Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 15, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 15, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 15, 1844. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN TUB WORLD. To Um Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newapapee-tmb liahad every day ot the year saeept New Year's Day aud Fourth of J?l|. Price | canto par copy?or $7 M par saiiuia pnalfae paid?caah ,u advance THE WE> KLV HERALD?published arary Saturday morning?price 13% cents par copy, or $1 II par annum?poet ages pa:d, ?ash in advance. ADVERTISERS air informed thai the circulation of *< Herald is over THIRTY-FIVE TmWSAND, andincreaamg fast It Sat I lit isiqgrjl circulation of any paper in thti city, or the world, mid, i$, therefor*, 'As Sett channel tor hunnett Men in the ctty or country. Prior* moderate?cash m adraaee PRINTING of all kinds executed at the moat moderate prioe aad w the moat elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaoratcToa or the Hiuld Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton aad Nuaao streets ^rviTii k"aTi ka'g fiTF N* ?AFF THRSF SHILLINGS FROM PATERP"* TO JERSE\ I !TY. Cuafclaltertti- Istol October ttie can vilJ I ears t irk so ? uiror I New Yoru. t o AM. I I o'clock A M. 114 " UK " P.M. ? ?? 1*. M I , ?? US dUMDATt. I o clock AM. I t o'clock A. M. T s.M. | 4 " P. M. iW tt >a FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steamships ACADIA and HIBERNIA.will leave Boston, for the above porta, aa follows ?? Acadia, W m narriaoo, Esq., Com., on Friday, Nov. In, next. Hibernia, A. Myra, Eea., Com., oa Saturday, Nov. 16th, neat Plasar to LjverpoM $118. Passsge to Ralilai 30. Apply la II. BRIGHAM. Jr.. Asent, at Use oSca of Hart)den L Co., OHM No. 1 Wall street. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. Of UN ton* and 111 horse power each.? Under contract with the Lords of the Ad) minify. HIBERNIA. Captain Alexander Ryria. CALEDONIA, Captain Eoward O. Lott. ACADIA. Captain William Harriaon. BRITANN IA Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA, .... . .Captain C. H. E. Jadkins. Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via. Hailfaa, aa follows: From Boston. From Liverpool. Catatonia, Lott August loth. ? fctu. is,. Av""& Th?M veMels carry Mpraeed tuieonfl, and are ?mli*' witk Life Moala. For frmtfhi or | 3TATEN ISLAND FERRY. "FOOT OF WHITEHALL." The Boats will raa aa followa on and alter Nov. II. LEAVE NEW YORK : _ _ I and It, A M.; 11)*. IX and <K. P M. P. 8.?All goods mast be particularly marked, and are at tht risk of the owners thereof. nl3 FALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK ND NEIV YORK. FARE ONLY MdCENTS. THE" NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPI aIN JOHN GAFFY. ON and alter September lOtb will ran daily is follows (Sundays iacladed):?Leave New _^irk, foo: of' eutre street, I o'clock A. M.? ork, font of Barclay street, 3 o'clock P. M. i A >|i| I f.A( t, itsiONn nui*nEll AttlUlNUEMKNT. NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND. (STATEN ibl.AND,) AND NEW VORK FERRY. From I'iei No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. | 1 lis 8uamboai CINDERELLA, wil ran as ? follows. Daily, froui May 20tb to Oetobar li> . .iSH ??leaves New York at 9 and li o'clocs " J*. ft anal P.M. L?uves fort Utdninond, at It minima to I, and 10 minntea to 10 A. M.; at.l, 4W ami b* P- M. ^ leaves New UngMou a] I and 10 A. M.; at IX, Sand73* on Sunday?Leaves Near York, at t aad 11 A. M.; at 1,6 ami I P. M Leaves I'ort Kifflunood, at 10 annates to I wad 10 A.M at 1. b ud T% P. W N??, W-U (*?? It !M invlltm'w FAKE Kfc.Dl/cfc,L>. FOR CKOTONVILLE, SING SING. TARRYTOWN. MA. WILTSIE'SIJOCK.HASTINGS flpe^iwjAMi YdNKERS.?On and alter Saturday Xaa4Ul,.^?gust J 1st. lilt, the uew and substantial Steamboat WASHINGTON IRVING. Caul Hiram Tnthill will leave the foot of Chamber street for tlte above places. Jail, ?t 3 P. M.. Sunday eicepi-d. Returning, will leave Cro ton villi at 614, and.rtiuii bins at7 o'clock A. M., landing at die foot ol Hamni >nd street each way. For puasage or fi? ight. apply on board, or to STEPHEN b. TOMPKINS, l"? Vr-M ?ir?*t i32m*rc fUi? OA A II, i 1/liiUuN . LiNl> tlALLU V> &LL The new steamer PENOBSCOT, i'apcat. > N. Kiinlxtll, leaves tlie end of T wharl, Bostoi. ^very Tuesday and Friday evenings, at 4 o'clock. Stupes will be in readiness ou her arrival at the abov p)???e. to <;i nvev Iti'i'-cv-i ?? fH- aeiyhh 'rinw rowns MUKNI.Mi Line AT7U CLOCK?FOK ALRANl, TROY, and Intermedial^ Land* "ig? from the Steamlioat 1'ier at the foot ol B relay at.erl. (Br*akla?l aud Diunsr wn boaid the boat ) Ti.ei'e# low pKfsne ateimboai 1 KU V, l apt. A. Gurh m, leaves >ew Vi)rlta 7 o'cloik \. M., on 1'ursOay, Thursday and Saturday, and Troy at 6 o'clock A M.. and Albany at 1 o'ciocs A. ,V1 , Monday, Wednesd-y aud Friday. Notice.? Ml f"H)Js, licight, baggage, bank bills, specie, or any o her kind of protieity, taken, *ni|>|>ed, or put ou boaid this bo<t uiust be at die risk of the owneis of such goods, might, bi'gagf, ttc. For ass tgeor freight, apply on board, or to F. B. HALL, at the Office ou (lie WUatf. IU~ Notice.?Thi- Empire has discontinued running for the season. nil rrc f tlOtt.tT8 HiSE ut sTu^MBVAle, toil ALBANY. DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through direct ?at a P. M., from he Steamboat Pier betweei .Courtlandt aud Liberty stieeu. (nasiooat KNICKERBOCKER. Captain A. P. Si Johu, Monday, Wedaeedsy and Friday Eveuiugs at t o'clock. Tlie Steamboat ROCHESTER. Captain A. Hoogtitoa, o>> Toesday, Thursday aad IMnrdiiy Evenings, at <1 o'clock, ina uk toot nfilarclay street, i At Five o clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. The Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. G Crut tenainn, >Ioeday, Wedneaduy, Friday and Sunday Afternoons, at > o'chnk. 'Dm oieainboai COLUMBIA, Captain William H. Peck iroesday, llianttav ind Satarday Afternoons. \l 4 o'clock i?Kronen taJi.bN eicliei ol Mt above lines will urri? in Albsuy in ample uan to take the Morning Trains of Cars I'o the east or wsat. TW boats are usw aud substantial, are fai aisie-u with new and siefaui state rooms, and for speed and ac couuuodations, air uiruriuke<l on the Huomo. Ail p?ioiis are tor Dm! trusting any of the boats of lhi> line, witnout on ortW irom the Captain. For Lmtsage or freight, apply cm board, or to P. C. Schults tt the OlHra on dw *M'I uUii NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS? Packet of itmt of N <vember.?The well known ami Ca^iA?u ir >y i \ ?iTi.nis Packet Ship HOlTlNUUER, IUW? tous,) ^apiaiu ?ra BassUy, will sail positively as above, Iter regulai day. The shi|<s of this line being 1000 tons burthen and upwards, perioui bout mi ?mba<k lor the old coaulry .hould not fail tu se>e?i this ine in preference to any other, i'heir gnat cataicit> lendeis them more comfortable and conveuirut Uian shi|? ol a sin .tier class. T'ic accommodations of the Hottinguer are unsurpassed foi cabiu, secoud cabiu and sieeiage pasteugers. To aecuiv berth* aarly applicauou must be made ou board, foot of Burling Slip or to W. & J. T TAPSCUTT, uU 76 South street, corner Maideu Lane. ~~' PACKET FOR HAVRK-SECONdTinE.-Th* ?h p UALTl.vlORE, kalwarU Fuuk, master, willrail . in the lit of Uecember. .gin ot pusage, apply to BOYD ti HINCKEN, No i i on .me ttuilding, corner Wall aud Water sts. WANTED Fur CH AK LKSI on, c" A number of V ESSKLS from 100 to 400 tons, to load wuh stone. The highest Ir ulu paid. Apply hi ,e olfi u ol the STAl't-N ISLAND URA.M11 iV. No iWallstreer nb Aw're OLD ESTABLISHED PACKET OFFICE,6. ,liouth street? Passage to and from Great Britain and ?m'r>'l <nd, via Liverpool. Passage can at all times b. en* i. <l w the lowest rates, to and fitmi Liverpool, by the rrgu lar packet slops sailing under the new arraugeiueut every lee days, and drafts oau as usual lie furnished for any amount, pay a blc at the .National and Provincial Bmk, Ireland, and then brtuches, and uiioaghout the United Kingdom, as well as at all thepriucipel banking institutions in Euglaua, Scotland ant Wales, v? itlioat diseoant or any other chargaa. For farther pai Qealirs. if bv lettei. post paid, apply to *"? 'Ol V Hi. HDWAN. II Hnnlh it EXCHANGE ON ENGLAND, IRELAND ICO 1LAN.D AN 1> W ALES.?Tlie Suuscnber ha. all 'lines (or sale Dralta liom 41 to 4.1UW), |*>.,bl. at all (.a puncipul Baukiug lustitntious throughout the L'uileo KimiiIoiii. "lOH.N HERDMAN, tl Sooth sl NT 6. Passage to aud from Liveriaiol i an be aecbred at th. lo.v?.:t rate, by any of tlie. line ol p.iclieu sailing ou the 1st. 6tl> lull, lulli, list and ?tli el each month, ou a| plication as abovi _j>? -c FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Liue-RcunU HfTfWPacke; list Novemlier?The splendid New Vorkbuih MmUmm "tckei Ship HOl'T.NGLER, Captaiu Ira Bursls> lum i , .nrthern, will sail as above, her regular day. f or freight or isusnge, having very su|ierior accominodatioas ?n?ur|MaKed by auy snip in port, apply to the Captain on board, wesi side Bulling Slip, oi ui WOODHULL It M1NTURNS, t7 Bonth street r>?i..< of P^s.ape tl'itl nYlr* a .v.-? ? it iVtiW UltLf. l.>S?t/u loll kiM?fit" r#**ViT.olar packet with dan patch?Tlie Inst sailing packe JSMMMM'1'1!' ONION, J. B. Batturue, master, is now loaiiui, ai.u a ,i nave Kor cabin, second cabin urn steviage passengers, having superior accuinmoda ion, early ?i plicatioa mould be tiade <>a board, at Murray a wharf, or to JOSEPH McMUKKAi, sTSee IM Piae street. Co?a?i of South street j.-j FOR LIVERPOOL?Ths fsst sailing ship ISA '*-VBELLA, Lapuni Bright, will be desi*tcli?d in a fe. 1 li s splei.di ship offers a moat desirable conveyance for cabi and Steerage passuigi-rs. uti'vui JOHN HFRDMAN, ??? ?' a, ?.|, ...... V If*"-?c ?a?? >-m alloat?leu sm vr , /* . WOODHULL * MINTVRNa, HE .Nil'?200 bales dsw rot Heinpof very saperiorqu Illy laud iisg at ship Vernon, from Nsw Orleans, and for sale in 'Z'" T K.coixrns a CO.. 4Bk A rTGRKk havre i' vrlo The Ships ofthu Line will here KEW TOHK It HAVRE I'-Vt'KETB. Second Line?Tlx- Ships ofthu Line will hereafter leave New York on the Ut, tail Havre on Che 16th of etch month, u fol lows* fii' . From New York. From Havre New Ship ONBIDA, 1 lit March, 16th April, Captain < lit July, ? 16th August, Jama* Funck.r lit November, I 16th December Hud BALTIMORE, ( Ut April, l 16th May, Captain < lit August, . ICth September. Edward Fuack, ( l(t December, { 16th January, Ship UT1CA, l Ut May, . MthJune. CapUin. < lit September, < Wth October, Frederick Hewitt.; Ut January f 16th February, New Ship Ut. NICHOLAS t Ut June. I 16th July, Captain < Ut October, < 16th November J. B. Bell, / ut February, f 16th Marsn. The accommodation* of these ships are not surpassed, ooin biuiui all that may be required for comfort. The prior of cabii. passage is $IM. Passeugws will be mpplied with every nsqai ?ite, with the exception of wiuei and liquors. Goods iuteuded for these veeaeU will be forwardee by the ?ub scribers, free from any other than the expeniei actually incurred ou them. For freight or passage, mpIv to BOY!) fc HINC KEN. Agantg. )t)i ec No. 9 Tontine Buildings, cor Wall and Witter its PASSV. nr.M ^RKAT BHITAIN AND IRELANI T'f?E jffiLu. M LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. (Sailing from Liverpool on the Ttli and 19th of every mouth. > Persons wiihing to tend to the Old Country for tlieir frmndi can make the necessary arrangement* with tlae Subscriber*, and have them come out in thia superior Line of PackeU, Sailiui from Liverpool punctually on the 7 th and 19th of every mouth They will alio have a lint rale clan of American trading ihipi ?ailing every six days, thereby affording weekly commuuicatioi from that port. One of the firm, (Mr. Jamei D. Roche,) i: there, to iee that they ihall be forwarded with care and dee patch. Should the parties Hgreed for, not come ont, the mouey wtl be returned to thoae who uaid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball or Old Line of Livepool Packets, comprisr Jte following magnificent Ship*, viz.:? PS* OXFORD, The NEW YORK. CAMBlllbOE, COLUMBUS, EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With inch luperior and unequalled arrangement*, the Sab tcriben confidently look forward for a continuance of that inp port which hai been extended to them to many yuan, for whicl they are grateful. they are gratemi. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relativest cai ?t all umei obtain iJrafta at light for any amount, drawn direc on the Royal Bank of Inelaud, Dublin, alio, on Ms**rs. PRESCO'rt1, ORdTE, AMES It CO. Banker*, Loudon which will be paid on demand at any of the Bank*, or thei Branchea, in all the principal town* throughout England, Ire land, Scotland and Wale*. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. 35 Fulton itreet. New York, next dooj to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packeu iail from this por for Liverpool ou the lit and 19th of each mouth. Partie* return ing to the Old Country will find it to their comfort and advan tage to telect thi* favorite Line for their conveyance, in prefer ??nee to any other. jelS 5m*re BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVEN JS?yPOOL PACKETS?FOR LIVERPOOL?Onlt VMMM?regular packet of the I6ih of November. The new magnificent aud remarkable faat tailing favorite packet ?lui MONTEZUMA, A. B. Lowber. Commander, will poiitively tail on Saturday, the 16>h of November, her regular day. It i* icarcely necessary toiay,ai it ii well known to the trivelling pahlicthat the accommodation* of the Montezuma uid all the eight *hi|? of thi* liue, are fitted out in a mo*t co*tl\ ?t>le with every modern inyirovemeut and convenience, tha canuot but add to the comfort of cabin, second cabin anc steerage pMseugers. Those v'siting the old country will at al> time* find it their intereit to (elect these desirable conveyance* in preference to any other. For term* ofpauage and to secure the beet berth*, early appli cation ihould be made on board, foot of Beekman itreet, oi to the lubicribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO.. nl3 rc 35 Fulton itreet, next door to the Fulton Bank. POST~OFFICE, New York, Nov. 1J, 1844. CNGLISH MAIL?Letter Bavi |er Steamer HlBERNIA. El will be cloied at the I p.erand Lower Post Office* in thi? city, on Friday. the 15th initant, at 15 minutei pait 3 o'clock, P M. The overland postage of iflV cenu on each *ingle letter, mu*t be paid. JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, P. M. ul2 4trc FOOT RACE FOR $1*00. Fourteen Hundred Dollan will be paid for a Foot Race, ti take place ou the BEACON COURSE, Hoboken, oppoiib New York, on the 18th of November, weather permitting, a> follows:? $l?00 for a saar ten mile*. $700 to thr first, $250 to the second 1150 to tlie third, $75 to the fourth, and $25 to the fifth. Alio, $100 for a foot race, three miles?$150 to the firit, anil (50 to the aecoud in tlie race. The following per*ou* have entered their name* for the Us. mile race:? No. I?John Gilderilere, the winner of the la*t race. 2?John Barlow, >The two pedeitriaus late from 3?Thorn** Oreenlialgh, S England 4?J P Taylor, No. k?Thomas MrCabe, 5?John Underhill, 9?J L. T Smith, 6?Wm. ("nrle*, 10?'Thnoiaa Kyan, 7?Jame* Bradley, II?John Steeprock. The fol lowing peison* have entered for Hie three mile race:? Thoma* Oreenlialgh, Wm. Fowl, J. P. Taylor, Edward Brown, Swphen vV>rKan, l.enii Kdwards, Wm C?fle?, Ambrose Jack?>n, David My res, Eiyl'p'irk*er,,K:'t' | '"J'*"* of Seneca Tribe. In consequence of the great exc.tem-nt at present pivvailirm IU this city and iu vicinity, tlie above rxce, which wh* an nounced to come off on the 11th iu*t., i* postponed until tlie I8ih nl lwditltw'rrc ~ LEG8 HANDS, AKMS. Arc. The Lun of Feet and Let* nn Hindrance to Iht Jict of IVulkine I JOHN F. THOMAS, I ork Lea Miker, ?tc., 47J Water itreet, New York, reiiiectrully info m* th? public that he continue* to manufactu'e ARTIFI CIAL LIMBS, on a pi in the moat corie' t and le? complicated, having, through necesvty, invented made and wom an artific* ? I leg for forty veai*. an?. be*-n a manufacturer lor thirty-five y*ar?, feel* confi dent of giving aati?faction to all who call <>u hui< for Leg*. Hand*, Arm*, or the common Wood Leg N B ?All letter* tnutt b- i>o*t-paid. nl2 2m*ec NEW YORK BRA^S HAND rHK Member* of the New York Bras* ^aud would re*[wct fully inform their patron* - nd the public in general that at i meeting of the Band, held at Military Hall, Bowery , 2nd Nov.. 1844..Vlr R. VV1LL1S waa uuanimoti<lv elected L* .der, and C. S (JltAFULLA Compoaer of said Band?and tliev now feet ?ssured ihit the Bind will be mferior to uoue in this countiy ? The B sud would teturn the-r thanks 'or the very llattering pa tronace bentoweil upon them the p<st seawiu. aud will use everi exertion to merit a continuance of the same. Application* foi the Band will he matte to Richard Willis, Leader, 49 Ba .in street; James Conner, ''ecreUry, :<3 Bayard site it, or any of th? following members; Win. Wallace, 49 Spring stree ; Alfred H IVales, 19 Norfolk street; Dauiel Underbill, 114 Woostei sirret M. Me iie, 150 For yth streH; John VVall ice, 7 Claik street, lohn Bleak ley, 1119 Walker street; J. Kuysuig, 54 Oiclurd street Geo. O-oller, 130 Forsyth street; E. Wheeler, Corner 9th A?e u wid 18th street; S C. Luiu, 145 Cen restiee , Doc orC. Mathe, 114 Woostcr itreet; C. 8. Gialulla I Mnimaer, 31 Baya d s'rt et RICHARD WiLLiS, Leader. James Conner, Secretary. N. B ?Bauds prov ded lor Public Balls, Private Soirees "Serenades, kc., by applying to Wm. Wallace, 49 Spring street. nil ltn*m AK.T1HUIAL TEETH M. LEVETT, Dentist, the introducer of inserting incoi ruptible Teeth on the principle of atmospheric pressure, al 'owed to be the greatest improvement in deutistry ?ver intn lured, invite* stranger* and the public in general to exatniue hi lew method, which will be fouud greatly su|>erior to AN1 SOW IN USE, embracing amongst others the advantages O' irent and i^rmaneut comfort, cleanliness, durability, he T iervous petienU it i* particularly adapted, ss it precludes tin lecessity of extract! ig stumiis or roots of teeth, and retaius tl> nooth in a healthy suit. The numerous testimonials from th. nost distinguished iu society, with the highest dental and olhe ,uthoritie*. will ensure to tnose miuiring artificial teeth, o 'hose who have had ihem unskilfully set, the happiest aud mo? aiisfectorv resulu M. LEVETT, Dentist, n'2 Im'in 960 Broadway entrance in VV.yren St. \ MOS1' BLESSED, HIKANUE, ASiOlJNUlNG ANI SUPERNATURAL LVVKNTION, rOCLKE ( UTANKOUS ERUPTIONS AND CI.KAB DARK, SUN-BIJRNT. VELLOW. DISCOLORED OK FRECKLED SKIN. MANY?Ay, there are many who have I wen cheated will liasli, and therefore thiuk tlie powrrs of the genuine Jones's ?ioap are exaggerated; let such give it a fair trial. It is indeed lie most singularly wonderful curative prepartiou ever made. 11 dl skin disease*. In fact, it seldom or uevei fail* in curing Pimplea, Blotches, Freckles, Tan, Morphew, Salt Klteuin, Scurvy, Eryaipelaa. Barber's Itch, Riugworm, Old Sores, and Sore Head*. Bat miud, it is Joue*' Soap ha* done, and still effecu thee mis*. Get it no where el*e iu tin* city?or you will lie ? wiudled with a counterfeit?but at the *ign of the Ameri an Eagle, ? Chatham street, and 323 Broadway, N. V.; in doston. at Redding'*, 8 State atreet; /eiber, I Ledger Building* 'hiladelphis; 119l<niton itreet, Brooklyn, aud Pease, Broadway. Albany. nl2 lm*e? MEDICAL NOTICE. JTRANfiERS AND CITIZENS afflicted with an? forn ?J or varisty of Svphilitic, Mercurial or other di**a*?, or wh< iave been v-nly hall cured by tinneks, had better eareinlly pern* be following letter Dr. Cooper?Hit '.?Last Jnly I contracted a certain pnvat> liiew, and i.umediatelv applied to a doctor, who promtaed t< :ure me in a week. I continued with him two month*, bui ess gradually getting worse : I tried our after another, all th> dvertuing uoctm, and each one promised poaitively to casr I atlength 4i*covered the object of these men was m ae 1 at lengtlt macovereu use uujn? ?? ey. and that the ? were not doctor*. I concluded to go inti he hospital, where the doctor* kept me under s course of iner ury for eight weeks ; my throat and uose were ulcerated, pains s all my Joinu, and my body covered with ulcer*. I was s omplete *keleu>n ; the doctors considered it danserous to give ne any more medicine, and advised a southern climate. I lef. he hospital, and by advice of several friends, placed myself inder your care on tne first of January last. I am now wall and estored to perfect health. I-?VK?)SlA8 G^CN, Carpenter and Joiner, Harlem, N.Y. Dr. Cooper warrants to cure every case, no matter how long landing, of Gleet, Htaetnre and Seminal Weakness, and mile sees of privste maladies cured in 48 hour* without interfering vuh the patient'* habits. Dr. tjoopet's Olfice. 14 Duaue street Jnnr. t".,?? I'huK.n, ,t Mn ?n>e sn tnv nl2l"'*rrc UNIVEK01TY SURGICAL AND Mt-UICAL CL1N1UUE. PHIS Institution ha* been ritaolishrd by the Medical Faculty 8- of the University of New Vork.for tlie purpo*eof euabling hose citizen* who are affected with surgical diseases, and who*. 1 rcuinsUuices preveal tlieiu ohuimug relief, to hsve yir neces try operations >erk>riued gratuitously, and likewise U) fi ruisl. .It ice and mediciur to the sick poor tree of charge. On rveij atuiday throughont the year, Dr. MOTT will he in attend uce at thr Cliuique, 659 Brosdway, to give advice, aud |ierforu> ay surgical operation thst mat be required. The Cliuique will peu at uiue and close at one o clock. I'. ,V1. UNIVERSITY LV1NG IN cWARITY.-Thn ckaritf ? aider the direction of Dr. BI'.DhOKD, aud is also intended to arnish gratuitoa* assistance to poor women in their confine neut. All women who may require the aid uf tSis charily, are -equested to register their names with Dr. BEDFORD, 743 Broadway, and they will be attended at their owu houses free of charge. o8*awlm?nc.. Montevideo. [Correspondenae of the New York Herald.] U. S. Bhiq BaiivbkiijGK, ? Montevideo, Sept 7, 1844. ? 5 A Sea Race and a Fisrht on Shore?Escape of a Smuggler, tfc. My Dear Sir:? As I wrote last, we sailed from Kio on the 24th August, iu company with the K&ritan, Congress, md United States, and a French sloop of war, to try our respective rates ot sailing. The wind was quite fresh and ahead, therefore it wan a dead beat, the whole night we carried on, and it was doubt* ml who would be the weathermost vessel, but day light discovered the gallant little brig dead to the windward of the lleet, the Frenchman having de serted us in the night. A passage of eleven days brought iu to this place, which, as you have heard, b besieged and blockaded. Admiral Brown has a squadron of Buenos Ayrean vessels off the town, ind a large force of troops are outside the walls. [ went out to ths lines the other day and was tempted to visit the outposts?there I lound the Montevideana and the enemy hotly engaged; mus ket balls flying in every direction. The suburbs '?f the city iu in complete ruins, the houses having Teen abandoned by tin ir inhabitants and convert ed into mdiiary quariers. The main stay of the Montevidean army consists of a regiment of ne groes, chiefly emancipated slaves, wao have shown he most undaunted courage in many of the en gagements which have taken place. They have now the post of honor. It is a melancholy eight, the ruins of a once flourishing city; the fields once covered with wa ving corn and springing grain; the noble orclia^ md the elegant gardens, now bare and desolate, converted into a field of blood and strife. Ever) ninu'e the boom of a heavy gnn is heard and tlv ran If of musketry, and so it will probably continue or years. we saw an interesting escape the day before yesterday. A Montevidean gun boat had gone U| he river lor some purpose or other, and was re ? urning when two ot the Buenos Ayrean schooner uarted to cut her of!. We heard the tiringsom* ime before we saw the combatants; presently om of the schooners hove in sight over a low point of Und near the Mount, firing her long?nn as fust she could load; another came and kept up an in ??essant cannonade; sown a small cratt appeared, ugging the shore,with h>-r lattpen sails hauled welt iti and carrying on like the very devil, under covh rom the guns on the Fort, on the top of the Mount, iccasionally firing her gun; the chase became ex ?iting; the shot fell nearer and nearer to the littli tarque, when running the risk of going on shore, -he passed over the shoal, between a reef and the mint and rounded the outer fort, firing a gun from nere bravado, or contempt; another followed am scaped in the same way. I cannot describe it as 1 would, but I assure you it was one of the rnos< interesting sights I have witnessed for many days The city of Montevideo is like all Spanish town?, leedtng no.description; the honses nil flit roofed, md built of brick sun dried. There is a Cathedral aere,which,when finished, will be one of the finest n the world It's dome and turrets are coveren villi porcelain, having a very pretty effect. We can get nothing to eat from the shore, and have t< send to a Buenos Ayrean town abouteight miles otl or fresh beef and vegetables. We shal probabl) remain here three months; perhaps longer. New Haven. [Correipondencs of the Herald ] Nkw Haven, Nov. 12,1844. Result of the Election? Great Excitcment among the IVhigt ?Mmufacturers and Capitaliitt?Pro scription of the Irish?Fall in Stocks, $c. Dear Sir? Since it haa been ascertained that Col. Polk las been elected to the Presidency, you can hard y imagine the exci ement that has been produced n this city, and among the manufacturers in the surrounding country. The manuficturers in the city and neighborhood lave determined, as far as I enn learn, to cut lown their business to a very great extent. They ?ay thai under such a tariff at* they ahull probably 'idve, thut they cannot sustain themselvts, and thai uobably, as the northern States have refused to UHtaiii it,and haveltsivenu law majoutyol the elec oral vote for Polk,that ihe southern whig member vill back out trout it to secure their own political xintence in the south, and that probabiy it will b eped)ed this wiuter, and at any rate in one yeai this time; that they mu.-t prepare to meet it, md ihe consequence is that great numbers of tin workmen have been and are going to be irritnedi itely discharged. They also say, that tts the> nust discharge, it is their duty to sustain those, it ?osaible, that vetedto sustain then business, whtcb is no doubt correct, and consequently those thai fet discharged are locofocos, and tins creates still nore excitement. The banks have also taken alarm at the pros pects of the manufacturers, and when theirs and ?indo her's paper is ottered for discount, demand in additional endorser. This creates an addition o ihe panic, but wnat other course the capitalist* can pursue I cannot perceive. The whig* here attribute their defeat in New York and other Siates, wholly to the Irish, anc ney are to be proscribed iu every possible manner i/lerchams and others have discharged them from their employ, and refuse to have auy gwods carted ?y them, (lnd they are determined to lollow it up to the end Of late the Irish have done almost hIi he carting, and a native or a colored man coulo ardly obtain a living, as the Irish would under work thein, and drive them out of it. A chsng? will now probably take place. Several of the Irish ire also employed by the street commissioner (all if thern locos) in domic city work, and the whig' tre deiernum u that every one ol them shall br fischtirRed, or they will turn out the commissioner The whigs are going to hold a meeting in a day or two. and will adopt Native Arneiican princi ples throughout There most distinguished men tere will be present and speak on the subject, ant in lavor of the movement The State central com nitteee also determined to have meetings held by the whigs in 'he large towns throughout the State, tud adopt the same principles A piiper has also been circulated for some days, for signatures for a mtive American party separate from the whips; >ut as n is known that the lewder iu this businv* is a person who was disappointed in not obtaiuin* Tom the whigs last spring the office of Jud<e ol Probate, and wh" has been threatening eversino* o breuk up the whig party here, and ?s it i? sac- r ?lined'thai the locos are encouraging it for thai urpose, and anticipate to carry the city. ne?< spring, if they enn milv get the whigs into this new ,nrty, ami get them divided, it will probably nm ?mount to much. Many whigs who have signed he paper have had their name* t.-ken off, on see ing >v ho ure ut the bottom ol ii, as thev can see no ?ossible good to come out ot n, but much evil. The stocks in our banks, which have hitherto stood very high in the market, have already feh the shock, and cannot be sold except at rat* s much lower than before the election. But few Bales, however, have been made. It. Franklin House, New York,) Nov. 14, 1844. 5 James Gordon Bennett, Em i? Dear Sirs? In the money article contained in the Herald of this morning, in relation to the finances ot the State ot Ohio, 1 find the tollowing par graph: ? ' The Commii-sioners of this State have been obliged to borrow money to meet every payment ol interest made, and they are now in this city on business of that kind." 1 am the only commissioner of that State now in this city, and my visit here has no connection whatever with the finance* of the State of Ohio, nor iB that State und'-r the necessity of borrowing any money to meet any payment of interest to be come due on its public debt, her revenues appli cable to that object being ample, and will produce this year a considerable surplus beyond the amount required, and greater than auy ptevious year. The debt of the State has not been increased at any ume heretofore, by loans, tor the payment of is lerest, such payments having always been sapplieri troiii the revenues Irom her public works aud taxa tion. Having been misinformed as to the purpose ol my visit and ihe necessity of the State, I ai-k ol your candor the insertion of this note, that tin erroneous inferences drawn in your article as to he prospects ot the State may be corrected. Very respectfully, Job. S. Lake, Com'r Onto Caual Fund. Naval.?The TJ. S frigate Potomac, Captain Owynn, cams upto ihe Naval Aachoragn irom Hampton Kosila yi'Stt.iiln) morning. The U. H acliooner Flirt, Lieut. Comt. Davla, was towed up Ii urn the anchorage on Saturday, to the Navy Yard?Hurt oik Herald, Hn. 13. Personal Movements. Mr Van RensBelaaer, who has had a difficulty with bis tenants in New York, it is said in the Philadelphia Ledger, is about to make hi* residence in Pennsylvania, in order that he may bring a sun against the Slate ot New York, in the U. S. Supreme Court, to compel that State to have itK laws executed against those tenants who resist his right. His place of residence, it is understood, will be in Bristol. A duel was fought on 1st ult., near Fort Smith Landing, in the Cherokee Nation, between Geo W. Clarke, editor ot the Arkansas Intelligencer, and John D Logan, one ot the editors of the Frontier Whig. They fought with rifles, at sixty yards distance. Two shots each weru firsd with out effect. The parties then sepuraitd. JamesTomhnsou, Et-q., has been elected to the Senate of North Carolina in the Johnston Dis'iici, to supply the vacuucy occasioned by the death ol Ransom Saunders. This result makes a tie between the two political parties in that body. The Historical Society ot Massachusseits have chosen a delegation to attend the unuiverBary din ner of the New Yolk Historical Society, luc'udiug John Quiticy Adams, Leverett oalteiistall and three Doctors ol Divinity, 'i he Pennaylvauia Historical Society will also be represented. Mrs. Twrrsy, wife ol Kev. Chirks T. Torrey, a' present aw.nting hia trial lit our Jail tor aiding the escape ol slaves, is now hi this city, and has visited her husband in his conli,lenient She if here to await the result ol his trial, ^Hording another prool of the abiding constancy ol womau'B heart.? Bait fcttn The Hon. Chas. M. Reed, of Erie, has closed t> contract wiih Messrs. B'dwell and Baiiia,ot Buffalo, tor a new steamer ot 1,000 tous, to be ready foi commission by 1st Auk. next year. James ('ornick, Esq., was. on Saturday last, re elected President ot the Dismal Swainp Cunal Company, and John Cowper, George Mcintosh, J'lhn Tunis, and W. J. Hardy, Esqrs , wereelecteo Directors. The New Jersey Colonization Society celebrnteii its anniversary at Trenton on Tuesday evening ?^leakers, Messrs McLain of Washington, W Halsted, Rev. Mr. Hale, aiid J P. Bradley, of this Slate. There is not the slightest truth that Gov. portei has refused to sign any ot the Penns\ Ivama Elec tion returns ot Electors, iu cons?quence of tiaud. said to have been perpetrated in Berks and one 01 two other Counties Chester Ashley, Esq., is spoken of as a Locofoco candidate tor the United States Senate, to succeed he Ute Mr Fultou, of Arkansas. The Lowell Mechanic Association have engaged Dr Jacks >n to give six lectures upon Geology and ? tie R>-v Henry Gile? six upon literary subjects. It is stated, thai Thurlow Weed is about to retirf "otn the chair editorial ot the Albany Evening Journal. Rumor says Mr. Tyson's place in the Genera1 P?st Office is to be supplied by Dr. Mellen, Mr t'yler'H brother-in-law. A New Roman Catholic Church was to be dedicated at Newbern, N C , last Sunday, by the Right Rev. Bishop Reynolds. Sir Charles Metcalf has issued his proclamation convening the Colonial Parliament, lor despatch ? f business, on the 23th of the present mouth. We learn by the Mittiuippian of the 30th ult, 'hat Mr Choate, editor anu proprietor r.f a papei ?ubliehed at Grenada, called the "Harry of the West," departed this life on the 14'h ult. Bishop Soule, the senior Bishop of the Meihodis Episcopal Church, has invited Bishop Andrew to loin him in his visitation of the Southern Confer ences Bishop Andrew has consented thereto, -ommencing with the Virginia Conlerence ai Lynchburg. Mr Hicktnaa Powers, u very respectable citizen <<f Madison township, Jackson couniy, Ohio, oi> Friday last w?s stabbed with a butcher kuile b> t'eter Hutchinson. Powers had interposed on th> election day to separate Hutchinson arid another man, who were fighting Very little ho|>eB are eii ertained ot his recovery. Hutchinson was sent to prison in Jackson. Dr. Hollick opens at Philadelphia next week. Theatricals, Ac. Ludlow and Smith closed the St. Lou'ib theatre lor the season on Saturday night, the former of tin gentlemen taking a beuefit. The house was lite rally crammed. The company tor New Oilcans have left. The author of the t bscene play which the Mayor of Philadelphia did not permit to be performed a* he theatre on Monday evening, was subsequ->ui!) -everely punished in the l'.bby of the taine bum) nig, by a highly respectable attorne}, whom l.t had insulted Professor Rsgers, of Philadelphia, is in this city, and proposes to commence in a lew days ac>uru? ai lectures on animal magnetism. The " Polka" has three teachers in Boston, Mrs. B-irrynriore, Mrs Hawley, and Mr. l'apanu. But we have Korponay here. Dsprez has been performing Otello with great success at the Acadenue Royal, Paris. Ule Bull's concert, announced to lake place at New Bedford ilns day, is postponed until Monday evening next. Christy's hand ol Minstrels are at Pittsburgh, drawing good audiences. The Virginia Sereuaders are about to give con certs in Baltimore. The Boston papers state Mr. kPhillips ^concert at the Melodeon theatre, on Wednesday evening, ?vas well attended, considering the uuf.tvorubu itate of the weather throughout the day ant. evening. The pertorrnances were rare and beuuti lul, and should be repeated, which would, id loubr, insuie a lull house, oil a pleasant evening Vlr P. intends visiting Boston again before h< leaves lor m? rry England. This gentleman is an nounced to give a concert this evening at tin Lyceum Hall, old Cambridge. Edwin F.irrest, at the National Theatre, BoBton, is ''Otheilo." The Siamese Twinp, who married two sisters in Wilkes coun'y, North Carolina, some two year* igo, have now, it is mentioned in the papers ol that neighborhood, eacn a danghter. 'Iheycon remplate, with their wives and children, makms ? tour through this country in a year or two. The twins enjoy excellent health, are very lively, talka ave, and apparently happy, and will doubtless irove more interesting and attractive in their second tour than they did in their first. Literature, dec. Castle Dismal ; by W G Sunins: Burgeas fir Stringer, New York ?A somewhat interesting do nieatic legend. Amerioan Rum.blican Review; (for Novem ?er) ; Burgess At EHtttiger, New York?Illustrated <y a pretty good lithographic likeness ot M.ym Harper. One or two pnptrs ot mtril may be louuo iu its pages. Tiik Quaker City, No 3; Burgess Jc Stringer, Nlew Yora.? i he lovers ot tne uinrvellous may bt gratified as this work proceed#. '?inton's Histoky and Topography ok thc United States; W.tlker, e'ostoii.? A nect lid ecu ion ot this work has been just issued ; it will doubtless be an interesting book to many when completed. LiTrEL's Livino Aok, No 25; Burgeas fit Strii.' ger, New YorK ? A very luteiesiing number. Hewitt's Illuminated Tales, paoM Shak spkakk, No. 3 ; Hewitt, New York.?A most beau tiful work in every respect. Dunniqan'h Ii.i.u tkatkd Douay Bible,; Dunnigau, New York?Tnm woik still maintains us character lor excellence of execution. Hewitt's Illumin a'TRd Shakhpeare No, 82 ? Hewitt, vew York?The present number ot this ex cellent work contains the commencement ol th? most humorous ot the great bard's writings, "The Comedy ot Errors." Music.?" I sigh for the hours thnt oner were mine;" one ot S. C M asset's beautiful balUd ' ; and " Molly Carew," M'MiChael's jopuUr Irish ballad, may be had at Millet's, Broadway. Elements op Rhetoric and Literary Criti cism, ot common schools nnit acade mes ? By J. It. Boyd, A. M. Harper & Brothers, 82 Cliff sireet.?This is a work of a practical teacher, made up ot rules for the uar ol language, selected Irom the hest authorities and simplified so as to be easily understood, and illustrated by copi ous practical exercises and examples. It is high!) recommended by competent judges, and must prow ? xceediuglv useiul for the purpose tor which it was intended. We anticipate at no distant day its ge ueral introduction into comniou schools and aca demies. Little Miami Railroad.?This important work is now completed from Cincinnatii 38 mile-, auo inecsrs me imining. A line ol stages evnute ? witn it sudthu Ibis Iruai tJuiCimisKi to i olumbus is sites y coi.. .idershty reduced Pu?li on this iron track nil it intt-r it:Ct the une lunnlng south fn m M iniln-ky A Oontinuou. rtllwsy llom Lkke Krie to the lower Vsile> ol I lis Oluo river would tstlliiste immensely the intercourse between the Northern and Southern portions ol the Union. In Cliitncery. Before Vice ' haucelloi McCoun. Nov. U - Lswit v*. jin hun -Tbii case imported in j ea ter day 's H-rmUl *m rtsutned. Mr. Butlkk read the answer of the defendant, which ?eta luith that Mr. Aritiiou u mi attorney and counsellor at law, and was al the time act lorth in the hill of com plainant ; that iu hi* cliaiaour a* counsellor he ha* h-en ? it quently employ ed in the investment ol inoui ) s lor Ins client*, but baa confined hiaiae 1 to hu atri.'t prt 1 ??lODul duty !? die ?xamiua'iou oi the title, leaving tj the ;>pp icant i r mortgug-'c the examination imo the .uificiency ol ihu real sri.unty, and the responsibility o< tlie bondsmen , that lie hat never 1 uiT or prolessed to have iny accurate knowledge oi the value of leal estate, to guide him in hisowu investments, of hi* own funds, or on which hi* c'lents could or did;rely in inverting then'a, 'mt has always depended upon the judgint nl of other*, an he believes the complaiuaiit well knew that at the time 'it in the bill ol complaint, the mid complainant did apply to tin* defendant lo aid him in hu p oics?ional capacity in tlie in v> otim ut ol hi* lunds in bond and mort gage. From that defendant according lo hi* best recol lect ion lni* been ucq 'Hinted with the Oomplatninil, pro Ceisionally, about iO or 25 yeuia ; during whieh (line, and at long intervening interval*, he has conducted lor him a lew suits at law ; one an action for a malicious proiecutiou, 111 which he was defendant, am) wm <U- ply Interested, v^nch v. a? tucceisftilly terminated in the year IKil; tad lor defend ant's leivicea iu which *uit he seemed grateful ; the f. w other being of tnvial moment, ui d ill cloned and all particular connexion as counaellor and cl enl, loi g prior to the transaction in ih * behalf in said bill of complaint nentioncd; tnat theae matter* and the int. le t which ihe defendant always lell and expitwscd lor the welfare ol the oomplainant, gave him nt all tiiuea free uccts* to Wid de feiidunt'* ollice, when drlendaiit cheerfully answered hin enquiries, and would advise him, when requested, on nu ter* of business, which, however, seldom occurred , ?md which advice wag generally ?' so tiivial u character, hat Ihe same was given generally gratuitously; al?o ihul coinplaiiiHnt posressed u ?k 111 in horticulttiie, which inte rested dol.ndnnt, and wu most frequently the subject ol hi* conversation wiih the defendant, and the extent and oharucter of liis familiarity. Further, that in or uhout the year 1834, thu said complainant being, as he alii gel, out <>f health, and anxioti* to go to Europe lot its i>Ktoiation, advised with deiendant, ns with attend, how. and in waat manner, he might safely accompli* > his wishes.? That the de endanl gratuitou.iy advised him ugainst t o templated partnership winch he then had iii view bj following which advice th complainant has in que tl> , wiih apparent gratitude,conf used lo delendantthai he. hai) saved him trem ruin. That in connexion wiih his advice, m I that the uiind of said complainant might be at rent luring hi* (ravel*, the defendant did, out of kind 'ie?s to couiplainnnt, consent to act an stipe in endant over his lunds duri g bis absence, receiving he time Iroin the person under whose charge he UT ?is bus nets, and making payment* for him iberefroD when necessary , all which services were rendered 'iy defendant cheerlully and wi bout reward. Fat her; that defendant has no recollection of liavii g ever invested any monies for said complainant on bond ani' mortgage, aa alleged in (aid bill more lban once, aud on hat occasion did nothing more than look to the liile. ui other iii uteri, as lar as they were attended to in his office, ?eiug managed bv complainant with perhaps the volar ? I ar\ aid ol delendaui'scleiks arid students, with which In bad become intimate und familiar, but ol which proo u. nig be has no knowledge w hatev r; that the win made iu thu year 18:16. That if he ever made ai ) o her investment, such transaction has entiiely pa??td uis memory, but i* very certa.n he never, in any instance, exercised any judgment, nor wa* required to do so an to the sufficiency of the premises to be mortgugid, und th. personal security of the obligators; und that, excepting ts above set lorth, he has no knowledge ot any cenddei. Hal consultation with said co.'.iplmnant about his peon iiiai j all .ui h, that complainant applied to In in to isft ?t h money, but ielt to him to examine the icctirities, cm lit. ing himself to the examination of the bill, anil if d. It mi ant did approve ot any rejections, as mentioned in bill i * as lotiinled on complainant's representations, alter mak ing hi* own examinations, into the accuracy of whicl be delendaut was not interested to inquire That com plainant ma, have expressed his intention to leave hit. monies idle, xather than invest uimatislurtorily That h. did ascertain the amount to be about li (HiO ; that hi lid purchase a cou.itry seat for ca*h, and being anxiou to Lommaud his lunds, which were m bonds und mor 4 iges, uddrr.s. d ihe note referred to in the bill to com I'lainant, not knowing wi.ether bv had or had not investen ills lunds ; that he received a reply Irotn coinplainant that he had not, but whutber the reply was wuttehoi verbal, deiendant know* not 1 bat i.ciendant know* iu>. 'iiitig ?. hatevei ol the letter alleged in the bnl to huv> iiee11 seut to biin , that he think* it piobalne, and ad Huts lha some communication must have been mud> to him oi the uniount in the hands of complainant but be doe* not believe that any letter containing n jr such paragraph, offensive even by implicali*i , was, or coulu have been, written by complainant to dereodaut, Without putting an end at once to thr treaty, there being no difii :ulty in turning said mort g igi: ol (hi* deiendant ilsevvnere into cash, and that hi ii?? not been utile, after caieful sw.ncb, to find any suel. letter among hi* papers, and li auy were written, the) must have he?ii deployed. Mr. A. concl des wbh th. leniai ihst he htt'l ever exerted, or att. mpted to exert >ny ihAuence over the complainant. That he do.-t. not tnow w hat letters Irotn Kurope the complainant refeis t< is proving the contrary, thut he pn served none |i. .bought tli to wnte to him w h.le abroad, the tame heiny riviai and uuliii|Hiit.iut recitals ot occurrence* there, ni uas he uiiy recollection oi any teinin.g to establish n he r inotesi degree, the altegatious Coutained iu th*; Con. plaitiant's bill. i Uu case will be ri stimed this forenoon. (superior Court. Buuie a loll Bench. IS..loir a IU11 Nov. 14.? Smjdiim, bURt .J- L? vs. Smnurl Jlilamt ? Mr Whiiiisii was iicaiU oil ilie pait ol CuiiipiulM<lii? in thu Case, and Will coiicluue his aigauient ihi? loieiioon ii< P mcipaliy applied huuse.l lo tbu ^uest on ot KxaCUtiv. juiiadicuoii, and the right ot the &tule to hold the ileh n i auttoauswer und conieiidett thai no matter wbnu tin residence ol the olteuder, lie was to b ; 1 eld liubie iu tin piace white, as in the uase ol a foigery , he bad uttered oi committed the oti'euce. A paily .esiding in Ohio, an. tviiting ts ..ew Voik, making 1a .e lepreseuiutionr ob Mining money on these repres. utalion m Muiv Vol* was au offender against the laws ol the Suite ot .New k ork,aud s. ounl be heiu llublw Mr W. will resume In. i> mai lis this lureiiooii. Mr Wood w ill be heaiu in repiy Hi* argument wnl cover tbu entire giouudot theconsii tmiouai power* * e?ted in thu ft aits, Contra iisimguishe .10ill the tieutial lioVeruUli III, and the rela lv. powns . .(I thu Uo.einois ot Mates iu cast s ot lugitives lion justice. Circuit Court. Beloie Jmlge Kent. Nov 14.?Flalt v? Crawford ? ?i his cose was resumed oeing an action to lecuvei a ..urn ul I,?*? <>, claimed lo gootl? sold auu Ue iveied. I'lie deleuCt put lis Was lha piaiulitt had violate.! the contract lor tin Jciiv ty ol u. guous, and ?i*o, ilia', huving a partner, he wits hoiiud it or ing the suit iu tin name ol ihu bin. The juiy fell, render a veunc. this loieiioon. Cuiuiuoii Plena. Beloie Juu^e Ingraham. il v 14.-W?m'i Ifils'iri kuhtic Mminittra'or, vs John si Morifll.-Tills was ^li anion Diougnl lo lecoV. i a sum ol kiou Which had been psi 1 lo .11 lend all I .s a let. | It appeareo (hat iu the year 1-49, a Kieucmnau nuii.tu V ilienton dieil, Itaving liiasffaiis in a compliCalcilCoi> llllou, aud a ii'teitd ol his named Lopt % i la, sellli. 1'ublti Ailiiiliustiaior lo lecovei a dt bi Utie lo ihti Uei.? usetl by .. j.aiijr named lli uii'Swkir. Mr. Monti, ncsive.a lb inoi ta lie auttliMl us.oCiated with linn, .NltsslS. Bmr ?n llenedici. Il was put 111 thai deleu taut t.Cie.l nut ? t/oUi s .1 but as A loiltey iu the 'IHe ueit.nce put u tt?(, that plolt ssloual s.lViCe. ? ei e lebdei .*1 I y lun 0. IdiMlaut. 1'Ue Jury will leuoer a ,se*l?J4vt ithcl inu ion noon. Charltt Judi'in V?. Lr.tnutl Smith and (ieorge Conk. I hi* wa.i action Ot tlc*paa? uyaii pioon.ea, hy Ui..> t il. Clai atiu. puisualit tosiaiute. It up^u.iiiU th.u in. .Hit was insti ui. u I'jr Uts <ir?wu ut a pioililisuiy not rhill lituung date In n NuVemher, lrt?4, and pay?nie in nun, and iii such amount* as m.gni lie cvuVtni nt lo ih leieinlaiiis, lo a party iiamutl biigrne thai Ely In. loimuily b i n iu i.o-pjrtnelsl.lp nltli the defendants, In. II bad been suhs. qu. nil) dissolved- thel about i lk moll L. ail. rw ard* >a d hoiu Uwl t>eeti gi suit u by ceienuanis t. nil* My,anUby lu.ii a-sSlgutd lu pialuult. It wa j ui i, loi delenCe thai lUu wont COuVtnielit," in tnepieninl li stance mealil so soon as deleu .aiitS weie aide, . oils.sun ly Wl'h llteir ttlaer eng <g> liieins, to settle sa o note. I nut lelendaiits h?ve be n ami are still iu dlHtcuiii's and ill*.?uoeuvoin g lo pay Up the dt b * lucuned hy In. firm?aud farther, uai wh.u a promi.soiy note mtutiiont ue spec.Be terns ut payment It cieale* Do Uebt- that ll i oOl an agieement that aan be g Veil lu evidence Upon this declaration?lhal it is au agist ut ul lo pay loauolinrp i ?on, and that there wa. uo consideialionshown. Veidici lor pi.llillll, f 14-1 66. Court Cnlciiflnr?Till* l)iiy. Ciscvit Coi'ai. - Nos 11,44,46 oil, fll, 8o, t>7, 7'J, Ofl, 63 77, VI .13.1 fll Common I'i.hi -Nn*.60, 69, till, 16, 110,?|, tiJ, 6.1, 66,116. Fiiik im Phovioknck.?A liie broke out in lin etiap and candle vvorku ot 11. L lv- ndull 6c Go thi* Htoinirig at l o'clock The builuing and stock, say* iue Pi evidence Journal ol the lath nisi wase..nrely a. ? stroyed, partly insured i ho lo.* was lioni ?f.i;. immi.c JiJo 000. I he stable M.ijoiuirig, belonging to (.hailes Uyei r..<\ w ai also htirtil. Il was ooc.Upi-d by Ihu WoiCealei ami Woolisockel Miage ( onipany, II M .Vlanstleld, pio inietor The noises ami carnage* were savt i ; . cousi ?it rable stock ol hay, grain, tic. was consumed >ii Diet had ari insurance on the stable at the Washliigtoi inhce, ol Jtllkil) Mesli* M nllli's plaining woiks ol lliu opposite side ol tlie street, was very bauiy IlijUled n the machine*, to Is auc' stock Ihe building was savi t "f gieat tx r'ions The work* were insured at th VVnsuihgtou (Jlfi e, Piofulence, and the i'loiectlon O. Ace, New York, which will piobably cover tlie loss Tub Bkooino Lkitke Wkitkr Cauoht at Lam ?Jnllu J il uumld, nliaa Vnii Z tuiit, Llf. lv tip' 11 Hiwley II .fc.;., whose Ingenious ul I (noli* , b. willing ptnneulial lelleis Wh so tally t xpo.e.l iu th' post l**t snminei, he has been attested lu 1'ioy. N- 1 I" loiging a chtCw loi fsutl on the Biiiliugto.. B.nlt Yt aiday, vir. Heury Pn mips, mi, clti tr ol Iroy.auivt Here, in letich ol evidence IU relation lo otbel opuiallot in Which llannaltl naa l>oen engaged, and Loustaidu < lap, iiandeil over to linn an ? KeCUtlvu warrant giant, it by lie. Hriggs, tab - leiTetl on II sun aid as *oou a. tliu Nt w koi? autboritiea have done witu him - lio>ion i'vsi, Aov. 14 Lake Pkopklleks.?This'ci?.?? ot veuiHs have gamed much upon thr btisiic b* rm n during the pirt? t season hdi) liow bid fair to assume that li rL tank among the i. Ik- n>*rue, which tlieir puj.cioi. claitrad lor them Tlit tit* in c< u,n ithiuii on this i*ka hate Hcquiiird llunidviti much better ibn season than duiirg the lirst. but there is ktiil 100m lor intjiiovtmt-nt. lb? i traduction ol Lopei's l?ur faiirrd v. must give tbfm increased ipi**ii, wlulu it Jptnona the consumption ot tuel. The tmcwu ttlwcl baa tight laoa acting upon a cy lander. Loper's bull that number, artiug durctiy upou the (halt, u ith u diminished bevel. The lowiar bu had a fur tual. und the ouneri o thti tUnuln ara now detetminad to t?Mt the otbtr. A pair bu* bun j.ioruitd from tbe mantilactoiy in I'hiladelpl.ia, tun are now being put in. If they piova a<1- unti gi ous tbu utb.i* will piohaluy adopt tbtin also The hading iihip owuera ol ?umr ol tbe upper laku porta contem, lute building pro It Hern a on, |? ih.ips ona .bimedutel} at Milwaukie, and wa<ch with much mtan?' tl.e pioRiwia now niakiag in thia new application, 'i'htaa and u any otbar improve, mauls ai'i fust coming into use on tbe lakes. TLose moat intriettvd lind that wro ught it oil ah.l'a tor tbu large Iioh'? are th" only one* to l>? reli.'l upon arid are taking DiuitUiei to procuie Hum The owneia of the #/ Lauit have their en if'nee r in PitUhui 1 or .hat paipoie ? Hujfalo Mvittittr. Chksapkake and Ouio Canal.? The Georgetown (D G) Aclvi Ciiie m>? there i. now u very brink 11 udo upon the Cln aapeeke and Ohio ( anal to that place, about lortj b >ut? buvii.g arrived dating and tince '1 hurt, tl.ty last, with immense quantities ol flour, grain corn meal. apples, lima, limestone, and coi pi rs'sit.#' wi'bcon ? Ideiebb iron ciitingi, lumber , matketli g? Ike. Koity. nine boats cleaied dining and iicm Thutaday, with the uaual quaulitna ol mircimndixe to diitcrent joints. Dreadful Mdhtauiy?"We aie informed," snya the 1'itcbbuigh Chtomcle, "by h gentleman Mbo recidfH in the neighborhood, tnat in ihe lantt lv <>t u limn in niodemie cirrumtiaiiceii, named Dirragli, who teeideu upon h f?rni adjoining lhat of the Hon Williiim Kerr, in th n county, u pain ful inoriality hsis occurred from caianhal lever. Mr. ixurugh had a lamily ol eleven children. A tew ilhyphince three ol them were taken Mck with the lever about the fame time, and in twenty-four hours they were mIi d< ad. 1 hey were buried id ilie mine grave. A t-hort time alter three others were taken Mick, and ? hen our inloimant yeaierday left borne, one ol them had died, und ihe other iwo were not expected to survive until niaht. Such occurrences hre as pnmlul as they are unu sual." Ikon Stkamkk kok ihe yoirrii ?A new iron Hteamboal arrived here yesterday by way of the IJelaware and Kariian Canal iron* New York ? Tne model to the craft is beautiful. It was built at West point, is constructed on the Hunter ptin ciple, and is lniendeit lor navigation at the South where it is uow bound.? Phi/ad Tiie Gale at Jamaica ?The gale of Ihe 6 h Oriober was peqp.^ftly severe at St. Ami's Bay. \i| the vessels (I t ? Mimbei) in tbe hail>or wire driven aihore mo-t ol uhia^i w?retoially lost. All the nbarvea were '>eat down by the tirmeudoim sea, and connid<>table o'her dunniKe win f-untained by the stoim. A number of \nnrican vcmli were in tlin hm hor at the time of Ihe s o m, but escaped wi ho'it nuttrial daaiage Kim.ii) iiy a TiiKRMo>iirrEK.?The body ol a per son who w?s frozen .o death in Iowa, laet winter, *hen the tbeimometer \va<. two degrees lielow xero was tiroutiht befo;e a jury ol iiquext. They handed in a vet? iHit ot "deutli by freezing " and the thei mometcr waa found guilty ol '' murder in thr ttcond dtgrt*." Appointmbm' by tub Governor, Not. 1st ? riieo. Ilmley Mytrs. Ktq., ol the city ol Now York, Aid li -Lump to theCommunder In-Cniel. OLD LINK LIVEUPOOL PACKETS. Old of 1'ickets for Livi r|?>ol will lier??fi?r iliutched jn tlir follow mil order, eireptuiK that wlien tlx tailmx Uy fill, ou Siiud.iv, the ,hi|>t will nail ou the >ucc>iidiiia dsy, tit.???>?? Krw York. From l.imrpool Th. CA.M-BKIDUK, 1 ? Jnlyr la 10(1 toll,, '.Oct. 1 Nu?. lb W. lUritow.f Keb. 1 Mar. U> Dif KNOLANI), vJnne lft pec. 1 7M tout, < Oct. 16 Dae. 1 Si. llartlatt, \ l-Vh. lit April 1 fhe OXKOKl), Cjuly 1 Aug. It WW tons, < Nov. I Dec. J. lUthlions, ( March 1 A|>n) lt> riie MONTK.ZUMA, v lull ? Sept. I 10(10 torn, < Nov. 16 Jan. 1 A. U. Lowber,( March 16 May I I'ha feX'KOrK, (Au?. 1 Hept It 6l8t')'i?. < Dec. I J?n lti K. (J. Knrher, f April 1 May 16 rhe NEW YORK, (new,) (Auk. 16 Oct. I 9MI tons, < Her. lb Kib. 1 T B Cropper, r April IC Jane l rhe COLUMBUS, i S |.t. I Oct. 16 700 toiu, \ J.u., 1 Kfli. 16 (t A. Cnlr,( Ma]r I Jane i6 I'ha YORKsHlUfc, (uew,) vSrt. H? No?. I 10/11 tons, Jin. 16 March 1 I). O. B?ley.( May 16 July 1 These Hlnjn arr not ?n/|lan-eil in |K>mt ofele(aure or comfort n their calm, nccommodatioua, or in their last sailing gualitiea ? V any Viaaels ill the tmde. The commander* Atr well known a? men of character and ?|ieririice. and tie- strictest attention will always be |wid to ?romote the comfort and convenience of [lasa-n^t r*. Puactu?t|tv avrsgvda Urn day ol sailina. will be obter~M aa wui'mi Tlie price of pas,*** nnewara is i.iv fiaeaa. .>tc Haadred L)olUr?, fm v? Inch ample utorri of every descriplion, will be ?rovidi d. w ith the e\ception of wines and leiuors, which will w furni?lieil by the Steward,, if fouiied. Neither the captain or owners of the.e Hhi|is will be respoo ?ible for auy letters, parcels, or packiges suit by them unless e,(ular bills of lailuii; are ninned tlierafoi. K*i fn iitlit oi pas ?"nee, apply to (iOOl'llI!K. Ik CO, H Sooth street. ( I) MAKHHALL, )8 Burling Hlip, N. Y. l?tf and of II All I N( J. II K( )l'l IK It S U I O., 1,'pool. NgW LINK OH LIVKKHOOL I'Ai KKTS. fossil from New Vorfc on ibe Tail, ,Uid L,i?rr|?>ol "u the Uth of each month Sh SK Sh Ship KOSMI'H, retain John Collm*. 2f?rh Jnly, Slti^i .S! [)l)ON8, < ii'tHin li. Cobb. 26th A?i(iiat. Khip HHKHIDAN. < n|>uiri H A (MNnifrr, 9oih JVrt. tthipGAUKiCK. ( U. I. li i'iH.iki, Vtth Oot. KHOM LIVKKPOOL. MiipBHI' RIO AN. Cupuiiii A |)?*|M*vNif/, ItdiJaly. sin|. \RRK K, C?|ilAin B I li Trnsk, 11v?> Auicutt, |{()S< II S, < D|>fntll Coltllll, I Ml. Ha | t. .Ship 81 DUON8, Ctpum K. 13. I obb, 1 Kit ()< i 'Ulir.f*- nht|?? Mi?* all of thr lint I cltut, apwardi of 1000 toon, m ilr in ili? city of NfW York. \%ith melt improtftn?-ut? m 'umltiti# Rr?*t ?i?*.'?*il wiflt utni4N.ll comfort lot pA>???*iiKt*rt. Kv?*ry ^ l?*t? bffit titk?a in tli* Hrnui^pmiHit tlirir aceom ii ttintionn. Tlf prict* ol otfii.tcr Itrncw i? $100, for which *sn It* ntoi^H will 1#^ |?r?fid?l Tnf* shi|>4 iit roiiiirmndrci by *|n*rin.ri?tl musters, mIio will m?kr ?vrry torljou tOKivvtf** [?rnl .tti?f?cti. S?itlM*r th** < 'i| Uin* or owncm of fii#? nhiin will hr rvuponti ?W fur Any I' ttrm, |>4rcf|? or p.w k tkf* ?pui by thrm, uulr^a ft uU- hilU nf I ttlt'ii ui? sKu?'?i lit* rffiir. Kor li?? u11 | ? i i'ly to k. K COLLIN" ^ I (I., ,'?G South str^t, N?*w York, or co li KOW N, 8111 PL KY CO.. Urrri^ol Letter* hy the I'tclwti will I* chnrxftl I2>^ CfliU i?r iinilr U*r, [A) cent* k? ouih k, mid ur-w?|i*i??T? I cent mch. mfrc ?U> KSTABLIHUI.U K.MUjKAiN'1 l ASSAUfeToKKH K sk Mb m m> HKltT?MASf ftl Houti, .i,h. Nrw V.77^^^ i'ite milMcriber contiiiim to make ?urnuii.eirHMiU to onnn out ?.iHifiiKcrA from Orenl Britain and Iri'Mud, (ria Litrr|H>ol), a li?> m.t> In? eiiKftged .it tliih ollice, ur w ill* an\ of ln? ?M?-nU in lie United StuieA, oil bond ihe imcket nhi|>% ?*ilni|i fiom Livtr ?><?l eveiy live dnvs?and in order to afford every facilit) . ht . ill lin^e ileH|Mt<*fied iuj* rioi American ?lti|'? in sNew V oik And lis ton, every w?vk dnrmn the >ear. riio?e lendiiiK for their Inends may n ly lhat the mtme dne and ItliK^nt attention v*il! lie ili.?wn them ah heretofore, and ihould my of thoae n?nt for not embark, the monev m ill l?e n fyiuled, aa iiAtomary; and Uio^e mriittinic money to ilte?r friends, cat* Itnva Traft* ll'd I'ilti ??i fr:*? hang* tor *um? ??? mttti, on de nand tt the tollowinK bankii, (without ducount or an> otliar It tri,**), vi/. KNOI.AN 0? Me??ra. J. Bult, Hon li Co., Banker*. London. I tiarned k Co., Liverpool; tlie National Provincial Bank of Kngland mid Branchia, thronichout Kii|(lniid otd Walea, \ oik lore UtttfK.i Bank ami Branches; DaitkingCo.; leaucaater Bankiitu Co. Ilih.LA.N li--National Bank of Ireland and Branchea, and 'rovniciul flank of Ireland and Branclieia, iu all the principal 'twits thronuhout rhf KiiiKdom. St, I j'l L A >i l>? Kajtiem Hunk of Scotland and Branches ? ircenock B inkma 1 o. hi (?la?aow ^,,d tireenock. Peiaona residing in the country and wiahinH to aend money to heir frienda, may iiiMure its Wemg done natiafar torily, on their rinittuiR the umount tliey wiah ?e?t with the nnme andaddreaa ?l ihe peraon lor whom it ta intended; a draft for the amount a ill 'hen lie forwarded |*r Aral packet or ?teann r, and a receipt ior thr aame returned hy mail. Kor furth?i ( urticulara, apply (if hy letter, poat i?aid) to alfit-e JOHN HKRDVl AN. HI South ?t. *tRH~ihi*EMKNTti tUH 1*4*. V-)Ll! tttTABUSHhD l'A&SACiE OFFICE. 100 Pint stnet, corner of Sonth. m rtih. tfjy Jib TIIK SnhscrilieH.r70ea?e locainh^uteiituia of lu^ueiil Hid th tublic in Ri ii'r il, to the followinif .irranifements for 'Alt. lor the iniri^ise id biinviiia out ( shin, IU l sliin. and Steer Me rasseiikeri, by the H 'uiilar Line oi l.irer|vol I'arkrta, sail <?? the 1st, htli, lllli, IlkTi.Jlit an.I JMli of ?? TV immib IIv he London I'ackets to ?\il from New iorfc, the lit, 10th and flth?and from London on the 7th, l?fb and Z7tb of each mouth In connection with tlie abois, sn.l for 'h- |ur|xi.e ol a Untiling itill Rreater fasti 1 iti |?sM*u(er>. it'..' Siilncrilwr has establish <1 a reunlar tin. i I R r class New Vork built, Cop|?rM sail opjered fastened ?Hipi, to ssil punctually ??er> well throucb nt the year. kor Uw accnminadatinu of persons wi.huitf to remit money o their funilie. or (Viejids, drafu are giren, payable at suht, on hafollowini llank., ??*"" Trovi icul Hank of Ireland, payable a; 'ork. l.nnerick, Cloumel, Loodooderry. sligo, VVeiford, Belfast, Waterford, ialwaf. Armagh, ' thloue, (.olerain, tallins, Tralee, Vou?hal, Knu.-kilVn, loi agban. Il.uiibridfe, Dall\mena, I'ar. nit. wa ion ni'Strtck, (sun, Lnryan,, liinsiuiniiu, Uaiiiliiu, r.utiis, llall v tbanilDB, ?traotiie. SKibnereen, Mallow, Moneymore, oolc h i II, Kilrush, Dublin. Skibbresa Icoilainl?The t uj Hank of Olascow island->i?asrs. S|?Hi.,er, Atwood k. Co.. Banksrs. London. \V Byrnss .VI o., ?. Waterloo Itoad, Li?er|,oni; payable ta very town <n Ureal Hi nam Koi further inforiuatiou. (if by letter post * .id,) apply to JOibPll McML HI? \V -no I'iue ?re..? corner af Houih a'reec, New York, Or Mtm<* P W BYRNK.H i. CO.. * WmHoo Hoad, a a?n*?f> t ? -twil J PI KIT8 T^U HPKNTlN^-rt birrnla.heat 8o?tHnr > afloat, for sale by WOODHUtL li Ml.MTKN*, e Sou id strati

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