Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1845 Page 1
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m? j V----L L?i v't ? ? ?? THE NEW YORK HEKAL Vol. XI., No. 348?Whole No. 4?00. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 18, 1845. Price Two Cents. TirE^iwrvoin^TiHiEirn^ JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY HERA LD-Kvery day. Prie? 1 cent* per copy? $7.25 peraanumr-pxyable in *dvane?. . WEEKLY RF.RALD?Every Setur lay?Price tU cent per copy?$112* cents i*r annum?payable iu advance, AU Vr.RTIShMENTS at the usual price*?alwaya cash iu advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty anil ilea patch. ii*7" All letters or communications, bv mail, addressed to the establishment, must be pott paid, or the pontage will be deducted from the aubscriptiou monev remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, I'rupriet' r of the New York Hkhai.h Estahmshmknt, Northwest corner of Fulton and streets. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE. Four Dollars through to Albany. LANDING at the Inturmerfiate placet. I lor far ea the ice will permit.?There ii good , ?aleighing fiom any point on toe Hudtou to A1 ; bany, and s will be in readiueaa to carry pai*euijer* to i their destination, at the arrival of tiia boat. Pattage $4 through to Albany. The celebrated ice tteamboat COLUMBIA. Captain Wm. I 11. Peck, leavei the iteainboit pier between Courtlandt and liberty street*, THIS DAY at FIVE O'CLOCK P. M.- | Thursday, December 18th, 1815. Fui?paassge ur freight, ap|ily ou board, or to P. C. Schulta, at the office ou tke whart. dl8 rc notice: The PEOPLE'S LINE hive made arrange ? menu with the powerful steame* UTICA .and NORWICH, to run to Albany (or aa far as thrice will permit,) every day at 5 o'clock, P M. till farther notice. New Jfork. Dec, id. Hi- d4 r ???- NKW LINE OK PACKETS FOR LIVER WMCTyPOOL?Packet of th' 21*t December.?Th* splendid, JMMbw ell-kuowii, fast (ailing packet ship LIVERPOOL, Capt J.ihu Eldridgr, will positively anil ou Monday, Decem ber 22d, her regular day. The accommodation, of this ship for cabtn. second cabin and steerage pas*engcrt cannot be surpassed. Those wishing M secure berths, should not fail to make early application on board, foot of Burling Slip, or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, dll rc 75 South street, corner Maiden lane. FOR LI VERPOOL?The Mdendid and well tknowu regular packet ship ST. PATRICK, Proul, ?uiatter, will tail on the 22d December, Iter regular nay.?Can in a most handsome and comfoitable manner accom modate a limited number of cubiu, second cabin nud steerage passenger* at much less than the usual rates, by immediate ap plication ou board the ship, foot of Dover *t. or to JOHN HERDMAN &. CO. 01 *outh at. eear Wall itreet. 1 N. B.?Second cabin and ?te?rage passages can also be se cured at this office* for return of taiu ship, to sail from Liver pool 'n ihe 2d of February ueit, at very low rates, by applying as a Hove. Jl7rc FUR NEW ORLEANS?Louitmna and N?w York Line?regular packet?To tail Saturday, 27th _iiu?t?The elegant fist sailing packet ship TENNES lay, matter, will positively tail aa above, her regular for freight or passage, having haudsome furnished accom mod&tiout, apply on board at Orleant wharf, foot of Wall tt., or to E K. COLLINS lit CO., 56 South ?t. Positively no go'vds received on board after Friday evening, 26th inst. Agent in New Orient, James E. WoodiufT, who will promptly forwaid all goods to hit address. Packet thip LOUISVILLE, Hunt, master, will mcceed the Teniirttee, aud sail 10th January, her regular day. d!6ic ONLY REGULAR LINE OF PACKETS FOR ? NEW ORLEANS?Packet of the 20th Dec.?The ?splendid.well known,fast sailing packet thip UNION,'taui Kattooue, will potitively tail ou Saturday, December 20th. her regular day. , . The accommodations of thia thip for cabin, aecond cabiu and s'eerage passenger* cauuot be surpassed. Those wiahiug to se cure berths, should not fill to make early application oil board, foot of Wall it., or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, 75 Booth street, dICrc corner Maiden lane. FOR LIVERPOOL-To tail on the20th Dcc. >The splendid skip ORPHAN, Captain Ui<|uart, mas ?ter. will potitively tail as above. laving very tnperioraccoininodationt for cabin, second cabiu aud iteernge passengers, pertont wiahing to tecure berths, should make immediate applicatmn on board, at pier No. C North River, or to JOSEPH McMURRaY, Corner of Piue and South itreets, New Yotk N. B ? A will be furnished iu the hou?e on deck, for the comfoit of the tecond cahiu passengers. t) Ur* FOR LIVERPOOL?The fait sailing, coppered and copiier fastened barque TARTAR, Kutull, (master, 500 tons burthen, will tail for the above poll ^iid meet with quick despatch For freight or passage, having excellent accommodation!, ap ply ou board, pier 13 E R., or to WOODHULL &. MINTURN, dl6rc 87 South itreet. FOR GLASGOW?Regular P?cket-The well JffyJJV kuow:i. last tailing Biitith barque ANN HARLEV , JHwKa* apt Robert Scott, 4'0torn liurtheu, having most of her cargo engaged, will meet with quick dispatch. For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations, aji ply on hoard, foot of Pine street K. R? or to WOODHULL II MINTURN, 87 South street. The regular packet shin Saracen, N. T. Hawkins, master, will succeed the Ann Hailey. dIOrc FOn LI VERPOOL?The New Line?Regular ? Packet of 21st Deci rbtr.?The superior fatt tailing Bpacket thip LIVERPOOL, Capt John Eldridge.UOO tow; burthen, will tail as above, her regular day. For ('"eight or passage, having splendid, large and comfortable aute rooms and cabin, appl>- on board, west tide Burliug tiip, orlo WOODHULL & MINTURN. 87 South street. Price of passage $104. The packet ?fiip Queen of the IVest, 1150 tons burthen,Capt Phillip Woodhnnte, ivill succeed the Liverpool, and sail oa h-r regular day, 21tt Jan. n^re STOtiAGE FUR CORN, GRAIN AN U FU>UR. ^TORAGE for fifty thousand butheli Com or Grain. and twenty thousand barrelt Flour, can he had in the Brick Storealive minutes' walk from South Ferry, Brooklyn, on very moderate terms There is a good pier adjoining these premises, and tullicieut depth of water lor the largeat cl?as ahipa. Apply to CHADBORN h CO., on the premitct. n2B lm?r LOOK AT THIS. IMPORTED FRENCH BOOTS of the best quality f at the extraordinary low price of $5 00 is Double Solthe Dest article 5 50 j/t Cork Sole do 6 50 French Call Boon, made to order 5 00 French Call Shoea 200 tieot. Hall Boots. 2 25 Dancing Pumps, the nicest kind 1 25 Dancing Gaitert, with Patent Leather Tint ? 1 75 And a general assortment of India Rubbers and all kinds of Over Shoes, from the tmallett to the largett; also u great as sortment of Boys' Boots *nd Shoes; Mistet and Children'tdo. L '.diet in tint ttore will find the greatest assortment of Oaiters, Biickint, Slipt, Tie*, Quilted Shoe*, Moccasins, Clogs, joilet Slips, white and Illicit Satin and white Kid Slip*; India Rub bets of all the different qualitie*, ?ort* and, from the striilleit to the largett, aud hut one price asked, at 387 Broad way, conitrof Fraukliustreet. .... . n'i8 lin'r M. CAHILL. .PREMIUM HOOTS. J KINK FRENCH BOOTS for W 50, pity made, mid for styleand durability, they are equal to those solil in other stores for ?4.K ine trench Premium Imperial Dress lloots for ft 50, equal to those now in other stores lor $G or $?, at YOUNG kJONE'S French boot aud Shoe manufactory, one ofthe mo*t fashionable establishments in this city. Our boots having been judged in :he late Fiirat Niblo's, are said to be the belt boots lor the price ever sold in this couutry. Also, a superior new style French Dancing Gaiters, and overshoes, constantly ou hand. All guilds warranted to Rive satisfaction. Boots and Shoes made to order in the shortest notice. Mending done in the store. VOUNO k JONES, 4 Ann street. n7 lm'rc near Broadway. New York. GHAiUjt;S HOTEL, Cor. ofThlrd St. mid 1'eiiiiaylvniila Avenue, WASHINGTON CITY. fl^HE SUBSCRIBERS resprctfully anuoiiiice to the inliabi .1 t ints and strangers visiting the city, that they have become the lenseescf the iiboveestablishinent, known as the propi rty of Charles Lee Jones, E?l. I s location is immediately adja cent to the railroid.anddirectly opposite G tdsbv's new h .tel. mnd only three minutes' wnl* from the Capitol ana the priucipal hotels. 'J'lie style in which this establishment is to he conducted, is ou the much-admired Euro) ean plan, ol lettine the parlors and sleeping ap irtments, and fumisliii u meals to order, either in the private or | ublic rooms, as parties may desire. 'J'h>> establishment beiug new, nod furnished with neatness and elegance, the proprietors feel confident it will vie w ith any minilur establishment in the Union. The apaiiniciit* appropriated to dinner and supper parties are inferior to none lu this or any other city. In addition to the many attract ions of [his establishment, there is attached a res taurant, where all the delicacies of the seison will be served up at moderate diaries. We respectfully solicit the pa'ronage of the public. BROWN k ROFF. dl4 Jteodrc TURTLE SOUP FOR EXPORTATION. C1 OSLING, of the American and trench Dining Saloon, f Nos. CI and tC Nassau street, has always ready Oreen Tur tle Soup for Captains and families, pot ui> in tin boxes. Upwards of ItiO different d'shes served np daily for dinner from 12 M. till i P. M ; the best ol the market*; all k nds o Maine, kc., for prices which tint everybody, tie his I tely electsd a machine whereon dinner lor 200 persons can be hi two minutes prepared. Has lainous buckwlieat cakes. Every arrangement is made for theeomloitol the v.siters. HisSa Inon is open from fi A. \1. till 9 1'. M., (except the lirst day in the week nil 3 P \1 ) My ?on, lienry Gosling has erected at a great expense,* Similar i st ili.ishment in Boston, Mhss., No. 16 Devoiuhire st. V ery th.inkful lur the encouragement bestowed on me for the last five years, mid in ihe hope of a continuance, i have the honor to call myself your uio?t obedient restaurateur, nZT lm'rc L. GOSLING. HOTEL DES DEUX FRERES. Boarding and Rooms on the European Plan WHICH is more c.wvciiient.comfortaWf, and economical than nny other plan for traveller*, and imrchant* whose lusineS* require them to be ab*eut frequently. The c|iliel and healthy localiou of llie hotel, op|inaite Duane |U\IK, retired Ir,>ui the noise, bustle and coufusion of great tho rodglifare*, yet adjaceut thereto, and all the steamboat land ings, pi (wilts tht inoal desirable residence. 161 Duane it op posite Duane park. nU lm* ' NEW FRENCH RESTAURANT k COFFEE HOUSE AT NO 737 BROADWAY. Messieurs bunel k le comtk, he* to announce tj the public in general, and to diMiuislud lamilies in raiticul r, til I lh?y lisve opt in d *u tle^.nil t reach Restaurant and Coffee House, ar No. 7 7 Drondw.iy, where Brcaklast*. Pinners and Suppers may I e had It any convenient hour; anil im * style ti nt cannot Mil to satisfy the most delicate palate. There will *lw?y* be found a rich supply of fine pastry and confiKtionery.jillies, ice creams, Cliarlottes-russes, ko. Fx qaisite Liquor* and the most choice Wines Orders received Iroin I'.imilivs for Brenkla*t*, Dinners and Suppers, or separate dishes.t I antes suiii lied With every kiud ol l'astry, Jellies I .infontioi anes nnd ice Creams. c3 Im'rr MERCHANTS' EXCHANGE HAT SALES ROOM. WINTER STYLE OKNTLEMEN'S BEAVER and l< rench Silk Hals, Travelling. Evening and other i :?ps, ol the very best materials, got up m the most fashionable and be f ii n ? style*, are now ready for laspectiou Mid s*le. Th? puce* and quality of Hie gortfs offered nt this establish ment entitle them to til notice ol those about pnrchasmu HOWE, Merchant*'Exchange, ill! Im'r 10 William street HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA. THE TRIUMPH 0< >MPLETE !! For wl* by MOORE St CO-, the American Ajrentt, *1 Ann street, and Elliott, 173 DIVISION STREET, op SMjto Ludlow, New York Pri e $1 a bottle?Six hot el for $5. nft 1m je HART WELL'S W A SHIN O TO DT HOUSE , a?3 Chestnut Btroct. PHILADELPHIA. BATHS just introduced?Warm and Cold?m line apart ments, for both ladies and gentlemen; and the entire orga nization and fitting up of every aepartmeut of the Washington Houie,complete dll I m*m JUST OPENED. COLUMBIA HOUSE, CHE8NT7T STREET, Between Sixth nn<l Seventh Streets, PHILADELPHIA. BAGLEY, MACKENZIE it CO., Proprietor*. JAMES BAGLKY. Inte of Jones'Hotel. HENKYC.M M KKN/.K, formerly of WashingtouHouse PET EH L. FKRGOTON. s2l ihnre Chemical RkSULT-A WONDER !?my CELE BRATED VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIR DYE, to enable persona to dye instantaneously their hnir, without tlie leaat inconvenience. Kor changing red or grey li.ur, whiskers, eyebrows, &c. to a brown, black or chestnut color. Tlie slightest evil consequences need not be Icarud from iu um?it is dtogethei hannle**. This composition is the only one sanctioned by the science of chemistry, to dyo, in an iudeliible manner, the various gndntions of colors, without danger or inconvenience, andh-s justified the liberal patronage and unlimited confidence of the imblic. If black is required, ask for box marked N.; if browu, box marked B. Bew ire ol ronnterfeita.?Auk for "Julea Hand's Vegetable Liquid Hair Dye," if yon want the genuine article. h oriale, wholesale aud ret.ul, by JULES HAUEL, Perfumer and Chemist, No. 4ii South Third street. Philadelphia, and by my agents:?J. B. Jacquemod, No. 415 Broadway; K. A. Artuilt. l.afayutre Bazaar, Nos. 149 mid 151 Broadway; A. Willard, 3. W corner of tJedar and William streets. Preiniuma awarded at the Franklin Institute. nl6 lm*rc STAATS & BARKER, CLOTHING AND FURNISHING WAREHOUSE, 179 Broadway, OPPOSITE HOWARD'* H< DIRBCTLY OPPOSITE HO WARD'ST HOTEL, HAVE ju-t received a large and splendid assortment of WINTER GOODS, which the* will makeup to order in their usual tinhiounlile style and finish. Also, READY MADE CLOTHING, Overcoats?Super Krench Castor and double milled Cloth $15,110 to $35 no do Tweeds, See., 8tc 5,00 to $16,00 Cloaks? 7.00 to $25,00 Dreas and Frock Coats. Vests, Pants, Shirts, Undershirts, Drawers, Hosiery, Scarfs, Cravats, Gloves, Suspenders, lie., tic. N. B.?S. tit B. wish to call the attention of travellers aud others exp-sod to the weather to a auiwrior article of Euglisli double milled Kersey, drab and blue, very heivy, manufac tured exweaaly for them. n9 lm*m JOHN DARLEY, MERCHANT TAILOR, 140 liroacTwuy and 78 Liberty Street, BEIN desirous of selling the balauce of his large stock of Fall and Winter Goods, suitable forGentlem?ns wear, of fers them on the most reasonable terms, aud solicits the atten tion of gentl-men about purchasing. He also offers the balance of his well assorted stock of READY MADE CLOTHING, consisting of Dress aud Frock Coats, Pants and Vests, Surtouts Cloaks, Backs and Office C ats, which will be sold from now till the 1st of February. AT COST. A large and choice assortment of Shirts, Scarfs, Cravats, Hosiery and l/uder Apparel, constantly on hand. N. B.?(Jeutlemen furnishing their own material, can have it mad* and trimmed, anil a lit warranted. iC/" For sale, a splendid Coachman's Coat. dl5 lm*inc G( ENTLEMEN OF NEW YORK-?Mv wlebrated r AMBROSIAL ROSE AND ALMOND SHAVING CREAMS, defy a comparison in America or Europe No per son will use auy other alter using this Emollient Paste. 11 is the best, the very best. Give it only a single trial. 1 do not ask any more to convince you. I warraut it. For sale wholesale and retail, at JULK8 HAUEL'S Perfumery nud Chemical Store, 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by mv ?gen;a:?J B. Ja<|uem?d, No. 415 Broadway; F. A. Artanlt. Lafayette Bazaar, Nos. 149 and 151 Broadway; A. Willard, S. W. corner of Cedar and William streets. Premiums awarded at the Friinkliu Institute. u!6 lm*rc FRENCH CHINA. Lt GERARDIN, IS John street, hiu just received on con " ? aignmtnt and offers for sale, ut very reasonable i'nces, a smrudid assortment of the following i-rticles ttich K incv Decorated Dinner and De.isert Sets, from : $75 00 to $910 PC Rich Fancy Decorated Ten Sets, from... $12 00 to $124 l<0 " Toilet Sets " Tete-a-tete " " Vases........ ... Muss ana Colfers, with mottoes,end Cologne Bottles, Uc. Plain White China of every description always ou hand and 'decorated to match any pattern. Dinner, Dessert and Tea Sets, of every description, sold in any iiu&utily required. GLASS WARE. On consignment frcin manufacturers, and for sale, a law <is sortinent of Plain and Rich Cut Glass, of every description, at F. GKKARDIN, n22 Im're 15 John street, up stairs. .SOLAR LAMPS, CHANDELIERS, GIRANDOLES' TEA TRAYS, bo. ?'pHK. SUBSCRIBER has just opened a splendid assortment I of Solarf.amris of various patterns; Suspending and Bracket Solars; Chandeliers with from one to live light*; Gilt and Uroi 7..',l Girandoles, of entire new patterns, trmined with English prisms ofthe finest lustre, n sets and pairs. Also, an Rssortineut of Japanned J'ea Trays, of Gothic and oval patterns, which he offers for sale at wholesale and retail, upon the most leanouable terms. JOHN W. MORGAN, 151 Fnlton street one door east of Broadway. N B.?Wanted at the above establishment, a good jouraey inan lamp maker. nil Im'mc T'OTHEBEAUTIFIKRS OFTHE COMPLEXION?8nr 1 prising Efficacy!?MV EAU DIVINE DE VENUS AND NYMPH SOAP, composed of an eastern hot in ical discovery of surprising effic icy for rendering the skin soft aud fair, as well as imparting a delicate roseat"hue to tin complexion. As a creator and conservator of that most distinguishing charm of female loveliness, a transparent fair skin, JULES HAUEL'H Nymph Soap, or Esu Divine de Venus, may be -< nl to exert an almost magical (lower. Composed for the most part of oriental balsamic plants, to the utter exclusion of ail mineral admixture, it is distinguished medicinally for its ei treinely bland, pnrifying and soothing action on the skin , and l>y ac.iug nnthe pores and minute secretory vessels, exiials all iinpurities fVom the surface, allays evety tendency to lullainma tion, aid, by this method alone, effectually dissip.?u>s all red ness, tan, pirnples, freckles, sunburn, and other unsightly cuta neous visitations, so mimical to female loveliness. Its use will change (he most, bilious complexion into one of ra diant whiteness; while on the neck, hands and arms, it be stows a delicacy and fairness which its continued use will hap pily protect, with every appearaucc of youthful ch:imi to the inost advanced periods of lite. Kor sale, wholesale and retail, hy JULES HAUEL, Practical Cheinistand I ertinner, 48 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by mv agents:?J. B. Jacqnetnoil, IW4I5 Broadway; V, A. Arfanlt, Lafayette Bazaar, Nos. 149 ind 151 Broadway; A Willard, 8. W. corner ot Cedar and William streets. Pri-niinm whs awarded at the Kranklin Institute nlfi lin'rc 'PO THE LADIES IN PARTICULAR?MY DEI'lLA ?J; TORY POWDER has been found highly beneficial and of great use to ladies who have been afflicted with superlluous hair, principally when its growth has been confined to the up l>*r lip mid side of the face, giving a masculine tnru to the whole features. When used withproper care, and according to the directions, it will be found to De n great addition to the toilet,as the use of any sharp instrument is entirely avoided, aud the hair is removed iu five or teu minutes after its applica tion. This composition is infallible, and warranted o remove su perllnus hair. Aftey uumeroes trials I have received certifi cat-s of success which cannot he contested. Kor sale, wholesale and r.-tail. at JULES MAUEL'8 DEPOT, 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by mv agents:?J. B. Jacquemod, No. 415 Broadway; F. A. Artault, Lafayette Bazaar, Not. 149 and 151 Bro idway; A Willard, S. W. corner of Cedar nnd Williams streets. Pre ra.itms awarded at the Kranklin Institute. nlfi lm*rc the Parisian secret. JUST PUBLISHED, a New Tianslatiou from the French, entitled "Hie Parisi>n Seciet, or Self Tn seivation: ' a per fect security i gainst Sesn I Diseases, under all circumstances, wi'hiiut the use of Mcdicine or any disagreeable necessity? universally understood mid employed by men oi fashion in Parts. London, and other large cities. 11 Y ALEXANDER LEBAUM, M. D , Membf r of the Kactilty of Medicine of Paris?Physician to the Venereal Hospitil?Knight of the Legion of Honor, lie., kc ? Rue i.e St Honore 29, Paris. i'ublislied by Robert H. Duuiont, Legal Deputy for Dr. Le hium, I i0 "'ashington st, Boston. Price 62>4 cents per copy? two cepies for $1 All orders should be ad dressed, post paid, to Rob* rt H- Dnmout as above. For sale III New Y. rk, only by WVATT &. KETCH UM. Ill Kulton st.; Philsdelphia, Colon & Adrian! c. in the Arcade, Chestut st. dlB Im*r HYDROPATHY. A HYDROPATHIC INHTITUION has been recemlj es. tablished in Morristcwu* N. J-,under the supervision of Dr Geo. T. Dexter. In Typhus, Scarlet. Intermittent, .aid Re mittent Fevers, the action of the Water Cure is to shorten vast ly the duration of diseases, and to restore the patient with but little loss of tune or sacrifice of streug h. In Rheumatism (acute and chronic) Gout, Dropsy, Paralysis, Dyspepsia, Scrofula, Eruptive Diseases, Constipation, Spinal Disease ( in cluding curtttures and distortstions,) Debility, Ike, the rapi dity with which relief is obtaiued is often surprising. 1 lie in variable success which has attended tiie trea'ment of the above mentioned diseases, at the varinus hydropathic institutions in H urope, tenders it worthy the consideration of those afflicted with similar complaints. Le'ters of imiuiry, poet-paid, addressed to Dr. DEXTER, Morristowu, N. J., will dHi lw*r TEETH!TEETH! ~ 'I^EETH inserted without pain, and warranted good as the J- natural ones, for biting and mastication. A complete double set of best mineral Teeth on tine gold plates, $50 M A set of best mineral Teeth, on line gold plate, ?or the upper jaw, to be worn-by atmospheric pressure, *0 00 Single Tooth, from tl 00 to 5 00 with _ 75 to 1 50 ?7 ur JUNES, corner ol Canal street and Broadway, en tranee in Canal street.^ d!7 2tis?rh H. IMPORTATION OF WATCHES. ?r ilL /^"ia' rrcr!7:d frnin Europe, with anew assortment orhne Gold and Silver Watches and MovemenU, a lot o li^pendcBt Seconds, mid double time Wat he* anil Move ^ Vi'.T ,,vle "f superior hnish. we take JiisiniJTfo vUif ? "t'ention of all persons iu tile watch business to visit our stock, which, in ev<-ry respect, will be found advantageous, both for price mid uualit v i maire. i, tt .. . , No. 127 I*niton street, New York. P. S-Engaged also in the watch making busmeis we con tinue to attend to the repairing of all kinds of watche*' and par tl. ula-ly those of fine and difficult works. "*4 im*m L^EATHEfU-l'HI lbs Wrst. ru Live Oeese, lor sale bv ' K- COLLINS CO,, ^ South it, Highland Cottages. VIKWH, witfl ground plana, of ihe HitliM CottlMI it Roxburv, near Bostril, il.j.ucd and erected by Win. B. Land- for sale at the stoles of Saiton and Miles, Wiley U Put nam, .M. H. Newman, Roe Liekwood k Sun; aud other book rtores iu New York, Pliil'dtlphiaai.d Bosion. i>V 7w*r A TI F..NTION!.Al L WHO DESIRB PK4RLY WHITK A TEETH?My unrivalled ROSE TOOTH PA8TK U universally sought after I'or the pearly whiteness it jives to the Teeth, without the slightest injury For sale, whole a] o . ud retail, at JULES UAUEI.'S. Practical < 'hemist ami Perfumer, 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agents:?J. B. J.actiuemod No 415 Broadway; F. A. Artanlt, Laiayette ti'/'.tr, Nos lit uid 151 Broadway; A. Willard.S. W. comer of ? ed-raud William streets. Premiums awarded at the l*'r.iukliii Institute. nib lm'rc BOIL E 11 F L U B S, OF AN Y DIAMEl'ER, hut not eicreding |6>i feet in leugth; thickness of metal from II to 14, wi-e guare. Theso urn the ooly Tabes used bv the English mid Krench government steamers, and other faat ueainbotts, and can be prc<i;"ed only from the Pnte'tee. ? ?V. '-??>.? THO.^ I'HOSKXR. tt Liher'v ?1. V LEFT OFF WARDROBIS AND FURNITURE WANTED. ENTLEMEN and Fainili's cm obtain the full value for 1 * f all kind, of suiierlluons effects they wuh to dispose of, such ?? Ladies ami Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Kire j Arms, Furniture, ike. Gentlemen leaving or returning to the [ city ? i|l liud it to their advantage to send lor the Mibsciber, wh i pledges himself to give a fair price lor all article* offered. N. B.?A line through the Post< Ifficc will he promptly at tended to T. LF.VKNSTYN. 027 lm'mc 4Sfi Broidway, up stairs. MONEY LENT?MONEY LENT. ' jl'HE Hikii<->t prices advanced, iu lanteaud small luini, on ' Jewelry, Diamonds, gold and Silver Watches. Plate, Wear ing Apparel. and every aeacriptiou of penmial nroperty JOHN M. DAVIES, Licensed Pawnbroker, 028 lm'rc 232 William 'treet urar Dunne street. Orricsor tmi: J*r?*icn>bn ir-st'iuncH Oo., / New York, July 34,1845. i ' Stockholder.! of thi?Conip.iuy are requested to calf at X the office of the Company uud s'gnity whether it be their wish to All up their respetftve shares,or to receivc a number ol shares equal to the present value of their stock. The Stockholder* residing out of the. city are requested to convey their intention by post, to the office No. 50 Wall st. T. W.THORVK.Pres't. G?n T. Koeit.flec'y. jv25 rre CONSUMPTIVES REAL). PEEK'S VEGs.TABLK COUGH SYRUP, or Pulmonic Balsam!?Rmd the evidence;? LlRROKi.vrc, September 9th, 1845. Mr, Peek?Dear Sir?Thankfulness and gratitude induce me t i give my testimony iu favor of your valuable Cough Syrup. About eight or niue mouths ago 1 w is attacked with a severe cough, attended with symptons so violent as s'riously to alarm my family and friends; while its long continuance threatened a total destruction of health and cotnloit Under these circum stances, and experiencing no relieffrnm the usual remedies,my husband was induced, by your solicitation to administer your Syrup. He purchased a bottle, and the effect ii had was aston ishing; it operated like magic, and completely hrolie up my cough, heat'd the soreness oi the ? hest, banished all the afarm ing symptoms, and left me in tile posHeasion of a'.i excellent appetite and completely restored to henlth. Yon may refer any one who wislien to have further evidence of its effects, to my husband, at the M-ui h store, No 3 Couitlandt st or to me, EUUKKTlA LOCK WOOD, No. 160 Nassau street, Brooklyn, L I. Prepared and sold wholesale and retail, by WM. T. PEEK, 91 John street and 117 Greenwich avenue, N. Y. Agents?('oddington, corner Spring mid Hudson sis.; Hnrt, Grand a*d Norlolk streets; Owen, Bnwery nud Bond straer Kord, |iour.h and Wooiterstreets; Hubbard, Groveandilu sou; Mountain, Kuiton street, Brooklyn. Piice/5 centsper bottle nil lin*m< THIi (rKKA'J' AMERICAN REMEDY. SOUTHERN BALM. 'I'HIS MEDICINE is it pleasant and effectual remedy for 1. Colds, Coughs, lnllur:<ca, Raising of Blood, Asthma. Pleurisy, Bronchitis, Liver Complaint, Consumption, and other diseases arising from obstructed perspiration. Now re id this testiuiouy, and call or send and get grnoiitously a pamphlet containing a Treatise on Consumption, etc., and uumerous sworn ceitificat.'s, such as follows:? My wife w;is afflicted with affection of the lungs, rain in the side and chest, and general debility, expectorating oLoJ and pus for 8 years. I employed the best medical skill, homeopa thicaud alloi>.ithic. They pronouneed her lungs ulcerated and despaired rn effecting a cure. I tried various patent medicines Without effect Finally, iu August last, I tried your Southern t.alin. She has takm two bottles aud is perfectly cured. I confidently recommend it to all similaily affected A H. HAUPPMAN, Residence 14 Clarke st., store 608 Broadway. City and Couuty of New \ orlt, s.n.?A. B. llanptman, lieing duly swo.ii, deposes aud says that the above certificate is cor rect mid true. W. H. MUN N, Com. of Deeds. The Southern Balm is sold by druggists generally through out the U.S. Also, The ANIMATING, APERIENT, ALTERATIVE SOUTHERN BALM PILLS, '2 cents a box of 25 pills. The beat aud cheapest general Fami ly Till ever introduced. These Pills have neeii tested many > -ar? in every form of disease arising from an impure state of the blood a .d cither llnid?, and have proved a aafe and efficient purifier, removing morbid matler fioin theslomach and bowels, promoting digesiiou, and iuipiming vIgor to the system, her further Information, see Southern B^lin Pamphlet, to be had gratis at the Depot, ti38 Broadway, wh-re the medicines are .-?old, nholesale aim retail; also by WynttSc Krtehnm, 181 Kul Ioil sireet. More Ageuts wanted throughout the United States and Ca nada. A leheral discount to dealers. n38 lin'r New Invented WIGS ANi; TOUPEES. BATCHKLOR'Snew invented Wigs and Scal|>ssoliwrfectly res^inkle the natural hair as to defy detection. It is now rcarcely a matter of regret loosing an nidiffereiit head of hair, when a new one perfectly adapted to the couiiteiiarcn and style of every wearer aud without any of the vexatious difficulties s i long experienced by wig weaiers, cui be procurednt WM. l5ATCMELOR'S,2 Wall street, near Broadway. Removed mm Iti5 Broidway. nl8 lm*m MI LL'tt iNFALLLBLE UNGUENT FOR Ti 1E HAIR. CAN any thing be more honest? Notice the fact that 1 never publish any certificate commendatory of the above uuleis it has the residence of the individual giving it append ed, which enables you to satisfy yourselves (by enquiry) that 'he Onguent is irally what it purports to he; and understand ye also th -.t it is warranted in ill cases, either young or old, f properly applied, to effectually stay alopecy or falling off of the hair, restore it to bald parts, erud'eate pityriasis, dan druff, scurf, mid all exfoilation* of the cuticle orscalp; change red or grey hairs to a beautiful daik color, make (he hair moist, soft, early. See. I do hereby certify that 1 have been seriously afflicted with dmidruff and falling off of the hair, aud made use of several articles for the same without the le.ut benefit; indeed I was '??arful of becoming bald; finally, being induced to use Hill's Infallible Ouguent, 1 am happy to say the result was most sa ti?factoiyt for in a short time tne dandruff entirely dii tppear ??i.l, my hair soon commenced growing, aud is row thicker than it ever was, beiug ulsosoft, moist and glossy. 1 cau i rougly recommend it for the above. Your*, Sic., _ JAMK8 BLANCARD, No. 48, Avenue D. [IT- Recollect, Hill's lufallible Onguent can be obtained only at his principal offic?,on the northwest corner of Pine and N.aisnu sts., and of the following Agents:?Jams' FnncyStore, iil5 Broadway; Wm H. Carey it Co., 186 Pearl it.; I Graham it Co., 73 Water st.jWm. A. ? rocker,fllMaiden laue; Mr. Tho mas Stwell, 478 Grand sr... New York. A.Spooner St Co., 57 Fuiton St.; Mrs. J. Jordan's Fancy Store, 59 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, L. 1.;, Mr Eorards, No. 178 Grand street; E. Banr.ett's Confectionary, in 1st, between Grand and South 1st streets. Williamsburgli ; I). A Hernck, No. 8 Delavan Honse. Albany, New York; Messrs. Mortimer & Mowhry, corner of Market and Charles streets, Baltimore, Mil ; Jos. E. Trippe, 293 Broad, corner Market st, Newark, N.J.:N. A. Crary, 140 Merrimac street, Lowell. Mass. o30 lm'rc TO THE PUBLIC. GIVE MY ARTICLES A TRIAL AWL) Jl/DGE FOR YOURSELF f WARRANT them all ro be c? tcj>r rented, or the money I refunded. MY KAU LUSTRAL HAIR RKHTORATlViC. Tiiii universally approved und aoinireil article. Cree from ar ?lent spirits, pungent essential oil, nud other destructive mate ri 'Ij, cleans the hair expeditiously, renders it benutifully aright, and imparts to it the delicate fra?mree of the flowers.? Hair washed with this bxtract soon beomes iileistugly soft 1 and luxuriant in its growth ; and it will positively bring in new hair 0!1 bald het'ds hy its use, mid hair that hat been miae harsh, and is taming gre j or falling oot, by the use ol spirit or ether improper preparations, will noon be rt stored to its u at urn 1 co lor and brilliancy by u few applications ol the Mo l.ustrM. It is a preaenrntive against, baldness, and ail infallible cure in ill affections of the skin ou thu held, as dandruff? and lc.- pre venting the falling off ofthe hair and turning fiey. !t is the simple produce and untned ate extract of some plants salutary for the hair, endowed with proi>?rii?s so highly cleansing that it disengages the Epidermis and Capillary tabes >f 'he corrr.sive action of the Perspiration, nud ol the dry aud dead particles that it deposits. This preparation purifies the hair, aud gives to it n beautiful glim aud softness, and an agresable and vivifying perttime. . . t e.VI UK.NCK. Nature is an inexhaustible mine, in which experience and study will always lind room to excavate ; it is that source, ?l<sie, which produces alt tin* man calls invention, and which 1 he would do better, perhaps, to noma adaptions. K?r sale, wholesale Mi l retail by JULES HAUF.L. Perfumer and Chemist, No.* South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agents J. B. Jasqnemod, No. 115 Broadway j K. A. Arinult. Lafayette Bazaar, Noa. H'i and tjl Broadway; A. Willard, S. W. corner of Cedar aud William streets I'rrminms w is awarded at the Franklin Institute. n 16 lm'ic RHEUMATISM?ACUTE AND CHRONIC. CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC RINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID. ARK a positive and lasting cure fortliesgoiii/ing pains of Rheumatism in ull us forms. No matter how chronic or severe may be the Complaint, it readily yields to the mysteri ous power as applied bv this remark..hie discovery. The (J ilvsnie Uai il , Belts, Ur. relets, Ike.. are a inodlficationof the Rings, abd can be adapted to any part of the body with pet feci convenience. Christie's Galvanic Strengthening Plasters, so highly ap proved in all diftoaes of ilie chut. pain in the side, general weakness, and ss a preventive Icr colds me also to be obtained. The genuine (talvanic Plasters have an entire covering of pure silk All others are worthless um'atiuns. 'J he only plac in New York where the genuine articles can be ol lamed, is a> 134 Kiilton stre I, bun it n i lit inn dl.t Iw'in BLEtoKER'S BIRD DEPOT, No. O Amur Plnre. laU Till Klrrel, few ihtori Knit ?/ Hi oaiitray, Ntw I'm A. 'PHE subecrih* r respectfully informs trie i ncite that he has 1. opened the above store for the ? le of JSnds, ( Foreign and i Native,) Cages, Peeds, kc. snd hopes bjr strict attention and fair and upright d* aliug, to merit the Patronage ol ihoee ilia| o*. sell to indulge in this most dilightfnl fancy. In addition t<> those mentioned, his stock will comprise all articles in hie line, including K.mcy Pigeons of the iliffereut sorts, Gold and Silver hish, German P??te, made after an a#, proved receipt, < Utile Fish Bro.e, FMMaiu*. Baths, fcr. tk.r N. B Orders from out of' llie citv eaiefullv atte'.dtd to, and ' promptly executed LKONARL) BLCCCKKK. .%? w Yoik, Dec. 12, 1115. dlJIm'r J. G. BELL, T A X 1 D E R M I S T , QIJQ BROADWAY, corner of Reade street, up stairs, has ?Of' constantly on hand ft vaiiety of Cases, Shades, fcc. f ir parlor or mantel ornaments. Also, a large collection of Mounted Btrdr. Bird Hkins, k"., for sale or eschmgeil. Pet Birds, Ike , mounted in a veiy suw tior m, to older ? Public or private collections supplied at the shortest notice n*a lm*r AUV tiK-XlSfcOli^INi. CUSTOM HOUSE, NEW YORK, ) Collector's Office, Dee. 9th. llMi. ) SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at the Treasury Detiartin ml iiut'l ihe 20th instant for mcli supplies of Ship Chandlery. Ik. c., ami in such qunntitv, anil nt such time* as msy be required Jo." the use of the United State* Reveuue Hleamrr mill Boats, wh.'ch insy be employed in this District, during the yeiir comnu'iicuig the 1st Jauuai y uext, n> per following schedule :? Anchors ami kedi,'e?, lb Adzes, shipwright, earh ' coopers copper, each Axes, hroad. each " wood, etch Augurs, set Almum-, nautical, each Anvil, lb Awls, brad, doz it Boat Hooks, copper, each . iron, eich Buckets, lie# kloi.ii " cedar, each sli-et iron, lb Brushes, scrubbing, eac h || varnish, each clamp, each u tar, eicli paint, aasorted , doz ' whitewash, ei .ch Orjoras, hickory. d?z birch, doz " corn, il >z Bunting, all colors, fuIJI width, piece Buntiiiii, ail colors, hC width. piece Beeswax, lb Blocks, faction rollers, per inch, per sheavn Blocks, iron bushed, p?r inch, per sheave Blocks, snatch, in Bath bricks, doz Blankets, rose, pair btd-toreads, Marseilles, piece Bread Baskets, tin, piece Bell, table,earh large, and fixtures, each Bits borug, each Bullet Moulds set Bmtswain's Call, silver, each Brace and Bits, set Belaying Pins, iron, each _ " wood,each Bake, set Battle Axes, each Barometer, each C Cordage, tarred hemp, patent, lbs Cordage, tarred hemp, bolt 5 rope, liis 1 Cordage .Mauilla, lbs Cables, hemp, cwt " chain, lbs Copper, sheet, lbs < halk, jbs Chalk lines, piece Chisaels, assortud.set " cold, each Candles, sperm, lb Compasses, br>sit, 10 inch, e'h ' boat.each ? ' carpenter's, each ' anvitss, Holland's A A, biolt | American hemp,l?olt ' Cotton, No. a, yd " No. 3, yd " No. ti.yd ? . , '' No. 10, yd . :??l.>jh!Kh, delivered, ton Cook's Ladles, each Curtains, moreen, made un tyard '' Cups and Saucers, Queen's >' are. doz Crstors, plain plated, set Crowban, lbs Caliper*, carj?euier's, pair " eu liner's, pair Capstan Bars, hickory, each . walnut, each I ranes forhosts, lb Coffee Mini, each " . Boilers, each Cannisters foi oil, each C< ttou, tvnste, lb Coal Scraper, each D Deck Liitlrs, patent, each Duck, ravens, heavy, bolt light, holt imperial, bolt ' c lttou, boll "rum. piece Drawing Knives, piice Jfi Emery, lb K Files, hand saw,each ' wood rasps, each Funnt.1, wood, water, etch !? lying pans, each Hil'e each Minis, hund Flannel, cylinder, yd Koine and hallows, each ,, O < tougei, set Glasses, log, H sec., cacli tJ'ue.lbs ((unlets,assorted, doz ? Jlne Pot, piece (vrialirnn, rwli Gutter's Scale, each Grapnels, lb Hawsers, Manilla, lb " hemp, lb Houseline, lb H ?mbroline, lb Hftok* and Thimbles, lb Handspikes, hickory, each | walnut, each shod,each II iimners, claw, each || pump, each 1( riveting, each chipping,each lloous, anchor, lish, lb " chain, lb Hanks, di r Halliards, penuant, lb Hooks, can, lb Hatchets, each Hoes, each Ink, writing, quart Irons, hand,lb " feet, lb caulking, each Jauk,lb K Kids,copper, hooped, each Leather, rigging, lb '' pump |b L ig lines, hank Lanterns, signal, copper, each buttle, each <l'ck, each Litharge, lb Lead lines, deep sea, 120 fath ? ? . . om,>rac'' hand,each " black, lb Leads, sounding, lb Ladles and worms, each Lamp, binnacle, each Loggerheads, lb Lumber, white pine, clear, foot Lumber, plank, foot Log Reel, each Lamp-black, lb M MaNets, caulking, each serving, each gunner s each oil, Marline spikes, steel, each Match rope, lb Measure, copper, set Marliue, lb Match slaves, each Maul, lb ^ Nails, cupper, wrought, lb " cut. Ill Nails, iron, wrought, lb ?' cut, lb Needles, sewing, ass'd doz " sail, " doz " marline,doz Nippers, each O Oakum, lb Oil, sperm, winter strained, gall " " summer, gall " linseed, boiled, gall " raw, kaB " olive, quart Oil, tar, gall Oars, ash, feet " spruce, feet P Tens, steel, card, each Paints, black lead, 111 " white lead ground,lb " redlead" " Parcelling, yd Pat ier, shenllimg, ream foolscap. i?ain " letle-, cold prested, rt ain " envelope, quire " sand, assorted, doz Pump 'neks, copper, thousand " iron, thousand Pitch, gall " kettles, lb rianes, joiuter. each " jack,each " smoothing, each " for*, each " match, set Padlocks, brass, each Punches, chain, each " nail, each Putty, lb Palms, mouuted, each Palm irons, each Plates, Queen's ware, dinner ner, doz do do desert, doz do do dishes, as sorted, each Priming wire, each Powder tlasks, cupper, each Port fire, staves, ash, each Passing boxes, leather, each Powder, cauuon, lb " pruning, lb " boxes, copiier, each Pump, hand, copper, each . Prickers, each Pincers, each Packing hooks, lbs Packing yarn,^hemp, lbs Rules, cupenter, two feet, each Hammers and sponges, each Kolton Stone, lb 8 Scrapers, gun, each Scrapers, cast steel, each Spikes, composition, lb " iron, wrought, lb " " cat, lb Fcrews, brass, assoited, doz ?' iron, doz Saws, steel plate, lumd, each '? key hole, each " tennou,each " wood, each " compass, each Screw Drivers, each Spoke Shaves, each Squares, iron, each " small, each Soap, brown, lb Spun yam, lb Sheep skins, each Sauce pans, each Htove, cabin, each " coal, each Shot boxes, each Shotrouud, In " Saw setts, each Sounding rods, each Stones, grinding, each '? holy, each '? set, each Scuttle Butt, 60 galls, each Scales and weight, set Stoppers, claw, lb Hlat**, eaoh Sledge, lbs Shovels, iron, each T Twmi, wkipl'iiii, llj " seine,lb " sewing, lb " cotton, lb Thimbles, opeu and welded,lb Tallow, lb Tar, gall Turpentine, white, hhl ' spirits, gall Tormentors, cook's, each Thread, assorted colors, lb Towels, damask, yard 1 ureeu aud Ladle, block tin, each Tumblers, cnt glass, doz Table Spoous, German silver, doz Tea S|>oons, German silver, , ,<'01 Table cloths, linen, yard Tin measures, set Tube boxes, leather, each 'l ubes, qufll. dor. Trucks, leading, brass, each Top mauls, each Ta|w lints, 100 feet, each TeakettUs, iron, earh " copper, each Trumpets, brass, lb " tin. each Thermometers brass, each ?' tin, each Tongs, blacksmith's, lb V Varnish, copal, gall ?| b'ight, gall black, gall Vice, hand, lb W Wood, oak, sawed and deli vered. cord Wood, birch, sawed ntid deli vered. cord Wood maple, sawed and deli vered, cord Wood, yellow birch, sawed aj.ddelivered, cord Wood, white birch, sawed and delivered, rord Wood, pine, cord " spruce, cord " hemlock, cord Whiting, lb Wrenches, wood, each " iron, lb Water cask, oak, 60 gallons, each Water breakers, oak, IS gal lous, each Wick, lnmp, lb Wreuchei, assorted, lbs No bids will be entertained from persons not actually en gaged in the bnsiness to which thia advertisement refers. Bidders will transtnil their proposals sealed to the Secretary of the Treasury. Printed lists of the above articles wi'l be furnished to ship chandlers, upon applicati?n at this office. dll 124th i C. W.LAWRENCE, Collector. [ADVERTISEMENT.] CUSTOM HOUSE, NEW YORK, j Collector's Office, December. 1113. , SCALED PHOPOSALS will be received at the Treasury Department, until the 20th instant, for the supply of rations to the petty officer* and seamen of the United States Revenue Steamer Spencer, for the term of one year from the 1st day of January neat. The ration for the revenue service ia the same as that allowed in the naval service, omitting the liquor, and cnnsistsol the ar ticlea enumerated in the following table, to wit: lb|oz | lbs. of | ounces of | hf pints of * 3 Dayaofthe Week. -BwjjS'SaS . j * J * tnuffla,i,a3epc?if-ia,S"'5> Srund.iy Xi I >4 14 I ?* Monday 1 14 1 'l Tuesday 2 1 14 1 a Wednesday 1 14 In 1 Thuraday % % 14 I 2 Friday 4 14 2 1 g 11 Saturday . 1 14 1 Id I I Per week >46 3>4 31 98 27422 1 1 The rations to be of good and wholesome quality, to be ap proved by the Collector; and the different articles comprising iherations, to be delivered on boird the vessel in good anil suffi cient c.uks end vessels, to be provided by the contractor, and the contents thereof distinctly marked on each. It is to be distinctly understand, thatno bids will beentertaiu e<l from persons not actually engaged in the business to which these offers refer, and th:it the contractor will be bound to fur bish, upon reasonable notice. as often at may be required by the captain of the vessel; with the approbation of the Collec tor (i nt rxceetling upon an average, one day In each week,) such fresh meat, and vegrtablrs, as tnay be equivalent to the corresponding part* ol the ration allowed in the naval ser vice. Persons proposing will transmit their bids sealed to the See rrtary of the Treasnry di 1 120 r C W. LAWKENCE. Collector A, AGENTS FOR THE CHEMiCAL HAIR IN VIGOR ATOR. REMEDY for all diseatea incidental to the Hair, and its irstorative in all cases where baldness is not beyond the reacli of art. Prepared solely by E. PHALON, 214 Broadway. Stnli and Ceunfry.Igentt.?O. Fish fc Co., Waahiiigion, f>. C.; Ayer Ic Phelaa, 78 Broad street, Columbus. <Ja.; Tut tie, corner of Tenth sod Cheanut streets, fhiladelphia; H Itice. of Court and Howard streets, Boston; V. B. Lockrow, J4 Beaver street. Albany; C. B. Brower, No. 101 i ^ niton street, Brooklyn; M. 8. Fletcher, Marebon. Ulster 1 ? o , N. v.; !*. Tousey, Syracuse, N. Y , John B. Watson, 1 Charleston Hotel, N. C ; Uorton Anderson, Newport, R. 1.; J. C. Duboice, New Palt* Landing, Ulster Co.; A. It O Stoeres, Druggists, Hudson, N. Y. City . Igrnit?173 Division street, opposite Lndlow, N, Y.; j J. tk. C ('odilingion. Apothecary. No. 303 Hudson atreet, corner i I Spring, N. Everard'a tancv Store, No. 171 Oraud ?treet; A. B. Sanaa & Co., 273 Broadway; Dr. Carroll It Co. | No. 3 Murray atreet. dl Im'ec NOTIOK. WE Inve this day associated with us in the Vranklin Home, Mr. Oeo. J. B. Thompson. The business will be con- i ducted as heretofore, under the firm ol HAYES It TREADWELL. New York, Per. II, 1M5. d!2 lw?m I W. TH ORNK k CO., Frodnee and Flo*r Merchant. Ill I ?I ? Broad street. oil ?<? oHITH, alias HONEYMAN, One of the Supposed Barge Kohbers. Court Intelligence. Uknehal Sessions, Dec. 17.?Before Recorder Tall nutdge ami Aldermen Henry and Meserole. Trial of Smith alias Honryman, on a Charge of Robbing thr Barge Clinton, returned.?On opening the Court this morning, the prosecution called Mr. Samuel C. Mott, to show tnat he had the letting of a cortain house in 61st street, near the Bloomingdale road, and that he let it to William Parkinson in March last ; also that it was ? occupied by others, Sic , with a view of proving the con nection between all the accused parties, or in other words, an important link in the chain of circumstantial evidence, anJ thus establish the alleged conspiracy to rob the barge, and Smith's participancy iu the case, both p'ior and subsequent to the robbery. The admission ol this testimony was objected to by counsel for defence, and the prosecution contended it was admissible; where upon the question was argued at length by David Gra ham, Jr. and James M. Brady, Ksq., in behalf of the accused and against tho admission ot the testimony, and by Ogden Hoffman and James It. Whiting, Esq*., 'or the prosecution and in favor of admitting the evidence pro posed to be adduced. Alter a brief recess, the Court mled that the testimony was admissible; whereupon Mr. Mott proceeded to state that he let the house iu question to William Parkinson, and that Miss Edwards, the repu ted daughter of Honeyman, and Miller camo to see wit I ness about the house, and afterwards saw them at the ; house. The counsel for prosecut on here stated, that 1 they were not prepared to pursue their examination of ; this witness any farther at this time, but intimcted to the | Court that at a subsequent stage ot the trial, they should I wish to recall him tJ the stand, for the purpose of elicit ing additional facts. The Court then adjourned until to | morrow morning. Superior Court. Before Chief Justice Jones. Dkc. 17.? Wm. Dinneford vt. Ferdinand Palmo, Daniel K T\lee. et ul ?This was an action of trespass, for on ul* leged forcible entry into certain premises in Chambers street, known as I'almo's Opera House. On the fljth of March last, Mr. I'almo demised to Mr Dinneford, the aforesaid premises, for one month, ior $600. The demise contained a clause or promise, thut Dinneford should be at liberty to continue the possession ol the premises for imother month, upon paying a further sum of $ti00, ami giving Mr. Palmo a written notice of his intention of do ing so. On the 26th of April, Mr. Palmo let the premises to one James T. Dumbieton, at an additional rent of $150. Mr. Dinneford thereupon procured <><>00, tendered thfct sum to Mr. Palmo, and insisted on the benefit of the clause in the article ot demise. Mr. Palmo refused, and Dinneford continued to keep possession until the 3d day of May, when, he alleges, Mr. Palmo, with several other persons, forcibly entered, and put him out of pos ession. Dinneford next proceeded under the act for giving sum mary possession, before Judge Oakley, and obtained a verdict. Tho cose was subsequently certioraried into the Supreme Court, since when no further proceedings were taken. Dinneford alleges thut he sustained consi derable loss by being dicposessed and deprived at that time of the use of the theatm, inasmuch as the city was then lull of strangers, brought iu by the spring business, and also to witneus the great between Fashion and \ I'eytona. which was to be iuii about that tiiue? and brought this action to recover damages for his alleged loss. Koi Ihe del'ulicu, 11 ??? .uujlit tn k. fr?T.d tka>t IMnnefoid doclared that he had lost $140<> by the theatre, during tho month he occupied it, and hail uo intention of Uaoping it louger; that he was at the time in embarrassed circunitt&nces, and unable to pay the jicrfoi rners their salaries; and had informed them ho would wind up the concern that evening; und the evening of the day hit term would expire he gave up the possession; that he gave the receipts of tho house that evening to the perfor mers, with he possession of the premises, for the pur 1 pose of collecting the proceeds oi the evening's enter tainment, with directions that they were afterwards to give the keys and possession to Mr. Palmo. It was also insisted, that he had not complied with the clause in the lease, by giving notice and tendering the sum of $600, within the time prescribed. It was proved that the Bowe ry theatre was burned down at the time, which caused Mr. Dinneford to change his mind, calculating that, in consequence of that event there would be a great run on I'almo's, and by continuing the performances, a conside rable sum of money would bo niado. These were the principal points of the defendants'defence. The Court briefly charged the jur), alter which they retired, und will render a verdict this morning. For plaintiff, Mr. Blunt; lor delt mlants, Air. Brooks. Common Pica*. Before Judge UishoofTer. i 1) rc. YJ.?Abraham J. Morrell auii IVife vs. Jit a II, iVrtt and fVtfe.?From tho evidence in this case, it ap peared both the parties resided 111 Robinson street, in the tame house. One morning in the month of July last, during the very warm weather, Mrs. West, wishing to keep the house cool, insisted on luRving the front base- , ment door open. Mrs. Morrel camo down stairs about seven o'clock in the morning, found the door open, and objected. High words followed. Mrs. West commenced throwing some things belonging to Mis. Morrell out of the l>a;ement into trie area. Hostilities then commenced between the two ladies in good earues , and it was shown by testimony on the p.rtef Mrs. Morrell, that her adversary struck her while in the basement, on tho neck and arms with n wash club; hit and scratched her arm, tore her hair and frock, and afterwards lollowed her up stairs, and there struck her again with a larger club, thereby inflicting serious injur) on Mrs. Morrell, which confined her to her room for a montn Tim state of facts wus sworn to by Mr. and Mrs. Morrell's little daughter, a child of nine years old, t here being no other , erson then in the house, and the main features of her testimony corroborated by other witnesses. To recover damages for these injuries tho action was brought. For the defence, it was endeavored to be shown that Mrs. Morrell was the aggressor, and that the bruises and scratches complained c.', (if any were received) were inflicted in a general adray, which took place be tween eight and nine o'clock the same morning, after Mr. Morrell, who was sent for to his place of bus ness, urtived. It was also shown that Mrs. West was suffering trom rheumatism at the time, and In a delicate state of health, and that Mrs. West's ancle was cut and ether wise severely injured in the melee. After counsel had summed up, the Court briefly charged the jury. After some consultation, they re turned, and the foreman announced that they had found a verdict of $50 for plaintiffs. Mr. Lawtoc, counsel for defendants, directed the jury to be polled, an.l on ti>o name of Mr. Tyson being called, lie ansA'tred that it was not his verdict. The Judge or dered thtm back to llieir room, and to bring in their verdict this morning, for plain.litis, John Grabnm ; for deferr'smt*, Mr. Lawton. Before Judge lugraham. Conrad Ro$t ?s. IKm. Oginit.?This was un action on the case, to recover damag'-s for an alleged broach of contract The defendant, by his ngent, on the 17th ol April, 1H4A, entered into a written contract to let to the plaintiff the bakery, store and back rooms on the first floor, back and front basement, and stable attached to the houM No. 17ft Broom street, for one year, at the rent ot ?M-iti, payable monthly, the plaintiff to get possession on the lint of May. In the interval between the date of tho ooatract and the time when the plainlifT was to get poaeession, the defendant let the premises tu another party, and gave him the possession. The plaintiff al leges that he sustained considerable expense, not only in preparing to remove, but in procuring another estab lishment. The defence wis three-fold : first, it was con tended that a piincipal was not bound by tho acts of a special agent beyond bis express authority, and that the authority must bo strictly pursued, and that in this case the person who n ade tins contract was but a spe cial agent tor another purpose. Secondly, it was con tended that the contract was improperly drawn, it ap pearing on the lace of it to be drawn in the name of the agent, and not ot the principal, and therefore not binding uu the latter; and thiidly, mat the action was premature, and should not be brought before the expi ation ol the term for which the contract was made, which would not expiie betoro the first of Ms) next. Verdict lor the plaintiff, $40. For plaintiff, Mr. Hastings; for defendant, Mi. Tinek Orkai Loss of Prokrty.?The ice oil the Ohio, between Cincinnati and Louisville, has made sad havoc among the flat boats. At Madison five had been sunk, mxi their caigoed, consisting ol ae??rsl thounaiul barrel# of Jlour, saved in a damaged state. Another, owned by Pottt Ik Davis, ol Cincinnati, was sunk below Madison and 1#00 battels of flour badly damaged Two others were stink near Bethlehem, and their caigo.s saved in a damaged state. Sevulal more are reported to be aground anil in a perilous condition. ItKMOVAt. OF TKK SAC AND FoX INDIANS.?'The Lexington (Mo ) Advtrtiner ol the 21th ult. stiys:? | To-day 473 Indians, belonging to tho above tribes, past ed through tliia city on iheir way to the new homo which has been selected for tliem west ol this State - Five chiels aie in the company-two soos ol Black bawk, Longliorn (head rniel), Blacknei-k (cinel), n>> I Downey (achief) Weather. [From the Albany Atlas, Dec. 16.] On Saturday morning last, the thermometer stood 10 degrees below zero. V esterday noon it commenced raining, and has continued to tail since that time, al though not heavily. A? a matter of course, the side walks and streets are in a pitiable condition, and pedes trinizmg is dangerous. On the 13th inst., they had colder weather at Oswego than was ever before experienced in December. It is mated that the mercury went far below zero, but as thia information is, rather indefinite,the degree of chilliness is left to the imagination of the reader. [From the Louisville Journal, Deo. 10.] After thawing and raining for forty-eight hours, the weather tumedc. Id again last evening. The river here is clear of Ice, but is very low. At Memphis, it had been vet y cold, and the Eagle of the id says that the ground was covered with snow to the depth of 8 inches. [Krom the Richmond Times, Dec. 10.1 Saturday evening we had hail and rain and sleet. Sun day the weather was tuild enough to dissolve the sleet, but it continued to rain with brief intervals during the day; and yesterday w? had another grand snow-storm. The s'jow was falling fast when our paper went to press. [Krom the (Quebec Gazette, Dec. 8.] , The weather has beco:n? milder since yesterday. To day the thermometer it only at five deg below ireezing, and the snow tailing from the tin roofs. The latest ac counts from the vessels in the river will be found in our shipping news. [Krom the Boston Journal, Dec. 1S.J We had a turious sale from the north last night. The wind blew in fearful and fitful gusts, and its ho wlinga frequently reminded us of the poor fellows on our coast, drenched in salt water, worn out with the labors ot a long passage, and perhaps short of provisions and cloth ing. Such a . welcome as old Boreas gave the m last night to Massachusetts Bay, although a strong one, was not a very warm oue, or ot a character altogether accep table to their feelings. [From the Bangor Whig, Dec. II.] A Ane snow dtorm th.s morning, whie i added to the snow already upon the ground, wi.l be likely to make good sleding in the woods. The sleighing is exc ellent, uh 1 our market is thronged to- lay with tea ns laden with productions. The river closed on Saturday night last, and all matters are now put upon the winter establiah ment. Kact and Fancy. It is said that William Smith will decline the ottice of Governor of Virginia. It ia not every one that will refuse such an office. Therefore, noun vtrrom. When the railroad through France toMarseillee : is completed, the trip between London and Alexandria, in Egypt, will be accomplished in seven days. 8teame rs now take fifteen days. The Legislature of Georgia has passed p resolu tion requesting their Senators and Representatives ia t Congress to urge the Postmaster General to give to Sa vannah a daily mail, by reamers,from Charleston, i There were three deaths near Cumberland, on ' the 6th instant, by freezing. The aqueduct on the Canal, across Mahoning ? ( reek, at Danville, is to be entirely rebuilt; the work has been commenced. The population oi Russia is 62,500,000 ; yet the re is less wealth and strength than in the United State*. Wood was gelling in St. Louis on the 4th instant, from six to eight dollars a cord. Coal at seventeen cents per bushel. A large brick building, designed for a cotton fac tory, has beou crected on the site formerly occupied by i the Westfield paper mill. The village of Ravenna, on the Ohio Canal, ship ped, during the past year, seven hundred and thirty tons uf cheese. This was a mighty business. An experimental trip was made on Wednes day , List from Norfolk, by the U. S. steamers Water W itch and Engineer, the former with Loper's propeller ; the latter with perpendicular wheel*. The Engineer dia t.inced the Witch about a mile, but when lashed ste rn to ?tern, the Witch towed the Engineer. Mis* Legare, the sister of the lnte Attorney Ge { neral, has presented a portrait ot her brother to the re venue cutter bearing his name. Very appropriate. Three hundred sheep were drowned at Rome, N'ew York, last week, by breaking through the ice ef a 1 sluice way. Two express agencies have been established be tween New York and Somerville, similar to those be ' Uveen this city and the commercial metropolis These I expresses are important links in the commercial chain of | tiie Union A meeting was to be h* Id at Newport on Monday to take measures in favor of a railroad from Newport to Kail River. Mr. Hancock, who i? extensively engaged in packing beef in Westbrook, lost $3300 in the cars, on Tuesday evening, between Portsmouth and Portland. Francis Dwight, of Albany, is dead. He wuscon 'locted with the Common Schools. Counterfeit two dol'ar bills on the Tompkins County Bank are in circulation in Wayne county, i A sad event occurred in Paris, Stark county, Onio, on the J-ith ult., Joseph Whitacre, while hunting '.urkies, imitated a turkey call, while concealed by the t>ush; his brother-in-law, hearing it, approached, and sueing something he supposed to be a turkey, fired, and killed Mr. W. on the spot, The Rev. Mr. Dean, the Chinese missionary, and a native Celestial, are in St. Louis. The G. M. Bibb, an iron steamship built at Pitts burgh, on Mr. Hunter's plan, is to have other propellers attached. Several steamboats are aground and ice bound, in the Ohio and Wabash rivora. A lid named Allan Stevens was killed in Phila delphia, at the corner of Sth and Market streets, on Tues day last, by a horsj attached to a baker's wagon k nock ing him down. The horse had run off from wh ere be was standing, and pursued his career up Market street, on the pavement, with great fury, clearing it of passen gers, boxes, Sic. Stevens was standing at the corner with other lkds, who were nil knocked down. The driver of the wagon was arrested and committed, and the owner, .<lr. Hupp, held to bail iu the sum of $1000. A young lady named Stevens, while walking through South Pearl street, Albany, on Monday morning, tell and broke her log. If a few ashes; or some salt, had been strewed upon the sidewalks, this melancholy acci dent would have been avoided. Tne citizens of Newport and vicinity were to hold a public meeting on Monday evening, upon the sub ject of a railroad between that place and Fall River, and to consult upon the necessary steps to bring the subject before the legislature of Rhode Island at its next session. John (r. Whittier, Esq.. of Amesbury, has gone to Washington as the bearer of a petition against the an nexation of Texas. A new bom white male infant was found dead on .Monday, on the Locust street dock, Philadelphia, enclos ed in a round basket, covered with a lid, and a tar buck et on the top of it. Upjn examination, the legs and arms were discovered to have been broken. The razor strop man is in Baltimore. He has a " few more left." The Rev. Mr. Adams preached a bitter and rabid discourse in Boston on Sunday evening, against theatres and theatrical exhibitions. Two thousand two hundred and sixty-two clocks were shipped from New Haven, on Friday, for Philadel phia. It is said that lion. John C. Calhoun will be pre sent at the celebration of the landing of Pilgrims at Ply mouth. He is to be the guest of the Hon. Daniel Web ster. The censun of Norwich has just been completed, and shows a population of 9,3A6. The most rapid in erca-e, since 184K, has been iu Greenville. The gain in thd whole town, since l>440, it 'J,117, which is 30 per cent upon the population ol '40. The ivory crucifix is exhibiting at the Mawmic ilall, Philadelphia. The fourth annual meeting of the Philadelphia Sunday School Union was held on the Irtth, in tne central f'resbyterian church, which was thronged on the occa sion. There are one hundred an4 ten scnools within the bounds of the Society, which number Male pupils 9.99A Female pupils 18,47# Total M"? The llev. Alexander K. Thompson, of Brooklyn, has acceptn I the unanimous call from the first Presby terian I hurch of Morristown, and will enter upon the duties ol his charge the first Sunday in January next. A lire broke out iu the Odd Fellows' Lodge room, Pittsburgh, on tho !3th, which was, after several hours oxertion on tho part of the flremcn, subdued. The house was a three story brick, owned by Killincoon Stewart, Eaq., and occupied by Kerr Ik Mohter, drug gists; P. F. Boylace, printer of the PlttUurg Catholic ; mid toe (iomer and < hosen Friends Lodges. 1. O. of O * The Lodge Room just litted up, is entirely ruined, and nil the splendid regalia and paraphernalia of the orderde ?troyod; Mr. Boylau lost some type, in an attempt to re move them, and Messrs. Kerr 8c Mohler, lost some JIW hy water; the latter was insured far $3000 J P. Smith, saddler, next door, lost some by the water poured on the flic by eight engines in service. The night was exceed ingly cold, the ice forming rapidly upon tne building, and coaling it with a sheet ot water of considerable thick ness, and many of the tiiemen were lio/.en to their save ral engines. Total. . Male toachers. . Female teachers l,H.M 1,0??

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