Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 6, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 6, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. vol. X., No. XlO-Wholi Ho. INS, NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING. OCTOBER 6. 1844. Prte* Two OnU. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE Q RE ATE ST IN THE WORLD. To the Public. THK N'tW YORK HERALD?Daily New*ra|ier?imb lislied every day of the year eacept New Year'* Day and Fourth of July. Price 2 cent* per copy?or $7 26 per annum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY I1ERALI)?publUhed every Saturday morning?price 6X ceuts per copy, or $3 13 per annum?post Ml" paid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that tlie circulation of th? Herald it oyer THIRT Y-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing fast It hat thr lot grit circulation of any paper in thit city, or the world, and, it, therefort, the t"it channel for bumneti men in thr city or country. Price* moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the moat moderate price, and mi tlie most elegant ityle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PRomiETO^ or thk Herald Eiravi.iiHMr.NT, Northwest anrner of Fulton and Nassau streets. ,3ol V Vf AVJiNTbK AH HAM li K l?I C< N T FARE THREE SHILLINGS KROM PATERSON TO JERSEY CITY. On and after the 'st of October the can will leavs? 1'atk so-. Dt ror. Nr.w York. 8 o'clock A. M. 9 o'clock A. M. 11* " " IIX " P.M. 3 " P. M. 4 " On Sl.'NDAY*. 8 o'clock A. M. I 9 o'clock A. M. .3 " P.M. I 4 " P.M. *? d ec STATEN ISLAND FERRY. "FOOT OK WHITEHALL." The Boats will mil as follow! on and after Sept. 30. LEAVE NEW YORK: 9, and 11, A. M.; lj<, 3K, and 6. P. M. LEAVE STAlTiN ISL Ar?i D : 8. and 10, A. M.; 123*. and 5k, P. M P. 8 ?All Kooda mint be particularly marked, and an at tlie riik of the ownen thereof. s24 FOR HALIFAX AMU LIVERPOOL.. , The Royal Mail Steamer* BRITANNIA kaud CALEDONIA, will leave Boston, for the above porta, aa follows ? BRITANNIA, J Hewitt, Esq.. Commander, Tuesday, Oct. 1. CALEDONIA,. E. O. Lott, Esq.. " TVednesday, " 16. Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, i21m 3 Wall street. To Sail on 8atubda FOR UALVKSTON, KEY WEST, HAVANA, AND NEW ORLEANS. JBDAT, UTH OciouKU, AT 4 O'CLOCK, P. M. i'lieelegJUit well known fiivorite Steum'liip ? NEW 1 ()UK, John T. Wright, Common k'lT. Will positively snl as above. Thisstea mer has been overhauled, and put iu com ? pleto order for the season, and no expense has been spsied to make lie/ every way complete?Ins large and airy gr*t?t00uis, every way'ed for the comfort of passengers.? She rarriej sufficient fuel from here for tlie voyage, and will not stop at tlia luteiniedi.ite ports ouly to l^nd her piu'eugsrs. For pnssage, apply to Capt. Wright on board at foot of 9th at, E. R , mar Dry Dock, or to A. HUBBARD 81 CO. Sfcl2 Im'rrc 37 Peck Slip. .STEAM SHIP FOR NEW ORLEANS ' ?Direct?'To sail positively 011 the 5th Oct. ??a he, spleidid steam slop ALAli AMA, Cnptjuu Hejiry Wiudle, 700 tons burthen, _ ? will lie ?ie-.patclied 1 uuctntllv a-a above. This fine and powerful ship lias very recently had thorough overhaul ing?li>s beeu newly coppered and supplied with * set of new boilers, made iu tlie city of New \ ork. She is in every way calculated to give coinlort to ca' in, second cabin aud steerage |n?eii:era. Those about pro :eedinK to I lie above port, should iiee tne accommodation* aud secure her tits without fail, as a limit.<1 number only can be liken. For particulars. aiiulv on board, or to W. th J. T. TAPSCO'l'T, 76 South .inet, corner Maiden Lane. HOUR CHANGED TO ISIX O'CLOCK, P. M.?On and after Monday. Sept. 16th, 1841, ' _ the Night Liue to ALBANY AND TROY Will change tlie hour of departure from 7 to 6 o'clock. P. M., and will land at Ponghknepaie during the givat Fair mid Cattle Show. Fare 75 cenisonly to Poughkeepsie. The steamer SWALLOW, Capt. A. VtLeau, Mouday 16th, ami Wednesday, lUtli. The steamer ALBANY, < aptniu R. B Mary, Yuneday, 17th, Thursday, 19th, at 6 o'clock, from Cort land t street pier. Moruoig nt 7 o'clock, from Barclay street pier, the 1ROK Mid EMPIRE. C the great Fair and Cattle Show, Tuesday, 17th, Wednesday, litli, and 1 hursday, lOlii, v. ill reduce the fare to 75 cents to and from Pouglikeepsie and New York. sl2 NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. jlVlgl am . K*R ALBANY AND TROY.?Morning Car'^rjl?-wr Line from the foot of Barclay street, landing ?T M m 1 -.ntermediate places. 1'lie Steamer EMPIRE, Captain 8. R. Roe, Monday,Wednes day aud Friday Morning at 7 o'clock. The Steamer TROY, Captain A. Gorhain, Tuesday, Tliuri day aud Saturday Morning, at 7 o'clock. F.veuing Line f'rom "Jie foot of Cou' landt street, direct. The Hte.imer SWALLOW, Captiin A. McLean, Monday, Weduwiday and Friday Evening, at 6 o'clock. The Steamer ALBANY, Captain R. B. Macy, Tuesday, Thursday and Satuiday Evening, al 6 o'clock. The Boats of this Line, owing to their light draught of wa ter, an able at all times to pas. the bars, and reach Albany and Iroyin ample time to uLe the morning train of cars for the east or west. For passage or freight, apply on board, or at the office* on the wharv#* ^26 PEOPLITS LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through direct, ?itf? P.M., from he Steamboat Pier between jBfc_?_JHU4K_.<'oitrt!.\jult and Liberty street*. Tlie Steamliont KNICKERBOCKER! Captain A. P John, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evening* at 6 o'clock. The Steamboat ROCHESTER. Caj>tain A. Houyhron, ou To iday, Thursday aud Saturday Evenings, at C o'clock. From the foot of Barclay street. At Five o'clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Place*. The Steamboat NORTH AMI".RICA, Captain 11. G. Crut tenden, .vlouduy, Wednesday, and Friday and Sunday After noon*, it 5 o'clock Th" Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain William 11. Peck, Tufiday, Thursday and Satttrday Afternoon*, at 5 o'clock. Passengers taking either of the above lines will .irrive in Alhnny in ample time to lake the Morning Trains of Cars fo; the east or we*t. The boat* are new and *ub*toi>tial, are fnr n,*hed with new and elegant state rooms, and for speed and ac commodations, are unrivalled on the Hudson. All persons nre forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without an order from the Captain. For {wisage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultx, at the Olnce on the wharf. , olrc PLEASANT AND CHEAP EXCURSIONS. 1UM MER -'1KIUINGE ME NT. NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (STATEN ISLAND,) AND NEW YORK FEliltY. From Pier No. 1, Nortli River, foot of Battery Plao*. The Steamboat CINDERELLA, xrnl ran at Or?follows. Daily, from May 20th to Octob* Ii i, jKmmmJMtW., IK l I i?I. 'aves New York at 9 and 11 o'clocK, A- M., at 3'/i, 6 and I P. M. Lohtm Pert lliciiinond, at 30 minutes to 3, and 10 minute* to 10 A. M.: at I, 4H and 6K P. M. Lem? New mightou al 8 aud 10 A. M.j at IX, 5 and 7J< P. M. Un Sunday?Leaves New York, at 9 and 11 A. M.; At 3, 6 and I P. M. irt'Aveii Port Richmond, at 20 minuut* to 8 and 10 A.M; Ml, Sand 7* P. M. New York. May 18,1H4 myll Cm*re FARE RKDUOED. FOR CROTONVILLE. SIN(i SING. TAllRYTOWN, IH*r 1 NO, WJLT8IE'S DOCK,HAST1NGlJ ?E* ?-yr^3?AND YONKERS.?On and al"ter Saturd.iy. J&mII It August 31.1, 1841, the new and substantial staemboat WASHINGTON IRVINO. Capt Hiram Tutliill, will leave tlie foot of Chamber street for the above places, daily at 3 I'. M.. Sunday excepted. Returning, will leavu Crotonville at 6K> Anil Sing Sing at 7 o'clock A. M7, landing at the loot of Hammond street eath way. For luusage or freight, apply ou board, or to STEPHEN B. TOMPKINS. 192 West street. s32m?re cult BATH, AND llALLUWr.L.L.. MA steamer PENOBSf'OT, Captain fly w. :ty?f^jJ?N. Kimball, leaves tlie end of T wharf, Boston, every Tuesday and Friday evenings, at i o'clock. Stage* will be in readiness on her arrival at the abovt p>'ej, to f. nvey mwir-i In the e.iehh'trior Inwtl* FALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT. AKUviKA iV/> NEW YORK. FAH!-. ONLY 1?1 CENTS. THE NEW AND fW'IFT STEAMER R.UNBOW, CAPT.iIN JOHN GAFFY. <i ON and af'erSeptember Ifitli will roil daily, foil \vs (Huuilays included)l.eave New ELark, fool of' entre *treet, 8 o'clock A. M.? New ^ncit, foot of Barrlsy atreet, 3 o'clock P. M. i FOR 1NEVV t?in*c i.?A lie .u..?i knhip ALABAMA, TO** inns borthen, Henry Wiudle, ?Ci ininuidsr, will sail lot the above port on the Ijth Mliwt next, at ? o clock. This Splendid and remarkably Stauucb Steamer hiu been tho^ouglily overlnuled tl.e present summer, newly ftWMml, uid i? I'ufni.lied with a liowerful set of I.ew flnil! ra. in tde at tlie Novelty \\ orks of this city. Site is t'spected to make the ran to the B ilize with e.uw iu siv d tys; and iiavmk hand.onie tti.l comforr Me accommodation*, for both cabin and sieeraite PMvngers, oilers an unuiiinlly desirable conveyance to tlie travirilinR Coiumnnity. For Imhl fp-ii'itor pam. t*e, apply to ti. MfcHLE, ^sii? tolw*re w*, mnt .t FOR NEW OKLEANS.?T? iiiin-iviI the Ata (lanta?The fast .ailing slop THEN l OS. Captain mmm?im1 Otting.wiTl positively sail on 8 iturday, Octobe. it. ri hi? ?| leudiil ship hu ansttrpassfd icctminiodaliena fin ca ll. n, second cahiu :i id sttvnge iNUsengers, who u ill he t.->k-n at the lotve t rate# lltoieda.ireus MSeearing berths, will reunite to make early application o,i boa d. at Pier No. 14 E. U? or to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South *ti<et. N.B. The soh*triber w ill have a rrgolar sntceruon of first chss ships, a tiling every fiv.' day*, lor the above |iort. o4ec FOR NEW ORLEANS-TomTcedtlwAlfred? .The fast ruling *hip ATALANTA, < apt Raynond, aav ill positively .??il on "dA>, the \h in?i ut Tina ?Ini> h >s un*urpas.. d areommod itiona lor cabin, aecoml < abin au'l *teev8M pMMmR-ra, who will be taken nt he lowest ra'et Those deaimus nfseruring lieiths.Will reunite to make early a, plicstiou ou board, atfuot d Ma ilen Larr, or to JOHN HERIImAN, til 8outh str.-et. N. B.?'The snbacriber will have a i- gulai surcciiou of first i-ln.alti: ' lilji evert five d \ > for the Imvepo.t. o2re 1,0 V I* '11 NKVV yRl.tu \N?-L'nmu .in??tirst r?a(ul >r i cket with d ' i-i-ch?''Phe fast sailing packet g-hip I NHi.M.J. H. Bat.orur, master, is now logdinu i i have immediate dispa'ch. For cabin, s- coiid cabin and gUerage paswngers, having superiar accominoda n>n, eaily a|e Mic.ttiuu should be nuJe on b.inrd. at n/ray - wharf, or tp JOSEPH .lcMUKUAf, ?20*'C 100 "ill* w. CII' er of S uth atree'. m f\ir 1.1 V Mil UUI??iHew Line? ii? tul..i i'sck> _?if aistli (??!.?The regular fa?t sailing Packet bhi| l^tiARKII K, I tt'Ulil B. J. ll.Trask, of 1,100 iou* ai.will sail as above, her regular Hay. for ln-r<ht or pa.aage, liaviag aMOuiwotUUigM uneqnalled for *ii|endor or coinlort, apply on hoard at Orleau* wharf, fool ol Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO, 'A South Hreet. Price of Passag. , SI0C. The paeket shili Roieius, Capt. John Collins, of UM tons, Sill succeed the Garrick, and tail 26lh November, her regular f. etlrc J. SDK IA dc CO.'S FRENCH DYfXG ESTABLISHMENT. No. 400 Pearl Street. Tl- "UpSCRIBER tiegs leave to state tluit he has made ad A .dinooal improvements to hi* factor)", for tli* purpose of enabling lorn to finish his work more exi>editiously, and in a m\n.ViT'tj wsrrents will give geueral satisfaction. All kinds of Wooleu, Cotton and Silk goods Dyed or Cleansed in ihe real r nur'a style. r u are very low, which should be a strong inducement for the ladies and gvutlemen of this city and its viciuity. to pay nun an early fifit. Cashmere, Merino and Broche Shawls, genu Waariug Ap parel, cleansed in the very beat manner. ilia Branch Offices, for the accorumodatiou of the public, an situated at? No. 332 Bowery. 76 9tli street, between 17th and ltth streets. 2i7 Bleecker st-eet. 3.07 < irand street. And in Newark, cornsr of Broad atnwt and Washington Plaos. s2# Im'm DOUBLE EXTRA ITALIAN HAIR WaSH An infallible, sove reign and celebrated ertdicator of Dan druff? cleanses and purifies the head and invigorates and cul tivates the Human Hair. This cele brated Waah, recom mended by humerou* medical and scieiiti fic gentlemen, ia con stantly for ??Ie at the ?hop of the inventor and proprietor. 17 Pak How, N. York. P. PUSSEDDU. N. B.?Orders from the country will be promptly attended to, if addressed to the Proprietor, enclosing the cash. He has no agent*. Single wash in tie shop 26 cents?or $1 per bottle. oj lm*m _________ WIG MAKER, HAIR CUTTER, AND ORNAMENTAL HAIR. MANUFACTURER, 92 CHATHAM STREET, formi.ri v or 316 Pkahl Btkekt. IN announcing to his numerous friends and pa trons his removal from 316 Pearl street to the store 92 Chatham street, begs leave to return his hear rtfelt acknowledgments to those friends and the politic generally, who liave hitherto honored ' him with their support, ? aud to assure tliein it will ever Ire hit studvto uierit a continuance of such, enviable dis tinction. . Ever since I liave been ia liusuisss it Iim been my good fortune to acquire ,uid retain so large a ixjrtrtn of the public patronage, for which I feel Krutef'jl.. As a Hair ('utter and Wig Maker Laird stands unrivalled in the manufacture of Ornamental Hair, for which his name has so long been celebrated. He now has ample scope for carrying his inventions and improvements into effect, in short nothing that art ciui produce or expense com mand, (i s been overlooked by him at his new establishment. He invites an early inspection of his splendid stock of Wigs, Toviiwe* and Ornamental Hair, in countless variety and er.uui site workmanship. Perfumery from celebrated Ei.glish and Con tinental manufactories, in addition to .several esuvmed ITei'ari tions, invented and sold bv Laird. The Hair Cutting, and in deed the business in each department is conducted by the princi iwil himself, iu such a man ier and on such terms as to sustain the pre-emiueutcharrcter this establishment enjoys. Prices to suit lire times. Sin Im'm 92 Chatham street. LtUMtl.VOe I Wle.S ll-i IVf CENTS, Tli r. NAG'S HEAL No. ) BA?rt.?v Stskkt, Ktan BttOADAST. The Subicribei having fitted Hp and newlv furnished several rooms counected with this Establishment, solicits a call from his friecds and ?lie public. JAMES BYRNES s29 lm*rrc CIIANCE OF residence. VICTOR GIROUD, Watch and Clock Maker, has Mrek the honor of informing his friends and the public in gen einl, that he has moved his Watch and Clock Making liF'.l'.iWblishmeiit to No. Hti Broadway, comer of Liberty st M atches, Clocks and Chronometers will be repaired by him with great care, aud guaranteed. His establishment is par ticular! r adapted for the repair of Mechanical Lamps, at very nioderale prices. He offers for sale an assortment of the latest improvement in Lamps from France, which leave nothing to de sire. Also. Globes, Chimneys and Wicks. s28 lm*ec, Ai\l> f A KM hull BA1.I.-1 lie Bute "fiber offers for sale the old established " Berkshire Brewery," in Pittsfield, Miss., one mile from the Ureal rn Railroad. It is in good repair, most of tha utensils nearly new, and ca|iobli! of brew uv 2000 barrels a season. Malt house attached, capable of malting 6000 bushels per annnm. rew country breweries possess the same advantages of doing a safe and profitable bnsinesi, sitnated in the ceutie of a manafic tannp district, where the consumption of ala is rapidly in creasing. "ITie Farm consists of 72 acre*. SO of which is well timbered, the-reit under cultivation, well fenced and good buildings. Will be sold separately or together. Terms easy. ___ ^ JAMES ROY. West Troy, Albany Connty. Jnly 10th, HMt. * jlStfrc ABBEY HOTEL. 102d STREET, BLOOMINGDALE ROAD. jS THE proprietor of the Abbey Hotel wonld make his best bow of thanks for the liberal patronsg* given to his house the past summer. He is fully pivpared for the fall business, and would cheerful ly furnish parties or individuals with Breakfast, Dinners, or Supiwrs, at short notice His stock of Wines, Liquors, and Eatables will be found as good is the city markets afford. sl5 tf rrc Jgum CASH PaTd~FOR~OOOD AND FRESH HKKD, yCMRof ev-ry kind, at the Bowery Seed and Plant Store, No. ^L.I02!{ Bowery. Also, for sale, a large collection of the best quality of Fruit Treea, Slirulis, Roots and Oreen and Hot-House Plants, cheap for cash. Oooda packed for shipment to auv part of the United State*. Persons wishing to supply themselves with Trees of snj>erinr quality for Orchards, or filling up their Conservatories with fine Plants, will do well by applying first at this Mttihlish ment, where no pams will be spa reel tosive satisfaction by the iwojirietors. LKVEN08T0N k SlUOKK. sl9 6w*m M FOR SALK-AN KLEOANT COUNTRY RE8I V9B P^'NUE O R FARM of aDoat60or 70 Acres, si mated sakawithin ten milesof this city, in the crnnty of VVrstches ter near the village of West Farms, and 01^ the Post road run nintf between this citv and Boston. The i?pi is in a hiyh state of cultivation and abounds in fruit of all and of the most choice selections and quality. The house is ele gantly situated on a prominent location, commanding an exten sive view of the adjacent country, Long Island Souucl, toe., and was built but a few years since, in the best posnible manner, and ts replete with evory convenience aud very commodious, being 53 feet by 50 feet. The outhouses are all new and admirably ar ranged. For a fanner or resident of the city this t>lace offers Kreat inducement, being within an hoar's drive of the city and within one mile of the Harlem Railroad. The place cau oe ex ren in SO days. ? owner on ciie premises, or amined at any time and possession given in 30 davs. For further particulars,anrly to the owner ou Uie to K. K. COLLIN^ &. CO., 56 South st. s!0 Mil eugiRed at ST. GEORGE'S LINK OF PACKETS FOR . LI VERPOOL?I'scket of7th Octolier ?Tlie splendid _?*ud favorite packet ship ST. GEORGE, 10(10 tons ?iTCnpttin Ferris, will sail on Monday, October 7th, her regular day. The shi|is of this line being all 1000 tons and upwards, persons about to etnb irk lor tlie old country, will not lull to s'e the ad vantages to Ire ileiived from selecting tliis line in preference to any other, as their great caiuci'y tenders them every way more comfortable and convenient thau ships of i smal1 class, aud their accommodations for cabin, second ca'<iii. and steerage pas sengers, it is well known, ari superior to those of any other line of packets. Pertoiis wishing to secnr* lierths sliO'ild not fail lo make early application on board, foot of Wall stieet, or to W Ik J. T. TAPHi'O'I'T, At 'heir general Passage Office, o5rc 76 South street comer of Maieen Lane. old EstablisheIT packet office, t>i ? South street?Passage to and from Great Britain and .Ireland, via Liverpool. Passage can at all times be eugigedat the lowest rates, lo aud from Liverpool, by the regu lar |iackel ships sailing under tlie new arrangement every lew days, and draft* cau as usual lie I'nrinshed for any imoiint.paya ble at llie National and Provincial Bank, Ireland, and their branches, and throughout the United Kingdom, a* well as at all iheprincipal banking institutions iu Kugland, Scotland and Wall's, without discount or any other charges. For further par ticulars, if by letter, post paid, apply to slec JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. ?H FOR I. i"v EH POOL?The New L..,.?llegulu ,Packet 2lst f>etobfT.?TTie su|?rior fast sailing im? l? , ?et ship RO' llh.HTER, "00 tons buriheru, Captniu tin tun, will sail as above. Iter regular day. For freight or pass.ige, having elegant and spacious accommo dations, apply on board, wexi side Barling Slip, or to WOODHULL fc. MINTURNS, . vi South street. s^Pr,ce of Passage 8100. The |Kvcket ship llouingear, Captain Ira Barsley, muter, 1*50 tons liorthen, will sn>.<eed the IUrr.hesler, aud sail on her regn | , .1,, H-I lle>o!i..f ,r> Mill Ll\ MU'OOL? i he well-kiiimI7Ti?l?sailiiig i?cket ship SOUTIIK.RNKR. 7i0 tons, J. I). IMm-r, .-natter, will be d- 1'iineii until Toesdsy nest, flh inst. rvr lieiiht of T<n bales cotton, bull! thereof, or paasawa, having very good accommodations, apply to the Captain on boors), pier Unst liver, or to VVooDHL LL k MINTURNS, Price ol I'-Msage $74. 07 South street. o3rc Tv LI V EKI'OOL?I'nckel ~ O'li (>. tol? r-Tl^ ? lirs class p cket ship PATRICK IlENltY, Captain ?raaiiVlMo. will sail ts aboie, her regular day. The accoinmodilion iu tliis splendid ve. sel for cabin, second cabin and sieeriip' pamengers^re too well known to 'equire cum ment. Persons inbaiding to embark, should make immediale aindicaiiou ou board, foot of Beekm oi street, or to JOSEPH McVil/RllAY, *21 rc 100 Pine st-et-i. coi er of South s'reet. rOK IIA V AiNA, KllOx I'HiLaUc.LI'HIA. Tlie A. I. fast-sailing pscket harass KLIZABETH . John S. Remington, master, will sail positm ly on 'h Oc ober. Ireigl.t or |su-,.ige, having snperior furnished accommo dations, a laige and coinmiMliom cabin, with twelve statc rixiiiu, apply to JOHN 1. OHL Si SON, sir :iw / |0| South Wharves, Philadelphia. _ F?)R LONDON.?Packet of the-10th 6?t<i??r~^ ? .f}1' .I"! elass, f?t sailing Packet ship HWITZKR il.AND, Criitain E. Knight, will sail ia above, her . Jar day. Hating very sn|ier'or sccommndatious for CahjB, W Cabin and Steerage passengers, persons luteinling to emhark should make immediate applicslion on hoard, foot of Vlsideu Lane, or "? JOSKI'H McMI'RKAY, otw 100 Pine slres't. comer of South. J?WlaA?.",S .,V\..'-^?l>AND," IRELAND, ' nPLAND AND WALKS?The Mubscrilwr has gat all times for sals Drafts from ill to A.1H00. payablr st all ihe princit*! Banking lijaLitulious throughout the I musl KiMidoin. JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. N.B. Passage lo and from Liverpool oan lie seen red st th< lowest rales by any of thejine of paclseu sailing on the 1st, Clh. IhhJJIth, list aud Mth of each month, on apphcatiou as above. jyifcso ruii ror Irei^l.t OtlAV o alvll FRENCH ARTlTICrAL FLOWEKS AND FEATHERS. BRIJN LAROSIERF. Ik COURT, IX William "street, New York, are receiving by ike Havre Parkel*, {their assortment of Kali Goods, which, fur tle*a.uce, 'they hare no rival. All deilers and judges iu tlie above line, are muted to give litem a call, and we will venture to say they will not leave the alun: without ezpiessing tlieir admira tion of (itch a beautiful Hock. They pledge lheinsel??* thai lhe I>ubIic will not be deceived with American If lowers for Kreuch. aa they haie tlieir honse iu I'tris, Uue de Tracy, No. 6, and deal ezclmively in Kiauch Klowers. o4 lin'ec ~GENIN'S IMPROVED MOLESKIN HAT, FALL STYLE. Price |4,IM). rw NOW READY, at GENIN'B well-kuown K.tablish meat, a highly improved and vrry beautiful MoLrsain Hat, made iu cloae imitation of the Kreuch Hala, from the moat celebrated manufactories of Pari*. Having now on hand on o? torlinant of the unvoted article made by Muum.r, geutleinen will be enabled by actual companion, to jud^e lor themselves of the almoat complete identity of the two arliclea. Many under these circumstances, have preferred those manufactured by the subscriber, not merely for llieir greater chtaynett, but aa po? ?e.sing, in an nminent degre*, those qualities fnr which ihs Kronen Hat* an 10 justly admired, vixtolidily of trim, which adda ?o much to general durability, and which alone th* ?ha|w and contour of the Hat is preserved?*u;>trior grace and beauty?high lu*tre and neatness of trimming. The subscriber, uot only from his knowlege of tha article, bnt also from Lhe great tutiefaction of those who have ptirchawd, can confidently rucoinmeud tlioin to the gentlemen of New York aa being superior to any thing of the kind heretofore manufactur ed in tlus country. He therefore aoliciu a call and elimination of their merits. J. N. OENIN, 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. The usual full and choice assortment of Beaver, Nutria and Ca**im?re llati. Also, a full assortment of Mans, Youtlia and Infants Caps. si lm*rc A CAK1).?Mr. Seguiu Ugs reaiwctl'ully to iuform the public and his friends iu general, that he hut purch tsed a selection of tlie Operas now playing iu Loudon and Paris, and in tends returning to America immediately, in order to produce them. Mi. Seguin is happy l* say lie has made arrangements w ith Mr. Krazer, a Tenor of the highest repute in Loudon, who will accompany Mr. and Mrs. Seguin to lite United States. ?4 3fiw4w*re ' I.Nt* SOAP?Of a very suia-rior quality, aud iu lite style us'ially deuouiinaied Military Shaving Soap; superior in quality to the imported, and at less than half its cost. Tlte purchase money will be returned unless it givea unqualified satisfaction. Urocera, Druggists and Barbers supplied, and a liberal discount made. 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The uon-ratificution of the Stade Toll Treaty,by our Convention of citizens, ou the 25th alt., inter ests the American shipping more than you are per haps aware of, every vei-sel that comes up the Elbe having to stop at Bruoshausen, (a village near Stade,) and to pay such dues as the custom hou<:e at that place imposes upon her. When, at the Congress ol \ ienna, the principle of free inter nal navigation was adopted for Germany, Lord Castlereagh smuggled this Stade Toll as a sea port duty, though Stade being quite an inland town, but belonging to the kingdom of Hanover, of which his master, George IV , was king at that time, of course the pluuder went into the latter's pocket. Of the other parties to the treaty, Austria and Prussia were most interested, but were sub. diari.-s ol England then?Russia had no interest and Franco was either too weak or Talleyrand d.d not think it worth while to tall out uuout it. Win n the mercantile people begun to complain of the in. justice of thete dues und of the arbitrary w?y thev are levied, and ol the vexation these and other de lays ouihe Upper Elbe are causing to the shipping a meeting ot delegates from ihe several govern ments, whose territories border that river whs convened at Dresden in the year 1820. Austria, Prussia, Saxony, Hanover, Mecklenburg, the three Anhalts and Hamburg were represvuted, and com plaints were made that Hanover imposed an arbi trary taxation. It was then Hxed that ?ne-six teenth should be a lowed to her on all goods that canie up the E be, and she was to modify her tariff accordingly. At the ?ame time she engaged to send the new tariff to have it ap proved of by the other States; but the shuffled ofl from one year to another, and kept on levy, lug these dues according to her own will and V XUr?' ..Hd,',bur? a privilege in the year llbJfrom the Emperor Frederick fwrsuch goods as belonged to her citizens and were loaded on board tueir own vessels. However, our merchants prefer I giving up this privilege, if the trade is thrown open altogether, and the Hamburg Commissioner to the meeting of 1820, Senator Pohmoljer, put in un euergetic protest to that effect, but was left in the minority with the Danish Commissioner only During the whig administration in England this qiw-stion waB brought before Parliament, and Mr Ward (now at Berlin, about the Parturdic qu< b tion,) was here to meet Councilor Hisiiedeii troni Hauover, to rtrrunge it; but no sooner had the King of Hanuver heard that the Tories were liKrly to conic la uguui, than In- Inoke ?,H' all ne gotutions. In the summer of 1843, the Commis sioners of the River States met again at Dresden, and after being together until April last, they agreed to let Hanover have one-fouith instead of one-sixteenth, which treaty the Commissioner from Hamburg, Senator Kirchenpaner, signed, though with reluctance; but it is now annulled by our ci tizens not ratifying it. Belgium, of course, not being a party to the Congress ot Vienuu, a few years sgo, took reprisals against Hanover, by charging her vessels very lugti port dies, upon which Hanover made concessions. England has just been concluding a similar treaty with her; but lii thn trealy of last year with ihe United Slates, the subject is not treated; and consequently your shippiug is subject to the arbitrary will of the liiug of Hanover, who owes you u grudge, because he considers you as real subjects ot his father. George 111. * It ought to be observed that Hanover does no thing to conserve the river Elbe. Humburg lavs the buoys?maintains them, and the light houses, tue hre snipe, the quarantine, Ate., so that Hanover has uo expenses whatever. All her claim rests on tne grant ot an Emperor in the ninth or tenth cen tury to a bwhop ol Bremen, for the purpose ot build ing churches at Stade ! That the tones in England and the despots in Germany, Bhould agree to such ll'.msy pretext, nobody wouders; but that a nee government, like that o! tue United State*, should submit toil, iu certainly Hbtoniblnutf. B&run, August 10, 1844. Rail Road, Bubblet in Germany?Panic in Sharei? Greut Speculations?; iots among the Manufactu ring Population in Bohemia, fyc.?Attempt to Anaisinate, J amis G. Bknnktt, Esq? Sir?The catastrophe predicted in my last has occurred even sooner than I expected; the com mercial world of Berlin is in an uproar, and scenes are enacting on our exchange that remind one of the great crash of 1837, so memorable in the history ol your happy and shinplaster ridden community. Ihe wild speculations in Railroad shales, ot which I gave you some particulars, had continned and gone on increasing; not only the shares of Prussian and other German railways, but those of Austria, Denmark, France, Italy and Russia?most of them still in embryo?were bought up with a kind of in sane eagernes=, the shares rising from 1 toll |>er cent, a day. All these bargains were on lime for a month forward, to be settled on the last day of the month, neither the buyer intending to take to the shares' nor the seller to deliver them, but both specillat | ing?the former on a rue, the latter on a fall?and tvgarding the whole aflair in the light of a wager To add to the excitement, a number of go betweens went hawking their shares about ihe town, and spreading the mania among all classes of the population. Every thing was going on swimmingly, and the shares had risen as high sa the thermometer does in Wall street on a boiling July afternoon, when lo! a change caine over the spirit of their dream, and the pn-ans of triumph made wuy to howling and gnashina of teeth. A royal decree was issued on the 5th of June, de daring all transactions in foreign shares illegal, and forbidding the courts of justice to admit of any claim or suit arising from time bargains. At the same time heavy penalties were enacted against the parties who made such bargains and the brokers through whose rri'dium they were ef fected. Thisdecree had the efU ct of a thunderbolt; the bubble burst; shares went down in a few dtys tver ten per cent, and the speculators were seat tered to the four winds of heaven. Many hun dreds who had wallowed in imaginary lichee, were unable to pay up ihe differences when they r? ached such uuiounts its three or four thousand dollars, and the defalcation of these "Diimino rum gentium." producing u reaction on the larger speculators, overwhelmed ihcm in iheir turn. It is to be regretted that many individuals of good standing and character have been induced to em bark in these visionary schemes, in expectation of making their fortunes at one stroke, and are now obliged to sacrifice the whole of their property? the hard earnings of many years of economy and labor?to satu-ly the demands ot their creditor, and preserve their reputation for integrity. Others, who>e consciences are less lender, reiuse to dis gorge the profits ihey made HI the earlier part ol this game, and will probsbly be left iu the qui. i possession ot their spoils?" the laws delay " being proverbial iu this couniry;ibesidesitsnot h iving yet been ascertained whether the lute decree may noi be so inierpreted as to have a retrospectve effect. The usual cairn of our political horizon has b? en troubled by some serious disturbances in Silesia. They took place in the mountainous districts oi that province, chiefly inhabited by coitori and linen weavers, whose wa*eB had became so reduced hi consequence of the decline of the linen trade, hs to threaten ihem with starvation. The signal ol revolt was given at n village called Langenbielau con taining a population of 12,000 souls, and two ad joining villages, which are inhabited by about 9,(KK) nearly all engaged in weaving Some factoii'-s having been reeled tn the neighborhood, in which the weaving was perlormed by machinery, the firs, ebject ol the rioters was to destroy the new ma chines, and they effectually succeeded in breaking them to pieces; not sutisfied with this, they broke every article of furniture, pulled down the hou.-es, set fire to some of the buildings, burnt the account hooks, and foreed th^ proprietors to se? k safety in flight In this manner four large factories were destroyed, besides a number of dwelling houses There being no military quartered near the ?eerie of action, the riotert were left to pursue their de. vacations with impunity; at ler.gtli a body r,| sol diers were sent for from the neighboring g .rn ions, but the work of tlestiuclion had been corn, 1 ted before they c ul I arrive As lliey were not yet suffi etently numerous to overpower the rio'> rs, who nsd been reinforced by a l and of smugclers from Hoht rnin, and made a desperate resistance, pelting th ;ir adversaries with stones, purls of the iron ma chim ry, an I oth< r iiiisnlep, larger bodies were obliged to be called in, and the soldiers firing, up. wards r>f twenty lives were lout before ihe ring leaders could be secured. They were conveyed to prison under a strong escort, and are now awaiting their punishment, which w ill probably be severe It remains to be seen, whether any thing will be done to relieve the distress prevailing in the inonu (acturirig districts. The king has ordered ihe fac tones and houses that were destroyed oy the rioters to he rebuilt at the expense ot government, and these villages are now occupied by troops and a strong police force to prevent any fresh outbreak Iti Bohemia there have been riots ot a similar kind umong the working They com meiiced at Prague and v\ ere directed against some Jcwi h houses, who had larpe establishments lor printing calicoes. Higher wages being demanded by the operatives, their employers refused to com ply. upon which the men proceeded to destroy the lactones and michinrs The lirst imeutt was, however, soon put an end to; the soluiei* v.ere called out, and order was restored by linn* on the rioters, who dispersed without much rebalance. A few days after these events, a strike took place among the laborers on the railroad near Prague, in consequence of a deduction being made from their pay for those d lys when a rained and no work could be done, whereas they expected to receive the stipulated compensation "rain or shine" as they were ready to perioral//u i; part of the agreement. They collected hi masses, and were joined by the operatives from ihe manu factories, who had turned out for higher wages ? This was outside ot the city (which is fortified)? the gate being shut, and the military at hand to guard it, they attempted to force an entrance by throwing paving stones ami oilier missiles against it, but a volley of musketiy staggered th? m, and the sabres of the dragoons soon seut them flying in all directions. Several arrests were made, and the Railway Company agreeing to investigate their claims, and to allow tfieni if they were rea sonable, the men returned to their work. Since then everything has remained quiet at Prague, but several lives were lost in these riots, and the troops continue to mount guard over all the manufactur ing establishments. Similar outrages were attempt ed in another Bohemian town near Prague, called Keichenberg, where there are several large facto riesowmdby a person of the name of Liebig ? The workmen collected to the number ot 6(H), arm ed with sticks and clubs, but as they could not get into the town wilhout pasting a bridge, which was guarded by sixty citizens armed with rifles (who atsemble every year to fire at a target,) ihis small body kept the rioters at a distance, until military assistance could be procured from the nearest gar rison. In a word, there is a general spirit of dis satisfaction abroad ; excesses of various kinds have been committed at Munich, Ingolstadt, Heidelberg, Giesekc, and other German towns?partly against the government, partly against the Jews, whose wealth and peculiar character, render iheni very obnoxious to the populace? and although these in surrections have soon been put aown by rmlitaiy lorce, they lead to the conviction that something must be "rotten in the State of Denmark." Thai the lower classes in many provinces ol Germany (particularly the south) are reduced to a state ol great misery, isproved by the continual emigration, not only to America, but even lo Poland, liunguiy and Algiers. Anions the signs of the times is the appearance of" a 1'usiiun Fietchi, in the person of a man named I schech, who attempted to assassinate the King on Friday lasi as lie was stepping into his carriage. The weapon employed was it double-barrelled pis tol, from which two shots were fired 111 succession, one of thein striking insAlajesiy on the breust, bui glancing off from his cloak, while ihe other lodgi d in the lining of the carnage. The nssabsin war seized immediately, and ihe King and Quee 11 drove oft amidst tlie acclamations ot the people, who showed some inclination to "lynch" the offender on the spot. From the little thai has trunspired hitheito, he appears lo have been actuated lallier by private revenge than by political motives, his chief grievance being his dismissal from some of ficial situation, on whai he consideied int>ullicieni I grounds. He is now in close confinement aud un dergoing a strict .investigation, but as the judicial proceedings in this country are conducted with ihe greatest secrecy, it will probably be some tune be fore any further particulars are made public 1 remain, sir, yours respectfully, A. B. Uueen Victoria1* Visit to Scotland. Blair Atholl, Thursday, Sept. 12.?HerMajes ty did not leave the Castle yesterday, hut retired at once to iter apartments, and dined in private wiih the Prince, as it was considered advisable thai her Majesty should enjoy some repose alter ihe very great fatigue which she lite recently un dergone. Prince Albert, however, walked about the grounds, ana ? tcplorcd some ol the precincts of the Castle. His Koyal Highness expressed him self much delighted wiih Ilia new abode, aud ?uzed with admiration at some ol ihe most re markable features in the surrounding scenery, as they were pointed out to him by ins noble hod. The Prince also anticipates great pleasure front the deer stalking, which, it is expected, will take place to morrow in the Duke ol Atholl s forest ol Gl 'ii Tilt, adjoining the noble forest ot Brae Mar, winch is now rented by the Duke of L.eeds. It is expect'd that her Majesty will accompany the Prince in his sporting expedition, as there is an ex cellent carriage drive through the grounds of Blair Atholl, which penetrates for twelve miles through the Glen Tilt into the heart ol the foiest. As evening closed in, large bonfires were lighted on ihe surrounding hills; the rocKy sides and deep acclivities ot Ben-y-vrackie glared with red llame, and the startled slags on the contiguous haugi.r. ar.d braes were roused from their peaceful slum bers and raised their antlered heads to gaze with mute astonishment at the fiery invader of their wild domains. At eleven o'clock litst night the fire yet gleamed from these magnificent volcanoes According to prescst arrangements her Majesty will remain here tor three weeks, and may perhaps prolong her sojourn lor a month, should the first wea'her continue; but it is understood that the duration of her Majesty's visit is contingent upon communications from abroad. Lord Aberdeen and Lord Liveri>ool will remain here for the pre. ?'.rnV. ,"lu in Waiting and Lord Charles Wcllosley will be in attendance 011 her Majesty. The Prince is attended by !^ir Kdwnrd Bowster The attendants of the Princess Royal comprise th< whole of the inmates ol Blair Atholl. The ScotsGreys nave been ordered back lo their head quarters, and the several detachments which formed iier Majesty's escort, will, in the course of the morning, feavi; the quiet homesteads wnerc they have been billetted lor the last few days. At her Majesty wishes to dispense with the trammel. of State during he. visit, ihe services of the hc?tt Greys will lint be required ; but Lord GhnlyonV stalwart band of Highlanders will form a guard ol honor for Iier Majesty during her present visit, and the bright claymores are now gleaming in the sun at everv entrance to the Casile. Bi.aik Atholl, Friday?HerMajeaty is evident ly delighted with the novelty of her present mode of life. The Queen now roams about the exten sive grounds ot the Atholl domains, with her con sort and the Princess, unpeeped upon by prynip curiosity ; and the privacy which her iVojesty en joys will not be encroached upon or disturbed l.y those impertinent intruders who have hitherto haunted her Majesty into every place which the naH honored with her presence. A party from the Castle went out groure shooting yesterday, consisting of Lord Charles Wellesley, the Earl of Aberdeen, and some of Lord Glen lyon's friends, who are now staying with his lord shin at the residence of his factor, Captain Mac duff. '(lie Prince did not, however, join the party His Royal Highness accompanied her Majesty a a waik thiough the grounds as etmy as vni m the morning In the couise of the afternoon her Msjesty drove out, with Ladv Glerilyon, in ft small pony phaeton, up to the marble quarries in Glen 'Jilt. H> r M... jesty alighted hi the glen, and requested Lady Glerilyon to accompany Iier into a Scottish eottt t^ on the hill side, where her Majesty remained for upward* of a quarter of nil hour, and was evident ly overwhelmed with astonishlm nt at the mil simplicity of Ihe colter's hut, and exarnit ed wit), apparent interest, the few implements nt hustirrt rt and cooking which were strewed about fie inf floor of the i.ovel The simple iniratesof tlnsius nc residence proffered Iheir hospitality to then Sovereign, a bowl of milk being dU they had to offer, which was giaciottsly accepted, but they hud no conception of ihe exalted rnnh cf iheir illustri ous guest. The old woman in the cottage was at her s inning wheel, with the "rock end w ee pickle tow," and explained the use of it loiter Majesty. The Prince rode out in the afternoon up the road to the pn^a ? f Kilheehrunkie, and virwt d the spot where ClaVeihouse fell. His Royal Hglim ss wa* accompanied in Ins rule by Sir Ldward Bowater. Phe Prince afterwards rode lor a few miles on the road towards Inverness, about as far hh the falls ol Bruar. Ili i Royal Highness did hoi go up to the tails, but deferred Ins visit to a future occasion. *hen lie will accompauv her Majesty lo intie?i thw m< st deservedly celebrated "lion" ol th? neighhi r mod. Lord uod LadvGlenlynn had the hon< r of |oin log the rov al diiiia r paiiy l*si evening t or*' Aberdeen, Lord L-verpool, Lord Charles Welles ley and Sir hdward Bowa er, with the ladies. 01 tier Majesty's suite, constituted the remainder 01 ihe party. Her Majesty rose at an early hour this morning, ami at the present moment (eleven o'clock) 1* walking about ihe grounds, accompanied by Prince Albert, who is aimed 111 a shooting jacket and drali hat A garden chair, drawn by two servants in uutlre-H Itvoiies, follows herMaiesty, and the Prin cess Koval accompanies her Koyal parenis on a Shetland >>oney, led by a groom, and attended by h servant in scarlet livery. Her Majesty was gazing for a long time this morning at the rocky brow of Ben-y-Vrackie, aIiosc lofty summit was enveloped in u Scottish mist; but the weather is as beautiful as can be desired. The Luke ol Leeds has sent over one of his for esters, from the adjoining forest of Brae Mar, wuh a magnificent deer-hound as a pres. nt to the Prince. The dog ban, however, unfortunately made his escape, und is probably by tins time over the lulls and lar away. I* or the purpose ot retirement, a more favorable spot could scarcely have been obtained, combining as it does such exquisite natural beauties wuh suih ubsolute quiet and seclusion Irom the bustle and lurmoil ?| the world. Athoi; House itself is n binding ol the most characitr. it 10 a plain structure, all white Irom the great entrance to the out-oliices, and plumicd without the slightest assistance from the rules of architectural beauty It is, however, ccmmodious, and the interior ha* been prepared, under ihe direction of Lord Glen Ivon, by upholsterers from London, in a style ren dering it a lit abode for the Queen in the retire ment which she seeks It is delightfully situate in the centre of u Rim, or more properly speaking, a vitlley surrounded on all sides by high hills, one of which, Ben-y-glo, almost aspires lo the rank ot a mountain, Some of these lulls are clothed to the tons with lir, r< lievid by masses of >ich verdure ; others are more Warren but strikingly grand. At all hours of the day?Irom the early morn ing, when ihe summits of the hills are hidden in mists, to the night, when their bold outlines lorm a grand amphitheatre enclosing the domain?the scene is bpautiful in th eextreme. Repose and seclu sion, however,are claims it possesses in an extreme degree, and which give it apparently a value in ihe eyes ol her Majesty in addition to its great natural advantages. The interior ol the grounds afiords extensive walk9 and drives, ot which her Majesty avails hen elf, and the Prince is enabled to enjoy shooting on the hills. Deer-sta king will, it is said, be added to his Koyal Highness's amusements. The utmost care is used to exclude all stranger* Irom the house and grounds. A guard ot the Atholl Highlanders, under the command of Captain Drummoud, mount guard over it, and theie is a body ol the London police, under the orders of an inspector (Steed), who also lend assistance in maintaining order and preventing intrusiens from the curious. The views in the neighborhood, it is needles3 to say, are lull of beauty and interest. It 1 ? understood ttiat her Majesty will, from time to lime, visit th? in all ller Majesty will attend di vine in vice on Sunday at the church i.f the palish. A large pew bus been fitted with ottomans, and covered with crimson cloth, to receive her Majesty and suite, arid llure are crimson coverings to the rest ol the pews. 1!/.air Ahioli.,Saturday mornirg ?There appear I to be some indications this morning ot a change in [ the weather, ond if 'he sun should he ccmptlled to retreat before the rain und mist which h?vr begun to itivude the pr<sent abode ol Royalty, there is but little likelihood tliut her Majesty vull prolong her visit to the end ot the month. Within ihe lest tew days however, theie has been a Iresh inflnx of visitors and tourists, who are ormots to com bine the pleasures ot seciiq their Sovereign and the beauties ? f Scottish scenery. The two hot? Is, the Blair ol Atholl Ihii ai.d the Bridge of Tilt L.d, | ine completely inundated ? people are p'ud to be allowed to lie down indtccriminately under the dining tables, like "tour-m d twenty blaikbirds all ol a row every bed-room boasts ot three or lour occupants, and when they wake in the morning they find th? mselves placed by the side ot some drowsy stranger, with whom they had not the honor of any previous acquaintance, and who had been bilhtied upon them by an unceremonious landlord during their peaceful slumbers. In the course of yesterday afternoon her Majes ty drove out 111 a pony phaeton along the high road to Invcrness as lar us the Falls ol Bruur, but un fortunately u shower of rain prevented her Majes *y from alighting to view the most picturesque por tion of this beautiful waterfall. The beauties ?I the F ills ol i'ruar have been considerably enhan ced by a rich clothing ol hr und oaks (ringing its rocky hanks, which were formerly as bleak, bore, .iiid desolate as the summits of the surrounding hills amidst which it Ires embosomed. 'I hose plantations were iomied by ihe late Luke ol Atholl in compliance with the celebrated poetical epistle of Burns, wlio heggea that some clothing might be. placed upon the risked rocks; and the fragrant birksare now dressed in wooohines, and the crsg clitfs are now adorned with the firs and thorns lor which Scotland's poet petitioned in sueti glowing language. In her drive yesterday her Majesty was accom panied by Prince Albert, who had returned early trom grouse shooting on ihe hills, where his Koyal Highness had some excellent sport; several bladi eocks were sent to the Castle by the Prince, in or der that they might be prepared for her Majesty's luncheon, and at half-past three his Koyal High ness rode back to the Castle, and drove her Majes ty out in the pony phaeton, preceded by outriders; Lord Glenlyon and Sir Edward Bowater rode on either side of thecarrmge. the Highland chieftain wearing the two eagle's feathers in his bonnet ? On the return of her Majesty to ihe Cuttle,a Scotch peasant, who had been evincing his loyalty in co pious libations in honor of the Queen, staggered into the Castle, and entered into ihe room where (the illustrious party were assembled with far lets cert mony und discrimination than were displayed by the "boy Jones." The intruder was forthwith handed over to the tender mercies ol the local po nce, who appear to perform their on??rous dunes with that energy ar il vigour for which the renown ed followers ol Dogberry and Verges were &o em inently distinguished. A vast number ol Lord Glenlyon's clansmen and foresters have been out during the night driving the deer into the (ilen Tilt, ir. otder to enable the I rince to have a shot at them a* they bound through the passes, (lis Koyal Highness, accom panied hv his noble host anil a large parly,mounted 011 t hooting ponies, left the Cast'c this morning lor the Men, where there is every probability that they will huve some excellent sport, as the wind is favourable. Sunday.?Yesterday the Brince went out at 2 0 clock, deer-Stalking, to Glenclynie, in the neigh borhood of the Castle. He went on a shooting pony, and was accompanied by Lord Glenlyon. Ihe Prince remained out until 7 o'clock in the evening. The Prince shot three of the finest harts ' have been shot this season. One of them weighed |l> or is i tone. 'I t <? I'rineess Koyal rode out on her pony 111 the grounds. At J o'clock in the afternoon. Her Majesty left the CHSile in her pony phu ton and four, attended ny .sir h(Jward Bowater and two outridi rs. In the carriage with Her Majesty were Lady Carohue !r?" ,' Canning, and Mademoiselle Charrier. 1 he KoyM|party drove out with the intention of visiting the KallN of Bruar, and proceeded on the Invt rness road for that purpose, buinlitr having gone some distance, they returned in consequence of a heavy .11 o| r.'hi. lier Majesty subsequently drove, on the rain nhatinp, about the grounds, and r< turned to the Castle at o o'clock rl he (hum r piirty > i sieiday ((insisted, besides the Queen and Purer Albert, < I the Harlot Liverpool Ihe I..Ill I f Ah- r . tif, Lord 1 halles Well* ?ly, Lady ('.inning, Lady (,'aroluie Cocks, fcir Kdwutil Bo water, imr! Mr. Aww D. I he r-sidence ot ller Mujeity here continues to preserve its character of strict seclusion. Visiters are now n<a ?o numerous us before If r Msjeslv .? health appears to be gradually irn pr.'Ving Although the weather has lat.erly been uiil.iyoruble, nhe has been out eveiy day, enjoying ? .e line inr of this place Me-r Majesty seems lo li ok better every tiay. 1 he inhabitants ot the pin< e, arid tbi vn't< re, appear lo have discovered tliat II. i iVijji :y.iit ires privacy,lor tbey now m?l(e no ??lleril(.t lo che? r lie r, bin liter*l> taKf ( tl ihe r hats, and bow as she | .iss along. The t rmcess Koyal is in excellent health. In consequence ol the heavy rain now falling, it is not suppos ed that Her Maiesty will be able to at tend service hi the parish tut icli Her Maji sly wiil pay another visit to the pass of Killi? crankie us soon ..s the weather peimiis. Mr. Butter, of Kaskiily, has had new walks prepared in the pass, to enable Her Majesty to obtain the finest views ol the scenery,w hlch has leatuies ol remark able grandeur mid beamy, lar beyond the usual ?how places prepared for the astonishment of tourists. KsTAt. Kiot on K11.1. s Poini ? We understand ?<l. ?pemte riot oeeiirml l??r inglit on Fell's PoiM, ? nun (? r n mm, ii ohn eri Hint oltn t?, m * b cli I wn Dsn v'l ri'Sii') were ?o buj:) mn,n ,:J that thej died -ooiKlti iH .i l There wk hi other |t?rson vert danger a?ly, titid II in supposed IsUlly wounded. be.i,|?., ?, m? nil Ui tliH- ire ie Who u?re ?iikIii|) injured 1 he Ira r? mm. I.e. d in the ?' sat. near the , 0. iur ol Bond and t?ftl(',ii?ter *111" tfi. ? Jhil I11101 r jirjirj , 11 1 4. ikaii.aoAt) Acciiiknt.?The downward train of ram itum (1 ocord for tionton, at ft o'c oek, A. M , on I liiir dsy, came in ri ntset with s row in Bow, throw ing thu engins entirely from the tisck. and injuring, though not dangerously, Mr. Mlcl *rdsoii,the engineer.? Button Coui id.

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