Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 28, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 28, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ~a ' - ?rr?-.T - Vol. X., llo. ?3U?Whole Ho. W31). NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 28, 1844. Price Two Cent*. 1 nu JNJiW \ UKK HEKALD. agdreoate circulation tHIHTT FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALl)?Daily Newspaper?pub Ii?hcd every day of the year sacept New Year'* Day and Fourth of July. Price 2 cent* per copy?or $7 26 per anuum?postage* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday momma?price 6]* cent* per copy, or $3 12 par annum?post age* paid, caah in advauce. ADVEKTISkJRS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ia over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and incraeaing fait It h at the lor gut circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and, it, (Acre/ere, the beet channel for Auesnes* ?let* in the city or country. Price* moderate?caih in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the moat moderate price, and in the mo*t elegant ityle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiETOB op the Hkrald Estabmshmkivt, Northwe?t comer of Fulton and Nassau streets. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. Of 1200 ton* and 140 horse power each.? Under contract with the Lord* of the AdJ ?unity. H1BERN1A. Captain Alexander Ryrie. lEDOJu/ CALEDONIA,... . ..Captain Edward G. Lott. ACADIA,, Captain William Harrison. BRITANN IA Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA .Captain C. H. E. Judkins. Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via. Hulfax, as follows: From Boston. From Liverpool. Caledonia, Lott August 16th. Harrison... Acadia. Harrison. ..Sept. 1st. August 4th. Hiberma, Ryrie 'r 16th. 20th. These vessels carry experienced surgeons, and are su|>plied with Life Boats. For freight or passage, apply to D. BR1GHAM, Juu.. Agent, auSrc No. 3 Wall street. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steamships ACADIA, and HIBEKN1 A, will sail from Boston, for the above ports, as follows :? ACADIA. W. Harrison, Esq., Commander, on Sunday, Sep. 1. HIBERNIA, Alex. Ryrie, Esq., " ou Monday, " 16. Passage to Liverpool (120. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BK1GHAM, Jr., Agent, au22m 3 Wall street. 1844.] THE NEW STEAMBOAT [1844. EMPIRE, CAPTAIN D. HOWE, Will leave BUFFALO for CHICAGO, on FRIDAY, 23d of August, at 7 P. M., and perform tier tri|>* regularly duringldw sea son, as follows UP. DOWN. LEAVES BUFFALO._ LEAVES CHICAGO. Saturday, Aug.23... at 9 A.M. Monday, Sept. 16... at do Tuesday. Oct. 1... at do Wednesday, " 16... at do Thursday " 31... at do Friday, Nov. 15... at do Friday Aug. 23,... at 7 P. M. Saturday, Sep. 7,... at do Monday, " 23... at do Tuesday. Oct. 8... at do Wednesday. " 23... at do Thursday, Nov.7... at do The EMPIRE is 260 feet in length, 32 feet 8 inches beam, 14 feet 2 inches hold, measuring 1220 tons, and is the largest steam boat afloat pi inland waters. Engine 600 horsepower, boilers Krovided with Evan's Patent Safety Valves, to prevent the possi ility of an explosion. The Cabin is 230 feet long, with separate Saloons for Ladies and Gentlemeu?spacious State Rooms extend the whole length, ventilated by doors o|?ning from the inside and out, ana all parts of the boat are finished and furnished in a style unequalled by any other in the world. Ample accommodations for Steer " ventilated Cabins, one of which (Agents. , ? J band of music. Wilkins, Marsh It Co., Buffalo, j H. Norton & Co., Chicago, J. N. Elbert. Detroit, . D. N. BARNEY, fc CO., August 1, 1844. Cleveland. au8tonvlie GRAND TEMPERANCE EXCURSION TO VERPLANCK'S POINT. .^gSB> yrxs ON MONDAY, Sept. 2, at the solicitation of cl>. . nHln^^s many who were unable to visit this delightful jL_ldLJL spot, at the late Temperance. Jubilee, giveu by the Harrison Union, No. 2, Daughters of Tem|ierance, and of mauy more who did attend on that highly interesting occasion, they have been prevailed upon to repeat the excursion in its for mer true pic-nic style, each bringing their own provisions. A table, however, will be supplied with the goodly things of the season, for those who may wish to partake of them. The splendid steamboat South America is engaged for the day, and the Washington Brass Baud, and an excellent choir ofsiug ers, will be in attendance, so that nothing will be wanting to make this excursion equal to the former. The steamboat will leave the foot of Barclay at. at 7 o'clock, A.M.: Rivingtou street at half-past 7; Catharine street at quar ter to 8; CaimLstreet at 8; and Amos street at quarter past 8. Tickets 37Ja cents, to be. had at the following places :? John Martin, 176 Orchard street; Elias Combs, 268 Grand st; Benj. Wilt, 226 Division st: H, Requa, comer 19th st. and 9th avenue; E. H. Holier, 175 Bowery; John F. Russell, 34 Nor folk st; Isaiah Bartley, 109 Chprltou st; Wm. J. Pell, 149 Suf folk st; John W. Oliver, 1'ii.ltlng Office cor. Nassau and Ann sts; Hiram Thome, 73 Ridge st; Geo. Jackson, 577 Water st; Joseph Dennis, 31 tilt street.; Luke ilassert, 13 Avenue D; W. A. Cromwell, 85 Clinton street; A. P. McNaughton, 323 Madi son street; Wm. J. Spence. 60 Fulton street; Dr. J. B. Dennis, 429 Grand street; John W. Brained, 83 avenue D; C Shepard, 191 Broadway, opposite John St.; Jas. Stockwell, Croton Lunch; Curtis' Drugstore, 43Bowery; T. 8.. Marshall, leader of the W. B. Band. 149 Ludlow st., also of either of the Ticket Committee ; also by Mr. George Hall, Brooklyn, and at the Post Office, do au27 5t* p NOTICE. FREIGHTS FOR BALTIMORE. SHIPPERS OF MERCHANDIZE from New York to Baltimore, are respectfully re quested to have their gooda consigned to the un I * .1..1 ..I. ' I * lT.^1. fi. 4 'I.. J' dersigucU. at Philadelphia, and not to Peck It Clyde, they having sold out their interest in the Ericsson Steamboat Line, between Philadelphia and Baltimore, All goods consigned to the under signed at Philadelphia, will be forwarded tne sama day as re ceived, and delivered in Baltimore early next morning, at the lowait rates. A. GROVES, Jr., Agent, au27 6tec No. 19 9outh Wharves, Philadelphia. PLEASANT AND CHEAP EXCURSIONS. SUMMER JIT" A JIRRJINQEMENT. NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (STATEN ND NEW YORK FERRY. ISLAND,) ANT) From Pier No. 1, North River.footof Battery Place. The Steamboat CINDERELLA, will ran as follows. Daily, from May 20th to October 1st, 1844 ;?Leaves New York at 9 and 11 o'clock, A. M.. at 3X, 6 and I P.M. i Pi Leaves Port Ricnmond, at 20 minates to 2, and 10 minutes to 10 A. M.; at 1, 4>f and 6)? P. M. Leaves New Brightou al 8 and 10 A.M.; at IX, 5 and 7X P. M. Ou Sunday?Leaves New York, at 9 and 11 A. M.; at 3,6 and 8 P. M. Leaves Port Richmond, at 20 minutes to 8 and 10 AuM; at 1,5 and 7X P. M. New YorkT May 18, 1844. myll 6m?re 8UMMKH ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK *>ND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY UM.CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIfT OTEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAFFY. On and after Monday. May 13. will ran aa foliowiLeave Newark, foot of Centre at, at 9C3luL.7* A. M. aud 1 k P. M. Leave New York, foot of Barclay at. at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. On Sigidaya?Leave Newark at I A. M. and 3 P. M. aud New York at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. Freight carried at very reasonable nice. May 10th. 1844. ap4rc STAT EN ISLAND FERRY. FOOT OF WHITEHALL." (The Boata will run aa followa nntil further notice }? , LEAVE NEW YORK: 6, 8, 9, 10, II. A. M.; 1. 3. 3K' 5. 0. 7, P. M. LEAVE STATEN ISLAND: 7, 8. 9, 10, 11, A. M.; 1, 2, 3, 4. 1,6, 7M. P. M. _ , On huiidays, every hour, from 8 A. M. to 7 r. M.?1 P. M. e*cei?ed.^oRT HAMILTON AND NEW YORK. Leave New York, 6 A. M.: 3% P. M. " Fort Hamilton 7>? H. M.; 4>? P, M. (Sundays eicepted.) CLIFTON AND NEwVQRK. Leavea New York, 6 A. M.; 3 and 5K P. M. " Clifton, 7# A. M.-.3R and D* P. M. j30 (Huudaya excei>ted.) NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. F?R ALBANY AND TROY.?Morning Line from the foot of Barclay atraet, lauding ,nt intermediate places. The Steamer E.vlPIRE, Captain 8. R. Roe, Monday, Wednes day and Friday Morning at 7 o'clock. The Steamer TROY, Captain A. Oorham, Tneaday, Ihurs dav and Saturday Morning, at 7 o'clock. F.veniutt Line from the foot of Courtlandt street, direct. The Steamer SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evening, at 7 o'clock. Tin- Steamer ALBANY, Captain R. B. Macy, Tuesday, Thursday and Batiudav Evening, at 7 o'clock. The Boata of this Line, owing to their light draught of wa ter, are able at all time* to pass the bars, and reach Albany and Troy in ample time to take the morning train of cars for the east or west. For passage or freight, apply on board, or at the offices on the wharves. ml7rrc ' PE ol'LE'a LINE of 5TE.J MB OA 1S FOR ALBANY. DAILY, Sundays eveepted?Through direct, ?at 7 P. M., from he Steamboat Pier between At Five o'clock, P. M.?1-andnig at Intermediate Places. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain William. H. Peck, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock The Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. O. Crut ten den, Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday Afternoons, at 3 o'clock. Passengers taking either of the above lines will arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The boats are new and substantial. an- fur nished with new and elegant state rooms, and for speed and ac commodations, are unrivalled on the Hudson. For passage or freight, apply ou board, or to P. C.| flchultx, at the Office on the wliaiif. ______________ au2i>rrc FOR BATH, OARUINER AND llALLOWELL. The new steamer PENOBSCOT, Captain ?N. Kimball, leaves the end of T wharf, Boston, .every Tuesday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Huge* will be in readiness on her arrival at the above places, to convey passengers to the neighboring towns. FOR LONDON?Regular Packets of the 1st Sept. ?The first class, fast sailing regularpackel ship ST. JAMES, Capt. Myers, will sail aa above, her regular having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage imssangers, persons intending to embark, should make immediate applicatiou ou board, or to JOS Era McMLRRAY, 100 l ine street, corner of South street. N. B.?Persons desirous of sending for their friends, can have them brought out in the above vessel or any of the regular pack ets sailing weekly, by applying as above, if by letter post paid. I*. H.?Drafts given.'"vable at sight for any amount, on the Provincial B""1- " ' payable at their respective branches ? on Messrs. Bpooner, Atwoodfc ?very town in Great Jtuiain. TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. PjISSKNCHCU JltHOtNOEMENT >OK 1?44. The Subscribers having completed their arrangetCPhti, an: now prepared to bring out passengers from Great Britain and by thi " "" ' ?L! *" 1 Ireland by the following first cbus Packet Ships, OM of whirl) will leave Liverpool ou tlie 1st, 6th, Utl), llilli, 21st aud 2Btli of each mouth:? Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, Cambridge, Montezuma, Siddous, Geo. Washingloa, Houiiiguer, Columbus, United Stales, Koscius, Ashburton, England, a I*-, Stephen Whitney, Rochester, endeuce, Yorkshire, tlarrick, el lliclm, Queen of tlie West, Oxford. Certificates of passage can be obtained, and every information Will de given to those sending for their friends, on application at eitlier of our Offices. Tlte-y will also be prepared, on the ujwning of navigation, to forward passengers and their luggage to Albany and Troy, aud via Erie Canal (o Buffalo, and all intermediate places. To all ports of the Up|ier Lakes. Via Oswego to Toronto, Port Hope, Coburg, Kingston, and all parts of Canada West. L%?.? I'.,,.. iiri.:.?i _ b roin Troy via Whitehall to Montreal and Quebec, Canada East via Ohio Canal fnnn Cleveland to Portsmouth, Cii Cinciu uali and intermediate places. South West via Philadelphia to Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Louis ville, aud all lusrts on the Ohio Hiver to St. Louis, Mo.; aud to all isirls of Ohio, Michigan. Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin Territory. REMITTANCES. . For tile accommodation of larrsons wishing to send money to their friends in the Old Country, HARNDEN St CO. will give drafts on any part of England, Scott and or lieliuid, payable at sight, for sums of ?1, ?J, ?20, to ?g)0?or in any amount to suit tha purchaser. OFFICES AND AGENTS. Charles ('rait, 120 State street, Boston. B. W. Wheeler, Union Building, Providence, R. I. J. W. Mills, 3 Wall street, and 16 Frout street. New York. N. O. Howard, 43 South Third street, Pliiladelphia. Sandford St Shoemaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore, Md, Pittsburgh, Pa. L. S. Litllejohn, D Exchange, Albany, N. Y. 8. Clark, V/J River street, Troy, N. Y. Utica, N. Y. W.'A. Cook, Syracuse, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. W. H. Cook, Buffalo, N. Y. H. Filzhugh St Co., Oswego, N. Y. mafiec HARNDEN St CO. PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. BY THE BLACK BALL OH OLD LINE UF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liver)anil oil the 7lh and 19lh of every month.] Persons withiug to send to the Old Country for tlieir friends can make tha necessary arrangements with the Subscribers, aud have litem come oi* m this superior Line of Packets, Sailing from Livrrpool punctually on the 7lh and 19th of every month. They wjll also hare, a tint rate class of American trading ships, sailing every six days, thereby affording weekly communication Vne of the firm, (Mr. from that port. #ne of the firm, (Mr. James D. Roche,) is there, to see that they sliall be forwarded with care and des patch. Should the parties agreed for, not come out, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball or Old Liue of Livetiool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, vix.:? Pis OXFORD. The NEW YORK. CAMBftlbOE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE. SOUTH AMklllCA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such su|ierior and unequalled arrangements, the Sub scribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that sup port which has been extended to litem so many years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relativee, can at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct ou the Royal Bank of Ireland. Dublin, also, on Messrs. PRESCOTT, OR6tE, AMES & CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ire land, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. 34 button street. New York, next door to the Pulton Bank. N. B.?The-Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each mouth. Parties return ing to the OM Country will find it to their comfort and advan tage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in prefer ence to any other, jeli 5m?rc THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail from New York ou the 21st, and from Liver|H>ol on the Cth of each month :? .FYim New York. L'pool. New Ship LIVERPOOL, 1140 tons, 2} ft,!. ? J. Eldridge. An"' 21 Jn"* N. Ship QUEEN OF THE WEST, 1230 tons P. Woodhouse. Nov. 6 r.iv, oju uius, . - ol 5 John Britton. fe |{ && $ April 21 June C Ang. 21 Oct. 6 .Ign'tf 01 Mnr Jan y 21 Mar. ? July 6 SMay 21 ' i Sept. 21 i Keb'y 21 Ship HOTTENOUER. 1?0 Km., May C Sept. 6 7 Nov. 21 Jan'y 6 These substantial, fast sailing, first class Ships, all built iu the city of New York, are commauded by men of experience and ability, aud will be despatched punctually on the 21st of each month. Their Cabins are elegant and commodious, and are famished With whatever can conduce to tlie ease and comfort ofpassen gers. Price ol Passage, f 100. Neither the Captains or swners of these Slops will be respon sible for any parcels or jwekaues sent by them, unless regular bills of lading are sigued therefor. For freight or passage, apply to WOODIIULL It MINTURN8, tl South atreet, New York, or to F1ELDEN, BROTHERS, k CO., jliee Liver poo OLD LINE L1VEKPOOL PACKETS. m. m M. ffi. '1 Ht Old Line of Packets for Liverpoolwill hereafter lie de Satclied.iii tin- following order, escepting that when the tailing y .'fills on Sunday, the thi|>t will tail on the succeeding day, rir-s? From New York. From Liverpool. 1 lie ( AMBill DOE, (June 1 July If .850 tout, < Oct. 1 Nov. 16 'W. C. Bar?tow,( Feb. I Mar. ? ifi The ENGLAND, vJune IS Dec. 1 750 tout, < Oct. 16 Dec. 1 8. Bartlett, (Keb. 16 April 1 The OXFORD, {July 1 Aug. 16 800 tout, < Nor. 1 Dec. 16 J. Rathbone, ( March 1 April 16 The MONTEZUMA, I July 16 sipt. 1 1000 toni, < Nor. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, ( March 16 May 1 The EUROPE, (Aug. 1 Sept. 16 618 toni, < Dec. 1 Jan. 16 E. O. Furber, f April I May 16 The'NEW YORK, (new,) {Aug. 16 Oct. 1 950 toot, < Dec. 16 Feb. 1 T. B. Cropper, f April 16 June 1 TheCOLUMBUS, (Sept. 1 Oct. 16 700 tons, < Jon. 1 Feb. 16 U. A. Cole, (May I June 16 ThelVORKSHlRK, (uew,) I Sept. 16 Nor. 1 1050 tout, < Jan. 16 March 1 D. O. Bailey, (May 16 July 1 Them Ships are not surpassed in point of eleganee or comfort in their cabin accominodatioui, or m their feat tailing qualilie by'any rettelt in the trade. The commander* are wrll known at men of chnraeterfond experience, and (lie strictest attention will alwayt be paid to promote the comfort and convenience of passengers. Punctuality, at regards lite day of tailing, will be observed at heretofore. The price of pottage outward it now Axed at One Hnndred Dollars, for which ample itoree of every detcription, will lu provided, with the exception of winet and liituon, which wil be fumithed by the Stewordt, if required. Neither the captain or owuera of them Hhipt wiH be respon tible for any letter*, paraelt, or packages tent by them uuless regular bills of lading are sigued therefor. Fer freight or pot tage, apply to GOODHIK It CO, 64 South street. C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling Slip, N. Y. J29tf and of BARING. BROTHERS It CO.. L'pool. Ml M. M. M. . . FEwTTminii.HAVRrTSrKETS. beret each ;i! Second Line?The Ships of this Line will hen-after leave New York on the lit, end Havre on the 16th of each month, as fol lows, vix: _ From New Yor k. From Havre. New Ship ONHjDA, t 1st March, (16th April, Captain < 1st July, t 16th August, . James Fuuck,( 1st November, ( 16th December, Ship BALTIMORE, ( 1st April, I 16th May, Captain < 1st August, I 16th September, _. , Edward Funck.f 1st December, ( 16th January, ShipUTlCA, C 1st May, l 16th June. Captain, < 1st September, < Bth October, ?, ... . Frederick Hewitt.< lit January ( 16th Feliruery, New Ship St. NICHOLASi 1st June. t 16th July, Captain { 1st October, {16tli November, J. B.Bell, flit February, ( 16 th March. lie- accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, com bining all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin IHutage is $100. 1 assengert will be supplied with evory requi site, with the exception of wines and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwardee by llie sub scribers, free from any other tbon the ententes actually incurred on tlwm. F or freight or imssage, agply to BOYD & mNCKEN. Agents. je35 ec No. 9 Tontine Buildings, cor. Wall and Water its. JlRRjiNQEMENTH FOR 1844. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. 190 l'ine street, comer of Sooth. m rn. M. M. THE Subscriber bogs leave to call Uu- mention of Ins Irieiols anil tlw public in general, to the following arrangements for 18H, for the imrpoae of bringing nut Cabin, 3d Cabin, and H lew age Passengers, by tlie Regular Line of Liverpool Packet*, sail ing the. 1st, 6tli, lllli, 16lh. 31st and 36th of every month. By the Loudon Tacitls to sail from New York, tie- 1st, 10th and Wth?and from London on llie 7th, 17th and 27th of each month. In connection with the above, and for the parjaise of affording still greater facilities to |M*tengers, the Suliscriber has establish ed a regular line of first class New York built, coopered and copi-eird fastened ships, to soil punctually every week through out the year. For the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their families or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on the following Banks, vix.:? Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork. Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, Hligo, Wexford, Belfast, Waleribrd, Ualway, Armagh, Alhlone, Colrrain. Ballina, Tralae, Youghol, Knnitkillen, Monagbau, Bainbridga, Ballymeno, Parsenstown Down|iatrick, Cavan, Lurgan, Omagh, Dungannou, Bandon, Ennit, Bally shannon, Strahane. Skihlwreen, Mallow, Money-more, Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin. Skibbrw-n. Scotland?The City Bank of Gtaagow. ? ''S'4""; Spooner, Atwood 8t (.0., Bankers, London; K. Murphy. Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in every town m Great Britain, or further info JOl .? .. n ... _?,.opnjerof South street, New'York, Or Meters P W. BYHNK.H fc.CO.. K Waterloo Road. For furthre information, (if by letter post said,) apply to JOSEPH Mc MURRAY, 100 Pini street. ' % IUe? ? *0 DfOH NEW ORLEANS-UNION LINE OF ? PACKEl 8? I qsHively F'irxt Regular Packet?To tali F kMKfyPA JBmMu)0,\.'*w r?y superior, fast toiling pocket ship l,MDiANA, Capt. J, 8. Bennett. Persons wishing toytMMrklfor the-South should moke early application to JOSEPH McMURlLAV, 100 Pine street. _ ? ... , comer of South. ..d b^TyK^v.1? "r> _ , NEW L!NB OF LJVKHHOOL PACKETS. To fail from New York on On fnh and Liverpool on the 11th of each mouth. NEW _ Ship RQStUUS, Captain Joliu Collin*. 26th Juljr. Ship SipDONS, taptaiu E. B. Cobb, fcth August Sliip SHERIDAN, Gniitain F. A. Depeyster, iltitb Sept. Ship OAHKlCK^Cartain^B. I.26th Oct. Ship Sll Kill DAN, Captain A. Depeyslsv, 11th Jrtlv. Ship GAKRICK, Captaiu B. I. II Traak, 11th AwjuaL Ship HOSCIUS, Capuiu John Collin*, lltli Sept Ship S1DDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, Uth Oct These ?li|>s are all of tlie first class, upwards of 1000 tons, hi ilt in the city of New York, with such improvements as Combine great speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement *f their accom modations. The price of passage hence is $100, for which am ple stores will be provided. These ship* are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give ge ucinl satisfaction. Neither the Caiitains or owners of the ships will h* responsi ble for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, uuless re gular bills of laden are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to k. K COLLINS it CO.. 66 South street, New York, or to SHOWN, SHIPLEY k CO., Liverpool. Letters by tlie Packets will be charged IS), cents |ier single etter, 60 cents per ounce, aud newspapers 1 cent each. milrc FOR LONDON.?Packet of Ife 10th Sept.? .The splendid new Packet Ship NORTHUMBEIL iLAN D, Captain 1L 11. Oriswoid, sails positively as alio ve her regular day. This ship lias excellent accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. These wishing to secure berths should not fail to make earlyfcpplication on hoard, or to W. k J. T. TAP8C6TT, a27ec 76 South street, comer of Maiden Lane. KOH LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 6th .Sept.?Tlie first class, fast sailing, regular Packet ?Slim ASI1BURTON, Captain Huttlesou, will sail as above, lier ngu|.ir day. Having su|<erior accommodations for,cabin, second cabin aud steerage passengers, persons intending to embark should make immediate application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMUllRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South. The above will be succeeded by the Packet Ship Stephen Whitney, Captaiu Thompson, aud will sail on the 11th of Sept, her regular day. N. B.?Peraous desirous of sending for their friends, can have them brought out in either of tlie above veaselsor in any of tlie regular packets, sailing weekly, by applying a* above, if by letter, post jiaicl. P. 8. Draft* given, payable at sight lor any amount, on the Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at UN-ir re?|iective brandies throughout tlie country ; also, on Messrs. Spooner, k Co., hankers, London, payable in every town iu Great Britain, an27re KOH LIVERPOOL.?The splendid fast sailing new ship COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, will sail on itlie 1st of September. or passage, having siijierior accommodations, apply to JOHN HERD MAN, 61 South street, near Wall. N. B. Passage from Liverpool can at all times be secured by tlie regular packets sailing from that |Kirt every five davs(at the lowest rates, and Drafts can, as usual, be furnished lor any amount, payable at all the principal banks anil their branches throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, on applies tion as above. au27m FOR LIVERPOLL?Packet of the 1st Septemlier. ?The splendid, fast sailing packet ship COLUMBUS iCaptaiu Cole, sails positively as above, her regular 'bis ship has excellent accommodations for cabin, second cabin aud steerage passengers. Those wishing to seen re berths, should not fail to make early application on hoard, or to W. It J. T. TA^SCOTT, an27ec 76 South st. cor. Maiden lane. ???- FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Regular MfwyPVPacket 21st September.?The splendid, new. New JfiSft&York buit packet ship QUEEN OF THE. WEST, Captain Philip Woodhouse, 1260 tons butihern, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having elegant and superior accommo dations, unsurpassed by any snip in liort, apply on board, west side Durlhig Slip, or to WOODHULL k MINTURN8, 87 South street. Price of Passage $100. The packet ship Rochester. Captain Ira Bntton, master, 800 tons burthen, will succeed tne Queeu of the West, and sail on her regular day, 21st October. au22rc BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVER POOL PACKETS?FOR LIVERPOOL?Only .regular packet sailing on the 1st of September.?'The well-known fast sailing favorite packet ship COLUMBUS, Captain A. Cole, Commander, will sail positively on Mondoy, 2d of September, her regular day. It is well known that the accommodations of the "Colum bus" and all the eight shi|ts of this line, are lilted out inn most costly style, with every modern improvement and conveni ence, that cnuuot but add to tlie comfort of cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers. Those visiting tile old country will, at all times, find it tlieir interest to select tiiese desirable conveyances in preference to any other. For terms of passage and to secure the best berths, early application should be made on board, foot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO., 36 Fulton street, nest door to the Fulton Bank. P. S.?The Columbus sails from Liverpool on tlie IGth of Sep tember. Persons sending for tlieir friends can have them brought out in her, or in any of the |iackets comprising this magnificeut aud unequalled line, sailing from that port, punctually ou the 1st and Iblh of each month. For terms of passage appl y as above. The new and mat nificlint packet ship Yorkshire will succeed the Columbus, and sail for Liverpool ou the 16lh of September, her regular day. au22rc FOR HAVRE?The superior coppered and copper fastened French barque L 1NCA, Captaiu Oervais, jwill sail ou or about the 20th instant. For freight or pply to BOYD k HINCKEN, No. 0 Tontine Building, cor Wall and Water st PACKET FOR HAVRE?{Second Liue)?The flap UTICA, Frederick Hewitt, Master, will sail on tlie vl*t of September, iglitor passage, apply to. BOVU k HINCKEN, No. 9 Tontine Building, corner Wall and Water streets. FOR NEW ORLEANS?First Regular Packet.? .The very sujierior, fast sailing packet ship WABASH, sCantain Shapter. Persons wishing to embark for the south, should make early application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South. P. 8.?The accommodations for passengers are very superior, and lierihs can I*- secured by applying as above. an5rc FOR NEW ORLEANS?Packet % tin- 1st of Sept. ? The splendid, well known packet ship FAIRFIELD' jCaptaui Wilson, will be despatched ss above. 1 Ins superior ship offers a most desirable conveyance for ca bin, second cabin and Steerage passengers, wlio w ill be taken on moderate terms. Apply on board, at Murray's wharf, foot of Wall street, or to JOHN HF.RDMAN, 61 South street. N. B.?The subscriber will have a regular succession of first class ships sailing weekly for New Orleans, in whicM the pas sengers accommodations will he made very comfortable Apply as above. au27m ?&&?' __ at all the principal Banking Institutions throughout llie Uui Kingdom. JOHN HERDMAN, (it South ? NT B. Passage to and from Liverpool can be secured at the lowest rate* by any of the line of packets sailing on the 1st. 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st and 26th of each mouth, on application as above. PASSAGE FOR NKW ORLEANS-Kirst I'acu ,et?The splendid last sailing anil favorite Packet Ship .SOUTH CAROLINA, Captain Owen, 1250 tons lurlheu, will sail imsitively as above. The accommodations of this line ship for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers cannot be sur)>assed. Those about proceeding to New Orleans would do well to select this line ship. Apply on hoard, at pier 14 E. R., (first pier below Wall St,) or to W. k. J. T. TAP8COTT, 76 South street, au20h corner Maiden lane. FOR NEW ORLEANS.?Positively First Packet -j? - Ship.?The splendid, fast sailing ship SOUTH CA JmmIm ROLIN A, (.apt. Owen, having nearly all her cargo on hoard, will he despatched ill a lew days. This splendid ship has unsurpassed accommodations for ca bin, second cabin and steerage passengers, who will he takeu at reasonable rates, if early application is made to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street. N.B. The subscriber will have a regular succession of first Class ships, sailing weekly for New Orleans, in which the pas senger accommodations will be made very comfortable. Apply as above. au21ec BL1NE OF PACKET ships FOR NEW OR EAN8.?The subscriber will despatch a first class ip, weekly for the above port; and great care will be e the accommodations for second cabin and steerage passengers, fitted up in the most comfortable manner. For fur ther particulars apply to J. HERDMAN, aullm 61 South street PASSAGE FOR NEW ORLEANS-ThTfJt .sailing and favorite packet ship LORKNA, Captain .llnnnehari. will have, immediate desiiatch. She has splendid accommodations for cabin, aecond cabin and steerage passengers, who w ill be taken at a low rate, if early application be matte on board, foot of Wall street, or to W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, au24m 76 South street, corner Maiden Lane. EXCHANGE ON ENGLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES*?The Subscriber has tail .times for tale. Drafts from El to ?1000, payable " ' ilutioua throughout die Uuited it. : the e* by any of the line of packets sailing on the 1st. _ , 21st and 26th of each month, on application at ab pflKec HIGHLY IMPORTANT DISCOVERY! ALL KINDS OF WOOLEN OR COTTON GOODS, ready made cloaks, Coats, |wntaloous, lie., rendered water proof by an entirely new process, which will be found to answer all expectations. By this process, the pnrea'of the articles made waterproof re main o|<en. so tlist the evaporation is not cheeked, as is the rase with the Macintosh clothing, which by reason of the pores being closed, ate found to lie at times uncomfortably warm.? The water runs off like quicksilver from the articles nude red waterproof. It is impossible, in the hardest rain, for one drop to get through the stuff itself; is not injured in the process, neither in quality nor color. It does not get stiffer nor heavier ?does not diffuse any unpleasant odor, (as it is the cast' with Kinds rendered watererproof by India rubber, gum arahic, glue, r.p) nor is the least change |ierceptijde to lite eye. Inde|>eiid rntly of the goods being rendered impervious to the rain or snow, they are likewise w arranted, after having undergone tin. process, not to become moth eaten. It matters not whether the goods are fine or coarse, finished or not, with or without gloss, as by the. process tin y may lie made to have more or less . g loss and finish according to the wish of the. customer. Cotton and linen goods, however, must lie closely woven, and have no sizing in tliem, to undergo this process. Goods Jen to Ire ren dered waterproof, may lie called for within a few days (say eight days, the inmost) after they are left, and the charges will be moderate. A trial is rea|iectl'ully solicited, by O. RUGEIt, 64 Essex street. Information given, and orders received by LEOPOLD KUH'S, German Agency, 28 Piatt street, N. Y. a27 3t*ee LEECHES-LEECHES?L EECHES. nnn 8WEEDIBH AND GERMAN leechkh Just received by the Havre Packet, for sale whole sale and retail at the most moderate prices, by C. J. FERDINAND fc COPPA, Importers of Leeches, sill Im'ec I40 Nassau street. N V. TO MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN WO( 1LLENS. HENRY M I G E O N , /"CORNER of Laight and Washington streets, New Vork, G Finisher of Cloths, Cassimrret, Satinets, kc.. respectfully informs tic manufacturers and dealers in woollens, that his establishment is now in successful operation, and that lie is pre pared to execute with promptnasa, all ordersinhis line that may be confided to him. Specimens of his workmsnship may he seen on application to the gentlemen whose names are annexml, and to whom tie lias liln-rty to refer. Orders may be left atfil and 61 Pine street. REFERENCES. Wolcott k Slade, 6t Pine street. W. C. Lang ley, 6j Pine street. Hnlsted. ilaines k Co.. 31 Nassau street. D. Brigham, 68 Pine nreel. H.J. Jones k Co., 12 Puis street. au23 lm*rc IT l/iRNI all ED ROOM 'TO L KT-Without board, in house i. 66 Greenwich street, where thenars no boarders taken. Ap ply on the pmouses. a?22 krs THE 1 uf ] TO CITY AM) COUNTRY MERCHANTS. FIVE PER CENT CAriH STORE, 1(1 Cellar Street. SUBSCRIBERS offer a choice and well selected stuck of Dry (foods at an advance of but five per cent on the actual coat. Country Mercluuita will find it greatly to their ad vantage to call u|s>n ua in order to ascertain the uiarket value of goods, even if tliey do not intend to purchase. The attentiou of city dealers is also requested. Our goods are all marked iu figures, and'the commission charged at tl<e foot of the bill. A call is resiwctfully solicited by HUTCHINUS, CASWELL k SMITH, Kiva Per Cent Store, au2( lm*rc 16 Cedar street, near Pearl street. ("PAKE NOTICE.?Tire Subscriber continues to practice on A the same terms that he has for the last leu years past in the city of New York, attend to every branch of sick ness that the human nature is subject to, particularly iu such cases as are of long standing and ai>|<ear incurable. He wishes such to call ou hi in, and they shall receive the first medicine and attendance gratis. Office No. 57 lie ado street, a few doors north from Broadway. S. HEINE, M. U. au22 Im'm Herman Physician STOUVKnEL ite CO., OQ UOLD STREET, NEW YORK, Manufacture all Af?7 sorts of OLASS, and cut and match it to any pat terns. Constantly on hand, a complete assortment of every de scription. All kinds of (alius made and cut to order. They also manufacture Solar Lamps, Chandeliers, Giran doles, Unudelabras, Suspending Solar, Irom I to 12 lights ; Hall Lamp* and Lanterns of any sire and patterns ; also, Camphine Lamps ; Astral, altered to Solar. Country m?reliant* and cith ers will find it to their jnteresl to call a* above, or at their De pot, 3 John slnel, near Broadway, where they can obtain arti cle* of the best quality, warranted, and at very low prices, w holesale and retail. Hoods loaned for parties j>26 lm*ec JOSEPH (JILLOTT'S STEEL PENS-The subscriber has J on hand and is constantly receiviug fresh supplirs of the above well kuown Pens?consisting in part of the Croton (new) on cards, engraved views. American Barrel Pen (uew.) Magnum Bonum Commercial Pen. Prince Albert's, engraved and medallion heads. Patent Slips iu morocco cases,containing one dozen pros each, 12 boxes in each {lackct. Damascus do do do School Pen do do do Patent Slips, white and bronxe. Principality, fine, extra fine and medium poiuts. Caligraphie, Washington Nos. 0 and 10. Damascus, Victoria estra flue point. Peruvian, New York Eoutitain. Ladies' Pen, Lun i, Eagle, Double Damascus. School Pen, Public Pen. (Queen's Own Pen, Baronial, Collegiate, Nos. I and 2. A large stock of lams iu boxes of one gross each, of various degrees of points ami quality, marked and un-markeu. The above, together w ith a good .lock of "W imlle's" and "Mosley's" reus, for sale to the trade, by HENRY JE880P. atl24 lw*m 91 John street, corner of Hold. LITHOGRAPHY. UALL BUSINESS.?Merchants, Manufacturers and others, " who require Business Cards of their Establishments, Cir culars, Bill Heads, Drawings in Architecture, (Machinery and Landsc.qie Maps, Hie., and Publishers who require Illustrations of Books, Periodicals, and Music Pieces, may have the work executed iu the best style and on moderate terms, at E. JONES' Lithographic Establishment, Utl Kulton srreet, New York. N. B.?Drawings and Specifications for Patents. *u2< lm'ec COTTAGE ON THE CLIFF. AT THE GREAT FALLS ON THE PASSAIC. THE PROPRIETOR has the pleasure of announcing to the lovers of the aublime and beautiful, that the new Cottage on the old site, is now complete and ready for the reception of visi tors, where they can be accommodated with a variety of refreah menU, at the shortest notice. To inhale the refreshing breeze from this lofty eminence, and behold the nn|ia>alleled beauty of the ever changing landscape, and liuger in the shade of the lofty oaks, whose wide spread branches invite to health and cheerfulness. TARGET EXCURSIONS?This delightful place is admi rably fitted tw nature for this mauly and patriotic rxercise, pre senting a rock of more than two hundred feet iu height, shelter ed by beautiful forest trees, and cooled by the rushing waters of the Passaic, 'i he railroad cars leave Jersey City for Paterson at 6 and 9 A M., and return at 4 P. M. On Sundays, leaves Jersey City at 9 A. M., and return at 5 P. M. Fare to Paterson, 37>? cenU. au3 lm'rc CENTREVILLP: COURSE, L. I. UNPRECEDENTED NOVELTY?. A P'irse of $1000 will be given by the Proprietors of the above Course, free fur all horses, both pacers and trotters, to go a* they please, carrying catch weights, to perform the distance of20 miles within the hour. The first horse performing the distance to re ceive $900; the second best $200. Should the distance not lie performed within the hour, tlie first horse out to receive the $200. The above to come off the 7th tlay of October?1Three or more to make a field. Entries to close at Jones' Second Ward Hotel, Nassau atreet, the 10th Sept., by 9 o'clock, P. M. The terms of entrance are 2>? per cent, except by the winning horses, which will be cliarged the usual entrance of 10 per cent. *n$63t*ree A PARIS MILLENARY ESTABLISHMENT IN NEW YORK. BARENNE It CO.. patronized by the Courts of France and Belgium, of 14 Place Vrndoine, Paris, have the honor of making known to the Ladies of the .United States, and those of the city of New York particularly, that they will otien a branch of tlirir well kuown and fashionable Millinery Establishment, an the first of September, on the comer of Broadway and Grand street, (entrance No. 114 Grand street.) The branch in this city will be under the immediate su|terin temlence of one of tlie principle ladies of the Paris house. Tlie ladies are respectfully solicited to visit the saloons, where they will always find every recherche article in tlie millinery line from Paris, by tlie Packets ss they areive. P. 8. They would alto inform those engaged in the millinery business in tlie principal cities of tlie Union, that all articles connected with their business, and the latest fashions, can be applied previous to their beiug opened loathe phblic in this city. Orders punctually attended to. ouL'O lmrrc FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND FEATHERS. BRUN LAROSIERE k COURT, 116 William street, N. Y are receiviug by tlx Havre |*ckets their assortment of Fall Goods, which for elegance they have no rival. All dealers and judges in the above line are invited to give them a call, and we will venture to say they will not leave the store without express, ing their admiration of such a beautiful stock. They pledge themselves that the public will not be deceived with American (lowers for French, as tliey have their house in Paris, Rue de Tracy, No. 6, and deal exclusively in Freuch (lowers. au20 lin'rrc. C DOW SHADES.?The subscribers'lH-g to ins ite the. atten tion of strangers to their large stock of Upholstery Goods, just received in store, front which tliey are prepared to execute orders fur Bed and Window Curtains of the newest designt and on jowei term* than any other house in the city. Their stock will be found to consist of silk and worsted lie Lines, tabouretls, damasks, Turkey red cottons, rich lace and inuslin embroider ed curtains, galloons, gimps, cord, tassels, cornices, kc. kc., together with Painted Window Shades, just imported from France, of entire new patterns and pronounced the most inngni ficent Shades ever used ; as also the various style* of painted American Shades, varying in price from SI a pair upwards. SOLOMON k HART, Upholsterers, *21 lmeod*rrc 243 Broadway, opposite the Park. DOCTOR JORDAN'S, "PRIVATE SPECIFIC PACKAGES have been used for A nine yeari with unvarying success. They promptly cur* without exposure, restriction in diet or business?hence, are es|>ecially valuable to straugers and country residents, contain ing every requisite medicine aud application, with the monitor, whep'iu is full directions and advice, enabling the patient safely to effect a cure, and at little cost. No. I. is for Oouorrliea, Gleet, be. No. it, for Venereal diseases in all its stages. No. 3, for Female Weaknesses or Whites. Trice of each complete package $3. If any recent case require additional medicines they are supplied free. Sold only at Drug Store 60 Prince street, corner of Marion, few doors east of Nihlo's. Prirate Entrance to Offices, 69K Ma rion, continuation of Centre street. jyii lin'rc VENEREAL DISEASE CURED. A BERNETHY'S BOTANICAL PILLS having stood ihe A test of time and esiwrience are recommended as the most effectual and speedy remedy for (Jonorrlne, Gleets, all urethral discharges, irritation of the kidneys, urethra and prostrate gland. They are takeu without confinement from busiuess or restriction of diet, and without tainting the breath or disagree ing with the stomach, thus euablmg the patients to curs them' selves. They give tone and energy to the generative organs, rarely if ever ei|ierienced from the use of other medicines. They have |ierformed many extraordinary cures in chronic discharges, obstinate gleets, Ike., after the failure of all other remedies. In recent cases a single box is sufficient to effect a cure in twodays. They are equally suitable for female*. Price SI per box, with full directions. Bold only by WM. WA'ITSON, a3 lm?m 36 Catlierine street. AGRICULTURAL WAKEHUUSE, 1ST WATER STREET. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, IMPROVED PGR ? TABLE MACHINES, WIRE CLOTH MANUFAC TORY. SCREENS, SIEVES, be. be. r|,ll E attention of tlie public is called to a new Patent Portable A Grist Mill, to work by liand or other power, with which every' farmer can grind nis own grain. Also, for Grinding Coffee and Spices, and are highly recommended by all who have used tliein. Groat's PaUnit Grain Cleaner, and Corn Grinder, a new in vention, superior to any heretofore used. Hire and Coffee Slcllers, of different sizes; Sugar Mills, bc.v Wood's Patent Shingle Machine. florae Powers, calcnlated for one or more horses, w ith geertng attached. For sale at irinnufactup r's prirea. an2tl Im'ric TO THE LADIES. OR. HULL'S UTKRO JIROOMIN.II. SUPPORTERS. 'PHIS new Inatrnment for tlie radical cure of Prolapsus Uteri, L or Falling of the Womb, by external application, super seding the use of the obiectional Pessary, is confidently recom mended to the afliicted as the means of |ierfncl restoration to health, it never having failed nf performing a cure, even under the most aggravated circumstances. The Supporter has nitaiued a very high character in Europe as well as in this country- It is adopted to the entire disease of Pessaries, and all other painful surgical expedients, in the Ly ing-in lilospitals of Loudon and Paris, and nruniversally re commended iu Europe by medical men of the lugliest rank. In this country it is sustained by tlie leadine members of the faculties of Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the cmineut pri vate practitioners. Rooms have been furnished exclusively for ladles at No. 4 Vesey street, having a separate entrance from the business de partment, where a lady is in constant attendance to apply Trusses and Supporters to female patients anil linrrc IE PACKET SHIP 8HERIDANFROM LIVERPOOL. I onsignees by this slop will please have their permit! on hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, immediately. All good* imt permitted within fire days, must unavoidably lie sent to public store. aii23re_ /"illEAT PERFUMERY AND FANCY SOAP WORKS.? JOHNSON b VROO.M, formerly earner of Cedar and William streets, are mamifaci nring and pulling up for tlie trade, their goods in the newest and most attractive sty les. and are sell ing at prices 20 per cent lower than can In- brought to this mar ket; the extent of their manufacturing facilities enahlex them to sell for the smallest profit. Manufactory and Sales Room, 79 Trinity Place, rear of tie new Trinity Church. *ul7 iineml'm ' FANCY GOO DM. WEDELES b MEYER, 162 William st., importers of French, German anil English fancy Goods, have just re ceived and offer for sale on reasonable lerms, a choice assort ment of Dtlttons of all kinds; Segar and other fancy Cases; Snuff Boxes; Fancy Combs;Siis|N>uilerx;Satcliells' Poises, etc., etc.; Steel lens; Razors; Scissors; Accordions; Harmonicus; I,e*d Pencils; Rulers; Writing, Toilette Desks, be.; anew style of Lantern*, and toys; all sorts of Perfumery. We particularly recommend a very line assortment of Woal leu anu Silk Embroideries, and all kinds of Upholsterer's arti cles. an 19 endlm* m FW"-1"* im&tikm&atUk Ih Kingston, Canada West, [Correspondence of the Herald. J Kingston, Canada Wist, Aug. 22, 1814 A Canadian opinion of Canada and the United States ? Loyalty and Lemon Syrup?Hear both Sides?Internal Improvements, and the Harvest. 1 intimated u short time agt), that 1 should write once a week, oa Wednesday or Thursday, ?o uato reach you in time for Sunday's HeraLl; and in ac cordanccjwith that intention,! despatched my letter on Thursday last, by|Burbank's Express. As 1 do not perceive it in your paper of Sunday last, al though it had ample time to reach you, I cannot for the lite of me account for its non-appearance. I hope this will reach its destination, at least. lu the political world we nre much as when 1 hist wrote, with the exception of a growing dissatisfac tion among the people, at the dilatoriness of His Excellency in forming an administration. In your remarks in the Herald a short time ago, on Cani dian affairs, you did the people of this Province great injustice. You insinuate that the people of Canada are oppressed, discontented and disloy al, and that they would gludly exchange their present state for one of mere independence, or, in oilier words, that they would willingly throw off iheir allegiance to tJreat Britain, and join themselves to the United States. Now, sir, in this inference, yon are totally mistaken. Al though we may take different views of minor de tails oi government, or may quarrel uhout the car rying out ot that bugbear, "responsible govern ment," our loyally and attachment to the mother country remains unshaken, and iti the whole pro vince there are very few actually disaffected.? Living under a government in which we possets all the elements of freedom and independence?a government in which the monarchical and demo cratic principles are so balanced, as each to have an effectual control over the other?a government by which justice is ensured to every class of its subjects, and under institutions which we have been taught to admire and reverence from infamy, it would be strange indeed if we were disloyal.? Let republicans assume what they please of the disagreements of the Canadians, if they fancy we wish to have any connection with them, they ate most egregiously mistaken. We consider ourselves an integral portion of that mighty empire on which the sun never sits, and descendents ot men who, on many a bloody field, and in many a deadly charge, proved Iheir loyalty and patriotism in the most convincing manner to a broken and beaten enemy. And what can you offer us in exchange for our recreancy to our country 1 The govern ment, under which we have the happiness to live, and which we would risk our lives lo uphold, has stood, with hut few trilling modifications, the test of ages, and has commanded the respect and ad miration of every surrounding nation. Yours, on the contrary, is but an experiment?hardly half a century in existence. You are at the present mo ment divided on questions of policy of the greatest importance not only to yourselves but seriously af fecting the peace of the world. Annexation, or anti-annexation, tariff or free trade, a national bank ora metallic currency,slavery or anti-slavery, union or dissolution of the Union between the south and north, are but a few of the questions that perplex and embarrass your legislators and your?people gen erally. Look, too, at the political contest that is now going on throughout the Union?"out of thine own mouth will I condemn thee." From time to time your journal has given columns of extracts from the party press ot the country, and what a state of mo rals do these articles present 1 Strangers will form an exalted opinion of the people who use such lan guage of the opposing candidates for the office of chief magistrate of the Ht public. It is impossible to take up one of the Heralds I refer to, and not lay it down satisfied that both the individuals re ferred to, are the greatest scoundrels in existence Lord Bofiugbroke was net very far out of the way, when he remarked thai, "those who are preparing to build up a government, should recollect that the kingly power ought to form the basis, and the popu lar the superstructure"?and this opinion is not en tertained ny monarchists alone; 1 have heard the same sentiments expressed by some of the moBt in telligent gentlemen of your own community. Do not imagine, therefore, that because there are a few disaffected spirits amongst us, that as u people we are disloyal, or that we have the least inclina tion to exchange the mild and benignant sway qj" Queen Victoria, for the stHte of freedom, or "con fusion worse confounded," under which you exist I have very little local news to write about, but what little I nave is satisfactory. The public works of the Province are progressing rapidly, and with the exception ot a few faction fights between the "Cork and Connaughl" men, in which they per form the friendly office of breaking each other's heads?no easy matter either to break an Irishman's head?every thing is peaceable and quiet. At Mon treal, and along'lie Lachine Canal, affairs are not quite so favorable, but this is to be ascribed to the exertions of Hincks, who, through the Pilot, usee every means to set the Protestant and Catholic against each other, and in which object, I regret to say, he has partially succeeded. But enough of him. The harvest has been secured pretty much in Western Canada, and although the weather was rather unfavorable the last fortnight the grain has been got in in fair condition. The weather is now delightful?the cool nights giving evidence of the approach of autumn. Our crops generally will be more than an average, and we will have a large quantity of wheat and flour for exportation. The facilities for transportation will soon be largely in creased, and next year we expect a formidable ri valry between the Welland and St. Lawrence Ca nal on our side, and the Erie on yours- and we guess that when our cauals are completed,! onathan will have to look sharp. We will then be enabled to offer a far more favorable route to tne ocean for the teeming products of the West than you can, and thousands of borrels of flour and bushels of grain will be sent this way from your Western States. We are also arousing ourselves to the ne cessity of having good roads to the interior of the country, and opening up the wilderness to the ope rations of the industrious and enterprising emigrant. After all we are not so far behind our neighbors as you may think. When Uncle Sam sets us a good example we are not slow in profiling by it. The travelling this season is astonishing. Our hotels are always full?Daly's British American, the best in the city, is actually crammed. Niagara Is and the Caledonia Springs seem to be all the Falls rage at present. In amusementsthere is but little doing. Rodrey's theatrical comnany are here at present, and draw fair houses. The company is the beat that i have seen in Canada, and will doubtless have a profita ble season. Mr. and Mrs. Forbes, from the Charles ton theatres, are playing a short engagement, and win'golden opinions from all sorts of jieojile. Mr. F. is a finished actor, and played Virginius last night vt.vy effectively. Mrs. Forbes played Pauline in the Lady of Lyons, on the previous evening, to a large and enthusiastic audience. Silsbee, the Yankee, has gone West, af ter a successf ul season in Montreal, lie is without exception the best dehne ator of yankee eccentricities that has visited Cana da. Success to him. Signor DeBegnis gave a concert last evening, assisted by Miss Hurting and Mr. Barton, of your city. He had a very poor house. Whether it was caused by his forgetting to pay Ihe printing bill at Hamiltou I cannot say Hamilton the Hamilton naper sent a card after him at all events. Nichors circus company is at present in Toronto, and the way they pocket the ready is n caution to us green Canadians. Yours, truly, R. S. New York Firemen in Philadelphia.? There is now in this city, a committee of members of-the Hope Kngine Company, No. 31, of New York, consisting of Henry Arculanus, Wm. N. Mclntyre, James M. Barn, and Wm. Lawrence, whoie object here was to bring on from New York, a* a present to the Humane Kngine t orn pany of thia city, a splendid gift, in the shape of an els gam model of the apparatus belonging to No. 31 The engine ia a perfect specimen o( elaborated ornament, out aide, and within the works are tlniahed in the highest style of mechanical skill. The power of the engine (small at it is) is snch that ,t can he made to throw water from thirty-five to forty leet! Above the engine is sus pended a silver model, upon one side of which is the tal lowing inscription : ? " Presented to the Humane Kire Kngine Company ot Philadelphia by James M Bard, Willism N. Maclntyre, and William Lawrence, of New York, as a token of their high regard." On the reverse ii engraved the figure of a frog, which was adopted as the emblem of " Thirty-one," in commem oration of the company having originated in that part el the city of New York, formerly known aa " the Swamp " I'hila.U. 8 Gaxtltr, jiun H. American Slate.?Under the operation of th> compromise act, the imported nlate had almost got the control of the maiket in this country in la4i, and Un American quarries were generally about suspending operations. The proprietors of the quarries on Ihe Nusqu< hanna are now sending to maiket n very fine stitch. The slates manufactured by them have been tested in dh ferent way* by a number of the best master builders in this city, all ol whom have given them a decided prefer ence over the foreign slate, declaring them to he superior in every reepect?JUU. .dswmon. Improvkmkvih in run Krirnii MitlWIIH Tklk grapu ?rrotertsor Morw buying aucc?**fully ac complished the great essential objects of hi* T. Ir graph, has lately been turning his attention to the aimplificaSlcn of some of the minor details with a no leas successful is sue. We have it in our power to mentiuu some improve, uientf which he has made, nil resulting in economy. Mr. Morse had originally calculated that it might require a battery oi at least loo cups, to operate nu b circuit lor 10 miles, and lie actually used 00 cups in the trials before Congress last May. Out he has now reduced the battely to ten cups, and by an ingenious anaugement of Mr. Vail's, his Assistant Supermtencunt, the two indt pendent instruments are operated by this same battery ot but trn cups, and at the same time, too, without any interference The Telegraph has been actually ethciently operated with only two cups, Irom Baltimore to Washington, forty miles. Thus is the expense of a large battery with its dirt and care dispensed with, and the advantage ot the Telegraph brought within the means of neighborhoods, of families, and even of individuals. Another improve ment is in the number of characters which may be writ ten in a given time. A person in Philadelphia advertised some little time ngo, as tin improvement, that by employ ing live wires instead of but one, as Profeisoi Morse does, he could write ten letters to Professor Morse's one Wo are told by one who has examined that plan, that this w u great mistake, tor if Prolessor Morse sh.uld choose thus to complicate his registering instrument and ulso to increaae fourfold the expense ol Ins conductors by adding four more wires he could write double the quan tity proposed by the Philadelphia plan. This impiove merit therefore reminds one of the Irish Serjeant's com mand to his men to "advance iivu steps backwards:' ? The question is often asked, how ure rivers to be crossed with the Telegraphic wires 1 The dithculties to be oh viated are the danger oi having the conductors disturbed by anchors and drill, il they are laid at the bottom of rivers ; or, 11 spars are erected at the proper distances apart to carry the conductors abOVO the fops g| vessels' masts, these obstructions,(not very serious, it is true,) aru made to the navigation. Prof. Mone has obviated ail these inconveniences, by an arrangemeut, which, strange as it may seem,requires no'wirea through,above or beneath the water. In December, 1842, Trot. Morse made an experi ment aeross the canal at Washington, to asccitain if electricity would cross llio water by this arragement, uml the result was so satisfactory that he determined to pursue his experiments at a more fitting season of the year. A few weeks ago his assistants, Mr Vail and Mr. Rogers, proceeded to the Susquehanna river at Havre do Oracc, and repeated the experiment across that river, a mile wide, and with success; and within a lew days Prof. Morse has made some further experiments on this method of .sending electricity across water, which we presume ho will give in detail in somo scientific journal. The result of all his experiments, however, is that no wires need pass through, above or benea'h the wuter in crossing the rivers with the Telegraph. The water ifsell is made by Professor Morse's arrangement the <ftic<ent conductor of the Electric fluid. "Phis discovery of the Professor's is not merely of scientific hut also ol practical importance, arid leuds to new speculation* on the avail ability of the Klectric Telegraph in situations hitherto thought to be shutout from its advantages. We can do no more at present thau to give a suggestion which we learn was made by the Professor himseli, that should there be constructed a line of Telegraphic conductors along the t'onnecticut shore of the Island Sound, and also along the Long Island Railroad, every town on the Long Island Shore and also on the Connecticut Shorn would be in certain and constant communication with each other, without the necessity of any other connection but the water of the Sound.?Jialt. Jlmtrican, Jlu36. Execution of McDaniel and Brown?Between three and four, yesterday afternoon, these unliup ny men were laucbed into eternity. The concourse, em bracing l'ellow creatures of all ages and of each sex, was very great. Up to the morning of execution, the hope of reprieve was indulged in by the condemned, and evm to the last, the idea was reluctantly abandoned by Hum.? They were attended to the scutlbld by two Reverend gen tlemen, Mr. lloyle and Mr. Linn, and the prayer of the former, immediately preceding the execution, was ter vent and impressive. McDaniel, whose firmness, if pos sible, increased with the approach ol the awful moment, addressed the crowd, his liod to witness, that of the crime ot murder he wan as innocent as any of the spectators around him lie assoverated that the art of killing was pi rpetrated by Mason?' the w retch who swore their lives away"?while he (Mcl)aniei) was endeavoring to save the life of Chavis. Brown followed, in an address somewhat longer than that of McDaniel. He said, that for his own part, he had al ways considered the fatal act more in the light ot an acci dent than any thing else -. at uny rate, neither ho nor his feUow-sutfeier were guilty of it. It had been committi d by Mason, otter Chavis, w ho had endeavored to escape, was overtaken by McDaniel. Brown evinced much firmness, hut was evidently composed ol different stuff from that of his companion. They w ere both much < ma elated in appearance The one t ore it as n fa'e which lie hud scarcely thought of struggling against : the oiiu r, us a doom which, but lor such hopeless odds, he w ould have battled to the last. McDaniel was evidently a man ol fearful energy and during?one whose unchastened spirit yielded not up the hall .satisfying thought, thut the world would say, he had "died bravely "?which, in truth, he did?" founded at the rock," erect as innocence. The Christian might have wished that he had evinced a greater mingling of humility ; but, alas, tor human pride! Blown joined in prayer with gn fct apparent earnestness. McDaniel closed his eyes respectfully, hut without, a.-ft ? seemed, much abstraction of spirit. Whin tin- cap was drawn over his eyes, he criod, in a very audible, "Farewell, world! I go to a better?I hujit"?empbnri zing the last word. He spoke further, but bis accents were not heard clearly. The immense crow d I ebaved with much more propriety than is usual upon such occa sions, the greater part dispersing very soon, 1< living (he 5?t suspended bodies to hedeposited in their graves, dug for them at the tcot ol the tciillold. We may nut qu< stion the justice of the. law's demand, but wu niuy hope, as we do, earnestly, that the awful example may have, a salutary effect, and that the Lord will have mercy upon their son! ?St. houtt Keveillt, ?dog. 17. Hakvaro University Commencement.?The fol lowing is the order of exereibee lor coniineneenient, to morrow. The ncrformance* uie all by candidates toi the Degree ol Bacheb r of Arti, the practice of assigning part* to candidate* for the aecond degree having been diacontinued. 1. A Salutatory Oration in Latin, hy Cbarle* Adams Whltcomb, Hancock, N If. 3. A Disquisition " The preaent Fstimation ol our Puritan Fathers." Ldmund ifuinry Sow ail, Watertown, New Votk. 3 A Disquisition. " Homer, as a Painter of Manner*." Amos Henry Kanuwoith, (iroton. 4. A Disquisition. "The influence of the l.egul Pio lesiiou in the United .States." Thomas 8. Blair, Pitts burgh, Penn'a. a A Disquisition. " Respect for Custom and Habit in Social Changes." Horatio Justus Terry, Keenc, N H 6. An F.nglish Oration. "Leaving College" Grotge Francis I'atkinan, Boston. 7. A Disquisition " The Influence of Political Lcono my upon Modern Legislation." tieorge Faulkner, Bil lerica. h. A Disquisition "Clarendon, as a Htutesnuin." Leverett Suitonstall, Salem. 9. A Dissertation. " The Dependence of Science on the Mechanical Arts" Kbenezer 1'ieice Hindi, Pitts ton, Me. 10. A Disquisition. " Aifleri..' William Gardinn I'rescott, Boston. Music. 11. An F.nglish Oration "The (jurcn anil the Philos opher." Oeorge Silshee Hale, Keene, N H 11. A Disquisition. "The Magnetic Telegraph La layette Smith, Warwick. 13. A Greek Orution. "Herodotus, |the Historian." Henry Charles Cheuocey, Middletown, Ct. 14. A Disquisition. "Romance in America." Francis Parkmen, Boston. . IS. A Dissertation "TheCharacter* ol the inhabitants ol the Mountainous Districts ol Kurope." Charles Wil liam Dabuey, Fayal, Azores. Music. 16. An F.nglish Oration. "The true Man of Action." F.dward Augustus Wild, Drookline. 17. A Disquisition. "Milton's Areopaglticn.' Ldwaxd Wheelwright, Boston 18 A Poem "Little Nell?Her last Night in London ? Her Flight?Her Death " Warren Tilt on, Boston. 19. A I/atm Oration "De Utilitateet I'retio l.iteiaium Antiquarum Stndu." Itohert I odman, Doicliester. 10 A Disquisition. "Vathek and it* Author " George Blanketn Cary, Boston. Music 11. An F.nglish Oration. " The Destiny ol Literature Joseph Peabody, Halem 11 A Disquisition. " The inlinite in Mathematica." Benjamin Apthorp Gould, Boston 13. A Dissertation. "An Ancient and a Modem Battle| field." Frederick Adolphu* Sawyer, Bolton. ? '14. A Disquisition. " Harvest Celebrations in different Countries." Ldmund Dwigbt, Huston. 36. A Hissertion "The Agamemnon of Aischylua.'' Horatio Nelson Hildreth, Bolton. M usic. 16. An Knglish Oration " The Mi*sior|of America." Philip Howe* Hears, Fast Dennis. 37. A Dissertation. " Uuinctilian's Views of F.dtica tlon." lohn ( all lialton, Lowell. 98 An F.nglish Oration "The Physical Sciences" Diehard Frederick Fullsr,Cambridge. 19. A Disserution. '.Tlie Moots iu Spain." Henry Augustinus Johnson, New Bedford. Music. 30. An F.nglish Oration. " The Political Fortunes and Destinies ol the Aiiglu-Haxon Rare" Joiiah Nbattnrk. Haitwell, Littleton. Mamamk Celeste.?A mirth Iront London any*: " Madame Celeste came in lite cars with u-< yes terday from Yarmouth Hhe ha* been sen hnthirig at Yar mouth for her health, govs to Lynn anil plays three ntglitr. <!Blasts is u pleasant, sociable and very intt lligent woman. Tho conversation turned upon the government ol Araer ica, and she conversed as learnedly as a statesman re garding the principles and jsilicy ol the government?tho various traits lor which i ley. Calhoun, Van Biuen and We b?te i are celebrated and, in the I, the was at home on that or any o'lier subject which was broached. It is rot her intention to visit Amnn i at present, and the proba bly will never do so again, for she can make mernf enough in Lngland , and alter the brntal manner in which the wa* used in America in relation to her child, there are no inducements for her to return." Aei'K'TRiATK ? At h temperance celebration in thi? cou-ity, tome time since, the Farmer* of cheviot bore on the banner s shea! of wheat, with the following motto: As our Cap-Hhcaf we greet It! Let us properly treat it, Not distil It?but eat It.? (Gf?< inneti . ifiut.

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