Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 21, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 21, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. " '? ^ ? vol.xi.,no.3.11? NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 21, 1845. rrt~r-.o?u. THE NEW YORK HERALD JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD??.?rryd*r P'ice ? c?ntJ percopy? ? ' 24peranuum?piyable in advance. WEEKLY PLERALD ?Every Sator lay? Price 6f4 cent pjr copy?fri2Xceut? per aiiuum?payable in advance. AUv.RTISd.MKNT8 at the u*?al prices?always cash li? sdva* ce. PHINTING of all kind* eie'uted with beauty and des I filch. CT" A I Utters or i-uiuinuiiiratinus, bv mitil, ntldreiard to IA. MUhluiliiiiriit, mad he pmt paid, or the |io<tB|c will b? deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Propria t> r of the Nkw York HtitM) EsTsiiLisHmNT. writer of Knlton ami N?ssin UNITED STATES MAIL LINE. Four Dollar* thrgugli to Albany. LANDING at the Intermediate placet, or far a> the .ce "Will permit.?There ii good .sleighing f om any point ou t-'e Hud ton to Al b*uy, and ?tagrs will lie in resdiness to carty patseugers to tneir destination, at Use an iva1 of the boat. Pukage $4 through to Albanv. e celeorated ice steamboat COLUMBIA. Captain Wm. K F'Ck, leaves the steambo-t pier between Coutlandt and Ubeny street*. THIS DAY at FIVE O'CLOCK P. M. . Saturday, Decvtnbsr 2 Ui. ISO. For na*\ag. or fre'Kht, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultt, at 'he oUce ou t'-e wharl. diO rli FOR SaUGERTIES AND CATSKlL. THE Splendid Steamboat J AM EH MADI SON, Capt F. J. Copperly, will lewve the ft?ot of tVdar afreet, every Monday, Wednesday, ltd Matarday at 6 o'clock. P.M. Tor freight or uaaeage, apply < ta hoard, or to O F. Waiuwvight, 4geut. on the wharf. ? Hn?n>e NOitvtt. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. On Wednesday, December 1, the trip* on thi* Fer-y will be is follows:? Leave Statin l.luid gl? , 10, A. M. 2,4V, P.M. Leave New York 9, :}, A. M 3)?, 5, P. M d3 mc ST.G OROE'-S LINr. FOR LIVER UOL-To ??a.l on the 28tt??The splendid new packrt ship ST ?PATRIi. K, Pro >1, master, 895 tone register, hiving a p ttion /.f csigoengogd, will have immediate des atrh , r'or'rtigh or pissageli ? vine very-supeiiur.iciommodstioiis apply ou board, at Dav d htr< r> whaif, <>rto v DAVID OGDEN, 63 Wall street. ? < abin passage %H. d2i 7i fh FOR NrtW OKLEANK? L uisiana and New ? York Liue?Positively First hegular Packet?To *<ail ou aiturd y. D-cemjer 2'th.?The elegant. fait miung packet ship tENNhsSEE, Piay, matter, will positively ?ail a* above, her regular d-<y. k For freight or |>asi.ige, havinc hands mc fnrniihed arcom modatiuni, apply ou boilil, xt Orleau- ?h trf, foot of Wall at-, /or to E K. COLLlNS It''O., 16 South ?t. Positively uo goods received on board Alter friiilay evening, *2fitli in.t tut. w Agn it in New Orleans, lames E. Woodruff,who will prompt ly forward all goods to |.i? Xihlreta. ? Th? packet^ sliip LOUISVILLE, Hoot, master, will succeed .the TfcNNKSoEE.and sail 10th January,her regular day ^fcd?l I'OR LIVERPOOL?The fust sailing copi ere-l .and copier f.istend barque TARTAR, Ru?s?ll, .?master, UK) tous burthen, will sail fur the above meet with quick despatch For Treight or passage, hiving excellent accommodations, ap I'ly ou board, pier 13 E- R . or to WOODHULLk MINTUHN, dl6rc 87 Mouth street. FOR GLASUOW-Reguhr Pukei-The well ?kuown, fast sailing Biitiah barque ANN HARLEY, _aCapt Robert Scoti, 4^0ton* burthen, having most of r rargo engaged, will meet with quick dispMch ' Fnrfri ight or passage, hiving n. ellei t accommodations, a| - tplr on board, foot nf Piur street E. R? O' to y WOODllULL fc MINTUBN, 87 South street, I The regular packet ship Saraceu, N. T. Hawkins, master, . will nuCT-eed the Aun Harley dl6rc * b'OK NEW ?|RLEA>?? Louisiana #ou >-w ? kZSwWYork Line?rvgnlar packet?To sail Saturday, 87ih .. WSypVsiust?1The eiegani fist sailing packet ship TENNES . SLETrnry, master, will positively sail as above, her regular ' ?or freight or passage, having handsome farnyihwl -iccom modations. apply ou board at Orleans wharf, footfcif Wall St., or to E K. COLLINS It COu 56 South at. Positively no goods received on board after Friday evening, Z6th inst Agnnt in New Or'e?i?, James K. Wood'uff, wlio will _ promptly forward all goods to hi* ?dd ess. ! I'ai ket ship LOUISVILLE, Huut. master, will aucceeO the Tennessee, and sail lOih January, n?r regular d^y. dl6rc ONLY REGULAK LINE OF PACKETS FOO ? NelW ORLEANK?Packet of ihe 22il December? -Th? spleudid wel known fast sailing packet ship LoLitsA. I apt Leaviu, will potitively sail on Monday, Die 22. her regnlar day. H The acco rmodations of this ship for cabiu. second enhiu and steerage passengers cannot be surpassed. Those wishing to secure berths should not Ml to make eirly application on board, foot of Maidm Lune, or to W. It T. TAP8COTT, dl9 rli 7'i Sonth street, corn.r Mnul-n Lane. FOR LI V Kit TOO L?The splendid aid well ?kuowu regular packet (hip ST. PATRIC* , Prou!, ?m?ntrr. will sail ou the 2*d December, lier regular ?.y.?C*ii m a roost handsome Had comfo tible in tnurr accom modate a limited number of cabin, second cabin and "'nera^i passengers a' much lean than the uiual rate*, by immediate ap plicatwn ou board the ship, foot of Dover st, or lo JOHN HERDMAN It CO. 61 Oonth it. rear Wall street. N. B.?Second cibin and Iteerage passages can also be ?e cored al this off c& for return of said fhip, to sail from Liver poe1 n he Id of Feoruary next, at very low ratej, by applying as above. dl'rc KOK L<IV (.Kfuuij?i'he New Line?Meguiei ,Packet of tut December.?'The superior fast sail in,. apacket ship LIVERPOOL, Capt John Eldridge,110C tons nu'theu. will tail at above, her regular day. Forfreight or passage, having splendid, largs uid comfortabh itate room* and cnbin, apply ou board, west side Burling slip or to WOODHULL It MINTURN, (7 South street Price of pusue ttOO. The pack ei ship Uueen of the West, 1150 tons burthen,Capt Phillip Wood house, will sneered the Liverpool, and sail oi h-.- >Uv >!?' Jan. n'^r" P -SS ?Q& FROM URKAT BKi i A N 4.ND ? IRELAND, via Liverpool. Tho*u seuding for thru ?frioi ilscau have them brought ont at the lowestrat' by , ne Kgular line of picket shipi, saihi g every five dtjri; 11 dr tils can, as usual, be furnished for auy nm >unt, payable J nil #ie principal btukiug institutions throughout thrl'iu'.e-, Kingdom Apply or address (ifby letter, po?t paid )to JOHN HERDMAN k CO., 61 South street New York. HERD MAN, Kr.ENAN & CO., d7 m Liverpool. PACKETS MtB HAVRE?Second Line? IgMBvThc packet ship UTlCA, Captain F. Hewitt, will JBM|b?ail on the lit of January. For freight o? oassage, aniil* to BOYD i. HINCKF.N 9 Tontine Building, dime Nn M Wall f ir, Wmenu. tUK l.i * e.KfOOL?New Liue?hefuiu I'sck. tHKol' the *th Dec.?The -Icuuu fast sailing Pack . 4Mu(s3hip SIDDONS. E.B.Cobb, master, of 1100 ton* win toil a* above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations oneqciitledioi apletidor or comfort, apply on 'ooard. it Orleaus wharf, too. of Wall street, or to E K. COLLINS H CO., 56 Soutb street Pt'fe of passage (100 Tne elegnnt In.# sailing packet ship Sheridan, Q. B. Cornish master, of 1100 ions, will Succeed the Siddona and soil At I J^n he- wgslM d'tv 1.19 J. I.. LcW P cu Plain at.naie. W . Lveliegh, , ... Jauuary, IMS. "or ircightor paifag-, apply to CHAMBERLAIN ft. PHELPS, I0J Front treet. or to UOV D ?t HINCKEN, d3 mc 9 Tontine Buildings, No. M Wall c r. Water ?ts. FOR SALE, TO CLOSE A CONCERN.?The > Line of Liverpool Packets, consisting of the shipr iRoseius, Siddons. Sheridan and Oarrich. They were It in iin* cuv by Brown k Pell, with nuusual rare; lor mo dels Materials (a very large proportion ol their fi.tmes lie in* tiveoakland workrn nisliip, tliey are unaurptated, if not mie quailed. Salted on the stocks and re-salted every vear since Their arcoinni. d itious for passengers are very extensive and l'A K JUitHfa et ship ARl'lLt, ? amain .will sail ou the 1st of Zauns hauiUouiely luruished. Apply K. K. C( COLLINS lit CO., 56 So'ith at. J O THE 1'UbUC. GIVE MY AKTIULLS A TRIAL. AND JUDGh FUR VOUR8ELF WA KHANT ttiem all to be as repr *ent?d, or the monr) refunded. MV EAU LU8TRAL IIAII' RESTORATIVE. This ?iinveis*lly apvroved aud admired a<ticle. free from hi d?nt spirits, pungent rsseu'ial oil, aud other destructire mau ri U cleans the hair eipedipousli, renders it htamilull) bright, a><d imparts ti. it tlje d Lcur fr.t? ot the Mowers.? 1 Hull wa?htd with thi I" itraci soon becomes pleasingly soft and luturKiit la iisgrowth: and it will positively bring in new h -it o\ bnu heads Hy its use, and liair ihathai been m tile liarsh ai.o is Miming grey or falling oat, Wy the use ol spirit or nthei improper preparslion*. will suou he restored to ts natural co ioi .uid brilliancy br a ft w spplicatious ol the Enu Lnstral. It is a preservalive ngaiutt oaldnesa, and an infallible cure in all affectioksof the skin osi the held, as dmdrtitf?and lor pre veetiuy the falling oil of tin hair ad turning grey. It is tha simple produce aud imnied ate extract of some plants salnury for tne hair, e idowed with properiies so highly dmusiug thai it disengages the Epidermis and Capillary tnbe> ol the roiT sivr action of the Pertpiration, and ol the dry and de id particles that it deposits 'Xnis preparation purities the liair, and gives to it a beautiful gloss and softness, and an agreeabla and vivifying twriume. M . . ,, . EVIDENCE. i *n i ""^austible mine, in which experience aud study will always Bud room to excavate; it ia that source, alone, wbicli produces all that man calls invention, and which S^r?aKirs* J%;VlA?nte':&vaKh5iiS;. and by my agents J. B Jaequemod N?^?j3'A Artanlt. L.lavette Bazaar. Noa. U< and Ul ffioadVav-' A Willard, 8. W corner of Cedar and William strei?, 7' Premiums waaawarded at the Fianklin luatitute. all lm*rc T~~CHEMICAL RKSULT-A WONDER WvRrcTii y f\ BRATED VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIR DYE to enable persoi s to dye instantaneously their hair, with'oat the least Inconvenience. For changing red or grey hair whiskers, eyebrows, lit w a brown, black or chesUi?t color. Thi slighter evil eoiise.|H?uCt-s nerd not be feared from it* u?*? i: is altogether liarmless. This i:orn(<i?ition ia the only one i itictioued by the acienre ol chemistry, to dye, in an iudellible manner, the variona gr datioua of colors, without danger or inconvenience, and h s j stifled the liberal patronage nd unlimited confidence ol thenublic. II blacl ie required, ask for hoi marked N ; if brown, bog marked B Ueww of counterfeits.?Aak for "Jules Hauel'a Vegetable Liquid Hair Dye," if you want the gen nine article. horaale, wholesale and retail, by ? JULES HAUEL. Perfumer and Chemist, No. 46 South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agent*:?J, B. Jacouemod, No. 413 Broadway; F. A. Aitmit, Lafayette Bazaar, Noa. l? and 151 Brondway; A. Willard, H. W enrner of Cedar and William etrenfeT Premiums ilWrurded at the Franklin Institute. alt Im're JAMEM A 8WAfN, ~ C ASH TAILOR, "?? Iroadway. !?**" CARLTON MOVSC. ADVERTISEMENT. CUSTOM HOUSE, NEW YORK,) Collector'! OAce. Dec. 9ih 18(5 $ QKALtl) PROPOSALS will be received at the Treasury DtpartniMit uutil the 24th i< *t?Dt for surli tuii lin of Ship Chandlery, ?<?'., ana in inch quantity, and at such tiim-a a* may be r< quired for the uigqf the United Stile* Revenue Stunner and Boats, which may be employed in thia Diatrict. daring the year commencing the l?t January uei', <n per fullowiag schedule Marline spikes. sieel, etch Match rope, lb Measure, copper, aet Mir line, lb Match state., each Maul, lb N Nails. coppar, wrought, lb " cut. lb Nails, iron, wrought, lb '? cut. !b Needles, sewing, s?s'd doz sail, " dox mirliue,doz Nippers, each Oakum, lb Oil, siK-rrn, win'.er strained, call summer, gall >e, ptir II.d- preads Marseilles, piece Anchors aud Wedges, lb Adzes, shipwright eucli " coopers'copper, etch Axel, broad, each " wood, each AttKUri, let Alm-uinC, nautical,cadi Anvil, lb Awls, brad, doz d Bo it Hooki, eopi>er, each " iron, each Buckets, deck each " cedar. itch sb'-el iron, lb Brushes, scrubbing, each " varuish, #wh " clamp, each " tar, etch " paint, assorted, doz " whitewash each Broomi, hick' ry doz " birch, d a* " c >ru, d i Bunting, all colon, full width, I'ieee Bui ting, all colors, hf width puce IWkwax. lb BI orki, faction rollers, per i'lcli, per she?ve Blocks, iron bushed, per inch, per sheave Blocks, sn itch, iu Bath bricks, doz Blankets. 1- f Bre<o B skeu. tin, piece Bell, table,each " large, and fixtures, each Bit* bor ng, each Bullet Mould* s't Bo tiwon's Call, silver, each Br~ceand "its set Be|i\iug I'ihi, iron, each " wood, each B ike Pans, set Battle Axes, each Barometer, each C Cordage, tarred hemp, pateut, lbs Cordage, tarred hemp, bolt rope, Ins Cordage Mau.Ila, lbs Cables, hemp, cwt " chain, lbs Co"per, sheet. Ibi I h.Ik, Ilia I. k.Ik lines, piece Chisst Is, assort.d set " cold, each Candles, sperm, lb Compasses, brass, 10 inch, e'h bont.tach " carpenter's, each Canvasa, Holland'* A A, bolt " American hemp,bolt " Cotton, No. 2, yd " " No. 3, yd " " No. 6, yd No. 10. yd Coal. Lch'gh. delivered, ton Cook's Ladles, each Curtains, moreen, made up, y*rd Cups and Saucers, Queeu's ware, doz C?stors, plain plated, set Crowbars. Ibi Calipers, carpenters, pair " runner's, pair Capstan Bars, hickory,each " walnut, each Cranes for boats, lb Coffee Mills, each " Boilers, each C "iinuters foi oil, each Cotton, waste, lb Coal Scraper, each 0 Deck Ligh's, patent, each Duck, raveui, heavy, holt " light, bolt " imperial, bolt " c '(ton, bolt Ornm. piece Drawing Knives, piece Emery, lb K Files, hand saw,each ' wood r-sps, each Kuunel, wood, water, each hiyiog pans, each Fife each Min>s, bund Manuel, cylinder, yd Foige and b?Uows, etch U Oougei, tet Olaises. log. 14 sec., each " linseed, boiled, ptll " raw, fcall " olive, quart Oil tar, gall Oars, ash, fet-t " spruct, feet P Pens, steel, card, aach P iint?, blnck lead, lb " white lead in oil, ground, lb " red lead " " Pnrcelli' g, yd Paper, sheathing, reata fo'dscaii. r am " lute cold pessed, retui " euvelope, qui e " shii>* , assorted, dox Pomp ticks, co. |ier thousand ' iron, thousand Pitch, gall " kettles. Hi Planes, joiurer. each " jack each " smoothing, each " for*. each " match, set Padlocks, brass, each Punches, chain, each " uail.each Putty, Ih P. I ins, mounted each Palm iron*, each Plaps, Uueeu's ware, dinner ner, uoz do do desert, doz do do di?he?, as sor.ed, each Priming wire, each Powder flasks, c. pper, each Port fire, s'tves. ash, aach Pnssii g boxes, leather, each Powder, cannon, Ih " priming, lb ", copper, each Pump. hand, copper, each Prickers,each Pincers escli Picking hooks, lbs Packing yarn, Vni|>, lbs ltules, carpenter, twa f?t, each R mmer? and sponges, each Rotton Stone, lb S Scrapers, gun, each Scrapers, cast steel, each Spikes, eompositiou, Ih " iron, wrought, lb " " cut, lb Screws, brasi, aaioited, doz " iron. doz Stwi, steel plate, hand,each '? key hole, each " tennon,each " wood, each " compass, each Screw Drivers, each Spoke Miaves, each Squares, iron, each " small, each Soap, brown, lb Spun yam, lb Slieep skins, each Sauce pans, each Stove, cabin, each " coal, each Shot boxes, each Shot round. It* " cannister, lb Saw setts, eacn Sounding rods, etch htones, grinding, each '? holy, etch *' set, etch Scuttle Butt. 60 galls, each Series and weight, set Stoppers, claw, lb Sl?tes, each Sledge, lbs Shovels, iron, each " 2# sec., each | Olue, lbs Gimlets, assorted, dor. <Hue Pot, piece (Sridiron, encl) Ounter's Scale, each Orapnels, lb H Hawsers, Manilla, lb " hemp, lh Honseliue, II) Hambroliiie, lb Hook* and Thimbles, lb Handspikes, hickory, each " wal ut each " ahod, each Hammer*, claw,each " pomp, each " riveting, each " chipping, rach Hooka, anchor, lish, lh " chain, lb Hanks, d l Halliards. pennant, lb Hooka, can, b Hatchets, rach Hoes, each I Ink, writing, quart Ironi, hand, lb " fcet, lb ?' caulking, each Junk, lb K Kida, copper, hooped, each Leather, rigging, lb " pomp, lb L-tg linea, hank Lanterna, aignal, copper, each " battle, each " d ck,each Litharge, lb Lead liuta, deep aea, 120 fath oms, each " hand,each " bl. c?,lo Lead*. sounding, lb L?dles*ud woims, each Lainp binnacle, each Loggerheads, lb Lumber, white pine, clear, foot Lumber, plank, foot L g Keil, p.ich Lamp-ilack, lh M Mallets, caulking, e?ch " <errmg, each " gunner's each No bida will h>* entertained Twine, whipping, lb seine,lb ?ewiiig. lb c >tton, lb Thimblea, open And welded,I T.llow. li. Tar, gall Turpentine, white, bbl spirita. gall Tormentors, cook's, each Thread, asaorted colors, lb Towels, damaak, yard I ureen and Ladle, block tir. ?a< h Turn' lers, cut (lass, doz , Gen doz Table Spoons, Oerman silvit Tea Spoons, Oerman silver d t Table cloths, liuen, yard Tiu me isures, set Tube boxes, leather, cacli i ub s, qiiill d<>z Trucks, leadii g, brass, each Top mauls, eacti Tape lines, 100 feet, each Tvaketths, iron, each " copner, each Trumpets, brass, ib " tiu, each Thermometers brass, each '* tin, each Tongs, Micksmith's, Ib V Varnish, copal, gall " bright, gill " black, gall Vice, hand,Ib W Wood, oak, sawed and del Vtretl. coid Wood, birek, sawed anil del' vered.cord Wood maple,aawed and deli vered, cord Wood, yellow birch, saweii a> ddelivrred, cord Wood, white birch, sawed ai d delivered, i ord Wood, pine, cord " spruce. cord " hemlock, cord Whiting, lb Wreuchea, wood, etch " iron, lb Water cnitk, oak, 60 gallons each Water breakers, oak, 15 gal lons, each Wick, lamp, lb Wreuche ?, assorted, lbs from |>ersous not actually et. gaged in the business to which tins advertisement refers. Bidders mil transmit their proposals sealed to the Secretar of the Treasury. Printed lists of the above articles will be Ihmished to ship chtndlers, upon application at this office. dll t24th r O W.LAWRENCE, Collector IN < IIANO'.HY ?Before the Vic I. hit cellor?Thorns ? Smull vs Charles Oakley an lal ?State if New ? In pursuance of < deer- tal order o* this court, inid<! in th< ahove r use, will be sold at public auct on, fit th*. Mltchii t?" Kxchnnge, intho citv of New Voik. under the dir-ctii n of the iiiideisisi.ed, o le ol the ma.ters of lh.-said court, I y orge H Ho litis, Aucti' neer, on the sixth day "fjunua y. IBIS, et 12 o'clock, noo i, of that day a;l t e rest, residue, and r-matn ilero< the teim of twenty- neyear< from the tir td y if May, I8ii, mentioned in that ceitain indenture ?Tleas>m<de by the rector,churchwardens and vestrymen ?.f 'I rin ty OiU'Cli, in the riiy ol New Voik t'i Richard Oikhy, bearing date the fourth day of M rch. IKS. and recorded in the office oft e r? - Ulster of det-ds fo the e>ty aud county of N?w \ork, in I l>?i '34 o'conveytnc ? pace 126, of in and t > th ise th re c-rtain '? Hollind situate, lying *i d beii g in ill Ni rhW ird >f th* citv of New Yt rk, tiring pait of the lai d? i f the said Hector, cliu chwardeus and vestrymen of l'rii ify c'.u ch, in the ci'y of,New Y?rk, and >li ti iguishul on a map or chtil of sue' pan the , pfas i called th ttnrd or north division of tli clni cli firm li< the nuirtlie-a one hundred mil ihnt. ?nine, one hundred ani forty and one lui idred and f irty-one, ( 39, 140, 141) The said three lots, taken tag ther, teing bounded as follows:? he?.'inniiig on the easterly sid of Hiidi >u street at a i>oiut di?* tanttwen )'?<? nr feet five inches northwsrdlv from the corner torine ' by its intersection with the northerly side of Barrow street, and running thence noithwardly on Hudson street seven ty-three fettaud sit inches to the southwesterly coiner of lot nuinherone hu dred aud thirty-eight, thence eastwardly at right angles with Hudson street one liu-idred feet, th?nc sonthwaidlv aud parallel with Hudson st>e?t seventy-three fest and six inclisi; thence we tward y along the'lme oflot i umber o e hnudredandf Ttt-two (1421 one hundred feet to the pl?ce of beginning, subject to annual ground rent of sixty-six dollar:, and eig'i ty-sevsn-uid- i-h <lf cents on each of the aaid lots, pa) ? able h til-yearly, fgetner with all and singular fk? edifices an.I buildings on the said premises, and all and every covenant, clause and article in the aaid indenture of lease contained ami alkheuefit to arise or to be derived therefmin, with the ap|>oi tenances Pat-<1 New York, De<. inh, MM STEPHEN CAMBRELENO ? ? .. . Mester m Chancery, Cromwell end Nart<n, Solicitors d!3 ?aw:iw M'O TH fc UKAU i'lKI KH6 OK TH ?. CO.?l fLri\ION-??r A ppsjug Kfficacy:-MV EAUDIVINt DK VKNU8 AND NYMPH SOAP, composed of an easteru botanical discovery ot surprising efficacy for rendering the skiu soft and fair, as well aa importing a delicate roseate nue to the complexion. Aa a creator and eooservatoi of that most distinguishing charm of female lovelineea, a transparent fair akin, Jl'Lii> HAl'EL'B Nymph Soap, or Ran Divine de Venus, mny be srid to exert sn almost macioal power. Ceaiposed for the most part of orienul balsamic plants, to the alter exclusion of a. I mineral admixture, it la diaUngoiahed medicinally (pr iu ex tremely bland, purifying and soothing action on the akin : and by ac iug on the pores mid mmnte secretory vessels, einuls all impnritraa frem the surface, allays every tendency to mnamma tion, aid, by this method alone, efTectuilly dissipates all ren nets, tan, pimples,freckles sni.burn, and other uuaightly ceta B*7iU urt,,t*tinna, to inimical to femaleloveliuess. Its use will charge the poet bilious tomplexiou into one of rn diant whiteness ; while on the neck, hands and arms, it be stows a delicacy and fainteas which Ita c ontinued nae will hap pily protect, with every appearance of youthful charm to the most advanced perioda of 111?. tetail, by JULES HAUK.L, Host advanced periods of I Kor sale, wholesale and 'r5f?ie8' Chemist and Perfumer, , B Third street, Philadelphia. Y?iiit ^ ? Jacqnemod, No 41ft Broadway; F, A wMuil HIT""* P?gj. Hat. 14^ and 141 Broadway, A ?T '33fSSK *cl> ? THE STAR POLICE. The above represents the origin, rise, and pre sent position of one o' the Star Police, now ho fa mous in this city (or the prevention of all torts of rascality, and especially burglary. There are many of the "stars" who^e origin was different from that of the chap with the pipe. One of his own kith. is astonished at the flight of ambition which has seiz ed his km ; but he will probably be reconciled to the matter by the purchase, at a low price, of the old hod, and with the recollection that he will go higher on the ladder to fortune in his legitimate business of answering to the calls of "more mort," th in in donning the star End assuming the "brief au'.honty" of the day. tir?*t Meeting of the ? Young Guard of the Oeniocrncy " on Krhlay night, at Tam? many Hail One of the mo-t cptrited meetings which we have of late hti'ended, came of] on Fiidnynight at the old wigwam of the democracy, Tammany Hull.? At an early hour the vouog masses began to assem ble,ami soon filled tlii^lai^ and capacious ball Tbe meeting was called to order by selecting JainesT. 13rady, Esq , as President, and Messrs. Edwin San ford, 1. Floyd .Jones, and others, as Vice Presidents Levi D. Slunini, ?iih a .-core of others, of equal zeal and devotion, were appointed as secretaries. The published call tor the "meeting was then read. L 13 Shephard, Esq., chairman of the committee, pre sented a series of well written, Spirited resolutions, deeply imbued with patriotic feelings and senti ments, replete with noble and just views, and be stowing high encomiums upon our deservedly popu lar and distinguished chiet magistrate?disavowing the principle that leaders marshal the masses, or that the masses follow leaders?a public treasury was demanded by the j>eople. A constiiutioual trea sury for the government?and an independent trea sury for our own State's security. Texas was ac knowledged a sister star in our brilliant galaxy? Oregon was yet twinkling in the distance, and Csi houn and Buchanan, tor iheir recent and masterly correspondence, highly eulogised. To compromise, negotiate, or recede, would be almost criminal, and detract from our national honor, o.ur national dijjni ty. The tariti of '42 was declared an odious and an oppressive law?a violation of our public and our private rights?a monopoly, for 'he protection of the lordly capitalists of the East to the otherwise crow ing interests of the West Gen. t'ass was highly complimented tor his resolutions of inquiry into the condition of our navy and army?(upon which cheers and other lively tokens of admiration wer> givm)?the question of negro suffrage was unequi vocally denounced, aud instead of increasing their political pnviliges, ihey should rather be restricted, and not allowed t?> vote at all?a preference was ex pressed in fitvor ol taking the power of uu>*ininieiit of ciiy officers from the Common Council, and p a cing it in the hands of the Mayor, us the republican executive. The city debt contracted by the late na tive- Ameiican party was alluded to in terms of cen sure mid disapprobation. Jas T. Uutm arose to sustain these revolutions, an 1 ?ai<l that sinco the perioil he last addressed a meeting in this hull, to which he relerred with pride and pleatuie he hail a( least to congratul te his whig friends that the) hud succeeded in being able to answer lor themselvt - tne question they some time put to us. of "Who is James K. Polk Since that period, too, the blight and lustrous star of Texas has been added to our gieat and growing country- while unotlier star had "paled itsell. yet shone above still more resplendent among the luminaiies lorn; since departed fiom among mankind General Jackson was dead Vet not so ; he lives in the hearts and gra'i tude of the Ameiican people, and will over be remem beied and cherished by them?that lignt has gone out t.i add its brilliancy io another sphere. He must also be per mitted to congratulate all present upon tho political death of lleniy Clay, one, whom tornange, was worthy the determined, and, as it proved, the successful on slaught ol the democracy, lie was woithy of our eflbrtu, and most nobly had he lallen ; while the sneaking an : skulking plopensities ol Dauiei Webster, is beyond tli worth ol oui condemnation Me would also tieg to he permitted to speak ol that party which, at one time, hel J its gathei nig under an umbrella in the I'ark. He, ol course, referied to the Native American patty, who ha? tor ita representation, one shining light leftth'em in then darknoss la the halls ol Congiess. Tins light, however, must soo enlit r go to the whigs 01 conin to us. He cannot stand all ulone In a briet review of Polk's Mes sage, one ol the ablest state papers which ever yet en - mated fiom our mast distinguished statesmen, he woui<i only say that his views sustained him by a full and n lieait) concuiience. We live now not in a conquest < I blood, but one of peace and coriect principles. He re joiced that tho w nigs hud, as by one Common voice come up so boldly and manl'nliy 10 meet us in our drier imitations lor the lull and undivided |ossessiouof On - gon. Oiegon we must have ; al'hongli we ate, at pre ? ent, quite unprepiied to contest, ti) lorceolatms, oui ju?l pietenrions. Our nav) is inelhcient; and he wi> pained to say that not a sia> or stupe ol any ol our na tional vessel* floated in the Mediterianean yet it was t. <utisiuction that they could he, ut any time, appealed to for protection by any ol our couiitiy men in a lorcigo land,atiording them necessaty conniution and strength ?the most trilling indignities of a feteigu powei would evel he lepellad by such an appeal, hs we all have had abundant illustration He agreed witn Genertl La.s in contesting lor the "tiist inch ol giomul lathei tliau the last our thresholds rather thun our hearths He also leprubated tho idea ol negio Midiage, and pio tested against this as one of the amendment* proposed in our constitution; it wotil.l impair the value ol tne lit borei and the w 01 kiiigmau, in their appreciation ol a right to exercise then dearest and best valued pnvi leges ?biinging the one t pen the level with the other while the noh man it It secme from taint 01 suspicion ol ? iBving loimcdsucti an estimate of'equality. He believed that this agitated question ol political reform aroso mou Imni the Uiauffecied state ol one otouigieat political paities than Irnm uny d< sire io promote the public good He was followed by >11 JohnU Fornu} .of I'biluile'piua. >n a neat, p i incut and animated speech, and in winch liu declan <1 tliat alth ngli a stiu (!' r iii these balls, ytt ne tclt iiki Rob (toy , who, ?fi*l havn g Lit the smoke ol Glasgow, sai-l 1 lie v. h. uu hts imlivt heath, and hii naint was MarOlegoi." His ?pe?ch was listened to with maiked attention, and loceivi-d di tmguished applause. Mr B..swoith, L. U. fihej uid and Ml fcddy , iilteiwards addressed those pu tent ut much length, slightly intei mpte by Mine Walsh at the Conclusion; when the meet ing adjourned. I'crMtnal Movements. The Hon. John C. Calhoun arrived in Charleston, 3 C., on tho ltit . inst., Iroia his re ideiice in Pendleton, and took lodgings at Stowart's Carolina Hotel The Hon. Langdon Cheves also arrived, and ia at the same Ho'el. The Hon. W.J. tjrayaon, Collector ol llir |H?ri, ?ud the Hnv. Bishop Oudsdcn, arrived on the Itjth inst., in the steamer Beaufort Diatiict. Coi.LEGK of New Jehijky.?At a tiieetnij; ol the trusfes ol thiscolle^e, held at Princeton, on Wed nesday, Stephen AUxonder. fcsq was elected loth* mathematical chair, vacated by the death of l'role??or Uod 1 he Hev VI. B. Hope was appointed piolessor of rhetoric and belles lotties, vice Ho v. Dr. J. W. Alexan der, now ol New York, lesigued. Tho Hon. Daniel Haines, late Ooveruor.of the State, was at the sumo meeting ol the tiuitees elected a momber of tho board, in place ol the late Mr. Maxwell. The Choctaws.?The Winston (Misa.) Banner states lhat between 3000 and 4000 Choctaws were to have left that State about the lust of November, uader the Superintendent ol Hemovul, lor their new tome in the West. Tne condition ol aflaiis in the Choc uvv nation is represented as being quite piotperous Theie ate now lour lemale hoarding schools, sustained principally by the public lunda ol the Nation, but uuuer caio and imtruclion of the missionaries These and other school* contain JW pupils. There aie also vaiious Sabbath schools, taught by Choctaw teachers, embracing six or seven hundred adults and children. A while woman, ol Camden County, N. C., was mtitdeied on the 9ih inst., lieai the South Lock of the Canal, by a man named James Sawier, ol the same county. This woman was said to be the paramour of Sew)*r, and some misunderstanding occurring on the night aloresald, between him and her, he plunged hi* dagger into her breast, which striking ?ome *Hel part, killed her Instantaneously Krll)(loai lutrlllKmcc. Should tiiu weather prove favorable thl* evening, the very RiV. Dr. I'owcr will, by special rcque*t, repeat hia lecture on the ?ubject??' Are the Holy Scripture* the judge of controversy and the sole rule ot Faith," which was pos patieJ las Sunday evening on account of? he in clemency of the weather. The Her. Cbiules W. Harklcy, D. D , Prolessor of Mathematics in Columbia College, will praach at the "A (jlo-Ami'iican F ee Church of St Oeorge the Mar ty.'" No 406 Broadway, this evening. Tho Rev. Dr Mutton will repeat his aermou on the subject ?" Love of our Country"?this evening, at the Dutch Church, on Washington square. The committee of a new KpUcopal Church, to be un der the pastoral care of the Kev. John (iricg. have en gaged the larga room iu the Lyceum. No Ml Broadway, a tew doors south of 1'iiace street, where divine service will be regularly periorine 1 every Sunday morning and evening. Service to cotnmunce at 10} A Si. and 7 V. M. Seats free. The Ladies ol' 3t Peter's Chureh, Barclay street, will hold a Kair in the basement ot said church. commencing on Monday, '2M Hist- the proceeds to be applied lor the benefit ot the p >or school under the supointenieuce of the Sisters of Charity. On Wednesday, the 17th inst., in St. PatricliV Cathe d al. the holy ot Jar of Priesthood was conferred by ttie Rt. Rev Bishop NlcCloskey, on the Rev. William Quinn, of St John's College, K rlbam. We regret to notice in the daily papers, the death of the Kev Robert D.ivis, lormei ly of Belleville, N.-w Jer sey, and recently n missionary in the West Indies. Mr. D-ivis was drowned on his passage from New Providence to ('rooked Island. Mr Socrates Smith, late of Hot >n Theological Semina ry N Y . was ordained to the work of the gospel minis try at Bward?town, 111, Nov, 23 Sermon by Kev. A Mile, ol Springtl-II; constitutional question? by the same; oidaiaiug prayer by Rev. B Pond; charge by Rev. Wm H Williams, ol Jacksonville: right hand of fellow ship by Rev Wm. Kirby, agent of A 11 M. S. for Illinois. At iho same time a Presbyterian church was organized consi-tuig ot I I members, with unexpectedly favorable prospects. Installed, on the 3d of December, by the Hudson Pres bytery, Mr. Nathaniel Kl'ner, as astor of the chut' h in Ciiclevilie. Prayer by Kev O. M Johnson, of Denton; sermon ny Rei. W V. Miller, ol Kidgehury, Rev. W. W. Newell, of Montgomery, presided, put the constitutional qao*ttous, and gave the cuarge to the pistor; charge to the people by Kev. Daniel T. Wood, ot Middletown; ben ediction by the Moderator. Foreign Thcatrlrnls. Mr. Wallack is at the Princess Theatre, London. Miss Helen Fauci t in at present nt Kdinburgh. The Ibstin family are performing at Newcastle with success. M-td'lle Fanny lilssler is at present nt Koine, and engaged for the season at the Teatro Argentina. Mr aud Miss Vandenholf are about to bring out " Antigone" at the Theatre Royal, Birmingham, early in the ensuing month. Mr. Henry Russell will give Ins vocal entertain ment at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, for the benefit ot the Infirmary in that place, on Monduy next. The copyright ot the music of Bellini's opera of " Lh Snnn.tmbula" is still the subject ot proceedings in the Court of Exchequer. Mr. Creswick and Miss Stewart, lale of the The atre Boy si. are performing at Birmingham. Mr Buckstone and Mr McKay are engaged at the same place. Mad'lle Taglioni has presented Petipa with u splendid diamond brooch, in testimony of her ad miration ot this dancer's exertions in the ballet ot the ?' Fille de Marbre." The " Polka" is likely to be replaced this winter, in Paris, l>v the new dance called " La Redows," which M Varin has in rehearsal at the present mo ment by the dancing classes ot the opera. Mr Wilson has given his Scottish entertainment lately at M inchester, and several other places in that neighborhood, with undiminished success ; a proot that national melodies have an undying charm about them. Madlle. Taglioni has arrived in Paris, on her way 'o lialv, after a farewell tour through various parts ol England, Ireland and Scotland, by which she is said to have netted not less than ?10,(MX)?her lowest en gagement, even at the smallest theatre, being 100 guineas per night. Tlif ballet " L" Liable h qunlre," based on th< ol i Inrce ot t(i? " L'evil to Pay," has been produced it Drury-lane with considerable success. On th tira* night, Mxdllf. Fiora Fabbri, Madame Petit Stephen, and M. Bretiu were called before the cur tain wt the close. Monsieur Frederick Cert, the well-known direct or of Konigstad Theatre, died on the 7ih tn -lant at Berlin, 111 his 74th year The d< ceaaeo managed the aflairs of that establishment for up wards of sixteen years, and was much reelected lie was a knignt of the order of the Kcd Eagle. The destruction of the Glasgow Tneatre bar thrown a numbet of actors out of employment The most prominent members of the company liavi been '?ngaged by Mr. Sloan, ol the Queen's Thea tre, Manchester, for his forthcoming campaign The proprietors of the theatre, auxioas to sustain \Ir. Sloan, in his spirited management, have deter mined upon making the most extensive and liberal iIterations. Tiie boxe3, pit and gallery, as well a. ihe stage, will be entirely rebuilt. Anew suite ot dressing-rooms will be constructed. The pit, which will run under the boxes, will contain upwards <? I 900 persons The theatre will re-open in March, with one of the best stock companies in the king dom, and a succession of stars will appear during the season. Douglas Jerrold has finished another comedy, th? production of which, on the same stage, will tak< place soon; Miss Hose Joseph, is attracting much attention tt Liverpool, where she has been giving Concert* Her fotto vote is said to be deservdly admired. Mr. Love, the Polyphenist, is giving his pleasing entertainments in Liverpool, assisted by Mr. Ratli bone and other artists. Mr Kayner, the celebrated comedian of the old school, is performing ut the provincial theatres in England. A new play, the production of Brinaley Knowlet-, son <if.IaineB .Sheridan Ivnowles, has been br?ughi out at tile Hay market, London, entitled the "Maid eu Aunt." It is the first attempt ot the son in the line which his father has succeeded so well, lie success, however, was doubtful. A posthumous opera, by Weber, has, it is said, been discovered iu London, where it has lain per due since his death. Madame Petite Stephen has been engaged at Drury Lane to perform the duel part 111 a new and popular ballet entitled "The Devii To Pay." The facetious Mr. Murray, ol the Edinburgh Theatre, bet the modern Athenians in u roar, the other night, with a new reading of the air-drawn dagger a|MMtrophe of Macbeth : Is that a Railway that I ?en bet'oie mo, The Premium toward mj hand ? Come, let meclu'ch thee : ? I have tliee not, am) yet I in thee still ; Ha>t thou, then, no l'ruvi?ioii?l Committee ? Mid hut n Kail % uy ol tlio mind : a lal?e creation I'i ocveding fium Hie Scn| -uppieated Oram ? I >m tliee jet, in share h* p<fp?hle An the Heumntchkina, applatue) and now with calU tor present pay merit, 'W liich wax not no helore. 'I bat'* quite another thing IV r. Bkaham's Concert?Monday evening lias been fixed lor Mr. Bndiain's concert ai the it yal Assembly Rooms. Mr. Braham will be assisted on ibis occasion by his son, and also by Miss Rose Joseph. Chester Harmonic Concerts.?The first coucert ol the Chester Harmonic Society, for the present season, will take place on Monday, I'ecember 8th, on which occasion talent of a very high order will be introduced, so that a most interesting musical entertainment may be aniici|>ated. The Qi'KenV Theatre, Christian street ? The most extensive alteration; are now being made at tins once lavorite place ot amu-enient. The whole property has been purchased by a capitalist, who intends to open the theatre as soon as the ex tensive alterations are completed. The interior ot the theatre is completely gutted, and will be rebuilt and titled up in a state of gorgeousness equal lo any metro|tolitan establishment The Irontags will also be rebuilt. Mr. W. J. Hammond, we under stand, will be acting manager The pit will be so constructed as to be applicable to teats of horseman ship. __________ If a gentleman wants a wife, hs wears a ring on the flint fingsr ol the Islt band, it be ii engaged, 1m wean It on tho second Anger} if married, on the tnifi; and on tbe feurth, it he never intenda to get maraM. Whe.iinla.1y is not engaged, the wear* a hoop or fta mond onhei Aral iingar, if engaged, on the aeconojtf married, on the third; and on the fourth if alts intenda to be a maid. When a gentleman preaenta a Ian, a flower, or trinketa to a lady with the left hand, thia, on bia pert is sn overture ol rtgard; thould ahe receive it with tbe left hand, it ia considered an an acceptance of bia ea eem, hut if with the light 'a a relutsl ol the offer Thm, by a lew himple tokona, explained by rule, the paaaion of love la expreaaed. A Texas feather bed is said to be made of oorn eoba and ahucka lu Mexico their beds are aom?B?ea made of piickly psara andcentlpedea. with an ncoaiMMl tarantula Fact and Fancy. The dinner which the member* ol the Philadel phia Bar bad in contemplation,hu been postponed tor tfc? present. Robert Owi-n is lecturing ill Philadelphia Thomas M. Foote is lecturing in Buffalo oa the romance ol the llible. Oil Monday afternoon, Mr. Denuison Lathrup, aged about sO years, clipped on the sidewalk in front of the (>oit oil! ;e. Buffalo. fell and broke hi* tingli ia a very had manner. The wound is so severe tuat be will proba bly ne>er recover from it. A public meeting was held in Syracuse on the lath init. to device measure* for furnishing a home aud lor educating orp'ian and destitute canal boys.? l'b-ire are said to be 3000 canal boys in Syracuse; over ?JtKM) 01 whom uro orphans. A memorial to tba Legisla ture Wdi read and adopted, and several addresses war j made. A ntlru id meeting was held in Chicago on the 5th inst. at.which a commi tee was appointed to collect statistical information tending to (how tbe importance and value of a railroad from Chicago to Lake bne.aul from Chicago toGa'eni and the Mississippi. Resolu tion* were alto adjpted, and speeches mide. An aged man, namal Gore,was killed on the Win chester and Petomac railroad on tbe Itttb inst. by being cru-he J between a train of freight cars and tbe side of a budge, over wnich the deceased was passing on foot. A bill for the prevention of duelling ia before the South Carolina legislature. 'Plie Richmond Enquirer says W^n. Smith accepts the office of Governor. It is said that there were no printers in the days when the proverb whicti saith?"Ltbor while tbe day last*, for tbe n ght cometh when no man can work," was written. T'lere is a womtn living within fifteen iniirb ot Mobile, who weighs 4&> pounds, and enjovu good health, ?is mother of seven children, and is good tempered, fat, fair, loity, and four hundred ! Fifty one poundsand twelve ounces of wool, have been this j ear sheared from live sheep in Rutland Co., Veunont. John J Kramer, Esq . formerly of Liberty county, Georgia. was shot by some unknown assassin, on the night of the 19th ult , whilst reading a newspaper, in company with another person, by the light of a fl e. in front of thfl store of Mr James King at Blount's Kerry, on the Suwannre river. Kast Florida Mr Fraser re ceived two buck-shot wounds, which at Srit were not considered dangerous, but which, after some days, tei miuated in death on the 30th ult. Tn>* Huton Houi*e Gazette, ol the 6ih inst., says : We have bee vi-ited, for the last week, with the col lect weather known in thi region for a number of Venn. ? The cane standing is completely spoiled, so far as sugar making is concerned; the cane that bail been wind-rowed will still yield considerably, if tne weather doo i not be come too warm. Ash wood and stove pipes have bee,, in great demand Green blanket coats aro getting in fashion, and wild ducks and becasses aro a perfect drug in the market. Mr Philip Flaharty had both of hie legs broken by being run over by the cars of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, on Tuesday morning The accident happened a short distance this side of Rllicot's Mills. He * as taken to tbe Mills, where his limb* were set, and ne is likely to do well. The body of Mr. Dtniel O'Harra was found in i!iy ?Scioto river, Onio, beliw Mallivan's dam, on the l-itli inst. He is is supposed to have fallen from his horse while fording the river; the water was about ei^ht or nine inches Jeep. The State of Georgia has uppointed two Com missioners to confer with two others, to be appointed by the 'State of Florida, to ascertain and Ax the liue of boundary between the two .States. The river opposite Hudson iseutirely closed. On Saturday the ice was strong enough to take horses across. The steamers run from New Orleans to Gslvestou in fifty -one houis, easily. It is known tint Mr Bright was elected Senator to Congress from Indiana. His party had a majority ol of one in the State Senate, of which he was President.? His election and acceptance of office, inada a tie b tweei. the parties. Since then they have been trying to elect a president-but after Keventy balloting* that body still remains without a head. The ladies' anti-slavery fair, in Boston, will open at Faneuil Hall, on Tuesday evening next. Won't it bo a funny affair J Ex-Governor Call, of Florida, lias presented to Governor Moselev a specimen of Flarida hemp, made from n plant known as " bear grass." It is said to eq'ial Manilla he rp. The ex-Governor predicts that this hemp vill be more profitable tban the northern, and as valua rile ae cotton. The Cincinnati tiremen air ireitina: civilized?be ginning to tight. McKendree College, located at Lebanon, Illinois, has suspended its opeiations, iu consequence of pecunia ry embarrassments. It who under the patronage of the Vlethadist Episcopal church. Ciptain John Lane, for many years engaged as t> pilot on the western rivers, committed suicide, in C n cinnati, on the 30th ult. He was laboring under a tem porary fit of insanity, at tlie time. The Missouri river closed at Jefteraon, on Sun Joy, the 30th?wh n the mercury, at daylight, was II ?Jtog below zero. Mddison county, Illinois, contains a population ? I 13 111.' Alton {.umbers t)07 inhabitants; I'pper Alton, 1,184; Kdwardsville, tilO; Highland, 400. Professor Mitchell, ot Cincinnati, is in Boston, and proposes delivering a course of lectures on astrono my The trial of Edmund Halohan, nn Irishman, in dicted for arson, in setting fi n to the shed of Mr. Chasn, in Blossom street, Boston, came on the iMh instant, bp 'ore iht] Supreme Court. It was contended by the coun sel lor the prisoner, that the shed formed no part ot tbc iweliing house--and thorelore if the act of setting the dr was proved, he could not be convicted of arson. Th, ?ase was conducted by Samuel D ['inker for the go?ein ? nent, aud .Messrs. English and YVheeiork lor the priton or. The Court sustained the objection, and the prisonei ?vns recommitted to await his trial lor the lesner oft'encr before the Muuicipal < ouit. Court Intelligence. Okikui. Sicssions, Dec. 20.? Belore Recorder Tall madge, and Aldermen Henry and Moserole. Sentence nj'jotrph P. Guthrie?The trial ol causes du ring the present term having been brought to ? cLse last evening, the Court this morning proceeded to pars ?entence in the case ol Joseph P (iutbrie, of Phiiadel pliia, who wa> last week tound guilty of obtaining a coi - -iderable amount of property ny lain* pretences, from iunlry merchants of this city. Mr. Uuihrie on being i lied up, stated to the Court that attempts had bet n made by liis friends to raise money, wherewith to satufi din merchants Ironi whom the goods had been obtained, ?nd he ha I no doubt hut their claims would be liquida ted. He further staled, that ho I the trial been postponed is he had desired, he felt court lent tnat he > ould havi produced a witness who would have shown by his books .sio, he having been his clerk, that all his transactions na.l been conducted in good faith. He, therefore, under these circumstances, threw himself upon the mercy ol ihe C ourt. W. M. I'aicK, Esq., his counsel, al.o took occasion to *tate in bohxll of .?lr Outhrie, that a piocess under the StilAoll Act was pending against Ins client, which tact he wished the Couit to take into consideration Aldeimau MtSkaOLC, ia passing sentence, commeul ad in terms of merited sever ty upon the gross fraud* that are constantly practised upon merchants of thi city, who are subjected to the arts of designing men, who obtain by fiaudulent represeuta'ions luge amount* ot property ; bin that in the present case there appeared to ne Mine pallittiug circu nstances, in con?i'leialjon ol ? hich the feiitei Ce ol the CoOrt was, that he. Guthrie, tie impii.oued iu the City Piison lor the teim oi 60 da) k, ? inl pa> a Hue oi $10# ; and stand committed until paid C'uir nj frtrr H linker. Iu the ca.e of this individli i al who was indicted lor compounding a lelony, .Vli Wai uei moved for a not'r pi ot'jut to be entered as he had not alter a long peiiod been Oi?ught to tint< on account ol a lua'.eri >1 witue.s I'.ie mniion was granted, us llieiu was no probability ol producing the witness referred to. Superior Court?tn Chambers. Before Judge Va?''erpoel L>SC 19.? 77lr P'ltplr rx rt, Sophia flakier, vs. Chru- i lien Bito i man ? Upon a wiitol kmttui enrput issued by this Couit Irom the application and affidavit ol stop tin , Stabler- the defendant brought before hi Honor to answer as to the illegal detention of a promising little I ltd ol seven ye is of age, the offspring of an illegitimate connection entertained by these parties in Ba*?l, 8wit- ! teilatid, ot which country they are the immediate de ?rendsnt*. It appears these parties were betrothed in marriage by t'ie ordinary loims of that country, unrt that ' the defendant, soon atier the birth of this child, camo to | America, wheie be was followed by the complainant at his solicitation, about a year since, in order to solemnise 1 the marriage cot enant- but it seem* she was too late, be having assured h?r that h? was similarly implicated iu another quarter. The futher has maintained the posses sion of the child since that period? and the mother, ? bo is now very tespectabiy marned, claims it as tier's by legal rights and pnviliges These tacts being luily es tablished, the court decided that it should be given up to the mother, and at the fame time wished thai the mi I nute particulars, as they appeared in evidence, should bo withheld irom tho public eye. We therefore omit a toll detail of them. Before Chiel Justice Jones. Jon L? Qardiirr vs. Ciow It t Smith.?This case, fully reported yesterday, is yet unconciuded, and will be re sumed to morrow. Before Judge Oakley. Harmon vs Sj 'ucer ?Tins protracted trial still enga ges the attention ol the Couit Nothing of artber im portance than 'hut to which we huve already alluded be- | ing elicited, we omit continued remarks It will occupy some two or three .lays longer in ail probability Before Chief Justice Jones D. c. 'JO -John L. Uardntr vi. Crowtll and Smith.? This replevin suit engaged the attention of the Court up ! to ihe hour oi adjournment, and stands over, to be again taken up on Monday. Before Judge Oakley. Harriion vs. .Sptnctr.?This long and somewhat vexa tious libel suit, will be tesumed on Monday, and will ' doubtless occupy the entire term. One witness has beau on the stand for tho last three days. . Common PI cm. Full Bench. Die "JO ? Dkciiio*!.? 71bt Mayor, tf-c. adt. ?Inlnto battniini.?The action in thii case was brought againat the Corporation under a resolu'ion passed by the latt 1 Common Council on tbe Mth of October, I8U, requeu ing the Mayor to offer $100, (to lie paid on the convictioa of the offender) for the detection of uuv person voting or attempting to vote illegally at the then approaching election on the 5th ol November The Mayor approved and signed the resolution, and in pursuance thereof, on the 31st of October published a notice in the newspapers, ott'e ing a reward of $100 for 'he detection and conviction of any person at empting to vote illega ly at said election. A man named Stephen Webb was arrested, charged with having attempted to vote illegally. Th? plaintiff appeared before the police magistrate*, and subsequently at his trial at tho General Session*, and gave testimony ugkinst him. H* low brings his action to recovar the reward, alledging that upon his testimony Webb was detected and convicted. The Corporation counsel demurred *o tne declaration, 1 taking several groun Is. the p incipal of which are; ? ! first, that the p ai'.'itr? declaration it bad in substance, inasmuch as the allege I contract by the defendants with the plaintiff. is insufficiently averred in the declaration. Jnd That the allegation that Webb attempted to vota illegally, is not sufftcient -whethor he did or did not vote, is a mixed question of law and fact, and the facta upon which this question might tie judicially de'er mined, should have been stated tu the decltratiou S.d. That the Mayor wax the party wno should have been sued: the contract, (if any) was made by him. Coi-bt.?Upon the wMile. it is clear mat the plaintiff must amend his narrative, and he may as well avoid as many of the objections of form and substance at he c in; if when the narrative is thus amended, the defendants think fit to renew tbe demurrer upon the points ol sub stance, and thus to place their defence upon matters of law, they will have the right so to do and we may further consider these poiau. W*> think the uairauve is deficient in its averments, and requires amendment.? An I what we have said upon the points ot suh?tanco, rulati ig o the pleading ot it, should be freed from all objections as to th . averments and matfis ol form. (3 Moils, Wilcox and I'ri'hard ads Timothy H. Main ? ! In this cause, an action whs brought by tne plaiutiff, I (Main) against the three defendants, on a promissory j uote, ruiporting to lie made by them, payable to the or | ler of the plain id' for fc-J50 The defendants pleaded the , geni-ral iss ?*, and net up ai a defence fir?t. th it the con sideration given for the uote was illegal, it being tho sale ol a Mail in one of the m irfcets, which. it was con tended. was in violation of Cotp jratiou ordinances, and that defendant (Priehard) was not a pirtner. There was a verdict for the plain ,It" and defendants moved to set it side, allegin* it was contrary to the weight of evi dence. Up in the first part of the defence, the Court de cided that the evidence showed the conaideiation given lor the note, was not only tbe occupi 1011 of the t-tall, hut the good will of the customers, itself, was a i?oO'l consideration. Upon the next |>'int. the eviience of Reynolds showed that Prich tnl inm-elf acknowledg ed that he was a partner, and, t'iorolore, decided that the verdict should bo conflimed with costs. IVaddt /, attre .f-cnt. DoneUy ? This W'ts an action brought by plaintiff as the general in bankruptcy, against defei'd int, for ai;-atleged debt due by defendant \o Maishall Si Ha nrnmid, bankrupts, for lumber turnish ed by them to defendant previous to their bankruptcy. The defence set up on the trial was u set oft'; thai de fendant gave the bankrupts his promissory note for the lumber,which they got cashed for the full amount,which was still outstanding , aud that a part of the lumber only was furnished. On the trial, a non-suit was granted under the direction ol thejud c. Tne plaintiff'moves to set aside the non-suit, on the ground that evidence was improperly admitted. The Court decided that the evi dence was properly admitted, and that the judge was right in allowing a non-suit. Non suit confirmed, with cests. Jahnd. Collin* tids. The Shamrock Rentvolent 8"t.tty.? V'erdic si>' aside. Vew trial granted -costs to abide the eveat. The Court of Common Pleas will again sot on nex* Friday and Saturday, to hear law arguments United States Court. Before Commissioner Gardiner. Due. 20.? Charge njl^iiceny on th'. Hitth Stan?Qeorge Pendleton, mato of the American brig Argus, was yes terday brought before the Commissioner, upon the lot lowing charge It appeared that on the 1st of Novem ber last, the vessel sailed from St. Domingo, having on board a cargo of coff'eo and logwood, and some specie i consigned to different houses in Bos'on , and, amongst ? others, $2d0 of tho specie was consigned to Lombsrrt k . Whittemore, of liostou, and the vessel itself to Staika : W. Lewis, ol this city. On the 5th of November, the captain died of yellow fe> er. and the prisoner, who w as mate, succeeded to the command of the brig ; she put lack, and a new captain w? procured, whose authority was limited to u ivigaUng the vessel, having no power jr autnority over the car<o. The vessel arrived in this port on Friday, and, upon examining tbe specie, and comparing it with the bill of lading, it was found that f.190 in gold coin was abstracted from the fiAO owned by Lombard k Whittemore The suspicion falling upon Perfdleton?he having a knowledge of the cargo, and neing in charge of the vessel alter tbe death ol the cap isun, complaint was made by Mr. Lewis, the consignee, and a warrant issued, upon winch he was arrested ; an l, upon the evidence of the steward, was fully oommttted to stand his trial for tho oU'ence, although it appeared that the missing money was subsequently found. Marine Court. Beloie Judge Wuierlmry Dn.. I'J -Johinna O'Sliea a. John If. Giichritt.?Thla was an action ol trespass, brought to recover damages mrtained by the plrflutiA', from injuries received through met ileiundant, as fallows It appears that on or nbout the H h September hut, the detemlant, a grocer in Broom* street, wan driving hi* horse, attached to a grocer'* wa gon; and when near the corner of White and Centre ?treats, the wagon wheel ran ? II', aud thr -w the defend ant irom his w?gon -that the hurra took fright, and ran violently do *n tne street, unletting boxes, and making sad havoc in his furious flight?that in Hs way be ran agdinst, knocked down, aud tiampled upon the person of Hie complainant, doing tier serious and much injury ? that she railed upon the defendant, after some m* week'* confluemeut, who olfered her twenty-five dollt^ra, as a recompense lor such injury, wnich sbe thought insuffi cient, and therefore bring* this action for a recovery of ono hundred d liar*. Tnis case was submitted to the jury, who brought iu a verdict for the deieniant, upon ihe grounds of its being au unavoidable accident, as waa evidently appaient. [ADVERIIbEMEXTJ CUSTOvl HOUSE, NEW YORK.} Co iMi or'iOillct, D cember, im ) SK.VUbU PROPOSALS will be fwive I at the i reiuury Depirtinent, until the 24th instant. lor the supply of rations to tl?* i*-tty officers 4ud wimeu ol tiir Umtod 9ta es Kevenue S earner Speuc. r, for Hie term of one year irom the 1st day of idiiu try ui it. The r ,tion Tor the revenue service is the same as that allowed iu the naval service, minuting the liqn-r, aud Coosistsol the ar tides enumerated iu the mllowiutf table, to wit: lb|o* | Iba. of | onuces of I hf pull of Days of the Week {Ittl'sMfhi tjunday r4 1 >4 14 1 vloudsy I 11 1 f t Tuesday SI 14 1 ?. Wediitfad^y 1 II I n Thur.djy >a I s XII 1 2 Friday 4 Mil" Saturday 1 H 1 (a, 1 Per week...... K ? 3K| 1 tt t 7 4 I I 11 The ratious t.i be of Rood aud wholesome i]u <l.ty, to be ap proved by the Collector; md the d>lfi-reut articles computing .lie rations, to He delivered oil bo rd t ie vessel iu good aud .Biff cieiit ?:a?ks -old vris-*ls, to be prov ded by the contractor, aud the contents iliereol'distiurtly marked on each. It is to lie distinctly under t od, r li it 110 nids will be entnrtsin ed liom person* uot nctaaily ?ug need iu the dii 11 teas to whi li these oilers r -fer, and til it the c .iur.clur will be bound to fur lush, up iu re isoaaole notice, as olteii <. may Oe repaired by the i ap hu of the vess l;witnihe approbmou ol the Collec tor ( ol tcee-tiiiK upon in average, our d . in each K een ) ?ucli lieah mat, and I'reeh vrti tilii-s. as in.y be equivalent (o he c ,r.e-poi.diiiK Parts o. ttie r.tion dlowm 111 the uav I ?f vice. I'ersoiin proposing will tr tiisint th?ir bnls seslsd to the Sea. r tary I ill; i reitsnry ill I 124 I <: 'A' LAWKKN' K. t oil en.f CROJ.UN WAittR NO 1'ICE ?Those persens takiua the t.roton Water w uld do well to rail anU exauiiue [lie iiremiaiu Water Kilter-, 111 luuliiciuied uf th~ subscrioers. i hey are so eousiracted tint tne) no. only clarify nui purify, the in 1st rarbid <vst?r, re.Identic it of a chryMul 11 lie clearness, md di vesting Hot sverv iiiipur.ty. They can be *ltacl' d to Crotou w iter-u iws. 8 I'OMK liHUi ilr.KS, Crotou 1'lorabiug anil VV.iter-Fi.ter t.tsbliskin*ul. >0 WO Kroitdw^y, betwse.i Walk. r ,uul Whitest*. d'4 lin'r FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD 'I'Hr, above Reward of Ktft en Hundred Dollars will be 1 paid for the reenvry of the sum ol *>?eu Tiiousaud Nue Hunditd Dollars, stolen frmn Myron Vin IVnsu, o' the eity ?f Hudsou, N-V., on the im<ht ol rhe 4th October last, wh la on his passage from Hid outo the city of New York, 111 the ate unbolt South Aasrrn ?; 01 a pnipertiouata Slim lot sue 1 I'art of s ud money as may be recovered and restored to ton subscribers, on application to either of tit III The money wss contained in a small carpet ba?, which ? s taken fVom the berth oi'sanl Van Ueuseu. and fouud the ue*i dty iu|the wheel house of the boat, cut sud titled of its con tents. It consisted of bills of ? ariou? denominations md of ee reral ba ks, as near as can be 1 em-mbered, as lolluws s? jiznn iu a's and 10's of the Oueioa Bank. S i4J(K) in i's and it's principally of the Pine Plains and Kinder hook Bauk. SlOM in bills of various denominations, of the Farmers' Bn^k of Hudson. SlOM, or aboat that sum, of the bills of the Phenis Btuik of Hartford, and ether tAstern Money EO in Dills of ths Hudson Hivur Bank, nearly all in M dollar The balance of the money waa in billaof Western banks >f this State. New York, Nov. 21 at, IMS. AL U. S.. MAPTERU, 191 Pesrl st. UKOROK If. KLt.bH V. ? William st THEOPHS. P. HAMi. 44 Cedar st. Committee for Assignee.^ of Myron Vsu Den sea. aW im'r _______ STOUAGE FOR CORN.?RAIN AJS. FLOUR. STtlHAOfcl for lifty th^a i*nl hn*h?i? Corn or .Ur*ui. aud twenty thoQAsiiiii t?arvel< Ffon-, c^n tM hid to th# Brick 8tor?? five mmutn1 walk ho in ^?atn >rrry, Brooklyn, on v;y moderate t?nna Thfr* i? * food pier adjoimuK tnet# promucs, and anflici?nt oT w??ur lor Uitj largMt ci-aa thipa Apply to CHADBOHN ^ CO., on th?i ram?a?B dM Im ? r MONKV LtlST-MOiMKY J.KM I . THE Hifhaet prices advanead. in lirarand small snms on 1 Jewelry, Diamonds, fold and Silver Watd?ea, I Ute, ?? ir itia Apparel, and every description of persoaal WOpefli lOHN M. D.\V ll'.h. Licensed Pawubruks' oM lm*re M Willisia street near Oaaae itttes

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