Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 12, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 12, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. SM?WhoLe No. 41' NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 12, 1845. Prt,.T?c.?u THE NEW YORK HERALD. I JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every Jay. Trice * ?ents per co|>y? $7.25 l?eranuum?-payable in advance. ? nr;pf. rAj rents WEEKLY HERALD?Every *d"uce per cojw?-$M2}4 ceut* per auuum !> ?> liriceg_?iwayg cash ADVERTISEMENTS at ????? u"a" pnce* y "FKlNTlNa of all kind, exerted with beauty and det am i...r? 0f <<nnimiv<icatiou?, bv iniil, iddrciifil to ,h^tabl,.?.m?n" ItTVi paid, or the Mat*. wiU b. deducted from the ^^"^OKDON TeNNETT, 1'rcpriet r of the New York Heralu E.tahi.ishment, Northwest corner of Kultou nud N'umu ttreel.. LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY ^llANQE OF HO UJiS TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS. Comraenciug on Monday, September I4ch. IMS. Leave New York?At 7 o'clock, A. M., Button Train lor Ureeuport, dmly, Sunday* **cepted. stopping j it Knrmiurdale and 8t. George s Minor. Leave Brooklyn-At OH A. M .for Farmingdale ^ Ln'ermrdi aUt place*, daily Sunday* excepted, and on Tuesday*, Thursdays and Satur ay*, through to Oreenport and intermediate place*. .. at 4 P. M., for Farmiiigdale and intermediate placet, daily, Sunday* e*eept?d. LO.WC Green port-Boston Train, alto clo. k, r. M,?W the iirrnal ol the steamer Iroui Norwich, daily, Sundayt #>xeepted. stopptug at St. George'* Manor and Karmingdale- , m ?? Bt j o'clock, A. M.; Accommodation Traiu, ou Monday.. Wedne*day? Mid Friday*. , Leave Faruiiugdale?For Brooklyn,at 6X o clock, A. M., and 1 P. M., daily, Suudayt excepted. Leave Jamaica?For Brooklyn, at ? o clock, A. M. and 2% I. , M.,daily.Sunday* excepted.i hare to _ , Bedford 8 eenta; tta*t New York ISM; IWe Cour?e 18X; Trotting Course 18M;, lamuca 25; Srushville Sl,U- Hyde lark 17 nnle*37K; Olowsville, (during ?e**ion Coua.) 37-4, Hempatead 37Hi Branch J7?; Carle Place 44; VVMtbury 44. HirUiville 44; s'aimiugdale 62)4; Deer Park M,?Thonil*on ?r; Suffolk Station I 00; Lake Road S'ation 1 11%; Medford Station l 18X; Millville 1 SO; St. George * Manor J ?Xi Riverhead 1 62K; lametport 1 62*; Mattetuck 1 62H, Cut ehogue I tt2K; Southold I 62X; Greenport, Acc n. trmn, 1 75, . Ore. iiport by Boston Train 1 00. .?.,?i Sttges are in readiness on the arrival of Train* at the ieverHl Btatioui. to take paatcugertat very low hare*,to all part* ol the ^Baggage Crate* will be in readineat at the foot of Whitehall ?treet, to receive Baggage for the teveral Train*, 30 milium* be fore the hour of ttarnug from the Brooklyn tide. The Steamer Statesman leave* Greenpert for Hug Harbor twice each day on the arrival of the Tramtfrom Brooklyu. ?>6rc RALERrll AND GASTON KA1LKUAD ftagsa ftsasp caafli FOR SALE. ON MONDAY, the 29th day of December next by virtue of a decree of the Court of. Koujtyfor Wake County, at it. Autumn Seatioii, IBIS, m a tuit of (he (Jovrnior, for the ute of the State of North Carolina, to loreclote a Mortgage, there tofore executed bvtlie Raleigh and Gaston Railroad Company, to indemnify the State agaiint certain liabilities for *aid Com uauy. I w ill *fll at puonc Auction, at tne Court House door 111 the City of Raleigh, to the lugbe.t bidder, the whole Property of the Raleigh and Oatton Railroad Company aforetaid, (to far at the tame in known to ine,) con*i?tiug of 87 tnile* of Rail road! reaching from the City of Raleigh to Ga.ton on the North *ide of the Roanoake nver, in the direct line public couv vance to Petersburg, City Point^R'chmonil, Wa*hington Cirv Baltimore. Jcc kc , together with all Bridge*. Depot*, vjorVthop. and TooU, Warehouse., Water Statimi*. W'P.?*' Cart Sic. 4tc. /W?o, the tlock ol Iron. Lumber, and p ire Wood, which may then beou hand, and all other articlet own ed and uted by the to id Company for keeping np taid Railroad, and traniportati .n on th^tame. From the nature of the pro ?t?\aAc?o?l the Legit;ature m relation to it, will become, im? fictn, a body corporate, by the n ime ar.d style ol the pre.ent Company, a nlwill acquire all th^ francline. privilege., nght* and immu uitie* now by it. for t^ie term of 80 year., which it. ehnrterhas yet to rnu. Ttieii franchire? and privilexes are ol the moit advantaRemitkind to the Company. ?nd may be found nt large in th? ir charter, contained in the 2d \ oltline of the Revised Statutes of North Carolina. i>af?e 2H9, which >?to be ?evil at the of Government. i<nd in mott ol the Public of the Statei ol the Union. , , f The whole purchase money mutt bear interest, at the rate of 6 per cent per annum, from the day- ol tale, and be pud at fol low* K) wit : S2S.000 at the tnd of tix montjn, and ilie retidue in four instalment', at* of ten mouth* each?tay lit, 29th Jiine. 1846, $25,000. 2d, 29th April, 1847, one-fourth of the remainder. 3d, 29th February, 18IB, one-fourth ol do. 4th,the29tii of December, 1818, one-fourth of do. ith, the29th of October, 1849, one-lourth ol do. . . The co.t of thi* Riilroad and Iappurten*nce*, com| leted ouly"live years *ince, was $l,C00,p00-oue half rf'which we borrowed; creating a debt bearing interest, on lailure to l y which!aialeha* become neceaaary. The_ grading, bridge*, depot*. (Sic. are executed iu an e xc e lie nt .? y'I eof rk in U'. Can run daily ov*r it. carrying: the Mail 01 the Uniteu states, (it being a part of the Southern Metropolitan route,) at a com jKusation of $100 per mile, or $8,700 per anuum. And, trave - iing a fertile region of conntry through early it. whole length, it. freights for the traii*porta;ion ol 1 rouuee and Mer chandize independently of the receipt* from Paasengex*, afford a considerable addition to the ordinary tourcea of profits on raHroadt. Though not, now, yielding a prolit on the Urge sum expended in it* construction, it* income lias been increasing for sometime p?*t, and it i* confidently believed ih-r ,t. would produce a reasonable return upon a more moderate amount ol ramtai invested in its purchase. , . _^ Vhe .ale will be made without rewrre, at the time and place aforesaid, at which those inclined to purchase, are re*i>ecUuliy '"The purchase money muit be *ecuredby bond with approved CHARLES L. HINTON, Public Tremurer of the Slate of North Caroling, C0inmi?*i0Ler erf the Courtof ^th.NfoUow0,i0^?r.,Mw5i.. insert the foregoing adver ti.vment 60 day*, an" forward their bill, for payment, with a '*35*?S Patriot, ?rhiladelphiaU. S.aiei Standard. olS2m tu CENTRAL RAIL ROAD FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON. MSTAJXCE ?Hl MU.t-S. THIS ROADi* open for tlie tran*portation ol I anengen and Freight. ? . Rites ol Past age. - ??????.? v.** ;i". Rates of Freight, tix ; . nu m'eMure'SSfa VZ*"*'. ".V.V.! II ceC |? ? cubic f^t. Hu barrel, wet (ercept molas.e* {] ^ r<!rbarre, On barrels dry {e^ept'l'i'mO...... 80 cent, per barrel . <0 cent, per hundred. ?" .?.V.e'?'' 00 per hhd. ?^od! S&! K!" Winter," o C"?'imim*ren' Oeu'l Sup't. Tiaiuportation. MALL LINE FOR BOSTON. dSIE* oVilR tTTe LONG ISLAND?RAIL U ROAD, VIA NE1V LONDON, NORWICH *J^ORCESTKK. Kl 7 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall jeet. Souih Kerry?Snnday* excepted. W?v Crate* are in readme*, to receive baggage for New L^don. Norwich and Worce.ter. Baggage hu TUton goe. through under lock. J" " " r ' TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. f^^;;?i;^^^:-nuto p.?u? who w,*h ? ple nant mode of travelling to the west. , , th Hie car. are built in the mo.t M-proved modern ?ty.e the beat, are tilted up in a superior miuiner,and evenr effort ? The'^c^m gieat chain of Peninylvaiiia internal improvement* i* w?ll v. oi HV (hi.'r*ute'l?..e user* aveid all the fat igue* and dnngM at; tendant upon *iage tiivellmg, and althe tame time make an e Mmmsm I'l'il idelphii t May 17, 1846. ,w York uDf'TH" Korinfoimation inthe^.j.New V r ,| ^ mrl7 *m*rrc I.K.K.r H h rd' 7 U e.t *t s H NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND furry. r ... Ou, December 3, the tript on tint berry will be r* '"" LeaveS'ati'11 Island n'4, 10, A. M. 2.4V, P. M. ,, Leave New York 12, A. 34^?6, i. d3 mc fOK. SAUOERT1KS AND CATSKlL. THK Splendid Steamboat JAM KS MA Dl ?SON, ? apt F. J. Cnpperly, will leave the foot -of Cedar street, every Monday, Wednesday, . I ....tnrday, at 6 o'clock, PJM. lor freight or passage, apply board, orto O. F. Waiawfright, Ageut, ou the wharf. NOTICE. " The PEOPLE'S LINK have made arrange ?meni* with llie poweiful steamer. L'fK A _-and NORWICH, to run to Albany (or as far ?,e ice will i i nnit,) every day at 5 o'clock, T M. till further n0^ Yo,k.J>c. 3d, 1W5. d4 r ?I V. 1\ Oil .'l> 1-LfcSe-il i < i> IV,na jiWrWit ?Inp ARCOt.:'.,' . ptaiu f ??!!.?. ? ? - < nigh, ill sail ou the 1st of .Janu?iry, IRK.. ~ht0,Wl{u.N k PHELPS, 103 Front ttreet, or to HOTD k HINCKEN, >12 me 9 Tontine Building*. No. 88 Wall, car. Water ?t*. KOR NEW Oil LEANS?Louisiana and New . V Otk Line?reguliu paeket?To .ail Saturday, 13.h f? The elegant lest sailing p.cket ship S s RTK.LLE nifster, will po?itively tail n* above, her regular '''tor freight or paaiage. having handsome fnrnithed accom m/Mlr.iioi.s apply on board at Otleant wharf, foot of Wall *t., K. COLLINS k COn M South ?. ? pli.itively no good* received on bonrd aftei Friday evening, "V'.riaV.hlp LOylSY,LkE' Hunt, matter, will aucceed the Saitall*. and tail nd ol Decembai, her rtgttlar day BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINK OK LIVER POOL PACKETS?For Liverpool, ouly regular ,packet of the 16th December. in w, magnificent mid celebrated fait Baling favorite packet slup NEW YORK, burthej IIM tout, Captain T. B. Cropper, will positively aail on Tuesday, 16th of December. Having accommodations unsurpassed, for cabin, ?d cabin unci stei rage passenger.!, those returning io the Old Country, or sendiug for tin*ir friends, will fiud it tlr ir interest .ml couifort to select this unoigu ailed line ofpickets. For passage, in cabin, second cabiu and steerage, aud to se cure the best berths,early application should be made on board, foot <jf Beekman st, or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHER8 k CO. 3) Fulton meet. neit door to the Fulton Bank I'. 3.?The NEW YORK sails from Liverpool on the l?t February. Persons sending for their friends can have them brought ont iu this magnificent picket, or any of ihe eiiiht packets comprising the Black Ball Line, sailing from Liver pool punctually on the 1st aud ICth.of every month. For passage apply a* above. Tlte .?>HENAiMJOAH will succeed the New York and sail for Liverpool on the 1st of January, h?r regular day. Notice?The public are respectfully notified by desire of Ihe owners of the Black Ball or Old Line of Liverpool fnckets, that no I* ssenger Agents bu: Roche, Brother* It Co have per misiion froin them to advertise to bnug out passengers by this line, and that they are the ouly autlionsed Tasseng r Agents ol said line in this city. dll r FOR LIVERPOOL?To succeed the Henry Pratt?The very fast sailing picket ship 9TEPMKN iLUK.M AN, C.mkliu, master, will positively aail on the iSm lust. For passage, having eicellent accommodations in cabin and steiTage, apply to dIOmc JOHN HRRDMAN & CO..61 South st PaBSaQE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, via Liverpool Those sending for thnr ?friei.iU can tinve tliein brought out at the lowrstrit ? by ihe rt gular line of packetships, snlii.g every live days; a i drafts can, as usual, be furnished fjr suy amount, piy nble it ?I1 the priucip 1 bmkiug institutions throughout theUui.eU Kingdom. ?Apply or address (if by letter, post paid ) to JOHN HERDMAN fc CO., 61 Mouth street. New York. HERDMAN, KEENAN 8c CO., d7m Liverpool. FOR BALE, TO CLOSE A CON C ERIN .?The .Line of Liverpool Packets, consisting of the ships ?Roscius. Kiddons, Sheridan and Oarrick. They were juilt in this city by Brown U Bell, with unusual care; for mo dels, materials (a very large proportion of their fiames being live oak) aud workmanship, they are unsurpassed, if uot une quailed. Salted on the stocks and re-salted every vear since. Their accommodations for passengers are very extensive and handsomely furnished. Apply to o3l E. K. COLLINS it CO., 56 8onth st. FOR BALE-The barque DUC D'ORLEANS, burtheu per iegi?ter S10 ions, and carries 1,600 barrels ?She was built at Bristol, Maiue, of white oak, hi 11)31. wai new ceiled, coppered and thoroughly overhauled about eK'hteeu mouths since; is double decked; length ill feet breadth 27 fert, betweuu decks i leet 6 inches, hold 12 feet 6 inches. Applv to Captain HOODLESS, on board, orto BOVD te HINCKEN. 9Tontine Building. d2 mc No. H8 Wall, corner Water sts. FOR LI VERl'OOL?The New Line?Regular Packet of 21st December.?The superior fast sailing ipicket ship LIVERPOOL, Capt John Eldridge.llOO tuiss buMhen, will sail as above, her regular day, Forfreulit or passage, havingsplendid, large and comfortable ?tate rooms and cabin, apply on hoard, west side Burling slip, orto WOODHULL k MINTURN, t7 South street. Price of passage (100. The pxeket ship (^ueen of the West, 1150 ton* burthen,(.'apt Phillip Woodhouse, will succeed the Liverpool, and ssiloo h?r reirular day. 21st Jan. n"re f'OR LI VERPOOL?New Line?Regular ficui ? of the 26th Dec.?The elegant faat sailing Puciet ?Ship SIDDONS, E.B.Cobb, inaater, of 1100 tons, as above, h*r regular day. For freightor passage, baring accommodations ur.equalli'dfot splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans whrrf. foot ot Wall street, or to E K. COLLINS & CO., M South struoi. Price of passage tluO. The elegant last sailing packet ship Sheridan, O. B. Cornish, master, of 1100 tons, will succeed the Siddons and sail 36th Jan. . her regular dav >i19 TO THE PUBLIC. GIVE MY ARTICLES A TRIAL AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF 1 WARRANT them all to be ns represented, or the money refunded. MY EAU LUSTRAL HAIR RKSTORAT1VE. This universally approved and admired article. free from ar dent spirit!, puugent essential oil, and other destructive mate rials, cleans the hair expeditiously, renders it beautifully bright, and imparls to it the delicate fraj; ranee of the flowers.? Hair washed with this Extract soon becomes pleasingly soft and luxuriant iu its growth; and it will positively brine m new hair ,on bala heads by its use, and hair that has been made harsh, aud is taming grey or falling out, by the use of spirit or other improper preparations, will soon be restiaad to its natural co lor and brilliancy by a few applications of tne Eau Lustra). It is a preservative against baldness, and mi infallible cure in nil affections nf the skin on the heid, as d udrull?and for pre vei liug the falling off of the hair and turning grey. It is the simple produce and imined ate extract of some plants salutary for the hair, endowed with properties so highly cleansing that it disengages the Epidermis aud Capillary tnbei of the corrosive action of the Perspiration, aud of the Jry and <!e'd particles that it deposit*- This preparation purities the liair, and gives to it a beautiful gloss and softness, aud an agreeable and vivifying perfume. EVIDENCE. Nature is an inexhaustible mine, in which experience and study will always find room to excavate ; it is that source, .done, which produces all tin.t man calls invention, aud which lie would do better, perhaps, te name adaptations. Kor sale, wholesale and retsi I by JULES 11AUEL, Perfumer and Chemist, No. 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agents :?J. B. Jaoquemnd, No. 415 Broadway; K. A. Arrault. Lafayette Bazaar, Nos. 14* and 151 Broadway; A. Willard, S. W. corner of Cedar aud William streets Trwniiimi wasawardod at the Krankliu Institute. nIC lm'rc CHEMICAL HA I.SAM, Or Hatr Invljjorntor. A REMEDY for all diseases incidental to the Hair and its restorative, in all cases where Baldness is uot beyond the twill of art. MtKITS OF THE Chemicl Bii.sam on Hsin I-SVIU0IIT0R.?It prevents Baldness. Itremoves Dandrifl and< utaneous Scruff It keeps the Hair in its natural color andirevents it from turning grey. It IS now presented to the world, with a firm be lief, that as a beautiful ind healthy restorative of the Hair it ?ill be found ou trial unequalled. Prepared solely by E. Pha Ion, No. 211 Broadway. Agents? O. Kish & Co., Waahington, D. C.; Ayer St Phelan, 7ii Broil st.. Columbus. Oeorgia; Tattle, JumuIv Build iugs, coruer of Tenth and Chesnut its., Philadelphia; H. Kice, | corner of Court sud Howaurd; streets, Boston ; C B. Brow it. No. 105 Kulron st.. Brooklyn; M. S. Kletcher, Marebotj, Ulster Co., N. Y ; V. B. Loc-row, No. 54 Beaver street, Albany; John B. Watson, Charleston Hotel, Soutli Carolina; 8. Tousey, Syracuse, N Y.; Gorton Anderson, Newport, II. I.; and No. 173 Division street, opposite Ludlow, N Y. oH# lm"nir I CHEMICAL RE8ULT-A WONDER !?MY CELE -."I BRATED VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIR DYE, to i <u?ble persons to dye instantaneously their hair, without the least inconvenience. Kor changing red or grey hair, whiskers, eyebrows, Stc. to a brown, black or chestnut color. The slightest evil consequences need not be feared f.-oin its use?it is altogether harmless. This composition is the only one sanctioned by the science of chemistry, to dj e, in an indellible mauuer, the various grtdatious or colon, without danger or inconvenience, and h s ji stified the litx'ial patronage nil unlimited confidence of the public. If black is required, ask for box marked N.; if brown, box marked B. Beware of counterfeits.?Ask for "Jules H.iuel's Vegetable Liquid Hair Dye," if yon want the genuine article. torsale, wholesale and retail, by JULES HAUEL, Perfumer and Chemist, No. 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agent*:?J. B. Jacouemod, No. 415 Broadway; F. A. Artiult, Lafayette Bazaar, Nos. 149 and 151 Broadway; A. Wilhrd, 8. W corner of Cedar aud William street*. Premiums awarded at the Franklin Institute. ulG Im*rc HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA. THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE!! Notwithstanding the short time during which thip invaluable medicine has been beforts the American public, it* specific properties and virtues have unequivocally pr ived it to be not only the moat reliable but alio unfailing remedy in all affections prescribed to be within it* legitimate c ntrol. IJnlikv many vaunted articles advertised, the Naph tha Kyrup is not put forth as a succedennm for every ailment, * remedy for every disease; but for its astonishing powers, possessed by uo other medicament within the rat-ge of the Pli irmaeopicia, in allaying irritation or inflammation of the mucous coatings, and stimulating the hronLhii to action; in its remarkable virtues as au expectorant aud an alterative, uud ibove all lor it* wonderful property of ARRESTING THE FORMATION OK TUBERCLE, And breakiag down pulmonary disease when established. All inquirers are referred to nmni-r ins recent cases which will be rluertully furnished at the office of the agency. The experience of Dr. Hastings, aud more recently six cases of cure (vide Lon don Lancet) effected by a zealous fellow laborer, Dr. Ilockeu, of London, are sufficient of themselves to convince the timor ous or of the perfect curability by the above remedial Mgeut of that justly dreaded disease, Phthisis rulmouali* or Tubercular Consumption. Let none ilt-apair. Kor sbJw by MOORE Ik CO., the American Agents, 41 Ann street, and Elliott, 173 DIVISION STREET, op posite Ludlow, New York. Price $1 a bottle?Si* bot tles for J.5. n6 lmje ClENTLEMEN OK NEW YORK My celebrated r AMBROSIAL ROPE AND ALMOND SHAVING CREAMS, defy a comparison in America or Europe No per son will use auy other after using this Emollient Paste. It i the bt st, the very best. Give it only a single trial. I do uot isk auy more to convince you. I warrant it. Kor sale wholesale and retail, at JULES HAUEL'S Perfumery and Chemical Store, 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agents.?J. B. Jaquemod, No. 415 Broadway; K. A. Artault. Lafayette Bazaar, Nos. 119 and 151 Broadway; A. Willanl. S. W. comer of Cedar aud William street*. Premiums awnrd*d at the Krauklin Institute nlfi Im'rc AGENTS FOR TinTCHEMlCAL[LAIR IN VIGOR ATOR. A REMEDY for all diseases incidental to the Hair, and its restorative in all cases where baldness is uot beyond the reach of art. Prepared solely by E. PHALON, 214 Broadway, Stiileanii Countryrfgtnls.?O. Kish *t Co., Washington, t). C.; Ayer h Ph'lin, Broad street, Columbus, Oa.; 1'ut tle, corner of Tenth ai.d ( liesnut streets, Philadelphia; H Rice, corner of Court and Howard streets, Boston ; V. B. Lock row, 54 Beaver street, Albany; C. B. Brower, No. 1(15 fultou street, Biooklyu; M. S. Fletcher, Marebou, Ulster Co , N. Y.j S. Tousey, S\raivuse, N. Y.; John B. Watson, Charleston Hotel, 8. 0 ; Gorton Anderson, Newport, It. I.; J. C. Duboice, New Paltz Landing, Ulster Co.; A. & G Htoores, Druggists, Hudson, N. Y. (7/!/.'Ism/i?173 Division street, opposite Ludlow, N, Y.; J, ii I. Coddington, Apotnecary, No. 3U3 Hudson ?tre t, corner ol Spring, N. Y.j Everard's hancy Store, No. 178 Grand street, A. B. Sands tt Co., 273 Broadway; Dr. Carroll &. Co. No. 3 Murray street. dl Irn'ec A TiEntion..ALL WHO Df.aiur. PEARLY WHi l'e. ! A TEETH?My unrivalled ROSE TOO 1'H PASTE is universally sought after for the pearly whiteness it gives to the I Teeth, without the slightest injury. eor sale, whole, ale and retail, at JULES HAUEL'S. Practical Chemist and Perfumer, 4K South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agents:?J. B. Jacouemod. No 41^ Broadway; K.A. Artault. Lafayette Bazaar, Nos 149 and 151 Broadway; A. i Wlllird, S. W. coruer of Cedar and William street* I r?miitrnt nvartW'd nt thu f4 rntikliu Institute tilft lrci*rc l>R. HULL'S TRUSSES mH., ANI?.AH-RPMJIl!*L SUPPORTER. 11"??Per'oritjrofpr. HnlFs instrument* over all others, ,a ?'"?wIcofTd by the roo?t eminent phyaicUtia in Eu roue end Aintnei. * Boston, Dec. 10,1845. Herald Express?Election in Boston for Mayor? Mr. Murdoch's first Apjtearanre?Mrs. Mutt'" Concert?Roguery?The Weather. Your success in obtaining and publishing the lust English newB, via this city, in advance ol all your New York contemporaries, und even the press of this city, makes some editors swear, aud the public to stare. The people look on unprejudiced; they say, " well, we don't know exuctly how Bennett does it, but we do know (and it is all they care for, wrungle e'er so much), that he always gives us the news ahead of all other papers." Our city election for Mayor, as you have already published, has resulted in the election of Hon. Jo siah Quincy, the whig candidate ; the demociatB and natives did not do anything The latter party ia about " ex-deluuct." One of the daily paper*) cunningly nays tluit the natives died 5 osterdav of the <|iiiu>ey. Mr. Murdoch made tin excellent dthut in Boston, in the higher walks of the drama, on Monday evcni?g. I have seldom heard of mnro universal and continued upplau?e in any instance than greeted his lirst appearance upon llie stage. Alter tho close of the performance, he made i a neat and appropriate speech in answer to the call made upon him by the audience. The Howard Athe naeum was filled on the occasion l>y a critical and discri minating audience, and Mr M. is set down as having proved successful in his new line ol performance Last eveuing he periormed Claude Melnotte, supported by Mrs Maeder; he was excellent. Mrs. Mutt's conceit Monday evening was attended by a most fashionable audience, who received the lady with the utmost kindness aud consideration. She was fie iiuantly encored throughout, and the general decision was fully in bar favor She sings with grace and ease, and her voice appears to be well calculated for the con cert room. The rogue ol whom 1 wrote you in my last is (till playing his pranks upon our citizens, and when people are invited to a hall or assembly, or any friend's house to meet with others, they are obliged to examine their invitation as one would do n b nk bill, lest it be a forge ry. An assembly got together for some ostensible pur pose a few days siuce, among whom were Daniel Web ster, aud other distinguished men ; but after all were got together it turned out to be a hoax The rogue cannot be discovered who is perpetrating these rascalities. The weather is very unpleasant, neither decided rain nor snow is falling, but a little of both. 1 have no news of auy iuterest to send you to-day. Pittsburg, Dec. 1,1S43. Vie Progress of Elder Knapp?Religion* Jfairi? Business?Snow Storm, 4"c- 4"'; As your journal is really the only correct source ot general information?in evidence ot the fact, 1 tind you are quoted every where, to the exclusion of all others, even the Wall street press ot your city therefore, in communicating intelligence, we seem to be compelled to ask a place in the Herald, to give it value and circulation. The above tacts being no torious, it may seem superfluous in me, as a preface; but 1 hold that a valuable truth cannot be too often repeated. In commencing my epistle, I would inform you that Elder Knapp, the great apostle of the Baptist Church, has been with us about three weeks; and, although political and other questions of an excituig character always to some extent exist, the Llder has, however, like a sudden variation of the wind, with increased force, blown down the rough sea ot nil other excitements, and taken our place by storm; overwhelming the whole Baptist Church with the necessity of a radical and thtrough regeneration. Old backsliders in and out of the church, have been made to shout " Hosannah to the King ot Kings The young have caught the electric tire, and that magnetic sympathy, so prevalent on such occasions, is visible to a large extent?bringing the masses indiscriminately to the altar ot Elder Knapp. flaking " What they shall do to be sayd 1 Trie Elder s areat powera in portraying the horrors ot the darK regions, and the beauty and joyn ot heaven, do excite, and especially prompt the young, at once to give battle to Satan's kingdom. As you remarked in truth some two years since, in lavitiug him to visit New York, you rather seem to admire hi* indepen dence as you said "when he meant Devil?ho said Devil; when ho meant Satan?he said Satan." In view of'1" hold and uncompromising method, many ot the otner Protestant churches are much alarmed. The 1 resby te rians, for instance, ai e a cool, calculatmg|sect, dotheirbu isiness lather scientifically, something >? the *h?pe ttiat I John Knox laid down as truly orthodox. ,T,??,L1.d"r''l1,? retical to them , they have already posted their sentinels, (<in<? a strong guard it is too,) tnat the ^?n,'wn and lightning shall not scatter toeir flocks. The Metho ?list sects aie so numerous at this day, thr.t if we ?*eau a [,ai ticular one. it is necessary to designate; in this in itance, I mean the Kpiscopal-not the Episcopal south of I Mason U Dickon's fine. They are astQnished and ^ara lv7.ed I may well say alarmed loo, in view of their flocks ruay'have from their commencement as a sect, con reived themseWes the only truo revivalists in Christen dom But lo in these latter days, a Baptist clergyman comes among them, with all his odious doctimes of ex clusive baptism by immersion and close communion, * weeping ami cleansing the impurities of hi* own church irom all sin and coriuption?and he declares ho will stop here until he cleanses all the churches, and brings them ail ol one mind. I would remark that the Klder has truly a great field for hi* labors in this place: a more deud for mality in all the churches never has been known, with out the least apparent spark of vitality. It may be pro oor to say a word of the Episcopalian church; we have a Miocie* of the old and also new school In this placc. 1 conccive they differ very slightly, if any; they Iare re sectable as a whole This wildfire logic of the Elder will neither alarm or find a place among them. There are many other Protestant sects, few in membership. much loss or gnin iu any evont. I think the Elder will I not conceive it an object to use his battering rams nenlnst the strong holds of these people 1 must not tor "?ot the Catholic church?they aie at perlect ease: these ?nit-breaking revival* rarely proselyte a member lrom t em; but in care otherwise, the large importations of that creed, and the growing up of families to which all, without Kcarcely an exception, wdhere to the faith ot their uncient iathert, theretore, their numerical atreng 11 is kept eoo<l, and more than good. In closing the above nubject, I do really wish the Elder may do great good. The season has just approached which may be consi dered auspicious in this matter. When business be comes light, and the grasping, selfish, money-making principles to some extent shut up, there is no doubt that the reflecting mind has peculiar advantages in a retro spect view ol its past conduct, espe ially the business man, whether he ha* " done unto others as he would be Our city, in a business point of view, this season, has, in all its b anche* and interests, been satisfactory. Hut now the chilling blasts of winter are suddenly upon us, and the enjoyment of good sleighing, through our Christmas and New Year, is prospective. Our editors are, at intervals, sparring, apparently most violent on the gront political questions ol the day ?1 suppose, prin cipally, to give demand for their papers. Our profes sional gentry are, more or less, rathor hard run for busi ness, especially our three or lour nundred lawyeis ? The main reasons are, our people are becoming more temperate and intelligent and, of course, less quairel some and contentious, while formerly the most trivial inisundei standing resulted in a long tedious law suit. 1 he clergy are doing better? *ome getting large salaries, and nave nothing to trouble them?other* preach with out a *alary, but depend on the charity of the public. They seem to give their services more for the pleasure ) of being looked up to as teachers, than for the small pit tanco drawn from the public by contribution. Our phy sicians, a very importsnt class, do a light business a* o whole. Son>e ot them are men of the higtie*t integrity, and well reod in their profession. They have a lair prac tice. The balance are ot every species of character, except ol being oompetent lor the profession, llo wtney live, it is difficult to say. In fact, we are iu too healthy a region to give quackery much practice. ????? In my next, I will inform you whether Mder Knapp has, through bis peculiar powers of oratory without argument, msdo all our Christian community UBptists, with the a/lac fit of close communion . I'. S. Peimit me to prompt you to continue your valua ble aid to Mr. Polk, In his just conclusions (as we pre sume) of our iudubi able right to the whole Oregon ter. ritory? not with the limited view to that teiritory alone, but that one republican government shall exteud throughout the continent of Ameiics her salutary in fluence, to the exclusion of all European monarchies This morning the snow is ten inches upon a level, and snowing tremendously, with every appearance of an old fashioned" Yankee snow storm.'' Lkhiuh Navigation and Coai. Keoion.?We are pleased fo learn, trout a correspondent^! the rapidly increasing prosperity of the Lehigh coal region It ap pears from the return*, that thin year 4AO,00<> ton* of coal alone will leach the Philadelphia and New \ ork mar ket* through this navigation , to this amount ol tonnage must be added > large quantity of lumber and other arti cle*, also the returning freight, amounting to et leant 100.00U tons, making an aggregate tonnage of of*",ihw, which will have i assed this canal in 184ft We under stand 'that several extensive colleries will commence operations immediately in that region These will add at least 160 000 ton* to the amount ol cool to be seni .o mat ket in IH46. We may, therefore, fairly "1? (iiiantlty of coal for the approaching ye r at 800,000 tons, and the whole tonnsgo at 700,000 or 7ft0,000 tous.? Philadtljihia Enquirer. Marink Insurance ?The late decision of Judge Woodbury, ot the Supreme Court, will be of inte rest to those who avail themselves of marine insurance on the lakes. It w as as follows 'ThatdUti"?* ?"d "j nerato losses on the vessel* could not be added together to make five per cent, and that the assured could not ie cow unlet, he proved a single loss to that amount, b that it was a question tor tho jury whether the losses here were distinct or not; that where one loss wasxon.e nuent upon another, however remote in time, it wss to l e taken as a part oi the antecedent loss, and if both amounted to flVe per cent, the assured would recover." - Bujfnlo CtMmreiul *tdttrtii*r. S/vannah, Geo., Dec. 3, 1845. Travel* at the South? Views of the Country, fyc. I have recently made a circuit through the South ern States in search oi a healthy and pleasant resi dence. We reached Charleston early in October. The city looks antiquated as you approach it from the wharf, but King street and the promenade streets of the city present an array of taste and. beauty quite refreshing to the eye of the stranger from the north. Flowers in every variety and profusion peep from the lattices and adoru the walks and windows where ever you go. Some of the private residences have an air of easy comfort quit? like home. The city government is managed with great efficiency, and probably no city in the Union is more thoroughly guarded by night, as well as by day. One fact, mo rally speak in g, reflects everlasting credit on South Carolina, un.l so as it may be true, the whole South. Crimea of a darker dye are seldom perpe trated in South Carolina. Murder, arson, highway robbery, are almost unkown there. The judges of the higher courts?and no State can boaat better men or more faithful and efficient jurists?will assure you that their court dockets are seldom stained with thoie i bloody and barbarous details to common in other parts of our country. I have not time to nay tnore of South Carolina, but 1 love her hospitable, high-minded sons and daughters,and in W' al ?nd woe 1 say God bless her. On board the William Heabrook, the noblest of south ern boats, with its excellent captain, sitting down to a table literally loaded with every luxury ot every mar ket, dore up intlrxt rate style, winding along the green and sunny inlands that dot the coast like gems in the sil ver waters, we reached Savannah, tho city of Ogle thorpo. Stopped at the Pulaski House, kept by Captain Wiltberge , who, with bis good lady, give prima fucit ' evidence of good cheer. More of Snvauuah anon Southward we went in the ina.l boat via Brunswick, 1 Darien, st Mary's, Jacksonville, Klu., and stage, to St. Augustine, tho oldest settlement. The old Spanish city, its dismantled fort,narrow streets,across which y?.u may almost look from window to window, and varied popula tion, Americans, Spaniards, Mino cans?soldiers of the t'nited States stHtioned here, seemed strange in our northern eyes. It has beon gay, but since the destruc tion of the orange trees, once a source of large income to the inhabitants, by that troublesome insect the "coc cus," and the f moval of a large portion of the t'nited States tioops stationed there, together with their popu lar and efiicient commander, (Jen. Worth, whose house was the abod ? of hospitality, 1 am told times seem dull On going out in the morning upon the sea wall, the east wind struck us all aback. It comes home to one's very | heart, and seems laden with :<n unwonted ch 11. St. Au | gustine has lost some of its former reputation for health, and is less resorted to by invalids from the north than lorinorly. They choose situations further from the sea board, where the damp sea air loses by its passage over wood and land much ol its chill and humidity. The pro gress ot territorial occupation throws open new and healthier places in all parts ol tho country. Jackson ville has a better air than St. Augustiue, but the place is sandy. Without exercise, or a place where the invalid may wa k or rido with comfoit, much of the benefit of a I mild clioiate seems lost. Many Northerners, in delicate health, feeling the insi dious approach of disease, would go South, if tliey knew where to 40. A11 looks strange to thorn. Shall 1 not do u favor to such, by pointing out a place to them, of all others in the Uiii'ed States, the most desirable for a per ' fan in delicate health, with or without a family?1 mean : St. .Marys', Geoigia. I have heard but one opinion, and ! that it is a healthy place. It has good air, good water, | pleasant streets, wide and grassy walks for miles about I tUe town, and excellent board, at reasonable terms.? ! Orange Hall, formerly a private residence, is delightful : ly situated at the upper end of the city, and has accom j modutions that cannot fail to suit a stranger. This board 1 ing house is kept i>y Mr. and Mrs. Davis. It stands on | the highest point in the city, and is embosomed in a large grave ot orange trees, now in bearing. The city of St. Mary's is situated on St. Mary's river, about nine miles from the ocean; has some 800 inhabitants, who all think it one of the healthiest spots on earth. There are no rice fields or local causes of disease. Oranges are raised thero, sometimes in great abundance, and are also brought from the neighboiing islands. There is a very extensive orange grove at "Dungenness," the late resi dence of the widow of Gen. Nathaniel Greene, the Wash ington of the South. It is a place well worth visiting, and deserves a more minute description than I have time . to give it now. The gardens have orange*, lemons, ci' ronh, peaches, nectarines, pomegranates, tigs, the white and bluo, and grapes in every variety uud abundance. Game is plenty, and we often hear this hunter's horn in the morning,* and see the dead deer in the afternoon.? Smail biids, partiigus, alias the northem quail, snipe, kc. are found?and a New Yorker there, who is a first rate shot, seldom goes out with his dog in vain. The market is good, and the boats, North and South, eveiy few days, can furnish or biing anything the northern or southern market ran afford. Vessels from New York go thero frequently on their wuy to the mills above, wheie an extensive business is done in lumber. Vessels from New York to Savannah, excellent packets, run every three or four days. Terriblk Shipwkkck and Lous of Lit k.?The shipwreck of the ill-fated French barque Kmilie, on ! our coast, han awakened in the public mind tbe must in tense commiseration and pity, and the awful death* con sequent upon it, the most soul.harrowing feelings and emotions. A naval friend, who visited the scene of dis aster, lias kindly supplied the luck and furnished us with tho tallowing particulars : The barque Emilie, 01 Bordeaux. Captain Sauvestre, went ashoie on Tuesday j night last during a gale from the noitbeast, and the wea ther being so thick ami foggy she was not seen Irom the shore until the following day. The vessel is a total loss ?she was in baliust, and consigned to Robertson St Branda, of this place. She is now lying in three fathoms water, nit more than 15i? yards irom tho beach. The * loin and mainmast ore still standing with all their sails ! and rigging yet upon them. The following is the ac j count ol this melancholy disaster, as 1 obtained it from the captain an d crew, which is confirmed by the Com missioners of vVrecks, who were on the spot. On Tues day, the captain was unable to obtain un observation at ineiiilian for his latitu ie, but by dead reckoning he sup nosed himself sufficiently farnoith to stand in lor the land, and made Cape Henry. He sounded several times during the afternoon, and felt confident of his position, nnl stood on, hoping to see tho light or get a pilot. At 8 P.M., not seeing the land, he determined to " wear ' ship," and stand ott shore ; and while in the act of sound ; ing, the vessel struc*, and so violently as to tear off the ludder, sternpost, and pint of the stein frame ; she im mediately sunk in two and a half fathoms water, the sea making n complete breach over her from stem to stern The launch was immediately got out, but was stove and sunk alongside. As the deck was tinder water and every sea washing over thorn, the captain and crew took ref uge in the tops, and remained all night in this horrid situa tion, espccting every moment to be washed overboard with tho masts?they were all wet, and with no shrlter from the wind and i old. The next day, (Wednesday,) tho weather was still so thick that they could not see the land, nor could they be seen from the shore until late in the afternoon, although the vessel is so near the bench. The erewwith much ditticultysucceeded in sending down the fore and fore-topsail yards, and constructed a raft for the purpose of reaching the shore. Previous to launch ing the raft, one of the crew, in attempting to swim ashore, was drowned; tbe remainder now attempted to embark on the raft; ten of them succeeded in reaching it, but the line that attached it to the wreck was parted by the violence of the sea, leaving the captain, mate, and one of the crew still on board. The raft was soon alter driven on shore, and four of the ten persons who embarked on it were saved; the other six perished from : the sold and exhaustion, after reaching the beach; one { other person was drowned alongside ol the ship, before shoving ofl', but his body came en shore soon afterwards. ! Throughout the day, the weather continuing vary bad. and tbe surf being too high to launch about, no assis nnce could be rendered from tho shore to the three sur vivors yet on the wieek, and wbo were plainly to be seen in the foretop making signs lor help; they remained there all night exposed to thebleak north wind The next morning, Thursday, John K. Whitous, Alfred Bon ny, Mr Moore and Mr. Cason, luunched ? boat and jmt , oil'to the wreck, mid rescued the sufferers from their I perilous situation, but nearly insensiblo from cold and ! ' hunger. The six bodies that w ere found were tempora- [ rily interred on the beach, and the suivivors taken to the house of Noah Chappel, at Little Island. The con- , signers, Robertson St Bmnda, received intelligence here on Friday night, end hearing at the nme time that the captain and crew were all French, and could not speak \ j a word of English, despatched at once one of their clerks with warm clothing, and conveyances to bring up the } captain and crew. Mr. Fteurot, the American Consul at Maitimque, being in the city, took a carriage and pro I ceoded ?o the wreck, in company with Robertson k Bran I da's agents to render his services as an interpreter to tho survivors, and has just returned in company with j ! mTtelf to th>! city The captain of the Kmilie, and one \ of hi* me'*, are now at the house of Major C.mick, una- ( ble to be removed. The remainder of the crew are yet at Little Island, but will come up to the city to-morrow I or next day. - Norjmk htmcon, Ore. P. California ?We perceive by our western pa pirn, that stveial parties ol emigrants are getting ready to start for ( alifornia. One body, consisting of u thousand in number, contemplate leaving Arkansas next spring. Another and moro numerous company is form ing in Missouri, and in Illinois a band of pioneers are or ganizing- all destined for that Eldorado of the present day. The Burlington Hawk-Eyr, alluding to this dispo sition to wander away from tho valuable lands ol tbe Union, says?" If our people are not satisfied with such beautiful and fortile lands as aro to be found in every part of Illinois and Iowa, they assuredly will not bo con touted with California. And if they ever arrivo there, they will be as eager to leave as they we.oto go." Sir Au-an M'Nab.?'The Toronto Examiner, in noticing the arrival of tin* personage in the Britan nia, takes occasion to any that he bad appropriated Ji t/i0,(H>0 of the Western Kailroad stock to himself, 1 which he sold out when the price w as high, and pocket- j ed by the speculation between ?7,300 anu ?10,000. We I tiustthis report may turn out not to be true. Sir Allan was the special agent ot the W. K R. Company. Upon the authority ol his statements, as the Representative of the t omj any, the stock acquired value in the English share market II he has turned this to his own advantage, we question whether he eould not be indicted for a mis demeanor. i Facta and Fancy. Sleighing is good in Albany. On. Chamberlain, Senator from the Sixth Dis trict, New York, has become an Odd Fellow. The snow is a foot deep in Orleans and Otsego countiea, N. Y.. and the aleighing "first rate.'' Ditto at Lleveland, Ohio. Tiie bont, on Monday evening, landed her pus iengera at Kington, on tbe Hudson. On Saturday morning at sunrise, the thermometer at Utica was nine degrees below zero. The Rev. Charley E. BeUnger, a Catholic Mis sionary, periabod with the cold near (Quebec, on the -J3d ultimo. The Springtifld and Northampton Railroad is now completed. The fare between the two place* has been fixed at 60 centa. Wm. McEidson, of Russelville, Kentucky, has be n sentenced to the penitentiary for twelve years, for passing counterfeit money. At three of the Churches in Ashtabula, Ohio, the Etfternoon sermon waa on the aubject ol American sla very. Petitions are in preparation, to addreaa the Legia, luture, to remove from the blacks of Ohio all diaabili. tics on account of color The Rev. Dr. Judson has received a call from the Baptist churches in Hartford. A State Convention is to be held in Virginia. Eight women and six men were baptised by im - meisioninthe Monongahelu by Elder Knapp on tne 7th inat. Thermometer below the freezing point! The vessels on the lakes are about all laid up tor the season. The Rev. Dr. Baird is lecturing on Europe in Albany. The thermometer at Nashville, Tenn , on the lid inst., was two degrees below zero Very cold for the south. Richmond, Va., is to be lighted with gas. There appears to be excellent sleighing all around us. Petitions to the. Legislature of Oliie, asking au thority for the Life and Trust Company to issue notes, are in circulation iu Ohio for signatures. The clergy of Alabama have called a Sabbath < onvention to be held in Mobile on the Jdth Feb. 1846. The citizens of Henderson county, Ky. are making efforts to concentrate the Green river trade at the town of Henderson. An immense warehouse is about to be erected at that place for the reception of tobacco. Wm. Dennis, aged about 40 years, was stabbed to the heart aj l.ouisville last week, by a bar-keeper of that city named Brown. The parties weie playing cards. The late gale did not do so much damage at East* port, Me., as was feared. The weather at the South has lately been re markably cold. There was a heavy rain at Macon, Geo., on the 4th inst., and the Ocmulgee river was said to be in good navigable condition. There is a town down east, where the cows are fed upon fishes. Their milk is not scaly, but akim milk. Above the Potomac Bridge, says the Alexandria GozeJtt, navigation is impracticable from ice. The steamer Independence burst her boiler last Wednesday, while, on her way with pasaengera from I this city for Philadelphia. The Baptist Board of Foreign Misoions have offi cially announced that the subscriptions necessary to ex tinguish the debt of $40,000 have been completed. There is only only one daily train of cars on the rail road between Albany and Buffalo. The cars leave Utica for the Eaat at 11 o'clock in the morning, and for the West at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The Bostonians are starting an institution, under (he name ol the Boston Polytechnic, similar, in its cha racter, to the one. in Paris, and so well known through out the world. On the morning of the 8th inst, the Monongahela river was entirely frozen over. The skating appeared to be excellent, from the number and uproarious mirth of the boys. Professor Bush delivered his second lecture, in Boston, ou the 9th inst., at the Swedenboririaii Chapel, his subject being the acientific character of Swedenborg. There are 1,555 newwpapera and periodicals in the United states, and but 1,891 in all the world beside T?e price ol coal, in Wheeling, is three and a balf cen s a bushel, while at Cincinnati and Lotiisvilla it is .10 ccnts a bushel, and supplies extremely limited. A great fire took place in St. Loui*, on the 1st, in tiic attic <>f the wine and liquor store of F. A. Deyer, 26 Marketmeet. It was extinguished, after doing conside lable damage. What is called the ash pone, the hoe cake, or the ! baked corn bread ol Virginia, can be made of Northern | corn. No laboring class in the world are healthier and stronger than the slaves who live oil this bread, with I pork or bacon. They are holding n fair, ic Philadelphia, at the Artists' Fund Hall, for tbe purpose of aiding iu the erec tion of an Epiacopal Church in Moyamenamg. Gough, and the Rev. Thomas Spencer, from Eng land, were to speak at the Tremont Temple, Boston, on Wednesday evening, at a temperance meeting. Gough, we suppose, haa been getting up steam during bis re tirement from public lite, and means to create another excitement, if poaaible Where's the young man who asked him to driuk soda water? Coffee houses, in the west, are those very com mon institutions here denominated groggeriea? yizenout to public morals. Dancing is said to be like new milk?it strength ens the calves. On Thanksgiving day, a citizen of Simsburv, | Conn., choked to death while dining. Galvanic garters are advertised in a St. Lotus pa per. What next? Why, galvanic bustles. A town meeting was held in Philadelphia, on Wednesday evening last, and wull attended, to adopt measures lor the immediate construction ol a railroad between Hairisburgh and Pittsburgh, Pa. The iron bonds of aociety are everywhere increasiag. The St. Lotus Republican says, that the work is being carved out for a great auit in that city , involving i he titlo to property worth a quarter of a million of dol lam. It taller in the Big Mound running to tbe river. In Arkansas, a few days ago, a man, having three or lour wives living, married a woman who has some two or thiee living husbands. An anonymous person has sent $100 to Wm D, Coolidge, Boston, as money due to Mr. c.'s father's estate sixteen years ago. The letter is postmarked Washing ton, D. c. Lawton Taylor, of Portsmouth, R. I., has received this year, from a field of eight acres, produce to the value of *694 66. Some of the Canada papers are agitating the pro ject of a steam commuuication between Ban try, in Ire land, and Portland. The Delaware, from Philadelphia to the ocean, is open. The fashionable season has commenced in Phila delphia, as it has heie, with several splendid balls given by military companies, stockjobbers, blacklegs, etc. The vicinity ol the Union Church, (colored,) in Coates street, Philadelphia, waa on Wednesday morning the scene ol great excitement, in consequence of the dis covery that the body cl a oman bad been surreptiti ously taken from the grave yard. These things are a common occurrence in New York. We have two or three private diaaecting rooms up town. Cmarok of Murder.?Benjamin Eddy was brought belore th'' magistrates on Monday, charged with the murder of Alfred R. She?ard. The amount of tbe teatimony was that the deceased, the witness, and another person hod been riding in the evening, and stop ping at different place*, at moat or all of which they drank liquor, and at the Manufacturer's Hotel, at ? late hour on Saturday night, 39th ult, they met with Eddy, the prisoner, and at that place they ail drank liquor twice. They rode together from that hotel to Pawtucket and wen to Abel's house, but could not get in, and then re turned to the New England House in thin city In get ting out ol the wagon in front of the stable, Eddy at tempteu to get Shnperd'a cap, t ut did not succeed iti keeping it, and a stiugglc ensued, in the course of which Eddy laid, " Now I'll have my revenge," and drew a knife from his pocket, opened it, aud gave a wound to She|>ard, who immediately exclaimed, " Oh, Lord, you ve killed me." Eddy theu pursued Butler, who dropped the lantern he held, and escaped, and called the watch, who took Eddy in custody. Shepard died on Sun day evening, and the testimony of Dr Rivera, who was called soon after the wound waa inflicted, went to show that the dee h waa in conaequence of that wound -Pro n timet Htrald? (Hjano ?We learn from the New London Star <hat the barque White Oak, of that port, which re cently arrived at Newport from the Indian Ocean, has 340 tons ef guano. Capt. Norie discovered in the South ern Ocean, an ialand containing aome two thouaand tons of superior guano, from which lie procured his cargo, and gave to the island the name of "White Oak Island.'' The guano was analyzed by the English captains, who were alter cargoes, and proved to be a superior article to any which they had carried to Englaud from the African or Peruvian coasts. Melancholy?The schooner Altorf, ol Province town, bulled from that |M>rt on the 1st of April la&t, for the Grand Bank, fuhiug. She was reported on the Ashing ground about the .iOth June, end again spoken with latitude 46, about the last of August she bud then wit ai1 her tali and put away for home, veiy deep, ly laden 8iuce then she has not be.en heard lrum, and undoubtedly foan.leied at sea. Her crew consisted of eight men Capt Hutchins commanded her, and with all his c.iow, except ono Irishman from Portland, belong ed to Truro Hour of the crew have left families in that town. Toor, ill-fated Truro Hamtlablt Patriot. General James lliomas, formerly Governor of Maryland, it lying dangerously ill at his residence in 8L Mary'a county, Maryland Fr*ak? of Fortune?Ups and Downs ?Among our domestic newe, we do not know o| an " more local interest than the fiippoied windfall to our whig friend, <?en Levi lUrri., ot Sonth New-Berlin, iri ihia county and the hopes and eais it ha# occasioned,an will ye" occ^ion Uim 1 Lfvi cam. into our pen. so?o fs vJ.r.V*o fiom Vermont, a law looking boy. but 'note and keen on a ?wup, and knowing a hawk lrotn a . ? u, muck vi any oth*r Hreen Mountain child.? t,Hn1 n I patent hempbreaks, publi.hing ustx:'ihi?sr sr:?? a merchant in New \ ork villa**, and mora ???jb which u. we learn, he gave UrKe egacie. to th? ?^ dren of his partner, during terest of a ceitain principal sum to Harr her life, uad at h.r death the Kot?l,^r^y child, .nd in the event of the <:hdd? dy?? wW?o?i issua it was all to revert to hn partner!, the ciarne ui aSSSHSs jes: rsu* i.?^- sir sririss tBor?hUwili: w'hicThe t^dwasnoMo Ms ^^Mgo*1 an* should alter it us soon a. ne i" it ( 0th?r respects do better by her, a* well as cban je i - clUllei( Then, for fear he might not lire to at er it h con i ^ to provide tor her at once and be drew ?t>M ofl ^ third page ol his le'ter a draft, II or(]er of thirty partners, the Clark*, payable t * . ( !* *o take thousand dollar^ har^llow to inTM^it, to^ 9?3^^???3?? She was uear sighted and ,*0""liband's return it imperfectly, laying; it^aside un moment In three day. Ham. cam.ihome.anaaii Vork. of hi. return, received another letter lhel, saying that Sidney wa. fast failing ihe immediate jiresence. Ther di r 1(,Uer. Sidney li? forgetUng in her alarm thofo , and tbejr eered a lew day? after their arri his lathers.? brought Hack.his J?(*J ^0itbi"|f the opinion of Oen D fx" Ben jam i n B u tl er an'd J u d g e Denio H^^un Pel* that it was void a. to the di.po.^.on of tb^gre.U.t part ol the propetty, owing to it. runn ng^ ? Mt many live., fcc. They tiled a bill in ^?(lfor , , it aside. A proposition w as madeby th^ #fl>cW<(1 and , Fettle me nt, He? a new leat turns over. A day 1 the .uitproceeded H.reane recciveda letter i frVm ^n%Tx!>^n^rjo .ook ?.?H JJ-g old papers and letter., .? ?" lit. will ?d .end s^fe,ssa^fffl,s^45at3=,s;1? ?.t^'i,rrd^ruc^"?.vxrKc,' the letter we.e made, and in the pre"^?oK^n.Uelch and Noah Kly. tho draft wa. cuJ Jwm the Wt,r ?nu dorsad by Mrs. Harris. Harris then ?Ith AH* ? and another friend went to New York Ba c?kc ^ J the letter in his valise and Ham. theidrrftA?M lu^ would huve it. Babcock . value, with the letter ? overcoat, were stolen horn Dunning . Hotel,'bortly^a^ was sliange and that he wouia ?p? ?wnra i? was a for walke<l out to I'olice Justice Osborne, ,?rv and obtained a warrant ou waich BaDCoc* wm ? fes^d and examined. Bibcock succeeded m.Lowmg tnat he presented it as the agent o j Harri. dischaieed. The Jmtice iet?ined the dralt, an &, l?o. re'irned home with fleas in n*' trouble, were uot yet ended. He bad "cerceiy ? to South New Berlin, when a Police ?flli-er Voik orrested him tor the forgery, ?n .ca??Pfl*ig1tB Claik. llairi. gave bail, ana ou Monday of tbi. weeB nudged ottugaiu Uthe ci.yjo -^^^^^empt to ^"eVze him will tindit k0.hS" ?<t iio 000 If ha collects the draft, ns ?as a 1 v?*gia with and light the will with :t tha wili atand ^ ^n.ometlungh:nd^mobythat.nd Iflt ?.ve a .ecoml lot tune. The Oeuerai . UJ; Bab. ,md wo i et on him. But we pity Mr_ Po.tma?ur oa c jck Thoneh a locofoco, Aiva is a. hooest a. the aay ; .. long. This was hi? tirst to the cityandbe pi? , used himself rich fun. He got It.JntwodjJ. the? ? tjle hi. valise, stole hi. paper., ?toU hi. c.othgs tooK 1 him up for lorgery, and all out ?0^'nrlv Tne Oeneral : tie think, be sbaa'igo again in a hurrj^ 1 he Oener.i ! is not ai all u'a.hed by this blow -lA.t.ango Telegrapt, Moral UsmxirriON in oik j**?? SurrJrig , We lat-uaoiied borne Uuie tince tUdl aome i iug members ol th. Theological Sem.n-ry s ^ ? and explored s me insulated part, o the 8Ut^ w? ; view ol Mcertaunug ,is idoihI couJ iou. f0 | |iijht Here is ? hnef abstract ot thou discovene cvuhtj ^tnV,' V trev-ued about MO volumes and 6.141 page. .1 1'rac.s ot iue > alue^o. ^ ^ ! ,Vre lound 162 tannles out ot the 4 j aistubttUU leliicious book or none but tuo Bible. *e ui.iiiume . ,' could b' reached only by T1,^ o .ke excur . as-,. s?. ?,??d ?> a bibles and 4a IesUmeuU. Great de.lltnuon tva>.?wanda mountains : many were aesutuie u> Dooks 01 any k;ud, uud very feiv had any r?ligiou. books except the Bible. Intemperance prevailedto.u alarmiag. extent, and infidelity more tnauin any ??? ed ?lo.tered tnere by Tom Paino * Age ol Kea.on. Charles W. Korman gave hi. service, tor three mocitUs without any pecu.uaiy compewttion, goring with Mr See lev in Morns county. He sold tWJ volumes, -mounting to *m 31, and gianted Jo6 1000 pages of Tract, ol tho value of $47 tfS He vail* i?w lanulies 66 ol whom weie destitute ol the mole. "Si? s&" I* - '.r?. >zrz who can neither read nor w"t#[. ?,!. \irtrcei l'aksaic 1194; Morris. 410; Warren, i4S; S"?.ex, 317 , Somerset' 74, Aliddle^ex, i?; Ulouceste. ?U, S^en,. ?J7. ? ape May, .10. _ U.SASTKK ON Tii'ii Lahk.-A large loretopwil ^cliooiif-r weut dow n at licr nncliors on the niglit ol itith November, and all on board peri.hed. 8ne came too off I.oiik Point, 011 the altei noon of the 17"'1. lost her lore.ail, and, being otherwise disabled, lay theie reuuring damages, untU the neMev.mug, wheu .ne w?a ifruck by a s?iuall, and went to the bono-. Her top lrallaut yard is out ot wuter. I shall visit the lu^ weather permits, and audtavor to ascertain what vessel it is.?Cot. Muff. Com. ? idv. bcHtiYLKKviLLK Murder ?We learn troni the Brtlloion >^p<i OoartfeUnil Wd?ox wiu indicted by ttie grand jury la.t week, lor murder. He wa. ariaign.. oeloie the couit, ?ud plead not guilty We "^tV^i.' ,a) s the Gazrtto, thet mental aberiati0(i 0r ln?anlty, Ul? ploa which will be urged in excuse lor ?h^horri deed- Tno only Insanity w. av. yet hew^ol^ this case, is that produced b> Rum . . . , he wa. drunk when the murder was committed. Inet kind of insanity i. very coinmou. Tremendous Snow Storm ?A tall ot snow, lor the whole ol y*"1*"1"*',.iiCei jt has dnited to an extra have fallen, but in s?? | uoighboihood are ordinary height, i ue ioau . >r> b-lely hur'\ve? have "heard tnat ? man peri.hed in the . the otnei side of Dorchester Bridge. H if " 1 his herte was louud dead tins morning, but that no .aid his h?rt? was lou ^ htve y? discovers We'are also told tnat a per.oii going home, 00 sno? i.oes along tlio Beauport road, la.t evening, 1*11 in witl e woman and child all but burial tne mow "? incapable ol procoeJiog He took ou the <:h.ld wj^ lieuiest house and returned with asamtauce save the mother ? ^utosc IMPORTATION OF WATCHES. HAV IMO jiut receivrd Iiuhi Kuroi>?, with * new -utaoiunei.t ol tine Oold and Siher vVatcho nail .vlovrmenta, 4 lot n Independent Steonda, and dout>l<- time \V*tcli?? .ind Mur< uieuta, ol Ail entirt ly in " kty.e mid ol auperior iiniah, ?r ta?t* till! opportunity to c ill the attention ol nli penoui in Uir wad h huttnrKA to vlait oar itoek, winch, l-l w >ri y rc?p?? t, ? ill I. t oo lid HdvaiiUirtrout, both lui price iiud ouality I'f.CA'.UAl ,V k MAI Kir, .No 127 Kulton ilfiiel, New kork P. 8.?Kngaged alio in the watch making bu?iii?*a, w* cou? tioue to attend to the re|*irnii( ol all kiuia of watchci. and par IRulaily thoae ol'liu* and difficult worka. ull loi'in fJKATHKBfl?I,NO lha Wnt?ru Liti Omn, fin ial? * 1 li ?. h lOLLINft k(-0 , (i

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