Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1845 Page 3
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The Bsywimte of Five Yean ha* heern at tended with unprecedented success, proving beyond the poasibi lity of* doubt, that Sherman's Worm Lozenges are decided!) the best worm destroyers that ha* ever been broui(ht below the public. And they sre *o pleasant to the taite, ?o perfect in their uperntion, ?o convenient, that mother* who uow Kate suffering children, do not think ofnisiiiK any thing elie. Ttiey administer a dose or two, mid the work is done. The spoon i* banished, with alt the nauseous accompaniments, and the children, instead oi turning up their noses, flock around their mother*, and continue to cry as hard as ever for tlte dose that frees them from so many ill* in so short a time. Dr. Sim-man's warehouse is 106 Nassau street. Ab?oU 2S7 Hudsuu Street; 188 Bowery; 77 East Broadway; 139 and 333 rul tou street, Brooklyn; and 8 State street, Boston. Btal'i Hair Restorative, at Ills Agency, OT Walker street, first store raoM Broadway. AU Philadelphia Subscription* to the Herald mil it be paid to the only authorized .Igm It, Zieher It Co,, J Ledger Building, Third street, near Cliestnut. Terms?75 cents a month, including the Sunday paper: or 6i Cfiiti without it; de livered I'n-e of change, in any i?art of Philadelphia. Siugle copies for sale tu above, daily, at 1 o'clock?Price 3 cents. The WEEKLY HERALD is also lor sale every Saturday morning?Price 6,<* cents, or (3 per annum, delivered ui any part of Philadelphia, free of postage. ... [J ^All the new and cheap Publieations for sale at their es tablishment, as soon as issued, wholesale and retail. rC?-With the eiception of one paper, tlie "Herald" is read as much, perhaps, in Philadelphia, as any paper, published ill that city, affording a valuable medium to advertsers. Advertisements hiuideil to the agents at half-past 4 o'clock, will appear in the Herald next day. m4 lz money market. 'Saturday, May 3?0 P M. The stock market Is iteadily declining. Stonington fell off per oent; Norwich and Worce*ter, J; Harlem, J; Canton. J; Penn. 3'*, 3; Ohio 0'*,Vick?burg j; Long Inland, Morria Canal, and Farmera' Loan, rioted firm at yesterday'* prices. The ialei were limited, and the ten' dency of prieea la downward*. Where they will atop it is impossible to tell. Tho return* of the City Bank*, for the quarter ending May l*t, 1843, ihow an increaaed movement in nearly ??ery department. So far a* we are able to judge, from the itatement* received, the increaae in diacount* for the quarter, will not vary much from five million* of dollar*. Bank* or the City or Niw York. >'(6. 1843. May, 1843. . Loant. Specif. Loans. Sprcir. North River Blc 944,328 114,136 1,061,086 [86.639 Greenwich Bk 340,967 30,340 230,633 32,796 $1,183,293 144,676 1,292,719 219,463 \ Circ. Dtp. Cii e. Vrp. North River Bk 312,740 594,116 340,332 720,831 Oreenwiek Bk 91,039 100,962 111,218 113,321 >103,799 695,078 431,380 836,332 The movement of the North River Bank, in every de partment, ha* increased aince February ; alao that of tho Oreenwich Bank in every department, but in diicount*. Contrary to the expectation* of all directly intereited in the operation* of tho banking inatitutions of thi* city, there haafbeen a great increaae in the aggregate move ment of the city bank*, for tho quarter ending May iat, 1843. An increaae in apecie was anticipated, but it waa auppoied that the contraction that ha* been going on for the pa*t few week*,would reduce the amount of loan* be low that of February lait. Tho depoiit* to the credit of the Secretary of the Tjeaaury in the government banka, on the 38th of April, llR, were about a million of dollar* larger than on the 34th of March, 1843, but $3,343,797 leu than on tho 34th of November lait. We annex the official itatement of the Treaiurer for each period, chowing tho amount at hi* credit in the variou* bank* holding public deposits> and in tho mint:? Monthly Statement or the Treasurer or the United State*. . _ Nov. 23 Afar24. Jlpl.1*. Jlmt on Jimt on Sfmt on in what Place. depotit. depotit. depotit. Com'l. Bk Portimouth, N. H.. $12,739 553 35J Bmk ofMontpelier 3,100 ? 972 Merchants' Bk Boston 2,140,733 348,278 353,418 City Bk.N. Haven 54,139 9.9T6 15,515 Arcade Bk, Providence 30,968 6,276 11,326 Fsrmera' and Mech. Hartford. Ct 24,068 13,414 13,421 Mech. and Farmers' Bk, Al bany 8% 243 67,311 66,193 Albany City Bk, Albany 28,398 20,965 20,965 Bk of Commerce, N. Y 1,280,356 339,871 217,197 Bk of America, N. Y 856,344 233,625 648,812 Ain. F.xc. Bk. N. Y 822,408 343,190 232,733 Merchants' Bk, N. Y 915,830 264,092 461,908 North Itiver Bank, N. Y ? ? 282,939 Com'l. Bank, Albany 25,000 20,000 80,000 Philadelphia Bk, Philad 701,550 147,206 207,451 Kic. Bank, Pittsburg . 164,436 261,904 226,229 Bk of Pittsburg, Pittsburg... 2,909 2,909 2,909 Bkof Baltimore, Bait 619,313 99,963 96,478 Bk of Washington, Washing ton 140,1?5 122,986 126,473 Bk of the Metropolis 1,239,364 670,211 627,416 Bk of Potomac, Alexandria... 23,787 19,347 16,847 Ilk of Virginia, Richmond.... 97,832 52,000 52,000 K.i. Bk ofVirgiaia, Norfolk.. 43,385 50,818 51,821 R. W. RR Bk, Charleston... 224,193 196,170 134,398 Bk Sfte of N. Carolina U36 ? ? Pianten' Bk Oa, Savannah... 63,407 64,121 57,737 Bk f I"Mobile, Mobile, Ala... 44,000 167.876 201,939 Br. Bk of Ala., Hnntsville... 2,483 2,958 400 Bk of Louisiana, N. 0 424,147 467,704 475,120 Union Bank of Ten*., Nash ville. 57,M0 83,621 33,201 Louisville Savings Ins. Louis ville 118,736 112,807 118,333 The O. L. It Trust Bk, Cin.. 4,526 10,729 10,992 Clinton Bk, Columbus 27,749 28,443 35,053 Bk of Nonvalk, Norwalk 13 13 13 Bk of handnsUy, Sandusky... 3,665 it 34 Bk of Missouri, St. Louis... 198,249 486,803 537,582 .Michigan Ins. Co., Detroit... 246,623 168,352 168,252 Union Bank, N. Orleans 12 ? ? Br Mint ofthe U. 8., N. O... 6,700 ? ? Mint of Philadelphia 204.960 204.970 204,900 llr Mint Ch trlotte, N. C.. . . 32,000 32.000 32.000 Mr Mint at Dahlonegn. Oa... 30,000 30,000 30,000 Br Mint N. Orleans, La 123,238 123,238 123,238 Corrorans and ltigga, Wash ington...... .. 1,445.013 382,770 395,008 Francis Dodge, Georgetown.. 50,000 50,000 50,000 Bk of Middletown ? 50,000 50.000 < hr<apeake Bk, Baltimore... ? 113,419 100,276 Patriotic Bk, Washington... ? 128,898 128,71# Farmers'Bank, Va. ? 32,000 52,000 12.967,701 6.796,402 7,721,904 The deposit* in the bank* of tho principal cities have, ?incc March 34th, increased, a* will be *eon by tho fol lowing comparative statement of depotit* in Botton, New York and Philadelphia Government DrrosiTt in the Bank* or Boiton, New York and Philadelphia. Oct. 28. L'ec. 30. M ??'. 25. ?4i>f 28. 1844. 1844. 1843. 1815. Mereh'ts Bk Boston... $2,138,297 2,265,950 318,278 355,418 Bk of Com, N. Y 1.400.J76 1,126,092 339,871 247,197 Bk of America. N. Y... 1,352,351 1,072,668 233,625 648,812 Am Kx Bank, N. Y 1)56,432 817,815 343,190 232,733 Merchants' Bk. N. Y... 1,382,246 831,234 264,092 461,908 Philad Bk, Philad 927,711 470,676 147,206 207,451 8,437,313 6,581,165 1,676,262 2,353,519 It will he teen by thi?, that, in the tix government hank* of theso three eitie*, there ha* been, within the pint month, an increase of deposit* amounting to $077, 367. Tliia increase is in the old depoiit bank*. The North River Bank lias been added to the deposit bauks of this city, and had, according to the latest report, $383, USB on hand, making tho aggregato increase in tho depo sits of the banks of these three cities, from March 34th to April 38th, $900,196. The deposits to the credit of the Secretary of tho Treasury in tho government banks have increased in the face of a doorcase in tho revenue, and an excess of expenditure* over receipt* for the quarter ending March 31st of $5,343,097 06. We annex a statement of the receipt* and expenditure* of the Troasnry for the quarter ending March 3l*t, 1843. It will be seen that the payment of the loans of 1841 and 1843, are included in the expenditure*, which i* one cause of their being *o large ; deducting these amounts and the rcceipt* for the quarter, would leave a *mall balance after payiug the uiual expcine* of the gov ernment. Receipts and Expenditures?Unitkd Status Treasury. llcceipti.?From Customs, $8,373,373 Lands 483,333 Miscellaneous sources 30,000 6,881,107 Kxprnditurn ? Civil List, Miscellaneous, and Foreign Intercourse $1,708,407 On account ol army, . .$1,131,836 36 Indian Deportment, .. 33,930 07 Fortifications, 86,413 30 Pensions 1,406,199 19 $3,047,368 Navy 1,078,631 Interest on the public debt 38,063 Reimbursement ofthe loan of 1811, 4,913,680 Do. do. 1843, 400,000 Reimbursement and interest of Trea sury nolo 841,048 13,120.304 F.xcess of expenditure* $3,343,097 Of the expenditure* for the quarter, $fltl,010 was for the redemption and interest of Treasury notos. The fol lowing table shows the amount of outstanding Treasury notes on the 1st intt. compared with former periods : ? TarAtfRY Notes Oi'tst an din#. Decrease. Amount of the several issuei out ?landing. Feb. 1, 1H5 $1,501,068 97 ? Aim nut ofthe several issue* out standing March I, 1845 1,241,779 22 816.299 75 Amount of the several issues out standing April 1,1815 1,073,331 22 171,448 00 Amount outstanding May 1, W4.V 923,351 40 149,079 K2 Tho total amount of Treasury note*i*sued under the dif ferent acts wns $4,103,333. Amount outstanding the 1st inst. $933,341. The balancc $3,341,874 have been redeem ed since Jan. 1st, 1843. Old Stork Exchange. $4(V0 N Y City 5's, *!? 99 540 Lrtns Island RR 74 1U00 Ohio 6's liO 96l<? 100 do blO 74js l^OllO Pennsylvania3's 72 50 do lili 7|l< do s30 7lX 150 do a30 74 8ll<)0 Ohio 7's 101 100 _ do >60 74 5 *h< Am El Bank 81 , ? Erie RR ? 100 Vicksburg 0k 8% 100 do 50 Funnel** Trust 35', 25 do 28* 5(50 do |||5 35V, 50 Stonington RR .r?,S, 200 do 1.30 :?S 30 do .30 38 50 do 1.20 35** 100 do blO 37J, 5*5 1I0 !l'i11 5Q do 37\ 25 do bnw r, Nork VVor RJl 71'* 2^5 Morris Canal 31.** ?i0 do 71% 170 Canton Co 43 ?jo bnw 7% 3d do 1.30 43l ??? ' o 8 do <2> 45# do 71% 200 lie 4?H *9 '!" IX 2j do sH) 42 * 2i do s3B 71% ?i', do b 10 43 ? do bnw 71% 100 l'tiealkSi li<*iRR l? 350 do l2mos 73 58 Mohawk RR ?hs Morrw < 'anal Jo do Manhattan Bk Merchant* Bk Nark Wor do II* ?15 31?, 31 <JJ 110 72 ?30 72 ?rd. 25 Erie RR U> do 8 do 23 StOiiiugton R R L1I0 do 130 Louk I.laud Hli ?>, 28 uw V\ b30 38* >10 74 New Stock Exchange. 7J shs Vicluburg Bk cash 8)4 cash 8* I t>3 cash 31>i b3 31Jk b3 31>, bC 354 b3 35 Full 35li castl 37'4 b3 43 rash 43 bl5 13,'i cash 74'< rash 74 b3 74 %i 74 do do Morris Canal do do Farmer*' Trust ?lo do do Canton Co do do Lone Isl RR do do do 50 Harlem RR 25 Nor k Wor 25 Mohawk RR Hales ot Stocks at Boston. Mar 'J.?87 Western Railroad 1031; 60 Eastern Railroad 109j; 19 Charlestown Branch RR 751; 11 do 70; 10 Mer chant*' Bank 106j| 8 Stato Bank 601; 215 Wilmington RR tll^; 330 do ho 1m 211; 100 do 10 '2m 21; 130 ho 2m 91}; 60 do bo lSyln 21 j. State of Trade. Aiiiks?Poti are in limited demand, and sell ai wanted at $4. Pearls are steady at $4 60. There is very little doing in either description. Bkkswai?Prime Yellow i* held at 30e. The demand it very moderate. Cotton?The market remain* without change, but prices are somewhat easier for the buyer in the tew par eels taken. The salot to-day amount to 600 bales.? Since the departure of the steomer, on the 1st instant, the ransaction* nave been small. We continue our quota tion* :? Livr.nroot. Classification. Upland? 4r Florida. Mobile 4r JY. Orleans. Inferior 4 J a 5 3 a Ordinary 6} a 51 61 a 0 Middling 6? a 5} 61 a 6 Good Middling 6 a 6i 6} a 6, Middling Fair 61 a 6f 6 j a 6 Fair 61 a 6j 7 a 7 Fully Fair 6j a 7 73 a 8 Good Fair 7j a 7J 8k a 9 Fine 8 a 8} 9} a 9J Stock 60,000 bale*. Sales for the week 6COO bale*.? Freights?To Liverpool, dull at one farthing; to Havre, dull at threo-buartcrs rent. Hat?Common qualities of North River bale we quote at 35 a 40c. The demand is principally for shipment. Tosacco?The demand for this article is fair, and sales of Kentucky have been made at 2jc for common, and 6c for prime. Manufactured is active, and sales have been made at 6c for Cavendish, and other kinds. Stock in the Inspection Warehouse the 1st instant:? Ky. Vi1. 4- JK C. Md. hhdi. hhdt khd*. On hand, April 1 3600 269 9 Received since 298 52 3898 Delivered in April 536 311 19 On hand, May 1 3363 292 9 3663 Whiskr.v?Drudgo Casks wo still quote at 32c, and Western aud Prison bbls at 22|c a 23c. There is a fair supply of all descriptions. Died. On Saturday, 3d instant, after a long and painful sick ness, William Alters, nged twenty-nine. The friends and acquaintances of the deceased, sub scriber* to the Philhurmonia Society, and the musical profession, are invited to assist the members of the Phil harmonic Society in paying the last tribute of respect to their departed brother, at tho Society's rooms, Apollo Saloon, on Tuesday morning next, at 10 o'clock. 3t Passengers Arrived. New Orleans?Ship Caledonia Brander?Mr Hay den, and 27 iu the steerage. Josos?Barque Texidor?J Bolie. Foreign Importations. Liverpool?Ship K Deuison?153 tons pi* iron 8 Congdon? 122 do coal 1000 sacu salt Hi ml Thompson?20 pkgs C M Leupp ?50 J Macy It ?o:i?59 Hy Winkley?152 Underbill & co?41 J C Jackson?139 J W Harris?3 Blunt It Sims?2 John Gihon?6 Cameron It Brand?15 Patou It Stewart?12 Coope It Leigh. Jobos?Barque Texidor?CJ hhds 70 bbU sugar 272 hds molas ses B De Forest?3 puns bay water 5 bbls potatoes 1 bag coffee 1 l-bl sugar J de Rivera?II do 1 bbl bay water to muter. Nei'vitas?BrigMcLellan?128 logs cedar 134 tea 23 bbls ho ney #4 bags guano 2212 bdls palm leaf 31 hhds molasses 46 tons fnstic Spofford, Tilestou Itco?102 pes mahogany 1 box Holt It Owen?23 cs segars J Mathews. Domestic Importations. Nr.w Obleans?Ship Caledonia Brander?110 hhds sugar Howlaml It Aspinwall?99 do tobacco Thompson It Adams?12 bbls lard Howes. Godfrey It co;?24 tcs do A Averill?2000 kegs do Holt It co?224 bbls do 122 pigs lead 9 cks hams 4 bbls ginseng 8 hales wool 28 hides Hoi brook, Nelson & eo?7 casks tallow G Orant?207 bbls molasses Stracham It Scott?22 do lard 5 kegs do 237 bags pimento Markoe Wilbur It Scott?1 bbl 1 pkg E Bart lett?70 bxs D It A Kiiigsland?108 pkgs tea B S Wooley?157 bales cotton Barstow, Pope It co?119R Irvin?GO E D Morgan? 18 hhds tobacco Davis, Brooks It co?212 bbls wheat 22 do hemp seed J Draper?582 bbls flour 3 hhds tobacco 43 skins 1574 kegs lard to order. St Marks?Brig Samson?2 bxs Perkins It Hopkins?I Clark, Work It co?3 hales cotton Atwaterlt Mulford?39 Parmelee It Rogers?39 Smith, Mills It co?53 H Waring It son?276 Hoi brook, Nelson It co. MARITIME HERALD. Shipmasters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will give to Robert Silvey, Captain of our News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed?the vessels spoken on their passage?a list of their cargo?and any foreign new>pa|>ers or news they may have. Agents and Correspon dents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office any marine intelligence they may receive. PORT OF NEW YORK, MAY 4. sr* RISES 5 3 I MOO* RISES 3 46 M .BID SETS 6 57 I HIUH WATER 7 46 >: Cleared. Ships Duncan. Daggett-Glaagow, Dunham It Dimon; Hogarth. Pendleton, Charleston.?Baruues Pauline, Paine, Oporto, J Os born; Lilius, Gilchrist, Philadelphia. Badger It Peck.?Brigs Carrier, Beecher, Marseilles, Kitcnlt Co; Ellis. Mills, Kingston. Ja. John Elwell It Co; Marcellus, Morrison, Grenada, Nesmith IrWalsli- Georgians, Davis, Neuvitas, Holt It Owen; Belfast, (Br) McKinney, Barbadoes, Middle ton It Co; Cordelis, Hatch. Ponce via St. Thomas, H. Southmavd It Son; L'Orleut, Knight, Ponce, Buck It Peters; America, Johnson, Montego Bay, Ja. Johu Ogden; Tweed. Hands, Baltimore, W W De Korest; Chat tahoochee, Baker, do, Foster It Nickerson; Mnnheuau. Col ley, Calais, Me. Badger It Peck; Osceola, Churchill. Plymouth, Mass.?Schrs Reaper, Crooker, Jacmel, J. >11 vs ell It Co; Pacific, Meeks, Franklin, La. Peck It Van Bergen; Kmpire, Clarke, St. Thomas, F. Wood; Julia, Van Gilder, Wilmington, NC..N. L. McCready It Co; Delaware, Farren. Beaufort, NC j Wm Burke, Hedden, Richmond, N. L. McCreadv It Co; Lady Clinton, Cran iner, do, Piatt It Pierson; Alexandri i, Lewis, Alexandria; Ann 0, Bedell, Norfolk; Millicrtit, Cole, Baltimore; Lady Washington, Stevens, do: George, Bird: Shawinut, Farrar, and Martha War ren, Smith, Philadelphia; Page, Chamberlain, and A. Marshall. Mayo, Boston.?Sloops Expeditious, Robinson, Philadelphia; President, Frisbee, New Huveu. Also, barque Reform, Lewis, Mobile, Sturges ItClearmaa. Arrived. Ship E. Denison, Post, 31 days from Liverpool, with indse and 256 steerage passengers, to h. D. Hurlbut k Co. Sh p Caledonia Brander, Decan, 16 days from New Orleans, with indse. to Older. Barque Texidor, Clark, 14 days from Jobos, PR. with sugar, to J. de Rivera. Left brigs Amanda, Ames; North Bend, Cole, to sail next day for New York. Barque Pario, Kinney, from Matanzas. 23d- ult. with 96.000 gallons molasses to S|H>fford, Tilestou It Co. Spoke 2d inst. lat 39 6, Ion 74, brig Magnolia, liouud S. Brig Burmah, Sargent, 38 days from Madeira, with 4100 qtls barilla to C. C. Quincy. Brig McLellan, Orr,(of Boston) II days from Neuvitas, with honey, Itc. to master. Brig United States, of Portland, was to sail from St. Croix for New York on the I6tli April. 1st inst. lat MJ, Ion 74 14, saw brig Belle, Myers, heuce for Wilmington, Brig Johu H. Stephens, Hall, 12 davs from Sagua la Grande. Cuba, with 282 hhds molasses to John fl. Stephens; 20 do S|iofford It Tileston. Left brigs Alfred Hammond, for Boston, 3 days; Exchange, just arrived, to load for Boston?only Americans.? Spoke, no date, lat 35 30, lou 75 30, schr Ceres, of Bath, hence for Wilmington, NC. Ilrig Billow, Lawrence, 14 days from St. Marks, via Key West, with 467 bales cotton and 12 boxes indse to Nesmith a Walsli. Brig Samson, Stark, from St. Marks, and 14 days from Key West, with cotton, to E. I). Hurlbut It Co. Schr Nile. Bell, (of Ksunebuuk) 25 days from Attakapas, with live oak, to G. A. Hoyt. Left schrs Adelaide, and Mori da, for New York, Idg. Off Cane Florida, passed br\g Edin burgh, of Thoinaston, steering West. Schr Harriet A. Taylor. Coldeu, 5 days from Washington, NC. with cotton, lie. to Cook It Taylor. Si-lir Sea, Hart, 4 days from Richmond, with flour, lie. to J. Hunter. Schr First Consul, Downey, from Richmond, with mdse, to master. Hchr Margaret Ann, Hammond, from Richmond, with coal, master. Schr Vesner, Baker, 41 hoars from Norfolk, with com and cotton, to J. M W illi'ins Schr A. Birdsall, Lawrence from Baltimore, with mdse, to muster. Carried aw?> l.e..?l of mainmast. Schr B. Coffee, Van T> ait from Philadelphia, with coal, to ma?ter. Srhr Geo. Washington, from Philadelphia, with coal?bound tp New Haven. Sehr Rebecca It Abigail, Tomlin, from Philadelphia, with mdse, to master. S^hrs John Wesley, Smith, Saml C. Abbott, Wood, and Ca ledonia. Dixon, from Virginia. Schr Franklin, Snow, ? days from Thomaston, with lime, to ""schr Richmond, Cushmsn, from New Bedford, with oil, to master. Miscellaneous Record. Brio Rost.?The Monongahela, at Philadelphia from Liver pool passed on the 5th nit. lat 18 K N, lou 27 2J W, brig Rose, of I Yarmouth, both inasts and bowsprit gone, and partly full of | water; saw no person on board -appeared to have been abandon ed some time. Launched?At Castine, Me. 25th ult. schr Sainl Noyes, 100 tons, iutended for the fishing sud coasting business. Whalemen. Ait at Warren 27th ult. Sarah, Martin, Boston, to fit for whs ling: JOth, Philip Tabb, Webb. NW Coast via Rio Janeiro,with 21100 bbls wh oil and 20,000 lbs lioiie, Spoken. Martha, from Baltimore for Boston, May 2, 60 miles SF. of Sandy Hook-by pilot J. E. Davidson. Arcot, from Philadelphia for Boston, same day?by the same. Foreign Ports. Mata*x*s, April 23?Sid Rainbow, Sampson, Europe; Nep tune.(Madden, BristoL Rl; G?}en, Swaetxer, for Sagm, to losd (?' ?n rmoVi' v0*", for Philadelphia. In port, York, Morrill, for New York, few days; Falmouth, Walker, disg; Hibernia, Elliot, for i ortland; Ceres, Sawyer, wtg freight. Mariel, April 1^?-In port, Centurion, Noma, Tor Boston, 2 <U/>. Nam At', NP. no dit??Arr Jtmes Power, NYork. Lake Ports* BfifALO, Msy 1-Att H Clay, McQneen, and Osteite, Earl, Cleveland; J Ward, Benedict Chicago; lOetjny Davi.on, Asntannla. CM R C Smead, /jmmerly, Lne; J H Lyon, Klas gye, Tidedo. Curr.LA-sp. April 29? Arr Birmingham, Bradley, Pt Bnr Well; Kinne, Dsrison, Toledo. Cld Henrietta, Trowell, King ston: Tom l.eineii, llinch, Detroit: E Ward, Crowl, Marhle heiuf; M Ney, Albee, Kelly's Island; Maryland, Chicago; Hy Clay, Buffalo, Venus, fi Huron. Home Ports. Baioob, April JO? Arr Tamoree, lloxie, NYork. Cld JVm nroke, Bakeinan, St Peters, Mia. Pobti.anu, May I?Cld Napoleon, Wintlow, Havana. Nr.w nmvrnRT, May I?Arr Adelside, Katon Poece, MBH boket, Gi>edwin, rhilsdelphia;Tnimpet, Fsge, NOrleans. Sale?i, May 1?An Dodge, Xaapp, Baa KosciMko, Frracb, Georgetown, DC; Gladiator, Norfolk; Arboreer, Philadelphia Sid Rosabella, Bailey, B ueuos Ayres. Boston, May t?Arr Liri H dale, Thompson, New Orleans; Rajah. Hang*. Mobile; Olof Wyk. Hayman, Apalachicola; Delaware, Fiiher; Lark in, Churbuck: Rdw Franklin, Chur buck, ami Plurbe Baxter, Crowell, Philadelphia; Sea Flower, Duell, Havana; Ponce, Lull, Marieli Canonicua, Cowplaud, Matanzas: Man Hill, M'Gllvery, Mavaguez; H A Schroder, De?hea, Charleston; Ann, Parkuw, Wilmington, NC; John Simnmua, Small: Sarah Aim, King, and Bound Brook, Higgins, Richmond: Good Hope. Fielding, Norfolk) Del Norte,Beirner, Fredericlubuag; Priscilla, Younx, ( a(>e May: Vermont, 1Cage, and Tigris, Lot ell, Albany; Spleudid, Crowell; Friend, Baron; Geo Brook., Dyer: Southerner, Kldridge; Adaline Ik Rozina, Foster; Ce\lou, Shepherd; Watchman, Smith; Richmond, Packard, and Clarendon, Ames, NewYork. Telegraphed. Cou cord, from New Orleans; Cyclops, from Matauxas. Cld Cairo, Childs, and Columbus. Coffin, New Orleans; Wave, Howes, Mobile: Amazon, Knight, Martinique and a uikt; Oeeau, Kld dridge, Baltimore; Roanoke, Webb, Porto Cabello and La G u a y ra; John CooleyStCo, Kldridge, NYork. Sailed, wind W to WNW, Cambrian, Souther, Lowder, Ocean, Mary H, Roanoke, Autares. Edoaiitown, April 29?Arr Sophronia, Fountain York Rixer for Thomaatou?has been on Tuckernuck Shoal, and leaks 300 strokes per hour. Sid May I, Sophronia. Warren, April 30?Arr Win Henry, Cole, Matanzai, returned with her outward cargo. Philadelphia, May 2?Cld llammohun Roy, Cutts, New Orleans; Robt Wain, Sears; W Hart, Corson: H Fuller, Fuller, and Altamaha, Jenny, Boston; St Helens. Sparks, Hallowed; Paragon, Tice, Norwich, Ct; Cleopatra, Burroughs, NHaven; Brandywine, Stephenson, Newark, NJ; Motto, Fournier, Provi deuce. Baltimore, May 2?Arr, Cole, NYork. Alexandria, May I?Arr Forest, Jaques, Newburyport. Sid 1st, Favorite, (Br) Master*. West Indies. Richmond, May I?Arr May, Dennis Kiutport: Constitution, Somers, and Jas & Samuel, Somen, NYork. Sid Heury Lee, Sandwich. Charleston, April 30? Arr Tower, Leslie, St Juan de los Remedios; Andrew Gray, Dukehart, Nassau, NP; Alert, Dra per, Baracoa. Cld F A Brown, Westbrook, Cuba. Mobile, April 25?Cld Vernon, Ellery, New York; Mauran, Williams, NOrleans; May Flower, Almy, Providence. Nr.w Orleans, April 21?Arr Joun S McKim, Lewis,Galves ton; Tarquin, Paxton, NYork. Cld Orleans, (Br) Aldrieh, Li verpool; Harrington, Bar on, Gibraltar. By Last Night's Southern Mnil. Philadelphia, Mav 3?Below, Commerce, Pink ham, from NOrleans. Cld Elk, Niekersou, and Sun, Ryder, Boston. Baltimore, May 2?Arr, Cole, NYork. Cld Direct, Bribes, NYork. Sid Louisa, Gait, Bremen; Frances, Coffin, St Johns, PR J REWARD?8tolen, on the night of the 29th April lut, tt"vf from a bedroom ill the house C8 Gold street, $173 or $180 in bank bills, one sixteen dollar piece, and a silver watch. The above reward will be paid, if recovered, by applying; at IB Fulton street, New York, to PATRICK DaL*. in4 lt*ec Q IJ A K T E ilM AN & S I) N, PAINTERS, NO. ID BURLING SLIP, m4 lt*ec Nr.w York. MINIATURE PAINTING. A. McDOUGALL hu removed from No. 11 Park Place ? - to 386 Broadway, fourth house above White street, east side. my I lm*ec NOTICE?MR. CLARKE has removed his Intelligence Office from 330 Broadway to 95>? Duane st. one door from Broadway, where he continues to provide protestant help, both white a'ld colored, of good character, at $2 a year. At Duane street uncurrent money bought and exchanged. my4 lm*ec BARENNE k CO., QElI) 114 Grant) Street, Corner of Broadway, VA#' Have the honor to inform the Ladies that they will make a Summer Opening on Monday, the 5th of May, hav ing received from Paris, by the packet ship Saint Nicho las. the last arrival, an elegant and entirely new assortment of new articles, and Gipsy Hats, new styles. nil lwisrc WANTED?For one ofthe most extensive Publishing house* in the United States, a lew active young men to act as Agents for the sale of new and popular works. The proprietor will insure eaah man $300 over hi* board per year profit. A wri ting to that effect will be given them; they will have besidrs opportunity of clearing $l,nou per year, and more if they are ac tive. Every man will nave his district. It will be necessary for them to have $25 to $30 at least to obtain a good fitting out. No one need apply unless lie ha* that sum, for it is the object of the Publishers to establish good agents, and give them such a chance as no one else can offer them. For full particulars apply to 424 Broadway, at Hall'* office. a21 2w*ec RESPECTABLE Young Man, aged 23, and accustomed to business, wishes for a situation In any respectable Whole sale House, either as Clerk, Assistant Book-keeper, Porter, or in any capacity in which he can be of service to his employer. He write* a fair business hand and understands Book-keeping. Un exceptionable reference given. Address C. W., at Mason & Tut tie. 38 William strict. m2 2t*rh TWO respectable Young Women want situations in one house, one a* Cook or Laundress, and tile other as Cham bermaid, and to assist in Washing and Ironing. The best of city references can be given. Apply at No. 269'^ Mott street, be tween Houston and Bleecker, on the second floor. a30 lw*rc CONSIGNEES per ship Johu Ctimmings, from Liverpool, will please send their permits on board, toot of Dover street, or to the office of the subscribers. All goods not permitted in five days must of necessity be ?ent to the jmblic store. W.kJ. T. TAPSCOTT, m I Strc 7G South street, corner Maiden Lane. R1S11 BLACK M ARBLE?!**) tons of Galway Marble, the cargo of barque Victoria, cousiating of large size blocks, ex pected shortly to arrive, and for sale by PERSSE & BROOKS, a.TO lw No. 65 and 67 Nassau street. OLD ('LO'! OLD CLO'! OLD CLO'! THE SUBSCRIBER pay* the higlieat prices for Secoud Hand Clothing. ..... Clothing altered, repaired and cleaned in a superior ?tyle. Remember the No., 130 Nassau street. %}EO. LEVIE. ?21 lm*rc " NEW YORK, April SI, 1845. THE UNDERSIGNED announce to the public, and particu larly to the watch merchants, that from this day they have formed an association under the name of DELAC'HAUX & M AIRE, for the trade of importation of watclies, and that from this said day tliey have on hand and shall receive from their cor respondent manufacturers every description of Watches aud Movements. DELACHAUX k MAI RE, No. 127 Fulton street, N. Y. A. Delachaux?H. Maire. a22 lm*in TO MERCHANTS VISITING NEW YORK CITY. D. M. PEYSER. 60 JOHN STREET, (BETWEEN WlkLIAM AND NASSAUSTREET8.) NEW YORK, IMPORTER OF GERMAN AND FRENCH FANCY GOODS, Offer* for sale, by the package or to suit customers, at the most reasonable terms, WORSTEDS. Zephyr, German, and Tapiaserie Chine a,,,] Ombre Worsteds. Floas, Twisted, Plain and Shaded Silks, in Sticks and Spools. CHENILLES. Embroidery, Flower and Trimming Chenille PATTERNS. Berlin Embroidery Patterns, a most splendid selection. CANVA8S. French and German Canvass for Embroidery, of Cotton, Worsted, Imitation ofsilk, aud Silk, Silver and Gold, of all w idths. BEADS. Gold, Silver, Steel, and Glass Beads and Bugles. NEEDLES. Embroidery Needles, Steel, Wooden, Ivory, Ebony, and Whale bone Knitting and Crochet Needles. ,11L1 , ? EMBROIDERIES. All kinds of commenced and finished, such as Suspenders, Shoes and Ottomans, tic. ike. ... >, * , ? . FANCY GOODS. AU kinds of Paris Fancy Goods, such as Purses and Purse Trimmings, Head Ornaments, Bracelets, Hair Pins, Combs, Ice.; Necklaces, Gold and Silver Braids, Tinsel Cords, and Silver , Bui!Km Tassels, FRENCH MILITARY TRIM MINGS, Sic. Wire Goods, such as Baskets, Watch Holders, fcc. Jic. (Jerman Rustic Willow Chairs, Baskets, Work Tables, and Sofas, iic. .OILED SILKg. Oiled Silks, different colors, the best French. rv_- .. J FRINGES. PTinif***. < eras, Gimp*, Tassels, ail colors and qualities, im ported and domestic (of hi* own manufacture.) f 13 8tfcW3m?rc * ' FRENCH CURTAIN LACES AND MUSLINS. WKhave received a large assortment of handsome Curtain Muslins?all widths and patterns. Alio, beautiful Embroidered Lace, of splendid patterns and dlllereut widths, which We will sell at very low prices. Also, MANTILLAS, SHAWLS. RIGOLETS ANT) SCARFS! Plain Black Silk Mantillas, Rich Watered do do, trimmed with Lace. Rich colored Silk Mantillas; do Changeable do do. Do Rigoleti, black and colored; do Silk Shawls. Black Lace Mateaux; do do Shawls. Do do Scarfs. White Embroidered Mu.slin Mantillas. Do do Shawls, with colors; do do Scarfs. ( anion Crai*- aud India Shawls, of every description; Barage. Crepe de Chine, Grenadine, *ud other Summer Shawls and Scarfs, Cravats, Parasols, Shades, lie., at in3 lw re JAMES BECK It CO., 359 Broadway. PATENTS, SPECIFICATIONS, AND DRAWINGS. THE Drawings may be lithographed without additional ei l?'ii?e. Iuventors would find it much to their advantage to call on the subscriber, and obtain hundreds of copies of their in ventions, at the prices usually paid for duplicates. EDWARD JONES. >13 lm*m 128 Fulton street, N. Y., Sun Buildings. TO CANADA SHIPPERS. THE UNDERSIGNED is prepared to receive goods at this port, and transmit the same to Canada, for the lienefit of drawback. He w ill attend lo the necessary Custom House busi ness here and elsewhere oil the routes, and return the debenture money to the shippers. For further particulars apply to C. LIVINGSTON, a 19 Imisrc No. 10 Wall st. LIFE PRESERVERS, OF OOODYEAH'S PATENT GUM ELASTIC COMPOSITION. ARRANTED to withstand the greatest extremes of lieat and cold, and not lo melt or soften iu the seams, (the great defect in Preservers made of the common rubber preparation.)? Also, a general assortment of goods manufactured under the above patent. For sale, wholesale and retail, by GEORGE BEF.CHER, alfl Im'rc 100 Broadway, between Tine and Wall ?ts. T<> (COUNTRY M ERCHANTS. LMOND, Windsor, Rose, Variegated, aud every descrip- | tion of Fancy Soaiisj? Cologne Wtiter, in the most beautiful style of fancy bottles. Handkerchief and Toilette Essences in very great variety. Hair Oils aud Pomatums of the first quality, with every de scription of Perfumery and ('osmetics. Walnut Oil; Military Shaving Soap, the most exquisite Soap ever invented. It makes a perfect cream lather, which does not dry on the face. Also Family Washing Soap, of excellent quality; Patent ( rvstaline Candles, fcc., manufactured by anil lor sale at the de Pot of JOHNSON, VROOM Ik FOWLER, No. 3 Courtlandt st., next door to the a!7 lin*m new National Hotel. GENTLEMEN'S SPRING FASHIONS. nPHlC 8UBSC 1U BE Its have received by late arrivals, from X tliir Agents in Paris and London, their assortment of rich Cravats, Gloves, Srarfs, Suspenders, Silk Under Garments, Sic. ike Tneir assortment of the above articles have been selected with much care and attention, and comprise not orly tin- richest but the inost extensive assortment to lie found in this city. The Subscribers devote great attention to the manufacturing of (Jen tie men s Linen and Muslin Shirts. Tie- article manufactured by them are cut alter the most approved I>renoh method, to suit the form of the wearer?well and faithfully made? and may lie de Smdrd on, not only for the Imauty of their finish, but lor their nr.ibihty. The senior partner of the firm having been for the last seventeen years engaged in the same line of business, his knowledge, not only in the science of cutting, but in the quality of the materials used m our manufactory, fivee us a decided ad vantage, and guarantees to our patrons a fashionable and well finished garment. Our assortment of under garments of all de scriptions?Hosiery, Dressing Robee, Pockrt-kerchiefs Night Caps, Linen Collars, and Dress Fronts, Stocks, Stock Ties, Cra vat Stiffened, Purses, Money andKiding Melts, lie. fcc., will be found worthi the attention of all wllo will faror with a visit the old establishment of PAR8ELL8 k AOATE. N. B.?P. Ik A. continue the manufacture of their celebrated Elastic, Shoulder, Brace and Ridiug Belts. a2i Im dh 273 Broadway, corner ofPark Place. TO LfcT A'f SeW hpcllELLE?A neat two story modem built house with kitchen adjoining. The house has two parlors with folding doors, and fire rooms above. w A1 Ik SrffCiS-i'gS,."a .'arurr. DAY l.INK TO BOSTON. fffganr ffWfl Mb Mfct iiliiiil LONG ISLAND & NORWICH RAILROADS, EVERY MORNING AT TEN O'CLOCK, From tlie Depot at Brooklyn?Sundayi> excepted. a25 lmisrc CENTREVILLE TROTT1NO ('(H IISK, L. I n LONG ISLAND RAlLROAD.?Great Trotting Match be tween Lady Suffolk and Aim -ricus, on Monday, May 5th, at 3 o'clock, P. M. Cart will leave tlir Railroad Ue|ior South Ferry, at 2 o'clock P. M., for the Course, and return at the close of the race. Fare 25 cents each way. ni32tS4tM*rh FARE" REDUCED TO BOSTON ON THF. LONG ISLAND RAILROAD.?On and after Monday, 5th instant, the fan- will be $3.51). in3 lw*rc JAMES VIRTUE, GARDENER AND FLORIST. ?jug* CORN ICR of Broadway and 22d street. formerly corner jKjQtof 15th street and 5th Avenue?haa oil hand, Aliantlitis, .j^kr-and all kinds of ornamental trees, suitable for streets or pleasure {rounds. Also, a great variety of the choicest Shrubs, Herbacious Plants, lie. Ike., best adapted for city wardens. Greenhouse Plants, Sic.j in great variety. A quantity nl'superb 1* rtiit Bearing Vines. Gardens laid out and kept by the season. AH kinds of Garden Work done on the most reasonable terms. All orders left at the corner of Broadway and 22d street, or at the store of Messrs. Thorburn 8c Co., 15 John street, will be punctually attended to. a30 3teod*rc TO FLORISTS AND GARDENERS. JgMf TO LET?A GREEN HOUSE, 60 feet long and six jWnklots of ground, with an apartment in the dwelling. -mIU- N. B.?To save trouble, rent with the apartment $100, and without $75?quarterly in advance. Enquire at 125th street and 5th avenue. The Harlem Cap stop within a block and a half of the Place. P. S.?Enquire at No. 260 Bowery, or at the above place. m4 3t?rc MOUNTAIN PAVILION?AT WEEHAWKEN. THE Subscriber is now ready to make arrangements with persons and families, at moderate charges, and par ticularly so to those who make early engagements for during the season. After the first of June there will be an Omuibus run from Broadway to the Paviliou, starting from the Astor House, head of Barclay street. Due notice wul 1* given of the hours of leaving. Fan- one shilliug, exclusive of fer riage. Application to bo made at the Pavilion, or communica tions left at the stun- of TURNER Sc HAYDEN, No. 10 John street, oral SPRING & WALKF.R'S, No. 39 William street, will receive attention. B, JE8UP. tn3 lw*rc MONEY LENT. THE Subscriber has removed to 423 Pearl, cor ner of Rose stnvt, where he continues to loan money on any amount on dry jjoods, gold and sil ver watclies, plate, jewelry, diamonds, furniture, wearing apparel, ;uid every^de^'rigion^oiya-rsoual Licensed Pawnbroker, 423 Pearl, comer of Rose street. N. B.?Persons inav bo received in the private office by ring ing the bell at the hall door. a30 lin*rc MONEY TO LEND. ABRAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawn Broker, 58 Reade street, near Broadway, loans mouey, ill large or small sums, as may be required, on gold and silver watches, diamonds, silver plate, jewelry, dry goods, furniturv, wearing apparel and merchandize, of every description. a30 lm*rc TO BE SOLD, ou Monday, May 5th, at the New lYork Tattersalls, a calico Mare, about 15 hands high, ?j^^^and 7 years old this Spring, and trots a mile inside of three minutes, and kim} in double or single harness, and a fine saddle 1 >ea?t; stands without lying. Sold without any fault, only for want of use. Can be seen at the above place from 9 o'clocU A. M. on Monday. m32teod*rc BANK OF SAVINGS. NOTICE.?This Institution is now removed to No. 107 Chambers street. m3 lm rc THE AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK. New V ork, May 5th, 1815. NOTICE?The Stockholders of this Institution an: hereby notified, that an Election for Councillors and Directors, will be held at the Banking House on the 1th day of Juue next. Polls will be ojit'll from 12 to 1 o'clock. By order, my4 ltawtoJ4*rc J. J. FI8K, Cashier. iFFICE OF THE CROTON AQUEDUCT BOARD, 7 Old Alms House.?Water Rents were due and payable on rile 1st of May iust. All persons using the water are exi>ected to call at thit office and pay for tlte same without delay. J AS. A. COFFIN, President. New York, May 2, 1(45. m3 3t rc NEW YORK, April 26, 1845. rpHE American Exchange Bank has this day declared a divi J. deud of Tliree(31 Per < -out, payable to Stockholders on and after Monday, May 5tli. Transfer Books will be closed from 28th April to 6th May. By order, *27 9t*m J. J. FISK, Cashier. NOTICE is hereby given that ProiHMils will be received at the office of the New York and Harlem Railroad Company until the 10th May next, for tlie delivery of from one to three thousand cords first quality Virginia Pine Wood, to be delivered monthly from oue to three hundred cords. a)2tomyl0 WM. 8. CARMAN, Secretary. REMOVAL. TOSEPH DUPRE, Imi*>rter of French Fancy Goods, has re al moved from No. 13 Old Slip to No. 103 William street. m2 lw*rh REMOVAL. ENRY k KAHN, Importers of Artificial Flowers, have re moved from 73 Liberty street to 53 Nassau street, up stairs. in2 lw*rc ol H REMOVAL. MRS.t ARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOUR AND SUI^ PHUR BATHS are removed from No. 325 Broadway to 181 Fulton street, west of Broadway. Ojien from 6 o'clock in the morning till 9 o'clock at night. Sulphur Baths require one hour's notice. in3 I in rc SPLENDID EDITION OF THIER'S CONSU LATE AND EMPIRE. JUST RECEIVED the Paris Edition, with plates and atlaj of that extraordinary work, of which 15,000 copies were sold tile first day of its publication, the sales surpassing Allison's oi any other work on French History-. The three first volumes re ceived, two volumes iu advance of any otlier publisher, and foi sale at tlte office d'Echo des Teuilletons, No. 52 Beaver street. m2 3t *rc WILL BE PUBLISHED, on Wednesday next, at 293Broad way, Harry Hand's New Work, entitled The Rival Chief tains. or tlie Brigands of Mexico?a Tale of Santa Anna and liis Times. Tlie author has devoted some two or three mouths in writing it, tlien fore something nice inoy be expected. mil 3t*rh (>RIGINAL PUBLICATIONS. HELEN HOWARD, or the Bankrupt and Broker, by Prof. Ashby?Price 12}. cent*. The Knights of Seven Lands, by J. H. Iugraham?Price 12l*c. Scarlet Feather; or, Tlie Young Chief of the Alienngries, 12,'.c' The Nun of St. Ursula, by Harry Hazel 12'?c. Tlie Midshipman 12Sc. The Spanish Galleon.. 12l,c. Tlie Bell of Boston. ... ? 12'*c. Edith Vrnwn .. .... 12'jC. Louis Kemptou 12iac. Abort Simmons 12!,c. Protege .if the Grand Duke I2)?c Also, a variety of other publications, that will l>o sold low to the trade. All orders will meet with prompt attention. C. MEZRIFIELD, Publisher, a2l 2w ec 293 Broadway. M1 R ZACHARIAH BEAR h HENRY L. WALL, for merly of Philadelphia, have the pleasure to announce te the public that they have taken the large and commodious esta blishment, 534 Pearl _ street, and have fitted it up under a new name, the "Tape Franqne," at a groat ex|ieBse, and hope by strict attention to business, to merit at least a small share of the Cblic iwtronage. As an Oyster Saloon and Refectory, it will conducted iu a different style from those which are gem-rally found. We pledge ourselves not to ifive au article which has lieon on hand one or two days, as our aim will bo to deserve and merit the public patronage. Wo will ojien on next Thursday, tlx- 8th. Call and see. New York. May 2, 1KI5. AMBROSE JACKSON, the Pedestriau, informs his friends and the public generally, that ho has taken the Yorkshire man's Arms, No. 9 Frankfort street, and has named it tin- Pedes trian Hall, and solicits the patronage of tin- public, whore they will find tlie news of tlie day, and refreshments of the best kind at all hours, hoarding, he., all on the most liberal terms. Bell's Life in London, and Spirit of the Times, will he regular ly taken at this establishment. a29 lw*rc SARACEN'S HEAD. No. 12 Dev street, (adjoining the Franklin Hotel.) JOSKPH SMITH, late ot Worcester, England, betfs leave most respectfully to inform his friends and tlie public, that lie has leased the above establishment, and fitted it UP in a style second to none. He has also taken care to provide tlie creature comforts for the inward man. At 11 o'clock there will always bo a sandwich ready, and at any time during the day the following articles will bo prepared and served up ill a style suitable to tlie palate of the most fasti dious epicure:? Beef Steaks?Mutton Chops?Veal Cutlets?Broiled llan and Eggs?Frizzled Bacon?Welsh Rarebits?Poached Eggs?Sar dines?( old Cuts?Cream Cheese. J. S. will at all times keep on hand the choicest Wines and Spi rits, selected with that taste peculiar to an old and experienced wine-bibber; Bottled Porter. Cider, and a sparkling glass of Al bany Ale. accompanied with a pure Havana, all of which will lie served on such terms and price* as will square with the times. mh9 l?*eo _ FAMILIES AND GENTLEMEN VISITING LONDON, DN business or pleasure, can lie accommodated during their stay with a pleasant and desirable home, in the house of a lady of respectability, wliere tin y will moot with every attention. AimrtmonLs with private tables if preferred. Apply at 34 BURTON CRESCENT. aiBlrn'rc Kuston Square. London. A FRENCH CLASS FOR YOUNG LADIES. ADEMOISELLE DE JANON begs leave respectfully to lvJL inform her friends and the public, that she will open a French ("lass for Young Ladies on tW 8th of May next, at half past !> o'clock, at No 211 Bli-ecker NMt Apply to Mademoiselle de J anon, until the first of May, at No. 90 (trove street, on Monday and Thursday mornings, from 9 to half past 10 o'clock, and after the first of Slay, every day, at No. 211 llleerker street, at 8 o'clock. (1^/^ Half of tlie I wesson always employed ill practical conver sation. a27tom8eoil*ec FANCY PAPER AND PAPER BOXES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. PUBLISHERS, Stationers, Book Binders, Printers, Pa|ier Boxmakers, Trunkinakers, Druggists, and Others, who use Fancy Paper, will find it to tlieir interest to call and examine the subscriber's largo assortment of American, English, French, German and China Papers. He is constantly receiving fresh supplies of gold, silver and copper Paper; plain and embossed morocco. German marble, fancy printed ( alico and other Papers; all of which he sells al most at manufacturer's prices. He would also call the attention of manufacturers and dealers in Fancy Hardware and other Fan cy Goods to his Paper Box Manufactory. GEO. J. KRAFT, , alt is3aw<wl,ee 121 Fulton street, upstairs. MISS MADDEN respectfully informs the ladies of New York and its vicinity, that her French Millinery and Dress Making establishment, 108 Caual stn-et, is now Ojien. Spring and Summer Fashions, consisting of silk, cresse ribbon, fancy Neapolitan, straw, braid and gimp Bonnets, of tne newest Pari sian and l.ondoii styles, just received per last steamer, Country Milliners and Dress Makers supplied with the newest Patterns at the shortest notice. Dresses and Rohes of the latest fishion made to order at the shortest notice. Southern and Western orders promptly attended to. All descriptions of Bounets cleaned and altered in the newest style. lm*m THE SOCIAL INSTITUTE, now completed, ready for the receptiou of pupils, is situated in Shrewsbury, thr o miles from the celebrated watering place, four mile* from Red Bank, where steamers ply daily from the foot of Fulton street. It is calculated to give a sound, practical education, qualify the stu dent to pursue any business, or enter any class in College. Terms, per annum, $100, including all incidentals, except beds and stationery. WANTED?A classical teacher, native of France. Also a female. Circulars and interview with the teacher may lie had at 131 Nassau stw-et. a!2 lm*m MARTELLE St HOLDER MANN, No. 37 MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. MANUFA( TURKR8 and Importers of Ornamental Hair Work, Wigs Toupee* Bands, Curls, Soain, Bandeau H <ir. and a new style of Everlasting t iris, and all kinds of Hair Work, wholesale and retail. N. A.?The trade tuppM ou i?MO?able unms al J lm*ec^ AMUSEMENTS. PARK THEATHB. CONTINUED SUCCESS OK THE NEW OPKRA MONDAY EVENING, May 3*H, will be presented i 'mIic 31st nine tlie graud Opera of THK BOHEMIAN GIRL? ThaJdeu*, Mr. Krszer; Devilshoff, Mr. Seguin, Arline Mrs. Begum. In the course of the OiM-ra. Mon?. Mirtu. ami Miss Julia Tum Kbull w ill introduce LA POLKA. To conclude with the 1',-tite Comedy of BAM BOOZLING? Kif.'' ?Mr- Crisp; Emily, Miaa Clsra Ellis, r iret Tier, 7S I ents? Boxes, Sid and 3d Tiers, JO Cents?Pit SO Cents?Gallery, tj ( ems. 11 aVfpa* t "Ti' c j",' ,7|j'J' ??c ^'811 t'le Curtain will rise precisely at APOLLO ROOMS, no BROADWAY. 5th AND 8th. ADMISSION TWENTV-KIVE i'KNTS ON'I V THE ORIGINAL ETHIOPIAN SKKKNA.DERS MESSRS. GEKMON, HTANWOO0, HARRINGTON PELHAM AND WARhEN, ' ! Respectfully announce to the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York, that they hare made arrangements for the above establish ment for a short time, and will give their FIRST CONCERT, ON MONDAY" EVENING. MAY 5th, The entertainment consisting of Songs, Glees, Choruses, Comic Sayings, Sic., accompanied with the Accordeon, Banjo. Congo, Tambo, and Bone < astinets. in all of which they stmd UNRI VALLED IN THE WORLD. For full particulars see bills of the day. Doors o|ieu at half-past 7. Concert at 3 o'clock. Frout Seats reserved for Ladies. m3 4t OH AND SOIREE. HE EMIR OK AYAH will give his first Grand Soiree of Ex|*-riinental Illustrative Lectures,embracing Philosophic *? i.'leulille developements in tlie extraordinary Ceremonies of {fesCS???,. SVLClW.", P"?thoud "t the Temple of Isis, 011 MONDAY EVENING, May 3th, and every evening during the franklin Hall, Chatham Square, consisting of IIin doo Miracles, Demonoly, Galvanism, Electricity and Ventrilo quism. Soiree commences at a?Tickets 25 cents. m3 lw* re GRAND ORATORIO A T ST. PETER'S CHURCH, Barclay street, for the Benefit 41r Of the Church, on Sunday Evening, May IB, 1845. Under the direction of Mr. WM. A. KING, Organist of the Church, comprising a selection Irom fhe works of Mendelssohn, Si>ohr Haydn, Moxart, Sir., fcc., support-d by the leading talent 111 the city, t ull particulars will be duly published. Tickets 50 cents e*ch- m23t*rh TITIAN'S VENUS. ~~ THIS celebrated Painting is now on exhibition at the Gallery, No. 149 Broadway. In Loudon it was viewed by upwards of one hundred thousand |>ersoiu. It is justly considered one of the greatest works of Art?unsurpassed iu color and resemblance ol a perfectly lormed woman. Open during the day, and brilliantly lighted iu the evening. Admission 83 cents?Season Tickets 50 ccqjs. n2!l lw*rc OLMAN'S GALLERY OK OIL PAINTINGS and Lite rary hxhibition, No. 2U3 Broadway.?Just added to tin* Kx hi bit ion, a very beautiful Pictuiv by G. Cole?in size about 0 ft. 4~beiiiK a Laudsca|M* view in Cumberland. Kngland, filled in with a wonderful ^roun of Cattle, whicn have received the nniAhtiiL' touches of Thomas Sidney Cooner, of London, with, whom Mr. Cole studied. It was valued in the Ex hibition in London at 400 guineas. This is probably tlx* most delightful effort of art which has been exhibited hew iu many years. To see w hich, and about 200 Oil Paintings, 12 1-2 cents only is charged. Entrance through the Book Store, where no charge is made, nor to the extensive Print Room, where Kugravings of every Va riety may lie had. at reduced prices. N.. B.?Mr. Col man, wishing to clow up the Book Department ol his establishment, offers bargains to purchaser*. a!2 tf rc OTTIGNON'S GYMNASIUM. CHAS. F.. OTTIONON respectfully informs his friends and the public, that lie has recently taken the large and commo dious rooms, No*. 15, 17 and 19 Canal street, near Broadway, (formerly occupied by I. P, Rogers,) which have been thorough ly cleaned, and fitted un in a maimer that cannot fail to give sa tisfaction to the most fastidious. Connected with the Gymnasi um, is the Sparring Room, where Mr. O. is always ready person ally,togne instructions in the noble Art of Self Defence, and he will likewise state that his pupils enjoy the reputation of beiug the most skilful amateur sparivrs in the city. Wrestliug taught by Mr. WM. PRICK, who will warrant any pupil |>ertect, after a course of instruction. [J,,|CWg taught by an experienced Professor. Mr. O. w ould respectfully inform those inipils who have for merly exercised at this Gyumasiiim, and whose terms have not already expired, that satisfactory arrangements for the continua tion of their unexpired time, will lie made by calling ou him at the rooms, iu ( anal street, which will be opeu from sunrise un til 10 o'clock, P. M. Mr. O. would also state that the Gymnasium and Pistol Gal lery, corner of Broadway and Chambers street, will be open un til further notice. a<j lmje CENTREVILLEJ TROTTING COURSE, L. I. PURSE $250?This great Trot will positively come off (if fair weather) on Monday, May the 5th, at 3 o'clock P. M? for a Purse of5250, Two Mile Heats iu harness, between the celebrated Trotting Horses, D. Bryan enters m. Lady Suffolk. G. Spicer ' b. g. Americus. I mediately after, a Match for S100, Two Mile Heats to wa gons, vu: W.Wheland enters b. g. James K. Polk. XI d" StSf?1?? -II .-K-g.Jolui Anderson. ? N.B.?The ( ars will leave the South Kerry at 2 o'clock, P. M., for tile conveyance of passengers to and from the Course? ?are each way 25 cents. JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor. Centreville, May 4th, 1843. mJ 2t?rc FIREWORKS. MR. EDGE respectfully informs the public that his arrange ments this season are on the most extensive scale ever attempted in this country. He ia now fully prepared to furnish Cities, Towns. Public Gardens( Theatn--., Parties, &.C., with Pyrotechnic Displays, varying in price irom $20 to ?:o.Ml, com prising the most brilliant and varieg.ited fires and appropriate de signs. Mr. E. will also add to his displays this seas,,u four en tire New Colors, never before exhibited to the public?a rich ( <trinine. Royal Purple, Maroon and Mazeriu Blue?unknown to auy other P\ rotchuist. ? ? ISAAC EDGE, Jr.. Pyrotechnist, N. B.?No Agents. Jeney City. in2 3t*rh TO BROOKLYN BILLIARD PLAYERS. CROSSING FULTON KERRY?A very neat Saloon has just been fitted up at thei United States Hotel (ei Water street Tables, iron * j'!'*' ysnna oi?ie? nmei i entrance on .joining the bar of the Hotel ) with three first rat. .......... haglelrames and marble beds?better Table* thai auy in this country, except Bassford's old rooms in Ann street entrance 149 Fulton. Players near Fulton Market, and down town, on the east side, will find the U. S. Hotel Saloon well calculated for thair accommodation. The Proprietor pledges himseli to have it kept respectable. For exercise only. mh29 lm-m MUSIC. MDUMSDAY, Professor of Guitar, Singing at Sight, Ac ? Corfeon, Violin, Sic., continues to teach ladies and gen tlemen ol New York (at their residence) tlie above Instruments, a very short time, by his new Analyzing and Inductive System. Terms moderate. An improved Accordeon for sale. Good city references given on application at No. 55 Chrystie street, above W.lker. a26 lin-rc TIIIRION, MAILLARD &r CO. - - No ni;*. FOR SAI^E, A GRAND PIANO FORTE known as one of the most per fect of the celebrated manufacture of ERAR1) tit Paris, w hich has alrvady been tried iu America during the winter sea son. The price is $700 instead of $1100, w hich it would cost il it was imported directly from Paris. With the Piano, w ill be given music by the best ancient and modem coin|>osers, valued at upwards of one hundred dollars. Apply at a!2 lm*rc MADAME PiLLET, 100 Broadway. AEOLIAN HARPS. NUNNS & CLARK having purchased tlie patent right for "Coleman s .AColian Attachment to the Pianoforte,"for the entire United States, (excepting Massachusetts,) announce to the public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianofortes with this improvement attached,m to attach tlie same to any modem made horizontal Pianofortes. In regard to the durability of this invention, N. It C. are prepared to satisfy the most prejudiced mind, their own critical examination and experience warrant them in the assertion, thai the "jEolian" will remain iu tune iu any climate, and it will not be affected by transitions of at mosphere. Tlie most satisfactory warrantee is given with each iustru ment. The public an' invited to examine tlie "JEoliaa Pianofortes" at their ware-room, No. 240 Broadway, opposite the Park, w here also may be found an assortment of G, and 7 Octave Piano fortes, both ill rosewood and mahogany c.i*e?. m2?> Km-rr DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. JK. TRA('Y has taken Rooms at No. 233 Broadway, up . stairs, second floor, where he is executing some of the most beautiful s|>ecimeus of th? Dagiieman Art in tins city. Tlie prices are according to the style of finish, from ONE TO THREE DOLLARS. Those in want of perfect Pictures are requested to call and ex amine his specimens. Mr. T. il happy to announce that he has engaged the professional services of N. G. Burgess, for a short time, and those who wish Picture* in his peculiar beautiful style would do well to call soon. Plates, Cases. Chemicals, lie., always on hand, and instruc tions given in the Art on moderate terms. all I in ec PLUMBE DAOUERRIAN GALLERY AND PHOTO GRAPHIC DErOT, 2.11 Broadway, corner of Marray street, (over Teunev's Jewelry Store,) awarded tlie Medal, four first Premiums^ and two "highest honors," at the Exhibitionat Boston, New \ ork and Philadelphia, res|iectively, for the !>c?t pictures and apparatus ever exhibited. Su|>er!i likenesses, of all sixes, taken in any weather, on satis factory terms. mJ7 lm*rc IJOR SALE?Vbree large and splendid PANORAMIC VIEWS : the Bay of Islands hi New Zealand, painted by Robert Burford ; the city of Rome, by the same artist, covering a surface of 10,000 square feet of canvass ; and the I departure of the Israelites, 60 feet square. These Paintings are of a superior order of merit and in good condition, and may be had on very reasonable terms, on application to _ JAMES PAGE, m2 fit'ghx 101 Walnut st.. Philadelphia. U() TEMPORE, or every Thing in Season? Warranted All '??The Bedbug Poison and Preventive, sure and safe. The Patchouli)' Command for Destroying Moths in Furs, flannels, uiiholstery, and hairseaiing, will be found extremely useful, ana has been much improved The Rat Poison, lor ships, fields, barns, hotels, warehouses, lie., prows tlie surest destroyer, and will l<e applied for a small consideration, if successful, or none, is the contrary. The My Paper and Cockroach Poisou, as well as Mosquito Paper, are too well known. Also, the Compound Chemical Whale Oil Soap, and the Ar tificial Manures, such as Sulphate of Ammonia, Sulphate of So. da, Nitrate of Soda, and Bonedust. For full and specific direc tions, apply personally to DR. LEWIS FEUCHTW ANGER. a2 dlmeodis*ee 80 Maiden lane. E. L1PPOLD& CO (NO. 103 WILLIAM.STREET, NEAR JOHN' ) OFFER FOR SALE THE FOLLOWING GOODS of tbeirown importations, by the package, or in lots to suit Kea'l'BERLIN ZEPHYR WORSTED AND GERMAN TAPESTRY WORSTEDS Best manufacture amHnosteitenaive assort ment. < otton. Linen. Silk, Worsted. Gold and Silver, of *11 widths ?imi sixes. EMBROIDERY PATTERNS of??Sitei.E'""h""' For Working and Ornamental Trimming, Tlain and Shaded; Flower Chenille, lie. SILKS. Plain and Shaded, and Chinee. Sticks and Spools; Twist, Hoes, do. FRINGES Stlk, Worsted andotton, of the latest styles. And Oimn Cords, in gn-?t variety. OOLD AND SILVER COtlDS. AND BRAIDS, TAS STF.EL, OII.T AND SILVER BEADS, Pnrse Trimmings. Steel anil Jet Buttons, Hair Pins, Sir OILED SILKS, Assorted t.olors. PERFORATED TAPER. CORDS AND TASSELS, Braids, Tapes, Binding*, Galloons, lie. ?1 UL*M ? Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Washington, May 2, W46 Delay in the Conndar Appetmtmenit?Outturn There fur?Applicant* fur Ha vaiui and Havre? Cave Jolmton and the Contractor*?Coleman't Catering?Naval Ordert, Promotion!, 4*r. $?<-. I have been informed that the delay which has occurred in the appointment of foreign Consuls, to succeed those now holding office, and which delay has been very much to the chagrin of the about one hundred applicants for each consulship, has arisen from the representations of Mr. Buchanan, who fears that if, an it has been intended, a great number of these officers be removed and replaced at once, and suddenly, it will be much to the detriment of the commerce of the nation. Whether this will be any satisfaction to the almost numberless applicants 'or not, I cannot tell; but it is, 1 believe, the case. The seventy odd disinterested individuals, who are so very willing to serve their country abroad, as to be desirous of accepting the small Consulship at Ha vana, must wait yet a considerable timer Mr. Campbell will not be removed for months, if at all. The legion, too, who desire Mr. Beasly to be re moved from Havre, and themselves appointed as a reward for their " disinterested" exertions for the party, will be disappointed. Cave Johnson and Mr. Hobbie, the first Assistant Postmaster General, have been engaged all day yes terday and to-day in declaring th^ bids and making explanations to Contractors, Corrections, Jrc. The Contractors speak in very high terms of Mr. John son's urbanity and attention. They have been so agreeably disap,.oiiitcd in their expectation of find ing him a disagrecuble, cross old curmudgeon,^that they are willing to acknowledge they have hereto fore misuidged him. Mr. Johnson will prove him self an Hole, indefatigable officer, and earn the thanks of the people. Coleman, of the National Hotel, had lamb and green peas, and fresh lobsters, and strawberries and cream, all on his table at dinner to-day. What bet ter catering can be required] The following orders have !>een issued by Mr. Bancroft, the Secretary of the Navy:? NAVAL OKDKR.N, MAY 1. Commodore Jamei Biddle, to comcAand U. 8. East India Sqnadron. Lieut. Henry Moor, to Navy Yard at New York, for Ordnance duty. Surgeon W. A. W. Spotswood, to Vnndalia. Surgeon H. Pinckney, to discharge the duty of Surgeon of Rendezvous, together with his own as Surgeon ol Na val Station and Receiving ship at Baltimore. Passed Midshipman Robert Townsend, to U. 8. schoon er On-ka-hy-e, as Acting Master. Sailingmaster Robert A. Cassin, to Navy Yard at Phila delphia. Third Assistant Engineer M. M. Thompson, for duty in the office of Engineer in Chief. Lieutenant F S. Haggerty, detached from Coast ^Sur vey. Lieutenant R. Semmcs, Assistant Surgeon John C. Spencer, Passed Midshipmen John Guest, and Henry Rodgcrs. detached from U. S. steamer Poinsett, and leave three months. Surgeon D. S. Green and Midshipman B. F. Well*, de tached from Vandalia. Carpenter Francis Sagee, detached from Nary Yard at Philadelphia. Surgeon S. Sharp, leavo renewed three months. Purser W. A. Bloodgood, leave from V. 8. steamer Michigan for one month. Passed Midshipman R. D. Izard, furlough for 6 months from May 1, with permission to visit Europe. Midshipman George H. Hare, leave renewed, two months (sick.) Midshipman A. H. Otis, leave renewed, ono month (sick.) Surgeon J. F. Sickells, leave renewed, three montha (tick.) Purser McK. Buchanan, furlough till further order*. Promotions. Passed Midshipmen C. Van Alstine, A. G. Clary, and 11. L. Chipman, to be Lieutenants, vice Lieutenants Sa muel Lockhart and George M. Hooe,deceased; and Wm. D. Hurst, dismissed. Appointments. John Y. Mason, Jr. to be a purser, vice R. 8. Moore, deceased. Washington Sherman, to be an Assistant Surgeon, vice Wm. Pitt Canning, deceased. Wm. Arnold, to be an Acting Gunner. Resigned. Midshipman H. H. Harrison. Washington, May 2,1846. Trial of IVilket?A Verdict. The case of Dinsman, et al. v$. Wilkes, was sub mitted to the jury last evening at 7 o'clock, and to day, between 2 und 3 o'clock they returned a verdict as follows:? In the case of Owen Roberts, the jury fully acquit Captain Wilkes. In the of case Dinsman, Wilkes i* also justified in all hi* acts, save that of imprisonment in a foreign port, and neg lect, while there, of said men, and find for plaintiff da mages $500. In the case of Boal, $.'>00 damage*, on the *ame grounds. Another marine trial was brought up to-day. Pa trick BunJagainstGen. Henderson?the General hav ing made Patrick work in his private garden, which Patrick thinks was not consistent with nis line of du ty as a marine. Counsel for Patrick, Messrs. Wal Iack nndllobon.forthe General Messrs. Bradley and Morfit. The jury have just gone out, and the mail is just going, so that we are cut short. We shall transmit voti this evening a voluminous report in the case of Wilkes, which cannot fail to be of interest to your readers. George. Washington Citt, May 1 at. 1844. Although accustomed for many year* to the grossest and most scandalous misrepresentations on the part of letter-writer* and paragraphists in general, it ha* never been my fate yet to be made the subject of a more da* tardly and unprovoked attack as that contained in a let ter from one of your Washington correspondents, dated the 3Mth inst. In that letter, Sir, (presuming the facetious designation of Count to be meant for me) your unknown corrcspodcnt seeks to produce the impression that Mr. John Tyler, Jr., Capt. Shaw, and myself, did, while in a state of excitement, commit an unjust assault upon tha person ot a Creole, from the Island of Cuba, which I pro nounce, in the most emphatic language, an infamous and a wicked lie. ? * ? ? , The occurrence alluded to by your correspondent in such perversity of spirit, took place at Coleman'* Hotel, on Wedncsdav evening, the '23d instant, and not on the ?.lath, as stated by him. The two gentlemen who accom panied me, as well as myself, had fieen quietly spending the evening with a family in the neighborhood, and on our way home, stopped at Coleman's to refresh our selves. On entering the bar room, one of our party, Capt. Shaw, was accosted in a very familiar manner by a Spaniard, whom we all recognized at once as a person of disreputable character. The gentleman thus approached gave the intruder to understand, in the mildest and most inoffensive language, that his company was not desired. Krom this moment the Spaniard became very offensive in his deportment, and personally abusive toward* Captain Shaw, who, after bearing every manner of provocation with praise-worthy calmness and self-possession, threat ened to punish the intruder unlesa he deiiited from his importunities forthwith. At thi*, the Spaniard went out and armed himself with a revolving pistol, and just a* we w ere about to step into our carriage, attempted once more to provoke Capt. Shnw into a breach of the peace. At this moment, and not till then, did 1 interfere between the parties, and that only to prevent a collision, which, from the groisneis of the provocation, might have led to fatal results. Such, sir, are the simple facts, out of which your correspondent has manufactured *uch a monstrous tissue of falsehood and absurdity. It w as just such a riot a* any man might have been entrapped into, uo matter how retiring his habit*?how pure hi* character, or se date hi* deportment. As ) ou are not answerable for the miirepreienations of designing correspondents, I trust to your impartiality and sense of justice for sn early insertion of the above , and remain, Your very obedient servant. KITZGKRALD TA8I8TRO. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Philadelphia, May 3d, IMA. The cxcitement occasioned by the war meeting in this city, ha* not subsided, and the factions are arrayed against each other in a decidedly warlike attitude. The idea of such a man as Thomas McCully disputing with Charioe J. Ingersoll the post of chief officer of a meeting got up for the purpose of giving shape and form and tangibility to the sentiments of our people upon the subject of our foreign relations, is supremely rodiculous, and showa that the real object of the movement on the part ofhis sup porters,was merely the manufacture of political capital. Not that dignified kind of capital which has for it object the success of a groat party ; hut that paltry and pestilent capital which looks solely to personal advancement , which is made subservient to mere office begging, and which, from its extreme littleness, has heaped so much odium upon 'he party politics of the day. People have heretofore condemned parties because they were unable to single out the hucksters who gave to their political movement* this |H'Culiar characteristic. Yesterday, however, they had the opportunity of making the dis tinction, so far as the democratic party is concerned, and are giving expression to their opinions in a way not toba inisundefptood. Those would-be leaders who engaged In personal bVnwls in order to advance their claims to office, have overlcap?4 themselves, and their downlhll will be as signal its their selfishness and impudence wm manifest yesterday. If Me. Buchanan selects these men as his standard-bearer*, good by* to his popularity in Pennsylvania. Well miy he exclaim, from the specimen of the manner, >n which they have already attempted to manage his interests, " fave me from my friends." To Thomas McCully and his clique, may b? attributed the sole cause of tho strength of nativeism in the first Congressiodal district. They first persuaded the Irish that they were their peculiar friends, and mad* tools of them to carry out their selfish objects. From this abuse sprung a movement, which at length ripened into nativeism, just as the Carroll Hall demagogueism of Bishop Hughes produced the native movement in Nesr York. But our ftouthwark movement would not have produced nativeism, nor would that Action have been successful,but for tk*mratttoVd intrigues of $is dishonest

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