Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 10, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 10, 1845 Page 3
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Motr Mormon Trials ? Tin* extri term cj! th Hancock county Circuit Court, tor the triul of the in dletments against the persons charged with the murdei of Hvrum Smith Joe's brother, was to have taken plac< on. kit Tuesday, the 34th inst , at Carthage. The court met accoidingly, and remained in sassion un til Wednesday morning, when, no person appearing in behoif of the State to prosecute the indictment, the judgi ordered th? case to l>e stricken from the docket, remark ing that, inn much as neither the prosecuting attorney, nor the agent of the 8tate, who prosecuted the first in dictment. hail thought proper to attend, although official ly notified of the tune of holding court, he would decline appointing a prosecutor. The accused were all present and desired a trial, preferring a verdict of acquittal from ajuiy.and having the matter thoroughly put to rest Nearly ono hundred witnesses were summoned on the part of the State. in the case of Deming, for killing Dr. Marshall, the grand jury, summoned immediately alter the committal of the act, returned an incictmet for murder. On the 36th the prisoner appeared in court, and asked to be ad mitted to bail. ? St. Loutt Gat., June 30. Mortality or Albany. ? VVe learn that the num ber of deaths in Albany during the month ending on the 7th instant, was 64 ; males 37, females 37. Of these, Iti were the victim* of consumption Movements of Traveller*. There was, yesterday, a further and more copious influx ol the travelling community. The principal ho tels have had their proportion, hut, we cannot vouch that many of the subjoined ate still to he found where they are iccnrdod, ftfr the climate and atmosphere of the city preseut no attractions for even a temporary, much less a protracted residence ; nil have pushed on to their re s;>ectiro destinations, and " ilal nominrs umkrj," is as much as in left to us of their visit. Neveithcicsi, some of the subjoined may be recognised nt the Amkhican. ? B. Phelps, E. \V\ Dansler, South < aroliua ; J. It. Slurgess, Georgia ; J. Mitchell, Bait ; \V. Prior. South Carolina ; Chas. Rowlands, I'u ; < apt. lux, U- S. , .v ; Win Wilcox, I'hilfi lelphia ; J. Homes, Philadelphia; ; Ca|it. Kells, U. S. A., D Peet, Hartford. Astoh. ? C. Ilronley, Washington ; W. E. Woodgood. do ; D. W. Zellott, do.; Wm. Hand, Newburypoit ; Con- i stocht, Rome, Taylor, Philadelphia: Hou. Ileverdy Johnson, Baltimore ; J. M. Darker, N. O.; Whiting JW Hooole, do ; E. Phillips, Bosten ; W. Prior. S. C. Citv. ? Stephen Coldwell, Newburypoit ; Dr. May nard, Washington ; S. S. McCohuu, Philadelphia ; H. LvJhii, Hurtlord ; Col. Francis, Oscoola, N. J.; ('apt. Cliauncy, U. S A.; Diego del Alvies ; W. HoUtein, Buf falo ; W. C. Church, Ohio ; J. E. Do llessas, Carmccas. F* anklin.? P. Langton, Conn.; .Messrs. William* Ik Mulson, Philadelphia ; J. W. Day, Cincinnati ; J. Thay er. N. O.; W. H Gloddiug, Savannah ; Joseph Dowey, Philadelphia ; J. Battle, Illinois ; F. Rattle, Ohio ; il. Lee Reynolds, Mobile; J. S. Chapman, Worcester ; W.E. Hayes, Albany. Oi otir.- James Prentiss, Washington, D. C.j M. P. Mitchell, do.; C. llolden, Boston ; Messrs Richardson, Reed and Bieeinuti, Philadelphia ; Edsor B. Otis, Ohio. ; Howahl. ? D A. Nash, Ohio; Dr. Marks, South Cu- j lolina; VV. Wo?dwe>t, Cincinnati; J. H. Lockwood, Troy; E. D. Darling, New Orleans; Seth Storms. Ala bama; J W. Hitchcock, Massachusetts; J. W Mettle- i berger, Upi?er Canada; W. H Sumner, Norfolk, Ohio; J. William", Suleni; Clias Weed, Albany; J. McKenzie, Juo M. Thayer, New Orleans; lion. J. B. Hitter, Phila- I delphia. Wavebi.kt.? Charles Gibbons, Philadelphia; Martin Diehl. ami Wilson, do; C. Mosher, Boston; P. Hart, Bal timore: J. Brewster, Boston; Mr. Badely, Rhode Island; V. A. Cook, do. ArausemtnU. Bowbby Theatre ?This evening the great Pete Morris takea his bent-lit, on which occasion a va riety of entertainments will be given. This place of amusement nppeurs to attract the attention of theudmi-i tnirers of the drama. The worthy proprietor, Mr. Champlin, has devoted all his attention to the comfort of the public, and w e hope that Pete Morris may have a h mper to-night. .Hi fliliu.a?;ipiila Muliscrlpiluus tu tilt lltHii.i) most be paid to the oklv authorised Auewts, '/.in ber&Co., 3 Ledger Building, Third street, near Chestnut.? Terms? 75 cents a month, inciudiiitc the Sunday paper; nrtii rents without it; delivered free of charge in any part of Phila delphia. Single copics for sale as above, daily, at 1 o'clock Price 3 ceits. The Weekly Herald is also for ssle every Saturday morn nig ? Price 6*4 cents, or $3 per annum, delivered in nuy part of Philadelphia, rm of postage. ?Q1" All the new and cheap Publications for sale at their es tibljshnient, as soon as issued, wholesale and retail. 5.7" W ith the exception of one paper, tlie " Herald*' is read a:; much, perhaps, iu Philadelphia, as any paper published in that city, affording a valuable medium to advertisers. Advertise ments handed to the agents at half past 4 o'clock, will sppeir in the Herald next day. Caution? To the Public? l)r. A. H. CrlNtle deems it a duty to caution the public against purchasing any of the iinitutiiini of his Oalva?ic Rings, which are offered for sale by |iedlars anil at various places throughout the city, us they are ntirely devoid of any lienehciul influence. The only place ill New \ ork to obtain the nrfin\i: O dv \uic Rings anil vl igue'ic Kluid, is at Ur. Cristie's office, f 131 Kultou street, (Sun Building. See advertisement in another column 3t*rh liostnn fc?ib*?rt|>Uo>i? to the New Vorl. HERALD received hy the Authorised Agents, Rkdhimj & Co., 8 State street. Terms ? $1 95 perquarter, ortnree cents lot single copies. Wkeelv Herald, every Saturday mommc, price 6 cents, oi S3 per annum. All new and cheap publications for sale as socn as issued. Bostou Publishers of 'Driers' Napoleou. Medlenl iVotice.? 'i'he Advertisement* of tilt New York Col lege of Medicine and Pharmacy, established foi tr.>' Suppression of (Quackery. in the cure of all diseases, wil (?ervafti r . t pear on the fourth paire, pud last <'(ilum:i of thii pr.fer W. 8 RICHARDSON, M.D., Agent, nr,t- .~t fit... r.-,ii?,.? ??, ? MONEY MARKET. Wednesday, .luly 1>? ? P. M. The mavkot has fairly given way under the pressure of the unfavoiable advices from the south. Holders austaired the market for two days very well, hut the downward pressure became too greet, and a decline has been submitted to. Heading rail road fell off 1 per cent, Ktonington, }; Long Island, 1; Canton, J; Ohio 6's, J , Morris Canal, J; Pennsylvania 6'?, ]; Harlem,]; Illinois and Indiana, closed firm at yesterday's prices. Krie rail road went up 1 per cent. The resignation of Mr. Lord, as Piesidentof the New York and Krie rail road, has infused new life into the friends ot that work, and created a determination to carry out the promises of the new charter at once, to the letter. The causes given by Mr. Lord, for resigning are merely of a personal nature, and have no bearing upon future movements of the company. James Har per, F.sq., has been elected President, until a better organ ization of the government of the concern can bo made It is highly necossary that the olllco of President of thU company, should be fillet] by an energetic, active, busi lies* man; by an individual who could devote his whole time, and best energies to the work. This enterprise has been trilled with long enough, and the director), have it now in their ] wer to carry it rapidly through to completion. There aio plenty of good men willing to make any effort to eusiire its construction, and the pubf lie expect the appointment of a man of sufficient char ucter, k ? , to create confidence, and induce capitalists to come forward and till up the stock. The Pa'erson and Hudson river rail road company have declared a dividend of two and three quarters percent for the last hx months, payable on the 10th inst. The Whaling Bank at New London has declared a dividend of three per cent, for the last six months, paya ble on demand. Tue Washington Co. (Md.^ Hank has doclared a sem1 annual dividend of three per cent. Tho Farmers' and Mechanic's Bank jf Georgetown, two and a half, on demand. We anne* a table, giving a comparative statement of the quantity of certain articles imported into this district for the first rix months of the past three years, showing t'ie inerea?e and decrease in 1815, compared with 1841 It will be perceived that there has been a falling off in most of the principal staple importations, both foreign and domestic. The aggregate value of the imports this year, to tho first inst., was several millions less than for the same, period lait j ear. The above table does lot give the importation ol foreign manufactured goods, and we cannot, therefore, show tho decline in the receipts of these articles. Import 1 I?:to run Pour of Nkw York. Jan I la Samr Same .l.tly I, it, ?<-, tiutr Iner't, !)>?? <? inn 0)4. I8I5. |Sl.j. 1H45 Brandy, half pipes I, IRS (269 4,760 49| _ do, quart! rciiaks, t'O 2,118 3,627 1,179 Coal, to >?, 7.JH8 12,221 11,870 V ?coa , hogs, 4,114 3,741 3, '1110 _ j tjj Coehiue I, cerocn, 110 '93 313 120 ? < offec. baas '*2.356 27!>.?22 157,911 _ ]2| ST8 C< tto i< hiTes, 183, i"9 316.962 210,166 ? 76 I'm Duik, Wi, 281 2M 81 - '|8I do. piece*, 3,811 6, Oil 2,1.19 ? 2,992 K u-ihe.i ware, Crate* .md cases, 0,682 IB, 728 17,012 nil T v, drums, , IS.558 35,014 77,827 42,813 (.his, hose, 5,607 273 I,:t54 1,081 llemp, hie., ? ? 25.131 23. 134 , do. toin, 2,728 3,3116 III ? 3,191 I L An, hales, 2'lt 197 103 ? 01 do. number, 231,0(11 319,116 328,113 ? 30,701 Iron, bars a-id tons, 8.IV3 12.369 7,071 ? ? .1,491 | do. pis iron, ..832 9,1M 13,191 3,911 do. sheet It hoop, Idls, 11,916 15,7'fl 22.82) i.O'.'l ? , IlldilfO, esses, lit III, 413 ? 373 I do. eeroous, 9'7 1,161 8?t ? 760 | L( H(1, p K?, 121 "10 81,173 170,221 81.016 Mrdisses, ho'/.hesdi, 37,:mo ,V?, i?7 14,061 ? i!rt. tiercr?, 3 7711 4 (.18 i.Olfi .188 do. h rrels, 81 14,972 29,118 14,586 ? Olive Oil, c sks, 6 323 301 ? 22 do, botes ik. casks, 3,111 JB.wi 19,241 ? 9,452 Pepper bags, 7, Bit 10.1191 8,tJ8 ? 4,170 Pime 4to. t.aifs, 4,113 3,661 11,93! 8,271 ? linj(4, h.dt-r. 1,613 7 , 1 03 6,761 ? 639 llaMlns, 1 asks, 766 t98 ,1,123 | ?2.1 ? do, hnxei, 41,2.18 55,318 116,601 6l]n.VJ ? * ? ~ ~ #17 Ml d wms, 200 ? 917 Hce, rierres, 23, .127 20,308 It, 420 Hum, pnnetteons, 7'JO 712 1,111,1 138, '603 8,470 69,113 23,0'M 6,888 It, bushels, 680,1,16 731,006 138, 603 - 292 )03 N .llpetre, tiep t,?53 2.193 8,470 6JIH7 ? Siik ,r?, ho?<head?, 16,110 II, 3.7 _ d(?. tlerera, ??Mi inn ljfl | 173 32' '.o?r''i*' 7a:*> 11,866 1,6.10 ? 10. boxes, 21,932 ?3,8fl| 11,131 - 68,171 '7' '"?*? , , 37,396 19,100 |1,S2:| _ J077 i obncc'1, hoasheads, 1,179 .1,(81 :i,iso _ tin Ho. bales It cemona, 8,60:1 6,111 3.9M ? 2 818 Wines, butts r djripes, 1,9 Ml 473 ? 7.1 d,?. hhdi k hi jfrm, I. in 3, m 4,166 1,131 ? ' do. on (iter casks, 1,794 8,389 13,1R| | 812 ? do. Indian b trrsls, u; 2 ,107 2 689 It, 2 ? J" boxes. ?,*> 6,182 1.0-2 - 1470 W( id. bales, j,,4j 7)2I7 Jr7| There hos been h Increase in the Importation ol coffee oi fton, rice, salt, sugars, toUeco, cocoa and olive oil, ?nd #11 inc reuse in the receipts of hrandy, tigs, raisins! hemp, iron, lead, saltpetre and wines. The fulling off i the importation of cotton thi* leaion, bat been ciuif' entirely by the change of tho courae of ihipment. L?> year the extensive speculation! in this article, and tin demand for advances on every bale, close up to its actuu value, stimulated the shipments of cotton from the prin cipal southern ports to this market, where it was held subject to the order of the speculator, so long as tie ad vance* ranged under the market value. Advances bein? made here by .English agonts, cotton came to this port ir | large quantities, and shipments were made from hero U i Livoipool. This swelled our importations of this urti j cle to a very largo amount, and produced a corrcspon- ! ding increase in our exports. The movements of thi- ; staple, this year, have changed, and it goes forward more j direct from the southern ports. Thore has been verj ' little (peculation in the articlo this yoar in this country. I the speculative operations being confined almost entire' j ly to the English market. The total exportation ol cot. i tou from the United States, this season, ainouuts to 3,009,6:24 bales, against 1,5-20,739 bales last year, being an of 488,886 bales this year. While there has been this large increase iu the aggregate exportation of thi* staple from the United Status, the 'shipments from thi* port, this season, have been 46,673 bales less than last. Import and Export ok Cotton ? I'oar ok Nkv. York. 1813. 1811. 1815. Dec. 'IS. Import .?V ir-t sii months, ball's 183,479 316,902 240,466 7ti,t9t; Export. ? First six months. bales 99,457 212,783 107,210 15,573 Left, or taken for coasump [ion, balrs #1.022 103,179 72,256 30,923 With a crop this season about four hundred thousand bales larger than last, and an exportation nearly five hundred thousand bales greater, the movements in the staple in this market have been much more limited than last year, and operators comparatively quiet. The importation of Sugars into this port, this season, ha j been much less than to the same date last, but we cannot form from this any idea of the importation of this article into the country. The receipts at this port in clude supplies from domestic as well as from foreign ports, and the returns make no distinction of the poit of exportation. The importation of foreign Sugaia into the United States will, probably, be less this year than last, as the crop in the Southern States last season was less than an average, whereas, this season, it ix moro than an average. We anuex a statement giviug the official value of the Imports into this port for the first six months of the punt three years. Value ok Imports into thi; Port or New York. January i to July I. 1843. 1844. 1815. Total value of Import (ill $38,813,318 $33,311,139 This shows a falling off in the value of the imports this this year compared with last of $6,601,909. The importation of foreign goods generally this season has been much smaller than last, while the value of out exports has been larger thau la?t year. The exports from this to foreign ports for the first six months of ISIS wore valued at $.16,563,096, only $706,684 less thau for the same timo in the previous year, when the exports of cotton alone were 46,673 bales more, valued at nearly two and a half millions of dollars, which shows that the exportation of tho other staples from this port the first six months of this year must have been at least two mil lions of dollars larger than for the same timo last year. The leceipts and expenditures of the Treasury of Con necticut for the year ending April 1st, 1846, according to the report of the State Treasurer, made to the General Assembly at their late session, were as annexed. Finances ok Connecticut? Receipts and Expenditures. Expevdi turn.? Expenses, Assembly, Government, Paupers, Prison, Judiciary, Stc $91,430 86 Htcri/Its.? Balance April 1st. 1844 $32,431 91 Dividend on Bank stock owned by State 27,837 50 From Stite Prison ... 10,000 00 Tax on Bk, lnsur'e & Turnp'e. Stock of non-residents, of 1 per cent . 3,156 79 ( jross amount of State tax of I rent on the dollar ? n list of 1813 40,130 12 From other sources 3,175 43 116,731 75 Balance in Trea'y to new acc't $25,300 89 The permanent fund of the State on tho 1st of April, 1845, consisted of bank stock transferable and not trans ferable, or subscriptions to the capital of sundry banks, which may be withdrawn on giving six months notice. Permanent Fond? State ok Connecticut. Hank Stock not Transferable. Hartford Bank, 1184 shares, at $100 . $148,100 00 Phoenix " 890 " 100... 89.000 OP N H>iven " 271 ?" 200... 54.800 00 Middlet'n " 593 " 100... 59,30( 00 F. St Mech's " 19 " loo... 1,900 oo $350,100 CO flunk Stock Purchased anil Transferable. Hartford Bank, 141 shares, at *100... $11,100 00 Phoenix 298 " 100... 29,600 00 Permanent fund April 1,1845 $100,100 00 Permanent fund April I, 1814 400,000 00 Increase in Permanent Fund $100 00 The expenditures of the State for the year ending March 31, 1844, amounted to $80, -237, while for the year ending March 31, 184ft, they were $01,430, nn increase of $11,193. The receipts into the Treasury for the year end ing March 31, 1844, wore $80,564, and for tho year end ing March 31, 1845, *.84,300, an increase of $3,730. Old Stock Exclinngc, $10001! 85'*, coupon If :1' i JO Morris Canal b90 ?onn N V Stat- 5's, '61 101*2 25 do *30 32 10(10 Oil io 7\s lft I?/ 25 do 32? 1000 do I0ls? 25 do 31 'i 3000 Ohio bV1 *0 96'* .W Jo Ii30 32J? 4ftllfl 1 1 1 in is Canal Bd? 40 7J Can ton Co l?30 II1* IftftftO III S|)l Ucli 38 25 do 43 Si 5000 do I. Bfl 38., 2^ do lilO J3r? 1000 Indiana Bds 33 65 do 43 5.'?000 Penn 5's, a 30 73^ 25 do ?30 12V. 1.1 sins Ilk Coin, full 95 50 do 42)s 10 I, Island Bsnk 106 50 L Island KH 70 100 FHrm-ri'Trua'. 30 150 do 691* IPO do bSO 36 50 do 69H 100 do 3i?% : 0 do bnw 69S 100 N O Canal 39 50 Noi it Wore R R 7lS 50 Harlem RR s60 69 75 do 71 14'! Krie R R 31 2j do >60 70>? 60 do slim 29 50 do 160 71 Sa 125 Paterson R R 88l? 50 do 70\? 2^ Nrw J(r<?y RR 95 50 Heading R H Ii60 58 Si 35 N II St Hart RR 93 50 do *20 58 50 Wilmington R R >>10 28 Scrnnil Board, 25 alias Nor Si Wor -30 70}* 50 Farmers Trust 35*? 25 do 70 ,'i 25 Look Ialand >10 C9\ 25 Clinton Co blO 42 150 do slo 69 75 do a 30 42 50 Reading R H blO 57 25 ' do <30 42!, 50 do 56% | %'?:w Stock Exchnnge. 50 shvs Vicksburg Bk h3 8Vi 25 Krie R R eh 31 <*5 Farmers' Tru?t blma 37 200 do sJO 30?^ 25 do al5 36 100 L Island R R t.0'? 50 do tw 36S' 5? '1? hnw 25 do tw 36 200 do 69 14 25 do s30 35jj? 50 do bnw 69?i 2i do >15 V\ 25 do i3 69 S 25 Morria Canal a3 32 50 do a3 69 25 do clt 32 50 Nor Ac Wore oh 71 25 do sj 31 25 do oh 70' 35 do ch 31 !i do tw 70}. 50HirlemRR b6l) 74 25 do 70As Married, At l.odi Cottage, New Jersey, on the 8tl> instant. by the Rev. Wm. R. Bogardui, Cha*lks Trick, of thf? city, to Helbsa 8 , daughter of David J. Andcison, ol tho former place. Died. On Wednesday, July !>, Mr. Ftaan II. Havila.nd, aged 60 years. The relative!, Irieuds and acquaintances are respect fully invited to attend the funeral, thia day (Thursday,) at t> o'clock, P. M .without further invitation, from 183 Spring street, coiner of Thompson street. At Tarry town, on the morning of the Sth instant, Mrs Rt lit ciA C. Ili'jtr, wife of Wm. A. Hunt, in the Ulst year ol her age. ro LET IN BR( )OKLYN: mTHR Store, No. 40 Fulton street, opposite to Front stree', being one >'f the be>t sta da in Brooklyn for j clothing storo. It is situated in tbe 'intnedidte vicinity ol trir Hanks and Insnr nice Comiiuiies, ?nd being ao ce tr ingln be occupied for most any led t,f business. 'J lie base ment has licen finished so th t a family could reside hack of I lie store, and the upi er part has bten finished for offices. To a goad tenant it would be let low. Apply on the preiniaes, or at JO Simla street, Brooklyn. jyf 3 *rc MUSIC. A LADY, who lias athorongh knowledge of Music. keiiiL taught by the first masters in Forope^and feeli ig herself fully competent to instruct in that accomplishment, woald wish to devote her time to the instruction of young ladies, on mode rate terms. A note addressed to A. B C., at the office of this paper, shall lie pui.ctmlly attended to. ie28 I in * rr UT ANTED.? A few active, intelligent men, to act ?sa):euts for the sale of new and Publications, indifferent paits of the country. $300 per year over their board will be insured them in writing, with an op|>ortunity of clearing $1000 per year, and more if they are active Some men, now in our employ, will no doubt make ?ver XI 000 |ier year, clear of all ei I" there is ahout half a dozen places open, which musi he ttllrd ; each mm will have his district, and it will be neees siry lor them to have at least %Vt or $50. to ohuin a good fitting out. .None need apply nnlras he has thai amount, for it isoui object to get thein started in such a manner as will be henefi o l.i I to them, as well as to us. I'i?1 ^u*ne street. Letters must be post paid jell Im'rh ' BOARD. ONK OR TWO UENTLKMKN can be accommodated with hoarding m a small private family, in a healthy, airy situation, ror particulars, a line addressed to A.C., this office, will be attended to jyl lw?rc NATIONAL COFFEE HOUSE, tl.'i \Vnalilii?ton street, A frw door* abort I fashington Mnrktt. Tlli1', pilblie ar?- respectfully informed that the above named liouie which has l een fiited up wiih all the mod-ru im provcini iits, will be opened fur the reception of visitnrs on Monday, July 7 at 12 o'clock at which hour a splendid dinner will be served up. In the fitting up of the house every attea tion has been paid to render it a favorite resort for thos- ? ho dine down town; the sice of the di 'ing room is 50 by 25 feet I e.intif'nllv lighted and > outdated. The lanl looms have been fitted np with tie le-st of beds, and it will be found to be a con t Bonrdtnir Hou?e, n* Wxnl>t9 cnn hnvp thfir wif ala it ur of the day. . der the immediate supi ruitond noe -.?ill il r c1 1 n n jy7 fw'ec IDM!\ I l ^i'dMB. IF Mr. aNdWKW Fi . I III n. , b oi I now living in Naw Vork, will call at No. 84 Front slrret. he will oblige one who wants to see him, to obtain some iuformv I ion relative to a ftmilv who left Scotland some yaars ?|o? said family now bating a relation iu N?w Orleans, very lutlmi* to ascertain their present residence Jvt I Win ny h" (fndi WANTED.? Wanted by a i?i|vctiblr To?i'( Womiii situation iu nunc or seamstress in a private I'ainily. A| ply at '>3 Mailito i street, in tlie reir, first room up stairs. jylO It'rc A RESPECTABLE Girl wants a situatim* as Chambermaid or to do the general house work of a imalt lamily. Gooi city icferenre given. Apply first iloor frutn 29th street. be 1 'v-cn Mth ;e d IMth >treeta. in 3.1 avenue. JvlOlt'rc C^ONFKCTIUNER WANTED? Wanted a lir.t rata Cor * feetiooer to go East. Any on* who is mi?ter of the bri nes*, and of strictly temperance hsbits, ran Anil einploymeu and good wages. Apply at No. 81 Park Hotel, Park Row. jy 10 3t*m f MH. ANDKKW Pr.TRIE will call sgaiuat No 81 Fron' street. fust tloor. and leave or send his address, he w II ro . fer a favor. JylO lt*rh LOST? Book of the Bank for Barings, No. ~6WU). The finder is requested to le.ive it at the B ink, No. 107 Chambers at. j y 10 31* rc ( J ENTLEM ENS' LEFT OFF WARDROBE IV A NT E D. (1 ENTLEMEN and Familiescau obtain the full value for?ll W kiipr tluou* effects they wish to dispose of. (either GKN TLE.N1EN or LADIES,) by sending to the subscriber, who does not p'ete'nt to gite twei.ty per cent m?ie than any other person, 1 ul will give a fair price for nil articles offered Gen tlemen lea* i ig the i it y will find it totlieir advantage to send for the subscriber previous to selling to any other person. J. LEVEN8TYN, Ifti Broadway, (up stairs.) N. B.? A line through the Post Olfice will be promptly at- | tended to. jylO lm*rc __ _ -pRIZE gQJJ V SPLENDID Exhibition will rome off, This Evening, at | til- Society Library Rooms. B/oadwsy. A l-rge uutnhei j ol th ? Magnetic Profession t'rom different pails of tin* country ? ill he ^reseat and tike part i i the proceedings The object of I this meeting is to establish the tni h of iide|Miitlent Clainroy ance. A Box i? prepared for the oc< asion wth several article , in it, whicli will be inadc a preseii' to the first Clairvoyant who shall correctly describe its contents. This will be the most in teresting meeting i hat ha* ever been att-mi'ted in t'.is coun try. Commence at 7)* o'clock. Ticket! i'J cents For sale at Dr. Strong's ulfice, No. 9 Oliver street, aud at the door. jyl01t*ec <1 FOR SALE. ? A pair of sorrel Horses, very hsud -L?tl^?somc,l"i>g t tils,kind in harness, se?en and e g1'! years ? sy ,.M i,. i... saen at Duffs' Livery Stables in Duiue street. near Centre, on Thursday and F i id 'V merninga. Also, a i haeton, built Wood, Tomlinaon It Co.. of Broadway, ? ithexienrioa dash board, suitable for two or four perso:.i.? Also s handsome brass mounted double Harness. The Phaeton cm he hniigbt sen irate. jv'O 2's*rS MsNtj A.N KSr.?IUO cults tirst Iiual tv .Vlangm ese received and I'or sale by PERSSE V BROOKS, jvlftm 64 and 67 Nassau street. lo.n t i islamTra] L HO.VD CO FOR NEWPORT AND PROVIDKNCE '*11 Moudiy, We.lnesdav and Friday. FareSl. ? Horses i u carriages taken to t he number ol ten _ o |y daily Le ves ? nitehall, South Ferry, New York side, at 8*4 A.M.: Bro< kly" M 8^; arrives at Green ooit at 12*-?, taking the Sou'id | steamer Wor ester to Newport and Prov deuc ?, arriving at the former place at about S o'clock. jylO iustfrc MONEY? MONEY. ' ?r ?">re of Boik notes, in blank, purporting yj* I OjvlvrV/ t. be notes of the IVink of Lower ( anadi and the piates 'roni which they were printed, having been ordered j and never paid for, will be sold cheap. To any honest person ' who wishe:. to open the b'okerage or h oiking business in < ana : di, the abo?e will'he wor'h po?s-s?ing. The whole imprts ; sioii'ai d plates will be solo cheap. Any p-rson wishi C tn piirchaae tlie same, win 1 lease c.ill ou JAMES HARI< IS, ig j Nassau street, np stairs jy3 Iw+rc OFFICE OF THfc NhW YOKK EQUITABLE INSURANCE COMPANY. 58 Wall Strkkt, ) odJuly, 18-li) S IDEND? The Board of Directors have this day de clared a Dividend of Four Per Cent 011 the Capital Stock for the past six mouths, paynble 011 d inand. This Company continues to insure ugaius' Los> and Damage fr m Bur^larv or House Breaking and RoHbery, and alto against Fire Risks, ou the tnost ftvnr-ble terms LAMBERT SU VDAM. Pirsident. Joskpm Hthq'so, Secetiry. juiRtrc lJ/vLS'l'lNl..-S KOt< .>A LE FEW FINE OLD PAlNTINOS. comprising Scriptural and Historical subjects, Lai dic -i cs (k<- , among-t t em a gvnuiiie Interior by Teniers; a '^lepatre by Sutymans, and a .vlagdalen by (iuereino, lie., 4cc. May be seen daily from 9 till 3 o'clock, at 91 Liberty street. jvl I>n?re ~ SUMMliR GOODS FOR G ENTL EM e3T5 WEAR. WE li<ve still on hand a l.ujje assortment of seasonable goods, comprising cloths of particularly light fabrics fo Dress and Frock Coats; Drillings, Nankin, and single mill ed Cassimersfor Pantaloons: Clially and Marseilles Vesting in great variety, which will be made up to order at a deductie from our usual moderite prices, in view of the advanced stat of the season. WM. T. JENNINGS ?t CO., Drapers and Tailors, jiil linisrc 231 Broadway. American Hotel MUSIC. REMOVED to No. C5 Franklin ftreet, one door East of iiroodwav. M. DUMSD A V. Professor of the Guitar, ring ing. Accordeon, and Violin, continues to teach Ladies and Gen tlemen of New York the above fashionable instruments, lie., in a comparative short time, by his new Anal>siiig and Inuuctive System. Terms reasonable. M. D. will go, as iistt'tl, to the residences of his pupils to any i; irt of the city, by the stages. Satisfactory city and other re i'erences given on application at No. 65 Franklin street. jy!l lm*m i ?0 DIVI cla A TUITION. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN. a graduate ol the UMvemty of I'nris, is desirous of finding in s?me school or private fa mily, a situation as instructor? through the means of the English, which lie speaks fluently, orofthe French and German languages, equally hia own^ in any of the different branches o a thorough and liberal education, and alito drawing and painting o either landscapes, heads or flowers. The beat reterences can be had, a;>d i>is name and residence kuovu, by applying to the Rev A. Verren, Rector of the French Protestant ' hnrcli of this city, No. 90 P r.mklin stre t. A* SECOND HAND CLOTHING AND FUR NITURE WANTED. ND the highest price given for all kinds of cast off clothii.g . and good second hand furniture. Persons wishing to dis pone of the same, will do well to call on the subscriber, or ad dress a line through the Post Office, which will be punctually attended to. B. LEVY, 49Hi Chatham stm t, New York. N. B.? Constantly ou hand, a seasonabl" assortment of gen tlemen's clothing, cheap for cash. myM lm*rc AGNES, OR THE POWER. OF LOVE, A Tale of Missouri, By Stephen Stubbs, Em PUBLISHED this day. at FRENCH'S Publishing Hall, No. 293 Broadway, ai d for sale at all the Periodical De lfts? Pitce 12, '? cents. ]e24 lu>* K REWARD ? \ large old-fashioned double-cased silver yP*' Watch, valuable only as a family piece, w is stole n from the basement of 229 Fourteenth street, about one o'clock yes terday, by two boys seeu to leave the premises TbeikMl reward will lie paid to w hoever returns it to 229 Fourteenth at., to 1!;3 Front si., or to '57 .Vlaiden lane, up st irs. jyS 3t*m CHIP SHEFFIELD? NOTI? E? Consfneee of good* Per ?5 - lii t? Sheffield. from Ljrerpool, will please take notice that sttd ship is now discharging under general order, foot of Do ver rt. AH goods not perm tied by 12 o. clock thisday, must u i ivn d ibly be sent to the public store. .1 > B-rre. W. k J T. TAP9COTT. NATIONAL COFFEE HOUSE. NEW YORK, CHEAPEST ANI) 13 ST LODGING AND EATING HOUSE IN THE C1TV, 215 Washington *t , Between Barclay and Vesev stieets, Ne.,r the North Rireraml tb? Wi .shingtou VI rket. jy7 lw*m HENRY LUSCO.ViB Sup. nntendent. NE # V E MB R OlDE R1ES, PETER ROBERTS respectfully calls the attention of hi? friends and the public to some splendid goods of the above description, received by recent arrivals, which, ben g imiHirtrd direct from the European, manufactories, will be sold at a trifling advai.c* on the original cost He would also call atten tion to several lots purchased nt suction, at an immense sacrifice, which will be found well deserving an early inspection. The following are very desirable, being 25 per cunt under the usual refill orices? Hiv'wieck Chemisetts, richly embroidered, from 14*toS3.50 worth $3.25 to Si. SO. 500 Embroidered Collars, finished edges, for 8?., usual price 10s 6d. ISO Embroidered Capes, at $3, usual price $5. 60 do do very rich, from SC to $10. 200 prs Embroidered Under Sleeves, from 4s to $3, SO 1 c-ise Embroidered Dresses, from (3 upwards. 500 dor. Linen Lawn Handkerchiefs, from 6d. SO do do extra large size, for gentlemen's use <5 do do heuisticn do. from 3s fid. 30 do do Rivierd borders. A choice assortment of rich embroidered Handkerchiefs wh'ch sre offered unusually cheap. 5 cases of various styles of Swiss jjid French Muslim, in stripes, plaids, figures sic., itc. A lot new .Vluslin Trimmings, Laces, Veils, Hosiery, Gloves. Ike.. 8cc., all of which will be sold decided bargains. ?rll Ini * re Vo. m Rno<nw\y LIGHT, ELASTIC bVLK KITTLNU WIGS AND SCALPS, WITHOUT METALIC SPRINGS OR CLASPS. to hi: had onlv of CHARLES RIDGWAY, HAIR CUTTER ANU WIG MAKER, NO. 25 WALL STREET, Opposite the Custom House. N*. B.? Formerly of Howard's Motel i <*2n lm*rc COMIC ALMANACS FOR lsMti, FOUK KINLk*. NK WS agents, cheap publication depot*, booksellers, and the public generally, are hereby notified of the annual ?ppearance of our Comic Almanacs, replete with fun and fine engravings extracted with care from the laughing volume of nature, risher's Comic, Turner's Comic, Crockett's Go a lie id Cmnic, and De Darkies Comic, those on the spot will call, look, laugh, and buy ; those at a distance will order, or send for samples. Always ou sals the greatest variety and i|unitity of Children*' Books, colored and plain: Song Books, colored prints, Stc. St>- in the country ; c ?taloguns on applica tion. Show Bills of all kiuds given to dealers. We sell low, very low, for cash, and do fall jnstiee to all ?nlers, iu time, kinds, quantity, and price. TURNER h FISHER, jeHlm"re 74 Chatham street TO THE PUBLIC. f NOTICE THE PUBLIC that Doctor JOSEPH HEINE, I No 20 D'JANE STREET, is my SON? was not ABSA LOM. DAVID S SON I See Bona Samuel. SOLOMON HEINE. M. D. >? 1 Jin'ec No S7 Ri-arie strert. New York. yKOUAN HARPS. NUNNS Jt CLARK having purchased the patent right foi "Coleman's jttoliau Attachment to the Pianoforte, "Tor the entire United Sutee, (excepting Massachusetts,) announce to the public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianofortes with this improvement attached, or to attach the same to an) modern made horixoutal Pi mofortes. In rrgard tothe durability ofthis invention, N. U C. are prepared to satisfy the most pre judiceil mind, their own critical examination ami exi>erienee warrant them in the assertion, that the "AColian" will reinsic in tune iu any climate, and it will not be affected by transitions of atmosphere. The most satisfactory warrantee is given with each instrument. The public are invited to examine the "/Eolian Pianofortes" at their ware-room. No. 240 Broadway, opposite the Park where also may be found an assortment of 6, af ami 7 Octave Pianofortes, both in rosewood and mahogany eases. m28 Sm'rc HEMPSEED ? IS# bethels very superior Western Seed, lor I sale by E. K. COLLINS *. CO. S6 South at. Jv? B K.F.SWAX ? I csak Beeswax, of very su|>erior onslitv. for sale by E. K. COLLINS Ik CO. ? South street. Jfi ? Evil'? III tons lirst (iu ility w iter rot Hemp, a very H ,i r article, a. il well cleaned. Also 10 tons dew rot, just received and for sale by ? , j>8 E. K. COLLINS It CO. *i S<inih st. LONDON" CINE OF PACKETS- Packet of th. !"0th July.? The splendid and fast sailing Packet Shi) ?Hk Mllllli lt Hl'DSON, Captain Moore, sails po?i tivelr on Monday, July 21st. This ship has aplendid accommiv ditions for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, lose- J cure berths, earlv application should be m ile to W. fe.l. T. TAPHCOTT, jy 10 re 7g South st reel , comer of Maiden Lane VVr HEAT? 4000 bushels prime Illinois Wheat lor sale in Tv lots to suit purrhsssrs by Jv? E. K (.OLLINS It CO. M Month st j NOWLAN'S HOTEL, At Harlem River. CI P.OROK NOWLAN respectfully returns hi* mott tin V cere tlianks to tin friends and ti e public for tlM liberal support which he has received for the last 'en year*, while Pro tmetor of Prospect Hall, and begs leave to inform tlwm th?t b< lii> fitted up the large establishment at the termination of thi Railroad, Iiu thi-> I ?Iiud, and on thr Bank of the River, whep he is prepai d to fur visitor* with Bre kfas' lliniieri Teas, Suppers, and other relreshmeiits. at tlw shortest relic* OoodgTOU'd, Mid every arc, nun il ition for Military I oin|>? niea. All th* Railroad Cara land passenger* in front of tin Hotel for Vi'yi ce ila, from the City Hall LONG BRANCH. N E W JEKSKY, "BATH 1JLT1LUIN<;.S," (roHMERLr KEXSHAW'S ) fr*HIS well-known nd delightful sea b'thiug establishing I will be opened for the reception nfvUitor* ou and after thi t3th June inst. Th>- bn il l i iilf" h 'tve udergoue a complete hii thorough repair, and no effort* will be s|?red to maintain tin deservedly high reputation which this establishment ha* her? j tofor* acquired i The price for hoarding will be from $7 to $? per week? cliil- ! dreu and servant* half-prico. Young people, not requiring mucl ' room, will lind accommodating term*. The steamer On*, Captain C. Price, from the Pulton market ; will in 'ike a d?ily trip b'tween New York and Ling Branch , Ktnte* will lie iu readiiirs* upou tlw* arrival of the a bore bom at the Ocean House, to convey u issenirera immediately to Lou* , Branch. JAMES GREEN, Proprietor. June W. l?IJ. je!9 Im'm , TROY HOUSE , '1 ROY, N. Y. COLEMAN U ROGERS, Proprietor*.? This House, s?> i lo.ig and favorably known to the travelling public, is uow | I open. A Mew story II** heeii added ut?d extrusive alterations nude, | among which are the extension of the Dining room, to a length I of ninety feet, and, by folding doors connecting, can be extended ? to dm* hundred and thirty feet; thirty new purlor*. with bed I rooms attached: pie .sant and airy rooms to the uumlier of sixty ! | have lieen added? lffi-idint accommodations for 300 persons.? i i The house has been painted and papered throughout. The cars for Boston, Buffalo and Saratoga, startfroin the front | of this hou^o. It ii also but a few ?t<p4 , Imding. The proprietors trust, hy their personal attention to their bu siness ond guest*, to receive cautlnuedand increased patronage. CHARLES 8. COLEMAN. Late of the Astor House. CHARLES M. ROGERS, ju? lm*rc Late of the Steamer Empire. WARREN HALL. No 3 Warren street. THE SUBSCRIBERS having fitted the above house as a Hotel, iu a style of comfort and convenience, for the ac commodation of citi/.eu* generally and visitors to the city, would respectfully solicit lor themselves a portion of their pa Uonage. Their larder will be at all times well stocked with the best the markets can afford. The Wines, Litiuors anu Segars are of the best itualiy. Tlte bedrooms neatly furnished, spacious and airy. Whilefrotn its central location, neing neartne City Hall, and in the centre of business, it will afford great inducement to those v biting the city. I. BRITTON, C. McCORKLE. N. B.? The ii?ual relishes served up at all times, je? Iin*er WILSON'S HOTEL AND DINING ROOM, 5 (iultl street, near illitldt ii Lane. C COUNTRY MERCHANTS will find this a desirable House, J bf-iiig convenient to the business p?rt of the city Thr : establishment is fitted nn with eut'n ly new fumiture Good and sub-tautnl dinner, 18?., cents, lodgings ?6 cents Kor con I veiilence and comfort this house is equal to any hi tel iu the city. ! and nt half the price. Permaueut bo irders can be accommodated on very reasonable terms All trie delicacies of the season served up, as soon as they 1 arrive iu m irket, at half thr price of other houses. Elegant private ji .rlors for the referc- cases, or priva u dinners or sup |?-r parties. The eery bet of liquors. jn'i 3m* re SHARON SPRINGS PAVILION, SCHOHARIE COUNT V. NEW YORK. THE PUBLIC are respectfully iuformed that Mr. LAN DON, of Congress llall. Albany, has associated himsell with Mr. Gardiner, and that this establishment will be con ducted by them The Pavilion will be opened for the reception of visitors on the first day of June next. The subscribers have made many improvements in the grounds and bulling house, and pledge themselves to use their best exertions to render this establish inent fully equal to any watering place iu this country. L. fc U Stages will be iu readiness ou the arrival of the cars at Cana johane, to take passengers to the house Mr. I, will, as heretofore, contiuuethe Congress Hall, which will, during the summer, be under the superintendence of Mr Jnslrt. wv?Hm?er SEA BATHING LONG BRANCH, TNEW JERSEY. THE PROPRIETOR of the New York House.] begs leave to inform the citizens of New York, and the public general ly. tSat his house is uow open for the accommodation of hoard ers Juring the summer season. The fare will he six dollars per week, and every attention will be paid to their comfort and pleasure. Good servants will he in constant attendance The steamer Oris will leave New York every day, from K?l ton Market Slip, and Stages will he in readiness at the Ocean House, to convey passengers to L0113 Branch. 'une 19, 18-15. SAMUEL COOPER. J e 18 6\v*ec PIANO FORTES FOR HIRE , AT 411 BltOADWAY, (UP STAIRS) DWALKKIt haj constantly on hand an extensive assort ? mei:t of elegant Rosewood and Mahogany Pianofortes of every description, including Grands and Cabinets, whicli are loaned on lure at the above establishment, or at his manu factory, No 10 West 14th street, new the 8th avenue. Also, Ni w Pmios for sale, with all the modern improve menu, warranted equal lo any in the United States, je 13 1m*rrc ALEXANDER'S TKICOBAPHE. 4 NEW AND INVALUABLE DISCOVERY, being a li quid Dye, which iiistaiitaueousiy changes the color of the li lir to a lieautiluf brown or lilack without injury to the hai or skin. The great superiority of this dye consists in its easy mode of application and instantaneous effect ? all other dyes requiring from ten to twelve hours to produce any change. Its j superior excellence will be apparent to every one upon a single j application. Extract from ihe " Philadelphia Daily Sun.'"? Alexander's TKicOBAHir..? The effect of tne above on the hair is truly as tonishing. It was tried, yesterday in our office, and the change from grav to black was issantancons. Kor sale by Rusliton St Co, druggists, HO Brondwoy ! Aspiu wall, U6 Willi tin street ; Johnson, Moore Taylor, 81 Maiden lane ; J. W. Wright & Co. ) Cedar street; and of the principal druggists tin on liout the Uuited States, or of sole agents. 11. Ik O. A. WRIOBT, 8.5 South street, J>8 110*111. Philadelphia. BO AH D.- ( Me or two single gentlemen can be handsomely accommodated with furnished or unfurnished rooms, with breakfast mid t?*a, in a private family, at 108 (fraud st'eet, he tw ee'i Broadway and Mercer streets. The house is large and pleasantly situated, the family small, and the rooms w ill he let singly, or parlor and lied- room adjoining. jy8 3t*m SEA BATHING AT LONG BRANCH. THE Subscriber hega leave to inform the public that lie is now prepared to receive company, having made altera tions and airangments for the better accmmodatiouof visiters, !u addition to other ad?antiges that his h< use posses -es, he be lieves th<t i more desirable residence for the approaching sea son can- ot lie found. The conveniences for sea bathing arj un surpassed. To those who are fond of fishing, no place cau be found where more pdvantages are offered Mr James ( ireeu having established a line of stages from Red Bank to Deal, passengers can always rely ou a quick con veyance. JOHN GREEN, Deal, N. J. I v 8 2 w-*n c MAGASIN JAPAN AIS, 00 Dunne Street. A H. PARKER, Agent, from Amsterdam, moat respect 1\.? fully informs his friends and the public in general, that lie Ins received a magnificent collection of ancient Oil Paintings and Antiquities, consisting of .I spauese. Porcelain J ars and V'a sea, Flower Bottles, Plates, Di?hes, Cups and Siucers;old Dresden Porcelain Groups and Figures; Cups and Saucers; an cient Fan* of the tOtb ce'itury; ana two Ebony Wooden Carved Arm ("hairs, from the years llJBaud I577, formerly belonged to the Cardinal Ximenies, Great Inquisitor of Spain, sucn as nevur has been seen in this country; ol which ne can dispose at moderate prices. Ladies and (Jen leineu, if you wish to treat yoarselr call and examine this splendid collection. Also, two carved Chairs, for Call' "lie Churches: to be seen from 10 A. M. till 6 P. M je27 2in* rh IMPORTANT NOTICE To DAGUERREOTYPE ARTISTS. HE undersigned have made application to get Letter* Patent for their new process to color Daguerreotype Pictures. This process produces an effect not known before, and changes the appearance of the D.iguerreotyi* to that of the finest paint ing. This coloring process is done by nature itself, guided only I by the hand of the operator, and mnchineiy. It can bepeformed ! by every one not skilled in the art ol Painting, and will be per fectly understood at one glance. It also can Tie com raunicated in writing, without difficulty. Artists wishing to procure the Patent right for a City oi County, can make pre-engagements therefore, by addressing (post paid) to W. & F. LANOE^iHElM, jy3 Im 're Exrhanga, Philadelphia. '"the [N VISIBLE WIG O closely rtsembles the real head of hair that sceptics and connoisseurs have pronounced it the inost perfect and extra ordinary invention of the day. The great advantages of this no vrl and uuique wig is its being made without sewing or weaving whicli causes its appearances so closely to resemble the natural hair, both in lightness and iiaturd appear in e, as to defy detec tion, its texture bein^ so beautiful, so porous and so free, that in ill c *es of perspiration eva|?>r ition is unim|ieded and the great evils of oth- r wigs entirely avoided. The sceptic and connois seur are alike invited to inspect this novel and beautiful Wig, a id >he peculiar method of titting the the manufacturer's. V. C. BARRY. 146 Broadway, corner of Lib. rty street, up stairs jnJ tm*ec (>LL> GOLD AND SILVER. S SILVER Gilt Epaulets Book Binder's Rags and Silver ' Smith's Stoning] bought, by A. BARNARD, No 2 Wa'l street. Me'ter and Assayer ol'.Vietals. Jeweler's Sweepings purchased by assay. Fine 'fold and Rolled Silver, for plati g, constantly on hand, at office No 2 W all stn et Works 'Hi I, a"re is street je2*> lm*ec T1 S TO CAPITALISTS. \RA HE CHANCE ? To invest a capital of about $10,000 in a ? ife and profitable way, by Greeting a building for divine worship for the Entanu*EI Congregation of this city, and fur nishing two lots, between Bowery and East River, and between Broome .iinl Madison streets, for that Purpose. For particulars enquire at Mr. J. Dltteuhoefer, Vi Cedar St.; or at Viessrs. Stettheimerlt Brothers, 87 Beaver street, iu 10 lin*re NOTICE. ? British Bnrque Ann Harleyt from Glasgow. ? All persons are hereby cautioned against trusting any of the crew of this vessel, as no debts of their contracting will be liquidated hy the captain or consignees. jt ACKfcT SHIP YAZOO, FROM Nh.W ORLEANS, is discharging at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street. Con signees will please attend to the receipt of their goods imme diate! .-. jl PHILADELPHIA HOTELS, HARTWELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, '44,'i Cheat nut Mtrrel, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA. ? Baths just introduced? Warm and C?ld"-"in fine apart ments? for botn ladiesand gentlemen. jet* 1m*ec COLUMBIA HOUSE, C licet it nt Street, between Hth and 7th atreeta, PHILADELPHIA. THE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform their friends and the travelling public, they have taken the above house, ( for merlp known as the Marshall House.,) and have made extensive alterations and improvements in its interior, having spared no expense to render it one of the most pleasant and fashionable bouses in the city. The parlors are numerous, the chambers large and well arranged, tne furniture entirely new. Its Iocs don is iii the most central part of the city, near to all the places o| public amusement, and convenient to the depots of the Southern, Western and Northern routes. 'I be tables will be supplied with all the d-licacies of the sea son. The Wines are of the choicest brands, and have been c trefnlly selected. The proprietors hope by the irnersnnal attention and experience in the business, to give satisfaction to those who may favor them ?ith their patronage. BAGLEY, MACKENZIE k CO. James Uagley, (late of Jones' Hotel ) Henry C. slacken*!* I formerly nf the Washington Homo ) Peter L. Ferguson July 1st. ml iri tm'to AMUSEMENTS. I'AHK THKATltK. FRENCH OPERA Thurxlay KtmiIdk, July loth, Will be perforated, for the first time, DON CESAB DC BAZAN. Don Ce'ar He Bizan Mm. Mratassier Charles II. Kin* < fSpain Coeuriot Dnii Joe* De Sonlarein Jnle? Marquis De Montefior .Math ru Maritana, a Stieet Singer Mine. 8 Cauriet Li M><rqui*? Do Mont *fior . . ... Matlneu Toconclnde with, for the firit nine, ti UN MONSIEUR ET UNE DAME. ti Un Monsieur M. Dessnnvlle Lite Damr Mint. Richer Cue Aub?r|fi>te Mine. Hob'llor n'~y" I'rieo of A^Jmioioa? Irtnt Tier of Boies and Parqaettr f|- Second and Third Tier?, 60 cents; Oallery, 24 cents. Doom open at 7 .o'cl<-.ek. rud the < -iinTou will r,se preeiaelr at half-past T n Ylnelr CAH'l'Mi: (.AUUESI. Qg- All miMlon 'M Centi.^DO ?r.'Priet< u . . . . ........ ... Messrs. Krtucn md Het??J (jiUitti Entertainment! Thuniday Evening, .luly lOtli. Performance to commence will, * Locomotive Waltz. Die adtnir tide c< lino Tableaux Mouvans of '?z+ g<>r ; SAWNEY IN LOVk, Or, Two Lovers and Two 1. adders. la which Meun. Wood, t'?rslo?-, Dewiison ,u,d Mis* Cohen will pi>|? Overture hull Baud to the RiibbvriifTemciiin. F- Mowed by great feat* of the EL8KLER BltOTHKRS. I La Varsorieane by M .d'lle lJe?j <rd:n?. A National Souk, Mr. Dennisott* Medley Dance, Miss Cohan. IC7*'luterinii>aoii of Half an Hour for Promenade and Refresh- j ments. Overture to La Heine De Chypn. Succeed d by the Ampliiiheatrical Struggle bv the Klssler Brothers. rtra' d Waltz. Full Hind. El Zapateado Di Cadiz by Mad'I'e De*jardill?. Th? whole to conclu'le with tV Orsnd Series of Tableaux, entir led the FI KST FRATRICIDE , Abel T. C. Parsloe I Adam L- Elssler Cain G; Elssler | Eve Miss Cohen 1 7" between tiie Eutcr:?iiiiiitrnU ?u uitenuissiva oi la Minutes for Promenade nod Refreshments. Door* open at halt-p??t (> o'clock Perfonriirce (pw men*#, at tn'rlflffe %1BLO'8 OARDBN. Tl?ur*<lny Kvenlnj;, .luly 10. The perforiram e to commence with the Overture to L AS1HENE. To he followed by, Ifltbtime SEVEN CASTLES OF THE PA-HIONH. Raymond, Mr. (tall ,';h. r Cm uche Mr. T. Placide Az lie, Miss M.Taylor I'aire Ursula, Mr*. UeeriUf. it/- lnte'mi-sioo of H?lfan Hour^/,i To conclude with the new aud wonderful feats of the AC-ROB \T FAMILY.! Or llie Aerial Suspms.onist*. An eft?s*nt l'ouec ? i,l ilwafs iw in atteftdadce tu m un tun Kood order and keep all iim r?|>er persons out. (X - Tii veii Fifty Cents -vQQ A limited muni er of Season 1 ickets will lie disposed of y~y~ Performance U/ comtnenoe at 8 o'clock Doors oren at nalf.|'-,?t 7 BIRTOS'S I UK AT UK, AIICH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Tliumday, July 10. The performance will common' ? with n new drama in two?ct? railed THE SE AMHTRE^S? Meicy. the Se 'nibtreM, Vln, Buik-, w th Hood s cel?br ted Soi g of i he Shirt;'' Plain wood, Mr. S. Johnson; Bobbi i, Mi Bur>e; Bob Deb t, Mr. Thn\ er; (Joldrine. Mr Jertis. THE HARRINGTONS will uo thronnh ail act of their ele K <nt ? iyinnasi*. Master William, five ye."* old, will throw a b ck onierset w I'i'e le >?>? l' from t'-e 'bird tier to the stage. T" Co elude with t'- f,rce of MY VVlk'E'S OUT? In which Mr Burton, Mr. Thayer, ?"d Sliss Kir y will appear. Vnuxltnll Gurdeii Suluoii. Unwery. OPEN EVKRY EVENING. RAIN OK SHINE. A dm if tirm only One Mulling THE COO t. EST SALOON /.V TIIE CITY. Positively no Fre" Li-t, tf pt to the Press THE SALOO.N i< crowded eve rv eveniiu by the elite of the ci'y to wit e ? the chaste and eleg'ut i^rfor'nanres oi the t le ted company i ow enr?(!ed- Mis- A Homer, the American Elsaler; MlsaOrv-l'e T tenf Nihlo's; Bar ey Wil li to,", the co ,-brated ln?h Com-dia ;.Dan G irdner, the it nop-' proacna le Neitro Wench; J O.iodwiu the Coniic Da cer. VUt t'i ? Eth'opi 1 1 ' ),;er itic 'lri>thei? <nd Sistex?~Mea*r* Wliitlock. O rdner, White, Johnson and Bryant. Donra open at Perf"rmanc? to , ommence at An efficient Police in attendance, tinder otficers Martin and Bi'd. j > 7 lw*ec ELY SI AN FIEliDS ? (Hoboken ) Free Exhibition every Afternoon, commencing at 3 oVlock. MR. McCARTY has the pleasure to announce thai lie lih mule arrangement* for a short time with that justly true and celebrated FAKIR OK ANGRLlNA.and the extraordi nary aisd accomplished Prii-co of all Wonders, YOUNG FRANCISCO, whose beautiful and instructive Hindoo Fes tivities have been the wonder and admiration of all Europe, America and (he Indies. Also he h >? the pleasant to announce in encasement with that admired Voiidist and Dancer, Miss DELIA EMONM. The entertainments will commence with \ otitic Francisco's wonder-working HINDOO Kr'.STI VIT1ES. selected from hi-? Magic Cabinet, among which will he found the following : ? Egyptian limps, Mystic Figure, ihe Maiden's Glove, Kobe* of hndor. Cabalistic Boxes, Divination of Goblets, Annihilation of Balls, ai d the Fakir's Outlandish Supper. AAer which he will introduce the Indian Games after the manner of Indians ofMalabar. (L/- Intermission of lnl( an hour. Dancing and Singing by Miss EMONS. The amusements will conclude with Francisco's elegant Me chanical Exhibition ol'tbe celebrated ACROBAT FAMILY in miniature, consisting of the following Marronets : 1st, Ko gan, the Graceful M igi ; 2d. Joseph, the Chinese Clown ; 3d, Marvo, the Naval Dancer ; Ith, tiardeuer, a la Elssler ; 5th, Alouco.the Equilibrist ; 6th. Fyall, the Mystic Girl ; 7th. Great Westorn. ns FWeg Sm >sh?m. After which, the Burletta entitlt d Old Grimes tad his V.'ife, to he performed by reven.1 of the figures. O'Connell, the celeb r ted Tattooed D.iucer, will make his first appoaraiice. The New York Brass Band has been engaged, and will play everv afternoon. N.B. ? The performances will be changed d'lly. j y7 6t*r r NION COU USE? R ACING . MOND VY, July 14th, at 4 P. M , will come off a Hurdle Race, one and a quarter mile heats, four hurdles to a heat, for a purse of $300. M. Duch-sney enters b. g Hops Osea Sweetl-ind " ch. g Snip Chan. F. Jackson " Old Briton Wn. Shaw " b.h Sartni J. D. McMann " b.h Douvegan Admission? Enclosed space $1; Grand Stsnd VI cents. jylO !t*rc UL'ACON CO UK Si*. * >/? <y.. HI TROTTING AND PACING. JUI.Y 15th will come off a Match, Mile Heals, best 3 iu J in harness, Itefween the celebrated pacing horse Jam?s K. Polk and the trotting horse John (.' ? eliionn, for $1 on#. Also. July ?'2d a ^ I itch , two mile heats, iu harness, for $1,000, betweeo the a?ine hones. TROTTING ? On the first Monday in August, or first fair d-iy, will mme off a Sweepstake, subscription $750, half ft., lor two mile heats under the s ddle to be governed by the rules of the course, and close with the following subscribers:? Geo Spicer's horse Zip. James D vt'Man"'s Reality. j4 rc Harry Jones' L dy Tompkins. CAKVEii. & HALL, ARCHITECTS, Engineers, Building and Real Estate Agents, 33 Wall street, New York: 31 North Sixth street, Philadelphia. Plans, Specifications and Estimates for Build in,'; Drawings and Specifications for Patent UigliLs. Real Es tate bought and sold; money loaned and luvested; property Una* d and rents collected j?*22 *m*rc bATCHELOti'S NEW INVENTED WIG, SO PERFECTLY resembles the real head of hair as to defy detection. All the old difficulties and vexatious annoyances are completely done away with. Wig wearers can now enjoy is mticn esse and comfort as ever they did with their own h sir Citizens and strangers are invited to inspect this tasty and deli cite ?ork, as it must be seen t? be appreciated, at WM BATCHFLOR'S Wig aid Scali. Manufactory. No. 2 Wall street, ue?r Broadway ? Removed from ICS Broadway. je!7 lm'm FOR SING SING. NO MONOPOLY? HOUR CHANGED /*H 1"'"' ate.<mhoit UNION, Csptai i Edward rL, ? ' ,** Van Wart, will leave the n>er loot of Frank ~ *?* *9 ,tieet. this diy, at 3 P. M touching H iinin. ii 1 ?t. Care to Yonkera Is; Hastings and Dobb's F ry. Is fid; Tarry Town and Si u Sing, 2s. j> 10 It" rh SECOND GRAND EXCURSION AROUND ST ATE N ISLAND. THE STEAMER INDEPENDENCE ??ill in ke lie, second p easanttrip arou id Ma Island, o i S<turd y, July i?ih; will le i - N.R., foot oft anal s reet at I P. M.s Pier No 2. N. R.. 1 1 ? P. M ; Foot ??fClintoii street, E. R. 1%| P. M., .a>d the wharf between Wash nglon and Main strfet, Brooklyn. 2 P.M. A B nd oi Music will ace mpauv the exctiri.t'iu. ?tid refreshments provi ded on board. Fare for the excursion "> cents. j y 9 fm C. FOHBF.S. GRAND EXCURSION 4e COTILLION PARTY, to rERrr.ish' s point, ON THURSDAY, JULY IOth, 1845. The V infers of the THISTLE BENE VOLENT ASSOC! ATION beg leave to an nnunce to the members, and those who take an interest in the Institution, that in compliance with the wishes of a numerous body of their friends who participated in the enjoyment of the excursions of last year, they have made arrangements for a Grand Excursion to take place on THURS DAY . 10th July jjlt. The splendid steamer WASHINGTON ind the Barge PRATT, have beeu engaged to proceed to Verplanck's Point, thus giving a line view of tlie picturesque and romantic scenery of the Hudson. Vlr. Is we Fake, Jr., the celebrated Pyrotechnist, has kindly offered some SPLENDID FIRE-WORKS, to be eihiliited on the return passage, under his own supervision. To ensure suf.ty and comfort, the B.irge will be in complete order, for those who Wish to join in thl niaiy dance, under the direction of Mr. George Robertson, who has kindly volunteer ed his valuable services to lead the cotilions. Wallace's excellent Band has been engaged, and Mr. McKer racher, the much admired Piper to the Scottish Guard,'' will enliven the scene by lhet soul-stirring piproch. No exertion will he wanting by the Committee to make the excursion one of pure recreation and happiness. The Boat will leave Catherine street Verr> . East River, at half past I ; Liberty street, North River, at 9 ; ("anal street, at quarter past 9 ; State Prison Dock at half pest 9 ; and foot ol 19th street, quarter before 10. Tickets fora gentleman and lady for the excursion SI. etna ladies' tickets 50 cents? Children halfpnce? t - be of James Curr, President, corner Canal and Hudson ?ts; I'r- ,,""*. '7,,' Vice Pres., corner Laiulit and Greenwiidi; Gt"ige ? msoi. 79 Conrtlandt street; Will. McLapghllil. 113 H'J'beth *HMts John S. Scott, 76 Nassau street; John Patterson, M Greenwich ton street - Wm. Armstrong. 19th street ind IOth avenue; Geo D.X" WSl"r Nth Street North river; Arch. Uricve 5 loin, street, James Bunion, John street, Krookh n; James \ trine, nd street and Bnaadway: James Urant, IV, Ann street; John Curr. corner Bleerker and Hammond; John Martin, '1 t'sthe r^" 7j-lRe''reshmeiir? on hoard, as per bill of fare. jy< Jtee A. C AMERON. Sec'y, LATEST lfr., ^ -r *-.? BY LAW BVBjrinO'tl Ma.. Washington. (Corre?jionJence of the Herald.] Washington, July 8, 1846. Negro n cclion in Maryland ? A Dreadful Statt of Affair? ? The Potlmatler Ue-neral?The Rail Road Com pauy and the U- 8. M , and Chtap Pcstaget? Funeral of the Negro Woman Jfi lltd Iry the Rocktti of the Fourth ? Inquest ? Stnor Ato' iha, Young Benjamin, and Brant t Mayer-? Col. John A. Rogers' and the ^30,000? The Princeton, Mexico, IVar, anil " the Hall * of the Monitxwmatf* 4-c. There wan oil alarm spread tiirough the city I ant night of an insurrection among the negroes of Prince Georges county, Maryland, adjoining thin District. The inhibitants of that quarter of the Corporation, a mile to the south-east and beyond the Capitol, known as the Navy Yard, were seized with utter consternation. Women and children Hocked to the marine barracks, arms were dealt out to volunteers at the barracks, a triple guard was set, armed men on horseback patrolled the neighborhood ail night, as if every body was in ex|**ctation of a momentary descent across the eastern branch, of a posse of a thousand indignant slaves, armed to the teeth, and carrying death and destruction in their inarch. On Capitol Hill another detached j>arcel of houses and chanties within the Corporation, the excitement and consternation was nearly as intense. The whole body of young men capable of bearing arms turned out to repel the dreaded African invasi m ? the wo men and children, in their loose nicht robes, clustered upon the stoops and thresholds of their several dwellings, foigetful of every f thing but the impending danger. An occasional horseman, with his arms clanking Against his har ries-, scoured away down into the city proper, car rying the al.irm with his very appearance among the loafers still upon the streets Hut the morning came, i rid the black cloud had vanished like a night fog on the river. It appears that a gang af slaves, "variously reported at ten, twenty ana thirty had nmde an at tempt to run away in the pursuit of liberty, and with ihis view were pulling from Prince George's ttraight lor Washington, where, doubtless, they expected tccomplices to assist them on their journey to Cana da, via Philadelphia. Four of them had been appre hended this morn in<r, and we doubt not that every one of them will be caught to within the State or the District, so that the owners get them again. The recollection of the terrors of Nat Turner and the Southampton insurrection, in August, 1832, gave to ihe rumor the most fearful apprehension* ; out th? promptitude of the organization of the whiles, exhi bited conclusively the follv of any combination or conspiracy of the blocks, however well planned, or sudden and general ihe assault. We met Mr. Cave Johnson, the active Postmas ter General, at the cars this evening, on his way to Baltimore and the eastward, in relation to the trans portation of the imih on the great southern route between Philadelphia and thia place. It appears that ?fter a great effort the Postmaster General has filled in avoiding the delay of the great Soi/them mail, which leaves New York between 4 and 5 in the afternoon. The railroad companies between Baltimore and Philadelphia, from their extortionate demands, have driven the Postmaster General to the York and Lancaster route, a couple of hours out of the regular way Mr Johnson says that measures will be adopted for an unbroken despatch of the mails through to New York by this arrangement, and he thinks without material loss of time. From the arrival of the cars here in the morning at nearly ninp instead of six, a6 heretofore, and from a corres ponding change and an additional train leaving this citv during the day, it would appear that some n?w arrangement is already in operation. The cars leave here at 6 A. M. and li P. M, tustead of 5$ as here tofore, and 7 P. M. (a new train.) They arrive at 8i A. M , instead of 6 as heretofore ? 11 A. M. and at 7i P. M. The agent at the depot informs us that there in every expectation of a reduction of the fare between this city and Baltimore next week. We could not guarantee the security of the road three months lonsrer without a reduction. The interest# of the community, and the interest of the company de mand it. Mr. Johnson expresses himself as greatly dis couraged at the first results of the new Post Office law. The resignations of many deputies have al ready been received, and they continue to come in. He is actually afraid that Boston, from representa tions made to him of the working of the cheap |?ost ays, will fall short in the year by a thousand dollars of her accustomed revenue. Meantime, to encour age the experiment, the Postmaster General has is sued circulars to his deputies that the old law rela ting to their salaries will continue in force the cur rent year ? otherwise they would l>e materially reduced. Cheap postages, at all events, must and will prevail. The funeral of the negro woman killed by a rock et at the fire works near the President's house on the night of the fourth, took place this afternoon. An inquest was held over her bodv to-day and some thing like censure was expressed of the negligence of (.'apt. Mordecai, of the Ordnance bureau, in not l?ro|v>riy securing the rack from which this destruc tive batch of rockets were fired. The Dutchman who touched them off immediately went off himself at the falling of the rack, and has not since been heard of. Doubtless the poor fellow thinks if caught he will be hanged for murder. Our young Benjamin keeps ui> the fire in the V S. Journal against Senor Atociia, and says in an swer to the charge of smuggling, tliaf he did smug gle through a box of segars, according to general usage, and that's all. lie charges Brantz" Meyer with being the anihor of Atocha s letters, and hat, we very much fear, only augmented the chance* of a pas fit deux, with either A tocha or hiscmtmiel. We send yon a copy of another matter which Sen or Ato olia has in hand, an appeal, to the President in be 'tall of the memorialists' claims on Mexico, set down it S'190,000. This sum A toe ha states as having loaned the government in sundry payments, when a -<hort time since he was expelled his house, his fami ly, and Mexico, by order of the Government. Hence the ground of his claim for redress from the United Stiiies, based on his citizenship. The case appears to be a cruel one, and will doubtless receive the calm consideration of the President. It was reported, yesterday, that M r. Kendall de manded a fee of $1,000, before assuming the prose eution of McXulty in the trial now about commen cing. Mr. F. says he gave 110 authority for such re |K>rt, though he expects to be paid for his services, of course. Col. John A. Rogers, of Tennessee, (one of Gen. Jackson's men at Nrew Orleans, and one of Gen Har rison's at the Battle of the Thames,) an amiable and worthy man, was induced the other day to buy a quarter ticket in one of the Alexandria lotteries, and had the astonishing good luck of turning up the main i<rize of $30,000. which money we hope lie will in vest in city property, though he says he has other u?es for it. The Princeton goes to Mexico again. Serious ap prehensions of a rupture are entertained, when it is inderstood that the Republic of Mexico is to be blown out of the water, and that a detachment is at nice to march across the country to " revel in the hulls of the Montezuma s." P. S. No heads oil to-day in the Department*. The #700,000 to aid in the new postage experiment are ceitrtinly, we should say, subject to the draft ot 'he Post Master General, or the Secretary of the Treasuiy. Vet, it ap|?ears. there is a count as to he discretionary power, which may leave the De partment under 8ome_ embarrassment, if not settled oefore the meeting of Congress. Wa>hi"?uton, D. C., July 7th, IM.V Tictlflh Day's jPrneeedin#* of the nrw Court Martial. The Court met pursuant to adjournment. slight de tention in th? commencement of the proceeding* wis occasioncd l>y the delay oft apt. French KroneU making hi* appearance. The journal of the 3d inst was read, orrected, and approved by the I'retident ot th? Court Lieut PoHTra wa? called by Judge Advocate to answer .0 the following question : " Did you have any conver ? at ion with the pilot, Mr. Griggs, respecting going into Hampton Ho"ds, or up the bay when you wero anchored it the Horse-Shoe, or the day alter, mid if *0. what w,v tlmt conversation f" .Int. ? " I had two or threu conversation* with \1j. ' iriggs on the subject. I do not recollect exactly tin. words The amount of it was that the ship could hare ;one into Hampton Hoads. It was alter we leit the Home-Shoe, or between the day we anchored on the ilorse-Shoe and the day we arrived at Annanolia." The Jenrn: Aimocaie stated he had no (further que ionii to put to Lieut Torter ; the accused had none ; he lVfts therefore allowed to retire. 1 he Judg6 then reu'1 o the Court a letter from the atteudlng physician of a'ling-master nlair. of the Congress. informing him that Mr. Blair would not be able to attend for several days. The Judge to/d the Court he had only two questions' of :mportance to put to this witness. The Court was clear ,;d to consult as to the course they should pursue,' owing 0 the iitiMincc of Blair. While in deliberation Mr Blair vas announced to have arrived. The doors were then Jirown open and Mr Biair was called. He stated to the ourt, and in reply to some remark* from the I'reiident, hat to-day has been the only day he could appear before tie Court, owing to his sickness, and spraining his an >le ou the 41 h inst. He further stated that he had not as , et received any summons to appear as a witneta , but It tad been intimated to him bv the Judge Advocate, that ie would he required, and he had been in attendance intil hi* sickness. A similar explanation was entered by he Judge on the record. Acting- Maater Blair then pre eeded with his testimony on the part of the prosecu ion, as follows : I was on board the l ongress on her re urn to the llnited States, ns Acting-Master. About ten lays before making < ape Henry, Captain V. ordered me o 'measure and mark the lead-lines, each one foot, for he intended i should sound the hai of Annapolis, to ?ee whether the Congress eould pes* over or not. He mer. ly gave me that order to mark the lead-lines, stating t 1 inouM sound the bar. I did so when we mine ' I ?lever saw anyn rders I saw Captain V receive 9 leitar

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