Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 17, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 17, 1845 Page 1
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THEN E W YORK. HERALD. voi. xi., no. 7?-whoi. no. 4<KiT. NEW YORK. MONDAY MORNING, MARCH 17, 1845. THE NEW YORK HERALD AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To tli? Public. ? THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily New.paper?cufc liehed evenr day of the year except New Yen . Day and Fourth ?r July Price 1 eenta per copy?or $7 16 per *u urn?postages paid?cash in advance THE WEEKLY HEKALD?published era., Saturday morning?price 616 cents per copy, or (I 13 per an. m?port ages paid, caah in advance. ADVERTISERS an informed Chat the circnlalio if the Herald in over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and fart It hat the largest circulation of any paper in thi. city, * i he world, and. it, therefore, 'he best channel for business men in the city or country. Prieea moderate?coin in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the moat moderate price, ud in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, 'norainTon or the Hkrai.d Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau street*. 8Ta?^nu aaaa fr'oot of YVhltail*11 irrect^^^^^ On and after Mouday, March 17ih, the Boats will run as fol lows, until further notice:? _ LEAVE 8TATEN ISLAND . 8, 10, and 13 A. M.; 3 and 3 1' M. LEAVE NEW YORK; mhUrc ? and if," A."M.:"i,"sM, aad'Y, P.M. N. B ?All freight at the risk of the own-rs th-repf. NEW YORK. ? _ Ml i I MOUNTAIN. HEt.vm?:KEWnr fST m AND KASTON.?Lease lht|iBSci JSHKSLfool of Ceurtland street daily, hu.s?j?r?o |Miil, at 9 o'clock, A VI., by Railroad from Jersey l ily to Morns town tli-me by poet-coaches through Mcndnam. Cheerer, Cer man Valley. Schoolsy's Mounts! , Andemou Town, Port Cal den Washington, to Belyide.e andlEastm. Kor s ats, apply to J.Hill, at the Commercial Hotel, 73 Court N H.?l xtnu furnished at the shorteet notice, by arriving to C*h?rl*?'"olliath at Mor'is'own. mtlm'in WSmfSSm -?sans-?*. ?R SC. E. OR TO WET-A so d Dwelling Hou.e, Barn, ?uthouset. he , with about two acie. oi ,1-nd riu"e iu liia village of Jamaica, L. I? with a onplv of fruit t re., flower., tea. One half or the pui cliav innary can remain on hond and n?r gave En.iniie of C ALEB WEEKS, Oir ff-i Hotel, or of HENRY VOL EY. at the Mu<hing "?vi' inn. mh-3 lm*ni TO LET?One of he moaid sirable eouulry re idea [ en on this island, "i'uatc within half hour, ride ef ihe Ll'itv Hall, couriering of a simcious and convenient dwel ling, mi h stable an-l other outhouse, nttaehed, with a large ga de i, containing every variety of fruit, aand oruamrutal Uses and -hr-bbeiy hor particulars enquire in 33d street, first house east of 3d avenue. mhlS lm? rc Til LET OR LEASE, ia St. J hn'e Ha;l, two large Rooms ou the se-ond and third stories of tKe building, .adm'rablv adapted for the use of auocations, or ss ar mo ir? for military companies?the 1 hird Company Oat on.I Guards now occupying ihr fourth on leue aa an armory. I hose wishing to hire for such purposes should avail themselves of th-op;orlu i*y and-ecure they are desirable fr mthair location, and the facility of ingress and egress Terms made known aud rooms seen, by applying at the bar of (he Hall, from " " P. J 10 'clock A. M. until 3 P. M., to rah 10 Im-rc THOMAS A LYNCH. TO SECRET SUOlETJES. TO LE r? From 1st May next, the large Room in the upper story of house corner of East Broadway and Ca tharine street, fitted nit for a lodg- room. Can be sneu between 3X and 5 o'clock, P. M. Eor further pnrticu lars enquire of E. BP I EH,51 Catharine ? street, or of J HxCHT, 38 Heary street. (Si lm*m EOR SALE, OR TO LEASE?'I'hst well known Factory, with 16 lots of ground, situate at Harleui. on .rhe 4'h aveuue (railroad), between I2*lh and 39th sis ? J'tie t wtory i? a very snbstautial t?o storv brick building 40 feet by 300 w tli a brick carriage house and engine house adjoin in-. The s'n-ets and avenues are regulated and paved, sue all a.a-s.ineuii paid The premises ate in eompluieorder, and ree dy o- irnmed ate occupancy. The ame w II be sold or leased cheap, orexcha grd f.r city property 'shree fourt' a of the purchase money can remain on bond and mortgage for a long time. Apply to C. W. VAN VOORHIS or H P. McOOWN.36 John street, where a map of the property can be seen. tahi3 lm* m TO LET?Two Stores beautifully situated, In the new 1 buildings (now uearly complete) ou the n.rithwraterly Lcorner of Broadway and Reade street, (known as the La Farse Buildinga ) , Alio, a large anil convenient Basement, wall calenlatad for aa Oyster Saloon, he. Also, several convenient Stores in the second story, suitable for Merchant Tailors, Fashionable Milliners, Dressmaker., he. together with a variety of Rooms in the 3d, 3d, 4th, and 3lh stories, suitable for Offices, Private Pa-lore with folding doors, Pan Tie. and Bedrooms attached ; with Rooms suitable for Dentists, Painters, Daguerreotype, and Exhibition Room., he. Those iwrsous wanting rooms of the above description, are re quested to call aud examine the same. Euquire on the premise.. fl3 lm*rc aw* TO LET?The Bulkhead, or Water Front, from War wrlM reu street to Chambers street, (about 300 fret,) now ocen JUIJLpreri as the Newbury Landing. The foursior>' 8tore.No. 114 Warien street. One of the v.? Building , between Wash ington and West streets. The superior three story Brick iionte occupied hy K. J. Cochran, ELj , on I'enth Avenue near 33d street: has mahogany doors, plated turuimre.Croton water, be. FOR SALE OK TO LET?lha Mansion and Farm at Gowanus, 1.. I , about three miles from the Honth Ferry. The Honte is fifty feet square, five stories, end a superior cellar, roof eopper-d, malio <any doors, plated furniture, he. The hall and Stalls Italian inarule. The building is nesr lha water, and is without equal as to situation in the United States. It will uc commodate fifty or sixty persons. The Farm is eighty acre.?a from on the Bay of one thousand feet, aud a front on each side of Third Aveuue. It is iu the Eighth Ward of the City of Brooklyn, and laid out in 104.0 Building Lots, and then- are many Bi ild ug Sites on this property. 'The laud ja the oest on able, aud < Long Island for early v -getablea, aud can realize five thousand | dollars per aunum, it attended to by an espern-uced gardener. ALSO, FOR SALE?The Brnuet Faim. at Gowanns, i about 3U0 Lots frontiug on Third and Fourth A venues and the street leading to the Greenwood Cemetery. The Lots will be sold at low prices and long credit, and money loaned to those that build immediately. ^ A j^ify tq DELAPLAINE, flO 'm*re No 7 New street, New York. A I'D LET?The large three story and attic Brick Dwelling House, situated on the north-easterly corner of '.tie Seventh Avenue and Thirteenth street, with a tine gaiu.u, Crotou water, kitchen ranges, marble mantel., sliding doors, Sic , and in an improving neighborhood. Kent low to a gone tenant Aim?hour three story and attic Brick Houses, with Stores ornlrrneath, on the ea.terly side ot nixth Avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth .Herts, wrtli sliding door., marble mantels, ? roton water, lie., .unable for respectable families in nnoierale circum.laucra Also?Fivn thiee story Brick Houses, of a umilar kind,on the easterly side of Greenwich Lane or Avenne, near the Eighth Avi .ore, and opposite the large square. Also?The three story Brick House, with a Store nndem -ath. Also?The three story Brick House, with a store nndern.-ntn. on the ride of the Eightli Avenue, betweeu 13th &> d 14th .streets, with marble mantels, sliding doors, Crotou wat -r, !kc. ... All of the above Stores are excellent stands for business, and are suitable for drygoodi aud fancy-goods, ladies' shoe .totes, china and Mrtheuware, hardware, jewelry, millinery, con fectionary, lk.c. The Store., with the front basement-room, will be rented se parate from ifir dwelling part* if required, there Deiug covered area, in trout for fuel, Ac. U. H. WINTER, fit bn-rr 16 Wall street. FOR SALE. M| A BKAUTlf'UL FARM, situated in the town of yC^Easlchester, cuut-iumg seventy mrra of Rood lilableaud <a?^i,rass Uud. Hit- House it in perfrct order and couveuirnt ly a. ranged lor a Urn* family haid Karm ia divided by ihe post mad ruouiuK (o .New Rochelle and .vlarinammeck, aud mn? down to fcaslcheiler creek, where ihere ia tine baaa and tiout Mailing in their aeaaon. The oat buildings are all m good order, and mere i#good a abling for twelve noraea. I fit whole place ia well waieied and on the premises ia a beautiful I* iah|?iud. J heie are two cliurchea wiltiiii aqtiarlrr ol a nule of a ud idace, and stages |> .as (wire a day by the house to lateraecl tlw Sew i orb and Harlem Kailroad at William's Bridge, win. h ia with in three miles of aaid p.emiaea. There it an abundance of Hruit ou said premises, whien was selected by the preseut owner w th gteai care. The diatauce from City Hall, New York, is ic ut ititeeu miles Possession can be had by the 1st ol Ai'iil, and any information couceruiug said property, can be had on the premises. A *o, ad orning aaid property, forty acres of first rate Land, With a g.-eA^tone House on it, with Barn and btabb a connected, post. teii.K me sense advantages as the abuse seventy acres. The .a. J forti acr>-a will be sold aeperatcly, or the Harms to letlw-r, (making in all lltl acres) to suit the parches r. Apply to J. VV J ift E WAY, No. II City Hail Place, or to ISAAC A> Dr-KSON, ou the prrmiaea, or to ltd Im'rc W.V1. H. HICKS, No. 60 Wall meet. St A SUPERIOR KAHM FOR SALK?Consisting i f Ido sc es. including a su table quantity of convenient y silual d salt on sden, being the o< r.herlf part of -1r?t 10.1'a N-cii, I b. ut 1% .. lies from Kluahi. K lauding, and half a inileiriiiii i olleir Point lauding, and bod nog I r some d s tai.c on r lusliiug B ?y, embracing moat desirablr li.eitions lor c untry seat* wit i priviliges. It has ou i'a larg-c.otsge It <? a a tel. oil house, Urge barn, Ike , a good Undo g pi .Ce, and all appleorcoaidproducing ab.ui 3c0 b.rels ol apples an nu Ity wateied, ami lias se .rat liui.g spriusSof llif best quality near the dwelling U.w.rdi of ?0 acres art Is d down ill mow jug ground and will cut about 80 tons of h.y this year, auu 5 acres are covered with thrifiy lo cust treea. The whole prein s.s aie of the richest natural soil, a i'?e i t it r quiring no manure, nnd none of it more than one lotirth of the utu I quantity to produce the finest cro.e. '1 he rlr ft todg ng oil ihepiem set w.lli the salt arass, IS sufficient to manure the whole. Hor terms and other laitieulaia. inquire of I LM 1 81 HA 1 11r|N, Hlushing, Cong Island or of (J H. WINTER, 16 Wall street, New York. N. B.?'The above Harm will be exchanged lor jiroperty in the city of New York, or JO per Cent may remain on mortgage. innlJ Qw'ec -e-.s| H'OR SALE?A ap'endid, superior, and re-y valuable VdnlH'AllM of I (HI acres, rich laud, a handsome House, excrl ^A^lent feuces and, mills aud machinery for sawing, grinding, 6tc., about OHO choice I'each Trees, and a va ri tv ol oilier I. oil: 3)^ mi lea from Morriaown, in New Jer sey, and 1>4 hours rule Iroin New t ork; a healthy aud delight ful situation Price (80(10; half can remain oa it, or Will be el cliana d in part lor city pr prrty. Cost over $1. ,000. Also Oil 'CP'S, with newr Co .age, Barua, Henrea, kc ; a1 out 4000 IV<ch Treea; adjoining iha above Price Unto Hor full particuiais apply to D.ELSTON, 3J Ail.ntic street, South Urooklyn. (1500 or ('000 on a House and Lot in the city of tlrimklyn, wauted, at 7 per Crut Ample security. Apply immediately to D. r.LsTON, 55 All.ulir st eet, nihil Itn*ec SoiiIh Brooklyn. SA COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE?Situated in tit#- town of Pel ham. Wesic .ester County, bordering on 'h? village of Kaal Chester, sib >"t 16 miles from New V.i.l,, '40 acres of laud h aciet wood land, the balauc - 00 scr.s is in a high st .W of caitlSktion, with frmt of ill kinds in abundance. I here are two good Dwelling Houses on it, reeetilly built, together w ith a large ham, stone hen liou'e, coin rih, sic. I he place ia beautifully situated, commanding a view nl ,he Sound aud aurioaiutiiig country. It will he sold low or eiihingad lor improved city property Hor further par ticulars apply at 66 Weal street, between Carlisle aud Rector streets. Alao, I Lota of Ornund. 65 by 100, on the easterly aide of the 11th Avenue, between 67Ui auu Nth attests. , (66 lm*ic CHOICE ANNUAL FLOWER SEEDS' 'I he subscriber begs to inform his friends and the old IKffip'Urnns of Niblo's late Conservatory, that he has receiv Jiii ell, per Victiiria, from Loudon, au extrusive and choice colisctiou rf new Flower Heeds, all warrant d genuine. The following package of 3J superb varieties are now ready for rale? price Jl:? I hlox liruuiinondii? splendid show tlowers of all colors. Hchizanthus Pries'ii, Hetusus, Grahamii, 8tc inixrd)?can ons refute (lowers, of whits, ys'low, orange and crimson Portulacca Splendent aud Thtlutsouii, mixed?Very dwarf, brill-ant criintrn and rosv eximion tlowers. Choice lle-rrseus?Heedfroin choice prize flowers. Bsrtoiii* Aurea?Gold-n yellow flowers Double Paris llalsains?Num-rous choice kinds m:x?<L Doubled Quillrd German Asters?20 * ariet-es mixed. Prtuuit. Itos-a, Oraudillora, t'hajuicea, : Blockit new varie ty,) 8tc. miird?Very showy flowers prolusely, in great varie ty of colors, suitsMe for training, die. Mignonette?Hweet sreutrd abysainian. Lnoitius CruikshHuUii?Six colors on one stem, vigorous growth, formiog almost a tree. Neinophila liisignii. Oraudillira, phasyloides new variety? Neat blue flowers with white centre. Nolano atrinlicifolia?Showy blue trailing flower. Maiva zrbria, (new)?White with geranium blotch and striate. Tropoeolum Pelegrinnm or Canary Bird Flower?Beautiful cut and fringed flowers, appears like a canary bird. Jernisn '1 en We.k Stock?74 superb varieties, mixed. Gernnn' Anaxallis Indies?Unique flowers, star shaped, colore rich Ch-nese blue, with carious end beautiful golden anthers in the sentie Iberis Coronoria, cr Large White Rocket Candytuft. Helechrysum bracteatum a'bum, (urw)?Elagaut ahowy white. Cafteonsii, Atkinsonia, Drummondit, Elegant, Sic , 4 kindf mixed?Flowers brilliant, of cream, golden and dark red colota, blotched, striped and spotted with ciimson. Packages containing 40 varieties for (2; 100 varietiea $-1 Vrgetabla Seeds of the growth of 844. A large eollectios of fine healthy Plants in flower era in tha Conservatory window. Bouquets and Flowera always on hand. N E w DAHLIAS?A fine collection are now under cultiva tion; plints will be ready in due aeaaun. Ordais attended to with promptness nnd thankfully received by JOHN R" BIN SON, JLve of Nibln's Conserv-tory,) mh!2 lmrc 568 Broadway (observe) cor. Prince st FOR SALE?A FARM?Situated at Isltp, Suffolk (County, L I , adjoining Mmithtowu. Said Farm contains f whii ?Jbm83 ac*eu; 30 of which is Wooo; the remaining 32 acres are in astate of good cu'tivntion. There are two Houaea, and alto twn good wells of water on the farm; a larga barn with car riage house and stabling for eight horses; an ice house; a good large garden, enclosed in a picket fence, fruit trees, Ice., Stc. Any further information may be obtained at No 83 Bleecker street a few doors west from Broadway. Half tne purchase money en* remain on morvrage fttt Im* m 1M| COUNTRY SEAT 'I O LET? 1* let for one or ^H?more years, the beautiful country seat known as Wood wdhmlawn situated on the North River, at foot of 43d street, Containingsbout II acres. 'I he dwellii g house is new, haying been bailt lest year, and the ?table and ostler buildings are iu good order. (SFoisesaioa can be given immediately. For term*, apply to .. ? W. L. CI IITING, 48 Wall street, or 748 Broadway. SHAKSPtARE HOTEL. CORNER OF WILLIAM It DUANE STREETS, N Y. a Til K snhseriler respectfully inf.irmi the pnblic that ' a has leased the above establishment, tuid it now pre pared to a> commodate ttiam with Board and Lodging, on Vrry moderate terms. It has been par in the most thorough ?nd comi lete repair, painted and refuted with additional new furniture, and he will not, as usual, say wh<t he intends to do, but solicits the travelling ommuaity to visit and give him a trial, and judge for themselves, that the establishment uader his management is deserving the patronage of the public. The I >? cation being central to bnainera, offers inducement* to mer chants irnm the country [from its retired situation] unsurpass ed by any other house in the city. Terms II p-r day?per week in proportion. The snbsr nber bess to call the attention of parti's that the Assembly Ho< m will be to let to those giving Balls and Con eeris for the remaining part of the season, and that the room will ah mtly be pot. in complete repair, and fitted up in a magni ficent atyl* He further calls the attention of the prefess-onal Rentlemen ofth? law. that his rooin for arbitrators and re ereea as undergone alterati -n, and that he ia ready to accommodate them on reasonable term*?which will be seen by his regula tion of room hire. N B ?A select number of permanent boarders will be taken on very moderate terms. m6 3w*rrc MINORD 8. THRESHER. NEW YORK HOTEL, 731 Brontlway, New York City. I new and splendid establishment opened on the 1st of December last, situated iu the most fashionable quar'er of the city, is now in full operation. 'J h? entire fronton Broad way, between Washington and Waverley Places, has been ar ranged iu suits ofapartmeats, and furnished iu the most Us'eiul and elegant manner for the accommodation of lamili't and tin THIS i 1 De< perfect satisfaction to all who may favor the house with iheir patron<ge. it will be conducted on the European and Ameri can systems combined, leaving it optional with persons to take steals at I able d'Hote, in private parlors, or a la carta, as may suit their convenience The locati'n of the house, the grett number of large and beautiful parlors, the sptcious and airy halls, tender it a most desirable residence for those visiting tne city either on business or pleasure J. H. BiLLlNUS, Proprietor. m8 lm*m B. MONNOT, Restaurateur. NATIONAL HOTEL, Ho. B Courtlandt street and 87 islbertjr street. NEW YORK. Three Doors from Broadway.* rPHI A NEW HOTEL will be opeoeid on the Mth inst .when 1 the Proprietors will be happy to accommodate their friends and the public with board. Th- Lodging R< omt are large and airy, aau the internal crrargf meuta such aa cannot fail to please. The locetiou being in thg centre of business, it offers induce ments t.> merchants from other Cities and the country, not sur passed by any other House iu tins city. 1'he Furniture. Beds and Bedding, are all new and made ex pretaly for this establishment. Families who w-th Parlors and Bleeping Rooms attached can be 4-andtoipe'y accommodated. The subscribers astur- their friend* aud the publir, that no efforts on their pert thai 1 be wantiug to secure tlie counf >rt and convenienre of their guests, and v htle they solicit a share of >heir patronage, tltev hope, by nnceasuig attention, to the duties of their vocation, to give en tire satisfaction. CHARLES WkCKOFF k CO. f 7 m * re WlLaON'S HOTEL AND triNlNG ROOMS, No. 5 Gold street, New York> H(l*tk thc Caledonia). KNRY WILSON (of Brooklyn) begs to inform his friends and the public generally, that fie will open the shove named ea'ahlishment ou wONDAY, the luth of March, 1845. The house has been thoroughly repaired and newly fnrnished in every department, and the very best of every description < f liquors cigars wines, domestic and imported ales and p >rteT will be provided. An ? Irdinary will be served up every day fr-'m 1 to 3 o'clock P. M.; aud Refreshments will De famished at any hoar during the d\y and eveuing. f 21 linje HOBE'S PATENT EXTENSION DINING TABLES, WITH METALLIC SLIDES, long known as the most du'able, convenient and elegant of Extension Tables manu factured- warranted to run easy constantly, and not to be alfecteu by ilimpuems or warpii e of the wood. A large assort ment of choice patterns, suited lor private parlors, hotels.steam boats, fce., together with a general asso-tmeut of Cabiu't Fur niture, always ou hand, at the Warerooms. Nol40 Grand street, corner of e.lm, where the public is rei|iectfully invited to oalf and esamine. mrl lm*rc DAGUERREOTYPE I01IN ROACH, 4>ptici n, 82 Nassau street. New York, ?? "J const inrly mannfecturiug, and hat always on hand, ell ar ticles of the heat quality used in the Dagu-rreotype process.? Hi* Triple Compound of Bromine ia a superior preparation, and in g-nrral ate. He has also on hand the Hungarian or iterman Accelerating Liquor. Cameras of his nw< in inufatturs as well as French and Ger man ones. l'he German Cameras sold at this establishment will be warranted genuine. Orders from the couu ry for any articles used in the art will be promptly and car fully atteuded to. mC lin'rrr. SWORD EXERCISE. Mil. HAMILTON, hi v iim enured into an arrangement with MK. FULLER. for the uv of the Large Room of hit Uymnaiiutn, No. <9 Ann street, and alto the Military Hall, Bowery, moat respectfully announce* to the pnblic that he in to.>da commencing a Class for the Sword Exercise, in all its branches?American and Krencli, snrti iu Small and Broad Sword Exereiae, and alto Cane Exercise. Mr. H hat been for several yeara rugaged an Teacher of the Sword in the United States Army. N. B ?Volunteer Companies wishiug to become perfect in either Musket or Artillery Drill, can be taught the tame on the moat moderate termt, by application to the advertiter, SI .Inn ttreet, to ('apt. Smith, Military Hall, or Mr. Poller. fI5 Im m ATt HttS '.? WATCHES AND JE WKLR Y.-Thoaa who with to purchaae ((old or Silver Watchea, (Jold Ckaint, Uold Pencils. Keyt, lie., will lind it ([really to their advautige to call on the anbtcriber, who it sel'ing nil deacrip tinut of the above at retail inneh lower than any other honae in the city. Hold Wniehea at low at #20 and tS5 each. Watchrt and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watchea war ranted to keep goed time or the money refunded. Wlichee, and Jewelry repaired in the beat manner and warranted, at mneh lata than tlie naual prieea. ml U. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watchea and Jewelry, lin*m Wholeeale and retail. JO Wall at., ur stair WINDOW ,>HADE DEPOT, No 7 Sornce atreel, N Y. THIS IS the only manufactury of any extent in the United Statea. The tub entir e offer for tale >r inapection, the moat i.umerona and aplendid assortment of Shailea; superb and cor-eet repp-aeiuatioi a of the moat Wrll known public bnild ii x" m Euro;e ami thie country on hand: works of art and tisie only are got up at thia establishment. We being both pro P-ssional ait >U, and well exp-r euced, we profess to tire salis faction wl en la voir J with ordrra mb9 lin'ec BAHTOL It DE MAUHY. JACKSON, STAGEY xfe SMITH, (VfANUrACTUHBRB AND IMPORTER*of Pen.irocaet LTA and Table Cutlery. Raton. Sciaaon, Kilea. Sawa, Toola. ?ad other descriptions of Sheffield (Joode? Jail itn'm it i'i.a i i "Tftr.ary.UpHuira GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE, '1M1E HIOHE8T PRICES caa bo oorained by (Jenllemra a or Kamiliea whe are deairoua of converting their left off wearing ipparel into caah. Kamiliea or Oentlemen quitting the eity or changing reai deiee, bating any inperflaons rnects to dial oae of, will find it trneh to their advantage to tend for the Sueacriber. who will attend at their residence by appointment. J. LEVINS TYN, ?W Broadway, up etaira A line throngh the Poet Oilee, or otherwiee, will rnceiva Promnt attention. 'fS Im (?nn)*?? SALT AND FISH STORE 40(1 BBLS. Salmon. No. 1,1 nnd t. *yv loo bbla. Blue Ktxh. E9J bbla Noa. t,?, and I Mackerel. 999 half da lo do da 199 do No. 1 MeaaShad. ? h? f bbH Na 1 Saybrook Shad 100 bbla l od and Scale Kith. 400 do No. I (Jib d Hei-riaga 700 kega Dutch do ?0i>u lb. Smoked Salmon 140 ki*t Homed do *40 Jn Sonnda and Tonnes t 00 tila Cod Kiah, aoitafct* for al LOO sacks Aahton a Salt. laying M half and 50 on.inert neaa Mackerel. R-90 boaea Digby Herring 100 .|uaiter barraia Salmon. Kyr t?la '? Ink to anit yarr.baaata. by 1 lin'm NI'LSON" WRI.LH Ik CO.. II Day at KW SEED STORK AND CONSERVATORY?Th aoliiCiihera offer for aale aa low aa ran be purchased viae wlierr, a choi r aaaoitment of Irrah Vegeuble, blower, and (Jr.iss Seeda, all of which will lie warranted Alao, Plants of all kindest auction prices, Krnit and Orua ?34 Broadway, . mental Tuna of rverv description. t ml 2w*rrc DUN LAP k CARMAN, TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD, dtinnn ukwahu?Th#8i?i? ?rMEsHiis.coFkiN, 5J1UUU BRADLEY Hi CO., No, 44 Kifhenge Place, having been art on lire ou Saturday night, the IBth instant. the undrrsignvd, a Committee of the lusurtuice ConHwnirs, which had policies ou the goods iu mid atore, hereby offers reward of OueThouaand Dollars. for aucb evidence aa alia.ll lead to the detection and con v iction of the incendiary or incrudiaries. New York, Kebruary 12th, 1845. LAMBERT 8UTDAM, Preaident kquitahle luauraaceCo. JNO. BKOUWKII, Preaident K.iat River Mutual in*. Co. A. (J HAZARD, Agent of the ACuia and Protection Ina. Co , of Hartford, Con. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD?We. the anbacribera, offer One Thouaaud Dollars. in addition to the ro ward offered by the Insurance ('otnoaniea, aa above atated. fli ltn?rc COFFIN, BRADLEY k CO. XYL'JGRAPHIC PRESS aiao GENERAL JOB PRINTING OFFICE, IW Gold Street. '"PHESUBtrCRIBERS inform Druggisti, Perfnmera, Grocer* A aud othera, that they have made eateuaive additiona to their assortment of Xylngraphic Lahela, to which .hey would re spectfully call their attention. They are constantly adding to their alock all the new atyle ofarticlea, iu their I ina, which are offered iu ? ranee or England, and they protniae their cnalomera that they ahall apare no expeuae iu getting up all that they may want in the buatneaa of the Druggiate, Perfumera and Begar Manufictnrera. JOB PRINTING?Their office ia alao supplied with every variety of Type neceaaary lor the eiecntion of every deutrip'ion ofFancy Job Frinting, Carda. Btllheada, Notea, Billa Lading, Circulars, and all kiuda of Mercantile Printing, exqnted ou reaaouahle terina. SEOAR BOX LABKLS AND PAPER, or every duscrip ] tion. alwaya on hand VARIEGATED SHOW CARDS. Tor Refectories,Grocers, kc.. kc -a large aupply. BRONSON k I'C. Cll lm*re 56 Gold atreet, nvar h niton. DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHANGE BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA. T"HE SUBSCRIBERS heg leave to inform the Dagnerreocype 1 Artiata, that they have coutiderably enlarged their connec tiona throoghont the Union, the West Indiea, South America and Euroiet They hare alao made arrangements to be supplied with every new article need in the Dagnrrreotytie Art They have lately received a large aapply of Voigtlaender's celebrated Camera*, eonaiating of three different eiiee, for the eale of which they are appointed Agents. Aiie, a anpply of heat Plate* and Chemicals, either lor Daguerreotype or ('alotype, made to tlieir eatweia) order. Ceaea olall a ilea, the beat Poliahing Snbataneea, anaerery oilier article need for the Daguerreotype, oonatantly on hand. 1. ?ir long connection with the Daguer reotype Art and their aece it in takiug picturea, may aerve aa a recommendation and relian w. Daguerreotype Artiata, by ordering articles from any p&>t of the above named connlaiea, ?ay depend apon e prompt and satisfactory execution of their oreari. Their prices are cash. 1 Vices Current end information may be obtaiurd by addressing (host-paid) to H. & F LANUKNHEIM, flS lm*ea Exchange Building, Philadelphia. LAMPS, GIRANDOLES. HALL LANTERNS, AND CANDELABRAS, COR THE SPRING TRADE. D'K.TZ, BRO'I HER k CO , No. 13 John sire-t, are manu facturing aud ?avealw4y?ou lnnd^ a complete aaaoriment ofarticlea iu their line, of the f .llowiar descriptions, which they w ill sell at who eaale or retail, at low pro ea for cash:? Improved Clieinieil Oil and C.mphene Lamps. Lam x. Gill and Bronxed. u great variety. "Cornelius k Co.'*" celebri ?d rat nt Polar l.vrl Lamps. Girvudo'es, vari ua patterns, git, silvered or brnuzed. Suspending Solars, Doric Campheuo Lamps, B acket *olars, SiJe do ilo Solar Chandeliers, Bracket do di Pa ent L<rd Hand Lamps, Ht.nd do do Brittania Hand Lamps, Camphen* Chandeliers, Suiierior Chemical Oil, Pure Sperm Oil, do Camphene, Solar and Lard Oil, do Burning Fluid, Refiaed W hale Oil. mh!6 twee WAN I ED AT NEW 1U11K 1A i TER'ALLb?New end aecoud hand vehii l-s ol every description and value, oil which libera advances will he made if tequired. Carriage Builders and gentleman breaking up their Hiding Kstabliv1 mmls are re?p< cfully solicited to send their vehicles, kc to this place for sale or st'.rage. Public sales of Carriages, Han.e<a. Saddlery, Horses, kc., every Monday, commencing at II n clock. | Tim rules governing tne sale of Horiea at tuis establishment have beeu thoroughly revised, and the proprietor ventures to as sert. that any perv"U who w.llexuiniiiethe rules, a*d attend one or more of the public aalea^aa at prevent conducted, will de cide that the chances of lair trevlin'iit are greater at this, than at any other establishment public or private, in the ci'y. N.B ?Every horse sold at public sale at this establishment, meat correspond to the letter, with rhe description given, or the money will be re'unied to the purchaser forthwith. No Horseof a leu value than tweuty-five dollars will, in any I cose, be offered at th<* establishment, except by virtue of an ex ecution, or to close au estate. GEO. W. VILLER, Proprietor, mg lm*rrc 446 Broadway. PLAIN AND JAPANNED TIN WARE MENZIES & BROTHER 34 Cliff street, TVf ANUFuCTUREHS of pi?in and a~d japanned Tin Ware, lv-i- have always on hand a full assort mean eonaiating of Cof . fee Pots and Boilers, Tea Kettles and Tea Pots, round, square, and oval Pans, Sauce Pens, hint, half pint and -ailors' Pots, co 1 vered Pails, Wash Basins, Dippera. Oil ( ana, Scoops. Tunnels, Spittoons, all colors. Toy Cups, lepi er Boxes. Chamber Pails, Loudon Foot To ba. Lamps, candle Sticks, Water Pails, and Watering Pom, Dust Shovels. Tea and Coffee Caunisters, kc.; Eire. Ilasdles, Mallets, Lamp Screws, Bu bet Handles. Tiu Plat* by the shovt or doxeu. Tin Ware made to ord-r or re paired. mhll lw??? SOAP WORKS AND PERFUMERY DEPOT. IN ADDITION to our Manufactory, we have opened a Store for the sale of onr I* conoinical hancy So?| s and all kinds of Perfumery. Family Soap, Patent Crystalline Caudles kc., kc. We solieit purchasers to inspect our stock, which weeJfcrou the loweet terms. Shippers to the West Indies and South America, are purtica L'ly Invited to examine our Crystalline Candles. Sales Room No. 3 Courtlandt sheet, next doortothe New Nttioual Hotel. JOtlNSON, VHOOM k FOWLER. f24 Im'ec ^ cigars! cigars: cigars: NEZEKIEL, 91 Nassan street, opposite the Herald Build ? ings, respectfully invites the atteutiou of his friends and the public generally, to the following choice Cigars, just re ceived by late arrivals from Havana :? Regalias of various 1'aiietclas of various Albania, brands, brands, Knickerbocker Normas, Priacipes, La Florinds, Yugennidad, Riouda, Estrellss, Esreranxa, Napoleones, Lara. La India, Noriegas, Lord Byrons. The above Segari are guaranteed as genuine and imported, and the trade are invited to rail and examine them. N. B.?Orders from abroad will be strictly attended to. f!7 lm*rc FA BE R SEGAR FACTORY, 71 Division Street, | NEW YORK. THIE UNDERSIGNED have established an extensive Srgar 1 Faorory, at 71 Division street, New York, under the direc tion of Mr. J. W. BHOWN, who has beeu Superintendent of one of the largest Factories in Havana, for nineteen rears. Th" following kinds of Segas, manufactured in 'he Fsbrr Se j gar Factory, and of which a large stock is now on hand, will be j found equal to any Havana Segars of corresponding style and age:? Imperial Regalia, Trabuces, Common Sue, Regalia, Pauetelas, London Size, ('osvdores, Cauonev, Principe, All boxed in the Havana style. The subscribers hav tied the Son of their Senior in Hava na, for the express purpose of selecting Tobacco lor their Facto ry, as also for the purpose of selecting Segars suitable for tins market. 1 hey have now on hand, for sale, a large stock of Havana Su gars. entitled to debenture, of the following brands:? La ludia, Woodville, La Cabana, Noriago, Fragranxia, La Norma, De \1nya, Canrey, Esperauxt, l.ord Byron, L'pmau, Kiondo, Esculapius, Minerva, La Fama, La Palma, Victoria, Columbia, Dos Hermanos, La Pax, Also. Principe, kc. JOHN H. FAUER k CO., (77 Sm'rc No. 1 New street, corner of Wall. WHOLESALE segar emporium. 'PHE SUBSCRIBERS offer for s.lea la-seassortment of Se L gars made of b< it select d Havana Tobacco, and having lieen maiiufactn ed six months, are now in fine order, aim < an he sold 33 per cent lower than the same quality of Imported Secare. Havana Regalias iu Iths and lOlhs, Cazadorss, Washington La Normas, Eaperuiia, La India, La Recompense, Jusia Saux. Prinoi|tees, Panetela, kc kc I Togeth r with a la-ge anortmmt of I citation Sugars of svery quality aud price, for sale in lots to suit pur haaers by | nihil lin'ec KENNETH fc LAVEKTY, 71 Wall st. DALLY'S TOBACCO MANUFACTORY, ?8.1 It Iver St. Troy. rPHE Subscriber avails himself of this method of communi I eating to the public the fact that he is now manufacturing line cut aud smoking T"b*cco and Suuff, it 2*5 River street, Troy, nest door to the Fulton market. Touacco?The celebrated Fancy Virginia. This Tobacco took the premium at the late Fair. Extra' hewing Tobacco, swwt Virginia; American Smoking Tobacco, mannfactureo from the le?f; Spanish do. Torkiah do. Siturrs?Koac tcenced, No. 1; Maccaboy. American Cienlle m\n. Luudyfoot, krench Kaj?re, and lush Dlackgiurd. Tl?e abore nr>*cle? are all warrantetl to be made of the ftneat qualities of leaf tobacco, and by the mo?t eiperieuced work men. . . * . Orders directed as above will meet with promjt atrention? the same paiu* taken as if thev were personally psrsent. K. Savage, 15-1 Kultou street, and A- A. .Samanos, Br^sdway, AarnU for the city of New York. Troy, Jan. II, lMA. lm?e? WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PICKLING AND PRESERVE WAREHOUSE. H'HK SUBbCKIBKKS, of the only origins! souWishincnt of 1 the kind, offer to the notice of our southern ftieuils, mer chants, end our own city and country trade, (lie Urggst and beat ?elected aaaortmeut ofhruita era- before presented to the public. Peaches?Mal.tuuturiei, Morris' While*, Hours! Johm, l.atr lleatii, Ike. Pin* Apples, Raspberries, Apricotta, Btrawborriea, I1**, and other Plumbs, all possessing in their pivaerratiou their natural flavors. Alan, Jelly's of the Mtrawberrr, llaapberry, Quince, and Pine Apple and Cranberry. Alan. Pickles, Catsups, and donees, of rrrry imaginable de scription, in glsss jars, of every aixr, to auit the ens vaui ruce of the purchi All so, Pickled and Stewed Oyatrrt, potted for rrpsrtaekin, and warranted to keep in ary climate. Hotel Keepers, Boarding House Keepers, (Jtweres, Skip Masters and Privve Kami lien, all are invited ts??el),*nd ex amine the heat aeleetrd and moat beautiful atoek ?f Ike kind erer before offered to the attrntiou ol the public. RKCKHOW tk VINOEKT. _ 96 t osrtlasmtu*r?et. f B;??.?hty do van fresh Havana 1'inea, is c?w* ??W, for ?ale. Also, IW0 Oy iter Kegs. dlO 3m*rc N PATENT AGATE B U T T-JD N 8. THOS PKOSSER, PATENTEE, 7 PlaM Street, Sew York. OTICK i* hereby given, thif the u ml*-signed it the Patentee aud KiclMift Owner of th- Patent Right for th* Porcelain Button, cominoolv Known a* "Proater'a Patent Agate Button " Utera Patent have beeu dulv granted to him by the United f tatea, to take f fleet from t'??29th Janaarv. KM I. I hate ctused nuts to be commenced in ihe Circuit Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York, for the infringe ment of enid Lettere Patent, and am ire pared to enforce and substantiate my rights underiaid Patent, to the fullest ex tent of the law. I give this public notice to all, that I ah ill pro ceed forthwith, bv suit for dimafca, and by bill in equity, for injunction Against all persons infringing Q|md said Patent. Pirn Buttons are for sale by me at wholesale only, at my ator* 7 Piatt atreet, New folk. 4 ftt lm*re THOMAS PHOBSKK. HATS?SPRING FASHION. J. M. TICK & CO. Wo 0 Bowery, New York. ARE now ready to (apply their caituimn with their J^^Spriug Sti le of Huts, which are equal, if uot superior, in point of elegance, durability, aud acouomy, to those tola at aay other store ia this city _ NEW r ASHION n . BROWN It CO.'8 ONE PRICE STORE, 173 Chat J^wham square, corner of Nlott street. Imitat on Braveraud Mole skin tlals, of th- "pring Kaahiou. for the low fiied price of S3. A Urns assortment of Ca|>s, some new patterns, much admiied, sold at mode ate prices, wuolesile and retail. mU Im* m "A DOLLAR SAVED IS A DOLLAR EARNED" GENTLEMEN who make it a rule to lay nut TV J^Mtheir money to the best advantage, are respectfully Jm* notified that they can purchase Hsu and Caps at ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, No. 103 Fulton street, east tide of Broadway, much cheaper than at any other place in the city. An indexible adherence to tne system of large sales, email profits, aud cash on ilelivery, euables the proprietor to offer the different articles in his liue, at the following reduced rates : HAT8. p irtt quality Nutria Fur (3 50 Second " " 3 00 Moleskin 2 50 CAPS.! First quality mens' and boys SI 50 Second " " X 00 Third " " 75 These articles are not only quite equal, but in some resperu (especially in the s'yle of tritnmiug) superior to any in the city. A comparison of the qualities ?nd prices, with those of other establishments. will show adeductiuu of SI to SI 50 on I customary pri ei. All Hau warranted of the most fashionable Broadway patterns N.B ?The proprietor's extrusive arrangements enable him to offer very advantageous bargains to wholesale dealers and country uierchanu. m6 lm*m ROBERTSON'S PHCENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFATORY, n No. 103 FULTON STREET, ("1 Jpm EAST SIDE OF BROADWAY. The extensive application of the system of small profits, cash payments and large sales to many brauches of business iu this city within a few years, aud the einineut success which this plan deserves, and has in almost every instance received, has 1-d the subscriber to test iu application to the HATTING business. Iu a city whose inhabitants are widely distinguished for neatness and taste iu dress, and at the same time for econo my and thrift, there seems great reason to believe that asisrem which enables the community to gratify a laudable partiality for neatness a an uuprecedentedly small expense, will me"t with { ao small degree of favor. Determined to ascertain wh-ther a branch of businsss which coucerns the head and pocket of evrry man in the community, cannot be conducted on this plau, the subscriber has employed a large number of the best workmen in the manufacturing and finishing departments; also skill'ul and tasty Cap Makers. Each department is under the constant supervision of an experienced foreman. These arrangements, together with his intimate personal knowledge of the business, great facilities for purchasing to the best advantage?1<>W rent ?free from the minons expenses of Broadway?indexible ad herence to "cash on delivrry"?a determination to keep pace with all improvements, and with the current Fashions of the day, enable him to say with all confid-nce, that he now offers to the citizens of New Vork, articles in his line fully equal in style and durability to those sold in Broadway, and unequalled in cheapuess and economy to any ever offered in this city. He begs leave to refer to the following schedule of articles, and their respective prices annexed ;? HATS. First Quality Nutria Fur... $3 50 Ideutical with Hats heretofore sold at St 50 and $5 00. Any one on examination will prouounceiliem the same, and will, on trial,find them to do equally as good service. Second Quality Nutria S3 00 This is the same article heretofore sold at S3 50 and St 00. External appearance and finish closely resembling the above, the principal difference being in the body. Moleskin S3 50 Usnally sold at S3 00 aud $3 5b?very neat iu appear ance, and very serviceable. CAPS. First Quality Mens and Boys SI 50 Made of superior French Cloth, and trimmed in a very superior manner, usnally sold at $3 and S3 50. Second Quality $1 00 Usually sold at SI 50 and S3. Thisd Quality 75 Usually sold at SI 35 aud SI 50. An examination will show thst the style of the above articles cannot be surpassed by any establishment in this city or else where. N. B.?The style sf Trimmings adopted at this establishment is particularly recommended as well for effectually preventing injury from perspiratiuu or mil applied to the hair, as for iu greater ewe and comfort to the wearer. ja31 Im'ec DISBROW'S RIDING SCHOOL., Ns. 401 BOWERY, Near Astor also La Favcttk Placrs, Nkw York. AA11. D. has the honor to aunounce that hit School is open Day andj-.vaning, for Equestrian Tuition and Exercise Riding. TERMS: LECTURE LESSORS. EXELCI1K RIDIRU. 1 Month $13 64 20 Hides... 10 00 10 " 6 00 Single Hides 75 16 Lessons $15 00 10 " 10 00 4 " * 00 dingle Lessons 3 00 Rosd " 3 50 N. B.?Highly trained and quiet Horses, for the Road or Parade, to let. EVERIRtt CLASS. 13 Lessons $? 00 I 20 Kidss $10 00 Single 1 00 J Single Ride 75 RULES: 1.?All Lasso ns or Rides paid for on oommcnosng. I.?One hour allowed on each Lesson or R>de in the School. I.?Que hour and a lialf to s Lesson on t lie Road. L?nesus foi Ladies, from 3 A M. to >P M. 5.?Hours for Gen tie men, frem 3 to 5, ns>d trom 7 to Wf P. M 0.?No Gentlemen admitted during tlw hours appropriated to Ladies. A card of address is requested previous to commencing. O-Gentlemen keeping their horses at thiasstablishment, w il bare the privilege of riding them in the School gratia. fl3 lm* re H. E. WILLARD, AUCTION GENERAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION MERCHANT. Office No. 116 Nassau street, first floor. New York. CJ E. W. W ILL ATTEN D to sales of Household Furniture i ' ? and Merchandise, of all kinds, personally attended to at the residences or stores of persons relinquishing housekeeping or business. Cash Advances made ou b urniture and Merchan dise of every description cousigned for sale Sales settled in all css?s as soon as the good* are sold and delivered Manufac turers and traders can always have accommodation advaucaa on goods for private sale. m2 lin*ec SIX BARREL SELF-COCKING AND REVOLVING PISTOLS, BLUN r & SY.V1S, No 44 Chatham street, TVAANUFACTURERS of the above article have now a com 1R plete assortment rsidy for the Spring trade, which they of fer at reduced prices. Tbev would invite the attention of mer chanU and dealers to their assortment, to the manufacture of which, they hase paid persoual atieutiou, and from the increased nasality they are making, can sell thein lower than before of fered. Also?Guns of their own manufacture, as well as every vari ety of im|K>rted Gnus and implements, ia quantities to suit pur chasers, at exceedingly low prices. It tm*m CAMPHENE LAMPS. '"PHE SUBSCRIBER offers for sale to dealers and others, in ^ large or small quantities, the celebrated Doric and other Camphene Lamps, ol the beit manufacture, which will be sold low for cash to cloie an alignment. mhi2 1w*in W. T. BoYCK, 108 Greene su, in the rear. FRENCH CHINA ANU GLASS WARE. FGEKARD1N, Commission Merchant, IS John street, up ? stairs, has just rrceivrd on consignment,and offers for sale, wholese or retail, a splendid assortment of the above articles, comprising? Plain white and rich fancy decorated Dining Sets: Dessert, lea and Supper Sets; Toilet Sets; sing'e Cups and Mugs, with moltos; Cologne Bottle Figures; Tete a tete Sets, fee., Ike. Also, plain and rich Cut Glass Decanters, Water Bottles, Celery Bowls, Preserve Dishes, Tumblers, Ooblets, Wines, he., he. Astral and Solar Lamp Shades and Globes. O"Orders lor Cut Glass Ware Gilding and Pawting!ou China Ware, to match any pattern, exeevted promptly. f2i lm*rc EK. COLLINS & CO , 58 South street, hare on hand, in ? atore, which ihey off. r for sale on reasonable terms, via:? TWINKS IM bales Bridport Seine, Herring, and Gill Net Twines, coinpiisiug a full assortment, from SX to 26 hs ; also, 9 hs. 3 thread Sail Twin*. COPPER?100 c ises English Sheathing, manufactured with the greatest care, from the best ore, composing a full as-/ sortirent, from 14 a 33 ox; also, 1 case Urazie.s, 24x48 in. and OX ox. COTTON DUCK?200 bales American Pilot Duck, extra qua lify, from No 1 a 5. FAPEK?50 cases and rolls of the celebrated "Poocock" Adheshive Kelt, for ships' bottoms, roofs of houses, kc. 8UOAK?100 hhda. prime N Orleans. HEMP?500 bales Miss uri dew rnt, superior quality. 27 bales water rot, extra quality. POBK?200 bar. els Mess. 200 do Prime. 50 da Clear. GUANO?50 tons lo'iahoe, in bags and barrels. TOBACCO?IT boxes ' Sweeny k Lewis,'' manufactured. m9 "FRENCH FLINT GLASS WORKS, AT WILLI AMSBUKGH, L. I. DEPOT 90 WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK Masses. BEKGKR fc WA1,T*R, knnwu for a long series of years as extensive manufacturers of Watch Crystals ami Kliul Glassware, in the Department Moselle, France, have the honor to inform Glass Dealers Importers of Watches, and furnishing houses generally .that they have established a Branch of their Mauniactory in tins country; and, in order to fulfil to entire satisfaction all commands that might lie addressrd to them, have engaged exiieritatrd and skilful workmen, both French and English. '1 he beauty of this Glass the tasteful style of all the amide* thev manufacture, as well aa moderate prices, and promptitude in the execution of orders, will, they fondly hope, secure to then, a Urge share of patrouage from American and foreign Housrj. N. B ?Customers in the habit ol transmitting orders to their house in 1'si I-,27 lara<l is t'oisaonniere, or their general Depot ol Crystal. 3(1 Paradi* I'olssoun ere, Paris, will please forward th m dirwt to 90 William s'ie-t New York. fl6 lm*ec FRENCH CHINA REMOVED TO MO. 66 LIBERTY STREET, (UP STAIRS.) A DALE8ME, Importer tad Agent for M -uiufaeturrrs, has ? always on hand a large assortment of dinnar and tea sets. >1 plain white and gilt French Poreelain, aa well as Dinner sad Dessert Plates, of all sixes, assorted Dishes, Boup Turenaa. Lovrwd Dishes, Salad bowla. Fruit Baskets, Custards and ilea da. Mao, Faxoy Tea Sets, sad Rieh Decorated Diaaer Sou A'so, Tea sad C Soto lata Ware, Greek, F reach and Amelia ibape All the artlclea arc w arras ted of th* beat quality, sad 8a ka ?old oa liberal farms, aad ia lots in saitOaurehasara.. ? II 8n>?M "LASTS, LEATHER AND FINDINGS. AVING been awarded fhe Diploma at the late Fair of the American Institute, for the beat I axis, I am prepared to furnish an article of Lasts which cannot be surpassed iu this or any other city iu the United St ies. B'lle and t'p|>rr Leather of all kiuda, Black and Colored Mo rocco and Kid Skins, with Dear, Goat aad Lamb 8kin Bool nigs. Shoe I'hreads, Lasting! Galloons, Sheetings, and I eain-r Linings, Boot ( ora and Webi, Boot Trees, Hammers, I'inc-ra, Awls and Tacks, with a full assortment of Shoe makers Tools, of the most approved patterns, eh-ap for cash. WARREN M. WILKEY, 295 Spring street, between Greenwich and Washington streets, New York. N. B.?The Greenwich Line of St.,g-s pass within a block of the atore. f20 lm*m VTOTICK TO D Vk HS?The very superior liquid Pink CO IN lor, so evteosively usad now in the dyeing esiablishnieiits of France,for aisle by HENRY h KAHN, mil Iw'rc 73 Liberty aumt, up stairs. H GREAT EFFERVESCENCE IN THE WHIG PARTY. Contest between the Original Elements of "Nativeism" and Abolition! Philosopher Greeley and Colonel Webb In Conflict t [From the Courier and Enquirer ] Treason to the Union and to the Whig Party. That many who call themselves Whigs, have, in fact, long entertained and most insidiously disseminated the doctrine of Abolition, or in other words Treason to the Union, we have long known and proclaimed through eur columns. It was this feeling which banded together tht editor ol the Tiihunt and many (uot all) ol his associates in 1839, and enabled them to defeat the nomination 01 Henry Clay at Harruburgh ; and it was this feeling and this design which defeated Mr. Clay in this State in No vember last, and thus a second time cheated him out of the Presidency : and it is this feeling which now prompts the Tiibunt and certain aili.iated presses in this State, oc cupying prominent positions in the Whig party, openly to throw oil'the mask and call upon the Whigs to hoist the banner of Abolitionism. We have not been unmind ful of their proceedings, and we now charge them with double treason?treason to the Union aud treason to the Whig party. '? Treason to the Union" is a serious charge to bring against any man or set of men ; but whenever a man anna to perpetrate an act, which, if successful, necessari ly dissolves the union el these States,?we cure not whether he calls himself a Whig, an Abolitionist, a Kou rierite, or an advocate of Fanny Wrigbt'a intamoua so ciul system? the two latter being synonimoua?he is un questionably a traitor to the Union. Our union is one of compromise and concession, in whicn those who constituted it, saw much evil, but calm ly and deliberately submitted to the evil, to secure to taem.elvei, to their posterity, and to the whole human race, the much greater good which it promised, and has thus far unquestionably secured. The majority of those who formed our Constitution and thereby constituted this Union of independent States, abhorred slavery quite as much as do any of their descendants. But they knew that wituout a recognition of slavery in the Stat, a wbere it existed, there could be no union ; and consequently, noue of the blessings it confers,?while at the same time slavery would continue to exist in the Southern States as well without as with uuion ; and thus its evils would be perpetuated under any circumstances, while the mani tola blessings of union would be lost t j each and every of the separate and indepe> dent sovereignties. They knew, too. that this moral pest was one of those curses for which human ingenuity could devise no remedy, for the simple reason that emancipation was absolutely im piacticable?the two races being unable to live in the same States on a looting of equalpy,where their numbers' were equal or largely in favor 01 the blacks ; while to transport the blacks out of the country was a moral im possibility Thus thinking, and having at heart the wel tare and future prosperity of the whole country, our fathers?wise men and patriots as they most assuredly were?agreed to the extstingUnion with the slave States, guaranteeing to them their peculiar institutions, but stip ulating that the slave trade should cease in twenty years ?that is, in lb()8. With regard to the institution of slavery, no one can hold it in more abhorrence than we de, without for a mo ment giving credit to all the falsi* representations of the excessive cruelty of the slave owner, devised by wicked aud ill-dispostd fanatics. But in its mildest form, it is a curse upon the land and the people where it exists?h curse, however, which they feel most who are comptlli d to submit to it- a curse entailed upon us by the gruspmg cupidity of England, and for which neither the phifan thro, y nor the ingenu.ty of man, has as yet, been able to devise a remedy. Much we know too, is the opinion of uach aud every ol our associates, but we all feel and have ever argued, that it is not lawful or constitutional, to at tempt any interference with it. Its ngiilation belongs solely to the Legislatures of the respective States ; ami interference from any other quaiter is, as we have btfort said, treason to the Union. Tuejr. cent admiasioujof Texas into the Union by a joint resolution of Congress, was in our opinion, a deliberate violation ot the Constitution ; but a majority tof the mem hers of both Houses of Congress, representing alike the People and the states, thought differently , and sn think ing, or pretending so (Ofthink, violated, as we believe, a plain and obvious provision of the Constitution. Against such violation we waged uneeasi: g war so long as it could possibly be of any avail; bu>| be deed being done Texas once admitted?what was the remedy? The an swer is plain?Disunion. For this we were not then, we are not now, and we never will be prepared. Such a remedy, every whig in Congress and t veiy honest whig and true patriot tbrougnout the land, considers far worse than the evil it seeks to amend *, and therefore, like goou citizens and good men?acting as patriots who ever con sider the weliare ot the country as paramount to s.-ll they have wilu one accord, acquiescid as our fathers did, in a leaser evil to seenre a greater good. N-it so, however,the abolitionists luiking in our ranks. Not so the fanatics, the Fourientea and Socialists, who, having wormed themselves into the confidence of the whig party, seek to distract and destroy it, and with it, thai inestimable Uuion to which the father of his counti y so emphatically bi Bought us to cling as our only salt guard against dirst i.sions within, and the enemies of human liberty without. The identical moi> and presses ab > deieutei the nomination and election of Henry Clay in 1840 and cheated hi* out ol the Presidency in Novem her by the loss of this State, are now impudently endear . oring to sell the whig party to abolitionism, under the ridiculous plea that it is the only mode ot obtaining re. dress tor the recent unc >nst.tu< tonal action of Congress on the Texas annexation resolutions. At their head stands the editor ot the Tiibunt in this city This it as it should be. The editor of mat press is as ultra an aboli tionist as ha is the avowed otgan of Fouri* rism and its disgusting social system, which Fanny Wright sought to establish under another name. He it w as who boasted of having traversed the entire State to defeat the nomination of Henry Clay in 18J9 ; he it is who claims to be the etpe cial organ of those who nominated our present candidate for Mayor ; and he it was who proclaimed to an acquaint ance wbo mat candidate would be before the committee was packed lor his nomination ! We cheerfully admi* that he is in all respects the most proper person to lead this movement; hut our astonishment is gnat that he and his associaties should have dared to invoke the rame of Henry Clay to cover their tieaton to the whig party and to the Union. We too, auk, what is to be done? but it is only to give 8 prompt aud derisive answer The whig party here an<1 elsewhere are the trieuds of the constitution, ot union, o< law and order; its principles are as well defined as were the principles ot that hand of patrio's who signed the De claration of Independence; and its determination to stand by those priuciplt s, and to preserve the Union at every huzard, is as unalterable as its integrity is unimpeachable Tney will therefore go cn masse to the meeting on Tuee day night, and ns they did in October, 1841, quietly, but indignantly rebuke, and forever crush thia incipient trea son to their party and to the Union. They have not yet forgotten that the same clii/ut who have devised this foul treason, smuggled resolutions through the different wards in October,'43 denouncing Danhl Webster and all his friends. We, iherelore, promptly called upon the commit tee who had in chaige the preparation oi resolutiona tor the general meeting to correct the error. They refused, and we gave notice that we should be present, and appeal I rem them lo the people. This woe answered with a threat that if we ditl, we should be thrown out of the win dows.' Out we heeded not Iheir threats, went to the meet log. made our appeal to the people themselves, and with out n dissenting voice, each and every resolution which had been rejei ted by the committee, was triumphant!) carried by their masters. A similar course will he adop'rd on Tuesday evening That aimilar success will attend the tfTirt we do not doubt; hut uuder no circumstance will we act with, or countenance any party which seeks to destroy the union oftheStatrs. As whigs we shall lorerer protest against the minner in which Texas has boen admitted; but be ing admitted, we ahall submit to the wrong sooner than retort to disunion, or what we consider the same thing? ''iraise the standard of abolition " Independent of the trea son to the Union ol which every whig would be guilty whofebould consent to rally under the banner ot aholi tionism,as an act of political expediency, it is absolute madness. Its lolly is only exceeded by its wickedn> ss; an i any man of common sense must at ence perceive ibat ? ven if by enlisting under the banner ol treason to thr Union the whigs could c rry New Yotk, they would lose every Southern an) Western State. This movement, therefore, has not the knave's plea of patty ixpediency to recommeud it ; it woul I not even elect Dudley 9el den Mayor, much less give us a whig t'cmmon Council; wnile it would lorevi r cover with infamy the name oi whig and inevitably lead to the destruction ol our Union L -t sll whigs who think, with us, stand by their princi ples and the integrity of the whig party in this hour el darkness. Better, fur hi Iter, to go over at once to loco lorotum, with all its vitiations associations?its Dorrism, its Kmpire Clubs, its habitual disregard of law and order, sad its flagrant violation of the Constitution in its annex ation of Texas ? than rally for a day or an hour in a party and under a banner, pledging us to labor f >r a dissolution ol till * long ehi rished Union No, no, that can never be the resort of honest and patriotic men?and ol ?nc.h is con atituted tha whig party. The interested tew who have devised this treason on the ove of our charter election, will he indignantly driven back into the dark recesses from which they from time to timeemeige for treacherous purposes , and the true hearted whigs ot thia city?be they more or less -will it-md by their cubits and do battle tot their principles until in dne time, victory ahsll sgain crown thcireff'jrta in a good cause, andotir glorious Union be cemented and perpetuated bv the firry trials to which it is destined to he subjected. Our principles are impe rishable ; and until these principles ate firmly established and recognised in every department of the government, the whig psriy is indissoluble. A Novri, Yankhk Tftc* -f It in quite common to lee tlie wallers el Hotels .to get waited on ?X (seditiously. At Washington lately ? so says the Miiroi ?a Massachusetts Jti'ge, probably remembering 'his In w a gold niece Ironi his pocket last we k while >i ting hungty st the stripped table, nnd tapping his tum'di with it till he a'tiacted at ention, laid It beside Ins plati <nd pointed tnitwhila he mentioned v. bathe naidid Ms was miraculously supplied et course, but, when hi aad nothing more to ask, ne politely thanked the waitst and?returned the gold piece to nia own pocktt Nothing has been heard of Mrs Anne Oore, who myste riously disappeared Irom Baltimore a few days since, not withstanding that the moat diligent starch hat been made hiding by her relatives Woaniocket. [Correspondence kf tho Herald ] WtiONsucKKT, March 7, 1J45. fVooneocket?Scenery ? Women?31oral? Munntn. My Dear Sir,? The place at which my letter is dated ia rmpha tically the "head quarters of democracy" iij Rhode Island?the great New England emporium of fashion, literature, and the arts?the Paradise Lost of America?in short, is the jumping-c ff place ol the north. The editor pro. tem. of the Gazette (who, by the way, is an old correspondent ol yours) very justly remarks:?" Rhode Island, without Woonsucket, would be asintolerable as the Biatrial Swamp." And the same happy but partial writer adds?with what truth it becomes not the writer hereof to say?that Woonaoiket, without an " X Y. Z." would soon become a wilderness. Suffice it lor your obedient seivant to affirm, that a tair-haired girl at hi* elbow declares that " them's her peutimeuts," exactly. Well, ttien, our village, in point of rich and va ried scenery, is the most beautiful spot on the facs of the earth?a perfect Garden of Eden. It is ths nucleus of sundry other villages, which line th? waters of the Hlackstot.e. It is located in ihe t wo towns of Cumberland and timithfield. But it is not my purposs to give a geographic d description of the place. I would rather speak et the manners and customs ol its inhabitants. Ol ou: women, it is enough to say that they are the " beaulifuilest" on God's footstool?and of the men, that they are mainly democrats?staunch, true-hearted demo crats. Like the Parisian belles, our girls are given to smoking. Hence, any lair day, you may see small knots ot them congregated on Post office square, puffing their pure principes, spitting here and there, and discussing the political affairs of the country. The moral character of our inhabitants, male and female, is beyond reproach. We have two or three public houses licensed to retail ardent spirits, but they are frequented oaly by the tempe rance portion of the community. A "drunken inan" is never seen in our meets. Oar " hello" are uot bona fide establishments, and are rarely visit ed. It is brlieved that nine out of every ten male inhabitants are perfectly ignorant of the use of cards, dice, die.) to use a homely phrase, they "ean hardly tell one card from another." In truth, ours is a church-going people, whose habits sro entirely domestic. The two sexes unite in mar riage, generally, at the nge of thirteen or tourteen, and fathers of sixteen, and mothers ol fifteen, are as plenty here as blackberries in August. Time will not permit me to indulge in further details at the present moment. My principal object, sir, in writing these few lines, Has been to call your at tention to our village, and to induce you, if possi ble, to pay us a visit. In another letter, if agree able to you, I will enlighten you and your readers in regard to the political position of both political parties in our State. Yours, X. Y. Z. Varieties. The State Auditor of Michigan report* baring pni.l during the past *ix year*, the sum cf $6,467 for wolf tcalpa. The present premium is $S a scalp. A law n now under consideration to increase the bounty to $H a head. The last Ifatchez Couritr says, within a few weeks the town ot Woodville has lost two most estimable citizens. A rei counter firit occurred between Mr. B. F Herbert and Mr Fenner, both said to be mild, placable, ana strict ly honorable gentlemen, which resulted ia the death of Mr. Herbert. A lew days after this, another rencounter took place between Mr Fenner and a brother of the de .-eated Mr. Herbert, which has resulted in the death cf Mr. Fenner. The east of the British establishments for putting down smuggling, is upwards of $600,000 a year, while the value n( the contraband goods seized, dors not, perhaps exceed fSoOO a y*ar: and yet ft is a lact, that goods of the value of between A3 000 000 and 4i4,000,000 chii fly brandy and tobacco, are every year smuggled into Groat Britain. The 8 dim Register says that Boston Common in days long past, witre.scd the bangiag of lour of the Quakers, who early embraced the opinions of George Fox, and cam* here io enjoy freedom with the Puiitans; and thero is hardly a jail in this part of the Commonwealth, in which many of there associates were not confined. A parcel was recently received at a bank in Massachus etts containing a fine infant three months old, hearing on its reck a written note, gently intimating tl.a'ih* mysterious stranger might be pluced to the cradit of Mr. , a gentleman having an account open with thu bank. Romantic.?A young man, named Ptlirgrr. cletk in tho office of a M Wccbsrler. had fallen in love with hi* mil ter'* daughter, and hie affection being ra'urtied, they wvie ocretly affianced. Pflu-grr liad a passion lor gambling, and being nn-Me to satisly it, had robbed his master of 6000 thalpis (?1000) and And. On t hris'm .s eve he ra mmed,and had an interview wnh Mad'iie Wachselrr, and both set-ir g thvir union impossible, rraojved to commit suicide neat morning Accordingly they met in a neigh boring wood, and he having a brace of dcuhle-hatratilod pistols, loaded each barrel with a double charge and two millets. Each were to discharge ho'h barrels into tho mouth. The young girl fired, and expired immedUtely ; but Pflieger, at the moment ot pulling the trigger, waa seized with a trembling, and faiuttd The report of tha girl's pistol attracted a crowd, and Pflioger was ? rested, and canducted to prison Tha next morning, when tho gaoler entered his cell with his hreakfast. he found him a orpsc, for during the night M eger had hung himself to he burs of his cell with his silk handkerchief Ancient Valentines?Misson, a learned traveller, who tied in England about 1721, describes the amusing prao ices of his lime On the eve ot the Utli ol Febiusry, t Valentines'day, the young folks in England and Soot !and, by a very ancient custom, celebrate a littie festival. An equal number of maids and bachelor* get tieethar, a h wiite* their true or some leigiied name upon se parate billets, which they roll up, and draw by way of lots, the maids taking the man's billets, and tha men the nuidi; so that each of the young mm light* upon a girl hut ho calls his valentine, and each of the girls upon a young man. that she calla hets By this means each has wo valentines, but the man sticks Later to the valautine bat is fallen to him. than to the valentine ta whom he is fallen. Fot lune having thus divided the company into io in any couplrs, the valentinis give halls and treats to thsir Distresses, wear their billets several days upon thrir ?oMimi or sleeves, and th's little sport often ends in love, t'his ceremony is practiced differently in different ountie*. and according to the ireedom or seventy of nad..m Valentine. There is another hiod of valentine, which is the first young man or woman that chanc* hrows in your way in the street, or elsewhere, on that lay" New if ore Legislative Svmmary?In the Se UTIon Saturday, pennons were preeenied (rem Gerrit Smith nn<J other*, and alto from* Jeff rson coun'y, 'gainst <li. ctiminating toll* Mr. Corning report* d * hill o extend the time tor organizing the Atlas Mutual lnsti ance Company Mr. Hand to partially interrupt the Inroughtarc in Thirty-third street, in the city of New Yoik. Adjourned. In the Housk, among the petitions was one from damo ?rat* of Brookfield, Madison county, presented by Mr. -team, asking the Legislature to repr- ve in some way the ontif of thp authorities of Rhode Island, in relation to Thomas W. DorrgThe petition, after a good deal ot eon ersation as to the disposition of it, was, on motion of Mr. ?Vorden, laid on the table. Another u a* presented by Mr Comstock, of C. Glen PoeMe*. asking the adoption of lis patent plan for taking tho aves and noes, was the ? uhject ol some conversation, and finally referrad to the -ommittee on the rules and orders The other petitions were numerous, hut of the usual tenor. Among the hi]Ja ntroduced was one by Mr.Wheeler to amend the N.York School Law ; and another by Mr. D 8 Gould, to amend > he law to increase the revenuis of the state by extending he market lot salt, coal and lead?a tdll designed to cur* < di f-ct by which the Montezuma manufacturers are dc prized of the hensfli of the hill The hill to amend the harter of the New York Mutual Insurance Company iiassi-d. The special order?the constitutional smepd -neiits?now coming round, the House tesuwied the aon videraticn of thi m in rommlttee of the whole, Mr. Jones n the chair. The Speaker having the fleer, addressed 'he committee at length In an able and eloquent speech in ? tipport of the constitutional amendments passed upon hv he last 1> gislatute. particularly the financial and judicial -imendmeuta-charging home upon the whig party anil ?heir allies in the house in the coutseof his remsiks. the design to detest amendments clearly demanded hv the ample, and right and desirable in themselves, in orSrr to coerce a resort in a convention, not so much to?fleet a re vision of the fundamental law, hut to secure to the coali inn party advantages Mr. P k'ey followed in vindica ion of thai American Republican party and of their prin ciples, hut without concluding, gave way to a motion to ? ire and report progress. The committee rose and the House adjourned. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. WH Kit K AM, JOHN JKKKKKftON, alias John Bland, s na tive of the Parivh of Betlinal Green London sou of the late Vfr. Richard J- fferson, formerly of Brick lane.Spitalfields cheese tnnoger.der-ased ha* not teen heard of in K glsnd. for more (hen It year* bntshortly before,or shout that period, he was supposed o ne either in ihe Government, Naval or Merchant Seme# of 'he United States He was born ill the month of April, IMS. so hat if he be now alive, he it 37 ye<rs < f age 'l he last accounts vere fn-m himself in the \eara IH30 and Ml, the f .rmer from Mew Yoik. th* latter from Bo-ton Ilia fnnulv bed it most tnvinus to receive tiding- of his beiog alive herebv offer a re tard of (Ire Hundred Dollar*, on revelvtnv sal'tf ctory evid> nee hereof, or legal proof of hi* da'h, and such reeard will ac odmglv he iwin.'-y me the under signed, in Condon or through he hands of WILLIAM AS IN WALL, < unsell r-ar-l *w. So.20' ourt *t*e> t. Boaton, to whom all eo i inui-ic ilions are .? he addressed. RGB Kit 1 ItRITTOV Sol.nror, No IS B' lhnvl Green, London. London, January 29th,'S4V Ri rudistw lawoetlOwrc OM'OND HAND CLOTHING AND FITINTTUHR vJ WANTKI)-And he highest cash price giv-n f ra'l kinds -I cast off Clothing and good aeemid-hand Knrnitnre. Pernors .viahmg to dispose of ihe same, will do well to call on die tub ei iher, or address a In e ihr< ugh the Po?t <i|fice, which will 'ie i uuctually attended to. B LhVV , 49V? ( hatlism a pvt. N, \ N. B.?Constantly ou hand, s aenaonahle aasor incut of gen'le men's Clothing, clieap lot caan. fll lm*i?

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