,20 40'j 15 do do 03 60 llcadiiiK Jl R c 10 Ml Nor k Wor 11 U 01 50 do do Mi'., 200 do do 0114 55 do do 50 1,0 do do 01', I'M! SloniiiRton U It i|i| |mi do do 1-30 01', 2.1 Erie K 11 23 Ml do do ?I5 01'., 25 Western It It oq n ,|,> ,|o c f.1'4 50 Illinois Bank, 25 25 do do 6JJa 25 Aub k Roch R R 107 125 VicksbnrKh Bank, 7Ji Second Uoarrt. Ml Williamsburg Ins 'MlI* 100 t, Island R It 01 100 Lome Island RR l>3 R3k, Ml Norwich k Wor rl'a llll) do imj 75(1 do 07'4 50 do blfl Rl 50 Harlem It R 72 50 do III! 94 New Block Kxelungc. iOUO Oliio G'a, '60 b3 08 84 Norwich it Wor biw U 40 1' S Bank cli H, 84 do bJ 84 N A Trust 13'* 24 do 61', 40 Norwich it Wor Gil* 24 do buw 61'? 00 do , ch 61'* 24 -do cash 111 . 24 do tilx 24 do til's ^24 do raah Oil* 40 do bnw 61'* 40 do buw 6114 100 do cash 611* 74 do * 61'* 84 do Mou 611* 24 do an* filM 24 do cash 61?. 100 do cash 61>a 24 do 61,a 21 do cash 6 t'Sj Sacks or Stocks?Boston, Al'o. 16. At the Broker'i Board ?26 shares Long Island Railroad, 83}; 24 do do, 'J m b, 04}) 100 do do. J m Is, 64; 160 do do, 3 in b. 84; 60 do do, 83}; 116 do do, 83}; 24 do do, S3}; 26 do do, 83}; 24 do do, 2mb, Si; 60 do do, 2mb, 84; 60do do 2ms 8J; 24 do do 2ms 83; 26 do do 2ms 83; 26dodo2ms83; 6 Worcester Railroad 117; 6 do do 117; 16 Western Rail road, aod b 89}; 10 dodo 80]; 11 Boston and Providence Railroad, 108}; 26 Reading Railroad, 26; 60 do do 30d b 26}; 60 do do 26; 28 do do 26; 100 do do 90|d b 23; 130 do do 30 d a 26}; 26 do do 30 d b 28}; 26 do do 26}; 66 do do 10 d a 26}; 10do do 26}; 60 do do 26}; 10 do do 26}; 3 Boston and Maine Railroad (new stock) 104; 6 Granite Bank 64}; 36 Kast Boston Co, 10}; 1 Merrimack Manufacturing Co, 139}. State of Trade. Ashes?Pots continue very firm at $4 18}. Pearla are very steady at $4 43}. There is very little doing In either description. Beeswax?Prime yellow northern and southern sella us wanted at 29} a 29|c Cotton?The sales to day amount to about 600 bales, at previous rates Holders continue free sellers. Floub-Genesee is held at $4 12} a $4 26; Michigan $4 12} a $ I 13}, Wheat 86 a 90 dents; Southern Corn 47 ceuts. Hav?Common qualities Noith river bale aroheld at 32 a SAc; prime at 40c. The arrivals down the river con tinue large, and the supply in first hands is daily in creasing. * Puovisions?We have no alteration to report in Pork or Bed , our former quotations still rule. Wiiiskkv?Drudge casks are in very moderate demand at 33c; western ana prison barrel* ar* still held at 23}c. The demand ia very limited. Canal Tolls.?Tolla received?n ajl the New York State Can.lis, viz :? To the 1st of August, 1844, being the first 106 days of navigation $1,137,717 To the 1st of August, 1843, being the first 92 days of navigation 668,486 Increase $279,232 Of this iucrease there is on merchandise from tide water? At Albany and West Troy $82,627 On products from western States? At Buffalo aud B. Rock $68,098 At Oswego 34,987 93,086 175,712 Leaving aa ihe increase at all other offices, and being on product* of thia State. $103,620 Provision Market. No change in the different markets and shop* from last week's report. Poultry continues to arrive daily, anil ia very plenty. The Fish market is well supplied. Vegetables are very tine. Sweet Potatoes are selling at $1 26 a basket. Fruits of all kinds are in great abundance. Peaches 3s. 6s. to 16s. per basket; nutn.ig Melons from 3s. to4? per basket; Water Melou^ were novel finer for the season. It appears, after an investigation in the matter, that the water complained of iu the Washington iVaiket, comes from the hydrant on the oast side of the square. This water runs under the floor ol the market, and appears a* if it issued from the barrels if fish arrangi 4 there It is necessary for the street inspector to nee that this hydrant is repaired, and the water let out in a way not to produce any inconvenience to the public. Philadelphia Cattle Market. August 14?1(160 Cutlle ariired, viz: 118 from Ken tucky, 820 from Virginia, and 622 from Pennsylvania ? 317 Pennsylvania cattle went to the New York market; the balance were sold to the butchers, at from 4 u> 4}c Extra 6 a 6}c. Cows and Calves?170 in market Bales at $18 a $21; extra $27 a $32. Springers $14 a $18; dry Cowa $7 a $!(': Calves $1 26 a $4 60. Live weight on the Deluwan 3} a 3 cents. Hogs?670 offered?sales at 4} a 4} cents. Sheep and Lambs?1172 oft'ertd; sales at $1 60 a $3 23; extra $4 35. Married, On Thursday, the 16th instant, by ihe Rev Charles Martin, James Si-noun, of Louisville Ky., to Miss AIakv i Jane De Cue, of this city. Med, On Friday afternoon, 16tli instant, Mr. James Fav, son of Philip Kay, deceased, aged 32 years and 6 months. , The friends of the family, and also the members and , friends of Fire Engine Company No 39, are requested to attend his funeral to morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock, from his late residence, No. 17 Monroe street. Foreign Importations. La Ouavha?Brig Si-lim?(Reunited yeAjerd.iv)?1811 I> .?? 1 coffee Mason k Thompson?1000 M ait laud, Conine E c.?? L 1 Everett k Baltelle, "maritime herald. Balling Days of the Steamships. STEAMERS. FROM LIVERPOOL. FROM AMERICA Acadia, Harrison Aug. 4 .....Sept. I , O. Western, Mathews Aug. 17 Sept. IS Ilihernia, Ryrie Aug. 20 Sept. 16 O. Britain, Hosken Aug. 31 Britannia, Hewitt 8e|>t. 4 Oct. I , G. Western, Matthews Oct. 12 Nov. 14 Ship Masters and Agents. We shall aiteem it a favor if Capons of Vessels will give to Korkrt Silvkv, Captain of our News Boats, a report pr tin- shipping left at tlie port whence they sailed, the vessels apoken on their passage, a list of their cargo and any foreign newspapers, or news they may have. He will board them im mediately on tlieir arrival. Agents and Correspondent! at home or abroad, will alio confer a favor by sending to this office all the Marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informa tion of any kind will be thankfully received. POKTOF NIlW VOKK.. AUGUST IT. SUNRISES 5 9 I MOON SETS 9 26 ?UN SETS 6 51 | HIGH WSTER. ...........H ? Cleared. SIlip Hilda, (Sw) Hall, Oottenburg, C. K. Habicht.-Bamue Da Hoop, (Dutch) Vronk, Rotterdam, Schmidt k Bslchen.? Brigs Magoun. Clark, Montego Bay, Ja..and a mkt, Williams Ik Sheldon; Falcon. ( Br) Pitt, Bermuda. Factorfc Llghtburne: Wilson Fuller, Cobb, Savannah. Dunham k Dimon.?Schra Ann Hyman. "lotten, Newborn, NC. Medad Piatt; Com. Kear ney, I'aiiir, Baltimore, N. L. McCready k Co. Sloop .lames Lampheer. Kenny, Providence. Ship Tahmaroo, (new, 372 tons) Sinclair, for Havana: brigs Nile, (Br) Gale, Const of Africa; Alford, Mason. Ht 1 human nnd a mkt; David Duffell, Kenton, Wilmington, NC. and schr Erie, Matthews, Para, cleared on the llth; brig Hayti, Cults, for Port ail Prince, on the lltli. hroin some unaccountable cause, the list of clearances which we daily receive for publica tion, is frequently very incomplete. Arrived. British brig Mercator, Davison, II days from Windsor, NS. with plaster,to master. Sailed in co. with ting Baltic, for N. ^ ISng Olive. Jeffrey, li days from Sydney, CB. with coal, to P. t Veviiisk Son?40 passengers. , British schr Alice Maria, Post, 8 days from Yarmouth, NS. w ill, w ood, to J. H. Braine. Ilydaape, Cobb; Freeman, Bearse, anil Cora, Ulmer, Im Thorntston, witli lime.. ? Schr. Wolcott. Ryder; Excel, Lov-ll, and Jas|ier, Howes, from Boston, with mdse. Schr Bulliant, Mclntyre, Machias. Below. One I rig, unknown. Balled. Ship Francois 1st, Ainsworth, Havre; barque Perthshire (Br) Quebec- l-rig-. Persia, Merrill, l.aguiia; Viola, (Br) Denck, St. Jojms, NF. and ethers. Miscellaneous. COURSE or THE CURRENT.?A sealed bottle was picked no on the ea*t end of St. George's Inland, on the 1st tnst. in which was enclosed n taper Cm.Mining ths* following:? June 2d, 18-14. ?On board schr Indiana, of Philadelphia, II. Kuan, master, hound from A^ui ?chico|.t to Pruvidence, HI. lat 28 20, Ion H.J 5, Anclot Key* bearing I.NK 12 mil* difUnt. Lai M il.?A he in. brig c lied Hie .Intephus. 112 tons, owned by Holme* 8c Bon md others, to I* commanded by <"apt. Henry M. Allen, of Hippie in, waa launched from the yard of JoMah Holme* 8t Bon, at Matt p? i?eti, oo Toetdavevening laat. VViI son BarstOW has a ship in. the stocks nf 400 Ions burthen, for N Si W. W. Billinc-i, of N. London, to In- launched in tin- course of two weeks. Mr. B has another ship under,contract for a Fairhaven house. 10 Is- raided as soon as the ship now on the stocks is laiiiiclH-d. Y\ ltalemen. Arr st Fsysl May 26. Silas Kn hards. Deering, Sll, clean; 1st June. Philip I, Cox, Greeuport do; #th, Panama,, Sll, do; 7th, Columhns, Hut. bins, Nihil. ,8>h, James Monroe, Har ding. FH, do; Bengal. Friuk.; 14th, Juno, H|H...ner, NU, 115 bills (returned July no moif oil); 20ih, Arnella, Bibcock, SH, clean; Portland. M ?<!-?, md Ohio, Lne-i, do do; Piw-tiis, Slate, NL, do; 21st. .Ititiior. Tji.kham. NB, do; Niantie, Slate, 811, io; Monteinma, Uak ., Matt, H>0 ?pt Helvetia, Porter, NL, clean; 2tth, Amine mi. Dexter., 3wi- 16th, $ rankllu, Halsey, 811, clean; 26th, Frai.kfin,,Lo|er, Pr. vmc-tqwn. 9JI sp; 27th. Sam I k Thomas, N. ?' ? d . <<; ? -'???. fVolley ? II, cle.iii; ?lth. llenry ? I Wi'i, N ?it. d- ; l.mgh.m, El ok, Jones, Kilmou ishury, do; 16th tender, Gathn M irk*, Nil, do; 12th, Hobo lonth. <lo ( t d a!-' 17th); Pocahontas, Ilaiiter, ihnry, do; I6tn, Charleston, ' heste?:. N L, do; S..,.. . Vail, I, do; Huntress, Shearman, ;uid >>, Doie. , Nil, .1 , l.tli, russia, tPrus] Ih.rtwig. fn n. d. , d. , ltosc. i, Ben. NB, I landed" 160 sp; Droino, Steele, NL, tie C!hlC-,'' fton, St.m, do; Indian t h?f. Il. uipv^td, NL, dot B I irker, Ston, do; Idth, Wade, Doeni , NB, do; No,In Auii.'. .Richards, NL, do. ... o- , , ,, , touched at Hores, June 20, Conihr, Taber, and Duels) , Arr'at New Bedford 14th insl. Drvsde, frtm M ttapoi-ett, to fit for a cruise. Sid Averick. I ... .i.e. I t rtui.e. raporu d ?sierday, was hoiiglil for $13, OW, ct~,i; Drjade, at aiiit.oii, 1(100, easli. _ Bpokcn. Oregon, steering NF., Aug 14, lat 37, Ion 71 16?by tl.e Selim, ftmisvWiuii*. fur Phjlsdflphia, ?h..tit inmc timc-by th^mc Angilo Claikson. uf sNcw bury port, 40 dn>? from NGrltwns rBurdcim*. July fcl, 1st 45 13. I??n -. _ . New Kngliud, from Msrst-illc* for B? tJii.Jnly 28.1 t A^shlp steering E, showing a signal, white ground, iilue crosx HerriBa.Vrom Havanajfor Cowes, AugJ. l t 41. ion 61. Brand) wine, Smack, Rio Janeiro lor 1 liu>tk 1|In , Aug II, 417 43, ion 73 28. Foreign Porta Fatal. July IB-NoAm.ri.An vessels in lort. Bid Hth. lauges, k) tinge, from New \ ork for Gihrolur. P*s-e.| I7ih Isnges, Wilson, from N4) for MarseilU .. La Gt avra. July 27-In |K.rt, Michigan, II il. for ? .st.,n, . aystCoiiAlitiitiou, Lauderman, wig cargo; 4 - I.I \V..rr. -g'- ., Islehell, for Baltimore, 3 days. ? . Halifax. Aug 9? \rr Vehn itv. Slg-lmnt, Bosron. 4-Id ill.. hylock, Matthews, 8ydi?y, CB. Hi John. NB. AngG-Arr Anphia, Prttingill, Bono,,; 7||. ane Dnffns. McDonnell, do; 9t$i, Wm Ward, Liverisml m N ork; llth, Lord Maidstone, and Margsrrt Mitabeth, N I oik: 4th, John Boynton, do. ,, _ , , .Montkeai., August I3-Arr Calhanne, ( offey, Idv.-rp s.l III l.ydla Jane. Madne. Belfast; Amanda, Anderson, Oporto iilty. Harvey, Liverimol. m ? BEC, August 16?Arr Catharine. ( '-(lie, Liverpool; H ;h, 'ansittart, Richardson, Newcastle; Henry Duncan, Kent. Lit ?ri-< I;.; .trlmlrc, <iir('c](, N'-wcaatle. Old Ui na, $V I* asm, Bristol, ( ilc learn e Hwsrell, * >l u;i w; Kobrri 1 le.iry /I law, Keallev, Nn cU'"?; I'.i :gi>u. Bell. Liverp<ml; i i Gr.urqe, Phillips, L J "i. Inn >?wick. Beckett, d ;TiiHiflnt Ckts* itnltti iMMj Wm 11ml. lluikui, Gl sgow. i o'clock?Hre rakyStewirt, * nirk in Ivilhi'l. ?' ile*vl> 1 dru lir *. , a .h p ami ft ma in ball .?i. Ii vt just erri?r 1, 1 ut are .?>i )r( ??, led. lifter I'ortft. Brri'?' n, \Ug II? Arr (ltrml it-, Detroit; < hw> hmd, 4 hi C'-.. II I 1II I lor (fill ? elum'-u*, ind Lexi?;? III, Di- | iron; lllinnu, Lpi'-'i' Lak-Marengo, tuft'ii ttty; 1 Lctm u, Mimrur; Binning!) :n, Asiilabtil t. Homr Porta. Xrprtr*, Augb?An Bold (*ominandri. Tarr. I'h.l idel; hit. futt.ll" Aug 10?Sltl H .rraw-eket, Fredericksburg. Nr.wn: mi-i.ii f, Aiy 14?Arr C.iwier, Sieveus, BjMkn> SiltV, A".: 11?? 1*1 It*? ive, Uptou, Cope ud Yeixls. alu Oiftiia, Sin .11, N S iiik _ Eosrov Ami 15?Arr Oenui, Gorilsb II*vr? de OrtW. Mili Herald, Scudder Albany, 'JVlegrapked, HMMoiirx, #i?viti. lift Fayal. Big-ist for v letrque and * brig. CW Oitulap, Oordo.i, Havana; Lir.ider, (of H. lem, I itr of II .ton) Dewing, Rio J ? ~ iur, tuisoos; Havana, Colllus, neiro iuii) a tnktt Aldelnrou. Pii*... ?. i- .. .. Havana; Coriohmu (I ;e of Boston) Ur*ry, of via :"> 7u!-'j Partridge, Doughty, Bath; ton. line, Btiidley, lliiladelphln; A >1 Hale, Crnwell, New York. Arr lull. Aid. Crosby, Ricbuioud; Boundary, Sluckfnnl, Alexandria; It 41ay,U it-on, Baltimore: Watchman, C'rowell, do; Ware, Rogers, Phil ldelclu i. Liu Eric. Baxter do. Arr lAth* Elizabeth Hall, Cobb, Loudon; Harbinger, Brown. Fiyalt Mtnlind, KrAat, li Itimmr; Detroit, Cammed, Albany. Tel gi spited, Anuftwao, Irotn Sayua l? Grande. Signal for a lierm brig. . ..., Taunton, Aug 13?Arr Ch ules, Lincoln, Plnl delphia. Mu Hornet, I'adleforu, do. New Bkiiford, Aug 15? Arr Moiitilli. Philadelphia. . Phoviiifncf.. Aug 14?Sld Eliza Hand, Biker. B-ltimon); Glide, Grease, t'hiladelphia; Pokomokc, Suffolk, Va; HuUtre?l, Wescott, Albany. ftjlubttrHia. Aug U?Alti PenKitiu, Dill. Hi'l'lmin w; Win ifeldt. Ponce, P Rl rlpoti, Lilia. LuheCS Aiuia J Watiou, Eckfeldt, ret, Hal let, Boston; Heurv. Sandroro, Ptovideuce; Joint 51 t I'> ? Ion, Parker, Bosiou; (ien lioli ....., ??,ivar. Berry, 11 nvor; Thoa kenn. r, Nickeraon, Pfo?iHenre; J a men Barbour, Ban(i, do; Mexico, Tomlin, Nantucket; Brilliant, Wise, ft York; Maria Causey, Stttbba. Lambridue; Imperial, Head, New; Bedford; (jteorne Wanliiiijiton. Buirouulia, New Haven) Citiften, Stover, New York; Excellent,; Klaah, HoCnje Providence; Mary Ann and Caroline, Tomlin, do; John Harmim, Wiusinore.Ni tv Haven; Trimmer. Haley, do. Arr, Baltic, Percy, Salem. Mass; Moniter, Besse Wftrruam; Native, Lawrence. Troy; Seaue), Kaynor, New York; Elizala-tli Ann, McLean, do; V Barkelow, Tu lor, Tarrytowii. UaoTittoHE, Auk'15?Arr Northumberland, Nason, Savan nah; Louisa. Potter, Nantucket; Emma, Cole, audOvoca, Hop kins, NYork. Ai.cxaniikia, Auk H?Art Kdw Preble. IVttinuill, Kingston, Ja: Frank, Baker, NYork. Sid Dodge, Knapp, do; Hiciiard, Baker, Boston. . , Hichmomi, Aug 14?Ait Rob Hoy, Marsh, LiVtfPtpl|Minl M Klotts. Lipscomb, NYork; TiKiess, Hart, do. The P Was towed up liy the Old Domiuiou, in couteiiuence of having burst the cap off Iter cylinder. Sid Andrew Brown, Daily. Newark. Norfolk, Auk 11?Arr Hideout, Williams, from Boston for Richmond; Anl, [Br] Anderson, Kingston, Ja; W H Harrison, Heath, N York; Tiravers, Burt, New Bedford. Sid Marion, anil Magnet, Boston. The Dumbarton, Pendleton, is on her way down James river. Chahlkstom, Aug 13?Arr 11 Allen, Nickeraon, NYork.? Below, Malaga, from Matanzas. Arr 12th, K A Brown, Weat brook, Havana. Clil Charleston, Andrews, NYork. Savahixah, Auk 10?Arr Scotland. Mills. Liverpool. Sbl Northumberland, Nason Baltimore; Mary Shields, Worthing ton, West Indies; Isabella, Clark, Boston; American Eagle, Svmines, Philadelphia. New Orleams, Aug 7?Arr, Ytidateeo, Prats, Cam|ieacliy; KurTrader,Cobb, Galveston, ('lit. Win Ivy, Hoffman, l.a giina; Montetielier, Stackiiole, Boston; John A Lancaster, Lore land, Norfolk; Equity, Morgan, Matnmoras. POST OFFICE, ) New York, August Hi, 1844. [ NEW ARRANGEMENT?The Post Office Department have contracted for forwarding the English Mail which may arrive at Boston par steamer, alter the regular mail has left on Saturday next, anil at any time between 3 o'clock, P. M. on that day ttp to 12 o clock on Sunday nigli', via Stoniiigiuii and Long Island Railroad, so as to reach this city with the earliest despatch. au!7 lire JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, P. M. THE I will SCANDINAVIA. NEXT REGULAR MEETING of this Association w ill Ik- held in the Iwcture Room of Clinton Hull, comer of Nassau and Ucekman streets, on MONDAY, the. 19th instdht, at 8 o'clock, P. M. All Swedes, Norwegians and Danes, in the city of New York, w ho have not attended the former meetings, are res|iectfully in vited to attend. Per order, F. S. 8TALLKNECHT, aul7 2teod*m Secretary. TO DOCK BUILDERS. PROPOSALS, Sealed and Endorsed, wiil la-received at this office until 3 o'clock P. M. FRIDAY, 13th Septeinlier next, for building a Cob Wharf, ou the Flats opposite the Navy Yard, Brooklyn, L. I. The Wharf is to be 20 feet wide, and 20 feet deep, and to tie filled w itli stone. The Proposals must state the price |s>r running fool, including materials of every description necessary to In- used, and must name two sureties with references and residence, as bonds will be entered into for tin- faithful performance of the contract. For s|?cificfttions of the work to In- done, the sizes and quality of the timln-r, examination of the bottom, Ike., Ike., application must lie made to the Commandant of the \ aril. JAS. 11. BUY DAM, Navy Agent. Navy Aokixt'b Office,) New York, August 10th. 1841.5 aul7 ltawlwrc To TRAVELLERS. THE VAPOR BATH?Is till- best and most agreeable reme d for the exhaustion and lassitude produced by a long jour tie and broken rest. Travellers are invited to call at MRS. C.Villi DLL'S, No. 325 Broadway, and try the Bath, aul* line W A S HINOTONIA N COFFEE HOUSE, No. HKI Nnnnnii Street. THIS ESTABLISHMENT, having been rebuilt and under gone great improvement, is again o;ien for the public, by the former proprietor, w ho hopes, by attention to business, to merit a share of public patfOMge. The above establishment will, as formerly, lie - pen day and night. aul7 Iw O HOW WINDOWS-TWO or three show Windows, with i' Mhnttcrs i I I 'isteuings, complete, for sale at tin- Store, 41.1 BRO M? W AY, in front of which they may now be seen. an 17 lt*rc (JTORE FIXTI RES, PAINTS, kc?11. E. WILLARD will ell lids Morning, at ink! o'clock, the Fixtures, Tt ? I , Wind,m , Oil Cuita, Jug Oni*lie*, Paint Pots, kc , cor tn in,, I in lie- Store No 312 Broad wa ', next door to Gothic 11 ill, between Duane ami I'eail strec* ami tivm r?llE5P EDFl Mh IIV AND FANCY SOAP WORKS ? v>' JOHNSoN St VRGOM. formerly c unn of t'edir ami William *ir,s-r*. are ma mf inuring xnd i uttmg up for tie- tr ule, tlie,r good* Hi lite iiewe?ta dmost attractive stt les. mil ire sell ing at prices 20 ;-er cent low er thin em he tirought to tliia mar ket; of their moilif Curing facilities enables th--ui to sell for the iniile t prol.t Mauufncti ry and Sales Room, 70 Trinity Pl.ce. learoft'i u-w Trinity Chnrch. cu!7 lmeod*m Nails, twine, hhof, thread, kc -2000 casks Cut Naili, Brads, uu Spikes, asi clcd.ite*. 75 h le* Loiidun a d Bi id;-oit Sei i Twine, l.iti do I ntiou Seine d , assorted 18 sizes. do li glish Sdl Txtiu* 100 do C ut et Warn. l.VKNt lbs 3 ply B iiling Tw ii.e, 1st <pi lity. 3(1 bales Shir.' Thread, is icrtfd. 500 roils Manijla l oril ate i d B ,|e Rope. | M do Russian and Vm-*ricii Hemp Cordage, axsortcj. 500 hills Indi l Twine 2 a d .1 threwl Cotton Bagging, Burlaps, Sacking, hide wliip*, glue, ke 4itc. ? ? U MP" CE&UA It i ill MING an!7 lt*m Its! Peatl street. WINES, CORDIALS. PRESERVES, kc.%# toitu Fl L I ON STREET. NTAPOLEON ' 1)1 RTIN, respecifully informs he haa -I' alwarann his hands a complete assortment and very uir choice of French, German ami Spanish, of virions brands, still anil sparkling, iu Casks, half c u?k*. Cases, per dozen, gallon, and bottles. Also?French Vinegars. Gin, Rum, Absynth, Kirsh, old su perior Brandy in pities, half pit*' -, uu'Eter |ii;s *, r.i e*, |?-r gillon, in bottles ami half bottle ; llraudy l-rnit*; Fegirs of various brand*; Salad Oil. Cajn-r*, Oliie*. I'tcLles, Musuxrd, (rnty ere and .Neiifchatel SwmtinflRts, Pnti-a de Foles, I )ras of Straslnirg^ Terrines of Ne> rac, I ai ir, I'mlll.-*. Mit.h rooms, Pras, Sardines, Anchovies, t?,usees of Bnlngiie, Lvou Aih-s, ke. [an!7 I7t] jv2-)lin rr LUOINA CORDIAL; OR, T II E E L I X O It 'OF L O V E . TT IS A SOVEREIGN and speedy cure for incipient con 1 sumption, barrenness, ini|sitencyf Iticprhaeor whites, obstruc tion, difficult ornainful menstmation, inrnutinence of urine, or involuntary discharge tln-reof; and for general prostration of the system, whether I he result of inherent c uises or produced by ir regularity, illness or accident. It is pleasant to tin- taste, and |hi sitively sure in its operations. Its unrivalled re|mtation in both hemisphere! is tin- result of its almost su|v-rnatural virtues. LET NO ONE DESPAIR ! Nothing can be more surprising than its invigorating effects frame. Persons afflicted w ith weakness and lassi on the hitman frame. Persons I . _ . . tadr Wore taking it, at once become robust and full of energy under its influence. It immediately counteracts tlie nerveless nexs or looseness of the female frame, which js the Only cause of barrenness; and which, prior to Dr. Magnin's discovery, was Considered to la- incurable. Language, indeed, cannot ilo Justice to the merits of tin- LUCINA CORDIAL, which is regarded by the heads of-tfa- faculty, In all pmtl of the .world, as one of the most important discovsries of any ag>. Sold whoc-sale and n-txil, in this city, at 125 h niton street, Corner Nassau: and Smith 'fowl, Washington street, Boston. Price $3 |?-r bottle, $21 pet dozen. au!7 lin'm TO THE POLE. LOOK OUT, N ATIVES AND STRANGERS, FOR THE Counterfeited article. PMAES'S VEGETABLE EXTRAf T OF JAMPOO ? NY for the HUMAN HAIR, is with Confidence recotn meudml to ill whos.- hair is heroming thin from disease, scurf, and d iudrnff?the surest remedy to prevent baldness and gray hair?the most lieallhy dri-ssiiig that ran |>oaaihly be applied t< ly, and ft tin- lieail. lenderiug tin- hair soft and glossy, and freeing the skull from all hnmor and irritation, removing every narticfe of sgurf and dandruff and distsising the hair to curl, lis freipumt use w ill preserve hair in health and lieauty to the latest period of life. For infant heads it is invaluable: also for people that are travel* ing, suffocated from fatigue or headache. Sold in bottles, w itli directions. Jamimoiiy applied at llfi Broadway, by_ P. MAES and E. VATET. After which, the Chinese I ream is highly re commended for producing health, moistness of tlir hair, and giving it a glossy and healthy appcarinc. These artiele* are n|iproved bv the- Faculty of Medicine in Paris, and Patented by the United Slates. Only to he found at IM Broadway. Hair rtilting and Dressing in tin- latest style. Just received from Pin*, tire cheapest and In st assortment of Wigs and Hcal|w, hieh are to la- found at 10*1 Broadway.made 'by I. Maes and E. Vatet . The superiority of tlio^ articles has rendered litem cole led Iren- as we|| as iu Paris. The stock, which at preseii brated In-re an wi ll as iu Paris. Hie stock, which at present is large and extensive, is offered fora short period to suit I Ire timet at 11$ Broadway. an 17 Iw 're STRAN<)ERS UEWAIf E. JN THIS AGE OF.QUACKERY.AND HUMBUGA it is 1PI I litis At <r. tie tgiiAi isr.iix aisu iiu.vnji ur n is most important to choose an exterienced physician? DR. J. EVA NS has removed his Old I )ab-u's Head Dis|s-nsary to No. 288 Pearl street, corner of Beekman street, Where ha Continues his most extraordinary cures of all del ieate diseases, no matter how complicated. He apprises tlie citizens and tj/angrrs that there is no Dr. Evans In his old stand, that he has no con nection whatever with any other office. His charges are moderate? his consultations strictly private. N. B.?Observe the numlier?mistakes are often dangerous? 288 Pearl street. lt /"Medicines and directions sent tn any part of tlie Union, by particularly staling the cane, and encloaing five dollars, ail 17 lt?in' DEACON COURSE. FOOT RACE FOR. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. era H K PHOPRIETORH of tin- above Uonrae offer a Purseof I $|IS*I for a Foot Ran-, to takeplai e on the above Course, iteir lloboken, on the 14th of OCTOBER, weather |<erniitting. ss follows t? I \ l'ur?e of $WWt to tlie |>erxon who will run the greatest dis 11.).. w I thin one hour?$250 to the second in tlie race?$100 to tie* third '-ext in the race, and$50 to the fourth; if, however, the first iu tire rice doea not perform ten milea within the hour, $100 only will l-r given; and if the aecond, third, and fourth do not ,?"Tnnn ' N miles within tie- honr, they will recrive hut half the ibote sunt, and nothing if nine miles are not performed. In ? oe any |?ersm| should come from F.ngland, or any other place ,ni of'he I ni'eil States, for the purpose of this race, and should * j i -r ol the above purses, ten |>er cent addition w ill be al lowed fi r then expenses. Five dollars entrance will lie chanred, prevent | emms entering their namea who do not intend to Persons tab-hitto enter for the above are rermeited to do to - * soon a? ponfeii i ni, and no one will lie allowsxl to enter who doe. not ilo ao on or before the 2l*f of September. Knfvat.ces tn -de, x-id *11 information given by the snhscriher, ? itlrer ly letter or other** ise. 7 /- No lei.oti will le illoweil to start for tie* above Purses who m iy, islstwi tills and the above r?ce, run on any Couree in (lie United St etc- for n tnirse or Ilia li of $.'>41, or more. C. S. BROWNING. Me.' Hoboken, N J. fa- 19th, 1011. I'x m |. . from lloboke i h rry. an 13 lln*re PORK?5$half Hh family Mess Pork, for ? le in lots t-, .nit pureharers, by E. K. ( OLLINS k (),, suilru 54 Sou... street. amusements. niuurti utHUKN. Corurr of Broad ?va> nnd Print* atreet, N?w York. Tire EuU rtaiiiiuents aie under tin; wile direction of MK. MITCHELL. Po 'r% *>!*?! at 7? Kn !???** nttneuts comin?ire at 8 precisely. JThe ver/ r Wurlettv of tire Yellow Dwarf, which haa l-,- gr.-etnd V. ith gr- ?t api lanac ouVvery renrwenUtion, wiH I* performed tlii. e?? ii.u, with the. laughable farce of Aldgale Vu.iii, in which Mi. Mitchell will sustain tie- character ol h.m^aiJA*'! ' KVKNINO. August l?th. will be preaeuted THK YELLOW DWARF. . Fernando ...Mr. Keiiuo. il* Yetlow Dwaji... Mr. NickiiiMM. |ilh a #?????#?? Mim C l?irk? Sha Loojah Ben AU Mr Dunn Abraham \ Kuan. IVnulKHI Ml fur Miss Taylor. (Intcioti... Mn WatU Pivdwiuz Mm Haulw ick 'IV Hjig of the rt Mr Kverard (?/ Intel muuioii of half an^JJ To conclude with, ALDGATL Frill'. Ohl Tontine MrEverard t hole* River* Dunn Corporal Stock Levere VVil.lllflvd Willi. FellUO I lav i Line.. Clarke lJioomy Swrah Mitchell Mary Ann Miaa Clarke Bcrubba Vlis* Taylur Seriphini Mia. Holierta Nor >h Mrs Watt. ' C"/e-NO PU8TPON EMENT at this eatablishmeut on ac count of weather, us the Gnud Entrance from Broadway to the Saloon is protected, and llie New Saloon, which is ventilated fi an the top ?! nl".. le- enclosed at a moments notice PALMO'S ITALIAN OPBHA HOI SK. CHAMBERS STREET. ADMISSION ONLY TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Saturday Evening, August 17tl>, and LAST EVENING OF THE ORIGINAL ETHIOPIAN SERENA HERS, MESSRS GERMON, STANWOOD, HARRINGTON. St FEL11AM. Re*l?ertfully annonnce to tlie Ladies aud Gentlemen of New York, that they have made arrangements for opening that deliKhlful place PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE, IH7-FOR ONE WEEK ONLY COMMENCING ON MONDAY. AUGUST 12 And tlie public may rest assured that every atertion w ill be u?d to excel I all previous efforts. THE ENTERTAINMENT cortsiiTiisa or nkw SONGS, GLEES, CHORUSSES, COMIC LEC TURES, ETC., ETC. accoMraisiED with thk ACCORDION. BANJO, CONGO, TAMBO AND BONE CASTINETTS '. IN ALL or WHICH THEY OOF-CHALLENGE THE WORLDNfuL | TO rHODUCE THEIR EI)VSL. Concert to commence at 8)4. For particulars see programme au9 rc GREAT AND ATTRACTIVE EXHIBITION. THK PKOPR1KTOR ha* the honor of iuforiniiijr rhe rtt?. zens of New York,that he i* now exhibit ins lor a "'W day* at the Lvceuin of Natunil History, Broadw D, Niblo's <iardeii, tlie inasmliceiit MODKl* <I AIDS. 1 hi* really splendid work of art, carved eiitirel> on wood. i* the re sult of 10 year* "of labor. It comprise* at l?a?l j7,0u0 Ik u **., 1070 streets, and more than 100,(KM) different iiihjius. Kacli hou*e, monumeut and public square is represented with a uutl? fulness and mathematical nicety in tlieir form*v dimensions and color*. Inasmuch that jwrtou* who have n-snled in tlie great metropolis of the world, can easily recognise l'w ?'J*. they have dwelled. Open every day fromi 9 A M. till 10 1. >1. Price of admittance, 25 ceuU ; childreu h i! pr?ce. auU 3tawlm*rc THE ALHAMH A, 559 Broadway, hetwekn 8priw<? and P*rrcr Stileft*. rpHIS fashionable place of resort is oijen for the season. 1 lie X Ices, Fruits, Jellies, aud oilier refreshinents, are ol the tiuest deAnrl,Orehe?tra, combining sum. or the first musical talent iu the city, |**rform even* evening, except S.'fnrd?y* and >uinaays, favorite pieces from the comiHUtji on of Stf-iii?, Lancer, Aubex, Bellini and other* equally celebrated. Bit AM II. No 16', East Broadway, one door M ove Ilutger Street, where the .aim- delightful Ice 4 reams and Refreshment* may be found anil linisrrc COLMAN'S LIBRARY SALOON, COSTUME GALLERY, AND KXHIBITION OF bE AU 77 F V I- FA I .V T1NU8, No. iiU3 BriMithvay, New York. rrT*!"ADMISSION ONE SHILLING ONLY. XT') STKANUKIi sh. uld leave il? city W!thout calling id IN I . s r lie- tlr. M ' oil,anions of Books, Pniiitiugt aud Eu tifaviiii# . which ?m offend at ' '.ice* t?? suit the time*. Tle-Pv IILii KALE ROOM ?? hlled with hooka of every kind in v i rton- laiigusiir^, including I'riuU and I'icturea, Ui see 11V an.I lie- t'riul jLnOH. v.. I iisanv is made. jy*>ec JACKSON, STACY & SMITH, MA.Nl F-\( TUKER.S and IMPORTERS of Ten, Pocket Old'I Idel'utlerv, lUr.ors, Scissors, Files, Saws, TikiIs, ^"^''No'r'ltTl.ATT STREET. ^~ FARTIfTLARS OF THE FARM iu Huntington K*Tnw-i>hi. 8.1 advertised some time since by W. 8i J. ii TAI'St {)TT, can be had at their office, 76 South al, corner of Maiden Laiic. au 16rc. NE\V I.INK OF PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL ._p.,ck-f of 2l*i August?The splendid and favorite jlncket I ip I IVEKPOOL, (I1.VI tons hurtlien) ( apt _ dr-Jge, will sail on Wednesday, J lit Auguat, Iter regular J The shilis of (Ilia line lieing all 1000 lona and upwards, neraona about ty einha.k for the old country, will not Ml to m* the aiTv vntag"? to lie deiived from selecting tlus line in pre fercnce t'1 any oilier us their great capacity renders them every way more eonifoitahle and venieut than ship* of aimaller c.lass .md ilieir aecuniinodationa for calon, second cabin and Steerage p.n-engers, it is well known are superior to thoMi of any othe line of picLn Persons w ishmg to secure berths should not fail to III ,ke early application on board.,^mif Biiding Slip, ' ' 1 At their general Passage Office, 76 Bouth st, cor. Maiilen aulTrc Lane, up stairs. FOB LONDON?Packet of the 20th August? The splendid well known Packet Ship WF.StSiINI ^.HTKll, Captain Hovey, will tail |K,sitively as above KThe*?? comininlations of this ship for cabin, second cabin and sltsra-'e pis -icer*. cannot tie suriwased. Ihnse wishing to secure berth* should no' fail tomake r|.rl^\,,^^'^r?n "VlTrc I" "otlth street, corner of Maiden T.ane. egp. FOR M.W OKLEAN8.?LOUISIANA AND Jfl#k,NEW YORK LINK.?Positively flrat Regular Pack JBfia&t. after the'Oconew?Thu well known fast sailing JupoI^MMiii'd cop|ier fastenesl ship LOREN A. (.apt I npiaha/e will iKisitively tail as above. .... For freight or passage, having handsome furnish^ aceomt . datious, apply on hoard, at Orle ms Wharf h ot o^Wall street, orW '<# Bonth'atreet. Agents in New Orleans?Meaara. Holleii stol Woodruff, who will proinpUyWirwaril all goods to their address The padMlBu* GPwaee, Ca|d Minot, w til sticccd ihe |j.. ^KAND LXC UjtblUN iu iUL FISHING HANKS, Zl NT& ~ROBERT -STEVENS, fl55HU!3?Captain II. L. Mabey. will m ike an esrursion ?? tire Fishing Bank*, on Moi.da> ,.\iiaust i.-i.t iTrrTII^hJnoot of Amos Street, N. R , at a A. M ? anal itrect N. R. at ten minutes past 8 o'clock?(.hainlrer alreet, N. R at 20 minute* pa?t 8 o'clock?Pike street E. R. at quaner l-e 9 ovTnckU.1.1 Pier N.. I,N. B. at 9 o cloca?and intuin inn to the city at a proper hour in tlie afternoon. . F-.apiam Yalta, who i. well acquainted with tlie Fidiing Ground*, will accompany tire boat. Refreshment* fnrnwhed on hoard. . r . . A person will Ic in attendance with line*. Ba" fnn.iaked "Tfme Band of Mtuic will accomiuuiy tlie t o f. Fare for tire Evcursion. Fifty (rent*. .nl7 V* d*m GRAND AOUATIU I At I RctiUX lf-7-ONE HOUR EARLIER..- . .Man 0* The magnificent Steamer Ht) , dr^9r3e,'A ' Tnteadell.w.lf, on BA U R t?A 1. aE3E3E-Augn.t |7,h, rei^tt the Escurmm n hich g iv such unbounded satisfaction on the 8th tnsta t. 8Ire will b- v. Barclay street wharf at?n'clock-d-anal attc i ?'a-l""?.? 1 ??. mon.l street 2R-< atharitre street, E. II. at .' a -"id I ier No I N K at 3 o^lnck-rn?M4 throuiin III* Kill* ?? BtiN u j-^1 mi Sound, via :?Amboy to Sandy Tomt o., tire ,! ;r ',\ 'j thence down Am hoy and Prince,' Bay to Handy Il k, p'?s'iig on the left Red Bank Eight Honae, and tlie SonAenii?i<fc ol staten Island; and on the right Oscrol., I.e, nort v;.-I Mi,.'.U town Point. From Handy Hook she will pas, 'Ire Bl eV l.u y Ureal Romer Hhoal. Coney Island IM" . ! ' ' f Hamilton, Fort Diamond, and the quarantine and ?r rive in the city before I o'clock. Tina Excursion will not only afford onretlize is e "! I nity to inhale the pure anil balmy hreere of it- tint will reeal to their uiinda the moat intereatii'K remuilvc- ncn* ol our Keyolutieoary Struggle. ... , Fare for the whole r.scursion, HI I \ ( EN I S. 'htEAMHIIIP NEI'TI NE, (to ej. reili. I concern)?At Auction, fiy E. >t. ' iMAN A CO.,on Tl'ESD \V . Angn.t Tth, at half-paat one o'clock, at lire Merchants iEsclmiigc?STEAM SI' I ?' N EP'I I Nt . uns ImrUi'Mi; she i* in rtrst ratu oijlrraMdcinHftjm i, j" untied her laat trip from Charleston in 3A b "P: ??- w** ho roughly oserhaulcd two years since, a-d i-ewl) " villi 28 and :r2 O*. copper, litrniahed with new in,,Ier m*de in Allaire, and pill iu (irat rate condition Pi?i-r> ? I",, ngnie i. al 2.MI horje |K>wer, J# inch ?,!o'd r. ! -,,? >< itrokc, 26 fret dianreter of wheel, all made b> I I. All no '?'? ,f unsuriwaaed workniaiiahip. For rnrtlwr p.irHdnia ? i.m* ,|> (which ta full anil compl. in) api-h to I .iptini Holli.ia, ,,, boar I, at the Novelty Work., or it tire office ol ??} ?'"? ?r, 91 Front stret, where Captain Rolltua may I" seen dail, at in i'clock. Inventory al?o at tire auction i.nnn t ire .>-;>aiue nay be purchawd by private conUact a any tin- irevi. asfi he day ol Lie. " BOA HI' ING , TO EET, WITH BOARD- I wi ha.idw nrelv fnnnalred Parlor*, ?uitabie 6-r ge-itletnen and llivu wive. AI?o, reveral room, for tingle ae-.llviiw n I he le.uae i. in a central location, aud tlie ta.dv .u|, i.rJ ol Ik In I st, re. I leare eiiqnivn ? t 204 Fulton street .1' Wl Imre HARDWARE. < I'TLERY, NAlLrt, TIN PLATp. V ?qq iiltOfS low priced Kmvea and L ork?, |L,MUi$ll|et 5 c-.*f s IV-i and I' "k"t < ul'.ery. II r.o.s and 8ci*?ora. J ca-.lia vomiuon and ? -I m tl.b-al darn ti-Ar FiIm 1 I ask. low pi' d anil '?e. i ,, ud ami B vtk nuwa. ?, cask* "I.lwrll'a," ' Urad?'?," and .ointuon lloea. Ii-ioi kegs silys-lo-i I ul Nulls, I i th. low eat price.) 1*1 l,< sc. Tin Plate, !,*, (at &8,?> Ii.-a ) ARo, t race ( lions, loom* n d III -g- s, Round liolts, Npr ?Ik and Siu ire K. ilclrei, I ad nnd i'.teiii Knoii l.oclia. Iron Tea ol Table *?, ,?,ii, Frymg Pant,-j'rieii. mm ( a|ia, llalr Heating II ores, I hviu VA eh, l urn-,! ll to . Sof, Hpnngs, Ac., Sc., he. ?'or sale on tire usual credit, al <rr> |o-t pni-ea. ny .lullN A NEWBhUEl). . an 19 r,ti**rc No 911 John atreet, (up *Uirs.) _ SrIIT.AT-inwbu?hels I .ime Illinois Wlreat for sale by VV t. R. COLLINH k ( (> . ?ssalOvc * Sou,h ,uw( BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Indiana Election.? It is impoauble lo My u yet which party will have a majority in the Senate, but the whiga will no doubt have a majority in joint ballot. Illinois.?There ia little doubt of the success of the democrats by large majorities. Kentucky ?The Cincinnati Gazette of the 12th inst. contains returns of majorities on the full vote, in forty-two counties out of about one hundred counties in the State?consequently there is more than halt ol the State to hear from. The majority thus fsr for Owsley, the Whig candidate for Gover nor, is 4840. From Missouri, Alabama and North Carolina we have nothing further PMIailtrlpillfi i [Correspondence of the Herald.] Phii.adklphia, Aug. 16, 1844. The political atmosphere here is beginning to as sutne'a warm and angry character, and it is diffi cult to imagine the result of the October contest. One thing is certain, there will be a conflict be tween the Native Americana and the Irish. The Natives last night met in City Convention and nominated Elhanon W. Keyzer, as their can didate (or Mayor. Mr. K. is a whig in politics, but not an active one?he is a lumber merchant, a worthy and honest member of society. He has troops of friends, members of both political parties. Peter A. Brown and T. R. Newbold, Esqra. are named tor Congress in the second District. The wbigs or democrats, as yet, have done no thing towards nominating their candidates. Cook out for trouble in the ranks of the former. A man named Patrick Conroy, met with a most distressing death yesterday afternoon upon the Reading Railroad, near Richmond. He fell from one of the cars, when the train passed over his legs, cutting both off. The unfortunate man was brought to the Hospital, where he died. A number of removals are shortly to be made by Capt. Tyler in this city. The individuals spoken of as being the successors of those now in office are, without a single exception, old members ol the democratic party recently Tylerized. I have some strange Btones to tell in a few days. The new native paper here, ihe American Advo cate, made a most infamous attack on Thursday upon Mr. Tobey, the gentlemanly and courteous assistant Editor of the Spirit of the Times, which vejy properly meets with universal 'condemnation. Mt. Tobey is too well known in this community to suffer by such foul calumnies as the one refened to The brig Brandy wine, Capt. Smack, arrived this morning from Rio de Janeiro, with dates to June 25). She brings, as far us I could learn, no thing ot an imjiortant character. The United Stales frigate Raritun, Commodore Turner, arrived on the 28th, officers and crew all well. An impudent black scoundrel was arrested last night for insulting females in the public streets, and brought before the Mayor this morning, who very properly sent him to prison. There are too many of these villains travelling our BtreetB at night, and it would be well for the Mayor to direct the attention of his officers?not to carousing in oyster cellars hut to bring to justice the violators of the law. The Walnut street Theatre, at which the new piece called "Munchausen, or the Sorcerer of the Green Isle, and the Queen of the Silver Tide" i has recently been brought out, is doing an excel I I. Nt business. The piece is extremely amusing, and the house is kept iu the moBt lively bumour, occasioned by the extraordinary feats of legerde main practised ever and anon by the performers. The Arch street Theatre is also tolerably well pa tronized, as it deserves to be, under such a capital maiiHger us Mr. Burton, our distinguished come dian. His company is a very good one. and com prises, among others, Miss Cushman, Mr. Conner, and Mr. Scott. ... , Welch, the equeBtnan, it is cuiTenily ru mored, will shortly take the National Theatre and convert it into a splendid circus. The Chestnut street Theatre, which used to be ? great and fashionable place of resort, still re mains closed?no person, it would seem, being willing to'lease it, and undertake'so hazardous an enterprize as that of giving theatrical exhibitions. Within the last few days, however, a rumor has been in circulation that Miss Clifton of your city, had it in contemplation to lease the Old Drury, ss this building is commonly designated. . The upward tendency again showed itsell in our stock transactions for the day. Wilmington Rail road shares went up to 25, and Pennsylvania 5 s were firm lit 74J The sales were as follows: First Bo*n-*I3.000 Heading Bonds. 68; I North Ame rica Bank, St*; 4 Mechanics Bank. 371; 33 United States Bank. Si JIN) Girard Bank. 131; *3000 Tennessee Bonds, 841; *1000 ttnited Stiles h's, 1853, 103}. *3000 Slate 4*n, 74-,1*3000 do. do. 74j|; *400 Lehigh O'a, 41; 340 Wilming ton R H. 341; 100 do. do. 34}. Si cond Boabd?*600 County 4'S, 94; 934 Wilmington R K 34}; 40 do. do 34{; *300 State 4's, 84; 500 Wilming ton R.R.. b 4, 34; 10 Norristown 11. R., 8j; 00 Oirmrd Bank, 13}; 10 Trenton Bank, 30. SHIP 1?KW?. By This Morning's Southern Mall. 1'Hii.Aur.LriiiA, Aug 16? An Brandywiae, Hmack, Rio Ja neiro: Conn-tin, [Br] Cauagan, TojHks Dlaud; Henry, Nicker Mm, Bo*!oil. H?Tow, Richmond. Kilboru, from Mem; and 3 13?Ltd Maris, Lalnurnttc, NYork. Hid Lyons, Ryan, Rotterdam; Ida. and Pioneer, Boston; r lor- nee, Providence; Sage, NYork. . u Or.oSOKToWN, HC- Aug 10?Arr Halcyon. Psttlson, Bermu da. Cld Julia Pringls, NYork. Foreign Ports. Rio Ja-rrtao, June Ztl-lii |iorl, Wallace .and Kath leen. mitten., for New York; Cadmus, (wli) Smith, from Hi Helena, 'SMI hills. Romulus, (wb) R<*er?, from do: Sea Caglc, Sooth, ami Shawmut, Higgm., from Boston, di?g; MooWanms. Kelly, Baltimore, do; Pioneer. Shaw, fm Norfolk, an 2Sth. II Thompson. Harris, for Philadelphia, unc; Hebe, vjreeu, Balti more, do; tl S frmate Raritan, Com Turner. AUCTION SALES. THOH. BELL, Anetioneer, No. 11 Uprucr Strrrt. Regular Hales of Rnrnilnee.?Evsry Wednssday and Saturday. Ilea n I ar Hale, of Dry Ooods, Clothing. Pledged and fancy Article., Orncerie. and Varieties?Every Tuesday and Friday, an 3 Zw* m Til OH. BELL. Auctioneer. SPLENDID PAINT1NOH AT AUCTION. IEVY Ik SPOONER will ?-ll on Hatunlay Evening, at * 4 o'clock precisely. 131 Broadway, a Catalogue of Splendid Modem Painting., by some of our be.l artists. Tlic Painting, an- framed in the be.l ami moat fashionable manner, and will bn .old withnnt any reserve. . Also, after lie- Painlinir". ? quantity of beautiful Marina Hlwlla, from llie New York Lyceum of Natural History. II /-Artist* are invited lo wnd in their works. Ltbeml ag vaiie.a made at all liine*. ... . Paintings and Engraving, at private .ale, cheep Tor cash. au lfi It'm WANTED?By a .ingle gentleman, a Parlor with a Bedroom attached lo it, between Chamber, nnd Cedar atreeia. One in a re.|?-i talile family would be prefern-d. Reference* ei cbanged. I lew address X. Y. At ihia office. an 16 2tis*rc ___?? IIP ANTED? A Young Healthy Woman, wilh a fine breast of w milk, Iva. just lo*t her child, and would wittingly adopt another. Hlie reaiile. in the healthy location of Rockland l.ake. ami any reference for character and respectability, may be had at this offirc. Hlie may in- heard of unlit Saturday, at 94 Oonreg itr,,.l?after that, any roinmu.iieation uddre.aed "Wet Nurse, at tin' othre of the Herald, will lie attended to. atil3 3t?m CfONHI ONERS of flood, by .hip TRENTON, from Liver pool, W ill plenae wnd their |?-r iron on board tin- .hip at pier n E. R? or to the office of the .nh.eriber. All good, not 1-ermitted iu (lie day* nuial ?? wnt lo the public .tore, JOHN llr.HDV Ara, anI3rc r.l Hoolh .Heel INFORMATION WANTED. ? XyfRB. Dl'RAND, (lale Mi.i Maria Miller.) horn Dennch 1V1 Olwrau New Inrck, in Wurleiiitierg, now residing in >?? York, wi.ln a to inform her brother*. Ocnrgc and John Miller, rlao, tier uncle Mr. Rhnplie. thai .be would tie happy to wnu oi formation from thein, hiving not heard any .nice ihe year1*? from Rouen, France, when .Tic left the f-?'"'. ing (or Vwr.kee A" "^'f^^"V{jilO%m'n^l.^? y 1/ X I'll ESH Pit It EH MKDliC ED?The Hob.cnla.ra hava Ls ivtlucffl their Ki|?rc*? price* on *11 ?m*ll J** oid other document*, from M cent* to ?> cent* i*?r |**ck*k , from thi* cily lo Boff*lo and the RMtii. .Alwj. ,hough Well, h Co.*a Eipmu from Buffalo mCMcayu, at 30 cpiiti (wr pftckniff from thi* city lo Chici|ot nnd ih# unumedi .1* points on the J'"jNqs j-qN, WF.l.l.H fc POMKRWV THKMENDOrS ( I.AM HAKE CHOWDER, VMHl Clams I CONOKESH RtM K. EI.YHI AN FIELDS, HOBOKEN. fP*IK UNDKRRRiNfnD,on'Hiiirtdav nrit. the 23<1 imt^nt, ? Will have, mi tbr < onitro** Rock, the molt p*tpn*tve t Urn with I hnwdrr, thnt ever wm *pe? in ti?p United Si ?te*. Kvery attiutlkm will be rivmi, ?mj the hejt ilvtioii* uroviiied, by h. POULLhTT. 3t ? in \i:TlHCIAL FLOWER MAKER WANTED. \ I'KKION who und< rMiiiid* the bmnhwM in allIHi fnn??o? aV i U* | nii tine til*, coloring. *h-?diiiK, fntwhlti v% no cwi gice m?rrnfti n* to character and ca|*nrity, a lilieral in ilitfpmrnt wilt be offered, in a wiicliboritMi city. Apply w 131 fill l'? JtC YV line ?tre??t. CLIFTON HOUSE. ON THE B A Y HI D F., STAT EN ISLAND, NEAR "THk. N ARROWS. FOR PERMANENT BOARDERS, tran.cH-nl.lodger, and dvy vi.itor., offer, an opportunity of anjoymg the sea b.jxja, a view Ol land and water unequalled {or It. rieliinw-jneoe.., the luinry of Ihe >ea bath, (the wa la-ach being wilhm half a mile of 'Vl-Xolrhour ia o'clock-.* o'" iwrior carnage, m attcioDiiee lor lie- accommodation or llw gate.I.. A line Bowling All.y and Billiard ed for Ihe amuwment of .In N B ?Two of the he.1 mom. in the House may be had for llw remainder of the was on immediate appl.catKm of fami '7)n Sunday, the boat, run to Suph-Mn, landing every honr CMriagei m to convey iwawngera to riifton Houw ntiB Imiire w - - teeti i-t e et h-t k et h . fTM ItEt KDENTED REDH'TION IN DENTISTRY. U by Y TVVI.DIt, Surgeon Denliat, lo Win Thorn, 63 Kant Broadway. Teelh ant on " on Silver Plate *"6 " fold.. . , ?*! Tielh filled wilh (lold ' JJ TinKoil * " with Hit ju.tly celebrated Mineral, 73 Tooth Ache enred , . ... *,_ All operation, warranted at thi. office. an!3 lai rc _ 1 HIHHlMf MEXL-Abtrnt an l.rr ?l iUOTt

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