Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 17, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 17, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD Vol. XU., No. 10?Wlaolo No. ftNSO. NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 17, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENSKTT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price t cents per copy? $7 26 per annum?pir -hie iu Aline ee. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Satur Isy?Price t\ eual per copy?ceuf per nunum?payable in adranca ADVERTISEMENTS at tiie usual price#?always rash in advance PRINTING of all kinds eiecated wfeh beauty and des patch ?T" All letters or communications, bT mail, addressed to the establishment, mast oe post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted. JAMES t.ORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of the Naw Tout Herald Establishment Northwest corner of Kulton and Nasaaa streets LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. MtH flMI WftWbt fl/fvfl'oT hWW" TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, . Commencing on Muudnr, September 15th, IMS. I*et?e Now York? At 7 o clocx, A. M., Button IVtia for Uroenport, daily, Sunday* excepted, stopping Lett a Brooklm-^At m'a^ f- -^TTxiaV Mi's a'4 iatanuidl to Owetponiid iatvnnediiti pUeai. at 4 P. M7, for Karntinjfdale and intermediate L??0^^ss^fcirirr,ssifdf? . the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, daily, Bnndi.y* excepted, stopping at 8t George'* Manor and Karraiugdale. at* o'clock, A. M.; Accommodation Train, . _ ou Monday*. Wednesdays and Fridays. Leave F&rmingdalr?For Brooklyn ,at SJK o'clock, A. M., and , IF. M., daily, Sun dap excepted. Leave Jamaica?For Brooklyn, at ? o'clock, A. M and (R F. M.. daily. Monday* sxeepced. Fare to Bedford ? cents: kast New York llRi Race Coorxe 1IR; Trotting Coarse ltR;, /amaica IS; Srmahrille SIR: Hyde Pink IT milea ITK: Clowsville, ? ? Hempstead TR: Branch I Hiekaville 44; ?ar M; Suffolk Station . Rirerh^d l*S^;MJi!meaport V?R ; Mattrtuek l OR; Cut tlx%^Z1\?OT"von'Accm- 1 W; Stages an in nadinaaa on the arrival of Trains at the several Station*, to tahe paaaeagen at very low Far**, to all parla of the Baggage Crate* will be la reedumee at the foot of Whitehall dtreet, to receive Baggage for tha several Train*, M minutes he fore the hoar ofatarting from the Brooklyn tide. The Steamer Statesman leaves Oreenperf'for Sag Hnrhov twice each day on the arrival of the Train* fronrRroohlyn. MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. )VER THE LORg ROAD, VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH * WORCESTER. At 7 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot #f Whitehall ?treel, South Kerry?Sundays excepted. Way Crate* are in readiness to receive baggage for New London, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Boston goes through under loch. jolt tire FOR ALBANY. VIA NEW HAVEN, IIARTFOED AND ,8PRI NOFIELD?Daily, (Sun-: ZEaBS-days excepted,at IM A. Kl. Pascengert Uke the fast ana commodious rteamen NEW YORK or CHAMPION, and arrive at Albany the same even arrangements have been made to make the line sare, and passengers can depend on arriving as advertised. jal lmrc NEW KERKYITO PERTH AMBOY. LANDING AT TOTTF.N'S DOCK. RU8SVILLE, _ TUFFT'b DOCK-AND CHELSEA. THE Steamboat WAVE, Captain Vandtr ? bilt, will ItavdTier at the foot of Robinson .street. EVER* DAY at two o'elcck, P. M., (Sunday excepted.) Returning, leave Perth Amboy at seven o'clock, A. M. for New York, mnding at the same plaevs *s above. jalt Ji*ic NOTICE?sl"ATEN ISLAND FERRY ??On Wednesday, Jan. 6th, the trip* on thi* BM*MMb.ferrT will be ?follow*.? Leave niatsu lsl*mf~8>*, 10 A- M .2, 4R F. M. Leave New York?0,12 A. M ;SJn, 5 P!M. P. 8 ?On Stindap the boat will leave at 11 o'clock, instead of 12 A M. j7 NOTICE. ulMfl The PEOPLE'S LINE have made arrange ^LmErSaHa^mruts with tlie powerful steamem UT1CA ?SmlCaE^od NORWICH, to run to Albany. (or as far a* the ice wiii permit,) every day at i o'clock, F. M. till farther nonce. New York, Dec. Sd, 245- do MAIL LINE AT EIGHT O'CLOCK, A. M. TO ALBANY, LANDINOat Yonker*, Dobbs' Ferry,Sing Sing, Orasay Point. Vernlaidts Pout. CaliF , Wells, Hoyerhoefc, Cold Spring, Newbnrgh, and as Isr as the see will permit. Breakfast on board the boat. The celebrated ice steamboat UTICA, Captain L. W. Brai nard, leave* the pur between Courtlandt and Liberty str**u, every morning at I A. M. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. C. Schultx, at tha office on the wharf. d2! r BOSi ON STEAMERS. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. , The Royal Mail Steam Packet-Ship* kAC ADIA and HIBERNIA will leave Bos ton for the abovu porta as follows, vis: Acadia, Wm. Harrison, Commander, on the 1st January, 124g. Hiberma, Alex Ryrie, " " 1st Feb'ry., 1848 Passage to Liverpool $i? Passage to Halifax 30 For freight or passage, apply to D: BHIGHAM, Jr., Agent, 8 Wallet No Berth seenred until paid for. 830 rre . Drafts on great britaIn *aff l^fvv AND IRELAND.?Persons wishing to re ffltflLfllk pii; money to any psrt of Great Britain or Ireland, can obtain draft* of the subscribers any amount, large or small, payable on all the principal towns and cities. W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, dT mc 75 Booth at. cor. Maiden Lmy. = FOR GLA8UO W?Regular Pack't-The well ? known fast sailing picket ship SARACEN,530 tons, e>. F. Hawkins, master, will have immediate de sp.un. For freight or passage, haying elegant accommodations, ap ply to Captain ou board, or to WOODHULL k MINTURN, 17 Booth stseet. The regular pueknt bark Adam Can, Hugh McEwen,master, will succeed the Suraceu. jilg AdHF- NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVEH MWSW POOL?Packet ol the 21st Jsauary.?The splendid, JMHKawell-known.and favorite packet ship QUEEN OF Trtk. WEST, Capt. Wosdhoute,will poiitirely sail aa above, iier regular day. The accommodations of this ship for cabin, and second cabin and steerage passengers eannot be surpassed. Those wishing to secur* berths should, not fail to make immediate application on board, foot of Burling blip, or to W. k J. T.TAP8COTT, tj ?outr " " ? S--TV Queen of the We Crh Mi them brougnt out in mis magsinceotsnip, or any or the rsgu lar line, by applying as above. ja|j FOR LIVERPOOL?Naw Lin* lingular Packet of the 21th Jaa.?The elegant fast sailing Packet ?Ship SHERIDAN. George B. Cornish, master, of . ion puis, will sail as above, her regular day. i For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled fat ?plendor or comfort, apply oa board, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall street, or to EIK. COLLINS k CO.. M South scrort. Price of passage $1M. The elegant packet ship Garrick, B. J. H. Trask, master, will saeeeed the Sheridan, and snil Mdi February, har reralardav (?7* Messrs. E. K. Collins fc Co., respectfully rsqaeat the publither* of newspapers to discontinue all advertisements not in their nam* of their Liverpool lockets, vix: th* Koscius, Siddoiu, Sheridan, sad Osrrick. To prevent disappointment, notice IS hereby given, that contracts for Passage can only be me e wnh ihein. jail m 4AF" kOR LIVERrOOL?The fast sailing, coppered W$V>and cupiier fastened barque TARTAR, Russell, ?SHMummastcr, Juo tons burthen, will sail for th* above port .1.(1 meet with quick despatch. For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations, ap ply on board, pier 12 E. K . or to WOODHULL k MINTURN, d'*? 87 Booth street A^ FOR LIVEKPOG1.?The N? ? ? pB^I^VutWortsrstiTcTis XTaailigs Woodhouse, 1254 torn burthen, *mli sail aa above, har regular day ' t or freight or passage, having splendid, large and comfortabl* state rooms sad cabin, ^^SlVmInSu^T^ File* of passage $141. 17 str^t. The picket ship Roeheater. Capt. John Britton, 4C4 ton* bnrthrn, gill succeed the Queen ol the West, and sail ?a 3,st Febrnsrv dllrr fiSt ?rAtKET ,,"OR MARSEILLES. Febiaarv 1st? J^-Tt'c P* ketijh'p OA8TON, Capt.' 8. Coalter, will JHHKb >e desiutcbed for tbs port above mestionsd, on the 1st I'tuxiKKV ror freiijfhf or najiMge apply to BOYD k H1NCKEN, Agsnta. 9 Vohtta. Bailding* ill Quo CHAMBERLAIN k tofELP8*i8j FroSr*,. iTeur^TEi FOR HAVANA, (direct with despatch,) consign fd U>. Drake, Brothers, fc Co. The fsst sailing cop IMWKsl<rr*<l sod copper fssteued barque GANGES, Cant leuo o. Eytinge, will leave for the sbova port on Monday th* th intt. ' For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations, ap ply to th* Ctptaia on board, foot of Rutgers st, or to ?"M*1 CHARLE8 F. MILLER. 58 V.rnck st ^LONDON LINE OF PACKETS?Packet of th* Jtnnsry .-The packet shin GLADIATOR, R. ^???foL. Bunting, master, will sail as shove, her regalsr ?nd *ceommodttioas for cabin, second cabin, mske ^^fs;j>*"*''i*,,,? F*"0?* wishing to sngsge should A on^rcpife^ad.,.ui^.",nb"of b",h? ?"iim JOSEPH MeMURRAV, WL. ...i,., ? , a . Coine? of Pine nod Heath streets. w'u ronuirv f(>r thejr fr.?nds i. the old or nay f f? ronuiry or sa mist ... r!?k?!.w1',,h,n| t0 ?.'"d for 'hsir friends is th* old o'f rii# hn. ??im ?,on?,t{.0?t kr suhsr the above ship*. 2! 7,h' I7lh' ud n,h . ?n ww roost rnesoeshle terms. jh13 re IREl55<D>?u,|ROM ?,RI5iAT SRITAIN and Klnrl'ir'ne k"" 'hroughout tSsUut*4 Apply oioddretalifb^^^ h*wju4,TO.W kV3 v"k <7?? I.te?rp04| JOHN HERDMAN ft CO.. United States tad Uml Britain and lrtltnd Emigrant Office, ?1 Booth street, Now York. Passage to aad from Great Bsi'sic and Ireland (via Liverpool) by the regular Packet Ships sailing every five days. The sobscribers in calling the attention of old countrymen and the public generally to their unequalled urangemeuts for bringing'ont passengers from the old country, beg to state that * " of the House at Liverpool will be after this year the business t r--- ,, conducted bv its Branch. Those sending for their Iriends will st once see use great importance of this arrangement, as it will preclude an unnecessary delay of the emigrant. The ships em rcll known to be the first aud largest , ployed in this Line are well ? - . _ class, commanded by men of experience; aud as they sail every five days, an<. offer every facility that can be furnished. With thoftt superior srriugemeuts, the suHscfibers look forward far i eoatinustiou of that pmrouage which has been so libeially i tended to them for so many years past. In case any of th< engaged do not embark, the passage money will be refunded customary. For farthee particuUrsi a^^b^Utter^imstpaid. 61 8o*nth street, New Yi iose ___ _ork HERDMAN. KEENAN & CO , Liverpool. N B.?Drafts for any amount can as usual be famished, payable at all the principal Bauaing Institutions throughout the United Kingdom, on application ? above. n?lrc idfty JSt. & ^ FORNEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS It in intended to dispatch a ship from this port on the 1st, 6th, 11th, 16th, llet and 16th of eachSioalh, commencing 1st Octo ber end continuing until May, when regular days will be ap pointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and and disappointments will be prevented during the summer months. The following ships will commtnee this arrange went:? Ship Clifton Captain IngersoU. Ship Teunease,... Captain Pray. Ship Shshspeare. .Captain Cornell. Ship Louisville. .Captain Hunt. Ship Oenesee ... Captain Minor. Ship Oswego ... Captain Wood. Ship Damascus.. Captain Bliss. Ship Kartells ... Captain Taylor. These ships were all bnilt expressly for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been newly coppered and put in r, with accommodations for passengers unequalled for comfortj'they are commanded by experienced maatera, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. They will at all times be towed np and down the Mississippi by ska in ships wiT*' boats. Neither ths captsins or owners of these shipe will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for sny letters, parcels or packages seut by or put on board of them, unless regular bills of lading are takeu Tor the same, at the value thereon expressed. E. K. COLLINS fc CO., 56 South st. or The shijfoaS'J^Sr firnSJd Ofl'ens. ^crtiMd miisi I*?# we warranted addrew ? sKrc PACKETS FOR HAVRE?SECOND LINE. JBL JHL of th?Hii!T!k sail dur^J^^ayear in th^re^^T ing order: ^ From N. York. Frou 1st Jan. 16th Ship UTICA, F Hewitt, ouster, < 1st May. Nth Ji 1st Sept. Nth Oct. ?hip ST. NICOLAS, J B F.u, ? { {? J'jr Nth March. Ship ONEIDA, JFnnck, master, | gfik g &. Ship BALTIMORE, J JohnweJ, J }*! S& >*h May liquors. ApJTyu, BO?D fc Hlif^uE,i;?<>f?'iuesm,d a?od? >?nt te the^SX0?, B?''d'ng No' M #th" ?- WiU b* ,'SU> MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. Ijk ,ifSr I j^wry wm B?l? iTn^ndennentione^hiPS will be reguinrlrdespatehedlrom Knee on the 1st, aad from Marseilles the 10th of each month daring die year, as follows:? Ships. mCaptains. Froin^N.Y. Macrae il's CORIOLANU8, Jas Haile. Decl Fsb 10 ARCOLA (new) N W Eveleigh, Jan 1 Mar 10 GASTON, Bjjihen Coulter, Feb 1 Apr 10 NEBRASkA (newj^ _ JKBrown, ' Marl May 10 PR'CE de JOIN VILLE, W W Lawrence, Aprl 1 June 10 MISSOURI. J Silvester, Msyl July 10 These are all fast sailing, coppered and copper fastened ves sels, and commanded by men of experience. Their accommo dations for passengers are all that need be desired in point of _ srpeaaenge ? comfort and convenience,. having excellent sta'e room accom modations. Punctuality in the days of sailing from both porta agents will nr charges than those aetnaU v paid. r _ _ porta "fToodsadSreaBed to tha agents will be forwarded free of oth *^c1lfflERfXfN fc PHELPS. Proprietor* No. 161 Front street, or to BOYD ft HINCKKN. Agents, nitre ? Tontine Buildiwa. U Wall cor. Water at. TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRATION OFFICES 76 Sooth street, corner of Maiden Lane, New York, and 96 Wsrterloo Road, Liverpool. Jv ^ rsou^Tshing to secure passage tor their friends Iron Persons wishing to senure passage tor tneir friends iron Liv erpool dnnng the cotnty season, in the New Line of Liver pool Packets, are respectfully informed by thesnbscribera,that the ondermeutiooed magnificent and favorite packet ships will sail from Liverpool positively as advertised?in any of which passage can be engaged on the most reasonable terms, s. d every necessary means will be used to have those whose pas sage may be engaged on this side of tha Atlantic despatched in ai comfortable manner ad poasible. The ship Liverpool, on 6th February?the Siddona on the 11th February?the bfneen of the West, 6th March?the Sheri dan on 11th March. The well known sailing qualities of these favorite packets reader any remarks unnecessary, and their accommodati >na for cabin, ancond cabin and ateersge passengers, mrpiss those of any other line. To secure passage, andtor further particulars, apply to W. ft J. T. TAPSCOTT. 7S'8outh street, comer Maiden Lane. P. 8.?W. fc J. T T. supply Drafts as usual, for auy amount, payable throne liout Great Britain nnd Ireland d31 PAS9AOE FROM AND REMITTANCE TO GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. J& Aft Aft Aft nw ?Qf ^OfaTtttabluHetWattage Office^SPearl etrtet The snbscribera are at all timet prepared to make engage meets to bring ont passengers by first class American packet ships, sailing from Liverpool every six days, and thereby avoiding the possibility of detention to emigrants at that port. The accommodations are Trry superior, and the captains being well known for their kind treatment to ptnaengrra, it would appear to be almnit unnecessary to any that persons abont send ing ta the old conntry for friends, will do well by selecting this line?and when those settled lor decline coming oat, ths pass age money ia atwaya refunded to the party from whom it wan received, without deduction. Drafts or eachsnge at sight are alao made by the subscribers, ou the Nstionsl Bank of Ireland, Northern Banking Company, National Bank of Scotland, and on R. C. Glyn fc Co. Bankers, London, and C. Orimahaw it Co. Merchants, Liverpool?paya ble without discount. F'or further particulars M>ply to SAMUEL THOMPSON fc NEPHEW, >73 Pearl street Or to C.GRJMSHAWfcCO. No. 16 Ooree Pinixan, j7 lmeod'm Liverpool. UNITED STATES, AND GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND OLD ESIABLISAED EMIGRANT OFFICE. THE Subscribers ars prepared to engage passen gers to come out by the early spring ships, at a very Tow rate. Drafts cu. as usual, be famished, pny ... throughout the United Kingdom. For farther pnrticufcra, apply to J. HERDMAN fc CO., d36 r 61 South street. xkfr FOR SALE, TO CLOSE A CONCERN.?The iHfkLiM of Liverpool Packets, consisting of the ships jHpMwHoociua, Siddous. Sheridan and Uarrick. They were built in thin city by Brown fc Bell, with anssaal earn; for mo dels, materials (a very large proportion of their finnans being lire oak) and workmanship, they are nnanrpassed, if not ane ' ad on the stocks and re-salted every year nil quailed. Salted on the stocks and re-salted every year tinea. Their accommodations for panengen are very extensive aad handsomely furnished.^ Apply^ oil E. K. COLLINS fc CO., MBonth at FOR SALE?To dose a concern?The Well knewn, feat sailing sloop KINDERHOOK, of New lYork, burthen per enrolment 99 tons, will carry 130; nail louud aad in good order. For farther particular! esquire of CAPTAIN ANDMU88, jl lm*r Corner Amos and Wnat ate. WANttD-A ship to load for s Sontliern p t.? Apply ta Ji. K. COLLINS fc CO. i jt 36 South street G RE AT AND CHEAP CHANCE! FOR SALE, A HOTEL, With n bar business suffi cient to pay the rent, togethar with all tha necessary far ?_nitnre. Tnt house can comfortably accommodate 73 pertoua. The place is siinaie in Broadway, and is well loet ted for a sore and profitable investment The terms will be cash or good security. Price for lease, end furniture, fcc., tit on Any com mat da addressed ta "Coleman ."em of E. II. H.. box 13?6, rost Offiee, will he attended to jalS >w*r 2 WANTED TO KERT-For one or more years, a RB COTTAGE, or other residence, on Long Island, with XJflLin 3 miles of tha Faltoa Ferry Stable wanted, and if a In lie gronnd studied, the more desirable. Heat most be moderate and location hnslthy. Address JOHN OSBORN, jail 4t*r 109 Wall atree'. over Pcll'i K ECONOMY AND FASHION. (R ROBERTSON'S IX HAT AND C AP MANUFACTOR PHOENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 K ml ton Street. PRICES: HATS tuality Nutria Fur S3 36 o^k -0' ** irst do Moftskin S3 66 second do do 63 30 A beaotiful smell meat of Gentlemen's Dress and Travailing and Childreals Fancy Caps, which ere offeredat eorreaponding ly low pneee. dlt lm*r N CKOTON WATER OTICF..?Those perm, ? taking the Crotou Waler would ~ and esmna render,,,t K ?f , chryM?|/',ner,? f>' ">? ?noat^nr?!!ltBC,e'' Croton Plnmbiug and Water m? tLNE Broedjway, betweim ^ " ? <** ?na*r Si AH OO AN Y, ROSE WOO D. zriljAViOOD, fce., fcc. FUR HALE by E.G. STACY, No. 66 Wooater atreet, he tweea Broome and Fprieg streete The entire stock will be aold, together or in parcels to suit purchasers, at Iron 16 to 15 pet cent below the market price, either for each or approved notes. The following constitutes a portion ol the stock, vit: 46,666 Jest frrah cut crotch Mahogany Veneern. 99,40V do do shaded and mottled do do. 10,096 do do superior Rosewood Veneer*. 13,066 *,Beh' *"d 3 ,ach Ml>l|wy HART WELL'S WASHINGTON HOU8E, N3 ChMtnal ItTMt, PHILADELPHIA. BATHS jut introduced?Wun and Cold?in fine *pnrt- j menu, for both Isdiesnnd gentlem*; and the entire oigu niut?oi ud fitting up of every W?t of the WMhington Hinw.'toapl*- j? lm m NEW FRENCH RESTAURANT A COFFEE HOUSE AT NO. 737 BROADWAY AYE881EUR8 BUNEL It LE COMTE, beg to announce M to the pnblic in general, and to di.tiui.h^ famines in portion!or, th.t they have o|*nrd an elegant French Keit.urut aud Coffee Hon.e, nr No. 7 7 Broadway, where Breakfasts. Dinner, and Sapper, may be had at any convenient hoar; and in a atyle that cannot fail to aatiafy the moat delicate palate. | There will alway. be fouud a rich supply of fine pjauy ami 1 confectionery,J?llieaL.ce cream., Ctolottne-ruaaea, Ac. kr qniaite Liquors and the mo.t choice Wince. Order, received from Famii-es for Breakfasts, Dmneri and Sapper., or aepnmte dishes/a-Parties .applied with every kind or Pastry, Jellies, Coufcctio; arie. and Ice Cream.. <13 lm re UNITED STATES HOTEL, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington City,D. C. THE PROPRIETORS of thi. new, large and modem built 1 e.tabliihraent, reepeotfolly tender their thank, tothe pub lic for the liberal .nppoit they have given, and confidently anU eipate an lucreasing popnlanty from the effort, of the under signed to the public accommodation. The house is situate on the Avenne, on the promenade aide, between Third and Four and a-Half.lreeia. eouveuieut to the Railroad Demit, and the Capitol. It >a capable of accommodating three hundred goeaU. lu all ita part, it ha* recently undergone .general improvement for the winter', aeaaon. The parlor* and ladies apartment, have been elegantly fnruiahed?the ladiea' ordiuary tastefully refitted; imieed in every division of the hon.e the primary comoderation haa been to adapt it to the comfort of onr patron.. "Hie dining hull ia one of the moat commodious and bast light ed, by day and night, iu the Union. Our tram of servants are polite, active, obedient, and well disciplined. Briefly, we con fidently challenge the judgment of a discriminating public in all the ca.ential. required to render a public hooae n horns to ^Kiu heretofore IIH P?r day. Permanent.boaruen Ukcn at a fair VSi'rCH** The " Express" will Plreae copy every other day for three weekj.juid_?eu<l bill toTy It fc Birch. n25 3m eod*rc IN THE PRESS. TO BE PUBLISHED at the "Beaeou" Oltire, this mouth-by O. VALE, No. 3 f rauklm Bqaare, New York, the QUARTERLY BEACON, a liberal and lite rarv periodical, consisting of oruinal articles, and the re-pnnt of rare work. Among other articles, the first number _will con tain Vale's Vatronomical Card, and the ceiobrated Three Impostors," a learned woik of the 16th century, translated ?,m the Latin. There * ill nl.o be for aals in pamphlet form For sale al.o, Voltaire's Dictionary , Voluey a Hoina, with likeiieia?a good edition. The werka of Thomas Paine, Weealy H-acon. he. jalt lmeod rc LOOKING GLASS PLATES. HANLINE A OSTHKIMER. Importer., No. J Bank street. Philadelphia, haveju.t received by nrrreals at thinpwt and New York, a fall assortment ofLookleg OUss Plate# from 9 by 7 to 41 by >9. All sixes p ilished plate W'0*? it by 11. to 57 by 34. AUo, roilet TUted Spectacles, Pipe., fciuff Boa-., Cigar Cnaea. Money ir^r*'^.y*Inb'g' 81 itea, with a variety tf ether * tench and German goods, which they offer at the lowest market prices, jill lmeod gbs ___ ___ TO TAILORS " THE III llll II III 11 lul ?!* ffllall i 11 im 111 ' i' ' Tin I ' is now two years sues the publication of U.e first ed'tjon I o. hi. celebrated work on Cutting Uarmeots. during which 1 ume it ha. met with u unprecedented sale, and in no whatever, has any objections be-n made to itt practical utility. Bttc on the contrary, all ?ho hayo tuodI it, rccomiiicnd it aa ro periorto auy thing if the kind heretofore offered to the trnde. 5ho explanations of the Diragram w ample aad pisia, ."?that a person of ordinary capacity, and without any other ins true* Hons, i. enabled in n few hours to cat any kind of garment in a styla of elegance and fashion, which heretofore rewreifyiiai* ol the most intense slndy and cloee application. The price of the whole work ia from eight to ten dollars per book, and can b*d1n-~dSf,th* '* vTh 8T1NKMET8. PROFESSOR STRUVE, ~ T ATE of Brown University, is now forming Evening J-i Classes in the German and r reach Languages. Genual men wishing to Join the same will please leare their nunes at his room.. No. 671 Broadway. **' 'meoo m OEOLOGY-NATURAL HISTORY WILEY A PUTNAM, 161 Broadway, Lff AVE ON BALE-ELEMENTS OF GEOLOGY, pre l H ptred for the n.e of Schools and Uollegw br W. A w. Rnachenberger, M. D., U. 8. Navy, Ac., illnttmted by SMea ' ^lao'^n.cheube'ger'a First Book, of Natural History, con sidered by Uiatirguiahed scientific men, in every section of the [ United States, to be the beat aeries of elementary works ever ? O^^tmpUytnpplied unboj^udb? nil >weod?rc No. 9 North Fonffh street, Philadelphia. D. M. STONE, Attorney at I-aw, Raleigh, N. C. WILL attend to the collection of any claims that may be en trusted to his care. Jieicr to M ? , Messrs. Woodholl It Mint urn. New York# Bryan It Maitland, L. Myers A Co. A. M. Tredwell, Esq. a dll 3taw3m*r DUCKING GUNS. .. ' CASES superior Duck Gnns, of ike aaost appaovrd linalli 9 form, weight and bore. 5 eases very snpenor Cocking Guns _v_? C cases low priced boy. and laiaer Ouua. Tire above Gna are now in ature ana will be sola at extreme low prices, Also, fall stock of 8porting articles. Gnu materials, fcc. imwftiiffr A W 8PIE8 it Co. Ill Pearl street NOTICE TO BUILDERS. AND PERSONS WHO ARE I nwa.^c BUILDING. , CR. ANDRU8S, A CO., at their manufactory of the moat * fashionable Enamelled Parlor Gretne, It) Bowery, hev I lag enlarged and re-fitted their establishment, are now prepur ed to manufacture end sell Grates ol a superior ?tylc lower than auyo-h.r in the city; have got all the latest styles and I approved patterns; likewise, reve-al new, peiteme theyare bringing out for the .pring, to which they invite tke ntleot ou of bnynra, both as to qaaltty and price, before l^rhaa'"* | el tewhere. jaienteoe r WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. EAU BR0CCH1ERI. BY WELL authenticated experiment!, perfumed in the presence of the moat distinguished physicians of France, and several eminent surgeons ?1 other conntriaa, amonj whom were Doctor Harlan ?" Philadelphia, (vidiihi. deailS re^rt ia the Medical Lxaminer si Philadel|>hin, Jd Angnet, IMP) I Doctors Oconte Serrill aad P..C., medical officers or lire frigate Potomac and ship of the line Llelawmre. U. 8 Navv i who have given M. P. Brocchieri well anthenucated, it has bern proved that tha Bocchieri Water will radically he.l a wound, however aeriona it bn, in lere than twenty minntes, even if the femoral or carrotid nrtary >n cnt. Highly Mtiafactory teatimonmU have Proved ?? to be a ?ovrreigu remedy for tlie Spitting of Blood, Hemorrhages ol all descriptions, Auuenama and Cooaumplion. M P Brocchieri, the thu Han ?t?ie and Anti scorbutic Water, beg. inform the 'JBl'e. ^at he hM established a eeetr.l and .prci.1 Depot at ?dr. John Milhnn a, 1 113 Broadway, New York. Tina rger v i. intendrd toanp ply all the United States, the Canadas Mexico, the Island ol ^By'apacial agreement signed atP .ria, November 29lh, 1M5, M. r. Brocchieri. line divested b ,n?eif of the right to supply ?ny order (directly or iudireetly) lor the Ean deSrocchieri for this continent, and has obligated himselfto transmit all anch order, to the above agent, who alone in authorised to anpply j *1>Lfp.,Broechier? rrepectfully rrunmu his enatomeni from | the alxivr mentioned onutrie., to address their ?rdara to Mr. John Milh.n, who will treat with them upon L" trrma Th. Pharmacenti.t or Druggist of any city who will be the first to apply for an original package of 8S0 botUen, will seenre to him self the advantage of being designated in the papere as Che soleagent lor the sale oftliia valnable remedy, in the place "p^B^The bottle acontaiaing the Ean de Broeehieri, have | the name and address of the iayentor stamped npou them^and each bottle will be accompanied with a direction In Fmnch and Engliah, on which the copy right bee been iscared. j.16 lw*rc ????. | INK, SEALING WAX, WAFERS, &c. 250 K perTbTwiS lb. SEALING WAi. Turion. qnaliti.., f'Theabove are wurented equal to any in the country. Dear ler. .applied on liberal term.frAVIDS, Mannfacntnrer and importer, J?1 1m*re 1I? John street, opposite t.liff. Orricn on the MgncanTii.B Motvsl Inawnnneg Ce- J No. (1 Wall street, Dec.mb.r I7lh, 164VI AT A MEETING of the Trn.tee., held at the office of die Company, on the trd instant, J08EPJI WALK Eli. wm nannimonsty elected President, in place of Mew Gregory, resigned; aad Lbwis Gnnoony wan ejected V ree Preejd? ?apply the vacancy occasioned by tha reaigmnuonof Jo.cpo Hone. _ By order of Urn Trearem^ WALJER InacUAivcB ox Ciaoo kwp PtgieHT ? The Mercantile Mntaal Inanranra Company, Ne M Wall street, confines iu business to Marias insnianee en freight and "ffew snbsenption notes, amounting to upwards of Two Hundred Thousand bo I Ian have been received, aad farther additions are daily being made to itsaaaeU. . The Compeny invites attention to its plan of bnaiaasa,which it i* believed, offers greater protection aad larger returns to the ensured than nay ?:^rRUgTKEB. Thomas Hunt, Jaa. McCallongh, Thoa. Achelin, 'szsjsb' ?,-S . *teiL Mir S Thoa. S Nelson, H. E Muring, Pi~i_ ?rw* b Wilson O Hunt, W. C. Atw.tnr, Alexi. A Baker, Stewart C. Mnfak, W. A Keielm*. ^Wnrd, . Geo. Hastmne, Chna. GCsrleton, LeoMio.Kirby, tefWai. ii.i-.aiir' te1W*Lssa.n-jja, Lbwis Ongoonv, Vice President. Eli.wood WtLTxk. Secretory. S*" fC OFFICE OF JEFFERSON 1NSGKANOE GO ,i No. M Wall street, opposite the Exchange. ' ffTHlS COMPANY continue ^ ThomnaW.Thome,_ EUjhnl jStaHL^""- wS.ff.ThSi. JS2?crTfS!t John C. Memo, TH0MAg W\tHORNE, President. UnonoB T. Hqvb. Secretary. ? urf ici or thi jimuM wivukci ud., < York, Jaljr M, IMS. I inrMintidtoeali ' fHS Stockholder! of thio Corn puny ore reqoeoted to eall o? J. the oAeeoftheConpiuiroodoHPiiiy whether it be theit y KJp T?S? coooe l0"?7i,(OTB*fto kMSO J 1 gjyOIW^kCU.hoim oWtWM*rohw.t:Tu * ? wk hff*. .tim Pilots and Insurance Stock. Hitherto the prescriptive course of the Board ot Commissioners of Pilots, appointed by the Cham ber ol Commerce, Board of Underwriters, and be cretary of the Navy, has been commented upon. j The subject will now be considered in another aspect, particularly pointing at the Board of Under writers. First, however, it will be necessary to en pose the extent of the State pilots' wrongs, by stating that not only have 47 ships, 2 barks, 11 brigs, and 2 schooners, brought to this port by the New York State pilots, been taken from them on their outward voyages, lor the benefit of the merchant pilots, since June last, but, during the same period, 3 ships, 10 barks, and 10 briga, have, in like manner, been transferred to the pilots ol New Jersey. The insurauce companies who have so zealously enlisted themselves to crush the New York licensed pilots by their controlling influence as underwriters, canuot object, should various propositions be pre sented lor their consideration, affecting not only the interests of merchants and shipowners, but of the stockholders whom they represent. Let certain cases be assumed, some of which, possibly, may, nay, probably will occur, under the existing system; and what will be the consequence 1 First?Suppose a ship, laden with a valuable car go, on approaching Sandy Hook, should encounter a pilot-boat, one of the company of which should of ferhis service, and the captain drawing from his pocket the constitution of the underwriter s commis sioners, should refer to thefiih article, and there hnd himself recommended (synonymous with ordered) bv the underwriters to employ only such pilots as produce the certificate of that board, or one appoint ed by New Jersey; and so finding, should hail the awroaching boat to ascertain her character, aod on being informed that she was a New York pilot-boat, with pilots on board licensed by the State of New York, one of whom had offered to navigate the ves sel into port, should refuse the service; and further, suppose that the vessel, either from bad weather, or other cause, not getting another PjJoJ. wrecked. Supposing, then, the occurrence of this cts, it is asked what would be ihe conse state ot facts, u isaoncu ""r~\?>Yti quence 1 What would be the condition ol Wall street on receiving intelligence of' the disaster ? How ma^ questions of responsibility would be mooted 1 and in the event of loss of life, what would be public indignation i Obviously, the underwriters of the policy, who composed the board, would be bound by thetr con tract and obliged to pay their subscription, as the conduct of the captain, being in accordance with ther express instructions, a court of law would not pern it them to escape from it; in effect, 11 wmdd be considered as part ot the engagement on which the assu ance was ,effected?and no court would permit them to repudiate their aolcmn act. from which the disaster resulted, in seeking to be absolved from the ?b,Tn^iah the^h'tmber of Commerce and Board ol Underwriters claim to be Wall street?claim to be tha commercial enterprise of New York, and even of the United States-yet, after all, they are not all ihe world. Without detracting from the importance, or suggesting insignificance, it is again asked, what would be the effect of the same state offsets, should the vessel and cargo have been insured inhurope, or elsewhere than in Uie city of New York! Ihe answer is, that by the welfsettled principle of law, the insu rers would be discharged by the act ot the captain, and the loss would fall on the owners. Take the case of a foreign vessel wholly insured at her home port, to the master of which the busy agents of these Commissioners of pilots may, on a former voyage, have provided with the constitution, and who, mis led by the security he supposed it afforded him, ahould, in all caution, reject tht servicesofa New York pilot and lose, his ship, would not the sufh cient answer to the insured be# you have not fulfil led an implied condition of the contract of Mau rice?an implied warranty of the contract being that a skilful pilot ahould be employed, bee Law vs. Hollingsworth 7, Term. Rep. 100?where Lord Kenyon held that inasmuch as there was no pi lot on board the vessel at the time she was lost, though one could have been employed, the under writers were discharged. Such is the well settled law as well ot this country as Great Britain. Again, suppose another ease. Theease of a ves ?el approaching this port, the Ashburton for in stance, and a New York pilot boat ahould fall >? whh her-if. on being told by the captain that it was the Asbburton, A>ilot should say, "on yoqf last two voy??ea we took you safely into port, but on your two outward voyages you rejected us and pmnloved our rivals; we will now go further in pur suit of vessels the owners of which have not thus hnmhtv dealt with us"?Mid oil so doing the noble ship should be lost; where should the bTime justly lain Justlyfon the underwriters. "As ye have sown, so shall ye reap-ye have sown in the whirl wind and must reap in the storm. If in either case ol disaster, those on board ahould nerish what answer, in the hour of retribution, rould be given by this self-constituted body to the widows orphans and friends ol those thus doomed to destruction by reckless interference 1 What an swer to stockholders, often widows and. orphans, for the abused trust, in case ot loss in refusing a akil vKjff not these gentlemen reflect on the fearful re sponsibility they have assumed, before they are overwhelmed with its consequences! Would a wise man hold stock in a company that invites risk without redemption, and strikes at the foundation I of its own preservation 1 At this inclement reason, when Sandy Hook is the fearfnl sepulchre of ships and men, the voice of humanity ahould at least be heard and prevent the dismal dirge of parents, chil dren friends, swallowed in one common grave. Does fancy suggest these fearful reflections, ordo uncontrovertedfacte so appeal as not to be misun ^Of Jersey pilots there are some twenty, of mer chant pilots about the same number, of New York State licensed pilots eighty-five; of these, the un derwriters recommend that forty alone should be employed in the service, whilst eighty-five are dis cardedfrom it; and this too, notw'thstwdrng former cry of monopoly, though the pilots of New York then exceeded twofold the number now'pro posed to be employed. Is such the course of pru Sent men ? Will stockholders permit it;1 Whether the cause of V humanity and commerce" in thus pro moted, cannot be a question. ? . This oonsolation and confidence yet remains .the New York pilot, humane, skilful and inured to dan ger will not desert his poet; neither persecution or reproach can goad him to forget hia duty; conscious of it to an over ruling Providence, by whom his frail baik haa been guided, amulst tempest and storm, he will not resort to revengeful retaliation, when the inoffensive and offending roy^ihtw e common fate. Georgia Lumber Co. Shlnplaaters. J. G. Bek.vctt, Esq Believing yon to be a friend of the poor, and ever ready to use your efforts to protect them from the tricks of rogues, I would call your attention to the tact, that an attempt is being made to loist off upon the laboring classes of this city, another batch of the worthless trash whose title stands at the head of this communication. The impudence of the thing is equalled only by its wickedness. Twice already, within half a dozen years, have these frauds been I put in circulation, and alter getting thousands ot dollars afloat, redeeming them at some agency in the city at i or 4 percent for a while, until they cre ! ated a kind ot confidence in them, and when it suit ed their convenience, ceasing to redeem them, when they became worthless. An elderly lady, thinly clad, on a bitter cold day, and bearing every mark ol extreme poverty, came into my office in I Wall street, one day, to enquire for the place where : they had been redeemed a short time before. She bad a 93 bill of the trash, earned by making shirts at the miserable prices paid by the Chatham street , Jews, which she had been saving to buy coal, and on going that morning to a coal yard was told it was worthless. She appeared to be in such dis tress, that I gave her the amount she needed, and wished I could spend as much more in cowhides to be worn up upon the shoulders of those who had defrauded her. I was told by a grocer at the time that they were put afloat by hard handed employers, who purchased them at a discount and paid them to their workmen, who, of course, took them to the grocers and butchers. I trust all honest men wiU refuse, after two hard lessons, to have any thing to do with them, and thus defeat those who intend this piece of knavery?and I doubt not you will do your best now, as you have done in similar cases in former times, to expose this iniquitous attempt to defraud the poor and needy. In conclusion, I would say, (and the remark will be understood by somebody who professed, once on a time, to be very much shocked at the immo rality of the Hermld,) -hat 1 do not think you will be deterred from duty in this matter, by a two shilling advertisement. AtiTi-SntnrLASTans. Is this Georgia Lumber Company located in Georgia or Maine! We suppose, however, that ii heir bills won't buylooal?they will buy shingles. The Democratic State Convention ot Ohio, assem bled? Columbus on lbs Stk Inst., and nominated David Tod, as their candidate .or Governor Cherokee Trouble*. I from Cherokee Advocate, Deo. 36.J We have been informed that there i* a party of about aixty men, headed by Stand Wane, fortified at old Kort Wayne. They have laid in a store of provisions, and keep up a regular military discipline. What object these men have in view in thus fortilyiog themselves, or whether it is done under the approbation, tacK or ex pressed, of General Arbuckle, or the Agent, we are not sufficiently advised, to speak in a positive manner. Bat we are prepered to say, there is no necessity for such conduct, that it is contrary to law, that it serves to keep alive apprehension and excitement, and that the coin ' should immediately disperse and retun pany should immediately disperse and return to their respective homes. We nave heard a good many reports concerning the language, conduct, and intentions of this petty, which are oelcuTated to keep up a state of feeling that some other object is had in view than those which meet the eye at present, and that looks forward to the future advancement of certain ends inimical to the inter ests of the Cherokeo Nation. The fortification of such a party in this country, at tho present time, is a move that merits, and we have no doubt, will receive the attention of the Executive of the Nation We have nothing of special interest to note this week, relative to the state of affairs. So far as we are advised, things remain about as they did last week, except that the public mind seems to be much more tranquil,despite the eflorts made to keep alive excitement by fabricating and circulating all sorts of mischievous falsehoods. The troops are still in the vicinity of Evansville, where they doubtless find their[quarters far] less comfortable than those at a regular station. How long they will remain we know not, but feel satisfied that there is nothiog iu the present state of etfairs that demands their atteution. There presence only serves to give an importance to recent disturbances, which they never merited. The business of issuing rations to those who have left the country is yet persisted in, and without any sufficient cause. It is entirely unnecessary; for there is not a sin gle individual, violators of law excepted, who has left the country, but would be just as secure at home, in person and property, as are those who have remained in it The " outlaws" are still at large, and were a few days ago within the limits of the State. If General Arbuckle would turn his attention to these villains,and mani'est as much zeal in having them brought to Justice, as he has in denouncing the authorities or the nation and in com manding the apprehension and trial of men who have committed no act on, or off Cherokee soil, that makes them amenable to the civil, or martial law of the United States, he would not only subserve the cause of justice and humanity, but also, do more to preserve quiet in this country, than all his efforts heretofore combined have done. They are loud and bitter in their threats of re venge and have marked out those upon whom it is to be reeked, so soon as circumstances may favor ; and unless i they shall be taken by some means or other, we fully i expoct to hear at no distant day, of more awful outrages I being committed by them. 8ome of their friends, we have been informed, are engaged in furnishing testimo ny to General Arbuckle, exonerating them from the per petration of the Vore tragedy. But for this tho marks of their guilt are too deeply impressed. Gov. Butler was to leave the nation on Monday last, to visit the Comancbes and other Prairie tribes, for the dis charge of the duties of bis commission. Messrs. Wm. 8. Coodey, President of the National Committee, and Elijah Hicks, accompany the United States .Commissioners, un der the appointment of the Chief of this nation. J. W. Wash bourne, Esq., one of the editors of the Ar kansas Intelligtucer, also goes with the party. Varieties. Quite a number of the members of the bar par took of a dinner on the 15th, in Philadelphia William Rswle, Esq., officiated aa Preiident on the occasion, as sisted by Morton Mc Michael, Esq , as Vice President? The Judges of the various courts were present as guests. The affair waa admirably managed throughout, and was truly spirited and elegant. The magnetic telegraph waa used for the first time on the lath inst, at Philadelphia, for the benefit of the community lor the transmission of the foreign news in advance of the arrival of the mail. On the 6th iast. in New Orleans, William Jack son, a tailor, residing in Conti, between Dauphin and Bienville streets, committed suicide by cutting h:s throat with his razor. He was a native of Yorkshire, England, and about 34 years of age. The case which has been some time pending in New Orleans, of the New Orleans Draining Company vs. Lizardi k Co. et. at.,was submitted to the jury on the Oth inst who returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiffs in the sum of (60,000. William L*ffle was on Saturday last convicted in the Court of Oyer and Terminer, of Berks county, Penn,, of voluntary manslaughter on an indictment for the mur der of Enos Roe, of Amity township, in said county. The new cotton factory of the Messrs. Wetherill, situated near the Schuylkill, opposite Manayunk, was totally destroyed by fire on the morning of the Uth inst. at 6 o'clock. Nothing except the bare walls remaining. Loss in machinery alone estimated at (u,ooe. The General Court oi Virginia haa dooided? twelve judges to three?in the Parkersburg kidnapping case, that the Jurisdiction of the State of Virginia extends to tho actual water line of the Ohio river, at the pellicu lar time of any occurrence. The Legislature of Indiana have fixed on Monday next to adjourn sine die. We learn from the Louisiana Chronicle, that a shocking affray occurod a lew days since betwen Messrs. Lemuel, P. McCauley, and John Turnbull, both planters of the parish of West Feliciania. La. It seems that Turn bull, in company with several of hie slavee, went upon the plantation of Mr. McCauley to chastie a slave be longing to the letter, for some offence committed tbe night before; and was in the act of having him flogged by one ef his servants, when McCauley came up and interfered; whereupon, Turnbull levelled a double barrelled shot gun, end fired both barrels at the former, eighteen buckshotj taking eflect?nearly all in tbe right arm, one in his breast sndone or two in his shoulder - McCauley then fired et Turnbull with a double-barreied gun. loaded with small shot,hi. ting him in the aide of the bead Both are expected to recover. We are informed, says Tuesday's Mobile Herald, that Mr. Avarsin, tha Kranch Consul at this place, dis appeared some two weeks ago, and has not bean beard of since. It is supposod that some fatal accident has occasioned this prolonged abeence. At a late term of the Superior Court of Virginia held at StsuDtou, Jacob Copenhsm obtained a verdict of (8,000 against Sampson Batten, for tbe seduction of the daughter of the former. Batten was a married man. He was able to pay damages. The newa received in New Orleans, last evening, was, that Mr. Emile La Sere had received large majori ties in the Perishes of 8t. Bernard and Plaquemines. His probable majority will be about 1,600. A young man, eighteen years of age, named Nim reu Coburn, a sou of Heman Coburn, o? Dracutt, Mass. committed suicide, by hanging, on the 13th inst. Hill's Patriot states that the loss by the fire at the Concord Railroad depo! haa been overrated. The whole lose wiU not exceed (60.S00, and the loea ef Messrs Oil ?iWto?6ww ** ln,arw,c'? wU1 rmD" tnm The river still continues closed above St. Louis, but the lee has nearly all disappeared in the harbor. At the island below, and within sight of the oily, is a heavy gorge of iee, which is all that now obstructs the naviga tion to the mouth. Below, there is stid to have been a considerable rise in tbe river. At 8t. Louis, on the Sth lost., it was ebout on e stand, and some three and a half to four feet water in the channel. A gentleman from the Missouri, on the 6th, reported that heavy rains had fallen, and the smell streams were swollen and flowing out freely, end be auppoeed it would produce a rise in that river of a foot or eightaan inches. Miss Ann Van Horn, a maiden lady of seventy four year* of age, committed suicide at Lebanon, Ohio, on the 34th ult. She bad been indispoeed, end took the opportunity of tho absence of the household to hang her liarlne Court. Beiore Judge Waterman. J A*. It.?John Jtnning, vs. Ptltg Curtiee and Samuel tVhiteamb.?Jteeaull and Battery on the High Sses.?The ileintiff in this suit was one of the crew on board the >rig Port Leon, and after taking on board a cargo of log woo.1,and while the brig was working her way out of the Chilaba river, somewhere in tbe neighborhood of Tobae ce, and on her return to this port, the chief mate, Whit comb, fell upon and seriously beet the plaintiff, blacken ing hie eyas, thrusting him down among the logwood, on deck, and otherwise inflicting injuries upon his per son. Tbe captain being at the wheel et the time, and in full view ef this rencontre, not interfering or escorting his authority in the behalf of the plaintiffThe brings this action (gainst him as a party to this tranaaetlon. Neat tempt was made In the defence of the chief mate, and the only question mooted was, whether the captain should be considered a party in this matter. The jury returned a verdict of (30 for the plaintiff, agaipst both of tha de fendants. ? Beebee, Esq., for plaintiff; ? Sherman, Esq , for defendants. John B. Ptfftre vs. Jamee Finntgan.?Tha plaintiff in this suit brines action against the defendant for the mak ing of certain window sash, valued at (46, far a house in 16th street,of which Flanagan, who is a mason, was the master builder. The plaintiff proved that on tbo 11th December last, the defendant promised to pay for these sash oa the 13th or 16th of the same month. Tho defendant proved that one Thomas Shay, in tha for# part of Novsmher, engaged the plaintiff to make these sash, and that they were to be paid for by him upon their delivery. He also prpved thai a bill of theee sash was mads out, under the direction of tho plaintiff in the name of Thomas Shsy, he having a sub-contract for the carpenters' work to be done oa thasa premieee, upon which he was to do the carpenters' work and ferula fa the necessary materials thereior. It waa likewise proved that, en one ocoaaioa, when plaintiff, the defendant, and Bhay ware together, tha defendant advanced Shay (10, which was immediately handed ever to the plaintiff on / ?cc?UI?t of these sash. On another occasion, these present, Shay and the plaintiff had some diapate about the bill, when the defendant said he had . hii P??**1. which he was ready to pay tae plaintiff upon tho settlemont of their dispute. It was | further proved that tbe defendant was in ths habit of ad vanciog money to Shay from tiaao to timo, upon his con j tract, and in iumisbing him with building materials, when required by him. it appearing, therefore, ithat these sa.h wore delivered upon the contract made di rectly with Shsy, and in which the defendant had no im mediate interest the court gave He Judgment ta Caver of tho defendant. ? Towns# nd, Esq., far tbe plaintiff: J. W. White, Esq , tot the defendant. Circuit Court. Before Judge Edwarda. Jaw. 18.?RtcKmrd Waltk va. Jeremiah L. Tmyltr.?Tbie wee en notion of replevin, to recover fifty-two caeke of harytea, a eubetance used in the manufacture of white leaa. Rome time in 1843 the plaintiff received a con aignment of 193 caalu of barytea, and aeat them far atorage to Ripley It Culvert, 149 Maiden lane. Mr. Walah aold out, gradually, until only 83 caaka remained in the atore. Ripley and Culvert ahortly after diaaolved partnerahip, and an aaaignment of the whole concern waa made to William H. Culvert, the remaining partner. Subaequently, an aaaignment waa made by Wm. H. Cal vert to Kiaher Howe, lor the benefit of the c red i to re of Ripley It Culvert, and in February, 184S, Kiaher Howe ?old out to defendant, or, at all eventa, let him into poa aeaaiou } but, from would appear that the bill of aale waa not made out until the April follow ing. Before the aale to Taylor, Ripley It Calvert ap Slied to the Diatrict Court lor the benefit of the bankrupt iw, and were declared bankrupta , and the U. 8. Diatriet Judge, upon the petition of the general aeaignee, de clared the alignment to Howe void, and that the whole of the bankrupta' property waa veated in the general aa rignee. The plaintiff, in the December following the poaaeaaion of defendant, tendered him $180 for the atorage, and required the delivery of the gooda, inaiat ing that the defendant could not claim under the aaaign ment from Howe, the lame being declared void by the Diatrict Court. The defendant reluaed to accept the tender, contending that all acta under the aaaignment were valid to the time of pronouncing the decree in bankruptcy, and waa, therefore, entitled to the whole of hia claim, aud reluaed to give up the property. The plaintiff then iaaued hia writ of replevin, had the gooda replevined, and the preaent action ia brought to try the righta of the partiea. The Court charged the jury that the aaaignment waa void, under the Diatrict Judge'a de cree, and left it to them to aay, undor the evidence, whether the aum tendered covered the amount to which the Jefendant waa entitled. The jury retired, and ahort ly after returned with a verdict for the plaintiff, valu'ng the 83 caaka at $880. For plaintiff, Meaara. Creat and J. C. Smith ; for defendant, Meaara. Waller and Van Vran ken. Jeeee fV. Benedict VS. John Shipmen.?Thi? Wll in action of replevin, brought to test the rights of the patties to certain property levied on bv the defend ants under an execution. Silas C. Smith had long been a large dealer in wooden ware, brooms, lie., at 19 Fulton street. On or about January, 1843, he sold oat about $7000 of his stock to his clerk, John Orey, for $1600 in cash, and took Oray's notes, running from one month to eighteen months, to secure the balance. Orey wishing to preserve the customers and the business which Smith bad carried on, his reputation aa a wooden ware dealer having been favorably known, took into partnership with him a sister of the said Smith, merely for the pur pose c f her name. The business then proceeded at the old stand y under the firm of Smith 1c Gray. Smith, about the 9th of February, 1844, and about six weeks alter the sale te Gray, being insolvent, made an assignment of all his ptoperty, including Gray's notes, to John H Brown ing, and then Silas C. Smith was employed as a clerk by Smith It Gray. Shortly alter, some of the creditors of Si las C. Smith, and amongst them the defendant, having ob tained judgments againstlhim, the defendant, issued hie execution, and levied upon the property in question, la this suit, which was in the possession ol Smith It Gray, as the property of Silas C. Smith, am! Smith k Gray were informed that there were other execution* coming upon them. Smith It Gray not being willing, or fseliog able to contend with all of said creditors, executed an assign ment of all their property to the plaintif, in trust, to pay the creditors of fJmith It Gray, including the said notes. The plaintiff, upon receiving the assignment, immediate ly brought this action of replevin against the defendant. For the defence, it wos contended that the sale by Si las C. Smith to John Gray, was void. 1st Because the sale was on credit, and hindered and delayed the oreditors of Smith. 3d- Because Smith was employed as the clerk of Smith k Gray. 3d. Because the name of Smith continued to be used on the sign over the door. Verdict for the plaintiff1, valuing the property at $1400. For pl'ff, Messrs. O'Connor and Boardman; Jfor deft's, Mr. DeForest. V. S. AlarsJuU'* Office. Jaw. 10.?A foreigner, named Thomas Truflt, some weoka ago declared nil intention* to become e cities n, purchased the schooner Crescent, of Wilmington, Dela ware, end freighted her with goods for Galveston, Texas. He then went to the Custom Honse, end swore he was a citizen, and got out the ship's papain. It waa shortly after discovered that he was not naturalised, and information given to the proper authorities. The vessel was then libelled, and seized by the United States Mar. shaL The penalty, under the act, is forfeiture of the vessel. Court of General Sessions. Before Recorder Tallmadge, and Aldermen Conner and Compton. Ogrleu Hoffman, James R. Whiting, Was. M. Price and Jonas B. Phillips, Ksqrs., Counsel for the Peepla. Jaw. 16.?Trial of Smith, aliai Nincymn, aUes M virii- Tlu requisite number of jurors having been, obtained for the trial of this cause, Ogden Hoffman, Esq , proceeded to open the case on the part of the pro secution. in the course of his remarks, he detailed at length the circumstance) connected with the robbery of the barge, and the facts which the prosecution ex pected to prove, tending to implicate the prisoner. Captain Wilsey, master of the barge: Mr. Black, a teller in the Mechanics' Bank; Mr. Ogaen, a taller in the Phenix Bank, and several other witnesses, were called and examined by the prosecution; but their testimony was essentially the seme as that adduoed at the Decem ber term. Should any new facts be elioited during the course of the trial, thev will be duly recorded in the columns of the Herald. Superior Court. Beforo a full Bench. Jaw. 16.?This court is yst engaged in the hearing ef arguments, and until soma decisions ere made, (which will probably be on Monday next) we have nothing te present of interest from this source. 11 Ci WW A AUMlVlltfUMl A ? Fbr f Ac Exclusive Sale of Choice PERFUMERY FANCY SOAPS, AND TOILET ARTICLES, Wholesale and Retail. rP H E subscriber, who eshibitsd ?( the late Fair of the Ana mentis ihu city at No. li'J Broadway, wharr he offors^^HH ality of Perfumery not to be sorpassed either in Europe or America. Ha wnald remark that his Parfaaaery baa the neat ndranuge oyer the foreigu of being freshly prepared, and that tha unequalled opportunities ha enjoyed of learning ma art ? the Laboratory of Laugier Pere et Fits, of which ne waa far mane year* the director, guarantees his possession of a skill equal to tliat of any European Perfumer. A complete assortment of choice articles of the most cele brated foreign houses, will at all times be kept on hand, thus enabling his customers to compare and to choose, and he baa | also imported from Paris a beautiful assortment of KANCV ARTICLES, suitable for the approaching holidays. The subscriber does not advertise Soap which will change deformity ieto beeaty, end old age into youth, or Pomatums which will poaaess the transcendent virtue of creating new or gans for the growth of tho hair. These miracles he leeves ier others; but he does pretend to offer TOILET 8OAP8, so sci entifically compounded that ao uoneutralised alkali remains to fret the most delicate skin, md he offers a most elegant prepa ration, so highly recommended by an accomplished anthoiee* of America, his AMANDINE, which will pretest or cure the most iuvsterate cbappieg i f tha akia. _ He offers hie unrivalled SHAVING CREAM, aa artyJ* whiek, if oece tried, will always be present in every genua Bin i dressing case He offers hie COSMETIC CREAM, so invaluable an appli cation to delicate facet after sharing, a much more rleguat pre paratioo than the Cold Cream. He offers for the head, OILS, ESSENCES, POMATUMS and WASHES, possessed of virions properties, some design ed to beautify and cleanse tha healthy hmr-^ema to erne disor dered action of the Scalp; some of soothing emolmeat pro m pert let for the irritable head; others stimulating aad touic to tha debilitated Scalp, impaired in iU function# br sickness sad other causes. These remedies, compounded with well-known I Physiological principles, frequently restore the hair, slop ha falling when its loss doss not anise from a destruction ol the or gan* of the hair, aad are not to be confounded with the thou sand nostrum* so shaaaeieasly warranted lo care in nil eases ? Hit BEAR,8 OIL, lie asm rat the public, ia perfectly genuine when represented es saeh, ami it prepeeeu, by an ippliealien pt heat, so careful as not to endanger lira peculiar orgaaisaUoa.W rirtne of which it differs from other subs aces or a similar Kr ihe quality of his goods, he eaa refer lo Messrs. Aspia wall, Milhau. Chilton, and many others of the mom redeem able chemists of this city, who for the last several yean have ?ended articles of hie manufacture. ... Finally, everything at bia mere will bo af "WW if any article dues not girt full satisfaction. It Will tot only wil lingly, hut alto thaaklnlly bo taken back. Tbeeubeoeieer is annoua to acquire for hia reublishmeut a character for veraci ty and good fatih, when, from (ha nature of the articles, theiu it to much room for m rare presentation, wad ho eejome it upon all ia bis empley to maintain tha same adherence to truth and Manufacturer and Importer of Parfhmery, No. I* Broadway, between liberty end Courtlandt, dJI Im'rc end IU Cheenut street. Philadelphia JOHN DAK.LEY, ' MERCHANT TAILOR. 1*6 Brondwny anal 78 Liberty ttruot, m^HIN desirous of selling the balanceof his lam* stock ef ^gill end Winter Goods, suitable for fleet lees en'a wear, of ten them on tha most reasonable term*, aad eolicite the atten lion of gentlemen about purchasing. . , "? ?K*EKJfBfr,MAris* SCcfrBTNoT* I from now til^UieJatof February. A large aad choice assortment of ShirtESoerAi CftTats, Hosiery end I nder Apperef, constantly "bend. N. B.?Oeetlemee leniiamng tbeirowa material, can nave ? Cms- dU lm*me AGENTS FOR THE CHEMICAL HAIR INVIGORATOR. A reach of art. Ib.pnr* ,ol,lr?ypHALON, ni Broadway. Rrae'corner of < ourt and Howard street*,^ neton ,J? B. Lock row M Bearer street. Albany; C. 8. Browse, No. It} Tr^ssirs; sssa Si; Codington, Apothecary. No. Sg Hudson street, eorner C* 9 inRrray nr*v?* ? jLD ROLLED COPPElb-HM J"*"*'S* k per. aaequaUnJ! from II fc ItolleO t.op CO., M South itrset,

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