Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 21, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 21, 1844 Page 1
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m. pf an ? 41 wrw ""HMWO'iiiirrEm^Twi ? - - THE N E W YORK HERAL D. Vol. la, in.WMt Ho. ?*l. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 21, 1844. ertr* Two O-nM. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE ( IHi LLATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. TliB OREATESTJN IMF. WOR!J>. To Mi Public. Tll)? NEW YORK HERALD?Dail? N?ii??ii llshed every day of the rwr earept New Year's Dst m4 Koarth of July. Price 2 cents par copy?ur fie** paid?call iu ad vaiica. THE WEEKLY HERALD?p?blieb*d morning? price cents |?e eopr, or $1 Itiai agea paid, rub in advance. ADVKRTISKR8 are informed that the circalaooa of Um Herald is over THIRTY-PI vE THOUSAND. sad imwM Cut ll htu Ihf Imrfttt citculmtiit ?] ?**?***}* tku nly, or the woYld, and, is, (Arre/ere, the (til rAama'lit hUMH ?ten in (Ac city or cttuiUry. Price* moderate??aah m ulTun. PRINTING of all kinds esecated at tlw moat moderate \m tea. and in the must elegaul style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Pkofhiktor or tni Hkssi.d KsTsai iihmid, North went eonter of Fultoe aad Naaaan streets w iff!. ir^hT^kTrTt FARE THREE SHILLINGS V ROM PATERSON TO JEKSEY CITY. Ou an'I after the 'it of October tlw cart will leave Fate ion DiruT. 8 o'clock A. M. 11* " 3 M P. M On Sundays. Nrw York. 8 o'clock A. M. !?* " F M ? o'clock A. M. 9 o'clock A. M. 3 " P. M. I 4 " r. hi s29 tf ec CENTRAL RAfL ROAD, FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON, GEORGIA. THIS ROAD u in operation daily (Sundays excepted.) for Transportation of Passengers and Freight. New aud comforta ble Passengers Cart have been recently placed on the road, and the distance (I'JO milee.) ia ran from 6 A. M. to 6 P. M., with great regularity. The Company has also a number of Burthen Curs, au<l is prepared to carry with despatch, all goods and pro duce which may offer. Goods consigned to the ? ompaiiy'i A^ent in havHunth. will bereceKed aud forwarded, free of com mission for forwardiuK, provided a sum in cash, sufficient to pay tlup and road freight and charges is deposited with the Coin|<e ny on amval of the Roods. The steamer* GEN. CLINCH and CHARLESTON, owned and commanded by Captains Brooks and Uuden, run hetweeu Charleston and Savannah, iu couuec lion with the Ro?d. A Steamer leaves each city on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and the Line, itise?pe?ted, will soon run daily. Paaseuirers travelling South will leave Charleston at II A. M.. iininediaelv afar the arrival ol the Wiliniugton itcim er?reach Savannah by 8 P.M. same d<y, and take the cars from Mt con at 4 o'clook the following morning. By this route iheje is leHi staying than on luy other to Montgomery, and the fan u ??low. E. I AFITTE, Agent for the Liue in Charleston. R. R. CUYLER, President. THOMAS PURSE, General Superintendent. Savannah. Aug"st, 1814. sS Imre OK KAT M ASSCONVENTiON, at Patchogu-, s xty miles from New York, on Wednesday, the J.)d in tu it, ?t 1 o'clock, and xt Hempstead, 24th instant?liire hall price, or $I,M for the tiip lu, iioui ? for both meetimts. Trains leave South Kerry l)epot, at twenty miuuies put 9 A. ou both days, aud return same evenings. Tirtets lor the Hempstend Meeting, only 44 cents for the trip. olntoiXrc ttltiil.tit A.MJ .MJKIII,li Ai< KOkAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. . Of 1300 tons and 440 horse Power each. Under coutract vfltk the Lords of the Ad; ? miralty. 11IUKRNIA, Captain Air*aider Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Captain Eteard O. Lott. ACADIA, Ce|itain WVIiam Harrison BRITANNIA Captain Joliu Hewitt. CAMBRIA, .Captain C. H. E. Judkins. Will tail Irom Liverpool and Boston, via. HaUfai, as follow*: From Boston. From Liverpool. Caledonia, Lott August 16th. ? Ac.idi* Harrison. ..Sept. lit. August 4th. Hi hernia, Ryrie 16th. JOth. TlnHHf vessels carry etperienced lurgeoiu, and are supplied with Life Boats. For froif ht or paisage, apply to D. BKIOHAM. Jan., Agent, au5rr No. i Wall street iin.i The new steamboat lis**. EMPIRE, CAPTAIN D. HOWE, , Will leave BUFFALO for CHICAGO. Ion FRIl)AY,3Sd of August, at 7 P. M., and perlorm her trips regularly during the sea ?son, as follows UP. DOWN. LEAVF8 81)Ft"\ 1.0. I.WO:i ?.HICAOO. Friday Anc. 23,... at 7 P. M. I Saturday, Auk.23... at 9 A. M< Saturday, Sep. 7,... at do I Monday, Sept. 16... at do Moudav, " 23... at do j Tuesday, Oet. I... at do Tue?day. Oet ?.. ?' do I Wedi-jdsv, 16 .. ?t do wh.j.j?..i," t au riiiursuar "3t...?( do Thursday, No?.7 do | Friday, Nov. do Tile KMI'lllE is ICQ feet ill leugili, 31 feel 8 inched beam, 14 feet 2 inches hold. Measuring 1220 Unu, and is the largest steam boat alluat iu nilaiid waters. Engine 600 horsepower, boilers provided with Evan's Patent Safety Valves, to prevent the possi bility of aneiplosion. The Cabin is is 230 feet long, with separate Saloons for Ladies and Gentlemen?spacious State Rooms extend the whole length, ventilated by doors opening from the inside and oot, and all farts of the boat ar? finished and furnished in a style unequalled 7 any other in the fforld. Ample accommodations for Steer age Passengers, ui four large well ventilated Cabins, one of which a appropriated exclusively to females. 1 tie boat ia provided with a good band of music. WiLKini, Marsh It Co., Buffalo, > H. NohTort (k Co., Chicago, S Agents. J. N. Eibbrt, Detroit. > I). N. BARNEY, k CO.. Augnst 1,1*44. Cleveland, aultottvlrr STATUiN i^LA-NJU ***** KOOT OK WHITEHALL. Thr Hoata will mn n? follows on and after Sept. 39. LEAVE NEW YOKK: S-^Vi^A%^l8LUdA^DP:M t, and 10, A. M.; 12*. ?H ud S, P. M. P. S?All goods mo?t b? particularly marked, ud ate at the fink oftlie ? wners thereof. *24 LUUH?(?.!) I U SlA U'll.UtK, M.?OUud after Monday. Sept. 16Ui, 1044. jr..ii.rr.- M the NightZjne to ALBANY AND TROY will i' ? tl ?? hour ordefartare from 7 to6o'clock. P. M., a> i) wiil 1 -ml at l'oaghkeep?e during the great Fair and Cattle Bli'iiv. i'^ie 7j cuts only ta Poughkeepsie. 'llie tauter ftW ALLOW, Capt. A. McLean, Monday 16th, and Wednesday, ltkli Tlie steamer ALBANY, Captain K. B. Maty, Tuuday, I7ib, Thursday, 19th, at C o'clock, from Cort land ( tuvtt pier. Morning Line, at 7 o'clock, from Barclay itreet pier, tke TROY and EMPIRE. I f~ During the great Fair and Cattle Show, Tuesday. 17th, Wednesday, IKih, and Thursday, 19th, will reduce the fare to 75 eenta to and from Poughkeppsie ana New York. slS NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. 00L F?R ALBANY AND TROY .-Morning ^-1"; mu/r Line from the foot of Barclay atreet, lauding 3K?? intermediate places. Xlw Sti-auier EMPIRE, Caiwin S. R. Roe, Monday .Wednes day and Friday Morning at 7 o'clock. Th* Steanrn THOY( Captain A. Gorham, Tuesday, Thurs day and Saturday Morning, at 7 o'clock. r.vri ntg Line lrnm "he toot of CourtJandt street, direct. IV Wteaoiei SWALLOW, Captain A McLean, Monday, Wi'duesilay and Kridav Krening. at 6 o'clock. The Hl^atner ALUANY, Captain K. B. Maey, Tuesday, Tbarsday and Safuiday Evening, at 6 o'clock. Ttw Huats of this Line, owtna to their light draught of wa ter, are able at all times to pass uie bars, and reach Albany and Troy in ample time to take tha morning train of cars for the -aet or west. Km paiiage or firirht, apply on board, or at the otEees on the wlarvn ?? rLEASANT AND CHEAP EXCURSIONS. SUMMER ARHJlNVEMEffT. Rid ir? e YO_ _ _ ^ Krota Piei No. I, North Kiver, foot of Battery Place. NKW UKIUHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (ST ATE N H ISLAND,) XND NEW YORK #EllRYl Pier No. 1, N? ? " MJH The Steamboat CINDERELLA, wii ran as A-??.ja lollows. Duly, from May 20th to Octob-^ It I, i?Lear-t New \ ork at 9 and U o'clocK, A. M., at JW, fi audi P M. L?.i? ? Pott l(jconioril, at "HI minutes to S, and 10 minutei to !? A M.; - t I, Ms and OH P. M l? iyes New Bri?litoc a) t and 10 A. M.; at IX, 5 and 7X f M. t).i Kjuilay?Leaves New York, nt 9 and il A. M.; at 3, 6 and I I'. M. t-f '.vri Port Kitdimonil, at JO ra.uuLes to * and 10A.M; at I, J and 7U P. M. s .. \ .,\r in 11)4 tnvlt *m"re FA lit KliUUOKD. fOI? ( KOTONVILLE, 81NO SINO, TARRYTOWN, "SIE'8 DOCK, HASTINGS _jm IH"rlNu', W|LTSIE*8riOCK, HASTINOf (L- VUNKKUH.?Ou and after Saturday nf" ?? .Wb.ifr. ?"Wtf KvlNO.Capt Hiram rutlull, reet fi?r the above places, daily 1 ir August Jl.t, 1 ? ?u535i WA^HINOTO>f I will l'-a*r ilie fooi af t'hamber itreet 1 ff t'hamber itreet fin the auove places, daily a. I P >1., -id ?teepied. Ketnrniug, will leave Crotonville a< -'V ??ii4 I'lg B *t7 o'clock A. M., landing at the foot of .ud jtreei ,T h w*>. (? i | .* or frviiihi, apply on board, or to STEPHKN B. T" ?? K 1 N ?<. '9-' n?t ?if?t. at2tn*rc ?UH BATH. OAHDINFR AND HALLOWbLL. The new neamer PKNOBSCOT, < aptnm 'N. Kiinhall, leaven rlieend of T wharl, Boston. .< /ery Tnmday and Kriday eveninci, at J ,'?1^ i. Huitn will he in reidmest on her arrival at the above .v*V paweneera tn tl" nnit4,hiring tr.wn* FALL AND AHHANOEMENT. V/:il'ARK Nl) NEW YOHK. I ARE ONLY Hi CENTS. rHE NEW AND SWIFT ^rEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTutN JOHN GAKFY. ? ^ ON and af*er September 10th will nin daily, r as follows (Sundays iucluded) :?l^ave New fool of' entre streel, < o'clock A. M.? nili, fiMit of Barr.l iy ?tre?t, 3 o'clock P. M. Nltil L.I V k>HPUOL.? 1 he p? k ' ?lup UAnHil-K, iilain I r >?k sails mi the 2iiih of Oct?and the |>arltet JMIs Wa-bip t)XH lltu Capuin Itahbone, on the lit .Nov., HjiTT-l t da\? nl ?iiling. k?i I'ihiIS, having uiiaurpaaaed aeeommodations, apply to JOHN HKKDMAN, 61 South strn-t N H I- *?a?e fr>m li./at llniain and Irel md can as usual be ?e' li 'l Ii> Ihr regular lMCk?t sh i s tailing every five davs from 1 >eri uf, and Drifts fur my amount, can, as usual, be furnish ?' | in all tin* principal towns and cities throughout iid. I,d lieland. on an'lication as above. | v i^ PA-inUt. K)H NKW"dRLKANft-Positivtfy .oily r ?ul ir |<ac' et ot Monday neit, 21st Octuber jmi-llw evil known, laat sailiuii and favoriu packet l iHAilA. ('aptain Bunker, Will s il punrtually as ii. i?ev i??ul.r day, or pass gv free, Wiud and weali?r per ?M lis* ampa of ih s Una sr? so wel' known for ibair punctuality ?a s iliaa that uiey nesd an further comment, ai.d tha a?cum Eiidau n? ?n tsiernif, which lender* th- m desirshla. To secnie I ? sarlr M Wieeiioa sbuald I* mada on boyd. fi^jj. of Piaa mw miii W a il1. TAP#/OTT, 76 Hoaih streat, roraar Maiden Lane. N H ? PasaMgan by tha packet ihip Alabama will p ease be aa board with tfcair luggage, by I* o'clock, on Monday morning as it, at wbsck uaa IM ?M|i will gail. ol7r? jiHH^NuEMtNTS FOR 1M*.~ OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. IM I'm* suaat, corner of South. fill inc Msbarnher M> i?*?l to Call [)m> attention of llu lilendi aasd ih? labile is *' i.eral, to the folli-wiug arrangements for IM4 I >r the i>an??e of hn->aing outCahui, 2d Cabin, and Sim Mr r?.?mn.. by tt>* H gulai Line of Live/iool Packets, Mil ing tii# lit. Mil, Illli. Men. it 1st mil iKth of every mouth. By thr L?wk.j fwksi* to Mil from New York, the Ut, lOtli and nh MiJ tr.111 l.omlou uu the 7th, 17th mid Z7lh of each month ? t-o?.tuHi ? uli (hr above, and for thr purpoM of affordiug ?lilUrratel facilities to |<uvo|rn, the Suliscnbrr ha* establish ?d * I'KoUr iu? III Imt claas New Wutk built, coopered and fasumsJ ships, to Mil punctually every week through oat <br ysar. ?rfi'tmin xUtioa of nrrsoiis wishing to ivtnit mousy to iVu iMBiltn or IrwuiU, draft* ?n given, payable at sight, oo thr IWMH Banks, vir..:? Provincial Bank ot Ireland, payable at < ?'fk, Ltawrirk, Ctomnal, Londonderry, Miio, WeaforJ, Bcllast, wiiterford, Gajway. Artnagh, Athlon*, Coleraiu, Balliaa, Tralee, Yonghal, Enniskilleu, Monsghau, Cambridge. ball \ mena. Parsnustown fowapatr ck. I armn ."??*? "leua, rarsaust Duiiganuuu, B-uiSoa Omagh, uf Skibb- reeu Ballyihonnoil, ,m ffir fey-ore. J^odand-p,, City Ua?k Eiylaud- ? ??* Pto B > rnM ll' o., X W ati lfr ,,,v" ????"? ? ..11111. minuii, Dublin. Bkibbreoa. Bcolland?Th* City Bank of (iUiiow. Ki*l unl- w-ssia. AuiHHier, Aiwood ll Co., B&ukers, London; P. W B>rnaa kl'o., K WumIoo Hnad, Lirerpool; payable in tvevr Iowa ia (treat Britain. ?'or farther lafmnutiuu. (if by letter boat said.) apply to JOSEPH Mc>1L Kit AYVlM Pwastnwl, corner of South street, New York, Or Mwa P W BVRNM k CO.. X Waterloo Road. Itelw I imnml PASS A US. * HO>rt?ltKAlrSKli AIN AND iKfcLAND 1111 A J THE HALL Oil ol,D LINE Uf 1.1 V KHPOOL PACKETS. [failing fii'in l,i?er|io<il on tlie Till and 19th of every mouth.J Pelves wishing to tend to tlie Old I 'ountry lor their friends can uiake the urcessaiy arrangements with the Subscribers, and have thetn r?in>- out in this suprrior Line of Packets, Hup from Literpool punctually oo tlie "ill and 19th of every mouth. Tliry will alao have a firat rat* claaa of American trading ships, sailing every sit days, Uiereby affordiau weekly communication fmtn that port. Uu- of tlie lirui, (Mr. Jatnea L). lioclie,) i? tlianj, to aer dial they (hall be forwarded with care and dea 'should tlie imrtma agreed for, not come uut, the money will be returned to thoie wlio i tid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball or Old Line of Livepool Packet#, couiprw the following maguiAcmt Mui ?, via.:? T>? 0 TV Cm IV TV NEW YOKK. fem.iuca. ENGLAND, NORTH AMEIUCA. With audi auKrior anil une,|u.illrd arrangemenu, the 9ub icrihera confidently look forward for a continuance of that ?up port which haa been extended to tliein ?o many, for which thry are grateful. Thoae proceeding, or remitting money to their rrlativea, Ce.n | V all limea obtain Orafla at aight for anv amouut, drawn direct ou tlie Uoynl Bank of Ireland, Oubliu, alao, on i Miwari. PRE8C 0TT, UH6TE, AMKH k CO. J ? ---l rt"in.o ? t?U. which will be paid on r . London. lai'dltawdL^air.'^ t"lV"s ^hout KuVland,'Ire KOCIIE, BllOTHERS k CO. ~i I ton ? trret. New York, N. B.?The Old I |u ?r i ooor to the k ulUiii Bank, for Liverjiool on the l?t aud'i,K)w'ifeacf|Cm'U?k1'' ?ro11.' I'"* Port III* to the OI.I Country Will in . i?. .. 'th- /?"???? "turn tatie to aeleet thia favori" Liu" for L ?" '''' a"d ,drau ence to any other. conveyance, in prefer Jtli Jtn?rc NEW LINE OK LIVKKHOOL PACKETS. To tail from New York on the %th and Liverpool Cu"0" 11th of each mo3tli. 1111 i?TvUM NEW VouiT^ Ship ltOSCll'S, Captain John Collins, 26th July. Ship SIUUON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, iJ6tli August. Sliip SHEItlDAN, Captain K. A. Ue|ie\ater, Wth Sept Ship OAKR1CK, Captain B. I. II. Traak, iibtli Oct. FROM LIVERPOOL. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain A. Uepeyiler, llth July. Ship OAKKICK, Cnpuin B. 1. H Traak, llth Aunnit. Ship ROSCIU8, Captain John (^ollina, llth Sept. Ship S1DUONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, llth Oct. Theae *hi|ia are all of the first churn, upwards of 1000 tons, hi ilt in the city of New York, with such iinproveinanta as Combine great a|i?ed with unusual comfort for passengers. tvery care has beeu taken in the arrangement of their accom modations. The price ol passage hence is $100, fur which am ple stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give ge neral satisfaction. Neither the Captains or owners of the shipi will he responsi ble for any letters, |?rcels or packagea sent oy them, unless re gular bills of laden are signed therelor. For freight or i*s?age apply to E. K COLLINS k CO. 16 South street. New York, or to B1IOWN, SHIPLEY k CO., Liverpool. Letters by tlie Parketsw ill be charged I2){ Cents |arr single fttcr, M ceuU |ier ouuee, and uewspa|<ers I cent each. mSrc O CLTUfN E1 JvifRPOt )l71'ACK ets! TnToid Line oM^cUrw for Livery ml will herealten>?MC ?patclied in the following order, excepting thai w lieu tin* sailing day fall* ou Sunday, the ?hipa will s*il ou tlie succn-diog daj, nx. hrirns JVrir York. Frnm tjin-pnnl. The CAMBRIDGE, tJune 1 July ^ U, ll'ili tons, {Oct. 1 Nov. 16 VV. C. Barstow.t Krb. I Mar. iti The ENGLAND, l.luue 16 Dec. 1 7M tons, < Oct. 16 Dec. 1 A. Bartlrtt, f Keb. It April 1 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug. Ik 800 tons, {Nov. 1 Der. If, J. Rathbone, f March 1 April lb The MONTEZUMA, CJn|y U Sept. 1 1000 tons, < Nov. IS Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, f March IS May I The.EUROPE, CAng. 1 Seio. 16 ?lttous. < Dec. 1 Jan. 16 E. O. Furber.f April 1 May 16 The*NEW YORK, (new.) I Aug. It Oct. 1 950 tons, < Dee. It Feb. 1 1'. B. Cropper, f April It June 1 The COLUMBUS, (Sept. 1 Oct. It 700 tons, <Jan. 1 Keb. It O. A. Cole, f May 1 June It The YORKSHIRE, (new,) I Sept. 16 Nov. 1 1050 tons, < Jan. 16 March 1 D.O.Bailey. (May 16 July 1 These Ships are not sur)wu?ed in point of elegance or comfoit in tlieir cabin accommodations, or in their fast sailing qualities by'any vessels in tlie trade. The commanders are well known as men of character and experience, and the strictest attention will always be paid to promote ihr comfort and convenience ofpaivuarrs. Punctuality, as regards tlie day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. Tlie price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hnndred Dollars, for which ample stores of every description, will he provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will M furnished by tlie Stewards, if required. Neither the captain or owners of these Ships will be (^spon sible for any letti-n, parcels, or packages sent by them unless regular bill* of ladiug are sigued therefor. Kar fmght or pas sage, apply to GOODHUE k CO. t4 South street. C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burhug Slip, N. Y. J29tf and of BAHINO. BROTHERS k CO.. I.'pool OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE .MSB- tfiS- ???- i/fct JWHN HERDMAN, SI South urn-t, New Yiuk. I I The subscriber continues to make arrangements to bring out passengers fruin Great Britain and Ireland, (via Liverpool), who may be engaged at this office., or with auy of bis agents in tin- I'nited States, on board the packet ?hii? sailing from Liver pool eveiy five davs?and in order to alford every- will have des|iaiciied superior American ahipe in New York aud Boston, every week. during the year. Those sending for their friends may rely that the same dne and diligent attention will be ihown tlwm a? heretofore, and should any of those sent for not embark, the money will lie refunded, as customary; and those remitting money to their friends, chji have Drafts ana Bills of Exchange for sumt to suit, payable on de mand at the following banks, (without discouut or any oilier charge), viz:? ENOLAND?Messrs. J. Bult, Son fc Co., Bankers, London; J. Bnrned & Co., Liverpool; the National Provincial Bank of England and Branches, throughout England and Wales; York shire District Bank and Branches; Birmingham Banking Co.; Lancaster Banking Co. IRELAND?National Bank of Ireland and Brandies, and Provincial Bank of Ireland and Brandies, in all the principal towns throughout the Kingdom. SCOTLAND?Eastern Bank of Scotland and Blanche* Greenoi k Banking Co. ill Glasgow and Greenock. Persons residing in the country and wishing to send money to their friends, may insure its being done satisfactorily, on their remitting tlie amount they wish sent, with the namt' and address of the person for whom it is intended; a draft for the amount will then be forwarded per first |iacket or steamer, and a receipt for the same returned by mail. For further particulars, apply {if by letter, post paid) to si#ec JOHN HERDMAN, til South st. OLD ESTABLISHED PACKET OFFICE,61 jffjMrV South street?Passage to and from Ureal Britain and JMaiiifitlreland, via Liverpool. Passage can at all times be engaged at tli" lowest rales, to and from Liverpool, by the regu lar packet ships sailing under ihe new arrangement every lew d?> s, and drafts can as usual be furnished for auy amount, paya ble at the National and Provincial Bank, Ireland, anu their branches, and throughout tlie United Kingdom, as well as at all the wriuci^Mil hanking institutions in Euglaud, Scotland m1 Wales, without discount or any other charges. For furtlie.r par ticflars, if by letter, post paid, apply to stec JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. FOR LIVERPOOL.?'The very splendid f?*t sailing .rnrear aud eopper fastened hsroue M.IZA 'I IHJRN iTON, i 19 tons p*r register, I. L. Little, commander, wih Imis immediate deap-itr.h for ti.e above port. Kot freight or passage, having superior aecommo'lationa, apply to McCOLL k CO', ii l l ec W B>o*'i street. "FOR LIVERFOOL-The New Liu.^ Regular *?? frV I'ack* 21st October.?The superior fast sailing pack shin RO' HESTER, >00 tons burthen, Captain Button, will sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, tisviug elegant and spacious accommo dations, apply on board, west side Barling Slip, or to WOODHULL ft. MIxtfURNS, 87 8outh street. Price of futile % 100. The packet thip Hottintfur, Captain Ini Bardey, master, 1*9* ton* burthen, will succeed L>?? Rochester, sua tail on har r**a l^r ?Nv w ArfNfc- BI. AL K b/\ LL VJll UL.U LlV T1 I#?fyP(JOL PACKETS?FOR LIVKRPOOL?-Only Wf'"Tg? il r picket of the 1st of November. 'I'Hi magnificent and remarkable fast sailing packet ship OXFORD, Capttaiu John Italhbone, will positively sail on Friday, the 1st of November, her regular day. It is well known that the accommodations of the Oxford, and all the eight shi|w of this line, are ntpd nut in a must costly style with every modern improvement and convenience, that cannot hut add to the comlort of cabin, second Cabin aud steerage passengers Those v nting the old country * ill at all times find ii tlieir interest to select these desirable couvevancea, in preference io any oilier For terms of iiassage and to secure the best berths, early appli cation shonld lie made on board, foot of Ueekmau street, 01 to ibe subscribers. ? , ROCHE, BROTHFKX ft. CO.. o19rc SJ rulton street, next door to the Kullon Bank. tAjet FOR NEW ORI.EANS?Fi'gt pa. le' *h;p, to MrTg^sail ? n Monday, the Hat i slant or p ss ige free ? J'be JEUMfa<ple)'d<d new packet slop EMPIRE, Ca? u.n Russell, h in s .ii a above. This ship is upwards of l*)0 'ona burthen, aud h'a secom tnod'ti iRS for cabin, a*Ci nd cabin aud aWarnge passeugers, su lienor in avary reaiact to any ship afloat. I lio?? about toembsrk tor New Orlemi wo Id study ttiair in Mr-at by examniug this ship before su gaging alaaylier*. For passage apply on board the ahip, Murray^ wnaif, foot of Wsll^st^aa^^oMo ?l?r? 61 (iQuth street. EXTRACTS FROM FORBlUJi JOlENALS. Tlu Monster Repeal Dinner. Dublin, Sept. 20ih. Between 700 and 900 persons sat dnwn to diuner in I lie Music lldll last night The hall was orna mented wuh fbwrrs, Untitle, and evergreens,.but there was nothing whatever to distinguish the a. senibly trom the ordinary gaiherings upou such oc casions. The dinner consisted ot cold joint*, wluch, toucher with the wiues, hardly to be considered " moderately g<>od, and *l?'nP ed the whole entertutumeut as being u second or third rate concern. The galleries and boxes were crowded with well dreseed ludiea. Ihe stewards were supplied fiom among* the gentlemen who h gure at the Corn Exchange ; some ot iheui reu dered satisfaction in the discharge ol their duties, while many were luatien.ive, aud apparently quite unqualified for their office. Immediately behind the chair were inscribed in large characters, ne me ruber the 30th of May," and opposite, at the other extreme end ot the hall, the words ' Kepeal ot the Union" flourished in " monster letter* ? 41 Peace and Perseverance," had also a conspicu ous. place, and the names of the three wlng-radi calltw lords, " Deninan," ?'Cotteuliaiu, aud *? Campbell," were likewise inscribed in laige But tering letters. On the enure the dinner was not in any respect etjual to the bauquet lately given at the Rotunda or the Theatre lUyal, by the Agri cultural Society, and, indeed, it was a subject ot general observation that it was much interior to many public entertainments fciven iroui time to time in honor of the Liberator himself. In poiut ol numbers of the martyrs' trtends were success ful ; but they were not equally successtul in keeping the company in pertect order, lo wards the closv of the proceedings it was quite ap parent that many ot the company were not disci ples of the apostle ot temperance. Mr. 0 ^onnell looked in bad spirits, aud the style aad matter ot bu speech were certainly not calculated to remove the impression that he was not thoroughly satisfied. The members ot the several corporations present were not, as it was expected, attired in their civic rubes. At six o'clock precisely the chair was ta ken by W. S. O'Urien, Al. t. The routine toasts having been proposed, The (Jnairman announced " 1 tie Health ot Mr. 0>Coiinell," which waa ot course responded to ""jlf'o'lonnell 10HG to respond to the toa?t, and when the applause with which he' wa. g.eeitd had m ?? measure subbed, he addressed the assembly aa * lows ; Mv Irient'i can the e l>?sany one amungit you who sup pone* that I rue to pour out a few weak woiilslo r*pr??? inv grutiiude for the honor you have dene me I ><o . 1 do not me to express gralituue, bui tor a better and nooler mouva-ao Ins11*ate $ou all-and to r.lse all Ireland to renewed exertion to obimn a repeal of the legislative uun;n (Cneers, which lasted for a considerable time) It u very i.leusing to be entered and encouraged, provid ed that it does not last too long ; lor you musi reuiembei thai cheering wont do-word* wont do?we mull hart action j aud iharelore it is that 1 call trom this spot on evei y man who hear* me, aud every man through the country ot every cree4, sect, and persuasion, to rati) lor Oiu Ireland an 4 repeal. (Oreat applause.) lllustrioui I Orattan well shuI that tie stood by tne ciaaie ol Irish in | dependence and followed it to the grave. (Hrai.) uoi however, dead my friends, lor Irish independence onl suiepeth.aiid here am t to call upon you .0 sound the trumpet lor its reiurr-ctloti (< beers) Yes, ni) beiovul i.ountrymen und country women, Itish nidepen d nee shall, ntlse?it must arise, aud in iu native1 ma j?*iy it will come torth Klonous, and as tree os anything earthly can be, spreading liberty and happiness upon atlhs same time paying all due allegiance to tue imperial cio-vu, while asserting the rignt ol Irian , en to justice. (Cheers.) trelaud must be tree, sue has been too Ion* sunk in degradation. Let me 1 auk > ou are our prospect! declining I (Oi ltsot no, no, no ) No my iriendi, thty are not; tue.e Is a ray ot .g'u I smeaoing ihiougtioui the le gth and biead'h 01 the. ?land, vimchshows a "right P'O.pect lor the tutu re - bught andatoiious prospect lor liberty. (Loud cheere.) Wt have had a uiumpn, and we are celebrating that triumph to-uncht, which puis me in miud ol whata t lunch geueial once said?'? Tho difficulty does not constat in obtaining a victory but in piohuug by it." (Hear ) Now we have untamed a gioiious v.ciory, aud without auyveiy great difficulty on our parts, tor it came upon us when w. did uot expect it, a:.d when the prwon doorw?!about(as we ihouani) being Closed tor a twelvemonth. (Cheeisi ai the list moment justice threw open the duor, and pro claim, d that Ireland had a right to independence ; a id now are we to |?rotit by that decree, except by redoubling oui^exertuins, and by one and ail being prepared to ap I Bi iush Houeeael Parbao'unt at the . on.u.enc, l nieiit ol the en.uiug suesion, ?lUi the combined vo'COIOI Ih? lii-h people, collected together III petitions, in order to Live haughty tngland to unde.sund that mere is no ?e?t lor tne wickn'l-th?t she shall have no rest until Ireland ireo ugain. (L*>ad cht^r* ) W hut, then, b oar iirst dttty ? To oombiu? together Irishmen ol ?? erv stct and persuasion, and, above all, to combine ihuseot every giadation of political opiuion who agree with us in seeking lor the one thing mcessary-a repeal ot tha union. (Loud cheers.) 1 heard with pleasure Uie l. turo Mr. Uharman Crawlord reud.aiid lelt lomewhat surprised that be should think, or lor a moment suj.pose, that the leaders O. the great national agitation had ex ciuded federal repestel. from the association (hear ) sow am happy to inform that gentleman, and all feder alists that sucu is not the case, aud that, on the contrar,, we era ael ghted to have men who wish to see1 their coun " pr ..per?and th nk she will prosper with a tedera p u liameut?enrolled as members (cheers ) I preler-and most ol those arouud me, 1 believe, prefer-a simple ie ural 01 the obnoxious Act of Union : Still, there are none of us who would nat be glad to see a federal parhamrnt established in this country (cheers ) I do uot think Itthe Le-.t ? but I never was one ot those who would dep*"0 upon the infallubility of bis own judgment, and that would not yield to the man who thought todersiiim better ? which would give at all events to the Irish the power i f making laws lor themselves (hear, hear ) On the con trary I have always encouraged and courted the co op 1011 of those who piolessed federalism, and upon^the provision of those opinions numbers have joined tb?1 as iociation (great applauie) Mr. Gray Porter, the Piotest ant high sheriff ol Kerrnnnagh, has proclaimed h IwUj leJoral'st. (although he has not yet joint <1 us)?Mid I hovt callisl 11 iion hiui in the nime ot the Irish people, and of IV. red hi in, it he should become a member of the ..liociation, the position ol a leader iu the great movement -lor I am not at all anxious to be a leader?I am teady to be driven (loud cheers) Who cau ter a mom ntr'mainnfU iral ai tho present crisis I Is there a doubt upon the mind of one singh* Irishman but that the union the moil profligate means-by force and irait.l- by t? ib??y and blootlshetl; and bv ihe oombiiiatien of every thing tha wa< ba e aud lout, which rendered the crime of theperpe trutors ?*'? of th? greatest Insult and injuries ever rd bv Koglao'l upon Ireland I (hear, hear) I proclaim 0,1s w the people of - ngla-.d, and I turn t. the pe-oplcol Inland and ssk them tor support. Wh? can look around this beautiful island without observing that it contains all SKSSSi.. lor ?otmlng? the re^es from whence flow prosperity and success which has leen lully ?hown iu that eacell.-nt woik published upon ' indnstrisl Resources/ by Professor Kane? (uheers ) Iltf futility is heyoad thar ot any oiher cauntry in the worldj her areen flaldi-her fniitlul valleys and noble mountains which*pour out their torrents sumcient to tun, the machb nei y ofall the muntifacturies upon th<* Ur<t ot the earth can comjiete with those of any other coun'ry, an?l1 why then Miould she not l?> a nation I (cheeri) Her noble hai bora fit to be compared with any in the universe, airr ne glected and idle, togi ther with all her other 'T fonrca., and what is the cause/ to what is itewlog| 11 ls^ mv triends, owing to the act ol anion; and these evils must continue until that measnre Is repealed and Irishmen have Iceland mMhemselves (LoudcUr.) When this... the ?idteof the country, why -to not the men of all^reltf loos l ai d nolitical opinions join us 1 It is said Ihnt they I to do* iroro tear lest there sheuld be a rehgioes oeeen I dency Now I tell them that thejr were never more mis t-iken in the whole conreeof the is lives, (or I am as much opposed to ?he arcendaney of soy party ..they are 0, roil lit he; and il you, Mr < haitman, (addressing Vr fi'Uuen) thought so, yon would nil be in your present^-Jou%ould Ul have t..n w.rki. g for us for Ihe Isst tw?l?e months (Orest app'.u.e) \ou, sit, have been twelve long months in our councils ,M pnhl'C. 1 and in our combine, s to private, and yon 1knoa it ?n? word or one sirgleespressmn was ever u?ed derogalor* to the religion of any man ertha. would lead you that r.'cendancy w-stheohj- ct of { hear I No. 1 al hor ascendancy. 1 never saw any DU bad 1 fleets resulting from it, and I hate it t"ft much to coutaminate t" y mlijion with H ; still. ? ?He-am- .me that we disclaim it on our own (mi', we w ill not 1.1 It exist n,Kin the other side All we want is repeal f-r all, "ud an-. n lancy for none. (Lou1I ehee.r.) This is our creed this is our ptarttce-these are our oli-cl! Vet, how proud the enemies ol Ireland would be if they could .ns.nui; ? hH^ay or raissi doubts as to our sincerity We. b.iw.trer.^1. care for them ; wa want no' aseimdsae* oeisrtves. and we won't let them have It (' h> ers ) No . we are stnig rllnr inr (he greatest blessing! tliat a nation can he honored wilh-a liee prew freeiom of .duration and freedom of eonscieuce. (Arplat"' \ ,Th " Il slJ terms upon which we Invite our friend! to jote us from the north, louth. east and, c<mhinln? the r"> ? tant, Tathelic. and dlioenter of ever, l-rMJ,*~n ?n (?ne common bond ot nationality liim aware I aminsw re pealing what I have often said helorehnt.t^eome.n^ I es??tv4hat I ihonlddoso, loreve-y >?ai, evety nay. a [reshflVwof young lush blood I. cming 1mi.--"gat ?, who must be told ihe foundation ii|K>n a.hich th. ir cow Z? freedom is hase.1 (Cheers ) A man ???"??* ; p CUtbathe is iu error. If he rrqulr." a H") cm stable'? .teff to confl.m his opinions- h. inM the? are incspihleof being enforeed hy .. .. h s, ler? It i.ece.s?r> .o s t?p' such m< aoa , ?? .?efc .. .h posinon ot the presen. guvnnment (H.a?) As. e. Janey I now leave, and I vull c.m? 10 aoo'tier im,? ? 11 mi-nt in the way ol r? p* ai nam 1) .he , u, tion ol property I say that prepM.y U not sale on es there is a lepeal -a> d It ought not to Na ssfe wher six million, of Irish money is pent out of the ??"'<! - (ir?m ndous applsuie) Bn>, upon the peal were obtained, prtipetty would bs per "Ctly see re [herefore it Is that m-nof propsity sh uld be #clively eti gaged in the itrugslsj and, !???? remi dtbem tkote. oopoitautty ones lost ean isldom be regatood (leu e^rs) the proi- sutlon. It wss said, would put do* tho agitation?hut has It done so, althsngh I a. d my >s? low msrtyr. wars lor three months Illegally in Pr""?' Certainly not?and by the bye, tho Jedgmeot el th? Lords preft s*ed to restore u> ull that we lo?t. 1 hope It *ill uu <4. I lust threo mouth* ot my lite n <1 1 am entitled to x>-t then buck?(bear, hear) Lord Che teiti-ld wa?oncu called upon bj u Louduu uiot) te giv? them bat k eleVtu day* ol tuur Uvea, utter be had changtd the call ndar 1 have loft more than that?1 have loal three mouth* ol my life by the government, and will tiir Hubert 1'eel give t tm back to me! It uut (call upon every ma.i in lie laud to rally aud give me at leaai an equivalent ? a i c peal of the Union- for hi* having iuiynaoued keveu of her .vlajeaiy'a ?ur>Jgcu llleg.illy ? (cheei* ) 1 turfite them, ana >ou lorgive (hem, *ud I am aure that the u. U repealer* ol Ireland throughout thia coil, try, will *eu that the , topic who uct ao mu?t succeed? (loud Cheer*.) The member* of tho Established Chuich will see it; aud the woiking clergy ol that chuich, who are the woiat paid nit n upou tue face of the earth, (hall *ee it. They aUo wi.l lea every situation w orth having in Ire laud filled by Kngliahmeu or bcotchmeu, which ought not to be the cake, and would not he the caae it there u na a native legialature there! ore, I call upon all men ol ull religious to '* agitate, agitate, agitate " (Cheer* ) Alter our victory we are to t>? more determined. It i? every man'* duty to couaider ho?v he tuu lorward the repeal cause. Ireland cannot tell huw long the union wiJl con tinue, and it i* lor the*e who have u,llu< nee ov< r Ihe peo ple to guide them in a proper dirtcuon They can answer lor it that separation w ill not c me in their time at nil event*-il *uch a calamity should ever occur; but who can tell what may happen wheu death close* around koine of ui, and time lM?tua the auihonty ol oiheia I (Lou+? oheera ) Tl.ia, then, ta the time ler uuti-repeulrra to cume torwurd In UHb the British minislt r would t..ive been thanked lor emancipation, and it would Lave t>ei u uco pt ed lrom bun aa uu uet ot county , but he related, *nu w hat ww the con*t<|'ie.iice I lu llij) we ton ed it Irotn turn by peaceable aud 1- <ul agitation. (Great appJuuae ) ? They havo alio refuaM m repeal, aud by ampin.g the lame course of |?licy we thall obi.tin it. (liuar ; Our plan* arc lully developed, aii-1 ail we has ti now to do ia, to rouie the patriotism ol Iriahmen. la not In land a country worth ?ttugglinrf loi I II a loieign foe invaded u* ih sho not wenli tghling 101 I (ll< .ir, and cheer*) Ai d. it there arose a nece *iiy, i* she not a couutiy worth it) idr lor f (Great nppl*u?e) Oh, my lellow counti) men, ?Li".i I look aiound me and see such an assembly iu the body ol tin* hall, ana take them as a specimen of the Irish nation, n.ay I nut a*k il auch a people deserve to be free! (Cbeera ) And wheu I again look higher, and behold thoae laity ?y lphtn lortna, lit emblem* of the country ???elf, may I not a.k th? in ate their htt*banda, lather*, brothers, aud ?oj* to ho *lavea ' (Great applauae, und laughter ) These question* may , perhaps, be thought ludicrous by some, nut I can tell them they are not; an I tuither. thut there ia not a, a*, least an Iiithtnan in aoul, who doe* not We liberty (Hear.) Aud can there be any thing mine?suited than the love of country, ol lutherlam:, and ui old litluJ I (Loud uhoera ) Wliut pleanure can equal thatol contending lor one's native land / tor a noble ptople. shrewd to a pioverb ? temperate to exce a? (laughter)-Uviug in asfmeacli mate a* auy upon the faceol the globe I (lloar, In ui ) I tell the ly rautaol'cvnacieiico thai thi) ahaltnot have country to tnentaelvea. The Irish people are tntitlei i>> birth to Ihi* land ; and without d? pi ivmg an y man ol In. propeity or libeti} they *hall be disenthralled and lr>*. Iroiand shall be a nation aK"ii>> uniu-u to Knglauil by tue guidon link wt the ciown, and having the |tower ol legislating tor hersell, and then by increase muan* ol prosperity. The day i* taut appioaclurig It cannot be far distant?when I sen amunU me th? Hal re presentative* of Ihe peoplo from all purl* el Ireland?the members ol tbu reloimeu corporation* ot lceliind?the honeti pjtnot .Smith O'Brien in the chair?and the Karifd hieiarchy ol Ireland. (Oreat uppUn?e ) No, it most In at hand. This is a glonou* day lor Ire and, nd <n pro portion toita impoitance h t u* rally lor hei ia every di* trict?in the eld and lavotable courae paying due ob< ? dience and submission to the law. (Hear, bear ) lieioved mud, you shall bo a uation again?it ia decreed that you shall; therefore IJcall upon Chrwiianaol every per*tta*ion to rally with me lor oiu Ireland and r?peal. (I'heleuiu ed gentk-man nut dowu amidst tieineudoii* appiauae lrom all part* of the hall, which luted for some nnuuu s) Queen Victoria nt Blair Afhol. Yesterday the prince, uccotnpumfd by Lord Li verpool und Lord Mealy on, went groube elmoting to olenbiuny. Oa his return, aud utter luuth, lite royal party paid a VIM! to the puss <>l Iviliu cranku\ aad went oa to the Falls of the Tummtl. At a lew minutes to 4 o'clock they started, the prince dri ving her majesty iu the pony phaeton, attended by Lord Charles WelU-sley on horseback and outri ders. A carriage aud tour followed, containing Lord Glenlyon, Lady Canning aud Lidy Caroliui Cocks. The partv drove at a very rapid rate to wards the pasa of Killiecranklt', passing oil the whj the corn held in which is the atone niaikui< tin place wheie Claverhonse received his death wound. Urrurd House immediilely ui.juius thta field, < n a slight elevation, and enclosed in a hr plantation. U whs from an uj per window in this house iltat, accoidiug to tradition, Claverhoutse was. hot unit a sixpence, the superstition being that he bore life that was charmed against ordinary modes < i attack und u body bullet-proof. Ou arriving at ih height which commands the first gtaed view ot the pass, immediately opposite the Lie uuttlttlly tutu ated collage of Mrs Hay, the royal carnages die* up, irt order to afford Her majesty an opportunity ol again looking down the pusxlrom the point ol view at which she had moat admired it ou hr-t seeing it. The vie* from this point is really beautiful The deep ravine through which the wate* ol liu Garry flows is clothed up to the summits of pu ci pices on either side with tne fit, fdtch and beeih, in thick ItlllM < f ihe richeet lolisge. These an relieved to the eye by the clear water runnit.g in a bright sireum beneath, here and there btoken into immature waterfalls, and gomeiiim-s forming pools hs calm and clear as a lake. The muuuiuius, with Ben-y-Vracky topping tliem all, form a tine background to the picture from whatever point ol view you behold it. At ttie place where her Majesty stopped, a new walk had been made for Iter accommodation should she alight, and M'Donald, the roadmuker, with whom Her Majesty conversed for a few minutes wu her way before, was there ready to receive her, no doubt hoping for another conversation. Her Ma jesty did not alight, however, hut looked down the pass Irorn her cartiage. Lord Glenlyon pointed out all the remarkable spots to Iter Majesty. While the carriages were waiting here, a flight delay occurred in consequence ot one of the lead ers ol the second cairiag" getting over the tracer and plunging violently. For some tew moment* there was reason to lear that some accident might occur, as the horse became unmanageable. Lady Canning and Ladv Caroline Cock got out of then carriage, and Lady Canning went upto explain the nature ot the accident to the Queen. The horaei still continued unmanugeable, and at last it was re solved that they should be removed, which w?t done, and the carriage pioceeded forward with two horses only. This was not the only mat apropot that occurred. At Blurting, the home of one o/ the outriders, a very fine animal, became so res live, that it was doubtful whether he could pro ceed ; and during the delHV mentioned above?111 lac', immediaiely on ihe horse kit king over th< traces? Loid Cnurl< s Wellrsley, who accompanied the royal party on horseback, in his nnxiety to stop any further danger, jumped from his horse, and be gun to assist in quieting the restive leaders. In the meanwhile hiaown horse, t illing advantage ol the general confusion, thought fit to seize on his oppor tunity, and set ofl at a gallop. He vuw at last re covered, bnt not till the roysl party hud proceeded onward. The good people about the Castle were not a little surprised to see the horses returning so toon after the departure of her Majesty 5 and the extreme secrecy observi d by all persons tn the em plovment ot the Court, left them altogether 111 the dark on the subject. Ti is little difficulty got over, the royal carriages weri avaid in motion, bii<1 proceeded by the lower mud down th> |Ht's, and across tt,e bridge xvnii h spana the ntrearn and tender* the other aide ol the p i** act'ilv lfim tlx high roai. The road across the bridge leads along tin side ot tha pi ?s lor about a mile and a halt. At that dis taiiC? irom Dim hndgu a pathway leads from the road down to the KjII* of the Tummcl. Thta pothwny, which i? bppto iclie ? through a gate, had every appearand! o( havii.g bean recently rem wed put|*?"< ly for iho Queen's egpeeted emit. Indeed, wherever the Queen has been. I >? Hcuiti?h gentry hum shown the utmost gallantry and ?pint in pre. aring walks arid rides for her Hint she may *i*t the scenery to the utmost sdvantage. The Tummel V oil* are ou tin grounds of Mr Sindiiaau. Lord Ulenlyon bad undertaken to g ide Her Majesty to th * T'immel, but bis lordship, from being i xtrernel) near-sighted missed the gateway already mentioned, au 1 the royal cairiagis proceeded about half a mile trym I I', where tintn is a pathway, which l,nrd Obnlyo i supposed WH the right one. Har* the roysl paitv alighted und walked across the grain in the diitction supposed by Lord fjlnnlyon to bi the right one But whi n they came to n stream, called here a "bera,''which f'opped the way, his Lordship ills covered ths- ha h id not proved a safe pilot, sod Her Ma je?ty bad to return to the carriage. The Royal patty than drove t ick to the ? Iwr gato, and Her Majesty alight*.I fiom the caer'sge. and ni weeded, leaning oa the ;irm of the Prmce.and followed by the >nito, down the pathway, I which winds along <h< sideof the pa as for nearly a mile | down t? the 1'iilL of Tumoiel. i|?*r Majesty walked ri I maikaldy last an I appeared in excellent health and>pi j nil. Airlved at the h alls, a heiiutiiul seme presented it - , self. | he t *11* of th?T<immel am different m CharMtet fiom tin Full* of hnur They are not ao long, nor ?r< there a nmb<r el c?r?r*ct> as at the o her place, hn th' re is a broadi r ?a an?e u water, ti e fail t*iiigwid< aM ahaII*w. if mit so grand a? the K'sll< of Bill .1, th< are peihaps Hnur I c4 tiiul.and form a fln? r pctuie hi oauar )?n t?w be whola a* once, while at Brusi. trom tin w mil ga ai<<1 lara apa cf the pass you giitaeifT Ot bra | Hen into ngn ?'?'a Ihefalx are neariy suireunded hj ; mgh iii?sk ?ie?atalwf, and Uiwei ng ata>ve >11,riaee th> preei| Mas hill c?li*l the 0<sat < Much. H ' viewed tin- Falls f om two point*, aliov ai d Wi iw Hoe set 'town upon a siei.e. hullon ?d into th> fnrai i f < chair, at a piece belli v th? Fall*) andommaac. iBg a flae view ef them Here >he remained a?vre> aiiiUlN, aapreesiiig hi r adtrireuon. bhe Ihen proceed*.; te smMhar point of view, highsr up, where she satdosri. an "ar a yeu g <>ah everbei f u.g fiom ihe rock above, eo.i obtaieeii aaediev view differing ia Its eharaetesistics.? Her Mgpsty wethad heck te h*r ewriage, after having leinained about M nu.iuii ?> at the buna. li wufbeaeen thm Hrr .Maj-?t) wna able to waik M COli?li1fclabie dis tance, the length o t e pa Uvtay. very lit any a mile, be ing t a ice truVersed, aim ui distance wulked, o?iuj tu the uuaiak< iu ihu t'usi instance. lac gooti loiki ul the KtiiU uie delighted *mt me * null-en* it me Koyaifoot. Kioin the pi ints It f in tti?* aaud they i.ave meaauieo ihe inn length, aud ihiy ke.p tin,> aa a gieut tieaauie. 11 r Majeaty returned to the Caatlo o: al*mt hall-pant 6 o'ciuc k. 'l'bia morning Her .Majesty walked in the gi omnia, lot lowed, ua UaUal, by a aci vant a puny, iu case she ah ul J (jntiar tu nut. 'i'ne I'liuceaa Kuyal went out in ihe g' ounus, attended l>y Madeuiuin.l ihauitr. Her Huyal Highness vtii aji>u [jiiowed by a servant with hei jtouy. Alter bleak last ,al a iiltiu Oelaru IU o'clock,llcr Mfijesty ana i'lince Alu. it, aittntl. <1 by ono sei vant, rode out iium thu Casile, crosaad llie water ui the liari y ut a place call ed Inveivuch, who.e they luided inu Waui uu men po int n, and proceeded Up the hill ol 'i Uiiocb, a; the buck lu the westward ol Blair Athol. Ailiiotigu lar lnlciior m height ot imjioi taiice tu ita iieighbois, Bou-y-Ulu aud lien y-Viacky tin* lull coin nand* Irom its summit one ol the moat beaulilul views tnai are to bo obtained any wiitne, even in this country ol apieiidul actiieiy. By me wind ing path which lends to ti.u lop ol tha mountain, llie uu lance irom Blair Athol to the summit is nearly two mile*, anil ill n u view, vaiiouiiiu ita lealbtea, andol rtmaikubiM ixtent. is obtained. Below, in a ?oi t ot valley, or' snach," a ? II la lei lued tieie, lies the Viliug.; ol lilair Alliol, the Can llu itaell, mi l the tn.ckly plan ?.J gtounda. ilie wai?m ut the'nit uud the Uarr> wind along llie aides ol thia valley , Iriuging u Willi a lino ol silvery ligltt. Bikli tin ioitiw a In,la obj ci in the Centie wurn ?e. n lioin auch a height, and ihu nch iawna ana woouiauusuiuuncl >t give vemui ?; and giowing Color iu the tandicupc. Bism^ hum the M.'cs ol Uiu valley, and stleicuiig oui lit me liuiizou aa i tr ua tue ey e cun lollow tin in, are me mountains - iiie Grampian* ?it the scliuoi-bouks, with many a suckling Noival lending sheep. been i:i the diatan e, their lountl uiumiU multiplied b yontl ail possibility ut OvUntilig, are Fpieidtl out like au ocuau ol peluhcu uiouiiliun wavea. I'lio hxaiher on the aidea, una even the aumuuti ol the mountain*, given u ricil glowing hue to tueai in the sun light, auch aa you look lor iu vain ?.\?i ,>t in Scotland Mot, in tins laud ot imata and akowem, i? the rainbow i* anting to complete the beauty ol the picture. Tke <4uet.ii una thu Piiuce rode ilowly up the mountnin till hey reached the point irom wnich ttley could coin otand tne p.oapect. imy iheu pioaeeded aloA ly H"ng thendguoi the hill round to the al:0Uid.;r lit Uie north rod, wneie a tine noriiiern >iuw la obtained. Alter re raainiiig on the lull inoiu than halt an hour, Her Majesty and ike 1'riuce dttcoiuled alowly, guided ut Delore by one ?>t Lord Oleuiyon a aervantH, and u'.ir.ra^uin cioaan.g thu tiiiriy, returned to the Caalle. Thuy weiu to be atun Irotn In Ion ttu the hll', like apecka no lai'Ker Ihun aheep Uer Majesty lode a giay pony ol Loru Oie.i you'a, ami liie Prince alio lodu a jin) , the breed geiieraiiy u?e?l lor tin ae mountain e.\cur?ioo?. tier Majiaty wme a alieji lieid m plai.l on her ahuuliieia, und the 1'iinCo u ahooting jacket. l ttry \h vyeit niituiiiuaiy lit acknou ol the animation* ol the law countty people whuui tney paated Uu teackiiug the guto Hi i iVlijeaiy and thu i'lince apekelor a lew moiuenla to cue ol Loid AberJaen'* keep rri, who ?>< with the utter houuda. Appaienily lUo gie'.n dieaa ut the keepeia altracted the Qneen'a atten tion, and llie I'lince culieJ iiitn lor the purpose ot makiug inqoirift*. Her Majesty reached lhaCaatie at hulf pan II o'clock U ridge port. (Correspondence ut the Humid.] liKlUUKrOKT, Oct. 16, lS-t 1. Liberty Muting?Jjotofocoi in u Rage? Witigi Looking Murder?Aujul State 0/ '1 lungs? flritlgrport in a Tea pot. L>kah UiiNNCTr' Once more 1 liud myself under the necessity ot wielding my rnyaterioua pen o'er a beauuiul meet ot Auieg' superior paper, to tntorm you aud your hosts ol readers ot the proceedings and doings 111 Una land ot "garden tarte" and other uniail vege tablea. Tiis disciples of Mormon win did create tomo thiug ol a m uaaiion among our citizens. Hut this (II Iunion pawed of! like ttie dew under the powerlui rays ol the morning sua. Millerism, too, has been cowed aud scattered tu the lour winds ct heaven, ?>??1 <|Ui.e recently it haa partially revived it* droojang h< ad 10 be struck ilslatul blow?it, death biow. Mure recently, however, abolitionism (U?t evening) h?H made its appearance among us m the persou ol a Mr. i]?irleinil, a ? nuine ghost or anus lie ol the " b.ack CautliUate " you mil ituuey lie ;,u. oeeded 111 falling a Urge ciowd at lue (jiiy lllll-illlU hlltll U CIUAU. >lr llurieij,li commenced l>y reviewing the cha racter and put., iptea ol J.iiik * Jv 1'uJk. lie ub j'-cttd to linn on me ground ol imnicdint nuuexa lion til IV*.1., aim, cuuimii. d he, can we an liberty 111 mi, give our voles in ouch a demagogue ami un godly man as tula 1'olk. (tier* the loculocua growb d ) It we do, wr glial, comraiy to the laws ol mat n*cred book, iht- bmie, (litre he, interrupted by a barrel of coal bcu.g upjet una kicked about ihe /I jor,) because that oleefcld book commands un exprc??iy 10 vote lor men tearing God. (Hisaiug,groaning,and sritsof "propel, on, See." The rpe.ik- r here paused, his voice being inaudable.) You know, my irieuur, xnid he, that the auuex.tiion o| Icxaswouid tend top ip luate ihe Unguilty irattic in tiirnan Ho, k 111- r'- John TucKtr cued out, at Hit nine hint IImushing an emli.em ot democracy, a hickoiy club?"every thin* lor democracy"?nuu uit base trallic ill liuuiali blood. (A btove i.|,? jlnocked down-great cheeriug.) l Blu,uld Iim be informed, bays Mr. n , who these rioter 1,ret whether whig* or democrats. (Ch., [a ) _Dr neiiliL-r, and it I hnd out, so help me < i?u j W||| protccuie Uielli lo tlic lurthereat ex remit ' the J*w (Here Sam llodg.- J?'npau|.and dec^r^' them to be whtga-much groaning nml hiding Sam get* ? good share) At length, aomeihinp like on er is restored, ami tin- apostle contmuet and said that the cause . I Liberty had never tieen mobbed but twice in Connecticut?(..tov. and stove pipes fling about) and honed it would never be again (cries o| it will ) lie r. sunied In nrvument, a,id snd that Mr. Polk's wuvs o writing letters *ua far different Horn that el Mr Clay, because l'olk had wriiten but our letter Up. 1 annexation, and every body knew what ihai meant aid Mr. Clay had written live leitera upon ihi ?liifhtion, one alter the other, to ex,.!diti' ltn..\ planation, and still the people nmld not UJ,r. ,? what he actually in, ant. (Whigs mvor- .<,.?! raVrtM And says Hurletgh, I am a going t.> ^ iv.- v, u nu views upon tbes?- letten ol Mr. f'|.,y (C'ri??i l "Soon, ride him on rail,down with ihe nigger ' ) Mr Rugglrs wi?hed that the n?Kh, | ru|' himii.rough tirder waa again partially r.noreit, when Mr. Kelsey, the well km.w,, proprietor , i the fixiensive house rihen tli? "Shades," wtah. u to know 1! it would (??? out ?.| ordt r t, ",k a C. rtamly 'not, says Mr It. Mr h. wi?hed to kuow it any cn.i 1 Hon had been eut. red into betv . cn the demon t and Mr Birney, a* such wi.m the report Mr ): replied by reading Mr Diriiey-,1 letter to tlie'fi. I.une <Vc Mr. B. wuhed ih 1 tl. ftu , would utk h 1 in no ipie?iions. hi c?u-e it u drawing him from the argument (Sio.? came rattling tlirongh the window. ) To r.tun to Mr Clay, Mr. I! re.d I,,' 11!,' letters though lie was hardly heard, the * , so prodigious, and commented as m I r, , understand in this wite, i|iHt Clay w. i? |rtV. ?? . annexation when it c ould doae without wrr without dishonor, &c?(Terrible t . ?? k 1 mis ) 'liius it is plain to .ve thatCia, w like I'Xhs annexed as well ai 1 oik, (d?-d . yells a Inaler,) because the demo,? n they dont want Texss with war, ? (stones thrown through th<- windov , ?, TVn.'1' Ine>,) and *ve ns lioeriv men (.<1 , v? that I r*as will r?f*vt*r I " ann? xrcl Miti! ,?y fli? common consent of the people, win r uud/r tl, administration of Polk or Clay. (Here Dr. Claik pops up and asks the speaker a <piesuo(i which li' says is relevant lo lire case U'ntt the <01, t 01 waal wasunabtetounderstHud.) Mr II coniinoet. though Slam, Hung and hisnnn'ona w. re tt.m,drr leg and kicking coal around the Hall. ihr..-vin? pieces ot the stove, nnd r?miants ol dem, , ?!,? , stools, arc. 1 say he continued upon Mr < iy' lette rs, his (Clay's) inconsistency, and r roving him to he as much ol aa annexationist ns JVik. M, n ry Habbell, L^. could no long, rkeer, |itR ?eut _ He arose, excited and enrsg??d, and refuted Mr H s argument, tiiiucb a style ihat done honor to huiib.-lf nnd to the |>erfecf satisfaction ot hII - I rpon the strength of tin* the great Liberty meet ing ndjoumed, amid a modern HmIUiii, and tbre< voc.IerotiHcheers by the whiga lot ihe greut states man of thr west. ' Respectfully, Thomab Thpmi. Iiik Kivcrs ?Ihe navigation of ihe Mieaou, riv. r IS becoming mote m d more difficult n, e, 1 ?.q ieneaot the v r> low ?, ,.r , h* ?' ><? e.iliy, I Mini Mi Jo.e,,|.. r. port" i hrseI I ""'h ?e-nt, ???m, ct ih. 1 nnrintl b.i. Tkl , Murifft) Prtik r.n .*? ,K? III ! ? I h? I 1 <? 1 r r?p 1 (ft ih?* llimoiv nv?-r i mum u ? Oci ts:1 "h-" ' N-piea Dkstkuctivk Fiuk.?A fire broke out last eve mi g at about ten o'clock, on the coiner ol Fuij ?ud ai court strut*, which de*trojed nxril i)?rlling nod out-hou?fs, the property, pilncipsll; , of th* hvira 0 the Ista Jiirigu Koon, uf thU city Th'S propsriy *?i 1 ui It cot sr. d wltti inturaocs. In ths IUn?s Isai Mutu?l - A dwelling owned by Cel. R Ps'tison, slio ?w??uined was uniutuied ? TVay Budget, IMA (net. CoN.MkCTiCt r aurKKioK i ourr.?Una was an in foripnixm in iv? n count* limiting the piifoter iu lb" flirt count wi h a rap upon the person ol u Itmaia chtJo under the age ol en yearn j in tU second ?im in a*?* .li, with the intent to iijvikIi Tht'pt touuer ia about J 2 ) fin k ol u)((i, butl imp lit. III one y' lilt* Wt? 11, dm Minis The crime was c?umiittn| in Middlebury, and waa prtnd UponUii fniMMi hy the Mltf (IMniMi Hud a di mlihurii g lu ti> v.uoUu? Calif) in at lk? limn, ?i.<1 >uw iu>' situation ol the child The jury, alter en ol Ave minute*, ..tumid avetd.noi (iuili)ou the ?rcontl count, and *uiny ou the tiist.?AT. H. Herald K-^nsas I'AY.vjfcN r.?We understand Ihnt a difB culiv unite rti ihi- payment ilie i.hwk, between Col Cummins, thca'.i ut, and a Kansas In.lian, wfca inei to Otcc m inset' mto a council the elm 1 nuil a*t ni? 10 holding Coueeiiing the pa) menl The Italian * pulol at tbe I ulio, hi rctutu, tnapped hia lints, fun, anil thru a double oarielled shotgun at him. '1 i.u ii<) 1.3 ri-, in iUt- mean lima, cullectad in > und tin ir brother, and htirt; tiirn ( ft no daaiug done on tl hei side Rather rougo pl?y tins lot an a. eut. 1 ha Deuiwate |ia) incut ia to lakt |iluc soon- peiln-ps iu uu .ul tt n day k ? Indtpi n d'-nct, Mo Journal. Oct 3. Disthbssing.? A . t;t-uilt iu.iii named M' P?.?y, who (.unit'nut i>aai-< nf(< r in ihc b;ig Aim E'iza, from New Yoik, l?lt bis wile at (hi* Southern lodca House on Saturday evming la?t, and piocetdtd totiau: act son e business- ulien Uc returiic.l >b? could not ha found. Seoicli was lustanily made, but it hint thus tar proved fruitless It ia suppo-*i| that aim luliored under no in i) mental derangum nt, aid ha* uundeitd intotna ivonits or diowuol In ifell. A putty of genii) men loft this morning on hmseourU to ieok fur her, bat huve not roturnea ?jipalmhicthu JHv. Uti. 13 " Ahkansa?5*i? "?The luwu 'Jrantcript slates ifiat benrti are becoming quite nurnetou* in the settlements on that aide tho rivei, in wi ll as iu Wis consul, wbcttt extrau. Juiuiy uccouhi- of tb>ir number* hivi' lately been published One v. Ike J quietly into a firm ya d on the Littit: Makokeu lately, and in Grant count) ajtnc imliviJuaii have killtd fj .r, fi?t, and even ten ol thcun. I'kook up Millekipm ?Wiiitt is voar idea ol the i d ! nl (bo worid I al l a Milluritu to a man be conveised wah yr?l?-rda;,. My i ea, said (lie tin. i, u that the worid i* louud, und consiqui'ii ly in ? no end Women akk not Millrhitu.?WhHl'n your mother tongue I said the lecor. er vent rduy to a witnesa. >ly mother .- tongue I mid the latter. Well, I can't my; hut it mimt t>? r. iglity long, lor my latin r says Iheie's no e. d to li!?AT O. i ituyuiK Brat this ik yoii can.?J hn Uiif, lvq , oi Kal lield, O'e ) tiug one. Iiuudie I H|id lot iy b.?nels of potato s, in un>. da>, (Mcuduy, the flili inst ) ami would nave dng.fihetti or twenty tuote bukhels, n liu had nol Wii iutwuu^ua by rum. PROPOSALS FOll RATIONS. H15ADQUAKTEKS OF TH K MA It INK rORPS. i^UAKTLKMASTLK S OFKICL,* \\ AiMIM. I u?, October 4, iU4. > SKPAKATK PROPOSAL?) will be rtceivud M (bit Offic* until H? o'clock, A. M., on Monday, lltii November nrkt, for furnishing rations to tbe Luited ISlatei' Mannas, nt the loi ioWllllC 8tatlous, lor llie year Ib4i, Vlt: Portsmouth, Sew iiami shire. . Charlestowu, Mass?u:bus?'its. ; biookhii, Loiik Island, New \ ork. k Philadelphia, PenusyUania. O-sport, near Norfolk, Vilkinin. !'flihhColn, Honda, and WtiJtliiiiKiot), District ??f Colnirbia. Kacli ration to consist clone pound and a quarter of fresh beef, or three i)U*rter* of a pound of mess (oik; ?luhleen ounce* of bre.'d or *uiteiluie iluur at ihe option ol Government, ai.d at of toft pounds ol good c dlee, twelve pounds ol ib? teal New Orleans sugar, eight <ju&rt? <d lite bent w liiie b*-aii>, lour quan.1 ol vinegar, two quarts ol salt, lour pound* of good hard brow t soap, and one mid a hail pounds ol good, harU, dipp?d tallow candles to eacli bundled rations. The beef required ?hall Ik; Ueliveird uU the order of the com* manriiM offiti? ?-i ?? ich Suimm, miImi mi bulk b| iii(It ra tion, and shall consist of tbe be*t and moat ? boice j*ortionl of ibe Can a te; the pork to be No. I |?rline mess potk; and tbe gro ceries of tbe beat quality ol liie kind* uained, subject to iu?pec* tiou. No bid will be euLeitaiued, unless accompanied by tlie name* i of two sureties, responsible for the faithlui petfoiinance of the CODttlCC To b- indorsed, M Proposals for ltations fur IM." AUG. \V. NICHOLSON. i* M. M. C. o7 3taw til Nov rrc pibli l AIN t^KlALa, i hiv? i~S V-> uow Sill AUKS.?*1 be subscribers beg to invtie the at" tentiou of strangers to tlieii lar^f stock ol Cphol?tej> gooda, just received in ?ft?re, from whicli they .tie pr* paied to execute orders l<>r lie?l and u nidow < urinous ol tbe n?-we*t Uesiuu* and on lower term* lb ?ii any other hoti-e iii tbe city. '1 beir stock v% ill Ik? found to cons,?t ol *ilk and woisted de l>iiueH,i.ttHjure Its, daina*ks, i urkey red cottons, ncli lace *ud must to cmbioideieu ourtniua, g.tlio?n .., gnnp?, cord, uum*1s,, kc. toother wini P&mlwl Wjuduw (Muuln, ju*t Icuni rniMifOi enure new i' itt?T.i ?, and pronouuct <1 the moat mi.onaent 5?h*?b*n ever i? ? !?- . ?l?o '.be v t- h>us i "I j .aUM A titer I - can fthndet, varying in price from fct m an upward. SOLOaION Sc 11 vK'i , Upholsters. *27 2*;?.wi-'RtTu^l''? rn 'Z) I Bro:nlv% i\ , opc^Ue tbe Park. N'c.* i u<ki\ b/\ vv oi^nnui,?.?>?? I'm <?i iuh- ?a Cour?? of I* ifty Lee tire*, ivitU KnimtmitiuiiM, eftibrariiiB a in ? it ?i cofiM>kt?otitliue ??i tha pri ?? ipins ?.i oar Uw, will ba deliveied at tbe l.VCKl'M nh S+rJUiL'iL Hiyj'OtiY. comtneiiciiitf on the 'j li of NovemUr nest, at H o'clock iii tlui cvruing, aud to be c? ufiiiued e.ery i ne?di> andhrtd<?y K?en* mir. at the s in hour. 'lo ?iccouimodate Ntndent . hi the in'nt humble rirttinisfAnces, tbe fee tor this wholr- course is fined at TKN l>Ui-LAlt8# l ayable in advance. No i|i|>lic.itioii? lor admi??iot? to this clasa y> ill be eliteied after th> 2d ?>l NoVeinter. 1 liivsrk Pi pi ? received for the w hole term nf tbeir clerk ship or for a shorter periotl, whose geueial as well ,\s legal read Him vviil t e caielullv sii, eiintended. Tickets delivered at the office o tbe snb?rnl?er. I llo.M a? VV. ( LF HKE, 02 3f hw ?'vW i . * re ( nun*eMor At Law, f Wall st. I U JU i?L XUivAlMa jiNh OVttKHX AKtklM* i\ A MJ rTyiUCKti TO F.Nt#LANf), W OTLAND AND IKKLANU. DHAK1> KOK ANY A viol N"i on nil the brMiicht n( tin* PHOVINt IAL BANK, IKKLANli, and TMK NATIONAL BANK. h< t?'I I AND, can be obuiuetl oi HK'M'U Uh.LL. k WM. McLAl ULAN, 6 aad 7 Dorr's fluildnn<?, Hanover St. Also, B1LL8 on liie BANK Oh MHl'i IMI NOHTH AMt lil< \ .LONDON, lid il ? ii?l iu Tanada, New MM> wick, Nora Scotia and Newfoundland. iyM 2taw Jmjgb THE NKW LINK*OK LIVKKPOOL PACKKTS m ~ " from New \ < ik on the 21*i, ami ijoRirLiverpool on tlie bth of each rnou'h .? From JVeic ynrk T.'pnot. nvw ft,,,. Livmroo!., iijo ..\\ Vun, I J. Lldlidge. lAtig. 21 Oct. ? N s,'if.?UKKi.NvVK'V,HK VVKSTt (>?"'?' tl July 1 12.H) tons I . >% oodhouse iS' i t 21 Nov. 6 N. w Ship KfH IIK.STKK, 8 ,0 um., 5'^ ^ J John Brniou. ^0rt-r 2I 0e3V ? si,?, HOTTIN'Jil'KIl, i?? tnu., f jjjj?1' ?| J ln? Bor.lry. 2, j?li y b Tli^e snhsMntinl. fasr snihiiK. first i-la*a Shijm^all built in ?h cit. ol N?-w York, a r commanded by men of eijtrience miiI ahtlit.. and will h? deapatcbed puuctttally on the 21st of eurh month. Tl ir * abina sre elegant inA coramodions, and air fnrni^had with whatever can conduce to the <* aud comfort of pe^iea* geis. Price o| I'lssigf, $100. V-.ther the i aptiiius or owners of th f Ships will be respon ?iMe li.r my | iree' or packages sent by tliern, uubuss p.fnlnr bills ol* lading anp signed tlieielor. wot Ir* -ffht ??r p?*tajrr ai pli lo WOODlll I I k MINTUKNH, rf7 S.iulii Street, New York, of > KIKLDF.N. UKO I'HKHll, k CO.. 1 |ll 99 l.iWfW* tilh. i kkw rTO -v iiAvff!TTn(v.Tjt (Vniril l?,h '?'111* M,i|* of lh,* !#.*. NVw i V,i,W <m tl* l?t, *i,J ll/,\r? on ll?r ititli of ?cl, month, m fol* I I"*!, ?<* ! I'i i.t. .Vru- l urk. f 'rnm Hatv*. ' Nrw .Ship OVK.IH \ M-t Oftl, Ain't. < "iptim \ ui Jnly, \ iwh An<uit, J., ? ^? ? k.f Ui .No>finl?f, f 16th rVrrmmr. : HAl/l IMOIt1 . \ ui t Iftll, \Uy, \ I.I AU4U I, ( H>0, >? I'lrmhef, FT? I. r? ? r >,t,r. f I.' I w-'mMr, ( U?*U iMhwnry, ! ttiltl'Tl< t. , l.l ?v. W Will J|>U*. , t n ^ IM ipit,!-.*, < Ifilli OrlnWr, f r?-.t .1 ? f t.i Janaaty ' l?.ili l -:,ru?rv, ?i Hh.| ">? Nil liOLAi, Id I > nr. ^lku, lul>. ? liiili N?i?i-mb*r, f lfcili Martli. ? in >m |i ,ln w.i?? H'j "A'.'j * ? r HOT ,IH|'.1.W|| fn:n iniint. t in- price ol cabin null pfcry d l?|unn. i ill i. fnrwariW hy ihr .nb | ?? ik? atilu t!I> liicunrtl ?i hk nr. WlV to lll)\ ti N HlSl KKN. Ac*nt>. ^i* a fwnw |la'l4in?.. m. Vt'Ol .,,,1 W iia ''A? K' T>(jll MAllJ?Ul.Ll.s--6r i? .\?r~ I' " A N ilwr'iUf Ml^iUI Hi Jnhn HiUa.l*x. JMA?iaa?'rt?.iar, * ill Mil a. .lM,?a r li'iait. hi I ?? >i? h?itJ.rr?? M.ta iopb aceon mo<t .ti'ma. a| |ily ott IhmhI ai *'i.i No iN .H .ti, I. AW HI'm K ?, Si II 11 rmn .irrvi, orM Hl?\ l> It HIM K1..N, A.r.ita, n'W No a T/?..!.?? K.iUi.,| fnl an*l Vl'.irr ??a 1?flA l-A' |> r. I 11 III II * V Kt.-?.C"|'II l.ii.??11? .mp wWr> ON f.lUA. Jain*. V uuck, oi*.i> r, ?t 1 ? il 01. ilia i>t SfiftLnf N*wn,W roi fr.tahl 01 |MiM,ri| |ilT to BOTP fc HI??rKRX llll.r Sn t Tomil^ Hlflt.lfiitf. rrtl U -II mil WSw?,|. KAT"ir.\NtTf~iin Xnolano. ihkland^ .Wl C ?*r I \Nll ? Ml WA I M.- I h. H?l?tfil?T hilt n^ii all tim?, f. r l>, " I ? ?. 11 '?? L WW, |?yaM? 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