Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 28, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 28, 1844 Page 3
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Northunpton lank?tbat hs rulnsd tbs Hamilton Bank ? wud had no ekirMtw to Iom, war* ths three pro t*>iitioua he contend d to piovs before the Court, snd aone could say who heard ths evidence, but that ha bad suoceeded fully. Mr. Raymond n?"*r followed 1b reply, and spoke is fa ?ar ot the plaintiff's character, denouncing tbe Journal is question lor tbi* publication ot the libels. After deal ing out *omeh*rd hits en Mr. Thompson, ha ooneluded. The esse waa then adjourned over at 0 o'clock to ihia forenoon, when Hi* Honor Judge Vanderpoal will charge. QtJ- Ordered that at tba Argument Term* of the Court no day calendar of the lone* of fact noticed for tri al *hali be made?and no causa (ball be set down tor trial for any particular day?and as aoon as the calendar of stioh issues shall be culled through, tba Court will pro cend with tba argument caledar Notices. That noted caterer to all who reliah the good thinks of life?G. T. Downiug,myites such to give him a call, and examine his jellied boned turkies, and pickled oysters, prepared expressly for the fes tivities of New Year's day. Whatever Downing prepares is well done, and upon trial the articleshe now oilers for sale will not prove an exception. Messrs. Diacon fc Sdxton, 20 John street, are now, us agents,selling off one of the completest as sortment of lamps, chandeliers, candelabra*, lus tres, shades, that have yet beea exposed for sale. In addition to the above articles, they have large number ot French work boxes, in the chastest styles, and most exquisite workmanship, to which the auention of ladies and other New Year's day friends would be wisely directed. All wholesale and retail purchasers of articles for presents, had better call upon Messrs. Tiffany, Young and Ellis, Nos. 269 and 260 Broadway?lor they will there have the advantage of chosing from a stock enormously large, and so various, that hardly anything of what is novel, elegant and taste ful in the productions of European and American artizeins is omitted. It is pretty well known now by ttie pubhc, that Tiffany. Young and Ellis go Ui'on the principle, that as there is a difference be tween what is apparently, and what is really cheap ?the best goods are the cheapest; they, therefore, make it a point to keep the best specimens of every article, being less anxious to get a name for selling cheaply, in the fallacious sense in which that term is too often used, than to supply their customers with a genuine article. Byall means, call at this establishment, if you desire an honest eqnivalent for your money. At that well known concern, 68 Chatham street, ot which Louis Anrich is proprietor, there is now exposed in dazzling array, a profusion of diamonds, jewelry and silver ware that is quite delightful to look at One cannot pats his windows without his attention being arrested and his admiration ex cited by the cunningly devised and elaborately executed productions of man'B ingenuity, to be seen there. Few people, however, aie content wuh a peep through the windows, the greater num ber go in to even iitcresse their astonishment, and dim iitsh th-ir "loos* change," for Louis Anrich's prices rnnge as low ss the qualities of his goods range high, and in ihtt consists his secret ot turn ing lookers on into lookers in, and these again into layers-out of their t tsh Let us strongly recom mend all who wish to experience this pleasing, and, ns it is always found, satisfactory process? all thoce who understand making the jeweler, goldsmith, and lapidary tributary to him, to pay Mr. Anrich a visit about these holiday times. Balls and Festivities ?People seem resolved to dance in i.he New Year, letitgoout how it may, and the coming week will be altogether a distin guished one in the annals of floor navigation?alias dancing. On Monday a mighty demonstration in this way is to be made by the Irish Emigrant Society, in that classic spot, known throughout the five quar ters ol this Union, as "Niblo's Saloon." The ob je"ts of the committee conducting this ball are charitable and good ; and scholars say that charity and love are "all the same in the Greek," and for this reason, it may be expected that the prevailing i emotions on that happy occasion will be of the I sotieet, most in&iiiuating and delightful kind. The Annual Ball of the "Central Guard" will be given at the Apollo Rooms on the evening of Jan 8ih The New York brass band will supply the music, and it will be altogether a most spirited af fair between the military and (not the enemy, but) their friends. Then, a#ain, is the grand Ethiopean opera, by little Oie BjII and the original Congo melodists, which is given at Niblo's theatre, and a more mirth exciting thing cannot be possibly oiscovered. But the mo:t imposing ot all these displays will be that at the Alhamra, under the direction of the renowned Polish Count, uabriel de Korponay, on Monday, Jan 6ib. Ou this occasion, that of the I opening ol this spacious Ball Room?the Professor ju-it iidine>l will supervise th? performances of his famous dances, the Polka, Valse de deux pas, Gal lop&des, Muzourka, to the best music to be obtain ed under the direction of Mr Wigers. It is under stood that this Ball will be decidedly select, and tint the most extensive patronage ot the weBt end will be accorded to i*. The funds are for the be nefit of the Deaf and Duml? and the Blind Asylums. On dit that the demand for French dancing shoss, since the announcement of this ball, h?is been euormous. The Lowna Peoyincis.?The mail from the Lower Provinces arrived thia forenoon between ten and eleven. H.lifax and St John (N B.) papers to the 10th inrtnnt, are without anything of importance. From the Frtitrickmn Reyal Gazette of the lltb, we learn that the New Brunsw ak legislature will meet on the 39th January next, for despatch ef business? (luetic Oaxtlle, 18th intt The VVeat*er. Christmas was a beautiful day ?mild and ple-saut, and was followed by another day ot sunshine and mildness, equ tiling almost s "May day." Last year we had a few days of tqnal mildness in DiwitiVr- among them was ChristmaaHartftrd Timet Dec 26. A Blessing; to mankind.?Connel's Hstslosil Pain Kitiai tor.?T? is hraling Salve, whieh eae be had out pu 21 < ourtlandt street is acknowledged by all wh? have used i ?o be the most wonderful aiticle e sr kuown. It re elt all injuries b, fire estracts all pain, andpreten'a mortification in svory case. It will cure any of the fallowing complaints, or pa\ wi 1 be rafua. d for it:? . Bur a, Old 9-tm, Erysipelas, hoal''?, Br > sea, Chafes Ch.lhlains, Cold iu Wounds, Wounds, htuptii.ns, Sore fc-vea, Piles, Salt Kheum, Scrofula, Tender Feat, ItC. SanA'L Bristol's and Comsloek's Extract of !*an4?*3llk, sold at 21 Courtlandt atieet; also, Dr. McNaii's Acoustic Va, a certain cure for deafness. Asthma and dyspepsia are positively car ed in <11 c sen by Longlet's Western I. di m Panacea, and the pr i r ei"ia u?w offer to refund the money in all dates if secure is uoteflec.ed. Sold at 21 Courtlandt stnet. Worms. Worms, Worms.?They kill chil dren ? y hur,dn*d. and whan th- cause if never su?p c ed, the stiffen1 rs i.ever dreaming that these p-sta are doing al' the mis chief W lien tlie bieath is < ffensive, and there is much pick ing of t'e nose, Blinding of the teeth du lug sleep, paleness about the lit s, with flush-d cheeks, &c.. those are symptom* will h imlicat? the |.re euce i f worms. Sherman s Wurm L.O xeuge. are a ?|iec fic?they deatroy them when a l othar means fail. ' hildrm Mill take them eaay, and cry for m .re. Ihsy hav- b?? i lined in over four huudred thousand easts, and al ways with perfect success. ... ? . l?'. Sherin ill's Warehouse I* toe Nassau street. Agents, 110 BroaUwtr; '0 At lor Ho??e; 227 Hudson street; 118 Bowery, 77 East Broadway; SG William St.; 3 Ledger Buildings, Phila delphia; and I State at, Boston. Contracted Cords and Rheumatic Com plain's ?'1 he astosi*wing (access which has followed tn<' us- of the luditu V. g?-tabl ' Klmrand Liniment, in the ruie of th*?e comrlnfit*, hai gainail f.?r it a reputation never befoie e^u-lled. 'i he i-iQoiency ot he?e artic ei, wlifn uted I gether, utiuly WHtir.ut a parallel The Kliiir drop being tulatO intern Ity, 0|*ist> > dir-ctty upon the wi ola na>voua system, *?* riacli the se*i. f the diaca.e, while the Liniment, bri g applied outwaid ly, rem ?-s all pain, str ngiheus weak litnoi, sad extends .>11 SoLliac si cords a io musclea Sold only at 21 Courtlandt at , and M.trrai.ted to ids ny care. Keep your feet dry,?The Oil ot Tannin 1 will, bv a few application*, ie?t >r* old l?<thsr and -eii'ler it a ft and strong, luiut like new; it also m ikes all leather en tirely imi?rvniss t" waur, ureveuts it from rrtcki g. aud actu ally iluubles its wear. Sold ouly at 21 Courtlandt st. | Hay's Liniment.?A certain care for the Tile in their wrst formi (old at 21 C?U'tlandt street Also. Hay VVster, t|uait botile*. |niee '>0 cenii; Ortenlal Water of Oo.d, a ut w ai.d delightful perfume. Chinese Cement for mending China, Olass, If. War anted < Grecian H ir Dye, chtntte red, grey, or white hair to a bean tifnl l>l ck or brown. Warranted Blacu I'ommsde, fir roloiing the hair instantly. Kouud at S7 W ilker atraet, lust store rsoM Br. adway. lisn|(Uld Clrenlatliin ? Kepeatert changes in t'm tfoperetare have a vrry bad effect upon the Mood; s a dden chat g ' from a full, geii-rous to a low, poor diet, will h f-q i ttly inj irioti> til the h-altfi a? sudden change, of weather. If vt- ?..u'd h.v? Seahh, we mustmdeavor to prevent as far a. Ill as lie, gr-at estremei of all kinds, k.very ? ices* of heat o j Id. nf eat nig or drinking, lends to prndura impu ity nf the bl > .d- the* its c.rcu'aiion h ci.mei langiiid; the very channtls of life sitclagged; and the Aril consequence is that the UO vV JtlM bseo'na?, umTi Vi. ^ W, .,ie in'his condi'i in leadyto rereive any disease with which wr miy come iu contact; and without any rootact with any o ?<? itfrcted with siekness, we shall have hendachr, heart bum, d>7.r.ines , a l. ul tougue, loa* of appetite; all the result of IS- ?ta'e nf c.'Stive. <-ss. When the atmoiptere heeomea impure and oppreasive to m nk nd, it requires the tempest to agitate it, to give it purity a.1.1 I (6 When 'he howela are co*?iv?, they reqnire the administration of BK ANDite.TH'S PiLLS, which, uy eicitiug a cointno ti i. <>r a-!telsfated movement in that organ, will oc a*i. n all niorhid rontenr* 11 he > i. rllsd, thereby purity to the biood and It alih to 'he whole fr?me. Sold at V> Oests per b .1 at Ur. Brtndreth's Principil Of fir-, VII B o dway rn'ail officea, 211 llud?on slreai, and 2M Bow. ry ; and Mrs. Booth's, fao. 5 M rket st , Brooklyn. 1>?Iley's Mnglcal Haiti K.xtractor, for In stao'lv curi g burns, scalds, hruises, c"ts, pil-s, Mind or lile-.l MB, ami all infl immatory com.Uints. at Dtlley '. Agen ry, G7 Walaer strsat, first store rsoM Broadway. The tiade ?applied. I,n ilra and Gentlemen? Now Is the time to ute th- B'llm of I 'olunibia for (he 11 <ir Thuse who with to wear <? h akers or long hsir the I'oming winter, Will find the B .Im of great servire Tlirrv certainly never wat an article that it u.n'ed the growth of the hair like it. Sold only at II Conrl audi strsst. D** Bllse?Haajr and ?MU<kl ttuki yom agreeable and ?o?t laraltubl* preaeoc.g While aumory rw maim, or ratherso loaf u I cm Whold myeeirwiui pleasure 11 L.. 1 never ehall for.'M voui kindnca. Omi. jaMti; mabU pr Oouraad. what a bl#%sirg iqovr in h* ??. Would yoa believe it, I liar* Died l*e? than hUf of Poud-e Subtile, now and than, hu caied a dreulluT rut (worm on hit thin by letting Ilia nib il with the tots only two or t*>i?- time*. D*ar Frank, I moon daar Klin, do Send Dr. Gourand't addraaa the nest uma yoo write. that whan Frank Boa i to town ha may cnil and gat a quantity of a??ry thine ha tall*, 'or 1 ?? tare they asnst all ba excellent. Write toon. Love10 Pf>?be and Rich ard, and avereomuch to yourself. Froi^^o(fe^WfiCLlAMIk Dr. Gouraud'e beautifying preparation are found in N. York only at 67 Walker a'reet, fir.t ttora F?on Broadway; 74 Chat aat.teet, Philadelphia; 1 Milk aueet. Bo tou; l ?w?y Ko cheater; re*rc?, Albany; Backttt A Bull. Iroy; Siorrt, Hud ton; Croat, iCat.kill, Gray. Poeghkeepaie; My?ri, f* Hi Tan; Bull, Hartford, Grreu, WorcaaUtr; Carlton, Lowell, Jic. Nadlcal Notice.?The AdT?rlhcmcnUof the Npw York College of M-diciie and Phartnacv aaiabliatwd for the Sappreseion of Quackery, iu the can of all diaeatet, will hereafter api?ar iai the fourth page and laat column of rtiit paper. W. S. Klt/H \HU90N, M D., Agent. Office and Contulting Kooina of tha College,95 Nassau ttreat. All PlUladilplUa SiibtvrlptlOM to Uu Herai.d mutt be paid to the areola, Ziebcr k. Co., 3 Ledgei baildiuga, 3d and Cheanat ate., when tingle copra may alto be obtained iUIIv at I o'clock. la IBU1IBT MAKKKT, Friday, Dec. P. M. Thu ?lock to-day waa vary heavy, and tha tramactiom ?gain very limited Every atock in tha lift daelinad ex oapt Ptnnsylvania 6'a, which advanced J per cent, making a rise of 1| percent within the put two days. Stoning ton fell off 1 par cent; Morria Canal |; Erie Railroad } ; Farm era' Loan $; Ulinoit J ; Ohio 6'a, ) ; Lo.g Itland li j Canton i There iaaome movement going on in Ohio 6'a that oalli for tome remarka. A reaolution patted the legislature of Ohio, aometime tiros, making enquiries about the hypothecation of the atock of that State, in thia city. In anticipation of the legislature carrying this retoluion into eff ct, large sales of this stock have been made by part<ea intimately connected with the affaire of the State, in this market. Thia looks too much like evading tha iuveatigation to be instituted, and ia only another link in the long chain of circumstances which have Contributed so much to injure the credit of that t.tate. So long at the -financial affairs oi the Ohio arc connected with the stock-jobbers of Wail street, ao long must there be suspicions of speculations among those en trusted with the State Anancea. The excitement in relation to the payment of the in terest on the debt of Pennsylvania still continues, and parties are pretty equally divided at to the result Thoae whose operations are based upon the probability that the interest will not be paid, are in the aalea* position. It is stated in Wall street that there ia a screw loose in the Lamport Banking and Truit Company. Bills of this bsnk were refused to-day at several of the countera. The Seventh Ward Bank haa declared a dividend of three per oent, payable on the 2d January. The North River Bank hat this day declared a divi dend of three and a half per cent, payable on the 6th of January. The direotora ol the Werces'er Railroad have voted to reduce the lare between Boston and Worcester to one dollar and twenty five cents. The receipts of the Western Railroad for the week end ing Dec. 31st, were? , 1844 1843 Passengers $4 M7 $3 843 Freight 8 378 6 344 Total $13 80S $8,737 The receip'a of the Mohawk Railroad for the week ending Dec. 31, this year, compared with the correspond, ing week last, show an increase almost unprecedented ? It will be seen that it is produced almost entirely by the quantity of (might tram ported Mohawk and Hudson Railroad Co. ReceiptI for the week ending Dec 31*(, 1944 Passengers and local freight $647 44 Western freight 700 00 $1347 44 Rece pts for the corresponding week last year 488 00 Increase 168 percent, equal to .. . $764 44 A tew daya amcc we published a condensed statement of the report of the commerce of the Itiand of Cuba. We now annex a table showing the trade between that Itland and other nations ;? COMMERCE or Cl'RA?T?'DE WITH OTHER NATIONS?VA LUE or IMPORTATIONS FROM AND K* PORT AT lONt TO EACH Nation, diitinuuiihinu the Transportation in Na tional AND FoREKIN VKttFLa. Importation*. --[813: ? ,?1812? Veer. mi m,tv 221 262,148 _ . Span flag, foreign. Total. Total. 8p*iR 5,ai,9ll ,173 5,2*9,114 U- 23,566 3,914,MS 3.938 0"3 6,200,21. Er*n,c'v "*3,2J5 727 921 1,591,179 1,476,752 3,250,437 1,418,9*4 4,669,401 3,110,698 Holland 176,500 I85.W7 162,127 325.021 Belgium 67,958 67,958 3(1,843 313,885 liermany 1,134,859 206,687 1,441,466 2,(95,531 1,254,064 Italy. 48,708 51, (78 100,581 175,Ml 75,111 Po'tupa 7,710 1,151 8,861 15.77 1 6,910 Deniiiark 179.827 39,085 218,913 151,716 I.. ?P Ooloniet... 1,298,962 465,919 1,764 881 2,487.894 723 012 5r?'.l U.948 ... 14,948 37,638 22,689 71,457 ... 71,457 ... .. Com 1 Dep 1,943,132 ... 1,943,132 2,021,391 Grand totals,... $23,422,096 24,637,527 1,215,430 Exportationt. ? 1(43 -1812 Span flag. Foreign. Total. Total. Dter. Spain . 3,40o,5? ... 3,4'0;522 3,729 970 3t\447 U. Ktatea 53.031 5,171,035 5.224.068 5,282,574 58.M6 France 581,501 1.445,602 2,030,104 1.617,712 587,606 F.iilllind 767,893 6,085.2(9 6,853,162 9,259,606 2,4(6,441 Holland 66,630 271,991 338,124 453.138 114,513 Belgium 17,160 132.611 149,774 372,196 222,421 Germany 315,105 2.425.0(1 2,740,186 2,763,53( 23,352 Italy 229,369 354,(08 584.168 309,745 Portugal 19,642 14.976 34,618 16.907 Deumark..... 7,230 48,518 55,748 59,656 3,908 Sp ? olonica... 638,413 51,665 690,079 301,362 Brazil ... ... ... ... ... Kuatia 26,329 1.252,274 1.278.603 710,411 Com'l Dep 1,650,131 1.650.131 1,807,536 157,404 Grand totalt $25,029,792 26,6(4,701 1,654.919 The trad* between the U. States and Spain, bat,within the past year, lallen off, bat the decrease in the imports into Cuba from the United Statea are greater than the decrease in the expert* from Cuba to the United States ? The heav:est decline haa been in the trade between Cuba and Great Britain. In 1843 the importations Into Cuba, from England, were valued at $1,668,703 more than in 1843, while the export* 'rom Cuba to England in the same year, were valued $3,406,443 lest. This decrease in the trade is more favorable to Great Britain than to Cuba while the decrease in the trade between this country and Cuba, ia more in favor of Cuba. The aggregate decrease in the value of the exportation of the itland in 1843, com pared with 1843, reaches $1,654,009, while the decrease in the importa ia $1,316 430?a difference of $439,470 against the trade of the island. It would not be Just to infer Irom this table that the trade of Cuba was perma nently dtclining, as we do not think that is the case.? Some changoa have recently been made in the valuation of goods exported from Cuba, particularly the cost of copper ore, which reduces the total amount, and makes it appear that the quantity of merchandise exported was diminishing faster than ia actually the case. The trade of the itland is in a very healthy state, notwlthftanding the dimisbed movement. The exports exceed In value the imports, several millions. The directors of the Farmers' Bank of Virginia have made a report, which we annex, compared wit j those made provloualy. Farmeri' Bank or Viroinia. inlli-dino the Branched on the lat Oct. and 4th Ur.c. KlI. and IJec. 1844 Oct. I,'43. Dec. 4. '43. Dec.1(14. Debt ' utitamling $4,276,712 4,315,588 4,549,5'i0 Sterling bill* 10.886 21,376 9.367 Stock* 141,291 142 516 136.694 Loan to Commonwealth of Virginia 120,000 120,0T0 30.000 Specie 673,768 671,883 742 016 "^ota- of other Bankt 192,051 202,986 210.643 R'nl ettate 216,208 216,14.3 221,51.0 Bank no'et cam elled. ttolen from office at Danville 72,135 72,135 In trant'tu bet wen Mother Bank and Branchet ... ... $5,706,053 3,767,7M 5,9(1,2(4 Capital Stock. $2,668,700 ?,66(.700 2.(7",400 Notet III cireulati 1,(07 9b0 I.HSH.46I 1.969,170 Individual depotitM (07,3(3 ((9.640 1.024,271 Dup other B*ukfi?balance of debU and creditt 119,464 199,263 ? ontingent fuud 232.(21 210.559 Profit* of the institution ... 63,169 (1,316 93 6(2 Intraniita between Mother Bank and Branches 6,527 16,(47 9 869 $5,706,053 5,7(7,786 3,981,2(1 This Bank ia gradually extending its movements, hut it it so gradual that the business operations of the vicini ty cannot be injurio usly affectod. The specie deport ment appears to have increased in about the naraepio portion, the circulation has expanded, and other depart meuts have improved slightly. The trade of New Orlean* this season, compared with laat, seems to have fallen off. In cotton the operationa have been mora extensive, hut in tobacco, lead, grain, fiour, potk,ko , there has been a diminished amount re ceived and exported. We annex n table showing the ar rivals, exports and stocks of cotton and tobacco from the 1st of September of each year to December 18th, a period of three months nnd eighteen daya Movr.MRltTS in Cotton and Tobacco at Nrw Orleani. * ? ? Cotton,bain -> r-?-Tobacco, hhdi.--?> Yri. Jirr It Krplt. Stocki. Jirr'lt Explt. Stockt. 1814. . 329.454 *II?I Jl5 131,873 7.190 7..I6 4 313 1841 291',057 14( 229 147/,82 |0,2l0 12.161 2.932 1842. . 337,5l'4 22'.,6I2 |:>6,290 4,012 5.206 1,061 1841.. 294 471 I70,2i7 1118.754 2,297 3.061 1,991 18411. . 2KI 163 181,143 110,987 1,9 0 4.030 2.336 1819. . !9'l.072 167,287 110,877 33# 1260 6K0 . ..., J,ro 1 ,SOO 6*1 1818. III.W2 84,411 70,123 375 3,9'l 521 1S37.. 130,819 93,401 74,6(0 3,003 3,988 908 1(36. . 220,577 1*3,614 99,684 629 6,847 4,379 1(15. . 139,170 74,946 66,743 1,808 J,113 773 The receipts and exports of cotton this season, aie larger, tor tha same period, than in any previous year. IMA, wkaa tb* gnat erep of that yaww OMtttaf in- The erep thl? year it no doubt kept back on account of the low price* ruiiug. In tobacco there ban been a very great decrease in the arrival, and export*. Tbia can bo principally attributed to the reduced crop tbia year, compared with previou* ones. Old Mock Excban(?. $10000 Ohio 6's, to opg 87K 224 she* Mom* Canal II 1000 Illinois spa! 38H 40 do b30 JIM 2000 dj 24 d< MX 24000 Psuu'a J'? blO 74y, 24 Harlem KK ?30 6?*? 25000 do 74H Hi do tfl'K 10000 do 71 'J 7.i do 0<i 4000 d<> <40 74 4U do baw 64 40110 do blO 74* 111 J do bfiU 64K 1000 Texas Tr uoie* 12S 200 do bltm 70 lu shas Man list .An Bk vi'H 100 do U 40 do 90 140 dj >10 04 40 Mte' miic>' Bk 10) 40 Hatersou HH 80 I Bkof America 90 374 KnattK 2D 100 I'heuix Bk 9tK 300 do bJO VHS, 4 Bk Com full 'iy\ luo do bM 2t* 130 Del <1 Hudson 117>? 400 L Ialaud KK o|>g 74 74 Farmers' Trust ;I7>4 inu atoninutou KK I16O 40 40 Canton Co 43 40 do biO 40 40 do >60 41X l< > do 39X 40 do ili 41 40 do ?30 39^a 4 lit E Boston arrip 4 Mew Stock Kichangei f 1000 (Jhio 6'?. '60 bJUalo 97^4 100 >ha> E Poston Mm 10 200 >h* Firm'i Tr 34* 10U L Uland HK alOafo 24 do c J4M 40 do c 74 S 24 Cautou Co b3 4 Ji 40 do c 74 24 do _ >90 42>k 10 Erie KK >60 27X 40 do bnw 43 40 do c 21 24 do >90 42 40 Nor k Wore >3aCo 06H *4 do >10 42K 24 do b3afo M 40 do 43*2 24 do opg 66)4 40 do Salb* or Btocb*?Boston, Dee. 3g, 1844. 30 iharuH Western KK, $Ui; IUU Norwich and Worcea ter RR,68J; 60 Reading KK, 93J; 730 dir. Hast Button Co, 44; ?1,000 M**?arhu*etts atoning bondi, 104. ?tat* of Traule. AaHxs?Pot* arerery dull, t nd quotation* rule at $t 7# a S til Pearl* aie steady at $4 ( tlx a 4 13 J BiEawax-Prime yellow i* bud at 39a39jc. The de mand 1* rath, r limited. Bbeadhtuv* a? Weatern door rargee (ion $4*8} a 4 70 Oat* sell at 33 a 34 C> nt*. Cotton?The ei>qtury tiday, irvta both *hippera and ?pinner*, wa* good, and the total *ale* amount to I t>0u bale*, at price* ahowiug a decline of one-?ighth ol a acnt, ?incethe arrival of tbi iieanitr. Hat?Common qualities North River bale *ell a* want ed ?t 60 a 66c; piiiiiu at 60c. Tbe supply 1* not la?ge,and the demand limited. Whi*bbt?Drudge ra*k* are dull at 44c. Weitern and priton barrel* *el. at 14) a 36c Cotton Market. New Oblbani, Dec. 17.?There wa* not much di*po*i tion to operate in cotton yeaterday, owing in part to ihe non-reception of any later intelligence from Europe, and likewise to tbe advance in freight*. The transaction* were on a moderate scale, and only amounted to 3,000 bale*, at previou* price*. LircarooL Clarification. Louisiana and Mississippi. Inferior a 3| Ordinary a 4 Middling 4] ? 6 Middling fair, 6j a & > Fair, 0 a ?, Good fair, 7 a ? Good and fine ? a ? Philadelphia. Cattle Markets Dec 36 ?At market, 600 Pennsylvania beef cattle, in cluding 100 driven to New York; 180 eow* and calves; 500 swine, and 1000 sheep. Price* of beevca rather dull at $4J a 6 Tor common to extra quality, the 100 lb*; about 60 head umold Cows and calve* told at $18 a 30 Swine wo quote at $4} a 4] the 100 lb*. 8he*p mostly brought $3 a 3J. Hay?The market is without alteration; good Timothy brings 60 a 80c the cwt; rye straw, $6 a 7 the loO bundles. Foreign Markets. Havana, Dec 18?The rice per Hiyne sold at 7 t7{ with the exception of a few r.aik* of inferior, for whicb no offer could be obtained, and we were forced to give it in to the ptirchoier* of the cargo We have a large and accumulating dock on band, and since the Hayne, the John Taylor, trom Savannah, with 360 ca*ki, tor whicb the highe*t nrtVr made was 6j. The import* this month ilready resell 1 000 casks, and 'he Pearl, liom your pott is just in with another cargo, besides several other* now on the way. *o that a further dtciine must take place in oar maiket. Laid,II}; sugar*, nominal; coffee. 8 a 9 ; molnaaea scarce. 4 rs, no new in market >et. Kxchange on the north, 3j a 3 per cent; on England, 11 a UJ St Jauo, Dec 3, 1844?Beef, men $10f par bbl, Am jerked 7J pet qq'; Butter, yellow 14 per qql; Candle*. tt.l ltl'a k 13'*, 16^ |iur qql; Cheese, Am 14lil6; Fish, Cod, small 3|?3j, Haddock 3 nr qql, Smoked H-r 8nc per box. Mackeiel No 3. ? per bbl: Flour, Am 14416 per barrel, duty added, nominal; H<mi, am.ill 10 a 13 tier qql; Laro II ner qql; Onions, ropes, pet- bbl 100, I J, Pork, mns. per bbl print* 10 clear 17; Potatoes I] per bh|; Rice 6J per qql; Soap, yellow 7 a 9. Boards. W P 31 a 36 p -r M leet. P P 37, wanted; Hoops 36 a 43 per lino Htad Shook* and heads 1 a I] each; Sugar h?x Shin.k. 93 each; Piime Beef, ptr bbl. 7$; Baron, per ion lbs , 104 For artt. les of eapoit- 81 gai, *??orted 1 white 3 brown 3 a 4 to3j a 4] per q<|l; white alone 4 a 4j; brown do 8 a Sj; Muscovado 3j a Sj. srarce; Mola*?es, including caik 17 per 106 gall*; Leaf Tobacco, f a i, 16 perqqii Fustic. 3j per 3 000 lbs. Mataoukx. Dec. 13 ?American produce dull of sale, and a prospect af a large crop of Sugar in the ensuii g season Jamaica. Nov. 30 ?Flour a*. 37 a 38, is in fair request 4nd should there not arm e in all l).c< mber enough tr glut the market, it will doubters otherwise have an tip ward tendency. Corn meal i* dull at IflKfl ; me** poik 68 a 60 ; hams, imsll, 3J a 4^ ; codfish, 16 a 18 ; lumber pitrh pine, 128 a 130 per M ; white pine, 118 ; white onk stave*, no sale ; red oak do 06 ; Pnnento 3 a 3J ; Fx change on London, 1 a Ij per cent ; do on New Yoilt and Philadelphia, 6 percent; Dollar*. 6 percent .? UUJ. ._! J. Married, On Wedftesdny, 36th inat. by the Rev. Ml'. Rogers, Mr John WARO.of Jeraey City,to Mi** Maboabbt bHOST, (f Hoboken, New Jeriev At Brooklyn, by the Rev. Mr. Farley, <>*osob^at una E*q 01 New Yoik, to Mis* Mabt Ann Hadwell, ol Brooklyn. Died, On Friday noon, 37lh inat. John Lawia, In tho 40th year of hi> age. The relativea an1 friend* of the family, and alao thr members nf Getty Lodge. No II, I O. of O. F., and th) Ship Joiners' Benevolent Society, are reapec fully iiiVit ed to attend his l?s<rsi, irnm his late residence. 95 Or chard *tr* t. to-m rrow alternoon, at 3 o'clock precisely, without further invitation. Uonr*tie Importations. Ntw OmrASi?Ship Hilah?16 Ms iei* Mr Leriett?44 bbl> moU>sn 8 Toirey?264 bts soap J Dursud k ro?27 hhds >u*ar J O -fey?9 b'a wool J 8 Hhaprer? 100 btil< nmls vi Moi*>n It CO?100 do J Crsm- M bales beinp Burritt It Ji.huaoii?16 do rop' cuttings Mooieit Legg*t?04 bags fea'her* 8pe>r It De.hf ? 4 hhds molisses J Cram It co?26 do R Whit*?46 do casii r oil Walsh It Brown?14 bxaoil stunei laike It Wilson?91 hhd> molasses A Patru'lo?204 Roberts k U il iams?204 Clsrk k ro ?171 tc? beef M.ddlrton k 1:0?164 bbls do L A Wslkrr k co? 100 do mill <>se> 48 bi? tea to order Apalachicola?Bri* Empire?81 bales cotton Hbi> tobacco Center k 1:0?I dn I* 8 Williams?2t i'o I ?ack> milt Perkins a Hoiik lis?79 bl> md?e Harm le- k K fern?36 hide, I balf drer >kui< 2 hl d> B iter It Jarne??91 ba'fs co t >n 8 Brown?301 do J II Talmsn?109 do 21 bis tobtcco to order. MARITIME HERALD. movement* of th* Mte is ma Ixl pe. Steamers. Leave LavH. Lhtei 1 Jime'a. Leave Ji me 'a Acadia, Harrison. . .., jaa. j Cambria, Jndkins... Jan. 4 ...Jan. 16 Feb. I Ship Alaatera and Amenta. Wo shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Ve***l* will (iv* tp KohkBt Silvbt, ( sptain of oar News Boats, a report ol the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vesseli ?pokru on their passage, a list ol their cargo, and any foreigs newspapers, or news they may have. He will board them iro mrdiatelv on their arrival. Agent* and Correspondents at liomr tr abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office ai the Marine Intelligence thev can obtain. Nsutical leforna jna of any kiod will he thaukfullv recrised. PUKTOK KICW HOUR, DKCKJHBKK ?? I MOON BISE* I 40 1 HIWH WaTKB 11 41 Cleared. Ships Siddons. Cobb. Liverpool, E K Collins k Co; Carroll of I.trroliton, Bird, Mobile, R J W .Iker -Biigs Altenna, t'naiie, Vers Cru*. K de Zildo; Hnah Brnwn, Norton, Mobile, Stu ges kt learman; Wilson Fuller, Conb, SatshusIi, Uunlnn. k Dimou; Two 8is:ers, Hichardsou, Boston. Arrived Ship Liberty, Norton, froir Liverpool, Nor II, with mdse, to Post k PhiMii*. 1 h* L is at anchor netr the West Bsuk. 8hii> Hila , Hatnmo d, It days ,rotn Nsw Orlesns, with mo lasses, fcc. to W H Haia'd. Swedish biig Uiiinn, la on, 4(1 days from Lancerotte, with 230 ions ba.ill* to Schmidt k Bilcheii. Br g F.mpiie, Lewis, 12 day* froin Apalschicols, with eottr.a, to order Schr Fraiiejs Hallett, Crowell, (late Lewis) from Aui' ayes, N'ov 14. wi'h 14 tuii> lovwuod 1000 hags coff e to 8 W Lew s ? 8p he 8th not. lat 29 2n, Ion 74 14, ni|i ?t I'eteoburg. II da}> fin Bosiou for New Orleans?ih- captain kindly su plied us with one man to sssist in ?o king ihe nchr iuto p-rt. James Pi|>er, se msn, died on the ih insi. and Caot l^?wis, of Dennis, 011 the 21st, both ?t v How jam, Mmt or th* crew bare h en sick sll the pa<ssge. The F H h?s eifienenced severe gale* on the passage?lost loiesail.kc and has lie n blown off. 8chr Mil* Ann, J>mnh. from Braudywine, with flour and corn meal, to Allen a Paxsou Schr Ana Kebecca, Car|ienter, froin Cherrystone, with oats and rorn. Schr Brilliant, Wjse, from Richmond, with wood. Schr Le , Klliot. Thorn'Ston, lime. Schr Leoni'tas, Rui kmaii, Cntler, lumber. Schr A hotter, Wh'tm .re, Boxon, md^-. Rehr Fancy, Chase, Bostou, mil e Schr Post Bny, Martin, Bos'nn, mdse. H> hr Manhattan. Hopkins, B, mdse. Schr Despatch, Reynolds, Newport, potatoes. ??low* Twobrigs. Wn.d NE. blowing agate, with snow. Mlacellaneoua Heeord. Pacbbt Ship Siddons, Cobb, for Liverpool, will sail to-day at II o'clock. Sc.KB CoMfLIANCB.? We I'ladrertrntly ststrd yesterday that thia vecsel had a piloi on board wbeu she went 011 the rocks in il.irlgate. She w?> with lit a , ilntat Ihe time. Baio 1'kc.onic;, Williiir, of Newcastle, M- from Bnrdentis New I nrk. (befote rr|iortrd) put i .to Newport 24th inst with I 'ss of fore topmast, foie and main t I'gsllant masts,. nd .u imsed it?clcs >w e|it. Shit (Cincinnati.?We learn 'hct a portion of tt>e rigging and spars of (tsia ve? el ' as been brought a ? to t ecitv. toat II her cargo ha- been saved 10 a damagedeoudition, and tn t atroi g ho|ie> a e ?ntert-m* 1 ihat the ship will b? raisej and the hall biought up 10 the City.?[N. O. PlC., D.C. |7. spoken. Marathon, of Bo*ton, from New Orleans for Bostca, 13th in t. 1 st >7, Ion 80 30 Kauux, Lovett. from New O,leans for Liverpool, 16th inst. off 1) 11 Shot Keys Jame* II Shepherd, lied man, New Orleans for Liverpool, VOth iuit. Ut 30,1 On 78 Jv. Vork. ?th _ Kor?l0n forts. Oct l#-ln |H,rt. Hobart. Collar, ftom K'O, h'Wi from Bio for \ alparaiao in 5 days Km* iJi /? iii ''S1, lioio a?d |or S ileui. uncer; < onaort J II R.^' ?rN*.W,Yo^V,W'IIUl" Pric*' Kulw'U. from Hiofor rJi J?I,U,N 0*'l*r.J w. Foil, from Philadelphia fil aS? c0'1* Ucy Th * PChiit. from bo?tou liCi'u .Sln'l!i' f?r Hautoa; Lm~rald, Bab?co, hum ;? i?r *r )io Hio for Valpnrauo w?Tr from Patagonia, nnc; Philadelphia, Wadiagton,r.,r Kio, .<. n. Arr Nth. F.u?, BA r, AUK 7-r -5?rrt % V* L. u Carver, ^eudlttoii. for Maid*ua<L . to load for New York 20ih-Sld Juhu N (Jossler, SlarnlH Win Price waaat Buseo 2l.t, .<i?g. V?hn?f "oa~ln ClllL.,, J. 4; Vhuun, Hopki,.*, for fiuiion, (Tisgd. Hoint Port*. r_. ?ro^T? Uf? 'l-Arr Oallij Thompson, Snleru. to load lor DM; Ulltllt, htubba, Bait.mora. SIJ Z4iii, Cllulou, o Haraua; Pe severance, Bolau. NVork. *JkV tl-HId Kdgariud France*, NOrleana. Cld iwH"*' -^a'ania*; iajwyman, 1 uha. viSh.lI ?' *rrOen Of u. Clark, aud Ohio. Elli*, "?^*;.P,udor?- pa";>'. Majrteillaa; Lucy, H ,rden. 81 Dom.u *..ViV: ,l,nl"ur"r- -Manh B nai e; Or Hilclic ..k, Dougl..*, 1 S-a Flower, Duell, Cieufueg..*; Uen Br. oka, St I.S'iTi'a1*'IP'flM,Ce? r*'Y ,Tere WMlht'-lllh in.t latttrf, h. ?. ! r00,1"" - hurricane iu which lost bulwark*, r it. ?Ti n four ktaucheou* and split plankah-ar?uo date, lat pJ^iZn.7 * '"if1 ,|U '""'V '.'r ,lrlft '"'"b-f Ike. Alao arr. .ll,n,'rr-sKiuihaH.iua.thMq, Rich?, ud; 1 ,!l?.^ H "l'riBrfr,?J B*'t,,norei KIU- WVlden: M.uhegan < ..Hej . Herald, Uoodwin. and Chil feHar .Id, Wlllard, Phila Wte-,?- s".'- ""???. Waahiuglou.NC; O l* -u*. Segea. .?...! T. a.i . ' Lowrv. and Mien, Hayford, Kich mono. A tlautic \ n>L?it/vn ?..<i iw..k. .i. c ?wi . n.. m ' r v.i * r'v uvwry, anu r\nen, nayiortl, Uic?? PiV.1. n l Vi ?"d Waba?h. Smith, Nurlolk; ' Vi ?fr^jjowu, D' ; ^ai.ta , Rider, Aleiaudria; uo J. hu Murray, Lleve.eui Baltimore; Conn 11, mngion. Pel; Hee.iile, Langley; Argus, Roger.; sEiiZ* '.ichmond, Packard; Pa* Taylor; Harriet (?uller.l.ujler snd New Zealand, NYork T legraph ?it 11m.. j. a. '*r?ianu .-<i ior?. 1 Ietcra|>l> i.1- 8l"H"rr' 'a"". N"w Orleana. SiKiial for a Uaiyue ton P vll.A^'i ' 1 'timore; Patriot, ?J,e- iilaw. Char.ea n , I j- An (ireuada, Spuoiicr, New Or'aana; ftiarblrhead, .TinJ l'. i r'"*'"' *"'rv V ^h*-liter, York, Richmoud; <ien rorabrie * ' ? SVotL *nVDlUre ? ?AfrL 4.,,J.*ri Kb,,?1|1 Nantucket for I In. h Ktchinoiid, Smith, Philadelphia. Arr 28 h, h me ?Jl f'u p y A" ith. Car.,*n. 81... u, % kork. I 4 (!rk. Suu,,1,r' HowUnJ' Kichmoud; <J. me ia. Hicketao.i, N ^0i,1V^.L5:.D,,.CuJiTTh* H q^.^for. reported athore, I ?.ot in"*'. y??';'?ayat high water, after duc-i.rg'nK 'I he New Or^.l*'?Il*l! *y*,od'* wi'l ?oou ihe railway. Th* Th? p?!i'^ 1 ?1'r**in ** >he came (iff ?hoiv. waiting order., her e rV. . I e;'"ne mporary repair, and ukrn in ?, ^J* V?r? t"*1' firat fair wtud aitli 10 a m? No I a"i iviary *T* r,L'r',t A""? Keyuoltb, trie. i *J-F,rom 20 ?? *? ?a'l. Ton" "f ihrm bar Ih'. iST d h?r* "*arly a v. .<ek by head wind*, left port N VoSC r"POm'1 A" "lh' S">' U?born, r?y ,mMvv;1!H"D aDfH: ?3/~'r11 V! for * harbor, Fotttr, Lancaa m Wilm'ugfou, NC. for Nrwburyi'ort. dMeeW,0ET' Arr Riauti. Durfee New York for Pro*i Ke^r K?.Vl! ?ThiJ-Arr f"f?fic* Preacott; Fre- Trader, p? V 'r*"kl,u- ihomaa, and Partliena, Wheeler, NVork nhUH*K?AT^: H'Cu4~ V- '"a"1 loa"- Taylor, Pliiladel il?r^ Ah.^r.? i- ' Crt Lli*'r|"',,; Blrln ngh-in, U0I.111...11, toSJaaStfeB: 82JS" A A Ou^',Ar^r,i*P'C 2:,TArr t)a,enji"rt. [Br] Kirk, and Ocean W ^*rUn' Eicel, Smith, and Philura lh?"'^Orl?.;J.: H^*ta,li",L"0"'n'. Bath, Me; Voltat-e, h? 8?lVhVm.. uV Hpur>- Jenkina. L ghthonrn, and Ann A Parker, UnEuL PlIiFj ?"i*S P'"n?'fi P'?ker Baltimore; Win Buike, cSrt,'i.P&n: La"C""r' Liverpo.1; m^Vl^rm'?^,M"v,_^rr 2>r> Xa'hot, NYnrk; Alaha NiikeMon Bn! A1J"ijatan.Baker, King.toii, Ja; Pre.ident, low Petnn.iM iSn 1 Mu,1,a- La "l**. Boaton; Odd fe|. wirl?8hir? vl:?1 ,'a? gun. Braiton. Providence. In I frt rchtr? T H?h^".l,rM,ft,Bo,,0",Ws; .Klrm'"t. Tamer I'mkina Willi.- i"' .V. *"?; Tarnlinta. hmith, ai.d afkliia, will anu, Liverpool, Iclic; Siibatiia.i 01 Bo?t? 11 <ln I Florence, Leach, frt or chir; ba-qu t fcl'iz-t Talbot' ami Nirhn* Vork ;q Alabama; urTrpooVid'g'-lio^^t;.:,:"^;:;,^; 'b'?\ xhxV? | Kepub'ic, (iatea. Philadelphia, d .; Star < W Bait more <lu - il?^te1tt:i0rCh,,i Nickeraou, fm NkJr'Lu?Lrav?~ nU ,'a]r,ti," ')l<"nf"ord Lirerpool. Vi" vw"F;;v^^ a. i"? ? W fi ll'i'n V'd VS"l?'??loi1i, Uen-oh. Liverpool; (? ij Brolvu, N Yo.'k "? h"11, Phi|a<l-Ipl'i ?; Mahory. By Last Night's Southerq Mail. ^ PHiu%ncLPHia, Dee V?Cld Currency, Stewart, Weat In \yAl'u,M|''Jt|r' k"Ll^ ArrCathar ne, Winntf. I' Bumoa 0 W. J,,i;,.%T]K',i!;^oai(1U.)*od "fheruer, Da.ia. New , C?iMdT,.rekTp:"'.N' Alv?no. Pace. Bo.ton; 22d | 'f. |b!1 ?" Princ*; IJie.dau, I a 111 ique. To IIIS CUsTO VI KKS, TUB I'L'BI,!.:. ?f'h*?ld- ?"d of the new'hn.i. ii y?jr ine nibwriber. to lour known mm nn im/ioiiAr ...dgeueral dealer, in 0,ugl. Die StuV Pail " o li T?" (iroierte? and a ttclei foi manufacturer* and merrhandoe . i" very kind, te urn. Ini ei|.ectful thai.ka lor the l teat ei e. 1 r.f im.ronage he ha, receiv-d in put year." i d con.V'er. "due to 1 ?nJlSHUIlViS,t4#w? M ,,# owu to Stale briefly hi? to 3T'k , - ^ >??' li ha? alway. bee . h a aim !?.m l'. sr,'c'e,*t I'fie ? areragint con.iderab'r bel. w ^sfan:?:a,sK.^ &?s || |r?t? Hy (he ei|ie irnce . f nearly fortv vra'a ilev,,i r... feconO-By. ?.|iar,| .y.femetirvioi of hia bisineaa under uli erToi?,,aS!lW^*5y' ?ttiwnntendance, avoid,lis th.-r,b, WaTI^nr i. *"CL* bargain? which ariae f ? h3^,5fflW^S?3lr?~r " '1"ltW,th ',iUr vjnnVnf*f?.ne"' J" I**u'ar < uatomeri do not auffer by the ad van e of the market occ uioned by th^t hut ire t nurcha e at pr ct.. .0 far below th-ir n-.ghbor" 'co.t thVt ^7?y.?*n.|, ? . "a' r*"a. and make a hand, one p ofir. Then let tu t .eir cua'oineia. a. d th-ir | tirch n-e. of ihe iubacriti. r the m ? mr,ha?U'A ?"d ' .-V ??"!? rie..c? .he-mh /r i<T _ . 2 ' .A nimble .. w.rtn a sliivv shilli.e " Ml* r? tom?l? Mai nmg With *m<ll , u.cha.e,, the hiLIll ^iln ^ upf rthemiel.ea a I .rge baaiu.n, m went th-ir own trade ami h ? For, by iiurcbasiutf K<>ods in ,h* V? ' him ? m. eria'/v reduce /J a?d l' u t u? enab adto mnply hit cu?.i; *ra at a correap..udiug redue hu cu.VornVra"and hi'm.elf " '"abu'iu'J' ^"Au both He hu thu* been abled 10 rain th? good will, ?nd n-taiu 'h. CU?tom of those wh.. haf. traded wi h him tud ?u>.por e I hi* -?t-blt.hmei.tfo time, a d from year to yw to add nuiaber. , f ,,ew one. M h.a larg, I,at ?f irader. and de ler! - I he old one* have he. n tetania!], aud their buaiucka incr an d t ii the int. rett of ihnae who purcliaa-to ?.|1, to b>.y a* low a* pntaitjje, tu ord.r to increaae their own buiiueu Coun try and city jlierehani. who buy of him ine. iwnh no com," ? u .'he^M.clTthe'^l'r* ch"'""?? and eicellence ? r"0r.^''A?DO:*AT **T?l*TtON TO . J hu.eineuceegpl in. the thlel cau. of h- con unu.d mcreaae of the *ab*cribera hi *. No iuich**er <oe? away dioatt lied either with the quality rr p-ice? of hi. good., hor tlie.r c uveu ence he ha. from >ear to year, Jtendr ! h:.,vj:v ,uu"' r\-c* ?iy?...r ticieTf ? rCn D. ill*, that he doe. uol *ell. At hi* e.tahli.hment th- 1 can complete U.e entire .ange . f hi. Purcln.e* No cu.lO^r (tinda waiting at hi* countei-ao well are hi. clerk* a / , i He hai no ?tock of old good* fo* a?l? Co-i.tant and retidv he f??h tlf I ' *" a ?f inch me rhaudi.. ? ? .hoind be freeh to he irpa l<<r An accumu at.d . vtk o' , Id uu <1. i?. diea ?* lltile knowledge of what .uita ih f>. e. ai d . emaiid* if dr ',e VfiV & ,h< h..u.e f V . I ._ ,VC"fi,C Of ' U*t .me . |? fU Ve .air* af .1* I ?'1r I* *'ock I, alwa* snew, and Oellrable < d ' ii cuit meiseip r>ei c ? ihe truth . I ,In^ n tern lit 1 1 ihe rapid Ml", of t-ie go ,.* had f him. and In he fr'nu? , C*. 'L' '"fr u,r r^m ?"? ??l?bli*hn.i?t! . lie lla'ie . hitii-elf !ha he I,a* *ta ed in | ,n, term, the re*. H1 Y been enable I to sell .0 rema.k ,bly cheap a* to ? f nUC Kenfra' ??ti?factionl and to ini:rra>e hu huaineM no ratitlyaad He tiu.t* that the future w ill be * I ** pr aperou* to h mielf and hi* coitomar*, aud that the may I.e reg nl. d a, an earne.t H.* arran.eme.ila f,, th, leal hi in m any or all ,,f the multipl ed branch** . f In. 1 .:! r""m l>?a,ou o' t a I n.,.u they may c'm" will ftjid him a? ready n? ever f?? kell on ihtchpn ?*i l?it?* r ?i "h'.'"r mte0?u.* *"d '? '?o.t r.g.d kitenu .0 t'o I 'Ihe u?d.rai/tied tike, thi* opportunity of peaenrinc tie I c mplnrenta.if ihe ho iday* 10 those wh-i have an geuaron*) *hem he u. li ustnui and tra te-chn fv.ll, aiidp.g tha t.. ihcnine? wm nit prukwy ennsckju ? ce an > ?tan iu* n h? SiiUTaill. ?iah?*t -m m?.? happy ,?turn. ot tin. liL? -";a! ^i10? *rd put li'hara who have (l.?n him il, j, kind n t ceo.11 *,> ma iv occasion*, he returu. hu h artf 1 * - y rJlIed?mr a d"?'N ? MORRI-Ii'n I..S <?1.1811 <> e nwn h Street, h-twe u V-*fv tin] K.i.tnr. ,tr '"a. 'I" ^ rth Mivar side of the city. .W York, Dae 2v UH. J d2? THE ART OF W K A V ! N O BY HAND ANU BVPOWHH: * With an Introductory Account of it. Ki.e *.d Progrea. in A. cient and Mod-rn Time* * rot? the v.r of Mant'r.ciur?.r, *,n othim. My t, u, (.iiioy, PgaCTicsL WEavRN a*o M?f?i r?r ruar a One large Hmn. I'nlnmr Uluilratrd with nearly 300 Entrnr rrsinr ""T'an'' plain and <olornl T't 'J" .- ofdm-ry 1. and .alue ol the iufmmati. n now ?nrilo" ftrat time brought 10 light in th.* work, must nece. ?arilv command eiteuaive and permane. tattention. Indeed it is I.d *,,h ??'"'"ahle clearii'ss, thoroughly vracliral a.don. of which nn ri.nnlai'turer ?f 1 | ,,h. an.? l,o?' in In ign >r nl \> 1 h a tu w r>f enconreginf; a very rnlafke.i cirriil ti ,n th- wo, k ha* he.n ii*ue.| at the iceeding I iw i ri. ? ol Five folia * net. We , ,, a?,ee ,|,ewo k u. i%e W.fe t ylil'o n. if'rv-tua' w",vrr* '? intnufactu er. ..Teir. " "U' com anted with a r tni'tance and ?tecific i i.ecfioiu >, ivt .be a dressed, win he neitlv i.ot 1, and *?ntf,e?of e.penw t , my of the ip,l c "I,. ? he e es P e set > 11, r if wi In d, 1 lie pu, no, dire led ami left .i *n/?i'?r.e ln J.?'" ii"?,'o :n*UUC(l0lis Al? h/m OMJ. D. U 1LIIW1N, ? .tr*?t. A CAKIJ AT,r?m.mof,lri ' ^hds. hen ,(v.. loiion* wtHui;;iurn.,i,:sr,dr,yp,he"da ,h ,n" ? .nit:^: .7 !?:^r,,rrh.lra^i,feqc#-,;u z;'x 'Te'.'lv <'d' h't * "VW",( * h.'"1''" (" r .f (iwde. lolo,, dl' ?,' > we h v l^2l A""""ml"' V 'h* 01 (fl'i He h ve iMMl th" ..o. or t ? t*tp \* p %n-nn ? Vtl ? "hich it wo lid fall to P"* e * i_ it am irom 11 other a. u ce ? aa/lfa Ih ta c.,py of hesr re. ,| . 1 , , ? . ,,| hv ll1' ^", hii h*S :'*'.V L* handed I Mr. ohn l.arl u.d an. ?I. be piiblxh. d iu l ?^r<u?, Sun and llnald w u u a. m M huU\ I). r>pf ^ M, r TM> WM t ^v rv H fe It ec . f.?J. OK KXC A VOK. j itilS ^ nf ,M ?rr"L' f a d. bonnded by a Ha-'r .-d f I*" ""!*? "f ,h' city f New 1 ork. consist 1^! ' nwadnw. uidan l and wnodla d It may be H ?1?*T"!C9 '*"? 0' "?Q'? Will he . Id very low or ? chan(?>d f>r oth^r property, a d on *aiy term* Ajm .VI JOHN W. fc!< MAROHON, Na.MWe.i.tnlt AUOTTON SALEo^ AUCTION NOTI K?Kiteaeiv* b W of V?ImU?1iV?i tni* <>f all da crii'ii.) >a, o< SalU'day, 'omi" ?i K he o*?' v.ortin nc of articl>s ii ih- Una. both i tw ?iia mcoM m??i (Ji L will ba olfc'etl (?> t'ie pu'lic thit yvar. HVetocJinii*euce at l*W (.'clock, at No. 11 Nt.ruceiir?et ... <127 Si* re THOS BKLL. Aoet'' ITuYAL UUfcLtt. AuitieMtr. P'lN" OIL HAiM'lM/i- fc.\e,,u.* will be *old by < .L'HLtY k HILl,. at th* New York l?l Konm. Nu. 169 Br ad?av. ?> I ?rja and f'u- pnvete collection of choice ?i.d ? la.*111 Oil Pttint IIK1 embracing a free' variety of i'i'ei?ttli K teujecU, by old and in id-rn matter*?cmetly ?? hatidtou.1; frani**? toaet'-er with i loinuii rMioaleuriotilien AUo, at ha f i>ui I o'cl ck, a djubla compoi ud holai jlrro ic >p?, com^la e ia every no pact. d?l <ti?SakM*re WM. DIJ vluNT, Auc'ioeeer. OLH WINK. BKANDV, RIIjI, COKUlALb, k*.. ke ? WILl fAM OU MO ' T will tell Thii Day, at lit o'clock, a' 'JI Broad ?:., by older o' the rucituii ul Mrt. L. Beineut, tl e btlti ca < f ?t ck ia-**?iit ? ? k untold ?n th* *ttli ma 'int? tn.ouKtl which ar* old t>'?n|"ar, Tluio, Mary Kli'ab th, La'I, India and Bo'iibny Madrira; Mora .Martinez, Duff Uordou, B aditli atd Koroano I'a'e and Hmwn H'.err,. Alao, a v inaty of Ma.'etia a?d 'harry Wiue O il Kevoluiiouary Brandy, J' year* inglata: OldOt-rd on 'I I'earh Brand/. A'?< herri, H?i berry aud Mrawberry Brandt ; H ck aud fi eClaiet Wiimt, French Cor dial-itrnn; Goner, Bltck Tat; London Porter kc kc., tic Sunn* of iht above VV ina and Urai dy have been in a a?a from 20 tn H fMri. Teunt, over $<0<' 6 uioinht. I at lokuei at the place ? f a tie, and at ih it-ue of tba AuUioueer, 91 VV a 1 aiiaat d.'9 If rrc A. ITL' I'TLK, Auc inueer ELKUANT A*L> KASHIh.N\B K ? (IH-.WOOD AND MAhOOANV KUKNITI KK -I lira I ofei.-gau' l?. *e wood Mild t'nlioKiuv Korniime, ailv-rti.ed at ai|.-iiou for thit dty, by JACOB S. rLAI'T ai tie l.arka tt.ll adjoining! a Broadway Hoete, cori er of Ilroadwa * il Oraud ? ia t, (en trance u Orand a' ,) it |> ?(pon?d in c at quauca of th- atortn, iill ?? . wh?n it w ill (Miaitivaly laka , laca. and aaarv arti cia of which ia warriniril ni.tdi- u th- beat in.uiur, will be |>eieiniitoiily toldl i t a hi^ha.' bidder forcaali To Ue ti> i a,?In th* a iia will be f.nind an? legMit Mah ??* iiy l.'av, Willi d twtri, with imewoud Chair and Pillar, auU Hpitltoa, inade to order for a Deli tut iUB 3t*rrc A,TL'TTLK, Auctioneer. ELKOAMT AMI KA8HIONABI.K H'R^ ITURK-In Contiiiuatinn?)\<<>B S. PLATl will aell to-moriow (^atunlayl ?t 10 o'clock, at the lar^e Kooina in Orand MMM. adjoining 'hi' Broidway Huu<e,(ci)r.of Bro.dway and Urainl ?( ) a Urf ami elaifant 4 ttortine t f 1'iihionnbla Mali ||{*'| V Kutntura b iiik the bal nice o the Slock uot hefore e?hit>ited. and will lie |virm|iti.r IV told without re ervc. I tlo-e the concern, every article of which it mad* of thi- beat tsria'l,MM wi'l N Warm M,(Ml riaiuK all rXiauiiire raria'.y of useful and oriitm nt I Kan iture. Al?> an et-Kint avtoitmrnl of iiih tilver Ware, pin tad Tea and Coffie 1'iua, |ilai*d Walter*, Tea Cake Hdtkati, Lau dlratick*. kc Al? >. twueletanl F'liitr Machie Centre Tablet, wilh Hialo icil Viewt, lichly nihi l wi h Pa rl.?Termt cat'i. i atalokuea will be ready on lha oiorui g of tale. d?7 ai'rie SPLKNDIII oil I'AINTiNOS A I AUC HON. LKVY k 8POOMKH vri l tall en Htm day t?e i> it a'6H oclo.k, ai lit i roadivty a a. le di.l cole tio.i o In I'ainti m I \ Kraorh, K uli'h and Am-ii rt alt, trained in the b-at mtuner, ain .iia which aie t ?o t| l-ndi'l . ririi a'i 1 V Sr. Ca'Mi; ?< me if Hic'a ird-on't be?t I audica|? ; tiln'lil portraitrf W?-h ntton, and o'hert t "0 num roui t. nie.iii n Al"? ? lilt of fuia old I ictaiea just le aived Pom An wei|i Alt" 8 tplei.d d Originala hv the old ma?te'?. *T liia in i|ie brtt tale be oie New Vear't, and ofl.rt a rite chance for >ew Ve>r't precen'i. d2' It'ec jKthit thould meet theeyenfCALV1N H AH PWKLL, he 1 ji reiri- t'ed to wriie to ' II A. W " INew Vork City QT7" South m and Wettern paper> pleate copy. d2ll lt*rc notTte RV.V. B. F. BARRETT wi'l deliver hit Th rd Lecture p .utiioiied (r m laai Sa'ibath on ai coU'it i.f the wm hei? ??*? 8ahhath (to-morrow) ? re. ing at7 o'clock, in ih- Leciure Kiujib of the New Y ok Hoc ety *<uildi'>u, corner of Br ailwa) and l^onaid it Hubj cl?The Ka i .nil Ar^nineiit ill aui>|air' of Hweileuboiu't ?|len?'l Ini-rcourte ?iih the Hiiiri ual World S<ati free. Should the weather Le unpleasant, the L-r- nre will be postponed. d28 lt*rrc THAT OLD FRlKND OF IUUTH, P. P P K ATT, H.^H jam. arrived in thit city, fiom Nau*oo. and will deli* r Three Lecture* o-i next Sabhath, at the utual hour*, a' die Latter l>ay Hamti' Me?tiii< Hoom, vr tlie .vu-ion Temitraiue H JI, Nil. IBS Canal ?ire? t. il2!l It* in HOLIDAY PK.fc.-sENTS. SII.VVK PLATKD WARE, DI?K8S1\0 \8ES, WOKK Bl)AKH, kc , ai Oreat Ba.aain*.? Will be opened Thi? Morning, a lot of rich ailrei mounted and plaied Cake B .akeia. I'or t .je at ft to %i. Alao, fiver niriuuied rev Iving I a> t >rt. at S3 to $6 Alio, rich tilrer inouuteil Ca ill ?'ickt The '?bove are t|> euilid gootlt, oid coal Origi ally $6 to Sit each, an. ihe lati lot tn^t will be "(Teied th ? leaton. Alao, J' roiewooil Work Boiea. I) etainj a?at and Writ hk Uetkt, at pneet VI rying from 5o cei tt to Si each, aome i f nhicha.e furunlird in 'lie heat maimer. Alio, a lo* of fine I'earl Card Caaea, at !>0 to 71 cen't? a grea' bargain. Alto, 10 doren Ivory band eil Ue. aert Knivet and Fo Itt, at f 1,50. 'i he axiT* w.ll he fi uud 'he cheapen good* of >h- k nd in New York, and will he told off in lot. to >uit purch itert, at 82>^ (up tUtira) Pine nreet. d>8 U*m PLU BE DAOUE11M1 AN OALLKKV AND HHoTO ORAI'HIC UEPllT, ?il Broid??y, corner of Murray *', (liver Tenney'i lewel y Htor*;)?Awarded tl-* Medal KonrViri P em uin*, and two " H.g e t Hoaoia ' at the I gfiihiliun -t Bio.o^i .New V rk end Philadelphia, retpectively, for b-tt Picl'ire* anil Al'patt'U* d'8 2 i?* in PA' Kr.T Hhll' HlUUONn for Livenool ?l'?* *n?*r bi 'hi< th p * ill I'leine h on boa d the at-aioe' Here et. a Wh'taliill, Thm, S tur lay morning, 28th mitaiit, at II o'llock, at ?li i h 11me the ihip will t ii!. L tie- Bi.i will cl..*e at the utual placce, at o'clock. d28 POTATOK* ? SOQ bethel* Luicihir cup Potatoe* of rets evtra quality, or ml- in lou to auii |nii. naaer*. by V It i III ll\tDl i. VI Hf.nrh al tWIil l'ICK LED <1YHl'tliS, f i Holid ty Cm- ?1 ami OujwuU liet, Ho el .n.l B arding-houte K e,er?, will liii. t m iheir imereal 'o itive time II AUo, a we'.l telecteil aaortmeut of felly, Cat<ii|i. Pteteryei' (?'ruin, ke? tjt tale cheap. PKTKk HEOO.NE iU8Ji*rc 18 Ureenwich and l"7 Fulton ttieeta, N. Y. PAKK TH ATHK. Monday. l>. cam be ? 30lh, 1844. CHIPPENDALES BENKhi'J ?TWO NEW PIECES! LAUOH WHr.N YOU CAN. B >nut Mr < hippendtle. O t-atner Mr. W, M. Cm,.. Mr*. M it mer .Mr*. Hloinan. A new Fa ce called M1TRDHI (N THE MHlT DEO REE. 1*1 thagoru Mphon Mr. Chi, |<end*le. M>. Curt 'l Mr. Either. To conclude with the iurcet*ful new Uratna of tae CHHISTMaS t.AHOL. (Jhoat Mr. Barrv. Olil H< rooge Mr. Chippendale. D- Dilworth Mr Hkrir-lt. Xmt*l'at' t ...Mr*. bk> ie>t Bi.i Bo >k now npeu. d/8 2t rrc ?? 17IH8I ANM; iL BALI. OF THE IHISH EMIORAN l ^ H CIETY AT MBUI'- 8 *LUO ^.-Hackn.y C a h ? L t .iritge. or I abt engaged f it lb a Ball will ?*> tl rir con t: y down with their h rte.' h adttowar 'a Houaton atie. t.unl ke up the aatne iu ieverae nrdei w ail leaving. ISAAC II. HKOWN. d 8 3tii*m Huperint' ndam ol ihe Hack* and I aba FREE LECTURES ON ? HRENOLO (?V. PHVBIOLOOY AND PHV8t?M. NO.vlY in I hree Cou ?e*,hy'i S. Foia Lga, in Clinton Hall.e e y '1'liurtd jre?e. ? iim?tt.h-l eorui r of Chrxtiie and l'ehn?ey itreet*, every W.doe*day in., and at Si. I.uke't Bu.ld ng, i-orn-r > VHiiilton and nr.* ?. tve v Monil.i) in lairtari, enruaiy a ,d March cm ?i.enciag at o'clock, and c o-iug win publice-am natioi t. A.:, in ibationlak.n For i articulart t e bill* aun duly ailve ti e ? en't rr. etamiuaiioii .l ily n _ Ul Nattaustreet. Alao, MOikto theanor. Science* for an.- d2t 2?*m MINKKVA AS8E!VIBLY RnQviy. 406 BKOADWAy* NEA H W A L K K II. l'HK rKOl iUKrOKH of the above nui e i)f ?ooni? h ive, ?i i an iminen.'f riixMisr, c jmpl^ted iIip ino?t t'e^aut And com uliout BALL OR rONCEUT HUOM ihe city, and r* *D*ctful'y i vue A?r it th? atienfiou ofiht irablic. Its luc 1 iou i^inK tn< eeii'fat pirt ?f llro^dway, |*cu laily ndap'a if for the purport infendtd. nnd the interior ai mi* m nta have heeu m ?d ri.tir- ly witli V e view of promutii.^ the comfort and Conv?in~i c* of the vi iter?. THK SALOON rwpable of ?eat;n oi*e? thousand p^ ions. The decoration' <* ol the most clta?p deirrii ti*>ii. hrimg in 8*irnor \ i ?a< tyle. A aerie* of chuaic aUtti*ry, h ve alto Ik 11 provided fron the ?tttdioofMr. B ?h?m. The room, wh"ii nriHian'ly lii{htri) thr> e costly ch-iiidelier?, presents a coup d\til une<|ual|pd bv any other ?*f?taMi*hm?Mit in the city. A apaciouH Sup|ier H?>oin, Dr^ssin^ H >oms, Htc. lie. hav? been provided, than render,n* t.fie .Mmriva Rooms the moat df iraiile in th" city for ('onceita. Ass^mbli**, lie* Full pa'ticuiara may be h^d by at plication to Mr. Hutching* ?li?* prcmilM N. B ? .MiM'ary and otlier companies desirous of tfivimc dio num. Sic , will fi d at these Rooms every c mvemenc* for gett ?n he minr iu ths most eisi-iiit and couiinodiuus ?tyU* d20 lm#rc largest COLLECTION OF BEA8TS AN] B'RDS IN THIS COUNTKY. UN P R EC K n K NT F. D Ji T T R Ji C TI O S GRKAT BOaXINO MATrH-Novel and ArnusinK fcaOt^r taiiunent?Th?* Or^at#**' Hill of the HeasMn, at thr NKV\ VlKN Rife), Noa 149 Kultou, and 1^ \uu ?trrrta. on M'-n day Afur oon and KveniiiK, Drcein r p th, and every d?y ?uC ??vrniiiK during tte wrek, at 3 and 8 o'clock, I'. .\1. Admit unee US cents. Th * hirers ol the " Kan^v" a*e reii^ctfully info'm-d that rh? mana er of th?* abof* M?ii| rie Ijeing i* ell < oiivtutr-l of the Ur mendousstrides m^d* hv th???e oronc'ciit in "IV A't," n?> made an en-agemeni wi h the filluwing ce!?-brsfrd artists. vth< will etuihit thrir nev* artis ical Kreaks of fhe 8c?en?e:~in d ditioii fit the many sui.n Is i?'-w ?-*hibit?d thtre, Hi ?. < ilist< AI me id v Spanish H icr; L? Diaholo, ttie Learn- d Kat.gar.' hi conjunction with viajor .lark Downing the Him ?u I'ure. o. hi nlw?r words, "the most int lliitent Monkey in the c< ui?try,' who will g>> fhio uh liis wond?*ifu jierformsnce in tl e ring, ajiU on hi* celebrated l'ou>, Hillv Hu'ton The i?ii Id c re r? s, ec f1 u 11 v inf ?rn ed *h\tat the above hours ;ig. Almeida, the Finnish Boiei, and La l>iab- lo. ih?- i?.e. ? Ksug p o. will enfer the >plen id Ar**na, pref?ared lor romhat tir?ISK which sCrll" the doc rilie hlll^errf consid^d f ibn IIS viz: an anioial standing on the esuerne end or his ta I tod itMitle, will |?- luMv *liown to the ta'mf?ctii<| of all. Ih msnager haa effrcied tlwr a ?? engagement al an euoimousf> ?wiise, and c?'nfid?*iiily looks for the |. trouage ol all who km? ? iow fo Hpi rrr.ate tine and nov>I tah-nt did ec JOTA I OK.^.-lfWlO huihel?v? rv su?er or Kngl 'h I'ot toes, t in prime mil<)ition, ju?' r c?is d i*t ?hip 'l-l^>erty,,, frou Liverpool, ai d f r s?le in lots to ? nit puich .sexs, h> W. k J I TaPIICOTT. d2Src 76 South srr<n?t. corner M ?ide?i l.ane FASHIONAKLL DANCING.. MONK. OA D K I IC L D K KORfONAV , HAH the honor of informing the Ladies and Omtlrtaevi of Nev York, and vicinity, that lie h^a arrued for th# purpose o giving instruction in the r>rinr if I f ?> ? Mi l>abcns prsvsi) in Uie highest circles oI Kunuiria ? ! imsncu Mors K has lately arrived from Boston, Karai ??a aiid .Mrs port, where his style met thr warmest admiration of ti*r , whlo oid the marked approval of the faaho ii.ible C4*vmsniii?t>. Xmont' others. Mons. K. proposal leach that v.^11 know lance !,A POLKA-^the tjew Unadrillrs with original music ih** Valur df Den* Pas?the i? urn Cotillions? n>" Ual opt*, and all American Unices VI ons. K. will W# nss'sted by MA DA .VIC KORPONAV^ The instruction will be given in the Kreurh, Oe nan and Knglish languages. Itmims are fngaged at 25 Tark riice.?strictly pi irate, Ci?' oid air/?for the accommodation of Ladies aud (tsHitlrm'-r. The r< Ika, and the new Qu ?dnllea. as at present danced i fie nishionalile circles of London and I aris. can be taught in si ?rtwelv' Icsaoua. evr.ept th?* Matourka Allotliersin tw#ajt> ?or lf*ss??us Koffiinher particulars, mqBirv of MUNh KOHPONAV,# oS(*esid<*uce, Vt Park llace TKHMs:**(/laMS L? shoiis from 10 to 12, A* M., 12 to 1, a ? 2. P M., and from i to 7 in the evening ?<ii lessons, twelsi lessen.s. 110. and ipMrter, $1) t'rivate I**1ss ui?sn lessons ?? twelve le**?ua |u. ue* r. t20 all other iionrt will he itevowd to >*nlilie ln*tltnt<? Ac.. me* Sc., xr ? Alf'MOl' Kim >KW OKI.l.tMl T caet . the l?t laiiu t y - I he t|>l?iidi I, w. II know n. fa t iai ? ail packet all j. ' Hll.K K Sit, Captain ."eaia. will la ?aitive|y aa almve her n-itulai day. Tlie aeciiinmodatin >* ul lint thin for C'Hin, ?*< oad ralne. an. eraae paa, iig.f., a>e Ve/y tiimim. 'I h ?* wuhiii* lo ?ecu, Ilhi all. Ill J not fail to m..k. early ai'i'lKvimu on Ni.kI. foot e.i Laue, or lo VV hJ I 1 AP"I OCT, dMic T% South ttreel, corn* Maiden Lane. v'lft. I til It T14 h. A i'tJL. TH18 D-cee'er 'flrh IMt, *111 b? peaa*pt*d A,( LKt Kljll Til?, llf.AH'ICIi Vuuiut K*P?d. Mr. iV' ii. ?*' ; Mr. 'tun .1 Jmr Oeiiaud. #.'%* ? Vo*t?*f. Mr?. 1) ot r.) couelu,:, ? I HK1STMA-. i AltoL?tteroo#ft, Ml. (Juppe- dale; t.h.iar of Old Merley. Mr tt.rrv Auinrtna. -6uki, ut I in i., c?ui??necmd aad Third 1 ?r* 50 cull ? i it c*ut*?(iallary ?i . eut?. PALIO'* NIK^V VURK UHKHA IIOISB*. SATURDAY EVKMIW*. ive V?,v,? ?!?,?, ? ftl# s??uu.-lu co?-equeur* ? -! .Mcunn Pico'? li,4w,M.ilti(M tb? 0,-*ra I ? avoid My chanced, tud I MH1T \M will I? i?r fo-med ? Elvira, "* guo ? B>r<h**e; Arthur, or A-it g ,uti\ Waliua, Sinnor V*l rllibi; llnh?rJ, >i?uor 'J . I .u, Au >n>?ion: l^'irM 'I in tgu Ptrtiurac, |l. i'i*r M ru Private Boir*, with 4 ?diniaiioni, ?t> -e*l? aetuiid [$nm "? A M to 1 P. At. Doora Ht 7; performance to c- inuteuct ?t TH o'clock. LibattO* IU fc.llgllftll uiU lnl. tli cm I-e ?t il r B * la preparation Ht M IK A VII 0E, which will !><? gieen near week. with vl'li'iiu l 1 h iru*???, Oreh itri, Military Bmil, rutin- new Mtmirry anil Drrdrt, Willi th- whom ?t *tuth ofth* Company. The U?y?of performance hereafter will b* Tueiday*. Thuia d<v *atn-if<' ?? ?l > i? ?It lino's THtkAlllK. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA SATURDAY EVENING. IWe., ber 2?rh. l?(t. will be >*? |?- ??? <1 I Ik* ?rni.d and ftuc<e*>ful drain* c lie-* THE DOOM OF THE Sl'V-n t live It, e?dci ofilie I'yri l*?* Ci.uf' tufty, \l . tiirwwi -am Nnlilil-*, i I o d'l i Loxenge Munuf, Nlr Huik' I) roth**, H? ome I' he I >rol, 5lr?. Burk-. Af ?? wh oh THE CO 8' Hlf S 'I'o ? on lule with the L?U '.HTEK OK THE DAN1'BE ? The U. uult tin , Sir Barue*: Fleur J* CItftmi ft M ft* Ht. I I.T "L r. HULL BROS to annonnc- th t hn I AST CONCERT will W * place at rhe Italian Opera Mou e, on * onday E?mnng J'th I). ceinh r, >8 4, wtieu lie will I* ???!? r<l by MISS JULIA L. N?>111 II \LL. lltlNutl XA.NQUih l< 1?, ?ud ? FULL OK CHK-TKA, u?d?r ih<-dir Cfi-n ol HIONttll LA MAN - A. On t .la 'ICC<UI<<M Ii* w |l lm? the h <u r, ill addition t<> " N I AOAKA" and ih- >Ol ITUl?E i?w THE >KAlHIE." to I* f<iim ' AliAGUt BKLIOIOS4 ?. or * Mother'* Pr?y?r," ?< d '? *|0ILIA\O E PAR an IK LA. ? b.-th ,.?J by ?rlf Mr PENH 'N ? ill inuaid* ?t tiie I'i uio Koru. d28 It rrc MK DEMP81'EK'S THIRD MUSICAL ENTER I AINMENT k LECTURE SCOTT I MI SONG, Will takr plure '/hit I I'rnina Saturday, Dec 28th, At th? *ih I'1ji Llbuir) , (('OMMcncinn it Hmr r*it >k?en o'clock.) JE? T KOBKHT BURNS. Hit hirth and ob?curily?hi? liruiui ?< d Kaina? lb* nrigioalU ty, imwcr md vari ty of hit \V it i<<? <?? hi ft Sung*?i<l? finl im lore of rou try- Im ambilio? I tie able "F r |<oor auld Sci tUi.d'? ukr, To fting ii ?ani{ at Ih >t " Tli* beauty of liia Patioral l.virt. "My Naoni# O Remaika on tliift ftiiiig?ii? rhiracter?the object of hii wriiiag it. he. Poverty, Love and Wealth "Oh! Pixirtith (Jauid and He?t le.. L?iye Bu lift'm ? nly defence of ih* mia'ienable righra ofhii ipacii'ft ?comi'i'iftOii made hetwreu tank an-l r?al w rtli, " An h<me*t iflan'i hr nobleat work of (iod." "Th - rank ia but the guinea'a aramp, The man's the now d lor a' ih -t." "A Man'i a Man', f t t' that." I l<? Hainorooi Songs of H irna. " My 'I'ocher'a th* lr<*el "?A Satire on tl'Ota m ?earch of wealth with < wife?a cuumug Daiua?l nut to be caught. Bur ?' adiuirvion of b*?ntv?its effec'i upon hit Ma?a? Writing from impulae. "Bonnie Wri Thing.' Hon* incidenta in Burna' life?hia i?e-|H on in fa?hion?bl? life-h'ft leliremrnt on hia farm at KI<iaUud?aoog aildr aa-d to Ink w iii- to welcome he. t1 rre?hia MppJ d.i; ?. 'O ?ne I on I arnaxftUi Hill PART II. MODERN POETRY. Muaic By Mr Dampa'rr. "Lament of the Iriali Km gr<uit."?Accouut of ita author?r? marka o<_ f a Poci-y, Ike Mia* Elir.i Cook?her Writ:ngi?char cfer cfhc iong??' A Home in ihe Hr<il ' Anoihe< et*ini<l?? acenea iu tl<efam ly circle. 'The Loved One waa u< t I heie." Vina 'Vaierinan?anoiherol'lierSiiUK<?remark*, lie ?"Thou irt "Ot near me " Alfn d Tennyaon? his pre?ent r?|'ul?-ity in F.ngl <nd. " The May t<ueen,' Ol th-Song of the nntiiil t ve?in Thre? P*'t* Rei>re*eut tig tie gradual d< c ty ofa yung anil !<???* I i cr>aturc ?fir*t I*ing crowned the ty'ieen of .Via ?aecond h?r >on? <?i New Ye .?'? Eve?third <he return ? ( 8p< i g?h r l.e*t Sofcg? hfr CCount of beii.g ralNil lo Heave-' I y the Angela. Admoaion 50 reii?*?T.cln-t* to l e had ?i iheiVu ir Stor'a. and at the door, w I er- tmokft of tie word* of the ?oct? ?i,o pfyr-n-m a, ?'' If Iml d.I It re GRa\L) fcTH ul'UN t>P Ka, .4/ Clinton Hnll. corner of Hfkman "fid Vuutu iti T ITTLE OLE BULL AND THE OblUINAL CONOO MEL1 'DISTS reap-ct'nllv nnin,u< c? to the citileni of i >w Vork that they Wil1 give a Orand Concei' at Clint Hall, cm tier if Beekman anil Na>**u at*., for three tiwhta only Thi* Cum iwny ciitMiti of Five Taletiteil Mu?ician<. a-.d from the im netite ?ucce>* which ha* atlendi-il theio, wherever they have up iH-aieil they .-re conftdenr in prom * ng their auditor* the m *t tneftnaaUa, ItWtUHMiMUh euteiUinmeur, that ever they ItS'ri ed to. Lilile Ole Bull, who ii only ten real* old, U admitted to b? he ureal**! V oltui-l "f hia age iu tn world. The e will le- a grind change of prrformauec earh evening ? Tiik-ta 2i c uta. K ir *ale -it the \?t?r Houae. and at the d or. I'o commence &t7>4 o'clock. Af ernoi-u perfniinai ce c m nenre* at 3 .i'cl< ck. d2< lw ec A GKaMi CONCKRT /^F Ml CK LI.AN h.OUS MUMC will be^iven in tl.? lane *t. vy Church Abingdon Square,. n M nHay Ev?nii>g, 11v- Jbt'i ii ?? , 'o ai'l th* CI urch iu t' rj (<ur< ha-e ol the huilntiig I I* raa>Ba do' ill* U. s hlit,. North Carxli'a wil be t mfteut I he Sii ging will coniiat of Soloa, Duel * < hum*"* it ae e.-led fiom the m *t i| t roti d authoil I hr K v WM TA'I ? I ON, I' D , w ill d 11v*-r an a.Utr-kj on the l e- p?r i r Me rmatiou, together with othar eaerciir,a lor which ar* i ro ;r<> m-. Ticke a "J c*nt??tn b- had at Vr Oroeb-ck'*, c n *r of Hie.. Iter at d C?r > ine at- ???; Mr, Du in'a B -ok-atoi.. Eiahih \ve lie; Mr R (.ire 'a, it Canal at,; Mr. llu'-oi* 2*7 Et.h -euthat ft-t, Dr Burnett 118 Cimd atiiei; Mr Pi ll< clt, <i -Iowa d alien, and a th<- door t-n the above ev--nii g. t!?H t? * *m MK. G Q CO LT \ N W ILL OIVK Uh URAND ANNUAL EXHIBITION or i hk r.rr cts pnoni cru by (NHALINO Nl ROl/^Ol D?. KXH ILK RATING, OR LAUGHING GA ! At tlie H uixlwny I nberimrle, MoMOaY hrgpiNC, Dtcc. 30th, 1*44. 'HK ENTKli'l'AI^ vir.N A v 111 < ommtocv *"t)i a Orand Volanfar\ ou the Or* an hv Mr TIVIvj *h?- is engaged r he occasion. Aft r which N'u ety'on; ? f O-s ??vii g ?er-n prepared. will be administered i T irt ?fneGeut emen ? he* Unitl. men have b'en select* d from ore thie hundred \ hf Hh? e inhaled iLe (?*? nt Piivat ? nterfinrn* ut*. and they ombiue ? company of ?h m >st I teller-til I, Original K.cctn* ric, * dd, Peculiar, Queer an-1 Lau .liable < I ancteis that the. ity afford?? any s % of them are worth the |trit-e ? f admnsion o wi'nraa. The t riva e entertainu ents **te giveu on turpom for thia selection. A stiong state and ?a ling will be erected for a rrotectiou to he jie son under he in flu nc ? of the ()?* and that h ? ud ce nay I av- k *ood opportunity to * i nes* the perform uce? I'v* elve strong in*n w ill aland around nd up nth* tttf.ase *% e-gu rd aminst all dai ger, either to the audience or the |eisou wide t e iullueiice of the (Ja?. \1^ ( o'tou hat fit ii tie ,r vate ent*rtan men's, and mar* he above thirty-hve telectiois, for tw reas ns Ut,?? be ep. b ed to offer an en'enau.mei>t at the l ab made of such inertia? iC and ponce*ul attrae'inn that none con d relief the temptaricn o alter d. 2d, to leinote every ? o??*ble ohjt torn to th* a t? nd uiC? of Ladies. A'ou 2 000 Lsdiet art? i'fd Ml Colto ft;* rriaiiiin nlstyear ?ud m m m r would hate attended, had i v imwn the character of the e?? ertaiuuient. ai d that tt one v?o were m tultafr rh* ? an had mha) d if lief..?e. Mr. ('niton e1ie?es t* e ei.tertainmeur w II he such a* t keep t) e ai.d.euce ii n roar ? f atitrlocr fur thre?- hour*. 1 he t flfecr of the Gas, ?? heti |urr, i? delightful, bevond r!V ,i wr of i?m;u >e to e\, re an** the ? ? tnr v.epical ?uth< rity >r Kii'o.e and America prove that it is per'ec ly li*rin|e.?. During th* ever >ng Mr | olrouni l Kiv? some of the most 1'irpnsii c t h o-ieai Ftperimenta Mr Colt .n will b^ iha tr?t to i'thal- ihe<i.?s. ( t it not intended tn/erent the n terttin' ?*ut nil n?-it winter, n.there ar?* more tic keu sold thau the noti ft will ?rrotnt" Kn ert ininvoi to c ininenr# p-ecnely at 7H o*?l? ck Me. 1'ifinn h ill e? minrnrr his {>? f rmaio e ar 1 o\ lock. 'I ickat* 2^ nuts?formal at-he A?tor Honse; New Vork Hotel; M >w rd'a h?'el; Atwil|'?. Mille 'a, H* hi t't, FVth k Hall's, Firth, Hall X I' i.d'-, air' sll t' e i ri. e?>l Mn c ? or-a. To avo d a erowd at the Roc Office, se w>? the ca?e lut yetr? lie pnhlic ar-adn rd to pinch ? i ckets nhcrethey aic lor I- t t e llotr-la ud SiOft* J2A ftJ?akM*ric M K C la ' K E HUGH'S FIR*T LKC'11 RK ON s r o 7 r i s h m i a s r n f l s y . OOSTPONF.D ?ii consequence of the Heather, will take ' | lace at the SOClK'l fc LIBRAHV, ou .Vord?t, icth t)-cenib*r, 18-i4. hi the rouiae of the Lrftnie will be i|.no luced various incidents sod anecdotet counected with (Le f?l ? iwiug sougt , " Up in the morniuK early." " Robin is my only jo." " The ^low??r* of tt?e Forest.*' M Ronnie L)u dee " " Mskkv Lauder." " 'I he L ims of l'atie*s Mill '* " Will >?- go to the h'.He-h'ights, MarionT* M Tak yVr sold cl >ak aboai <?. ' " The B'oom of Con den know es." " Th- (i ibrrluntie Man." " Vly W'fr h -a ta*?n the tfee " M B in Be11 and Man Oiay.,# M I ) t Rarrnifr o* Che joor." To commence at 1% o'clo k Ticket* Fift Cent ?To he had of all t>e Music Ptorea and Tr rhrehugii. 3tO Broadway, aud at ih? d or n tlw- neinmof he Udif dSS SUC ~ QUAUKli.LK HaUTI BALL^ AND PARTIES famished with Music st the th?'??!??*t not e-, hy at p yina to oMlHut VVHI J WOIIT", IVi h.a ? ttn>.daiv, or JOHN \\ HiTVV' >Hi H,2H9 Walk?r street. d'5 !m*rc CANT OK I A WAV . \fif- THK n BLI? WON'T LKT HIM <10 -fti) h VAI KNTINK, the "Lat i.Mi^o Prttuosorm? a "fn m i i u mm ?i m Mcce ? ??t oM * Ba iftn r Mill I I u ? v.iy. n 11 eial'v Comp?lt?d to remain one week more, eitvp' < n hritt ??aa Ilay whe ? Mr HAV'U L-, 'he renowned "Vein r.loqni t aiid M ificisi', wilf take>hi* i ice an^ will M" to ti e -ry I'ott.ini of that "Budget oi Fun, and tirini foi'h ali tta "as urea. A"-?? ?? yagad foronew?lt Mr DAN Hl<'K th-. rei?i?%t f 'i f ii; Singer in .hiscou try Old ou?k?*i Hill %% ? I ?m1 for'h all her 'thunders,* and "them Hed co ,ts" nill be hivwhed ui in m< at itall n' tf le. Tickets 26 c^i,ts Oo ra ?,e i n6Si-f' iBW'i c at 7 V|? ck P. S ?Ma'(inlay af'??rntx?nik, at 3 o'clock, as usual, fur fanolirs ind s* h 'ols. /" Five perforin iices will he giren on Chris!m\a D y?ell he Miu?it 10 A M., at 12, at 2, at 4, and again at 7 P. M d2l I w ? m G R AND OPENING HALL. Given it the Alhiitnra, 5.19 Brnadwsy. ?RbPRIKTOR k MONs'VXInin. OK KORPONW 1 IIK BL NKF11" OK THK AM) IlUMH ' AND THK BLIND A8? >'"???)*? J<? ?. I'M. rkeproprietor of the Alhvinra his th" honor to uufouuee to h? nbliC that, Heine d'out rebuilding and ilecorstintr hi* eat bluh tent in a novel and et|>emne Miauner, for th< p ?r|H?se ??f H vil?, ? Micrrm ?tr.. in winter?he will, wch ihe tanstance of Viols ? abriel V Kivrponay, (who In* ki idly rolentee rd his >r tliaf | nrpose,) give * (i *nd 0#snnnif B 11 ou the i7t'? ont., * aliove announced. On ;hito?casiOu will e ?ntr duced (he ? dka l>an?,ea, Quidril'e*. Valae de Deui Pas, (Itllmndw, kc.* oh r the direction i f Vlon*. de Korp?uav, and th?- heat and ?we?t viusicnow in eogne in tlie mo?t laatiionable circle# in urop-*, under he direction of Mr. Wigers Price of Tibet's mcludi g Su|?.*r a.<d liefreahmenu, 'motif k ' Oeatlefmn aud two L?dies? to he had at tlie Al* ?nra and r?f Vlous Korpuaa?, and at the principal Ho'els and ?Inc Ht."e? d ? jgb EXHIBITION T H K E N D <? K THE WORLD A PAINTING, \h VK.HV AKhK Hl/K, h> F AlH?lli, at the Apidfo, 4I? * Bruedway Ihe fe.thibiti a^is entirely separate trom trie mi cert ItiH'W, i from to *. M u> 4 P. M. Ydmiasioa t) enta ? d2' Itncc vfV^H -Mr D MSHAV, ? r fess..r of Musi , Nu. 55 h yt ie tiee . ah?)te ^ a'ke , wil goto he ?lft i^ e? a pupi ?and '? h ( n > ci y mi V Mir . rmi) tl? ( i lir II tl . i *iii?. \cc.< 'li n,V i>> i , I ninb n? ? J' .rii pmi > o,i'r .ti*i? i u I ? H ? tt irf I fo ba> it . k .1 i i 11 [n?( nr. tly iimnI. i,f < ii'y 'frinic?t ? r* n m' it turn ?' I ini m A't il )i.? i >0,1 to*. iiriaM mtu r* W <xit, wn?i.. u 4*4 mi ? .?h -d, for mI< by L. K. COLLI k ( U > < u n Swuiii iim I)'!

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