Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 16, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 16, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK H E K A I J JL y Vol. XI., No. 310?Whole No. 419*. NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 16, 1845. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD-Every day. Trice 2 cents per copy? r. ?25 i>tr auuuitt?("tyabie in Mlvatic*. ? , y WEEKLY PlERALD?Every Satur lny-Pr;ce cent per copy?Sua1* cents per annum?payabU in advance. ADVKRTISfc-MiCNTS at the u.ual prices?always cash in advance. , . , . PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty and des A1! letter* or communications bv mnil, addressed to the estaMishmenr, must be po-1 paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription muiiov remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, i'ropriet' r of the New York Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Knltou and Nassnn it recti. UAL.KIGH AND GASTON RAILROAD 'OR SALE. ON MONDAT.the 29th day of December next, hy virtue of a decree of the Court of Equity for Wake County, at its Aut limit Session, 1841, in a suit of the Governor, for the me of the State of North Caroliua, to foreclose a Mortgage, there tofore executed bv the Raleigh and Gaston Railroad Company, to indemnify the State against certain liabilities for said Com pany,! will sell at pudiic Auction, at tne Court House door in the city of Raleigh, to the highest bidder, the whole property of the Raleigh and Gjston Railroad Company afpresaul. (to far :is the same is known to me,) consisting of 87 miles of Rail road, reaching from the City of Raleigh to tiaston, on the North side ot the Roauoake river, in the direct line of public conv Vance to Petersburg, City Poinl^Richtnond. Washington City. Baltimore. Stc Sic., together with all Bridges, Depots, Workshops and Tools, Warehouses, Water Stations, Engines, Cars, Stc Stc. >, the stock of Iron, Lumber, and Fire Wood, which may then be on hand, and nil other articles own ed and used by the said Company for keepiug up said Railroad, nud transportation ou the same. From the nature of the pro perty it will be sold en masse. . \ The purchasers, by the terms of the Decree, and the Act ot [ the Legislature in relation to it, will become, ipso facto, a body corporate, by the mme and style ol the present Company, and will acquire all the franchise, privileges, rights and immu- | nities uow possessed by it. for the term of 80 years, which iti : charter has yet to run. These frauchitei and privileges are ol the most advantagcuuskind lo the Company, and liny be found nt large in their charter, contained in the 2d Volume of the Revised Statutes of North Carolina, iiage 299, which is to be I seen attheSe.its of Government, and m most ol the Public j Libraries of the State* ot the Union. The whole purchase money must bear interest, atthe rate of 6 per cent per annum, from iha^lay of sale, and be paid as fol- | lows, to wit: SIO.OOO at the eiuT of six mouths, and the residue | in four instalments, at intervals of teu mouths each?say 1st, OTth June. 1848, $25,000. 2d, 2Sth April, 1847. one-fourth of the remainder. 3d, 2'Jth February, 1818, one-fourth of do. 4th, the 29th of December, 1818, oue-fourtb of do. 5th, the29th of October, 1849, one-lourth of do. The cost of this Railroad and its appurteuances, completed ) only live years since, was $1,600,1)00?one hall pf which we , borrowed; creating a debt bearing interest,on failure to pay | which, a sale has become necessary. The grading, bridges, ] depots, Stc. are executed in en excellent style of workmanship. { Cars run daily over ir, carrying the Mail of the United States, | (it being a part of the Southern Metropolitan route,) at a com- | pensation of $1*0 per nu'e, or $8,700 |ier anuum. And, traver img a fertile region of country through /early its whole length, its freights for the trausportaiion ol Prouuce and Mer chandize, independently of the receipts from Passengers, afford B considerable addition to the.ordinary sources of profits on railroads. Though not, now, yielding a profit ou the large sum expended in its construction, its income ha* been increasing for ?ome time past, and it i* confidently believed that it would produce a reasonable return upon a more moderate amount ol capital invested in it* purcha*e. The sale will be made without re**rve. at the time and place aforesaid, at which tlio*e incliued to purchase, are respectfully invited to attend, , , ... , The purchase money must be securedby bond with approved CHARLES L. HINTON. Public Treasurer of the State of North Carolina, aid Special Commissioner of the Court of Equity, in this cause. Raleigh, N.C., October 6, 1845. , , [J_/-The following paper* will insert the foregoing adver tisement 60 day*, and forward their bills for payment, with a pap-Lcoiitainiug the same, to the suoscriber: Boston Atlas, New York Herald, Baltimore Patriot, Philadelphia U. State* < jazette, Richmoud Enquirer Aid Richmond Whig, Charleston Courier, Mobile Advertiser, New Orleans Picayune, and N.C. Standard. C. L. H. o 13 7mm UNITED STATliS MAIL LINE, AT FIVE O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY and the Intermediate ' Landings, or far as the ice will permit.?There .is good sleighing fiom any point oil ttie Hud son to Albany, and singes will be ill readiness to cariy paiseu gers to tlieir destination. at the arrival of the bo.t. Passage S3 50 through to Albany. The celebrated ice steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Win. H. I'?ck. leaves llie steatnboit pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets. THIS DAY fct FIVE O'CLOCK T. M. Friday, December 12th, 1815. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultr, at the officc ou O'e wharl. dl2 rrc NOTICE?" The PEOPLE'S LINE have made arrange ?mer.u with the powerful steamers UTK-A AagMbind NORWICH, to run to Alb.uiy?(or as far ns'JK^\ce will permit,) every day at 5 o'clock, P M. nil further notice. . ,.,1 New York. Dec. 3d. 181j. d4 r FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana *ud N-w ? Y^rk l.uie-- regular packet?To sail SaittrHay, 77,h 1i-k.. e'eiiant fast sailing packet ship TENNES SEE, Pray, master, will pontivel? sail as above, tier regular "for freight or passage, having liand*ome furniched accom modatioiiJ., apply oa boaru at Orleans wharf, foct of Wall St., or to E K. COLLINS Si CO.. 50 South it. Positively no good* received ou board aftei Friday evening, Agent in New Orlciftis, James E. Woodinff, who will promptly forwaid all goods to his address. Picltrtship LOUISVILLE, Huut master, will mrceed the TYi)H?s?c^, an<i sail IQih regular day. ulOrc HOf.LV REGUEAlTLnPoF PACKETS FOR NEW ORLEANS?I'ackeCof the 20th Dec.-The splendid, we! I kuown,f*st sailingpacket ship UNION, Captain llattoone, will positively *ail 011 Saturday, December 20fli. her regular day. ...... , . , .. _? The accommodation* of this ship for cabin, second cabin and ?teeragf p inenferi cannot lie surpassed. 1 hose wishing to se cure nertiis, should uotfull to make early application ou board, foot ol Wall T TApscOTT, 75 Sonth street, <1 ICrc corner Maiden lane. FOR LIVERPOOL?To sail on the 20th Dec? ? Thesplendid skij> ORPHAN, Captain Uiquart, mas -n-airr, will positively sail as above. llavin.' very superioraccoinmodatious lor cabin,second cabin and iteer.ige passenger*, person* wishing to secure berths, thonld make immediate appliMtmii ou boar^ st pier No. 6 North River, or to JOSEPH I McMLRRAY. Corner of Pine and South *treets, New1 ork N. B?A stove will l>e furnish'd in the house on deck, Tor the comfort of the second cabin passengers. d!6f fcT FOR LIVER 1 OOL-The fast sailing, coppered SKyaiul c Pl**r I istcird barque TARTAR, Russell, fry? 500 tons hu'tlien, will sail for the above port .no meet with quick despatch For irptght or passage, having ncellMit accommodations, ?|' P'y 0,1 b?"d- 13 K WOODHULL St M1NTURN, j18rc 87 South street. J-OK OLASOOW?Regular Packet?The well .known, fast (ailing D< ititli barque ANN BARLEY, apt Robert Scoti, O tons burthen, having most <>t her cargo engaged. will meet with quick ilispttcli For freight or passage, h ivicg exi elicit accommodations, a|> rly on board, foot if Pin* street E. R,, or to WOODIIULL St MINTUKN, 87 South street. The regular packet shin Saracen, N. T. Hawkins, master, will succeed the Ann Harley. d!6rc is- FOR LIVERPOOL?The packet ship8TEPHEN HE KS.M AN being unavoidably detuned, will posi ? Ii wl v mil 011 the liitli December. Can yet aCCommo ihtr iir* mure second caniu and steerage passengers, wl.o will Le C - ken at the lowest rates. Apply to J. HERDMAN & CO., dllmr CI Soulli street, near Wnll stiee'. FOIl LIVERPOOL?The New Line? Regular .Packet of Slit December.?The superior fan nailing .mrki'i ship LIVERPOOL, Cspt John Eldridge.llOO ton burtheu, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having splendid, large and comfortable Stale rooms and c*Mn, apply on hoard, west side Burling slip, or:o wOODHULL It MINTURN, 17 South street. Fnce of passage SlfiO. The p 'eket ship I Mi: .. , . Queen of the Welt, 1150 tons burthen,Capt Phillip Woodhouse, ivill succeed the Liverpool, and sail on h*r rt gular da v. 21 il Jan. n??re BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVER POOL PACKETS?For Livewool, only regular jfaekrtofthe lAih December. new, magnificent mid celebrated fast sailing favorite packet ship NEW YORK, burthen 1130 tons, Captain T. B. Cropper, will positively sail on Tuesday, 16th of December Having accommodations unsurpassed, for cabin, ?d cabin and steerage passenger*) those returuing io the Old Country, or tending for their friends, will find it tin ir interest mil comfort to select this unequalled tine of packets. For terms of passage.nnd to secure the best berths,early ap plication should be made ou board, foot of Pc?kmau st, or to lite subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. dllrc 35 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton bank DR. HULL'S} TRUSSES AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER ? |*HE superiority of Dr. Hull's instruments over all others, J. is a< kn??ledKed by the most eminent physicians hi Eu IOPji aud America. Office 1 Veaey >t reet, Attor House. A female in attendance In lit'-ladies itepaitfrent "sM1ni*me LOOK AT THIS. J IMPORTED FRENCH BOOTS ofthe best quality r.tth'estraordinarv luw price of $5 00 Double Sole, the best article J iO Cork Bole do ... 6 50 ich Cnli Boots, made to order j 00 French t^all Shoes !!.!*!*!! 2 f!0 tlent Mali Boots. ? ? >?. ,! i 2 25 Dan inn I'mnps, the nice t kind ' j I) in c-n,g Oaiters, with Patent Leather Tip ' *'* I 7J \n.l a xeueral fsiortment of India Rubbers and ?|| kinds of Over Shoes, from the smallest to the largest; alto a great as ?Oltfltent of Boys' Boots *nd Shoes; Missi s and C-hildreu'a do I,mlies in this store will Una the greatest assortment of Oaiters Bnrkdta, Slips, Ties, Quilti d Shoes, Moccasins, Clogs, Toilet' Blips, whiU^nd black Nalin nnd white Kid Blips; India Ruh (.. f- ? ?" nil toe different qualities, sorts and aixes, from ihe smallest t > the largest.and hut on" price auked, st T?i7 Broad. (,1V, corner oi Franklin street. uiUl lw*r M. CAHM.I., 1'KliMlUiVl BOOTS. * FINK FRENCH BOOTS for 9H 50, city made, and for Mvle <t.d durability, they are equal to those sold in oilier J stores for 95- Fine French Premium Imperial Hiess Boots tor $1 0, equa1 tothoisn w III other store* lor $6 or 57, hi V'Oll?it' kJON? S e reach Boot and Shoe manufactory, one ofthe moat f.nhionable estahliahmeuts in tins city. Our hoots having been Judged in the lite Fair at Ni bio's, are said to tl rhe heat boots lor the |>rire ever told in this country. Also, n superior new stvle Hrencli Danciug Oaiters, ami overshoes, coii-iuuitly on hand. All foods warranted to give satisfaction. Boot* and Shoes Made to order in the shortest notice. Mending done in the store. VOUNU k JONES, 4 Ann street, ?7 lm*re nesr Broadway, New York. I AM mj H. KEEL Eh fc. 0 . Battel, bheeae and u?rd, let al |So?t etraat- oil *? HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA. THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE!! For ?ft]p by MOORE < O., tha Amoricou A vents, 4-1 Ann street, and Elliott, 173 DIVISION STREET. op posite Ludlow, New York. Price ft a buttle?Si* hot tie* for $5. nS lm je HART W ELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, '4%'J Chcitnut Street, PHILADELPHIA. BATHS just iutroducrd?Wun aiid liul* m fine apart ments, for both Indies mid gentlemen; anH the entire orgi mzatiou and fitting up of every departuiei.t of tne Washington House, complete dlllm'm i?T. CHARLES HOI EL, Cor. ofThlrtl St. uu?I Pen uwyl vim lu Avtnur, WASHINGTON CITY PJ'HE SUBSCRIBERS reiprctfully announce to the iiiliab - Jl tautsaud strangers visiting the city, that they hart- become the lessees of the aboveestabluhmenr, kuown ai the property ol'Charles Lee Jones, Esq. 1 s loca.ioa is immediately adja cent to the railroad, and directly opposite Gads by'* new hotel, and only three miuutes' walk from the Capitol and the principal hotels. Tne style in which this establishment is to be conducted, is on the much-admired European plan, ol letting the parlors aud sleeping apartments, and furiiisliii.g meals to order, either in the private or public rooms, as parties may desire The ttstiblishnieut being new, and furnished with neatness and elegance, the proprietors feel confident it will vie with any similar establishment in the Union. The upartineuU appropriated to dinner and supper parties are inferior to none in this or any other city, in addition to the many attractions of itiis establishment, there is attached a res taurant, where all the delicacies of the season will be served up at moderate charges. We respectfully solicit the patronage of the public. BKOWN k ROFF. d 14 Jteodrc JUST OPENED. COLUMBIA HOUSE, CHKSNUT 8TRKET, lietween Sixth and Seventh Streets, PHILADELPHIA. BAGLEY, MACKENZIE 8c CO., Proprietor' JAMES BAGLEY. late of Jones' Hotel. HENRY C.MACKEN/1 K, formerly of WajhingtonHouse TETER L. FERGUSON. siH 2mrc A CHEMICAL Re.SUL.T-A WONDER !? VIY CELE BRATED VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIR DYE, to euahle persons to dye instantaneously their hair, without the least inconvenience. For changing red or grey hair, whiskers, eyebrows, Sic. to a brown, black or chestnut color. The slightest evil consequences need not be feared from its use?it is altogether harmless. This composition is the only one sanctioned by the science of chemistry, to dye, in au iudellible manner, the varions gradations of colors, without danger or inconvenience, and li a jpstified the liberal patronage -nd unlimited confidence of the public. If black is r*qu;red, ask for box marked N-; it brown, box marked B. Beware of counterfeits.?Ask for "Jules Ilnuel's Vegetable Liquid Hair Dye," if yon wuitihe geuuitie article. )<or?ale, wholes tie and retail, by JULES HAIJEL, Perfumer and Chemist, No. 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agtnts:?J. B. Jacuui mod, No. 415 Broadway; F. A. Artault. l.alayetce Bazaar, \os. 149 aud 151 Broadway; A. Willard, 8. W. corner of Cedar and William streets. Premiums awarded at the Franklin Institute. ul6 Im*rc STAATS & BAHKEH7~ CLOTHING AND FURNISHING WAREHOUSE, 179 Broadway, DIRECTLY OPPOSITE HOWARD'Si HOTEL, HAVE just received a large and splendid assortment of WINTER GOODS, which tliev will make up to order in their usual fashionable style and finish. Also, READY MADE CLOTHING, Overcoats?Super French Castor aud double milled O'loth $15.00 to $35 00 do Tweeds, (nr., Sic 5,00 to SIC 00 Cloaks? 7,00 to (25,00 Dress and Frock Coats, Vests, Pants, Shirts, Undershirts, Drawers, Hesiery, Scarfs, Cravats, Gloves, Suspenders, &c., he. N. B.? S. St B. wish to call the attention of travellers and others exposed to the weather to a superior article of English double milfed Kersey, drab aud blue, very heavy, manufac tured expressly for tliein. n9 lm*w JOHN 1JARLEY, MERCHANT TAILOR, 140 Ilrnntlwny mid JH Mbtrty Street, DEIN desirous of selling the balance of Ins large stock of D Fall and Winter Goods, suitable forOentlemeu's wear, of fers them on the most reasonable terms, and solicits the atten tion ol'gentl-inen about purchasing. He also offers the balance of his well assorted stock of HEADY MADE CLOTHING, consisting of Dress and Frock ( 'oats, Pants and Vests, Surtouts Cloaks, Sacks aud OHice C nts, which will be sola liom now till the 1st of February. AT COST. A large and choice assortment of Shirts, Scarfs, Cravats, Hosiery and ' 'nder Apparel, const p'ly on h.-,i:d. N. B.?Gentlemen furnishing their >wu in .'erial, can h ive it mad- and trimmed and a lit warranted For sale, a ptecdid Coschnaau s Coat. dl5 lin'mc Gentlemen ok new york?My celebrated AMBROSIAL ROVE AND ALMOND SHAVING CREAMS, defy a rotmi.Ti.son iu America or Europe No Per son will use auy o'hei after using lira Emollient Paste, (ti the best, the very best. llivs it only a ?itifflc trial. 1 do uol .?sic any more to convince T?--. 1 warrant it. {? or sale wholesale aud retail, at JULES HAUEL'S Perfumery aud Chemical Store, 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agent*:?J. B. Jaqueinod, No. 415 Broadway; F. A Artanlt, Lafayette Bazaar, Nos. 119 ai d j5I Broadway; A. Willard, 8. W. corner of Cedar aed William streets. Premiums awarded at ihe Frankliu. Institute. nlfi 1m*rc CHEAP SOAP WORKS. DEPOT NO. ? COURTLANDT STREET, Under the National Hotel. J OH SON'S Walnut Oil Shaving Soap. do Superior Almoud Soap. do Toilet Soap All very highly scented,_ and at prices lower than any other houie. All kiuds of Perfumery for Barbers, Storekeepers, Families, Sic. Sold by C. VAN SCHOONHOVEN, d9 ltr*r No S Cnurtlandt street. ROBINSON'S PATEN T PoRlABLE WATER CLOSETS I^HE SICK, and persons in a delicate ff>te of health, will find this au article of essential u'lhty ill their bed-chamber They can he used wiih either hot or cold ? alt r, or for a vapor bath. They are extremely useful for ships, hospitals, Sic. For sale by the subscribers, at the Croton Plumbing and Water Filter Establishment, 390 BROADWAY, between Walker and White sts. .110 lmVrc STONE. BROTHERS. 'I'UTHfc BEAUTlElf.KS OF THf. COMPLEXION?hur I prising Efficacy'.?MV EAU DIVINE DE VENUS AND NYMPH SO AP, composed of an eastern botanical discovery ol surprising efficicv for rendering th? skin soft ami fair, as w*U as imparting a delicate roseate hue to the complexion. Asacrealor and conservator of that most distinguishing charm of lem.ile loveliness, a trails I'll rent fitir skin, JULES HAUEL'S Nymph Soap, or Eau Divine de Venus, may be li id to exert an almost magical power. Composed lor the most I part of oriental balsamic plnuts, to the utter exclusion of ail ; mineral admixture, it is distinguished medicinally for its ex tremely bland, purifying and soothiug action on the skin ; and | by onthe pores and minnte secretory vessels, extols all impurities from the surface, allays every tendency to iullamma tiou, and, by this method alone, effectually dissipates all red nets, tan, pimples, freckles, snnhurn, and other unsightly cuta neous visitations, so inimical to femaleloveliness. Its Use will change the most bilious complexion into one of ra diant whiteness ; while on theueck, hands and arms, it be stows a delicacy and fairness which its continued use will hai> piIy protect, with every appearance of youthful charm to tlie most advanced periods of lile. For sale, wholesale and retail, by JULES HAUEL, Practical Chemist and Perfumer, 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, andby mr agents:?J. B. Jacquemod, >o 415 Broadway; F, A. Artault. Lafayette Bazaar. Nos. 149 and 151 Broadway; A Willard, 8. W. corner oi Cedar and William street*. Premium was awarded at the Franklin Institute nlfi Im'rc CKOTON WATER. N OTIC K.?Those |iersons taking the Croton WaJer would do well to cull and examine the premium Water Kilter*, manufactured t>y th? subscribers. They are so constructed thnt they not only clarify, hut purify, the most turbid water, rendering it of a chrystalliueclearuess.and divesting it of every impurity. They can he attached to Croton water-pipes. STONE BROTHERS, Croton Plumbing and Water-Fi ler Establishment, No. 390 Broadway, between Walker and White sts. ?l Im'r 'TO THE LAt)IKS IN PARTICULAR-MY DEPILA TORY POWDER ha* been found highly beneficial and of great use to ladies who have been afflicted with superfluous hair, principally when iti growth has been confined to the up |>er li|' and side ul the face, giving a masculine turn to the whole features When used with proper cure, and according to the diiections, it will be found tn he a great addition to the toilet,as the use of any sharp instrument it entirely avoided, aud the hair is removed in five or teu minutes al'ur its applica Hon. This composition is infallible, and warranted o remove su perilous hair. After numerous trials I have reieived certifi rates of success which cariuot be coutested. For sale, wholesale and retail, at Jules hAUEL'a depot, 46 South Thi'd street, Pniladrlphta. liid by iiiv agents:?J. B. Jac<|ueinod, No. 415 Urondway; K. A Artault, Lafayette Bazair, Nos. 149 aud 111 Broadway; A Willanl, S. W. corner of Cedar and Williams streets. Prrmnms awsrded at the Kranliliii Institute. n 16 lm*rc l'LUMItING WORK, 544 Itrondway, New Vork. JT QUINN, ksvnif had uiue years experience as practical ? Plumber, putting up tome of the best work iu the city, solicits a trill. Improvutneuts in construction, good work,ex pedition and low charges, will he found at his establishment. N H Down town t.rders left at E. H. Union, S8 N?smu st , attended to. d!4 Ini'm STOKAGE FOR CORN. GRAIN AND FLOUR. STORAGE for fifty thousand bushels Corn or drain, and twenty thousmd barrels Flour, csu be hai> in the Brick Stores five minutes' walk from South Kerry, Brooklyn, on very moderate terms There is a good pier adjoining these premises, and sufficient depth of water for the largest class shi|>?. Apply to CHADbORN & CO., on the premises. n28 Im'r HLKEOKER'S BLRD DEPOT, Ko, tt Alitor Place, late 7th Street, ? 1 few doeri Eait at Broadway, New York. 'IM1E subscriber respectfully informs the public Unit ho has ?- opi ned the above store for the sale of Birds, (Foreign and Native,) Cages, Meeds, 8cc. and hopes by strict attention and lair abd upright d almg? toDierit the lutionage ol those <ln.| o 't0 j'jdulge in this most delightful fancy. Iu addition to those mentioned, his stock will comprise all articles in hia li,,^ including Kancy Pigeons of the different s.ii r?, tJo.d aud Hilver h i>h, (ierniau Pa?t?, made after an ap. proved receipt, Cuttle Kisli Bone, Fou tains, Biths, kc. k\ 7*. 11 'frdera fr .in out of the citv ca efullv sttendi d to, aud promptly eiecuf d LEONARD bLKLCKEU. N?w ^ mKi H. t 12 ir.j',. <ii2lm'r ^ ? vJ- u i*U,L, TAXlOKRMlST, ?)WO BROAD WAV. corner ol Memle s'reet, up stain, h is , ;r,,nstaiit.y on ban a variety of, Sliadei, he. fi' _, "rlj',-or ."'".i"'1, oriismenta. Also, a Urge collection of hVrdl ? ? a ."<1 ' ,c" *?leor exchanged- Pet Birds, fcc. minted in a very superior burner, to order - Public or pftraw collections supplied at the shortest notice rial im*r . ottage. at "tor? in New York, aed Baetou. *? 7w r__ A?RSw RO?kHTOOTH' fSffi ?ixs "h"""" For sale, wholeiale aud rewil,j?tLI.a jjaUEL'S, Practical Chemist anil Perfumer, 46 Soutn Third street, Philadelphia. AHfi llf u* *V^ corner ol Cedtraud WilliMD strwU. VA~.-ar^ ?? lm ? WELDED IRON boiler flues, y-wtf ANY DIAMETER, bat uot eieeeding 16X feet in fesis-sas prr^;:'v'"ly from th Kg'? Wk. ?u^y... n. v. _: LEFi OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. 1 KMEN and Families can obtain the full value to* t?&s='S:s=El ?wmmmgsgkt '""^lm'inc ' vitt Broadway. ?P stairs MONEY LtlN V?MUISUV J'KiY'r lug APPM#1; ftwnbnfkeri o28 lm*rc 2^ William ?treet near Duane street. Orr.c* o, J^ewVo7rAly^0^ j ssais?E:" n?nT.Honi.B?cy ^ "MRS. HARPER'S OELhbRATED COUOH REMEDY. rr?HIS VALUABLE MEDICINK. ii particularly recom at l?j 2s. and 4s per bottl<^?EK8 & ANDERSON, WholMile Agent., 63 Bowery, corner Walker .treet. , WbRsiSiWe^. >22 1 ui'me . f-(ivsUMFTlVES rkaij. OEEK'S VeSlB COUOH SYRUP, or Pulmou.c 1'.?Read the endaMg-^ 9th 1815. Mr Peek-Dear Sir-Thankfulue.s and ^"''tude iuduce rnf to ,give my testimouy in favor <rf my family and irtends; while lts ionK couuiiu ^ circum. total destruction of health aud comlott I remedies.tny ;??a!rssu "???>z&??x;s;i; may refer any one who A t0re No 3 Courtlaildt st e,r to metl> V LUCRETlA L'OCK WOOD or to ine, 160 Nassau street, &??klX%kVK Prepared aud .old wholesale and retail, by WM. T. rfci. , 91 John street and 117 Oreeuwich avenue, N. Y. , AgMtoT^oddin*tou,coruig^I^riugandHud?oj.^j<HMt, ,ou; kouutain, Fu'.tou street. Brooklyn. ( Price75 cent?per bottle ? THfc OKWaT AMEKIOAN kEMEL)V . SOUTHERN BALM. THIS MEDICINE is a pleasant and ?f?['?';el?Xl i ,,1<U Coughs Inllueraa, Raising ol Blood, Asimi ,WM?wile"'i^AESdwithterion of the lung., pain in the fS^^HSEKBJ^p MhRMRPOn confidently recommend it to all ,,ml|ar]jy jj^f'pxMAN, Residence 14 Clarke St.. store 60S W*JT.' Jul^r!.!^ reT|? fWh'er.1 Balm If sold by druggist* generally through ""W ANl^AtWO APK^ mi11tier. removing morbid matter iromuir ?vsteni. I1 or promoting digestion, 'ft'lm Pamphlet, to be had further itfI"rmation, see Souther" M im !?am ^djrines ?e ?? '""Cedent, wanted throughout the United State. audCa '^iebeml di.conntto dealer*. !'?** lm r ~~ New Invented WIGS AND TOUPEES O ATCHELOH'S new invented W'W jJe? * D resnnSle the nnturul luditfereut bead of hair, .oarcely a matter of regret loosing ?,ld .tyle ? rom lf>5 Broadway. ? .......?..., ,.. ?imik HILL'S IN FALLIBLE uin^U ENT lfUK. x tiE r AN any tbit.gbe ab""/ v> never publish aav (*rtineiue ,jvl()ui4| giving it apptud ut.les. it has the residenC?ol th | (by enquiry) that ed, which enable. V ou to.ati.fy yourselves* > ^uder.wnd ' he Onguent is really what it pnwru to ? , or 0|d j- also tint it i.warrantedinnll,a^"'ecy ?or fR?lllg o(t f proi?rly applied, to effMtnally 1adicat(, pityriasiis. dan moist, soft, curly, &c. ,eriously alllicted with ] do hereby certify that 1 hav. been "riou^ q(. KVfr|ll ilandrnff an(ffalling off ol the ha , b j?deed 1 wn? art,, U s for the same withou the least Bene j Hl,r, learful ol becoming bald; fti?UI> .being man ^ ^ mn(t >a. strir h;.r s.rsr ik' a. ???v?V&T-1 jtroi'gly recommend it foMheaboYe.RD Nq Aveoue D. p- Recollect, Hi IPs '"^^^^'^.r^orier of PmVand StCo.r,?73 Wate^st!^Wm. A^rocker^lMaWea lane; Mr. Tho masSewell, 47i ^Mn. J- Joidan'i Fancy A.Spoooer HtCo., 57 button Ji . . ?; Korardi, Store.;?9 Atlantic street. Brooklyn, No. 178 Grand jfijnth i*t streets, Williainsborgh ; s:rs.S'4 fc'.S Mortinier & Mowbr> , corner i? Bron<ii corlier streets, Baltimore, Md.; Jo?. E. 1 11 140 >terrimac street, Market St, Newark, N. J.: N. 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It is a preservative against baldness, mid .111 infallible cure in alt affections of the skin no the head, as it'iidriiff?aa<l for pre- ; vesting the falling off of the hair and turning grey. It U the simple produce and nnmed ale extract of some | plauts salntary for the hair, endowed with properties so highly demising that it disengages the Epidermis ana ? apillary tubes . of ihe corrosive action of the rtrspintioa, and of the dry and . dead particles that it deposits 1 his prrparatiou pnnties the hair, and gives to it a beautiful gloss and softness, and an | agreeable and vivifying perfume UVIDENCK. Nature is nil inexhaustible mine, in which experience tuid Study will always find room to excavate ; it is tint source, alone, which produces all tint tnan calls invention, and which he would do better, perhaps, t? name adaptations. For sale, wholesale and retail by JULU II Al'KL, Perfumer and Chemist, No. 46 South Third street, Philadelphia. | and by m| agents J. B J teqnenirid. 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To k win. e 1 he genuine articles can be 01 laineil, is a' IJ< K11I'"" ?: e t, Elm Iluildiiig dIA Iw'm Ttf t)?K I'llltli-BHOWN ?t CO. 17>t hailiam square, Jpfc. comer of JSIott st. wish to inform the public of their reeinf improvement in the manufacture and ftuish pi their I HKK.K DOLLAR HATS, which retain a be-tntilnl rich lustre, and will compare well with those more costly. The proprietors are confident Ow.t they can furnish Hals far superior to any liere'ofnre sold for the same price. A full assortment of Fancy rurs,als? Fur Cloth; Mohair, Ulsxed, Silk and Fancy CAPS, s?*eral new pattsrns. much admired, sold at reduced prices, wholesale aad r?tail. ol? !?*?? ADVERTISEMENT, CUSTOM HOUSE. NEW YORK,) Collector'! Office, Dec. 9th, lfcti. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at the Tr?a*ury L)riuirt wilt until the 20th irstant for such supplie* of Ship Chaudfery. &.C., ant! m such quantity, aud at such timet as may be required for the use of the United States Revenue Steamer and BoiU, which m be employed in thil District, dun g the year commencing the lit Janaary uei', a? per following schedule oil, Marliue spikes, steel, each Match rope, lb Measure copper, set Marline, lb Match staves, each Maul, lb N Nail?, copper, wrought, lb u cut. lb Nails, ir">n, wrought, lb _ cnt, lb Needles, sewing, ass'd dot " sail, " do* " marline,doz Nippers, each O Oakutn, lb Oil, s|>eru>, winter strained, gall " summer, gall " linseed, boiled, gall " " raw, gall " olive, quart Oil, tar, gall Oars, ash, feet " spruce, feet P Pens, steel, card, each Paints, black lead, lb " white lead groaud,lb " red lead " " Parcelling, yd Paper, sheathiug, ream foolscap, r-nn " lettr*, cold pressed, ream " envelope, quire " sand, assorted, dot Tump tacks, cbcper thousand " iron, thousand Pitch, gall " kettles, lb Planes, jointer, each " jack,each " smoothing, each " fore, each " match, set Padlocks, brass, each Punches, chaiu. each " nail, each Putty, lb Palms, mounted, each Palm irons, each Plates, Uueeu's ware, dinner ner, do/. do do desert, doz do do dishes, as sorted, each Priming wire, each Powder flasks, copper, each Port lire, staves, ash, each Passing boxes, leather, each Powder, cannon. III " pruning, lb " botes. cop|ier, each I'ump, hand, copper, eicli Trickers.eacli Piucers, each Packing hooks. Ilia Packing yarn, lirmp, lbs 11 Rules, carpenter, two feet, each Rammers and spouges.earh Hot to n Stone, lb S Scrapers, gun, each Scrapers, cast steel, each Spikes, composition, lb " iron, wrought, lb " " cut, lb "ciews, bras, aasortrd, do/. ?' iron, doz Saws, steel plate, hand, each '? key hole, each " tennon, each " wood, each " compass, each Screw Drivers, each Spoke Shaves, each Square*, iron, each " small, each Soap, browu. lb Snun yam, lb Sheep skins, each Sauce pans, each Stove, cahiti, each coil, each Shot boxes, each 6'iot round, In " Saw setts, each Sounding rods, each Stones, grinding, each '? holy, each '? set, each Scuttle Butt, CO galls, each Scales and weight, set Stoppers, claw, lb Slstes, each Sledge,lbs Shovels, irou, esch T Twine, whipping, lb '* seine, Iti " sewing, lb cotton, lb Thimbles, open and weld,-d,lb Tallow, lb Tar, gall Tui pentuie, white, bbl ' spirits, gall Tormentors, cook's, each Thread, assorted colors, lb Towels, damask, yard '1 ureeu and Ladle, block tiu, each Tumblers, cut glass, doz Table Spoons, German silver, doz Tea Spoons, German silver, doz Table cloths, linen, yard Tin measures, set Tube botes, leather, each l ubes, quill, do/. Tiucks, leading, brass, each Top mauls, each Tape liues, 100 feet, each Tea kettles, iron, each " copper, each Trumpets, brass, lb " tin, each Thermometers brass, each tin, each Tongs, blacksmith's, lb V Varnish, copal, gall ?' bright, gall black, gall Vice, hand, lb W Wood, oak, sawed aud deli vered. cord Wood, birch, sawed and deli vered. cord Wood, maple, sawed and deli vered, cord Wood, yellow birch, sawed and delivered, cord Wood, white birch, siwed and delivered, cord Wood, pine, cord " spruce, cord " hemlock, cord Whiting, lb Wrenches, wood, each " iron, lb Water cask, oak, 60 gallons, each Water breakers, oak, 15 gal lons, each Wick, lamp, lb Wrenches, assorted, lbs from persons not actually en gaged in the business to which this advertisement refer*. Bidders will transmit their proposals sealed to the Secretary of the Treasury. Printed lists of the above article* wi'l bo furnished to ship chandlers, upon application at this office. dll t2?th r C. W. LAWRENCE, Collector. Anchors and ki-dges, lb Adzes, shipwright, each ?' coopers' copper, each Aies, broad, eneh " wood, each Augurs, set Alinuiic, nautical, each Auvil, lb Awls, brad, doz a Boat Hocks, copper, each iron, each Buckets, deck, each cedar, each ?' sheet iron, lb Brushes, scrubbing, each " varnish, each " clamp, each " tar, each " paint, assorted, dos " whitewash, each Brooms, hickory doz birch, doz " corn, doz Bunting, all colors, full width, piece Buntiug, all colcrs, hf width. pi'ce Beeswax, lb Blocks, friction rollers, per inch, per sheave Blocks, ironbushrd, per inch, per sheave Blocks, snatch, in Bath bricks, doz Bhnkets. rose, pair Ht'd->pread?. Maisellles, pfece Bread B skets, tin, piece Bell, table,each " large, and fixtures, each Bits bornis, each Bullet Moulds, set Bo itsw aiu's ( all. silver, each Brace and Bits, set Bel iViug Puis, irou, each *' wooJ.each Bake Pans, set Battle Axes, each Barometer, each C Cordage, tarred hemp, patent, lbs Cordage, tarred hemp, bolt rope, 1 js Cordage Manilla, lbs Cable*, hemp, cwt " chaiu, lbs Clipper, sheet, lbs Chalk, lbs Chalk lines, piece Chhsels, assorted, set " cold, each Caudles, sperm, lb Compasses, brass, 10 inch, e'li boat, each " carpenter's, each Canvajs, Holland's A A, bolt " Amtricaii hemp,bolt " Cotton, No. 2, yil " " No. 3, yd " No. 6, yd " No. 10, yd Coal, Leh'gh, delivered, lou Cook's Ladles, each Curtains, inoreeu, made up yard Cups and Saucers, Queen's ware, doz Castor*, plain plated, set Crowbars, lbs Calipers, carpenter's, psir " gunner's, pair Capstan Bars, hickory, each " walnut, each Cranes lor boats, lb Coffee Mills, each " Boilers, each Centiliter* fol oil, each Cotton, waste, lb Coal Scraper, each Deck Ligh Duck, i vr . patent, each i, heavy, boll light, bolt imperial, bolt " c huii, bolt urn,, piece rawing Knives, piece ?nory, lb K e*, hand saw, each wood rasp*, each I- uuutl, wood, water, each Frying pans, each Kite each (?hols, huud KUnuol, cv liuder, \ d Koige and li llows, each (j (louges, set (Classes, log, H see., each " " 28 sec., each I fine, Ibu Gimlets, assorted, doz lUni Put, piece Oridirou, each Guuter'a Scale, each (iropuels, lb H Hawsers, Manilla, lb " hemp, lb llouseline, lb HUmbroline, lb Hooks and Thimble*, lb Handspike*, hickory, each " walnut, each " shod, each Hammer*, claw, each " pump, each " riveting, each " chipping, each Hooks, anchor, fish, lb " chaiu, lb Hanks, di z Halliards, pennant,lb Hook*, can, lb Hatchet*, each Hoe*, each I Ink, writiug, quart Irons, hand, lb " feet, lb *' caulking, each Juuk, lb K Kid*,copper, hoopsd, each Leather, rigging, lb " pump, lb Lng lines, hank Lanterns, signal, copper, each " battle, each " deck,each Litharge, lb Lead liues, deep sea, 120 fath om*, each " hand,each " black, lb Leads, sounding, lb Ladles and worms, each Lamp, binnacle, each Loggerheads, lb Lumber, white pine, clear, foot Lumber, plank, foot Ljg Reel, each Lamp-black, lb M Mallets, caulkiug, each " serving, each " gunner's each No bids will be entertained [ADVERTISEMENT.] CUSTOM HOUSE, NEW YORK, J Collector'! Office, December, 1815. S SEALED PROPOSALS will lie rewired at the Treasury Department, until the 20th instant, for the supply of rations to the |<etty officer* and seamen of the United Stares Revenue Steamer Spencer, for the term of one year from the 1st day of January ueit. The r itioii for the revenue lervice ia the *ame as that allowed in the naval lervice, emitting the liquor, and conaistsol the ar tides enumerated in the following table, to wit: lb|or. | Ibf. of | ounces of | hf pints of 4 . i , ? Days of the Week. siiciSlSS.j^Sf xo?s-*aoa?'. h ? X > Sunday '4 I >4 14 I ?* Monday I 11 1 * 1 Tuesday 2 1 14 I a Wednesday I 14 I g I Thursday 'a l'? H 14 I ^ Friday 4 14 2 I g II Saturday. I 14 I Ik 1 1 Per week H ?3><I 198 2 7 4 2 2 II The rations to he of good and wholesome quslity, to tie Hp proved by the Collector; and the different articles comprising iteration!, to be delivered on bo*rd the vessel 111 good andsufh cient casks and vessels, to be provided by the contractor, and (he contents thereof'distinctly marked ou each. It is to be distinctly understood, that 110 bids will be entertain ed from persons not actually engaged 111 the business to which these offers refer, and that the contractor will he bound to fur bish, upon reasonable notice, as often as may lie required by the captain of the vessel; with the approbation of the Collec tor (1.01 exceeding upon an average, one day in each week,) ? dtll fresh meat, and flesh vegetables, as inay be equivalent to the corresponding parts ot the rution allowed in the naval ser vice. Persons proposing will tr.uumit their bids sealed to the Sec retary of the Tressnry _ _ . dil tWr C W I, A WHENCE. Collector AGENTS FOR THE CHEMICAL HAIR INVIGORATUR. A REMEDY for all diseases incidental to the Hair, and its l\ restorative iu all eases where balduess is not beyond the reach of art. Prepared solely by E. PHALON, 214 Broadway. Stah and Country .igetils.?O. Kish & Co., Washington, I). (Aver Ik Ph*lan, 7# Broad street, Columbus, (la.; Tut tie, corner of Tenth and Chesnut streets, Philadelphia; H Rice corner of Court and Howard streets, Boston ; V. B. Lockiow. ii Beaver street, Albany; C. B. Brower, No los Fulton street, Brooklyn; M. S. Fletcher, Marebon. Lister Co , N. Y.; H. Tousr y, Syracuse, N. Y.; lohu B. Watson, Charlestoti Hotel, 8. C.: Gorton Andersou, Newport, R. I.; J. C. Duboice. New Paltt Landing, Ulster Co.; A. Ik O Stocres, Druggists, Hndsoil. N. Y City Jigenlt?ITS Division street, opposite Ludlow, N, Y.; J. V I. Coddington, Apothecary, No. 30:1 Hudson street, corner ?.( Hprmg, N. Y.j Everard's l-ancy Store, No. 178 Grand street; A. 11 Smds Ik Co.. 273 Broadway; Dr. Carroll <k Co. fin 3 M11 my street. dl lm'ec NOTICE. WE have this day associated with us in the Franklin House, Mr. Geo. J. 8. Thomimon. The business will be con ducted as heretofore, under the tins ol HAYES fc TREADWELL. New York, Dec. 11,1I4J. dlllw*m I W. MhMUM It CO., Proiwe. ?<1 Worn. Ms,chant, ili w ? Bread street oil H Police Intelligence. Lite. 15.?Extensive forgery,?Officer James H.Welsh, arrested lant evening a man by the name of Benjamin C. Watson, alia? H. Fields, who represented a firm called II Fields tic Co.. between two und three year* ago, keeping a store in Pl.itt street. I: appears from what we i can learn at present, that Witson aliit fields, purchased Roods to a large amount, from different :>i?rc .ants, to near $6000, amongst whom were Joseph tampion ic Co., No. lfi Petri itnet, for the payment ot which he gave i the note ol H. tieldb V. Co , with a firsced endorsement, purporting to be the signature of David Higgins, a re tired merchant. This business " operation," we must stato, was done two years aud three months ago. Affi davits woretakon at the time the torgery was commit ted, before Mayor Morris,and a warrant issued for his ar rest. Since that time, however, he has eluded the ends , of justice, until yesterday, he was spied in Clark Mil I Brown's, by Mr. Charles Megary, (who is a clerk to Sampson 8c Co.,) very quietly taking his dinner. Mr. Megary pounced upon him, like a fish-hawk on a tit mouse, and trotted him up to Mr. Sampson's store, when they sent lor officer Welsh, who escorted him up to the police office, belore the active Justice Osborne, \vho at once cemmiited him for examination. All the papers and affidavits are tiled in the Mayor's office, in this case; con sequently we were unable to furnish all the particulars. The papers will be had to-morrow; therefore, we shall he able to publish them in lull to our readers ou Wednes I day. Talcutt arrested for Perjury.?It will be recollected wo published, last Thursday, the capture ot a young flrl. Esther Gould ing, of 18 years of age, who was Be uced and living in adultery with a young man by the name of Daniel W. Talcott, corner of Sullivan aud Grand strpets. It will be remembered, also, that tiie lather ol Ksthor procured a habeas corpus, and brought Mr. Talcott before Judge 1 'graham?he making the re turn to the habaes under oath, stating that he had not, at any time prior to or subsequent to the date of tho writ, had the said Ksther Ooulding under his power or re straint, nor in his custody. Whereupon Justice Os borne (who is well versed on all legal points) granted a warrant tor perjury, on the complaint ot Thomas Gould , ing, the father of Ksther, charging him with swearing false to the return of the habeas corpus. He was arrested yesterday alternoon by officers Whikehart and Davis, aud forthwith examined by Justice Osborne, wherein he states?I am 33 years of age ; I reside at No. 188 Fourth street; 1 am a clerk, and born in this city ; I art not guilty of any perjury ; the return which I made is true and correct, in every respect, to the writ of habeas cor pus. He was then admitted to bail in the sum of $1000? his brother signing the bail bond for his appearance at Court. Robbing a Frimd in the " Star" Ward.?James Kwing, John Feese, and Robert Thompson, all belonging to coal boats Irom Philadelphia, took lodging in the house of Thomas Smith, corner of Kosevelt and Water streets, and all slegt in the same room ; all turned out in the morn ing, and left the house in company, when Mr. Kwing missed from his pocket book a check for $100, also bank bills amounting to (40?in all (140. He immediately made known hi? loss to his two companions, which re sulted in all three returning to the house wli re they lodged, but no clue of the money could t>e l'oun I there. Kwing, not leeling altogether satisfied, insisted upon go ng to the Fourth Ward Station House, wlien Captain Fitzgerald proposed to put them all through the " ing" operation On this being proposed, John Feese was observed by a Mr. Moore of Brooklyn, to step on one side the room, and play with a squirrel in a tin cage.? Consequently, when he was searched, none of the pro perty of Ewing was found on him, but on going to tho cage, they observed a piece of paper which proved to be the lost check for $100, identified by James Kwing aihis property ; therefore J din Feeso was trotted up before ? Justice Osborne, who fully committed him lor trial. The i (40 hat, not yet been found. Petit Larcenies?Bill Walker was arrested last night for stealing a pocket hook containing (I J, from Mr. B.W. Crisp,, and an overcoat from Mr. Van Brunt of Brooklyn, valued at (id. Committed by Justico Osborn for the Special Sessions Stealing Clothing.?Lewis Fishsr was caught in the act of stealing a pair ol pantaloons from a sloop, foot of King street. Committed, Dishonest. Servant.?Mr. Kira Smith, who is bar-tender at the Second Ward Hotel, Nassau street, had his trunk cut open, about the '27th of November last, and stolen therefrom bank bills and silver amounting to f?50; also at tho sa.ue time a smtll box containing one pair of gold ear rings, and two gold finger rings. Suspicion resting I 'ipon a black boy at the time he was arrested, but not | rinding any thing belonging to Smith, he was discharged; 1 liowevtu-, Mr. Smith discovered yesterday his small box | in the sink, where it ha t been thrown by the thief It | struck him at once that tho robbery had been committod hi- the chambermaid, Catherine Fa. ley, who left the pr ! mises three days aftertlio property was lost. He imme diately went in search of Catherine, and found her at his washerwoman's, No. 37 Warren street, over the stables, where she had nil her things packed up, apparently to loavo the city. He at once sunt for one of our city offi ; i-ors anil had her arrested and searched, but not a parti i cle of tho property h?s been re 'overo i Committod for , nxHinination by Justice Osborne. Court Intelligence. Okhkral smioM, Dec. lj.?K?fora Recorder Tall rmtdge and Aldermen H?nry it Meserole. Renterurt of Thomas (mohIiI <tnd John McOuirt.?In the case of these lx?yh. who a few days ago plead guilty to '.in Indictment charging them with burglary in the third d;gree, in having lclouiously entered the store of Mr John M. Newbould, No. 48 John at., and stealing there from about $000 worth of w.itches, cutlery, Htc. ; they were this morning sunt to the House ol Ketugo, both of them being under 16 years of ago. 'l'rial of Smith, atiai Howyman on a charge of Robbing the Barge Clint,in.?James iluneyman, alias Smith, alias Edwards, was then placed on hn trial or being con cerned with Parkinson, .Miller alia* Cupid, and Davis alias t'ollard, in robbing the bargu Clinton, of Pough keepsie, on the 7th ol April last, oi $32,000 Jonas B. Philips Esq , Acting District Attorney, in opening the case, briefly alluded to th-j tacts which the pnmcutiou expected to prove and rely on for a convic tion of the accuscd. As the evidence adduced thus far by the prosecution does not vary in aiiy essential particular from that given in the case of I'urkiuson, (convicted during the last term of the Court,) we purpose giving a synopsis of the testi money oil the present occasion, unless in the coune of the triul some new and important facts should be elicited, in which case, tney will be found fully reportediu the columns of the Herald. J am f.i Buack, tirst teller of the Merchants' Exchange Bank, demised that on thj afternoon of the 7th of April lasthe delivered to Capt. Wilsey. of the barge Clinton, a package containing $19,2!>7 for the Bank of t'oughkenp sie, of wnich $!),-297|Vi bills on the iastjnamed bank, and $10,000 in bills on the Merchants' Exchange Bank. Isaac U. Oiidkn, titst teller in the t'henix Bank, ihynn ed that on the 7th of April last he handed to ( apt. "'il sey, of the barge Clinton, six packages of bills on the Farmers' and Manufacturers' Bauk of Poughkeepaie? amounting to $14,700, to be delivered t> the last named hank. One bill, of $5, which was amongst those stolen, had certain marks upoo it, by which he was enabled to identify it as having been in his possession before the theft. Capt. v, of the barge Clinton, deposed that on the day referred to, he received the package* of bills, and put them uit-> the iron *ale in the ollice on board the barge ; that he locked tho satfe, and deposited the key in the desk drawer, the key of which, as also that of the office, witness handed to Mr. Carey, the clerk ; witness then went on shore to attend to somo exchanges, aad re turned on board about t> o'clock, soon alter which the barge left the wharf for Poughkeepsie, arriving there about 3 o'clock in the morning ; that when the packages of money were called for about 7 o'clock that morning, it was discovered that they had been stolen, except one package containing $1900, also a bank hook which had lieen left, also a lot ol paper ; about $'2000 in the money drawer had not been disturbed ; the boat was heavily laden with freight that afternoon , a person could have gone to the Captains'* office without being observed, un less the hands had been within ? few teet of the ofli.'e door. Ecbkrt Cahev, clerk on board the barge, deposed that on the afternoon ol the 7th of April, he saw Capt Wilsey come on board and deposite the packages in the iron sale ; that the key was deposited in the money drawer ; that the keys of the oflice door and money drawer were in his possession n part of the time, and a part of the time in that ol Capt. Wusey; that on arriving at Poughkeensie it was di*cov<Tod that six packages ha t been .tolen. At this stage of tho proceedings the court adjourned until to-morrow morning. V. 8< District Court?In Chamber*. Before Judge Betts. D( The Cote oj Cap*oin J.udloir.?Judge Betts, alter he had taken his seat, this morning, proceeded to deliver Ins opinion >n ihis case His Honor took u very elahoiate review of the lacts and evidence, as they ap peared on the papers submitted to him, and said he could come to no other conclusion than to order the commit ment of the prisoner, although he did not pretend to say but a very different statu ol tacts might )>e laid before a giand oi petit jury ; but, as a committing inagistiute, no other discretion was left him And he accordingly or dered the prisoner to be committ-d Counsel lor the (itfuuee requested that an indictment might lie sent to the grand jury, now in session The U. N. District At torney replied, that, as the U. 9. law now stands, an in dictment lor murdai could not be sent to a grand jury organized by the II. 8 I>i?tiict Court, nor could that Court try a party charged with murder This view was acceded to by the Court, and Mi. Ilotf'jian enquired of the District Attorney to uain s the sum he required as bail. TIm latter said, $2",000. Alter some consultation between the counsel on both sides and the Court, it was consented that bail in $10,00" would be acceptcd. Mr. Sleat, of the firm ol Howland Si Co, ottered to become one ol the bail, and to procure another who would jus til) in the amount required. Superior Court. Before < hief Justice Jones Dli 16. ? H'*?. IKiiU, Simon Uic'iardson tt al.M.lbe F.iut Rivtr Mutual Insurants Co. ?This was an action on policy of insuiance, to recover $-2000 The plaintifls aie rope inanulactitrers, carrying on their trade at Hush wick, L.I. The policy was efTecte l on the btu oi Sep tember, 1843, and was to cover, not only the pluintifU' stock in trade, but all other stock tney might hold either iu trust or on commission, together with tne building in which such stock might be. Oi the 30th ol October lollowing, the premises too i lire and were destroyed, with the whole ot tfio stuck, consisting of manufactured loiio, rmw bii'i mucin no ry. Alt<r the |>luiiitifi hotl closed his testimony, defendant'* counsel moved lor a nou suit on two giounds. I he fiist hs, that, on the face of the policy it appeared that a atom house only was insured ; whereas, hjr the evidence it was shewn that (tie premises insured was a manufactory , in which the spinning of hemp and the manutactur* ot top** were earned on. J'ho second giound was, what is technically called di bot t the polioy, which, in commou parlance, means that u steam engine was used in the manufactory tor working tho machinery, the knowledge of which wai concealed from the Company at the time the insurance wai effected, which, it was c intended, vitiated the policy. T'ie Judge denie 1 ths non-suit, '? it reserved the tw3 points for ttie consideration of the Court in bink. Tne citunsal for the defense stated iio ni 1 u > w evi dence to olfir, and the Court directed the jury to find a'*.' : i! nliin'.itf. subject to thi above pn? ata. Ver dict accordingly. For it H ltlJ, liirirl and Piatt) for defendant* Mr. Albert J. Dillon. Before Judge Oakley. Ckarlet E Jackson vi. Simeon Loisee, S'irviuor, f e.? In this case, (for which see the ropart in last Sun lay's HtraU.)lu>s jury returned a verdict for defenlmt for six cents dacntges, nix cents costs, a i I v lined the property at $1107 50cents, For plaintiff iaudford and Porter, for deforciant Henry And Law ton. M A F Uitriton ?$. .1lb?rt Sp'ncr.?This was an ac tion for libel, brought by plaintiff, form li t on a latter written in Decembar. 1949, by the defon l int and hi? rartner, Hull, and addressed to i mia nin* 1 Birr. The ihel charge 1 llirrison with bein{ tlis grj iteit villain an 1 har u;?on the fa-.i ol ttia eirtii, a swindler, !?.; that lie went to Charlaiton. in Sjutti Carolina, taking with him a quantity of pictures of various ipenies of the feathered tribe for sile; that hi t.iare represented they were painted by u> eminent artist in Lmdjn; wiiaraas, in truth, they were palate 1 by some d tuber in Charles ton, and that He ran *way f.'ein his cr j litiri in New Ha ven, having first secreted and disp >se l of hil proparty. Tue defendant put in three plea . to tha action?'he first, the general issue-, the second,that the letter was a private nn-1 confidential oommnaloatton, and the third a plea of justification. A similar a"'ion. lounded on the sains let ter, was brought by Mr. llirrison ag iinsta inau named Iinll, the partner of tha present defendant, which was tried last ter n and 3ccn;>>a 1 th< Court for ten daya aid was very fully reported in the Htrald. For plaintiff Mr. Jordon and Mr. C. W. Sand ford; for defendant Messrs. Dudley and S. J. Field. Brooklyn Intelligence. Com Mo* Council. PaoccEDinos.?Bedlam was again let loose in the Common Council Chamber of Brooklyn last evening, nnd the proceedings of the city fathers, on the subject ol the long and much vexed question of u publi.: park, might truly bo described as "oonfmion worse confoundol." Alderiuin Burbank, chairman of tii3 Committee on Lands and Places, presented a report iu favor of anthorising tin Street Commissi > lor tj ad vertise for proposals tor planting trees, cutting and gra velling walks, and manuring the plots on lie swamp noartiie Nivy Yard, which has sagaci-vwly been deter nuned upon as the future promena ling groundl of this great community. The report ad vise J tint the expenses to be incurred for such purpose! ?ti>ull not exceed fiftoen hundred dollars and that tne imaunt nss cussary to defray the outlay should bo n rue in equal pro rata by all tax payers. T i this su-jgaslion, save rel-the Aldermen from tli* first, second, thirl and fourth wards, (with but tha si.igle exception of Al derman Stilwell,) unanimously demurred, ail the consequence was a discussion, attended by m >re indecorum and impro,i iety tnan. perhaps, lu*ev?ryet isgraced even the halt* uf legislation tit Wi?hi j<tia. Dinng the dabate, however, some excellent a i l witty speeches ware delivarn I. w ii-h hid they not ban-i ac companied bv unbecoming personalities, would have redounded ni uh to the credit of their authors The principal orator* on the question wore Allerm -i Crist, Fowler, Humphrey, Gerald, J S. Smith and Lae. The last named gentleman was ;>!Ctiliarly feliclto is, a* well ns stringently severe, in his remarks. Ho state 1 to it the so-called City Park was, at best, but spot, a mud hole, and a nuisance. '? A barren waste, with ne'er a blade of grss* To cheer the vision of a hungry ass and denied the tight of the Common CouticJ to inSiot upon their constituents, for such an abortion a.i assess ment upon the whale city, tha real effect of whioh would only bo the consummation of a local improve ment for the benefit of a few property holders in viie vi cinity. The report was, hawever, ultimately adopted ; and Aide: men Humphrey, Lee, Powell, J. S Suite, Fowler, and Crist, were iiermitted to enter tueir protest against its injustice and illegality. Petitions were presented from Margaret D'tffy, 'C >rn? lius Bergen, B. M. Stilwell, and Heury J Tabar, seve rally, for conveyances of property purchase.! it f*x aud (Miessment snloii ; from James Rikeman, bul -her, a?kinjf to be released from tine ; from Dennis Perkins, a-king Ihat the owners of property in Paciti;: str -et, (between tlenry and Hicks streets,) be compelled (?? er?>*.t la-nn posts and lamps at their own expense ; from HjoU dui Ladder Company No I, lor naw keys ; from diaries Houzelotand Henry Forhall, jf , for lish stands i-i Fultou market; from John McKelvey an 1 Painhall Wells to be appointed as oliance watchmen ; find from B W. Davis in relation to filling lots on Park Aronua. Itamonstran cds were received from Divil Hall, an 1 others, against the construction of a public cistern at the cornor of Da ?raw ami Sackett streets ; from Kvan \1. Johnson ugainst confirmation of assessment list for public cistern at the corner of Jay and Johnson streets ; from Samuel Preeble, R'ld others, ngainst opening D.i'>evo'<? street: and Iro.n Henry L. Clark and F. 8. Lathroi against proposed wells and pumps at tlio corner of Degraw and Honry streets, and Degraw and Sackelt streets. Kills were went in Irom John lloss, for constructing a \\iua*i around t vo lata adjoining tbe osuttern market, trom C. 11 Van Brunt, for stationery: from Inspectors of Second District of tho Fourth Ward, for tbe fees which accrued to them at the last alaction; from F. Bogardus, ?lo3", for ioi feat ol engine hose; from Patiick McCor l mick, fc-i, for filling public cisterns; and from F. Shon ;.ard, forconstructing wall and pump in .Mildagti streot. 1 ommunications weie received, anl referred to appro priate committees, from Tarleton B. Earle, larelition t) plans and specifications furnished by him for a City Hall; from Jamas Friel, in reference to certain lots in the Seventh Ward, sold for taxes for the year 1840, which taxes, at the time of such sale, had been pud; f:orn S. C. Brower, Assistant Engineer, complaining against tho foreman of fire company No. 12, for diso bedience of orders: lrom Daniel" Badell and others,in relation to the gradiug and paving of Middagh street; and from 11 Richardson, complaining of obstructions on the side walks of Middagh street. Several long reports vera made by Committees on Lands and Places, Assessments, Limps, Streets, Public Cist rns. Wells und Pumps, Wat>-.h and Police, Fire De partment, aud Law, all of which, with the exception above stated (in relation to the City Park) were ol an entirely uninteresting character, except to individual* immediately concerned in the issues disposed of. Among earious resolutions that were offered, and appropriately referred, u as the subjoined, in relation to the Fire De partment:? Resolved, That tho Board of Officer* of the Fire De partment be instructed to proceed forthwith to ascertain what amount of moneys may be due the department from individual* formerly hoi ling olHces under thoin, and that they report to this Board with all possible dispatch the names o< such Individuals, an 1 the amounts due by them, to the end that the nmouuts so found to be due may be collected aud placed to the account of the Fire Department fund." Poi. lit Office.?Considerable business was done at the Polico office yesterday; chiefly, however, in the ex aminations ol prisoners whose arrests have heretofore been notic d in this paper. Three or four persona were taken into onto ly on divers charges preferred against them, the piincipal of whom wns a pedlar named Car roll, who offered for sale at the store of Mr. Lockett, No. 189 Fulton street, a quantity of Ami silk at a price far below its real value. This circumstance created *u*pi cion, and the itinerant merchant was requested to call again during the day, to complete the negotiations which were proposed. In tho interim, Mr. Lockett called at the store of Mr. Joseph Connor, an extensive importer of raw silk*, carrying on business at No. 67 Liberty street, New York, and there discovered that the property which Carroll had attempted to dispose of was ttoleu. He,there fore, caused the latter to be taken into custody (*>y offi cers Bird and Stewart) as, also, a man named Petei Con ley, the keeper of a small vhoi> it the corner ?f Wa !i*on and Catherine streets, New York, whom Carrol inoulpa ted as the principal in the very equivocal tr ui.action. A man named Michael Holland, residing in South Brooklyn, was arrested by officer II jy nei, on achaige made against him for riotou* and dilorderlv condu it at the refreshment saloon of a person named H iwnun, in Fulton street. On promising to i epii'- cartai'i damage* which lie had done to various article-, ot gi*?< ware. &c., he was permitted to go, aftor pa) ing thu tuu .l cost*. Susan Atchinson, a middle age.I woman, and Abraham Lyman, a youth about thirteen years of ag?, were seve rally convicted of v.i^nincy, and discharged on parole. Oeorge Ackermiu w? i (.otivicted ot petit larceny, in having robbed the fo.ecsMle of the brig Science, I) - ing at Cook St Ingali's iviiarf, of some aiticles of cloth ing. He was a'terwanls secured by the mate while he was breaking into the cabin wneid the matitar an i mate were sleeping. Ttie latter testified tha: lio heard a number oi prisons run awiy when Ackerinan was ta ken. Tlx' piisouer \*a* remanded for santeoce, end iu the meantime ptoceedingn will be instituted to convict him of burirlHty. The home of Mr. Vanderveer, No M (Vange streej, whi burglariously entered yesterday morning uud a va luahle cionk stolen from tho entry, while Mr v w*r si' ting in tho parlor. II* was moused by the noi?e vhich the tLief mtule in leaving the liou?o, but ccul. a >t die cover him. Gross Carelkssirss.- The origin of the fire on Kridiy evening, in tiia building in Adams street. foimttily oi cti. pied as a City Hospital, wit* lrom the c ulmi aad i is*, eure manner in which the chimney wan !> lilt t'icro be ing a wall of only a brick'' thickness between the lire and the studs ol the adjoining building If the fl'e nnd not been timely discovered,tho two building* would ?jon have been entirely consumed. Mkkioi'< Accident at thi N*tt Vino -A^ou' ei*ht o'clock yesterday morning, Mr. Johu Hals*e*d, an aged man, who hai charge ol a circular saw, an I <he nia.'hl uety attached to it, at the Navy Yard, winle oili >g toe journals, was drawn in over the shall, b.>t* een *he cm , ? heads and drum, and very much inj ired. H* I ihe'e been a loss active nerson than Mr. Wiiliaui t<'o? ter at h o engine, ho must have been crushed to a om? 1 <? thought that his shoulder i* dislocated. BraoLAKious Attempt.?One dajr last week, ?? a sei. vant girl in tha house of a gentlomrin in Livingston St.. was pin suing her avocations in tho kitchen, alia o.nuallj raised her eyes to the window of thn pantry, between that loom and tne front basement, and saw the iare ol a nun looking directly at her. fhiiiknig it was one ol the family. alio did not pay any a'tcntiuu t* the circumstance In a short time the man walked out in gieat haste, with a iiasktt containing a considerable quantity of silvn ware, and made his exit lrom the hon e Recovering fiotn her astonishment, the gn I immediately gave chaae, overtook the thiei at a little distance, and raised such au outcry that the laacal dropped his booty and (lad. Fire.?Tha hotel of Mr 9 Sammis, in the village of Hempatea I. (<? I , was destroyed by fire, about X o'clocU , yesterday morning Loss $4,000 -insured

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