Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1845 Page 3
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Persons confined for years to their beds, have in I'.v ittStaaCaS been entirely cured and able to attend to their sine a alter mingone bottle Persons alter trying every other tele, are obliged at last to resort to this certain remedy to be red. bold only at 11 Courtlandt street. Relief for Deaf Person*?The numeroua itimoniet we are daily receiving of the efficacy of Dr. McNair's cconstic Oil in curing deafness, renders it worthy of the nn ;e of all vi hoare thus afflicted. Mr. William Hayden. ol Mill rtown. Conn, reports that two bottlea of this Oil effectually i red him of deafness of several years'standing?he could scarcr iiear any sounds distinctly, but the Oil produced the desired Feet*. A .nnnfM. P-l.-i -C M 1. AT J _i--1? r t"">. "?i ???*' uisiiuciiy, out tne on produced me uesireu ect*. A son of Mr Feltns, of Newburgh, was cured of deaf is of some months' stacding, after suffering Daiu for a long A man in Philadelphia was cured of deafness of fifteen ci man in rnuaueipnia was cured ol dealnets 01 tilleen '*r* standing by one bottle of this Oil, Now these are facti nirh cannot be doubted. Sold at 21 Courtlandt street, and al 7 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Price 91 per flask. I Dal ley'* Magical Pain Kxtrasctor, at the VlT AGKNC'r, 21 Courtland strbet, at half price. Gen. Duff Green, late government agent to ngland, and more recently to Texas, permits hii name to be leried to, and declares in public that Hays' Liniment, if from omstock ? Co.'s, is the most effectual remedy for piles ever iscovered. He d<*s this for th? benefit of the tormented, as ell as the proprietors. It must be remembered tliat it is (*t?nly sold by Comstock It Co., 21 Courtlandt street; and 19 Fultjn street, Brooklyn. Comatock Ac Co'* Concentrated Compound Inid F.xtract of Sarsaparilla, for the cure of Scroful >, Mercurial Diseases, Chronic Kheumatism, Biles from an impure state of General Debility, the Body, Cutaneous Diseases, Ulceration of the Throat, Scaly eruptions, Pains and Swellicg of the Pimples or Pastnles, Bones, ad all diseases arising from tn impare state of the blood, ex a?urea and imptudenee in life, excessive use of mercury. This celebrated medicine is prepared in the most approved sill,er fmm ths Purest ingredients, and is sold at such an ex leine low price that all can afford to use it, viz: 50 cents p?r ottle or $1 per dozen, in as large bottles as ol hers thats?ll at l>< eenormous price of ^1 per bottle. It can be found only at 21 ourtlaudt street; 19 Tiemont Row, Boston; 09 Second street, \ Louis; and 59 Poydras street, New Orleans. Captain Brook*, of the steamer Nlmrocl, re oris as follows : He crushed hit fiuger and it swelled snd pain d hiin so excessively that he was laid up five days. He was Bol l lie would be laid up far months. He kept it poulticed, but ?-onld not reduce the swelling er pain, till a friend told Mm to ske off the poultice and put on Cnnnel's Magical Pain Ex rartnr, from Coats roca It Co., 21 Courtlandt street. Capt. B .i d t' e S live and used it at once, and in five hoars the swelling ?? as removed, aud the finger nearly well. Capt. B. kas also seen t use 1 in caw* of burns, and theeffect hat been ntirvellous He ook * dozen, and d-clared he would n< t be without this Salve. *? ha* sent dozens to get it, and will verify all we herein say, id as much more. This Salve will cure the following complaints, or no pay ?taken for it, viz: Burns, Old.Sores, Erysipelas, Scalds, Bruises, Pimples on the face, Sprains, Scrofula, White Swelling, Eruptions, SoreKtes, Piles, either blind or Chilblains, Sore Nipples, bleeding. Caution?Sold only at 21 Courtlandt street; 19 Tremont Row, Boston; 69 Second street, St. Louis; and 59 Poydras it., New Oileans. Children cry for Sherman'* Lozenge* and well they may, for they have produced more astonishing cures than any medicines which have ever been before the public? Many who have b.en suffering under long continued coughs aud have despaired af relief, have found Sherman's Cough Ln z nges a sure antidote, while his Worm Lozenges have raised un in :re rhildren from declining health thar. all the nostrums put together which bear the name of worm remedies. Do not mistake the number, nor be deceived with counterfeit articles. Buy only of Dr. Sherman at his warehoase 106 Nassau street; or of nis Agents, 227 Hudsou street, corner of Spring; 181 Bow ery; Sands', corner of East Broadway aud Market street; 189 Fulton street, Brooklyn; 3 Ledger Buildiugi, Philadelphia. All l'hlladslplila bubwrlptlon* to tils Ha * ALU must be paid to the agents, Zieber k Co., 1 Ledge, Buildings, Third st'eet. near Chestnut, where single copies mtv also be obtained daily at 1 o'clock. ttT/" All the new and cheap Publication! for sale at their ea tabliahment, wholesale and retail. 1x7*" With the ezcep'ion of one piper, the "Herald" is read as much, perhaps, in Philadelphia, as any paper published in that cui%affording a valuable medium to advertisers. Adver tirements handed to the agents at half past 4 o'clock! will ap pear in the Herald mat day. nl ly Me HI cm I Notice.?The Advertisement* of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established f<* ths Suppression of Quackery, in the cure of all diseases, will hereafter appear on the fourth rage and last column of shit I'Mff- _ , W., 8. RICHARDSON, M. D.. Agent, tlffir* and Consnlting Kooms of the College.95 Nasvau stre* MONEY MAHKKr. Wednesday, Feb. 19?0 P. M. Quotations for stocks hare still an upward tendency, and the sales to-day at both Boards were very large Reading Railroad advanced J, Illinois J, Morris Canal ] Harltm Vicksburg J, Mohawk J,United States Bank f . Farmers'fell off Stoniogton J, Pennsylvania AS f, In diana Long Island j|; while Norwich and Worcester, Canton, East Boston, and Ohio 6*s, closed Arm at yester day's prices. The Bank Committee of tho Assembly of this State have rrpoited against any increase of tax on foreign insur ance companies. Tbe quarterly report of the Patchin Bank of Buffalo, tor February, compares with that for November, 1844, as annexed. Patch!!* Bark, Buffalo. Loans. Specif. Circ. Dept. Nov. 1844 227,686 5,347 99,880 60,023 Ksb. 1SU *17,890 13,808 99,(00 47.(69 Decrease 14,790 ? ? 12,190 Increase ? (.461 The circulation remains the same, while there has been an increase of about one hundred and fifty per cent in the specie. The Thorndika Manufacturing Company have declared n semi-annual dividend of 8 per cent, and the Amoskeag 6 per cent. The Committee on Banks in the Senate ot Pennsylva nia have reported a bill to re-charter the Lancaster dank. The Committee on Banks In the House reported adverse to the application of the Girard Bank for a re-charter We annex a statement showing the qnantity of many articles imported into this district for the month of Janu pry of the years 1843, '44 and '46, and showing the in crease and decrease in the importations for January, 1846, compared with those for the corresponding month in 1844. It will be observed that there has been en in crease in the quantity imported of coffee, figs, iron, hides, molasves, raisins, wool and wines, while there has been a decrease in the quantity of coal, cotton, lead, salt and to bacco imported. This table does not give the quantity of foreign manufactures imported, as tbe variety Is so great that it Is impossible to obtain them offl'ially. IsironTS mm the District or Nrw Yoas. Jan. 1843. Jan. '44. Jan. '49. Incr. Deer. Brandy, hi pipe* 8* 501" 478 ? 23 H ra?k? and bbls... 3 184 96 ? 88 Coal, tons 1,143 2,497 1,333 ? 1,134 f'.ochineil, crroont,.. 24 36 8 ? 22 Coffee, Itsas 16,278 39,137 37,764 2,6*7 ? Cotton, biles 90,98* 97,373 39,371 ? 28,002 Duck, hales 22 8 6 ? 2 I'i cri 4,878 724 106 ? 621 Earthenware, crates sad casks,.. 330 1,278 1,310 3* Fi*?. drums, fcc 9,991 13,818 49,723 33,404 Gin, pi let. 79 186 190 ? 34 Hemp bales ? ? 3,921 3,911 ? l on 279 383 ? ? 383 Hid-a. bales 73 9 141 132 - > umber 19,187 92.878 73.739 20,197 ? Iron, Im?, tons 1,208 1,034 1,130 112 ? Pis. tons 297 271 1,449 1,178 ? Millet,hoop,he bdls 793 1,314 3,111 2,497 ? Indian, ceres 93 99 44 ? 99 Ceronns 10 117 99 ? 6? Lsad.piss 14.607 31,784 11,979 ? 10,809 Molasses, hhds 1,470 1,493 1,9*9 92 Tierc ? 90 13* 118 '190 Barrela 9,276 749 9,910 S, 1411 Olive oil, casks... . ? 40 69 29 ? Bis sod bsskats.. 779 3.911 260 ? 2,618 Pimento. bs|s 1,937 1,660 2,(13 993 Haas, bales. 226 1,917 2,701 1,184 Baisina, casks ? 161 (83 922 Botes ? 11,417 13.707 1,290 Drums ? ? 290 290 Ttice, tiercaa 9,033 3.422 2,069 ? 1,413 Salt, bushels 72,309 94,677 41,413 ? 13,291 Salrpelie hags ? 200 2,404 2,204 ? StiKsrs, hhda 3,149 2,163 4.379 2,210 - T.orces (4 94 ? 94 Barrela 27 487 16 ? 471 Iloiat 1,800 2 026 728 ? 1,29# B .?? 8,994 2,000 9,370 7,370 ? Tobacco. Molt 49J 432 380 ? 7? Bales 8l<noons,... 3,164 l,Cr? 972 ? 1,090 Wool, Me? 2'3 1,139 2,937 1,798 Win* s, l.ttIM St |H|j*s 4 31 31 ? I * h<le. and '? pil ei, 87 133 928 393 }? tasks,... 47 438 1,711 1,273 Indian bbls 77 63 83 23 limes 133 919 160 - 399 The volin of the total importation of thi* port for Janu ary ot the past three years, will be found In a table which we annex, showing the invoice value of the dutiable and tindutlable goods. Tha.value of tha importations in Jan | uary, 1848, wai trifling compared with the same month in | 184t and 1848 Value or Miicmmmi Imtobtbw ihto the Diavaici or New Yoke, in the Month or Januaby, or thi ? Year* 1813, '44 aho *45. Dutiable - Fret foods. goods. Total. January, 1843,. $1,555,770 .80,190 1.744,96* jAiiuary, 1841 5.590,108 4 >3,191 6,012,17!) January. 184b, 6.581,941 728,618 6,310,15' Thi* table *how* the value ot merchandise and pioduci the manufacture and growth of foreign countriea import ed into thia port. It will be obierved that the value ol the import* for January, 1848, exceed! tlut for the corres ponding month in 1844. Thi! look! ai though theforeigu trade of thia port for 1846 would be larger than in 1844 but from present appearance! we should judge that * great lulling off in the value of our import! would iooi> take place. The London packet ship Victoria, has Just arrived with a very small carg >, considering that she lei London at a lime whan the largest shipments are usuall) made to this country, to meet the demand for the spring trade The value of the foreign importation into this poi I last February, waa $7,074 381. So far this month, the re. ' ceipts have not been so large as those for the aorrespond ing period last year, and we are inclined to think that the a /gregite for the month will fall below the aggregate oi February, 1844. The receipts at the Custom-House for tho first week in February?thia year?were $111,60-1, which, added to the amount of duties received in January, makes the total, since January 1st, $1,831,334 The re ceipts for the same period in 1844, amounted to $1,493 0.-8* being $86-1,784 more than the receipts this year. The re venue Irom customs, received at the Custom-House of this port, for January, 1843, were only $198,648 less than in January, 1844, consequently there must have been afali lig offin the receipts for the first week in February, 1843, compared with the corresponding week in 1844, of 8464.108. This cor firms our previous statement, that the importations for February, 1846, will be much leas than those for February, 1844 The annual repot ts of the Banks of New Jersey have been made to the Legislature, but only the following have been made public. Banes or New Jersey. ? < Jan. 1844.?, Jan. 1843 ?, Loans. Specie. Loans. Specie Mechanics' and Manufac'f, 126,351 27,896 136,994 26,180 Princeton Bank 129,664 18,158 133,276 12,r09 Trenton Bauk, 243,462 34,834 267,388 33,544 riainfield Bank 79,265 19,042 66,638 11,624 New Hope 132,661 7,217 134,162 20,861 $711,383 167,147 73T7.438 105.108 Ctrc. Dept. Circ. Deps . Mechanics' and Manufac's, 66,096 45.341 76,863 53,823 Princeton Bank 36,195 108,657 37,503 128,937 Treuton Bank 115,340 71,679 141,576 120.981 Plainfield Bank 97,978 21,739 81.400 16.970 New Hope 32,931 21,213 109,070 19,996 $348,543 268,629 446,402 432,709 * The leading features of these Banks compare as follows. Jan. 1844. Jan. '45. Incr. Deer. Loans $711,383 737,458 26,075 - Specie 107,147 105,108 ? 2,039 Circulation, 318,543 446,402 97,859 ? Depositee 268,629 432,709 164,080 ? There has been an increase in all the departments but specie, which has increaeed only a little more than two thousand dollars, while the circulation is nearly one hun dred thousand dollars larger than in January, 1844. In January, 1638, there were twenty.five Banks in New Jersey?in January, 1844, there were twenty.six ; and the banking movement of these Banks at the two periods, wr. annex. It will be seen that there has been, In the mean. time, a great falling off in the discounts, circulation and deposits. Bakes or New Jersey. Banks. Loans. Specie. Circ. Dept. 1836, Jau 25 9,341,797 496,917 1,918 017 1,869,254 1844, Jan 26 4,764,720 510,710 1,574,635 1,190,880 Decrease $4,577,077 ? 339,382 Increase....... 1 ? 13.793 ? 678,37) i ? 13,793 ? The decrease in discounts reaches nearly fifty per cent but at the rate of increase in the movements of the New Jersey banks noticed in the reports of those given to day, a short time will suffice to regain the extent of the opera tions of 1886. The banks of New Jersey are not, however, extending their operations more rapidly than those of other States. There appears to be a universnl expansion in the movements of the Banks of every State, and the expiration of three or five year* will find the business of the Banks of this country as much extended as it was in 1835or 1838, unless the eourse now pursued is materially changed. Old Stock Exchange. $6809 U 8 6's, '62. cpn 114 20 shat E Beaton Co 12 6000 NY State7's,'49 106k <5 Harlem RR 71* 3000 Ohio 6's, '60 98)2 100 do s30 71 8000 Illinois spcl bds 45 100 do i20 71 10000 do b60 45k 150 do b60 72 2000 Indiana bds 37)2 100 L Island RR s30 77 5009 <lo b30 38 500 dft 77 32000 Penn'a 5'i 73* 100 do b60 77? 5 shas Bk of America 98 100 do b45 77)2 II Bk State NY 85k 300 Stoniugton KR 42k 10 Am Esc Bk 83k 150 do b60 42k 100 Vicksburx Bk 6k 50 do 41k 10 Howard I ni 112 180 do 41k 100 N Am Trust 14k 50 do s30 41k 100 Can<on Co 55 100 Nor li Wore bnw 73 50 Farmers'Tr 41k 275 do 73 150 do 41 50 do s30 73 50 do 1)30 41k 200 do b60 73k 50 do bSO 41k 150 do 73k 300 do 40k 175 do 72V , 209 Morris Canal 29V 50 do 72k 450 do 29k 103 Reading RR 47 25 Mohawk RR 66V 50 do 47V 30 do 66k 50 do 47 k 85 do 66 Second Boards $10000 Illinois 6's, *70 r 41k 25 shss Canton Co 54k 25 shas Morris Cnl b3 29 k 25 do 54k 100 do 19k 25 do 54 k 150 Reading RR a3 47k 25 do 54k 75 L Island RR s3 75k 50 do s30 54 50 do 76k 50 Farmera'Ln 40k 59 do 76k 175 do b3 40k 125 do 76k 100 Stonington RR a30 41 20 N River Bk r 100 Hew Stocks Exehangs. $10000 Ohio 8'a.'60 b90 99 125 aha Canton Co c 55 3000 Ind Dol Bds b30 38k 25 do C 54 V 1000 Illinois 6's 1870 37 25 do c 54 k 2000 do b30 37 25 do c 54k 100 ills U S Bank c 5V 59 L Island RR c 76\ 100 Vickshurg Bank C 6k 125 do b3 77 25 Morris Canal |3 29k >5 do b30 78 50 Farmers' Tr c 41 50 do s30 76k 25 do c 40k 25 Stonington c 41k 225 do C 40V 25 do b3Q 42), 50 do (10 40k 25 do b3 41k 10U E Boston >15 12 25 do s30 41V 300 do s60 Ilk 25 Nor R Wor s3 73k 300 do s60 Uk 25 do b3 73k 25 do blO Ilk 50 do 73 |50 do *10 Ilk Sales or Stoces?Boston, Feb. 11. 30 shares Western Railroad, 08}; 3 do 99]; 35 do East Boiton Co. II]; 60 do 11|; 4 do Fitchburg Railroad, 113; 60 do Norwich and Worcester Railroad, 73; 36 do 73]; 36 do 73; lido Tortland, 8aco and Portsmouth Railroad, 08]; 60 do ReadingRailrond, 33]; 35 da Wilmington RR, ao 5da,31;73do 31]; 16 do 31]; 16 do Now England Worsted Co. 101]; 60 dividenda Eaat BoatonCo. 4 7-10. State of Trade. Ashes ? Pota are dull, and we quote $3 87) a $4. Pearls are steady at $4 18] a (4 36. Exports lrom 1st to 11th inst?Pota 714 bbla; Pearla 390 bbls. BEaawAi ?Prime yellow western and southern sella at 30] a 39)c. Cotton?The market tc-day exhibited no change, pri ces being still in favor of the buyer. About 600 bales were taken, entirely for export. Oils and Boise?This market la rather quiet. We hear of nothing of consequence in either w hale oil or bone In New Bedford the demand for Sperm Oil contiuues good, with sales of 417 bbla at 86c; 630 bbla at 86]c; 600 bbla at 86 cents, and several small parcels at prices not mado public. The Holders are now firm at 86 cents. The demand'for whale oil is more active, and the sales ot the week comprise 300 bbla. N. W. Coast, at 33]c. per gallon, and about 6600 bbla. do (including the cargo ol ship Magnolia, and part of the Romau) on private terms. Provisions.?There is very little doing in Ohio Pork Erime is held at (7 03 a (3, and Mesa at (9 93 a (10 Ohio ard, bbla, sells at 6] a 7c. Kegs at 6)c. Whisbet ? Drudge casks are still held at 33c. Western and prison barrels sell as mentioned, at 33c. Brazilian Commercial Intelligence?The following will be found of interest to the commercial community:? Coneulate General of the Empire of Brazil, ) in the United Statu if Jlmtrica. ( The following Imperial Decrees of the Brazilian Go vernmrntere published for the use of those whom it may concern :? Decree No. 386 or the 36th Aran., 1844. Refutation* far a Reduction of the Anchorage Duel upon Veetele carrying Emigrant! to Brazil. Chapter 1. Character of the Emigranlt. Art. 1?Vessels, in order to be entitled to the benefit ol those regulations, mus carry to the Empire ol Brazil emigrants of the following character :? Sec. 1. Those destitute of meant to pay their passage. Sec. 3. Thsse who are robust, healthy, and diligent in business. Sec. 8. Those between the ages of 14 and 31 years, and in rqnal numbers ?f either sex. Art. 3.?Government will not deduct the passage of any unmarried girl, when not acroaapanying her father, or ol any woman who is a cabin passenger Art. 3 ?The anchorage dues will also be deducted for the passage of emigrants up to the age of 60 yeirs, when bringing sons or daughters in such numbers that, count ing each child at 4 years, beginning at 31, they shall unitedly possess the age of at least 87 years. These emi grants are permitted to bring, for every three children of the above ages, one under 14 and one over 6 y ears Art. 4?Emigrants should be chosen among servants, husbandmen, blacksmiths, carpenters and masons. Chatter 3 ? Upon the Amount Deducted. Art 6 ?Vessels arriving in the ports ot the empire with emigrants, the deduction to bu made upon the anchorage shall in no case exceed sixty milrels per psisei'g r. The actual reduction shall be fixed by the Collector of the Custom House, In view of the documents presented by the Captain. Appeals may be made to the Treasury De partment Art. 6 ?When the number of emigrants (-hall be men than ten, on increase ol one per cent upon the valuation will tHUe place |?r each add,tionnl ton brought by thw vej s. I, but this increase will never exceed six per cent, thi Captain in all cases being obliged to answer, on securii y for any difference that the Treasury Department may find in the valuation or incri sac Art The Commrisionei r.f ti e B trrd of H ilth.ic the ports of tbe Empire, me obliged to examine the stati of the health of the emigrants on arrival, and to certify the results of their observations, in order that the deduc tion may take place, as mentioned In the above artwlea. CHARTER 8. Fmttparlt tf (As Emigrant! from Foreign Covnlriti. Alt. 8,?Captains or owners of vessels, wishing to ?vsi! themselves of the advantage* of thia-reguWM?va'? t> communicate to the Brazilian .Minister, Consul, Vic Consul, or other agents ol colonization for the Empire that they intend to transport emigrants, and said emi grants must iiuike the following declarations :? Bee 1 Their name, age and business. S?c 'J That they are thoroughly acquainted with th< obligations imposed upon them by this legulation, and re quired to apply themselves to the particular kind of labo which they hare specified as being ccmpetent to pel form Sic 3. The name and residence of the persons unde whom they have been in service, presenting a rocommt-u dation of good conduct paise-1 by th>m. Sec 4 To be innocent of crime, end over 17 years ot age unless minors. i ?63. 6. That they had the small pox, or else have be I vaccinated. Art. 0.?The Consols and Vice Consols of the Empire in foreign countries, are authorised to employ physician to txunutie the atate of the lit a th ol the t migrants, en pending in this wny any sums put at their disposal by tat Department of Home or Foreign Allaire. Ait. 10 - The Consols and Vice Consuls will grant t emigrants going to the Kmpire, in conformity with this regulation, gratuitous passports, declining said conforim ty, and remitting at the same time to thu Hasan Depart ment, all documents collected on the subject, togethe: with a list of the emigrants' names. Chapter 4 Qtneral Regulation! Ait. 11.?The Consols and Vice < omuls will punctual ly observe all the items of the present arrangement, ex cept when advised at any modification by the govern ment. Art. 19.?Emigrants going by virtue of these regula tions, shall not, in the course of three years, Bee. 1. Leave the province where they arrive. 8ec. i. Purchase, lease, let, or acquire the use of lands by any title. Sec 3 Establish commercial houses, administer them, become a clerk or to sell from dcor to door. The viola tions cf tuis article will be punished with the penalties imposed by the law ol October Utti, 1837, upon those who do not fulfil their contracts Art. 13?The government may dispense with the re quirement cf the above article, when conclusive reason snail be presented by the emigrants. Art. 14.?Captains of vessels may receive from those who employ emigrants, a compensation not to exceed a filth part of the cnarge upon the deduc'ion of tba anchoi? age dues made on their account, provided that this com pensation shall impose no burden upon said emigrants Art. 18 ?The whole deduction to be made by the go vernment upon the transportation of emigrants, shall ne ver exceed the amount of charges to wnich vessels are subject, whatever be the number et emigrants brought. Art. 16 ?The Consuls and Vice Consuls will only send that number of emigrants designated expressly by the government in its order, notwithstanding a larger num ber might wish to go to the Empire, with the advantages of tbe present regulation. Art 17 ?Presidents ol Piovinces will inform the go vernment quarterly, of the number of emigrants arrived in couformity with these regulations, the state in which they have arrived, and their behavior. Art. i8.?The services rendered by the Consuls and -Vice Consuls, in the execution of this regulation, shall be remunerated by the government, according to theii importance. MANUEL ALVE8 BRANCO Rio de Janeiro, April 96, 1844. Decree No. 382, or the 9th or Oot. 1844. Regulating the Surplut Store I oj VetttU Art. 1 Alter calculating the surplus (tores granted free to each vassal, as mentioned in the Decree of the 80th March, 1839, add 30 per rent more for the conxump tion of her crew in port, after discharging, as olso for re turn TOTOgft, upon 'which no duties shall be exacted, as specified in article 91st, section 10th, of the regulation ot the J id June, 1836 Art. 2 ? If, after the above addition, an excess of stores be verified, the consumption duty on sai l excess will he paid, but in separating the articles subject to du'y. from those which are exempted, the Captain shall be at liberty tot-keol such article or articles a greater pottion than was hitherto allowed, and if taking more, &r even less, ot eithrrot the articles mentioned in the list, the. portion o' each article allowed for each day must be substituted by the same quantity of any other article allows d for the same period. Art. 3.?If the Captain should consider that the surplus ?torn which are granted him free of duty, for his return voyage, or that any article of the same stores, are nit ""mclei ? ? [ent to carry him to the poit of his destination, h? may ask for a deposits of the articles he mny think ne cessary and such deposits will be granted in the national ?tores, till the day before bis departure, conducting them to and from said deposito at his own cost, in which case he shall pay no duties on the excess. Art 4 ?This regulation is only applicable to those na tions which grant the same favor to Brazilian navigation The government shall ascertain what those nations are which grant nothing, or grant less, to Brazilian vessels, in order to treat them in the same manner. Art. 6 ?Ail regulations to the contrary are revoked. MANUEL ALVE8 BRANCO. RiO Janeiro, Oct 9,1844. Decree No. 389. or the 16th Not. 1844. Jiltering the Regulationt #/ -JOth Ju'y 1944, t'n relation to the Anchorage Duet Art. 1.? Are free of anchorage dues? Sec. 1. Vessels entering snd clearing in ballast. Sec. 2. Vessels entering on the thud and subsequent vo nges. within a year, having paid on the two previous arrivals the dues establishtd by the dtcree of July 30th, 1844. Art 3.?Vessels entering in Franquier, in order to try the market or receive orders, having discharged or taken no cargo, will pay per ton, daily, the dues established by the laws of Nov. 16. 1831. Oct 31, 1S83. and Oct. 32,1830 Art. 3.?All regulations to thecontrary are revoked. MANUEL ALVES BRANCO. Rio dr Janeiro, Nov. 16, 1844. JAJIZ HENRIQUE FERREIRA D'AOUIAR, Consul General. New Tore, Feb. 13,1845 Brighton Cattle Market, Feb. 10?At Market 000 Beef Cattle, and 100 sheep; 26 Beef Cattle, exclusive of 60, which arrived too late, and are not included in the above, remain unsold. Pbices ? Beef Cattle?The quality of the Cattle, this week, was bet*er than last, without any advance In pr ces. We quote extra $6 25 a 5 60; first quality $5 a 5.26; seeond quality $4,?0 a 4,76; third quality $4 a 4,60. 8heep? Common Sheep from $176 to 3 36; Wetheri from $2 35 to 4 60 One lot very fine and heavy, $5. Swine?None at market except a few ordinary, report ed laat week. Married, On Friday, the 7th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Dtvia, Mr Wm. N. Mortimer, of Glasgow, Scotland, to Miss Jane M Gilbert, of New York. At Norwalb, Ct., on Tuesday evening, 11th mat, by ?he Rev Mr. Woolsey, Andrew Brtson, U. 8 Navy, of New York, to Charlotte M., Laughter of Mr. John Ar nold, of the forme r place. Died, On Tuesday, Uth Instant, John Pratt, son of William Pratt, aged 98 years. His friends and thoae of his family, and of his broi her in law, Jar Bartley, are respectfully invited to attend bis funeral, from No. 3 Minetta street, to morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock precisely. On Wednesday, 13th inst.,of inflammation on the brain, Thomas H. White, eged 48 years and 4 months. Thi relatives and friends of the f imily are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, at his late residence 108 Or chard street, corner of Dehucey, on Friday, the Uth inst, at 3 o'clock, without further invitation. On Wednesday morning, ol consumption, Sarah S, wife of E. F. Crissey. aged 31 year*. The relative! and friends of the family, are invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at 4 o'elock, from 87 Sullivan street. On Wednesday, 13th inst., Yiroinia, younger daughter o< George and Hannah Wbitiker, aged three months and nineteen days. Tuesday, 11th inat., Thomas Dennv. His friends and acquaintances are invited to attend his funeral this alternoon, at 8 o'clock, from hit late residence 62 James street. Psussengera Arrived, Carthaoena?Brig Chaires?Hon Willism M Blackford, Charge d'Affaires of U 8 to New Grenada: Wm W Blackford, Secretary; Edw Dison, Bearer of Dripstones; John Chapman, Mariano Lindeman. Jnlins Ahlborn?I in thestee-age. A _ jll i) . I. t ? "fa? MARITIME HERALD. Movements ot the SUamihlm. St earner e. Lea?e Liv'l. Dvei ijlme'a. Leave dme'a Hibemia, Ryrie. . -Feb. 4 ...Feb. 1R Mar. 1 G. Western. Matthews. .Mar. 29 ...April 12.. April 24 Ship masters and Agent*. We shall esteem it a lavor if Captain* of Veatela will give to KonrRT Silvkt, Captain of onr Newt Boat*, a report of theshippinj left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreigm newspapers, or news they may have. He will board them im mediately on Jjieir arrival. Agent* and Correspondent* at heme a Tavo >r abroad, will alio eonfer a favor by sending to this other all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Inform*, ?ion of any kind will be thankfully received. POUT UK KKV0 YORK, FKBRUAHV 13. SON EISNS 6 47 I MOON SRTS 12 1A M site ICTS 5 It I Niew water ... 12 45 r Barqne New York, (Himb) Boye, Hamburg, Des Arts It Co ?Brigs Maaonn, (. lark, Lisbon, Harheck A _ . Co; Albert, Black, New Orleans, Buck It Peters; Mi-sisslppi, Rariden, do, Nesmuh A Walsh; I'hilnra, Doane, Savannah, Dunham A Di inon; Emily, She-wood, Charleston, do.?Schrs Sally Miller, f'liatlin, Edenton, NC: Harriet Smith, Smith, Newhern, NC; H VVe.tcott, Vsnre. Richmond, N L MeCready A Co; Geo Klotts. Be,my, Baltimore, JAN Briggs: Jos Lybrand. Rogers, Philadelphia, Wm J Mclvee A Co; K H Stevens, Briggs, Sooth Amboy; tAlexander, Bell, New Havtu. Arrived. Ship Elizabeth, Hailing*, (of Poitland) 70 day* fin Leghorn, With rsgs and marble, to order. Barque Princeton, Honghton, 25 dayi from New Orleans, with sugar aud malaises, to matter. Brig < haires, Furber. from Carthagena, Jan 15, with specie, Ac. ro Everett A Battelle. Brig Onluar-, for New York, sailed S before. Jan 27, raw a large ship sshore betweeu Sandy Key Memory Rock, 8 W part of Little Bahama Bank?apparent ly just gone on, masts all standing, eonld not make oat her paint. Same date, tat '27, Ion 79 3A, spoke brig Arabian, 8 days from New Orleans for Philadelphia. 4tn inst. ru t. heavy gale from WNW, split fore topsail and trysail and lost foresail? ley to 4 days. Has been II days North of Httterae, with heaey head gales. Brig Teaser, Green, Sfl days from Savannah la Mar. Jam. With 105 ton* logwood 12 pons rum 349 bags pimento 22 hides to W Dtwson Alio. Left barqne Archibald" ' _arqn* Archibald Gracie, for Belli more, soon. The T has had very bid wea her on the passage? 1*1 been 12 days North of Hatteres. Bug Atlantic, Whittlesey, 26 Hays from St Kitts, in ballast [0 Trowbridge A D-sight, of New H-vrti where the brig is bound. Left no American vessels st St Kitts. Left at 1 riui dul l in 7 brig i hrisr.ens. of Men, Me. Brush brig Peggr, Smith, 21 days from Montego Bay, Jsm with rnmeuto, to Dunscomb A Berkwith. Left no American. Th- I came up under sail. Brig Ahby Amelia, Colbnrn (of Pittston) 25 days from At takapas, La w ith sugar and molssaes, to D L Sayre. Spoke, no da e, lot 2flI 99, Ion 29 30 brig Ceres, from Attakspas for Boston; lat 30. Ion 77 30, bsrqna H W Tyler, from Apalachicola for 1 Providence, r.iprrieoeed severe weather on the passage. The A A came up under sail. Brig Gsorm, Yatea, I day* from Oeeagetowa, SC. with cm toe. to O Balkier ' Sehr Advent. John.on 15 days from Newborn, NC. with "* v.I stores, to M Piatt. S|K>ke Mil. ult. lot V 55, lou 7J 30, sehr Ht tlflrna, from Bottou for Wtlmiugton, NC. The A na? bMii blown off twice. Cim? up nalir tail. SchrvNap(fl*On, Young, 16 dtys from Swansboro, NO. ??l, naval stores, to lie Peyylrr k Has encouuwrn wrathvr?in the la" gale ?'<>?? bulwark., fce. Sehr Rochester, Lark, 6 diys from Balua ore, with m?li?, t ' Sehr WsVe*B**rlisg, 3 days from Virginia, with oyatara, t. "'s'chr Miilaa, Phillip#, from Vienna, with corn. iislow. Two brigs, unknown. Ship Duchesse d'Orleans, Pari*. Havre, and others. Correspondence of tire Herwld Halifax, NS Feb. J. 1845 Weather i. very cold here; the lb-, momet^below^ro-^ The harbor is frosen over. 1 he .chr Jane 9l?": * sail for New York as .oou as she can get through the ice. Hoi.mes Hoi r, beb. 9, 1815 j,h?Arr Megunticook. Charleston for Bostou. 7ih?Arr Lawrence, Baltimore for Boston. b'for? | 8 h?Arr Baltimore. Baltimore for Boston. The fleeto.l reported .till remains Lighters have gone to lh'*"'.,uulte br g Lowdvr. There I. a nr at deal of ice lu the Sound. 9 h?Arr Dover, Baltimore for Bostou. Miscellaneous Itecord. PacacT Ship Swiiierlard, for Laudon, will tail this morning at 10 o'?lock. Bam Lowtir.a, ashore rear Quirk's Hole, has ?.CSI*,? j kale, cotton and 161 tcs rire vrhich will be savei4in adtimagir state, principally insured in Boston. 1 ho vessel is rew,?n is supposed will be a total lots, eicept sails and rigging, as th tide ebbs and Bows in her, and is also insured in Boston | '*a, Dyer, of DennU, from Fredericksburg for u? ton b, fme rei'ortet bilsrd at Hvannia mlihegale f ?h,.is n total h>*? About half the floor and corn has b en landed tie | ?tt?f itbulK diuiaii-il will b? on the ipot. The flour I W ScitV ExcVi., Lo'ing. from New York for Boston, hef"r' repo' ted ash re at Hyanoia. was got off 9th.. h id taken on boar I the re.t of her cargo in good order, and would tail first wind. Whalemen, rArr at New Bedford 10th i"at. South Boston, Crowell NYV Coast Maui Sept 31. with i960 bbla (175 so) oil. and MWO lbs bone: Sh iron. Smith. N W (. oast, Maui Sept 19, with 900 bbl. I si) 1000 do wli oil anil 9000 lbs bone . ? v, Tlios Williams, of and for htnmngton. 4)4 raoiinut from N W | Coast vin Saudwicii Islands, spoken Jau 7, lat V 19 N, Ion Apolcen. .... .... Manto, Lane, Boston fat Malta, 10th inst. Cape Cod light |3Y ^ 1,\'miVy! of"iid from Halifax for Jamaica, Jan 17, lat 28 29, '?Partridga, Doughty, Wilmington, NC. for Martinique, Jan to lat 30 10, Ion 66 26 . .. _ ? i ur t? a t; S lien an, Portland for Havana, Jan 31, Cape Cod W bj 8 >? . Mary Frances, steering BE. Jan 23, off I ortngas. Angsliue, Moliiie for Portland, Jau 28, lat 20 39, Ion 79 35. Foreign Port?. Milaoa, Dec 18-AnNautiln* Lincoln. Foston. Gibraltar, Dec 23?In port, Nahant, Fernald, Trom New Orlaaus, disc: Lewis, Bearse, from New York, just arr, 9rfP1'. Snow and Frie, Ounby. from Baltimore, dise; t.eroline, Ti o m ?s w tg cargo;IHannak, Woodman, for (ail, to load for Rio Grind? Sid 23d. Saluda, Waahbnru. froui Talermo for New Orleans;Christiana, Warren, Leghorn for Boston. f 8r Lucik, Ja. no date?In l>ort, Spirta, Drtukwater, from ^Hal'ikai'.'^S. Feb 1?Arr Actre?s McDonald. New York.? The " Nova Scotitn" of the 3d, says that * few snug vet e s anitable fur the West India trade might fiud employmsut at this port. Home Porte. llUlllt'i visw. Portland. Feb 10?Arr BfillUnt, F;ankfort for NYork. NrwBUHvrnRT, Feb 10?Arr M&rv, Co^k. Baltimore. Boston Feb 11?Arr Strnbo, Griffin, Calcutta?experienced I severe weather ou the coast; ZuWtte, K'lWy. Malaaa; Tay, do?was on soundings 25th ul?; JFIovd.-Jewe^NOrleans ?the K has been 9 dsvs N of the 9 Shoal of Nantucket, with heavy Kales. Took the gale of the 4th inst from the eastward, at 3 p m, Chatham light? bearing NNW U m,l?;clo.ajre(V?i toLsails and took ui mainsail At 6 it blew a pe feet from K to K by N. At 10* lost jibboom, jib .?1 "ft~"ew time snlit a new topmast staysail, end the foresail, a so new. blew into shreds. The barque lying br-ad off, ,c^ ij1' fore topsail, beihg unable to clew it up?ihiPP""J h 1 which tilled the decks and ran into tha house. At 2la m, 5th, the wind lulled somewhat, and at 0 hauled to (he JTMtw_r<L made .a l at d stood in for Cane Ann, (he wind heading off, ran for I o'ls wour h, and made tlw lighu, butthe windh.nlingto the northward, ran for Newburyporr, ancb'-rcd aud aid mit side the b)r until 1 p m, then made sail for Boston, and arrived st Provmeetown. She has a (nil deck loifl ?fif tlw which is in good order, notwi?hstanding the ?>o'?"Ce of the | gale. Also arr. Montpelier. htackpole, and Marseillois, 81re| er. M obi It; Zaida. Chapman, and John Bron wer, A'J" ,a hicola; . Uxardo. Berry. .Wdmington. NC;Kl,m. Baker, I York; 'PhomM, Weeks,^Mirago^an^.Oth^ult?left no^A^v^cam T&phXM^rillo.^ Sip,lr?i2bn?. Cld Pandora. Past. n. B-rba.lo-s; Belize, Dawes.l.ape Havtie.., ("olombo, (Jill. Mariel; Sartelle. Taylor, New Oileans, Fam, , Mid son, New Bedford, to load for Antwerp; Jnns. Alleii^ Uavanuah; Josephine Kldridge, Norfolk, to load for OPOJJJJt p VI?Arr Murilln, Wood<ide, Apalachico'a 15th ulr. 2(th lat. 23 39 lou 79 30. 6 lement. Turner, from Apalsehtcola for Boston; 9?h inst. I t 40 47, Ion.C9 30 Mary Franwa. Je-.W. do fordo 8poke the Element again, off Cape 1< loritia, ami was informed by Capt Tamer that he had spoken tne Quin"'b*"8; Fulton, from Apslachicola for Boston, and that * tb^ in sight was the Q. Copt Fnlton stated that the Lion, Alexan der. of Bath, frotn Apalachirola for New York, had gone a'hom on Tortugas. Capt Woo 'side presumes the L went on about 21st ult as he was in thst vicinity at that time, aud ilblaw hard. New Bedford, Feb 10? Hid Helen, N York. , . ?, Frovihc atowpc, Feb 9?In port, Jaarer, Rich, Calais for N YHoLme. Hole, Feb 8. 5 P m-Arr Baltimore. Brown Balti more for Boston, and^remained with .Lawrence, William. Beoj Franklin 8ou?h?r, Herald. Homer, Wolcott, Mora, remfe ranc?, Megunticook. At'as, Challenge, Hadaaaah. Joseph, and UdV. 8chrnjnlia Ann has' eotir ly and ts expecwd^ be afloat soon Most of the csrgo of sehr Maneer Has oeen taFD0raU?T0nwit0Feb8-1n port. Protection, Fowler, fr-m Wil mlngton. NC for Boston; Marengo. Freeman. for do; belaware, Holbrook, N V ork fordo: Saml M Dowall, Hpr"v"Vc^d?;b7od-ArrAdams,Nicke,.on, Philadelphia Wiuhington. Br-wo. NYork. Bidow, from Norfolk. The nter it ?roxen over below Bullock s Point. *" ttS.#/.r^W3tTl4o. Fenner, Nickeraon, Philade! i>hia?came out of the Capea on Friday in eo with Baltimore Br'stol. Feb 9^Sld Geo W Oifford. Comery, New Orlean. 10th?Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, our Mfesc'ns, Mean., Cienfnegoa. WiLMUtorotl VfC Feb 7?Cld Liun, ratten, Onadaloupe; ^Hiuttirw! Krh 8?Cld Dimon, Robinaon, New Orlenna; | NiIe| BelL Matanzas. ?d Bullivmt, Waite, NVork: OWmre. - 1 Riheult, Savannah. .7 h-Arr New York. Hnll NYo,k. rFr] Riheult, Savannah. 7:h-Arr New York, Hull, ^ v ota Sid V ita, [Dan] Elinguis, Fleitsbntg, Denm^k, M Lellan. Jonea; Ho t Isaac Birrell. and Alfred, Mv- rt, Havre, Yartan. Lockwood, and Sosimehanna, MjercWn Liven^ol. BroutML Cnrtia. London: Catharine, Tufts. Bostou. 6th?Arr Msry Frcnces, Koby, ilayana? the Pinl We biter, Wacaon, hence, ar' 26th nit. The Marv Frances, Etchberger, for Cardenas, to load for Baltimore, aid fm Havana 27th ult. .. r.i?w a Savarvah. Feb 7?Arr Arlitta. Stetson. Havana. Below, a sehr. Cld Washington, Ada., a. B-ton; FrtMg -kmj. ? son, Venice; Ameri'an Eagle, Lombard, PJiilade'ph'a. Sid Havre, Carpenter, and Kiinhall, Ing ah.m, Boato?, Augnsu. Sherwood, and Peter Demill, Lewis. New York, Richmond, I 8 r^AcooaTiRE, Fla. Feb 1?Arr Florida, Burgess. NYork | vii Savannah. By Last Nifht'i Sonthern Mail. Baltimore, Feb II?Arr Androscnggii, Larrtlm. Portland: Uoion. rotter, Providence; Bsrorenu, Smdley, Boston?4th lint, off the Potomac, loat overboard Albion Dean, ae-min, of Lincolnville, aged 18. Cld Elizi, (new) Corner, rernambnco anil a mkt The ice, principally flaming, atrenda aa far down as Hauny Point?there u lit'le or none he> end that point. Walthall, Feb ID? Sid Eunoirna, Mansfield, Kio Janeiro. NonroLK, Keb 10-Arr Maria, Latouret;e, N York for Balti more, in distress, with loss of anchors and chain, has been blown off; Ellen Hayford, and Carpo, Martin, Portsmouth.? In Hamilton Roads, Powhatan, and a barque unknown, from Baltimore 7th?Arr Spy, Hawkins, NYork for Georgetown, DC. in distress?anchored nnder Smith's Island yesterday morn ing,, and in a severe gale from NW, lost both anchors aud chains, carried away jibhoom, lost Jib, See: Metropolis, Stull, Mataponi for Providence, pnt in leaky?5th insi. whitest an chor it Hamilton Koads, Rot in contact with the DorehPster, of IN York, which caused the vessel to leak, and was compelled to Culver, New York; Pomona, Wixon, NBedford; Metropolis, Stull, and St Leon, Babson, Providence; Chanticleer, Dyer. Boston. Mobile, Feb4?Arr Pauline, [Br] Pione'l, and Sarah It Ar ailia, Batman Havre; Michigan Mason, Portland via Charles ton; Mary, [Br] Sullivan, and Hope, [Br] Grahsm, Liverpool; Chastina. Homer, Trinidad. Cld Lady Milton, [B-] finnott, Liverpool; Shvlock, Mathews, Providence, 3d?Ar Symmetry, [Br] MeKinnell, end Wallace, [Brl Main, Liverpool; Superb, [Brl Hardy, Greenock; Hector, Spencer; Remittance. Silsby, andKenncbec, Smith, NYork; Hums, Linrell, and Manias, Williams, Boston; Alabama, Dudley, Baltimore; Abo, Fooks, and Pioneer, Parker. Havana. Below, Bt ship Hope. Cld Al batross, Simpson, Liverpool. New Orleans, Feb 1?Arr Auhnrn, Durfey, and Hilah, Hammond. NYork; Eoglsnd, Everard; Lotns,Watson;Ooliah, Slater; Pallas.Cotriiill, and Jane, Milliuan, [all Br] Livetpool; Talma, Cayol, Bordeaux; Princess Kova1, [Br] Morris, Bristol Eng; Wm Haines, Boss, and Eliza, Blake, Havana; Nestor, Moses; European, (Jay; Mareia, Harwood; Roman, Doane, and Cervantes. Taylor, Boston; China, [Br] Tnrnbnll, Pb ana Cervantes, i ayior, nosion; onins, tnrj inrnnnn, riv mouth, Eng; Henrietta Mary, [Br] Brown, Ichaboe; Canada, [Br] Adams, London; Good Intent, [Brl Warburton, Fowey, king; Sultan. Harward, Havana; Irad Ferry, Chaae, Havre; Sprimtfield, Frey, Barb idoes; Margaretta, Everett, Rio Janeiro; Rowlaud, Watts, Baltimore. Below, Einpresario, Collins, Havana; Cuba, Rio Janeiro. Miscellaneous. Steamship Marmora, Page, which sailed yesterday for Galveston, in going down tberiver, came in contact with the British ship England, in tow of the Porpoise,about 7 o'clock P. M. ten miles below the city. The Marmora was struck nearly amidshin, and cutdoen to ihe water's edge, the bow of the England taking first?several of the passengers were slightly in jorej. I he prinripal part of the eargo of the boat, it is feared, will he partially d images. The England sustained no injury.? [N. O Bulletin, 3d iusL DISBROW'S RIDING SCHOOL, No. 408 BOWERY, Nbar Astor aivd La Fayette Places, New Yore. RA K. D. has the honor to announce that his School is open "J- Day and Evening, for Equestrian Tuition and Exercise Riding. TERMS: LECTURE LESSONS. 18 Laesuns SIS 88 18 " 10 On 4 " 5 00 Single Lessons 1 00 Koad " 1 58 N. B.?Highly trained and quiet Hnnee, for the Rond or Parade, to let. ETfttizo CLASS. 1 Month tit 08 30 Rides 10 00 10 " ? 00 Single Ridee 71 II Lessons $? 00 I M Hides $18 88 Single I 00 I Single Hide 75 RULES: 1.?All Lemons or Rides pnid for on commencing. 8.?One honr allowed on each Lesson or ii'de in the School. 3.?One honr and a half to a Lesson on t ia> Koad. r Ladi 4.?Hours for Ladies, from 8 A. M. to > T M. 5.?Hours for Gentlemen, frtm 8 to 3, and from 7 to 8K P. M. 8.?No Gentlemen admitted dating Urn hours appropriated to Ladiea. I A card of addreas is requested previous to eommmemg. ? I [T?"Gentleman keeping thoirhoraoe at thisestabliAment, will have the privilege of riding them in the School gratis. DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURBISHING ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHANGE BUILDING, PHILADECPhiA. 'PUK SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform the Daguerreotype X Artists, that they have considerably enlarged their connec tion! throughout the Union, the West Indict, South America and Europe. They have also made arrangements to he supplied with every new article nsed In the Daguerreotype Art. l'hev have lately received a large anpply of voiftlaeuder'a celebrated Cameras, consisting of there different sizes, for the sale ot vhieh they are appointed Ageots Also, a supply of besi "litee and Chemicala. either for Daguerreotype or < alotypr made to their especial order Cases of all sizes tlie liest I'olidiinf Substances, and every oilier article nsed for the Dagnsrreot; pe xinstajitly on hand. Their long rouneetion with the Daguer reotype An and tlwir snccema in taking pictures, may serve as a a?i? ?a ? Artf? *? recommendation and relwnea. Daguerreotype Artists, by ordering articles from any part of tha above named eonntaiea, may depend vpon a prompt and aatiafactory eirention of their MHI, Their prices are eaak. Prices Current and information may be obtained by addressing (post-pud) to H' AUCTION SAXES. A. C. TUTTI.K, Auctioneer. ARDWARe AND CUTLKHY SALE?Jaeob 8. Piatt*. Fourth Spring Trade Sale will lake plure This Day at It o'clock, consistiug of a large assortment of Heavy and 81 ell Hardware at d Fancy Artirlea. Alto, 100 luta of every description of Cutlery, vixwtab'e au< desert Knives end Forks anil Carv. ra; Pan ana Pocket 1, I. 3, and 6 blade Knivea, Southern and Planter's Knives, Dirks, Loci and Spring-back do Alao, Raiors, Sri tors. Shears, Ike. Alto, ll. n. Table and Tea Hpoou* Alao, 50 wti fine Japanne i 1 ea Trava and Waiter*. N. B ?The attention of country dealer* *? well aa the city trade i* directed to lliia Bale. Catalogue*are ready at the auetio room. f!2 If je BEN I A Ml N MOONEY, Aurtione-r. A UCTION NOTICE-Hardware, Cutle.y 8t Fancy Gpod* -fa- J W Mortwn r St Co. will aell This Day, at 10 o'clock, a: No. 91 Maideu Line, a general aaaoitmrut of Hardware lie . vix:?Bed Key*, Needlei, Lauipa, Tea Tray*, tiuned iron Sauo I'au*. Ke'tle*, Nail* Hinge*. Lock*. Filee, J ipauery, Spoom Pan and Pocket Kuivre, '1 able Knives and Fork*, Saw*, Ac.Sic AI?o, 2 casks Hollowwaie. Carver*. Shear*, Sic. Alao, French md Overman Fancy Goods, Dre-sing Case:. Combs, Playing Csrds, It r she*. Pencils. Ste.. Sic. Also, an uitoice of g Id and silver Pencil Cases, Ky> Glasses Watrh. Ike. Ca'a'oguc* are now ready. fll If ec NAVY AGENT'S OFFICE,! New Yoik, Feb 8, IMS 1 fpHE FOLLOWING ARTICLES will be told at Publn -a Aucti n, at the U. S Nn*y Yard, Brooklyn, L 1 , or Monday, 17th iuat, at 13 o'clock, M., under the direction ol the subscriber, vix 1 Ubl Pork, 1 Tin Pan, 4 and IP 2 Odthsbhl* Beef, 18 bme* Pepper, 3 188- 9bdths bbla Flour, 10 p-ir Scissors, 1051 lbs Itiee, I it'ess Pan, 754 lbs Uaisirs, 8i lbs Tobacco, 3291 lbs 11 end, I Horse, 8I1{ lb* Tea. 1 pti' White Flanurl Drawers. 2 boxes Blacking, 13 pair Yaru Socks, 10 i?> k Kniv -a, 2 pair Y?rn S ockings, 10 hoses Mustard, I White Linen Frock. 300 Sewing Needles, 1 !>?ir White Linen Trowsers albs toffee, 3 Blue Cloth Jackets, 92 lbs Cocoa, 3 White Flannel Shirta. 21 lb* Cheese, 1 Black Silk Handkerchief, 2 bbls Indian Meal, 1 Spnou, 4% nu-h Beans, 3*5 Thimbles. 2 lha Batter, Terms Cash. JAMES H. SUV DAM. Nary Agent, fe9 to 17 rrc No. 60 Courtl'iidt st. ADMINISTRATORS' .-ALE OF REAL ESTATE, WILL BE SOLD at Public Ve due on Wednesday, the2Hl dav of February next, at 11 o'clock, A. M., at the lite res idence of Henry S. tarll. deceased, the Real Estate of which ti died posteisrd, situate in the town of Huntington, and county of Suffolk, ?ix: the Homestead containing about 130 acres nt Land, on which aie two Dwelling Houses, a good Barn and Out Buildings, a good Well of Water, uear the door, and a large pond of water, which ha* a never failing spring, neat the house, two lame Apple Orchards, and a variety of choice fruit, tht wholeFarm being in gowd niec? of Timber and Sprou' Land adjoining the road leading fr-m Dixhills to Sweet Hoi low, containing by estimation 40 acres; al?o, another piece < f Timber and Sprout Land, known by the name of Newfoundland, Bear the Half-hollow Hills, containing, by estimaiion, 21 acre-: also, another piece of Sprout and Timber L and, lying west ol the house of Philip Valentine, <nd adioiniuT the road leadiny from said Valentine's to Sweet Hollow, containing five acres more or less; also, a tract of Salt and Sedge Meadow, on Great Neck, on the sou'.h side of the Island, containing about 10 acres. The above will be sold altogether or in pieces to suit purcha sers. Anv (eraon <l?irous of viewing the same can call oi Jac. b P. Car'I, on the premises, or Gilbert Carll, Dixhills ? Auy other information can be given by C'onkliu Carll, Brook lyu, and indisputable titles given for the same CONKLIN i'aIILL.) Administrators for them GILBERT CARLL, ) selves and the other Heirs. f9l26*ec AUCTION SALES. DEAL ESTATE AUCTION SALES, at the Merchant. 11 e xchange, attended to by the ? nhic-ibes a. usual, on as liberal terms a. any other house. Brooklyn property will beat tended to by James Cole, 63 Fulton street, Brooklyn, and ad vertised in Doth the New York and Brooklvu papers, or by E. H. LUDi OW A CO., jaSO 2w*rc 23 Broad street, cor. of Exchange Place. TXT ANTED?A Situation by a respectable yr ung woman, u /' do the cooking, w ashing and i-ontug in a private family The best of city reference^!ven. Has no objection to do the home, work in a small family. Apply at 203 Second street, up stairs, first floor f!3 2t*rc POUND-In November last, bet-* eenAlbany and New York, 1 on board of a steamboat, a Pocket Book, containing a not* of hand and s <me money. The note signed Joseph Crager and in fivor of John Carman. Apply kMES < "3 3t*rc JAMES CONWAY, Lowell, Mass. U S CITY DESPATCH POST TO-MORHOW being "BT. VALENTINE'S DAY," an increased force will De added for 'he occasion, to insure the s eedy delivery of the great number of edditio al letteri usually deposited. Free Stamps can b- obtained at this and the Branch Post Office at' hatham Square, and at all the plices where U S. Despatch Boxes are placed. To prevent mistakes, letters should be fully?J ' Id be fully and intelligibly addressed and the number aud s-reet distinctly stated. JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM. P. M , February '3th, 1843. 1 fi3 2tec THE " 1. O. OF O. F." rpHE 1JNDER8IONED regrets the necessity of stating, that the announcement of the above mentioned Instiulion, that the .'New York Sacred Music Society had volunteered their services in aid of the Festival at the Tabernacle this evening," is made without any authority. This notice is conceived to be particularly necessary, lest the announcement should conflict with the regtlar meeting of the Society for rehearsal of the Oratorio of the Messiah. L. B. WY MAN, f!3 Ifec President of the N. Y Sacred Music Society. GREAT REDUCTION. GOLDSMITH'S PREMIUM SYSTEM OE MERCANTILE PENMANSHIP. Guaranteed to all in Ten Lessons of One Hour each. Terms Reduced to only $2,50. ROOMS, 189 BROADWAY. f!3 3ti?*rc HUMOR. FUN AND SATIRE. rPHE TOWN, is the name of one of the most magnificent A and original publicationa ever published in New York, em bracing Satire, Humor, choice Litera-ure, Local Occurrencea, and bearing alt the features of the London Punch?which wil be issued on Saturday, 13th February. 1843, at 111 Fulton street, and at all the Literary Dept is. Single copy sixpence, and (4 ter huudied. Sold wholesale and retail by JUDD It TAYLOR. No 2 4.tor Houie And 8HURTZ A TAY LOK, Baltimore. For sale as above? The Mysteries of London. Tbe Invalide, by Si iudler. The P agent's Daughter. The Brigand,Harper's Edition. flS 3tii*rc Green's Works on Gambling Isabela; or, The Pride of Paler mo. All of Eugene Sue's Works. BY THF. CAMBRIA-VALENTINES'. Ho ! ho ! for the dav, when true lovers may Their vows to each other impart, Uncsasnr'd bv those who feign would oppose The spontaneous flow of the heart. THE PROPRIETOR has the pleasure to announce to the A public, tha'he ha^received probably ihe largest, most su perb and beautiful assortment of English that has been imported by any other house in the city, or perhaps in the conntry It comprises agreat t umber of new and novel designs and devices?llluu.inatious. Silver Wreaths In reli-f Lace and Satin Work, Mirrors, lie., Ac. He can furnish V-lentiues o( soch superior magnificence, on Vellum, illumiuated and ' rna mei.ted on the lour sides, at to be worth $30?which may be preserved lor generations as beautiful curiosities. W. A C. has also prepared a hand-ome vaiiety of elegantly written Valentines, filled with beautiful, gay, poetical and CO... ilimecta.y sentiments. Vi lentines splendidly painted and il luminated with Names, Device, aud versus, to order, at short notice. Please call before purchasing elsewhere, at fll 2trc WM. A. COLMAN'S, No. 203 Br adwey. BOUQUETS, FLOWERS. SEEDS & PLANTS 'I HE SUBSCRIBER respectfully bega to inform hit friends 1 and the public, that he has made temporary arrangements to furnish the above, from the store of Mr. Harrison, corner Bsoad wav and Prince streets. Bouquets, composed of th* m- it choice and scented exotica, can be had at a moment's notice. They will be arranged in the variont neat and fashionable stylrt which has given the subtcrirer to much notoriety during h i suiiennt*ndance of the late Conservatory and Seeu Establish ment of .Mr W. Niblo. Choice Annual E lowering Seed, Vegetable Se-dsand Flower ing Plant., on hand. JOHN ROBINSON. 113 tin gtitrc the 1 thai JACOB H. SACKMANN & BROTHER BOOKBINDERS AND IMPORTERS OF FOREIGN . BOOKS AND PAPER, r, unde-sigued be;s to inform his friends and the public that be hat taken his brother, H. K. backmann, into en partnership, aud that after this dav their business will se carried on nntjer th* above firm, for which hr solicits their patrouage, with the assurance that ell orders in either branch intrusted to Ihrm, will hare their best st'ention. JACOB H. SACKMANN, 63 Vexey .t, Febru.ry 11, 1143. fi3 3i?#c D^i, MEDICAL MAGNE IISM ? STRONG will wive another Lecture on Anim.l Magne tism, This (Thursday) Evening, at the Societv Libnry R'fm, Broadway, on which oi casino several lersons will fe Mxgnetixed, and various Experiments tried, in order to lest tbe different degrees of Magnetic Sleep, and explained in snch a manner as will enable ihe public '.o jndseof its merits. The great object < f these experiment* it to elicit truth and dissemi nate a knowledge of a scieoie so intim.ielw coonected with the happiness aud welfare of the human family. In tlie course of the exiwriments a Tooth will Ire extracted from a Young Lady while in the Magnetic State. Admission 26 cents?or a Gentleman and Two Ladies 30 cts. | Lecture to commence at half-paat 7 o'clock. fl3 lt*ec TWO MODERN BRICK DWELLING HOUSES TO LET?Pleasantly sitnaird. No. 13ji{ and No. 15. .First Avenne.?They each contain eleven rooms; six with fire places, with pan'nes and closets throughout. If re united, they will be altered into private dwellings, to aecommo d He good tenants. To such, the rents will he low. Possession given on the first of May next. The yards have double privies and wood-houses, and well laid out. Apulv to CORNELIUS DU BOI3, fl2 3l*rc 757 Broadway or 37 Water street. TO LET?Two Stores beau'ifully situated, in the new buildings fnow nearly complete) on the nothwesterlv , .corner of Br adwnv and Rea le street, (known ss tire La argc Buildings ) Also, a large and convenient Basement, well calculated for an Oyster Saloon, lie. Also, several convenient Stores in the second story, snitable for Merchant Tailors, Fashionable Milliners, Dressmakers, Itc. together with a variety of Rooms in the 2d, 3d, 4th, and 5ih stories, suitable for Offices. Private Pa lore with foldiug doors, Pantries and Bedrooms attached ; with Rooms suitable lor Dentists, Painters, Daguerreotypes and Exhibition Rooms, Ac. Those persons wanting rooms of the above description, ate re quested to call and examine the snme. Enquire on the premise*. fl3 Im'rc HOUSE IN W ARKKN STREET TO LET-The Urge and convenient Two Story Brick Honae, with a .two story tea room attached. No. 92 Warren street. Can be se n between 10 and 144 o'clock, daily. For particulars ap plv between II and 12 A. M. or 4 and 5 P. M., to f 12 3ti.*rc HENRY BKKOH. 23 Broad street. TO LET?Thet splendid Siore 374 Broadwav?is 9" feel deep, with a Irrge cellar underneath; was fitted up ?aBLei >ear for a fancy dry goods store, with Urge pis e glass show windows, mahogany swing doors, large sire mirrors, counters, stools, deek, case fixtures. Ac. I'o.s -ssjo - immediate ly, if desired. Apply to VV. B. MOFFAT, 412 3tis*m 333 Broadway. CALHOUN CENTRAL COMMITTED THE Mwbiberi of this Committee are notified to attend, at St. J- John's Hall, ou Friday Evrningnext, at 7 P. M., on impor tant hnnnees. The Corresponding Committee are prepared to repot several important communications from Washington and elsewhere. EDMUND S. DERRY, Chairman. JOHN R. BRADY, Secretary f 12 3tis*re INDIA RUBBER SHOES TJUTCINSON A RUN YON, offer for sale, the best nssort il ment of India Rubber Shoes iu the city. ment of India Rubber Shoes iu the city, comprising ever) variety in nse, which for beauty and durability, are not snrpas. sed iu the world. Also, the Metallic-Rubter Over bhoes which do not s>iff n in the coldest wea'her. and always retain their color. Purchas-re are invited to call and esamiueoni s'ock. I, /"? We se'l cheap at wholesale and retail. Warehouse of the Newark N J , India Rubber Factory, 3) Maiden-lane. HUTCHINSON A RUNYON, 12 I wis*re HEMP.?380 bales superior dew rot II -mr-. i?je < ? in lots li suit pnrchaeers,by E K. COLI.lN*- A 1 <> fijrc 3* South It. w HEAT?3000 Bushels Prime Ulieois. for sale in lou to suit, by. * ? 'OLLIN8 ft CO-.M South el AMUSEMENTS. ? ry i -i?> ? ? OPEN EVERY LVEN|NG, A I'D 01* SATURDAY AVTEROON THE. GREATEST L<^UgS^RIAN TROUPE IN THE Comrhsieg On- Superior Talent of M'tsr*. J. J. Nsthaus. (,. J. Rogers, M Pjtlai.d. E. Woods, T. V. Turner, the Brothers Kinrade. McColTum, Jtc,4tc,4tc. M?srs. Weill suit J fljey-, Cretei iiwes. In addition lo which exirso d'n?ry l"gu u of Talent, will b? represented a' National Equestrian Orematic Wpeeta'le, widi beautiful Scenes, Costumes, Art llery, Bridges, ipuneuse Runs, tic.. entitled MAD ANTONY WAYNE ! ? ID HIS BOLD HOHftt; DEV1LDARE. Whose Tremendous Slides, Lea|? and Bounds over Rosuring Waterfalls, and the Appalling Fest of Dashing Down a Terrific and Pe/nend cular Hock into a Fort manned by the British, will be faithful ly enacted, together with the final strusgla, resulting in THE TRIUMPH OF Life RTY '. The Characters sustained by a Treble Company of the highest irputatiou, which can be certified by a petusal of hand-billr. Pricei of Jidmution. Private Boxes M First Tier of Boxes and Parquette M cents ?deeoud Tier of Boxes 2J cents Gallsry UHcruta. PAliUVI OPRRA HOVM. FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR KAVANAGH. GRAND COMBINATION OF TALENT. THIS evs NINO, Mirnary 13th, 'I hird Night of Mr KNEABS -nil his TROUPE, i" a Grand Concert asais'ed by ihit ju?tlv celebrated Band, th" Gl INF.A BEREN ADERd, wh" w ,11 give some of th? most faal'ionabl# and popular Bongs, Hefains, Pari d es, tic And conclude with the tiiai.d Ethiopian Operatic Burletta on the BOHEMIAN GIRL, entitled THE VIRGINIAN GIRL. By the whole Troupe. Lucv Long, alias Lucy >eal Vadaroe De|>o. Syntha Sue Jignmina Lusciearhia Pourgimxe. AuntSa I, Higunra Since yon li rineto. Jumbo Jum Sis, Tiianglei a. Spruce Pink S k Tumat e. Old Dad Neal Sig Fannysarah. Ponqiey D icklees ,. ihe Pa.son... >ig. Ameninn. In the coins' of the piece theie will b' Songs, Duetts. Trios. S'lartetU, Choru .es, sis" the ? ale rated Polk i Pauce ai J Orauu allop, by the ? hole company Grand Final*?Young Love 1'riurn hant Smiling Oh! whet full dalight Take your time v:is? Lucy Firsr ti r and Parquette 60 cents. Second tier S3 cenu. Private Boxsa S3. Doors oren at 6>i o'clock?Concert to eommenca at o'rloek. Box Office oneu Pom 10 ro 5 o'clock to secure seats. [^/"Bnnqusts cau be bought st tha door PAhno'S OPERA HOUSK. GKAND Gf NCEKT. FOR THE BENFFIT OF THE ITALIAN ORCHESTRA. On Saturday Evenlng,lSlh ot Frbruary.lMSt The following Artists have kindly given their services on tbia occasion, vix? I MADAME ARNAULT, MADAME OTTO. MISS E. DE LUCE, Her first appearance in public, and MISS NORTH ALL. SIGN'S ANTOGN1NI, VALTELLINA. 8ANQU1R1CO, And SIGN OK DE BEGNIS. Solo Pf rfohmeus, PIG. RAPETTI. MON BLKV k >IK. ORO'-'NVELDT. The Orchestra will consist of Sixcy of tha first Professors id the citv. Leader, signor Rapetti Admittance, to the P?rquefe, Orchestra and First Tier. $t? Second Ti*r, 50 ceu's?Private Boxes, $10. Doors open at 6, the Convert wilt commence precisely at N. B ?Places cau he secure! at the Box Office, on Friday and Sntutday, from 9 to 5 o'clock. f!3 3tie ac I'RYON'8 CIRCUS. B OW ERY AMPHITHEATRE. BENEKIT OF MASTER WALTER AY MAR. First Night of the GLORY OK NAPOLEON '. A New Act of Hor.emamhip, by Vaster Ay mar/ Also of'lw N?? C^ic P"toim^, nWN HARLEQUIN ABf^VtJUIATOR CLOWN Beaidea & full and Splendid Performance in the Circle. f!3 It*re "NEW YORK NACRKD MUSIC SUUE'IY. HANDEL'S ORATORIO OK THEi MESSIAH. rpHlS Peif.rmance will take plane at the 1 aberiiaele, on I Monday Evening, the 2Hh instant, instead of Evening, 26th, 11 previously announced. The Board of Mma g%^en^^ih'DwUribifo"hii?^attoBui?he^?rt?atatmftM^th?? ^A?Mr BROUfiH,1 MrUMYER?mT. jL ^ The Programme will be dnly announte.d. [Cr- Every 1'erformiug V'emher will be ei pec ted to att'nd the Rehearsal. at the Hall of the Society, thia ev. un.g. f!3 lt?ec I TTALENT1NE SOIREE?"! he Young Cambria Aaaocia ? tion" will giva a Soiree ou St. Valentines Night, at the I Minerva Rooms, 406 Broadway. . . #,l. Ticket* to be had of the Members or of the Propuetor<sfthe I Minerva Rooms. '12 3t m MENDELSSOHN'S LOBGE8ANG. A/TR GEORGE LODER, rea^ctfolh'^'.enne? to tlw 1V1 public of New York, that hie CLASSICAL CONCER1 will take place at the Apollo Rooms, on FebruOT tM. 1JJ45. (Washington's Birthday,) wheu will b* produced, for the first LOBofesANG. CTR HYMN OF PRAISE! ATo heUfo'lowed by a Mi?cellaneou. Concert, in which the first vocal and in.trumenul talent of the city will Scharfenhent and'Lu is', XI W.^-r Franklin atreet. or k lhTlck^T80ONELDO,LL^^miI7TickeU, to admit five person*, Three Dollars. J L? jjjyIO}i BA cHEL ORS. ?1N CONSEQUENCE of the a vere rtorm on 1 nea day night Eat and many being disappointed (turn at tending ilie I turd Annual Assembly of the above As sociation, the M'nagera have thought proprr to rerwt iron I* 111 DAY EVENING \EXI, February 14'h. Thoie gentlemen who purchased tickets forth? same, will plea # , ?U on the ...d vidual mau.-ge .and obta-n l.ckrU fo: the ne? Aaaembly, fiee of evpr nae. fii ar?m 1 New York. Feb. 8th, 1813 fll 4t ? i franklin blues THIRD ANNUAL SOIREE. M iLl TAHY AND CIVIC, piOMES off at Niblo'a on the 17ih in*.t?ut. 1 I L/ Vntve done everv thing necessary to iu*ure a brilliant and no lack ofea-rgv wifl be apaied to render thia Ball equal to "HSS One'Doiiar-To be had at Captain Smith'. Military Hall, Bowery. An early application for ticket, u >** they are limited. ifORAND VOCAL St lN?TRUMENTALCONCEKl A Will be given at the Tabernacle, on Saturday, the 8th VUrch neac iSIidoflhe Fund, of the German Society of New 1 v"k Particular* in future advcr.i.ements. feT 3we d'ee I COMPLIMENTARY BALL, rpHE Puh'ic and Friend, of Mr. E. H. C0,.'.W*V.'1 "J* Jl"ITC,n x fullv informed that a Complimentary Ball will be given to him bv hi? pupils, at the Shalt.,-eare Hotel. on lue.tTay Ev "Tickm OnMw^can be had at the Hotel, or of any of the pnpils. ?? | SIXTH ANNUAL BALE ^ba,u OK THt ,,'UND8 HEBREW BENEVOLENT SOCIETY, WF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, will take place at Niblo a 0 Saloon on Wednesday Evening, 19'h hehruaiy, 1843 | Ticket, "three Dollars, admitting a gentleman and two ladies, may be had of either of the undesigned \U Samuel Cohen'"00' '.'.No. '33 Suide'n LeE c.??.of Wa'tar. Vta ^.T.d Samaou'' e ' Nr. 266 Washington ?ir-et. & ?|4?sr." ?????? ..?% fjx&as. M1 fi^'ltadfrev No. 423 Broadway ' j30iiTmo rc ''" LIONEL A. M Y KKS,,*BSgfc. NIBIAPS GRAND SALOON, for concerts and balls. ' Price for Balls Frit e for Concerts 1 tr-y THE ST. GEORGE'S SUC'lkTY THIRD AN NUAL BALL will take place at Niblo'a Saloon on 1 hure day, Feb. 13th. O"FRANKLIN BLUES GRAND MU^'1_ARY "ALL. takes place at Niblo'a Saloon. o" Monday, kebruary ITU, n-T-THE HEBREW BENEVOLENT ASSOC1A tK?N'S Annual Ball take, place at Niblo'a Saloon, ou I nesday, Kebruary 19lh ^ iry?THE ARGUS GRAND MILITARY BALL take, place at Niblo'a Saloon, ou Monday, kebruaty 24tli. rr^THV INDEPENDENCE GUARD Grand Military Bara" place at N.^lo . saloon, on Wedn, .day, kebruary 28th. IT7-THK MONTGOMERY GUARD Grand 1Military Batttakea place at Niblo'a Saloon, on Monday, March 3d. trr-THE ST. DAVID'S SOCIETY will hold theirAnuvud Festival at Niblo'a, on 'l, March 4 th ?'^ tn(Ub* on the;rab.e at 5 o'clock. to Ire YoldTn! Pi^t. MESSRS. SCHNEIDER & REBHUN'S COTILLION BAND. I a T K OK SARATOGA SPRINGS, A HE now prepared ta give their attendance, at Private Pit A tie's Soirter, Sic , and combining a Band of vanona lnalru meuts, from two to twenty, with the moat modern ^ ble Music, hope to give their usual aatialaetton. Application """" VBSgyiSh.. ~"" ~ POST OFFICE, _ I New York, January 29th, 1844. J THE POST MASTER General haa orderel au EA to ure itTto avail ihemvelve. of th. deapatek it will afford-no tice i* hereby given of the arrangement. letter, rngeam and marked "Mrtiai," and new.pap-r slips from Publishers of nuwaiwwra addreared t i^blia^ra of paper, only, and sent in lieu of th-ir egehange, d ?? up in light wrappen! opto at one end, ia the only matter that can be al bY &OWMER GRAHAM, P. M VALENTINES ~ OLD COMIC E L TO N' S , 18 DIVISION S l'? NEAR CHATHAM r\PKN HOUSE, from aii in the mor ing uutil "''''V*1?1 a 1 07rin,.Vq?.l..i; andIdevicr^ only^Bret "FASHIONS FUR SPRING, 1845. 91 THE SUBSCRIBER is now prepare t to funnslti?? L new atyleofGmitlemen'alUta.whiclvn every-?jarnc^au II \e found fully to *u?tg?? th?* Terutation he b^heirvUjfore enjoyed in the production of thia moat eaarntivl art'O*^1 dr Wall atiert, corner v n?FRENCH H*TS?A .mail iuvoice jaat received from ,B'.?.??r?t"v"nf the celebrated J'Mufnier." Par,., to which tne attention of geflemeu is invited. Ill'luTi.Adtialm m JUmSmT^ No. 18 rLATT HTR**T. U? ??aira

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