Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1844 Page 4
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VVejum ? naorly new, ...... ? mmla* atueh?l, capable or uulnag mm bmhel. prr annnm *?? tosaftT nr?wpri? iwuni th? nun adt -.nU;** of doing a aale aa J profitable bn.iuta., ?ita.r.?J in the cna err of a in inafao turing diatrict, nbtrs the Cuu.arapUoa of tit ia rapidly i? tnuigi. _ . _ The Farm imMi of 71 a-rm ?of VBich If waU'timbend. WinEf "fa" ?">'"???<?. ?'ll f"?J nod icood bmldiug.. Will ba (old aaparately or together. Term* wir ni ?lv ,, JAMK8 HOT. We*' If.r, Albany County July iOrh IM4. iH if re AiiiiM HOTEL. "* _ <0M STREET, BLOOM1NODALK ROAD. *Hk proprietor of the Abbey Hotel would make hit [Hi! I1"*1 *??* thank* f,>r the liberal patronage gi?en to hi| i Ji. ho?*e the put autnmer. He i* fully prepared f,.r the fill bull neat, and would cheerful ly fumuh parties or individuals with Breakfast, Uioueri, of ?uppers. at limit uotice Hi* ?UR'k of Wine*, Liquor*. and Katables will ba found at good ?a thr euy market* afford ?1J tf ,re SCA8H PAIU KOR GOOD AND KRE8H 8EKDI kind, at the Bowery Seed aud Plant Store, No. I13S Bowerw. 'Uo^iraale,a large collection of the heat quality of Krut| Trwi, *hm'i*, Roots aud (ireeu and Hot-Houw Plants. cheau I?r im.h. Uood* packed for ahipmeut to any part of tha United ntatm I ert'?i? withiuv to supply themselves with Trace >il aujierioi Quality for Orchard*, or filling up tlieir Couaervatoriei Willi line *11U will do well by applying firatat thi*establish' ?lent, wnm no 1*111. will he 11 i:\rru to give aalitfaction by tha proprietor*. L4.VENUSTON It MOORE. *l?Sw?m THICK 3 O O Tr8~ * uiL,STiK.K0K!Vt:U KKOM THE manukaoto, rw n * *XttoJ ? T' V1 lu*o*C9 of prime .Meu'? and Jj r".y * 1.ih"^ Boou, by the rue ur .ingle pair. Alio, coujtaiitlv on hand aud lor sale, an assortment of Sold ... # *?*?? * PI** Leather, with other arrir U* in th* lme ,u 5.VI",?!- v a.w. sakkoki) re No. 11 Jacob .traet. FRENCH LANGUAGE ON THE ROBERT a SOMAN METHOD. A ,r 11 l"**aoB? iu Kreueh, ace rding to the *v*trin i%#l Ruhyrtaou, will be gi veu by Mr EDMOND DU Bt'lS r W !^or* v V Li?|*snmril street, cor* narof Broadway. cogjmyacini; on Wedimd y, th*- 13th oi" No* r!.? ?' ii L? !il?'i ? j !" hl"??> ?? **" known in K.u jl XI lv" by; the I rufmi.or Penon* wi*hiu? tu L d XI r . i' or ara regretfully iuviteil to ,it h.L,. . il^ ^ "T" w,n '"??"?"? M'. f.dinoud tlx Buiwu.u n??iiiK li-e.1 iu Kiviuit iu?i ruction* in Kr* ,ch for a i;um ba. ofvear. at >1. O ( o?,lert% *cj,ool. and f .r tW pa*t a| ?MwfuVfir^nlrV00 If " ho"l u New BriKlito.i, would ie .l.T." 'ai?" *7<l?'?a". b/.lh iu reifanl Ui qualiticiuou :V^*f rP*U^,r"t. l!(Jou ""Dr.Vortar, 1 Barclay *t. W tt ??* u ?;'? Crow man, 400 iiroa<Iwty v J i ')rfl?wr' 57 Bfuvr ?f. W. f|. Carv ItCo. 186 Prarlst E. H abrw|uel<?,8l Maiden laoa. C. C. Carter It Co., 178 do. K R^vTiev1?" ?'v B?ar.l k Mondou, 36 Court n >u> m le\ .1*0.. 49 Nitsaau *t. land ?t ?l9 2w?re * 14 lUrclay M- Mally.M Maiden Lane. TWEJfTV'F'VE DOLLARS REWARD" 1 3- f'T l'" l??overy of the body Jm ?' VVL8HON JARVIh, who fell overboard ai d w,i? Holn.'lien ?mw,K-*c !of""T. A^p'. while lying at anchor off &&v'n8. Jo Awly,?Cai,t- a8a N. L. MC'RADY fc CO , ? i , .* . ? _ No 7 Cnentie"* Slip. eon^d..<!?,naSh It" ^ t.1 faatnina inchtn. lig^t hairTTight lani* hand with a large mitten on. KltK-NVH UL?"1 makek ?u-.t g d ?k,w to at a very reasouahlf **?, ISO 160 Broadway, New York. o20 lw*ec UN lV ERSITV tjURUICAL AND MEDICAL _U1U . CLINIQUE 1 ,,f ?J uti'"tl0." ha'trTen e*tan|i*hed by the Medical Faculty th?ciZ~.?rju"y for ll"- ?""!">? of enabliui eirrT.l . ' willi?ur*ic<l ilisea*e?, aud whoie ?arv .MwSl'i^r* ,>reV,t T? "btaiDiuu relief to have the wee*. a,wt l^5 "rformecl *rat?.t.m?l?, and likewiw to fi ruidi Skl'u.d , to LW ,,cl1 l'""r fr?' of charge. On ererj ^e at tL^r?,1frf>OU?JibS VrV' Ur MOrTJ wl" heii.atteJ a! I- ?i.rl^ V1"" 'f*' BroaJway. I" k'tve advice, and iierfurin .toisfi&rv'ffl!"1 he Cl,,,",ue wil1 U.VIVERSITV I^VINO IN < i/aRITY ?Thu chaiifv i* tun uh ^J^-." "f ?r UKUKOHIJ "?d '? alao inSSfe? " i..^, i aT? a*?utaiice to poor women in their coiifiue ?7, e.ted L """ whoi m iy n"'|,,lre lh*" ?l'1 "f t(''a chanty, nre rj.pieMed to register their name* with Dr. BEUFOKI) 74a eha.'r."*'' " eV ^ attended it their own free of" - u.-- ? "* 2 < w I in * rrc PAVILION H O T n L , ol ,vn..lf . . CHARLESTON, 8. C. V "f'." ?? hut to** nft?u list>ii?d to with aviditv?but truth feaimlLl'^^rr4^ Thi? "? may with propriety be applied a? nward* the under?igned, who finds it n< ceiiarv ti Coiitr.idict, puhhcly, the idle aid malicious r^f<ort?. which from on inter in..i,ve*. have been c^lated grii : lv to hia prejudice- ...ffic i. to .?v, that he in ptiU ,u the "Und SL i,T?' *a the >''r7 l?/?l-e."a.i.lconiu..tly?hi. u> tlie PiiriJ j on." 'a" ' w,tl' alacrity, to tlie want* oi visiter JJ^yr-7 "i'1"'""1 b.y ?';der*igned is, to forgive hi* eue ni?a,aud to feel unceiely grateful to hn fri- n>U X n a n u . .. J CESSKORD KKR. An Ommbua and Barouche will be in attendance at "r"!'1 *"4 " l " 'team-packet wharve*. to convey ? ?t';opie<l from the Cliarifatoa Mercury.] vv? insert the following i*marlu of au ob?ervant travel'er:? elMtUhw522 irnrt "nd C^.V'hf^r 'and SSd^m','."" ;|U lluv and Il ivor?civil and orderly ??rvanu aidl(..mrt."U, anil ..tteiitiie ho?t?we I?-k I ive strongly to ie Ma "Paviliou Hotel," corner of .\}rt*uiiL and llajelh.tiejtt, top, oy Mr. J. <'e**ford Ker " 1 i'j M?.W Jw * in W !ot 'w* a"u "WCoud baiiil I'au;:! *uu?r?cde the n?J -if1;, * !*b"r"* V"'! ?>ach,ne,as they entireli Ihe i k "?,uty without luel. (>iie iternoi! will tt tnai. line doing as much woik in one day n* *i< cm will taumter o? I'.r.Hi'i r1 "i*"1 ,u P" iu ll"* I'rinci|?l hotels and . IVy ? ?55 b?!)!?, ? li1 &,clty' ?'?? Satisfaction.? V.i!j? n .? 4 fc Wl.T, 4 L?t Te Green j-n-er N wiirk It'nrdneed L?Ck'",thl,J?- -"'d M kinds of ? I m * ec W "V''1*? :-WArCHK8 AND JE VVELIt V -;JW, who wish to j-urchase Onld or Hilv-r Walt-lie*, Uolil iri.n'r tiolit Pencil*, heys, Itc. will tind it greatly to their ad on^ab,^Vi^Za.7mnc7l'U''' H|l'? " a" ^ripnoi l eiiv .ii, ucl! low"'r tll,ui 4,1 V house in th. eitv. Gold Wiuches as low as **> and Ms each Wat.-he. r '1,J'"H[>' ",C^f?ed ? l>?aghC All Watch- w? runted to keep ?ood time or the money ' ? Oi?ck? nod Jcwefrv rep tiixl in tii ' at rauch less th:in the usual price*. "iWKKSfei-??? ol im^eeC ' ALL wV l",',Vrt"?r Watchea and Jewelry, ** VN h??l^nle ?tud ivtail. iO Wall it., up suiri N('I'y "fxTli\SAZl:i KM ?fTisiOi, sHootiNo r, a J^ AiV, b?-K? rt*a|iectlully to amiouuce to hi mJ , *?? P?Wl?, that he h'li hirnd c >minodiou? apnrt men,. |le newly erected building, corner of L,7.?,ard?M and Broadway, which he liu lit'd op without reglrd t.,? KlUOTKV^rOAlTEffv^h'^'lI0'*^^ !H Uclob"i "? " J I , #11 "ALLERV, where he will be h.uipy to aecom aite . i"t'0hr,ay ! pleaanre in the amu? inent. k.vrr\ pr ? drd r,J iwd to vi.itors, and their comfort carelulh a Wall R 1hVoPER.N17 Ab1;?I <r??iT OIL' by Sssrwrsrttf'a'i tsa wa youekAmiue it t Iu quality is warraiited by ,u> ffC R VV. LO WBKli. ? .r,.?^AN(iE OF HEblDENCE. & UH <JIUOUO Watch and Clock Maker, ha* If" \ i?? ? I "forming In. friend, aud the public in ken 'A:.# haa moved hia Watch and Clock Makinn iij;.i !1'lijhment to No. 146 Broadway, coruci ol' I. ilierti him o* ai ^bronometeni will Ih- reiinired b! u u ui v ad-^iST'T k'"arauu-ed Hi. eatebluhment i> par FANCY FURS" l) BEHRMAN, Importer and Manufacturer of Eoronean "iiJ >an<y Knr?, offer* for ?ale at hi. whideTj itrri't'T'lhni'l**' IP U ,"M5I *t"?ti a few Iroin Kulton ''O**1 a chpics, elegant, and exten.ire u.ortuaent of everv i!< Luro(i?ui and American Kancy |>'ur. . i u "unt,5 would do well' to oil at this ssas rrs sari' ass s'^ir"*? u &s.;tir K^stesirEac &; tev:r H; 'JH it"Irl '''"'?"'elphia, 1J6 ctieauiut .1 aet k dli mure. W Bart.inote .t: New Orleau., t amp aueei Sar.t. L, Portland, Me. Mi idle *t; bub.<4ie, lo-i^","." a?d it hii agenciei iu I an5 and Liver|>ool. Awarded fir.t Wll^Id tl? ^dal a't'll?b t '?"d I' raukl In.ti '^ut^e^-.v.^iirb,^''ior ^ ?1 WW'0 DISRROW'S RIDING aCHUOL. v... . s". 4,11 bowery, MK U h! I? Ar" La I'LACfc., Ntw Vonk ?*Vl ijav'i '? fc- huMOrr lo Amiouuce that hm School u opeii Riding* ",d for,an J u.t.on and E.eru.e TERMS: l? Le**onIB'E L,"0l"i aitaci.r atotivo. iu " V.V *u2U ua"^ 4 ?? IJ <W | Jl Hrdaa 10 hmvj.*?; Parade! to'/e'*1'1' lu"1 ,|UI*1 Ho"*, for th* Road or 12 I,*.*ai? tvrwiwii tun Sowld " | <0 Kida. >10 Wi Ru'r^' ^ ?S I tl'Xlr* lor Lad|e?, from V A >1. Ill I (' VI Hour, for (jeuilemcn ir..i. 11 , . i . _ f #.-.No lieutl.ij.en aduiul'vU UwLa U.. I ?m 7 F M r.l lie. *u I"'"1 appropriated P k 'Aisaacr,; ~.rr... oStiw1'*- -1" Hon tha are Marehanu au ? ikieg u?eir Wf5I2^ ^ ,**]? t ? leantag* '?' ,n"T will gertaialy ftud it to the lauding ?? ?n'"\lh.^.i1?,r1i'!r l>nm* Water rotten 0l7rc I k " i" "? lor ?? * hy OPELTJ- W i * ' ? ? 46 S LTta~" l"?? a?{jer?for *'*le by ojrn W(?uUIHj'|.L It MINTURNH, 1i^rma=? ^ P"*iag a e.!a|n^, (ti'm No'kU r"' co"' BARENNE <te?(X). AT THE CORNER OK QfLAND STREET AND BROADWAY, ~~*" EtfTBANrK 114 (iei-ID Strkkt, FASHIONABLE ESTABLISHMENT, Whe*e the choicest assortment of Parisian Modes, Hsts, Caps, Head Drwiri, fwc., will always hi- found of the best selections? importa/iunt dirrcl. ollrc FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND FEATHERS. " BKL'N LAROSIERE* William fstreei, New ^ ork, .ire receiving by the Havre iinkets, Itlieir assortment of Kail Goods, which, for elegance, "the) hart no rival. All dealers anil iiid??* ileo si?ove line, are invited lo give iherji a tall, and we ?ill veutui* M ' tl>?v wis! not ifrare the store without eiiunnuii their adusiia immi of such a beautiful itock. They pledge themselves tliat <1* imnlic will uol be deceived with American Howera for Kreucb, u Uu*v have their house in Paris, Hue tie Tracy, No.#, anil Jral exclusively iu French Flowers. o< J. 30R1A ik CD 'S FRENCH DYING ESTABLISHMENT, no. 4(H) Pearl Htrwt. THE Sl'BSCU I BER beys leave to statu that he ha* made ad ditional improvement* '0 his fictory, fir the purpose ol enabling him to finish hie work inure eipeditiopafy, and iu a that lie warrants will i; i ve ireneral satisfaction. All kinds of Woolen, Cotton and Silk guod* D>ed or Cleansed iu tlie real French style. His prices are very low, which should be a strong inducement for the ladies *nd g. utlcinrn of this city and its vicinity, to pay hi'ii an early visit. Cashmere, Meiino and -Broche Shawls, gents Wearing Ap parel, cli'an.Hed in the very be t manner. His Brauch Offices, for the accommodation of the public, are (Itualed at? N? Bowery. 71? nil street, between 17th and 18th streets. 1?7 Bleecker street. 3iT I irand street. Aud iu Newark, corner of Broad street and Washington Place. s? I lit * s? \jaz: CUTTING AND CURLING. Tl^H AT js tlie reason every body is flocking to PHALON'k " Fashionable Hair Dressing Saloon I We call explain it Ilia inimitable style of Hsir Dressing, giving an air of haul ton lo the |>ersoii, has deservedly wou lor him the reputation of being the first artist in the city. He h?, at some esjiense, introduced a new feature iu the science of hiir dressing, by keeping over 200 u-w brushes, none of which ire u.ed a second time without cleaning, thus se curing to each of his customers a comfort, instead of a nuisance, found iu every shop. Call and try the system, wnich commends itself. l.a'lies and Oeutleineu Shampooed, and their Heads Dressed for Balls and Parties, on the shortest notice. A large assortment of Wigs and Sealpes. EDWARD PHALON, ?>12 I in * no 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. MAGAZIN D E ~M O D~E , Wo 00 Canal ?-*trect. I\ME D BKIIRMAN. begs leave lo inform her friends that her openilm for the Kai.i. and Wihtbh Fashions, In Psris HaU, ( aiis, Head Dresses, French Flowers, Feathers, and Ribbons, of the choicest stylus, (car lully selected by her ag nts it Paris,) together with a variety of PARISIAN VllLl.INF.RY FOR LADIES TOILETS, will take place on Monday, the Hh October Madiun B. solicits the favor of an enrlv call at her old establishment, Magazin de Mode, 60 ('anal street. New York, October 3d, 1844. o4 lm*ec DOUBLE EXTRA ITALIAN HAIR WASH An infallible, sove rt-iKii and celebrated ar.dicator of D-ih dniff?cleanses and I unties the I wad aud Invigorates ai d cul tivates the Human Hmr This Ctle billed W a.h, recom mended b> cumrrous mrdu s> "lid scienti fic gent letrieii, is con itaiitly for sale at the shop of I he inventor and proprietor 17 Pukii ?, N. York. P. PUSSEDDU. N B.?Orders from the country will be promptly attended to, if addressed to tlie Proprietor, enclosing the Clan. He has no ageuts. Single wash iu t ie shop 2J cents?or (1 l>er bottle. oS I in * m LOlKslNOH TWICNTY-lflV* CENT8, THE N Jl G ' S HKJ1V No. I Street, iveab Broadway-. The Subscriber having fitted a) and newly furnished several rooms connected with this Establishment solicits a call from his friends an-' riie public. JAMES BYBNEB. TO THE BOOT AND SHOE WEARING PUBLIC ^ WM M ADDEN, 2!?3 Spring street, having anlarged his [?fttock ?ir t)jf fall and winter tr uit*. uffcri for sale a larRt* and if and bMiitiful axsnrtiriHiit of HooU and Shimade ??f Ihe best materials, which he tlatters is 9j> good, it not sufierioi to anv in the city. His astortmfi't consists of Utiles' and miss es'Uaiter Boots, hall* <#aitem, Hn-skin Slt|is aud Ties, trenta' fine r.air*>kin Boots and Shoes ; coarse Boots for Watermen and Firemen, and vonth*' Boots and Shoes, of all descriptions, made to order if desiaed, suitable for the merchant, mechanic md laborer. For sale at # very low prices. Of the above st<-ck his cust' m^r* c ui jirove i* not to be snr caiietl. and if th- in waniwi'l ifiw him a c;tll and sitisf\ ?hems?lves th't his w* rk is a* lepr^nlfd he d es not d4?ubi rhat they * ill le^ve his sto'e latisfibd with a b rgaiu worth giving him a ''ail. WM. MADDEN 203 spring .letween Greenwich and Wajthingtou sta. *12 1 m ' m N0UVEAITTE8 PAKISIENNES, FASHIONABLE PARIS M1LLINKKY KHTA BLI8HMENT, 4'4;i Krondway, BRTWEBIf CSfllL AMD HOWARD 8TRKBTS, Nfw Vob*. MADAM GODFREY & DAUOHTEI, RKTIIIIN their sincere thanks to their patrons and tlie public generally, for the liberal suopnrt. with which they hav. lieen favorrd. and assure them tiiat tliey will hereafter eseri 'hemselres to eusure a cou'iliuauce of their patronskre; they l>e? leave to announce that they have now o)ieneiied the NEW FASHIONS, just itniMirted from PARIS, at their est* bliihmrnt, No, 423 Broadway, near Canal street, wherv will lie found an extensive assortment of Parisian Satin, Silk, uid Vel>^t Hats, Ribbons, Feathers, Flowers, Cap*. Laces Embroideries, and Millinery in general, of the first qu.tlitie?aiiil latest style, to which they respectfully call tlie attention of the Fashionable World, as comprising the most elegant and exten sive Stock ever presented to a New York pubtc, at reasonable price-. The. Ladin are resiiectfally invited to call, and see for thein selves, before purchasing elsewhere. Just received from H ranee, selected by their Agent, four -ases Hats. N. B.?Country Milliners supplied. This store will be closed on Saturdays. ieitember IRM sM 1m?m WO.iT EXTRAORDINARY CURE. fl AM II \ \ I-. DOUBTS they rnaj NOW dismiss them, uu'l 1 tlie most incredulous may consoler Detfuess as curable. >IInierous c**e? ol Cures, mil many of them tery rem.irkalde Wy tlie use of .HI AREA'S OIL, have lieen published? but (his cips tlie rlimas?young or old you mav vet recover yonr heat A lady in Smithfield, FMinsyWanls, and now about eight\ y-ars uf age, had been gradnai^ getting deaf for more than flirt > yeiu., so trial it W as neit to iiiis-essible to make lier hear conver sati /ii iu the loudest tones of voice Last winter she was J'ic d to try SCARPA'S OIL for Deafness. It isonlyneces tar) to add, that she lias used two bottles and that lier bearing is pert etly restor d.?Philadelphia Pintt Ledger. Pi.|>arrd by B. Bell, and sold wholesale and retail by A. B it 1).-atids, Uiuggists, No. 79 Fulton street, 373 Btoadway, anJ 77 H est Broadway. lin'rc fLrifocal spectacles. A NEW ARTICLE, OK AMERICAN MANUFACTURE I lieit superiority over all others is attested bv Dr l.ardner, Dr. Pstteson ofNew York, and Dr. McLellan of Philadelphia. The public ars invited to judge for themselves Wholesale and retail No. Itl Broadway?the only Agency in this city. N B ?AII other kinds of Spectacles at lsss than the usual fn'" olA lm'rc M. WItJE, OPTICIAN FROM GERMANY i"*1 r**''*c "1"v informs the cititens of New York, and ih< nil,, i ,orlt'd 1'i'naelfin this ''V J*1 Broeeway, a l^rge and most complete as " S r M?le? aud Reading Olssses, in <J..ld, Silrer lie ii ^Tir|U*T'*- 1 w,!"'d ,1"" "Wind the public, to whon ii,2u? " y l"" lnno''1 Visits to Sarr.tocaSprin?i !i^e l! ,Kr[ b* h'? KwwbdK of tlie optical p . 'nine tlssr glasses snitnhle fi>r ai.% Jhich w.ii ? i beuHn V,7 itteuUori is eafled u* a r, a sivle of ir,' Tthe Hnejt rltuf, v%hic!?, tht.m.t ir,r ^fonnd. prodnr e rh put.*, , ?, ? nei.detl as tt?e li^st in then r?.r, ( iiLiSSKrt thr *'?h' writing and r^iiig jsrvs, tb totensiS 'waSi :r,c,u "* " ? WISE, tlptician, ' itt osdwar i th? sight. Parti___. ground glass'. b:gh polish and tru lie?u highly recorn i t'ie -yr fur iireservui, writing and rssulmg "THE STAR!" "THE STAR!" "THE STAR," M Lisrcnsao Htrkkt, w?aa Baoaowar. NOW that the Winter Campaign ho iu reality amvad, the subscriber, (proprietor of the above estaWishinent,) will serve up at all hours of the day and^venuig, uatil 12 r. M., the following dishes aud relislies . Beer Steaks; Kid??r?i Mutton Chops; F, ly I'urk do: lUrr bits: Corned Beef; Pickled Tongues; Him iikI Eggs; Sardines; Soiled HcmT ft""*"?* _ Kried do; Tea and Co?sa; 1W?funuX3' rooms, saitabls for references. clnbs, or pri vste iiarlies always ready, ami the best of waiters engaged fol their esiwcial accommodation. fa1-?* ^ *bl' j OH NHW O O DOAT E. tsfcW < O H K . S ft. fT ft. M M E K. 1 ? ? 4 FRESH IMPORTED STOCK OF FRENCH, GERMAN AND ENGLISH WOOL* LENS, <tec., dec., tec TO BK CLOSED BY NOVEMBER 1, !?< md couaisl in part of the following, via :? French Broad Cloths, OiuimrrM iod Veatings, '.Jermao ("astorU#ivwi. Broad Cloths, Three-f&urtlis and sis-fourths Doeskins and Cassimetes, Kugliili Brotid <'loths, Cassimerev Beavers, Pilot*. I.ion Skins, Blankets. i'addi' iii, Worated Stuffi aud Veatings, In every variety, Sic lie.. Ike /?aach.Oennau and English Kaucy Casaimar^, fcc. Scotch I'laids and Scotch Tworda, he. And Tailors' Triinrniugs, In every variety. Vi.a will please favor us with a call, and oblige V oar most obedient ??t* aula, NLVINS Ji CO., larroHTEHs, ? No U CfcD All STRKST NEAIl NASSAU STREM , a*>?m?re <UP W1 AlH* > 'ropooRArmcAL. mechanical and aiicHT tecttjraL draw I no , , / \KFICE, (the first of llie kind in the city.) in the baseme-it. W No 14 \VhII atreel ? A. OlRAKD, DraMghUman, beg? leave to otll the attention of Civil and Military fcuginefn, Sur veyors, Architect#, .YJachiuitLs. Contractors, Commissioners ot Land, and the public Keuerall v, to his advertiscm* it lor the prompt and neat completion of Maps, Proxies. Hans <j *ver> Je.criptiou, and Drawing in general required iu the useful *ru rind indostrv. ??/ Hn?rc CAST OFF CLOTHINU GENTLEMEN OK FAMILIES d*i?? of converting into cash their superfluous or cast off Clothing, will obtain from .he s"acriber the HI OH EST CASH PRICES. Kainiliea or Oeiitlernan Quitting the city or changing re aideuce, having effects of the kind to disuse of, will find i much to their advantage, to send for the Subscriber, who will attend them at their resiueuce by appointment. H. LEVETT, Office No. 2 Wall .wet, and at 470 Hudson it. Clothing cleaned and repaired. _ [?7~ A line through tlie Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. o!6 lm*rc GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE, riE HIGHEST PRICES can be, obtained by Oentlemei or Kamiliea who are deairotu of converting their left oil wearing apimrel into cash. Kamiliea or Gentlemen quittimt the city or changing resi ience, having any superfluous effects to dispose of, will find i' nnch to their advantage to sen'U for the Subscriber, who wil utend at their residence by appointtnent.^^^yjy 466 Broadway, tip stairs. A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will i ceisr ->'7 >m * "? prompt u? > i. . i tr.n - k?oi? ii>si aai^t ?. <-<.?ra.?i, j No. JO Wall St. opposite the Eichange. J T'HIS COMPANY continues to Insure against Loss and Da L nnge by fr'ire, on (Joods, Wares, aud Merchandise, and dsu, against Loaa on Inland Navigation on Vessels and ther Cargoes. DIRECT1/R8. Thomas W. Thorne, Elisho Aiggs, 1'homu T. Woodruff Anson Baker, B R. Robson, .M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomtwoii Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker. James E Holmes, John R. Davidson, John P.!Moore,. John H. Lea, James H. WhiUBg, Cideb C. Tnnia, Wm. K Phorn, Kvancia P ?ace, Thomas Worrell, John C. Merriti, Enrene Bogert, THOMAS W THORNE. Presides* <iK0. T. Hoe* Heer-'i.,* NOTICE To SOUTHERN aNL> WKSTEKK MERCHANTS THIC subscriber continues to m tnufacture and has constantly on Itaud n full assortment of Ploughs suitable for the South em and Western Markets, manufactured from Uie liest material), y old aud coin|>eleut workmen, which he is prepared to sell at reduced prices. , Also, a general assortment of Agricultural Implements end Machines of the most approved patterns too numerous to men tion; together with a lull a sortment of Seizes, Screens and Wire Cloth of his own manufacture. And, also, agent for Wm Hooey's Patent Hay and Strew Cutters, a very superior article, at the manufacturer s prices. P. S ? He is also prepared to eiecut* -irdera lor < otton Oinn and Gin Oeers, Rice ani T't^A lv%ON', ^ 06 lm*m I?' Water street. PREPARE FOR WINTER. SHIRTS, UNDERCLOTHING, DRESSING GOWNS, ETC. bradbrook's^'^ THE 8ION OK THE OOLDKN FISH, i471 Bromlway, corncr of Clininl?cr? Street, Wliere g. iitletnen will And a most so'endid assortment of t!? undermentioned articles, just received, and calculated for the present and approachiug seasou, which he oiler* at such pricey will eusure tlie |?atroiiageof those who lavor him Willi h call Woollen, Leather, Silk. Merino and Cotton ShirU and ^"jwers Ladies' aud <>e tlemen's. Sc irfe and Cravats. S^tin, Silk Mohair. Pocket Hiujdkerchiel?, Silk and Cambric, a most e* ruV%e assortuie. t Hosiery of ever de cryption, lil ves ol every variety. Belts Russian. Shoulder and Money, on hai?? or made t<? order. Collars, Bovoms. and in fnct every article re fiuiied for an entire outDt. Particular attention is called to our ? f sivm ol Paris ShirU, which are m tde entirely wuhout >us . ^ uuu they are found to fit superior and will weir D?ttev V.n any shirts ever before made. Shirts made to order in the iwoat lashionable *t> le and ou tlie shortest uoticc irTl. Broadway, comer of 4-hambers street, y :membar, the Sign of the Gold-u o23 lm*ec THOMP'ON'S HANK NOTE REPORTER, rtiHlS 1' \PER will not be hawked about tlie street' afier the 1 lat of November; but it will be aerved regularly to aub ?clibers, at , S't 00 per annum for the W eekly, ,1 SO [ier .uinuin tor the Semi-Monthly. Payable, not iu advance, but at theexpiratiou of each ail month, It canuol be rteuied that ih' majority of bank note list )>edlar& are improper jtersons to enter public places; and it is with a view odo t?viiy with thi? travel I iiik nu nance, ?h?t the subscriber ha> changed the system of serving the city with his i?per. Suns- riptioun received at J? Wall st.e^t o?3 I wee J. I HOVII S.IN. UREAT HR11 AliN AM' AMERICA. LAW AGENCY THOMAS W A R N E R, lit. 18 CITY HALL PLJICK, NEW YORK, ATTORNEV aud Counsellor at Law, Solicitor and Cot seilor in Chancery, ?u:. Stc., betis to inform, his friends and t.h? public generally, tiiat lie has just returned Iroin a biisiues' our through England, Wales and Scot laud. That, from hav iug been for several years enganed iu the imr uce of the Law iir London, and for the past sis lears similml) ??ugageil in New York, he Hatters himself he is fully com|<etriT to conduct such law business in England, am) narts sdjaceiu.s person, from the old country, md their descendants, may wish to be attended to ; aud Willi tins view, T. W , on his reten' journej, made arrange meiita with some of the most eininent law vers iu various parts of England aud Scotland, whereby T. \\ has been able to secure tlie moat efficient agents aud cories|iou lieiila in those places. T. W. tliereiore he?a to offer his services to Kuropeans and others, who may lined his professional assistance, in relation to any kind of legal business in the old world; and assures sncb u may choose to favor him with their patronage, that tlie most uue&ceptioiiehle references will be furnished, if required?luni every necessary guar,?nt?e given, that business contided to Ills care will b? attended to, and conducted with industry, skill and fidelity, and on thr most reasonable terms. s2> lin'rrc GENUINE TEAS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, PRINCIPAL STORE, 121 CHATHAM STREET, N. V, brunch Store I, 318 Hlttcktr York, 361 Grand street, near SuJIolk, 131 Ureeiuoich, near Milton, '116 Fulton utrret. Brooklyn. to ChtttlMU and 45 North J\fth street, Philadelphia. 71 Hanover .street. Boston. u.T attention of City and Count., ...? ?. Purchasers to their several establishments, where lh?y thiut INVITE tlie attention of City and Country hamiliee an; I Purchasers to their several establiahmenU, where U)?y thini will be found by far the brat selections of pure and uudullerateil Teas in the United Slates. Tlie universal popularity and re nowu of their hoose with reference to high gualilieal low pricei ind upright dealing,is too well undsritood to render lurther com tneuts uecesasr>'. Original and ouli warehouse lor the sale ot Howqua's Black Tcs? Observe!"?Stran??rs will bepMUCulm to remember tlie uumber of the principal store iu Chaiham st *lt:?iai, between Pearl aud Koaevelt street. 1he public wil tlso be iileased to take notice that the Canton lea Coinii&u; tisve nothing to do with any other stoles eicept llio* desenbec at the top or this advertisement. auM 3tn*ec Trench china. REMOVED TO NO. 66 LIBERTY STREET, (UP STAIKB.) 1 DALESMK, lmi?>rter and /iKent for Manufacturers, h?> t\. always on hand a large assortment of dinuei aud tea aeti. n plain white aud gill Krtmcli I'orcelaii., as well aa Dinner am' Uesaeri Plates, ol all sixes, assorted Dislww, Soup lureeo* Covered Dishes, Salad Bowls, Kniit Maskcts, ( ustartls u>< ^"aIso, Kanr.y Ten Bo's, tuid Hich l>ee(ir*led tiinnar Sets \lso. Tea and Chocolate Ware. Ornek. Krencb mid America. '"aH .hf srucles W warranted ol the b.'st .;aaiit7, ud u? s>ld jn liberal terms, sad in lot* tf suit pnrcli.isrr* i |{t f in * *? nio lftoN^ioo "i'ONS BEST ?CoTcn. r 50 IONS CHEAP a.viekican. loo TONS Br.ST AMEKK AN. very alrong. suitable lor Rul W hyJ i or ^achinery, foi ssle by I ? AJW a W A KU, ol9 lm*ec *1 Broad htr-at. MtTHENRY PHILLIPS?The smallest (fraud 1'ianolort ever made; brongh! f- *n England bv this celebrated vo ealist, IS now to be sold, and inav le' ?*? si the Piiuiofortr Ware rooms of Stodart, Worcesler*. Uauhain, Ml Broadway alltf i L>. M. PEVSER <te CO. No. 04) John atrcet and WW nroadway. HAVE received by recent amv?!s, and keep constantly in hand, a large and tasteful selecu-d assortment of P reneh ani ? German articles for Embroidery aud Kuiicy Goods, which the? iffer for jaie at wholesale and retail, vi* ? Berlin Zephyr Worsted, Herman Worslxd, Caovas. Hos. ?iilk. Chenille and a variety of other articles I oiKm broidery. Kranch P??se Twist, shaded sud pUtai Oilt and Silverei tleads, Putse Ornamer.ta, brncelets, Jr* Combs and l.raceleu Wire Basketa, Oilt and Steel Clasps lor tags mill Purses jilt and Slivered Hair Piss, Combs, tringca, Braads, Cord Tassels, NecMacea, Slices, fcc. A splendid assortment of ail kind ol Tassels, (chenille Cort %nd Chenille. Embroidered ^ti?r*eo?^s ned ^i?yxwle* lrimnnngs, NiW Worsted and Cotton Kmi|?i, <n d t#?>t;st n all colors and iu#?. ,, Oiled 8illt, Kf<Mieh tnavi<ilec<a: , wJ'it*, Yellow and tCWM jf 24 3m lltGGAR'S REPOSITORY OF FJNE ARTS ?? ?'Avai Htnrrr. a h? Dooas Wrsr or BRosowar. VfODEHN ENORAVINOS of all sires, plain and colored Lvl suitable f>r the publisher, artis. ot collvfor. Comii ? ketches by ? ruikahank, Seymour, htc... at plum v^ivmr fron 1^4 i enla pei down Lo several itallars each; likew se aline as .irtmeot of r?r? PRINTS, after such eeirliraled masters a? Raphael, IU-aliens, Serglienn, Cuyp, 1'einnrs, Bartollos/J, kc % II Old 'iigravlnns poiighl ot esc'oaiiH'-d sM lin'ni La lily -|i*i neg, asiia'iualilt I urv i^eal l.aiil, lor sale in lot? lo auit pnrchaMrs, by E. K. COLLINS ?t CO ?> tA?*C ^ Himth sirw?t tKH{i? ~S' ij'SoRrJlIViMINTUKNB, , ? Soatb stml {*J-SJUNED OVER!!! To MM eternity, by all who witueu ed the pile and ghaat 'hr.objMI, canard )>y ?pitting blood, and a moat violent cough.with night .weau, a houaeueM and anund of the voice, indicating an alarming .tate of ditraae: myclergyman was plain with mr, and ?la ted that I had but a few day. to live; my tutor, who w u iny uiiinuii tare taker. made inquiry when aha would be moat I (My to obtain the moat certain relief, ?he waa told of Or Sicaytu't Compound Synin of Wild Chrrry, a medicine iu general aw throughout the United State, for the cure of cough., cold., cou.umption, .pitting of bloo?! influenza, palpitation of the heart, whooping cough, tickling or aenaatiou in the throat, bronchitea, aatlum, weaknea. of the nervoun .y.tetn, or impaired coiialitutiou from any caoae. and to Piv*-iit |*r.ou< from falling into a decline She waa in' firmed if Uua medicine failed in the cure, my life waa hopelea. Or Swmmet Syruj, waa th-u procured, and tlie 6r.t bottle S**e reli-r and by the time I commenced tne fifth bottle, my cough had left ine and ray ?treujtth hi mucu reproved, that I waa able to take the freah air, aud in a aliort tim.- / entirely re covered my former healih I-or a corroboration o 1 the truu, of the abore .tatemeut, von con call ?>u my u.urr, who tiva iu Ju niper atreet, one door below Race, PhilH'l I I ir rv-v. ? .r ISAAC .MO AN RKKVK8. U , ??"''?????* (?" 'he onm 1UI, , , Suiaune't Com I ? '? ChrtTV, aaall orn-i | reparation! from thia I valuable tree are licutiou. and counterfeit; prepared only by Dr. ? wayne, wliov- office; la at the nottiiweat corner ol Kiglith ami .treeta, Philadelphia. Ageufa-Dr. W. H. Mi I nor, cor ml of Broadway a'td John .Ueet, .New York;R A. Sands, 188 Bowery, V York; h. B. Warner, JOS BJercker .rreet, N. York flViu0? n T(,U' 7 K?rV'ldNewark, N. J ; Benjamin' I H1'Pifre1<>j H?'"*1-' li' Htrriaou, Salein, .\laas.: IWhke, P.I., N. York; O. O. MmdmaVickburg B^n,^.H;?^?-?^jJuw?ne0^n^,fe? i8te?; 1 Siri*ec. ' ' tfoUO l\r'l*AJai.-Cityeb im?j-.tif il iiiAictots. , I r or the cur* of (tonorrhuBa, (jlreta, Stricture* and umldgoua complaint, of the organ of generation. ; ,a"?l7tn^SiuV" dl,COVered f0r ?ii? . J?p?fcly nai penriiteM erne, without tile le.ut re uumi '" lirtuk, expoaure, or ehange iu appliedtioo to bu J5&*rr&?&.!ff,PWt 'JoomirrucUtiona to dec* ive tht | J UDllC. II thp TVA lilCilK* <Jut)S not SlttaJi fur itself mi Ana alia 11 .Peek for.1t. Ourobject i. to aoTSftVGk *? 1?d ud SiS3ff*^naBRaarsrii: ^d!fV u" fortunately pervad*. all rank, of ?o J rich and poor, matrimonial *nd tingU. The? vre here presented with a mmedy by which they can oure tlM?ni* J" rlthu,ut l?*?' "I'o.ure.'in the .horteat lime |>oaiible. Hurther, the disease cannot be contracted if a dose of the Mi* ture I. taken at night on going to bed when U ti n hntfllLUPr\D k ? with full direction, accompanying it, at ?"?" ?ssr,tK' ?^^^ULL'S TRUSSES. I DKRSONlT.'ffl.v, TO RUPTURZD PERSONS. S-sSlr1??" sJryiiMffi ESaS wtatta w. MuiiS.LHK??->>aTe ."".'twtakeii to vend imitation, of Hull'. ? thou.and? are im|K>wd ui>on in conse ^rL i?1!1** "?lta?'ona cannot be relied upon; Uiey are rnaJ mechanic, and are no better thai l!he ?d2? . Room, have been fitted up at No. 4 Veaey .treet ercltuireW "ent^i^regfimAU^^ TOtnulce from.the buVineu depart "lie' ?. ,n C0Mtant attendance to wait up.u oil Imrr fiULVS UTERO JIBlJOMINJil. SUPPORTERS TH? K&'fT'li0' l- -Jd'cal ?re ofPr^ti u2rt FiHssase SSES&'JnMSissiBiBS Ttreil h.^f" <urnuhed "icluaivelv for ladia at No.. ?tiXrnt l'h, , ?'i I ?ePar?t* trance from tlie bu.ine*. de V ITh *"'1' ? 1,1 conatant attendance to aDtil rn.wa and Supporter, to female patient. oil lmm wa. graa./.-U ? Z me i'M^fe^iicover^thnbrc^te "i nil inv t 'ti ?/ I VaI "" ""f WT "icerated, pain *?.?..! , t i ' '1IU! mJ ho<|i' covir-d with ulcers I vr = ? ? ? i-; t!l' "loctor. uou.idertd It dh igercun to iriv. I,r ho^tiilal" Tuid"l*vlf' i*" ' ?nuthern cfnnate. I h r THOMA8 (iRKEN, ^ Ma.k? .trit by Me""- ''otu' Liuu & Bahumii.i. (Copy of an advevti.etnrnt of April 19th.) 'sz:yzi,,:ts -ssraairsntt: Al/io?-Drug's, Medicines, raints. AeiH? l)v? <a?nir. \r iel hm*rc WfcM ?"?*Ki?t, Market at., above Utb bNGLlSH, FRENCH AND AMERICAN ?4ULPP1NO AGENCY AT LIVERPOOL. NOTICE. HAVING withdrawn onr Agency entirely fr#m Mgssxt iitNNnr.n k Co., of Boston And New York, we hrrtby ar coance that Mnans. Adams k Co., of No. 9 Court itwt, Bn ton, and 7 Wall su-net, New York, are our inthoriwd Agentj for the United State* and Canada, who are fully empowers to att for us a? our Whipping and Forwarding American Ateni? T? more the reception of goods iu Liverpool, and 11le fo: warding of tlie r? 'IK' lo any iwrt of EwiUnd, Kr uice, See. k< it is necessary that they should paj? through the hand* of on ?ud Agents ft) K8SKB. ADAMS it CO.. it their several Offices, u follow! :? No 9 Court street, Boston. I No. 7 Light street, Baltimoift Yo. 7 Wall street, New York. I IVun Avenue, Washington. No. 36 Chesuut street, Philad. I No. 16 Konrtli st. Pittsburg. Ne. |g Hhetucket st. Norwich, | No. 166 Mhiu st.. Worcester WILLMER k SMITH Liverpool May 1, IBM. k SMITH take this opportunity of stating u v1erch*nts, broker*, Importers anil others, resideut in erery par, ? f tlie Union, that their Liverpool house is peculiarly adapted lor the iiMtMt .uid rxpreu des|<alch of packages, parcels, specie. See., i asaiujt through Li mpool for Bostnu, New York, and al > rip oih^r ciii?s in tin- United States anil Canada, and that tha1 department of their business has THg constant and ricaao *ai. ai tkntiom or rut enincirALS, on all occasions. WILLMKH k 8MITII hare made arrangements with Messrs 4,DA\IH fc CO., by which all floods iiassiug through thei. Liverpool house u>r America, by the Steamships and otn?r ves .elt will have tin- immediate ind punctnal attention of theit said Agents, Mrstri. Jldamt tr C# at Boston and New York and will thereby be free from delay and high charges. T !?(?> deem ii neresaary here to state, Jiat they have no con wtiou whatever with Mr K (?. Tnckerman. of Liverpool. WlLLhEH 4- SMITH'S BNULISH EXPRESSES WILLYiKR k aiMITH, who have for a series of years rur private hlxi re*?ea to and from Loudon with important intelli irencs, frequently performing the entire jonruey, 210 in lies, ii <SIX HOI 118, offer to the American Pnblic and (Jovenimeu iheir sen ieee for the safe and raiiid trans mission of importau iaijruineittB despatches. specie, bonds, bills, deeds, kc., whicl ?i!l, on all occasions, !v most faithfully delivered by their cwi itrivnte messenger. and hours generally in advauce of the jfiog lush mails to London. Mr. EDWARD WILLMKli, who 7. now in America, is preened to afford auy information u|*>n ihi' subject, and give security for the due performances of all sue) koiiuess as mav be entrusted to hia Liverpool eatabliahroeet. IMPORTANT TO GENTLEMEN WITH AND WITHOUT HEADS OK HAIR CHARLEa RIDGWaY, H AI * OlTTTKK AND W10 MaKKR, (LATE OF 176 BROADWAY, HOWARDS' HOTEL,) has HKMoir.u to No. IX Willi Street, DIRECTLY OPPOSITE THE CUSTOM HOUSE. CH. wishes to inform those gentlemen who have not tried ? hi? system of Hair < uttiug, thai il differs Irom mi l is su Ierior to all otliers in principle and style, being strictly accord not to the mmt approved l.uroiwau modes as now practised ii, Loudon, Paris, tec. kc. Wearers of Wigs are |>i. ticularly re guested to call and evamine an entirely new method of fitting, invented and practically ajij lied by him. and not to be had n any otlier establishment in the universe. They possess soim advantiutes over all others, net requiring any elastic springs, al ways retaining their fit, and cannot possibly turn up behind. ' Soaps, Oils, Brushes, Perfumery, kc., kc. ?.Is 1?s ?ir U' Al l- ?,.H? fli.ii.KS UtiUltbU-l'M miucriliea liav " reduced their Eipree* pi ieee on all suuUI packages of lav Rd other documents, from 64 cents to 26 cants per package >r? this city to Buffalo and tlie intermediate points. Alio through Wells k Co.'s Eipreee froin Buffalo to Chicago, at 61 cents per package from this city to Chicago, and the intennedi \te points on the Lake. anl I.IVINOHTON WELLH fc POMKHOV FA. LACOB I <?-, JliUiiihi lurer -tud Importer ol Him*.-* ? I limps, Tassels, Cords, kc., tiaa removed from No. II. Ilroadway t<> hia new eslnblishineut, No. 36 Walker etreet *here his customers, and the ladies in general, will always lint' < line assortment of the above articles on ti>e most rrasonahli 'rvr%* lritnmii?r? ntK'i# to tm*rrr SODA BISCUIT AND SUGAR CRACKERS. "PHK Subscriber svi*l?t* to in*ke known to the I'ublie, th-u 1 much of the lliecait and Cracker* which are sold iu this 'ity by the above name*, are entirely did-renl from tlie 4<idf Hiscuit mil Sugar ' rackera uiude at hia Bnkerv; which hevi ?een used by invalida, iMrticularly those who suffer from nidi ;eatjon liy more than tweaty Vears witk the beet reeults vlule tlie imiution, which ean he made for a lee* price, thoogl ??iha(s good for a person in he?lili are wholly unlit for li? 'ick. Tlie above Biscuit and Cracker*, also Buttei Biscuit Wine Biscuit, Butler Crackers, Water Crackers, Pilot and Navy Breed, all of the Ant iiuality, <u? constantly for aale a' ft? Sjs' t* ta*n? LUCINA CORDIAL, OR TH E ELIXI R OF LOVE. P? Li * lOTHWH u4ipMr cure for incipient consumption, barrenness, impotency, lucorhae or whites. obstruction, dif ficult or iwinfai MMmtltM. MMtiimoa01 uriue or involun tary discharge thereof, mil for general prostration of the sys- ? tern whrrtirr the remit of inlierent causes or produced by irreij uUritT'll..?" or accident. It i. ptauojto the taste, and Posi tively sure ia its operations.. Its unrivalled reputation iu both hemispheres is ^.^kVPAl^ Nothing cm be more surprising than it* invigorating elfecu on the human frame. Persons afflicted with weakness or lassi tude before taking it, at once become robust and lull or euergy under iu inttueuce. It immediately couuteracu He uerveless iiAu or looseness of the female frame, which is the ouly cause of barreuuess, and which, prior to Dr. Magin's discovery, was considered to be incurable. - , , Language, indeed, cannot do justice to the merit* of the Lucin* Cordial, which it regarded bv the lieads of ttie faculty iu ill part* of the world u out ot the most uniKirtdut discoveries ot lUNil5*whnl?sale tuid retail in this city at 126 Kulton street, cor ner of Nassau, and 8eth Kowle.Wasliiugton street, Boston; W North Huth street, I'hiladelphia Price $3 per bottle? %U per dozen. t36 lm>in PUBLIC OPINION Has pronounced ur. sherman^ worm lo ZENGES to be the beat preparation for the destruction of worms in children that has erer Vn offered, and they are so pleasuit to the u?le that they are taken without any difficulty Vliey have uow been in use more than five years, during winch time they have become well knowu in every .part of the land from Maine to Georgia, and from the Atlantic to the Rocky Monuuiut. Their administration has been mended with won derful success, so much to that parents have now no confidence in any other medicine for the expulsion of wormi. I he testi monials in theii favor are very numerous, aud continue to pom iu from all quariers of the country. How mauy children cat he found who are suffering from worms, aud are Pining awaj for ihe want of a proper remedy, kven the cause of the suit et inil' it uot suspected. One boi of SHannan ? ^ orrn Louvre will remedy tbeevil. Tamper no longer, it willI soou be too late lie careful to procure the genuine Hlierman ? Worm Loienges. vud give them according to the. printed directions on the^bo*. Consumption, Coughs, Colds, Asthma, and all diseases of the lungs. are relieved and cured by Dr Sherman'scelebrated roegh Lozenges The Rev. Darius Anthony, of the Oneida Confir mee, was given op by his friends. I nese l.orenges in a short lime restored him to health. Rev. Mi Streeter, of Boston, Leonard Rogers, an agsd vstaran cf the revolution, Hon. Mr Archer, of Virginia and a host o Iwituesses could be produced whe aave nsed Sherman's Cough Lowutf-s. and know tliera Uj be decidedly preferable to all other preparations. L)r. Sherman alko prepares Camphor l.otrngns lor the Head ache, Palpitation of the Heart. Sea Sickurts and affe?tlon? of the stomach and bowels. They cure headach in a lew moments. give immediate relief in colic, diarrhea*, and spasmodic: .affec tions of the suimach. and counteiact theeffecji of oyer living, lie has also Cathartic Loaengea, which are taken without any trouble, being as pleasaut U> tna taste as a comin >u PappaniBUlt, Restorative Loisnges for the cure of diarrh?a, or looseness ol the bowels, and all who may be afflicted with sickness, would do wall to call and make trial of hit various preparations. SHERMAN'S POOR MAN'S PLASTER stands ant. vail ed for Weak Backs,Rheumatism, Pains in the Side or Loin.. Lumbago, and all affections of the ch&t. One Million -1i?*. *? will not sopply the annual demand. Numbers ofunpriucipien persons have attempted to force upim the community a counter feit article, but those who train the habit of using Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster, know tMir eBeets toj well t o be deceived Obsorva, that every Plaster mode by l)r. Slier wau bean a fac simile" of his name printed on the baCK ol Uie same. The genuine prviwrationa of Dr. Sherman can always be obtained at his warenanse, No. 106 Nassau street, or at his ??lar Agenti. i ?Coddiugton, 227 Hudson, corner ol Spring; Sands, 188 Bow i erv. comer of Spring; 77 Kaat Broadway, comer Market; Hush ton . three stores, Broadway: Mrs. Hay's. 139 Fultoo stwjt, Brooklyn; Zieb?r,.J Ledger Buildings. Plill'a,; and Redding s. 8 State street. Boston. tllrc i'UK THE PILES DR. UPHAM'S ELECTUARY A N INTERNAL REMEDY.?It is a certain cure for Pile?, A- eith< r internal or external, bleeding or blind. Cases, of twei ty years standing, hive been permeuantlv cured by tins invalua ble remedy, aft-r all other means had failed. I astimonials of iu efficacy seen at the office. Be not imposed upon?see that thr signature of the Proprietor, in his own handwriting, is ou th? nutside wrapper of every boi, and remember ttrnt the above med. cine can be obtained in this city ofrLVat No. 196 Bowery, {low doors above Sunng street.) of the (jiginal <nd sole Proprietor-. \. UPHAM, M. D., a regularly educated Physician of tweno years experience, confiuea to an Orwci rRacncK, wtier" PILES and all Chronic Diseases are successfully treated. Ol lice hours from 7 A. M. to 9 P. M. Advice gratis. No. I9t tlowery. S. 1'ousey, Jotlin's Comers, Madison Cflfiuty. <?ne lal Agent for the State of New York. Sold by j7^"Waru?r fc Co., Ut ca, Coleman k Co., Buffalo; T. B. fr itch It Co., Syn ansa; L B. Swan, Rochester. In Lockport. Rochester, Syre ense, O.wego, Home.Ctica. Bald wins ville. Plainville, Canastu ta, and other places in the vicinity, this medicine has cared sobk desperate cases of Piles, after all other medicines had been triei; in vain. Iu ihit city the Proprietor has had the satisfaction of 1-ffecting more tluui five hundred cures during the past year, and s constantly in the reception of letters from various parts of tl? Hnion, expressive of tne snperior efficacy of this meaicm^ u Hie treatment of Piles, a disease whioli has often bamed the ski! of emiuent Physicians, and of the real nature of which mnch du crepaucy or opinion among medical men has prevailed. Kron ui Mrroueous pathology, an unsuccessful course has been pnr sned iu the treatment of this oomplaint; hence the very general opinion that it i? an incurable disease. This however, is faj from being the case?it yields readily to the above remedy, anf the proprietor has no hesitation in aasertnik, that it will cure aP t aaes of Piles, however Ion* they may have existed, or afura vated they may be. Remember, that ui this city, the median' ??an be obtained, oru.v of the proprietor, .at ?6 Bowery, Wui doors above Spring street. Any otlvr article pnrporung tu b. the same, is worthless, and calculated o*ily to deceive and ir jure. Prire ?) auH Imdyhwr'tn MEDICAL AND SURGICAL OFFICE. rvOCTOR JOHNSON, 17 Duane street, so well known tc 1 * the victims of Syphilitic diseases, as the most successful .iractitiouer thai New York can boast of, in tha treatment oi this destructive and almost unmanageable mklady, is still to b< found at his old Office. Dr. Johnson can satisfy any one thai lie ia legally (in ah Red to practise Physic and Surgery?that b' possestes a knowledge of general disease superior to three-fourUu of your general " Pliysiciaus"?end that his skill in tlie treat uient and proper of evry variety of Ven-real ?it ease and Stricture of the Urethra, is pn^eininent. My patifut -re not nulv from every part of the Uinuul States, ?>ut the* come from the West In.l.ei aud Crn*da I cure, on an average ?JiO patients a year. I dimiountenauce ijnackery in any lorn: and. therefore, take this ir.i thod of informing straujert, and t?; ,U(is in the country where they can find a physician skilled u rhe treatment of their disease. Every case 1 undertake 1 car er make no charge. No matter how long you may have Stricture. I Meets upon the body, or in the throat, or nose, paint in the head and hones of the legs. 1 will and can cure you, il vonr case is cnnible Constitutional Weakness, sometime: call?d Seminal Weakness, brought on by a secret habit indulge' 111 hy young men I have paid much attention to the treatmen of this malady. Many an unfortunate victim of this nnnaturii > ice haa exie-rienced my salutary treatment Dyspepsia, waiJt ess of the liinhs and smnil of th- hack, eonfnuou or intellec' i.,rgetfuln??, |iolpitation of the heart, aversion to society, an only symptoms or this complaint. If uiy directions art follor, ed, I guarantee a enre. Post paid letters, >vith statement ol ca?' eontainiag II for advice, attended to. Observe, Ofhce ! Oanof street, on* door from Chatham itreet s27 lw> ec DAGUERREOTYPE GENEKAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHANGE BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA. npHK SUBaCKlULiitt beg leave to inform the Dia;ue4rreotyp* 1 Artists, that they have considerably enlarged their connec tions throughout the Uuion, tbr West Indies, South Americ and Kurope They have also made arrangements to be supplied with every new article used ia ihe Daguerreotype Art. Inev have lately received a large supply of Voifilaenuers celebrated Cameras, consisting (ff three different sixes, lor the sale cl which ttiey ?r- apiwiutHI Agents. Also, a supply of bes* (Mates and Chemicals, either lor Da^venreolyre or Cdlotypt . made to toeir especial order. Cases of ail sites, the best rolishitiK Snb.Hfan< es, and every otlier article used for the Daguerreotype, constantly on hiuid. Their long connection with the Daguer reotype Art and their ?aeee?f in taking pictures, may serve as a recommendation and reliance. Daguerreotype Artists, tty ordering articles from any part of the ubove uained countries may depend upon a prompt and satisfactory eucutipn of then orders. Their prices are cash Prices <Jurrent and intormatioi' may be obtained by ^"'^'rt^NGENHEIM. . ol Irn*re ?'.enau^"- llu Id nu. Philadelphia. Medical Aid. , O EC RET HABITS.?Wr. Leujimiu Bell, sui*nntendant ol O the Asylum at ? WartnUixu, in alludiuK to the subject ol ; this notice, says, " tKeie is a fn?l l>?a?ue in our midst, cultiuy oil' ain?ui:?t the youug. tlie beautiful and tl^ promumit or out land." L)r. (iretory's lavitoratiny Tonic is a remtdj thitinaybe iinplicitl, relief ?u iu all cases of this kind, in cluding semeinalor Reuilal wfaknetses, barreuuess and debility, ur coluiiest iu tlie organs of procree.tion. Dr. U. is also tlie au thor ol the private treatise called tlie " Kubicon ' treat inn upon necret habits, and also epon Uie prevention and cure ol private have read l>r. (Jm<?v's work called the " Rubicon,r nndconjidir it well adsptwl to awaken attention to a subject more blichuuB to body, mind and seal than any other vies. We have now in the Asylum alxnit m conlirmed lunatics whos. ineutal, as well as bodily iuibecility, has l**-n caused by this i insidious and desolauu* habit. The work in question should be read with at wot ion toy both youu| and old. Respectfully, JAB. N. MONROE, M. D., N. Y. State Lunatic Asylum, Utica, 28th Sept., Wl. ITT" Dr. Gregory's resistance is M tiold street, where the Book sud the Cordial are for sals: the Book at 40 cents, or sent by mail on receiptor fl; the Medicine, single bottle, fri, or in larger quantities at tlx rate of $30 per down, carelu ly packed for shipment, and will be seut to any l?rt of the world as t ma> be ordered. Consultations conhdentialiat all hours. Ihe agenu for tlie sale of tlie above articles are at the lamp store, 136 rulton street, and the following drug stores: M William street; CI Boweey ; lit Buw?rv; l?k Oeisucey street; n Katt Itouwiy; Si and Kulton street; o7 lm*?c And both comers Broadway and Chambers st MEDICAL ADVICE. T^OCTOH LAMKKT ia still confidentially consulted, at hii iJ old office. 6J i )old street, between V ulton and JJeekman, on all dineases of a delicate nature ; his treatment being mild and judicious, lequuvs neither mrrcwry, restraint in diet, or hin drance Irom busioesa pursuits. Recent caset cured in 3 or 4 Debility, nervous or conbtitltional. arising from a too frequent indulgence of the (i.uismmis ol ludis creet youtii, and thereby causing nightU emissions, and event u.tlly conlirmed impoteney. engage the Dr. s strictest attention, his object lieing to reatore the syst^M^ mentally aud bodily, to that itaie of vigor nature originally deaigued. STKICTUHK8, a diseaae frequently eiistiug without the puttfiit laniig 'east aware, sometimes cau?ed by mal-treat men t of on initiated mrdica) pretenders, and sometimes bv tm neglect of the parties tJwnuelvea. are, by the Dr. effectually cured, witliout pain or iuconeeuience. The Doctor being oue ol the lew qualihed advertising Sur Cms in tlie city, guarantee* a perfect cure, or no charge made iters, post-paid, euclosing a Fee, immediately attended to, and medicine, with *dvice, seut toany part of the Uuited nutes. Olfice. H'i lft?ldstn*et- ()p?o from 8 A.M. to 9 1 .M. ?1U lm?ec MluD1CAL CARD ^ l DOCTOR KAWCETT. of I96 Fulton street. New York. M*inIter of the Hoyal College of Surgeons, of London aud Kdinburgh, and (iraouate of the Jefferson Medical College ol Philadelphia, also aatnor of t work embracing the tollowinii ubjects, vis. .?Matrimony, Impotency and Sterility, anato mically, physiologically , and medically eiplamed, witrt a coin SratiiMisive exposition of the nature ind modern treatment ol \ pmlis, Secondary Spmyioms, (ionorrhae; Uleet, Wrictnres. Nocturnal Ediuuioiis, and ail tlieconsequeuces arising l"'"1 "I' pollution. Doctor Kawcett continues his private Consultation on the abovr-nientioued diseases, at Ills long ?t.iblished (ilhce 106 KultiHi street, where tlie most aggravated forms ol all anec tioni of the generative organs will yield to his mode ol treat inwit, without restraint in diet or eie rcise, and without mer cury. E*en when the procreative energies become torpid 01 paralyied, from excessive indulgence, or Irom masturbation, he will be abW to restore the parts to health anil vigor, lersoas a Stance, enclosing $1, can have a copy of the work. J letters must be post (i*id. slg lu iw ~ CURE "YOUR COLDS nURINO this period of eiciterneut, many persotu recklessly lJ CQ>ose themselves to the iuclemMt weatner, audfonsequent ?v sufl-r severely from enlds and influent* C vnctime rf i ousumptioii warn all such ot tlie ui|>ortaiiee of an early aiid ! efficient remedy,which i. to b>- found in the uwOl M?.C*riO|l ? Old C.stabMnlieil .VlediCstsJ V?|nur Bsths, Mb BroailWa), t?i I 111 .rs shove the New Vorl< Hospital. ?17 '"'rc JAL1 A.\u *I?M ait>Kk ?4w barrels No. l O Halmon. . , . . , IMO bbli Nos. 1, a, and J Mackerel. M<i half do do do do. 100 do No. 1 MnssHhsd. 10 half bbli No I sfeyhrook Mhad. 100 bbls ( o?! and M,:a!- Kish. j i fOO do No. I tsib'd Herrings. I'M) botes Scale I do | J00i' 'hs Sinolieil Salmon. KKi kits Housed do 300 do Hounds and Tongues. 7000 qtls < od Fish,- suitable for shipping. luof sacks Ashton s Salt. 200 bbls American Halt. Jooo boses Digby llsrring. 1(0 quarter barrels Halmon. rn, M.a in loU to -it p^chsj^ bj- w u0 fit lf.-.? Il %H1 MMM TH E INVISIBLE WIG. , ssfisvffs'ffiSaS/S sslstbsnrff m aaa^.^?"auj the natural hair, both m li|hwwi and Bilinu i|?pmtD?*,il 10 defy detection. its texture beautiful, so ")4 free, thai in all cases of pwiRlwmoa, evaporauon U and the great evils of ..ther wigssotiiely avoided. The sc?rty and couooiweur we alike invited to inspect thi. Mvelaai tea* tifnl Wig, and the iwculiar method of fitting the lieyJ, sttbo manufacturer's, A. C. Bairy, 146 Broadway, cotor'of Litajety street. up stairs ,u MARTELLE & HOLDERMaNN, 3T Maiden Laiit, N. Y> \/f ANUKACTURKR8 and iiniurters of Ornamental H?* iVl Work, Wi*s.Towe*s. Ban da. Curb, Baytym Hair. lud k new ?tyle of ever luting Curls, and oil Itmilsof Luur work*, wholesale and retail N B The tr?d* supplies oa,ie*s<,es?ile terns ??Ira'rb __ TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. 1 PROFESSOR BOERHAAVE'S HYGEAN RENOVATOR TN all thoae caaaa where manly vigor is impaired, where the 1 mental and physical iwwers are prostrated hy an unrestrained indulgence of the pulsions, particularly .by Uk>* .oMury and destructive habits nf eaily youtn, inducing nocturnal ? mi.iiiiM and debility, the Hygean Renovator will be lou:.d an infallible remedy. It restores the organs of reproduction in both seaes, to a healthy action, and remove, impoteucy by infusiug t.ew 1 energy into the system. In many luataucss ll?e effect is instan taneous. It never fails to cure chronic sleet, and ??1?UW. -uid removes sterility, by restoring a healthy uterius action, liefer race* can be given lo main physicians who hsve prescribed the Renovator with success in those affections, as also in Dy?|isp sia, weaknew of the back and loin, and affection, of the Biinarr organs. Sold ouly at the "Importing Agent., i06 Pulton .treet, New York. Price $2 J?r bottle of IB ounces, and for warded to all |>aru of the Union. , i_?? N.B.?Copiou. direction, accompany each bottle, slj lui m _ Iota IMl DK. CORB1TT may be consulted couftdeulially at his Of tire, 14 Duane street, two doors from Miauiain. fttrangere ire respectfully informed that Dr. Corbitlls a member of ?? University of the City of New York.aud that he has etelnsive ly confined his practice from oeiug general 10 the treatatM ol err rain classes of diseases. (now over eleven veersin the eity ol New Vork,) which engages his eutire atteuuon. tlie annals of medicine do not record greater success than is to be found ii> hit practice The Doctor cautions uie unfortunate against uie use of mercury, as it has its thousands of victims. HecejH cases are in a few days lemoved entirely from the system Bee that vou are judiciously treated by a iwm legal y gudtoM, and not by preteuders and quacks as there are seveial of thsas in thin city, Persons afflicted with protracted and inveterate cm need not despair of being restored to health, by?PJ?> y ? n|t 'oUr. C.orhitt. A practice of tnauy years has esUbliriiM the Doctors reruuuion for .kill and respectability, Ja^uummjf^ad Doctor's profound attention. A medicine may be had to pre vent a eertaio disease in any of its forms. slg 1m ADVICE GRATIS' p,i| MARX 61 Duuie street, vuiw scienufce mMMtof D pViva te ami cUEic d.seuei is well known to-be public and needs no comment, as thousands of cases can testily. ay- 'I he sti iciest of secrecy. Office *3 Duane street, neat Ktw. o* ?? " TO THOSE WITHOUT CHILDREN. aprooreative elixircordial. HPHE greatest discovery in medioal science w that of M. M. l uesomenut, of Paiji. He has r,H.rrJy e?pl.|^ l^ ?eoe rally received opinion of the eziateoce of incurebl' !?[?"* barn?iuiC9?, (eicwpt indeed in CAtra of wiu^^ ra evtremely rare.) . The invariable ?dra?'vs"^ "s^eMo? bHi*ir Cordial, in every inswnce. of .producing that iwol health which results in the wife becoming hl?M?ij a?la mfflf/j who for years pined in childless loi^i uss, hss mlly establi^Md the fact, that what is nanally termed b?m?i ?lie n?e of the I'rocreative ?unr Cordial. 1( ia infmmabl? a tennrial weakneta, rtao^ albui, debility, incottUMaie aid Iho various train of comiilamts arising from es*;-f?. illnesS' Or'm orudence. Its preat and invyiahle succms is itt raeomynda lion. The fame of this wonderful Misir < o?{>?l i? Mished. A sale of more thtuiBlty thousand Hies is sufficient evidence of its excellence and the esWaiaOon to which it is held. It is pleasant and agreenble to ti?e Umf . Tho undoraigned ta'the oBlywlhoriwd affeot rB lH?i eirantry. Kor the convenience of those. r.uidinc out of the ^<ty ire clients composing the Kliiir Cordial are put up in (? casges "or tranamisaioii hy mail, with fall diroction for preparing Trie* of package $5, making thive botUaa. Ail lsttors York tuy, Dffire 1M Liberty ? N. B ? Ladies calling for the "Elixir" will be wailed on by ? lady in attendance. MRS. CARROLL'S MKDICATKD VAPOR AND SULPHUR BATH8. Broadway,two doors abovt the Hospital. VI RS. CARROLL resi>ectfully announces to her patrons, the iVl Medical Faculty, and the Kblic. that she luu from Courtlandt street, and established her Medicated Vapor md Sulphur Bfvtlu in a more coifcodiuusMd central situstion. At No. 336 Broadway, where, byjier conuuued issiduiar strict attentiou, she hopes to merit the imtrou-ige which her es tablishment has received for the last eighteen y**?- ? N. B.?Sulphur Baths require one s notice. Portsbto linths sent to auy part of the city or its vicinity. Bathiug tubs ;'or hits ol "?*e DEAFNESS DRS. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AURISTS, OQi BMOADWAY.?H>etractv? . ... . u ool ? I cheerfully comply with the request nf Lieut. Mc intosh. o testify that he was invalided home as iiubi^?r duty, in cou? quekce of total deafness and discharges from his enr, that ?hile in New York, ou his way to tug land, '5 J''*??'* iiiuKelf uuder the professional care of Drs. Cnstje.aiid Mwarui. Aun^te Under flu-ir treatment he recovered his hearing, and '""e&X, IV '"II McNKVKN, M. D.. _ Surgeon ti 11. B. M. liiiroes, Jamaica. ACOUSTIC DROPS., . ? A sure cure for incipient Deafness, har Ache, Pains, Vutlinga or singing sounds 111 tile ears, collections ol lurd v? ax or vitiated tecreuon. ol ttie o?w, l heir Acoustic Oil ha. b??i a popu lar remedy as a curirtive in ail diseaaes ol the ears lor upwards ot twenty years. Offices removed to 3#l Broadway, corns* Whit* street. **** ibhlH? i 1RJCAY Reduction in Deutistry.?Pntes rrauied per cent 'T Teeth sot on pivot.. " on r'me Plate, ? rom jl W to j ## Teeth filled witli Kiue O' Id ?-oil, Iroin 50eU? 1 ?J 1 ooth AcUe Cured, or 1 eelh Kxti^tUd ? tiurascal u<d Mechtmical Dmtitf, tl Kast Broadway, 11I Itn*in {Successor to W'u? flmrn.> DOCTOR MORRISON, VTORTH RIVER DISPtN&A?Y. MM i> Doctor Morrison couliuues to be cousulled cout deutialli, ou all private due.vww. which he cures without straiut in diet or pursuit. Receut i.ases, particularly Oouoi rHJtlUCTURtl't)K^THE URKTHBA cured, by D'. M on improved principles, without paiu or inconveuieuce to the patient. As the symptoms ol Stricture are auslotfoa* wi? those of other affections of tht u riuary apparatus, noue Int n peru'iiced Surgeons .liuuld be allownl tointke tlm uecnasaryMt lmiaatiou, as ihow affectcd with euUrged prostate (lands, .uffer much injury from awkw*.vd rnactilKJuem . . Nervous JiJ CbVt.tutioual lUilily?Tius a?ecu??. and the uaiu of ?vils resulting from ? secret, ilesuucuva huWt in youth, inducing uocturual ennirioiis sad ulUMtatr lIUpo*?e?T, are raJically cured by Dr. M.. on pntholo?icid incfpUs.. respinug tiie .yueni to a healthy toie- u.d leioiWU.ig us ?Ti?i vigor. A perfect cure guaiauMtart, or no tUfcift. N.B.?Dr. N. hold, no comuiuuicn with i?..-wical preteaifcis. ,vho claim to be surgeons, an he is, poM|R, Use<j*al??*s Surgeon in the city, bee h-? diplosMa m ,m? If'ultou street. Letters post-paid arid ecBttuuml a tea win msnre medicius and advioe to auy part of tl?S l/*a?. Office. 2U4X Kultou, near Ore?nwich, y.*<t 1 oilt. 0?.-i?l'0? 7 A. M. to 10 P.M.. daily. "** : l?ORTLH*lJliSii. fitiLb lltVB.MKU SKD ???" ?" _ u, ft. UE BOVDELuilVE, M.2i. Licjy-M, POL? rPHK tcientilic ccuibiii?it?ou of of viuicb ?JJJ I I'ilia ire compoae'i, have mattr: iiu'i.j die w oudrr asMltaBU" "ltion of the woilX Tliey are knows ait over Luwii# lobe the only prejhimtioij erei duoovetvd thar iia? provv}d iV lain io prodaeing the mouihJy tiu*n?. 11 ?jt certain#v iu f II caaea, being eudi that tbuy rouit not be uaed dannf for though mild, aafe and healthy, they are cettnu* to produce miscarriage it U9ed daring tl?at ptnod. . The directions .ire. trattslnted into Euglisn, and ai* envelope* rouud with the seal of the importer, stamped. r4tji bo? cob tains the signature of M. de BootMogue. aiid the fcnglis*<? ,-ections have the signature of Dr. !?. MKLVEAU,authorised auent for the Continent of America. lliey can lie transmitted bv mail to any part of the Lmlfd Steles. Sold by Dr. K. MKl.VKAU, mtent and importer M tl?- United Steles. Office, li& Liberty atreet, near Oreenwieh ^#eet. Price ?3 ?hall boxes, *1. No half boxes sesil by mail. Sold in Boston, at 9 Salem street. Irfttflfi directed to Ur. F. Melveau, box 24. New Vork, will meet with immediate attea, lion All lellerr must be postpaid, unless enclosing money, jyjfl rrc TO MARRIED LADIES. MADAMfc Ri'.STKl l.'S PlUfiVKw JIVK row DC KB. "*? ? These invaiuable Powders iiave Ixwn universally adopts in h.urope. but Kiance in i?iuenlar, lor upwards of thirty years, as well a. by thouund. iu this country, aa >>eioa tue vary auld, ufe and efficacious remedy lor married ladies whose bnotu for bids a too tapid increase of faroUY I lie results of their adopt<<a> k. ibe imjtpiness, the health, nsy often the lile, of mauy an alfectiooate wife and food motiMr ate too vast to touch upou within tbu limits of m advertisement? resists which affect not only tlie |iresent well betuu oi iiiesU. but tlie future hanpineas of their oust nug. Is it notbui too well Known that the la -i lies of tlie ma . Hue increase beyond tlie happiness of those wn i cave them Dirur wouid ii? >? ' la how mauy instsnces doss m liard working fatiiei, aad mora i-speciall> tlie mother of a poor uunily reiaain slavns oiroaMh ont their lives, tugging at the oar of incessant labor, wiKug but lo live and living but to toil, when lliey might have-moved comfort and comparative affiueuee, and if care aiul w>il turn weighed down the spirit, quit at last broV.rn tl* li alui of the lather, how often ? tl? wrfus left uunbtn, with tlie siuisc vir tuous i ii ten tion., to save lies latherles. offi'/ring frum oei oriing legraded objects ol charity or protligaie votaries of v>?e < Kfew though couipeuuce auu plenty smile up?n us, haw often, alas I >rt uie day. of the kind liii.liniid and father naiiiti'r?4 iu be iioldiug the emaciated form and decliuiua lienlth of (be eon pa moil of his boeom, ere site hail scarce reacted the age ol th rty ?fast siukiug into a premature grave?witli tlie ees:.iia pros l?ect of hima-Tf l>eiug early brrelt of ilie iisruicr at ins joys and sorrows, and his youmi and helpless clolsren of tiiiMe roe^.i ing vtt. ntious and watcliful solicitude, whinh n n.oil?'r iijif eas '?estow, uol uufrruuvntl) at a fun- wtvu letst olile to su.oport Uie heart-rei.diug irtlictiou : Is it dasirsbl*. tlwm?is it moiid? lor iiereuts te increase tneir fsiiiilii!s, rrgariili^is of c.'uwinente. to thcinwjves, or the well beioji of tli?ir oil it'fii.g, when a sim | le, ?? .my, health) mid certain remedy is within our cmfol I 1'he adveruser, leeling the ilU(?r ',ince of tbiu s?i,je?^ luid csti i inaaug tlio vast benel'ite -eeiilliug io '-"usiinds by thu atlnots JM of niean. preMiribed by her, Would ruspactally arouse Pv- afr lentiou of the msrued to its cousiacntiog. , ? wiee and virtuous lo prevent evils to winch we uw sabjoct, bv surplo 'Mid healthy means within our control I l^rrry ibapMsiiMvxts, virtuous and enlightened mind, will uc^irsiutuifly answer ia tlie atlirmative. Price live dollars a packLge, aooomiianied with tali ami parti cular directions. All letters mnst be post raid, lud odiliasae^ to ool " M," N k , or MAilA-Mfc. HfiMl'rXL, Irinale I'livtici ie Prinr.i|ul fjfliee, 14# llreeowirh su-*-t, hy? Vork. Odes hours f/om 1 A. M. to <> P. \l fiostnn nITx.n, No. ^ >jees ?f. N. B ?Those encloiing money nerd not |*y poesaye. jyWra M A DA M E RESTELL. L^KMALK PHYSICIAN, Office ar.J maidenoe, Ml Oreea " wich traet, lietween l.ourtlandt and Liberty streets, where she cau t? consulted with the strictest confidence on nonplaiaa incident to the female Irame. Madame Restell's experience and ku . wiedge in the treatLneni of obstiuatr cases of female Ifi'iUli ? >, .toppage, sup)ires.ion, he., is .itch a. to require but a w .' <ys to effect a iierlect cum. Ladies desiring i;roi>ei im-dical attendance during confinement or other iudis|?sition, will be accommodated during sacli time, with private and respectable hoard. " Preventive Powders" for married ladies, whose delicate or ,iterations health forluds a too taiud increase of fkmily, will N sent by mail to any part of the United Slates. Price (6 a t'ack ige. All letters (ihmii |*id) addreued to boi (CI, New Votk, IfiMtnu Office. No. ? I''.ssei street. ? V B.?Those enclosing mouei need not (>ay poetage. N. H.? Madame KI-.HTr.LL would inloiin laoit. resiJ.:.g out of the f.iiv, whose liealili wieilil not admit of Muv.-iliutr, '.hat she would devote her i-rsouil aiieudaiice ui-on ihem in lwrt_oM,e Uni'ed Stati-s witl.ui reasoiiai,!.- ? jv^ ~ PUIJLlSllhU DA1LV Ur" " .1 A M h. S VORUOSl BKHRKTT. N. W COKNKR KULTON AND NASSAU SlilKKTS. 1 HK Ni.w V'lM Hltttl.ii?\ Dally issued eve?r rooming of the ?? ??jrici- r >o i" i pci rn|iy, ? imutri Subscribers lurti.! ?) r m ? .i ". l-,r any <|Keilic iieriad, ?n a rsmitteiise . i. tr .vi . ^?at unlers paid iu ad "*Vf Tmk VVickki.y iltiuOJ^-Usii'd . ne tar day morning ?t ten o'clock?ptice sis .no . vutn lk.tts per copy?fer al shed to Country Subscribers at 911'> per anontu, ia advaues. or ai tlie iaa* rate for any ?pe. ni?l pepud. f*eivs|.n?yieri in r*a?e,iAd to Hh*j* b"i i?*.<tr> t* i.W?> Ve?<s.i ?> ? a? yl ^ J ^ eei ? "

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