Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ?at* SCO*, If. ?*?Wfeola M7?. NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 28, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAKES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Everyday. * ????? Pereopy? I advance. Every Saturday?Price 4J< eeal bit in advaaee. prices?always eaah per copy?31.12K cent* per annum?payable in advaaee ADVERTISEMENTS at the klnal^^H^^M advance PRINTING of all kinds executed with beauty and dan r& All letters or eoramonicatioss, by anil, addressed ewill 1 the establishment, must oe post paid, or the postage will be deducted from Che subscription money remitted. JAMES t.ORDON BENNETT. Proprietor of the u New Yobu Hiuui Eitajil aHazVT WB kw?e? eoen.r of Helton and Nassno .rreets. iron Liver PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, (via Liverpool )?The subscriber* era raparsd to maka engagements to brine passengers ?pool by any of the tegular packet abipe,aailiuc days ; and alao by first class transient ships, to tail rom Livcrp every Ilea d , Positively on their appointed days, at their lowest rates. From their new arrangements for this year, haviag established a Branch of the concern in Liverpool, no detention whatever, aab take pi ?<??. For farther particulars, apply to JOHN HERDMAN k CO., 61 South street. near Wall street, New York. HERDMAN. KEEN AN It CO., Liverpool. N. B.?Drafts can aa usual be famished for any amount, payable throughout Great Britain and Ireland, on application as above. (36 rc nlBLACK BALL. OR OLD LINE OF LIVER [POOL PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL.-On!y re ? tular pacha' ol the lit M?rcK. The new. meemficut rated fast sailing favorite pac et ahip MONTEZU MA, burthen 1156 toss, Cept A. B. Lowhcr, will tail positively on Monday, the 2d March. It is well known that the accom mod itioas of theM. nteznnu aie fitted out ia a most saperband costly mr-L-iier, with every modern improvement and conveni ence, that cannot but add to the comfort of those embarking. Persons vsitinc the old country, or sending for their fri-r da, should rail sua soe this splendid specimen of naval architec ture, before engaging elsewhere. For passage in gab in, second CMbiu ami steerage, early application should dc made on board, ?ot ot beekman street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. ? f28r 2S Fulton street, (next door to the Fnlton Bank.) d? TO MILLINERS. ^ CARL KING, the well known and celebrated first premium Straw Hat Manufacturer, informs the public in [premium Straw Hat Manufacturer, informs the pub general, that he has for aale n most splendid assortment of Ladies Fancy STRAW HATS, manufactured of an entire new article, eslled Paris Straw Gimp, made to the shape of the Shepherdness Uipsev?so beautilul and becomiug, they nerd only be seen to he admired. Milliters, and merchants of the trade, will do well to call tad examine before they make their purchases, aa the goods will ba sold by the case er dozen ara very liberal priee. CARL KING, 17 Division street. N B.?A general assortment of all kinds of Straw Goods and Psris Ribbons always on hand. 125 lm*r A RARE CHANCE. dM WILL BE SOLD cheap, or exchanged for city pao dKWpcrty, a very valuable valley grain and grass farm, eon <edha.ta>nicg 123>i acres, 30 of which are woodland,and the rests rich soil.having been all cnltivated,highlymaaared and steded, within five venrs past, and yields abundant crops; situated 10 miles from New York, 4 Irom Huntington, S (from Cold Bpring, aad i from Fanningdale, by the heat roads ia the county of Stiff >lk. The buildings are all nearly aaw, and con sist of a commodious Dwelling, 2 Bams, Cow Shed^ Car i naze Hsuse. Poultry House, lea House, Bakery, Wash Room, I and Bmoka House. Twenty acres lia ia a position to produce the earliest vegetables, aad being wilvin IK hours commani ? fit cation .with Brooklyn, to which cars run from Farmiagdale three times a dty, makes it very desirable. Steamboats also leave Cold Spriug daily for New Y ork. For further particu lars apply to F. U. LUCREY, f 27 2w*m 32 John at. EAST NEWARK. read* THE WHOLE OF THIS VALUABLE PROPER MRfY. consisting of about two huadred and fifty acres of wakmisnd, with about nne mile of front on the Passaic River, opiKuite the city of Newark, where the Morris Canal enters the river, is for sale on very advantageous terms; or, it will be sold in parcels, to sa it applicants. Persons proposing to estab lish maun actoriee of any kind near the city of New York, will fi >d it greatly to their advantage to locate there. The facilities of intercourse between it aad New York city cannot be equal lad, and to the first applicants liberal advantages will be riven Apply to GEO. L PRIDE, 41 Wall at. M ALSO-A FURNISHED HOUSE i O RENT. No IS North Moore at. Particulars will be lyvso^by the ?1 I , JwlKiubscriber, OEO*L Tftltr-c 41 Jfall St. staten island property forAle. A HANDSOME COUNTRY SEAT, snth a few I acre* of ground, Barns lie., he , attached, on the north Lihnre of btatan Ulsnd. fronting on the river, and within re? minntes walk of Caatleton Steam b it Lauding, one mile m Port Hichmond,anda mileand a half from New Brighton, rhe property bas a front on tbo water of about 440 fret. ro' lurthe- partiea'ara enquire of William and Jobs O'Brien, Po s f No. 33 Wall at real, av on the pramiaoa, of Mrs. Jane Burger. ' fBliPrre shipwreck society. TKIK. nn4ersign-d having been appointed by tha American HShipwrec* Society, to collect rvidence relative to the fseti connected with the late disaatrons shipwreck of the Joh I Minium, and ether vesiels, in the vicinity of this harbor, ear-1 neatly request all pert as, particularly the survivors, U> meet (beat at the rooms of the AmerieaaduiUtute, in the Park, any dav from ? to 11 A. M., to assist the commiltsa u the discharge ef their duty. comiTTKX: Adoairaaa Chandler, J W. Francis. M. D. Matin E. Thompson,. Gen. John Doraev, L. D. Chapiu, J as Do Peystar Ogden, Henry Meigs. New York, Feb. 31,1144. ft5 41 re LOUR AT THIS. SELLING OFF FOR LESS THAN FIRST COST, A GREAT ASSORTMENT of firet quality Baota and Shoos, to maka room f.>r a Hrge ?apply of French Goods. ?ow on the way, comprising cork sole Boots, water proof and light Fr? ich do, flue calf Shoes, Pimps, and Dancing Oaitars, Ladv'a Gaiters, Bnaki. a, Hlippars, Ties, pitrnt lesth-r, white and black Sa'in, white Kid. Clogs. Moccasins; all kinda 01 Rubbers and Overshoes. he., he , all of which will be aold 25 muuiiwi bus vy vviviivrii 4W?| 4AC a nui U4 w uitsi will vv av 1 us par cant less than hereto lore, at 317 Broadway cor.. Kranklia street. M. CAH1LL. f24 Im'mc BILLIARDS IMPROVED. |?|TTIS FIELD, reap-ctfally informs bi? friends and the V pa hi ic, that ha baa retained to hit old favorite quarters, S&SBKORO'H ROOMS, entrance Ann at, adiotaing the naenm building, or 149 Fulton stent The Boom* ana Ta ea have been pat in perfect order. Tl>e Tables are 8'ate, Marble and Ir.n, with Atr, India Robber and Cloth Cushions They will no doubt suit European aud all (rail plavers, beirg tbe best in this couotry. Larger balls for Southerners?Caro lina Palls for Oeruians >. B.?U taford'a new style Billiard Tables for sale; India and French Cos Leather, best in the city; fine Billiard Cloth, mriever^r article! n the trade,constantly on hand and for sale. VALENTINE HEAD QUARTERS. rpURNERk FISHER, 74 Chatham street, have this day A opened their unequalled assortment of Valentines and Valentine v? riters. For splendor, variety and cheapness, we eheUeuge the city. Low prices to the trade, is our motto; call and see. Valentines made to erder, oiigtnal verses fur nished. Orders from the Canary attended to promptly. >17 itn*rc BIGELOW3 NEW ENGLAND EXPRESS. FOR Fitchbnrn. Keeae, Greenfield, Brattleboro, Windsor, Weodstoek, Montpalier, and Burlington, Vt., and the Ca aadaa. All Ptckagm, Parcels and basinets, to any of the above ?owns, or any part of the western portion of New Hampshire and Vermont, will be faithfally attended to if directed to the sue of L. B1GKLO W, 11 EJm afreet, Boston. N. B?Be aura te mark Packages to care of " Btgelow's Ei preee" jtire COTTON MILL! 117 ANTS a situation as Manager of e Cotton Mill, a nun vv intimately acquainted with the various modee el mane fa ctu rug cottoa wool, both ia England and America; can be recommended by two men having charge of Use beet conduc ted establishments ut the United States. Address J. C. at this office. jail lm*rc TO PAPER-BOX MAKERS. CTRAW BOARDB.-M.tM lbs Btraw Boards, of a superior 0 qaality, and numbers to suit, jnst received, and for side by fl9 tmr PRR88E It BROOK8, U and ?7 News st. MJ A i 10;> * ?.t)AK COATED BLENNORHHOtA 1 LOZENanao?A pleinant. safe, and eSeetnal remedy for all dtaessea ?. ,hs urinary and genital organs, gonorrheas, seminal west sees, kc Price tTH casts; warranted to cure ia a few days. For sals at Meetrs. habeas lock's It Co., 4? Jobs street; and 77 Ninth Avenue, and by Druggists generally. Jal7 lm*r ' BINDERS' BOARDS. Bib TONS Binders' Boards, just received, and for ml# by 11/ PEK88E k BROOKS, fit lmr i V> and t7 Nassan street. TO THE LADIES?TO THE LADIES. LADIES hating any anperlluous or east of Clothing to die pose of, (aither Lad its or (Jen tie men) can obtain s fau eaah price for the same, by sending for the subscriber, at bar meidenee, No. M Duaee street, beeemeut. M.\ "'?HEN, N. B.?Gentlemen* Clothing end Fsrsituretls?..c^ght by M. 8. COHEN. All letters through the Pent OSes will be attended te. Jali lm*me A 8UPERI0R VIOLONCELLO TfOB BALE.?A Foster Violoncello, in fiae preservation. J: To the profession and emateer, this offers en opportunity of obtaining an instrnmeet of that celebrated maker Apply at Jollied Music Store. Kg Broadway. fS7Jt*r * MR. THOMAS STARKEY. INFORMATION WANTED of Mr. Thomas Starker, of Birmingham England, who arrived hern about two years since. Letters with remittances are waiting hit application.? Apply to w!>. BROUGH. 117 Iw'rro 117Fnlten street. " WANTED, BT a sober and industrious married man, a situation as engi neer?of tan years ft pari race either on a bent at stationa ry engine. Wages on boat $*S per mouth?stallneary engine II skill >ags per day. Direct letter, Herald oRes, Engineer. WilnjitAs-Mr wife. ELI^AkEtU RENVILLE, has left my bed and board without uause or provocation, all persoaa are hereby forbid to treat ber oa tr y account, as I shall pav oo hillaof her contracting. IS VAC RENVlLLE. fm ??j# DARK A 6am CARR, FROM ? dtaebam mJ iog. under general order, at east side Peck slip. All goods .otf.rm.ttad, mast uoavomabfy be seat to Pnblie Store. OTiCE ?All> persons are forbid harboring or unsung any It ol the erew of British bark Adam Carr. from Glasgow, aa no debts of their contracting will be paid either by the cap uts or consignees f? WtiODHlTLL fc MINTlIRN.r Houtkst. and iwitfl ) Of the public to this establish ???-!? ^T?"ld "wpeetfelly state, that the .access r - ? commencement of his S*gtttv6E2?mtt FOR SALE, AA. . 9J! f*?OB*ble terms, the two story HOUSE AND ImB LOT, No, W Hudson street, (lathe block of8c Luke's JLeMLCiia eh.) Trioitv Church leue of 11 miifron the l*t Mivuert, I with privilege of renewal.) ?< $115 per year ground NbL .The h.nue u U perfect order, hsviug bee* painted lot KL'fr'i?" the premiere, or to WILLIAM fcETCHAM, Esq. No. 10 Moray ?t. IV lw*tnc NOTICE. Jgh DWELLING HOUSES, STORES end recent Lou, Hijl for uvle, rout or exchange Investments mad* on pro XMBL dnetive Keel Estate tbet will per Iron 'en to twenty ?or chat cm the porcheee money, with en iaereaeo ia relne of from leu to Mteen per cent per annem. Money procured on. Bond end Mottfuyi; and Policies of luenmnce obtained from the.moot reeponeible eompeniee in the 'a^iTeV^ Third Arcane, N. B?Plans, aleratioae, specifications end contracts for baildings, farauhed hue er et No. S Broad etreet, at the ehort eetnotwe. CALVIN POLLARD. III lm-re Architect. "jSl FOR SALE, OR TO LE l\ea the moat renewable |<-im t*rnu, three two-itory Dwelling Honeee, ia North JmlB| Sixth, between Sixth and Sernnth etreett, William# ham, L. 1. Two ofthe abore are new, and intended aa genteel residences, being finished in the beat manner, and enpplied with apriag and rain water in the kitchen, and ooal ranlu in Iront, lie. Two-thirda of the parchaer money mar remain ecared, at t per cent. ??q?imon |fefSrANOUS. f IS lm*rre ' ?? Wall etreet W. (fcUARAff SALE. OR TO LEASE?Sitn fHIB ate oa the Passaic rirnr, in North Bellerille. formerly JialAbelongiag to Abraham Joralemon, Beq. Said quarry hae neap mwna_ J3 ?n of the b extensively worked for thiit^yeare.paet, and ia one "the beat quarries of five atone in New Jeraey, and ia ia good order for wqgking. The premises eoneiat of two d well tega, atore honaeq two barns, two hundred feet of wharf, and iteea acrra of land, which will be aold antir , or the qnarry separate, if desired. For farther partrcaUri, aiiqairo of tho anbicriber, at tha pest office ia HellcvilV, N. X JOHN C. LLOYD. Bellerille, Feb. It, lMd. fig lm*m? HOUSES ANL) LOT FOR SALE. A PLEASANT country arat in the Tillage of Madi " *' ' * ?fee aon, Morris conatr. New Jeraey, within ? lew minatea j w ilk of the beautiful residence of Wm. Gibbons, Esq., belli* . bout 15 mile* from New York city?communication to and from twice a dny, any day in the year, per Morris and Ee sex Railroad. Said place eonuins about one acre, ou which are Two Houses and a Bern, with a first ra c well of water. Good schools and churches in the immediate vicinity The premiaea axe located in a commanding position, overlooking the whole Tillage; and is one of the most desirable loc itioaa in the place, being within two minntrs walk of the railroad de pot, which renders it conrenient for a person doing buainesain the city, who dea ir?? to retire in the country. For particulars enquire, or address to the subscriber. E. T- THOMPSON, 1x4 lm*re Momstowu, N. J. CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC RINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID. '|iHI9 remarkable diacorery comprises aa entirely safe and X norel application of the mysterious power of Galvanism, aa a remedial agent. The Galvanic Rinos in connection with the Magnetic Fluid, hare been used with entire sue mm bus uiAunsiiv ruvitr, narr vufu ueuu nuu snilio >uv ceaa in all cases ol RHEUMATISM, acute or chronic, apply ingto Jthe head, face or limbs; Gout, Tic^Dojoreui ^ Toot h sicqy. Bronchitia. Vertigo, nervona or aick Headache, indices tioa. Paralysis, Palsy, Epilepsy, Fiu, Cramp, palpitatioa of the Heart, Apoplexy, stiffness of JoinU, Spinal complaints, 1 Lumbago, Neuralgia, nervous Tremors .dimness of the Head,1 pain* iu the Chest and Bide, general Debility, deficiency of nervous and physi.-al energy, and ail nervous disorders. In maaam of Dyspepsia, which ia simply a nervous derangement 2? The Rings are of different prices, being made of all sixes, and of various ornamental pattern*, and can be worn by the most delicate female without the slightest inconvenience. THE GALVANIC BELTS, BANDS, BRACELETS, he. Are modification! of the invention, and are recommended in more chronic eases of dieeaee, where the Rings do not pos sess sufficient intensity or power. They are adapted to the waist, arms, wriata, ancles, chest, or eny part of the body with Krfect ease. Any Galvanic power that u required may thus obtained, and no complaint which the rayateriona agent of Galranism can affect, will fail to be perm anentjy relieved. CHRISTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID is need ia connection with the Ruga and their modifications. This composition has been pronounced by the French Che mists, to be one of the most valuable discoveries of modern science. It is believed to poetess the remarkable power of rendering the nerves sensitive to Gslvenie action, by this means causing a concentration of the influence at the seat of iiise, and tnna giving rapid end permanent relief. CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC STRENGTHENING . _ PLASTERS, These article* form an important addition to tha Galvanic Rings, acting npen the same principle, bat having the advan tage of more local application As an effectual means lor strengthening the system when ddRilitated by disease or other causes; a* a certain aid in constitutional weakness ; aa a pre ventive for colds, and in all affections of the chest generally, the Galvanic Stuenhth Plastics will be found of great and pel manent advattut e We refer our readers to the numerous CP-HOME CERTIFICATES._?D Published bythe Doctor, in tha Bun, Times, Mirror, Tribuas, tad other papers. These testimonials, all of which ase from the most respect eral ' " * able soames, has* been selected from several hundred of a similar character, which hare been procured daring the short time the discovery has been before the American public D. C. MOORHEAD, General Agent lor the United Bates, and only Agent for the City of New York, 134 Fulton street, Bun Buildings. jail MWkPat lm*r Beware efCounSeifeite. jail MWfcPat lm*r THE GREATEST CURE IN THE WORLD. IS AY IT WITHOUT fear of eoutradietiou that the cut of Mr. J oka Can, who waa laat spring in tha laat auga ,.f King'a, or Bcrofnious Consumption, it tha graataat care ere known in thia or any other eoantry. The cast of John Carr?another remarkable curt of King'e Eril, or Sci qfuUu* Consumption ! BY fCHKNCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP! Will the public read the following, and then judge for them ?aires 1 I have been sAicted with tha Scrofula for a number of yean. It commenced with a scrofulous ulceration on my side, which extended oyer my back, across my shoulders, antil tbe whole of my back was a running sore. It theu extended over my breast and down my arms, which in many places were nlcera ted to the bone. My throat and neck were also affected, a deep running ulcer extending from behind my ear under my jaw to my throat. I tried Swaim'a Panacea, rarions syrups or sarsa parilla, and all the remedies I could hear of. for this disease, without any benefit I had the adriee of many excellent phy sicians of this city, and used the iodine, iodine of iron, aod all the best remedies these gentlemen could suggest, but my dis ease remained unchecked. I am sensible that words are too feeble to express my miserable situation. In warm weather my sores wars yery offensive, and I was truly an ohjeet of pity. Early last Spring it settled on my lungs, and resulted in a deep-seated scrofulous consumption. I had a violent cough, pun iu my breast, fevar, night sweats, great emaciation, and prostration of strength. I was failing so fast, that I gare up all hope of recovery. No remedy that 1 took would produce the least effect upon me, aod many ol my friinds who saw me ?aid that it was impossible for a man so much diseased aa I was ever to recover. As my cough waa so vary bad, and my pulmonary disease fast increasing, a friend recommended gUHENCK'S PUL MONIC 8YHU1' for that dianue, and after using it some time. I fouad that it was the only remedy that I ever used that had the least benel cial effect upon me. It relieved me of my rough, pains and fever?stopped ?y nightswexta, and strength ened my whole system. Alter using the syrup for some time, I found, to my great joy. that my ulcers were ripening and be ginning to heal. 1 continued using the Syrup after I was cured of the consumption, until my sores were all healed, and the whola of my back, neck, breast aud arma are now covered with scan, which preaent a remarkable appearance. 1 am per fectly well at thia time, and am fnlly convinced thit no remedy bnt the Pulmonic Syrup would ever hsr# purified u.y system from this loathsome disease. I feel thankful that lam well again, and abla to attaud to my baaiaeaa ; and, as it is impossi Ms to dascribo tha appoaranee of the sews, I will, with plea sure, show thara to any person who may ham any scrofulous or eruptive diseases, at my reatdence. It, Brenner's alley, run ning soeth from Vine atroet. above Pifth, where ther can toe for thrmaelvM the meet remarkable scars ever viewed npon any human being. JOHN CAKH. C At of Philadelphia, an. This ninth day of January, A. D. eighteen hundred aud forty six, before the subscriber, Mayor of said city, personally e-me John Carr, who, being sworn according to law, doth depose I aud any, that the foregoing statement, to which he has subscri bed his came, is correct and true hi all its particulars (Signed) JOHN CARR. Sworn and subscribed before ma on the dav and yev above written JOHN 8WIKT, Mayor. A fro at and back Daruerreotype likaaeaa of Mr. Carr haa been taken, exhibiting his sews, which can bo seea at tha pro- I prietor's office. No. 4 Cowrtlaadt street. Phii.spci.phu, Jaa. fth, IMA We, tha sabecribem, residents of this rity, do hereby certify that we are well acquainted with John Cur, who baa here af flicted with the Scrotals, or King's Evil, for a number of years, sad believe him to be a man of integrity?and from his state ment, are fatly aariafied that hia cam haa been affected by Schaack's Palmoeie Syrup. George L. lewis, National Hotel. Thomaa W. Bigelow, Thirteenth street, below Callowhill. P. Daly. 41 Prane at. Alexander Wilson, Walaat at. Thaatrt. Ssmoel B. Niekson. Thirteenth at. I elow Coates. George Watson, Wa!not, above Eighth at. Andrew Waleh, Tenth at.. font door* eorth of Carpenter. He ry Denton, Schuylkill Eighth, between Race and Viae Stre<ts. Albert Dunham, Franklin at. above Green. J. Franklin Dtlany, No IN Noith Eighth at The leuatae Pulmonic Syrup is prepared exclusively by tha proprietor, and ia for tale, wholeaaleand retail, at hit Pnncipel Office, No. 4 Coartlandt street, where persons can receive ad vice. and have thou Lungs examined, by a regular phyticiaa, free of charge. _ , , For aala, alxo, at Bath A Hilyar's, 171 Greenwich street; A. B Sands AO, m Broadway; C. 8. Hatchings, jr.. *41 JBfeeek ar street; C. Ford. 174 Foarth street, corner Wooetar, Wash ington soaara; and H. Everett, M Hadson street. . O- Remember that P. 8. Baekmsn does not sell my original rename Pulasoaic Strop ; and to avoid deception by ignorant and illiterate pretenders, apply for advice,or tha old established Mrdociae, at No. 4 COARTLANDT STREET. fgk8at?r TEETH?TEETH?TEETH. UNPRECEDENTED REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF DENTIBTR Y, A T the old establiahmeat, a EAST BROADWAY. J* Tenth set on pivot. JO cents. Teoi h net on in* plate from Bl M toil M Teeth filled with fine gold foil, M Prises for all other work in proportion with the above lent Teeth mounted for other Dentists. All work don* at thia of fieo warranted. N. TAYLOR. fM lns*rt Surgical and Mechanical Dentist. /^ENUINE HAVANA AfcOAR* of the new brand " ?1 vff Jndio Erraate," CThe Wandering Jew.) Foranlaby , . P MANCH&, at ?i Fnltou aural, 'isim r Spanish Hotel, np suira. PAjRMUUP AND MILL- Bl BANK, Hag.ntown, mJ T The Notes M thia ? ?? tMuboaarkt atossmteeatdia foM*. k/ TAYLOR ft SMITH, ixsim'ta No. as Wall atruat I x g6H0IA LOMltl cDMPaNV Notts WmsST U three qnartara par etui diaeoaat, by D. HT PECK, ? 111 lm*ra 11 Wall straot SIZING. OH TONS superior qnnlitT Wwterni SitingJeat received ?\3 and for aala by PEHB8F. k BROOKS, fit Isir gJandg? ffaaaaa strmt. ft OLD ROLLED COPPER-Mm ahoata Cold Rolled Cor V* par, uaeqa&lled, from II te_B o*-4nt eeleby *s K. FT COLLINS k CO., "VaIiWT lae-weLded ikon* BoiuS FLUES. F WlHSjJ&Z tifc. ** ""'"l ? ? ? MM ^^JBSrSS&flBrv&k. The Thm LoTtH. A Maiden dwelt in e deep green wood, A smile of nature's purest mood, Her hair as sunshine streaming ; With eyes of gentlest riolet blue, -*"3 Whose elanees, earnest, mild and true, Told love lay in them dreaming. Three suitors had this msiden fair? The flrst, a gallant soldier them, His words with honor burning Of laurel-wresth and battle-flsld. Of glory that the wars doth yield, And victors home returning. A painter was the second, and he Toiled, longed, for immortality? Her words his dark soul brightnlng. He loved her as the stars?the sky, And to possess her would defy Earth* tempests wild benightnlng. The third was a true poet, and With soul half in the spirit-land. Adored her, past expressing. She was to him as a bright sphere Te wandering angels doth appear? A glory and a blearing. The maiden died, and lair she lay, As a creature newly formed of clay Not born for tears or sadness. So glorieutly she rested there, She seem'd a sweet, embodied prayer, Fresh from a heart of gladness. The lovers came and raised the shroud : The soldier breath'd his grief aloud, Tears o'er his pale fsoe streaming. He murmur'd, " I will win a fame, And with it shall entwine her name Like pearls with diamonds gleaming.1 The painter gated?a vacant smile Was playing o'er his lips the while, And that prottd heart was breaking. Cursing his Maker?wildly he Stood, as some lightning .stricken tree, tat dark ho Norfrom that darkhour waking Our Savior's hand alone can trace The expression of that minstrel's face, As on her cold form looking. No tear escsped his burning eye? He loved her?for eternity, Nor death nor sorrow brooking. Albert, Feb. 39, 1840. Lr[illative Priceedingi. This has been a great and ominous day In Albany,? elements combining and controlling the central regency power, the political influence of this State?galvanic and annihilating elements, to be brief, hare been hurried into awful contact, and Waterloo oonfusion, and Water loo thunder, and Waterloo slaughter, concocted and wielded by the Bonaparte and the Marshal Soult of the conservatives, (Clark in the Senate, and Sherwood in the House,) and the Wellington and Blucher of the radi. oals, (Young in the Senate, and Wells in the House,) have ensued; charges unprecedented in any history, except, perhaps, the charge upon LmHuy* Sainte by Bony's French troops, have occurred ; the old regency is In its lut squirming gasp ; the State of New York, governed, ruled, prostrated, disgraced, and dishonored, by a horde of Girondists, is about to shake the villanous repudia tion from her coat ol mail, and resume her original im perial glory. The Senate, the glorious State Senate, which holds a prerogative so high and so exclusive, was the theatre of bug-bear legends, hobgoblin stories, and locomotive legislation to-day. The debate arose upon the repert of a committee in favor of printing a certain document con taining a survey at fee northern portion of thki State,? showing its minesfe resources, and expatiatfhg upon a bed of iron ore ajbontly discovered in Clinten county , the advantages sx steam on Lake Champlain, and a con nection from thm point by railroad to Boonville, Oneida county, were also shown in this document. Senator Johnson was opposed to printing, and, during his re marks, took occasion to call Messrs. Spencer and Foi som high-toned federalists; and, for some reason or other, he classified these gentlemen with old fede ralists, who were ready and anxious to load the State with debt The debate, in a moment, took a most extraordinary turn. Mr. Spencer deemed any personality unworthy of his notice, and declared that if the Senate was to be disgraced with such per sonal blackguardism, he would endeavor to have the law prohibiting duelling instantly repealed. The bare and simple question of printing a few documents afford ed Young and Folsom it el scope and verge enough for one of those peculiar discussions which are heard ef no where else in Christendom. Mr Folsom followed Spen cer, in reply to the charge made by Johnson, feat he was a federalist. Mr. Folsom said he had put Johnson " to his trumps." A question here arose as to what was " trumps" thi* morning The enquiry wee referred to o committee conveisunt with "card" playing. Mr. Volaom demonstrated that he wee not a federal tel. and Voaag took the floor. He proceeded to reeolvo the term fede raliit He had been aeked if the junction of two demo crat* made a federalist; he thought not He concluded that tho term federalist was quite4indeflnito. Now, to show what remarkable turns the debate* take in the Senate, I will reclto some few of tho promi nent topics discussed to-day, while tho question was upon printing a document >?Andrew Jaokson's vsto of tho Msysville Road bill, (May 37, 1330,)?En glish construction of the term "bam-burner," (corolla ry?the British suppose that there are a set uf politicians in America who do actually set barns on Are); coalition of 18J4 ; nullification of the Union ; strict construction ists and loose constructionists of the United States constitution: origin of the term whig; annexation of Texas (question whether this measure was a loose|or strict construction of the constitution) ; Vir ginia abstractionists; neutrality of natirism -, hierar chies and dynastiei -, anarchy and civil war, (the chair begged, at this point, to be permitted to state the ques tion nofore the Senate, but it could nut) ; English judica ture ; right of suffrage ; aptness of negroes ; life of J. Q. Adams, and his mission to Russia ; bucktails and bogtail* : character of Timothy Pickering (brother of Mrs. Pickering), of Massachusetts ; origin of the whig and locofoco parties, in 1SJS, he. he. he. Those are a few of the point* elaborately discussed in the Senate thi* morning, pending a motion to print some documents. No business was transacted in tho Senate worthy of no tice. _________ Havana, 11th Feb., ISM. Tradt?Marine Newt?Mexican Affaire, Qrc. Business here ia extremely dull, and the harbor ia filled with vessels of all nationa. We have a large aupply of proviaiona. The eteamboat Genii arrived here from New York laat week, via Charier eight days paaaage, and ahe ia to h- pi under w.e Spanish flag. The English.steamer . on, arrived from Europe, and will sail to-day for Vera < us. The mail steomerTeviot arrived from Vara Crux week, with dates from Mexico to the Slst January. Mr. and Miss Borghese arrived in her, and are proceeding to England They did not land hero, because they had a lawsuit with Mr. Marty, propriator of the Tscon Theatre, and would have to pay tha cost, $3300;, but being on board of an English packet, no one can go to her and claim ef her a cant. M. Perroxi has taksn an engagement with Mons. Marty, to Join tha Italian opera, and will sing again with Mr* Pico. Tho American brig Midas, Captain Echbargar, arrived hate from Boston on tho Mh lost., after a passage of SO daya, and with a loss of bulwarks, long boat, and two other boats. She met with a heavy gala in tha Onlf stream, in latitude S3 N., and longitude 84, having, pre vious to the gaJe, sprung her main yard. She was lying to, when the sea ? truck ner on her staiboard side, from midship way aft, and swept all there was on dock, except the galley. Yesterda, i was on board, when Mr. Chas. Ting, insurance company agent, was sutveyiDg, and noted the damages. The captain, having ail his cloths* wot an him for several days, was attacked with rheuma tism, and has his right leg and foot swelled, and is In such pain that ha ia obliged to remain on board. Ex-President Santa Anna la here, In good healfh, and expects to bo recalled by tha Mexioaaa. No doubt ha Mr. SlideU, Charge far the United States, was escort ed for his safety, and will return home soon. Governor O'Douneil turns out often, at the head of several thou sand mon, making little war, just to drill bis troop* and heap thsm awake. ArsutN, N. Y., Feb. 30,1846. The Trial uf WfaU for Murder? Oat* of Plumb greatly exaggerated?Ex-Qovtrnor Seward, f(. tfc. +e. The trial of Henry Wyatt, which haa juat termi nated, furniahes another melancholy proof of the perfect impunity with which criminals of the deep eat dye, slip through the India rubber meshes of the law. Tho jury, attar being out twenty-eight hours, could not agreo, and ware consequently discharged i they stood seven for conviction, and firs for acquittal. Read the evidence, and say whether or not, it is possible to make out a elearer case of cold-blooded, premeditate4 murder. A brief record of leoont events will Illustrate tha danger of being deluded by the spacious representations of political and pseudo-philanthropists A convict by tho nam* of Plnmb, confined in tha State prison here, was detected on two successive days, in three distinct and flagrant violations of tha rules; for each or those transgressions, he received a flogging?the throe punish ment* amounting in all, to sixty-five or eeventv blows with a oat, not oi " nine tails," but ona of five. On I Tuesday, at noon, ho went to the hospital?end on the ?uocaeding Saturday, at 8 P. M., he died. A few seiaed hold of this glorious golden opportunity to foist them selves into an evanescent notoriety, by attempting to | manufacture political capital from this so mow hat and dsn death- Accordingly, on tha following Monday, a report waa industriously circulated, throughout tha vll lags, that a sawvlot." a poor, way wart youth." had boon aoraloasly flagged to death for manly "brisking a I window." In order to satisfy tbe community of tho uttor . falsity of tho report, the officers of the prieon *ent for the coroner to hold en 1> queet; end the Jury, efter oecu pying ten honre in e cereful examination of ell the fecta end circumstances connected with the case, returned e unanimous verdiot of, "died of bilioae intermittent fever." Notwithstanding thia signal rebuke, the orlgi natora of the report still reiterated tho calumny ; end, by e death-struggle, they auooeeded in extracting from the Orand Jury, en indictment against Hiram Hathbun, head keeper, and M. VV. Carey, assistant keeper, for having "superinduced" the fever of which'Plumb, the convict, died. These simple facia have been so distorted by such catch-words as " Shocking brutality in the Au burn State Prison"?" 800 lashes (instead of 86 or 70 at most) inflioted upon a convict"?" death from flogging," ho. lie., that many well-meaning individuals have been betrayed into a belief that punishment, of every form, ought to be abolished as, unnecessary, in State prisons : and they, in their simplicity, would substitute moral suasion. Moral suasion, indeed! As well attempt to j appease the ferocity of the lion, ready to spring upon his prey, as attempt to oontrol the cut-threat and assassin by 1 mere moral suasion. This reoeatly awakened feeling of aversion to corpo real punishment, has also been enlisted in the cause of Wystt. It appears that ho, with two accomplices, some time in the month of July, 1844, provided themselves with suitable tools and weapons^ to afoot their escape from prison ; fortunately, however, for the lives of the feted turnkeys, the plot was disoovsred, and Wyatt re ceived tor this attempt at insubordination twenty-eight blows, the only punishment, by the way, with which he has ever been visited. This punishment, whioh had not j tbe least possible connection with tbe murder, having been inflicted eight months previous to the commission of that horrid crime, was, nevertheless, dragged into trial, and was, in fact, the only evidence adduced to support the plea of moral Insanity, on tho part oi the prisoner. On Monday last, ex-Governor Seward, counsel forthe prisoner, occupied upwards of eight hours in summing up. His review of the testimony for the prosecution was remarkable only lor his wholesale abuse of each and all ol the witnesses ; and his argument, if argument it was, had equally as much relation to the question of I public schools, in this State, or that of repeal in Ire land, as it had to the murder of Gordon. The District Attorney, Luman Sherwood,summed up in about four hours. He took a philosophical and strict ly ha^oal view of the case, divesting the subject of all traneoui extraneous matter, and never once travelling out of the record, excepting to demolish the flimsy sophistries of I his antagonist. Judge Whiting, in his charge, which occupied over two hours, repeatedly reminded the jury that the plea of ] insanity, in order to be sustained, must be established beyond a doubt, by evidence ; but, notwithstanding that no proof was offered on that point, a minority of the jury oame to the conclusion that Wyatt was possibly insane, and thus far frustrating the ends of justice, and permit ting poor Gordon's blood to remain unavenged. Wyatt has been remanded back to State prison, to await a now trial next August. Bsi/riitoas, Fe T 7, 1840. Severe TVeather?77ke Central Routt to the West?Abolish ment of Imprisonment for Dtit?Progress tf the Tele graph?A Love Set apt?Markets, Stock Boo is, 4~c. The weather since yesterday morn ing has been de cidedly the coldest of the season, and, ibis morning it : seems to be increasing in severity. A few more such days as to-day will block us up with ice for some time to come. The quantity of goods arriving in thia city from Phila delphia and New York, destined for the West and South is almost incredible. The F.riccson steamboat line from Philadelphia has, during the few ''.ays the boats have been running, landed at our wharves upwards of eleven 1 thousand boxes and bales, destined, principally, for the West, over the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad?the Penn sylvania canals being still ice-bound, with a probability of continuing so for a month to come. The House of Delegates of Maryland have passed a lew against imprisonment for debt, and there is a strong pro bability that it will also receive the sanction of the Se nate. The workmen are now engaged in laying the tele graph wires between this city end Philadelphia, so that you may soon expect to be in momentarily connection with Washington. Of course, the Htrald will use this as well as all other modes of rapid conveyance that costs money, with more freedom than all the New York press combined. In the County Court yesterday, Judge Legrand de livered the opinion of the Court in the case of the Mer ohants' Bank of Baltimore vs. The Bsnk of the United States. The opinion was very lengthy and able. It is in favor of the plaintiffs, and sustaining their demurrer. sfAn ardent young man, named Baer, from Havre de Grace, who was in attendance at the grand ball of the Indepeindent Greys, a few nights since, fell desperately in love with a lady to whom he had an introduction, I named Miss Cooper, daughter of Mr. John Cooper, on gmamflr " found it Howard street. After sleeping on his love, he grew no better, and net knowing how te fellow up his acquaintance, he sat down and wrote her a very respect ful letter, desiring a private interview,and sent it for de livery by a negro. The messengei -.llvered the letter 'a father, to the lady's father, who broke open the seal, read it, picked up his cane, and made the negro lead him to the person who sent the letter. They accordingly proceed ed to the National Hotel, on Pratt street, and the amo rous youth was pointed out to the enraged father, re clining on a sofa, and dreaming of the elysium of bliss to which a favorable answer wo ild lead him. The fa ther seized him by tbe collar, dragged him to his feet, and without a word of explanat.on, beat the poor fellow ' halt to death with his cane. All who know the charac ter of yoang Baer, are satisfied that his intentions were perfectlyhonorable.and that his ignoranoe of city usages alone caused him ail his trouble. By and bye, when he becomes a grand father, he will doubtless laugh heartily over his first courting expedition in Baltimore. The lady is beautiful, and generally goes ra, her beyond the lules of propriety in her manners, and doubtless|was as In fault as ha much In fault as her young admirer, who will bear the marks of his ardent pession for many nays to come, with no one to soothe bis sorrow. The Stocs Bosao ? Baltimore S's sold yesterday to a large amount, at 87 a 97], and closed at 97j asked, 97 j bid. Considerable sales of Maryland stocks were also made at 77] a 78, and closed at 771 aiked, 78] bid. Tmc Mass sr.?Limited sales of Howard street flour were made yesterday at $4 76 and $4 C8. Little or noth ing doing, however, whiskey i continues at 33 cents for hhds. and 34 for bar rels. rwii.AOci.FMu, Fab. 37,1640. Sanotar QMana and kia Canatituenta an tka " Right af Way Waatkrr?Markata, #??. Wa are in a turmoil of excitement aboet the proposed right of way to Pittsburg, for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. An immiuie meeting waa held at the Muse um egaintt the meaxure, and in favor of connecting Pitteburg, and aleo the Lake*, to thla city, by continu. oui line* at railroad, at which the Mayor preeided. Re eolutione condemning Senator Oibbons' courae were adopted by acclamation, and a committee of our moat aubatantial citizens appointed to proceed to Harriaburg, and induce him to alter it or resign hie eeat. It doea a democrat good to aee the leaders^ of the wt*'tj party, and the party itaelf, coming out eo fully, and adopting the democratic doctrine of the duty of the representative to obey the will of hie conatituenta. It Ja glorious. The weather ia extremely cold, and the rirera Dela ware and Schuylkill are full of ice. No local occurr rencea worthy of note. The Stock market looked better to-day than a fair daya aince, and lento aalea were made at a alight ad vance of pricea. Nothing doing in flour. Large ealae hare been made thie two or three daya, and very little offering to-day. There ere large amounta on storage, held for apeculation. Harrisrcro, (Pa.) Feb. 17, 1848. State Interetl?Proceeding* Against Delinquent* for Non-Payment of 8tat* Tarn. The proapect of the continued payment of the in* tereat upon the State debt, conttnuee hourly to brighten, and the preaent untiring Treaaurer ot the State , Cel. Snow den, ia determined to enforce a rigid oollection of the State tax Some of the large corpora tlona hare neglected to comply with the provieiona of the tax bill ef 39th of April, 1S44, and hare eat at naught the prorieioaa ef the law. The Wilmington Railroad Company and the Reading Railroad Company, are ia thia category ; aad inetructione, it ie eeid, hare keen forwarded to the Attorney General of the State, to com mence proaecutiona againat them. They are in err ear a for two yeara' (axea on the value of their capital etock, aad if there ia not money enough in the treaaury of the oompaniea, the atockholdera will bo called upon to ad vance the tax, and in Caee of default in paying it, for Sve weoka, a mode ia pointed out for the aale el each atock helder'a atock who may not pay up. It providea, "That in oaae the funda of auch bank, institution or company, ia the poeeeeaion, or aubject to the control of the caahJer or treaaurer, at the period when the value of the acid capital atock shall be ao estimated, or appraised, shall be ineuAcient to pay and satisfy ttj^fax aforesaid, it shall be the duty of said cashier, orlnaaurer, forthwith to give notice to the stockholders of such bank, inatitution, or company, ot the amount required on each share of atock by them respectively held, to enable the said cash ier, or treasurer, to pay the tax aforesaid ; and if any such stockholders shall neglect, or refute to pay the amount so required, for the period of thirty days from from the time ot such notice, the said cashier, or treaa urer, shell,after giving two weeks'pnblic notice thereof, in one or more newspaper, published in or nearest to the county in which such bank, inatitution, or company, or its principal place of businas, ia located, proceed to sell, at public sale, and transfer to the purchaser, so many shares of the stock of such delinquent stockholder as may be necessary to pay his portion of the tax required to be paid as aforesaid." There are many other corporatiors similarly situated, whose cases will also be proceeded in with vigor, and 1 the result will be e large Increase oi revenue to the State Treasurer. Thia will be cheering news to the holders of Pennsylvania bonds. The echr. Ticonic, which sailed from Wilming- I too, N. C , recently, for Matagorda, Teaaa, teak out as passengers 44 whites, and 43 Blocks (sieves), from tka eotuUos of Nash and Kdgeeemb, N c , who go to soak a new home la tka now mate city tb. member. of Medical CMfumET.?A meeting oi suo - Dr. W. A. Dorling'i cUo of when the the University, wu bold on. ,*'i . '7ammitioo to pur following persons were appointed a oommlttoo PJ of chaao a gold watch, to bo proaontod to him as a toaen their oateom and regard for himr-Meaara. A.\ an B , W H Proal, T Sf.w.rt, T. M. Franklin, and T. B P?^lic School!.?We hare repeatedly heard of^cora plainU of favoritism, in the awar iug of m*d*la to pnplJ? who are to become teachers in these highly meritorious institutions ; and, if well founded, we bone the supenn^ .a w ill take the matter into consideration, and aw^rd tS. meed of merit where it i. da. To-day there 3sus ".d" ggartssj; asr A large concourse of people attended, and , with pleasure, that many of pgr ahlp masters .together niiit nirt* Aiirht New York pilots* who turnod out in ? th^ ilhfat.d bark Mr. tfiUiam Weiser deserves all credit for the noble humanity of his conduct In obtaining the body of the unfortunate deceased Cant I)ou?bM had performed twenty-one euccassful voyages to this port, and never employed a J,r,*'7 and ^nesting 'th.^r.'m.ndoo. j^s . wbU ..I avar us he has met an untimely grave, nis aeaiu ? sincerely and feelingly regretted by the large circle o! acquaintances who knew him. Fl-_ _tl- premises No. 167 Broadway, known as the " Byron "took fire, last night, at about 11 oclock: but the damage done wee trifling. ?CC"P?" the houae succeeded in storing the destrojnngeie ment without tho assistenco of tho fire department. 1 ho alarm was first given by Patrick Moran, the insurance watch, who, in company with a few others, oxtinguie ed it. . isMi'MiiiTT ?Neglecting to sprinkle asheaor sand on the icebefore your foor. ftany ^. .r. cnppUd for life every winter, in Mnss^uenM of the shamet^ ne sleet of housekeepers, in not obseiring the law requ fng them to sprinkle ashes on the slippery sidewalks. The police ought to correct thu evil. The Si.eiohiwo.?The cold weather that we here had for two or three davs p*stt has kapt tho sleighing in most capital order. But yesterday it was none ofyour spring sleighing, such as we had a week ago . but fur caps, mufiler., iio., were requisite, tokc.p therid.r. warm ; tnd a steady stream of sleighs, of all descrip tiona were circling up Broadway, and the other princi pal itreeta, all day?everybody happy and enlivened by the bracing air. If this weather continue, we ahall have sleighing for aome time. Fi-waaAL or the WatcEED.-Th# funeral of E. U. Douhan, captain, and E. Rosengreu, maUof thaSwedish bark Lotty, lost on Squan Beach, took place yesterday ?n.Tnnnn half-part 4 o'clock. It was attended by the Pilots' Aasociation, the Swedish Consul, severe!. Swedish captains nnd sailors, and quite a number of ci, tizens. Tho bodies were conveyed to the D?lch Churrh in CarmiDe street, where they were consigned to the dust. The colore of tho shipping in port woro lowere at half meat. wnTHti If anybody had aald that It was cold vaster day ,we are confident that hi. position would not hsvebeen disputed by any one who h.^be.n oui where the air could blow on him. In the morning, at o'clock, the thermometer stood at 8 degrees *bove zero, which it, we believe, the coldeat weather we have h this winter Toward noon, however, it rose , and jut about 12 o'clock it was quite mild. But it grew cold again , and last night was another freezer This will, somewhat, put back the opening of the North River. Common Picas. Before Judge Ingroham. Feb. 27.? Gtorgt Burnbam vi. Jamti H. Stncart end ComtliMi P Van Ness.?This was an action on ? P?">ia I sary note for $800, made by Stewart and endersed by Van Nesa. Defence was usury. Verdict for plaintiff for aai& subiact to the opinion of tho Court on a case to be I made For^plaintIff?^r W. Barrett and Mr. Hoffman, Jr.; for defence, Mr. Stewart. Before Judge Daly. Prmitrlon vi.'DicHnton.?Thli cause wasi commenc ed on Thursday last, and tho plaintiff's case had not, up to six o'clock yoeterday erening, been closed. United BUtci Circuit Court. Befote Judge BetU. Trial far Mutiny.?Peter Scott, Samuel Phillips, and John Rooney wore put on trial lor an uttompt to ??*? ? mutiny on board the ship Moalem, Samuel Y. French, master. in January, 1S44. on her passage from the Cape of Good Hope to tho city of Now York. . . , Eowsao Note, 2d mate, sworn examinod-Jotood the Moeiemin Now York, in November, 184S; wo went to Montevideo, Buonoa Ayree, Manilla. Maooa. Cape of flood Hope, Pernambueo, and from that home; prisoners shipped et the Cape of Good Hope; left ?.hewn?n the 25th January, 1846; the second day after the ship left, they refused to do their duty, unless the ship was put bank; the captain remonstrated, and told them they could get to St. Helena aoonar than beck to the Cape,and If the ship conUnued to leak, ha would put into St. Helena thoy then returned to their duty, end continued to woik for a short time, and than quit it again, and positively re fused to work; thoy were put into ^e forocMtlo, iand kept thero throe daya, at the end of which they were let out; they returned to their work, and continued to do their duty, until thoy arrived at Pernambueo, when thoy ?gain refused to work; the captain took them en thorn, and bad them imprisoned; thoy wore afterwards let out, and brought on board, and shortly after thoy lowered tho boat, wont on shore, brought liquor on hoard, and were guilty ol vailoua aota of insubordination; the cap to'n cfli.d on them froque.Uy to go to their duty; Sco t refused, and a scuffle ensued between him and tho cap tain, aud he tore the captain's jacket, and attempted to I '"cfon-Examintd by Na.h-Od the *nl7th?'old* c'roi at the Cape of Good Hope, tho whole of the old crow left her; the ship began to leak at Manilla, and continued to leek until she arrived at the Cape of Good Horn; the leak Waa not stopped at the Cape; she leaked at the rata of s#v6D or eight hundred strokos en hour. The testimony of the captain, and soma' i-ir-n ><. hint uu was also read, and corroborated the evidence of the second m.U, Thocaee forth, pro^u "^StS on. of tho crow, was aworn and examined for the defence.?Waa shipped at VbM the captain told witness that the rSftirmade a half inches ; the dey after we left the Cape she made fourteen inches of wetor ; all the crew asked the captain to put back; tho captain eoasentcd and thoy tocked and put back, but made no progress ; the captain' th*nJ*""* ed them to procood to Saint Helena, put in there, and would give them one dollar a-day ; the captain ***** said any thing about Pernambueo u^ilth.ypas..d8t. Helena; the prisoners made no difflculty until thoy found tho ship was five degree. weetwardofStHelena , they then refused to work, and the captain kept them without food for throe days, ^^^?Wh^hoJ'until wotk and there waa no mors difficulty with them until the ship got to Pornambaco. Some other similar character waa given, ^"^ifor^henroMCU iourned to this morning, whan counsel for the prosecu tion and defence wilPaum up.and the case bo given to tho j?rr Marin* Com t. Be for* Judge Waterman. Tkoraat J. St aw art, ?(. Francis Barkman.?This action waa brought to rocoTar commiaaion* for aelllng cotton for defendant, who fa Captain of the abip Anion. Two hundred end aix balea were received by plaintiff, end aold at e satisfactory price to the Captain. The plaintiff alleged the defendant had agreed to pay him 37^ cent* per bale for aelllng the aame. Thie the defendant de nied, but expressed a willingnaea to pay the uaual bro kerage, which la 12) centa per bale. One J. 8. Poat waa brought forward for the defence, to prove that he weighed the cotton for Capt. Barkman, and aigned hi* name to a return of weight*, aa a city weigher, and en being oroea examined, it waa ascertained that he waa in the habit of weighing cotton aa a buaineaa, and aigning hi* nam* aa " city weigher" without legal authority. During the coura* of the trial, a rich aoene occurred between on* of the witneaaea, and the counaei for the defendant The jury rendered a verdict in favor of plaintiff for the fall amount of hi* claim, $77 34. Laroque and Buckley, for plaintiff. Mancheater, for defendant ?weclatl Sessions. Before the Recorder, and two Aldermen. Fa*. 77.?Jakn W. Ray, charged with itealing a watch worth$33, the property of John W. Sherry, waa Brat and a< placed on trial, and acquitted. Tkamaa MeCarty end Orarge brawn, wan placed at the bar, on a charge of stealing a vert. MeCarty waa adjudged guilty, and aentenced to apend 6 month* in the penitentiary. jluguatua W. CI?an Jr., waa called ap, and fined $40 for an aaeault upon Jam** O.I Bennett, which Bo* the de fendant paid, and waa discharged. Jakn Cunningham, waa adjudged guilty of committing an a?*eult and battery npon the person of a policeman, by the name of John Mahan , for which offance, he wo* ordered to be imprisoned in in* city prison, for the term of 10 days. jfh-mdtr Me High/en, for atealing a quanUty of bar iron, belonging to Frederick*Fisher, waa also aentenced to the city prison for 10 daj Jakn AMywux, a colored man, charged with atealing aix bundle* of rope from the corner of Anthony and Centre streets, waa tried, found guilty, and sentenced to be imprisoned in the penitentiary, for the form of 0 months. Jamti Raynaida, a colored man, waa next plaoed at the bar, on a charge of stealing a copper kettle, and other articles, the property of Samuel Ackerman. He waa found guilty, and sentenced to the penitentiary for the term el 4 months Knack Raymond was then tried for an aaaault and bat tery upon a female, with whom he had lived for some time past, found guilty, and aentenced to be imprisoned in the penitentiary lor t months. JVillram Rakinaan, a mulatto, waa adjudged guilty of committing a violent assault and battery upon a colored man. whhaolubi for which offeaoe, he was deemed a ] worthy subject for M days eoaffaemest In the oity pri ?en. The aeurt the* adjourned uatU Tuesday next Polio* Intelligence. Fsb. V7.?Important Jlrrtii I of a Burglar.?Oliver Kelly, alias Oscar Woodruff, wee " pulled" yesterday by pol'Cemen Connor, o( the lit ward, for breaking open a truek in e boar.ling house. No. 19 Weet etreet, end steel I off therefrom Jewelry, money, end e p*ir of pietole, val ued at $90, belonging to John Wilaon. Thia Kelly alao boarded at the line home, and on searching the trunk of the priaoner, the officer lound a quantity of silver anuff boxes, alao, aevaral acarta and other property, which clearly identified thia piiaoner with ihe following burglarise : Mr. Frederick A. Cbaoe, agent for Joaeph Rhodea, No. 41 Liberty atreet, whoae etere waa burgle rioualy entered on the lat of February, through the acuttle, and over $100 worth of gent'a acarta atolen. Theae acarfa are a portion of that burglar v. Mr. Croaby, or the firm of Savage, Croaby ft Co., No 17 Liberty atreet, importera of watchea and jewelry, identifiea the anuff boxea to be their property; their a to re waa en tered the aame way, through the scuttle, on the Oth of February last; In this store a quantity ot gun powder was lound on the floor, under the key hole of the aafe, evidently prepared to blow off the lock, but the burglar becoming alarmed, abandoned the Job end escaped, with only the ailver anuff boxea; thia safe con tained a large amount of of geld lover wetohee. The third atore these " krackamen," or bnrglere entered, waa Mtears. Cos,Anderson It Co.'a No. 10 1 saver etreet; thia was done through the acuttle, having got on the roof from an adjoining unfiniahad building; this store they turned upaide down, atole ? lot of steel pens, alao blew the lock off the safe with gun powder; however, the aafe contained no money. On searching the parson of Kelly, an old bill of exchanga for aoo pounds star ling was found, of no valua; thia, with the pens, wea claimed end identified to be the property of Cos, Anderson k Co. The " pel" of Kelly has not yet been arrested, the police are on his trail, and will era long, no doubt, bring him to Justice. Kelly is committed by the chief of police for examination, on the cbarga of committing theae three burglaries. j&rmt of Policy Dealere.?John Batteraon, Iraac New ton, Haynea, and Dr Frederick A. Codwell. whi have been driving quit* a big business in selling lottery poli cies on the Union Lottery. Battersoo's " crib" waa kept at No. $494 Greenwich street, and the Doctor's "crib" was at No. IS Carmine street. These operators wart se verally bald to bail id $600 each to anawar. Grand Larceny ?Some thieving scoundrel entered the premises No. 49 Rivingaton atreot, end sneaked into one of the upper rooms occupied by Mr. W. K. Sparks, and then very ooolly rigged himself up in a new suit of clothes consisting ol pants, two vests, dross coat, cloak and hat, alao $19, accidently laft in on# of the pockets ; in tlio piece of which he left his old anit, and a shocking bad hat. No arrest at praseet. Petit Larceny.?Henry McGill wea arretted yesterday for vagrancy; alao robbing bis falhar, Jamas McGill, of a small amount ol money. Kent to the penitentiary for si a months. Diehaneet Servant ? Alice Carroll was arroatal yester day for stealing from her employer, Mr. John G. Lord, No. 88 Ninth avenue, e ailver duplex watch, valuad at $39. She was committed for trial, by Justice Taylor Till Thievte.?Tno boye, by the name of Mathew Con lin and Jamas Young, were oaught in the act, yesterday, of robbing the money drawer of Mr. Joseph Niesa, who keeps e bakery at No. 11 King street. Upon being de tected, the young rmaeala ran out of tha shop, and were finally " nabbed" in Charlton atreet, after a long chase, and taken to the police office ; upon being searched, the officer found $1 73 in their pockets, belonging to Mr. Nieas. Committed by Justice Gilbert. ted by On the " Sneak."?James Kinny waa caught yeaterday morning practicing tba aame eld trick. It appears Ken ny knocked at the Baaement door of Mr. E. E. Lewis, No. 631 Greenwich atreet, and eaked the servant for Mrs. Lewie. She immediately went up stairs tor Mrs. L., when thia raacel atole from the baaement seven silver tee spoons,marked M. T.|T., also one Urge table epoon mark ed the seme, end made himself scarce. Mr. Lewis, how ever, gave chase, end caught the fellow a block or two from the house ; but ou searching his person, no spoons were found ;he had evidently transferred them to a "pal," who waa seen to run in a different direction. Committed by Juatice Gilbert. Petit Larcenite.?James Winters was arrastad yeator day on suspicion of having stelan a copper pump, valued at $3, from the fact of his endeavoring to sail it at se veral ,places, at slow price, when arrested by officer Whikehart. An owner is wanted. Apply at tne office at the Tombs. Amelia Hall was arrested yeaterday for stealing two blankets, valued et $3, belonging to Thomas Williams, No. 3 Little Water street; brought in by policemen Seckman, of the 6th Ward. Attempt to Slat.?George A. Backus was arrested yes terday, by Prince John Davis, on ths complaint of Berj Macklin, No. 13 Dover street, charging him with at tempting to stab him with a long butcherejknife, a real "snorter," some eighteen inches long. It appears froei the eUtement of Mr. Backus, that ha has been threaten with violence by the complainant and others, and pro cured this knife merely as a body guard to defend him sslf against an asssnlt which he anticipated from Mr. Macklin. Tbo parties are to hevo a hearing in this mat ter to-day at 4 o olock, be/ore Justice Osborne. Coaonaa's Orrica, Feb. 37.?Found Drewaed.?The man who wae pulled out of the dock yerterday, proved to bo Bernoy McGiUiway, born In Ireland, forty-five years of ege. It eppeers that the last time this man mem seen alive, was on tne corner of Duene and Oreenwleh streets, in the evening, taking a drink in a stove, and It le supposed he walked off the dock end was drowned. Ha has left a wife end child to mourn hie loss. An lnqusst will bo hold to-day at the deed hens*. Died through Intemperance.?The Coroner h?ld an be quest et $4 Willet street, on tho body of Sarah Millar, a native of Ireland, 34 years of ego, who cam# to her death from Intemperance and exposure. Superior Court. Before Judge Oakley. Fee. 27.? Pearfll ve. lngtr$?ll.?In this caae. reported in yesterday's Herald, the jury found e verdict of $100 for plaintiff. Samuel Whitehead ve Henry F. Ketcham ? Tkia wai an action on a bond, for the recovery of the penalty, $6,600 It appeared that the plaintiff had eeld a farm in New Jeriey to defendant and Samuel $. Ketcham, now daceaaed. for $7,000 i that part of the pare hale money had been paid, and double security given for the remainder, viz: a bond, conditioned for the payment of $3,260, by inetalmente, and a mortgage on the land for the same num. The condition of the bond bed been violated, and plaintiff now bringe thia auit to re cover the penalty. The counael for the defeat!ant con tended that the plaintiff ahould not ane on the bond, un til he had failed in aatiafying hie claim by foreclosing the mortgage, especially aa he had been reluastad to proceed on the mortgage by defendant. The Vend was collateral to the mortgage, and ahould not be sued en until the principal security had been prosecuted. On the part of the plaintiff, it was denied that the bond was collateral. Per Curiam.?The bond is the principal debt. Aa the law used to be in our State, action might he brought on the bond, a bill of foreclosure be Sled in Chancery, and an action of ejectment|be brought on the mortgage All at the same time. But now the plaintiff must elect. All the notions of defendant's counsel, as to the bonds being collateral, are fallacious. As to the second point of the defence, that defendant requested plaintiff to foreclose the mortgage, it cannot avail: for it appears that the re quest was made for the defendant's own advantage, end not from a desire that plaintiff's claim should be dis charged. The counsel for defendant excepted to ell the points of the Judge's charge. On two of the issues pre sented to them, the Jury found for the plaintiff, and on the third for defendant. Various points of law and foot are mingled together in this case, end render it oempU eated. The trial will be resumed this morning at I# o'clock. Charles O'Conor, for plaintiff; James T. Brady, for defendant. Before Judge Vanderpoel. Char lee A. Jar keen ve John Q Oyster and Phtltp Em bury, Exeeutere of Pexcel Fowler, deetaeed?The declara tion in this case, avers that in August, 1846, one Jaoob D. Fowler ma .e a note of hand, promising to pay to the order of Fexcel Fowler, $1,466 76, at ninety days alter date : that this promissory note was endorsed over to the plaintiff, by Pexcel Fowler ; that on Its being pre sentod to the drawer for was dishonored, and the endorser, now deceased, also refused to pay it, although often thereto requested. This appears, is part of a debt of $4 ,000, alleged to have boon due to plaintiff by deceased, for goods delivered. A greet mass of testimony is to be examined In this cess. and it will probably occupy the attention of the coart for ano ther day or two. We shall endeavor to give a state ment of the grounds of defence, hereafter, when we give the verdict Tor plaintiff, Cutting and ffaadfbrd ; for de fendants, R. J. Dillon. Smith ve. Feei.?This ease Was reported In the Herald yesterday. The Jury found a verdict for plaintiff, of $60, which oamos costs. Ghat Fim at Vic*satrap?By the ateamboat Charlotte we yesterday received an extra from the office of the Vicksbnrg Whig, dated on Saturday, the 14th instant, giving the particulars of a destructive con flagration in that city, which broke out oa that morning. We give the extra entire :? VirxsBvso, ftitnrday, Feb. 14.?Thia morning, about daylight, a Bra broke out in a frame building next to the I river, at the foot el Jackson street, belonging to Judge Bodley, end temporarily occupied by some slevee be longing to Mr. Vick, that wore brought here to he shipped up the river to his plantation. They kindled a Are upon some earth that bed been formerly placed there and on which a stove had stood, end it is supposed it communicated to the floor. It then oeught the two houses occupied by the Messrs Dickarson, which ware stored with hay,and corn; and from thence it communi cated to the old building formerly occupied as the Whig office. It then spread to the commission warehouse of Mr James Gwin, entirely consuming that and four ad joining frames: then crossed Waihingten street, sad | swept the buildings from the corner of Jackson to Main; I end from thence up Main street toWaluut?Mr. Fralsae's j brick building alone being saved The north tide of Main ; street,from Washington to Walnut, is a heap ef tuina, aa ! well ea the north side of Walnut street as for as the | residenceot Mrs Hhockney, which was consumed. The j wind was very high at the time, sod one half of the town I would have been burnt but for the recent rain?the roofs of the bouses being very wet?blazing shingles and ! boards falling very thick over the whole of Springfield I A great deal of property has been destroyed, end many i families in moderate circumetences have loot nearly their all. The losers ware, Judge Bodley three houses; Mr. Chinn, of New Orleans, one; Mr. Armstrong ore; stare of Messrs Aikin k Owinn, belonging to seme one in Philadelphia; Hart well Vksk's heirs, eeveral homes; Planters' Bank one; U. S Bank one; AC. Field two; B. D. Downs one; Railroad Bank one, J. A-Kiel", onJi H. H. Stidger, one: Dr. Peck, one;B. B. Lilly H. Arthur one) N. H. Viok three; aixl Mowrv Dtokfo. eons and ethers their stock of stores. MessraFlsid_ and Klein were the only parties whose property wee tu cured, ee for aa we knew.

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