Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 22, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 22, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. ?71 Whole No. 415.1. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 22, 1845. Prtee Two Ccntt. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DA1LV HE1HLD?F.vsry day. Price 2 cent* pre copy?$7 25 per anno in payable iii advance*. Wh> LV H>.R/\ LD?Every Saturday?Price 8.\? ccuta per dopy?S'l 12)6 oents [s-ra-num?payable ill adviuice. AO V ERT1SE V1ENTS at the usual price.?always cash In advance. PHINTlNQof all kinds executed with beauty and despatch 17?All letters ur cumimtiiicatieus, by mail, addressed in the establishment must be [ ost laid, or t' c postage will be de dueled fmm the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BEVNETT, Proprietor of the New York Hrtuio E-TAitt-tsHMK-r^, Northwest of Fulton a"d esssu iR?tl PEOPLE'S LINK OK STEAMBOATS ? FOR ALB AN V?Daily. Sundays Excepted? ?Through Direct.?At 6 o'clock P. M.frum the pier hetw e.i Court huidt Slid Liberty streets Steamboat HENDR1CK HUDSON, Capt. F O. Crutfeti den, will 1-ave ou Monday, Wednesday mid Friday wettings, at 6 o'clock. tveamb ..t KNICKERBOCKER, Capt A. Hooghron. will leave on Toe .dry. 1 huraday end Saturday evenings. at 6 o'clk .At 4 o'clock p M . Loading at Intermediate rite-a?From f Barclay street ? Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. R H. Furry, will leave ou Monday, t- edneaday, Friday and Sunday aftrrnoone, (?if. nil..,at SOUTH AM ERICA, Cepr L- W. Brainard. wi'l [eaen on Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday aftrrnooiis, at 4 o clock. Passentrrs taking either of the above Lines will arrive in AI ban y in ample time lor the morning train of cara tor ihe east or west. The Bo ts aru new and lubstantial, are furnished with new and elegant state rooms, aud fur speed and accommo dations a e u .rivalled on the liuusau. Freight taken at moderate rates. All persona are lorbd trusting any of the Boats of this line, witho- t a written order from the Captains or Agents, ? For Passage or Freight apply on board the Boats, or to o22:c P. C. SCHLLTX, at ibe Office nu the Wharf. NOTICE?HOUR CHANCEL) THE U. 8. MAIL LINK FOR ALBANY Sand the Intermediate Landings, on and after .Wednesday, Oct. 22'. will leave the foot of Batclay street for Albany, Daily,at 4 P. M. instead of five, aa heretofore. n22 DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND?Persons wishing to remit mo ney to their frieuds in auy part of England, i Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can be supplied ?with drafts payable at sight, without dis. count, for any amount, from ?1 upwards, at the following planes, viz: In England?The National and Provincial Bank of Eng land: Messrs. J. liamed it Co , Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Messrs James Bolt & Sen, Loudun, and branches throughout England and Wales. Its fiiRi.Arrtr.?'The National Bank of Ireland, and Provin cial Brink mid branches throughout Ireland. In Scotland?The Eastern Bank of Scotland, National Bank of Scotland, Urcenock Banking Company, and branches throughout Scotland. The steamship Cambria, soils froin Boston on the 16th Au mat, by which all drafts con he forwarded free. Apply to W. & J. T. TAPSCoTt, jvWre 76 Snnth ?t. eor. Maiden lane BOSTON STEAMERS FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. THE Royal Mail Steam Ships CAM. BRIA and HIBERN1A will leave Bos I tot. for the above ports, as follows, vix Cambria,C. 11. E. Joskins, Esq., Commander,... .Oct. 16, IVi Hiberaia, Alvx. Ryrib, Esq., Commander, Nov. 1,1845 Passage to Liverpool $)20. ras*.ote to Halifax 20. For freight or passage, ^ # w-(1? No Berth aecured until pa d for. oO rc FOR" CHARLESTON, HAVANA I KEY WEST, NEW ORLEANS AND I GALVESTON, (Texas.): The elegant new steamship GALVESTON, of 600 tons sburthen, John T. Wright, commander, will sail for he above ports on the 1st November. This steamship ia built expressly for a ses vessel, and is pronounced to be a* strong us any vessel ever built in tbis country?litis a powerful engine anil boiler, which were put in her by P F. Becor 8c Co and no expense spared to mske everything perfect, and of great etronstb. Her accommodati ns for possrngvrs are nor surpass ed, having large and airy state rooms, elegantly fitted up. The above ufiers a favorable opportunity for passengers going South, a> d viewing the above places. This stoatn-r takes sufficient futl for tho whole trip, and will stop at each place only time to laud her passengers. f or freight or passage apply to. ("apt. Wright on board, at T. F. Re cor 8l Co'# Foundry, foot of 9th street, E. R. NEW LINE "F PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL ??Packet ol 21th of October.?The splendid fast sail ing and favorite packet ship GaRRICK, II 0 tons louiiiau i'apt B J.H.Trusk will sail on Monday, Oct. 27th, h-r vegulu day. The snips of this line being all 1000 tons and upwards, per sons sin itr to embark for Dm uld count y will not fail to see the advautnge* to he derived selecting this line in prefe ranee to auy other, as tli- iv t rat capacity renders them every way more comtorubK a d couvenieut ln?n shipa'of a tmallei eta-s, and their nocomaed ui,?is for cabin, frond cabiu and at --r.ige passengers it is well known, ,arc superior to these of suv other If e of packets. Persons wishing to secure berths, siv uld sot fell to make early application on boaid, loot ol Wall atree', or to 8c J. T. TAPPSCOTT, 75 So"th street, ,- Hrf corner of Maiden lane NEW LI 7i, OF LIVERPOOL At KKTS - WrTrwV Regular packet of th?- 26th net her.?tie elegsut JMRMhI t"t sailing packet ship OAK RICK. 11. G. II. Trash, in ,ster, burthen 110U tons, will sail as shove, her regular day. The accommodations for csbin, second cabin and steerage pas rs aie unsurpassed by any ether vessel in |*>rt, a* d as a ! number o her passengers are already engaged, those desirous | ol berths should make early application, to_ JOSEPH McMXjRRAV, o22 Corner of Pine and South stie*ts, New York. j O.N L V REGULAR LIN OF PACKETS FOR ? NEW ORLE ANN-The splendid and fait string aparket ship ARK ANSA S. < apt. Uui.kfi will posi tite!) ? il on the 2GJi October, her tabular day 1 >, secur* berths, immediate Hpplicatiun should be made on boam, loot of Maiden lane or to W. it J. T. TAPSCOTT, 75 Sooth atreet, otlre C'Tn?r Maiden lane. Atiil KOH NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New trWSiV York Line?To anil 8ataiiliy, lot Nov.?Ttie elegaut ffinfililkiii' T suiliug packet barque GEN ESEE, Minot, uma tei. ?ili p- litivelv tail ua ?b ve. her regular day. For freight or passngu, having naudaoint: furuiihed accom modations, apply on b?Bi"l at Orleana wharl lo t of Wall at., orto E K. COLLINS It CO., 56 South at. Poaitively uo gooda received on board after Friday evtuing, Slat Oct. Agent in New Orleana Jamea E. Woodrnfl, who will promptly forward Ml gooda to hia addreaa. <i2!m j.cj,v- KOH LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Regular ?*W!bV Packet of Slat ov?-.iber.?The auperior fast sailing JMMMhapucki't aliip, H50 tona buitlien, Ira buraley.mautor, will aa alaive. her regular dny. Kor Height or paaaage, having splendid, large and comfortable Itate looms Hid cabin, apply ou hoard, west aide burling slip, orto VVOODHUlL k MliNTURN, 87 South street. Price of peoaage $100. . The packet snip Liverp-ol, 1150 tona, Cnpt. John Eldrirtge, wnl succeed the lioningu' r, and aail on her regular day, 8lai Pre ember r>17nic FOR GLASUOW?Regular Packet The will ? known hut aai'mg Ur. barque ANN HAltLKV, j tin Cit Scott, master, 450 t n<, daily expected, wilt . . ? on quick despatch. For freight or pais age, having excellent accommodations,ap ply to WOODHULL fc MINTURN. vZimc 87 South steel. BLACK BALL OH OLD LINE OK LIVER POOL PACKETS?Kor Liverpool, onky regular , packet of the lit November., The new magnificent fast aailing favorite packet ship MONTEZUMA, burthen 104 0 tons, Copt. A. B Lowber, will poai ively aail ou Satuiday, the 1st of November. 'It is welljknowu that the accoinniodationa o'ptht Montezuma are fitted out in a very superior manner, with erery conve nience that cnnnoi but adu to the comfort of tnoae embarking. Persons proceeding to the old country or sending for thru friends, will hud it to their interest to 'elect this conveyance. kor passage, in cabin, second cabin and steerage, and to se cure the la-it lierltu,early application should be made on board, fool of fieekraati at, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS kCO. o2J rc 35 Kultnu atreet. nest door to the Kultou Bank KOIl Nk.W ORLEANS?New Line?Positively First Packet, or Freight or Passage Free?T he spleu l.dandw-il keown first class and very fust sailing p. v.,. ip HI ?N UOO, will pssitively clear on Friday and sail wMlo?t I il hlie has v, ry auperior accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passe,,gera, liaving elegsnt state rooms. For freight o. p-wsoge, which will be taken much lower than by an) oilier vessel, please apply ou buard, foul ol Wail slievt, Murray'awharf.or to JOHN HKRDMANfcCO 61 Southslrret, N. B ? The packet ship Caledonia will succeed the Hindoo, and positively sail on Wsdnesd.iy, 29th Oct. or pass ige free Ai'PH as ib, ve. o22inc FIRST hHlP KOH LIVERPOOL, or Passage .Fr. e?Packet of ihe 23d Oct ?The new and last sail g parket ship MEDEM&EH, CaPl. Chase,will sail *.? . o.,vr. ou tX eduesd ,y neat T Ins farorite packet has uuequalled accommodations lor a litni'pd nuniler of ivcoudr bin |iaiseng?rs, iu a h, use on deck, wh eh will he taken less th in steerage rates, by applying on board, pier 9 E. R. or to n'/iii'jpe U. A. TEN EVCK, 67 South street. KOH LIVERPOOL?'Tne new and splendid spvrkel ship RAPPAHANNOCK, Captain Drum Jtiiioud, burthen 1100 tons and upwaida, will positively Friday, the 25<h instant, her regulsr day Tinsels gnui vessel offers it most desirable (ip|iorininly for those about to i into rk tor the old country; having superior accommodations re a- y ship now up for tins above port. kor |"is?sic in csbiu. secoud cslnu or steerage, at the lowest rate , apply on board, pier No 3 Noftn riter, or to JOHN HEMD.M AN k CO., "Hrc 61 Hnuth street near Wall street. FOR LI V ERl'OOL?Regular Casket of litu Nov ??The well kn wn fast sailing packet ship INDE ? PEinDENLE. Csutsiu Alleu, will sail as above, g regul tr tlsy. Having superior accommodations ff>r cabin, second cabin and stealage passengers, persons wishing to embark should wake immeumte application ou board, foot of Maiden lane or ,n JOSEPH Mc,MURRAY, nllmc comer ol I'ina and Houth streets. FOR -MOBILE?New Linti?The splendid I'uckti ship GAZELLE, Captain Trraitwsll, who goes to I Ihs CUV With freight mitt n.s?sene?rs. will have im niedis e despstcli for Ihe above port. For fr-iglit or passage, in either cahtn, second cabin, or steer lie, all ol which will be taken rt much leas than tlu- usual rates, kv apply"'* t" JOHN llERD.MAN k CO.. ..l' V^ ORLEANS?kIrst Regular Tackei? . ., UB'P?t< h?The first class last sailing picket ___ship Hi '1, n I AND|.'t.11, (rapt. Spencer, will s.ol us n,r regular day. T'he ace,hi,uiorlat. ons for cabin, second cabin and steerage , gera ?? Ui aurpissed by iny ressel in port, aud at B num I?er 11 psssei gers s.ealready eiisagcd, |k desirous ol secu ring l> iihtslioul I make immediate application ou bogrd, west sid. of Burlp g slip, ? r to olfirrc'H McMl R1-A V.jnir Pine and South ttt. kOK BALk.,FKH0nT CilCktAR'TtK.?The ? very lest sailing packet ship LOUISVILLE, 513 tons mlm__ecanies 1580 bales New Orleans ?. oil en; wu built in tnu Ciij. with live oak and locust top; uewly Qoppered and baiml lelted. Has handsome accommodations for 24 inusen Us Apply to K. K COLLINS k c'3T NOTICE ^ STATEN ISLAND Hi ilW FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. On and after Monday, October 29th. only one boat will run onthi* F'erry. nnd lha trips will ba at follows:? Leave Htateu Llaud. Leave New Vork. ? A. M. 9 A. M. ID do II do II M. IX P. M. I? P M. 3X do S do 0 do a IS re REGULAR U. S. MAIL LINES BETWEEN CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE MORNING LINK at 10 o'clock A.M. BUN FKANKLIN Na. 7, J. B. Summons, _ . .. master. PIKE No. B.J Armstrong, master. EVENING LINK at? o'clock P M. SIMON KB NTON, W. McCI .in, muter. BUN FRANKLIN No.6, W. McClellau, muter. These boats, forming two daily lines, will ma regularly, lea ving puuctu illy at the hour, and will take freight and pauan (era to and from lutcruiedin'o 1 aiding*, at the uau. l rates. F'reiglil w.11 be ireeived for ihuse lmee at the Mall Wlmrf Boat, foot o! Broadway. Every effort will be used to accommodate shippers and pas i sugars. 8TRADER ?k GORMAN, ) . ol lm*rrc ROGERS St SHERLOCK, J PEOPLES' LINE OP STEAMBOATS FOR ALB AITS DAILY?Sundays Excepted?Tlirough Di reot, at 6 o'clock P. M., fram the Pier betweea Court I a id! and Liberty, atreeta. Steamboat HENDHICK HUDSON, Captain R. G. Oen. will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Eve uioge, atBo'c'ock. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. Houston, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evenings, at 0 a'cloek. At 5 o'clock P.M., landing at intermediate places, from the fool ?f Barclay street I? ..Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Cant. L. W. Brainard, will leave ou Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday AfU I ac>(ini at 3 o'clock , Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. H. Furey, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, aia o'clock Paasaugert raking either of the above Lines will arrive in Alba ty in ample time for the Morning Train ot Cars for the east or vest. The Busts arc new and substantial, are furnished with new ano sing run state rooms, and for speed aud accommodations are us iyalled ou tlie Hudson. Freight taken at moderate rates. All persons are forbid trusting any of the Boau of this Line without a written order from the Captains or Agents For passage or Insight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C dntmitv., at the office m the wharh o!3 aid (Saturday at 6 o'clock, P.M. For freight or passage, apply ou board, or to O. F. Wuinwiight, Agent, ou tho wharf. s?9 lm*mc y, every Tuesday, Tlmrsday and Saturday at 6 o'clock. The steamboat COLUMBIA, Caption Wi Jtoae. ttlLL .11 AUiiNS, 11 tli street, between ..'d iu.ll 3d Avenues, and nearly opposite Bull's Head J"?r arrived from the country, and for sale it th' ?live stables, P0 Horses, among which are four fast tiolliiit: nonets, 2 Inst pacing do., several pairs farm horses, some km Cart i<w*es, a few good road and stsge horsy* uud shippers. R. H. NORTHRUP, Proprietor s3 2m*iTc FUR SjAUGERTlE* AND CAT8KIL. THE Splendid Steamboat JAMES MADI SON, Capt F.J. Cuppcrly, will leave the foot of Cedar street, every Monday, Wednesday, NEW YORK, ALBANY AND 'LRUY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT from the pier at the foot of Courtiandi .street. , , the P.issvnFers taking this boat will arrive m tim?to takeorth \loruiug Train of Cart from Troy west to Buffalo, and u to Saratoga and Lake George. The low pressure steamboat EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Ma . -- ? _ Win. H. 1'ecU, every vlocday, Wednesday and F ndav afternoon, at 6 o'clock. For Passage >>r Freight apply on board. or to C. Clark, at the .fficeot'the svharl Freight taken on the most reasonable terms. Freight must he put iu charge ef toe Freight Agent, or the company will uot be responsible for loss No freight taken after 4 o'clock. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet of the 26rh Oct.?The elegant fast sailing Packet Shin OARRICK, B.J. H. Trask, master, of HOC urns, will, sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations uuequalledfor ?pleudor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot if Wall street, or to _ _ _ E K. COLLINS fc CO., X South street. Price of passage $100. Packet ship Roscius, Capt. Asa r.ldridge, 1200 tons, will sue ceed the Garrick and sail a6lli Nov , her regular day a28 PACKETB FOR HAVRE?Second Line? The packet ship ONEluA, Capt. James Fuuck, will sail on the 1st of November, For freight or passage apply to BOYD ?t HINCKEN, o2 me No. 9 Tontine hu'lding, 1.8 Wallst ROBKRTSOJS'S PIKENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Fidton Struct, between WUUamand N ItSMU. n THE Success which haj attended the efforts of HK Proprietor of this Establishment, to introduce jf* into use a superior Hrticle at an extremely low price, encoura ges him to make increased exertions to nicnt the patronage o> tue Public, The peculiarity of his system of ern'luctiug bu siness consists in the establishment of the most rigid econem< in its various depsrtm ills, as well as in aiiiuv.riable.idhe reuce to "Cash ou delivery," lelieved Irom the oppressive ex pensea o the more sxtrivagant craftsmen of Broadway, and <ul?je> ted to none of ibnse losses which sue the certain accnni P&i imentof the "creditprineijde." He is enabled to offer tlie different articles in his line at tin following reduced rates ;? HATS. FirstOnaJity NutriaFur $3 SO Second do do do 3 00 Fir.t do Moleskiu 3 00 Second do do 2 30 CAPS. First Quality Cloth $1 SO Second do do. 100 Third do do....... 73 s!31m*in . 1 Look, at this. IMPORTED FRENCH BOO i'S of the best quality \ at the extreme low price of $3 00. The best of French Calf Boots Ulade to older $3, and igieatassortment of fine " $l40t . . Calf Boots SI and (it finest calf Siloes $1 30 to$2 24. also gieat assortment <>f patent leather Bouts, Shoes sun Gaiters Lady's wilt fiud iu this store the greatest assortment of Gaiters to be found in the city ; also Buskins, Slips, Ties, India Rule hers. Prunella Slips, white and black satin, Sic , lie. Likewise Boys Calf Boou and Shoes, Misses nnd Children do, all kinds uud c< lurs, our own manufacture; also the best ol French Goods,and warranted llie best aud cheap as the cheapest at 307 Broadway corner Franklin street, ol Im'rrc M. CAHILL. BOOTS AND SHOES AT RETAIL. J A Ingge and spleudid assortment of city made Boots and - Shoes, of the most approved styles and workmanship, for I sale twenty-five per cent chuaper than at any other store in j New York Just received, a few cases of fine, Freurb , U. If Dress Boots Genilem.n so disposed, can furnish then j understanding with an elegant pair of Boots, at prices varying ( 'rom tbree to five dollars. ? 17 lin'rc KRi-.NCH It EVERETT, 73 Maiden lane. I JFINK FRENCH BOOTH FOR #3 30. CITY MADE ?For style aud durability tliey are equal to those sold iu other stores for $6 ; live French kn penal dress Boots made to order for $4 30, equal to those made in olhei stores for $6 aud $7, and warranted to give satisfaction, ai YOUNG & JONES' French Imperial Boot and Shoe Manu facturing Depot, one of the most fashionable Boot and Shot establishments in this city. Gentlemen that are iu want ol a pair of dress Boots, will find a saving of fifty per cent by getting them of us. Mending also done in the store. WM. M. YOU NO U H. B.JONES, ? 17 lm*me No. 4 Ann St., near Broadway, New York. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS-BOOTS AND SHOES. JF- JOHNSON (late Wilson It Johnson) has on hand, in state 142 Chatham street, nirectly^^PHV opposite the theatre, one ol the best assorted stocks ol Boots and Shoes that Can be had in the city. Oents Kip, . Gram and Seal, Thick and ihm Soled Boots and Shoes, Sg'd and sewed, from the Eastern manufactories; Laidii-w alters, Buskins, Ties, Slips, Itc.. of every description. A greater variety of Childreus' Shoes than auv other store in this City. Gentlemen's line Gaiters, twenty different kinds. Genu Buckskin Shoes, S|K>rtsmeu's, Fishermen's, and Seamen's Boot.. Store open till 10 o'clock in the evening, giving country mer chants an opportunity of examining the goods at their leisure ?9 lin'mc furnished huUse wanted. MA SMALL and neatly lurnished Honse, or part of s large one, with use of kitchen, is wanted lor s gentleman Mill his wife and two daughters, from about lOiir Novern o?-r Until April or May next. 1 be situation must beteuvt-ni eiil to Broadway, and not higher u, thauBleeckerst. Any person having tlie requisite apartments to let to such a small family, where there will be iio children to injure the furniture, and who would be satisfied with a reasoaable rent, may obtain ? good tenant by addressing a line, with terms aud other parti eulari, to J. K. H.( box 1379 Post Uflice. old 3tawto24rc M FOR RENT?A larga aud commodious House on the north aide of 1'enuiyiranm avenue, between 3d and 4th streets, nnd one door west of Jackson Hall. It eon i ins iweutv rooms, with a fashionable granite trout, aril his lieru occupied by Mr. lsa?c Beers! r the last eight vers, a1 the American Hotel. Apply one door west, at the Book ami I'eiindical Store ol'Messrs. Sharir. It Wilde, or to the pro pnetor. oiORveodrc JOHN 8INON. BARK 1'LACE HOUSE. MThis Establishment has duiing the past Summer b newly furnished throughout. A few families and a I ited nnmdier of gentlemen may here be very pli autly ecmnmodaleU fur the winter on aa favorable terms ai any other house equally well conducted, ar n 3 AMES G. El.LIU I'T, No. I Park Tlacr ," - B.?For 1 or 4 Rooms without board, at No 11 P place, apply as above. s23lm*rr o!5 lw*rc POWER TO LET, WITH ROOMS of various dimenaioaig at "Hedfn hi?ik*3 WorHs," ut tlie Morris Caual, Inclined Flanv Newark. N. J. further Information app^y to Messrs. Hutchinson 1 Remyon, No. 43 Maiden l.ane,N. Y. or ou the premises, of ' " " HEDENBERG fcSON M HOTEL I)E PARIS. ANTIONE V1UNEH, one of the late proprietors of . P.II....... ...t.srllnll., fjc...... L: the Perkins' House. Boston, respectfully informs hi. IVieiids and ths travelling public, that he has opened th< hon.r No. 290 Broadway, entrance ou lleade street, called tin Hotel De Pans, where he will be happy to accommodate thos. who inay wish to palroui.e him, with Hoard and Lodging, by the day, week or month, on tlie most reasonable terms. S3 lin'rrc DAClUtT SHIP Nil AKSPE All ? , for New GHean: a | astengi-rs by tli ? .hip will please be on board the . boar Jaculi Bell, at Fulum Ferry, this day (Tneaday, 2li ?.which time the ship will sail. pAIGdlij1, I)U< b'URLEANS, from LeghOBi.?Cm ? iiajiliVI" .V" send their i eiuiits on I at Jttdd t wharf East River, or to the office of ... BOY ft 8t HI.nCKEN, 'J uutuie Building, VVatl, corner Water sir PACKET SHIP HOTTINgUkr, from Lirerpool. > signses per this rcssel will pieaae sake nonce met Burling Nlin E R roods not permitted, must be sent to public stork WOODHlfLLIs MINTURr 0I,,C ?7 South su PMIL/IIIKLi'illA Mtf'f'Klj*. COLUMBIA HOUoh, Chestnut Street, between 6th and 7thstreets, PHILADELPHIA. rpiiK SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform the# friend* and J the (ravelling public,they luve taken the above house, (for mcrly known as the Marshall Home,) and lure made extensive alterations and improrements in its iutsrior, having spued no expense to render ir one of the inost pleasant a"d fashionable h use* in the city. The parlors are nmnerous, the chambers large and well arranged, the furniture eutirely new. Its loca tion is in the most central part of the city, near to all the places of public amusement, and convenient to the depots of the Son!Iiern, Western and Northern routes. The tables will be snt tdiad with all the delicacies of the sea son. The Wiues are of the choicest brands, and havu been carefully selected. The proprietors hope by their perional attention a -d experience 'sleet,' in the business, to pise satisfaction to these who may favor them with their patron ige. BAGLET. MACKENZIE It CO. James Bagtey, (late of Junes' Hotel.) C. Meckel Henry C.Mackenzie, (formerly of the Washington House.) Peter L. Ferguson. July 1st. 1145. iyl linger JUST OPENED. COLUMBIA HOUSE, CHESTNUT STREET, Between blith and >cvciitl? Street, PHILADELPHIA. BAGLET, MACKENZIE It CO. Proprietors. JAMES BAG LEY, la'e of Jones' Hotel. HENRY C. MACKENZIE, formerly of Washington House PETER L. FERGUSON. sttltmrc HART WELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, * !1K3 Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA, ft r~ Baths just introduced?Warm aud Cold?in fine apart inept*?for born i.dint and gentlemen. A a!6 lie'rh WILSON'S HOTEL AND DINING ROOM, 5 (foist street, near Maiden Lane. HOUNTRY MERCHANTS will find this a desirable House, CI OUN1 ?> being lug convenient to the |inrt of the city. This slim ltnblisb-neiit is fitted ui with entirely new furniture. Good and substantial dinner, IB* cents, lodgings 25 Cents. For con venience and comfort thin house iseiinal toaii ,,llir,.,r n,,., bu?i,wil nun Iivuor (? ?'(uai lUU)' llOtel ID tllC City. and at lialf tlie price Permanent boarders can be accommodates) on very reasonable terms. All the delicacies of the season served up, as soon as they arrive in market, at half the price of other houses Elegant private p triors, for the referee cases, or private dinners or sup i per parties. The varr best of ?ionors jni Vni're THE YllSSES PAL At: HE S BOARI.'ING AND DAY bCHOOL I .TOR Young Ladies ol the Jewish Faith, 97 Thompson St., ' N w York. Instruction is given in the Heb'cw Language, free of any charge, according to the Portuguese and German prounncia tiot. All other languages and the accompli.slnneuts taught on the usual to ms The best masters are employed, and every facility afforded for the improvement of the pupils in the vari ous branches of study. The .Misses PaUche having been for some time established, relvwith confidence on the inccess of their system. *16 tm*rc BRISTOW'o I SUPERIOR AND ELEOANTCOMMERCIAL SYSTEM WHITING. , w . . I AcndemylHO Broailwny,opposite Jolin utrce*. a HAD Hnr.1) '. This is [not'1 '".{j* JAvlpi V SPEEDY and is now constantly at hand, alike SIMPLE, C\lf-Bnatow promise, and gn-.runtee. to^ie. and O^le vw??n ?f vvi'HY Afl? fttlll C&PHClty, tO COOWt til? *?1} I ,niuuer' ?? m,4NTVVh'LV t; EASY Lb&SO.NS. . 43rs m. fe^HAND^Vht by Mr. B. For wile, a work en I ^N^b!?Book-Keeping by Double and Single Entry taught PrVu^r.yin New York can take a course of j day. . ? I ? ELOCUTION. E^pds alnl^he'imTl/cVJat he tutend?Vwwi^^g^"aMe?>hIr^ ! SE&rstw : S???s! dar-a I ?imoniaL of the satisfactory character. Resident*^! Warren at. ? ? A GAUL). TO PARENTS AND GWARDIA.NS. * LADY of an perior talent* and acquirement., 'V.'"*1!?"? "t \ I. .. Slur m ?re nupils to instruct in Mum-, rler mrthoi. 2i;&%^?d?t^dC3fS5S3'K "SBriKKSEfc.. a. duly atwuaed to. THERE CAN BE NO TEACHING WITHOUT A MASTER. wrnmmm 11.. I,,. honored with pupil, from the lamilles Cflh'rfo.lowlug tSLSSSA geullemea. to whom he can refer ? w?nrv n?v Hon. Caleb Cwhiiiff. Hon. Thoa li. Benton, Hon, Let. Woodbury, aud others Louis McLmie ()eru!randCF.c,'c'hl"uubt: Term.modeme^g^;atNo. 310 Brnndway. r. iwrvvaui 08 lm*r - ??? SPANISH LANGUAGE. , 1 PROFESSOR A.J MORALES Kt.pectfully informiithe nubile that he i? f rmmg hi. class", to teach the ab< Vf language, and reciuest. au early pplication that thei may . eef? io theI'rVnc'pd. of W-hiugton In.t.tute. the Acs tlemv 01 tne Sacrrd Heart. (Astoria ) and Mr. < . Canai ?aci demy, where he i* teaching with greatiucce??;sndre.pec. fully refer. to the following from the President or St Johui , Colfe.e <Koruham,)iu which, he ha. been Professor for the '*l'ber eby'ceVtif5j that Mr. ^ Morale, ha. been ??*?<? | Lou. b, j attention to duty?by hi. proficiency, aud by the general im proTenieutol hispupila. J0UN HARLEY, Pre.* Ft- John * ^pll.'ge. Sept. 18, 1X3. FRENCH language. MON8.|FOIGNEl\ oue of the principal, of the schoo known to the pnblic a. the firm of Foignet and 1 1 Clm.iral Frencn and English School, and under wh<Me charg? i. the French Department uk,, thin opportunety to mlTom hi. former pupil, and The public m general thd he will re open hi. Ere. iog ? lass ?t hi. .chool room. No. 739 Broadway, ou MModn.y'FJwme lei.nre hour,, will likewise consecrate them to .few private pupil.. For term, enquire ? hi. re.. dence No. 817 Grefh st., 0 Amity, or at the .chool. oiJtawlm'rc. _ ; A CARD. | . . . 1 SIONOR RAPETTI having dedicated SJISi 1 to the in.trnction of Music,re.pectfuny infoms hii fnMd, ( and the pnhlie. he will, during the month.ol October, coin 1 ineuce a class for the VIOLIN at hi. room, No ^ Broadway Term, moderate. Those who ?e deSirMU.of hecomin* pugUs. will please apply to Sitnor Oodone, <03 Broadway, Chambers 8t Jollie.395 Broadway. i???n, on the Sigiior Kapeiti will continre, a. ureal, giving lessoni on lhe Piano and Italian Singing ,34 eoctim DANCING ACADEMY. 74 LKorrARu Mtabkt, West Side of ?r0^wft^'r ? M'LLE. PAULINE DESJARD1N8 hss the honor of .o forming the public that .1* ha. ?^et1^, ln.imctron iu now ready to receive pupils. M lie. r. D. gare 1 ( ill the different branches ol dancing. Afhef Academy will . taught all the newest and most fashionable Dances now m use J in Parin Anions th**iTi the new Polki Quadrille, p ules the WalU ^\>lk?, and all ?tyle? of Waltzes- Amony f-ancy Diu.ce. the PoLcea, Maturka. Caehacha, Cracov^enne, Vc Mile P D. wil give her particular ntteiitloii to MUlt ? Boarding Schools. Cotillion Partie. will be for her pu ^"peT.iiim'wh'? are de.irour. of becoming pnpils, will ple^e j apply to M lie P. D-,.s above VILLAGE DANCING ACADEMY. MR. O. ROBERTSON ha. the pleature of respectinii) announcing to his friend, and tlwpubhc, lhat his regular c assr. are now ..pen 011 Mondays and Thursday., at hi. , r dwelling, #2 Eighth Avenue, for giving m.lruct^,0" * J" ! above art. Mr. R. will introduce in his academy ?*'' *? ln,d and fa.hional.le dance, now in use, including the Polka win Mazurka Quadrilles, and various style, of VV.Using, lustra Hon. given 11. pnv.te to pupil. ?nd cla?sei, at any tliedjh<mr, their residence.or ?t Mr. B'? A morning class will belormed lorladw. LESSONS IN DANCING, WALTZING. <&c. MAD. ACH1LLE rv.pectluliy announce, to her friruds and patron., and to the public in general.that her regular class will commune? 011 Saturday, October 11th at her Saloon, >o. 41 Walker street. DAYS OF TUITION. For young I.adie. and young Masters under 10 yearn ol age, on every Wednesday aud Hatuiday, from 3 to 4 o clock?and nr ''E"eiin[g*('IMs'IorTleu11 cmcn, every Tuesday aud Thursday 41 For'indie, and Oeotlemcn desirous ofir?rmi,,K0^ selves private Quadrille l lasse.. Polka or M.suika Qnadrilles, on any days and hour most convenient to both P?11";.. ? For individual nnd pvivate lessons iu Dancing, Waltxiiig, Polka or Masurka.for Ladies and Oentl.inen, atany fixed hours **M?!dime A. continne. to give hev profewiousl service. ?t with Mieral nt lh, l",i",t^!.,r,r.T feMor. in Pari., Madame A. receives from them alltheiovel tie* of the d.y, admitted in the tashionable .ociety, nnd sne will make it a duty to them in her cissies or private le. ?mi., secoriiiug to her p?tton's desires. DANCING ACADEMY. Urondwiiy, Corner of Orand Street. MU 14. ROBERTSON ha. the honor of respectfully in forming hi. I'rieud. and the Pnhlie that his classes lor gi ving instructions in all the different styles of tli; above of*01"" pli-luTient (and the Mazurkn > nd Polka Quadrilles, 1 will open on WcdnesiLv, Sept. lTth, at the large Saloon atmched lo .e Broadway House. Dnys of 1 uitioii, Wednesday.-nd hstur davs-l-adie.f at 1 P. M ; ffentlemen, 8 P.M A Pii vale t;ia?s lor Ladies will he formed from I to 7 for Ln Polka and Waltxiiig. In.iructioua giveu to Pupil, and Prieate t l*"- I es at their rvMd.nce., or at Mr. R.'?, <? Eighth Avenue, or DO 1 Mr' "Ifobert.on would also iufurm the public that hi. up tnmn Academv will eommence on Monday, September ttu, at where all the different brunch.. wiH^b. j taught CHEAP AND FASH ION ABLE CLOTHING.j W. H. DEGROOT & CO., No. 10*4 Fulton street, WOULD rtapec.rfally inform their Customers and the Pub lic t"at tbey are prepared to furnish ttery article in theu llil. at the foil J wing low [irices which arealleaslJO percent lower than 'au be hail at any other establishment iu tint inty. Overcoat* of bent mute'ill, made and triiinneil in the latest itvle from $1 JO to $211; Clo.ks, of French and h iqjlisli ( fothi.from $6 in $2J. Fine Black blue, Olive and Brown Dree, and Frock Coats from $t to $16. Pants of every shade and color, and heat quality, from $1 JStn $7. Also, an endless assortment of Vesta of ezcelle't m .t -rial and mad* up in the best manner, fruin $1 to $J. likewise, an eiteu ive variety ?f Cloths, Cassime'es, and Vesliugt, always on hand, which will lie made t" suit the moat fas'idious taste. A lull su t will he furnished in 2t hours for 'rom fU to $10. Best of Cutters and Workmen employed. The plain man at well at the most luuticnDr, can be suited at NO. 102 FULTON STREET, ol Im m FALL OAK M ENTS. WM. MATTHIESHEN, 127 Fulton at?A ehoice slock of Cloihs, Tweeds, Cassimeres and Vestings are now open from which selections cau be made at very m ,derate jui ces. for cash only. The cutters of this establishment are equai to any in the city lor (heir taste and skill in getting up garments, and cus tomer cau depend on satisfaction, punctuality and despatch Those urnishiug their own matrrials, can nave them made upon the at> ye term*. T7" OUTFITTING.?Evaiy article necessary to complete a wardrobe, at WM. MATTH1CMEN. 127 Fulton street. s!7 lm*m sett door to Herald office. i a LI. FA&hJQNS. fpHt SUBSCRIBERS have just rec- ved an invoice of very X richSeails. Cravatsand Linen Hdkiv ? ichly bordered ? Their asaornueut ol ready inads Linen, and Kentieinen's under garments is now complete and well worthy the atteution ol citizens and strangers Their Patent Elastic Brace is highly recommended Dy he faculty for all persons who are suffering from debility, or am iu the chest, or have acquired the habit of stoopfuit- For sale wholesale and r tail, at the old establishment of I'ursells U Agate 237 Broadway, romnr of Park place >10 Im'in TO TAILORS. f pHOBF. who desire to attaiu a correct km wledge ol Fash X ions hie rutting, iu all its various branches, would do we I to obtain Htm -met*' Complete Work on the subject, which cm be obtained of the ant tor only, at 113 Broadway. Price, from M ro $10 per hook. o2 lm'tnc G. B. CLARKE, FASHIONABLE TAILOR AND DRAPER, Neab Fulton, 133 William Street, Opposite the new Row of Building*, GIVKS the following reasons for the great success he has hi therto met with :? 1st.? 411 goods are bought at the lowest cash prices aud paid fornt once Id?An exclusive and rigid intern of selling for cash only. 3d?Many years experience in business 4th?Being satisfied withsinall profits. A discerning public, therefore, can at once pereeire that it their iuteirsl to patronise this establishment. O. B C. would refer to a large and respectable connexion both in thiscky and iu Brooklyn, in proof of the style aud fi nish of his garments Splendid French Cloth Dress Coats made to measure from $14 to $30. An assortment of Office Coatx and all others rtr'.-s of gentle men's dress, at eqnally reasonable prices s8 lrn*r< JAMES A SWAIN fy Co.. Drapern and Tailors, 1152 Broadway, Carlton House, WOULD res|>ectfully inform their customers and the puo lie, that they uow have ,n hand and are constantly re ceiving asaperior stock of fall and winter goods, which wiilia made up iu the latest fathiou and at the lowest prices, for cash. I mere BRODKRIES ET NOU V EAPJTES DE PARIS PETER ROBERTS, No 378 Broadway, IMPORTER. JOBBER AND RETAILER, INVITES the attention of the L .dies to Ins splendid stock pi Embroideries and Lace Good* recently received, compris ing the newest sr.d most desirable styles of the presen' season at prices which will maintain the reputation his store has long 1 held as the cheajiest in the citv." 75 lots fine Linen Cambric Hdkfs, from auction. 1 case clear Li aen Lawn do, riviere borders, from $1 to $)>? each, remarkably cheap. 1 case clear Linen Lawn Hdkfs, tape borders, from $7,30 to i $9 per doz. | J rase claar Linen Lawn Hdkis, fancy borders. 1 1 do ilo do, col'd and black printed borders. 1 1 do do do, embroidered, from $2,73 to $13 aach. Embroidered under Hdkfs, high neck. Do do, with collars. Do do. various styles, from $1 upwards. Rich Embroidered Muslin and Applique Lace Capes. Upwards nl 3tC Embroidered Evening Dresses, in Riviere. Polka, Coronut'ou, i>:wni?h Flounce, kc.kc., from $3,50. Colored Emo-owior.d Otgaudie Mounce, from $8 to $13. usually sold Irom ft lo $20. 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N.B.?Twelve or fifteen good chain makers can find em ; uloyment as above. vyATCHES ?WATCHES AND JEWELRY?Thus, v v who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Goli | Chains, Gold Pencils, Keys, Sic., will find it greatly to their ad vantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all description! | of the above at retail much lower than any other house in tin city. Gold Watches as low as $30 and $33 each. Watches am Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches warranted to kecj good time or the money refunded. G. C. ALLhN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, W ho'es-lr and Retail. 30 Wall street s20 1m*m , np stairs "THE ALBATA SILVER WARE," Manufactured by wm chandiess, <53 Hudson ?t cannot be d tected from Sterling Silver, for the longer this Ware is used the whiter it becomes. V^. C., als?. manufactnres Sterling Silver Spoons, Folks aud Jewelry, cheal sud is prepared to buy Old Gold anil Silver, German do, Pearls and Diamonds, to any amount. Be sure to look out fir tlx Sign Plate, 452 Hudson street, between Barrow and Morton sir. Wm. Uhaudlesi, established 1833, late of Clarkson St. s2fi I in "re SELLING OFF PREVIOUS TO LEAVING THE PREMISES. A LARGE STO- K OV DRV UOODS-at BILLING'S well-known i heap Store, 443 Pearl street near Chatham? The entire stock is < ow s. Iling off, and at snch prices as must surprise even the griatest bargain hunters, consisting of Silks, aiiawla, Cashmere, De l.aines, Blankets Flannels very I.,w, Linen, a large lot of Prints, bleached and nubleached Muslins. Hosiery, Gloves, Lace, and iu fact every article connected with a large and well assorted stock of Dry Goods. Do uot for ge'the name and number? BILIING, o!3 2w*rnc 445 Pear! near Chatham FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS ANL FEA THERS. 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Hay ward, the original discoverer and first inventor of Mrtniic Insoluble India k'.ubber, has discovered auother im provement in the application, which will puzzle the world to fin 'I out, as he has now associated with him a capitalist who will protect his interest This is the giving to his Nletalic Rubber i lie surface of (latent leather, without using the crack ing varnish heretofire u->ed Hit Shoes, now off red for sale at 25 Maiden lane, are without exception (he most perfect arti- ? cle of the kind the world ever taw. For tale in quantities to i suit, by HORACE H. DAY, oil lm*r 25 Maiden lane; W1 ESSENCE OF COFFEE, HICH is now extensively used in the European capitals 1 it now for the first time introduced into the U. States.? It is made from the best silted and cleaned coffee, and about one teaspoon full, mora or less, according to the taste, diluted I with hot water or milk,furnishes a cup of excellent coffee.? The undersigned is convinced that the sagacity of the public I of this country ?"i|| immediately perceive the numerous con > enieect* it offers to house keepers in general, trave lers b; laud or sea, restaurateurs, kc.. and indulges iu the hope to be rewarded for the great sacrifice the introduction of a novelty always demands, by a liberal patronage. Which cannot fail to he awarded to him by ever/ person who will make atrial of his Essence. It is lor sale at wholesale by H. D. Hill, No. 7 Water street, I and retail by Banker kCo., 13 MaidenJane, J. G. Gott<berger, > comer Chambers and Centre surwts, W. 8. Cor win, 839 Broad way. E. L. HaADETZKY,Bole Manufacturer s!8 lm*re in the 11. States. NOTICE TO RAILROAD CONTRACTORS PROPOSALS will be received at any time previous to the 23d day of November next, at the office of the subscriber, No. 6 Wall street, in the city of New V ork. for the grubbing, grading, masoury, supeietiucturr and bringing of the Bear Mountain Railroad, in Pennsvlvania, 28 miles In length, extend ing Irons Bear Mountain to Danphiu, on the Pennsylvania Ca nal, eight miles above Harriiburg. Plans and specifications are ready for inspection at the undersigned's office. The work to he commenced immediately upon closing of the contracts J P MAN ROW. New York. Sept. ?d, 1145 *23 Ira'r DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT ' AND AGENCY FOR THE SALE OF VOIGTLAENDER'S APPARATUS. j, BESIDES i new tnpply of the above Apparatus, the subacid- j ben have received best Plates, Chemicals aud Polishing , substances, sud the newest improvements in the Art. Insiruc- I tions given in the Art, and orders from every part of the conn I try promptly attended to, by addressing (post-paid) to W. k FLANGENHEIM, Philadrhihia Exchange. LANOENHMM k BECKERS, o5 Imdlrw'rc New York. 881 Broadway. A PORTRAIT FOR ONE DOLLAR F THOMPSON'S Daguerrian Rooms. No. 283 Broad- j wav, between the Or mile Buildings and Keade st. LIKEN FSSES Of the variolic sizes taken by the improved yle, - process and fiuishrd in the most superior style, With all the <) iterations in all weather ftoui 8 A. M. till 4 P.M. Instructions in the Art and Apparatus and Materials supplied To prrsiiiis wishing a thorough knowledge of the business su perior advantages are hern offered alfi lm*ro ? THE navy. WILF.Y k PUTNAM, 161 Broadway, hare for sale, "Uinta on the Re-organization of the Navy," aud an exainana tiou of a' Reply to Hints on the re-organization of the Navy. ' Two neatly priated pamphlets 015 eodtw'rr Washington, Oct. 18, 1846 Critical View of the Critical Helation* between the Administration, Secretary Walker and the Domi nant Party m Congress, on the Subject of the Ta riff, and on other Subjects?Prospective Contim>en At intervals it is well enough to abandon for an hour, the sportive gossip and clap-trap of the day, and take a rational review of the current of events about us. We, therefore, propose you, in the trite exordium of domestic correspondence, to" em" brace this present opportunity" to " scribble," as Father Ritchie expresses it, a serious and dispas sionate chapter on the existing and prospective state of affairs with die party holding the ribands of au thority, and the check-lock of the veto power. The various fragments of the Democratic party, united as one man in the election of Polk and Dal las, and inarching to triumph under the sublime ban ner of? " Voung Hickory, Dallas and Victory," immediately on the issue of the battle, were found, not united still upon the measures of government which this administration was elected ostensibly to accomplish, butdisjointed airutn into fragments upon the divi sion ot " the spoils " And never were these party fragments more distinctly divisible and divi ded, than upon this mercenary apportionment of the plunder of the camp One single act of the Presi dent more than all others, has put these conflicting elements of party organization into active etferves cence. That act was the expulsion of Blair and Hives from the tripod of the Executive organ. A large and influential detachment of the party, head ed by such men as Benton, Van Buren, Wright., Allen, Bagby. (it Bagby is anywhere) and others, was thus openly, and fearlessly ordered into the rear of the army. These leaders and this de tachment in yielding to the imperative order, are yet to be satisfied of its necessity And the fact that Blair was superceded by Ritchie?that the Albany Junto were made to yield the wall to a new and Southwestern Kitchen Cabinet arrangement, headed by R. J. Walker, and composed of such pliable ma terials as have been collected abont him, has not made the necessity ot Blair's displacement at all the more obvious to the Wright-Van Buren-incidental Protective-Tarill-tamily ot the North The policy ofiliis wing of the dominent party ia, therefore, self-evident. 1'hey will contribute to the administration as far aB may subserve their own ad vantage?they have taken, and will take all of the executive patronage that has been or may be offered with the view ot strengthening themselves for the Convention of '48, but they will watch with sleep less vigilance any and all movements or measures ol the executive,looking to their dissolution and assimi lation with Mr. Secretary Walker's attempted re organization of the party upon the Tennessee or Mis sissippi platform. The first of these movements, or rather measures ?first, because of its national importance, apart from mere star-chamber consequences, is the pro posed modification of the tariff. Mr. Buchanan, jealous of the authority of Benton over the Globe, was by fur the most active in its excommunication So jealous, indeed, did the Secretary of State, while yet in the Senate, become of the great Mis souriati's influence over the old organ, that he ac tually refused the preparation of his great Texas speech for the Globe, and prepared it arid published it in preference in the National Intellegenccr. On Hie other hand, Col. Benton, it is sud, in executive session, by way of retaliation, moved that a certain official communication (one of the first of Secretary Buchanan's) touching our relations with Mexico and Texas, be laid upon the table, because of its anti-diplomatic blunders and neophytism. Laid upon the table. But the fable of the king of tke frogt- i will aptly apply to Mr. Buchanan in the change of ?aitors. In Mr. Blair, it is i executive editors. In Mr. Blair, it is true, he had ail instrument pliable only in the hands of Col. Benton ; I but it has a bar to a 20 per cent sdvalorem. Mr j Blair, in his devotion to the great Mtseourtan, , might, could, would, and did forget the just claims i ol the great I'ennsylvanian ; but still, the tariff of the ! latter was safer than it now is from demolition. Mr. > Buchanan lias thus only exchanged King Log foi I King Stork, who, in the dreadful furor of a 20 per , cent tarill, will swallow down the iron manufaeto- j rtes of Pennsylvania at a mouthful?transfer the .-hate to the Whigs, and extinguish the waning prospects of the Secretary of Stale, ad libitum. Here is a movement of tact and sagucity on the part of Mr. Walker, worthy the great Napoleon, if i battle could be gained by the " Little Corporal,'" 1 by the entire massacre ot his bravest regiments, j ihey were sacrificed without compunction. The Little Corporal of the Treasury seems to be acting upon this successful secret of the French Emperor What if Pennsylvania is lost to the party, through a tariff ot twenty per cent, will there not be sufficient strength remaining in the South and Weat, to copt successfully with the whigs I And in the transf-i | of the Keystone State to the enemy, will not the ! whole of Mr. Buchanan's influence, and means ot a i foothold for the Presidency be displaced, and the , inlluence of all otaer tariff aspirants from tnai quar- ; ter 1 Yes, Sir; unequivocally yes. This is a very military sort of calculation; but unfortunately it runs ! aground in the Senate, as the Great Britain did in flolmes's Hole. The vote in the next Senate foi the coming December, will stand about thirty demo- ? crats to twenty-six whigs. Admit that all the de- 1 inocrats will come up to the ropes of a twenty per I centem, excepting the two from Pennsylvania, and the vote will stand 28 to 28. Dallas will decide in favor of cold iron, and against the twenty per cen tum. There is no other resource for him, whatever I collateral inducement tn?re nugui De. But the bill will not pass the House. The Wright men of New York?the Allen inen ot Ohio?"the Cass men of Michigan, will unite with theBuchanau men of Pennsylvania, and the Bentonian-Dromgool ers against a twenty per centum, and it will be laid out upon the table us nut as John Tyler's Exchequer. And this combination will be less for the preserva tion cf protection, than for the destruction of the aspirations of Secretary Walker. We take it tor granted, that the President will, directly or indirectly, recommend the inexorable minimum of the Compromise Act. We take it for granted, iliat this will be done more from the argu ments ot Mr. Walker, than from the President's un biased inclinations in reference to a practical re solving and solution of the inexplicable mysteries ot the " Kane letter." We take it for granted, that Mr. Walker is assured the President will in no event enter for a second heat. We take it as granted, that Mr. Walker is aspiring to the Presidency him self?that he is distributing his patronage with this view?crippling, as far as possible, Mr. Wright in the North, and Mr. Calhoun in the South ; ana cast ing oil" the conservatives and Tylerites, to increase the smoke and contusion in the camp, while laying his plans tor its complete surprisul. Bur he will tail?signally fail; and upon this single measure ot the tariff he will fail. All the patronage of the Executive will avail him nothing ?it uvaited John Tyler nothing?indeed, it damned i him Cohesive as is the power of public plunder j among the trading, stock-jobbing Politicians of | party, it avails but little when brought in oontlici ! with measures affecting the interests of the whole | people. Should the President recommend, definitively, the compromise tantl, at its lowest stage of water that stage at which it isfordable to a South Caroli nian in his cotton-stockings, it will go much harder with Father ltiichic lor the printing, than it the Executive were to embody in hie message, as hit exclusive remarks upon the Tariff, the celebrated " Kane letter." If Father Ritchie can be defeated, it wili be upon this lssuirof a twenty per cent tariff He may be elected in the teeth of the recommenda tion, but it will lie to give the Secretary of tin Treasury u higher tall, by the laying the recom meiidaiion upon the table before it shall have assumed the torm ot a bill. We ussurne, therefore, that though the Presideni may recommend a twenty per centum, nothing like it, nor near it, nothing even ot iht compromise ol McKay's bill of the last session will pass. Even that bill, ranging above thirty per cent, cannot rui, the guantlet of the House, much less of the Senate It is undeniable that the tariff interest has been gathering slreugth troni the operation of the laws f'ne extraordinary expenses ot the government, cur |>nt and prospective, wilt further strengthen th? pw of 1842. And the expected increase ot prices tor domestic produce, from the demands of Europe i tor bread, will tend rather to conciliate the farmer to the requisitions of the law, than to a demand foi , its rejieal. Excessive, exorbitant, and unreasonable | as are some of the liunimutnn of the existing law. even they cannot be removed, or mitigated, it in > such removal or mitigation, it shall be found in- . cumbent to remove three pigs, io 11 hundred, from I the cold iron of Pennsylvania. As tar, therefore, as the Presidency is concerned. I Mr Walker is a dead limn. Mr. Buchanan. Iron, occupying the other extreme, is aa explicitly de lunct. Colonel Polk cannot run again. The rule which ostracised Mr. Van Buren, wili be applied to him just as effectually, it he should attempt it. li would be an acceptable sacrifice to the mnnes of the unfortunate protect of Old Hickory, to retaliate the same bow-string upon the innocent personage ruling Mr. Van Burenoutof the Baltimore Conven tion. The nomination of Colonel Polk was a mer armistice among the clans, and that clan making the greatest temporary surrender, will see that it shall not be construed into a permanent sacrifice The Southern wing, under Mr Calhoun, have suf fered scarcely less from knocking under to tho Tennessee Hag of truce. And, yet, these two clans are so opposite upon their respective creeds of faith, that they cannot be made to assimilate by acts of Congress, by acts of the Executive, nor by acts of a party Convention. Nothing but the "young democracy," ambiguoua and unmeaning as ia the term, can present a candi dal# in '48 conducive to another armistice, and ha must be a new man. And from tha conservative seettonal position of the Great West, he must be a western man. If a candidate is presented again by convention, it will therefore be either Allea of Ohio, or Butler of Kentucky. The jealousy among the old hunkers will displace every one of them. Wright, Calhoun, Benton, Buchanan. Walker, Dallas, et id omne g#j?u?, before a general convention of the par ty. The ancient regime are all defunct. Father Ritchie will be the last of the Barons. He and tho resolutions of '88 and '88 will be superceded by the new men and the progressive democracy of '48, if he should last even so long. The old system of regulating the succession in the kitchen cabinet is gone. It ceased with the adoption of the two third rule at the last Bilumore party convention. The old hunkers are laid on the shelf to dry. The system of training by the Alba ny junto for the Presidency, is an "obsolete idea." From the enlightenment of the people, they have ta ken into their own hands,and the sacri fice demanded of all the old hacks of party, is but a holocaust of politicians on the altar of the free dom of the elective franchise. Naval Court of Inquiry* NaVT DsVASTMKIVT, ( M Washington, October 18, INI. Upon Dr. W. P C. Barton being called this morning, and appearing, the Court gave their decision with re spect to the two (tapers which were yesterday presented by him, as follows " In regard to the first paper, the Court have refused to receive it, and have deteimined to propound to you such questions as they may deem proper in the premises and, " in regard to the second (taper, the Court have refued to receive it," whereupon the papers were returned to Dr. Barton, and he was then re-examined with regard to certain information, embra ced in the said paper. Dr. Baston.?By the Count.?I have re-examined the reports of sick men I made from the document, or re cord from assistant surgeon Hopkinson, referred to in my evidence of the 8th instant; the dates are of the re pert now particularly relerred to of the 12th of Febiuary 1843, and the 31st of April following, inclusive ; the re turn I made from that paper will be found in pages 73, 78 and 74, of my pamphlet; I believe it to be perfectly correct; these dates embrace a period already comprised in the synopsis of assistant surgeon Hastings, viz. be tween the 13th of February, 1843, and the 31st of April, 1843, a period of two months and nine days the record of assistant surgeon Hopkinson, for this designated pe tiod, gives certain data of names, dates of admission, and time of continuance in the hospital; from which a true sick list is attained by assistant surgeon Hopkinson. em bracing a period of nine mouths, gives the sum only of monthly aggregates. It is also made at a distance from the scene ot the hospital. Assistant Surgeon Hopkinson gives 80, or at most 81 actual cases in the hospital in these two months and nine days, viz: 49 cases fiom the 13th of February to the 21st of April following; from the JOth of March to the 9th of April, 20 new admissions; ftom the ace to the record, 13 cases only. The resul of the whole is 81 cases. Assistant Surgeon Hopkiuaon'a report, and the synopsis of Dr. Hastings, give us, toge ther, an average of 43 cases per month during the whole nine months. The average staled in my examination on the 8th instant, which was based on the synopsis alone, was correctly stated, then, to be cases monthly?say S7. The average of the 4A cases, now given, is reached in the additional report mentioned. By Lieut McLaughlin? Prior to the organization of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, it was not usual for the surgeons to make returns of the sick at all to the Secretary of the Navy; there was no head oi the depart ment referred to ut that time; tho reports were daily made to the commanders; I made no report from 1833, to June, 1840. Lieut. 11.1*. C., of the U. S. Navy, was then recalled. By Liout. McLacohlin?When I was ordered to take my crew on an expedition to the ?verglaries, all the men were taken, with one exception, a carpenter, whom I al ways left; if the vessel was to go to any other part of the coast, during my absence, a very small number was left to take her lound: my vessel certainly was not well adapted for the transportation ot stores and supplies to tliu squadron from Charleston, from the manner in which I -be was litted in her internal arrangements; I heard a { conversation bet ween Liout. Henry and Dr. Broughton, | in the latter putt ot September, or beginning of October, , 1812; Dr. Broughton presented a bill for Lt Henry's ap I which a quantity of porter was charged, and | Lieut Henry requited Dr. Broughton to pay lor a por tion of it bin.i ell, which he did?ut least, 1 know it we* ' not paid for by government. I really cannot tell how many barrels my vessel would have carried, on account of leaving a small portion of my crew behind; the men left all their clothing ana other property behind; the birth deck was not more than 3$ feet high, and the hold was generally well fi led with article* belonging to the vessel. The men's effects could have been taken out; ner casks end ballast could have been removed, aud her berth-deck taken up, and she might thus have been able to carry a considerable quantity of provisions ; but I think it would have been treating the men badly to have moved thoir effects to the shore, lt would have en dangered their effects, and would have injured their at tachment to the vessel, and their interest in her 1 think a quantity of medicines aud hospital stores, and lit articles, i their small articles, could have been carried iu any one of the small vessels without inconvenience to her re duced crew. Passed Midshipman Wat kins was here re-called. By Lieut. McLaughlin.?Lieut. Henry told me, when ho was on board of the Wave, that he was going to stop this potter business. This was after Lieut. McLaughlin had left Florida, and when Lieut. Henry was in com mand of the squadron. By .the Judub Advocate.?Lieut Henry alluded te The fiee use of porter at the time Dr. Broughton bad charge of the hospital. That was after Lieut. McLaugh lin had left. I so stated yesterday these were hospital stores; 1 have no reason to believe that Lieut. McLaugh lin ever attempted to defraud the government, by collu sion or partnership with any other person, Etc. [The witnesses were then ail discharged until Mon day next, and the court proceeded to the consideration of the doc timer tary evidence on file in the Navy Depart ? ment.j Before the court adjourned, the Jonas Advocatz sug Cested to the ceurt, tlmt inaimuch a* the indisposition of ieut. Tansill would preclude lus attendance upon the court, in order to give his testimony, that time might be a Horded him to write and forward the necessary ques tions to him, together with Lieut. McLaughlin's cross examination, and have Lieut. Tansill's answers in wri ting, at his residence, sworn to belore a magistrate. The court relused to aceede to the request at present. University medical School. We are glad to hear that great as has been the success in tormer seasons ot this school of medicine, the present session bids fair greatly to outnumber any previous class. Our city is last filling up with medical students from alt parts ot the country, and the delegation troin the youth is unusually large.? The crowds of genteelly dressed young men, with blue caps nnd canes, who are to be seen every hour in the day traversing Broadway, give good indica tions ot what New York intends to do the present winter in the way of medical students. Philadelphia, forming the centre ol medical science, is new droop ing ; and New Yorn, having plucked the wreath from her brow, is now in the ascendant, and will continue so for years to come. We say, God speed to the efforts of our medical men, and if they will only continue in their laudable exertions to build up a great medical school in this emporium of everything that is good, bad and curious, they will always find us ready to give them a helping hand. It ison'y necessarylor students to know the advantages of this city, for medical education, to congregate here in thousands. To say nothing of hospital nnd dispensary practice, and the facilities for studying anatomy, the students have an opportunity ot study ing disease,and witnessing surgical operations every week in the University College, under the immedi ate direction ot Dr. Mott; and in no part ot this country have students an opportunity to study mid witery to the same extent as is enjoyed in this city. A Lying-in charity hospitaJ, under the care of Dr. Bedford, present to the students ot the New York University.the most ample facilities. WiiAi.iNr. Cruises.?A gentleman from New Bed ford. assured us a tew days since, that one ship be longing to that placs bad mads four successive and sno res# lul cruises after whales within eight years, and had brought home upwards of thirteen thousand barrels of oil. The crew consisted of thirty men, and during that period no spirits of any kind had bssn allowed on board as n beverage on any occasion, nor had any man died of disease, or been seriously sick,or met with any accident, except in one instance, when one ot the men in a boat, nfter a whale had been struck, was dragged out of the boat by the bight of tho lino catching around his Isg, and hurried downward with groat velocity. While in this uwkwHrd, and somewhat novel predicament, lie seized Ids knife, and cut the line?but to his disappointment it provtd to be that part of the line which was attached to tho boat! Finding himself still carried down by a Iorce which he could not resist, he made another attempt, and fortunately succeeded in severing ihe line which tied him to the vhale, when he ascended to the surface, putting and blowing " very like a whale." snd wii eoon rescued by his companions, without having experienced essential injury. ______ Court for the Cox itKcrroit of bxtoxs.?Albany, Mondav Ort *J0 IMA ? Prsseut? Lieut Oov. Oardioer, and 'J'J Henators No 10 J. B.rkhe.d et .1. pir in error va W Brown et al deits in error. J Preseott Hall coo rhided for nlfl* in error O. P. Allen vu he.rd for deft in eiror Alte.tioou Session. ?G P Allen ooneluded for deft in error

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